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xootomhmm i'm trying to checkout wg8, after running git clone https://github.com/plainblack/webgui.git00:48
xootomthen git checkout WebGUI8 --track00:48
xootombut it says not a git repository or any of the parent directories: .git00:49
xootomthe first command downloads me a copy of wg 7.10.20-beta though00:50
scrottieafter the git clone, did you cd into the webgui directory?00:57
xootomyeah when i try that it says missing branch name try -b01:04
xootomi just tried git checkout -b WebGUI8 --track, it says switched to a new branch WebGUI8, do I run the clone again now?01:05
scrottienope.  once you clone, you have a copy of the repo, at least in one point in time.  now to update it, do 'git pull'01:06
xootomsays already up to date01:06
scrottieif you try to update it now, right after having cloned it, you'll probably find there are no updates... but if you come back in a week, you'll probably have a few.01:07
xootombut the webgui directory i have contains the normal docs etc lib sbin t www01:07
xootomseems to only be wg 7.10.2001:07
scrottiewhat does this say:  grep VERSION lib/WebGUI.pm    01:09
xootomour $VERSION = '7.10.20';01:10
scrottie"switched to new branch".  hrm.  okay.01:11
scrottiedo this:01:11
scrottiegit checkout master01:11
xootomswitched to branch 'master'01:11
scrottiegit branch -d WebGUI801:11
scrottiegit checkout WebGUI8 --track   # no -b... -b creates a new branch... you want the existing WebGUI8 branch, not to create a new one01:12
xootomdeleted branch WebGUI8 (was 6ac46be).01:12
scrottieactually, I kind of doubt that'll work.  you'll probably have to re-pull the WebGUI8 branch...01:12
xootommissing branch name; try -b01:12
xootomhow do I do that though01:12
scrottiegit pull git@github.com:/plainblack/webgui WebGUI8:WebGUI8  ... never seems to do what I expect it to01:13
xootomshall i empty my webgui directory of the 7.10 stuff?01:14
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scrottiethat doesn't sound sane.01:14
scrottieer, try that 'git pull' line.  if that doesn't work, perhaps clone again, but when you checkout the WebGUI8 branch, don't use the -b flag01:16
xootomthe git pull line says permission denied publickey01:16
scrottieoh, right, use the other URL style you pulled from before... it should be http:// something or the like.01:17
xootomlots of removing, auto-merging, then automatic merge failed, fix conflicts then commit the result01:18
xootomseems more promising though can i just rm -Rf the lot and re pull from a fresh (i'm working in /root/webgui)01:19
scrottieblow the clone away and clone again.01:19
scrottiethat didn't work in the way I thought it wouldn't.01:19
xootomhmm tried emptying it, downloaded loads but now says pull's not possible as i have unmerged files01:20
scrottiewhen you give git a src and dest ref, it always seems to act on the current branch regardless.  maybe it knows how to pull a branch into an empty branch but I don't want to find out.01:20
xootomthis is complicated :)01:20
scrottieyou don't have unmerged files if you cd ..; rm -rf webgui01:20
scrottiethen git pull again01:20
xootomsays not a git repository now i'm in /root01:20
scrottiegit clone doesn't care if you're in a git repo so you didn't do a git clone.01:21
scrottieblow away your repo and clone agakin.01:21
xootomthe original line without reference to WebGUI8?01:21
scrottieI don't know the "original line" is.01:21
xootomsorry it's git clone https://github.com/plainblack/webgui.git01:22
scrottieyes, do that.  then cd into the webgui dir (you're now in the repo and can use other git commands besides clone).  then do git checkout WebGUI8 (no args)01:23
scrottiewhlie you're on the WebGUI8 branch, you can always pull changes from github with:  git pull https://github.com/plainblack/webgui.git WebGUI801:24
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xootomhalf way there on the clone01:25
xootomcd webgui01:27
xootomdone the git checkout, says switched to a new branch WebGUI801:27
scrottie"new branch"?01:27
scrottiedid you give 'git checkout WebGUI8' any other args?01:28
xootomno, full message is Branch WebGUI8 set up to track remote branch WebGUI8 from origin. Switched to a new branch 'WebGUI8'01:28
scrottiewhat's the first hash in 'git log' now?01:29
xootomohh just looked in the lib/WebGUI.pm and version is 8.0.001:29
xootomgoing to upgrade my install to 7.10.4-beta then follow the instructions01:32
xootomthanks for your patience scrottie  :)01:32
scrottieyou're welcome.  good luck!  one thing to note...01:32
scrottieif you're just playing with a fresh WebGUI8 (and it sounds like you aren't)... you still have to run upgrades.  create.sql is for 7.10.something.01:33
scrottiealso, upgrades have changed.  you need a fresh wgd or else it'll miss all of your upgrades, silently fail, and leave you wondering why everything is broken.01:33
scrottiethe upgrade script that comes with WebGUI might work too.  I don't know.01:33
scrottiebut upgrades silently not running is the main problem I've been seeing with it right now.01:34
scrottieI should add some of these sanity checks we were talking about...01:34
xootomi'm starting with the 7.8.24 virtual machine, taken that to 7.9.31, 7.10.4 then 8...hopefully!!01:34
scrottiecraziness =P01:34
scrottiebut good for shaking out problems.01:35
xootomactually i might have messed up with 7.9.31, which version precedes the 7.10 branch?01:35
scrottiegood question.01:35
scrottieyou can always:  ls docs/upgrades  (except WG8 moves the upgrades to share/upgrades) and see what the upgrade scripts are for.01:36
scrottiethere should be one in there like:  upgrade_<your current version>-<the version after that>.pl, or else you've gone too far ahead.01:37
xootomlooks like 7.9.13 goes to 7.10.001:37
xootommight start again and save a snapshot at each version01:38
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r9d22921 / (4 files in 4 dirs): 02:20
CIA-82webgui: Change the generic tax driver to remove spaces around commas when adding a new02:20
CIA-82webgui: row. Add tests and a convenience method for getting one line of tax02:20
CIA-82webgui: information. Upgrade sub fixes any information already in the db. -02:20
CIA-82webgui: http://bit.ly/kBSOH202:20
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r75ec485 / docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.9.31-7.9.32.pl : Fixup some upgrade subs. - http://bit.ly/lGPntr02:20
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2bcda0c / (5 files in 4 dirs): 02:21
CIA-82webgui: Change the generic tax driver to remove spaces around commas when adding a new02:21
CIA-82webgui: row. Add tests and a convenience method for getting one line of tax02:21
CIA-82webgui: information. Upgrade sub fixes any information already in the db. -02:21
CIA-82webgui: http://bit.ly/jWe2NE02:21
xootomgetting there with the webgui 8 from 7.10.4 upgrade, installed all the modules with testEnvironment, trying to run the wgd reset --upgrade but it says No WebGUI config file available03:05
xootomhmm set WEBGUI_CONFIG and tried upgrading with wgd, says can't find upgrade path from 7.10.4 to 8.0.003:21
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xootomupgrade looks like it's from 7.10.18 to 8.0.003:31
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@preactiondamn he left06:33
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xootomhi all, i've successfully upgraded the vmware appliance through 7.8.24 to 7.9.13 through various 7.10s to get to 7.10.18 then to 8.0.0 --- all working so far except that when I try and turn admin mode on (?op=admin) the plack server bombs out - anyone any ideas? where does plack log... lots of stuff scrolls up the screen but wondering where to start13:44
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xootomhey :) anyone know what glibc detected - starman free() invalid pointer 0x0b81d3ac means :/17:03
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@preactionxootom: something very bad. did you run testEnvironment.pl? is there anything in the webgui.log?19:08
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xootomyeah testEnvironmented and installed new modules each step of the way19:11
xootomnothing in the webgui.log19:11
@preactioni might try using starlet to see if it's a webgui problem or a starman problem19:13
xootomi installed starman later, first it was using HTTP:: Server:: PSGI, failed on the same thing (entering admin mode)19:15
xootomjust tried it now using PSGI, error is glibc detected *** /data/wre/prereqs/bin/plackup: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x0b0a079019:16
scrottiexootom, did you install a fresh wgd and use that to do the 7.10.18 -> 8.0.0 upgrades like I warned you that you'd have to?19:17
xootomyes ended up doing normal upgrades to get to a 7.10.18 box, then downloaded wgd from haarg to run the wgd reset19:17
scrottiere: the glibc error, you might switch cache driver.  I'm guessing that's Cache::FastMmap at work there.  look for "cache" : { "driver" : "FastMmap", ... in the config file.19:20
xootomyes it's using FastMmap, what can I switch to?19:21
scrottiegood question.  there were a pile of cache drivers around here somewhere, I thought19:22
xootomI could use reset to go back to the site starter wizard, that worked ok to set the basic site parameters. can login fine, just can't get to admin mode19:22
scrottieadmin is probably something else... I'll have you check some other things for that19:23
scrottiexootom, do perldoc CHI19:24
scrottieany of those should work19:24
@preactionMemory might be good for now19:24
scrottieeg, instead of FastMmap, File, but then you have to give it a root_dir arg19:24
scrottieah, FastMmap already takes a root_dir arg, so that in the config file should work as an example19:25
xootomyeah changed it to File, same crash19:26
xootom(this glibc error is what happens when turning admin on)19:27
@preactiontry using plackup without -S starman?19:27
scrottieset args plackup app.psgi19:27
scrottie(then when it crashes:)19:27
scrottieand paste that into a gist.github.com?19:28
xootomdaft question but how do I copy the console error dumps from a VMware player console19:29
@preactionyou could ssh in instead maybe?19:30
@preactionotherwise dunno19:30
xootomgood idea19:30
xootomwish I'd have thought of that last night would have saved an hour or two ;)19:31
scrottieoh me oh my.  that crash is in perl itself.19:39
@preactionwhat does perl --version say?19:40
scrottieas preaction suggested, try a different plack server, just to try to avoid whatever is triggering this?  19:40
xootomThis is perl, v5.10.0 built for i686-linux19:40
scrottieand yeah, it has probably been fixed in a newer perl but not necessarily.19:40
xootomI tried Starman too which was the alternative error at the same point (munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer)19:41
scrottieyou might download and build and install 5.10.1... wait, 5.10.1 is the latest 5.10?19:41
scrottiethey only did one patch release before going to 5.12?19:41
scrottieanyway, if you upgrade to the latest in the 5.10 series, that bug might be fixed and you shouldn't have to rebuild any of the CPAN modules.19:42
@preactioni think that was when they were hammering out how the shorter release cycles would work19:42
xootomcould it be a module that didn't install properly from cpan?19:42
@preactionno, it wouldn't work at all. it's memory that's being double-freed (afaik)19:42
scrottieI would suspect that too, but reading this strack trace, it looks like the coredump is in perl19:42
* scrottie nods19:42
scrottielooks like perl was requiring a module, died in there, and then double-freed something19:43
xootomis 5.10.0 the standard perl in wre 0.9.3?19:43
@preactioni think so, but i've run 8 on 5.10.1 and 5.12.3 without issue19:43
@preactionstrace might be able to figure out which module is trying to be loaded19:44
scrottieif you did upgrade 5.10, you'd have to be careful to go through all of the manual config questions and point everything inside /data/wre/prereqs, or else get the WRE source and change out the perl in there 19:49
xootomyeah i'm just going through configure now to point it to the wre directories.. so many questions about where to put libs, site specific libs, device specific etc19:51
scrottieI find that it takes me a few tries to get it all right, and my patience quickly exhausts.19:52
scrottiestealing the config.sh (I think it is) that the wre source configures might be a short-cut too, if this way proves too tedious.19:53
xootomgood idea might as well grab the wre source and have a look19:54
scrottiedammit, I cannot get Tavis and Jamie in one place at the same time and now Jamie is out for a week.19:57
xootomdoesn't appear to be a config script in wre's perl source19:59
xootom(presets that is)19:59
scrottiewell, if you run the build script, one will be left over as a side-effect20:00
xootomah yes its in wrebuild20:00
xootomgrrr i put perl 5.10.1 source into the wrebuild directory then edited build.sh to cd into that one, and used the build.sh to just build perl... fails on make miniperl20:10
xootomhmm the 5.10.0 source in wre compiles fine though20:22
xootomthat recompiled 5.10.0 seems to have stopped it crashing... just when I go to Turn Admin On now, the screen refreshes but nothing's happened20:24
@preactioncheck the webgui.log file20:24
xootomit's empty - /data/wre/var/logs/webgui.log?20:25
@preactionprovided that's what /data/WebGUI/etc/log.conf says that20:26
@preactionmight want to bump the log level to INFO while you're in there20:26
xootomah it's in /var/log.. wg8 must have changed it20:27
xootom2011/07/01 17:44:29 - ERROR - www.example.com.conf.conf - WebGUI::Middleware::StackTrace::__ANON__[42] - Can't call method "setting" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Search.pm line 37.20:28
@preactiongod damn that bug...20:28
@preactioni can't reproduce it, so i don't even know...20:28
@preactiongo to line 37 and add "return unless $_[0]->session;" before the session->setting->blah20:29
xootomcurrent line is:  return $session->setting->get("defaultPage");20:30
xootomsame error20:34
scrottieat the mysql prompt (eg, do: wgd db), do this:  replace into settings (name, value) values ('showDebug', '1');  20:36
scrottiethen: replace into settings (name, value) values ('ipDebug', '');20:36
scrottieif everything goes well, that should give you a stack trace in the web browser when it blows up.20:37
xootomhave adjusted the ip and yep got a trace20:39
scrottiethank you github for truncating columns.  you make me feel like I'm programming an IBM mainframe.  nicely done.20:51
scrottieone minute here... minimum =|20:52
xootomhow do you make sense of that lot :)20:53
scrottiethe module names mentioned in there are familiar, that's how, mostly20:54
scrottieand the scenarios in which they call each other20:54
scrottieor elseyou spend a lot of time digging20:54
scrottiemmm, actually, this looks like another useless stack trace.  I've been meaning to go in and fix that problem too.20:56
xootomare any of the links on the right useful?20:57
scrottieit's from the perspective of where the error got caught, not from where it happened.  to catch them from where they happen, I have to do something that causes mass breakage.20:57
scrottienot in this case.  sorry.20:57
scrottielocal $SIG{__DIE__} = sub { $session->log->error(@_) if $_[0] !~ m/Can't locate /; die $@; };  #  add this line to WebGUI.pm right before line 76 if you want to go on a little adventure here and try the stack trace thing again21:00
xootomnot getting a stack trace now, still got the debug panel open though21:02
scrottieit's likely associated with the action of turning the admin on rather than with admin being on.21:03
xootomlogs show it died at line 7521:03
xootomstill the error on line 37 or Search.pm21:04
scrottiepost the log?  21:04
scrottiethe die spammed WebGUI.pm line 75 but that's almost certainly not the cause of it ... it just got involved in it, which it is intended to21:04
xootom2011/07/01 18:19:56 - ERROR - www.example.com.conf.conf - WebGUI::Middleware::StackTrace::__ANON__[42] - Can't call method "session" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Search.pm line 37. 2011/07/01 18:19:56 - ERROR - www.example.com.conf.conf - WebGUI::Middleware::StackTrace::__ANON__[42] - Died at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI.pm line 75.21:05
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xootomfrom the logger tab on the debug bar:21:16
xootomerror      WebGUI::Middleware::StackTrace::__ANON__[42] Can't call method "session" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Search.pm line 37. error      WebGUI::Middleware::StackTrace::__ANON__[42] Died at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI.pm line 75. warn      WebGUI::Operation::execute[64] admin (3) connecting from attempted to execute an invalid operation: admin21:16
xootomback in 1021:17
xootomback now21:32
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scrottiedid you get browser output...?  or a text version of the same in your webgui.log...?  gist.github.com one of em?21:46
xootomthat's all there is, those couple of lines above21:46
* scrottie grumbles21:53
xootomi wonder why it says admin is an invalid operation21:54
scrottiethat's the operation it was trying to execute when this can't-call-method-session-on-an-undef-value problem happened.21:54
scrottie"invalid operation" isn't a good term in this case.21:55
scrottieoh, wait21:55
scrottiememory... 21:55
scrottiethis is what ampli (I think it was, have to check my notes) was struggling with that turned out to be a Moose problem21:55
scrottiehe had to downgrade Moose to get it to work21:55
scrottietorn at the moment but if you catch me later I'll check my notes21:56
xootomsure thanks!21:56
scrottieyup, Amir says he "downgraded Moose to 1.25, and Class::MOP to 1.12" and it worked fine.22:01
scrottiesame problem.22:01
xootomone lemme try22:01
scrottieso the fix here is probably to make this part of construction in this module more robust22:01
scrottierather than having you downgrade Moose, we should try to fix the problem on the latest Moose22:02
scrottiehttps://gist.github.com/1059179 <-- email from Amir22:04
xootomthe version i have is 2.001022:12
xootomfor both Moose and Class::MOP22:12
scrottiehow's your Moose, xootom?22:13
xootomnew to me :(22:13
scrottieit seems like this code would suffer from order-of-operations problems with construction... 22:13
scrottieit should probably just be reworked22:14
@preactionor it could be marked as lazy maybe?23:12
scrottieworth a try... xootom, you willing to try this, since you seem to be suffering from this problem and we're not?23:18
xootomsure, what do I need to do?23:21
scrottiein WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Search.pm, in the list of properties defined right after line 28, add this to the list:   lazy => 1,23:23
xootomok done23:25
scrottierestart it, try to turn on admin, tell us if it has stopped blowing up23:25
xootomin admin mode23:25
xootombrilliant thanks23:26
xootomooohh liking the new admin system23:27
scrottieJS apps feel too much like Flash apps to me... poor fault tolerance (can't just reload to retry a POST), monolithic, not REST-ful23:28
CIA-82webgui: Scott Walters WebGUI8 * r28668d4 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Search.pm : (log message trimmed)23:32
CIA-82webgui: Fix for ``unable to call method setting on undefined value'' when turning admin on. Details follow.23:32
CIA-82webgui: It turned out this problem is related to Moose and/or Class::MOP. I downgraded Moose to 1.25, and Class::MOP to 1.12, and then I got the console just fine when I clicked on "turn admin on".23:32
CIA-82webgui: I managed to operate the Perl debugger on the code, by putting Enbugger->stop at the desired point. I could then debug it interactively.23:32
CIA-82webgui: The stack trace at the point of failure in Search.pm is:23:32
CIA-82webgui:  DB<3> T23:32
CIA-82webgui: $ =23:32
xootomI'm going to save the state of this VM now... I wonder, I've now got the VM Appliance in different states for 7.9.13, 7.10.18 and now working 8.0.0, are they useful e.g. to make available as downloads?23:34
scrottieit would be an improvement over what's there but it also feels kind of odd not to release an image based on a more recent system/perl/etc23:35
xootomthis is true23:35
scrottieI'm not familiar with the design/construction/releng process of those things or else I might just give a sideways look and throw it online.23:36
xootomonly thing with the 8.0.0 is i'd need to change init scripts as it'll still be trying to load modperl etc23:36
scrottieI guess I'd be reluctant to post something with a current data that didn't have security updates pulled23:37
xootomyes i suppose people will go and use it for a production site etc23:38
xootomwould be good if there was a wg8 demo site to play with though23:39
scrottiethe naughty creatures they are23:39
xootomthanks for all your help guys, got to get off though its fri night here. have a good weekend all23:39
scrottiethanks for your help testing!23:40
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ampliHello.  I added support in Datatable for textarea and HTMLarea fields. You can pull it from ampli/webgui.git master, commit  d923aa0390 . It is useful as is, but there are several things that I would like to improve.  Any feedback would be much appreciated. 01:07
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scrottieampli, nice.  preaction had some ideas about that so I'll leave it to him.  I pushed a fix for the Moose problem we were debugging on here a while back, that you emailed me about.01:51
scrottieampli, we're going into a holiday weekend here so it's going to be quiet for a while.01:52
scrottie(I know, I just said the same thing about YAPC)01:52
@preactionunlucky time to get into 8 development ;)01:54
ampliHi scrottie and preaction.  I have several general questions that got raised while I woked on the add fields to DataTable, and of course particular ones regarding the DataTable asset. I can post to the developer forum about these issues (several ones, so maybe several posts, but it is not too noisy there :) ). 02:04
@preactionposting to the forums is best, keeps the answers for the ages. i should be able to get to them either tonight or Sunday02:04
scrottiegood for longer posts too.02:05
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CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop guard-not-scope-guard * r2a94d66 / (13 files in 10 dirs): use Guard module instead of Scope::Guard (+5 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/k2QGFn19:48
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CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r279d0c3 / lib/WebGUI/Command/changeIobStatus.pm : remove useless option from changeIobStatus - http://bit.ly/mMKulR20:16
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r7e8ae8f / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/DateTime.pm t/DateTime.t): Fix spacing issues with WebGUI::DateTime->webguiDate. - http://bit.ly/mQegDX00:15
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re3a4afe / (4 files in 4 dirs): Allow reasonable default dates in ISO 9601 format. Fixes bug #12165. - http://bit.ly/mx1kEl00:15
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r1b68580 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/DateTime.pm t/DateTime.t): Fix spacing issues with WebGUI::DateTime->webguiDate. - http://bit.ly/kIcLwn00:15
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r5473e26 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Allow reasonable default dates in ISO 9601 format. Fixes bug #12165. - http://bit.ly/jKXJjg00:15
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* SDuensin is in a good mood for the first time in months!17:05
CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r3929d16 / (lib/WebGUI/Command/diskUsage.pm sbin/diskUsage.pl): convert diskUsage to WebGUI::Command (+7 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/misVNp17:22
Haargyay for decoupling components.  WebGUI::SQL no longer has a session at all.17:34
CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r3db4021 / (lib/WebGUI/Command/upgrade.pm lib/WebGUI/Upgrade.pm): allow upgrading a specific site or list of sites - http://bit.ly/iobvjm17:47
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ampli(My message didn't get echoed from the chanel, so I will send it again...)20:02
ampliHi preaction, I posted a message to the devel. forum regarding the DataTable problem in IE9.  Maybe you have ideas what I can check next.20:04
@scrottiehi ampli20:23
ampliHi scrottie20:24
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jjmupdate product set description = '0.5L is less than 1.5 L';21:14
jjmopps, wrong window.  Stupid autofocus.21:14
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ampliI found that with YUI 2.9.0 the IE9 problem (of DataTable corruption on save) doesn't exist!  Is there a reason not to switch to 2.9.0?22:26
Haargi doubt there would be any problem with switching to 2.922:29
Haargit's rather annoying that yui2 doesn't have a decent change log22:30
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--- Day changed Wed Jul 06 2011
ampliI have a question regarding default stylesheet for an asset, can I consult someone?.01:55
@scrottieask away!02:07
@scrottieif anyone can answer, they will.02:07
ampliI try to finalize my modes to datatable.js, and currently the default style for textarea/htmlarea columns is hard-coded in the javascript and cannot be overwritten by the DataTable asset creator. (because it is an inline style).02:13
ampliIt will be a very useful thing to allow to ovrride it in the the Metadata header tags.02:14
ampliTo that end the default style ffor textarea/htmlarea should be defined in a styleshet, internal or external. For simplicity I would choose internal.02:15
ampliI found two ways to do that, maybe there are betetr ways that I'm not aware of.02:15
@preactionmy choice would be a stylesheet in www/extras/css (a folder that doesn't yet exist in 7.10, but does in 8)02:16
ampli1. in datatable.js, dynamically add a stylesheet to the start of the iframe's head tag (this is a one-line stylesheet).02:17
@preactioni think the better idea would be to link the stylesheet from the template itself, that way it can be overridden by the end-user02:18
@preactioni'm trying to get away from inline HTML and CSS and JS02:18
ampli2. Add it in WebGUI/DataTable.pm, in sub prepare.02:18
ampliDo you mean to define it in a file like www/extras/css/datatable.css, and link it in sub prepare (or a better place if exists)?02:20
ampliAnd how to do it for 7.9.X?02:22
ampli(sorry, for 7.10.X)02:23
ampliI see now, such a folder can be added in 7.10.X too.02:24
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@scrottiemost assets have a stylesheet template specified02:32
@scrottieif you put it in a file, it won't be easily changed by the end user02:33
@scrottiedo you have the 'wgd' tool?  are you able to 'wgd edit' things?02:34
ampliI have wgd, but didn't try its edit feature.02:37
@scrottieif you edit your DataTable with 'wgd edit' (by URL or assetId), one of the fields will be styleTemplateId.  this field is inherited from Wobject.  a default is built-in there, PBtmpl0000000000000060.  a new version of that could be shipped with WebGUI as one of the upgrades.02:37
ampliCurrently, the user has 2 easy ways to overide system default styles:02:38
@scrottieI'm not clear how the selectable site styles interact with this.02:38
@scrottierather than changing the system value, I would change the style template already specified.02:38
ampli.1. Put a "private" stylesheet in a place that can be served by the http server (e.g. in /extras) and refer to it in the "Extra <head> elements" of the Metadata tab.02:40
@scrottiewgd edit PBtmpl0000000000000060  # make changes there, then do wgd package PBtmpl0000000000000060, put the wgpkg file that creates into doc/upgrades/packages-7.7.xx where xx is the current patchlevel being worked on, add it with git, commit it with the rest of your stuff02:40
ampli2. If this is a short stylesheet, define it directly in the "Extra <head> elements".02:41
@scrottie3, edit the style template that defines styles site-wide02:42
ampliBut this has a the usual problem of getting reset by the next update.02:43
ampli(wgd edit <assetid> works for me.)02:44
@scrottiere: reset by the next update, the ?func=edit mode strongly discourages people from editing system templates.02:45
@scrottieeach upgrade may upgrade a system template.02:45
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@scrottiesystem templates are just like files except they get upgraded by the upgrader and it is easy for users to copy and modify them.02:48
ampliII look at  Wobject::DataTable of the example DataTable asset I created, and see 3 style templates:02:55
@scrottieFail Safe may not be what you want.  took me a few to get wgd running agian.  Image::Magick doesn't build under the latest perl.02:55
ampli1. mobileStyleTemplateId: PBtmpl0000000000000060 ;   2. printableStyleTemplateId ;   3. styleTemplateId02:56
ampliIt looks like no one of them is appropriate for my purpose.02:58
@scrottiecrystalx_style / OiJNwP1gAlcva8_yOtL4gA just turns around and does this: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="^/(crystalx/crystalx.css);" />02:59
@scrottiesimilar for style-underground/style-underground, style_01, ...02:59
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ampliThe defaulr DataTable style I need to define is not related to any particular Style Template.03:01
ampliSo there is no point to define it (repeatably the same thing) in all the possible Style Templates.03:01
@scrottieperldoc WebGUI::Session::Style ... setRawHeadTags() ... may make sense here.03:03
ampliTo that end there should be a style template which particular for DataTabel assets.03:03
ampli(excuse me for the typos...)03:04
@scrottieyou might add a <style>@import(/url)</style> to the head from code, and then add the file as you were thinking before.03:04
@scrottiethe other option might be to add it to the extraHeadTags for the default template for that asset, but then if people have copied and modified the system template, and are using that instead, they won't automatically get the change.03:06
ampliThey will get the change if they include the URL of their copy in a style tag of the "Extra <head> elements" of their asset.03:09
ampliThis is because it comes after the system defaults.03:10
ampliFor DataTable, did you refer to the extraHeadTags of the default DataTable templates?03:15
ampliI indeed needd to check which comes first, the extraHeadTags of the default template or of the user asset.03:17
ampliA very strange thing happed: When I added a line to extraHeadTags of the "default Datatable template (YUI)" and saved it, the YUI template DISAPEARED  from the selection!03:25
ampliIt doesn't appear any more in the NewContent->Basic->Datatable, and not in my example asset....03:27
ampliIt is still found under /root/import/datatable.03:32
ampliUsing "wgd edit" I removed the extraHeadTags line  that I added to it, but apparenly some permanent "damage" occured by my original addition because it is still not found the the DataTable Template selection (only the HTML DataTable template is there now).03:37
@scrottie'wgd edit' interacts badly with packed templates.  you have to turn off using those.03:45
@scrottiedon't know if that's the problem here but it's something to watch for.03:45
ampliAre there any packed templates by default?  BTW, I added the extraHeadTags line via the web interface.03:47
@scrottie"the YUI template DISAPEARED  from the selection!"... I don't understand.03:48
@scrottiewhich YUI template?03:48
ampliWhere is the DataTable Template selection gets filled in?  I would like to start debug from there to see why it misses the YUI template.03:49
@scrottieI think I don't know this asset well enough to follow what's going on.03:49
@scrottieI can look into it more though if you tell me what to look at.04:25
ampliok.  First I would like to make sure I was clear about the fault that happened.04:26
ampliThe problem is seen in the Display tag of the default asset  (New Content) and of any DataTable user asset.04:27
ampliOnly the HTML Datatable template appearse there now in the selection.  Until I added the extraHeadTags field to the YUI DAtaTable teplate, it appeared there too.04:28
ampliNo relevant erros in webgui.log. I looked in  mysql query.log, and it seems to query the same properties of both templates (YUI and HTML). as it did before (could not find the difference).04:30
@scrottiewhat do I have to click to see this?04:30
@scrottieoh, wait, hang on04:31
@scrottiehttps://gist.github.com/1066355 ... when you run that query, do you get a similar result?  I'm wondering if the 'namespace' value got corrupted for the template you've been working on.04:38
@scrottie'namespace' has to have to correct value to be included in any given template selector04:38
ampliFor what I checked, I get results that seem correct.04:38
ampliI wanted to check the integrity of the db using findBrokenAssets.pl, but for some reason it didn't get the patch I sent even though I did "git pull" from plainblack repository...04:40
@scrottieI may have done github wrong...04:40
ampliWhen I look now on the plainblack repository, WebGUI8 branche, sbin directory, I see findBrokenAssets.pl with my commit message.  But cliking on it reveals my fix is not there.04:43
@scrottiein your 'git log' output, what's the hash of the commit with that change, to findBrokenAssets.pl?04:47
@scrottieI'm looking through the 'git log' of your WebGUI8 branch and I don't see this commit offhand04:47
ampliGit diff on my original commit shows my change.04:48
@scrottiewhich commit is that?  what's the hash of it?04:48
@scrottieah, f0d5a29e2971794991f2c09b12eb163c795b779104:48
ampliIf you look My fix is correctly found in the history of this file.04:50
@scrottieI must not have this pulled.04:50
ampliI am in the history page of plainblak, how I can see the URL?04:51
@scrottie"history page" ...?04:51
@scrottieare you at github.com?  are you looking at this with a web browser?04:52
ampligithub.com, web browser.04:52
ampliHeader: History for webgui / sbin / findBrokenAssets.pl04:53
@scrottiecan you copy the URL out of the address bar of the web browser into here...?04:53
ampliIf you click on the first history item you see the pat6ch as I sent it.04:54
ampliHowever, the file after the patch doesn't contain it.04:55
ampli(lick on the comit hash at the LHS to see my diff)04:56
@scrottieI just wanted to make sure I was looking at the same thing you were.04:56
@scrottieI also just completely hosed my own git repo... apparently I did something as root, then did something as myself, and after a bunch of 'permission denied' messages, the thing is ruined.04:56
amplibut if you click on the commit message on the same line, you see that the file is unpatched.04:57
@scrottieI was going to try to pull again (I didn't have that change in my repo) but that's going to take me a minute now.04:57
@scrottieokay, pulled, checked out the WebGUI8 branch, and I see this change.05:03
@scrottiewhen you do 'git status', does it say you're on branch 'WebGUI8'?05:03
ampliit says: # On branch WebGUI8, and in the next line: nothing to commit (working directory clean) 05:07
ampliBut I see that on github sbin/findBrokenAssets.pl is identical to my copy (and it is without my chnage).05:07
@scrottienever reference github without giving me a URL =)05:08
amplilook for the word "start" (without the quotes)..  This is the line I changed.05:09
ampliIt is the old line from before the change.  But the commit message is my message, and the commit diff is correct....05:10
ampliInside the above mentioned URL, click on history, and then click on the hash to see the diff.05:14
@scrottieyour change is on line 236.  I see that change in https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/blob/WebGUI8/sbin/findBrokenAssets.pl and in my copy of the file from this fresh checkout.05:16
@scrottiemy $session    = WebGUI::Session->open( $configFile );     ... in the start() function05:17
ampliThis is the correct line.05:18
ampliYou are right1  It is indeed there.05:19
amplilet me see why apprently I didn't get the new file.05:19
@scrottieit takes practice to figure out how to keep git happy.05:21
@scrottieit's easy to lose track of stuff even though officially git never loses anything.05:21
ampliSo in github it is fine.05:21
@scrottieyeah.  you might try to pull to get that change into your repo/branch... git pull git@github.com:/ampli/webgui WebGUI8:WebGUI8 (while you have WebGUI8 checked out)05:22
ampliI will do it. I hope yo still have patiatience for a few minutes of look at the place of the previous problem 05:23
@scrottieif it says that it can't fast-forward, then history conflicts.  you can try to add --rebase to the git pull, but for now, you might be better off creating .diff files of other changes you've made using git diff05:23
@scrottiesure!  happy to help.05:23
ampliJust enter to AdminConsol's New Content tab.05:23
ampliAnd then Basic and DataTable.  Chnage to the Display tab.  and then look at the Datatable teplate selection.05:24
amplithere are two teplates there, YUI and HTML.  I lost the YUI.05:24
@scrottiewhat was the URL *or* the assetId of it?05:25
@scrottieis this a change I have, or is this only on your system?05:25
ampliThe assetid of the lost template is 3rjnBVJRO6ZSkxlFkYh_ug .05:25
ampliIt is still in the db, and it looks fine in wgd edit.05:26
ampliI guess there is some corruption in the last revision of it in the db.05:27
@scrottiethis is in *your* database, not mine, right?05:28
ampliPlease clarify....05:28
@scrottiedata for assets is stored in the database.05:28
@scrottieif you create an instance of an asset, it is stored in your database.05:29
@scrottieI don't have access to see that.05:29
@scrottieI can only see assets I've created and stock ones that come with WebGUI.05:29
ampliThis is the original DataTable YUI template.05:29
@scrottieokay.  that's what I was asking.  let's see.05:29
ampliMenu Title  : Default DataTable Template (YUI)05:30
ampliURL         : root/import/datatable/default-datatable-template-yui 05:30
@scrottieand you were changing this system asset and messed it up so it doesn't show up in that drop down any more?05:31
@scrottiecan you still edit it with 'wgd edit 3rjnBVJRO6ZSkxlFkYh_ug' ?05:31
ampliIn one of my tries I got the up-to-date findBrokenAssets.pl.  It doesn't find any db corruption.05:32
@scrottiewell, just because the database isn't corrupt doesn't mean that it is *correct*05:32
@scrottieon the other hand, if the database is correct, then it isn't corrupt ;)05:33
@scrottiecan you wgd edit this asset?05:33
ampliYes, since is a test copy of the db, I just went and changed its extraHeadTags05:33
ampliI'm out of sync with my answers...05:34
ampliYes, I can still edit it with this exact ommand ('wgd edit 3rjnBVJRO6ZSkxlFkYh_ug')05:35
@scrottieokay, you can still edit it with 'wgd edit'.  so it isn't gone, it just isn't on that list.05:35
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-148-164.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]05:35
@scrottielook for 'properties:' inside of 'wgd edit'.  one thing under properties: should be 'namespace: DataTable'.  is that there?05:35
amplinamespace: ''  !!!05:36
ampliSo somehow its value got set to nothing.05:37
ampliI will change it back and check.05:38
ampliIt returned to its place!05:39
ampliI can try to repeat the problem now that I know how to fix it.05:40
@scrottieyeah, if the 'edit' screen causes that, that's a bug05:40
ampliThis was definitely casued by cliking save there (in the edit screen).  I'm not sure it is because of the extraHeadTags addition, maybe other chnages or no chnages make the same problem.  Will need to check.05:41
ampliThis reminds me a related question.05:42
ampliWhat is your policy on checking error conditions of things that "shouldn't happen"?  I have a particular example from datatable.js.05:43
@scrottieI'm not aware of any good error reporting from JavaScript.05:43
@scrottieask preaction about it.  he might have some ideas.05:44
ampliThe question is general, including perl...05:44
@scrottieerror handling is changing in WebGUI805:45
ampliThe code calls the function 'YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(...)" without checking its return value.  It returns false when failing.  If no bugs, it should never fail.05:45
ampliI think that validating return value anyway, in all cases, could be a good idea, even though it ads many code lines.05:46
@scrottiein WebGUI8, API methods that user written code (eg assets) can call is no longer supposed to log.  I imagine session->log->error and log->fatal calls will be replaced.  instead, it is supposed to raise an exception that if uncaught in user code will be logged.05:47
@scrottiebut this is in Perl.  I can't comment on JavaScript.05:47
@scrottieyeah, talk to preaction about that.05:47
@scrottiein Perl in WebGUI7, it is common to check return values and do $session->log->error if something is not set that should be.05:48
ampliLast q regarding the stylesheet inclusion.  You mentuioned adding <style>@import(/url)</style> in the header.  I always wondered what the difference is between that and adding <link rel=stylesheet ...>05:50
@scrottiesimilar.  I'm not sure what different semantics it has.05:51
@scrottieI only suggested that because, reading through the style templates, they seemed to be doing a lot of that.05:51
@scrottieI'm more familiar with <link rel="stylesheet"> myself.05:51
ampliOk, so I will do it for consistency, at least.05:51
@scrottieyou should probably use whichever one you know best and then people can talk to you if that causes some particular problem.05:52
@scrottieheh, either way.05:52
ampliI have to go now, so I will continue in several hours.  Thanks and bye for now.05:54
-!- mducharme [~nothing@S0106002401f31855.wp.shawcable.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]05:54
@scrottieyou're quite welcome, and thank you.  take care!05:58
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rd7fd492 / docs/create.sql : Ready for 7.9.32 release. - http://bit.ly/noBtXd07:29
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r550b007 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Preparing for 7.9.33 development. - http://bit.ly/r0U0bt07:58
-!- Radix_ changed the topic of #webgui to: [7.9.32-stable | 7.10.19-beta | WRE 0.9.3] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com09:54
@scrottieokay, where's the stupid error console in MSIE8?09:55
@scrottieoh, there it is.09:56
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SDuensin"I'm not callin' in sick.  I'm callin' in GONE!"16:53
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@preactionhttp://beta.metacpan.org/module/dip <- this looks awesome18:24
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xdangerwhy does upgrade in wg8 still require root privileges?22:51
@preactionbecause the old one required root privileges and we didn't change it22:51
xdangerso how is 8 coming along?22:55
@preactiondoing final bugfixing before alpha release22:55
xdangergreat. I haven't been following the progres for a few months...22:57
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SynQhave you seen the new http://www.procolix.com23:23
SynQserved by 64bit debian squeeze23:24
SynQand nginx23:24
@scrottiebah.  I'll be impressed when WebGUI is running on an Amiga =)23:29
SynQa cluster of amiga's23:29
--- Day changed Thu Jul 07 2011
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jim_x11svn has the blame function which gives the last commit of all lines.  What's a git equivalent?01:02
-!- jim_x11 [~jjm@adsl-98-70-129-36.gnv.bellsouth.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving]01:07
@preactiongit blame01:10
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ampliHello everyone02:03
amplipreaction: I found a major problem in 8 and would like to verify that it is not only me.02:06
@preactionampli: sure go ahead02:06
ampliWhen saving a system template, the namespace variable is reset to an empty string.  This causes the affected template to disapear from the Defaukt Templats list. Can be restored by wgd edit.02:08
ampliI really only ancountered the problem, and scrottie found its reason (empty namespace)...02:09
amplinext, I found a problem in extraHeadTags inclusion in 8, I guess it could be also in 7.02:12
@preactionampli: i can reproduce the template namespace problem, though honestly i hate that the namespace cannot be changed if it's already set02:13
ampliWhy cannot it  be changed?02:14
@preactionthe code doesn't allow it. if a namespace is set, it becomes a readonly field02:14
@preactioni'll fix this one02:14
ampliI also found an anoying problems in  extraHeadTags inclusion...02:15
ampliDue to my datatable tests I had a page with a plenty of datatabls.  When I add the default include in the temlates extraHeadTags, I got it included in the page tens of times....02:16
ampliFor css is only overhead, js can just get problems.02:17
ampliThis I can try to fix in the code.02:18
@preactionoh, no, that's expected behavior02:18
@preactionyou could add them as attachments, they would be checked for duplicates02:18
ampliWhy is there a need for 30 times the same css file one line after another?02:19
@preactionthere isn't one, but webgui can't know that it's doing it02:19
ampliI added as attachment in the  extraHeadTags textarea.02:19
@preactionthere's an "Attachments" section at the bottom of the Properties tab02:20
@preactionfor templates only02:20
@preactionit has structure, unlike extraHeadTags, which allows duplicates to be ignored02:20
ampliI see.  So the extraHeadTags cannot be really used?02:20
@preactionsure it can, it just should be avoided if at all possible02:20
@preactionattachments is a better way02:20
ampliI see.02:21
@preactionextraHeadTags was there first, and most templates are not yet migrated to using Attachments02:21
@preaction(which I believe was added in 7.7 or 7.8)02:21
ampliThe other problem encountered with extraHeadTags, I need to check with Atachments (I ting it should be there too). 02:23
ampliSo I will continue in my checkings.02:23
@preactionampli: namespace issues are fixed, if you pull from origin you'll get my changes02:28
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * rcc26d97 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template.pm : fix namespace issues with templates - http://bit.ly/q1cFeI02:28
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amplipreacation: the Attachments button doesn't work propely for me.  It goes to an "add files" in  /root/imort/datatable, with totally another page style.02:36
ampli(I tried in two ways, from the "manage" button and directly from "Tree").02:37
-!- fokat [~lem@weston-] has joined #webgui02:39
@preactionyep, looks like it's busted. i'll take a look02:40
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@preactionampli: template attachments should be fixed now03:16
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * rd15891d / (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template.pm lib/WebGUI/Form/JsonTable.pm): fix template parser and attachments fields - http://bit.ly/qQdGXD03:16
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@scrottieCox not-route-to-host'ing every other connection attempt makes it an absolute horror to use any AJAX app.07:55
* scrottie sighs07:55
@scrottiewith POST/GET, I can sit there and hit refresh as many times as needed... AJAX apps, I may very well have to force reload the page, do all of the form changes over again, hit submit, and pray07:56
@scrottievery few apps try to recover from this situation07:56
@scrottieor from failure in general07:56
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SDuensin(Insert witty entrance message here.)16:34
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jim_X11I'm using WebGUI::Form::Image with WebGUI::FormBuilder.  I think FormBuilder just does the right thing, and just shows an image.  but it's not.  It's showing the storage WebGUI id and not the image associated with that id.20:22
@preactionwhat do you mean? the value of the field is the storage ID which contains the files. in your case, the only file in there ($storage->getFiles->[0]) is the file you want20:22
jim_X11WebGUI::Form::Image has a method called getValueAsHtml, do I use that from FormBuilder?20:23
@preactionno, you should get the storageId, instantiate a WebGUI::Storage object, and get the first file inside20:24
jim_X11then to preview the image in formbuilder I create html using WebGUI::Storage?20:25
@preactionwhen displaying the form, the control should show the preview automatically20:26
jim_X11that's what I hoped for.  Hmm.20:27
@preactionas long as the control gets the storageId, it'll show all the files inside20:27
jim_X11the control gets the storage id from value, when I create the W:Image object, yes?20:28
jim_X11yea, I just had to fill in the storage id for the value when I created W:Image (or created it using the helper code in W;FormBuilder).20:30
jim_X11it's working, now.20:30
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SynQpreaction: are you plainblack guys using filepump anywhere?22:41
@preactionnot presently that i'm aware of. i think there might be one or two bundles in core, i'm not sure22:41
SynQsince it's broken in current stable22:42
SynQit doesn't include images in the bundle22:42
SynQnone what so ever22:42
@preactioni thought it was only CSS and JS22:42
@preactionbecause those can be concatenated and minified22:43
SynQit also adds 'all other files'22:44
@preactionah, yeah22:44
SynQit should22:44
SynQbut it doesn't actually :P22:44
@preactionwhere do the images get output though?22:45
@preactionanyway, post it as a bug of course22:45
SynQas far as I understand from the documentation22:45
SynQthe images get copied to the bundle.epoch directory22:45
SynQand you can reference them relatively in your stylesheets22:46
SynQso that all files used in your stylesheet, like background images, get a +10year expiry too22:46
SynQwhich helps yslow score22:46
SynQAll collateral files (in our case the css images) are copied as-is into the new folder.22:47
SynQhere you are: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1218722:50
SynQmy guess is that it is quite an easy bug to fix22:51
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SquOnkLooking for suggestions and guidance.23:54
@preactionok go23:54
SquOnkI have a customer who needs to have different sizes for the same image (normal size and thumbnail are not enough), because their site is going to show on different mobile devices.23:55
SquOnkUploading the multiple sized images is not an option given their workflow.23:55
SquOnk(I made an RFE regarding that)23:55
SquOnkI'm trying to provide a workaround for the time being.23:56
@preactioni'd subclass image, override applyConstraints to make the other sizes, the Photo asset does this, you can probably steal it23:56
SquOnkI thought about writing a macro to be used like ^ResizeImage(<tmpl_var image.url>,160) with the obvious intentions.23:56
SquOnkpreaction: Let me see the code.23:57
Haargcreating a macro with a side effect seems like a very bad idea to me23:58
SquOnkHaarg: That was my main concern, that's why I'm asking here before writing anything.23:58
SquOnkSo, to get back to preaction's line of thought...23:58
SquOnk...write something like Image::Resizable?23:59
--- Day changed Fri Jul 08 2011
SquOnkA new Asset?00:00
SquOnkPhoto belongs to 7.10, right? I have to use 7.9 for the time being.00:00
@preactionPhoto is part of the Gallery, which was 7.7 i think00:00
SquOnkAsset/File/GalleryFile/Photo.pm, right.00:01
SquOnkCan I attach a Photo to an Article (that being the use case).00:03
SquOnkThese people use Articles (or Stories) and attach Images to them, one or two tops.00:03
@preactionattachments aren't assets00:03
SquOnkThose are the images that need to be resized for display.00:03
SquOnkpreaction: Aha00:03
SquOnkSo, not being Assets brings me back to the Macro :/00:07
@preactionor a custom article that does what you want00:22
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amplipreaction: I would like to consult regarding the current state of my work on DataTable.02:23
ampliThe version that I published today is already usefull as is. So maybe it can be included in a beta.02:25
ampliThere is an original anoying problem in the original code that I would like to fix: a row of textbox elements gets collapsed to almost nothing if all its elements are empty.02:27
ampliTo that end I need to add css style to it, and the only way I found is by adding it in Form/DataTable.pm.02:28
ampliI also would like to add Rich Editor selection like in DataForm.02:29
@preactionadding a link in there (using $session->style->setLink) would be the best way to add a CSS file to the DataTable02:29
@preactionfor that, you'd need to add a property to the Form/DataTable.pm module, and then set that property from the Asset/Wobject/DataTable.pm module02:30
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]02:31
ampliThe needed css is a fixed one (minimum height for rows), so I thought to just to generate a <style> ...</style> line in prepare().02:33
@preactionbut style tags would repeat themselves, and cannot be cached02:33
@preactioni'm trying to build a more robust, stable style/theme mechanism in webgui02:34
ampliThere is already the needed classes in the HTML.  Only one CSS definition is needed for the whole table.02:34
ampliNote that this is not user style (not something that users would need/want to change).02:35
@preactionright, that's why it'd go in the www/extras/css directory02:35
ampliIt is just part of the admin intrface look (in that case - the admin interface of Edit DataTable).02:35
@preactionoh, you don't want it to be part of the normal page?02:35
ampliNo, the problem it referes too is in the admin interface only.02:36
ampli(There is a similar one in the normal page, but it can be corrected with user style.)02:37
@preactionah, then it should probably be a <style> tag02:40
@preactionat the very least, if it becomes a problem with styling later, we can move it out into its own place02:41
ampliRegarding css in the normal page, I have a question about their order: The header lines generated by Templates (both metadata extra <head> elements and Attachment) come before the ones generated by Assets.02:41
ampli(No, one sec.)02:41
ampliWhat I menat to say they come AFTER the ones generated by Assets...02:44
ampliThis makes it problematic to overide their definitions by headers defined in the Assset Metadata.02:45
ampliIs this intentional?02:45
@preactioni don't believe it's intentional, just how the blocks fell as they were made02:46
ampliIt looks like headers defined in templates should come before ones defined in assets, it order to allow the users to overide default definitions.02:47
@preactionwell, it gets muddy when you start talking about page layouts, for example02:47
ampli(one can use !important on all css definitions, but this is not nice and less flexible.)02:48
@preactiondo we put all the templates' head tags before all the assets' head tags? or do we interlace02:48
@preactioni'd lean towards all templates' head tags always go before all assets' head tags02:48
@preactionwell, all other assets' head tags02:48
ampliAs far as I could check,, all the template head tags come before the other assets ones.02:49
@preactionisn't that correct though?02:50
ampliThis can be fixed in a backward-compatible way (if at all backward compatibility is needed here) by adding Attachmet to regular Asset definitions too.02:50
ampli(That will come after the ones of the Template).02:50
@preactioni have a plan to add file and image attachments to all assets, css and js attachments could work too02:51
ampliPlease consider to generate their inclusion after the ones of Temlates.02:52
@preactionif they happened, it would be in the same order as the extra head tags (but probably before extra head tags, to allow overriding inside extra head tags)02:54
ampliBut should't extra head tags of regular assets be chnaged to come aftr the extra head tags/attachments of Templates?02:57
@preactionwait, do they or don't they?02:57
ampliThe extra head tags defined in regular Assets currently come BEFORE the ones defined in Tenplates (including Attachment)02:58
ampliMoreover, extra head tags of regular Assets even come before all other css (it is generated first in the <head>).03:05
@preactionokay, then that could be changed03:05
ampliWill it be a good idea to include my current modes to DataTable in the next beta, so some actual testing will hopefully be done?03:12
@preactionsure, as long as all the i18n is done04:32
ampliI added there i18n for everything missing (labels that were w/o i18n in the original code and 2 new labels that appeared in yui-2.9.0).  I have a question about the desired way to do i18n:05:16
ampliIn the original code, all labels were pulled from 118n/Form_DataTable.pm, even those that commonly repeat in other pages (like Save and Cancel).05:20
ampliOne of the i18n labels that I added is "Loading...' which is found in i18n/WebGUI.pm, and I took it from there.  Should I, instead, add it to 118n/Form_DataTable.pm?05:22
@preactionno, using the one from WebGUI.pm is correct05:23
ampliI added the needed style in Form/DataTable.pm (one code line) and it solved the problem. Now I'm going to add the Rich Editor selection as implemented in DataForm.05:41
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SynQwhoo hoo12:25
SynQthere he is12:25
ryuu_rohere i am12:26
SynQhttp://sixrevisions.com/css/font-face-guide/ for great justice12:26
SynQjoeri still has to find an irc client for his mac12:26
ryuu_rowhat....... colluqy works fine12:28
SynQOf course, we can.t possibly expect all the browsers to play nice and agree on a given solution! That would just be unreasonable.12:29
-!- dapperedodo [~dapperedo@D57D69B5.static.ziggozakelijk.nl] has joined #webgui12:30
SynQConfused yet? You should be. Fortunately, there are brilliant developers that have worked this all out for you by developing simple systems to follow.12:30
SynQwhen is YAPC 2012?12:30
ryuu_roin 201212:31
SynQuh huh12:31
ryuu_rojuni 15 to 1712:31
ryuu_roi think12:31
SynQin the high season12:31
ryuu_royeah sort of12:31
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SquOnkI was just trying to install a custom Wobject we wrote.18:35
SquOnkUsing wg-install.18:36
SquOnkIt has the WebGUI::AssetAspect::Installable magic and all...18:36
SquOnkSorry, I meant installClass.pl18:36
SquOnkIf I put the .pm under WebGUI/Asset/Wobject, the thing installs fine.18:37
SquOnkIf I put it in any of the local preload.custom directories, it doesn't.18:37
SquOnkIt bugs me because I like to separate what comes with WebGUI from what we write.18:37
SquOnkIs that intended behavior?18:38
@preactionno, sounds like installClass.pl doesn't use preload.custom properly18:38
SquOnkpreaction: Good, so I found a bug :-)18:38
SquOnkinstallClass handles @INC manually and no, it doesn't seem to pay attention to preload.custom18:39
* SquOnk ready to file a bug18:39
SquOnkBug filed.18:49
SquOnkpreaction: Another thing related to installation. How do I go automating the installation of Asset icons?18:50
-!- knowmad [~knowmad@99-112-245-79.lightspeed.chrlnc.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui19:15
@preactioni tend to make a symlink in /data/WebGUI/www/extras for each project, and then put icons and collateral in there19:23
sbaurSo, I'm trying to move a survey from one 7.6 site to another. I've packaged it and imported it, but none of the templates where included. Is there some easy way to bring the templates over, besides finding them all and then packaging them separately? 19:57
sbauralternatively, since I'll have to do this on production later, is there a way to group a lot of different assets (survey + templates) into one package?20:08
@scrottiethat would be a nice extension to wgd... --include-templates.20:17
@scrottieoften, you wouldn't want to, instead wanting to deal with those seperately.20:18
sbaursince i'm not at all familiar with wgd, is there a way to install multiple packages at once?20:29
@scrottiesure, with wgd =)20:38
@scrottiewgd package -i *.wgpkg20:38
sbaurthanks, that may be quite useful for my next upgrade20:47
@scrottieyou betcha!20:48
sbaurhmmm, looks like it's not possible to tell the survey to number questions (at least not in 7.6) have to add the numbers to the question text then i guess20:50
sbaurtoo bad that messes up the wrapping of long questions20:52
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SquOnkWhat would it take for the *metadata* fields to be used as filters for an AssetReport?23:35
--- Day changed Sat Jul 09 2011
@preactionSquOnk: someone with the desire to add it, it shouldn't be exceedingly difficult00:06
SquOnkpreaction: Well, it looks somewhat difficult. Since metadata fields live in two tables, the Asset Report query constructor will get hairy in no time :)00:07
@preactionin theory, it doesn't have to be done all in one query00:07
@preactioni'm a poet and didn't know it!00:07
SquOnkpreaction: LOL00:08
SquOnkpreaction: I think I asked this before, so feel free to remind me if indeed I did...00:46
SquOnkAn Asset Report reporting on Articles can get to the Article's image va StorageUrl.00:46
SquOnkAn Asset Report reporting on Shortcuts to Articles, can't do the same.00:47
@preactionnot that i'm aware of. i don't think asset report handles shortcuts00:47
@preactionyou could use the shortcut's property "shortcutToAssetId" inside the AssetProperty macro to get the storageId00:47
@preactionthen pass that to the StorageUrl macro00:48
@preactionso, with some fancy macros in a custom template, you might be able to do it00:48
SquOnkAha. Let's see.00:48
SquOnkAsset Report does handle Shortcut, yes.00:48
@preactionAssetProperty was only recently added00:48
@preactionwell, it gets the Shortcut, but doesn't get the shortcutted asset properties00:49
@preactionit handles Shortcut as any other asset00:49
@preactionshortcut is a weird asset that way00:49
SquOnkpreaction: "recently added" means 7.10?00:50
SquOnkWell, I think I could backport it.00:50
SquOnkAnyway... what would be the macro00:50
SquOnk^StorageUrl( ^AssetProperty( <tmpl_var assetId> , 'shortcutToAssetId'))00:52
@preactionyeah, something like that00:52
@preactionmore like: ^StorageUrl( ^AssetProperty( "storageId", <tmpl_var shortcutToAssetId> ); );00:52
@preactionstorageUrl takes a storageId as its first argument00:53
@preactioni might be wrong on the assetproperty args though00:53
SquOnkRight, right...00:53
@preactionbut <tmpl_var shortcutToAssetId> is the right assetId00:53
@preactionno need to macro that, as the template should just have it00:53
SquOnkOk, let me try and do that.00:53
SquOnkI hope perlDreamer takes care of the shortcut caching issue soon. It's the only showstopper now.00:57
SquOnkpreaction: Largest "anti-government" TV channel is going WebGUI as soon as that's fixed :)00:57
SquOnkThere's no shortcutToAssetId in Asset Report templates. The Asset Report only sports common Asset properties.00:58
@preactionit doesn't do a $self->get?01:01
@preactionyeah, it does $self->get, so all the asset properties are in the templates01:01
SquOnkpreaction: Then how come I can't access image.url or whatever from an Article?01:12
SquOnkpreaction: (Inside the Asset Loop)01:13
@preactionthose are template vars01:13
@preactionnot asset properties01:13
SquOnkpreaction: Oh, my bad01:13
@preactionimage.url is not a column in the Article table of the database, is the difference01:13
@preactionit's calculated from the storageId from the database and the first image file in the storage location01:13
SquOnkpreaction: shortcutToAssetId is working in the template, yes.01:15
SquOnkpreaction: Now I just need to get the image attached to that...01:15
SquOnkI need the storageId of the shortcutToAssetId, right?01:17
@preactionand then give that to the StorageUrl macro01:17
SquOnkpreaction: I came up with01:19
SquOnk^StorageUrl(^AssetProperty(<tmpl_var shortcutToAssetId>,'storageId');,'thumb');01:19
SquOnkI get a path, not an URL.01:19
SquOnkThe path is empty.01:19
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@preactiondoes the article have a storage location?01:22
SquOnkpreaction: How can I find that out?01:22
@preactiongo to the real article and see if it has an attached file maybe?01:23
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rde748f0 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): Remove debug code, replace with line accidently deleted during debug. Fixes bug #12188 - http://bit.ly/nnDoiQ01:23
SquOnkpreaction: Oh, it has. That's the purpose of this :)01:23
SquOnkIt's a one line article with an image attached.01:23
@preactionmake sure each level of macro returns the expected value?01:24
SquOnkThe <tmpl_var short...> is fine.01:24
SquOnkIt has the Article's assetId, as expected.01:24
SquOnkThe AssetProperty returns a string that looks like an Id. How can I find out if it is, indeed, the storageId I'm expecting?01:26
@preactioncheck the database, Article table, storageId field?01:26
SquOnkThat Id is supposed to point to the first attachment.01:26
@preactionstorageIds don't really point to files, they just point to the directory. it's the storageUrl that should automatically grab the first file if you don't specify one01:27
SquOnkIt's in the database as storageId of the Article, yes.01:28
@preactionthen my final try would be to add debug code to the storageUrl macro itself, see what's happening01:28
@preactionwhat are you getting and what do you expect to get?01:28
SquOnkpreaction: ^StorageUrl( ^AssetProperty (...) ) gets me a blank01:29
SquOnkpreaction: I was expecting the URL for the image, which is the first attachment.01:30
SquOnkpreaction: If I add 'thumb' to StorageUrl, I get what looks like a pathname, valid in the filesystem, but empty.01:31
@preactionpaste what you get here01:33
SquOnkI get /uploads/02/cb/02cb1eb4fae8a5eaedc999053d25db855604bed01c700479601400/thumb01:33
SquOnkThe image is actually in uploads/d3/f9/d3f963bb5802c7c8768d9283b1c66ea3/A-real-hero.jpg01:34
@preactionlooks like the arguments aren't being processed correctly01:36
@preactionmight have to remove the spaces and maybe add quotes01:36
SquOnkThis is what I have01:38
SquOnk^StorageUrl(^AssetProperty(<tmpl_var shortcutToAssetId>,"storageId");,"thumb");01:38
SquOnkI'm getting the StorageId for the Article all right.01:38
SquOnkBut StorageUrl doesn't seem to get to the first attachment.01:39
SquOnkIf I drop the "thumb", I get a blank.01:39
@preactionyeah, then i'd add debug code to the storageUrl macro to make sure it's getting the storage location correctly01:41
@preactionit seems like it's getting the wrong storage location entirely01:41
@preactionperhaps it's a different revision?01:41
SquOnkpreaction: You mean the first argument to StorageUrl, right?01:42
@preactionthat's the ID, yes, but it seems like it's not getting the right WebGUI::Storage object for some reason01:42
SquOnkWell, I have to go.01:44
SquOnkpreaction: Thanks a lot. I have a better idea of what to look for.01:44
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@scrottiethese "IE7 standalone" projects don't seem to work.  I did get IE3 running, much to my amusement.02:37
@scrottieany suggestions on how I might get an IE7 up and running for testing with?02:37
@scrottienext time someone asks me what OS I'm running, I'm going to tell them "Speak and Spell".02:38
@scrottienow there's a UI I can get behind.02:38
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--- Day changed Sun Jul 10 2011
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r7505b1a / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI.pm): Specify the auth type when HTTP Basic auth fails. Fixes bug #12184. - http://bit.ly/nnHlgi04:11
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5d74b24 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): Remove debug code, replace with line accidently deleted during debug. Fixes bug #12188 - http://bit.ly/oyI00M04:12
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r200b4c3 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI.pm): Specify the auth type when HTTP Basic auth fails. Fixes bug #12184. - http://bit.ly/pleGbo04:12
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r87d252e / (3 files in 3 dirs): Make sure that the keywords template variable is provided by processTemplate, since we documented that it does that. Fixes bug #12186. - http://bit.ly/qQOheS04:30
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r779292c / (3 files in 3 dirs): Make sure that the keywords template variable is provided by processTemplate, since we documented that it does that. Fixes bug #12186. - http://bit.ly/oTh2LO04:31
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@frodwithscrottie: IETester seems to work well enough for me.17:07
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@scrottieI'll look into that, but I've got my RD3D running IE7 now.  Safari for Mac is next on the list.  I don't know if it's versions or what, but I can't reproduce a problem on my Windows Safari install.20:28
@scrottieI'm debating between a Chinese MacBook clone, building a hack-in-tosh, or doing the full Tiger install on an Apple TV.20:28
@scrottieAppleTV has the upshot of not occupying much space.20:28
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rc041ade / t/Form/Workflow.t : Remove test comment. - http://bit.ly/nLgDP523:03
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r0fd8c34 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Keywords fixes to prevent leaks. - http://bit.ly/mXzaqv23:03
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r28294a1 / (14 files in 2 dirs): Override new in Form plugins that set their options, so the options are always available. Fixes bug #12190. - http://bit.ly/qwrSDq23:03
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1c08796 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Keywords fixes to prevent leaks. - http://bit.ly/qFBG2n23:05
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r4b663fd / (14 files in 2 dirs): Override new in Form plugins that set their options, so the options are always available. Fixes bug #12190. - http://bit.ly/nydRYT23:05
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r64567f9 / t/Form/Workflow.t : Remove test comment. - http://bit.ly/mSVlnm23:05
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * ra945396 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/testEnvironment.pl): Add a requirement to check on the common::sense module for JSON::XS. Fixes bug #12135 - http://bit.ly/pMhyB023:16
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TrexHey folks. Can someone please remind me what the syntax is for running a single WebGUI test from the command line?23:21
TrexI remember there was some environment variable you had to set and perhaps more...but forgot to write down what I did last time.23:22
TrexQuiet in here today. I haven't dropped by in a while, but this seems unusual.23:30
@scrottieexport WEBGUI_CONFIG=/data/WebGUI/etc/www.example.com.conf ... that env variable?23:35
@scrottieprove   by itself should work, or you can run perl directly on the .t files... I think you have to also do export PERL5LIB=/data/WebGUI/lib:/data/WebGUI/t/lib ... but if you have that set when you start apache, it'll mess up mod_perl badly and in confusing ways23:36
TrexYes, to the first. I also found these instructions: http://www.webgui.org/wiki/developer-s-guide-to-testing-in-webgui23:37
TrexHowever, when I try to follow the example to run via perl directly (rather than prove) I get "Can't locate WebGUI/Test.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /data/WebGUI/t/Group/lib..."23:38
TrexSo it seems I'm overlooking something obvious.23:38
TrexAnd yes, I did run setenvironment.sh. :)23:39
HaargWEBGUI_CONFIG=/data/WebGUI/etc/www.example.com.conf perl -I/data/WebGUI/lib t/test.t23:48
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TrexThanks, scrottie and Haarg. I'm thinking the test system I'm trying to work on may be having some confusion between perl and cpan in WRE vs. the regular distro location.00:18
TrexTime to find a simpler system.00:18
Haargare you messing with webgui 8?00:18
TrexNope. Trying to test for a bug in 7.00:18
Haargwith 7, you shouldn't need to set PERL5LIB or use -l when running tests00:19
TrexThe servers I'd normally work on aren't exactly ones I'd want to run tests in at this point. 00:19
Haargmight have to do with the directory you are currently in though00:19
TrexI've tried various places. Where should I be when running tests?00:20
Haarggenerally from /data/WebGUI00:20
TrexI keep getting errors like: Can't locate Sub/Delete.pm in @INC...00:20
TrexOK, that is one that I've tried. I figured as much when your previous example pointed to t/test.t00:21
Haargtry running sbin/testEnvironment.pl00:21
TrexThat does its usual thing -- OK except for optoinal things not installed.00:23
TrexThough it claims that I don't have Monkey::Patch, even though I can find it in both the wre and non-wre cpan locations.00:23
Haargprobably because it can't load it because it can't find Sub::Delete00:24
Haargwhich means it got installed in a broken fashion for some reason00:25
Haargyou might try deleting the Monkey::Patch pm file, then reinstalling it00:25
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@scrottiecpanm --force should work too.00:47
TrexThe thing is that as soon as I add one thing and re-try running the test, I get a report that something else can't be found. So I'm thinking there is something bigger going on with this system.00:52
TrexI was able to find another system on which I could successfully run a single test manually...so now I'm just trying to get the system where I'd prefer to do tests to also be properly configured.00:53
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TrexI'm going to have to head out soon, but I did want to ask about WG8 while I was here. Is that still on track for a release sometime this summer?00:57
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9113408 / (3 files in 3 dirs): When a post is purged, disqualify it as the last post in its thread, and the parent CS. Fixes bug #12183 - http://bit.ly/qOtz9h01:06
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r391b9ab / (3 files in 3 dirs): When a post is purged, disqualify it as the last post in its thread, and the parent CS. Fixes bug #12183 - http://bit.ly/phD01u01:06
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9985d24 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/installClass.pl): make installClass read lines from preload.custom for additional directories. Fixes bug #12189 - http://bit.ly/qduaqQ01:10
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * re290e92 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/installClass.pl): make installClass read lines from preload.custom for additional directories. Fixes bug #12189 - http://bit.ly/oiH2fc01:44
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r7fda01b / (lib/WebGUI/Macro/FormField.pm t/Macro/FormField.t): Fixup of FormField macro tests and POD. - http://bit.ly/nUlNqx03:23
amplipreaction: Hi, I would like to consult with you regarding my final version of DataTable.03:55
ampliI originally made the changes as a serries of commits.  They include modifications of my own code, and one bug fix (the last one I posted).03:59
ampliI would like to send the mods as a suggestion for adding to 7 beta and 8.03:59
ampliThe question is whether to send the last version as one commit instead of multiple. 04:00
ampliAlso, whether to include the bug fix in the final version, or send a seperate initial commit for it.04:00
ampli(This is a minor bug)04:00
ampliThe easiest way for me is send as one commit...04:02
@preactionsending the bugfix seperately will help us backport it around04:09
@preactionbut the rest as a single commit is fine04:09
ampliOk, I will do that so.04:11
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r6e27305 / docs/create.sql : Preparing for 7.10.20 release. - http://bit.ly/ouYlFK07:04
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r39165c5 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.10.20 development. - http://bit.ly/nkjnrr07:04
-!- Radix_ changed the topic of #webgui to: [7.9.32-stable | 7.10.20-beta | WRE 0.9.3] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com07:08
ampliThere is apparently a major problem in wg8 with the cancel button.07:47
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ckotilweee! finally got wg8 up and running. following https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/blob/WebGUI8/docs/install.txt16:44
ckotiltho i cant do much. the admin bar macro seems to not have loaded. 16:44
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ckotilis editing busted in wg8 right now?17:59
ckotilOr maybe it's the template im using. Calling ^AdminBar which appears to have been removed in wg8. Also ?func=edit or ?op=assetManager doesnt take me anywhere either.18:15
ckotilfound a backup of my wg8 test from a couple months ago. with it, i can load the AdminBar and asset manager and edit. but its ROUGH18:39
* ckotil goes back to waiting patiently18:39
@preactionAdminBar is gone, ?func=edit should work. ?op=assetManager is gone. ?op=admin should work18:51
ckotilyeah, i got them going with my old Wg8 checkout. but the one i checked out yesterday I couldnt get working.19:09
@scrottieckotil, did you do the bit about getting a fresh wgd and using that to run the upgrades?19:17
@scrottieckotil, it should work better than you're describing.19:17
@preactionalso check the error log19:20
@scrottiehrm, I should really take these diagnostic steps and roll up a .t out of them.  perhaps call it ScottMcnealyAutoHealingClocklessSysVBSDOracleWebGUI.t19:30
ckotilscrottie: no, i pry need to do that.19:35
@scrottiethe problem I had and a problem I keep seeing other people have is the upgrades not actually running but just silently failing.19:45
ckotilyeah i think mine are silenty failing.19:58
ckotilmeeting. bbiab19:58
ampliThere is apparently a major problem in wg8 with the cancel button.20:07
ampliFor me, at least, it a synonym to Save.20:10
ckotilscrottie: for the wgd --upgrade , I did a checkout of WebGUI8 from git. do I still need to run those upgrades?20:30
@scrottieckotil, yes.20:31
@scrottiethe database dump, config file, etc are all 7.10.something20:32
@scrottieafter a WebGUI8 "1.0" is released, it'll probably ship with 8.0 everything, but right now we need to continue testing the 7->8 upgrade path as much as possible20:32
ckotilok gotcha, thanks20:33
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ckotilrunning upgrade script .. DONE takes 2 seconds to copmlete. might be failing silently.20:35
@scrottieyes, probably.20:38
@scrottieyou used a *fresh* wgd, just fetched from http://haarg.org/wgd ?20:38
@scrottieor built from github.com/haarg/wgd ?20:38
ckotilyeah i just built it from the git repo20:38
@scrottiein the "macros" section of your .conf file, is "AdminBar" listed?20:39
ckotilim using the example conf from the WebGUI8 tree20:40
@scrottiethat one, last I saw, still had that in it until upgrades are run, then it does and should come out20:41
@scrottieso that's one indication that upgrades did actually run20:41
ckotilAdminBar is missing from the macros section in WebGUI.conf.original20:41
@scrottieoh.  hmm.20:42
ckotilat least from the WebGUI8 branch. 20:42
ckotilso using a simliar method to verify the upgrade has complete. i looked for session->config->deleteFromArray( 'contentHandlers', 'WebGUI::Content::AssetManager' );20:42
ckotil in my config. 20:42
ckotilnew content handler for AssetManager, and it's not there.  so it must be failing20:43
@scrottiewait, the upgrade is trying to delete that from the .conf?20:44
ckotilerrr, so it is.20:44
ckotilsorry i misread that. 20:44
ckotilok so another one, is to addToArrayAfter()     'contentHandlers', 'WebGUI::Content::Referral', 'WebGUI::Content::Admin'20:45
ckotiland both Referral and Admin are in my conf. 20:45
@scrottie /data/WebGUI/www/extras/admin/admin.js ... is that file visible from under /data/domains/www.example.com<or whatever domain>/public/extras?  20:45
@scrottieie, did the new extras get installed correctly?20:46
@scrottieand as preaction said, no errors in the webgui.log...?  feel free to paste to git.github.com or wherever any errors for comment20:49
ckotilnothing relevant in the logs. just AdminBar macro errors, and cron spectre errors.20:51
@scrottiepost it anyway?  there shouldn't be AdminBar macro errors.20:51
@scrottienothing should be trying to use that.20:51
@scrottienot on a fresh WG8 install anyway.20:51
ckotilmy template is trying to use it20:52
ckotilive tried a few templates, all stock. and they all have ^AdminBar(); at the top20:52
@scrottieWebGUI8 stock templates...?  such as which?20:52
ckotilyou know, that new site setup thing.20:52
@scrottieokay, I wonder if your templates aren't being upgraded from the wgpkgs that ship with the thing...20:52
@scrottie^AdminBar() should be gone from the .conf and gone from the templates...20:53
ckotilok. i set that up before doing the upgrade via wgd.20:53
ckotilill start over20:53
@scrottiebetter version checking is on the todo list...21:02
ckotilcan anyone pinpoint this error? http://pastebin.ch/659021:15
@scrottieneed more stack trace21:18
@scrottiebut yeah, that needs to be fixed21:19
ckotilsimiliarly http://pastebin.ch/659121:20
ckotilerrm wrong ?op , duh.21:20
ckotilthat's right.21:20
ckotilwhen trying to turn admin on.21:21
@scrottiethese www_switchOnAdmin / www_switchOffAdmin methods are still in there and they call a non-existant method in WebGUI::Session as your log says.  those should probably just go away, or else punt over.21:24
ckotilthe webgui8 checkout from 2 months ago still has those switchAdminOff/On functions in WebGUI/Session.pm21:27
ckotilwhich explains why it works when i run wg8 out of the 2 month old code21:27
@scrottiehttp://pastebin.ch/6590 ... could you please post the full stack trace of that one?21:32
@scrottieor if it happens again, post it then?21:32
ckotilsure. how do i get hte full stack trace?21:34
@scrottieadd %T to the log pattern in log.conf is one way21:35
ckotileasy enough.21:35
ckotilhttp://pastebin.ch/6592 21:37
ckotilhttp://www.america.gov/ looks like it's dead21:42
ckotila link to that site is included with every webgui istallation21:43
@scrottieLog4Perl doesn't play nice with Exception::Class.  l4p will generate a stack trace, as you can see, but it's one from its point of view, at the point that it is called, which is likely to be much after the fact of the error.  Exception::Class has a stack trace from the moment of the error, but l4p won't use that one.21:47
@scrottieI have a fix for this but it is _ugly_.21:47
@scrottieturns out that it is really hard to extend l4p.21:48
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TrexHello again. Got the test system I was having problems with yesterday sorted out, so now I was hoping to get some assistance with setting up users as visitors in formal tests...00:11
TrexWhat I'd like to do is have 2+ visitors with separate sessions so I can check whether certain information is being kept distinct per session, but I'm having trouble with the separate-sessions part.00:13
TrexIf I set up a user1 and user2 wiht WebGUI::User->new,  and set userId to 1 for each, then check their session IDs, the session IDs come out the same.00:14
TrexSo either I'm not checking the session ID properly (getting the testing session id instead, perhaps?) or I'm not properly setting up separate visitors.00:14
@scrottienew() doesn't create a new user but creates a new instance of an object that represents a user.00:15
@scrottiethere's no reason you can't have two or more instances of objects representing the same user.00:15
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TrexSo what should I be doing to set up separate instances of separate users...but both with the same ID of 1?00:16
Trex(user ID that is)00:16
@scrottiewell, unless you pass new() "new".  then it creates a new user.00:16
@scrottiesounds like you want to create multiple sessions though, not multiple users.00:17
@scrottieor user objects.00:17
@scrottiethere are examples of this in the tests somewhere...00:17
TrexYes...that sounds like what i was trying to describe: multiple sessions.00:18
TrexI found examples of multiple users being set up in tests, but they all appared to be "regular" users, rather than separate sessions with their own visitor user.00:18
@scrottiet/Session.t looks like it opens a bunch of sessions concurrently... ack'ing for Session->open, I see it opening a bunch including one on line 132, 135, 139, 147, 150, 160, etc00:19
@scrottieI think a newly opened session will default to visitor, but you can also call ->user("1") on the session to force the user associated with that session to be visitor00:20
TrexIs that t/Session.t in WG8? I'm looking at t/Session.t in 7.9.32 and it's a much shorter script.00:20
@scrottieer, yeah, re: WebGUI800:21
TrexOK...if I were to download WG8 would t/Session.t at least be similar enough to learn some useful syntax?00:21
@scrottieSession->open might take one fewer arg00:23
@scrottieif memory serves00:23
TrexI'll check the API to see what it's expecting in 7.00:23
@scrottiebut that should still be a pretty good example.  basically, you're just creating multiple session objects and doing things with them.00:23
TrexThanks! Hopefully this will get me started.00:23
@scrottiegood idea.00:23
@scrottieyou're quite welcome.  let us know if you get stuck.00:23
@scrottiehappy to comment on code you're writing if you post it.00:24
TrexWill do, if I either get stuck or have some interesting results to show.00:26
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TrexInitial results look good, but nothing to show yet...and I must head out.01:29
TrexThanks again for your help, scrottie!01:29
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@scrottiehttps://alumni.plainblack.net/seas/news/announcements/announcements?func=editMail;aid=T3-NghRPpb7qyaAp6EwnjQ ... I don't see a "make changes" button...?02:46
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CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r5736e5e / lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm : 06:21
CIA-82webgui: refactor www_add/www_edit to fix existing www_edit overrides06:21
CIA-82webgui: If you previously overrode www_edit to create a template, you must06:21
CIA-82webgui: instead override getEditTemplate and return your template from there.06:21
CIA-82webgui: Make sure to set your style template correctly. - http://bit.ly/o8feq906:21
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * rb815228 / docs/migration.txt : add note about www_edit changes to migration.txt - http://bit.ly/pNL2Zi06:21
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@scrottiehttp://pghpw.org/ppw2011/talk/3640 ... comments welcome.12:40
ryuu_roThe requested URL /ppw2011/talk/3640 was not found on this server.12:42
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ckotilI pulled down the latest wg8 tree w/ 'refactor www_add/www_edit'. But im still unable to edit or enable admin mode. 17:06
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TrexGood morning, folks! (For those of you in the western hemisphere anyway...)17:24
TrexQuick question: when using diff (outside of git) to create a patch, what is the order in which the two files being compared should be placed?17:25
Trexdiff new.file old.file > patch.txt 17:25
Trexor diff old.file new.file > patch.txt?17:25
TrexI haven't jumped into git yet, but looking at the docs on the WG wiki, it seems git takes the guesswork out of this step. :)17:26
ckotillooks like old new. http://jungels.net/articles/diff-patch-ten-minutes.html17:26
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TrexThanks, ckotil. Do you know if there are there any particular flags that are particularly useful to set?17:29
Trex(I think I should take particular care in reading over my comments to reduce particular redundancies...)17:30
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ckotilusing diff to create a patch is pretty straight forward. I dunno what complexities brining git into the mix adds. Im new to git, and havent done much with it. im used to cvs/svn17:33
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TrexOK. I was curious about things like the example on the page you linked to included the -u flag when creating a patch with diff. Do folks here care whether you include the extra information -u creates, or is a straight "diff old.file new.file > patch" sufficient?17:36
TrexProbably doesn't matter for a patch as simple as the one I'm working on.17:36
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TrexOK, bug submitted with test and suggested patch: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1219519:19
TrexThanks to the folks who helped me along the way! Now I'm off to my "real" job.19:20
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--- Day changed Thu Jul 14 2011
@preactiondid we take out automatic serialization for asset properties?00:08
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zylopfaHello webguians!14:48
zylopfaA little question, I am making a shop and in the Product template i would like to add more than 1 item at a time, as it is default you can only add 1 item unless you go to the shopping chart and change it there14:49
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SDuensinGreetings, Earthlings.16:42
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zylopfaGreetings SDuensin 17:52
SDuensinHi zylopfa 17:53
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zylopfaAnyone know when the "download" or language files will be updated once you made changes to a language file? I have tried to Commit my changes but nothing but an old version when i download.18:41
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@preactionif i wanted to get a plug computer to do a timemachine backup service (at a lower price than the TimeCapsule), what plug computer should I get? 20:54
@preactionguruplug seems to suffer from overheating20:54
@preactionDreamPlug and D2Plug seem like a nice pair, the first for file servers, the second for playing video20:58
xdangerI wondered the same, settled for a old laptop underclocked to the max22:46
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sbaurare the old svn logs for webgui available somewhere? I'd like to try to figure out which bug was fixed by my patch against rev. 9474 of Operation/Profile.pm23:57
--- Day changed Fri Jul 15 2011
@preactionsvn was imported into git, so the logs should be there00:05
sbaurguess it's time to learn some git in that case :-)00:05
@scrottiewhich bug was fixed by my patch... 'git blame' on the file, scanning for the lines in question, should answer that00:07
@scrottieand woe to the fool who reformats whitespace on buggy code without fixing the bug for he shall be blamed for the bug00:07
@preactiondoesn't seem that the git logs have which svn revision they came from, so dunno00:07
@preactionscrottie: but in that case, they deserve it.00:08
sbaurso, do i have to get git setup locally or can i do my investigations on github?00:08
@preactiongithub should work fine00:08
sbaurthanks scrottie and preaction, I figured out that i don't need to carry 4 of my patches forward anymore, 2 i still need to, and 1 I'm unsure on... That one gets to be looked at by someone who can maybe figure out what the heck it's supposed to do00:45
@scrottieI'm not sure exactly what you're up to so let me know if I should look at something.01:00
sbauri'm getting ready to upgrade from 7.5.40 to 7.6.35, and looking at all the old patches to see which ones i might still need01:08
@scrottieah, local patches01:17
sbaurone is the assetManager security patch, so not all are local, but the one in question most definitely is01:25
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zylopfaA little question, I am making a shop and in the Product template i would like to add more than 1 item at a time, as it is default you can only add 1 item unless you go to the shopping chart and change it there02:15
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advancedalarmtecFYI for anyone that cares, I was trying to edit one of my sites from the office and I kept having issues saving changes to any of the assets on the site.  Apparently it was flagged as possible spyware by our Untangle firewall at the office and that's what the problem was.  I don't know if anyone else has had a similar experience or not.08:14
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--- Log opened Fri Jul 15 16:49:58 2011
* scrottie waves hello16:52
SDuensinLOL - http://www.mobygames.com/game/browser/portal-tetris/screenshots16:55
@scrottieSDuensin, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x8UWYxDV-E >=)17:00
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* scrottie waves to knowmad17:59
knowmadhas anyone else found that webgui & basic auth do not play well together? i've got a ton of errors in my logs due to authen() trying to use the username for my basic auth realm to login to my webgui site18:18
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ampliI opened a pull request on dataTable changes two days ago.  Can it be I closed it by mistake just after I opened it (?18:53
ampliIf this is what happened I will just open it again.18:57
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@scrottiehey Tunnelblick.22:57
TunnelblickI have a problem with webgui under ubuntu22:57
Tunnelblickcan't get it to work22:57
Tunnelblickand I found nothing that could help me on google22:58
Tunnelblickscrottie may I query you ?22:58
@scrottiesure, ask away.  if I can't answer something, likely someone else can.23:02
@scrottie(best to address questions to the channel)23:02
@scrottieI'm not familiar with the Debian package, only the source install and WRE install23:02
Tunnelblickhm currently I'm trying eBox to fix webgui strange :(23:04
Tunnelblickperhaps eBox will work out23:05
@scrottieyou haven't told us what problem you're having or what step you're having problems with.23:07
@scrottie"not working" doesn't narrow down the problem.23:07
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Tunnelblickok I tried to install webgui via apt-get install webgui23:10
Tunnelblickon ubuntu 10.4 server23:11
Tunnelblicknow it does not work as supposed23:11
Tunnelblickand I am wondering what went wrong23:11
@scrottieI think there are some additional setup instructions that put into a share directory somewhere but I don't remember where.23:11
@scrottieer, get put23:12
TunnelblickI went through all tutos and didn't find a clue :(23:12
@preactionwhich tutorials did you go through?23:15
@preactionmany of them do not apply, because they use a source install of WebGUI or the WRE install of WebGUI, unfortunately23:15
CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver master * r5159e52 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Content/PDFGenerator.pm): WebGUI::Content::PDFGenerator - http://bit.ly/rgQZVI23:17
Tunnelblickhm ....23:19
Tunnelblickwhat about the wre install then ?23:19
@scrottieyou haven't told us if you're able to connect to the port, if anything generates any errors...23:19
@scrottieif it generates errors on startup or when you connect...23:19
@scrottieno one is going to have a guess what is wrong unless you can tell us the exact step that goes wrong.23:20
@scrottiebelieve us, if there were exactly one thing that kept WebGUI from working, we'd fix it ;)23:20
@preactionyes, the more specific you are, the better we can help. a few people have come by here with working debian/ubuntu installs of WebGUI, so i'm fairly certain it will work23:21
Tunnelblickhm ... I did apt-get install webgui ... what else to do now ?23:22
TunnelblickI'm rather new to this23:22
@preactiondid you find any docs or tutorials? if so, which ones?23:22
Tunnelblickhm ok wait23:23
@preactionthat's a WRE thing, which doesn't apply to the ubuntu package. the ubuntu package is already enabled at startup (as part of the ubuntu apache2 package)23:24
@preactionthe readme is in /usr/share/doc/webgui/README.Debian.gz, that's probably a good place to start23:24
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@scrottieknowmad, you asked a question this morning and you lef..23:31
* scrottie rolls his eyes23:31
-!- knowmad [~knowmad@adsl-070-148-067-249.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui23:31
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ampliHello, I would like to ask (again)  about the "cancel" button in asset editing on wg8...23:39
ampliI observed that it acts as "save" and found why.23:39
@scrottieI remember your report about that but haven't looked into it myself.23:40
ampliIt just makes a "submit" of the form, exactly like "save". The only differebce is that it sends also "cancel=cancel", but this is apparently  not checked.23:41
ampliMy question is whether there was a speial intention to make it to do "submit", instead of just changing the page to be of the containg asset.23:42
ampli(like done in wg7)23:42
@preactionno, it shouldn't be a submit button, it should be a history.go(-1) as it used to23:43
@preactionthough there are problems with that, it's the best thing we have right now23:43
ampliOk, so I looked at the code how to change it.23:43
@preactionthe problem could be that it's a YUI Button now, and the onclick handler isn't getting translated over23:44
ampliI found that toJtml() in WebGUI/Form/Button.pm just disregards onclik.23:45
@preactionoh, whoops23:45
ampliWhy doesn't it suport setting any field, disregarding its name?23:45
@preactionnot all fields in the object are html attributes23:46
@preactionbut onclick should be one23:46
@preactioni went and refactored Submit to be a subclass of Button, apparently not realizing that Submit had more functions that Button should have23:46
ampliOk, but why not suppose any additional one is an html attribute?  It is more flexible and I see no harm in that.23:46
@preactionshort answer is because the definition won't let us23:47
@preactionthough a workaround for that could be an attributes hash in the definition23:48
ampliI am not deep enough in the ode to understand why.... I can look at how to fix that.23:49
@preactionin all honested, WebGUI::Form::Control objects try to combine html inputs with database columns, and it doesn't work out well for either23:49
@preactionfor now, it'd probably be best to just add onclick= to the toHtml function of Button23:50
@preactionWebGUI::Form::Control->definition is where the basic attributes are23:50
ampliAnother question is the page url to go to.  Is it fine just to use the containg form action as the url?  Is it alwys equal to history(-1)?23:50
@preactionno, it's not always the same as history.go(-1), which is the problem. right now history.go(-1) will work, but a better solution will need to be worked out later23:51
@preactionpossibly something with returnUrl23:51
--- Day changed Sat Jul 16 2011
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Tunnelblickhm cool seems to almost work now :D00:39
@scrottieheh, remarkable!00:39
Tunnelblickwell it will be remarkle as soon as I can login00:40
@preactiondid you run through the site starter wizard?00:40
Tunnelblickin the ready installed webgui :D00:40
Tunnelblickatm I'm doin wg-testEnvironment00:40
Tunnelblickhm it works thanks alot :D01:05
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CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell master * r39f026f / (6 files in 4 dirs): 01:31
CIA-82webgui: Merge pull request #18 from ampli/datatable01:31
CIA-82webgui: DataTable changes and additions - http://bit.ly/ofnb1D01:31
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@scrottieknowmad, re: Apache spamming the log with auth failure messages, yup, I see that too.  I thought HTTP-Auth used headers for username/password, not CGI params.04:52
knowmadhey scrottie, it seems like the authen() sub is rewriting cookies and headers04:53
@scrottiehrm.  I do and don't wonder what ever for.04:53
knowmadwhich is causing all kinds of havoc with apache using basic auth; it seems to me that webgui is using basic auth headers as an integral part of its authentication04:54
knowmadi didn't realize the extent until enabling basic auth to prevent access to our staging server04:54
@scrottiehrm, similar situation, but everything seems to *work*, except I have to grep -v 'need AuthType' on the modperl.error.log to get rid of the noise.04:55
@scrottienot that that's any defense of this.04:55
@scrottieare you seeing any havok beyond just the noise?04:55
knowmadthe recent releases do fix the AuthType warnings due to a patch I submitted; however, the problem we're seeing is where webgui is presenting a basic auth login to the user04:57
knowmadi don't think this should ever happen04:57
knowmadand it's confusing to my users who try to enter the apache auth credentials04:57
knowmadwhich fail; but even entering the webgui credentials fail -- i've reported this problem here --> http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1219804:59
@scrottiethanks for bringing that to my attention.  I don't usually follow WebGUI 7 bugs very closely beyond the git commits announced to the channel by the bot.05:00
knowmadi'm glad someone else is interested in tracking down the issue05:01
knowmadit seems like there's a logic bug somewhere in authen but i'd need to spend a lot more time to understand the concepts as authen() is called by handler() which is called for every request to webgui; don't want to go mucking that up!05:02
@scrottieI keep fleeing the fires of mod_perl heck only to be dragged back in =P05:04
knowmadI did comment out lines 145-148 in WebGUI.pm but that still doesn't completely resolve the issues05:04
@scrottieyeah, mucking around in there will probably require writing some more tests first.05:04
knowmadlol -- can't blame you for that but apache is pretty pervasive05:04
knowmadFWIW, i just completed compiling wre on mac os x x86_64! woot!05:05
knowmadi'll be writing up the workarounds i had to go through to get everything to compile05:05
knowmadsurprisingly imagemagick was not a source of pain05:05
knowmadfollow-up with me on the bug if you start digging into it; even though it's apache, i think there's some good to the exercise of figuring out why webgui is behaving this way05:07
knowmadwe'll always have the need to lock down a server from external access during development05:08
@scrottieI have one little mission I'm on right now, and then one other thing on my plate, but after that, if this is still pending, I'll dig into it, unless something catches on fire.  not especially helpful, I know.05:08
@scrottieperlDreamer will likely beat me to the punch.05:08
knowmadit's a bit surprising that webgui is mucking around with my cookies and headers (I'm convinced that's happening as we're using cookie info to control display settings which changes when we login)05:09
knowmadyeah, priorities take precedence05:09
knowmadthanks for the chat05:09
@scrottieerm, yeah.  not too surprising.  there's some strange "legacy" stuff lurking around some of the dark corners.  that's always how it goes.  people are reluctant to go ripping stuff out for fear of breaking stuff that depends on the brokenness.05:09
@scrottiesure, pleasure.05:10
knowmadthe joy of legacy apps05:10
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advancedalarmtecTunnelblick, I have spent a lot of time with ubuntu and webgui if I can help you with anything I will.  06:27
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Tunnelblickhm well it works fine now thanks to this channel11:39
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SDuensinMorning all.16:48
ckotilGood Morning17:44
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ampliHello.  I checked the problems in wg8 with the save/cancel buttons and I think I can suggest a fix.However, I first need to know the exact specifications - to which page they should return.21:51
ckotiland I am unable to get to an edit page or admin screen in my fresh install from the Wg8 branch.22:18
@preactionampli: i believe it should be "the page the user came from". in the case of an asset edit screen, then, the asset22:19
@preactionbut in the asset edit screen, you can get to another asset edit screen (for the template), when you're done editing the template and are back on the asset edit screen, cancel should take you back to the asset again. <- that's the case that was causing problems22:20
@preactionckotil: did the upgrade complete fully? is there a WebGUI::Operation::Admin in your config? do you go to /?op=admin22:26
ckotilWebGUI::Operation::Admin is not in the config22:32
@preactionoh, WebGUI::Content::Admin, sorry22:32
ckotilyes , there is.22:33
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ampliThe problem of the cancel button making a save operation can be fixed by checking for the "cancel" form variable in www_addSave() and www_editSave(). This still sends the form to the server (which may include much data) but I think it may be still fine.22:39
@preactionbut that will include file uploads, no?22:40
ampliCan it be done this way, or should it be done using an action with javascript on a non-submit "cancel" button?22:41
ampliThis includes file upload, but they save routines just disregard it, and immediately make proceed(). whih effectively cancels any saving.22:43
ampli"they save" = "the save" ...22:43
@preactioni like the idea of proceed() being run, but maybe the form should reset() using javascript if the cancel button is hit? would that prevent the file upload?22:48
@preactioni just don't want cancel to take 5 minutes waiting for a file upload22:48
ampliI will check how to prevent file upload on cancel.22:53
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@preactioni honestly think the easier option is just to use javascript to make the user go back a page22:55
ampliIt looks to me as the only way to make it correctly.  Using proceed() to return to the asset edit (from another asset edit) is going to discard changes in the asset you return to (unless mush effort is done to preserve all of its variables), a thing that the user will not expact.23:00
ckotilpreaction: am I not upgraded since I have WebGUI::Content::Admin in the config?23:04
-!- carogray [~Caroline@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has joined #webgui23:05
@preactionckotil: no, WebGUI::Content::Admin must be in there for ?op=admin to work23:05
ampliIf so, to sum up: URLs of editing assets should not include any more proceed= and returnUrl=, and instead "cancel" should be a regular button with action=history.go(-1). Is this correct?23:06
@preactionno, proceed= and returnURL= serve different purposes than cancel, so they should remain23:07
@preactionbut cancel should be history.go(-1) is correct23:07
ampliWhat should happen on save, should it go to the exat same place as cancel?23:07
@preactionno, save should do exactly what it is doing now, handling proceed=, otherwise going to the asset or its container23:09
ampliSo in editing an asset while editing another asset, save should return to the site's page, while cancel should return to the previous page (of editing the first asset)?23:13
@preactionwhen editing an asset from editing another asset, proceed= and returnUrl= both get set23:13
ampliIt looks they are set to return to the site's page (if I start editing from a site page).  I.e saving a second levvel asset-edit will return to the site age and not the first-level asset-edit.  Is this the intention?23:15
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@preactionno, but that's not as important to fix23:15
ampliI could fix both if I knew the exact specification to where save should go, and how this is different than where cancel should go (cancel should always to history.go(-1) as we discussed).23:17
@preactionin the Edit button next to a template field, proceed= and returnUrl= should be set. this should be part of WebGUI::Form::Template23:19
ampliThis is indeed what happens now.  What I didn't understand is where the save of an edit-asset from another edit-asset should go.23:21
-!- carogray [~Caroline@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has joined #webgui23:22
@preactionbut that's it, if you get to another edit-asset screen, you came from a button from the first edit-asset screen. if you just typed in the URL, then we don't know where to go23:24
ampliSo should save (after of course making a save operation) return to the previous screen,, the same screen cancel would return to?23:26
ampliCurrently returnUrl is not always set to a URL that enables proceed() will return to the previous screen. I can be more specific about that.23:41
@preactioni think returnUrl by itself just works23:41
@preactionsave/proceed should work just fine as-is23:41
ampliI think it doesn't work as intended, with two  different problems.23:43
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* sbaur waves at SquOnk00:44
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r5615d26 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Handle the case when the defaultValue is in mysql format for the Thingy, but we have to save in epoch. Fix a timezone offset issue. Fixes bug #12197 - http://bit.ly/qyi3fv06:33
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2ce2d76 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Handle the case when the defaultValue is in mysql format for the Thingy, but we have to save in epoch. Fix a timezone offset issue. Fixes bug #12197 - http://bit.ly/nAiqLG07:27
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rbca7bff / docs/create.sql : Ready for 7.9.33 release - http://bit.ly/n21X2X07:32
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SDuensinHey BartJol 17:08
+BartJolI'm alive17:08
SDuensinMe too!  Again!  New job has me not hating life every morning.17:09
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@scrottiebad jobs for lyfe!19:07
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zylopfaHello webguians. anyone know when the i18n will be updated on the site? I committed some changes to danish a week ago but the download there is still the old one20:29
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CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver master * ra4ee31f / (lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm t/Asset/editFormOverride.t): Re-fixed #11379, with tests this time. - http://bit.ly/rrPo2p00:44
CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver webgui-7.9 * r60e71fd / (lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm t/Asset/editFormOverride.t): Re-fixed #11379, with tests this time. - http://bit.ly/o2rJMi00:47
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zylopfaHaa sounds good, fun to see how it can be done16:07
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zylopfaDoes anyone know why Shelf.pm doesn't show Shortcuts to Products16:14
zylopfaWould be good to have that feature so you can forexample make a Special-Offers shelf with shortcuts to products which is on special offer16:14
+BartJolnope, I haven't got a clue16:15
+BartJolit can be that in the content loop the shelf only looks for products16:15
zylopfaOk fair enough, i'd like to make it so it use shortcuts also16:16
zylopfaelse products would need to be created in 2 shelfs16:16
+BartJolbut that is checked easily enough in the code16:16
zylopfaits not so hard to make it so it also take shortcuts16:16
zylopfayeah i am on it already16:16
+BartJolthat would be horrible16:16
zylopfait search for Shu's16:16
zylopfawhy horrible?16:16
+BartJolwell, if it has a limited stock16:17
+BartJolit just does not work16:17
zylopfawell if you have an item on offer16:17
+BartJolthen you have to split16:17
zylopfaso i have it in a shelf called: "Paper Goods"16:17
zylopfaand in the "Special Offer" section?16:17
zylopfaas 2 sku?16:17
+BartJolI mean, if you can't use shortcuts, it is horrible16:17
zylopfaahh yeah true that16:18
zylopfathats what i wanna fix16:18
+BartJolcommunication error :)16:18
zylopfaMaking an RFE now and submitting the code16:18
zylopfayeah you said it would be horrible the thing i wanna fix and i thought you ment the fix was horrible16:18
+BartJoldoes the shelf really only check for products and sub-shelfs? strange16:19
+BartJolI might even call that a bug instead of a rfe16:19
zylopfahaa yeah true16:19
+BartJolI have made a macro for such stuff16:19
zylopfaAhh sweett16:19
zylopfaI'd like it to be standard to check shortcuts, right on it now16:20
+BartJolwanna have that macro?16:23
zylopfayeah sure thing would be nice to see it16:23
zylopfaNice one, thanks a lot :D16:29
+BartJolit is some time ago, so I don't have the manual in my head anymore16:30
zylopfano worries ;D16:30
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zylopfaGreetings !16:49
SDuensinHey zylopfa 16:51
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SquOnkWho's awake? :-)16:34
ckotilGood Morning16:41
SquOnkckotil: Morning16:41
SquOnkckotil: Are you familiar with Asset Reports' paginations?16:43
SquOnkOr anyone here, for that matter :)16:43
ckotilno, sorry. 16:49
ckotilive only ever added a variable to the search asset's pagination function. that's the extent of my pagination knowledge16:50
SquOnkI see.16:52
SquOnkWell, I'll just explain the problem, maybe you can suggest things to look for.16:52
SquOnkI have a page that has an Asset Report in it.16:52
SquOnkThe Asset Report collects several Articles and sports the pagination links.16:53
SquOnkThe thing is, when clicking on any of the pagination links one gets the Asset Report page. I'd like to get the original page, but with the Asset Report paginated.16:53
SquOnk(I hope I made myself clear)16:53
SquOnkPage A contains several assets, Asset Report R being one of them.16:54
SquOnkIf I click on 'Next' on R, I end up in R's page instead of A with R paged.16:54
SquOnk...or something like that :)16:54
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-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui18:09
ckotildunno SquOnk. but someone who knows ought to be along soon.18:11
SquOnkpreaction: Are you there?18:50
SquOnkpreaction: Hi there. Look at 12202. Annoying, but solved.18:51
@preactionactually, i'm not sure JsonTable requires connection at all18:52
@preactioni mean, if it's been working, it must not need it18:52
SquOnkpreaction: Well, I didn't know. That's why I ask people "in the know" :)18:53
SquOnk12176 is the one really bugging me anyway.18:54
zylopfapreaction, sorry to bother you also, http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/12200 I made this as a bug and I have solved it, just want to hear if you think its a bug or rfe18:58
@preactionit would be more of an RFE. the shelf currently has two ways to display products: direct children, and keywords18:59
zylopfayeah i just thought the "shortcut" system should be integrated into all aspects18:59
zylopfaits very intuitive to use them also in shelves18:59
@preactionso you could have "special offer" as a keyword on both Product and Shelf and it would show up in the shelf18:59
@preactionbut yes, we will take it as an RFE in 7.10.x18:59
zylopfaI made the change to Shelf.pm and i will make it available through github where i will make a pull request to you guys19:00
@preactionsounds great19:01
zylopfaIt was an easy fix and its more intuitive i think, it check for children shortcuts and if they point to a sku wobject19:01
SquOnkNow to solve the ':Apache2 IO flush: (103) Software caused connection abort at -e line 0' error19:02
zylopfaOhh btw I bumped into working with Joomla recently. It was sooo un-intuitive compared to webgui, so i persuaded the customer to shift to webgui19:04
zylopfaWebgui is 10000 years ahead of webgui, even comparing those two would be meaningless realy19:05
zylopfalol ahead of joomla thatr was    ^19:06
ckotilI agree19:44
zylopfaI never looked at joomla before i had to cause of the client19:46
zylopfabut from the days i looked into it it seems very incomplete, and most things are addons you have go get from third parties or buy19:47
SquOnkzylopfa: "But is programmed in PHP", the good folks will cry out :)19:47
zylopfahaa yeah which is a ripoff of perl19:47
SquOnkzylopfa: "We can find PHP programmers a dime a dozen", usually being the next argument.19:47
zylopfalol yeah19:47
zylopfaDo you guys know why you dont get karma from solving bugs btw? Seems only given out for rfes?19:49
zylopfaGuys i have a github question, when i have previously made a fork of webgui/plainblack and changed it. when i checkout my fork again from github will it contain the changes from the parent also? or just the changes i made in my own fork?20:06
@scrottieonly the changes you made in your fork, but you can get the changes from the repo you forked from in20:17
@scrottieas far as I know, on a brach by branch basis20:17
@scrottiethere are a few ways to do that20:17
zylopfahow do i do it scrottie, will i have to make a new fork?20:17
@scrottienope, but that's one option20:17
zylopfaI just wanna work with my fork but have all changes from the main repo also included 20:17
zylopfabut i dont seem to be able to find anything about that20:18
@scrottieyou can:  pull git@github.com/plainblack/WebGUI --rebase <whatever branch>   (while you have <whatever branch> currently checked out)20:18
@scrottieeg, checkout WebGUI8; git pull pull git@github.com/plainblack/WebGUI --rebase WebGUI820:18
zylopfayou are pro! thanks a lot20:18
zylopfagit clone git@github.com:zylopfa/webgui.git20:18
@scrottieno, I'm only intermediate with git.  try it before you thank you.20:18
zylopfaThat one i did just now to check out my fork20:19
@scrottieyou might want to read about what rebase does.20:19
@scrottieit's probably better to make a fork...20:19
zylopfayeah i wont be working on webguyi 8 though20:19
zylopfastill the 7 branch20:19
zylopfahaa true scrottie 20:19
@scrottiethat's fine.  you can do that with any branch.  it's just an example.20:19
zylopfaI need to ask you20:19
@scrottieyou can also do this:  git checkout temp; git pull pull git@github.com/plainblack/WebGUI master:temp; git checkout master; git merge temp20:20
zylopfaIs an old bug20:20
zylopfaI mean RFE and the guy who said he would finish it in 1 week havent been back 20:20
@scrottieer, s/pull pull/20:20
zylopfaso i was gonna do it myself20:20
zylopfathanks a lot scrottie 20:21
@scrottieer, actually (sorry), you'd want to merge your changes onto the plainblack WebGUI master20:21
zylopfaahh yeah20:21
@scrottiewell, that depends I guess.  that would be if you wanted your branch to look like plainblack's after plainblack pulled your diff.20:22
zylopfatrue about that20:22
zylopfaso what do you think about http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/966820:22
zylopfaShould i finish it? Prettu sure i can finish it in an hour20:22
zylopfaand its been there since 200920:22
@scrottieseems like a reasonable nice-to-have feature.20:23
zylopfaIts a simple new addition to the $var hash for the view methods20:23
@scrottieseems like something hard to argue against.20:23
zylopfai dont know why it has taken 2 years20:23
@scrottieoh, because people have been doing other things =)20:23
zylopfaIts also been aproved by JT20:23
@scrottieyeah, I saw that.20:23
zylopfayeah ofc no arguing with that20:23
zylopfathats why  i wanna help20:24
@preactionyes, go ahead20:24
@scrottieif you send up a patch, I'll apply it.  a simple test would be good but I could help with that.  and I can help with git.20:24
zylopfaI need to lear about testing20:24
@scrottiethere are lots of examples.20:24
zylopfayeah i will take on them also20:24
zylopfaI am realy excited abuot webgui 820:25
@scrottiejust making sure the extension is correct in a couple of test cases should be adequate.20:25
zylopfaAnd i must say the progress is sick fast20:25
@scrottiepreaction is kicking some serious butt.20:25
zylopfayeah its insane20:25
zylopfaBest thing perl i ever come by is webgui and i love perl20:25
zylopfaguys it seems i cant make a new fork from webgui/plainblack/master i bet i need to checkout my fork anyway? and change that, but does it contain the new code in the master branch also?20:33
@preactionzylopfa: your personal instance (not your fork on github) needs to have an "upstream" remote with plainblack's webgui. then you can pull from plainblack's webgui, and push to yours to merge the changes20:34
zylopfai thought it might be something with "git rebase" ?20:36
zylopfathat i need to use it on my local clone of my fork to update it with the upstream20:36
@preactionyes, you rebase from plainblack's repository20:36
zylopfasick thansk20:36
zylopfasorry for these noob questions20:36
zylopfaI apreciate your help thanks a lot20:37
zylopfaguys do you know which wobject he refers to in his rfe: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/966821:00
zylopfawhen he speaks of the attachment loop?21:01
@preactionprobably the collaboration21:01
zylopfaI would think he means the asset wobject but it could be any wobject which lists files or filenames21:01
@preactionbut maybe also the Article21:01
zylopfaI will try to find all assets that work with displaying files then21:01
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-!- lem_ is now known as Guest2531922:22
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zylopfapreaction, I have made the RFE and submitted a pull request to pb. changed the following assets: Article,Post,Event,File,Form::Attachments22:47
-!- SynQ [~koen@f70096.upc-f.chello.nl] has joined #webgui23:12
-!- mode/#webgui [+v SynQ] by ChanServ23:12
+SynQgood day23:12
+SynQanyone here with the right to close RFE's?23:12
+SynQplease do so on my request23:13
+SynQthere are some RFE's I submitted years ago23:13
+SynQand I don't need them anymore23:13
zylopfaI have not got the power, but i am curious which rfe# is it ?23:17
+SynQtake a look at the recently modified RFE's and you'll see23:18
+SynQthere is a lot of old stuff that I submitted that is just not relevant any longer23:18
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]23:18
+SynQat least to me it isn't23:18
+SynQand it's cluttering my 'my tickets' view23:18
zylopfahaa yeah23:18
zylopfaI just solved one of the old ones23:18
+SynQwow, thanks23:20
+SynQplease go on :)23:20
zylopfabut you are right there are many from old times which havent been solved23:21
zylopfabut thats where I come in ;)23:21
zylopfaunless ofc they arent relevant now23:21
+SynQplease focus on the 'programming' and skip all the webgui.org requests23:22
zylopfayeah true, I cant do the webgui ones anyway though as i am not staff there23:22
+SynQthis would be really nice: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/expire-password-now-button-in-the-user-manager23:22
+SynQfairly easy to implement23:22
zylopfaahh good idea let me check23:22
zylopfasounds like a very resonable thing, and i see its been aproved, I will get on it asap23:27
zylopfaseems like someone made a patch for it and it hasnt been continued cause the link was not in the right place23:30
zylopfawill check it out23:30
--- Day changed Fri Jul 22 2011
zylopfapreaction, I have rebased the changelog file and commited my local and repushed it00:14
@preactionk, i'll check00:15
zylopfagonna make myself a git manual for all this so i can do it fast00:17
-!- waxhead [~pete@ppp121-45-221-196.lns20.cbr1.internode.on.net] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]00:49
zylopfapreaction, I am trying to become a webgui partner also01:32
@preactionthat sounds like something that would be Jamie or Tavis's perogative01:33
zylopfaI might have been invited to the partner program some time i have access to the partner forum01:33
zylopfaLong ago i got invited to some partner forum i remember but i cant see that i am in http://www.webgui.org/partners01:34
@preactionyou'd definitely want to talk to tavis then01:37
zylopfaSounds good01:38
zylopfaBtw. are there any RFE days? Can't seem to find the calendar anymore :(01:38
zylopfaI will try to get hold of Tavis tomorrow then, thanks a lot01:39
@preactionthere hasn't been RFE days, we've been focused on wrapping up 8 development01:40
zylopfayeah you are doing great with that. Whats the best way for me to contribute? By solving rfe's for 7.x or doing something on 8?01:41
zylopfaIn my work as a company i find bugs some times that i can solve and also some rfe that i can create and solve myself01:42
zylopfaI know the api for 7 very well01:42
@preactionRFEs for 7 is a good thing, especially since we haven't had the opportunity to do those in a while01:44
@preactionthey get ported to 8, so everybody benefits01:44
@preactionright now 8 is in an initial bugfix mode, so if you want to try it out and find/fix bugs, that's helpful too01:44
zylopfaAs long as the rfe/bugfixes can be ported to 8 its not completely useless what i make there01:46
zylopfaMy big todo is to learn to write tests though01:46
@preaction8 has much nicer testing environment, due to PSGI/Plack01:46
zylopfaahh nice. I guess the best way to learn it is to look at the tests in the t directory realy01:47
zylopfaI am looking very much forward to 8, with the new speed improvements cause of psgi/plack01:48
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@scrottiewhy would $i18n->{_table}->{ $help->{$key}->{title} } bring an entry back for something while, immediately afterwards, $i18n->get($help->{$key}->{title}) wouldn't?03:35
@preactionthat it is a good question, sir03:36
* scrottie notices http://jobs.perl.org/job/1454403:48
zylopfaYeah scrottie sometimes i wish i lived in the US03:48
@scrottiewhere do you live?03:49
zylopfaIn denmark03:49
@scrottiewanna trade?03:50
zylopfaI have my own company that host, design, custom program webgui apps.03:50
zylopfaHaa sure scrottie !03:50
@scrottieI had better start learning Danish.03:50
zylopfayeah its hard to learn so many exceptions03:51
zylopfascrottie, what is for you the most important "feature" or thing about Webgui?03:51
zylopfa( I am getting inspiration for my website )03:52
@scrottiehow specific do I have to be?  if not very, then the document model behind "assets".03:52
@scrottiebut I'm up to my eyeballs in backend stuff, so I would say that.03:52
zylopfayeah i am saying the API and the modularity of it all03:52
@scrottieat the risk of starting a holy war that I don't have energy for right now, I think MVC is a lame idiom most of the time.  the CRUD style that WebGUI does so well is much better.03:53
@scrottieI'd really like to see WebGUI8 take on Catalyst and those.03:53
zylopfaYeah I have not much understanding about other systems than webgui, but after a lot of development for webgui for my customers, i am hooked03:54
@scrottiefrom a programming point of view, the groups-of-groups model of permissions and permissions on edit/view of each asset takes care of a huge amount of work.03:54
zylopfayeah thats something joomla havent found out03:54
zylopfabut would be rude to compare webgui to joomla anyway03:54
@scrottieI don't know anything about Joomla, but I imagine that some of these systems do well because, for simple cases, they're easy.03:55
zylopfaHaa thats not even true from joomlas example03:55
zylopfaI had a meeting with a customer where i was supposed to help them with joomla, they had some people who was into it aswell03:55
zylopfaThe good thing about joomla is that there are templates and a lot of them03:56
zylopfabut the bad thing is that there is not much else03:56
zylopfathe access control system is none existant unless you buy addons03:56
zylopfaand the creation of content is so abstract03:57
zylopfamenus arent created automatically03:57
zylopfaand to create the equivalent of an article you have to create 2 things and you cant edit things on the pageview as webgui03:57
zylopfaJoomla and other php cms systems are popular cause they can be installed on a 1$ a month host03:58
@scrottiemaybe your company should start a $2/month WebGUI host ;)03:58
zylopfaAnd believe me before i tried joomla i was sure WebGUI was so much harder for the user03:58
@preactionin theory, with 50 sites on a server, you might be able to break even with $2/site03:59
zylopfayeah true words03:59
@preaction$5 is still impulse-buy territory for "supported site"03:59
@scrottiemost people who sign up for things, especially really inexpensive things, don't do a whole lot with it.03:59
@scrottieor they put it off for a while.03:59
zylopfamy customers pay around $20-40 a month03:59
zylopfaBut i take them under my wings also04:00
@preactionyeah, support is the expensive bit04:00
zylopfaif they need some custom programming i do that and integrate their backend systems with their web04:00
@scrottiefor $1/$2, you really have to do a community supported thing, where users help support each other.04:00
zylopfaall that they have there is "Button to get joomla installed", " button to get x-php-cms installed"04:01
zylopfaand thats it04:01
zylopfaMy business model is about helping the customer do business to I inturn can do business04:01
zylopfaI am interested in my customers using their sites and getting everyting from them 04:01
@preactionand you're our target audience, really04:02
@scrottiesome people are just going to want to fire up 20 different CMSes and play with them each.  they might not even have a business in mind.  or their business might just be like yours -- helping other businesses -- and playing with a bunch of CMSes lets them do that.04:02
zylopfayeah true scrottie 04:03
zylopfaI have researched the $1 hosting firms how many domains they have on each server04:03
zylopfaits around 300004:03
@scrottiethat's easy for relatively low traffic static sites but WebGUI is far from static.04:04
zylopfaBut its not serious when they say they offer unlimited bandwidth04:04
@preactionunlimited bandwidth? $1/mo? how much space? that might be awesome for a dropbox-like thing04:04
@scrottiepreaction, or you could fire up smbserver on a Unix machine somewhere.04:05
zylopfayeah thats with 20gb space for 10 domains04:05
zylopfaohh wait they went away from the unlimited bandwidth now04:06
zylopfaits 50 gigs a month now04:07
zylopfastill you could use them as a backup server04:07
zylopfaLOL i just read some of the "unlimited traffic" hosters disclaimers04:10
zylopfathey do not offer it for downloads, image archives, file archives, video archives or other archives04:10
zylopfaThats lame. I wont be like that, offering "no bandwidth limit" with its not 04:11
zylopfaI am making a shop in webgui for a fashion company atm. : http://www.ca-worldfashion.dk/shop/tunika04:19
zylopfaFuck i love webgui, now i am making a gallery slider macro for sku's to display on the main page04:23
zylopfaSorry for my rambeling ;D04:30
@scrottieheh, it's quite alright04:32
@scrottiepardon my quietness.  04:32
zylopfahaa thats no problem at all!04:33
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advancedalarmtecgood evening all06:36
-!- zylopfa [~zylopfa@0x555116f0.adsl.cybercity.dk] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]06:37
@scrottiehey advancedalarmtec06:40
advancedalarmtecdoes anyone have advice on getting a flash animation working on a template?  I downloaded a template from dreamtemplate.com and have converted the entire design over with the exception of the front flash animation06:55
-!- elnino [~ninow@user-38q47pn.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui06:56
elninowhat is the permissions supposed to be on  /data/wre/etc/my.cnf?06:57
advancedalarmtecthis is what mine's set at:       -rw-r--r-- 1 webgui webgui   320 2011-06-24 16:59 my.cnf07:04
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui07:04
elninothank you.07:04
-!- elnino [~ninow@user-38q47pn.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving]07:19
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advancedalarmtecis there any documentation on embeding a flash header into a style template?  I have downloaded a style template from a 3rd party and am converting it over to use with WebGui.  I have the style template installed and everything is working with the exception of the flash header at the top.09:42
-!- elnino [~ninow@user-38q47pn.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui09:58
elninoanyone awake?09:59
elninoI want to link a directory into my uploads directory, and when I try to accesss it via url, it says403 forbidden. The chown and chmods are set the same as any other file in uploads. So what am I missing? what do I need to change?10:00
elninothere doesn't seem to be a htaccess file to modify. I was thinking I needed to add Options +FollowSymLinks to something.10:01
elninoI'll be back in the morning...10:01
-!- daviddelikat [~user@ppp-70-226-160-87.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net] has joined #webgui13:08
-!- zylopfa [~zylopfa@0x555116f0.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #webgui15:37
zylopfagood day fine webguians15:51
zylopfaI found a bug in Cart.pm for the Shop. Pr. item shipping kicks in regardsless of wether or not the product is marked as ships seperately16:39
zylopfahaa indeed!!16:42
zylopfaDamn i need to be able to create tests. Have a problem cause i need to test template variables in a test, not so keen on how it works17:02
zylopfapreaction, I found a new bug for the shop / cart.pm and posted it to the bug teacker on webgui, i can fix it if you give the go-ahead or whoever does that in there17:04
elninoGood morning!  I want to link a directory into my uploads directory, and when I try to accesss it via url, it says403 forbidden. The chown and chmods are set the same as any other file in uploads. So what am I missing? what do I need to change? There doesn't seem to be a htaccess file to modify. I was thinking I needed to add Options +FollowSymLinks to something.17:05
zylopfahello elnino , the target directory you want to link to with "ln -s" i suppose? Is that set with correct owner:group and chmod ?17:07
zylopfaand is the link itself also set correctly?17:07
elninofrom what i can see, yes.17:08
elninoI didn't use the -s option though. 17:08
elninoI'm sorry, yes, I did.17:08
zylopfaok you used -s?17:08
zylopfaok how do you access the directory via the browser?17:09
elninoand I get a 40317:09
elninowhich I can usually do with a "real" directory. but let me try again.17:10
zylopfaok can you put a file there say: readme.txt and write some random in it17:10
zylopfaand try: www.site.com/uploads/directoryname/readme.txt17:10
elninoworks great.17:11
elninoI'll try the ln again. It was 2 AM when I wsa tryign this.17:11
zylopfaahh ok17:12
elninostill doesn't work. everything is root:root17:14
elninoand readable17:14
zylopfaok you need it to be webgui:webgui17:14
elninoso I still think I need a FollowSymLinks17:14
zylopfaand btw what upload directory do you use? the sites or the global one?17:14
elninonothing else in the uploads is webgui:webgui17:14
zylopfayou need to enter your sites upload dir17:15
zylopfalike /data/domains/your-site/public/uploads17:15
elninothe /data/domain/domainname/public/uploads17:15
zylopfaand there you need to do17:15
zylopfaln -s /test/17:15
elninoyep, I did the ln -s17:15
zylopfawhere /test/ is the directory you wish to link to17:15
zylopfaok good17:15
zylopfathen as you stay in the /data/domain/domainname/public/uploads directory do:17:16
zylopfachown webgui:webgui test (or what the name is for the link)17:16
zylopfaand also do chown webgui:webgui on the directory you linked to17:16
elninobut that'sthe thing, nothing in my uploads is webgui:webgui. they are all root: root17:17
elninoinfact, it's all 777 root:root17:17
zylopfaautch 17:17
elninotranslation. ?17:17
zylopfait means that everyone on the server has write access to your uploads directory17:18
zylopfamaybe you run webgui as the root user?17:18
elninowell, the actual uploads directory is webgui:webgui17:18
zylopfawell anyway if its 777 it should be readable anyway17:18
elninoeverything in it is root:root17:18
zylopfaok wierd 17:18
zylopfabut with 777 its readable anyway17:18
elninoI didn't set this up. I'm fixing it.  =)17:18
zylopfaahh fair enough17:19
zylopfahow did the linking work when you followed what i said?17:19
zylopfayou should access the linked directory like this from the browser:17:20
elninoI just chowned the link directory, and the test file I put in my link directory and can now see the test file. 17:22
elninothe rest of the files in my link directory are still not readable.17:23
zylopfaok good17:23
elninoso then I looked at a normal upload/Pp/LY/etc... structure.17:23
elninothe subdirectorys and files are all root:root weird.17:23
elninoI guess I'll just recursively change my link directory. Thanks! BRB17:24
zylopfayeah wierd at me its webgui:webgui17:24
zylopfayeah good idea17:24
zylopfachown -r webgui:webgui uploads17:24
zylopfasorry -R17:24
zylopfain my installations it seems to be webgui:webgui all the way but i dont remember if it was me who did it or the site creator17:25
elninowell, it's funny that the actuall uploads is webgui:webgui17:25
zylopfayeah and the sub dires isnt ?17:26
elninocorrect! they are root: root17:26
zylopfaCan i ask you to do something?17:26
elninoI thought there was a sticky bit that carries the parent directories permissions.17:26
zylopfaenter the file: /data/wre/etc/modproxy.conf17:27
zylopfaand search for user17:27
zylopfathe second match should show you 17:27
zylopfaUser <some user>17:28
zylopfaGroup <somegroup>17:28
zylopfaahh ok17:28
elninoGroup is commented out.17:28
zylopfaso your webgui actually runs as the webgui user17:28
zylopfait can only access the files in the upload cause they are 77717:28
elninoyou know what...17:28
zylopfacause the root user can (first 7) and the root group can second (7) and the last 7 is all users on the system = also the webgui user17:29
elninoShe was complaining about not being able to upload stuff about a year ago... I just figured it was all resolved. Apparantly not. 17:29
elninoI should probably try and see. I just assumed that the other party fixed this.17:29
zylopfai would go to the site directory17:29
zylopfago to the /data domains directory17:30
zylopfahmm wierd cant write it out17:31
zylopfacd /data/domains17:31
zylopfaand do17:31
zylopfachown -R webgui:webgui *17:31
elninowell, so,  if they are the wrong permissions, wouldn't the images not show up on the website? because they show up fine....17:32
zylopfathe access bits (777) is not changed17:32
zylopfaonly the owner17:32
zylopfaand if webgui user doesn't own the directories it has to upload things into, it wont happen17:33
zylopfaso by this we change the directories and stuff already created to be owned by webgui17:33
zylopfaso when she upload next time the webgui user (as webgui runs as) has access and makes its files17:33
zylopfaas webgui user17:33
zylopfathe reason they show up now elnino is that they have chmod 77717:34
zylopfawhich means user,group,and everyoe on the system has complete access to read write and modify the files17:34
zylopfaand execute17:34
elninobut not via http;17:34
zylopfano if they are logged into your system say via ssh17:34
elninowhy then was I able to see the readme file in the non-inked directory via http?17:35
zylopfastill you chould propably do a17:35
zylopfachmod -R 660 /data/domains17:35
zylopfawhich directory was that elnino?17:36
elninoThe first one I made. I creatd a subdirectory with a test file in it. 17:36
elninonon-linked. then we proceeded by relinking the directory I wanted to do, and created a test file there.17:36
zylopfayou created a directory under uploads17:37
elninothat is root:root17:37
zylopfaok go there and do a: ls -l <directory-name-of-the-dir-you-created>17:37
zylopfawithout trailing /17:37
zylopfawhat does the left part say17:38
elninothat's why I came here, because making a sub directory worked, adn the linked directory didn't, even though they both had the same owners and permissions as all the other preexisting upload directories albeit wrong.17:38
zylopfaok the directory you made for linking whats that called?17:39
elninosorry, I know I'm confusing.17:39
zylopfanaa its ok17:39
elninothe "hard directory" I made was zzz17:39
elninothe linked irectory is wgbacksups17:39
elninodrwxr-xr-x    2 root   root    4096 2011-07-22 10:37 zzz17:40
elninolrwxrwxrwx    1 root   root      14 2011-07-22 10:12 wgbackups -> /home/backups/17:40
zylopfanow show me17:40
zylopfaln -s  /home/backups17:40
zylopfathe access to this dir17:41
zylopfawait do this instead: stat /home/backups17:42
elninodrwx------  8 webgui webgui  4096 2011-07-22 10:12 backups17:42
zylopfayou can see here that the user webgui has read,write and execute access to the directory17:42
elninoright, BUT the readme file in zzz is readable via http:17:43
elnino-rw-r--r--    1 root   root      16 2011-07-22 10:40 readme17:43
zylopfacause that one is readable by root, and group root and all users17:43
zylopfa= the webgui user on the system also that run webgui17:44
zylopfalist me a file in the backups directory17:44
zylopfaand lets see its permissions17:44
elnino-rw-r--r-- 1 webgui webgui 16 2011-07-22 10:12 readme.txt17:44
elnino  -> the readme in the wgbackups17:44
zylopfaok and you can read that right from the browser?17:45
elninoyes, because it's webgui:webgui, but originally, when it wsa root:root, I coldn't.17:46
zylopfatry to make a new file17:46
zylopfain the /home/backups17:46
zylopfajust a test text file or something 17:46
zylopfaand do a ls -l <filename>17:46
zylopfathen i will tell you why you couldnt read it17:47
elninooh wait...17:48
elninothat worked too, but it's because /home/backups is webgui:webgui still, while /data/domains//uploads/wgbackups is still root:root17:48
elnino-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3 2011-07-22 10:46 hi17:49
elnino was my new file.17:49
zylopfait was created default with read/write permissions for user root17:49
elninobut I think yesterday /home/backups was root:root17:49
zylopfaand read permissions for group root17:49
elninowhich is why nothing worked.17:49
zylopfaAND read permissions for all= readable by webgui user also17:49
zylopfafrom a security perspective you should propablty not have the files readable by all on the system (if they are logged in via ssh)17:51
zylopfaI dont know how many use the machine apart from you17:51
zylopfaWill you be copying files to the /home/backup directory manualy? or via webgui or ?17:52
elninoI create them on the system. it's my backup directory, and I'm creating this uploads link so that plainblack.com can get my files to set this server up on their servers.17:52
elninoI'm using it as a "ftp" site. =)17:53
zylopfaahh ok17:53
zylopfaseems to work now right?17:53
elninoyes. Thank you. 17:53
zylopfaalways, just ask whenever you need help i am happy to help17:53
-!- richard [40eb643e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #webgui17:55
-!- richard is now known as Guest5329517:55
elninoso, theoritically, everthing should be webgui:webgui and 644?17:57
elninoin the uploads?17:57
elninoThatnks for the tip btw about modproxy.conf, I was wondering where that was set.17:58
zylopfai'd say it should be webgui:webgui and 66017:58
zylopfabut directories should be 770 because they need to be able to be written in 17:58
elninook good to know. I'm goign to ask if she is still having that problem from a year ago. 17:59
zylopfaif the directory doesnt have 770 you arent able to enter it and see the directory tree18:00
zylopfaso its not 660 for all but for the files, not for the directories which should be 77018:00
zylopfastill if you do a chown -R webgui:webgui on the /data/domains you are running18:01
zylopfafor all the sites18:01
+BartJolwhoohoo, automatic webgui sites seem to work almost18:02
zylopfawhats that BartJol ?18:02
+BartJolA site where you can buy a slimmed down webgui site18:02
zylopfaahh sweet where is it?18:02
+BartJolwell it isn't live yet18:03
zylopfaits an enhanced demo kind?18:03
+BartJolshould become webguistarter.com18:03
zylopfaor altered18:03
zylopfaI am gonna make a demo site for my company also, but with different layout and all that18:03
zylopfaso my customers can try it18:03
zylopfabut try it on a copy of my sites layout instead of the plainblack design18:04
+BartJolbut especially the end of terms is something to make extra stuff for18:04
zylopfaahh yeah so it closes down if they havent paid?18:05
zylopfashould propablt be a content handler?18:05
zylopfathat gets run regardless and moves on if they have payed18:05
+BartJolsomething like that yes18:05
+BartJolit just has an end date in a table18:06
zylopfathats what i love about webgui its so fucking thought through, the api of it18:06
+BartJolbut the setup seems to work18:07
zylopfatotaly a good idea18:08
zylopfawill they be able to choose templates?18:08
+BartJolyes, in the setup18:08
zylopfaahh nice18:08
+BartJoljust the default wg templates18:09
zylopfawill they have a sub domain or a directory entry point?18:09
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui18:10
+BartJolthey need a domain name, with which a subdomain is created18:10
+BartJolif they have the domain, the can use that too18:10
zylopfaahh sweet18:10
zylopfait will be kickass if it works well18:10
elninosounds great BartJol! let me know when I can sign up!18:10
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-148-164.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui18:12
zylopfaelnino, is everythign working as intended?18:12
+BartJolwe disabled some assets to make it a bit lighter and dump functionality that makes it overcomplicated18:13
zylopfayeah good idea, so they dont get too overwhelmed18:13
elninoI was waiting for her to wake up. the uploads thing never worked for her all this time.  goofy girl, how can you run a site like that? 18:14
zylopfayeah its wierd :O18:14
zylopfayou can create articles though i think18:14
zylopfabut you cant have the pictures in them saved afaik18:14
zylopfaand you can make forum posts and all that18:14
zylopfabut things that need a storage location like images will not work18:15
@preactionzylopfa: there's no real need to get approval to fix a bug18:20
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]18:20
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui18:20
@preactionbut i think we've got a disconnect: ships seperately is just for cost calculation18:20
@preactionit's another item that needs to be shipped18:20
@preactionper-item shipping is "any item can be shipped to any location you want in a single transaction"18:21
zylopfayeah thats what i ment preaction 18:26
zylopfabut the address chooser pr. individual item is showing even if the sku is only marked as "needs shipping"18:27
zylopfathat doesnt mean it needs to be send to a different place than the items at large in the cart18:27
+BartJolmmm, ik zie de conf nog niet te voorschijn komen18:28
zylopfaik hou van koeien!18:29
+BartJol'ja, lekker18:29
+BartJolvan de barbequew18:29
zylopfapreaction, i can show you a visual of what i mean if you wanna visit one of my shops18:30
zylopfaActually as you said preaction I think we have a disconnect18:33
elninohave a great friday everyone!18:33
elninothanks again zylopfa!18:33
zylopfaBut then i dont know why you have to choose a different shipping address for every item in your cart that needs shipping18:33
zylopfaalways elnino , and have a good one!18:33
-!- elnino [~ninow@user-38q47pn.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving]18:33
@preactionyou don't need to, you just have the option to18:33
zylopfaahh yeah true18:33
zylopfamy bad then i think18:34
@preactionyou can certainly remove that column from your template if you want to simplify things a bit18:34
zylopfayeah i just misunderstood the concept18:34
zylopfayou always get me like that 18:34
@preactionyeah, a lot of our stuff is "reveal every feature, even the rarely-used ones. they can remove what they don't want"18:35
@preactionwhich may or may not be the best idea when it comes to "what most people want"18:35
zylopfayeah that makes perfect sense to me, i just saw the "individual shipping" thing as send things to another address instead of the cost part18:35
zylopfanaa the templates imo should be showcasing what the system can do18:36
zylopfaand then its up to the integrator to make their own templates for their needs18:36
zylopfado you know if Tavis is at the office today?18:37
@preactionhe should be18:48
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SDuensinCool - http://jashkenas.github.com/coffee-script/19:17
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sbaurjust a thought, but how about at least two templates for everything that has a template; the default, for the most common use case, and a separate kitchen sink one with everything possible in it, including using every single template variable available to that template19:24
sbaurI'll submit as an RFE if the idea finds favor...19:25
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zylopfasounds like a good idea sbaur20:07
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-!- sin [~nelson_br@host-1-233.b4.cvc.com.py] has joined #webgui20:18
zylopfaI have found a bug in Thingy when you save a thing data via ajax, the error message returned as json only contain the error messages20:19
zylopfaIt should return then name of the fields also, so you can use that to forexample highlight fields that are missing or what not20:19
zylopfawhat you say to that one preaction 20:20
@preactionsounds like a good idea20:20
zylopfaits a oneliner20:20
zylopfawhats best, to make a patch -p0 or to make a github request20:20
zylopfaI dont know how to write tests yet but i would like to fix it20:21
-!- sin [~nelson_br@host-1-233.b4.cvc.com.py] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]20:23
zylopfaWell i fixed it now20:26
@scrottiegithub pull request20:55
zylopfayes sir20:55
-!- sin [~nelson_br@host-1-233.b4.cvc.com.py] has joined #webgui20:56
@scrottieAsset/Wobject/Thingy.t already has one test for www_editThingDataSaveViaAjax20:58
zylopfasweet, i hope i can figure it out20:58
@scrottieone that checks success... 20:58
@scrottieon line 482 or so, but I have WebGUI8 checked out at the moment20:58
zylopfaI always am wondering if i need to see changes in templates how i edit a template and test it via tests20:58
@scrottieit's about 20 lines of code, but I'd be glad to help if you don't see how to do something.  basically you'd want to change it make a request that should fail, and then make sure that the failure response looks correct20:59
@scrottieer, copy and change it20:59
zylopfaI will try to make one, I'd be happy for your input when i am done, cause i realy need to be able to write tests20:59
@scrottieI don't understand... if you need to see changes in templates?  basically you just want to test the output from a template and make sure it has stuff in it?21:00
zylopfaWell forexample if i change "Shelf.pm" to provide additional templatevariables for the www_view21:00
zylopfathen i want to see that these indeed show up in the template21:01
zylopfaso i have to change a template to have the new <tmpl_var xx> in it21:01
zylopfaand if the value is in the bounds of what it should be21:01
@scrottiedo you have the `ack` utility installed?21:02
@scrottiedo:  ack viewTemplateVariables /data/WebGUI/t21:02
@scrottiea lot of tests just call viewTemplateVariables directly and then look at the datastructure to make sure stuff is in it and looks correct21:02
@scrottieAsset/Story.t is one21:02
@scrottiearound line 327 for me21:03
@scrottiefor example21:03
@scrottiethere are some tests that parse the output of www_view... WebGUI::Test has a getPage() function... that'll partially simulate a web request... very partially ;)21:04
@scrottiebut that gives you HTML output which you can parse.  21:04
zylopfaits sounds a bit arcane though21:04
@scrottiea little bit.  it's used here and there in the tests.  I think viewTemplateVariables is adequate for most purposes.  you can always become more ambitious later.21:05
@scrottieI have some tests laying around somewhere that look for a bunch of elements by DOM structure/CSS using Web::Scraper on the output of a real HTTP request.21:06
zylopfaits just wierd this example in Story.t21:06
@scrottiewhat about it?  cmp_deeply?21:07
zylopfaI mean its the template variable for the www_view method i want to check if they come out to the template ok21:07
zylopfai dont want to see the properties of the asset21:07
@scrottiein that case, people usually just test the template variables, not the template.21:08
zylopfayeah wonder how its dont, guess i can find it somewhere in the tests21:08
@scrottiethe template parser has its own set of tests that make sure that it does the right thing in the general case21:08
@scrottieyou could always get the template variables from your asset and then feed them to the template parser along with a hard-coded template and then do an extract string eq on the result21:09
zylopfaok say i changed the Shelf.pm so instead of only looking for SKU's (to be on the shelf) it also looks for Shortcuts to sKUs21:11
@scrottiecall $asset->processTemplate($template_vars, undef, "<tmpl_var whatEver>") eq $template_vars->{whatEver}21:11
zylopfaThen i would have to create a shelf ofc21:11
zylopfaand create a bunch of sku assets21:11
zylopfaand a bunch of shortcuts to skus and a bunch of shortcuts to none skus21:11
zylopfaand from that test the templatevariable output to see if the right skus are on the shelf?21:12
@scrottieI don't know the API for the shelf, but that should be a matter of calling an API method in it and checking the result21:12
@scrottiemost tests are API level tests, not output tests21:13
zylopfayeah but still i'd need to create some assets to test with?21:13
@scrottieand you can do that.  that's pretty common.21:13
@scrottieStory.t should have some examples of that.  any .t for a built-in asset should have an example of that for that asset.21:13
zylopfaThe hardest for me atm is writing tests but i wanna learn. I am pretty good to find the things to test for but i just need to code that21:13
@scrottieone of the things you have to do use use the WebGUI::Test addToCleanup() function to tell it to delete that asset when the test finishes21:14
@scrottiestart easy ;)21:14
zylopfaahh yeah true, even if it should be performed on a none-production machine21:14
@scrottieadding one more test to set/Wobject/Thingy.t that's similar to a test already in there is a good place to start.21:14
zylopfaIts a genious way to program, that you "prove" that it works with programs21:15
zylopfaAlso cause so many work on webgui so if some change an asset and breaks something, the tests will show it21:15
@scrottiehopefully ;)21:15
zylopfaI will write a test for my latest pull request now then. I fixed the Shelf asset to also take in Shortcuts to Skus instead of just skus21:16
zylopfaMay i ask you one more thing scrottie ?21:16
@scrottieof course.  ask away.  just pardon me if I get distracted with something.  if I vanish, try again later.21:24
zylopfaok when i make patches / rfes against the 7 branch and when i learn to create tests and i make a pull request to you guys21:27
zylopfaAre you having much work to do or is it trivial for you to add it?21:27
zylopfaI mean you are working on 8 and all, so will the patches be applied fast or does it take a lot of work extra for you guys?21:27
@scrottieperlDreamer and preaction have been doing the work of merging changes made to the 'master' (WebGUI7 latest) branch to WebGUI 821:30
@scrottieso they'll have to comment on that21:31
@scrottiebut so far I haven't heard them tell anyone to stop working on 7.  I think we all know 7 is going to be around for a while.21:31
zylopfaok fair enough21:31
zylopfayeah true, all the errors and rfe i find when i work with webgui with my firm, i solve myself21:31
zylopfait will be even better now that i learn to write tests21:32
zylopfaI am reading through the Story.t now seems like you21:32
zylopfahave to create your objects first and then go throug the testplan 21:32
zylopfasounds reaonable easy so far but i am just started so who knows21:32
@scrottiebasically, yeah21:37
@scrottiethere are various test functions defined by Test::More, Test::Deep and so on21:38
@scrottieok(), cmp(), cmp_deeply(), etc... all of them basically just figure out if a test passed or not21:38
@scrottieand the number of those tests match the number of tests you said you were going to run, unless you're running on newer versions of the test modules and decide you don't want to have a test plan21:39
zylopfahaa yeah, I will get right on to making the tests for the new shelf rfe21:40
@scrottiewell, learning to modify existing tests might be a good place to start21:40
@scrottiebut it's up to you21:40
zylopfaexactly and the Shelf.pm has tests already so i will look to it first and if i need more than it does i will look to other tests thats been made21:41
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zylopfascrottie, I have a hard time understanding how i can test the view method, that my new template variables are in there.22:45
zylopfaI could parse the view methods output but first i have to change the default view template to have my new variables22:46
zylopfaI saw inside StoryArchive how they do it, but they have a function in it called viewTemplateVariables that return a has of all the template variables22:54
zylopfathe Article asset doesn't have a function like that, the template variables is set inside the view sub22:55
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-!- preaction [~preaction@li79-149.members.linode.com] has joined #webgui22:58
zylopfaHello preaction it said you flooded :O22:58
zylopfaok i think i got how to do it now then23:00
zylopfaI am creating a new Template asset in the root tree programmatically23:00
zylopfaand I will only have the new "<tmpl_var xxx>" in it, and then i can test the view method that it return the value i suspect23:01
zylopfascrottie, and how can you test things that has to do with fileupload?23:05
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@scrottiezylopfa, right, to call viewTemplateVariables() and check the out template variable data, you have to have a viewTemplateVariables() method23:17
zylopfayeah so i have a new idea23:17
zylopfamy $viewTemplate = $node->addChild({className=>'WebGUI::Asset::Template'});23:17
zylopfaSo i make a new nearly blank Article template23:17
zylopfawhich only contains the file loop and the new variable <tmpl_var extension>23:18
zylopfaAnd create a new article using my template and tests the output from the view method23:18
zylopfaIts very complex to test things cause in order to test the files attached to the article i need to create 2 storagelocation and assign them to the article23:22
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--- Day changed Sat Jul 23 2011
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-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui00:17
@scrottiewell, I'm happy to try to help track down examples of doing various things in the tests00:35
@scrottieso you have examples to work from.00:35
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has left #webgui []00:35
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui00:35
@scrottiejust let me know, and then be patient =)00:35
zylopfaI figured it out scrottie i am awesome at making tests now00:35
@scrottiehaha, I knew it00:35
zylopfaIts totaly easy00:35
zylopfaI  just make a template in the root with the new variables i need to test00:35
zylopfaand then i run the view method and compare the output00:36
zylopfaits not in a style so its 1 line or so00:36
@scrottienice.  my earlier suggestion would save a few lines of code but that certainly works.00:37
@scrottieone reason I like tests is they kind of give you permission to be tricky in a way that is discouraged in "real" code00:39
zylopfayeah its awesome, i noticed the Article doesn't have any tests for the view method at all00:40
zylopfathey wrote they would make it but its not been done00:40
zylopfadont know if its important00:40
@scrottietests are a sort of insurance.  I don't know if it is important either.  you don't know until you're in a position where you're wishing that you had had a test ;)00:41
zylopfastill my addon to the Article.pm a new field in the attached file look called extensions (showing the files extension)00:42
zylopfais kind of the same00:42
zylopfabut as its a new thing to the article i think i need to document it in test00:42
@scrottieanother reason tests are awesome is that they're good examples of how to use API features00:44
@scrottieway better than the docs usually00:44
zylopfayeah its pretty sick what you can do in code00:44
zylopfathats what amazed me with webgui00:44
zylopfayou can basicall create everyting in code that you as a user can make on the website visually00:45
zylopfaGOnna cheat a bit in my test and make the article able to have 10 attachemtns to it00:46
zylopfacause i want to check the different extensions00:46
zylopfathe WebGUI::Test->addToCleanup is very smart00:49
@scrottieoh, hmm.  http://pghpw.org/ppw2011/talks00:56
@scrottieoh, wait, it put mine in the list not because it was accepted but because heaven knows why01:00
* scrottie scratches his head01:00
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-!- mducharme-laptop [~MDucharme@] has joined #webgui01:07
@scrottieapparently because I'm looking at it.01:36
zylopfahaa :D01:37
zylopfascrottie, can I persuade you to look at my first test?01:49
@scrottiesure.  what've ya got?01:54
@scrottieeven though it's a test, I'd still recommend #!/usr/bin/perl   use strict;  use warnings;02:00
@scrottieoh, this comes from somewhere in the middle02:00
zylopfayeah its in there though it just shown you the part of the test in Article.t that i made02:01
@scrottieif ( $tmplExtensions[0] ne "tar") {$extPassed = 0;} .. rather than doing that, I'd just make each one a test02:02
zylopfaahh good idea so i make an ok () for each?02:03
@scrottieok( $tmplExtensions[0] ne "tar", "Yup, extension template variable in fileLoop working for tar" );02:03
zylopfagood idea thanks02:03
@scrottieI'm 99.9% sure they'll all pass or fail together, but it seems to be the way that things are done02:03
zylopfaIts awesome cause this way i wrote it is exactly the same way i tested it manually02:03
@scrottieI guess it might be easier to skim and see what's going on02:03
@scrottiewhat's being tested02:03
zylopfayeah good idea i think it wold be good like that02:04
@scrottieif that stuff works, that's what you want.  nicely done.02:04
zylopfaI bet it could be made more elegant but then again its perl ;D02:04
@scrottiewell, sometimes verbosity is good02:04
zylopfaIn theory Article.pm only accept 2 attachments02:05
zylopfabut you can put more in if you do it in code, you cant do it in the web 02:05
zylopfaMaybe it counts as a but but i dont see the big deal in it anyway02:06
zylopfaSure a malicious content manager could circumvent the normal forms and add more attachments, but wtf who cares ;D02:06
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zylopfapreaction, can you see if you want to add my latest rfe fix to the main branch, i made changes to the pullrequest?03:03
zylopfaand do i get karma for making it?03:03
zylopfai made tests now03:04
zylopfaor scrottie but i think its preaction that do those things03:05
@scrottieI'm looking at https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/pull/19 right now...03:28
@scrottiein the diffs for lib/WebGUI/Asset/Event.pm, is the line you added not lining up because you used a tab to indent rather than spaces?03:28
@scrottieheh, you actually put "Yup" in the test output =P03:29
@scrottieit looks like you ran the tests and fixed the things where cmp_bag etc failed03:29
zylopfathere is still problems with cmp_bag though03:31
zylopfadont know what the problem is though as it a test i didnt make03:31
zylopfaIt complains in one of the modules03:31
zylopfascrottie, I propably used space :/03:32
@scrottieI'm not sure from looking at the diff... it may be that tabs were already there... there are some floating around...03:33
CIA-82webgui: Peter Christiansen master * rfd33465 / (7 files in 4 dirs): 03:33
CIA-82webgui: - added #9668 extension template variable to attachment loops for the following assets:03:33
CIA-82webgui:  Article,Post,Event,File,Form::Attachments,Folder - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/fd3346586ecf9de3eccb8fae90274e7b7451091103:33
@scrottiebut I think we're trying to standardize on spaces03:33
CIA-82webgui: Peter Christiansen master * r3128741 / docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt : 03:33
CIA-82webgui: Rebased changelog and added changes.03:33
CIA-82webgui: - added #9668 extension template variable to attachment loops for the following assets:03:33
CIA-82webgui: Article,Post,Event,File,Form::Attachments,Folder - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/3128741b4b4d579ce2d7b4d67fbe2782fa3aeb7503:33
CIA-82webgui: Peter Christiansen master * ra9ac52a / (t/Asset/Post.t t/Asset/Wobject/Article.t): 03:33
CIA-82webgui: Added tests to Article.t and Post.t for checking that the template variables03:33
CIA-82webgui: contain the new extension variable. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/a9ac52aee3a6a8a5aa1247250e7d262aa4a6610203:33
zylopfasounds wierd it seems aligned on my part03:33
CIA-82webgui: Scott Walters master * rda6cf05 / (9 files in 6 dirs): 03:33
CIA-82webgui: Merge pull request #19 from zylopfa/master03:33
CIA-82webgui: RFE: 9668 template variable "extensions" added, for various assets containing fileloops in their templates - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/da6cf052daac7b5be0c57984455c9f3e982e155903:33
@scrottiejust FYI03:33
zylopfaSweeet thanks!!03:33
zylopfabtw scrottie do i get karma for it?03:33
zylopfaas its been karmaed with a lot03:33
@scrottieI have no idea if you got karma03:34
zylopfadamn ;/03:34
@scrottieI don't think I have access to webgui.org... er, admin access03:34
@scrottieso you'll have to talk to preaction or perlDreamer about that03:34
zylopfayeah, I haven't seem peardDreamer for a long time03:35
@scrottieyou're welcome.  I will pull things if I think I understand what's going on, but a lot of the system I still don't know well.03:35
@scrottieand, thank you for your contribution =)03:35
zylopfaIts awesome you taught me to weite tests !!03:35
@scrottienaw, just gave you a gentle push in the right direction03:35
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r50ddc03 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix the HTML in the default forum notification template. Fixes bug #12204 - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/50ddc03cd8c2543bc6758a7d8bb90506f4ed4f5907:32
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zylopfaDoes anyone know if you make templates for inclusion in webgui, can you make it so they use other than the default article layout?18:24
zylopfaor will the sitegenerator use the default always?18:24
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@scrottiedefault templates are hard-coded into the assets19:12
@scrottieto change the default, you have to change which the code uses or else edit the default template directly19:12
zylopfaAutch scrottie 19:16
zylopfaThat way if you make templates (for the startup wizard) your site will not look as intended19:17
zylopfaI ALWAYS make new templates for Articles and Layout templates19:17
zylopfaWell fair enough its only the wizard19:19
zylopfaI can make site generator that makes it on its own with the article templates it needs 19:19
zylopfaI am about to make a demo site for my own company19:20
@scrottieyour site generator could always update the templates that are specified as the default templates19:20
@scrottiecopy some other template over them19:20
zylopfayeah or change the assets in code19:20
@scrottiesure.  or load one of several wgpkgs in that replaces the templates in question.19:20
zylopfayeah true!19:21
zylopfaI made converted  whole new site template to webgui, incl style tempate(ofc), layout template, article template, menu template in 2 hours19:22
zylopfas/made converted/converted a/g;19:22
zylopfaWebgui is easy to make good templates in19:23
zylopfaI tried it in Joomla also19:23
@scrottiethat's something I'm bad at ;)19:23
zylopfaif you need any good functionality you have to hack it so much19:23
zylopfaWell you rock at everything else19:23
@scrottieeverything I do looks 1.0.  I had fake COMET going in Netscape 3, but I can't make something look good to save my life.19:23
zylopfaI am not a designer myself i cant make designs, I hire external designers for it19:24
zylopfabut i can take any design and convert it into webgui19:24
@scrottieI'd pick out a good one and try to bribe you to do it as a new theme, but I couldn't even pick out a good one.19:25
zylopfahaa ofc you can ;D19:25
@scrottiehttp://hates-software.com/ ... that's my idea of a website19:26
zylopfaProblem as i see it with the theme selector is that it use default article templates and default page layouts19:26
zylopfaHaa thats an old school university site, atleast it looks like it!19:26
@scrottiethe theme selector could probably be modified to replace other templates.  I'm not sure.  I've never looked at the code.19:26
@scrottiethat might be deemed too hackish and another plan counter-proposed.19:27
zylopfaDoesn't the wpkg files choose which templates for articles and what not to use?19:27
@scrottiesure, but new articles created are still going to use the hard-coded default template, by ID19:27
zylopfahaa yeah then its fair enough19:27
@scrottieso you'd have to import a wgpkg that replaced the template that this default ID points to19:27
zylopfajust the initial thing then the user has to say which template thye will use for say articles19:28
zylopfaahh damn19:28
@scrottieno big deal in my mind but others might have different opinions19:28
@scrottiemore assets could be modified to take which ID they use as default from site settings19:28
@scrottiethen changing the article template would be a matter of adding a new template of its own ID and then updating this setting19:28
@scrottieit might work that way right now.  I'd have to look.19:29
zylopfasweet thanks19:29
@scrottiehey, I'm just helping you help me ;)19:29
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--- Day changed Sun Jul 24 2011
zylopfascrottie, what wobject would be kick ass to make for webgui?00:18
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r7d20406 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Form/JsonTable.pm): Fix a bad script link in the JsonTable. Fixes bug #12202. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/7d20406f621bd5d13c3f7d11f85d9ba57c83f2e600:38
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r4aeb70d / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Form/JsonTable.pm): Fix a bad script link in the JsonTable. Fixes bug #12202. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/4aeb70d3235434852c98a056ae46423ced322d7800:39
zylopfaAnyone know if there are any default scratch variables set in a webgui session? 00:43
@preactionzylopfa: not that i'm aware of00:54
zylopfaOk i made a macro dumping all scratch variables.00:54
zylopfawas interested if there was one mentioning if the user was logged in or not00:54
zylopfai need it in the navigation template00:54
zylopfanot gonna show "login" in the menu if the user is logged in00:54
@preactionwhich user the session is tied to is part of the userSession table00:56
@preactionso !$session->user->isVisitor or $session->user->isRegistered or soemthing (see WebGUI::User)00:56
zylopfayeah but i woul like it in the template, i can always make a macro to do it but would be more elegant in the template00:57
zylopfapreaction, my rfe got closed and I was the one who solved it, do i get the karma assigned to it or how does it work?00:59
@preactioni'm with JT on this one: RFEs are a karma sink to remove it from the economy00:59
zylopfaso i cant get karma at all ?01:00
@preactionyou can through the normal ways: posting to forums, bugs, RFEs, etc...01:00
zylopfaas i see it its the people who make things who should be rewarded not the ones wanting them made01:01
zylopfaThen the idea with bringing rfe's up by assigning karma to them flawed01:01
zylopfacause no one would solve the high karma ones rather than the low karma ones01:02
@preactionno, that was there to get plain black to look at them.01:02
@preactionthe idea being that plain black would do the top 5-10 RFEs each minor version01:02
zylopfaSo the only way to get high karma and to get noticed as a developer is to make rfe's and bug reports for others to fix?01:03
@scrottie"noticed as a developer"?  ha.01:03
zylopfawell i wanna contribute01:04
@scrottieif you do stuff, people notice.  period.01:04
@scrottieif you're at a Perl conf and I'm there, I'll buy you a drink.01:05
zylopfayeah i guess, and I do. 01:05
zylopfaHaa you are kind <301:05
zylopfaI will keep on doing stuff anyway regardless of the karma thing, I will tell you inhere when i fix bugs and make pull requests01:06
zylopfaI have learned to make tests now also so all should be good01:06
zylopfascrottie, whats the killer wobject you'd like to see in webgui?01:10
@scrottieI'd like to see something like Yahoo! Pipes that let people build their own custom logic, visually.  there's a Perl knock-off of Yahoo! Pipes that's open source, so the parts are there.01:11
@scrottiebut that's not on my short list of things to do.01:11
@scrottiethat's just the one Wobject I'd like to see.01:11
zylopfaI have to look at that then01:11
zylopfaI am going to make a SMS Tagwall also01:12
@scrottieYahoo! Pipes is pretty cool.  it pulls data in from RSS feeds and lets you mash it up different ways.  it's a mini programming "language".01:12
zylopfaso people can text to a number and the messages gets to a tagwall of sorts01:12
@scrottiesome friend-of-a-friend junk would go down well too.01:12
@scrottiethe thing that is on my shortlist is giving WebGUI8 a performance boost.01:12
zylopfaIt will be sick with the new app stack01:13
zylopfaso you can run webgui on nearly all01:13
@scrottieMoose is bogging it down right now.01:13
zylopfaas long as it can do plack01:13
zylopfaSo it makes perl slower?01:14
zylopfain exchange of making it easier to do oop?01:14
zylopfai mean webgui ofc01:14
@scrottieessentially, yes.01:14
zylopfawhats the point then?01:14
@scrottieproperties of assets in WebGUI8 are built on top of Moose.01:15
@scrottiethey're customized attributes.01:15
@scrottieit looks really nice.01:15
zylopfasick good01:15
zylopfacan moose be persuaded faster?01:15
zylopfaOr is it just generally slowing things down?01:15
@scrottiein the simple case, yes, there's Mouse and an even newer stack I think which does the basic stuff but much more quickly01:16
@scrottiebut building customized attributes isn't part of the basic stuff01:16
zylopfaI watch the video last night of Patrick Donelan about plack and webgui01:17
@scrottiehe's a smart cookie01:17
zylopfaIts totaly awesome01:17
zylopfaOk i found out what the standard scratch variables are, webguiCsrfToken and sortDir01:27
zylopfaohh smart the sortDir is called MZJnis4nvJFprKOjvI4OCg_sortDir that way you get a sort dir for each asset01:29
zylopfaMZJnis4nvJFprKOjvI4OCg is the asset id of my forum01:29
zylopfaOhh i got an important question, when will the language files be merged in? I have made updates to the danish translation a week ago but when i download it at i18n.webgui.org i dont get the new update01:33
zylopfaBut when i edit the additions i made they are in there01:33
@scrottieno idea.  that's not stuff I'm familiar with.01:43
zylopfafair enough01:43
zylopfaI hate to have my translations locally, cause i want them to be in webgui as standard01:43
@scrottieI think this is one of those tasks that someone gets to now and then01:46
zylopfaahh yeah01:46
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zylopfascrottie, I also tough about  making a new webgui auth method with bcrypt instead, so it will be harder for attackers to bruteforce if they get hold of the password hashes02:22
@scrottieis auth unsalted right now?  the best thing to do would be to salt it heavily.  encryption time matters little by comparison.02:40
zylopfaIts md5 salted yeah02:46
zylopfathe bcrypt thing can be configured so it takes computationally long to generate hashes02:47
zylopfaso it makes sense in order to make bruteforce harder02:47
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zylopfaWe need to make a complete paypal driver that also can do recurring transactions03:24
zylopfaNext week i am making a paydriver for the danish payment service03:25
@scrottiethere's been a lot of discussion about that in here.  I don't know the particulars of it, but there's apparently some difficulty with doing that.03:27
zylopfaWierd, I made a recurring thing in perl from scratch long ago, so it shouldnt be hard to implement it in webgui03:28
@scrottieI've seen the PayPal API and nothing stood out from it as causing a difficulty here but I'm sure that one does exist.03:28
zylopfaI can figure it out scrottie I am good at payment drivers03:28
@scrottieI don't happen to remember who else was working on that but you might want to get in touch with them.03:28
zylopfaMade 1 for the danish payment service making an updated one next week for their new service03:28
zylopfaI cant see why it should be a problem03:29
* scrottie is working on back taxes... ouch, 2010 is brutal03:29
zylopfaI mean you have the callbacks from www_ functions03:29
zylopfanooo scrottie !!03:29
@scrottieyeah, no idea.03:29
zylopfaYou think i get some karma if i make it?03:30
@scrottieconsidering it would be preaction (who has better things to do, like WebGUI8) or perlDreamer (who is a bit crotchety) doing it, no, I don't think anyone will give you karma for doing it.03:31
@scrottiealso, you probably have more karma than I do on the site.03:31
@scrottieso I don't want to hear about it.03:31
zylopfalol i have 600 only03:31
@scrottieon the other hand, chorewars.com would be a cool model03:32
@scrottieuse that for project management / contributors / etc03:32
zylopfahaa thats fucking nice03:32
zylopfagonna check it out thoroughly soon03:32
@scrottieI have 206 karma.03:32
zylopfaBut you help all the time03:32
@scrottieit's not _real_ karma.  it's fake, electronic, simulated karma.03:33
zylopfayeah true03:34
@scrottiewheee.  now I get to do 2009!03:34
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qwebirc77873I'm installing wre-wg current stable on centos-5.6 and having problems installing JavaScript::Packer, CSS::Packer, HTML::Packer, this is the message: /bin/tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors Couldn't untar JavaScript-Packer-1.004.tar15:59
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zylopfaAnyone know what decides wether or not the site init routine should be run?17:30
zylopfaI mean what flag is set to show that its a "new" site17:32
zylopfaALright, I figured it out, its a setting in the database always set to "init"17:38
zylopfaon sitecreation17:38
zylopfawhich inturn sets off the "Setup" content handler which inturn run the Wizard17:39
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qwebirc35457Good morning. I am having issues with Apache Modperl. It shuts down after running for just a few minutes or less.16:04
qwebirc35457The installation is CentOS 6.0 minimal + WebGUI 7.9.33 + wre 0.9.316:04
SDuensinGreetings and stuff.16:48
+BartJolqwebirc35457: I suppose you don't see any errors in the logs?17:20
qwebirc35457 modproxy.error.log   [Mon Jul 25 06:18:17 2011] [warn] Init: Session Cache is not configured [hint: SSLSessionCache] [Mon Jul 25 06:18:17 2011] [notice] Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8k configured -- resuming normal operations [Mon Jul 25 06:18:18 2011] [error] (111)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to (*) failed17:22
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+BartJolmmm, I've seen that one, lemme think, I do see a wiki page for a very similar issue: http://www.webgui.org/community-wiki/troubleshooting-modproxy.error.log17:25
+BartJoldoes that help?17:32
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qwebirc35457It hasn't helped. I haven't had enough time to setup the first site; Apache Modperl shuts down.17:47
+BartJolah, and the links on that page don't work17:49
+BartJolit does look like a more common error of apache, which you might be able to fix in your conffile after which modperl should keep running17:51
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zylopfahello webguians!20:37
sbaurHi zylopfa20:45
zylopfaAnyone had problems with Poll.pm on custom demo sites?21:00
zylopfa"The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server." I get when trying to add a poll to the site21:00
zylopfaAll the other wobjects are fine to add but the poll acts wierd21:01
zylopfaits on 7.10.21-beta btw21:01
zylopfahello scrottie !21:36
zylopfapreaction, can you update the i18n so i get the lates downloads from danish?21:56
@preactionzylopfa: what do you mean?22:04
zylopfaI have translated the shop section of the danish text at i18n.wegui.org22:04
zylopfai have saved and committed it22:04
zylopfaand i can see it if i open the Shop section to make other changes22:05
zylopfaBUT when i press Download i get an old version of the translation22:05
@preactioni'll take a look, i'm fairly sure the download version is compiled on a periodic basis22:06
zylopfaYeah i thought so too :( 22:06
CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver master * r182fc16 / (9 files in 9 dirs): added WaitForUserConfirmation activity - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/182fc16021917f665e91a8d43abbfde1daada71122:08
CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver master * r7b1e385 / (5 files in 5 dirs): Added new setting - Enable Users after Anonymous Registration? - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/7b1e385dd31a7091ba5a1bc9cc581d7430c88b9d22:08
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@scrottiezylopfa, re: Poll, open a ticket?  I can't get around to trying to recreate that right now22:44
zylopfascrottie, its some proxy stuff i am doing it on a customized demo on my local machine 23:03
zylopfaI think its something with the local ip addresses and proxy there at the same time23:03
zylopfaI havent been able to crete it on the pb demosite or my production servers23:03
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elninohi everybody! I'm back!23:45
elninoI have a question!23:45
elninoso.. how much flexibility do I have to incorporate a custom form into the shop? I need to ask additional information before puchase.23:46
elninowould that require a custom "product.pm"?23:46
--- Day changed Tue Jul 26 2011
ampliHello. Regarding asset addition/editing in wg8: I continued to investigate the way navigation is done there, and found several problems. I fixed them, but I have a question about the desired behavior specifications.00:08
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@preactionok, go ahead00:34
ampliI preaction: What are the specifications regarding save/cancel in an asset add/edit screen?  Should  these operations always return to the screen from which the user arrived? 00:40
@preactionelnino: yes, probably. a dataform could work, but it wouldn't be required to purchase the product00:48
ampliThe current code doesn't do that. When editing an asset in a page of the site, save/cancel return to the assets page (in which the asset is shown standalone). If you edit another asset from the Dislay tab and then save/cancel, it returns to a template editing screen (that you didn't come from). In most other cases that I checked, save/cancel return to places I don't expect.00:58
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rfef167b / lib/WebGUI/Form/JsonTable.pm : Fix a syntax error in the Json table caused by my bad merge. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/fef167bd0f655f1f754161471e4c756470b0558d01:01
ampliAnother problem is the way save is making the return.  It does it by HTTP redirection.  If you add/edit an asset and make a few changes, then go to the Display tab and edit another asset, then save, you would lose your changes on the original asset if you use redirect for returning!01:02
ampliI managed to fix all of these problems by using history.go instead of redirect (also in case of save).01:03
ampliThe way I used is even simpler to implement. My test changes still use proceed(), but can be simplified by not using it.01:10
CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver master * r29f06a1 / (docs/gotcha.txt etc/WebGUI.conf.original): A couple of forgotten things for the WaitForUserConfirmation workflow - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/29f06a1062f614badcc5505e62313e36005593eb01:11
ampliBut maybe I missed something, since I didn't understand why the current implementaion uses redirection in order to return to the previous location.01:13
ampliI need a feedback on that, so I will know if to continue this way and fix everything left in the same way.01:15
ampliI also found problems regarding YUI buttons, and also have some questions regarding that....01:16
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd7112b2 / lib/WebGUI/Content/PDFGenerator.pm : Add POD to PDFGenerator so it passes tests. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/d7112b2a3bc8d168af940a0f58d570439789b81202:13
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r0ed4d4a / (3 files in 2 dirs): Fix bad tests that were order dependent on the FS. Fix tests that leaked assets and/or version tags. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/0ed4d4a122a7c56497d30fa13d964b969dc9025602:59
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elninohi preaction. I'm back. I was thinking if I use the store, I would use subscriptions, but it sounds like there isn't any "form" to fill out per se.06:02
elninoFrom what I gather, they want peopel to register on the site and then have people fill in an application. I would use a store or subscription because they want the application to be renewed every X months.06:03
elninoso that why I thought about subscriptions. AND I believe depending on the answers on the form, they would be put into certain security group.06:03
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@scrottiehi perlbot06:09
@scrottieperlbot, varvars?06:10
@scrottieperlbot, botsnack!06:10
elninoI suppose I'm not makeing any sense.06:10
elninoI'm going to watch stargate SG1 and think about this more.06:10
perlbotscrottie: hi  06:12
perlbotscrottie: No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [var vars] [varvar] [varvarname]  06:12
perlbotscrottie: I'm not your prank monkey  06:12
@scrottieperlbot, var vars?06:17
perlbotscrottie: http://perl.plover.com/varvarname.html  06:17
@scrottieperlbot, webgui?06:17
perlbotscrottie: WebGUI - an open source content management system written in Perl - http://webgui.org | Also see #webgui on irc.freenode.net  06:17
@scrottiecarry on, soldier.06:21
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r3b67bd2 / docs/create.sql : Preparing for 7.10.21 release. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/3b67bd244b8634470b9e7df363b65a6e3a6ceae806:56
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5e40bf4 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.10.21 development - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/5e40bf45285e5eb5f167f741e0859e508ef3064707:24
elninocan I still use custom fields on the user registration form?07:25
elninoI'll just user that.07:28
elninois there anything in webgui where, if a user selects an item in one drop list, another drop list's choices change depending on the first drop lists's selection?07:54
elninoI sure hope thingy has somethign like that. I guess I'll be finding out soon. Good night.08:10
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CIA-82webgui: Scott Walters WebGUI8 * re945a94 / (12 files in 8 dirs): Reworked error handling to propogate errors downward, especially when webgui.debug is set - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/e945a94c63e2c39eea5369b2ef549aefc6bd771010:11
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qwebirc57163Please help with Perl modules install. JavaScript::Packer, CSS::Packer, HTML::Packer ... I get Error - Couldn't untar "module-name-version.tar"18:46
qwebirc57163I've setup CentOS 5.6 + WRE-WG - Beta 7.10.21 on a VMware vm.18:46
@scrottieyikes.  I don't know CentOS, but is it possible you need to do 'yum install tar'?  surely CentOS does not not come without a tar18:51
@scrottietype 'tar' at the command shell and see if it finds it...?18:51
@scrottieif so, more diagnostic output is needed18:51
-!- vanjwilson [~vanjwilso@adsl-070-148-067-249.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui18:53
qwebirc57163Package 2:tar-1.15.1-30.el5.i386 already installed and latest version Nothing to do18:53
@scrottierun this as root:  cpan JavaScript::Packer18:54
@scrottieif it fails, paste the full output of that into a gist.github.com note and paste the URL to that here18:55
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vanjwilsonDoes anyone have a preference for how to save an SQL Report out to an Excel file? (I've seen Spreadsheet::WriteExcel mentioned--is there an internal Webgui asset?)19:04
qwebirc57163<@scrottie> git://gist.github.com/1107100.git19:05
@scrottieyou should be able to export them as csvs.  Excel will read a csv file.19:07
@scrottieqwebirc57163, btw, the URL from the URL bar, eg https://gist.github.com/1107100, is preferred in this case19:07
@scrottiethen I can just open it in my browser19:07
@scrottieqwebirc, that's very informative but sort of depressing... it looks like 'tar' worked fine but exited with a failure code because it didn't know how to handle some extensions to the tar format present in this tar file... it looks like those extensions are utterly unimportant and just causing trouble, as usual.19:09
qwebirc57163thanks. First time user.19:09
@scrottieI don't have a good fix for this off hand, without resorting to radical measures.19:09
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@scrottiefor what it's worth, it's some problem between RedHat and the tar that created that tar file.19:10
@scrottiein a larger context, it's a 'cpan' (program) problem, since it has to support all of this garbage.19:10
@scrottiesorry I don't have better news for ya.  if you do 'man tar' on your system, there might be instructions about setting an environment variable to silence/ignore these warnings... that would make this work.19:11
@scrottieif it is GNU tar, it is probably just configured oddly by RedHat... what does it say when you do this at the command shell:  echo $TAR_OPTIONS 19:12
qwebirc57163Put me back at prompt19:13
@scrottieokay, so nothing.19:13
vanjwilson@scrottie, Thanks for the tip, but we are also looking for a way to have a little PDF icon on a dashboard, so that's it's one click without even having to view the report onscreen (sorry if this is a noob question, but I thought the download option wasn't that customizable)19:14
@scrottiedo this:  export TAR_OPTIONS='--warning==none';cpan JavaScript::Packer19:15
@scrottievanjwilson, question is fine.  sounds like you have a healthy relationship with the docs.  I don't entirely follow.  how were you meaning to go from xls to pdf?  do you have some other software for that?  did you see frodwith's recent PDF support patch?  that should be in the latest dev/beta version of WebGUI now.19:17
qwebirc57163<@scrottie>  https://gist.github.com/110715219:18
@scrottieoops, --warning=none, not ==... trying it myself here right quick19:18
@scrottieoh, for crying outloud...19:20
@scrottieutterly fails for entirely different reasons19:20
@scrottieuh, nope.  fails for reasons related to this tar being wonky.19:21
* scrottie ponders his existance19:21
vanjwilson@scrottie, sorry, we are looking for 2 ways to export the same on-screen SQL report (we did see http://www.webgui.org/forums/dev/webgui::content::pdfgenerator), and we only want the Excel export to be raw cells (no formulas, charts, etc.)19:21
@scrottievanjwilson, unless you can convince me otherwise, I'm certain that the existing CSV output should work fine for your purposes.19:22
@scrottieyou should be able to process it however you're processing .xls files.19:22
@scrottiethe only difference is that many spreadsheet programs can read csv (including Excel) whereas only Excel can read .xls (except for cases where other spreadsheets went through great effort to try to implement Microsoft's secret file format)19:22
vanjwilsonscrottie, okay, I'm sold, but do we need to create 2 versions of the asset, one with screen output, and another called from the cute little Excel icon link that has no screen output--just direct to download option?19:24
@scrottieqwebirc57163:  here's something of an outside path.  go to search.cpan.org, find JavaScript::Packer there, find the 1.003 version of it (or 1.002 version if you need to), download that, do tar -xzvf JavaScript-Packer-1.003.tar.gz on that, cd into the directory it makes, then do 'cpan .' in there19:24
@scrottieqwebirc57163:  that's based on the guess that only this latest .tar.gz is completely mucked up and the last one wasn't.19:24
@scrottievanjwilson:  shouldn't need two copies of the asset, merely an extra link to it with ?func=export on the end19:25
@scrottieI'm still not clear on how you're thinking of automating converting the spreadsheet export into a pdf... other software?19:25
@scrottieif it doesn't concern me right now, that's fine.19:26
@scrottiejust don't want to steer you wrong.19:26
vanjwilsonscrottie, great, thanks (sounds like I was overthinking the excel option), oh, no, we are not convert the excel to PDF, but the onscreen report to PDF19:27
@scrottiesure, happy to comment.19:28
qwebirc57163<@scrottie> tar xzvf JavaScript-Packer-1.004.tar.gz ---  tar -xzvf JavaScript-Packer-1.004.tar.gz, doesn't untar the file --  tar: unrecognized option `--warning==none' Try `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information.19:44
sbaurqwebirc57163: export TAR_OPTIONS='' (those are two single quotes)19:53
sbaurit's complaining about the tar options scrottie gave you earlier19:53
qwebirc57163<sbaur> New error while installing javascript::packer -- Couldn't untar Regexp-RegGrp-1.002.tar20:00
* sbaur perplexed20:01
sbauri just tried installing it on one of  my rhel vms, and got an error about the version of perl. Of course I'm running a really old wre so that may be the problem20:06
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@scrottieon this Debian machine, rather than files containing what they were supposed to, they contained what looks like warnings from tar about unknown properties20:09
@scrottiethis is the Module::Build stuff in inc:: / inc/20:09
@scrottieso, I decided to blame the .tar.gz rather than tar20:09
@scrottiemy tar wouldn't finish without --warning=none20:09
@scrottieand qwebirc, --warning=none, not --warning==none (I put an extra = in there... )20:10
@scrottiewhen it did finish with --warning=none, the output was incorrect20:10
@scrottieso, try an earlier version20:10
@scrottiebut if this is happening on other files, I have no idea.20:10
sbaurqwebirc57163 and scrottie: on my rhel5 box, running the same version of tar, tar-1.15.1-30.el5, I get a whole bunch of extedned header keyword errors that end in a could not untar error20:22
sbaurthis is on a box without webgui or wre, just stock rhel packages20:23
@scrottiesbaur, I get the same warnings from that particular .tar.gz using some Debian20:25
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SquOnkHi people.01:41
SquOnkInside an Asset Report Template that is reporting on Articles *only*.01:42
SquOnk^AssetProperty(<tmpl_var shortcutToAssetId>,storageId); is giving me the correct storageId for the Article.01:43
SquOnk^StorageUrl(^AssetProperty(<tmpl_var shortcutToAssetId>,storageId);,'thumb',0);01:43
SquOnkis NOT giving me the correct URL for the first image.01:43
SquOnkscrottie: I have an AR reporting on Articles, and I use StorageUrl to get to the first attached image, just fine.01:44
SquOnkscrottie: No I have an AR reporting on Shortcuts to Articles, and I want to have access to the first attached image.01:44
SquOnkscrottie: I used ^AssetProperty(<tmpl_var shortcutToAssetId>,storageId); and it's giving me the correct storageId for the Article.01:44
SquOnkscrottie: But nesting ^AssetPropert(...) as first argument to ^StorageUrl is not working.01:45
@scrottieno guesses from me on that one.  sorry.01:46
SquOnkscrottie: All right.01:46
SquOnkscrottie: I browsed both macros and they couldn't be any simpler.01:46
SquOnkscrottie: If I hardcode the storageId in the nested call, it works :/01:46
SquOnkscrottie: I tried adding quotes around the nested call, no joy.01:47
sbaurcould it be a character in the storage Id that needs to be escaped?01:47
SquOnksbaur: Good point, but in this case, both storageIds are plain...01:48
SquOnkti_HyJkeqMTEzPpR3O9rxg and f0Qqm9LG96LR6YsbkFMgNQ01:48
SquOnk(nothing to escape there)01:48
sbaursomething we've run into before with nested macros...01:48
SquOnksbaur: However, you sparked an idea.01:50
SquOnkIf I use single quotes (') around the nested call, the thing doesn't work.01:50
SquOnkIf I use double quotes (") around the nested call, the darn thing works.01:50
SquOnksbaur: So thanks for the lateral hint :)01:50
sbaurglad to help :)01:50
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mech422Hi all03:35
mech422quick question wrt wg 7.7.9 - is there an easy way to access cookies from a template ?03:35
mech422for instance I'd like to see if a 'wgLogin' cookie exists, and if so display 'Logged In' otherwise display "Login Please" ?03:36
@scrottiethe login box WebGUI macro can be templated.03:39
@scrottiethat's the sane route.03:39
mech422yeah - this is just an example03:40
mech422what I'd really like is be able to reference a cookie without writing a macro for every use case03:40
@scrottielooks like ^L sets template vars for hello.label, logout.url, logout.label and a few other things... user.isVisitor03:40
mech422it appears I get access to some session vars in templates - but not all of them ?03:40
@scrottiethen you can display one or another thing based on that.03:41
@scrottiedepends on what is displaying the template.03:41
@scrottiein this case, I'm suggesting that you provide a custom template for the login macro, since it sets the template vars it sounds like you want.03:41
@scrottiemore in general, as far as accessing cookies from the template, one would have ask, "server side or client side?"03:41
mech422server side03:42
@scrottieI don't see a macro offhand that does that.03:42
mech422I want to be able to use the existance of a cookie (or even better its value) to enable conditional processing03:42
mech422I didn't see one either03:42
mech422suppose I'll just write a macro then03:43
@scrottieyou could do that.  I think what's generally done in this case is multiple assets are added to a page layout with permission set on some of them such that they're only viewable by registered users (group)03:43
@scrottieyou may sort of be re-inventing that wheel.03:44
mech422actually - the only goal here is to determine the presence (or better value) of the cookie...03:44
mech422it has nothing to do with content03:44
mech422I'm just testing the logic I added to login/logout are actually setting and removing the cookies properly03:45
mech422and I don't feel like looking at every request in firebug :-P03:45
@scrottieright.  you could do that server side or client side, sounds like.03:45
mech422eh - clientside isn't my strong suit...03:46
mech422suppose I could try it though03:46
mech422prolly faster just to do a macro though03:46
@scrottiethat's a pretty simple chore... looking up a cookie...03:46
mech422thing is - what would it _do_ ? I don't want a popup as this is a live site... oh! I could have it rewrite the login box title thru the DOM...03:47
mech422Hmm - ok...03:47
mech422thanks for the help03:47
@scrottiesure, happy to comment on stuff.03:48
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sbaurI don't seem to be getting any email from PB forums/helpdesks this morning...17:42
+BartJolmm, maybe they have to do a spectre restart17:43
+BartJolhaven't posted anything today17:44
sbauri've added an update to a private ticket, which I still haven't received in email this morning17:44
+BartJolwell, can't help you with that, haven't got access17:48
sbaur2 out of 3 sites updated on this server, now it's time for the upgrade that will take forever...17:48
+BartJolfrom what version?17:49
sbaur7.5.40 to 7.6.35, the one with all the utf-8 checks and userprofile privileges changes17:50
sbaurand i have 69K users...17:50
+BartJolah, joy17:51
sbaurit may finish in an hour or so...17:51
+Radix-wrkheh.. and here I am with only 19k users and 7.0.8 and thinking I had it bad ;)17:52
+Radix-wrkhey BartJol :)17:52
+BartJolmmm, staring at upgrade script output...17:52
+BartJolHey Radix-wrk17:52
+BartJolhows life down under?17:52
+Radix-wrkgood good :)17:53
+Radix-wrkalways busy lately.. which sucks, but it seems to be the norm everywhere of late17:53
+BartJolwinter over there, with a whooping cold 19 C 17:54
+Radix-wrkI know.. it's terrible when it gets so cold ;)17:54
+BartJolyeah, busy people all around17:54
+Radix-wrkactually it's only just warmed up a bit.. was around 2-3'C overnight not that long ago.. got a bit of rain now and things have warmed up because of it17:55
+BartJolwell our summer is about the same atm17:55
+BartJolrain, 19 C17:55
+Radix-wrkaww.. that's no good - hope it warms up for you soon17:55
+BartJolwell it is better at the office with these temperature17:56
+Radix-wrkwould you believe it's been 5 years since I was at Oqapi - I'm planning another sabbatical atm17:56
+BartJoloh, cool17:56
+Radix-wrkoff to the US in oct17:56
+BartJolcool, which part(s)17:57
+Radix-wrkeverywhere lol17:57
+Radix-wrksf, seattle, ny, dc, pheonix, honolulu is the plan atm17:57
+Radix-wrka month in total17:57
+BartJolah, no madison?17:57
+Radix-wrknot this trip17:58
+Radix-wrkis there a wuc this year?  I couldn't find anything about it..17:58
+Radix-wrkgoing to a conference in sf and another in seattle17:58
+BartJolnot afaik17:58
+BartJolah, on perl?17:58
+Radix-wrka week in new york.. visiting extended family in pheonix and then honolulu to relax before we get back home17:59
+Radix-wrknot on perl this time.. attending StackOverflow's DevDays in SF and then Visual Studio Live at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Seattle18:00
+BartJolwife is coming along?18:00
+Radix-wrkyeah, Yumi's coming :)18:00
+BartJolmicrosoft, well evil is spreading18:00
+BartJoleven I am doing win sysadmin courrse atm18:00
+Radix-wrkWell the company I work for makes its money selling windows software, so can't help the MS connection ;)18:01
+BartJolwell as long as you sell your soul for the right price18:02
+Radix-wrkWell I gotta get to bed, but good to say hi Bart :) - send my regards to Joeri, Martin, Koen and the rest of the gang for me :)18:06
+BartJolI will18:07
+BartJolsleep tight18:07
+BartJolsbaur: I do get bug notifications18:24
sbauri just got 5 messages from various fora too18:25
sbaurincluding the ones that were missing earlier18:25
sbaurguess they restarted spectre18:26
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CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver webgui-7.9 * ra3a894b / (3 files in 3 dirs): 19:22
CIA-82webgui: fixed #12206: Bad Subscription Groups in Duplicated Threads19:22
CIA-82webgui: Conflicts:19:22
CIA-82webgui:  docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/a3a894ba45239bc7e650409d5b349c0546b8565719:22
CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver master * r9738ec0 / (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed #12206: Bad Subscription Groups in Duplicated Threads - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/9738ec0171a503bab304f75268dd2a2e592f8e4619:22
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sbaur2 hours and 15 minutes to update one site to 7.6.35, wow20:12
sbaurnow to replace the survey on the other site20:13
sbaurIs there anyway to delete an entry out of a survey? (through the UI)20:39
@scrottiedelete a question?  or a response?20:57
sbaurdelete a response20:57
@scrottieI see a deleteResponses func that "Deletes all responses from this survey instance."20:59
@scrottietechnically, that accomplishes what you requested, deleting _a_ response ;)20:59
sbaurwonder why I didn't see that, since my response is the only one right now, that would be fine21:00
@scrottiestill, that's less than satisfactory.21:00
@scrottieyou could always take the responseId from the URL when viewing that response and do:  delete from Survey_response where responseId = 'whatever';21:00
@scrottieat the mysql prompt21:01
sbauri don't seem to have a link for delete all, or any way to view one, may be a custom template problem21:01
@scrottie?func=deleteResponses should do it, if I'm reading this right21:02
@scrottiethere doesn't seem to be any sort of confirmation21:02
sbauram giving it a try21:03
sbaurthat did not delete anything, so it's there but not implemented somehow?21:04
sbaurat least not yet in 7.6.35, which was the first iteration of this new survey21:04
@scrottieI'm looking at the WebGUI8 branch... you might do grep 'sub www_' lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Survey.pm to see what funcs are implemented21:04
@scrottiegit show v7.6.35 -- li^CWebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Survey.pm  # nada.  hrm.21:05
sbaurthere is a sub called deleteResponses21:05
@scrottieer, without the li^C21:06
@scrottielooks like it should work but I haven't tested it.21:06
sbaurit's a simple looking sub, but didn't seem to work21:07
sbauri think I'll check the db (with the hint here) and see if I can do it there21:07
@scrottieokay.  just be careful.. if you delete from Survey_response without any 'where' clause, it'll delete all responses for all surveys, so you need to pin it down by either responseId or assetId (from the survey)21:09
sbauri'll get the response IDs21:09
sbaurthat got rid of them, thanks scrottie21:11
sbaurnext thing will be figuring out importing data from our old survey to the new survey, but that one's on someone else's plate :-)21:12
@scrottieoh, fun.21:14
sbaurencoding and decoding json, not my idea of a good time21:14
@scrottieas it is, the responses link to not just a survey, but the exact version of it...21:14
@scrottieand old versions of the survey are kept around just so that the responses can be viewed21:15
@scrottiechange anything in the survey and the responses don't match up correctly any more otherwise21:15
@scrottietrying to make old responses work with newer revisions of the survey is going to be interesting21:15
@scrottie(this is rare instance of a topic coming up on IRC related to WebGUI that I actually know anything about)21:15
sbaurIt's even rarer when I can answer a question21:16
sbaurhopefully, we'll get our responses in before we change anything in the survey. 21:16
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qwebirc33250Can Story Manager, Story Archive or more specifically Story Topic have a 'read more' implemented like that used in the Collaboration System?23:23
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1d54196 / (8 files in 7 dirs): Add payment driver for Authorize.net. i18n, upgrade script, config file changes, and new template. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/1d54196f449ba5f5f1ab9ac67cd2ad7086dd349723:25
qwebirc33250Yesterday you helped me with Centos 5.6, WRE & WG current beta - issues with JavaScript, CSS, HTML ::Packer. I gave up because or more issues and is currently using Debian-; it works great with both stable and beta wg.23:30
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r7238b2a / t/Account/Friends.t : Fix a broken test. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/7238b2ae09e609ba229b0b2bab097457bc61e26b08:17
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r9492882 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Shortcut.pm : Fix whitespace problem with POD in Asset/Shortcut - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/94928825f261dd2447084138df694ae6a5dad66a08:21
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r94761c4 / lib/WebGUI/Session/Response.pm : Fix whitespace problems with POD in Session/Response - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/94761c46e452dadad8139c8e408037352471796f08:22
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rd4cbee1 / share/upgrades/7.10.18-8.0.0/root_import_adminconsole_admin-interface.wgpkg : Fix bad i18n in the admin console admin interface template - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/d4cbee1f999ba604a9bfda64849c2332c6d2dc5508:25
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elninofeeling stupid here.. I've created many dataforms, but today I can't find where I add fields.. help?08:27
elninois there a bug? 7.9.29-stable08:28
elninonever mind. bye08:31
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rb2eda80 / t/Asset/Wobject/WeatherData.t : Update a test for WebGUI 8 mock asset creation. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/b2eda80839b12213afc116c473d89140bf39273c08:37
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r0b74f25 / (4 files in 3 dirs): Update test for changes to the underlying form code, submit => send - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/0b74f25dd1405931415d22fb9028d8ca61e9627d08:41
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r04ea5ab / t/Definition/Asset.t : Update test for change in Definition behavior. Labels/noFormPost is not required any longer. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/04ea5ab5335778b6c6cd07ce6e031f628bf7946208:46
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r56a0f0d / lib/WebGUI/Account/Friends.pm : No need to remake the same user object. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/56a0f0dd3d81f01f2e7b633c645f82d6dc3a69fa08:47
CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop improved-asset-creation * r173a046 / (lib/WebGUI/AssetLineage.pm lib/WebGUI/AssetVersioning.pm): 08:51
CIA-82webgui: improve asset creation process08:51
CIA-82webgui: The old process would set every property when creating a new revision.08:51
CIA-82webgui: This would run all the setters/triggers, which isn't desired. This08:51
CIA-82webgui: changes it to create the new revision in memory with the previous08:51
CIA-82webgui: values, then update it with the new values. This will cause the08:51
CIA-82webgui: triggers to only be called when new values are provided. (+24 more commits...) - https://github.com/haarg/webgui/commit/173a046d40f4dd097b294695eff9681b73519aea08:51
CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop improved-asset-creation * r1c99eae / (lib/WebGUI/AssetLineage.pm lib/WebGUI/AssetVersioning.pm): 08:53
CIA-82webgui: improve asset creation process08:53
CIA-82webgui: The old process would set every property when creating a new revision.08:53
CIA-82webgui: This would run all the setters, which isn't desired. This changes it08:53
CIA-82webgui: to create the new revision in memory with the previous values, then08:53
CIA-82webgui: update that with the new values. This will cause the setters to only08:53
CIA-82webgui: be called when new values are provided. - https://github.com/haarg/webgui/commit/1c99eaee1cd509f90407bb54d517652f2c144e5c08:53
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zylopfaHello webguians12:19
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+BartJolcan it be that the hasAddedToCart property of sku's is just saved in the current instance of an asset and that after requesting for that sku again will not assign that value again?17:33
+BartJolso it isn't stored in the session?17:33
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qwebirc16141Can Story Manager, Story Archive or more specifically Story Topic have a 'read more' similar to that used in the Collaboration System?18:15
+BartJolI suppose that is templatable, but unfortunately I have to go now18:16
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zylopfaHello perlDreamer long time no see!19:11
+perlDreamerhey zylopfa19:11
+perlDreamerHow is WebGUI treating you these days?19:12
zylopfaits awesome!19:12
zylopfaFinding things to add many times19:12
zylopfalike now i am using thingy with some ajaxing19:12
+perlDreamerthere's no lack of new things to add to WebGUI19:12
+perlDreamerare you using the built-in ajax features of the Thingy for that, or new ones?19:12
zylopfayeah i am 19:13
zylopfabut i want to make an rfe for the build in one19:13
zylopfaIt should return the error message as it does now ofc19:13
zylopfabut also it should return the fieldId19:13
+perlDreamerthat would be handy19:13
zylopfathen you can do things where you highlight fields with error19:13
zylopfaI have made the change already but i need to make tests and an rfe for it19:14
+perlDreamer"i need to make the tests" <- sweet sounds to my ears19:14
zylopfayeah i learned it some days ago!!19:14
zylopfaWhen i solved a 5000 karma rfe19:15
sbauris there some way to do a trace of a custom asset? I have an asset that appears to be running fine in development (now on 7.6) was running fine in production on 7.5, has been upgraded to 7.6 and is doing some really odd things. 19:51
zylopfayou can make it report errors in the logs by using19:52
sbaurLog file isn't generating anything odd, the custom asset is under version control and is at the same version on both boxes19:52
zylopfa$session->errorHandler->error("some thing to test for");19:52
zylopfaSounds wierd, is the asset loaded in the config file?19:52
sbaurin debug, the queries diverge at query 9, and some things that should be warns in the log, aren't getting written or set19:53
sbaurgood idea zylopfa, i'll double check19:53
zylopfaroger that19:53
sbaurit's in the conf file in assets, in utilities...19:54
sbauron both boxes19:55
zylopfaso something like this:19:56
zylopfaWebGUI::Asset::File 19:56
zylopfa    "WebGUI::Asset::File" : {19:56
zylopfa         "category" : "utilities"19:56
zylopfa      },19:56
sbaur "WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::Exam" : {19:56
sbaur         "category" : "utilities"19:56
zylopfaignore the second line :D19:56
sbaurwith a closing brace too19:56
zylopfaAnd have you double checked that the asset is in the directory /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject19:57
sbaurI have a meeting to get to, but maybe my subconscious now has something to chew on19:57
sbaurit's in my directory being loaded through preload.custom19:58
zylopfayeah :D best of speed!19:58
zylopfayou modified preload.custom?19:58
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+perlDreameryeah, that's the next step, preload.custom20:31
zylopfawhy do you need to use that?20:31
zylopfaI never did20:31
+perlDreamersome people keep their core installs clean, with all foreign files kept outside of /data/WebGUI20:31
zylopfaDont you just specify which things are loaded pr. site basis in the /data/WebGUI/etc/site.conf20:31
+perlDreamerby module name, yes20:31
+perlDreamerbut not by location20:31
zylopfai never knew about preload.custom20:31
+perlDreamerit's worth some time digging around in sbin for that, and preload.exclude and other stuff20:33
zylopfaOi thats an awesome idea that20:34
zylopfawith preload.custom20:34
zylopfaI always had the problem of copying my custom assets into new installs20:35
zylopfaand remembering them all20:35
zylopfanow i can use preload.custom20:35
zylopfathanks a lot perlDreamer 20:35
+perlDreameryou're welcome :)20:35
zylopfaperlDreamer, as you are the expert tester i ask you something20:36
+perlDreameractually, Haarg is better at writing tests that I am.  I just write a whole bunch of them.20:36
zylopfaforexample i made a rfe for several assets like Article.pm , to include <tmpl_var extension> to show the extension of files in the file loop20:36
zylopfaTo test that i did this:20:36
zylopfa1) Create an empty template with just <tmpl_loop fileloop><tmpl_var extension></tmpl_loop>20:37
zylopfa2) create an articla and assign it this new template20:37
zylopfa3) upload files from the testdirectory to the article20:38
zylopfa4) test output from the view method of the article to know values for the files extensions20:38
zylopfaIs this a way to do it?20:38
+perlDreamerthat is one way, but it's the hard way :)20:39
zylopfayeah but the only one in article cause it doesnt have a prepareTemplatevars style function20:39
zylopfasome of the bigger assets has that20:39
+perlDreamerhave a peek at this: https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/0ed4d4a122a7c56497d30fa13d964b969dc90256#diff-120:39
zylopfa:O someone altered my tests :O20:41
+perlDreamerthat's because they were dependent on the filesystem20:41
+perlDreamerand were failing for me20:41
+perlDreamertesting for order of files in a storage location is never good idea20:41
zylopfaahh i thought the files was assorted and choosen by plainblack to always be there20:42
zylopfait was in the testarea20:42
zylopfalet me look again at the modification you did20:42
+perlDreamernope, once you put them into a storage location and call getFiles, the order is not guaranteed any longer20:42
zylopfaahh yeah the order sorry20:43
zylopfaI thought you ment the files themselves20:43
zylopfaI sure did it wrong then20:43
zylopfaperlDreamer, I dontr understand this: 20:45
zylopfaforeach my $f (@extTestFiles) {20:45
zylopfa    my $pathedFile = WebGUI::Test->getTestCollateralPath($f);20:45
zylopfa    my $storedFilename = $storage->addFileFromFilesystem($pathedFile);20:45
+perlDreamerthat adds the files to the storage location20:46
+perlDreamerbut when you call $storage->getFiles, you don't get them back in the same order20:46
zylopfaso that will be in correct order?20:46
zylopfaahhh ok20:46
zylopfaso the array is trhere to maintain the order?20:46
zylopfamore or less20:46
+perlDreamerthe array @extTestFiles ?20:46
zylopfaand ofc to give the filenames20:46
zylopfaI was thinking about the order thing when i did the test actually20:47
+perlDreamerthat array only maintains order in which they get added to the storage location20:47
+perlDreamerand lets you use a foreach loop to add them20:47
+perlDreamerrather than lots of copy/paste/change filename20:47
zylopfahaa yeah true20:47
zylopfabtw i dont understand the Test::Mock business20:48
zylopfayou dont create a real template ?20:48
+perlDreamerno, you create a fake one20:49
+perlDreamerso that you can get access to the template variables directly20:49
+perlDreamerrather than trying to parse a template20:49
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zylopfasounds like a good idea, but it all seems a bit arcane20:50
* scrottie comes in late in the conversation20:52
zylopfaHello Sir scrottie 20:52
@scrottieTest::Mock is just meant to make it a little easier to create your own minimal, test purpose specific implementations of interfaces20:53
@scrottieheya zolopfa20:53
zylopfaFair enough20:53
zylopfait seems hard to understand20:53
zylopfaIts not that hard to pass templates on your own20:53
zylopfareading though test.pm now to figure it out20:53
@scrottieso if you need a Widget::Gonkulator to test a Teletronic::Blinkenlight but its hard to test with a real Widget::Gonkulator, you can make a minimal, test specific fake Widget::Gonkulator instead20:54
@scrottieyou could do it without Test::Mock, but T::M has some shortcuts built in.  pretty simple =)20:54
zylopfaI still dont get how it introduce the new <tmpl_var extension> 20:56
zylopfacant see it from the test :(20:56
zylopfaI can see it tricks article to use a fake template20:57
zylopfaatleast i found 1 thing out21:02
zylopfait takes 1000 times longer to write tests that writing the actual rfe or bug fix21:02
@scrottieit's a developed skill.21:04
zylopfayeah i will learn it21:04
@scrottieif it takes as long to write the test as the implementation, you're doing well.21:04
zylopfagonna test that Article.t and make some debug output for myself21:04
zylopfaso i know whats going on21:04
zylopfascrottie, btw!!21:05
zylopfaI have created my own demosite for my company. With my own companys layout and content21:06
@scrottiewell, content is king, they say.21:08
zylopfaperlDreamer, when run the Article.t i get: Called UNIVERSAL::isa() as a function, not a method21:11
zylopfa10 times. I suppose its in the cmp_bag section21:11
zylopfabut it doesnt work then the test21:12
+perlDreameryes, warnings from code in tests are fine21:12
+perlDreamerbut bad test output is not fine21:12
zylopfabut it doesnt say if it tested  it to work or not21:12
zylopfaahh it did only "ok 18"21:12
@scrottieI tried to fix that UNIVERSAL::isa() thing but Devel::Caller chokes and breaks.  *sigh*21:12
zylopfaI wanted it to be more elaborate ;D21:12
+perlDreamerdid i miss a comment?21:12
+perlDreamerthat's quite likely21:13
zylopfais it cmp_bag that does those nasty errors?21:13
@scrottiewanted to have it correctly figure out if it was being used as a function or method rather than guessing wrong but the bytecode traversing logic fails.21:13
zylopfaCan we make it work so it doesnt spit out that error things?21:14
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r97644da / t/Asset/Wobject/Article.t : Forgot a comment for the extension test in the attachment_loop - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/97644dae49612d19f1be531c081aa38d5fa4a2ec21:14
zylopfaHaa sick good Colin!21:14
zylopfaperlDreamer, when i make changes it takes long time for the addition :(21:15
zylopfacause i dont have rights to add to the main branch myself21:15
+perlDreamerit takes a while to get commit privileges to the main repo21:15
+perlDreamerI'll try to be quicker on doing merges in the future21:15
@scrottiezylopfa, I've seen preaction pull your changes right after you mention them here, and I've done the same thing.  I think you're exaggerating.21:16
@scrottie*sometimes* it takes a while for some reason but usually we're pretty quick.21:16
+perlDreamerscrottie, he's sent stuff directly to me in the past and I've been slow in merging21:16
+perlDreameryou and prection have indeed done better21:16
+perlDreamereven if you didn't rerun the full test suite after the merge :)21:16
@scrottiegithub pull requests are nice.  anyone who is confident of the change can merge it.21:17
* perlDreamer refuses to believe that only Ubuntu failed those file order tests21:17
zylopfanaa it wasnt met rude scrottie 21:17
@scrottieyou know, it would be nice to have a webgui smoke box...21:17
zylopfaI know it takes time if i dont have the rights myself21:17
@scrottienot taken rude, but I politely disagree =)21:17
zylopfaits not that it took much time21:17
zylopfajust mroe time than 5 seconds21:17
zylopfais all21:17
@scrottiezylopfa, it takes up to a week for a change to WebGUI to make it into a dev release anyway (which is actually also a very short period of time)21:18
zylopfaahh fair enough!21:19
zylopfaI will make my new additioon to Thingy.pm soon21:19
zylopfaI am wresteling a lot with it so i find things that are good to add to its functionality21:20
zylopfaWoo shit that mock thing is smart21:37
@scrottieas long as code plays by the rules, it works pretty well.21:38
@scrottie(->isa, not ref; ->can, using the API, etc)21:39
zylopfaIts fucking genious it can hook onto a call to Template->process and then take the arguments out to use for more tests21:39
@scrottieI really need to write a little Tk app to pop up a window and ask me what I'm doing every 15 minutes...21:39
* scrottie sighs21:39
zylopfaahhh 21:40
zylopfayou are crazed!!21:40
@scrottieam I?  or am I the product of craziness?21:40
zylopfathats a good question!!21:40
zylopfaIf i am crazy also i'd say nr 221:40
zylopfaI wanna be good at writing tests21:41
@scrottieMySQL, how I hate thee, let me count the ways...21:44
zylopfawhats it doing unto you?21:44
HaargperlDreamer, have you had a chance to look at that asset creation change i wanted to make?21:47
+perlDreameryes, but the reported test failure make me nervous21:47
zylopfaIts genious that new Article.t test, I can use it for all my templatevariable tests21:47
+perlDreamerHaarg, if they're just tests that need to be updated, that's one thing21:48
zylopfacause ALL assets that view things has to call Template->prepare21:48
+perlDreamerbut without installing the patch and seeing what's failing and why it's hard just to merge it21:49
Haargi haven't checked the tests since i wrote it a while back, but it was like 3 different test failures across three tests.  they are most likely just tests that need to be adjusted.21:49
Haargi'll take another look at it, but did the change itself seem reasonable?21:49
+perlDreameroh yeah21:49
+perlDreamerit's like the dirty write flag we talked about months ago21:49
+perlDreamerit'd be fun to bench mark asset creation and see if the patch speeds it up21:50
Haargthere are a couple things with asset instantiation that are kind of messed up, even with that change21:51
Haargiirc it recalculates packed head tags for every asset instance created21:51
Haargsimple to fix, but i didn't want to bother until the other changes got it21:52
zylopfaWhere is cmp_bag defined?21:55
zylopfathank you Sir21:55
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zylopfaperlDreamer, could i persuade you to accept my latest RFE? Its a thingy thing i'd like to add22:26
-!- fokat [~lem@weston-] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]22:36
* perlDreamer is not able to accept RFE's. That's preaction's responsibility22:36
+perlDreamerhowever, I don't see anything that would stop him from approving it22:36
+perlDreamerit's completely backwards compatible22:36
zylopfaahh sorry :D. yeah it destroys nothing, the old tests still run22:37
-!- fokat [~lem@weston-] has joined #webgui22:37
zylopfa+ if you are gonna use ajax you need feedback so you can do fancy things22:37
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]22:46
zylopfaperlDreamer, i am making my first cmp_bag test now, its awesome23:16
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zylopfapreaction, I made a rfe and coded it and send a pull request, if its ok to include it i'd apreciate it.23:39
sbauris there a way to diff two webgui conf files? something that reads in the json and then compares it?23:52
zylopfayou want it in code? or just in the shell?23:57
sbaurin shell is fine23:57
zylopfayou cant use the diff command or you need it to translate the json?23:57
sbaurthe conf files are in totally different orders, so diff is no good23:58
zylopfaahh yeah23:58
--- Day changed Fri Jul 29 2011
sbaurright now I've sorted the lines and am diffing the sorts, but that is significantly less than ideal00:01
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui00:01
zylopfayeah i was thinking about taking the conf file and making it my $dataStructure = from_json(conffile);00:01
zylopfaand then do a diff with hashes00:02
zylopfathere is something about it here http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=1128400:05
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sbaurso, my crazy problem where it upgraded fine in dev but not in production... was a bad setting, followed by that bad setting being cached, for who knows how long in /tmp/WebGUICache02:02
sbaur@#$%^! caching02:03
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zylopfaautch shit02:21
zylopfaso you fixed it?02:21
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zylopfaGood evening preaction 02:49
zylopfajust fixed the rfe you aproved even with tests this time02:50
zylopfain the bug and rfe thing is 1  the easiest difficulty right?02:51
@preactiondifficulty is a rating of how many hours we think it will take, hours / karma = karma score. highest karma score will be implemented first02:52
zylopfacould i persuade you to close an rfe i made? Its already been updated to the beta02:53
@preactionwhich one?02:53
zylopfathank you!02:55
@scrottiezylopfa, if you use JSON and from_json on both, you could cmp_bag them =)02:57
zylopfaI did do that i think02:58
@scrottieah.  read a bit more.  yup.02:59
zylopfaIts awesome the testing stuff02:59
zylopfawww_ methods are sick easy to test03:01
zylopfaalso all things that use templates03:01
zylopfapreaction can i use your powers once more?03:04
@preactioni can try03:04
zylopfaI made this rfe and fixed it and made a pull request to you guys03:04
zylopfaalso included tests03:05
@scrottiehrm, should I buy a DEC 5000?03:08
zylopfaDigital Equipment Corp?? Do they exist still?03:08
@scrottieno, the company is long gone, but a lot of the stuff they made is still out there.03:08
@scrottieDEC -> Compaq -> HP03:09
zylopfaHaaa nice03:09
zylopfasounds fun!03:10
@scrottieso many toys, so little time...03:10
zylopfatrue words!03:10
zylopfaI am gonna try to install webgui on a gumstixx03:10
@scrottiehave you seen the bifferboard?03:10
CIA-82webgui: Peter Christiansen master * r8b9be1e / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): 03:11
CIA-82webgui: RFE 12207 : www_editThingDataSaveViaAjax should return more info if thingdata fails to be saved.03:11
CIA-82webgui:  As it is it returns json with an array of error messages: [{error_message=>"some error"},..]03:11
CIA-82webgui:  But to be able to do anything useful with this. eg. highlighting of form fields whose03:11
CIA-82webgui:  input is erroneous we should also return the fieldName.03:11
CIA-82webgui:  This patch takes care of this. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/8b9be1e036651abee6d74579a24dd87a375c09ee03:11
CIA-82webgui: Peter Christiansen master * rbcfe174 / t/Asset/Wobject/Thingy/www_editThingDataSaveViaAjax.t : 03:11
CIA-82webgui: RFE 12207 : www_editThingDataSaveViaAjax should return more info if thingdata fails to be saved.03:11
CIA-82webgui:  As it is it returns json with an array of error messages: [{error_message=>"some error"},..]03:11
CIA-82webgui:  But to be able to do anything useful with this. eg. highlighting of form fields whose03:11
@scrottieyeah, I've got a gumstix ;)03:11
CIA-82webgui:  input is erroneous we should also return the fieldName.03:11
CIA-82webgui:  This patch takes care of this. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/bcfe1740dd523c47302549fd2e47ac3f5aa3a74203:11
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell master * r3a535b3 / (3 files in 3 dirs): 03:11
zylopfaWTF thats epic scrottie 03:11
CIA-82webgui: Merge pull request #20 from zylopfa/master03:11
CIA-82webgui: RFE 12207 : www_editThingDataSaveViaAjax should return more info if thingdata fails to be saved. - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/3a535b357235821b14c9e84df8c879701f9a5b9003:11
@scrottiemy girlfriend's roommate's toaster has one of those in it.  it sings songs and tells jokes when she makes toast.03:12
zylopfalol totaly awesome03:12
@scrottieUSB sound card.03:12
zylopfaI am so gonna get one of those03:12
zylopfaand it even has ethernet03:12
@scrottieshould be able to run the WRE on that, but no reason WebGUI wouldn't run on a gumstix either03:12
zylopfathanks a lot preaction for helping03:12
zylopfatrue, gumstix run linux also03:13
zylopfabut the one you showed me is more handy03:13
zylopfathe gumstix are more modules03:13
zylopfaso the have to attach to eachother and it can be fragile unless you make a case for it03:13
@scrottiebifferboard has ethernet, USB and various things on the daughter board included with it... they're only showing the main board there.  kind of cheating.  so its two boards the same size stacked, really.03:14
zylopfaaww damn03:14
zylopfathought it had headerpins for ethernet on the main board03:15
@scrottiethere are two sizes, a small one with one host usb and a larger with two.  since the drive is USB thumb drive, you really need a small hub (which is what I did) or the one with two host USB ports.03:15
zylopfahey have you read about that mouse with build-in flash and keyboard interface03:16
zylopfathey send it to a company as promotion gift03:16
@scrottieflash?  like a camera flash?03:16
zylopfaand they plugged it in03:16
zylopfano cf03:16
@scrottieoh, yeah, security thing03:16
zylopfaand it sees when the light is off03:16
@scrottieroot a system that's behind a firewall with no open ports03:16
@scrottieyeah, I read about that03:16
zylopfaand it makes keypresses to get a cmd 03:16
zylopfathey used dns port to contact outside03:17
zylopfaand used some keypresses or some shit to deactivate mcaffe03:17
@scrottieDEFCON is coming up soon.03:17
zylopfaI wish i had gold to get there03:17
zylopfaI live far away in denmark03:17
zylopfaAre you going?03:18
@scrottienot sure.  I'd have to take more time off work besides an already *generous* vacation PlainBlack gave me.03:18
zylopfahaa they gave you a day off??03:18
@scrottiea little more than that ;)03:19
zylopfaOhh and the stuff they did once on defcon where they placed hidden rfid scanners, so the agents from fbi that was there got their badges copied 03:19
zylopfacrazy stuff03:19
@scrottieI've seen a lot of things at DEFCON03:19
zylopfasick, i so wish to go there03:19
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zylopfait only use 1w03:26
@scrottiemy original plan for the thing was to hide it in a coffee shop inside a power strip (I bought an identical power strip to the one they have in my favorite neighborhood coffee shop), have it hop on the wifi there, sniff the 'net, and then post to a twitter feed the twitter username of everyone it sees accessing twitter on that wlan03:27
@scrottiebut people were convinced I would get arrested if I did that so they talked me out of it03:27
@scrottieI might hide one in a powerstrip in there anyway and just not do anything with it for a while... I've been meaning to hide a tiny computer in a coffee shop for a long time...03:28
zylopfabut does it come with wifi the board?03:28
@scrottienope, have to plug in a USB wifi dongle03:29
zylopfaits a damn good idea imo03:29
zylopfaohh sweet03:29
zylopfacan you get small ones?03:29
zylopfaI know only 1 kickass one03:29
@scrottiedon't know how small you can get them... the ones I've seen are pretty ordinary size03:29
zylopfaI got 2 alfa ones03:30
zylopfathey send with 500mw03:30
zylopfayou have to have cheap stuff there though03:31
zylopfai wont lay 300$ there03:31
@scrottieI've got a 500mw Realtek thing but it crashes Linux when you unplug it..03:31
zylopfawoo shit03:31
zylopfawhats the max wattage for wifi in the US?03:31
@scrottiedon't remember but a lot less than that.  import.03:32
@scrottieprobably not legal anywhere.03:32
zylopfawe are only allowed 300mw03:32
@scrottieyeah, that's pretty small03:37
zylopfaok this is better and its local to me to get: http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=481839503:37
@scrottiebet the antenna is terrible03:37
zylopfayeah needs to be meters from the ap.03:37
zylopfai might try it on a gumstix03:39
zylopfai got the wifi one03:39
zylopfabut still they are expensive03:39
@scrottieFrank... I love ya man but if I want to find the commit for something you talked about, I have to scroll through the history until I find stuff in the date range and look at them one by one because every commit is named "fix", "maybe now it will finally work", and garbage like that.03:40
* scrottie sighs03:40
zylopfahaa 03:41
zylopfai saw some of those also03:41
zylopfalike they say the solution03:41
zylopfabut you dont know if they made it03:41
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zylopfaOhh yes!!16:41
zylopfaHappy weekend!16:41
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zylopfaGreetings SquOnk 19:31
SquOnkzylopfa: Hi there19:32
zylopfahaa nice one SDuensin 20:00
zylopfaWhat browser are you using?20:00
SDuensinMostly Chrome.20:00
SDuensinI have all the "big" ones installed though.20:01
zylopfayeah same foe me need it with designs20:01
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@scrottiedammit, no reported on w3m users.  I don't know if I'm stupid or not now =(20:47
@scrottieno data reported20:47
@scrottieoh, I wonder if the old "multiIE bundle" of MSIE 3, 4, 5 and 6 runs under wine20:48
@preactionit should20:50
@preactionat least, it did last time I used it, which was 6 years ago :p20:50
@preactionand wine has progressed leaps and bounds since then20:50
zylopfaGuys i need your help, my Thingy.pm doesnt seem to want to start workflows, i made some lines to write to the log but it doesnt seem to get to the second log-line can you say why?20:59
@preactionmost likely there's a serious error somewhere that's being silenced somehow. more granular log messages may point it out21:04
zylopfayeah, its wierd cause in the flow it has to get to:  $self->session->errorHandler->error("Checking for errors : " . to_json(@errors));21:04
zylopfaAnd the thing data gets added to the thingy thing21:04
zylopfaSo its realy wierd21:04
zylopfaand the only place it can exit is right after my error test21:05
@preactionunless there's an exception and the message from the exception is being caught and not reported21:06
zylopfayeah gonna try to get warn messages also21:06
zylopfaproblem is i have a testserver where it works flawless21:06
@preactionif someone is trapping die with eval and not doing anything with it, warn messages aren't going to do any good21:06
zylopfaStill its wierd that it actually add the thing data21:07
@preactionthis is a common problem in webgui, people just wrap random sub calls in an eval to stop them from dying21:07
@preactionnot weird, the exception happens after the data is added21:07
@preactionbut they forget to report the exception, so you spend hours wondering what the hell went wrong21:07
@preactionso the new policies are: if there's an error message to the user, there's one to the log. only trap exceptions in www_ methods and always report them.21:08
@preactioni should write those down21:08
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zylopfaGOnna do some more debugging21:13
-!- mducharme-laptop [~MDucharme@] has joined #webgui21:18
zylopfashouldnt instances where it cant find an object method be errors?21:18
-!- dappere-dodo [~dappere-d@ip4da72a6b.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #webgui21:22
@preactionthey are exceptions, yes, but as i said, they could be being trapped and ignored21:24
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* scrottie pastes to http://www.webgui.org/community/webgui-8/issues/1163921:47
@scrottieI'm kinda working on this stuff at the moment, fwiw, btw21:48
@scrottiewell, not this exact moment...21:48
@scrottiehrm, maybe docs in WebGUI::Exception would be a good place for that21:48
zylopfasounds good scrottie 21:50
zylopfaCheck this out:21:56
zylopfaand click on the link to the right of the letter logo21:57
zylopfa"Foresl til en ven"21:57
@scrottiethat's pretty good but I like mine better.21:57
zylopfawhats yours?21:58
zylopfaMine is made only with thingy and a on add workflow and ofc javascript21:58
zylopfawtf gopher isnt that oldschool 21:58
@scrottiehrm, it's having trouble with its hostname, need to fix that21:59
zylopfahaa yeah nice site22:00
zylopfaare you making clusters?22:00
@scrottienow its biting it on wide characters22:01
@scrottiezylopfa, http://openssi.org22:01
@scrottiethought I fixed that22:01
zylopfawasnt there some opensomething that hp and some major others support?22:01
@scrottieI'll check it out22:03
@scrottieafk a bit here22:04
zylopfaok me too22:04
@scrottieoh, cloud.  that's different.22:04
@scrottiea proper cluster looks like one big computer with lots of RAM and CPUs and mounted discs.  way more fun.22:05
zylopfaisnt that also some kind of cluster?22:05
CIA-82webgui: Scott Walters WebGUI8 * r766be8a / lib/WebGUI/Exception.pm : Docs about how to do error handling from the user app side in WG8 - https://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/766be8ae7f7262b12f8ac48c55197e912621fe8f22:05
@scrottiegah, grammar.  and the error handling patch should have a changelog entry.22:34
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--- Day changed Sat Jul 30 2011
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elninohi. This is weird - I'm trying to export a package, and I'm being brought to the assetmanager when I click on the "export" button. 7.9.33-stable I see no bug reports.02:35
elninoany ideas of what I should look at?02:36
elninogreat. and now I'm getting: "Unable to extract package! The package may be corrupt, or there may be a server error preventing packages from being imported. "02:37
@scrottiewhat's in your webgui.log?02:57
@scrottieimport or export?02:59
@scrottieI only see that error used in www_packageImport02:59
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elninoOK. the import is taken care of.  05:15
elninobut I am still getting kicked out of exporting a package in a different site on the same server.05:15
elninoI don't have acess to the logs as it isn't my machine. =( so we're doing this the hardway, I ask the client and they tell me, and I tell you.05:15
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elninodoes exportpath in the conf file have anyting to do with exporting packages??15:52
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zylopfaShouldnt the Shop/Cart put the same sku together instead of placing every sku on 1 item pr line?19:16
zylopfaLike if you add 2 items of the same sku to the cart, it shows them on 2 lines instead of putting them on 1 line with 2 items19:17
-!- SynQ [~koen@f70096.upc-f.chello.nl] has joined #webgui19:17
@preactionelnino: no, it's the static HTML export19:50
@preactionzylopfa: "is it the exact same configuration" is the problem, every sku in the cart can have a different configuration, so it's difficult to roll-up19:51
zylopfaBus a sku isnt it unique?20:09
zylopfabut even20:09
zylopfai know there is a main sku but then you make these sub skus with sizes or whatever 20:10
zylopfaand prices20:10
zylopfain the cart itself you can say 2 of one sku20:10
zylopfabut if you take em alone "Add to cart" they show on n different lines20:11
zylopfaIf you choose "Lg i kurv" some times on this and choose the same sku like "S", and click "Til Kassen" you can see it20:13
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elninoThanks preaction. They reverted and redid the upgrade from 7.8.23 to 7.9.33 and are still having problems exporting packages. Instead of being propted for downlonad a file, I get brought back to the asset manager of the package I'm trying to download. Sigh. 23:24
elninoI'm unable to loook at the log files. I'm hopeing the client will look as I asked.23:25
--- Day changed Sun Jul 31 2011
elninoit was a permission thing again. Thnks01:07
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elninohi!  how do I get to the fields that are not assigned tabs yet on the dataform?05:17
elninooh I see, I have to change the tempalte.05:18
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