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bsdwarrior2What is the most common used/working os/distro for webgui? have been having trouble installing under freebsd04:08
+perlDreamerbsdwarrior2, most people use either a red hat-ish, or a debian-ish04:22
+perlDreamera lot of the devs use Mac OS X04:22
bsdwarrior2i downloaded the freebsd binary and it bombs all over the place .specifically about config::json04:22
+perlDreamerhm, that's actually good news04:23
+perlDreamerthe WRE does not contain EVERY module that WebGUI needs04:23
+perlDreamerbut only those that were needed when it was last released04:23
+perlDreamerdid you try running the testEnvironment.pl script, in /data/WebGUI/sbin?04:23
+perlDreamerpass it the --simpleReport switch to get a listing of what is out of data for the installed version of WebGUI04:25
bsdwarrior2dont have that script only have setenvironment.pl04:25
+perlDreamerdo you have a /data/WebGUI directory?04:25
+perlDreamerand, inside it, there's a sbin sub-directory?04:25
+perlDreamerthat's what you want04:26
+perlDreameryou have to run it from that directory04:26
+perlDreamerit's kind of picky that way04:26
bsdwarrior2that file does not exist in wre-0.9.3-freebsd-6.2-ia32.tar.gz04:27
bsdwarrior2plus Im already running perl & mysql. I dont need to run that two times on my system. It almost seems like this software should be put in a vm.04:28
+perlDreameryou could run it in a vm04:28
+perlDreameralso, you don't have to run the WRE to use WebGUI04:29
+perlDreamerbut it's very tightly integrated and tuned to work well04:29
+perlDreamerso it's either all or none04:29
+perlDreamercan't use just pieces of the WRE04:29
bsdwarrior2which distro is the most updated? debian, ubuntu?04:30
+perlDreamerneither, both?04:31
+perlDreamerthey're all released as a set04:31
+perlDreamerfor all platforms04:31
+perlDreameryou might want to check out these instructions for installing the WRE: http://www.webgui.org/wiki/wre-installation04:32
+perlDreamerthere's also a wiki page for building the WRE on BSD04:32
bsdwarrior2well it dont work on freebsd 8.0 this does not seem very freebsd friendly. Will have to put this in a vm with linux. I can't have this software take over a production system. Dont mean to be a smart ass, thanks for the help04:34
+perlDreamerwell, like I mentioned earlier, you don't have to use the WRE to use WebGUI04:35
+perlDreamerbut as you will.04:35
bsdwarrior2the source still packages perl mysql,etc. what good does that do me?04:36
+perlDreamerthat's the WRE source04:38
+perlDreamertry downloading the WebGUI source itself04:38
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kimdMorning preaction! Logging the channel? Or did you fall asleep in front of your computer?10:29
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+perlDreamerupgraded to Ubuntu 10.419:47
+perlDreamernot too shabby19:47
+perlDreamerbut the debian webgui package was a big pain19:47
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r6a77eb0 / docs/upgrades/packages-7.9.4/greenportal.wgpkg : Fix bad extras macros in the greenportal style. - http://bit.ly/cq126J09:37
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rdbca5b3 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Cleanup more tests that are leaking carts due to address book useId issues. - http://bit.ly/9iKGFU10:17
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r4a9a46f / (lib/WebGUI/Cache/CHI.pm t/Cache/CHI.t): Add missing module to Cache::CHI. Fix tests to add a cache config if the current config file does not have one. - http://bit.ly/dbbQmW10:28
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r8fe4c33 / t/Content/Setup.t : Update Content::Setup test for new WebGUI::Wizard - http://bit.ly/bUUvip10:37
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@preactionwhat if the WRE did not include the CPAN dependencies?02:43
+perlDreamerthe WRE needs some base modules to start with, like Config::JSON02:45
+perlDreamerIt would prevent people from trying to install the WRE and then start WebGUI right away02:45
+perlDreamerwhat other advantage do you see?02:45
+perlDreamerit would slow down the install though02:46
@preactionit would allow me to make the WRE. right now I can't02:50
@preactionunless we drop OS X as a supported WRE platform02:51
+perlDreamerwhat won't build on Mac OS  X now?03:09
@preactionClass::MOP in 32-bit compatibility mode03:12
@preactionbut then it's been a few months since i've tried03:12
+perlDreamerpreaction: just as a heads up03:38
+perlDreamerspent about an hour last night cleaning up the new style03:38
+perlDreamerbad macros, bad URLs and other issues03:38
@preactionwhich new style?03:38
+perlDreamercrystalx, underground, and the green one03:38
+perlDreamernone of them were i18n'ed03:38
+perlDreamerand still aren't03:38
+perlDreameralso, they're currently all deployed into the root/import03:39
+perlDreameris that where they should live hierarchially, or should them be in some sub-folder?03:39
@preactioni don't know what's been decided yet, the TWG thread has been dead since i posted that i had completed my work03:39
+perlDreamerwe need to make a decision before Tuesday's release03:44
+perlDreamerI'll bump the thread tomorrow03:44
@preactioni'm not even sure those styles will remain in the distro at all03:45
+perlDreamerso they'll be out before Tuesday?03:46
@preactionno, because nobody from TWG has responded to me03:46
+perlDreamersomething that totally blows me away04:12
+perlDreamerhaving the formatCurrency method in the cart throw an exception if it is passed an empty string or undef has exposed tons of cart bugs04:13
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd92347b / lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm : Use a method rather than reinventing the getPaymentGateway method. - http://bit.ly/cJGPR004:13
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+bartjolaaah sometimes I forget features of webgui18:22
+perlDreamerit _is_ big18:27
ckotiland beautiful18:31
+bartjolI almost volunteered for writing a plugin (it's a syndication project), till I realized a httpproxy wobject would do the trick18:35
+bartjolah, and I see that I conclude the same as other people on the anonymous registration forum posts18:36
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@scrottielife is good.20:24
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@preactiongood is okay, but amazing would be good20:30
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9e2e39c / docs/upgrades/packages-7.9.4/shopping-cart-collateral-items.wgpkg : Fix a template typo. - http://bit.ly/cd9J7j20:53
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kimdIs it possible to execute macros in "extra head tags" under metadata?00:08
+perlDreamerI can't remember in which order that's done, kimd00:09
kimdAt the moment, macros seem to return nothing.00:09
kimdThe problem I have is that I want to add meta data to my site for sharing functions.00:10
+perlDreamerthey can't return nothing unless they're being executed00:10
kimdWell, in that case they seem to be executed.00:10
kimdI have the following in the header section:00:11
kimd<meta name="description" content="<tmpl_var synopsis escape="html">" />00:11
kimdAnd I get the following in the page source:00:11
kimd<meta name="description" content="" />00:11
+perlDreamerthat means there is no synopsis for the page00:11
kimdAh. I meant tamplate vars, of course.00:11
kimdNothing to do with macros at all.00:12
+perlDreamerand in a style template, synopsis would probably be the synopsis of the template00:12
kimdBut isn't the synopsis auto-generated? I am talking about the collaboration system here.00:12
+perlDreamernot the page that's using it00:12
kimdHm. Anyway I can get the synopsis of the thread being rendered into the html header?00:13
kimdAny way ...00:13
kimdAm I supposed to think?00:14
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kimdI am no longer capable of doing that. It is past 11 over here and I spent two hours on finding a solution for this.00:15
+perlDreamerIn Asset.pm, processStyle adds the synopsis to the style template automatically00:15
+perlDreamerso it surprises me that it isn't happening already00:15
kimdAre you saying, that the template var should get replaced with the synopsis in fact?00:16
+perlDreamerit should show up along with all the other automatically made extra head tags00:16
kimdWhy should it show up in head tags? It is definitely not there. Only a title element providing some information.00:17
kimdAnd that is auto-generated.00:17
+perlDreamerso, for a little context, you built a CS00:18
+perlDreameradded threads and posts00:18
+perlDreamerand when you view a post, you want to see the synopsis from the post show up in the head tags?00:19
xdanger^Page(synopsis); ?00:19
kimdperlDreamer, that is exactly what I want to do.00:20
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re21ce2c / (2 files in 2 dirs): Template variable help docs for the Cash plugin - http://bit.ly/c006Hd00:21
kimdWhen using AddThis.com sharing functionality expects the respective information provided via head meta tags.00:21
kimdFacebook expects...00:21
+perlDreamerkimd, I'd have to build one (probably using a demo site) to see what's going on.00:22
+perlDreamerIf it doesn't show the Synopsis from the Thread in the head tags, it is definitely a bug00:22
+perlDreamerbut WebGUI doesn't let you display just 1 post00:22
+perlDreamerso if it's the Post you're looking for, it will not work00:23
+perlDreamerwhenever you view a post, it always shows the Thread that contains it00:23
kimdNo, it's fine to get the synopsis of the thread.00:23
kimdBut the respective template var seems to be empty.00:23
+perlDreamerit wouldn't show up in the synopsis variable00:24
+perlDreamerit would show up in...00:24
kimd@xdanger: ^Page(synopsis); returns the expected result, btw00:24
+perlDreamerhead.tags template variable00:25
kimdOk. So, it's not possible to access regular template variables of an arbitrary asset in the extra head tags session?00:26
+perlDreamerno, because those template variables aren't available there00:27
kimdOh, that is making everything a lot more complicated. In addition to the synopsis I would require thumbnails as well.00:28
kimdBut the page macro should work, correct?00:28
+perlDreameryou sure you don't want an RSS Feed?00:28
kimdNo. Definitely not. These are in place already. Some users have requested "Share on..." functionality.00:28
kimdAddThis is taking care of pretty much everything. Except for thumbnails.00:29
kimdThose need to be specified in the header.00:29
@preactionyou could override getMetaDataAsTemplateVariables in the asset you're using to put some template vars in the head block00:31
kimdOk. Going to bed. Thanks for your time, perlDreamer. Very much appreciated.00:31
kimdI am going to write a few tests in return ;-)00:31
+perlDreamerI wish I had a better answer for you, kimd00:32
+perlDreamerI'm sorry00:32
@preactionbut really, why don't we have the same set of vars in the head block as the body?00:32
@preactionit would take like 5 minutes to do00:32
+perlDreamerpreaction, they're _supposed_ to be in the head tags already, from what I can see00:32
+perlDreamerboth prepareView and processStyle add the synopsis00:32
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r4933e5d / (5 files in 2 dirs): Template variable help for the Pay Pal modules, and name the ITransact template better. - http://bit.ly/918Kbp00:33
@preactioni'm looking at WebGUI::Asset::Template->prepare00:33
+perlDreamerAsset->processStyle says the synopsis is added00:36
+perlDreamerlikewise with prepareView00:36
kimdpreaction, would that be possible? Should I submit an RFE on that?00:41
kimdOne could at least add those variables provided through prepareView, right?00:41
@preactionyes, but it changes where the computationally expensive stuff happens00:42
@preactioni would say it's a bug in AddThis that they require something from the head block and can't get it passed in00:42
@preactionalternatively, you could add the extra tag in the head block through javascript00:43
kimdIn fact, it seems to be an issue with facebook. There is a mechanism for passing such data. The "description" metadata, however, is being ignored. And for thumbnails you need to link them inside the header.00:45
kimdVery stupid, very inconvenient to handle.00:45
kimdBut JS may be a solution to that. I will have a look at it tomorrow.00:46
@preactionso it's facebook grabbing the page and grepping for a meta tag with the image?00:46
@preactionif so, JS won't work, as it probably won't be a web browser00:46
kimdIt seems so.00:46
kimdHm. If you look at it that way. Yeah, you are right.00:47
kimdDoes it make sense to submit that RFE? Or would it get rejected due to performance issues?00:47
@preactionthis would make a good rfe though: http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/Facebook_Share/Specifying_Meta_Tags00:47
@preactionbeing able to specify extra head tags stuff. you could just write it directly in prepareView00:48
kimdI cannot follow. Do you suggest to have these tags be auto-generated?00:49
@preactionyes. have the asset generate the tags itself00:49
kimdCan we have that in the core? I mean, it's only facebook and probably a view community sites that require those tags. And possible Google...00:50
@preactionit's one of those things probably nobody thought to ask for, they don't know they want it yet00:52
kimdWell, I will write an RFE tomorrow and wait for your / JTs reply.00:53
kimdBut now I am definitely going to bed. Good night everyone.00:53
-!- kimd [~spunky@p549F3C64.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]00:53
+perlDreamerpreaction, I'm still neck deep in Cart 1.5, and soon the wiki, but I think that what he wants should already work00:53
@preactionit doesn't. only metadata variables are available in the extra head tags block of a template00:54
+perlDreamersynopsis is treated like a metadata variable00:54
@preactionbut synopsis doesn't have the storage location00:55
+perlDreamerthat's a separate problem, and one that can be solved with a macro?00:56
@preactionbut why force users to go through that when they just want facebook sharing to work?00:57
@preactionand it's more: ^StorageUrl(^Page(storageId);,"thumb");00:57
+perlDreamersure, once you have the storageId it's all downhill from there00:57
+perlDreamerabout users, I guess it's just a balance between how much processing it takes, how much extra data it is to download, versus how many people use it00:58
+perlDreameryou wouldn't see many intranet pages being posted on Facebook :)00:58
@preactionthat could be a config setting "enable social networking features"01:00
+perlDreameror like mobileStyle01:02
@preactioni think it might be a good idea to have packs of these kinds of things, mixins that extend current asset behaviors. plack middlewares will make this easy, as long as we pass around objects instead of HTML01:05
@preactionthat way you can have a bare-bones WebGUI with nothing, or you can layer on features you want and leave out features you don't01:05
+perlDreamerI like that01:08
@preactionimagine being able to hack additional template tags into an existing asset without having to subclass or edit the asset itself01:13
+perlDreamerlike via a role?01:13
+perlDreamerI guess that's editing the asset...01:13
@preactionwell, you could force extra stuff into the class, but i was thinking more like pre- or post-processing to change behaviors01:14
@preactionit's... kinda possible in the 7x, but it's easier in Plack, and even easier once we get really lazy about how a response is constructed01:15
+perlDreamerthe cat's out of the bag, now01:17
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rec2d6a8 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt docs/gotcha.txt): Document Shop and Cart changes for users. - http://bit.ly/aqkASW01:17
* perlDreamer heads out to pick up da kiddoz01:21
* scrottie squints his ears.01:25
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* perlDreamer looks, and scrottie still looks like he has ears, squinty or not02:08
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CIA-104webgui: Paul Driver master * re26723f / (lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm www/extras/shop/cart.js): handling per-item shipping dropdowns in js - http://bit.ly/cCzhV103:06
CIA-104webgui: Paul Driver master * ra6a7c6c / www/extras/shop/cart.js : fixing possible price summary update bug -03:24
CIA-104webgui: Paul Driver master * r10d86db / www/extras/shop/cart.js : send billing info as shipping in updateSummary if box is checked -03:33
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * ref53ad0 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Add the missing documentation for the by keyword template in the WikiMaster. - http://bit.ly/9zjcbh04:55
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb2dd613 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Add the missing documentation for the by keyword template in the WikiMaster. - http://bit.ly/aQuTP105:10
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5afdefe / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/WikiMaster.pm : Foundational work for wiki sub-keywords. - http://bit.ly/ar3lCt05:10
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r3ea9f29 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/WikiMaster.pm : add a method to save the new keywords from the from in www_byKeyword. - http://bit.ly/atJcsw05:30
@preactionDancer got a lot of things right, but it's got a lot of growing to do05:57
@preactionand damnit, like everyone else it seems to think "app == site"06:01
+perlDreameryou like app == url better, right?06:18
ckotilim content with app=iphone06:22
ckotiland spirit rocks. for jailbreaking my stupid phone06:22
ckotili accidentally let it uprgrade itself a few months ago, and ive been unable to jailbreak it until today06:23
@preactioni like "app == set of URLs"06:28
@preactionapp == way to display content. site == set of apps06:28
ckotilan app to me is a set of tool(s) that does what i need06:31
@preactionwell that could describe a site too, so what's unique about an app?06:34
ckotilnothing. a site can be ana pp06:41
ckotilapp too06:41
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@preaction"can be", yes, but not "must be". so a site has other things that distinguish it from just an app (like, perhaps, other apps)06:42
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r7dd02d6 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/WikiMaster.pm : Pull hierarchial keywords from the wiki, instead of pages in it. - http://bit.ly/98aBIa07:28
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r3096054 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Template variable help for the new wiki sub-keywords. - http://bit.ly/ao5FXg07:34
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9840031 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Shade the buttons with CSS. Don't show per-item shipping if there's only 1 item in the cart. - http://bit.ly/bNPcvf20:21
+perlDreamerI learned something new about WebGUI today20:21
+perlDreamerfor years, I've set ID's on HTML form elements using the extras parameter20:21
+perlDreamerextras => q|id="myId"|20:21
+perlDreamerbut today I learned that you can set it directly20:21
+perlDreamerid => "myId"20:22
+perlDreamerForm::Control takes that and does the right thing20:22
+perlDreamerand, unlike the extras, if you give the form element a name, it won't override the id20:23
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Diggygreetz to all!20:57
+perlDreameryo, Diggy20:57
* perlDreamer is heading to the library, be back in a bit20:58
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Diggyyeesh, i had to work!21:23
Diggyok, i'm ready to pull the trigger on buying a couple of webgui books21:24
Diggyusing OPM, of course21:24
Diggybut, i forgot which ones would be most useful21:25
Diggy(sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll have killed off all but 3 brain cells)21:26
Diggyi think pD mentioned  Content Manager's Guide, and the Designer's Guide21:26
Diggyi DO need the steenkeeng manuals!21:27
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has joined #webgui21:27
@bopbopdiggy: what is your role... what kind of work will you be doing on the site? Content Managers will give instructions on how to use all the assets and give a brief intro to workflow. Design Guide will give tips for templating said assets.21:28
Diggywell, we're a 75-person (and growing) shop, so i do it all21:28
Diggyi thing Designer's Guide, for sure21:29
@bopbopyou can get a preview of each on lulu-- it'll give you glimpse at the table of contents for each21:29
@bopbopmight help21:29
Diggyi'll do that21:29
Diggyat least i'm fairly sure that i'll get the Designer's Guide21:30
Diggybtw, do any of the proceeds from sale of books go to support the project?21:30
@bopbopto be honest, there isn't much overhead21:31
@bopbopthey're really expensive to publish21:31
Diggyok. i do like to support foss when i can21:32
@bopbopbut yes, anything you purchase from plainblack does funnel back in - in some way or the other21:32
Diggygood 2 know21:32
Diggyjust took a look at the toc's of the various books21:38
Diggyi guess Administrator's Guide would be useful, 221:38
Diggy(2 books blows my budget :-)21:39
@bopbopyeah- it's a bit outdated, but still relevant21:39
Diggydo you have any idea how often they're updated?21:39
@bopbopnormally, we update about once a year- the admin guide has been about two years21:39
@bopbophowever, it's still current enough 21:40
@bopbopthere aren't too many major changes21:40
Diggyas i mentioned last chat, i need to get up 2 speed pretty quickly21:41
Diggyam just smart enough to figure many thing out myself21:41
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Diggysorry i can't chat some more; gotta do work22:15
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@preactionperlDreamer: did you merge the spectre fix into the last 7.8 release?22:50
+perlDreamerI believe so22:50
@preactionk, just wondering22:50
* perlDreamer will check the changelog22:50
+perlDreamerthat's it22:51
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@tavistoperlDreamer, is this interesting to you?  http://packages.ubuntu.com/hu/lucid/webgui23:22
@tavistoThis looks like a Master of the Universe @ Ubuntu devs is maintaining a wG package?23:23
@tavistodionak, I wonder if William knows about this23:24
-!- carogray [~Caroline@c-75-68-17-12.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui23:24
dionakhi carogray23:25
dionakperlDreamer, I'll mention it to him23:25
carograycan you remove sort order from a folder and organize files according to how you want23:25
carograyhi Dionak!23:25
dionakyou are on my list to email. 23:25
carograyme too23:26
carograyon the phone with someone who needs my help23:26
carograyknow the answer to this one?23:26
dionaki think what you're looking for can be accomplished by using Rank23:27
carograywe did that - it works if you are logged in, but not logged in just does ascending order.23:27
carograytried clearing cache - no luck23:27
dionakoff the top of my head, i'm not sure23:28
dionakanyone else?23:28
carograyalso when she first tried this, she made the new file be 1 in rank, WebGUI assigned it null!23:30
carograyalso - this does not seem to be versioned23:30
dionakare you using a folder asset or the asset manager?23:30
carograyfiles are in folder23:31
dionakor a folder asset in the asset manager?23:31
carograyusing asset manager for folder 23:31
carograyto rank files23:31
carograynot sure how to do it in folder on page23:31
carograycannot drag 23:32
dionakto rank, update the numbers and click 'update'23:34
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@ip72-201-253-58.ph.ph.cox.net] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]23:41
+perlDreamercarogray, you cannot change the "real" order of files in a folder23:41
+perlDreamerthe folder will only display them in lineage order (rank) or alphabetically23:41
+perlDreamerdionak is right on with changing the order using the AssetManager23:42
--- Day changed Wed May 05 2010
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xdangerWas there at some point a way to have user assigned richeditors? I have a vague memory of something like that, but was that in an older version that was dropped out or just on some design plan?00:07
+perlDreamerxdanger, that was back in WebGUI 500:09
+perlDreamerin 7 and above, it's sitewide00:09
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@preactionwell, sitewide unless an asset allows for its own00:11
xdangerwas there a reason for this?00:13
xdangerI have a client who wants to have different for adminis and content managers00:13
carograyback again00:19
carograyI used rank in asset manager00:19
carograywhen logged in files display in order I ranked them00:20
carograywhen I log out files displayed only in ascending order00:20
carograyhave to drain potatoes back in sec00:20
+perlDreamercarogray, sounds like site caching00:33
+perlDreameror, browser caching00:33
+perlDreamermaybe both?00:33
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r39b4450 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Finish wiki sub-category API code, with upgrade sub and tests. - http://bit.ly/cvFYLC01:05
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r960ff22 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Tests, bugfixes, and adding synopsis to the byKeyword template. - http://bit.ly/9CJuHf01:50
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CIA-104webgui: khenn master * rac7ce44 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/i18n/English.pm): Added support for utf-8 characters in urls for English language pack - http://bit.ly/a0EEQl02:46
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carograyanyone home03:24
@scrottiecarogray, ask the question.  someone will answer if and when they can.03:26
carograyI would like to know if, in a data form, there is a way not to have the yes no form field default to either answer, even if the answer is required AND if I have a date field if it can display as empty also. At the minute the yes no field defaults to no and the date field is already filled with today's date. I would prefer to have the date completely empty and let people pick yes or no rather than have one answer already in03:28
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r491c302 / (6 files in 4 dirs): Finish rework of hierarchial keywords/categories. - http://bit.ly/arWK0y06:44
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r16cca1f / t/Asset/Wobject/WikiMaster.t : Update the test for the isTopLevel variables. - http://bit.ly/dBaWzJ07:11
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd055474 / (167 files in 79 dirs): Preparing for 7.9.4 release - http://bit.ly/btuDKE07:18
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+perlDreamerah, preaction07:39
+perlDreamerthe excitement of the upgrade keeping you awake, too?07:39
@preactionnot really, i should be in bed.07:40
+perlDreamerI'd like to be there myself08:05
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r41575d2 / (4 files in 4 dirs): ready for 7.9.5 development - http://bit.ly/aUQt0f08:19
+Radix_hey guys.. question for you.. I've currently got both the modproxy and modperl logging to the same file - and it means I'm getting heaps of references in there.  Should I just point modperl to another file or is there a way to turn it off?08:30
+Radix_save to /dev/null I guess08:37
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-!- kaare is now known as Guest6687908:38
+perlDreamerRadix_: I would try the apache docs: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/logs.html08:42
+perlDreamerlooks like you can setup filters08:42
+perlDreamercheck out the "Conditional logs" entry08:42
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+Radix_Cool - that seems to work a treat :)08:50
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kaare_Can I find any documentation about the dispatcher in Webgui?12:19
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12487 /translations/German/German/ (Asset_MapPoint.pm Asset_WikiMaster.pm Asset_WikiPage.pm): Updating German on translation server12:31
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12488 /translations/German/German/Asset_Template.pm: Updating German on translation server12:31
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CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12489 /translations/German/German/Shop.pm: Updating German on translation server13:32
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SDuensinDrinko de Mayo!17:09
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+perlDreamermorning, folks18:35
@preactionmorning perlDreamer!18:42
* perlDreamer is waiting for the big one to drop18:42
@preactionso am i, but i have to wait to use the restroom18:48
+perlDreamerhaving problems with the new house?18:52
@preactionno, just need more coffee and to work18:52
@tavistopreaction, the new wizard.. I've never seen languages listed as Nederlands and Deutsch in the software that I've used in the past. Is that common these days? I normally see them listed as Dutch and German18:52
@preactiontavisto: eh, i didn't touch that part, those are set by the translators18:53
@tavistoI'm guessing that those words are the titles in the respective languages, but I've just never seen that before18:53
@tavistothe translation server shows Dutch and German for the languages18:54
+perlDreamerthat's because the translation server works in English only18:54
@preactiondifferent choices, i dunno. that was the choice made by the developer of the dropdown thing18:54
SDuensinThis is kinda crazy and cool:  http://narwhaljs.org/18:55
@tavistoWell, IMHO, it's strange and not standard18:56
@preactionOS X displays language names in their native text / language18:57
SDuensinSeems to be becoming one.18:57
@tavistoI guess as long as the dutch team thinks it's fine, then it's irrelevant what I think18:57
SDuensinOh.  Wrong conversation.  :-)18:57
@tavistoyep good point, they do18:58
@tavistoperlDreamer, Australian is close at 98.9%18:59
+perlDreamerwe do have them slotted for inclusion, but they need to show they can keep it well translated first18:59
@tavistoyep, I'm glad to see Russian and Polish starting to come up too19:00
+perlDreamerArabic is still in freefall19:00
+perlDreamerhard to believe it used to be 90%19:00
@tavistoyeah ehab must not be very active19:01
@preactionthere's an arabic guy on the forums right now, maybe he'll put it back up19:01
@tavistopreaction, that wG logo in the startup wizard is really pixelated around the edge..looks nasty on my screen19:09
@preactionyes, because it's supposed to have a white background, and i'm supposed to have a designer.19:09
@preactiontransparent gifs/pngs simply do not work19:10
@tavistodo you mean that the purple is going away and will be white?19:18
@preactionno, i mean that someone's gonna have to look at it with a designer's eye, and i don't have one (or anyone with one)19:18
@tavistoor just that the original background on the logo was white. I have enough designer experience where I can still fix things like that19:18
+perlDreamerdangerous words, tavisto19:21
+perlDreamerrun for the hills!19:21
@tavistoyeah well back in the day I was chief designer, developer, and consultant19:22
+perlDreameryou code, too?19:23
@tavistounfortunately, I've moved away from all that kinda stuff these days but I still dabble when needed.. And there's much to do with Doug's new toys19:23
@tavistoHTML/CSS yeah19:23
+perlDreamerhack on, brother19:23
@tavistonot real programming languages though.. I leave Perl and C++ and VB to the uber nerds19:23
@tavisto<--- poser19:23
+perlDreameraw, hackin' is hackin'19:24
+perlDreameronly true hackers deserve Brazilian BBQ19:24
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+perlDreamerseems like a year ago I was working on WebGUI 88, which is our port to Elk, or something like that19:46
+perlDreamerno, it was definitely WebGUI 819:52
+perlDreamerit's been so long...19:52
+perlDreamerand not Elk, but Antelope20:04
-!- patspam [~patspam@ool-182e18a7.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #webgui20:08
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+perlDreamerhi, patspam20:15
+patspamhey perlDreamer20:15
-!- preaction_ [~doug@] has joined #webgui20:15
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-!- preaction_ is now known as preaction20:15
+perlDreameryou missed all the excitement20:15
+perlDreamerwe hacked the Cart20:15
+perlDreamerand rewrote the wiki keywords/sub-categories thing20:15
+perlDreamerand WebGUI will do UTF-8 urls20:16
@preactionand redid the setup wizard completely20:16
+perlDreamerand added new style templates20:16
+patspamfar out!20:16
+patspamyou guys have been busy20:16
+perlDreamerhow are you doing?20:16
@preactionoh, and a new cache driver for 7.x that supports FastMmap and memcached20:17
+patspamsleepy :)20:17
+patspamI flew in from australia last night20:17
+patspampreaction: looking forward to playing with that20:17
+patspamI brought my road bike over this time20:19
+perlDreamernow you're talking!20:21
+perlDreamerokay, I think this finalizes it20:24
+perlDreamerAustralian people are funnier than Americans20:24
@tavistohow much did that cost patspam!!!20:26
@tavistoon the airplane?20:26
+patspamcounted as one of my bags20:27
@tavistowow, that's amazing.20:27
@tavistoyou fly Quantas?20:27
+patspamI used their official bike box (cardboard)20:27
@tavistothey got decent rates from NYC?20:27
+patspamwas pretty paranoid they were going to damage my bike, packed it full of padding20:27
@tavistoyeah I would definitely think that as well20:27
@tavistoand I didnt know they made special bike boxes.. hehe20:27
+patspamyeah it was really cheap this time around, about 1k return20:27
+patspambought with about 3 days notice!20:28
+patspamI was expected 2-3 times that for such short notice20:28
@tavistoYou realize that a normal flight from say.. Michigan to NYC last minute... would run about 1k20:28
+patspammust've been lucky with the season20:28
@tavistolet alone... an international flight20:28
+patspamwebjet.com ftw!20:28
+patspammy last flight in feb was about 1600, and that was bought 2 months ahead of time20:29
+perlDreamerspeaking of which, I need to set one of those up for the September time frame20:29
+patspamPortland -> NY -> MSN20:30
+perlDreamerhow many bottles of scotch did you want?20:30
+patspamheh just one!20:30
+patspampeople will think I'm an alcoholic ;)20:30
+perlDreamerat those prices, it's an investment20:31
@tavistoyeah best bet on flights is to keep watching from like 3 months out. Best deals are typically in between the 1-2 month time out20:31
+patspaminteresting.. didn't know that20:31
@tavistoI watched George Clooney in "Up in the Air" and was like.... Yeah, this is how I try to live my life.20:31
@tavistowell that's the case with Delta anyway. I typically only fly with them cuz I've got status20:31
@tavistoalthough since the merger with NWA they have been absolutely dreadful most of the time... 20:32
@tavistoNWA was a great airline. I miss it dearly.20:32
+perlDreamerpreaction: does WebGUI8 still need Memcached::libmemcached ?20:33
+patspamtavisto: I flew them a few times to Aus, they were cheap and good but I switched to qantas because delta don't fly direct to Melbourne20:34
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rd758bce / sbin/testEnvironment.pl : Remove unneeded module from testEnvironment.pl - http://bit.ly/bs2JEW20:34
@tavistoQuantas has cooler planes so I would rather fly with them... Their first class cabins look AMAZING (although I don't have $5-8k burning a hole in my pocket so I wouldn't do it)20:36
@tavistospeaking of cool, my old mighty mouse died and I got one of the new mice from apple. The touch sensors are amazing.... if anyone was doubting, definitely pick one up and give it a whirl. You'll love it20:37
+patspamdoes it have more than one button?20:38
+perlDreamerpatspam: I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.0420:41
+perlDreamerit doesn't like the WebGUI package any longer20:41
+patspamoh dang20:41
+patspamyeah I upgraded this morning too20:41
+perlDreamernow, after every package I add or upgrade, I get dpkq errors and warnings20:41
+patspamspent 10 minutes playing with empathy's IRC support and then went back to Pidgin20:41
+patspamhmm that's weird20:41
+patspamwebgui borked your system?20:42
+perlDreamerthat's the odd part20:42
+perlDreamereverything works20:42
+perlDreamerit just seems to be line noise20:42
+patspamwhat's the error?20:42
+perlDreamerI'll make and paste one20:42
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has quit [Quit: dionak]20:44
+patspamwrong return code?20:46
+patspamor maybe that's legit - looks like it couldn't start apache and mysql wasn't running20:47
+perlDreamerthey're both currently running20:47
+perlDreamerI've been using them this morning20:48
+patspamoh right, mysql running, but access denied20:48
+patspamwas something else bound to port 80?20:48
+perlDreamerI don't think so, but I'll ask netstat20:49
+patspamdoes "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart" work now?20:51
+patspamthat's possibly a good thing - you can debug it20:52
+patspamthose Cart improvements sound really good20:53
+patspamoh nice! I like underscore.js20:54
+perlDreamerthe problem is my WebGUI8 branch install is messed up20:55
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has joined #webgui21:02
+perlDreamerWebGUI 8 is in good shape.  Only 3 failing tests from the Test::Class suite, and all in WebGUI::Asset::Story21:10
@preactionyou're in a race to doing the psgi test work ;), if Scott starts before you're ready, you'll be doing it together21:11
@preactionthough perhaps that will be nice21:11
+perlDreamerpsgi test work?21:12
+perlDreameryou mean for the merge?21:12
@preactionWebGUI::PseudoRequest needs to mock Plack::Request not Apache2::Request21:12
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has quit [Quit: dionak]21:12
@preactionand we may have other fun things to do with the testing stuff once that happens (like no "LIVE TESTS" anymore)21:13
+perlDreameryou sure about that?  Isn't there a null server request for Plack?21:13
@preactionwell, there are methods that plack expects that we don't have21:13
@preaction"logger" is the one it's currently hung up on21:13
+perlDreamerbetween Scrottie's Perl and Plack awesomeness, and my WebGUI knowledge, we'll get it done21:19
@preactionwell, plus you can help him navigate the weirdnesses, and hopefully you'll both come out with some ideas to fix them (or at least some troublespots to look at)21:20
+perlDreamerwhat, WebGUI and weirdness?  I know not of what you speak.21:25
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@scrottieoh, stop...21:36
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r3e168b1 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Trap calls to newById inside getParent. StoryArchive should use cloneFromDb. - http://bit.ly/bMzJZ521:51
+perlDreamerthat's it, we're all passing now again21:51
+perlDreamerexcept for that stupid attempt to try and run the support library21:51
+perlDreamerpreaction, I would hazard a guess at this point, that WebGUI 8 will make content21:52
+perlDreamerdo we need to take a step back, evaluate what's ahead of us and current status?21:52
@preactionno, there's a problem with the admin interface and version tags21:52
+perlDreamerwell, I'll see about the regular test suite then21:53
+perlDreamerand I can add more tests to the Test::Class suite, too21:53
+perlDreamerbetween both suites, we have a fair amount of coverage of the core API21:53
+perlDreamerso having it working would be nice21:54
@preactioni think it has something to do with changes i made to www_editSave, and will be making more21:54
@preactionwe're close, yes, very close, but not quite21:54
* perlDreamer goes running, bbiaw21:57
+perlDreamernote, everything is off today21:57
+perlDreamertruck is at the shop21:58
+perlDreamerdog is at the vet's office21:58
+perlDreamerkid's come home early21:58
+perlDreamerso I'll be in and out all day21:58
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CIA-104webgui: Doug Bell master * ra9b4ba1 / (3 files in 2 dirs): added new wg logo - http://bit.ly/cIMekB22:18
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CIA-104webgui: Doug Bell master * r38d4631 / (3 files in 2 dirs): startup cleaning - http://bit.ly/diGQaw23:02
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+perlDreamerrats, going to have to bodge it23:36
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--- Day changed Thu May 06 2010
+patspamperlDreamer: when you're back, I'd like to map out a plan for merging psgi into WebGUI800:12
+patspamplenty of work still to be done so don't want to merge too early, but keen to do it to keep the momentum up00:15
* patspam goes back to reassembling his bike00:15
@preactionit almost looks as if update() isn't working at all00:16
@preactionin 800:16
-!- SDuensin [~Scott@173-28-73-10.client.mchsi.com] has joined #webgui00:18
+perlDreamerpreaction, which update?00:19
@preactiondelegated to WebGUI::Definition::Role::Object00:19
@preactionor maybe it's the write that isn't working00:19
@preactionlike, i can't run the site starter, it sets the style template ID to wrong00:20
+perlDreamerI have tests for it00:20
+perlDreamerand it verifies some data written and read back00:20
+perlDreamerpreaction, I'd extend the test suite to duplicate what it's doing to see if we can isolate it00:21
@preactionof course00:21
@preactionno, i see. the starter is setting it to "", and webgui is accepting it00:25
@preactionand this is the old starter, so i should probably merge master again00:26
@tavisto*tavis frowns and points at perlDreamer*00:27
@tavistoyou can run but you can't hide pD00:29
@preactionif i'm adding tests to Test::WebGUI::Asset, what's $tag in test->getAnchoredAsset?00:48
@preactionnm, found it00:49
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@preaction_perlDreamer: if I commit a failing test, can you help? (not necessarily now, later is fine too)00:57
+perlDreamerif you commit a failing test, it costs 1 tooth01:31
@preaction_it looks like the session is getting completely cleared out between each call to ->session01:32
-!- dionak [~dionak@cpe-024-074-157-216.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui01:34
@preaction_the real problem is that addRevision creates a new version tag, even though there is a current working tag01:34
+perlDreameraddRevision shouldn't do that01:34
+perlDreamerit should use the existing tag01:34
@preaction_right, but the session->stow doesn't have the existing tag, and neither does session->scratch01:35
@preaction_and the damned session object is too huge to debug.01:36
@preaction_ah. failing versiontag tests01:37
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@preaction_do we have to always say "our $CONFIG_FILE" when we want a var declared with our now?01:44
@preaction_ah. now i see: the tag was never setWorking01:47
-!- dionak [~dionak@cpe-024-074-157-216.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui01:56
+perlDreamerpreaction: why does the calendar stores view types and start dates in the scratch?01:59
@preaction_probably in case the user looks at an event or adds an event so they go back to the right place02:00
+perlDreamerthat's a good reason02:00
@preaction_but perhaps it should store such in a specific way to avoid the problem susan is having?02:03
@preaction_and now, for some reason, version tags are working again, though i have not changed any code.02:04
@preaction_ah. spoke too soon. it worked for one page view, but it must still be pending or something.02:04
+perlDreamerpreaction_: using the calendar ical system, you can essentially do the same thing as the shortcut, without the interaction02:06
@preaction_oh jesus... if it is the caching i am going to be very annoyed02:22
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CIA-104webgui: Paul Driver master * rda8ebb9 / www/extras/shop/cart.js : no forms[0], we will use a real id - http://bit.ly/akATn002:36
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r113c44a / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm): Give the cart an id for the JS to work with. - http://bit.ly/afBzmQ02:51
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * reb9d32f / lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm : Log the correct transaction data on a $0 checkout. - http://bit.ly/dj7wNb03:28
+perlDreamerdinner time for old hackers03:29
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf04cf29 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm): Fix display of the shop credit deduction when there's a recurring item in the cart. Fixes bug #11557 - http://bit.ly/98SJcB04:30
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r6926217 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm): Fix display of the shop credit deduction when there's a recurring item in the cart. Fixes bug #11557 - http://bit.ly/d7Wybv04:30
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r17841c8 / (lib/WebGUI/Shop/Credit.pm lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Shop.pm): Better messaging and error handling in the Shop/Credit screen. Cannot give credit to Visitor. - http://bit.ly/cK1r0Y04:49
+perlDreamerlater,a ll04:50
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+perlDreamermorning, good WebGUI folks17:57
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Haargthe more i think about WebGUI::Session the more i hate it19:49
Haargit's like three different objects mushed together into one19:50
Haargthere is the site (config, database, cache), the user session (var, stash) and the request (asset, user, request, etc)19:53
Haargit should really be separated out into separate classes19:53
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Haargpreaction, do you see any reason to let i18n modules filter URLs given that we are allowing utf8 now?20:10
@preactionthat's what i was telling Frank yesterday: i18n shouldn't give one rat's ass what the URL is20:12
Haargi'll change that then20:13
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+perlDreamerpreaction: did you test any of the new site styles to make sure they work with modern WebGUI?20:58
@preactionthey worked on the default content, otherwise no20:58
+perlDreamermodern like all the templating and style sheet work from TWG20:59
@preactionthey weren't supposed to stay there for long, TWG was supposed to replace them with something else20:59
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+perlDreamerpatspam, got the urge to talk about merge?21:53
SDuensinWhew.  The first time I read that, I saw "marriage".21:55
+perlDreamerYou need professional help, SDuensin21:56
SDuensinYea, but that's expensive!21:56
@preactionso's marriage21:57
SDuensinWell, I already did that.21:58
+perlDreamermarriage is much more expensive22:00
SDuensinActually costs less than my technology habit.  :-)22:01
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rc1cc94f / t/tests/My/Test/Class.pm : Do not run the test suite on the support class. - http://bit.ly/cPgici22:01
+perlDreamerAll Test::Class tests pass22:02
HaargperlDreamer, what merge are you referring to?22:02
+perlDreamerpatspam wanted to talk about the upcoming psgi merge22:02
ckotilThe workflow activity NotifyAdminsWithOpenVersionTags is confusing. the name suggest an email is sent to the admins notifying about an old version tag (default 3 days old), but in the description it reads 'This sends out notifications to all users that have an uncommitted tag. It only does this if the version tags are empty...' i can tell from reading the code that it does in fact send a notice to admins. 22:13
ckotilid like to send out notices directly to the user with the uncommitted tag22:13
ckotillooks like ill need to modify the existing activity and make a new one.22:14
ckotila lot of users new to webgui will edit an asset, and forget to commit, even tho i have big annoying button at the top of the page that says DONT FORGET TO COMMIT22:14
+perlDreamereh, just write a workflow that begins to charge their credit card22:16
SDuensinOoo!  I want that one!22:16
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r28f4605 / t/Session/Style.t : Update test due to the removal of the headBlock. - http://bit.ly/ayqrki22:19
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd7ee5f0 / t/Session/Style.t : Update test due to the removal of the headBlock. -22:20
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r65f3904 / t/Session/Style.t : Update test due to the removal of the headBlock.22:20
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r396f0cd / t/Session/Style.t : More headBlock => extraHeadTags cleanup - http://bit.ly/9Nr8RS22:21
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re71a6be / t/Session/Style.t : More headBlock => extraHeadTags cleanup - http://bit.ly/dopcAi22:21
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rd46dcaa / t/Session/Style.t : More headBlock => extraHeadTags cleanup - http://bit.ly/abEBob22:22
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rb7b91a3 / t/Session/Url.t : Update test for property manipulation. - http://bit.ly/boPgMw22:24
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+perlDreamerpreaction, how does the new caching system work with compound keys?22:32
@preactionthe compound key must be calculated beforehand22:33
+perlDreamerwas that done as part of the cache switch?22:33
+perlDreamera test or two may have been missed22:34
@preactionquite possibly22:34
+perlDreamerAll session tests are now passing22:35
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r5bf7f42 / t/Session/Var.t : Update the test for the new caching scheme. - http://bit.ly/an0bOi22:35
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+perlDreamerlunch time22:58
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--- Day changed Fri May 07 2010
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@preactionif we move to nginx, should we also start doing ESI? it would mean writing or updating an ESI plugin for nginx, but it would make many http accelerators very very happy00:40
SDuensin_WTF is ESI?00:42
-!- SDuensin_ is now known as SDuensin00:42
@preactionEdge-Side Includes. it lets a proxy cache the entire page with <esi:*> directives, then just request the esi stuff as dynamic00:42
@preactionso like if your site had only a "Hello <user>", it would only fetch THAT for each page load00:42
@preactionor it would fetch only the navs00:43
@preactionbasically, the dynamic part that may change with different users or different times viewing the same page, but the rest is just cached00:43
@preactionakamai uses it, which would mean webgui sites could run on akamai's CDN00:44
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2fe34a2 / t/ProfileField.t : more ProfileField tests -00:51
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r1aeb75b / (4 files in 3 dirs): Fix POD whitespace problems. -00:52
CIA-104webgui: Paul Driver master * r40d11e8 / (5 files in 5 dirs): more sorting options for SyndicatedContent - http://bit.ly/c1Og8301:05
+perlDreamerHe even wrote tests!01:07
@frodwithhow else would I know if it works?01:18
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12490 /translations/German/German/ (PayDriver_PayPalStd.pm Asset_WikiMaster.pm): Updating German on translation server01:22
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12491 /translations/German/German/PayDriver_PayPalStd.pm: Updating German on translation server01:22
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r1c4ea8e / t/ProfileField.t : more ProfileField tests - http://bit.ly/a9oIaP01:51
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r7032e86 / (lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm t/SQL.t t/User.t): Change cache strategy for User.t. Fix setRow in SQL.pm to accept overrides in row identifiers. - http://bit.ly/b5daGj01:51
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+patspamperlDreamer: ping03:18
+patspamgot users reporting that wg site email footer not included in emails03:20
+patspammy guess it's broken email clients03:20
+patspammultipart email: html contents + text/plain footer03:20
+patspamgmail and thunderbird show it fine03:20
+patspamtime to boot up a windows vm and try outlook03:21
+patspamyes indeed03:25
+patspamoutlook doesn't show the footer, adds it as a .txt attachment instead03:26
+patspamexample at: https://gist.github.com/c25b1c0b5d2e7cc97ccf03:39
+patspamanyone think this is a bug? or reasonable behaviour?03:39
@preactionperhaps we should also send "content-disposition: inline"?03:40
+patspamthat sounds promising03:41
+patspamlooks like outlook might ignore that though: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/81411103:42
+perlDreamerit's definitely a bug03:44
+perlDreamerthe user should install thunderbird immediately03:44
+perlDreamerand here I thought you wanted to talk about something important03:44
+perlDreamerlike the psgi merge03:44
+patspamoh yeah!03:44
+patspambeen too busy to think about that for the past 24hrs03:45
+perlDreamerAll of Session/*.t are passing03:45
+patspamin 8?03:45
+patspamok, let's set the bar for merging psgi03:45
+patspamall the same tests passing03:45
+patspamI started adding some psgi specific tests03:46
+perlDreamerthat's good03:46
+patspammost apache request/response stuff isn't tested03:46
+perlDreamercan we say minimum 75% test coverage of the new psgi code?03:46
+patspamthere isn't a whole lot of new code03:46
+perlDreamerwell, in that case03:46
+perlDreamerlets say minimum 90% coverage of new code03:47
+patspamthe stuff that really needs tests is all the apache req/response stuff that needs to be ported to Plack req/response methods03:47
+patspamthere's likely to be lots of easily fixable bugs in there03:47
+patspambut I haven't got enough time to do all that on my own03:47
+perlDreamerI think I can help with that03:48
+perlDreamerunless there's another emergency like last week03:48
+perlDreamerand the week before03:48
+patspamI hear ya03:48
+patspamthe question is, do we require all that stuff to be tested before we merge?03:48
+perlDreamerthat way we can pick up merge problems with the tests03:48
+patspamthere won't be merge problems, since psgi is tracking 803:49
+patspame.g. it should be a fast-foward merge03:50
+perlDreamerso what's the status of the psgi branch?03:50
+patspamheh so to rephrase the above question, should wg8 devs be shielded from req/response bugs?03:51
+perlDreamerthere are only 4 wg8 devs03:51
+patspamstatus.. untouched for past 10 days03:51
+patspamby me at least03:51
@preactiononce it's merged, we're all responsible03:51
+patspamexactly =p03:52
+perlDreamerI think it would still be best to have the tests in place before we merge03:52
+perlDreamermaybe not for full coverage03:52
+patspamyeah I think you're probably right03:52
+perlDreamerbut to cover base functionality03:52
+patspambut if you can help me with the new tests that'd be ace03:52
+patspamI don't want momentum to drop off with it so close to being ready03:52
+perlDreamerwon't we also need to change WebGUI::PseudoRequest into something else?03:52
+patspamit will disappear03:53
+perlDreamerthat's still a lot of test rework03:53
+patspammaybe we can refactor WebGUI::PseudoRequest as a first step03:54
+perlDreamerPlack::Test is still request/response based03:54
+perlDreamernone of the PseudoRequest code works like that03:54
+perlDreamermaybe it's better that it works that way03:55
+perlDreamerbut none of the code that is tested will return response objects03:55
+perlDreamerthere ought to be some good examples in Session/Url.t03:57
+patspamI think it will fall out nicely03:57
+patspamUrl.t creates a PseudoRequest and stores it in $session->{_request}03:58
+perlDreamerwhich we don't really need anymore03:58
+patspaminstead, we can create a real WebGUI::Session::Request03:58
+perlDreamerthe manual work isn't needed anymore because it's done for us by WebGUI::Test03:59
+perlDreamerokay, so we create a real WebGUI::Session::Request03:59
+perlDreamerbut how does it get a request object that we can manipulate?03:59
+patspamWebGUI::Session::Request isa Plack::Request03:59
+patspamthat's the response object03:59
+patspamer, request04:00
+patspaminstead of being some funky xs apache thing it's a pure perl object04:00
+patspamcreated from a simple $env hash04:00
+perlDreamerthat will be nice04:00
+perlDreamerand the resultant object is rw?04:00
+patspambut most likely you wouldn't modify the request object04:01
+patspambecause so easy to create a new one on demand04:01
+patspamPlack::Request makes its accessors read-only04:01
+perlDreamerso we should have some sugar in WebGUI::Test for making new request objects in the session04:02
+patspamyeah something like that04:02
+perlDreamerWebGUI::Test->reRequest($session, %newHash);04:02
+patspamsimilar to the way Plack::Test lets you do it with HTTP::Request/Response objects04:02
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+patspamPlack::Test is pretty cool in that by setting environment variables you can get it to run the requests through an actual plack server of your choice04:04
+perlDreamerI need to go run some errands, but I'll keep thinking about this04:06
+patspamcool, ttyl04:06
+Radix_So.. apt-get in ubuntu server.. or wre - hard choice04:51
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-!- preaction_ is now known as preaction04:57
+Radix_apt-get webgui on lucid:05:07
+Radix_  webgui: Depends: libpoe-component-client-http-perl (>= 0.88) but it is not installable05:07
-!- mducharme [~nothing@S0106000e0cc03cff.wp.shawcable.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]05:17
+Radix_debian sid works fine though05:30
-!- fokat [~lem@] has joined #webgui05:31
@preactionRadix_: i think you need to send a message to the masters of the universe (motu@ubuntu.org iirc)05:33
+Radix_looks like the libpoe component has either been removed or no longer available or something.. that's the only dependency missing05:34
+Radix_okey.. need some advice.. what's the best way to migrate a 7.0.8 version of webgui to 7.8.1805:37
+Radix_I have an existing site with 6738 assets, 287 templates, 15551 users, and 1993 groups05:38
@preactionthe normal way: stop at the highest 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, and then 7.8 versions05:38
@preactionand be prepared for template changes05:38
+perlDreamerwith all the stop versions in the middle05:39
+perlDreamerI started a wiki page to keep track of stop version, but it only goes back to 7.505:39
+Radix_stop versions are?05:40
@preactionversions you have to stop at05:40
+Radix_oh.. page explains05:40
+perlDreamerRadix_: if you learn about any other ones, could you keep good notes and maybe update the wiki page?05:40
+Radix_haha.. yeah sure05:40
+Radix_I'm going omg.. do I really want to do this atm05:41
+Radix_will latest WRE run all of the versions from 7.1-7.8?05:42
+perlDreamerthere are JSON problems in 7.4.305:42
+Radix_so I'll need to step up versions of wre too then05:43
+perlDreamernot necessarily, just perl modules05:44
+Radix_and how would I know what to use and what not?05:44
+Radix_why is the upgrade path for webgui so insanely complicated still?05:44
@preaction... because we have one05:45
+perlDreamerwell, to be fair, since 7.5 there is only one "extra" stop version05:45
+perlDreamerand that's 7.7.2205:45
@preactionif you were on any other system, you'd be dumping and remerging sites by now05:45
+perlDreamerotherwise, there's just one stop point per minor version05:45
+perlDreameroy, something in 8 is badly broken05:50
+perlDreamerit's wiping out groupNames05:50
@preactionmaybe that's why version tag names are missing too05:54
+perlDreamerI didn't know that those parts of WebGUI were touched in 805:54
+perlDreamerbut I'm finding lots of little things05:54
+perlDreamerlike the bug in setRow05:54
+perlDreamerIf we had time, I'd love to shut down WebGUI 8 for 2 days, and fix every broken bug and test05:54
+perlDreamerthen we could start running test regressions05:55
@preactionwell, i'm stalled until i can fix the problems with version tags and committing05:55
+perlDreamerthey seem to work in WebGUI805:58
+perlDreamercan you revert to find out what's changed in your branch?05:58
@preactionno, wayyyyy too far ahead. lot of work. i think i know what happened (i changed getEditForm and processPropertiesFromFormPost)06:01
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * re830e92 / t/User.t : Update test for new cache system. - http://bit.ly/avH1oy06:08
+perlDreamerthis could supersede that kind of work06:17
+perlDreamerUsers and Groups are both broken06:18
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+perlDreamerpreaction: could you please run the User.t test and tell me if it fails for you?06:37
+perlDreamerpreaction, I think I know why you're having problems06:43
+perlDreamerif I'm right, it should be fixed in about 15 minutes06:43
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rad88c37 / lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm : Revert back to the old setRow that handles sparse updates, like the one used by Group. - http://bit.ly/cRMMP506:49
+perlDreamerI'm going to pack it in for tonight06:56
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rae43a10 / t/User.t : Update this test for the new caching system. - http://bit.ly/9BPyMi06:59
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CIA-104webgui: martin master * rcc7b3fe / docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.9.4-7.9.5.pl : Fix a bug in upgrade script where session was not passed. - http://bit.ly/d31dkk14:03
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ckotilGood Morning16:42
ckotilim looking at my show running workflows page, and ive got a bunch of suspended workflows named (no title). Id like to just delete them, but I cant find them in the database anywhere. any idea where I should look?16:43
+MrHairgreasethey should be in the WorkflowActivityINstance table16:51
+MrHairgreaseor somthing like that16:52
ckotilive scoured those tables.16:54
ckotileven dumped the db and grepped for the instanceId i see in the show running workflows page.16:54
+MrHairgreasemaybe spectre caches some stuff and has gotten out of sync somehow?16:54
ckotilyeah, so i dont understand how these siuspended workflows are even sticking around. unless spectre has a hold on them16:55
+MrHairgreasetry crtl-f5 on the show running workflows page16:55
+MrHairgreaseif that doen't help see if restarting spectre does16:55
ckotilthe restart did it16:57
+MrHairgreasedunnno what caused this though16:58
+MrHairgreasedid you recently upgrade?16:58
ckotili added a new activity im working on to the hourly workflow so i can run it manually via the scheduler. well i had a bug in the activity and it caused the workflow to error16:58
ckotilwhen i ran another instance of the hourly workflow it got out of sync16:58
+MrHairgreasethat's prolly what caused the problem16:59
ckotilthen i have to manually run each activity. when its done it shows up as no title16:59
ckotilwhen the workflow has finished all the activities that is16:59
ckotilthere's probably a better way to develop and debug a workflow activity, but i dunno what it is :)16:59
+MrHairgreaseyeah, let other people do ot for you =)17:00
ckotili can do small things. 17:00
ckotilthe activity im working on will email users about uncommitted version tags17:01
ckotilhopefully i can contribute it 17:01
+MrHairgreaseyou do take into account that activities can only run for about a minute at a time right?17:02
ckotili wasnt aware of that.17:03
+MrHairgreasejust grep for getTTL in WebGUI/Workflow?activity17:04
+MrHairgreasefor examples17:04
ckotilbut this activity just queries for all uncommitted tags, then loops through them to get the owner, tagId, and email. then sends an email with a link. shouldnt take that long. even if there are 20 uncommitted tags17:04
+MrHairgreaseespescially if you just queue the emails instead of sending them17:05
+MrHairgreaseare you returning COMPLETE?17:05
ckotilah, queuing, good idea.17:05
ckotilok, i see the ttl, i can add that to my activity17:05
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carograyforms question:Is it possible for a questions with a required answer of either yes or no, not to have a default answer?18:05
carograyI want to ask people if it is safe to get back to them? I want to make sure that they answer question - do not submit the form without answering. At the same time I do not want to have a pre-filled answer already18:06
carograyWe could miss out on helping some people if the answer is no, and if the default answer is yes, we could be endangering others.18:07
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+perlDreamerGreasings, euro-hacker18:14
+MrHairgreaseMay the Grease be with you!18:14
+perlDreameris that offer for Shop/Cart help still good?18:15
+perlDreamerI don't have an easy way to verify the changes I made to the Ogone plugin, in 7.9.418:15
+perlDreamerI don't suppose you could do some kind of test checkout with it, to make sure it still all works correctly?18:16
+MrHairgreaseToday I won't have time for that anymore. But I can check next wednesday18:17
+MrHairgreaseis that ok?18:18
+MrHairgreaseI don't have a test account handy, so I'll have to request one18:18
+perlDreamerthat's fine.  You're way more familiar with it than I am.18:18
+MrHairgreaseWhere did you get that idea =)18:19
+perlDreamerIt's an acknowledgement of your superior sub-micron and programming skillz18:19
+perlDreamerHave you read the release notes and gotchas for 7.9.4?18:20
+perlDreamerThe cart is now a 2 screen process18:20
+perlDreamerin screen 1, you enter in all billing and (optionally) shipping info18:20
+perlDreameryou also select the shipping method, and the billing gateway.18:21
+perlDreamerthen you hit the checkout button18:21
+perlDreamerin screen 2, you get a summary of all charges, and a checkout button18:21
+MrHairgreaseI've looked into it a bit18:21
+MrHairgreasebut I'll go through it more thouroughly next wednesday18:22
+MrHairgreasegotta go18:23
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* perlDreamer goes to the gym19:14
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* perlDreamer limps back into his chair20:33
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@preactionwe need to clean up the WebGUI github22:40
@preactionDataTable needs gone. crypt needs moved to a personal fork. fb needs gone. flux needs moved to personal fork. gh-pages i don't even know what it is. improved-asset-state needs moved to a personal fork or merged into mainline. plebgui needs moved to personal fork. psgi personal fork. template_usage dunno what is. thingy_defaultView_maxEntries seriously? usereditgroup what?22:45
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+perlDreamertemplate_usage is useful23:25
+perlDreamerit lets you diff changes in templates across different WebGUI versions23:25
@preactionso it should be merged then?23:26
@preactionreally, if we can get wgdev to be WebGUI::Command, then we can enhance the wgpkg format to accept the wgdev file format23:26
+perlDreamerno, not merged23:28
+perlDreamerjust keep track of it23:28
+perlDreamerin fact, it's a little out of date23:28
+perlDreamerHaarg, I need a brief overview of the WebGUI::Paths change23:39
+perlDreamerSession->open doesn't need a root dir anymore23:39
+perlDreamerAll methods in WebGUI::Paths are class methods23:39
+perlDreameranything else?23:39
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rd0b17ac / lib/WebGUI/Asset/EMSSubmission.pm : Update EMSSubmission to Moose. - http://bit.ly/chok8c23:43
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r5992a1d / sbin/changeIobStatus.pl : Update changeIobStatus for WebGUI::Paths - http://bit.ly/djhH8D23:43
+perlDreamerfirst complete test suite run on WebGUI 8 is running23:48
+perlDreamerit has at least half a chance of finishing...23:48
--- Day changed Sat May 08 2010
+perlDreamerfor anyone who's curious: http://gist.github.com/39400200:14
+perlDreamerthere's still a lot of work to be done00:14
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r22f9a20 / t/i18n/help.t : Update this test for new code in Operation/Help - http://bit.ly/aCpN4O01:03
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rea17973 / (t/Cache.t t/Cache/Database.t t/Cache/FileCache.t): There aren't any cache modules any longer. - http://bit.ly/bAPMpn01:03
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * ra29c6ae / t/mandatory_template_vars.t : Update mandatory_template_vars test for new Asset code. -01:09
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r45e1c01 / t/Help/compiled.t : Update Help/compiled for new operational code. - http://bit.ly/cgoEUp01:12
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rc8075d9 / lib/WebGUI/Form/Email.pm : Add a missing module use line. - http://bit.ly/aD67Gc01:21
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@preactionperlbot .ar03:15
perlbotpreaction: .ar is Argentina  03:15
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+perlDreamerWhatssup, SDuensin?03:40
SDuensinReading about cool network stuff and dealing with an overtired 1 year old.03:41
SDuensinNice.  Not as cool as my URL though.  :-)03:48
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r9162bd6 / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : Return the correct path for the WebGUI lib directory in WebGUI::Test. Should probably just use WebGUI::Path instead. - http://bit.ly/bvmFMs03:53
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r6154044 / lib/WebGUI/Definition/Meta/Class.pm : when using goto on objects, must restore $self into @_... - http://bit.ly/aod6lp03:56
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r855b59f / lib/WebGUI/Definition/Meta/Asset.pm : Similar changes as to Definition::Meta::Class in --::Asset - http://bit.ly/aVQGbw03:58
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r2fad20d / lib/WebGUI/FilePump/Bundle.pm : Exception handling when trying to get assets for their content. - http://bit.ly/cgGCMf04:02
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r361299e / t/Storage.t : Use the right location for the WebGUI.pm fake file in Storage testing. - http://bit.ly/cGAvdZ04:14
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r3d34cf3 / t/VersionTag.t : Fix typos in VersionTag.t - http://bit.ly/9KV9fi04:18
+perlDreamerpreaction: all VersionTag.t tests are passing04:18
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r1450d13 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix POD problems -04:28
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r04ee8f0 / t/Group.t : Fix the Group tests. - http://bit.ly/bLXyfJ23:51
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--- Day changed Mon May 10 2010
+perlDreamerHaarg: seeing Moosey weirdness: http://gist.github.com/39540000:00
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r0bef2b2 / (4 files in 3 dirs): Change the core to use newById instead of new. - http://bit.ly/a3DlC800:31
+perlDreamernm, that error is caused by having a method called new00:33
+perlDreamerlike the one installed WebGUI::Test when we mock asset instanciators00:37
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r8272c2b / t/lib/WebGUI/Test.pm : Do not intstall a wrapper around new in Asset.pm - http://bit.ly/9Z84fH00:51
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rc471cd1 / t/Shop/AddressBook.t : Fix a test I broke. - http://bit.ly/aiUInJ00:59
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r10d96d3 / t/Help/related.t : Update help for new operational code. - http://bit.ly/cVlUFJ01:06
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r2c80c50 / lib/WebGUI/Macro/FileUrl.pm : Test assets for valid methods before calling them. - http://bit.ly/bm0MZV01:06
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rab64760 / lib/WebGUI/Group.pm : Add missing module use line to Group.pm - http://bit.ly/a1QURL01:08
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r4ecc8dc / lib/WebGUI/AssetLineage.pm : AssetLineage should throw exceptions. - http://bit.ly/dkzZyq01:28
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * ra2feddc / lib/WebGUI/Macro/PickLanguage.pm : Exception handling. - http://bit.ly/aUXtLu01:35
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r97d5caa / lib/WebGUI/Macro/Thumbnail.pm : Exception handling for Thumbnail macro. - http://bit.ly/attTrb01:37
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r8bbf758 / t/Shop/ShipDriver/FlatRate.t : Update FlatRate test. - http://bit.ly/9gsazd02:15
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r69a1b4e / t/Workflow/Activity/NotifyAboutLowStock.t : Update test for new asset instanciators. - http://bit.ly/dbPbzP03:25
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rd57ee62 / t/Workflow/Activity/RemoveOldCarts.t : Fixed this test. - http://bit.ly/9tjuXZ03:32
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r057260f / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Gallery.pm : fix a ->get conversion typo. - http://bit.ly/9OZPLg04:04
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r5be85b9 / t/Asset/Wobject/Survey.t : Cache update for a test - http://bit.ly/d2DQA604:10
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r96108ff / t/Group.t : Remove an old cache line. - http://bit.ly/bjNAxU04:14
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r95fe1e6 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Module use, and cache updates. - http://bit.ly/d0UmEx04:14
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r923e03f / (lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm t/Asset/Asset.t): Add a method for getViewCacheKey. Update number of tests. - http://bit.ly/cw8e7N05:03
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r4c3b615 / t/Asset/AssetLineage.t : Update this test for exception handling. - http://bit.ly/bJja5q05:08
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r8be3592 / lib/WebGUI/AssetPackage.pm : Drop session from get data generated by exportAssetData - http://bit.ly/cyNy3M05:17
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * ra203ab4 / t/Asset/AssetPackage.t : Use a static time to remove 2 second sleep. Update test for new asset instanciators. - http://bit.ly/ciILPu05:17
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * recf1c52 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/EventManagementSystem.pm : Updates for Moose. - http://bit.ly/clKW8307:04
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r50b2b11 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Updated to Moose, and test updates. - http://bit.ly/b71vsi07:04
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+perlDreamerHaarg: late night ping07:38
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r7ba3051 / (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Snippet.pm t/Asset/Snippet.t): Set a trigger for the snippet. Update tests for snippet packing. - http://bit.ly/boO5k307:45
+perlDreamerHaarg, I've decided for all future bugs, I'm going to come into IRC07:45
+perlDreamerand try and ask you a question07:45
+perlDreameryou just ignore me for about an hour07:45
+perlDreamerand I'll have it figured out by then07:45
+perlDreamerif not, then I'll ask again, and then you can answer it07:45
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rc2cbec2 / t/VersionTag.t : Attempt to make this test more robust. - http://bit.ly/bQlhPv08:32
+perlDreamerThere are only about 74 failing tests in WebGUI808:34
+perlDreamersome of them are collateral damage08:34
+perlDreamerwhere the tests are sensitive and need a sterile environment to run as planned08:35
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CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12492 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/ (4 files): Updating Dutch on translation server14:21
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CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12493 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/Asset_WikiMaster.pm: Updating Dutch on translation server15:56
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SDuensinSomebody wake me when it's over.16:34
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+bartjolSDuensin: what must be over?16:42
+bartjoloh, I'll be sleeping by then I guess16:42
+bartjoljust 1.7 hours left for today16:43
SDuensinI just got here.16:43
SDuensinSo, like 7.1 for me.  :-)16:43
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CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12494 /translations/German/German/ (PayDriver_Cash.pm PayDriver.pm): Updating German on translation server17:41
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+perlDreamergood morning, WebGUI folks18:12
Haargmorning perlDreamer18:12
+perlDreamerwe're down to only 74 failing test files in WebGUI 818:12
+bartjolhow much is that in percentage?18:15
+bartjoljust interested18:15
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12495 /translations/German/German/ (PayDriver_ExpressCheckout.pm PayDriver_Ogone.pm): Updating German on translation server18:15
+perlDreamerthere are 324 files, so about 20%18:16
+perlDreamera lot of those are simple cases of updating tests, or WebGUI packages18:17
+perlDreamersome of them are serious bugs caused by WebGUI 818:17
+bartjolall in all, it sounds quite reasonable18:17
+bartjolgood job fellows!18:17
+bartjolback to my failing filepump thingy, let's read the bug report18:18
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r19e497f / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix some copy/paste errors in the Cash i18n. Fixes bug #11561 - http://bit.ly/bCx6UO18:20
+perlDreamerfailing filepump?18:20
+bartjolit was a forum post18:23
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * ra7a522c / (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix copy paste errors in the Cash i18n. Fixes bug #11561. - http://bit.ly/aWhbMo18:24
+bartjolnot sure whether it appeared earlier (did an upgrade from 7.7.22 to 7.9.4)18:25
+bartjolbut I see I do miss perl modules18:27
+bartjoladding, then, I'll let you know the result18:28
+perlDreamerI'm fixing core bugs all day18:32
+perlDreamerso if you find something, let me know18:32
+perlDreamerbetter yet, post a patch ;)18:32
+bartjolwell, if it is just due to not reading gotcha's, I'll just have to tell him that18:33
+bartjolit might be that the gotcha's miss some modules, because I saw them in testenvironment, but not encountered them in the gotcha18:34
+perlDreamerthat could definitely be a problem18:35
+perlDreamerwe've had too much of that recenty18:35
+bartjolmmm, CHI18:35
+bartjolseems to be a problem, lot of dpendancies too18:36
+perlDreamerCHI is a massive problem18:36
+perlDreamerit requires Moose18:36
@preactionso does Config::JSON18:36
+perlDreamerConfig::JSON's Moose version is only a requirement for WebGUI 818:36
+perlDreamernot 718:36
+bartjolI do have moose18:37
+perlDreamerbut if you do a new install, you get it anyway18:37
@preactionif you install the latest Config::JSON, you install moose18:37
+bartjolwell, I installed 3 of the 4 missing modules, I'll have a look whether that specific error is gone now18:38
+bartjolmmm, after a restart I don't get it anymore18:39
@preactioni think the real problem is preloading modules that never get used, and thus preloading all their dependencies18:40
+bartjolI don't see it in my other install, the difference was Javascript::Packer an DateTime::Format::HTTP18:43
+bartjolI thought those were included in koen's beta wre, apparently not18:46
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has quit [Quit: dionak]18:53
+bartjolI have reported a bug about the missing in the gotcha18:54
+perlDreamerI shall fix it!18:56
+perlDreameruh, after I try to eat something18:56
-!- dreamersgirl [~chatzilla@] has joined #webgui18:56
+bartjolhey kathy18:57
dreamersgirlHow are ya?18:58
+bartjolwell, a bit hungry actually18:59
+bartjolbut I had some laugs when Koen fell in the water last friday18:59
+bartjoltoo bad it was a bit coldish to do it with all his clothes on18:59
dreamersgirlhow'd that happen?19:00
dreamersgirland where?19:00
+bartjolhe slipped on a boat during a sailing race19:00
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+bartjolin Friesland19:00
dreamersgirlOh, bummer.19:00
Haargmorning patspam19:00
dreamersgirlDid you get any pictures, though?19:00
+bartjolit was around here: http://maps.google.nl/maps?hl=nl&ie=UTF8&ll=52.924946,5.789108&spn=0.086205,0.239468&z=13 19:01
+bartjolno pics19:03
+patspamhaarg: moved house again on the weekend19:05
+patspamspent the last 2 days cleaning19:05
dreamersgirlcleaning = not fun19:05
+patspambut on the upside- I now have decent coffee shops within walking distance19:05
dreamersgirlwith free wifi?19:05
+patspamdreamersgirl - yeah my back is sore now!19:05
+patspamI think so.. although I prefer to escape in the middle of the day with a book and stay offline19:06
+patspamdreamersgirl = kathy?>19:06
dreamersgirli've become rather fond of coffeeshops with wifi19:06
dreamersgirl:)  yes19:07
+patspamcoming to madison this year?19:07
dreamersgirlThere's a great one near our house called Insomnia.19:07
+patspamvery appropriate ;)19:07
dreamersgirlHave to see.  That's finals week for me, but I don't think I have any finals!19:07
dreamersgirlIt also depends on whether or not we have someone to watch kids.19:07
+patspamHelen is planning on coming on the last day and staying for the weekend19:08
dreamersgirlYou still thinking of coming to OSCON?19:08
+bartjoleeh how "required" is CHI?19:08
+perlDreamerbartjol, optional19:08
@preactionbartjol: it's not19:08
+patspamdidn't get an email from them about my Healthcare Tech talk but it's showing as "not accepted" so I think not :(19:09
@preactionhence my desire to see unused WebGUI modules NOT preloaded19:09
+perlDreamerbummer, patspam19:09
+bartjoltheni'll let it pass for now19:09
+perlDreamerpreaction, but how do you know if they're not used?19:09
+patspamyeah, really sucks!19:09
+perlDreameryou'd have to scan every config file19:09
@preactionthe config file19:09
@preactionand we DO that during preload.perl19:09
@preactionwe preload them19:10
dreamersgirlPatspam:  if I make it to the WUC, you'll have to give me a dumbed-down, nutshell version of your Healthcare Tech Talk.  Sounds interesting.19:10
dreamersgirlMuch more interesting than the Healthcare talk I'm currently listening to.  :)19:11
+bartjolaah. listening and IM-ing again? bad girl ;)19:11
+patspamI thought I'd hit on the secret success strategy of NOT mentioning Perl or WebGUI in my proposal19:11
dreamersgirlshe's a great speaker, just an unfortunate topic19:12
dreamersgirl"Oregon Nurse Practice Act:  Division 47 Rules for Registered Nurse Delegation"19:12
+perlDreamerpay attention, dreamersgirl19:16
+perlDreamerthere will be a test19:16
dreamersgirlThere was.  I passed.  :019:16
+bartjolmmm, testEnvironment borks over the missing CHI, quite irritating19:16
dreamersgirlPart of the test last Friday talked about delegation.  Joanne at the Virginia Garcia Clinic taught me all I know 19:16
dreamersgirlbartjol:  are you coming to the WUC this year?19:17
+perlDreamerit would appear that the only running I'm doing today is into the bathroom...19:17
dreamersgirlOh, no!19:18
+perlDreamergood thing there are no children here19:18
+perlDreamerpushups would be handed out gratuitously19:18
+bartjoldreamersgirl: it is my intention19:18
+perlDreamerdirty little germ spreading offspring!19:18
+bartjolbut my environment has to be cooperating19:19
+bartjolnow, it is dinner time19:19
@preactionis there a way we can get rid of WebGUI::Pluggable? it's annoying me today (and most days)19:20
dreamersgirlI say get rid of it.  :)  Annoying preaction is strictly not allowed.19:20
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+bartjolyeah, well I don't mind if doug's annoyed, I like it most when he is annoyed by Koen (less change I am :))19:21
+bartjolwho is scrottie, did I miss something?19:22
@preactionbartjol: new hire. but he can introduce himself if he's so inclined19:22
+bartjolnew pb employee?19:22
@scrottiehi bartjol19:23
+bartjolyeah, but my hunger isn't fading19:23
+perlDreamerscrottie, bartjol is part of the Dutch team.  He hacks, helps people and does the Dutch translation19:23
Haarghello scrottie19:23
@scrottiehi Haarg19:23
@preactionawesome. WebGUI::pluggable doesn't like modules with more than one package (or a test script that includes its own test package)19:24
+bartjolcool stuff :)19:24
+perlDreamermodules shouldn't have more than one package.  It's not WGBP19:24
Haargthere are lots of places that will run into problems like that preaction19:25
@preactionit's a test script that includes its own package.19:25
+bartjolwell, have fun19:25
-!- bartjol [~bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]19:25
@scrottiebartjol, I haven't technically started yet.  I wanted to wrap up some personal projects.  But I thought I'd come soak up some flavor here.  my official start date is May 17.19:25
+perlDreamerpackages should be put into t/lib/WebGUI...19:25
Haargeasiest solution is probably $INC{'WebGUI/Blah.pm'} = 119:25
@preactionbah. it's 4 damned lines!19:25
@preactionooooooooh good idear19:25
+perlDreamerTest::Mock ?19:26
@scrottieno, not that... bartjol leaving abruptly = eek.19:26
HaargTest::MockObject->fake_module would possibly do it19:26
Haargbut it often refuses to19:26
@preactionrefuses. i like that...19:27
Haargwell, it won't work for packages that are already loaded19:28
Haargbut it also won't work for a package with a sub-package that is already loaded19:28
Haargnot certain if that is a bug or not19:28
@preactionsetting the $INC{} works, and i'll leave a comment for posterity19:28
@preaction97.7% coverage! yay!19:30
@preactionnow if only we got rid of old definition in form controls in favor of new definition. that'll probably have to be one of the cleanup tasks19:31
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: dreamersgirl19:55
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * ra3266eb / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/Spectre/Workflow.pm): If a sitename is passed, filter based on sitename for spectre status. Fixes bug #11541. - http://bit.ly/bnOSd019:56
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re6ab688 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/Spectre/Workflow.pm): If a sitename is passed, filter based on sitename for spectre status. Fixes bug #11541. - http://bit.ly/9QeSgS19:57
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * rfc59716 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/VersionTag.pm): When a version tag is deleted, delete it's workflow instance, if it exists. Fixes bug #11544. - http://bit.ly/ar5qAN20:40
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * ra03e13e / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/VersionTag.pm): When a version tag is deleted, delete it's workflow instance, if it exists. Fixes bug #11544. - http://bit.ly/9jaLKB20:43
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r007391d / (3 files in 3 dirs): Label the form field for entering in sub-keywords. - http://bit.ly/8YyIqD20:55
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop master * r06d61ec / (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: UserList asset has SQL injection bug - http://bit.ly/bNN1JG21:07
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ21:08
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.8 * r87f5df5 / (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: UserList asset has SQL injection bug - http://bit.ly/dfiKTZ21:08
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop webgui-7.8 * ra3da060 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/UserList.pm : forgot to pass param - http://bit.ly/9S4dNA21:13
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop master * rc11d195 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/UserList.pm : forgot to pass param - http://bit.ly/dchPkk21:13
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has joined #webgui21:24
dionakperlDreamer, I'm running into an issue that you might be able to help me with. I think it's more of a combination of the rich text editor and RSS than story manager.21:25
+perlDreamerwhat's the issue?21:25
dionakWe have a story mgr setup on www.mcpolymers.com/news and a RSS feed on the homepage for the story mgr21:25
dionakwhen i edit an article, I always get a line break in the source of the html for the article which cuts off the text of the first paragraph on the home RSS feed21:26
dionakCan't seem to resolve this21:26
dionakand the issue is starting to spread into other articles21:26
dionakit's a pita :)21:26
dionakThe syndicated content asset doesn't seem to read HTML markup21:27
dionakand treat the first html paragraph like a full paragraph. if a line break exists in the html src, that ends the first paragraph21:27
+perlDreamerwhich news article has a line break in it already?21:28
dionakMallard Creek Polymers, Inc. Participates in Industry Conferences21:28
dionakit cuts off after part of a sentence where it says "Take a New Look" in bold21:28
+perlDreameryup, there's the line break21:29
dionakon this page, http://www.mcpolymers.com/news, you can see it's happening in multiple articles21:29
+perlDreamerand this only happens when an existing article is edited?21:29
+perlDreamerwhich browser/OS ? and which version of WebGUI?21:30
dionakthat's my current use-case. FF 3.6.3/Mac OS X 10.521:30
dionakchecking WG21:31
dionakis it a bug?21:32
dionakor an 'undocumented feature'? ;)21:32
+perlDreamerit's yet another reason to replace TinyMCE with YUI Editor21:33
+perlDreameroffhand, I'd guess it's a bug in TinyMCE that we'll have to workaround in the SyndicatedContent21:34
+perlDreamerin the item_loop in the SC template, which description template variable is being used?21:34
dionakit looks like \n is being stripped via a regex in SyndicatedContent.pm21:37
dionakmaybe it needs a \r or \r\n21:37
dionakin addition21:37
dionakin sub getTemplateVariables21:38
+perlDreamerI think that's the problem21:38
+perlDreamerthe paragraphs are ASCII based, instead of HTML based21:39
+perlDreamerare you talking line 295, dionak?21:40
dionakin 7.7.22 source on that server, I think it could be done on line 284 for descriptionFirst2paragraphs b/c that's used for the value of descriptionFirstParagraph on the next line down21:42
dionakmy perl's a bit rusty when it comes to the regex21:43
+perlDreamerit's a non-greedy regex, pulling two sets of characters followed by a newline21:43
+perlDreamerdionak, it's definitely a bug21:49
+perlDreamerbecause it can make bad HTML without closing tags21:50
dionakgood point. do you know if tinymce would use \n or \r\n in this case?21:50
dionaki'd like to strip that out21:50
dionakbefore it becomes a client issue21:50
+perlDreamerI have no idea why it's doing that21:50
dionakk, thanks for the help. i'll file it21:51
dionakprobably needs a test21:51
dionakto expose the bug21:51
+perlDreamerit wouldn't hurt21:52
+perlDreamerand since we can use file based RSS feeds in the SC test, it should be easy to expose21:52
dionakum, yea.. 21:53
dionakstated like a master tester.21:54
+perlDreameroh, a little testing never hurt anyone21:54
+perlDreamerespecially someone who writes tests like the Knowmad crew21:55
dionakyea, you're right. I'll work on fixing my local install so i can test again. 21:55
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf3d95f9 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Change how the query is persisted in Wiki search results. Fixes bug #11558. - http://bit.ly/dpFDRW23:23
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * rd070da3 / (2 files in 2 dirs): Change how the query is persisted in Wiki search results. Fixes bug #11558. - http://bit.ly/bHT2LD23:24
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf3010db / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Auth.pm): Persist data entered by the user in the registration form, but keep falling back to user profile field defaults if no user input is given. Fixes bug #11533. - http://bit.ly/9rFiCI00:12
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * re401985 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Auth.pm): Persist data entered by the user in the registration form, but keep falling back to user profile field defaults if no user input is given. Fixes bug #11533. - http://bit.ly/d1hhXd00:13
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@frodwithperlDreamer, did you write WebGUI::ProgressBar?00:47
+perlDreamerGuilty as charged, frodwith00:47
@frodwithperlDreamer++.  I like it.00:47
+perlDreamerit was really a collaboration between 4 people00:48
+perlDreamerrizen, patspam, preaction and me00:48
@preactioneh, all i did was say how JS could be used to keep updating the thing00:48
@frodwith$_++ for qw(rizen patspam preaction perlDreamer)00:48
+perlDreamermore of WebGUI needs to be updated to use it00:49
+perlDreameryeah, and all JT did was come up the original idea00:50
+perlDreamerand all patspam did was show us how to beat the buffering00:50
+perlDreamerand when we all worked together, out came something great00:50
Haargpreaction, with yui on a cdn, do you have an idea on how you want the API to work?00:52
@preactionthat will be frodwith's boat. more than likely we'll have a set of JS stuff in every page that will initialize the YUI 3 loader / gallery stuff with the proper variables00:54
Haargwe still need a mechanism to determine the URLs to use though00:55
@preactionthose will be in the config file00:55
Haargtwo issues with that00:56
Haargone is http vs https00:56
@preactionscheme-less URL00:56
Haargsecond is using the correct version00:56
Haargmight make sense to just force people to include the version number in a local copy like the cdn versions do00:57
@preactionwell, the utility we provide to set up the local copy could do so for them01:05
Haargit would also help with caching01:06
Haargwould never have to worry about the browser using outdated yui files01:06
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+perlDreamerdid we ever make a plan to convert the utility scripts over to being wgd run friendly?02:07
Haargwhat problems currently exist?02:11
Haargthere is also wgd util02:12
+perlDreamerthat's what I was thinking of02:14
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r6965611 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Shop/AddressBook.pm): Make the state field required in cart addresses. Fixes bug #11564. - http://bit.ly/dcsgsw02:15
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r18301e3 / lib/WebGUI/Shop/AddressBook.pm : Make address form fields less sticky. If you want data saved, you must choose the Update address option. - http://bit.ly/bzNjsN02:44
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+perlDreamerstoopid flow-through logic cases03:14
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r22d6806 / (lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Shop.pm): Better UI for changing addresses. Prevent bad things from happening if the user delete required fields. - http://bit.ly/amol8m03:19
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rbd41360 / (lib/WebGUI/Shop/Cart.pm lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Shop.pm): Internationalize all cart error messages. - http://bit.ly/dhhnFh05:22
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd1559c0 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt docs/gotcha.txt): Document new required modules. - http://bit.ly/clCC5y05:28
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+perlDreamerpreaction, if it's optional, we can always seed preload.exclude07:32
@preactionthen someone adds the WebGUI::Cache::CHI driver to their config and it's not preloaded07:33
@preactiondo we add all the cache drivers? preventing preloading of them?07:33
+perlDreamerI'd say only the new ones07:33
+perlDreamerand if they can access and alter their config file, they can also change preload.exclude07:34
@preactionokay, so we let everyone know that "if you want something new, you can't just enable it, you also have to disable the preventing of it preloading"07:34
@preactionunless there is no other, better solution, i don't like it07:35
@preactionbut i'm going to bed, hence the e-mail discussion07:35
+perlDreamerread chromatic's recent discussion of LWP::UserAgent07:36
+perlDreamerI think it's applicable07:36
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dc813can anyone tell me what is the op= to see  a password recovery page?17:21
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has quit [Quit: dionak]17:28
ckotilop=auth;method=emailResetPassword ?17:30
ckotilor this op=auth;method=recoverPassword17:31
dc813it tells me "The function you are attempting to call is not available for this authentication module"17:33
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ckotilyeah i get that too. but im using a custom auth module for my SSO17:36
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ckotilin op=editSettings under auth do you have password recovery enabled?17:38
dc813nm figured it out17:59
dc813thanks ckotil17:59
dc813i had the auth type set to ldap not webgui17:59
dc813thanks for the help17:59
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SDuensinHere at last!18:01
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r67a6664 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Cache/CHI.pm): CHI requires a switch to keep track of cache size. Also, flush should be mapped to CHI's clear method. Fixes bug #11565.20:11
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+perlDreamerthis is funny: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/websites_stop21:13
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@scrottie(tom oatmeal)++21:52
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Haargoh cool, i just noticed virtualbox can do branching snapshots now22:30
Haargdon't have to keep 3 different vms around just for ie22:30
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HaargperlDreamer, for setRow, i'm thinking we need it to attempt an insert, and if that fails attempt an update23:11
+perlDreamerHaarg, if you think that's best, it's okay23:14
+perlDreamerbut it absolutely must be able to handle sparse data23:14
+perlDreamersince there are WebGUI subsystems that use that23:14
+perlDreamerthe way that it was working, large parts of WebGUI were broken23:19
+perlDreamerso I took the most expedient solution, which was to bring over the code from master23:19
+perlDreamerwhat's wrong with using REPLACE INTO, Haarg/23:19
Haargthat won't handle sparse updates23:20
+perlDreamerit won't23:21
Haargmight be able to use ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE though23:21
+perlDreamerbut the whole set of code works, even if the current code doesn't23:21
+perlDreamerit only does REPLACE INTO if the key is new23:22
Haargyes, but that doesn't work if there are constraints23:22
+perlDreamerwhat kind of constraints?23:23
Haargforeign keys or other types of things23:23
+perlDreamerwe don't use any of those now, do we?23:24
Haargwe want to23:24
+perlDreamerah, okay23:24
+perlDreameri thought I was missing something23:24
Haargmy initial suggestion of insert or update on failure won't work either23:24
Haargso i guess ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is going to be the way to go23:25
+perlDreamerwe should extend the test suite to check the sparse setRow call23:25
+perlDreamerI get to work on wg8 tomorrow, and I'll do that first23:26
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+perlDreamera public spectre method called "runItNowDamnIt" would be frowned upon, wouldn't it?00:07
+perlDreamerI want a spectre method that can be called by approveVersionTag00:08
+perlDreamerit should be a thin wrapper around returnInstanceToRunnableState00:08
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+perlDreamerhey, patspam!00:51
+patspamI have cafes within walking distance again, wooh!00:51
+patspamre: #1156000:52
+patspammail footer not appearing in Outlook due to its handling of multipart/mixed00:52
+patspamit seems that the footer should be concatenated with the email body in Send.pm00:53
+patspamrather than using addText()00:53
+patspambut for that to work, you want the footer to be in html when the email body is in html00:53
+patspam(in Message.pm actually)00:53
+perlDreamersidebar - preaction: the caching performance needs to be rechecked, since I had to turn on 'is_size_aware' in order to make the Operation/Cache work00:55
@preactioni just installed the latest version on the alumni site, and it's still 20% faster00:55
+perlDreamerlatest as in not released yet?00:56
@preactionit's more faster because the alumni DB is on app2, and i benched from app100:56
+patspamguh, addText/Html followed by addFooter happens in 9 different places00:56
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+perlDreamerpatspam, Inbox & Mail/Send are crufty00:56
+perlDreamerpreaction, what if addFooter didn't add a footer, but actually appended to the end of addText/Html instead?00:57
@preactionwhat if we didn't use multipart/mixed and instead only used multipart for alternatives?00:58
+patspamso how about this.. if it's currently addText($body) followed by addFooter, we turn it into addText($body . getFooter), and if it's addHtml(body) we turn do the same but translate \n into <br>?00:58
@preactionwhat if you addText twice? two footers?00:59
+patspamI mean in the places where addFooter is currently being called00:59
@preactionshouldn't addFooter be called automatically by send?00:59
+patspamshould, yes!01:00
@preactionso let's fix it that way and anyone who has a problem with footers in outlook because of custom code can fix it that way too?01:00
+patspamfix it which way?01:00
+patspammake it called automatically?01:01
Haargthat's strange that outlook isn't able to handle multipart/mixed at all for signatures.  doing that is fairly standard behavior.01:01
@preactionwell, it is an old version of outlook we're talking about01:01
+perlDreamerHaarg: error: expectation of "standard behavior" in conjunction with Microsoft products01:01
+patspamI'm testing on Outlook 200701:01
@preactionthat's the latest?01:02
+patspamno.. there's that weird version with "ribbons"01:02
+perlDreamerOutlook 201001:03
+perlDreamerwhy do we send approval notices to the person who commited a tag, instead of the person who created the tag?01:05
@preactionbecause there may be more than one person who could possible commit the tag01:06
+patspamI'll try it in Outlook 2010 and report back01:06
+perlDreamerpreaction: i had a fix for the "Viewing pending assets in the trash bug"01:11
+perlDreamerbut it breaks notifying the user who committed the tag01:12
+perlDreamersince it allows an admin to unlock the tag, join it, and cruise the site01:13
+perlDreamerand then they can commit it after making edits and such01:13
CIA-104webgui: Paul Driver master * r503a378 / (6 files in 5 dirs): ProgressBar::run and now Asset->www_copy has a bar - http://bit.ly/94nf7U01:35
+perlDreamerfrodwith, any reason that all of the progress bar code couldn't be refactored to use ->run02:08
@frodwithnope, that's an excellent idea02:08
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r55d55b4 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Install better error handling code into RequestApprovalForVersionTag. Do not generate leading commas in workflow instance scratch data. - http://bit.ly/ad5Rvk02:21
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r429b0bf / (3 files in 3 dirs): Install better error handling code into RequestApprovalForVersionTag. Do not generate leading commas in workflow instance scratch data. - http://bit.ly/cGUZh302:25
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r34115eb / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Group.pm): Fix typos in recursive Group->getAllUsers calls. Fixes bug #11566 - http://bit.ly/cFEtw804:41
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r18de531 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Group.pm): Fix typos in recursive Group->getAllUsers calls. Fixes bug #11566 - http://bit.ly/al9sXC04:41
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r1599c24 / docs/create.sql : Preparing for 7.8.19 release. - http://bit.ly/cgWZwW04:51
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r084fee6 / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.8.20 development cycle. - http://bit.ly/ci1MsH05:22
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+perlDreamerLost is on07:00
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r78426b7 / t/Asset/AssetExportHtml.t : Update test assets for export tests. - http://bit.ly/9ltHuU08:08
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r2a6e50b / lib/WebGUI/Asset/EMSSubmissionForm.pm : Make this code readable. - http://bit.ly/9beaDo08:13
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CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12496 /translations/German/German/Shop.pm: Updating German on translation server10:57
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SDuensinAM HERE!17:11
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+bartjolaah, free in an hour, gamenight17:35
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* bartjol is here to annoy people that just started working17:36
* perlDreamer hugs bartjol, because SynQ is not here to do it17:37
+bartjolperlDreamer: what are the troubles with CHI, except the dependancies when installing manually?17:37
+bartjoljust curious17:37
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+perlDreamerthere was a bug fixed yesterday about working with the Cache i the UI17:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: I have a suggestion for the upgrade script. I was hit with a couple of "border cases" today :-)17:39
SquOnkperlDreamer: One, if the scripts cannot connect to the database, it bombs out like there's no tomorrow...17:39
+perlDreamerSquOnk, that's a known WebGUI bug17:40
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...I had 7.8.17 installed without a database an attempted to upgrade it to 7.8.18 :-)17:40
+perlDreamerposted on the boards17:40
+bartjolother question, at the moment the wre upgrade script does not include an update for custom perl modules, might there be some options to include those17:41
SquOnkperlDreamer: Two, if the script connects to the database, but it isn't a webgui database, it bombs out in an even uglier way...17:41
SquOnkperlDreamer: So WebGUI is bombing out, not upgrade.pl?17:41
+perlDreamerSquOnk: WebGUI::SQL has a tizzy fit and throws a fatal error17:42
+perlDreamerbartjol: it could be made to do that, by running testEnvironment.pl maybe?17:42
+perlDreamerSquOnk: I could be wrong about that17:43
+bartjolif it first looks for the custom modules and reinstalls them17:43
+bartjolmmm, I have to discuss this with Koen, he prefers to install modules manually17:43
+bartjoland this way I suppose you require CPAN17:44
+perlDreamertime for me to take kids to school17:45
+perlDreamerI'm back18:03
+bartjolyeah, you missed the most interesting discussion :)18:03
+perlDreamerdon't y'all talk if I'm not here?18:03
+perlDreamerIt's not the perlDreamer channel, you know18:04
+bartjolyeah, but in dutch daytime it is very quiet18:04
+bartjolthose southern americans that wanted us to do their jobs where always the first to come online18:05
+bartjolnot meaning Squonk off course18:05
+bartjolbut, was I right about that cpan statement?18:08
+perlDreamerI didn't understand what you meant about requiring CPAN18:13
+perlDreamerdo you mean CPAN.pm?18:13
+perlDreameror access to CPAN?18:13
+perlDreameror something else?18:13
+bartjolbecause the wre upgrade scripts only reset your version setting18:14
@preactionbartjol: Haarg is working on a new upgrade system that would be easy to plug in extra scripts and packages18:15
+bartjoland if you update, let's say the perl version, it is just untarred over the old one18:15
+bartjolbut, finishing my sentence: the custom modules don't work with the new perl and have to be reinstalled18:16
+bartjolhad that recently18:16
+bartjolbut I mean that if you want it the automated, you need cpan.18:17
@preactionyeah, nothing we can do about that18:18
+bartjolno, well18:18
+bartjolthen I have to tell Koen that wre upgrading costs me hours of work18:18
+perlDreamermany, many hours18:18
+perlDreamerthat could be better spent doing other things18:18
+perlDreamerlike sailing18:18
+bartjoldepending on the amount of custom modules18:18
@preactioni would like to have a better way of describing our perl module requirements, in a plaintext file or something, so that there can be a "requires.custom" file or something that testEnvironment.pl can pick up on18:18
@preactionbecause i have many sites that i don't know what it requires, and the people who do know are either gone or just away18:19
+bartjollike a json file with the module and optional version?18:19
@preactionsomething like that yeah18:19
@preactionwith one file being "requires.modules" and another being "requires.custom"18:20
@preactionso requires.modules is WebGUI, requires.custom is anything else18:20
+bartjolis there also a way to actually look for obsolete modules, like checking the webgui requirements and comparing them with perldoc perllocoal?18:21
@preactionnot automatically, but you could do it manually18:21
+bartjolah, that sounds like a joyfull work18:22
@preactionit does indeed18:22
@preactionbut it doesn't matter, they're just taking up a minor amount of disk space, they aren't being loaded into memory18:22
+perlDreamerwe're reinventing the various distribution tools18:22
+perlDreamerDist::Zilla, for example18:22
@preactionwe can't use Dist::Zilla, koen won't use CPAN18:23
+bartjolwell it might very well be that is a "tough luck" situation for me18:25
+bartjolI can imagine that just "reattaching" modules to a new perl isn't the way to go,  if that is pssible at all18:26
@preactionit isn't possible18:27
+bartjolvery well18:27
+bartjolwell, I just dont wake up in the middle of the night, screaming "wget; tar; cd; perl Makefile.pl; make;make test;makeinstall; aaaaah another dependancy"18:29
+bartjolohh, that last is earlier in the process18:29
Haargi would really like to convert testEnvironment.pl to Build.PL18:30
Haargthat would make installing (most of) the dependancies really easy18:30
Haargbut there are some unresolved issues that i haven't figured out the best way to resolve yet18:31
+bartjolah, but the start sounds fine18:31
@preactionbut Build.PL probably relies on CPAN.pm to pull deps18:32
Haargyes it does18:32
Haargbut i don't really see that as a problem18:32
@preactioni don't, but koen does. poor bart :(18:32
Haargfor a developer or similar they can use ./Build installdeps18:32
Haargand if they don't want to use that18:33
Haargyou still have META.{yml,json} to read out the deps and handle them however you like18:33
+bartjolwell, if the reasons for manual install are good I don't really mind18:33
@preactionbut CPAN.pm does exactly what you describe, only it does it for you instead of making you do it manually18:34
@preactionHaarg: any way for developer to add custom requirements?18:34
Haargthey could have their own Build.PL18:35
Haarghell, we could build a WebGUI::Build module they could use18:35
Haargand it could automatically add paths to preload.custom18:35
Haargi would really like to have everything work as standard CPAN modules, but there are problems with that18:36
+bartjolgrmbl, I have to go, interesting stuff18:37
+bartjolthanks, don't worry about me too much, weeds and vermin don't get exterminated that easily18:38
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TrexperlDramer: I thought I'd pop online if you wanted to ask questions about the IP-group bug we've been exchanging messages on via the bug tracker.19:13
TrexSorry, perlDreamer19:14
+perlDreamerTrex, that would be great19:17
+perlDreameralthough I don't really have the ability to work from machines with multiple IP's19:17
+perlDreamerso the fact that you say that you still get cached content, after clearing the cache, sounds funny to me19:17
+perlDreamereither the cache isn't being cleared, or there's something in the middle which is caching for you19:18
TrexYes, that is what makes me wonder whether the sessions or group memberships aren't behaving as expected.19:18
+perlDreamerthe group memberships are cached as memory (a hash) in the session19:18
+perlDreamerI don't think it's possible for it to carry over from request to request19:19
+perlDreamerand it definitely won't carry over between different sessions19:19
TrexHere's a quick demo of what I was describing in my last post...19:20
TrexYou should see a permission denied page.19:20
TrexAnd now you should seen teh snippet's contents.19:20
Trex...and back to permission denied.19:21
+perlDreamerlet's try this19:22
+perlDreamerin the snippet, add a macro which uses the groupText macro to print out either IN or OUT19:22
+perlDreamerIN if you're in the group, OUT if you're not19:22
TrexCan you give me the syntax for that?19:23
Trex(Otherwise I'd have to go look it up)19:23
+perlDreamerand you reset it back to permission denied by clearing the cache?19:23
TrexOK, try now.19:26
+perlDreamerI see IN19:27
TrexThe view permission and group membership macro are both set to the IP group that is based on an IP that I DO have access to.19:27
TrexSame here...from a variety of IPs.19:27
TrexOK, try again. You should see OUT19:28
TrexThe view permissions on the snippet are the same, but the macro has been changed to the IP that no one has used.19:28
+perlDreamerI'm going to add some more macros to that sites config file19:29
+perlDreamerLet's get some more debug output, to check again for content caching versus group caching19:29
+perlDreamerPlease add these:19:29
TrexOK. I left the default admin login, so you can modify the snippet yourself if you like...but I'll proceed with these.19:30
TrexThose three have been added.19:31
+perlDreamerIs this the sessionId that you see: Uzh7J6wrtI9ckfSBgyf8BQ19:31
TrexNope. I've got x_bcUxiHus6saP7SJT9WdA19:31
+perlDreamerI also see "OUT"19:32
TrexYes, I still see OUT19:32
TrexThe group macro is still set to the "random" IP group.19:33
+perlDreamerokay, I'm convinced, it's gotta be group caching somehow19:33
TrexUnfortunately, that's where my ability to help out probably ends. I don't have any experience with how WebGUI's caching system works.19:35
+perlDreamerthe caching system has 3 components19:38
+perlDreamerWebGUI::Cache, which caches either to the filesystem or the db19:39
+perlDreamerWebGUI::Session::Stow, which is an in-memory cache in the Session19:39
+perlDreamerand WebGUI::Session::Stow, which is a database cache tied to the session, and persists as long as the session does19:39
+perlDreamerthat last one is really WebGUI::Session::Scratch19:40
+perlDreameruser membership is cached in Stow19:40
+perlDreamerso if you ask WebGUI if a user is a member of a group, that cache only lasts for the duration of the request19:40
+perlDreamerthe set of members in a group is cached in WebGUI::Cache19:41
TrexIs the set of members in WebGUI::Cache session-agnostic?19:45
TrexThe behavior seems to be that when WebGUI is deciding whether a request has permission to view content, it's checking against usernames in general, and ignoring specific sessions.19:46
TrexEither that, or once a user becomes a member of an IP-based group, that membership is applied to all sessions for that visitor, regardless of IP for the sessions.19:48
+perlDreamerIt's done by userId lookup19:51
+perlDreamerthe problem being that in almost all cases, userId is unique to a session19:51
+perlDreamerexcept for Visitor19:51
+perlDreamerpreaction ping for future reference, or feel free to chime in19:54
+perlDreamerone very, very simple solution to this would be to NEVER cache Visitor in the group lookups19:54
+perlDreamerand to force reverification on every visitor request19:55
+perlDreamerbut that's not going to help WebGUI go fast19:55
+perlDreamera second way would be not do list of users for Scratch or IP users, and instead return sets of requirements that have to be met19:57
TrexWould it be possible to add some sort of condition on rendering of content that IF the view restriction is an IP or Scratch-based group and IF user is Visitor, THEN go confirm IP/Scratch for that session?19:59
TrexThat way you'd only have a hit on WebGUI's speed if someone were using these types of groups, and then only for visitors.19:59
+perlDreamerthat's not a bad compromise, but there are also cases where people share logins, and you still want the IP/Scratch requirements to be met in those cases as well20:00
+perlDreamerso having it only work for Visitor is not the most correct solution20:00
+perlDreamerand, while I tested that IP validation code very thoroughly, I didn't test using the SAME user from different IP addresses20:02
TrexYou said that userId is unique to a session, except for Visitor -- so with users who share logins, would the different sessions for the same user be already taken care of?20:02
+perlDreameryes, it's a rare case though20:03
+perlDreamerpeople should not do that20:03
+perlDreamerand I'm starting to think that people should not use scratch or IP based groups20:03
TrexSadly, both are WebGUI features that I had hopes of using in various projects.20:04
+perlDreamerthis is usually the point where patspam jumps in to advocate his WebGUI mod20:06
+perlDreamerbecause it would work perfectly in this case20:06
TrexWhat does the mod do?20:07
+perlDreamerit extends the basic WebGUI permission system to allow "other" kinds of membership activities20:07
+perlDreamerthat's what it's called20:08
+perlDreamerwith it, you can say things like20:10
+perlDreamerthis user is a member of a group if they're from this IP range20:10
+perlDreamerand have a scratch variable20:11
+perlDreamerand put an entry into a Thingy over there20:11
+perlDreamerand has at least 25 karma from this forum20:11
+perlDreamerand so on20:11
+perlDreamervery, very generalized20:11
TrexIs it something more complicated to implement than your average bazaar contribution?20:12
Trex(Just looked to see if there was an entry for "flux" there.)20:12
+perlDreamerit's a rework of the codebase20:12
+perlDreamerso it is more complicated than a plugin20:12
TrexAh. Gotcha.20:12
+perlDreameralso has the side-effect of moving you out of core code20:13
TrexSo...if I wanted to add functionality to a site where visitors could opt-in to seeing content that is normally not shown, that would have been something scratch variable groups could be used for...20:14
TrexIs there a way to have such functionality a different way?20:14
Trex(opting in would last the remainder of the visitor's session)20:15
TrexWould the session scratch variables that are available within the templating system separate from this group issue?20:18
TrexSo if I used a <tmpl_if session.scratch.optin><tmpl_else> within various templates to show/hide content, would that remain unique to each visitor session and avoid the group membership issues?20:20
TrexSadly not -- just checked, and even the scratch values in templates are shared between visitor sessions.20:29
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TrexWait! No, I was wrong. The template variables seem more robust -- I just forgot to set caching to 0 when setting up a new test snippet. *facepalm*20:32
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TrexThanks for your help, perlDreamer. Sorry to have pointed out what appears to be a rather challenging bug to deal with.20:56
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+perlDreamereh, we'd rather find and fix them20:56
+perlDreamerthan have them out there broken20:56
@tavistoyeah whatever perlDreamer, you never fix em20:56
+perlDreamerI'll fix you, you trash talking marketroid!20:57
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+perlDreamerwere your ears burning this morning patspam?21:21
+patspamooh, should I find the online backlogs?21:22
+perlDreamerwe were talking about flux21:24
+patspamah yeah21:24
+patspamsleeping in a room with no windows is evil21:25
+patspamI accidentally overslept by 5hrs this morning21:25
+patspamhelen was doing an all-nighter so she didn't mind21:26
+patspamI'm going to buy one of those sunrise simulator alarm clocks21:26
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Haargpreaction, perlDreamer, i thought of a possible solution to having to use FindBin in test scripts21:29
+perlDreamerI liked your tlib idea21:29
+perlDreamerbut what do you have now?21:29
Haargwe could move WebGUI::Test into lib21:29
+perlDreamerI don't like that idea21:29
Haargwhich also means you can use it easier if for any custom code21:29
Haargit would need to not be preloaded, but that's pretty easy to resolve21:30
Haargsomething that has to be solved anyway for my upgrades and WebGUI::Command stuff21:30
Haargwhat do you not like about it?21:31
+perlDreamerit's like oil and water21:31
+perlDreamerproduction code and testing code21:31
+perlDreamershould be kept apart21:31
Haargwell, if it were just to due to the FindBin thing i would agree21:32
Haargbut it is a useful general purpose library for writing tests (against webgui)21:32
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]21:33
Haargcustom code would be able to use it directly without doing some kind of even uglier search for WebGUI's t/lib21:33
+perlDreamerthis is true21:33
+perlDreamerit would be nicer if WebGUI::Paths did the work for you, for that21:34
Haargespecially if we ever get closer to a CPAN style distro in which case t/ probably wouldn't even exist anymore.21:34
+perlDreamert is like the defacto standard for tests21:34
Haargan installed cpan module doesn't have t - it only exists during the install phase21:34
+perlDreamermmmm, good point21:35
Haargi'm not certain it is the way to go, but i seems reasonable21:36
* perlDreamer goes for a walk21:49
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SDuensinHey all you PB guys with Macs...  Time to interrupt actual work.  Both CrossOver Games 9.0 *AND* Steam released for the Mac today!  Valve has 62 titles ready to go!22:35
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+perlDreamerThe sacrifices I make for my wife23:21
+perlDreamertake care of home and family so she can attend school23:22
+perlDreamermake her lunches23:22
+perlDreamerand today, today almost broke the bank23:22
+perlDreamershe borrowed my laptop speakers23:22
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@tavistoyeah I installed Steam a few minutes ago while eating lunch23:35
@tavistofrom what I've read, the performance and everything is about equal to the PC version. I am expecting better than PC results though :)23:36
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb1221a8 / (2 files in 2 dirs): DataTable pagination is not by page, but by result number. Fixes bug #11567. - http://bit.ly/d6x7vU23:48
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r122b5b7 / (2 files in 2 dirs): DataTable pagination is not by page, but by result number. Fixes bug #11567. - http://bit.ly/bdO8Y423:49
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--- Day changed Thu May 13 2010
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sbaurHi everyone02:02
sbaursorry if this is a total newb question (I am not a programmer), but does the WG API provide any help with sorting JSON? specifically DataForm entries by field value?02:04
Haargthe webgui api itself doesn't but it should be pretty simple to do02:08
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sbaurHaarg- we may have different definitions of simple :-)02:22
sbaurI'd be curious how you would approach sorting data form entries by a specific field02:24
sbaurHeading home now. If I have a chance, I'll pop back in tomorrow. Good night all!02:33
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+patspamanother belated wiki article03:21
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+perlDreamerpatspam, your documentation skills rock!03:47
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@tavistowow yeah nice wiki post brotha04:13
@tavistoi agree on the charts and graphs04:13
+perlDreamertavisto, you code that right up04:15
+perlDreamerand we'll fast track it into the core04:15
@tavistono prob04:15
+perlDreameryou think you can hit next Tuesday's release?04:15
+perlDreameror do you need extra time?04:16
@tavistolets see... =sum(D4-D16)04:16
@tavistoer sorry.... "What is =sum(D4-D6)"04:16
+perlDreamertry this one instead, tavisto: =sum(DU-MM1)04:16
@tavistohmm? I dunt git it....04:16
@tavisto*Tavisto acts like Sean Connery on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy*04:17
@tavisto"that's the sound your motha made last night.... Trebek!"04:17
@tavisto"I'll take the rapists for $400 alex"04:17
+perlDreamercompletely unable to faze the market man, perlDreamer is sent to the showers by the manager04:17
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SDuensinHowdy all.16:51
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+perlDreamerI think it's time to buy a new battery18:26
+perlDreamerI just unplugged the charger for a second, and it suspended to disk automatically18:26
+perlDreamereither that, or Ubuntu and my Vostro are having another disagreement18:26
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* perlDreamer will be gone a while19:14
+perlDreamerI have to drive Kathy to the school19:14
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+perlDreameryay, back21:18
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+perlDreamerHaarg, do you have any objects about moving getFormProperties from Def::Object::Role into the meta class/22:19
+perlDreamerlet met try that again in English...22:20
+perlDreamerDo you have any objections to moving getFormProperties in the meta class?22:20
Haargdoesn't seem like it could be moved into the meta class22:21
Haargit needs an object ref22:21
+perlDreamerthere are some classes that do introspection into Definition22:22
+perlDreamerGroup.pm, for cleaning up groups22:22
+perlDreamerEMSSubmissionForm, for building a form22:22
+perlDreamerit's possible that the current user could not build an Asset to do that with22:22
+perlDreamerand I'm not sure if a "code-only" asset (without anything in the db) would work, since properties can make calls to getParent22:23
Haargwhere in EMSSubmissionForm are you referring to22:23
Haargand adding in-memory assets is needed and plannet22:23
Haargi have partial code for it somewhere22:24
+perlDreamermaybe I should hold off on updating the SubmissionForm for 8 until that's in22:24
+perlDreamerthere's no lack of other tests to fix :)22:24
Haargthe more i work on this stuff the more i want a WebGUI::Site object that has config/db/settings/cache/maybe other things from session.22:28
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+perlDreamerHaarg, how's that different from having Session itself?23:15
Haargno user session23:16
Haargand no io stuff23:16
+perlDreamerand no http stuff23:16
+perlDreamerI see23:16
+perlDreamerjust lighter23:16
Haargit's primarily the user session stuff though23:16
Haargfor upgrades for example, i need to interact with settings23:18
Haargbut that isn't possible on an api level currently without dealing with userSession23:18
+perlDreamerI guess I'm so used to doing that that I don't think about it much23:22
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r7f23c28 / (4 files in 3 dirs): Change newByDynamicClass to newById. - http://bit.ly/c5XbNC23:50
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rc892e51 / (3 files): Update tests for wg8 and better cleanup. - http://bit.ly/djcMGx23:58
--- Day changed Fri May 14 2010
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r6dbd389 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/File/GalleryFile/Photo.pm : Remove dead code in the Photo asset. - http://bit.ly/c0nUcA00:05
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r100ed48 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/File/GalleryFile/Photo.pm : Remove dead code in the Photo asset. - http://bit.ly/bzoKdC00:05
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r8a9e4c7 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/File/GalleryFile/Photo.pm : Remove dead code in the Photo asset. - http://bit.ly/94TOQ800:06
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r7db971d / t/Asset/File/GalleryFile/Photo/exif.t : Better clean-up. - http://bit.ly/awlZKm00:07
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CIA-104webgui: khenn master * rb0c7c11 / (6 files in 6 dirs): Added sendNotification flag to WebGUI::Friends::rejectAddRequest. Added setting which supresses friend rejection notices from the inbox. - http://bit.ly/ahh43401:18
CIA-104webgui: khenn master * rcdc2ea2 / (2 files in 2 dirs): forgot to save a bug fix - http://bit.ly/bOn28f01:21
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r7258e11 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Shortcut.pm : Move Shortcut definition methods to Moose methods. - http://bit.ly/cpFoL101:29
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o scrottie] by ChanServ01:38
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r4fef8cb / lib/WebGUI/Asset/File/GalleryFile/Photo.pm : Fix a bad sort. Clarify some POD in the Photo. - http://bit.ly/annci101:42
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r420cc3e / (4 files): A bunch of fixed Photo tests. - http://bit.ly/ckUZWc01:43
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2521387 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/File/GalleryFile/Photo.pm : Fix a bad sort. Clarify some POD in the Photo. - http://bit.ly/98dw0U01:51
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r96a41d1 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/File/GalleryFile/Photo.pm : Fix a bad sort. Clarify some POD in the Photo. - http://bit.ly/9KCXRW01:51
* perlDreamer is out for a while01:58
+perlDreamerHaarg, thoughts on the test output from t/Asset/File/Image.t would be appreciated01:59
Haargi'm out for a bit but i'll take a look when i get back02:02
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r427fd5e / lib/WebGUI/Asset/File/Image.pm : Removing more dead code. There is no maxImageSize property. - http://bit.ly/dAD5mG05:47
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rc748943 / (t/Asset/File/Image/setfile.t t/Asset/File/setfile.t): Update these tests for file locations and better clean-up. - http://bit.ly/chW94d05:47
+perlDreamerpreaction: WebGUI::Test::Maker seemed to survive the WebGUI 8 transition quite well06:02
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r5140ece / (17 files in 10 dirs): Large batch of test fixes, most for newByDynamicClass -> newById - http://bit.ly/aqwv4x06:03
+perlDreamerfrom 74 to 50 failing tests in two days06:42
+perlDreamernot too shabby06:42
+perlDreamerand a lot of those failures are due to fragile tests that need sterile environments to pass06:42
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rd690148 / lib/WebGUI/AssetTrash.pm : Fix a syntax error in the SQL to get shortcuts in the trash. - http://bit.ly/bmpxFe07:03
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r01ba820 / t/Asset/Shortcut/010-linked-asset.t : Update test for exception handling - http://bit.ly/cJfnub07:06
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rf3c1c0e / lib/WebGUI/AssetLineage.pm : Better handling of calling validParent without an asset, somewhere. - http://bit.ly/bPamw707:14
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * re69a26d / t/Asset/Story.t : Update test to remove use_ok, SKIP. - http://bit.ly/avdxyo07:14
+perlDreameryou can't build an asset from scratch with keywords07:46
+perlDreamerthe keywords get dropped07:46
+perlDreamerbecause I disabled the init_arg for the keywords property07:46
+perlDreamerbecause it's really a placeholder for a WebGUI::Keywords object07:47
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+perlDreameryo, tavisto07:59
+perlDreamerplease tell me you're not looking for my cheerios bowl?07:59
@tavistohah, no I saw your message and I need to try it07:59
@tavistojust got back from Ironman 2.. Was great!07:59
@tavistonot sure why people thought it wasn't as good. Was great with good action all the way through07:59
@tavistoI was expecting to be disappointed but was definitely not.08:00
+perlDreamerwell, time for this old man to get to bed08:00
+perlDreamerWebGUI 8 is very tiring08:00
@tavistonite nite :)08:01
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+bartjolwell done, you made it!16:25
SDuensinIt was close!16:26
SDuensinAnd a quote from Star Trek:  "We're looking good so far, but we're not out yet."16:27
+bartjolskyspeed is not a holiday in the USA?16:30
+bartjolmmm, I don't know the english name, the cristian celebration of jesus who goes to meet his maker16:31
+bartjolah "Ascension of Jesus"16:32
-!- carogray [~Caroline@] has joined #webgui16:32
SDuensinAnd here, that's messed up - we already had Easter, which is supposed to be the celebration of his resurrection.16:32
+bartjolEatre, that's when hares start laying eggs right, when they became birds?16:33
SDuensinPretty much.  It's when "The Church" decided they'd stomp on yet another Pagan holiday.  :-)16:37
+bartjolaah, they love that like little boys16:42
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+patspamhey bartjol17:25
+bartjolwhat's up17:26
+bartjolwhat can I do you for?17:26
+patspamcan you do my programming for today?17:27
+patspamI'd like to go sit in the sun17:27
+bartjoleeh, is it a problem if you get very little work done?17:27
+patspamand drink coffee17:27
+bartjolah, it's beer o"clock already17:28
+bartjolso I think, I'll skip on the coffee17:28
+bartjolwhat kind of programming? I can make you a macro that says: "Tough luck, I'm sitting in the sun and won't do any work"17:29
+patspamas long as it's exportable to SPSS that will be fine17:30
+bartjolI'm better at useless WebGUI macro'd17:31
+bartjolmy hands are to big for my keyboard17:31
+patspamyou're programming on an iphone?17:32
+bartjolno, a normal keyboard17:32
+bartjolarg, my own code bites me in the ass17:33
+patspampity Ruud Van Nistelrooy didn't get asked to join the dutch world cup squad17:39
+bartjoloh, I haven't looked at the selection yet17:44
+patspamhe offered to come out of international retirement for the world cup17:44
+bartjoland it would be a nice addition to have a real forward17:46
+bartjolbut the selection for forwards doesn't look that bad17:46
+patspamno doubt better than australia's selection ;)17:48
+bartjolprobably, and the ego of 1 dutch player is at least as big as that from the whole australian selection17:49
+bartjoland who wrote that horrible i18n code for switching languages, it gives you some features, but in the end you have to change it all17:51
+bartjolworthless bastard that did that :)17:51
+patspamheh don't feel bad, that's true for everything.. just look what we're doing for wg817:53
+patspamand perl617:54
+bartjolyou're rewrting perl?17:54
+patspamheh no, that was the collective "we"17:55
+bartjolmmm, let's see whether we indeed have an extra tempvar18:02
+bartjolaaah, that's better18:20
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* perlDreamer makes lunch for the kiddos22:01
+perlDreamerpatspam, if you're around this afternoon, I'd like to talk about the possibility of Flux-lite being added to the core, to fix a bug.22:01
+patspamnow there's a sledge-hammer approach to bug fixing if ever I heard one ;)22:02
+patspamwhat would be in flux-lite?22:02
+patspamor fluxminus?22:03
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+perlDreamerpatspam, for reference: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1155222:42
+perlDreamerthe problem is that we cache by userId22:42
+perlDreamerand userId 1 isn't unique22:43
+perlDreameralso, Groups have transitory methods for membership22:43
+perlDreamerby IP address22:43
+perlDreamerand by scratch variable22:43
+perlDreamerthe by database, by LDAP methods are more trustworthy22:43
+perlDreamerand we check for group membership by returning the set of all users for the group in questions, hierarchially22:44
+perlDreamerthat's the right thing to do for native WebGUI groups, LDAP groups, and database groups22:44
+perlDreamerbut for IP and Scratch groups, you just want to test to see if they meet the right criteria22:44
+perlDreamerI think that's where something flux like should come in22:44
+perlDreamerI'm thinking that a group could return an object22:47
+perlDreamerthe object accepts a user object, and checks to see whether the object meets the criteria for inclusion in the group22:47
+perlDreamerby IP, by scratch, etc.22:48
+perlDreamerthat reminded me of Flux22:48
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+patspamawesome bug report23:39
+perlDreamerand he was very patient as I tried to shoot it down from every angle, too23:40
+perlDreamerso new we fix it :)23:40
+perlDreamerer, now we fix it23:40
+patspammy first reaction is that visitor should be handled specially, and in other cases sharing user account for multiple users is bad practice23:41
+patspamor if we are to support that, there should be an option to control per-user caching of IP-based permissions23:41
+perlDreamergroup lookups are expensive, they need to be as cached or as fast as possible.23:42
+perlDreamerI've recently heard of a site where uncached lookups for groups take 9 seconds23:43
+patspamyeah, so site user probably needs to accept some form of trade-off23:43
+patspamso by flux-lite you're saying some sort of simple generic mechanism for controlling dynamic/transient groups?23:44
+perlDreamerbut I may be miscontruing the original idea behind flux23:46
+patspamwell, that's certainly the problem that flux tackles23:46
+patspambut you wouldn't try to port flux to do this, since it's only about 2% of flux23:46
+patspamflux was mainly targeted towards giving users the ability to define the dynamic rules via a UI23:47
+patspambut it would give us an interesting bridge towards flux23:47
+perlDreamerhaving the skeleton in place would be a good first step23:48
+patspamwhat does wG currently support for transient groups?23:48
+perlDreamerIP addresses, and scratch variables23:48
+patspamand in terms of caching?23:48
+perlDreamerthere are two levels23:48
+perlDreamerlevel 1 is caching the set of members of the group23:48
+perlDreamerlevel 2 is the caching of whether a user is in the group, or not23:49
+perlDreamerlevel 1 is done in WebGUI::Cache, which is the problem23:49
+perlDreamerlevel 2 is done in Session->Stow23:49
+perlDreamerthe level 1 cache is the complete set of userIds in the group23:50
+perlDreamerand since userId 1 isn't unique to a user....23:50
+perlDreamerthat's what gave me the idea of segregating static vs transient membership23:50
+patspamso Group needs to pull out the list of users from the L1 cache, and then apply the dynamic contraints to that list23:50
+perlDreamerwell, mostly exactly23:51
+patspamwhich should be fairly cheap to do right?23:51
+perlDreamerwhat I'm proposing is that we no longer return a set of userIds from groups defined by transient methods23:51
+perlDreamerinstead, we should get a set of userIds of people who belong to the group23:51
+perlDreamerand an object which will tell you if a user is allowed in the group23:52
+perlDreamerstatic vs transient23:52
+patspamobject as in a filter function?23:52
+patspamdoes the caller need to be able to see the filtered and unfiltered sets?23:52
+perlDreamernot from the context of $user->isInGroup23:53
+perlDreamerthe filter function could be cached as well23:53
+perlDreamerso it only has to be generated periodically23:53
+perlDreamerthat would be fast23:53
+perlDreamerexcept we don't seem to be able to freeze code references right now23:54
+patspamI don't understand why you need the filter function23:54
+perlDreamerso imagine we have a group of 10 groups with various hierarchy23:54
+perlDreamerwe want to see if a member is in any group23:54
+perlDreamerwe get a set of users from the group, where users are defined as coming from WebGUI groups natively, from LDAP, and from external databases23:55
+perlDreamerthe user fails those checks23:55
+perlDreamernow we need to check IP addresses, and scratch variables23:55
+perlDreamerthese users no longer get returned in the set of members23:55
+perlDreamerso they have to be checked in a boolean fashion, per group, per user23:56
+perlDreamerthat's where the filter function comes in23:56
+perlDreamerthe group returns it, and it contains a serialized set of checks like23:57
+perlDreamerreturn 1 if WebGUI::Utility::isInSubnet($group1->getIp, $user->session->lastIp);23:57
+perlDreamerreturn 1 if $user->session->scratch->get($group2->getScratchVar);23:58
+perlDreamerreturn 023:58
--- Day changed Sat May 15 2010
+perlDreamerthe function would be built up as you walk through the groups to get the set of members00:00
+perlDreamerand would need a user object when it's done00:00
+patspamthis is for a call to: $user->isInGroup($group_containing_10_other_groups) ?00:01
+patspameach transient check is relevant to the specific group00:02
+perlDreamerand could be empty/blank/null00:03
+perlDreamerif the group doesn't define membership via those methods00:03
+patspamyeah ok, I see it now00:04
+patspamseems we just need to cache the per-group transient checks00:04
+patspamthen as you recurse through each group or sub-group, you pull the list of users and transient checks out of the cache, and apply the test00:05
+perlDreamerexcept that the cache doesn't let us store code references00:06
+patspamyou could just cache the check info the same way it's stored in the db00:06
+patspamdoesn't need to be a generic system, since the semantics about what the checks mean is already embedded in Group.pm00:07
+perlDreamersure, and then deserialize and regenerate the code dynamically00:07
+perlDreameryes, but if it's generic, it's extensible00:07
+patspamyeah, if you were making it flux you'd want it generic00:07
+patspambut all you're doing here is just moving the logic around a bit00:07
+patspamI think you'd want a bigger payoff than just this to cover the cost of serialising generic checks00:09
+perlDreamerI have a secret in my backpocket00:09
+perlDreamersomeone has come up with a way to speed up the static membership checks by 14X00:09
+perlDreamerand I think it can be leveraged to get the list of groups that have dynamic checks00:10
-!- SDuensin [~Scott@173-28-73-10.client.mchsi.com] has joined #webgui00:10
+perlDreamerso it's a really big win speedwise00:10
+perlDreamerbut, for now, IP and Scratch is just a good way to let anyone into your site's content00:10
+patspamI think the non-generic approach is the correct first step to fixing IP/Scratch behaviour00:11
+patspamand then turning that into generic support for dynamic group checks is the logic next step00:11
+patspamand then once we have support for generic tests we could seriously think about adding user-driven rules00:12
+perlDreamermakes sense to me00:13
+patspamthe only caching support flux currently has is "sticky" rules00:13
+patspamfor linear progression through a site00:13
+patspame.g. once you pass a rule, we never check again00:13
+perlDreamerhow is the caching done?00:14
+perlDreamerin the session, in the session object, or in the WebGUI cache?00:14
+patspamcaching as in, we don't process the flux logic for you anymore00:14
+patspambecause I had complex, nested flux rules00:14
+patspamit's not really caching00:14
+perlDreamerany flux logic, or the currently valid set?00:14
+patspamthe flux rule being evaluated00:15
+patspamfor example, I might set view permissions on a page to be controlled by a flux rule that is dependent on 10 other rules00:15
+patspamI keep running all 10 checks until you pass, and then I just record in the database that you've made it00:15
+perlDreamerand how do you tell who I am?00:16
+patspamit hooks in at the $user->canView level00:16
+patspamcontent manager can choose flux rules instead of groups from the wG Security tab00:17
+perlDreamerright, but is it by userId, or sessionId?00:17
+perlDreamerso it has exactly the same problem as the dynamic groups do now00:18
+perlDreameronce some Visitor has validated, they all validate?00:18
+patspamyeah, it just never applied to my sites because flux checks were for registered users only00:18
+perlDreamerthat's a great idea00:18
+patspamand I hadn't done any IP-based stuff00:19
+patspamit was mostly time, group and Survey based00:19
+perlDreamerbut groups have IP based memberships00:19
+patspame.g. is in group X, and completed Survey Y at least 2 weeks ago00:19
+perlDreamerwell, can have00:19
+patspamyeah, you're absolutely right00:19
+perlDreamerbut still, if it's limited to registered users, you're safe00:19
+perlDreamerit's only the potential for abuse00:19
+perlDreamerFrank just came up with another fix00:20
+perlDreamerthat's to add sessionId to the equation00:20
+perlDreameruserId and sessionId together are unique00:20
+patspamyeah that solves IP checks00:20
+patspamwouldn't be enough for generic checks though right?00:21
+patspamlike if we had time-based ones00:21
+perlDreamerno, that would require a wholly different, new subsystem00:21
+patspamyou need the dynamic checks done on every lookup (unless you have Flux-inspired sticky checks)00:21
+patspam(for a generic system)00:22
+perlDreameryes, which means that the dynamic checks need to be fast00:23
+perlDreameror, you have to accept the speed penalty for using them00:23
+perlDreamerit's a fairly low usage scenario00:23
+patspamyeah, I think once we get to that level we'd want to have a second level of customisable caching control at the dynamic checking level00:26
+patspamwow, three "level"s in that last sentence00:26
+patspamI need to go for a ride =p00:27
+perlDreamerI need to scoot and take the boys back to the orthodontist00:36
@khennwhat sort of groups do you require patspam =p00:39
@khennbtw, I believe I have sped up group caching by 1000%00:39
@khennstill testing00:39
@khennnew bugs came in that need solving before I can continue00:39
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@khennIT'S ALIVE!!!!21:37
Haargare you sure it isn't undead?22:05
--- Day changed Mon May 17 2010
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r4056d70 / t/Asset/Wobject/Calendar.t : Drop tests for putting an Article below a calendar. This is now permitted. - http://bit.ly/9bmG6b06:31
-!- perlDreamer [~colink@pool-98-108-135-77.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui06:37
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+perlDreamerHaarg, why does the new Session/Url code remove sequences of consecutive dashes?06:49
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@ip70-190-169-185.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #webgui06:49
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r0e7ce2c / t/Asset/Asset.t : Update Asset/Asset.t for new fixUrl code. - http://bit.ly/cQGLnZ06:56
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r0a05907 / t/Asset/Wobject/StoryArchive.t : This test fails randomly, on the difference between 0 and undef. Update it to use bool(). - http://bit.ly/btUlYg06:56
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HaargperlDreamer, mainly so if you have something like a title like "This - thing" it gets converted to this-thing instead of this---thing07:52
+perlDreamerbut if someone foolishly typed in ------ as a URL, we'd truncate it07:53
+perlDreamereven though it's legal07:53
-!- kaare [~kaare@langebro.adapt.dk] has joined #webgui07:54
Haargit could probably be adjusted to only collapse dashes around other things it is replacing07:54
Haarg$url =~ s{-?[^\w/:._-]+-?}{-}g;07:54
-!- kaare is now known as Guest2170207:54
Haarginstead of the main replace line, and removing the later -- line07:55
+perlDreamerit's probably not a big deal07:56
+perlDreamerI had used dashes in a URL for a test, and was confused as to why they were being stripped out all of a sudden07:57
+perlDreamerbut we should at least add in a gotcha07:57
Haargactually that regex i pasted wouldn't work quite right07:58
Haargwould need to be s{-?(?:[^\w/:._-]+-?)+}{-}g i think07:59
+perlDreamerI fixed my failing tests to use underscores so they'd work07:59
+perlDreamerthen added a failing test for -----07:59
Haargmultiple dashes in urls are unlikely to be useful though so a gotcha may be the way to go08:00
+perlDreameryeah, you're right08:00
+perlDreamerI'll pull the failing test, and add the gotcha08:03
Haargif you take care of that, i'll take care of adding some more testing in for the new code08:11
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd2b6a7f / (5 files in 4 dirs): Fix a bug in how groups using IP filters cache the user Visitor. Also, significant speedups in group lookups. Fixes bug #11552. - http://bit.ly/ampg2L08:12
+perlDreamerall done, Haarg08:16
+perlDreamertake it away08:16
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2318327 / (docs/gotcha.txt t/Asset/Asset.t): Document change in handling sequences of dashes. - http://bit.ly/djnJTN08:16
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CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop upgrades * r1d8adf8 / (7 files in 5 dirs): all features implemented and basic upgrades working - http://bit.ly/dusUm512:57
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop master * r3ee2121 / t/Session/Url.t : test more url forms including international characters - http://bit.ly/ayLjKH13:26
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop master * rf852bd8 / t/Session/Url.t : better cleanup code - http://bit.ly/cXEIuU13:26
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+bartjolperlDreamer: my wuc visit is a bit more certain now17:50
+bartjolbut I'll wait with extreme euforic behaviour until the ticket is booked17:52
+perlDreamereuphoric, even :)17:53
+bartjolwell, I'm a dutchy, I'm allowed to make errors17:54
+bartjolin english17:54
CIA-104webgui: khenn master * rd99e4cc / docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.9.4-7.9.5.pl : put checks in before alter groupGroupings table - http://bit.ly/c672gJ18:00
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * rc3ba08b / (5 files in 4 dirs): Fix a bug in how groups using IP filters cache the user Visitor. Also, significant speedups in group lookups. Fixes bug #11552. - http://bit.ly/a1iPGf18:00
+perlDreamerdude, in english, "dutchy" means a large piece of ground owned by a duke or duchess18:01
+bartjolperlDreamer: you sneaky boy, I found your easteregg: Winkelwagensamenvattingssjabloon variabelen18:01
+bartjolAllows user to choose a payment method.  Bart Jol for Minister in  2012!18:02
+bartjolthat one18:02
+bartjolcopy-pasting isn't easy18:02
+perlDreamerhuh, I figured no one read the context variables :)18:02
+bartjolexcept some people18:03
+bartjolI am late though18:03
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12497 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/ (5 files): Updating Dutch on translation server18:09
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12498 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/Shop.pm: Updating Dutch on translation server18:09
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r2412a8d / docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.8.19-7.8.20.pl : put checks in before alter groupGroupings table - http://bit.ly/cWAA8t18:10
+bartjolaah, translation done again18:15
+bartjolah, how is the "dutch dude" version  of dutchy spelled then?18:17
+perlDreamerDutch bro18:17
+bartjolmmm, imagine, I make a small addition (an isCurrent tmpl_var) to the infamous PickLanguage macro and write tests for it, is that also an RFE?18:23
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r414e603 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Operation/Profile.pm): Do not allow any backdoors for Visitor to get into his account. Fixes bug #11572. - http://bit.ly/aqI93b18:27
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r0767ba3 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Operation/Profile.pm): Do not allow any backdoors for Visitor to get into his account. Fixes bug #11572. - http://bit.ly/bGoEtt18:28
+perlDreamerbartjol, it depends18:28
+perlDreameris it to make it work better?18:28
+perlDreamerwhy do you want it?18:28
+perlDreamerin the end, it's really only a question about whether it goes into beta, or beta and stable18:28
+bartjolwell, it sucks that all languages are shown, regardless whether they are current or not18:29
+perlDreamerthat's a bug then18:29
+bartjolit isn't really a bug18:29
+perlDreamerthe user has no way of knowing what they are currently using18:29
+bartjolin that line of though a <tmpl_var currentLanguage> might be a possibilty, allthough it can be created with an "if" function18:31
+bartjoljoy, more testing18:31
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12499 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/Shop.pm: Updating Dutch on translation server18:31
+bartjolprolly should add a bug report18:31
+perlDreamerif you want to fix it as a bug, yes18:33
+bartjolthe assign http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/11573 to me18:34
+perlDreamerso assigned18:35
+bartjolI fixed it friday, "only" have to write tests18:38
+bartjoloh, and documentation18:38
+perlDreamerdocs are 5 minutes18:41
+perlDreamerand to add tests to your current tests shouldn't take that long18:41
+bartjolit isn't that bad18:43
-!- bartjol [~bartjol@kantoor.procolix.com] has left #webgui []18:48
* perlDreamer takes the dog to the vet, bbiaw18:53
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@scrottieIt's 10am, May 17.  I've had my coffee and unclogged my mechanical pencil.  I know where the keycaps on my keyboard are.19:58
@scrottie(Some of these facts are subjective or debatable.)19:58
+perlDreamerthat's that I thought!20:17
+perlDreamerYou don't HAVE a keycaps, do you!??20:17
@scrottieHow do I check?  =(20:18
* scrottie looks under the keyboard20:18
+perlDreamerI have a keycaps button, but it doesn't work20:30
+perlDreamerwhenever I hit it, the next key I hit is a control character20:30
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-!- kimd [~spunky@p549F3E23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #webgui21:01
+perlDreamerhey, kimd!21:01
kimdHi, perlDreamer! How's it going?21:01
+perlDreamermuch better this week than last21:01
+perlDreamerlast week I was experiencing I/O buffering issues21:02
kimdYou personally? What would that translate into? 21:02
* scrottie suggests Metamusil.21:02
@scrottieack, bad scrottie.  bad.21:02
+perlDreamerkimd, that would be diarrhea21:03
kimdI was looking for that word. 21:03
kimdI don't want the details.21:03
kimdBut I am glad you are back at work :-)21:03
+perlDreamerme, too :)21:03
+perlDreamerare you interested in taking on a potentially easy gallery RFE?21:04
kimdWork is a good keyword. I am having a 'best practice' question here.21:04
kimdMaybe. Shoot!21:04
+perlDreameradding comments to the Gallery asset itself21:05
+perlDreamersince Comments is an AssetAspect, it should, in theory, be very easy to do21:06
kimdYou mean not the photos nor albums but the top level gallery asset?21:06
kimdThe RFE has not been improved yet.21:07
kimdapproved, I mean.21:07
+perlDreamergood point.21:07
+perlDreamerif it's approved, is that something that you'd be interested in taking on?21:08
kimdBut Frank is JT's right hand, isn't he?21:08
kimdWell, I can do. I was having different plans. But why not change priorities? 21:08
kimdIs it urgent?21:08
+perlDreamerI think it would be a cool feature, so I thought to bring it up to the new resident Gallery hacker21:08
kimdGood. So let me finish the RFE I am working on at the moment and do #11569 next.21:08
+perlDreamerwhat is your best practice question?21:09
kimdI need to convert a date string from exif data. It's similar to ISO dates but different.21:09
kimdLet me get an example.21:09
kimdThat is what the date strings look like: 2010:05:16 22:01:46+02:0021:11
kimdIn principle, I could replace colons in the date string and use WebGUI::DateTime for conversion.21:11
kimdAt least that seems a viable option to me.21:11
kimdWould that be ok=21:11
+perlDreameris there an EXIF date parsing module on CPAN?21:11
kimdI will check. One moment, please...21:12
kimdpearlDreamer, you are a genius!!!21:13
kimdI have to say it once again.21:13
+perlDreamerwell, I wasn't sure21:14
kimdHow do I get CPAN modules into a WebGUI release?21:14
+perlDreamerand we do try to avoid adding in tons of modules for special purpose stuff21:14
+perlDreamerfor a new module, you add it to testEnvironment.pl21:14
+perlDreamerand add a note in the gotchas21:14
kimdWell, but it's better than hacking the core, isn't it?21:14
+perlDreamerin this case, yes21:14
kimdOk. I will that. Thanks a lot.21:15
kimdwill do that.21:15
+perlDreamerbecause of things like this: 2009J04U04N09K49A08B21:15
+perlDreameraccording to his test suite, that's valid EXIF date21:15
-!- bopbop [~kristi@76-255-21-207.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui21:19
-!- mode/#webgui [+o bopbop] by ChanServ21:19
Haargit seems like Image::ExifTool should be able to parse the same formats21:23
kimdHaarg, Image::ExifTool produces the type of date strings I have given above.21:23
kimdAt least that is all I have been able to produce at the moment.21:24
kimdHowever, what I need is an epoch timestamp.21:24
Haargwell, there is a sub ConvertDateTime in the code that looks like it would do what is needed21:26
+perlDreamerit's not documented anywhere21:26
Haargbut it isn't documented and the Image::ExifTool code is too horrible for me to see how you would use it21:26
kimdHm. I would prefer to use that extra module from CPAN. Still ok?21:27
Haargwhat is the actual tag you are trying to convert?21:29
@scrottiehi again Haarg21:29
@scrottiesorry I missed you last time you were on.  I answered you just as you left.21:29
kimdtime stamps returned by ExifTool have the following format: "2010:05:16 22:01:46+02:00"21:29
@scrottieHaarg, for what it's worth, today is my start date.  I don't know what else to say about who I am but I'm happy to answer questions.  I'm SWALTERS on CPAN.21:30
Haargyeah, doug told me :)21:31
@scrottieI'm going to go offline for a bit here but should be back and on Skype within 45 minutes.21:34
kimdMay I use the date parsing module from CPAN?21:36
Haargseems ok to me.  i'm just trying to figure out wtf the exiftool code is doing21:36
kimdOr do you want me to stick with Image::ExifTool exclusively?21:36
Haargone thing you might try though is setting $exifTool->Options('DateFormat', 'strftime string here');21:38
Haargbefore retrieving the date, and see if that effects what it gives you21:38
kimdWhat is ''strftime string here'?21:39
Haarga strftime formatting string.  %s would give you the epoch time if you wanted that.21:39
+perlDreamerkimd: man strftime21:40
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]21:40
+perlDreamerstrftime == STRing Formatted TIME21:40
kimdNot there on my machine. I will google it. Thanks.21:41
kimdI am having another problem here. Module CHI does not install from CPAN. Is there a wre upgrade required?21:44
kimdI end up with compilation errors.21:44
Haargcan you pastebin them?21:44
kimdYes. One moment.21:45
HaargWebGUI will work fine without CHI though21:45
kimdHaarg, check http://webgui.pastebin.com/kBWRE4LF21:47
+perlDreameryou need to manually install Test::Log::Dispatch21:47
+perlDreamerand any of it's requirements that also happen to fail21:48
kimdOk. Why is that not included in testEnvironment.pl?21:48
+perlDreamerIt's one of CHI's requirements21:49
Haargit shouldn't need to be21:49
kimd"cpan Test::Log::Dispatch" fails as well21:49
+perlDreamerit fails due to needing Test::Builder?21:50
+perlDreamerHaarg, that guy's response is out of line21:50
+perlDreamerI had the same install problem installing on Ubuntu, so it's not just the WRe21:50
kimdIt says "Can't locate Test/Tester.pm..."21:50
+perlDreamercpan Test::Tester21:51
Haargwell, he did test it21:51
Haargand i don't really know why it is failing21:51
kimdNow it's ok.21:51
kimdAnd CHI can be installed as well.21:52
kimdSo there is Test::Tester missing as a dependency.21:52
kimdBug report?21:52
+perlDreamerI would append to the existing one Haarg pasted21:52
Haargit isn't our bug21:52
kimdStill we could add to testEnvironment.pl temporarily?21:53
kimdI mean, does it hurt?21:53
Haargkimd, can you check your ExtUtils::MakeMaker version?21:54
kimdSure. If you tell me how to do that.21:55
Haargperl -MExtUtils::MakeMaker -le"print ExtUtils::MakeMaker->VERSION"21:55
kimdHaarg: "$exifTool->Options('DateFormat', '%s');" is doing exactly what I need.22:05
kimdI will go with tha.22:05
HaargperlDreamer, if you have some time at some point, i could use some feedback on my upgrades code22:08
+perlDreamerI'm just beating me head against the SC asset22:08
Haargit needs better documentation22:09
Haargthe basic idea is, WebGUI::Upgrade runs the upgrades.  it looks in var/upgrades/ for directories like 7.9.3-8.0.0 to find a path between the current and code version22:10
Haargand uses the WebGUI::Upgrade::File::* modules to run each file in the dir based on its extension22:10
HaargWebGUI::Upgrade::Script has all the magic to make the perl upgrade scripts simple22:10
+perlDreamerdo we need another exception handler in the core?22:12
Haargwhat are you referring to?22:12
Haargit's already a prereq via Moose22:12
Haargand it isn't a replacement for Exception::Class22:13
Haargit's a replacement for eval22:13
Haargit can (and should) be used in conjunction with Exception::Class22:13
+perlDreamerinside the catch block?22:14
Haargthere are a number of problems with "eval { blah } or do { print 'error!' }" and "eval { blah }; if ($@) { print 'error!' }" and it works around them22:15
+perlDreamereven though it's a prereq for Moose, we should probably call it out directly in testEnvinroment.pl22:17
Haargyeah, certainly22:17
Haargthere are some other prereqs i need to add as well22:17
+perlDreamerI see why you wanted the site object now22:20
HaargWebGUI::Upgrade::Script is probably a little too magic right now but it will take some thought to come up with a better way to do things.22:22
kimdHey, the 7.9 style selector really rocks!22:27
kimdJust used it the first time and I really like it.22:27
kimdLet me add one more: preaction+++22:29
Haargi should try that out at some point.  i still need to install apache/mod_perl.22:31
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@ip72-201-253-58.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #webgui22:45
-!- mode/#webgui [+o scrottie] by ChanServ22:45
ckotilthe wiki sure does create a lot of version tags in 7.6.3522:48
ckotildoes that change at all in 7.7+ ?22:48
+perlDreamerckotil, it's just like the CS22:48
+perlDreamerone tag per post, per edit22:48
ckotilim preppin to upgrade to 7.7.33-stable. removing orphan'd version tags and removing rows from assetData without a tagId in assetVersionTag.22:50
ckotilother wise the upgrade script fails22:50
HaargperlDreamer, thoughts on http://gist.github.com/404151 ?  allows you to do  try { stuff; } catch { when ('WebGUI::Error::Database') { print "database error!" } }22:50
+perlDreameroverload ~~ will let you do that?22:51
+perlDreamerhow does it work?22:53
Haargwhen does a smart match against $_22:53
Haargso we override smart match to be an isa check for exception objects22:53
Haargso that $error ~~ 'WebGUI::Error' is equivalent to $error->isa('WebGUI::Error')22:54
Haargwhich is really all that WebGUI::Error->caught is doing22:54
Haargit's just makes catching errors a little friendlier22:55
Haarginstead of having  catch { if ($_->isa('WebGUI::Error::Database')) { blah; } }22:56
+perlDreamerI'm obviously not perl 5.10 compliant22:56
-!- bopbop [~kristi@76-255-21-207.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Quit: bye]22:56
Haargfor objects though the only way a smart match will pass is if the object has it overloaded22:57
@scrottiewhat's the basis of WebGUI::Error?  Error.pm has unfixable memory leaks.22:59
Haargthe names are a little wonky22:59
@scrottienot familiar with it...22:59
Haargyou use WebGUI::Exception but all the exception classes are in WebGUI::Error23:00
Haargas far as i know there aren't any major problems with it23:00
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * rb5d5892 / lib/WebGUI/HTML.pm : Add a blank line for appearances. - http://bit.ly/bOnb4u23:10
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * rbf85930 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Better handling for paragraphs in the SC. This code needs to be refactored out and generalized into a method that anything can use. Fixes bug #11563. - http://bit.ly/doxU9Z23:13
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r3ae3684 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Better handling for paragraphs in the SC. This code needs to be refactored out and generalized into a method that anything can use. Fixes bug #11563. - http://bit.ly/bW6LdP23:15
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-!- Haarg [~haarg@76-250-33-221.lightspeed.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui23:26
+perlDreamerHaarg: where do the environment variables get set in WebGUI::Upgrade23:32
-!- scrottie0 [~plainblac@ip72-201-253-58.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #webgui []23:32
HaargWebGUI::Upgrade::Script needs POD to explain how to use it and comments to explain what it is doing23:33
-!- scrottie1 [~scrottie0@ip72-201-253-58.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #webgui23:34
@scrottiehmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.23:34
kimdGood night, everyone! Happy hacking...23:37
scrottie1night kimd23:37
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--- Day changed Tue May 18 2010
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HaargperlDreamer, did you have any other thoughts on the upgrade stuff?  the main issues i have with it right now is that it isn't obvious why WebGUI::Upgrade::Script is laid out how it is, and the actual trigger for the cleanup code is extremely non-obvious.00:23
+perlDreamerHaarg, it's magic enough that I had a hard time following it00:25
Haargthe trigger for the cleanup is actually when the imported sub gets deleted, which happens with the anonymous class goes out of scope.00:26
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scrottie1hiya MrHairgrease00:33
+MrHairgreaseIt used to be possible to upload images from within the richtext editor right?00:33
+MrHairgreaseI cannot find the upload thingy anymore however.... =(00:33
+MrHairgreaseany idea as to where it has gone00:34
Haargpossibly not enabled on that rich editor?00:34
+MrHairgreasehow do I enable it?00:35
+MrHairgreaseI looked already but couldn't find the right option00:35
+MrHairgreasesorry for the n00bism =)00:35
+MrHairgreaseI thought it was WebGUI Image, which looks like the screen, but doesn't have a upload box00:37
Haargthat should be the one00:37
+MrHairgreasethen I must be going insane...00:38
Haargyou have to go to the media folder first though00:38
+MrHairgreaseknow that00:38
+perlDreamerHow much time did you spend in the bunny suit today, MrHairgrease?00:38
+MrHairgreaseabout four hours I think =)00:39
+perlDreameroh yeah, way too long00:39
+MrHairgreasefound it00:39
+MrHairgreasemaybe the insert webgui image should default to the media folder?00:40
+MrHairgreasewould that make sense?00:40
+perlDreamerI don't think so00:40
+MrHairgreaseit 23:45 over here so I'm not gonna argue00:41
+MrHairgreaseand have some wine instead00:41
+MrHairgreasethanks and see you guys later!00:41
+perlDreamerlater, d00d00:41
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r7afb41f / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Account/Inbox.pm): Allow whitespace formatting in user invitations. Preserve text messages with newlines. Fixes bug #11538 - http://bit.ly/a8Eh9a02:14
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r8da151e / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Account/Inbox.pm): Allow whitespace formatting in user invitations. Preserve text messages with newlines. Fixes bug #11538 - http://bit.ly/9ml1Ko02:15
+perlDreamerfrodwith, if I ask you if you want feedback about the new UI for the helpdesk, run screaming02:15
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SDuensinGreetings, program!16:52
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+bartjolprogram, who's that16:54
* SDuensin sighs16:56
* SDuensin hands bartjol a copy of TRON.16:56
+bartjoldo I accept?16:57
SDuensinTell me you've seen TRON!16:59
+bartjolok, I've seen TRON17:00
SDuensinWas starting to be worried about you.  :-)17:01
+bartjolbut I want to see it again, can I have that copy17:01
SDuensinUh.  It's 4.5 gig.17:01
* SDuensin keeps entire DVDs on his server.17:01
+bartjoloh, mail it then, that's what e-mail is for :)17:02
+bartjolat least, some client seem to think that way17:02
SDuensinEmail is "magic".  People don't get it.17:06
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+bartjolI like the people that complain when using an old box on a new computer for the first time and start complaining that their new computer is "slow"17:16
SDuensinArrgh.  I'm gonna smack PayPal in the head.  Why won't they give me the eCheck option?!17:18
+bartjolto annoy you (and you specific)17:22
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* SDuensin had to use an old-fashioned paper check.17:27
+bartjolwhoa, and then the receiver prolly doesn't understand it17:29
SDuensinI warned them.  :-)17:29
SDuensinAll this check nonsense is because the vendor is cool - since there are no credit card fees involved, they actually pass that savings on to me.  $55 is worth using a check!17:30
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9cf2a30 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Shortcut.pm): Make the shortcut obey the modified permissions of its originating Asset. Fixes bug #11549. - http://bit.ly/bF6K5j18:46
+perlDreamerckotil, that's your Shortcut fix18:53
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r1236eea / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Shortcut.pm): Make the shortcut obey the modified permissions of its originating Asset. Fixes bug #11549. - http://bit.ly/aYWYPj18:53
+perlDreamertechnically, the Group To View is redundant, since you can also use the Shortcut permissions to achieve the same thing18:54
+perlDreamerbut it should work anyway18:54
@preactionbut i thought a feature of shortcuts would be to allow the shortcut to be seen but not the actual content18:55
+perlDreameryes, but it wasn't working correctly18:56
+perlDreamerthe overridden Asset's permissions were not being considered for displaying it inside the Shortcut18:56
+perlDreamerit was a pretty simple fix, just adding canView checks18:57
@preactioni meant the shortcut can display the content, but the user can't view the non-shortcutted asset18:58
+perlDreamerthat wouldn't work either18:58
+perlDreameruntil this bugfix18:58
+perlDreamerwell, it would work18:58
+perlDreamerand will continue to work18:58
+perlDreamerbut you have to override the original Asset18:58
+perlDreamerinstead of now, where the Group to View for the original Asset was ignored, completely18:59
@preactionokay, nevermind. i wasn't thinking right. $shortcut is the original asset + overrides, i get it now18:59
dionakperlDreamer, thanks for your work on the syndicated asset bug!19:08
+perlDreameryou're welcome :)19:08
carogray-hi all.19:08
dionakhey, carogray19:08
+perlDreamerPlease tell serif that I didn't mean to step on any toes by fixing the bug before she could come up with a test case.19:08
carograyhi dionak:19:09
dionakshe doesn't mind at all. ;)19:09
dionakbut do we still need a test?19:09
carograyis there a quick and easy (haha) way to create one of those boxes that pops up when you leave a website?19:09
dionakor is that overkill?19:09
+perlDreamerI did write a test for that feature19:09
dionakoh, cool. thanks. 19:09
+perlDreamershe's always free to write more, if she wishes19:09
dionakcarogrey, that would be javascript19:10
carograyI hate those surveys that appear as soon as you get to website asking about your experience when you haven't even tried it yet.19:10
@preactioncarogray: <body onunload="return confirm('Are you sure?')">19:10
carograycan you point me to an example19:10
@preactionright there, that's an example. toss that in your style template19:10
carograyremember, I am just a conceptual website coordinator - not actually programmer19:10
@preactionbut, i might suggest, it is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING19:10
@preactioncarogray: no, replace your existing <body> tag19:11
@preactionyou need the onunload="..." part19:11
carograygo on...please19:11
dionakhas anyone setup WebGUI on CentOS?19:11
@preactiondionak: yes, we do19:11
carograypreaction: is ther anyay to make it less annoying?19:11
@preactioncarogray: no, the entire idea is annoying.19:12
carograywell, we just want it up temporarily - so much better when leaving a site than when entering19:12
dionakone of our clients offers an incentive for completing surveys and presents it as an Ad in the page19:12
dionakit's less annoying19:12
dionakbut you may not get as many volunteering19:13
carograyja.... I have just been told we haven't a penny19:13
dionakdunno without testing19:13
carograyI could always offer a weekend on the pig farm!19:13
carograyreply now and you get to come in black fly season too! the real NH experience!19:14
dionakeducational weekend on a quaint NH farm19:14
carograythink I will try annoying on leaving popup boxes... for two weeks.19:14
CIA-104webgui: kimd master * r95e9e52 / (6 files in 6 dirs): Gallery: Allow specification of location when uploading ZIP archives (RFE 11502) - http://bit.ly/9W0dc919:24
CIA-104webgui: kimd master * r8030bed / (6 files in 6 dirs): Gallery: Sorting of files uploaded in zip archives (RFE 11517) - http://bit.ly/bqOJgf19:24
CIA-104webgui: Doug Bell master * r96a52c5 / (7 files in 7 dirs): Merge remote branch 'spunky/rfe11517' - http://bit.ly/aRlVE119:24
scrottie1preaction, good morning.  I'm supposed to talk to you.  I just got in... still logging in to stuff.19:44
@preactionnp, we gotta wait until colin gets back from the gym19:45
@preactionbut we can talk, discuss some stuff i guess19:45
@preactionlet me get my skype working19:45
ckotilperlDreamer: sweet. thanks20:12
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scrottie1oh, boy.  Chance of all tests passing 0.000%20:21
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scrottie1installed my own perl long ago because very bad things happen when you try to mix and match vendor packages and modules installed from CPAN, and there's no way on earth I'm not going to install stuff from CPAN, and that usually works pretty well...20:22
* perlDreamer is back20:26
-!- ckotil [~ckotil@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui20:26
scrottie1starting to think that this is the one thing that might be the showstopper for trying to use my 5.12 install.20:27
@preactionimagemagick not working under 5.12? fun!20:28
@preactionthat's our worst dependency really20:28
+perlDreamer5.12 is so new, I wouldn't expect lots of things to work20:28
scrottie1usually they watch smoke tests for important modules failing before a release and work with the module authors to get things resolved20:29
scrottie15.12, they seemed to have let that practise slide a lot20:29
scrottie1some of my favorites are down for the count... Data::Alias, for example20:29
+perlDreameryou could install the WRE scrottie20:29
+perlDreamerit'll get you up and going quickly20:30
scrottieyeah, it's looking like that would be a good idea.  I'd need to figure out how to use that with git checked out versions of WebGUI.20:30
+perlDreamerit's pretty easy20:31
+perlDreameras you install the WRE, it will ask you how you want to proceed20:31
@preactioni've got a symlink at /data/WebGUI that points to my currently-running codebase20:31
+perlDreamereither to pull the latest, or to do a manual install20:31
+perlDreamerthen use what preaction said, the symlink to a git repo, and you're golden20:31
@preactionwgd has a "reset" function that will fix the database after you change git branches too20:32
@preactiondid we update the "Getting Started Hacking" guide? do we even have one?20:32
+perlDreamerI think it's on the wiki, preaction20:32
scrottievaguely remember seeing something like that20:33
scrottie1testEnvironment.pl doesn't check whether you own the directories that modules get installed to, only that you are root.20:34
@preactionyes, that's a mild irritation (and if you want you can fix)20:34
+perlDreameryour first WebGUI bug20:35
@preactionas you go you're probably gonna find lots of these little things that we've either just learned to live with or decided we didn't have time to fix yet20:35
* perlDreamer gets tearful20:35
scrottie1such is life.20:35
@preactionkeep track of them, even add # TODO in there and commit that, we will have 2-4 months of time to go in and do all that cleaning20:36
@preactionafter we start releasing WebGUI 8 alphas20:36
@preactionyeah, we'll also be fixing 8 bugs, but i am damn tired of the little annoyances that add up to big problems20:37
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* perlDreamer suspects we'll be fixing a few more than 8 bugs, preaction21:01
@preactiondamnit! what do I pay you for!21:01
+perlDreamerPlaying straight man?21:02
+perlDreamerwitty reparte'?21:02
+perlDreamerreminding you that it's 1:00pm CDT?21:02
@preactionyep, getting things rdy21:02
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scrottie1I've been using the Cox internet but I ordered up some DSL from a local ISP for myself.  that went live Friday and I did setup Monday.  It doesn't work.  Cox is basically awful.21:29
+perlDreamerFIOS ftw21:29
scrottie1so, just btw, hopefully some day my Internet will start not sucking so much, but we'll see.21:29
@preactioni think the charter around here is rebranded cox21:29
scrottie1I was hoping to get something better peered, too.21:30
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+perlDreamerhm, yet another CS template21:34
scrottie1should I avoid wre-0.9.3-source?21:35
@preactionyou can try it, but that requires compiling it21:35
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+perlDreamerlunch time21:49
scrottie1time is an illusion.  lunch time, doubly so.21:49
+perlDreamerthe way the room is spinning, you could definitely be right21:50
+perlDreameror left21:51
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+perlDreamerscrottie, you're having the hiccups23:39
scrottieyeah, Cox is in rare form today23:40
scrottieI'm actually in middle of trying to remember how to do ppp.  I dug the 56k modem out of the closet.23:41
scrottiethe local DSL provider I signed up with offers dialup too.  the DSL ain't working but maybe that will.23:41
scrottieI paid to have this place wired for phone and by gum, I'm gunna use it!  the phone wiring that was in the walls oxidized to the point where it just fell apart.  depression era housing.23:43
@preactionfun, reminds me of my electrical23:43
+perlDreamerpreaction, we could fix that when I'm in Mad-city23:45
+perlDreamerI wired my house23:45
@preactioni hope to have people living there before then23:46
+perlDreamerthere == here?23:46
@preactionno, i don't live there anymore23:46
+perlDreamerah, yes23:46
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--- Day changed Wed May 19 2010
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scrottie0drat, they stopped offering dialup free with DSL.  they used to.00:50
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r22a6ce3 / (13 files): Remove 7.8 upgrade files from 7.9 - http://bit.ly/aVob4x01:59
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rf1ea810 / (8 files in 8 dirs): Allow users to unsubscribe via email address, without logging in. Fixes bug #11559. - http://bit.ly/9DsdcJ01:59
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+perlDreamertime to make dinner for the herd02:05
scrottie0going to be back after that?02:05
+perlDreameroh, yes02:06
+perlDreamerprobably around 6:00pm PDT or so02:06
scrottie0I'm thinking of running an errand (re: DSL going).  if I can get all of this up, I'm likely to have questions as I start to look at test failures02:06
+perlDreamerthere will be no lack of test failures02:06
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scrottie0cool.  enjoy dinner with the grubs.02:07
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re485fc3 / lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Asset_Collaboration.pm : Add a missing i18n label for the new unsubscribe help. - http://bit.ly/9jWDHB03:43
+perlDreamerhm, no preaction03:43
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CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop upgrades * raceec73 / lib/WebGUI/Exception.pm : allow smart matching exceptions to class names - http://bit.ly/9FVmDN04:35
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop upgrades * r68f1ed8 / (9 files in 4 dirs): more comments, support for txt and pod upgrade files - http://bit.ly/9sHmQx04:35
HaargperlDreamer, i've added some comments to and reorganized WebGUI::Upgrade::Script a bit.  might be more clear now.04:36
+perlDreamerany work on the in-memory assets?04:38
Haargnot so far.  i've been trying to get the upgrade stuff finished so i can move on to that.04:39
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r2c75bc5 / t/Asset/Wobject/GalleryAlbum/addArchive.t : Potential test update due to ordering photos in GalleryAlbum addArchive. - http://bit.ly/aGG0Np04:48
+perlDreameranyone in the channel have up to date git repo for the master branch?04:49
+perlDreamerI need a test verified on a different system04:49
Haargi do but i don't have apache04:49
+perlDreamernot needed04:56
+perlDreamerI tried it on my VM, and the fileOrder it completely indeterminate04:57
+perlDreamerHaarg, I expect test 9 to fail04:57
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re76f13b / t/Asset/Wobject/GalleryAlbum/addArchive.t : fileOrder is completely machine dependent, and the order is not determinate. Update the test to only check that all files are present, and not their order. - http://bit.ly/aczTBo05:02
+perlDreamerpreaction: did all the tests pass when you committed the recent Gallery RFE's?05:02
HaargperlDreamer, test 9 failed05:02
+perlDreamerthanks, Haarg05:02
@preactionperlDreamer: you know, I thought that because of kimd's recent success that i could skip it. i was wrong?05:02
Haargi also reinstalled perl so UNIVERSAL::isa and UNIVERSAL::can are bitching at me again blah05:02
+perlDreamerpreaction, one test is machine dependent for order05:03
+perlDreamerso everything worked, but the test is wonky05:03
+perlDreamer15 push-ups05:03
@preactioni can only make 405:04
+perlDreamertry using both hands05:05
CIA-104webgui: Graham Knop upgrades * r4df2326 / (7 files in 3 dirs): upgrade files as objects - http://bit.ly/bU1WUF05:15
Haargpreaction, would you be up for a code review of my upgrades branch?05:16
Haargneeds POD but is otherwise basically complete05:17
@preactioncan i add it to the queue for wednesday?05:17
@preactionspent all day inside TGC's PDF generation code. feeling dirty05:19
Haargi've spent most of the day screwing with homebrew and distroprefs so i can reinstall perl and everything else i use easily and without any intervention05:20
Haargincluding imagemagick05:20
@preactionhow is homebrew, btw?05:20
Haargpretty nice.  i had previously just been compiling everything myself into /usr/local05:21
@preactionoh, i've been using macports05:21
Haargit basically automates that process as well as providing the right patches/config switches05:21
Haargand makes uninstalling easy05:21
Haargnot a full package management system, but it does look at prereqs when installing05:22
+perlDreamerall ready for release.  It'll start in an hour or so after the kiddos go to bed05:26
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r4969f31 / docs/create.sql : Preparing for 7.9.5 release - http://bit.ly/bSZ5ys06:14
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+perlDreamerokay, everyone who is awake in the channel, please go hammer webgui.org07:05
+perlDreamerI'm looking for a subjective appraisal of speed.07:05
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r5a0d7dd / (4 files in 4 dirs): Ready for 7.9.6 development cycle. - http://bit.ly/ce7v6y07:19
-!- scrottie0 [~scrottie0@] has joined #webgui07:25
+perlDreamergot some bits?07:27
scrottie0I sure seem to.07:27
scrottie0It's 9 now... I left to visit the ISP's office at 6, I think it was.07:27
scrottie0my DSL modem because an office curosity07:27
+perlDreamerRichard just got scragged!07:29
scrottie0who?  huh?07:31
+perlDreamerI'm watching Lost07:32
+perlDreamerscrottie0: I'm getting ready to pack it in for tonight07:42
+perlDreamergot any last second questions?07:42
scrottie0 /data/WebGUI/conf/mime.types07:43
scrottie0... it's writing an error to error_log about the lack of that... that's where I left off07:43
scrottie0not exactly a question but comments welcome.07:43
scrottie0I'm sure I can track one down but there doesn't seem to be one in the git checkout and there's no mention of it in the src install instructions... No such file or directory: could not open mime types config file /data/WebGUI/conf/mime.types07:44
+perlDreamerthere is no conf subdirectory in WebGUI07:45
+perlDreamermaybe it's a problem with your apache config file?07:45
scrottie0hrm.  oh.07:46
scrottie0*blush* yes.07:47
+perlDreamerscrottie0, WebGUI is extremely difficult to setup and learn07:48
scrottie0yeah.  go to bed.  hopefully I'll have this thing running by the morning.07:48
+perlDreamerthat's one of the reasons we setup the WRE07:48
+perlDreamerand later, wgd07:48
+perlDreamerLost is on for another 12 minutes07:48
scrottie0my Apache is rusty... this is the first time I've touched 2.x07:48
+perlDreamerwould a sample config help?07:49
scrottie0er, no, but thanks.07:49
scrottie0haha!  that and a module not checked by the dep installer and it's running.07:52
scrottie0take that!07:52
scrottie0afk, beer.07:52
scrottie0got up at 6am to go pick apricots and peaches.  going to make it an early night myself here.07:53
+perlDreameryou have a farm?07:53
scrottie0that would be cool... nope.  friend of a friend.  place I'm staying at has figs, grapefruit, organes, pamegranites, mullberries, key limes...07:54
scrottie0but that's not enough for me ;)07:54
+perlDreamerwe haven't even planted up here, yet07:55
scrottie0craziness.  we put our summer gardens in... okra, tomatillos07:55
scrottie0almost everything else has bolted and gone to seed.07:56
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-!- Guest22250 is now known as kaare_08:42
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CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12500 /translations/German/German/Account_Inbox.pm: Updating German on translation server14:41
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12501 /translations/German/German/Asset.pm: Updating German on translation server14:41
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12502 /translations/German/German/Asset_WikiMaster.pm: Updating German on translation server14:41
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12503 /translations/German/German/Asset_Collaboration.pm: Updating German on translation server14:41
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12504 /translations/German/German/Asset_GalleryAlbum.pm: Updating German on translation server14:56
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12505 /translations/German/German/Asset_SyndicatedContent.pm: Updating German on translation server14:56
CIA-104WebGUI: translation * r12506 /translations/German/German/WebGUI.pm: Updating German on translation server14:56
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kimdMorning everybody!15:40
kimdIs there a reason I cannot update to the current head on github?15:40
kimdgit always aborts with the following error message "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"15:41
+bartjolmorning kimd15:42
kimdHi bartjol, how is it going?15:42
+bartjolI'm fine, except my setup of the picklanguage macro is/was buggie15:43
+bartjolbut I don't know about git15:43
kimdHm. So everyone has his or her own problem.15:44
kimdAre you trying to internationalize your private page?15:44
+bartjolwell, the fix was fast, testing takes more time (mostly because it is not my daily job to test)15:44
+bartjolwell, I was doing some stuff for the new procolix page15:45
+bartjolactually, I knew it for some time, that that was missing15:45
kimdI see. I hate writing testing code as well. It takes me at least twice the time required to implement the feature.15:45
+bartjolmy site is dedicated to testing and galleries15:46
+bartjolwell, but in the end it is best that stuff is tested15:46
kimdSure. I did not want to question the necessity.15:47
+bartjolbut, soon we will not need the Getsessionlanguage anymore, that functionality is incorporated in the PickLanguage macro15:49
kimdHah. Git pull is working again.15:49
+bartjolah, good15:50
kimdDid you write the PickLanguage macro?15:50
+bartjoland the contenthandler15:51
kimdContenthandler? I have to admit I am not familiar with it.15:52
kimdWhy is it not used on webgui.org?15:52
+bartjolmostly because I was presenting ¨Internationalization¨ at the wuc and that part was terrible15:52
+bartjolso I made more features15:52
+bartjolthe contenthandler is the thing that actually switches the language, the macro only makes linkes to the contenthandler15:53
+bartjoldunno why it isn used15:53
+bartjolyou can put ?op=setLanguage;language=German at the end of the url, that will do it15:53
kimdWill it change the language and/or switch to another branch?15:54
+bartjolat webgui.org only switch the webgui language15:54
+bartjolthere isn another branch afaik15:54
kimdBut can it swith to another branch as well?15:56
+bartjolno, not the picklanguage, that was the langguagepageswitch macro15:56
kimdI see. In any case, webgui seems to be ready for completely internationalized web pages.15:57
+bartjolit might be worth looking whther the 2 can be merged15:57
+bartjolbut that might be hard15:57
kimdI am really curious for the first example of use.15:58
+bartjolI haven used it myself, except for my presntation15:58
kimdbartjol, something else: Why has it become so silent in the forum and also the chat?15:59
+bartjolwhich is online on http://www.bartjol.nl/nl/home/wuc-2009-internationalisatie/15:59
kimdI will have a look at it.16:00
+bartjolwell, the amricans join the chat later16:00
+bartjolmaybe webgui is better understandable16:00
+bartjolI don know16:00
+bartjolor the userbase is decreasing16:00
kimdI really have the impression that no one is posting in the forum anymore except for plainblack staff and the usual suspects.16:01
kimdI believe to remember that there was more activity in the past.16:01
+bartjolmmm, that isn good16:01
kimdNo. Not at all.16:02
+bartjolI am skipping t´s today16:02
kimdThat's all right. I can leave them out as well if you prefer.16:02
+bartjolno, thanks16:03
kimdBtw, I have a dutch colleague at Novartis. Very nice guy.16:03
+bartjollike most of us :)16:03
kimdNeed to go for a beer with him.16:03
kimdOf course!16:03
+bartjoldutch guys and beer go very well together16:04
kimdThat was my impression, too. I am still hoping to be able making a trip to the Netherlands this summer.16:04
+bartjolwell, if you happen to come near Delft, let us know16:05
kimdI have a friend living there. I certainly would not pass.16:06
kimdI also have to pay a round for the two gooeys.16:06
kimdMy daughter loves them by the way.16:06
kimdI am only worried since they were made in China. I hope the dyes are not too toxic.16:07
+bartjolwell, I don chew on them, but your daughter might16:07
kimdShe will. But I am sure she will also survive.16:07
+bartjoloooh, interesting mail: I'm an orphan having $3,200,000 USD with a private trust company for safe keeping16:08
kimdLucky you. That would mean no more work for procolix!16:08
kimdNow you can dedicate yourself full time to webgui development.16:08
+bartjoloooh, cool16:09
+bartjolmmm, back to work16:09
kimdYeah! Do something...16:10
kimdHey, I just discovered the example image feature for templates. That is cool! Great work whoever has done it!16:12
kimdSomeone online having experience with the "Add attachments" functionality in templates?16:15
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+perlDreamerbopbop, did you see the Shortcut changes in the 7.9 release yesterday?17:49
@bopbopno, but I'll run out and take a look17:50
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kimdpearlDreamer, thanks for fixing my testing code!17:58
+perlDreameryou're welcome, kimd17:59
+perlDreamerI've done the same thing17:59
+perlDreamerit's very frustrating when the test works "here", but not at some else's "here"17:59
kimdOh, did it throw an error on your machine?18:00
kimdWell, must have. Otherwise you probably would not have noticed.18:00
+perlDreamerthat particular test failed18:00
+perlDreamerbecause the order was different18:01
+perlDreamerso I tried it on a VM, and it was different again18:01
kimdVery interesting though. I wonder what is influencing file order on different machines.18:01
+perlDreamerNo idea.18:02
+perlDreamerIt's the order that the archive gets unpacked18:02
kimdThat is what I would have thought.18:02
kimdAnd that should result in the same order when using the same unzip binary. Shouldn't it?18:02
+perlDreamerI would have thought so, but obviously it isn't18:03
kimdWell, doesn't matter. Most people will go with alphabetical sorting anyway.18:03
kimdBtw, I forgot to include a package in one of the patches. Did you see my note?18:04
+perlDreameris it attached to one of the RFE's?18:04
kimdYes. One moment, please...18:05
kimdIt is here: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/1151718:05
+perlDreamerhow will the system work without that template, kimd?18:06
kimdThe radio button list for sorting is missing. That's all.18:07
kimdIt's an update. Not a new template.18:07
+perlDreamerCan you please open a bug for that?  To let people know that the new ordering won't work until 7.9.6?18:07
kimdWill do.18:07
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+perlDreamermorning, preaction18:20
@preactiongood morning perlDreamer!18:20
kimdmorning, preaction :-)18:20
+perlDreamerpreaction, if static navigations are so cool, should we RFE them into the core?18:21
+perlDreamerby adding a cache timeout field to the nav?18:21
+perlDreamerand maybe a "cache only for Visitor" boolean18:21
@preactionwon't work, period. think macros, think permissions, think IP-based groups, scratch-based groups18:21
@preactionit's a very limited use-case18:21
* perlDreamer hates IP-based groups and scratch based gropus18:22
@preactionyeah, tell me about it.18:22
+perlDreamerwell, first, they're a horrible hack into the Group18:22
+perlDreamerthey should be done through some other authentication method18:22
+perlDreamerthey're hacky18:22
+perlDreamerand those scratch variables stay around forever18:22
+perlDreameryou never know when the IP addresses are going to change18:23
@preactionthey predate pluggable auth probably18:23
+perlDreamerkimd, you rock!18:23
kimdWhy is that?18:23
+perlDreamerfor hacking on the Gallery18:23
+perlDreamerfor suggesting that people adopt assets18:24
+perlDreamerfor writing tests for your RFEs18:24
+perlDreamerfor following up on things to make sure they get done18:24
+perlDreamerfor translating WebGUI into German18:24
kimdOoh. That is a long list.18:24
kimdThank you, too. Basically for a lot more than that.18:24
kimdThe "adopt an asset" thing wasn't that successful, was it?18:25
kimdNot a single reply. I have to say that I am quite disappointed.18:25
@preactionyou tried, and i applaud your attempt, but trying to whip up the troops around here is pretty much null program18:25
kimdIt has become quite silent in the forum. Or is that just my impression.18:26
kimdSad but true. I really wonder where all the users have gone.18:26
@preactionno, i agree. there were a few projects i was working on that people seemed excited about but now that i need their help (that they agreed to) they're nowhere18:26
kimdHm. I hope there will be better times. I am getting more excited about webgui every day.18:27
+perlDreamerwe should try and recruit martien18:27
+perlDreamerhe's very involved with WebGUI18:27
+perlDreamerwe just need to find the projects that motivate him18:27
kimdSeems so. But he is not a team player.18:27
@preactionyeah, i feel bad i keep killing his i18n dreams, but they're just not feasible as he describes them18:27
+perlDreamerthen we need to find another one18:28
kimdDon't worry. He will get over it.18:28
+perlDreamermaybe this WAI thing now18:28
+perlDreamersmall, targeted bugs with fixes would be great18:28
+perlDreamerWeb Accessability Initiative18:28
+perlDreamermaking sure that web pages are usable by people with disabilities18:28
kimdI see. You think Martien would be interested in taking over?18:29
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rd3cd81f / (2 files in 2 dirs): Upgrade the template for adding an archive to handle sorting order. Fixes bug #11577 - http://bit.ly/9M9Hxm18:30
kimdI really don't want to badmouth. But when I was trying to build up a German community, Martien and Klaus both let me down.18:30
+perlDreamerI don't know.  he seems at least interested in contributing18:30
kimdMy impression is that they are rather into their own business.18:30
kimdIs he contributing? 18:30
+perlDreamerforum postings18:30
+perlDreamerBazaar items18:31
kimdThat is true. I know that he is trying to build his own German community page.18:31
kimdIt is here: http://www.webgui-professional.de/18:31
kimdHe preferred that instead of internationalizing webgui.org18:32
+perlDreamerhis ideas for user-level i18n weren't accepted, so maybe he decided to go that route instead?18:32
kimdNot sure. I really do not understand him. We had some discussions on the German board and never came to an agreement.18:33
kimdIt is a pitty.18:33
kimdIt would be so much more effective to pull on the same rope.18:34
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * re03f754 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix the name of the ConvertUTCToTZ macro in config files. Fixes bug #11576. - http://bit.ly/b8KuBB18:38
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r1d08edf / (4 files in 3 dirs): Fix the name of the ConvertUTCToTZ macro in config files. Fixes bug #11576. - http://bit.ly/9CYuq918:40
+perlDreamerkimd, for your next volunteer milestone, we need you to recruit a French volunteer for translating and promoting WebGUI18:42
kimdMaybe not all that difficult. I am living right next to the French border. And I have lots of French colleagues.18:43
kimdNow I only need to find a web enthusiast.18:43
kimdperlDreamer, preaction: What about the template working group? Any progress there? It seems to me that all the complicated templates have not been touched yet.18:46
+perlDreamerthey've started with the basics18:46
+perlDreamerArticle, Navigation18:46
+perlDreamerthen they did styles18:46
+perlDreamerI'm not sure what their current status is18:46
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kimdBut they are still active, are they?18:48
+perlDreameroh yes18:48
+perlDreamermaybe we could ask patspam about TWG status?18:48
* perlDreamer mutters the arcane words that wake patspam up from his long slumber18:48
kimdIt seems you need to do your magic again.18:49
* perlDreamer must be out of magic18:49
-!- khenn [~frank@] has joined #webgui18:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+o khenn] by ChanServ18:51
@khennI was thinking about it18:51
@khennand I ran it by doug18:51
@khennand I think I figured out a way to fix the slowness issue with Navigations18:52
@khennThe only real reason we need to instantiate each asset in navigations is to check permissions18:52
+perlDreamerkhenn, after the Group thing, I'm all over your anti-slowness campaign18:52
@khennand instantiating each asset is what slows the thing down18:53
+perlDreamerthat and making 8000 template variables for each asset18:53
@khennand the reason we have to instantiate to check permissions is because every asset can have it's own "canView" method18:53
@khennbut most assets do not have this method18:53
-!- dionak [~dionak@] has joined #webgui18:54
@khennand they call the default18:54
@khennso I ran this idea by Doug and he thinks it will work18:54
@khennwhat if, instead of instantiating *every* asset18:54
@khennwe instantiate the "base asset"18:54
@khennthe root asset of the nav18:55
@khenncall Lineage on that asset to get the children / descendants18:55
@khennloop over the descendants, but instead of instantiating each one18:55
@khenncheck the class itself for two things18:55
@khenn1)  do I inherit directly from Wobject or from Asset18:55
@khenn2)  do I have my own canView method18:56
@khennif both of those are false18:56
@khenndon't bother instantiating18:56
@khennjust call the *new* isInGroup for groupIdView and groupIdEdit18:56
@khennor check that the user is the owner18:56
+perlDreamerhow do you know if the class has an overridden canView method?18:56
@khennthat's (2)18:56
@khennyou only check the class itself18:57
@khennyou don't check any of it's superclasses18:57
@preactionprobably need a "no strict 'refs';" before that18:57
+perlDreamersymbol walking can be slow18:57
@khennso you are simply checking the class for that method specifically18:57
@preactionyou're not walking, you're just checking the one class18:57
@khennyeah you are just checking for the existence of 1 class18:57
@preactionbut of course we'd need benchmarks18:57
@khennso I think that will work18:58
+perlDreamerit's very similar to the code that Haarg yarded out of International, that sped it up so much18:58
+perlDreamereven just poking in there is slow, let alone walking18:58
@khennthe problem is I don't have the time to do it18:58
@khennso is anyone willing to take on this side project?18:58
@preactionthe real question is: Is a symbol table lookup faster or slower than 30+ calls to $i18n->get18:59
@preactionand the lookup itself could be cached19:00
@preactionbut the call to definition() could not be19:00
+perlDreamerhow will it scale to Moose?19:00
@preactionmoose doesn't have the definition problem19:00
+perlDreamerso it's fast enough that we don't need this speed-up19:01
@preactionwell, maybe not this particular one19:01
@preactionpatspam said he could squeek out a few thousand requests per second more than on webgui 719:01
+perlDreamerI know I'm a big downer today19:03
+perlDreamerbut I'll believe those numbers better when wg8 actually works ;)19:03
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CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r93bbe64 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Post.pm): The edit stamp should contain the name of the user who edited the post, not the original poster. Fixes bug #11578. - http://bit.ly/cVbgkF19:15
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r7608200 / (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Post.pm): The edit stamp should contain the name of the user who edited the post, not the original poster. Fixes bug #11578. - http://bit.ly/bDgnj519:15
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@preactionwhat do i need to do to get the 32-bit WRE to work on a 64-bit system?20:21
@preactioni'm trying to install Bundle::CPAN and it's giving me errors: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6420:22
-!- scrottie1 [~scrottie0@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]20:22
@preactionfigured it out. i need "-arch x86" in my CCFLAGS20:25
-!- scrottie1 [~scrottie0@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has joined #webgui20:27
@preactionnope. that doesn't work unless i build all the modules by hand it seems...20:30
+perlDreamercan you throw that into a CCFLAGS env variable or something that the makefiles will pick up automatically?20:31
@preactiontried that20:31
kimdI am having a search problem here. Someone familiar with WebGUI::Search?21:00
kimdWhat I would like to do is include the "location" field in gallery searches.21:00
kimdIf I understand correctly, the Photo table is joined into queries via the joinClass parameter. Correct?21:01
kimdSo why can't I just add the following to the where clause: $where      .= q{ AND Photo.location LIKE }21:01
kimd                        . $db->quote( '%' . $form->get("location") . '%' )21:01
kimdThe search always returns nothing.21:02
kimdNo one having a clue?21:05
+perlDreamerkimd, each asset has a method for adding in new data fields21:05
+perlDreamerit's called, something Index...?21:05
+perlDreamerany asset that wants to add in more data should subclass that method21:06
+perlDreamerand add fields to it21:06
kimdThe field is already there. I only want to search it.21:06
+perlDreamerright, but the data isn't in the search index21:06
+perlDreamerhave a peek at WebGUI/Asset/Story.pm, sub indexContent21:07
kimdOk. I will.21:07
+perlDreamerthe Story asset adds the headline, byline, highlights, and more to the search index21:07
+perlDreamerso you can't search only by location using WebGUI::Search21:07
+perlDreameryou can only add the location fields to it21:07
+perlDreamerso that searches will be able to consider that field (in addition to everything else)21:08
kimdAre you sure? If I understand the code correctly, WebGUI::Search can join in class tables.21:08
kimdThat would allow me to search columns directly by amending the where clause.21:09
kimdThat is exactly how the title is searched for, for example.21:09
kimdJust that the title is in assetIndex21:09
kimdNo, assetData.21:09
kimdThe following code is used:21:10
kimdif ( $form->get("title") ) {21:10
kimd            $where      .= q{ AND assetData.title LIKE } 21:10
kimd                        . $db->quote( '%' . $form->get("title") . '%' ) 21:10
kimd                        ;21:10
kimd        }21:10
kimdShouldn't that work for the location as well?21:10
+perlDreamerwhere is that code, kimd?21:13
kimdIt is in the www_search method of WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::Gallery21:13
kimdStrange. I checked the join clause constructed by WebGUI::Search. The Photo tabled is joined in via 'left join Photo on assetData.assetId=Photo.assetId and assetData.revisionDate=Photo.revisionDate'.21:23
+perlDreamerthat looks right to me21:24
kimdI have also checked the Photo.location column in the database. It contains the keywords I am searching for.21:25
+perlDreamerkimd, I'd love to see some pasted code after I come back from lunch, if you're still awake then21:40
kimdSounds good. Hurry up ;-)21:41
+perlDreamerrushing digestion could damage my fine code fixing skills21:43
+perlDreamerwe don't want that, do we?21:43
kimdI would risk it :-P21:48
@khennkimd you can join classes to the search22:10
kimdThat is what I am doing. The joinClass paramter should do this job.22:10
kimdIn addition, I have added "columns => ['Photo.location']" as a rule.22:11
@khennis it working?22:11
kimdNo. 22:11
kimdI still get an empty result set.22:11
kimdI have checked the query constructed by WebGUI::Search.22:11
kimdIt seems to be fine to me.22:11
@khennpastebin the query22:12
kimdI have reformatted for better understanding.22:13
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kimdkhenn, where you able to find a bug?22:47
@khennoh sorry22:48
@khennI didn't see it pasted22:48
@khennI'll take a look quick22:48
@khennyou can't join the second table22:48
@khennit won't work22:48
@khennit's left joining Gallery Album and then Photo22:49
@khennthey both can't have the same assetId22:49
@khennand thus that join won't work22:49
@khennyou can only join one or the other22:50
kimdOk. But that is what was in the code already.22:50
+perlDreamerwhere, kimd?22:50
kimdThe join clauses are automatically generated.22:50
kimdThat is my version of the www_view method.22:51
kimdI mean www_search method.22:51
kimdBut the original one is simiar.22:51
@khennyou can't join that other table22:51
@khenneven though it lets you do it22:51
kimdJoin clauses get auto-generated by WebGUI::Search due to the joinClass parameter22:51
@khenntry instead22:51
@khennto not join either22:51
@khennand search all the assets with lineage starting with the lineage of the gallery22:52
@khennso tell it to search all the assets beneath the root that have a lineage staring with 'root_lineage%'22:52
+perlDreamerdoesn't that say that Gallery.pm's www_search doesn't work, and that it's a bug?22:52
@khennand className in ('WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::GalleryAlbum','WebGUI::Asset::File::GalleryFile::Photo' )22:52
kimdThat is what it's doing as far as I understand.22:52
@khennit is22:53
@khennbut it's only searching Galleries22:53
@khennit's not searching photos22:53
kimdNo. It's searching both.22:53
kimdI get both if I search by date for example.22:53
kimdOnly searching by location does not work so far.22:53
@khennseems to me that the left join on Photos wouldn't return anything22:54
kimdBut as you said, the reason is probably that joining does not work.22:54
@khennwhat was the original doing?22:54
@khennwas it also joining Photos?22:54
+perlDreamerkimd, please try to setup a simple gallery, with two albums and some photos22:55
kimdResponsible code is here:22:55
kimdmy $p22:55
kimd            = $self->getSearchPaginator( {22:55
kimd                url             => $url,22:55
kimd                keywords        => $keywords,22:55
kimd                where           => $where,22:55
-!- preaction [~doug@] has quit [Quit: preaction]22:55
kimd                classes         => $classes,22:55
+perlDreamerkimd, stop!22:55
kimd                joinClass       => $classes,                22:55
kimd                columns         => $columns,22:56
+perlDreamerthe channel will kick you out22:56
kimd                creationDate    => $creationDate,22:56
kimd            } );22:56
kimdOh. 22:56
kimdpearlDreamer, I have a test gallery in place.22:56
kimdWhat do you want me to do?22:56
+perlDreamermake sure the photos have titles, and descriptions22:56
+perlDreamerand try a search22:56
+perlDreamerif the seach fails, we have a bug to fix22:56
+perlDreamerif it works, we need to understand why22:56
kimdNo. The search works fine.22:56
+perlDreamerand it returns photos?22:57
kimdYes. It does.22:57
kimdAnd it returns albums.22:57
kimdNo problem at all.22:57
@khenncould this be the culprit?22:57
@khennand (creationDate between ? and ?) 22:57
kimdOnly if try to search Photo.location I get an empty result set.22:57
kimdI don't think so. Dates get auto-generated.22:58
kimdIf you leave all other fields empty the whole gallery content is returned.22:58
kimdAnd that works perfectly.22:58
@khennstart taking stuff out of the where clause until it works I guess22:58
-!- scrottie [~scrottie@ip72-201-253-58.ph.ph.cox.net] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]22:58
kimdOk. I will play with it.22:59
-!- scrottie1 [~scrottie0@dsl01-ppp-5119.fastq.com] has joined #webgui23:01
kimdHm. If I search for photos exclusively, only the Photo table gets joined. Still the result set is empty.23:03
kimdCould it be due to linking of revisionDates?23:04
kimdIn the join clause we have 'left join Photo on assetData.assetId=Photo.assetId and assetData.revisionDate=Photo.revisionDate'23:04
@khenntake that out of the join and see what happens23:05
kimdIn the where clause the revisionDate of assetData is limited to the most recent revision.23:05
kimdI can't that easily.23:05
@khennI still think the way I suggested will work23:05
@khenntake all the joins off23:05
kimdAs I said, it is auto-generated by WebGUI::Search.23:05
kimdI only pass in rules.23:05
@khennso it's just joining asset and assetData23:06
@khenngive it a lineage like 'root_lineage%'23:06
kimdThat is the default.23:06
kimdThe lineage is set.23:06
@khennand className in ('WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::GalleryAlbum','WebGUI::Asset::File::GalleryFile::Photo' )23:06
kimdThat happens in getSearchPaginator23:07
@khennso perhaps you just need to pass in that className filter23:07
kimdThat is done by setting the class rule for WebGUI::Search23:07
@khennI guess I'd really need to tinker with it to figure it out23:07
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kimdpearlDreamer, where is indexContent defined for the first time? Is that in WebGUI::Asset?23:16
kimdOk. So if Gallery does not have its own indexContent method it is inherited from there.23:17
kimdI believe you are right that I need to add the location to keywords.23:18
+perlDreamerI think it's the right thing to do23:18
kimdIf I understand the query correctly, it is looking for both: match of the location and the keywords.23:18
kimdThat means the location must be in the keywords as well.23:18
kimdOtherwise the result set will be empty.23:19
kimdI am going to try that.23:19
kimdpearlDreamer, when is indexContent called at run time?23:36
+perlDreamerit's called in commit23:36
kimdI have added the following to WebGUI::Asset::File::GalleryFile::Photo:23:36
kimdsub indexContent {23:37
kimdmy $self = shift;23:37
kimdmy $indexer = $self->SUPER::indexContent;23:37
kimdStill, I cannot see the location in keywords in the database.23:37
+perlDreamerrestarted the web server?23:38
-!- scrottie1 [~scrottie0@ip72-201-253-58.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #webgui23:38
kimdNo. Do I have to?23:38
kimdAh. Of course!23:39
kimdIt is late already.23:39
+perlDreameryou should take a break, have some wine23:39
+perlDreamerkiss your child on the forehead23:39
+perlDreamersnuggle up to the wife, and go at it again tomorrow23:39
kimdThey are both not here.23:41
kimdAnd wine is not an option since I am still feeling a bit sick. I virus caught me yesterday.23:42
kimdHm. The location is still not included. I don't get it.23:42
kimdOk. I am giving up for today. But this won't let me sleep anyway.23:47
kimdpearlDreamer, one last question:23:47
kimdIs it possible that indexContent in WebGUI::Asset::File::GalleryFile::Photo does not get called for some reason?23:48
kimdWould WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::Gallery have to call it?23:48
+perlDreamerif Photo does not inherit commit from Asset.pm, then it is possible that it is not indexing its photos23:48
+perlDreamerbut you have said that photos work in a search23:48
+perlDreamerso I don't think that's it23:49
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kimdYes. But I only see the default keywords.23:49
kimdWait a moment. In Story we have 'my $indexer = $self->next::method();'23:52
kimdIn File it is 'my $indexer = $self->SUPER::indexContent;'23:52
kimdDoes that mean anything?23:52
+perlDreamerit has to do with how it inherits classes23:53
+perlDreamerStory uses Class::C323:53
+perlDreamerand File does not23:53
kimdHm. I am going to bed. Will not solve it tonight, anyway.23:54
kimdThanks for all the help.23:54
kimdGood night everyone!23:54
scrottie1night kimd23:55
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--- Day changed Thu May 20 2010
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+perlDreamertime to go pick up the kids01:45
* scrottie1 nods01:46
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* perlDreamer is back02:17
+perlDreamerscrottie1, do you have all your bits in a row now?02:26
scrottie1*all* of my bits?02:27
scrottie1I fixed a trivial bug and pushed it to a WebGUI8 fork on github.02:27
scrottie1along with other muddlings around02:27
scrottie1but mostly I'm clocked out, waiting for backups to finish, and I'm going to roll the apt dice and see if I can get X to stop crashing so damn much02:28
scrottie1I failed to activate my Cricket CDMA data modem.  Cricket says it's too old.  bah.02:28
scrottie1I got this MiFi like device and everything so I wouldn't have to try to get it to work with Linux.02:29
scrottie1I should probably be pulling from your branch too..02:39
+perlDreamerI'm lazy, and I work directly in the WebGUI8 branch02:41
+perlDreamerif I have a lot of work to do, I make a small private branch, and then merge it in02:41
+perlDreamerbut I don't do that very often02:41
scrottie1that's cool.  as long as I'm pulling from where I should be pulling from.02:42
* perlDreamer is out for the night, most likely03:10
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scrottie1I'm tempted to just do no warnings 'UNIVERSAL::isa'.  would that be bad?19:40
scrottie1I'd be reluctant to fix the UNIVERSAL::isa($mayberef, 'Whatever') calls and UNIVERSAL::isa does its job fine making those work for overriden isa-s.  modules with more black magic don't emit smoke.19:42
@preactionis it us calling universal or some of our prereqs?19:46
+perlDreamerit's Test::Deep19:47
+perlDreamerI think19:47
scrottie1ack 'UNIVERSAL::isa'  => nottin'19:48
@preactionthen we can safely ignore it. would setting no warnings 'UNIVSERAL::isa' in our test scripts even fix it? wouldn't you have to inject it into Test::Deep's scope?19:49
@preactionscrottie1: did you figure out if the failing test is a bad test or bad code?19:50
scrottie1nope, can't turn off warnings for them.  Had to try that though.19:51
scrottie1well, I didn't change the test in the case of FormBuilder to see if that one change was all that was needed, but the test and code don't match.19:52
scrottie1I don't know enough about the intentions there to know if either or which could be considered bad.19:52
+perlDreamerWebGUI has always accepted lower case aliases for form fields19:53
@preactionformbuilder should be avoided right now. i've got some major changes in another branch i'm waiting to merge19:53
+perlDreamerand all the tests will pass before the merge? ;)19:54
scrottie1hrm.  I could make the thing scan case insensitively but is there no point?19:54
@preactionyes, that's what i'm waiting for. had to do some other work but now i'm back on writing more tests and making them pass. going for 90+ coverage19:54
scrottie1I could also investigate plugin systems but those tend to be bulky and come with problems of their own.19:55
+perlDreamerscrottie1, let's avoid the formbuilder stuff for now19:55
scrottie1wait, all of the test in which branch?19:55
@preactionscrottie1: no point. i want people to STOP using that damned "feature". i want them to use full class names or uppercase19:55
@preactionin my working copy19:55
scrottie1the PGSI stuff?19:55
@preactionno, i'm working on Asset->getEditForm, www_edit, and the Admin Console19:56
scrottie1cool.  just curious.19:56
@preactioni'm working on the biggest hangup to understanding webgui ;) i intend to break just about everything19:57
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+patspamhmm just had to clear the cache (via admin console) on a production site so that a user would show up in the correct group20:47
+patspamthat should never have to happen right?20:47
+patspammy custom code does its group manipulation via addToGroups and deleteFromGroups, which both call uncache()20:48
+perlDreamerpatspam: that's correct20:51
+perlDreamerwhich version is it running?20:51
+patspamcan you recall any caching bugs that have been fixed in the last few months?20:52
+perlDreamerthe only caching bugs I've seen are due to permission problems on the cache directory20:52
+perlDreamerbut you used the admin console to clear it, so that shouldn't be a problem20:52
+patspamGroup cache slip  (#11574) doesn't appear to be related (I'm not using group expiry)20:53
+perlDreamerno, and it's only on the back end, not the front end of joining a group20:53
+patspamgetting slammed with these sorts of bugs at the moment, probably related to the user base exceeding 5k20:55
@preactionbut there were Group bugs fixed recently20:57
@preactionyou might want to upgrade for those, including huge performance gains (like, astronomical)20:58
+perlDreamerpatspam, were the groups in question using IP or scratch20:58
+patspampd: no20:59
+perlDreamerthose were the recent Group bugs20:59
+patspampreaction: are those performance improvements in stable yet?20:59
+perlDreamerno, just beta20:59
+patspamyeah ok, will have to wait a bit for that.. but can't wait to see if it speeds up things20:59
+patspamsounded really good21:00
+perlDreamerwe had to reevaluate some of the numbers due to a wonky script21:00
@preactionask frodwith how he merged the changes back to 7.x perhaps?21:00
+perlDreamerbut it's still integer factors faster21:00
@frodwith*sleepy grunt* uh wha?21:00
@preactionthe new method, without cache, is faster than the old method with cache21:00
@preactionfrodwith: did you get the new group performance stuff ported to ancient webgui versions?21:01
@frodwithworking on that right now actually21:01
@preactioni will be very interested in knowing how you did it once it's done21:01
@frodwithwell so far I've just got done reviewing the patch to make sure I understand it21:02
@preactionno rush, no worries, just blog-worthy21:02
@frodwithgit diff v7.5.29 master -- lib/WebGUI/User.pm, edit edit edit, patched!21:03
@frodwithi should think21:03
+perlDreamerthere are also changes to Group21:04
@frodwithwell, yes21:04
@frodwithi meant in general21:04
+perlDreamerand the tests, but for a production site you won't need those21:04
-!- preaction [~doug@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]21:05
@frodwiththat peer fellow is a real /jerk/21:05
-!- preaction [~doug@] has joined #webgui21:06
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@preactionjust in time21:26
CIA-104webgui: kimd master * r77e331a / (6 files in 6 dirs): Added more owner information to the gallery (RFE 9774) - http://bit.ly/d0rAdf21:26
+perlDreamertest suite21:26
@preactionran it21:26
kimdNow that you are both there - may I bug you with questions again?21:27
+perlDreamersure, but I have to leave for a while21:27
+perlDreamerI'll be back later today21:28
+perlDreamerI think21:28
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@preactionwhat? you haven't asked the question yet21:28
kimdNo. Just wanted to check whether you are available :-)21:28
kimdI found out that indexContent does not get executed upon committal when added to Gallery::Asset::File::GalleryFile or Gallery::Asset::File::GalleryFile::Photo.21:29
kimdThe last indexContent sub that seems to get executed is that of WebGUI::Asset::File.21:29
kimdDo you have an idea why?21:29
@preactionnope. did you make sure to call the SUPER::indexContent? are you trying in a test script?21:32
@preactionif you're in a test script you can use the Perl debugger to figure thigns out (or you can just litter the place with warn "1", warn "2", warn "3" etc...21:33
kimdI copied the indexContent method of WebGUI::Asset::File, removed the $indexer->addFile call and inserted $indexer->addKeywords("..."); instead.21:35
kimdI am adding the class names as markers in each of the three classes.21:36
kimdI can see the 'WebGUI::Asset::File" appear in index keywords when checking in the database.21:36
kimdThat is how I know that the other indexContent methods do not get called.21:37
kimdStrange, isn't it? You would expect that execution would start with the top-level class and then go down all the inheritance tree.21:37
kimdOr do I have the wrong idea of perl OO?21:38
@preactionno, it does top-down, but you're calling the super first, before you add your keywords21:38
@preactionso, WebGUI::Asset::File would appear first (after WebGUI::Asset->indexContent does its thing)21:39
kimdHah! And that is exactly the reason. indexContent of WebGUI::Asset::File does not return the indexer! You are a genius!!21:40
kimdSo, now let's find the culprit. Who wrote WebGUI::Asset::File?21:41
@preactioneveryone, it doesn't matter who did it21:44
kimdJust kidding.21:44
kimdCool! It's really working now. Thanks a lot.21:46
kimdWould it be Ok to fix this bug as part of the patch implementing RFE 11504?21:47
kimdOr do we need a bug report + separate fix for completeness?21:47
kimdI mean, so that it appears in the log?21:47
kimdStill yes?21:47
@preactionstill yes. it's not a problem until you try to add the RFE21:47
kimdI see. Will do it then.21:48
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dionakhas anyone seen lauralyn around lately? i have forgotten her irc nick22:02
dionakah, thanks.22:03
@preactionand no, she's been rather absent as of the last few weeks/months22:03
dionakhm. know of any other skilled webgui freelancers?22:03
@preactionperlDreamer, kimd, patspam22:05
@preactionotherwise you're pretty limited these days22:05
@preactionof course, we're always available as well22:05
@preactionnot sure, kimd do you do webgui professionally or just as a hobby?22:05
kimdah, I am not a freelance though.22:06
kimdNot enough time. I also would have to ask my employer.22:06
kimdAnd I do not think that my supervisor would agree.22:06
@preactionperhaps one of the dutch teams would help dionak?22:06
kimdIs it something quick? Would it be of general use?22:07
dionaki'm looking for someone to help develop templates in the near future. nothing immediate22:07
dionakpretty straight-forward22:07
kimdOk. Sounds like a lot of work.22:07
kimdWhat about bartjol? Is he still working full-time for procolix?22:08
dionaktypically, it's not. we have html for a site and it gets converted into a theme22:08
dionakok, i'll keep asking around. tks! 22:08
kimdYou could also ask klaus or martien. They both freelance.22:08
dionakok, great. 22:09
kimdI should have their email addresses.22:09
kimdWait. I am going to search them for you.22:09
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Haargpreaction, you have a chance to look at my upgrades stuff?22:24
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@preactionHaarg: doing so now22:36
-!- stDavid [~stDavid@static-72-64-138-146.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui22:39
kimdIs it possible to change the name of form fields via RFEs? Or is that prohibited for reasons of backward compatibility?22:49
@preactionbackwards compatibility22:49
kimdAre you correcting my English? Or was that an answer?22:49
@preactionthat's the answer22:49
kimdNot possible?22:50
kimdWhat about WebGUI 8?22:50
kimdIn the Gallery we have form_keywords. But it is "tags" in the templates.22:51
kimdAnd keywords is misleading since we have keywords in the index as well.22:51
@preactionit will always be called keywords, because the API is called WebGUI::Keyword22:51
kimdHm. But searching for keywords and searching for tags is not the same thing.22:51
kimdI find that very confusing.22:52
kimdI had to go through the code first before I was able to understand the difference.22:52
@preactioni don't. tags are user-entered keywords22:52
@preactionit's called tags only because that's what Flickr calls them and that's what the client wanted them to be called22:52
@preactionand calling them Tags everywhere conflicts with Version Tags22:53
kimdThat's a good point.22:53
kimdWhat about userKeywords?22:53
kimdDon't get me wrong. I do not want to change that immediately.22:53
kimdBut it would be good to have a distinction between user entered keywords and automatically generated index keywords.22:54
kimdstill disagree?22:54
@preactioni don't know of any good alternatives, but i would be open to one if it were found.22:56
@preactionperhaps the problem is that Version Tags are called Version Tags22:56
kimdHm. I will think about it.22:56
kimdpreaction, do you think you can approve this RFE: http://www.webgui.org/rfe/request-for-enhancement/11571 ?22:58
@preactionyes, go ahead, in the manner stated (proceed=editParent)22:58
kimdInto WebGUI::Asset or only WebGUI::Asset::File::GalleryFile::Photo?23:00
@preactioninto WebGUI::Asset. you can't easily override www_editSave23:00
kimdOne last question. Then you will have the rest of the day off :-)23:01
kimdThere is no testing code for the Gallery asset. If I add a search feature, does that put me in charge to write it from scratch?23:02
kimdGallery asset search function, I should say.23:02
-!- SDuensin [~Scott@mobile-166-137-143-151.mycingular.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving]23:03
@preactionyes, just get as thorough as you can, doesn't have to be perfect just so long as what you added is tested23:03
kimdOk. That will delay me a bit. Probably good exercise though.23:04
kimdEnjoy the rest of your day. Good night everyone!23:04
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+perlDreamerI need to head out get the kiddos from school00:11
+perlDreamerbe back in 3000:11
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scrottie1did you fix this thing I was looking at...?01:58
+perlDreamerwere you looking at  t/Asset/Wobject/Collaboration/getTemplateVariables.t ?01:59
scrottie1no, but I haven't stopped to look at that file or pull changes from you to see what you're talking about.01:59
+perlDreamerso, which thing were you looking at?02:00
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rce8b1dc / (2 files in 2 dirs): Remove an old database column from EMS mark 1. - http://bit.ly/axPvzR02:01
@scrottieasset keywords, but you listed a bunch of related things.02:01
@scrottiewasn't sure if that was one of them.02:01
+perlDreamerit isn't02:01
@scrottiejust trying to put that statement into context before evaluating it.02:02
+perlDreamerIf i came up with an idea related to Keywords, I'd tell you first02:02
+perlDreamersince we talked about it02:02
+perlDreamerespecially before committing it02:02
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie webgui-7.8 * r545fd1f / (2 files in 2 dirs): Remove an old database column from EMS mark 1. - http://bit.ly/acyHV902:03
scrottie1oh, heck, I can't hear you scrottie.  we must be offline.02:03
@scrottieyeah, except I said I was going afk to hide in a dark corner with the book ;)02:03
+perlDreamernot a problem02:03
+perlDreamerI know how to type really loud02:04
CIA-104webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r42015a3 / t/Asset/Wobject/EventManagementSystem.t : Update the test to ignore the old database column, and to add new properties returned by get. - http://bit.ly/dgz6Rf02:06
+perlDreamer47 failing tests and counting02:06
+perlDreamertime to make dinner02:06
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@scrottieokay, this stuff makes a little more sense now but I need to pick it up tomorrow... stepping out of the house tonight.03:08
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Haargpreaction, did you have any comments on the upgrades code?19:04
@preactionnot yet, doing so now19:07
@preactionobvious one: documentation19:12
@preactionespecially answer "why", like "why need the mysql command line and can't use DBI"19:13
@preactionor "why should i use this method"19:13
@preactiondo we need rm_lib? should an upgrade script ever delete a perl module?19:16
Haargthey do now19:16
@preactioni just remember back in 7.3 when i didn't delete the old EventsCalendar and it worked, but next version someone did and everything broke19:17
@preactioni mean, we overwrite modules all the time and that's fine, but why remo.19:17
@preactionoh, like Commerce19:17
@preactionwhich absolutely wouldn't work anymore at all19:17
Haargit's mainly only a problem because we preload everything.19:18
@preactionwhich needs to go away19:19
Haargyeah, the way it is done right now doesn't work out the best19:20
Haargi wouldn't have a problem with getting rid of rm_lib - i was mainly just looking to add replacements for all of the things people do with current upgrades that are annoying or difficult to do.19:29
@preactionno, i was wrong, it's necessary19:30
Haargaside from the docs (both for the upgrades api and the upgrade script instructions) is there anything else?19:31
@preactionthe WebGUI::Upgrade::File::* don't seem to exist on github19:31
@preactionbut i suspect they're just fine too19:31
Haarghttp://github.com/haarg/webgui/tree/upgrades/lib/WebGUI/Upgrade/File/ ?19:34
Haargthe other code thing that needs to be dealt with is preloads.  need to prevent this stuff from being loaded.19:34
@preactionyeah, i click on those files and they don't load19:34
@preaction"That page doesn't exist!"19:34
Haargwell, if it isn't obvious, txt and pod will display documentation and want for you to tell it to continue19:35
Haargsql imports a complete sql script, wgpkg imports a package19:36
@preactiontxt/pod will show up for every site?19:36
Haargno, only once per upgrade19:36
Haargthere's a bit of code in WebGUI::Upgrade to deal with that19:37
@preactionand what about unattended upgrades? is there a flag to bypass them?19:37
Haargif you specify --quiet or if there is no terminal it won't prompt19:38
Haarghaving a separate switch for unattended would probably be good as well though19:38
Haargand possibly something for logging19:38
+perlDreameryeah, logging!19:39
@preactionperhaps we could always make a var/upgrade.log 19:39
-!- Trex___ [~Dale@x-160-94-170-39.borg.umn.edu] has joined #webgui19:41
Haargi kind of love and hate how the upgrade script cleanup works.  it functions fine and mostly decouples WebGUI::Upgrade::Script from the rest, but it kind of relies on some non-obvious interactions between the two parts.19:45
Trex___Hi folks. I'm seeing an odd character encoding behavior that has me really puzzled. The encoding appears to change depending on not only whether I'm logged in or not, but also how I'm viewing a particular asset...19:45
Trex___I'd be curious what you think of this example:19:46
Trex___Note the name at the end of the first citation (under books): Fionnuala Ní Aoláin19:46
Trex___Now compare that to the article that holds this content, when viewed by itself, without the page layout wrapper: 19:47
@preactionyou're running 7.5. there were a lot of fixes to the UTF-8 problems in 7.619:47
Trex___The name here correctly shows as Fionnuala Ní Aoláin --- but the odd thing is that it shows correctly in either case when you are logged in.19:47
Trex___Heh. Oh? Well, that's good to know. I scanned the changelogs and didn't see anything that looked obvious for my specific problem, but I guess I was being too focused.19:48
@preactionHaarg would know more, he did them19:49
@preactioni still get completely confused by character encoding problems19:49
Trex___This is pulling data in from a legacy system connected in such a way that it would be pretty painful to test its behavior after upgrading.19:49
Trex___You have an appreciation for the U of MN, scrottie1?19:50
@preactionTrex___: are you using database caching? it's possible the cache table isn't UTF-8?19:50
Haargcache is all storable19:51
Haargutf8 shouldn't matter on the db side for it19:51
Trex___I'm not sure what is going on the cache end, but what I do know is that I can edit the citation and the edit will appear immediately, but the encoding issue will remain the same.19:51
scrottie1Trex___, went to school there, and worked there.19:52
+perlDreamerin the WRE, where does mysql log?19:52
scrottie1worked in JaWS, back when it was cool ;)19:52
Haargin the mysql data directory19:52
@preactionperlDreamer: wre/var/mysqldata/`hostname`.err19:52
+perlDreamererr, heh19:53
Trex___scrottie1: that's cool. :) I'm in the Law School and we pretty much do everything our own way. I've met with other folks recently to talk up WebGUI, but there's a big Drupal community at the U that seems to draw everyone else in.19:53
scrottie1Trex___, you know David Naughtan in the library dept by any chance?19:53
scrottie1Trex___, and did you make Frozen Perl, by any other chance?19:54
Trex___preaction: thanks for the confirmation that there is likely an encoding issue that will likely go away if we ever get upgraded (as I really want). However, in the meantime I have a fix that will convert the special characters to HTML entities, which seems to avoid this problem.19:55
Trex___I wanted to bring it up here first to see if it was a known issue for our version.19:55