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xootomi remember that copying an asset doesn't also copy its children, is there any way of doing so? (is that the intended copy behaviour or a limitation of wg?) 00:20
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Radix-europeIs there still a developers site for webgui somewhere?  Where is that located now?12:18
Radix-europeI recall there being a site with api documentation and the like somewhere12:18
Radix-europeAhh.. API in the wiki has the link12:21
xootomhi radix, i got the addusers script passing through using the pass thru, it now executes fine but nothing seems to happen when i try adding users, no error message (unless I omit username etc). Have you tried it with 7.4.0 yourself?13:01
Radix-europehmm.. not with 7.4 no13:36
Radix-europetry calling it from the command line13:36
Radix-europesee if it spits out any errors13:36
Radix-europeit should work with the 7.4 api fine (well.. unless someone changed something in the api that broke it! ;)13:37
Radix-europei remember being told that the api is fixed for two years at last years WUC tho :)13:39
xootomahh thanks that's working now :) when running from command line could see a path error on the config14:43
xootomis it possible to assign the user to a group>14:44
Radix-europeit is, but not using that code I'm afraid15:07
Radix-europeWe do our groups using sql lookups to determine membership, so I never needed it when I wrote that code15:08
Radix-europeyou could probably adapt the code from the userimport script tho15:08
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xootomok thanks15:57
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SDuensinGood morning.16:06
@rizenthank you radix16:19
@rizenfor adding keywords to a bunch of wiki stuff16:25
Radix-europeAhh.. I saw the keywords there and thought.. cool.. might add a few :)16:25
Radix-europefound a duplicate developers guide too so wiped one of them and kept the newer one16:26
@rizenhopefully everybody else does the same...i think it will make it easier for people to find stuff16:26
Radix-europeyup, definitely16:26
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Radix-europewhen I say wiped I mean blanked it out.. I can't actually delete it16:26
@rizenoh, do you know the url so i can do it?16:27
@rizenfound it16:27
Radix-europeyeah, on top of the wiki list16:27
Radix-europethe tags are pretty cool :)16:27
Radix-europeonly thing I realised while doing it is that we want to almost standardise on the keywords used in some ways16:28
@rizenthat's the problem with all tagging systems16:28
@rizenthere is a method in the api to merge two tags into one16:29
@rizenbuut i couldn't figure out a clean way of exposing that to the UI16:29
Radix-europeI was using the wiki a bit today looking up how to do things anyway, so just added the keywords while doing so :)16:29
@rizenso for now, it will just have to be a command line script or something16:29
@rizeni'm glad to know someone uses it16:30
@rizeni was afraid nobody was16:30
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Radix-europeI like your webgui lite idea btw16:30
Radix-europebut couldn't find anywhere to post comments on it :)16:30
Radix-europeI was thinking about how packages and themes are done at the moment will need to be simplified - and would be nice if it was16:31
Radix-europeatm there's quite a few steps to import a theme like zenlike, etc.. would be nice to make it automatic somehow.. ie. select theme and voila.. applied to every page, navigation working, etc16:32
@rizenthere i've enabled comments16:32
@rizensorry, just didn't realize i hadn't before16:32
@rizenthat sort of concept only works on small sites16:33
@rizenon large sites you could really **** someone by automatically and indescriminently applying a theme to every page16:33
Radix-europeyeah, but that's what you're aiming at with webgui lite, no? :)16:33
Radix-europeI know :)16:33
@rizenyeah, but that doesn't mean that all of webgui should function to serve the small guy16:33
@rizenit has to be a balance, and that balance is usually going to be applied using switches16:34
@rizenoutside of the reach of the small guy16:34
@rizenmake decisions for them16:34
Radix-europeSure.. perhaps a theme wizard that looks for themes in /styles or something like that and then will apply them if they select it16:34
@rizenmy thought on that was actually to make it a step in the site starter16:34
@rizenupload a theme and it will be automatically applied16:35
Radix-europesounds good16:35
@rizenanyway...i'm glad to hear someone is actually reading the blog too, i thought it might only be a couple of people, but lately i've heard from many people who are reading it16:36
Radix-europeI read it all :)16:36
* MrHairgrease has nothing better to do either =)16:36
@rizenwell now that comments are enabled, i hope to see you guys not only reading, but throwing out feedback16:38
Radix-europeWell if I come up with any other ideas I will :)16:40
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AMH_henryI was looking through the 7.4.0 source code when I saw that WebGUI::AssetClipboard::www_copy is modified to allow duplication of an asset including its children. What I cannot find is where in the UI this feature is enabled. Any ideas?17:07
@rizenit's when you click on the copy button17:10
AMH_henryyes, but it's looking for with as form parameter. I don't see that one posted anywhere17:10
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Radix-europeSpeaking of 7.4 - just checked out the new site starter - seems pretty good, though it seems to create the default pages regardless - is this intentional or going to be fixed later?17:22
@rizenit has to create the default pages...they have lots of good information on them like how to log in17:22
@rizenand the introductory movie17:22
@rizenand where to go to get more information17:23
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Radix-europeHmm.. I don't necessarily agree17:23
Radix-europeWould be nice to have an option for that17:24
@rizenthis is the part where i get to tell you that i have scorn for 7 generations of your family and it doesn't matter what you think17:24
Radix-europeFor a new user - offer them a tutorial or something perhaps, but an user who's already used webgui before the first thing they will have to do is go and delete the pages etc17:24
@rizenyeah, but those experienced users will at least know how to do that17:25
@rizenstop whining you whiny whiner17:25
Radix-europeSure, but surely there should be an option to turn it off or not have it if you don't want it ;)17:25
@rizenthis is the part where i get to tell you that i'm not an rfe list17:25
elninotime for a topic change?  =)17:26
Radix-europehehe.. sounds like it ;)17:26
@rizenno, i'm just having fun with radix17:26
elninook. you maay continue. =)17:26
@rizenor maybe at the expense of radix17:26
Radix-europeI'm just giving my 2c :)17:26
@rizenand i'm just throwing hate back in your face17:27
@rizenso i think we're even17:27
@rizenok, let me actually defend my position in a civilized manner rather than just throwing out fud17:27
AMH_henry@rizen: thanx. link works great17:27
+crythiashey. I think we should make webgui be php17:28
+crythiasno, no. I mean asp17:28
@rizen1) experienced users know how to delete pages17:28
@rizen2) it only takes a few seconds to do so17:28
+crythiaswebgui as application17:28
@rizen3) if you expose an option to delete the default pages noobs are going to click on it because they're noobs17:28
@rizenand can't help themselves17:28
+crythias:ACK: blank page!17:29
+crythiasIt's like I'm in WP5.1 DOS all over again17:29
Radix-europeokay - argument against17:29
+crythiasor vim for that matte17:29
@rizen4) currently the site starter doesn't need to know anything about what pages are in the database and therefore can function even for companies who create their own create.sql to start, which lots of hosting companies do17:29
Radix-europe1) it's annoying having to delete them every time17:30
Radix-europe2) they take up hard disk space and reserve urls17:30
Radix-europe3) they're redundant once you've read them once - and could easily simply be on the webgui site17:30
Radix-europesince that's where you'd presumably downloaded webgui from anyway17:30
Radix-european option to either not add them, or even a command line option to addsite or something would cater for everyone - new and old user alike17:32
elninoare we discussing on whether to have default pages deletable in a new installation?17:32
elninohow about making it an option during installtion?17:33
elninoie: install default pages, or not17:33
Radix-europewoohoo.. exactly what I've been asking for17:33
Radix-europeAnyway.. I see I won't get anywhere this way, so I'll try making an RFE for it17:34
@rizenthe rfe isn't going to help you if you can't defend your argument17:34
@rizenyour bullet points are good so far17:34
@rizenbut they don't adequately address 3 and 417:34
@rizenof mine17:34
elninoare # 3 and 4 referring to the person installing? or the person that is doing the content manageent?17:35
@rizen3 is referring to the new person coming to the webgui demo site, or a brand new webgui hosting site for the first time17:36
Radix-europe#3 can be addressed by simply explaining what the option does - and suggesting that users who are new to webgui click here (ie. recommended or something like that)17:37
elninoto me, the person installing isn't necessarily the person doing the content management. so to have the option to not install the pages during *installation* does seem to address #3a dn 417:38
@rizen4 is referring to the many hosting companies out there that create their own create.sql files that are loaded rather than the default webgui create.sql file and therefore has information in it that we wouldn't know how to delete...or worse yet, they've just edited the default pages and so they have their default content which they don't want deleted using our asset ids17:38
Radix-europe#4 - Well it depends how this is implemented - if the default pages are put in a separate sql file and run only when selected then this would solve this17:38
elninothe content managemnt person can delete the pages manually if they want and when they want.17:38
@rizenradix: wrong on number 3 again, because PEOPLE DON'T READ17:38
@rizenthey just click17:38
elninobut only the installer can decide whether to isntall them or not, and it would be to their benift to install them i f the content managers are noobs17:39
Radix-europeSure they do - if you have a big fat (recommended) next to it and it's the default option they'll click it every time17:39
@rizenthe default pages are not and will not be in a seperate SQL file17:39
@rizenit's just not possible to do that17:39
Radix-europewhy not?17:40
@rizenhave you seen the database schema?17:40
xootomis the default site configurable by the super administrator.., so if i'm offering a hosted webgui service, i could have a skeleton that i'd like created for all new sites with info on how to get support from myself, and that would be the new user's default each time, and give them a basic set of pages like contact, forums, gallery...17:41
Radix-europexootom; at the moment the default site is hardcoded in the sql file - I'm arguing to change that a bit and make it easier for hosters to do exactly that17:42
@rizenlook guys, i've got to get back to work. i don't have time to explain how all the internals of webgui work so that you can understand my argument. submit your RFE, and if it makes it to the top then we'll figure out a way to make it work17:42
elninotopic change? =)17:43
xootomcould it use asset copy with children to copy a sub-tree out of the import node17:43
elninoor a package17:43
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xootommakes sense to me17:43
AMH_henryhow about separate the default pages from create.sql and put them in a separate perl script instead?17:44
elninosuggested already... =)17:44
elninoI have a qeustion about rssfeeds17:45
AMH_henryrizen said that it cannot go to an new sql file, but a perl script is much easier to maintain17:45
elninowhat does the "enable rssfeeds" do other than create a child "rss from parent' asset? i would have expectd it to provide an asset that allows a person to get the url of the feed.17:46
elninoor does is simply enable the ability, and I have to create the asset that gives the url to the user?17:46
elninomy guess is that the amount of sql statements it takes to create the default site is too huge for a perl script.17:47
AMH_henrywe use scripts here to create pages directly as assets, no sql required17:48
elninoI don't know then.17:49
xootomcan anyone help with a problem i've got, i must have overlooked something simple. can I pull an sql report, reporting on members of my class (which is a group) - so something like select * from results where group=myclass, so i can only see results for people in my class. Is there a macro to find the name of my group?17:49
elninoI think you can do that in the administrative side. View users in this group sort of thing.17:50
@Haargthere's a template variable rss.url to get the url for the rss feed17:50
elninoHaarg: is that only availabl ewhen I 'enable rss'?17:51
xootomyeah but i need the results of the sql report that only contain people in the group17:51
@Haargyes.  and it points to the 'RSS from Parent' asset.17:52
elninoright, it's in the administrave screen, or is your requirement to have it in a sql report?17:52
elninothanks haarg.17:52
xootomyes the sql report needs to show different data depending on the group i'm in, so i see data related to my group17:53
elninoxootom: if you enbable debugging: would it display the sql statements being run from the administriave screen so you can copy it to create your sql report?17:54
xootommaybe but that would be the static statement wouldnt it? i need a placeholder in my sql report that reflects the current user's group at the time (if that makes sense)17:55
elninooh. I'm pretty sure there is a macro that gives you your group. Use that macro in the sql statement that you grab from the debugging.17:56
elninoI have another question: I'm setting a scratch variable in a macro that is called  from a sql-based group: $session->scratch->set("loginat","here");17:57
elninoAnd then I'm reading it from a displayLogin in my Auth.pm module: $self->session->scratch->get("loginat");17:57
elninobut it doesn't seeem to be able to get it. I read somewhere that scratch variables are renamed, is this the case in which it renames scratch variables?17:57
elninoare scratch variables cookies or session variables?17:57
@Haargthey are linked to your session17:58
elninois there a way to dump your session variables? because i can set them and read them just fine within the auth module, but not when it's set in a macro and then retrieved from the auth mod.17:59
@Haargthere isn't a macro to get your group. i'm not sure how that would work even, given that users can be in multiple groups.18:00
@Haargyou could look in the database, in the userSessionScratch table18:00
elninothanks haarg.18:01
elninoxootom, haarg: oh.. I think I've been able to dump groups some how. I'll have to log off to get it.  (site is behind I firewall, and I have to vpn to get there) I'll be back, if you can wait?18:01
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xootomyeah :) thanks18:02
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elnino_xootom. I don't have a macro, but if you create a macro that calls $u->getGroups (from the Users.pm) then I think you'll get what you want.18:09
xootomok that helps, i'll have a go. many thanks18:10
elnino_I have another question: I create my own auth mod, and would like to redirect users to a offsite login form. Is there an appropriate place in the WebGUI.pm auth (my auth mod is a copy of it) mod, that will allow me to redirect the user before anything is written to the headers?18:11
elnino_I tried doing this in the displayLogin proceedure, but stuff was already written to the headers.18:11
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elnino_hopefully that makes sense?18:13
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Radix-europeHey doug18:16
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elnino_Hi. I'll reword my question: I've copied the webgui.pm auth module as my own, and would like to instead redirect a user to the login screen (a static page). Is there an appropriate place to do this? I tried within the displayLogin proceedure, but html has been written already, so I couldn't redirect the user. Or is it too late by the time that auth mod is instanciated?18:20
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elnino_hopefully someone can tell?18:30
pjesisorry don't know yet, but I am starting to do similar stuff18:32
elnino_glad to know that it's not a crazy idea.18:33
elnino_I've mananged to rewrite the form so that it submits to the static page, but that's not working to well, and someting tells me that's not really a good idea. The static login page is on a different subdomain. What have you all tried pjesi?18:35
pjesielnino_: you are way ahead of me, I am just starting to figure out how to implement the custom auth module18:36
elnino_if anyone is looking into my question, plesae let me know and I'll wait, otherwise, I need to log off to vpn into work. - I can't work while logged into this.18:48
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@rizenquick opinion poll18:59
@rizenIf you ran the following command: ./wreservice.pl --start mysql18:59
@rizenand it fails18:59
@rizendo you want it to say19:00
@rizena) nothing19:00
@rizenb) Couldn't start MySQL19:00
@rizenc) A full error message that tells you everything it can about why it couldn't start mysql19:00
xootomcan anyone tell me if there is any documentation to the graphing API? Is it accessible through an SQL report, so I can show say a plot instead of a table?19:07
@rizenit is not currently available to the SQL report, although that is something that perlDreamer is working on for 7.519:09
@rizenthere are api docs for it at http://www.plainblack.com/downloads/builds19:09
@rizenthen choose your version19:09
xootomlooked through there but couldn't see anything about graphs19:10
xootomah ha it's under image19:15
@preactioni'd pick "c" as well, I'd want to know everything19:16
xootomyes, only the admin is going to see it (and panic, trying to find the cause)19:17
@preactiondoes that mean that the wreservice.pl script is actually going to tail the mysql error log for me?19:17
@preactionbecause that would be killer19:17
@rizenno, but i suppose it could19:18
xootomnot sure how clean that would look, perhaps it could suggest the user tails it, and gives the full command with path, to prompt the admin19:19
@rizencould have a --tail option19:19
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@preactionso wreservice.pl will be the frontend through which individual OSes rc scripts are written?19:22
-!- danny_mk [n=daniel@] has joined #webgui19:22
xootomrc.webgui already does that doesn't it, e.g. rc.webgui startmysql19:24
@preactionright, i'm thinking wreservice.pl is the new rc.webgui19:25
nubarizen: b) Couldn't start MySQL. With maybe a pointer to "check /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/var/$hostname.err for more information"19:43
nubadunno, but i'd rather have the error go to mysql's own error log19:45
@preactionit will be there, mysql does that itself19:45
@preactioni'd just like to avoid going to dig it out myself, so the option to --tail or --verbose would be nice19:46
nubaa --verbose would be fine too19:46
xootomor oppositely a --quiet19:53
@preactionimho quiet should be default. if the program wants to notify the user that there IS more to see with --verbose, it can go ahead19:57
@preactionprogressive enhancement, instead of graceful degradation19:57
nubai think the default should be 'loaded service foo ok' or 'couldn't load service foo'. a --quiet would output nothing except maybe errors to sdterr, and a --verbose would spill the detailed errors too19:59
xootomi suppose it depends if the target user is an admin interactively running the command, then in the use case of it failing, they need to fix it asap with all the info they can get. If it's feeding an error status back to something else, then i can see why detailed errors might not be appropriate20:01
nubai dont think its fit for a --quiet to produce output like 'loaded foo ok'. when you have a --quiet switch it usually means 'output nothing unless strictly necessary'20:01
xootomi'm not sure why by default you'd want to hide information that might help the admin diagnose why the command failed20:02
@preactioni'm thinking this is THE script to start/stop the wre services, from cron, from remote, from web, from console, from startup, etc...20:02
@preactionby default it should do what most startup scripts do, "Starting Blah... OK" or "Starting Blah... FAILED" (something along those lines)20:03
xootomi'm not sure what the convention is for such scripts within webgui to feed back to the interface, return codes etc.20:03
xootomyeah 20:03
nubapreaction: yup, thats what im understanding too20:03
danny_mkGood afternoon!  preaction:  Did you get the code for the chat Wobject cleaned up?20:04
nubain such cases when you dont have a --quiet switch you sometimes have to redirect stderr/stdout to /dev/null20:04
@preactiondanny_mk, lord no, i'm sitting in a starbucks lounge just so i can put in my 8 hours of work today. i can give you what i have now along with some instructions on what needs to be deleted or cleaned up20:05
danny_mkcool.  Can you mail it to danny_mk@yahoo.com?20:07
@preactionk, give me 30 minutes about.20:07
danny_mksure, take your time, I have plenty of work to do :-)20:08
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snoGood day21:25
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nubawonder if he thinks he was snobbed away then left21:54
nubawe should have a bot here for handling such cases21:55
@rizeni thought that's why we set up the nuba bot21:59
@rizenhello nuba, my name is rizen21:59
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xootomrizen, you were helping me yesterday with my problem of how to represent teachers and students in a particular school in webgui, and the way forward was to have each school as a group. now my problem is, how can a report show details about students in one school to the teacher of that school, without having to write custom reports for every school? if the school was a profile field (my original thought) then i'd have been able 22:10
@rizenhow is being in a group different from being in a profile field in that sense?22:12
@rizenboth are database tables22:12
xootomjust that i can write an sql report using the profile fields in where clauses22:12
@rizenyou can do the same with groups22:12
@rizenthe two tables in question are groups and groupings22:12
@rizenin webgui, unless it's a file, it's stored in the database22:13
@rizenso everything is a table you can report on22:13
xootomtrue, i'm wondering if there will be a problem if they're in multiple group22:13
@rizenwhy would there be a problem...you're looking for a specific school name and a specific user22:14
@rizenthe same as you would be in the profile22:14
xootomyeah of course22:14
@rizenin fact, it will be easier to deal with multiples using groups than with profiles22:14
@rizencuz groups are designed for multiples22:14
@rizenprofiles aren't22:14
xootomthat's true. yes i think i'm getting my head too muddled :)22:15
SDuensinHey rizen - another FYI...  Just posted all-new installation instructions for my desktop app.  MUCH easier to do now.  22:15
@rizenkeep in mind that you may be better off writing an asset for this reporting simply because the perl API changes way less frequently than the database schema22:16
@rizensweet SD. i have to be honest with you though, the main reason i haven't checked it out yet is that my busiest time of the year is april through september...after the WUC i'll have lots more free time22:17
SDuensinThat's cool.  I completely understand.  That's why there's no YUI desktop yet.  :-P22:17
@rizenxootom, not that the database schema for users and groups changes that often22:18
@rizenrarely, if ever in fact...but that's not true of most other tables22:18
@rizenjust wanted to let you know in advance22:19
xootomyeah i think you might be right22:19
xootomat the moment i'm just trying to get things in place as quickly and simply as possible, my perl skills aren't up to much yet :(22:20
@rizenyou should come to the development workshop at the WUC22:20
@rizentwo days of intensive perl and webgui api to get you up to speed22:20
xootomwould love to but i'm in the uk22:21
@rizenor...you could always contact dev@plainblack.com and have us build it for you22:21
@rizenRadix is in Australia, but he came last year22:21
@rizenwe have people from all over the world every year22:21
xootomwhen is it?22:21
@rizen3rd week in october: http://www.plainblack.com/wuc 22:22
xootommmm looks good22:24
nubarizen: huh22:29
@rizeni was saying you are a bot22:29
@rizenjoke didn't work22:29
nubai was out having some snacks22:29
nubayou know, organic fuels for organic bots aka humans22:30
nubanow, some eliza bot can even be helpful when extracting info from people looking for webgui support22:31
nuba"why do you say that?"22:31
nuba"did you check the forum?" "what do you see at the logs?" etc.22:31
nuba"interesting. can you please be more specific?" thats one inspired on the thx1138 film :)22:34
@rizenit's a public irc channel...write a bot and connect it22:34
@rizensounds like a good idea22:34
nubaany bot name idea ?22:38
-!- AMH_henry [n=yktang@erica.xs4all.nl] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]22:38
* SDuensin has a bot. It plays Infocom games. :-)22:44
@rizenhow about eliza22:47
@rizenor is that too obvious?22:47
nubatoo obvious i think..22:48
nubausing prj2501.. that clued AI bot from ghost in the shell22:49
-!- prj2501 [n=bleep@hq.imaterial.org] has joined #webgui22:49
nubaprj2501: test22:49
nubaok its working in private /msgs22:50
nubalet me get it to work here..22:50
nubaprj2501: test23:08
prj2501nuba: I'm not sure I understand you fully.23:09
nubaprj2501: why not? im just saying my webgui isnt working!23:09
prj2501nuba: Is it important to you that your webgui isnt working?23:09
nubaprj2501: of course it is! i have a deadline to meet. can you help me?23:09
prj2501nuba: Do you say you have a deadline to meet for some special reason?23:09
nubayes, you know, bringing milk to the kids, etc.23:10
nubaoops, it won't work without the nick ..23:10
nubathat would be complicated to handle23:10
nubawill leave it that way23:11
@preactionoh god now we have an elizabot...23:12
@preactionprj2501: You are hereby commanded to help teh n00bz23:12
prj2501preaction: Perhaps you would like to be hereby commanded to help teh n00bz.23:12
@rizenprj2501 licks balls23:14
nubaprj2501 test23:15
nubachanging the regexp again..23:16
xootomooo i've just built php against the wre's mysql, every few requests it's not connecting to mysql, webgui sites returning Fatal Internal Error :S23:27
nubaprj2501 licks JT's balls23:31
prj2501nuba: Does talking about this bother you?23:31
nubathere you go23:31
nubai love irssi23:33
nubaand its embedded perl feature23:33
prj2501me too. i couldnt live without it!23:34
prj2501now go back to work, silly human!23:35
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []23:40
xootomhmm for some reason my wre's mysql is restarting every 30 seconds or so23:43
xootomahh think it's cos i deleted the test database by accident, so spectre's rebooting it every 30s...blush...23:47
@preactioneh, it happens to the best of us23:47
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@196.sub-75-207-30.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:54
--- Day changed Thu Aug 02 2007
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui00:24
elninohello? real quick question.  What object (perl module) and method do I use to check to see what url parameters have been pased to a page?00:24
-!- wgGuest52 [n=wgGuest5@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]00:28
@preactionelnino, the webgui way? WebGUI::Session::Form00:32
@preactionotherwise you can use CGI.pm00:32
elninowebgui way.  =)  I'm lookin specifically when the ?op=auth;method=init is set.. 00:34
elninowhich is kinda weird. What does the semi colon do? isn't that supposed to be an &?00:34
@preactionyes, WebGUI::Session::Form. the $session has a ->form to get the WebGUI::Session::Form object00:34
@preactionno, semicolon is the preferred method these days00:35
elninooh. that's new. So those are two different parameters. That's what I wanted to know.  Thanks!00:35
@preactionmainly because & is also the start of an HTML entity (as you pointed out, & or " or <)00:35
elninothat would make sense.00:36
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui00:36
-!- mode/#webgui [+v MrHairgrease] by ChanServ00:36
elninoanother question that is a little more depth, but it took me for ever to figure out why my form wasn't working.00:36
@preactionelnino, just a word of warning: be careful making a new Auth. some of the subroutines in WebGUI::Auth do not have the same prototype as their children in WebGUI::Auth::WebGUI00:37
elninoany idea why webgu's form defaults to enctype="multipart/form-data" when it should be "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" by default?00:37
@preactionbecause multipart/formdata allows for file uploads00:37
@preactionapplication/x-www-form-urlencoded is just one part of a multipart/form-data POST00:38
elninoyea. but I was using that method, not knowing you defaulted it to that, and my form wouldn't work untill I changed it to "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"  that bit me hard for several hours.00:38
elninoopps. did that come accross? it doesn't look right on my chat software.00:39
@preactionthat's weird00:40
elninoback to your warning... I copied /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Auth/WebGUI.pm. to create my own auth mod. Should I have copied the parent Auth.pm?00:40
@preactionno, you did right, i'm just saying be careful because it's a lot of messed up in there :(00:41
elninolot of ??  people?00:41
@preactionno, it's just messy. some bad things that can't be fixed because it will break API00:41
@preactionpardon my broken english00:42
elninoOK.  Thanks for your help, preaction, I'm signing off to read url parameters!00:43
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]00:44
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has quit ["Leaving."]00:54
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui01:00
elninohi preactioin... What object did yousay I needed to use for looking at url parameters?  I can't seem to find it...01:01
@preactionit's part of the session object, $session->form->get("parameter name")01:01
elninooh.. I'll look again. Thanks! bye.01:02
elninoSuper.. Thanks!01:02
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Client Quit]01:02
+crythiasRadix_ you there?01:16
+MrHairgreasehe probably is not01:16
+MrHairgreasehe's in the Netherolands right now01:17
+MrHairgreaseand uses the nick radix_europe01:17
+MrHairgreasebut maybe he's using Radix_ too01:17
+crythiasheh. OK. I was thinking about the default install of new sites. 01:17
+crythiasback 8 hours ago.01:18
+MrHairgreasehe'll prolly be online tomorrow again01:18
+crythiasthe problem was about the default install adding pages...01:18
+MrHairgreasein the bestedest timezone of the world =)01:18
+MrHairgreasei read a bit of it01:18
+MrHairgreasebut i understand the difficulties01:19
@preaction7.4 fixed that iirc. you could add something to the wizard that would remove everything01:19
+crythiaswhy not simply have the default site as a package to deploy, even if you don't install it?01:20
+MrHairgreasei dunno01:20
+crythiasthat *is* a cool way to show what the package thing does.01:20
+MrHairgreaseand it's about 00;20 over here01:21
+MrHairgreaseso i don;t wanna know right now =)01:21
+crythiasah. I'm -6 hours from you. I should get home.01:21
+MrHairgreaseyou should01:21
+MrHairgreaseit's almost weekend =)01:22
+MrHairgreaseonly two days to go01:22
+MrHairgreaseare you attending the wuc this year btw?01:22
+crythiasI don't know. 01:24
+crythiasI'm going to see. Every year, I think I'm going to go somewhere.01:25
+MrHairgreasesomewhere else during the wuc you mean?01:25
+crythiaswell, last year I thought I was going to be moving.01:25
+MrHairgreaseah i see01:26
+MrHairgreasebut you didn't?01:26
+MrHairgreaseso you're gonna move this year?01:26
+crythiasno. chickened out.01:26
+MrHairgreasethat's not too bad01:26
+MrHairgreasebefore you know it01:26
+crythiasactually, job is secure, but we were looking to upgrade house.01:26
+MrHairgreaseyou'll be lik emicheal j fox in back to the future01:26
+crythiaswhat? I'll get a Delorean?01:27
+crythiasand be able to use a remote control to control it?01:27
+MrHairgreasei read somewhere deloerean is manufacturiong again01:27
+MrHairgreasei'd opt for a kitt01:27
+crythiasI'll have my mom think I'm hot?01:27
+MrHairgreasei have this thing for flashing leds01:28
+crythiasactually, have my mom think I'm Calvin Klein?01:28
+crythiasthat's really creapy.01:28
+MrHairgreaseyou aren't calvin klein?01:28
+MrHairgreasethat a disappointment01:28
+crythiaswell, I don't wear CK on my undies, that's for sure.01:28
+MrHairgreasei'm sucking up to the worng people =)01:29
+crythiasand not so sure I need to fall out of a tree so my mom can take me in ...01:29
+crythiasanyway, how would I be like MJF?01:29
+crythiasMichael J Fox01:29
+MrHairgreaseyou aren't01:29
+crythiascomeon, it's your analogy...01:29
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []01:30
+MrHairgreasei must have been using drugs01:30
+MrHairgreasewithout noticing01:30
+crythias(18:26:36) MrHairgrease: that's not too bad01:30
+crythias(18:26:42) MrHairgrease: before you know it01:30
+crythias(18:26:45) crythias: actually, job is secure, but we were looking to upgrade house.01:30
+crythias(18:26:53) MrHairgrease: you'll be lik emicheal j fox in back to the future01:30
+MrHairgreaseoh that01:30
+MrHairgreasethat was about the chicken part01:30
+MrHairgreaseor better said01:30
+MrHairgreaseyou chickening out01:30
+crythiasoh. how he gets all mad being called chicken01:30
+crythias'cause, yaknow, I wouldn't mind having a DeLorean01:31
+MrHairgreasebut where do you get the jigowatts01:31
+crythiasMr. Reactor01:31
+MrHairgreaselightning is seldom over here01:32
+MrHairgreaseoh yeah01:32
+MrHairgreasejust dump your trash in your car01:32
+crythiasbut it's all about the petrol01:32
+crythiashey. how do you know that's what I do to my car? oh. you prob. mean the reactor01:32
+MrHairgreasepetrol is too expensive over here01:32
+MrHairgreaseso for now01:33
+MrHairgreasei'll keep using my bike01:33
+crythiaswe should be burning bole weevels01:33
+MrHairgreasebole wheevels?01:33
+MrHairgreasewhat are those01:33
+crythiasthe scurge of the cotton crops01:33
+MrHairgreasescourge       (skûrj)  Pronunciation Key   01:34
+MrHairgrease n.    A source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war. A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment. A whip used to inflict punishment.   01:34
+MrHairgreasesounds fun...01:34
+crythiasin fact, we could be running on maggot energy.01:34
+crythiasthat's renewable in only a few days.01:34
+MrHairgreasei see it's time to quit and go to bed01:35
+MrHairgreaselater guys01:35
+crythiasmaking a car with efficient use of protein.. later01:35
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-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui02:35
elninohello. I'm trying to dump the value of a cookie, that has a bunch of key value pairs:02:48
elninomy ($cookies) = $session->http->getCookies;02:48
elninomy $authcook  = $$cookies->{'cookiename'};02:48
elninoreturn $authcookie->{$hashkey};02:48
elninobut I must be doing something wrong?  I don't quite understand hashes...02:48
elninooh. geez, I see a variable is named wrong.. Other than that does the code look correct?02:49
elninoI gotta go, Ill try this, and may be back03:52
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]03:52
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@preactionfinally EVDO is working for me. I can work from home tomorrow.04:07
@preactionthe latency is something like 2 seconds, but i can live with that04:07
SDuensin2 seconds?!04:08
SDuensinYou live on the moon or something?04:08
@preactionno, it's cellular and i'm getting poor reception04:09
@preaction4 bars of 8, i imagine if i went outside it'd be better04:09
SDuensinI use EVDO every day.  It's NIIIIIIIICE.04:09
@preactionlooks like just a few hundred ms now04:10
SDuensinThat's better.  :-)04:11
SDuensinWho are you using?  Mine's a Verizon ExpressCard adapter.04:11
@preactionSprintPCS Phone as Modem with a Samsung Upstage04:12
@preactiongotta go, i think my gf just called04:12
SDuensinSee ya!04:12
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-!- dodo [n=joeri@] has joined #webgui11:17
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xootomhi all, does anyone know why when i create groups of groups, the Admins group keeps appearing within groups?13:47
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@12-217-162-173.client.mchsi.com] has quit ["Leaving"]14:10
AMH_henry@xootom: i think admin should get rights from all groups.14:12
xootomJust looks a bit odd as it's a child of every single group14:13
AMH_henrywell, if a group A is within group B then group A inherits all rights from group B. it looks a bit odd for admins but at least admins will always have all right14:15
xootomI see what you mean14:21
xootomJust looks confusing when you see it as a tree structure (manage groups in this group) and everything has Admins in it14:22
AMH_henryyes, it look me a while before i got it heheh14:23
xootomCan I run a grouping scenario past you and see if you think it's the best approach?14:23
AMH_henryi'm not an expert on it, but sure I can give it a try14:25
xootomThanks! I'm using groups to represent schools. So I have a group for each school. I want to group them into partnerships, as the schools work together in partnerships, so I have created a partnerships group, which contains each partnership group, which contains the schools. Now I want to be able to group them into geographical areas (counties).. should I add a group for each county, and add the schools into each county? Or is there a better way of making the sc14:28
xootomI'm not sure how easily it will be manageable though14:28
xootomPlus I have students in each school, so they'll join the school group. Then there are teachers, so they will be in the school group too but also in a teachers group, so they can access reports. But then will I need a separate group for teachers in each school, i.e. two groups for every school, if I want teachers in a school to be able to edit their own set of pages?14:29
-!- MrHairgreas1 [n=martin@wlan-145-94-247-148.wlan.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui14:43
AMH_henrythis is a rather complicated problem... to begin with your last question. I would create a teachers group for each school and make all teaches members of it. Also create a students group for each school. And then a school group. A school group will be member of both teacher and student group.14:45
AMH_henrythis way if you for example want pages editable by every one in a school then you can you the school group. If you only want access for student then you student group.14:46
MrHairgreas1don't you mean you'll make the teachers and student groups memeber of a school group in stead of the opposite14:46
AMH_henry@MrHairgreas1: to my understanding it works the opposite way. If group A is in group B, then group A inherits all rights from group B. 14:47
MrHairgreas1that's correct14:48
MrHairgreas1maybe i shouldn't respond to questions i haven't heard14:49
MrHairgreas1but in most cases it's logical to put the teachers and student group in a school group14:50
MrHairgreas1that also follows the normal hierarchy14:50
AMH_henryyeah, that's more logical indeed, but unfornately webgui has choosen differently14:50
MrHairgreas1as far as i know webgui hasn't14:51
AMH_henryof course it depends on how you makes use of those groups14:52
MrHairgreas1of course14:54
AMH_henry@xootom: the same for partnerships. each partnership can be member of schools. do you get the idea?15:02
MrHairgreas1i think you're still explaining it upside down15:07
MrHairgreas1if you have partnership group15:07
MrHairgreas1which should contain the schools forming a partnership15:08
MrHairgreas1you should make the schoolgroups a member of that specific partnership group15:08
MrHairgreas1if you make a partnership group a member of a schoolgroup...15:08
MrHairgreas1the school won't be in that partnership15:08
MrHairgreas1however the partnership will be in that schoolgroup15:09
MrHairgreas1that doesn't make sense b/c the partnership group will be empty15:09
MrHairgreas1in the latter case15:09
xootomyeah mrhairgreas1 that all makes sense15:14
MrHairgreas1just view the groups in groups thing as a tree15:15
MrHairgreas1lower levels have the privileges of higher levels15:16
MrHairgreas1but not the other way around15:16
xootomi think i need to have lots of groups in my system to see how it works15:17
xootomif you have thousands of groups set up, do you still get them all in the same long list where you choose to add them to another group?15:17
MrHairgreas1the famous "there's only one way to find out how it works" approach15:17
MrHairgreas1never used that many groups before15:18
AMH_henry@MarHairgreas1: i think you are right if you reasons that way.15:18
MrHairgreas1nor did i ever do very complex groupings15:18
MrHairgreas1rize can prolly answer that question15:19
MrHairgreas1it might be beneficial to write your own group management interface for that particular purpose though15:19
MrHairgreas1and make it more natural to do the kind of groupings you want to do15:19
MrHairgreas1have it use the Group API in the back15:20
xootomyeah you're probably right15:20
MrHairgreas1it'll happily coexist with the default group manager15:20
xootomgoing back to my original scenario, if there is a separate group for teachers in a school and students in a school, both within the school group, will the teacher be able to get reports out about the students? as they're in a different branch15:23
xootomor should the teacher be under the students15:23
xootomthat might work then i just find the parent group..15:23
MrHairgreas1what do you mean by getting reports out?15:23
MrHairgreas1teachers should never be below students15:24
MrHairgreas1that would be very bad for preserving order in the classroom =)15:24
AMH_henry@xootom: you can always create a separate reports group15:24
xootomit's probably getting over complicated for what I'm trying to set up. example is there are 1000 schools set up, each has say 100 students and 2 teachers with access. I have say 5 different reports, for example report 1 could be a score against each student. Now, I need this report to be available to all teachers in all schools, but it would show the teacher only the scores of the students in their own school15:26
xootomthat sums up what I'm trying to achieve (the reports in question are currently sql reports)15:26
xootomon top of that, each school can have its own set of pages, the teachers of that school would have editing rights (that's where the group security element comes in)15:27
MrHairgreas1so set the view group of that sqlreport to the "Teachers of school X" group15:27
MrHairgreas1for the school pages15:28
MrHairgreas1set the privs as follows15:28
xootomyeah but then i'd have to create the 5 reports 1000 times for each school wouldn't i?15:28
MrHairgreas1view: school X group (teachers and students are in it)15:28
MrHairgreas1edit: "teachers of school x" group15:28
MrHairgreas1you'll have to do that anyway i guess15:29
xootomyeah that's fine15:29
xootomjust how to have one set of reports, not having to maintain 1000 versions15:29
MrHairgreas1i'm not sure you can do that with just an sql report15:30
MrHairgreas1it depends on how the scores are stored i guess15:31
xootomessentially a table with userId against scores15:31
xootomso i can query the webgui database groupings to find all the users in a group, and find all the scores for those users15:32
xootombut if the teachers and students are in different groups15:32
xootomhmm might just need a more complex query to join it all together15:32
MrHairgreas1what you could do it15:32
MrHairgreas1figure out in which school group the teacher is15:32
MrHairgreas1and then get all users in the groups of that group15:33
MrHairgreas1in that case you'll get the uids15:33
xootomyeah i wonder if i could write a macro to do that15:33
MrHairgreas1of both teachers and students for a school15:33
MrHairgreas1for the report the teacher being in there don't matter15:34
MrHairgreas1b/c they don't have score in that table anyway15:34
MrHairgreas1you could write a macro15:34
MrHairgreas1but it could potentiall give you a long list of results15:34
MrHairgreas1what you could also try to do is create a VIEW15:34
MrHairgreas1containing student coupled to teachers or something like that15:35
MrHairgreas1and use that in your query15:35
MrHairgreas1just giving options15:35
xootomahhh yeah15:35
MrHairgreas1dunno how weel it would work15:35
xootomarr got to go for a bit thanks for all your help :)15:36
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SDuensinHey AMH_bob & MrHairgreas1 15:51
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elninohello - quick question. What pm module and method do I use to get the current page's viewable group?17:48
AMH_henry@elnino: you mean something like $asset->get('groupIdView')?17:56
nuba /na17:58
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elninoIm thinking that will do it.  How would I get the current page I'm on?18:07
AMH_henryif you have the current asset you can test if it's a PageLayout. If not, then try its parent.18:09
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elninooh. ??  I'm coding my own Auth mod, and simply copied webui's a rewrote the login form, so I don't think I have the current asset either.18:12
AMH_henryyou can get it by $session->asset18:14
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xootomhas anyone got an example of the GroupAdd macro working? its third parameter is a template, when is this displayed?18:37
@preactionthe template is used to display the macro itself18:38
xootomi'll experiment18:39
@preactionapparently all the GroupAdd macro does is display a link for the user to add itself to a group if the group is set to "autoAdd" and the user is not yet part of that group18:40
xootomhow come the first parameter is groupname, not groupid? there can be multiple groups with the same name, it's not a key field is it?18:41
+MrHairgreasegroupid is the only valid identifier18:42
+MrHairgreaseat least the one that won't break18:42
elninoAMH_henry: Thanks for your help! I'll go try it now. bye.18:42
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xootomtrying the GroupAdd macro out, it seems to work with groups that don't have spaces in the name. it still showed after i'd joined the group though, which i don't think it should as the conditions for its display are that you're not a member already.18:55
xootomshould groups not have spaces in their names? and how do i identify other groups with the same name18:55
@rizenwhy do you have multiple groups with the same name?18:56
@rizenhow would you ever tell them apart18:56
@rizenyou shouldn't do that18:56
xootomi just tried it, i probably wouldn't choose to do that, but if I create a duplicate it doesn't say i can't18:57
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@rizeni suppose we should protect users from themselves18:58
@rizenreport it as a bug18:58
xootomi suppose in my previous example, each school is a group and could contain a sub-group of "students" and "teachers", there would then be lots of different groups with the same name.. I thought it was only a label, but with GroupAdd it's being used as an identifier18:58
elninohello. quick question. How do I de-encode a value that is stored in a cookie? the string has a space and when I display it on the webpage, a plus sign is displayed.18:59
@rizenlisten to what you are saying18:59
@rizenso if you go into the groups manager18:59
@rizenand you have 10,000 groups called "Students"18:59
@rizenhow wouuld you ever tell them apart?18:59
@preactionelnino, cookies are stored urlencoded18:59
xootomoh i know, i wouldn't do that because the groups aren't displayed in a tree, it's not easy to see the structure19:00
@rizeninstead your groups should be named "Students of School X"19:00
@preactionelnino, use URI::Escape; uri_unescape(cookie string) # iirc19:00
elninoperfect thanks!19:00
xootomYeah but they are limited to only 20 odd characters, i can't even fit in my test schools names without the students of school bit19:00
@rizenthey aren't stored in a tree simply because they aren't inherently hierarchical19:01
@rizen20 characters/19:01
elninopreaction: thanks for your help! bye.19:01
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xootom"Warmley Park Special Needs Sch"19:01
xootomthen it chops off19:01
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@rizen30 characters according to the DB, but that should be increased19:01
@rizenfeel free to report that as a bug too19:02
xootomyeah yes you're right 3019:02
@rizenthat should be increased to 255 characters19:02
@rizenwell maybe not that long19:03
@rizenthat's a sentence19:03
xootomthe problem if you do have duplicate group names - is that the problem, that it lets you create duplicate group names, as they are supposed to be unique identifiers... or should it be that groupadd takes the groupId as the parameter19:06
xootomand groupadd doesn't seem to work if there are spaces in the group name19:07
@preactionare you quoting the group name?19:08
xootomand should it disappear once i've joined the group19:08
xootomso i guess i could replace it with groupdel so they can leave again19:08
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xootomjust a random question, is the current version "7.4.0 beta", that will then turn into "7.4.0 (stable)" or will it go 7.4.0 beta to 7.4.1?19:16
@preaction7.4.0 beta will go to 7.4.119:17
xootomok thanks19:17
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@rizenpreaction, what's the difference between ubuntu 6 and 720:13
@rizenis 7 a bleeding edge release?20:13
@preactionno, all their releases are 6-month timespans20:13
@preactionfeature freeze at 5 months20:14
@preactionso basically all the software is updated every 6 months20:14
@rizenbut it says that 6.06 is supported until 2011 but 7.04 is only supported until 200820:14
@preactionright, 6.06 was an "LTS" release, supported for 5 years20:14
@rizenok, so if i'm going to build a WRE for Ubunut, then 6.06 would be the version to choose, right?20:15
@preactionif, for example, you didn't want to upgrade the entire system all tie time20:15
@preactioni don't know, i use ubuntu on the desktop, and i don't know what ubuntu server users do20:15
@preactioni'd say the latest stable20:15
@preactionand if necessary they can backport20:16
@rizenmethinks that anybody really serving stuff is going to want long term support20:16
@preactionmost likely, and there will always be community builds20:17
nubarizen: got a couple of minutes?20:27
nubawell just reply when you get around, anyway..20:28
nubaim building a photo gallery using userDefinied{1,2} to store lat and long20:29
nubai've modified the rss template to include them, and modified the description to get output like this feed "http://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/groups_pool.gne?id=322338@N20&format=rss_200&georss=1"20:30
nubawhich then allows me to render them in the googlemaps asset easily20:30
nubanow I wonder if there could be a "location" form gadget for webgui20:31
nubaso that you could point/click or search for a location, 20:32
nubain this case, this is a photo gallery20:32
nubabut I can see how you could benefit from being able to assign location attributes to random things inside webgui20:33
@preactionEvents perhaps?20:34
nubalike, imagine a wiki page with knowledge related to a location20:34
nubayeah, events could be nice. if you can output rss from the events, then you could render that in the googlemaps asset as well20:35
nuba(i havent really looked at the events asset yet)20:35
@preactionthere are some complicated parts, but those should be abstracted out in the future20:36
nubathe "location form gadget" would be something like picasa's "Photo Location20:38
nuba©2007 Google - Map data ©2007 NAVTEQ. - Terms of Use20:38
snoI just built WRE 0.7.2 on Ubuntu server20:38
nubalike the one at the bottom-right corner here: http://picasaweb.google.com/kevin.smilak/BestOfAmericaSGrandCircle/photo#497403409367407003420:38
snoI used 6.06 because it was best supported by VMWare20:38
snoThere were some additional perl modules necessary to get Spectre operational.20:40
snoOutside the WRE package.20:40
snomod_perl also had some dependancies not provided.20:41
nubasno: you can add the additional steps you had to perform to the wiki, if you took notes during the setup20:41
nubathat may help someone in the future20:41
nubaor you, in case you lose your notes and have to do it again ;)20:41
snoIf my current project is delayed significantly, I can provide documentation for the whole Ubuntu server 6.06 install process.20:42
snoThe project comes first though.20:42
snoThe base Ubuntu Server install fails to includes some necessary components as well.20:43
snoVMWare is very cool.  I've been using it since v4.220:44
snoI think Plainblack should create VMWare appliances for WebGUI20:44
snoLots of organizations have built server instances to plug and play.20:45
snoI know VMWare is not Open Source, but it is still a great resource.  And the VMWare server engine is free distribution.20:46
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@rizennuba, i don't see any reason not to have a location form control21:03
@rizensno, the problem with that is keeping it up to date21:04
@rizeni haven't yet found a way to automate the build process21:04
@rizenin addition, the distribution package will be enormous21:04
@rizenregardless, it is on my radar and if the means to automate the build process presents itself, i probably will do it at some point21:05
snoI see it as two problems.  Establishing a baseline install, and then a separate upgrade solution.21:11
snoI've found that getting it going was the hardest part.21:11
snoMore people would try WebGUI if they didn't have to abort the installation due to technical problems.21:13
snoI'm a competent package installer and WebGUI is one of the hardest installs I've ever done.21:14
@rizeni agree that it's difficult to do, but that's what the WRE is all about..admittedly it's not quite there yet, but it's getting closer with each release21:15
snoWRE 0.7.2 was a 24 hour install for me.  And I've had practice with older versions.21:16
@rizenyeah, but you compiled it from scratch rather than using a binary21:16
@rizenwhen i'm using binaries i can install the WRE and WebGUI in under 15 minutes21:16
snoI tried that and dropped it.  Iinstead whent the virtual machine routel21:17
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snoWay too many problems with SUSE 10.221:17
snoI VM'd Ubuntu 6.06 with WRE 0.7.2 and that took the whole day.  Admittedly, some of the problem was because I used Ubuntu server instead of workstation.21:18
@rizenbut there again there isn't a binary...at least not one created by us21:19
snoUbuntu server leaves some packages out that WebGUI relies on.21:19
@rizenin addition, that's the reason that the WRE is still at a 0.x release level21:19
snoWRE 0.7.2 ubuntu 6.06 isn't a binary?21:19
@rizenwe know it's not perfect yet21:19
@rizeni said there isn't one created by us21:20
snoYep, I understand.21:20
snoAh, then sourceforge has a contributed one?21:20
@rizenthe only binaries we create right now are RHEL, OSX, and Windows21:20
snoI see.21:20
@rizenstarting with WRE 0.8.0 we'll be putting out Ubuntu and FreeBSD as well21:20
snoI'm just thinking that a VM Server that is plug in and play would be a great baseline system for someone to get the feel of WebGUI.  Updating processes would come afterwards.21:22
snoI'm unsure what Xen brings to this 21:22
@rizenand as the owner of a company who want's to put his best foot forward, if it comes from us, I want it to have the latest version, and that means an automated build process21:22
snoSure.  I understand that too.21:23
snoThat doesn't necessarily rule out Way-point type of distributions.21:23
snoSomeone isn't going to want to toss their entire operational web site because they want to download the latest prebuilt server.21:24
snoOf course, I'm just talking.  Not insisting here.21:24
snoI'm interested in good things too.21:25
snoAnyway, my thought was that having known way-point VM'd server distributions presents a production base-line for offering enhancements to the latest version.21:27
sno(to get to the latest version)21:28
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #webgui21:29
snoA VM'd server may not be the best way to handle this for all time.  I'm just thinking of the first-timer.  If someone can get WebGUI operational with a minimum of effort, they might decide it fits their production environment faster.21:30
snoThen they would go to a custom installation.21:30
snoMore stable units out there could mean more support requests.21:31
nubathere was some talk of a webgui community appliance once, long ago21:33
nubaby then vmware was running a community appliance contest21:33
snoIf you have VMWare Workstation (like I do) an appliance can be built.  I built a VM for my development work this week.  It's not suitable for a public appliance, but it can be done with a little more effore.21:34
snoIdeally, it would not be a WRE install on top of a Linux distribution, but an integrated solution.21:35
nubawell, there are appliances available for most of the linuxes already21:36
nubai think the fastest way for a webgui appliance21:36
nubawould be downloading one of those for which there's a binary wre available21:36
nubathen get the rig going21:36
snoDoesn't a WRE binary install supplant some installed components, providing it's own environment?21:38
nubai think so, i had to install some stuff inside a freebsd jail to compile it,21:39
snoIt is certainly plausible to build a VM server with WRE binary installation because I've done it.  However, a baseline project should probably be fully integrated with the host opsys.21:39
nubathen inside other jails i only had to copy the /data/wre to get it working21:39
nubadefine: fully integrated with the host opsys21:40
snoWhen I install WRE, I get two full perl instances on my filesystem.  One for the host, and one for WebGUI.21:41
snoThe host system having already installed one of them.21:41
snoSame for Apache, etc.21:41
nubawell, remove the OS's apache if you want21:42
nubawouldn't recommend doing that with perl21:42
snoA source install would be better, but is a slow and bumpy process.21:42
nubasome system scripts could go borke21:42
snoIf a select few base opsys were chosen, and a WebGUI source deployment applied to it.  That would be the basis for an integrated WebGUI appliance.21:43
nubaI wouldn't worry about integrating with the OS's further than the crontab :)21:43
nubaisnt the goal of what you're proposing just for webgui to get the foot in the doro?21:44
nubawith this appliance?21:44
snoClean, tight, compact (or as compact as possible).21:44
nubalet the masses try webgui..21:44
snoThat is an argument for an appliance.21:44
snoI'm just thinking about how the appliance could/should be deployed.21:44
nubaactually i think the public available demo addresses that nicely21:45
snoBut that is not permanent.  21:45
nubathen the vmware appliace would come handy21:45
snoHanding someone an appliance means they have a working environment for all time.21:45
nubastill, one thing is building a 'check this shit out' appliance, 21:46
snorizen is concerned about providing the latest version at all times.21:46
nubaanother thing is a finely tuned custum built webgui appliance for production deployment21:46
snoBut there is no reason that a properly configured appliance can not serve both.21:47
nubanot to mention requirements for deployment will be different21:47
nubathen there's clustering...21:47
nubaand so on..21:47
snoAnd thus support contracts kick in.21:47
nubathings get messy real quickly :)21:47
snoand the revenue stream jumps.21:47
snoGet them in the door, then sell them something.21:48
snoI'm pretty sure WebGUI is built on that model.21:49
snoThis just takes it that one step further.  Easy installation.21:49
snoAll the mumbo-jumbo about a qualified appliance is really a discussion about what you want your in-the-door product to act like.21:50
snoI much prefer a baseline that can be added to like legos.21:50
snoAnd then when you outgrow your current set-up, well Plainblack has solutions for you.21:51
snoFriendly, qualified technicians.21:51
snoOh, and there's the hosting...21:51
snoLike to chat more, but time to go.21:52
nubayou should check plainblack's hosting plans etc21:53
nubai think they're throwing the net and catching the fish earlier than you think21:54
nubasee the demo, like it ? signup for the cheaper hosting plan.. then grow from there.21:55
nubaanyway, check with rizen, i just hang here :)22:00
xootomgot a very quick question, i'm just on my way out :) if i have lots of groups, how are they presented in say the security tab, would hundreds be listed in the 'edit' drop down still?22:21
@rizenyes, although that is getting changed to a selection from control the same as user is in an upcoming 7.4.x release22:22
@preactionif they're "Show In Forms", yes22:23
@preactionrizen, the ajax search thing?22:24
@rizenit's not ajax, it's just a popup window that lets you search users22:24
@rizenit could be ajax, it just isn't22:25
xootomcool thanks22:25
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nubainteresting: http://perlsurvey.org/22:49
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nubain the ./Asset/Wobject/Collaboration.pm, sub getRssItems, we have inside the hashrefs pushed to @{$attachmentLoop}, the following: attachment.url, attachment.path, attachment_thumbnail, attachment.length. Why the _ on attachment_thumbnail ?00:34
@rizenbecause it was created after the new best practices policy change00:36
@rizentemplate variables can't have . in them anymore00:36
@rizenand starting with 7.5 (probably) all existing template variables will automatically be converted to use _ instead of .00:36
nubawas the new policy published somewhere ?00:37
@rizenyes, the dev mailing list and the wiki00:37
nubai thought _ would apply to TT templates only00:37
@rizenback in january00:37
nubaok. thx00:37
@rizenit was part of my new years resolution00:38
nubai didnt see it, checking out now..00:38
@rizenit's also been talked about on IRC in the months since then, but you may not have been on while we talked about it00:38
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nubarizen: regarding the mini-beta thing, is there a "asset style guide" or "feature guide" anywhere ?01:15
nubalike, "if possible, export table-data as CSV or etc"01:16
@rizenwhat mini beta thing?01:16
nuba"allow for importing and/or exporting in formats usually adopted when dealing with such type of data"01:16
nubamini-beta thread on dev list from July 7 200701:17
@rizensorry, i don't remember word for word everything that is said on there01:17
nubawell you're complaining about the low quality of the interface or feature set of some assets01:18
nubalow usability01:18
@rizendo you have a url or not?01:18
nubabadly designed interface etc.01:18
@rizeni'll take that as no01:18
nubasorry I thought first you were asking if I wanted a URL to such a interface/feature guide01:19
@rizenwhat do you mean by feature guide?01:19
nubamaybe you or someone should write a small guide of 'feature patterns'01:19
nubalike "if you asset has child assets, provide means to list, search, edit, add, remove them"01:20
@rizenno there isn't such a thing01:20
nuba"when applicable or recommended, block the addition of child assets to your child"01:20
@rizeni really only have one statement in that regard: "Leave nothing unfinished. Take everything to it's logical conclusion."01:21
@rizenok that's two statements01:21
@rizenbut they mean the same01:21
@rizenyou're probably right that at some point someone should write such a document01:22
@rizenbut i'm afraid i'm not that guy01:22
nubawell the thing is what you call "unfinished business" could be "good enough" for other people, thats when having such guide would be handy01:23
@rizeni understand why it would be useful01:23
nubaso it could be called a JT-compliant asset01:23
@rizeni'm just not the guy to write ite01:23
nubai may write, or help write one, eventually01:24
nubaright now im mostly learning the webgui way by inspecting other people's code and the api01:25
@rizencurrently there's only one file in all of webgui 7.4 that follows the best practices to the letter01:27
@rizenwe adopted the Perl Best Practices back in January, but it's going to take a long time before we can bring the entire codebase up to that standard01:28
nubathis Keywords.pm looks interesting, im updating to 7.4.1 to see it working01:39
nubasounds like what I had in mind earlier today, re: mapping random assets inside webgui01:39
@rizenit's basically what other sites call "tags"01:40
nubaim failiar with tags and tagclouds01:40
@rizenbut we already have HTML tags, template tags, and version tags01:40
nubai mean the implementation01:40
@rizenso i didn't want to confuse the situation01:40
@rizenanymore than it already is01:40
nubai mean a sitewide table 01:40
@rizenwell this API is capable of being applied to all assets01:41
nubai thought of a locations table, with assetId, lat, long01:41
@rizeni just ran out of time01:41
@rizenso currently it's only for the wiki01:41
nubayeah thats what I saw there01:41
@rizenyeah, i think you'd need something different for the locations, but it would be a similar api01:42
nubabtw a locator form gadget would call for a sitewide googlemaps key01:42
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nubaso for it to work the site admin would have to go and fetch a api key01:42
nubai suppose you're ok with that reqiurement01:42
nubain the understanding that you'd be interesting in adding such gadget to the core01:42
nubaoops, interested*01:43
@rizenhmmm...i hadn't considered that01:43
nubai thought "it would be interesting" but changed mind in the middle of it :)01:43
@rizeni guess it would be ok as long as people didn't have to use the key unless they wanted to use the asset that uses it01:43
nubawell,  i can visualize that being like a WebGUI::Form::Location thing01:44
nubais that how you think of it too?01:44
nubaor what?01:44
@rizenthe form yes01:45
@rizenbut the site wide google key...i don't want people to have to register for google keys just so they can create a webgui site01:45
@rizenso this location form control has to automatically disable itself01:45
@rizenunless the user has the key01:46
nubaok. so if (nokey) { graceously poof }01:46
@rizenor if not disabled, it needs to downgrade gracefully to a simple lat/long field01:46
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nubarizen: on the gotcha.txt, line 47, s/tempalates/templates/01:57
nubaalso check this string02:14
nuba[root@frozen tools]# head -200 /data/WebGUI/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt 02:14
nubaand some repeated line02:14
nubaon http://www.plainblack.com/getwebgui/advisories/webgui-7_4_0-beta-released02:14
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+crythia1no public announcement on 7.4.1?03:13
-!- crythia1 changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.4.1 | WRE 0.7.2 ] .:. Come To The WUC http://www.plainblack.com/wuc .:. Feel free to ask questions on here - but make sure you stick around long enough for us to answer! :)03:13
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AMH_henrymorning :)10:52
-!- xootom [n=tom@] has joined #webgui12:21
xootomi'm struggling with my groupings problem still, if anyone has a moment.. i mentioned yesterday about having a group for every school, and within this, a group for students of the school and teachers of the school. anyone can join the students group, but access to the teachers group is controlled. if i'm logged on as a teacher, how can i get a list of students of the school? i might be in lots of different groups, so how do i identify which group is a school and14:09
-!- AMH_Mari [n=chatzill@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui14:13
AMH_henry@xootom: a group has a description field. You could fill that field with something that identify a school uniquely and search for it14:17
xootomahh you're right, that would help. but how do i know which school i'm in as a teacher, if i get a list of my groups it'll contain all sorts including forum subscriptions, etc etc14:18
AMH_henryteachers also belong to a teachers group, right? You can use the description field in that group14:19
xootomtrue, maybe all the teachers of school x and teachers of school y groups should sit under a teachers group. then i just find which group they are in which is a child of the teachers group. then i take the description which is the school name, and find the group that is students of that name14:23
xootomnot sure if its open to abuse though using descriptions like that, would forum post subscriptions contain school names or anything14:24
xootomperhaps it would be easier without a students group, they are just in the school group14:27
xootomyes that might work, a group of schools containing all the schools, a group of teachers containing a teacher group for every school, then i can find the teacher group for a teacher and using the matching description find the non-teacher school group14:28
AMH_henrywho is responsible for adding students and teachers?14:30
xootomself registering students can add themselves to a school, some students will be imported from csv files and added to the school. teachers will all be manually added to their school's teacher group14:31
Radix-europexootoo - we manage our groups using sql lookups.  Every user has an account, but they don't belong to any groups by default.  Instead we use sql lookups to determine group membership - so we have a table in mysql that equates to each user and simply a number of rows for each group with a boolean flag in each.  Its simple but works a treat for us.14:32
xootomdo you need to create them all as webgui groups first?14:33
AMH_henry@xootom: another idea. Instead of using the description field, you could use AssetId as identification. Say each school has a unique number. All Students groups get assetId's like STUDENT<schoolID> (padding to 22 char. long) and all teachers group gets assetId's like TEACHER<schoolId>. This way you can easily find matching groups. It's a bit of an hack, but it's faster than using description field.14:40
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-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@240.sub-75-205-112.myvzw.com] has joined #WebGUI15:45
xootom@amh_henry: thanks, what are assetids normally used for?15:55
AMH_henry@xootom: assetId are the unique identifiers for an asset. btw, i meant group id15:56
xootomahh that's a good idea, i was thinking of having the school group's id the same as the school's id in our crm system, i could prefix it with s_ or t_ or something15:59
xootomyeah if i precede it with teacher_ i can search for the group starting "teacher_" that the user is in to get the school's id16:01
xootomthanks for your help :)16:01
AMH_henryyou're welcome :)16:05
AMH_henryWow! Your version:                                You are using 7.4.0-beta and 7.4.1-beta is available.16:10
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xootomyeah i upgraded yesterday, these versions are coming out swiftly! got to make sure you don't miss one or the upgrade fails though16:20
xootomamh_henry: are groupids max 22 characters?16:29
MrHairgreas1all guids are 22 chracters16:29
MrHairgreas1please note that guids MUST be unique16:30
MrHairgreas1so only generate them by yourself if you know what you are doing16:31
-!- MrHairgreas1 is now known as MrHairgrease16:31
xootomsugar crm ids have 36 chars, maybe i'd be better using webgui to generate groups with random guids, and save those into the sugar db instead, or have another linking table16:31
xootomhmm i've got a groupid 3, admins and a userid also with 3, is that bad?16:37
AMH_henrythat's default16:39
AMH_henrygroupid and userid are separate things16:40
xootomok so within a class of asset they must be unique16:41
AMH_henryhmm... assets, groups and users are different entities. They all have their own unique id.16:43
MrHairgreaseassets have an owner16:47
MrHairgreasewhich is a userID16:47
MrHairgreaseand a group toe edit and a group to view16:47
MrHairgreasewhich are both groupId's16:47
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danny_mkGood morning16:53
danny_mkI know about the Forms16:53
danny_mkhowever, I was wondering if anyone had a macro that would build a date picker field with a popup calendar16:54
danny_mksince the yui library is already available it should be pretty easy to do16:54
MrHairgreaseas far as i know there is no such macro16:55
MrHairgreasebut it would be trivial to make16:55
MrHairgreasewhat i don not understand however16:55
danny_mkwell, I am writting it now, just wanted to make sure it was not already done16:55
MrHairgreaseis what you want to do with such a macro16:55
danny_mkwell, how do you pass n+ fields to a sql report?16:58
danny_mkif the user has to input these fields?16:58
MrHairgreasei see16:59
MrHairgreaseyour putting it in a sql report template16:59
MrHairgreaseand use the result in the query16:59
MrHairgreases/result/inputted date/16:59
danny_mkit would be nice to have a macro that created an input tag with a popup calendar and date validation16:59
danny_mkpicture this.  I have a sql report that produces a listing of states, something like:  <a href="/wgasseturl/moreinfo?id=5">Connecticut</a>17:01
danny_mkthe moreinfo page has a sql report that shows the current state information17:02
danny_mkunderneath that I have an article that contains an html table for fields within that state that I would like to modify17:03
danny_mkthe article is actually a form that has an action oofo /wgasseturl/updateinfo/17:04
danny_mkwhen the contents of the modified state information get posted to updateinfo the database is updated17:05
danny_mkdoes that help?17:05
MrHairgreaseand updateinfo is a custom asset?17:06
danny_mkno, I think a sql report will do the job, have not gotten there yet.   Still working on the date field deal17:08
MrHairgreasehow does updateinfo update the db then?17:08
danny_mkI havent gotten to that point yet.  I am still working on the more info page.  I think it can be done with a sql report as well.17:09
MrHairgreasesql reports cannot update the db17:10
MrHairgreaseunless you state that your dblink allows that17:10
MrHairgreasebut allowing db writes through the sql report17:11
MrHairgreasewill almost certainly open security holes17:11
danny_mkI can always write a custom asset, that is not show stopper17:11
MrHairgreasebut if you do that17:12
MrHairgreaseyou won't have to use this really complex setup17:12
MrHairgreasealso what you might consider using is the sqlform17:12
danny_mkhmm... I did not think it was complex at all17:12
MrHairgreaseor maybe even a collaboration system17:12
MrHairgreaseif you are using articles to create input form that send data to some other page which will try to update the db without the ability to at least sanity check the data that's being put in17:14
MrHairgreasei think your doing stuff too complicated =)17:14
MrHairgreasebut that's just me =)17:14
MrHairgreasemy guess is17:15
MrHairgreasethat what you want to do is possible using the SQLForm asset17:15
MrHairgreaseit's for power users only17:15
MrHairgreasebut you seem like one17:15
MrHairgreaseso give it a try17:16
danny_mkyou know, the save button for sqlform was disabled on my installation, I have to figure out why17:16
danny_mknever mind, I just figured out why :-(17:17
MrHairgreaseit's diabled b/c you haven;t typed in a tablename yet17:18
danny_mkanyway, it would still be nice to have a macro that generated that type of field17:18
MrHairgreasego ahead and code it17:19
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-177-123-127.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui17:19
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danny_mksort of like ^YUIWGDatePicker("myFieldName");17:19
danny_mkLOL, I was almost done with it when I asked17:19
danny_mkI just thought to myself, "WHAT THE HELL am I DOING?"17:20
danny_mkI thought that there had to be an easier way, perhaphs someone already coded this or there is a way to do it already17:22
xootomis it intentional that the default group for sql reports' download user group is ad manager?17:28
MrHairgreasei don't think so17:28
MrHairgreasemy guess is17:28
MrHairgreasethat ad manager has the top position of the select box17:29
MrHairgreasealphabetically it's ranked pretty much on top i guess17:29
danny_mkMrHairGrease:  You know the SQLForm is still in Beta and defiinitely showing some odd behavior.  I got the "save" button enabled once when I typed in the table name17:31
danny_mkbut now it just won't enable again, no matter how many times I type in the table name17:32
danny_mkI commited my changes and cleared the cache just in case but no dice17:32
MrHairgreasethat's weird17:33
MrHairgreaseyou are not importing a table are you?17:33
danny_mkdoes not matter17:33
danny_mkif I leave it unchecked its dissabled17:33
danny_mkif I check it its disabled17:33
MrHairgreasedunno directly what's wrong then17:34
danny_mkhave you used it before?17:34
MrHairgreasei wrote it17:34
MrHairgreasebut i haven't used it  lately17:34
danny_mkAh, OK17:34
MrHairgreaseif something going wrong t should tell you about it17:35
MrHairgreasein stead of just not work17:35
MrHairgreasewhich browser are you on?17:35
danny_mkwhat is the trigger to get it enabled?  17:35
danny_mkI am using Firefox
MrHairgreasewhich dblink are you using17:35
danny_mkthe one to my db17:36
MrHairgreasenot the webgui db right?17:36
danny_mkit works fine for my reporot17:36
danny_mkno, not the webgui one17:36
MrHairgreaseare you allowed to create table in that db?17:36
MrHairgreaseand this table name you entered17:37
danny_mkhmm... let me check the username for that link17:37
MrHairgreasedoes that exist already?17:37
danny_mkdarnit, in the list of allowed keywords I did not have "create"17:38
danny_mklet me test it again.17:38
MrHairgreasethat shouldn't matter afaik17:38
danny_mkwell, I did not think it should since the object already exists in the db17:38
MrHairgreasesomething has prolly gone wrong creating the table17:39
MrHairgreaseit's just weird that it didn't complain17:39
danny_mkOK, I don't want to create the table17:39
danny_mkthe table already exists17:39
MrHairgreasein that case17:39
MrHairgreaseyou must be very careful17:39
MrHairgreasethe sqlform will change you table17:40
MrHairgreasedrop primary keys17:40
MrHairgreaseadd columns17:40
MrHairgreaseso if you need it the way it is17:40
MrHairgreasedon't import it17:40
danny_mkok, then I can't use the SQLForm17:40
MrHairgreasethat why there is an import this table switch17:40
danny_mkI would like to leave these as is17:40
MrHairgreaseit will not import tables17:40
MrHairgreaseif you do not switch it on17:41
MrHairgreasebut it should've told you that17:41
MrHairgreasein that case17:41
MrHairgreaseyou'd prolly be best off wrinting an asset specifically for it17:41
danny_mkAh, LOL.  I am back where I started :-)17:41
MrHairgreasebut you can combine the view and edit mode for your db17:42
MrHairgreasein one asset17:42
MrHairgreasein a safe way17:42
MrHairgreasenot by posting stuff to sqlreports with dblinks that allow updates17:42
MrHairgreasegood way to start the weekend =)17:42
danny_mkquestion 217:43
danny_mkI know there are many webmail clients out there.  I currenly use OpenWebMail.  I was wondering if Webgui had a native WebMail client.  17:43
MrHairgreasenot that i know off anyway17:44
danny_mkThere was a discussion on single sign on that showed a link to a collaboration suite written in Perl that looked interesting, I will have to find that again17:46
danny_mkI need a good WebMail client for one of my websites.17:46
MrHairgreasei don't think webgui offers you that17:48
MrHairgreaseit would make a pretty cool asset though17:48
danny_mkdefinitely would17:49
danny_mkWould need a team of developers just for that one I think :-)17:50
MrHairgreaseor a lot of time17:52
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nubadanny_mk: i checked a while ago and the roundcube project was pretty nice17:55
nubadanny_mk: in case you're fishing for webmail recommendations :)17:55
danny_mksure, however it is hard to find software that is developed either using Perl or Java.  I am trying real hard to keep my servers PHP and other software free17:56
danny_mkjust a personal preference. 17:56
nubasame here17:57
nubanot easy tho17:57
danny_mknope, but I kind of prefer it that way :-)17:57
nubaactually I usually avoid java too, if possible :)17:58
danny_mkRoundCube Webmail is written in PHP17:58
nubayes, i know. I've used it for a while, did some custom stuff for a client, check the code, it's not that bad..17:59
danny_mkit is not about the code.   PHP is pretty easy to understand, I just did not want another language to worry about on my apps.18:00
nubahave you found any good looking, perl-based, webmail ? 18:01
-!- preaction [n=doug@h46097ff6.area4.spcsdns.net] has joined #webgui18:01
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nubaor at least contemporary-looking.. 18:01
nubai think openwebmail is nice but would use some interface revamp 18:01
danny_mkopenwebmail works great, however the interface is a little outdated for me http://openwebmail.org18:02
nubayeah its hard to have that as the webmail offering in your portfolio18:02
nubaits feature-rich, but butt-ugly18:03
nubaas people are now used to interfaces like gmail's - for free18:03
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danny_mkIf it would be integrated into WebGUI I bet the interface would benefit from YUI and the WebGUI api 18:06
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harleypigIs there any known problem with starting spectre from the apache startup.pl script?21:42
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--- Day changed Sat Aug 04 2007
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harleypigHow can I make spectre use localhost instead of going all the way out to the dns server to find my local ip?01:10
harleypigRight now it's trying to connect to mydomain.com instead of localhost, so ithas to resolve the ip everytime.01:10
@preactionset your hostname in /etc/hosts ?01:10
harleypigI'd still have to set the hosts file to the external ip address.01:11
harleypigI guess it's not that big of a deal, now that I think of it.01:11
@preactionno, you could set the hosts file to 01:12
harleypigNo I can't ... I have other programs that require a valid ip for the domain name.01:12
harleypigI'm slowly getting rid of them though.01:12
@preactionthat isn't a valid ip?01:12
harleypigErr .. a valid external ip.01:13
@preactionthose sounds like some damned stupid programs :(01:13
@preactionspectre uses the first siteName in your webgui config, unfortunately so do a lot of other things01:13
@preaction(for display purposes, like mail sent out from a CS, but i suppose that's spectre sending out that mail)01:14
harleypigIt just occurred to me that I should be setting the spectreSubnet variable to my external ip.01:14
harleypigThat's why it's unable to connect.01:14
@preactionmaybe even the spectreIp01:15
harleypigOn another note on spectre ... is there a way to pass a command line parm that says exit if already daemonized.01:15
@preactionnot that i know of01:15
harleypigI'm starting spectre in my apache startup.pl, but I guess I'm gonna have to add code to check if its already running.01:15
@preactioni don't know if spectre is process-aware of itself01:15
harleypigdoes spectre leave a pid file lying around?01:16
harleypigchecking code01:16
harleypigDoesn'tlook like it01:21
@preactioni dont know if we'd consider that a bug, but rather an RFE (Having spectre become process-aware of itself)01:22
harleypigYeah, I'd say it was an rfe too.01:23
@preactionbut with that feature, we'd be able to connect to running spectre instances, which could allow for some very cool debugging01:23
@preactionfeel free to post it, if we can get JT behind it it might make it into 7.5 (he's always looking for ways to minimize the problems people have with spectre)01:24
harleypigUmmm ... how much is acceptable?  I haven't taken a deep enough look, but I know there is at least one module on the cpan that makes this easy.01:25
harleypigI mean, how much change is acceptable?01:26
@preactionhow much what? i'd imagine it'd be as simple as spectre.pl checking for a $WEBGUI_ROOT/var/spectre.pid and then trying to connect using $WEBGUI_ROOT/var/spectre.sock01:26
@preactionas long as it doesn't break any existing API (you can extend them, but not break them), it's acceptable01:27
@preactionthe difficulty though, will determine how long it takes before plainblack puts hours on it(unless someone in the community does it)01:27
@preactionposting patches, as long as they follow the WebGUI Best Practices (search the wiki), are usually immediately added to the next beta version (7.5.0 in this case)01:28
harleypigWait ... connections to spectre are via http correct?  If so, sock programming isn't necessary right?01:34
@preactionspectre connects to webgui via http, but currently there's no way to connect to spectre at all01:34
@preactionwait, webgui can communicate with spectre01:34
@preactionso yes, somehow. i think it's buried in the POE::Component::IKC::Client code01:35
@preactioni dunno, spectre's still a bit of a blackbox to me01:35
harleypigOh.  Why is it always more complicated than I think it is?01:37
@preactionthe lament of every programmer everywhere ;)01:37
@preactionit always sounds easy, but it never is...01:38
@preactionthe 90/10 theory: 90% of the cases take 10% of the work, the other 10% take 90%01:38
harleypigheh ... right.01:39
harleypigwierd ... in the spectre.pl code there is a line that is supposed to check if spectre is already running ... but I'm not seeing that error code.01:39
harleypigI need to back up ...01:42
harleypigI'm trying to get a source install working and I'm getting the following error:01:43
harleypigCouldn't connect to WebGUI site makethebad01:43
harleypigmanstop.biz.conf at http://www.makethebadmanstop.biz:80/?op=spectreGetSiteData.  Response: 500 read timeout01:43
harleypigCan anyone help me pinpoint this error?01:43
@preactioncan you view that in a web browser?01:44
@preactiondid you try: cd /data/WebGUI/sbin; perl spectre.pl --test ?01:44
harleypigNo, I get a 500 error ... the log says ...01:44
harleypigI wasn't aware of that option ...01:44
@preactionit just tests connectivity, what does the webgui error log say?01:44
harleypigsame thing01:45
harleypigCan't connect to data source 'dbi:mysql;makethebadmanstop_biz;host=localh01:45
harleypigost' because I can't work out what driver to use (it doesn't seem to contain a 'dbi:driver:'01:45
@preactionthat'd be your problem01:45
harleypigerr ,,, error_LOG says this01:45
@preactionit should be dbi:mysql: (not ;)01:45
harleypigOh ... wonder if that was in the default or if I fat fingered it ...01:47
harleypigI fat fingered it.01:47
@preactionit happens01:47
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-177-123-127.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []01:51
harleypigHmmm ... now that url is returning a json stream of just {}01:57
harleypigand the spectre.pl --test is failing.01:57
@preactionis the site up?01:57
@preactiondoes the webgui error log say anything? how about the apache error log?01:57
harleypigAh ... I see ... my ip isn't in the list ... but the ip spectre is coming from is, according to the error message.01:57
harleypigapache error log doesn't say anything01:58
harleypigwebgui says samething ... 500 read timeout.01:58
@preactionhow about above that? webgui and spectre share the same error log01:59
@preactionor pastebin a tail of your webgui error log01:59
@preactionperlbot paste?01:59
perlbotPaste your code to http://sial.org/pbot/perl or http://erxz.com/pb and #perl will be able to view it.01:59
harleypigI'm reading the wrong part of the log ... I cleared the screen (pressed enter a bunch of times) and ran the test again.  No error in either log, but the console says: ERROR: WebGUI cannot communicate with Spectre. Perhaps you need to adjust the spectreIp or spectrePort setting the this config file02:00
@preactionspectreIp in spectre.conf is the IP that spectre will try to bind to. spectreIp in the webgui.conf is the IP that webgui expects spectre to be on. both should be the same (and the IP of the box)02:01
@preactionso probably your internet IP02:01
@preactionand then spectreSubnets should probably include that IP as well (but i'm not sure if that's required)02:02
harleypigHmmm ... I was focusing on the makethebadmanstop.biz.conf file because that's where the variable spectreIp and spectrePort are ...02:03
harleypigbut I'll try changing the ip variable as well in spectre.conf02:03
@preactionyeah, that's the right one02:03
@preactionoh, sorry, thought you were meaning webgui.conf02:03
harleypigIsn't webgui.conf the one that should be copied and modified for each site?02:04
@preactioni just said "webgui.conf" to refer to "yoursite's webgui configuration"02:05
harleypigmakes sense02:06
harleypigwow ... impressive starter once you get it going.02:13
@preactionthe new site wizard thing?02:13
@preactioni've never actually tried it02:13
harleypigMakes it easy to get new sites going with virtual hosts ... very cool.02:14
@preactionone of these days i'm going to make a call-to-arms for WebGUI Source Install package maintainers for various distros. it will help since some people seem to dislike the idea of the WRE adding an additional Perl / Mysql / Apache to their system02:15
harleypigI don't ... that's why I went the source route.02:15
harleypigI've already got all three, on a limited space account ... 02:15
@preactionexactly, the type of people we need for "hobby users" (which in turn ask their places of employment to use WebGUI) usually know enough to run their own apache / mysql / perl02:16
@preactionso if we can get a .deb package (depends on Apache2-mpm-prefork, mysql-server, image-magick, perl-5.8.8) and add some simple scripts to create / delete webgui virtual hosts, it would be easy to install webgui from source02:17
@preactionthe create script would add the appropriate virtualhost config to the appropriate place02:18
@preactionlike a2ensite does for debian02:18
@preactionwg_addsite <sitename> and wg_deletesite <sitename>02:19
harleypigI'm not familiar with those, but I keep my virtual hosts in separate files02:21
@preactionthey don't exist yet02:22
harleypigSo i wouldn't be comfortable automating thatpart02:22
@preactionwg_addsite would create a new virtualhost file from a skeleton, replacing the server name, according to the distribution's standard method of doing it02:22
@preactionit'd be customized for each distribution02:23
@preactionor, theoretically, we could just maintain a man page that would tell the users how do to it02:23
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #webgui []02:23
harleypigand a default of a dumped file they could paste02:23
@preactionsomething like an entire <VirtualHost *:80> they could customize for themselves02:25
-!- harleypig is now known as hjp_away02:35
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+crythias... and then I got the Wii and started moving content around with it within WebGUI and then...03:31
@preactionomg 31337!03:31
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+crythiaswrong link18:05
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danny_mkcrythias, you around?18:52
danny_mkhow bout you nuba?18:53
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nubajust passing by19:41
nubaoh hes not here anymore19:42
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danny_mkHi everyone20:56
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danny_mkhmmm... the encrypt login option does not seem to be available in 7.4.122:35
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wgGuest26alive or memorex?06:10
-!- wgGuest26 is now known as PerlPilot06:10
PerlPilothmm hm hmmmm hmmm hm hm hm hmmm06:16
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Radix-europehey dapperedodo - working from home today? :)11:10
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* arnaud__ feels alone...14:56
arnaud__is there an ongoing French translation (i18n part) for the latest version ?14:57
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arnaud__no unicode...HTML element only ?15:02
arnaud__We (french people) like to throws accent everywhere...15:03
arnaud__forget my last comment... Seems like the editor take care of converting my accents to HTML entities...15:09
arnaud__Should I follow the (english) text inconsistency ? Or correct it in my translation ?15:26
arnaud__ "How many impressions (individual displays of the ad) has the advertiser purchased? If they purchased a number of clicks you can leave this at zero."15:26
arnaud__shouldn't it be : advertiserS/they or advertiser/he ?15:27
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arnaud__hi !16:08
arnaud__(good afternoon here in France)16:08
AMH_bob(yeah, same here in Holland :P )16:09
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danny_mkanyone around?18:19
-!- AMH_Mari [n=chatzill@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]18:35
danny_mknuba, I can't figure out what style is used when visiting any page and passing ?op=auth18:37
danny_mkI thouoght it was failsafe18:38
@Haargit's whatever is set for the 'User Function Style' in Settings > UI18:47
danny_mkThank you, darn that was hard to figure out :-)18:51
-!- sanyock [n=sanyock@geeklife.ru] has joined #webgui19:00
sanyockHi People!19:01
sanyock<tmpl_if session.var.adminOn>19:02
sanyockdoes not work for me :(19:02
@Haargwhen did it stop working?19:05
sanyockI did not use it previously and guess it should work in predefined templates, but it does not work in my template19:06
sanyockJust tried to add it and does not work19:06
sanyockThis templates has some other macroses like ^AssetProxy("aulix/style1/navigation");19:07
sanyockand tehy work fine19:07
sanyockIn resulting page <tmpl_if session.var.adminOn> does not exist but the text inside it does19:08
sanyockI commited and cleared cache19:08
-!- wgGuest93 [n=wgGuest9@] has joined #webgui19:18
sanyocksorry, it was my mistake19:21
sanyockworks fine now19:21
wgGuest93Hi. I'am a web designer and I'm new at CMS world. I've been reading and testing the demo of webgui; but I relly need more help (maybe starting from general concepts)19:22
* sanyock wonders which SSO is the most popular and convenient: CSA or OpenID ?19:24
wgGuest93it is possible to install Webgui in a comercial Hosting?19:25
sanyockwhen u r a root19:27
wgGuest93how i konw if im a root??19:31
sanyockif you do not know about root then most likely you should use plainblack.com shared hosting19:33
wgGuest93in this plainblack hosting, is Webgui pre-installed?19:36
wgGuest93there are several hosting plans at plainblack.com, will be enough with the "supported WebGUI hosting"?19:47
nubadanny_mk: you can look at the html for any unique-looking string19:47
nubathen search for it in the database19:47
nubai do that with phpmyadmin, makes searching the entire db really easy19:48
nubaand to search the code i usually do "find /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ -type f | xargs grep 'string' "19:52
nubasometimes passing additional switches to grep19:52
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danny_mktalking about SSO, is someone working on a Auth module for OpenID or CSA?19:59
danny_mkI would be interested in using such a module.19:59
danny_mkOK nuba, I thought about that but the answer was easier than I expected.  20:01
nubadanny_mk: you'll have to send karma this way: http://www.plainblack.com/rfe/request-for-enhancement/openid20:04
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui20:44
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danny_mkif it does not get done soon I will have to take on the project myself.  It would be good to have this module.  20:54
danny_mkI am still waiting to be passed the baton for the chat Wobject20:56
+crythiasoooh... chat.21:18
+crythiasseems everyone is doing a php chat thing21:26
danny_mkno, not a php chat one21:33
danny_mka Perl one for Webgui21:33
xdanger_nuba: just a quick note... why do you use find? why not just grep -R 'string' /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/* ?-)21:47
nubaim used to do lots of things with find|xargs21:51
nubaplus you have things like mtime, size, etc with find21:54
nubafind rocks21:56
nubalove it21:56
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-!- AMH_henry [n=yktang@erica.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui21:58
nubadumb recursing can be a real pita21:59
xdanger_I've never "really REALLY" mastered the *nix shell =)22:00
nubawell one is always learning :)22:01
nubaits hard to say one has really REALLY mastered anything..22:01
xdanger_I have a friend who (in my opinion) has mastered it... and many other things...22:03
xdanger_he has this incredible memory... he remembers every code that he has ever writen, and even all random generated passwords after just one read...22:05
nubawell, that happens sometimes i guess22:06
nubanow random generated passwords, after one read, thats crazyness :)22:06
nubais he like "rain man" or anything ?22:06
xdanger_A little maybe...22:07
xdanger_not in the "socialy stupid" but a little akward22:07
xdanger_He's now a very creative person... He always says that he's a little autistic22:08
nubawell they say no one is reeaaaly normal if you look close enough..22:09
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AMH_bobHey, good morning!16:17
-!- danny_mk [n=daniel@] has joined #webgui16:32
danny_mkpreaction, are you around?  Do you have the code cleaned up for the chat Wobject?16:33
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synqhai wgGuest Bart17:39
Radix-europeHey Koen :)17:40
synqhai Jesse17:40
synqshouldn't that be 'Radex' ?17:40
Radix-europenope, I had the nick Radix before I went to your office ;)17:41
-!- synq is now known as SynQ17:41
Radix-europeMy friends saw the photo I took of the outside of the office and said you spelt my name wrong on the welcome board ;)17:41
-!- Klaus_ [n=Miranda@p5B072155.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #webgui17:42
Radix-europeI decided to go see a few museums today - went to Museum Prinsenhof, Van Meerten and the Army Museum17:44
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SynQhow was the army museum?17:49
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui17:49
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Radix-europePretty cool actually.. lots and lots of weapons, suits of armor, uniforms, swords, pistols, rifles, guns, tanks, rocket launchers, and everything else you find in war17:50
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SynQshot off limbs?17:50
Radix-europethe only museum I went to today where you could take photos.. and I took plenty :)17:52
SynQold shit17:54
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nubafind /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI -type f -name "*pm" | xargs grep "' '" | wc -l18:44
nuba      7218:44
nubafind /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI -type f -name "*pm" | xargs grep '" "'  | wc -l18:45
nuba      7318:45
nubalots of single spaces being quoted here and there18:45
nubawill this get replaced by q{ } etc as suggested by the perl best practices ?18:46
nubaand are we adopting perltidy too?18:47
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WebGU1hi all20:47
nubahu synq20:47
WebGU1how is business in brazil?20:47
nubadoing fine, thanks :)20:48
WebGU1are you happy?20:48
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui20:49
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WebGU1hi doug20:49
WebGU1JT around jet?20:49
WebGU1what time is it there?20:49
@preactionit's about 1:00p, JT's out due to some medical issues20:58
WebGU1he is pregnant?20:59
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nubathere are rumors he's gestating a new wre :)21:17
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rjacobseni have updated webgui in the past and have had to change multiple stuff across the 20+ sites we are running webgui..... i would like to know what is the latest stable version of webgui is i can upgrade webgui to that has the least amount of bugs please22:00
nubarjacobsen: latest stable was 7.3.2222:02
rjacobsenty very much sir22:03
rjacobsen..... or mam22:03
rjacobsenwhichever :)22:03
nuba"sir" would do :)22:04
nubagood luck22:04
-!- preaction_ changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.4.1-beta 7.3.22-stable | WRE 0.7.2 ] .:. Come To The WUC http://www.plainblack.com/wuc .:. Feel free to ask questions on here - but make sure you stick around long enough for us to answer! :)22:10
rjacobsenwill i have to change the permissions on all the sites after i update? (that would be hell)22:14
@preaction_which permissions?22:15
@preaction_which versions?22:15
rjacobsenthe set permissions for people who can edit things on the sites22:15
@preaction_6.99.0-latest is generally a smooth ride22:15
@preaction_of course not22:15
rjacobsenlike , you know, forums and events calendars and such22:15
@preaction_if you're upgrading through 7.3.0, the events calendars are going to get replaced with Calendars22:16
@preaction_read the gotchas22:16
danny_mkpreaction:  do you have the code for the chat Wobject?22:56
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@preaction_danny_mk, i could've swore i sent it to you, but i'll send it again23:04
danny_mkno problem, do you have my email?23:06
-!- preaction_ is now known as preaction23:06
@preactionthe one at yahoo?23:06
danny_mkyou could also send it to my message box at plainblack23:06
@preactionit's sent23:21
danny_mkcool, I will take a look at it tonight.  I am just putting the finishing touches on this macro:  http://www.webgui.org/user_contributions/user_contributions/macros/yuidatechooser#MglP0tYpUb5G7-zsTI-GAQ23:24
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nubadanny_mk: nice23:38
danny_mkI am affraid that YUI or YUI-EXT does not provide date validation23:40
danny_mkhowever I have a script that adds methods to the Date object which works great.  Validation is working well.  I am testing it right now.23:41
danny_mkThe only problem is that the user will have to add one extra files in either uploads or extras to include the date validation library.23:41
-!- rjacobsen [n=rjacobse@74-129-192-43.dhcp.insightbb.com] has quit ["User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby"]23:42
danny_mkDo you guys see that as a problem?23:42
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui23:42
nubanot for me. im just packing a macro to contribute too, and it has stuff under extras too23:42
-!- mode/#webgui [+v MrHairgrease] by ChanServ23:42
danny_mkOK, it is done.  With validation.  Do you have time to test it?23:43
nubain a few..23:43
danny_mkWill let you know once I upload it.23:43
nubalet me know when you've uploaded it23:43
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--- Day changed Wed Aug 08 2007
danny_mkOK nuba, I have updated the files.00:07
nubadanny_mk: i gotta split, bbiaw00:24
nubathen i'll look at your contribution00:24
nubai have just posted a new macro too, CreativeCommons, check it out!00:25
danny_mkCool, I will.00:25
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nubatagclods will consider "this thing" as two separated tags, is that the intended behaviour?03:54
nubaone tag being "this03:54
nubathe other being thing"03:54
nubaperlbot, paste04:01
perlbotPaste your code to http://sial.org/pbot/perl or http://erxz.com/pb and #perl will be able to view it.04:01
nubapasted a nice string2list at http://erxz.com/pb/394504:03
nubafound at String::Escape04:04
nubaoops, i meant tagclouds04:05
nubaposted as a bug04:09
nubapreload.custom <- kickass feature!04:59
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sanyockHi All05:34
sanyockPlease let me know, why there is no SSL port definition in the config? General port is there: "webServerPort" : 8005:38
sanyockI need use port different than 44305:38
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@preactionsanyock, which config?07:03
sanyockpreaction, I have a problem my ISP uses some cache software so that ports 80 and 443 work very bad for httpd08:25
sanyockso I have to change to 81 for http and say 444 for ssl08:26
sanyockunfortunately I cannot find where to configure this and it seems too dificult for me to change the source code of L_loginBox.t  or related08:27
sanyockadditional problem I have found that if visitor enters via SSL and then logges in, he is redirected to http (instead of keeping https)08:28
@preactionfor that last bit you have to turn on Encrypt Logins (in the user tab of settings)08:29
sanyockit seems WebGUI does not keep previous state of the protocol and just returns to http after secure login08:29
sanyockI have had it08:29
sanyockthe problem is that WebGUI changes back to not SSL instead of keeping SSL08:30
sanyockActually I am thinking about turning off secure login, may then it will not try to switch back to http after login08:31
sanyockif user originally enter via ssl08:31
@preactionyou may want to search the wiki or make a post on the forums about that, i don't think what you're describing should be happening08:32
sanyockIt does, I tried to search forums on this topic08:32
@preactionyes, but since i can't help you (it's way too late and i need to sleep instead of pinning down this behavior), posting to the forums may be of more use to you08:33
sanyockok, good night08:49
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SynQmorning :)10:33
AMH_bobGood morning!10:33
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+crythia1an answer... in search of a question.16:19
+crythia1found online: "Last week I attempted to use Occam's razor to settle an argument, but I ended up with an unsightly rash.   16:19
+crythia1Should I have instead used Occam's Easy-off Wax Strips or Occam's QuickRemover Gel with new fresh lilac scent? Has anyone tried these yet?"16:19
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danny_mkPreaction, you around?16:41
danny_mkI still have not gotten that email on the Wobject16:41
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #webgui16:44
@rizendanny_mk, what sized attachment can your email support?16:50
danny_mkI have yahoo and it seems that I have gotten pretty big files without a problem.  I am not sure what yahoo limitations are, let me check!16:52
@rizeni know he's sent the email twice now16:52
danny_mkHmmm... what is his email address.16:53
danny_mkMaybe he just does not have my correct email address16:54
danny_mkit is danny_mk@yahoo.com16:54
@rizeni've asked him to upload it somewhere and send you a url16:57
@rizenmind you he's not yet awake16:57
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danny_mkit is OK, I just want to make sure someone works on it.  I was looking at working on an OpenId Auth module17:00
danny_mkbut I understand that is a RFE17:00
danny_mkI rather tackle the chat Wobject for now17:00
danny_mkbut if not I will work on the OpenId module17:01
@rizenwhereever you want to contribute you are welcome to do so17:01
danny_mkI need the chat Wobject17:01
@rizenwe're certainly not trying to hold back the chat asset from you17:01
@rizenjust technical difficulties17:01
danny_mkno problem, just want to make sure I don't duplicate work17:01
+MrHairgreaseare you working on a chat wobject?17:01
@rizenwe've already written one17:02
@rizenand danny_mk has offered to enhance it17:02
danny_mkuntil I found out that other people had one written17:02
@rizenso that it can go into the core17:02
+MrHairgreaseis it like the perlmonks chatter box?17:02
+MrHairgreaseor can it actually connect to, say, msn17:02
danny_mkI have not seen the perlmonks one17:03
@rizenthis isn't based upon any protocols17:03
@rizenit just uses standard http to allow realtimechat17:03
@rizenwith thousands of users17:03
+MrHairgreaseso it's wg specific?17:04
+MrHairgreaseI'll check it out when it's released17:05
+MrHairgreasesounds pretty cool17:05
@rizenwe've been using it in production for a couple of months now17:05
+MrHairgreaseIf you want me to test it...17:06
+MrHairgreaseI can try it out on the kornbeurs memebers site17:06
@rizenit works quite well for our needs, but danny_mk is going to introduce an ajax interface for smaller numbers of users, but with a fancier interface17:06
+MrHairgreasemy 'student' club17:07
+MrHairgreaseor what you call it17:07
+MrHairgreaseyou've been there once17:08
+MrHairgreaseI manage the members only area of it17:08
+MrHairgreaseThe main site still runs on some really old homebrew php/html thingy my predecessor wrote17:10
+MrHairgreasebut I haven't had time to convert it to webgui 17:11
@rizenand you call yourself contributor of the year17:11
+MrHairgreaseyou did17:11
+MrHairgreaseI just wlaked away with the prize17:12
Radix-europeMrHairgrease has been enjoying the drinking side of koornbeurs a bit too much and can't type.17:12
+MrHairgreaseif radix_europe doesn't watch out he'll be the one having a difficulty in typing17:13
+MrHairgreaseactually he's sitting right next to me17:13
+MrHairgreaseso the only thing holding me back right now from engaging in physical violence is compassion17:14
@rizenso how is your webgui sabbatical going radix?17:14
+MrHairgreaseand of course the risk of retalliation17:14
Radix-europeI've been enjoying the beer17:14
Radix-europeAlmost done here tho.. gf arrives tomorrow and off on my tour of europe this weekend17:15
@rizendid you learn anything from MrHairgrease?17:16
Radix-europeYeah, he's given me some tips on how to read/write sql using the webgui api - been working on a basic sync workflow that synchronises webgui with our own database17:17
Radix-europeI've also been introduced to many different belgian and german beers while I've been here too - definitely a highlight :)17:19
+MrHairgreaseradix_europe has almost become Dutch =)17:20
+MrHairgrease |17:20
+MrHairgrease/ \17:20
-!- rizen changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.4.2-beta / 7.3.22-stable | WRE 0.7.2 ] .:. Come To The WUC http://www.plainblack.com/wuc17:21
+crythia1          /(Help, I'm drowning!)17:23
+MrHairgreasecrythia1 wears no trunks17:24
@rizenso guys, quick opinion poll17:25
Radix-europeI don't like you17:25
+MrHairgreaseoption b17:25
@rizenwho do you think deserves to be in the running for contributor of the year this year?17:25
+MrHairgreasewas that quick or what17:25
+MrHairgreaseoption b17:25
+MrHairgreasei thin colin17:26
@rizeni think kathy for putting up with colin17:26
Radix-europeColin gets my vote too17:26
+crythia1I've contributed by.. um.. not being so much of a jerk :)17:26
@rizenyou're not a jerk17:26
+crythia1or annoyance.. 17:27
@rizeni'm a jerk17:27
+MrHairgreasehe created a more...17:27
@rizenwho's been the most active helping people on the boards and updating wiki's and such?17:27
+MrHairgreasetight community17:27
+MrHairgreaseeverybody hated him17:27
+MrHairgreaseso he was good for the group feeling17:27
@rizenyou're right, i think he should get the vote17:27
+MrHairgreasei don't read the boards that often17:28
@rizenme either17:28
@rizeni guess i'll have to run a report17:28
+crythia1Actually, I haven't contributed hardly at all. but then, the questions... I can't answer anymore.17:29
@rizenwhy can't you answer them anymore cry?17:29
+crythia1Well, they aren't so many newbie q's anymore, ... actually, not so many q's at all, really.17:30
+crythia1one or two people having issues, but upgraders ... not so much.17:30
Radix-europeI think the Wiki has helped with a lot of them17:31
@rizenwell that's good then17:31
@rizenso maybe wiki should be contributor of the year17:31
+crythia1I keep updating one entry in my faq...17:32
@rizenwhich is?17:32
+crythia1I had a recent contributor. 17:32
+crythia1the entry: What is the latest version of WebGUI.17:32
+MrHairgreasemaybe a wild idea17:32
+crythia1But the point is, I keep links to both stable and beta.17:33
+MrHairgreasewouldn't it be a good idea to put your faq in the wiki?17:33
+crythia1it's too old17:33
+crythia1I mean, probably 10% is applicable any more.17:33
+MrHairgreasethen put 10% in the wiki17:33
Radix-europecrythia1: if there is anything in you faq that is still applicable, it should be added to the wiki17:33
+crythia1almost all of it was 6.217:33
Radix-europeSo why do you bother updating it then?17:34
Radix-europejust redirect everyone to the wiki instead :)17:34
+crythia1probably should redirect to the wiki17:35
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elninogood morning. Quick question.18:19
elninoI upgraded to 7.3.22 and nobody is getting any notifications anymore. Is there a pareticular group they need to be a part of?18:20
elninoapproval notification - type notifications. Not subscriptions.18:21
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@rizendid you restart spectre after the upgrade?18:29
@rizencuz you need to do that18:29
elninoyep , but I can do it again, anything else to look at?18:31
@rizenrun the spectre tests to make sure it's still able to connect18:33
@rizenand look in the mailQueue table to see if anything is waiting to be sent18:33
@rizenother than that, you'll need to contact plainblack support18:33
elninook. thanks. I'll logoff here and restart spectre. bye18:35
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elninogood morning. I'm still having problems with the approval notifications. I did some digging around.19:08
elninoI restarted spectre without errors.19:08
elninoI looked at running workflows and there are 11 listed19:08
elninoall of which are 'error". If I click on run, the response is "waiting"19:08
elninoIf I do a spectre --debug. the message I get for all the waiting work flows is that it's "Was told to wait on EEIuxl-nLhtwJS7hcfAw0g because we're still waiting on some external event."19:09
elninoI did a select * on mailQueue and there iisn't anything in the table.19:09
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elninoIf I do a spectre --status, the workflows are listed as "waiting".19:10
elninoSo what is it waiting for? - they are all pending approvals. So are they waiting for the CM to approve them?19:11
elninounder my webgui settigns, the default version tag workflow is "commit with approveal.  19:11
elninoTo recap, I'm not receiving any notifications related to the approval system.19:12
elninoi'm running 7.3.22, and it was workgin before the upgrade from 7.2.119:15
elninoI couldnt find a specific log for spectre. is it the same as webguis?19:25
elninoHi!  is there a way to find out what external event my pending workflows are waiting on?19:32
@Haargwhat kind of workflows are they?19:34
elninoapproval ones19:34
@Haargso they are probably waiting on approval right?19:36
@Haargthere should be messages about that in the inbox19:36
elninoyep there are. so that's what they are waiting for?  So i guess that is a separate issue thatI'm trying to solve.19:37
elninoI never recived emails telling me that there were approval to make.and there is nothing in the queue.19:38
elninoIm trying to figure out why emails were never sent.19:40
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elninoemails to th users, as opposed to webguis inbox system19:41
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diakopterrizen: you around?05:38
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@12-217-162-173.client.mchsi.com] has joined #WebGUI05:39
SDuensinEvening, rizen 05:42
SDuensinHmm.  Spector is ignoring me.  How rude!05:43
@rizenspectre is mean that way sometimes05:44
diakopterrizen: gj getting Config::JSON to pass all-green on cpantesters05:45
@rizenapparently i'll be putting out a new release of it soon05:45
SDuensinI don't see any errors anywhere, the spector.pl --test passes, but my version tag sits in "pending".  :-(05:45
@rizenHaarg has said he wants to update my tests so they aren't required prereqs05:46
@rizendo you actually use config::json in something?05:47
diakopteryeah, WebGUI :P05:47
diakopterroot@debian:/data/WebGUI/sbin [357] # which_pm Config::JSON05:49
diakopterConfig::JSON         '1.0.3'    /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Config/JSON.pm05:49
diakopterthe version number is not supposed to have quotes.05:49
diakopterroot@debian:/data/WebGUI/sbin [359] # cpan Config::JSON     <snip />05:50
diakopterI see you fixed that in 1.1.005:50
diakopterso..... never mind05:51
SDuensinThis could be bad:  ADMIN: [Error] Couldn't fetch Spectre configuration data for new.blindsunlimitedonline.com.conf05:51
@rizentechnically webgui doesn't use config json yet05:53
@rizenit won't until 7.4.305:53
@rizencuz of some bugs in config json i couldn't do the conversion05:53
diakopterwell, I should've gone with my instinctive first answer then, to your question: testEnvironment.pl05:54
SDuensinI'm guessing I have a permissions issue somewhere?05:54
-!- vayde [n=vayde@c-75-72-85-140.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui05:55
@rizenprobably not05:56
@rizenmore likely you have a corruption issue somewhere05:56
SDuensinIt only gives me that error on a couple sites.05:56
SDuensinDatabase, I assume?05:56
@rizendo a curl http://www.example.com/?op=getSpectreConfig05:56
@rizeni think that's the url05:56
@rizenyou may have to look up the name of the operation function05:56
@rizensee what data you get back05:57
@rizenor what error05:57
SDuensinIt gave me the home page.05:57
@rizenthat's bad05:58
@rizenlook in your log05:58
@rizenthere will be an error05:58
SDuensin attempted to execute an invalid operation: getSpectreConfig05:58
@rizenlike i said look up the name of the function05:59
@rizenin Spectre.pm05:59
SDuensin Root cause: Can't call method "get" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Operation/Spectre.pm line 53.05:59
SDuensinThat's more helpful.05:59
@rizenlook in your WorkflowInstance table06:00
@rizeni bet you have some corruption there06:00
SDuensinSo how do I fix it?06:01
SDuensinCorruption disturbs me greatly.06:01
@rizendelete the workflow instances that have no workflowId06:02
@rizeni found this on one other site a couple of weeks ago but i couldn't figure out what causes it06:02
@rizenit doesn't seem to happen on bigger sites like plainblack.com06:02
@rizenonly on this one small site of mine06:02
SDuensinIt has an instanceId and workflowId.06:04
SDuensinThere are a few NULL values.06:04
@rizenoh, well then maybe this is something different06:04
@rizenthe thing i saw didn't have a workflowId06:05
@rizeni guess you'll have to find out what is being called on line 5306:05
@rizenand why you can't call get on it06:05
SDuensinAh!  I see a blank one.06:06
SDuensinTrying to do this with the mysql command line client - output is hard to read!06:06
SDuensinExcellent.  That did it.  Thanks!06:08
SDuensinSomehow, you need to get your brain into the wiki.06:08
SDuensinMan, a lot of my sites have this problem.06:08
@rizenmaybe you can track down a common thread06:09
@rizenlike i said i've only seen it oncce06:09
@rizenand it's hard to fix it on one piece of data06:09
SDuensinI'd love to.06:09
SDuensinI know how that is.  Worst kind of bugs to find.06:09
vayderizen, we still on for a brew on Sunday?06:14
@rizenjust give me a call06:15
@rizenyou have my new cell number?06:15
@rizeni think i emailed it to you06:15
vaydeI'll call you when I'm done teaching06:15
vaydeI'll also get to show off my new ride...  BMW R1100RT06:16
SDuensinThanks again, rizen 06:19
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l-e-o-nhi from where i can change the domain of a website ? for example it was on example.com and i want it to temporary.example.com ?11:36
l-e-o-nno one ?11:45
l-e-o-nwhen trying to restart webgui i'm getting this: MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found!       [FAILED] but then no errors to start MySQL12:09
sstanviru hv to change the apache configuration file to change the domain name12:13
l-e-o-ni'm using wre...12:14
sstanvirwell.... there should be httpd.conf 12:15
sstanvirprobably at this path: /usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf12:15
sstanviror somewhere else depending on ur setting12:15
l-e-o-napache in wre is located in /data/wre/prereqs/apache12:17
l-e-o-nthere is nothing in the httpd.conf of apache12:17
sstanviris there any conf directory ?12:17
l-e-o-nno virtual hosts i mean12:17
sstanviri c12:17
l-e-o-ni guess it is in /data/wre/etc/www.domain.com.modproxy12:18
l-e-o-ni'm changing the domain from there but i'm getting Bad Gateway error12:18
sstanvirhow about the webgui configuration file ?12:19
sstanvirit should be somewhere like /data/WebGUI/etc/12:20
sstanviractually i didnt use wre.. i installed from source.. so there are differences12:20
sstanvirbut in case of apache httpd.conf there is one line: PerlSetVar WebguiConfig www.example.com.conf 12:21
sstanvirit indicates the www.example.conf at /data/WebGUI/etc/12:21
l-e-o-nyeah changed that too12:22
l-e-o-nstill Bad Gateway12:22
sstanvirdid u change the "sitename" in the configuration file12:24
sstanvirand there is one setting for "gateway" too12:24
l-e-o-ngateway is /12:26
l-e-o-nyes i changed the sitename12:26
sstanvirhow about spectre ?12:27
sstanvirspectre is running normally?12:27
l-e-o-nno errors12:27
sstanvirafter the changes done did u restart apache12:27
sstanviris the modperl running12:29
sstanvircheck in the process12:29
l-e-o-nits running12:29
sstanvirthere could be another thing that I can think so far12:30
sstanvirmodproxy cannot resolve the hostname in order to get to the modperl site12:30
sstanviryou have to check DNS then12:31
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l-e-o-nwhats this error ? MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found! 13:10
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l-e-o-nDBI connect('mysql;host=localhost;port=3306','root',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/data/wre/prereqs/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) at ./setup14:14
l-e-o-nany help ?14:14
l-e-o-nno one can help me ? desperate :(15:04
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danny_mkGood morning everyone.  Just as an unoficial announcement I have started developing an OpenId Auth module.16:32
danny_mkI worked on it a lot yesterday and last night16:33
danny_mkunderstanding the flow of the Auth api has been a bit challenging but I am getting there :-)16:35
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nubadanny_mk: cool16:42
danny_mkYup, I decided on the Auth modules since I could not get my hands on the chat one.  I will work on that one after I get the Auth module done.16:43
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nubaquestion re: licensing..17:07
nubai posted a patch for this but http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/tagcloud-keywords_pm17:07
nubawith a string2list sub based on String::Escape's string2list17:07
nubahow's that, license-wise ?17:07
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danny_mkHmmm... which is the best way to retrieve parameters submited with a GET method?  22:39
danny_mkis it $self->session->form->process(...) or $self->session->request->param(...)22:39
@preactionform->process (or form->get which is a synonym)22:40
danny_mkhmmm... darn value does not show up.  I must have an error in my code22:40
danny_mkYou know what, I can see the value in the URL, however I log some debug info and when I view the log the values are empty22:41
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danny_mkHmmm... now I am starting to wonder if cache has something to do with this problem22:47
@preactiondanny_mk, are you using Apache2::Reload for your development? or are you restarting apache?22:48
danny_mkrestarting apache every time22:49
@preactionif you want to make sure it isn't the cache, rm -rf /tmp/WebGUICache22:49
danny_mklet me try that22:49
danny_mkDarnit, darnit, darnit!!! this freaking value won't show up at all.  Arggghhhh....22:52
danny_mkMy jedi powers are not fully charged, I can feel the dark side taking over...22:53
danny_mkI bet it is not even webgui, I think it has more to do with the OpenId api and the redirect22:54
nubadanny_mk: you may want to use firefox's livehttpheaders extension22:56
nubaif you're debugging http headers 22:56
nubaredirects and such22:56
danny_mkHmmm.... I did not even think of that, there is something else I could use to monitor the trafic.22:58
danny_mkOh well, that is why you are here.  To point me in the right direction :-)22:58
snoI have some questions about packages.23:15
snoAnyone here with knowledge?23:15
@preactionperlbot ask23:15
perlbotAsk forth your question to the all-knowing channel and we shall bestow upon you the answer of correctitude.23:15
snoImporting a package.  Does it import to the current Asset list, or to the full path of the original?23:16
@preactiondepends on if the package already exists. if it doesn't exist, it will be imported as a child of the current asset, but the URLs will remain the same23:17
snoSo if I package a snippet, and I'm sitting on the root node, it will be placed in the root node (if new and unque)?23:18
@preactionno, if you import a package containing a snippet23:18
@preactionwhen you create a package, the assets just stay where they are23:18
snoWhat I think I understand you are saying is that if I create a package deep in a tree like /root/import node/myasset/myassetchild where assetchild is the package, then move it to another WebGUI server and import at /root, the package is installed at /root.23:20
@preactionlater imports of the same package will be put in the same place as the existing package23:22
snoMIght I suggest that there be an import_to feature added?23:24
@preactionbut then the package would potentially have to create all the assets above it in the lineage, it's impossible to know what those assets are supposed to be23:25
snoBut in the case of a dev server to production server, that stuff better be there already.23:25
@preactionbut we can't just add a feature for one case, we need to think about every single case23:26
@preactionand if it's a dev-to-production move, why can't you move it yourself?23:26
snoI may not have those permissions.23:26
@preactionthen why are you allowed to import that package?23:27
snoI'm talking like I'm writing instructions for others to use.23:27
snoI'm allowed to create the export.23:27
@preactionso they're allowed to edit the stuff on dev, but not on production?23:28
snoEssentially true, but by policy, not by access restrictions.23:28
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui23:28
-!- mode/#webgui [+v crythias] by ChanServ23:28
snoI was hoping that an export on a known environment would have the ability to find it's own fully qualified destination.23:29
@rizenyou solve the problem by you as the administrator23:29
@rizenimporting the package the first time23:29
@rizenthat way all subsequent releases will have it23:29
snoI am not the administrator.23:30
@rizenand put it in the same place every time23:30
@rizen"you as the administrator" doesn't mean you snpo23:30
@rizenit means whoever the hell is the admin23:30
snoI understand.  I'm having to write the instructions the admin will use.23:31
snoImporting four packages will require documenting all the navigation through the system the admin needs to do for each onel.23:31
+crythiashm.. I have an api change/suggestion. 23:32
+crythiaspie in the sky, thing.23:32
+crythiasthe extensible asset type table.23:33
+crythiassomething like all assets of every type share one table.23:33
* crythias ducks.23:33
@preactioni've suggested as much before, but if users are allowed to edit those tables, they can choose column names that we may want in the future23:33
snoIs there a way to remove a poorly installed package if it is imported into the wrong place?23:34
@rizenthe same way you remove any other asset23:35
@rizendelete it23:35
@rizenpurge it23:35
+crythiaswell, preaction, I could suggest a naming scheme for columns such that all pb columns are pb_ ...23:35
@rizencrythias, you're not a programmer and as such shouldn't be suggesting implementation details23:35
@rizenpreaction and crythias about three years ago i put forth such an idea on the dev mailing list before i developed assets and everyone threw a hissy23:36
@rizenand i also brought up the idea again on either irc or the dev mailing list whereby instead of using the normal tables to look up an asset, we make the search indexer better and use the search engine to look up an asset23:37
danny_mkrizen:  Can you explain what happens when the uri contains "?op=auth&method=login"  I am reading through the code and it seems it will take me a while longer23:44
danny_mkdo you think you can clear that up a bit faster?23:44
danny_mkI thought Auth was called and then the appropriate Auth/Module for that particular user23:44
@rizenit calls lib/WebGUI/Operation/Auth.pm sub www_auth()23:44
@rizenwhich instanciates the appropriate auth module23:45
@rizenwhich then runs the login() method on that module23:45
danny_mkis there somoething parsing the parameters before it hits the "appropriate auth module"?23:45
@rizenyou mean parameters other than op and method?23:47
danny_mkif I add a variable to the url such as "?op=auth&method=login&test=me" then I try to get the value $self->session->form->process("test") in lib/Webgui/Auth/mymodule->login 23:48
@rizenyou still have access to those params23:48
@rizenbut don't use &23:48
@rizenuse ;23:48
danny_mklet me try that, hold on23:48
@rizeni guess it should still work with &23:48
@rizenbut ; is the standard in webgui23:48
@rizenand in HTML23:48
danny_mkI am missing something here.  The url looks like: http://myhost.com/?op=auth;method=login;checkOpenId=1    In Auth/OpenId.pm->login I have $self->session->form->process("checkOpenId")23:55
danny_mkI print the value to the error log with $self->session->errorHandler->warn("The value of OpenId is: $checkOpenId")23:56
danny_mksorry I forgot to put my $checkOpenId =  $self->session->form->process("checkOpenId") but I think you get the idea.  I look at the log and the value is empty23:57
@preactiondanny_mk, where's the username? it needs a username in order to get the right auth module. you'd need to have a user register their open ID23:57
@preactionthe users table has the username and the authMethod, it looks up which authMethod to use from the username. i believe that's all handled by WebGUI::Operation::Auth23:58
danny_mkI put in a username that is how the value gets logged using warn23:58
danny_mkIt does get to the OpenId module23:58
danny_mkit even sends me to the openid website23:59
--- Day changed Sat Aug 11 2007
danny_mkI used liveHttpHeaders to look at the traffic and everything looks right00:00
@preactionpastebin your module?00:00
danny_mkwhere do I paste it?  here?00:01
@preactionperlbot pastebin00:01
perlbot(see paste)00:01
@preactionperlbot paste00:01
perlbotPaste your code to http://sial.org/pbot/perl or http://erxz.com/pb and #perl will be able to view it.00:01
danny_mkremember, it is a test case00:04
@rizenwhat is: my $checkedOpenId = CGI::param("checkOpenId");00:05
danny_mkI have tried almost everything to get it to see the parameters, CGI was my current test.00:06
-!- dionak [n=dkidd@cpe-024-074-133-226.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui00:06
dionakhi all. i've been looking into tests today and noticed there might be a need for a test for SQLForm. I wrote a test based on the Asset test. I'm not an 'official developer' so what would be the best way to submit the test for review?00:08
-!- AMH_henry [n=yktang@erica.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]00:12
@rizendrop me an email with your test00:12
@rizeni'll review it00:12
@rizenand if i think it's good enough i'll grant you commit access00:12
@rizenjt at plainblack dot com00:12
dionakah, ok. thanks. 00:13
@rizeni agree that SQL Form needs a lot of automated tests00:13
dionakCool. This should be a start but is by no means extensive. I'll work a little more on it and send it on Monday. 00:13
-!- dionak [n=dkidd@cpe-024-074-133-226.carolina.res.rr.com] has quit []00:14
@preactiondanny_mk, the code looks fine. nothing in the error logs or otherwise?00:16
@preactiontry putting checkOpenId=1 elsewhere in the URL, i've had instances where the last URL name=value pair didn't get read for whatever reason. you may also want to beware of case sensitivity00:17
danny_mkonly what I write to them and then I get only what I write to them and then I get 00:17
danny_mk2007/08/10 16:52:50 - WARN - develop.conf - WebGUI::Session::ErrorHandler::warn[430] - Cool[]00:17
danny_mk2007/08/10 16:52:52 - WARN - develop.conf - WebGUI::Session::ErrorHandler::warn[430] - Visitor (1) connecting from attempted to login to account  with invalid information.00:18
danny_mkas you can see it hits the OpenId::login function00:19
danny_mkthe weird thing is that everything within the form on first post works great.  It seems to be during the redirect that items in the uri are lost00:20
@preactiondanny_mk, here's a subroutine that can be used in a .t file that will get a request from an asset. if you modify it to also handle operations (perhaps instead of $asset it gets a subref), you can use the Perl debugger to step through your code and find out what the issue is)00:26
@preactionyou'll have to write your own test, of course, but that'd be a good idea anyway00:26
@preactionor even just a driver for the sub so you can use the debugger00:26
danny_mksounds good.  I definitely want to get this issue solved.00:26
danny_mkI can see how openId would benefit some of my other projects00:27
@preactionit's a great SSO solution imho00:27
@preactionwill your module also be an OpenID provider?00:28
@preactioni suppose that would require pluggable operations, or an "OpenID Provider" asset00:28
danny_mkthat is always a thought but I have to get the Consumer part done first.  At this point that is more important.00:29
@preactionof course00:29
danny_mkby the way, case sensitivity has been an issue so many times I definitely look at that first :-)00:31
danny_mkThank you for your help.  I have to be here tomorrow again.  I really need another job where I can work on this stuff full time :-)00:33
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SynQhello world15:04
-!- danny_mk [n=daniel@] has joined #webgui16:46
danny_mkGood morning16:47
danny_mkI figured out what the problem was last night with the OpenId module16:47
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #webgui17:03
danny_mkHmmmm.... I am curious about something.17:10
danny_mkWould'nt it be better/faster not to make a trip to the DB if the $authMethod for the user is already set?17:11
SynQgood afternoon even :)17:14
danny_mkright!  sorry, I can't forget obout the international community :-)17:15
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui18:55
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SynQhey mister hairgrease18:55
SynQhow goes you?18:55
+MrHairgreaseit goes it's gang18:56
danny_mkgood so far18:56
danny_mkmaking good progress on the OpenId Auth module18:56
SynQwhat is that?18:57
SynQ33 days old i see18:59
SynQwho owns openid?19:00
danny_mkNo, that website may be 33 days old but the idea has been around for quite a while19:00
danny_mkThis site may be better:  http://openid.net/19:01
SynQit is owned by an american foundation19:01
SynQoh it isn't19:02
SynQit is a Dutch foundation19:02
SynQhm http://openid.net/wiki/index.php/OpenID_Foundation_Europe19:03
SynQthat is dutch at least19:03
SynQI'm checking out if I can install WebGUI to a KVM virtual machine, but the kvm wiki is offline :(19:23
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SynQhi JT!19:30
SynQoh, I mean, bye JT!19:31
+MrHairgreasejt just left the room19:31
SynQI say hello and you say goodbye19:31
+MrHairgreasesound like a 60s song19:31
SynQit is19:31
+MrHairgreasedamn hippie19:32
SynQpeace man19:34
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-!- ifireball [n=ifirebal@] has joined #webgui20:43
ifireballI'm trying to create a new navigation template20:44
ifireballI was wondering if there is somewhere I can see what all the <tmpl_var...>s mean20:45
+MrHairgreaseit is in the help20:45
+MrHairgreaseAdmin Console > Help > Assets >Navigation20:45
+MrHairgreasein the menu on the right choose Navigation template20:46
+MrHairgreasesomething like that20:46
+MrHairgreaseit'll list all allowed tmpl_vars20:46
+MrHairgreaseand what they're good for20:46
ifireballcool. thanks!20:48
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-!- metaperl [n=metaperl@] has joined #webgui21:59
danny_mkquick question if any of the developers are around.22:07
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has quit [Connection timed out]22:11
danny_mkCan I trigger an WebGUI::Operation::Auth::www_auth from a macro for a succesful login?22:13
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui22:30
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--- Day changed Sun Aug 12 2007
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SynQcould I have the mediawiki alike <pre></pre> style in the webgui.org user wiki for quoting system commands12:04
SynQnumbered lists just don't seem as clear to me12:04
-!- danny_mk [n=daniel@] has joined #webgui16:25
danny_mkAny of the developers around?17:55
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-!- YossiN [n=Natanson@] has joined #webgui19:33
YossiNhi all. I tried the demo but didn't find how to create a menu. can any1 guide me where is it hiding?19:34
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui19:42
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YossiN hi all. I tried the demo but didn't find how to create a menu. can any1 guide me where is it hiding?19:43
+MrHairgreaseYou should use the Navigation asset19:43
+MrHairgreaseit's in the Content part of the admin menu19:44
YossiNnavigation asset... thanks, will look into it19:44
+MrHairgreasegood luck19:44
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--- Day changed Mon Aug 13 2007
danny_mkIf anyone is around.  Do you know how to set a param in $self->session->form->param00:18
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AMH_bobGreeting to all!15:46
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-!- wgGuest73 [i=fiddur@c042.rit.se] has joined #webgui16:15
wgGuest73Hi folks.  I have a problem with a mail form that works for a while and then stops sending email.  You can see in the data list that new entries has been done, but no email was sent...  how do I debug that?16:17
@preactiondid you check the mailQueue table?16:18
@preactionis spectre running?16:18
-!- wgGuest79 [i=fiddur@c042.rit.se] has joined #webgui16:20
wgGuest79yes, spectre is running, and the mailq is empty... 16:20
wgGuest79can I connect to this irc with an irc-program instead of java?16:21
@preactionyes, it's just freenode16:21
-!- fiddur [i=fiddur@c042.rit.se] has joined #webgui16:21
-!- wgGuest79 [i=fiddur@c042.rit.se] has quit [Remote closed the connection]16:21
fiddurAh thanks...   16:22
fiddurso, does spectre have any log of its own?16:22
@preactionno, it shares the webgui.log 16:22
@preactiondid you check the server's mail log?16:23
* SDuensin is having mail related problems, too.16:23
SDuensinNothing in my logs.  :-/16:24
fiddurpreaction: The mail log shows nothing more than start and end of queue runs  (exim4)16:24
fiddurcould increase log level perhaps...16:24
@preactionperhaps to just see that it makes it to exim16:25
-!- danny_mk [n=daniel@] has joined #webgui16:26
fiddurit doesn't seem to get to exim, no... 16:28
fiddurI see the post in the domains access_log... 16:29
@preactiondisable the Send Queued Mail Messages scheduled task16:31
fiddurhmm, I see, for another domain, a spectre-error of some sort:  2007/08/13 15:29:42 - ERROR - spectre.conf - POE::Kernel::_dispatch_event[1013] - WORKFLOW: Something bad happened on the return of 3bmsdCHHv376WPouPnvu1Q.16:31
@preactionand then post again and see if it makes it to the mailQueue16:31
fiddurWhere do I disable Send Queued Mail Messages?  Note, I'm not the one who set up this server, I'm standing in for a guy on vacation... 16:33
fiddurah, I found it...16:36
fiddurthe disable-setting, that is16:37
fiddurNo, it still doesn't maike it to the mail queue.  Could the error from the other domain disturb spectres running on this domain I'm working on?16:39
@preactionyou could try stopping spectre entirely and then seeing if it goes into the mailQueue16:44
-!- tc777 [n=tc@vt.dierbergs.com] has joined #webgui16:57
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fiddurpreaction: No, still nothing in the queue...   17:07
fiddurI got some other problem it seems...  in the log, it complains about not being able to delete an undefined value:  WebGUI::Operation::Workflow::www_runWorkflow. Root caus17:07
fiddure: Can't call method "delete" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/File.pm line 272.17:07
-!- AMH_henry [n=Henry@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui17:37
fiddurIt seems adding a sanity-check on File.pm line 272 made mails get to the queue; i.e. adding    if( WebGUI::Storage->get($self->session,$storageId) )17:41
fiddurBut that probably means my db is corrupt in some way :/17:42
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danny_mkHmmm... I think I just got the WebGUI::Auth::OpenId module working right!21:49
danny_mkDarnit, I really think I got it.  It works pretty good :-)21:52
danny_mkLet me work on the Internationalization part and I will upload a copy in a couple minutes21:53
+MrHairgreasehey danny_mk22:14
+MrHairgreasei was wondering22:14
+MrHairgreasewhy did you use lwpx::paranoidUserAgent22:15
+MrHairgreaseor whatever it's called22:15
+MrHairgreasegood job btw22:15
danny_mkbecause that is what was available in the example and I just wanted to get it done fast.22:28
danny_mkI will look into that stuff later.22:28
+MrHairgreasejust read a bit about it22:28
danny_mkbtw.  I would like to include a provider bann list under the admin tools22:28
+MrHairgreaseyou can do that22:29
+MrHairgreaseuse the settingForm method22:29
danny_mksure, I have to get this working perfectly first22:29
+MrHairgreasesomething like that22:29
danny_mkIf you would like to see the one that is working perfectly without i18n then check it out here:  http://sial.org/pbot/2684022:33
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-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui23:11
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-!- SynQ [n=koen@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #WebGUI23:41
danny_mkI did not notice a versioning document on the PlainBlack website.  Did I miss it?23:43
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@178.sub-75-207-209.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:44
@rizena versioning document?23:48
@rizenyou mean how to access subversion?23:49
danny_mkno, I mean I want to put a version number on the OpenId module23:49
danny_mkI started with version
@rizengoal / feature/ fix23:50
danny_mk3 numbers?23:50
@rizengoal = when the api changes23:50
@rizenfeature - added to the API but didn't change it23:50
@rizenin a way that would break it23:50
@rizenfix - no new features, just bug fixes23:50
danny_mkok, I guess this version should now be 1.0.123:51
danny_mkHow do you guys want to see the list of banned providers implemented?  Single table, etc...23:52
@rizenwhat is a banned provider?23:52
danny_mkin case you do not want to accept accounts from myopenid.com, myhackedwebsite.com, etc...23:53
+MrHairgreasealthough i don't know much about openid23:53
+MrHairgreaseif it's just a list of banned providers23:54
@rizenis it just a list of URLs?23:54
@rizenor is there more to it?23:54
+MrHairgreasei'd put em in a table called AuthOpenIdBannedProviders23:54
+MrHairgreasejust one column23:54
@rizeni wouldn't even go that far if it's a list of urls23:54
@rizeni'd just create a new field in settings23:54
@rizenmake it a text box23:54
+MrHairgreasethe suggested formelement would be a textarea23:54
danny_mklike a filter on a router.  Do not accept connections from x.x.x.x23:54
@rizenand tell the user to put one per line23:54
+MrHairgreaseoh yeah23:55
danny_mkthe user would not manage these23:55
danny_mkonly administrators will have access to this stuff23:55
@rizenthe user in this case being admin23:55
+MrHairgreasei forgot the authsetting were stored in the settings table23:55
@rizencuz only admin can get to the settings screen23:55
+MrHairgreaseuse that23:55
+MrHairgreaserizen is right23:55
+MrHairgreaseah man it hurts to say that23:56
--- Day changed Tue Aug 14 2007
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-!- vayde [n=vayde@c-75-72-85-140.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #webgui05:04
danny_mkwhy does the Settings module delete commas from a textbox?05:43
danny_mknever mind, it was me :-(05:45
-!- vayde [n=vayde@c-75-72-85-140.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]06:10
danny_mkOK, I think I have one bug left to work on and it should be completely done.  It has to do with the International Module so I should be able to get it done tomorrow.06:23
danny_mkI will upload a working copy that defaults to the English language.06:23
danny_mkAt this point it is fully functional and you can test it on NON-Production websites.06:24
danny_mkGood night.06:24
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-!- fiddur is now known as fiddur|jobb07:38
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-!- fiddur [i=fiddur@c042.rit.se] has joined #webgui08:59
fiddurHello.   I get a warning in the log that "You've disabled cache in your config file...", but in the domains conf it says   "disableCache" : "0"09:00
fiddurIs it referring to some other (global) config file, even though it states the domain name in the log-row?09:02
-!- AMH_henry [n=Henry@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui10:04
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@rizenfiddur, did you restart modperl after changing the config file to read disableCache : 016:14
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xootomJust a quick question about packages: from experience it seems that restoring a package (say from templates on webgui.org) it is restored with its original asset IDs. I want to use a package to define a default "sub-site" set of pages (about, forums, contact, faq) that I can keep importing for each new user, will they import with different IDs?16:38
@rizenimporting a package is different than deploying a package16:39
@rizenwhen you import a package from a file it maintains the asset id's that it used when it got exported from the site16:40
xootomAhh that's great thanks16:40
@rizenbut deploying the package creates a copy of all the assets16:40
-!- danny_mk [n=daniel@] has joined #webgui16:40
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danny_mkis the person that refered me to this http://pastebin.ca/652879 code in here?16:49
-!- Haaarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui17:08
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danny_mkOK, I tested the OpenId auth module on a coupule of my systems and it seems that the Internationalization problem is bigger than I expected.17:17
@rizenwhat exactly is the problem?17:18
SDuensinOpenId?  Ooo!17:18
danny_mkbecasue of the fact that OpenId implementations go back and forth between the Provider website and the WebGUI website, WebGUI looses track of who $session->user is17:19
danny_mkWhen the International module looks for $session->user it fails because it complains that it can not call methods on "user" invalid reference or something like that17:20
danny_mkI will get the right error in a few min.17:20
@rizenmethinks  you have a typo17:20
danny_mkI even pass the English language to the International module as a work around and it still fails17:21
danny_mkok, I will buy that.17:21
@rizenspecifically that you're not passing the session object into the i18n constructor17:21
danny_mkok, let me paste code on pastebot17:21
@rizenpost your code to a pastebin somewhere and i'll take a look17:21
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #webgui17:23
danny_mkdisregard the comments, they are left over from my tests.17:25
@rizensorry, this doesn't help17:25
@rizenneed the whole file17:25
@rizenand why are you calling new backwards17:25
@rizen   my $i18n = new WebGUI::International($self->session, 'AuthOpenId', 'English');17:25
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI17:26
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-!- fiddur [i=fiddur@c042.rit.se] has quit ["Lämnar"]17:27
danny_mkeither or way works the same, I am used to the C# and Java way so it feels familiar17:28
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui17:28
@rizenit's against WG best practices though17:31
danny_mkNo problem, I can change that.17:31
@rizennot that big of a deal, was just pointing it out so you knew17:31
@rizenwhat is the exact error message you're seeing?17:31
danny_mkhold on17:32
danny_mkCouldn't execute operation : WebGUI::Operation::User::www_editUser. Root cause: Can't call method "user" on an undefined value at /opt/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/International.pm line 264.17:33
danny_mkIf I don't use the International module everything works great :-(17:34
danny_mkDarnit!!! I can't believe it.  I thought I looked over all the code but I did have a typo17:38
SDuensinIs this a contributed module, or part of the 7.4.x tree?17:38
danny_mkand talk about JT pinpointing it.  WG best practices conflicted with my best practices :-)17:39
@rizenso this bug is no more then?17:39
danny_mki had "my $i18n = new WebGUI::International->new(...17:40
AMH_henry@danny_mk: my $i18n = new WebGUI::International($self->session, 'AuthOpenId', 'English'); won´t work because there's already a subroutine called new in your current package17:40
AMH_henryyou really need the ->new syntax17:40
danny_mknot true Henry but I did change the code.17:40
danny_mkI am going with WG best coding practices.  That way I will avoid conflicts when cutting and pasting code.17:41
danny_mkYou know, a couple things that still bug me are the fact that I use CGI::new instead of $self->session->request17:43
danny_mkit should really work with the request object but I had problems with that in the beggining.  I may take a look at that today.17:44
AMH_henrysee http://perldoc.perl.org/perlobj.html (Indirect Object Syntax)17:45
danny_mkHmmm.... great call Henry.  I stand corrected.  No more Indirect Object Syntax for me in Perl :-17:47
danny_mkrizen:  No more International bug.   Wish I was home so that I could test it on my other systems.  I will have to do that tonight.17:52
@rizenis Net::OpenID::Consumer only using CGI for form params?17:54
@rizenif so, you could just pass $session->form into it17:55
@rizenbecause it has a compatible param() method17:55
danny_mkok, let me try that.17:55
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danny_mkHmmm... it has a problem with that.   Let me look at the WebGUI api to see if I can find a suitable object.  It really wants one of these:  a HASH ref, CODE ref, Apache $r, Apache::Request $apreq, or CGI.pm $cgi. 18:11
danny_mkI have to step away from my computer for a few min but BRB18:11
@rizenthen just give it $session->request18:13
@khennis anyone working on the weather bug?18:18
danny_mkI did that a few times and it still had problems but hopefully they were related to the other bugs I had.  let me try it again.18:20
danny_mkUnknown parameter type (Apache2::Request=SCALAR(0x84923878)) 18:21
-!- preaction [n=doug@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui18:22
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ18:22
danny_mkCGI::new works great but I would prefer not to use another module.18:22
@rizennot to mention it won't make it into the core with that18:27
@rizennot that i'm saying it would make it into the core without it either18:27
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has left #WebGUI []18:28
danny_mkI understand.  I like the idea of SSO using a trusted 3rd party and I thought OpenId was a viable solution.18:28
* SDuensin likes OpenId.18:30
@rizensure, i like openid too...but until i can fully review your implementation i can't say it will make it in18:31
-!- AMH_henry [n=yktang@erica.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui18:33
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI18:35
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danny_mkAh, gotit!   I had to look at the code in Session::Form and I used $session->form->paramsHashRef18:42
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danny_mkHmmm.... the perdoc documentation for WebGUI::Cache does not seem to acurately reflect the actual module.  19:21
@rizenreport a bug if that's the case19:21
danny_mkis there a problem with using Cache::File instead of WebGUI::Cache ?19:21
@rizenmainly that Cache::File is horribly inefficient19:23
@rizenwe used to use it in WebGUI19:23
@rizenit's a big stupid pig19:23
danny_mkLOL... Ok, I will use WebGUI::Cache instead.19:24
@rizenalso Cache::File won't work on clusters19:25
@rizenWebGUI::Cache is cluster safe19:26
danny_mkrizen:  What is the required second argument to "WebGUI::Cache->new($self->session,???)", does it have to be ["user",$userId]?19:38
danny_mkI hate to keep asking all these questions but I rather move this along instead of spending hours reading and understanding modules19:39
@rizenthe key that you're storing under....usually an assetId or something else unique to you19:39
@rizenyou could say "auth_openid"19:40
@rizenif you're only storing one thing in it19:40
danny_mkright now I have my $cache = WebGUI::Cache->new($self->session,["openidSession",$wgOpenIdKey]);19:40
@rizeni don't know exactly what you're doing with the cache so i can't say more than that19:40
@rizenthat would work19:41
danny_mkI know the value of wgOpenIdKey from a posted argument.  When I recreate the cache with the same arguments it should work right?19:41
danny_mkeven if I have a different session and I am a different user?19:41
@rizenyeah, sessionId has nothing to do with it19:42
@rizenunless you include that in your key name19:42
danny_mkok, thanks.19:42
danny_mkOK, last question before I do another release.  This one uses the WG api where ever it has to.  20:15
danny_mkIn using Cache I need to pass an cache object that "has a ->get($key) and ->set($key,$value) methods" WebGUI::Cache and its derived classes do not really seem to support these signatures.20:17
danny_mkI can do it without cache but it is recommended we use cache.20:17
@rizennice job with openid...looks good20:49
@rizenat first glance20:49
danny_mkThank you.20:50
danny_mkI forgot that I don't have an explanation for the Accept and Deny lists in the Settings.20:50
danny_mkThe list has to be separated by commas20:51
danny_mkI will put that in my post20:51
danny_mkrizen:  without reading through all the code is there an easy way to ad the tooltip to the Accept and Deny lists?  21:16
@rizenon the form element pass in a parameter called hoverHelp21:16
@rizenhoverHelp => $i18n->get("accept list help"),21:17
danny_mkah, perfect, thanks.21:17
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xootomI have a query about groups. In the user import script (unlike the groupadd macro) does it only take group IDs to join the user to a group? I.e. the random ID, not the 'nice' group name.22:40
@rizenyes it only takes the group id22:41
@rizennot the name22:41
@rizenbug --22:45
@rizenbug --22:46
@rizenbug --22:46
@rizenbug --22:46
xootomThanks, I've added some users with it now, there are a few hundred so I get the search when I go to user manager. The users all have a unique number as their default username, but I only appear to be able to search on username... how would I find someone based on their name? 22:46
@rizenif you add their first/last name to their profile22:47
@rizenthe user manager lets you search on username, email address, first name, and last name22:47
@rizendanny_mk: what about the cache docs didn't you like?22:50
@rizenthe only thing i found that was suspect, that the "key" parameter wasn't fully documented in the constructor22:50
xootomI've added firstnames and last names and they are visible in the user profile view but I can only find the user if I type a bit of the username 22:52
@rizendid you see in the search there is "begins with"22:53
@rizen"ends with"22:53
@rizenmake sure you have that set appropriately22:53
@rizenso if you're tying "fred"22:53
@rizenthen you either need contains or begins with22:54
@rizenif the thing you're searching for is "fredrick"22:54
xootomYeah I've tried all the settings, i'm trying Paul, tried both cases, it returns one I added manually but not one from the user import22:54
xootomi.e. only the one that paul was in the username22:54
xootomIt's on Contains Paul Any22:54
xootomhis user name is Y37220239905422:55
xootomso searching Y returns him, but Paul doesn't22:55
@rizenyour right, it appears to be a bug22:56
@rizenit's currently only searching email address and username22:56
@rizenit's supposed to search all four22:56
xootomah ok I'll raise it as a bug thanks22:56
danny_mkrizen:  I have to delete or annotate that but.  I typed in 'perldoc Cache' in the WebGUI/lib/WebGUI directory and I assumed it was looking at the pod contained in WebGUI::Cache23:35
danny_mksorry about that.23:35
danny_mkI never looked in the file!23:35
--- Day changed Wed Aug 15 2007
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xootomWhat's the minimum permissions needed to give users access to modify their own set of pages? -- I have given a user access to a group with permissions to edit a page. Do I have to put them into "turn admin on" to let them edit content?? I tried logging in as this test user, and they can go into version tags and delete and mess around with other people's working tags etc. etc. which doesn't seem very secure.00:03
@preactionthey don't need to be part of Turn Admin On to edit, but they do need a link to ?func=edit00:05
@preactionthey will need access to Turn Admin On to be able to commit their version tag00:05
@preactionin 7.4 you can set permissions for every panel in the admin console, so if you want, the Turn Admin On group can turn admin on but not actually do anything00:06
xootomcan they see the version tags panel though and switch to and commit other people's version tag?00:06
@preaction7.4 also has a way to auto-commit every edit to an asset, which would probably serve you better00:07
xootomyes that'd probably do it, i wonder how i can provide them with edit buttons to everything though if they can't turn admin mode on00:07
@preactionyou'd allow them to turn admin on, by adding them to the Turn Admin On group, but you'd modify the Admin Console permissions to deny them from actually Doing anything on the admin console00:08
xootomcan i make the auto-commit only apply to lower ui-level users?00:10
* danny_mk is back00:13
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xootomAt the moment Turn Admin On users see all the New Content items even on pages they don't have permissions to, resulting in permission denied errors. I'm thinking of filing an RFE, it would seem to me to be more logical for users without access to add things to the current page, not to see the New Content side panel at those times (the same as you don't see Clipboard or Version Tags when they're empty)00:21
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xootomI've enabled auto-commits on my site, but when i save or change an article or whatever, it doesn't appear after pressing save, I have to go to another page then back again, or press reload (but then I have to confirm reposting form data etc). is that a known bug?00:48
@rizenhow do you know you enabled auto commits?00:58
@rizenthere are three things you have to do to make it work00:58
@rizenAutomatically request commit? has to be yes00:59
@rizenSkip commit comments? shoudl be yes00:59
@rizenDefault Version Tag Workflow has to be Commit Content Immediately00:59
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xootomahh my Default VT workflow was still set at Commit without approval, I hadn't noticed the new option. Thanks01:25
@rizenbug --01:28
@rizenbug --01:28
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@rizenbug --02:09
* SDuensin cheers ++02:14
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AMH_bobTop of the morning to you too.16:06
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@rizenhowdy all16:44
SDuensinHey rizen 16:48
SDuensinHowdy MrHairgrease 16:48
+MrHairgreasehi SDuensin16:56
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xootomhi all17:14
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snoWhat does it mean when this message pops up during a CGI save attempt? "This Asset is locked for editing under a version tag different from the one that you are using."17:33
+MrHairgreaseit means that someone (maybe even yourself) has edited the asset under adifferent tag than you are using17:34
+MrHairgreaseand that that tag has not yet been comitted17:34
+MrHairgreaseto edit the asset either:17:34
+MrHairgrease1) Commit the tag the asset is under and once that is completed edit it.17:35
+MrHairgrease2) switch to the tag the asset is under and edit it17:35
snoHmm.  That asset hasn't been edited since yesterday, but was committed.  I was working on that part of the system for an hour today, and then suddenly this popped up as a problem.17:35
snoEven so, I went to version tags and for some reason found a version not committed.17:36
+MrHairgreaseif you loose your cookie17:36
+MrHairgreaseand log back in17:36
* SDuensin hates tight cookies.17:36
snoMaybe that was it.17:36
+MrHairgreaseyou will not be under the tag you were in your last session17:36
+MrHairgreasecould be17:36
+MrHairgreasejust use that tag and carry on =)17:37
snoChecking the admin nav version tag option and committing it solved it.  Thanks.17:37
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+MrHairgreasei have a question about workflow activities19:17
+MrHairgrease\do you have time?19:18
+MrHairgreasei'm planning on making one which should fetch files from an ftp server or something like that19:19
+MrHairgreaseactivities can only last one minute19:19
+MrHairgreaseso what would be the best appoach to fetch file that take over a minute to download?19:20
+MrHairgreasei thought maybe forking a process or something like that19:20
@rizenyou'd need to fork a process19:20
+MrHairgreasebut that isn't portable19:20
@rizenno it isn't19:20
@rizenwhat kind of file would you be downloading that would take that long?19:20
@rizendon't get me wrong19:21
@rizeni understand in the greater scheme of FTPing19:21
@rizenit could take days to download stuff19:21
+MrHairgreasei dunno yet19:21
@rizenbut relative to the workflow engine19:21
+MrHairgreasebut it should be possible19:21
@rizenit seems that anything you were going to grab would be quick19:21
@rizenone way to do it in a portable fashion19:22
@rizenwould be to write an FTP service daemon19:22
@rizenthat the workflow activity could communicate with19:22
@rizenthat way it would be portable19:22
@rizenand could run as long as it needed to19:22
@rizenand could notify the workflow when it was done doing whatever it was asked to do19:22
@rizeni'm not saying writing an FTP server19:22
@rizenbut rather an FTP getter19:22
@rizenas a daemon19:23
xootomI'm importing users using userImport.pl, but my file has birthdates in a date format and they're not getting converted (epoch time in seconds?)... where should the conversion take place, a special case for 'birthdate' in userImport.pl?19:31
@rizenyou'd need to request a new feature be added to userImport.pl19:31
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perlmonkey2Wow, lots of people in the room today.  Or has this become the norm?21:27
@rizenthis has become the norm lately21:27
@rizenfor the past couple of weeks21:27
@rizenthe other day there were almost 30 people on at the same time21:28
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@preactioni blame the split of plainblack.com/webgui.org22:02
+MrHairgreasefor what?22:02
@preactionthe new influx of people to WebGUI and this channel22:03
+MrHairgreasethat's good right?22:04
@preactionthat and new exposure on F/OSS websites like sourceforge, ohloh, and any other ones we find.22:16
+MrHairgreaseit's just that22:17
+MrHairgreasei expected you, as a experienced svn user, to praise good things instead of blameing em22:17
+MrHairgreasebut that's just me =)22:18
@preactionbut an experienced svn user knows that blame and praise is the same thing ;)22:18
+MrHairgreasesure 22:18
+MrHairgreaseI'm not saying you're wrong22:18
+MrHairgreaseIt's just the way you feel when you decide which one to use22:19
+MrHairgreasethink of it in beer22:19
+MrHairgreaseif you hate someone22:19
+MrHairgreasegive 'em bud light22:19
+MrHairgreaseif you praise em22:20
+MrHairgreasegive miller mgd22:20
+MrHairgreaseor even better22:20
+MrHairgreasesomething from belgium22:20
@preactionyou're evil. i wouldn't subject even my enemies to the horrors of bud light22:20
+MrHairgreasei once bought one in chigcago22:20
+MrHairgreasebut what did know...22:20
@preactionyes, they call that "beer" around here... it's crazy22:21
+MrHairgreaseback then I was hip fashionable eurotrash too22:21
+MrHairgreasecrazy waterdrinkin yankees =)22:21
@preactionyou think that's bad, you haven't had Milwaukee's Best Light (also known as The Beast), or Natural Ice (also known as Nasty Ice)22:21
+MrHairgreaseand I never will...22:22
@preactionyou're not coming down for the wuc?22:22
+MrHairgreaseNo, I'll be there22:23
+MrHairgreasebut I won't drink that crap22:23
@preactioni suppose, you've tried the Bud Light (Uncle Ben's Perverted Rice Water), i shant subject you to worse ;)22:24
+MrHairgreaseit had no taste at all22:24
@rizenwhile MHG is here I'm going to get him hooked on Capital brew and Great Dane brew22:24
+MrHairgreasei'd rather drink tap water22:24
+MrHairgreaseyou do that22:25
+MrHairgreasejoeri will tag along too I'm sure22:25
@rizenit's good stuff...and i'm not even a beer dringer22:25
+MrHairgreasespeaking of beer.22:25
+MrHairgreaseIt's time for a couple22:25
+MrHairgreasewhile you guys are struggling to 5pm =)22:26
+MrHairgreaselater guys22:26
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--- Day changed Thu Aug 16 2007
+crythiasMGD... mmm00:09
+crythiaslike Corona... without the pretention.00:09
perlmonkey2POE is a workaround to Perl's lack of decent threading.  With Perl 6 having a real threaded env, why is POE (vulnerable to blocking) better?00:13
perlmonkey2In regards to the pure perl stack.00:13
@rizenbecause POE is not threaded00:14
@rizenthreading is not a good thing when you're talking about high performance environments00:14
@rizendon't get be wrong...threading is easy and useful00:14
@rizenthink of it this way00:15
@rizenwith threads you have a stack00:15
@rizenand a heap00:15
@rizensorry stack00:15
@rizenthe stack can only grow to a certain size00:15
@rizenand the thread manager is heavy because it has to be generic enough to handle anything00:15
@rizenwhen you write an event driven mono-process like POE00:16
@rizenyou can build in the multi-tasking the way you want it done00:16
@rizenrather than how the thread manager want's it done00:16
@rizenthat's why most video games are single threaded00:16
@rizenthey can outperform the native threads and processes of the operating system's environment00:17
perlmonkey2Even if that is so, what about taking advantage of multi-proc/core machines?00:17
@rizenwell that's the advantage of using a preforker or a native thread library00:18
@rizenit usually handles that for you00:18
@rizenalthough some thread libraries can't handle multi-processors at all or very well either00:18
@rizenthe arguement basically boils down to a build it vs buy it scenario00:19
@rizenif you build it, it will take more time and you'll have more initial heart aches00:19
@rizenbut you can make it do anything you want00:19
@rizenand exactly how you want00:19
@rizenif you buy it00:19
@rizenthen you're stuck with what they give you00:19
@rizenin our case, we're actually not building it or buying it in the traditional sense00:20
perlmonkey2So even though POE is single threaded, you get exact control over where the control point  goes after every stack exit?00:20
@rizenwe're buying something someone else has built00:20
@rizenyes, we can put in our own process queing and process priorities00:21
@rizenwe can set up our own exit points, heap managmeent, etc00:21
@rizenincidentally, once perl6 is released, rocco has stated that one of the process management options will be to use perl's native threading00:22
@rizenso we'll have that option too00:22
perlmonkey2eh?  POE will use 6's native threading?00:22
@rizenrocco is the guy that wrote POE00:22
@rizenno, it won't use it00:22
@rizenit will have the capability of using it00:22
perlmonkey2that is ........ beautiful.00:22
@rizenthat's what i'm sayying00:22
perlmonkey2I'm tearing up here.00:23
@rizenit's pluggable00:23
@rizenall the way through00:23
@rizendon't like how something works...build your own or choose from one of the 50 other ways to make it work that someone else has already written00:23
@rizenincidentally...i just did a horrible job of explaining it00:24
@rizenmainly cuz i don't actually dive into the guts of this stuff00:24
@rizeni just know from benchmarks which is better00:24
@rizenand various technical briefs i've read00:25
perlmonkey2don't dive into the guts?  hah, I learned POE by looking at your code.  MUCH better examples than the outdated poorly maintained POE examples.00:25
@rizenwell i know how to code for poe.. what i mean is that i haven't actually written one off the kernel plugins for poe00:26
@rizenlike a queue manager for example00:26
@rizeni use poe as is00:26
@rizeni just rest easy knowing that i *can* dive in there if i need to00:27
perlmonkey2something that is interesting about the p6 thread plugin is that all operations on shared objects currently are atomic on POE.  There is no need to synchronize access because two thread/clients can't access the object at the same time.  But with the threading model, they can.  Think this will be difficult for rocco to overcome?00:28
@rizenno idea00:31
@rizenhe's a pretty smart guy, but kind of a recluse00:31
@rizenit's hard to get a read on him00:31
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has left #webgui []00:31
perlmonkey2In my opinion, the largest of the pitfalls you list for the pureperl stack is the multi-core issue, which the perl 6 threaded process management poe plugin will help resolve.00:33
@rizeni don't think it will be too big of an issue00:34
@rizenit's simply a matter of working with it to see what we can come up with00:34
@rizenpoe already has a prefork system00:34
@rizenand inter kernel communication00:34
@rizenso we could just fork one instance for each core on the box00:35
@rizenand then have each of the processes delegate to each other using federated IKC00:35
perlmonkey2and IKC seems rock solid.00:35
@rizenbut who knows if we'll even do the pure perl stack00:36
@rizeni'm sure there will be lots of backlash if we go that way00:36
perlmonkey2Well, I like the idea.00:38
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danny_mkrizen:  Do you know which one of the developers has experience writting tests that deal with 3rd party websites?01:30
@rizenwhat do you mean 3rd party web sites?01:31
@rizenwhy are you testing 3rd party web sites?01:31
danny_mkspecifically when setting $self->session->http->setRedirect to a foreign website01:31
danny_mkOpenId requires a third party to for authentication01:32
danny_mkthe provider01:32
@rizenare you actually testing the remote site01:32
@rizenor do you just want to know that your redirect is going to the right url?01:32
danny_mkthe OpenId module works great on my laptop (test system) however the redirect headers don't seem to hit my browser01:33
danny_mkfrom one of my servers01:33
danny_mkso I want to test that the redirect headers actually send the browser to the provider and then back to the WebGUI site01:34
@rizensetRedirect definitely works01:34
@rizenbut if you wan tto write a test for it01:34
@rizenyou can01:34
@rizenwhat you want to do is 01:34
@rizenset an output handler in WebGUI::Session::Output01:35
@rizenso that you can call your code01:35
danny_mkBy using Live Http headers and the $self->session->errorHandler->warn method I have noticed that it does hit the area where the headers are supposed to go to the browser01:35
@rizenand then catch the output coming from webgui01:35
@rizento see if it's what you expect01:35
danny_mkhowever the "<meta refresh"  never gets sent to the browser01:35
@rizenthe meta refresh never should be sent to the browser01:36
@rizenunder normal circumstances it should only send a redirect01:36
@rizenso you should be doing:01:36
@rizenreturn 1;01:36
@rizenreturn "redirect"01:37
@rizenthe meta refresh only gets sent to the browser if content is returned01:37
@rizenit's sort of a last ditch effort in case all else fails01:38
danny_mkhmmm... I am a little lost.  By using Live http headers I can monitor the trafic between my browser and the webserver.  My browser never gets any directives that tells it to go to the provider.  I must be missing something.01:40
danny_mkI am not saying that WebGUI is the culprit.  I am just saying that something is not right.01:40
danny_mkI have been wrong too many times to blame WebGUI again :-)01:40
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@ip70-189-104-178.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui01:41
@rizensorry man i don't know how to help you01:41
@rizeni haven't really looked at your code yet01:41
@rizentoo busy with my own code01:42
danny_mkno problem, I will look into it further.  WebGUI has a couple good tools for troubleshooting stuff like this.01:42
danny_mkHowever, I am wondering how I will write an effective test for this module.01:43
@rizenthat's what i was saying before01:43
@rizenyou can trap webgui's output in a test01:43
@rizenyou can set an output handler in $session->output01:43
@rizenso that it directs it back to your test01:43
@rizenso then you can call your code01:43
@rizenthat has the setRedirect in it01:43
@rizenand you can verify that webgui has sent the appropriate data01:43
@rizenthen 01:44
@rizenThen check $handle01:45
@rizenfor the output01:45
@rizenget it?01:45
danny_mkyup.  I will try that.01:45
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perlmonkey2Has anyone mixed WebGUI/Poe with Moose?03:22
@rizenwhat is moose?03:23
perlmonkey2moose is the Perl6 OO bolted onto Perl5.03:24
-!- Archer [n=jarcher@64-142-95-111.dsl.static.sonic.net] has quit []03:25
@rizenin that case the answer is now03:26
@rizenwe're starting to migrate to Class::InsideOut03:27
perlmonkey2Anything beats %hashObject03:28
@rizenSo far I like Class::InsideOut quite a bit03:29
@rizeni wrote the whole new WRE 0.8 API using it03:29
@rizenand the new Keywords API with it too03:30
perlmonkey2I've used the insideout oo method, but never that particular class.  I'll have to check it out.03:30
perlmonkey2Because I *have* to use OO or I quickly become inable to understand my code.03:31
@rizenClass::InsideOut is cool because it doesn't force your module to work a certain way03:31
@rizenbut you still get the benefits of no hash objects03:32
@rizenthread safety03:32
@rizenautomatic object destruction03:32
@rizenautomatic accessors/mutators03:32
perlmonkey2That sounds like it does a lot of what moose does.03:32
@rizenit does03:33
@rizeni'm reading the moose docs now03:33
@rizenit looks pretty cool03:33
@rizenbut it looks even more powerful than class::insideout03:33
perlmonkey2I don't know class::insideout , but Moose has been fun to use.03:34
perlmonkey2The biggest plus for me is that it is supposed to closely resemble Perl6 OOP.03:34
@rizeni wish i would have known about moose prior to using class inside out, but i'm afraid i'm not going to go back now03:34
perlmonkey2Yes, sunk costs must be recouped, especially when they are time.03:35
@rizeni'm already too far behind as it is03:35
@rizeni need a 100 hour work day03:35
perlmonkey2Do you keep busy doing contract work, or are you the lead dev on WebGUI or do those two overlap?03:36
perlmonkey2But if you find out where to find those 100 hour work days, point them out to me.03:36
@rizeni only do contract work when we run out of contractors03:38
@rizeni happen to be doing a contract right now cuz one of our contractors bailed03:38
@rizennormally i am the only one doing R&D on WebGUI and WRE03:39
@rizenand then of course there's the business to run03:39
perlmonkey2Are all your people contractors, or are the regulars full timers?03:40
perlmonkey2And would the survey system be considered part of the D in R&D?03:41
@rizenthat's true03:42
@rizenyou're helping me with d03:42
@rizenso thank you03:42
@rizeni should say, i'm the only paid person doing r&d03:42
@rizenwe have 9 full time staffers03:43
perlmonkey2holy crap.  you're huge.03:43
@rizenand they all work on client project work03:43
@rizenexcept me03:43
@rizenwe're tiny03:43
perlmonkey2seems like a pretty large operation for WebGUI only really hitting its prime in the last few years.  03:43
@rizenbeyond that we have 1 part timer, and about 30 contractors that we use on and off03:44
@rizenyou gotta remember that webgui has been about business since day one03:44
@rizenunlike apps like joomla that are more concerned about your casual user03:44
perlmonkey2Yeah, which is what I liked about the project.  A GNU project that makes money.03:45
perlmonkey2And focused on people making money.03:45
@rizenyeah...i don't want to be a charity03:45
@rizeni'm trying to prove that it's possible to run a healthy organic open source driven business that's both profitable03:46
@rizenand not artificially held up with venture capital03:46
perlmonkey2Sounds like you are doing alright03:46
@rizenwe're doing pretty good, but me being a perfectionist, i think we can always do much better03:47
@rizenby any normal standards we're doing fantastic03:48
@rizeni just set really high standards for myself03:48
perlmonkey2Heh, all the millionaires I know were perfectionists.03:48
perlmonkey2But I'm glad you're doing well.  Gets me excited about the survey system when I think lots of people will use it.03:49
@rizenoh yeah03:51
@rizenif it turns out really nice03:51
@rizenit will be used by thousands03:51
@rizenperhaps millions03:51
perlmonkey2You have millions of users?03:51
@rizenwe have thousands of deployments03:51
perlmonkey2Which is pretty easy to assume millions of users.....wow03:51
@rizenand our clients have hundreds of thousands and some even have millions03:51
@rizenour largest client technically has over 1 billion users03:52
-!- jarcher [n=jarcher@64-142-95-111.dsl.static.sonic.net] has joined #webgui03:52
perlmonkey2Chinese .gov?03:52
@rizenall of the US Embassy web sites world wide03:52
perlmonkey2I thought all the code looked really tight.  And it would have to be to serve the embassies which would be a prime hacker target.03:53
@rizeni'm slowly replacing all the code that i don't think is tight03:54
@rizenlike the survey for example03:54
perlmonkey2No pressure on me03:54
@rizeni'm certain you'll do fine03:55
@rizeni honestly can't wait to see the new ajaxish editor03:55
perlmonkey2Yeah, it's going to be pretty sweet.03:55
perlmonkey2Okay, I've got to take off for a bit.  Catch you later.03:56
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wgGuest77I have a problem upgrading14:43
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #webgui14:44
wgGuest77can you help me?14:45
AMH_henrywhat's wrong?14:48
wgGuest77my update from 7.3.22 to 7.4.3 failed14:48
AMH_henryerror messages?14:48
wgGuest77I installed all the required modules as written in the gotchas14:48
wgGuest77but the upgrade scripts outputs errors regarding JSON14:49
wgGuest77I did a force install in CPAN but many tests failed14:49
AMH_henrywhat operating system?14:49
wgGuest77now I'm trying to update CPAN14:49
wgGuest77latest OS X14:49
wgGuest77WRE 0.7.214:50
AMH_henryhmm... i'm not experience with OS X.. sorry14:50
AMH_henrymaybe you can try to post a quest in the forum14:55
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perlmonkey2SDuensin: Hello16:48
SDuensinWoke up to an insane server load and a corrupt database today.  <sigh>16:51
@rizenyuk...on webgui server?16:55
@rizencorrupt as in you can just myisamchk and fix it, or as in totally destroyed?16:55
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SDuensinI fixed it with mysqlcheck.17:02
SDuensinAnd yea, on a WebGUI server.17:02
@rizeni think you better switch to opencms17:03
@rizenyou're not having much luck with webgui17:03
@rizenany indication of what happened?17:03
SDuensinNope.  Everything was fine last night, today I couldn't contact the box.  So it got a reboot to the head.17:04
-!- rizen changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.4.3-beta / 7.3.22-stable | WRE 0.7.2 ] .:. Come To The WUC http://www.plainblack.com/wuc17:04
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AMH_mari@SDuensin: is your machine by any chance running Fedora?17:19
xootomsame happened here yesterday afternoon17:24
SDuensinUt oh.17:25
AMH_mariWe had a bit of a problem with the yum update daemon some time ago. Our servers went down with zero swap space remaining. Disabling via /etc/init.d/yum-updatesd solved it.17:25
AMH_mari(Fedora core 6)17:25
AMH_mariIt is some time ago and the update daemon might be fixed now. But we don't want an automated yum update anyway, so have not checked this.17:26
SDuensinI have an /etc/init.d/yum, and it's "off" in all runlevels.17:27
AMH_mariNo yum-updatesd? If so run the following to turn it off: chkconfig --del yum-updatesd17:28
SDuensinNope.  No yum-updatesd.17:28
SDuensinThis is FC4.17:28
* SDuensin hates using old OSs.17:28
AMH_mariAha, we're running FC6...17:28
AMH_mariDoesn't apply then.17:29
SDuensinI had a choice of FC4 or an even older Debian.  Eww.17:29
SDuensinAfter I got the box rebooted, and before I fixed the database errors, I had a couple httpd processes sucking up all the RAM in the box.17:30
SDuensinAs soon as I fixed the database, they were happy.17:30
@rizenyeah, the problem is definitely that your databases got corrupted17:30
@rizenthe question is how did that happen17:30
SDuensinWell, in the process of poking around, I've noticed that database has a workflow that won't run.17:31
SDuensinNext question is, how do I safely delete it?17:31
@rizenthe only way i've seen a table crash in mysql is if either someone killed the mysql process (hard kill, system power off), or if the filesystem is having problems17:31
@rizenwhy won't it run?17:32
@rizengenerally speaking it's not safe to delete workflows17:32
@rizenwhich is why there's no way to do it through the UI17:32
SDuensinI think it hates me.  That's why it won't run.17:35
SDuensinWhat was the curl command to get the error?17:35
@rizencurl http://www.example.com/?op=getSpectreConfig17:43
@rizenis that what you're looking for?17:43
@rizencurl http://www.example.com/?op=spectreGetSiteData17:44
@rizenand then you can also run individual workflows17:44
@rizencurl http://www.example.com/?op=runWorkflow;instanceId=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX17:45
@rizenbut you need to escape the ;17:45
@rizenotherwise the commmand line interprets it as a seperate command17:45
@rizencurl http://www.example.com/?op=runWorkflow\;instanceId=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX17:46
xootomthe userImport.pl script seems to have ignored my userId column and has given each user a random gui, to try the import again am i safe just removing these records (1773 of them) from users and userProfileData?17:50
xootomor even just updating the userId column with sql, i want userId to be = username17:51
@rizenuserId must be a 22 character string17:52
@rizenor an integer17:52
@rizenso userId cannot = username17:52
xootomthe usernames are all integers, they need to link to records in other tables based on userId17:52
@rizenuserId must be an integer less than 3 digits17:53
xootomoh no :(17:53
@rizensorry less than 5 digits17:53
xootomah that's ok they're 3 and 417:53
@rizeni should also note that at some point userId's will be 100% replaced with guids17:53
@rizenthat will be a long time from now (2009 or 2010)17:54
@rizenbut you should not set your own userIds17:54
xootomhmm i wonder if i can replace the ids in the other tables with the new guids instead17:54
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@rizenit's not safe to update the userId column17:54
@rizenyou can either delete them17:54
@rizenbut make sure you delete them everywhere17:54
xootomi'll leave them there then, and find the new userId for each username to put in other tables17:55
@rizenor use the API to delete them17:55
SDuensinSorry.  I was AFK.  Dang real work.17:56
SDuensinrizen - I get a "Problem with Request" and then the main page of the site.18:00
-!- chris77 [n=ctam@] has joined #webgui18:03
chris77Hello. How do I change the site logo?18:03
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@rizenSD: check the webgui.log18:08
@rizenand if there's nothing there check the modperl log18:08
@rizenchris77: you upload a new logo to your site, and then edit your style template18:09
@rizento point to the new log18:09
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snoHas anyone else observed calendar events being placed on the wrong date (one day before) in 7.4?19:40
snoI have (beta) right now, in case that matters.19:41
@preactionwhen using recurrence? yes19:42
@preactiongraham has a fix for that, but it's a pretty sweeping fix that may not make it in for a bit19:42
snoMy event editor doesn't have a recurrence form element in it.19:43
@preactionso you're not setting the event's recurrence pattern?19:44
snoApparently not.  I see the tab, but I just ignore it.19:45
snoAnd even if I make sure "all day" is clicked, it still reverts to a seemingly arbitrary time range for the day before.19:46
@preactionusing the latest beta? 7.4.3?19:46
snoNo, because I'm developing, I had gotten 7.4.0 and have changes against it.19:47
-!- chris77 [n=ctam@] has left #webgui []19:48
snoI have been working on this part of the system, but because I though I broke something, I reverted to base code and the problem still appeared.19:48
snoI was thinking it was a TZ conversion thing, but I don't know.19:49
@preactionyou might want to update and see if it still happens19:49
@preactionif so, you might want to post a bug report about it19:49
snoYeah, unfortunately it directly affects work I'm doing on a live project for Jamie.19:50
snoI guess I'll save all my changes, fire up a virgin virtual instance of this development system, update the version, and see if it still exists.19:51
@preactioncheck out the contribs area, under "misc" for my "switch_webgui.pl", makes switching between WebGUI codebases a lot easier19:52
snoI would have thought other reports might have come in, but perhaps people who work on beta don't necessary work on this part of the system.19:52
@preactioni should make a wiki article about it, so many developers need to do this ;)19:52
SDuensinOk, I'm finally back.  Sheesh.20:20
SDuensinMy log for that workflow says:20:20
SDuensin2007/08/16 02:15:49 - ERROR - spectre.conf - POE::Kernel::_dispatch_event[1013] - WORKFLOW: Something bad happened on the return of I9dEiqSxDBZfdAXyDTdx9g.20:20
@rizenturn on INFO20:21
@rizenthen rerun20:21
SDuensinSay who?20:23
@rizenedit log.conf20:23
@rizenreplace WARN with INFO20:23
@rizenrerun the command20:23
@rizencheck your log20:24
SDuensinAh.  Ok.20:24
SDuensinOk, I see a couple things...20:28
SDuensinCouldn't execute prepared statement: select fieldId from EventManagementSystem_badges where assetId=? : With place holders: ZhySQGg0jEHIhPwhTvg7pg.  Root cause: Unknown column 'fieldId' in 'field list'20:28
SDuensinThat's the only one marked FATAL.20:28
@rizenwell that's a problem20:31
@rizencuz that means that you either upgraded your source20:31
@rizenwithout upgrading your database20:31
@rizenor you didn't restart apache after an upgrade20:31
@rizenor your upgrade failed20:31
@rizencuz that field should be in there20:32
SDuensinUt oh.20:32
SDuensinShould I just panic now?  Or skip straight to the pathetic weeping?20:33
@rizenoh wait20:33
@rizenfieldId shouldn't be in that table20:33
@rizenwhat workflow activity was it running when you got that?20:34
SDuensin Running workflow activity pbwfactivity0000000010, which is a WebGUI::Workflow::Activity::PurgeOldTrash, for instance I9dEiqSxDBZfdAXyDTdx9g.20:34
@rizenah, ok that's a bug20:35
@rizendo this20:35
@rizenedit EventManagementSystem.pm20:35
@rizenline 108320:35
@rizenchange fieldId to badgeId20:35
@rizennow you should restart and that workflow will run20:37
@rizenfixed in 7.4.420:38
SDuensinIn /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/EventManagementSystem.pm ?20:38
SDuensinNot seeing it on that line.  Searching.20:39
@rizenlook in the purge() method20:39
@rizeni was looking at subversion20:39
@rizenyour version might be different20:39
@rizenit's toward the end of the purge method20:40
SDuensinI see it.  Changing.20:40
SDuensinNice.  Thanks!20:42
@rizenyou have mistaken my assistance as a magnanimous deed, however muddled the intent, it was in fact just a defect in need of rectification20:48
SDuensinThat's OK.  I knew you were defective before I asked.20:49
+MrHairgreaseIn the end it's all Koens fault20:50
SDuensinAs long as it's not mine.  :-)20:50
@rizeni've made the decision that the etymology of my speech is indigent and requires more opacity to eliminate queries from the unwashed masses20:51
@preactionmethinks this dictatorship is in desperate requirement of transfiguration into an oligarchy20:52
+MrHairgreaseI wonder what the origin  the word etymology is =)20:53
@rizeni'm testing new quotes to go in my email signature. which do you like better21:04
@rizenPain or damage don't end the world. Or despair or fucking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back. 21:04
@rizen In life you have to do a lot of things you don't fucking want to do. Many times, that's what the fuck life is... one vile fucking task after another. 21:04
@rizenif only21:05
@rizensometimes representing a business sucks21:05
-!- xootom [n=tom@82-38-197-188.cable.ubr04.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has quit [Remote closed the connection]21:05
@rizencuz you can't put stuff like that in your sig21:05
SDuensinBah.  Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck.21:06
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perlmonkey2OpenCMS doesn't seem to have many features.21:33
SDuensinThat's why he told me to run it - not as much for me to break!21:34
@rizenthat and it's java based, so you can use it with zkdesktop21:35
@rizenalso, if you believe the picture on the front page21:36
@rizenyou'll laugh and have a good old time every time you use open cms21:37
@preaction<3 generic pictures of people using computers on software websites21:38
SDuensinrizen, you guys should use some of the generic hot-women-borderline-porn photos for ads.  It's mostly men installing this thing anyway.  :-P21:41
@rizenyeah, but we have lots of churches and schools as clients21:42
@rizendon't think that will go over very well21:42
SDuensinWell, give her a rosery and a ruler.21:42
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danny_mkrizen:  do you know who wrote this sub:  http://pastebin.ca/652879  ?22:37
@rizenlooks like colin's code but i can't be sure22:38
@rizencolin = perlDreamer22:38
danny_mkok, thanks22:47
@preactionno, that's mine23:07
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danny_mkalright preaction, are you still around?23:18
danny_mknice function by the way, works great.23:19
danny_mkBy the way is colin the same colin that worked on Scoop a while back?23:20
danny_mkI am trying to write a test for the OpenId module.  However, the way OpenId works is by using a remote site to authenticate your URI23:22
danny_mkso webgui redirects a request to "x" webstie then on return I parse a couple of the params and do another round trip23:23
danny_mkSo far your function and the few tests I have written work great.  However, I will still need to see the stuff coming back from the remote site.23:24
@preactionyou're going to have to make assumptions about the stuff coming back, and test all possibilities23:25
@preaction(within limits, of course)23:25
@preactionthere should be a subroutine in your module that takes the stuff coming back from the remote site and says "yay" or "ney" or whatever it needs to, so you can fashion some responses and test the sub with that23:25
@preactionif later we find bugs with the way some providers return responses to the module, we can add cases in the test23:26
@preactionwhat do you think it would take to add Yadis support to your OpenID module?23:28
@preactionor, if implementing yadis, wouldn't we need to implement LID or TypeKey as well?23:28
danny_mkare you available by phone?23:28
@preactionnot currently, skype is down23:28
danny_mkI can add that stuff later on, after I get these tests written23:29
danny_mkthe module works great on my test site (my notebook) however I installed it on one of my servers and something is not happening so I want to get these test done first23:29
danny_mkhave you ever done this:  $http->send(http://whatever.com); print $http->response();23:30
danny_mknot specific to the WebGUI api23:31
@preactionusing LWP?23:32
danny_mkcan I make an assumption that if I write a test using LWP any WebGUI host will be able to support such a test?23:33
@preactionWebGUI requires LWP, yes23:34
danny_mkok, that is what I will use.23:35
danny_mkI will get input later on Yadis, let me get these tests done first.23:35
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@244.sub-75-207-189.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:51
danny_mkWell, it looks like a real test will not work.  Duuring an OpenId conversation the consumer must login to the Provider website23:58
danny_mkThen the URI owner must approve the website.  I don't think this can be done through a test script.23:59
--- Day changed Fri Aug 17 2007
danny_mkI think I am going to have to leave the Provider/Consumer conversation out of the tests.00:01
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perlmonkey2testEvn says I'm missing Graphics::Magick but cpan doens't have that listed.  Is that the imagemagick module?01:29
+MrHairgreaseinstalling graphicsmagick will also install the perl module01:29
+MrHairgreaseif your using the wre01:30
+MrHairgreasebe sure to set the --prefix and --with-perl options on ./configure01:30
+MrHairgreaseor else it will add it to your system perl01:30
perlmonkey2fedora rpm's.  the perl bindings come as a seperate rpm01:30
+MrHairgreaseinstall those01:31
+MrHairgreaseand you'll be fine01:31
+MrHairgreaseyou aren't using the wre right?01:31
perlmonkey2Nope, this is a dev install from subversion.  I don't need the libs, but saw that testenv had been updated so I ran it.01:31
+MrHairgreasejust making sure01:32
perlmonkey2thank :)01:32
-!- MrHairgrease is now known as MrN00b01:33
* MrN00b just forgot to use strict01:33
-!- MrN00b is now known as MrHaigrease01:33
perlmonkey2If your name was Mr1337 you wouldn't need strict :P01:36
+MrHaigreaseusing strict is very leet01:36
+MrHaigreaseeven the l33tout asset uses it01:37
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-!- AMH_henry [n=Henry@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui10:07
pjesiis there any solution to https://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/cache-issues ?11:53
-!- sweet18f [i=humph@] has joined #webgui12:29
sweet18fhi i'm having this error: ERROR - www.domain.com.conf - WebGUI::Session::ErrorHandler::error[183] - The notFound page could not be instanciated! any one can help ?12:29
-!- sweet18f is now known as Leon12:30
Leonno one ?12:31
AMH_henrywhat did you specified as notFound page in settings?12:32
AMH_henrythat page is accessible?12:33
Leonwell.. it was12:33
Leonnow it isn't12:34
AMH_henrytry http://... to it and look for error messages12:34
LeonInternal Server Error12:35
AMH_henryany thing in webgui log?12:36
Leonthe one i pasted12:36
Leon ERROR - www.domain.com.conf - WebGUI::Session::ErrorHandler::error[183] - The notFound page could not be instanciated!12:36
-!- ifireball [n=ifirebal@] has quit ["Konversation terminated!"]12:36
AMH_henrydid you make any changes to the default page?12:37
Leonshit it seems like it was deleted..12:39
Leoni can access another page but not the default one12:39
Leonwhy i'm creating a page called home and its being renamed to home1 etc ?12:43
AMH_henrymaybe there is already another one called home. It could be still in the trashcan12:43
Leonno it isn't 12:44
AMH_henrynot even in system trashcan12:44
AMH_henryin case someone else deleted it12:45
Leonwhere is the system trashcan 12:45
AMH_henryit's in one of the sub-menu´ s on the right12:45
Leonit isn't there too12:48
Leonany other ideas ?12:56
AMH_henrywhat's the url of your site?12:58
AMH_henryit cannot display any page at all?12:59
Leonno i can see all other pages13:00
Leonaxcept home13:00
AMH_henrydoes this work? http://www2.terrasanagroup.com/home?func=edit13:01
Leonis there a way to solve this ?13:03
AMH_henrytry changing the default home page to something else in settings13:04
AMH_henryat least you can get a home page that way13:04
Leonis there any kind of page tree to view all pages ?13:07
AMH_henryAssets in Admin Console?13:07
AMH_henryor you can create a navigation asset i guess13:08
Leonwhy root is not accesable ? mah :/ i'm getting confused13:08
AMH_henrydid you login as admin?13:09
Leoni'm getting a blank page13:09
AMH_henrytry adding ?func=manageAssets13:10
Leonblank page13:10
AMH_henryweird.... can you do manageAssets on other pages?13:12
Leoni can't even change the default page from the settings as i can't go into root13:14
AMH_henryyou don't need to go into root to change page. you can do that in Show Admin Console and then Settings13:15
Leonyeah i know13:16
Leonbut as default its Root13:16
Leoni can't write to it.. so i'll have to press .... button13:16
Leonand to select the page i need to go into the root folder to select a page13:16
AMH_henryic... weird13:18
AMH_henryany error messages in webgui.log when you access /root?13:19
LeonWARN - www.terrasanagroup.com.conf - WebGUI::Session::ErrorHandler::warn[430] - Visitor (1) connecting from attempted to make a Spectre workflow runner request, but we're only allowed to accept requests from,
Leon WARN - www.terrasanagroup.com.conf - WebGUI::Session::ErrorHandler::warn[430] - Couldn't call method view on asset for url: root Root cause: Can't call method "getUrl" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm line 22913:23
AMH_henryyou can try putting the site in debug mode .. it might get more info13:24
Leonhow can i do that ?13:24
AMH_henryin Settings13:24
AMH_henrythen misc. (or something like that) then show debug info13:25
AMH_henryany luck?13:31
Leoni'm trying to search in the database for the home13:35
Leonstatus was pending for home..13:36
Leondoes that mean something 13:36
Leoni changed it from pending to approved.. now i can see it13:38
Leonbut the pages are locked13:38
Leonsorry the home page is locked and even the articles in it13:38
Leonmost of the articles in the website are locked13:41
AMH_henryis spectre running?14:03
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AMH_henrygood morning!15:39
pjesianyone having problems with syndicated content?15:50
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-!- ftorque [n=max@62-101-118-154.fastres.net] has joined #webgui18:19
ftorqueI'm having a problem with CPAN18:21
@Haargwhat kind of problems?18:22
SynQmy CPAN is working just fine18:22
ftorqueIt won't install config::JSON http://paste.biz/paste-2660.html18:23
SynQthat is odd\18:23
SynQdid you use the --force --all options?18:23
ftorqueyes I did a force install Config::JSON18:23
ftorqueand then answered yes to the append all prerequisites question18:24
ftorqueshould I use install Config::JSON --force --all options ?18:25
@Haargit won't work18:25
@Haargversion isn't installing18:25
@Haargwhich is a prerequisite18:26
SynQare you using a mac?18:26
ftorqueyes with WRE 0.7.218:26
SynQI don't know anything about a mac18:26
-!- dodo__ [n=joeri@] has joined #webgui18:27
SDuensinDid you . ./setenvironment before running cpan?18:27
ftorqueHaarg: I answered yes to the prerequisites question.. But maybe there's a bug in CPAN?18:27
@Haargit's not a bug18:27
@Haargit's failing to compile18:27
ftorquewell the paths seems to be correct.. /data/wre/prereqs/perl18:27
@Haargwhich i'm not sure about18:27
@Haargbut you can install the pure perl version18:28
ftorqueso if I do a force install ExtUtils::MakeMaker::_version it won't work anyway?18:28
@Haargdo 'look version'18:28
ftorqueSduensin: I actually called /data/wre/prereqs/perl/bin/cpan18:28
@Haargthen run 'perl Makefile.PL --perl_only'18:29
@Haargthen make, make test, make install18:29
SDuensinftorque - Yea, but I think it still needs that set so it knows which Perl and such to use.18:29
ftorqueSDuensin: but as you can see the paths seems to be correct here.. http://paste.biz/paste-2660.html18:30
@Haargyou should be using setenvironment or running /data/wre/sbin/cpan18:30
@Haargbut i'm not sure that will fix this18:31
ftorqueHaarg: I just type "look version" in cpan?18:31
ftorqueok now I'm calling /data/wre/sbin/cpan18:32
ftorquerunning manual cpan setup again....18:33
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@] has left #webgui []18:34
ftorqueok look version finished18:35
-!- dodo__ [n=joeri@] has quit ["[BX] Pretzel Boy uses BitchX. Shouldn't you?"]18:35
ftorqueok it installed correctly18:37
@HaargConfig::JSON should install properly now18:38
ftorquewoha let's hope18:38
ftorquethere are lots of dependencies I'm answering yes to all...18:41
ftorqueyeah it passed the final tests and install went OK it seems!18:47
ftorquewoha now update to 7.4.3 went ok!!18:56
ftorqueThank you so much Haarg!18:56
ftorquebut the script gave a dozen of !!! Could not fix graph configuration for assetId etc.18:57
@Haargdid you switch platforms at some point?18:57
ftorqueyes I was the one affected by the Storable problem18:58
@Haargyeah, there's not really anything you can do about that.18:58
@Haargunless you went back the the old platform and did the upgrade there.18:58
@Haargbut then any newer ones you created wouldn't work18:59
ftorquebut it does affect just the graphs I hope... That "WARNING: If you saw any errors in the output during upgrade restore immediately" phrase is a bit scary :)18:59
@Haargyeah, it should only effect those graphs19:01
@preactioni suppose i should've explicitly called it a "warning" instead of a !!!19:01
ftorquedamnit I still can't enable the pie chart because of the libPNG problem :(19:01
ftorqueah ok so I shouldn't worry preaction19:02
@preactionno, it just means that the script couldn't parse the configuration (meaning you were affected by the bug)19:02
ftorquewhich is fixed in WRE 0.8.0 I read... Do you know when that will be out?19:02
@preactionJT's been trucking on it, and it looks insanely awesome, but no ETA that I know of19:02
ftorqueactually cap10morgan posted a fix... Perhaps could you help me install that in the WRE 0.7.2? :) http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/libpng-doesnt-build-on-os-x-intel19:03
@preactionif you don't feel qualified to do this, it's not exactly something trivial19:04
@preactionyou'd need to download the WRE source, download the updated libpng source, apply those two patches, and then compile libpng and imagemagick19:05
-!- perlbot [n=perlbot@lv.pm.org] has quit [Excess Flood]19:05
-!- perlbot [n=perlbot@lv.pm.org] has joined #webgui19:05
ftorqueI read you transitioned to GraphicsMagick.. Does it still need LibPNG?19:06
@preactionprobably, but the WRE 0.8.0 will have updated to a version of libpng that works19:06
ftorqueI have to go. Later!19:19
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snoHi preaction20:42
snoI've posted a bug report on the calender events issue and what I did to cause it to happen on a demo site.20:42
snoI'll also be talking to you about the Calendar system in general as I make modifications to Events.20:43
snoIf Haarg is around, he's the one who has posted Qs about my report.20:45
snoI have updated the report.20:45
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@ip68-97-51-70.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui20:53
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--- Day changed Sat Aug 18 2007
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SynQhey, where did the versions in the plainblack wiki go?00:40
@rizenwhat do you mean, they're still there00:41
SynQnow I'm stuck with the 'JRA version' of /community-wiki/wre-installation and I want to use the JT version of it for /community-wiki/wre-0.7.2-on-ubuntu-server-edition-7.04-feisty00:41
SynQI don't see the 'versions' tab any longer00:41
@rizenit doesn't say versions, it says "history"00:41
@rizenbut you should still see it00:41
SynQor does it have to do with the epiphany browser00:41
@rizenas long as your browser is YUI compatible00:41
SynQlets see if iceweasel does a better job00:42
SynQthat helps00:43
SynQnow I do indeed see the 'history' tab again00:43
@rizenwhats with you and crazy browsers?00:43
SynQJT: do you know if sourceforge allows for 500MB+ files?00:43
@rizenwhy not just use firefox?00:44
SynQI installed debian etch yesterday00:44
@rizeni know it allows over 500mb00:44
@rizeni don't know how much over00:44
@rizenbut i've downloaded isos from there00:44
SynQI'm having a great time with KVM00:44
@rizenso it must allow up to about 600mb00:44
SynQI'll try and get a 'webgui wre pre-installed' image done this weekend00:44
@rizenwhat is kvm?00:45
SynQkvm is qemu with amd-v or intel-vt support00:45
@rizeni'm almost done with the new WRE, just trying to work out the final kinks00:45
SynQusing the virtualisation stuff00:45
@rizenthen i'll start compiling it for various platforms00:45
SynQcan I help?00:45
SynQand debug them00:45
@rizenwith the compiling yes00:45
SynQonce you've compiled some00:46
SynQcompiling is fine too00:46
@rizenoh debugging too00:46
SynQProcoliX has ordered some kick-ass hardware00:46
@rizenbut i need to make sure it works from my point of view before i give it to other people00:46
@rizenif i can't even make it work00:46
@rizenyou definitely won't00:46
SynQsure you can00:46
SynQif you can't, just blame it on me :)00:46
@rizenthe new API is going to be marvelous for automated provisioning00:46
SynQthat sounds great00:47
SynQgimme gimme00:47
SynQI talked to Arjen today00:47
@rizenso you're all for the stable/unstable branch thing eh?00:47
@rizenoh yeah, what did he have to say?00:47
SynQand I promised Bart that next year we'll go to the wuc again00:47
@rizennext year!00:47
SynQhe was visiting Oqapi00:47
SynQnext year!00:47
@rizenwhat makes you think we'll even have one next year00:47
SynQI can just feel it00:48
SynQand yes I am all for the stable/unstable branch thing00:48
@rizenwe basically have to break even from year to year in order to have the next year00:48
SynQwhat's more, I'm sending Bart to a perl-course00:48
@rizennow that i've heard all those people say they are for it00:49
@rizeni'm going to definitely *not* do it00:49
@rizeni can't give the people what they want00:49
SynQwhy not?00:49
@rizenthat wouldn't be very JTish00:49
@rizenSynQ is the man of the people, not rizen00:49
SynQmaybe I'll have to *USE* more *EMPHASIS* on all my important *WORDS* then. >:)00:49
SynQin JRA style00:49
@rizenor just drink more coffee00:50
SynQget more sleep00:50
@rizeneverything is better with more coffee00:50
@rizenor should i say more caffine00:50
SynQmy wife says hi00:50
-!- perlbot [n=perlbot@lv.pm.org] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]00:51
SynQyou want to know about the kick-ass hardware?00:51
@rizenhi back00:51
SynQIt's blades00:51
@rizenand shouldn't you be in bed?00:51
@rizenit's got to be midnight or later there00:52
SynQtwo chassis with 6 dual processor quad core xeon's with each blade 16Gb of ram00:52
SynQits 8 to midnight00:52
@rizen8 cores?00:53
@rizenthat's huge00:53
@rizenthis is for webgui?00:53
@rizenor something else?00:53
SynQit's only the beginning00:53
SynQit's for more sleep and less worries00:53
SynQusing virtual machines for everything00:53
SynQand cluster technologies00:53
SynQbut yes, we are going to run WebGUI on it too00:54
@rizeni find that going much further than dual xeon with 2gig of ram is a waste for webgui unless you use a san with each machine00:54
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@ip68-97-51-70.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui00:54
@rizencuz you run into spindle speed problems00:54
SynQI have to help make the bed, be back in a jiffy00:54
SynQvm's are going to have max 1Gb00:54
SynQand yes we are going to get a SAN or SAN-like solution too00:55
@rizenlet me know what you go with on that front, cuz i'm looking for new storage technologies and techniques00:55
perlmonkey2me too00:56
SynQcan I post it on the dev-list?00:57
perlmonkey2Coraid has AoE, looks like you can do 24Tb for about $7k using WD 1Tb SATAs00:57
@rizenyou can put whatever  you want on the dev list00:58
@rizenespecially porn00:58
SynQhardware porn01:04
SynQperlmonkey2: it's not the size that matters01:06
SynQand WD 1Tb SATA's are dead slow01:06
SynQwe now have a 16 disk 500Gb setup with an areca raid controller for backups01:07
SynQbut that is not what you want for SAN01:07
perlmonkey2A SAS SAN just seems like an incredible waste of money.  Is the performance increase worth it?01:08
SynQI don't know, that depends on the setup I guess01:08
SynQwhat I'm looking for is a good combination of maintainability with performance01:09
perlmonkey2Tom's had WD rated faster than the 750 barracudas....but then the barracudas aren't that fast either.01:09
SynQIn short, a system that just always works01:09
perlmonkey2hah, good luck with that.01:09
SynQthanks, I'll need it01:09
SynQI think the trick will be done by spending a lot of money on it01:10
SynQwe are also in the process of negotiating about a dual datacenter setup01:10
perlmonkey2SynQ: Yes, high performance SAN's seem to start at about 30K just to get into the game.01:10
SynQthe blades I just ordered are also in that ballpark01:11
perlmonkey2I'll stick with my slow 24TB for $7K Ata/ethernet :)01:11
SynQwhat raid controllers are in that system?01:12
perlmonkey2I couldn't make blades make sense for our systems.  Just cheaper to build power workstations.01:13
perlmonkey2Coraid has their own controllers....doesn't say who they use.01:13
perlmonkey2Their "Advanced RAID Controller" uses "Coraid's RAIDShield(TM)".  Hmm....sounds kind of fishy to me.01:14
SynQit does01:14
SynQfor us blades make sense since they are cheaper then employees are01:15
SynQand they promise less hardware fiddlin'01:15
perlmonkey2That makes cents to me :)01:15
perlmonkey2But I'm a one man show, and I need to squeeze as much cpu power as I can out of each dollar.  Plus the uni picks up the air conditioning and electricty tab on our closet.01:16
SynQyou have no girlfriend/wife?01:18
* SynQ looks around01:19
SynQyes, you! :)01:19
perlmonkey2What makes you think that?01:19
* perlmonkey2 is curious01:19
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has quit [Connection reset by peer]01:19
SynQmaintaining boxes costs us a lot of time, time that is better spent on finding out better software configurations01:19
SynQplus, our data-center bill is +3000 euro's a month now01:20
SynQif I wasn't married I'd spend a lot more time on my job01:20
SynQand even now I've just been asked to 'get away from the computer and come to bed please'01:21
perlmonkey2I'm trying to figure out how to find another job, where I can telecommute.  I work waaaaay too much at this one.01:21
SynQits half past midnight here01:21
perlmonkey2SynQ, our grant sponsor makes that arguement all the time about hardware being cheaper than my time or any employee.  But it just pains me to buy expensive Dell/IBM when I don't really believe it saves configuration time.01:22
perlmonkey2But it sounds late there.  Perhaps your wife has a point :)01:22
SynQI've bought supermicro blade servers, they were not that expensive as dell or ibm or hp blade servers01:23
SynQI'm not done drinking my beer yet01:23
SynQsince I only drink during the weekends lately I'm now enjoying the start of the weekend01:24
SynQwith a nice belgian one01:24
SynQand I haven't finished it yet01:25
perlmonkey2Hmm....these supermicro's come in dual-proc quad core.....so far so good.01:25
SynQjt: I think you should photoshop a feather on yungs 'the people behind webgui' photo01:25
SynQ16Gb per blade is the best bang for the buck01:26
SynQand then we are going to run KVM on it01:26
SynQwhich is a vm software thing just like xen or vmware01:27
@rizenwhat do you mean "photoshop feather"01:27
@rizenyou mean edit the image to put a feather in it?01:27
SynQthat :)01:28
SynQthe webgui indian01:28
@rizento make him look native american?01:28
SynQthat is a very politically correct word for it yes01:28
SynQnot very JT-ish01:29
SynQdamn, I wish I could come to the wuc01:29
SynQjust for the 'stump the chump' sessions01:29
@rizenwhy can't you?01:31
@rizenit would be great to see you. it's been a couple years01:31
SynQIt's quite expensive01:31
@rizeni think the last time was when i came to holland, wasn't it?01:31
SynQI've just spent all the money on servers ;)01:32
@rizenthat's true...but it's worth it to see me01:32
SynQyou are probably right01:32
SynQas allways01:32
@rizenbesides, if you want to save a few bucks, you can stay at my house01:32
SynQbut last time in vegas I was a bit sick all the time01:32
@rizenit's only about 4 blocks from the hotel01:32
SynQhmmm, tempting01:32
@rizeni'm not staying at the hotel this year either for the first time in wuc history01:33
SynQwhat is the value of one karma point on the plainblack site?01:33
@rizensince it's so close01:33
@rizenyou mean a $ value?01:33
@rizenit doesn't have one01:33
SynQno, I mean how many nights can I stay at your house for x karma points?01:34
@rizenyou can stay at my house for as many nights as you're stateside01:34
SynQnow that would be great value01:34
@rizenno karma required01:34
SynQdamn, you are making it hard for me01:35
SynQI'll reconsider this week01:35
@rizenif bart will sleep on the couch, he can stay too01:35
SynQrecalculate :)01:35
@rizeni only have one spare bedroom01:35
SynQbart is getting his driving license soon (I hope)01:35
@rizensarah and i are in one, you get the other, and bart can stay on one of our two couches01:35
SynQI'll discuss it with Bart on monday01:36
@rizenhe doesn't have one?01:36
SynQbut he will have soon01:36
SynQand he's loving it01:36
@rizenthen he can drive your car like a crazy person...similar to you01:36
SynQI hope not01:36
SynQwith the 4,4 litre V801:36
SynQit's very delicate to drive, my car, before you know it you are driving 200 miles an hour01:37
SynQit's a racing machine01:37
SynQBMW 540i touring01:37
SynQbut hey, let's not talk about cars01:38
SynQlets talk about that stable/development stuff01:38
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]01:38
SynQwhy wouldn't you do it? seriously01:38
SynQwhat are the arguments against it?01:38
SynQyou don't want to talk about it?01:41
@rizenwas on phone01:45
@rizeni thought you were going to be?01:45
SynQI give myself 15 more minutes01:45
@rizenwhy i wouldn't do it is that it's a lot more work for us01:45
SynQdunno what time it is over there01:45
SynQand what day for that matter01:46
@rizen15 to 6pm01:46
SynQ7 hours early01:46
@rizenor 17:45 in eurospeak01:46
SynQand with us you mean all plainblack staff and all other developers01:46
@rizenanyway the only reason not to do it is that it's more work for pb01:47
@rizenno it's really just more for pb01:47
@rizenbecause the "more" is part of release management01:47
@rizenand pb does all release management01:47
SynQI know01:47
SynQand I think you are right01:47
SynQbut then again, if getting stable/development in place gets webgui on a better level that will probably also be mostly benificial to PB01:48
@rizenpreaction has been trying to convince me to build an entirely new upgrade system that relies upon patch/diff instead of upgrade files01:48
@rizenyou're right...some clients will be happier for sure, and that's beneficial to us01:48
@rizenpreaction = doug bell = one of my programmers01:49
SynQI will be a lot happier01:49
@rizenno offense but you're not a client01:49
@rizenyou're a user01:49
@rizenbig difference in my world01:49
SynQdidn't I just order a few books from plainblack?01:49
@rizeni don't know, did you?01:49
SynQProcoliX did01:49
SynQthey arrived in a half drowned state01:50
@rizenhmmm. i haven't seen that order go through..but i don't monitor it that closely anymore01:50
SynQbut bart is taking that up with lulu01:50
@rizeni was going to say, they never even touch our hands01:50
SynQI'm probably going to order some more books soon01:50
SynQdoes that make me a client?01:50
@rizeni suppose so01:50
@rizena small one01:50
SynQwould it help if I got a subscription to one of your 'small hosting' packages?01:51
@rizenit's sort of weighted like this for me: user / contributor / client / rockstar01:51
@rizenSarah eagerly awaits your arrival01:52
@rizenand she humbly requests you bring your wife01:53
SynQso a client that pays pb 20 a month is more important than a contributor?01:53
SynQbring my wife01:53
SynQgood idea01:54
SynQI'll ask her01:54
@rizendepends upon what the contributor does01:54
SynQthe contributor creates half done wiki pages :)01:54
@rizenonce they've made it to "people behind webgui" status01:54
@rizenor contributor of the year01:54
@rizenthen they're above client01:55
@rizenso i should probably do01:55
SynQabove the 20$ client?01:55
@rizenuser / contributor /  < $1000 yr client / pbwg / < $5k yr client / contributor of the year / >$5k yr client / rockstar01:56
@rizenbut that's much more confusing01:56
SynQthat is much clearer to me :)01:56
SynQwhat is pbwg?01:56
@rizenpeople behind webgui01:56
@rizenlike yung01:56
@rizenalthought technically yung is both pbwg and client01:57
SynQnot to be harsh, but just to be sure...01:57
@rizenincidentally, you're more than contributor or client01:59
SynQmartin (who has made contributor of the year) is more important to you than I am, since you see me more like a 'user' even though ProcoliX has payed for quite a significat part of martin's his time that got him to be contributor of the year?01:59
@rizencuz you're friend01:59
@rizenand friend isn't in that list01:59
SynQfriend is above that list?01:59
SynQnot to be placed in any category?02:00
SynQisn't martin friend too?02:00
@rizenfriend can't be defined by that list02:00
@rizenbecause it has nothing to do with time or money02:00
@rizenthat's a time/money list02:00
SynQto be friend you first have to be able to insult you without getting kicked in the face? ;)02:01
@rizenand yes, martin, and most of the dutch team for that matter is in that friend category02:01
SynQnow I understand fully02:01
@rizenthere was a time i used to kick you in the face often02:01
SynQhow much does rockstar cost?02:01
@rizenit starts at $30k per year02:01
SynQman, that is almost for free02:01
@rizenbut we don't have anyone using that small of a rockstar client02:02
SynQthat is odd02:02
@rizeni believe all of them are >$100k02:02
SynQall one of them?02:02
@rizenall 3 of them02:03
SynQnow I'm sure there will be a wuc next year :)02:03
@rizenrockstar has nothing to do with wuc, unless they include wuc tickets in their rockstar contract02:03
@rizenwhich so far none have02:03
@rizenits funny cuz they each always have at least one person show up02:04
SynQIf I make more than EUR 100000 per year I'll want to get one of them rockstar contracts02:04
@rizenoh please...you make more than that02:04
@rizenyou're a super successful hosting company02:04
SynQsure I do02:04
@rizeni don't mean you personally02:04
SynQthat is why I drive a 10 year old BMW02:04
@rizeni mean you ProcoliX02:05
SynQturnover yes02:05
SynQbut profit02:05
@rizenoh i c02:05
@rizenyeah profit is a different story02:05
SynQProcoliX turnover this year will probably be around 300K euro's02:05
@rizenwe'll be more than that, but we do more than just hosting too02:06
SynQand PB has more employees02:06
@rizenyeah, our payroll scares me02:06
SynQwe have 4,6 FTE starting october 1st02:06
SynQnow we have 3,602:06
SynQhow much FTE has PB got?02:07
@rizenwhat is 3,6?02:07
@rizen3 full and 6 part?02:07
SynQthat is 4 people working 3,6 full time hours02:07
SynQFTE = Full Time Employee02:07
@rizenwe have 8 full time and 1 part time, plus the gaggle of contractors that we hire for project work02:07
SynQfull time is 36 up to 40hours a week02:08
SynQwe almost don't do contractors02:08
@rizenfor us FTE = salaried02:08
SynQah ok02:08
SynQ8 is a lot02:08
@rizenwe did have 902:08
@rizenbut one quit a month ago02:08
@rizenwe're seeing how the ebb and tide of project work goes before we hire another02:09
SynQyour annual turnover should be arount 1Million a year02:09
@rizeni don't discuss such numbers publicly02:09
SynQI do02:09
SynQthey are publicly available at the end of the year anyway02:10
@rizennot for us02:10
SynQI have to publish them at the chaimber of commerce02:10
@rizenwe're not a member of the chamber of commerce02:10
@rizenso we don't have to02:10
SynQso I might as well tell it to anybody02:10
SynQplus, I don't do in secrets02:10
SynQI am an open book02:10
SynQthat is so much easier02:11
@rizeni don't want to keep secrets, but i have customers who prefer that we keep that data private02:11
SynQand turnover doesn't say anything about your profits02:11
@rizenas they contribute significant amounts of money to our bottom line02:11
SynQI'm not telling you anything about how much a costumer pays us too02:11
SynQI am not allowed to02:11
SynQbut I can tell you ballpark turnover figures02:12
SynQso I can also tell you that I'm spending about 30% of our anual turnover on hardware02:12
@rizenmy goal is to double our total revenue each year02:12
@rizenfor the first 5 i did it, and i'm on track for year 602:13
SynQrevenue = profit?02:13
@rizenrevenue = turnover02:13
SynQI want to explode in the next two years02:13
@rizenour datacenter bill is around $7k per month02:13
SynQquadruple the turnover in 200802:13
SynQis that including renting all servers?02:14
SynQthat is ok02:14
SynQnot too expensive02:14
@rizenno, all in all it's pretty inexpensive02:14
SynQfor me that is not so easy to say02:14
SynQsince we own most of the servers02:15
@rizenbut that's what you specialize in too02:15
SynQbut I guess it's about 20k euro per month02:15
@rizeni'm certain we don't do things as high end as you02:15
SynQthat is way to much02:15
SynQmore like 15K02:15
SynQthe theaters are great to do02:15
SynQpeaks of 3000 visitors +02:15
SynQall wanting to order a ticket for one particular show02:16
SynQand with 3000 I mean 3000 per second02:16
SynQand them servers are still doing nothing :)02:17
SynQsince it's all php code02:17
SynQand load-balanced over 4 systems02:17
SynQbut I'd like to do that with webgui next year02:17
SynQon our new blade infrastructure02:18
SynQbut hey02:18
SynQit's 15 past 102:19
SynQI should really go to bed02:19
@rizenthat's what i want to do with the pure perl stack02:19
@rizenyes you should02:19
SynQpure perl sounds good02:19
SynQand then compiled pure perl02:19
SynQthat sounds even better02:19
@rizensweet dreams02:19
SynQchat to you tomorrow?02:20
@rizeni'll prbably be around02:20
SynQsomewhere around the same time?02:20
@rizenworking on wre all weekend02:20
SynQor earlier?02:20
@rizeni'll probably be on all day all weekend02:20
SynQI'll get you access to some of my newly created vm's02:20
SynQI've got 3 AMD X2 systems with 4Gb ram02:21
SynQjust to play with02:21
SynQalthough not behind too big network connections02:21
SynQbut then again02:21
SynQenough to compile the new WRE on02:21
perlmonkey2YUI Compressor 1.0 Released.02:24
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SDuensinAnybody alive?06:22
SDuensinHey bud.06:25
SDuensinI can't for the life of me figure out how to generate a set of nested <ul><li></li></ul> type stuff for a navigation template.06:25
@rizenit's very tricky06:26
@rizenalthough i believe that steve made a default template that comes with webgui that does it06:27
SDuensinI've yet to find it if so.06:27
@rizenit's there06:27
@rizendo this06:27
@rizengo to asset manager > search06:27
@rizenselect template as the class time06:27
@rizenand search for "list"06:27
@rizeni think that will findit06:28
SDuensinOh, and why does WebGUI completely blow the template in the admin menus?06:28
SDuensinHappens all the time!06:28
@rizeni have no idea what you've just said, let alone what you're talking about06:30
SDuensinI can send you a screenshot.06:30
@rizenif it's a bug why not just post it06:32
SDuensinI don't know if it's a bug.  :-P06:32
SDuensinNot finding that nav template.06:34
SDuensinMaybe I just did.  Reading.06:35
@rizen[ WebGUI 7.4.3-beta / 7.3.22-stable | WRE 0.7.2 ] .:. Come To The WUC http://webgui.org/wuc06:44
-!- rizen changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.4.3-beta / 7.3.22-stable | WRE 0.7.2 ] .:. Come To The WUC http://webgui.org/wuc06:44
@rizenincidentally steve says it's easier if you enable HTML::Template::Expr 06:45
* SDuensin will take your word for it.06:46
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danny_mkWell, I finally found the bug!15:49
danny_mkit helps to read the API perldocs :-)15:50
danny_mkanyway, I was asked to provide a website where WebGUI users can see the module in action.15:52
danny_mkI know my system would not take a heavy load if it got too many hits.  Is there a WebGUI testing system where I can install this module for user tests?15:53
SynQhow much is heavy load?16:13
SynQwhat kind of load do you expect16:13
SynQand how long should that site run?16:13
danny_mkwell, my 4 websites are only running off one server and although the server can probably take a lot of hits I just wanted to make sure the system 16:14
danny_mkcan take it.16:14
danny_mkin my case I don't know what would be considered a heavy load for my server, I have never tested the sysems performance16:15
SynQwhen do you need it up and running?16:15
SynQand how long for16:15
danny_mkI bet if it ran for a couple weeks that would be long enough. 16:16
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danny_mkOpenId is in its infancy stage but sooner rather than later would be best16:17
SynQwhat are the specs of the server you have now?16:18
danny_mkYou know what, I am going to take a chance.  I will setup a new webgui website where the users can see it in action.16:19
SynQthat's the spirit16:19
danny_mkI will do that sometime this afternoon.  It occurs to me that I have never tested that server anyway and this is as good a time as any :-)16:20
SynQyou could also try and hit your server with ab before you do that16:21
SynQapache bench16:21
danny_mkcool, will do that.  Thank you for the suggestions.16:22
SynQno prob16:22
danny_mkhave to go feed the animals now.  Take care.16:22
SynQyea, I'm gonna walk the dog too16:22
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@rizensynq, you shouldn't talk about your wife that way18:05
SynQI actually do have a dog18:25
SynQgood morning by the way18:25
SynQI've just opened a beer :)18:25
@rizenhave one for me18:25
@rizeni'm going to need it18:25
SynQwhy is that?18:26
SynQoh, I've been reading the backlog18:26
@rizenwell i've got a full day of WRE debugging and compiling ahead of me18:26
SynQI read your arguments for not having a vmware image18:26
@rizenand our server is being attacked by the search engines 18:26
SynQnow I am in the process of creating kvm as a webgui imageplatfrom18:27
SynQplatform even18:27
@rizenyahoo, msn, google, and a few small ones have been all simultaneously indexing our site for the past 10 hours18:27
@rizenit's killing the server18:27
SynQis it on a single server?18:27
@rizenthe problem is mainly spindle speed18:28
SynQI understand18:28
SynQwhat os / distro are you using?18:28
SynQand is it freely downloadable/installable?18:29
@rizenthere's centos18:29
@rizenwhich is the same thing18:29
@rizenand free18:29
SynQbut you're using the paid stuff18:29
SynQah ok18:29
SynQthat's too bad then18:29
@rizenwe get security patches faster 18:29
@rizenand we get the paid version for free from our data center anyway18:30
SynQif it were free I could try and supply you with a vm to compile stuff18:30
SynQvirtual machine18:30
@rizenwhy do i need a vm to compile stuff?18:30
@rizeni already have a vmware server farm for compiling stuff18:30
SynQnever mind18:31
SynQis there any chance I get to see that nice new WRE in the coming few days?18:31
@rizenthat's why i'm working so hard on it18:36
SynQdon't let me distract you then18:36
SynQI'll keep on working on a kvm image for webgui18:37
SynQusing wre 0.7.218:37
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@rizenSynQ if you're around i could use some assistance21:00
@rizenI'm getting [Sat Aug 18 12:45:30 2007] [notice] child pid 6055 exit signal Bus error (10) in my modperl error log on the new WRE21:00
@rizenand i can't figure out what that means21:00
@rizenit was running at one point21:00
SynQany google entry I find about that is talking about out of memory problems21:09
@preaction_i'm finding ones about memory hardware faults or other hardware faults21:10
@rizenthe only entry i found about it says that i'm using an apache module that was compiled for a different version of apache than i'm using21:10
@rizenbut everything was compiled at the same time21:10
@rizenfrom scratch21:10
SynQI'd bet on the memory stuff21:10
@preaction_that'd cause sigsegv, not sigbus21:10
SynQeither you have broken memory or you are out of memory21:10
@rizenso my box is failing?21:10
@preaction_run memtest86 to find out21:10
SynQdunno, but it wouldn't hurt to run a memtest21:10
@rizenthis is my mac21:11
@rizencan't run tht21:11
@rizenhowever, i'll take a look at memory whilst trying to start it21:11
@rizensee what that turns up21:11
@rizenthanks for the tip21:11
@rizenmy machine is reporting 130MB free whilst trying to start it21:13
@rizeni'm going to try rebooting though, cuz i haven't done that in a while and this machine gets funny when i don't21:13
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SynQfunny machine :)21:15
SynQmaybe you should get a new one21:15
@rizenyeah, i need a new one21:17
@rizenbut i'm waiting for the new OSX to come out in october21:17
@rizenbefore buying one21:17
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SynQhi there mr. smith21:25
SynQdid the rebooting help?21:25
@rizennope, but my machine is running faster now21:25
@rizenand shows far more ram available21:25
@rizeni have another idea though21:26
SynQwhich is?21:26
@rizeni'll tell you if it works21:26
@rizennevermind it does work now21:32
@rizenat least in the sense that it starts up21:32
@rizeni'm still getting the error though21:37
@rizeneven though it's running21:37
@rizeni think i'm going to have to recompile at this point21:38
@rizenno other ideas21:38
SynQI don't know what your setup is21:47
@rizensetup = fucked up21:47
SynQI'm struggling with wre 0.7.2 now21:48
SynQbut I guess you are not really interested in that21:48
SynQit seems ubuntu doesn't recognize the 'source' command21:48
@rizensomeone said that if you edit the first line of21:49
@rizenthe /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/share/mysql/mysql.server script21:49
@rizento be #!/bin/bash21:49
@rizenthat fixes it21:49
SynQok, lets try21:50
SynQthat is not in the wiki btw :)21:50
@rizenthat's a bug in MySQL on Ubuntu21:50
@rizeni don't maintain the wiki21:50
@rizencomplain to the community21:50
SynQit is in the wiki now21:50
SynQI am the community ;)21:51
SynQnow I'm going to eat first21:52
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--- Day changed Sun Aug 19 2007
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@rizeni just shaved 13mb off the WRE's compressed size02:41
@rizenand 60mb off it's deployed size02:41
@rizenthe WRE no longer comes with documentation for all the utilities02:43
@rizenlike the Apache manual02:43
@rizenin order to do that02:43
@rizenand i've also eliminated things like the mysql benchmark suite02:43
@rizenbut they can use the wdk if they want full documentation02:43
@rizeni take it back, it's 75MB of fthe deployed size02:45
@rizennot 6002:45
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SynQ75M off the deployment size, that is absolutely fantastic!12:27
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SynQjt, did you solve the mod_perl problem?14:34
@rizenyes i did18:10
@rizensorry, getting a really late start this morning18:10
@rizenthe recompile fixed everything18:10
@rizeni can't figure out what's going on18:11
@rizenthere must be some new major site linking to plainblack.com18:12
@rizenbecause the search engines keep resweeping the site every day18:12
@rizenit's been going on for 3 days in a row now18:12
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SynQrizen: I think that is not bad, but good news22:30
@rizenit is bad in that my server is at a constant load of 10.022:30
SynQthat is no