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--- Log opened Mon Dec 01 00:00:11 2008
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8723 /experimental/wgfs/ (lib/Filesys/Virtual/WebGUI.pm t/filesys-virtual-webgui.t): 00:34
CIA-41WebGUI: better stat() mode calculation00:34
CIA-41WebGUI: bug fixes00:34
CIA-41WebGUI: changed root to root_path and added root_path() method to be consistent with other Filesys::Virtual drivers00:34
* SDuensin dreams of the day he can directly open templates with Coda.00:38
@rizenwill never happen00:38
SDuensinSays you.  :-P00:38
* rizen put an exclusion for Coda right in the driver00:38
SDuensinSee, that's the problem with open sores.  Any fool can edit it.00:38
@rizenyou assume you can read my unintelligible code00:39
SDuensinDone it before.  :-P00:39
SDuensinIs there a way to not use the quantity field in a product?00:41
BartJolmaybe there's a default value for it00:44
BartJolmaybe I've seen that00:45
SDuensinBut my products have no quantity available.  They're produced on-demand.00:46
BartJolno, that it WebGUI think with that vaule, the supply is endless or on demand00:48
@rizenSD you need to set it to 9999999900:51
@rizenit requires a quantity00:51
@rizenor ah ha00:57
@rizenor ah hah!00:57
@rizenbut not uh huh?00:57
BartJol? are you going insane? please do not00:58
BartJolI had the wrong window00:59
* SDuensin will set it and edit it out of the display template.00:59
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@rizenbooyah grandma!01:05
@rizenpay dirt01:05
@rizenwe have working webdav01:06
@rizeni may just have to take the rest of my life off01:07
SDuensinIf I had time, I'd drive up there and kiss you.01:07
@rizenif you did, i'd smack you over the head with a hatchet01:08
CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8724 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.6.4-7.6.5.pl: fixing a Matrix v2 upgrade bug01:08
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8725 /experimental/wgfs/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 01:08
CIA-41WebGUI: bug fixes01:08
CIA-41WebGUI: we have working webdav - wahoo!!!01:08
SDuensinSo what's the DAV stuff do so far?01:10
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@rizenoh, only everything01:14
@rizenyou can edit assets01:14
@rizenif you download an asset that is not a subclass of WebGUI::Asset::File01:14
@rizenthen it gives you a json blob01:14
SDuensinBlob me, baby./01:15
@rizenif it's a binary file you can simply download and upload and it creates assets01:15
SDuensinYou may be my new hero.01:16
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@rizenhardly, this is only step 1 of a lot of steps, before it's ready for any kind of real purpose01:17
SDuensinYea, but it's getting there.01:18
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CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8726 /experimental/wgfs/lib/Filesys/Virtual/WebGUI.pm: made the json blob pretty03:12
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CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8727 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Merged yung-thingy-rfe04:38
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patspampluggable user profile looks really sweet06:27
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+perlDreamerYou're up late tonight06:54
+perlDreamerwell, at least your IRC client is06:55
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8728 /WebGUI/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt: remove some old merge leftovers08:59
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8729 /WebGUI/etc/log.conf.original: 08:59
CIA-41WebGUI: Made log.conf.original comment consistent with what log4perl configuration08:59
CIA-41WebGUI: actually does (WARNings are not captured).08:59
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CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8730 /WebGUI/ (7 files in 5 dirs): fixed UserList12:57
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Guest54306Hey, I'm not sure if I did this question before but I don't still have any answer so I ask you anyway17:02
Guest54306Anyone has worked with perl (or WebGUI) and auth memcookie?17:03
BartJolnot me17:03
Guest54306I really need this17:03
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* SDuensin smacks preaction with anything other than a large trout17:36
* rizen reminds SDuensin that preaction often wears the troutshield of protection, so he would have been immune to the trout had SDuensin used it17:37
SDuensinSee?  I out-thunk him!17:37
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SDuensinSatan created CSS.17:47
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SDuensinDid I dream there was a macro to display an image at an arbitrary size?  Or am I having a flashback to 5.x?18:02
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+perlDreamerBartJol, welcome to PBWG18:12
+perlDreamerStill weird seeing you with hair, though18:12
BartJolwell, I cut it yesterday18:13
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SDuensinpreaction lives!18:16
@preactionexplains to me why updating Safari requires a full restart of OS X?18:17
SDuensinYea!  I wanna know too!18:17
@preactionalso, SDuensin do you have an e-mail address?18:17
SDuensinOr updating the frickin' RAW filters.18:17
SDuensinEmail?  What's that?18:17
SDuensinWork addy:  scott@jaegertech.com18:18
@preactionhm. that was the one i sent to. anyway18:18
SDuensinWho was it from?  I'll whitelist the address.18:19
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+perlDreamerSDuensin, can you please pastebin me some of the text that's causing the Product to error out?19:16
SDuensinSure.  I'll find exactly what killed it.  Gimmie a sec.19:16
+perlDreamerI've tried pasting in stuff from OpenOffice, but no luck trying to recreate19:16
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@rizenpreaction: for the same reason IE requires the same thing...apple stupidly integrated the browser into the OS19:18
@preactionbut there's no way to reload just, for example, the window manager that is using those frameworks?19:18
@preactioni mean, kernel-level reboot should be only necessary for kernel changes19:19
SDuensinperlDreamer - http://webgui.pastebin.com/m436f596f - It's the quote after the 16 that kills it.19:19
+perlDreamercool!  Thanks.  Now I can try to get it down to a specific test, or an upgrade of JSON.pm in the core19:19
@rizenpreaction, but "it's just easier" to restart everything to to restart individual processes19:20
@preactionyeah, that's not a slippery slope or anything...19:20
@preaction"it's just easier to not check if a file was successfully copied before we delete it"19:21
SDuensinperlDreamer - YW19:21
@rizenpreaction: it's just easier to kill your enemies than it is to negotiate with them19:22
SDuensinperlDreamer - FYI, it came from a DOC file that I loaded into TextEdit and pasted into FF.19:22
Lisettehow to do to redirect to other page from a payDriver?19:25
+perlDreamerLisette, look into WebGUI::Session::Http.pm19:29
Lisettei'm going to see19:32
+perlDreamerparticularly, the ->redirect method19:33
Lisettein any place there is an example?19:33
@preactionthere are lots of places, but there is also documentation19:34
@preactiondo a grep for "setRedirect"19:34
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8731 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 19:43
CIA-41WebGUI: Update POD for several methods.19:43
CIA-41WebGUI: Make getObject clone data for safety and update tests.19:43
CIA-41WebGUI: Make newObject always alter $address for consistency and update tests.19:43
Lisetteand with this setRedirect i can send params?20:10
@preactionyou can send a query string, yes. not POST params though20:11
Lisettei need with method post20:12
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@preactionwhy do the latest webgui has a "lastUpdated" field when there is already a revisionDate field?20:31
SDuensinSo you know when you last updated the latest revision?  :-P20:31
-!- Bernd__ [n=spunky@] has joined #webgui20:33
@Haargsometimes there are updates without new revisions20:34
Bernd__Hey everyone,20:37
Bernd__how is business going?20:37
+perlDreamerstill hacking20:38
Bernd__Surprise, surprise :-)20:39
Bernd__Question: How can I post those "*" remarks to the chat?20:39
Bernd__I have seen them very often and want to be able to post them, too.20:40
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@preactionBernd__: you mean "/me does something" ?20:45
* preaction does something20:45
+perlDreamerBernd__: you say slash me20:45
+perlDreamerpreaction does a whole lot of things, really20:46
* Bernd__ is having a cup of tea and enjoying the chat20:46
+perlDreamerincluding teaching perlDreamer javascript20:46
Bernd__Can I join the lesson?20:46
Bernd__I very much like that Ajax stuff.20:46
Bernd__Is that all implemented by using YUI20:47
Bernd__Difficult to learn?20:47
@preactionnot really20:47
@preactionif you already know some JS it should be fine20:47
Bernd__Hm, I just have too little time for all the interesting stuff in the world :-(20:47
Bernd__Maybe I should start working as hard as rizen?20:47
Bernd__preaction, not at all.20:48
Bernd__I only know some Java.20:48
Bernd__But I am out of practice.20:48
Bernd__I think I am going to stay with pure HTML for the moment.20:48
Bernd__Thanks for the hint with "slash me", btw.20:49
@preactionbest to think of javascript as having nothing to do with java, makes it easier to learn20:49
+perlDreamerSDuensin, I can duplicate your bug.  And it's testable, too.  That is very good news.20:51
+perlDreamerHaarg, I could use some utf8 help if you have a little time21:09
+perlDreamerIn the product, I used encode_json and decode_json21:09
+perlDreamerand it they throw an error on "wide characters"21:10
+perlDreamerI can fix that bug by using to_json and from_json21:10
+perlDreamerbut will it still work with international, utf8 characters?21:10
@Haargi had that a bit confused for a while21:10
+perlDreamerso, in general, we should not use encode_json and decode_json?21:10
@Haargbasically, unless you are dealing with file i/o21:10
@Haargyou should use to_ and from_21:11
@Haargand not use ->utf821:11
+perlDreamerhas anyone looked through the codebase  for that?21:11
@Haargi've been meaning to21:11
@Haargthere are some places that do need to use encode_21:11
@Haargthe package system for example21:12
+perlDreamerOne thing I'm confused about is testing21:12
+perlDreamerthe code fails in apache, but not in the tests21:12
@Haargwhich tests?21:13
+perlDreamerI jimmied up a test to throw in a wide character into a product collateral21:13
+perlDreamerand it does not die21:13
+perlDreamerLet me pastebin some code for you21:13
@Haargyou sure it's actually a wide character?21:15
+perlDreamersee the funny, backwards double quote next to 16?21:15
@Haargyou can't inline characters like that without 'use utf8' or similar21:15
+perlDreamerif you run the test, it does  print out as funny21:16
+perlDreamerbut I'll add the use utf8 line to the test to see what's up21:16
@Haargit's probably just getting the byte sequence, not the character21:16
@Haargi'd suggest using an escape code instead21:16
+perlDreamersomething like \x{dddd} ?21:17
@Haarguse utf8 will probably work, but an escape will make it more obvious what you are actually doing21:18
+perlDreameris there a lookup table someplace online for encodings?21:18
@Haargnothing i know of21:19
@Haargis the quote you have there21:21
+perlDreameryep, much better.  Test go boom21:22
+perlDreamerHow did you look that up?21:22
@Haarguse utf8 + Data::Dumper21:23
+perlDreamerSDuensin: it's fixed.  7.5.35 should be coming out this week.21:33
SDuensinperlDreamer - Sweet.21:33
+perlDreamerIf you want it sooner, then you can pull it from svn21:37
+perlDreamerfor the 7.5 branch, it's 873221:37
SDuensinNa, not a problem.  I just used a regular quote and it's fine.21:37
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8732 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fix wide character handling in Product JSON collateral21:39
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8733 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): forward port Product JSON collateral wide character fix21:39
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8734 /experimental/Automat/lib/ (Automat/Customer.pm WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm): added an email all hosting customers option21:39
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carograyhi all - Plain Black people - can you remind me what we tell people who are finally ready to direct their a records to the Plain Black server i.e. they want their demo site to now be live where do I find the info?21:57
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CIA-41WebGUI: frank * r8735 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Inbox/Message.pm: Updated the POD for some of the new and changes methods to make their use more clear.22:06
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+MrHairgreaseanybody read this: http://developers.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1046193&cid=2593540323:02
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SDuensinGotta love Perl.23:04
+MrHairgreaseah crap: http://developers.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1046193&cid=2593737523:05
+MrHairgreasestill... gotta love perl23:05
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@preactionhttp://duartes.org/gustavo/blog/post/what-your-computer-does-while-you-wait <- interesting little thing on performance23:36
--- Day changed Tue Dec 02 2008
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nubahey folks, this is totally offtopic, but here's me playing some ragtime-like guitar song last friday, at university, in a improvised gathering http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beKTgRUanp000:20
nubaits a passable rendition to a awesome song, Clap, by Steve Howe, in his first album with the Yes band, early 70s00:21
+perlDreamerhe can hack, pick and strum!00:30
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+perlDreamerCould a nice PB staff-type person please move this into the RFE board?00:39
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@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: done00:48
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* perlDreamer goes to run errands01:07
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8736 /branch/wrebuild_0.8: putting wre 0.8 into mothballs01:15
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8737 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Post.pm): Make Posts respect the email privacy setting. Fixed in 7.6 branch only.01:15
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8738 /wrebuild/ (5 files in 4 dirs): 01:15
CIA-41WebGUI: removed WDK01:15
CIA-41WebGUI: added --ia64 flag for custom processing on 64-bit systems01:15
SDuensinIs there a limit to the number of products a shelf will display?  I'm only seeing a fraction of what I've entered.01:17
SDuensinSeems it shows the last 25 products I entered and gives up the fight.01:20
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CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8739 /wrebuild/ (build.sh wre/docs/changelog.txt): 02:09
CIA-41WebGUI: - Added the following components:02:09
CIA-41WebGUI:  gnutils-2.6.202:09
CIA-41WebGUI:  libgcrypt-1.4.302:09
CIA-41WebGUI:  libgpg-error-1.702:09
CIA-41WebGUI:  libiconv-1.1202:09
+perlDreamerSDuensin, check for pagination controls in the Shelf template02:40
+perlDreamer25 is the default pagination size, so it's suspicious02:40
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SDuensinperlDreamer - Thanks.  Will do.04:01
+perlDreamerSDuensin, the default shelf template does not have pagination controls.  That's definitely the problem.04:03
+perlDreamerthat's probably a bu04:14
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8740 /WebGUI/ (193 files in 16 dirs): 04:17
CIA-41WebGUI: Adding tinymce language support for arabic, portugeuese,04:17
CIA-41WebGUI: danish, french, russian, spanish, german, dutch, norway,04:17
CIA-41WebGUI: hungarian and italian.04:17
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8741 /WebGUI/www/extras/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/ (16 files in 15 dirs): add polish language support to tinymce04:17
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SDuensinperlDreamer - Well, I'm good at breaking things.  :-)04:33
+perlDreamerwell, that's also two shop related bugs in 1 day04:37
+perlDreamernot too bad04:38
SDuensinIs the pagination just a template change?  That one *is* a big deal for me.04:38
+perlDreamerit is, but it's also a bug04:38
+perlDreamerif you post it, I'll fix it04:39
+perlDreameractually, I'll probably have it fixed before you post it04:39
+perlDreamerbut it would be nice to have it documented.04:39
SDuensinI'll post it real fast.04:39
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8742 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (209 files in 16 dirs): backport language pack support for tinymce04:40
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+perlDreamerYou beat me05:50
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui05:58
patspamperlDreamer++ # implementing an RFE that was submitted for me while I was asleep, and finishing it before I woke up, that's fast05:58
+perlDreamerwell, we aim to please at perlDreamer Consulting05:59
+perlDreamerit's out new psychic interface05:59
elninohello!  If I have an article who calls the ParentPageURL macro and I make a short cut of that article and put it on a page layout, who's ParentPageURL is it going to get?06:00
elninoit appears to be going into a loop and getting confused.06:00
patspamperlmonkey2: you still awake?06:00
@perlmonkey2patspam: 06:01
patspamI'm thinking plenty of people will want a simple "congrats, you finished the survey" on their survey exit page06:02
@perlmonkey2an exit section or have the exit url got to a page with that message.06:02
patspamwas just musing that people could put survey_url?msg=my%20message%20goes%20here06:02
patspamand get survey to print out msg form param if it exists06:03
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8743 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Add basic pagination support to the default Shelf template.06:03
patspamwould save people from having to create an article containing the message06:03
@perlmonkey2seems like it might be easy enough to do06:05
patspamah, but you're right, an exit section is probably better06:05
patspamhadn't thought of that06:05
patspamI was thinking about it in the context of exitUrl for survey timeouts, since we probably need to tell the user what has happened06:06
patspamin my case I want to force users to restart the survey with a message telling them that they timed out06:07
@perlmonkey2yeah, I wondered what else it should do.06:07
@perlmonkey2So I guess I should break out the check of if the survey has ended to return different codes + messages.06:08
+perlDreamerelnino, could you set up a demo site (with standard credential) and post the link back here please?06:08
patspamyeah, and we could offer a drop-down of what to do on timeout: go to exitUrl, restart, etc..06:09
+perlDreamerif it's a bug, post it as a bug then I can use that as a test bed for fixing it.06:09
@perlmonkey2patspam: just make it a asset setting?06:12
+perlDreamerDataForm has an acknowledgement template and message06:12
elninoperlDreamer. hmm. I guess ParentPageURL is a user contrib. I guess I can't really expect you to fix it even if I do find a problem. It's more complex, I'm calling parentPageURL from a macro I created from a shortcut on a page layout....  So maybe I should ask if there is a way to do what I want to do..=)06:13
elnino*All* I want to do is. Grab the last part of the url:   /url/path/to/this..  I want just "this"06:13
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@perlmonkey2patspam: you'll have to forgive me, i'm not really with it today.  I was attacked by a tree Yesterday and the tree won.06:15
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: how do you not spend all your time here: http://www.sparkfun.com06:15
elninokeeping in mind that it's called from an article that has been shortcutted and placed on a pagelayout. And I'm looking for the last part of the pagelayout's url.06:16
patspampm2: damn trees! do you have scars that tell the tale?06:16
@perlmonkey2patspam: heh, no, just a nice red line across my face.06:18
patspamouch. how did you manage that?06:19
@perlmonkey2was driving a truck out around a lake.  I backed into a tree, heard some squeeking and turned to look just as a branch flipped free of the truck by swinging through the window and into my face.  Was quite comical after I realized I hadn't been blinded.06:21
* perlDreamer is a dedicated Make blog reader, perlmonkey206:27
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: yeah, I ordered the ardrino starter book today.06:28
@perlmonkey2should be fun stuff.06:28
@perlmonkey2I used the OOPic for my last UAV.  06:28
@perlmonkey2but it was fairly limited06:28
+perlDreamerI built two PICs at Maxim06:28
* perlDreamer grieves quietly but bravely06:29
@perlmonkey2yeah, but when you say you "built a PIC", you don't mean you soldered some IC's to some transistors, do you?06:29
+perlDreamerNo, I mean from the ground up.06:29
+perlDreamerWe started with the instruction set06:30
+perlDreamerand ended up with a PIC06:30
+perlDreamerbuilt the ALU, RAM, ROM, EEPROM06:30
+perlDreamertwo digital interfaces (1-wire and SPI)06:30
@perlmonkey2don't know what SPI is.06:30
+perlDreamerI even hacked the gnupic tools to do our compiling for us06:30
@perlmonkey2heh, cool06:31
+perlDreamerSPI is also called I2C?06:31
@perlmonkey2oh, okay06:31
@perlmonkey2making specialized controllers?06:31
@perlmonkey2industrial stuff?06:31
+perlDreamerno, smaller projects06:31
@perlmonkey2When my buddy got out of EE, he started a consulting business doing what he had done at work, and then did software on the side, and then sold his software business for millions.06:32
@perlmonkey2Not that you should do that, as I think everyone is happy you are doing software as your main business :)06:32
@perlmonkey2patspam: shoot me an email on if you like the url encoded exit message or having a way to set messages for different exit scenarios.06:44
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]06:44
+perlDreamerNo, I'm confused again.  SMB == I2C.  SPI is a 3-wire interface06:52
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8744 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): backporting default shelf template pagination template fix07:17
+perlDreamerelnino, please try ^PageUrl(); and see what it gives you.07:17
elninoThanks. I actually figured it out,I ended up writing my own macro that took the env(path_info) and striped everything except what i wanted. 07:18
elninoalthough env seems buggy, at least it doesn't return what I think it should return. I'll write a bug for that.07:19
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+perlDreamerSession/Env doesn't do much with the environment hash.   It might be more of an Apache thing.07:27
elninoyep.  I got the idea from the loginbox macro - it's the only place I saw i used. It picks up HTTP header variables.07:28
+perlDreamerI'm glad you found a solution07:29
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CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8745 /branch/yung-thingy-rfe/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Added rfe 9128: Thingy fields subtext and pretext now have max length of 1024.12:13
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CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8746 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.6.4-7.6.5.pl: fixing matrix upgrade bugfix13:07
CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8747 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/ (MatrixListing.pm Wobject/Matrix.pm): fixed a bug in Matrix deleteAttribute method13:34
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Lisettehow to get the address in a payDriver?15:21
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-240-43-138.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui15:31
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Lisettehow to get the address in a payDriver?15:32
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@perlmonkey2when dealing with non-utf8 chars, would you use to_json or encode_json?  encode has the implied utf8=>1 flag.16:44
@perlmonkey2and why do people still leave their system settings to a locale, instead of universal utf8?  16:44
SDuensinPeople leave it where it defaulted during the install.16:45
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@perlmonkey2Haarg: when do you build the beta release?17:57
@perlmonkey2Trying to see how much time I have to resolve the utf8 issue.17:57
@Haargwhich utf8 issue?17:57
@Haargprobably early afternoon?17:57
@Haarg... that was supposed to be a statement not a question17:58
@perlmonkey2survey on beta isn't working.  Think it is the to_json vs the encode_json issue.17:58
@Haargfor survey, use to_ and from_ everywhere, or don't use ->utf8 if doing oo17:58
@perlmonkey2it uses encode/decode18:00
@perlmonkey2which convert to utf818:00
@perlmonkey2but with wide non-utf8 encodings, they break.18:00
@perlmonkey2or at least wide points which don't fit into utf8.  Of which I believe there are only a few edge cases which don't.18:01
@perlmonkey2The windows backticks I believe don't fit.18:01
@perlmonkey2and commas18:01
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@Haargyou don't want to use encode_ and decode_18:05
@perlmonkey2yeah, we'd hate to assume utf8.18:06
@Haargit's not that simple18:06
@Haargwe do assume utf818:06
@Haargbut that is handled elsewhere18:06
@Haargactually, wait18:06
@Haargare you dealing with writing or reading files?18:07
@Haargthat gets a bit trickier18:07
@perlmonkey2just encoding and decoding user entered text18:07
@Haargbasically, everything going out or in from apache is utf818:07
@Haargbut you don't have to care18:07
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ18:07
@Haargsame for the database18:07
@Haargin the perl code, you just always treat it as character strings18:08
@perlmonkey2yeah, but anything that doesn't fit into the utf8 space is just left as a bad wide char.18:08
@Haargwhich is what to_json/from_json do18:08
@Haargif you use encode_json, it tries to encode the characters into utf818:08
@perlmonkey2so if you have a multi-byte with the first byte not having the correct byte count, you have a bad space that is just quietly passed along.18:08
@Haargbut that is already done by the db layer18:08
@perlmonkey2Haarg: right, and it is strict in its encoding.18:09
@Haargso it causes problems18:09
@perlmonkey2no silent failures.18:09
@Haargbut you don't want to encode at all18:09
@Haargbecause that is done elsewhere18:09
CIA-41WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r8748 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/ (Survey/SurveyJSON.pm Survey/ResponseJSON.pm Survey.pm): Minor fix. JSON no longer assumes proper utf8, but uses whatever off-brand locale a luser wants to use.18:10
@perlmonkey2hmm, but if we take their windows encoded (or whatever) and just assume utf8, then when we show it back to them, the page encoding will be labeled utf8, but their browser will see non-utf8 wide encodings that don't fit and give them the bad wide char char.18:10
@Haargit doesn't come in as the windows encoding18:10
@Haargit comes in as utf818:10
@Haargnon-utf8 wide characters doesn't make much sense anyway18:11
@perlmonkey2let me try that on the beta server and see what happens.18:11
@Haargwide characters are always going to be utf-8 or utf-16 or something like that18:11
@Haargthe windows encoding (or whatever other encoding like that) are all single-byte18:12
@perlmonkey2http://beta.webgui.org/demo1228147391_379/home/untitled?func=editSurvey why does that work but we get utf8 errors when you try to take the survey?  maybe a yui widget is failing.18:12
@Haargisn't that using encode_json/decode_json?18:13
@perlmonkey2yes.  I only just now changed it.18:13
@perlmonkey2not on beta though.18:13
@Haargusing encode_json/decode_json is the problem18:15
@perlmonkey2I need a non utf8 encoded point that does't fit into the utf8 space to test this.18:16
@Haargi don't know of any characters like that18:17
@Haargthat's the whole point of unicode18:17
@Haargthat it has all of the characters18:17
@perlmonkey2yes, but there are some significant bit code points in say Western that don't translate to utf8.  Their byte claims to be a multibyte char in utf8, but they aren't.18:19
@Haargi don't really understand what you mean18:20
@Haargthe characters in western all exist in utf818:20
@Haargbecause utf8 is just an encoding scheme for unicode18:20
@Haargit doesn't really matter what the encodings are in western, because the browser sends them in utf818:21
@Haargand if the browser didn't send them in utf8 we wouldn't be able to deal with them anyway18:22
@perlmonkey2I just used an Eastern (don't know which ISO) and cut and pasted into the demo survey.             I can't belive it.   was cut off at "I can" as the ' was probably a 11 byte, but the next byte also had a significant bit18:24
-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui18:24
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ18:24
@Haargare you seeing any cases that are broken now that you've changed it to to_json/from_json?18:26
@perlmonkey2Haarg: yes18:28
@perlmonkey2when I send the eastern encoded string, it is not sent back correctly to the editor.  But it is stored and sent back to the presentation correctly.18:28
@perlmonkey2and how would the high bit Western encodings fit into UTF8?  And western point that starts with 1, would be a bad wide char.18:29
@perlmonkey2Well, not a western point, but a western byte.18:29
@Haargagain, everything comes in as utf818:29
@perlmonkey2then why would encode and decode break? 18:30
@Haargbecause the database already does encoding18:30
@Haargso you are double encoding stuff18:31
@perlmonkey2how would the database know which encoding was coming in?  Wouldn't it just assume utf8 is being passed in?  18:32
@Haargbrowser has characters18:33
@perlmonkey2yeah, are those bytes or points?18:33
@Haargit encodes them to utf8 to send18:33
@Haargdoesn't matter18:33
@Haargapache gets the utf8 strings, gives them to webgui18:34
@perlmonkey2well my Latvian            I can't belive it.  didn't get encoded correctly18:34
@Haargwebgui (WebGUI::Session::Form) decodes the utf8 to characters18:34
@Haarginside webgui everything treats them as characters18:34
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o bopbop] by ChanServ18:35
@Haargwhen you save to the database, it send encodes them to utf8 for storage18:35
@Haargand decodes them back to characters when it pulls them out18:35
@Haargin webgui (excepting i/o), we always should just be treating them as character strings18:36
@Haargi may see the problem though18:36
@perlmonkey2I'm thinking the to/from fixed the issue.  Looks like a template error.18:37
@perlmonkey2the template value isn't surrounded with quotes.18:37
Lisettehow to do to get the address in a payDriver?19:10
@rizenopinion: I'm working on WRE 1.019:29
@rizenopinion needed, that is19:29
@rizenand i'm thinking about upgrading MySQL19:29
@rizen5.1 came out19:29
@rizenand it has a lot of bug fixes19:30
SDuensinBleeding edge, baby.  I can take it.19:30
@perlmonkey2I just read a short review that said it should probably still be called beta.19:30
@rizenstuff that isn't ever going to get patched in to 5.019:30
@rizencuz they appear to have end of lifed 5.019:30
@rizeni read the monty blog post too19:30
@rizenand he's clearly conflicted19:30
@rizenhe said that the new features are clearly beta19:31
@rizenbut also that there's lots of bugs fixed in 5.1 that aren't going to be fixed in 5.019:31
@rizenincluding several fairly major crash bugs19:31
@rizenso...could i hear your thoughts and opinions, so i can roll them around in my head for a little while19:31
@perlmonkey2just as long as the business logic layer doesn't creep into triggers and stored procs, its all good.19:32
-!- Lisette [n=liraos@] has quit ["Leaving."]19:35
CIA-41WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r8749 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (2 files in 2 dirs): added an epochDate field to the template for CS RSS items. The ^D(); + macro can then format the epoch date.19:37
@perlmonkey2Doesn't look like any of the listed bugs are show stoppers19:42
@perlmonkey2Although it would be nice if transactions every became something stable enough to be usable.19:42
@rizenthanks for the opinion...anybody else have a thought? cap10morgan preaction Haarg khenn_ anybody?19:45
-!- khenn_ is now known as khenn19:45
-!- mode/#webgui [+o khenn] by ChanServ19:45
@preactioni would say provided there are no regressions with 5.1, go for it19:46
@khennI agree with preaction19:46
* SDuensin likes new software.19:46
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-76-24-169-61.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has left #webgui []19:47
+cap10morganrizen: i assume you won't have webgui magically start using 5.1-only features when it's running in wre 1.0, so it seems like a good idea to me19:48
@Haargsince the bugs seem to mainly be in the new features (which we aren't using) upgrading seems fine19:49
@rizennope, we won't be using any 5.1 features19:49
@rizen because the API backward compatibility guarantee applies through-out the 7.x series19:49
@rizenMySQL 5.0 is the base19:49
@rizenas is Apache 2.0 and Perl 5.819:50
@rizenSo even though we're upgrading to Apache 2.2 and Perl 5.10 in the new WRE, we won't be able to make use of any of those new features either19:50
@rizenonly the performance enhancements and bug fixes19:50
@rizenok, so it sounds like everybody is for moving to 5.1, so I'll add that19:50
@rizencap10morgan: as promised, WRE 1.0's primary new feature is going to be 64-bit support19:51
+cap10morganoh, nice!19:51
SDuensinMORE BITS!  Whoo!19:51
+cap10morgannow that i know more about the ins and outs, that's mainly nice for the mysql component. but that's pretty important.19:52
+cap10morganbut the pre-fork apache processes could already use more than 4GB of RAM amongst themselves since each one gets its own address space, as you explained to me before. so that relieves most of the pressure on our end.19:53
@rizenwell it's nice for more than memory. theoretically native 64-bit calculations should be faster due to higher through-put19:55
@rizenso that affects apache, perl, mysql, etc19:55
@perlmonkey2rizen: you finally got it compiled on 64 bit?  swa-eet.19:56
@rizenthat's just what i'm working on for wre 1.019:57
@perlmonkey2oh, may the 64 bit gods smile upon your endevors then.19:57
@rizeni've gotten tips from mrhairgrease, koen, and knowmad, so hopefully i can now make it work19:59
@rizenplus i'm upgrading to the latest versions of everything, so hopefully that helps as well19:59
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-117-235-27.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui19:59
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+perlDreamerHaarg, are you releasing today?20:01
+perlDreamercool.  I'll be watching for your release notice then to stop committing to the 7.5 branch.20:05
+perlDreamermeantime, could someone please move this into the RFE category: http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/902320:06
+perlDreamerthe cart template never had a page title20:06
@Haargtoday is 7.6 release20:18
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: is that really an RFE?  20:19
+perlDreamerI think so, but I could be convinced otherwise20:19
+perlDreamerShould the view cart page have a title?20:19
@perlmonkey2good question20:21
+perlDreamerTo me, that's what it boils down to.20:22
+perlDreamershop comes before Asset in the content handler, so I was thinking (but didn't check) that the session asset would not exist yet20:22
+perlDreamerthat would rule it out20:22
+perlDreamerI guess we could put a static title in it20:22
+perlDreamerView Cart20:22
+perlDreamerbut the bug mentioned wanting to be able to change it, which sounds like user config20:23
+perlDreamerthe user config is out of scope for the Shop right now20:23
@perlmonkey2I can find no flaws in that 20:24
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@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: done20:26
+perlDreamerthanks, man.20:26
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8750 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/lib/WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Add Help for new epochDate CS RSS template variable.20:37
ckotilRFE: include DENY in the subject for denied version tags.20:42
ckotilhell include APPROVED for approved version tags as well20:43
ckotilbc right now its not apparent just by looking at the subject wheather or not a tag was approved/denied20:43
+perlDreamerI like it, ckotil20:43
@perlmonkey2I like it too20:48
ckotilcool, i just about have the RFE written up and submitted20:48
ckotilI think we will just need to modify the Notify about version tag Workflow Activity20:48
+perlDreamerHaarg, rev 8081 actually fixes a bug in 7.520:52
+perlDreameris it safe to back port it to 7.5?20:53
+perlDreamerI thought about doing just the Calendar part, but the CS, Gallery, and Wiki are also affected.  So we'd be heading off bugs by doing it that way.20:57
@Haargthere have been a couple bugs introduced by that change21:18
@Haargso i'd prefer not backporting it21:18
@Haargwhat is the 7.5 bug?21:18
+perlDreamerwhen you copy a calendar, it creates version tags for each child event21:22
+perlDreamermost likely because getParent returns nothing useful21:23
+perlDreameractually, I can work with that21:23
+perlDreamerif getParent isn't defined, I'll have it return undef21:23
+perlDreamerinside of getAutoCommitWorkflow inside Event.pm21:23
+perlDreameractually, what kind of bugs are you seeing in 7.6 related to that?21:24
@Haargthey were fixed, but there was an issue with the email -> CS workflow21:24
@Haargi don't know of any related bugs that still exist21:25
+perlDreamermaybe I should just do the Calendar/Event fix then21:25
@Haargbut given how large of a change it is and that there have been bugs with it already i'm just not certain about backporting it21:26
+perlDreamerI'll see if I can find a different/better solution then21:26
* perlDreamer bows to Haarg's experience and wisdom21:28
@Haargit looks like i used a different solution for how to keep recurring events in the correct tag for 7.5 vs 7.621:30
@Haargdon't remember why21:30
+perlDreamerwell, if getAutoCommitWorkflow return undef, it uses VersionTag->getWorking, which seems to be the right solution to me21:31
+perlDreamerthat's what I'm going to try and emulate in 7.521:31
+perlDreamerAlso, before you commit, would you please see if you can duplicate my RTE bug for 7.5?21:32
+perlDreamerit's really strange21:32
+perlDreamerin that there's been no changes to that code, but it stopped working21:32
+perlDreamerI'm hoping it's just my browser version21:32
@Haargyou have a link?21:33
@Haargi think i know the problem21:34
+perlDreamermy error console says (method || 'p').toLowerCase is not a method21:34
+perlDreameror something very similar21:35
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8751 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix badge viewing issue in the EMS21:35
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8752 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): forward porting ems badge viewing permission fix21:35
@Haargi should probably report the bug in tinymce for that one21:36
@Haargfix committed21:36
+perlDreamerdoes that fix also prevent the RTE from wrapping everything in paragraph tags?21:38
@Haargkind of21:39
@Haargit wraps in paragraph tags unless you set the option to use br tags21:40
+perlDreamerwell, then I think you may have fixed two bugs...21:40
@Haargwell, the bug fix for that broke it21:41
@Haargso now the brokenness is fixed21:41
+perlDreamerI'll close my bug, and then test the other one to see if it's fixed, too.21:41
+perlDreamerand the fix, it codes around a bug in tinymce by not sending the option at all, versus sending JSON::true?21:42
@Haargsorry for not posting something on that bug21:42
+perlDreamerit's okay, I know you're busy21:42
@Haargi was told about the bug through different channels, and didn't know it was posted as a bug until later21:42
@Haargheh, i didn't document it because the bug was introduced in the same version21:57
+perlDreamerI'm not sure I followed that Haarg.22:00
@Haargthat bug was never in a released version22:00
@Haargdoesn't really matter though22:00
+perlDreamerand it brings us one closer to < 3 pages of bugs22:01
+perlDreamerit also didn't fix the other RTE bug that I mentioned.  But I'll try to close down the Calendar version tag bug first and then try it22:02
+perlDreamerI've been shying away from Bazaar and Helpdesk bugs22:02
+perlDreamerthere are really only a handful of core WebGUI bugs posted22:02
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8753 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/lib/WebGUI/Asset/RichEdit.pm: fix rich editor22:06
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8754 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt: document RTE bug fix (useBr workaround)22:06
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8755 /wrebuild/ (build.sh wre/docs/changelog.txt): (log message trimmed)22:06
CIA-41WebGUI: - Upgraded the following components to these new versions:22:06
CIA-41WebGUI:  aspell6-en-6.0-022:06
CIA-41WebGUI:  aspell-0.60.622:06
CIA-41WebGUI:  awstats-6.822:07
CIA-41WebGUI:  expat-2.0.122:07
CIA-41WebGUI:  ImageMagick-6.4.6-822:07
@Haargwas this fix put into 7.5? http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/915522:08
+perlDreamerrizen thought it was too radical for 7.5 at this point22:08
@Haargthe changelog entry was added for it22:08
+perlDreamerit was?22:09
+perlDreamerI'll fix that22:09
+perlDreamerI originally developed it in 7.5, then had to port it over to 7.522:09
nubaperlbot: paste22:09
perlbotPaste your code to http://sial.org/pbot/perl http://erxz.com/pb or http://p3m.org/pfn/perl and #Perl will be able to view it.22:09
+perlDreamerI must not have cleaned it up22:09
@rizenwhat is too radical?22:10
+perlDreamerthe headblock/extra head tags change22:10
@rizenit should have only been put into 7.622:10
+perlDreamerit was22:10
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]22:10
@rizenok, then what's the problem?22:11
+perlDreamerI forgot to remove the changelog notice22:11
+perlDreamer(from 7.5)22:11
@rizenso no problem22:11
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui22:11
+perlDreamerEver since you got me canned, I've been very careful to do _exactly_ what you say.22:11
+perlDreamerexcept for that jalapeno juice cure for colds22:12
* perlDreamer goes to the gym22:16
+perlDreamerHaarg, I have no pending/halfway commits, so please don't hold the release for me22:16
@HaargperlDreamer, did you end up doing anything with that calendar copy problem?22:24
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8756 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt: undocument bug that is not fixed in this version22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8757 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Storage.pm): - security: A problem was discovered and fixed in which users could email executable attachments to a collaboration system and then when viewed online, could execute them.22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8758 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (lib/WebGUI/Form/Textarea.pm t/Form/Textarea.t): 22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: use proper method of formatting text for display in Textarea form22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: control22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8759 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Storage.pm): 22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: - security: A problem was discovered and fixed in which users could email22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: executable attachments to a collaboration system and then when viewed online,22:36
CIA-41WebGUI: could execute them. We recommend immediate upgrade for all 7.x users.22:36
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--- Day changed Wed Dec 03 2008
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+snapcountanybody see a problem with changing line 439 of WSClient.pm from if (!$@) { to if (!$@ && defined $aref) {00:35
+snapcountI'm not sure what the process is for submitting patches these days so I figured I'd start here00:35
+snapcountI was getting an error when I used the WSClient and that fixes it00:36
+snapcountDEBUG - www.hdpublishinggroup.com.conf - WebGUI::Macro::process[142] - Stack trace for ERROR Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/WSClient.pm line 440.00:36
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+perlDreamerHaarg, no changes to calendar yet.  My return undef if !$parent fix did not work.00:59
@Haargi'm not really sure how the changes i made in 7.6 dealt with the issue01:00
+perlDreamerit's gotta be in there somewhere01:00
@Haargthe problem i saw right off when looking at it01:00
@Haargis the duplicate method on the calendar01:00
@Haargit doesn't use skipAutoCommit01:00
@Haargon its addChild calls01:00
@Haargalso, it probably needs to override duplicateBranch01:01
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-!- patspam1 is now known as patspam01:01
@Haargsince it is already doing that behavior01:02
+perlDreameryeah, I noticed that, too01:02
+perlDreamerthe copy icon in the asset toolbar now has a dropdown if you have children01:02
+perlDreamerallowing you to copy only the asset, or the asset and children, or asset and descendants01:02
+perlDreamerand since calendar always copies children, copy only asset does not work01:03
+perlDreamerbut I don't know why preaction did that in the first place, so I was hesitant to do anything with that01:03
@Haargit may just be best to remove the extra handling calendar has01:03
+perlDreamerexcept the skipAutoCommit you mentioned?01:04
@Haargno, the default duplicateBranch includes that01:04
+perlDreamerokay, now I'm officially confused01:04
+perlDreamerin the 7.6 branch, Calendar's duplicate does not do skip auto commit01:04
@Haargyeah, i don't know why it works in 7.601:05
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@68-114-219-232.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["bye"]01:09
+perlDreamerI'll start by tracing it in 7.5, and then comparing against 7.601:18
+perlDreamerThere has to be a good reason for it01:18
+perlDreamerYour unconscious programming skills are quite envious, Haarg :)01:19
@Haargit's probably the hasBeenCommitted check01:20
@Haargthe newly created parent hasn't been committed01:20
@Haargso it doesn't get an auto commit workflow01:20
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8760 /experimental/Automat/lib/Automat/Site.pm: redundant line01:24
+perlDreamerthat would make sense01:24
+perlDreamerbut don't we _want_ it to auto commit?01:24
+perlDreamerthe problem is that it's going through a manual commit01:25
+perlDreameror do I have it backwards?01:25
@Haargwe don't want it to autocommit01:26
@Haargbecause for copy, the commit process is handled elsewhere01:26
+perlDreamerso, if I backport just hasBeenCommitted and use that, it would fix it01:26
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@Haargmaybe, but i think fixing duplicate would be better01:27
+perlDreamerokay, then let me play it all back01:27
+perlDreamerwell, there's a problem with that, too01:27
+perlDreamerif we eliminate duplicate, then in the Asset Manager when you copy a calendar, it won't copy all the events like it does now01:28
+perlDreamerI'm cool with that, as long as y'all are okay with the new behavior01:28
@Haargfor now keeping the existing behaviour is probably better01:29
+perlDreamerso in 7.5, I'll just add the skipAutoCommit01:30
+perlDreamerand in 7.6...?01:30
+perlDreamernuke dupe?01:30
@Haargthat seems ok01:30
@Haargalso, i think calendar (7.5) should have a duplicateBranch method01:31
+perlDreamerwhat does it need to override in the one from AssetVersioning?01:32
+perlDreameruh, AssetBranch01:32
@Haargthe one is AssetBranch duplicates children01:32
@Haargsince duplicate already will be doing that01:32
@HaargduplicateBranch should not01:32
+perlDreamerThat seems backwards to me.01:33
@preactionI HATE THE CALENDAR01:33
@preactioni just thought i should mention01:33
@Haarghow so?01:33
@Haargin 7.6, we're eliminating duplicate, so it isn't an issue anymore01:34
+perlDreamerIn a perfect world, duplicate branch would copy children, and duplicate would only duplicate the calendar.01:34
@Haargwhich is what we want to do in 7.601:34
+perlDreamerbut didn't you just say that in 7.5, duplicate branch should _not_ duplicate events?01:34
+perlDreamer(03:31:59 PM) Haarg: duplicateBranch should not01:35
+perlDreamerI'm probably taking that out of context01:35
@Haargin 7.5, Calendar::duplicateBranch should not duplicate children itself01:35
@Haargit should just let duplicate copy the children01:35
+perlDreamerI see01:35
+perlDreamerthat makes more sense01:36
+perlDreamerthanks for straightening me out01:36
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+perlDreameris it safe to commit, Haarg?01:42
@Haargi'm working on test failures01:43
+perlDreamerwe haven't had any automated smoke tests in two days.01:46
+perlDreamerdo you want some help with the tests?01:46
@preactionit's been more than two days01:47
@preactionthe SVN version is broken for some unknown reason01:47
+perlDreameryeah, but the stable branch was working up until the 30th of November01:47
@preactionnow that's not working either? god...01:48
+perlDreamertesting has high costs in maintenance01:48
@Haargi think i have the tests basically dealt with01:49
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8761 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix duplicate handling by the Calendar.01:50
@rizenperlDreamer, do you have 7.6 checked out?01:50
+perlDreamerI have an up to date copy from SVN.  Is that what you mean?01:51
@rizengo to the admin console01:51
+perlDreamerlet me switch over to 7.6 form 7.501:51
@rizenis it hosed for you?01:51
+perlDreamerAdmin console in the admin bar is okay01:53
+perlDreameradmin console from an operation, however, looks messed up01:53
+perlDreamerI'm missing the admin bbar01:53
+perlDreamerbut from other places it looks fine, like from User01:55
+perlDreamergroups is okay01:56
+perlDreamerso offhand I'd say it's just the AssetManager and admin console/admin bar together01:57
+perlDreamerHaarg, Calendar buttoned up in both branches.02:04
+perlDreamerrizen, do you have more 7.6 questions?02:07
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8762 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 02:19
CIA-41WebGUI: Fix Calendar copy behavior. By default, duplicate will only copy02:19
CIA-41WebGUI: the Calendar. duplicateBranch must be called to copy it _and_ its02:19
CIA-41WebGUI: children.02:19
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@rizensorry pd, had to take care of some stuff quick02:30
@rizenfor me, the admin console wrapper is fubarred everywhere02:31
@rizenalmost like the css is missing02:31
@rizenactually, it's a js error:02:31
@rizenCan't find variable: initAdminConsole02:31
+perlDreamerlet me double check that I'm up to date02:32
+perlDreameryep, fully up at 876202:32
+perlDreamerrizen, I'm about 10 minutes away from a bugfix for Tavis.  Let me wrap it up and I'll help look at the adminConsole.02:34
@rizenyou don' t need to i was just trying to see if it's a local thing or not02:35
@rizenif you're not seeing the problem, then it must be on my box02:35
+perlDreamerwhich workflow should collateral uploaded through the RTE image manager use02:38
+perlDreamershould it be autocommitted?02:38
@Haargshould be the same as anywhere else i would think02:38
@Haargi'm doing the 7.6.5 release right now btw02:40
+perlDreamerI'm working in 7.5, I'll hold off forward porting 'til you're clear02:40
+perlDreamerright now the image manager does an addChild, but no kind of commit processing02:40
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8763 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Form/Textarea.pm t/Form/Textarea.t): 02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: use proper method of formatting text for display in Textarea form02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: control02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8764 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session/ (Form.pm ErrorHandler.pm): Make sure SQL parameters are stringified (for overloaded entries) before converting to json for debug output02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8765 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/FormValidator.pm: FormValidator doesn't need to handle defaults, the Forms API already does that02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8766 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/HTML.pm): fixed: filtering of rich text areas very slow for large content02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8767 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed: international characters are corrupted on export02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8768 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Search/Index.pm: don't need to decode content before indexing it, it's already decoded02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8769 /WebGUI/ (6 files in 6 dirs): removing WSClient02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8770 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Survey/SurveyJSON.pm: fix some POD errors02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8771 /WebGUI/ (t/Asset/File.t lib/WebGUI/Storage.pm t/Macro/Thumbnail.t): some fixes after Storage and Storage::Image merge02:44
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8772 /WebGUI/docs/create.sql: preparing for 7.6.5 release02:44
+perlDreamerThe WSClient is dead?02:46
@Haargwe aren't supporting it anymore02:47
@Haargit'll get its own repo like SQL Form02:47
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-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ02:48
+perlDreamerwhat to do with WSClient bugs in the tracker?02:52
-!- tavisto_ [n=tavisto@97509host161.starwoodbroadband.com] has quit []03:02
@Haargwell, if we can fix them in 7.5 that would be nice03:04
@Haargbut it is so painful to work with that i'd consider them very low priority03:05
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8773 /experimental/Automat/sbin/ (findSites.pl createSitesForServer.pl): bringing sites from servers into automat03:14
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8774 /releases/WebGUI_7.6.5-beta: Release 7.6.5-beta03:14
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8775 /experimental/use-at-own-risk.txt: use at your own risk03:14
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@h69-128-55-18.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]03:19
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8776 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): preparing for 7.6.6 dev03:41
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+perlDreamerrizen: Did you find out what's up with Admin Console on your box?05:05
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8777 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Wobject/Survey/SurveyJSON.t: Add wide character JSON encoding test.05:06
@preactionwould a report that only gets updated by a workflow activity be a useful thing?05:10
@preactionso the user could navigate the report, but the data inside it is only updated by a workflow activity at a certain schedule (configured in the asset)05:10
+perlDreamerIs this a DataForm feature?05:15
+perlDreameruh, DataTable05:15
@preactionno, this would be added to the Report framework05:17
@preactionwhich is... damnit... kind of similar to the DataTable05:18
@preactionno, it's not. DataTable is for DataSources, which may be mutable05:33
@preactionReport is for immutable data05:33
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8778 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (321 files in 56 dirs): 05:33
CIA-41WebGUI: Merge branch '7.6.5-beta' into flux05:33
CIA-41WebGUI: Conflicts:05:33
CIA-41WebGUI:  lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Survey.pm05:33
@rizenperlDreamer: i think you broke plainblack.com05:50
@preactioni don't know if it was him, the extra head tags are indeed there05:50
@rizeni'm talking about style templates05:51
@rizenand technically, it's not him that broke it05:51
@rizenbut rather steve, for designing the site like that05:51
@preactionoh, i was trying to figure out why the SWFObject script was erroring, i suppose i never actually looked at the HTML being spit out05:52
@rizenbut that means that when we push this upgrade out to the public we should try to "fix" their borked templates for them05:52
@rizenthat is, if this is indeed the error05:53
@preactionhttp://www.plainblack.com/home/homepage?func=edit;proceed=manageAssets <- this has some Extra <head> elements, but they aren't in the HTML being generated05:56
@rizenah well that would do it05:56
@rizeni'm also restoring an old copy of the pb database05:56
@rizento see if there are any style templates that have a headblock with something in it05:57
@rizenyou are a genius06:03
@preactionbut what was the fix? i can't find anywhere these things were supposed to get included in any way06:03
@preactionnm, i see it now06:05
@rizenthe worst part about it is that i think i may have inadvertantly told him to remove that line06:07
@rizenbecause i didn't understand what he was asking me06:08
@rizenanyway...all better. back to watching WALL-E06:08
+perlDreamerwoe is me06:13
+perlDreamerwhat do we need to do to fix the code, preaction and rizen?06:13
@preactionperlDreamer: i believe it's all fixied now06:14
@preactioni removed the two instances from processStyle, and JT added it back to prepareView06:14
SDuensinDo you people ever sleep?06:14
+perlDreamerpreaction can't sleep, it's in his contract06:15
SDuensinYea.  It's the dark part between bugs.06:15
+perlDreamerand I've got a business to launch, so I'm trying to stay busy06:15
@preactioni've been there ... once... 06:15
SDuensinMe too, bud.  I hear that.06:15
@preactionthere were people talking06:15
@preactioni didn't like them06:15
SDuensinpreaction needs to sleep.  I'm going to bug him tomorrow.  :-)06:16
@preactionoh no, i'll be up bright and squirrelly in meetings06:16
+perlDreamerpreaction: with those code changes, will other views also get extraHeadTags?06:17
+perlDreameror only view?06:17
@preactionperlDreamer: okay... how did this EVER work before?06:17
SDuensinWell, I'm going to bed.  This PB stuff is stressing me out.  I need my beauty rest so I can do a good job tomorrow.  Unlike today.06:18
+perlDreamerSDuensin, good night.  Hack on tomorrow.06:18
SDuensinI will.  I'm still super-excited to get to do this!06:18
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8779 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm: readded a line that i think i accidentally told colin to remove06:19
CIA-41WebGUI: doug * r8780 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Asset/Wobject.pm Asset.pm): cleaning up the rest of the extra head tags06:19
CIA-41WebGUI: doug * r8781 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Asset/Wobject.pm Asset.pm): dum dum dum dum dum06:19
@preactionbut doesn't this mean that they'll get added twice by view?06:21
+perlDreamerI'll fire it up and check06:22
+perlDreameryup, it comes out twice06:27
+perlDreamerDo we fix it tonight, or tomorrow?06:38
* perlDreamer votes for tomorrow, when fingers are fresh and heads are not befuddled06:39
@preactionyes, tomorrow06:40
@preactionwhen testing can be written so this little mishap doesn't hap again06:40
-!- perlmonkey21 [n=perlmonk@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]06:50
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-117-235-27.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has quit ["Leaving."]07:04
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8782 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 07:12
CIA-41WebGUI: Make copy use safe references.07:12
CIA-41WebGUI: Add tests for remove, and copy.07:12
-!- Benvolio [n=Ray@c-71-61-48-113.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui07:25
-!- Petruchio-II [n=Ray@c-71-61-48-113.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]07:27
-!- Benvolio is now known as Petruchio07:55
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-!- wgGuest71 [n=wgGuest7@dsl-146-54-137.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #webgui12:43
wgGuest71Hi All12:43
wgGuest71hope someone here can help me12:43
wgGuest71embedding perl in pages - tried the MasonScript - seems to be a bit outdated12:44
wgGuest71anyone had any luck with this12:44
wgGuest71just need to be guided in the right direction12:44
BartJolsorry, I can't help you12:45
wgGuest71no prob12:48
wgGuest71tx for reply12:48
BartJolmost people here live in the US and willl wake up in three to 4 hours12:50
BartJolso you might wanna try again later12:50
wgGuest71much appreciated, Ill do that12:50
BartJolglad to be some sort of help12:54
CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8783 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Matrix.pm: matrix bugfixes and code improvements13:09
wgGuest71another question if I may, I went to the bazaar, and wanted to buy the latest version of ruling webui, but I don't see it there. Am I looking at old forums? Does this manual still exist?13:23
wgGuest71not bazaar I mean this link https://www.plainblack.com/store/13:29
wgGuest71should I be looking at the developers guide?13:30
BartJolwgGuest71: well you have the primer that you can download13:52
BartJolbut for more explanation of programming and the use of the api, the developers guide is the thing13:52
BartJolso it depends on what you wana do13:54
wgGuest71gone through that, want to get more into the nitty gritty, and in the forums ruling Webgui was mentioned, the manual I got is for 5.4 though, do not sure if that has changed13:55
BartJolif you have a 7.x version, you can consider ruling WebGUI as obsolete13:55
BartJolthere has been many changes13:56
BartJolI think that the content managers guide is most similar to ruling WebGUI13:56
wgGuest71awesome, so a purchase of the content guide and the developers guide will be most valuable.14:26
wgGuest71once again, thanx for the info14:26
BartJolThat's my opinion, but as long your not a designer, those two boomks should do the trick14:28
CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8784 /branch/yung-thingy-rfe/ (2 files in 2 dirs): added rfe #w9099: Thingy field-copy function15:10
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CIA-41WebGUI: martin * r8785 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed: #8775: Miscount in number of replies in CS Thread.17:05
SDuensinNo, no greasing yet.  Not made it to McDonalds.17:08
BartJolI understood that all american food is greasy17:08
SDuensinNot all.  Just the good stuff.  :-)17:11
+MrHairgreasewhen you fix something for 7.5.35 and then forward port it to 7.6 does it have to be in both the 7.3.35 and 7.6 changelog?17:19
@preactionMrHairgrease: no, just the 7.5 changelog17:24
@preactioni believe we'll merge the changelogs when 7.6 goes stable17:24
@perlmonkey2preaction: ack, I've been putting everything in both changelogs.  Oh well.17:25
+MrHairgreaseok, makes sense17:26
+MrHairgreasei guess it would look weird to see the same bug fixed twice17:26
+MrHairgreasevery back to the future17:26
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@h69-128-55-18.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has joined #webgui17:27
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+perlDreamerI'd like to point out that BartJol should be voiced because he's PBWG.18:06
+perlDreamerAlso, famous, talented, good looking and generous.18:06
CIA-41WebGUI: martin * r8786 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Merging fixed #8775: Miscount in number of replies in CS Thread.18:06
+perlDreamerand, should Koen get out of control, he's "our last, best hope".18:06
* SDuensin just started watching B5. Very timely.18:07
BartJolperlDreamer: uh?18:11
+perlDreamerjust blush and accept the compliment, dude18:11
BartJolok, thanks18:12
-!- Netsplit orwell.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: gugod, s4eek, apeiron18:14
SDuensinpreaction / Haarg - When one of you has some time, I need a bit of guidance.18:15
@preactionSDuensin: sup?18:15
-!- Netsplit over, joins: s4eek, apeiron, gugod18:16
@preactionBartJol: rejoin the channel please?18:16
SDuensinI got your mail last night (dunno WTF happened before).  Basically you need the old thing ported to the new thing?18:16
BartJolpreaction: why?18:17
BartJolI'm here18:17
@preactionBartJol: so that the server can auto-voice you and i can see that it works correctly18:17
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@host2.procolix.com] has quit ["Leaving."]18:17
@preactionbreathless anticipation!18:18
-!- bartjol [n=bartjol@host2.procolix.com] has joined #webgui18:19
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+bartjolpreaction: it worked18:19
+MrHairgreasewelcome to the big boys bart18:20
+bartjoldec 2008 is my nonth for WebGUI it seems18:21
+bartjoland that while I just messed up a upgrade process, so Koen had to stay longer than he wanted...18:22
+bartjolor is bugging Koen considered positive?18:23
-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@206-124-7-145.denver.dsl.forethought.net] has quit []18:24
+MrHairgreasesure why not18:25
CIA-41WebGUI: ernesto * r8787 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/lib/WebGUI/ (4 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)18:34
CIA-41WebGUI: * Make WebGUI work with any kind of LDAP URI (ldap, ldaps and ldapi).18:34
CIA-41WebGUI: The fix consists on making every connection use the URI _without_ the base.18:34
CIA-41WebGUI: This requires rebuilding the URI parameters using scheme, host and port as18:34
CIA-41WebGUI: taken from the original URI stored in WebGUI's or User Preferences,18:34
CIA-41WebGUI: passing it as_string() to Net::LDAP->new(), and stripping any other18:34
CIA-41WebGUI: parameter to the constructor.18:34
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+MrHairgreasetime to go19:00
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@gw.oqapi.nl] has left #webgui []19:00
+bartjolbye from me too19:02
-!- bartjol [n=bartjol@host2.procolix.com] has left #webgui []19:02
SDuensinOk, explain this one.  I was working on a little Nokia 800 tablet last night.  Somehow, I hurt my pinkie!  It *still* hurts like hell!  Capital letters are painful!19:07
+perlDreamerIt's all that java typing with no sigils19:13
+perlDreamerIt's weakened your sinews19:13
SDuensinSeriously.  It hurts like hell.19:14
SDuensinI need one of those foot pedal shift key things.19:14
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-!- rjacobsen [n=rjacobse@74-142-170-75.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #webgui19:24
rjacobsengood afternoon all19:24
rjacobsenI was wondering if maybe there were some scripts available to where I could use the script to import a package to multiple sites within webgui and one to delete multiple assets in webgui19:25
rjacobsenuploading packages to 50+ websites is taking forever.....19:26
SDuensinSounds like something that'd be handy.  Don't know of such a beast though.19:26
rjacobsenit would be awesome19:27
rjacobsenhow much would I have to pay for someone to write me such a script?19:27
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8788 /experimental/Automat/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm: fixed search19:27
rjacobsenguess no one wants to make any money :(19:31
@preactionrjacobsen: if you want a quote from plainblack, send an e-mail to sales@plainblack.com19:32
rjacobsenwell is there not such a script available?19:32
@preactionrjacobsen: alternatively, fill out this form: https://www.plainblack.com/store/services/development/portfolio/quote19:32
+perlDreamerrjacobsen, no there isn't19:32
rjacobsenok then19:33
@preactionrjacobsen: you can look in the https://svn.webgui.org/plainblack/tools section, i think the packages one might be there19:33
+perlDreamerit is19:42
+perlDreamerdoes demo.webgui.org have several hosts on the same ip, or is it clustered?19:46
@preactionseveral hosts on the same IP19:47
@preactiondemo.webgui.org is plainblack.com afaik19:47
+perlDreamerI'm working on Tavis's RTE upload problem.  The problem is that it sometimes grabs a different site cookie with the same IP.  That gives it a different session, and therefore scratch vars and version tag.19:47
-!- khenn [n=khenn@68-185-186-98.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI19:48
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@preactionuh... so it's a site configuration problem?19:48
+perlDreamerI think so.  The only way I can duplicate it is to access my dev site via an IP address, versus the site's name19:49
+perlDreamerthis bug could go all the way back into apache, or mod_perl, or site config19:49
+perlDreamerI'll make sure the HTTP environment vars are the same for all requests19:50
+perlDreamerwell, I found the bug and it's not Apache or mod_perl19:56
+perlDreamerbut I'm still confused19:56
+perlDreamerForm::HTMLArea used $session->url->getSiteName to get the name of the site19:57
+perlDreameraccessing it by IP address isn't in the list of sitenames, so it uses the first sitename19:57
+perlDreamerthat's a different site from the original, so you get a new session19:57
+perlDreamer(via a different cookie)19:57
+perlDreamerbut that doesn't fully explain the demo site yet19:58
@preactionperhaps something to do with gateways and using multiple demo sites at the same time?19:58
@preactionthe cookie is named the same, and maybe it's only linked to the domain and not the path?19:58
@Haargdemo.webgui.org is on cold19:59
+perlDreamerthat sounds right, preaction.  But then I'd expect it to be random.  And this is very, very repeatable.20:00
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@97509host161.starwoodbroadband.com] has joined #WebGUI20:02
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ20:02
@HaargperlDreamer, what are the steps to reproduce this?20:03
+perlDreamerLog in as admin20:03
+perlDreamerEdit anything with an HTMLarea20:04
+perlDreamerHit the Insert WebGUI Image button20:04
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8789 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/lib/WebGUI/ (4 files in 3 dirs): reverting 8787 due to compile errors20:04
+perlDreamerupload an image20:04
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@68-185-186-98.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]20:04
+perlDreamerHit the select button next to the image20:04
+perlDreamerIn the thumbnail error, you will see the string ERROR20:04
+perlDreamerIf you leave the edit screen, you'll see that a version tag was created20:05
@Haargi'm not seeing an error20:05
@Haargon a demo site20:05
+perlDreamerI've done it on several demo sites over the last few days20:05
+perlDreamerand, I can do it on a dev site, if you access it via IP address rather than site name20:06
+perlDreamermaybe it's tied to a particular browser?20:06
+perlDreamerthis is the demo site I'm using now: http://demo.plainblack.com/demo1228325826_275/home/welcome?func=edit20:07
@Haargi see20:07
@Haargit works on demo.webgui.org20:07
@Haargbut not on demo.plainblack.com20:07
@Haargi could fix this on the server side probably20:11
@Haargi'm just not certain if that is the best fix20:11
+perlDreamerThere's an alternate fix, I think.  I just can't try it on a demo server20:11
@Haargit should probably be adjusted to use urls that are relative to / instead of having the full url20:11
+perlDreamerInside Form/HTMLArea, I took out the getSiteUrl part of the image url20:11
+perlDreamerokay, I'll commit that20:12
@Haargit's just an issue with having two different domains for one site20:12
-!- perlmonkey21 [n=perlmonk@] has joined #webgui20:26
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8790 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Form/HTMLArea.pm): have imageTree use relative urls to handle sites with multiple sitenames20:31
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8791 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Form/HTMLArea.pm): 20:31
CIA-41WebGUI: Remove 7.5.34 changelog that snuck into the 7.6 branch.20:31
CIA-41WebGUI: Forward port imageTree thumbnail relative url fix for sites with multiple hostnames20:31
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-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@bolivar.unesr.edu.ve] has joined #webgui20:49
@preactionhello there20:49
SquOnkI saw my patch 8787 to 7.5 reverted because of compilation errors. I wonder what those compilation errors are, since I'm not seeing them.20:50
SquOnk(The patch is in production in my servers since monday, that's why I'm curious)20:50
@preactionperlDreamer: you reverted that patch, can you fill in?20:51
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@97509host161.starwoodbroadband.com] has quit []20:51
+perlDreamerAll my logs are wiped.  I do that when working on bugs to keep the paging down20:52
+perlDreamerI'll merge that patch back in later today, and try to recreate it20:52
+perlDreamerI remember missing my's, and issues like that20:52
@preactioni'll run the syntax_check.t against that revision20:52
SquOnkpreaction: Please do, and let me know what's wrong. As I said, this patch is in production with no errors or warnings at all.20:53
-!- wgGuest15 [n=wgGuest1@dsl-146-54-137.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #webgui20:54
wgGuest15Hi All, I had a question earlier about embedding perl in an html page layout in webgui. I tried using MasonScript to no evail. It seems a bit out-dated, can anyone steer me in the right direction?20:55
wgGuest15your response is much appreciated in advance20:56
@preactionSquOnk, perlDreamer: looks like syntaxCheck.t passes20:57
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8792 /experimental/Automat/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm: better linking between objects20:57
+perlDreamerSquOnk, I owe you an apology then20:57
+perlDreamerWould you like me to add the patch back in?20:57
SquOnkperlDreamer: Yes, please.20:58
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...so it makes it into the next release.20:58
@preactionwgGuest15: firstly i would not suggest what you're trying. secondly, look for PerlOutputFilterHandler maybe?20:59
SquOnkperlDreamer: Hold on.21:00
SquOnkperlDreamer: JT wrote an e-mail to me. And he's right about me not being aware of the feature freeze, so I guess the patch should not be committed yet. I need to do a better job :-)21:00
+perlDreamerSquOnk, it's probably just a matter of timing.21:01
SquOnkperlDreamer: It always is :-)21:01
wgGuest15preaction:Tx for the response, why would you advice against using the method (embedding)? I will do a bit more reading on what you have recommended21:02
@preactionwgGuest15: because putting Perl code in that layer opens up a whole bunch of security holes21:02
@preactionwgGuest15: you could try making a new template plugin for mason, that might work better and be more secure21:02
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit []21:03
apeironWell, you *could* switch over to the TT plugin and use its PERL directive.... but not advisable regardless.21:05
@preactionthat might be better than anything i've yet suggested21:06
wgGuest15preaction:I agree that would be the best approach. However, I am pressed for time at the moment (aren't we all these days) and have a deadline to meet.21:06
PetruchioHey, anyone here work for Plain Black?21:07
@preactionPetruchio: all the ops here21:07
wgGuest15Let me look into the TT plugin, thanx for the assistance.21:07
wgGuest15btw, Great product, really like what I have seen so far21:08
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui21:10
-!- mode/#webgui [+v snapcount] by ChanServ21:11
+perlDreamerIn the rich editor, enabling the buttons in the toolbars is sometimes not enough to enable functionality.21:14
@preactionthat's... kinda weird21:14
+perlDreamerFor example, you may also have to update the Valid Elements property for the rich text editor21:14
@preactionhate the tinymce. i want to go to the YUI one21:14
+perlDreamerI'm thinking about just updating the hover help for the toolbars sections21:15
+perlDreamerbut I'm wondering if instead I should change the default forum editor to allow all elements let the toolbar control what's going on21:15
+perlDreamerany suggestions from the PB crew?21:15
@preactioni think just updating the help and docs21:17
@preactionor... what if enabling the button would also add (using a bit of client-side scripting) the element(s) to the list of enabled elements?21:17
@preactionperhaps with a small pop-up warning saying "oh, btw, i just did this"21:17
+perlDreamerthat sounds like more than I want to do in 7.521:18
@preactionnot sure i like the idea, seems overly complicated21:18
* perlDreamer goes running21:32
+perlDreamerWe're under three pages of bugs now21:32
-!- WebGUI [n=SynQ@f70168.upc-f.chello.nl] has joined #WebGUI21:35
WebGUIhi there21:35
ckotilAny plan to allow multiple groups be allowed to view/edit an asset? without doing groups of groups21:35
@preactionckotil: patspam has been working on a thing called "Flux" that might handle what you want. otherwise there's no plan for it yet. perhaps an RFE for it?21:35
ckotilcool. yeah, might as well21:36
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8793 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 21:54
CIA-41WebGUI: Note that adding an RTE toolbar button does not guarantee that21:54
CIA-41WebGUI: the functionality it provides will work. The Valid Elements21:54
CIA-41WebGUI: property also needs to be updated.21:54
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8794 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): update RTE docs for adding toolbar buttons AND Valid Elements21:54
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-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui22:19
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-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-76-24-169-61.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui23:49
+perlDreamersnapcount, for your WSClient patch, what do you want the attribution to be in the change log?23:56
+perlDreamerRoy Johnson, ExploreOS?23:56
--- Day changed Thu Dec 04 2008
+snapcountactually HD Publishing Group, Inc.00:00
+perlDreamersince you provided a patch00:00
+perlDreamerwill do00:00
+snapcountor Death, Inc.00:00
+perlDreamernot Guitar Hero Wannabe's of Florida ?00:00
+snapcountI have not given up on our plot to take over all of the nation's Papa Johns00:01
+perlDreamerwith the new Shop, it will be easier00:01
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+snapcountthanks for getting that in Colin, I appreciate it00:03
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+perlDreamerYou're welcome.00:03
+perlDreamerI won't miss the WSClient, but I'm glad you find it useful.00:04
+snapcountwe have a little SOAP service that returns sales statistics00:04
+snapcountand we use it in the footer of our intranet to show everyone how we're doing for the day00:04
@preactionmy question is, we're getting rid of it, sure, but can it be fixed at all?00:06
@preactioni mean, is it possible, given the scope of the thing?00:06
+snapcountwell it works for our specific instance with that patch00:07
+snapcountit probably won't work for anything else though lol00:07
+snapcountperlDreamer I'm coming to OSCon this year00:07
+snapcountand the WUC00:07
+perlDreamercool.  I wish I could00:07
+perlDreamerOSCON, that is00:07
+perlDreamerbut it's in California in 200900:08
+snapcountyeah that's still close man00:08
+snapcountroad trip!00:08
+perlDreamerwe'll see how perlDreamer does this year in business00:08
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8795 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (2 files in 2 dirs): patch to stop WSClient from dying if there is no data to show00:24
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8796 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed: international characters are corrupted on export00:24
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8797 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/HTML.pm): fixed: filtering of rich text areas very slow for large content00:24
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8798 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/lib/WebGUI/FormValidator.pm: FormValidator doesn't need to handle defaults, the Forms API already does that00:24
+snapcountso is using && not PBP or is that one of them numerical -vs- string operator deals perlDreamer?00:35
+perlDreamerI was lazy and my fingers typed and00:36
+snapcountoh ok haha00:36
+perlDreamerI didn't download and apply the patch00:36
+snapcountI don't get to program as much anymore00:36
+perlDreamerthat's a bummer00:36
+snapcountwanted to make sure I'm not slacking on my Perl =)00:36
+perlDreamerI'm programming a lot, so it probably balances out00:36
+perlDreamerwhy doesn't mysql like `users.userId` ?00:37
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apeironsnapcount, && , and are different, to be used in different cases. They differ in terms of predence, meaning that expressions bound to && are evaluated first.00:40
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+perlDreamerrizen: would it be very bad to have the Asset Aspect comment text area use WebGUI::HTML::format so that newlines are obeyed, and other unsafe characters are commented out?00:45
@rizenno, i thought i made it do that00:45
@rizengo ahead00:46
+perlDreamerthanks :)00:46
@rizennot on save though...on display00:46
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+perlDreamerright, only on display00:51
+perlDreamerI've never looked in the Aspect code before.  It's very clean.00:59
Mech422*yawn* morning all01:01
Mech422perlDreamer: I'm finally getting back to work after the holidays, and had a question..01:02
+perlDreamerask away, Mech42201:02
Mech422perlDreamer: I need to make a change so that editing a user profile fires a work flow event..01:02
+perlDreamerI remember this talk...01:03
Mech422and preaction mentioned there was some code in place already to fire an event when the admin made changes01:03
Mech422so I'm looking in /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Account01:03
Mech422but I don't see anything in Profile.pm or User.pm that appears to check for admin priviledges or fire an event ?01:04
+perlDreamerIt would be (or was in) Operation/User.pm01:04
Mech422what does 'event firing code' look like in webgui ?  ($self->event->first('update') ? Ahh... i'm looking in the wrong spot....01:04
@rizenthanks for the compliment perlDreamer 01:05
+perlDreamerin WebGUI, most forms are two parts01:05
+perlDreamerand www_{actionSave}01:05
+perlDreamerit's the second that you're looking for in Operation/User.pm01:05
+perlDreamerlook around lines 51601:06
Mech422perlDreamer: yeah - I saw code like that in Account.pm and User.pm... I thought those were the ones01:06
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8799 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Make UserList handle profile fields with spaces in their field names01:06
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8800 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): forward porting UserList profile field name bug fix01:06
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8801 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/AssetAspect/Comments.pm): Have AssetAspect comment format its content as HTML, not text.01:06
+perlDreamerthere's workflow code for a new user, and an existing user01:06
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8802 /experimental/Automat/ (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm sbin/getmaildomains.pl): script to link everyone.net mail servers to automat sites01:06
Mech422perlDreamer: oh - Operation/User.pm is deprecated...01:07
Mech422perlDreamer: it says to use Account::Profile instead01:07
Mech422stupid irc client... make that Account: : Profile 01:07
+perlDreamersure, but that's where to find the code that you're looking for01:07
@rizenyou may need to talk to khenn about that...he may have forgotten to put the triggers back in when i was rewriting all the account stuff01:08
+perlDreamerthen you can add that to Account::Profile to do what you wish01:08
+perlDreamerthe triggers are still in there01:08
@rizennevermind then01:08
Mech422perlDreamer: ahh - ok01:08
+perlDreamerline 51601:08
+perlDreamerand I don't see any deprecation notices in Operation/User.pm01:08
+perlDreamerwhere are they?01:08
+perlDreamergotta run a quick errand, I should be back in 30 minutes or so01:09
Mech422perlDreamer: got it... sweet :-)  .. Thanks :-)01:09
Mech422perlDreamer: sorry - it was profile.pm that was deprecated01:10
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Mech422(my up-arrow (command recall) nabbed the wrong file :-P )01:10
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+perlDreamerTHINGY SUCKS01:32
Mech422perlDreamer: eh?  I thought thingy was the new 'golden boy' webgui plugin ?01:33
Mech422perlDreamer: btw - I think I found a small bug with this event code01:33
+perlDreameroh?  Cool!  Do share.01:33
Mech422perldreamer: in user.pm line 516+/- its firing the runOnAdminCreateUser and runOnAdminUpdateUser events01:34
Mech422thing is - it might not be the Admin thats doing the updates01:35
Mech422its actually just anyone for which CanEdit($session) is true01:35
Mech422(or canAdd($session) is true )01:36
Mech422so user 'steve' editing 'steve's user profile would fire the runOnAdminUpdateUser event ?01:36
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+perlDreamerMech422, that's actually by design01:42
+perlDreamerthere are several groups of people who can edit users through the admin interface01:42
+perlDreamerjust check out the canAdd and canEdit methods for the details on it01:43
Mech422ahh - in that case - I don't need to do anything01:43
+perlDreamerno, it should be fine01:43
Mech422I can just add a workflow on the runOnAdminUpdateUser event01:43
Mech422and it will get fired even if 'steve' modifies 'steve's profile ?01:43
+perlDreamerWhen Steve modifies his own profile, it comes out of Account/Profile.pm01:44
+perlDreamerthe code in Operation/User.pm is for Admins only01:44
+perlDreamerso you need to build in a trigger for Account/Profile.pm01:44
+perlDreamerand then you'd also add a new setting in Operation/Setting01:44
Mech422ok - so should I create a new 'event' in Profile.pm or just use runOnAdminUpdateUser ?01:44
+perlDreamerto allow admins to choose which workflow is run01:45
+perlDreamerWorkflow::Instance->create({})->start is the "event"01:45
+perlDreamernow you have to tell it what data to run01:45
Mech422ok - I see the @fields stuff for 'workflow' in settings..  01:48
Mech422I can just add an arbitrary key ( name => 'runOnUpdateUser') there, or is there some 'schema' somewhere that needs it as well ?01:49
+perlDreamerto add a new setting, use the settings sub object in $session01:50
+perlDreamer$session->setting->add(name, defaultValue);01:51
+perlDreamerthen, you can add code to Operation/Settings to handle the UI for it01:51
+perlDreameractually, hold on a second01:51
+perlDreamerAccount plugins can have their own edit screens01:51
+perlDreamerit would be better to add the UI code in Account/Profile.pm01:53
+perlDreamerso, to review.01:53
+perlDreamer1) Build an update-type script that adds the setting to the db01:53
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui01:54
+perlDreamer2) Modify Account/Profile to add the UI to pick the workflow01:54
-!- mode/#webgui [+v Radix-wrk] by ChanServ01:54
+perlDreamer3) Modify Account/Profile to add the firing code inside www_editSave, if there are no errors01:54
Mech422Hmm ...01:57
Mech422this whole db thing is gonna take some getting used to01:58
Mech422Do you have some sort of deployment script you use for making sure you don't forget to run lil one-off scripts like this when you deploy a live site ?01:59
Mech422or do people just dump and restore the DB when they migrate/deploy a site ?02:00
+perlDreamerMech422, see docs/upgrades/upgrade_v1_v2.pl02:04
+perlDreameralso, I'm sure that rizen and crew have provisioning scripts for handling custom code along with merging in new code from the core.02:05
@rizenmech422 what do you mean "migrate" / "deploy" a site?02:06
Mech422perlDreamer: its nice there's an update skeleton in that dir :-)02:07
Mech422rizen: we generally build sites on a 'dev' server, and deploy the finished sites on a seperate production server02:08
@rizenwhen you say "build" are we talking site content, or code02:08
Mech422rizen: also, if we update a site (other then trivial css type changes)02:08
+perlDreamerHaarg: did you fix this bug already?02:09
Mech422we pull the site back from the production server to a 'dev' server 02:09
Mech422rizen: typically - both...02:09
@rizenMech422: with webgui i wouldn't recommend using your old model02:09
Mech422rizen: mostly its for the code, skinning etc02:09
@rizendo all content on the production server all the time02:09
@rizentemplates are content as far as webgui is concerned02:09
@rizenthat's why there is a versioning system02:10
Mech422rizen: but that generally requires getting some content in just to see how stuff looks/works/etc02:10
@rizenagain, that's why there's a versioning system02:10
@rizenthe problem you'll have if you do what you're saying02:10
@rizenon anything other than a brochureware site02:10
@rizenis syncing content that gets updated on prod02:10
@rizento your dev server02:10
@rizenand back02:10
@rizenlike forums02:10
@rizenwiki pages02:10
@rizenpoll results02:10
+perlDreameruser profile data02:11
Mech422oh yeah - thats a given02:11
@rizenthat's why you should do all content changes *only* on the production server02:11
Mech422you don't expect the dev server to stay in sync if your updating a 'live' site02:11
@rizennow, if you do have something you want to change on a dev server, make a package from the production server02:11
@rizendeploy it on dev02:11
@rizenexport from dev02:11
@rizenand import back into prod02:11
@rizenbut you shouldn't often need to do that02:12
@rizenas far as code changes are concerned...absolutely you should use a dev server02:12
Mech422could I update a production site with these user profile changes using that method ?02:12
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-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ02:12
@rizenonly content is versioned02:12
@rizenuser accounts and profiles aren't versioned02:12
@rizenand therefore isn't packagable02:12
@rizenyou can only package assets02:12
+perlDreamerbut you could apply code patches from your dev site to the production site.02:13
+perlDreamerbut not data, just like rizen said02:13
Mech422right - or VCS02:13
@rizenwe absolutely do sync prod sites down to dev servers so that we can test on "real" data02:13
@rizenand in those cases, we just take a backup file (created by the wre) and restore it on the dev server02:14
@rizenbut we only use dev servers for code changes02:14
@rizentesting out content migration processes02:14
@rizennew plugins02:14
Mech422I'll have to work this out in more detail as I go along... yeah, I don't expect to deal with content that way02:15
Mech422I just meant we end up with some 'testing' content on the dev. boxes02:16
-!- ascii [n=ascii@host-64-234-39-193.nctv.com] has joined #webgui02:17
Mech422I basically need to come up with a quick and easy way to migrate site code bases from one place to another - sounds like a vcs system plus 'install' script would be the way to go02:17
Mech422so I can hg clone myclientsite ; cd myclientsite ; ./setup_webgui ; echo "done - go get lunch" :-)02:18
Mech422anyway - gotta add this bit of fluff in before I worry about that02:19
+perlDreamerrizen, does the Dev Guide talk about handling custom code?02:22
Mech422perlDreamer: not from what I could see.... (as a newb )02:23
@rizeni don't think so02:23
@rizeni mean it talks about how to create it02:23
@rizenbut not how to manage it02:23
@rizenMech422 what we do is check out our custom code into a folder in /data02:23
@rizenlike /data/Automat02:23
@rizenthen we add /data/WebGUI/sbin/preload.custom02:24
@rizenwe put that folder in there02:24
@rizenso it loads in the code02:24
@rizenbut is not mixed in with WebGUI02:24
@rizenand is still attached to the version control system02:24
Mech422that makes sense02:24
@rizenso we can just do "cd /data/Automat; svn update"02:24
@rizenand yes, we write install / upgrade scripts for those02:25
Mech422and then I could keep my 'install' script in there - to do whatever db updates are necessary for the custom code02:25
@rizenthey are usually in /data/Automat/sbin02:25
@rizenfor example02:25
@rizenperlDreamer: you're right, i should write a chapter on that02:26
+perlDreamerit will give you something to write this year, before the WUC02:26
@rizenyeah, i want to put out new versions of all our books before the wuc this year02:27
@rizenor rather, release them at the WUC02:27
@rizenwe're already working on the next design guide02:27
@rizenand kristi will be putting out the 7.6 version of the CM guide in february02:28
@rizenand the 7.7 version at the WUC02:28
@rizenbut the commerce, dev, and admin guides should all be updated for the wuc as well02:29
patspamperlmonkey2: ping02:43
+perlDreamerUser profiling is broken.02:43
+perlDreamerIt doesn't handle spaces in the field names02:43
+perlDreamerit doesn't tell you if you duplicate a field02:44
@rizenblame Haarg. he's not here to defend himself02:53
+perlDreamerkhenn is my usual go to guy.03:01
+perlDreamerHe always makes me eat my words :)03:02
+perlDreamerand he did do the last profile related work with Account03:02
+perlDreamerso even though the bugs are in 7.5, he must be responsible for the03:02
@rizentrue, but he can actually defend himself03:02
@rizenthough i never tell him that03:02
@rizenpretty much every conversation i have with him ends with him saying "i hate you"03:03
@rizenbut in a good way03:03
+perlDreamerhate is only orthogonal to love, not an full opposite03:03
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8803 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Survey.pm: 03:06
CIA-41WebGUI: Survey bug fix - showProgress, showTimeLimit and timeLimit should not be03:06
CIA-41WebGUI: stored at the response level (they are global to asset instance)03:06
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CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8804 /WebGUI/www/extras/wobject/Survey/administersurvey.js: 03:32
CIA-41WebGUI: Fixed some curly Survey js type casting bugs so that03:32
CIA-41WebGUI: questionsOnSectionPage, everyPageText and everyPageTitle work as03:32
CIA-41WebGUI: expected.03:32
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8805 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Cherry-picked latest Survey bug fixes from master03:32
@khennI don't accept blame for anything04:11
@khennit's all rizen's fault04:11
@preactionheh, we all know whose fault it really is04:51
@preactionJAMIE VRBSKY04:51
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patspamdoes the template syntax highlighter resizer work for anyone in any of the recent betas?05:03
@perlmonkey2patspam: pong05:03
@preactionit's ... weird05:04
@preactionyou have to click it, then drag mouse, then click to drop it05:04
patspamlol, two of use here just went "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"05:05
patspamperlmonkey2: hey man05:06
@perlmonkey2patspam: word yo05:07
patspamI'm going to change the <font color="red">*</font> for required fields to use CSS so that it can be skinned05:07
@perlmonkey2sounds groovy05:08
patspamI was going to ask you something before... oh yeah05:09
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patspamshowProgress, showTimeLimit and timeLimit were being stored at the response level, which was kinda confusing if you changed them at the asset level and then wondered why some users who were halfway through a survey didn't see the change05:10
patspami switched them over to just use $self->get('showProgress') etc.. rather than storing/retrieving at the response level, didn't seem to be any need to have them there05:10
patspamjust wanted to check there wasn't some subtle ninja reason for having them stored on a per-response basis05:12
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CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8806 /WebGUI/www/extras/wobject/Survey/ (survey.css administersurvey.js): 06:16
CIA-41WebGUI: Flagging of invalid Survey fields now uses CSS classes instead of <font> tags06:16
CIA-41WebGUI: (for skinnability)06:16
@perlmonkey2patspam: I did that so that there wouldn't need to be an additional DB query.06:17
@perlmonkey2patspam: I'm not sure why you would change the time limits in the middle of an open survey.  And if you did change the time limits, would you want the changes to affect people already in the middle of a survey?  Plus you get the extra DB call.06:22
patspamnot following on why there would be an extra db query?06:23
@perlmonkey2is the ->get call not hitting the DB?  Or are the asset's params loaded into memory upon creation?06:26
patspamyeah i think Asset.pm pulls them all in at once06:27
@perlmonkey2hmm, it does appear to do so.  cool then, sounds good.06:31
patspamI think I'm going to have to name my first born child git06:35
patspami just got sent a link to a zoomerang survey, interesting to check out the competition :)06:37
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CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8807 /translations/German/German/ (9 files): Update from translation server09:56
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* snapcount yawns16:54
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sduensinHello -- sorta!17:46
npinanskyIs there a specific API i should query to get the status of workflow instances?17:51
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@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: do you know anything about those IRS rebate rules?  Is that just a tax writeoff?18:33
+perlDreamerI think it's a tax rebate.18:33
@perlmonkey2That will be brilliant then :D18:34
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: What's the part that regulates the AC current from the turbine into 110/220?  That's another expensive part I might be able to find cheaper.18:35
+perlDreamerGood question.  It may be called an inverter.18:36
+perlDreamerEverything I've done for the past 13 years has been all DC current.18:36
nubais this some space rocket DIY project youre doing in your garage?18:36
+perlDreamerNo AC or power work.18:36
+perlDreamerIt's one of the reasons I went into microelectronics18:36
+perlDreamerYou can't really get hurt by most 5V sources18:36
+perlDreamerI worked for Freightliner for 6 months.18:36
+perlDreamerI was told once not to touch an insulated stud connected to several large wires18:37
+perlDreamerWhen I asked why, I was told there was 300 amps going through it18:37
+perlDreamerit kind of killed my interest in high power applications18:37
+perlDreamerI know it's silly, but I have this thing about fatal electrical burns18:37
* perlDreamer goes to the gym, bbl18:38
nubaI can simpathize with that18:38
sduensinGym???  Some geek you are.18:38
nubanot with the gym18:38
nubasympathize with the high power thing18:39
sduensinOh yea.  I dont play with that crap either.18:40
sduensinThis frickin drive upgrade is taking too long...  I got code to write!18:41
nubaon the other hand, being close to these things contribute to less dull moments in the job18:43
nubanot to mention internal jokes and pranks like "hey, can you stick this post it there for me, please!" among the staff18:43
nubapretty lively18:44
nubaand deadly18:44
-!- npinansky [i=dogcow@pool-96-228-167-124.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has left #webgui []18:44
sduensinWell, yea.  But as long as its funny.  :-)18:46
@perlmonkey2nuba: this is for a DIY wind turbine project :)18:55
nubathis is surely going to blow people's socks off! :D18:56
@perlmonkey2nuba: we'll see.  My dad and uncle and I are going in on all the welding supplies, but we've yet to find a good enough deal that we all agree on it.18:58
ckotilCalendar feed updates are giving me lots and lots of version tags.19:01
-!- sduensin [n=user@12-226-44-250.client.mchsi.com] has left #Webgui []19:07
-!- SDuensin [i=0ce22cfa@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1664d1eaedbbff1a] has joined #WebGUI19:15
-!- sandraqu [n=Sandra@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has joined #webgui19:27
sandraquwould someone guide me in using putty to login as a root user via SSH?19:27
nubain the host field, add the name of the machine or ip address19:28
sandraquhi sduensin19:28
nubaport is most likely 2219:28
nubayou'll be asked to confirm the server's key fingerprint19:28
nubathen you'll see a blank term window while putty handshakes the server and gets a connection going19:29
nubathen you'll be asked to provide the username19:29
nubathen the password19:29
nubaand if you do it right19:29
nubanext thing is a shell prompt at the box19:30
sandraquwhat if i can't find the root and passwd.  i know that sounds sketchy19:30
nubawell, if you have a non-root account there19:30
nubayou can use that account and use sudo, if it was configured for you19:30
nubaby a sysadmin19:30
sandraqucould i get the cmd prompt to list them without being logged in?19:30
nubaof the box19:30
nubacant get a cmd prompt without valid user account19:31
sandraquis there a generic user/pass?19:31
nubaget in touch with the box's sysadmin19:31
sandraquis root usually root?19:31
nubaLOL, no19:31
nubathat'd be a security hole like the meteor crater in arizona19:31
nubathres no such ting19:32
nubatheres* thing*19:32
nubacontact the box's admin19:32
sandraqu... 19:32
sandraqunuba, short of calling webGUI, i'm one of the admin's19:33
sandraqui just dont' use ssh all that often, especially webGui's19:33
nubaoh. well, you should contact the admin who's got the root pwd19:34
nubaand ask him to help you get your account going19:34
sandraquit's a her19:35
SDuensinHers have passwords, too.19:35
nubabe nice to her19:35
nubaask politely19:36
nubashe might even give you the root pwd19:36
sandraquoff i go19:36
-!- sandraqu [n=Sandra@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has left #webgui []19:36
nubathat was funny19:36
nubaneeds to improve his social engineering skills, tho19:37
SDuensinReminds me of the time I got a call from someone on the third floor having problems logging in...  In a two story building.19:38
nubaSDuensin: want to know the universal 'Hers' password?19:38
nubaget close to her and whisper '75% OFF'19:38
nubashe'll go mad and overflow19:38
SDuensinNot my wife.  She'd be like, "Of what?  What are you buying NOW?"  :-)19:39
nubaactually thats from a standup comedian, dont remember her name now...19:39
nubahere, wife agreed yesterday to friendly divorce19:40
nubagotta act swiftly, before she changes her mind..19:41
SDuensinSorry to hear that.  I think.19:41
SDuensinMy wife rocks.   (I *do* buy a lot!)19:41
nubawell, it'll be different, but I'm looking forward to it19:41
nubahave for some time now19:41
SDuensinAs long as you're happy, I'm happy for you. :-)19:42
nubawe were fragile as a relationship a year ago. then she brought my mother-in-law to live with us. and the rest, they say, is history...19:42
SDuensinOoo.  Yea.  I can see how that'd be bad.19:42
SDuensinActually, I quite like all my wife's family.  They're a lot like mine.  Got lucky, I guess.19:44
nubaif its working, and fulfilling, I'd say 'stick with it'19:44
SDuensinThat's the plan, man.19:44
@rizeni don't even like my own family, let alone my wife's19:45
SDuensinAlthough, I need to get this laptop back where it belongs before she gets home.  :-D19:45
SDuensinrizen lives!19:45
@rizenjust every other thursday19:45
@rizenthe rest of the time i'm undead19:45
SDuensinOddly, I believe that.19:46
SDuensin"Never could get the hang of thursdays."19:46
nubahere we had a regular Saturday From Hell19:50
-!- sandraqu [n=Sandra@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has joined #webgui19:51
sandraquhello again19:51
nubawhen everybody would be aroun, and things would crash-n-burn19:51
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]19:51
sandraqui'm in.  have a bash prompt.  i want to install a macro :]19:51
sandraqudo i have to use sudo?19:51
nubathat was fast19:52
SDuensinDepends on a lot of things.19:52
SDuensinAre you in as root?19:52
sandraqui'm in though19:52
nubatype whoami and press <ENTER>19:52
sandraquthe username is not root, if that's your question19:52
nubaor id19:52
sandraquit returns the username i provide19:52
nubawhich was19:53
sandraqumy bosses19:53
nubawell it doesnt matter19:53
SDuensinNo offense, but I think you need to brush up on your UNIX skills quite a bit before you go installing or altering anything.19:53
nubayou would have noticed if it were 'root'19:53
sandraquSDue... don't worry19:53
sandraqui crash things all the time19:54
sandraqucrash n learn, is what i like to call it19:54
nubaheh, sounds like me back in the days...19:54
SDuensinYou can do a lot of damage as root.  Just be sure the box is expendable.  :-)19:54
sandraquso nuba, since your more adventurous, should i just try to install the pm?19:54
nubawhen I was a wise fool .. er.. guess Im still one... some things never change...19:54
sandraqusee if it works?19:54
nubaso, sandraqu, first rule of business19:54
sandraqui guess.. is the bash prompt ok?19:55
nubamake a backup of what you have19:55
nubaso if you crash19:55
nubayou can CTRL+Z19:55
nubaand make your bosses happy again19:55
sandraqunuba, i won't crash.  i am not that much of a newbie, just not an everyday shell user19:55
nubayou know how to do a .tar.gz archive19:55
nubaand a mysqldump?19:55
sandraquthe system is backup up19:55
nubacheck that19:56
sandraqucheck the dummp?19:56
nubayou reall y want to watch your back19:56
nubayeah, check if the backups are doing fine19:56
sandraquwe pay plainback to watch it for us19:56
nubaoh.. 19:56
nubahey, youre a plainblack customer?19:56
-!- M8YCjC56g [n=M8YCjC56@] has joined #webgui19:56
sandraqui know they can do this19:57
nubamaybe you could have them holding your hand in the process...19:57
nubaif its in your support plan19:57
nubacheck with your customer representative19:57
sandraquii'm just trying to speed thngs up.  if you would prefer.  19:57
sandraqualright nuba.  you're not helping me anymore.  thanks19:57
nubawow youre quick to burn bridges19:57
nubai didnt say that19:58
-!- M8YCjC56g [n=M8YCjC56@] has quit [Client Quit]19:58
sandraqunuba, i'm just trying to do this myself so that i can try out a macro19:58
sandraqui have a monday deadline19:58
nubaokay, well what macro are you trying to install?19:58
sandraqui have a guide, but thought to inquire here19:58
sandraquthe mail encode one19:59
-!- diakopter [n=M8YCjC56@] has joined #webgui19:59
nubaif i recall correctly, you have to unpack it under /data/WebGUI19:59
nubaand enable it on your site's config file19:59
nubawhich hangs at /data/WebGUI/etc/19:59
sandraqunuba, i'm at the bash prompt though.  20:00
sandraqui think i have to do be root20:00
nuba'sudo -s' will get you a root's shell, but that depends on how sudo is configured in the box20:01
nubaotherwise you can 'su -' too20:01
nubabut for this one you'll need to know the root's pwd20:01
nubamaybe you dont need the root's pwd20:01
nubacheck your site's /data/WebGUI/etc/yoursitenamehere.conf20:02
nubals -l /data/WebGUI/etc/yoursitenamehere.conf20:02
sandraqunuba... it now has a # isntead of $ at the end of the prompt (with sudo 0-s20:02
nubasee if its owned by your boss' user20:02
nubatype whoami20:02
nubaokay, youre root now, as you may have realised20:02
nubaso, unpack the macro20:03
sandraqunow.  i have the pm downloaded locally20:03
nubaunder /data/WeGUI/20:03
nubaif it was nicely packaged20:03
sandraquis there an address i can type in the shell prompt to drag the pm from the bazaar into here?20:03
nubait will extract something under /data/WebGUI/docs20:03
nubafor you to read20:03
nubaand it will extract the macro itself to /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Macro20:04
nubaits the .pm file20:04
-!- diakopter [n=M8YCjC56@] has quit ["leaving"]20:04
-!- diakopter [n=M8YCjC56@] has joined #webgui20:04
nubaif you need to install any additional modules, it should be saying so in the docs that came with it20:05
nubaotherwise you may peruse the .pm file yourself and use CPAN to install the modules20:05
nubaor just try to use it and see what error messages it'll spill out20:05
nubaand a crash-and-learn adept im guessing youll go with choice #320:05
sandraqunuba.  ok.  lemme try all those things20:06
sandraqui'll be back20:06
SDuensinWe'll be here.20:06
nubaI might not be around, but im sure SDuensin will love to hint you in the proper path again, if needed ;D20:07
nubaright, SDuensin ?20:07
SDuensinOh sure, run off and leave me.20:07
+perlDreamerckotil, that bug has already been fixed.  Check the bug board or changelog for which release it is fixed in.20:07
+perlDreamerwell, a bug that sounds like that has been fixed.20:09
sandraquhello - is there a way to copy the pm from my local machine onto the server via SSH?20:09
nubascp file.pm me@remote.box.com:/path/there/20:10
@preactionsandraqu: yes. man scp20:10
sandraquis there another way?20:11
nubawhy dont you download it there?20:12
+perlDreamersandraqu, it totally depends on the software installed on both machines20:12
+perlDreamerare you working with windows as your desktop?20:12
nubainstead of downloadin in your box and then having to figure out how to send it upstream?20:12
sandraquperlD - windows right now20:12
SDuensinMight I add...Eww.  :-)20:13
+perlDreamersandraqu, nuba is right.  It would be easier to download it right to the server.20:13
nubaputty has a scp thingy but its not very friendly20:13
sandraquhey - i'd much rather be on my Mac20:13
+perlDreamerfind the URL for downloading the macro that you want to install20:13
nubado a wget http://url.here/foo.tar.gz20:13
@preactionwindows has a GUI called "winscp"20:13
sandraqunuba.. k20:13
SDuensinI gotta have Cygwin loaded if I'm in Windows.20:14
sandraqupre - lemme try wget20:14
sandraquCygwin is good20:14
nubaif you dont have wget, try 'curl -O http://etc.etc./file.tgz'20:14
nubaascii: my preferred SCP client on win32 is SSH.com's, but Im not finding it for download in their website anymore.20:16
+perlDreamerin perl, what binds tighter, parentheses, or logical OR ?20:16
nubaperlDreamer: youre asking for who has precedence?20:17
ckotilperlDreamer: ah, thanks20:17
+perlDreamersure, like if I said return (this && that) || other20:17
nubaparentheses are always used to override default operator precedence20:17
@preactionit would return 1 || other depending on this && that20:18
sandraqunuba - wget did the trick20:18
sandraqube back20:18
+perlDreamerpreaction, and not (return 1) || other20:18
@preactionit's possible it could return that || other20:18
@preactionoh, dunno20:18
+perlDreamersounds like more testing is in order20:19
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui20:21
sandraquhello, 20:26
sandraquso i have the pm in the pm directory20:26
sandraqunow, i nkow i have to add it to some other file20:26
-!- diakopter [n=M8YCjC56@] has quit ["leaving"]20:27
+perlDreamersandraqu, is the macro.pm file in /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Macro/ ?20:28
-!- diakopter [n=M8YCjC56@] has joined #webgui20:29
+perlDreamerokay, next check the permissions on the file.20:29
+perlDreamerit should have the same permissions as the other files in that directory20:29
+perlDreamerotherwise the web server won't be able to open it20:30
sandraqusame as most other20:30
sandraqumostly read, unless owner20:30
+perlDreamerokay, the next thing to do then, is to edit the webgui config file20:30
+perlDreamerit will be in /data/WebGUI/etc/20:31
sandraqu 20:31
sandraquhow many layers out is the from where i was?20:32
+perlDreameris this server using the WRE?20:33
sandraquperl... dunno20:33
sandraquwhat is WRE?20:33
+perlDreamerdo you have a directory called /data/wre ?20:33
+perlDreamerWRE is the WebGUI Runtime Environment20:33
+perlDreamerIf you're using a plain black server, it is highly likely that you are20:34
sandraquwe are, so let's presume, yes20:34
+perlDreamerwell, we can check by looking to see if you have that directory I mentioned above20:34
sandraquperl, i do.  i went tinot data/webGUI/lib/WebGUI/Macro20:35
sandraqui went out too far though20:35
sandraqui'll begin again20:35
sandraquor - how can i print where i am?20:35
sandraquprint directory20:36
+perlDreamertry doing ls -ld /data/wre and see what it says20:36
sandraqugot its listing20:36
sandraquonly one, that is20:36
+perlDreamergood, that's what we told it to do20:36
sandraquso im in /data/WebGUI20:37
+perlDreamercd etc20:37
sandraquoh.. good20:38
+perlDreamerinside there should be your webgui config files20:38
sandraquvi config file?20:38
+perlDreameryou know vi.  That is very good.20:38
sandraquperlD, enough :]20:38
sandraqui mean, i know it well enough20:39
sandraqui see, so under macros20:40
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8808 /experimental/Automat/ (5 files in 3 dirs): mail server management20:41
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8809 /experimental/Automat/sbin/ (23 files in 2 dirs): a little cleanup in aisle 420:41
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8810 /experimental/Automat/sbin/migration/ (updatedns.pl createdns.pl): forgot to add these scripts20:41
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8811 /experimental/Automat/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm: removed legacy code20:41
+perlDreamerjust add an entry, like the others, for your new macro20:42
+perlDreamerbe sure to put a comment at the end, unless it is the last macro in the list20:42
sandraquperlD - the first part is the call i make from webGUI? and the latter the actual pm filename (sans the pm).  yes?20:43
+perlDreameryou should see the one for the gateway macro20:43
+perlDreameras an example20:43
+perlDreamer "/" : "Slash_gatewayUrl",20:44
+perlDreamerso perhaps like this:20:44
sandraqu:wq ?20:44
sandraquwrite quite20:44
+perlDreamerwhen you're done, yes20:44
sandraqudo i get to test now?20:44
+perlDreamernow you have to restart the server20:44
+perlDreamerfor that, you need root permissions20:44
sandraqui have20:45
+perlDreamerokay, first: cd /data/wre/sbin20:45
sandraqui thnk i willnow defer to plainblack20:45
sandraquthe server drives many sites20:45
sandraquperlD, what does sbin do?20:46
+perlDreamerinside sbin is an environment script which will guarantee you're using the WRE components, instead of the system defaults20:46
+perlDreameras root, you should do: . ./setupEnvironment.sh20:46
+perlDreamerthat's <dot> <space> <dot> <slash> setupEnvironment.sh20:47
+perlDreamerand then you can run a script which will restart the servers20:48
+perlDreamerbut I agree that deferring to the experts is much safer and wiser20:48
sandraquperlD.  thank you for sharing your knowledge with me20:49
+perlDreameryou're welcome, sandraqu.20:49
sandraquthanks to nuba too20:49
sandraquand SDuensin20:49
-!- SDuensin [i=0ce22cfa@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1664d1eaedbbff1a] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]20:49
sandraquno crash yet.  lots o learn :]20:49
-!- sduensin [i=0ce22cfa@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-97ab9750a4dc148b] has joined #WebGUI20:57
sduensinOops.  Wrong button!20:57
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@97509host76.starwoodbroadband.com] has joined #WebGUI21:01
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ21:01
-!- sandraqu [n=Sandra@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has left #webgui []21:01
@perlmonkey2Yay for Paranoid::Debug freak'n me out and making me rush to see if my machine had just been turned into a smtp proxy.21:06
+perlDreamerawfully selfish of you not wanting to share your machine ;)21:07
@perlmonkey2awful paranoid of me to see a bunch of emails from my machine at the same time I'm trying to install a debugging module.21:13
@perlmonkey2hmm, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that wre 8.5 isn't compatiable with
apeironhi, JSON 2.021:15
sduensin8.5 is from the FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTURE!21:15
@perlmonkey2apeiron: yeah, nothing made me happier than to look into my logs and get a fun dose of the past with those neat-o JSON errors.21:15
apeironperlmonkey2, I'm pretty sure there's a wiki page somewhere on how to get them to coexist...21:16
@perlmonkey2yeah, I probably remember off the top of my head.  Just more fun to bitch about it here.21:16
-!- Bernd_ [n=spunky@tmo-040-214.customers.d1-online.com] has joined #webgui21:52
@Haargperlmonkey2, if you have to deal with old versions of webgui, i would recommend using the Parse::PlainConfig off backpan instead of from cpan22:03
@Haargthere is a way to get the new JSON to play nice with the old code, but it only works to a certain extent22:04
@perlmonkey2Haarg: 8.1 with a few force installs made things easier.22:04
@perlmonkey2And I really don't need it to work well.  Just work well enough that I can run upgrades against it.22:05
@Haargi just didn't have a lot of luck with Paranoid22:05
@Haargfor json, doing something like sub JSON::autoconv { return shift } sub JSON::skipinvalid { return shift } in preload.perl or similar may be enough to get old code working with JSON 2.022:07
Bernd_Any German native speaker online?22:09
Bernd_I do have a translation question.22:09
+perlDreamerBernd_: Aren't you a native german speaker?22:14
Bernd_Yes!!! But still I am unable to come up with an appropriate translation for "tags".22:15
Bernd_Is it synonymous with "keywords"?22:15
Bernd_What's your opinion, perlDreamer?22:15
+perlDreamerBernd_: tag in the context of "version tag", for example?22:16
Bernd_No, tags for photos in the gallery.22:16
+perlDreamerin that context, I think keywords is appropriate22:17
Bernd_Good. "Keyword" I am able to translate. Thanks!22:18
+perlDreameras to the other usage, what do you call the pieces of paper on clothing that lists the price?22:18
Bernd_Etikett might do as well.22:19
+perlDreamerversion tag would have that kind of context22:19
Bernd_But I think it is rather unusual and what confuse most users.22:19
+perlDreamersomething descriptive stuck onto something else22:19
Bernd_I think you got me wrong. I know what a tag is.22:20
+perlDreameroh, sorry22:21
Bernd_I just think there is no equivalent word in the context of tagging photos.22:21
Bernd_No problem.22:21
Bernd_It is an honor to be taught by perlDreamer ;-)22:21
+perlDreamerthanks :)22:21
Bernd_You are welcome!22:21
Bernd_How is hacking going?22:21
+perlDreamerit's going okay22:26
+perlDreamerI'm staying very busy22:26
+perlDreamerfixing bugs, and writing tests for the Survey22:26
Bernd_Leave something to the others :-P22:27
+perlDreamerunfortunately, there are no lack of bugs to be fixed, or tests to be written22:27
+perlDreameralthough, perlmonkey2 is making it very hard to find bugs in his code22:28
@perlmonkey2yeah right22:28
@preactionthat jerk22:28
@preactionhe should make more bugs so they're easier to find22:28
Bernd_Ugh, for a moment I was worried that plain black would run out of work ...22:28
+perlDreameruh, no.  They still have other coders to insert bugs.22:29
Bernd_Are they doing it on purpose?22:29
Bernd_Because I suspect so!22:29
Bernd_Or why are there so many?22:29
+perlDreamerpartially due to the Bazaar, and the Helpdesk applications22:29
+perlDreamerthey are very new, and people really like to use them22:30
Bernd_The HelpDesk is indeed buggy.22:31
+perlDreamerit should get a little better today.  I fixed a bug in some of the core code that it uses.22:31
Bernd_Or was at least.22:31
+perlDreamerso at least it will format comments nicely22:32
Bernd_Will I be able to open bug views again?22:32
-!- sduensin [i=0ce22cfa@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-97ab9750a4dc148b] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]22:32
Bernd_Cool, did you include some link-recognition?22:32
Bernd_I had suggested that to rizen already.22:33
+perlDreamerNo, but it will handle newlines, and escape unsafe characters22:33
Bernd_There is a CPAN module for doing that.22:33
+perlDreamerlink recognition would be a nice feature, but that would be an RFE22:33
Bernd_Should not be too difficult.22:33
@perlmonkey2Haarg: in the upgrades, the site I'm upgrading is using latin1 as table encoding and collation.  I should switch that to utf8, right?22:33
Bernd_And would be very helpful indeed.22:33
@Haargin the upgrades?22:33
@perlmonkey2Haarg: the special upgrade I'm doing.22:33
topsubcan asset proxy's be relative?22:34
@Haargthe 7.5 upgrade should handle that22:34
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@12-226-44-250.client.mchsi.com] has joined #WebGUI22:35
SDuensinBACK AT LAST!22:35
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2: please give commit 8813 a quick once over and let me know if that refactor is okay?22:50
@preactiontopsub: no22:50
@preactiontopsub: but you can do: ^AssetProxy(<tmpl_var url>/something);22:51
+perlDreamertopsub, but since url's are strings, you can use macros to build relative urls22:51
+perlDreameralso, see the RootUrl macro in the Bazaar22:51
topsubah, alright we are running multi sites from 1 webgui and looking at how to solve each site having different theme22:52
topsubwithout having to redo the URLs everytime you want to setup a new site with a theme22:52
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit ["leaving"]23:02
+perlDreamerIt may be dangerous to hack while in a recliner23:04
@perlmonkey2preaction: looks good, but I thought I was using the correct perltidy template.  Did you correct those by hand or with perltidy?23:04
@perlmonkey2perltidy config I mean23:04
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I mean, not preaction23:05
+perlDreamerThe correction is inside a test.  Your code looks fine23:05
+perlDreamerI needed less vertical space23:05
+perlDreamerso i could see the whole data strucutre23:05
+perlDreameron 1 page23:05
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: this seemed interesting though:  my @types = $self->getValidQuestionTypes(); 23:06
@perlmonkey2Just trying to prettify things?23:07
+perlDreamerwell, sort of =)23:07
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui23:07
+perlDreamerI didn't want to duplicate the list of valid question types23:07
@perlmonkey2oh, good call.23:07
+perlDreamerso by refactoring it out, I can call it in the test to get the list23:07
+perlDreameralthough, I did do all the basic data types by hand, so going forward changes have to be made in both places.23:08
+perlDreamerI don't really like doing that, but it's a great reminder to update template variables and the like23:08
+perlDreamerwhen the code behind them change23:08
@perlmonkey2maybe if this thing every gets settled down, the questions can be pulled out into Form and then the Form entries can have their individual templates and JS attached to them.  Would be nice to pull all that logic out of the Survey.23:09
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@97509host76.starwoodbroadband.com] has quit []23:09
+perlDreamerwould we reuse it elsewhere?23:09
+perlDreamerand the corresponding parts of the updateQuestionAnswers depends on those23:10
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I can see the ajax'd form types being pulled out of the survey and being very useful elsewhere.23:11
@perlmonkey2but there would have to be be some surrounding framework devised.  Sounds like something that needs to be grown iteratively rather than designed.23:12
+perlDreamerI see23:13
-!- Bernd_ [n=spunky@tmo-040-214.customers.d1-online.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]23:18
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I don't know, am I wrong?  Is there already an agreed upon framework for implementing ajax'd forms?23:19
+perlDreamerNo, there's no framework yet.  I was responding to the evolved vs designed idea.23:19
+perlDreamerI like it23:19
+perlDreamersometimes things can be overdesigned23:20
+perlDreameror not extensible enough23:20
+perlDreamerrizen: the bummer about Plain Black shirts is that they don't hide pumpkin soup stains23:30
@rizendo any shirts hide pumpkin soup stains?23:30
SDuensinOrange ones.23:31
+perlDreamersome plaids do well23:31
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit ["leaving"]23:35
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: why would anyone waste a perfectly good pumpkin on soup?  Is there such a plethora of pumpkin pie, that you would squander them on soup?  Sir, I think not.  23:38
SDuensinperlmonkey2, we're talking about rizen here.23:38
+perlDreamerYou'll have to convince Koen and my wife of that.  I am only a consumer of locally, produced, freely available food here :)23:38
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui23:40
@rizengiven the choice between pie and soup, i take pie every day of the week23:40
+perlDreamerchicken noodle pie, mmmmmm23:41
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--- Day changed Fri Dec 05 2008
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp121-44-214-15.lns10.mel4.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui00:26
@preactiontwo questions for those at home:00:32
@preaction1) Would storing prepared SQL statements so they don't have to be prepared ever again during the current request count as "caching" and should "disableCache" disable this functionality?00:32
@preaction2) Is a performance increase that is only significant when caching is disabled still a performance increase? It's in WebGUI::SQL::buildArray and WebGUI::SQL::buildArrayRef00:33
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@68-114-219-232.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["bye"]00:35
-!- rizen [n=rizen@h69-128-55-18.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has quit []00:36
+perlDreamerI don't see any performance increase in buildArray00:38
+perlDreameror buildArrayRef00:39
@preactionit's not committed yet00:39
+perlDreamerif it slows wG down overall, it doesn't seem like an increase to me00:39
+perlDreamerthe common case is with caching?00:39
@preactionit doesn't, in speeds up wg overall, but just slightly00:39
@preactionwhen caching is off you see the real benefit00:39
@preactionotherwise the new code rarely gets hit00:40
@preactionbecause there are caching mechanisms in front of it00:40
@preactionfor a single page view, it's a 1/3 performance increase (60s to 40s)00:40
+perlDreamer40 second page view?00:41
+perlDreamerno way00:41
@preactionfor the routines themselves, it's a 2fold increase00:41
@preactioncaching is disabled00:41
@preactionyou'd be surprised how slow wg is with caching disabled00:41
+perlDreamerI don't think that storing statements counts as caching00:41
+perlDreamersince it would return different data with different params, or at different times00:41
+perlDreamerand does all this code have tests?  and will it violate the 7.6 feature freeze?00:42
@preactionit's deep in WebGUI::SQL, so i suspect it has tests, if not i'll have to do it00:43
@preactionno, performance increases aren't features00:43
@preactionthe API isn't changing at all, just how the work gets done00:43
* perlDreamer pastes that one for future reference ;)00:43
@preactionit depends on how the performance is getting increased00:44
@preactionif i started moving features around and changing APIs and stuff, then i would consider making it beta for a while00:44
@preactionespecially if i was working with untested stuff00:44
@preactioni really need to get Coverage reports working. JT says he'll write tests if he can see a number00:45
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+perlDreamerif you're tied for time, just send me the script00:47
+perlDreamercoverage tests should be about 20 characters of change or so00:47
@preactionone sec00:47
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@97509host65.starwoodbroadband.com] has joined #WebGUI00:47
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ00:47
+perlDreamerbut be warned, coverage tests for all of wG will be BIG and SLOW00:47
@preactionhow big? too big to upload via WWW::Mechanize?00:48
@preactioni was thinking making it a ZipArchive asset00:48
+perlDreamer12 Mb00:48
@preactionha, the test box is DOWN, which might be why tests aren't getting run00:48
+perlDreamerlook in the dev list, I may have uploaded a copy last year about this time00:49
+perlDreamerzipped, about 12 Mb.00:49
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2: strongly resisting the temptation to add easter eggs to survey type answers00:49
+perlDreamerWould redneck come before or after conservative in Ideology?00:50
@preactioni would consider them equal and awful00:50
-!- s4eek [n=s4eek@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit []00:50
@preactionperlDreamer: you have a login to my systems00:50
+perlDreamerPM me a hostname, username and passwd, please00:50
apeironredneck is more a lifestyle, independent of ideology.00:51
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+perlDreamerDo people who send out SPAM know they're scum, or are they just ignorant?02:47
@preactionmoney, they get money, so they're okay with themselves02:50
@preactioni've thought about it02:50
@preactionmoney for nothing, sure why not?02:51
+perlDreamerwell, then you'd get the chicks for free02:54
+perlDreamerthat ain't working02:54
@preactionthat's the way you do it!02:54
@preactionI WANT MY EMPTY-VEE02:54
@preactioni also want pandora to stop screwing around02:55
+perlDreamershe opened the box02:55
+perlDreamerwhat more do you want?02:55
@preactionwww.pandora.com <- only the greatest free music service EVAR02:55
@preactionpaltry in comparison!02:56
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2: SurveyJSON has 96% test coverage02:56
+Radix-wrkpandora.com goes to a blank page for me02:56
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: all the rednecks are covered?02:56
@preactionRadix-wrk: pandora seems down atm, it will come up shortly i suspect02:59
+Radix-wrkmust be reeeallly good then if they can't even keep a server up ;)02:59
@preactionyay! it's back up!03:04
@preactionperlDreamer: Devel::Cover is installed on the test box now. the date was completely wrong which was causing the makefile to get regenerated03:04
apeironpreaction, You forget that those outside of the US may not be able to access it.03:04
@preactionit thought it was March 05, 0803:04
+perlDreamerMarch was good03:05
* apeiron shakes fist and spits at the RIAA03:05
+perlDreamerI was employed then03:05
@preactionapeiron: i hope not03:05
@preactionit's got a lot of foreign music on it03:05
apeironpreaction, No, it's certainly true.03:05
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patspamwould one of the PB folks be able to create a survey-rfe branch where we can put new survey features until the feature freeze is lifted?04:42
patspamactually, the WebGUI_Survey2 branch still exists, maybe we should just use that?04:43
@preactionpatspam: you have committer access, you can just: svn mkdir https://svn.webgui.org/plainblack/branch/Patbranch04:43
patspamah cool, thanks preaction04:44
patspamgood/bad idea to hijack the WebGUI_Survey2? I don't think it's being used any more by perlmonkey2?04:45
@preactionif he's not using it he should probably delete it, just for the history's sake04:48
patspamok, cool. I'll create a new branch for the new stuff04:48
patspamhttps://svn.webgui.org/plainblack/branch/survey-rfe lives!04:56
patspamperlmonkey2: ping05:00
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@perlmonkey2patspam: pong05:59
patspamhey man!06:00
+perlDreamerI'm out for a while, being Daddy dentist...06:00
patspambeen talking to people today about advanced survey branching06:01
patspamjust drafting up an rfe for it now06:01
@perlmonkey2anything interesting?06:01
patspamyeah, although you might have already thought of this06:01
patspamwe want to let the survey creator enter an expression made up of section/question/answer vars to define the branch condition06:02
patspamusing a simple DSL, such as something similar to the language used in spreadsheet programs06:03
patspamthat was you can easily do branching based on the value of ANY previous response, sums, averages, you name it..06:03
@perlmonkey2yeah, that had been something thrown around.  But really only thought about it in the next iteration.06:03
@perlmonkey2exactly.  would be great stuff.06:04
@perlmonkey2not hard to do.06:04
patspamyeah, it's similar to what i did for Flux (arbitrary expressions for combining expressions)06:04
@perlmonkey2probably could be squeezed into this one easily enough.  But I'm not sure what you mean about Sections though.06:04
@perlmonkey2Sections don't have values unless you mean the set of questions in them.06:04
patspamexcept the dsl needs to be more expressive so that you can do simple math things06:04
@perlmonkey2actually, that could be really easy.  But what about multiple branches of logic.  if,elseif, else.06:05
patspamyeah, i was thinking it'd be nice if you could pass a section variable into things like AVG() and SUM() and it'd know how to hande em06:05
@perlmonkey2I like it.  06:05
patspammy thought was that you'd let people enter in a list of expressions, and the first one to match triggers the branch06:05
@perlmonkey2there a lib that already handles this pidgin language?06:05
patspamTARGET1: expression206:06
patspamTARGET2: expression206:06
@perlmonkey2need a popup editor then06:06
patspamtext area would be fine for the first iteration (at least for our needs)06:07
patspamdoesn't have to be pretty06:07
@perlmonkey2hah, try to get that passed Steve06:07
patspamheh, steve can always be bribed :)06:07
patspamyeah I had a quick look on cpan, didn't find anything yet06:08
@perlmonkey2err, past. you know what I meant :P06:08
@perlmonkey2hmm, well, it should be easy enougn to implement.  Maybe add it as a new generic module for WG.06:08
patspamfor Flux i used a very limited whitelist of what could be entered in an expression, massaged it into valid perl, and then eval'd it 06:09
patspamthat way i got arbitrary boolean expression support for free, unlimited nesting, etc..06:09
patspambut in this case we might want to parse it ourselves06:09
patspamunless we make the syntax more perly06:10
patspambut i was thinking something like the excel macro language would be the least scary for end users06:10
@perlmonkey2Parse::RecDescent.  Then we don't have to use evil evals.06:10
@perlmonkey2create a simple grammar and we're good.06:11
@perlmonkey2could just rip off excel's macro lanauage.  or at least a useful subset.06:12
patspamor use perl6 grammar/regexps :)06:12
@perlmonkey2that would be fun06:12
@perlmonkey2But yeah, that would be really powerful stuff for branching.  But it wouldn't look nearly as sexy as it was in the current forms presented to the users.06:13
patspamhaving trouble parsing that last sentence..06:14
@perlmonkey2Right now, I don't know if people would grok how powerful it was if it was just presented in the edit form as another entry.06:15
@perlmonkey2Eventually it should have its own panel with options and dialogs and fun things for the users to poke at and click on.06:15
patspamyeah true06:15
@perlmonkey2maybe a function builder.06:16
patspamyep, we can be inspired by Excel there too06:16
@perlmonkey2that would save having to create a grammar06:16
patspamyou'd still need the grammar, or a whitelist, or something equivalent, because you couldn't trust what the client submits06:17
@perlmonkey2well if it was created in a builder, they wouldn't be able to enter anything not approved.06:17
@perlmonkey2but whatever....those are pretty specific implementation details and we're a ways from that :P06:18
patspamI'll have the RFE up in the hour06:18
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CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8826 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed some Matrix rating bugs13:23
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@perlmonkey2It's 3pm on a Friday.  Is anyone overseas even still working?16:05
@perlmonkey2Or is it beer-thirty yet?16:05
+BartJolperlmonkey2: 16:14
+BartJolstill here16:14
@perlmonkey2BartJol: you are hard core.  You absolutely need a raise.16:14
+BartJoland working, even though it is Sinterklaas today16:14
+BartJolKoen also said something like that16:14
+BartJoland who am I to disagree16:14
@perlmonkey2hah :)16:15
+BartJolbut 3 pm is a fairly normal time to be at work, even on fridays16:15
@perlmonkey2BartJol: That's what The Man wants you to believe.  16:16
+BartJolnow I've got to fix a problem with rewrite rules and workflows16:16
+BartJolah :)16:16
+BartJoljoeri, martin and rory are also still working16:19
+BartJolI think Koen too16:19
@perlmonkey2Wow, and on a major holiday.  You guys are animals.16:19
@perlmonkey2Killing the competition.  16:19
+BartJolbut my mouth is suffering from a lack of beer, it feels the weekend coming, just a few hours16:21
@perlmonkey2BartJol: stay strong Bart, stay strong.16:23
+BartJol:) I'll try, but it seems that this weekend is gonna be work related too :(16:24
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Lisett1if I'm doing a paydriver with another entity through which it would post the url return to WebGUI? would be the same in the store or do I have to put parameters? and from that subroutine should take the values of the parameters that are sending me?17:48
+BartJolperlmonkey2: it's getting better, I have a beer17:53
* SDuensin only has tea so far.17:53
SDuensin#include <beer.h>17:53
-!- perlmonkey21 [n=perlmonk@] has joined #webgui17:53
SDuensinOh wait.  That language may scare people here.17:53
+BartJolbut with a # it's commented, that's useless17:54
-!- Radix_ [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui17:54
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SDuensinYea, in your little Perl language.  :-P17:54
+BartJolLarry Larry Larry!17:55
+BartJolLisett1: sorry I can't help you17:55
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jeffthewookieeFrank you here?18:08
jeffthewookieeNpinansky is working with me18:09
jeffthewookieeWe were asking if there's an API to check the status of a workflow and the completion time...18:09
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Lisett1anyone have an idea?18:16
-!- perlmonkey21 is now known as perlmonkey218:17
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@khennLisett1:  I'm not sure I understand the problem.  I'm not very familiar with shop.  you may need to wait for rizen or perlDreamer to pop into the channel18:24
Lisett1ok, i wait, thanks18:30
-!- apeiron_ [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui18:43
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+perlDreamermorning folks18:53
SDuensinHey perlDreamer 18:53
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]18:54
Lisett1if I'm doing a paydriver with another entity through which it would post the url return to WebGUI? would be the same in the store or do I have to put parameters? and from that subroutine should take the values of the parameters that are sending me?18:58
-!- apeiron_ is now known as apeiron19:01
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+perlDreamerWhen I run Firebug and try to edit any asset, it gives me an error19:17
+perlDreamerYAHOO.util.Easing is undefined19:17
+perlDreamershould I add a call to the container in individual form elements that use it, or to getEditForm?19:17
SDuensinOoof.  Loading IE6 has angered the Macintosh.19:21
@HaargperlDreamer, as far as i know, that error doesn't matter19:25
@Haargit's in yui, and inside a try block19:25
@Haargto catch the error19:26
+perlDreamerit prevents text resizing from working19:26
+perlDreamerwhen I tell it to use animation.js, the error goes away and the resizing starts working again19:26
@Haargresizing on what type of text box?19:26
+perlDreamertextarea and htmlareas19:26
+perlDreamerthis is in 7.519:26
+perlDreamerI'm going to try 7.6 now19:26
@Haarghtmlareas have their own resize code so it shouldn't effect that19:27
+perlDreameroh, I think I understand now19:29
+perlDreamerFirebug stopped on the error, even though it was in a try block19:29
+perlDreamerand I didn't tell it to keep going19:29
+perlDreamerso no resizing19:30
@Haargyou are using the debugger?19:30
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8827 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm: Document that canAdd is a class method19:30
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8828 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Form/Textarea.pm): Fix resizing in textareas.19:31
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8829 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm: canAdd is a class method19:31
@Haargbleh.  that code editor needs some work19:31
+perlDreamerI was using the debugger.  There's something funny happening with the Insert WebGUI Image plugin.19:32
@Haargthere a bug report for it?19:32
+perlDreamerIt even came with complete instructions for dupicating the bug19:33
+perlDreamerThe one thing he left out, was that after doing the insert, it will show up in the RTE.  But after you save it, it goes away.19:33
@Haargi think it's the border19:38
+perlDreamerI'll look into that.19:41
+perlDreamerin the meantime, y'all can look at my business website and chortle19:41
+perlDreamersoon to be www.perldreamerconsulting.com19:42
+perlDreamerIt needs a lot more work and removal of default content19:42
@Haargit's the quotes19:42
@Haargcreates an image tag with mismatched quotes19:42
@Haargborder="5' etc19:42
+perlDreamerthanks, Haarg.  How did you do that so fast?19:43
+perlDreamerIs it just practice?19:43
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I hope you already grabbed the domain19:55
+perlDreamerI did19:55
@perlmonkey2if it gets enough hits, godaddy will just grab it.19:55
+perlDreamerjust need the DNS info to feed back into godaddy19:55
+perlDreamerHaarg, after fixing the border quotes to use double quotes, i get this js console error19:58
+perlDreamerString contains an invalid character" code: "519:58
snapcountperlDreamer: any interest in webgui.us?20:04
snapcountor anyone for that matter20:05
snapcountI'm to lazy to actually use it for anything20:05
+perlDreamerOne business website and 1.2x full time consulting is keeping me pretty busy.20:05
+perlDreamernm, browser caching of scripts sucks20:11
snapcountare you still working at the chip manufacturing place too?20:11
+perlDreamerNo, I got laid off20:11
+perlDreamerI'm a freelancer now20:11
snapcountwell sorry to hear that and congrats at the same time =)20:12
+perlDreamerI hear that people can have post-hardware careers in software :)20:12
snapcountcool that you get to hack full time now20:12
+perlDreamerit is nice20:31
+perlDreamerI like working from home20:31
+perlDreameras long as I don't turn on the TV, it works really well20:31
SDuensinMe too.  Gets kinda lonely though.20:31
SDuensinI've been allowing myself a TV break at lunch to keep from going nuts.20:32
+perlDreamerfor now, hanging out on IRC helps a lot.20:32
SDuensinAnd tunes.  Podcasts.20:32
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8830 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix quoting problems in webgui tinymce image plug-in20:46
@HaargperlDreamer, did you figure out the problem?20:55
+perlDreameryes, client side script caching20:55
+perlDreamerI'd fix it on the server, then wouldn't see changes in the browser20:55
+perlDreamerI'm adding a firefox extension for a clear cache button in the toolbar to help with that.20:56
@Haargto track it down, i looked at the tag that was inserted in the editor using firebug.  it had an attribute 5="", which i figured meant something was malformed with the html it was trying to insert.20:58
+perlDreamerI need to learn how to use firebug better, but that will come with time.20:58
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* perlDreamer goes to pick up his pick-up21:08
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8831 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix quoting problems in webgui tinymce image plug-in21:33
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+perlDreamerhow many hours does it take for a DNS change to ripple out?22:53
@preactionperlDreamer: depends on the TTL and other factors, could be 20M could be 6H22:53
@preactionusually it shouldn't be that long22:53
+perlDreamerI'll be patient22:53
apeironMost places I've seen say to wait 24 hours.22:55
apeironperlDreamer, FWIW, I can resolve the name to presently.22:56
apeironperlDreamer, May be your system's cache or your ISP's cache.22:57
+perlDreamerit should be a 207 address22:57
-!- npinansky [n=nick@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has left #webgui []23:15
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8832 /experimental/Automat/lib/ (4 files in 2 dirs): fixed a major bug where switching objects out from underneath could cause all kinds of chaos23:18
-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has quit []23:18
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2: You're not making this survey rfe easy...23:19
-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui23:23
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ23:23
+perlDreamercap10morgan, I looked at your bug.23:30
+perlDreamerShouldn't there be some notice that a singleton clashes?  I mean, how do you tell the difference between "hurried" workflows, and stuck workflows?23:31
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: which one?23:36
+perlDreamerRTEs into the survey23:42
@perlmonkey2I don't think you have coverage on if the survey has timed out.23:42
@perlmonkey2Patrick's "fix" looks like it broke it.23:43
+perlDreamerUh oh23:43
+perlDreamerthere's 0% coverage on Survey.pm right now23:43
@perlmonkey2well this would be in Response23:43
+perlDreamerthere's 96% coverage in SurveyJSON23:43
+perlDreamerResponseJSON would be next :)23:43
@perlmonkey2oh, well there you go :)23:43
+perlDreamerYou want a quick test for that one?23:43
+cap10morganperlDreamer: yes, some indication would be good. but not an error. currently it returns undef, which the cron system, for example, interprets as "uh oh! something bad happened!"23:44
+perlDreamergotcha, cap10morgan23:44
+perlDreamerand for everyone in channel, a piece of hard learned advice23:45
+perlDreamerDon't use Clone with perl 5.1023:45
+perlDreamerit doesn't work, randomly23:45
nubaare we upped to 5.10 on webgui already?23:45
+perlDreamernot unless you're doing a source install, nuba23:46
@perlmonkey2isn't the new wre supposed to be 5.10?23:46
@Haargthat's the plan23:46
+perlDreameris it?  I wouldn't recommend it.23:46
+perlDreamerThere are modules we use that use Clone23:46
@Haargbut we won't have 5.10 a prereq until 8.0 at least23:46
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: clone is cheesy anyways.  Objects should be able to return a blessed copy of themselves if that is needed.23:47
@Haargobjects maybe23:47
@Haargbut what about data structures?23:47
+perlDreamerYeah, especially large survey based data structures from JSON?23:48
@perlmonkey2there are none23:48
@perlmonkey2they are objects23:48
@perlmonkey2you never operate directly on JSON23:48
@perlmonkey2one you can only use the JSON as blessed objects23:48
@perlmonkey2one?  why did I start that with "one"?23:49
+perlDreamerso getObject, newObject, copy and so on return blessed objects?23:49
@perlmonkey2hold up23:49
@perlmonkey2well those aren't from JSON.  And can't they call be copied safely with %copy = %{$ref}; ?23:51
@Haargthat only copies one level though23:51
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2, not deeply23:51
@perlmonkey2hmm, do those contain references...yes they will23:52
+perlDreameryou would not believe how many WebGUI bugs have been about deep reference copies handled poorly23:52
@perlmonkey2bah, I should have stuck with the original model of everything an object.23:52
Lisett1how to get the values of parameters on the other website send me?23:52
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]23:52
+perlDreamerLisett1: perldoc WebGUI::Session::Form23:53
Lisett1i'm  going to see, thanks23:53
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2, it would have been slower, but would have copied easier since each object would handle its own copying23:53
+perlDreamerthat's not a bad tradeoff since copying is rare compared to instanciation23:53
+perlDreamerokay, more js help, please23:55
-!- cap10morgan_ [n=wmorgan@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui23:55
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan_] by ChanServ23:55
+perlDreamerwhy is this line important to the RichEditor/HTMLArea: element.value = element.value.replace(/-/mg,"-");23:55
@preactionperlDreamer: perhaps because those are two different unicode characters that look the same?23:56
Lisett1where find an example?23:56
@Haargwhat file pD?23:56
-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]23:56
@preactionLisett1: everywhere you see session->form->process or session->form->get23:56
+perlDreamerLisett1: just grep for session->form->process23:56
+perlDreamerHaarg, trying to shoehorn a richeditor into the survey for an rfe23:57
+perlDreamerthe HTMLArea form control does that23:57
Lisett1process??? is not with paramsHashRef?23:57
@preactionLisett1: you could use either. two ways to do the same thing. try it and see perhaps?23:58
Lisett1thanks, perDreamer23:59
--- Day changed Sat Dec 06 2008
+perlDreamerI gotta go pick up the kids from school.  Kathy's delivering a baby today.  bbiaw00:00
-!- s4eek [n=s4eek@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit []00:02
@Haargi have no good explanation for that line perlDreamer00:04
@Haargit's very old00:04
CIA-41WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r8833 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/ (Survey/ResponseJSON.pm Survey.pm): Fixed hasTimeLimit to work with the new storage location of the time limit.00:11
Lisett1how to do to say the url to session->form of which i want to get the parameters?00:39
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@lmdc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit ["The computer fell asleep"]00:56
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@lmdc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui00:57
-!- cap10morgan_ is now known as cap10morgan01:04
+perlDreamerHaarg, I traced it back to svn rev 3 and stopped there, so yeah, it's way old ;)01:07
@Haargi looked at the actual commit it was introduced01:07
@Haargand nothing about the other things added help explain it01:08
+perlDreamerthat's right, you pulled in the old CVS history into your git repo, didn't you.01:10
+perlDreamerwell, in any case, I need to get the Survey to load that file so the rich editor can call it01:11
@Haargi'd almost prefer to remove it01:11
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@lmdc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit []01:18
+perlDreamerit works for me, but we should probably ask someone like rizen or khenn before doing it01:19
@khennI have no idea01:20
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CIA-41WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r8834 /WebGUI/www/extras/wobject/Survey/editsurvey.js: When an edit is submitted the edit screen no longer shows up01:41
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WebGUIgood night all02:02
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@68-185-186-98.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI02:08
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CIA-41WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r8835 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Survey/ResponseJSON.pm: terminal sections now work correctly02:09
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+perlDreamergo perlmonkey2, go!02:16
+perlDreamerWebGUI: Has the new product hit the floor yet?02:17
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2, just so you know, I'll be doing some POD commits to ResponseJSON02:25
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8836 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Survey/ (SurveyJSON.pm ResponseJSON.pm): 02:40
CIA-41WebGUI: Update SurveyJSON POD for the new method.02:40
CIA-41WebGUI: Add legal and header POD for ResponseJSON.02:40
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@perlmonkey2patspam: you around?17:03
@perlmonkey2oh, 2am, probably not17:04
-!- daviddelikat [n=Miranda@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #WebGUI17:25
@perlmonkey2Now that the Survey is inside a style, is it incredibly slow for anyone else?17:43
daviddelikatany body know how to use the 'wgd' tool?18:24
daviddelikatI'm trying to reset my install and I get an undefined subroutine18:25
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-76-24-169-61.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #webgui18:58
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@preactiondaviddelikat: i suspect the only person who really knows how to use it is Haarg and he's not here22:16
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SDuensinAnybody know if you can allow the user to enter a "size" in the store?  Building a jewelry site and all the rings need sizes entered.23:41
--- Day changed Sun Dec 07 2008
@preactionSDuensin: i think "size" was supposed to be some sort of a variant property00:04
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SDuensinWas supposed to be?  Hmm.00:05
@preactioniow you add a variant for the size00:34
SDuensinYea, but that's gonna take a craptastic amount of 'em.00:36
@preactionthere's no way to add arbitrary data to a product?00:37
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SDuensinI don't see a way to allow the shopper to enter data about a product.  If that makes sense.00:50
@preactionoh, you want the shopper to be able to enter what size they want00:51
SDuensinSizes can be from like 5 to 16 in half-size increments.  That's a crapload of variants.  Especially if there are already four styles in each size.00:51
@preactioni believe there may have been something added to the Cart, some sort of comments field00:54
@preactionbut i'm thinking that a feature that would allow a shopper to enter details per-item would be a good idea00:54
nubaive shopped for jewelry online. that usually appears in a drop-down menu, and the sizes available vary from a product to another. ie. this ring is only available at this and that size, that other ring is available in the full range from size X to Y, etc.00:57
nuba(i dont have a solution for you, im just trying to help with the description)00:57
SDuensinnuba - Right, that's kind of what I picture in my head.01:11
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* perlDreamer makes the obligatory grumble about coders trying to write copy...05:17
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CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8839 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): fixed #9219: Thingy After Save Search This Thing not showing all rows19:46
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SDuensinOH NO!00:23
SDuensinYou gotta be kidding me!00:23
SDuensinThe quantities for all zillion products I just entered are encoded inside a JSON string in the database?!00:24
SDuensinNot exactly an easy way to bulk set that.  :-(00:24
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CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8847 /translations/German/German/Asset_Shelf.pm: Update from translation server00:49
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8848 /translations/German/German/Asset_Sku.pm: Update from translation server00:49
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8849 /translations/German/German/Asset_UserList.pm: Update from translation server00:49
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8850 /translations/German/German/Form_MatrixCompare.pm: Update from translation server00:49
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SDuensinGood (panic) Morning.  (Panic) Help?17:21
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SDuensin[09:21]  <SDuensin> Good (panic) Morning.  (Panic) Help?17:39
nubahey SDuensin, sup?17:40
SDuensinI think there's a serious issue in the shopping system.17:40
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SDuensin(Loading SQL tables)17:41
nubathis? SDuensin> The quantities for all zillion products I just entered are encoded inside a JSON string in the database?!17:41
SDuensinWell, that's an annoyance.17:41
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SDuensinI went to write a tool to handle that and found that my Product table doesn't seem to have any kind of unique key in it.17:41
SDuensinI also have (apparently) bad data in the table already.17:41
nubaawwwww.. crap17:42
nubai havent even looked in the general direction of the shopping system yet17:42
SDuensinYea.  I have a crapload of products up in a site I'm supposed to have finished already.17:42
SDuensinI assume the assetId is supposed to be unique.  I've got a lot of duplicates.17:43
SDuensinIt's almost like when you edit a variant, another entry is created.17:45
@Haargthe Product table is just like any other asset table17:46
@HaargassetId + revisionDate are the primary key17:46
SDuensinOk, that leads me to less panic.  :-)17:47
SDuensinWTF is with that JSON inside the database?!17:47
SDuensinNobody wants to step up and own that one, eh?  :-P17:51
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8856 /translations/German/German/Shop.pm: Update from translation server17:55
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+perlDreamerI worked on the TimeField form control over the weekend18:07
+perlDreamerIt's badly broken18:07
+perlDreamerI'd love to get a review of the changes that I'm proposing18:07
+perlDreamerany takers?18:07
+perlDreamerhola, SDuensin :)18:07
SDuensinI'm trying to unpanic.  Then I can break things.18:07
SDuensinperlDreamer, you added the paging to the Shelf for me, right?18:08
+perlDreamerI believe so.18:08
+perlDreamerI've fixed a lot of bugs over the last few weeks18:08
SDuensinIs there a way to change the page size?  Or disable it?18:08
+perlDreamerthis is the new getValue subroutine for timeField: http://webgui.pastebin.com/d214b951f18:09
+perlDreamerSDuensin, no there isn't.  It would be about a 20 minute RFE, though18:09
+perlDreamerthe values are hardcoded inside the paginator, unless some other value is provided18:10
+perlDreameralthough, it could be considered a bug that it's paginated but not configurable18:10
SDuensinMaybe I can fix that bug later.  It's a deal breaker for something a client has requested.18:10
+perlDreamerI can't think of anywhere else that we have non-configurable pagination...18:11
+perlDreamerSQL Report is configurable18:12
+perlDreamerPost is configurable18:12
SDuensinGod my quantity hack is ugly.18:12
+perlDreamerquantity hack?18:15
SDuensinYes.  Follow up to my earlier mini-rant about having JSON inside the database.18:15
+perlDreamerone more thing about timeField, it all started with this bug: http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/906318:16
+perlDreamerSDuensin, I agree that having JSON in the db does make hackery more difficult18:16
SDuensinI'm gonna say it's a Bad Idea(tm).18:17
+perlDreameron the other hand, it made asset collateral quickly and easily versioned, and packagable.18:21
SDuensinIt's still fugly.18:22
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CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8857 /translations/German/German/Account_Profile.pm: Update from translation server18:23
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8858 /translations/German/German/Account_Contributions.pm: Update from translation server18:23
SDuensinGrrr.  I got my quantities updated, but the site still says everything is out of stock.  Guess that's why people should use the API.18:23
+perlDreamerSDuensin, would you like a little script to start with?18:24
SDuensinI'd love one.  :-)18:24
+perlDreamerok, hang on a few18:24
SDuensinMine apparently creates a mess.18:24
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]18:29
+perlDreamerSDuensin, you want a paste or an email?18:29
SDuensinWhatever is easiest.18:29
SDuensinscott@jaegertech.com if you want.18:30
+perlDreameron its way18:31
SDuensinThank you!18:31
+perlDreamergive me a holler if you have more questions18:31
+perlDreamerI wrote the Product18:31
SDuensinOh, I will.18:31
+perlDreamerwell, updated it from old product to Sku18:31
SDuensinGonna keep at the JSON bit.  :-)18:32
SDuensinMaybe wrap it so all the JSON key/value pairs end up in another table?  Then you could at least join tables together to query it.18:32
SDuensinThanks, perlDreamer - hacking away again.  :-)18:37
+perlDreameronly one downside about that script, it does not make a versioned change18:38
+perlDreamerso make backups, just in case18:38
SDuensinNo problem.  Got a backup.18:39
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8859 /translations/German/German/Account_Friends.pm: Update from translation server18:52
+perlDreamerbartjol: The Germans are on fire!18:54
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@perlmonkey2heh, squirrel chewed through my cable's insulation.  I got tired of waiting for the repair guy, so wrapped it in electrical tape and took some old tin and bent it around the wire as a shield.  Back on the internet via Okie-Engineering.19:25
SDuensinHey perlDreamer - never messed with JSON in Perl.  What do I do about malformed JSON strings?19:30
+perlDreamerreform them? :)19:31
+perlDreamerI'd need more info to help you19:31
+perlDreameroh, my bad I missed an array deref19:33
SDuensinYea, I got that.  But something is making JSON mad.  (Or is there another one missed?)19:34
+perlDreamerline 2 should read foreach my $variant ( @{ $product->getAllCollateral('variantsJSON') } {19:34
SDuensinDoesn't my foreach my $item line fix that?19:34
+perlDreameryes, but each item of the array is a hashref19:35
+perlDreamerand it's better written without the extra foreach19:35
SDuensinIt's still POed when I try:  print "$variant\n\n";19:39
+perlDreamer$variant would be a hashref19:39
+perlDreamerthey don't pretty print by default19:40
+perlDreamertry use Data::Dumper; print Dumper $variant19:40
SDuensinAh yea.  Take a dump.  :-)19:40
+perlDreamerI wonder if that's different in perl619:41
SDuensinI'm running under the WRE on Ubuntu.19:42
SDuensinEven with Dumper it barfs on the malformed JSON string.19:42
SDuensinDid I mention I didn't like JSON in the database?  :-D19:42
@perlmonkey2SDuensin: the problem you mentioned the other day seemed like a pretty good reason to not have JSON.  All fine and dandy when the data is being used as designed.  But when you need to do some maintenance outside of the defined params, you have to write a small script.19:46
SDuensinThat problem is still my problem.  :-(19:47
SDuensinExcept now, using the API to access it (thanks to perlDreamer), it's mad because of bad JSON.19:47
@perlmonkey2SDuensin: bad JSON you've created, or bad JSON from the DB?  The second sounds like a far larger problem.19:48
+perlDreamerSDuensin, Dumper can't barf on bad JSON19:49
+perlDreamerit's doesn't care what the data is19:49
SDuensinperlmonkey2 - I'm trying to iterate over the products I have defined and set their quantity.19:49
SDuensinperlDreamer - Tell Dumper that.19:49
+perlDreamerSDuensin, how about a fresh paste of what you've got19:49
+perlDreamertavisto: wiki bug ping19:50
SDuensinSure.  Dumper isn't in it for the moment.19:50
@tavistoum. hi19:50
@tavistoperlDreamer: RFE asset Hamburgler over.19:50
+perlDreamertavisto, I'd like to try and duplicate your wiki page is protected bug.  Could you please let  me know the URL of a protected page so I can try and hack it with malicious spam?19:51
+perlDreamerSDuensin, what does Dumper complain about?19:52
@tavistoI'll create a new one for you to test on. That will be a good thing for you to be an 3vilHaXoR on19:53
SDuensinWell, I assumed it was Dumper.  I get the same error.  So maybe it's the first access to $variant is making it mad.19:53
@perlmonkey2SDuensin: there isn't a call to JSON there.  The real error might be in getAllCollateral19:54
SDuensinThat's my suspicion.19:54
@perlmonkey2probably line 263 of Product.  Try wrapping that call in an eval and outputting $@19:55
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8860 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/WikiPage.pm): fix isProtected form processing in the wiki page19:55
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8861 /modules/Config-JSON/ (7 files in 3 dirs): 19:55
CIA-41WebGUI: v1.3.119:55
CIA-41WebGUI:  fix: #41525 Cleaning up temporary directory19:55
CIA-41WebGUI:  Throws a better error message when trying to access an element of an array using a multi-level directive.19:55
CIA-41WebGUI:  Writes config file directives in alphabetical order for easier human reading.19:55
CIA-41WebGUI:  Better handling of UTF-8 data in the config file.19:55
CIA-41WebGUI:  Better version numbers on prereqs.19:55
@perlmonkey2SDuensin: but if that call is failing, you probably have something wrong with your JSOn in the DB.19:56
SDuensinThat's what my (panic) was for earlier.  19:56
@perlmonkey2go grab the JSON directly from the DB and write a small little test script that just calls from_json on the pasted string.19:57
SDuensinI can do that.19:57
@perlmonkey2you might even be able to eyeball the bad chars.19:57
SDuensinI'm going to restore the database just to be good and sure I haven't broken what WebGUI put there.19:58
SDuensinError still exists with the data I *know* was created by WebGUI.20:07
SDuensinThe only thing I see is that I have a couple entries in the database where the variantsJSON is equal to "[]".20:09
+perlDreamerthat would mean no variants20:10
@perlmonkey2but you haven't cut and pasted a malformed string from the DB successfully?20:10
SDuensinWorking on that now.20:10
@perlmonkey2"[]" should be a valid string.20:10
SDuensinIt is.20:14
SDuensinGonna write something to yank all the JSON from my DB and try to decode it.20:14
-!- BartJo1 [n=plainstu@52-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has joined #webgui20:17
SDuensinOk, now I'm confused.  My code parses everything fine.20:19
-!- bartjol [n=bartjol@host2.procolix.com] has left #webgui []20:20
-!- BartJo1 [n=plainstu@52-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has left #webgui []20:20
SDuensinWhere is "from_json"?  I'm using $json->decode in my test.20:22
SDuensinCrap.  Still works.  :-)20:23
@perlmonkey2SDuensin: ah20:24
@perlmonkey2from_json flips the utf8=>1 flag20:24
@perlmonkey2I'm pretty sure20:24
@perlmonkey2or maybe I have that backwards20:24
@preactionencode / decode is the utf8 one i think20:24
+perlDreamerfrom_json leaves the utf8 flag alone20:24
SDuensinHere's the guts of my test script:20:25
@perlmonkey2okay, then that shouldn't be it20:25
SDuensinIt reads it right from the same database I get the error from.20:25
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@52-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has joined #webgui20:27
-!- mode/#webgui [+v BartJol] by ChanServ20:27
+perlDreamerSDuensin, please try this and paste the output: http://webgui.pastebin.com/d1b94cf3320:32
+perlDreamerthat JSON subroutine should use croak, so we can see where it's called from20:37
SDuensinWould be helpful, wouldn't it?20:37
SDuensinI'd hack it, but this is my live server.20:37
+perlDreamernew one for you: http://webgui.pastebin.com/d31a5257820:38
+perlDreamerlet's see the actual JSON itself this time20:38
SDuensinSame error bud.20:39
SDuensinDoesn't seem to matter what is inside the while loop.20:40
SDuensinI put:  print "Crap."; 20:40
SDuensinStill does it.20:41
+perlDreamerSDuensin, that's not possible.  The class does no JSON processing unless you ask for it20:41
+perlDreamerthere's something else going in20:41
SDuensinI'd say.20:41
+perlDreamercan you please paste the whole script?20:41
+perlDreamerhow do you invoke the script?20:45
+perlDreamerand where do you run it from?20:45
SDuensinperl setMaxQuantities.pl --configFile ut.jaegertech.net.conf20:45
SDuensinFrom /data/WebGUI/sbin20:45
SDuensin(After setting the environment.)20:46
+perlDreamerplease comment out lines 44-48 and run it again for me20:46
SDuensinSame.  The config file corrupt maybe?20:47
+perlDreamerthe favorite config file gaffe is dangling, perl-style commas, or missing commas in the middle of lists20:49
+perlDreameris this config file being used on your live site right now?20:49
SDuensinI don't remember editing it by hand.  Checking.20:49
@Haargdangling commas shouldn't be a problem at this point.  but missing commas certainly can be.20:50
SDuensinI don't see anything.  testEnvironment loads it, doesn't it?20:51
topsubRadix_, just used ur lightbox2 package.. thanks! ported it to be used with a folder asset instead but you saved me from importing all the files20:52
SDuensintestEnvironment passes with flying colors.20:53
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui20:59
-!- mode/#webgui [+v MrHairgrease] by ChanServ20:59
+perlDreamerSDuensin, try to run the default utility skeleton20:59
SDuensinThat works.21:00
+perlDreamerthis is nuts21:01
SDuensinI told you guys I was good at breaking things.21:02
+perlDreamerwell, next, please remove the use WebGUI::Asset* lines21:02
+perlDreamerand try the script again21:02
+MrHairgreaseyou should try to run skeletor21:02
+perlDreamerhe did21:02
SDuensinRemove them from which script?21:02
+MrHairgreaseand then summon heman to fix it all21:02
+perlDreamerfrom the setMaxQ script21:03
+MrHairgreasedunno what the prob is btw.21:03
SDuensinCommented the two lines out.  Error is still there.21:04
+perlDreamernew paste, please21:05
+perlDreamereither that, or a login21:05
+perlDreamerSD, when you ran the utility script, did you give it your config file?21:06
+MrHairgreaseperl setMaxQuantities.pl --configFile ut.jaegertech.net.conf 21:07
SDuensinPastebin is being slooooooow.21:07
+MrHairgreaseshould that be21:07
+MrHairgreaseperl setMaxQuantities.pl --configFile=ut.jaegertech.net.conf 21:07
+MrHairgreasetry that21:07
@Haargit should work either way afaik21:07
SDuensinYea, same error with the ='s.21:08
+MrHairgreasenever used it without the =21:08
-!- rizen [n=rizen@h69-128-55-18.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has joined #webgui21:10
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by ChanServ21:10
@Haargi never saw the exact error message, what was it?21:10
SDuensinUse of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Config/JSON.pm line 135.21:10
SDuensinmalformed JSON string, neither array, object, number, string or atom, at character offset 0 ["(end of string)"] at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Config/JSON.pm line 135.21:10
SDuensinHey rizen 21:10
@Haargso it isn't finding the config file for some reason21:10
+MrHairgreasehi 21:10
@Haargcan't get to pastebin atm, so i'm not sure21:11
SDuensinNo idea.21:11
+MrHairgreasesduensin, where is your script and from what directory are you running it?21:11
+MrHairgreaseyea, pastebin is down21:11
SDuensinIn /data/WebGUI/sbin21:12
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-98-108-78-65.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []21:12
+perlDreamerSDuensin's powers of desctruction are strong, and widespreda21:13
SDuensinYou have no idea.  :-)21:13
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@68-114-219-232.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]21:14
+MrHairgreasecan you try with another util script21:14
+MrHairgreasesay, file import or so?21:14
SDuensintestEnvironment runs fine.  So does the skeleton with that config passed to it.21:15
@rizendid you try tripple clicking?21:15
@Haargwhat is the difference between your script and the skeleton?21:15
+perlDreamerI think it's browser caching21:16
@rizenoh i know21:17
@rizenyou forgot to do the big thing to make it go21:17
+MrHairgreasequadruple clicking?21:17
+MrHairgreasemake it bug free?21:17
+MrHairgreasesduensin, could it be that there are weird characters in the conf file?21:19
+MrHairgreaseyou can check that by opening it in vim21:19
+MrHairgreaseand then do21:19
+MrHairgrease:set invlist21:19
SDuensinI doubt it.  The site is running off that file.21:19
SDuensinAnd (for once) I didn't screw with it.  :-)21:20
+MrHairgreasecan you email me your code?21:20
+MrHairgreaseI'll have a look at it21:20
SDuensin(Alternate pastebin thingie.)21:21
+MrHairgreaseanother pstebin21:21
SDuensinThere's a bunch of 'em.21:21
@Haargand the file is in sbin, and you are running it from there?21:22
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8862 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/ (6 files): Update from translation server21:22
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8863 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 21:22
CIA-41WebGUI: Have Operation/Cron log a warning instead of an error when trying21:22
CIA-41WebGUI: to rerun a singleton, long-running workflow.21:22
+MrHairgreasesomehow the configFile parameter is not parsed correctly21:23
+MrHairgrease$configFile is undef21:24
* SDuensin didn't do it. Honest. :-P21:24
+MrHairgreaseyou did21:24
@Haargit parses the config file option twice21:24
+MrHairgreaseconfigfile != configFile21:24
+MrHairgreaseyeah that too21:25
@Haargthey are equal for Getopt::Long21:25
@Haargunless you set a specific option21:25
+MrHairgreaseb/c of the first GetOptions with the wrong param21:25
+MrHairgreasethe second with the correct param doesn't work21:25
@Haargthe double call to GetOptions is the problem21:25
@preactionis this the SVN HEAD skeleton?21:25
@preactioni swore i fixed it21:25
SDuensinpreaction - I'm sure I broke it.21:26
+perlDreamerpreaction, it's from 7.521:26
+perlDreamerand the skeleton is fine in there21:26
@preactionyeah, that looks like an older one21:26
@Haargyou can just remove the GetOptions call inside start21:26
+MrHairgreaseand the my $configFile21:26
@preactionno, because then start doesn't have the config file21:26
+MrHairgreaseit has21:26
@preactionit's not getting passed in in this version21:26
@preactionoh, i see21:26
+MrHairgreasesince $configFile is global too21:26
@preactionabusive scoping :p21:27
SDuensinI removed the one at the top.  Error is gone!21:27
SDuensinNow if we can just rid ourselves of the JSON to begin with...   :-P21:27
+MrHairgreasefunny that GetOpt is case insensitive btw.21:27
+MrHairgreasenever thought it would be.21:28
* MrHairgrease rather scopes abuse =)21:28
+perlDreamernow that everyone is here, does anyone care to comment on the timeField form fixes I proposed earlier?21:28
+perlDreamerif not, I'll just go ahead and commit it21:29
SDuensinOk, I forgot to eat.  I need to do that.  Back in a bit.21:29
@HaargGetopt::Long is case insensitive for long options by default, case sensitive for short options.  that can be configured though.21:29
@Haargyou have a link perlDreamer?21:30
SDuensinThanks gang.21:30
@Haargcan you make a different paste?21:31
@Haargpastebin is still unreachable21:31
-!- MrHairgrease is now known as MrafkGrease21:31
-!- MrafkGrease is now known as MrAfkGrease21:32
+perlDreamerI built a test script for it with about 26 tests, testing with and without format=mysql, and with different kinds of inputs21:33
+BartJolperlDreamer: http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/924421:33
-!- ckotil [n=newtrino@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has quit ["Lost terminal"]21:34
@Haargso that is eliminating the format detection based on defaultValue?21:34
+perlDreamerbecause I don't think it matters21:36
+perlDreamerI'll add some more tests to make sure of that21:37
+perlDreameryes, it doesn't matter when you call getValue.  defaultValue is only supposed to be when no value param is supplied to the form element21:40
+perlDreamerso getValue either sees posted form params, or arguments21:41
+perlDreamerand the call to super will resolve that21:41
@Haargyeah, but the idea is that if something sets the defaultValue to 00:00:00, they always want a mysql time format21:41
@Haargand if they set it to 0, they always want an epoch time21:41
+perlDreamerso it's supposed to autodetect it?21:42
+perlDreamerinstead of using the well documented and defined format argument?21:42
@Haargthat was the idea21:42
@Haargi think format came later21:42
@Haargsince we knew that the defaultValue thing was nasty21:42
+perlDreamerwhat gets priority if they're different?21:43
+BartJolmm, is Send with a "d" past time or more a command?21:43
@Haargif which is different?21:44
@HaargdefaultValue and format?21:44
@Haargi would say format21:44
+BartJollike in Account_Inbox the label Send, are these messages that should be send or already been send?21:44
+MrAfkGreasebart: I think it's with a t21:44
+perlDreamerokay, I'll rework the tests, then the patch, then the docs and then post for reconsideration21:44
+BartJolit is with a t? that's usefull21:45
+BartJolwhat it?21:45
+MrAfkGreasei read your question wrong21:45
+perlDreamerBartJol: If you hit the "Send" button in the past, your email was sent.21:45
+MrAfkGreasepassed tense of send is sent21:45
+MrAfkGreaseso it's prolly a command21:45
+BartJolindeed it is21:45
+MrAfkGreasewhat the context?21:45
+BartJolthere isn't, that's why I'm asking21:46
+MrAfkGreasewell what colins says21:46
+BartJolcontext in the latest i18n is terrible...21:46
+MrAfkGreasei probably is21:47
+perlDreamerBartJol, that is a button label.  it's i18n'ed in the template using the macro21:47
+MrAfkGreasebut i meant more the sentence embedding the word21:47
+MrAfkGreasewhich isn't there if it's just a button label...21:47
+BartJolthere wasn't a sentence either21:47
+perlDreamerand it should be "Send", the command21:48
+BartJoljust the word "Send", that makes it hard to understand21:48
+perlDreameryou should ask the Account maintainer to give some context in the i18n file to help you out, or just keep asking questions in channel ;)21:48
* perlDreamer goes running21:48
+MrAfkGreasejust translate it with Verzenden and be iun peace21:49
+BartJolwho's trying to bug me by leaving all context? are it tha germans, the spaniols or arabics paying PB?21:49
+BartJolalready did that MrAfkGrease21:49
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8864 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Forward porting singleton warn vs error for Cron.21:50
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8865 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/Account_Profile.pm: Update from translation server21:50
+MrAfkGreasevery good21:50
+BartJolperlDreamer: I like it better to ask here, but next time I'll bother the responsible person, In this case it would have been Frank22:07
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-98-108-78-65.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI22:29
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-!- khenn [n=khenn@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]22:52
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8866 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/Account_Inbox.pm: Update from translation server22:56
-!- khenn [n=khenn@] has joined #WebGUI23:00
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-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]23:14
SDuensinIn the Product asset, where is the actual template represented by <tmpl_var buy_options> ?23:20
+perlDreamerSDuensin, ack (or ctags in vim) answers questions very quickly ;)23:41
SDuensinYea yea.23:41
* SDuensin is reading how to "fix" the Shelf.23:41
+perlDreamerfor pagination?23:42
+perlDreamerYou want me to walk you through it?23:43
SDuensinIf you have time.  I think I get the gist of it.  Not looked up the internationalization stuff yet.23:43
+perlDreamerwell, hack on.  and holler if you get stuck23:44
SDuensinI need to add the paginateAfter to the database, add the properties, and use the properties when the paginator is created.  Right?23:44
* SDuensin bought the spiffy Developer's Guide.23:45
+perlDreamerSDuensin, that's it exactly23:45
SDuensinCool.  :-)23:45
SDuensinThat's looking like my first contribution to the code.  It's a must-have for my client.23:47
+perlDreamerfile a bug for it23:47
-!- topsub [n=josh@cpe-075-176-027-152.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui23:52
SDuensinJust out of curiosity, why is all the i18n stuff in modules and not a DB table?  Speed?23:53
SDuensinI did a BBS some time ago and did it all in the database.  I can see how a busy site would crumble with that kind of set up.23:54
+perlDreamerkhenn, in the account system, what is the difference between a layout template and a view template?23:55
+BartJoltavisto: did you see my private message?23:56
SDuensinWhoever can assign tickets, please give me 9250.23:59
+perlDreamerSDuensin, only the elect can assign tickets23:59
+perlDreamerjust post a comment saying that you're working on it23:59
--- Day changed Tue Dec 09 2008
+perlDreamerBartJol, about your i18n bug, how does this sound00:03
+perlDreamerChoose a layout from the list to display the various account plugins that are usable by the current user as well as the contents of the one currently chosen00:03
+BartJolif you change "one" to plugin it's clearer I think00:04
@tavistobartjol, nice work00:05
+perlDreamerwill do00:05
+BartJolperlDreamer: thanks00:07
+perlDreameryou're welcome, BartJol.   You do the community a big service by feeding those bugs back to us00:09
+BartJolsmall changes, but it looks much more neat indeed00:10
-!- perlmonkey21 [n=perlmonk@] has joined #webgui00:10
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8867 /experimental/Automat/lib/ (4 files in 2 dirs): 00:11
CIA-41WebGUI: many bug fixes00:11
CIA-41WebGUI: added service login config option00:11
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8868 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixed some Account i18n typos.00:11
+perlDreamerI hate thingy00:18
SDuensinThingy is *so* close to being awesome.00:18
+BartJolperlDreamer: why, because it's mainly a Dutch product?00:19
+perlDreamerNumber 1 reason: I really don't understand it or how to properly use it.00:19
+perlDreamerNumber 2 reason, it's new and buggy00:19
+perlDreamerI like Dutch things00:19
+BartJolmmm, can understand your reasons00:20
+perlDreamerDutch people, dutch soups, dutch stroopwaffeln and dutch code00:20
+BartJolstroopwafels, we're not german00:20
+perlDreamermy bad :)00:21
+BartJolDutch isn't easy00:21
+BartJolit's an unreliable language, too much exceptions00:22
+perlDreamerOh, you mean compared to an easy language, like English?00:23
+BartJolno just generally00:23
+BartJolbut you're right each language probably has that00:24
+BartJolbut spelling of words depends on grammar with no clear rulea00:24
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]00:24
-!- MrAfkGrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []00:42
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8869 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): Fix searching in the Thingy view screen.00:43
-!- s4eek [n=s4eek@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit []00:52
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui01:03
-!- mode/#webgui [+v Radix-wrk] by ChanServ01:03
+perlDreamerHaarg, is the TimeField supposed to convert to the desired format, or just validate it?01:30
@Haargconvert to01:30
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@52-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has left #webgui []01:31
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8870 /experimental/Automat/ (2 files in 2 dirs): bug fixes01:48
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp121-44-211-131.lns10.mel4.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui02:02
* perlDreamer goes to check out business cards02:12
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8871 /experimental/Automat/sbin/migration/fixmxwithoutindex.pl: fixes the data for a bug that was in MailServer.pm02:20
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@h69-128-55-18.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]02:29
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8872 /branch/survey-rfe/ (22 files in 13 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into survey02:50
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8873 /experimental/Automat/ (sbin/Automat-taskRunner.pl lib/Automat/MailServer.pm): bug fixes02:50
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8874 /experimental/Automat/sbin/Automat-taskRunner.pl: forgot to eval and exit the loop02:50
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]03:06
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8875 /experimental/Automat/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm: added hover help03:20
+perlDreamerpatspam: ping03:23
patspamperlDreamer: pong03:27
+perlDreamernever mind, I think I got it.03:28
+perlDreamerThe defaultValue is fine in the actual thingy table, it's only limited in the fields table.03:28
patspamyeah, Thingy_fields03:28
patspamman you're quick!03:28
patspami submitted that like 45mins ago ;)03:28
+perlDreamerI just finished up a bug03:29
+perlDreamerand you always submit good bug reports03:29
+perlDreamerlots of detail, and sometimes patches03:29
-!- preaction [n=doug@CPE-67-48-241-219.new.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui03:32
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ03:32
patspami was a professional bug reporter during uni03:32
patspam..at Infogrames (a game company)03:33
+perlDreamerworking at a game company sounds very fun03:33
patspamthat was a pretty good rort, being paid to play games all day =p03:33
patspamyeah, except after about 6 months on the same, crap, buggy game....03:33
+perlDreameractually, that's kind of how I feel now (previous sentiment)03:34
+perlDreamerI'm getting paid to hack perl code03:34
+perlDreamerNo one yells at me about schedules, or wants me to remotely debug buggy tester hardware03:34
patspamheh, just wait till you've had 6 months on the same, crap, buggy, .... heh just kidding03:34
+perlDreamerit'll change a little.  Instead of crappy, buggy 7.6, it will be crappy, buggy 7.7 ;)03:35
patspamand at least you get to hack on the game itself, it was crap only being able to submit bugs and not actually fix stuff03:37
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8876 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/docs/ (changelog/7.x.x.txt upgrades/upgrade_7.5.35-7.5.36.pl): make sure that Thingy fields defaultValue can hold any input from any type of form field.03:48
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8877 /WebGUI/docs/ (changelog/7.x.x.txt upgrades/upgrade_7.6.5-7.6.6.pl): Forward port Thingy_fields defaultValue size fix.03:48
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+perlDreamerpreaction, when you import ical feeds into a calendar, is everything supposed to come over?05:18
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8878 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Have the calendar emit and read the ical LOCATION field.06:38
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8879 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Forward port Calendar location field fix in ical.06:38
+perlDreamerMore iCal fun in the morning.  Good night, all.07:05
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CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8880 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/ (Asset_Layout.pm Asset_MatrixListing.pm): Update from translation server13:06
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@perlmonkey2BartJol: hmm, you might just notify people as they probably forgot to put in the context.17:01
+BartJolyeah, but it happens quiet a lot, and if I have to browse svn each time to look who forgot it it take me huge amounts of time17:03
+BartJolif you find it a bit questionable if that posts should remain on the site, please remove17:04
+BartJoland with questionable I mean that it could give an unprofessional impression17:06
SDuensinHey guys.17:06
+BartJolperlmonkey2: so please do what you want with the post17:07
+BartJolbut it was in all changes in 7.6.4 and up17:08
-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@206-124-7-145.denver.dsl.forethought.net] has quit []17:12
@perlmonkey2BartJol: no, you make a very pertinent point.17:23
+BartJolok, I don't wanna make a big issue of it17:25
@perlmonkey2BartJol: Adding context isn't a lot to ask of developers, and the i18n translations are very important.  17:26
-!- Lisette [n=liraos@adsl190-28-168-168.epm.net.co] has joined #webgui17:27
+BartJolI don't know how much work it is, I can imagine that distracts you from the programming17:27
LisetteI like to process variables delivered by a different page to a WebGUI paydirver17:29
+BartJolsorry Lisette, I don't know17:34
Lisettei can't do a get from another website???17:39
+BartJolit's hard to get the code underneath. I don't have that kind of stuff17:43
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+BartJolmmm are more people having problems with the asset managerin 7.6.5? I don't see my assets18:10
+BartJolprobably some bad stuff done myself18:13
CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8881 /WebGUI/ (11 files in 6 dirs): Making Matrix edit listing screen templatable18:15
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+perlDreamerHaarg: latest iteration on Form/TimeField, http://webgui.pastebin.com/df048e6f18:34
@Haargseems fine18:35
@Haargyou may want to change the regex to use (?: ) but that's a pretty small nit18:36
+perlDreameryeah, we don't need to capture anything in there, just validate18:37
+perlDreamerwhat time are you going to start the release?18:37
@Haargprobably around 218:38
@Haargcentral that is18:38
+perlDreamerokay.  in addition to the timefield bug, I'd like to get the calendar iCal work in too, but it might be tight18:38
@Haargwhat is the ical issue?18:39
SDuensinMorning perlDreamer & Haarg 18:39
+perlDreameryo, SDuensin18:39
+perlDreamerIt's kristi's ical bug from the boards18:39
+perlDreamernot all info from events comes across18:39
+perlDreamerLocation was easy to add18:39
+perlDreamerstill thinking about related URLs18:39
+perlDreamerand I don't think it's possible to do attachments18:39
+perlDreamerthe problem with related URLs is that they're group protected18:40
@Haargat some point we may want to change the Data & DateTime form controls to be like what you have for time there18:40
@Haargthey work properly afaik, but it isn't completely obvious what everything is doing18:41
+perlDreamerOh, as far as the layout and logic?18:41
+perlDreamergym time18:51
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SDuensinWhoo hoo!  My first "fixed" Wobject!19:17
SDuensinNothing like doing 10 minutes of work over two days.  <sheesh>19:17
SDuensinAnd it works!19:20
SDuensinHey gang, since this is my first change to WebGUI core, would someone look at what I did before I commit it?  It's only a few lines.  I can send the files or a diff.19:34
@perlmonkey2SDuensin: I'll look at it if you want.  You can just pastebin it or whatever.19:36
SDuensinOk, perlmonkey2 - Sorry.  Was on the phone.19:49
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8882 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (lib/WebGUI/Form/TimeField.pm t/Form/TimeField.pm): 19:50
CIA-41WebGUI: Fix the timeField form control so that times don't creep.19:50
CIA-41WebGUI: Add tests. Lots of tests.19:50
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8883 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt: Document time field form fix.19:50
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8884 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Fix the TimeField form control, and add lots of tests.19:50
SDuensinperlmonkey2 - First file:  http://webgui.pastebin.com/m40bc82c719:51
SDuensinSecond:  http://webgui.pastebin.com/m3f50bec519:52
SDuensinMassive database change:   ALTER TABLE Shelf ADD paginateAfter INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '25';19:52
-!- preaction_ is now known as preaction19:55
-!- perlmonkey21 [n=perlmonk@] has joined #webgui19:57
perlmonkey21SDuensin: I missed everything after the database update19:58
SDuensinThere wasn't anything.  :-P19:59
SDuensin[11:51]  <SDuensin> perlmonkey2 - First file:  http://webgui.pastebin.com/m40bc82c719:59
SDuensin[11:52]  <SDuensin> Second:  http://webgui.pastebin.com/m3f50bec519:59
SDuensin[11:52]  <SDuensin> Massive database change:   ALTER TABLE Shelf ADD paginateAfter INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '25';19:59
SDuensinThat's all.19:59
perlmonkey21oh, so no diff for Shelf?19:59
SDuensinOh.  I pasted the entire file.19:59
SDuensinManual Diff:  Lines 45-52.  Line 304.20:00
SDuensinLanguage file starts at line 72.20:01
SDuensinMinor changes.20:01
perlmonkey21hmm, looks good to me.  20:02
SDuensinI didn't look at the 7.6.x tree.  It needs put in there yet.20:03
SDuensinBBIAF - Gonna get food before my teleconference starts.20:03
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SDuensinQuiet in here today.21:22
+perlDreamerdid you get your pagination work done?21:22
SDuensinI need to do it in 7.6.x and check it in.21:23
SDuensinI'm watching a webinar on WaveMaker at the moment.  It's giving me crazy ideas.21:23
* SDuensin wants to add a custom application builder to WebGUI.21:25
+perlDreamerIsn't that what Thingy is supposed to be?21:26
SDuensinBut MORE!21:26
SDuensinGUI layout, scripted logic for advanced stuff, etc.21:26
+perlDreamerWhat's the URL for the staff blog on pb.com?21:37
+perlDreamerfor its RSS feed?21:37
* SDuensin can't believe there doesn't seem to be a GUI Builder for YUI yet.21:39
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui21:44
+perlDreamerif anyone notices that the demo server is slow, it's my wife's fault21:48
+perlDreamershe likes the initial site designer21:49
+perlDreamermaybe we need to fold that into the template wizard21:49
SDuensinMe too, but my god!  What colors!   Ack!21:49
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-!- daviddelikat [n=daviddel@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #WebGUI22:08
LisetteI like to process variables delivered by a different page to a WebGUI paydirver?22:15
-!- wgGuest35 [n=wgGuest3@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #webgui22:21
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Lisettei can do this in a workflow? http://webgui.pastebin.com/d6ea86eb922:54
+perlDreamerLisette, not really.23:00
+perlDreamerWorkflows are not called with form parameters23:00
-!- dreamersgirl [n=kathyk@pool-71-117-235-27.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui23:06
Lisettethen how to do to get the values of those fields?23:06
+perlDreameryou can't use a workflow23:08
+perlDreameryou have to make an asset, operation, URL plugin or a Content plugin23:08
+perlDreamerlike making a new paydriver23:09
+perlDreamerthat is a Content plugin (sub-type)23:09
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8885 /experimental/HelpDesk/docs/HelpDesk: remove unused directories23:36
LisetteI like to process variables delivered by a different page to a WebGUI paydirver?23:36
@preactionLisette: and what have you tried?23:37
+perlDreamershe tried to make a workflow23:37
@preactionis this like a paypal thing? 23:38
+perlDreamersounds like a driver postback from gateway kind of thing23:38
@preactionit would post back to some ?shop=cart;method=gatewayPostback or something?23:42
Lisettesomethig like that you say23:49
Lisettei have verified the value of a variable for to show the message thank you23:49
Lisettei have this in a paydriver23:50
LisetteperlDreamer the workflow was for a CS for the content managers can create products.23:50
Lisetteare two things different23:51
+perlDreamerI see23:51
Lisetteare two different questions, the first is that if you could do in a workflow to be able to take the values and create the product through a collaborative system, and the second is how do I get to make a site that is not done and WebGUI obtain the values of the form23:53
--- Day changed Wed Dec 10 2008
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8886 /experimental/HelpDesk/ (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Ticket.pm docs/changelog): 00:06
CIA-41WebGUI: Do not format the dateAssigned field if it's empty. Otherwise00:06
CIA-41WebGUI: session->datetime will choose "now" as the time for you.00:06
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8887 /translations/Polish/Polish/AuthWebGUI.pm: Update from translation server00:06
daviddelikatso I'm just getting started here, diggin into tickets and code...00:15
daviddelikatim working on http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/9150 and steping through the JS code00:15
SDuensinHowdy daviddelikat 00:15
* SDuensin is a n00b, too.00:15
daviddelikatwhat seems to be happenning is the 'add column' code is cloning the old column and it fails00:15
@preactiondaviddelikat: are you looking at the edit schema dialog code or the code that processes that dialog? there's no cloning going on with the actual datatable, just insert and delete00:17
daviddelikatit is calling form.getelement('removeColumn_1')  but the column id is 'yui-gen3-button' 00:17
daviddelikatI'm looking at the code that runs when you press the add column button00:17
@preactiondaviddelikat: but that's not the code causing the problem. the column is not added to the data table right away, only after Save is clicked00:18
@preactionor maybe i'm wrong, the bug report is unclear00:18
daviddelikatto be honest I couldn't say where it is in the system, fire bug put it up when i pushed the button00:18
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daviddelikatit looks like it is trying to add a column to the table in the shadow box that pops up when you push the edit schema button.00:20
SDuensinOK, when I do my changes for the Shelf, do you want me to add on to the latest upgrade package, too?00:23
@preactionSDuensin: are you adding a feature or is it a bugfix?00:24
SDuensinKinda both.  It had no way to set the page size for pagination.00:24
SDuensinSo it does something new, but it's something it should have done anyway.00:25
@preactionit's something new though, so a new feature, so it would have to go into a beta version, but we're under a feature freeze right now, so only JT can approve non-bugfix commits to HEAD00:25
SDuensinOK, well I have the changes in my SVN here.  I can commit whenever.00:26
SDuensinI really needed it for a client, so I'll just deploy to my own site for now.00:26
@preactionpersonally, i'd make it into a patch and save it in /data/WebGUI/patches so that you can apply it again if you have to upgrade webgui before the change goes into core00:27
-!- s4eek [n=s4eek@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit []00:28
SDuensinMight do that.  Not gonna sweat it just yet.  I still have to write the rest of the crazy ass navigation system they want that needs it.00:29
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+perlDreamerDoes anyone know why the Product is set to be a container in the default WebGUI.conf file?00:35
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp121-44-211-131.lns10.mel4.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui00:38
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-!- Lisette [n=liraos@adsl190-28-149-233.epm.net.co] has joined #webgui00:38
@Haargseems odd00:42
Lisettepreaction, how to do "?shop=cart;method=gatewayPostback" in a paydriver?00:42
@preactionLisette: i don't know. perhaps look at WebGUI::Content::Shop to see how methods get dispatched?00:42
Lisetteok, thanks00:49
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perlmonkey21Scalar::Util::weaken unavailable during install of Class::InsideOut.  That error ring a bell with anyone?01:08
patspamperlmonkey21: hola01:10
perlmonkey21hello patspam01:10
perlmonkey21what's the word?01:10
patspamjust reading your comments on survey bundles01:10
CIA-41WebGUI: translation * r8888 /translations/Polish/Polish/VersionTag.pm: Update from translation server01:10
perlmonkey21patspam: link?01:11
patspamdo you mean the originals would be immutable?01:11
perlmonkey21well that would be easiest.  To graft on a changeable system to the current one.01:11
perlmonkey21But the question types could be taken completely out of the code and then mutability would be optional.01:12
patspamyeah. ideally I'd like to be able to disable the existing bundles that aren't relevant to my site01:12
+perlDreamerperlmonkey21: You are working on a red hat system for this C::IO install?01:13
perlmonkey21patspam: could even make their definitions export/importable.01:13
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: err, I didn't even look at the OS :P01:13
patspamyeah that'd be sweet01:14
+perlDreamerRed Hat's Scalar::Util package has been known to be bad for a long time01:14
+perlDreamerif they are using WRE, probably fine, but double check your path01:14
patspamwhere do you envisage the admin interface for it living?01:14
perlmonkey21patspam: good question.  I think the best place would be to add some tabs to the editor view to allow question types to be altered/deleted/added.01:15
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui01:15
-!- mode/#webgui [+v Radix-wrk] by ChanServ01:15
perlmonkey21as eventually another tab will have to be added to break out random word lists from individual questions01:15
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: yes, it is using the WRE.  01:16
patspamasset edit or survey edit screen?01:16
perlmonkey21Wondering if there is some C::IO gotcha, as I know I've ran into this before, but don't recall how I resolved it.01:16
Lisettei do a post in one CS and verified in the database the userdefined* and this is in null, why?01:16
perlmonkey21patspam: survey edit screen01:16
perlmonkey21asset edit would be a little awkward and not give us the fast AJAX editing interface.01:16
+perlDreamerLisette, when you posted to the CS, did you fill out the userdefined fields?01:17
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: you're a contractor now, maybe I can hire you to wrap this up for me.  It's nearly done, just needs some trial runs through the updates and a little testing :D01:17
+perlDreamerperlmonkey21: I'm fully booked.  You'd have to talk to my bosses.01:17
+perlDreamerOr outbid them :=)01:18
perlmonkey21perlDreamer: who's your boss?01:18
+perlDreamerI work for a very, very nice man in Australia01:18
+perlDreamerand a very, very nice man in Wisconsin01:18
@preactionbut what about plainblack?01:18
perlmonkey21and I can't outbid as I'd have to pay double for this job.01:18
Lisettethe userdefined i used to like a form, i fill this fields and when i do a post this is null01:18
perlmonkey21preaction: those jokers would just assign it back to me.01:19
+perlDreamerLisette, that could very well be a bug.  Can you duplicate it on a demo site?01:19
@preactionperlmonkey21: those jerks... someone should talk to them01:19
perlmonkey21preaction: how are things with you?  still reveling in your fame and glory from your last trip?01:20
@preactionha! drudging through performance issues in WebGUI01:20
Lisettewait me a moment i verified something01:20
+perlDreamerWhat?  WebGUI has performance issues?  Blasphemy01:20
patspampreaction: are you using NYTProf?01:22
@preactionpatspam: yesm01:22
perlmonkey21hmm, is it even possible to run 7.4/7.5 on WRE 0.7.2?01:22
@Haargit may be perlmonkey21, but i wouldn't want to try it01:22
patspamI had it on my todo to sit down and learn it properly, and then focus its bottleneck destroying beam on webgui01:23
perlmonkey21Haarg: heh, okay, I guess I should update the WRE also, even though that wasn't specc'd.01:23
LisetteperlDreamer i use 7.5.25 the demo site what version is?01:24
+perlDreamerThat's why I asked.  This bug may have been fixed in the latest version of WebGUI.01:24
Lisetteyou sure? there is not 7.6.x?01:24
+perlDreamerah, for demo.webgui.org, it is 7.5.35.  for beta.webgui.org, it is 7.6.501:25
Lisetteok, i do in the demo site, wait me please01:25
+perlDreameryo espero con pacienca y grazia01:25
Lisettebueno, entonces espereme mientras yo creo un nuevo CS y le cambio las plantillas01:26
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.5.35-stable | 7.6.4-beta | WRE 0.8.5 ] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com/01:40
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.5.35-stable | 7.6.5-beta | WRE 0.8.5 ] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com/01:40
Lisettelisto, ya lo hice01:47
LisetteperlDreamer, i do in the demo site, how to do to verified?01:51
+perlDreamerLisette, you can set up a SQL Report to check the db and make sure that your data is in there.01:51
+perlDreamerthe other option is to change the View Thread template to display userDefined values.01:52
Lisettehow to do the second option?01:55
+perlDreamerDouble checking02:00
+perlDreamerEdit the CS02:00
+perlDreamerChoose the Display tab02:00
+perlDreamerFor the "Collaboration System Thread Template", choose Edit02:01
+perlDreamerthat will take you to the template02:01
+perlDreameradd the userdefined variables to inside the post_loop02:01
Lisetteyo ya hice eso y no me las muestra02:02
+perlDreamerwhat is the URL for the demo server?02:02
Lisettedo you see anything?02:10
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+perlDreamerI don't think the template variables are in the correct place in the template02:11
+perlDreamerLet's set up a SQL Report instead02:11
+perlDreamerthe SQL report says empty, too02:13
Lisettethen i have to check my template?02:17
+perlDreamerif it displays the form, then there shouldn't be any Post Form template problems02:21
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Lisettethen what is the problem? :-/02:28
+perlDreamerThat is a very good question.02:36
+perlDreamerOn my dev site, it is working fine02:36
+perlDreamerI put userDefined form variables into the template, then do a SQL query02:37
+perlDreamerand they all show up02:37
+perlDreameron the demo site, however, they do not02:38
+perlDreamerthey do not show up in the db, nor in the post template02:38
Lisettewhat is your version?02:39
Lisetteyou do this with the same template? 02:40
+perlDreamerI am using one version up, 7.5.36 (from SVN)02:43
Lisetteand the template?02:43
+perlDreamerA little different.02:44
+perlDreamerI set up a new demo site that is working fine02:45
+perlDreamerso i suspect there is something funny about your template02:45
Lisetteok, im going to check, thank so much perlDreamer02:47
+perlDreamerYou're welcome, Lisette02:48
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-!- patspam1 is now known as patspam02:51
Lisettei have another question perlDreamer, the template by default is the same in the version 7.4.x and 7.5.x?02:51
+perlDreamerthey may be the same, Lisette.  You would have to go through the changelog and check.02:51
+perlDreamereven then, it is hard to tell since some bugs are not well written02:51
+perlDreameryou suspect a problem from the upgrade?02:52
Lisettethe template is made by another person, but this person have the version 7.4.x and i 7.5.2502:54
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+perlDreamerLisette, that can work sometimes, but it's not the safest way to do development.02:55
Mech422and here we have a solution looking for a webgui 'problem' to solve: http://www.danga.com/mogilefs/02:57
Lisetteok, thanks02:57
Lisettei put your template in my dev site and now works!03:02
+perlDreamerTengo curiosidad que la diferencia entre las plantissas es.03:20
+perlDreamersi, plantillas.  Gracias04:09
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8889 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (5 files in 4 dirs): 04:58
CIA-41WebGUI: Have testEnvironment.pl crap out if it can't find the required modules.04:58
CIA-41WebGUI: Change the pay driver to use the user supplied label, rather than the module type for04:58
CIA-41WebGUI: labels and buttons.04:58
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8890 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Flesh out the ResponseJSON test more. Add POD.04:58
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8891 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 4 dirs): 04:58
CIA-41WebGUI: Forward port PayDriver button and labeling fix.04:58
CIA-41WebGUI: Forward port testEnvironment fix for not having prerequisite perl modules.04:58
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-!- Lisette [n=liraos@adsl190-28-159-144.epm.net.co] has joined #webgui05:22
patspamwould it be hard to make Wg:Form:Combo dynamicCompatible?05:34
+perlDreamerthe problem comes when you need to add to the list of possible values.05:44
+perlDreamerthe form element has to have some kind of callback to its parent05:44
+perlDreameris the combo box a show stopper for you in the survey?05:48
patspamno, i was running up against it in Thingy05:51
patspambut should be ok, I'm implementing an Wg::Form::AutoComplete using YUI instead05:51
@preactioni'd be careful, those things are nasty on the server05:52
patspamyeah, a yui-powered autocomplete box05:52
patspamnah using a pre-populated js array, no ajax05:52
patspameg. the possible values become the js array05:53
+perlDreamerthis is embarassing05:53
+perlDreamerI need some CGI help05:53
+perlDreamerfor the translation server05:53
+perlDreamerthe forms are all setup to redirect to /05:53
+perlDreamerand I can't get / to call up and run the translation server05:53
@preactionso it's a configuration issue?05:54
+perlDreamerit has to be05:55
@preactiondid you check the error log?05:56
+perlDreamerAttempt to serve directory: /data/domains/mywebgui.localdomain/www/cgi/05:56
@preactiondo you have a DirectoryIndex index.cgi <- in your configuration?05:57
+perlDreamerDirectoryIndex translationserver.cgi05:57
@preactionoh right05:58
@preactionand DocumentRoot is that directory? no trailing /?05:58
+perlDreamerI'll paste the config05:58
@preactionperlDreamer: no SetHandler perl-script, that's bad06:02
@preactionit forces all requests to be handled by perl-script, overriding cgi-script for .cgi06:03
+perlDreamerisn't that the vanilla mod_perl/cgi config?06:03
+perlDreamerI'll remove it and try it anyway06:03
+perlDreamerno change06:04
+perlDreamerstill trying to serve up a directory06:04
@preactionmod_perl != CGI06:04
@preactionboth SetHandlers? 06:04
@preactionthere are two i saw06:04
@preactionalso, get rid of the ModPerl::Registry stuff, and the PerlOptions, we don't need them06:05
@preactionthis is just boring CGI06:05
@preactionoh, also <Directory /> refers to the / of your filesystem06:05
@preactionyou want <Location />06:05
+perlDreamerokay, http://webgui.pastebin.com/d7e8d254206:09
+perlDreamerbbiaw, time for kids06:10
@preactionperlDreamer: scriptalias isn't necessary, also i believe it needs to be "AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl" but i might be wrong there06:10
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+perlDreamerthat did it.  Thanks preaction06:41
+perlDreamerman, all that work to test a 12 character fix06:42
+perlDreamerbut it's better than committing blind, and breaking something06:46
@preactiontrue enough06:49
@preactioni had to go through that much when i had a fix for that thing too, so don't feel bad ;)06:49
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@preactionperlDreamer: CGI scripts don't need rebooting. the interpreter is reloaded and the script rerun every request06:55
+perlDreamerI remember that much, preaction :)06:55
@preactionoh. someone has to install the fix06:55
+perlDreameryes, on PB's server06:55
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8892 /tools/translationserver.cgi: decode translators notes as utf8 to handle foreigh characters.08:40
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8893 /WebGUI/t/ (Storage.t Storage/Image.t): remove remnants of caseInsensitiveOS in tests08:40
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8894 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Matrix.pm: fixing misuse of pod for commenting out code08:40
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8895 /WebGUI/docs/create.sql: preparing for 7.6.6 release08:40
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8896 /releases/WebGUI_7.6.6-beta: Release 7.6.6-beta08:40
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.5.35-stable | 7.6.6-beta | WRE 0.8.5 ] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com/08:40
* Radix-wrk cheats and jumps a little ahead in preparation ;)08:41
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8897 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): preparing for 7.6.7 dev09:15
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8898 /branch/WebGUI_flux/www/extras/wobject/Survey/ (survey.css administersurvey.js): 09:15
CIA-41WebGUI: Flagging of invalid Survey fields now uses CSS classes instead of <font> tags09:15
CIA-41WebGUI: (for skinnability)09:15
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8899 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Merge branch 'thingy' into flux09:15
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8900 /branch/WebGUI_flux/lib/WebGUI/ (Form/AutoComplete.pm Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): Added experimental WebGUI::Form::AutoComplete09:15
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8901 /branch/WebGUI_flux/lib/WebGUI/Form/AutoComplete.pm: Style tweaks to AutoComplete09:15
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8902 /branch/WebGUI_flux/lib/WebGUI/Form/AutoComplete.pm: Some bug fixes to AutoComplete.pm09:15
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CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8903 /branch/WebGUI_flux/lib/WebGUI/Form/AutoComplete.pm: Updated AutoComplete documentation09:40
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--- Log opened Thu Dec 11 01:23:26 2008
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@preactiondaviddelikat: do you have a patch for your fix? if so, I can commit it for you01:26
xdangeryeah! there was a fire in out power distribution room today...01:26
xdangerfrom afternoon until midnight01:26
xdangerwithout power01:27
@preactionxdanger: nice. how's your data?01:27
xdangerthat's fine. The fire was in the building opposite of us01:27
@preactionthat's good at least01:28
xdangerjust that the whole datacenter was out, and the electricity company recovered us last01:28
daviddelikatpreaction: I am working that out now.  I have some old habits like code reviews and such that I have to get over in this opensource world....01:28
@preactiondaviddelikat: they're not bad habits, before i commit someone else's code, i will definately be reviewing it01:29
daviddelikatpreaction: thanks, I feel better now.01:29
@preactionit just might be faster for me to do it, since i've been inundated in the webgui coding guidelines and best practices01:29
@preactionalso, because i wrote the datatable and really want this bug to be fixed (it worked fine when i checked it in, i swear to god)01:30
daviddelikatI used to do that too (swear) but I learned better now.01:30
@preactionF/OSS doesn't mean you get to forgoe those programming practices that are useful and encourage good code, though the "having to get a non-programmer's approval" is one thing that's done away with01:31
daviddelikatso i don't have to explain what i did to a rock?01:32
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8913 /experimental/Automat/lib/ (WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm Automat/DomainName.pm): 01:35
CIA-41WebGUI: improved dns zone file generation01:35
CIA-41WebGUI: removed alias number on site listings without one01:35
CIA-41WebGUI: added imap/pop/smtp/webmail info on mail management screen01:35
daviddelikatpreaction: patch is posted to http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/915001:55
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@preactiondaviddelikat: seems like everything's in order. one note: your whitespace was a bit mixed up, prevented the patch getting applied the first time. WebGUI sets indents at 4 chars and uses spaces instead of tab (dunno if that was your problem or not)02:13
@preactiondaviddelikat: but now the important bit: Who gets credit for this bugfix in the changelog?02:14
daviddelikatpreaction: is this like a race? its my first time.  where's the change log?  am i too late?  aaahhh!!!02:22
daviddelikatI guess I was hoping i could get =credit for it02:23
@preactiondaviddelikat: no, you ARE getting credit for it, i just need to know who you are. are you "David Delikat" or "Deli Kat Solutions, Inc."02:25
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daviddelikatpreaction: oh, sorry for the drama, too much coffee... just David Delikat will do02:29
-!- Lisette [n=liraos@adsl190-28-183-241.epm.net.co] has joined #webgui02:29
@preactionk, sounds good02:29
CIA-41WebGUI: doug * r8914 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed #9150: Edit Data Table - Cannot add column (David Delikat)02:39
+Radix-wrknice work david :)02:42
@preactionindeed. that code looks much more useful now02:42
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daviddelikatI'm looking at http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/921703:14
daviddelikati managed to reproduce it, and I also noticed that it always asks for a new section03:15
daviddelikatis this the way it is supposed to be?03:15
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elninonot webgui related - just wondering if anyone has a recommended web - tree control that I can move items around between levels and then save the heirarchy?06:10
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+Radix-wrkOoooh.. wierd.. "Revisions In Tag: Visitor / 12/ 3/2008 11:12 am"07:24
+Radix-wrkReally odd.. Visitor has made five changes to a thread in forum that is internal only according to the version tag.07:25
daviddelikatdoes anybody know the connect string for the database? or where i can find it?07:30
daviddelikatfound it...07:34
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CIA-41WebGUI: yung * r8915 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 2 dirs): added tooltips to Matrix attributes17:20
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CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8916 /experimental/Automat/lib/Automat/DomainName.pm: fixed deleting from server18:21
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8917 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.36/shopping-cart-collateral-items_address-default.wgpkg: Internationalize the title of the add address screen.18:50
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8918 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.6.6/shopping-cart-collateral-items_address-default.wgpkg: Forward port address book title i18n fix18:50
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8919 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (5 files in 5 dirs): Template the ITransact add credentials screen.18:50
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8920 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 5 dirs): Forward port templated ITransact edit credentials screen.18:50
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8921 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (3 files in 3 dirs): i18n the read more link in the syndicated articles template.18:50
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8922 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): forward port syndicated articles i18n template fix18:50
@perlmonkey2can you upgrade directly from wre 7.2 to 8.5?19:03
@Haargthere is no direct upgrade path from 0.7 to 0,819:06
@perlmonkey2Haarg: so how would you get a 0.7.2 to an 0.8 series?19:06
@Haargyou have to do a clean install of 0.8, then import the needed files, databases19:06
@perlmonkey2do we have a wiki explaining how to do all that?19:07
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@tavistoperldreamer, I noticed that the payment driver label issue has been resolved in the 7.6.6... that's awesome19:34
@tavistoor actually I guess that was more of an RFE.. but it's cool either way19:35
-!- wgGuest22 [n=wgGuest2@newcastlecapital.com] has joined #webgui20:03
wgGuest22Hey guys I'm upgrading from 7.4.21 to the current stable.  I know I need to upgrade to 7.4.40 first.  Are there any other intermediate upgrades I need to make along the path?  Right now when I move to 7.4.40 I'm getting an error saying that my site's conf file is invalid.20:06
+perlDreamertavisto, it was registered as two different bugs20:07
@preactionwgGuest22: what do the gotchas say?20:07
+perlDreamerso it got fixed20:07
+perlDreamerwgGuest22 /data/WebGUI/docs/gotchas.txt20:09
wgGuest22I read the gotchas and only saw the 7.4.40.  20:09
wgGuest22I've already made all the CPAN updates included therein20:10
wgGuest22I only check the gotchas in 7.5.31.  I'll read the gotchas from 7.4.40 and see what they say.20:11
@preactionthe 7.5.31 gotchas include the ones from 7.4.4020:13
@tavistothat's great perldreamer20:14
@tavistoit's one of those... "this should be simple and make sense" and it didnt previously20:14
+perlDreamerwell, we did fix this once, but it wasn't the right fix20:14
@tavistowell it looks like you did it the right way now and it works exactly as a non-technical person setting up a webgui-based store would think  :)20:16
wgGuest22I only see the 7.4.40 step.  Any thoughts on what may cause my sites conf file to throw an error?  I'm on WRE 0.8.3 Do I need to upgrade/reinstall that as well?20:19
@Haargwhat is the exact error you are seeing?20:21
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-76-24-169-61.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit ["Leaving."]20:23
+perlDreamerwgGuest22: why don't you paste the error that you are seeing into a pastebin: webgui.pastebin.com.  Then post the URL that it gives you back here.20:29
-!- Bernd_ [n=spunky@] has joined #webgui21:15
+perlDreamerHaarg: safe to commit still?21:20
+perlDreamer1 last bug for today21:20
+perlDreamerit _is_ your bug, so I figured you  might want it fixed21:20
+perlDreameryou're killing me Haarg21:25
+perlDreamerhere I try to be nice by fixing all your bugs21:25
+perlDreamerand you keep submitting more21:25
@Haargwhich one this time?21:25
+perlDreamerthe LDAP one21:25
+perlDreamerbut tabb passed me the fix for the site starter floats issue21:25
+perlDreamerand it's in21:26
+perlDreamerKathy's been using the site starter and template wizards, and I have a whole bunch of ideas for 7.721:26
+perlDreamerlike making them one and the same21:26
+perlDreamerand adding a right nav option, in addition to left and top21:27
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8923 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/t/Asset/Asset.t: add test for quote processing in fixTitle21:30
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8924 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (lib/WebGUI/Content/Setup.pm docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt): fix CSS style issue with clearing floats in site starter template21:30
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8925 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Asset.t: forward porting quotes in asset title fixTitle test21:30
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8926 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Content/Setup.pm): Forward porting site starter css fix for clears and page content positioning.21:30
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8927 /experimental/Automat/sbin/migration/ (5 files): data scrubing scripts21:30
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+perlDreamerunbelieveable.  I can't use dates from Shawshank since they're all before 197021:39
@Haargno negative numbers?21:39
@Haargthat could acually be something extra worth putting in tests21:40
+perlDreamernegative epochs?21:40
@preactionYou can check on Perl's status here: http://isperlalive.com/21:51
Bernd_Can someone help me with understanding Aspects?21:53
Bernd_I am trying to understand a comment by JT, in which he claimed21:53
Bernd_that Assets and Aspects do not come magically together.21:53
Bernd_But they require some glue.21:53
Bernd_I just had a look at WikiPage, which uses the Comments aspect.21:54
Bernd_I cannot see any glue there.21:54
Bernd_All it does is inherit Comments.21:54
Bernd_And that is exactly how I would have expected it to work.21:54
Bernd_What am I missing?21:54
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8928 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 21:55
CIA-41WebGUI: Change ResponseJSON to use a proper mutator for startTime.21:55
CIA-41WebGUI: Add tests for startTime.21:55
CIA-41WebGUI: Survey uses the accessor, and no longer needs to manually set startTime.21:55
+perlDreamerBernd_: that's the whole glue.  The magic is done by Class::C321:57
+perlDreamerpreaction: under what circumstancees does it say "No"?21:58
@preactionperlDreamer: it doesn't :p21:58
Bernd_So what does he mean then by this remark: http://www.plainblack.com/webgui/dev/discuss/the-death-of-the-collaboration-system/1421:58
@preactionBernd_: it means there may be Aspects that require more glue code than just "use base ( myAspect )"21:59
Bernd_But isn't that rather a matter of proper encapsulation?22:00
Bernd_If Aspect.pm is designed properly, inheritage should always be sufficient.22:00
SDuensinHow on earth can I downgrade/upgrade my server and only have *one* site not work?22:00
Bernd_preaction, right or wrong?22:01
+perlDreamerBernd_: Aspects provide additional methods to any Asset22:01
+perlDreamerso, for example, in the WikiPage, you'll see that it makes a call to $self->getFormattedComments22:02
@preactionBernd_: no. aspects may require information from the asset, or the asset may have to make a choice on how the aspect should carry out a certain task.22:02
wgGuest22I'm back. I was having a problem upgrading to 7.4.40.  I tried upgrading a backup verson of webgui but am running into the same error.  I've uploaded the error message to http://webgui.pastebin.com/m6173a6fc 22:02
+perlDreamerall that you needed to do to get that method was use inheritance22:02
Bernd_perlDreaer, so there is some glue even in WikiPage.22:03
Bernd_I missed that one since I was only looking for $self->next::something calls.22:03
+perlDreamerand, in general, like preaction said, it may require more glue, method calls22:04
Bernd_Alright, I got it then.22:04
Bernd_Thanks for helping me understand.22:04
+perlDreamersure :)22:04
+perlDreamerwgGuest22: did you check your config file for JSON syntax errors?22:04
+perlDreamermissing and/or extra commas22:04
+perlDreamerunquoted strings?22:05
+perlDreamerand the like22:05
wgGuest22I looked through it and didn't see anything unusual.  I saw on instance of empty [] but I saw that in another conf file too.  The site is/was loading fine.22:06
Bernd_perlDreamer, but why not create some plug-in architecture to allow Comments to register and fill its own template variables?22:06
Bernd_That way you could totally avoid the glue.22:06
wgGuest22I did update the JSON module per the Gotcha.  Would that affect how the file is read? 22:07
Bernd_Overriding the view method would not work.22:07
+perlDreamerBernd_: No, it would have to have broken out template variable setting methods, like in the Calendar22:07
+perlDreamerbut that concept would work fine22:07
+perlDreamerexcept that it would limit where comments can be used22:07
@preactionyeah, that would limit flexibility22:08
+perlDreameryou have no idea in which method the "parent" would have comments22:08
Bernd_But doesn't it all come down to adding template variables and properties?22:08
wgGuest22I am running WRE 0.8.3  I didn't see anything in the gotchas about that.  Could this be an issue?22:09
Bernd_What about adding a "templateVariables" method to Asset, which returns a ref to the respective structure.22:09
Bernd_That one could be overridden and extended by Aspects.22:09
Bernd_Later on it is called by the view method, a template processed and the result returned.22:09
+perlDreamerBernd_: template variables change based on the individual screen22:09
Bernd_No glue needed.22:09
Bernd_Screen? I cannot follow.22:09
Bernd_Can you give an example?22:10
+perlDreamerwww_view is one "screen" for an asset22:10
+perlDreamerit's the default, and most common one22:10
+perlDreamerbut in the gallery, it could be called www_viewAlbum22:10
Bernd_And www_edit is another one?22:10
+perlDreamerand www_viewAlbum would have different template variables from www_view22:11
Bernd_And how do we switch between them?22:11
Bernd_Is that done by ?func=somehting ?22:11
+perlDreamerfunc=view is the default.  func=edit22:11
+perlDreamerwould call www_edit22:11
Bernd_I see.22:11
+perlDreamerthat's what preaction meant by a lack of flexibility22:11
Bernd_But wouldn't have the Aspect to aware of screens anyhow?22:12
+perlDreamerit just adds a form, and some html code for displaying22:12
+perlDreamerit doesn't care who calls it22:12
@preactionthe aspect can add screens, could override screens, but we currently have no method of combining two www_screen methods into one output22:12
Bernd_But how many different screens would you expect for the comments aspect?22:13
Bernd_Is it really that much of a loss in flexibility?22:13
@preactionif we took a page out of the MVC handbook, and had www_screen return an object that could create an HTML page (instead of the HTML itself), then we could use that object to add or modify stuff22:13
@preactionBernd_: there already is a getTemplateVars convention being used in a lot of places in WebGUI22:14
Bernd_Uh. Can't follow.22:14
+perlDreamerBernd_: for the cost of 1 line of code, the current aspect can be used on any screen22:14
Bernd_But it is not plug'n'play.22:15
Bernd_You always have to add some code.22:15
Bernd_Individual solutions in each case.22:15
@preactionthe problem with a getTemplateVars method is that it has to be cheap, because you might want to use those template variables in other pages. (the Gallery, for example, uses getTemplateVars from GalleryAlbum, which uses getTemplateVars from GalleryFile)22:15
+perlDreamerit's not fully automated, but again, the cost is low22:15
-!- daviddelikat [n=daviddel@h69-128-106-50.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]22:15
Bernd_The reason I am interested in Aspects is because of the discussion with JT I have mentioned before.22:16
@preactionBernd_: to elaborate on the "www_ returns an object": Instead of "www_view" returning an HTML string, it returns a WebGUI::Response object containing the raw variables, the template to use, the style template to use, and later in the request we can combine them together to get the HTML22:16
Bernd_Sounds good to me.22:17
Bernd_So why not?22:17
@preactionthat complicates things, and completely destroys the API22:17
Bernd_There is always a time to make things better.22:17
Bernd_Let us rewrite WebGUI from scratch :-)22:17
Bernd_You would have to do the work, of course.22:18
@preactionWebGUI 8 is the time we can break the API22:18
Bernd_Where can I post RFEs?22:18
Bernd_But seriously, would that be interesting to change the www_ methods?22:18
Bernd_I believe it would be really cool, if you could extend existing Assets by some kind of plug'n'play architecture.22:19
Bernd_That would allow non-perl programmers to do a lot of cool stuff.22:19
Bernd_Coming back to the CS:22:19
Bernd_You would not have decide between the HelpDesk, blog, forum etc.22:20
Bernd_But could combine your CS out of a basic CS class and mixing in all kinds of Aspects.22:20
@preactionBernd_: i've been advocating that change for a while22:20
Bernd_You are my man!22:20
Bernd_Let me guess: JT said no?22:20
@preactionno, afaik JT likes it but it's an API break22:21
@preactionwe're not talking the normal "oh, this might affect a few people" break, it's a "This changes how all assets must be written" break22:21
Bernd_I am totally aware of it.22:21
Bernd_Lots of work. Lots of new bugs to fix.22:21
@preactionwell, it would be possible to determine if the asset returned a string or an object, but what about those utilities that expect a string and instead get an object?22:22
@preactionso it wouldn't be too bad really22:22
Bernd_But good news for perlDreamer: he won't run out of work.22:22
Bernd_So is there a realistic chance, this will come in WebGUI 8?22:23
-!- estiven [n=estiven@] has joined #webgui22:23
Bernd_Once again, where can I propose this/start a discussion?22:23
Bernd_The dev forum?22:23
-!- estiven [n=estiven@] has left #webgui []22:23
-!- Lisette [n=liraos@] has joined #webgui22:23
@preactionthere is a possibility, and once there's an open RFE, a discussion could be started on the dev forum, yes22:24
Bernd_I will try to put it in simple words and open an RFE.22:24
LisetteThere is a way to make filters with thingy?22:25
rizen_Bernd_: hates me22:25
-!- rizen_ is now known as rizen22:26
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by ChanServ22:26
+perlDreamereek, it's rizen!22:26
Bernd_Who does? Me?22:26
Bernd_Why do you think so?22:26
Lisetteanyone knows about thingy?22:27
Bernd_Have I shown my dislike too openly :-P22:27
Bernd_I must be more careful in the future.22:28
@rizenbecause you plague me with this request22:29
@rizeni don't want it22:29
@rizeneven if it were possible22:29
Bernd_Who cares?22:29
Bernd_preaction said you like it.22:30
@rizenyou should, since i get to decide if it goes in22:30
@rizenno preaction was talking about returning objects from www_ methods22:30
@preactioni think he means the one you've been discussing in the forums22:30
Bernd_It is not really for me.22:30
@rizennot the crazy pluggable cs thing22:30
Bernd_WebGUI already has all I want.22:30
@rizenthen why are you arguing it?22:30
Bernd_Because I believe it is an extremely useful feature.22:31
Bernd_Very powerful and probably unique.22:31
Bernd_Why no plugins for the CS?22:31
+perlDreamerBernd_: you want it to be fully automated, with the only "glue" code involved being inheriting from the Aspect?22:31
+perlDreameror something different?22:32
Bernd_The task would be to redesign Asset in a way,22:32
Bernd_overriding existing methods would be sufficient.22:32
Bernd_What is so bad about it?22:32
@rizenthere are many things bad about it22:32
Bernd_Sounds like proper class design to me?!22:33
Bernd_I am reading...22:33
@rizen1) when someone decides they'll plug in their own BS class which then destroys something, but they blame it on WG22:33
@preactionit's proper class design only when you're talking about single inheritence22:33
@rizen2) it's more complicated and produces less flexibility (because the glue that you're worried about provides flexibility)22:34
Bernd_BS = bull shit?22:34
Bernd_Is there a 3) to  come?22:34
@rizen3) aspects are not necessarily designed to play well together, but with this approach you'll be forcing them to be, which isn't necessarily desirable22:34
Bernd_Ok, stop it. I have had enough.22:35
Bernd_Alternative suggestion:22:35
@rizen4) the more aspects you plug together, the slower the asset will become...but users won't think "oh this giant megalith asset i just created is too damn big and that's why it's so slow", they'll think "WebGUI is a slow pile of shit"22:35
Bernd_What about packing all the glue into a separate class that can be plugged into the CS?22:36
Bernd_That would be a compromise.22:36
@rizenno, cuz you're still making the glue already in a hard form22:36
@rizenso it's inflexible22:36
Bernd_That is one separate class per Aspect that should be made pluggable.22:36
Bernd_How much flexibility do you need for the CS?22:36
@rizenand it makes the slowness and complexity problems even bigger22:36
Bernd_But since you plug only the Aspects you need, why should there be a performance drawback?22:37
@rizenBernd_: if you have to ask that question, you aren't even in a position to be discussing this22:37
Bernd_Which one?22:37
Bernd_Hm. Not sure what you mean.22:38
@rizenperlDreamer, preaction, or any other dev here. have i said anything above that is untrue or even slightly misrepresented?22:38
@perlmonkey2Okay, I'm trying to update wre 0.7.2 to 0.8.5.  So I move the old wre to wretemp.  MV WebGUI to WebGUItemp.  Then deploy 0.8.5.  When the wreconsole prompts for what type of install, I move WebGUItemp to WebGUI and chose manual.  Now in the past, the wre then goes on to set up the mysql tables and init the wre.  But now it just drops into the add a site menu, doing nothing else.22:39
@preactioni'm half paying attention, but no22:39
+perlDreamerrizen: I think the stuff about calling webgui a slow pile of shit will happen regardless of aspect use or not.  We've seen that with the site review on TBB.  Aside from that, no.22:39
@preactioni'm not quite sure what exactly Bernd_ wants. is it a way for users to check off which features they want in their collaboration system?22:40
@preactionas the CS is created, on a per-CS basis?22:40
Bernd_preaction, exactly that.22:40
SDuensinUsers need beat.  They call WebGUI slow before even trying it!  I'm shocked how many see it's written in Perl and immediately write it off.  :-(22:40
@rizenBernd_ wants all the pieces of the CS turned into aspects (like i plan to do), but then wants a new CS asset that will allow him to pick which aspects (from all the aspects out there) to put into his new custom CS22:41
@preactionBernd_: i would say that by just having all the aspects inside the CS, you can pick which ones you use, no?22:41
@rizenperlmonkey2: it can't set up databases for sites you don't have22:41
@rizenperlmonkey2: did you do a mysqldump of all your old databases before shutting down the old wre?22:42
Bernd_preaction, but then we end up with the CS we already have.22:42
@rizenperlmonkey2: cuz you should have, and then import them into the new db22:42
Bernd_The idea was to plug only what you need and keep the burden on the server low.22:42
@perlmonkey2rizen: yes, I have everything22:43
Bernd_But if I got rizen correctly that would not be the case for whatever reason.22:43
@perlmonkey2rizen: so I should not do a manual deploy of the old WebGUI directoy22:43
Bernd_Ok, seems like the discussion is over.22:45
Bernd_Not going to bug you any further.22:45
@rizenperlmonkey2: i don't know exactly what you're trying to do, call me on skype and i'll walk you through it22:46
@rizenBernd_: the megalith cs is not going to happen22:47
@rizenBernd_: but if you want to discuss it further i'm happy to22:47
Bernd_No. No need. 22:47
Bernd_As I said - it is not for me particularly.22:48
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2: I keep building test code that mimics the survey by accident22:48
+perlDreamersurveyOrder looks almost exactly like my buildSurveyDummy test method22:48
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: cause the survey is dumb?22:48
Bernd_It just seems we do have very different perspectives.22:48
@perlmonkey2rizen: I don't see you online.22:48
+perlDreamerno, because I keep reinventing the wheel22:48
@preactionit sounds like Bernd_ wants "plugins", not "Aspects". Aspect is an OO concept. Plugins sounds like they'd do what you'd want (a UI to choose which plugins are active for which instance of an asset)22:49
Bernd_preaction, you are probably right.22:49
Bernd_In fact, you could have both - aspects and plugins next to each other.22:49
Bernd_Or actually write some code that uses Aspects to generate plugins.22:50
* perlDreamer takes a break. be back in 30-4522:50
Bernd_Should not be too difficult to implement for the CS.22:50
Bernd_That was one of my original points.22:50
@preactioni understand your argument, but it would require a lot of work. especially the API and UI so that end-users would not get confused when things did not work as expected.22:52
@preactionthe asset API itself would need to change to be easier for plugin developers (or even Possible)22:52
@preactionworst-case, we'd have to use Class::MOP or Moose for Assets22:53
Bernd_We could start with a simple plugin API for the CS.22:53
@preactionin order to make Plugins even remotely useful22:53
Bernd_That would be a starting point.22:53
Bernd_It is going to be rewritten anyhow.22:53
Bernd_For the CS it should really be sufficient to allow plugins to register template variables and properties.22:54
@preactionright, but how would they hook in? if you can write a proof-of-concept asset + plugin API, the argument might be a lot different22:54
@preactionwhy stop there when aspects can do so much more?22:54
Bernd_The advantage of plugins is very simple: users do not have to touch the code,22:55
Bernd_but they gain a lot of flexibility.22:55
Bernd_Not everyone is a perl programmer.22:55
Bernd_Most people are actually not.22:55
Bernd_And it is quite difficult to extend WebGUI if you are not a professional.22:56
Bernd_Many people are even hesitant to touch the templates.22:56
Bernd_Now tell them to add some code.22:56
Bernd_Sure, you could say these are not interesting customers.22:57
@preactionbut they're not extending webgui, they'd be enabling someone else's extention. you could do the same thing by subclassing the CS22:57
Bernd_Again, you are talking about writing perl code.22:58
-!- nuxli [n=spam@68-20-202-162.ded.ameritech.net] has joined #webgui22:58
@preactionright, no matter what somebody has to write code22:58
Bernd_I am thinking about some kind of web interface where you can just check the plugins you need.22:58
Bernd_That is true. But the aspects are going to be written anyway.22:58
Bernd_Putting the extra-code into some plugin class should not be too difficult.22:59
Bernd_I just cannot see why it should be.22:59
@preactionit would be substantially more difficult, just building the UI and the foolproofing23:00
nuxlihey all23:00
@preactionnuxli: hello23:00
nuxlihows everyone today?23:00
SDuensinConfused, but good.  Hi.23:00
nuxlianyone somewhere where its warm?23:00
@perlmonkey2nuxli: it is 60F here?23:00
nuxliyep, Perl, thats warm!!23:01
SDuensinBeats my 38F.23:01
nuxli20F here in Illinois23:01
SDuensinWhere in IL, nuxli?  I'm down south near St. Louis.23:01
nuxlisorry, 27F23:01
nuxlinorthern,  west of Chicago23:01
nuxliwhich city by St L?23:02
nuxliI'm in Downers Grove23:02
SDuensinNot sure I'd call it a city.  Little place called Smithton.  (Who's web site will be in WebGUI soon!)23:02
nuxlihmm, sorry don't know of smithton23:02
nuxliI used to live in Carbondale.23:03
SDuensinThat's closer.  :-)23:03
nuxlihaha yeah23:03
nuxliok, real reason I'm in here (not that I don't like the smalltalk)23:04
SDuensinSmalltalk is cool.  Try Squeak.org!  :-P23:05
nuxliwe have mysql running on a separate server than Webgui. I want to point it to another mysql server that we have copied the DB to.23:05
SDuensinJust gotta change your confs.23:06
nuxliI change the conf file in /data/WebGui/etc to use the new mysql server in the 'dsn' line at the end of the conf,  but it still is attached to the original server, even after reboots23:06
SDuensinDid you stop the current server?  Maybe it's using the socket file to connect.  I have that ANNOYING problem using GUI tools on my Mac.23:07
SDuensinDumb things always pick my default MySQL server - even if I specify the port for the WebGUI one.  Grrrr.23:07
nuxlibut I've rebooted.. should I change it back to original,  stop WebGui, change to new DB, then start WebGui?23:08
SDuensinRebooted what?  Your WebGUI box?23:09
SDuensinBut does MySQL start up after reboot on that box?23:09
Lisettei have a question about thingy23:11
Lisettehow to do to make filters with thingy? i can do that?23:11
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]23:16
+MrHairgreaserizen: if you deploy more Bazaars on one site they share each others bazaar items in the overview23:17
+MrHairgreaseI guess that's not by design?23:17
+MrHairgreasebut rather a bug23:17
nuxliSD, no, we have disabled mysql from running on the WebGui box.  it has always run on a separate server,  we just want to point WebGui to use a new mysql server now.23:20
@rizenthat's a bug23:20
SDuensinnuxli - That's odd.  :-/23:20
@rizenMrHairgrease: you have to understand that i developed the bazaar in 3 days (from scratch) and was really only concerned with it for webgui.org so it has zero polish or testing beyond the basics needed for that23:20
Lisetteanyone know why in a workflow i get the userdefined by database of a post and shows me of values of the previous post23:21
@rizensince you're going to add some features to it, maybe i'll have to find some time during 7.7 dev cycle to polish it up and put it in the core. cuz there's also an RFE to put it in the core23:21
nuxliSD, there is more complexity to the whole issue, but i think at the just of it, that's essentially what we are doing. pointing it to a new DB server. the long version involves VMware and cloning.23:28
* SDuensin loves VMware.23:28
SDuensinI'll crawl all over my install and see what I can learn, but my WebGUI install right now is being broken, er, upgraded.23:29
* Bernd_ is going to bed. Good night everyone.23:29
-!- Bernd_ [n=spunky@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]23:29
nuxliyeah, we broke ours yesterday, and fixed it with a DB restore, and VMware snapshot restore. and now thats why I'm cloning our setup into a test environment today! haha23:30
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui23:30
nuxliSD there could be something else I am missing, but everythign looks correct.23:31
nuxliIt should only be that one place in the conf file to change the DB server, correct?23:31
SDuensinI don't remember seeing a database setting outside the site's conf file.23:31
@rizenpreaction: haarg tells me you have a recommendation on an SSH related perl module?23:33
+MrHairgreaserizen: I totally understand. I asked that question, so that I could fix it if it is a bug.23:33
@preactionrizen: yes, Net::SSH223:33
+MrHairgreaseAnd that's also why I'm templating it and addin the features I emailed you about23:34
@rizenMrHairgrease: just making sure you didn't think my code quality was going down hill =)23:34
@preactionrizen: the problem is it requires libssh2, which our OS doesn't have. let me dig up the RPM i used if i can find it23:34
* SDuensin shudders at "RPM"23:34
@rizenpreaction: libssh2 on just the machine with the module? or all machines it connects to?23:34
@preactionjust the machine with the module23:34
+MrHairgreasedon't worry, I don't your code quality can sink even lower =)23:34
* SDuensin chuckles23:35
@rizenthat's not biggy preaction, i'll just compile it23:35
+MrHairgreasebut it is a bug then23:35
@rizenpreaction: why is it the best?23:35
+MrHairgreaseIt'll be fixed23:35
@preactionrizen: i couldn't get any of the other ones to work, period. but i was doing SFTP so that might have something to do with it23:35
@rizenMrHairgrease: i know, my code quality is pretty low, but since bazaar was a rush job, i think it's even lower23:35
+MrHairgreaseok I could live with that23:37
@rizenpreaction: i just need the ssh part handled for me, because on the other end i'll be attaching my own shell, so i'm just going to use ssh the way web sites use SSL23:37
+MrHairgreasealthough it's a lame excuse =)23:37
@preactionrizen: then perhaps Net::SSH::Perl will work. the biggest problems i ran into was installing them, since they require a lot of different Crypt:: modules (not all of which seem to work right)23:38
+perlDreameranother bug23:41
SDuensinHey, when the upgrade to 7.6.5 does this:  "Merging Template head blocks into the Extra Head Tags field."  It ate some CSS.  Is that just gone, or can I poke somewhere and find it?23:44
+perlDreamerSDuensin, it's in the extraHeadTags block now23:45
SDuensinFor that template, it says "None".  :-/23:46
@rizenpreaction: yeah, though the WRE has a lot of crypt modules already installed...and i'll be installing it into the WRE, so maybe that will help23:46
SDuensinI can get it back from a backup.23:46
-!- nuxli [n=spam@68-20-202-162.ded.ameritech.net] has quit []23:46
+perlDreamerSDuensin, I'd love to have a copy of that template for debugging.23:48
SDuensinAll it had was a <style> tag and my CSS in the head box of
+perlDreamerwhat kind of template was it, which namespace?23:49
SDuensin"style" namespace.  It was my site's main template.23:50
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8929 /experimental/Automat/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Automat.pm: added email customer and email server customers options23:53
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit []23:53
* SDuensin is *very* intrigued by rizen's SVN entries.23:54
@rizenSDuensin: why is that?23:54
SDuensinSounds like you're building what I'm building.  :-)23:55
+perlDreamerSDuensin: according to the talk that we had in IRC, style templates don't use their extraHeadTags23:55
SDuensinHmm.  Mine did.  :-)23:55
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@c-76-24-169-61.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit ["Leaving."]23:55
+perlDreamerthat's what the upgrade script does, it tosses them out if you have a style template23:56
@rizenSDuensin: what are you building?23:56
SDuensinrizen - I want WebGUI to run my entire empire.  Including managing my DNS records, Email accounts, etc.23:56
@rizenSDuensin: then i am building what you're building. Automat is Plain Black's be-all end-all hosting automation system23:57
SDuensinGonna license it?23:57
@rizenand of course the user interface is just a webgui asset23:57
-!- daviddelikat [n=daviddel@h69-129-206-153.mdsnwi.broadband.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #WebGUI23:58
@rizenperhaps, but right now it's not at all pluggable. it's built specifically for our uses, so you'd have to set up your environment like ours to even use it23:58
SDuensinThat's the same kind of mess I wrote.  :-)23:58
@rizenthe code is all out in our subversion repository if you want to have a look at it23:58
SDuensinMight do that.  Thanks.23:58
SDuensinMine currently uses existing WebGUI stuff + a few Things.  A cron job pokes around the WebGUI database and modifies the server when things change.23:59
@rizenautomat definitely is not a mess. it's carefully written with wrappers to make it pretty easy to swap out back end systems eventually23:59
SDuensinperlDreamer - I had intended to make that style sheet it's own file.  Guess now is a good time!23:59
@rizenautomat has a task queue so that the server need not "poll" to find out if there's anything to do23:59
SDuensinrizen - Well, MINE is a mess.  :-P23:59
--- Day changed Fri Dec 12 2008
+perlDreamerSDuensin: always read the gotchas file00:00
SDuensinperlDreamer - I thought I did.  Guess I missed that.00:00
SDuensinOh well, no biggie.  I keep backups!00:00
@rizenalso i didn't use a Thingy because i wanted more customization of the output...so i used WebGUI::Crud instead to build all the objects00:00
@rizenfor example, i have per-field level privileges 00:01
@rizenthingy isn't capable of that00:01
SDuensinWell, you know just a *bit* more about the inside of WebGUI than I do at this point.  :-P00:01
SDuensinBut I plan on gaining on you.  :-P00:01
@rizenso be it.00:01
@rizenautomat is going to erase plain black's biggest portions of technical debt00:02
+perlDreamertesting, documentation and i18n?00:02
SDuensinAutomation is a Good Thing(tm).00:02
@rizennope, i said plain black, not webgui pd00:02
@rizeni just finished phase 3 of 7 planned, and already we've cleaned up a good bit of stuff00:04
@rizenwe had 80 mail servers set up that either never should have been set up, or were no longer needed. 00:04
@rizenover 100 domains we were hosting dns for that we don't need to00:04
SDuensinHoly shit.00:05
@rizenover 1000 dns records that were either no longer needed or should have never been set up00:05
@rizenlots of cool clean up has happened as part of the data scrubbing efforts of the first 3 phases00:05
SDuensinI can imagine.  I remember the mess I found when I converted an ISP from one billing system to another.00:06
@rizenoh yeah, and it turns out that we were still hosting 20 or so sites for one of our clients that they no longer wanted but forgot to ask us to shut down00:06
@preactionhaha nice00:06
@rizenSDuensin: probably the coolest feature of automat is that it will allow us to manage servers that aren't even under our control00:11
@rizenor rather that aren't in our hosting environment00:11
@rizenwe have many clients that host their own servers, but pay us to manage them00:11
SDuensinThat is very cool.00:11
@rizenso the way i'm building this it will allow us to manage servers external to our hosting environment00:12
+perlDreameranyone have thoughts about how to test for randomizing data?00:15
@rizenperlDreamer: could you explain a bit further, out of context it doesn't make any sense to me00:15
+perlDreamerI have a subroutine that randomizes the array of data that has been sent to it00:16
@rizenpreaction: so far Net::SSH installed in 2 seconds flat on both linux and mac (in the WRE)00:16
+perlDreamerI'd like to see if it works or not00:16
+perlDreamerseems very problematic00:16
@rizenNet::SSH2 i have to install that library for but shouldn't be a problem00:16
@preactionrizen: Net::SSH::Perl you mean?00:16
+perlDreamersince in truly random data, the original order is a valid order00:16
@rizenand Net::SSH::Perl is taking FOREVER to install due to the prereqs, but it seems to be working00:16
@preactionthen i don't know the problems I was having. i couldn't install Net::SSH::Perl because of some math lib that didn't work on OS X00:17
@rizenwell it may eventually crap out00:17
@rizenbut it is currently installing00:17
@preactionNet::SSH was ungodly slow, too slow for spectre to use it in a workflow activity00:17
@rizentaking about 15 minutes to go00:17
@preactionbut again, that was with SFTP00:17
@rizenbut it's working00:17
@rizenyeah..haven't tried to use any of these yet00:18
@rizenjust trying to get them installed00:18
@preactiontook Net::SSH about a minute to negotiate keyexchange, connect, and login, but that might be a factor of the SSHD (a windows-based sshd)00:18
@rizenperlDreamer: so you're randomizing the order of the array, not the data in the array, right?00:19
@rizenwell it seems like it will take multiple tests00:19
@rizen1) make sure you still have the same number of elements in the array after randomizing00:19
@rizen2) do a cmp_bag on it to make sure that the structures are different00:19
+perlDreamercmp_bag will do that00:20
+perlDreamerboth of those00:20
@rizen3) do a isIn() on the first element of the randomized array to see if it is in the original array (or vice versa)00:20
@rizeni don't think it will pd00:20
@rizenbecause we're looking to make sure they are *not* the same00:21
+perlDreamercmp_set checks for array equality, cmp_bag just makes sure that the same elements exist in both00:21
@rizenso we want the same number of elements, but the elements don't hold the same data00:21
@rizenperlDreamer: but doesn't cmp_bag also make sure the elements are in the same order?00:21
@rizenoh really00:22
+perlDreamerthat's why I use it so much00:22
@rizenwow i totally misunderstood that00:22
@rizenwell in that case i guess you only need two tests00:23
@rizen1) cmp_bag on both arrays 00:23
@rizen2) make sure that position 0 in both arrays is not the same value00:23
Lisetteanyone know why in a workflow i get the userdefined by database of a post and shows me of values of the previous post?00:23
@rizenthough i guess since it's random, it could actually be the same value00:23
+perlDreameryeah, that's the problem00:23
+perlDreamerone can check for same order00:24
+perlDreameror not same order00:24
+perlDreamerbut with random ordering, either is possible00:24
+perlDreamerjust not with the same likelihood00:24
@rizengot it00:24
@rizenrandomize it 3 times00:24
@rizenbecause it's not very random if all three times it's in the same order00:24
+perlDreamerthat's a good idea00:25
+perlDreamerit's very, very unlikely for that to happen00:25
@rizenunless there are only 2 elements in your array00:25
@rizenthen it's quite likely00:26
@rizenso make sure you have 5 or so elements in your array00:26
+perlDreamerI thought about taking the Shawshank Script, and reducing to an array of characters and using that00:26
+perlDreamerbut it would be big00:26
@rizenpreaction: Net::SSH::Perl just locks up trying to install, that's why it was taking so long...so you were dead on with that one00:27
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []00:31
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-!- topsub [n=josh@cpe-075-176-027-152.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui00:44
+perlDreamerwe don't want to call cmp_bag on a big set of data00:56
+perlDreamerlaptop is burning a hole through my levis00:56
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []00:58
@preactionperlDreamer: why not see if "sort @array eq randomize( sort @array )"01:00
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp121-44-211-131.lns10.mel4.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui01:00
+perlDreamerpreaction, that might be faster than cmp_bag01:00
+perlDreamerI just reduced the number of elements from 1499 to 4901:01
@preactionalternatively, if you just want to ensure that both arrays have the same elements, you could sort and compare01:01
@preactionsince it's Possible for a randomized array to equal exactly the array that went in01:01
-!- rizen [n=rizen@h69-128-55-18.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]01:39
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CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8930 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 02:27
CIA-41WebGUI: Tests for createSurveyOrder and shuffle.02:27
CIA-41WebGUI: POD for several methods.02:27
+perlDreamerWebGUI ships with 247 templates02:40
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8931 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 03:17
CIA-41WebGUI: Add tests for nextSectionid, nextSection, currentSection.03:17
CIA-41WebGUI: Add more POD to ResponseJSON03:17
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8932 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/lib/WebGUI/Help/PayDriver_ITransact.pm: fixing PayDriver_ITransact help03:17
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8933 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/docs/create.sql: preparing for 7.5.6 release03:17
CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8934 /experimental/Automat/ (bin/automatshell lib/Automat/Shell.pm bin): server shell protocol demystified03:17
@Haargoops on version number :/03:26
@Haargonly in the commit message03:32
@Haargso it doesn't really matter03:32
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.5.36-stable | 7.6.6-beta | WRE 0.8.5 ] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com/03:44
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CIA-41WebGUI: jt * r8935 /releases/WebGUI_7.5.36-stable: Release 7.5.36-stable03:58
CIA-41WebGUI: graham * r8936 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/ (4 files in 4 dirs): preparing for 7.5.37 dev03:58
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+perlDreamerHaarg, what did I do to the ITransact help?04:51
+perlDreamerI ran the test on it and it came up clean04:51
+perlDreamermaybe I tweaked it more?04:51
+perlDreameroh, I see04:52
+perlDreamerthat's just embarrassing04:52
+perlDreamertavisto, I've looked into the WebGUI wikipedia issue about needing additional citations.04:58
@tavistoyeah, what's the dealio04:58
+perlDreamerWikipedia does not allow "original sources".  In other words, you cannot refer to yourself as a citation04:58
+perlDreamerthe only citations are back to webgui and plainblack04:59
+perlDreamerhere's what ya need to do04:59
+perlDreamerFind every article on WebGUI on the net04:59
+perlDreamerthe thing I wrote on Newsforge, ehab's article, et cetera04:59
+perlDreamerthen use those as sources for various segments in the article04:59
@tavistosome douchebag deleted our plain black listing.. said it was blatant advertising04:59
@tavistoseems like a lot of work04:59
+perlDreamerit could be05:00
+perlDreamerthey can be articles written by PB people and published in other places05:00
+perlDreamerthat's fine05:00
+perlDreamerjust need stuff outside the PB websites05:00
@preactionyou know it's the other CMS companies just trolling05:01
+perlDreamerit's easy to find joomla articles05:01
+perlDreamerand drupal articles05:01
@tavistoalright, maybe I can get JT to have Tera work on that.. sounds really boring to me05:01
+perlDreamerdude, it is so up your alley :)05:01
@tavistowe've got a bunch of articles going out to a ton of publications thru this PR company we're working with05:02
@tavistoif things go as planned, it's going to be great exposure for WebGUI and PB05:02
+perlDreamersee, those would be perfect to use05:02
+perlDreamerafter they're published05:02
@tavistothe other nice thing.. is the fact that we got our first approval for a success story with the DoS05:02
@tavistoDoug, it's your baby... Alumni05:02
@tavistogotcha perldreamer, I'm just not interested in the task.. that's all05:02
+perlDreamerY'all will have to salute Hillary when you see her, now05:03
@tavistoBut, I'm sure it's something Tera could bang out easily05:03
+perlDreamerprint publications are okay, too05:03
+perlDreamernewspapers, magazines05:03
+perlDreamernot just online stuff05:03
@tavistoyep these are05:03
@tavistoGovernment Computing News05:03
@tavistoUniversity Business05:03
@tavistoI'm scheduling a webinar with the editor of Website Magazine05:03
@tavistoI guess it's a big publication05:03
@tavistowe'll see.05:03
@tavistoThey use community server so I'm not selling them on a CMS.. but rather impressing them to get an article done on us05:04
CIA-41WebGUI: patspam * r8937 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (45 files in 25 dirs): Merge branch '7.6.6-beta' into flux05:17
CIA-41WebGUI: colin * r8938 /branch/WebGUI_7.5/t/Macro/AdminBar.t: a few AdminBar tests05:17
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: @preaction05:25
daviddelikat> use Perl Daily Newsletter05:32
daviddelikat> In this issue:05:32
daviddelikat>     * Bulgarian Perl Workshop05:32
daviddelikatroad trip!05:32
daviddelikatsay is there a tool to pretty print the YAHOO js for easier debugging?05:34</