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um__anyone here00:10
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um__anyone here?01:12
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um__does your entrance mean there is the posibility of some activity in channel now?16:36
@daviddelikatdid you have a question?16:39
um__more than i care to admit16:40
@daviddelikatI'll do my best to answer any webgui questions16:40
um__been trying to do my first install and havent gotten it running yet16:40
@daviddelikatare you installing from code?16:42
@daviddelikator using the wre?16:42
um__i pulled a stubborn all nighter so forgive me if my fatigue shows16:42
um__i started trying to use the wre16:43
um__ps before i forget to ask16:43
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um__in some of my searches on the site that led to posts i saw the name david mentioned (in what capacity they did not say and no last name or nick) but seeing an auto op appear of the same name made me wonder16:44
@daviddelikatthere have been other davids before me; but I've been around for arond 5 years16:45
um__do you work for plainblack?16:46
@daviddelikatI do16:46
um__its good that you are active here16:47
@daviddelikatI'm not as active as I'd like...16:47
um__ok on with my install details - i will try to spare you the obvious questions16:48
@daviddelikatmy IRC client doesn't ping when there is activity16:48
@daviddelikatso I usually don't know what's going on16:48
@daviddelikatany questions that need answering are OK16:48
um__then i am glad to have timed it right16:48
um__catching you here when i did16:49
um__i am going to be talking with a nonprofit today about volunteering with them. on the phone late friday their website came up and i thought i might be able to help some there. i looked at cms's compared features with what they might make use of and there was webgui (not unfamiliar to my ears, just no prior experience)16:52
um__i am wanting to do a virtualbox install just to try webgui for myself to help decide if i should recommend it16:54
um__so i decided to try installing (on vbox) a minimal debian6 and then do the wre install16:56
um__the docs i have read seemed to indicate that the wre provides all dependancies including apache, mysql, etc including configs16:57
@daviddelikatI like using turnkey as a base for VM's16:58
um__that was part of my motivation for a minimal debian install - no conflicting apache etc16:59
um__not familiar with turnkey. i will look into it later (after i've slept lol)17:00
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um__ok, so minimal deb6 on vbox, no conflicts, wre install - i completed the install, created a site, and when i try opening the site: nothing at all (i'm thinking maybe no webserver?)17:03
@daviddelikatwre has a copy of apache17:03
um__yeah, i thought so, i read so, i did not find it but i did not look very hard17:05
@daviddelikatdid you create the site using wreconsole.pl?17:05
um__it does not however appear in the binary PATH17:05
um__well that or i just dont know the binary name17:05
um__i did use wreconsole.pl17:06
@daviddelikatsource /data/wre/sbing/setenvironment.sh17:06
@daviddelikatconfigures your paths17:06
um__i followed http://www.webgui.org/user-guides/webgui-administrators-guide/webgui-administrators-guide/installation17:06
@daviddelikatdid you automatically download code?17:09
@daviddelikatcheck what version shows up in /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI.pm17:09
um__i d/l from a link on the site to sourceforge17:11
@daviddelikatthen you let wre download the webgui code?17:12
@daviddelikatcheck the path I mentioned17:12
um__btw, if i run /data/wre/sbing/setenvironment.sh post install is that a problem?17:13
um__i am booting the vbox to check the version17:13
@daviddelikatyou should put it in your .bashrc17:13
um__btw, i found it before in some document on the site, but what is the recommended command to restart apache? (cant find it now)17:14
um__version 7.10.24 stable17:16
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@daviddelikat    /data/wre/sbin/wreservice.pl --restart  all17:18
um__making changes as discussed17:21
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um__is it only version 8 that implements PSGI and plack?17:40
um__the mod_perl restart failed17:40
um__so did the mod_proxy17:41
haargum__: webgui 8 is the version using psgi/plack, yes17:44
um__incidentally, wreservice.pl does not have apache - still need a way to either start apache or confirm that it is running17:52
um__is there a wre for wg8 yet?17:53
haargwreservice.pl controls the modperl server and the modproxy server17:54
haargthey are both apache17:54
haargthe wre for wg8 isn't quite ready yet17:54
haargfortunately wg8 is a lot easier to install without the wre17:54
um__thats good17:55
um__8 still shows beta. is it suitable for public yet? i found a blog post by preaction that says pb is running it in prod17:56
haargi'm not entirely sure what the official status is17:57
um__if i can install/run 8 reliably (and if there is any docs that i can follow) then if mod_perl is depreciated (or close enough), then perhaps psgi/plack would be better - particularly for a new user that may want to move forward with wg18:00
um__and given that wg is bound to transition to 818:02
@daviddelikatwebgui 8 is expected to go live on webgui.org and plainblack.com later this month18:03
@daviddelikathave you checked the logs?  /data/wre/var/logs/webgui.log 18:04
@daviddelikatand /data/wre/var/logs/modperl.error.log18:05
@daviddelikatI just remembered last time I installed I had to install a few items that were new to webgui and mossing from wre...18:05
@daviddelikatone sec...18:06
@daviddelikat1. get cpanminus .. : curl -L http://cpanmin.us | perl - -S App::cpanminus18:07
@daviddelikat2. fill in missing packages:   perl testEnvironment.pl --simpleReport | ack 'Not Install' | perl -ane 'print $F[3]. " "' | perl -pe 's/: / /g' | cpanm18:08
* um__ marvals at the timing of the version 8 web launch just as i am looking into wg18:08
haargis Task::WebGUI up to date?18:08
@daviddelikatyes, that would do; but it will get stuff for wg8 as well18:09
um__could you pastebin that? there are lots of unreadable characters18:09
@daviddelikatsure one sec18:09
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um__sidebar: why does this channel not have a twin on irc.perl.org?18:10
@daviddelikatno idea18:11
um__seems as appropriate a location if not more so18:11
um__to my thinking at least18:12
ckotilId rather just focus on the one channel.18:12
@daviddelikatunfortunately I'm on IRC out of need; I don't know squat about how it works... 18:12
haargwebgui has always been a plainblack project, not so much a perl community project18:12
um__ok. i guess i can see the logic in that18:13
um__http://pastebin.com/yANtutwq /data/wre/var/logs/webgui.log18:28
um__http://pastebin.com/J1v9Jdv0 /data/wre/var/logs/modperl.error.log18:29
ckotilaccording to modperl.error.log you need to install the Net::CIDR::Lite perl module18:46
ckotilsince youre using the wre, you can run /data/wre/sbin/cpan.sh and do 'install Net::CIDR::Lite'18:47
ckotilalthought can't load preload.perl is a problem too. when you run testEnvironment.pl does that finish cleanly?18:47
um__dont know. not run it. i will try it. need to open another shell as one is already tied up working on installing cpanm18:57
um__sorry, what is the path to testEnvironment.pl?18:59
ckotil/data/WebGUI/sbin/testEnvironment.pl and you want to run it with /data/wre/prereqs/perl19:00
ckotiland you should do yourself a favor and load /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment.sh19:00
ckotilit sets all the environment PATH variables to use the wre paths.19:01
ckotilbut all of this is in the wre start up guide :19:01
um__never came across the startup guide while looking for docs on the site - looking now19:02
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um__darn. i am crashing hard. is there a time this channel is typically active so i can try to pickup then?19:10
ckotil1200UTC-2100UTC seems good. those are roughly normal work hours in the USA for the east coast19:13
@scrottiegood morning...19:25
@scrottieum__, btw, more people are active 9-5 US central time or so19:25
@scrottieoh, heh, and the conversation came around to that point anyway19:26
* scrottie lags19:26
* scrottie conversation lags19:26
CIA-43webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.10 * r604887f / sbin/findBrokenAssets.pl : Fix an I/O wrapping problem with checking for broken file assets and storage locations. - http://git.io/X5FUXA21:10
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um__anyone around?03:42
@scrottieyup, but on my way out soon.03:43
@scrottiesup?  how's it going?03:44
um__much better now that i've slept03:44
um__r u a pb emplyee too?03:45
@scrottieI am a PlainBlack employee too, yup.03:45
@scrottiea lot of the guys in this channel know their stuff, though.03:46
@scrottieregardless of user/contributor/employee/whatever status.03:46
um__no doubt. but it speaks well as a company gesture03:46
@scrottiemany of them have contributed code.03:46
um__as is the perl way03:46
um__so david told me that version 8's official release is very close03:47
@scrottieyou don't have to wait for that to use it, though.03:48
um__so i think it would be sensible that i focus my efforts on 803:48
um__i know03:48
um__where i was headed is to ask if there is install documentation yet03:48
um__i've not found much yet on the site03:49
@scrottieyeah, in the repo, README and docs/install.txt03:50
um__and before i forget to ask, 2 questions that have been knawing at me since just before passing out earlier03:50
um__ok excellent03:50
@scrottiebe especially careful with the upgrades step.  if it doesn't take several minutes and generate lots of output doing upgrades, they didn't go.  03:50
@scrottieit ships with a 7.10.x (or was it 7.9.x) database that gets upgraded to work with 8.x03:50
um__this will be a first time install for me03:50
um__fresh install. nothing to upgrade03:51
@scrottiestill, upgrades have to run, or it'll be busted.03:51
@scrottieyup.  still.03:51
um__um ok. is that explained in the docs?03:51
@scrottiefor a brand new install, make sure that upgrades run.  that's the main problem that people have.  they don't run upgrades, or they don't use a tool modified to handle 8.0's upgrade style.03:51
@scrottiebut the *make sure upgrades run* thing could use more emphasis =)03:51
@scrottiesorry, I've got to run.  I'll try to check in in a bit here and make sure questions are answered.  cheers!03:52
um__ok. well consider your mention sufficient emphasis (for me)03:52
um__ok take care03:52
um__i will just post questions anyway and someone can answer whenever03:53
um__1. i am wondering what is different about the wre that is supposed to make it so much faster. ease of installation is great, but i am wanting to know what makes for the claim of a performance boost. i also dont understand why the wre is described as containing platform-specific binaries since perl is an interpreted language. if that refers to the dependancies such as apache, perl, mysql compiled for specific systems, i dont understand what ad04:04
um__1. (continued) quote: "the WRE simplifies the installation, includes all prerequisites, provides a stable and optimized environment for WebGUI, and performs 300% faster than a source install." --- what about the wre makes for a claim of a 300% boost in performance over source?04:06
um__2. earlier today, ckotil recommended executing "/data/wre/prereqs/bin/perl /data/WebGUI/sbin/testEnvironment.pl" --- he was specific to suggest executing with the wre supplied perl in favor over the system perl. why? both perls are version 5.10.0. what makes the wre perl favorable?04:13
um__granted, i am looking to install webgui version 8 and i understand there is no wre available for it yet. but i am trying to make sense of the whole picture so my thinking emanates from a perspective appropriate to webgui.04:19
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CIA-43webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.10 * r07bd545 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Remove cookie jar files left by the HttpProxy asset. Finishes the fix for bug #12327. - http://git.io/JVj4Cg04:32
CIA-43webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.10 * r2c225f3 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Friends.pm): Do not attempt to change the status on an inbox message which doesn't exist. Fixes bug #12349. - http://git.io/3_IHQg04:34
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@scrottieum__, still around?07:04
@scrottieum__, I have no idea what JT's assertion there are based on and I haven't tested it myself.  maybe the old versions of apache and mysql are faster, but since that claim has been being made for a long time, I doubt that that's how it started.07:05
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@scrottieum__, the wre is nice for quickly setting up wG installs as it comes with most of what you need.07:06
@scrottiewm__, it's not that the perl or apache or mysql are better, but that it comes as a big package of everything you need except certain modules07:06
@scrottieum__, wG8 makes the wre less necessary as you don't need apache and mod_perl.07:10
@scrottieor less useful.07:10
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elninohttp://ready.mobi si telling me that I have missing mime types, and that I need to have application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml or application/xhtml+xml when serving up my mobile pages. How do I do this?07:18
elninomy pages don't have a file suffix, and apache assumes I do.07:21
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jhopkins1980Should I run testEnvironment.pl only after running ". setenvironment.sh"?13:22
jhopkins1980or should I run testEnvironment.pl without having my ENV variables set by setenvironment.sh?13:23
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@daviddelikatjhopkins1980_:  you should always run setenvironment.sh before anything webgui related16:53
jhopkins1980_Ok, thanks16:56
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vanjwilsonWeird problem:  doing some work on an existing WebGUI install that someone else setup, logging in as Admin user (uid=3), but locked out of many admin functions (editing assets, adding assets, editing users), customers accounts can't do these things either20:26
vanjwilsonDoes anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix it? We have root access to the server this WebGUI is running on.20:27
@scrottieselect groupName from groupings join groups using (groupId) where userId='3'  # what happens when you run that at the sql shell, eg with 'wgd db'?20:28
@scrottiethere has to be a nopaste command line app where you can do something | nopaste.20:29
@scrottieah, heh, and sartak wrote it20:29
vanjwilson| groupName        |20:32
vanjwilson| Admins           | 20:32
vanjwilson| Everyone         | 20:32
vanjwilson| Registered Users | 20:32
vanjwilson@scrottie, could the groups themselves have been removed from permissions?20:33
sbaurIs it possible the admin user does not have guru privileges?20:33
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@scrottiesorry, forgot I was in this window.20:50
vanjwilson1@sbaur, Good idea to check. maybe the Admin's UI level has been lowered to 1 (it can't even create folders). But I get no error/warning messages, either. How could I check the UI level from the command prompt?  I am logged into the site's db with mysql command-line program.20:50
@scrottiehrm, my admin user isn't in the 'Everyone' group.20:50
@scrottie select uiLevel from userProfileData where userId='3';20:51
@scrottieprobably a setting in the user's profile screen20:52
vanjwilson1I can't get to any user profile screens (!?!)20:52
sbaurif the select shows that that is what's wrong, you'll be able to change it through the DB20:53
vanjwilson1mysql> select uiLevel from userProfileData where userId='3';20:53
vanjwilson1| uiLevel |20:53
vanjwilson1| 9       | 20:53
sbaurwhat version of WG are you running?20:53
sbaurthat's newer than what i'm familiar with20:55
vanjwilson1We have several other sites running on this install of webgui, and they aren't experiencing this problem20:56
sbaurcould there be something in the conf file limiting admin's capabilities20:56
vanjwilson1I'll check the conf file20:56
@scrottieselect groupName from groupGroupings join groups using (groupId) where inGroup='4';  # is "Admins" in that list?20:57
@scrottiegroup 4 is Content Managers, btw20:57
@scrottieI really need to write a 'diff versus stock' utility that shows which config file items and core assets and settings have been changed.20:58
sbauroh, scrottie, please write that. it would be soooo useful20:59
vanjwilson1only "Admins" is in that list21:00
vanjwilson1mysql> select groupName from groupGroupings join groups using (groupId) where inGroup='4';21:00
vanjwilson1| groupName |21:00
vanjwilson1| Admins    | 21:00
vanjwilson11 row in set (0.00 sec)21:00
@scrottierunning out of things to test here, without having to just trace through the code with the perl debugger and see where it goes wrong21:01
vanjwilson1in the .conf for this particular site, all the ui_levels are between 1 and 9, and the changeURL is 9, and I can change URLs (I tested that)21:01
@scrottiewhat's the log level set to in log.conf?21:01
sbaurhas the admin account been deactivated?21:01
@scrottiemaybe there's a clue at 'info' level.21:01
sbaurbut i wouldn't imagine you could log in with it if it had21:02
vanjwilson1I can log in as "Admin"21:02
@scrottieor compare 'debug' level output to a known good WebGUI of similar version21:02
vanjwilson1I'm changing the log level to "INFO"--do I need to restart mod_perl for that to take effect?21:04
vanjwilson1I just checked another site IN THIS INSTALL, and Admin is not limited for that site...21:04
sbauryou sure have found a strange and odd problem for today21:04
@daviddelikatis it possible that the assets you are trying to work with are locked by a version tag?21:06
vanjwilson1Bam! Just got this when I tried to create a new folder:21:07
vanjwilson12012/04/03 14:06:38 - WARN - publications.worldbusiness.org.conf - WebGUI::Asset::dispatch[606] - Couldn't call method www_add on asset for url: pdfs/common-cents Root cause: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session/Style.pm line 136.21:07
@scrottieselect status, state from assetData join asset using (assetId) where assetId='0tReCiOVcNUCtu0exdRvrw' order by revisionDate desc limit 1; # for whichever assetId you're looking at21:08
@scrottiethat would also show up in log level warn, so it must have been set to log level error21:08
vanjwilson1Got similar error when I tried to edit Admin user:21:08
vanjwilson12012/04/03 14:08:01 - ERROR - publications.worldbusiness.org.conf - WebGUI::Operation::execute[60] - Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session/Style.pm line 136.21:08
@scrottiewhat is line 136 in your /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session/Style.pm?21:08
vanjwilson1(it was set to error)21:09
vanjwilson1I was trying to create a new asset...21:09
vanjwilson1line 136 of Style.pm:      for my $mobileUA (@{ $session->config->get('mobileUserAgents') }) {21:10
@scrottiehuh.  okay, mobileUserAgents is apparently missing from the config file, then.21:11
@scrottieyou could put [ "Dummyxyzzy" ] in there and that should make it happy.21:12
vanjwilson1I just copied the mobileUserAgents array from another .conf file (one that is working)...restarting web now...21:13
@scrottieeven better.21:14
vanjwilson1Voila! I just added a new folder asset!21:14
vanjwilson1You guys are great21:14
@scrottiewonder what else is mucked up in the config file.  might be worth doing a diff against the stock one.21:14
vanjwilson1will do...21:17
vanjwilson1(looks like the rest of the differences are the usual:  db credentials, custom assets)21:28
vanjwilson1On a totally unrelated task, is there any external doc / example for using a thread Iterator?  (I'm working on a Workflow Activity to delete past news items, and was basing it on the "unarchiveAllThreads" helper method...)21:30
@scrottieusing that?21:36
@scrottieno hits for "webgui getLineageIterator programmer's guide" so it probably isn't in the WebGUI Programmer's Guide.21:38
@scrottiethere are lots of examples in the WebGUI source code though ;)21:38
vanjwilson1yes, this is the code I'm borrowing from "unarchiveAll...":21:39
vanjwilson1my $threadIter = $self->getLineageIterator(['children'],{21:39
vanjwilson1        includeOnlyClasses      => [ 'WebGUI::Asset::Post::Thread' ],21:39
vanjwilson1        statusToInclude         => [ 'archived' ],21:39
vanjwilson1    } );21:39
vanjwilson1    ASSET: while ( 1 ) {21:39
vanjwilson1        my $thread;21:39
vanjwilson1        eval { $thread = $threadIter->() };21:39
vanjwilson1        if ( my $x = WebGUI::Error->caught('WebGUI::Error::ObjectNotFound') ) {21:39
vanjwilson1            $session->log->error($x->full_message);21:39
vanjwilson1            next;21:39
vanjwilson1        }21:39
vanjwilson1        last unless $thread;21:39
vanjwilson1        if ($thread->canEdit) {21:39
vanjwilson1            $thread->unarchive;21:39
@scrottieplease use a no-paste service for more than a couple of lines of paste.  you should be able to do:  cpanm App::Nopaste to get a 'nopaste' command line utility you can paste into.21:44
@scrottieperldoc /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/AssetLineage.pm 21:45
@scrottiethat has the documentation for getLineageIterator, including all of the options21:45
@scrottiethat looks like a fine example.  you should be able to tweak that.21:45
@scrottiesure thing.22:20
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CIA-43wrebuild: Arjan Widlak master * rd432f07 / (build.sh getsource.sh wre/docs/changelog.txt BUILD.ubuntu): 12:16
CIA-43wrebuild: - Added BUILD.ubuntu with specifics for Ubuntu Oneiric12:16
CIA-43wrebuild: - Updated libpng with version 1.5.10 (1.5.7 not available anymore) - http://git.io/H_bxrw12:16
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doc_gt7G'day friends.   I need to disable caching for a certain page layout.  It has a macro that returns an image url when this page is loaded but webgui caches the page so the image never changes. Until I manually clear the cache in webgui admin panel.  I have looked all over the page layout settings but I see no way to do this and I searched on google and cannot find out how either....  any pointers?  :)20:40
SDuensinDoes that image change on the filesystem?20:45
SDuensinDid you write the macro that returns the image URL?20:46
doc_gt7Well, the page layout is called with ?id=24   or ?id=25   Depending on the id the image would have a different url.20:46
doc_gt7If you call the page with ?id=24 webgui remembers that so when you call it later with ?id=25 it shows the old images...20:47
doc_gt7When I clear the webgui cache in the admin panel then ?id=25 shows up properly :)    I saw there are some items that allow you to set timeout to 0 but page layout does not seem to have that option...20:49
SDuensinCan't say I've ever run into this one.  :-/20:50
doc_gt7Me neither until today :)20:51
doc_gt7I think I have found it.  I disabled the cache on the snippet.  The page layout seems to have no setting to disable cache but I added the code into a snippet and set the timeout on that to 0 and it is refreshing properly..  Thanks! :) 20:55
SDuensinCool.  Glad you figured something out.21:38
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vanjwilson1just recently upgraded a server from 7.9.34 to 7.10.24, and had to run metadataFixer.pl to fix the now-versions custom metadata (see http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/12339)22:21
vanjwilson1now, a custom database link on the site is broken, not sure if it's related, but the link's DSN is now pointing to the "sakila" database, which is the name of a sample MySQL db, with an IP in the Netherlands, and our client is in Mass., US22:23
@scrottieso, not the greatest upgrade ever.22:23
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vanjwilson1I suppose it's possible they really are trying to poll a db named "sakila" that is in Holland--I'm waiting for confirmation on the db link from the client...22:36
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um__am looking at installing webgui8 - still just starting. trying to get squared away with dependancies. only at where the install doc says i need perl 5.14.023:39
um__i am doing the install on debian6 which comes with perl 5.10. i asked about upgrading to perl 5.14.0 in #debian and their response was that it was infeasible??23:41
um__<ansgar> um__: Upgrading the system perl isn't really feasible.23:42
um__<ansgar> um__: You would need to rebuild all XS modules as well and probably need quite a few fixes to makeeverything work with perl 5.14.23:42
sbaurum__ i thought someone had put together a way to quickly install 8, but I don't remeber any of the details, sorry23:51
sbaurHas anyone setup CAS authentication for webgui?23:51
@scrottieyeah, I can attest that it's a major ordeal to upgrade Debian's perl =P23:53
@scrottiefor one thing, you'd need to steal their vendor specific lib dirs out of their config and build a perl with a similar config23:53
@scrottie5.10.  yikes.23:54
@scrottieum__:  but fear not!  you need not use nor upgrade the system perl!  do this:  ./Configure -de PREFIX=/usr/local23:54
@scrottiethen make, then sudo make install23:55
@scrottieget the perl source from ftp.cpan.org:/pub/CPAN/src23:55
@scrottieum__:  then make sure that that's the perl that's first in your path.  edit your .bashrc or whichever and make this the last line of the thing, or the line after other path stuff, or the only path line, or whatever:  export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"23:56
@scrottieum__:  I have less (okay, fine, no) experience with perlbrew, but it's supposed to automake those steps.  look for it on search.cpan.org if you like.23:56
@scrottieum__:  if the new perl in /usr/local/bin is the first thing in your path, then when you run cpanm Task::WebGUI to install the modules you need, cpanm will use that perl to install them, and they'll be installed *for* that perl23:57
@scrottieum__:  got all that?23:57
--- Day changed Fri Apr 06 2012
um__yes. mostly00:02
um__am rereading to be sure00:02
um__no clue about perl brew. if it does too much for me i best avoid it. need to be clear about what is being done. no "great wizards behind curtains"00:06
um__the perl install doc talked about /usr/bin/perl being a symlink. but it appears to be an actual binary on mine (or hardlink - i forget how to check for that)00:09
@scrottiedon't touch /usr/bin/perl00:16
@scrottiejust leave it as is00:16
@scrottieI don't recommend replacing it either00:16
@scrottiethose instructions have you installing a new (recent) version of perl into /usr/local/bin (rather than /usr/bin)00:17
@scrottieso you have at least two copies of perl on your system00:17
@scrottieI once had a job at Motorola, briefly, and one of the systems I was responsible for had 40 odd copies of perl on it because, "for security reasons", they wouldn't allow a central install.  so rather than having one recent perl, they had 40 copies, most of them badly outdated.  sigh...00:18
@scrottiethe ./Configure -de PREFIX=/usr/local step comes after you tar -xjvf the .tar.bz2 and then cd into the directly that leaves00:18
@scrottiethen do:  wget http://cpanmin.us -O cpanm00:20
@scrottiechmod ugo+x cpanm; sudo mv cpanm /usr/local/bin/00:20
@scrottieand the PATH stuff (hope you're taking notes!)00:20
@scrottiethen:  cpanm Task::WebGUI00:20
um__i already got perl 5.14.0 fron cpan/src and extracted it - wanted to figure out what i was doing before installing00:21
@scrottiebut that won't finish unless you first do:  apt-get install libgd2-xpm-dev00:22
um__for now the irc logfile is my notes. thankfully not too much irrelevant chatter in here makes that possible00:23
um__based on my experience thus far, i have gone thru maybe 6 reinstalls of debian, webgui, etc. aside from not wanting a sloppy install, those multiple installs just reinforce figuring out what steps to take so if i find myself reinstalling, i then know the right way up to a point. eventually i will have to get the whole install correct top to bottom if by nothing other than sheer repetition00:28
um__hopefully thanks to vbox, i think i finally have a base debian clone to spare me any further debian installs00:30
um__i already installed cpanm using cpan on the 5.10. does it make a difference which perl is running for the install?00:32
@scrottievery much so.  as noted above.00:33
@scrottiesorry, misunderstood... not during the install, I'm pretty sure00:33
@scrottiejust which one actually runs cpanm 00:33
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xdangerum__: http://search.cpan.org/~gugod/App-perlbrew-0.42/lib/App/perlbrew.pm01:02
xdangerinstall different versions of perl to your $HOME01:02
xdangerworks like a charm01:03
xdangerum__: If you have a testing server (virtual) you could just upgrade to debian testing01:04
xdangerand i think wg8 runs on 5.1001:37
@scrottiexdanger:  you are terribly mistaken.01:41
@scrottiexdanger:  er, about wg8 on 5.10.  I hate those Internet comments responding to a post with several points with a simple "you're wrong" or similar.01:43
haargscrottie: what version does it require?01:50
@scrottiehaarg, I've got 5.12.3 here and was able to run it somewhat recently01:51
@scrottieack '//=' /data/WebGUI8/lib01:51
haargi know it requires a couple things from 5.10 but i didn't think it needed anything more recent01:51
* scrottie does perldoc perldelta... "perldelta - what is new for perl v5.8.6"... well, that's odd01:53
@scrottieoh, // is in 5.1001:55
haargwg8 also has smart match in a few places01:55
haargwhich i half regret doing01:55
haargbut that's 5.10 too01:55
@scrottieokay, I can't point at a specific thing in wG8 that isn't in 5.10, but I'm absolutely convinced that it won't work =P01:57
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@scrottieDevel::StackTrace::AsHTML's t/encoding.t fails on 5.10, as it should.05:39
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um__i choose debian 6 STABLE because it is one i know best (given my limited experience), because apt has a good reputation for handling dependencies, and because while it's software choices are conservative, they are reasonably current and all stable.06:23
um__i am given to wonder with the requirement of 5.12.1+ if a different route would make such upgrades easier than what must be done on debian06:27
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xdangerYeah, wg8 works just fine in debian stable, just did a fresh install10:44
xdangerWhy did someone change the version of WebGUI.pm to 8.0.1 without having upgrade scripts... now you have to change it back everytime you try it10:45
um__i am working very slowly and carefully trying to get my first install11:23
um__only just installed perl 5.12.11:23
um__only just installed perl 5.12.2 to /usr/local/bin/perl11:24
um__i renamed /usr/bin/perl to /usr/bin/perl510 and made /usr/bin/perl a symlink to /usr/local/bin/perl11:25
um__i suppose that might be inadvisable, but it let me move forward. anyone with a better approach, please say so11:28
um__it let me finally move past step 1 of /data/WebGUI/docs/install.txt11:29
um__now step 2 is telling me to install mySQL? -- i thought version 8 was going to innoDB or something?11:30
um__also, step 3 says to install imagemagick. ???? webgui 7.x was saying it had moved to graphicmagick. which is it? imagemagick or graphicmagick?11:33
xdangerum__: apt-get install perlmagick12:20
xdangerum__: I'm just testing a new install procedure that is much more straghtforward for you12:21
xdangerJust needed to have clean debian12:21
xdangerum__: just installed this on a clean debian, and it worked: https://gist.github.com/231874813:33
xdangerhave a look13:34
xdangerok, edited it a little bit13:49
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+BartJolum__: innoDB/MyISAM are ways to store the tables. Both can be used by MySQL16:46
+BartJolfrom MySQL 5.5 innodb is replacing MyISAM as default storage engine16:48
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@scrottieum__:  I told you not to touch /usr/bin/perl.  that'll break apt and a ton of other stuff.17:16
@scrottiehttp://imgur.com/JD4Wa ... I feel like that's a metaphor for tech advice.17:22
+BartJolI thought tech advise and manuals are just for emergencies (i.e. after s**t has happened)17:39
@scrottieoh man.  we at PB did a whole lot of that just recently, BartJol.17:43
+BartJolbreak stuff?17:43
@scrottie"what to do in case of a nuclear meltdown"...17:44
@scrottieread the manual after making a huge screaming mess.17:44
@scrottiegotta run.17:44
@scrottieI'm playing hookey today.17:44
+BartJolhow did you see my beer?17:44
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CIA-43wrebuild: Colin Kuskie wre7 * r765a600 / wre/sbin/addsite.pl : Add fromConfig switch, to suck in info from an old config to build a new site. Keeps the database info and first sitename. - http://git.io/J_jN1w23:49
CIA-43wrebuild: Colin Kuskie wre7 * r621e970 / wre/sbin/addsite.pl : Extend fromConfig to import the entire old config, and to change the spectre information. Very handy for moving sites between servers while maintaining all config settings. - http://git.io/81tFIg23:49
--- Day changed Sat Apr 07 2012
sbaurohhh, i really like that second commit. nice :D00:04
um__xdanger, creating a fresh debian to try your shell script now00:24
um__i dont see where it upgrades perl tho00:25
xdangerum__: it doesn't, it works with 5.1001:03
xdangerbut if you want to upgrade perl, that is just few lines01:03
xdangercpanm App::perlbrew;perlbrew init; perlbrew install 5.14.2;perlbrew use 5.14.201:05
um__ok i ran it - it seems to have stopped01:21
um__"268 distributions installed" i am guessing that is a final summary from testEnvironment.pl and that the frozen cursor is because it is running extlib/bin/plackup app.psgi?01:24
um__i installed xorg openbox and iceweasel on the debian vbox and pointed the browser to - if webgui is installed and running, isn't it supposed to present some kind of get started page?01:33
xdangerum__: it's in port 5000, plackup reports it http://0:5000/ but that's just alias for every interface01:36
xdangerum__: It's really not meant to be a shell script, more of an example of the commands that are required ;)01:36
xdangerum__: you don't have to connect to it from localhost, just ipaddress and port:
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]01:46
um__well i already actually ran it as a shell script01:46
um__i thought that was you intent01:46
um__port 5000 does not seem to load either01:48
-!- pskept [pskept@gateway/shell/devio.us/x-mbhhrgakhrxjatpe] has joined #webgui03:24
xdangerum__: what does it say when you run "extlib/bin/plackup app.psgi" at /data/WebGUI?07:10
-!- daviddelikat [~dav@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]07:17
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--- Day changed Sun Apr 08 2012
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-!- um__ [~uh@c-76-125-108-113.hsd1.ar.comcast.net] has joined #webgui05:37
um__xdanger: http://pastebin.com/zwnz45nq05:53
um__also, there still remains an unanswered question...06:30
um__[03:32] <um__> also, step 3 says to install imagemagick. ???? webgui 7.x was saying it had moved to graphicmagick. which is it? imagemagick or graphicmagick?06:30
um__[04:20] <xdanger> um__: apt-get install perlmagick06:30
um__apt-cache show perlmagick describes it as using imagemagick. but WebGUI 7.4 and above are described as using graphicmagick here: http://www.webgui.org/user-guides/webgui-administrators-guide/webgui-administrators-guide/installation#sourceinstall06:36
@scrottieimagemagick is correct for 8.x and 7.x06:38
um__graphicmagick describes itself as more stable, the docs for webgui 7.4 favor graphicsmagick as superior, so i am confused why go from imagemagick to graphicmagick, and then back to imagemagick?06:39
@scrottieI don't know if that happened.  it might be a plub compat replacement and then either would work.06:44
um__i cited the docs that say it did - hence my confusion06:45
um__but the concensus in here is clearly all directed towards imagemagick and i know not to doubt a concensus in here06:47
um__the difference is, i am having to learn as i go. i tred cautiously. little things to you take me are still big to me. at this point i am determined to get this working without shotcuts and to understand the steps that got me there.06:50
um__i even tried installing the VMWare Appliance and that did not work either. that was my last shortcut. either i do this A thru Z and learn to install it well enough to reproduce an install, or i abandon webgui as infeasible06:56
@scrottiewhich vmware appliance?08:17
@scrottieand why didn't it work?08:17
@scrottiedon't hardline.  that makes it hard on you and on us.08:17
@scrottiethis stuff isn't especially hard, but people sometimes make it hard.  it isn't super easy either.  there are gotchas and various problems.  bugs do happen.  we're pretty good about fixing them, but you have to talk through them when they come up.08:18
@scrottiedon't try to understand every last thing.  I don't.  but when I do need to understand something, I use git and so forth to figure out who did the work and I ask them directly.08:20
@scrottieif it isn't clear.08:20
um__this vmware appliance http://sourceforge.net/projects/pbwebgui/files/VMWare%20Appliances/WebGUI%207.8.24%20WRE%200.9.3%20CentOS%205/08:29
@scrottieI thought you were doing an 8 install.08:30
@scrottieand in exactly which way did it not work?08:30
@scrottiewhat didn't happen that you think should have, or what did happen that you think shouldn't have?08:31
um__it ran, told me to connect to and nothing08:32
um__...and this is annoying. i just reloaded the vm to get the ip to tell you, re-entered it into the browser and a page loaded08:33
um__my preference will be to get version 8 installed. but xdanger's idea of a shell example script reminded me that there was a virtual appliance option. - i haven't even gotten to try webgui yet (and i would not be satisfied with the 1 day limit of the demo) so i have been trying to self install something on a virtual machine08:36
um__version 8 is my goal, but i decided to try the appliance because i am getting frustrated and that would at least let me see something08:36
@scrottieheaded to bed soon here, but I'd be happy to fire up a sandbox wG8 for you to run amok on if you remind me tomorrow08:46
@scrottiewhat problems are you having?  it seems like you spent way too much time/energy trying to figure out which imagemagick/graphicsmagick to install when that question was already answered here.08:46
@scrottiebut I don't know the whole story.08:48
@scrottieI just don't want to hear that you're having a hard time and not see good evidence of good questions or lacks of responses in the channel.08:48
um__obviously i got frustrated. since you are going to bed soon, best let this be for tomorrow - i did not mean my comment to come across as an outburst tho08:51
@scrottiedid you upgrade Debian or did you install your own perl in /usr/local or in your home directory?08:51
@scrottiealright.  I'll talk to you then.  it's okay. =)08:52
um__do you mean upgrade debian to i think it was unstable that was recommended?08:52
um__and i dont need to understand everything - its not what i set out to do. but i keep hitting brick walls08:53
um__but that does not mean i want to be spoon fed commands. it is important that i have an understanding of what is involved. otherwise i am not able to make any sort of decision if it will work for my particular needs08:55
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui08:57
xdangerum__: from that paste it seems that your config, or some file isn't in place09:12
um__just the result of running the shell script you wrote before you mentioned it that wasn't your intent09:15
xdangerdo you have WebGUI.conf in your /date/WebGUI/etc ?09:16
um__i had already shut it down by the time you asked that question so i restarted the vbox, set the perl5lib and executed the command as you requested to get the result09:17
um__i will look...09:17
um__WebGUI.conf.original - the shell script makes a copy of that as WebGUI.conf but i guess that never happened09:23
um__not sure where it choaked09:23
xdangerthe script is a quick and dirty hack ;) it uses the defaults in the sample conf, (ie www_example_com webgui/password)09:26
um__i gathered. and like you said, you hadn't intended that i run it like a literal shell script - only i already had by the time you said that09:27
um__no harm. something more to learn from09:28
um__i've officially lost count of the number of vbox's i've discarded as i figure this out09:28
xdangerI noticed at one point that there was a typo in there, www_examble_com (b instead of p), if I remember corretly it was in "mysql --password=password --user=webgui www_example_com < share/create.sql"09:29
xdangerum__: maybe it could work as an shell script, I just runned every command using copy-paste ;)09:30
um__actually, what running it as a shell script reinforced was that i need to take my time, ask questions, read, read more, etc. do this the right way. in the end, shortcuts will backfire on me unless i only shortcut to have a working wg8 environment to poke around in - but i will still need the ability to do this install myself and right now, i am still struggling more than i'd like to09:32
xdangertoo bad that the debian webgui packages isn't up-to-date09:35
xdangerwell it actually is at 7.10.24, in unstable =)09:36
um__well aside from tasting 7.x, i'm intent on doing v809:39
um__i actually got the virtual appliance working moments before you popped in09:40
um__so that will be my 7.x taste09:41
xdangerwg8 isn't ready.. I've runned in to some error with the new admin console. But if your not in a hurry to get production quality webgui8 is better09:41
um__well based upon what david said about how close 8 is to release, 8 just makes more sense to me09:42
xdangerwebgui8 has been close to release for 6 months09:43
xdangerdon't hold your breath09:43
um__and unless there are serious delays, i would hope 8 is production ready in time for where i might deploy (mine would be months away. minimum 4 months, likely much longer)09:43
xdangerplainblack upgraded webgui.org to 8, but have since downgraded09:44
um__interesting. i read that it was running 8 - i was not aware of the downgrade09:44
xdangerum__: I was hoping the same thing when they said that webgui8 code was ready (6 months ago)09:44
xdangeryea, I thougt that it was runnign it also09:45
um__i'm aware there have been significant delays to 8, but between reading that it was running on both sites and hearing from david that they were close to release. that tipped the scales to me in favor of 8.09:47
um__plus i think the shift to plack/psgi is a good one even if i must admit to being completely in the dark about them09:49
xdangerLast summer I targeted some development for webgui8, in the hopes that it wouldn't be delayed for over 9 months, but I had to backport my project to wg709:50
xdangerwg8 just wasn't usable enough09:50
xdangerI love Plack, and Moose, and everything that is new in wg809:50
xdangerI'd be dancing out of joy if next week there would be wg8 stable out09:51
um__its all new to me09:51
xdangeror even smiling if a public beta09:51
um__its not public beta?09:52
xdangerwell... I don't know... There is a 8.0.0 relese in github, but it's not mentioned anywhere09:52
xdangerthere's even "ready for 8.0.1 development" commit that breaks the install09:53
um__personally right now i'm a little miffed at a rather simple detail tho i am more so concerned about the larger implications09:53
xdangerwebgui is a one company project (plainblack) and the way plainblack makes money is doing custom development. So most of their effort goes there, and webgui8 requires some changes to custom code (itäs not api compatible to wg7).09:56
um__the main install docs specify graphicmagick but the concensus seems to favor imagemagick. i dont like discrepancies in the docs. i have been having trouble with the docs in several ways - lack of docs, hard to find correct docs, inadequate docs, and incorrect or conflicting docs09:58
xdangerdocs are a problem09:58
xdangereven in the github wg8 repo there are two conflicting install documents09:59
xdangerboth too complcated and out of date09:59
um__can i curse in here cause i just found something that really makes me want to curse10:01
xdangersure =)10:02
xdangerI'm finnish, we curse all the time ;)10:02
um__i'm a ny'er... guess how often i curse ;)10:02
um__anyhow, i have the starter site loaded from the virtual appliance and on the Getting Started page they have a video. It is exactly the kind of video i was searching high and low for earlier. All I could find was a poorly produced promo, and then those conferences at WebGUI-TV that are such bad picture and sound they are unwatchable10:08
um__it'd be nice if this had sound, but its basically a video walk-thru of the interface which was what i was trying to find eariler10:09
xdangeryeah, it's too bad that the wgtv is in such a poor quality10:09
xdangerum__: did you try out the demo first?10:10
xdangerI mean that when you found webgui, you didn't try out the demo server? The video is there on the frontpage also10:11
um__no. i knew i would be dissatisfied with a 1 day time limit. i wanted to install for myself to play with at my leisure10:11
xdangerdid you get the wg8 working?10:12
um__not yet10:12
um__at the rate this has been going for me, i honestly dont expect to get 8 working in anything sooner than 2 weeks10:13
um__but i will certainly be referencing the shell script instructions you wrote carefully10:16
-!- daviddelikat [~dav@adsl-75-42-235-189.dsl.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui10:17
-!- mode/#webgui [+o daviddelikat] by ChanServ10:17
xdangerI'll test the script again, as a script.. It's just slow for me to run at the moment, since I'm visiting my parents and they only have 3G connection10:18
-!- daviddelikat [~dav@adsl-75-42-235-189.dsl.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Client Quit]10:18
xdangerum__: is your debian install "bare" or did you select something in tasksel?10:18
um__its super bare - i used the 46mb business card iso net install10:19
um__the only things i added were ssh and screen10:20
xdangerand didn't install even the default system tools? ok, I added them10:20
xdangerI'll test with that10:20
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]10:20
um__then i have also been adding xorg, openbox, and iceweasel on top10:20
um__no sorry, i did the default sys tools10:21
xdangerah ok =)10:22
um__i admittedly got a little frustrated earlier before you popped in. i am taking a break from 8. but when i go back to it, i will be right back to square one, step 1... installing perl 5.14.2 - i know you showed the example of perlbrew and also debian unstable was mentioned, but i think something else might be preferable... just not sure what10:25
um__ideally i would prefer that 5.14.2 be the system perl. but from what i have gathered, that would be very complicated and involved and way over my head. but debian unstable is not an option i am willing to consider.10:28
um__alternatively if it is some kind of local install of perl, i am just unclear which version things will run under10:29
xdangerperl is so integrated to debian that upgrading it could cause problems10:30
xdangerperlbrew is a good solution10:30
um__the default shebang tends to be #!/usr/bin/perl but /usr/bin/perl is not just a symlink. it is the system perl binary10:30
xdangerit also creates a local installation for your modules, so they don't interfere with your systems modules10:31
xdangerI'm not sure how perlbrew does with that...10:31
xdangerbetter way is #!/usr/bin/env perl10:31
xdangeror is it /bin/env10:32
um__i saw that for the first time earlier today i think - i made a note to self to look into it but haven't yet10:32
xdangerit takes the perl that in in path10:33
xdangermore portable version10:33
um__and "!perl" ?10:35
xdangerThat might be the same, I'm not 100% sure10:35
xdangeror !perl might be "the last perl used"10:35
um__well like i said, i need to look into them10:36
um__i am systematically looking thru files in wg8 at the shebangs10:41
um__found one #!//usr/bin/perl so far10:41
um__many seem to omit the shebang entirely10:41
xdangerthere aren't so many scripts there10:46
-!- mducharme [~nothing@S0106002401f31855.wp.shawcable.net] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]10:46
xdangerum__: btw. where did you found out about webgui? And what peaked your interest in it?10:50
um__i couldn't tell you when or where. i've known about it close to a decade or so i think - interest was piqued then. never went away. but never had a practical reason to look into it till now10:53
-!- mducharme [~nothing@S0106002401f31855.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #webgui10:58
-!- mducharme [~nothing@S0106002401f31855.wp.shawcable.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]11:04
um__and this only complicated the shebang issue to me http://blogs.perl.org/users/randy_stauner/2011/09/shebangs-with-perlbrew-aliases-and-eumm-and-without-locallib.html11:06
-!- mducharme [~nothing@S0106002401f31855.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #webgui11:10
xdangerum__: I just ran my script as a shell script on a bare debian (not even the system tools) and it worked11:26
um__any modifications?11:26
xdangernope, it just asks the passwords for mysql, that was only interaction11:27
um__same here11:27
xdangerum__: did you run the one with the typo?11:28
um__i might have. what was the typo again?11:28
xdangerjust take the newest version from gist11:29
xdanger09:29 < xdanger> I noticed at one point that there was a typo in there, www_examble_com (b instead of p), if I remember corretly it was in "mysql --password=password --user=webgui www_example_com < share/create.sql"11:29
um__no typo11:31
um__does yours freeze at a point?11:31
um__[17:21] <um__> ok i ran it - it seems to have stopped11:33
um__[17:23] <um__> "268 distributions installed" i am guessing that is a final summary from testEnvironment.pl and that the frozen cursor is because it is running extlib/bin/plackup app.psgi?11:33
um__it returns the cursor to you?11:33
um__also mine did not do the file copy of the conf file11:34
xdangerum__: https://gist.github.com/233604511:35
um__yours installed 2 more distros also11:41
um__mine froze the cursor at "268 distributions installed"11:42
um__no password prompt, no starting the server apparently (and the file copy did not work)11:43
um__i guess i could run mine again from scratch11:43
um__did you install xorg, openbox, and iceweasel?11:44
xdangerthat is the second login to a minimum installation (the first was to "apt-get install ssh") and I didn't do anything else... and that was on virtualbox11:49
xdangerum check that you have the right script "wget https://raw.github.com/gist/2318748/396a77d017366feab02458e29af87dc88ec9a6d8/install.xdanger.sh"11:52
xdangerum__: you can also run it over your installation to check if it fixes something11:54
um__it is identical to what i ran before11:58
um__i will rerun it11:58
xdangerum__: the mysql install asks for a root passwd, and the script at the end ask that same password11:59
xdangerif it doesn't something has gone wrong with your mysql install12:00
um__it is running. can only wait and see now.12:01
um__yup. different result12:02
um__it installed the 2 missing distros and now i have a password prompt12:02
um__bravo. that did it12:05
um__how did you browse to it? inside the vbox or on your host's browser?12:07
xdangerfrom host12:07
um__so you opened port 5000? and then what url did you browse to?12:08
xdangercheck to ip of your virtual with ifconfig12:08
xdangerunder eth0, inet addr: 10.x.x.x or something, then go to http://10.x.x.x:5000 on your host12:09
um__interesting. you know i did that way early on, had trouble and the people in #vbox told me to use the loopback (
um__is your networking set to NAT?12:10
xdangeroh, well at default plackup binds to all interfaces12:10
xdangerit was, but now it's bridged, so I can run the vbox on a different machine than my browser12:11
um__did you open port 5000?12:11
xdangerwhat do you mean by open?12:12
um__vbox>settings>network>port forwarding12:13
xdangerno, if your connection from host machine you don't need that12:13
um__not working for me as-is. i will try port forwarding...12:16
xdangerwhat ip are you using?12:16
um__the one from ifconfig12:17
xdangeryour running the plackup on vbox?12:18
xdangerdoes curl return something on vbox?12:19
xdangerhow about curl ?12:20
xdangerthen you have some weirdness in you firewall or vbox config12:22
um__ok odd12:26
xdangerbut you can ssh in to your vbox?12:26
um__it refused to start with the port forwarding entry in there for port 500012:26
um__i can. that i made sure of12:27
xdangertry to remove every portforward12:27
xdangermaybe they a interfering12:27
um__i made sure of it before even trying anything12:27
um__i dont see the harm in trying. it would surprise me tho12:28
xdangerare you running windows, linux or mac on host?12:32
um__host is win12:35
um__and removing all port forwarding did not do it either12:35
xdangerI don't have experience with networking on win, so I can't help you any further in that subject12:43
um__not worried about it12:44
xdangerI use bridged in vbox, that works because machines are behind nat, so now host and virtual have a ip in the same range12:45
um__if i decide its a concern, i can ask in #vbox12:45
um__so now thanks to your help, i can play with 7.x and 8.x side by side.12:47
um__i still need to figure out the install without needing your shell script, but now i can take a break from that12:48
um__so you mentioned finding problems with the admin interface for 8?12:48
xdangerI don't remember where it was, but it's a js problem12:50
um__[01:41] <xdanger> wg8 isn't ready.. I've runned in to some error with the new admin console. But if your not in a hurry to get production quality webgui8 is better12:51
xdangerwg8 in quite straightforward to setup, but you have to think about deployment enviroment12:51
xdangeryes, but I don't remember where in the admin interface it was.12:52
um__how do you mean? deployment environment?12:52
xdangerto get the best performance you need a frontside proxy and some configs for that12:53
xdangergood to tune up mysql12:53
xdangerthen you need to install init scripts for your os12:54
xdangerfor spectre and webgui12:54
um__that all went over my head12:54
xdangerwre automates lot of this when ready12:54
um__btw x, what has you sitting in this channel ? what type of involvement do you have with wg?12:56
xdangerI've used webgui from version 6.0.0, so about 8 years12:57
xdangerI've contributed a little, I know webgui quite well and I do custom development on webgui12:57
um__so then you contract? or something else?12:58
xdangeryeah, and I build some of my own sites and services based on webgui12:59
xdangerI mostly build websites on webgui13:00
xdangerIt's a wonderful system, very versitile components as default13:00
um__well i really appreciate your help. i wouldn't have anything wg8 to play with for quite some time to come without your intervention13:01
xdangertemplates, docs, community are the week points13:01
um__you mean weak userbase/community? or community features for webgui sites?13:02
xdangerwell I wanted to try that =)13:02
xdangerthere isn't much development outside plainblack13:02
um__you lost me i'm afraid13:03
xdangerand I wanted to try the scripts way of installing13:03
xdangerI think webgui need to go more to the perl side of things, and also it needs to build a leaner core distribution and split some of the bigger assets to "plugins"13:05
um__not that i am familiar with it as much as you, but the leaner core and plugin assets def sounds perl'ish13:06
um__when you said you wanted to try something, to what were you referring?13:08
xdangerthe install script I wrote you13:09
xdangerI had an idea it could work, and wanted to test it out13:09
xdangerI haven't used that with webgui before13:09
xdangerI've gotten familiar with local cpan module installations and I liked that as an idea13:10
um__well i think it was a great way to do it and worked quite well13:11
xdangerI personally don't like the way wre is structured. I like to use debian packages as much as possible (ie mysql, nginx, imagemagick,...)13:12
xdangerI think webgui needs to have wres scripts for adding sites and so one. and otherwise use the systems native way (or sysadmins prefered) of installing mysql, nginx and other server software13:13
um__well yes. using native system packages. bundling extras just seemed redundant to me13:13
xdangerdebian doesn't have all the perl modules, or they are too old. So you must install something from cpan anyway13:14
um__but thats what cpan exists for anyway13:15
xdangerbut now easter dinner -->13:15
um__you lost me on the easter dinner comment13:15
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@scrottieI didn't read all of the backscroll, but you got wG8 up, um__?20:36
xdangerhe did20:45
@scrottieyou said you ran into bugs in the wG8 admin.  that's utterly unsurprising.  did you open tickets for them?20:49
@scrottiesome of us are talking about making an optional non-JS admin for wG8.20:50
xdangerI was just showing wg8 to someone, and didn't make a note about where it was20:58
xdangerit was some asset helper, but I don't remember what20:58
@scrottiewell, wG8 went through a several month beta test process and no bugs were reported in it during that time =P21:07
@scrottieseriously though, if perlDreamer is lagging on fixing bugs, let me know and I'll quite likely look into the bug21:09
@scrottieeven though stuff has been kind of crazy here lately, we can at least make time to fix bugs people find21:09
um__scrottie, yes, wg8 is up. xdanger's shell script did the trick. it choaked for some reason the first time, but 2nd run got it.22:18
um__i will still need to come back to it as i dont yet have a proper understanding of what took place, but it got me into wg8 so i could look thru it22:21
um__i am finding button overlaps in the admin22:21
um__overlaps --> http://s11.postimage.org/szi1kzybl/btn_overlaps_1.png22:32
--- Day changed Mon Apr 09 2012
@scrottieyeah, it does that to me too01:13
@scrottiewhat script is this?  if the install instructions are incomplete or wrong, I need to fix them01:28
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um__scrottie, what script are you asking about? the shell script xdanger wrote to automate install on a debian base that got wg8 up for me?02:55
@scrottieI guess so!  02:56
@scrottie"I just ran my script as a shell script on a bare debian (not even the system tools) and it worked"02:56
@scrottiewhichever one that one is.  I'd be interested to see what xdanger did.02:57
um__1 sec02:57
um__i cannot tell you how it compares to the install instructions other than that it does not install another perl. it just runs the system perl v5.10 of debian 603:03
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um__i got an error trace page when i clicked on asset report under utilities. is this a debug method using perlcritic intended to be sent in to plainblack as a bug report?09:05
um__i saved the error trace page (inner frame only) as an html file. if you would like it, please let me know what to do with it09:07
um__another error. i clicked on folder in new content basic and got this --> Can't locate object method "whatNext" via package "WebGUI::FormBuilder::Tab" at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Folder.pm line 165.09:28
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@scrottieum__:  the trace page is good for sending us bug reports, and it's also good for debugging custom code you write when creating "assets" for wG10:23
@scrottieum__:  re: what to do with them, you can open bug tickets, or I can do that.10:23
um__obviously no custom code written here - i was mostly just browsing thru the admin sidebar menu10:24
um__where would i open tickets?10:24
@scrottieum__:  http://webgui.org/8 has the bugtracker on it10:25
@scrottieI also have a command line utility for opening bugs, if you're interested10:26
um__do i just submit the tickets, or is it preferred that a search first be done to confirm it has not already been reported?10:26
um__is that the cli utility?10:27
um__thanks for the link then10:27
@scrottiebetter to search first, but anything you have time/energy for is appreciated.10:27
@scrottieI don't think either of those are in there though10:27
@scrottiethese are all older tickets, and most of them are RFEs (request for enhancements)10:28
@scrottie(requests for enhancement)10:28
um__ok. well nice that you caught this when you did. otherwise my window of time to address it would be delayed and i might not have remembered to follow up10:28
@scrottieperl ticket.pl $username $password 8   # for filing bugs against 810:29
@scrottiehopefully that didn't break when webgui.org was migrated to wG810:29
um__well in that case, i will just submit tickets for them10:29
@scrottiecome to think of it, I haven't tested since then10:29
@scrottieawesome, thank you!10:29
um__food run first tho lol10:30
um__not really. just taco bell. i'd rather real food, but what i had left in the house to eat might as well have been air for all the good it did at satisfying my hunger10:31
um__ok. the page you sent me to, looks like real tracker integrated?10:33
um__and since i dont see a submit option, i am guessing i need to register and login first10:33
@scrottieyeah, the tracker and probably an article are both inside the same layout10:34
@scrottieand yeah, you'd have to create an account first before using the web tracker or the command line tool10:34
um__well i will submit these by web. i'll let you test and confirm that your cli util still works before submitting with it10:36
um__btw, i assume that i can simplify the interface for different group permission levels (ie. content editors)10:37
um__the full blown interface would simply be too confusing for the people that would be using it. it confuses me right now.10:39
@scrottieyeah, each user gets a "ui level" set10:42
@scrottieand each control on each form is only shown above a certain level10:42
@scrottiethe thing is pretty spartan with ui level set to 110:43
@scrottieyou're probably seeing 910:43
um__ok good. i think the first thing i should do is start there. create a test user and assign groups and levels to see them from the user's perspective10:44
um__btw, what are you doing up at this hour?10:45
um__anyhow, be back in about 20 minutes for my food run. then i'll submit the tickets10:46
um__drat. i forgot to ask10:46
um__can i upload the html file i saved of the trace page?10:47
@scrottieInternet news, misc online chores.  trying to clear out browser tabs, which invariably leads me to opening more.  trying to get my hands on a physical copy of the Super Mario Adventure homebrew/hack/mod 10:48
@scrottieshould be able to attach attachments, yeah10:48
um__lmao. you sound like me with tabs10:48
um__i spawn them like frisky bunnies on cocaine and viagra10:49
@scrottiethings start to grind to a halt at around 200 of 'em10:49
@scrottiehttp://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=24&products_id=34 ... ooh, that's on sale... 10:49
um__lmao. yup, you are definately like me with tabs10:50
@scrottieI really enjoyed SMB3 and I'm keen to play Super Mario Adventure, but I also want to donate cool games to Chatterbox brewpub in Minnesota.  they have Nintendo 8bit systems and Atari 2600s hooked up to TVs with couches around them, and a library of games to play.10:50
um__i tend to run 2 - 5 windows with a combined 30 - 200'ish tabs10:50
@scrottieso I want both a stand-alone SMA cart and the PowerPack cart for my own use at home10:51
@scrottieah, yeah.  then there's the work browser... which doesn't have NoScript and has Flash installed.10:51
um__i'm at borderline addon abuse. i'm overdue to reevaluate my addons. trouble is, i think i actually use most of them10:53
um__i watched a defcon talk tho that cited major security concerns10:54
um__namely anything in chrome:// is fully trusted. there is no security model in place apparently10:55
@scrottieyeah.  you have to trust them, and the install dialogue warns you of that fact.10:56
@scrottieI use NoScript and Firebug and that's about it.10:56
@scrottieoh, and I have a plugin that gives me back gopher support =P10:56
@scrottieI had a retro theme installed but it tried to give its creator credit for all of my amazon purchases and it stopped working after an upgrade anyway10:57
@scrottieI'm on an older version of Firefox because the current version broke various things, including a small minimum tab width10:57
@scrottiemy tabs are ten pixels wide, in the tab bar10:57
um__just dont tell bill murray10:58
um__(caddyshack reference. you said gopher) ;p10:58
um__ok. food run. i hope their still open11:00
um__grr. i typed their instead of they're12:51
um__not typo'd, i know the difference, and yes, it's a minor pet peeve12:52
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sbaurhappy monday everyone, unless it's already tuesday for you :-)19:52
sbaurwhen are the "Friends of user ..." groups created?19:52
sbaurand can it be disabled?19:53
sbauri'm in wg 7.6.3519:54
@scrottiehappy Monday, sbaur!20:03
@scrottiethey're created automatically when WebGUI::User->friends is called20:03
@scrottiethere is no setting to disable that.  in your case, I wonder why that's being called.20:04
@scrottiein the stock WebGUI, WebGUI::Friends->add calls it, as does delete, isFriend, sendMessage...20:06
sbauri wonder why it's being called as well. I didn't think we were doing anything that would call that20:23
@scrottieisFriend, sendMessage probably...20:48
@scrottieisFriend is called from WebGUI::Asset::File::GalleryFile20:48
@scrottieInbox calls ->friends apparently to figure out if a message is from a friend, for when messages from the general site populace are turned off20:50
sbaurI guess we'll have to spend some time tracking this one down. it is terribly odd. we're not using the gallery, we're not using the inbox, we're not using the friend system at all...20:51
@scrottieyou have to spend time tracking it down?20:52
@scrottieit isn't just an annoyance but is an actual problem?20:52
@scrottieif that's the case, it seems like the easy fix would be to wire up a setting that made WebGUI::User::friends just return an empty list in all cases when the setting is set20:53
sbaurIt has the potential to be an actual problem, in that we have some 80k users on the site. and i don't want it creating bogus groups for all of those users20:53
@scrottiethen you could do something like:  delete from groups where groupId in (select friendsGroup from users); delete from groupGroupings where groupId in (select friendsGroup from users); update users set friendsGroup=null;20:54
sbaurbut i will not be tracking it down this week, as i have to migrate this server this week20:54
@scrottiethe groups aren't bogus =P20:54
sbaurbogus in the sense that we aren't using them for anything...20:54
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@scrottieWebGUI::Group::find is brain damaged.21:18
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vanjwilson1All the HTML <title> tags for a new site I am developing are coming out "Page Not Found - Companyname", even though I am using the standard code: <title>^Page(title); - ^c();</title>    Has this ever happened to anyone else? What setting should I check?17:11
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vanjwilson1All the HTML <title> tags for a new site I am developing are coming out "Page Not Found - Companyname", even though I am using the standard code: <title>^Page(title); - ^c();</title>    Has this ever happened to anyone else? What setting should I check?17:56
sbaurFirst, is it saying companyname or did you hide the name of your company when you copied it here and it's displaying the correct name?18:05
vanjwilson1It is displaying the correct name, that was just me hiding unimportant detail for a product that's not launched yet.18:13
vanjwilson1Another strange thing about the <title>:  the staging server on the Internet, which will become the live server, is showing "Page not found", and it's running Mac OS X 10.5.x.  The dev server has a <title> of "Home ..." for every page, and it's running CentOS. Both have WRE installed.18:17
sbaurAnd you've double checked that the page's actual title didn't get changed to Page Not Found somehow?18:46
sbaurAnd does it display the same bad info if you use one of the default styles?18:47
sbaurJust trying to figure out where it's going wrong...18:47
haargpossibly a caching thing?18:47
haarghow is that macro actually included in the page?18:47
haargif it's in a snippet make sure it has cache time as 018:47
vanjwilson1thanks, @sbaur and @haarg:  The bad <title> tag was because the ^Page(); macro was in a snippet for the <head> section, and the snippet had a cache time of 1 hour. I changed it to 0 seconds, and now the page titles work.20:16
sbaurglad you figured it out20:23
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jhopkins1980I'm running WebGUI, and it works fine after a restart, but then after serving up 4-5 pages, every page responds with a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable08:23
jhopkins1980webgui.log says: 2012/04/12 01:19:17 - ERROR - spectre.conf - POE::Kernel::_dispatch_event[1056]            - ADMIN: Couldn't connect to WebGUI site ...08:23
jhopkins1980And it looks like I have plenty of RAM available...08:25
* jhopkins1980 wonders if his liittle linux vm is hitting some resource limits08:39
jhopkins1980Oooh, looks like  Apache2::SizeLimit is having a problem08:50
jhopkins1980maybe I can solve this myself08:50
jhopkins1980Wow, this is weird, my webgui install crashes after about 5 minutes every time I restart it, and it fails for a variety of reasons... Apache2::SizeLimit goes over 100000KB and it just stops working, and the mod_perl apache processes just disappear10:08
jhopkins1980Hmmm, looks like wre.conf had 1GB for maxMemory for apache, my linux VM only has 512MB, switched it to 500MB, restarted it, seems to work fine now11:12
* jhopkins1980 likes talking to himself11:12
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ckotilwill setting an endtime on a version tag automagically commit it at the end time?16:36
ckotilreally im just looking for a way to commit a version tag i have opened now at midnight.16:38
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sbauri haven't used version tags this way, but i though you set the start time and then committed the tag, and the content would only show up at the start time (watch out for timezones...)16:58
sbaurbut, please try to verify that in the wiki, or content managers guide16:58
ckotilok sbaur, that sounds reasonable. thanks!17:01
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@scrottieFrIdAy the 13th!22:31
@scrottieI was thinking it was Thursday for some reason.22:32
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ckotilI've got a huge list of assets that the nav asset generating for me, and I've templated it so that it creates a nice table of contents. Things are starting to slow down as we get more assets in the view however. Would performance improve if I used a macro to generate the table of contents instead of the nav asset?16:03
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elnino2hey! I have a CS, and it sends out notifications... is there a way to change who those notifications are being sent from?19:43
-!- ampli [c0722a05@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #webgui19:55
@scrottiemornin' ckotil.  hrm, could benefit from some caching, it sounds like.  I wonder if a shortcut wouldn't help...20:03
@scrottieelnino2, there's a setting for the default from: email address for the entire site.  did you want to change that?  or did you want the Collaboration System to send from a different email than what's set for the rest of the site?20:04
elnino2colaboration system currently sends notifications from the person who originally made the post. I'd like to change that... I'm currently looking at the schema. I'm thinking I have to change the post.username to do this.20:06
elnino2or maybe, the notification template could be changed.. hm..20:06
elnino2So. looking at the post table, it doeesn't look like it's storing the username of the person who revises the post. Am I seeign correctly?20:10
@scrottielooking at notifySubscribers() in WebGUI::Asset::Post, it doesn't off-hand look like a template change could change that20:11
@scrottiechanging the privacy setting on people's email addresses would, but that may not be desiriable for other reasons20:12
@scrottieif the user's email address is private or not set, it'll try what's configured as the mailAddress for the Collaboration System enxt, and then the "company email" setting for the wG last20:13
sbaurdo you want all the posts to come from the same address? if so the template change would be better than changing the database imho20:13
@scrottieso, the Collaboration System needs another setting... "use the list email address rather than user's email addresses even when they're available"20:13
ckotilscrottie: access the nav asset via a shortcut asset? Which would benefit from the shortcut asset caching the nav asset?20:13
@scrottieckotil:  maybe!  I'm actually *still* really weak on the CMS side of wG.20:14
@scrottieckotil:  someone else could probably comment more intelligently than I could, but sometimes you only get good replies as corrections to bad replies.20:15
elnino2hmm. I'm thinking this is a bug... In the Post table, there is a username and a revisiondate. The revisiondate is being changed, but the username is not. It stays the same as the person who origianlly cratd the post. And it's post.username's emailaddress that is being used to send out the notificaions from what I can tell.20:16
elnino2This is the problem:  Bill creates the post. group is beign sent a notification from bill. but if charlie MODIFIES that post, the notification is still being sent from Bill. 20:17
elnino2if Charlie creates a NEW post. then the notification is being sent from Charlie (because he originally created the new post)20:17
elnino2Does that make sense?20:17
@scrottiethat makes sense as a description of a bug.  it doesn't make sense as how things should work.20:18
sbaurthat states the problem very weil20:18
elnino2I just want the notification to be sent from the person modifiing the psot.20:18
@scrottieis that too much to ask for?!20:18
elnino2so then the question is.. Is pb fixing CS? I got the impression that they don't want to work on it anymore.20:19
@scrottieopen a ticket.  if I were on wG bugs, I'd do it right now, but I'm on something else, so we need to punt to perlDreamer.20:19
@scrottieheh, I think they don't want to add features to it any more =P20:19
@scrottiethe plan is to break it up into smaller things, but that'll require a bit of attention20:19
elnino2i'm making my bug report. Thanks!20:21
@scrottiethank you, elnino2.20:21
@scrottieif perlDreamer doesn't get to it somewhat promptly, let me know, and I'll make some for it, since it sounds like it's causing you pain20:21
ampliHi scrottie.  I returned after a long time of not touching webgui... I tried to install the latest wg8 and encountered several problems. Of course I would like to help solving them.20:24
@scrottiehi ampli20:24
@scrottiethe installer script written for you... I still have that open in a tab, meaning to deal with that.20:25
@scrottiethat does have some work-arounds besides automating the steps in a not-very-reliably way (only on Debian, only for how things are set up at the moment)20:25
@scrottiean installer is a good idea... frodwith was working on one but never launched it20:25
ampliI can help in cleaning up the installation process...20:26
@scrottieediting the install instructions is a good first line of defense.  that's what I've done in the past as people reported problems.20:27
@scrottiedammit, perlDreamer, get in here20:27
@scrottieI can do that but I kind have to be the one talking the person through the install process, so I know exactly what went wrong, where, in the install instructions20:27
@scrottiethat's aside from bugs, like the version mismatch thing20:28
ampliFirst, when one  follows the current installation instructions, and performs the upgrade step, an error then happens: "Cannot find upgrade path from 8.0.0 to 8.0.1" ...20:30
elnino2Thansk scrottie. For now I'm going to update the post.usernme field on those posts for now. but yes, it's a pain, but at least I know how to fix it via the db.20:30
@scrottieelnino2:  sure thing.  again, let me know if this doesn't get resolved.20:31
ampliThe problem is that the DB is 8.0.0 and the code was prepared for 8.0.1 installation.20:32
elnino2ok.. quick question. I can't find in the db schema where it ties posts to a collaboration system. or threads to a collaboration system.20:32
@scrottieampli:  yeah.  did a bug ticket get opened for that?  another guy (who isn't here right now, but I wish was) is supposed to be dealing with those, and I'm supposed to be off programming a big, huge thing20:32
@scrottieampli:  yeah.  this other fellow also does the release coordination work, and he should know that that happened.  so I can open a ticket or you can.  either way.  but I want him to see that.20:33
@scrottieshould I?  or did you already?  I remember you were asking about whether there was any chance these tickets were already open, and I said essentially no chance.20:33
@scrottieI think that's where things left off20:33
ampliBefore opening a ticket on that, I need to know the meaning of "Ready for WebGUI 8.0.1 development"....20:35
@scrottiehappy to open the ticket myself.  just let me know.  you're in a better position to answer questions about it than I am since you can test stuff, and my development system is predisposed.20:35
@scrottieit's mostly a version control thing.20:35
@scrottieit means that no more changes are being made to
ckotilscrottie: thanks. ill pose it again a bit later in the day.20:36
ampliIt is not yet the new release (8.0.1 in that case), so it just cannot be upgraded to it.20:36
@scrottie8.0.0 was "tagged", so "v8.0.0" will always refer to the same thing.  work being done in the "master" branch will eventually get tagged as "v8.0.1"20:37
@scrottiethere's no 8.0.1 yet, but work being done will eventually get tagged as 8.0.120:37
@scrottieright.  like I said, perlDreamer should know about this.  please open a ticket, or I can.  that's the resolution here.20:37
ampliThe installation process "thinks" I'm installing 8.0.1 ....20:37
@scrottieI could fix this, and I know exactly what you're talking about, except:  1. perlDreamer needs to know about this  2. my development system is indiposed to another task, so if I put a "fix" in there, I'd be unable to test it to make sure it actually works and I didn't break things more20:38
ampliMaybe an "empty" upgrade should be prepared as part of preparing for a new release, so the "upgrade" will succeed?20:38
@scrottiethis is a very minor problem, but it does need to be fixed, and a ticket is the best way to do it.  so please, file a ticket or I will.20:38
@scrottieusually it is.  that's the bug.20:39
@scrottieyou make me repeat myself too much.20:39
ampliI see.20:39
@scrottieplease let me know whether you'd like to open a ticket or I should.  I don't like that this has been wedging up the entire works for two weeks here.20:43
ampliIt then get stuck in maint mode due to version mismatch, so I tried "wgd reset -b". But that triggered a different bug: upgradeState got permanently set to 'started' due to a bug in Upgrade.pm.20:43
@scrottieyes, all of that is entirely predictible.20:43
@scrottieand that's not a bug.  this is somewhat recently added sanity checking.20:44
@scrottiebefore, partial, busted or aborted upgrades caused lots of problems.20:44
@scrottiepeople wouldn't figure out that something important didn't upgrade until much later.20:44
@scrottieso this stuff makes people have to deal with it now.20:44
@scrottieeasier to fix botched upgrades when you're still trying to upgrade to that version rather than 10 versions downt he road.20:44
@scrottieI'll be happy to discuss all of this and answer all of your questions, but, honestly, I'm miffed.  should I open a ticket for this?  or would you like to?20:45
@scrottieI think it's fair that I ask you that you answer that question since I continue to answer yours.20:45
ampliIn my case it was a bug... it first set 'started', but since there is nothing to upgrade it just exists without to empty upgradeState.20:46
@scrottiethis is the correct and intended behavior.20:46
@scrottiethe only way it should get out of the 'started' state is if the upgrade scripts are there and run successfully.20:47
@scrottiethat hasn't happened.20:47
ampliThey run sucessfully... the code version and the DB version were the SAME so there were really nothing to upgrade.  No need to get stuck then in maint mode.20:48
haargthey didn't run successfully because it couldn't find a way to upgrade from 8.0.0 to 8.0.120:49
ampliI didn't tell you that then I set the tag to 8.0.0, and tried to install again... then it got left in 'started'.20:49
haargyou set what tag to 8.0.0?20:50
* scrottie sighs20:50
ampliYes, this means the code base is then 8.0.0.  And there is no need to upgrade. But it leaves 'started'.20:50
haargsounds like the database is already in an inconsistent state20:51
ampliNo... the DB is a fresh install in that case....20:51
@scrottieampli, you make things too hard on yourself.  which is fine.  but then you make stuff hard on us too.  when you were asking this channel for help on upgrading your perl, you were presented several options.  you kept asking for more options.  eventually you decided you wanted to upgrade the /usr/bin/perl in Debian, trounching Debian's package system with a source install, despite three people advising you not to.20:51
@scrottieampli, you seem to be avoiding the simple resolution here.  you seem to want a battle.  I'm not sure what I can do for you here.20:52
ampliYou confuse me withe SOMEONE ELSE....20:52
@scrottieoh.  that may be the case.20:52
* scrottie sighs20:52
@scrottiesorry, then.20:52
ampliI was not in this channel for more than half a year!20:53
haargampli: so you are saying you checked out the v8.0.0 tag and ran wgd reset -b and it caused a failure?20:53
@scrottiestill, I've asked you a dozen times to open a ticket or have me to do it for you.  is there some reason you can't decide there?20:53
ampliExactly, due to the reason you are aware of: nothing to upgrade, so it sets 'started' and exists!20:54
@scrottieampli, in that case, someone was in here recently having the same problem that you are now... and they also consistently, repeatedly refused to respond to any question that contained the word T-I-C-K-E-T.  they wouldn't even say "no" or "I prefer not to" or "go ahead, open one".20:54
ampliYou see that I would like to first upderstand whould should really happen, so I can open a bug and even send a fix (if you recall, I used to always send a fix to all the bugs I opened).20:55
@scrottieokay, that's fine.20:55
@scrottieif the goal is to answer your questions so you can open a ticket, then I won't open one.  that's all I need to know.20:55
@scrottieI just don't want another two weeks to go by with this broken because no one did.20:55
@scrottiethat's all.20:55
ampliI see, so I will open.20:56
@scrottieyes, the site gets green-lighted to go again after the upgrader logic is completely satisified that it finds the upgrade scripts for all of the versions between the current version and the target version, and that they run and run successfully.  that's the only way the site is turned back on.20:56
haargampli: you are correct about the bug in Upgrade.pm20:58
@scrottieI misunderstood then.20:58
ampliFirst I think that if there is nothing to upgrade because the site is already in the correct version, the 'started' status should be removed.  Or maybe better, it should be set only when there is a need to upgrade.20:59
ampliSo I can open a ticket for that and send a pull request.  Is this the desired thing in that case?21:00
@scrottiethat's the awesomething thing.21:00
CIA-148webgui: Graham Knop master * rdae3fce / lib/WebGUI/Upgrade.pm : don't set maintenance mode on a site that is at the correct version - http://git.io/sueS1Q21:00
* scrottie 's stack is too deep21:01
haargsomehow i missed that case in the upgrade step stuff21:01
haargmaybe because i never used maintenance mode21:01
ampliRegardig the upgrade problem (8.0.0 to 8.0.1) in installing from the latest git repository, is the problem that should be fixed is adding a temporary dummy upgrade script?21:02
haargthe directory needs to exist21:02
haargso create a file in it that starts with a .21:03
@scrottiedelete from settings where name='specialState'; -- that should clear the maintenance lock-out21:04
@scrottieif you want to do a pull request, you don't need to do a ticket21:05
@scrottieif you tell me your fix works, I'll pull it21:05
@scrottieticket was just so I didn't have to get my wG8 off of moth balls21:05
haargscrottie: my commit ^ should fix the maintenance mode thing21:05
ampliIndeed it cleared it.  But now the problem of no admin console happens again, apparently from a diffent reason than before.21:06
@scrottieso the other problem is a lack of an installer script _directory_ for 8.0.1 ... ?21:06
haargscrottie: correct21:07
@scrottieampli, were you going to push a commit for the addition of that directory?  don't want to create pointless conflicts in git.21:07
@scrottieif so.21:07
ampliI guess that now no need for a ticket of a fix from me.21:07
@scrottieno admin!?  ieee!  usually that only happens in 8.x when you have an un-upgraded 7.x database.21:08
@scrottiefor non-trivial bugs, a ticket is a good just to leave a documentation trail21:08
ampliAnd the next thing is to find out why the admin console doesn't appear.21:08
@scrottiefor people who have to deal with the code in the future21:08
ampliThis happens to me in fresh install....21:08
haargthere may be a way to modify Upgrade.pm to assume it can skip bugfix release upgrades if the dir doesn't exist, but i'm not sure if i love the idea21:09
@scrottiethat's a common problem for people who think that "it's a new install, I don't need to run upgrades", but clearly, you're running upgrades...21:09
@scrottiehaarg, yeah, you don't know if it's missing or intentionally absent21:09
ampliIf you remember, in the previous time (when wg8 was in initial alpha) it was due to a problem related to the version of moose.21:09
@scrottiecompletely forgot about that.  now I only have a vague glint of memory of it.21:10
ampliYou added "lazy" definition to solve it.21:10
@scrottieI think once again, haarg had the knowledge to fix it.21:11
ampliBut it involved and error in the log.  Now there is no error.21:11
@scrottieyeah, there was some chasing there.21:11
@scrottieanything obvious in the webgui_log?21:12
ampliActually there is one, but it seems not related (but I don't really know).21:12
@scrottieby the way, there's an App::NoPaste on CPAN, thanks to sartak.  I've been getting some really good milage out of it.  buggy thing | nopaste # viola!21:13
ampliCan't locate WebGUI/Asset/FilePile.pm (it is still mentioned in the code...).21:13
haargnopaste is great21:13
ampliThe error in webgui_log is: Can't locate WebGUI/Asset/FilePile.pm (I was not clear in the prev message).21:15
ampliBut I don't know if this has anything to do with the admin console not appearing...21:15
CIA-148webgui: Scott Walters master * r1ee0668 / README : more details in the concise instructions - http://git.io/Sz8rHg21:16
@scrottieit looks like you'll get that error if you try to add a file to a folder21:17
ampliI get it whenever I enter the default site of wg8  (or refresh it).21:20
-!- doc_gt7 [~docster@10.187-available-ethint-fratm-cc.sccoast.net] has joined #webgui21:21
ampliShould Wobject::Folder.pm still reffer Asset::FilePile which now doesn't exist?21:22
haargno, it should not21:22
haargnot sure what it should be referring to though21:23
* scrottie nods21:23
ampliRegarding debugging the problem of the admin console, how should I start the debug process? What to check first?21:24
@scrottiehow far do you get in the process of getting to the admin console?21:25
@scrottieis there an "admin on" link that does nothing?21:25
ampliYes, there is "Turn Admin On!" that does nothing.21:25
@scrottieif it were me, I'd probably find the content handler (think that's it) that handles the admin on action, and throw an Enbugger call in there, and then step through the code with the perl debugger21:26
@scrottiethough adding lots of statements to trace execution is also an option21:26
@scrottieanother option is turning the log level up to info or debug21:26
@scrottieseeing which SQL statements execute gives you a good idea of what the thing is up to21:26
@scrottieif you know what it's supposed to be doing and what all of that stuff is21:26
@scrottieotherwise, it's an epic mountain of spam =P21:27
ampliOk, I will try that now and let you know the results.21:27
doc_gt7Hello friends :)    I have a question about the If();  Macro.  I am trying to use it to check a checkbox but it spills garbage into the HTML instead of "checked".    Here is a pastebin of what I am doing:   http://pastebin.com/xfDBQLQd21:29
@scrottieheya doc_gt721:29
-!- elnino2 [~elnino@user-38q4846.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving]21:30
haargdoc_gt7: the first parameter of the If macro is either a true or false value21:31
haargnot a perl string21:31
@scrottie^If('^FormParam(c1);',' checked','');   .. that might work for you21:31
doc_gt7Ah.... I think I am reading old documentation....  Looks like the If macro was changed in 7.6.4 to a new syntax.21:32
@scrottiedid it used to eval()?  craziness!21:32
doc_gt7The wiki has this example:     ^If('^D("%m%d");' eq '0101' , Happy New Year);    So I adapted it.   :)21:33
haargwhich page?21:34
haargafaik the older version of the if macro was never core21:34
doc_gt7This page:   http://www.webgui.org/design/wiki/if-macro     But it has a note that this is no longer valid.  Unfortunately it has no valid examples to go on :)21:35
sbaurhaarg: the old if macro was core21:36
@scrottiewell, the value gets interpreted as a perl value (just not as a perl expression).  so '' and '0' are false, and everything else is true21:36
sbaurat least i think so back in the bad old 6.x days :-)21:37
haargyou are correct21:37
haargused Safe21:37
@scrottieif they're going to do that, they might as well just make an Eval macro21:38
doc_gt7I tried this   ^If('^FormParam(c1);',' checked','');    but it still returns:   c5="" formparam="" if="".    strange....21:41
haargwhere are you seeing that?21:43
haargthe output i mean21:43
haargthat looks more like something that a browser has tried to fix21:44
doc_gt7In the HTML on the page AFTER the form is submitted.   21:44
haarghow are you viewing the html?21:44
doc_gt7Firebug in firefox.21:44
haarglook at view source instead21:44
@scrottiewas going to say... <input type="checkbox" checked="checked" 1="" eq="" c1="" formparam="" if="" value="1" name="c1"> that doesn't follow at all from the input21:45
doc_gt7All I am trying to do is submit a form to itself, if a checkbox was checked, then check so the user does not have to recheck it again.   this has proved difficult lol21:45
@scrottieyeah.  nesting macros always gets interesting.21:45
@scrottiethere's no good way now to add to processing of submitted assets, or add to or change template variables before they get rendered.21:46
@scrottieyou can embed perl in templates with HTML::Template::Expr, but that's hackish and doesn't help you process the form results.21:47
doc_gt7I viewed the source code of the page. It is the same rendered HTML wreckage.    The HTML should never contain formparam as that is a macro  ^FormParam();    In this case the ^ is being ignored and it is trying to process the code... it appears.21:48
haargthe view firebug shows you is how the browser has interpreted it into an html tree21:48
@scrottiefrodwith with experimenting with embedding Seamonkey on one project to make a custom asset user extensible.  I think that idea has application.  let people specify JS hooks for before and after page render.  expose the update() and set() API on the current object.21:49
@scrottiedoc_gt7:  nopaste the source of that line?21:49
doc_gt7Sure, give me a sec and I will fix one up.21:49
@scrottiedammit, Debian's last round of updates broke my elinks, and now mutt can't render HTML mail21:50
@scrottiethis is going to be a long day21:51
@scrottiegod I hate Debian21:51
doc_gt7I like Ubuntu these days.....21:53
doc_gt7Anyway, here is the new paste bin ^If(); macro   :   http://pastebin.com/dFBdt2ij21:54
@scrottieI hate Debian but I really, really, really hate apt21:55
@scrottietype="checkbox" *moves* from before the ^If() to after it.21:57
haargdoc_gt7: how are you viewing the source of the page?21:57
@scrottiethat doesn't make sense.  no matter what ^If(); does, that shouldn't happen.21:57
@scrottiesomething else is going on here.21:57
haarguse the browser's built in view source21:57
doc_gt7I actually use a G5 Mac for work but ubuntu on our servers these days.  Mac makes linux purty  :)21:57
haargnot view selection source or anything from firebug21:57
@scrottiedoc_gt7, do we have to take Chrome away from you and make you use lynx?21:57
doc_gt7When I use the browser view source it is the same page....  I am testing this page in Safari, firefox, and Opera.21:58
@scrottieuse wireshark/ethereal.21:58
@scrottieI want the HTML data before it even touches your acursed browser.21:59
@scrottieplease paste non-haunted HTML.21:59
doc_gt7wget ?21:59
@scrottiethat should work.21:59
@scrottiebut really, the browser's "view source" in firefox should work fine too (not firebug's) unless you have some other add-on that affects that.21:59
doc_gt7that was the browser view source.... it is consistent across the browsers to.    I have to afk a moment for a meeting but I shall be back.   Sorry!   and thanks.    :)22:00
@scrottiesome kind of bizarre forced proxy...?22:01
@scrottiethat tries to sanity HTML?22:01
haargamong everything else, the / before the > means something is getting between webgui and the html you are looking at22:02
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-!- elnino2 [~elnino@user-38q4846.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui23:23
elnino2I'm having a hard time determining in the Dbschema how posts are tied to a collaboration system. Anyone know?23:26
haargposts are children of threads23:27
haargthreads are children of collab systems23:27
elnino2there is no join table that I see. does the post.threadid refer to a post.assetid?23:27
elnino2right haarg, I just don't see it represented any where.23:28
haargin 7.x, it searches upward from the post in the lineage23:31
haarguntil it finds a collab system23:31
elnino2grr. lineage? yuck.23:36
sbaurit's also possible the parentId in the asset table would let you go from thread to collab23:37
sbaurbut i haven't verified that23:37
haargthread->parentId should give you the CS23:38
haargbut post->thread isn't at simple23:38
sbaurUnrelated: Is there a way to determine, given a particular template Id all the assets that might be referencing it?23:39
sbaurPost table has a threadId in it23:39
sbaurwouldn't that work?23:39
haargmaybe it does23:40
* haarg can't read23:40
haargregarding the template question23:40
haargnot in all cases23:41
haargfor example, macros that accept template ids as parameters23:41
sbauri'm willing to skip macros for now23:41
sbauri may just grep a full db dump, dumped with one insert per line (i think that's an option to mysqldump23:42
sbaurguess that would even get any macro calls with templateIds in them23:42
sbaurI only have ten templateIds to hunt down23:43
sbaurthat'll get my custom code tables too23:44
haargasset ids are unique enough that a grep would probably work23:45
elnino2sbaur, haarg, I saw that, hence, my last question. =) so, post.threadid references post.assetid,  but now I don' tknow how threads are associated to a collaboration, unles that is where lineage comes in?, unless the asset.parentid points to the collaboration system. I'll look.23:46
* sbaur wonders what a Post's parentId points to23:47
haargother threads or posts23:51
elnino2yeah, this is a bit obsure. I need quiet time to work on this. I'll look at this more tonight.23:51
sbaurother posts, that's what was missing from my mental model, thanks23:51
sbaursomething like select parentId from asset where assetId in (select distinct threadId from Post where assetId =' $posts's_assetId');23:54
sbaurof course, i'm ignoring revisions...23:59
--- Day changed Tue Apr 17 2012
@scrottielook at the getLineageSql functions in AssetLineage.pm00:06
@scrottieand do something similar, if you need to do lineage stuff in SQL00:06
@scrottieit's optimized for read speed, not write speed.  having children link to their parents and parents link to their children would make updating faster but traversing much slower.00:07
haargin this case, you wouldn't need lineage stuff directly00:07
haargbut you would need the part it uses for selecting the relevant revision00:07
elnino2hey thanks guys. Umm. when I have a lot of columns, I don't get a horizontal scroll bar. is there a way I can fix that by any chance?00:09
amplihaarg, I have a misunderstanding regarding clean install of wg8 and would like to consult you about that.00:18
sbaurelnino2: do you mean when you are querying the DB directly? or doing a SQL report? or?00:19
elnino2it's ok, I found it. in failsafe mode,  #topwrapper has: overflow:hidden. which is bad for large sql reporst.00:20
ampliThere is currently no template (.conf.original) for native configuration file for wg8.  Am I right?00:21
haargetc/WebGUI.conf.original ?00:22
ampliIn my "clean install" test I used my old (from initial wg8 alpha) configuration, and I realized this could cause the problem of no admin console.00:26
ampliI now understand that the supplied etc/WebGUI.conf.original is for wg8.  The first problem I encountered is that "wgd reset -b" aborts on it, since it contains 2 JSON errors (I use new CPAN modules, the previous ones maybe didn't detect them).00:30
haargwhat errors did it give you?00:32
haargampli: i don't see any errors in that file00:34
ampliSee lines 708 and 770 in etc/WebGUI.conf.original.00:34
haargwhat were the actual errors you were given?00:35
ampliThey contains an extra comma that is a syntax error.00:35
haargthe comments are also syntax errors00:35
haargexcept it isn't strict json00:35
ampli(a comma after the last element.)00:35
haargthe commas should be fine00:35
haargif they aren't, i'd need the actual errors you got to know what is happening00:36
ampliCurrent cpan routines don't agree... json_verify gives an error at this two places.00:36
-!- elnino2 [~elnino@user-38q4846.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving]00:36
haargit isn't json00:36
haargit's a relaxed form of json00:36
ampliBut "wgd reset -b" aborts on them....00:37
haargwhat is the error00:37
ampli(one sec, I will look it up.)00:37
ampliThe error was: Bad parameter provided. WebGUI config file: /data/WebGUI8/etc/wg8.conf 00:40
ampliAfter removing these commas these errors disappear.00:40
ampliApparently at some point the CPAN JSON module started to be more strict.00:41
haargcan you reproduce that error now?00:43
haargtry running WGDEV_TRACE=1 wgd reset -b00:43
ampliA few secs, I need to reinstall the problematic configuration file...00:44
ampliYou were right.  Sorry - apparently false alarm. I reinstalled the file with the two extra commas and cannot reproduce the problem (even though json_verify still doesn't like them).00:54
ampliSo this is not a problem.  I will continue with my efforts of a working clean install....00:56
ampliI am now getting the admin console just fine.  The problem was that the conf file I originally used was of an old version of wg8.01:22
haargok cool.01:23
ampliCreating an empty upgrade directory 8.0.0-8.0.1 (with .placeolder file) also solved the upgrade "problem".01:23
haargwgd reset has a --config option01:23
haargthat tries to reset the config file01:23
haargwhile keeping some of the important site specific options01:23
haargsuch as the sitename01:24
haarguseful for dev stuff at least01:24
ampliHowever, a problem with create.sql still needs to be handled.01:24
haargwhat problem is that?01:25
ampliThe new versions of MySQL don't know about TYPE=, they require ENGINE=.01:26
haargafaik that's been fixed01:26
haargwas an issue with wgd, which perlDreamer uses to build the releases01:26
ampliI thought that wgd could be modified to check the requirement of the installed mysql and on-the-fly modify create.sql if neeed.01:28
haargalthough create.sql is supposed to be set up so that all you do is import it using the mysql command line client01:28
ampliIf still needed just tell me and I will try to implement it.01:29
haarggiven that this is a relatively isolated bug, i'm not sure how adding that translation to wgd would be01:29
haargactually, running old versions of webgui01:29
haargif you want to write a patch up for wgdev, i'd welcome it01:29
ampliI will try to do that.01:31
ampliAnother option is that an installation script (that doesn't exist yet) will do that.01:32
ampliThis is maybe cleaner.01:33
haargi had intended to build a site creation script at some point in core01:33
haargor at least in wgd01:33
haargnever got around to it though01:33
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]02:32
ampliIt looks like the best solution is that create.sql (and several tests in t/) will just use ENGINE= instead of TYPE=, since ENGINE= is supported for about 6 years now, from about the start of version 4.02:37
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doc_gt7Hello friends :)   I have an issue that when I edit a page layout, click HTML, edit a macro and update, it becomes distorted.  It is not what I entered in at all.   http://pastebin.com/vA93WmXf     18:36
sbaurcan you duplicate the behavior on a demo site doc?19:16
doc_gt7It is my sandbox here.  It does it in articles / page layouts ect....  It is THAT line of code... other macros work ok.19:17
doc_gt7Is there any other possible way to edit a page layout, without the built in editor?  It does not like that line.  Which I guess if anyone ever edited it in the future it would break it again...19:18
doc_gt7Actually yes.... I just created a demo article at demo.webgui.org and it acts the exact same way.   19:21
sbaursounds like a bug to me, though the rich text editor maybe trying to "save" us from active content, so it may be a "feature". But I'd report it as a bug.19:22
sbaurI'm guessing it's either the If macro outright or the nested macro. For your other tests, did you use nested macro's too?19:23
doc_gt7The ^If('^FormParam(c1);',' checked','');   works fine unless it is closed in the <input    >     box.   Then it gets scrambled.19:24
sbaursounds like it's time to put it in the bug list19:25
doc_gt7Was afraid of that... but that kind of has me stalled on this site until it is fixed.  Which is unacceptable as there is no telling when that will be.   Is there a work around to edit Assets without  webgui  "helping" me code properly. ?19:26
sbaurare you comfortable mucking in the database directly?19:27
sbauractually, wait19:28
sbaurthere used to be a setting that let you turn off wysiwyg editing19:28
doc_gt7Yea I muck in databases every day....19:29
doc_gt7I cannot find that wysiwyg setting anymore.  I have wrestled with this since Friday as I did not realize webgui was changing what I pasted in.  I would paste it in, save and reload the page and see garbage so thought it was my code.  But actually, it is what webgui is DOING to my code that is the garbage.  :)19:31
sbauri know the setting existed, cuz i have a 7.5.40 site that's using it19:31
sbaurfound the setting19:33
sbaurif you edit the default editor, you can enable the Ask user about using rich edit feature19:34
sbaurit'll be a pain, in that whenever you click into an edit box you have to say yes or no, but it might get you around this problem.19:34
doc_gt7Admin -> Setting -> UI  -> Default Rich Editor   ?19:34
sbaurAssets -> Root->Import ->RichEdit->Content Manager's Rich Edit -> Edit19:35
sbaurbelow all the checkboxes is the Ask radio button19:36
doc_gt7Lots and lots of pretty boxes....19:36
doc_gt7Perfect!  That fixed it and allows me to paste unmolested HTML into the box and save.    Thanks so much sbaur.19:39
sbaurglad to help19:39
doc_gt7Sometimes I wrestle with webgui all day over the simplest things. :)19:40
sbaurWe've all been there19:41
@scrottiedoc_gt7, ah, so your ^If() wasn't going straight into a template, but is in HTML for a Page Layout?21:32
@scrottieimo, people expect too much of the rich editor.  these never have worked right, and I predict that they never will.21:33
@scrottieI think the problem is intractable.21:34
sbaursure it's not the nested macro parser causing the problems in this case scrottie? doc said that if it wasn't in an input tag, it worked just fine21:34
haargthe rich editor tries to transform it into valid html21:35
@scrottiesbaur, he was giving us input (HTML with the nested macro embedded in it) and the output of it the other day.  there was clearly some HTML parsing and unparsing going on, as positions of attributes were moving from before to after the macros.  no failure in macro parsing could possible affect HTML around the macro.21:35
haargwith the macro in there, it isn't valid html21:36
haargnot until it gets parsed by the macro parser21:36
haargso the rich editor corrupts it21:36
@scrottieclearly we need to go the ColdFusion/FacebookMarkupLanguage route and introduce <wg_this> and <wg_that> tags.21:37
sbauroh ick21:37
* scrottie chuckles21:37
@scrottieor else offer alternatives to the rich editor.21:37
@scrottieI was way digging the vi-js.js thing that was going around a few years back... a simple, old vi written in JS21:38
sbaurit should at least be vim, not vi21:38
haargi'd rather remove all of the macros except for a few very simple ones, and provide the removed macro functions in templates only21:39
sbaurhow would that work with custom macros21:40
sbauror, are you envisioning custom macros being written in template toolkit too21:40
haargnot written in template toolkit, but provided only to template toolkit21:41
@scrottienot a fan of vim myself.  it's already slow and bloated =P  Macromedia had an experimental C compiler that compiled things down to AS3, which effectively contains a JS dialected (they donated back their JS VM, kicking off the JS VM wars).  not hard to imagine a general C->JS compiler taking off.21:41
haargthey wouldn't have to be significantly different than they are now21:41
haargbut many things would work better it they were processed as template functions21:41
haarginstead of operating on the text output of the page21:42
@scrottieyeah.  template parser extensions for doing the things that macros do would be an improvement.21:42
haargand replace the global macro parsing with a specific filter in the template21:42
@scrottiethen it would be a matter of taking places where rich text is the only option and generalizing that it into using a template.  perhaps make rich text a 3rd flavor of "template".21:42
haargso you could have [% content | macros %] and it would process macros on that specific part21:42
haargso for the places you did want to support macros in user content you could21:43
sbaurhmmm sounds interesting21:43
haargit would work a lot better overall21:43
haargbut the transition would be a lot of work21:43
sbaurwg9 anyone?21:43
@scrottiethat depends heavily on whether people eat the wG8 dog food.21:44
sbauri won't be eating wg8 dogfood for quite some time21:45
sbaurunless i can find a less painful upgrade path, like maybe exporting everything from wg7.6 and importing it into wg821:45
@scrottieyeah.  most users are big corporations who can stomach the gnarly setup and hardware requirements, care about stability, and don't care about spit and polish.21:45
sbaurwe care about spit and polish, it's just the raft of custom code that I have to carry along is albatross-like 21:46
doc_gt7After disabling the "rich text editor" things work so much better.  Things just work now.  We would have completed this site a week ago if I had that disabled to being with.  I would paste in this  but in the background it was changed to that...  So I scratched my head and thought myself simple... :)21:49
@scrottieyeah.  I imagine most of the things I've worked on will never be upgraded.21:49
@scrottiedoc_gt7:  glad it's going for you.  live and learn I guess =|  (or, alternatively, the rich text editor should come with a warning on it)21:50
doc_gt7We have had issues with this paragraph being "bigger" than that one... for absolutely no reason.  <br> change into <p> ect....  Formatting horrors that seemed unfixable.    Now it is paste, save , perfect.  21:52
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CIA-148webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.10 * r70c9939 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Make sure that viewing permissions are obeyed in the method, and that the DataForm just doesn't hide the link. Fixes bug #12353. - http://git.io/x6ONZw05:02
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elninowhat all is allowed in usernames? in webgui? spaces and alphanumeric? or anycharacter?22:40
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@scrottieelnino, validUsername in WebGUI::Auth (which WebGUI::Auth::WebGUI at least invokes) checks for duplicates then invokes _isValidUsername.  that invokes WebGUI::HTML::filter and tilts if anything gets filtered out by that.  it makes sure the username doesn't start or end with whitespace and tilts if it does.  it makes sure the username isn't the empty string.00:51
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elninohi. I enabled mobile site templates, and I'm not seeing in on any of my testing on broswerstack.com07:58
elninoif I use the iphone, my mobile template displys. but if I test with Android, the "normal" non-mobile template is used.08:00
elninohow do I fix it so that all devices see the mobile templates?08:05
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doc_gt7Hello friends :)   Is there a way to pass parameters to place holders when using:  $session->db->write("$logQuery");      I am trying to avoid SQL Injection like this:   http://pastebin.com/hRYCbcC0  21:14
haargsecond parameter to write is an arrayref of placeholder values21:15
doc_gt7Thanks haarg.  I will test this out.  :)21:16
doc_gt7Sorry to be dense, but any idea what I am doing wrong here:   http://pastebin.com/KVsyWW4U     :)21:29
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haargmy @data = ($myId, $event);21:30
haarg$session->db->write($logQuery, \@data)21:30
haargalso you probably don't want that ($) prototype on the sub definition21:30
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doc_gt7That fixed it. Thanks!  :)21:34
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TrexAnyone online today who can answer some questions about sorting a tied hash?21:39
TrexHi haarg. I'm working on this bug: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1235521:44
TrexI'm close to narrowing down the basics, but I'm still a bit fuzzy on what Tie::IxHash does and how to use it.21:44
TrexI'd like to sort the hash (ref?) of options by value that is passed to WebGUI::Form::DynamicField alphabetically.21:45
TrexTie::IxHash OO syntax includes a sort method, but I can't figure out how to get the sorted hash back out to pass on to the form generator.21:46
TrexIt looks like none of the WebGUI 7x API uses the OO syntax for Tie::IxHash. Perhaps there is a reason?21:46
haargthe tie interface is entirely separate from the oo interface21:47
haargyou need something that looks like a hash, so you need the tie interface21:47
haargtie my %sorted, 'Tie::IxHash'; %sorted = map { @$_ } sort { $a->[1] cmp $b->[1] } map { [$_, $hash{$_}] } keys %hash;21:48
TrexSo there is no sorting of the hash itself? You have to create a new tied hash to hold the sorted data?21:49
haargIxHash sorts based on insertion order21:50
haargso you have to insert things in the correct order21:50
haargeasiest way is to make a new hash and insert the data into it21:50
TrexThanks, haarg! I'll give that a try.21:51
haargwg8 lets you specify options as an arrayref instead of a hash, which makes it easier to deal with.  no tie involved.21:52
haargdon't remember if that made it into wg721:52
TrexHow is WG8 going? I've been wanting to fire up a copy, but both my jobs have major deadlines keeping me busy.21:53
haargit's at the 98% mark as far as i'm aware21:54
haarggetting the wre set up for it is the main thing left21:54
haargperlDreamer was working on that but is busy on other things afaik21:54
haargthe good news is that wg8 is a lot easier to get running than wg7 if you aren't using the wre21:55
TrexI'm looking forward to it, though also dreading the learning curve. We do a lot with Apache rewrite rules for little special things that will require re-learning how to do in Nginx.21:56
haargwell, you can keep using mod_perl if you want21:56
haargnginx has a much easier to use setup for most of the things people do with rewrites21:57
haargand has a similar thing to mod_rewrite if you really need all that power21:57
haargbut wg8 itself is pretty standalone, and you could use apache as the reverse proxy server instead of nginx if you wanted21:57
TrexI skimmed a few articles on Nginx configuration, and it sounded like it was easy to create security holes if you don't really know what you're doing.21:58
haargnot really21:58
haargthere is one common edge case people run into with php, but that's not really related21:58
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TrexApache also causes us frequent problems with PCI certification for our web shop, so moving to something like Nginx gives me hope that the automated security scans won't know what to do with it. :)21:59
haargthere was some odd thing going on for a while where some security software would flag nginx servers as dangerous21:59
haargmainly because it has lower resource usage, so all of the people setting up russian spam sites were using it22:00
TrexIt seems to be gaining popularity with other big players, so hopefully that has changed some attitudes.22:01
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TrexI presume that finding alternatives to "eval" in the API when doing bug fixes is a good thing?22:27
@scrottiehrm?  eval in which API?22:28
TrexThere's an eval at the end of WebGUI::Thingy->getFormPlugin()22:29
TrexBut it just does what  WebGUI::Form::DynamicField->new() does natively (which is how forms are generated in the user profile API)22:30
Trex...in other words, in Thingy you have  a statement that includes eval { WebGUI::Pluggable::instanciate(...)};22:31
Trexwhich appears to be easily replaced with WebGUI::Form::DynamicField->new()22:31
TrexI believe I read somewhere that eval should be avoided when possible.22:32
TrexSo my question is whether it would be good to make the change when submitting the bug fix...or is it better to focus the bugfix on only what was wrong?22:33
haargi don't see why you would be avoiding eval, aside from where it's inappropriate to intercept errors22:36
@scrottieah, eval { } is different from eval "" or eval $str.22:38
@scrottieeval { } doesn't have the code-injection problems of eval $str.  it only has the error-trapping properties.22:39
@scrottieTry::Tiny and other exception handling modules are implemented using eval { }22:39
* haarg really hopes perl gets a proper try/catch as syntax in the future22:40
haargor maybe if someone makes something like TryCatch without the huge deps22:40
@scrottiethe problem with eval $foo is that you mind wind up with something like this:  my $str = <STDIN>; eval "print qq{hi there, $str\n};"; .. and then someone types in as input:  "; system(qq{rm -rf /}); print "22:41
@scrottieor that's the main security problem.  there are various other problems with eval $str22:42
TrexOK, that makes sense.22:43
TrexIt sounds like when doing bug fixes for WG7, it's best to focus on fixing the bugs, and less cleaning up the code (which is what WG8 hopes to do).22:43
@scrottiexmath had a patch that made ` used in operator context a short-hand hash/array deference syntax, so instead of writing $hash{foo} you could write $hash`foo.  that got voted down on p5p, but man, the typing I'd save with that22:44
@scrottieTrex:  if you do feel like doing code cleanups, it probably makes more sense to do them in wG8.  code clean-ups are a good way to learn your way around a codebase.22:44
haargthe $hash{foo}->% syntax or some other reasonable way to do derefs at the end of a chain instead of wrapping in %{ } is one thing i'd really love22:45
@scrottieand I want autobox in core, and what Method::Signatures does in core... and...22:46
@scrottieyeah.  it's really hard to justify doing a %{ } style hash deref inside the condition of an if or other similar places.  you wind up with many balanced paren-type characters on a line.  so people create lots of scratch variables to hold intermediate values just so they can regulate the flow of ()'s and { }'s.22:47
@scrottiethat's part of the reason why I want autobox in core...22:47
@scrottieif( $hashref->keys->grep(...) ) { ... }22:48
@scrottieI'm stoked about push $arrayref, @stuff22:48
@scrottiethough that's only one of many scenarios where the reference syntax bites22:49
haargi wish the each/keys/values on arrays hadn't happened22:49
@scrottieheh, send tchrist some fan mail then.  imo, he needs more fans and less haters.22:49
@scrottiehmm.  maybe I should start The Unofficial tchrist Fan Club.22:50
haargit wouldn't be bad on its own, but the interaction with push $ref makes things ugly22:50
haargnot push22:50
haargand keys $blessed is disallowed because of it22:50
haargwhich makes it a half way useless feature imo22:51
@scrottiethat's a painful inconsistency, yeah.22:51
@scrottiedoing small-ish single file .pl's for various things, I'll often start with hashes for data structures and then if it grows to a certain point, go back and start blessing them later and add an API after the fact.22:52
@scrottieso I can imagine that breaking my code.22:52
@scrottienevermind that I'm doing %hash->stuff.22:53
--- Day changed Sat Apr 21 2012
Trexhaarg, thanks for the help on sorting the hash ref. That seems to be working for sorting select lists in Thingy when linking one Thing to another.00:31
TrexNow I'm working on the other part of the problem: when the Thingy manager defines a list of possible key/value pairs, using the hash ref syntax, the select list (or radio list) of options does not retain its original order.00:32
TrexI believe the list of options is passed as a string to WebGUI::Operation::Shared::secureEval(), and the results of that get put into $param{options}.00:33
TrexSomewhere along the way, the order gets lost, and I'm not sure where you might invoke something like a tie to maintain order.00:33
@scrottiesecureEval... I don't like the sound of that.  probably best to figure out what they're trying to do and do the same thing a completely different way.00:34
haargi thought there was an alternative syntax for that that didn't use the eval thing00:34
TrexIt's extra complicated because the list of options can also be a simple newline list of values -- so you can't assume the output is a hash ref00:34
TrexThe alternate syntax was for how you pass the whole list of form parameters to the form API -- a different issue.00:35
@scrottieshouldn't be hard to make it handle either a string seperated by \n's or else a hashref (tied IxHash or else an ordinary hashref)00:35
TrexsecureEval is a problem because of another issue: if your key/value pairs have numbers for keys, then the Secure CPAN module that's run within secureEval spits errors into your logfile.00:36
Trex(The numbered key issue is only a problem if you use the pipe and newline syntax for defining key/value pairs, rather than the hash ref syntax)00:36
haargwith the newline separated version, it accepts | to separate keys/values00:37
Trexhaarg, see http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/12340 for the problem when you have <number> | <value>00:38
TrexThat's why I was looking into using the hash ref syntax as an alternate, which does allow you to have numerical keys without the Secure errors...but the options become randomized.00:39
haargwe wanted to deprecate secureEval00:41
haargit never should have made it into thingy00:41
Trexscrottie, in Thingy, you have $value set equal to  WebGUI::Operation::Shared::secureEval($session,$data->{possibleValues}); ...00:43
Trexand then $param{options} = $values;00:43
TrexWould you tie to IxHash in between those two steps? If so, what's the syntax? 00:44
TrexI've tried hacking at various options, hoping to get lucky.00:44
Trexhaarg what would be the alternative to secureEval? Is it invoked to try to keep things safe if someone uses a macro in the possible values field?00:46
TrexI'd be happy to switch back to the key|value format if we could get rid of the errors that causes with numerical keys.00:46
TrexThat would obviate the need to figure out how to maintain sort order in the hash ref alternate syntax.00:47
@scrottieTrek, I don't know, I'm not looking at this code right now.00:56
@scrottiesorry.  00:56
@scrottieTie::IxHash gives you a tied hashref that maintains order in a hash.00:57
@scrottieuse that when you need an ordered hash.  just pass it around by reference and use it like a normal hashref.00:57
TrexThanks, scrottie. I've been trying various things, but without success. I wish I could have you look over my shoulder at what I'm doing.01:33
TrexBut I have to head out.01:34
TrexThanks haarg, too!01:34
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doc_777Hello friends  :)  Should this line work?   my $ip = $session{env}{REMOTE_ADDR};01:38
-!- doc_gt7 [~doc_777@10.187-available-ethint-fratm-cc.sccoast.net] has joined #webgui01:40
@scrottieperldoc /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session.pm 01:40
@scrottie$session->env is preferred, and that's the wrong syntax anyway01:40
@scrottie$session{env} would be accessing the env key in a hash named %session01:41
@scrottieperl5 is strange that way.01:41
@scrottiethen perldoc /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session/Env.pm 01:41
doc_gt7lots of mis-information on this internet thing... :)01:41
sbaurhi everyone01:41
doc_gt7hi :)01:42
sbauri have a somewhat silently failing modperl01:42
@scrottie$session->env->get('REMOTE_ADDR') according to the POD in WebGUI.  may or may not be right but probably is.01:42
@scrottiehey sbaur01:42
sbaurthis instance of webgui has been working fine for me as I've been test upgrading other sites01:42
sbaurbut now, on this one site, it just fails to start mod perl or modproxy01:42
sbaurand I'm kinda wondering, outside of the actual .modperl file, what else might be contributing to this01:43
sbaureverything in the modperl file looks fine to my eyes01:43
@scrottieit doesn't show up in ps -ax?01:43
@scrottiethe httpd doesn't?01:44
sbauractually it does show up in ps, it just reports failed whenever I start or restart it with wreservice.pl01:44
@scrottienothing in /data/wre/var/logs/modperl_log ?01:45
sbaurit even appears to be serving the file not found page01:45
@scrottieif you're using the wre, there are two differently configured sets of httpds running01:45
sbaursee http://pastebin.com/N4LL3em201:45
@scrottieone for static content (the "modproxy" one) and one for dynamic content (the "modperl" one).  the modproxy one proxies to the modperl one.01:45
@scrottieso the modproxy one could easily be serving error pages01:45
sbauri've been doing the wre for quite a few years now, i thought i'd seen every sort of failure it could through, but it's always said what's wrong in the error logs before01:46
@scrottie"pache2::SizeLimit httpd process too big, exiting"...01:46
@scrottiea lot of people find that after they upgrade, their processes are then too fat01:46
@scrottiereally, the upgrade process should kick up the size limit 01:46
@scrottieI think the setting for that is in /data/wre/etc/wre.conf, in "apache" then "maxMemory".  double that.01:47
sbaurwhere is that size limit? if it's in a site specific file, i'll believe it could be part of it01:47
sbaurbut if not, i highly doubt, only because those settings have been working for the 15 other sites I already test upgraded here on this server01:48
sbaur(I do them one site at a time, for sanity and size reasons)01:48
@scrottieevery time I've seen that error message, that's been the fix, for what it's worth.01:49
sbauroh, i should mention this is really old wg, 7.6.3501:49
@scrottieif you upgraded from 7.6 to 7.10, you basically have to increase the httpd size limit.  and again, the installers really should do that for you.  this fails every time, as far as I've seen.01:49
@scrottiesomeone should open a bug ticket.01:49
sbaurdoubled and restarting the web services01:49
sbaurstill failing01:49
@scrottiehrm.  same error?01:49
@scrottie"SIZE=85980/100000 KB"... did that part change?01:50
@scrottiedid it reflect that the limit was doubled?01:50
sbaurno it didn't01:50
@scrottiemodperl.pl ... $Apache2::SizeLimit::MAX_PROCESS_SIZE = 100000;01:51
@scrottiealso in /data/wre/etc... double that one too?01:51
sbaurso it's getting it from somewhere else01:51
* scrottie nods01:51
@scrottieforture | wall01:51
@scrottiebah, fortune01:51
sbaurso, nothing in modperl.conf called maxmemory01:52
@scrottiechange modperl.pl in /data/wre/etc too?01:52
sbaurtesting with change in modperl.pl01:53
@scrottieusually what happens is the thing runs for a few requests and then wremonitor kills it01:53
@scrottieusually people don't hit the size limit right off the bat on startup01:53
@scrottieif wremonitor has been killing your httpds like nuts, then upping that limit might improve performance01:53
sbaurstill failing, waiting for the first sizelimit message to show01:53
sbaurthere it is, and it does show a larger limit01:54
doc_gt7I had that size limit hit me on the weekend once when upgrading. It only affected one site but crashed them all.  wre would kill em :)01:54
sbauri've never had the wre fail to load modproxy or modperl without giving me a useful error message before01:54
@scrottieI've never had it fail *and* give me a userful error message01:55
sbauruseful ones all the time01:55
sbaur"can't find log dir"01:55
sbauror words to that effect01:55
sbaurmeans that when tarring the site, the log dir was excluded, and when you untarred, you forgot to put one into the darn domains folder01:56
sbauri see that one on a fairly regular basis, but then I move sites around a lot01:56
sbaurI'm going to do a line by line comparision with the conf files for the site that was working just the other day and see if I can find something01:56
sbaurmaybe i have a gremlin in a conf file or something01:58
@scrottieyou did wreservice.pl --restart modperl to reload the modperl httpd?02:01
sbaur--restart web, but yes02:01
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sbaurso I disabled this site, and put my previous site back in place, and --restart web does not error out. 02:13
sbaurso, it definitely does not like something in one of the 3 conf files02:13
@scrottiedid you get the number in the error log to change after changing those settings?02:13
sbaurfor the sizelimit, yes, after changing modperl.pl02:14
@scrottiealright.  so something wants a crazy amount of memory for some unknown reason.02:14
@scrottieyou could change that limit to maxint on your system (1<<31 or 1<<63).  if you're using the wre, it's 32 bit, so 1<<3102:15
sbaurmaybe, but the memory error only shows up some number of seconds after the restart failed02:15
@scrottiethen see if the thing blows up with an out of memory error elsewhere02:15
@scrottieso you don't take your system out, you probably want to set a ulimit02:15
sbaurthe first change probably put it over max mem on the system :)02:15
sbaurthis is a dev vm, so no worries about taking it out02:16
sbaurI'm about to head home for the weekend, so I'll work on it some more on monday02:16
sbaurThanks for helping me to work through it02:16
@scrottiehang on02:16
@scrottietry one more thing?  before I forget?02:17
@scrottiein /data/wre/lib/WRE/Modperl.pm ... 02:18
@scrottiearound line 126 where it says "while ($count < 10 && $success == 0) {"02:18
@scrottiechange that 10 to a 3002:18
@scrottiethat's another bloat fallout02:18
@scrottiethat gives it more time to wait for the thing to start02:19
* sbaur trying02:19
@scrottiehrm, but it's still hitting the size limit anyway.  that may not help anything at all.02:19
@scrottielet me know if you're still stuck with it Monday.  there are perl memory usage diagnostic tools that might help...02:19
sbaurit starts hitting the size limit before it fails this time02:20
@scrottieeg, disable the Apache size limit, but dump memory usage stats after each hit02:20
@scrottieif it becomes a problem of figuring out what's using the memory.02:20
sbauri suspect it's some old crufty custom code that is referenced in this conf file02:20
sbaurso i will pursue that line monday, but i'll be back if i can't find it02:20
@scrottiealright.  have a good weekend!02:21
sbauryou too02:21
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doc_gt7Anyone have an pointers on using placeholders with $session->db->dbh->do like:  my @data = ($mySearchQuery,$mySearchState);03:33
@scrottieI think you want $session->db->write($statement, \@data)03:53
@scrottieif you do $session->db->dbh, you have to prepare() then execute() in the usual way as perldoc DBI talks about03:54
@scrottiethe methods in $session->db are documented in perldoc /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm 03:55
@scrottieof course, they're just handy little wrappers around DBI... though really, I heard a rumor that prepare in MySQL does something in recent versions.  making that work right in WebGUI::Session::SQL could speed things up a lot.03:56
doc_gt7Thanks. I am trying to protect against SQL injection and they say placeholders prevent that.  I have some transactions though and they use ->do   :)    I am slowly plodding through it. 04:04
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@scrottiewe'd make good pirates, with these names we'ves gots, me thinks.23:01
ckotilWhat's the syntax to enable Template Toolkit as a templateParser?23:39
--- Day changed Tue Apr 24 2012
@scrottieadd this line to "templateParsers": section of the config file:00:02
@scrottie      "WebGUI::Asset::Template::TemplateToolkit"00:02
@scrottiegetting the commas right, of course00:03
@scrottieof course, your WebGUI has to actually have that module included00:03
@scrottieif it's too old, it might not00:03
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ckotilscrottie: thanks, that worked.17:24
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@scrottieckotil, you're welcome.  glad you saw that.  it scrolled on my screen and I don't rememver what I answered ;)21:58
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@scrottieMarkLeightonFish, mornin'.  how are ya?21:05
MarkLeightonFishDoing fine, thanks. Going over the WebGUI and waiting for Colin to tell me what I should work on first.21:21
MarkLeightonFishs/WebGUI/WebGUI code/21:23
haargnew employee?21:24
@scrottiecool.  well, whatever you wind up working on, this is a good place to ask technical questions (client specific stuff goes through Skype).  daviddelikat knows his stuff and is in the employ of PlainBlack.  haarg knows his stuff but isn't currently working on WebGUI for pay.21:24
* scrottie nods at haarg21:24
MarkLeightonFishYeah -- I just started Monday morning.21:25
@scrottieDavid Nicol is dln and he's on sometimes.21:25
@daviddelikatI'mm having fun chasing down an asset loop21:25
@scrottiedln will talk my ear off on Skype and in real life (and in bug tickets).  I've never met a man who so enjoyed code reviews.  but for some reason, he doesn't really hang out here.21:26
MarkLeightonFishEverybody's been very friendly. (Fortunately, I've avoided the places where people aren't friendly, but I can't say the same for my wife's job.)21:26
@scrottiewell, if I ever work with your wife, I'm make sure to be mean to her =|21:26
MarkLeightonFish[you bad thing, you]21:27
@scrottieI know, I know =(21:27
MarkLeightonFishHey, does WebGUI support multiple layers of Layouts -- i.e. Layout -> Layout -> Layout -> ... -> [non-Layout Asset]? I'm not seeing it in the code (which probably means I'm looking in the wrong place).21:28
@scrottiefrodwith also knows his stuff but isn't particularly chatty, but I don't invoke him by name often either, so that may be my fault.  also not currently doing wG stuff for pay.21:28
@scrottieyeah, it does.21:29
@scrottiedo you have the wgd util running?21:29
@scrottiedo you have WebGUI running?  probably not, but if so, I'll give you examples of it.21:29
@scrottienot a big deal either way.21:29
MarkLeightonFishNo -- I've just been groveling over the code and docs, so far.21:29
* scrottie nods21:29
@scrottiewG7 is not as easy to deploy as JT would like or sometimes thinks.21:30
MarkLeightonFishSee you after lunch...21:30
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@scrottieit's not that multiple levels of layout are explicitly reported so much as the design is basically recursive.23:40
@scrottiewhen a layout calls view() on its children, those children may be layouts that do their own layout.23:41
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--- Day changed Thu Apr 26 2012
MarkLeightonFish...and I just found the recursion in view()...  Sorry for the confusion.00:04
@scrottienot at all!00:09
@scrottiepeople will give just as much effort in answering anything as they feel like.00:10
@scrottieafk a bit.00:37
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doc_gt7Evening friends.  All of a sudden I am haunted by:    Apache2::SizeLimit httpd process too big, exiting      01:35
doc_gt7I have now increased the modperl.pl to  150000, 100000, 100000.   Does this seem in the normal range? I increased it a while back but I guess not enough.01:40
@scrottieseems kind of small.02:11
@scrottiebut perlDreamer yelled at me for my strategy of adding zeros to the end rather than doubling it.02:11
@scrottiedid you double those?02:11
@scrottiehonestly, I have no diea02:11
@scrottienever noted what the values wound up, only that I doubled or x10'd them02:11
@scrottieeach process is going to take up several hundred megs.02:12
@scrottiebloatware.  bah.02:12
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ckotilDoes anyone have a script they can point me to that I can use to update an asset branch, changing settings like style layout and permissions?16:54
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui17:31
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@scrottieckotil, I've got something laying around somewhere that uses getLineageIterator or one of those to go through all of the children of a node and make some change.  I edit the code and change it every time I need it, which thankfully isn't often.19:46
@scrottieI can clean it up and post it if you're interested.19:46
ckotilthat would be great20:07
ckotilWhat Im trying to do is update the style of a large chunk of my site. But I don't want to touch version tags or revisionDate.20:08
@scrottiehttps://gist.github.com/2501115 ... just a code example.  you'll have to change a few lines around... 20:27
@scrottiemaybe line 15, 43, 51, ... 49 and 53 since you're changing another field than the url, which is what I was changing.20:28
ckotilthis looks great, thanks!20:33
@scrottiesure thing.  you're quite welcome.20:34
ckotilwrong window20:35
ckotilI got the script to update style and asset template for a single asset.21:01
ckotillineage stuff seems like it needs tweaking21:01
ckotiland it doesnt touch revisionDate :)21:02
@scrottielike I said, it goes through the assets that are the children of a given asset.21:05
@scrottiewhich did you want to go through again?21:05
@scrottiemy reading comprehension might be kind of low right now.  and most of the tiem.21:05
ckotilI want to loop through all the children, essentially edit branch21:06
@scrottieand that doesn't go through the children?  does it stop with an error...?21:06
ckotiland i just did some debug output using Dumper, and i see that the children are grabbed from the getLineance function.21:06
ckotili think i see why it's not doing what i want. im trying to set style template and layout template for my starting point, but some of the children are articles. yeah going to have to add some more logic there.21:08
@scrottieby the way, with scripts like that, errors will often still go to the webgui error log.21:09
ckotiland maybe not even that. for startes i commented out all the potentially damaging calls, like update. well i didnt uncomment it in the loop ;)21:09
@scrottiewhich would happen if you're trying to update a property that something doesn't have.21:09
ckotili tail the log. and use warn a lot to get a better idea of what is going on21:10
ckotilheh. awesome.21:21
ckotiltho since this assumes a standard URL heirarchy it's missing some things in my site. i need to try and use lineage instead.21:22
@scrottielineage isn't necessarily the same as url heirarchy21:26
@scrottiethough we've discussed making it the same, to avoid confusion21:26
@scrottieit'll happen that /foo is a child of /bar/baz/quux21:27
ckotilnewByLineage should work21:30
ckotilyeah, that's what I have going on in my site.21:30
ckotilso i think lineage will work better21:30
ckotilthat worked.21:32
ckotilThanks again. 21:38
@scrottieyeah, sure thing.21:43
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vanjwilson1I have a workflow/activity question:  built a custom workflow to archive events nightly in our event calendar, which looks at a custom field with the epoch time of start of event, wrote tests, but in production environment it's failing at $thread->canEdit test. (The threads in question are all "owned" by Admin and have Edit group of "Admins" What user does a Workflow run as?17:01
@daviddelikatworkflows run as visitor18:19
@daviddelikatbut you can change that18:20
vanjwilson1I can't find where in the docs to change that... (alternatively, do I even need the canEdit test for a scheduled workflow, or is that setting only used in the UI, for template vars?)18:23
@scrottievisitor?  that seems problematic.20:12
@scrottievanjwilson1, you can work around that, probably, by using different API methods.  maybe.  depends on exactly what you're trying to do.20:13
vanjwilson1@daviddelikat, @scrottie: I posted this question, with the code snippet, on the WebGUI forum: http://www.webgui.org/etcetera/workflow/activity-permission-issue#idvFLTfMitAXAMNN3W6IGkzA20:22
@daviddelikatoops, I totally forgot about this discussion...20:23
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doc_777Hello friends. Is there anyway to change the behavior of SHOP::CART.PM to remove the full address check on checkout?  We have a site that just sells digital items, there is no shipping, we only use paypal express checkout, so paypal handles all the users information.  We do not want to collect, or be responsible for the users address information.  I see that I could just comment out the address 20:03
doc_777check in Cart.pm but that would not be the proper way as the next upgrade will break it.  Any ideas?20:03
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doc_777IS there a macro to add a certain item to the shopping cart? Say so I can embed that into an article?23:46
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elninowebgui.org seems to be not responding. plainblack.com works fine19:37
elnino"The connection has timed out"19:37
elninofor webgui.org19:37
ckotilit's working here.19:42
elninostill not over here.19:44
sbaurdon't forget to clear your browser cache if you are still having problems with the site19:47
elninocache has been clearned,  and i'm surfing elsewhere just fine. still not loading. It's timing out: "The connection has timed out19:50
elnino      19:50
elnino      19:50
elnino      19:50
elnino      19:50
elnino      19:50
elnino        19:50
elnino        19:50
elnino          The server at www.webgui.org is taking too long to respond."19:50
sbauras others have said, it's working fine for me19:51
sbaurhow strange19:51
sbaurany difference with a second browser, or going to different pages /home /bugs?19:52
ckotilelnino: might be local DNS issues19:57
elninoI've gone to home /bugs/ and a page to the manual I wanted to go to, sqlcookbook, db schema, etc. 19:59
elninoI'm sorry, I'm NOT a network person. how can I surf anywhere else but your site if it's my dns?20:00
@scrottieoften, there are routing problems.20:00
@scrottiepackets will go 20 or 30 hops sometimes to get where they're going.20:00
@scrottiethat 20 or 30 chances for the packet to get misrouted.20:00
@scrottieeach major backbone has lots of elaborate, dynamically updated rules about how to route traffic destined for anywhere else on the 'net.20:01
elninothe "only" thing different here is I got a new modem and the tech guy releaseed/renewed my iP. I'm assuming might have caused this?20:01
@scrottieelnino, probably not.20:01
@scrottieelnino, are you on a Unix-like system?  if so, no-paste the output of 'traceroute webgui.org'20:01
elninoI'm on windoz, I can't ping it.20:02
elninorequest is timing out.20:02
elninonot sure what the command is for tracing. It think there might be an option for ping.20:02
sbauris it trying to go to
@scrottiethe command is traceroute =P  cygwin probably gives you a copy.  there are graphical tools for Windows that do it, but it's hard to no-paste the output of those.20:03
elninoyes, that is the correct IP20:03
elninotraceroute is unrecognizable 20:03
@scrottiewell, if you have the IP correct and you can connect to other sites, it's probably a temporary routing problem.20:04
@scrottiesit back, relax, and let the network wonks sort it out.20:04
elninosigh.  =)20:04
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sbaurSo I was out of the office last week. Looking at the bugs board, nothing was reported or commented on in since the 19th? That is rather hard to believe. Or, was it just that quiet a week?20:34
elninoit works, whatever that was about.  Have a good week!20:57
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doc_gt7Hello friends  :)   I have an issue with the shop -> Paypal Express Checkout.   If you are an administrator and purchase a subscription, it works perfectly.   If you are not an ADMIN and purchase the same subscription, when you are redirected to paypal the token seems invalid and you are taken to an error page, instead of the payment screen.    This happens on 2 of my servers, my sandbox, and the live one....   Am I missing 21:12
@scrottiehey doc_gt721:22
@scrottieI have no idea.  that sounds like a bug though.21:22
doc_gt7Yea.... I have worked on implementing a payment system for about 4 days and finally completed integrating that one.  It works great.   Then I test it as a normal user and it does not work at all.... So now I am back at stage 1   :)21:24
@scrottienot necessarily back to stage 1.21:24
@scrottieyou may just need a patch.21:24
@scrottieperlDreamer knows a lot more about that system than I do.21:24
@scrottiebut he's not here right now.21:24
doc_gt7I haven't saw Perl Dreamer in weeks.   21:25
@scrottieI know.21:25
doc_gt7I was originally going Paypal button / IPN notification to handle things but the Shop system looked really nice, and is integrated.  But now I think I might need to go the IPN route again.   The Subscription / Shop thing is giving me a few issues.   When people make a purchase they should be added to a special group, but they are not.   I figured we could work around that so I continued on, but regular users cannot purchase 21:32
doc_gt7Subscriptions either....   I am not sure that this feature is ready for a production server  :)    It is a nice looking system though and I appreciate all the effort people have put in it.   I am just an end user.21:32
doc_gt7This is actually a browser / sandbox.paypal.com issue.  I do not think it is webgui...  I will do some more testing. I have it working intermittently.   21:57
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doc_gt7In SHOP::CART  there is a hard check for the billing address.  We are working on a site that does not want to collect, or be responsible for, that information.  The payments are handled by paypal, and paypal has all the users information.  All we need is to send them off to paypal, and process the order.   Now, I know I can just comment out those lines in CART.PM and remove the billing address from the cart template, but will 23:13
doc_gt7be the proper way?   Is there a better way?   Thanks  :)23:13
sbaurI'd say the proper way would be to make that an option inf the shop configuration. So submit an rfe for it.23:15
doc_gt7I will do that, but for now I guess it is to comment out the billing address check?  :)23:20
* sbaur is not a programmer23:21
sbaurjust remember you did that the next time you upgrade, so you'll have to do it again.23:21
sbaurI generally make patch files that I carry forward23:22
doc_gt7Yea, looks like I a may need to do that.  The issue with this one is that some sites may need a billing address while other sites, like this one, do not.23:23
doc_gt7So a checkbox in Shop settings would rock and would take a dev 5 minutes to do.  One if {}  to enclose that area would do it. :)23:23
sbaursubmitting patches with RFEs generally helps them get accepted :), though, since 8 is just around the corner, maybe not23:28
doc_gt7I wonder how bad upgrading to 8 is going to be.  We have extensive use of custom macros throughout all of our sites and I hear talk of them reworking that system?23:31
@scrottieregardless, if you want to try to modify the code yourself and you run into trouble, I'm happy to look at what you're doing and try to give constructive comments.23:31
@scrottiemacros are easier to update than assets.  assets aren't hard, but you have to go through and warm things over.23:31
@scrottieyou just have to make a little time for the chore.23:31
doc_gt7Thanks scrottie.    I have to go forward with this at this point so I plan to do some editing in Shop::Cart.pm I guess for now :)23:32
doc_gt7I submitted an RFE as I still think it is a nice little option.23:32
@scrottiethen if there's interest in getting a patch into WebGUI, I can try to help with that, too.23:32
sbaurscrottie, are there any docs on upgrading assets for 8 yet.  We have 3 or 4 custom ones that we use on multiple sites23:33
@scrottiehrm.  Doug gave a talk, and I gave one at PPW.  those show how to make them.23:33
@scrottieand talk about the API changes.23:33
@scrottieif you know how to make assets for 8 and know how to make assets for 7, then you know how to convert them from 7 to 8 =)23:34
doc_gt7Thanks for the pointers.  Time for din din and then some editing.  :)23:35
sbaurdo you have names for those talks? Very few of the titles have webgui 8 in them on wgtv23:36
@scrottiesbaur, that's a link to the slides for one.23:37
@scrottieI have slide for mine but no one recorded video (thankfully... half of my talks go off swimmingly, the other half involve me spilling soda and video not kicking over to the projector)23:38
@scrottieI was told my talk would be approved for YAPC this year but oddly enough, that didn't happen23:38
sbaurheh, that would be me23:38
@scrottiemaybe I'll manage a lightning talk23:38
@scrottiethen we can add 5 minutes of me frantically talking to WebGUI TV23:38
@scrottiePPW or something else, I'll give that talk again and make it a point to record it23:39
sbaurHonestly, I prefer tech docs to video, but that's me23:39
@scrottieit's already on my todo list23:39
@scrottieme too.23:39
sbaurvideo just isn't searchable 23:39
@scrottieI find myself pausing it over and over again, and skipping backward, then skipping forwards23:40
@scrottieat one point, I realized that's how I read.  I'm trying to watch video like how I read.23:40
-!- doc_gt7 [~docster@10.187-available-ethint-fratm-cc.sccoast.net] has quit [Quit: doc_gt7]23:40
@scrottiere-reading passages, skipping paragraphs after reading the first sentence.  pausing and thinking about it.23:40
@scrottiedoesn't work with video nearly as well.23:40
sbaurit does not, and you probably retain more from what you read as well because of all the cross indexing your brain is doing23:41
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