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elninohow do you setup the amount a vendor gets in the payout?00:01
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r83f0cb7 / t/Storage.t : diag -> note (+5 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/bM7LV400:06
elninohow do I add a new release to my bazzar item? I'll I see when I edit it, is "this release" and it has the first versions information prefilled.00:11
CIA-21webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r91fcedd / www/extras/admin/admin.js : all admin plugins have the same response options - http://bit.ly/bgzamc00:11
CIA-21webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r2f949cf / share/upgrades/7.9.12-8.0.0/admin_console.wgpkg : admin console style should not define a title - http://bit.ly/cXldNh00:11
CIA-21webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * r945d78c / (www/extras/admin/admin.css www/extras/admin/admin.js): add openTab function for admin plugins - http://bit.ly/9h9aun00:11
CIA-21webgui: Doug Bell WebGUI8 * ra18463a / lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm : add helpers in the config file - http://bit.ly/cnmPNm00:11
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elninoI get it.00:31
elninostill don't know how to setup vendor payout though.00:31
@preactionyou have to create a new workflow i think. uses the Vendor Payout activity and configured with your paypal information00:45
@preactioniirc right now we only support vendor payouts via paypal00:45
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SynQall the cardboard work is done :)01:46
SynQnow all I have to do is clean out the attic for the painters to have free room tomorrow :P01:47
SynQand it's only a quarter to one01:47
SynQcan someone bring me back two BigIron 4000's from the states? 01:49
SynQin their handluggage?01:49
SynQoh four is ok too :P01:50
SynQthey are only 4U high each so it should fit01:50
SynQthat one is only 100 usd01:51
SynQWA must be close to WI ;)01:51
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SynQtime 4 bed02:38
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elninopreaction,  so it does it automatically? cool. 03:40
elninoI was just looking to do a report of some sort.03:41
elninohm I don't see an activity.03:42
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elninogood morning!  people who do templates - have you run into htc files? What are they and why do they break everything?16:22
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elninogood morning patspam.. are you referring to my question? or something you're doing. =)17:20
patspammorning elnino!17:20
patspamthat was WUC hackathon parlance for "goodmorning"17:20
elninoare you in the us?17:20
elninooh. Is that now?17:20
patspamyep yep, you still have time to get here :)17:20
elninooh. I wanted to. I have two children now... someone has to watch them... 17:21
patspamI supposed that's a valid excuse :)17:21
elninoI was kinda wondering why it was so quite here.... Say hi to everyone that I know/knows me.  =) and ask perlDreamer, if he ever got that flash file thing to work on that one site.17:22
@preactionelnino: htc files are hacky ways for IE to add scripted behaviors to CSS17:25
patspamlong answer from colin: apparently no he didn't get it working17:27
@preaction1 RFEs have been closed in the last 24 hrs <- BAM!17:33
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elninopreaction - they are nothing but TROUBLE. I converted a design, and it would not work untill I got rid of the reference to htc file. I do not like them sam I am.17:52
@preactionyeah, unfortunately sometimes they're the only way to get IE to listen to something. though, personally, if you have to hack the design like that, the design should change17:52
+perlDreamer... or IE should change :)17:55
@preactionmountain vs. raindrop. we're winning, but egads how long this battle17:56
elninofunny 404 error message.  it made me laugh "We've got the guys with pocket protectors working to upgrade your web experience as we speak. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try back later. Or, feel free to check out some of our most popular pages."18:03
* perlDreamer puts "pocket protector" on his shopping list18:10
CIA-21webgui: Paul Driver webgui-7.9 * r7a526b6 / www/extras/shop/cart.js : should actually fix the bug when we note it in the changelog - http://bit.ly/chdRi418:19
CIA-21webgui: Paul Driver master * re8dfffe / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt www/extras/shop/cart.js): should actually fix the bug when we note it in the changelog - http://bit.ly/aDjm4n18:22
scrottie0good morning...18:27
+perlDreameryo, scrottie018:28
scrottie0where is the hack-a-thon and is there coffee?18:28
scrottie0sorry I'm late.  I had to blow dry my computer.18:28
scrottie0the harddrive is still being blowdried.18:28
+perlDreamerthe hackathon is where the conference will be tomorrow18:28
+perlDreamerand there is coffee18:29
+perlDreamerand pastries18:29
+perlDreamerand muffins18:29
+perlDreamerand soda18:29
+perlDreamerand water18:29
+perlDreamerand bits18:29
+perlDreamerand electrons18:29
scrottie0I'll ask at the front desk for the conference area.18:30
+perlDreamerit's either the 2nd floor, or the mezzanine level18:31
+perlDreamerfirst floor above the lobby18:32
scrottie0ah.  okay.18:32
SynQis bart awake yet?18:36
+perlDreamerBart who?18:37
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patspamSynQ: we drank some spotted cows for you last night18:48
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb8d7466 / (5 files in 5 dirs): Add a link in the Admin Console to the Addons section of webgui.org - http://bit.ly/auU2GN19:00
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CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * rd826721 / (26 files in 2 dirs): move upgrade scripts for new version - http://bit.ly/cj2LGC19:21
patspampreaction: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/1065919:29
elninopatspam  - excellent!19:30
+perlDreamerpatspam, preaction, sample introspection code is Group.pm, resetGroupFields19:30
patspamit's all coming back to me *shudder*19:30
+perlDreamerI can't believe I'm going to say this19:30
+perlDreamerit's probably best to copy and paste that method to change it for templates19:31
+perlDreamerfor two reasons19:31
+perlDreamerwe don't have a top level class to hold the definition introspection stuff19:31
+perlDreamerand all the rest is hard-coded19:31
@preactionit's very close, but not exactly what templates need, and they will diverge as time goes on. no use trying to make it overly complicated for code reuse's sake19:32
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elninois there a way to regenerate an images thumbnail? I need to resize them all in a gallery19:54
+perlDreamerelnino, sounds like a utility script19:54
+perlDreamerso I'd look in sbin to see if there's something in there19:55
elninoI see marketplace was renamed.  Kinda freaked me out not seeing "marketplace" but I like the new menu better.19:57
+perlDreamerthere's also a new Admin Console icon to take you there19:58
elninoah. that's what that cia-21 thing was.19:58
elninoexcellent idea.19:59
+perlDreameryes, CIA-21 shows git commits to the WebGUI repo19:59
elninoyep. I just didn't know what "plug-ins" was until now. =)19:59
elninolooky there, thumbnailer.pl20:02
elninoack. wiki changed!20:08
+perlmonkey2did the dbms change in 8 or still with mysql? 20:12
patspamso far mysql20:14
elninoI don't get the new wiki. =(20:14
patspamstill trying to get doug drunk enough that I can convince him to switch to postgres20:15
patspamSynQ: just got WebGUI running under Mongrel220:15
patspambut only via a proxy so far, which is kinda cheating20:15
+perlmonkey2too bad 8 cant be dbms agnostic.20:16
+perlDreamerpatspam, this channel is logged20:16
CIA-21webgui: JT Smith WebGUI8 * r5723af9 / (etc/WebGUI.conf.original lib/WebGUI/Content/FacebookAuth.pm): updated facebook auth to work with new facebook change/brokeness - http://bit.ly/c5adkj20:17
CIA-21webgui: JT Smith WebGUI8 * r83c2629 / (49 files in 14 dirs): Merge branch 'WebGUI8' of github.com:plainblack/webgui into WebGUI8 - http://bit.ly/buhrAx20:17
@frodwithscrottie0++ # ++ing postgres20:19
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CIA-21wgdev: Graham Knop master * r99619c8 / (lib/WGDev.pm lib/WGDev/Command.pm lib/WGDev/Command/Base.pm): update version to 0.8.0 (+8 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/9XcHZv20:43
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5765739 / (4 files in 3 dirs): Labels in the Cart for addresses are optional. They take the first line of the address if left blank. Tested w and w/o JS. - http://bit.ly/9uz9hE22:24
+perlDreamerit's awfully quiet out there22:32
* scrottie0 nods at perlDreamer22:34
+BartJolI do have some music22:35
scrottie0oh noes, not again!22:35
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+BartJolwhat, did I put on music before in your presence scrottie0?22:40
scrottie0oh noes was re: the pub.22:41
CIA-21webgui: Paul Driver master * rc89da43 / (5 files in 3 dirs): variable downgrading - http://bit.ly/bZGYJf22:44
* SynQ goes wow for patspam22:46
@frodwithhmm! http://blogs.perl.org/users/leon_timmermans/2010/08/yet-another-readonly-module.html22:56
@frodwithI know we don't end up using Readonly a lot, but this looks nice.22:56
@preactionwhat's the debian policy on .swf files? they're compiled bytecode. we don't have the mxml, as, or fla file it came from (referring to ukplayer)23:03
Haargthat new readonly module looks cool23:03
HaargReadonly.pm always seemed pointless to me23:03
Haargtoo many problems but very little advantage to using it23:04
@preactionhttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=592593 <- prior art. docuwiki had the fla even, but fla cannot be built with free software23:04
scrottie0no strict 'subs'; no strict refs; use strict subs;23:07
scrottie0my $fn = __FILE__; my @string = eval `grep $fn -e '^use WebGUI' -e '^use Plack' | sed -e 's!use !"!' -e 's!;!",!'`; # earlier today...23:10
* SynQ knows that a webgui site is going to be used in China very soon23:12
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * ra95ef16 / (345 files in 55 dirs): remove use of FindBin in tests - http://bit.ly/cSDfw023:12
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * red3ac1c / lib/WebGUI/Upgrade.pm : update upgrade docs - http://bit.ly/dg7KP923:12
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * rc59fc0f / (lib/WebGUI/Account.pm lib/WebGUI/BestPractices.pm): add WebGUI::BestPractices - http://bit.ly/bVSGid23:12
SynQcurrently in Dutch only23:12
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SynQcan someone tap on BartJol's shoulder perhaps and point him to his irc window? :)23:13
+perlDreamerbartjol is afk right now, SynQ.23:14
SynQwhat time is it now?23:14
+perlDreamer15:15 CDT, yes23:15
+perlDreamerah, he's back23:15
SynQah good :)23:15
+perlDreamerrun for the hills, BartJol23:16
+BartJoltoo late :)23:16
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@preactiondoes anyone know why we build our own "Ask About Using Rich Editor" and don't use TinyMCE's built-in one?23:49
+perlDreamerTinyMCE's is broken23:50
@preactionhow so?23:51
@preactiondidn't do as advertised? was it a bug in tinymce? was it fixed?23:51
+perlDreamerIIRC, doesn't work correctly in some browser23:51
* perlDreamer recommends checking the revision logs and git blame23:51
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r7d6089d / (2 files in 2 dirs): Change the addon URL on webgui.org - http://bit.ly/abaxjv00:22
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CIA-21webgui: Doug Bell master * r55e6284 / sbin/classLoadTest.pl : add classLoadTest.pl - http://bit.ly/aP1Oc206:23
elninoanyone heard of this? http://www.uniformserver.com/06:31
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elnino_anyone seen this before: http://www.ohloh.net/p/WebGUI/analyses/latest07:04
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+perlDreamergood morning everyone16:51
+perlDreamerwelcome to the live IRC-cast of the WUC 2010 opening plenary16:51
+perlDreamerthe session won't begin for about 10 minutes, so you have time to get some coffee16:52
scrottie0good morning, perlDreamer.17:04
+perlDreameryou're up early, scrottie017:04
+perlDreamerThe winner of the Contributor of the Year award goes to Patrick Donelan!17:05
+perlDreamercongrats, patspam17:05
scrottie0perlDreamer, now and then I get up at 4:30am to go do crazy adventure stuff.17:05
+perlDreamerContributor of the Year award goes to United Knowledge17:05
+perlDreamerWebGUI 8...17:07
+perlDreamerThe big goal is performance17:07
scrottie0elnino_, re: http://www.ohloh.net/p/WebGUI/analyses/latest, neato!17:07
+perlDreamerWebGUI 8 is 700% faster than WebGUI 717:08
+perlDreamersome of the improvements were backported in 7.8 and 7.917:08
@preactionFrank is 4%! Frank is 4%!17:08
+perlDreamerthe lion's share of 8's improvements comes from Plack/Starman17:08
+perlDreamerafter that, it's Moose, new UI (kudos preaction!) better caching and faster groups17:09
-!- patspam [~patspam@] has joined #webgui17:09
+perlDreamer"the new UI is so fast that it feels like a native desktop application"17:11
scrottie0Starman is the new default webserver.17:11
scrottie0No exceptions!  I mean, more exceptions!17:16
scrottie0ugh.  nothing is completely tested.17:17
+perlDreamerthe new Admin Console UI is beautiful17:23
+perlDreamerit optimizes space17:23
+perlDreamerand is AJAXified, so it runs really fast17:23
+perlDreameryour current version tag is at the top of the screen, along with controls for publishing (committing) or leaving the tag17:25
+perlDreamerthe Admin Bar (which is now integrated into the Console fully) is also AJAXy17:25
+perlDreamerthe new Debug console rocks17:26
+perlDreamerthis is run through Plack Middleware17:26
@frodwitheveryone++.  I haven't been keeping up with webgui 8 development, you all have added some ridiculously cool things.17:30
+perlDreamerwe can't wait for you to come and play with 8, frodwith17:31
@preactionHaarg++ patspam++ vanguard of WebGUI 8 development!17:31
patspamplus perlDreamer++ and preaction++!17:32
+perlDreamerwebgui 8 will simplify content approval17:32
@frodwithhopefully by this time next year, we can get all our users upgraded to 8 so we can take advantage of all this awesomeness ^_-17:32
+perlDreamerit has a simplified grammar17:32
+perlDreamercommit = publish17:32
+perlDreamerinstead of having screens for different asset tag states (committed, pending), it's all unified into a color coded display17:34
+perlDreamerthat is sortable17:34
@preactionfrodwith: we will likely spend all of next year making documentation and utilities to make it as easy as possible to migrate custom stuff to 817:34
@preaction8 is far more extensible, less copy/paste, fewer hacks, etc...17:35
+perlDreameryou can view and edit the pending content (or older content) right from the content manager screen17:35
+perlDreamercontent approval is also inlined into the edit screen, if you have permissions to publish content17:36
@preactionand if a template isn't automatically upgraded, it means we screwed up and have a bug to fix17:37
scrottie0perlDreamer, what the heck is tavis on about?17:38
+perlDreamernot sure what you mean, scrottie017:38
scrottie0_AND_ _UPDATE_.17:41
+perlDreamertavis is on about 3 feet behind you17:42
@preactionit's still our burden as well. actually i'll probably start spending a few hours a week updating the things17:42
+perlDreamerall of the WebGUI books are being converted to a wiki17:43
+perlDreamerand being released to the community17:43
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scrottie0Pluggable admin panes inherit from WebGUI::Admin::Plugin.18:04
scrottie0It's bug free and it can do pretty much anything.18:06
scrottie0* Some quotes might be out of context.18:06
scrottie0Admin items let you write small apps without having to create a full asset, define database tables, etc.18:10
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scrottie0Doug went a little bit crazy.18:20
+BartJoltoo obvious Haarg18:21
scrottie0"I went a little bit crazy." - Doug.18:21
scrottie0we are watching WebGUI8 copy the import node to the clipboard.18:22
scrottie0we are watching a copy operation.18:22
scrottie0it has a progress bar.18:22
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer1] by ChanServ18:25
-!- perlDreamer1 is now known as perlDreamer18:32
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scrottie0Joeri doesn't like Javascript or Objective C.  Hateful hater and his hatey hate.19:04
@preactionObjC is hateful19:05
-!- khenn [~frank@] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]19:05
@preactionJS not as much, it's the "we have 30 implementations that don't talk to each other" hatefulness19:05
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+perlDreamerBartJol: ning is interested in international content and stuff.  She could use a talk from the expert if you have time.19:23
+BartJolbut that was last year19:24
+BartJolI do have the presentation with me though19:24
@preactionwe need internationalized assets. soon.19:24
+BartJolthat would be great19:25
+BartJolI only know the german thingy implementation19:25
@preactioni've had ideas of how we could do it for a looong time, but it's very disruptive to how assets work19:25
+BartJolso WG 9?19:25
+BartJolor earlier?19:25
@preactionnot API-breakingly disruptive, but custom code would need updates to use it properly19:25
@preactionso it's possible during the 8.x cycle, but 8.x development is going to be fairly different from 7.x development (and it's not something i've been able to fully flesh out in my head)19:26
+BartJolwhat is the general idea?19:26
+BartJolin 1 line?19:26
@preactioncertain asset properties are marked "translatable", then an interface to add translations for all translatable content19:27
@preactionthen a method to get the translations right before the vars are passed to the template19:27
@preactionso not so horrible, but potentially evil19:27
+BartJolcould it be dependant on the "language" scrach variable?19:28
+BartJolnot sure you want that actually19:28
+BartJolthat would also constantly update the WebGUI interface language19:28
@preactionthe "Default" being shown perhaps, but there'd be a way to see the other translations by links on the page (added a loop to the template to show which translations are there)19:29
@preactionright, which is different. martin (german martin) has suggested them be different, and i've agreed (or maybe you suggested it)19:29
+BartJolbut there must be a session property that remember what language has your preference19:29
@preactionof course19:29
+BartJolit is martien btw19:30
@preactionah, thought i was spelling it wrong19:30
@preactionbut yes19:30
+BartJolbut I agree19:30
+BartJolwhoohoo, we agree19:30
@preactioni want i18n content, but the solutions proposed have been marginal. adding more problems19:30
+BartJolis there a forum thread on those proposed solutions?19:31
@preactionno. i haven't revealed these ideas yet. that's part of my plan to reveal these ideas to a blog or the dev forum as time goes on19:32
+BartJolor are you referring to my LanguagePageSwitch macro?19:32
@preactionso that if someone wants, they can implement it themselves, or at least offer suggestions19:32
+BartJolwhich is hardly userfriendly19:32
@preactionno, martien's content macro, macros have problems with arbitrary content inside them (can break the macro, and then the site)19:33
+BartJolah, that one19:33
+BartJolwould it possible to have i18n'd urls with your solution? 19:34
+BartJolor maybe even necessary19:34
@preactionyes. i18n urls are possible, but only one url to one asset so far. we want to be able to just say, in the asset properties, all the possible URLs for that asset, but that may or may not go in soon19:35
@preactionthat's a database schema break, so i may consider it an API break19:35
@preactionso it'd have to be done before January or not at all19:35
+BartJolmmm, no not necessary, that would be bad, some things you don't want to translate19:36
@preactionbut shortcuts are still possible19:36
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-!- patspam [~patspam@] has joined #webgui19:37
+BartJolbut there also should be an option to switch webgui and content language at the same time. It mightg be confusing to users that they need to click twice19:38
+BartJolprolly that would need 2 contenthandlers at the same time, which is a problem19:38
+BartJoldepending on how the content language is switched19:39
-!- patspam [~patspam@] has quit [Client Quit]19:40
HaargperlDreamer, apparently i'm writing the translation server from scratch as a plack app.  we'll see how that goes.19:42
+perlDreamerI'll see about getting you some SVN data for a trial git conversion19:42
+BartJol"apparently" :)19:42
Haargi got the svn repo from doug19:42
+perlDreamersee y'all at lunch19:47
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@preactionTalk idea: You got your WordPress/MediaWiki/Something in my WebGUI!19:58
@preactionslug ID is a good idea for i18n content too. no breaking inside asset, just a new asset with some sort of relationship between the entire series20:00
@preactionso they are completely separate assets, but they're related by an ID20:00
@preactionthat would probably be a LOT easier to put in20:01
+BartJolthat is better than my lineage dependancy20:01
+BartJolwhic breaks easily20:01
@preactionswitching would be weird though. if they're assets they show up on the page / in the CS / in the Calendar. which one shows up? add something to getLineage would work, but piling onto that is starting to be problematic20:04
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CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * rcacaabe / lib/WebGUI/Upgrade.pm : listen to skipBackup upgrade option - http://bit.ly/bV0x2i21:48
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * rd7ff3ea / lib/WebGUI/Upgrade.pm : silence all upgrade output with quiet option - http://bit.ly/cRikAp21:48
scrottie0Yay Continuity!21:50
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patspamSynQ: you missed a ute photo in my talk22:28
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf65ae74 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Format the subtotal variable in the Payment driver to 2 decimal places. Fixes bug #11813 - http://bit.ly/8XAnhg22:53
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rfd565f2 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Format the subtotal variable in the Payment driver to 2 decimal places. Fixes bug #11813 - http://bit.ly/bmCRNF22:53
scrottie0usually it's google analytics holding stuff up.  thanks, google.23:13
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r02099f0 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix HTML table generation for Active Sessions. Fixes bug #11832 - http://bit.ly/9ne9fo23:16
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r055b72d / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix HTML table generation for Active Sessions. Fixes bug #11832 - http://bit.ly/dcZGcX23:17
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1f2fbeb / lib/WebGUI/Account/Shop.pm : Remove debug code. - http://bit.ly/99zGUG23:26
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * re61b997 / lib/WebGUI/Upgrade.pm : fix thing i broke - http://bit.ly/9aWOEQ23:27
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--- Day changed Fri Sep 03 2010
patspamHaarg: http://github.com/plainblack/webgui/commit/c59fc0f361ffe096faa0717cecfd820f3061e6e800:03
patspam(github notes)00:03
patspamkinda clunky to push notes around though (git push origin refs/notes/commits)00:04
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb1adfd2 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template.pm): Fix missing Attachment label in the Template. - http://bit.ly/dcJMos00:08
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * ra8d6aeb / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template.pm): Fix missing Attachment label in the Template. - http://bit.ly/dAFtEq00:08
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CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * re61b997 / lib/WebGUI/Upgrade.pm : fix thing i broke (+1703 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/9gs7qe00:19
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elninohello! having fun yet?05:26
-!- elnino_ [~ninow@c-98-240-143-131.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui05:31
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elnino_goo morning!16:10
elnino_having fun yet???  what version is recommed to have ffor a full blown/vender payout store? - the version I have is half implemented. =(16:11
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@preactionelnino_: most definitely the latest 7.9.x version, but still you have to configure the vendor payouts with your paypal id, and we only support paypal payouts unfortunately16:50
ckotilhow about the survey asset?16:53
ckotilit's a bit wonky in 7.8.2016:53
ckotiltho still in beta as of 7.8.2016:54
elnino_preaction - thanks. has the template improved yet in 7.9?16:54
elnino_s/template/templates in the shop16:54
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@preactionelnino_: which ones? the cart is far more streamlined. you can test via http://beta.webgui.org if you like17:04
scrottie0what important announcements did I otherwise miss?  had 9:30 in my head, not 8:30.  I was actually headed for breakfast when I double checked.17:05
elnino_it is clunky as far as user registration and purchase goes. and the templates are a bit. um.  ugly.17:05
elnino_in 7.717:05
elnino_I'll take a look at the beta.17:06
@preactionscrottie0: none really, just a reminder to fill out the surveys and "the presentations next are..."17:16
scrottie0preaction, thanks.17:18
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ckotilsurvey seems improved in the beta. im hung up on an issue in 7.8.20 where you cant save any text for a new question.17:25
@preactionckotil: yeah. survey has been under heavy bugfixing since it was introduced. it's getting (finally) pretty stable17:26
ckotilawesome.  it will be a nice addition17:29
ckotillooks very useful for in the a classroom :)17:30
ckotili had to crank out a survey the other day, and i ended up using the dataform17:30
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elnino_nice map asset!18:23
elnino_well, I'm looking at the beta. I'm confused. the vendor payment hasn't changed.18:25
elnino_how does one setup that the vendor gets 10% of the sales?18:25
elnino_or is it assumed they get 100%?18:25
elnino_in our case, we are doing royalties, not vendor payout.18:26
elnino_maybe there is a difference. =(18:26
scrottie0does JavaScript implement the yadda yadda yadda operator?18:27
scrottie0 </sarcastic>18:27
@preactionelnino_: it may not be possible yet. we've had someone be interested in sponsoring it, but they've not come through with the funding yet18:29
+BartJolmmm, lemme have a look, we might have done that18:30
elnino_grr. who do I talk to about $$ to finish that?18:30
@preactionwell, the API doesn't allow multiple vendors18:30
elnino_well, a product can only have one vendor. then there is the store owners. the vendor gets % and the store owner gets the rest.18:31
elnino_so you only need one vendor.18:31
* elnino_ is confused18:31
@preactionright, but with multiple vendors you'd be able to say one vendor is the shop owner, and the other is getting the royalties. and it would work on percentages or amounts18:32
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r81dd8d6 / docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt : Fix whitespace issue in the changelog. - http://bit.ly/cGcxJj18:32
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r57c49e7 / docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt : Fix whitespace issue in the changelog. - http://bit.ly/cgPqlV18:32
elnino_mm. k18:32
scrottie0Frank is removing thumbs.18:51
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scrottie0this is my favorite yet:  http://slowass.net/~scott/tmp/wg8.png21:58
patspamHaarg: how do I get svn to show commits that match a given string (matching the code that was changed, not the commit message)22:02
patspampity me22:02
patspamshort of importing it into git...22:02
Haargi was going to say22:02
Haargstep 1, import to git22:02
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elnino_I'm getting a "Unable to extract package! The package may be corrupt, or there may be a server error preventing packages from being imported. " fro 7.7.28 to 7.8.23 - ideas?05:22
elnino_I don'thave access to the logs. =( but I'm askign for them.05:22
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zylopfaHello all05:38
zylopfaanyone got problems also installing CHI-0.36?05:38
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SVIFIAnyone is familiar with ^Emask(); fature?11:15
SVIFIwhy could it work on some pages but not on others?11:16
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HaargSVIFI, that looks to be a very old macro.  i wouldn't expect it to work at all.14:33
SVIFIfound a solution already, it actually was Filter code setting blocking it14:51
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xdangerI've been thinking of writing a new Emask macro16:05
xdangermaybe one that would implement multible "masking" functions16:10
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@preactionwhat does Emask do?17:28
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SVIFImasks e-mail addresses17:59
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@scrottiesecond hack-a-thon project ran long.  http://localhost:5000/crystalx_style?func=edit;proceed=goBackToPage;returnUrl=/home/welcome triggers a die planted in Template in my branch:  http://github.com/scrottie/webgui/commit/a28e0995d141fdbe37e4b1f2f3210cb90478023123:52
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui23:52
@scrottiethe code does the goofy asset dump thing.  it takes a lot of CPU and should be a debug option.  that still needs to be cleaned up.  it's just a demo.23:52
@scrottiehey patspam.23:52
@scrottiejust the man I should be talking to.  can you comment on my Asset.pm changes in http://github.com/scrottie/webgui/commit/a28e0995d141fdbe37e4b1f2f3210cb904780231 ?  specifically, what implications are there of not returning a callback if we're not streaming?23:53
patspamsure, will check it out in an hour or two23:54
@scrottieoops, missing a file from that mess.23:55
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xdangerO, joy... my macbook won't boot up, and in single user mode it says I/O Error for the harddrive.00:32
@preactionfrank just had that same problem today00:46
@preactionso then i shouldn't install the security update?00:47
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scrottie0I love my little local ISP but they use Cox's crummy network.  that would be okay but I need something redundant for the long haul chunk too and the copper is miserable in the neighborhood and USWest's prices are out of control.03:01
scrottie0no muni wireless in Phoenix.03:01
scrottie0so I have to cancel that DSL, get another provider with a different backend, get Cox, and get a different wireless carrier cuz T-Mobile cut me off.03:01
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scrottie0http://github.com/scrottie/webgui/commit/1f7075ce9261824b883d7d0f7a924a4ab064dcbb # fixed, finally03:20
scrottie0"Our new routes should propagate to the Intenret within the hour."  http://fastq.com/ ... oh, good, I'm glad I'll be able to get back on the Intenret.03:31
scrottie0fat fingered sysadmins make the rockin' world go round.03:32
scrottie0http://twitter.com/Crell/status/23183942746 # ""Know where in this giant array whose structure changes out from underneath you you need to iterate" is not an API. #drupal #epicfail"03:48
scrottie0no tasks emails this Monday?03:59
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SDuensinI have returned!18:05
SDuensinDude, I remember none of last week.18:06
SDuensinAnybody need a fun few hour project?  http://code.google.com/p/bigbluebutton/wiki/API#Sample_API_Examples_(JSP,_PHP,_Python_...)18:07
@preactionno Perl bindings18:08
SDuensinDon't need 'em.  Whole API is REST.18:09
-!- SquOnk [~emhn@] has joined #webgui18:16
SDuensinHey SquOnk18:20
SquOnkSDuensin: Hey there18:25
SDuensinpreaction: Done yet?  :-)18:26
+bartjolcan it be that the current git wg8 branch doesn't run?18:27
-!- perlDreamer [~colink@pool-173-50-255-102.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui18:27
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+perlDreamermorning, everyone!18:27
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@5357069A.cable.casema.nl] has joined #webgui18:27
SDuensinHey perlDreamer18:28
@preactionbartjol: it should. how are you running it? do you have the WebGUI::Paths module in your PERL5LIB (usually export PERL5LIB=/data/WebGUI/lib)18:28
+perlDreameryo SD!18:28
+bartjolah, it is in my wre lib18:28
+bartjolRory is getting the some errors, but they are Paths module related, at least it gives errors when I look at localhost:500018:29
+perlDreamerthat's the problem right there, bartjol18:30
+perlDreamerdon't look at localhost:500018:30
+perlDreamerand the problem will go away ;)18:30
Haarghow are you starting it and what errors are you getting?18:30
+bartjolplackup app.psgi18:30
Haargwe saw a problem previously where not having WebGUI::Paths in @INC would cause it to fail in a very weird way but were later unable to reproduce it18:31
+bartjolplackup --server Starman18:31
+bartjoland some other options18:31
+bartjolphone at my ear18:31
+bartjolryuu_ro: do you have those errors ready?18:32
+bartjolthey are on my laptop. while my im client runs on another18:32
ryuu_roone moment let me check18:33
ryuu_rohmm, i've closed my VM so I have to start it up again18:33
ryuu_rothat takes some time18:33
+bartjolah, would you please be so kind, then I can give some attention to my customer18:35
ryuu_royep it's booting up18:35
+bartjolthank you18:35
SquOnkAre the UKPlayer source files available anywhere?18:40
SquOnk(I mean the sources for the .swf)18:40
ryuu_rook here it is, in Plack/App/URLMap.pm we have no SCRIPT_NAME variabele18:40
ryuu_roI'm guessing that's the problem18:40
+perlDreamerSquOnk, only from UK, as far as I know18:42
SquOnkperlDreamer: I have a Debian bug complaining that there are no sources for the .swf files :/18:44
+perlDreamerI would start a thread over on the wgdev list18:44
+perlDreamerand hopefully arjan will say something18:44
SquOnkperlDreamer: That would be expressInstall.swf, slideShow.swf and the Tutorial.swf18:44
SquOnk...Tutorial.swf being in uploads/18:44
+perlDreamersince we have the Carousel, we don't really need ukplayer in the core any longer18:44
SquOnkperlDreamer: Well, that would be a nice removal from 7.9.14...18:45
SquOnk...one less Debian RC Bug :-)18:45
+perlDreameryes, but if they're willing to give use the source, that would be good too18:45
+perlDreamerit's too late in the Dutch day to just remove it without a chance for them to respond18:45
HaargperlDreamer, do you happen to know the places you ran into where namespace::autoclean caused issues?18:46
SquOnkperlDreamer: It's summer. The Dutch day is looooong :-)18:46
+perlDreamerSquOnk, then the sooner you post to dev the better ;)18:46
SquOnkHow about Tutorial.swf in uploads/... still needed?18:46
+perlDreamerHaarg, I'd have to check the logs in 818:46
-!- bartjol [~bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has left #webgui []18:47
+perlDreamerit would be single line commits from me with the phrase, "actually include what we use...." or something similar18:47
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r9338d69 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix template attachment ordering during the 7.8.24-7.9.11 upgrade. Existing sites cannot have their ordering restored, unless they revert and go through the ordering again. - http://bit.ly/afXA1V18:54
SquOnkperlDreamer: So, webgui dev, right?18:55
-!- bopbop [~kristi@76-255-21-207.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Quit: bye]19:31
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has joined #webgui19:42
* scrottie0 is reading scroll...19:46
@preactioni would prefer to remove those swfs entirely from the core: they have no business there. SquOnk if you create the thread, i'll weigh in with the severity, and the contributers can try to dissuade me19:52
SquOnkpreaction: I have to create a thread?19:56
@preactionor i can do it, whichever19:59
@preactiondo you have a URL to the debian bug?20:00
SquOnkpreaction: Footnote at the posting in webgui dev20:08
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r0e754a5 / lib/WebGUI/BestPractices.pm : fix namespace::autoclean use in BestPractices - http://bit.ly/9oyh4p20:22
-!- plainhao [~plainhao@mail.xbiotica.com] has joined #webgui20:24
@preactionwhen's the next 7.9.x release? today or next week?20:40
+perlDreamernext week20:41
+perlDreamerthis week is 7.10.020:41
+perlDreamerunless we need to flip-flop that for priority reasons20:41
@preactionNo, just wondering when to put the deadline on the ukplayer source problem20:41
@preactionSept. 14 it is20:42
@preactionthis e-mail backlog from the wuc is gonna take all week i imagine...20:48
+perlDreamerI call dibbs on preaction's mailbox20:48
@preactionwere you a fly on the wall of my inbox, eh?20:48
+perlDreamerno, but I'm reserving space in the upcoming flood20:48
Haargweee more asset report problemms20:49
HaargForm::AssetReportQuery uses definition so that will have to be fixed at some point20:50
@preactionyeah, asset report is going to go through the new process for 7.10. so v2 is probably getting fast-tracked20:50
Haargactually i guess the other thing i found won't be broken20:52
Haargit sorts the keys alphabetically instead of numerically20:52
Haargbut 1 will still come first so i think it won't break20:52
@preactionuntil 10 comes up20:52
Haargthe only really important thing with the loops is that 1 comes first20:53
Haargstill bad though20:53
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r72aa67c / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix type handling in the new jsontable JS. Kudos to khenn for the patch. Fixes bug #11810 - http://bit.ly/d5MMLZ20:54
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r34c48e6 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix type handling in the new jsontable JS. Kudos to khenn for the patch. Fixes bug #11810 - http://bit.ly/b3muK220:54
Haargthe real brokenness is using hashes instead of arrays though20:54
Haargoh, and more sql injection20:57
Haarg$condition isn't validated20:58
+perlDreamer$condition comes from the asset properties, doesn't it?21:00
Haargfrom the settings property21:03
+perlDreamerbut it's never exposed to the user, only the person who can edit the asset21:04
+perlDreamerand the asset can only be added by admins now21:04
@preactionso you trust every admin? or an exploit to gain escalated privs?21:05
Haargwell, admins already have access to everything they would get from exploiting this bug21:05
+perlDreamerif someone is an admin, it's way easier just to start deleting stuff than crafting an SQL injection exsploit21:05
+perlDreamerand you're right, AssetReport only guard bands canAdd, not canEdit21:06
+perlDreamerso if Admin assigned it to someone else, they'd be able to use it for nefarious puposes21:06
Haarghonestly though, i shouldn't be finding exploits every time i look at this code21:06
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r2ee97e7 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/upgrade.pl): Don't be overzealous in cleaning up the cache root directory. Fixes bug #11814 - http://bit.ly/b90nVQ21:16
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r91acd4c / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/upgrade.pl): Don't be overzealous in cleaning up the cache root directory. Fixes bug #11814 - http://bit.ly/bkrFtZ21:16
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r6aa26c2 / (61 files in 23 dirs): remove WebGUI::Utility::isIn - http://bit.ly/biIrDB21:20
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r0adbb51 / (3 files in 2 dirs): remove WebGUI::Utility::sortHash - http://bit.ly/9QpWgW21:20
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * red04b99 / (95 files in 27 dirs): remove WebGUI::Utility - http://bit.ly/aS67qD21:20
+perlDreamergreat, Haarg.  Now I have to update my presentation.21:21
Haarga couple caveats with smart match - caring about types means you need to make sure you are feeding it the right data21:23
Haarg"1a" ~~ 1 is true.  "1a" ~~ "1" is false.21:24
Haargmatching against an array works the same as matching against an arrayref21:24
Haargbut you can't match against a list21:24
Haargso you need to stick it in an arrayref first21:25
SquOnkperlDreamer: What do I need to do to have ITVERX listed in "home" -> "partners"21:25
+perlDreamerwell, you would need to be invited to be a WebGUI partner21:25
@preactionmaybe we should write some sort of useful function to smooth this stuff over? maybe a utility function? we could make a WebGUI::Utility package or something!21:25
SquOnkperlDreamer: Ah, I see.21:25
@preactionSquOnk: for details, ask info@plainblack.com21:26
@preactiontavisto isn't here i see... that slacker21:26
SquOnkToo bad I couldn't go to the WUC.21:26
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@preactionkhenn: compy fixed?21:29
@khennjust got it back21:29
@khennhave to re-install all my apps though +(21:30
@khennleast my data is all in tact21:30
+perlDreamerwhat happened khenn?21:30
@preactionxootom had the same problem you did yesterday, which i thought was rather coincidental. so i decided not to do that security update21:30
@khennpreaction:  don't know.  it locked up on Sat morning and then never would get past the grey screen that has the apple on it21:30
@khenntook it to the apple store.  They said it was a failing hard drive21:31
@preactionmy hd has been making more noise recently. perhaps they decided to get a shitty batch21:31
+perlDreameryou need a new laptop, preaction21:31
@preactionit's only 18 months old, if that!21:32
@preactionif apple wants to push this kinda crap on us, i'll move to lenovo.21:32
@khennI had to pay for the hard drive and then they wanted to keep my old one too21:33
@khennit was like pulling teeth to get it back21:33
@preactionwhy the hell would they keep a broken hard drive?21:34
@khennthey said that apple did something with them21:34
@khennI don't know21:34
@khennit was odd21:34
@preactionrecycle perhaps, there are precious metals in there, but still21:34
@khennI got it back though21:35
@khennso that's good21:35
HaargperlDreamer, i noted the replacements in migration.txt but it could probably use some expanding21:40
CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r494b270 / docs/migration.txt : note replacement functions for WebGUI::Utility in migration docs - http://bit.ly/doJSHI21:40
+perlDreamernot a problem, I hear some guy wrote a presentation about that21:41
scrottie(Panasonic Toughbook)++21:42
scrottieprobably read through the code on it and patent good ideas, like they do with apps submitted to the app store.21:42
@khennprobably right scrottie21:45
xdangerMy macbook pros harddrive failed yesterday also21:45
@preactionand then reject the apps because they want that market, like the gutenberg app21:45
xdanger13 months old21:45
@preaction3? thats... not... right...21:45
xdangergood thing I have the overpriced applecare21:46
scrottieI really like to pick out my own harddrive... some brands suck really really bad.21:47
xdangerStill, "There's a queue to the service" and they have to get a new part from apple, even if they have the same drive on the self.. yey!21:47
xdangerI wish there was an applestore in central finland ;)21:47
scrottieDragonflyBSD isn't quite there yet with ACPI and it doesn't have single system image clustering running yet (one OS image, many machines).  FreeBSD screwed the pooch.  I'm thinking of exploring running Darwin on x86 hardware.  I'd still be stuck X-Windows.21:49
@khennwell they did a decent job of restoring my data21:49
@khennso I'm happy with that21:49
@khennsaved me a ton of time21:49
scrottieeither Darwin or QNX.21:49
scrottieperl runs on QNX.  what else do I really need?21:50
+perlDreamervarious browsers for cross testing21:51
+perlDreameron multiple operating systems21:51
+perlDreamernot much more than perl ;)21:51
scrottiemysql, firefox, check.21:53
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ryuu_rohey guys, I try to run WebGUI 8 but my $env->{SCRIPT_NAME}  keeps on being empty 22:15
ryuu_rodo you have any idea what I'm doing wrong22:15
@preactionryuu_ro: how are you running it?22:16
@preactionis WebGUI::Paths on @INC?22:16
ryuu_roi'm running it from /lib22:16
@preactionwhat's the error you get in the console / browser?22:16
ryuu_roso ../app.psgi22:16
@preactionnot sure that will work22:16
ryuu_rothe error is:22:17
@preactiontry: env PERL5LIB=lib plackup app.psgi; <- in the WebGUI folder22:17
ryuu_roCan't use string ("") as a subroutine ref while "strict refs" in use at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/Plack/App/URLMap.pm line 75.22:17
ryuu_rook try that22:17
ryuu_rohmm from running from webgui dir I get a compilation error: WebGUI::Paths is not in env22:19
ryuu_roenv contains WebGUI/lib though22:19
@preactionif you're in lib, does perl -c WebGUI/Paths.pm work?22:20
ryuu_rosyntax ok22:20
@preactiontry "export PERL5LIB=/data/WebGUI/lib; plackup app.psgi" maybe then?22:23
Haargryuu_ro, you might also try installing Devel::SimpleTrace and running plackup -MDevel::SimpleTrace app.psgi22:25
ryuu_rook no luck with exporting, trying Devel now22:25
@preactionyay! e-mail inbox backlog has been defeated! you lose 100 stress points!22:28
ryuu_rostill no luck22:29
Haargit doesn't give any more information?22:29
ryuu_ro8 should be running "out of the box" right? no special configurations?22:29
ryuu_ronope, still the same error trace22:30
Haargwhat are you using for a config file, and how did you create the database?22:31
-!- plainhao [~plainhao@mail.xbiotica.com] has quit [Quit: plainhao]22:32
ryuu_roow f* me, running system mysql instead of wre where my database is located............22:33
Haargit shouldn't need any special configuration, but it's been a relatively small group of people using it so we haven't cleaned up some of these issues22:33
ryuu_rook, that sounds fair enough, I'll keep on building my server skills :)22:34
@preactionryuu_ro: if you want, you could keep track of your adventure on the webgui dev list. that way we can fix any problems you run into, we can see the rough spots we need to smooth over, and you can help others start playing with webgui 822:35
ryuu_rosure, will do that (probably tommorow, I had enough for today :)  )22:36
CIA-21wrebuild: Doug Bell master * r6cdba63 / getperlmodules.sh : 22:43
CIA-21wrebuild: update perl modules from backpan instead22:43
CIA-21wrebuild: contributed by William McKee of Knowmad Technologies - http://bit.ly/aV7Yaf22:43
@preactionso apparently both debian 5 and ubuntu build WRE in 64-bit mode... i'm tempted to release a new WRE in any linux/BSD flavor I can and just forgoe the OS X version22:44
SDuensinOooooooooo?  64 bit WRE?22:47
@preactionyeah, both knowmad and synq have gotten it to compile on Ubuntu and Debian respectively. but i have yet to get it to work22:47
SDuensinI need it here, too.22:48
SDuensinWell, I *want* it here anyway.22:48
@preactionbut i'm using OS X 10.6, which iirc uses llvm not gcc22:48
@preactionwonder if openbsd ever ported away from gcc like they said they were gonna...22:49
SDuensinYea, Apple likes llvm/clang.22:59
SDuensinAnyway, I'll be back later.   Gotta get a kid from school.22:59
carograyNeed a reminder.23:50
carograyOn the data mail form template the Send button comes from <p><tmpl_var form.send></p> I think.23:51
carograyI need it to send and do everything else, but the button needs to say ????23:51
carograycannot rememberhow to do this.23:52
@preaction<input type="submit" value="those characters"23:52
-!- daviddelikat [~user@h69-128-106-50.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]23:52
carograyperfect thanks so much!23:52
carograypreaction: Beautiful! Works a charm and looks so pretty too! thanks23:53
--- Day changed Wed Sep 08 2010
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CIA-21webgui: Graham Knop WebGUI8 * r9ca3cd9 / lib/WebGUI/Admin.pm : fix back to site and logout links in admin console - http://bit.ly/9s0td900:01
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r7f18bcc / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Post.pm): All HTMLAreas in the post are controlled by the parent CS settings. Fixes bug #11827. - http://bit.ly/cUp1v700:04
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf333dbb / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Post.pm): All HTMLAreas in the post are controlled by the parent CS settings. Fixes bug #11827. - http://bit.ly/bDfYAF00:05
+perlDreamerpreaction, why do we still ship WebGUI with Template Managers, Product Managers and other kinds of groups?  Is it for the purpose of examples, or for historical continuity, or... ?00:07
@preactionhistorical continuity i suspect. we could remove them from the default install if we wanted00:08
+perlDreamerI'm trying to write a coherent response to: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1181900:09
@preactioncould just remove it, as it has no bearing on shop. that was just for Products in the Admin Console00:09
@preactionand those groups were only because group settings were not configurable in the admin console00:09
+perlDreamertrue, that00:12
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui00:14
+perlDreamerhowdy, andyiomoon00:15
andyiomoonmorning perlDreamer00:15
+perlDreamerany GPS related problems on the flight back?00:16
andyiomoonheh - no - we managed to find Melbourne with little difficulty I believe00:16
andyiomoontime to shepherd kids to school but I will be throwing some enquiries your way in an email later on - so stay tuned :)00:18
+perlDreamerI'll be here00:18
Haargsome of those extra groups are hard coded in some places, but not most of them00:24
+perlDreamerHaarg, I'll ack 1400:25
Haarg12, 11, 13, 7, 4, 3, 2, 1 are hard coded in places afaik, but not the others00:26
+perlDreamerHaarg, any thoughts on letting wgd edit also be able to handle template attachments?00:37
+perlDreamerthey're not little JSON blobs in the database in the template table00:37
Haargso it should be possible to edit them now, it's probably just really annoying00:38
Haargshould be possible to make a transformation to make them easier to deal with00:39
+perlDreamerfrom asset-serial format to JSON-format?00:40
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r17d1eca / (2 files in 2 dirs): Cleanup a bad template attachment in the new Asset Report template. Fixes bug #11825 - http://bit.ly/aesC7C00:43
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SynQhello there00:47
SynQwho lives in 'the USA lower 48 states'?00:47
SynQI need a favour from someone00:48
@preactionsup holmes00:48
@preactionyes, what you need?00:49
-!- elnino [~ninow@c-98-240-143-131.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui00:51
elninohi everyone!00:51
elninohey preaction - http://www.webgui.org/community/webgui-8/issues/11844 I can't comment on it. It seems to be in a special area?00:51
@preactionelnino: yes. what's up?00:52
@preactionthe 8 tickets are for the 8 devs for internal tracking. we're just being transparent00:52
elninowell, my comment would be:00:52
elninothat one of what I believe to be one of the selling points of webgui is that it's a complete out of the box solutions, where as joomla and them guys have a core, and then a bunch of add ons.00:53
Haargpreaction, i know jt mentioned all of those assets as things worth removing, except for time tracker.  he said he knew of a number of people using it.00:53
@preactionthose are directly from the list of assets he gave me00:53
elninoyet at the same time, I think people expect having add ons.00:53
@preactionand they'd still be using it, it'd just no longer be worked on by core devs00:54
elninoand that they maybe want somethign like joomla where peopl ehave to weed thru a bunch of add ons to pick one that meets there needs.00:54
@preactionuntil someone gets PM v 2 out which can be a bundled, add-on solution00:54
elninoso is webgui goign to distinguish between "their" add ons verses community add ons?00:55
elninobazzaar vs wg plugins?00:55
@preactionelnino: the future idea is that there will be installable add-ons from a command-line script. as for "official add ons", i haven't gotten that far yet00:55
elninoI just don't want a joomla mess occuring.00:55
elninoI left joomla for that reason.00:56
elninok. that's all for today. =)00:56
elninohow was wuc?00:57
scrottieperhaps "fat" and "light" distros.  dunno.00:57
elninoscrottie: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/1184300:57
@preactionmost likely we'd have a process where PB / community would be able to mark add-ons as "Kwalitee"00:57
@preactionor even, "core-ready"00:58
@preactionmeaning it has all the requirements to go into core, it's just not distributed with WebGUI00:58
scrottieah, nice.  yeah, saw the URL go by before but didn't look at it.00:58
elninoor this scrottie: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/1182900:59
elninoslightly different01:00
scrottiewhat exactly is the joomla mess?  add-ons not being kept up to date, disorganized, no assurance of quality, etc?01:01
@preactionmost likely all three01:02
elninoyes. and the fact that there are a gabillion photo galleries, shops, file management, etc addons.01:02
elninoand sites hosting them EVERYWHERE. I like going to one place: www.webgui.org01:03
elninoit's a breath of fresh air.01:03
elnino(webgui that is)01:04
@preactionthat's why we'd have a command-line script to add them to the central repo / CPAN. no desire to put them anywhere else01:04
elninosounds good to me.01:05
elninogotta go. later.01:05
@preactionpoint being: if the add-ons are not just as easy to use as core (or easier, with only one command necessary to install and add to all sites), then we are better served keeping everything in core01:05
Haargand they might still be distributed with core.  the important point is it would open up the possibility of having a light dist.01:06
@preactioncpan install WebGUI <- bootstrap a webgui install. wg install <some app> <some other app> <some more apps>01:07
Haargalso last night i started converting Storage to use Imager to see how bad it would be.  seems pretty reasonable so far, although apparently my build has no gif support.01:08
@preactioneh, gifs are for wimps and communists01:08
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r842992d / (2 files in 2 dirs): Cleanup a bad template attachment in the new Asset Report template. Fixes bug #11825 - http://bit.ly/dnz8CP01:08
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rdc1ed08 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Move the upgrade package to the new location. - http://bit.ly/bpgTRO01:08
+perlDreamerpreaction, there's a small hiccup with the default content01:54
+perlDreamerit references a PDF file in the Media folder01:54
+perlDreamerbut the upgrade script will only install things into the import node01:54
+perlDreamerI guess I can install this by hand01:55
Haargdefault content shouldn't go into an upgrade anyway though01:58
+perlDreamergood point02:02
@preactionsorry, but i can't remember why we don't take a dump of default.plainblack.com, use that as create.sql, and run wgd reset -b on it for the release (or something to that effect)02:09
+perlDreameruser accounts, passwords, asset history, version tags02:10
@preactionwhich reset -b should clear out, no?02:10
+perlDreamerI don't "no"02:10
Haargasset history and versions tags are cleared out02:14
Haargextra users are deleted02:14
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:15
+perlDreamerI'll try it out tonight.02:16
@preactionso it'd be perfect to let Rogier, Tessa, and whomever have access to default.plainblack.com and edit the stuff before the release02:16
+perlDreamerno, it won't work02:16
+perlDreamerdefault tracks only 1 version02:16
CIA-21wgdev: Graham Knop master * r694c9ce / lib/WGDev/Command/Self/Upgrade.pm : fix self-upgrade (+6 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/d5DMZl02:16
+perlDreamerand we need both versions of the database to do this02:17
@preactionwe could export packages for the stable versions02:17
+perlDreamerthat takes us back to where we are now, with needing to install a package by hand02:18
Haargmake a wgd plugin that lists version tags and shows their contents02:18
Haargdump out packages of anything that has changed02:18
Haargand import them min-reset02:18
Haargor some variation on that02:18
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@preactioni just found a new way to take down a webgui site: have a syndicated content asset on the home page, have that syndicated content asset refer to the RSS feed of an asset that no longer exists, and have the "404 page" be the Home Page of the site.05:59
@preactioninfinite loop of awesomeness!05:59
SDuensinNot guessing you figured that out by testing the code I hinted I wanted written for free, huh?  :-)06:02
+perlDreamerpreaction: that's evil06:53
@preactionbut now why does it sound familiar?06:53
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+perlDreamerfrodwith, you silly test writer you07:10
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re25014e / t/Template/downgrade.t : Only run HTML::Template::Expr tests if the module is available. Temporarily place it into the config file so that it can be tested. - http://bit.ly/bwoOna07:15
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r95487ae / t/Macro/ConvertUTCToTZ.t : Fix a problem with newer DateTimes. - http://bit.ly/dr971i07:19
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb8845e2 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Preparing for 7.10.0 release. - http://bit.ly/b2kjca08:01
-!- Radix_ changed the topic of #webgui to: [7.9.13-stable | 7.10.0-beta | WRE 0.9.3] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com08:19
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re5c2f13 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.10.1 development. - http://bit.ly/9inwiq08:19
+perlDreamerthanks, Radix_08:19
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@preactionyep, that had to be why. the 404 page caused syndicated content to try to render itself, causing another 404 and another SC and another 404 etc...08:38
@preactioni'll fix it tomorrow08:38
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elninoI'm running 7.7.33 I believe, where can I find the information about the safest upgrade path?08:46
@preactionthe wiki has a page on stop points08:48
* elnino looks08:48
elninoah found it.08:50
elninohave I said how I don't like the new wiki?  It'd like it was two versions ago...08:50
elninoI looked under admin and couldn't find it. did I miss it?08:50
elninoI looked again, I didn't miss it. the http://www.webgui.org/wiki/stop-versions isn't lited under "administration" how would one get it there?08:52
+perlDreamerit would have to be tagged with the right keyword, elnino08:55
@preactionadd "Administration" to the keywords list08:55
elninowell, I thought that too,08:55
elninobut I looked at another topic in "administration"08:55
elninoand it didn't have the keyword "administration"08:56
elninoso it seems that there is someone somewhere orging this all.08:56
elninoexample: http://www.webgui.org/community-wiki/how-to-configure-a-static-non-webgui-site08:56
+perlDreamerelnino, the keywords have hierarchy08:57
elninoso it's like someone decided that "installation" and "wre" were keywords that shoudl be under "administration"08:57
@preactionInstallation is a sub keyword inside Administration08:57
+perlDreamerfor example, under Administration, there are keywords wre and installation08:57
elninoso... this is "upgrade"08:57
elninoHow do I as a user get "upgrade" under "administration"?08:57
+perlDreameronly people allowed to edit the wiki (instead of the wiki-page) are allowed to setup the keyword hierarchy08:58
@preactionif you click administration, you should see a sub-keywords box, no?08:58
@preactionreally? why?08:58
@preactionwell, i just did it, because i can edit the wiki.08:59
+perlDreamerthat was the spec, preaction08:59
elninoHEY there's three articles on "upgrade"  howabout "upgrading"?  =)09:00
@preactionnew rule: no more ideas from JT on how a wiki should work. if mediawiki does it, that's how we'll do it.09:00
elninolol. I agree.09:00
elninos/howabout/how about adding09:00
@preactionwe need proper taxonomy so we can say "upgrading" == "upgrade"09:01
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elninoand there lies one of the many issues.. =)  I've had enough fun.. Sorry to be complaining about the wiki so earily in the morning.. 09:01
elninoI scared off perlDreamer. =(09:02
@preactionno, it's very late09:02
elninogood night!09:02
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* bartjol has gat wg8 running, no good admin console and data errors in the asset view, but it works!15:25
+bartjolmmm, no error console, no log file entires (allthough the last was to be suspected, I believe)15:59
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+bartjoloh, hi17:10
SDuensinoh, hey17:12
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+bartjolpatspam: you know whether the default wg8 branch should at least show the asset view and adminconsole?17:18
+bartjolI have it installed but it misses the adminconsole bar doesn't have any layout and when I go to asset view (via adminconsole->assets, not the "tree view") I get "Data error" in the yui asset table17:21
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scrottiebartjol, to the best of my knowledge, it only works on preaction's laptop.18:04
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+bartjolscrottie ah, that is a relieve18:07
+bartjolI thought I screwed something up and taht the AC js +css didn't work18:09
+bartjolalready started chowning files, which is not bad per se18:09
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knowmadWow! Looks like the WUC is over and everyone is back on IRC ;)18:23
knowmadperlDreamer: I saw the announcement about 7.10.0 with the Gotcha; i just ran an upgrade from 7.8.24 to 7.9.13 which means I got bit by the bug18:24
knowmadi'm just not sure if I use template attachments; how would I confirm this is a problem?18:24
knowmadand what are the impacts to front-end of a site?18:25
+perlDreamerthe impact is potentially huge18:25
+bartjoli was always there, only in a diffrent timezone ;)18:25
+perlDreamersince all your JS will think it's CSS18:25
+perlDreamerand they may not be in the correct order for loading18:25
knowmadhey bartjol - glad someone was keeping the lights on here18:25
knowmadoiy-vey! yes, that's a problem18:25
+perlDreamerbut, there's only one default template which uses attachments18:25
knowmadoh, so it may not be an issue since we've customized our templates18:26
+perlDreamerto check to see if you're using attachments (and since you have to set it up manually, you'd probably already know)18:26
knowmadyeah, i didn't build the site though18:26
+perlDreamerselect distinct attachmentsJson from template;18:26
+perlDreamerand look in the JSON for funniness18:26
knowmadwhen will 7.9.14 be coming out?18:26
+perlDreamernext Tuesday, but the bugs can't be automatically fixed18:27
knowmadyeah, but i can just re-upgrade18:28
+perlDreamerwell, actually you can if no work has been done on the site18:28
knowmador at least, i presume that will work?18:28
+perlDreameryeah, it would18:28
knowmadyeah, i realize i'd lose any updates to the upgraded site18:28
knowmadcool, thanks!18:28
knowmadso that sql qry returned 35 rows18:29
+perlDreamercheck each one for JS files that have the wrong type18:29
knowmadlooks like most are set to type headScript18:30
+perlDreamerthen you're fine18:30
+perlDreamerwell, fine for the first problem, where JS files were mislabeled18:31
+perlDreamerthen there's the ordering problem18:31
knowmadwhere the headScripts are placed into the page in wrong order?18:32
knowmadis this a result of JSON packing?18:32
+perlDreameryes, and no18:32
+perlDreamerwhen they were packed, the original order wasn't guaranteed to be preserved18:32
+perlDreamerbut only because the sequence was ignored during the packing18:32
+bartjolso, is there something I could hack on in wg8 tonight, while not having a internet connection?18:32
+perlDreamerit's not a consequence of the JSON itself18:33
knowmadi see18:33
+bartjolonly a semi-working install?18:33
+perlDreamerbartjol, the API works great18:33
+perlDreamerso anything in there would help18:33
knowmadok, i'll prob just re-upgrade next week after the new release comes out18:34
knowmadthis info ought to be put out to News if it hasn't already18:34
Haargwhile kind of lame, we could have an upgrade try to fix the order and type18:35
Haargbut it would possibly be inaccurate18:35
+perlDreameryeah, people would still have to go through and check it18:35
+perlDreamerso I figured it was best to leave it as it was18:36
+perlDreamerknowmad, it's possible that the order is correct, but it's just as possible that the order is wrong18:36
+bartjolok, taking a look at the to do list (might take all evening by itself)18:36
+perlDreamerit's worth testing some pages to see what's up18:36
+bartjolooh, well removing duplicate i18n strings sounds like something I can do18:37
+bartjoltedious job though18:37
+perlDreamerbartjol, I'd write a script for that18:40
+perlDreamerfirst, build a list of duplicates in the i18n18:40
knowmadok, thanks for feedback18:40
+perlDreamerthen find out where they're used18:40
+perlDreamerknowmad, why do I have the feeling that you're gnashing your teeth? :)18:40
scrottie0is there a test for the streaming API as used by the progress bar in WebGUI 8?  if not, perhaps write one.18:40
knowmadperlDreamer: i'm not18:40
knowmadi just don't see a need to worry about it since a bugfix will be released next week18:41
knowmadwe're not in a rush to upgrade the production site; i just needed a dev site setup18:41
knowmadwanted to be sure i understood the bug18:41
+bartjolperlDreamer: might a perl utilityscript be the best option? that also can be used in an upgrade18:42
+perlDreamerbartjol, definitely18:42
+bartjoland it is easier to get the tags18:42
+bartjolso, do we just say that every english tag that is exactly the same is a duplicate? I know we have discussed  that before18:43
+bartjolwell, after  finding duplicates, I suppose I can check the contect18:44
+bartjolthat script will be a nice loopy thingy :)18:45
+perlDreameryes, you'll want to build like a reversed hash for easy lookups18:47
+bartjolIn Dutch I can also check whether the Dutch word is the same (also with spanish and german). I can make a comparison file, which I can post18:47
+perlDreamerthat would be awesome18:47
+bartjolthen the germans and spanish guys can react18:47
+bartjolif they don't bad luck for them18:47
scrottie0bartjol, yeah, my "Admin Console" doesn't accordian and "Tree" doesn't give me a tree view.  no response.18:51
+bartjolI don't even see a tree button18:51
+bartjolwaiting will get me there though18:51
* bartjol goes in wg8 standby modus18:52
+bartjolI'll assign myself that issue18:56
+bartjolI can't18:58
+bartjoleven no comments, maybe I should belong to a group which can18:59
+perlDreameryeah, I can't assign myself, or anyone else, either19:00
+perlDreamerI'll drop a note in there for now bartjol19:00
+bartjolwell, preaction want to do everything him self :P19:00
+perlDreamerpreaction, Haarg, there are few if any tickets that y'all have submitted that have enough detail that we can hand any of them off19:01
+perlDreameryou might want to prioritize something really important, and describe it to the point where even I could pick it up and do it19:01
@preactionyeah, that'd be awesome! it'd also be impossible, as i am extremely lazy. better to get other people to do things19:01
@preactionpick something that sounds interesting and i'll explain it out19:01
+bartjolwell I'm looking at 1171319:02
@preactionbartjol: you are empowered19:02
+bartjolwhich is a female dog prolly19:02
+bartjolso, I want to look for double English entries in wg819:03
Haarghonestly most of the ones i filed are so i don't forget them myself19:03
+bartjoland compare whether Dutch translations are identical19:03
Haargmost aren't intended for other people to take care of19:04
+bartjolthe structure hasn't been changed yet I hope?19:04
+bartjolwell intended...19:04
@preactionbartjol: the end idea is that the WebGUI namespace should have all the common things. "delete" "add" "edit" "copy" "paste" 19:04
Haargor there's things like the YUI thing where i need feedback from doug before i continue19:04
@preactionthe single-word descriptions for links that everybody uses but are strewn about the i18n tree willy-nilly19:04
+bartjolI agree that long haired people should do slave work, but not all. some of has to be done by people who speak garbled crap19:05
+bartjolpreaction: ok19:06
+bartjolI'll stick with the short ones then\19:06
+bartjoldepends on how my script turns out19:07
HaargperlDreamer, should i close 11668 or leave it open to handle converting existing code to use WebGUI::BestPractices ?19:07
+bartjolbut i also have to find all use in the code offcourse19:07
Haargsome of the code you've already converted (C::IO stuff) is spitting warnings now19:07
@preactionbartjol: once you have the i18n key, you can use "ack" to get the places it's used. won't be entirely automated, but it'll work19:08
+perlDreamerHaarg, since we've decided on a name, I'd close that bug out and open a new one for conversion19:08
+perlDreamerre warnings, t/00_compile runs clean before I commit19:08
+perlDreamerand it usually pukes on warnings19:08
Haargcompile warnings19:09
Haargbecause those are almost always bad, and it forces warnings on universally19:09
+perlDreamerso what kind of warnings are you seeing?19:09
Haargbut undef warnings show up all over the place if warnings are turned on19:09
Haargwhich happens automatically with 'use Moose'19:09
+bartjoljust posted this in the report, so it is defined19:10
* perlDreamer heads off to the gym, and contemplates undefinedness19:10
@preactioni know i've promised this for a few weeks now, but today i will go through and describe the tickets and give priorities and deadlines using some nice metadata. after i go get some allergy meds19:13
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scrottie0my state of mind somewhat resembles that of a newborn baby when I'm awake in the morning.19:13
scrottie0that might not be the best time for me to talk to clients on the phone ;)19:14
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui19:14
+bartjoleeh I do can assume that within namespaces tags are unique, right?19:15
scrottie0patspam, when you get time, can you comment on http://github.com/scrottie/webgui/commit/1f7075ce9261824b883d7d0f7a924a4ab064dcbb ?  gentle reminder =)  specifically, I don't want to undo anything that you did for a good reason, at least not without having another strategy for dealing with the same.19:17
scrottie0alright, you're on auto-reconnect.  I'll talk to you at 3am after I stumble home from the pub.19:19
patspamscrottie0: the intent is awesome19:23
patspamwhen I run it, it spews a whole lot of stuff into my console19:23
patspamand shows the regular site - isn't it supposed to show a stacktrace?19:24
scrottie0patspam, it should show a stack trace (cross referenced with the asset tree) but only if you hit an error.  Template has a die inserted into it.  if you try to edit a template, it should blow up.19:25
-!- danny_mk [~chatzilla@173-166-55-113-newengland.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #webgui19:26
-!- mode/#webgui [+v danny_mk] by ChanServ19:26
+danny_mkHello everyone19:26
scrottie0that's what should happen.  I fired it up this morning and that's not quite what happened... a stray eval { die } kicked the logic in.19:26
scrottie0hey danny_mk19:26
+danny_mkwould it be worth the time to be able to dynamically assign templates when adding a new wiki page?19:26
scrottie0line 36ish of lib/WebGUI/Middleware/StackTrace.pm should be using the full if ($trace && ($caught || ($self->force && ref $res eq 'ARRAY' && $res->[0] == 500)) ) logic, not just the if($trace) logic, to avoid that.19:27
patspamscrottie: 404's generate a stacktrace in the console output19:27
patspamand cause the server to hang19:27
scrottie0danny_mk:  there are so many humans walking the face of the earth that no industry, no matter how obscure, is unworthy of our time.19:27
scrottie0patspam, it only looks like it has hung.  in about 15 minutes, you should have your nice stack trace.  that's another matter...19:28
patspamah, yeah I saw that in the main branch too when i was generating a screenshot for my talk19:28
scrottie0I'm sobbing into my ale as I type this, but if this error page gets used, it'll have to be AJAXified.19:28
scrottie0really?  as WebGUI.pm was, the straight up Plack::Middleware::StackTrace would basically never engage due to the call-back style used in WebGUI.pm.  only if another bit of Middleware blew up would Plack::Middleware::StackTrace engage.19:29
patspamsorry, gotta run, but looks good, I say keep hacking it into shape and feel free to modify anything i committed19:30
+danny_mkwell, it would be nice to have as we are using wiki to keep our documentation, however the formatting is becoming unbearable because there is no standard way/guide to type/format the documentation 19:30
scrottie0so I guess the RFC here is really two parts... the stupid tree view of the assets cross referenced to stack trace that preaction liked (originally it was done in ASCII but he suggested HTML) and the matter of getting WebGUI.pm avoiding using callback style so that the plain old Plack::Middleware::StackTrace would kick in19:30
scrottie0patspam, okay, but I want to clarify later with you that always doing the callback wasn't done for any specific reason, to avoid any specific problem.  19:31
patspamI think it may have been related to the streaming api19:31
scrottie0yeah.  I haven't been able to get the admin console working well enough I can test the progress bar to see if I've broken it.19:32
scrottie0so I have to put this aside for a while I think.19:32
scrottie0anywho, thanks for looking at it.19:32
patspamwelcome :)19:33
Haargscrottie0, page layouts (when logged in) should use streaming just like the progress bar does so you might be able to use that for testing19:40
@preactiondanny_mk: i was thinking some method of calling a template from inside of a wiki page, like mediawiki does. something like [[Template:MyTemplate name=value name=value]]19:57
@preactionso then you could create a template inside your wiki that has [% name %] and it would be replaced with "value"19:57
+danny_mkI was thinking of adding a menu choice like:  http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/examples/menu/example05.html19:58
+danny_mkHmmm... got to look into that19:59
@preactionbut would you be able to apply multiple templates? perhaps [[Template is the wrong word for it, as it's really more like a Macro19:59
+danny_mkWe need to be able to apply multiple templates20:00
@preactionbut still, mediawiki calls it a template, and the template itself is really indeed a template20:00
+danny_mkhold on20:00
+danny_mksomething like that20:02
@preactionthat would only apply one template to that page.20:02
@preactionmediawiki templates work differently than normal, WebGUI templates. they define a single part of the page. like the side box or a bottom box20:02
+danny_mkmaybe I should explain myself better20:03
+danny_mkI get what you are saying, I was simply looking into adding a new wiki page using a specific template20:04
+danny_mkThe wiki entry form as a guide to format documentation and other items that would be standard in our company20:05
@preactionwikipages get their template from the parent. what are you trying to do that you need a complete template?20:05
@preactionso you want to change how the edit page looks?20:05
@preactionbut only for certain wiki pages20:06
+danny_mkFor example, if we have a info wiki that contains documentation (in the man page format), lessons learned, contacts, etc..  I would like the user to be able to select the documentation template when entering a new API document20:08
+danny_mkfor lessons learned it would be a different entry form, for contacts it would be yet another entry form, etc...20:09
+danny_mkthis is not a practical example but it is the best way I can explain what I am after20:09
@preactionbut the end result is that the HTML Editor shows some default content inside, correct?20:11
+danny_mkI would prefer it to be different fields in the entry form.  Maybe not even use the editor, sacrifice the editor for some default formatting would be acceptable20:12
@preactionokay, but then it's not a wiki at all20:14
+danny_mkand I hit the wall :-(20:15
+danny_mkyup, you are probably right :-)20:15
+perlDreamerdanny_mk: sounds more like you want a DataForm, or a Thingy20:15
@preactionor custom Article subtypes20:16
+danny_mkOK, I will concede20:16
+perlDreamerpreaction, it also sounds like the userDefined fields in every Asset idea20:17
@preactionwhich is less practical than using normal asset Metadata20:18
+perlDreamereh, I think it's more like giving every asset 5 metadata fields20:18
+perlDreamerand skipping all the other hassle20:18
+perlDreameryou get 5 for free, then if you need more you can add it20:18
+perlDreamerand they don't have to be the same20:18
+perlDreamerkind of like userSessionScratch, for Assets20:18
@preactionthe hassle of requiring a template for every www_edit so you can use proper form controls like Rich Edit or User or Group?20:19
+perlDreamerthe wiki edit is templated anyway20:20
+perlDreamerand userDefined vars aren't that detailed20:20
@preactionin the collaboration they are, you can pick from a bunch of different form fields20:22
@preactionand if not, people use macros to create the field they want20:22
+perlDreamerthat's not a bad idea at all20:25
@preactionbut i didn't have that idea, it's the prevailing idea20:26
@preactionmy idea it to make real metadata more useful. i'm not even sure why userdefinedfields are perceived as better anyway20:27
+perlDreamerbecause they're not constrained in anyway20:27
+perlDreamermetadata is shared across all assets20:27
+perlDreamermaybe I don't care to have color metadata in one asset20:27
@preactionokay, so make it a dropdown to add metadata fields20:28
Haargmetadata isn't versioned20:28
-!- stDavid [~stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui20:29
Haargand can't be used to sort20:29
@preactiontechnical problems that can be resolved. could even organize metadata by site section20:30
+perlDreamerpreaction, I think you're trying to fit square code in a round hole20:31
Haargalso not indexed20:31
Haargwell, metadata was originally created as a way to add arbitrary fields to assets20:31
+perlDreamerpersonally, the concept of having less code (userDefined vs metadata) isn't bad at all, but they serve different purposes20:31
knowmadHaarg: should `wgd intro`be sending out raw perldoc?20:32
knowmadthe one we installed last Friday is doing that for me; i'd have thought it'd format it20:32
+perlDreamermetadata was created so that sites could keep track of what users view on a site20:32
knowmadit = the output20:32
+perlDreamerthe AOI stuff20:32
Haargshould look like a man page20:32
@preactionthey serve the same purpose with different caveats: They are both meta data.20:32
+perlDreamerthen we started abusing it20:32
+perlDreamerpreaction, maybe "userDefined" fields should be per-asset metadata, rather than per-site metadata?20:33
knowmadHaarg: ok20:33
scrottieHaarg:  a patch, if you want it.  http://github.com/scrottie/wgdev/commit/d29b2e745d90df5116adfeeba26bddc42a7e14a320:33
@preactionperlDreamer: we could make "Content Profiling" configurable enough to satisfy the use-case of userDefined fields. Collab, Calendar, etc could have a section to define which metadata fields are valid for their Post, Event, etc...20:35
scrottie"Uses the root asses "... ooops.  corrections needed.20:35
@preactionuserDefined gives functionality to us, the developers. there are other ways to do the same thing as userDefined fields allow20:36
Haargscrottie, i like the idea, but there are some things about the implementation that bug me20:37
+perlDreamerI don't think so preaction.  users use userDefined fields in the CS and never have to touch code20:37
scrottieHaarg, I'm happy to hear your thoughts and may even implement them =)20:39
+perlDreameranyone who can edit an asset can add metadata, or edit a template to add userDefined fields20:39
@preactionperlDreamer: but somebody has to set up the user defined fields, and then when user defined fields run out somebody has to hack JSON into them. if metadata were used, we would never have to do anything20:41
scrottie"my $bar_continues_on_down = @child_nodes ? '| ' : '  ';" ... this logic doesn't seem to be working.  everything gets a bar coming down from it regardless of whether there is a next sibling.  hmm.20:41
+perlDreamerpreaction: anyone who uses more than 5 userDefined fields really needs a different, customized asset.20:42
Haargbut they often aren't willing to do that perlDreamer 20:42
@preaction5? that sounds like an arbitrary number to me20:42
@preactioni think it should be 10!20:42
@preactionno, wait, 20!20:42
+perlDreamerit's completely arbitrary20:42
@preactionactually, i'm wrong, it should be 220:42
Haargit seems like the only way to accurately know if there are more siblings would be to render the tree in reverse20:42
* preaction hates arbitrary numbers20:43
+perlDreamersometimes you just have to pick a number20:43
Haargas far as the things that bug me, --tree seems like a better name for it20:43
Haargshould probably be split into separate subs20:43
Haargit leaks $show_tree20:44
scrottieno, just doing that with the root node.  hmm.20:44
@preactionthe problem with that arbitrary number is that it makes things easy until they are impossible. once you use userDefined5, you will never add another userDefined field. that's quite frustrating20:44
scrottieit should print $show_tree, $show_tree does the printing.  yeah, I'm finding nits still.20:44
@preactionbut if you're using metadata, you have all the fields you want and don't need to ask a developer to help20:44
-!- plainhao [~plainhao@mail.xbiotica.com] has joined #webgui20:47
-!- elnino [~ninow@c-98-240-143-131.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui20:49
elninofrodwith are you the one I talk to about paying for a feature to be developed?20:49
elninohey preaction, http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/11804 is this something I can do with a sql report?20:51
@preactionelnino: not quite. attachments are storage locations, and are not described fully in the database (you'd have to write a macro to list the contents of the storage location)20:52
@preactionbut besides that, yes20:52
elninodoes "approved" mean it's goign into 8.x?20:53
@preactionno, approved is the same as it always was, anyone can put it in at any time20:54
@preactioni'd love for it to be, but i believe 8.x is going to be refactoring every application webgui comes with, starting with the most-used apps20:54
elninoand the difficulty of level 4 means?20:54
elninotime required? or actuall difficult navigating around a bunch of code?20:55
@preactiontime required, 4 hours20:56
elninoI have a customer that needs it "now" just trying to get a feel for this. just maybe I'll contribute something. =)20:57
elninodon't get too excited..=) we'll see.20:57
elninooh. again.. which payment processors does wg support? i'll writing a wiki page so I don'thave to ask anymore.21:17
+perlDreamerITransact, PayPal, PayPal Express, Ogone and Cash21:18
elninothank you. I'll write that wiki page now.  =)21:19
scrottieHaarg, http://github.com/scrottie/wgdev/commit/ad7f54412e36da21aee594977879057559268ba9, and I best be getting back to it here... after a quick snack.21:20
elninocan someone add "payment" and "shop" to the "shop" umbrella on the wiki?21:28
+perlDreamerso, in hierarchy, you want shop/payment and shop/shop?21:32
elninowell, the "keywould shop ones don't appear. (I tagged mine as "shop) and it's not appearing.  So the "shop/shop" would really be "shop/generic info"21:33
elninothe keyword "shop" isn't appearing under the category/umbrella "shop"21:34
elninolook at the wiki I created.21:34
elninothey have to be comma delimited... 21:34
elninothere it is.21:35
elninoforget the "shop shop" =)21:36
elninoforget the "shop payment" unless it makes sense. I couldn't think of a better term.21:36
elninoI'm going. I created enough trouble.  =(21:36
+perlDreamerno harm done, elnino21:43
@preactionwe need people to shake things up, the more people shaking things up, the better stuff can be brought to the top21:44
* perlDreamer feels his eyeballs rattling in the sockets21:45
+perlDreamerand hopes that he's moving up toward the top21:45
+danny_mkI am still waiting to hear about auth improvements in 8.x.x21:47
@preactiondanny_mk: there are three tickets in the WebGUI 8 list that will improve the API without largely affecting backwards-compatibility21:50
+danny_mkDo you know who is doing the work?21:50
@preactionall i know is it will be done before API/Feature Freeze21:51
@preactionit could very well end up being me21:51
+bartjolI'm as far as being able to compare tagnames :)22:00
+bartjolalmost there22:00
+bartjolwl it gets empty messages, so everything is equal, luckily it was just to make a list :)22:17
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-!- plainhao [~plainhao@mail.xbiotica.com] has quit [Quit: plainhao]22:33
+bartjolmmm, will anybody here believe that there are only 9 duplicate messages in all the i18n tags?22:35
@preactionyes, i was looking previously22:36
+bartjolsure?, well ok22:37
+bartjolI'll add it to the issue22:38
+bartjolwell, now I gotta go, still have to eat22:40
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has joined #webgui22:41
+bartjolpreaction, should I spot diffrences between WebGUI 8 and 7 in # of duplicates?22:42
@preactionmaybe, dunno22:42
-!- SquOnk [~emhn@host-190-15-174-254.movilmax.com] has joined #webgui22:43
+bartjolwell, I'll just run it, also on the dutch files and see what comes out22:43
-!- bartjol [~bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]22:45
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+perlDreamerpreaction: I want to kick around an idea with you, relating to header tags from dynamic forms being in the body.23:14
+perlDreamerif each form plugin had a method called getHeadTags, then things like DataForm and Thingy (which know which form plugins they use) could get all of them and set them in prepareView23:15
+perlDreamerthis would guarantee they're put into the HEAD block, instead of the BODY23:15
+perlDreamerit would mean manual refactoring of all the Form plugins though23:17
+perlDreamerwhich comes to 22 modules23:18
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]23:23
@preactionperlDreamer: well, it needs to be done. and that's a good way to do it23:28
* perlDreamer is really starting to dig introspection23:30
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--- Day changed Thu Sep 09 2010
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+perlDreamerpreaction, I'm getting old00:03
+perlDreamerI just reinvented this: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/1033300:03
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scrottieare we avoiding REPLACE INTO?02:01
@preactiondepends, is it SQL92?02:05
@preactionor at least in the top three: mysql, postgres, sqlite02:06
-!- topsub [~topsub@cpe-098-024-128-131.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:06
@preactionif we can work with those three, i'll be happy02:06
scrottieyeah, no.  at least not for the probably oldish Postgres I've got here.02:09
topsubI'm trying to add a thingy to webgui 7.9.13 and i get these errors: http://pastebin.com/pxbSZXwv02:11
topsubanyone have ideas?02:11
+perlDreamertopsub, did you add a Thing to the Thingy?02:13
+perlDreamerLooks like it may have tried earlier, but failed02:13
+perlDreamerand without that, you're looking at symptoms, instead of cause02:13
topsubI click to add a thiny02:15
topsubthen when i click add thing02:15
topsubi get an error page02:15
topsubWhen it errors out it does add a 'thing' but its called "Thing Name"02:17
topsubwhen i click edit i get the error page again. So i'm confused about what happen02:18
+perlDreamerneed to find out why it's erroring out when you add a thing02:18
topsubi emailed william to have him send me the logs again. This is on his server02:18
+perlDreamerdoes the database user have rights to add tables?02:19
topsubI would have to speak with william about that02:19
+perlDreamertopsub, another thing to try would be to turn on debug mode, and see what Add Thing returns02:21
topsubis this something i can do only using webgui?02:21
+perlDreamerBecome an Admin02:22
+perlDreamergo to settings02:22
topsubi don't have access to the server or command line02:22
+perlDreamerI think it's in the Misc tab02:22
+perlDreamerEnable Debug02:22
topsubwithin thingy?02:22
+perlDreamerno, in the Admin Console settings screen02:22
-!- stDavid [~stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has left #webgui []02:22
topsubi turned on debug then clicked add thing and this is what i got:02:23
+perlDreamernot much better...02:36
+perlDreamermy first guess is what I mentioned before, that the database user doesn't have create table privileges02:36
-!- daviddelikat [~user@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #webgui02:53
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-!- topsub1 [~Josh@cpe-098-024-128-131.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui04:38
knowmadI've a client who is having problems with Thingy. It's trying to run a statement from a table that doesn't exist.04:43
knowmadi've run findBrokenAssets.pl with no errors04:44
knowmadi've rebuilt the db04:44
knowmadwith no erros04:44
knowmadall the Thingy tables are empty; i don't know where this bogus data is being stored04:44
knowmadany ideas?04:44
@preactioneven Thingy_things is empty?04:51
knowmadhey preaction, yes it is; with debugging enabled, we've found that there's an odd SQL request to a table called WebGUI::Form::MarketCheckList. Ever heard of that?04:52
@preactionno, custom form field?04:53
@preactionclear the cache?04:53
knowmadtried the latter04:53
knowmadwe don't have an asset by that name; maybe a bad theme04:54
@preactionwas the thingy added from a package?04:54
knowmadnope, just stock04:54
knowmadbut i think the error lies in the form asset that's trying to be loaded04:54
@preactionWebGUI::Form::MarketCheckList would be lib/WebGUI/Form/MarketCheckList.pm04:54
knowmadyep, checked and it's not04:55
@preactionany directories in sbin/preload.custom?04:55
knowmadyes! now i know what's loading it04:55
knowmadit's another site but i'll have to look deeper to figure out what that's affecting this site04:56
@preactionform controls are global, and Thingy looks for all of them04:56
knowmadand we've hard-coded the thingid for this form04:57
knowmadanyway to tell Thingy to avoid loading a form control?04:57
@preactionisDynamicCapable must return false iirc04:57
@preactionthat'll keep it out of Profile fields, Thingy, and DataForm04:57
knowmadcool, one last question; how can i quickly check the domain name from a form control?04:58
@preactionfrom the session. session->url->getSiteName iirc04:58
@preactionor if you want something more trustworthy, session->config->getFileName iirc04:58
knowmadthanks, that'll put me in the right direction! (still don't know the API)04:59
@preactionyeah, it's too big. we're working on making it smaller ;)04:59
@preactionPlack, for example, does a lot of stuff for us. No more session->http. "var" is useless, merged with normal session. other stuff as well05:01
knowmadpreaction: looks like isDynamicCompatible is a class method; don't think i'll have a session at this level will I?05:03
@preactionoh, then probably not no05:03
knowmadalso, i'm guessing this is called once when the control is loaded05:03
knowmadi guess the only thing I can do is return a blank form control if we're not on the appropriate site05:04
@preactionno, it's called every time the control class is checked for inclusion in Thingy, DataForm, Profile, or others05:04
knowmadok, so other ideas on how i can determine whether to return 1 or 0 based on the site being viewed?05:04
@preactionyou could try something in %ENV, but good luck there05:05
knowmadi don't mind hard-coding the sitename into the control but as you can see, i don't know how to figure out what's calling 05:05
knowmadi'll try it05:05
@preactionyou could ADD something to %ENV actually, that might be easier. Apache has "SetEnv" which applies to requests if it's in a <VirtualHost> block05:06
knowmadOhh! I like that idea05:06
-!- topsub1 [~Josh@cpe-098-024-128-131.carolina.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]05:14
knowmadpreaction: that worked! thanks for the help05:16
knowmadin isDynamicCompatible, I set return 1 if $ENV{"FormControl_MarketCheckList"};05:17
knowmadin my modperl conf i set PerlSetEnv FormControl_MarketCheckList 105:17
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SynQgood morning10:45
SynQno bart in sight?10:45
ryuu_ronot yet10:45
SynQhow would webgui perform on some ssd drives?10:46
ryuu_rothere's only one way to find out10:47
SynQI know10:48
SynQI bet it works wonderfully10:48
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SynQgood morning 10:56
+bartjolinternet again?10:58
SynQsure thing11:01
SynQand what a fast internet it is11:02
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+bartjolany germans here?14:53
+bartjolplainhao: we didn meet during the wuc, did we?15:06
+bartjolor weren you there?15:06
plainhaoi have not attended a wuc15:10
-!- waxhead [~pete@ppp121-45-217-60.lns20.cbr1.internode.on.net] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]15:29
-!- waxhead [~pete@ppp121-45-217-60.lns20.cbr1.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui15:32
+bartjolwaxhead? only slightly different from Hairgrease15:44
+bartjolgreasy business here15:44
waxheadbartjol, it's a colloquialism for a surfer...15:45
waxheadharkens back to a time long long ago... 15:45
waxheadwhen I lived on the coast and spent my youth surfing waves15:46
+bartjolah,well the Hairgrease is still present, it? a repelleant for people who want to touch his hair15:46
+bartjolbut, aha, thanks for the explanation15:46
+MrHairgreaseand it repels water as well!15:46
+bartjolmmm, back to templating15:47
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elninois the ukplayer normall come with wg?17:11
* elnino just found the wiki.17:11
elninothanks uk!17:11
SDuensinHi guys.17:18
-!- elnino [~ninow@c-98-240-143-131.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving]17:19
+bartjolwhat? up SDuensin?17:22
SDuensinToying with WebGUI and some other crap.  Too much tech, too little time.17:22
SDuensinDid the Template Working Group stop working?  What happened to that?17:23
+bartjolwell, they are still alive17:23
+bartjoland they had a meeting last week17:23
SDuensinTell them I hate my forums.  :-)17:23
+bartjolthen you must alter them :)17:24
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-17-12.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]17:24
SDuensinYea.  No time at the moment.  And my design "skillz" aren't the best.17:25
+bartjolah, designing... well, don ask my help17:31
SDuensinRight now, I'm trying to decide if I want to build everything I'm missing for WebGUI (preferred, but not time effective) or *gasp* use something else for a few sites.  :-(17:34
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-!- ryuu_ro_ [~rory@] has joined #webgui17:36
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+bartjolwell it depends what you want and if there is a better alternative... well17:43
SDuensinI want everything, of course.  Typical user.  :-D17:45
+bartjoleverything and yesterday17:46
+bartjolmm, still no germans here17:47
SDuensinI dunno man.  I love WebGUI, but I keep running into problems.  I realize nothing is perfect.17:48
+bartjoland those problems aren an easy fix?17:49
+bartjolcustom macro here and there17:50
SDuensinSome, yea.  Others, not so much.  I mean, I can go bolting other stuff to WebGUI to fill in the gaps.  That seems to be the "de-facto" solution for everyone else.  Sucks, IMHO.17:50
+bartjolwell, it is called a web application framework17:50
SDuensinI offered to build a bud of mine a community site for his development project he's doing.  He hates the forums.  I'm not a big fan of the wiki.  Just a bunch of little stuff.  Kind of one of those "death by a thousand cuts" things with me right now.17:51
+bartjolyeah, the collaboration system is a bit grown out of is shoes17:52
+bartjoland it is hard to get a default right for everyone17:52
SDuensinI've done the Drupal thing, Joomla, etc.  They all miss what I believe are core features.  Drupal's security system gets crazy for anything remotely complicated and Joomla...well, we'll just be nice and say I didn't like it.   :-)17:53
+bartjol\so I understand yopur pain (and do have it myself) , but it hard to please evreyone17:53
SDuensinI know it is.  I'm just venting.  17:53
+bartjolthat? ok\17:53
SDuensinBeen looking at TikiWiki a bit.  It's pretty impressive but I can't determine if it's actually nicely assembled or just a patchwork of crap they bolted together.17:54
+bartjolthin red line17:54
SDuensinDangerous one, too.17:55
+bartjolI had it with my presentations by the way, last year internationalisation, which sucked back then (and is soso now, but had to make it myself) 17:56
+bartjolI don know tikiwiki17:56
SDuensinI need to just carry out my threat to make WebGUI an authentication source on my LAN.  Instead of it working with LDAP, make it *BE* LDAP.  :-D17:56
SDuensinTikiWiki is crazy.  They've got about everything bolted on to it.17:57
+bartjolwell, when I read their initioal feature list, I thought: WG has that too, Wg has this too etc17:58
+bartjolbut implemantation can make a huge difference17:58
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui18:07
+bartjolwhoohoo, telephone: how do I add a page?18:07
-!- perlDreamer [~colink@pool-173-50-255-102.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui18:08
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-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@5357069A.cable.casema.nl] has joined #webgui18:10
+bartjolperldreamer is a pastebin good enough?18:11
+perlDreameroh sure dude18:11
+perlDreamerI'm sure it's doing the right thing18:11
+bartjoli?l clean it up a bit18:11
+perlDreamerbut if you want a double check I'd be happy to read it18:11
SDuensinCrap.  My video card reset.  Reading scrollback.18:13
@preactionSDuensin: if you've got the time, i've got the desire to overhaul nearly every application in webgui18:14
@preactionsome need only minor adjustments, such as Gallery. others need more major things, like creating a Blog and Forum asset to replace uses of Collaboration18:14
SDuensinpreaction: I wish my Perl-Fu was better to help.18:14
@preactionah, mais oui18:15
SynQgood day18:15
+perlDreamerSDuensin, there are always things to do to help, for people of any skill level, but lots of desire18:15
+perlDreamerplus, we're willing to mentor18:15
SDuensinFor now, I think I'm just going to write some ugly glue to get BigBlueButton integrated.  Gotta figure this stupid video driver out first.18:16
+perlDreameryo, SynQ!18:16
SDuensinYea, I know.  You guys rock.  Almost worked with you, remember?  :-P18:16
SynQyo perlDreamer!18:16
+perlDreamerare extra little Q's yet?18:16
SynQstill in the making18:16
SynQgotta go work on the attic some more18:18
SynQit's nearing completion18:18
-!- daviddelikat [~user@h69-128-106-50.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has joined #webgui18:19
+bartjoland the sub comparion is called with the configFile18:24
+perlDreamerhm, rizen has a little too much time on his hands: http://blogs.perl.org/users/jt_smith/2010/09/perl-event-of-the-summer.html#comments18:24
+bartjolthere is some extra bogus code for testing in there though18:25
+bartjolcommented most of it18:25
-!- stDavid [~stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui18:28
+bartjolcleaned up the other script to get old i18n messages in other languages 18:33
+bartjoland also posted it18:34
+bartjolI think they are ok, but, they produce differnt numbers than I get with a grep18:34
+bartjolmmm, something is wrong with something between my laptop and the pastebin site18:42
ryuu_robartjol: is it the user?18:42
+bartjolno, I sit just outsie that traject18:43
+bartjolbut, never forget that possibility18:43
ryuu_roPEBCAK dude18:43
+bartjolaah, there it is18:44
+perlDreamerryuu_ro, no capitalized dutch swear words in channel, please18:45
SDuensinThis BBB API looks pretty simple.  Are there facilities in WebGUI for dealing with REST APIs already?  (Damn dev guide is at home again.)18:47
+bartjolSDuensin: do you have polish speaking users?18:47
+bartjolthat tikiwiki easily switches between them18:48
+bartjolit seems they think in categories, I? more object oriented18:48
SDuensinAny progress on a 64-bit WRE?19:00
ryuu_rothanks for the new australian word Pat :) 19:01
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-17-12.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui19:01
+bartjolmmm, chicken19:02
+MrHairgreasewhere's the dunny mate?19:03
@frodwithSo I'm futzing with a 7.6.24 webgui, and frowning at this problem.  I have a script that gets the working version tag, changes its name, deletes some assets, and adds some new assets, then commits the tag.  Problem is, after the tag gets committed, one of the assets the script created is still locked, no matter what I do.  The tag is committed, but the asset is still locked under it.  Anyone have a clue where to start looking?19:03
+perlDreamerfrodwith, make sure that the asset can be instanced19:04
+perlDreamerpatspam: there's some left-over owsies from the WUC19:04
+perlDreamera translation of WebGUI in your native tongue?19:05
patspamheh I got out of that due to scheduling19:05
@frodwithperlDreamer: what do you mean, make sure it can be instanced?19:06
+perlDreamerfrodwith: due to table level problems, you can have an asset in a tag that can't be instanced19:06
+perlDreamersince it can't be instanced, it can't be operated on19:06
+perlDreamerlike committing it19:06
@frodwiththis is a verb I'm not familiar with19:06
+perlDreamerhm, someone wasn't paying attention during my WUC talk19:07
+MrHairgreaseas long there's a roo on the barbie and all the gutless wonders are gone, no worries.19:07
@frodwithI was paying attention to your webgui 8 assets talk19:07
@frodwithvery much attention!19:07
+perlDreamer$asset = WebGUI::Asset->newByDynamicClass($session, $assetId); # get an instance19:07
+perlDreamerinstance => instanced => instanciated19:07
+MrHairgreaseanyway gotta go19:08
+MrHairgreasesee ya19:08
-!- MrHairgrease [~martin@] has left #webgui []19:08
@frodwithokeydoke.  just a nomenclature thing, never heard someone use 'instance' as a verb before ;)19:08
+perlDreamercrap!  I'm inventing English again19:08
* bartjol thinks perlDreamer is still baffled by my horrible code19:08
@frodwithi'll make sure though.19:08
+perlDreamerbartjol, it's not horrible19:08
+bartjoltherefore starts inventing english19:08
+perlDreamerI think it may count some things twice19:08
+bartjolno, that is why I shift it out of that array19:09
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]19:10
+bartjolallthough, if it is a triple duplicate it will get counted twice19:10
+perlDreamerthat's what I was thinking, but as long as it keeps track of where it's duplicated so we can clean it up, that's fine19:11
+bartjoland there are not too much19:12
+bartjolnow, I gotta move on and get the locations in the code19:12
+bartjolis this mostly to prevent problems during the flattening?19:14
+perlDreamerno, although it will make flattening easier19:15
+perlDreamerhowever, recalling Haarg's discussion from yesterday, he mainly added those WebGUI 8 ticket items as reminder for him to do things, rather than projects for people to take up19:16
+bartjolI don believe there is an WebGUI API to add i18n tags, is there?19:16
+bartjolyeah, well19:16
+perlDreamerit's just perl code19:17
+bartjolwould be nice to be able to delete them19:17
SDuensinHow's 8 coming?19:17
+bartjolallthough that could require some trial and error19:17
+bartjolI got it running19:17
+perlDreamerSDuensin: http://www.webgui.org/819:17
@frodwithwhat's a state of 'trash-limbo' mean?19:18
+bartjolbut, considering my extra interpretation of the issue, should I make another one? or include it in the current one19:18
@frodwithchild of a trashed asset?19:18
+bartjoloh, yeah, that one is cool19:18
@khennis scrottie around?19:19
+bartjolI remember having that once19:19
+perlDreameryup, that's it frodwith19:19
+perlDreamerkhenn,  it's a little early for scrottie19:19
@khennyeah I figured19:19
@khennthanks perlDreamer19:19
+perlDreamerhe says he's in Arizona, but we tease him that he's physically in Hawaii19:19
+perlDreamerfrodwith, I'm 80% sure there are bugs with trying to commit assets in trash-limbo19:20
+perlDreamerin any version of WebGUI earlier than 7.819:20
@frodwithi have no idea why it's in trash-limbo19:20
@frodwithi didn't delete it19:20
+perlDreamerdoes it have a parent?19:21
@frodwithhmm.  this doesn't even seem to be the same asset19:22
@frodwithi got it with newByUrl since i didn't know the id19:22
@frodwithand some other asset has the same url, but it's in the trash19:22
@frodwiththis is a fine kettle of fish19:22
+perlDreamershouldn't have the same URL19:22
+perlDreamerthat's supposed to be a unique key19:22
@frodwithyes indeed19:22
@frodwith...  it's parent is also in trash limbo, and -that- asset thinks its parent is the import node19:24
+perlDreamermuch badness19:25
@frodwithyeah, something is extremely screwy here19:25
+perlDreamerfrodwith, the assetHistory table may be of use to figure out what happened19:25
+perlDreamerit records most asset work19:25
SDuensinWRE is big.  Guess I'll nap while it trickles down over my phone.19:28
SDuensinI'm going to attempt to build a BBB module.  Be warned.  :-)19:29
+perlDreamerBetter Business Bureau?19:29
+bartjolit is a  BBBOD 19:30
ryuu_rohey bartjol, you heard perlDreamer, no capitalized dutch swearing!19:31
SDuensinShouldn't be too hard to write.  There's only a few REST calls to implement to the BBB API.19:31
SDuensinMaybe I can even put it on the MarketPlace for $5 or something.  19:32
SDuensinProbably just give it away.  :-)19:32
ryuu_rothere you have it19:32
+bartjoltoo easy19:33
SDuensinNo, bartjol, then there'd be seven different editions where only the most expensive one worked right.19:33
SDuensinEr, "worked".  Let's not add "right" to that.19:33
ryuu_roworked right? worked ok(ish) :)19:33
+perlDreamerworked kinda sorta maybe but only on odd-numbered Sundays in months that end in y19:34
SDuensinHow come the longer this downloads, the more time is left?  That's not good!19:41
SDuensinI know.  I want to get going before I lose this crazy streak.19:42
+bartjolto determine where i18n tags are used I also need the db, since it might very well be that standard templates call on them with the i18n macro19:43
+perlDreamerand in the user profile19:44
+perlDreamersince profile field labels and values can be i18n'ed19:44
+bartjolscripting and manual grepping/selecting might just be as easy as writing a script to do it for you19:45
+bartjolloose the first scripting19:46
* SDuensin hands bartjol a few more "o"s in case he needs them.19:53
SDuensinBored.  Wish food was here.19:56
+perlDreamerbartjol, that's entirely possible19:57
+bartjolbut for the several 1000? of deprecated i18n tags in other languages than English, it might not be19:58
+perlDreamerbartjol, I thought that the i18n CGI was supposed to remove those19:59
+bartjolapparently not20:01
+bartjolI don see a sub that seems to do that, but it was a very quick glance20:04
+perlDreameryou're right20:07
+bartjolwell, I added a file that sums those tags up20:07
+bartjolthat might be used as a base for an extra sub in the i18n20:08
+bartjolbut people should stay out of there with their custom i18n files20:09
SDuensinIt's HERE!  WRE time!20:12
+perlDreamerpreaction: any objection to me keeping a templates.txt doc, that lists template changes during upgrades and fixes?20:42
* perlDreamer repeats the ongoing gripe about debuggin JS in IE20:58
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ryuu_ropat: kiddly-winks = kids smiles?21:08
* scrottie0 thinks for a minute21:08
patspamryuu_ro: if you'd said tiddly-winks I'd know what you were talking about.. but kiddly-winks?21:09
ryuu_roandy dropped it on me 21:09
ryuu_rowhat are tiddly-winks then?21:09
patspamit's a game21:09
ryuu_roprobably not what he meant21:10
patspamdon't worry, often he just makes up words to confuse people ;)21:10
scrottie0huh, so that's what Tiddlywinks *really* is.21:11
ryuu_rohe does a very good job21:11
scrottie0wgd needs to inform me of new email on IRC.21:13
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-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-74-68-154-57.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui21:19
* scrottie ponders his existance21:26
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SDuensinscrottie, you could exist to write my BBB integration code for me.21:30
+perlDreamerscrottie, you are a carbon based infestation on a small planet in sector 00021:30
* SDuensin is still trying to make WebGUI run on his dev box. Dang slow CPAN!21:30
+perlDreamerjust like the rest of us21:30
ryuu_rotit's all good as long as you don't forget your towel and don't panic21:31
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-74-68-154-57.nyc.res.rr.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]21:31
* SDuensin is a hoopy frood who knows exactly where his towel is.21:31
ryuu_ro:) nice!!21:32
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r46c548d / (3 files in 3 dirs): Restore the lost changes to the JS and template for drag and drop sorting in IE7. - http://bit.ly/aTtT3521:33
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb63fe8e / (3 files in 3 dirs): Updated to master branch. - http://bit.ly/a0p3yH21:33
SDuensinOk, what is CHI and why won't it install?21:33
ryuu_roI had the same problem21:34
ryuu_roinstall Test::Tester21:34
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r094b029 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Restore the lost changes to the JS and template for drag and drop sorting in IE7. - http://bit.ly/bULShA21:34
+perlDreamerSDuensin is the new, fast, awesome caching module21:34
ryuu_roand then something like Test::Log::Dispatch does the work21:34
ryuu_roI was supposed to write a wiki or dev mail about this, but I forgot it, sorry preaction :(21:35
+perlDreamerwe should file a bug against CHI, on CPAN21:35
+perlDreamerbut it would be nice to have a wiki page for it21:35
SDuensinryuu_ro: Thanks, man.  Fixed it right up!21:35
ryuu_rono problem21:36
ryuu_roI'm gonna work on it perlDreamer, I installed webgui8 for the 9th time now and finally everything works so I'm gonna share21:37
SDuensinSweet.  21:37
ryuu_roanybody interested in a Parallels WebGUI8 template?21:37
SDuensinVMware guy here.  :-P21:38
ryuu_rowe can never meet :D21:38
+perlDreamerspeaking of VMware, we need to update the VMware image for WebGUI21:38
SDuensinAlthough, I am moving my servers from VMware to KVM/Ganeti.21:39
ryuu_rodoes KVM/Ganeti also work on Xen/Ganeti?21:40
SDuensinKVM replaces Xen.  I was never able to make Xen work.21:41
ryuu_roah ok21:41
SDuensinI don't do paravirtulization anyway, so KVM with full OSs inside is fine for me.21:41
ryuu_rosure thing21:42
ryuu_roSDuensin: are you installing webgui8 on a new and clean wre0.9.3?21:43
SDuensinNot 8.  Whatever the WRE downloads for me.  I need to write a module.21:44
ryuu_roah ok21:44
SDuensin(Since I haven't been able to talk anyone else into doing it!)21:44
ryuu_roI thought the Test::Tester problem was WebGUI 8 related21:45
SDuensin7.9.13-stable is what I have.21:45
SDuensintestEnvironment was unable to install CHI.21:46
SDuensinOk, it's running.  Just in time for my meeting.  21:49
SDuensinWith luck, I'll get to break/work on it later.21:50
ryuu_roperlDreamer: should I report the bug about Test::Tester to the author of CHI?21:52
ryuu_roor is it WRE related?21:52
+perlDreamerI would, although it could be coming from an upstream dependency21:52
+perlDreamerit is not WRE related21:52
ryuu_roI'm gonna report it and see what happens21:53
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5608a43 / (6 files in 6 dirs): 21:58
CIA-21webgui: topStory template variables should be available in standAlone and not standAlone21:58
CIA-21webgui: modes. Added template variables for delete and edit icons for the top story.21:58
CIA-21webgui: Updated the tests, template and template variable help. Fixes bug #11851. -21:58
CIA-21webgui: http://bit.ly/cpTpu421:58
ryuu_rook, I remembering something about command line bug reporting for perl modules. Can somebody give me a direction?21:58
+perlDreameris it perlbug?21:59
+perlDreamermaybe that's just for the perl core21:59
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * re5b4fff / (6 files in 6 dirs): 21:59
CIA-21webgui: topStory template variables should be available in standAlone and not standAlone21:59
CIA-21webgui: modes. Added template variables for delete and edit icons for the top story.21:59
CIA-21webgui: Updated the tests, template and template variable help. Fixes bug #11851. -21:59
CIA-21webgui: http://bit.ly/cbqGRn21:59
ryuu_rohmm, I guess it was so no, I can't use command line then :)21:59
* perlDreamer breaks for lunch22:06
ryuu_rook CHI bug reported22:13
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--- Day changed Fri Sep 10 2010
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* SDuensin is back! DevGuide in hand!00:15
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SDuensinEverybody hiding?01:05
+perlDreamernope, I'm here01:07
+perlDreamerhad to play an emergency game of foosball with the kiddos01:07
+perlDreamerif I spend 10 minutes with them when they come home, they're happy all afternoon01:07
SDuensinOk, I've decided I should write a wobject instead of just an asset.  Is there already something loaded that I should use to do REST/XML kinda stuff?01:08
+perlDreamerfor XML, WebGUI uses XML::PurePP, and XML::Simple01:09
+perlDreamerafaik, nothing else in WebGUI does REST01:09
+perlDreamersorry, XML::TreePP01:09
SDuensinIt'd be enough to just be able to do something like:   resultXML = httpGet("someURL?and=crap")01:10
SDuensinWhat's being used for syndication?01:11
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-17-12.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]01:11
SDuensinOk, so that's not much help.01:12
@preactionLWP::Simple + XML::Simple = my $xmlAsHash = xmlIn( get( "someurl" ) )01:14
SDuensinThat is ::Simple!01:15
@preactionXML::Simple does strange things to more advanced XML, so be careful there01:15
+perlDreameryeah, you can say that again01:15
SDuensinThis is really simple XML.01:16
SDuensinBasically result codes and a few lists.01:16
@preactionas long as it doesn't do something like <elem attr="value"><attr>Other Value</attr></elem> you'll probably be fine (note that "attr" and "attr" are the same)01:17
SDuensinNot even sure it uses attributes.01:18
SDuensinYea, I don't see any.01:19
SDuensinI may not even need a database for this first version.  :-)01:21
@preactioneh, just saying if you don't get the data structure you expect, it's probably XMLin screwing things up01:21
SDuensinThis is the most complicated thing I see (look at the return value):  http://code.google.com/p/bigbluebutton/wiki/API#Get_Meeting_Info_(getMeetingInfo)01:22
+perlDreamerif you work hard enough, you can bend XMLin to your will01:22
+perlDreamerbut it's difficult, and fragile01:22
@preactionso yes, it's good for a v1, but when you decide to release the code to other people, you should probably move to a more proper parser like TreePP01:24
SDuensinTreePP has a parsehttp method.  That'll work.01:25
SDuensinThanks guys.01:31
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@scrottieXML::Simple really needs ForceArray => 1... otherwise the apparent shape of the data changes.01:48
@scrottieit's better to have arrays of one element than to have something that's sometimes a scalar and sometimes an array.01:49
@scrottielooks like XML::TreePP has the same problem.  that's too bad.01:49
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+perlDreameryay!  Image based hoverhelp is working02:43
-!- daviddelikat [~user@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #webgui02:58
+perlDreamernow all I need to do is get a search interface for the IRC logs up and running, and I'll be all caught up from the WUC02:58
SDuensinCongrats.  I'm trying to get the very early stages of my Wobject written.03:01
+perlDreamerSDuensin, start with the wobject skeleton03:25
scrottie0huh, XML::Simple is a prereq.  I thought that module was universally scorned.  good.  my stupid importer thingy uses it.03:40
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SDuensinYea, the skeleton.minimum is what I started with.04:36
SDuensinI'll be hauling my DevGuide with me to my "real" job tomorrow.04:38
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* scrottie0 &05:07
SDuensinSee, that's why there's no stand-up UNIX humor.  Just doesn't work.05:10
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xdangerhmm... wondering why Moose didn't install its dependencies with cpan10:31
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+bartjolSquOnk: you are also maintaining the Spanish translation, right?15:39
SquOnkbartjol: Yep15:40
SquOnkbartjol: I check it about every other week15:40
+bartjolah, would you have a look for me at a file15:40
SquOnkbartjol: Sure, which one?15:40
+bartjolit is about duplicate entries15:40
+bartjolone moment searching url15:40
+bartjolon http://www.webgui.org/community/webgui-8/issues/1171315:41
+bartjolon the right side the duplicatesSpanish.txt15:41
+bartjolthe question is, would they really be duplicates in Spansih15:41
SquOnkbartjol: At first glance, all seem to be duplicates except WebGUI.556 and Asset_Product.quantity15:45
SquOnkIn spanish "cantidad" can be used to mean quantity, amount and number15:45
SquOnkSo, depending of WebGUI.556's context it could be a duplicate.15:46
+bartjolok, I'll add this as a comment, to be sure I check this, I'll go looking for the uses15:46
SquOnkbartjol: Great15:49
SquOnkbartjol: Are we moving to a proper i18n handling via .po files?15:49
+bartjolI don't know, I'm just there to detect duplicates15:51
SquOnkbartjol: I see.15:51
+bartjolthey will be moving to another system, but not shortly15:51
SquOnkbartjol: Right now, the current i18n implementation takes LOTS of memory, specially if one has several languages installed.15:51
+bartjolalso, there are a bunch of deprecated i18n tags in all languages accept English15:52
SquOnkbartjol: Moving to gettext will reduce the memory footprint and enhance performance.15:52
+bartjol+/- 800 per language15:52
+bartjolwell, I can support that15:52
+bartjolis that an existing path webgui is gonna take, or a wish from you?15:52
+bartjolthe plack demo looked quite fast already15:53
+bartjoland on my laptop 8 feels faster than 715:53
+bartjolless functionality though15:54
SquOnkbartjol: I've talked about it with perldreamer and preaction.15:54
SquOnkThere... spanish at 100% again.15:54
+bartjolhaarg is also working on it afaik , at leat with the rebuild of the translation server15:54
SquOnkJust in time for 7.9.14 and (hopefully) Debian Squeeze :-)15:54
+bartjolproblem with the list is that it searches for exact strings, so trailing spaces are not taken into account16:00
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SDuensinYea!  People!  :-)16:56
+bartjolare you sure, you never seen me in flesh16:57
SDuensinAt this point, it doesn't matter.  I'd settle for a good bot.16:58
+bartjolso what do you want to select from my database?16:59
SDuensinI'm reading the DevGuide, so that's likely the beginning of my problems...  :-D   I don't quite get how prepareView() works with a Wobject that has multiple view templates.17:00
+bartjolwhat module is that function in, and where in the dev guide?17:01
SDuensinThe module I'm attempting to write based on _Wobject.skeleton.minimal and page, uh, 182?17:02
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]17:03
+bartjolwhoa, the pages are the same17:04
SDuensinWow.  We have the exact same book?  Amazing.17:05
+bartjolso you mean like a cs that had for instance a thread and a cs view?17:05
+bartjolbecause threads and cs's are different assets17:05
+bartjoleeeh, forget the word because17:06
+bartjolso only 1 view would be prepared in this case17:06
SDuensinI think so.  Or, in my case, a list of crap and a screen to add new crap.  Where "crap" isn't actually stored by WebGUI.17:06
+bartjolah, that edit screen will have a different template I guess17:07
SDuensinI want to build a WebGUI-based UI using WebGUI users and security to connect to BigBlueButton:  http://code.google.com/p/bigbluebutton/wiki/API17:08
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui17:11
SDuensinBasically, I want a simple configuration screen for the admin, the Wobject output is a list of available conferences and a couple details about them.  Moderators can create new conferences or remove existing ones.  General users can join existing ones.  No fancier than that.17:11
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]17:15
+bartjolwell, I'd just look at other Wobjects how they use it17:15
+bartjolbetter stolen properly than made poorly17:15
SDuensinI have been.17:15
+bartjolI haven't yet17:15
+bartjolas far as I can see, there is put a toolbar and some metadata into the template17:18
+bartjolor per view function, but probably one kind of request should just call one view type17:19
+bartjolso multiple becomes single :)17:19
+bartjolbut that is my quick interpretation17:19
+bartjolor in the www_view method, there is already info on what should be shown, therefore just selecting 1 view17:21
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui17:21
+bartjolin f.i. the shortcut it looks that way17:21
+bartjolbut if someone says otherwise, doubt my words (but theirs too)17:22
+bartjolryuu_ro: you made more assets than I did, am I correct17:23
ryuu_royou are correct17:23
* SDuensin is worrying about one view at a time for now.17:26
+bartjolok, that is clear, you need different subs for different views17:28
SDuensinYea, I got that part.17:28
+bartjolI asked rory17:28
+bartjolhe is in the next office17:28
@preactionSDuensin: other views usually don't have prepareView, because they don't have the separation between view and www_view. prepareView is just there to put head tags in the head block when the asset is being used in a Layout17:29
ryuu_roor the previous office depending where you are at the moment :)17:29
SDuensinI've done this before.  Dunno what's wrong with my brain today.17:30
+bartjoldoes it leak?17:31
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui17:35
+bartjolHowdy, mate17:35
patspamor I guess Goedenavond for you..?17:36
+bartjolvoor jullie17:36
+bartjolbut still, very good17:36
patspamI found the oqapi office on foursquare the other day17:37
+bartjolnot google street view?17:37
patspamI saw Rory checking in, I think he's gunning to be mayor17:38
+bartjolgunning? he shoots everybody, so he is the only one and is allowed to be the boss?17:39
patspamthat would work..17:40
+bartjolguns aren't allowed here17:40
ryuu_roseriously, I created the Oqapi office and the only one checking in17:40
ryuu_robut still no mayor yet :(17:40
patspamheh yeah, i think there's a minimum number of times you have to check in :)17:41
ryuu_roI'm also not the mayor of my own home, Lisa is :)17:41
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]17:41
+bartjolstrange stuff, sounds like a facebook game17:41
patspamapparently you need to go there twice on two separate days..?17:42
patspamryuu_ro: you should get joeri to claim the business.. then he can offer foursquare specials to people who check in ;)17:44
ryuu_roeverybody who checks in for the fifth time, get a free cup of nespresso Forte17:45
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui17:46
patspamandyiomoon indahouse17:48
+bartjolwell, I don't provide more services outside the beer cooling on fryday17:53
ryuu_roso guys, time to go home :)18:03
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]18:08
+bartjolHaarg: has it any use for me to alter the translationserver cgi to let it remove removed tags in other languages?18:11
+bartjolor are you changing it anyway18:11
SDuensinOK, now that stupidity is done here, back to my Wobject.18:11
xdangeryey! after few hour of cpan, webgui8 runs! BUAHAHAHAH18:50
+bartjolfew hours? oh yeah, I used my 7 wre, that makes quite some difference18:51
+bartjolbut, very good18:51
+bartjolit took me quite some time as well18:51
xdangerlove the new debug, like the new admin console18:51
+bartjolyeah, but in my site it isn't working yet (or I have the wrong template)18:52
xdangerI had to install a new perl (5.12.1) on my mac os x18:52
xdangerI don't like wre that much =)18:52
xdangerbut macports to the rescue18:53
xdangerI could have just runned the systems 5.10.1, but I wanted the new and shiny18:53
xdangerhacked a i18n addition that list every i18n get call with a url to i18n.webgui.org to that line when debug is on =)18:54
+bartjoloh, that might be usefull18:56
+bartjolbut it actually refers to a tag on i18n.webgui.org18:56
xdangerbut it's quite a hack, on 7.9.1318:57
+bartjolcool so translating in context will be possible18:57
+bartjolI can believe18:57
+bartjolthe url's in i18n.webgui.org are quite flat18:57
xdangerI was thinking about deploying my own translation server that links to the running webguis translations and loads the changes via Apache2::Reload18:58
+bartjolsounds almost like a dynamic i18n CDN functionality (performance will not get better though)18:59
-!- fokat [~lem@] has joined #webgui19:00
xdangerI wasn't going to run that on my main server19:00
+bartjoldo you do an upkeep for a specific language19:00
xdangerI'm not that crazy =)19:00
xdangerbut I have a client that has pages in 6 languages19:01
+bartjolI van only hope that dutch, german, spanish and english are 4 of them19:01
+bartjolonly 2 of those19:02
xdangerbut they will translate some of the functions19:02
xdangermainly the user registration etc. thats visible to the end user19:02
+bartjolwell the stuff that is actually used is the most important19:03
-!- perlDreamer [~colink@c-24-20-32-169.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #webgui19:04
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by ChanServ19:04
+bartjolbut, are you going to put that i18n trick in the bazaar? I'd love to see that19:04
xdangerif some would do a ajaxy yui interface to it =)19:05
+perlDreamerthat could happen19:05
xdangerit's about 20-30 lines of diff =)19:05
+bartjolah, it is our conscience, telling us to test19:05
+perlDreamerI came in too late, what is it?19:05
xdangernow what did I break there19:05
xdangerI'll show you soon19:05
+bartjola function that makes links to the translationserver19:05
+bartjolfrom i18n'd objects19:06
+bartjolor at least shows url's19:06
+bartjolso you can translate from web context19:06
+perlDreamerI really like the sound of that19:06
+bartjoljep, me too19:07
+perlDreamerpreaction: today is catchup day!19:08
xdangerhaha, I just broke something... I'll have a demo and a diff for you shortly19:08
+perlDreamerI have one thing to do, and then I'd really like to make a new VMware image with modern WRE and WebGUI19:08
+perlDreamercan you set me up to do that?19:08
+perlDreamerI can make a virtual box one pretty easily19:08
xdangerhaha, no.. I didn't break anything the visitor just doesn't see it because the language is English =D19:10
+perlDreamerso what happens if we install this, and then someone uses an i18n link that's been removed?19:11
+perlDreamerlike during the recent Shop upgrade19:11
xdangernow it only links to i18n.webgui.org19:11
+perlDreamerokay, xdanger, I'm there.  now what do I do?19:12
xdangerdo you see the debug?19:13
xdangerdid I put a ip range on it19:13
+perlDreamerI see some debug19:13
+perlDreamer6 queries logged19:13
+perlDreamerah, there's a little table19:13
+perlDreamerbut it's empty19:13
xdangermaybe there's some cache..19:14
+bartjolmmm, my lighter empied itself in my pocket19:14
+bartjolit is not empty with me19:14
+perlDreamerbartjol, your pants are on fire!19:14
+perlDreamerwhich makes it easy to light a cigarette19:15
+bartjolnu, it just feels cold19:15
+perlDreamermaybe on this page there are no visible i18n tags?19:15
xdangerthere should be some19:16
xdangeron every page19:16
xdangeratleast login19:16
+perlDreamerfor visitor?19:16
+bartjolI do get a "Visitor (1) connecting from my.ip.add.ress attempted to execute an invalid operation: setLanguage "19:16
+perlDreamerxdanger, maybe flush the server side cache?19:16
xdangerI did19:17
xdangerhmm.. It works for me on a different browser19:17
+perlDreamerthis is FF 3.6.919:18
+bartjolI did make a language changes though19:18
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]19:19
-!- dreamersgirl [~chatzilla@c-24-20-32-169.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #webgui19:19
+bartjolbut perfectly here xdanger, looking very good19:20
+perlDreamerI don't see any place to make language changes19:20
* scrottie wonders if perlDreamer snores Perl too19:20
dreamersgirlhmmm.  that's a good question.19:20
+bartjolno, but there are links to the i18n server to the tag19:21
xdangerperlDreamer: there should be a table before the debug stuff19:21
+perlDreamerthere's a table, but it's empty19:21
+bartjolah, sure it is no english setting?19:22
+bartjolput ?op=setLanguage;language=Dutch after the url19:22
+perlDreamerbut I see i18n login/password...19:22
+bartjolok, so german there19:23
dreamersgirlSprichst Du Deutsch?19:23
+perlDreameradding the ?op snippet gives me a Proxy Error19:23
+bartjolthrown away the scratch language variable, still works19:24
+perlDreamerit's a proxy error because there's no Spanish translation installed19:24
+perlDreamerbut Dutch is19:24
+bartjolperldreamer, you're not using lynx, right?19:24
xdangerhaha 19:22:35 up 274 days,  1:34,  3 users,  load average: 4.03, 1.89, 0.7819:24
xdangerI just restarted the apache19:24
+bartjolit felt sluggish19:24
xdangerI tried to open the webgui.log in nano =)19:24
xdanger1.3G    /data/wre/var/logs/webgui.log19:25
+perlDreamertime to rotate the log19:25
xdangerthere goes the memory19:25
+bartjollogrotating? I rather see it all in 1 file :)19:25
xdangerthis is a test server that has nothing running =) old p419:25
+perlDreamerxdanger, this shouldn't be in debug, it should be some kind of content handler19:26
+perlDreamerthat wraps the page19:26
+perlDreamerand users should be able to turn it on19:26
+perlDreamerthis would be a perfect example of Plack middleware19:26
xdangerperlDreamer: I know, this was just a quikc hack19:26
+perlDreamerthis is great!19:26
+perlDreamerfinally, a way to get the list of labels right in front of users19:26
xdangerI was bored waiting for cpan to build webgui8 depencies19:26
dreamersgirlbored programmers are a dangerous thing19:27
xdangerFew years ago I saw this company that build a wiki style translation to their web software... You toggled the translation mode on, and then you could (via ajax magic) edit the string inline =)19:28
@scrottiecrap, PPW conflicts.  can't go.19:29
+bartjolon a shared hosting facility that might be fun :)19:29
+perlDreamerxdanger we could do something ajaxy like that, but it wouldn't update the local translation19:30
xdanger18:58 < xdanger> I was thinking about deploying my own translation server that links to the running webguis translations and loads the changes via Apache2::Reload19:30
+perlDreamerthat would work, but then how do we distribute it to other users?19:31
xdangerI just did this for one of my clients, and my self.. so that I could translate the most needed strings first19:31
+perlDreameralso, you could modify the translation in shared memory19:31
+perlDreamerand then serialize to disk.  That would skip the reloading altogether19:31
xdangerI'm just hacking, haven't planned that long =)19:32
+perlDreamersorry, I'm just really excited about this :)19:32
xdangerI don't think this would be a feature for the core19:33
+perlDreamerI would love to have some full translations in obscure languages, like French, Polish and Australian19:33
xdangerthe reloading thing19:33
+bartjolbut, I'm getting hungry, sorry guys19:33
xdangerbut link to i18n.webgui.org would be good19:33
dreamersgirlhappy eating, bartjol!19:33
+bartjolyeah, patspam made an Australian translation19:33
+bartjolexcuse my french :)19:34
+perlDreamerno sweat, mate!19:34
xdangerI'm getting little drunk, so sory for the typos =)19:34
dreamersgirli guess the Australian's don't know about important things like skunks and tator tots....19:34
@scrottiexdanger, whatcha drinkin'?19:35
-!- bartjol [~bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has left #webgui []19:36
xdangerFrench sider Ecusson bretagne brut19:36
+perlDreamersounds swanky19:36
@scrottiesounds celebrational19:37
xdangerIt's cheap =)19:37
xdangerwell cheap on Finnish standards19:38
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-68-175-22-182.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui19:38
xdangerEverything that has alcohol is expensive here19:38
@scrottiesometimes I think how long I could stay drunk on the money in the bank, buying $3 40s from across the street.19:40
@scrottieit would be a long time.19:40
dreamersgirlbut scrottie, why would you want to?19:41
@scrottieI would do that if life became unbearable.  I'm not the suicide type.19:42
dreamersgirlok. glad to hear it.  hopefully life continues to be quite bearable!  :)19:42
@scrottiehaha, thank you =)19:42
@scrottiethough you'd think they'd make alcohol inexpensive in Finland considering the winters there and the resulting suicides.19:43
xdangerIt's strange... there's much alcohol related problems in Finland, but the booze is expensive19:45
xdangerMaybe I'll try booting to my own macbook now... Just got it back from apple repair19:50
@scrottiesomeone was telling me about the "bear beer" in Denmark... government subsidized malt alcohol, so the poor could afford to get drunk too.19:50
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-68-175-22-182.nyc.res.rr.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]19:54
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-!- SquOnk [~emhn@] has joined #webgui20:14
-!- fokat [~lem@] has joined #webgui20:14
+perlDreamerwelcome back, SquOnk20:15
+perlDreamerand fokat20:15
SquOnkperlDreamer: :-)20:16
+perlDreamerdid you catch xdanger's awesome i18n translation interface?20:16
fokatperlDreamer, thanks!20:22
-!- patspam [~patspam@pool-108-14-220-137.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #webgui20:25
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-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by ChanServ20:52
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rd189894 / (5 files in 5 dirs): More cleanup from dispatch. Do not set the session asset if the requested URL does not exist. In RssFeed, pass the fragment to the next method. Fixes bug #11854. - http://bit.ly/chvivh21:14
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r587ff39 / (5 files in 5 dirs): More cleanup from dispatch. Do not set the session asset if the requested URL does not exist. In RssFeed, pass the fragment to the next method. Fixes bug #11854. - http://bit.ly/aPskJF21:14
+perlDreamerOh!  Devel::Cover fixed one of my most hated coverage bugs!21:18
+perlDreamer"Correctly report on C<my $x = $y || return> and other shortcuts"21:19
+perlDreamerdid you see my earlier note about VMware, preaction?21:19
+perlDreamerI would love to spend the rest of today either stitching up stuffed snakes, or updating the VMware image21:19
@preactionyes, but i can't help at all. drip is at the office, and afaik is non-operational right now21:20
SDuensinStitching up stuffed snakes?21:20
@preactionjust have to hook it all together21:20
SDuensinWhaaaaaa?  The docs are going up on the wiki now?21:24
SDuensinFreaky.  And cool.21:25
+perlDreamernow they can be community maintained21:27
SDuensinOutput from my Wobject!21:29
@scrottieI just had an hour long conversation about version tags.21:45
@scrottieon one hand, I want to use this knowledge before it fades.  on the other hand, I want to do tequilla shots and delete it from my mind.21:46
SDuensinThis sucks.  Code doesn't work, nothing in the logs to help.22:01
-!- rizen [~rizen@71-90-29-5.dhcp.ftbg.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui22:02
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by ChanServ22:02
SDuensinOh oh.  :-)22:02
@rizenrun for your lives!!!22:02
@rizenit's me!22:02
SDuensinHey man, long time no see.22:03
@rizenhow ya been?22:04
@rizenyou missed a stunning wuc22:05
SDuensinNot terrible.  :-)  Still hanging on out here.22:05
+perlDreamerSDuensin is writing his first Wobject today22:05
SDuensinI know.  :-(22:05
SDuensinWell, not the first.22:05
SDuensinBut the first in over a year.22:05
@rizenfor webgui 8? or 7?22:05
SDuensinSadly, 7.22:05
SDuensinThe writing isn't the hard part.  It's the debugging.22:05
@rizeni wish that preaction and perlDreamer would hurry up and get 8 out the door. it's soo much cooler than 7. =)22:06
SDuensinI know I saw in this crazy book the "right" way to write to a log file.  Not finding that now.  :-/22:06
+perlDreamerSDuensin: $session->log->warn("some string")22:06
+perlDreamerand then make sure that log.conf is set to WARN22:06
SDuensinSee?  That's easy.  ;-)22:06
* perlDreamer is off for lunch22:09
SDuensinWith luck, I'll figure out where my output went.22:09
@scrottiegrep output /dev/mem /dev/hd0 # has to be around here somewhere...22:29
SDuensinI love when you follow the docs and it doesn't work.22:32
@scrottieGodel's Incomplete Theorem applies.22:37
@scrottieno system can be complete unto itself when taken in context of a larger surrounding system.22:37
@scrottiethe only way WebGUI docs could be complete and completely accurate is if they were the only thing in the universe.22:38
plainhaothey aren't?22:38
@scrottiestill have to destroy a few more things first, then they will be ;)22:38
-!- plainhao [~plainhao@mail.xbiotica.com] has quit [Quit: plainhao]22:40
SDuensinYes!  Amazing!  "no meetings were found on this server"22:41
SDuensinMany Bothans died to bring us that message.22:42
-!- patspam [~patspam@pool-108-14-220-137.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]22:47
-!- patspam [~patspam@pool-108-14-220-137.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #webgui22:49
ckotilouch. Krist's emails are getting marked as spamm by a couple spamAssassin rules.22:51
ckotil1.5 MIME_HTML_ONLY BODY: Message only has text/html MIME parts *  1.9 INVALID_MSGID Message-Id is not valid, according to RFC 282222:51
SDuensinWeird.  I got one and run SA.22:52
SDuensinGuess I'm not as strict.22:52
ckotiltake a look at the raw headers. SA should have at least tagged the message with those rules.22:52
ckotilmy SA is fairly plain jane-default.22:52
ckotili lowered my spam score in procmail is all.22:52
SDuensinHmm...  I had headers for everything but SA.  :-)22:54
ckotilnone of her older messages got marked as spam by SA. just this latest one.22:55
SDuensinOk gang, be back later.  Time to get the kid.22:57
@frodwithpreaction: re: MooseX::Declare.  You can turn off the param validation by just using plain-old 'sub' instead of method.  And even with params validation on, 1000x slower is still in microsecond land, I think.23:44
@frodwithI floated "but aren't MXD method calls slower" in #plack earlier and got a dirty look from mst23:45
@rizenmst gives you a dirty look for just being in the same room as him23:46
@rizenhe'll also declare you his enemy if you disagree with him about anything23:47
@frodwithHe's a little cranky.23:47
@rizensuper smart dude, but also very cranky23:47
@frodwithpot, meet kettle23:47
@rizennot quite23:47
@rizeni'm not as smart23:47
@rizenand don't think i'm quite as cranky23:48
@rizeni could be wrong on that last part23:48
* perlDreamer looks shiftily at rizen23:48
+perlDreamerbut only because mst isn't here to do it23:48
@frodwithI've never met mst in person23:48
@rizendidn't you go to yapc?23:48
@frodwithIt's funny how people come across differently in text after you've met them23:49
@frodwithI wanted to, but had family reunion at the same time >_<23:49
@rizenthat's because people infer emotion from text, and text is emotionless23:49
@frodwithRight.  Whereas after I've spoken to someone in person, I can imagine them saying what they've typed23:50
@rizenmarc andreessen (of netscape fame), included a smily face in the subject of all his emails because nobody got his weird sense of humor and so thought he was always angry23:51
+perlDreameryay!  TODO list empty23:53
+perlDreamerTerry Brooks was awesome on Wednesday, frodwith23:54
@frodwithI can't remember the last time that happened to me.  Except maybe for sufficiently local values of TODO list23:54
@frodwithArrrggha, I completely forgot!23:54
+perlDreamerhe's moving to Portland, too23:54
@frodwithI think I may be moving back to WI actually :-|23:54
+perlDreamerThere's a lot to be said for facetime23:55
@frodwithcombination of things, none of which involves PB being in madison23:55
@frodwiththe non-WUC related stuff I did on this last trip made me really miss several old friends (who had moved away, but are now back), amongst other things23:56
@frodwithand some of the reasons I moved back to WA are moot now23:57
@frodwithWe'll see how it goes though.  Kind of in the planning stages.23:58
--- Day changed Sat Sep 11 2010
+perlDreamerwoohoo! Infinite loopage00:04
+perlDreamerMake a shortcut of an asset00:04
+perlDreamerthen cut the original asset, and paste it below the shortcut as a child00:05
+perlDreamerthen put the asset in the trash00:05
+perlDreamerand try to purge it00:05
+perlDreamermakes sense00:06
+perlDreamersince the Asset cleans up its children first00:07
+perlDreamerand since the child has a shortcut, you loop forever00:07
+perlDreamerand then it consumes all the CPU available, and then I get paged in the middle of the NIGHT EVERY WEEK FOR 8 MONTHS!00:07
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-!- fokat [~lem@] has joined #webgui01:42
@scrottiethere are type checkers for perl that run at compile time rather than run time.  since the code doesn't change after development, it's safe to turn it off when you deploy the code.01:51
@scrottieimagine how slow Java would be if it did all type checking at run time.01:51
@scrottienot to mention that that delays finding problems.01:51
@scrottieremember kids, Ruby 1.9 is as fast as Perl now.01:52
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elninoHi. I'm looking athte db schema, and tyring to figure out what "storageId" gives me and what table it ties to?19:24
elninospecifically, at the post table, it can have more than one attachment, but it only has one storage id?19:27
elninoI don't get it.19:27
elninonever mind. I'm going a different route.19:54
elninostill don't understand it though. 19:54
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elninocan anyone help me? I'm stuck wiht perl.20:49
elninofirst question, how do I enclode < and> so I don't get html entieis?  &gt; and &lt;?20:51
elninoactually, I dont' want to encode them. I just want < and >20:52
@preactionWhat are you trying to do? maybe something else down the line is encoding them erroneously for you?20:55
elninoI'm trying to encode html in my rss feed.  =)20:56
elninoin /asset/wobject/collaboration.pm20:56
elninother eis a descripton entity20:57
elninoI'm adding <content:encoded>  hold on.20:57
@preactionit should be escaped, iirc. otherwise it should be in a <![CDATA block20:57
elninoyep, <content:encoded> and it has to have "<![CDATA[" and "]]>" surrounding the html20:57
@preactionCDATA being the preferred method. if we aren't using CDATA, we should be20:57
elninobut th < and the > are being chagned to &lt; and &gt;20:58
elninothis is the line I have:     'content:encoded'     => "<![CDATA[".$post->get('content')."]]>",20:58
@preactionoh, because the filter on the CS is encoding it probably?20:59
elninoumm. I dunno.  letme look.20:59
@preactiontry using $session->log->warn( $post->get('content') ); and see if the content is escaped there20:59
elninowell, the < in the "<![CDATA[" is being changed.....21:01
@preactionokay, so pastebin the entire sub you're doing. i assume it's getRssData or what-have-you?21:01
elninoand yes, the stuff in "content" is too.21:02
elnino Asset/Wobject/Collaboration.pm21:02
elninogetRssFeedItems yes21:02
elninocontent:encoded is the only line I added.21:04
elninoand I changed attachment_loop to enclosure.21:05
@preactionit must be XML::FeedPP doing it21:06
elninoI can't imagine why? you'd think that was a bug that would be quickly fixed...21:06
@preactionlet me look at that code quick21:07
elninooh it's yours? lol21:07
@preactionwell, there's two ways to send HTML out in RSS, one is the way it's doing it, encoded, which is the wrong way21:07
elninoI thought it was a public mod.21:07
@preactionno, it's not21:07
@preactionthe second way is CDATA, which is the right way21:07
@preactionit is a public module21:07
elninoI *AM* still running 7.7x21:07
elninomaybe I should upgrade that mod21:07
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@preactionwow, just looked in that code and it's fucking retarded. rolled his own XML escaping instead of using HTML::Entities21:11
@preactionbut i figured out how. give me a minute21:11
@preactionelnino: you need to pass it as a scalarref instead. so: 'content:encoded' => \("<![CDATA[" . $post->get('content') . "]]>" ),21:13
elninooh oh ok. will do and get back toyou.21:14
@preactionoh, and adding CDATA yourself looks to be optional (and may break things)21:14
@preactionit looks like this code adds CDATA block for you, just need to give it the text as a scalar reference21:14
elninoyes, it adds CDATA.21:18
elninoYes it looks like ti works. 21:18
elninobut there is somethign in my HTML it doesn't like, so the feed is blank, even though the XML looks right.... still looking.21:18
@preactionthis whole behavior is undocumented, so ymmv21:19
elninothat's not encouraging.  =)21:19
elninothere were other entities in the html. And if my memory serves me correctly, I have to define entities somewhere in a dtd or something.21:21
elninooh lordy.21:23
@preactionnot really, the scalarref to cdata thing doesn't escape anything21:24
@preactionif the entities are already there, they're fine. CDATA is a block escape21:24
@preactionthat being said, use the W3's feed validator21:24
elninono, she put some weird enties in the content. 21:25
elninoIll take a look at the validator.. Now i get to take the kids to the farm! 21:26
elninoThanks much!  I'll figure it out and post something somewhere on webgui.org.21:26
@preactiona patch to the RFE you made would probably work out just fine21:26
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elninopreaction? you awake?04:33
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@khennis it just me or does it seem like Oracle has their hooks into everything these days08:08
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patspamHaarg: do we have a wgd plugin to purge old revisions for an asset yet?21:10
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zylopfaGreetings Webguians22:05
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Haargpatspam, reset will do that for every asset in the system.  there isn't anything that will work per-asset though.23:40
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r7a3ec47 / t/Content/Asset.t : Test that the RSS Aspect propagates the URL fragment. - http://bit.ly/azLcyJ08:40
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r2b079af / t/Content/Asset.t : Test that the RSS Aspect propagates the URL fragment. - http://bit.ly/bXCxRB08:40
+Radix_This almost looks like a clone of WebGUI - http://www.day.com/day/en/products/web_content_management.html08:53
CIA-21wgdev: Graham Knop master * r7b9299b / dist.ini : not autopublishing anything yet and letting pod issues wait - http://bit.ly/9ayBo809:02
CIA-21wgdev: Graham Knop master * r3954cc1 / Changes : updating Changes for v0.1009070 - http://bit.ly/dwlQLN09:02
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rad461d5 / lib/WebGUI/Help/Asset_StoryTopic.pm : Fix a typo in the StoryTopic help. - http://bit.ly/cqo5Rc09:12
CIA-21wgdev: Graham Knop gh-pages * r114ba2b / index.html : uglier but more useful homepage - http://bit.ly/bQZLqP09:20
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+bartjolhello sailor16:35
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SDuensinI'd like to be sailing about now.16:53
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+perlDreamerGood morning, WebGUI-folk!17:40
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SDuensinHey perlDreamer17:44
+perlDreamerhow's the Wobject, SDuensin?17:46
SDuensinUh.  Just sitting here.  Trying to get back to it today.17:48
HaargperlDreamer, I've gotten about a third of the translation server done.17:53
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf176236 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Fix line ending processing by the Thingy. It will now accept CSV files with any line endings. Fixes bug #11746. - http://bit.ly/a6eZn017:53
+perlDreamerawesome, Haarg17:53
+perlDreamerdid you see xdanger's inline translation thing from Friday?17:53
Haargre: branch per language, the download caching thing i mentioned ended up not really being a concern at all17:54
+perlDreamerin debug mode, it shows you every i18n tag in the page, along with a link to translate it17:54
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r2643e3a / (4 files in 4 dirs): Fix line ending processing by the Thingy. It will now accept CSV files with any line endings. Fixes bug #11746. - http://bit.ly/9S3ZB517:55
Haargbecause each directory has a unique hash identifying its content17:55
Haargbut i remembered the real reason i wanted a branch per language17:55
Haargit would let us offload downloads entirely to github17:56
+perlDreamerthat'd be handy17:56
+perlDreamerand less code17:56
+perlDreamerand less cleanup17:56
Haargthat translation thing sounds cool.  might be good as a plack debug panel.17:57
+perlDreameryeah, that's what I was thinking for 817:57
Haargthe code and cleanup is pretty simple17:57
Haarglike 10 lines17:57
Haargand already done17:57
Haargbut it would still be nice as a different download location17:58
+perlDreameryeah, it doesn't hurt anything17:58
Haargi'm still going to proceed with theone branch model because making everything work without a working copy would take a long time17:59
SDuensinDebugging this sucks.  I really need to figure out a nice workflow for my dev'ing.18:01
+perlDreamerSDuensin, how about tests?18:01
+perlDreamerOr Selenium?18:01
SDuensinI just want a line where the compilation failed.18:01
SDuensinAnd it's really hard to do test-driven stuff when you don't know WTF you're doing in the first place.18:02
+bartjolthe example of the i18n is here18:02
+bartjoland the code diff is here http://webgui.pastebin.com/GvDFY4Gy18:03
SDuensinWTH?  I've got a serious blind spot for semicolons.18:05
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+bartjolnot blind, just polarized18:07
SDuensinWhat's the recommended way to handle error reporting in a Wobject?  Use a tmpl_if in the main view template or what?18:12
ryuu_roSDuensin: what kind of error reporting do you mean? For user feedback?18:14
SDuensinMy Wobject connects to another server to fetch a list of conferences that are running.  If I can't get there, I need to tell them to try again later or something.18:14
ryuu_roIf it's only one message I would probably use a tmpl_if in the main view18:16
SDuensinWell, there could be a number of reasons for failure, but to the user, it all results in "come back later".18:17
ryuu_royes, in that case I would use the tmpl_if in the main view18:18
ryuu_roif it we're a number of message I created a new www_ method for it18:19
SDuensinWe're going for "easy" here.18:21
ryuu_roeasy suits me perfectly fine at the moment :D18:21
+perlDreameryou can use the tmpl_if even for an array of errors18:21
SDuensinMe too.  It'd be a lot easier if I wasn't trying to do a dozen things.18:22
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SDuensinI'm learning my Perl has gotten quite bad with lack of use.18:44
SDuensinHow can I turn part of a hash tree created by XML::TreePP into an array?  Or can I iterate over it as-is?18:45
+perlDreameryou can iterate over a hash using keys18:46
+perlDreameror each18:46
+perlDreamerperldoc perldata18:46
SDuensinAttempting comprehension.  :-)18:47
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rfcbb9c7 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Guarantee that old revisions of Products have unique storage locations. Fixes bug #11833. - http://bit.ly/cbEuQs19:13
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+bartjolbtw is spectre supposed to work in wg8? it gives a connection error, so ir looks like bad settings, but better to check before I spend hours on it19:35
+perlDreamerno clue, bartjol19:38
+bartjolah, the Spectre/Admin.pm apparently can't find readAllConfigs19:38
+bartjolstrange it seems to be there19:39
+perlDreameris WebGUI::Paths in your path?19:40
+bartjolmaybe not19:40
+bartjolbut WebGUI::Config wasn't19:40
+bartjolwhich is prolly good in 819:41
+bartjolbut spectre isn't rewritten to use WebGUI::Paths19:41
+perlDreamerno, but WebGUI::Config was19:41
+perlDreamerso Spectre needs it, too19:41
+bartjolso I just added it19:42
+bartjolin the Admin script19:42
+bartjolto use WebGUI::Config19:42
+bartjolas it calls a method from there19:42
+perlDreameroh, yes!19:43
+bartjoland spectre is up and running19:44
+bartjolbut spectre needs WebGUI::Config, maybe a nice addition19:45
+perlDreamercan you commit that change?19:45
+bartjolI don't have commit rights19:46
+bartjolbut I can send you a diff file ;)19:46
+bartjol+ use WebGUI::Config;19:46
+bartjoloh you need a line number19:47
Haargyou can fork on github and commit to your own repo, then send a pull request19:47
+bartjolok, I'll fiddle around with git again19:48
+perlDreamerbartjol, we can help you set it up19:52
+perlDreamerthere's a great page on the wiki that Haarg set up19:53
+bartjolah, with that I should be able to figure it out19:54
+bartjolbut I can find that page19:54
+perlDreamerme either!19:56
+bartjolI did find it, no thanks to the search19:56
+bartjolI don't want to bash the wiki, but searching for git, getting no results, and then find a page called git does seem...... peculiar?19:57
+perlDreamerit does19:58
+perlDreamercould be due to the mysql text search19:58
+bartjolI saw the capital G but that doesn't make a difference19:58
+perlDreamertry searching for asset20:00
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o scrottie] by ChanServ20:00
+perlDreamerit's a bug20:00
+perlDreamerwe'll assign it to scrottie to work on20:00
+perlDreamerhe's now an expert in the API and version control20:01
+bartjoleeeh, that should deliver more than SQL Cookbook20:01
+perlDreameryes, definitely20:01
* scrottie0 reads scroll20:04
+perlDreamerreading the scroll won't help you scrottie, you also have to have a small bag of bat guano and know the mystic dance moves20:05
scrottie0noone likes a search that doesn't work.20:14
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* perlDreamer hates date programming20:33
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1d99ee4 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Allow users to enter 24:00:00 by hand, and have the Event handle it correctly. Fixes bug #11788 - http://bit.ly/99ULHv21:08
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rd47f1b9 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Allow users to enter 24:00:00 by hand, and have the Event handle it correctly. Fixes bug #11788 - http://bit.ly/9WL84E21:08
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r5be6c15 / lib/WebGUI/Help/Asset_StoryTopic.pm : Fix a typo in the StoryTopic help. - http://bit.ly/aWugYq21:08
SDuensinPerl is angering me greatly.21:23
plainhaowhat has perl ever done to you?21:24
SDuensinGot me my current terrible job, for one.21:24
plainhaothe only terrible job is one that doesn't pay :)21:26
+perlDreameroh no, there are worse21:26
SDuensinOh yes there are.21:26
plainhaosurely it beats cleaning toilets?21:27
SDuensinAt this point, I'm not so sure.21:27
@scrottiePerl is only mean to people it doesn't know.  And it has multiple personality disorder, so most of the time it doesn't know you even when it does.21:29
SDuensinNow I feel like the dog that chases the car.  I caught it and now have no idea what to do.21:31
plainhaostart chasing another car?21:31
plainhaothe problem i have with perl is that i keep coming back to it21:32
plainhaoi used to have the same problem with c, before i got comfortable with perl21:32
+perlDreamer"Like a dog returns to its vomit, so does a fool return to his folly"21:33
plainhaois this perl in general or just perl 5?21:33
SDuensinUm.  Yea.21:33
SDuensinPerl 6 is a myth.21:34
@scrottieCommodore is going to come out with a new Amiga and the launch title will be Duke Nuken' Forever written in Perl 6.21:40
+perlDreamerusing SDL, of course21:40
SDuensinI saw that!21:40
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SDuensinCan the templating language handle arrays?  Like:  tmpl_var something.with[1].more?22:21
@scrottiegenerally, you loop over things.22:25
Haarga loop is the only way to access items in an array with HTML::Template22:31
SDuensinSo I could tmpl_loop something.with and inside that tmpl_var more ?22:36
Haargkind of22:36
Haargwhat is something.with ?22:37
SDuensinBasically, I have a loop of meetings.  However, each meeting has multiple attendees inside it.22:37
SDuensinSo I made meeting_loop, but in there are attendees.  Like:  meeting_loop.attendees.attendee22:38
SDuensinUnder attendee are things like fullName, role, etc.22:38
Haargwith HTML::Template, your structures have to be hash > array > hash > array > hash > array > hash22:38
SDuensinI may be able to manage that.  TreePP has a force_array setting.22:40
SDuensinWas hoping to not have to re-combobulate the data.22:42
SDuensinHere's a single element of the meeting_loop array...   http://jaeger.pastebin.com/0PvcE4Qt22:44
SDuensinI don't *have* to be able to display attendees from this, but it'd be nice.22:45
-!- daviddelikat [~user@h69-128-106-50.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]22:52
@scrottieyou'll probably have to do some transformation on it when moving it from XML to the template.22:53
@scrottiebut maybe you should just serve the XML with a style sheet.22:53
SDuensinUh, no.22:55
SDuensinAnyway, gotta go get my kiddo from school.  Be back!22:56
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--- Day changed Tue Sep 14 2010
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+perlDreamerthere are no tests for paste!00:12
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CIA-21webgui: Scott Walters webflow_bp * rcab4c6a / lib/WebGUI/Inbox.pm : 00:53
CIA-21webgui: Reworked active messages SQL. Fixes #11594. Don't try to relate00:53
CIA-21webgui: to groups that the user may not be a part of any longer. (+182 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/dviJtX00:53
-!- SquOnk [~emhn@pcsp229-77.dynamic.supercable.net.ve] has joined #webgui01:00
+perlDreamerhowdy, SquOnk01:00
SquOnkperlDreamer: Hey there.01:00
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r927b986 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Forbid pasting content below a shortcut, to prevent loops on purge and other operations. Fixes bug #11855. - http://bit.ly/ah7cq304:48
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r547d3c6 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Forbid pasting content below a shortcut, to prevent loops on purge and other operations. Fixes bug #11855. - http://bit.ly/cylZyU04:48
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-!- elnino [~ninow@c-98-240-143-131.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui05:02
+perlDreamerhey, elnino!05:02
elninowarning: Im a slow typer tonight05:02
+perlDreamerbad fingers?05:02
elninoholding baby with bottle05:03
+perlDreamerI've been looking at this: http://codemirror.net/05:03
elninoas soon as he's done I got QUESTIONS. so dont all run away.05:04
elninowow. cool.05:04
elninothat could change how things are done, huh?05:05
+perlDreamerwell, it might finally be a stable, supported code editor05:06
elninook. I have both hands now!05:33
elninoI was looking at the code that generates the rss feed. I forget which file it is at the moment, but I after reading http://search.cpan.org/~kawasaki/XML-FeedPP-0.41/lib/XML/FeedPP.pm I understand how it creates new items. and puts new elements in. 05:34
elninobut what I don't understand is how I can add attributes to those elements.05:35
+perlDreamerlike give me an example, what do you want to generate?05:35
elninohe he.. I want to create the enclosure tag.05:37
elninoit needs the attributes of url thumbnail and others that I can't remember, still trying to get all my notes again.05:37
+perlDreamerah, ok05:37
elninoyep, url, length, and type. And it's there already but you guys have it as attachment.url, attachment_length, or somethign or other in a parent tag called attachment.loop which is not understandable in rss language.05:43
elninos/its/the information is05:45
elninoso.. I need to modify your code output <enclosure url= length= type=/> instead of <attachmentloop><attachmenturl/><attchmentlength/> etc.</attachmentloop>05:46
elninoin /asset/wobject/collaboration.pm05:46
+perlDreamerIn the ACCESSOR and MUTATORS section, it shows how to build other RSS item "objects" like enclosure05:58
+perlDreamerso, inside AssetAspect, you'll need to delete the attachment loop variable for each item06:00
+perlDreamerand then build the right custom RSS code06:00
+perlDreamerdoes that make sense, elnino?06:00
elninoah. I didn't read far enough. 06:00
elninotheir description though makes it sound like they only 06:01
elninosupport the namespaces dc: and 06:01
elninobu then they say "But set() and get() methods are available to get/set the value of any elements or attributes for these modules."06:01
elninoso it should work for <enclosure>06:01
elninoand media:06:01
elninoif i choose to do that.06:02
elninook. I'll try06:02
* elnino getting excited that it may work!06:02
+perlDreamerso $item->set ("media:enclosure@attr" => $value)06:02
+perlDreameror something like that06:02
elninoright. yeah! thanks perlDreamer.06:02
+perlDreameryou're welcome!06:02
+perlDreamerelnino, some good testing code would probably help a lot06:03
+perlDreamerso you can force the data that gets sent to RssFeed06:03
+perlDreamerrather than relying on lots of manual testing06:03
elninook..  I have the collaboration asset already. just trying to get the xml right for customer.  06:04
elninobut from what I can read. rss feeds are a mess.06:04
elninotoo many namespaces to choose from06:05
elninotoo many readers 06:05
+perlDreamerit's probably best to keep it simple then06:05
elninoShe wants it to work like another site, so that's what I'm goign to do.. copy their xml structure.06:05
elninoso I don't know if it's something that can be used in the core, but i'll post it somewhere.06:05
elninoon webgui.org06:06
elninodefine: simple.06:06
elninooh! I have another question.06:07
+perlDreamersimple == without namespaces?06:08
elninosounds good to me.. i'm using enclosure. I think preaction recommended media:06:08
elninoshe HAD a https site on another server, now we moved everything to one server and its all http06:08
elninoso I think I need to modify a mod_perl conf file and "fake" the https06:09
elninoand redirect it to http06:09
elninocurrent all the https is commented out. I don't think I need it all, do I ?06:09
elninodo I still have to have a certificate just to redirect it back to http?06:09
+perlDreamerno idea06:10
elninoOH... back to my other question....06:10
+perlDreamerI know how to setup standard SSL, 06:10
+perlDreamerbut no trickery yet06:10
elninoI was going to just use RewriteCond 06:11
elninoeh, I'll play with it.06:11
elninoso.. in assets/woject/collaboration.pm06:11
elnino it's stuffing some array structure and passing it to assetaspect/rssfeeds.pm and then creating the items using FeedPP06:12
elninoso I think I need to remove the attachment loop after I create the encloseur tag.06:12
+perlDreamerfirst, check to see if there are attachments06:12
elninoIm glad the brain is working well tonight.06:12
+perlDreamerif so, then remove and then start adding $item->set, $item->set...06:13
elninolast question.06:13
+perlDreamerdoesn't have to be last :)06:13
elninowhere can I find the mimetype of the attachment?06:13
elninois there a storage->somethingthat will give it to me?06:13
+perlDreamerLook inside Macro/FetchMimeType.pm06:13
elninothere should be a storage->getFileType  =)06:16
-!- daviddelikat [~user@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]06:17
elninooh oh. I forgot... so how do I call a macro from a module?06:17
+perlDreameryou don't, you use the same code06:17
elninonever mind.06:17
elninowhy can't I call the macro?06:18
+perlDreamerit would be wasteful06:18
+perlDreameryeah, to go through the whole macro processor/executer thing06:18
elninoi'm thinking maintainance wise06:18
+perlDreamerinstead of doing guess_types($filename)06:19
elninochange in one place.06:19
elninooh. ok.  you win.06:19
* perlDreamer calls it a night06:39
+perlDreamerhappy hacking elnino06:39
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-!- Trex___ [~Trex@c-24-118-1-86.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui18:06
Trex___Hey folks. I have a question about the blog/CS import script that I first posted to the dev list: http://www.webgui.org/forums/dev/import-script-for-collaboration-systems/518:12
Trex___I just posted a reply with a copy of the latest version of my script -- which seems to work all except for a problem with version tags.18:12
Trex___Each post that is added gets its own version tag outside the main version tag that gets set (and properly committed) in the start and finish subroutines. I'd definitely like to not have to commit each post's version tag separately!18:14
-!- bartjol [~bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]18:16
Trex___I thought I might pop in here and see if someone was online and could give the script a look...but seems pretty quiet at the moment.18:16
HaargskipAutoCommitWorkflows should fix that issue but i see you are already specifying it18:17
Haargyour options hash is wrong18:18
Haargmy %options = { should be using (, not {18:18
Trex___Ahhh. Gotcha. I'm surprised that didn't cause bigger problems and bring things to a halt.18:19
Trex___Yes, that did it. Thanks, Haarg!18:23
Trex___I had hoped it would be something simple. :)18:23
Trex___Any recommendations for how to test for this sort of thing? perl -c on the previous version reports "syntax OK" and -w / -W report a flood of warnings from all the libraries included.18:31
Trex___-w does report the error: "Reference found where even-sized list expected at ./threadImport.pl line 93." but easy to overlook.18:32
Haargyou could add use warnings to your scripts, but then you have to take extra care with undef variables18:39
Trex___What sort of problems would undef variables cause when using warnings?18:43
Trex___I specify $revisionDate as undef because I want that parameter in addChild to be undef unless it is overridden by a date passed in via the import file.18:44
Trex___Would that cause problems?18:44
Trex___Have to take off. Thanks again, Haarg!18:56
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Haargmorning perlDreamer18:57
+perlDreamerhey, Haarg!18:57
+perlDreamerHow's Madison?18:57
Haargsame as ever i guess18:57
+perlDreamerDo you have a primary election in Wisconsin today?19:02
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1fa03c3 / t/Storage/Image.t : Add an explicit test for getThumbnailUrl and non-image files (like a PDF) - http://bit.ly/djAORv19:16
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * radf811d / t/Storage/Image.t : Add an explicit test for getThumbnailUrl and non-image files (like a PDF) - http://bit.ly/cROc7019:23
Haargscrottie0, http://gist.github.com/57930219:26
Haargthat would have been my thought on how to make a tree output19:26
-!- bopbop [~kristi@76-255-21-207.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui19:27
-!- mode/#webgui [+o bopbop] by ChanServ19:27
Haargprobably doesn't make sense to use it at the same time as the other options but i left that in there anyway19:28
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r0534449 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Ignore trailing slashes in requested URLS. Fixes bug #11865. - http://bit.ly/bow6xa20:02
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1131a5b / (3 files in 3 dirs): Ignore trailing slashes in requested URLS. Fixes bug #11865. - http://bit.ly/dxoZAX20:02
scrottie0Haarg, re: the tree view stuff, whatever makes you happy.20:04
+perlDreamerThese things make Haarg happy: bicycle trails, Spotted Cow, perl code that doesn't suck20:05
Haarghey, perl code that sucks can be fun too20:06
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has joined #webgui20:06
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+perlDreamerit can, unless you're on the hook for fixing it ;)20:06
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SDuensinGreetings at last!20:30
+perlDreameryo, SD!20:30
SDuensinFinally online.  Now I need a nap.  :-D20:31
+perlDreamerit took you an awfully long time to get your kids yesterday20:32
SDuensinYea.  Not easy to get back online after I drag them home.20:35
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2eed748 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Restore addAttachments and restoreAttachments to the 7.x series. In 8.x, the object property will act like an arrayref, so they won't be necessary. Fixes bug #11861. - http://bit.ly/a02fQM20:44
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r9fc27df / (3 files in 3 dirs): Restore addAttachments and restoreAttachments to the 7.x series. In 8.x, the object property will act like an arrayref, so they won't be necessary. Fixes bug #11861. - http://bit.ly/aFlev120:45
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elninooh boy do I need help now...20:54
+perlDreamerwhatcha need, elnino?20:55
elninothat xmlPP mod that I'm trying to use?20:55
elninofrom the code and from it's tests, I'm beginning to believe that it can not handle20:55
elninoanything more than one level below item.20:55
elninoso <item><this></this></item>20:56
elninois fine,20:56
elninobut 20:56
elninobut it can't read the <nothis> tag20:56
elninothat is bad.20:56
+perlDreamercan't read, or write?20:57
elninos/from/from LOOKING at20:57
elninonone of his tests test second tier info.20:57
elninoand I couldn't for the LIFE of me20:57
+perlDreamercan you paste some XML::PP code that tries to do this?20:57
elninoget access to the attachment.url and attachment.* stuff20:57
* elnino just got here and is slow hold on.20:58
elninohmm. do you want to see what I have? I'm modifying RssFeed.pm20:59
+perlDreameractually, how about if we create a test case?21:00
elninohuh? I have a site that has the CS with the data... that's what I'm working with now...21:01
elninotest like in test.t?21:01
+perlDreamersure, something that we can send to the author21:01
+perlDreamerand ask him if this is a bug, or a feature21:01
elninook.. just a sec.21:01
elninoI just looked at this, but there is nothing testing two level from what I can tell, I can modify these two files and give them to(?)21:02
elninodo you know the person?21:02
elninoso .21:03
elninohow do I run these?21:03
elninoI'll modify them and run them, then send them to him.21:03
+perlDreamerat the top of the package directory, type make test21:04
+perlDreamerso, download, unpack21:04
+perlDreamermake test21:04
elninosorry for being clueless, but, I have it installed via cpan... do I redown load it?21:05
+perlDreamerfor doing this, yes21:06
+perlDreamerfrom what I'm seeing, new releases come out every few months21:07
+perlDreamerand, if he's like most authors, if we send him a patch along with good tests, he may accept it right away21:07
elninook. ill look at this tonight, got some errands to do now...I'll be back.21:11
elninothe other alternative I see is to some how create the syructur needed in getRssFeedItem in the Coolboration.pm21:12
elninobut my little brian couldnt get around that21:13
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has joined #webgui21:13
-!- mode/#webgui [+o scrottie] by ChanServ21:13
+perlDreamerwhat kind of structure do you think it wants?21:13
-!- Haaarg [~haarg@www.beyondunreal.com] has joined #webgui21:15
elninowell I can create any elements and subelements - like you did with arttachmentloop, but not elements with attributes. which is what is needed. and even wg does the attributes in RssFeed.pm and avoids doing it in the collaboration.pm21:16
+perlDreamercollaboration.pm can't do it21:16
+perlDreamersince it doesn't have access to the XML::FeedPP object21:16
+perlDreamerit just returns a data structure21:17
+perlDreamerso, if you need a deep structure, putting it in CS.pm is the way to go21:17
+perlDreamerbut if you need attributes, there's currently no way to do that21:17
elninoright. That's what I concluded too.21:17
-!- Haarg [~haarg@li79-149.members.linode.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving IRC - dircproxy 1.0.5]21:17
-!- Haaarg is now known as Haarg21:17
elninowhich is how I found what I think is a bug.21:18
elninook. Now I'll go, I'll look at this tonight. Cause I have to have this supported.21:18
+perlDreamerSo XML::FeedPP will build deep XML from data, but not from code?21:18
elninoit outputs the entire attachmentLoop21:18
+perlDreamerand, via data, there's no way to add attributes21:19
elninobut I can't read attachmentLoop or any of it's sub elements21:19
elninoI'll define some scenarios and document it better that doing this off my head. 21:19
+perlDreameryeah, and again, I recommend doing it in test code21:20
elninodon't spend brain cells on this unless you want too. =)21:20
+perlDreamerI think it's a good core addition21:20
* perlDreamer is off for lunch21:33
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-!- knowmad [~william@] has joined #webgui23:50
knowmadhello folks23:51
knowmadperlDreamer: last week you thought that 7.9.14 would be getting released today; any updates on that?23:51
@scrottiehey hey hey knowmad.23:54
knowmadhello scrottie!23:54
knowmadHow's the weather in Phoenix today?23:55
@scrottieit's been really nice.  it's hard to be inside.23:55
knowmadyeah, we're having the same problem here ;)23:57
knowmadhere = Charlotte23:57
+perlDreamerknowmad, it's still today23:57
+perlDreamerand will be until tomorrow23:57
+perlDreamer7.9.14 will be released around 9:00pm PDT23:57
+perlDreamerjust like every week ;)23:57
knowmadyeah, but for me, it's nearly the end of the work-day23:57
+perlDreamerthen for you it's tonight, or tomorrow23:58
knowmadAhh, that works!23:58
--- Day changed Wed Sep 15 2010
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+perlDreamerthis is crazy00:44
+perlDreamerVirtualBox will read the WebGUI VMWare images00:44
+perlDreamerI should have done this years ago!00:44
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]00:46
SDuensinWhy yes it will.00:47
+perlDreamerSDuensin, if I publish this image, are you willing to give it a trial for me?00:48
+perlDreameryou have VMWare?00:48
SDuensinYep.  Workstation 7.whatever.00:49
+perlDreamerif it's really this easy, I'll try and do an Ubuntu one too maybe00:49
SDuensinWhat was hard about it before?00:49
+perlDreameruh, I don't have Vmware, and the server that we use for builds is down00:50
SDuensinVMware Player 3 and above allow creation of VMs now.00:51
+perlDreamerthat'll run on Ubuntu?00:51
-!- carogray [~Caroline@] has joined #webgui00:53
-!- patspam [~patspam@cpe-66-65-190-29.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui01:20
-!- knowmad [~william@] has left #webgui []01:23
-!- carogray [~Caroline@] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]01:24
+perlDreamerhang in there, SDuensin, still building modules01:39
SDuensinNP.  Still studying hackintoshes.01:40
+perlDreamerSDuensin: ping01:46
+perlDreameryou have a copy of the current VM laying around?01:47
+perlDreamerI need to know whether or not the default site on the VM is at the site starter, or whether it was fully configured01:48
* SDuensin has no idea01:49
* SDuensin also has company now. Back later!01:49
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elnino_umm. I'm stuck in linux.06:54
elnino_I did some weird keystroke, and I can no longer see my typing, can anyone help?06:54
elnino_I logged out and back in and it didn't clear it.06:55
elnino_and I can't sudo anymore06:55
elnino_I know. it's weird. So I type sudo su and it skips over the prompt for the password.06:57
elnino_I tryed su, and it promptd me for the password, but once I start typing it does a "return" and does invalid password.06:57
elnino_I think I messed up the keyboard somehow while root.06:58
+perlDreamerit's really typing, but there's no echo back of what you're typing?06:59
elnino_but it messes up some of the keys06:59
elnino_P = uparrow06:59
+perlDreamersounds like an alternate key mapping06:59
elnino_I think so too, but I'm not quite sure how it happend. maybe my ctrl key got stuck?07:00
+perlDreamernot sure07:01
elnino_I didn't go anywhere I normally don't go.07:01
+perlDreamerif that was true, everything would have a control character07:01
elnino_woudl a hard rest do?07:01
+perlDreamercan you plug in an external keyboard?07:01
elnino_I'm using putty07:01
elnino_I think the host company has a virtual terminal. They did years ago.07:02
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r63a1d84 / t/Macro/ConvertUTCToTZ.t : Fix a problem with newer DateTimes. - http://bit.ly/boABZ907:02
elnino_but loging out of putty should have reset it, no? or is it tied to my username?07:02
+perlDreamerI don't know, elnino_07:03
+perlDreamerit could be a problem with putty itself07:04
+perlDreameris it giving you problems elsewhere?07:04
* elnino_ looks at putty settings.07:05
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r05015d7 / lib/WebGUI/Group.pm : Remove Product Managers as a protected group. - http://bit.ly/9vPyBj07:18
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rb936464 / (143 files in 73 dirs): Preparing for 7.9.14 release - http://bit.ly/bseOBE07:18
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r9437aed / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.9.15 release. - http://bit.ly/c3v7RV07:30
elnino_don't type ctrl-n or ctrl-o it changes your character set.07:31
+perlDreamerit does that in putty?07:31
elnino_apprantly. I'm not going to try it. that is what the server support guy said.07:31
elnino_no it wasn't putty.07:31
elnino_putty worked fine untill I was logged in.07:31
elnino_then I couldn't see anythign.07:31
+perlDreamerI tried that on the command line, and it didn't do anything07:32
elnino_i'm on ubunto07:32
+perlDreamerwhen you putty in, what's the terminal setting?07:32
+perlDreameris it vt100?07:32
elnino_one sec07:33
elnino_I dunno. that was the default.07:34
+perlDreamerthat's not what we're looking for.  Should be something like vt100, vt102, xterm07:34
elnino_I used to know that stuff.07:34
elnino_yes, vt100 is a choice. but I have ESC[n~07:34
+perlDreamerESC{n~ looks like a shell setting for the terminal line07:34
+perlDreamerjust for kicks, try vt100 and log in again07:35
elnino_Linux, Xterm R6, VT400, VT100+ SCO are my choices.07:35
elnino_and ESC[N~07:35
+perlDreamerXterm R6 is good07:35
+perlDreamerMy laptop here is Ubuntu, and I can Ctrl-N all day long in the terminal and it ignores it07:35
elnino_hmm. I don't notice any difference. 07:37
elnino_oh well. Now that I've wasted my time on that. 07:37
elnino_I'll revisit the xml tomorrow night.07:38
elnino_have a good one!07:38
+perlDreamergood night elnino_07:38
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ryuu_rodoes anyone know where I can crank up the maxsize of the wremonitor?15:40
-!- plainhao [~plainhao@mail.xbiotica.com] has joined #webgui15:41
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Haargmorning perlDreamer18:53
+perlDreamermorning, Haarg :)18:53
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patspamdamn, foursquare won't let me check into the Oqapi office anymore: "Whoa, how'd you get to Oqapi HQ so quickly? To keep it fair, there are no points or badges for super-human speed. Sorry!"19:59
patspammy script was competing with Rory for mayordom19:59
patspamI guess if I stopped checking in anywhere in New York for a day or two it'd work..20:00
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elninoHey! I thought there was a quiz asset in webgui. am I dreaming?23:35
@preactionthe Survey?23:36
+perlDreamerno, but you can setup the Survey to do quizzes23:36
elninook. I'll look at survey.23:37
elninoooh. I like it! http://www.webgui.org/content-managers-guide-wiki/survey Thanks guys for putting this on-line!23:40
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* perlDreamer is off to the office again00:44
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SquOnkpreaction: I thought the .swf files were going away for 7.9.1400:45
@preactionsorry, i forgot. i'll remove them right now, seeing as nobody's even responded to keep them, much less provided source00:46
SquOnkpreaction: Good.00:47
SquOnkpreaction: That might be enough to get the Debian Release Team to include it in Squeeze, since I cannot remove the .swf files from 7.8.24 :-)00:47
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-!- qwebirc570 [187fcc7f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #webgui00:58
qwebirc570I need help with a vertical menu to list the children of the current url01:00
@preactionwhat's the problem?01:01
-!- daviddelikat [~user@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #webgui01:03
qwebirc570The menu is from the Underground theme - it doesn't work with story topic01:05
@preactionso you're trying to list stories under the story topic?01:06
qwebirc570..yes. or list the children of the url the story topic is on01:07
@preactionstories don't show up in navigations unless you have "Show Hidden" set to "yes" in the navigation settings01:09
@preactionstories are always hidden from navigations. if there are too many of them, the speed of your site will suffer01:09
qwebirc570OK. How can I get the children of the url to show up in the side nav menu? Start point type = Relative to current url, - Start point = ./(0), with self & descendants checked01:18
@preactionif no children are showing up, they are probably hidden. On the Display or Security tab, there should be "Show Hidden". you can set that to Yes01:19
-!- perlDreamer [~colink@c-24-20-32-169.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:21
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by ChanServ01:21
qwebirc570The Story Archive is on a child of 'home' and the Story Topic is on 'Home'. Once you click the Story Topic on 'home', shouldn't it list the children of the child in the side nav menu? Currently it doesn't list any items.01:25
+perlDreamerThe stories are not children of the Story Topic01:27
+perlDreamerit only lists the ones that it can find01:27
+perlDreameralso, stories are hidden from Navigation, like Events, or Posts01:27
qwebirc570But the child has 6 children including the Story Archive01:28
+perlDreamerthe Stories are not children of the Story Topic01:29
-!- SquOnk [~emhn@] has quit [Quit: Yippie kay-ai-yay, fudder muckers!]01:29
+perlDreamerand all Stories are hidden from navigation anyway01:29
+perlDreamerpreaction: do you want me to scrub the SWF files during the next 2 releases from the default content?01:36
@preactionthere shouldn't be any in the default content, they should all be in the extras folder01:36
+perlDreamerI should have said "default site as provided by create.sql"01:37
qwebirc570It best to then have a simple 'styled' template (with built-in nav) when you are working with dynamic content assets like Story Archive...01:45
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-!- carogray [~Caroline@174-146-141-199.pools.spcsdns.net] has joined #webgui01:49
+perlDreamerqwebirc570: not necessarily01:58
+perlDreamerThe story assets are supposed to work together to build a site like cnn.com, where per-story navigation isn't necessary.01:58
* perlDreamer will be back in a while01:58
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+perlDreamerahoy, scrottie05:16
+perlDreamerhow's stuff down south?05:16
@scrottiealright, I guess.  hard to say.05:29
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-!- elnino [~ninow@c-98-240-143-131.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui05:57
elninohey. I need some expertise.05:58
elninosomeone is blaming our server for causing 50G of bandwidth in one day.05:58
elninoon their site. 05:58
elninonot exactly sure what to look for.05:58
elninothey decided to ban traffic from our site to theirs - what is the affect of that? I can't really imagine what that really would do.05:59
@preactionno RSS feed requests, perhaps?06:03
@scrottieask for a copy of the logs.  there's no protection against spoofing reverse DNS if you have DNS subdelegated to you.06:05
+perlDreamerelnino, make sure that you're not hosting any large files06:06
+perlDreamerand that everything is cool with the server, like you haven't been rooted and are running a flood of IRC and SPAM bots06:07
+perlDreamerdoes your hoster provide bandwidth monitoring on your end, to double check this?06:07
elninodoes banning our site really do anything to us? it's just denying our access to their site from our server...06:10
@preactionRSS feeds from their site won't work. http proxies to their site won't work. any requests from your site to theirs will not work06:11
elninowe have none of that.06:11
elninowe link to their site via hrefs, that's it.06:11
+perlDreamerthen you should make sure something on your server isn't pushing 50 Gb of data to them06:11
elninobut atht is what is being banned.06:11
elninoI'm sorry, I'm just not an admin.... I did a ps aux and saw nothing.06:12
+perlDreamerif you're rooted, ps lies06:12
@preactionso they're banning by referer, which can be spoofed and is completely stupid to ban by. sorry for them that their site became temporarily popular06:12
+perlDreamertry rkhunter06:12
+perlDreamerbut, as preaction tell you, I'm paranoid06:13
elninobtw, I did ask for logs because these people are very reactionary, and they were looking at a report that had our IP addrss which does nothing for me.  So I'm hoping to get logs, but who knows. Before I even got on the call06:14
elninoshe banned our IP addrss so it was "solved"06:15
elninoI later then stopped our sites and restarted, but really don't know if that did anythign.06:15
elninoI'm really guessing that the two sites are linking to eachother and a spider hit it.06:15
elninoa poorly written spider.06:15
elninobut our reports should have seen a spike too. 06:15
elninobut I don't have access to those. I don't think. 06:16
@scrottieit's hard to say without seeing some logs.06:18
elninoI see no spikes of hits via google analytics.06:18
elninothat's all I got.06:19
elninoI think.06:19
elninohold on. i'm not thinking.06:19
elninook. downloaded rkhunter.06:27
elninoran it.06:28
elninogot: The command '/usr/local/bin/lwp-request' has been replaced by a script: /usr/local/bin/lwp-request: perl script text executable06:28
@preactionthat might be legitimate, depending on what the script does06:30
+perlDreamerto check it, you could always download a fresh copy from CPAN and diff them by hand06:38
+perlDreamercursed foulness06:40
+perlDreamerthat's another dispatch related bug06:40
+perlDreamerif an asset is a child of a layout, and that asset throws an error during prepareView or View, it ends up embedding the entire admin console in it's place06:42
@scrottieelnino, which Linux are you on?06:42
@scrottieand that warning is almost certainly harmless.06:42
elninoall my warnings (8) look harmless:06:43
@scrottieapt-get install debsums and run that.06:44
@scrottiethat'll tell you if any of the binaries installed through apt have been changed.06:45
+perlDreamerwhat if they pulled in a foreign apt repo?06:47
@scrottieshould still work.  dpkg knows where things came from and it knows whether it has checksums or not and if it has checksums, it checks them.06:48
@scrottieunhide-linux26 unhide-posix unhide-tcp ... those are fun.  they try to detect hidden processes and back doors by brute force.06:50
elninowhat's dpkg scrottie?06:56
* elnino is running debsums06:57
elninoi'm getting a bunch of no md5sums06:58
+perlDreamerdpkg is like rpm for Debian OS'es06:59
elninoI ran debsums --changed07:00
@scrottieoh man.  XML::Simple changes key orders around even when you feed it a Tie::IxHash ref and this .NET based SOAP parser can't deal with that.07:02
elninohmm. hosting company did say outbound was riding about 2.7 M since yesterday, but then it died. What system logs would have more details of this?07:03
+perlDreamer2.7M * 15 << 50 Gb07:03
@scrottiesurprised g++ and bzip2 don't have sums.07:04
@scrottieelnino, probably none of the logs.  incoming requests to your machine are likely logged; outgoing ones, almost certainly not.07:04
@scrottieperl SOAP is a disaster.07:05
elninothat's goofy.07:05
elninodo you recommend any software that I can install to monitor outbound?07:05
@scrottieyou can configure iptables, which you already have, to do that.  ask The Google for a tutorial.07:06
@scrottieif I remembered the syntax off hand, I'd tell it to you, but I'd have to look it up and dabble with it myself and I'm getting ready to head out here.07:07
elninoumm. what is camfrogserver?07:07
elninono problem.07:08
@scrottieno clue.07:08
elninothis is weird.07:08
+perlDreamervideo chatroom server07:08
@scrottiestart digging around in a modern Linux and you'll find all sorts of crap.07:09
elninolog files is dated the 12th, and it's mention ing a site that should be there, because that admin was "fired"07:09
elninoSo. maybe he's been doing stuff.07:10
elninothis is just lovely.07:10
elninoI don't want to go there. 07:10
+perlDreameruse the "last" command to check in who logged in last07:10
+perlDreamervideo uses a lot of bandwidth, though...07:10
elninoI know.. that's what made me start thinking. but just poor me logs in.07:11
elninolastb shows the "bad admin"07:13
+perlDreamernot good07:13
+perlDreamermake copies of all log files and contact the owner07:13
+perlDreamercopy the log files off the server, and then disable BA's account07:13
+perlDreamerdoes the server allow root logins?07:13
elninoIt didn't a long time ago. I'll double check.07:14
+perlDreamerpasswd -l username # to lock the account07:14
@scrottieset the login shell of all accounts to /bin/false unless there's an actual, real person who needs to connect to that account.07:15
* scrottie &07:18
+perlDreamer'night scrottie07:18
elninobye scrottie07:19
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]07:23
* perlDreamer is going to call it a night, too07:31
+perlDreamerlater, all07:31
-!- perlDreamer [~colink@pool-173-50-255-102.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]07:31
elninopreation.. please check my logic.  if we have a mp3 on our site, and these people link to it. and someone comes to Their site to view the mp3, who's bandwidth is it taking up?07:37
elninospecifically, lets say they have a player on their site playing it07:37
elninoit would be both, no?07:38
elninoso.. if it's a 2.7M mp3 and 15 people on their site listen to it, that's 40G taken up on their side?07:39
-!- stDavid [~stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Quit: zzzzzzzzzz]08:33
elninoopps I misspelled preaction. 08:34
elninonight time now.08:34
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+bartjolmmm, send a pull request to the wrong wg branch16:26
+bartjolis this a problem?16:37
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-!- SDuensin1 [~scott@173-28-73-10.client.mchsi.com] has joined #webgui16:48
+bartjolhowdy Scott, are you a giot expert?17:01
SDuensin1git scares me.17:02
+bartjolmm, the fit desc on webgui.org does assume repo access17:10
+bartjolah, I got it right this time17:17
+bartjolnow closing the old one17:19
+bartjolwell did that too17:20
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+bartjolmmm, looking at the duplicate international tags again17:46
+bartjolfor instance Asset_Product/quantity is equal to WebGUI/556, so I suppose the latter one should be used. 17:47
+perlDreamermakes sense to me17:48
+bartjolbut in the Product script, do we want to 17:48
+bartjola create another i18n object17:48
+bartjolb use the international get method17:48
+bartjolad b inline that is17:48
+perlDreamerthis would be easier if there were no namespaces at all ...17:50
+bartjolyes it would17:50
+bartjolbut there are17:50
+perlDreamerI would say use the namespace propert of the international get method17:50
+bartjoloh, I can reset namespace of the i18n object?17:51
+bartjolthat would be nice17:51
+bartjolI see17:51
+perlDreamer$i18n->get('556', 'WebGUI');17:52
+perlDreamerthat'll do the right thing17:52
+perlDreamerno need to reset the whole object17:52
+bartjolyeah, now I see17:52
+perlDreamerfor making 1 call17:52
+bartjolyeah, that seemed quite intrusive too17:52
-!- SquOnk [~emhn@] has joined #webgui17:58
+bartjolthere is even 1 double in WebGUI.pm17:58
+bartjol348 and 76817:58
+perlDreamerthat's odd, any i18n with a number key is from way, way back like 5.x days18:00
@preactionelnino_: linking would not cause the traffic they're talking about, and linking is not something bad, they wouldn't ban for that18:00
+bartjolwell they aren't used in the code as far as I can see18:00
+bartjolbut maybe in templates18:01
+bartjolok , the backtracing to code is do-able, but in templates it won't be18:02
+perlDreamerIt is18:03
+perlDreamerthere's a test that does it18:03
+perlDreamert/i18n/templates.t, I think it is18:04
+perlDreamerName could also be used in a user profile field18:06
+bartjolyeah, and in Asset_product (tag 59)18:07
+bartjolwell, then I have the first duplicate removed in my local branch18:08
@preactionhttp://restcards.whatfettle.com/ <- someone should take these and add them to http://thegamecrafter.com18:11
+bartjoljoy, setup my git repo next to my install, have to do that again18:11
+perlDreamerpreaction, that's a great idea18:13
+perlDreamerexcept the headers are too small18:14
@preactionwell that can be fixed18:14
+perlDreamerand its all done in CSS instead of images18:14
@preactioni should write a script that uses Graphics::Primitive to write the images for TGC18:14
@preactionlibcairo ftw!18:14
+perlDreamerand they say _I'm_ scary smart18:15
+perlDreamerjust because I used to hack silicon instead of perl18:15
@preactioneh, it's just applied knowledge. intelligence is being able to connect dots18:16
@preactionbut you have to have the dots firs18:16
@khennhas anyone ever had an issue with the following syntax using template toolkit:18:27
@khenn<!--[if IE 6]>18:27
@khennit is stripping that out for some reason18:27
+perlDreamerkhenn, that's an HTML comment18:28
@khennyes I know18:28
+perlDreamerif you use Template packing, it will remove it18:28
@khennthat's probably it18:28
@preactionbartjol: the commit didn't seem to come through with your pull request18:33
+bartjolno, I lost it too18:33
+bartjolnew request...18:35
* perlDreamer goes to the gym18:36
+bartjolsecond try18:37
+bartjolpreaction: is this one better?18:38
@preactionyep. just can't find the button in github to merge it18:39
elnino_I'm just getting sick over this whole bandwidth situation perlDreamer and preaction.18:39
+bartjolmy $contribToWg8 ne '';18:41
+bartjolok, I will be trying to get the i18n duplicates in tonight, so if I sound a bit gloomy tomorrow, don't take offence18:44
CIA-21webgui: Bart Jol WebGUI8 * r4c4ff79 / lib/Spectre/Admin.pm : added WebGUI::Config in lib/Spectre/Admin.pm - http://bit.ly/bmA2RC18:44
+bartjolmmm, maybe first trigger the problem of the excess of Dutch, German and Spanish tags18:47
+bartjolthanks for the appreciation patspam, If I would do the some for you, I wouldn't have any time left (chapter one of greasing up a future google employee)18:49
-!- stDavid [~stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui19:11
elnino_please check my math:  50 million 100M downloads = 50 Gigs?19:18
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@5357069A.cable.casema.nl] has joined #webgui19:25
patspambartjol: :)19:29
patspamimpressed with your git[hub] skills!19:29
+bartjolyeah, after too much time I succeeded19:29
patspamtotally stacked my bike yesterday19:32
patspamgoing to have to buy new handlebars19:32
patspamand got some nice scrapes on my arms & hip as a souvenir19:33
+bartjolnew ahndlebars? that must have been a heavy drop19:35
patspamyeah, I slid across the road for about 3 metres19:35
patspamlycra is really amazing, saved me from much worse grazing19:35
+bartjolow, those scrapes are terrible19:35
+bartjolah, with jeans on, they're not that good (out of experience)19:36
patspamand my cycling gloves basically saved our $work project from being delayed => zero cuts on my hands19:36
patspamouch, yeah, jeans probably rip to shreds?19:37
+bartjolno, the jeans themselves not, but your skin reacts like being bare19:37
+bartjolmmm the translationserver does write a whole file on an update, right?19:43
+bartjolmmm, at the moment I got my script so far as to say it deletes them, but not really wrting it yet (or write it in an unexpected dir :)19:44
-!- carogray [~Caroline@] has joined #webgui20:00
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has joined #webgui20:01
-!- mode/#webgui [+o scrottie] by ChanServ20:01
@scrottiebartjol, nope, not a git expert.20:02
@scrottiebartjol, but if you have a specific question, I might be able to answer it.20:03
+bartjol you come like mustard after the meal20:03
@scrottieheh =)20:04
+bartjolstill thanks for the offer20:04
+bartjolthat's a dutch proverb20:04
+perlDreamerpatspam, I think it's time to come clean20:06
Haargnot complete at all but if i get some time to work on it it shouldn't take too long20:12
+bartjolI am making a script that removes alle extra tags20:12
+bartjolit was working, but in the wrong dir20:12
patspamperlDreamer: how so?20:17
-!- preaction [~doug@li79-149.members.linode.com] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]20:17
+perlDreamerdude, you were in the left lane taking a picture of a cute girl on a bike and you wrecked20:18
+perlDreamerthen you photoshopped in the dog to cover it up20:18
patspamheh so true20:18
+perlDreamerno one even noticed the dog; you had to point it out to keep up the ruse20:18
patspamfor those that missed it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/patspam/4996529210/in/set-72157624969686574/20:21
+bartjolHaarg my code is a bit messy, but I'll clean it up20:22
+bartjolthe dog is the thing coming out of the helmet?20:22
+bartjolit writes the files now, but it still seems to think that the tags exist, prolly a wrong path, but now I'm getting hungry20:24
+bartjolah, I had to look at the next picture20:25
+bartjolI was just taking a guess20:25
patspamit's funny, helen didn't see it even after showing her the zoomed in version.. hence the third one with the big red arrow20:27
ryuu_rohey guys did you see this one20:29
+perlDreamerI'm glad you survived okay, patspam20:29
patspamthanks :)20:30
ryuu_roI had serious server problems today with wremonitor killing processes20:30
+bartjolwell, I saw something like that at oqapi today 20:30
ryuu_roand failed to startup again20:30
ryuu_royeah dude :) that was me....20:30
+perlDreameryou oqapi guys, always using up all the memory...20:31
ryuu_royeah, but I don't konw why it happened20:31
+bartjoland discspace20:31
+bartjoland the semaphores20:31
ryuu_rofreaking semaphores20:31
+perlDreamerand the inodes?20:31
ryuu_rohad over 700 of them20:31
+bartjolthey're greedier then a array20:31
ryuu_rothat was the diskspace error20:31
ryuu_robut I had CHI installed20:32
ryuu_roso there's the difference20:33
ryuu_rocould it maybe have something to do with the upgrade?20:33
patspamryuu_ro: foursquare won't let me check into Oqapi anymore.. "Whoa, how'd you get to Oqapi HQ so quickly? To keep it fair, there are no points or badges for super-human speed. Sorry!"20:34
+perlDreamerryuu_ro, since CHI is a driver, and CHI uses Moose, then more memory will be used20:35
ryuu_ro:D really, they must not know that you have superhuman powers and fly faster than light20:35
ryuu_rook, so cranking up the modperl processes would do the trick right?20:36
ryuu_robut I did that a long time ago20:36
ryuu_roand it's the wremonitor that kills the processes 20:36
+perlDreamerwremonitor has limits, too20:36
ryuu_roand modproxy won't restart anymore20:36
ryuu_roah ok20:36
ryuu_rocan be adjust those?20:36
+perlDreameryes, I believe they're in the wre.conf file20:38
ryuu_rolet me check20:38
+bartjolapache\max blub20:39
+bartjol(he didn't listen to me today)20:39
+perlDreamerbartjol, they never listen the sys-admins20:40
+perlDreamerit's tragic20:40
ryuu_rodude I was freaking out because the server was down and the failover didn't work20:40
ryuu_rostupid hetzner failover :(20:40
+bartjolwhen you're freaking out, it is the most important to listen to me20:40
+bartjolstress handling management20:41
+bartjol... sounds double, but management must be good20:41
ryuu_rowhen I'm freaking out I want you to take care of it!!!!!20:41
+bartjolhey, it isn't a server we controll20:42
+bartjolI should bill oqapi for today20:42
ryuu_roow, in that case......20:42
ryuu_roi should bill procolix to have lunch with me moehahahahaha20:42
+bartjolrory, are you wearing a mask?20:42
ryuu_rohehehe, that only works in Dutch20:43
+bartjoltoo bad20:43
ryuu_rook, so apache -> maxMemory should be adjusted too20:43
+perlDreamerthat's a good place to start20:44
ryuu_rothat sounds fair20:44
+perlDreameralso, for Apache::SizeLimit, there's a setting in modperl.conf I believe20:44
+perlDreamerbut one at a time20:44
+perlDreamersince you're so excitable, and wearing a mask that only works in Dutch20:44
ryuu_royeah the SizeLimit is already op20:44
ryuu_roplease forget this conversation perlDreamer20:44
+perlDreamerSometimes you foreigners drive me nuts.  Can't you just speak English!!!???20:45
+bartjolfirends, o friends the cookie is up20:45
ryuu_romake that the cat wise20:46
+bartjolthe dutch ex prime minister just made a good example of "the pot blames the catle that it black seas"20:46
ryuu_rohehehehe nice one20:46
ryuu_roso, what would an advisable sizelimit? Or what I should ask since I'm not a server expert. How can I find the advisable sizelimit for my server?20:49
+perlDreamertake the total server memory20:51
+perlDreamersubtract out all things like OS, MySQL and some for modproxy20:51
+perlDreamerdivide by the maximum number of children20:51
+perlDreamerthat's worst case20:51
+perlDreamerbut worst case doesn't happen very often20:52
+perlDreamerso maybe derate by 0.7 or 0.5 or something20:52
+perlDreamereither that, or ask bartjol so he can bill oqapi20:52
ryuu_roNEVER!! :)20:52
ryuu_rothanks perlDreamer20:52
+perlDreamermaybe slip him some beer and some homecooked food then20:52
+bartjolto bad sausage cheese doesn't happen very often20:52
-!- preaction [~preaction@li79-149.members.linode.com] has joined #webgui20:53
ryuu_rosausage cheese?20:53
-!- preaction [~preaction@li79-149.members.linode.com] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]20:53
+perlDreamerfried cheese curds...20:53
+perlDreamerthat's funny20:53
+bartjolworst - case20:53
ryuu_roAHHH, dutchisms again :)20:54
+bartjolI know I'm funny20:54
+bartjolit is amost fridayafternoon20:54
-!- preaction [~preaction@li79-149.members.linode.com] has joined #webgui20:54
+perlDreamerall this talking about food is making me hungry20:54
+bartjolyeah, me too20:55
+bartjolao farewell and goodbye20:55
ryuu_ropatspam: Bondi Beach is on20:55
ryuu_roand Maxi just came in third in the Iron man :)20:55
patspamenjoy :)20:55
-!- bartjol [~bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]20:58
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ21:18
+perlDreamerwe have duplicatage!21:25
@preactionI DEMAND PROOF!21:26
+perlDreamerdoes that mean to push the proof button?21:27
@preactionoh. damnit. why come you can duplicate that bug and i cants?21:27
+perlDreamerbecause I'm on linux, and not MacOS X21:28
@preactionriiight, blame the OS for a browser problem.21:28
+perlDreamerbut it's not a problem on your end :)21:28
+perlDreamerand I already see another bug21:28
* perlDreamer eats some lunch22:14
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* perlDreamer is off to pickup kids, back in 3023:57
--- Day changed Fri Sep 17 2010
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+perlDreamerokay, 3100:28
+perlDreamerI hate being dumber than javascript00:34
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@scrottieI hate being dumber than .NET SOAP.05:18
@scrottiewell, that works, I guess.05:18
@scrottieit warms my heart how JSON virtually annihilated SOAP.05:22
@scrottiegood riddance.05:22
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SDuensin1Morning all.16:44
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+bartjolwat nou17:10
SDuensin1wish i knew17:28
+bartjolsorry that was directed at that Hagenees17:29
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+bartjolandyiomoon: isn't it in the middle of the night for you?17:53
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elninogood morning!18:20
elninoI don't knwo what happend, but on my site, I have literally hundreds of version tags that haven't been committed, is there a sql statement I can run to "commit" these?18:21
elninoor delete these?18:21
elninothey all pertain to an event on my calendar. I was trying ti import an ics, and I'm thinking it went a bit awol.18:21
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patspamscrottie0: what's your plainblack email address?18:27
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* scrottie0 unidles here too20:26
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* perlDreamer takes some lunch22:03
patspamwow, I just had an enjoyable afternoon with WebGUI::Form22:36
patspamnever thought I'd say that22:37
patspamcustom Form classes + UserProfiling is pretty awesome when it does what you want22:38
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+perlDreamerpatspam, I've been working on a solution to the dynamic form + JS in the body problem23:20
--- Day changed Sat Sep 18 2010
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+perlDreamerman, it's quiet on Friday afternoons01:26
@scrottieI'm making a pigeon-rat in Perl.01:27
@preactionso, the drawbacks of both and the benefits of neither?01:28
lonkisounds like an emacs clone01:28
-!- andyiomoon [~andyiomoo@ppp163-26.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui01:34
@scrottiethe LWP HTTPS bindings are a mess.01:34
@scrottieNet::SSLeay is a reasonably complete Perl binding for openssl but that's several layers down the stack from LWP and aside from diddling things at startup, it really doesn't give you access to it.  I started just pasting the code out from the code path where the *actual* text of the request (which is very different from $request->as_string) but ratio of code I'd have to paste versus what I could reuse by way of method calls was too high01:38
@scrottieparsing the response is the same story... scattered all over, none of it where you'd expect it to be, monolithic functions01:38
@scrottieso, I guess I'll try Net::SSLeay's scary looking HTTPS API.01:39
@scrottiethis is the sort of thing that would be easily solved by an implementation of Acme::ComeFrom that supported coming from line numbers.01:40
@preactioncan't you give LWP an HTTP::Request object? would HTTP::Request accept some sort of SSL stuffs?01:40
lonkidid you try this with a certificate accepted?01:41
@scrottieyou can certainly give LWP::UserAgent an HTTP::Request object.01:42
@scrottieHTTP::Request does some SSL stuff but it doesn't expose a lot of the SSLeay API.  for example, by default, it doesn't even check the server-side cert against the hostname.  but it has hooks for doing that, after the request is sent.01:43
@scrottieit does not have hooks for lots of other things.01:43
@scrottieexamples floating around on the 'net (always a dubious proposition) try to work around this by rigging which SSL implementation LWP will use (SSLeay being one possible one) and then diddling SSLeay at BEGIN { } time to use different defaults.01:44
lonkihell, even in .net it is easy to use ssl01:44
@scrottieI was hoping I could get a text representation of the actual request data easily enough.  it winds up being about 30 lines of cut and paste code from various places.  the case for getting the response and parsing it far worse.  if I could have done that easily, it could easily glue Net::SSLeay and LWP together myself.01:45
@scrottielinki:  sad thing is I'm trying to do SOAP on top of this and Perl SOAP implementations are wretched.01:45
@scrottiePerlDreamer:  is that better, re: quiet Friday afternoon?01:46
lonkiscrottie, hmmm01:46
lonkiI only picked up perl _again_ just for fun, this doesn't sound like it will be :-)01:46
@scrottielonki, oh, there's lots and lots of fun stuff in Perl.01:47
lonkimaybe I should stick to ...01:47
lonkiphp? :-)01:47
lonkiI know perl is fun01:48
@scrottiewell, I was considering cutting and pasting relatively *little* code compared to a typical day of programming PHP01:48
@scrottieit's the business-y things that often get neglected in Perl... HTTPS, SOAP...01:49
@scrottiebut on the other hand, Perl doesn't have a good PyGame counterpart.01:49
lonkiI only do some webgui, cacti and nagios stuff in perl01:49
lonkinext to spamikaze01:49
lonkibut even that is long ago01:50
lonkistarted using net::snmp again this week, just for fun and shear utterly bad feelings about what is around01:51
lonkifew lines of perl got me much more info then what is available01:52
+perlDreamerscrottie, I prefer a good, spirited conversation01:56
@scrottieperlDreamer, shall I troll, then?01:57
@scrottieperlDreamer:  feel free to comment on any of the opinions I've expressed.01:59
@preactionbut are they opinions or are they statements of fact?02:00
+perlDreamerThe only thing I know about HTTPS, is that there's an S at the end of HTTP02:00
@scrottieI also commented that Perl lacked something like PyGame and that Acme::ComeFrom would have solved this problem (okay, that was borderline trolling)02:01
+perlDreamerI would like to see perl get python's debugger before it got PyGame, but that's practicality speaking02:01
lonkiow my, landed in a channel that is hosting emacs/vi discussions :-)02:02
@scrottiehuh, haven't seen it.02:02
@scrottieevery now and then, I try one of the Tk debuggers for perl but they never get very far before coredumping or having some other critical problem.02:03
@scrottieif you're bored, check out perldoc Net::SSLeay.  the example for get_https3 has verbiage after it including "To do the verification correctly you must either employ the OpenSSL certificate verification framework or use the lower level API to first connect and verify the certificate..."02:04
@scrottiethen scroll down to the "Lowlevel Routines" section.02:04
+perlDreamerwell, first of all the command-line completion is awesome02:04
+perlDreamerit's smart enough to introspect objects and give you method completion02:05
+perlDreamerso, $asset-><TAB>02:05
+perlDreamergives you a list of methods02:05
+perlDreamerthat should be enough to whet your appetite02:05
@scrottienice.  don't some of the Perl IDEs (Komodo?) do that too?02:05
+perlDreameryes, but you have to have an IDE to have that in perl02:05
+perlDreamerand who wants to use that, instead of emacs/vi?02:06
@scrottiethe only thing there that's surprising is that the vim guys haven't stolen that from Komodo yet.02:06
lonkilike there is a choice when working on nix :-)02:06
@scrottieor maybe that ActiveState hasn't targetted the vim/emacs audience rather than trying to sell IDEs to cranky old sysadmins.02:06
lonkiscrottie, there was tab completion in vi before Komode was around ;-)02:07
lonkivim 02:07
@scrottieI have in the past run perltags to generate ctags compat tags files but OO kinda kills that.02:07
@scrottiebut then again, in Perl code, it's surprising how often polymorphism isn't actually used, and there's only one definition of any given method name anywhere.02:08
+perlDreameryeah, and ctags still gets you close02:08
+perlDreamerI'm done with the code for helping WebGUI::Form controls put their JS and CSS into the HEAD tag02:09
@scrottieawesome.  you solving that problem means that I will never even encounter it.02:10
+perlDreameryou will02:10
+perlDreamerin custom code02:10
+perlDreamerand in the core code that doesn't take advantage of it yet02:10
+perlDreamerlike Thingy, UserList02:10
+perlDreamerso far, the only thing that takes advantage of it is the DataForm02:11
+perlDreamerand, it doesn't handle inline scripts that need real code02:12
+perlDreamerall that needs to be bundled up into the JS that goes at the bottom of the HTML02:12
+perlDreamerbut, and this is big, I don't think there are any style which use the new body_attachments/head_attachments template variables02:12
+perlDreamerso, even if I adapt it, it won't help people out.02:13
@scrottiehrm.  how much of a project is it to update an entire style?02:15
+perlDreamerby hand, not hard at all.  It's just manual effort02:16
+perlDreamerhead.tags becomes head_attachments02:16
+perlDreamerand body_attachments goes whereever frodwith_ thinks that it needs to02:16
+perlDreamerat the bottom, IIRC02:16
@scrottieoh deary me...02:22
@scrottiehttp://gist.github.com/585135  # from Net::SSLeay02:22
@scrottieessentially, if($content) { $content = stuff that should be stuck into headers }02:23
+perlDreamerare you sure the headers are unavailable at that point?02:24
@scrottiethe headers are available at that point.02:24
@scrottie$content = "Content-Type: $mime_type$CRLF" . "Content-Length: $len$CRLF$CRLF$content";  # this statement is false02:24
@scrottieby the time he's done clobbering $content, it is no longer the length he measured it as being.02:25
@scrottieso, my SOAP message is not making it to the server intact.02:25
+perlDreamerthat's bad02:25
+perlDreamersend him a patch with some tests02:25
lonkishouldn't the head get the size?02:25
lonkiwell, $len supposes it does I think :-)02:26
@scrottiewe're telling the server how much data to read in the request body (after the headers).02:27
@scrottieit knows the headers are done when it sees \r\n\r\n but then it needs to know how much more stuff to read (for POST data, or SOAP data, or whatever).02:27
@scrottiebut that's part of the headers... the amount of body to read is not in the body and it certainly shouldn't be the entire body ;)02:27
+perlDreamernow that you know that it does it, you could pad the content with a bunch of whitespace at the end02:28
+perlDreamerthat's hackish, but it should work02:28
+perlDreamerand it's better than losing significant characters02:29
@scrottiehmm?  I can't do anything to the content.  it gets overwritten.02:29
+perlDreamerdon't you send it the original $content?02:29
+perlDreamerthat subroutine prepends some stuff and lies about the number of bytes02:30
+perlDreamerso your content, the good stuff, gets truncated by the server02:30
+perlDreamerso, append a bunch of whitespace to your submitted content02:30
+perlDreamerif the server chops that off, who cares?02:30
lonkihakkish, that is the word02:31
+perlDreamerand the generated XML will be the same in any case02:31
+perlDreamerlying about the content like I suggested02:31
+perlDreamervery hackish02:31
@scrottiethat subroutine overwrites $content with other stuff, unconditionally.  I can't send any message body to the server.02:31
@scrottieI can't post anything.02:31
+perlDreamerthat's not what you pasted02:32
+perlDreamer$content = "NEW STUFF$content"02:32
+perlDreamerthat's string append02:32
@scrottieduh, okay, I missed that being in there.02:32
@scrottiethat makes more sense.02:32
lonkiperlDreamer, there real question is why there is a little lie about the content length02:35
+perlDreameroh yeah, I agree lonki02:35
+perlDreamerhe should have precalculated the string02:35
+perlDreameror, should have pushed it into the headers, since it gets a headers object02:36
lonkithis reminds me of a challange some hacker gave me02:36
lonkithey wanted to hack an 18+ site02:37
lonkiso I teased them a little to see what they attempted to break the js code02:37
lonkiand had the real thing running server side :-)02:37
@scrottiewell, this scary code seems to actually work.02:41
@scrottiebitwise negate work or approximately work?02:42
@scrottieor work's home directory?02:43
+perlDreamerpossibly negating02:43
+perlDreamerbut YMMV02:43
@scrottieI did have to read through it to figure out which headers I had to roll up myself and which ones it was mindlessly (or conditionally) sticking in.02:43
lonkiwouldn't it save time to fix the original code?03:09
@scrottiehmm?  LWP you mean?03:09
@scrottiethat would certainly save other people time ;)03:09
-!- fokat [~lem@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]03:11
@scrottielonki, seems to work.  I was just reluctant to use Net::SSLeay's HTTP implementation.03:11
@scrottieand then it didn't work for me right away when I did try it.03:12
lonkinight all, I need some sleep03:25
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elninohey! is snippet going to have a "display title" in the newer versions?04:02
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+bartjolKlausH: might you be able to look at my forim post http://www.webgui.org/forums/deutsche-benutzergruppe/duplicate-i18n#idCiJZyetBkBGZ6h74TSwzew and reply, no hurry, but it would be convenient for comparison17:05
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elninoGood morning!17:10
elninoI'm running win 2000 or win xp, what vmware do you recommend for me to get webgui going on either of these machines?17:10
+bartjoloh, I believe it is the vmware application17:12
+bartjolnever installed that one myself, but since there isn't a wre supported for windows anymore that should be the way to go17:13
elninoBut I think I need a "VMWare Player Version 2 compatible virtual machine"17:13
+bartjolah, that might be true17:14
elninoand that's what I'm wondering what I should install. =)17:14
+bartjolwell, look at the wre's in sourceforge17:14
jigouYou're setting that up primarily for local testing, I assume?17:16
+bartjoland what platform had the most recent (which will be to old, so definetly run testEnvironmen)t17:18
+bartjoland what platform you like best17:19
jigouI think the standard VMWare Player is what I used when I was playing with it locally.17:19
+bartjolmmm, I made my laptop dual boot and am running it on ubuntu now17:21
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+perlDreamergood morning, everybody17:46
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+perlDreamerbartjol: do you have a moment?18:03
elninojigou - what is the "standard" player? 18:04
+bartjolperlDreamer: what's up18:04
elninooh. that's actually a product called that.. I see.18:05
-!- aronchi [d5d1d75a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #webgui18:05
+perlDreamerthat .pm file in the Spanish translation?18:05
+perlDreamerit's not in the 7.9.14 package18:05
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9277815 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Session/Form.pm): Move logging level for validToken debugging from WARN to INFO. Fixes bug #11868 - http://bit.ly/blRUao18:05
+bartjoloh, maybe it is in another18:05
+perlDreamerit's probably leftover from earlier packages18:05
aronchiHi to all18:05
+bartjoland just l;ingered around somehow18:05
jigouelnino: I believe it's also free.18:05
+bartjolthen it will be harder to track18:05
aronchiIs it possible to get from a content handler the html result of a request?18:05
elninoso, I install that, install centos, then the wg vmwre package?18:05
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r4edccf7 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Session/Form.pm): Move logging level for validToken debugging from WARN to INFO. Fixes bug #11868 - http://bit.ly/cCR0z818:06
+bartjolaronchi: I think si, but can you be a bit more specific18:06
aronchiI must create a PDF from an HTML with htmldoc18:07
aronchiI've generated the HTML, now I need to pass it in some way18:07
aronchito HTMLDoc 18:07
aronchithere's a binding for perl, and I thought a content handler would be the right place18:08
aronchibut I don't know if it's possible to intercept the output before it's returned to user18:08
aronchito pass it to htmldoc instead user browser18:08
+bartjolwell, or a workflow might be better18:08
elninojigou - so, I install that, install centos, then the wg vmwre package?18:09
aronchi+bartjol : I need to create pdf on the fly18:10
+perlDreameraronchi, by default, all output goes straight into Apache18:10
+perlDreamersubsequent content handlers in WebGUI cannot touch the output18:10
jigouelnino: you should be able to install that, then just open the vmware package. It has centos, wre and WebGUI installed in the package.18:10
+perlDreamerso, your options are do a modperl handler directly18:11
elninoha. oh. That is MUCH easier... =) Do you know whether or not I can install an older version of wg with the vmware?18:11
+perlDreameror, look inside WebGUI::Session::Output, and find the options for setting the output filehandle18:12
+perlDreamerthat would be done before the output is generated18:12
+perlDreamerand then after the output is generated, you pull the data out of your special filehandle (like a tied scalar or array), create the PDF, and return that instead18:12
+perlDreamerThis will be much easier in WebGUI 8, where we pass around HTTP::Response objects18:13
+perlDreamerelnino, there's a VMWare image for 7.6.24, if that helps18:13
+perlDreamerand you could upgrade it to the point that you need by hand18:13
+bartjolperlDreamer: is that doable, to get rid of that .pm file? it is not that I'm the only one seeing it, right?18:13
+perlDreamerno, you're the first to report a bug about it18:14
jigouelnino: Yes you can. The VMWare package I used came with 7.5.23, and I backed that up to 7.4.19 with no problem. 18:14
+perlDreamerit's just that I found it a while ago and removed it18:14
elninoperlDreamer - OR maybe... I have 7.7.28 backups. are there compatibilyt issues if installled immediate onto a  7.8.23-stable?18:14
+perlDreamerelnino, yes!18:14
+perlDreamerdon't do that18:14
elninosweet. thanks jigou - Nice to meet you, I haven't talked with you before.18:14
+perlDreamersource and data must match versions18:14
+perlDreamerjigou did a WUC talk on VMWare, I believe18:15
elninoI wasn't there.18:15
jigouyes, I did. Kinda makes me happy that I finally got around to joining IRC and can actually answer a question!18:16
+perlDreamerjigou: have you tried the new VMWare image that I published last week?18:16
elninolol. Well then I know who to talk to when I do this soon.18:16
jigouI have not. 18:16
+perlDreamerI didn't formally announce it yet, because it's my first, and I'd like it to be given a spin18:16
+perlDreameryou game?18:17
+bartjolaronchi:  you also might be cheaper, using http://search.cpan.org/~audreyt/PDF-FromHTML-0.31/lib/PDF/FromHTML.pm18:17
jigouI'm toying with doing some server swaps in the near future anyway....so yes, but probably not for a day or two?18:17
jigou(or maybe longer....)18:18
+perlDreamerif you have time, that would be awesome18:18
+perlDreameraside from the WRE and WebGUI changes, I also installed screen18:19
+perlDreamerthat's about the whole list of changes that I did on purpose18:19
jigou:-)  I've put it on my list.18:19
+perlDreamerIt was cool to see that VirtualBox would read the VMWare file and work with it.18:20
CIA-21wgdev: Graham Knop tree-ls * r6dff30b / lib/WGDev/Command/Ls.pm : add tree option to ls - http://bit.ly/bsWMY818:36
+bartjolmm, I see that the uniqueProductLocations (7.9.13-7.9.14) function isn't called in the 7.9.13-7.10.0 script, any specific reasons?18:37
+bartjolbecause I upgraded to 7.9.14 already, and don't wanna break anything to seriously18:39
+bartjol(it is only a test site)18:40
+perlDreamerbecause uniqueProductLocations is in 7.9.1418:43
+perlDreamerand will also be in 7.10.118:43
+bartjolbut not 7.10.018:43
+bartjolfair enough18:44
+perlDreamerwait until tomorrow, and all your product locations will be unique18:44
+bartjolthey already are18:44
+bartjolI have to comment that sub out18:44
+perlDreameris it very slow?18:45
+bartjolotherwise I get a singular point of uniqueness and my site will coolapse18:45
+bartjoloh, wait, I've got a test httpd pwd file18:45
+perlDreameroh no, the upgrade sub is smarter than that.  If a product is already unique, it doesn't touch it18:46
+bartjolless worries for me then18:47
+perlDreamerbelieve it or not, I do try to make upgrading easy on users ;)18:47
SDuensinNo way!  I don't buy that!  :-P18:47
+bartjolaccept with paydrivers :P18:47
+bartjolthen it autofails18:48
SDuensinAutofail is nice.  Manually failing sucks.18:48
+perlDreamerhave to autofail18:48
+perlDreamereither the upgrade fails and you know that you have to fix it18:48
+perlDreameror, your site fails and it costs you sales18:48
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf1af76a / (2 files in 2 dirs): Try cleaning out the bad spanish bare .pm file again. Fixes bug #11875. - http://bit.ly/9itUCQ18:49
+perlDreamerbesides, I thought we fixed that one?18:49
+bartjolyeah, I can understand that, I was just teasing, you fixed the documentation18:49
* perlDreamer is too thin skinned on Monday mornings18:50
+bartjolyou can stand a bit of teasing I may hope...18:50
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r6fd949a / (2 files in 2 dirs): Try cleaning out the bad spanish bare .pm file again. Fixes bug #11875. - http://bit.ly/cRc4NO18:51
+bartjolwell, let's go beta then18:52
+bartjol10 to 6 pm, the best time to try beta installs :)18:52
+bartjoloh and now it's gonna think it doesn't need an upgrade18:54
+perlDreamersilly WebGUI.  It never does what it is told18:56
+perlDreamerUpgrade!  (No, I don't need to upgrade)18:56
+bartjoljust rename the upgrade file18:57
+bartjolI was fearing UI had to go into the db'18:58
+bartjolwell, fearing is a bitt too much18:58
-!- ryuu_ro [~rory@5357069A.cable.casema.nl] has joined #webgui19:05
+bartjolryuu_ro: I also removed the .pm file on the oqapi server19:09
+bartjolit will be in the upgrade script19:09
ryuu_roah cool, thanks19:09
+bartjolwell, Colin did the last part19:10
+bartjolI just made your log file smaller19:10
+bartjoloh, and I wrecked the user creation template on sleutelpapa19:11
+perlDreamerwgd edit to the rescue!19:11
+bartjolwill be fixing that tomorrow19:11
+bartjoldoes it have a cape? can it moo?19:11
+perlDreamerno, but it can outdrink a Dutchie19:11
+perlDreamerand, you can fix templates from the command line19:12
+bartjolI always template directly in the db ;)19:12
+bartjolno fuss with the code editor19:13
ryuu_robartjol: I don't think I have much time for sleutelpapa tommorow19:13
+bartjolwell, I will have time I think19:13
+bartjolto bad for mr Compier19:13
ryuu_roI almost finished the paydriver19:13
+perlDreamercustom paydriver?19:13
ryuu_royep, it's for Ideal19:13
+bartjolalomost?, almost? almost is not good enough you squire!19:14
ryuu_roIdeal is an payment gateway used here19:14
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2766b72 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/findBrokenAssets.pl): let findBrokenAssets.pl find and use custom assets instead of reporting them as broken. Fixes bug #11873 - http://bit.ly/9onLNs19:16
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * rebdf8f0 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/findBrokenAssets.pl): let findBrokenAssets.pl find and use custom assets instead of reporting them as broken. Fixes bug #11873 - http://bit.ly/dq5L8M19:16
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r317a4d7 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/findBrokenAssets.pl): Let findBrokenAssets.pl display the className of broken assets. Thanks Knowmad! - http://bit.ly/a95sry19:20
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r15c7551 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/findBrokenAssets.pl): Let findBrokenAssets.pl display the className of broken assets. Thanks Knowmad! - http://bit.ly/9zQvRA19:20
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+perlDreamerit's time for the yearly whine about "shortcut by criteria"19:58
@preactionwait, yearly? I whine about it ALL THE TIME19:58
+perlDreamercan we kill it in 7.10?20:00
@preactionunfortunately no, as we have no replacement for it20:00
@preactionif we had a specific asset that did that and only that, then we could remove those bits of Shortcut20:01
+perlDreamerI keep thinking that it's worthless, but jigou uses it for something20:02
+perlDreamerand it doesn't work with checklists at all20:02
jigouI'm not using it yet, but I'm starting to look into it pretty heavily....20:02
@preactionyeah, that's really the reason why we can't just remove it now. someone is using it :p20:02
+perlDreamerha! He's not using it yet.  It's gone20:02
@preactionoh, then perhaps you'll see what a horrible solution it really is :(20:02
jigouI was going to post on the support board to see if we could come up with something better....20:02
@preactionwell, what's the end goal?20:03
jigouThe end goal is to be able to display content that is tagged with metadata.20:03
+perlDreamerwebgui: Colin Kuskie master * rdeadbeef/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Shortcut.pm): Remove shortcut by criteria - http://bit.ly/foobar20:03
@preactionright, and iirc we had discussed adding that feature to the Asset Report asset20:04
jigouSQL reports can do it, I just need to dig in a little more to figure out the queries I need.20:04
@preactionperlDreamer: nice try :p20:04
-!- perlDreamer is now known as CIA-XX20:04
+CIA-XXebgui: Colin Kuskie master * rdeadbeef/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Shortcut.pm): Remove shortcut by criteria - http://bit.ly/foobar20:04
-!- CIA-XX is now known as perlDreamer20:04
+perlDreameris that better?20:04
@preactionclose, but no buttons. you misspelled ebgui20:04
jigouI'd sure like it to be a little more user-friendly than a pile-o-SQL, though.20:05
+perlDreamerthat's not even SQL20:05
+perlDreamerit's post processed to be SQL20:05
+perlDreamerand the query builder is supposed to help you abstract that out20:05
jigouYeah, I'm thinking beyond that already....20:05
+perlDreamerWe always accept patches :)20:05
jigouHAH! You got a hole in your jeans or something? 'Cause that's the only patch I can contribute!  :D20:06
jigouPreaction, talk a little more about what might be added to asset report? That sounds like it's heading the direction I'd like to see it go.....20:07
@preactionadd all the metadata fields as criteria in the asset report list of criteria you can report on20:07
jigouNice. So it could pull from articles and collaboration systems?20:08
@preactionwell it can already do that, i hope20:08
@preactionit would just be able to say "pull assets where this metadata value is "value""20:08
jigouThat's exactly what I'd like to see.20:09
+perlDreamerthat's part of the problem with the checklist20:09
+perlDreamerit wants to work like a set20:09
+perlDreamerand inverting the set isn't fun20:09
+perlDreamerin fact, I'm not even sure it will work because of the way that metadata is stored20:09
jigouFor whatever it's worth, I'd rather see tiem put into making the Asset Report handle metadata than fixing the "shortcut by alternate criteria" stuff I've been looking at!20:17
+perlDreamerthat's an RFE vs a bug report20:18
+perlDreamerbugs have to be fixed20:18
+perlDreamerpreaction, did you know that template packing removes conditional CSS statements meant to work with IE?20:42
@preactionyes, i've been keeping track of the bug tracker20:44
+perlDreamerfor HTML::Packer?  cool20:46
+perlDreameruntil that's fixed, should we disable packing of comments?20:46
@preactionwell, packing is disabled by default. can we disable packing of comments entirely? that'd be the better option20:47
+perlDreameryes, there's an option for that20:47
@preactionthen yes20:47
+perlDreamerMerten does good work20:47
@preactioner.. i thought *::Packer were the ones using the bad vars?20:47
+perlDreamerbut he's working on removing them20:48
+perlDreamerdude, there's no bug for conditional comments on HTML::Packer20:56
@preactionno, sorry, i meant the WEbGUI bug list20:56
+perlDreamerit's not on there, either.  I just filed it20:59
elninoum.. wiki search isn't working again on wg.com.  why so much problems?21:05
+perlDreamerdid it work since you reported the bug?21:05
elninosorry, hadn't tried. 21:06
elninobut I find over the years it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't.  hence the misleading comment. =(21:06
+perlDreamerI'll reindex tonight21:11
+perlDreamerI meant to do it last week, but did plainblack.com instead21:11
elninook. thanks. Sorry to add more to your plate.. Its just curious to me that the serarch results end up "blank" as opposed to "outdated results"21:12
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb4c20a1 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Fix importing an Archive in default order. Update the test to now explicitly test for archive order. Fixes bug #11866. - http://bit.ly/bYre3Y21:46
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r84a530b / (4 files in 4 dirs): Fix importing an Archive in default order. Update the test to now explicitly test for archive order. Fixes bug #11866. - http://bit.ly/czORJg21:46
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rab6ba36 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Gallery.pm): Fix a typo in the Gallery's default addArchive gallery template. - http://bit.ly/bUxo6Y21:51
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r8ebab0b / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Gallery.pm): Fix a typo in the Gallery's default addArchive gallery template. - http://bit.ly/d95XfO21:51
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* perlDreamer takes a lunch break22:14
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+perlDreamerlunch has been broken23:05
+perlDreamertime to fix bugs again23:05
elninohey perlDreamer... If I install my 7.7 db into 7.8, and then run the upgrade.pl, would it still bork?23:18
+perlDreamerif it was the last 7.7 stable, then it would work okay23:18
+perlDreamerat that point, from the upgrade's point of view, it can't tell the difference between a code overlay, or a db overlay23:19
+perlDreamerman oh man23:23
+perlDreamerfor this latest packing bug23:23
+perlDreamerwe have to repack every version of every asset23:24
* perlDreamer reminds himself to start early tomorrow night23:24
+perlDreamerpreaction: does the SC wobject still use XSLT?23:28
@preactionuh... i was not aware it ever did23:28
+perlDreamerThere are XSLT templates in the db23:28
elninoperlDreamer.. I stepped away to think. So, it would work because though the db would say it was 7.7, the upgrade script would just end up upgrading the db, and just recopy the code.23:29
+perlDreamerno need to recopy the code23:30
+perlDreamerimagine that you start with 7.7.28 code base and database23:30
elninoit would *think* it would, so it would.23:30
+perlDreameryou unpack 7.8.24 on top of it23:30
+perlDreamernow, you have 7.8.24 code, and 7.7.28 database23:30
+perlDreameryou get to the same endpoint if you install 7.8.24 codebase, and setup a 7.7.28 database23:31
elninooh ok. I see.23:31
+perlDreamerand in those examples, it should be 7.7.3323:31
+perlDreamernot 7.7.2823:31
elninoso I do stil need to upgrade23:32
elninowhat are those special versions called again?23:33
+perlDreamerstop versions23:33
elninoah. ok thatnks!23:33
+perlDreamer7.7.33, 7.8.24, 7.6.35, 7.5.4023:33
+perlDreamerand some others ;)23:34
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r86ecb10 / (5 files in 4 dirs): Keep comments when packing asset content, since it will also remove conditional comments for IE. Fixes bug #11876 - http://bit.ly/dx56U923:38
+perlDreamerI think a commit comment along the lines of "Your upgrade will be slower than molasses in Antarctica" would have been descriptive, but unprofessional23:40
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r873d1bf / (6 files in 4 dirs): Keep comments when packing asset content, since it will also remove conditional comments for IE. Fixes bug #11876 - http://bit.ly/bfBCiA23:42
--- Day changed Tue Sep 21 2010
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+perlDreamerpreaction, how do I find good complementary colors, for row highlighting?00:13
@preactionwhat context? a yui table? use their highlighting class00:14
+perlDreamerI wish it was that easy00:14
+perlDreamerthis is the query builder for the Shortcut00:14
+perlDreamerinstead of background graphics to show row-wise association, I'm using table row background colors00:15
+perlDreamerso I want a good contrast for EDF5FF00:15
+perlDreamerwhich is the Admin Console content area background00:15
@preactionadobe's kuler works, but just going a little lighter or darker usually works just fine00:16
jigouI used to have a really good site for that, but I can't find it right now....00:20
+perlDreamerthat's better than me guessing :)00:20
jigouI know the feeling!00:21
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r3f934ed / (3 files in 3 dirs): Use table row highlighting instead of images for deliniating query fragments. Fixes bug #11877. - http://bit.ly/cBF4sy00:26
+perlDreamerthere you go, jigou00:26
CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.9 * r31297fe / (3 files in 3 dirs): Use table row highlighting instead of images for deliniating query fragments. Fixes bug #11877. - http://bit.ly/c7ze5w00:26
+perlDreamerthat will fix the wrapping problem with too many checkboxes, or radio buttons00:27
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+perlDreamerif I start changing template variable names to be more compatible with T::T, then we're going to break every template in The Addons00:56
+perlDreamerpreaction: is that an acceptable tradeoff?00:56
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CIA-21webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r0b4e8d5 / (9 files in 5 dirs): Rename template variables in the Account and Admin Toggle templates to not use underscores. - http://bit.ly/9YDc7G01:23
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+bartjolis the i18n server already updated to 7.10.0? I don't see a label for the Add on in the adminconsole12:35
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+bartjolit was not i18n'd15:10
+bartjolmade a fix for it15:11
+bartjoltested in on my install15:14
+bartjolso I am already on 7.10.1....15:15
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ryuu_ropatspam: wassup, I remember you did this cool thing with wgd and templates and git right?18:37
ryuu_roat least I thought it was you18:38
patspamwhat sort of cool thing?18:38
ryuu_royou put the templates in Git using wgd18:38
patspamyeah, all assets actually18:38
ryuu_roah, I thought it was templates only18:39
ryuu_roanyways, do you have it somewhere?18:39
ryuu_roI couldn't find it in last years presentation18:39
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ryuu_rothe command that is18:39
patspamhaarg might have baked it into wgd18:39
Haargthere's two things18:39
patspamit uses wgd's asset serialisation method18:39
ryuu_rook, that sound good18:39
Haargwgd export-branch18:39
Haargwhich can generate that18:40
Haargand http://github.com/haarg/webgui-assets18:40
Haargwhich i wanted to keep up to date but never set anything up for it18:40
patspamha nice18:40
patspamthat's exactly what the TWG needs18:40
patspamand something to send the list a diff every time something changes18:40
patspamso that they can review template changes18:41
ryuu_royeah that sounds good18:41
Haargi'll have more free time in a couple weeks, i can try to set up something to automate that then18:41
+perlDreamerHas TWG changed their mind about working with the current templates?18:41
patspamoh good point18:42
patspambut if it was dead easy, they could at least cast their eyes over changes18:42
patspamand say "bad developer" when necessary18:42
+perlDreamerI also started a templates.txt doc for keeping track of changes18:42
+perlDreamerit's not a diff, just a description of the change18:42
ryuu_rowell a little context is always good18:43
patspamso ryuu_ro: export-branch probably serialises one file per asset, using wgd's patented format that can be re-exported back into a site18:43