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CIA-68webgui: Paul Driver master * r181f21a / (9 files in 6 dirs): WebGUI::Event - http://bit.ly/k53hWR00:14
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+perlDreamerwhy do we need two APIs for triggering events in WebGUI?  Spectre and WebGUI::Event?00:32
@scrottiethe problem is, I think you're thinking that Spectre should take over for WebGUI::Event whereas I'm more of the mindset of what could take over for Spectre.00:38
@scrottieSpectre's demise is being plotted and if that means keeping various systems around in branches and forks and dev versions, we may have to do that.  also, what's WebGUI::Event?00:39
+perlDreamerWebGUI::Event is a way for people to define triggers to be called from inside WebGUI00:42
+perlDreamerexcept it doesn't add any default triggers to the config file00:42
+perlDreamerso I hope it falls back correctly00:42
@preactionperlDreamer: the idea here is that WebGUI::Event defines where an event happens. In the future, Workflows will be triggered by Events00:43
+perlDreameryou still have to put a call to fire anywhere you want a trigger00:43
@preactioni've got a plan to write what i'm grandiosely referring to as a "vision document"00:43
+perlDreamerand you have to tell it which trigger name to fire00:43
@preactionyes, but it's fire "Something"; instead of # Get a workflow. # Give it info. # Fire it00:44
@preactionit's a smaller API00:44
@preactionand yes, right now they both co-exist because we don't have time to rip the old one out yet. so it's a smooth transition like the other three or four transitions we're doing00:44
+perlDreamerthere's more coming?00:44
@preactiontemplate toolkit is one00:46
@preactionplack is another00:46
@preactionwe haven't done everything00:46
@preactionformbuilder is another00:46
@preactionwe've got new APIs in place, but not everything is using them yet00:47
+perlDreamerthat's all coming back to 7.10, too?00:47
kthakoreugh sooooo sick01:09
kthakoreand it is sooo hot01:09
* kthakore just woke up after 20 hrs of nappy01:09
kthakoreI am sorry guys I am falling behind on that ticket I will do more this week.01:09
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rb4dd234 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Story.pm : Remove old debug content. - http://bit.ly/m4CgZy01:14
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r5503e00 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Fix photo JSON handling in the story, where the data is cached incorrectly. Fixes bug #12136 - http://bit.ly/kHcI4701:14
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r9ecbaf7 / t/Asset/Post/Thread/bug_12142_duplicate.t : Fix problems with tests for bugfix 12142. - http://bit.ly/ktJZsp01:14
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb872694 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Story.pm : Remove old debug content. - http://bit.ly/iQsWHt01:39
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rab1b6aa / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix photo JSON handling in the story, where the data is cached incorrectly. Fixes bug #12136 - http://bit.ly/kqv8al01:39
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r11b33eb / t/Asset/Post/Thread/bug_12142_duplicate.t : Fix problems with tests for bugfix 12142. - http://bit.ly/lyotco01:39
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb866601 / t/Asset/Story.t : Fix the number of tests in Story.t, Test::Harness 3.x cannot come quickly enough. - http://bit.ly/l1Asxs01:39
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@scrottiekthakore, get well!02:48
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@scrottiethis sounds like aspect oriented programming...03:46
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r197f94c / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix gateway url handling in the RenderThingData macro. Fixes one part of #12133. - http://bit.ly/jTmukV07:29
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andyiomoonhello nightowls11:45
andyiomoonquick question for the experience webguiers11:45
andyiomoonimporting large packages - anyone had any success?11:46
andyiomoonat the moment I am trying to import a sizeable package and it gets about 1/3 of the way through before stopping11:46
andyiomoonall the while it is hammering the server11:47
+BartJolandyiomoon: maybe it is larger than the max upload size11:47
+BartJolhow big is it?11:47
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wgGuest28hi all. I'm discovering webgui. Mysql is already installed on my host and I'd like to use it for all the apps, webgui included. How to install webgui with the existing mysql ?12:13
+BartJolyou can just make the config file refer to your db 12:14
+BartJolthere is a create.sql in the documents12:15
+BartJolimport that12:15
+BartJoland prolly make some changes in the wre12:16
+BartJolso you're sure you don't use the wre mysql12:16
wgGuest28thank you, i'm going to check that (/data/webgui/etc/*.conf file)12:18
wgGuest28do you advise me to use the wre installer or have i to install webgui manually (centos 5.5 32bit)12:33
ryuu_roI recommend the WRE12:34
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wgGuest28@BartJol: there's no create.sql in the archive (i checked wre/docs etc). 13:07
+BartJolit is in /data/WebGUI/docs/13:08
+BartJolor, at least in the WebGUI dir13:08
+BartJolbecause it changes with version, the wre doesn't13:09
+BartJol(only if new requirements are necessary)13:09
wgGuest28oh sorry, i was only in wre dir. Ok, i find it.13:11
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wgGuest28I imported sql. Have I to change DSN config in WRE ?13:16
+BartJolno, in a WebGUI conf file13:18
+BartJolmaybe for backups in the wre.conf13:18
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wgGuest28ok, i've just uncommented Mysql lines in wreservice.pl too to prevent it to start its own mysql.13:20
wgGuest28rather commented13:21
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wgGuest28@BartJol: I adjusted WebGUI.conf (impressive file), in its db section. What's the next step ? Have I to restart the wre installer ? Or start the app? Thank you very much in advance13:33
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+BartJolI think you can start it (if you have the site's modperl and modproxy confs13:56
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+BartJolthere is an addsite script in the wre sbin dir13:56
wgGuest28ok, i simply started wreconsole.pl and i see now a "webgui" test site in the panel. I suppose that the external mysql config works now. But as you say, I've to fix modperl and modproxy confs.13:57
+BartJolalso, run testEnvironment in WebGUI/sbin13:57
+BartJolwre might not have all required perlodules13:58
+BartJolperl modules13:58
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wgGuest28I did it, all was ok but I had to make a force install for DBD:MySQL.13:59
wgGuest28I've to fix modperl,modproxy conf. 13:59
+BartJolyeah, and add a site specific conf14:00
wgGuest28ok, I've to eat now and come back, thank you again ;-)14:00
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wgGuest28@BartJol: hi again. I tried to start Modperl from WRE and it says "did not start successfully" without details. Can my previous (default) installation of modperl be a problem with WebGUI ? I've used the rhel package and configured my "default" apache/modperl successfully for other apps.15:03
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+BartJolwell, it can interfere wgGuest2815:13
wgGuest28ok. Can default mod_perl interfere even if it is not "loaded" (my "default" httpd service is not started)15:15
wgGuest28how to "switch off" then ?15:16
wgGuest28i fixed a previous error (cannot load...mod_perl.so) by chmoding (777) the dir.15:19
+BartJolmm, hard to tell I guess it should not interfer in this case15:25
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wgGuest28i was looking for some logs but i don't find them.15:26
+BartJoldid you copy log.conf.orig in WebGUI/etc to log.conf?15:27
+BartJolsame with spectre?15:27
wgGuest28i'm going to check that, ok15:27
+BartJolthat also causes troubles15:27
wgGuest28in WebGUI/etc/, i got: log.conf, spectre.conf and WebGUI.conf15:29
+BartJoldoes the web process have write access in /data/wre/var/log ?15:31
wgGuest28no error displayed at wreconsole.pl starting. I can't start Spectre too ("did not start successfully"). I'm going to check /data/wre/var/log  15:33
wgGuest28I think yes, but what to do to be sure (my chmod was recursive) ?15:36
wgGuest28mod_per log is not empty. I suppose that this the web process that wrote ? 15:37
+BartJolso, what is in it?15:40
+BartJolmaybe you should post it not here, bit in a personal message or in patebin15:41
wgGuest28ok, it's via vnc and from another machine, i'll do that15:42
+BartJoljust post the link15:43
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wgGuest28link to wg mod_perl log content15:50
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wgGuest28does only this log allow to understand why mod_perl doesn't work here?16:11
+BartJolwel there is obiously something wrong with the permissions16:16
wgGuest28ok, then, what to do.. do you suggest to reinstall a component or something else16:17
+BartJolwell after a quick google I found: http://www.appistry.com/community/forums/content/cannot-restore-segment-prot-after-reloc-permission-denied16:18
+BartJolI'd say, test it with the temp solution first, if that solves this problem, use the permanent option16:19
wgGuest28yeah it's an interesting post. In fact, I tought I fixed the rights problem by a previous action : the error initially displayed in the console did not appear anymore. I follow your post.16:21
wgGuest28your solution is ok with the temporary option. I'll set the permanent one. I can start now mod_perl and mod_proxy. But I can't start Spectre (it says : pidfile contains xxx but that process seems to have terminated at spectre.pl line 124, <$pidFile> line 1.16:33
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wgGuest28@Bartjol: thank you for you help. There are too many errors on the server to choose webgui now (mysql included, i just saw that). I'll come back, i'm convinced that your cms is very nice.16:45
+BartJolwgGuest28: ok, sorry, I'm a bit busy, would like to have more time16:46
wgGuest28don't worry, i'll come back here, once again, i knew that the install process would not be immediate ;__)16:47
wgGuest28I have Catalyst apps installed. It's difficult to maintain too lol16:48
+BartJolwell you just have to bite through the sour apple16:48
wgGuest28yes ;-)16:50
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* BartJol sees Scott in a black robe singing hymns17:15
SDuensinJust how my day is going so far.17:16
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qwebirc46414I need help setting up a local server to work on more than one developmental site.19:09
sbaurWhat kind of help do you need qwebirc46414?19:22
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qwebirc46414I've setup a server with wre & webgui and added a site. I need to add another site but don't know how to get it to resolve - port, ip, name19:27
qwebirc46414It's a minimal server install - no apache, mysql, dns...19:28
sbaurThe second server needs it's own domain name, which should be pointing at your servers IP address. Once you have that, just use the add site script in the wre to add it in. The script will make all the proper changes to the apache config the get it to host both sites19:29
@scrottiethe wre comes with its own apache and mysql.19:29
sbauror, you can use the wreconsole to add the site as well 19:30
@scrottieyou should also have a /data/wre/sbin/addsite.pl19:31
@scrottiewith your wre.  but I can't personally vouch for it.19:31
@scrottiebut apparently sbaur can vouch for it.19:31
sbaurbut i still run old versions, where the script was the only way to do it :-)19:33
qwebirc46414<sbaur> Its one server and I need to setup more than one site. The wreconsole is best for me. How do I navigate to the second site. I use the server's ip for the first site. 19:34
sbaurthe easiest way is to actually register domain names for your multiple sites19:35
sbaurthen let webgui do the name based virtual hosting19:35
sbaurI run one server with 10 webgui sites, and 2 static html sites off of the webgui wre19:36
sbaurbut it's all name based19:36
sbaure.g. www.cdl.edu and cats.cdl.edu19:37
sbaurwhen i need dev versions of the sites, I use www-dev.cdl.edu and cats-dev.cdl.edu on a different server19:38
qwebirc46414This setup is offline and virtual. How do I setup webgui to do name based virtual hosting?19:38
sbauras long as you've already setup the DNS, webgui will do the name based virtual hosting automatically, when you add a site19:39
+perlDreamerjust make sure that you setup DNS entries in /etc/hosts, and on any client box that needs to connect as well19:39
qwebirc46414I didn't setup DNS. And that is why I can navigate only the first site. What is best for DNS - webmin or the OS?19:41
sbauryou either need to set the DNS with your registrar, or do it manually with /etc/hosts19:47
qwebirc46414I'm not hosting any sites - just trying to learn wre-webgui on a server I setup at home.19:49
sbaurThen put your DNS into the servers /etc/hosts and your client /etc/hosts, assuming they are different machines19:50
qwebirc46414The server is bare minimal - no dns application is present. What do I use to manage dns?19:54
sbauryou do not need a dns app. Just add the lines for each sitename to /etc/hosts19:54
sbaursee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_%28file%2919:55
* sbaur off to yet another meeting20:00
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+perlDreamerthat's a very informative username you have for IRC20:30
webguiquestionsJust sampling webgui.20:30
webguiquestionsTrying to find a replacement CMS for our organization.20:30
+perlDreamerhow do you find webgui so far?20:31
webguiquestionsNice, but I do have  a question about whether it can do something I'm looking for it to do.20:31
webguiquestionsAnd if so, how...20:31
+perlDreamerokay, what is it?20:31
webguiquestionsI'm wondering how to set it up so that there's a base landing page, where visitors get information and whatnot.20:31
webguiquestionsAnd if one of our users logs in and successfully authenticates,20:31
webguiquestionsit can take them to "their page", and they can edit that page and add subpages/graphics/etc.20:32
webguiquestionsBut not edit the landing page or other user's pages.20:32
+perlDreamerthat is a bit involved20:32
webguiquestionsI'm just starting through the documentation but there doesn't seem to be an example of how to do that.20:32
+perlDreamerthe setting Redirect After Login URL is where to start20:32
+perlDreamerand then you'd have to make sure the permissions are set so that each user has their own page20:33
webguiquestionsIt seems more geared towards creating a website for a business or organization then it's managed by an admin or a team.20:33
SDuensinI actually implemented that once.  There's an add-on on the bazarre that can help.20:33
+perlDreameryes, it's a workflow activity20:33
webguiquestionsSo basically it sounds like for each user, after they're authenticated once (they're using AD/LDAP), I have to create a basic template page for them?20:33
+perlDreamerthat's what the plugin on the bazaar does for you20:34
webguiquestionsAnd edit permissions on that page individually and add a redirect for each user.20:34
+perlDreamerthe redirect is a sitewide setting20:34
webguiquestionsWhat's the name of the plugin?20:34
webguiquestionsI also am thinking I need to look up how to actually install the plugins too.20:34
webguiquestionsWhen it says Edit the configuration file for the site you want to test this on, do you happen to know what conf file I'm looking for?20:49
webguiquestionsOr is it somewhere under /etc/webgui?20:49
sbaurif you are using the wre, it would be /data/WebGUI/etc/sitename.conf20:50
@scrottiesbaur, are you IRC'ing from a meeting?20:50
sbaurnope, the meeting got out early :-), a downright miracle20:50
webguiquestionsThis was actually installed via synaptic on Ubuntu 11.0420:51
+perlDreamerwhich version of WebGUI does that install?20:53
webguiquestions7-9-18 stable20:54
+perlDreamerare you going to do any ecommerce on this site?20:54
+perlDreamerthen you should be fine20:55
+perlDreamerthere were some serious bugs in the PayPal driver up until 7.9.2920:55
webguiquestionsJust having to navigate around the configs to try getting personal home pages configured. :-)20:55
webguiquestionsWe're a school. Teachers need to be able to create home pages and edit them.20:56
webguiquestionsWithout messing up each other's things or the website's primary page.20:56
+perlDreamerI wouldn't do that with automatically creating pages21:02
+perlDreamerI would do that my manually assigning pages and permissions21:02
webguiquestionsWouldn't the pages have to exist first?21:03
webguiquestions(Thought that's what the instructions you sent me to do?)21:03
+perlDreamerthe URL I pasted is for ANY user to have a home page created21:03
+perlDreamerif students are logging in, that plugin would create pages for them as well21:03
webguiquestionsNo students.21:04
webguiquestionsJust teachers.21:04
webguiquestionsAlthough I guess students could, unless I figure out how to restrict them.21:05
+perlDreamerhow old are the students at the school?21:05
webguiquestionsThis is an entire district.21:05
+perlDreamerI would still go with direct permissions.  Creating pages automatically on account creation would work well in the short term, but in the long run you may want to use some of WebGUI's features for discussion and galleries with students, and it would prevent that.21:07
SDuensinTrying to remember how I did it...21:07
+perlDreamerWebGUI is quite scriptable, so a script could be written to import users, create groups, set permissions and create initial landing pages for all teachers21:07
webguiquestionsI'm open to suggestions :-) At the moment I'm trying to find a reasonable, usable system for people to demo it out and try it before adopting.21:07
webguiquestionsI already have LDAP configured and working from the looks of it.21:08
webguiquestionsAuthenticating against Active Directory.21:08
+perlDreamerwell, for tinkering with WebGUI, have you tried demo.webgui.org?21:08
webguiquestionsNope, creating a local site.21:08
SDuensinI *think* I wrote a macro that added the user to a group that meant they had a home page.  Then I copied the code from the workflow thing into the macro...21:08
SDuensinPut that on a page that said "Your site has been created!  Visit blahblahblah to edit."21:09
SDuensinThen I could control who got to the page with the macro on it.21:09
+perlDreamerbut it wouldn't redirect them on login21:10
+perlDreamerwebguiquestions, I'd also look into packages, where you can quickly deploy preconfigured sets of pages (assets) on a site multiple times21:11
+perlDreamerthat would give each teacher a base setup to start with21:11
SDuensinNo, it didn't do that.21:11
webguiquestionsI'll have to look around at the packages. It doesn't look like there's an integrated way to download add-ins from the webgui interface directly?21:12
+perlDreameradd-ins have to be installed from the command-line21:12
+perlDreamerwebguiquestions, these online user guides will help a lot with learning and using WebGUI http://www.webgui.org/user-guides21:23
webguiquestionsI've been pulling them down and going through them, thanks :-)21:24
webguiquestionsI just got it installed and started configuring this morning.21:24
webguiquestionsSeems some of the information is out of date, or slightly off, though.21:24
SDuensinI think everyone in here is slightly off.  :-)21:25
+perlDreamerthe guides have not been updated in a while, so they are out of date21:25
+perlDreamerand SDuensin is off kilter enough that he drags us all out of true21:26
SDuensinYou have yet to see my kilter!21:26
webguiquestionsNuts. Know where the WebGUI error logs would be?21:31
SDuensinperlDreamer: even on the packaged one?21:32
+perlDreamerin that case, look inside /data/WebGUI/etc/log.conf21:32
+perlDreamerfor ubuntu, it could be in /var/log/webgui/webgui.log21:32
webguiquestionsnope, nothing useful there.21:33
SDuensinI find the modperl error logs to be more helpful.21:34
webguiquestionsDidn't create a homepage or at least one I can find.21:34
+perlDreamerno wre, SD, native install21:36
+perlDreamerprobably in /var/log/apache2/error.log instead21:37
webguiquestionsNot finding any such file. Strange.21:37
webguiquestionsNothing there that's useful.21:38
webguiquestionsWhen it says, "http://www.yoursite.com/membersites/username/home" do I need to create a "membersites" directory under which the perl code will create the directories in the filestructure?21:39
SDuensinThe asset tree and URLs are their own thing and don't depend on the filesystem.21:39
SDuensinThat confuses a lot of WebGUI newbies.  The URLs don't even have to match the asset tree.21:40
webguiquestionsLogged in as my "plain user", and it should have triggered that workflow, I'd think.21:40
SDuensinIs spectre running?21:40
webguiquestionsI'll double check...21:41
SDuensinOk, there goes that easy fix.  :-P21:42
webguiquestionsSpectre is Alive!21:42
webguiquestionsand 0 workflows.21:42
+perlDreameris the new workflow activity in the config file?21:42
+perlDreamerand did you restart apache after installing it?21:42
webguiquestionsMy admin login clicking on site map doesn't show my user either.21:43
webguiquestionsI did restart Apache when I hit the direction to do so.21:43
+perlDreamerand is the workflow activity in the WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Activity/ directory?21:43
+perlDreamerand did you configure WebGUI to run that workflow when a user was created?21:43
webguiquestionsCreateUserHomeSkeleton.pm is in /usr/share/webgui/lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Activity21:44
+perlDreameris it readable by the owner of the apache process?21:45
webguiquestionsIn the WebGUI config panel, workflow, there's a Create Home Directory at Login Creation workflow enabled.21:45
webguiquestionsThe .pm has the same permissions and owners as the rest of the .pm files.21:45
webguiquestionsDoes just having the workflow set to Workflow::User have it run when the user is created?21:48
+perlDreamerno, there's a place in the WebGUI settings where you tell it which workflow to run when a user is created21:48
webguiquestionsLet's see what happens now...21:51
CIA-68webgui: Chris Hanson webgui-7.9 * rc4fa35c / lib/WebGUI/Operation/VersionTag.pm : Corrected leaveVersionTag creating a version tag: 12138 - http://bit.ly/jCNY1021:52
CIA-68webgui: Chris Hanson master * r65a981f / lib/WebGUI/Operation/VersionTag.pm : Corrected leaveVersionTag creating a version tag: 12138 - http://bit.ly/jDNVFP21:53
webguiquestionsHey that worked better.21:53
webguiquestionsI think.21:55
webguiquestionsStill some real need to customize, but I'm getting the beginnings of something here.21:55
+perlDreamerif people find it useful, maybe we should add the Workflow Activity to the core21:55
+perlDreamerpreaction: thoughts ?21:55
CIA-68webgui: Chris Hanson master * r1e5859b / docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt : Documented fix #12138 - http://bit.ly/lZ2KDB21:56
webguiquestionsAre you, SDuensin and perlDreamer, developers with the company that sponsors WebGUI?21:56
+perlDreamerI contract with Plain Black21:56
+perlDreamerSDuensin is WebGUI's #1 fan21:57
CIA-68webgui: Chris Hanson webgui-7.9 * re26a5c6 / docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt : Documented fix #12138 - http://bit.ly/k7wW2c21:57
SDuensinI am!21:57
* SDuensin cheers!21:57
* SDuensin would be even more of a fan (Fan #0?) if he had a paypal subscription feature. :-P21:58
webguiquestionsHmm...I think I'm *starting* to get the hang of this thing...22:04
webguiquestionsWell, dangling more than hanging, but as long as I'm not falling...22:04
@scrottieI work for PlainBlack and I can tell you how to get WebGUI running on Gopher =)22:05
webguiquestionsAnother question before I run off screaming...regarding the home-directory-site-creation I just did with the workflow:22:05
@scrottiethe ops in here are employees.  some of them are awake right now and not feeling the need to add comments or corrections, I expect.22:06
SDuensinwebguiquestions: hang in there.  It really is a sweet CMS once you wrap your head around it.22:06
@scrottieWebGUI's problem is not lack of features ;)22:06
webguiquestionsI have to still add the new user to have permission to turn on the admin menu so they can edit their page, and they'll only be able to edit their home page after I followed those directions?22:06
* SDuensin strayed to Joomla & Drupal once. And came back!22:06
webguiquestionsOr will I need to manually edit permissions on pages still?22:06
SDuensinYou should be OK.  If it's owned by them, they can edit it.22:07
webguiquestions(manual edit = protect things like the root landing page visitors see)22:07
webguiquestionsOkay. I have it at a point where I can stop and back it up, I think.22:07
webguiquestionsI'll put on my robe and wizard hat tomorrow to continue working on with customizations.22:10
webguiquestionsThanks a lot for your help. I might come crawling back for more guidance soon if you'll tolerate it :-)22:10
webguiquestionsOh, and the other testbed I was working on is drupal.22:10
webguiquestionsBut I'm having a bear of a time creating that whole "teacher logs in and gets their own home page they can edit" part down.22:11
webguiquestionsWhat I might need to investigate is having the site not create a user until it's okayed by the site admin, even if it's autheticated through LDAP first.22:11
+perlDreameryou'd have to do some extra coding for that22:12
+perlDreameradd a group of users who can approve page creation22:13
+perlDreamerand then send them an email with a URL for approval/denial22:13
@scrottieI really need to Plack-ify Faq-O-Matic.22:13
+perlDreamerit would look a lot like the Commit with Approval workflow22:13
* perlDreamer goes running, before he runs out of lunch time22:13
webguiquestionsThanks again!22:15
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@scrottiewas just on my way out.08:20
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webguiquestionsI thought I could change the site's theme through admin console->settings->UI tab. But it doesn't seem to change for the site. Is there a setting I'm missing?16:33
webguiquestionsAh...so it must be done through the "asset manager", using the branch editing.16:50
SDuensinThursday?  I never could get the hang of Thursdays.16:55
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webguiquestionsAny humans able to answer an odd question for me?18:51
Haargdepends on the question18:56
webguiquestionsI have the andreas02 theme installed and seems to be working.19:04
webguiquestionsI changed a graphic, the large one on the landing page.19:04
webguiquestionsUploaded it, resized it, and as I'm in admin mode, it appears fine.19:04
webguiquestionsClose admin mode, and the original one keeps reappearing.19:04
webguiquestionsGo back into the admin mode to edit, the new one appears.19:05
Haargis there a version tag in the admin bar?19:05
webguiquestionsIn the admin console?19:09
webguiquestionsadmin console says there are no version tags pending, I'm not working in a version tag.19:10
Haargsomething with browser caching possibly19:11
webguiquestionsBeen clearing it out and reloading.19:11
webguiquestionsbrowsed away, cleared cache, closed browser, reopened, renavigated...old logo.19:11
webguiquestionsEven the one I'm editing in now. New graphic, turn off admin mode, and the old one appears.19:11
Haarghave you tried clearing the site cache?19:12
webguiquestionsThat's part of the admin console bit isn't it...19:13
webguiquestionsHang on I'll try finding it again.19:13
webguiquestionscleared the cache in admin console, cleared the cache in the browser and closed/reopened it, about to navigate back to website.19:14
webguiquestionsA-ha! It was something goofy with the @#% cache in WebGUI.19:14
webguiquestionsThanks, @Haarg!19:14
Haargnot sure why that happened, but possibly due to how the logo is included.  oh well.  at least it's working.19:15
webguiquestionsSeems to be.19:16
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o khenn] by ChanServ19:33
@khennwhat was that app that turns your website into an mobile app?19:33
@khennanyone know what I"m talking about? =)19:33
SDuensinA web browser?19:33
@khennJoeri did a presentation on it last year at the wuc19:34
* SDuensin doesn't know.19:34
@scrottiewebguiquestions, the "page layout" asset caches the display for the "visitor" user19:38
@scrottiewebguiquestions, people keep tripping over that one so it's on my short list of things to improve.19:38
webguiquestionsThank you for the clarification.19:39
sbaurSDuensin, have you checked the wgtv section of the webgui site. Most of the old presentations are there with links to the slides19:40
SDuensinsbaur: Yea.  Very handy.19:40
webguiquestionsThat's strange. No way to change text color in the editor?19:51
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webguiquestionsIs there something in particular that has to be set to get email to send from "contact us?"20:15
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webguiquestions_If I have a web form (default Contact Us), and fill it in, and it says it sent the message, I'm not getting any email in my inbox. Where is the setting or configuration for how email is being sent by the form?20:26
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sbaurIn the settings, in the messaging tab, make sure your outgoing mail server is in there correctly.20:31
sbaurwebgui does not currently (i think) handle authenticated smtp20:32
webguiquestions_ah-ha...I'm thinking I'll need to apt-get install postfix then.20:34
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webguiquestions_Strange. Still nothing. Time to play with settings.20:41
+perlDreamerwebguiquestions_, make sure that spectre is running20:49
+perlDreamercheck the mailQueue table in the database20:49
+perlDreamerand also webgui.log for errors/warnings20:49
+perlDreamerwebgui's before 7.9.28 have a known spectre bug where spectre has to be restarted periodically20:50
+perlDreamerif that's the problem, then frodwith's excellent patch in 7.9.29 will cure it, so upgrade20:50
webguiquestions_Yup, spectre is fine.20:50
+perlDreamerare there entries in the mailQueue table?20:51
webguiquestions_mail queue is empty.20:51
+perlDreamerthen the problem is outside webgui20:51
@frodwithtry hand-crafting a mail and feeding it to sendmail20:51
@frodwithwhichever sendmail you have configured in your webgui site's settings, that is20:52
+perlDreamermailx -s 'test subject' me@mysite.com20:52
@scrottieis Contact Us set up to send an email?  is it a DataForm?21:16
webguiquestions_Yes, a data form.21:17
webguiquestions_What exactly does spectre do?21:17
sbaurspectre is a cron-like process that runs maintenance and custom workflows21:18
@scrottieyou can wire up elaborate things with it with regards to what happens when a user submits content21:20
@scrottiethe content might need approval by someone in a group and then the content may not be set to appear on the site right away and so on and so forth21:20
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webguiquestionsHmm...seems that I can't get webgui (or the contact us page) to talk to the local mail server on the same machine.21:58
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webguiquestionsIf anyone replied to my last message about webgui talking to the local mail server daemon, could you re-send?22:03
webguiquestionsI was disconnected temporarily :-/22:03
@scrottieyeah, I was wondering how the DataForm was set up.  I don't know if the default for new sites is to send email.  you might want to edit the form and see.22:04
@scrottieturn admin on and look at it again and there should be a link to change the form or some such thing.  there's a Wiki page up on how to do that.22:05
webguiquestionsI have messaging set to localhost.22:06
webguiquestionsin the settings of admin console.22:06
webguiquestionsI'm going to assets now to see what I can find in the settings there for the form itself.22:06
webguiquestionsThere's a "Mail data?" checked to Yes.22:07
@scrottiethat sounds like what I was thinking of.  alright.22:08
@scrottiehow are you with SQL?22:08
webguiquestionsAbout as good as I am at flying without an airplane.22:09
@scrottieoh, wait, you already said that mailQueue is empty22:09
webguiquestionsadd entry workflow is set to "none"...should it be?22:09
@scrottiewell, if mailQueue is empty, WebGUI got rid of the email somehow22:09
webguiquestionsThe postfix queue is empty, but it's not talking to it at all.22:09
@scrottiehmm?  there should be a series of existing workflows.  you shouldn't need to add any.  anyway, a workflow obviously ran if the mailqueue is empty22:09
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webguiquestionsI did a tail -f /var/log/syslog and it doesn't chagne as I'm adding information to the form to mail.22:10
@scrottieokay.  do you know how to fire up the mysql shell?22:10
@scrottiewhy isn't there a mailqueue admin tool?22:10
webguiquestionsThere's a Send Queued Email Messages workflow...22:11
webguiquestionsBut I don't see where there are any values entered into it or anything it's supposed to do.22:11
webguiquestionsI have the mysql shell opened.22:12
@scrottieselect count(*) from mailQueue;22:13
@scrottieI wouldn't muck about with the existing workflows without doing some reading first.22:13
webguiquestionscrapples. It says no database selected.22:13
webguiquestionsselect count(*) from mailQueue in databasename; ?22:14
@scrottiegrep dsn /data/WebGUI/etc/*.conf22:14
@scrottieMine looks like this:  /data/WebGUI/etc/www.example.com.conf:   "dsn" : "DBI:mysql:www_example_com;host=localhost",22:14
@scrottieso my database is www_example_com22:14
@scrottieI'd do:   use www_example_com;    in mysql to switch to that database.22:14
webguiquestionscount(*) is 1322:15
webguiquestionsfrom the looks of it.22:15
webguiquestionsgave result in a tabular format.22:15
webguiquestionsSo it's saying there's mail in the database, but they're stuck?22:16
@scrottieokay, you have 13 messages stuck in WebGUI's queue that haven't gone out.22:16
webguiquestionsIs there a way to flush it?22:16
webguiquestionsThere 0 workflows pending or running.22:16
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@scrottiewhat's your webgui.log look like?22:17
@scrottieanything in there about spectre trying to send mail and failing?22:17
webguiquestionsnothing about mail.22:17
-!- docster_ [~docster@] has joined #webgui22:17
@scrottiewhat's the site setting for smtpServer?22:18
@scrottieselect * from settings where name = 'smtpServer';22:18
webguiquestionsthat's in the conf file or...?22:18
@scrottieor else there's an admin screen for settings too22:18
@scrottiedatabase, in this case.22:18
webguiquestionsDatabase has "localhost" for the value.22:19
@scrottiethat's what I thought.22:19
@scrottieokay, control-z back to shell from mysql and then do this:  telnet localhost 2522:19
@scrottiewhat happens?22:19
webguiquestionspostfix is prompting for email.22:19
@scrottieit should probably be working in this case.22:20
webguiquestionsSo there are 13 messages in the database, my postfix is answering on port 25, for some reason webgui isn't talking to localhost to dump the email.22:20
docster_Hello friends.  We upgraded to 7.9.27-stable recently and now when you try and recover your password you get:    WebGUI::Auth::WebGUI::emailRecoverPasswordFinish[1134] - Can't instantiate template  for template email recovery   in the log file and Error: Cannot instantiate template on the site.   Something I miss?22:20
@scrottieI wonder what email address it is trying to delvier to.  and I wonder if postfix is relaying for the local host when contacted on port 25.22:21
webguiquestionsI watched the log for postfix. Nothing tried to connect when I hit the send button on the form.22:22
webguiquestionsI don't think it's talking to the daemon at all.22:22
@scrottieps -axl | grep spectre does have spectre running?22:22
@scrottieif nothing showed up in the log, then probably not.22:22
@scrottienow I'm wondering if spectre is talking to WebGUI.22:22
@scrottieyou don't have the wreservice.pl script, do you?  you said you didn't install the WRE if I recall.22:23
webguiquestionsit's showing specre as running.22:23
@scrottiehrm.  spectre should bail if it can't talk to WebGUI.22:23
webguiquestionsIs there a way to easily restart the spectre deamon?22:24
webguiquestionsThere was a test script somewhere during the install, I thought.22:25
@scrottiewreservice.pl --restart spectre, but that's part of the WRE which I think you don't have22:25
@scrottiedocster_, what happens when you go to http://yourwebgui.tld/root/import/auth/webgui/recoveryemail ?22:25
@scrottieactually, http://yourwebgui.tld/root/import/auth/webgui/recoveryemail?func=edit22:26
@scrottiewhere yourwebgui.tld is the hostname of your site?22:26
docster_page does not exist22:26
@scrottiedocster_, okay, you have two problems.  working...22:27
docster_I also see under SETTINGS > AUTHENTICATION now there are 2 template drop downs. Password Recovery Email Template and Password Recovery Template.  The email is empty.22:28
webguiquestionsIs there a way to force spectre to try talking to webgui?22:29
docster_-- test should do it I think...22:29
@scrottiedocster_, yeah, I was just going to tell you to go there and see if it had any options for you to select22:30
@scrottiewebguiquestions, no, it hits it pretty constantly.  all you can do is turning logging up and read the INFO messages.22:30
@scrottieedit /data/WebGUI/etc/log.conf and set the level to INFO.22:31
webguiquestionsThere's an email to log option in webgui.conf...22:34
@scrottiedocster_, are there are any options in the select drop down?22:34
@scrottiewebguiquestions, that keeps WebGUI from sending any email.  instead of sending email, it logs the email that it would otherwise send.  that's useful for dev sites and development in general.22:35
@scrottieespecially when dev is a copy of production and you don't want to spam and confuse your users.22:35
webguiquestionsI should change the line:22:36
webguiquestionslog4perl.logger = ERROR, mainlog22:36
webguiquestionsto 22:36
webguiquestionslog4perl.logger = INFO, mainlog22:36
docster_scrottie it seems there is nothing in the drop down and no edit or manage buttons.  I also checked all the other sites and it appears the template is missing on all of them.  This error appeared after upgrading to 7.9.27-stable.22:37
webguiquestionsVisitor (1) connecting from <myip> attempted to Tried to make a Spectre workflow data load request, but we're only allowed to accept requests from
@scrottiedocster_, please open a bug about this on http://www.webgui.org/bugs and give all of the details you gave us here22:39
webguiquestionswhere myip is the ip of the server.22:39
docster_scrottie: I will try and do that. In the meantime is there a way to get this template? We have a couple of thousand users...22:40
@scrottiegrep spectreIp /data/WebGUI/etc/*.conf, webguiquestions.  is it something like this?  "spectreSubnets" : [ "" ],22:41
@preactiondocster_: i'd upgrade to the latest 7.9 (7.9.29)22:41
@scrottiedocster_, I'm uploading mine.  it may or may not work for you.  I'll try to get one closer to your version if it doesn't.  http://slowass.net/~scott/tmp/root_import_auth_webgui_recoveryemail.wgpkg22:41
@scrottieer, I mean like this:  "spectreIp" : "",22:42
docster_I will go ahead and try an upgrade, then import yours if it is still missing. Thanks for the pointers.22:42
@scrottiedocster_, ah, thought you meant you were at the latest version.  before opening a bug report, make sure there isn't a bug already, and if there is a bug already, it should have a resolution (probably a fix in a newer version of WebGUI)22:43
@scrottiewebguiquestions, re: "log4perl.logger = INFO, mainlog", correct22:44
docster_Well, I am at 7.9.27 and I am going to try 7.9.29 so 2 steps. 22:44
@scrottie7.9.29 should have the upgrade scripts for 7.9.28 (and several previous versions).  that should be fine.22:44
webguiquestions@Scrottie: I changed the line ot the ip of the server itself, but it still says only allowed to accept requests from
@scrottiethe IP of the server is what you don't want.22:45
@scrottiewebguiquestions, if preaction or perlDreamer don't have any ideas, you might have to open a bug ticket here.  someone might have to take some time to sit down and figure out how this situation came about.22:45
@scrottiein other words, I'm out of guesses.22:46
@preactionwebguiquestions: if you changed the spectre IP, you need to change spectreSubnets in the webgui config file22:46
webguiquestionsI set it back. It seems to see the server ip making attempts to do something, but it won't allow it from that IP.22:46
@scrottie<webguiquestions> Visitor (1) connecting from <myip> attempted to Tried to make a Spectre workflow data load request, but we're only allowed to accept requests from
docster_scrottie:  slowass.net is a hilarious domain name...  Wish I had thought of that one.  :o)22:47
@scrottieand why is this an INFO message, not an error?22:47
@scrottiedecster_, teehee, thanks.22:47
@scrottiedocster_, I got it when I had a 486 built out of spare parts on a dorm room ethernet connection.  my dorm was one of the first to get ethernet, and everyone had dedicated IPs, so naturally I had to run a ton of services.22:48
@scrottieor maybe it was a little after that.22:48
docster_lol, its really cute.22:48
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@5357069A.cm-6-8a.dynamic.ziggo.nl] has joined #webgui22:49
@scrottiewebguiquestions, setting "spectreSubnets" : [ "" ],  to include your IP might be a quick workaround:  "spectreSubnets" : [ "", "x.x.x.x/32" ],22:50
@scrottiewhere x.x.x.x is your server's IP22:50
webguiquestionsa subnet of is /16, as I recall?22:50
@scrottiebe aware that JSON is not tolerant of extra commas.22:50
@scrottiewebguiquestions, correct22:50
webguiquestionsDon't see that error but it's still not showing anything when I send mail.22:57
webguiquestionswait...new error.22:57
webguiquestionsunable to connect to <my ip>:32133: connection refused.22:58
@scrottiespectre is listening on  22:59
@scrottieer, uh.. wait23:00
docster_When I run weguiupdate.pl it clears the cache, finds upgrades, instantly says Setting site upgrade completed....OK   NO UPGRADES NECESSARY.  All of it happens in 3 seconds for 12 sites.  It seems really fast to be done anything.... but when I look in statistics it is now showing 7.9.29-stable  and my email template is still missing.23:01
docster_The last time we upgraded, about a month ago we had a table missing.  I am wondering if it is really upgrading at all or simply saying so  :o)23:02
@scrottiewebguiquestions, if the spectreSubnets includes that IP, then I wonder if there is a firewall in place...?  usually firewalls drop packets, not refuse connections.23:03
-!- kaare__ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]23:04
webguiquestionsI just altered it so that the subnets were both and the local ip included.23:04
webguiquestionsI suddenly had a dump of about 13 messages...23:04
webguiquestionsI just sent another message via the webform but it hasn't come through.23:04
+perlDreamermessages are processed on 5 minute intervals23:04
webguiquestionsAh. So the mail message might come through in the next five minutes.23:05
webguiquestionsYES it seems to be working.23:06
sbaurdocster_, you need to restore your database before attempting to re upgrade your site23:06
webguiquestionsThank you guys! (if you're both male...sorry for the assumption...)23:06
@scrottieI think "dudes and dudettes" is the politically correct term.23:06
sbaurI'd say that guys, at least nowadays, is gender neutral23:07
webguiquestionsChange INFO back to ERROR in /etc/webgui/log.conf?23:08
@scrottie"brah" is the new "guys".  women can't be brahs.23:08
sbaurno, we just wear them23:08
@scrottiewebguiquestions, sure, you can always change it back again.23:09
webguiquestionsThanks a lot everyone. I'll still have more questions after awhile, but I'm calling it a day for now...23:09
@scrottiewebguiquestions, pleasure!  have a good evening.23:09
webguiquestionsAt least I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of how it works...23:09
docster_sbaur:   A month ago we upgraded to 7.9.27-stable and everything seemed fine other than it all happened REALLY fast.  No errors... for a while.  Then started getting Wiki::Keywords table was missing.  So I ran the create.sql snippet to create that table and everything seemed fine.  Now the email password recovery template and deactivate account templates are missing. So I upgraded to 7.9.29.  Everything is fine, no errors, but it happens REALLY fast....   23:10
docster_and the templates are still missing...23:10
* sbaur still running 7.5.4023:11
@scrottiedocster_, there should be a verbose mode for running upgrades... 23:11
sbaurnot sure how much I can help with the most recent upgrade scripts, but if you tried an upgrade, ran into problems, and then tried again, you have to restore your database to the pre upgrade version before the second try23:12
@scrottiethat tells you each upgrade name as it runs23:12
@scrottieit's tough if you don't notice problems right away.23:12
@scrottieit's also possible to run upgrades manually.23:12
+perlDreamerit's better to run upgrades manually23:12
-!- webguiquestions [ad2ed001@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit []23:13
sbaurperlDreamer: do any of the tests check the database for consistency?23:13
@scrottiehrm, no --verbose mode.  --verbose is default.  you have to ask for --quiet mode.  so you should see the names of the various upgrades running as they run.23:13
docster_I will have to look into that. Now it is a fast server, but I see nothing wrong anywhere at the moment.  I will have to find how to run them manually.  We do not upgrade very often (because of things like this )...  On a live site we like things to work correctly lol23:13
+perlDreamerthe tests are not meant to be run on production databases23:13
+perlDreamerthey're destructive23:13
sbauroh, never mind then :-)23:14
@scrottiedocster_, yeah, if you aren't seeing lists of upgrades run, they aren't running, for whatever reason.23:14
+perlDreamerlike sbaur said, if you suspect ANY kind of upgrade issue, you should restore the original databases23:14
docster_Well, if there was an issue it was over a month ago and to late now.  23:15
@scrottieif you're brave, run the upgrades now.23:15
docster_Our server acts like it is just updating the version number and not really doing anything.23:15
docster_We are running the wre on ubuntu server,  dual Xeon 4 gig of ram, 15k rpm raid.23:16
docster_Well, I have good backups.  But when webgui thinks it is running 7.9.29 it will not upgrade it appears.23:17
@scrottiedo this:  grep sK_0zVw4kwdJ1sqREIsSzA /data/WebGUI/docs/upgrades/*23:19
@scrottiedoes that find any hits?23:19
@scrottie(that's your missing template)23:19
docster_ah, that is upgrade_7.9.15-7.9.16.pl23:20
docster_so actually our site is at 7.9.15 but thinks it is at 7.9.29-stable.23:21
@scrottieokay.  then, to run that one for example (and one .pl might have several things it upgrades), you could do:  cd /data/WebGUI/docs/upgrades ; perl upgrade_7.9.15-7.9.16.pl --configFile=www.whatever.com.conf23:21
@preactionwhat does the webguiVersion table say?23:21
@scrottieit may have missed several before that one and of course ones after it.23:21
@preactionhow did you upgrade webgui, and from where to where?23:21
docster_well, Admin panel statistics shows 7.9.29-stable.  I have not looked at the table.23:21
docster_we run the wre, I changed into the sbin, sourced setenv and ./webguigrade.pl23:22
docster_it backed up, cleared cache, listed all 12 sites, said complete.23:22
@preactionfrom what version to what version?23:23
docster_well, originally we were at 7.9.15 and upgraded to 7.9.27. thats when I found a missing wiki keywords table.  23:24
@preactionokay, if something in the upgrade goes wrong, you need to go back to where you were and try again23:25
docster_today I just upgraded from 7.9.27 to 7.9.29 and it behaved the same way.  everything looked ok, just really fast, and the version changed to 7.9.2723:25
@preactionthis time, i wouldn't use webguiupgrade.pl, but just undo the tarball over the existing WebGUI directory and run sbin/upgrade.pl --doit23:26
docster_well, that was a month ago.  We have 12 sites and a few thousand user accounts across them. posts and such.. There is no going back.  23:26
docster_It appeared nothing was wrong and the version was updated in the admin statistics.23:27
@scrottiedocster_, not to make work for you, but you could dump the database, load it on another machine, install the later webgui there, manually run the upgrades, test it, even run the tests in t/ with the 'prove' command, and see what happens.  if it looks okay, and you're feeling brave, the run upgrade scripts manually on the production sites.23:28
@scrottiein Unix, the lack of output generally indicates success.23:28
@scrottiefailure to detect failure is a major failure.23:28
docster_well, I backed up the entire /data folder in a couple of places so if I destroy it it would be ok.  And if I can get past this I will never use webguiupgrade.pl again.23:30
@scrottieyou did back it up while mysql was shut down, I hope.23:30
@scrottieotherwise the tables won't be any good.23:30
docster_yea, I have lots of backups.  Just with a lot of traffic and users they are not really worth that much.  :o)23:31
docster_Say amazon had to restore to yesterday :)23:32
docster_This was sneaky to appear to upgrade successfully, but not actually make any changes except the version lol23:33
@scrottieI don't even want to look at that code right now but I'm not happy about that either.23:34
@preactionthe version in statistics is the current running version of the code23:35
@preactionthe versions in webguiVersion are the upgrades that happened23:35
docster_its ok its late.  The template you gave me imported and worked so I fixed the issue I was concerned about.  Now just kind of wondering where my database is standing...23:35
@preactioncheck the webguiVersions table. each upgrade is logged there23:35
@scrottiedocster_, if you read through the upgrade scripts, even if you can't read perl, you should get some idea of what features they're adding templates for and so forth.23:36
@scrottiethere's also a change log.23:36
@scrottie /data/WebGUI/docs/changelog/23:36
docster_7.9.16 is the webguiVersion in the database23:37
@scrottiethat might also give you a rough idea of what might not be in working order.23:37
@preactionthat's the highest one? there are a whole list, not necessarily in order23:37
docster_7.9.29-stable is in the statistics.23:37
docster_oh there is 37 but that is the highest and last number.23:38
@preactionif 7.9.16 is the last number in that table, then that is the last upgrade that was run23:38
docster_no, there are 37 records of upgrades23:38
docster_so the database is at 7.9.16 and the codebase is at
docster_thanks for guiding me through that. easiest fix outside of an old backup?23:40
@preactionin theory, except for the piecemeal things you did, the upgrade should just run23:40
@scrottierun the upgrade scripts manually.23:40
@preactionnot using webguiupgrade.pl from the WRE, but WebGUI/sbin/upgrade.pl --doit23:40
docster_ok, giving that a shot...23:40
docster_looks like it is actually doing something... processing each upgrade one at a time. .24  .25   .26    I think we might be onto something.  23:42
sbaurDoes the Map asset have any functions for calculating distances between points, say like show everything within 50 miles?23:44
docster_Well, the upgrade.pl did upgrade one site webguiVersion to 7.9.29 but the other 11 are not.... Anyway to make it pay attention to them?23:47
@preactionthey're all in /data/WebGUI/etc?23:48
@preactionsbaur: not presently, no23:48
sbaurcheck their databases, what version do they think they are at?23:48
sbaurthanks preaction23:48
docster_preaction: all the sites that did not upgrade are at 7.8.14 ?  the one site upgrade to 7.9.29   (scratches head again)23:52
docster_and yea, all the config files are in the same place.23:53
@preactionin order to upgrade sites at 7.8 to 7.9, you have to upgrade to the latest 7.823:53
docster_evidently 7.8.14 was the last23:55
docster_Nope, there is a 7.8.24 to 7.9.11.pl     There does not seem to be a 7.8.14 to anything upgrade?23:56
@preactionbecause you have to grab the 7.8.24 package to upgrade to 7.8.2423:57
@preactionminor versions must be completely upgraded before moving on to the next minor version (7.8 -> 7.9)23:57
@preactionwe do that because code changes in the next minor version can cause the previous minor version's upgrades to fail (as has happened often)23:58
docster_well, the one site that did upgrade is questionable then I guess... because it should not have.23:59
--- Day changed Fri Jun 03 2011
docster_ Moving template attachments to JSON... Can't call method "update" on an undefined value at upgrade_7.8.24-7.9.11.pl line 392.  Processing upgrade executable failed!00:12
docster_anyone seen this before? 00:13
@preactiondid you remove the 7.9 upgrades before trying this? you can't upgrade both at the same time00:14
@preactionif it tries to run the 7.9 upgrades on the 7.8 codebase, you'll have problems00:14
@preactionwhich i'd guess is what that error is from00:14
docster_well, this was webguiVersion 7.8.14 database and 7.8.24 codebase?   I am guessing I should copy the 7.8.24 code base OVER the one there, run the upgrades, then copy the 7.9.29 codebase over that... ?00:16
@preactionyes, but you also have to clear our the 7.9 upgrades that will still exist in docs/upgrades00:18
docster_ok, working on that :o)   Thanks for your patience.  00:19
Haargbooored.  i wish i could come up with ideas for things to program.00:38
sbaurhaarg - check the rfe list :-)00:38
docster_wow, I am usually the exact opposite.... to many ideas, to little time  :)00:38
@scrottieholy god...00:40
@preactionHaarg: learn Flex and make games or apps for your phone00:40
@scrottiedon't start with an _idea_, start with a question.00:41
Haarglearning a new system won't help me have ideas for things00:41
@scrottie"I wonder if I aimed for a dozen or two frames a second, if I could do ray casting on the 6502 in an Atari 2600..."00:41
@scrottie(answer:  yes)00:42
@scrottieI really want to ask the question of how well it would work to hook up Doom or an engine like that to LPMUD.  the MUD already has logic for graph crawling to convert the graph of rooms into a 3D grid.00:43
@scrottieas far as questions go, don't assume that the way things are are the only way that they can be, or even that it makes any sort of sense.  almost everything is historic accident.  history is littered with forgotten good ideas, often forgetten better ideas, and so many unrealized goals.00:47
@scrottiesome things become more interesting with time, not less.00:47
@scrottiea lot of modern stuff is watered down old stuff that's turned into a sort of empty emulation, the brilliance of the original long lost.00:48
@scrottiehistory is perspective.00:48
@scrottieperspective is insight.00:49
@scrottieknow what else you can do on a 2600?  drive LCD shutter glasses.  network two together using the joystick ports.00:49
@scrottieso many possibilities...00:49
@scrottieyou cannot skip straight to "useful" or "interesting".  many of the greatest inventions were made by people who had no idea what they had done.00:52
@scrottieyou can only make yourself better and as a side effect, do interesting things.00:52
@scrottieif you have no questions of your own of anything but want to code something, walk over to the University and walk into any research lab and ask what they're doing.00:54
-!- fokat [~lem@] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]00:54
docster_still upgrading....  is there a db test that I can run when all this is done?  I have overcame several errors but would like to check.  I can run it on a backup if needed.01:30
@scrottieif you're willing to run it on a site you've cloned from the production site (copy the uploads folder, dump and undump the database), then run the perl 'prove' utility /data/WebGUI.  it runs test files in the t directory01:40
docster_ok.  when I am done with the rest of the upgrades I will shut it down, make a couple of backups and test it.01:41
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-!- daviddelikat [~user@adsl-76-204-91-40.dsl.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui01:50
docster_will running prove on a test DB actually fix anything or just display the errors?01:54
@scrottieonly find errors.01:55
@scrottiedon't run that on a live site.01:55
@scrottiethe tests are primary used by us, during development, to make sure that as we change things and features that we haven't broken other features.  they also make sure that we're implementing things correctly.  we run those while we work to see if new logic is behaving correctly.01:56
@scrottieer, and add features01:56
@scrottiedevelopment installs of WebGUI don't have important data in them or active users.  we don't run those on lives sites and you shouldn't either.01:57
docster_shutting it down,  and making a copy to another, starting it up to run it.  But really if it just displays errors Im still going to be up the creek. How you do fix lots of errors in 12 databases by hand  ;o)01:57
@scrottieyou pay preaction to do it.01:58
* scrottie coughs01:58
@scrottie(poor devil)01:58
@scrottieup to you whether it's worth it.  they will do a good job of telling you whether your version of WebGUI is running correctly but as you said, if it isn't, what are you going to do about it?01:58
@scrottieif the upgrades ran without spitting out a bunch of errors, that's a really good sign.01:59
docster_well, remove the webguiupgrade.pl from the wre/sbin dir. It just upgrades the codebase.  Our databases were 30+ versions old and had been in use 6 months like that.01:59
docster_there were random errors, column missing, ect... But I upgraded them step by step by step but some just would not upgrade and I just had to skip it.  The site must go on. :o)02:01
@scrottieyeah.  I've never used the thing so I had no idea it had that problem.  newer versions of the WRE may have that fixed or removed already.  you can help us by searching the bug database for that and if there isn't a fixed bug about this same thing, filing a new bug ticket.02:01
@scrottieI see.  okay, the tests would probably come up with similar errors and not really tell you anything you don't know.02:02
docster_About all I can do is go forward and hope for the best.  And solve the errors when they come up.  A lot of things are not even used on the sites so... errors go unnoticed a long time.  If you do not have a wiki there are no errors until you create one... :) 02:04
sbaurgood luck docster_02:06
docster_thank you!02:07
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]02:32
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@5357069A.cm-6-8a.dynamic.ziggo.nl] has quit [Quit: ryuu_ro]02:39
@scrottiewould it be bad taste, bad design, or excessively hacky to have a Macro that creates and renders Form objects for you?02:54
@scrottiemaybe not core, but on a WebGUI site...02:55
@scrottieI keep finding myself replacing template vars that pull up generated form elements with hard-coded form elements in order to avoid having to subclass an asset.02:55
@scrottiethat's kind of klunky.02:55
@preactionscrottie: no, i think that macro would be a good idea02:57
* scrottie makes a nasal noise02:57
@preactionthe idea being that designers always hate whatever form control you give them, so giving them an easy way to make whatever form control they want is a Good Thing02:57
@preactionFormBuilder's per-field template vars + some function to build a field from the template vars = whatever they want02:58
@preactionand of course, later, less forms in the code, more forms only in the templates02:58
@scrottieyeah, I saw that while I was poking around in there again.02:59
@scrottieI'm not entirely happy with the CSS+HTML template+template tags... er... paradigm.02:59
@scrottiebut that at least doesn't screw that idiom up.02:59
@scrottiebeing able to look at a dump of the template tags set on a page and then be able to write the template from scratch would be huge.03:00
docster_On our site, after the multiple upgrades I now have version tags of 7.9.3,   7.9.4,  7.9.5  ect... how would I remove all of those as I am pretty sure its not something I want to keep  :o)03:08
docster_Cool huh?  I just deleted them from the admin panel. Seems ok so far...03:10
* scrottie sighs03:10
@scrottiego to the trash and undelete them.03:10
@scrottieand then put down the mouse and keyboard for the day and go get some fresh air.03:10
docster_lol, I could use it :o)03:11
@scrottieversion tags contain content.  maybe you don't want to look at them, but I'm pretty sure you want them.03:11
@preactionif the version tags were not committed, it means the upgrade did not do something correctly03:12
docster_So should upgrades show up as version tags? Seems a little bit strange from my point of view...03:12
docster_Aha, they were not committed.  03:13
@preactionyes, the upgrade can add or change content on the site, which is done in a version tag03:13
@scrottiewhenever a new version, or a first version of something is added to WebGUI, it gets versioned.03:13
@scrottieyou can delete a version of something without deleting all versions of it.  you can delete the latest version to go back to the previous version.03:13
@scrottienot being commit is generally what happens when an upgrade script blows up and doesn't run until the end03:14
docster_Oh well, being we ran 6 months with a database 30 versions older than the code base I am thankful it still works at all.  03:14
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CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r1de9a12 / lib/WebGUI/Admin/Plugin.pm : add POD to WebGUI::Admin::Plugin and rename canUse to canView - http://bit.ly/j7swa703:45
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r664e768 / (16 files in 8 dirs): fix bugs revealed by Test::Class tests - http://bit.ly/jlgCx303:45
docster_Thanks for all the help friends. Could not have done it without you  :o)03:46
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kthakoreyay WebGUI8 upgrade05:13
kthakorethanks Doug Bell05:13
kthakorehi ppl05:13
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@scrottiehey kthakore08:02
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--- Log opened Fri Jun 03 08:24:37 2011
@scrottiefeeling better I hope!08:24
* scrottie &09:26
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kthakorescrottie: almost there. These past few days have been crazy. Sick + getting my Mom packed and boarded for India13:57
kthakore/win 215:03
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kthakorewebuiquestions: hi15:45
webuiquestionsThere's no way in WebGUI to easily have users apply for an account but wait for the approval (or rejection) before allowing a workflow to finish creating home pages, is there?15:47
kthakoreI am not sure if that is a question.15:59
kthakoreAlso I wouldn't know sorry16:00
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webuiquestions@kthakore: to have to be approved before having your account access granted?16:14
webuiquestionsI'm testing a setup now where if you are in LDAP, you can get access to the website without any registration. And it automatically through a workflow script someone provided creates a "home page" for the user.16:15
webuiquestionsThe thing is we have a large group so users that we don't want able to just go in and create a website, but they have legitimate LDAP (active directory) credentials.16:16
webuiquestionsSo I'd either need a way so that only users belonging to a particular group in active directory can get a login, or a way to prevent everyone in active directory from successfully logging in.16:16
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kthakoreSDuensin: waaah18:16
kthakoreSDuensin: I am stuck at parents place ... nothing fun to do :<18:20
kthakoreso ... waaaaaaaaaaaah18:20
kthakoreSDuensin: on a friday18:21
SDuensinTrade you.  I'm at work.18:21
kthakoreWhat work do you do?18:31
kthakoreI would love to have a chunk of that paycheck too!18:31
SDuensinI'm a contractor to the Army for a broken ass web system they won't let me fix yet is entirely my fault somehow.18:32
kthakoreSDuensin: I will work as lowly as possible18:33
kthakoreas needed18:33
SDuensinWell my position will be open soon enough.18:33
kthakoreno way, you seem to have that awesomeness charm18:33
kthakoreyou will be fine18:34
SDuensinPeople here like me.  I just don't like where I am.18:34
SDuensinI'll be fine the day I turn in my laptop and security badges.18:34
SDuensinWhich I had hoped was today, but my wife had other thoughts.18:34
kthakorethat sucks18:34
kthakoredisregard wife; acquire ... well nothing18:37
SDuensinI have leads on new work.  Pretty solid ones.18:38
kthakoregood luck18:46
SDuensinWhere are you located, anyway?   What kind of work you want to do?18:48
-!- fokat [~lem@] has joined #webgui18:52
@scrottienothing to do?  you've got your laptop!19:06
SDuensinYea.  True!  Port EhBASIC to my 6502 for me!19:07
SDuensin(Yet another thing I've not had time to finish.)19:08
SDuensinIt's a portable BASIC in 6502 ASM...19:09
SDuensinI want to make it run on this:  http://www.downtothemetal.com/custom/6502/README.txt19:10
SDuensin(All the code for that "machine" is up a level at http://www.downtothemetal.com/custom/6502 )19:10
kthakoreSDuensin: Canada19:15
kthakorescrottie: yeah ... true19:15
* kthakore woop woop woop woops back to work19:16
SDuensinCanada.  That narrows it down.  I'm from Earth myself.19:16
kthakoreOntario, 19:17
kthakoreerm need more?19:17
SDuensinIn other words, not close to me.  I'm in the St. Louis area.19:17
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@scrottieSDuensin, I thought you were linking me to "BoMW" for a sec there...http://www.bigmessowires.com/19:42
@scrottiein particular, http://www.bigmessowires.com/bmow1/ ... wow, this guy has been busy since last I looked at that.19:47
@scrottieI find the wirewrap photos amazing.19:48
SDuensinI've seen that stuff before.  He's insane.  :-)19:49
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kthakorescrottie: huh?21:39
@scrottielong story.  too much tracing around through unrelated code to track down a stupid problem.21:42
@scrottieckotil, I saw a DEFCON talk where they were mining commit logs for language about stuff developers knew was insecure and intended to fix.  before they dived into that portion of the presentation and were just showing off some random, interesting stats and finds, WebGUI frequently came up in the "strange and amusing commit message" category.21:51
kthakoreyeah ...21:54
kthakoreI broke something else21:54
kthakoreagain ...21:54
kthakoretests are failing22:00
@scrottiethat's what tests do.22:02
kthakorebut it ... no makes sense ...22:05
@scrottieverify your understanding, perhaps interactively with hu-mans.22:06
kthakoreI am doign the GD resize rewrite 22:19
kthakore.... but it is not doign the dimensions I wanted to do22:19
@scrottieI think your GD is messed up.  Do you have access to another system?22:19
kthakorenot on hand22:20
kthakoreonly my laptop22:20
@scrottieyou're on from a Linode.  is that yours?  what OS is it running?22:20
* scrottie is on from a linode too22:21
@scrottiepreaction, you might do the http://www.ohloh.net/p/WebGUI "claim this position" thingie.22:22
@preactionmust be new22:23
kthakorescrottie: Ubuntu22:24
kthakoreI don't have enough ram on hear22:24
kthakoreit is running other things22:24
kthakoreDo you guys have a machine I can run this stuff on?22:28
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ckotilanyone expiring assets after a certain length of time?23:07
ckotilIve always considering writing a workflow activity that would email the creator of an asset when it reaches a certain age. then the owner would have to either edit it or delete it23:09
@preactionthere's the built-in WaitUntil workflow activity23:10
@preactionand VersionTags, if the workflow has WaitUntil, can rollback when a point is reached23:10
@preactionotherwise if you set things to archived, they're almost as good as "expired"23:11
ckotilhrm , that doesnt seem to fit my use case, which is to expire documentation so that it can be reviewed and purged after so long.23:18
@preactionthen a custom scheduled task sounds best23:21
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CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell master * r3151a02 / lib/WebGUI/Macro/AssetProxy.pm : we don't always have an asset, so use the page url instead - http://bit.ly/inSYYO04:51
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advancedalarmtecis there anyone online that could help with a WRE 0.9.3 installation?08:37
advancedalarmtecI have a clean install of ubuntu 11.04 server.  I downloaded WRE 0.9.3 and followed the instructions from the webgui website.  While running the testEnvironment it fails at the DBD::mysql installation.  What are the correct flags to include for DBD::mysql to install successfuly?08:39
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui08:42
@preactionyou need to source the WRE's environment08:42
@preactionat the terminal, do "source /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment.sh"08:43
advancedalarmtecinstallation still failed after "source /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment.sh"08:50
@preactionbut it shouldn't be trying to install at all08:53
advancedalarmtecduring the installation using cpan it says it can't find the directory of mysql.h08:58
@preactionbut it shouldn't be trying to install at all08:59
@preactionwhat does "which perl" say?08:59
@preactionhow about perldoc -l DBD::mysql09:00
@preactionso it exists, it shouldn't need installing09:04
@preactionwhat is the full output of testEnvironment.pl before it tries installing?09:05
advancedalarmtec'Checking for module DBD::mysql:09:06
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@D57D69B6.static.ziggozakelijk.nl] has joined #webgui09:06
advancedalarmtecNot installed, do you want to isntall it now?  {y|n}09:06
@preactionokay, try "perl -MDBD::mysql" instead09:06
advancedalarmtecthat command seems to stall the system09:09
@preactionso it loads just fine09:10
@preactionand you're doing "perl testEnvironment.pl" correct? not "./testEnvironment.pl"09:10
advancedalarmtecno, I was running "sudo ./testEnvironment.pl" which is what it states in the instructions09:11
@preactionwhich instructions? you should be doing sudo perl testEnvironment.pl09:11
-!- fokat [~lem@weston-] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]09:13
advancedalarmtecI just checked, I must have missread them previously, I tried the command "sudo perl testEnvironment.pl" and it still gives the same error09:14
@preactionit's probably using the wrong perl when you're sudo09:14
advancedalarmtecthe instructions I was following was from: http://www.webgui.org/community-wiki/wre-installation09:14
@preactionyou should get a root shell "sudo -i" source the WRE "source /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment.sh" and then try again09:14
@preactionsource the WRE is part of step 6 in that document09:15
advancedalarmtecI was sourcing the setenvironment.sh as non-root user, then runing the testEnvironment as root...09:19
advancedalarmtecthis fixed it, thank you preaction09:22
@preactionsudo overwrites parts of the current environment, parts that wouldn't work right09:22
@preactionyou can control this via /etc/sudoers, iirc09:23
advancedalarmtecthis is what I was doing wrong approx 6 months ago when I tried to do an installation, I've been using the VMware Appliance, but have grown to like WebGUI enough to want to get the installation on a physical machine09:29
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+perlDreamermorning, folks17:53
SDuensinHey perlDreamer 17:54
+perlDreamerpreaction, I had the same problem with a server install on Saturday.  No DBD::mysql in the wre17:54
+perlDreamermorning, SD17:54
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+perlDreamerBartJol, if I try to add the PayPal localization, can you test it for me later tonight your time?18:25
* SDuensin perks up at the mention of PayPal18:30
+perlDreamerSDuensin, PayPal support localization of its pages based on either the submitting site, or a specific tag submitted to it via the Button18:31
SDuensinJust happy for any PayPal love.  :-)18:32
+perlDreamerI am planning two bug fixes today, three if I can get to them, for PayPal18:33
SDuensinI wish I had time to help with stuff like that.  My current job is a soul-sucking void of dispair that steals 8 hours of my useful time a day.18:34
+BartJolperlDreamer: eeh, will tomorrow before you wake up do?18:40
+perlDreameroh sure18:40
* BartJol always enjoys SDuensin optimism18:41
SDuensinBartJol: Sorry. Like I told someone else earlier, I enjoyed my last trip to the ER much more than coming into work.18:42
+perlDreamerSDuensin, I'm starting to have that feeling about PayPal in general18:53
+perlDreamerlike, I just learned that in PP standard, you cannot use credits to discount shipping costs18:53
+perlDreameryou have to hack it, and add shipping as another item to the cart to make that work18:53
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb21a6e3 / (3 files in 3 dirs): PayPal does not consider +5.00 to be the same as 5.00. Remove the sign from the number. Fixes bug #12152. - http://bit.ly/mvYpaq19:12
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rf0c958e / (3 files in 3 dirs): PayPal does not consider +5.00 to be the same as 5.00. Remove the sign from the number. Fixes bug #12152. - http://bit.ly/kSEzBV19:13
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r2507f52 / t/User.t : Add tests for checking user status via get. - http://bit.ly/jFPGTc21:09
@preactionperlDreamer: but that problem was revealed as "the WRE wasn't sourced"21:15
+perlDreameryeah, I didn't have that problem21:16
+perlDreamerI was using the right perl21:16
+perlDreamerit found every module BUT DBD::mysql21:16
@preactionwhich usually means it can't load it, especially if perldoc -l points to the right place21:17
@preactiontestEnvironment doesn't make a distinction between a module that can't be loaded, or one that's missing21:17
+perlDreamermaybe it was a problem unpacking the WRE on that one server21:19
+perlDreamerjust seems odd to me that I can download the WRE, install it, and then have WebGUI tell me that it can't find a part of the WRE21:20
+perlDreamerbut it's working now, and I've never had that kind of problem before21:20
+perlDreamerpreaction, for User.pm, where did we end up?  Are we using generic accessors (->get), or specific attributes (->username, ->status, ->etc) ?23:40
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@5357069A.cm-6-8a.dynamic.ziggo.nl] has quit [Quit: off]23:40
@preactionattributes, as the rest of webgui is now using (due to moose)23:43
+perlDreamersomeone reported a bug using ->get('status') and status that sounds like an odd caching bug23:57
+perlDreamerI can't reproduce it23:57
+perlDreamerbut when I figure out what it is, I'll make sure it's in the attribute direction23:58
--- Day changed Tue Jun 07 2011
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+perlDreamerfrodwith, we didn't fix it (it being the Spectre bug with notify)00:42
+perlDreameri've got a stuck website running 7.9.2900:42
@frodwithwell, at least we fixed one thinko00:42
@frodwitheven if the issue isn't gone.00:42
+perlDreamerthis is worse then gophers00:42
+perlDreameryou shoot one, and his uncle, brother, neighbor down the street pops back up00:43
-!- elnino [~ninow@user-38q47pn.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui00:47
elninojust looking into ads a little. It appears that they do not have any templates? is that correct?00:47
+perlDreamerno templates00:47
+perlDreamerno time up to time down00:47
elninoyou mean duration.  That's a bummer.00:49
elninoI suppose a bunch of people ask?00:49
elninoI suppose you could say there is a template for the article in which you put the macro in.00:50
elninothat works.00:50
+perlDreamerright, or the style template in the Layout00:50
elninowhat is the limit of "ad text" we can have?00:52
+perlDreamershould be related to the input field00:53
+perlDreamertextareas can be pretty big00:53
elninoit's just an input field, not a textarea. so 255?00:53
+perlDreamertime for piano lessons, I'll be back later01:02
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elninoah, found the table in the schema.01:02
elninothe "ad shop" asset in the admin bar - is that adding a special shop for selling ads? or is that adding a adsku? looks like an adsku, but I don't see an optoin to sell a text add or richmedia?01:31
elninosorry, "option to sell text only, image, or richmedia"01:32
elninocan the rich media utilize macros?01:34
elninofor rich media ads, the URL isn't linked to the html code I provided. I thought it would do that for me. is that a bug?01:41
elninooh http://www.webgui.org/design/wiki/ad-space-macro - So I can't assetproxy an article that has AdSpace in it?02:03
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r38d81ce / lib/WebGUI/Shop/PayDriver/PayPal/ExpressCheckout.pm : Fix a syntax warning with multiple i18n objects in PP::ExpressCheckout - http://bit.ly/kXVZji05:53
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r21bcd70 / lib/WebGUI/Shop/PayDriver/PayPal/ExpressCheckout.pm : Fix a syntax warning with multiple i18n objects in PP::ExpressCheckout - http://bit.ly/kF6gx905:54
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r43782b2 / docs/create.sql : Preparing for 7.9.30 release. - http://bit.ly/iLv6o806:49
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rc76afd9 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.9.31 development. - http://bit.ly/ijqXZN07:04
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-!- Radix_ changed the topic of #webgui to: [7.9.30-stable | 7.10.17-beta | WRE 0.9.3] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com09:36
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SDuensinThis is me in my basement.  http://xkcd.com/908/16:52
SDuensinMy server is even shaped like the one in that comic.16:55
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@scrottiehrm, kind of reminds of spies.com.17:34
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knowmadHey folks, does anyone use Start/End time with version tags? i think I've found a bug in v7.10 where the system is not removing version tags that have reached their end time18:52
@preactionfrom what i remember, the default version tag workflow doesn't do the end time at all19:15
@preactionso you have to make a custom workflow that does both the start and end time19:18
@preactionor, change it so webgui has a scheduled task that checks version tags, instead of using WaitUntil19:19
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@53562A76.cm-6-7a.dynamic.ziggo.nl] has joined #webgui19:29
knowmadthanks preaction. so what workflow handles the version tag logic?19:33
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knowmadit's not one of the maint. workflows as the changes went up immediately once the time ticked over19:33
@preactionthe one the version tag is assigned to use. when you create a version tag, it gets a workflow. if you create one manually, you can assign it19:33
@preactionso the default set of "Commit *" version tag workflows all have a WaitUntil bit in them that handles the start, but do not have one that handles the end19:34
@preactionthat was done because there are a few things you can do at the end, such as delete (rollback) or trash, and not doing it was preferable to making content get deleted19:34
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+perlDreamermorning, folks20:17
+perlDreamerBartJol, I figured how to do the locale testing for PayPal20:18
+perlDreamerand it was released yesterday20:18
+perlDreamerpreaction, I made a dev forum posting!20:37
+perlDreamerNo one answered!20:39
sbaurI saw it, but don't use paypal20:39
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+perlDreamerhordes of developers entering the room20:40
+perlDreamerNot even SDuensin, who has been clamoring for PayPal support for months, said anything about the threa20:41
* SDuensin would, but he's up to his nose in stupidity at work20:44
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ckotilso im looking at new documentation systems. this one, mindtouch , aka deki wiki has some wierd assumptions about templating. like how a page template is only used when initially creating a page, and not for rendering it. so any change you make to the template you then have to go back and change your content!22:55
daviddelikatI'm working on a new Wobject and I have added a templateid to the display page22:58
@preactionwebgui has that problem if you export static html: if you update the template, you have to re-export22:58
daviddelikatwhich shows up OK but does not have the manage/edit buttons next to it22:58
daviddelikatI forget how to make them show up...22:58
@preaction<tmpl_var controls>22:58
daviddelikatwhere do I put it?22:59
ckotilpreaction: yeah! with static!22:59
ckotilit essentially makes the entire mindtouch suite static content. good for nothing.22:59
ckotiltho, it's entirely possible that I am too familiar with WebGUI and am missing something w/ mindtouch.23:00
daviddelikatpreaction: where do I put the <templ_var controls> bit?23:01
@preactionin the template23:01
@preactionthe asset template23:01
@preactionif you don't have a template, use $self->toolbar23:01
ckotili really like all the wiki stuff tho. inline images/files, comments, (useful) ratings, tags, notification settings. which give me good ideas for a new webgui template23:02
ckotilstyle template that is.23:02
-!- daviddelikat1 [~user@h184-60-24-176.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #webgui23:09
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+perlDreamerpreaction: pending any discussion on that PayPal topic, do you have any preference for a fix?  Hack vs. smarter code?23:25
@preactionperlDreamer: replied23:33
+perlDreameryou are awfully patient with bossy junior programmers :)23:33
@preactioni'm trying to turn over a new leaf of patience and serenity23:36
@preactionwhat if ad spaces were container assets?23:46
@preactionwe'd remove one API, though it might be more confusing to set up23:47
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--- Day changed Wed Jun 08 2011
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@preactionalso, we should do this along with the other major metadata stuffs http://schema.org/00:24
@preactionhmm... that one may be a bit difficult to integrate automatically...00:27
@preactionunless we make it part of webgui's metadata system00:27
+perlDreamerpreaction, making adspaces first class assets would make them simpler to setup, IMO.  no macros and such00:45
+perlDreameralso, the layouts could detect whether any of their children are adspaces, and disable caching accordingly00:45
@preactionwell, there would be an AssetProxy macro to get the adspace into the page00:48
@preactionif you want it in the style, that is00:49
knowmadhey guys. I agree with perlDreamer on this one; it seems easier to  have it in an asset. my recollection of working with adspaces on one website was that they are wrapped up in HTML code that was difficult to manage (recollection was that it was part of the wobject code). I think the more standardized way of having them behave like an asset is a good thing.00:55
@preactionooh, yeah, the asset could have templates even00:56
@preactionand as it could then be a sku, it could unify the whole thing00:56
knowmadyes, that would be my assumption00:56
+perlDreamerpreaction, and you can still assetproxy it in00:56
@preactionmostly i just like getting rid of APIs00:56
knowmadabout the template, not the sku part (not sure i grok that yet)00:57
+perlDreamerbut now you have to write in a complete translation layer from macro to assets and ops00:57
+perlDreamerknowmad, it's possible to sell Ads on a WebGUI site00:57
@preactionif i had my druthers, Admin and Account would be assets too00:57
+perlDreameraccount should not be an asset00:57
+perlDreamerit's a singleton, and I don't like singleton assets00:57
@preactionAuth wouldn't be. can't. but why not account?00:57
@preactionAdmin would be too, what's wrong w/ singletons?00:58
knowmadhey perlDreamer, i just responded to that bug report about version tags. i found where i can run an activity to unlock a version but don't see how i tell it which version to unlock00:58
-!- SquOnk [~emhn@] has joined #webgui00:58
@preactionknowmad: it's the same tag that was committed with that workflow00:58
@preactionthe idea is: first you WaitUntil Start Time00:58
@preactionthen you commit00:58
SquOnkHere I am again with my Asset Report questions...00:58
@preactionthen you WaitUntil End Time, and you trash/unlock/rollback00:59
SquOnkI have an Asset Report pulling only Articles *guaranteed* to have an Image as attachment.00:59
@preactioni can't be angry, because i think it was my idea00:59
knowmadso if the tag is already committed, i'm hosed?00:59
@preactionright, you have to uncommit/rollback yourself00:59
knowmad-1 for preaction00:59
@preactionwhich is why i mentioned the scheduled task00:59
SquOnkI'm trying to get to the image inside the asset_loop00:59
+perlDreamernot only that, because it has to be the commit workflow for the site, you'll get X*K workflows all running all the time00:59
@preactionthe scheduled task would let you edit it while the tag is out there00:59
knowmadjoking but this is a bit of a challenge01:00
@preactionno, i know. it was a bit of a misstep on our part01:00
knowmadwill you be addressing in wg8?01:00
@preactionSquOnk: use the StorageURL macro and the storageId from the article01:00
+perlDreamerit'd be nice to choose from workflow options when you commit01:00
@preactioni can, but it's not a priority01:00
SquOnkI'm trying <img src="^StorageUrl(<tmpl_var storageId>);"> but I get nothing.01:01
@preactionduring the 8.0 cycle, i do intend to simplify a bit01:01
knowmadright now it's confusing the way it's setup01:01
SquOnkpreaction: storageId is empty inside the asset_loop01:01
knowmadhey, gotta run; i'll follow-up on the bug report to close it out01:01
@preactionyou're sure it's the right asset and revision of the asset?01:02
@preactioni'd do a dump of the properties in the AssetReport to make sure it's getting them correctly01:03
+perlDreamerSquOnk, what kind of asset is this?01:04
SquOnkOk, now I've got the storageId showing up in the Asset Report01:05
+perlDreamerright, but the asset report reports on assets, so which asset is being reported on?01:05
SquOnkperlDreamer: An Asset Report pulling Articles *guaranteed* to have images as their first attachment.01:05
-!- knowmad [~knowmad@adsl-070-148-067-249.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]01:06
SquOnkperlDreamer: I don't understand the question.01:06
+perlDreamerwell, you've got the right answer01:07
@preactionthe Articles are being reported on01:08
-!- daviddelikat [~user@adsl-76-204-91-40.dsl.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui01:08
SquOnkI've got it working.01:16
SquOnkTurns out the images were not *attached* but *embedded* in the Article.01:16
SquOnkBTW, using 'thumb' with StorageUrl... cute.01:17
SquOnkNow, lets say that the Asset Report is reporting on Shortcuts.01:17
SquOnkperlDreamer: (Is that the way to state it?)01:17
SquOnkSaid Shortcuts are to Articles guaranteed to have images.01:18
SquOnkIf understood how StorageUrl works, then I would be pointing to the Shortcut and not to the Articles, right?01:18
@preactionmost likely01:18
SquOnkAnd it would be impossible to get to the images in said shortcutted Articles.01:18
@preactionnot impossible, just not currently in the asset report01:19
+perlDreamerit'd take some macros, at best01:19
@preactionthe shortcut's special features don't take place until view() is called01:19
SquOnkTo do an n-step indirection.01:19
@preactionbut the asset report could be extended to get the original asset with overrides01:20
SquOnkAll right, let's see if this people can live with reporting on Articles for the time being.01:20
SquOnkstorageId always points to the first attachment, regardless of the Asset, if the Asset is capable of having attachments, right?01:37
+perlDreamerstorageId is the GUID of a storage location01:37
+perlDreamerStorageUrl is always the first file in that location01:37
+perlDreamerunless you pass a filename01:38
+perlDreamerand "first" is a relative thing01:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: Got it.01:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: Say I have a Story, with images. ^StorageUrl(storageId) would give the "first" image attached, right?01:39
+perlDreamerbecause Story does not have a storageId01:39
SquOnkperlDreamer: Aha, good.01:39
SquOnkWhich Assets have storageId? Better yet, what Assets, besides Article, would I be able to report on and access their attachments via the ^StorageUrl trick?01:40
+perlDreamerSquOnk, look in Help/Asset*.pm01:40
+perlDreameror, sub definition in Asset/*/*/*.pm01:41
SquOnkArticle, File, Post and WikiPage.01:41
SquOnkSo says grep01:41
SquOnkperlDreamer: Thanks!01:41
+perlDreameryou're welcome :)01:41
SquOnk...I could use ^FetchMimeType(^StorageUrl...)) to at least guess if the thing is an Image...01:46
+perlDreameryes, but that precludes using HTML::Template01:48
+perlDreamersince it won't do arbitrary conditionals01:48
SquOnkperlDreamer: HTML::Template::Expr01:49
+perlDreameror, use TT and be happy01:49
SquOnkThis people are having trouble with HTML::Template, imagine what kind of crap they will come up with using TT01:49
@preactioneh, sometimes i think TT is better because it doesn't try to look like HTML01:50
@preaction<img src="<tmpl_var something>"> <- it gets worse than that, but even that throws me sometimes, and i'm expecting it01:51
SquOnkOh, I have nothing against TT. I have trouble with these particular designers using it.01:52
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Haargeven with HTML::Template::Expr you can't have conditionals based on macros03:09
-!- knowmad [~knowmad@99-112-245-79.lightspeed.chrlnc.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui03:20
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kthakorescrottie: hi04:10
kthakoreso I found le bug04:10
kthakoreit is super deep in how we do storage04:11
kthakoredoing some tests now04:11
kthakoregetting to food place to nom nom nom nom04:11
@scrottiefailing tests more than welcome.04:12
@scrottiebrb, ditto.04:18
daviddelikatanybody ever use AssetAspect::installable?04:35
daviddelikatdo I have to call install explicitly or is there some 04:36
daviddelikatmechanism that does it elsewhere04:36
@scrottiethere's a command line utility...04:42
@scrottieperl -perl -I /data/projectcode/lib/ installClass.pl --upgrade WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::LocalWhatever04:43
* scrottie searches through this crib sheets04:43
@scrottiethere's no --install option; that's the default, if memory serves04:43
@scrottieI've used it on and off.  it tries to decide if you're upgrading by whether the table for that asset exists.  if it does, it's upgrading and calls the upgrade method.04:43
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@scrottiekthakore, you promised us a bug.05:47
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@scrottiebug, bug, bug!09:08
@scrottieah, well.09:08
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kthakorescrottie: ??10:45
kthakorescrottie: srry10:45
kthakoreI ended up getting ... le drunk with friends10:45
kthakorethe bug was moar my fault10:46
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SDuensinOk, go rent "Dude, Where's My Car?" right now and watch it.17:00
+BartJollong time ago I saw that one17:00
SDuensin"Dude, we really need to cut back on the shibbi-ing."17:01
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webguiquestionsAnyone monitoring the channel?17:35
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+perlDreamerBartJol, PayPal does not support a Dutch locale17:52
webguiquestionsIs there a standard template that holds the "click here to register" prompt in the landing webpage?17:55
webguiquestionsI'm trying to find where that text is entered in one of the asset files. :-/17:55
webguiquestions(Okay, I'm a sysadmin, not a web designer, it shows, and I admit it.)17:55
+BartJolperlDreamer: well, doesn't matter, because apparently it does when you just go to the site, so you can't give dutch, but it will take dutvh17:59
+perlDreamerawesome, so it's just that their documentation sucks17:59
+perlDreamerwebguiquestions, there are many different ways to show "click here to register", it depends on how the site is setup18:00
+perlDreamerare you using a macro to display that?18:00
webguiquestionsI didn't it was with Andreas02 :-)18:03
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webguiquestionsI'm looking to find where I suspect it was in the layout again.18:03
webguiquestionsThought it was related to18:04
webguiquestions<h1><a href="^/;">^c;</a></h1> <div id="login"> ^L("","","PBtmpl0000000000000092"); &middot; ^AdminToggle; </div> </div>18:04
+BartJolit is prolly the ^L bit18:05
webguiquestionsI thought the PBtmpl0000000 part referred to a template somewhere.18:06
webguiquestionsBut I don't know where it is.18:06
+BartJolI was finishing my answer18:06
+BartJolI'll have a look18:06
+BartJolah, default te,plates can be found in root->import18:09
+BartJolsince you have a macrto, it is in subfolder macro18:09
+BartJoland it is the horizontal login box18:11
+BartJolin the L_loginbox18:11
webguiquestionsOkay...hang on...18:19
webguiquestions(sorry, digging around on my own still to try finding that text...)18:19
webguiquestionsI want to get rid of the                        <a href="<tmpl_var account.create.url>"><tmpl_var account.create.label></a>18:21
+BartJolyeah, but you'd better make a copy of the template, as it suggest on editting18:22
+perlDreamerYou do not want people to be able to create accounts on your site?18:22
webguiquestionsAt the moment it's set up to allow our LDAP users automatically in.18:22
+BartJolmaybe not in that place18:22
+perlDreamerit would be better to go into Settings and turn off, Enable Anonymous Registration18:22
webguiquestionsIf they're in AD, it creates an account for them. No registration necessary.18:22
webguiquestionsWhat would that do (turning off Enable Anonymous Reg) to our LDAP authentication?18:23
+BartJolI haven't used ldap registration yet18:23
+perlDreamerNothing, it just prevents people from creating accounts18:23
webguiquestions@perlDreamer: But still allows people in over LDAP to create an account if they didn't previously have an account?18:24
+perlDreamerthat's a good question, webguiquestions.  LDAP is not a commonly used method for authentication, I don't know that much about it18:25
webguiquestionsIn the wording for that feature it sounded like it might cripple part ofour LDAP modification.18:25
webguiquestionsThat's why I didn't touch it. But since we're not planning on ever having any anonymous users (non-Windows based users) I figured I could just get rid of the option for people to click that and log in.18:26
webguiquestionsWell, click that and register.18:26
+BartJolI should go with your original idea webguiquestions18:26
+BartJoland just remove the link in the template18:26
webguiquestionsI'm copying the template now.18:27
+BartJolsorry, copied template18:27
webguiquestionsI'm slowly learning more about web design...18:27
+BartJoldon't forget to get the id (in the metadata tab) and replace PBtmpl00..0092 with that ID18:27
+BartJolin the macro18:28
webguiquestionsThat was the next part I was looking for...where to change it.18:30
webguiquestionsI was looking for a reference to the horizontal URL name.18:30
+BartJolok, it depends on where the macro is called for18:30
+BartJolI suppose that is in the style template of the page18:30
+BartJolit mostly is18:31
webguiquestionsCan I just change the ID to something else psuedo-random?18:31
+BartJoleeh, like for the copied template? then no18:31
+BartJolit is generated by webgui18:32
webguiquestionsIt's an asset ID number. Can't change.18:32
+perlDreameryou can change it, it just won't work :)18:32
+perlDreamerBartJol, is that Dutch for rude little jerk?18:33
webguiquestionsSilly question. Is there a "comment" character for use in HTML?18:33
+BartJolno, it is n euphemism for smartass18:33
webguiquestionsLike # in scripts.18:33
+BartJol<!-- -->18:33
+perlDreamer<! comment in here -->18:33
+BartJolif i don't leave martin will have my hide18:34
+perlDreamerSee ya!  Tell him I said hi.18:34
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webguiquestionsNow I just have one issue that is going to be a really big issue for us :-/19:41
webguiquestionsI don't know if there's a way to solve it.19:41
webguiquestionsNuts. Now I have a second problem.19:46
webguiquestionsIf I have a home landing page...19:46
webguiquestionsAnd I add some folders.19:47
webguiquestionslike root->home->buildingname19:47
webguiquestionsnow on the bottom of my root page, it's appending those folders to the bottom.19:47
webguiquestionsHrm...must be something in the template.19:47
sbaurif you have a nav on home, check that it only shows self and siblings19:48
sbaurif you don't need those folders to ever show up in a nav, you can change their permissions so they are not visible in navigations19:48
sbauron home, in the display tab, you can also tell it to hide particular assets19:50
webguiquestionsThat looks like it might do it. Thanks, @Sbaur.20:10
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webguiquestionsNow I just need to figure out how to selectively enable/disable who in our active directory is able to log in to the website :-/20:37
webguiquestionsAny way to have it only allow logins if the user object has a particular attribute or belongs to a particular active directory group?20:38
webguiquestionsThere are a couple of object containers where authorized users may have their objects reside, so it would work out if I could get it to only allow objects that are members of, say, the Human Resources group to log in.20:39
@scrottienot that I can think of off hand.  I'd have to do some digging, and I promised some nice people I'd get back to them on some things already this morning.  if you don't get a reply now, try again later?20:44
@preactionjust because a user can log in, doesn't mean that anything changes for them. they may not be able to actually do anything different on the site just because they're logged in20:49
webguiquestionsIn my site, when they log in, they get a homepage built for them. It's a workflow.20:54
webguiquestionsIn our organization we have individuals that need their own pages for informing outside people what's going on in their respective...departments.20:55
webguiquestionsSo we have it authenticating against Active Directory, and if they're a legit as a login, it creates a home page for the user in their registration process.20:56
webguiquestionsAll automated and invisible to them.20:56
webguiquestionsThe problem is that we have a large population of users that can log into Active Directory that are NOT to have any login privileges to the website.20:56
webguiquestionsI didn't know if there was a way to specify that users in Active Directory had to be members of a certain group before WebGUI would allow them to authenticate.20:59
@scrottieI think what preaction is getting at is that everyone, before logging in with another account, is essentially logged in as "Visitor".  Visitor doesn't have permission to see much or anything past the first page on a lot of WebGUIs, but s/he is still a real user.21:06
@scrottieit's possible and pretty common to have view permissions set stuff site-wide such that only "registered" users or some other subset of users (excluding Visitor) can see it21:07
@preactionyou can make sure your user is in a specific group before they get their own homepage21:08
webguiquestions@Preaction: how do I insert that check (user XYZ is a specific group member) before allowing them to get the homepage generated?21:10
@preaction$user->isInGroup( $someGroupId );21:10
webguiquestionsThat would have to be checked in the script for the workflow, yes?21:11
webguiquestionsWouldn't that mean they'd already have to have an account in WebGUI?21:12
webguiquestionsAnd be a member of a WebGUI group?21:12
@preactionno, you can have WebGUI check LDAP for group membership21:13
webguiquestionsAh, that's what I'm looking for.21:13
webguiquestionsHaving it check somewhere against ActiveDirectory to make sure they're in a particular group before allowing it.21:13
ckotili thought you had to use ldap for auth too if that were the case.21:13
webguiquestionsI am using it for auth.21:14
ckotilthen you're golden.21:14
webguiquestionsThis way users dont' need multiple accounts/passwords.21:14
ckotili only use ldap for authorization, not authentication21:14
webguiquestionsUnfortunately I don't have time to go hacking into the scripts at the moment :-/21:14
@preactionthey have to have an ldap dn, but they don't necessarily have to use it for authentication21:14
webguiquestionsCan I get help on this another day?21:14
webguiquestions(thanks for giving me hope that this can be done though!)21:14
ckotilpreaction: i have that. but i swear last time i tried to integrate webgui to our ldap the short answer was, i cant unless using ldap for authentication.21:15
webguiquestionsI basically need to have the workflow somehow check that the user object in Active Directory exists, has a valid password, and is a member of ZYX group before saying, "Sure, you can log in, here's your home page, you're good to go..."21:16
@preactionif the user doesn't exist in AD, they can't log in21:16
@preactionthe workflow only has to check the group, because at that point they are already logged in21:17
webguiquestionsI'll no doubt be on tomorrow or Friday to try seeing what can be cobbled together.21:17
ckotilill have to try it again.21:17
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--- Day changed Thu Jun 09 2011
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knowmadGreets. I'm looking at the YAPC schedule tonite picking the talks I want to see and wondered who is going to YAPC this month?03:20
knowmadI know preaction and JT will be there because they're scheduled to speak03:20
@preactionpaul's coming, i think scott's coming03:20
@preactiongraham's coming03:20
knowmady'all want to put together a WebGUI BOF or hackathon?03:25
knowmadtuesday night? same time as the Parrot/Perl6 BOF? http://www.yapc2011.us/yn2011/schedule?day=2011-06-2803:33
knowmadok, i've put in the request03:36
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-148-164.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:52
knowmadpreaction: where do y'all want to hold the BoF? and for how long?04:57
knowmadthere's no place to hold it on Tuesday night in the conference rooms; we've got 90 minutes for lunch on Mon, Tue & Wed and could do it during that time one day04:58
@preactionlunch tues might be good. i think i speak tuesday05:00
knowmadwhat if i do tues @ 6:30 - 7pm? then anyone who wanted to continue conversation could move elsewhere05:01
knowmadwe have to be out of conf. rooms by 705:01
knowmadi know i'm going to see you guys but i'm hoping we can pick up some interest from the broader Perl community via a BoF05:02
@preactionright, that's what i'm thinking by doing the same day i speak, since i'll be talking about webgui's testing05:02
knowmadi'm hoping we can have dinner with the PB team on Tues05:02
@preactionthat might work, could coordinate w/ JT05:03
knowmadthat'd be cool; i'm going to see if we can get a room at 6:30pm for the BoF05:04
knowmadthat way you can focus on your talk during lunch05:04
@preactioni speak in the morning, iirc05:04
@preactionand it's just 20 miuntes, can do it in my sleep05:05
knowmadwell i hope you'll be awake b/c I'm attending ;)05:05
@preactionyeah, it'll be better if i'm awake and have visual aids05:06
@preactionnice metrics on test coverage comparing techniques05:06
knowmadi'm looking fwd to it05:07
kthakoreoh loard I seriously broke my webgui05:29
@preactionwhat's it say?05:29
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kthakoreCan't call method "setting" on an undefined value at lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Search.pm line 37.05:30
kthakoreThis is when I click Turn on Admin!05:30
kthakoreI reset my it too05:30
kthakorewgd reset --dev05:31
kthakoreshit nothing works ...05:33
@preactionsession shouldn't be allowed to be undef05:34
@preactionbut... what if it's getting the field without an instance... hmm...05:35
@preactionif you check for undef in the _searchRoot_builder sub and handle it gracefully it should be fine05:35
-!- fokat [~lem@weston-] has joined #webgui05:39
kthakoreWhat should I return if it is undef?05:39
@preactionthe assetId of the root asset (which is a constant, you can find in lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm sub getRoot05:40
kthakorehowever I have a session.... I am logged in ...05:40
kthakorewhy is this undef?05:40
@preactionyes, i think it's something else. and we'll get it fixed later05:40
kthakoreand I can't test any of my image stuff right now05:40
kthakoreyay moar breaking05:41
@preactioni think the search asset's properties are being built as class methods, so there is no session05:41
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knowmadSign-up for the WebGUI BoF --> http://www.yapc2011.us/yn2011/wiki?node=WebGUI%20BOF05:45
knowmadi'll throw this up to webgui.org as well05:45
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elninohi all.07:41
elninoLONG ago I looked into trying to use google mail as my smtp server, but I ran into problems, and I'm trying to remember.. I think the issue is that I have to provide some kinda of username/password, and webgui doesn' thave such config optoins. Does that sound right to anyone?07:42
elninoI found the rfe about smtp authenticaion. I think that was indeed the issue.07:57
@scrottieWebGUI likes having a local mail relay... there might be something in the marketplace for doing IMAP4 or the like but it isn't in core.08:08
@scrottieGoogle is not an SMTP mail relay.08:08
elnino'm not clear on the terms. so forgive me, 08:09
elninobut they do have something smtp something.08:09
@scrottieSMTP is the old, old email protocol.  It has no auth or really any security at all built in.08:09
@scrottieGoogle accepts SMTP mail for delivery to users who have accounts with gmail or whose mail is hosted with Google, but they do not accept SMTP mail bound for other domains.08:10
@scrottieIf you accept email bound for other domains and then re-deliver it, you're an "email relay".08:10
@scrottieThere used to be a lot of email relays on the Internet but they get abused to send spam, so they got closed down.08:10
elninoright, and the customer did have an a google app setup for their domain in google. so I think that's what I did.08:11
@scrottieSo, if you want something that accepts SMTP mail and redelivers it, you have to run it locally.08:11
@scrottieif all of the email from your WebGUI is going to only to users with gmail accounts, then you certainly could tell it to deliver directly to Google.08:11
@scrottiePOP is for picking up email.  IMAP is newer and more complete and builds in support for sending.  both require you to log in.  usually email clients speak this to some mail server that's also accepting email via SMTP.08:12
@scrottieSMTP auth is pretty much disused.  people did that when they were picking up their own email from a mail server with POP but then had to use SMTP on that server to send it, and the server admins didn't want an open relay08:14
@scrottieIMAP sends and recieves and requires a login, so it obsoletes that08:14
elninoOh. I'm confused. This is a somewhat recent article, doing what I was trying to do:  http://www.paessler.com/knowledgebase/en/topic/2823-can-gmail-google-apps-be-used-for-smtp-relay08:15
elninobut I was setting it up within sendmail.08:16
elninobut again, I don't know what I'm talking about. and I'm totally using the wrong terms I'm sure.08:16
@scrottiehrm, strange that Google is running that, but if that's the case, well, the SMTP delivery in WebGUI might be able to auth itself with some small changes to the code.08:17
elninoI think is my answer.08:17
elninoso was I right in calling google a "smtp relay"?08:18
@scrottieI want to do something different... I want to use a couple of Perl modules wired together that would let WebGUI deliver SMTP mail itself.08:18
@scrottieAnd if this is true, I was wrong in asserting that Google is not an SMTP relay.08:18
elnino=) ok. I feel smart.. Thanks!  LOL08:19
@scrottieheh =)08:19
@scrottiesure, no problem.08:19
elninoThat would be cool if webgui could become the smtp server and deliver smtp itself.08:20
elninoand recieve.08:20
@preactionbetter to use existing solutions and connect with them08:20
@scrottieit's not cool to be an SMTP server.08:21
elninothen everyone vote for this: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/smtp-authentication-missing08:22
@scrottierelaying mail through Google is likely to fail or get you cut off if you try to send things with a From: address other than your gmail address.08:25
elninoperhaps. but I know that her domain is registered in google aps, so I think that makes them just as happy.08:26
elninobut maybe it translates to her gmail address. maybe that was the issue too. there were several issues going on so we gave up on it.08:27
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+BartJolwebguiquestions: hi16:15
webguiquestionsHoping PerlDreamer comes on so I can pick his (her?) brain about the modification to the createuserhomeskeleton workflow so it only allows home directories (or logins...actually blocking logins would be ideal) based on whether LDAP has a valid user AND that user is a member of  a particular security group.16:16
webguiquestionsStarted getting some information yesterday but had to go to get to the bank before it closed for some paperwork :-/16:16
+BartJolperlDreamer is a "he"16:16
webguiquestionsThanks. Didn't want to assume :-)16:16
webguiquestionsI'm poking around the pm file to see if I can figure out where it's pulling any ldap information or a clue where it's coming from...16:17
webguiquestionsI'm thinking it must come from another PERL module somewhere else, though. :-(16:18
+BartJolwell, I suppose it talks via a cpan ldap module, as you  say16:26
+BartJolperldoc perllocal |grep -i ldap gives nothing though16:28
webguiquestionsI'm thinking it must since in the homeskeleton pm it has "my ($self, $userobj,$instance) = @_;" which I think means pulling info from something executing the module?16:29
webguiquestions(memory fuzzy on PERL syntax)16:29
webguiquestions"my $username = $userobj->username;"16:29
+BartJolwell, I do see Net::LDAP to create an object16:30
webguiquestionsSo the home skeleton is purely for creating the subfolder with proper permissions and name, nothing with the authentication.16:30
webguiquestionsmeaning all the auth stuff is a level previous to this.16:30
+BartJolwell you do have WebGUI/Auth/LDAP.pm16:31
webguiquestions_IsValidLDAPUser looks like it's the method for the initial connect from WebGUI to get access to the AD server (non anonymous authentication)...16:33
webguiquestionsThis would be easier if I lived PERL :-/16:36
webguiquestionsSorry. It's been years since I did PERL programming (or most programming). I'm more sysadmin than programmer.16:36
webguiquestionsAlthough thank $DEITY that the maintainer of this module apparently believes in commenting.16:36
+BartJolwell the dev people try to write readable code16:37
webguiquestionsHmm...head two looks promising.16:40
webguiquestions2) Does the user account have the properties set necessary to authenticate using LDAP.16:40
webguiquestionsNot so promising. looks like it just tries to connect to AD using the supplied username and password and reports success or failure. Nuts.16:42
SDuensinThursday...(complete the quote yourself)16:45
+BartJolwebguiquestions: so it checks once against the ldap/AD16:49
webguiquestionsMaybe the check for a group membership would have to be added to the _isValidLDAPUser subroutine.17:02
webguiquestionsI just don't know how to insert the right variables to have it check for that  against the LDAP user object. :-(17:05
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-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-148-164.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui17:23
+BartJolwebguiquestions: so it only checks whether it is a valid user, not whether that user is in a certain group in AD17:39
webguiquestionsAt this point.17:41
webguiquestionsI think there's nothing in the code that ever checks if the user belongs to a specific group or not, as far as I can tell.17:41
+BartJolso, you are polishinng up your perl programming skills and will add it ;)17:41
webguiquestionsOnly if you want an incompetent programmer working with it :-)17:42
+BartJolwell I have added stuff to the core17:42
+BartJolif you want to do that, maybe developing against wg8 might be best17:43
+BartJolpeople can always doublecheck your code17:44
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+perlDreamerSDuensin, PayPal changes coming again on Monday17:57
SDuensinGood or... like last time?17:58
+perlDreamerwell, any improvements are good, right?17:58
SDuensinYea, but last time the "big PayPal news" was Email telling us it was broken!  :-P17:59
SDuensinI just need subscription support.  ("Just" he says.)18:02
webguiquestionsHi perlDreamer.18:04
webguiquestionsWondered if you'd be willing to continue the LDAP conversation started yesterday?18:04
+perlDreamerwebguiquestions, I can try, but I know very, very little about WebGUI LDAP support18:05
+perlDreamerif he's in channel, mducharme or mducharme-work1 would be awesome, since he uses it on his own site18:05
webguiquestionsMaybe I was mistaken. I thought you had an idea where to start on allowing users who are in AD/LDAP and are in a specific group membership to log in.18:06
+perlDreameryou may be able to set that in the LDAP authentication settings18:06
webguiquestionsI'm not so sure it's in there.18:07
+perlDreamerso it's worth reading the online Admin Guide, and the tooltips for the LDAP authentication18:07
webguiquestionsI have :-/18:07
+perlDreamerboth of them, really?18:07
webguiquestionsLDAP config is working.18:08
webguiquestionsThe problem is that we have users in LDAP that we don't want able to log in.18:08
webguiquestionsRight now with the added workflow, you log in and you get a home page you can edit. We don't want that for all our users.18:08
webguiquestionsSo as it's set it's all or nothing...everyone gets in, or no one gets in.18:09
webguiquestionsSo I'm looking for a way to get every user in AD that is a member of the "website_allow" group to authenticate successfully, and if they're not part of that group, they're not allowed to authenticate successfully.18:09
+perlDreamerand you've seen this wiki page: http://www.webgui.org/user-guides/webgui-administrators-guide/webgui-administrators-guide/ldap ?18:10
webguiquestionsI'm thinking it might be an alteration to the _isValidLDAPUser subroutine in the LDAP.pm module that would do it, but I am unfamiliar with the variables interacting with LDAP in PERL.18:10
webguiquestionsThere's something about WebGUI groups tied to LDAP groups, but I wasn't sure if that was what I was looking for.18:11
webguiquestionsSince it had to tie to whether it authenticated the user before the workgroup was executed.18:11
+perlDreamerseems like you should be able to change the LDAP authentication settings in WebGUI to only say, in LDAP, the user must be in this group18:11
+perlDreamerbut I don't know18:12
+perlDreamerhowever, that would prevent people who were not in that group from logging in.18:12
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui18:12
webguiquestionsThat's what I'm looking for in the...well, workflow, for lack of a better word.18:12
webguiquestionsWebGUI->LDAP server, "is this user and password valid," then "Is $USER a member of $GROUP", then reject or allow based on that, so they don't get the workflow for a homepage and such executed.18:13
+perlDreamerthe workflow does it for EVERY user who creates an account18:13
webguiquestionsOtherwise it's going to litter the site with various home pages.18:13
+perlDreameryou could try to modify the workflow activity to change that18:13
webguiquestionsWe don't want them to get an account if they're not in the group.18:13
+perlDreamerokay, that's a different question/problem though18:14
webguiquestionsIf it prevents them from logging in at all, that's fine.18:14
webguiquestionsThey can stay as a visitor.18:14
+perlDreamerthen I'd dig into the LDAP authentication settings18:14
webguiquestionsWe want them to stay as visitors, no login privileges.18:14
webguiquestionsDespite being valid LDAP users.18:14
-!- jimX11 [~jjm@n128-227-81-249.xlate.ufl.edu] has joined #webgui18:15
webguiquestionsThe closest I found to the wiki guides were the groups inclusions...if user is in $group on ldap, include in $webgui_group.18:16
webguiquestionsThat's too late in the process. They'd already have authenticated and littered the memberarea with a homepage they shouldn't have had :-/18:16
webguiquestionsHmm...so there must be code somewhere in whatever module handles the group binding checking that could be added to the LDAP.pm module for checking membership earlier.18:19
+perlDreamerI think that's part of the DN and CN that you attach to the authentication18:20
+perlDreamerthere are group-looking parts in the example on that webpage18:20
webguiquestionsThe link you sent me at the bottom you mean?18:21
+perlDreamerthis link: http://www.webgui.org/user-guides/webgui-administrators-guide/webgui-administrators-guide/ldap18:21
webguiquestionsI may have misread, but I thought that was referring to the if-in-LDAP-group, put-in-webgui group.18:22
webguiquestionsMaybe the recursive group part?18:22
webguiquestionsLet's see...18:22
webguiquestionsnope the recursive group is a setting meant to block out a search so it speeds up authentication, I think.18:24
+perlDreamerso, webguiquestions, if this is my LDAP URL, ldaps://ldap.mycompany.com/o=shawshank18:28
+perlDreamerwhat does the o=shawshank do?18:28
webguiquestionsYou mean I'd prepend the o=group to my ldap URL?18:31
+perlDreamerI don't know, that's a guess18:33
+perlDreamerbut it's worth trying :)18:33
webguiquestionsIt appears that the "o" is not used in active directory.18:46
webguiquestionsI removed a user from the website_users group and it still allowed that user to log in.18:46
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+perlDreamerwebguiquestions, maybe you could put something "like" o=shawshank into that URL?19:03
webguiquestionsI used the name of the security group in the URI. It didn't seem to affect it one way or the other.19:04
+perlDreamerthen I'd say you're out of chances for using core features, and needing custom coding (either in the LDAP authentication) or the workflow activity19:04
webguiquestionspretty much.19:08
* perlDreamer goes to the gym19:11
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webguiquestionsAny idea where WebGUI pulls the template setting from when you enter a username/password combination and it's wrong, the "failed login" page?19:28
webguiquestionsIt has the wrong style/theme but I'm not finding where the page is so I can change the theme used.19:28
@scrottieI can find out...19:33
webguiquestionsThe URL just goes to /webui/home, but the home asset seems to have the right theme (and I'd set it before with the change branch) :-/19:35
@scrottieduring op=auth, the page in the URL isn't being shown19:35
@scrottiethe auth handler takes over19:35
@scrottie /foo/bar?op=auth  doesn't show /foo/bar19:36
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@scrottieuh... unless I lost the scent, it looks like the template stuff gets wrapped in during auth is taken from the userFunctionStyleId setting19:39
@scrottiealso, tabs.19:40
webguiquestionsWhere would that setting be found in the assets?19:52
webguiquestionsNot assets...I'm looking in the settings->users now...19:54
webguiquestionsmaybe it's in there buried.19:54
@preactionit's in Settings > UI. User Function Style19:55
@scrottiesorry, flopped over to another window.  pardon my slowness.19:56
webguiquestionsThink I got it.19:56
webguiquestionsI'm juggling several windows too.19:56
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* scrottie has a sudden urge to serialize FormBuilder-built trees of Forms20:07
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webguiquestionsI managed to adapt a perl program so if I use perl program.pl username it can tell me if the user object is a member of the group I'm trying to auth against.20:10
webguiquestionsBut is there a way to tie it to WebGUI's authentication routine so that it'll call the perl program and check the output before allowing someone to log in or not?20:11
@scrottieyes, you can create new subclasses of WebGUI::Auth besides the ones in /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Auth20:12
@scrottieyou could subclass WebGUI::Auth::LDAP, for example.20:12
@scrottiethe WebGUI Programmer's Guide has a chapter on creating new auth modules.20:12
webguiquestionsThis would work in tandem with the existing ones?20:13
@scrottieyou should be able to get a pdf of that on webgui.org.20:13
webguiquestionsI don't want to replace what's working, I just need it to find out one extra detail.20:13
@scrottiewell, you'd be specializing the LDAP auth that's there, taking that logic and modifying it20:13
@scrottieyou'd be replacing methods on a method-by-method basis, being able to call back off to the original method to finish work20:13
@scrottiehrm.  well, any time you add code, you're risking breaking something that's working.20:14
@scrottiethat's unavoidable.20:14
@scrottiein WebGUI as in most OO programs, code is added by adding subclasses and then telling the thing to use your new subclass.20:14
@preactionthere's a runOnLogin thing in the config file too20:25
@preactionbut as i mentioned before, better to just let everyone log in and only allow the people in the right group to see the right content. far easier20:25
@preactionrunOnLogin could close the users session, iirc20:26
webguiquestionsDon't know if that would work. If they get to that point, they've already had a workflow create a home page for them.20:30
@scrottieI think there's some question about how that would interact with the package that creates home pages for people, but it would be worth trying it to see what happens before doing something radical.20:30
webguiquestionsRunOnLogin is in the WebGUI config file?20:31
webguiquestionsBut is there a way to act on the results of the program that's run?20:32
webguiquestionsI have this PERL program that'll tell you if the user is a member of the group I'm looking for, whether I'd want them to be logged in or not, but how would I tie it to that mechanism?20:33
+perlDreamerwouldn't it be easier if we added additional requirements on LDAP Auth?20:34
+perlDreamerwhere the user could add in a filter that said that the user must be in a certain LDAP directory to create an account?20:34
webguiquestionsThere's a fairly short example in PERL that will check if <user> is in a particular group.20:35
webguiquestionsThat's why I'd rather avoid jumping through 12 hoops to customize it.20:35
webguiquestionsThe part I stumble on is how to integrate the functionality with the existing code.20:35
+perlDreameron our end, it would be even simpler if we could just make it part of the authentication20:35
webguiquestionsThe sample I modified is 3.8k...and that has extra stuff that's probably not needed.20:36
webguiquestionsActually I know parts aren't needed since I added things like the "usage" if you don't have ARGV[0]20:37
@scrottiewebguiquestions, "one program calling another program" isn't an especially useful way to look at the situation.  WebGUI is a large OO program.  the design and structure are very different.  as it is, there are thousands or tens of thousands of hooks, but the hooks are at the object/method level.  customized behavior is done that way.  all of us are looking at it from that point of view.20:40
@scrottieif you wanted to edit your WebGUI source code, you could easily insert the couple of lines of code into the existing LDAP module, but then every time you upgraded WebGUI, you'd have to edit the code again and make the same change.20:41
@scrottieit's easier to make an empty module that inherits from an existing module and add the code there.  that way, you probably don't have to change anything when you upgrade.20:41
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]20:41
@scrottiebut preaction and perlDreamer have better ideas of how else this could be done besides that.  if preaction thinks that permissions will take care of restricting access to the site to only people in the correct LDAP group, then he's probably right and you should at least try it.20:42
webguiquestionsI don't suppose there's a relatively simple way for a non-PERL programmer to do that working from a working sample program that gives the results I'm looking for in less than a month, is there...?20:43
@scrottiethat's a good reason to indulge preaction here.  he's a smart guy and he knows this stuff cold.20:44
+perlDreamerscrottie, the problem is a little more complex than that20:44
@scrottiebut if you did turn to doing code, the guide walks you through the steps pretty well, and people here are a lot more likely to look at code you're working on and tell you what to change than to start writing it ourselves.  it just takes a lot less time to point out corrections to people than to go through the whole process ourself.20:44
+perlDreamerwebguiquestinos needs to migrate an entire school district of teachers and staff over to WebGUI20:45
+perlDreamerand he'd like to use the custom workflow activity that creates user specific pages on account creation20:45
+perlDreamerso it's more than just permissions20:45
@scrottieperlDreamer, I've got that.20:45
@scrottiethen I'm not sure why preaction keeps suggesting that even though he (and I) have heard the situation twice now.20:45
+perlDreamer1) His thoughts are way beyond ours20:46
+perlDreamer2) Maybe he's forgotten the original problem20:46
+perlDreamereither of those, or something else :)20:46
@scrottieright.  it seems like there's no harm in setting it up and then saying, "okay, this is what it's doing, this is what I want, what next?"20:46
@scrottieyou can always add a custom auth module later.  preaction also mentioned auth running a script as part of its work that can, among other things, log someone right back out.  that seems like it would satisify the requirements as well.20:48
@scrottie"there's a runOnLogin thing too"20:49
webguiquestionsAs long as it doesn't run the workflow that creates the home page assets.20:49
@scrottieI'd have to see this other code to decide.20:49
+perlDreamerif you logged someone out, it would just set the user in their session back to visitor20:50
+perlDreamerand then the workflow would still run20:50
webguiquestions@Scrottie: You mean http://explodingcoder.com/blog/content/how-query-active-directory-security-group-membership ?20:50
@scrottieah, part of www_login, and it runs the macro processor.20:51
@scrottiewebguiquestions, have you used a "no paste" service before?20:51
webguiquestionsYou're looking for the code sample?20:52
@scrottiewebguiquestions, I can help you with bits and pieces of this.  here's roughly how it would go.  you'll have to edit some config and some source code.  you'll have to type up the example auth subclass from the Developer's Guide, add your logic you already have in your simple command line program as best you can, paste it with a "no paste" service such as gist.github.com (paste it into the webform and then repeat the URL it 20:53
@scrottiegives you here), collect comments on the code (when people here have a spare moment), make those changes, try it20:53
@scrottiethe "no paste" thing is a simple way to collaborate on code20:53
@scrottieyou need to edit the /data/WebGUI/etc/preload.custom file to include a directory that you put this in.  the structure of that directory matches the /data/WebGUI one... it has a lib/WebGUI in it, at least.  in your case, it would have lib/WebGUI/Auth and that would contain the .pm file you make.20:54
webguiquestionsI'll see what I can do.20:54
@scrottieI don't think it'll take you a month... with luck, it should take a lot less.20:55
@scrottiethere's a preload.custom.example in there, by the way20:56
* scrottie rsyncs stuff...20:57
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+perlDreamerIf the bits don't link, you must rsync!21:06
* scrottie snickers21:10
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@preactionahh, wrist brace makes everything feel better22:18
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@scrottiedammit, power cord went bad and I didn't notice until the machine suddenly powered off.23:00
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--- Day changed Fri Jun 10 2011
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ckotilIs there a good way to hide a single asset from the search asset?16:40
SDuensinNo shit dude.16:40
SDuensinDelete it?  :-)16:40
ckotilyeah, i just told the user we cant do it16:52
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+perlDreamerckotil, re searchable assets, the Search asset obeys permissions18:13
+perlDreamerso if you set them to be restrictive, then only people who can view the asset will find it in search results18:13
SDuensinHey, did I miss the amazing PayPal update?18:16
SDuensinDoh!  Tease!18:17
ckotilperlDreamer: yeah, but the user wants the file to be publicly viewable just not searchable. 18:31
+perlDreameryou seem to have very demanding users, ckotil18:32
ckotiltell me about it.18:32
ckotilR&E types.18:32
ckotiland we're reviewing content/documentation management systems now.18:33
ckotilso im neck deep in drupal/mindtouch/cascade server/alfresco. the last 2 are just to massive for me to even begin understanding18:33
ckotilim pushing for webgui to remain our system of choice.18:34
ckotilwe just need to rework all the template to make everyone happy.18:34
+perlDreamerIt'd be cool to know in which areas y'all think WebGUI excels, and in which it needs some help18:34
ckotilit excels in hackability :)18:34
ckotilbut yeah, im learning a lot using these other systems. ill let you know 18:35
+perlDreamerthat is something that preaction and I have wanted to do for a long time, but have been too busy to get around to18:36
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webguiquestionsIf I take a PERL program and it only adds one small function to the LDAP Auth module, could I just (as the instructions hint) use "use WebGUI::programname;" at the headings of WebGUI::Auth::LDAP?19:00
+BartJolyou should19:02
+BartJolbe able to do that19:02
webguiquestionsThen I'd just need to alter a couple of lines in LDAP.pm to use the subs in that program?19:03
webguiquestionsIf that's really all it takes, I'm really close, but I still am missing what to change to trigger an error (disallow the login.)19:04
+BartJolyou want an error to the logs?19:05
+BartJolor inform the user about a failed login19:05
webguiquestionsInform the user they can't log in. Login error. Blah. Give a chance to reattempt login like they had a typo or something.19:09
+BartJolwell, you can return them to the login view, you should be able to figure that code out in WebGUI.pm (the webgui auth plugin19:10
webguiquestions@$#^ Could not instanciate object using new on WebGUI::Auth::LDAP: Could not load WebGUI::Auth::LDAP because Attempt to reload WebGUI/Auth/CheckMemberships.pm aborted.19:10
+BartJolstrange code :P19:11
webguiquestionsIt's called curse-ive.19:11
webguiquestionsI'm just getting tired.19:11
+BartJolwell it is weekend time (at least in the Nethelands)19:12
webguiquestionsI have a sample that tells me the result I would need, I have a proof of concept that works, I just can't integrate it in a way that this works with WebGUI.19:12
+BartJoldo you guess they're mostly perl or webgui related?19:13
+BartJolthey= your problems19:13
webguiquestionsIt's literally about 130 lines total, with miscelaneous, test stuff, that gives me the information I need from AD.19:13
webguiquestionsI think it's my lack of understanding for concepts like creating modules and inheritence.19:14
+BartJolcan you put it in pastebin>19:14
webguiquestionsAnd the design behind webGUI, too.19:14
+BartJolI can have a really quick look19:14
webguiquestionsLike, I can put the subroutines in. That works without error.19:14
webguiquestionsThat is to say  I can edit it right into the LDAP module, since it's relatively small.19:15
webguiquestionsIt becomes one line of code to do the check if they're a member of XYZ group.19:15
webguiquestionsThen I can get a result.19:15
webguiquestionsBut...how to get it to trigger a "no you're not a valid user" type error to the user, I'm not getting it to work.19:15
webguiquestionsYou mean of the sample code I'm working with?19:16
webguiquestionsHang on and I'll just squilch out a couple things and see the pastebin part. Thanks.19:17
webguiquestionsDoes that link work?19:22
webguiquestionsThat's the sample program that will tell me if you're a part of the website_allow security group.19:23
webguiquestionsI was thinking I could largely add the subs to the _isValidLDAPUser method in LDAP.pm19:24
+BartJolso it is about line 40-42?19:24
webguiquestionsAnd the $connectDN would be used instead of $userDN19:25
webguiquestionsYeah, the isMemberOf.19:25
webguiquestionsAnd its associated subs.19:25
webguiquestionsisMemberOf would be the one that actually calls it. When I tested it the CheckResult would be a 1  if the user is a member.19:26
webguiquestionsIt's not really authenticating anything it's just adding a check, just needs to return a boolean. Seems overkill to write an authentication module for it.19:29
webguiquestionsEven so I'm a rank beginner at programming in PERL...it's been over a decade. So playing with modules and subclassing is something right now beyond me, especially while puzzling out how the existing code base interacts :-/19:30
+BartJolok, webgui auth has this:19:31
+BartJol/data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Operation$ grep -R "The account information you supplied is invalid. Either the account does not exist or the username/password combination was incorrect" /data/WebGUI/lib19:31
+BartJol/data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/WebGUI.pm:message => q|The account information you supplied is invalid. Either the account does not exist or the username/password combination was incorrect.|,19:31
+BartJol/data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/AuthLDAP.pm:                message => q|The account information you supplied is invalid. Either the account does not exist or the username/password combination was incorrect.|,19:31
+BartJolso you should look weher ethaso mesaages are called for and then do the same19:32
+BartJolwhere those messages.... typing on friday 6.30 pm is not good19:33
webguiquestionsI was thinking triggered in LDAP.pm near line 102.19:33
webguiquestionsThat's where it binds with the user and password. 19:33
webguiquestionsIf that works, it should have the access and variables to call the ismemberof and get whether they belong to the group.19:34
+BartJolso this code returns the error:19:34
+BartJol$error .= '<li>'.$i18n->get(68).'</li>';19:34
webguiquestionsIf it's an invalid login credential, that's what it looks like.19:35
webguiquestionsWhat it looks like it's doing, that is.19:36
webguiquestionsI thought of adding the ismemberof before that.19:36
webguiquestions(and the subs in the _isValidLDAPUser method)19:36
webguiquestionsBut whatever I try doing to get it to trigger that "invalid login credential" just doesn't work.19:37
webguiquestionsI don't know what variable or flag I could set to trigger it.19:37
+BartJolwell, prolly there are some more experienced guys around right now19:38
+BartJolI am staring while thinking of beer19:38
webguiquestionsI thought maybe it's because my error is local to the method while that error around 103/104 are checking against something from the LDAP module above.19:38
+BartJolwell, since that reloaded message is given, that might be an option19:39
webguiquestionsReloaded message?19:39
+BartJolCould not instanciate object using new on WebGUI::Auth::LDAP: Could not load WebGUI::Auth::LDAP because Attempt to reload19:40
+BartJolbut, as I said, weekend time for Bart19:40
webguiquestionsThat happened when I tried adding it as a use blah::blah at the top of the LDAP.pm module.19:40
-!- BartJol [~bart@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]19:42
@scrottiewebguiquestions, reading back, you have a syntax error.  this is entirely unsurprising.20:41
@scrottieat the command line, do:  export PERL5LIB=/data/WebGUI/lib20:42
@scrottiethen:  perl -c path/to/YourCode.pm20:42
@scrottiethat'll tell you where Perl can't parse your code.20:42
@scrottieit seems like the authenticate() method returns true if the user is supposed to log in, but I'd have to read more (docs or code) to verify that20:43
@scrottieoh, no, wait... $self->user(WebGUI::User->new($self->session,1));20:43
@scrottieokay, I'm not sure about that either =P20:44
@scrottieI've got some things up in the air at the moment, but I can help you nail this down.20:45
@scrottiecan you no-paste what you have for a .pm?20:45
webguiquestionsIt's that code I pasted in earlier.20:47
webguiquestionsHang on...20:47
webguiquestionspastebin http://pastebin.com/Ed7rAaLB20:47
webguiquestionsI was trying to integrate the code with the existing module. http://pastebin.com/TmHhsXVs20:51
webguiquestionsWhat I learned is that an invalid username will never trigger the printed message to the error log.20:52
webguiquestionsa valid username + valid password won't either.20:52
webguiquestionsbut a valid username and invalid password will print the error to the logs.20:52
@scrottieand you want to change that?20:52
webguiquestionsI want it to check for the membership to the group and if the user is a valid user with a valid password but not in the group, reject their login.20:53
webguiquestionsIn order to authenticate, user must be a member of the security group and valid username and valid password.20:53
webguiquestionsSo maybe a scope isue with the conditional blocks?20:54
@scrottieokay, this is code that I don't need to see.20:54
webguiquestionsThe first or second one?20:54
@scrottiesorry, I misunderstood.  I thought you were pasting a first version of a subclass of WebGUI::Auth::LDAP.20:55
webguiquestionsI'm not proficient enough in PERL to properly write subclasses :-(20:56
@scrottieand I'm too busy to do this myself, right now.  we have to meet in the middle here.20:57
ckotilis there a wg8 demo site anywhere?20:57
@scrottiethere are good instructions in the Developer's Guide.  it shows you exactly what a "skeleton" Auth subclass looks like.20:57
@scrottieall you have to do is type that in and then make an educated guess about where in the skeleton your code goes.20:57
@scrottiedo that, and I'll do the rest of the leg work of figuring out what's being used incorrectly and what's out of place.20:58
webguiquestionsThe subsection on "authentication plugins"?20:58
@scrottieyup, sounds right.20:58
@preactionckotil: not yet, no. soon though21:43
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CIA-68webgui: Paul Driver master * r9dd8658 / (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed #12156: Asset Manager performance - http://bit.ly/lcTWgn22:18
CIA-68webgui: Paul Driver webgui-7.9 * r9b29f8c / (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed #12156: Asset Manager performance - http://bit.ly/irOJJ622:20
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@preactionfrodwith: how much of a speedup is that? is it awesome?22:25
@frodwithpretty awesome22:26
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+perlDreamernice work frodwith!23:03
@preactionperlDreamer: i've got a bunch of crud classes that override create() to do an action requiring a completed object. do you think having a "_new" flag and a hook is a good idea? or do I do something in the moose attributes?23:04
+perlDreamerhow about using 'after' ?23:05
+perlDreamerif it was "new" instead of create, then there's also a modifier just for that23:05
+perlDreamerit's called BUILD23:06
@preactionbut i don't know if it's a new object23:06
+perlDreameryou didn't mention that earlier :)23:07
+perlDreamerso yeah, I think your best choice is to put in a flag23:07
@preactionand then read that flag in BUILD23:07
+perlDreamerit's exactly what I did with _dirty23:15
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SquOnkAlready gone for the weekend? :-)01:26
kthakoreI have no weekend01:29
+perlDreamerhowdy, SquOnk01:32
SquOnkperlDreamer: Hey there.01:32
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@scrottieoh, hey kthakore. 04:16
kthakorehi scrottie 04:53
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SquOnkI'm looking for suggestions on something I'm trying to do...18:35
SquOnkThere's a Page Layout that has *several* CS (blogs) below.18:35
SquOnkThe main Page Layout should have a nice menu to each of the blogs. That's easy with a Navigation and it's working.18:36
SquOnkNow they want each menu item to have the blog author's picture beside.18:36
SquOnkMy initial idea is to have the main Layout (/blogs) have Layouts below it (/blogs/blog1, /blogs/blog2, ...)18:37
SquOnkEach of those would have an Image and the actual CS.18:37
+perlDreamerUse the User macro, along with the StorageUrl macro that you've used before, to find the Avatar for the user18:37
+perlDreamerwell, that's a start18:37
SquOnkperlDreamer: That was my first stab at it. The blogs might not have a user at all.18:37
+perlDreamerhow can you have an asset with an owner?18:38
+perlDreamersorry, without an owner?18:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: Let me rephrase. There will be many blogs handled by the same user, but with different pictures.18:38
+perlDreamerso, you want pictures from the Posts?18:39
SquOnkperlDreamer: No. A picture per blog.18:39
SquOnkperlDreamer: Say we're talking baseball. Each blog would belong to a different team.18:39
SquOnkperlDreamer: The menúushould have the team's logo beside the link to the actual blog.18:40
+perlDreamerwell, a CS in and of itself cannot directly contain pictures, you can only inline them in the description18:40
+perlDreamerso there's no way to pull it out programmatically18:40
SquOnkperlDreamer: Exactly. That's why I started thinking of the page with the image and the CS.18:41
+perlDreamerI wonder if you could do this with a metadata field that holds the URL to the image18:41
SquOnkperlDreamer: Yes! That's it!18:41
+perlDreamerI don't know if the metadata gets passed to the navigation though18:42
SquOnkLet's check out the code.18:42
+perlDreamerline 45618:43
+perlDreamerpageProperties = $page->get();18:43
+perlDreamernope, that gets keywords, but no metadata18:43
SquOnkperlDreamer: All right, sounds like a useful RFE, don't you think?18:44
+perlDreamerit'll slow down navigations even more than they are18:44
SquOnkperlDreamer: Good point.18:44
+perlDreamersince HTML::Template scales with the amount of data you give it18:44
+perlDreameryou could write a little macro that accepts an assetId, and a metadata field to pull from it18:45
+perlDreameror, you could try the asset report again, and see if it would work18:45
SquOnkperlDreamer: I guess I'm leaning towards the two-leveled page layout idea I described before.18:46
* perlDreamer goes to the gym18:49
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* scrottie waves to webguiquestions19:55
webguiquestionsWhen you enter an incorrect user/password, what template is pulled up?19:55
webguiquestionsthat's prompting for you to resupply username/password and gives the option to create a new account?19:55
webguiquestionsI managed to get rid of the "create new account" on the horizontal login template, but it doesn't get rid of it from the full one that comes up when I enter an inocrrect username and password.19:56
@scrottieThe forms are hard-coded into the auth module.  The template is a style template specified in settings.19:56
webguiquestionsI created a duplicate of the template I think is doing that, and tried an edit, but I need to find where it's being pulled from to change the asset ID.19:57
+perlDreamerforms are not hardcoded19:57
+perlDreamerthey're templated19:57
@scrottieperlDreamer is hard-coded too.  Don't listen to him.19:57
@frodwithsettings > authentication > login template19:58
@frodwithI think19:58
+perlDreamerscrottie, I am sending a horde of nanobots to fix your little red wagon19:58
ckotiland root/import/auth/webgui/login/19:58
@scrottieo/~ Oh, you can't MUD on my red VAXen, the CPUs pegged and the discs are thrashin'... o/~19:59
+perlDreameralso, webguiquestions, if you disable anonymous registration on your site, all the templates will stop showing that create a new account link19:59
@frodwithperlDreamer, scrottie: if you two don't play nice, you'll have to go on time out.19:59
+perlDreamerscrottie, at the speed they move, you have about 30 years to put your affairs in order19:59
@scrottiemaybe we need a safe word.19:59
+perlDreamerthen, you're Borg'ed19:59
webguiquestions@perlDreamer: I remembered that, but there was something about the way it was set up to work with LDAP that I think it would interfere if I disabled it.19:59
webguiquestionsSo my users in AD could auto-register without having to do anything.19:59
ckotilwhat's the deal with WI legislators trying to get rid of R&E networking? http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/06/wisconsin-public-internet-fights-telecoms-attempts-to-kill-it-off.ars20:00
ckotilI've been hearing a lot about it recently.20:01
@frodwithwhat's R&E networking?20:01
@scrottiehaven't heard about it.  is it something they want to kill so they can replace it with their own, essentially privatizing it?20:01
ckotilI guess ther are two sides to it. http://www.wsta.info/pdf%20files/UW%20competition%20for%20broadband%20threatens%20local%20jobs%20and%20investment.pdf20:02
* scrottie will read that later, about to get pulled away20:02
+perlDreamerckotil, sounds like the telco's are complaining that the government can provide better service at lower cost20:02
ckotilbut from what I know, yes scrottie, the private industry is trying to get the WI legislators to pass a law effectively shuting down the state run R&E networks20:03
ckotilfrodwith: research and education20:03
@frodwithThat's downright heretical in the Church of Free (as in "encouraged to make obscene profits with protective government legislation", not as in "beer" or "freedom") Markets20:04
webguiquestionsEdited a copy of the default template, set it in settings so the default login template was my duplicate  (edited) and it still prompts to "create a new account." Nutters.20:07
@frodwithwhen I try to login here with a bad uname/pass, it doesn't prompt me to create an account20:10
webguiquestionsAndrea02 template.20:11
webguiquestionsIf I enter an incorrect uname/pw combo, it takes me to "error", the account information you supplied is invalid...then there's a box to re-enter my uname/password and login, and under that a link to "create a new account."20:11
+perlDreamerfrom the AddOns and Plugins part of WebGUI?20:16
webguiquestionsyes, downloaded from webgui's bazaar.20:16
@frodwiththat style?20:19
webguiquestions@frodwith yes.20:20
@frodwithso, I tried logging in with bad info, no linky for me20:21
webguiquestions...maybe changing the auth->ldap/login template...20:21
webguiquestionsHmm. Not on the beta site, but on mine there's a "Create new account." bullet just under the login button.20:22
webguiquestionsAny idea what's pulling that template for the "error" at login?20:24
@frodwith<tmpl_if anonymousRegistration.isAllowed>20:24
@frodwith     <li><a href="<tmpl_var createAccount.url>"><tmpl_var createAccount.label></a></li>20:24
@frodwith  </tmpl_if>20:24
@frodwithyou killed that?20:24
@frodwithin your login template?20:24
@frodwithwell that what makes the link.  Clear your cache, double-check you set the login template correctly?20:25
webguiquestionssettings->authentication->login template.20:25
@frodwith(your webgui cache, i mean)20:25
webguiquestionsYup, cleared webgui's cache and my local cache on the browser.20:25
webguiquestionsUnless it's doing something weird with the session.20:25
@frodwithshouldn't be20:26
webguiquestionsLet me try another machine...20:26
webguiquestionsNope, still there.20:27
webguiquestionslogin template ->edit20:28
@frodwithokay, so20:28
@frodwithI enabled anonymous registration on the beta site above20:28
@frodwithgot the link20:28
@frodwithedited the template, set it to use the edited one in settings20:29
@frodwithand the link went away20:29
webguiquestionsThat's what comes up when I click "edit" for the login template20:31
webguiquestionsfrom settings20:32
@frodwithSet it back to the other, save, come back, set it back to the right one, save, try again. I dunno what to tell you.20:32
+perlDreamerwebguiquestions, are you sure you're changing the LDAP set of templates, instead of the WebGUI set?20:34
+perlDreamereach authentication methods has a set of templates20:34
webguiquestionsI changed it's template, but wondered if there's a separate template setting for it. I'll look under LDAP in settings.20:35
webguiquestionsLast template setting. That's what most likely does it.20:35
webguiquestionstesting now.20:35
+perlDreamerI'd like the settings (and other parts of WebGUI) better if they were modal20:36
+perlDreamerand only show you what you're currently using20:36
webguiquestionsThat did it.20:37
webguiquestionsI had altered both login templates, but only looked in the user settings for that template to change and it's apparently only tied to the webgui login.20:37
+perlDreamerpayment methods should be able to tell the cart whether or not billing info is needed20:43
+perlDreamerthat would allow completely anonymous checkout from WebGUI20:43
+perlDreamerusing PayPal, anyway20:43
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r328826e / (2 files in 2 dirs): Create a fake item to send to PayPal for shipping, so it can be covered by shop credit. Fixes bug #12158. - http://bit.ly/mf1AvE21:04
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r6165957 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Create a fake item to send to PayPal for shipping, so it can be covered by shop credit. Fixes bug #12158. - http://bit.ly/klnRtz21:05
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CIA-68webgui: Paul Driver master * r1ff1ffe / (5 files in 5 dirs): rfe #12159: Asset Manager sort preferences - http://bit.ly/krlRh221:26
@preactionsometimes i forget that the config file is user-editable, and its values must be checked for sanity22:17
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r6dfeb6e / lib/WebGUI/Crud.pm : 22:49
CIA-68webgui: add _new flag to Crud objects22:49
CIA-68webgui: This flag allows you to know when an object has been newly-created, so you22:49
CIA-68webgui: can check in the BUILD sub and perform appropriate actions. - http://bit.ly/k3LDiN22:49
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r8b3877c / (4 files in 4 dirs): Update the default CS notification template. - http://bit.ly/jiNmxZ23:46
+perlDreamerfrodwith, why store the Asset Manager sort preferences in the user profile, instead of in a scratch variable?23:47
@frodwithcause then it'd go away next time they logged in23:47
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SquOnkGreetings, again.00:40
@preactioncan anyone come up with a solution for a problem for me? if you delete an asset after you commit but before the commit workflow is completed (due to approval maybe), the tag gets deleted and the workflow can never complete00:42
@preactionbut stopping the workflow in the middle is dangerous, apparently00:43
@preactionshould we just not clean up tags as assets are deleted, and instead clean them in a scheduled task?00:43
@scrottiewhy doesn't the workflow activity handle this gracefully?  it doesn't realize that the asset went away?00:44
@scrottiethere's two ways you can go, in my mind... resource locking and general fault tolerance00:44
SquOnkpreaction: You shouldn't allow deletions of things that are yet to be commited. At least if you want ACIDity in your transactions.00:44
@preactionscrottie: the workflow activity never gets started, because the object attached to it cannot be instanced00:45
@scrottieoh, hmm.00:45
@preactionSquOnk: it's not a DB-level thing, it's application-level00:45
SquOnkpreaction: Then, either prevent it from being deleted, or abort the commit altogether.00:45
SquOnkpreaction: I know it's not in the DB, but you are asking for similar semantics.00:45
@preactionright, but if we abort the commit workflow, we miss out on some of the activities that may have been run00:46
SquOnkpreaction: Adopt an "optimistic transaction" posture for commits. The first step of a commit is to make sure it can instantiate all of the needed objects. If it can't, it should be aborted.00:46
@preactionnot sure HOW they could be run with no assets, but that was the argument that stopped me from fixing this years ago00:47
@scrottieit seems like any time a workflow is set to be run on an asset that can't be instanced, there's some kind of exceptional circumstance that the workflow might want to deal with.  maybe workflows need a well_you_were_going_to_run_but_your_asset_is_bjorked_so_dont_run_and_heres_the_ID_of_the_bjorked_asset() method00:47
@preactionthe first step of a commit process that requires approval is to get approval00:47
SquOnkpreaction: The alternative is to have assets tagged with "it's involved in a yet-to-be-performed commit" (a vulgar lock) preventing deletion.00:47
@preactionwhich punches the user: you must approve this before you can delete it. wat?00:48
@scrottiethen you'd have to clean up locks when workflows got blasted 00:48
SquOnkscrottie: Exactly.00:48
SquOnkLocks are Bad and Evil.00:48
@scrottielocks have their place.00:48
SquOnkscrottie: Of course.00:48
@preactioni'm leaning towards "trash the workflow and to hell with the consequences"00:51
@preactionbut "clear the tag and have it deleted after its workflows are all done" is valid as well00:51
@preactionbut when are all its workflows done? do we schedule a task to clean up? or do we have an event and add a listener?00:51
SquOnkI tend to think that workflows should be atomic (all or nothing).00:51
SquOnkAnd that they should start with a consistent system and leave a consistent system.00:52
@preactionyou can have branching and stopping inside the workflow, or is that not what you mean by atomic?00:52
SquOnkBy atomic I mean a feeling of BEGIN WORK -- COMMIT/ROLLBACK wrapped around the whole thing.00:53
@preactioneven if the workflow takes days or weeks?00:53
SquOnkEither it does everything it was supposed to do, or it does nothing.00:53
SquOnkpreaction: If the workflow sports an atomicity and integrity guarantee, yes.00:53
@preactioni think 8 fixes this particular instance: there's a seperate "approval" and "commit" steps, so it's not bunched into a single workflow that can have problems00:54
SquOnkpreaction: It's actually a sequence of two workflows, the second one depending on the first.00:54
@scrottiestarting with a consistent system and leaving a consistent system is at odds with queue'ing work for later run.00:54
@preactionthen that would require that workflow operands be locked, or workflows to only operate on revisions of assets00:54
SquOnkpreaction: Yep: use locks (pessimistic concurrency) or "software transactional data" (optimistic concurrency).00:55
SquOnkIn the first style, you check as you go with all the damnation that locking purports; the second style does everything on "scratch data", and once it has everything ready, it checks to see if the state of the system is the same as it was when it started, and commits or rollbacks.00:56
@preactionneither of which are optimal solutions: locks punch the user, and in the case of assets, there are operations that break transactional consistency (clipboard and trash)00:56
SquOnkThe second style is quite efficient, because you only have to keep track of whatever is it you're changing in your workflow.00:56
@scrottiesending copies of asset data down the pike can backfire just as easily.00:57
@scrottiethere's no automatic correct answer here.00:57
SquOnkpreaction: I don't know what you mean by "optimal". I'm focusing on making workflos atomic and isolated: if they can run to completion, they do; if they can't, they don't hang but abort without compromising the system's integrity.00:57
@scrottiesometimes people want to be working on a reference to the data; sometimes they want their own copy.  in the case of workflows, it isn't clear that it is always one or the other.00:57
@scrottiequite often, one workflow will do one modification and then another another.00:58
@scrottieif they each had a copy, everything would get overwritten with the original copy as modified by the last operation's transformations on it and steps would be lost.00:58
SquOnkscrottie: As it happens with VCS...00:59
@scrottielet's replace Spectre with a MapReduce system.00:59
SquOnkscrottie: Sadly, you can't guarantee that sub-computations don't interfere with one another, so MapReduce is out of the question.01:00
SquOnkIf each workflow stated its domain (as in "what fields of what stuff") it's going to fiddle with, you could create operators that guarantee there's no overlapping of the read/write operations.01:01
SquOnkStating the domain of a Workflow would be its programmer's responsibility, though.01:02
SquOnkSo, you could prevent workflows from being started if others already declare they'll work on the same domain.01:03
SquOnk...and I'll stop now.01:05
SquOnkperlDreamer: Still no joy with the image-based menu :(01:07
SquOnkNavigations only pick up container assets, right?01:08
+perlDreamerthey only pickup the ones that are set to show in navigations, unless you override that01:08
SquOnkperlDreamer: Look at http://nuevo.globovision.com, below the poll on the right column.01:16
SquOnkperlDreamer: The point is having the picture link to the CS (Weblog) for each author. It's currently hardcoded.01:17
+perlDreamerthe list of analysts?01:19
SquOnkperlDreamer: Yep01:19
+perlDreamerI don't see a way to do this, without doing something evil like the AssetReport, or hardcoding01:19
+perlDreamerNavigations don't get metadata01:19
SquOnkperlDreamer: My point exactly.01:19
+perlDreamerCS'es don't have storage Urls01:19
@preactionbut Navigation has to be fast01:20
@preactionit's already way too slow01:20
+perlDreamerright, which is why they don't get metadata01:20
SquOnkperlDreamer: So, how could we improve WebGUI in order to be able to?01:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: Add a 01:21
SquOnk'menu image' to Page Layouts?01:21
SquOnk(I'm thinking out loud here)01:21
SquOnkOr a 'menu image' to everything, just in case?01:22
+perlDreamerimages are not accessible to people who are visually impaired01:22
+perlDreameryou want something like metadata, without bogging down the navigation01:22
SquOnkperlDreamer: Fair enough.01:22
+perlDreameror, a macro that allows you to extract a metadata field from a given asset01:23
+perlDreamerthat coupled with StorageUrl macro, should do the job01:24
+perlDreamersometimes, it's better to extend WebGUI that way, rather than adding more code bloat to assets to handle small niche cases like this01:24
@preactionthe AssetProperty macro should handle metadata01:25
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SquOnkpreaction: Aha01:25
@preactionif it doesn't, that's where it should be added01:25
SquOnkI don't have AssetProperty in 7.9, that's new, right?01:25
+perlDreamerright, but you can backport it, it's just a macro that lets you view the contents of any asset in WebGUI, regardless of permissions01:26
SquOnkBut, AssetProperty it's only doing ->get()01:26
+perlDreamerright, and like preaction said, if it doesn't do get metadata, it should be extended to do that01:27
+perlDreamerwhich is an another awesome opportunity to contribute back to the core!01:27
SquOnkperlDreamer: Do I need to file and RFE for that?01:27
@preactionif you want to be formal about it, but if you give me the URL here I can approve it right away01:28
+perlDreameryou'd have to ask preaction that question, I would assume so01:28
SquOnkpreaction: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/1216301:32
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CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell master * rf29f3e3 / t/AssetAspect/RssFeed.t : XML::FeedPP::RSS returns "" and not undef - http://bit.ly/mBRGOw01:54
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell master * r0577933 / t/Asset/MapPoint.t : 2 letters is below the minimum word length - http://bit.ly/jVMhaT01:54
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell master * r3809817 / t/Asset/MapPoint.t : Ave trips mysql's stopwords? - http://bit.ly/lA4F4k01:54
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell master * r983e73a / t/Asset/Snippet.t : add TemplateToolkit before testing it - http://bit.ly/khuWmJ01:54
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell master * r4557e20 / lib/WebGUI/Group.pm : handle reset problems more gracefully - http://bit.ly/iyslZ101:54
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.9 * r1293731 / t/AssetAspect/RssFeed.t : XML::FeedPP::RSS returns "" and not undef - http://bit.ly/lzfvSs01:59
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.9 * r9bd6084 / t/Asset/Snippet.t : 01:59
CIA-68webgui: add TemplateToolkit before testing it01:59
CIA-68webgui: Signed-off-by: Doug Bell <doug@plainblack.com> - http://bit.ly/j08seL01:59
CIA-68webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.9 * ra67c6a0 / lib/WebGUI/Group.pm : handle reset problems more gracefully - http://bit.ly/kvAX7p01:59
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r8b13c38 / lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Asset_Thingy.pm : Add missing i18n for Thingy RFE for unique fields. - http://bit.ly/kz3gz402:05
+perlDreameryow, massive cataclysmic badness02:09
-!- SquOnk [~emhn@] has quit [Quit: Yippie kay-ai-yay, fudder muckers!]02:10
+perlDreamerthere were some conflicting merges in Thingy02:12
+perlDreamerit's only massive cataclysmic because it's going to take a while to clean up02:12
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nelsinhow can i install webgui in squeeze? 03:50
@preactionnelsin: did you try the instructions here? http://www.webgui.org/wiki/installing-webgui-in-debian03:51
@preactionin other news, i just ran across a 15 gigabyte httpd access log file03:52
@preactionit has completely filled the hard drive03:52
+perlDreamerno rotation?03:56
nelsinthk, i'll try now..03:56
@preactionthat's what i'm assuming, but i don't know if i'm allowed to rotate the file and remove what's already there. i can't do anything until some of that file is deleted03:59
+perlDreamerif you can't do anything until it's gone, then it doesn't sound like you have any choice04:03
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r8978abc / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm : Restore the patch to fix creating tables unwisely in the Thingy. Fixes numerous bugs due to a bad merge. - http://bit.ly/juQMwu04:04
+perlDreamerpreaction, t/AssetAspect/RssFeed.t is failing due to this commit, http://bit.ly/mBRGOw04:17
+perlDreameris it missing another piece?04:17
+perlDreamermaybe different versions of XML::FeedPP?04:18
@preactioncan we just check if it exists and is non-true instead?04:19
+perlDreameryes... ?04:19
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9154db5 / t/AssetAspect/RssFeed.t : Just test for falseness, not what kind of falseness. - http://bit.ly/kmzVfZ04:21
+perlDreamernow, some test is leaking an ldaplink04:29
+perlDreamerthat shouldn't be too hard to track down04:29
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r638b2a1 / (t/Asset/Asset.t t/Asset/AssetMetaData.t): Fix tests that were leaking assets. - http://bit.ly/j43MVU04:53
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r81ae2b4 / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : Fix cleaning up LDAP links in tests. - http://bit.ly/moPjVX05:51
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r081375f / t/AssetAspect/RssFeed.t : Just test for falseness, not what kind of falseness. - http://bit.ly/jslYuD05:52
CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * raa95689 / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : Fix cleaning up LDAP links in tests. - http://bit.ly/mOsS0w05:52
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rdaa14c5 / docs/create.sql : Ready for 7.10.18 release. - http://bit.ly/mNAdGl06:12
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CIA-68webgui: Colin Kuskie master * ra2425bd / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.10.19 development. - http://bit.ly/iuKDHJ06:31
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SDuensinHello, whatever day it is.16:35
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CIA-68webgui: Chris Hanson master * r995eb34 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Added ability to pass caller assetId to RenderThingMacro - http://bit.ly/jiMCL922:12
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@preactionis :: supposed to include IPv4 addresses? i've got an sshd that binds on :: and then can't bind on (because it's already bound). removing one or the other makes it work01:05
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@scrottie eval { } around a macro aborting.  $@ not set.  $SIG{__DIE__} hooked to Carp::confess gives nothing.  turns out an XS module was just throwing away stack frames.04:22
* scrottie sighs04:22
@scrottieer, in WebGUI::Macro::_processMacros.04:22
@scrottiebest part was in trying to figure why the macro wasn't working, I created a .t.  it coredumped when ran.04:23
@scrottieI'm pretty sure that's a failure.04:23
@scrottietl;dr, I have some spare hatred if anyone is running low on it.04:24
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SDuensinClock skew detected.  Your Wednesday may not be complete.16:41
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CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop template_proxy * r0a09ea4 / (4 files in 4 dirs): add automatic proxy system for passing objects to Template::Toolkit (+25 more commits...) - https://github.com/haarg/webgui/commit/0a09ea4895587086bfdc01fedb8a5dc2cd3d3ae702:19
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nelsinHola, alguien habla español para darme una ayuda?04:09
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Haargpreaction, http://gist.github.com/1028587 yes/no?05:59
Haargbleh.  mysql is so terrible.06:05
@preactionHaarg: yes. eventually that will be the default06:20
Haargok, i'll just use it locally.  the output i care about is getting lost in the sea of derp warnings.06:35
@preactionyou forgot to herp, that's probably why06:35
Haargtests, so across lots of processes06:36
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CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop improved_asset_creation * r169845a / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/InOutBoard.pm : remove unneeded warning - http://bit.ly/lezsNu06:55
CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop improved_asset_creation * r796b38f / lib/WebGUI/AssetVersioning.pm : use sql to copy asset metadata - http://bit.ly/lToMkx06:55
CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop improved_asset_creation * ra1033b7 / (lib/WebGUI/AssetLineage.pm lib/WebGUI/AssetVersioning.pm): 06:55
CIA-82webgui: improve asset creation process06:55
CIA-82webgui: The old process would set every property when creating a new revision.06:55
CIA-82webgui: This would run all the setters/triggers, which isn't desired. This06:55
CIA-82webgui: changes it to create the new revision in memory with the previous06:55
CIA-82webgui: values, then update it with the new values. This will cause the06:55
CIA-82webgui: triggers to only be called when new values are provided. - http://bit.ly/mdbWFy06:55
Haargpreaction, this ^ causes a few test failures, but should be more correct behavior.  i think it is correct itself, and the things it breaks should be changed.06:58
Haargi also need to ask perlDreamer about all the places around is used instead of triggers.  hopefully some of those things can be improved.06:58
@preactionHaarg: perlDreamer is out until next Wednesday, so hang on to that one08:11
CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r841b1f6 / (docs/previousVersion.sql sbin/preload.perl): remove merge remnants - http://bit.ly/iJnjKr08:37
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CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop cpan-dist * r6f63bde / todo-cpan : add todo (+13 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/llGowX09:30
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CIA-82webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * rb177bb5 / (2 files in 2 dirs): convert changeIobStatus.pl to module - http://bit.ly/kD2q5509:57
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SDuensin"Hey!  Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money!  The sh*t has hit the fan!"16:46
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CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r1d23bcf / (4 files in 4 dirs): 02:06
CIA-82webgui: Merge pull request #13 from haarg/template_proxy02:06
CIA-82webgui: Template proxy to prevent modifying properties inside templates - http://bit.ly/iVoBfa02:06
CIA-82webgui: Chris Hanson master * r8a6ba94 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Added POD and test for RenderThingData macro update - http://bit.ly/iKu2dE02:09
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xootomhi all, got a question about using thingy to record data, whether it'll work for this application16:09
xootomneed to build a site to record energy usage. so a user will have 1+ properties, each has attributes like number of bedrooms. against each property they can record their electricity meter reading on a regular basis.16:10
xootomif i set this up as thingies, would it work, but users mustn't see each others' data... does that cause a problem16:11
jimX11Can I get params via  $self->session->form->param('foo'), but can I set params?17:47
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scrottiejimX11, params aren't set so much as links are created.  see the perldoc for WebGUI::Session::Url and ack the code for 'session->url' for examples.  $session->url->page("foo=bar;baz=quux") is probably what you want in this case.19:56
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scrottiethen when the user clicks that link, those form params get passed back.19:56
scrottiejimX11, or you can create a form with the form controls under WebGUI::Form19:57
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CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r795d88e / (101 files in 23 dirs): (log message trimmed)04:16
CIA-82webgui: Merge commit 'v7.10.17' into 804:16
CIA-82webgui: Conflicts:04:16
CIA-82webgui:  docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.9.13-7.10.0.pl04:16
CIA-82webgui:  lib/WebGUI.pm04:16
CIA-82webgui:  lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template/TemplateToolkit.pm04:16
CIA-82webgui:  lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/AssetReport.pm04:16
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r02c0da3 / (8 files in 7 dirs): 04:16
CIA-82webgui: Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/WebGUI8' into 804:16
CIA-82webgui: Conflicts:04:16
CIA-82webgui:  docs/previousVersion.sql - http://bit.ly/kMIy1604:16
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ampliHello, I have a question on wg8.14:12
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scrottieampli, ask away.23:16
ampliHi scrottie23:40
ampliI installed wg8 (fresh install) and encountered a main problem23:41
ampliWhen I click on "turn admin on" (in admin mode) nothing happenes.23:41
ampliI tried installing several times, following the instructions in install.txt.23:42
ampliWith 7.10.14 which I previously installed, works well.23:42
ampliHow can I proceed? What I can check next?23:43
scrottieMy first guess is that upgrades didn't actually run23:43
ampliI did "wdg test" (some failed)23:43
scrottiewhen you did the upgrades step, did it run for a while and spit a bunch of upgrade names out that it was doing, or did it only sit there for a second and spit nothing out?23:44
scrottiewhich program did you use to run the upgrades?23:44
ampliI mad "wgd reset --upgrade" and checked that at least some of them have done.23:44
scrottieyou examined the database to verify changes were made...?23:45
ampliThe upgrade last several seconds, and said it has been done, I can try to roll back the terminal and check exactly.23:45
scrottiedo this:  grep AdminBar /data/WebGUI/etc/www.medintellibasealerts.com.conf23:46
scrottiedoes it find a line like this:  "AdminBar" : "AdminBar",23:46
ampliI didn't check the db to see if it has hanged.  Can you give me an example of a change that I can check?23:46
scrottiethis config file change is one and relates to the admin bar... I can dig up some more here too23:47
ampliI didn't find how to enable printing the "start_step" in the upgrade to validate all is done.23:47
scrottieby default, it is verbose.  you have to tell it to be quiet to not print the upgrade names out.23:47
scrottieseeing the names of a bunch of upgrade steps is a good indication that things ran.  not seeing them is a good indication that it didn't.23:48
ampliThe upgrade has removed the AdminBar macro, and also changed the configuration much.23:48
scrottiehrm, okay.23:48
scrottieyeah, the AdminBar macro shouldn't be in there.23:48
scrottieI wonder if the "extras" are in place.23:48
scrottiethe install instructions aren't well tested, by the way.23:48
* scrottie looks for something23:52
scrottienetwork is being terrible lately23:52
ampli(still rolling back the terminal...)23:53
scrottiels /data/domains/www.example.com/public/extras/admin/toolbar.js     # do you have this file?23:54
amplione sec...23:56
ampliThe upgrade output has already rolled of the terminal screen. I can just do another fresh install in a short time...23:59
scrottie     ~.23:59
scrottieuh, well23:59
--- Day changed Sun Jun 19 2011
ampliI'm tryig the ls...00:00
scrottieit looks like the upgrades ran, if the adminbar is out00:00
scrottieusually they do or don't00:00
scrottiethe upgrade system changed and people with older tools don't get them run because the old tools don't know about the new stuff00:00
scrottieand some of the older upgrade tools are broken00:00
scrottieincluding some that still come with the wre00:00
ampli-rw-r--r-- 1 amir users 3751 Jun 17 00:55 /data/domains/wg8/extras/admin/toolbar.js 00:00
ampliThis is the locatio of extras at my install.00:01
scrottieand wg8 is the host+domainname?  you have that pointed at in /etc/hosts ?00:01
ampliIt is rs the same as in the config.00:01
* scrottie nods00:01
ampliI can see the site if I start plackup and go to http://wg800:02
scrottiegoing to afk a bit here in a sec but one thing you might do is look at the error log your web browser and see if it is 404'ing on .js files00:02
scrottiefor whatever reason00:02
scrottieif it is anything really strange, preaction would be better equiped to sort it out.00:02
ampliIf I don't start plackup I cannot see it, this is one proof that it is the correct site....00:03
ampliDo you know to make wgd reset --upgrad, more verbose, so I can see the steps?00:03
ampliI also made some perl debug, and have some results, but I cannot make much sense of them since I don't know muh on the internals of wg.00:04
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]00:05
ampliWhen I clcik on "turn admin on", the only thing that happens is that op=admin is appended to the current URL.  Is it whats supposed to be appended?00:05
scrottieI think so... I don't have a WG8 running at the moment00:07
scrottieworking on a branch of 7 at the moment00:08
scrottiethe reply from the thing should include iframes (ugh) with the admin panel in the left one00:08
ampliIn "wgd test", I get a strange error, I don't know if it is realted:00:08
ampliat ./t/Admin.t line 73. ... ERROR: Problems talking to master daemon process.  Please restart the web server.00:08
ampliBut it is up and running, and restarting it doesn't help.00:09
ampliIt looks as if I get the correct HTML as response (it get changed and includes JS files, e.g. dragdrop.js00:13
-!- BartJol [~bart@a80-127-245-198.mobile.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui00:14
-!- mode/#webgui [+v BartJol] by ChanServ00:14
ampliBTW, I tried iit on Chrome (latest) and mozilla 4.00:15
ampliMeanwhile I checked that the db reflects the upgrade "facebook_auth.sql" (which only means that at least some of the upgrade steps were done).00:22
ampli   /extras/admin/toolbar.js is not included in the resuled HTML  after I "turn admin on", should it be included?00:27
-!- BartJol [~bart@a80-127-245-198.mobile.xs4all.nl] has left #webgui []00:30
scrottieyeah, in the left iframe.00:46
ampliThere is no iframe in the HTML (after I "turn admin on"). I will try to check in the code how it was supposed to be inluded.00:52
scrottielib/WebGUI/Operation/Admin.pm gets called from the lib/WebGUI/Content/Operation.pm content handler00:53
scrottieI wish I could hang out and help hunt this one down but I've gotta go do stuff00:54
scrottieit usually isn't too long between times when people are active on here so hopefully someone else will have an idea of what's going on.00:55
scrottieand thank you for your help testing WG8.00:55
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scrottieampli, any luck?23:53
--- Day changed Mon Jun 20 2011
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ekennedyI've got an asset that is using a scratch variable to affect how it is presented.  It works fine when accessed directly, however, when used via an AssetProxy the content seems to be cached.  Does anyone have a work around?05:10
ekennedyI found the problem.  It was a cache time out on a snippet that included another snippet.05:17
ekennedyActually, its not fixed. It is working fine when logged in, however, when using the site as a visitor the asset is being cached.  I've seen some messages about these problems.  Is there a standard work around?05:32
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ekennedy1I've got an asset that is using a scratch variable to affect how it is presented. It works fine when logged in, however, as visitor the content is being cached.  I've seen some other messages related to this problem.  Is there a good workaround?05:36
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ampliHello, I have a question regarding a problem in WebGUI 8.13:42
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+BartJolampli: sorry, not yet an wg8 specialist15:19
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SDuensinMonday.  Whee.16:48
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ampliHello, I have a question regarding a problem in WebGUI 8.17:26
+BartJolampli: I can try...17:31
ampliIn installed wg8 acording to install.txt. All seems well, but "turn admin on" dowsn't bring up the onsole.  The HTML even dowsn't include the console iframe.17:33
ampliIt seems that all the upgrade steps suceeded.17:33
+BartJolyou did a 7->8 upgrade?17:33
ampliYes, I did them and check several random ones to be done.17:34
+BartJolbecause in 8 I am not sure whether the "old" admin on content handler is still valid17:34
ampliI don't know how to make wgd to print the start_step messages so I cannot be sure everything has been done.17:34
ampliThe conf upgrade, for ex., has been done.17:35
ampliNo relevant errors in the logs.17:35
ampliI tried to debug the Perl code, have some results but don't know to interpret them....17:36
ampliBTW, I tried to do a fresh installation (+ all the steps in install.txt) several times.17:36
+BartJolif you paste "?op=admin" at the end of the url, what happens?17:37
+BartJoland check that you're logged in as an admin17:38
ampliWhen I click "turn admin on", op=admin as automatically appended.  This brings a page with additional HTML code, like draggable.js, but doesn't bring up the iframe console code.17:38
ampliI validated that www_view in Admin.pm is invoked.17:38
ampliAnd also getAdminPluginTemplateVars().17:39
ampliIf you have an idea what to check next in the Perl code, I will do it.17:39
+BartJolmmm, I just threw my wg8 install away this weekend17:39
ampliPreviously I installed 7.10.14 (still installed) with no problems.17:40
+BartJolyeah, well, 8 has some differences17:41
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui17:41
ampliI underrstood it is aupossed to use AJAX to bring up the new console.17:41
+BartJolwhat kind of url appends did you try?17:41
-!- kaare__ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]17:42
ampliFor example, I get this URL when I click on "turn admin on": http://wg8:5000/home?op=admin17:43
ampliThe resulted page ontains some new code (some more JS files) but not the console.17:43
ampliIf I manually append op=adminConsole I get the system admin console (not what I tried to get, I tried to get the content admin console - the accordion menu).17:45
+BartJolok, assuming you did enable js for your browser17:46
ampliYes, of course.17:46
+BartJolit is a year ago I fiddled with, there were some differences17:46
ampliI guess this is a small problem (as always...), I just need to know what to check next, like routine name that makes the AJAX call to bring up the needed console code.17:47
ampliI( thought it could be Chrome problem, so I checked with FF too.17:48
+BartJolsorry, am afraid it costs me more time than asking some pb people when they wake up, what should not be too long17:51
ampliThanks - I'm wating here.17:53
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui18:06
@preactionampli: does it look something like http://www.webgui.org/uploads/9e/37/9e37ec0f79964d759fb533c3f1290df9/Screen-shot-2011-04-19-at-11.45.59-AM.png19:30
CIA-82webgui: Chris Hanson master * rc646f01 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Added template var to Thingy to reflect callerAssetId from RenderThingData. - http://bit.ly/lTzhWt19:39
CIA-82webgui: Chris Hanson master * r07d2c38 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Monday morning. Typo correction to 8a6ba94..c646f01 - http://bit.ly/k8P93S19:46
scrottieampli and I verified that the AdminBar macro had been taken out of his config file, extras were where they should be, and various other things.20:17
scrottieI had ampli look through the HTML source for iframes.20:18
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]20:43
amplipreaction: No, the accordion menu at the left doesn't appear.21:28
@preactionwhat does appear?21:31
@preactionthe same page again? what does the error log say? have you bumped the log level to INFO?21:31
ampliNothing is changed in the page. However, inspection the page code reveals it has been changed.21:31
ampliExatly same look of the patge.  But the new page (with op=admin) includes some more JS files, like draggable.js. No iframe in it.21:32
ampliNo error in the log. I tried also DEBUG, maybe I missed something due to too much info, so I will try INFO.21:33
ampliOk, now I get some errors.21:38
ampliCan't call method "setting" on an undefined value at ... Asset/Wobject/Search.pm line 3721:39
ampliAdmin (3) connecting from attempted to execute an invalid operation: admin21:39
ampliThat's all.21:40
ampliSearching in the (long) log shows I didn't get these error before. So I will remove some debug code I added, and retry in a minute.21:42
-!- fokat [~lem@weston-] has joined #webgui21:45
ampliSame error errors in original code.  (the first one is ERROR, the second one WARN).21:47
ampliI validated by "git pull" I run an up-to-date code, then cleared wg and browser cache.  Same errors again.21:54
ampliThe full line of the WARN is: WARN - wg8.conf - WebGUI::Operation::execute[64] - Admin (3) connecting from attempted to execute an invalid operation: admin22:02
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--- Day changed Tue Jun 21 2011
@preactionampli: that sounds like the correct content handler didn't get placed in the config file00:03
ampliThe config files changed muh by the update process.  How can I validate it correctly got all the needed changes?00:04
ampli"The config file" ....00:04
@preactioncheck it against WebGUI.conf.original00:04
@preactionthere should be a "WebGUI::Content::Admin" in the "contentHandlers" section before WebGUI::Content::Operation (which raised that warning you saw)00:05
ampliThere is!00:07
ampliLine 4 of contentHandlers is "WebGUI::Content::Admin", while "WebGUI::Content::Operation" is in line 1300:08
scrottie<ampli> Can't call method "setting" on an undefined value at ... Asset/Wobject/Search.pm line 3700:11
@preactionyeah, that property has to be lazy i think00:11
scrottieI'm more interested in that.  I think it'll come back with invalid content handler if a valid content handler blows up.00:11
@preactionthough i'm not sure why the asset isn't getting a session00:11
scrottieampli, can you get a mysql prompt open on your database?  then do this:00:13
scrottieupdate settings set value='1' where name='showDebug';00:13
scrottiehrm, or maybe that setting doesn't exist yet00:13
scrottiereplace into settings (name, value) values ('showDebug', '1');  -- better00:13
ampliI'll try00:14
scrottiereplace into settings (name, value) values ('ipDebug', '');00:14
scrottiethose last two00:14
scrottiethat should get you a stack trace in your web browser00:14
ampli(Untill now I did the stack trace in log.conf...)00:15
ampliThese sql statments both sucedded.00:15
-!- carogray [~Caroline@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]00:17
scrottiedebug output is kinda in limbo in 8 right now... too much stuff is getting trapped.00:18
ampliI got into something looks like a debug console.  What should I look there?00:21
scrottiecut and paste the stack trace into gist.github.com and paste the URL here?00:21
scrottieor alternatively a screenshot of the top of the thing might work00:22
ampli(Is private git fine?)  git@gist.github.com:1ee9a2c347c06ebcc9c2.git00:26
-!- carogray [~Caroline@] has joined #webgui00:30
scrottiemm, I think I would need my gist account added to view that to check that out00:31
scrottieif you do a public, I can just pull up a URL00:31
scrottiewould that be okay?00:31
ampliPublic Clone URL:git://gist.github.com/1036637.git00:33
ampliI can put there the entire HTML output (so you can see the variables).00:40
scrottiedon't think I want that00:41
scrottiethe stack trace is already not from the point of view of this error, it looks like00:41
scrottieI wish I knew what called that00:41
scrottiethis code is from 2010, so it has to work to be not blowing up, at least most of the time00:42
scrottieor else it is blowing up and the errors have simply been being sunk00:43
ampliI have a maybe more detailed stack trace, from a stack trace enabled by log.conf. I will send a URL shortley.00:45
scrottiethat could be useful00:46
ampliPrivate Clone URL: git@gist.github.com:1036667.git00:48
amplione sec00:48
ampliPublic Clone URL:git://gist.github.com/1036667.git00:48
scrottiethe http:// url from the address bar of your browser is preferred00:50
scrottieshooting into the dark slightly here, but, ampli, try upgrading your Moose to the latest version?00:54
scrottiethe "execute an invalid operation" $session->log->security call is run when the operation specified isn't in the table of operations hard-coded into the hash in getOperations in WebGUI/Operation.pm.  admin isn't one of the keys.00:58
scrottieit doesn't even try to run WebGUI::Pluggable::run on the operation unless the op is in that table.00:59
ampliUpgraded Moose 2.0007 to 2.0009 ...01:00
scrottieyou already had a recent Moose.  that very likely won't help then.01:00
ampli(I don't use the WRE, I just use a system that is up to date.)01:01
ampliIf this can help, I can print variables from the routines mentioned in the last stack trace.01:09
ampli(I use Data::Dumper to print whole objects..)01:10
scrottieI'm trying to print $op at lib/WebGUI/Content/Operation.pm line 51 and at lib/WebGUI/Operation.pm line $54.  it comes from $form->process('op') and when op is passed in, it reports it being ''.01:10
scrottiethis is on my copy.01:10
scrottieokay, it comes back as '' after the admin kicks in and loads the page in an iframe.01:15
scrottiebut before that, nothing is printed.  that code path isn't taken.01:15
ampliI will let you know in a minute what it prints for me....01:15
scrottieokay.  I'm doing this:  warn "op: $op page: " . $session->request->request_uri;01:16
scrottieah, looks like that is dead code.01:20
scrottiethere should be a "WebGUI::Content::Admin" in the "contentHandlers" section before WebGUI::Content::Operation (which raised the warning that you saw)01:21
scrottie(pasting from preaction's earlier reply)01:21
scrottiedid you confirm that this is the case?01:22
* scrottie reads back some more01:22
scrottie<ampli> Line 4 of contentHandlers is "WebGUI::Content::Admin", while "WebGUI::Content::Operation" is in line 1301:22
scrottieokay, not entirely dead code, but there are two paths now.01:23
scrottieso, the execution path is this... WebGUI::handle, lib/WebGUI/Content/Admin.pm handler(), WebGUI::Admin www_view()01:25
scrottieyou could add warn's to lib/WebGUI/Content/Admin.pm on 51 after that first if, and on both cases of that if near line 7501:27
ampliI printed the whole session object and the result is too be for uploading....01:29
scrottieyeah, I don't want to dig through all of that01:29
ampliSo I will print only what you mentioned01:29
scrottieI'd rather figure out what the execution is supposed to be then figure out where it varies from that01:29
scrottieI know what's supposed to happen now, so it's a matter of adding warn's in your copy to figure out how far along that path it makes it01:30
scrottiethen trying to figure out where it goes off path01:30
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amplihttps://gist.github.com/1036787    .  I used my debug routine.  An empty string may mean "undef" (I need to fix it to inidicate such cases).01:48
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scrottieit looks like there are subsequent page fetches after the op=admin call, as there should be.01:59
scrottieif you warn'd, the output would have the line number as well02:00
-!- carogray [~Caroline@] has joined #webgui02:00
scrottieor you could print __LINE__02:01
scrottieI'm curious if the return "ERROR" bit is running... if that side of the if() runs02:01
scrottiein lib/WebGUI/Content/Admin.pm around line 7502:02
scrottieoh, wait, one of those items you printed out was that02:02
scrottieyou have wgd... what do you see when you go to http://localhost:5000/admin_console?func=edit  (correcting for hostname and port) ?02:05
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scrottiethat should be a template that includes a number of lines including this one:  <tmpl_var body.content>02:05
-!- carogray [~Caroline@173-125-132-125.pools.spcsdns.net] has joined #webgui02:06
scrottieyou could also run Data::Dumper on $var in lib/WebGUI/Admin.pm around line 81802:06
scrottieand in mysql:  select * from settings where name='templateIdAdmin';  -- should come back with a value02:06
ampliA template with title "Admin Console Style"02:07
scrottiehow about http://localhost:5000/root/import/adminconsole/admin-interface?func=edit ?  is that there?02:08
scrottiethe SQL query comes back with 'p8g7xlQaTeKSRRDo-_ejSQ' for me, which should be root/import/adminconsole/admin-interface02:08
scrottieor the assetId of the template at that page02:08
-!- carogray [~Caroline@173-125-132-125.pools.spcsdns.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]02:10
ampli"Admin Interface"02:12
scrottiegood.  this has about a screenful of extraHeadTags for me, all link rel="stylesheet" and script type="text/javascript" stuff... but I think you said you saw the result of this in the output of the page after op=admin02:14
scrottiethe template part is several screenfuls for me02:14
scrottiescreenfulls?  eek.02:15
ampliI don't see these js files in the HTML of the page with op=admin02:18
ampliThe page that I get has only a total of 4 js files.02:19
scrottiewhat's the output of that SQL statement I just gave you?02:26
scrottiecan you create a gist of Data::Dumper on $var at that place I asked about, lib/WebGUI/Admin.pm line 818?02:26
scrottiewe know execution is getting here, so now I want to know what is different about what happens in this routine for you versus for me02:26
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amplimysql: templateIdAdmin = p8g7xlQaTeKSRRDo-_ejSQ02:28
ampliThe rest shortly02:29
ampliIt doesn't seem to get to lib/WebGUI/Admin.pm line 818 (no printout).02:36
ampliOne sec, maybe I had a syntax error? I will check again.02:37
scrottieuse Data::Dumper; warn "Admin www_view: " . Data::Dumper::Dumper $var;02:38
ampliI apparenly made a syn error in another file when I previously added __LINE__ . I will fix that.02:39
scrottiehttps://gist.github.com/1036884  # that's what I get for that var in there02:40
scrottiehttps://gist.github.com/1036889 # does searching for 'onDOMready' in the HTML output of the page find something like this?02:42
ampliNow no syn errors, but still doesn't get there.02:43
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell master * r4d0e87a / (4 files in 4 dirs): add ticket limits to badge groups. add ticket and badge metadata to templates - http://bit.ly/jicmJL02:43
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell master * rd0077bd / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/userImport.pl): allow specific expires dates for groups in userImport.pl - http://bit.ly/kbfrr102:43
ampliNo onDOMready02:44
scrottie"if ( $admin->can( "www_" . $method ) )" ... that is evaluating true?  in lib/WebGUI/Content/Admin.pm?  02:44
scrottieif I'm reading your earlier debug output correctly?02:45
ampliYes,  According to the printout it evaluates to sub { "DUMMY" }02:46
scrottiewant to have a whole lot of fun?  and by fun, I mean output?02:46
ampliNo problem.02:46
scrottiecpanm Enbugger Devel::Trace02:46
scrottieinstall those02:47
scrottiemake lib/WebGUI/Content/Admin.pm, right after that if statement on line 75, read this... er, insert this line there: eval "use Enbugger; use Devel::Trace;";02:50
scrottiethen post the first several pages of output from that02:50
scrottieyou'll probably have to kill plackup before it finishes generating trace data02:51
scrottiethat's fine02:51
scrottieI really need to make a version of this that generates an animated gif of the program running...02:53
ampliShould I remove all the debug statements to preserve line numbers?02:54
scrottiehrm, good question.  might be a good idea.02:54
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ampliI get nothing.  I'm trying to debug that.03:06
scrottiethen it doesn't even get to there... but you had debug output from there before...03:07
scrottieperl -e 'use Enbugger; use Devel::Trace; print "hi\n"; print "bye\n";'  # you should get a few lines of trace from this03:07
ampliI am putting back that debug statements..03:08
ampliNo trace with this one-liner. Just the two words on output.03:09
ampliI managed to produce trace by starting plackup with "perl -d plackup".  Howeverr, I had a problem in redirecting the debug output.  I will try something.03:40
scrottiethat will generate a lot of output and the interesting bit starts somewhere in the middle.03:42
scrottie( perl -d:Trace plackup 2>&1 ) > run.log03:42
scrottiewould do it, but then after a run, you've a multi megabyte file on your hands03:42
ampliI used it just with -d, and got trace due to your eval.03:43
ampliThe complete run was 33K lines.03:43
ampliI captured it using "script".03:44
ampli4.4 MB file, but just 38KB after compression...03:46
scrottiemail that to scott@plainblack.com ?03:48
scrottiethe only part of WebGUI::Admin that entire trace touches is getAssetTypes in there04:12
scrottieand I don't see it hit WebGUI::Content::Admin at all either04:12
scrottieI see a lot of construction04:12
scrottielooks like startup stuff, not an actual hit04:12
-!- mducharme [~nothing@S0106002401f31855.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #webgui04:14
scrottieokay, around 31721 it handles a request04:14
scrottie32643 it logs the get /home?op=admin request04:16
scrottieI see it looping over the content handlers in WebGUI.pm around line 165 but it doesn't look like it engages any of them04:22
scrottieI don't see which it is considering04:22
scrottieI have this line at 164:  warn "handler: $handler";04:23
scrottieI wonder if WebGUI::Content::Admin makes the list... and its strange that execution went in there before, far enough to figure out that the coderef was valid in "return $admin->can( "www_" . $method )->($admin);", but it doesn't go in there at all now04:24
ampliMaybe it was there before the trace started?04:24
scrottieoh, right04:25
scrottieyou have it right before that return $admin->can... line?04:25
scrottieif it actually started at that point, I'd see a few lines of trace from WebGUI/Content/Admin.pm04:26
scrottieI see too much stuff at the start about it loading the universe04:28
scrottieline 32651 it calls accept() on a socket04:28
scrottielooks like that's the next one after the op=admin one though04:30
scrottiethis trace doesn't look a thing like mine04:30
ampliI don't have an idea why the trace seems not to start at the intended place.  Later today I will try to find out how to produce a real trace from that point.04:31
scrottiemine starts right in at >> ::_</data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Content/Admin.pm:77:   after a few lines in Devel/Trace itself04:31
scrottieyou can always go back to sprinkling warn statements around the code...04:55
scrottieto try to figure out where execution is going04:55
scrottielib/WebGUI.pm around line 164 is where it tries to find the correct handler from the list in the config file to handle the request04:56
ampliLet me see...04:56
scrottieWebGUI/Content/Admin.pm handler() starting around 47, it should wander into04:57
scrottiethen around line 77 it should kick execution off to WebGUI/Admin.pm's www_view method04:57
scrottieI was just trying to save same time on that but if the trace thing isn't going to work, there's always the old way04:58
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ampliBy printouts in WebGUI::handle I found that WebGUI::Content::Admin is found, and when called on the page with op=admin, it returns undef.05:19
ampliI will ontinue this way to find out why.... (need to go to sleep now...).  Many thanks and see you later.05:20
scrottiethanks for your patience!  sleep well.05:20
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qwebirc54957My CentOS - WRE-WebGUI installation is on a vmware vm, how do I set up two test sites in webgui?05:25
qwebirc54957I have 1 nic with static ip and I'm able to get to site 1 using this ip.05:26
scrottiethere should be a /data/wre/sbin/addsite.pl script in the WRE05:27
scrottieand it should have documentation built in, if you run perldoc on it05:27
scrottiename based virtual hosting is the norm05:27
qwebirc54957Can I connect to site1 & site2 from a different machine.05:35
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scrottieyes but you have to set up DNS.  a lot of DNS providers (joker.com, godaddy.com, etc) have nice little control panels built in where you can set up which domain names point to which IPs.  point them both to your one IP.  as long as the domain name matches the domain names you've configured WebGUI for, it'll work.  the web browser sends the hostname it wants along with the request so the server knows which site to serve.05:39
qwebirc54957<scrottie> -- I'm doing this at home. I want to learn before I get to the next step.05:41
scrottieokay, there are a few other options.  you can get one domain name and create two subdomains.... a.foo.com and b.foo.com, for example, point them both at your IP, and configure the machine to host those two sites.05:42
scrottieif you know where your hosts file is and can edit it, you can do sort of the same thing but for just that one computer... hard-wire domain names to IPs05:42
scrottieif you're on Windows, it could be in one of several places depending on the version and I hear a lot of reports that editing it doesn't actually work05:43
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-148-164.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui05:44
+Radix_%systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc rather05:48
+Radix_that's where it is always05:48
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.9 * r977f80d / lib/WebGUI/Form/Zipcode.pm : remove useless /d in tr/// to stop warning - http://bit.ly/kotcyN05:48
qwebirc54957If by adding a 2nd nic (2nd ip) to the vm, can it be used for site2 & how?05:53
@preactionyou do'nt need a 2nd nic, you can use name vhosts05:53
CIA-82wgdev: Doug Bell master * r4977945 / lib/WGDev/Command/Build.pm : extend from WGDev::File to get sync_dirs method - http://bit.ly/liLzqM06:04
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.9 * r9db58b0 / docs/create.sql : Preparing for 7.9.31 release - http://bit.ly/lg27iM06:06
scrottieyou have to make sure that your users have at least Netscape Navigator 2 or else MS Internet Explorer 3 for name based vhosts to work.06:07
qwebirc54957Thanks for your help. I've added these two lines to apache /etc/host & windows %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts -> & == it works06:13
scrottieyou're quite welcome.06:17
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.9 * r3e02942 / (4 files in 4 dirs): preparing for 7.9.32 dev - http://bit.ly/mcvzau06:28
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-!- Radix_ changed the topic of #webgui to: [7.9.31-stable | 7.10.18-beta | WRE 0.9.3] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com06:44
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-!- mode/#webgui [+v SynQ] by ChanServ21:45
+SynQgood day21:45
+SynQit's time for WebGUI on squeeze :)21:45
+SynQwithout the WRE :)21:45
+SynQand 64 bits21:45
+SynQI have downloaded the latest stable and am now using testEnvironment.pl to check the needed perl modules21:56
+SynQwhich is double work (of course) since webgui is already in http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/webgui21:57
+SynQtestEnvironment only reports a few modules that are not available in squeeze22:25
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+SynQpreaction: how bad are these...23:37
+SynQChecking for module JavaScript::Packer:           Outdated - Current: 0.0401 / Required: 1.00223:37
+SynQChecking for module CSS::Packer:                  Outdated - Current: 0.2 / Required: 1.00023:38
+SynQChecking for module HTML::Packer:                 Outdated - Current: 0.4 / Required: 1.00023:38
+SynQsorry for not using the pasteboard23:38
+SynQit are only three lines23:38
Haargold versions cause perl to run slow23:39
Haargthey won't fail though23:39
+SynQthe 64bit-ness of the system will compensate for the slowness :P23:39
+SynQwhat about this 'error': Checking for module Test::Tester:                 You should load Test::Tester before Test::Builder (or anything that loads Test::Builder) at /usr/share/perl5/Test/Tester.pm line 9.23:40
Haargthat shouldn't be a problem23:40
+SynQis Test::Tester only used for testing and not for 'production running'?23:40
Haargi need to ask perlDreamer about that though, i didn't find why we are requiring that module23:41
+SynQprobably just for testing :)23:41
Haargit's only for testing, and during tests afaik it will be loaded properly23:41
+SynQand last is this 'remark': WebGUI modules:                                   Ambiguous use of -time resolved as -&time() at /usr/share/perl5/POE/Component/IKC/ClientLite.pm line 396.23:41
+SynQwould that be a problem?23:41
+SynQin that case I can go to the next step23:42
+SynQI have all modules required by testEnvironment installed on my system23:42
@preactiongetting ready to dry-run an 8.0.0 upgrade for plainblack.com/webgui.org23:42
+SynQI only needed to 'hand compile' 8 of them manually to get it working under squeeze with no extra packages required23:43
+SynQand squeeze 64 bit that is23:43
+SynQoutlook very good23:43
--- Day changed Wed Jun 22 2011
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CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r0c5acb6 / (107 files in 24 dirs): (log message trimmed)00:05
CIA-82webgui: Merge commit 'v7.10.18' into 800:05
CIA-82webgui: Conflicts:00:05
CIA-82webgui:  docs/gotcha.txt00:05
CIA-82webgui:  docs/previousVersion.sql00:05
CIA-82webgui:  docs/templates.txt00:05
CIA-82webgui:  lib/WebGUI.pm00:05
CIA-82webgui: Paul Driver master * r3acaa46 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/AssetExportHtml.pm): fixed #12169: extras uploads symlink export - http://bit.ly/iZvxoN00:17
+SynQand there you have it :)01:43
@preactioni like that rsync gets the remote file list before checking if it can write the files locally01:48
+SynQpreaction: I have done it01:51
scrottiedid you have the write protect tab in place on your floppy disc?01:52
+SynQlook at this: http://host372.procolix.com01:52
+SynQthat is a 64 bit debian squeeze installation01:52
+SynQwith 7 hand compiled perl modules01:52
+SynQand a specific apache config01:53
+SynQbut all you need is basically in debian squeeze01:53
scrottiea non-threaded Perl...?01:53
+SynQThis is perl, v5.10.1 (*) built for x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi01:54
* scrottie thumbs-downs01:54
scrottiethreads are disabled by default in a perl build for good reasons.01:55
+SynQwell it works01:55
scrottiebut for some reason I can't fathom, Linux distros ignore all of the warnings and build threaded perls01:55
+SynQthey probably do that for 'good reasons'01:56
scrottieno, they don't.01:56
Haargwell, even though it is slower, threaded perl generally doesn't break01:56
Haarguntil you try to use the threads that is01:56
scrottieHaarg, or Coro.01:56
+SynQI have a lot of faith in debian stable01:56
scrottieCoro is fine with a threaded Perl as long as you don't use threads, but what happens is that perl gets linked against threaded versions of libraries in XS modules and those *do*, then Coro breaks.01:57
+SynQscrottie: can you give me a way to break perl using webgui?01:57
scrottiehaven't tried it with a threaded perl, but try corona'ing up a WebGUI 8.01:58
+SynQwebgui 8 is very unstable01:58
scrottieint his case, it isn't WebGUI's fault.01:58
scrottiein this01:58
+SynQfine by me01:58
+SynQI'm looking for something that is a bit (way) more secure than the WRE01:59
scrottieeven in the best case, a threaded perl is significantly slower than a non-threaded one.01:59
+SynQwith all it's outdated packages01:59
scrottieyeah, that's a good idea.01:59
+SynQand I'm getting 64 bit for free this way01:59
scrottiestill, I wish Linux distros would knock it off with the threaded Perls.01:59
+SynQscrottie: you are probably better of hoping to win a lottery01:59
+SynQbtw debian has 51 patches applied to the standard perl02:00
+SynQbut I was trying to find a way to get WebGUI running on squeeze almost out of the box02:01
+SynQand I found it02:01
+SynQso I am happy02:01
scrottieRedHat, Debian and so forth have done a lot of OS projects a lot of good by fixing things.  those changes are generally rolled back in to the project.  sometimes it doesn't make sense to.  sometimes the patches are actually really dumb.02:02
scrottienice.  good to hear.02:02
+SynQwe will be implementing this 'non wre' environment tomorrow :)02:03
+SynQfully 64 bit with loadbalancers and mysql 5.102:03
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CIA-82wgdev: Graham Knop master * r91d5939 / Changes : 02:54
CIA-82wgdev: v0.110621002:54
CIA-82wgdev:  - improved error messages for bad parameters02:54
CIA-82wgdev:  - detect WebGUI root based on lib/WebGUI.pm instead of02:54
CIA-82wgdev:  etc/WebGUI.conf.original02:54
CIA-82wgdev:  - fixed build command (+6 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/jTzkRY02:54
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webguiquestionsIs there a built-in backup somewhere in WebGUI 7.x that allows for simple restore of the website if something goes wrong?17:13
SDuensinYes.  The WRE runs backups of the database.17:17
SDuensinI believe it's triggered by the block of cron stuff you add during installation.17:18
webguiquestionsI have it installed via the Ubuntu repo. :-/17:21
webguiquestionsI'll have to look and see what it's doing if it's cron'd.17:21
SDuensinPoke around in /etc/cron.d17:21
webguiquestionsWebGUI is basically entirely kept in an SQL database, yes?17:21
SDuensinUploaded files are kept in the filesystem.17:22
webguiquestionsSo a backup is just dumping the database, restoring should be a matter of importing it?17:22
SDuensinMore or less, yes.  Depends what caused the need to restore.17:22
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@preactionthe WRE's backup.pl also includes the config files and the uploads directory19:32
--- Day changed Thu Jun 23 2011
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@preactionSynQ: did you have any problems installing Javascript::Packer from cpan?02:43
@preactionah, i see. i'm using an outdated tar02:44
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daviddelikatso I'm trying to edit a tempalte04:53
daviddelikatand no matter how many times I try a particular edit04:53
daviddelikatit reverts back to the previous04:53
daviddelikatI've made other changes04:54
daviddelikatand they stick04:54
daviddelikatbut thisparticular change won't take..04:54
daviddelikatany ideas?04:54
Haargpossibly that template has a revision with a revisionDate in the future04:54
Haargor check the logs04:54
daviddelikatperhaps the one I just mae?04:54
-!- knowmad [~knowmad@99-112-245-79.lightspeed.chrlnc.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui04:58
knowmadcheers everyone. i just upgraded to 7.9.31 (from 7.9.24) and am seeing an error in my webgui.log that i'm having trouble tracking down.04:58
knowmad2011/06/22 20:23:15 - ERROR - www.midwestheart.com.conf - WebGUI::Asset::newByDynamicClass[1998] - Couldn't find className for asset 'niYg8Da1sULTQnevZ8wYpw'04:59
knowmadI tried searching for that assetId in the asset table to no avail04:59
knowmadi don't see this error prior to the upgrade this evening04:59
knowmadquite baffled04:59
Haarglooks like it's part of some duplicate templates that were added05:02
Haargbut apparently they are being used on your site05:02
knowmadok, that's a bummer for me; any idea on how i can track down what's making that call? and where it's getting that asset id?05:04
Haargwell it's a style template05:06
knowmadso it should be pretty obvious ;)05:07
knowmadhowever, this is a large site to have to visit every page to find05:08
Haargselect url from assetData inner join wobject using (assetId, revisionDate) where revisionDate = (select max(a.revisionDate) from assetData a where assetData.assetId=a.assetId) and styleTemplateId='niYg8Da1sULTQnevZ8wYpw';05:08
Haargi think that should work05:09
Haargit's the underground style template.  there should be another copy of it on your site.05:09
Haargso it should be pretty easy to update the pages to use the correct one05:10
Haarghttp://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/12075 do you know anything about this bug?05:11
Haargit's what introduced the duplicate templates05:11
HaargperlDreamer may be able to shed some light when he gets back05:12
knowmadthanks Haarg05:22
knowmadstill getting an empty set back from that query05:22
knowmadi'll submit a bug report for pD to follow-up with me05:24
Haargif it's helpful, here is the package that contains that asset http://haarg.org/temp/style-underground.wgpkg05:26
Haargit was deleted for a reason though so i'd say you should still follow up on it05:26
knowmadI appreciate that link Haarg. I've posted a bug and will f/u with Colin on it. Seems like this issue may need to be addressed in the upgrade scripts.05:29
knowmadhey haarg, do assets have styles? I can't find the styleTemplateId field in any of the asset tables.05:35
Haargit should be in wobject05:35
knowmadi reduced your query down to just searching wobject and got zilch05:35
knowmadthis is a big site; is it possible that i had an asset with the id which overlaped the tempalte that was deleted?05:36
Haargthat is pretty much impossible05:36
knowmadis that an md5sum value?05:36
knowmadso, i don't see PageLayout in the wobject folder but yet it has a style template05:38
knowmadhow is that stored in the db?05:38
Haargpage layouts are WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::Layout05:38
knowmadoh, so simple05:39
Haargstored in assetData, wobject, Layout05:39
knowmadwell, damn that's just weird; i'll keep an eye on the logs 05:40
Haargif you just do  select assetId, revisionDate from wobject where styleTemplateId='niYg8Da1sULTQnevZ8wYpw';05:40
knowmadi'm starting to wonder if it was an artifact from the upgrade script05:40
Haargyou don't get anything?05:40
Haargoh that could be05:41
Haargthat would make sense05:41
knowmadnada from that query05:41
knowmadyeah, seems to be the only thing that's making any sense right now ;005:41
knowmadok, thanks for the assist05:41
Haargyeah that's almost certainly what it is05:42
knowmadcan i pick your brain on another error regarding workflows? (and i'll update the bug report with that conclusion)05:42
Haargthe package was deleted from the upgrades, and an upgrade script was added to delete them05:42
Haargso if you jumped a couple versions, it never would have imported the assets, then the upgrade would have searched for them and caused that log message, even though it wasn't actually an error05:43
Haargi'll give it a shot05:43
knowmadthanks, i'll add your comments to the report; so, on to workflows05:43
knowmadi'm getting a Last State message of redirect05:43
knowmadand an error in the logs -- 2011/06/22 20:28:45 - ERROR - spectre.conf - POE::Kernel::_dispatch_event[1100] - WORKFLOW: Response for www.midwestheart.org - Xqmgg0GTzcgcfAt0kgQFCQ was redirected. This should never happen if configured properly!!!05:44
knowmadthis is not an artefact as it keeps on coming05:44
knowmadwhat would spectre be calling that would have caused it to get a redirect error? is that perhaps a dns issue?05:45
-!- fokat [~lem@weston-] has joined #webgui05:46
Haargtry running curl http://www.midwestheart.org/?op=spectreStatus05:47
Haargon the server itself05:47
knowmadsure enough a 301 redirect message05:47
Haargwhat is it redirecting to?05:47
knowmadwith a redirect to another domain owned by the client05:47
knowmadthis is a dns config issue on their side05:48
knowmadalthough the site is in /etc/hosts05:48
Haargare there any rewrite rules or such?05:48
Haargone option is to set up spectre to connect to the modperl instance directly instead of modproxy05:49
knowmadi will check after i alter /etc/hosts; i'm seeing several ip's for the same domain05:49
Haargusually you'd do that by changing the webguiPort in spectre.conf to 808105:49
knowmadi don't see anything unusual in rewrite rules05:52
Haargtry curl http://www.midwestheart.org:8081/?op=spectreStatus05:53
Haargif that works, i would recommend changing the port in spectre.conf05:53
knowmadwell that does present me with the website (i'm not privileged to see the actual op)05:54
knowmadi presume you mean the webguiPort05:54
knowmadthat's weird that port 80 is getting the redirect error...05:54
Haargi'm not sure.  usually that's due to rewrite issues.05:55
knowmadahh, i found the sucker!05:56
knowmadit looks like the rewrite is being caused by curl picking the default virtual host05:57
knowmadwhich causes the other site's rewrite rules to run05:57
knowmadthis is only happening for 1 of my sites05:58
knowmadthe other is working fine05:58
knowmadahh, spectreIp in my webgui config is different; but that still doesn't explain curl's behavior05:59
knowmadi would think it properly handled Name-based Virtual Hosts06:01
knowmadit does; this is an apache/webgui config error that only showed up when the new site was added06:01
knowmadi was giving a specific ip in apache config that was different that what was in /etc/hosts06:03
knowmadso when it resolved on the local server, it went to which served the other site which did a redirect06:04
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Haargstuff like that is why i like to have spectre connecting directly to the modperl instance06:05
Haargso whatever you do with modproxy it won't effect the internal workings06:05
knowmadi'm heading in that direction as now i have another issue; makes sense to bypass modproxy anyhow since it's of no help06:05
knowmadok, working06:10
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webguiquestionsAnyone have issues with editing page layout in Internet Explorer 8?16:28
webguiquestionsFirefox can drag articles around to different areas of the page layout, but IE doesn't seem to want to allow the drag.16:28
webguiquestionsDo you know of any issues editing the page layout using IE8?16:50
SDuensinIE?  What's that?   :-P16:50
webguiquestionsYeah, I know the feeling.16:51
webguiquestionsJust odd that I can drag articles around in firefox to rearrange them, but not in IE 8.16:51
SDuensinCan't say I've ever tried.16:53
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scrottieI got an email from ampli.  He went through the debugging process, figured out it was a Moose problem, downgraded Moose, and got his WebGUI8 to work.  Huh.18:48
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@preactionIt works and now other people can see it! http://www2.webgui.org/20:33
@khennhey preaction:  does the latest wre build out on git work correctly with 64 bit mac?20:36
@khennI know there were issues a few months ago20:36
@khennhaven't really tried it since20:36
@khennI just keep commenting out the stuff that doesnt' work20:36
@preactionthose issues were fixed, and then they happened again, so i don't even know anymore20:36
@khennmaybe I should just manually build the stuff20:37
@preactionmacports works, i can give you a package list for macports to do it20:37
@khennthat would be cool20:37
@khennI think I have 2 different perls installed so hopefully this won't install a 3rd20:37
@preactionoh, it will20:38
@khennyeah I tried to upgrade to perl 5.12 and wound up just installing a new version20:38
@khennso now /opt/perl has 5.1020:38
@preactionhttps://gist.github.com/1043079 <- the whole thing20:38
@khennand 5.12 is installed somewhere else20:38
@khennI'll have to get it later from you20:39
@khennskype it to me20:39
@khennI'm not online but I should get it when I get home20:39
@khennforgot my power cord today =(20:39
@khennI think I'm gonna make extjs versions of a few of the assets and throw them out in the bazaar20:39
@khennneed soemthing to do for 9 hrs a week on the train20:40
@preactionwhy not AlloyUI instead?20:41
@khenncause I like extjs ... a lot20:42
@preactionnot saying Ext is evil anymore, now that they're dual-licensing20:42
@khennthey are GPL20:42
@khennI read the license20:42
@preactionyeah, like mysql. if you want a closed license you can, but you're not required to20:42
@khennas long as the back end is open source you are free to use it20:42
@khennsoon as you close source the back end then you have to license it20:43
@preactionright, same terms as mysql20:43
@khennyeah I've been using it every day20:43
@khennand it's pretty amazing how much you can do with it in a short amount of time20:43
@preactionthough really it's Distribution. i could host ExtJS, but if I expected to distribute it to someone else for them to use without being able to modify the source, i need to purchase a license20:44
@khennWG could distribute it sans license20:45
@khennif someone modified WG, they would be required to license it20:45
@khennwell modified and closed sourced it20:45
@khennotherwise it wouldn't matter how the site was used20:46
@preactionmodified and distributed only. GPL's stuff doesn't apply until you give the code to someone else20:46
@preactionso you can modify it for yourself and never release those modifications, but if you give your modified version to someone else, you have to give them the GPL20:46
@khennwell WG is GPL right?20:46
@preactionbut plainblack, since it owns the copyright, can relicense as sees fit. however if someone else modifies and distributes, they are required to provide the modified source under the same license20:47
@khennI've been messing around with something else too:20:47
@khennreally cool20:47
@khennso I was thinking about creating a template for poll that used extjs and amcharts somehow20:48
@khennand then throwing it up on the bazaar20:48
@khennext4 has it's own chart stuff too20:48
@khennbut amcharts is way cooler20:48
@khennwe'll see how it goes20:49
@khennprobably wind up having to extend Poll and add some ajax stuff20:49
@khennbut who knows20:49
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@preactionwhich is no problem, many people keep telling me we need to provide more JSON services from webgui apps20:49
@khenntoo bad there's no WUC this year20:50
@khennwell too bad for me20:51
@khennI'm sure you guys are glad you don't have to do all the prep20:51
@preactionthere is that20:52
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r7f47927 / lib/WebGUI/Definition/Meta/Class.pm : use a default label instead of requiring one - http://bit.ly/l7H6Oz21:03
@preactioni can't see it: https://gist.github.com/013bf7d612cb3aac230e <- I get an error syntax error at Automat/Site.pm line 30, near "has customer"21:58
scrottieI commented out the 'use Automat::...' lines, added -I/data/WebGUI/lib, and perl -c works fine on it22:28
scrottiehrm, maybe I can uncomment those22:28
scrottienope.  I don't have Automat.22:28
scrottiehexdump -C it?  have a control character in there?22:30
+SynQhi there22:44
+SynQI'm in the process of replacing the apache modproxy by an nginx server22:45
+SynQthere is something that is not possible with nginx and that is 'test if a .wgaccess file is available'22:45
+SynQI understand that it would be nice to have files selectively under permissioncontrol of webgui, but that is a bit odd22:46
+SynQeither you want all files under permission control of webgui22:46
+SynQor you don't want any22:46
+SynQif you do need a mix you would probably want to store all those files that have to be under permission control in /uploads/private (for example) so that you can simply tell nginx to serve out everything from /uploads exept that which is in /uploads/private22:48
+SynQdoes that make sense?22:48
+SynQit will work better under apache modproxy too22:48
+SynQsince it is backward to do a file lookup of .wgaccess to speed things up22:48
+SynQit is that needed file access that slows the thing right down again22:49
+SynQif you do it with a /private directory you don't need that22:49
Haargthe thing that slows it down is having the file served by modperl22:49
+SynQthat slows it down too22:49
Haargthe file check for .wgaccess is pretty tiny22:50
+SynQbut if you eleminate that in a suboptimal way22:50
Haargi agree that the thing in the modproxy rules is ugly22:50
+SynQfile checking .wgaccess is pretty tiny for a small site maybe22:50
+SynQfor huge sites it is just as bad as having webgui parse it22:50
Haarghave you tested that?22:50
+SynQno, but I can argue it fairly easy22:51
Haargbecause it's one extra file stat per file access22:51
+SynQit is 2 to 3 extra stats for all files requested by modproxy22:51
+SynQif you turn that rule on22:51
+SynQthe more loaded your filesystem is the worse it gets22:52
+SynQwhile if you solve it by putting all private files in a private directory you don't need any extra file access22:52
+SynQyou can just serve out anything that is under /uploads22:52
+SynQwhat adds to the delay even22:53
Haarghow does it add more than one file stat?22:53
+SynQis that apache can never trust that there won't be a .wgaccess file the next time that same file is requested22:53
+SynQwhereas if you solve it using the directory approach it can just be served from filesystem cache22:54
+SynQwhich is RAM speed of course22:54
+SynQhow much work would it be to move all 'private' files to a /uploads/private directory structure?22:54
+SynQand get rid of the .wgaccess all together?22:55
+SynQthat even speeds up serving files from the webgui parsed bit too22:55
+SynQsince I believe right now access rights are stored in that wgaccess file is it not?22:55
+SynQbtw it is fairly easy to benchmark the difference between using the .wgaccess file method and the private dir method22:57
+SynQjust uncomment those lines from the modproxy conf and use yslow net to see the difference22:57
Haargso you are proposing that the urls for the files should change depending on if they are private or not?22:58
+SynQit only gives you the difference for files not under permission control of webgui but it will still give a good indication22:58
+SynQI am proposing that the urls for the 'real files' should change depending on if they are private or not yes22:59
+SynQpreferably by using something like /uploads/private22:59
Haargone issue with that is places where the urls end up embedded in pages directly.  which is generally a terrible idea.23:01
Haargbut it's probably a good idea23:01
Haargi still don't see how it's more than one extra file stat for the .wgaccess check23:02
+SynQwell, even if it's one extra file stat per file23:02
+SynQit is one extra file stat per file every time a file is requested23:03
+SynQlets take for example www.webgui.org as a site23:03
+SynQthat is about 20 extra stats for each page requested23:04
Haargalso, webgui 8 will add x-sendfile headers, which will speed up requests that need to go to the perl server23:04
+SynQthat will wear out the number of IOPS on your IO subsystem fairly quick23:04
+SynQah, but optimization in other places doesn't mean you have to leave a chance to optimize elswhere unused23:05
Haargas i said, it's probably a good idea23:05
+SynQok :)23:05
+SynQhow much work do you reckon it is to make that happen?23:05
+SynQraw estimate23:05
Haargi don't really know.  the way storage is managed would make it kind of tricky.23:07
+SynQtricky in what way?23:07
Haargthe permissions handling in storage is kind of a bolted on piece to the rest of it, so having it directly part of the path finding code would take a bit of reengineering23:08
+SynQsounds like a good plan to me :)23:08
+SynQbut that means it would take a fair bit of work to make it work too23:09
+SynQdays more than hours23:09
Haargmost likely yeah.  i'm terrible at estimating things like that though.23:10
+SynQthe thing is in that matter that most of the time you have no idea how much time it is going to cost, because it is always 'completly new' what you are going to do23:10
Haargthe storage code could use some help in a lot of places.  it does tons of file stats and the way it gets used in a lot of places end up doing directory searches.23:16
+SynQoh my23:22
+SynQin webgui 8 too?23:22
Haargstorage works almost exactly the same in 823:23
ckotilHas anyone docoumented passive analytics examples? none of my buckets seem to match anything23:26
ckotilmaybe im missing something. export raw logs is empty.23:28
ckotiljust brainstorming here, but custom metadata, aka content profiling might be useful to expose to PA23:29
@preactioni thought those two subsystems were together23:38
+SynQcompare this http://2009.procolix.com to this http://host372.procolix.com23:43
+SynQthat is exactly the same site23:43
+SynQthe 2009 is running on a cluster of machines using wre and modproxy apache23:44
+SynQhost372 is running on a single machine with nginx as modproxy23:44
+SynQthe difference using yslow in my browser at home is 2.1s load time to 1.4s load time23:45
+SynQthat is a huge difference23:46
+SynQand I have not optimized the 'out of the box' sql 5.1 of the second yet23:46
HaargSynQ, not tested at all, but it seems like something like http://pastebin.com/LXcexJsa should be the nginx equivalent of the modproxy rewrites for .wgaccess23:50
Haargand i'm certainly not an nginx expert23:50
+SynQlet's see23:50
Haargprobably need something else in there actually, telling it to go directly to the file system if that doesn't match23:52
+SynQthat is the default23:52
+SynQif the 'if' doesn't match23:52
+SynQthen it goes to 'local files'23:52
Haargdepending on how you have the proxy rules for the rest of the urls i would think23:53
+SynQif you have any other statements in that block yes23:53
+SynQI have added that23:57
+SynQand on my test server I can see no difference23:57
+SynQbut that makes sense23:57
+SynQsince it is not 'used' by anyone else but me23:57
+SynQthis could be tested quite easily however23:58
+SynQby just getting the same file over and over again23:58
--- Day changed Fri Jun 24 2011
@preactionscrottie: it wasn't that, but if I move the use Moose; use WebGUI::Definition::Crud; lines to after loading any Automat:: lines, I get a bunch of "subroutine redefined" messages but it compiles okay00:01
@preactionmore curiously, it only fails when one Automat module loads another Automat module that eventually loads the first module again00:01
Haarghow are you trying to load it?00:02
Haargby the filename or with -m ?00:02
@preactioninside the server it's using "use Whatever"00:02
Haargany time you have circular dependancies though you can run into problems with moose stuff like around00:03
Haargwhich is why a bunch of things in webgui were switched to require instead of use00:03
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scrottiesomething else with the same package name is doing no Moose?00:10
@preactioni checked for the same package name, nothing i could see00:11
scrottiethere's a module that detects circual uses... don't remember what it's called... I wonder if using that, identifying such a case, and fixing it would make this go away00:33
@preactioni tried just doing that manually to little effect00:58
@preactionnew rule: Workflows should never Wait for anything ever. If it can't do something, it errors and/or skips. If it needs user input, it stops and a new workflow gets started after the user interaction (with scheduled tasks to remind or clean up)00:59
@preactioncomments or concerns?00:59
Haargseems reasonable01:04
Haargalthough there are other ways that could be done01:04
Haarglike, waiting would be the equivalent to not existing as far as spectre or whatever else cared01:05
Haargbasically make it so there could be unlimited idle workflows without causing problems01:06
@preactionso then it'd be the UI's job to tell the workflow it can re-start itself01:07
Haargwhich is similar to what you proposed.  it's just a difference between maintaining the same workflow instance or whatever throughout.01:09
Haargnot sure if one way would work better01:09
@preactionactually i like your way, then i can see what workflows are out on the site and what they are doing in one place instead of having to look in multiple places01:10
@preactionboth are valid options, at least, but the second one provides more benefit for the user01:10
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Haargif you haven't seen it yet, you might want Plack::Middleware::SizeLimit for the wg8 wre01:25
@preactionah, indeed01:26
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * rb1660fe / lib/WebGUI/Crud.pm : document that tableKey is not allowed to have fieldType - http://bit.ly/kxdtgT01:36
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * re8d1fa0 / lib/WebGUI/Session/Request.pm : allow SSLPROXY header again - http://bit.ly/mIdcXi01:36
Haargwhy SSLPROXY again?01:37
@preactionwhat's the alternative?01:39
Haarguse Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy01:39
@preactionSSLPROXY is still what the documentation in the code says01:39
Haargfor a real deployment01:39
Haargit handles the X-Forwarded-Host headers as well01:40
Haargthen set the header X-Forwarded-HTTPS or X-Forwarded-Proto01:41
Haargthat module needs better documentation, but it's better than inventing out own standard yet again01:43
@preactiontrue dat01:45
@preactionand works great too01:45
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r199e224 / lib/WebGUI/Session/Request.pm : 01:47
CIA-82webgui: Revert "allow SSLPROXY header again"01:47
CIA-82webgui: This reverts commit e8d1fa0056a3c8f0498513f0a578740e7328f919.01:47
CIA-82webgui: SSLPROXY should be handled by using Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy and01:47
CIA-82webgui: setting the X-Forwarded-Proto http header to "https" - http://bit.ly/iYXgsh01:47
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@preactionis there any reason why a pseudo-asset, created with newByPropertyHashRef (or just new()) could not have a parent?03:07
@preactioni'm trying to fix www_add being its own page (and requiring overriding for custom add/edit forms), and i want the edit template to be a method/property so that www_add and www_edit can both call it03:08
@preactionso to have a custom edit template, you just override the editTemplateId property or whatever03:08
@preactionbut it might have to grab a templateId from a parent03:08
@preactionnevermind, i'm being stupid: it should be a class method that accepts the parent asset as a property03:12
daviddelikatnow I remember why I never develop using DBIx...03:20
daviddelikatit can't handle anything more complex than a basic select03:20
@preactionwhat do you need to do?03:32
scrottiesomeone needs to make a domain specific language as a shorthand for SQL::Statement datastructures.  rather than building these big hashes of hashes, you'd just write statements in this little purpose specific language.  I know, let's call that language "SQL".03:38
* scrottie sighs03:38
@preactionapparently you can run arbitrary SQL through a custom class: http://bit.ly/l2JuEG03:46
@preactionthough why you can't just run arbitrary SQL and, as long as the ID is visible, instantiate the right object is unknown03:47
scrottieaggregates, pulling fields from subselects, and other things don't map to objects well.  that would be fine if you got exactly one record from one table back but it quickly breaks down.03:55
scrottiesome computer manufacturer needs to re-introduce core memory.  that's the real problem.03:55
scrottieeveryone is using relational database systems as non-volitile RAM.  that's a terrible abstraction that breeds more terrible abstractions.  some simple NV RAM in machines along with NUMA buses would solve this and a host of other problems.03:56
daviddelikatthere is a way to run arbitrary sql03:58
daviddelikat$schema->storage->dbh_do( sub { ... $dbh->... }04:00
daviddelikatbut I would have to write all the code to build the query...04:01
daviddelikatI'm not sure which would take longer though...04:01
daviddelikatbuilding the query or fixing this...04:01
daviddelikatI think I have it now though04:02
scrottieyou can create custom resultset objects that run SQL and have the fields of your choice04:18
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daviddelikatwhat I need is a random subset of the values in a specific field04:25
daviddelikatgoverned by values ina different set04:25
scrottiemy programming projects create more change in the Ruby community than the Perl community.04:30
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daviddelikatpreaction: are you still on?05:49
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+perlDreamerpreaction, found and fixed a bug in the helpdesk, and merged it into both the webgui7 and -8 branches21:03
+perlDreamerI'll try to remember to do that to both branches, but if you see me miss one, please holler21:03
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ckotilah, had to have PA enabled before it starts logging and then you can run analysis. 21:51
ckotilare there plans to add built in parsing of the PA data? or release it as addons to the community?21:51
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advancedalarmtecI would like to move my website from WRE Version 0.9.3 WebGUI Version 7.8.24 to a different machine running WRE Version 0.9.3 WebGUI Version 7.9.31 is there already documentation out there on how to do this?  I have tried looking but have found none on my own22:01
@preactionckotil: not really. as far as i know, not many are using passive analytics. though i do have a desire to integrate a proper web stats package of some kind. a nice modular OO stats package would be a great project22:04
@preactionadvancedalarmtec: you should be able to move the db/uploads to the other box and then run the upgrade, provided 7.8.24 is the last 7.8 version22:05
ckotilpreaction: cool22:08
@preactioni just haven't found a proper one. i think people are bored with web stats22:08
ckotilI just want to be able to see what parts of the site get the most traffic22:09
@preactionawstats doesn't get what you need?22:09
ckotilim not sure. im not feeding all the logs to it tho22:10
ckotilill play with awstats before putting time into PA22:10
@preactionalso Google Analytics, but i've never used that22:12
ckotilawstats will do most of what i want22:18
ckotilBut i more analytics. e.g. what metadata tag is most popular?22:19
ckotili want more. need more. etc...22:19
ckotilit would help identify the content that is of no use.22:20
@preactionright, that's what PA is for22:21
@preactionthough google analytics may help as well, i don't know if there's a way to pass in what WebGUI knows about the objects22:21
+perlDreamerpassive analytics != passive analysis22:38
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ckotili just noticed you can drag and drop images directly to TinyMCE. But they become encoded to data:image/jpegbase64, blahblahblah. 22:54
ckotilanything on the road map to handle this more elegantly? create a new image/file asset beneatch the asset you're editing?22:55
+perlDreamerif you go through the WebGUI Image screen, then it creates an asset for you in the media directory23:03
ckotilyeah, im familiar with that.23:04
ckotiltoo many clicks tho23:04
ckotiland it's limiting to keep every image in media.23:04
ckotilive been working on a hack that lets you add an image anywhere, and allow you to add metadata while uploading new images.23:04
+perlDreamersounds cool23:04
ckotilit's useful for our documentation system23:04
+perlDreamerI just found a website where 3 different assets had the same URL23:04
ckotilsounds like a problem23:05
+perlDreameryeah, it is23:08
ckotilhow does that play out? 23:08
ckotil2 are just never displayed? RoundRobin?23:08
+perlDreamerwell, you get the content for each asset23:08
+perlDreamersince that's done via assetId23:08
+perlDreamerbut if you try to edit them, then you the first one23:08
+perlDreamerso, it's a way of creating permanently read-only assets23:09
+perlDreamerkind of cool, but I have no idea how it was done23:09
+perlDreamersince WebGUI is supposed to check for unique asset urls23:09
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r9a90ad6 / (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template.pm t/Asset/Template.t): add forms to templates to work directly with FormBuilder objects - http://bit.ly/jyDDMh23:12
CIA-82webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * rf797429 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template.pm : clarify docs - http://bit.ly/kBUjWQ23:12
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@preactioni have a problem with the www_add/www_edit changes with WebGUI 8: every asset currently only overrides www_edit to display a custom templated form to the user (Post, Thread, Event, GalleryAlbum, Photo)23:15
@preactionI think I can fix this by refactoring asset to add some methods to override, like so: https://gist.github.com/649bce29e3153a22aa1223:16
@preactionso to fix my problem, i'd override getEditTemplate and getEditTemplateId in those classes to make sure the right template and parameters were given to www_edit (www_edit would not require overriding anymore)23:16
@preactionin addition, this gives me the bonus of being able to easily change www_edit's template, and a rich set of default variables that I can use for all cases23:17
+perlDreamerdo we have a default edit template for other assets?23:18
@preactionall assets have an edit template now23:18
+perlDreameris it exposed to the UI?23:18
@preactionnot exactly23:18
+perlDreamercuz, if it's exposed to the UI, there's no need to override it23:18
+perlDreamersince the user can pick which one should be used ;)23:19
@preactioni think it's a hard-coded ID at the moment, with the future anticipation of putting it in Settings or Config (but never in the asset's properties)23:19
+perlDreamerit's starting to act exactly like a view template23:19
@preactionexcept it's not in the asset properties (choose an edit template that doesn't let you change the edit template and you're screwed)23:20
* perlDreamer reiterates, users, guns, toes/fingers23:20
+perlDreamerbut otherwise, you're right, we need an override point that can be shared by www_add and www_edit, and getEditTemplateId is the right way to do it23:21
@preactiongetEditTemplate is also necessary though, because there are more vars that need adding for those assets, the ones we currently add23:22
@preactionwe should change to the normal ones, but that's everybody else too23:23
+perlDreameryou still keeping track of all these changes in docs/migration.txt ?23:24
+perlDreamerpreaction: do you know any ruby?23:24
@preactionnot much, why23:25
+perlDreamerthere's a git book available as a PDF, and I'd like to try making it into an epub23:25
+perlDreamerbut I can't do any building at all without installing lots of ruby gems23:25
--- Day changed Sat Jun 25 2011
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+SynQis there a preaction around?23:51
+SynQI'm struggling with CHI :)23:51
--- Day changed Sun Jun 26 2011
+SynQno caching: 27 req/s - db caching: 84 req/s - CHI FastMmap caching: 80 req/s - WebGUI filecaching: 87 req/s (last with errors)00:45
+SynQI'd love to test with memcached00:45
+SynQbut I didn't get that working yet00:45
+SynQbtw I'm running a 60 second siege 2.66 with 50 concurrent users onto a WebGUI 7.9.31 running on a 64bit debian vm with nginx as proxy and 64bit apache, modperl and mysql 5.100:47
+SynQwhen I turn on memcached logging as described in http://www.webgui.org/forums/dev/chi----faster-caching-for-webgui-700:52
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+SynQinstead of the expected page I get a 404 on the main page00:57
+SynQlooking further I can see that other pages do not have this problem00:57
+SynQthe main page has a 'shortcut' on it00:58
+SynQand that 'cannot be found' when I use the memcached caching method00:58
+SynQperhaps that is a bug00:58
-!- daviddelikat [~user@adsl-75-42-233-158.dsl.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui00:59
+SynQwhat does this mean: An error was encountered while processing your request.01:03
+SynQif I let loose my siege on a page that is working01:19
+SynQit gives me 32 req/s01:19
+SynQall and all I guess I should just stick with database caching for now01:19
+SynQI guess that CHI caching method is not really 'stable' :)01:25
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+SynQtuning the mysql can bring me up to 90 req/s12:22
+SynQnot bad for a 2GB server12:22
+SynQat least there is almost no disk access which is good :)12:24
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SynQanybody her?16:08
SynQwhy is the webgui community so damn small16:53
SynQI never stop wondering about that16:54
SynQhello US! it's time to get out of bed :)16:59
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CIA-82webgui: khenn master * r97ec859 / www/extras/yui-webgui/build/layout/draggable.js : Localized a global variable which interferes with other third party js packages. - http://bit.ly/lGQF9P20:08
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* scrottie waves to SynQ04:25
scrottieSynQ, right now, everyone is on their way to YAPC::NA04:25
scrottieit's going to be quiet for a while04:25
Haargwe still have about an hour and a half before we get there05:05
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SquOnkI have an interesting issue I've been unable to solve.17:43
SquOnk1. Create an Article (or use one from a vanilla install).17:44
SquOnk2. Take a shortcut to it and place it somewehere else. The shortcut works fine.17:44
SquOnk3. Now edit the shortcut and override the display template for the archive. It shows ok in the admin session.17:44
SquOnk4. If you open the page from a different session, the *old* template is still being applied.17:45
SquOnkEmtpying the cache, doesn't help.17:45
SDuensinDid you commit it?17:46
SquOnkIt happens in auto-commit mode too.17:46
SquOnkIf you exchange steps 2 and 3, the thing works.17:47
SDuensinReally?  That's f'ed up.17:47
SquOnkTake a shortcut in the same page, apply and override, then move the shortcut to its final location. It works.17:48
SquOnkBut, take shortcut, move to final location, apply override, only works for the admin session, but other sessions won't see the change.17:48
SDuensinSounds like something is broken to me.17:49
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SquOnkSDuensin: I'll open a bug report, I suppose. I've tried to figure out what's going on, to no avail so far.17:54
webguiquestionsAre locations of downloadable files kept in the database as binary data?18:01
Haargthe storage id is stored as a string.  the file system location is based on that.18:05
sbaurit's in the FileAsset table18:05
Haargfor file assets, yes.  there are other things that link to files that store the ids elsewhere.18:07
webguiquestionsI have a question I posted to the forum about it.18:08
webguiquestionsI'm trying to migrate the site from an internal test to an externally available website.18:08
webguiquestionsThe URL's for the downloadable files, site map, crumbs...they're pointing to http://<internal ip>/webgui/path instead of http://<urlname>/webgui18:09
sbauras long as you copy over the whole uploads directory and the database, it should be fine18:09
webguiquestionsI'm not sure where they're generated.18:09
sbaurdid you change the sitename in your config file to the external name?18:09
webguiquestionsGenerated, or stored. If it's stored I'm looking for where to change it. If it's generated, I'm not sure where it's pulling the site name from.18:09
sbaurthey are generated, all that's stored is the guid18:10
* SDuensin grumbles at the config file18:10
webguiquestionswebgui.conf has the "domainname.com" as the first setting in the names to use.18:10
SDuensinStill say that only thing in the config file should be how to get to the database.18:10
webguiquestionswell, my domainnam.com18:10
webguiquestionsApache has also had references to the internal IP changed.18:11
webguiquestionsSo the next question would be, where is it pulling that IP from when it's generating the URL for the website?...18:12
webguiquestionsI've restarted apache and webgui from /etc/init.d after making changes, too.18:12
SDuensinThe URL is in the Settings in the Admin interface too.  I think.18:12
Haargare you using the wre?18:13
sbauris every single image, etc. coming from the internal site, or just some of them?18:13
Haargit might have to do with the proxying18:13
sbaurIf it's only some, perhaps they got added/linked with absolute urls?18:14
webguiquestionsAdmin interface I'm not sure where that would be, as I don't see the IP listed there anywhere in settings.18:14
webguiquestionsUsing the Ubuntu release from the universe repo18:14
webguiquestionsEverything is coming from off the one server, no files pulled from elsewhere.18:15
webguiquestionsNo proxying is being done.18:15
sbaurIf you go into the admin console, to Settings, the first tab has a place for URL. I thought that was only used in the email footer, but perhaps not18:15
webguiquestionsThe files should all be uploaded to the local webserver, they have the URL with the IP that was generated at the time of the upload.18:15
Haargthe host used for urls can come from a couple places18:16
webguiquestionsNow I don't know what will happen with *new* files, right now I'm trying to migrate stuff that's already in place.18:16
webguiquestionsThe company URL is already set to the proper domain name.18:16
Haargthere is a setting in the admin console for what to use18:16
Haargyou said that the first site name was the domain name.  do you have more than one sitename?18:17
webguiquestionsIn the webgui.conf file it has "18:19
webguiquestionsIt has "mydomainname.com","ip address","localhost"18:19
Haargi would remove all but the domain name18:20
SquOnkSDuensin: I can reproduce the problem in demo.webgui.org18:23
SDuensinSquOnk: Nice!   Break PlainBlack's toys!18:24
SquOnkAll right. I'm looking at Shortcut.pm around getOverrides. The comment says 'Overrides are cached, unless you are in admin mode.  The cache is invalidated if it has expired, or if the user's profile field has changed.'18:26
SquOnkI think that explains it.18:26
SquOnkShouldn't the cache be invalidated if the admin *changes* the override?18:27
webguiquestionsI think I see what's causing it now... -going off to make some more changes...18:31
ampliHello, I would like to report a strange problem with WebGUI8 and how I solved it (source change). Maybe someone can make the change without a formal bug report...18:37
SquOnkSo, looks like Shortcut overrides' are cached for everyone that's not an Admin. This means if an Admin changes an override, it won't show up immediately for non-Admin users visiting the site, am I right?18:38
webguiquestionsWhy would WebGUI be connecting to Apache with a POST?18:38
webguiquestionsI just saw the server connect to itself as Visitor with a  "POST /webgui http/1.1" message in the Apache logs.18:39
Haargthe first sitename is used for a couple things.  any additional sitenames will only ever be used for url generation.  you never want a private host name in there.18:39
Haargampli, what is the issue you are seeing?18:40
ampliThe Save button in many pages is not working from WebKit browsers (chrome/safari).18:40
ampliThis includes the startup page...18:40
ampliThe reason is mentioned in the YUI docs of Button. If a button name is caleld "submit" this cause a problem due to bugs in browsers.18:41
ampliI just change it to "send" and the problem disapeared.  There are 26 files affected....18:42
Haargyou could submit a pull request with the changes18:43
ampliI am new to WebGUI and git so for now I still don't know how to submit a pull request. Is there a detailed doc on that?18:45
Haargwhen you say it doesn't work, what actually happens?18:45
ampliJust nothing.  Absolutely no respose.  It is not recognized as form action button.18:46
Haargyou create a fork on github, then commit to that, then submit a pull request through the github interface.18:46
Haargthere's probably some docs on github for it18:47
ampliCan be easily verified with hrome/safari.  Just click on Admin Console=>Settings.18:47
Haargbut for now, you could probably make a patch and post it somewhere18:47
Haargor try to catch preaction or i at a better time18:48
Haargwe're both at yapc18:48
ampliWhat I don't know is if the name of the submit button is used somewhere and checked to be "submit".  There are 26 files and it is not easy to verify that....18:49
Haargi know preaction has been testing with chrome so it's odd he wouldn't have seen it18:51
ampliIndeed strange. Maybe it depends on the version of some perl modules?  I use the YUI that comes with wg8, but all the other perl lib modules  are the newest versions.18:55
ampliMaybe someone can verify it too before I contiue with that?18:56
-!- webguiquestions [ad2ed001@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit []18:58
ampliIs there a wg8 demo on the net that I can check this in it?18:59
Haargsince it's just the ui screwing up, i don't think it could be related to perl module versions19:00
SquOnkI think I found a bug in the caching of overrides, but before opening a ticket I'd like the opinion of someone with appropiate knowledge.19:12
SquOnkShortcut, lines around 49419:13
SquOnkThere's a cacheNotExpired key that is *always* true. I believe it should be set to 0 in line 510, and it should be set to 1 before returning from the method.19:14
@preactionampli: you can play with www2.plainblack.com and www2.webgui.org, but there's no demo system up there yet19:50
SquOnkpreaction: Do you have a couple of minutes for a quick question?19:55
SquOnkI think the caching on Shortcut overrides is somewhat broken...20:04
SquOnk...but I'd like to know why a change on an override is not seen *immediately*.20:04
SquOnk(except by the admin doing the change).20:05
amplipreaction: In order to test it I need to find a page with a button that is used with YAHOO.widget.Button and has name="submit"... In the admin interface there are some, but I didn't find such bottons in the regular user interface. So I need a site in which I can become Admin.20:36
* scrottie waves to ampli21:05
scrottiehey ampli, I got your email.  I've been a bit preoccupied lately but I'll follow up on that a bit here.  nice detective work!21:05
scrottieI can walk you through doing a fork on github, pulling, pushing the changes, etc.21:07
scrottieit isn't bad.21:07
scrottielet's see.21:10
ampliHi scrottie, ok, I'm ready.21:26
scrottielooking at https://github.com/plainblack/webgui ... look for the "Fork" button.  it's near the top right.  you need to be logged in to github to do that (create an account first if you don't have one already)21:27
ampliI got a fork...21:35
scrottiethere should be a litle url-bar like thing with something like git@github.com:plainblack/webgui.git in it, but with your name in it rather than plainblack21:39
scrottieyou want to feed that to git clone21:39
scrottieactually, after you make a fork, it gives you a page of instructions on how to check out your fork21:40
scrottieand telling it to track the remote branch, etc21:40
ampliI already have a local clone of plainblack/webgui.  Is there a way to just add my branch to it that will track my fork on github?21:45
scrottieyeah, that's fine.  you still need a fork on github to do the pull request thing.21:46
scrottiebut if you have a clone you've changed stuff in, you can 'git add' the files you've changed, 'git commit' that with a message about what you've changed, ...21:46
ampliI even already have my branch on my local clone of plainblack/webgui. How I I make it to track my fork on github?21:47
scrottiethen do 'git push --force git@github.com..... WebGUI8' where the git@github thing is the URL-like-thing from the URL-bar-like-thing on your github fork page21:47
scrottiewell, your fork tracks github... it knows that github is the "origin"21:48
ampliMy local opy doesn't know yet on the fork I just have done.  How  to tell it that?21:49
scrottiepush with --force (because your version is going to be older/different than what you just forked) back over the fork you made.21:49
scrottieon github.21:49
scrottiethen after you push your local copy up to github, do this:   git checkout -b webgui8 --track origin/WebGUI821:52
scrottieer, you need to reset origin21:52
scrottiehrm, there's a command to do that, but I only know how to edit .git/config21:52
scrottieafter where it says:  [remote "origin"]21:54
scrottiechange this line:  github.com:plainblack/webgui.git21:54
scrottiechange plainblack to whatever your account name is on github21:54
ampliI made the change in .git/config. When I do "git push --force" I get: fatal: The current branch in is not tracking anything.21:57
ampliMaybe I made an error.  I'm trying again.21:58
scrottiedo:  git push --force git@github.com/whatever/webgui WebGUI821:59
scrottiewhere 'whatever' is your login name there.21:59
ampliI now get "Permission denied".  I I authenticate to it?22:00
scrottiebut I think this is what you need to add to your .git/config to make it so you don't have to specify the target... https://gist.github.com/104954222:00
scrottieokay, you need to go into your account on github and paste your public SSH key in...22:00
ampliHow to authenticate to it?22:00
ampliI see, one moment.22:01
scrottiedo you have a file at ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub ?22:01
scrottieif not, do ssh-keygen22:01
ampliscrottie: ok, now the git push suceeded.22:25
scrottieyou could send a pull request now, but perhaps you'd like me to look at what you've done first22:29
ampliPlease look at lib/WebGUI/Operation/Setting.pm, on the line with:  name => "submit"22:33
scrottieare you ampli on github?22:41
ampliWhat I see there is the original WEBGUI8 copy.  How can I see the new version that I pushed?22:41
ampli(yes, ampli)22:41
@preactionlook on your personal github fork, there should be a link to it "Go To My Fork" or something22:42
scrottiecheck out the WebGUI8 branch.22:42
scrottiethere's a little drop-down near the top of the page for  the branch you want to view.22:42
scrottiethen on the top right, it tells you which branch you're currently on.22:42
ampliI'm am in the "ampli / webgui"  fork, and "Branch: WebGUI8".  However, when I look in Operation/Settings.pm I see the original version.22:46
scrottieyeah, I see one commit by you and it was to .gitignore22:47
scrottiedo 'git diff' or 'git status' at your command shell22:47
scrottiedoes it show you that Operation/Setting.pm has been modified?22:47
ampli"git status" says "nothing to commit.22:48
ampliThe .gitignore commit was an initial error, it content should be the original one.22:49
scrottieis there a list of changed but untracked files?22:50
@preactionperhaps try "git log" and see what commits you've done22:50
scrottieif so, is Operation/Setting.pm mentioned in there?22:50
ampliIn "git log" I see the commit I have done of two .pm files.22:50
scrottiewhat's the hash number?22:51
ampliIt mentiones only the hash, but "git diff HASH" shows it is indeed the said file.22:52
scrottiewhat branch does 'git status' say you are on?22:57
scrottiehttps://github.com/ampli/webgui/commit/fe6e269d73eea20375ef659925f25ec531bdcadd gives me a 40422:57
scrottienot sure what happened that that didn't get pushed22:58
scrottiebut if you can get it into the correct branch, and push that branch, it should go22:58
ampliI'm in my local branch, named "in".22:58
scrottieokay, then you need to push that branch over top of the WebGUI8 branch in your github fork, or else you need to cherry-pick that commit into the WebGUI8 branch in your local git repo and then push it, or you need to merge your 'in' branch into your WebGUI8 branch and push that22:59
scrottieor else you could just push your 'in' branch up and let other people cherry-pick that one commit out22:59
scrottiebut then you'd have to point them at that commit23:00
ampliSince I'm new to git, what is the best option?23:00
SquOnkpreaction: Hey there.23:05
scrottieampli:  git checkout WebGUI823:05
scrottiegit cherry-pick fe6e269d73eea20375ef659925f25ec531bdcadd23:05
scrottiegit push  ( did you add that extra stuff to your config file?  if not, need to specify extra args here )23:06
amplierror: could not apply fe6e269...23:06
amplihint: after resolving the conflicts (which conflicts?)23:07
scrottiedon't know.23:08
scrottie'git status' will tell you which files have conflicting changes.23:08
amplihow to see them?23:08
scrottieyou have to edit them, 'git add' them again, then 'git commit'23:08
scrottieor if you know you want the version from the 'in' branch, you could just do:  git checkout in whatever/whatever.pm23:14
scrottieI think most people work in a branch just for the purpose, then either cherry-pick or merge into whatever branch name everyone else is using when they're done, happy, and have tested the changes23:18
scrottiecherry-pick grabs one exact specific commit, merge tries to grab all changes23:18
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]23:23
ampliNow it is fine.  The changed line in Operation/Settings.pm is 692.23:24
ampliI commited only 2 files.  A grep of 23:39
ampliname => "submit" shows more 25 files,.23:39
--- Day changed Tue Jun 28 2011
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf728b22 / (5 files in 5 dirs): Do not append ;adminId to the URL stored for calendar feeds. Add upgrade code to fixing existing, broken feeds. Fixes bug #12164 - http://bit.ly/jsYgP800:42
SquOnkpreaction: Got a minute?00:42
@preactionSquOnk: i can try, at a presentation in YAPC00:43
SquOnkpreaction: All right. Real quick.00:43
SquOnkpreaction: I create an Article. Then Shortcut it.00:43
SquOnkpreaction: I move the Shortcut somewhere else.00:43
SquOnkpreaction: I apply an Override changing the Template.00:43
SquOnkpreaction: It shows perfectly in *my* Admin session.00:44
SquOnkpreaction: It *doesn't* show on other sessions.00:44
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * re89e0db / (6 files in 5 dirs): Do not append ;adminId to the URL stored for calendar feeds. Add upgrade code to fixing existing, broken feeds. Fixes bug #12164 - http://bit.ly/kGTStd00:44
@preactionyour session, or your user?00:44
SquOnkpreaction: The session I applied the Override in.00:44
@preactioni see the code here, and yes, overrides are cached with the userId, so the cache is stale for other users00:44
SquOnkpreaction: Aha. But how come it's not being refreshed immediately.00:45
@preactionbecause it's not marked as expired for those other users00:45
@preactionif you purge the entire cache, it should work again00:45
@preaction(if I'm correct)00:46
SquOnkpreaction: And I'm also trying to understand what good is $overrides{cacheNotExpired} :-)00:46
SquOnkpreaction: Well, I tried that but still no joy.00:46
@preactionclient-side caching?00:46
SquOnkpreaction: No, that's not it. When I comment out the if ( ! $session->var->isAdminOn ) ... everything works as expected.00:47
SquOnkpreaction: I dismissed it as client-side caching initially, but I've realized it's not that...00:47
SquOnkpreaction: My question is why is it coded like that?00:48
@preactionthe code is highly suspect, because of the userId thing00:48
SquOnkpreaction: My point exactly.00:48
SquOnkpreaction: And it's giving me grief because one of the sites requires frequent changes to shortcut overrides that must refresh immediately.00:49
@preactionthat i can't help with, it's very old, and was rewritten by more than 4 people00:49
@preactionthe cache timout isn't able to be set from the interface00:50
@preactionthat would be a good feature00:50
SquOnkpreaction: No. It's hardcoded at an hour.00:50
SquOnkpreaction: Well, who should I bug about it?00:51
@preactionthe bugs list00:51
SquOnkAll right, there it goes... I hope I can explain it well enough :)00:53
@preactionit's confusing, but it also seems that shortcut does things differently (caches per-user) than the rest of webgui (assumes users logged-in never see cached content)00:54
ampliscrottie: how should I proceed with my fix?01:02
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r720c06a / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix template help variables for month/year in the Calendar. Fixes bug #12167. - http://bit.ly/m7n0z301:11
SquOnkpreaction: There. Bug #1217601:11
CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r1d0faef / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix template help variables for month/year in the Calendar. Fixes bug #12167. - http://bit.ly/mIIl1G01:11
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-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by ChanServ02:08
+perlDreamerpreaction: re the underground bug, for reasons undocumented I added that template, so I'm not comfortable pulling it out02:13
+perlDreamerplus, there will be other people who have custom User Function templates that differ02:13
+perlDreamerso fixing this one case won't solve the whole problem02:13
@preactionbut are they using the site starter wizard?02:13
+perlDreamerno clue02:14
+perlDreamerdon't we have to assume that they do?02:14
@preactionwhat is the undocumented reason it's in there?02:14
+perlDreamerunfortunately, since it's not documented I can't tell you02:15
@preactionyou don't remember, or you don't want to say?02:15
+perlDreamerit's peripherally or accidentally related to "Underground label style forces radio buttons and check boxes to render vertically."02:15
+perlDreamerI don't remember02:15
+perlDreamerI have no problems sticking my foot in my mouth in this channel02:15
@preactionokay, that's fine02:15
+perlDreamerand it's not security related ;)02:15
@preactionbut that problem can be fixed in a different way, which involves using CSS selectors to change the rendering of the fields for the given areas02:16
@preactionor even completely overriding how the underground style does those, making them all inline by default (as they are normally)02:16
@preactionthe plan i set out for the underground style is that we would not modify the stylesheets we got from the vendor, but we would override anything we needed to02:17
@preactionthat way we can drop in new versions of the style if the vendor updates them02:17
@preactionso if we need to override those fields because we do things differently, that's okay02:17
+perlDreamerwell, it's entirely possible that I didn't fix them the way you intended, but I don't think the user function style would have anything to do with that02:18
+perlDreamersince they only differ in title, assetId and topnav blurb02:18
+perlDreamerall the same includes02:18
@preactionright, there is no way to distinguish user function styles at all02:18
@preactionand my design goal for the style wizard was the styles would be drop-in, no hoops necessary02:18
@preactionso we have a quandary02:18
+perlDreamermy idea of not showing style templates if they don't have a thumbnail would work, but is hackish02:19
+perlDreamerwe could create a new namespace02:19
@preactionbut a new namespace would break everything02:19
@preactionthe user would go to save the settings, and their user function style would change because the current one not in the user_style namespace02:20
+perlDreamerwe can detect that one02:20
+perlDreamerthe one they're currently using02:20
+perlDreamerbut none of the others02:20
+perlDreamerand the UI doesn't allow the changing of namespaces anyway02:20
@preactionno, so all the user function styles they've created will no longer show up in the dropdown02:21
@preactionand there's no way to fix it for them02:21
+perlDreamerstarting to sound like "hackish" - or something else02:21
@preactionworse, what if they have a style template they just happen to also use for a user-function style02:21
+perlDreamerif it's in the settings, we can detect it and alter the namespace on that one, so that's not a problem02:22
+perlDreamerso, for N other user function styles, we can't fix N-1 of them02:22
+perlDreamerwe could add a checkbox, display in Site Starter that only shows up for templates in the style namespace02:23
@preactionbut i still don't see a compelling reason that this dichotomy needs to exist. style templates shouldn't need to know where they are being used02:24
@preactionthey're syntactically fine in any style context, even if they don't look fine02:25
@preactionthey still only have the variables that style templates have02:25
+perlDreamerthen why do we have User Function Styles?02:25
@preactionbecause there needs to be a style template there, because style templates are used throughout webgui to define headers, footers, and common UI elements02:25
@preactionthough many have asked for the user style to be taken from the current asset, and i'm tempted to agree with them02:26
@preactioni guess the reason i'm taking the effort here is because i have future ideas for a more unified and extensible webgui UI set02:26
+perlDreamerif we can combine this bugfix with your plans for future WebGUI UI domination, I'm game02:27
@preactionmy only idea is that the user-specific one must be merged into the other one. there has to be some CSS changes, otherwise the issue you mentioned couldn't have been fixed02:28
+perlDreamerI _think_ that I got tired of seeing 4 rows of top-nav in the import node02:28
+perlDreamerso I made a user function style to fix that02:28
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+perlDreamerand the rendering fix was done at the same time02:28
+perlDreamerno, it wasn't a merged package from multiple upgrades, either02:30
@preactionso the IDs in the profile stuff are too general?02:30
+perlDreamerthe top-nav pukes badly when you're not in the site02:30
+perlDreamerthe settings are ancestor: -Infinity, Descendants, 1 level down, assets to show, descdants02:35
@preactionstart point should be home page maybe?02:35
+perlDreameryou'd think that, but wouldn't it have been setup that way originally?02:36
ampliHello, I need help in sending a Pull Request...02:50
scrottiedid you manage to push your changes up to github?02:51
@preactionperlDreamer: i could have been incorrect in my assumptions02:51
ampliIt tries to include 5 files but only 2 of them are relevant.  How I limit it to only those 2?02:51
scrottieyou only do 'git add' on the files you want to include.02:52
+perlDreamerI've been doing some digging, too02:52
scrottiehave you already commit the files you don't want?02:52
ampliI pushed the changes but 3 files that have been pushed are not relevant to this pull request and should not appear in it.02:52
+perlDreamerand I think that I shouldn't have done this in the first place02:52
+perlDreamerso I'll upgrade the nav to point to /home02:52
+perlDreameror, / rather02:52
ampliI don't know how to exclude them.02:52
@preactionif that fixes it, at least02:53
+perlDreamerit keeps the nav from freaking out when you wander over into the import node02:53
ampliI already comitted the unwanted files.02:53
scrottieamply, okay, the easist thing to do would be reset your state back to before that commit, then do a cherry-pick with the '-n' option on that commit to get those changes back.  '-n' keeps git from committing the cherry-pick automatically.02:53
ampliOne of them is a revert of .gitignore.  The other one is a bug fix in datatable.js, to be included in another pull request.02:54
scrottieampli, so if 'git log' has commit aaaaaaaa which has more stuff than you wanted in it, and commit bbbbbb right before that, do git reset --hard bbbbbb   then  git cherry-pick -n aaaaaa   then git add only the files you want in there, then git commit those, and git push02:54
ampliI will try...02:56
scrottiesave the hash of the last commit you made.  cut and paste it somewhere.02:57
scrottieunless you do the "garbage collection" thing, you can always use that to get back to your changes.... 02:57
scrottieor I can, from pulling your github fork.02:57
scrottieor, theoretically, you can get back there.  with git, there is some matter of skill =|03:00
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CIA-82webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r204108e / (3 files in 3 dirs): Remove the Underground User style template, and fix the problem is tried to fix by changing the navigation. Fixes bug #12172 - http://bit.ly/kBUmuo04:07