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carograyok - is it now that if editors have ie6 they can no longer edit WebGUI in v. 7.7.20, or is it just the way our templates are set up?00:00
+perlDreamercarogray, just what can't they edit?00:01
carograywhen I go to www.laccm.org in ie 6, logged in, edit pagelayout a few things quickly pass by and then I get simply blank white page - as I write I guess I should look at source code?00:02
+perlDreamerhow does a demo site work?00:02
+perlDreamerthat will quickly tell you if it's your site, or if it's WebGUI in general00:03
carograyduh - hadn't tried that yet...00:03
carograykeep setting up and don't quite make it through the day before site is wiped again - keep meaning to make a package to do this...but I get it, good suggestion will try.00:03
carograyalso having a terrible time the last few days on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers with edit window being unbelievable awkward, wants to delete anything I copy, can't ctrl z must edit almost everything in notepad and then paste back into browser which appears to occasionally freeze00:04
carograythis on several different machines - so I cancel go to page layout and then try to edit the style template again!00:05
carograyoff to catch my bus00:11
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dionaki just discovered there's no test for ThingFieldList form control so I'm writing one. I need to set the value for the ThingId so it can be retrieved via $session->form->get('thingId')00:24
dionakwhat's the easiest way to do this?00:24
+perlDreameryou can force form lookups using the pseudorequest object in the session00:24
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+perlDreamerthat is given to all tests00:25
+perlDreamerthe method is called setup_body00:25
+perlDreameryou can grep through the tests for examples of how it is used00:25
dionakgreat. thanks00:25
+perlDreamermaybe next year at the WUC Haarg can give a class on advanced Test writing mayhem00:25
dionakthat would be great to see00:25
dionakthere are some details to tests that I don't yet grok00:26
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@preactioncarogray: what do you mean by edit window? the Code Editor or the Rich Text Editor?00:32
+perlDreamerpreaction: now that tests are required for all commits, will that limit the scope of things that can be done for RFE days?00:34
@preactionnot that i know of, just have to have tests00:35
@preactionit will probably limit the amount of RFEs00:35
carograypreaction: the Code editor00:41
@preactioncarogray: okay, I think JT's gonna upgrade you quick to see if 7.7.21 fixes those problems (i fixed problems with using Ctrl+ Alt+ and Meta+ keys to do things like Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C -X -V etc...)00:42
+perlDreamerwow: http://code.google.com/apis/documents/docs/3.0/developers_guide_protocol.html#SpecialFeatures00:43
carograywhat's a meta + key?00:43
@preactionMeta is different on most systems, but on OS X it's the Command key00:47
@preactionWindows it can be the Windows key00:47
@preactionbut the windows key is reserved for windows-specific things like Windows+R00:48
carograyoh so I have to figure out what key to substitute that is if 7.7.21 doesn't work?00:48
carograydo any of you guys have windows machine so you could try it out first?00:49
@preactionno, the normal key combinations work00:49
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carograyFirefox just kept freezing on my and then Bartjol said this morning to upgrade to FF 3.5 since I was only on 3.0.1 or something00:49
@preactionthere was a problem where any keypress asked the code editor to refresh the highlighting. the problem is if you've selected something, refreshing the highlight deletes what's selected00:50
carograyI did, but still have a number of problems00:50
@preactionthat's why you're being upgraded00:50
carograyyes, that sounds exactly like what was happening00:50
carograyoh goody!00:50
@preactionthat problem was fixed in 7.7.2100:50
carograyok not to nag, but do you have nay idea when he will be upgrading -  no point in going round in circles too much if I can wait a little and fix the inner page template after the upgrade00:51
@preactioni don't know. he looks away right now, but that could mean anything00:52
carograyok - well I will plug away on thanks for all your help - 00:54
@rizencarogray: is it ok if i upgrade your site right now?00:58
@rizenwill take about 5-10 minutes00:58
@rizenand then your code area problems will go away00:58
carograyyes sure, should I just close all windows?00:58
@rizenyou can keep them open00:58
@rizenjust don't edit anything until i give you the go ahead00:59
carograyok right - thanks00:59
@rizenok starting upgrade now00:59
@rizenupgrade is running01:02
@rizenupgrade half done01:03
carograyall rightey01:03
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carograyjust discovered my version of IE6 will not let me log in, tried it on demo.webgui.org and I can select time zone01:04
carograynext screen I can't get into my company, website or email ...01:04
@rizenie6 is an evil browser01:04
carograythink its the way I installed it01:04
carograyI know, but something like 28% of our users use it!01:05
@rizenthat's way above the normal average01:05
carograyso I keep thinking it's sorted and then someone tells me01:05
@rizenthese days it's generally accepted that ie6 is about 2.5% of users01:05
carograyremember our users are, we hope, mostly low income people many working on donated computers in communicty centers01:05
@rizenbut of course that is dependent upon audience01:06
@rizenso yeah, you're right01:06
carograyof course several of the advocates and office managers in legal services programs still are using it too!01:06
@rizenplainblack.com for example has less than 1% of users on ie601:06
carograybelieve it or not01:06
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carograyI be plaing black has less than 1% users on Windows:)!01:06
carograyI bet Plain Black..01:07
@rizenmasslegalhelp.org is taking a long time to upgrade...but then again it is your largest site01:07
carograydoes it do site by site?01:07
@rizenmlri.org is the last one01:07
@rizenthe database gets upgraded site by site01:07
@rizenbecause each site gets a database01:08
@rizenthe code is all upgraded at once01:08
@rizencuz all sites share the codebase01:08
@rizenok, upgrade complete01:08
carograywell that was quick - shall I try it now?01:08
@rizenas promised, less than 10 minutes01:08
@rizenoh, you may need to "refresh" your browser window, while holding down the shift key01:09
@rizenor clear your cache01:09
@rizeneither way01:09
carograyokey doke 01:12
carograyrizen: view source says we are now on 7.7.21, is that good enough01:12
@rizencould be...the only reason i said to clear cache is that i'm not sure if any javascript is cached for the code editor01:13
@rizenand since that was the problem you were having01:13
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carograyok... when I edit a template and save I end up with a screen that is just some sort of navigation list, 01:14
carograyis this because i need to go into admin console settings and apply a template to ...01:14
carograyI think someone, probably perldreamer told me about this the other day, but so much to remember and I am an old git01:15
+perlDreamercarogray, don't be self-deprecating01:15
+perlDreameryou're only a middle-aged git ;)01:15
carograyI feel OLD01:16
carograyso where is the place you change the template for the backend?01:18
carograyI am sure it is in settings somewhere01:18
+perlDreameradmin console template?01:19
carograyoh I think I am looking for in Settings UI tab, User function style - but it already has the LACCM default template there01:20
carograywhere am I supposed to end up after I save a  style template if I got to it from the page layout?01:20
+perlDreamerback to the page layout, unless there was an error in processing the template01:20
carograyuh huh, and from the asset manager, back to the asset manager?01:21
+perlDreamerthat's a good question, carogray.  I think so, but it may take you back to the folder containing the template01:22
carograyok, well I am finally in the Code editor, needed to make a back up of the template before I started "improving it" and to see how the ctrl a, c, x, v thing works.01:23
carograyprobably gonna run outta innernet access now01:23
carograysuccess! copy and paste worked once01:24
@preactiononce is all! if it doesn't work the next time it's not a bug!01:24
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@preactionor something01:25
+perlDreamerthanks, preaction.  I needed a good laugh.01:25
+perlDreamerI may need some help with a bug later today01:25
carograyworked twice!01:26
+perlDreamerthe user is complaining about Textarea and Thingy, again01:26
@preactionyeah, the problem there perlDreamer is that might actually be a bug01:26
carograythen hopped quickly into strange navigation before returning to page layout01:26
* perlDreamer tried it, and it worked fine01:26
@preactioncarogray: yeah, that's a side-effect of the redirect01:26
+perlDreamerchecked db values01:26
+perlDreamerif it's a problem, it's client side01:26
@preactioncarogray: wait, that might actually be a bug now that i think about it01:27
carograycept sometimes it doen's follow through to the 'redirect'01:27
carograysometimes it gets stuck01:27
carograyok just thought I would let you know since so far you have all saved me about 3 days of head banging01:27
@preactionperlDreamer: so if I put < in a text area, i get < back out right?01:28
@preactionit almost sounds like it's being double-escaped01:28
+perlDreamerIf you put in <, you get back &lt;01:28
@preaction< is not in the database, but < should appear in the text area again01:28
+perlDreamerwhen it is displayed01:28
+perlDreamerin the db, you should get <01:28
+perlDreamerthis is what I think is happening01:28
+perlDreamer1) there is a bug, but the user doesn't know enough English to get it through my redneck head01:29
@preactionno, yes, you're right < in the database and < in the textarea01:29
+perlDreamer2) there is not a bug, but user is convinced that there is01:29
@preactioni'm convinced of number 1: when the textarea is displayed the second time, the < is being double-escaped to &amp;lt;01:29
carograyugh...run out of enough internet to work...thanks a bunch guys, later01:35
* perlDreamer will place his redneckness in check, and try again01:43
+perlDreamerafter fixing the DateTime plugin01:43
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+perlDreamerI think I have it02:08
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+perlDreameryou didn't sleep in, patspam...02:26
+patspamdamn meeting forced me out of bed02:26
+patspamI mean.. top of the morning to ye!02:27
+perlDreamerI hear ya02:27
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+perlDreamerEPOCHS CAN BE NEGATIVE!!!!!02:35
+perlDreamerworking on datetime bugs makes me quite grumpy02:39
+perlDreamereither that, or it's this cold02:39
CIA-67webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r312433c / (6 files in 4 dirs): Fix multiple Date and DateTime bugs. bug #11079 and bug #11071 - http://bit.ly/kwoTs02:51
CIA-67webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r25b4a0b / (6 files in 4 dirs): Fix multiple Date and DateTime bugs. bug #11079 and bug #11071 - http://bit.ly/3z2B8902:51
+perlDreamerpatspam: are you working the perl blogosphere, evangelizing WebGUI?02:53
+patspamjust doing my bit for global domination!02:53
+patspamepochs can be negative?02:53
+patspampre-1970's dates?02:53
+perlDreameryeah, 6 hours of test writing and refactoring craziness02:57
+perlDreamermy birthdate is almost a negative epoch02:57
@preactionpatspam, perlDreamer: do you guys want to go to http://webgui.org/planet/add-your-blog and fill out the friendly form? i'm trying to get things ready02:59
+perlDreamersorry, I thought you might have primed us in already02:59
@preactionah, no, i don't know your blog addresses03:00
@preactionplus, the form acts like a blogroll03:00
* perlDreamer gently pokes preaction: they're on planet webgui (aussie version)03:00
@preaction(the main http://webgui.org/planet page shows the list view of entries in that form)03:00
+perlDreamerpreaction: are you looking for feedback about the planet formatting, or is it too early yet?03:02
@preactionyes, i need to get a designer on it cuz it sucks03:03
@preactionand also i think the syndicated content asset is screwed up03:03
+perlDreameras TGC is for Shop, so will Planet WebGUI be for SC03:03
+perlDreamerit would be nice to have dates on the entries03:03
@preactionyes it would03:04
+patspamI've submitted my blog03:04
+patspamother ones in my planet webgui are03:04
+patspam(which changed recently from news2)03:04
@preactionah, right, tbb03:05
+patspamand http://perldreamer.com/blog.rss03:05
+patspamkoen promised me some dutch blogs too03:05
+perlDreameryeah, tbb is written by some yayhoo named rizen who works on the project every so often03:05
@preactionyeah, Bart, Koen, and I think a couple other people at the WUC expressed interest03:06
* patspam shuffles off to his meeting, grumbling03:07
@preactionchin up!03:07
@Haargthe formatting of those links is very confusing03:07
@preactionyes it is03:07
@Haargon the planet page i mean03:07
+perlDreamerhang in there, patspam03:07
@preactionperlDreamer: you want your blog Filtered, I assume?03:07
+perlDreamerNot until the new RSS feed comes out03:08
+perlDreamercurrently, I cannot predict what the feed content will contain03:08
+perlDreamerit's why i've given up on ironman03:08
@preactionis this a WebGUI problem or something?03:09
+perlDreamerwith 7.603:09
+perlDreamerif it still bothers me in 7.7, I'll fix it03:09
@preactionah, kay03:09
+perlDreamerrizen and I talked a little about it.03:10
+perlDreamerSeems like the other blogs send the whole content03:10
+perlDreamernot just a snippet of it03:10
+perlDreamereven in 7.7, RssFeed does not do that03:10
@preactionit's bugging me too, the staff blog does it03:11
@rizenit's not rssfeed03:11
@rizenit's cs passing it to rssfeed03:11
+perlDreamergood point03:11
@rizenhow can you beat this: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/shop/game-parts/spacecrafts03:11
@rizenthey rule03:11
@preactionwhen the Blog asset is added, it'll be diffrent03:11
+perlDreamerit's awesome!03:12
+perlDreamerMy secret agent has infiltrated a local school and is telling the kids about gamecrafter03:12
+perlDreamer"There's no way you can make a game for $10!!!"03:13
+perlDreamerokay, preaction.03:16
+perlDreamerI made a thingy03:16
+perlDreamerput a thing in it with 1 field, a textarea03:16
+perlDreamerput stuff in it03:16
+perlDreameredited it03:16
+perlDreameredited it again03:17
+perlDreamerand I get out what I put in03:17
@preactioneven though what you put in was <03:17
+perlDreamerI put in 2 > 3, 3 < 2 and 1 & 103:17
@preactionand how does it look to the end user? like a <?03:17
@preactionwhen you're just viewing03:17
@preactionok that's how it should be03:18
+perlDreamernow, how do I convince this user of that?03:18
* perlDreamer puts his redneck back on03:19
@preactiondidn't he say he edited the Thingy / TextArea code?03:20
@preactioni'd just say report what you just told me and posit some possibilities of why there's a disparity between your two results03:21
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+perlDreamerdone.  You're very level-headed preaction04:21
@preactionthat's what people tell me04:21
@preactioni just tend to think of it as assuming people are stupid or ignorant, not malicious04:22
+perlDreamerI normally do, too04:22
+perlDreamerbut this particular user's persistence in insisting that "WebGUI does not do what I want so it is a bug"04:22
+perlDreamerhas be flummoxed04:22
@preactionis it showing up as &lt; in the page, to the user, or is that in the source?04:23
@preactioni.e. the HTML source04:23
+perlDreamerin the source04:24
@preactionokay, yes, that's what it should do04:24
@preactionbut that's another point of possible contention04:24
+perlDreamerthe funny thing is, he didn't even mention brackets or ampersands this time, it was just newlines and break tags04:34
+perlDreamerbut I tried that, too, and it also worked fine04:36
CIA-67webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r20bae1e / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Account/Friends.pm): Fix pagination when viewing another user's friends. bug #11076 - http://bit.ly/3wCjZl04:41
CIA-67webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r4b18675 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Account/Friends.pm): Fix pagination when viewing another user's friends. bug #11076 - http://bit.ly/8L7Fl04:41
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+perlDreamerhey, tavisto!05:48
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@preactionbye tavisto!06:03
@preactionprick :p06:03
+perlDreamerpreaction: you have to time to talk me though a CSS fix?06:35
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@preactionperlDreamer: sure, what's up06:37
+perlDreamerthis bug: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1106706:37
+perlDreamerthe problem is some HTML that works like this:06:37
+perlDreamerand the CSS that makes it looked tabular06:38
+perlDreamerthe problem is that if value is empty06:38
+perlDreamerthe LI rolls up, and allows other things to fill in the "row"06:38
@preactionis it floated?06:38
+perlDreamerI believe the SPAN is floated06:38
+perlDreamerlet me pull it up again06:38
@preactionyeah, you just have to make .address { clear: left; }06:39
@preactionbut really if there's no status message, maybe that field shouldn't display?06:40
@preactionthe class, .address06:40
@preactionit's what those payment address and shipping address divs are using06:40
+perlDreamerclear left makes them stack vertically, rather than horizontally06:43
+perlDreamerI had a similar issue with the Matrix, and kludged in a <tmpl_if status><tmpl_var status><tmpl_else>&nbsp;</tmpl_if>06:44
+perlDreamerbut it feels kludgy06:46
@preactionoh, right. just the one address div then06:47
@preactionstyle="clear: left"06:47
+perlDreamerin a way, clear: left is kind of like \n06:50
+perlDreamerfor doing layouts?06:50
@preactiononly when floats are involved06:50
+perlDreameris it legal to make a unary div tag like <div class="cleared" /> ?06:55
@preactionyou can use clear on a <br/> though06:57
* perlDreamer is too lazy06:58
+patspamhere's a typical exchange06:59
-!- daviddelikat [n=dav@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #WebGUI06:59
+patspamI've been teaching my housemate webgui06:59
+patspamand today he come through all excited and said he was going to learn more by converting one of his static sites to webgui06:59
+patspamhe just wanted to know where/how he could set up a simple host07:00
+patspamand I said, yeah umm that's the problem07:00
+patspamyou need your own server07:00
@preactionis he willing to write down the things that annoy him about it?07:01
@preactioncontent management, that is07:01
@preactionwe don't have nearly enough "Shut Up And Listen" feedback about Content Management in WebGUI07:01
+perlDreameris SynQ done yet?07:02
+perlDreameror, how about SwiftySite?07:02
+patspamSynQ would be the way to go, not sure if it's finished yet though07:03
+patspambecause he wants to actually learn webgui07:03
+perlDreamercould you host him, patspam?07:04
+perlDreamerI mean, for a little while?07:04
+patspamhe's in that transition stage where he wants to get practical experience in using it, but doesn't have a real "project" yet that can justify a server07:04
+perlDreamerlonger than a demo site, but less than $$$07:04
+patspamyeah, and yep I probably will set him up with a server, but I was thinking it's probably a hurdle that plenty of newcomers face07:05
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CIA-67webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9b260f2 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix display of a single transaction if there is no status. Fixes bug #11067 - http://bit.ly/Msd2j07:08
CIA-67webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r5f8b7c9 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix display of a single transaction if there is no status. Fixes bug #11067 - http://bit.ly/gDCPD07:08
@rizenwhy does he need a server?07:09
@rizenwhat about our $20/mo hosting plan07:09
+perlDreamertoo much commitment at this point, it sounds like07:10
+perlDreamer$20 is two beers and a pizza07:10
@rizenwell then, there's got to be someone cheaper than us in this list: http://www.webgui.org/community-wiki/hosters07:12
+perlDreamercybersalad is $10/month07:15
+perlDreamerAulix is $5/month07:16
@rizenthere you go then07:17
+perlDreamerI've seen aulix post on the forums07:17
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+patspamhey cool, I hadn't seen that!07:44
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+perlDreamerhow do you debug javascript that throws no errors, and is triggered by events?08:01
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+patspamwgd log: "100% testing coverage of WGDev::Asset".. that is so awesome!08:33
+patspamperlDreamer: use Firebug to put a break into the code that gets triggered?08:33
+perlDreamerI can break that function out (it's inlined anonymously) and try that08:34
+perlDreamerbut I think the problem is deeper08:34
+perlDreamerI put an alert in the function, and it shows08:34
+perlDreamerbut the menu never pops up08:34
+perlDreamerwhat is wgd log?08:35
+perlDreameris my WGDev  out of date already?08:35
+patspamhah no08:35
+patspambut we should have a log command!08:35
+patspami was just reading the commit log08:36
+patspamperlDreamer: now it's out of date!08:40
+patspamor it will be.. once haarg pulls from my mail branch08:40
+perlDreamermail branch?08:40
+perlDreamerwgd mail?08:40
+patspamfor sending via WebGUI::Mail, listing queue, triggering queue workflow08:42
+patspamtakes a small amount of the pain out of debugging mail problems08:42
+patspamnow i have to backtrack and figure out what i was working on when i decided i needed more wgd-mail options08:43
+perlDreamerwere you packing?08:49
+patspamthese books won't fix into this box.. what I really need is a wgd plugin that will do it for me08:55
+perlDreamerwgd pack --mode=[templates,javascript,css,belongings]09:01
+perlDreamer'night, patspam09:10
+patspamg;night perlDreamer!09:10
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+patspamryuu_ro: how did you go with Padre?11:00
+patspammanage to get it installed on OSX?11:01
ryuu_royep sure did, I made a little mistake but it's all fixed now11:02
+patspamgot Padre::Plugin::WebGUI running too?11:03
ryuu_roYep, but I didn't have time to really check it out11:04
ryuu_roserver problems :(11:04
+patspamah, probably need to install the Padre content handler11:04
ryuu_roow no, it's not that  it's a client server11:04
+patspamahhh i see :)11:05
ryuu_roweird problem loading a huge xml file11:05
ryuu_roi'm going on a vacation in a couple of days so I hope to have some time then to play around with padre and the webgui plugin11:06
+bartjolryuu_ro likes uploading large files11:15
ryuu_royep that's kind of my thing you know ;)11:16
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+danny_mkIs the http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs app available as a package anywhere?17:20
+MrHairgreaseI'd like some advice: I'm working on graphing modules and each of these has a *lot* of properties that can be set. Right now, I'm using a system loosely based on the WebGUI definition subs: http://webgui.pastebin.com/d443a089b17:28
+MrHairgreaseHere the keys are the properties and the values the defaults17:28
+MrHairgreasethere's a lot of stuff that's usually the same. Eg all the fonts17:29
+MrHairgreaseNow I'd like to somehow let a number of proiperties all default to another17:29
+MrHairgreaselike this: http://webgui.pastebin.com/m1379d1fd17:29
+MrHairgreaseSo now there's an prop called defaultFont that a user should set to update all it's different fonts17:30
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+MrHairgreaseSImilarly I'd like to do something like this to fontsizes as well, and let those default to values based on the size op the chart or whatever17:31
+MrHairgreaseany ideas on how to change/implement a system like that17:31
+MrHairgreaseas you can see the definition in sub classes can override the properties defined in their superclasses17:32
-!- ryuu_ro [n=rory@gw.oqapi.nl] has left #webgui []17:32
+MrHairgreasethat is something I'd like to keep17:32
+MrHairgreaseany ideas?17:32
daviddelikatis there a guru in the house?17:34
daviddelikatpreaction: ping17:35
+MrHairgreasethat depends on what you need o know17:35
daviddelikatI found something I'm not sure I understand in a WG module17:35
+MrHairgreaseok, shoot17:35
daviddelikatin WG::Session::Errorhander there is a line:17:36
daviddelikatlast WEBGUI_FATAL17:36
daviddelikatbut there is no label WEBGUI_FATAL anywhere in the module17:36
daviddelikatI think this is a problem17:36
daviddelikatbut I'm not sure17:36
+MrHairgreaseI'm not entirely sure17:37
daviddelikatperhaps it is intended to crash if it reaches that point17:37
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []17:37
+MrHairgreasebut what I think it does is end the loop in WebGUI::URL::Content17:38
+MrHairgreasewhen you call fatal, it will stop further execution of all webgui code.17:38
daviddelikatso its probably intended to crash17:39
+MrHairgreaseIt doesn't crash17:40
+MrHairgreaseit stops17:40
daviddelikatif they called 'die' or 'exit' it could get caught somewhere17:40
daviddelikatcrash is what happens when the interpretor stops because it can't handle something17:40
daviddelikatso yes it stops17:41
+bartjoland WG::Session::Errorhander will be removed17:41
+MrHairgreaseand so will the fatal method17:41
daviddelikatwhy will it be removed?17:41
+bartjolsession::Log will be the replacement17:41
+bartjolnot sure why, allthough that fatal stuff was part of the reason17:42
daviddelikatso we're talking about a design change...17:42
+MrHairgreaseYes, but that's for WG817:43
+MrHairgreasewhere there will be a lot of api changes17:43
daviddelikatthanks, my question is answered...17:43
+MrHairgreaseSee the roadmap for what's scheduled17:43
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+MrHairgreasehowdy pd19:03
+MrHairgreasecould you perhaps help out and think along19:03
+perlDreamerHeya, MrHairgrease.19:03
+perlDreamerwhat are we thinking along about today?19:03
+perlDreamerthen I have one fire back at ya19:03
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+perlDreamerso right now, I don't see how the child can override, or inherit, options from the parent19:10
+perlDreamerseems like you need to call the parent first, and then define the child's properties19:10
+MrHairgrease return { %{ $self->SUPER::definition }, %options };19:11
+perlDreamerah, flattening19:11
+MrHairgreasethat does work19:11
+perlDreamerthen, call SUPER first, get data from Daddy that you want, then flatten and return19:11
+MrHairgreaseI just want to be able to somehow handle defaults that depend on other proerties19:11
+perlDreamerwhat do you think?19:12
+MrHairgreaseso if someone would do $axis->set( defaultFont => 'ooglyboogly' )19:12
+MrHairgrease$axis->get( 'labelFont' ) should return ooglyboogly as well19:12
+perlDreamerthat's a different problem from definition19:13
+MrHairgreaseunless they first did an explicit $axis->set( labelFont => 'zappo' )19:13
+MrHairgreaseb/c definition defines the properties that are settable and their defaults19:13
+perlDreamerright, but not their relationships19:13
+MrHairgreasealso for instance I'd like pointSizes to depend on whatever some width is after some processing19:15
+MrHairgreaseSo what I though that might work, is something like this19:15
+MrHairgrease... hang on ...19:15
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r6a754ff / www/extras/yui-webgui/build/assetManager/assetManager.js : Fix bad AssetManager i18n for unlocked. - http://bit.ly/70IJw19:17
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r963b60f / www/extras/yui-webgui/build/assetManager/assetManager.js : Fix bad AssetManager i18n for unlocked. - http://bit.ly/aZn0419:17
+perlDreamerpreaction, I can't make heads or tails about why the More menu is broken in the AssetManager19:17
+MrHairgreaseThen get could check if the default is a code ref and execute that if necesarry19:18
+MrHairgreaseI don't think that solution is very 'nice'19:19
+MrHairgreaseor elegant19:19
+perlDreamerno, and you can't override the defaults, either19:19
+perlDreamerthat one only defines the relationships19:20
+perlDreamerhowever, maybe your setter will fix that problem19:20
+MrHairgreaseWhy couldn't I override the defaults?19:20
+MrHairgreaseoh wait I made a typo19:20
+MrHairgreasethat's better19:21
+perlDreamerthat is better, no infinite loops19:22
-!- bopbop [n=kristi@] has quit []19:23
+perlDreameryou're right.  If you set a value explicitly, that key's value won't hold a subref anymore19:23
+perlDreamerand you plan to have the "getter" be smart, and check to see if it's a subref or a scalar and then do the right thing?19:24
+perlDreamerit will enforce good encapsulation that way :)19:25
+MrHairgreaseIt just seems that that should be a  less convoluted way of doing these things, but I can't figure that out19:25
+MrHairgreaseanyway, I'm heading for home19:26
+MrHairgreasesee you19:26
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+MrHairgreaseand if you have some epiphany, be sure to let me know19:26
+perlDreameri will think on it19:26
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+perlDreamerSyQ: what's up with WebGUI Starter?19:27
+perlDreamerLast night we found another $5 US Webgui hoster19:27
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+perlDreamerthe wrath of koen shirts should have been glow in the dark19:32
ekennedyLast night I was trying to enable encrypted logins on a 7.6.35 site.  The option did not appear on the User tab of Settings panel.  In looking at the code and default config file it looks like there is a config variable sslEnabled that controls whether or not the option is presented.  I added that to my config and set it to 1 but I still don't see the option on the screen.  I had to set encryptLogin in the DB to turn it on.  Anyone el19:33
+perlDreamerekennedy, your post got clipped19:35
ekennedyTrying again: Last night I was trying to enable encrypted logins on a 7.6.35 site.  The option did not appear on the User tab of Settings panel. 19:35
ekennedyIn looking at the code and default config file it looks like there is a config variable sslEnabled that controls whether or not the option is presented.  19:36
ekennedy I added that to my config and set it to 1 but I still don't see the option on the screen.  I had to set encryptLogin in the DB to turn it on.  Anyone else seeing (or not seeing) the same thing?19:36
-!- carogray1 [n=Caroline@c-98-217-214-184.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has left #webgui []19:37
+perlDreamerif it isn't set in the config file, it won't show up in the UI for settings19:39
+perlDreamerso first you have to have sslEnabled, then you can turn it on there, as well19:39
ekennedyRight but after adding it to the config it still didn't show in the UI.  Can you confirm that it works in your install?19:39
@rizenekennedy: don't forget to restart to make config file changes take effect19:39
@rizenrestart modperl19:39
ekennedyThanks.  Did that two.  Twice.19:40
+perlDreamerekennedy, I'll give it a shot19:41
+perlDreamerOkay, with sslEnabled in the config=1, in the User tab of Settings I'm seeing Encrypt Login?19:42
+perlDreamerbetween "Allow users to deactivate their account?" and "Enable passive profiling?"19:42
+perlDreamerso it is working for me19:43
ekennedyThanks.  I just went back and looked again and I am now too.  Must have been hallucinating.19:43
+perlDreamerthere are still client side caching issues with WebGUI, especially on Firefox19:43
+perlDreamerI installed a plugin for Firefox that puts a Clear Cache button on the toolbar19:44
+perlDreamervery handy19:44
ekennedyThat might be it.  Thanks.19:44
ekennedyNot exactly hallucinating.  One site was working and one wasn't.19:52
ekennedySite that was working was an imported site based on an old config so I needed to add sslEnabled to its config.19:52
ekennedyThe other site was created from the wre and I thought I checked for an existing sslEnabled but must not have.  Added mine at the top but it was overridden by the default entry later in the file.  Thanks for the help.19:53
+perlDreameryou're welcome20:03
daviddelikatHaarg: I have a git question20:12
daviddelikatI want to clone the wg repo in my github account20:13
daviddelikatand connect my local ( development ) repo to my clone20:13
daviddelikatcan I do this without having to re-make my local repo?20:13
@Haargso you have a fork on github?20:13
daviddelikatnot yet20:13
@Haargwell, start by creating one20:14
@Haargthen add it as a remote20:14
@Haargthen you can set it as the default place to push to if you want20:14
@Haargfor existing branches that is20:14
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daviddelikatso once i create the repo, what do i do to fork WG?20:17
@Haarghttp://github.com/plainblack/webgui just go here and click the fork button20:26
@HaargperlDreamer, i'm thinking of setting up automatic commenting and resolving of tickets based on commits20:29
+perlDreamersounds good20:30
+perlDreamerless work20:30
@Haargthe question is when it should assume the issue is fixed20:30
@Haargwhen there is a commit to master?20:30
@Haargit should be possible to have it post as the person who committed as well.  will probably have to fall back on admin.20:31
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+perlDreamerwell, it's possible for bugs to be only in 1 branch20:38
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+perlDreamerHaarg, I thought it could look at the commit message for bug# \d+, and that would help it find which bug.22:05
@Haargyeah, that's the idea22:05
+perlDreamerthen, from the diff in the changelog, it would know which version it was attached to22:05
+perlDreamersince there's a commit for each branch, then it should process them both22:06
@Haargwell, it would know which branch it was on so it wouldn't need to look in the changelog22:06
@Haargthe issue is more, when is a bug considered fixed?  when it has been fixed in master?  when it is fixed in both branches?22:07
+perlDreamerI don't think there's anyway to know programmatically22:07
+perlDreamerbugs aren't always forward/backported at the same time22:07
+perlDreamermaybe we still need a manual step to resolve22:07
+perlDreamerbut then the onus of documenting it would be done22:08
+perlDreamerand we could just hit the resolve button and be done22:08
+perlDreamerI fixed the form plugin, but broke the Thingy22:08
+perlDreamerfor date handling22:20
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r28169cb / (lib/WebGUI/DateTime.pm t/DateTime.t): undef and empty string default to now for WebGUI::DateTime construction. - http://bit.ly/gTbww23:06
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * receeff4 / (lib/WebGUI/DateTime.pm t/DateTime.t): undef and empty string default to now for WebGUI::DateTime construction. - http://bit.ly/1YjCq023:06
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rafc585a / (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm t/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.t): Fix bugs in how Thingy handles displaying dates to the user in view and search modes. - http://bit.ly/1dh2bY23:06
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r536ac6c / (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm t/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.t): Fix bugs in how Thingy handles displaying dates to the user in view and search modes. - http://bit.ly/2WS8mh23:06
-!- dreamersgirl [n=chatzill@] has joined #webgui23:15
+perlDreamerAm I picking up kids today, dreamersgirl?23:16
dreamersgirlI'm in class until 4.23:18
dreamersgirlSo, yes, please.23:18
dreamersgirlI should be home in time tomorrow, but not today.23:18
+perlDreamerthe milk was cold by the time I got to it23:19
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dreamersgirlI'm sorry.  :(23:26
@preactionYOU BETTER BE23:26
* perlDreamer kindly asks preaction not to yell at dreamersgirl23:28
+perlDreamerbecause you don't want to see her mad23:28
+perlDreamertrust me on this one23:28
@preactionWould I like her when she's angry?23:28
+perlDreamerOh no.23:28
dreamersgirljust ask Tim....23:30
+perlDreamerwell, in all fairness, he asked for it23:31
dreamersgirlthat's true23:32
+perlDreamerone does not practice bad bodily fluid containment in a house where there's a nurse in training23:32
@preactioni was under the impression that one did not practice bad bodily fluid containment in any house ;)23:32
@preactionat least, without cleaning it up oneself23:33
dreamersgirlThe professor is talking about excretion right now.23:33
dreamersgirlOop.  Now she's moving on to buffers and acids and bases.23:34
+perlDreamerpay attention, there.  It will be on the test23:34
dreamersgirlI am.23:41
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9b76e0e / (lib/WebGUI/Form/Date.pm t/Form/Date.t): Date form plugin should display dates in user's format when passed an epoch. - http://bit.ly/mOQEz23:47
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r6eedb08 / (lib/WebGUI/Form/Date.pm t/Form/Date.t): Date form plugin should display dates in user's format when passed an epoch. - http://bit.ly/v05so23:47
+perlDreamerthat should be the end of the great date format fiasco of 200823:47
@preactionwell that sucks, because it's 2009 now23:47
+perlDreameryeah, but it doesn't rhyme :/23:48
+perlDreamerI have to admin, it would be nice if wG accepted dates in the user's format23:48
+perlDreamerbut it's going to be 1 gnarly RFE23:48
@preactionthe greate big time format fiasco of 200923:48
@preactionyeah, date formatting is worse than timezones23:48
+perlDreameri spent another couple of hours trying to debug the AssetManager menu bug last night23:49
+perlDreamernot getting anywhere with it23:49
@preactioni'll try to take a look tonight if possible23:50
@preactioni've got to write a chapter for the shop guide before kristi finds out where i live23:50
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@] has quit []23:50
+perlDreamerI'll try not to alter the Shop anymore, until you get the chapter finished23:50
+perlDreamerI did end up going with a slightly different solution to that transaction bug, though23:51
+perlDreamerI added another, empty div below the list with a clear: left  in it23:51
@preactioneh, it's the tax drivers chapter, so not much there you can alter really23:51
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@] has joined #webgui23:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ23:51
+perlDreameryay! New templates from the Template Working Group23:52
@preactionwait, are we putting them in 7.7 or 7.8 now?23:52
* perlDreamer thinks they're bug fixes23:53
+perlDreamerso both23:53
+perlDreamerthere wasn't a paginated article template23:53
@preactioni will agree23:53
+perlDreamerand we lost the 3 column template23:53
* perlDreamer heads off to get kiddos23:56
+perlDreamerTWG is asking for guidance on how to ship templates for upgrades23:56
+perlDreamerplease ponder that, preaction23:57
-!- dreamersgirl [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.9/2009040821]"]23:57
@preactionthere has to be a ticket somewhere, or else it won't get done. so sounds like: Make a bug report, attach the wgpkg, and then we can add the package, run the tests, and commit23:58
--- Day changed Fri Oct 02 2009
-!- danny_mk [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090824101458]"]00:03
+perlDreamerHow about handling multiple, disperse templates?00:32
+perlDreamershould they make a temporary folder for them and export all at once?00:32
+perlDreameror 1 package per folder/template?00:32
@preactioni'd say one package per folder/template would be best for organizational purposes00:33
@preactionin theory though we could make the upgrade script automatically put templates into an "ASSET" folder based on the template's namespace00:34
@preactionbut that's work00:34
+perlDreamerwe have enough bugs to fix without making more work right now00:42
+perlDreamersounds like an RFE00:42
+perlDreamerthat's odd.  Closed tickets are showing up in the bug board01:14
+perlDreamerpreaction: I could use a second opinion on this: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1108201:26
+perlDreamerI don't think it's a bug01:26
+perlDreamerAdmin has always been in the Visitor's group01:26
@preactioni don't think it's a bug either01:26
@preactionAdmin is special, it's in all groups01:27
@preactionif you don't want it to show up to people, don't add them to Admins, add them to Turn Admin On or Content Managers or something01:27
+perlDreamernext one,  Prop Style: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1108101:28
-!- stDavid [n=stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui01:29
@preactionit's part of the 7.7.0 upgrade for some reason01:29
@preactionand it's not supposed to be in there. Oklahoma's Premiere Legal, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing &amp; Tax firm01:30
@preactionit can be deleted01:31
+perlDreamerit will be nukified01:31
+perlDreamerand we shall punish perlmonkey2 accordingly01:31
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@] has quit []01:37
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rad702e9 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Remove a folder that crept into the import node. Fixes bug #11081 - http://bit.ly/4KHWI01:37
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rb7353e0 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Remove a folder that crept into the import node. Fixes bug #11081 - http://bit.ly/43YshD01:37
@Haargthat will be fun for whoever's site that is actually for01:38
@preactioneh, what can we do about it?01:39
@preactionnext time don't screw up my import node, that's all i can say :p01:39
+perlDreamerHaarg, what's a better solution?01:42
@Haargcan't think of one01:42
+perlDreamerI could scan their site and see if it's not used, and then purge it.01:42
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: it was never used.01:50
+perlmonkey2no idea how it got there.01:50
+perlDreamerthen we'll just leave it as nuked01:50
+perlmonkey2I was seeing how hard it would be to replace her website.  No blinking idea how it got into wG.01:50
+perlDreamerlooks like it was part of a survey package in 7.7.001:51
+perlmonkey2But obviously I was on my development branch when I thought I was on a toy branch.01:51
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: consider me properly punished. Bad case of poison ivy all over the front of my throat. Looks like a leave got under the neck of a t-shirt.02:00
+perlDreameroh no02:00
+perlDreamerthat's too much punishment02:00
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2: I keep thinking about you when I go to the zoo02:18
+perlDreamerThey have a 1/8th scale railroad02:19
+perlDreamerwith both diesel and steam engines running on it02:19
+perlDreamerI think it would be awesome to build one02:19
+perlDreamerbut I'd need to learn how to weld (well) first02:19
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+perlDreamernice tabs, patspam02:53
+patspamheh sounds like a pick-up line02:54
* perlDreamer isn't going there02:56
+perlDreamerI'm also starting to think that I need a different blog to participate in ironman02:56
-!- Radix___ is now known as Radix_02:57
-!- mode/#webgui [+v Radix_] by ChanServ02:57
@preactionperlDreamer: i'm using multiple collaboration systems on my site for different "topics", then combining them with a SC asset03:00
+perlDreamerI think all I really need to do is use a different RSS template, where ALL the content is put into the feed.03:00
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1323d64 / (4 files in 2 dirs): Add article with pagination, and 3 column layout templates. Fixes bug #11083 - http://bit.ly/16kEfV03:08
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r4c2eab9 / (4 files in 2 dirs): Add article with pagination, and 3 column layout templates. Fixes bug #11083 - http://bit.ly/1XKIx03:08
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * ra11a113 / (6 files in 2 dirs): Move packages to the correct directory - http://bit.ly/14RwJV03:09
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+perlDreamertavisto, are you flooded with orders?03:22
@tavistowe're averaging about 6 a day now03:23
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+perlmonkey26 orders for hosting/design/development? That's a crap load of work.03:38
@preactionno, our side-project The Game Crafter: http://thegamecrafter.com03:39
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@] has quit ["Leaving."]03:42
+perlDreamerdinner time for the dreamer family04:08
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-!- SDuensin [n=SDuensin@173-28-73-10.client.mchsi.com] has joined #WebGUI04:43
+cap10morganany idea why I'm getting this error when upgrading from 7.6.35 to 7.7.21 (this is at the 7.7.19 -> 7.7.20 step): http://pastebin.com/d101c5d4f05:08
@preactioncap10morgan: because one of your assets is corrupted (doesn't exist in the asset table, but exists in one of the other tables)05:10
@preactionthe upgrade contains an update to that asset (so probably a template)05:10
+cap10morganhmm... i see05:11
+cap10morganis there a good way to test for or fix that w/ a built-in script? maybe rebuildLineage?05:12
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]05:12
@preactionwell, you could scan all assets, and i think there is a t/asset_diagnose.t for that05:12
+cap10morgani see05:13
+cap10morganhmm... asset diagnose finds a couple of errors in some custom assets, no templates though05:19
+cap10morganno way the upgrade would have updates for custom assets, though05:20
+perlDreameris there an entry in he asset table for the asset?05:23
+perlDreamerthat would give you the class name05:23
+cap10morganyeah, i don't see any missing assetId's05:23
+cap10morgancompared to the other tables05:24
+perlDreamerit wouldn't have a missing assetId, it doesn't have an entry in every required table05:24
+cap10morganright, that's what i mean05:24
+cap10morgani did a left join to see if any were missing05:24
+cap10morgancompared to the asset table05:24
+cap10morganok, i think that query didn't do what i expected somehow05:36
+cap10morganbecause there actually is one in the other table that's not in the asset table05:36
+cap10morganoh i see, it was the other way around05:41
+cap10morganin the asset table, but missing from the other table05:41
+perlDreameryeah, what's the class of that asset?05:41
+cap10morganone is WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::Action and the other is WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::AssetReport05:55
+perlDreamerwhich part of the upgrade is triggering on that?05:56
+perlDreameroh, probably packed head tags05:57
+cap10morgantrying to import the storymanager package05:57
+cap10morganin 7.7.19 -> 7.7.2005:57
+cap10morganyeah, i don't get it05:57
+cap10morganso, i have no evidence these things are related05:57
+cap10morganbut i get that pastebin error during the upgrade05:57
+cap10morganand then i found these asset_diagnose errors05:58
+perlDreamerduplicate entry...05:58
+perlDreamercan you look in the backup and see if this is an actual assetId clash?05:58
+perlDreamerit is theoretically possible05:58
+perlDreamernote, I have Daddy duty for the next half hour, so, cap10morgan, preaction, I'll return later tonight05:59
@preactionk, have fun05:59
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: @preaction, SDuensin, mducharme, CIA-56, f00li5h06:13
+perlDreamerf00li5h, you don't have a hire-me suffix right now.  Did you find a job?06:17
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui06:20
+perlDreamerhey, somebody give the lady an IRC channel voice, now that she's PBWG06:22
f00li5hperlDreamer: that I did 06:22
-!- mode/#webgui [+v elnino] by preaction06:23
+elninowhat does that mean?!?06:23
+perlDreamerin this channel, it means you are a respected member of the community06:23
f00li5hah, +v in a -m channel ;)06:23
+perlDreamernow you've really stuck your foot in it06:23
+elninoI guess.06:23
@preactionyeah, we tried the -o-v thing, but that didn't much take here06:24
f00li5hyeah, chanserv is pesky like that ...06:24
f00li5htroll joins and rants for an hour while you wait for your +o :(06:24
f00li5hspeaking of which, i'm of to ##php to rub some critters the wrong way 06:25
* perlDreamer hands f00li5h a wire brush, and smiles06:26
+elninook... what would cause one dataform not to display a captcha image and the others to work fine? weird06:37
+perlDreamerupload permission problems?06:38
+perlDreamerclient/server side caching?06:38
+elninobut the other data forms work.06:38
+perlDreameris this reCAPTCHA, or WebGUI captcha?06:38
+elninoI don't know.06:39
+perlDreamercheck the settings.  If you don't know, it's probably WebGUI CAPTCHA06:40
@preactiondoes it have a grey background and black text? or a white background and black text/06:40
+elninoI don't have options for different captchas.  7.606:40
@preactiongrey background is WebGUI, white is reCAPTCHA06:40
@preactionoh, then webgui06:40
@preactioncould be: template isn't correct, user isn't visitor06:41
+elninothe image path is there, but when I look in the data/domains/up... dir, it's not there.06:41
+elninoI'm a visitor - not logged in06:41
+elninoin IE6 - it works. =)06:41
+elninomust be something I did in FF306:42
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui06:43
-!- mode/#webgui [+o Haarg] by ChanServ06:43
+elninopreaction - it was cached - probably from my last visit. EVEN though, I set FF to not cache - ooh that erks me.06:48
+elninowhat don't they understand when I set offline storage to 0Mb?06:49
+elninoor is there another setting, I wonder.06:49
+perlDreamerelnino, I installed this plugin: http://clearcachebutton.mozdev.org/06:49
+perlDreamerit's a life saver06:49
+perlDreamerputs a button on the toolbar to clear your cache right now06:49
+elninonice. Thx!06:50
+perlDreamerOkay, I wrote a short blog post about it07:04
+perlDreamerNow the whole WebGUI world will know07:04
+perlDreamerelnino, you know about Planet WebGUI?07:04
+perlDreamerthey're aggregating webgui blogs there07:05
+elninoI do now.=)07:05
+perlDreamerpreaction, t/Asset/Template/packed.t sets EVERY template in all of WebGUI to the same thing, and then does the same thing to it?07:10
@preactionno, it adds something to the end of every template in webgui07:12
+perlDreamerah, I see07:13
@preactionat first glance i said that myself07:13
+elninoperlDreamer, so how is that office coming?07:13
+perlDreamerit's all done except for the window07:13
+perlDreamerthe one that looks out into the garage07:13
+elninoare your house projects like our house projects where you have to redo them several times?07:15
+perlDreamerfor the most part no, they just take a long time to do07:16
+perlDreamerand I've learned to never start a new plumbing project on Sunday07:17
+perlDreameralthough, nowadays, any day could be Sunday, so I guess it doesn't matter07:17
+elninowe have acouple of perfectionists over here, along with strict city codes, and picky inspectors...07:18
+elninowho apparantly do not like DIYers07:18
@preactionof course not, because real contractors line their pockets07:19
+elnino.. they're doing their job tho. 07:19
+perlDreamerI had an inspector who came to check the new circuit box out in the garage07:19
+perlDreamerhe didn't even open it07:20
@preactioni'm not begrudging them their livelihood, an improperly-wired outlet that takes out a city block is a hazard to us all07:20
+perlDreamerit could have been full of peanut butter07:20
@preactionbut there is such a thing as being too strict on the rules07:20
+perlDreamerpreaction, one other test change.  We're trying to get rid of all END blocks that we can07:20
@preaction"that receptacle is 1" too close to the doorway"07:20
+perlDreameronce they're all gone, we can try to use Test::Aggregate to reduce test time by using a single perl interpreter07:21
@preactionmy main problem with POD.t right now is that it's failing because i added some custom code w/o POD07:21
@preactionthat's why i think it should be a CODE_COP test, because it's only really for the core07:21
+perlDreamerI just can't wrap my head around that07:24
+perlDreamerwrote code without POD?07:24
+perlDreamerthat's like saying, wrote code without tests07:24
+perlDreamerspeaking of which, it's time to try and fix the Pod::Coverage bug so we can move to the next level of POD in WebGUI07:25
@preactionit doesn't have tests either. it's like the simplest, working, useful TaxDriver that exists07:26
@preactionfor the Shop guide07:26
+elninoperlDreamer, what version is your site running?07:28
+perlDreamerit will be upgraded to 7.7 in a little while07:28
+perlDreamerI went back and read the post about why WebGUI doesn't have 100% POD coverage07:33
+perlDreamer"I've submitted a bug report with failing tests to Richard Clamp on RT and am hand verifying the Asset classes.  I'm hoping for a quick release of a bug fix, or at least some chastisement for bad module and package organization."07:33
+perlDreamerthat was in April07:33
@preactionit's the mixin thing we do for Asset, right?07:35
+elninoumm. how do I run a test?07:39
+perlDreamerI have a workaround, using Class::C3, but it seems overkill to change it for pod coverage07:39
+perlDreamerenv WEBGUI_CONFIG=/data/WebGUI/etc/notAProductionSite.conf perl t/someTestName.t07:40
+perlDreameror, use sbin/testEnvironment.pl07:40
+perlDreameror use wgd test07:40
+perlDreamerI could whitelist them all07:41
+perlDreamerbut that's icky, too07:41
+elninomm. testEnvironment just checks to see if perl mods are installed. and where woudl I find wgd? (I don't have notAProductionSite.conf)07:44
+elninoor, is there a primer on this ?07:45
CIA-56webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.7 * r8eaaecf / t/Asset/Template/packed.t : Packed template tests are CODE_COP tests - http://bit.ly/xUdTz07:48
+perlDreamerwgd is Haarg's WebGUI development tool07:49
+perlDreamerI meant sbin/testCodebase.pl07:50
+perlDreamerand notAProductionSite.conf is just any config file that does not point to a production site07:50
+perlDreamerbecause the tests are semi-destructive07:50
+elninoOk. I just found this: http://www.webgui.org/community-wiki/developers-guide-to-testing-in-webgui Thanks!07:57
+elninobut now I'm going to get sleep. nite07:58
+perlDreamergood night07:59
+perlDreamerpreaction: I backported the CODE_COP/Template/packer.t change to 7.707:59
+elninohttp://www.webgui.org/develop/wiki/development-best-practices has a bad link to POD Doc, I was going to fix it, but it's not a hyperlink... 07:59
+elninoin the edit view.08:00
+elninohow do I fix it?08:00
+perlDreamerwhere's the POD doc?08:00
+elninojust a sec, got distracted08:02
@preactionthanks, perlDreamer 08:02
+perlDreamerwe need to change the URL in the wiki page from develop/wiki/community-wiki/ to just community-wiki/08:04
+elninoI'm unable to.08:04
+elninoeven tho I can "edit" it.08:04
+elninoit's like the link is auto created08:05
+perlDreamerit's broken from the wiki separation08:06
+elninodo you want a bug report?08:06
+perlDreameryes, filed against webgui.org08:06
+perlDreameryeah, against webgui.org08:07
+perlDreameralthough they'll probably refile against the core08:08
+elninook. NOW good nite08:09
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]08:11
CIA-56webgui: Patrick Donelan padre * r2bd353b / lib/WebGUI/Content/Padre.pm : Changed to support Padre::Plugin::WebGUI 0.03 - http://bit.ly/aAzDS08:31
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has quit ["Leaving."]08:45
CIA-56webgui: Doug Bell master * r8f7d016 / t/Asset/Template/packed.t : fix skip_all in packed test - http://bit.ly/Zxjw309:04
CIA-56webgui: Doug Bell master * r5c03cfb / (4 files in 3 dirs): fixed #10544: Child assets under uncommitted parents - http://bit.ly/Ugg6709:04
CIA-56webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.7 * rbf4c5eb / t/Asset/Template/packed.t : fix skip_all in packed test - http://bit.ly/qYl6t09:08
CIA-56webgui: Doug Bell webgui-7.7 * rc975729 / (4 files in 3 dirs): fixed #10544: Child assets under uncommitted parents - http://bit.ly/1rpKHd09:08
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CIA-56webgui: hao master * r7a439fd / (2 files in 2 dirs): 14:53
CIA-56webgui: Fixed failure in test 250 of t/00_compile.t.14:53
CIA-56webgui: not ok 250 - WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/StoryArchive.pm compiles without warnings14:53
CIA-56webgui: @ Failed test 'WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/StoryArchive.pm compiles without warnings'14:53
CIA-56webgui: @ at 00_compile.t line 52.14:53
CIA-56webgui: @ got: 'Argument "." isn't numeric in numeric eq (==) at /Users/hao/Dropbox/PB/wg/webgui/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/StoryArchive.pm line 383.'14:53
CIA-56webgui: @ expected: '' - http://bit.ly/2AwYsB14:53
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+BartJolpreaction: I pushed some files to github, but am not sure whether someone can mange to merge those, since it are just the files and they are based on 7.7.1917:14
+BartJolyou think that is a problem17:14
+BartJolhad some fight with my first git usage17:15
+BartJolRory is laughing at me because of that17:16
+MrHairgreaseNot only Rory...17:16
+BartJolhe, but in the end I managed something17:16
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carograygood morning, goodday17:32
carograygetting ready to tackle a problem Steve Swanson showed me at the conference, using template toolkit17:32
carograyin preparation I wanted to quickly load a bunch of images from the website I hope to fix into the demo17:33
carograyI thought I could make th e images folder a package17:33
carograyexport it from website and import it into demo17:33
+BartJolyou should afaik17:33
carograyis this possible17:33
carograyit failed - 17:33
carograyboth are now on 7.7.2117:33
carograydog whining  - hang on a sec17:34
+BartJoldid it import anything?17:34
carograyno 17:35
+BartJolah that is strange17:35
carograyI got a message about the package might be corrupted 17:35
carogray"Unable to extract package! The package may be corrupt, or there may be a server error preventing packages from being imported." 17:35
carograyperhaps demo.webgui.org won't allow imports?17:35
+BartJolcan imagine that17:36
carograyok..just thought I would ask 17:37
+BartJoldo you have a package available17:37
+BartJolI can import it on my site17:37
+BartJolor try to17:37
carograyto see if it is corrupted?17:37
carograyhow do I get it to you?17:37
carograyattachment to email17:37
carograyfile thing didn't work the other day on this chat17:38
+BartJolwell, if it import, the chance that demo does not allow packages is bigger17:38
+BartJolwell, depends on the size17:38
+BartJolor I fix you an account17:38
+BartJolis easier17:38
carograyok that would be terrific17:39
carograydo packages ususally have .gz at the and?17:39
carograyat the end?17:39
carograyI do not remember seeing that before17:39
+BartJolthat is a zipped file17:40
+BartJolthat should be the extension17:40
carograyright that's what the site produced...17:41
carograyI think..17:41
carograywgpkg should be the extension, right without the .gz at the end17:41
carograyI have just started using Google Chrome for browser, Chrome would not have added the .gz extension would it17:41
+BartJolyou are a package manger, hopefully that is enough17:42
carograyturns out your advice to upgrade to Google 3.5 was only part of the problem the other day, apparently there was some javascript in 7.7.20 that was causing all those problems.17:42
+BartJolff 3.517:43
carograylet me export the package again, to see if it will work without adding the extension...17:43
+BartJolwell, go ahead17:43
carograywhat about... I didn't commit the version tag when I made it a package. I exported without committing change, could that have made a difference, like a "temporary package"17:45
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+BartJolcarogray: eeeh, I had a client on the phone18:20
+BartJolso it worked out?18:20
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+perlDreamergood morning, WebGUI people18:28
+BartJolperlDreamer: do you think you can make something out of http://github.com/BartJol/international- to add that to 7.8?18:29
+BartJolI made a bit of a mess out of it18:29
+perlDreamerjust a bit ;)18:30
+perlDreamerit would be easier if it had the same structure as WebGUI's lib18:30
+BartJolhey, I tested it properly18:30
+BartJolnext time I will do better18:30
+perlDreamerand then we'll need Haarg's help, because I don't know how to merge in remote repos18:30
+BartJolI hope18:30
@Haargno good way to merge something like that without a ton of extra work18:31
@Haargi'd just grab the files18:31
@Haargit's not really a problem.  just grabbing the files is easy.18:32
+BartJolok, but those are from 7.7.1918:32
* perlDreamer is pretty sure International.pm and Scratch have not been touched since 7.7.1918:33
+perlDreamerbut we should check18:33
@Haargyou could always fake it18:33
@Haarggit checkout v7.7.1918:33
@Haargput the files in place, commit, note new commit id, git checkout master, git merge <commit id>18:34
+perlDreamerand that will apply the right diffs?18:34
+perlDreamergit rocks18:34
+BartJolwell, my stupidity is compensated by git18:35
+MrHairgreaseBartJol: are you saying you are a stupid git?18:35
@Haargwhat i would recommend for doing that kind of development though is to create a fork of the webgui repo on github18:35
+perlDreameras an aside, this is an example of unfortunate template variable naming.  In a CS'es view template, user.isVisitor means either that the _user_ is visitor, or, if you're inside a loop, it means that the _post owner_ is visitor18:35
+BartJolMrHairgrease: no18:36
@Haargthen create branches in your fork for the various things you are working on18:36
@Haargi should write up a tutorial on that18:36
+perlDreamerelnino, that is actually a very subtle, but evil bug18:39
elninoI'm glad I found a tasty one.18:43
+perlDreamerthe thing is, I don't know how to fix it18:44
+perlDreamerthe goal is that the user profile link should not be shown, if the user is visitor, or if the poster is visitor18:44
+perlDreamersince visitor's profile is never shown18:45
+perlDreamerah, so we need a new template variable called "showProfileUrl"18:45
+perlDreamerand then alter all the CS templates to use that, instead of the poorly named user.isVisitor18:46
+perlDreamerthis would be much easier with TT18:46
+perlDreamerplainhao, would you please backport the StoryArchive patch to 7.7?18:47
elninois "isvisitor" not what it means? - because it seems to mean that if the user is a visitor (regardless if they can post or not) they should not  see the link. period.18:47
@plainhaok, i'll try18:47
elninounless of course youcan allow visitors to see the profile.18:48
elninothen what you suggest makes sense.18:48
+perlDreamerelnino: in the post_loop, user.isVisitor means that the the poster is visitor18:49
+perlDreameroutside the post_loop, it means that the viewer is visitor18:49
+perlDreamerit is very evil18:49
+perlDreamerwe'll hide the link18:51
+BartJolmmm, dutch text in a wg db, someone has been hacking18:53
+BartJolas a fieldname18:53
+perlDreamerpreaction, haarg: Have you read Joeri's bug about Admin group in the Visitor group?18:55
+perlDreamerAt first, I wasn't convinced that it was a bug18:55
+perlDreamernow, after reading is reply, I'm not so sure.18:55
@Haargi saw it but didn't look into it at all18:55
+perlDreamercould you take a few minutes to read and consider?18:56
+perlDreamerI'm now heavily leaning toward fixing it.18:56
+BartJolshould I get him?18:56
@Haargdo other users go into the visitor group?18:56
+perlDreamerI don't think so18:56
@Haargi don't know.  the admin group is a member of all of the groups on purpose.18:57
+perlDreameryes, but in this case, I don't think it does any good18:57
+perlDreamerbecause now Admin is a member of Registered Users AND Visitors18:57
+perlDreamerwhich does not make sense18:57
@Haargit probably makes more sense for it to not be in the group18:58
+perlDreameranyone else in the channel have any thoughts?19:00
+perlDreamerall you lurking PB people?19:00
+perlDreamerbopbop, is this going to make a documentation nightmare?19:01
@bopbophang on, let me scroll up and read19:01
+perlDreamerbacklog a bit, and answer the question about Admin being in the Visitors group, MrHairgrease, if you would, sir.19:01
+perlDreamerbut if Joeri is standing over your shoulder promising bier and vacation, then you must excuse yourself from the discussion19:02
+MrHairgreaseok hang on19:02
+MrHairgreaseperldreamer, you mean backlog on irc?19:03
+perlDreamerhere's the bug URL, for reference, too: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1108219:03
+MrHairgreaseok, what is the question?19:04
+MrHairgreaseshould admin be in visitors gorup?19:04
@bopbopdoes the group "everyone" include both visitor and registered user?19:05
+perlDreamerMrHairgrease: that is the question19:05
+MrHairgreaseI think not19:05
@bopbopthen it wouldn't be a problem removing admin from visitor19:05
+MrHairgreasethe reason being that admin is not a visitor19:05
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+MrHairgreaseadmin is a regular account19:05
+MrHairgreasethat happens to be special =)19:05
+MrHairgreasethe visitor account is not19:06
+MrHairgreasetherefore I think that admin should be in any group 19:06
+perlDreamerwell, it's not just user Admin.  The Admin Group is a subgroup of all groups by design in WebGUI.  Unfortunately, this includes group Visitor.19:06
+MrHairgreaseoh ic19:06
+MrHairgreasethat's just weird19:06
+MrHairgreaseb/c 19:06
+MrHairgreasergistered users and vistors are both mutually exclusive19:07
+MrHairgreaseso admin cannot possibly in both19:07
+perlDreamerokay, now I'm completely sold19:07
+perlDreamerwhat would I do without you guys?19:07
+MrHairgreasemy gut feeling says only visitors in visitor19:07
+MrHairgreasego the the netherlands and find other cool eurotrash?19:08
+perlDreamerwho could be as cool as the Dutch WebGUI guys?19:08
+MrHairgreaseprolly nobody???19:09
+BartJolwhere do we get our charm...19:11
+BartJolit's the cheese!19:11
+BartJolor beer19:11
+perlDreameror the beer cheese19:11
+perlDreamerspeaking of food...19:11
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+perlDreamergood idea BartJol, bbiab19:18
+BartJolah, well I be gone iab19:18
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CIA-56webgui: hao webgui-7.7 * r184c956 / (2 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed)21:05
CIA-56webgui: Fixed failure in test 250 of t/00_compile.t.21:05
CIA-56webgui: not ok 250 - WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/StoryArchive.pm compiles without warnings21:05
CIA-56webgui: @ Failed test 'WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/StoryArchive.pm compiles without warnings'21:05
CIA-56webgui: @ at 00_compile.t line 52.21:05
CIA-56webgui: @ got: 'Argument "." isn't numeric in numeric eq (==) at21:05
CIA-56webgui: /Users/hao/Dropbox/PB/wg/webgui/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/StoryArchive.pm line21:05
+perlDreamerthanks, plainhao!21:05
+cap10morganwould you see something like "DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry 'TbDcVLbbznPi0I0rxQf2CQ-1254442538' for key 1" if you tried to create 2 assets within the same second?21:49
+cap10morganer, commit 2 revisions, i guess that should be21:49
+perlDreamerI was asking rizen about having millisecond level timing in the db a while back, but it's not as easy as it sounds21:50
+cap10morganok, i'm wondering if that's what could be happening w/ this package import in the 7.7.19->7.7.20 upgrade script21:50
+perlDreamerit's possible21:50
+cap10morganit doesn't happen on all my sites, but i've found 2 so far21:50
+cap10morganok, i'll keep digging21:50
+perlDreamerare there two packages with the same template in it?21:50
+cap10morganwouldn't that cause the error on every upgrade?21:51
+perlDreamerno, it's a race condition21:51
+cap10morganoh, sure, that makes sense21:51
+perlDreamerdepends on the speed of the site, loading, etc21:51
+cap10morganyeah, maybe then21:51
+perlDreamera storyarchive package?21:51
+cap10morganthis is the storymanager.wgpkg21:51
+cap10morganin the packages-7.7.20 dir21:52
+cap10morganroot_import_storymanager.wgpkg to be exact21:52
+cap10morganthat's what the error message comes from, at least21:52
+cap10morgani have the assetid too...21:52
@Haargpackage importing should never cause that issue due to things being imported too quickly.21:52
+cap10morganoh, i already pasted that21:52
@Haargbecause the packages have revisionDates in them, and it will update the existing assets if the assetId+revisionDate combination already exists.21:53
+cap10morganoh, ok21:54
@Haargbut it could possibly happen if the asset instantiation failed for some reason 21:54
@Haargnot due to speed though21:54
+cap10morganwell, i'm going to have it spit out the actual queries next to see where that gets me21:54
@HaargperlDreamer, does this seem too silly?  http://gist.github.com/20000021:59
@Haargalthough i should probably document it better to explain why it does something so convoluted21:59
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+perlDreamerHaarg: we changed that, with the revisionDates, remember?22:09
@Haargyou mean in your new code?22:09
@Haargi guess i was thinking that hadn't gone into a release yet22:10
@Haargi haven't actually looked at what you changed22:10
+perlDreamerit went out in .2122:11
+perlDreamercap10morgan, are you upgrading to 7.7.20, or 7.7.21?22:12
+perlDreamerHaarg, it does seem a little silly.  What's wrong with the old tempfile method?22:12
@Haargchanges permissions22:12
+perlDreamerand only root can alter permissions22:13
+perlDreamerwhy not record the original permissions and restore them when you're done?22:14
carograyi started something with Bartjol this morning before all you midwest and wescoasters were up22:17
carograyis making a package version tagged?22:17
carograyi.e. can I export it without committing the version tag under which I created it?22:17
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: @Haarg, +cap10morgan, @plainhao, CIA-56, @preaction, f00li5h22:20
carogray...seems that if one wants to export a package whilst using Google Chrome browser, Chrome adds a .gz extension to it. thought someone might want to know22:21
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perlDreamer1I've been gone about 20 minutes, and the logs aren't updated yet22:32
perlDreamer1if anybody asked me anything, you'll need to repaste it22:33
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@Haarg[14:14:25]  <Haarg> there's really no way to maintain permissions properly without reusing the same file22:34
@Haarg[14:15:03]  <Haarg> so it goes through the extra stuff to make sure it will be able to write the complete file before it overwrites the old content22:34
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r3fb3644 / t/templateSyntax.t : Test for checking syntax in all templates. - http://bit.ly/27VjZ222:49
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r247166b / (9 files in 8 dirs): 22:49
CIA-56webgui: In the CS, do not show a profile link unless the user is not a visitor. Fixes bug #1108422:49
CIA-56webgui: If the post is owned by Visitor, do not show the link because no one22:49
CIA-56webgui: is allowed to see Visitor's profile. If the current user is Visitor,22:49
CIA-56webgui: do not show the link because Visitor is not allowed to view anyone's22:49
CIA-56webgui: profile. - http://bit.ly/4Q08d22:49
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r2c9b4da / (2 files): Move upgrade sub to correct upgrade script. - http://bit.ly/P7jFq22:52
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r8a576be / t/templateSyntax.t : Test for checking syntax in all templates. - http://bit.ly/s270s22:52
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r5c39f8e / (9 files in 8 dirs): 22:52
CIA-56webgui: In the CS, do not show a profile link unless the user is not a visitor.22:52
CIA-56webgui: If the post is owned by Visitor, do not show the link because no one22:52
CIA-56webgui: is allowed to see Visitor's profile. If the current user is Visitor,22:52
CIA-56webgui: do not show the link because Visitor is not allowed to view anyone's22:52
CIA-56webgui: profile. - http://bit.ly/14o1hy22:52
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+perlDreamerokay, working on Joeri's bug next22:59
@Haargso any extra comments on the config::json stuff?  probably doesn't matter much as long as it works.23:00
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r62cb3a4 / lib/WebGUI/AssetExportHtml.pm : correct error detection code in export - http://bit.ly/9vJfD23:00
+perlDreameri'm surprised there isn't a way to maintain the permissions23:01
@Haargwell, i can't think of one23:01
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@HaargperlDreamer, do you think storage->getFiles should include directories in the result?  and what about files starting with . in subdirectories?23:33
* perlDreamer needs to review thte code before making an informed reply23:40
@Haargcurrently directories are included, as are files starting with periods in subdirectories23:40
+perlDreamerI tried to filter out dot files in subdirectories23:41
+perlDreamerbut it's not tested...23:42
@Haargit's an easy change23:42
@Haargpart of the tests does assume it includes directories23:43
* perlDreamer doesn't like the idea of deep storage locations at all23:43
@Haargbut that test seems to be designed primarily for a different purpose23:43
+perlDreameryou're looking at the copy tests23:44
@Haargand the clear tests23:45
+perlDreamerin the clear tests, it calls getFiles('all')23:46
+perlDreamerso the question is in which modes should it return directories, and dot files23:47
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+perlDreamerwhat's up with the old SVN server, has it been taken down?23:47
@Haargwell, maybe23:48
@Haargit shouldn't be though23:48
+perlDreamerthe Syndicated Content test, and my browser say it is23:48
@Haargwell, the test needs to be changed23:48
@Haargbut i don't know why it is down23:48
+perlDreamerI'll find another RSS feed for the test23:49
@Haargi brought it back up23:50
@Haargmaybe i can get rid of it this weekend though23:50
+perlDreamerthe test should be converted to be a WEBGUI_LIVE test23:51
+perlDreamerso that it doesn't depend on an external server23:51
@Haargwe should probably have two env vars for that23:52
@Haargnet tests and live tests23:52
+perlDreamerI think that's the only net test23:52
--- Day changed Sat Oct 03 2009
+perlDreamerbut, in any case, it's not related to the Admin/Visitor group change that I made, so it's safe to commit that.00:08
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r01810f9 / (4 files in 3 dirs): Bug #11082: Admin group has been removed from Visitor Group. - http://bit.ly/vgzsd00:13
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r26f7dd8 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Bug #11082: Admin group has been removed from Visitor Group. - http://bit.ly/GwAC100:13
+perlDreamerHaarg, do you really keep forgetting to backport to webgui-7.7, or do you do all your backports in one big batch?00:14
@Haargi usually do it in batches00:15
+perlDreamerI'm not going to pester you about it anymore, then00:15
+perlDreamercap10morgan, did you nail down what's happening in the upgrade?00:18
+cap10morganno, i haven't yet00:18
+cap10morganbeen training the new guy :)00:18
@HaargperlDreamer, think it would be good to do a s/storagesToDelete/addToCleanup/ on the tests (and for the other cleanup methods)?00:21
+perlDreamernot until it's backported to 7.700:21
+perlDreamerotherwise merging is going to be a pain00:22
@Haargoh yeah, forgot about that00:22
+perlDreameraside from that, I think it's a great idea00:22
@Haargit's probably safe to do that at this point.  it's a somewhat large change but it seem to be holding up fine.00:22
+perlDreamerdid you ever finish the $guard auto-variable insertion code?00:23
@Haargpretty sure it can't be done without extra modules00:23
@Haargbeen trying to make these adjustments so we could possibly use Test::Aggregate00:25
+perlDreamerI've been cleaning up all the END blocks as i come across them00:25
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@Haargbeen trying to make these adjustments so we could possibly use Test::Aggregate00:28
@Haargbut at least the cleanup stuff is good enough for that at this point00:28
@Haargwe could stick a my $guard = Scope::Guard->new(sub { WebGUI::Test->cleanup }); at the beginning of the tests00:28
@Haargand it would handle automatic cleanup of all of the tests own stuff00:29
+perlDreamerwon't we need that anyway?00:29
+perlDreamerinstead of relying on the END block in Test.pm?00:30
@Haargif we wanted to use aggregate you mean?00:31
@Haargthat's what i mean.  at this point, the cleanup stuff is good enough to handle aggregate.00:32
@Haargjust the tests would need some adjustment.00:32
+perlDreamerI see00:32
@Haargthere are still problems most likely00:32
+perlDreamerI wouldn't mind spending several hours refactoring the tests, but I'd be happier doing it when the bug list is shorter.00:32
@Haargi think if we keep converting them to use addToCleanup or the other similar methods that will be a good enough improvement00:33
+perlDreamerthat's what I mean.00:33
+perlDreamerjust doing it all in 1 fell swoop00:34
+perlDreamerinstead of nickel-diming it00:34
+perlDreamerbecause now we have stuff using END, *toDelete and soon, addToCleanup00:34
@Haargwell, the difference between *toDelete and addToCleanup is pretty much nonexistant00:35
@Haargbut yeah, focusing on test cleanups is hard to justify when there are enough actual bugs00:35
@Haargthe other things that will be problematic re: aggregate are anything using Test::MockObject->fake_module00:36
+perlDreamerwe'll have to find other workarounds for that00:36
@Haargwhat i would recommend is just not using it00:37
@Haarginstead, load the module for real00:37
@Haargand use local *WebGUI::Module::method = sub {};00:37
+perlDreamerI'm not typing well.  That's what I meant00:37
+perlDreamerhaving another workaround for fake_module00:38
+perlDreamerexcept perhaps for apache cookie handling00:38
@Haargback later00:45
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elninoHaarg are you around?01:58
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+perlDreamerhe's out right now, elnino02:08
+perlDreameris it a question I can potshoot?02:08
@Haargback for a little02:22
+perlDreamerI'd love a 2nd opinion on the DataForm captcha caching fix I'm about to commit02:25
+perlDreamerhere it comes02:25
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rad35662 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Prevent dataform from caching when the form contains a captcha. Fixes bug #11049 - http://bit.ly/1yB5Kn02:25
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r0e09072 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Prevent dataform from caching when the form contains a captcha. Fixes bug #11049 - http://bit.ly/QZoik02:25
+perlDreamerit should be pretty straight forward, but no one knows the DataForm better than you now02:27
@Haargmy first thoughts are actually related to mostly unrelated issues02:30
@Haargwhich are that having a macro in the default value of a field in the dataform won't refresh properly due to cache02:30
+perlDreamerthat would be another bug02:30
@Haargand that i don't think calendar properly invalidates its cache02:30
+perlDreamerthe calendar should return either last modified, or "this morning", right?02:31
@Haargalso that the CS could probably do a better job of caching than just avoiding it02:31
@Haargthe other alternative is to have events update the calendar02:31
@Haargwith a new lastUpdated value02:31
@Haargsame for the cs02:31
+perlDreamerbut the calendar also has the concept of the default viewing window, and it can change without altering any events02:32
+perlDreamerlike when you rollover to a new week/month/day, etc02:32
+perlDreamerand how in the world do you remember all that stuff?02:33
@Haargif you change the default view though that should be a new rev02:33
@Haargunless it's a user setting02:33
+perlDreamerthink about making the default view the week.02:34
+perlDreamerfrom Sunday to monday, you get presented a whole new week02:34
+perlDreamerbut lastModified never changes02:34
+perlDreamerwe could subclass/extend addChild in the Calendar to handle updating the calendar02:35
+perlDreamerno, that wouldn't work for editing a calendar02:35
+perlDreamererr, event02:35
@preactionif we made every view in an asset have its own URL, that would work ;)02:35
@Haargevent->update could easily also update the calendar02:36
+perlDreamerthat would be better than pFFPP02:37
+perlDreamerwe should file bugs for all those02:38
+perlDreamerthat's stuff that I can do02:38
+perlDreamerbut Map, latin-1 and AssetManager menu will need the special touch of the two of you02:38
@Haargi still can't reproduce the stuff that caused the latin1 thing02:39
@Haargit was something on my machine02:39
@Haargbut i'm not sure what02:39
@Haargi have some pending changes to wgd build related to that02:40
@Haargthen i just have to make the script to fix the existing tables02:40
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* perlDreamer heads out for dinner with the family02:53
+perlDreamerI'll be back on later02:53
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+patspamcan someone pm me PlainBlack's PayPal payment email address?04:19
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+perlDreamerI'd like that, too, patspam04:33
+patspamhowdy perlDreamer04:34
+perlDreamerhey, man!04:34
+perlDreamerhow come you're hacking on a Saturday?04:34
+patspamheh I'm not, just surfing the web04:41
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+patspamhave you run the test suite on perl 5.11.0 yet..? ;)04:48
-!- mducharme [n=nothing@S010600179ace3ce8.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #webgui04:49
+perlDreamerI only heard about 5.11 this afternoon04:51
+perlDreamerhad a weird bug with 5.8.8 today04:52
+perlDreamer00_compile.t runs clean on 5.10, but under 5.8.8 (or maybe .5) there's a syntax warning in StoryArchive.pm04:52
+patspamheh but yeah, i think 5.11 was only released in the last 24 hours04:58
+perlDreamerand they're going to have monthly releases, too05:12
+perlDreamerof course, when they get to matching the release schedule of WebGUI, _then_ they'll have something to talk about ;)05:12
+patspamhehe totally!05:18
+patspammonthly released of perl 5 is really awesome though05:18
@preactionit's nice that there's a fire under Perl's ass now, but why now?05:19
@preactionare we finally fed up with playing second-fiddle to PHP?05:19
+perlDreamerthat won't happen on the language level05:21
+perlDreameras long as its nigh on impossible to install Perl scripts and have them work like PHP, we'll play 2nd fiddle in web space05:21
+perlDreamersensei preaction, are you ready to begin the lesson?05:22
@preactionsure, let me pull up a browser05:22
+perlDreameryou need a 7.8 site05:22
@preactiontrunk okay?05:23
@preactionokay, and what's broken?05:24
+perlDreamerhop into the asset manager05:24
@preactionokay, i see the two bugs now05:24
@preactionMore doesn't work, and clicking the last item in the crumbtrail is weird05:25
+perlDreamerI've using the sitemap page, just because it loads faster05:25
+perlDreamerwell, if you click it twice, it's bad05:25
+perlDreamerclicking once, then clicking off the menu to deactivate seems to work okay05:25
+perlDreamerit's being rendered05:28
+perlDreamerthe listener is firing05:28
+perlDreamerbut no menu05:28
+perlDreamermenu.show is firing, I was able to use the debugger to put a breakpoint in container_core's show function05:30
+perlDreamerthe crumb trail uses almost exactly the same javascript to build its menu, and it works fine (aside from the duplication issue)05:31
+perlDreamerpreaction, I think I have it05:33
+perlDreamerit's the menu position05:33
+perlDreamerwhen the crumb trail menu is rendered, the style on the div is given a left and top set of coordinates05:34
+perlDreamerthat overrides the one it gets from .yuimenu CSS05:34
+perlDreamerbut the more menu does not get those top and left in the style05:34
+perlDreamerit's like it can't find the thing it is supposed to attach to05:34
+perlDreamermaybe the DataTable is interfering with the location of the menu?05:35
@preactionthat's what the "context" property is supposed to do05:37
+perlDreamerbut if I use Firebug to disable the .yuimenu left and top properties, then the menu shows up (in the wrong place)05:39
+perlDreamerthe links that the menu are attached to do not have ids05:45
+perlDreamerand the crumb trail one does05:45
@preactionthey shouldn't need to. they didn't need to before05:45
+perlDreamerI know, but the old YUI 2.6 still works05:45
+perlDreamerhow can I assign it an ID to check that?05:46
@preactionit's in formatActions i believe05:47
@preactionin the javascript05:47
+perlDreamera.id = "someUniqueText"; ??05:48
+perlDreamerokay, having an ID doesn't make a difference05:50
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CIA-56WebGUI: translation * r12372 /translations/German/German/Asset_Survey.pm: Updating German on translation server23:54
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+cap10morganLooks like that upgrade error I'm seeing is happening on a template that is in both root_import_storymanager_storytemplatetopic.wgpkg and root_import_storymanager.wgpkg01:17
+cap10morganand the error is coming from an attempt to insert into assetData w/ the same revisionDate01:18
+cap10morgani still don't see why that is happening01:19
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+patspamwhy do we have ^/extras mapped to WebGUI::URL::PassThru in site.conf?09:35
+patspamisn't modproxy supposed to handle it exclusively?09:35
@preactionwhat if there isn't a modproxy instance?09:55
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CIA-56config-json: Graham Knop master * rae2c71b / (Changes lib/Config/JSON.pm): eliminate use of temp file and add protection against disk full issues - http://bit.ly/103fD316:47
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elninohi all03:21
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daviddelikat1hey PD you still out there?06:07
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* perlDreamer is back, daviddelikat107:12
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@preactionif I don't want to call this asset "Snippet" anymore, what should I call it? RawContent?11:19
@preactionjust like "Article", it has no real semantic difference with "Post" or "Snippet"11:21
@preactionone is Rich Content, one is Raw Content11:21
+bartjolpreaction: RawContent does describe it, but not sure whether users really understand that termonology11:24
@preactionwell, not now sure11:25
+bartjolplain content?11:26
@preactioni'm just trying to get rid of Post, Event, and so many other assets that are exactly the same but for two or three things11:26
@preactionEvent == Article + Start and End dates11:26
@preactionPost == Article11:26
@preactionWikiPage == Article11:26
+bartjolwell, is there a rason that they were split in the past?11:26
@preaction(well, with wiki linking)11:26
@preactionno, they weren't split, we just never joined them11:27
@preactionthis is my personal rewrite of WebGUI11:27
+bartjoland in the end, they turn out almost the same11:27
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@preactionyeah, which pains me11:27
+bartjolah, that's why you're at work at this strange time11:27
@preactionwe'll have a BlogPost soon, i suspect11:27
@preactionand a ForumPost11:28
+bartjolyeah, and the story mayb?11:28
@preactionoh, right, Story11:28
+bartjolnot sure how that differs yet11:28
@preactionit has attachments you can order11:28
@preactionwhich wouldn't be necessary if the form field was more intelligent about things11:28
+bartjolso with some extra options the article could do everything11:29
@preactiontoo much wasted effort to build a generic piece of content over and over and over11:29
+bartjolbut naming assets should be related to context11:31
+bartjolin a cs "add article" is just not the same as "add post"11:31
+bartjolfor a newsletter, that might be ok11:31
+bartjolso you might figure out something for that11:32
@preactionthat's easy though, change the link in the template11:32
+bartjolalso, recounting on deleting and restoring posts from cs takes some code11:33
+bartjolI do agree with you, that 1 asset might be better, but there are quite some border effects11:33
+bartjolwhich might result in 1 un-understandable asset11:34
@preactionyeah, hence not gonna try it in current WebGUI11:34
+bartjolso you might need a subclass in the asset11:34
+bartjolare a form field11:34
@preactionthe idea being there will be a "RichContent" asset that one can subclass to make many things, like Event11:35
+bartjolwhich is almost the same11:35
+bartjoljust a db entry11:35
@preactionI AM CALLED.... TIM11:37
+bartjolI call you Doug or f***head11:37
@preactionwatching Holy Grail :p11:38
+bartjolTim is that evil guy right?11:39
@preactionhe's the sorceror who can make random explosions11:39
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-!- zylopfa [n=zylopfa@] has joined #webgui13:54
zylopfaDoes anyone know when assetHistory table got added a url column?14:03
zylopfaI searched through the upgrade files and its no where to be found14:03
zylopfaguess I will hardcode it but its not very good, should be in the upgrade files14:03
@preactionit's missing in your site?14:04
@preactionwhere are you upgrading from/to?14:04
zylopfaI am upgrading from  7.5.38 to 7.7.2114:04
zylopfaalso some talbes missing that dont get upgraded14:05
@preactionthen one of your upgrades went bad14:05
zylopfayeah i guess14:07
zylopfaI want to install from scratch then but i need a way to get my forum imported to the new site14:07
zylopfaI tried to correct the errors manually adding the talbes it needed and the columns needed in some tables14:07
zylopfabut then my forum wouldnt work14:08
@preactiondid you upgrade to 7.5.40 before you upgraded to 7.6?14:08
zylopfaI just dont know why assetHistory tables change is no where to be found in the upgrade scripts under /data/Webgui/docs14:08
@preactionit is in the 7.5.40-7.6.10 upgrade14:09
zylopfaSo i need to use that first?14:09
zylopfai thought the upgrade scripts took care of it?14:09
zylopfaas i understand i should download webgui  7.5.40 and install that first?14:10
zylopfayou are worth a lot of gold preaction!14:10
@preactionthat's what the gotchas for 7.6.11 say14:10
@preactionread the gotchas.txt always14:10
zylopfayeah :(14:10
zylopfathanks a lot for your help14:10
@preactionit's usually the rule that before upgrading to any minor version, upgrade to the last version of the previous one14:11
@preactionso 7.5.40, 7.6.35, 7.7.2114:11
zylopfaahh ok thanks a lot14:14
zylopfaI will read the gotchas now also14:14
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zylopfadamn now i get $driver->className method doesn't exist14:38
zylopfasome itransact part of the upgrade :(14:38
zylopfaOk I am cheating and commenting the itransact part out, cause my site dont use it. and it only change a value for existing itransact drivers used14:41
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zylopfapreaction, thanks for your awesome upgrade help! Now it works flawlessly15:22
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@] has joined #webgui15:24
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+perlDreamergood morning, fellow webgui people!17:45
* perlDreamer will be back in a little while17:45
-!- elnino [n=ninow@] has joined #webgui17:45
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]17:50
+perlDreameryay! kids are at school.17:59
+perlDreamerthis morning was rough18:00
+perlDreamerPeter threw a plush chair at Tim, and Tim tried to punch Peter18:01
+perlDreamerI asked Peter why he threw the chair, and he said that Tim wasn't getting out of bed.18:01
@bopbopat least it was a plush chair18:02
-!- LTR_bob [n=bob@a83-163-71-207.adsl.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]18:03
+perlDreamerthat's what I get for taking a shower in the morning...18:03
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@c-75-71-189-24.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has quit []18:04
elninogood morning!18:04
+perlDreamerhey, elnino!18:04
+perlDreamerpreaction: I'm going to take a look at the upgrade problems that cap10morgan reported.  There was a similar post in the forums today.18:06
+perlDreamerI think it's due to the package upgrade change I made.18:06
@preactionhe reported it as a bug?18:06
@preactionoh, then putting a sleep 1; is probably the correct answer18:06
@preactioni mean, i haven't run across it yet18:07
+perlDreamerI can't duplicate it18:08
+perlDreamerwell, I can't duplicate it using code from git to upgrade18:09
+perlDreamerI'll try the tarball next18:09
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@] has joined #webgui18:13
-!- mode/#webgui [+o Haarg] by ChanServ18:13
+perlDreamermorning, Haarg18:14
+perlDreamerI thought of another wgd tool to build18:16
+perlDreamerit would be useful to have wgd go through the packages in the package directory for this upgrade and make sure that no templates are in there twice18:16
@Haargsounds reasonable18:17
+perlDreamerin .21 there are two sets of those18:17
@Haargactually, it might be good to have a command for splitting packages18:17
+perlDreamerit would also be nice to go from package format, to wgd format18:18
+perlDreamerit's easier to read18:18
zylopfaperlDreamer, hello friendly Webguian!18:18
+perlDreamerhey, zylopfa!18:19
+perlDreamerhaven't seen you in a while18:19
@Haargdid cap10morgan's problem ever get resolved?  i looked through the code but wasn't seeing how it would try to use duplicate revision numbers18:19
+perlDreamerwith the new package option I wrote, if you try to take the same asset within the same second, it will create a duplicate18:19
zylopfaI am having an issue with "friend invitations"18:19
zylopfabut I will find the problem and correct it18:19
zylopfaI have a site up with 10k users18:19
zylopfaand i found that some users have 30k messages that their friend request got denied18:20
+perlDreamerwell, some people won't take "no" for an answer18:20
zylopfahaa true18:20
zylopfaI think it has to do with deleted users or something18:20
zylopfaor disabled users18:20
zylopfaso it wont remove the friend requests when disabled18:21
zylopfaand keeps sending them18:21
zylopfasomething like that i think18:21
zylopfabut i will look into the code soon18:21
+perlDreamerzylopfa, there's a workflow that is supposed to disable old friends requests, I think18:21
+perlDreamermake sure that is running18:21
zylopfahaa yeah thanks18:21
-!- dreamersgirl [n=chatzill@] has joined #webgui18:36
+perlDreamermorning, dreamersgirl18:36
dreamersgirlmorning.  i made it.  :)18:37
dreamersgirlin spite of hitting every red light and getting stuck behind a really slow truck18:38
+perlDreameryou're supposed to drive _under_ the red light, not fly into them18:38
dreamersgirlyeah, thanks18:38
@HaargperlDreamer, reading through the code though i'm not seeing why it would try to create a new revision18:38
@Haargit looks like it would find the existing revision18:39
+perlDreamerrevisionExists is going to be false18:40
@Haargoh, i see18:40
@Haargis there even a reason to check like that?18:40
+perlDreamerfor normal package operations18:40
+perlDreamernot upgrades18:40
@Haargyes, but if you just tried to instantiate the asset it should to approximately the same thing18:41
@Haargseems it's to prevent a log message18:43
+perlDreamerI don't understand why the "update" behavior is there at all18:43
+perlDreamerwho wants to update an old version of an asset?18:44
@Haargwhat should it do instead?18:44
+perlDreamer<narrowmindedly>it should either create a new asset, or make a new version of an existing asset</nm>18:44
@Haargi'm not really certain what the use case is for imported packages not overwriting all changes18:45
* perlDreamer knows who to ask for historical WebGUI use cases ;)18:46
+perlDreamerare you sitting across from him?18:46
@Haargnot today18:46
@Haargis there a reason you used 0 instead of time for the revisionDate in what you added?18:46
+perlDreamerI knew that 0 would never be found18:46
@Haargseems like changing it to time would fix the problem of fast imports18:48
@Haargand would otherwise behave the same18:48
+perlDreamer$version is only used in 1 place, and that's to look for versions18:49
+perlDreamernot to create them18:49
+perlDreamerfor that is uses $properties->{revisionDate}18:49
+perlDreamerwhich isn't touched18:49
@Haargyes, so if it searches for a real value (the value it is going to insert anyway) it should fix that problem without causing any others18:50
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-186-22-44.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI18:50
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ18:50
+perlDreamerhow do you propose that it do that, Haarg?18:51
@Haarglike i say, use time18:51
+perlDreamerI don't think the problem is the $version, (line 140)18:52
@Haarg$version does get used to create the revisions18:52
+perlDreameryes, you're right18:52
@Haargthe problem is that it searches for 0 and never finds it, so it uses addRevision instead18:53
@Haargand if it does that twice quickly it dies18:53
@Haarginstead, if it used time, it would find the version it just created18:53
@Haargand update it18:53
@Haargthat code in there kind of works on the assumption that you are giving it a real package18:54
@Haarg0 isn't just a 'never found' value, it is a false value and thus treated special18:54
@HaargassetExists doesn't treat it special though18:54
+perlDreamerno, but addRev does19:00
+perlDreamerand it uses time()19:00
+perlDreamerwhich I think takes us back to the problem of having an asset in multiple packages19:01
@Haarghaving it in multiple packages is a problem, but a separate one19:01
@Haargdo you have any problem with me changing it to use time?19:01
+perlDreameras long as the tests still pass19:02
-!- f00li5h [n=f00li5h@] has joined #webgui19:03
-!- bopbop [n=kristi@24-183-106-111.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["napping"]19:05
+perlDreamerI talked with JT, and he says that for normal usage of importing packages that it's doing the right thing.19:06
+perlDreameryou should not reimport a package to erase/bypass revisions19:06
@Haargwell, i know that it is designed to do that, i just don't quite know what the use case is.19:06
+perlDreamerI think it's to prevent people from using packages to overwrite newer versions of an asset.19:07
-!- bopbop [n=kristi@24-183-106-111.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui19:12
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-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@] has joined #webgui19:29
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ19:30
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * ra4c2908 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Move updated collaboration package to correct updgrade directory. - http://bit.ly/3vINql19:30
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rbb45d06 / (2 files): remove duplicate story templates from 7.7.20 upgrade dir. - http://bit.ly/1ctQcB19:32
+cap10morganDidn't we fix the issue where secure or non-secure CDN URLs were being cached?19:34
+cap10morganor did that fix not go into 7.7?19:34
@Haargi think it was fixed19:34
+perlDreameryes, it was fixed19:35
+perlDreamerhttp and https use a different cache now19:35
+cap10morganok, that's what i thought19:36
+cap10morganhmm, i'm still getting non-secure CDN URLs on secure pages19:38
+perlDreamerconsistently, or randomly?19:39
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r5ceb1cc / docs/upgrades/packages-7.7.20/root_import_survey_surveyedit.css.wgpkg : Remove duplicate surveyedit css package from 7.7.20 upgrade directory. - http://bit.ly/aF7Ac19:40
+perlDreamerthat's the last of the duplicate packages in 7.7.2019:40
+cap10morganok, looks like clearing the cache fixed it, so maybe just a really old cached copy?19:40
+perlDreamercould be, please keep your eyes out for it, though19:40
+perlDreamerpreaction: did you say that you had a fix for the SC description bug?19:42
@preactionnot a patch, no, but setting it to the empty string will work19:53
+perlDreamerwill do19:53
@preactionit's undef that is the problem19:53
@preactionwell... should work :p19:53
+perlDreamerI know, but I didn't want to make you merge if you didn't need to.19:53
-!- f00li5h [n=f00li5h@] has joined #webgui20:01
carograyProject 2 coming out of WUC 2009 - is there a way from my end to figure out whether Template Toolkit is already installed on our PB hosted server?20:11
carogray...is it installed on demo.webgui.org?20:12
@Haargthe code is installed, but it has to be enabled for each site20:12
@Haargyou can post a support request to have it enabled20:12
carograyokey doke - I guess that means it isn't installed on demo.webgui.org20:12
carograyrather enabled20:13
-!- mducharme-work [n=nothing@] has joined #webgui20:14
zylopfahow is it going with webgui and that cms contest?20:16
+perlDreamerhaven't heard anything yet, zylopfa.  I wonder if bopbop knows when the contest is over?20:17
@bopbopthe voting is open until Oct 3020:17
@bopboplots of time yet20:17
zylopfagonna vote a few thousand times more then ;D20:18
+perlDreamerzylopfa, surely with access to 10 kUsers you can avoid stuffing ballots yourself :)20:18
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r0a1f2d2 / (3 files in 3 dirs): www_loadSurvey has to process its own macros. Fixes bug #11088. - http://bit.ly/gTupL20:18
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r1953e71 / (3 files in 3 dirs): www_loadSurvey has to process its own macros. Fixes bug #11088. - http://bit.ly/eE16U20:18
-!- mducharme-work1 [n=nothing@] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]20:20
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-!- samora [n=Sandra@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has joined #webgui20:35
samorais there a way to conceal the cryptic uploads directory created when a file (PDF, etc.) is uploaded and linked to?20:37
+perlDreamersamora, in what context?20:38
samoraI created a folder, and uploaded a few files into it.  once the asset is saved, adn i hover on the link to see or download this file (as a user), i see uploads/cryptic/url in the browser's status bar.  i would like that status to show the URL i assigned the file myfiles/directory/here.PDF instead20:40
+perlDreamersamora, to do that, you need to create a different template for the folder that contains those files you uploaded20:49
samoraok.  what should i use instead of <tmpl_var fileurl> ?20:49
@preactionwhy do you want the url you assigned?20:50
@preactionyou'll need to do more than one thing to make that the only URL the user sees20:50
@preactionand it will slow down your site20:50
samorapreaction - i thought it would be easier to remember20:51
+perlDreamersamora, there is a list of template variables, for all templates, in the online help20:52
@preactionpeople don't remember URLs, they bookmark them or they remember what they clicked on to get to the file20:52
+perlDreamerturn on Admin Mode, and go to the Template Help screen in the Admin Bar/Admin Console20:52
+perlDreamerfind the Folder Template in the list of templates20:52
+perlDreamerthe list of variables is in there20:52
@preactionin addition to changing the template, you also need to set "enableStreamingUploads" : 1, in your webgui config file, or else webgui will just redirect the user to the uploads folder20:53
samoragreat! thanks.20:54
+perlDreamerpreaction, by changing the template variable I was able to get it working, without setting streaminguploads20:54
@preactionif you go to the file's URL in webgui, it should do a 301 Redirect to the actual file20:55
@preactionoh.. PDF20:55
@preactionthe download dialog will open20:55
+perlDreamerI tried an image, but it worked okay for that, too20:55
+perlDreamerjust showed me the image20:55
@preactionand the browser may or may not change the location bar20:55
+perlDreamer(after doing the redirect)20:55
samorai'll try it, and see what results i come up with20:56
-!- f00li5h [n=f00li5h@] has joined #webgui21:00
samorausing tmpl_var file.url does the trick.    is there a way (through webgui's admin panel) to see the config settings that are enabled?  21:04
samorajust out of curiosity21:04
dreamersgirllunchtime!  :)  bye everyone!21:05
@preactionsamora: no. config file is server-side only21:05
-!- dreamersgirl [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.9/2009040821]"]21:05
samoraok. 21:06
samorathank you all for the tips21:06
+perlDreameryou're welcome, samora21:07
+cap10morganso commit bb45d063 makes it look like the storymanager template packages in packages-7.7.20 are just not needed?21:09
+cap10morganso i could fix my upgrade issue if i just delete the 2 files that commit deletes?21:09
+perlDreamerI believe so21:09
+perlDreamerI can't make it fail on my laptop21:10
+cap10morganoh, i see preaction suggested i try adding a sleep 1; to the upgrade script21:11
+perlDreamerthat won't help21:11
+perlDreamerwell, it may, it may not21:12
@preactionsleep 2 then :p21:12
+perlDreamerit depends on how the revisionDate is generated21:12
+perlDreamerperlbot: sleep 221:12
+perlDreamersee, it didn't work for him either!??!21:13
@preactionperlbot be perlDreamer 21:13
-!- Mech422 [n=steve@c-69-181-119-143.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #webgui21:13
Mech422hi all :-)21:13
+perlDreameryo, Mech42221:13
Mech422Got a stupid CS question...21:14
+perlDreamerwe deal with all kinds of Computer Science in this channel21:14
Mech422the dateSubmitted.human field is formatted using a '%z' flag ?  the perl dateTime docs just says 'z' adds a TZ to the end of the string ?21:15
+perlDreamerWebGUI uses its own set of flags, that are different from DateTime, or strftime21:16
+perlDreamer%z is "use the user's format, as set in their profile"21:16
+perlDreamerfor dates21:16
+perlDreamer%Z is the same thing, for time formats21:17
Mech422err..ummph..ok..I'll go fuxor with that :-) Thanks :-)21:17
+perlDreamerif you find the Date macro docs on the wiki, it will list all the flags and what they mean21:17
+perlDreamerpreaction: it's not nice to mock people, unless they're MJD21:18
+perlDreamerbesides, I never misspell perl21:18
@preactionperlbot capital perl21:19
perlbotPerl is the language, perl is the program, there is no PERL.  See perldoc -q 'difference between'.21:19
@preaction0oooh sick burn21:19
Mech422thats odd - my 'admin' profile has date format as '10/5/2009' - but its formatting the date with a time on the end of it ?21:20
+perlDreameris it possible that right after dateSubmitted.human there is timeSubmitted.human, in the template?21:22
Mech422looked - didn't see one - but its only 'wrong' on the story page - the 'weblog' view has the date a xx/xx/xxxx - let me look at that template21:23
Mech422weird - that uses same thing...21:25
-!- f00li5h [n=f00li5h@unaffiliated/f00li5h] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:27
samorawhat is the proper syntax to comment out a tmpl_var?21:29
@preactionsamora: you can either delete it, or use an HTML comment: <!-- ... -->21:30
samorak. thanks21:30
+perlDreamerMech422, there are some bad template name collisions in the CS21:30
+perlDreamerin the CS itself, dateSubmitted.human is just the date21:30
+perlDreamerin the Post, it's the date _and_ time21:31
+perlDreamerif you don't want that, then use the creationDate template variable, and the Date macro so style it the way you want21:31
Mech422so thats why the weblog view is 'correct' but the forum thread view has the time tacked on...21:31
Mech422Oh! I can custom format the dates ? lemme go RTFM :-)21:31
+perlDreamerDate macro is your friend, Mech422 ;)21:32
+perlDreamerthe story manager doesn't format dates at all, it only sends epochs 21:32
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * ra9f6220 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix undef template variables in the SC. Fixes bug #11087 - http://bit.ly/eXnXL21:39
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r56fc5b5 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix undef template variables in the SC. Fixes bug #11087 - http://bit.ly/vOfjE21:39
+perlDreamerthere you go, preaction.  All fixed.21:41
Mech422pd- Umm - I don't think creationDate is exposed ? All I get is a nicely formatted date in 1969 ?21:43
+perlDreamerMech422, exactly which template are we talking about here?21:45
+perlDreamerthe 'story21:46
+perlDreamerthe 'story' view, or the list of stories view?21:46
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/10/kamwamba-windmill/  the video at the bottom is pretty cool too.21:47
+perlDreamerI'd heard about him from Makezine21:48
+perlDreamerit's an awesome story21:49
Mech422According to hte label, its the 'Collaboration System, Thread Template'21:49
+perlDreamerokay, in the thread template, in 7.7, the template variable creationDate does exist21:50
* perlDreamer gets to go for a run today!21:50
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Mech422Hmm - according to hte meta tags I'm running 7.7.921:52
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+cap10morganyep, cherry picking that commit made at least one of my sites successfully upgrade22:10
+cap10morgani bet it will fix the others too22:10
Mech422^D('...',revisionDate); and ^D('....',post_loop.revisionDate);  both yield mod_perl errors about not an int...22:12
Mech422is there some 'self' type object I need to get the revisionDate from ?22:12
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-!- daviddelikat [n=dav@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #WebGUI22:41
Mech422wow - ^D("...","<tmpl_var creationDate>");  ?? Thats just nasty.... :-P22:45
Mech422so to pass template vars we have to manually evalaute them ? 22:46
Mech422Ok - on that note...time for lunch22:46
@preactionevaluate what?22:46
Mech422you can't just pass a template var to a macro ...22:47
@preactionit's not Perl code, putting quotes around it doesn't cause any evaluation22:47
Mech422You need to evaluate it with <tmpl_var> .... yeah22:47
Mech422perhaps evaluate is a bad choice of works22:47
@Haargthe macro system and the template system are entirely separate22:47
-!- f00li5h [n=f00li5h@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]22:47
Mech422Haarg: thanks - that sounds better22:47
@preactionthere's a regular expression that parses the output of the template and replaces the macros. after the template is completely processed22:47
@preactionthough with TT being the only parser in WG8, there's talk of possibly doing things differently22:48
@Haargin 8 it will definitely be possible to process macros directly in the template22:48
@Haargrather, call them22:48
Mech422ahh - yeah, I sorta think of the macro's and templating stuff as being 'one piece' - counter intuiative to me to have to treat them seperately...22:50
Mech422so the new way will prolly seem 'nicer' to me :-)22:50
@preactionthere are a number of layers22:50
@preactionfrom Apache request to URL and content handlers through asset www_ method to template and style and macro processing22:51
@preactionthere's a WebGUI Request Cycle diagram out there22:51
@preactionnot sure if it reaches the macro processing stage or not22:51
@Haargmacro processing happens all over the place22:51
Mech422for python its usually just an eval_template() type call22:52
@Haargmacros are used in a lot of places though22:53
@Haargnot just in templates22:53
Mech422oh - yeah - I mean python has a lot of drop-in templating languages...22:53
@preactionMech422: did you say you used django before?22:53
Mech422and they just generally have some sort of 'render' or 'eval' function you call22:53
Mech422preaction: Not really - just played with it - I prefer wsgi myself22:54
@preactionwe have that, but templates aren't the only thing being processed (though "style" is just a type of template)22:54
@Haargi'd kind of like to move macros to be a content only thing, but that's probably too large of a change22:55
Mech422I'm just more used to stuff like Mako, cheetah, genshi, tal, etc.22:56
Mech422anyway - time for lunch - thanks all :-)22:57
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zylopfaAnyone remember it its possible to formate dates (with the date macro) so you get them in a format like its: 1 day ago, 1 hour ago etc.23:22
+perlDreameralthough, there is code in WebGUI to do that23:22
+perlDreamerso you just need a macro to call it23:22
+perlDreamerzylopfa, it's $session->datetime->secondsToInterval23:33
zylopfathank you good Sir23:33
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+perlDreamerway to go, bopbop!23:43
+perlDreamerthat's gotta be a big load off your shoulders23:43
@bopbopyeah, it's nice to get it done23:43
xdangerI have few big rfe (I'm implementing them anyway, but would like to get them included to core) and I'd like to chat about it with someone that has knowledge of the core and what's comming up with webgui. I was just thinking senfing an email to JT, but I bet he's quite busy.23:44
+perlDreamerxdanger, try the dev list23:44
+perlDreamerwe can chat about it here, but JT won't know about it23:44
+perlDreamerwe can chat here about it, but for official stuff, use the dev list23:45
xdangerI'm just not ready to share it to everyone ;)23:45
+perlDreamerah, gotcha23:45
xdangernot sure about the direction that it should go, or how to implement few things23:45
+perlDreamerwell, in general, we're building AssetAspects23:46
+perlDreamerinstead of building features into particular assets, we're building features that Assets can share23:46
+perlDreamerlike RssFeeds, and Subscribing to assets23:46
xdangerBut basicly I'd need a category system for all the content in webgui, a way to display that content in a dynamic way, and also predefined keyword list (or tags)23:47
xdangerI was thinkin about extenting the metadata system, but I'm not familiar how it works23:47
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]23:48
+perlDreamermetadata are user defined special fields for assets23:48
xdangerI now something about them23:48
xdangerI've done this hierarchical category system for my (extented) Collaboration System using DBIx::Tree::NestedSet23:50
+perlDreamerxdanger, have you tried out Asset keywords, which are separate from metadata?23:50
xdangerAnd it really usefull for locating information out of long listings23:51
xdangerjust tested them a little bit23:51
xdangerBut i really nees hierarchical categories that relate in a tree structure23:52
xdangerneed even23:52
xdangerAnd the keywords should have some kind of database and a ajax widget to select allready inserted keywords. So you dont get "feline", "cat" and "cats"23:54
@Haargit does23:54
xdangerok, maybe that wasn't in yet when I tested =)23:55
@Haargkeywords has autocomplete.  i should probably adjust the timing though.23:55
elninotried in two browsers23:55
elninooops. =)23:55
@Haargit's a bit slow and only does it for 3 or more characters23:55
* perlDreamer heads out to pick up kids23:59
--- Day changed Tue Oct 06 2009
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@preactionis it a stable release this week? or just beta?00:11
@preactionnope, just beta this week. stable next week00:11
-!- f00li5h [n=f00li5h@unaffiliated/f00li5h] has quit [Connection timed out]00:27
xdangerWhy is there only 5 userDefinedN fields ?-) I've several times needed more =)00:33
@Haargpartly because any time you need more than 5 you are probably abusing the CS and should be using something else.00:36
xdangerpartly true =)00:37
xdangero, I was thinking that the webgui bug tracker was build on CS00:37
@Haargused to be00:37
xdangeris the tracker closed source?00:37
xdangerI'm needing a "kind of request tracker"00:38
xdangerwas just wondering would that be suited sor the job00:38
xdangermaybe I should go to bed, starting type too many errors00:39
xdangerbut thanks for the link00:39
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+perlDreamerHaarg, preaction: what do you think about updating TinyMCE to fix the bugs related to it on our boards?01:16
@Haargfor 7.8 yes01:16
+perlDreamernot for 7.7?01:17
@Haargfor 7.7, i'd have to look at how much has changed01:17
@preactionnot for 7.7?01:17
@Haargwe haven't upgraded it for a while so it may be problematic01:17
+perlDreamermaybe I'll tinker with that tomorrow and see how good/bad we are.01:17
@preactionwe've got until next week for a 7.7 release anyway01:17
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@Haargwe don't integrate tightly with it so it seems likely we'll be able to upgrade it in 7.7 as well01:18
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+perlDreamerI'll make sure I check out all the custom stuff before doing anything that looks like commit&push01:24
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+perlDreamerwhen I submitted that Shop bug, it sure sounded easy at the time01:38
+perlDreamerNow I think I'm going to have to add a custom driver that is group protected so that the average user cannot see it01:38
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+perlDreamerwgd -F my.conf reset --delcache!02:39
@Haargat some point i should probably fully document how wgd calculates the webgui root and config file based on its various inputs02:40
@Haargthere's still one case that i don't know how it handles it02:41
+perlDreamerit has taken on a life of its own02:41
@Haargit's the one case i can think of that i don't have tested yet02:42
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r2a1f038 / t/Storage.t : small cleanups to storage test - http://bit.ly/2ktgpa02:42
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r5ecc986 / lib/WebGUI/AssetPackage.pm : prevent duplicate package importing in upgrades from failing - http://bit.ly/Lzokn02:42
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.7 * r374430a / lib/WebGUI/AssetExportHtml.pm : correct error detection code in export - http://bit.ly/oYV0F02:44
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.7 * r00a08aa / t/Storage.t : small cleanups to storage test - http://bit.ly/2fsvt302:44
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.7 * r74a1aae / lib/WebGUI/AssetPackage.pm : prevent duplicate package importing in upgrades from failing - http://bit.ly/XMJuf02:44
+perlDreamerwhoa! backportage.02:44
@preactioni have a bad feeling about tomorrow's upgrade.02:47
@preactionevery site i've upgraded so far has had template issues02:48
@preactioni just did one, navigation completely busted02:48
+perlDreamerwebgui.org is immune to that since it's on 7.8.002:48
+perlDreamerand it has already gone through 7.7.1502:48
+perlDreamerwhich is the great template swizzle of 200902:48
+perlDreamerit shall go fine02:48
@preactionoh, sorry, tomorrow we're upgrading all our genpop sites to 7.7.2102:48
+perlDreameryeah, you're totally screwed02:49
+perlDreamerdo you want some help?02:49
@preactioni think i can get this one, but if this isn't it i  might02:49
@preactionoh, tomorrow? no need, you'll have enough to do, and JT and Graham will be on-deck02:50
@preactionall three of us will be doing upgrades all night02:50
+perlDreamerpreaction: CAN I BORROW SOME OF UR BRAINPOWER PLZ?02:51
@preactionnot right now, plzkthx02:52
@Haargcan you think of a reason to not have wgd test always turn on recursive?02:52
@Haargand possibly just eliminate the -A option and have it specify t if a test file isn't listed02:52
* perlDreamer has to go make dinner02:56
+perlDreamerHaarg, I think it should work like prove, and specify recursive by default02:57
+perlDreamermaybe it could be a wgd config to make it recursive all the time?02:57
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+perlDreamerpreaction: http://use.perl.org/~masak/journal/39716 (for furthering your TDD drive)04:05
@HaargperlDreamer, do you think it would be a problem to backport the change that broke your modperl?04:06
@preactioni like it! i need it!04:09
+perlDreamernot as long as it goes in the gotchas04:09
+perlDreamerpreaction, the funny thing is, that's how I write tests when I write for coverage04:10
+perlDreameror POD04:10
@preactionbut now i have to make parmesan chicken or else i'll never get sleep and never get any work done tomorrow (again)04:10
@preactionpeople are gonna stop being so pleased with me if i don't start getting work done :'(04:10
@HaargperlDreamer, it's holding up backporting the test changes, which is why i want it04:13
+perlDreamerHaarg, I had a bad apache config file in the first place, so it shouldn't be a problem.04:14
@Haarghttp://gist.github.com/202670 seem good?04:19
+perlDreameryeah.  That's great!04:21
+perlDreamerHaarg, what should we do about the thumb- prefix on uploaded files?04:23
@Haargi really don't know.  rename them on upload?04:23
@Haargthat's about the best option i can think of.04:23
* perlDreamer wishes we'd made _our_ prefix wgthumb-, so there wouldn't be a problem any longer04:24
@Haargwould still be a problem04:24
+perlDreamergrrr.  yeah.04:24
@Haargthe case that the bug report was from, she downloaded an image from webgui.org04:24
@Haargand it was a thumbnail04:24
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-98-217-214-184.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]04:25
@Haargi'm confirming that i didn't break anything, but i should have all the new test stuff backported in a few minutes04:26
* perlDreamer can't wait to stop typing {tagsToRollback,{storages,users,groups}ToDelete}04:26
@Haargyou can also omit WebGUI::Test-> if you want04:27
+perlDreamerI saw that you exported that04:28
+perlDreamerI can blog about the new testing cleanup, unless you want to.04:29
@Haargfeel free04:29
@Haargsomething to note: diag and note work differently now04:29
@Haargdiag will output always, note will only get output in verbose mode04:30
@Haargpreviously because it was outputting everything on stdout, diag got swallowed without -v04:31
@Haargit also swallowed the debug output from failed tests04:31
+perlDreamerI customized it too much for my own workflow04:32
daviddelikatis there an easy way to calculate the 10-digit date code used in WG database fields?04:32
+perlDreamerit's an epoch04:32
@Haargcalculate based on what?04:32
daviddelikatI need to convert three dates into epoch values04:33
daviddelikatI should know the function for it but I cant remember04:33
@Haargi really need to s/$session->datetime->time/time/ the entire codebase04:33
+perlDreamerlet's make two method calls across different objects to call a builtin04:34
daviddelikatyou could try something like *DateTime::time = *CORE::time04:34
daviddelikatthen it would optimize to what you want04:35
@Haargthat would only eliminate one sub call04:35
@Haargit would still have 2-3 method lookups04:35
+perlDreamerfind . -name '*.pm' -print | xargs perl -pi -e 's/session->datetime->time/time/g'04:36
@Haargi wish it was that simple04:37
@Haargtest stuff is backported04:37
+perlDreamerfind . -name '*.pm' -print | xargs perl -pi -e 's/\$(?:self->)?session->datetime->time/time/g'04:37
daviddelikatsomething tells me you could get away with calling a change like that a feature...04:38
+perlDreamerno, it's a bugfix04:39
+perlDreamerfor performance04:39
daviddelikatso is there a perl function that will give me the epoch?04:39
* perlDreamer is hoping preaction will GPL his parmesan chicken recipe04:40
daviddelikatI meant the epoch for a givfen date string04:42
@Haargdepends on the format04:42
@Haargbut you probably want something in DateTime or WebGUI::DateTime04:42
+perlDreamermy $epochDate = WebGUI::DateTime->new($mysqlDate)->epoch;04:43
@HaargWebGUI::DateTime needs a session doesn't it?04:43
+perlDreamerit's optional04:43
+perlDreamerI was just in there a few days ago04:43
+perlDreamerbecause you couldn't send it '' as a date04:43
+perlDreamerand it made some of the Form::Date{,Time}.pm corner cases behave badly04:44
daviddelikatI seem to be doing something wrong...  http://webgui.pastebin.com/d61f57cf904:50
@Haargfind docs lib t sbin -type f -exec perl -pi -e's/\$(?:self->)?(?:session->)?datetime->time\b/time/g' {} +04:52
@HaargperlDreamer, any reason not to make that change and mark the method as deprecated?04:53
+perlDreamerI see no reason not to do that04:53
+perlDreamerI think you need to be careful about $datetime->time though04:54
@Haargi verified all of the changes04:54
+perlDreameris time a DateTime method?04:54
daviddelikatcould you guys comment on my date attempt?04:54
@Haargdon't believe so04:54
daviddelikatwhen you have a sec04:54
+perlDreamerit is a DateTime method, but seems rare04:54
+perlDreamer->time means the same as hms (hours minutes seconds)04:55
@Haargdaviddelikat, it expects a full mysql format date if you specify it like that04:55
@Haarg"2009-10-10 00:00:00"04:56
daviddelikatthanks I'll try it04:56
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r60a4a9b / (56 files in 15 dirs): mark $session->datetime->time as deprecated and remove its use from core code - http://bit.ly/islSu04:56
@Haargi'm liking git add -p more and more04:57
+perlDreamerI take it that's not short for object oriented programming04:58
daviddelikatwell, its better, but it give me a date for 7PM the previous day...04:58
+perlDreamerIt's UTC04:58
@Haargit's adjusting for time zone04:58
daviddelikatshouldn't localtime bring it back to my time zone?04:59
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r19e4c96 / lib/WebGUI/Session/DateTime.pm : fix silly typo - http://bit.ly/1Jxkd04:59
@Haargthe one change i made manually i screwed up04:59
@Haargand didn't do a syntax check of course05:00
@HaargperlDreamer, before you do the next release, can you update your wgdev and double check that the create.sql file it makes is working properly?05:05
+perlDreamerI'll give it a try now05:05
@Haargtest with wgd reset --import05:06
+perlDreameror, !?f=ins05:06
@Haargmight want to verify that the tables have the correct engine and character set as well05:07
@Haargshould be more compatible with innodb now for whenever we make that change05:07
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@adsl-70-137-23-23.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has quit ["Leaving."]05:09
+perlDreamerinstalls okay05:09
daviddelikatnow seems like a good time to do a merge on my wg git repo...05:13
+perlDreamertable types look okay05:16
+perlDreamerwhat's the command for checking character types in the db, Haarg?05:16
@Haargshow create table blah05:16
@Haargshould list the type at the end05:16
@Haargcharacter set that is05:17
+perlDreamer3/3 tables all say utf805:18
@Haargsounds good then05:18
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-!- frodwith [n=pdriver@helios.tapodi.net] has joined #webgui05:19
-!- mode/#webgui [+o frodwith] by ChanServ05:19
@Haargalthough i like the changes i made to create.sql, it does have one problem05:19
@Haargwhich is that it would mask any case where an upgrade script was creating latin1 tables05:19
@Haargbut i still can't duplicate that.05:20
+perlDreamerwe'll just need to check by hand that they're all set to utf805:20
@Haargi really should just put in a git hook so it automatically tidies everything in my wgdev repo05:24
CIA-56wgdev: Graham Knop master * r8627bf2 / lib/WGDev/Command/Mail.pm : Perl::Critic and speed cleanups to mail command - http://bit.ly/1nXJrB05:32
CIA-56wgdev: Graham Knop master * rb388ceb / (lib/WGDev/Command/Build.pm lib/WGDev/Command/Reset.pm): Perl::Critic fixes - http://bit.ly/Nkn4005:32
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * ra3a8081 / t/Asset/AssetExportHtml.t : add test some extra diag info to export test - http://bit.ly/3Eto6m05:41
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r0260ec2 / docs/gotcha.txt : note gotcha about WebGUI::Config - http://bit.ly/2QxbPs05:41
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r6c4b4d1 / t/Asset/Wobject/Matrix.t : silence extra debug when not running verbose tests - http://bit.ly/Dhk4i05:41
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+perlDreamergood night, Haarg06:33
+perlDreamerpreaction: that's what you get for overbooking a server06:34
@preactionbah, as though06:34
@preactionserver is fine until spectre decides to do its daily maintenance tasks and hourly maintenance tasks and send queued e-mail messages all at once06:35
@preactionthen i have to wake up and babysit for an hour06:35
@preactionthat's 180 requests in a second or so06:35
+perlDreamerthat's only 5 milliseconds per request06:38
+perlDreamershould be no problem at all06:39
@preactionwhat will it do with the other 2 milliseconds?06:39
+perlDreamerthat's for interface inefficiency, for HTTP06:45
@preactionof course!06:46
@preactionhate when that happens06:46
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@preactionoh dear jesus i just realized i've been up since 11:00pm yesterday07:01
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elninohmm. is there a place in webgui (like settings) where it tells me what version of wre I've got running?07:22
elninomaking rfe... 07:22
+perlDreamerelnino, WebGUI may not be running on the WRE07:23
+perlDreamerso it will be difficult to do that07:23
+perlDreamerIt would be better to make an RFE against the WRE to set some kind of header07:24
+perlDreamerbut then it would give away what you're using, which is bad for security07:24
elninohmm. does spectre know wnything about wre?07:25
+perlDreameryou want to be able to ask a server where you don't have permissions to login?07:25
elninono, just lazy. 07:26
elninobut I suspect others might?07:26
+perlDreamerone could probably ask that question on the support board, and get a speedy answer07:27
elninoor maybe not07:27
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+perlDreamer'night, all!07:46
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elninowhat is vmware - does that replace compileing wre source on windows?09:07
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+bartjolNo martien here?15:02
+bartjolI think I solved his bug15:03
+bartjolsomeone put double quotes inside  a double quoted sql statement in Thread.pm15:04
+bartjolthat doesn't work :)15:05
+bartjolalso no faxioman?15:10
+bartjolthat statement was wrong actually16:14
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+perlDreamermorning, everybody!19:05
+perlDreamersorry I'm late, I had to start a pot roast19:05
* perlDreamer likes it when users notify about duplicate tickets, and solve bugs!19:07
+perlDreamerHaarg, is there any chance that cleanupGuard would cause the cleanup to happen early?19:16
+perlDreamerI converted t/Storage.t to use cleanupGuard, and now I'm getting test failures19:16
@Haargit happens as soon as the object it returns goes out of scope19:16
@Haargit should never happen before that19:16
@Haargone possible problem is re-use of storage objects19:17
@Haargnot sure what adjustments you made to deal with that19:17
+perlDreamernone, yet19:17
@Haargi think it does re-use the variables a bunch, i'm not certain though19:17
+perlDreamerI think I got it.19:18
+perlDreamercleanupGuard != objectsToDelete19:18
@Haargif you are just converting old tests addToCleanup is probably easier19:19
+perlDreamerthe good news is that it's working perfectly19:19
+perlDreamerthe bad news is that I'm not :/19:19
daviddelikatI'm having trouble with WG version mismatch between code and database19:36
daviddelikatI've run wgd reset with no failures19:37
daviddelikatbut it still does not get the correct version in the database19:37
daviddelikatI am running WG-blead19:37
daviddelikat( I just pulled the latest code last night19:37
+perlDreamerdaviddelikat, if you're running the master branch, they won't match19:40
+perlDreamerthe version in the database will be 1 notch behind the code19:40
daviddelikatok thanks19:41
daviddelikatI discovered the wgd version command and I have been seing red ever since!19:41
+perlDreameryou should19:41
+perlDreamerHaarg, preaction: now that 7.8 is out, can we remove WebGUI::Storage::Image from it?19:44
@preactionwouldn't that be an API change?19:45
+perlDreamerlook inside it19:45
@preactioncould people instanciate WebGUI::Storage::Image?19:45
+perlDreamertoday? yes.  But it's been marked deprecated since Nov 2619:46
@preactionit can't be removed until 8, otherwise custom code could break19:47
+perlDreamerbopbop: we're coming up on another noteworthy change19:53
+perlDreamerstarting with 7.7.22 and 7.8.1, WebGUI will change filenames on files that are uploaded that are named 'thumb-whatever'19:53
+perlDreamerit'll remove the thumb-19:53
@bopbopok- I'll make a note to include that in the next round of books19:54
+perlDreameram I flooding you with too much info yet?19:55
@bopbopno, I'm trying to keep track of it all19:55
daviddelikatwriting tests before code is very helpfull...20:14
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r0e94d42 / (4 files in 4 dirs): 20:14
CIA-56webgui: Fix bug 10916: files prefixed with thumb- cause errors.20:14
CIA-56webgui: Rename files that are uploaded to remove thumb-. - http://bit.ly/dppLQ20:14
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * raa5818c / (4 files in 4 dirs): 20:14
CIA-56webgui: Fix bug 10916: files prefixed with thumb- cause errors.20:14
CIA-56webgui: Rename files that are uploaded to remove thumb-. - http://bit.ly/4pA0p20:14
daviddelikatI've already isolaken hours lolocate otherswiseted several problems which could have ta20:14
daviddelikatI have touch pad mouse interface20:15
daviddelikatall you have to do is touch it and your typing in the wrong place...20:15
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dionakwhen writing form controls, is the www_ method called by default, no matter what the method name is?21:38
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@preactiondionak: not that i know of21:41
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dionakthanks preaction. does anyone know of an online guide to writing form controls?21:44
dionaknothing in the wiki that i saw21:44
@preactionnot that i know of21:45
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+perlDreamerdionak: what do you need to know?22:31
dionaki think general convention would be a good starting place. i've noticed the subclassing in the form controls and am getting a handle on what the different controls are useful for. 22:32
+perlDreamerI have a Form controls spreadsheet that might be of use22:33
+perlDreamerI'll post it to the dev list22:33
dionakoh, that would be great22:33
@preactiondionak: i can give you a cheat-sheet that might be interesting to you, if you give me your e-mail address22:34
dionaksure, it's diona at knowmad.com22:34
dionakthanks to you both22:38
+perlDreamerHas anyone heard from the dutch team recently?22:39
dionaki briefly spoke to rogier last week on IM22:39
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+perlmonkey2Why does the picasa plugin require Microsoft Windows XP or higher?  Picasa has software for mac and linux.23:11
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+perlmonkey2Heh when I go to the linked picasa.google.com it tells me that the requirements are a linux system.23:13
@preactionprobably because the plugin itself is compiled for windows?23:14
+perlmonkey2ah, I thought it was a webgui plugin to import picasa images.  It's a browser plugin to send photos from picasa to webgui.  That makes sense.23:16
@Haargdaviddelikat, i think i'm going to change the wgd version command to be a bit more clear.  i initially made it to be used in the release process but it is obviously useful outside that.23:44
elninoI was rereading http://www.webgui.org/webgui/dev/discuss/the-death-of-the-collaboration-system, has anything been happening with the cs?23:46
elninoor is that goign to be 7.8?23:46
dionakJT mentioned at the WUC that it's too early to deprecate it. They are working on more specific assets to replace functionality.23:48
dionakNo date or version was known for deprecation23:49
@Haargit will be around for a long time23:49
@Haargthe idea for now is that we aren't adding new features to it23:49
@Haargand will be building replacement assets for the common uses of the collaboration system23:49
@Haargand including scripts to convert from the CS to those assets23:50
@Haargeventually we might be in a position to remove the CS, but that is a very long way off23:50
elninoI know that cs is extremely malliable, but it seems to be confusing to customers. They think that webgui doesn't have a blog, or a link list.23:51
+perlDreamercreate prototypes for those things, to make it easier23:51
elninowhen in fact it's the cs with certain settings.23:51
+perlDreamerlike the one for the request tracker23:51
elninoyeah, 23:51
elninoso.. why make specific assets ? I'm surprised that the prototypes aren't in webgui right now.23:52
elninoor did I miss something.23:52
+perlDreamerspecific assets are smaller, faster, function better23:52
@Haargbecause all of the various uses of the cs have different needs23:52
+perlDreamercompare Story Manager to CS23:52
+perlDreameror Gallery23:53
@Haargand it's very hard to make the CS go those things well because of its general nature23:53
@Haargadds an ever increasing possibility of adding bugs and makes it slower and slower over time23:53
elninoIm assuming that the will be subclassed from somthing similar to cd?23:54
elninobecause thay are all very similar in many ways23:55
+perlDreamercap10morgan: do you know if the exit codes in syncToCdn are significant in any way?23:55
+cap10morgannope, i didn't write it :)23:55
+cap10morgannope as in i don't know23:56
+perlDreamergotcha ;)23:56
dionakwhat does it mean when a form is DynamicCompatible?23:57
elninolike  bernd  says on that thread, they (story board, message, gallery, etc)  all have contatainer, issue, post type-structures.23:57
dionakform control, that is23:57
+perlDreamerdionak, it means it can be used in User Profile, and Thingy.23:57
+perlDreamerPlaces that dynamically create form controls23:57
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dionakhm, ok. 23:58
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui23:58
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+perlDreamerelnino, what thread?23:59
--- Day changed Wed Oct 07 2009
elninodeath of cs link is way up above00:00
carograyBeginning of template toolkit question...00:00
elnino http://www.webgui.org/webgui/dev/discuss/the-death-of-the-collaboration-system00:00
+perlDreamerah, that thread00:00
carograyIf I have a page layout template that is definitely a template toolkit template, but it works together with a style template that does not by itself have template toolkit syntax in it, do I have to make the Template Type for the style Template  Template Toolkit 00:00
+perlDreamercarogray, no00:01
carograyk thanks.00:01
+perlDreamerelnino, preaction has proposed a generic container/child asset from which lots of different applications could be easily built, but it's only gone as far as proposing.00:04
elninothat makes sense to me.. but for now, I'm debating whether I should use the wiki so I can have the tag cloud, or the cs so I can have it look like a blog. =(00:05
+perlDreamerhow about if you abstract out the tag cloud from the wiki as an asset aspect, so that _any_ asset could use it?00:06
+perlDreamerit could be your first core contribution!00:06
+perlDreamerand one may have already been started, perhaps at the pre-WUC hackathon00:06
* perlDreamer has to go pick up the kids from school, bbiaw00:09
elninois this "aspect" concept new? I guess I only read about it in the thread, but not anywhere else yet.00:15
@Haargit's more of a back end thing.  the only impact it has the the front end is more consistency for similar functions.00:17
elninowould creating an aspect allow me to use a tag cloud for cs? or would that be considered adding a new feature to cs?00:27
@Haargthat would be adding new features to the CS00:29
elninowhich is not happening at this time. =(00:30
@HaargperlDreamer, regarding the change you made with to the WEBGUI_TEST_DEBUG code00:50
@Haargwere you running into a problem where it wasn't cleaning up the main test session properly?00:51
@Haargi kind of hate the change you made - it does very evil things with the session object00:51
+perlDreamerit wasn't cleaning up the main session, or, it was reporting that it wasn't cleaning up the main session01:05
+perlDreamerI was getting delta notices for every test01:05
@Haargi didn't have that problem01:05
+perlDreamerwell, I doubt that this is like the setUid/uploads issue that I was having01:06
-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has joined #webgui01:08
+perlDreamerhowdy, SquOnk01:08
SquOnkperlDreamer: Hey there01:08
+perlDreamerI'm 1/2-way through the POD bug01:08
SquOnkI just got 7.7.21 running on Debian Sid. Once you fix that and release 7.7.22 will be ready to upload.01:08
+perlDreamer7.7.22 comes out next week01:09
SquOnkperlDreamer: I know.01:09
@HaargperlDreamer, do you see anything obvious wrong with the WEBGUI_TEST_DEBUG code as I had it previously?  i'm trying to figure out what would cause it to have deltas due to the main session.01:12
+perlDreamerI think it was showing deltas because it was doing counts before the session object was cleaned up01:12
@Haargbut it was taking the initial counts after it created the main session01:12
+perlDreamerhow 'bout this?  let's revert it.  I'll rerun the test suite and we'll see what happens.01:13
@Haargthe thing is that with the code the way it is not, the session object half comes back to life after being closed01:14
@Haargit re-inits the errorhandler01:14
@Haargand some other stuff01:14
@Haargit works at the moment, but sessions really aren't supposed to be used after being closed01:15
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rca7a285 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/syncToCdn.pl): Use proper POD for syncToCdn.pl's docs. Fixes bug #11100 - http://bit.ly/16PnpD01:20
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r4721ba2 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/syncToCdn.pl): Use proper POD for syncToCdn.pl's docs. Fixes bug #11100 - http://bit.ly/jHG4l01:21
+perlDreamerokay, how do I cherry pick a rev to revert in git?01:22
+perlDreamersomething like svn merge -c -NUM01:22
@Haarggit revert <id>01:22
@Haarghold on a sec though01:22
SquOnkperlDreamer: printHelp() is now useless. Remove it ;-)01:26
@HaargperlDreamer, http://gist.github.com/20351201:28
@Haargapply that and run one of the simpler tests01:28
@Haarghas more debug stuff about leaked sessions01:28
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+perlDreamerI need some git help, though01:29
+perlDreamermaybe not01:30
+perlDreamergit reset --hard HEAD^01:30
+perlDreamerokay, ran it on t/Session.t.  Got a delta of 401:35
+perlDreamer1 of the 4 is the main test session01:35
+perlDreamerIf I run it on t/Asset/Asset.t, I still get a delta of 4.  1 of the 4 is the main session again.01:36
+perlDreamerthe two sets of 4 are different01:36
+perlDreamerah, their only difference is the main test session01:36
+perlDreamerbut the delta should not be 4 for the 2nd test run01:37
@Haargthe debug output includes all of the sessions and should include the main session01:38
@Haargcan you apply that as well - it will report the sessions at the beginning as well01:41
@Haargthat you are getting a delta is very odd01:42
@Haargs/delta/delta of 4/01:42
+perlDreamerit's even more odd that it's happening on a test what shouldn't add more sessions01:42
+perlDreamerbut at least we know the main session is being cleaned up01:43
+perlDreamerI'm going to run the same sequence01:43
+perlDreamert/Session.t, then t/Asset/Asset.t01:43
+perlDreamerI'll capture all the output so I can paste it01:43
+perlDreamerthose session ids exist _before_ the test is run01:45
+perlDreamerbut that doesn't explain why they're reported as a delta01:45
@Haargit's not though01:46
@Haargdelta +001:46
@Haargso it appears it's working as i would have expected and not leaking or detecting any leaks01:48
+perlDreamerlet me run it on the whole suite01:48
@Haargshould i turn on WEBGUI_TEST_DEBUG on buildbot?02:01
+perlDreamerI would02:01
+perlDreamerHaarg, I guess I owe you an apology for hacking your code.  It's not doing anything bad.02:02
@Haargeh, it would be best if we could verify that the main session was closed02:02
@Haargbut the only options for that are rather ugly02:03
+perlDreamermaybe we could use a zz_leak test?02:03
+perlDreamerthat helps with the suite, but not an individual test02:04
@Haargwell, if we really want to make sure the main session is cleaned up it can be done02:04
@Haargbut i think it's fine to just assume it is going to be cleaned up properly02:04
+perlDreamerso those sessions that show up from the get go.  Those are from the upgrade script?02:12
+perlDreamerand wgd?02:12
@Haargi'm not sure actually02:14
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r48b4d91 / (lib/WebGUI/DateTime.pm t/DateTime.t): Allow a bare MySQL date (no time) to be used in WebGUI::DateTime's constructor. - http://bit.ly/FqDcZ02:48
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r044478f / (lib/WebGUI/DateTime.pm t/DateTime.t): Allow a bare MySQL date (no time) to be used in WebGUI::DateTime's constructor. - http://bit.ly/wKkyX02:48
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@preactionyou know, with how many times i added . " 00:00:00", i should've just done that...02:57
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perigrinyou forget sometimes you've interalized the pain02:58
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd999b01 / t/supporting_collateral/thumb-thumb.gif : Add some missing test collateral for Storage.t - http://bit.ly/77znk03:05
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r34d9521 / t/supporting_collateral/thumb-thumb.gif : Add some missing test collateral for Storage.t - http://bit.ly/2RRTAH03:05
@preactioni'm still for thumbs being a directory, not the beginning of a filename03:06
@Haargstorage locations are allowed to have subdirectories though so i'm not sure how much that helps03:07
@preactiongetFiles goes into subdirectories?03:07
@preactionhuh, i never noticed03:07
@preactionnm then03:07
@Haargit's a somewhat recent change03:08
+perlDreamerthat was a bug that Susan posted, that was mistakenly moved to RFE-land, and then moved back to bugs.03:08
@Haargthere are a few possible ways it could be improved, but changing existing storage locations is going to be quite tricky03:09
* perlDreamer is going to take a dinner break.03:10
+perlDreamerProps to the patspam-man.03:10
+patspamword daddy dreamer03:10
+patspamhe says from under a pile of work03:11
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@preactionWhat if upgrade checked if isDefault is not set and warned the user about the template?03:36
@preactionisDefault doesn't get set after a user changes a default template03:36
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+perlDreamerthey should not edit the template04:03
+perlDreamerat that point, the upgrade script does 'drop table asset';04:03
+perlDreamerand blows a raspberry04:03
+perlDreameris anyone sitting on bugs or other commits to 7.8.1?04:07
+perlDreamerall righty, then.  Here we go!04:08
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CIA-56wgdev: Graham Knop master * r75eb5d1 / lib/WGDev/Command/Version.pm : 04:25
CIA-56wgdev: clean up output from version command04:25
CIA-56wgdev: Clarify that the database version came from the create.sql script. Add04:25
CIA-56wgdev: the version of the live database. Use magenta for mismatched versions04:25
CIA-56wgdev: that aren't necessarily errors. Instead of adding extra error text for04:25
CIA-56wgdev: mismatches, set exit code. - http://bit.ly/PueWT04:25
+perlDreamerthat's odd.  looks like we lost a bunch of tests04:28
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+perlDreamerI thought we had over 15,000, but the latest prove run was 1456104:28
+perlDreameryo, tavisto.04:28
@HaargCODE_COP on or off?04:28
@tavistohmm.. haarg are you guys doing something on the shared hosting customers04:29
@preactionthe upgrade04:29
@preactionthey know about this04:29
@preactionthey were notified04:29
@tavistookay then. Isn't there supposed to be a maintenance screen showing?04:29
@preactionthere is, for the sites being upgrades04:29
@tavistogotcha, alright.. I'll let the customer know04:30
@preactionwhich customer?04:30
+perlDreamerCODE_COP is off.  but that's normal for me04:31
@preactionthe template tests are now part of CODE_COP04:31
@preactionthe packed template tests, i mean04:31
+perlDreamerthere's a problem with that04:31
@preactionthat was 1000+ right there04:31
+perlDreamerthat's likely it04:31
+perlDreamerbut critic_labels takes 40 minutes to run on RH*04:32
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+perlDreamerHaarg: having a hiccup on upgrading a server05:23
@Haargwhich server?05:24
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+perlDreamerif there were more patspams, then WebGUI will benefit greatly06:19
elninohttp://www.webgui.org/develop/wiki/aspects - not helpful.  I'm assuming that AssetAspects should go into /lib/AssetAspects?06:51
@preactionelnino: yes06:56
elninoand where would I find what has allready been started at the hackathon?06:57
elninoand from that wiki, it sounds like keywords has already been started - hmm. by knowmad06:58
CIA-56webgui: Patrick Donelan padre * r794a534 / (lib/WebGUI/Content/Padre.pm sbin/installPadre.pl): Added Padre content handler and install script - http://bit.ly/10r3Sv06:58
CIA-56webgui: Patrick Donelan padre * r6db7bfd / lib/WebGUI/Content/Padre.pm : fix js mimetype - http://bit.ly/3hUTU906:58
CIA-56webgui: Patrick Donelan padre * rcf2e417 / lib/WebGUI/Content/Padre.pm : Changed to support Padre::Plugin::WebGUI 0.03 - http://bit.ly/cHswl06:58
elninodionak, did you guys start a aspect for keywords?06:58
-!- Radix_ changed the topic of #webgui to: [7.7.21-stable | 7.8.1-beta | WRE 0.9.3] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com06:59
+perlDreamersoon, Radix_06:59
Radix_I just got your email ;)07:00
elninoand my devel guide is for 7.5, is ther eanything in there, that is closely related to how aspects are writen? or is this new in 7.7?07:01
+perlDreamerit's new for 7.7, elnino07:01
+perlDreamerbut RssFeed is a good model07:01
elninoI meant "is ther anything in the book I can read up on"07:02
elninomy 7.5 book. =(07:02
elninobut I'll look at the rssfeed code.07:03
+perlDreamerafaik, nothing has been published for writing AssetAspects07:03
+perlDreamerokay, now it's all done07:04
elninowhen will karma be able to purchase books?07:06
@preactionprobably never07:07
elninoumm. so, in the 7.7.21 upgrade, in the templates, are they all h3 for the title?07:14
+perlDreamerI think that's what they chose07:15
+perlDreamerit would be in the design wiki, and the Template Working Group forum07:15
elninoI'm trying to find that in the release notes. Is there a gotcha on the website anywhere? I always extract it...07:16
-!- dionak [n=dionak@cpe-024-074-157-216.carolina.res.rr.com] has quit []07:16
+perlDreamerelnino: http://www.webgui.org/design/template-working-group/h1-vs-h2-in-pagelayout-templates#iX42nmZDbF9G-BUQiqsYpA07:17
elninoThank you.. your fast.07:18
+perlDreamerI knew where to look ;)07:18
elninoInteresting, I think I posted a bug report like that too.07:24
elninois there a place I can find the default font-sizes and styles for h1-h6? I have to recreate them now.07:27
+perlDreamerI think you'd find that in the style sheet07:29
+perlDreamereither layout.css, or webgui.css07:29
+perlDreamerpatspam1, patspam, patspam2 may know, since he is in that group07:30
elninono, I mean html's defaults.07:30
+perlDreamerno clue07:30
* elnino tries to decipher www.w3.org07:30
+perlDreameryour fast07:31
elninoit's not showing me everything, because I know some are italizized and stuff, but this gives me the sizes at lest.07:32
elninohmm. I gues they are not.07:36
elninoack. horizontal menu now looks like a tab menu.07:39
elninopatspam2, do you know anything about how the navigation templates have been modified?07:40
elninohorizontal menu now has some shading to make it look like tabs.07:40
+perlDreamerelnino, the TWG is pretty quick about answering questions on the Design forum07:41
* perlDreamer needs to head to bed.07:43
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elninonever mind. figured it out.08:04
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CIA-56WebGUI: translation * r12373 /translations/German/German/ (7 files): Updating German on translation server11:09
CIA-56WebGUI: translation * r12374 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/ (8 files): Updating Dutch on translation server11:09
+bartjolKlausH: you beat me11:09
+bartjolKlausH: do you also have you're own translation for the stable?11:12
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@preactionGood morning early peoples!14:16
-!- patspam1 [n=patspam@ppp221-151.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui14:16
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+MrHairgreasepreaction, what are you doing up already?!?!14:17
@preactionwho says i ever went to sleep?14:17
@preactionapparently i have this "every other day" sleep pattern going14:17
@preactionit's not something i'd recommend :p14:17
+MrHairgreasedon't worry14:18
+MrHairgreaseI was planning on that14:18
+bartjoland another upload for language options14:19
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+bartjolcool all svn commits in translations seem to be on epoch start date according to the rss feed https://svn.webgui.org/svnweb/plainblack/rss/translations/German/14:26
+MrHairgreaseyeah, they're outdated14:28
+MrHairgreaseno go make new ones! =)14:29
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bartjo1carogray: I also submitted a macro that chcks for the existing languages and shows liks to add a language scratch variable17:38
bartjo1so more imporvements on the internationalisation17:38
carograybartjo1:I think by the time I am ready for your internationalisation stuff, your stuff will be perfect!17:39
carograyI am working on Steve's Template Toolkit thing right now17:39
bartjo1aah cool17:39
carograyone day I will be able to use your macro I am sure of it, but not yet for a while. so many other things to fix17:39
-!- wgGuest68 [n=wgGuest6@] has joined #webgui17:41
bartjo1Haarg: I'm not sure, but since we're gonna offer stuff to set those language override in the core, should I also test my macro so that can join it? end user options might be usefull :)17:42
wgGuest68hi, folks.  i was wondering if/when webgui virtual machine version will be updated17:42
bartjo1the vmware appliance? sorry, dunno17:43
wgGuest68sorry, yes, the appliance17:43
wgGuest68i'm running the latest appliance version, and it works great17:44
bartjo1can't you upgrade webgui inside that appliance (i never used it, so it is an actual question!)17:45
wgGuest68not usre how.  guidance appreciated17:45
wgGuest68usre *sure17:45
wgGuest68must admit, haven't rtfm.  is there a update prodedure for a "regular" install?17:47
bartjo1in WebGUI?sbin there is an upgrade.pl srcipt17:47
bartjo1normally you download a newe version, unpack it over your old install and then run the script17:47
bartjo1off course after making backups17:48
wgGuest68ah.   17:48
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bartjo1the wre does that for you17:48
bartjo1not sure whether that is in the appliance17:48
bartjo1maybe I should use it17:49
wgGuest68so i should dl the tarball?17:49
wgGuest68unpack it somewhere17:49
wgGuest68then run upgrade.pl?17:50
wgGuest68generally speaking17:50
bartjo1well, you have to unpack it over the old install17:50
bartjo1not somewhere else17:50
bartjo1since your confs are not in the tarball, those will ot b overwritten17:51
wgGuest68hmmm.  again, i'll take a look at how it's installed in the appliance17:51
bartjo1s/ot b/not be/17:51
wgGuest68try going from there17:51
wgGuest68thnx for your help!17:52
bartjo1I hope this is a start17:52
-!- wgGuest68 [n=wgGuest6@] has quit []17:52
dionaki just figured out how to add a list of Things to a new tab in a custom product. cool...18:07
dionaknow to get the data out of the Things18:07
dionakcustom products are a bear18:08
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+perlDreamerHappy International Walk to School Day!18:17
bartjo1oops, I went by bike to work...18:18
bartjo1did it all wrong...18:19
bartjo1mmm, it seems that functions don't have a title18:20
bartjo1that can be called with ^Page(title);18:21
bartjo1aah, tmpl_vars18:23
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bartjo1ggrrr template vars18:33
* perlDreamer isn't following, bartjol18:34
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bartjo1well, it is for another day18:37
bartjo1but I made a nice macro today18:37
+perlDreameris that the new one in the Bazaar?18:38
bartjo1that gets installed languages and makes links to my contenthandler18:38
+perlDreamernice :)18:38
bartjo1cool, huh!18:38
bartjo1under an hour18:38
+perlDreamerand you say that you can't write perl code...18:38
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bartjo1I actually seem te be learning program webgui18:38
bartjo1learning it18:39
bartjo1but Martin is dragging me to beer18:39
-!- bartjo1 [n=bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has quit ["Leaving."]18:40
+perlDreamerthat was some drag18:40
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5f29c5b / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : Comment cleanup - http://bit.ly/2vQuIj18:52
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r9d62d87 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Fix bug 11098. Create a VersionTag method that only clear the session for a single user. - http://bit.ly/JmCfj18:52
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * ra866f14 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Fix bug 11098. Create a VersionTag method that only clear the session for a single user. - http://bit.ly/f86sJ18:52
SquOnkperlDreamer: Function printHelp() in sbin/syncToCdn.pl became useless after you fixed the POD thing.18:54
+perlDreamernuked it18:56
-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]18:56
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rc34da3f / sbin/syncToCdn.pl : Prune out dead sub in syncToCdn.pl - http://bit.ly/4usPTv18:56
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r4d8a3d3 / sbin/syncToCdn.pl : Prune out dead sub in syncToCdn.pl - http://bit.ly/osybz18:56
-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has joined #webgui18:56
+perlDreamerpreaction: on those templates that need isPackage=0, do they have isDefault=1 set?19:02
@Haargit's probably best to set isDefault.  the reason it missed unmarking them as packages would have also missed marking them as default19:07
+perlDreamerthey're not templates, they are folders...19:08
-!- mducharme [n=nothing@S010600179ace3ce8.wp.shawcable.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]19:08
+perlDreamerHaarg, for the package checking wgd utility (that makes sure that no two assets are in the same upgrade), may I add that to wgd package, or should it be its own tool?19:09
@Haargseems like its own tool19:09
-!- mducharme [n=nothing@S010600179ace3ce8.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #webgui19:10
+perlDreamerwelcome back, mducharme19:10
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r4e8a135 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix bug #11101. Folders from an earlier upgrade had their package flag set. - http://bit.ly/3PgnjN19:11
@Haargi'm going to add a package splitting command when i get the chance.  not sure if that will be in package or as a new command19:11
@Haargpossibly both19:11
+perlDreamerI'd like to have my new utility done in time for the 7.7.22 release next Tuesday.19:12
+perlDreameroh, and I got sftp working for the SF upload19:12
+perlDreamernow I just need to setup passphrase auth for SF, and it'll be fully automated again19:13
+perlDreamerexcept for username19:13
daviddelikatwhat is the WG function for creating a new global ID?19:35
daviddelikatthanks, I couldn't find that anywhere...19:37
+perlDreamerdaviddelikat, not to pester you, but do you think the EMS schedule bug might be done for the 7.7.22 release, next Tuesday?19:38
-!- ekennedy [n=ekennedy@wsip-68-226-72-9.om.om.cox.net] has joined #webgui19:39
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-!- Haarg [n=haarg@] has joined #webgui19:46
-!- mode/#webgui [+o Haarg] by ChanServ19:46
+perlDreamerHaarg, I'm thinking about doing a permanent mock of $session->env in WebGUI::Test19:50
@Haargprobably reasonable19:50
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5fc2a1f / (4 files in 4 dirs): 20:07
CIA-56webgui: Fixed bug #11096. Deleting a thread causes a WebGUI error.20:07
CIA-56webgui: Checked to make sure that anything is returned from getLineage20:07
CIA-56webgui: before calculating the rating. When the thread is in the trash20:07
CIA-56webgui: or clipboard, then getLineage will not return anything. - http://bit.ly/Q39qS20:07
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r6c98138 / (4 files in 4 dirs): 20:07
CIA-56webgui: Fixed bug #11096. Deleting a thread causes a WebGUI error.20:07
CIA-56webgui: Checked to make sure that anything is returned from getLineage20:08
CIA-56webgui: before calculating the rating. When the thread is in the trash20:08
CIA-56webgui: or clipboard, then getLineage will not return anything. - http://bit.ly/OWS8U20:08
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+danny_mkHello everyone, is the bugtracker (http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs) available as a downloadable package anywhere?20:20
@preactionyou know, not enough kids walk to school these days20:23
@preactioni used to have to walk a mile in the wonderful wisconsin winters20:24
+danny_mkAh, looked everwhere, thank you.20:24
+danny_mkHaarg:  Thank you.20:24
@preactionmy pants legs would be frozen stiff, and would take a half hour to thaw20:24
+perlDreamerah, the good ol' days20:24
+perlDreamerthat's why they invented global warming, you know20:24
+perlDreamerto help kids who have to walk in the snow20:24
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daviddelikatperlDreamer: I can work on the schedule issue tomorrow.21:09
-!- dionak [n=dionak@cpe-024-074-157-216.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui21:11
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-!- SynQ_ [i=koen@ringbreak.dnd.utwente.nl] has joined #WebGUI21:12
dionakdoes anyone know of a way to force the order of fields on the asset edit screen? i'd like to add an excerpt htmlarea before the description htmlarea21:45
@preactionnot easily, currently. that's why we're fixing WebGUI::HTMLForm in 8.021:48
@preactionyou have to override getEditForm and build it yourself :(21:48
dionakok, thanks21:48
-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has quit ["Yippie kay-ai-yay, fudder muckers!"]22:01
+perlDreamerpreaction, with some careful HTML hacking, it could probably be done after the fact22:14
+perlDreamerthe wrappers in HTMLForm are fairly easy to identify22:14
+perlDreamerbut it will be infinitely easier in 822:14
@preactionyeah, but that's too easy to break22:14
dionaki might try the CSS approach. Building the form from scratch while making sure to get all the hidden elements sounds like a lot of extra time.22:16
dionakand we'll be the only ones editing the css22:16
dionakunless there is some easy way to ensure getting all the hidden elements?22:16
dionaki don't see an easy way22:17
@preaction#formId_<element name> { display: none } <-22:18
@preactionyeah, CSS probably not gonna help you here22:18
@preactionrearranging things in a table is not what it was designed for22:18
dionakwill the table go away? seems unnecessary 22:21
dionakhope so22:21
dionaki have learned quite a bit writing this product and returning to code spelunking 22:22
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@c-75-71-189-24.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has quit []22:26
@preactionthe tables are going away yes. the new FormBuilder is going to be much easier to style22:31
+perlDreamerdo we allow UTF-8 in URLs?22:37
+perlDreamerMIME::Header doesn't support automatic conversion to utf8.  Do you see any reason we couldn't do that ourselves in Mail::Send->addHeaderField?22:43
@preactionthat's IT! no more UTF8! we're going with standard 8-bit ascii for the rest of eternity!22:44
@preactionperlbot 2^822:44
+perlDreamerperlbot math 2^822:44
@preactionperlbot math 2^822:44
@preactionsorry, 7 bit22:44
@preactionforgot about the parity bit22:44
+perlDreamerperlbot be preaction22:45
perlbot<preaction> How I can make teh web wit pearl?!?!22:45
+perlDreamerUse ASCII22:45
@Haargyeah, we should encode('MIME-Q', $header) every header we add22:45
+perlDreamerthat'll make testing easier :)22:47
dionakhow can i fake out quantity of a product so that it never goes out of stock?22:48
+perlDreamertwo ways22:49
+perlDreamer1) set it to 999999999999922:49
+perlDreamer2) Implement the RFE that adds a field to the variant telling it to ignore quantity22:49
dionakhaha. i will do #2. i tried #1 in the method getQuantityAvailable. 22:50
dionakshould i be doing it another way?22:50
+perlDreamernot sure.  You might have to override several methods to completely disable it22:51
+perlDreamer#2 is kind of involved.  It needs tests, and an upgrade script which updates all variants of all current products22:51
+perlDreamerneither of those would be difficult, but it's more work22:51
dionakhm. i'm not even using variants. wonder if that will be an issue later.22:52
+perlDreamerif you're not using variants, where is it pulling quantity from?22:52
dionakit's pulling it from variants. i haven't changed that. but since I don't have any variants to define, it's considered 'out of stock'.22:53
dionakthere are no logical variants for the type of product i'm working on22:54
dionakif i don't define any, will that be an issue? or do I need to think of something else...22:54
+perlDreamerFor Asset::Sku::Product to work correctly, it pretty much always needs 1 variant.22:54
dionaki mean besides quantity22:54
dionakok, thanks. i'll look deeper into this.22:55
+perlDreamerit pulls data from the stuff stuffed into applyOptions22:55
dionaki'm subclassing sku 22:56
+perlDreamerif you do that, it shouldn't need a quantity22:56
+perlDreamerwhat is complaining about not having a quantity?22:57
dionakoh, i see. i copied Product.pm and have been altering it. Therefore it has all the logic for variants22:57
+perlDreamerthat would do it22:57
dionakok, time to put another "hat" on. i'll come back to this...22:58
dionakthanks for the input22:58
+perlDreamerit's not an encoding problem it's a database problem23:15
+perlDreamerI think23:15
+perlDreamerI'll do more digging when I come back from picking up the kids23:15
carograyI am cooking - slowly, over a fire, rather than with gas with the template toolkit thing...next project is the tell a friend form from Diona23:19
carograyHowever, could I have done something inadvertently, with a template so that when in Asset Manager the AdminBar does not show on left side?23:19
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui23:19
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ23:19
carograyOddly enough it does show up in other sites on the same server...?!23:19
@preactioncarogray: i'd grab the admin console template from both sites and see if they're the same23:22
-!- bopbop [n=kristi@24-183-106-111.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["napping"]23:26
carograypreaction: couldn't find a difference. We are talking about admin_console2 right? I pasted both into different Word docs and then did a compare just to make sure I didn't miss anything23:33
@preactionyeah, admin_console223:33
carograynope exactly the same - and computer checked, not me old blind eyes23:34
@preactionnot sure then23:34
carograylogin request again?23:34
carograyall right. here I go.23:35
-!- bopbop [n=kristi@24-183-106-111.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui23:36
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carograyinterrupted - 23:58
carograysomebody can't get a pdf from our website23:58
dionakis that pb support?23:59
--- Day changed Thu Oct 08 2009
carograya couple of days ago based on info from this chat room we changed the template for uploaded files from  tmpl_var fileURL to tmpl_var file.url00:00
carograyso people wouldn't see all the uploads stuff in the address bar and could have easy URL's to remember and share etc.00:00
carograynow - the URL for the file seems to be right when hovering over the link, but has dropped the final .pdf at the end00:01
carograysee http://www.masslegalhelp.org/housing/booklets/eviction-storage-law00:01
dionakoh, maybe b/c of the dot in ".pdf"?00:02
carograysorry I am wrong - the url the template is giving is the url of the page not the file00:02
carograyhmm I look at help and only see a fileUrl, no file.url00:05
dionakwhat kind of template is this?00:05
@Haargyou probably want just 'url'00:06
carograywill try that Haarg, dionak: it's a template for a file.00:07
dionakHaarg, do you know of an easy way to query SQL using JSON data? Like an API call or something?00:07
dionakthanks. ;)00:07
@Haargwhat are you trying to do more specifically?00:08
dionaki have a list of json thingDataIds stored in a product field (custom) and I'm trying to retrieve the values from the Thing.00:08
carograyhaarg: gotta run for bus in 2 mins, but you do <mean tmpl_var url> right?00:09
carogray<tmpl_var url>00:09
dionakI'm stretching the use of Things00:10
-!- stDavid [n=stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]00:11
dionaki'll figure it out. just curious if there was a new shortcut00:12
carograyLATE LATE LATE - will get back to you once on bus00:13
dionakdoes carogray code in transit?00:13
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]00:13
-!- danny_mk [n=chatzill@64-204-40-34.client.dsl.net] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090824101458]"]00:21
dionakok, i take that back. it's not stored as json. 00:32
dionakhow does the multi-checkbox for element (checklist.pm) store it's values?00:33
dionaki'm only getting one value00:33
dionakor maybe i need to do that myself in the save method00:34
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@174-147-31-237.pools.spcsdns.net] has joined #webgui00:36
carograycarogray is in transit - just heard the telling "ba-dump" of my name as the computer switched off00:37
carograyon bus now but in tunnel with gobs of people sharing internet connection so switching to my private not so reliable in tunnels card00:38
dionakso explain this to me, your bus offers an internet connection or are you carrying a sprint card (or similar)?00:38
dionakif your bus offers that, we need one of those buses down here...00:39
dionakbut i'm also imagining a lot of typos...00:39
dionakduring a bumpy ride00:39
carograyDartmouth coach with WIFI!00:40
carograythey began offering it just after I bought my ATT mobiilty card or whatever it's called00:41
dionakvery cool00:41
carograyyes, but of course now we take it for granted and are very grumpy when it is slow. there are a couple of pretty dead spots where we get no connection, but who can complain when you can be connected 1hr out of 1hr 45 min commute?00:42
carograyok was it Haarg who made that url suggestion?00:44
carograynow I am getting for a url00:45
carograya repeat of the section that the file is in...00:45
carograyphone call00:45
@Haargmight need ^/(<tmpl_var url>);00:46
+perlDreamerdionak, multiple value fields are stored newline separated00:47
dionakshould that be automatic when I use a checklist field type?00:51
dionakor do i have to do that in my class?00:51
+perlDreamerif you get the list of values from the form element in scalar context, it will be done for you.00:51
dionakdo you mean if I get the list in the form post? i'm not sure what you mean by "get the list of values from the form element in scalar context". Here's my scenario, I've added a checklist field to the properties tab of my product class. when i 'save', i only get one value in the db.00:53
+perlDreamerand you selected multiple things?00:53
dionaki know what that means in perl but i'm not actually processing the form post in my code00:53
carograydaughter trying to figure out how to fill in application for bank account - long distance, talking a  mile a minute00:54
+perlDreamerwhat does your form processing code look like?00:54
carograyoh ..wait I see haarg - will try00:54
dionakit's using the parent code which eventually goes back up to Asset.pm00:55
-!- stDavid [n=stDavid@216-199-225-46.tpa.fdn.com] has joined #webgui00:55
dionakin the form html element , all the checkboxes have the same name00:55
dionakwhich looks correct00:55
dionakjust a sec..00:57
carograyhaarg: that worked, but I think the reason we changed it in the first place was so that when we end up with final file, in the address box we get the URL we have assigned, not the uploads/gobbledy-gook/file.ext00:58
@Haargthat can't be done just by changing the template00:59
carograycan it be done at all?00:59
@Haargit needs a config variable set00:59
@Haargwhich may or may not currently be broken00:59
carograyso once upon a time we were always stuck with uploads/gobbledy-gook/file.ext01:00
carograynow it is possible to get the URL we give it01:00
carograybut we need to ask you guys to do something about it and ...I do not understand about whether or not something is broken and will this change with every upgrade01:01
+perlDreamerHaarg, for the browser to show the "nice" url, it's just a template change01:01
+perlDreamerWebGUI will redirect to the other one, but it will still look "nice" even though it's more load on the server01:01
@Haargit sends a redirect though01:01
@Haargso the browser goes to the new url01:01
+perlDreamerright, but when they hover over it, it's the nice URL01:02
@Haargyes, but not in the address bar after they've clicked it01:02
+perlDreamerno, not _after_ they've clicked it01:02
+perlDreamercarogray didn't say whether or not that is important01:02
@Haarg<carogray> ... address box ...01:03
+perlDreameryesterday's IRC talk was about hover over the link01:03
carograyno I didn't, I wasn't the one originally asking the question, but now I have had to fix the solution which had some sort of miscommunication so that people coul dnot even open PDFs from our website at all01:03
carograyhovering and getting the nice URL is better than hovering and getting the upload stuff01:04
carograyhowever haarg: has now teased me with the possibility that we could spare our users from the ugly url all together01:04
carograyin the address box I mean -after clicking01:04
@Haargit does add extra load on the server, but it can be done01:04
carograyhow much extra load01:05
carograyI admit the thing is pretty slow -- anyhow... but mostly in admin mode01:05
carograyI am not sure people mind waiting a little longer to open a pdf01:05
dionakif you add more load, it's just going to get slower01:05
-!- stDavid [n=stDavid@216-199-225-46.tpa.fdn.com] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]01:05
@Haargkind of hard to measure.  depends on how many concurrent connections there are.01:05
carograyright I know..ok so it depends on how many people are opening pdfs at once and using the site etc?01:06
@Haargusing the site in general concurrently.01:06
carograycould we try it for ... amonth and then undo if we found it too unbearable?01:06
@Haargfor pdfs it's probably not a big deal01:06
carograywhat would it be a big deal for?01:06
+perlDreamer"big" files01:06
@Haargimages that are shown inline for example01:06
+perlDreamerlots of files01:07
@Haargbecause each image would tie up a process on the back end01:07
@Haargwhich limits how many concurrent requests there would be01:07
carograyimages that are shown inline are images illustrating the page?01:07
@Haargthere aren't going to be a lot of concurrent requests for a pdf like there would be for inline images01:07
carograywe only have about...3, small optimised pages on any page, most pages only one, the same old logo, except for the home page which I guess has bout 4?01:08
carograynow would this be for all sites on the server, or just for one site at a time?01:09
@Haargjust for one site01:09
carograyso could we try it and see?01:09
carograywould it change from upgrade to upgrade?01:10
@Haargi would make sure you are using ^FileUrl(); for places in templates or css files where you are including images01:10
carograyI think we do that most places...if images break it's not such a big deal anyhow...they are not major content01:10
dionakah ha, perlDreamer. checkList works now.01:10
+perlDreamerwhat's the secret sauce, dionak?01:11
@Haargcarogray, images won't break, but if you use ^FileUrl(); then they won't be effected by the config change01:12
@Haargwhich in those cases is a good thing01:12
carograyI am pretty sure we do use the ^FileUrl(); - where we do not we can pretty much go through and check...we really only have a few images on the whole of this site.01:13
dionaki'll have to look a little more. i had/have the checklist fields defined in two places because the fields are dynamic. i add the fields to the definition in another subroutine (outside of sub definition). The two were defined differently. Not sure this is needed so I'll look a little deeper.01:13
dionakLooks like in Asset.pm it calls the definition() sub to define what to process01:13
dionakwhich would not have had the checkList field type defined (before I updated the definition above)01:14
dionakso it treated it like a textarea01:14
dionaki modeled this after something i saw in WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Collaboration/Newsletter.pm01:17
@Haargcarogray, if you want to make the config change you should file a support request for it01:17
carograyokey doke - that makes two now today - sorry01:17
@Haargno reason to apologize for that01:18
* dionak calling it a night01:18
-!- dionak is now known as dionak-afk01:19
carograyI just feel as though I have been swamping you all with stuff the last couple of weeks, but at the same time I have learned a ton!01:20
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp221-151.static.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui01:23
-!- mode/#webgui [+v patspam] by ChanServ01:23
carograyhaarg: would we have to change the config variable set if we just made it so that people always ended up with the box that asks them if they want to open the file or save it?01:24
carograyand if we did do that, would we do that in the template?01:24
carograythen the uploads URL isn't really noticeable - or is the a computer to computer browser preferences thing?01:25
@Haargwhether that box shows up is going to depend primarily on the user's settings01:26
+patspammorning Haarg01:26
+patspamhow is sunny madison?01:27
@Haargnot so sunny and rather cold01:27
@Haargit got quite a bit colder about a week ago01:28
+patspamdang, it's still cold here too01:29
@HaargperlDreamer, we concluded it was fine to change the WEBGUI_TEST_DEBUG code back right?01:29
+patspamI think I'll be leaving just as it warms up01:29
+perlDreameryes, definitely01:29
+perlDreamerI could use some utf8 help, if you have time01:30
+perlDreamerI need to enter in a utf8 character in some test code01:30
+perlDreamerthe character in questions is a-umlaut01:30
+patspama heavy metal umlaut?01:31
+perlDreamervery heavy01:31
+perlDreamerit breaks all non-English CS'es'01:31
+patspamalso known as rock dots01:31
+perlDreamerIf I copy it out of my browser into VIM, I don't end up with the right thing01:32
+perlDreamerperhaps Padre would be nicer to me?01:32
+patspamPadre is unicode friendly01:33
+patspamlots of i18n users01:33
@Haargi'd recommend using the encoded version rather than pasting it in so you don't have to 'use utf8'01:35
+perlDreamerthat fails (which is what I want).  Now I can test a fix01:37
+perlDreamerif everything should be encoded as MIME-Q, we shouldn't need to change the encoding on the message field in the database, right?01:37
-!- stDavid [n=stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui01:46
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * r65a58ee / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : 01:48
CIA-56webgui: Revert "Fix a bug with session counting for WEBGUI_TEST_DEBUG"01:48
CIA-56webgui: This reverts commit f53af08e2720990ee7451fcc9e563ff7a79de2ba. - http://bit.ly/Hu7i001:48
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@adsl-70-137-23-23.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has quit ["Leaving."]01:49
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@adsl-70-137-23-23.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #webgui01:50
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlmonkey2] by ChanServ01:50
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * raf447ea / (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed #11060: Some tables have latin1 as the default character set - http://bit.ly/7QRDq02:02
+perlDreamerHaarg, that looks like basically every table that's been created since you fixed the last bunch02:07
@Haargwhich is why i'm rather annoyed i can't reproduce the problem that led to them being created like that02:08
+perlDreamerdo we need to tell people that it should be CREATE TABLE () DEFAULT CHARSET=utf802:08
+perlDreamerwell, if nothing else I know what to look for (and write) now.  I'll keep an eye out on the upgrade scripts02:09
@Haargnone of the upgrades specify a character set02:10
@Haargthey shouldn't have to02:10
@Haargand if i run the same thing now in an upgrade script it gets created as utf802:10
+perlDreamermaybe you're not the problem02:10
+perlDreamermaybe it's me?02:10
@Haargthey were created on my end02:11
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r09caef7 / (3 files in 3 dirs): MIME headers should be MIME encoded. Fixes bug #11089. - http://bit.ly/lqZqv02:13
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r636ed5c / (3 files in 3 dirs): MIME headers should be MIME encoded. Fixes bug #11089. - http://bit.ly/Bc3OE02:14
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+patspamperlDreamer: I think that macros in json thing might explain a weird bug i was getting in padre02:36
+perlDreamercool, that's one less bug for you to worry about then!02:36
+patspamthe plugin pulls down assets in serialised json02:37
+patspamand for a few templates the json would be corrupt02:37
+patspamand only yesterday i realised it was for templates containing macros02:37
+patspamsomewhere along the way it was actually evaluating the macro02:38
+perlDreamerhow were you pulling them down?02:38
+perlDreameris it via a custom content handler?02:38
@Haargwe've had that problem in a few other places02:38
@Haargif you set the mime type it should handle it correctly in most cases02:39
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop master * rcb0afaa / docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.8.1-7.8.2.pl : set database default character set to utf8 - http://bit.ly/19AG6b02:41
+patspamvia this sucker: http://github.com/pdonelan/webgui/blob/padre/lib/WebGUI/Content/Padre.pm02:42
+perlDreamertut tut, you've misspelled "serialize" everywhere02:42
+patspamI'm using application/json as the mime-type02:43
@HaargperlDreamer, if it wasn't obvious it was the database default character set that was the problem02:43
@Haargi had forgotten the database even had a default character set attached02:43
+perlDreamerpatspam, is it repeatable?02:48
+patspamI only realised because i was editing a template that was working, and then added a macro at which point it broke02:49
+patspamI'm on 7.7.18 though02:49
@Haarghaving it only process macros for text mime types was changed on sept 402:49
@Haargwhich is 7.7.1902:50
@Haargafter 7.7.19 that is02:50
+perlDreamerhow do you look that up, Haarg?02:50
@Haarggit log -S'self->session->http->getMimeType =~ /^text/'02:50
+perlDreamerwill git tag give you tags _and_ dates?02:50
@Haarggit describe --all 084da8e159053780145548082db7e3289c1ece5202:51
+patspamooh I haven't used git-describe02:51
@Haargi only found it recently02:51
@Haargit's quite useful02:51
+perlDreamerhm, apparently robotstxt.org is being DOS'ed or something02:56
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.7 * r5ca1934 / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : 02:58
CIA-56webgui: Revert "Fix a bug with session counting for WEBGUI_TEST_DEBUG"02:58
CIA-56webgui: This reverts commit f53af08e2720990ee7451fcc9e563ff7a79de2ba. - http://bit.ly/down402:58
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.7 * r8d516bc / (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed #11060: Some tables have latin1 as the default character set - http://bit.ly/wN26U02:58
CIA-56webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.7 * r7683cfd / docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.7.21-7.7.22.pl : set database default character set to utf8 - http://bit.ly/1vSmDC02:58
+perlDreamerIs anyone opposed to extending robots.txt to include all bots?02:58
@Haargi don't see why not02:59
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r2dd0cdb / (2 files in 2 dirs): block all user agents in robots.txt, expand list of blocked operations. Fixes bug #2569 - http://bit.ly/1fympa03:02
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb21fd6f / (2 files in 2 dirs): block all user agents in robots.txt, expand list of blocked operations. Fixes bug #2569 - http://bit.ly/CkAg403:02
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+perlDreamerpreaction: do you know how to see if spectre is not beings swamped in cron jobs?03:25
-!- dionak-afk [n=dionak@cpe-024-074-157-216.carolina.res.rr.com] has quit []03:33
@preactionperlDreamer: only way I know is to watch spectre debug output03:43
+perlDreamerokely dokely03:43
@preactioni wonder if you can use POE to test POE03:51
@preactionhell, do we even test spectre at all?03:51
+perlDreamerthere was talk about testing spectre on the ironman list03:52
+perlDreamerusing MooseX::Poe03:52
+perlDreamerit's going to be very difficult to fix that bug, preaction03:53
@preactioni know, and i'm sorry03:53
+perlDreamerdon't worry.  I'm assigning it to you.03:53
@preactionmy idea was to have checkSchedule start a "cronjobDelay" var in the POE object, addJob would use it and add to it, and then checkSchedules would make it go away03:54
@preactionso every minute, every job added would have a delay03:54
+perlDreamerdo you mean runJob instead of addJob?03:55
+perlDreamertime for me to cook dinner03:57
@preactionoops, i mean when it calls addJob on line 16603:57
+perlDreamerthat's runJob ;)03:57
@preactionah, right03:57
+perlDreamerbut with N sites each having P jobs, don't we run the risk of delaying jobs a long time?03:57
+perlDreamerN*P*4 seconds?03:58
@preactionbut go cook dinner, we can discuss that problem tomorrow03:58
+perlDreamermy family thanks you03:58
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SynQwhen looking at memcached, make sure to look at brutus which can be used to test it09:31
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SynQwhat messaging client for mac?13:06
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-98-217-214-184.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui13:14
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dapperedodoI use Adium13:54
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carograyhas anyone been using template-toolkit?14:42
+MrHairgreaseI used it once 14:45
+MrHairgreaselong ago14:45
+MrHairgreasewhat is the question14:45
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carograyMrHairgrease:sorry - insulation man came16:24
carograyI think I have it worked out... just wondered if you have an ^AssetProxy(); in the template-toolkit template, do you have to change all the syntax in the template for the asset you are calling to template-toolkit?16:25
+MrHairgreaseI don't understand the question16:28
+MrHairgreasethe asset will render whatever template you set for it in its edit16:29
+MrHairgreaseand the template engine is a property of that template16:29
carograyok - that's what seemed to be happening, just wanted to make sure...phone call16:30
-!- oversillo [n=overdriv@] has joined #webgui16:52
oversillohi all16:52
oversilloim installing WebGUI in a OpenVZ container (sorry for my bad english)16:52
oversillobut when i try start modperl, i got this error message "[Thu Oct 08 13:42:28 2009] [error] Integer overflow in hexadecimal number at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/Linux/Smaps.pm line 83, <$f> line 513.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/i686-linux/Apache2/SizeLimit.pm line 98.\nCompilation failed in require at /data/wre/etc/modperl.pl line 1.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /data/wre16:53
oversillo/etc/modperl.pl line 1.\nCompilation failed in require at (eval 2) line 1.\n"16:53
oversillo"[Thu Oct 08 13:42:28 2009] [error] Integer overflow in hexadecimal number at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/Linux/Smaps.pm line 83, <$f> line 513.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/i686-linux/Apache2/SizeLimit.pm line 98.\nCompilation failed in require at /data/wre/etc/modperl.pl line 1.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /data/wre/etc/modperl.pl line 1.\nCompilation failed in require 16:54
oversilloat (eval 2) line 1.\n"16:54
oversillocan somebody help me ??16:54
+MrHairgreaseYou have a problem with Apache2::SizeLimit16:55
+MrHairgreaseCheck you apache conf16:55
+MrHairgreaseprolly there's a very big number in there16:56
oversilloits too high ?16:56
+MrHairgreaseit says Integer overflow in hexadecimal number16:56
+MrHairgreaseso yeah prolly16:56
+MrHairgreaseyou can always disable SizeLimit for the tim ebeing and see if that helps16:57
oversillook, thanks...16:58
oversilloi will try16:58
+MrHairgreasegood luck17:01
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ckotilanyone doing a hot backup with the WRE?17:24
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+perlDreamerhey, everybody!19:41
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rfefe21c / (2 files in 2 dirs): Change title, menuTitle on request tracker post form template. Fixes bug #11104 - http://bit.ly/kbB1t19:59
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r6aec058 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Change title, menuTitle on request tracker post form template. Fixes bug #11104 - http://bit.ly/bRnDK19:59
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r670ceb3 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Move package. - http://bit.ly/3DohA019:59
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+perlDreamerMrHairgrease, do Oqapi and Procolix share an office?20:20
+MrHairgreaseNot really20:20
+MrHairgreasebut our offices are in the same building20:20
+MrHairgreaseon the same floor20:20
+MrHairgreaseand actually next to eachother20:20
+MrHairgreaseand since we usually have our doors opened...20:20
@preactionnext step: INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE!20:21
+perlDreamerI see, that would explain the bier dragging that happens all the time20:21
+MrHairgreasethe fridge id Oqapi's though20:21
+MrHairgreaseProcolix doesn't have one20:21
+perlDreamerwhere do you get those cool little coffee cups made?20:21
+MrHairgreaseso we let Bart have some of our beers20:21
+perlDreamerI could do the same thing for pDC and PB, but I'd have to buy the condo next to JT's20:22
+MrHairgreaseas long as he keep the contents of the fridge stocked20:22
+MrHairgreaseplus the commute would kill you20:22
+perlDreamereither that, or my wife would20:22
+perlDreamer"We're moving where?!!"20:23
+MrHairgreaseI think the coffee cups were made in china20:23
+MrHairgreasedirt cheap20:23
+perlDreamerdo you have a URL?20:23
+MrHairgreaselet me ask joeri20:23
+MrHairgreaseok, the query is out20:24
+MrHairgreaseno we wait20:24
+MrHairgreaseyou never know what the response time is when humans are nvolved20:24
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+perlDreamerthose cups are the perfect size for making hot chocolate for the boys20:24
@preactionand then he just leaves! what a jerk20:25
@preactionlet's talk about him for the next hour20:25
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+MrHairgreaseapparently pidgin did not tray itself20:25
@preactionand he smells bad too, i think it's the pomade20:25
+MrHairgreaseah, jt finally started using Pomade?20:26
oversilloi had this problem installing WebGUI in OpenVZ, http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/1050220:26
+perlDreameroversillo, there are cases where Linux::Smaps does not work20:26
@preactionRed Hat-based kernels, for example20:27
@preactionsometimes USE_SMAPS = 0 works (redhat 5), but in 4 you have to delete the module altogether20:27
oversilloumm.. Ok, i have a Debian Lenny OpenVZ Kernel20:28
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oversillo(sorry for my english) there are some performace problem when i disable SMAPS ?20:30
@Haargno, it just can't track its memory usage as accurately20:30
oversillook, thanks, then i have to include  USE_SMAPS = 0 in /data/wre/etc/modperl.pl ?20:31
* perlDreamer goes to the gym20:31
@Haarg$Apache2::SizeLimit::USE_SMAPS = 0;20:32
@Haargin modperl.pl, yes20:32
oversillook.. thank you so much20:32
oversilloi'll try this solution20:33
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* perlDreamer is back, and sore22:30
SynQjust the guy I need22:32
+perlDreamerHere I am, SynQ!22:32
ckotilI disabled SMAPS in modperl.pl and it seems to work well.22:35
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* perlDreamer wishes that RH would get their act together on perl code22:38
daviddelikat1RH == RedHat ?22:39
ckotilyarly. there was that epic fail with the slowness not too long ago22:39
+perlDreamerHaarg: http://gist.github.com/20529322:39
@Haargor http://gist.github.com/20529422:42
@Haargthe SMAPS problem isn't really a perl problem but they still don't seem to care much22:42
+perlDreamerHaarg: why in the world does that work?22:46
+perlDreamerisn't the first our limited by the scope of the import subroutine?22:46
@Haargour is a package variable22:47
@Haargbasically, you are creating a lexical alias to a package variable22:47
@Haargthe variable is $WebGUI::Test::SESSION in both cases22:47
@Haargthe reason i was preferring that way is that everything except the import and cleanup code should only use the ->session method to access it, so i wanted to avoid having $SESSION in scope and available to them easily22:50
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r82f78de / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : Make sure to access the correct $SESSION. - http://bit.ly/LV02Q22:54
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rff8b94b / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : Make sure to access the correct $SESSION. - http://bit.ly/2ALkmW22:54
-!- carogray1 [n=Caroline@c-98-217-214-184.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui22:57
daviddelikat1does anybody know why undef is equal to en empty string in perl?22:57
daviddelikat1 perl -e 'print "x" if undef eq ""'22:58
+perlDreamerbecause that's what undef stringifies to22:58
+perlDreamerin numerical context, undef == 022:58
daviddelikat1I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like that...22:58
daviddelikat1I always thought undef was something else... not defined, etc...22:59
+perlDreamerperl is loosely typed22:59
@Haargit's like everything in perl though.  it is something else, but gets converted based on how it is used22:59
@Haarg"0 but true" == 022:59
daviddelikat1I know all that stuff, I seem to remember undef being un defined in all contexts.23:00
daviddelikat1perhaps I was right in a former life23:01
daviddelikat1or parrallel universe23:01
* daviddelikat1 checks for undef from now on23:01
@Haargit does spit out a warning if you have warnings on23:01
@Haargwhich is the main reason we don't have warnings on23:01
-!- LTR_bob [n=bob@5ED6766C.cable.ziggo.nl] has joined #webgui23:02
daviddelikat1this doesn't give a warning:23:02
daviddelikat1perl -ew 'print "x" if undef eq ""'23:02
daviddelikat1sorry, the flags have to be sritched23:02
@Haargsomething i intend to change for webgui 8.  have every warning except uninitialized turned on.23:03
daviddelikat1 perhaps the tests could run with warnings?23:04
@Haargwouldn't really be useful.  we have tons of places we use the assumption that undef stringifies to "" and that isn't going to change.23:05
@Haargso we'd have to make changes to the modules before we could even run tests with the other warnings enabled23:06
SDuensinHey all. 23:11
daviddelikat1gd afternoon23:11
daviddelikat1perlDreamer: I'm fixing bug 10874 now23:12
+perlDreamerawesome!  And thanks23:12
daviddelikat1no problem, part of the problem was that I was assuming that undef was not defined...23:13
SDuensinI just inherited the worst perl code ever. Anyone have suggestions on how to even begin to understand and document it?23:13
+perlDreamerSDuensin: write tests for it23:13
+perlDreamerpiece by piece23:13
daviddelikat1run it through a formatter23:13
daviddelikat1( but keep the old stuff...23:13
mducharme-workhrm are there new storymanager templates in 7.7.2123:14
SDuensinMy best idea so far is to hand diagram it with dia, but it could take the rest of my life. 23:14
daviddelikat1how much is there?23:15
SDuensinAlmost every subroutine is in it's own file and 'require'ed before use. 23:15
SDuensinOver 2000 scripts in dozens of directories. 23:15
SDuensinOh, and it's mostly cgi crap. 23:16
daviddelikat1sounds like its time to re-engineer23:16
+perlDreamersounds like it's time for WebGUI23:16
daviddelikat1dont even look at the code, just spec out what it does and write it again23:16
SDuensinWish I could. 23:17
daviddelikat1so are there any moral objections to using 'redo' in WG code?23:17
+perlDreamerhow did you inherit it, SD?23:17
@Haargno daviddelikat123:18
SDuensinI could rewrite a lot if I knew what the hell it did. :-)23:18
SDuensinI went and got a real job to keep from starving and this is what I got. 23:18
SDuensinI'd rather be doing webgui, but I'm a horrible salesperson and working for pb conflicts with my own company. :-(23:20
daviddelikat1perlDreamer: http://delikat.homeip.net:8080/home/the-big-e?func=viewSchedule23:20
daviddelikat1the opnly problem is the tooltips are missing23:21
* SDuensin returns to sobbing in his corner. 23:24
daviddelikat1just don't get your keyboart wet23:24
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rc15a49b / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Storage.pm t/Storage.t): Make Storage gracefully handle having its directory being nuked. Fixes bug #11077 - http://bit.ly/gkRGp23:40
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r1deec24 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Storage.pm t/Storage.t): Make Storage gracefully handle having its directory being nuked. Fixes bug #11077 - http://bit.ly/2AJC8423:40
+perlDreamernice, JavaScript::Packer is set to be fixed23:46
+perlDreamerthe Calendar List bug fixed itself23:46
+perlDreamerdaviddelikat1: would it be difficult to modify the helpdesk search to use a SelectList instead of a SelectBox, so that I could say, show me everything in WebGUI Stable and WebGUI Beta?23:48
+perlDreameror, maybe a checkboxList23:48
--- Day changed Fri Oct 09 2009
daviddelikat1perlDreamer: probably would notbe difficult, it just uses getLineage I think00:01
daviddelikat1did you get a chance to look at the ems schedule?00:01
-!- mducharme-work [n=nothing@] has left #webgui []00:25
-!- LTR_bob [n=bob@5ED6766C.cable.ziggo.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]00:32
daviddelikat1is there an easy way to clear out part of the lineage?00:32
daviddelikat1I just want stuff to run without having to reset my database00:32
@Haargis there a reason you can't just purge it?00:40
daviddelikat1I deleted it using SQL, I guess if it makes a difference it will go away next time i reset...00:41
-!- mducharme-work [n=nothing@4-121-188-206.rev.knet.ca] has joined #webgui00:47
+perlDreamerI think there may be a bug00:55
+perlDreamerthe EMS is misspelling words in the events00:55
daviddelikat1I'll see if I can fix that bug some other time00:56
+perlDreamerall events without a location are grouped into the same column?00:56
daviddelikat1is that ok?00:56
+perlDreamerI just want to make sure I understand, so I can ask those questions about corner questions00:56
daviddelikat1it treats it like any other location00:56
+perlDreamerhow are conflicts/multiple events at the same time handled?00:57
daviddelikat1I'm writing some tests to check the new feature...00:57
daviddelikat1it puts them in an array and they get displayed in consecutive rows like in the Oct 08 @ 17:00 events...00:58
+perlDreamerthis looks very, very solid00:58
daviddelikat1looks can be decieving00:59
daviddelikat1like my spelling00:59
+perlDreamereveryone makes spleling mistakes00:59
daviddelikat1I'll get you a patch for the module and the test as soon as I've finished writing them01:00
daviddelikat1them == tests01:00
+perlDreamercool, let me know if you need help with the tests01:00
daviddelikat1do you know how to set a form variable in test?01:00
daviddelikat1maybe you can share?01:00
+perlDreamer$session->request->setup_body({ keyword => 'foxtrot' } );01:01
* perlDreamer was looking up the code ;)01:01
daviddelikat1I see knowing where to look is as good as knowing...01:01
+perlDreamernote, that code only works because it's inside a test01:01
daviddelikat1I'll have this done in no time01:01
daviddelikat1of course01:02
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]01:03
@tavistookay gang, I need to know about VAT01:21
@tavistowhere are my dutch team brothas01:21
@tavistohmm.. with the time diff, I assume they are at the pub. darn01:22
daviddelikat1this is bad01:22
daviddelikat1whenn i run the test twice in a row I get different results01:23
SDuensinI read that as "dutch team brothels".01:23
@tavistothat may apply if it was JT saying it01:23
daviddelikat1apparently you have to look the other way01:23
+perlDreamerdaviddelikat1, do you get more results the second time than the first?01:27
daviddelikat1I have an assetId problem01:27
daviddelikat1I ran the test several times with no error01:27
daviddelikat1then I ggot that message01:27
+perlDreamercan you paste the test, too, please?01:28
daviddelikat1its kinda long... but ok01:28
daviddelikat1thats not right, I'll try again01:29
* perlDreamer meant the _whole_ test01:29
+perlDreamerso I can see the asset creation and cleanup01:29
daviddelikat1you mean the file?01:29
daviddelikat1im working on it01:30
daviddelikat1whats the cmd line tool for gists?01:31
+perlDreamerHaarg and I use nopaste01:31
+perlDreamernopaste -s Gist01:31
@Haargcpan App::Nopaste01:31
@Haargi just set the environment variable to have it use Gist by default01:32
daviddelikat1requires a lot of stuff01:33
daviddelikat1still going01:34
@Haargand if you haven't yet, go to https://github.com/account and click the global git config link01:36
daviddelikat1I did01:36
daviddelikat1I think its testing moose right now01:36
+perlDreamerthat's it!01:37
+perlDreamerwe'll get Moose into WebGUI through the utilities01:37
daviddelikat1moose is bigger that WG, we could more than double the code base in one move01:37
daviddelikat1thats quite a bit of stuff to install just to paste some text ...01:38
+perlDreamerI wrote javascript01:38
daviddelikat1its way cool to post like that though01:40
@Haargmoose is much smaller than webgui01:40
* perlDreamer likes nopaste's -p switch too01:40
+perlDreamerthe only thing I don't like is that -x doesn't work on Fedora01:41
@Haargit is very convenient.  i don't use -p much, but piping stuff and -x are very useful.01:41
daviddelikat1any commnets about the test?01:42
daviddelikat1sorry take your time, its a lot to digest01:43
* perlDreamer suspects a problem with assets being cleared out01:44
+perlDreameror rather, not being cleared out01:44
+perlDreamerbecause, if you look at the page through the UI, it works, right?01:44
daviddelikat1yes, but it doesn't really need the asset id 01:45
+perlDreamerbut doesn't the assetId indicate that it's getting the wrong asset?01:45
+perlDreameror are they coming in a different order than you expect?01:46
daviddelikat1everything else is OK, I switched the asset id to ignore and it works fine01:46
daviddelikat1I'm running more tests with ignore01:48
+perlDreamerit's nice to skip parts that you don't nee01:48
daviddelikat1nope, the program is switching the order for soem reason01:48
daviddelikat1I just got the wrong title.01:49
+perlDreamerin what order are they supposed to be returned?01:49
+perlDreamerdateCreate, lastModified?01:49
daviddelikat1it doesn't really matter in practice, but I'd expect them to be the same order every time.01:50
+perlDreamerbut what happens they're all made at the same time?01:50
+perlDreamerlike, within the same second?01:50
+perlDreamernow, the database has no way to tell the order01:50
+perlDreamerif that's the problem, you have a couple of options01:50
+perlDreamer1) sort by lineage.  This always works with tests01:51
daviddelikat1thats a really short couple01:53
* perlDreamer is also teaching an 8-year old how to do wG content management01:53
daviddelikat1very cool01:53
+perlDreamer2) sort be create date, and manually alter the creationDate in the db01:53
+perlDreamer3) sort by lastModified, and manually alter lastModified in the db.01:54
daviddelikat1how about if I just change the order they are created in the list?01:54
daviddelikat1these are the only two with the same start date01:54
daviddelikat1so if I seperate them then perhaps I can get them to be differnet enough01:55
+perlDreameryou can try, but it will race on other machines01:55
+perlDreamerit's better to guarantee an order one way or another.01:55
+perlDreameryou don't want me calling you at 3:00am to ask why they're failing01:55
+perlDreamerjust ask preaction01:56
daviddelikat1can I make it do this only for the test?01:56
+perlDreamerusually not01:57
daviddelikat1I added order by the event number01:59
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-!- mode/#webgui [+v patspam] by ChanServ02:02
+perlDreamerthat's a good idea02:06
daviddelikat1does git diff produce a valid patch?02:06
+perlDreameryes, it makes a great patch02:07
+perlDreamerand if you paste it into Gist, it can be easily applied to another git repo02:07
daviddelikat1problem is I'm not sure I'm patching what you'd be patching02:07
daviddelikat1I've been editting EMS stuff all week...02:07
+perlDreamernot sure what to do about that one.02:08
@Haargif you just give him the rev you are currently at it shouldn't be hard to deal with02:08
* perlDreamer heads off to do some grocery shopping for dinner02:09
daviddelikat1I'm working against my own fork of WG02:09
CIA-56webgui: JT Smith innodb * r077128f / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : added everything to ZipArchiveAsset - http://bit.ly/XJAC702:10
CIA-56webgui: JT Smith innodb * r08d87a6 / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : fixed bugs - http://bit.ly/4uCSMq02:10
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-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui03:30
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+perlDreamerpreaction: do you recommend testing JS fixes against several browsers before committing?03:38
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-!- ascii [n=ascii@host-64-139-251-150.nctv.com] has joined #webgui04:05
elninopreaction - support is open certain hours for pb hosting clients, right? like 8-4?  what is the response time?  or are you guys always manning the support forums 24/7? or Is the IRC the preferred method?04:14
+perlDreamerI think they promise an answer within 24 hours of posting04:19
+perlDreamerand of course, there are more responsive levels of support available04:19
elninook. thanks!04:20
+perlDreamernice bug reporting, by the way04:21
daviddelikat1perlDreamer: 04:28
daviddelikat1do you have any way to test this patch I made?04:29
daviddelikat1I'm pretty confident, but it wouldn't hurt to run the test suite before pushing it04:29
+perlDreamerI always try to run at least 1 test before committing a patch04:30
+perlDreamerif I run into problems, I'll try to catch you online, or email you04:30
daviddelikat1I have the exact patch for the test suite, but I had to fiddle with the patch for the EMS module04:30
+perlDreamerIf you've been doing other stuff, yeah, I bet.04:30
+perlDreamerthere are ways of handling stuff like that04:30
+perlDreamerlike doing interim commits in your tree04:30
+perlDreameror using git-stash04:30
daviddelikat1I've got quite a bit of stuff I don't think a git-stash woudl suffice04:31
daviddelikat1would you like me to pass on the patches or would you rather I test them myself?04:31
+perlDreamerfor you to test them, you'll need a fresh repo, right?04:32
+perlDreamerlet me try it, and see what happens04:32
+perlDreamerif it's badly broken, we'll have to sort through it04:32
daviddelikat1heres the test file http://gist.github.com/20551404:32
daviddelikat1heres the EMS module http://gist.github.com/20561904:33
daviddelikat1I pulled the current EMS from git to make that, so I feel like it is most likely correct04:33
+perlDreamerand the tests should be a slam dunk, too, right?04:34
+perlDreamerlet me run one more javascript test, then I'll try to apply this04:34
daviddelikat1ok, I might be away for a bit but I'll be back04:34
+perlDreamernp ;)04:34
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-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ04:49
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r27dc773 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix the crumb trail flyout menu in the AssetManager. Fixes bug #11080 - http://bit.ly/dsdSp04:51
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * r586ff9f / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix the crumb trail flyout menu in the AssetManager. Fixes bug #11080 - http://bit.ly/EgCLX04:51
+perlDreamerdaviddelikat1, the EMS patch is complaining that it might be a reverse patch05:00
+perlDreamerI've tried it as both a reverse patch, and a normal one, and neither one is working well05:00
daviddelikat1ok I'll work on it some more05:00
+perlDreamerthe .orig file should be listed first, probably05:01
daviddelikat1perlDreamer: try this one http://gist.github.com/20563205:04
daviddelikat1I'm not sure what I did with that other bit, but this is what I thought I was sending you...05:05
elninothanks perlDreamer =)  05:05
+perlDreamerelnino, the first bug is very serious05:05
elninoyes it is.05:06
+perlDreamerwe have unprotected default templates floating around05:06
elninoyes you do.05:06
elninoI think it's probably by asset id....05:06
elninoand I have a feeling tha tone was added from a contribution or something, because I thought I wrote it.  Then found out it wasn't mine. =(05:07
elninos/tha tone/that one05:07
+perlDreamerthat template, and all the others like it, are part of the great template import of 2009.  In 7.7.1505:08
+perlDreamerdaviddelikat1: tests run clean05:08
+perlDreameryou're off the hook, dude05:08
+perlDreamerI'll tell JT to call off the Virus brigade05:08
+perlDreamerstrangely, whenever JT needed work done, I'd come down sick and have to miss a few days of work.05:09
daviddelikat1the only way I could write a virus is by accident...05:09
+perlDreamerThese were biological05:09
daviddelikat1woo biological warfare05:09
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rad8b1bb / (3 files in 3 dirs): Make the EMS handle displaying a schedule when the user has not entered in locations. Fixes bug #10874 - http://bit.ly/6Rkam05:11
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re6aeb5d / (3 files in 3 dirs): Make the EMS handle displaying a schedule when the user has not entered in locations. Fixes bug #10874 - http://bit.ly/8CbRD05:11
elninoperlDreamer... that same template was rewritten, and a bug occured. With supported hosting, would pb go in and fix that?  I'm just trying to undertstand the extent of "support" so I can inform my client.05:17
elninoimported from where? bazaar?05:21
-!- carogray1 [n=Caroline@c-98-217-214-184.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has left #webgui []05:28
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-98-217-214-184.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]05:30
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+perlDreamerelnino, they can definitely do that.05:49
+perlDreamerwhich template did the customer change?05:49
elninothe customer didn't change it, it was the result of the upgrade pb did.  "linked image with caption" - one of my bug reports. 05:50
+perlDreamer#1, #2, or #3?05:50
elninoso, would pb investigate like I did? 05:50
elnino=) 05:50
elninoum.. 05:50
+perlDreamer#1 is isDefault05:50
elninoI watned to change the titles.. just a sec05:50
+perlDreamer#3 is centered05:50
+perlDreamer#2 perhaps?05:51
+perlDreamerI assigned #3 to the template designer in charge of the big rewrite05:51
elninoyeah, #205:51
elninoit was missing an else 05:52
+perlDreamerso that linkTitle was not required05:53
elninoif no linktitle05:53
+perlDreamerthen I'm not sure what you mean by "investigate like I did"05:53
elninowell, I loged in, looked at the template, found the missing else statement, and looked at the revision and noticed it was changed during the upgrade.05:54
elninoso is that type of "support" included with the "supported hosting"?05:54
+perlDreamerPerhaps.  If they have to log into your site, I think that's a login request.05:55
* perlDreamer isn't familiar with all the exact details of PB hosting05:55
elninome neither.05:55
+perlDreamerhowever, what would probably happen is that you'd make a support board post describing the problem05:55
+perlDreamerthey'd check the default template in a dev site05:56
+perlDreamerand find the same problem05:56
elninoI just want to make sure my client is "happy" with webgui.  but more importantly that the expectations are realistic on both sides, since I don't support them anymore.05:56
+perlDreameryou getting out of the hosting biz?05:57
elninowell, the result of the upgrade was that their "button" disappeared (and shortcuts) So I checked the trash, cheked other things, then realized the article was still there, without the image, so I checked that, THENlooked at the template. so it was kinda of a weird one.05:58
elninothey wanted a "professional" hosting solution. Mine is admittedly not "professional" 05:58
elninoso they choose pb upon my recommendation05:59
* elnino will be back05:59
* perlDreamer too06:01
elninowell, what I do is , I'm using a friends computer to do hosting for friends sites, or one-person type companies who don't care much.06:05
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-!- Haarg [n=haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui06:16
-!- mode/#webgui [+o Haarg] by ChanServ06:16
+perlDreamerWe need Koen to get webgui-starter off the ground.  Or we need to get you enough sites that you can do agency hosting06:20
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@206-124-7-151.denver.dsl.forethought.net] has quit []06:21
elninotell me more about webgui-starter and what you mean?06:30
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]06:34
+perlDreamerI think this is public knowledge06:45
+perlDreamerKoen (SynQ) is starting a $5/month WebGUI hosting site06:45
+perlDreamerelnino, do you have admin rights on this site?06:52
elninono. don't expect to.06:52
+perlDreamerhow did you find this, then?06:52
+perlDreamerthe problem where the template is not set to be default?06:53
elninooh. the client?06:53
elninoyes, I have an admin account06:53
elninoI should disable myself.06:53
+perlDreamercould you run a SQL Report on there, someplace discreetly, like in the tempspace folder?06:53
+perlDreamerselect templateId from template where isDefault <> 1;06:54
+perlDreamerselect assetId from template where isDefault <> 1;06:54
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui06:56
-!- mode/#webgui [+o Haarg] by ChanServ06:56
+perlDreamerokay, for all you parents out there: http://www.vdh.state.va.us/epidemiology/DiseasePrevention/H1N1/Video/PSAs/Sneezing101.htm06:57
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Client Quit]06:57
elninowhat should I be looking at here.06:59
elninoat the report?06:59
elninothey aren't all PBtmplsxxx06:59
elninoso maybe its ust a matter of setting a flag to that template.07:00
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui07:00
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+perlDreamergood point, elnino07:01
+perlDreamerlet's help there07:01
+perlDreamerselect t.assetId, ad.title from template as t join assetData as ad using (assetId,revisionDate) where isDefault <> 1;07:02
elninohmm. there are duplicate assetIds with more than one title.07:03
elninohmm. I guess I misunderstood what isDefault is.. Because I see some of my templates.07:04
+perlDreamerisDefault is for WebGUI System Templates, that ship with the core07:04
elninowhich were copied from pb's templates. so apparantly the isdefalt was copied too.07:04
elninowell, this is a bit of a mess.07:05
elninowait these are NOT system templates.07:06
elninoI shouldn't be seeing pbtmplxxxxx templates07:06
+perlDreamerideally, no07:06
-!- dreamersgirl [n=chatzill@pool-71-117-209-184.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui07:07
elninooh. just a sec.07:08
+perlDreamerelnino, not all PB templates are PBtmpl00000000ddddd, either07:08
elninobut alot of them are called "default" and they are pbs.  07:09
+perlDreamerif they were copied, they'd have the same title, but different URL07:09
elninotrue, but I change my template names.. =)07:10
elninoI sent you the url07:10
+perlDreamerokay, multiple assetIds means multiple revisions07:11
+perlDreamerso nothing to worry about there07:12
+perlDreamerwe can expand the query thusly07:12
+perlDreamerselect t.assetId, t.revisionDate, t.isDefault, ad.title from template as t join assetData as ad using (assetId,revisionDate) where isDefault <> 1 order by t.assetId, t.revisionDate;07:13
+perlDreamerelnino, can you reverse the query, and do "where isDefault <> 0", to see if _any_ templates are protected?07:15
+perlDreamerthere are templates in here which haven't been touched in a very long time07:15
+perlDreameralmost looks like somebody did update template set isDefault=0 or something at some point.07:16
elninoI thought it looked suspicious07:16
elninoperhaps during the great import of 2009?07:16
+perlDreamerno, all those templates were fixed07:16
+perlDreamerthe package import part of the upgrade automatically sets isDefault=1 on any template coming in07:17
mducharmeare there new templates for the story manager in 7.7.21?07:17
+perlDreamermducharme, I believe so07:17
mducharmeI'm still at 7.7.20, but if there are new story manager templates in .21 I could be persuaded to upgrade :)07:18
+perlDreamerthere is a new storytopic template07:18
mducharmewhat's the diff from the previous template?07:19
* perlDreamer has no idea07:19
* dreamersgirl doesn't either07:22
@tavistohi dreamersgirl!07:33
dreamersgirlhi tavisto!07:33
@tavistonot much just saying hi :) working of course07:34
dreamersgirli'm working too07:34
dreamersgirlonly i don't get paid07:34
@tavistoheck yes, all the cool people are07:34
@tavistowell for as much as I work, I might get paid $1/ hr. JT, doug, colin, and several others included07:35
dreamersgirltopic of the moment:  FDA announcement about the potency of heparin07:35
dreamersgirltoo true07:35
@tavistono clue07:36
+perlDreamerthis might be worth a good giggle, tavisto: http://www.vdh.state.va.us/epidemiology/DiseasePrevention/H1N1/Video/PSAs/Sneezing101.htm07:36
@tavistoI'll watch that one if you watch the Windows 7 "how to throw a release party video"07:38
@tavistolet me get the link... I'm warning you.. it's bad.07:38
+perlDreamerI saw it already07:38
+perlDreamermaybe Microsoft would like to pay me $100,000 to consider upgrading to wG 707:39
@tavistohere we go!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cX4t5-YpHQ07:39
@tavistoMicrosoft really paid a marketing company to produce this video07:39
@tavistomakes me want to start an advertising company.07:40
dreamersgirlEw!  It's like a really bad infomercial.  Blech.07:41
@tavistodude, it's politically correct and so rehearsed.... They practiced so much for a "real interaction" that you can tell it's sooooooo fake07:43
+perlDreamerOh no.  I am sure that I do not know what you mean.07:44
@tavistoI am rather insulted that there is not an asian person in this video07:44
@tavistofor it to be truly politically correct, they are leaving out the stereotypical "roles"07:44
@tavistothe whole thing is just kinda insulting though. Who would really benefit from this video?07:45
dreamersgirlthat's hilarious.  they actually paid for it?07:45
@tavistooh yeah.. this is legit07:45
dreamersgirlthey're obviously not targeting the 20-something crowd07:45
@tavistoabsolutely not07:45
dreamersgirldid you check out the sneezing video?  much better acting, don't ya think?07:46
@tavistobut someone who's 40+ with any sort of techie knowledge... should be insulted07:46
@tavistohaha it's already better07:46
@tavistooh sick07:47
@tavistothe slime is awesome07:47
@tavistoi sneeze the right way!07:47
dreamersgirlfor the record?07:47
@tavistoawesome. I love it07:47
@tavistoI do that when I cough too07:48
@tavistowoohoo gold star for me!07:48
+perlDreamerdon't touch that doorknob!07:49
dreamersgirl:)  You pass FLU 10107:49
@tavistowoop woop07:51
+perlDreamertavisto: what's an octobox?07:59
@tavistoits an octagon piece of woo07:59
+perlDreameralso, peter wants to know when you're getting cat shaped tokens08:02
@tavistofirst step would be to find them08:03
@tavistomost of the time, they are called pawns, tokens, counters, or game pieces08:03
-!- dapperedodo [n=dappered@] has joined #webgui08:03
@tavistowe're looking for zombies, ninjas, and maybe cats and dogs. :)08:03
+perlDreamerthis game has them: http://www.gatortots.com/item_328/Kids-Animal-Board-Game-Lucy-and-Pepe.htm08:04
+perlDreamerso they must be made by somebody...08:04
@tavistomost games have custom pieces molded specifically for them08:05
@tavistobut if you can find them, we may consider carrying them08:05
+perlDreameris it easy to find vendors for that sort of thing?08:05
+perlDreamergoogle is giving me no joy08:05
@tavistowe've gotten 2 more orders with wrong shipping08:13
elninoperlDreamer, did you want me to do anythign more with/about the template bug?08:13
* perlDreamer is suspicious that the template has been altered by hand08:13
@tavistoi need a shop exspurt!08:13
elninoit was.. in 7.7.1908:14
@tavistohehe elnino, that was years ago!08:14
@tavistoI'm using WG 8.5 in my head08:14
@tavistoit's pretty sweet08:14
elninoI looked at the revisions. I didn't do it =)08:14
* perlDreamer meant the database, not just the template08:15
elnino8.5? really?08:15
@tavistoyep, it's really slick08:15
elninooh. well. I can create a demo site and run the same 08:15
elninoor did you do that?08:15
@tavistorefills my coffee and makes some great scrambled eggs in the morning08:15
* perlDreamer found tanks and submarines08:16
dreamersgirl'nite all!08:18
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elninohttp://demo.webgui.org/demo1255065396_683 won't let me run it.08:19
elninoor, I suppose all the template on the demo site is set to 1. =)08:22
+perlDreamersince it's built from the same thing I'm using08:22
* perlDreamer has to go, too.08:24
elnino I made a copy of a template, and it displays in th report. so that is good.  Hmm. I'll have to run that report on the other sites I have to see what they look like.08:24
elninogood nght.08:24
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+perlDreamerMrHairgrease: What's up with that VIES workflow thingy?18:24
+MrHairgreaseno comment....18:24
+MrHairgreaseIt's almot finished18:25
+MrHairgreasethe code is anyway18:25
+MrHairgreasebut the tests not yet18:25
+MrHairgreasebut almost18:25
+MrHairgreaseI just haven't worked on it since the wuc18:25
+perlDreamerDo you think you could finish it up in time for the next release, on this Tuesday?18:26
+MrHairgreaseI'll see if I can get to this weekend18:26
+MrHairgreaseOr maybe monday evening18:26
+MrHairgreaseDon't forget to keep spamming me about it =)18:27
+perlDreamerI try not to spam you more than once every few hours18:27
+perlDreamerI mean, weeks ;)18:27
+MrHairgreaseThe code is on my other laptop18:27
+perlDreamer__other__ laptop?18:27
+MrHairgreaseso I cannot access it from here18:27
+MrHairgreasemy netbook thingy18:27
+MrHairgreasethe small one18:27
+perlDreamerah, I see18:27
+MrHairgreaseIt's not really a laptop18:28
* perlDreamer grumbles jealously. TWO LAPOTPS!18:28
+MrHairgreasebut it runs for almost 6 hour on a single battery18:28
+MrHairgreasewhile my 'real' laptop lasta only about an hour and a half or so18:28
+MrHairgreaseif you then take the cross product of that data with a flight of 9 hours, you'll see why I bought the small one18:29
+MrHairgreasethat, and it's about a third of the weight I guess18:30
+MrHairgreasebut the processor sucks18:30
+MrHairgreaseit's an atom Z52018:30
+perlDreamerif it's so heavy, you should only carry it in your right arm18:31
+perlDreamerwhich has been strengthened by lifting biers18:31
+MrHairgreaseI also lift beers with my left arm18:31
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+MrHairgreasewhich is being generated by http://github.com/martink/chartmagick/blob/master/scripts/testCM.pl19:02
+MrHairgreaseI anybody has the time to check my ChartMagick project out,  some feedback would be greatly appreciated.19:03
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+perlDreamerwhy is it that kids only find things the 2nd time that you tell them to look?19:26
CIA-56webgui: JT Smith innodb * r1fa3d15 / (2 files): my bad - http://bit.ly/mIfxt19:32
CIA-56webgui: JT Smith innodb * r120d939 / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : got as far as bucketLog - http://bit.ly/WPnxx19:32
@preactionbecause they're making sure you actually told them to look19:32
+perlDreamerI'm getting a JS error from the code editor, in FireBug19:34
+perlDreamerdo you wish to see it?19:34
+perlDreamerline 28919:35
+perlDreamerthis._getSelection() is null19:36
+perlDreamerand it has chained methods, so FF is unhappy19:37
@preaction289 of code-editor.js?19:38
* perlDreamer double checks19:39
@preactionwhat is the line? i don't have a 289 in mine19:40
@preactionor i do, but it's not the right line. no _getSelection19:40
+perlDreamerI'm on the 7.7 branch19:41
+perlDreamersorry, I assumed (badly) that the files were the same in both branches19:41
@preaction7.7 has more hacks because of 2.6 yui19:41
+perlDreamergiven that 1 bug we found, I'm now worried about finding more19:42
@preactionwhich bug?19:43
@preactionoh the menu bug?19:43
+perlDreameryeah, thatone19:44
+perlDreamerI fixed the other one yesterday19:44
+perlDreamerwith the crumb trail flyout menu19:44
+perlDreamersomebody is designing up a storm20:07
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+perlDreamerstill no answer, tavisto20:22
@tavistobig shock20:22
@tavistono errors in the log, and it's from dufus so we'll just forget about it20:22
* perlDreamer is worried that it's a real AddressBook bug20:22
+perlDreamerbut without help duplicating it, there's no way to be sure20:22
@tavistoIf that's the case, then someone credible will run into it in the near future20:23
@tavistoconsidering we process 5-8 orders a day it should be obvious20:23
+perlDreamerI've seen TGC adds on BGG!20:23
@tavistoThere should be about 3 million of them appearing20:24
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rd1a993a / (3 files in 2 dirs): 20:24
CIA-56webgui: Fix rendering of the Edit Profile screen. Fixes bug #10956.20:24
CIA-56webgui: Change the template and CSS so that the "view as others" link is not20:24
CIA-56webgui: inline with the tabs. This prevents them from overlapping. - http://bit.ly/EDA4e20:24
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r361c281 / (3 files in 2 dirs): 20:24
CIA-56webgui: Fix rendering of the Edit Profile screen. Fixes bug #10956.20:24
CIA-56webgui: Change the template and CSS so that the "view as others" link is not20:24
CIA-56webgui: inline with the tabs. This prevents them from overlapping. - http://bit.ly/ilVkF20:24
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r35efdfd / (4 files in 2 dirs): Move packages to the right location. Fixes bug #10956 - http://bit.ly/4Cldui20:24
+perlDreamerbug --20:25
+perlDreamerany chance of you being bugalicious today?20:28
@preactionnot really, i've got to get this admin console spec out the door20:29
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elninois it iintentuional to have" Matrix Default Screenshots Config"  as a package in 7.7.17?23:29
@preactionprobably not23:29
elninoif you delete a user, what happens to the version tags that were created as that user? do they still show up?23:38
elninoin the version tag history?23:38
elninoOh, I can try this and see. never mine23:38
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--- Day changed Sat Oct 10 2009
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elninomust be a friday night - very quiet here.01:54
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CIA-56WebGUI: translation * r12375 /translations/Russian/Russian/ (24 files): Updating Russian on translation server02:44
CIA-56webgui: JT Smith innodb * r382d3a6 / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : added up to cartItem - http://bit.ly/4vbGT03:18
CIA-56webgui: JT Smith innodb * rd0d7ed5 / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : fixed bugs - http://bit.ly/rtMIl03:18
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CIA-56webgui: JT Smith innodb * reea9cdd / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : bug fixes - http://bit.ly/3wdrTU03:41
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CIA-56webgui: Doug Bell innodb * re8a1b87 / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : fixed TT table foreign keys - http://bit.ly/C9BZ603:51
CIA-56webgui: Doug Bell innodb * r87c9a79 / docs/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : fixed WorkflowActivity currentActivityId - http://bit.ly/465cuz03:51
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carograyanyone home?04:21
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carograyAll version tags are committed - when logged in design looks just right, as soon as I log out images show, but I lose all CSS - true in IE 6 not FF05:11
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+cap10morganis there some example code out there for posting to a CS via the API?23:14
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daviddelikat__anybody around?02:03
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+perlDreamerHey, Haarg!  Just the guy I was looking for.04:40
+perlDreamercan you review a wgdev plugin, please?04:40
+perlDreamerit does half of what I want so far04:42
+perlDreamerthe 2nd check is to make sure that all assets in a package live under some common folder04:42
@Haargseems pretty much fine.  only real problem i see is the name.04:44
* perlDreamer is open to a better name04:45
+perlDreamerreleasecheck seemed too long04:45
+perlDreamerpackage is taken04:45
@Haargpackage-check or release-check is kind of what i was thinking.  i'm not sure.  you are the main person who will be using it, but i'd prefer to keep keep the names using the same scheme.04:47
+perlDreamerHyphen is a legal character in package names?04:49
@Haarg- is converted to ::04:50
@Haargexport-branch -> WGDev::Command::Export::Branch04:50
+perlDreamerthat certainly helps expand the namespace04:54
+perlDreamerit only seems a little odd that there isn't a Release.pm above it anyway04:54
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rc76f593 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix description field of the Story RSS feed. Fixes bug #11112 - http://bit.ly/2C7mTM05:04
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r08f6bd8 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix description field of the Story RSS feed. Fixes bug #11112 - http://bit.ly/bUanZ05:04
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+perlDreamerI did my first branch work this weekend05:11
+perlDreamerlet's see how well it merges...05:11
+perlDreameroh, and Haarg, I added some cleanup code for more Shop stuff.05:12
+perlDreamerA cart will now cleanup its addressBook if it exists05:12
+perlDreamerhmmm... no commit messages05:23
+perlDreamerbut according to the history on github, it's in there05:33
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+perlDreamermorning, everyone18:03
+bartjolI am writing tests...18:04
+perlDreamerfor what?18:05
+bartjolthat macro from last week18:05
+bartjolbut now I'm mostly thinking on the best way to test, thinking of counting regex's18:07
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+perlDreamerbartjol: about the deleted user/version tag bug, it's because of the Cache18:22
+perlDreamerthe user data is _still_ in the cache, so a call to new will still work until the cache is cleaned up18:23
+bartjolI was wondering that18:23
+perlDreameryou were on the right track18:23
+bartjolbut had n't had the patience yet :)18:23
+bartjolwell, just look what it does18:23
+bartjolmysql calls are not that heavily cached I suppose18:24
+perlDreamersome are, like User, Asset and a few others18:24
+perlDreamerbut the User cache is supposed to have been cleaned up on delete18:24
+bartjolok, I was alrady thinking it was more a bug that you could see the username instead of the other way around18:25
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+bartjolmm, test failed18:38
+perlDreamernetwork's going down, be back in 1018:40
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-!- dreamersgirl [n=chatzill@] has joined #webgui18:41
+bartjolhey Kathy18:41
+bartjolno pics, sorry18:41
+bartjolI just bought those18:41
+bartjolnot yet on the walls18:41
dreamersgirlyeah, i figured.  plus, you still need to get them on the walls, yeah?18:42
dreamersgirlit sounds like your house is coming togther!18:42
dreamersgirlare you still without a kitchen?18:43
+bartjolkitchen will take a while, first a shower18:46
+bartjolbut there's still progress18:46
+bartjolmmm, my tests failed because I installed Dutch, fixed the test18:50
+bartjoltrying to make Colin proud by testing my code18:51
dreamersgirlhe'll be happy18:52
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+perlDreamerdreamersgirl: PGE was by today to replace the power meter19:06
+perlDreamerapparently the old meter was "dumb"19:06
+bartjolhey, I got a new powermeter too19:06
dreamersgirlthat's so they can start charging us different rates at different times of the day/night19:06
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: does the new powermeter allow you to pull data off it?19:07
+perlDreamerI wouldn't doubt that it allows data to be pulled off of it19:07
+perlDreameras to whether _I_ get to do it or not...19:07
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: some of the new power meters have two way data so that appliances can know how much power costs and adjust their schedules for cheaper power.19:08
+perlDreamereven if the meter is smart, the appliances are dumb19:08
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: but you're smart. I bet 30 minutes with the right components and you'd have a micro doing it all for you ;)19:09
dreamersgirlSounds like a challenge.  :)19:09
+perlDreamerperhaps.  Right now I'm having SElinux issues19:09
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: you have my sympathy.  Those are the worst kinds of issues to have.19:09
dreamersgirlhey pD, Bart's writing tests.  He wanted to make you proud...  :)19:11
perlmonkey21hey dreamersgirl, just realized who you were :)19:12
dreamersgirlyup, that's me.19:13
dreamersgirlI'm listening to a 4 hour lecture that could easily be given in 1 hour.19:14
+perlDreamerhit the fast forward button19:14
+bartjolperlDreamer: it looks like Cover gives me a 100%19:15
+perlDreamerthat is good19:15
+perlDreamernow, do all of your tests pass? ;)19:15
+bartjolI forgot that installed dutch, and after that I forgot to reset a counter19:15
dreamersgirlno fast forward button19:18
dreamersgirljust good company on IRC19:18
dreamersgirlfinishing other assignments and studying for other classes19:19
+bartjolperlDreamer: and this time in git with dir structure19:20
+perlDreamernice :)19:20
+bartjolbut that adding is not yet approved19:21
+bartjoland it is food and smoke time now19:22
+bartjolperlDreamer: is that sturcture expected from  WebGUI/ before /lib/because that is what is included in the package19:25
+bartjolor is it lib/19:25
+perlDreamerthe closer it is to the real thing, the better19:25
+bartjola, started to early then19:25
+bartjoldid it in WebGUI/lib/WebgUI/Maco19:26
+perlDreamerwhich level is the top of the repository?  lib, or WebGUI?19:26
+bartjolI will not use that as my top level next time19:28
+bartjolslowly learning...19:29
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+perlDreameryou should be able to do a git mv the directories into the right place.19:29
+bartjolok, will look to that, but now it is feeding time19:29
dreamersgirlhappy feeding19:29
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+perlDreamerare there any non-Red Hat WebGUI users in the channel?19:30
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+perlDreamerdreamersgirl, it's cold in here20:01
+perlDreamerhow does one turn on the heat?20:01
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dreamersgirlpush the arrow up button to set it higher temporarily--i think it resets around 2pm20:04
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * rfc6bea0 / (4 files in 4 dirs): SC should have OR based term matching on the title and description. Fixes bug #11121 - http://bit.ly/2Crtpx20:39
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r4ebd403 / docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt : Changelog notice for USPS insurance estimator. - http://bit.ly/DZDPY20:39
CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rc2fde74 / (4 files in 4 dirs): SC should have OR based term matching on the title and description. Fixes bug #11121 - http://bit.ly/DwKbQ20:39
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dreamersgirlperlDreamer:  you warmer now?20:47
+perlDreamera little20:47
+perlDreamerit only just turned on now20:47
dreamersgirli know a nice kitty who'd like to help..i hear he's a great snuggler ;)20:48
+perlDreamerbopbop: you've been quiet for a while.  You aren't planning a new bug reporting onslaught, are you?20:51
@bopbopnope - no worries  :)20:52
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@] has quit []20:52
+perlDreamerdreamersgirl, right now he's more interested in sleeping on the dog20:56
dreamersgirloh, sorry.  guess you're out of luck.20:57
dreamersgirlnow we've switched to talking about MS.  Slightly more interesting....20:59
dreamersgirlMultiple Sclerosis.  It's a case study for a home health visit to a patient with multiple sclerosis.21:00
dreamersgirlBut it's all review.  I used to work with someone who had MS.21:00
dreamersgirlAnd I know this amazing nurse who used to manage home health nurses.  ;)21:00
dreamersgirlOne of the nurses at the clinic.21:01
+perlDreamerHaarg, I need another utility, for listing assetIds in a package.  Should it go in Command/Package, or should I place it elsewhere?21:06
+perlDreamernm, turns out it uses a bunch of the code from Release/Check.pm21:18
dreamersgirlLunchtime!!!  Bye.21:21
+perlDreamerbye :)21:21
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@HaargperlDreamer, it might make sense to extract some package code and make a WGDev::Package at some point.  i may look at that when i work on the packge-split command i want to make.21:28
+perlDreamerthis thing is already helping me a lot21:29
+perlDreamerapparently the fix for packages/isDefault on the merged shunt package only works on some systems21:30
+perlDreamerso all templates from that package need to be re flagged21:30
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CIA-56webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.7 * re0563da / (2 files): Unify templates in different packages. - http://bit.ly/mwlGv21:38
+perlDreameryay!  package bug detected and fixed _before_ the upgrade21:39
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+perlmonkey2preaction: you think you could pull off the directions on the bottom?  http://www.aldenteblog.com/2009/10/us-team-battles-for-oatmeal-honors.html23:38
@preactionprobably not23:39
@preactionfinding the ingredients might be the most difficult part for me, i don't live in a very good area for rare stuff23:39
@preactionbut then, i never looked23:40
+perlmonkey2preaction: ah, you sir should check out amazon's grocer.  Lots and lots of good stuff on the cheap.  23:43
+perlmonkey2but yeah, unsalted butter?  Do they even sell that?23:43
@preactionoh, yeah, I can find that at walmart or festival23:44
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+perlmonkey2hmm, only other thing that looks hard is the liqueur and the steel oats.  and amazon has the oats for a decent price and I wouldn't add the liqueur for fear of burning off my face.23:44
* perlDreamer is off trying to fix the hot water heater. I'll backlog as necessary23:44
@preactiongood luck perlDreamer 23:45
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: may the power of the exposed butt crack be with you.23:45
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--- Day changed Tue Oct 13 2009
+cap10morganto post to a CS using the API, would you just create new Thread/Post instances and then run setParent on them?00:05
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []00:05
@Haargyou would create the Thread or Post using $csAsset->addChild00:06
+cap10morganah, ok00:06
+cap10morganthat makes more sense00:06
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+perlDreamerwell, it's dead01:37
+perlDreamerthere's power in the circuit breaker, outlet, wires, fuses and all the way to the board01:38
+perlDreamerbut the board is dead01:38
+perlDreamerhowever, I think we're under warranty still, so it's just no hot water for a few days01:42
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]01:42
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+perlDreamerhey, patspam!02:06
+perlDreamernice blog post :)02:06
+patspamhey perlDreamer!02:06
@preactionoh, nice, Plack does middleware. Plack + Modern WebGUI == Django (a framework I feel is worth emulating)02:12
@preactionbut i second Paul's comments, if this can be where WebGUI 8 goes, it will be awesome02:14
+perlDreamerI really like the sound of it, but I remember trying to fix bugs back when WebGUI would work as a CGI, and it was a nightmare02:16
+perlDreamerhopefully Plack will hide some of that pain02:16
+perlDreamerdouble, stinky, effervescent crap!!02:17
@preactiondefinately gonna target psgi in modern webgui. just have to leave myself a note02:17
@preactioni hate it when my crap effervesces02:17
+perlDreamerit's the merged package problem from the 7.6.35-7.7.17 upgrade02:18
+perlDreamerthe set of templates that were changed seems to differ from s