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KC2QBUWhat if I want to access the website via a different port, 15000.  What do I need to change besides adding Listen 15000 in /data/wre/etc/modproxy.conf?00:06
@preactionthere's a "webServerPort" in the WebGUI config file you'll probably have to change00:07
@preactionyou'll probably have to change something in the spectre config file too, to tell it where to get to WebGUI00:08
KC2QBUso I'd have to use either the default or 15000, but not both?00:09
KC2QBUreason being locally it's fine, just my ISP blocks webserver ports00:09
@preactioni think webServerPort just determines what port WebGUI uses when it makes URLs00:10
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+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: Did you trick me into taking the setToEpoch bug?  00:16
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perlDreamerwho? /me?00:22
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+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: you wouldn't happen to remember if the subscription yui datetime chooser returns unix time or not?00:48
+perlmonkey2epoch time?00:48
+perlmonkey2Because it looks like the it is expecting a formatted date string instead of an epoch time.00:49
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perlDreamerthat's the bug00:50
perlDreamerit's being sent an epoch time00:50
+perlmonkey2which must be coming from the YUI date pickers?00:51
+perlmonkey2or is there a way to Form to check if it needs to be changed?00:52
perlDreamerthe interface to the Form has always been epoch00:52
perlDreamerso it should probably always translate00:52
perlDreamerbut epoch is distinct from set time00:52
perlDreamer\d+ vs word based00:52
+perlmonkey2then I don't see how this bug was introduced.  Form::DateTime was changed to pass in an epoch?00:53
+perlmonkey2to the setToEpoch method?00:53
perlDreamerno, it always passed in an epoch, the bug was introduced when the YUI date pickers were used instead of the old ones00:53
perlDreamerold JS date pickers wanted an epoch00:53
perlDreamernew YUI date picker wants a set time00:54
+perlmonkey2The error is showing an epoch time.  Is that not what is being returned from the new YUI date picker?00:54
perlDreamerIsn't the error, "I got this: {epoch_date}, that isn't a set time.  Using current time instead.' ?00:55
+perlmonkey2 WebGUI::Session::DateTime::setToEpoch[921] - Could not format date 1217540842 for epoch.  Returning current time00:56
perlDreamerright.  It _is_ an epoch, it wants to get a set time00:56
+perlmonkey2the problem looks to be Form::DateTime which regexs for an epoch type and then if it finds and epoch types, calls setToEpoch.00:58
perlDreamerI can buy that00:59
+perlmonkey2setToEpoch ties to use DateTime::Format::Strptime::parse_datetime which takes a string formatted date.00:59
+perlmonkey2This is all very confusing as I'm only guessing at desired behavior.01:00
+perlmonkey2So we want this instead: $dt = DateTime->from_epoch( epoch => $epoch ); 01:02
+perlmonkey2which should change anything except remove the error in the log.  Well I guess setToEpoch returns $self->time() now when it should be return the time in form param.01:04
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+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: okay, if ^\d+$ is true, shouldn't we just return that, as it is probably an epoch?01:25
CIA-6WebGUI: chrisn * r7134 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Text.pm t/Text.t): 01:42
CIA-6WebGUI: Fixed: splitCSV and joinCSV had issues with complex CSV data. They now use01:42
CIA-6WebGUI: Text::CSV_XS internally.01:42
perlDreamerapeiron++ for tests01:43
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estivenI have the id of a collaboration system and i need to know the ids of all post in it.01:46
estivencan i get it from webgui db?01:46
estivenwho tables can i use?01:46
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perlDreamerHaarg: are you close to release?05:56
perlDreamera new release of WebGUI?05:56
@Haarghaven't really started on it.  i was sleeping for a while actually.06:00
perlDreamerI'm sorry if I woke you06:01
perlDreamerI'll commit and close this bug quickly then.06:02
@Haargnah, i just happened to wake up.06:03
@Haargi meant to get up anyway06:03
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perlDreamerIt's in06:04
perlDreamerI'll hold off any commits until after you give the all clear06:04
@Haargit'll be a while, so if you have stuff go ahead and do it06:05
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7135 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 4 dirs): produce valid HTML in the Auth screen06:11
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perlDreameryou're working late dionak06:25
dionakhey there. yes...it is getting late06:25
dionakso are you. 06:25
perlDreamerIt's only 8:30 on the west coast06:25
dionakoh, i didn't realize you were west coast06:27
perlDreamerI live near Portland, Oregon.06:28
perlDreamerIn Hillsboro, where Intel is.06:28
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perlDreamerHowdy.  What does KC2QBU mean?06:30
dionakperlDreamer, are you going to the wuc this year?06:30
perlDreamerOh yeah06:30
perlDreamerI'm giving two talks06:30
KC2QBUperlDreamer: Do you know what Ham Radio is?06:30
perlDreamerYes, but I thought handles were shorter than 6 characters06:31
perlDreamerI have a friend who is W7HOW06:31
KC2QBUperlDreamer: Depends on the country.  6 characters or less.  In the US, all calsigns in the past 15 - 20 years have been 6 chars.06:32
dionakgreat, pd. i'll see you at the wuc. i'm going to call it a night here. have a great evening06:32
dionaklook forward to your talks. 06:33
perlDreamergood night dionak06:33
KC2QBUgn dionak06:33
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KC2QBUperlDreamer: the US is split up into sections NY is a 2, PA is 3, New England area is 1, 4 is the East Coast, 7 is Texas I believe and so on.  Depends on how many Hams in that area that determines how high the characters go.06:36
perlDreamerI see.06:36
KC2QBUI've only been a Ham for 2 years now, their issuing the calls int KC2Txx range now. Almost KC2Uxx.06:38
perlDreamerThat's a lot of new hams06:38
KC2QBUyep, since they dropped the code on all license levels, it's becoming a little more popular.06:39
perlDreamerthat's the morse code requirement, or another one?06:39
KC2QBUplus a lot of digital modes to work with that appeal to a lot of people in the computer firld06:40
KC2QBUYep, morse code06:40
KC2QBUThere's even a way to hook up a GPS to a ham radio and transmit your position and telemetry info over the air.06:41
KC2QBUyou can look up your position on the internet and track other hams on the web with google maps.06:41
KC2QBUplus chatting and sending e-mails over the radio.  Basically it's a 1200 baud modem on both ends.06:43
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KC2QBUThere's a lot of different avenues you can take.  Lots of different aspects to Ham Radio06:45
KC2QBUI'll still haven't figured out how to add port 15000 to the ports that wre listens.06:47
perlDreamerI think if you search the forums, you'll find it06:47
KC2QBUI searched, but didn't see anything.  I'll reword it in the search, again.06:48
perlDreamermaybe I saw it in the wiki06:48
perlDreamerKC2QBU: try this google search: custom port WRE webgui06:52
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KC2QBUI found this when I was searching, but it's an older version and the files don't match.  http://www.webgui.org/install/upgrade_help/customising-wre-to-work-with-vservers#k2y2TQOfVEK2G76QsL5UZQ06:56
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@HaargperlDreamer, it's looking more and more like there won't be a release tonight07:08
@Haargcharter's network in madison is all messed up or something07:08
perlDreameroh, that's not good07:09
perlDreamerA little delay is okay with me07:09
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r7136 /branch/WebGUI_flux/lib/WebGUI/ (Inbox/Message.pm Flux/Admin.pm Flux.pm):08:16
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lrobinsonis it safe to upgrade from 7.4.39 to the latest version of 7.5?15:28
@preactiondepends on what your definition of safe is15:28
lrobinsoni noticed the comment in the gotchas about not being able to use the beta if you've gone past 7.4.2115:29
@preactionthere is now an upgrade from 7.4.40 to 7.515:30
lrobinsonso would it be better to get 7.4.40 first?15:30
@preactionnot better, manditory15:31
lrobinsonall right, thanks15:31
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+perlmonkey2good morning15:58
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+perlmonkey2Anything in the smoketests look serious?16:11
+perlmonkey2Shelf or EMS?16:11
dionaki've got a test to commit for the ems. tickets aren't committing...not sure why. it could use a second eye16:12
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+perlmonkey2dionak: tickets aren't committing?  You can't purchase them?16:15
dionaki think it's just a matter of figuring out how to do it in the test. 16:15
dionaki've just run out of time this week to look into it..16:17
+perlmonkey2dionak: I'm not sure what your trying to do.  16:17
dionakjust added it. it's EventManagementSystem.t16:17
dionaktake a look and you'll see. i added an ems, then tried to add tickets and ribbons. 16:17
dionakonce i do that, i call getBadges and am not getting back what is expected.16:18
+perlmonkey2test 14?16:19
+perlmonkey2and 1816:19
+perlmonkey2and 2216:20
dionakyes on all counts16:20
+perlmonkey2and you're seeing the same problem when you manually do this?16:22
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CIA-6WebGUI: dionak * r7137 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Wobject/EventManagementSystem.t: Adding non-mech test16:33
+perlmonkey2dionak: getLineage is failing.  Looks like the badges being created don't have an EMS in the DB.16:35
lrobinsonpreaction: 7.5.18 installed - thanks16:35
+perlmonkey2dionak: no, that is wrong.  They do.  So then why is getLineage failing (or is it?)16:36
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+perlmonkey2dionak: :D  I found it.16:41
+perlmonkey2dionak: try @$badges16:42
+perlmonkey2scalar $badges probably just returns the location.16:42
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dionakoh, sweet! thanks perlmonkey217:24
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kurios63AFternoon all17:26
dionakperlmonkey2, did you get a sql error when you ran the test? Unknown column 'badgeAssetId'17:27
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+perlmonkey2dionak: yeah17:28
dionaklooks like a bug, possibly from EMSBadge.pm. not sure which table tho17:30
+perlmonkey2dionak: that is the call to getRibbons which is also a getLineage call.  17:30
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+perlmonkey2why do you think it is in EMSBadge?17:30
-!- estiven [n=estiven@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]17:31
dionakjust from doing a grep -r badgeAssetId lib/*17:31
+perlmonkey2so that would have to be in the constructor?17:32
+perlmonkey2getLineage would only be insantiating them right?17:32
dionaknot sure about it being in the constructor. i would think getLineage would only be instantiating.17:33
dionakthe last thing done in the test is purge17:33
dionaki'm thinking it's happening there b/c it looks like the 22 tests pass17:34
+perlmonkey2Yeah, I just put in a finished print.17:34
+perlmonkey2The DB is in the purge.17:34
+perlmonkey2I think there was a smoketest failure in EMS purge17:35
dionakcool. that would be the last thing for this initial test.17:35
dionaki'm working on a release for end of day so i won't be able to update the purge method17:39
+perlmonkey2okay I'll see if I can track that down real fast.  Shouldn't be too hard.17:41
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perlDreamerapeiron: tests went boom :(17:42
perlDreamerCan't locate auto/Text/CSV_XS/error_diag.al17:42
perlDreamertestEnvironment.pl says it's okay17:46
perlDreamerreinstalling Text::CSV_XS fixes that17:51
perlDreamerbut something needs to be put into the gotcha file17:51
perlDreamerI thought it might just be me, since I don't run the WRE17:51
perlDreamerbut the nightly tests on plainblack.com failed, too17:51
perlDreamer0.52 seems to work okay17:52
perlDreamerbut the 0.26 in the testEnvironment.pl is questionable17:52
+perlmonkey2dionak: okay, purge test passes.17:53
+perlmonkey2ci now17:53
* perlDreamer goes to a 4 hour meeting17:55
* perlmonkey2 fears for perlDreamer. Who could survive such a meeting?17:56
dionakthanks perlmonkey2!17:57
+perlmonkey2dionak: de nada :)17:57
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CIA-6WebGUI: dionak * r7138 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Wobject/EventManagementSystem.t: Passing tests for badges, tickets and ribbons18:13
CIA-6WebGUI: dionak * r7139 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Wobject/EventManagementSystem.t: Removing unneeded version tag and workflow info18:13
CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7140 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Sku/ (EMSRibbon.pm Subscription.pm EMSBadge.pm): Corrected purge table column names18:13
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7141 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm): fix a typo in the YUI asset toolbar demote/promote18:13
CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7142 /WebGUI/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt: Corrected purge table column names18:13
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+perlmonkey2Can someone look at Form::Date.pm lines 139 and 140 and tell me why if the value is =~ /^\d+$/ Session::DateTime::setToEpoch would be called on it?  setToEpoch is looking for a formatted string datetime to turn into an epoch time.18:21
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@Haaarglooks rather broken18:28
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by ChanServ18:32
+perlmonkey2Haaarg: since we're expecting a epoch value returned, I'll just have the $value returned if it is nothing but digits.18:32
+perlmonkey2but if getDefaultValue is undef, the current logic would have time() returned.  I've left that in also.18:33
@Haaargare we?  i thought it was trying to format it as a mysql value18:33
@Haaargother areas in that file use epochToSet, which i think was the intention18:34
+perlmonkey2Well I'm not sure what it is supposed to return.  I don't think it ever returned undef as setToEpoch returns time() if it can't parse the input.18:36
@Haaargok, yeah.  it needs to return an epoch time18:39
@Haaargbut it will also need to account for time zone18:39
@Haaargmight be best to just change it to use WebGUI::DateTime for that18:40
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@206-124-7-89.denver.dsl.forethought.net] has joined #webgui18:42
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ18:42
+perlmonkey2Haaarg: since this is a form input, will a time zone be available?  Or will WebGUI::DateTime use the webgui instance timezone?18:45
@Haaargit would need to convert from the user's time zone18:46
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@68-114-219-232.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["that's all folks"]18:59
@rizenapeiron: please hook up perlmonkey2 with permanent op status19:08
@apeironrizen, Okie.19:08
* perlmonkey2 immediately abuses his power.19:08
@rizenand snapcount should have permanent voice status19:09
@rizenhe was a people behind webgui19:09
@apeironThey need to ident to nickserv for the access.19:09
@apeironI can't do anything about that.19:09
+perlmonkey2Haaarg: I've been looking through the different date-ish modules and it looks like what I should do is find the user19:09
@apeironperlmonkey2, If you rejoin you should see your +o19:09
@rizenoh...he has an account, he just must not have logged in for some reason19:09
+perlmonkey2s timezone, use that to convert to local epoch and return it?19:10
@rizensnapcount is such a people behind webgui that he actually created our irc channel19:10
@apeironha, wow19:10
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@apeironThere we go.19:11
-!- perlmonkey2 was kicked from #webgui by perlmonkey2 [too cool for school]19:12
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o perlmonkey2] by ChanServ19:12
@Haaargthat may be the best way to handle it19:12
@Haaarglooks like ::DateTime's handling of user time zones is kind of convoluted as well19:13
@perlmonkey2Haaarg: yeah I was thinking it might be an oppurtunity to add somefunctionality to DateTime.19:13
@Haaargif there was something like newFromUserTimeZone, or just having that as a parameter to new somehow19:14
-!- Haaarg is now known as Haarg19:14
@perlmonkey2maybe cloneFromUserTimeZone ?19:14
@Haargwell, you could use that19:15
@perlmonkey2All dates in the DB are UTC?19:15
@perlmonkey2add the method cloneFromUserTimeZone and then grab the UTC value to insert?19:16
@Haargor wait, you mean create that?  i don't think that would work19:16
SDuensinHi guys.  Trying to set up a merchant account for use with WebGUI.  Does WebGUI store any cardholder data?19:16
@perlmonkey2wait.  I could just use cloneToUserTimeZone  I wouldn't need a from.19:16
@Haarg::DateTime already has a time zone attached to it19:16
@Haargyeah, but to do that you would need ::DataTime->new($s)->cloneToUserTimeZone->epoch($e)->cloneToUserTimeZone->epoch19:17
@Haargor something equally silly19:17
@HaargcloneToUTC for that second part19:17
@perlmonkey2so, too silly to use?19:18
@Haargseems like it would be preferable to just have a simple way to create a ::DateTime using the user's time zone19:19
@perlmonkey2return DateTime->new(epoch=>$epoch, time_zone => $self->session->user->profileField("timeZone"));  would seem to do it?19:21
@Haargwell, you'd want to return a WebGUI::DateTime19:23
@perlmonkey2which is a subclass of datetime, so I should be able to do the same thing to WebGUI::DateTime?19:27
@Haargi think that should work - if you add a $session19:27
@perlmonkey2hmm, looking at WebGUI::DateTime I don't think I'll be able to do it my way and your way is better.  As for simplifying it, I guess I could change new to take an optional second param which is a timezone?19:31
@perlmonkey2oh duh, WG::DateTime takes DateTime new params.19:33
@Haarg->new will accept a time zone19:35
@Haargbut there isn't currently a way to specify to use the user's time zone19:36
@Haargwhether that was done in ->new or a different sub doesn't seem too important to me19:36
-!- funkmagnet [n=jars@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui20:07
perlDreamerSDuensin, wG does not store card data20:10
SDuensinThanks, perlDreamer - I read the code and kinda figured that.  Whew.  No PCI issues to worry about!20:11
perlDreamerapeiron: which version of Text::CSV_XS do you have installed?20:20
-!- rizen [n=rizen@h69-130-247-231.vrnawi.dsl.dynamic.tds.net] has quit []20:27
@apeironperlDreamer, 0.52 for the WRE.20:33
* apeiron will bbl20:33
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit ["leaving"]20:34
perlDreamerokay, so it sound like all we need to do is update testEnvironment.pl to say 0.52 instead of 0.2620:35
perlDreamerdoes the WRE ship with 0.52?20:35
@perlmonkey2Haarg: no less silly than yours, but it saves having to create at least 1 new instance.20:36
@perlmonkey2return WebGUI::DateTime->new($self->session,$value)->set_time_zone($self->session->user->profileField("timeZone"))->cloneToUTC->epoch();20:36
@perlmonkey2DateTime has the set_time_zone method, so would it be redundant to add this into WebGUI::DateTime?20:37
@Haargwhere are you putting that?20:37
@perlmonkey2if the value =~ /^\d+$/20:37
@Haargi was thinking you could add something in WebGUI::DateTime that does the WebGUI::DateTime->new($self->session,$value)->set_time_zone($self->session->user->profileField("timeZone")) part20:38
@perlmonkey2WG::DateTime->new looks a little....busy.  I'm hesitant to mess with it.  But if you want a new set of logic in new, now problem.20:39
-!- Haaarg [n=haarg@h75-100-123-170.mdsnwi.dedicated.static.tds.net] has joined #webgui20:50
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7143 /WebGUI/ (sbin/testEnvironment.pl docs/gotcha.txt): 21:07
CIA-6WebGUI: Document that WebGUI now requires Text::CSV_XS version21:07
CIA-6WebGUI: 0.52.21:07
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: if you have a sec could you help me understand how the subscription dates get submitted as string formatted dates but in getValue in form::date they are epoch (which should be utc)?21:40
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, I can try.21:41
@perlmonkey2there is no way the yui is timezone aware.  So how/where is it being converted to epoch?21:42
perlDreamerCan you walk me through where you are, to get me up to speed?21:42
@perlmonkey2okay, I'm working with a subscription asset 21:42
@perlmonkey2just to get date form submissions.21:42
@perlmonkey2subscription sub www_listSubscriptionCodes has $session->form->date21:43
@perlmonkey2form date has getValue21:43
@perlmonkey2the value passed in to getValue is an epoch.21:43
@perlmonkey2how did it get turned into an epoch and is it utc or the user's timezone (which would make it not really and epoch).21:44
perlDreamerI have no idea about the timezone.21:45
perlDreamerDoes the warning come on loading the page, or hitting the search button?21:45
@perlmonkey2I think both21:45
@perlmonkey2I'd have to revert a lot of debug code to make sure.21:46
perlDreamerin the definition sub for Form/Date, it uses $session->datetime->time()21:46
@perlmonkey2which I'm going to hazard a guess is epoch + local time offset for the user?21:47
perlDreamerneeds to be traced21:47
@perlmonkey2I'm dubbing this the nightmare bug.21:48
perlDreamerit needs a test21:48
@perlmonkey2needs something working before it can be tested.21:48
perlDreamerwell, yes and no.  I see your point.  A test is usually quicker than page loads and stuff, and it would prevent this from happening later.21:48
@perlmonkey2wait, that is actually epoch21:49
perlDreameryes, defaultValue is in epoch21:49
@perlmonkey2so it defaults to epoch.  21:49
perlDreamerif no value is passed in, or if no defaultValue is assigned to the form21:49
@perlmonkey2so what is submitted should also be UTC, since the users can not change time values, so there can't be any uncertainty as to which timezone they mean.21:50
perlDreamerthe new standard for working with dates is UTC, and everything in MySQL format21:51
perlDreamerstored in the db as MySQL format, that is21:51
perlDreamerbut Form::Date has to work with legacy code, so it also has to deal with epoch times21:51
@perlmonkey2well it looks jacked and I don't even really know where to start and I've been digging around it all day.21:52
@perlmonkey2should form::date::getValue assume an epoch is utc when passed in?  or assume it is quasi-epoch set to a users local timezone?21:53
@perlmonkey2I think it should assume UTC since epoch should always be in UTC.21:55
perlDreamerUTC, but then we have to run cross tests on the Calendar.  This would be a good time for preaction to chime in.21:55
@perlmonkey2that sure would make things easy as anything matching \d+ could simply be returned.21:56
@preactionthat depends, is it getting the epoch in UTC? when you use DateTime to make it more descriptive, does it match your local time? or does it match your local time converted to UTC?21:57
@preactionwe're using the YUI Date Control now, we weren't before, when the Calendar was written21:57
perlDreamerHow did you handle that in the calendar?21:58
perlDreamerOr are you saying that the Calendar is borked?21:58
@preactioni believe that the old Date thing assumed it was UTC, so i left that broken21:58
@preactionthe new code that gets run when the defaultValue is a MySQL-formatted date assumed the current user's time zone and converted to UTC21:59
perlDreamerSo, for Form::Date (and DateTime), we're assuming that it's always passed a UTC date, whether in MySQL format, or in epoch?22:00
perlDreamerand Form::Date should handle converting it to the user's timezone, from their profileField22:01
@preactionno. if it is going to return an epoch, it assumes UTC throughout (and no TZ conversion gets done)22:01
@preactionif it is going to return a MySQL date, it assumes it was given the user's time zone and converts to UTC22:01
@preactionat least, that's how it was last I knew22:01
@preactionyou should see it as WebGUI::DateTime->new( mysql => ..., time_zone => $session->user->profileField( 'timeZone' ) ); or something22:02
@preactionoh, shit, Date and Time don't have a timezone conversion, because it's incomplete22:02
@preactionbut DateTime does timezone conversion, because it's complete22:03
@preactionDate can't, because there's no time.22:03
perlDreamercomplete = deals with time _and_ daet22:03
@perlmonkey2so session::date line 140 should just return $value and line 149 should convert that string to utc epoch?22:03
@preactionTime can't because what happens when we go past 0:00 either forward or backward? we'd have to change the date, and we can't because we don't have one22:03
@perlmonkey2although converting line 149 to epoch would be for time 00:00:0022:05
@Haaargsorry for throwing you off with that earlier perlmonkey2, i wasn't really thinking about it hard enough22:05
@preactionwe're looking at WebGUI::Session::DateTime now?22:05
@perlmonkey2no, line 149 wouldn't do anything as that is mysql formatted and should just return the mysql format.22:05
@perlmonkey2Haaarg: oh, no worries.  It hadn't occurred to me that epoch should always be in utc yet.22:06
@perlmonkey2So to fix Form::Date line 140 just needs to return $value  22:06
@preactionif $value is an epoch, yes22:07
@preactionso the YUI Calendar makes an epoch date?22:07
@Haaargno, i think it uses mysql format22:07
@preactionperlmonkey2, it might be you'll have to make sure that $value is an epoch and not a mysql datetime there22:09
@perlmonkey2preaction: looks like it already tests as well as can be testing by matching for ^\d+$22:10
@preactionthough you might want to try to just return $value and see what happens, i think it might be getting both at one point or another22:10
@preactionsee what $value is though? it's $self->SUPER::getValue which may or may not be $self->get("value")22:10
@perlmonkey2And DateTime::getValue looks like it handles mysql formatted correctly 22:10
@Haaargthe idea should be it accepts either epoch or mysql, and outputs based on the default value's format22:11
@perlmonkey2if (!$self->get("defaultValue") || $self->get("defaultValue") =~ m/^\d+$/ || !$self->get("value") || $self->get("value") =~ m/^\d+$/) 22:11
@perlmonkey2That should only be an epoch value right?22:11
@preactionbut that has nothing to do with the return value of the SUPERclass's getValue sub22:12
@perlmonkey2cool, then we can just return $vlaue in that case and then the else looks like it handles mysql formatted perfectly22:12
@preactionyou can pass getValue a value and it will use that, otherwise it tries to get it from the form22:12
@preactionso as Haaarg said, the YUI date picker returns it mysql style, and if the control wants it as an epoch, you need to use setToEpoch22:12
@preactionbut if I pass in an epoch to getValue, now I have an epoch, and if I want an epoch back, I can't call setToEpoch on it22:13
@preactionso yes, I'm with perlDreamer in this needs to be tested for all four possibilities22:13
@Haaargbleh, looks like i have to make a custom version of the tinymce spellchecker22:13
perlDreamerright, write a test22:14
perlDreamerthen this never happens again22:14
@preaction1) Epoch in, Epoch out. 2) Epoch in, MySQL out. 3) MySQL in, Epoch out. 4) MySQL in, MySQL out.22:14
perlDreamerhow does it ask for epoch/MySQL out?22:14
@preactionthat's the code perlmonkey2 posted above22:14
perlDreamersorry, I have 3/4 of my brain wrapped around transistors and resistors today22:14
@Haaargif the default value matches mysql's format22:15
@preactionif you set the "value" or "defaultValue" property to a MySQL-formatted date (or rather, to NOT an epoch date)22:15
@Haaargand the input looks like an epoch22:15
@preactionor rather, to NOT a number22:15
@preactionthat should probably be changed to use Scalar::Util qw( looks_like_number )22:15
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-149.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui22:35
-!- mode/#webgui [+o apeiron] by ChanServ22:35
@perlmonkey2if $self->SUPER::getValue is from the form, what is $self->get('value') from?22:38
@perlmonkey2doh, the def22:38
@preactionit used to be called getValueFromForm, but FromForm is ackward and redundant22:39
@preactiongetDefaultValue ends up getting the "value" property, or if that doesn't exist, the "defaultValue" property22:40
@perlmonkey2the POD says that the call to SUPER is set $value equal to an optional value instead of the one from the form.  Now that is confusing.22:41
@perlmonkey2I thought the call to $self->get('value') was grabbing the value from the form.22:42
@preactionnope, get() is for the form properties22:43
@preactioner... form control properties22:43
@preactionupdate the pod to make it clearer though22:43
@perlmonkey2so the $self->SUPER::getValue(@_) is getting the super processed form input?22:44
@Haaargit's using ->get to find what format the result is supposed to be, should be able to just use getDefaultValue now22:44
@preactionyes, it should use getDefaultValue now22:44
@preactionand Scalar::Util looks_like_number22:45
@preactionthen it will be essentially self-documenting22:45
@perlmonkey2okay, some psuedocode if you guys don't mind.22:46
perlDreamerlooks_like_number is a little overkill22:46
perlDreamerit also recognizes floats, doesn't it?22:46
@preactionyou can technically have floating-point epochs22:47
@preactionthough none of our fields will support them22:47
perlDreamernegative numbers22:47
@preactionplus it's easier to look at and say "hmm, that's checking to see if it's just a number"22:47
perlDreamerit does read nice22:47
@preactionnegative epochs are also possible, dates before 01-01-1970 00:00:0022:47
@perlmonkey2if there isn't a getDefaultValue or getDefaultValue is a number, then regardless of $value, turn it into an epoch somehow.  otherwise turn it into a mysql time somehow?22:47
@preactionperlmonkey2, basically, yep22:48
@perlmonkey2This is from my data form date time entry test: 12/31/1969  6:33 pm23:11
@perlmonkey2I entered 10:33 today.23:11
perlDreamerwell, if it didn't give you a warning, that's some progress :)23:18
@perlmonkey2I'm not sure what that was because when I list all values they are correct.23:20
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, I'm sorry I can't spend more time helping you today.23:35
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: It's not like that's your job or anything.  I'm learning a ton digging through this, so it is probably for the best that you can't help :)23:36
perlDreamerI know, but I don't like suggesting that people try things without sticking around to follow through/help out.23:51
SDuensinQuick almost on topic question:  How do you write "not exists" for a hash in Perl?  ("exists" is:   "if exists $hash{$key}")23:54
@preactionnot exists23:54
@preactioneither way23:55
perlDreamerperldoc perlop23:55
@preactionare you sure you want exists and not defined or boolean truth?23:55
SDuensinIt won't take it.  :-/23:55
perlDreamerit won't take it?23:55
SDuensinI want to know if $key isn't in the hash.23:55
perlDreamerif !exists $hash{$key};23:55
@preactionif ( not exists $hash{ $key } ) { ... }23:56
SDuensinAh, parens made it happier.  23:56
* SDuensin is weak in his Perl-fu.23:56
perlDreamerYou need a llama23:56
perlDreameror a camel book23:56
SDuensinYes, I do.23:56
@preactionperlbot books23:56
@preactionllama is free online23:56
@preactionperlbot learning perl23:57
perlbot"Learning Perl", the Llama Book - http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596520106/index.html (new fifth edition, covers 5.10) . see also <tutorial>23:57
* SDuensin is writing system tools in Perl to better learn it for WebGUI hacking. :-)23:57
@preactionperlbot learn perl23:57
@preactionahh, not learning perl, beginning perl23:57
--- Day changed Sat Aug 02 2008
SDuensinI gotta say, I'm enjoying the language more than I expected.00:00
perlDreamerwell, that's good00:00
perlDreamerYou must not have written an OO code yet :)00:00
SDuensinNo, not for this.00:00
SDuensinAs complicated as I've managed so far are hashes of hashes.00:00
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7144 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Instance.pm: better detection and logging for singleton workflows00:01
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7145 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Sku/Subscription.pm: remove debug code00:01
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7146 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt sbin/preload.perl): improve behavior of preload.perl for custom lib dirs not ending in lib00:01
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7147 /WebGUI/ (13 files in 8 dirs): fixed: Server side spellchecker doesn't work00:01
perlDreamerHaaarg, did you really have to rewrite the spell checker in JS?00:02
@Haaargi had to modify the existing one00:03
* SDuensin is doing crazy crap. Synchronizing a WebGUI user database with a Linux system. :-)00:03
@Haaargit didn't support adding words to the dictionary00:03
@Haaargit was a simple modification, just makes maintenance rather annoying00:03
perlDreamerwell, if the YUI people get on the stick, we might have to do it again.00:03
perlDreamerrizen was going to ask them about adding table support, which was the last piece needed to switch from TinyMCE over to YUI's RTE00:04
topsubunless i am wrong i can add an ID to the form header right? .. something like.. WebGUI::Form::formHeader($session, { action => $self->getUrl, extras=>'id="attendee-form"'} )00:26
@preactionyou want the id property probably, otherwise it will be given a default ID00:27
topsubpreaction, it wouldn't be given any.. lol00:27
topsubon the products there isn't an ID on the form field and i need to add one00:27
@preactionwhy add an ID when you could use "document.forms[ formName ].elements[ elementName ]"00:28
topsubdoesn't have a form name nor id00:28
@preactionoh, the form itself00:29
@preactionyes, you could add an ID to it that way00:29
@Haaargwhat are you going to use the id for?00:29
topsubya the form itself has nothing.. just wanted to make sure00:29
topsubto grap it with javascript00:29
topsubdocument.forms[0] doesn't seem to work00:30
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []00:30
-!- KlausH [n=KlausH@p5B070FA8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["bye"]00:31
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui00:33
@perlmonkey2By some miracle, no one happened to write a Form::Date and Form::DateTime test today?00:37
perlDreamerI heard perlmonkey3 was going to do it00:38
@perlmonkey2that loser?  he's worthless00:39
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: you coming to the wuc?00:41
perlDreamerI'm giving two talks at it this year00:42
@perlmonkey2cool, will be good to meet you along with the rest of the crew.00:42
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []00:44
@perlmonkey2Anyone else on the channel coming who is with PB?00:44
perlDreamerI think topsub, dionak and knowmad are coming00:45
perlDreamerlisette, estiven and juan are coming00:45
perlDreamerMrHairgrease and WebGUI/SynQ, BartJol00:45
-!- Dise [n=chatzill@] has joined #webgui00:46
perlDreamerdon't know about patspam, but I hope so.00:46
@perlmonkey2most of the IRC crew then00:46
perlDreamerbe nice to meet Mr Flux00:46
perlDreamerpretty much00:46
perlDreamerelnino will be there00:46
perlDreamerHi, Dise00:46
perlDreamerAre you new to WebGUI?00:47
Disei need do post from flash?00:47
Disei need use data form from web gui but from flash00:48
perlDreamerthen I would suggest that you ask that in a different channel.  We don't do much with Flash.00:48
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perlDreamerpreaction: you still around?01:41
perlDreamerIn User, getGroupIdsRecursive, the first groups are gotten with the withoutExpired flag01:41
perlDreamerbut not any recursive groups01:41
@preactionbecause the user isn't really a "Member" of those groups01:41
perlDreameris that by design, or should it be consistently one way or the other?01:42
@preactiontheir "membership" can't expire01:42
perlDreamerhm, okay01:42
@preactionbasically their membership in those groupGroupings is contingent on being a member of the initial group01:42
perlDreamerthat makes sense01:43
perlDreamerand why return the keys of the hash instead of the array?01:43
@preactionthe array?01:43
@preactionthere is no array01:43
@preactioni don't want to get duplicate groupIds, so i store them in a hash01:43
@preactionoh, THAT array01:44
@preactioni'm using the array as a stack, adding more groups to check01:44
@preactionit's a way to ... avoid doing recursion01:44
perlDreameryes.  But aren't the keys of the hash and the array elements the same?01:44
@preactionso i'm processing a recursive group tree without actually recursing01:45
@preactionno, the array shrinks with every pass01:45
@preactionwhile ( my $groupId = shift @myarray ) { ... }01:45
perlDreamerof course, it's a queue01:45
perlDreamerokay, I'll just shut up and start writing tests against it01:45
@preactionnp, the more people who understand the code the better everything is in the end01:46
perlDreameris the non-recursive algorithm faster?01:51
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@preactionquite possibly, since it skips all the groups that we already have, instead of having to compile a huge tree of groups and then parse that, but only a real benchmark would tell 02:28
perlDreameryeah, I was wondering if getGroups would benefit from that02:29
perlDreamerbut we can always optimize later02:29
perlDreamerthere are lots of bugs to fix02:29
@preactionmight want to leave a note then, a # TODO: or something02:29
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dionak_perlmonkey2, you're going to make it to the wuc? 02:31
perlDreamerI'll do that.02:31
dionak_that would be cool02:32
dionak_would love to meet you along with others from irc02:32
perlDreamerHe'll be there, dionak_02:32
@preactionhe should be there, he's a PB employee02:32
dionak_it's official?02:32
dionak_congrads pm02:32
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7148 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Group.pm lib/WebGUI/User.pm t/User.t): 02:45
CIA-6WebGUI: Add a test to User.t to make sure it isn't leaking groups.02:45
CIA-6WebGUI: Update POD in User.pm and Group.pm.02:45
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7149 /WebGUI/t/User.t: Begin a test for getGroupIdsRecursive02:45
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7150 /WebGUI/t/Asset/AssetExportHtml.t: 20:17
CIA-6WebGUI: Update this test for new content.20:17
CIA-6WebGUI: Change arguments in cmp_* to references instead of arrays.20:17
CIA-6WebGUI: Check number of files dynamically, rather than hardcoded.20:17
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7151 /WebGUI/t/Macro/FetchMimeType.t: 20:50
CIA-6WebGUI: Add a test for text MIME type. Note that various tests20:50
CIA-6WebGUI: may fail based on the version of LWP installed.20:50
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--- Day changed Sun Aug 03 2008
SDuensinAre version tags disabled in 7.5.18?  (My enableSaveAndCommit is set to 0.)00:19
@preactionthey can't be disabled, but they can be hidden00:20
@preactionthey're hidden by default in 7.5 onwards00:20
SDuensinI'm editing away over here and it's never created a version tag.00:20
SDuensinI want 'em back!  :-)00:20
@preactionit's always creating version tags00:20
@preactionit's just automatically committing them00:21
SDuensinCan I go back to how it was?00:21
@preactionin the Settings pane, Content tab, two things: Automatically Request Commit and Skip Commit Comments00:21
SDuensinThanks!  I looked at those settings, but didn't quite understand what they were doing.00:22
nubahey guys, going to resume work on the BrazilianPortuguese translation00:25
nubalast time I checked i18n.webgui.org was offline, 00:25
nubanow I see its back and seems to be working00:25
nubaanything I should be aware of?00:26
SDuensinEver have anyone build a "private beta" kinda thing with WebGUI?  Like where you need an invite to join and users who join can send additional invites?00:26
@preactionnot that i know of00:26
@preactionSDuensin, with the new user invitation system you should be able to. not sure if anyone's done it, but if you do, perhaps outlining the steps in a wiki article would be useful?00:27
SDuensinI poked around and couldn't figure it out.00:27
SDuensinOtherwise, I'd be happy to put it on the wiki.00:27
@preactionit's simple: if Anonymous Registration is off, but User Invitations are on, and a user invites someone, the person they invite are allowed to register00:29
@preactiondunno if there are ways to limit the number of invites yet, but that might be a good RFE00:29
SDuensinThat is simple.  I'll try it!00:29
* SDuensin supposes that will move fixing email on that box up a few notches. :-)00:29
nubawhooa, when I click on download for the brazilian portuguese language, i get a pointer to Welsh.tar.gz00:33
nubaat http://i18n.webgui.org/?op=exportTranslation;languageId=BrazilianPortuguese00:34
nubareported as a bug00:36
@preactionyeah, i get the same thing00:37
nubadid set severity = critical, since using welsh for a while is not a valid workaround00:37
nubaor rather, fatal00:38
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SDuensinHey perlDreamer 01:27
perlDreamerHaving problems with perl references01:27
SDuensinWell, seeing as how you're *my* Perl reference, I doubt I can help.  :-P01:28
perlDreamerIt's okay.01:29
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@] has joined #WebGUI01:30
SDuensinNot sure why the WRE hates me.  I love it.01:30
perlDreamerWhat kind of WRE problem are you having?01:31
SDuensinI'm being dumb, basically.  It's a test box behind my firewall.  I can't use 80, so I'm letting them in on 28000.  I left the WRE on 80 and 8081.  It can't figure that out.  I should just move the WRE to 28000, but I'm going about it the hard way.01:32
SDuensinHey perlDreamer, are you officially part of PlainBlack, or just work with them?01:33
perlDreamerI do some contracting for them, from time to time01:33
perlDreamerI'm just a highly motivated volunteer.01:33
SDuensinOk, I'll ask rizen later then.  I was curious what kind of partnering they did.01:34
perlDreamerrizen would be the right guy to ask.01:35
SDuensinPart of the empire I'm building is a WebGUI hosting service.  :-)01:35
perlDreamerYou definitely want to partner with Plain Black.01:35
perlDreamerI would recommend their Agency Hosting package01:35
* SDuensin is tired of provisioning boxes himself. Gonna automate it.01:35
perlDreamerThat's what Agency Hosting is all about.  P.B. does all the provisioning and software maintenance.  You just sell WebGUI sites.01:36
SDuensinI do web development and run it all on WebGUI, so I do hosting.  I'm just going to make it so I don't *have* to be involved if people want a site.  They can just set one up and go.01:36
perlDreamerYou should be able to modify the WRE's demo site creation script to do that.01:37
SDuensinYep!  :-)01:37
SDuensinI just wrote scripts (in Perl!) to provision Linux accounts from WebGUI.  01:38
perlDreamerAre they workflows, or just scripts.01:38
SDuensinHell of a lot easier than writing my own user/subscription/payment manager.01:38
SDuensinWebGUI just does it's subscription thing.  Then I have a script that runs as a cron job on another box that syncs the WebGUI users and groups with the Linux ones.01:39
perlDreamerYou do know that you can set up Workflows to do that on creating and removing users?01:40
perlDreamerso that you don't have to go over the users again and again/01:40
SDuensinAll I had to do was tweak WebGUI to use the crypt() function so the password hashes are the same.01:40
SDuensinYea, I started to use a workflow, but then I had to deal with cross-box communications.01:40
perlDreamerI don't know how easy it is to make spectre talk across boxes.01:41
SDuensinI did my best to make my cron code smart.  It only applies changes - it doesn't do blanket setting of everyone every time.01:41
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perlDreamerpreaction: you suck!  No more API writing for you.01:47
perlDreamerYour new User method exposed two bugs in the User package.  And it's taken me all day to track them down and stomp on them.01:48
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7152 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Session/Stow.pm t/Session/Stow.t): 02:15
CIA-6WebGUI: Fix Stow to always return safe copies of stowed data.02:15
CIA-6WebGUI: And test it.02:15
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7153 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/User.pm t/User.t): 02:15
CIA-6WebGUI: Change getGroups to always return safe copies of data.02:15
CIA-6WebGUI: Add tests to check for safe copies.02:15
CIA-6WebGUI: Add a test for getGroupIdsRecursive.02:15
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r7154 /translations/ (163 files in 3 dirs): Update from translation server02:46
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SynQhi there17:44
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7155 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: DateTime Form Control Bug18:16
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perlDreamerDo you really have to have an SSL cert in order to use ITransact, or is that just a safety step?04:16
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perlDreamerelnino, still awake?07:47
elninoI am!!!07:48
elninoI'm doing an upgrade to 7.4.40!07:48
perlDreamergood call07:48
perlDreamerGot time to talk about EMS badges?07:49
elninosure. I'm on two different machines, so it may take me a while to respond.07:49
perlDreamernot a problem07:49
perlDreamerI just want to double check something07:49
perlDreamerI'm at the beta site: http://beta.webgui.org/demo1217804143_751/home07:49
perlDreamerat the bottom of the  page, there are 3 badges listed with Buy links next to each one07:49
perlDreamerIn your bug reply, it sounds like you don't see those07:50
elninocorrect, let me login and see what I see...07:51
elninoI logged in as admin and I see: "You need a badge to attend this convention. Choose a badge that meets your needs and budget."07:51
elninoI'm on both a 2000 and xp machine. Same results.07:52
perlDreamerno list of badges below that?07:52
perlDreamerWhich browsers?07:52
elninoIE 6 and 707:53
elninoI'll try firefox07:53
perlDreamerif this is browser based, it will be much simpler to handle07:53
perlDreamerbecause this particular code should be rock solid07:53
perlDreameron the server side, anyway :)07:53
elninolooky there!!! They are there!07:55
elninoit's be a broswer issue!07:55
elninoare you using jquery?07:55
perlDreamerokay, let's amend that bug.  Do you want to do it, or do you want me to?07:55
perlDreamersupposed to be very cross browser compatible07:55
elninoSure, I can do that.  i"m inpressed with jquery. It's very cool.07:56
perlDreamerI'm glad we've learned more about his07:56
elninosure, I would not have thought about trying a different browser, ususally, you see *something*, but not a entire thing missing.07:57
perlDreamerand I don't even have a copy of IE to use.  I need to get a VM set up so I can do cross browser testing of some kind.07:57
elninoso... a couple days ago, someone was having an issue with upgrading to 7.5 from 7.4.40.... I didn't want to hear about it, so I logged off.  =)08:00
elninowas that you talking to that person?  what was the issue? 08:00
elninoI'm going to eventually make that jump.  probably before the conference.08:00
perlDreamerthere are certain "cross-over" points between 7.4 and 7.508:00
perlDreameryou have to get to one of them to get into 7.508:00
perlDreamer7.4.40 is the last one of those08:00
elninoit sounded like it didn't go well, or wasn't he/she upgrading from 7.4.4008:01
perlDreamerI'm not sure.  The conversation didn't come to an end.08:01
elninoso no conclusion?08:02
elninook... upgrades usually go very well for me, so I guess I wont be too scared off by that.. 08:03
perlDreamerjust make good backups.  That's the best advice I can give.08:03
perlDreamerthat's something that I'll be paying more attention to soon08:03
perlDreamerI'm going to start using WebGUI as a customer again08:04
elninogot a gig?08:04
perlDreamerSemi-personal site08:04
perlDreamerMy boys want a vanity site for trains08:04
elninoit sure is different being a customer vs a developer.  you'll probably gain lots of insights.08:05
elninosounds  fun for your boys. 08:05
perlDreamerI hope they'll learn a lot from it.08:06
elninooh they will. They'll appreciate what dad does too.08:06
perlDreamerlast summer my older boy and I made a wikipedia page08:11
perlDreamerthis is a slightly bigger project08:11
perlDreamerGoing to head to bed.  Happy hacking!08:12
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consultrmannHello, everyone!15:16
consultrmannhas anyone ever used Catalyst with webGui?15:16
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-240-43-138.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["Leaving"]15:27
consultrmann..anyone here uses frameworks with webgui?15:32
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-240-43-138.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui15:33
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@perlmonkey2Don't know if there are many sci-fi geeks here but the box set of Firefly is on sale at amazon for $18.17:30
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui17:31
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@perlmonkey2Does the test session not write to the log or are my logs settings borked?17:37
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SDuensinHey, where is the default user invite message hidden?  I can't find it to change it!18:06
+MrHairgreasesduensin: i think it's in the 18n files18:09
+MrHairgreaseare you coming to the wuc this year btw?18:10
-!- knowmad [n=william@] has joined #webgui18:10
SDuensinI wish I could.  Hold it in St. Louis!  :-P18:10
SDuensin(Or on a beach.)18:10
+MrHairgreasetoo bad...18:11
+MrHairgreaseany ither attendees in the channel?18:11
knowmadattendees of what? WUC?18:13
SDuensinHow would I edit said 18n files?18:13
+MrHairgreasenormally you don't18:13
knowmadany Workflow gurus listening in this AM?18:13
+MrHairgreaseyou add a language18:13
knowmad(or PM for MHG)18:13
-!- funkmagnet [n=jars@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]18:14
bartjo1here's an attendee18:14
+MrHairgreasenot sure on the guru part but shoot18:14
knowmadhere's 3 more18:14
knowmadwhat does the workflow engine do if i return ERROR18:14
+MrHairgreaseI think it suspends the workflow18:14
+MrHairgreasead increases it's priority number18:15
SDuensinI figured "you don't" was the answer.  That's bad.  The default message is, sorry, quite lame.18:15
knowmadthen it requires manual attention?18:15
-!- fansipans [n=mwalker@] has left #webgui []18:15
+MrHairgreasewell it depends18:15
+MrHairgreasei have had a number of failing get mail for cs workflows18:15
knowmadas i recall, it continues to be attempted after a delay18:15
+MrHairgreaseyeah they do18:15
+MrHairgreaseif they'll never recover18:15
+MrHairgreasethey'll just keep going for ever18:16
knowmadi've seen that happen!18:16
+MrHairgreaselike th cs workflows i mentioned18:16
+MrHairgreasethey tried to get mail for a cs that had been purged from the db18:16
+MrHairgreasehence the error18:16
-!- AMH_bob [n=AMH_bob@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has left #webgui []18:17
+MrHairgreasein that case I removed the workflows manually from the db18:17
+MrHairgreasethe tables you want to check out are workflowInstance and workflowInstanceScracht18:18
knowmadso i could setup the workfow to run as a singleton and then keep tabs on erroring workflows18:18
knowmadthere should be  a workflow to send an email if other workflows are in ERROR status18:18
knowmadhas this been written?18:18
+MrHairgreaseI don't think that'll work18:18
+MrHairgreasesince an instance is failing18:18
+MrHairgreaseand changing a workflow's settings just changes the props of NEW instances18:19
knowmaddo you have the sql you used to manually remove the workflows?18:19
+MrHairgreasefirst I do something like18:19
+MrHairgreaseselect * from workflowInstance (or whatever that table is called)18:19
+MrHairgreasethere you can see which ones errored and at which activity18:20
+MrHairgreaseand the workflowId18:20
knowmadthen i could delete the bad workflow from WorkflowActivity?18:20
+MrHairgreaseonly from workflowInstance18:21
+MrHairgreasefind the errored workflows in WorkflowInstance18:22
knowmadwhat is WorkflowActivity storing?18:22
+MrHairgreasethe activities in a workflow18:22
+MrHairgreaseafter you've found those in WorkflowInstance18:23
+MrHairgreasecheck the workflowIds18:23
+MrHairgreasein Workflow you can find the titles of the workflows that are instanciated18:23
+MrHairgreasenow if the Id is csworkflow000000000001 (get cs mail)18:24
+MrHairgreaseit's prolly trying to instanciate a non existing asset18:24
+MrHairgreaseyou can find the assetId of that asset in WorkflowInstance18:25
knowmaddid you setup a CS and remove it to create that behavior ?18:25
+MrHairgreasein the parameters column18:25
+MrHairgreaseI don't know why it happens.18:25
knowmadi hope the dev guide will document how all the db tables work together18:26
+MrHairgreaseMy guess is a CS was deleted just after the scheduler ran its get cs mail18:26
+MrHairgreaseI think that finds all cs's and starts a get CS mail workflow for each of them 18:27
+MrHairgrease(not sure though)18:27
+MrHairgreaseif a cs is removed before its workflow is run you'd get this behaviour18:27
+MrHairgreaseIf your erroring workflow is something else though, you should find the cause18:28
+MrHairgreasewhat helps to do that is set the loglevel to INFO18:28
+MrHairgreasetail -f webgui.log18:28
+MrHairgreaseand run spectre in debug mode18:28
+MrHairgreaseperl spectre.pl --run --debug18:28
+MrHairgreaseyou will get a whole load of logging in your log 18:29
knowmadactually, though, i'm writing an activity and needed to understand the logic to know how to handle failure18:29
+MrHairgreaseif it is a cs mail thingy however18:29
knowmadthis activity does lots of stuff and has many chances for failure18:29
+MrHairgreasejust check if the assetId in parameters still exists18:29
knowmadi'm wrapping an eval script around the guts of the execute() method18:30
knowmadif anything dies or croaks, i'll catch it, output an error to log, send a notification email and return ERROR18:30
knowmadsound reasonable?18:30
@rizenknowmad, what could you possibly need to know other than to call "error" when it errors and "wait" when it's not finished and "complete" when it is finished?18:30
+MrHairgreaseif it has a chance of recovering later on, yeah18:30
knowmadhave you sent emails from an activity? i'm guessing there are examples18:31
+MrHairgreasejust be sure that whatever your activity does, it does it within a minute18:31
+MrHairgreaseor throw out a WAIT before the minute ends18:31
knowmadwell, i'm installing this at a client's place and don't want them to do lots of mnagement on it18:31
+MrHairgreaseand contine in the next run18:32
knowmadthey just need to know when it fails18:32
+MrHairgreasejust use the WebGUI::Mail::Send API18:32
knowmadyeah, i was thinking about the WAIT thing18:33
+MrHairgreaseI think there's even a workflow that sends out queued emails18:33
knowmadhow do you "clock" run-time for an activity?18:33
knowmadi think it'll usu. finish within a minute as we aren't processing that much data18:33
+MrHairgreaseof Time::HiRes18:33
knowmadhave you done this in an activity? 18:33
+MrHairgreasedunno anymore18:34
+MrHairgreaseyou do it the same as you'd do it from a normal plugin18:34
+MrHairgreasemy $mail  = WebGUI::Mail::Send->new( $session );18:34
knowmadthanks for the tips18:35
+MrHairgreaseyou send an email with  $mail->send18:35
+MrHairgreaseor you can queue it with18:35
+MrHairgreasein the latter case it will be sent later on by the send mail workflow18:36
@rizenalso queue is safer18:36
knowmadok, that's good to know18:36
knowmadthe create() method on Mail::Send doesn't allow me to insert the message body; do you use addText then queue?18:39
@rizenand you can call addHTML or addText multiple times18:39
+MrHairgreaseor addHTML for html18:39
@rizento add multiple parts to the message18:40
knowmaddo i need to use messageId?18:40
+MrHairgreaseunless you want to set it18:40
knowmadit looks like this is setup for sending out mail via templates; is that how messageId is used?18:40
+MrHairgreaseif not mistaken that is to set the message Id header of the mail itself18:41
+MrHairgreaseI think the cs uses it to track which email is a reply to which post18:41
knowmadoh, to override the auto-generation18:41
+MrHairgreasebut for normal emails you don't need it18:41
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7156 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: Tree Menu is always collapsed18:43
knowmadcan i use comma-separated emails in the to field for Mail::Send?18:43
+MrHairgreaseyou mean addresses?18:44
+MrHairgreasefrom the docs18:44
+MrHairgrease=head4 to  A string containing a comma seperated list of email addresses to send to.18:44
+MrHairgreaseso i think yes18:45
knowmadthanks for not RTFM'ing me18:45
+MrHairgreaseI will at the wuc =)18:45
knowmadfair enough; i'll be ready for you!18:45
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat082.mxim.com] has joined #webgui18:47
perlDreamerperlmonkey2: If the test calls WebGUI::Test::interceptLogging, then it will grab the log object and stuff anything that is logged into internal buffers18:53
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: naw, this is just more wre weirdness.  I've got it to work now in ssl/non-ssl mode, but now it logs during the first test and then stops logging.18:54
perlDreamerI'm going to try and get my nick fixed today18:55
@perlmonkey2but only the test.  The web interface logs perfectly18:55
@perlmonkey2not registered?18:55
perlDreamerregistered, but broken somehow during the last code/server upgrade18:55
@perlmonkey2hah, I called exit in the test which was messing up the logging.  letting the test finish fixed it.18:56
perlDreamerYou're writing tests?  Cool!18:58
-!- juan1 [n=juangui@] has joined #webgui18:58
juan1i want to delete or edit some events in the calendar but i can't do it19:01
juan1the admin user also can not to do it19:02
-!- bartjo1 [n=bartjol@] has left #webgui []19:10
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI19:31
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ19:31
juan1can i delete or update an event using console?19:33
@bopbopjuan1: in the asset manager? yes19:39
@bopbopeach event will appear as a child to the calendar asset19:39
@bopbopor, you should be able to edit/delete events from an event's Event Details screen19:40
juan1bopbop, actually i have several calendar and with the admin user i can not delete or update events19:41
@bopbopeven from the asset manager view?19:42
juan1i am going to check19:42
@bopbopok- I am logged in as Admin on my site right now and I'm not having any trouble19:43
juan1from the asset manager works19:53
juan1the group who can add or edit events, can not do it19:54
@preactionjuan1, you're still using WebGUI 7.4, right?20:00
@preactionhttp://developer.yahoo.com/ypatterns/ <- has anybody ever seen this?20:12
@preactionlooks like there are OmniGraffle and Visio stencils for YUI components here20:13
@preactionplus other awesomeness20:13
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui20:17
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ20:17
perlDreamerthey're just pictures?20:18
juan1preaction, yes i am using WebGUI 7.420:18
@preactionjuan1, what you're talking about is fixed in webgui 7.5, and there are no more 7.4 releases so you'll have to either upgrade to 7.5 or wait until 7.5 goes stable and then upgrade20:18
@preactionperlDreamer, stencils for OmniGraffle, which is a flowchart kind of program20:19
@preactionor visio, though i don't know what that is20:19
@preactionplus, it has descriptions of these things, when and why they should be used, how they should operate, etc...20:20
@preactionit's like a Yahoo Human Interface Guide20:20
perlDreamerin other words, I should download them and fill my presentations with them?20:21
@preactionwell, the descriptions are just on the website. but the stencils could be useful if you don't have screenshots20:22
-!- tavisto_ [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI20:45
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-!- tavisto_ [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI20:46
@perlmonkey2This ring a bell with anyone.  I get can't instantiate WebGUI::Form::Datetime but greppging the entire webgui directory finds no instances of Datetime with a lower case T in time.20:52
@preactionit might be "datetime"20:52
@preactionWebGUI::Form.pm has an AUTOLOAD that does ucfirst on the given type =>20:53
@preactionso WebGUI::Form::dateTime == WebGUI::Form::DateTime.pm20:53
@preactionbut WebGUI::Form::datetime == WebGUI::Form::Datetime.pm20:53
knowmadis it safe to remove completed records from the WorkflowInstance table?20:53
knowmadwhy are they in there?20:54
@perlmonkey2WebGUI::FormValidator::AUTOLOAD[76] - Could not instanciate object using new on WebGUI::Form::Datetime:20:54
@preactioncompleted != done20:54
@perlmonkey2only shows up when I run the test.20:54
knowmadi see20:54
@preactionperlmonkey2, somewhere, something is using "WebGUI::Form::datetime" to try to instanciate a DateTime form control20:54
@perlmonkey2preaction: grep -R "Datetime" /data/WebGUI returns nothing useful :(20:55
knowmadi've got entries stuck from last october20:55
@preactionknowmad, "completed" means a single activity completed and we're moving on to the next one. "done" means that the entire workflow is done20:55
@preactionperlmonkey2, lower-case d20:55
@preactionperlmonkey2, also, cpan App::Ack20:55
knowmadhow can i tell which activity a workflow is at?20:55
@perlmonkey2preaction: the error is uppercase20:55
@preactionperlmonkey2, read what WebGUI::Form::AUTOLOAD and you'll see why it's uppercase20:56
@preaction[12:52] <preaction> WebGUI::Form.pm has an AUTOLOAD that does ucfirst20:56
@perlmonkey2preaction: AUTLOAD is only saving me 2 lines of code here, I'll just skip it20:56
knowmadpreaction: how can i tell which activity a workflow is at?20:57
@preactionknowmad, is there a currentActivity column?20:57
@preactionor lastActivity or something?20:58
knowmadso there is20:58
knowmadand they're all stuck on the same activity20:58
@preactionthat's probably not good20:58
knowmadmighta missed a 0 in there20:58
knowmadyeah, that's what i'm thinking20:58
knowmadpreaction: it's stuck on getting syndicated content21:01
knowmadchecking logs...21:01
perlDreamerknowmad, I released a SQL Report that will tell you which workflow an activity is in21:01
perlDreamerIt's in the Add Ons section21:01
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:02
knowmadoh, yeah, i remember seeing that21:02
knowmadi think i've found it now though21:02
knowmadso i'm getting a communications error in spectre (500); the error message gives back the WORKFLOW: Reponse for <ID>; i don't know what ID it's giving me; it's not the workflow or workflowInstanceID; any other ideas?21:05
knowmadwell that worked for one but not 2 others; i don't find their instance id's in the WorkflowInstance table21:10
@preactiona different site maybe?21:11
knowmadis there a way to find out what the communications issue is?21:11
@preactionperl spectre.pl --test21:11
knowmadoh, that could be21:11
@preactionbut "communications issue" usually means that LWP had a problem, which could be a lot of things21:12
knowmadactually there's only 1 site and --test is successful21:12
knowmadyeah, that's what i was afraid of -- "could be a lot of things"21:12
knowmadhow do you debug?21:12
perlDreamerrun the workflow manually?21:13
@preactionyou could try making the workflow runner request yourself, something like yoursite.com?op=runWorkflow;workflowInstanceId=<...>21:14
@preactionsee WebGUI::Operation::Workflow for the www_ method that does this21:14
perlDreameryeah, that's easier than hacking URLs21:14
knowmadOK, thanks21:15
perlDreamerperlmonkey2: How's the test coming?21:15
@perlmonkey2found a bug in DateTime21:15
@perlmonkey2workign on it now21:16
@perlmonkey2actually didnt' find a bug, it was my test.21:17
-!- funkmagnet [n=jars@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui21:20
knowmadshould output from errorHandler go into webgui.log?21:20
perlDreameryes, but use $session->log instead21:21
@preactionknowmad, yes21:21
perlDreamerit's equivalent, and much shorter21:21
@preactionwell, if and only if your log.conf is configured to put the message there21:21
knowmadright, but that's the default21:23
knowmadoh, i didn't know about log21:23
@preactionERROR is the new default, which means ERROR and FATAL gets logged21:23
knowmadthat's certainly much nicer21:23
knowmadoh, that's my problem!21:23
knowmadneed to reset the log level21:23
knowmadthe log() method must be part of 7.521:36
perlDreamersorry about that21:37
knowmadthat's why i write tests21:40
perlDreamerYou know, I should update Session/ErrorHandler to check the log method.21:40
knowmadwhat do you mean?21:41
perlDreamerthe Session/ErrorHandler should make sure that the errorHandler method and log methods are equivalent21:42
perlDreamerthe Session/ErrorHandler _test_ should make sure that the errorHandler method and log methods are equivalent21:42
knowmadahh, i see now21:43
knowmadneed some terminology help here21:45
knowmadwhat's another  name for a step incrementer21:45
perlDreamerwhere's that at?21:45
perlDreamerstep incrementer?21:45
perlDreamerlike for (my $a=3; $a<=9; $a+=2)21:46
knowmadit's what the db operations like hashRef do21:46
knowmadnot really like 'for'21:46
knowmadit's a programmatic control 21:46
knowmadit's common when stepping through results from a database21:47
perlDreamerhow about "iterator"21:48
knowmadthank you!21:48
knowmadthat was driving me nuts21:48
* perlDreamer needs to become CS buzzword compliant21:48
knowmadwell, i doubt "step incrementer" == "iterator"; i just couldn't think of how to describe it21:50
knowmadis there an UI for viewing queued outgoing messages?21:51
perlDreamersu - root; mysql21:52
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:52
knowmadso that'd be the mysql UI21:53
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]21:54
knowmadpreaction: i need to get back to deleting bogus workflows21:56
knowmadi have these 2 workflows that are erroring out but that don't have workflows instances21:56
@preactionrestart spectre?22:01
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui22:06
-!- mode/#webgui [+v MrHairgrease] by ChanServ22:06
knowmadpreaction: tried that several times22:08
knowmadcan't i delete them from workflowInstance?22:09
dionakis there any mechanism (wremonitor?) to complain if a workflow doesn't complete within some timeframe?22:11
@preactioni thought you said they were already deleted from WorkflowInstance22:11
@preactiondionak, wremonitor. each time a workflow gets run, its priority level goes up. there's a maximum workflow priority key in wre.conf22:12
knowmadno, i had asked earlier if it was safe to delete them22:12
dionakwhat happens when that max is hit?22:12
@preactiondionak, you get notified22:12
@preactionknowmad, so they are instances of workflows that no longer exist? or workflowId is empty?22:12
dionakok. thanks. 22:12
knowmadthis server we're on prob isn't running wremonitor22:13
knowmad(for reasons I'd rather not discuss nor disclose)22:13
knowmadworkflowId is pbworkflow000000000422:13
knowmadthey're just ancient (last October)22:13
knowmadi think the workflow exists but these are outstanding instances of it22:14
knowmadi'm prettty sure that's the hourly workflow22:14
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui22:17
-!- mode/#webgui [+v snapcount] by ChanServ22:17
knowmadso what's worst case scenario if i delete workflow instances from the workflowInstance table?22:18
@Haargif it's a scheduled workflow, there shouldn't be any problems22:24
knowmadthat's what i'm thinking; plus i can see that they're all stuck on retrieving syndicated content which this site isn't even using22:25
knowmadi'll backup first, though!22:25
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has quit ["Leaving"]22:25
CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7157 /WebGUI/t/Form/ (DateTime.t Date.t): Date and DateTime tests.22:28
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7158 /tools/translationserver.cgi: fix downloading and other issues22:28
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7159 /tools/translationserver.cgi: use correct option for sorting keys22:28
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui22:28
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ22:28
tavisto_Knowmad, would you be happy if WebGUI was part of the Ubuntu core?22:38
@preactiontavisto_, that would be a side-effect of being part of Debian22:38
tavisto_yeah it sounds like we'd just need someone to tweak things for Ubuntu :)22:39
knowmadtavisto_: 110%22:50
knowmadi'd be happier if i could dump this $#@( windows server i'm on right now!!!22:50
tavisto_well I'm waiting to hear back from Gerry @ Canonical but he told me that there shouldn't be much work involved at this point since we're going into Debian22:51
knowmadwhere does one go to change the email SMTP server in webgui? i'm used to leaving it as localhost but this windoze svr can't do email and i need to set it to a different server22:51
knowmadthat'll be great; i'd be glad to do anything to help22:51
tavisto_we would just need someone to follow the directions they give and go through some processes. Since you are such a big Ubuntu fan I'm wondering if this would be a good fit22:52
tavisto_great, I'll need a blood sample and your 1 mile lap time22:52
knowmadohh, i'm a bit slow on the mile these days; i'll get the dna sample sent ;)22:53
tavisto_I'll be in touch to discuss this with you further once I am in the loop22:53
@preactionknowmad, Settings > Mail I believe. it's somewhere in the settings though22:53
knowmadthanks preaction22:53
@perlmonkey2Can someone tell me what is wrong with this?  WebGUI::DateTime->new($self->session, mysql => $value, time_zone => $self->session->user->profileField( 'timeZone' ));22:54
@preactionnothing, except i think we're not supposed to use user->profileField("timeZone") anymore, there's something in session->datetime to grab the current time zone22:55
@perlmonkey2The timezone 'American/Chicago' could not be loaded, or is an invalid name.22:55
@perlmonkey2okay, I'll look for the alternative22:55
@preactionthat's an invalid timezone22:56
@preactionit should be America/Chicago22:56
* perlmonkey2 bangs head repeatedly on the table22:59
@perlmonkey2Thanks preaction :)22:59
knowmadI'm still having !@#$ workflow problems! I have 0 workflow instances but repeatedly get an error from spectre in my webgui.log. Why? Where is this ghost workflow?23:04
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]23:05
perlDreamerknowmad, only 1 site on this box?23:08
knowmadforgot to mention that; it may have had another site at one time but it's not active now23:12
perlDreamerand the db for that site is gone?23:12
@preactionbut the config file for that site still exists?23:12
knowmadboth are gone23:13
perlDreamerif that's the problem, I think we need to continue to enhance spectre's diagnostic outputs23:13
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knowmadkeep throwing out ideas; i gotta run23:14
knowmadto a mtg23:14
@preactionpeople still play Magic: The Gathering?23:14
perlDreamersure, why not?23:14
@preactionI thought Pok?mon and Yu-Gi-Oh were the popular ones now23:15
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@perlmonkey2okay, fear for WG.  I submitted the form Date and DateTime updates including a test that claims they work.  Someone might want to update and run the test too :P23:31
perlDreamertests pass23:32
@perlmonkey2that's reassuring to see on a second machine.23:32
perlDreamerperlmonkey2: You're not a full member of the community until you have made a boo-boo that breaks someone else's box23:33
perlDreamerbonus points are awarded for the number of boxes23:33
perlDreamerdifficulty of fix23:33
perlDreamerhow many times people swear at you23:33
perlDreamerand for how long it takes for the bug to surface23:33
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: hah, that shouldn't take me long :P23:33
@preactioncurrent record is held by JT, but i think it should be invalidated since he did it on purpose23:34
@rizenwhat did i do on purpose?23:35
perlDreamerrecord for oldest bug23:35
@preactionoldest and most devastating bug23:37
perlDreamermost devastating?23:37
perlDreamerAre you talking about the backup bug?23:37
@preactionthe upgrade.pl's backup23:37
perlDreamerI don't know.23:37
@preactionit's definitely the oldest23:37
perlDreamerIn the 6.x series I broke Form/Text.pm23:37
perlDreamerPeople were very unhappy about that one.23:37
@rizenbut preaction, i only destroyed plainblack.com with that one23:38
@rizennot lots of other people's boxes23:38
@preactionso, 1 site, 1 bug, but very long23:38
@rizensure, it's the oldest bug...6 years to find it23:38
@rizenor maybe only 523:39
@rizenbut it's only one site23:39
perlDreameronly one known site23:39
perlDreamerIn fact, I _was_ going to buy some hosting from PB, but since the backups are questionable....23:41
@rizendon't make me hurt you pd23:47
@rizeni will get out my webgui branding iron23:47
@rizenand if you don't believe i have one, ask any of my staff...they've felt it's wrath =)23:48
perlDreamerDo you beat them with it, or heat it and apply it properly?23:49
@perlmonkey2We've covered the sessionId cookie stays active after a new user logs in issue before right?  And the consensus was that this wasn't an easy issue to resolve because we couldn't reliably kill cookies, right?23:50
@preactionwe can reliably kill cookies just fine23:51
@perlmonkey2so when a new user logs in we should kill any existing sessionId cookies and create a new one?23:52
@preactionuh... that will have to go through TMRFE23:52
@rizenpd: heat it up and burn it in23:53
* perlmonkey2 fears for pd's backside.23:53
* perlDreamer resolves to re-evaluate his hosting choices23:53
@rizenwe cannot reliably kill session cookies23:53
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@236.sub-75-204-141.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:54
@rizenif two users log in with the same browser on the same machine, they are destined to see anything that is session related23:54
@perlmonkey2RFE to change this, or close it as How It Shall Be23:54
@rizenclose it23:55
--- Day changed Tue Aug 05 2008
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CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7160 /WebGUI/ (7 files in 5 dirs): Fixed Form Date and DateTime to properly handle mysql and epoch times. Added tests to make sure they work.00:21
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knowmadIn Log::Log4perl, there is a log level called notice. Is this available via errorHandler?01:11
@apeiron_knowmad, I don't believe so, but you can get the underlying Log::Log4perl object with ->getLogger.01:19
knowmadyeah, i just tried that and it didn't work; actually notice is part of the Log::Dispatch module that (I think) Log::Log4perl 01:20
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knowmadi need something that is less verbose than INFO but not as significant as WARN01:20
knowmadsetting my log level to INFO outputs too much01:21
knowmadisn't there a way to only output logging for a specific activity?01:21
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Client Quit]01:22
knowmadok, found that i can adjust logging levels within my activity then adjust them back down01:29
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elninohi all.02:40
elninoI sucessfully upgraded to 7.4.40!  I'd like to modify the workflow "commit without approval" to notify about aversion tag. 02:41
elninoI see that I have the choice to notify a "group". where to I specify this?02:41
elninoI read that wrong.. Sorry, never mind... Is there a way to notify a particular group that a versiontag has been approved?02:42
@preactionput a Notify About Version Tag activity after the Request Approval activity?02:43
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elninoI dont' want them to approve anything, just want to tell them about it.02:43
perlDreamerelnino, that's what preaction's suggestion will do02:44
perlDreamerGroup to Approve is automatically notified02:44
perlDreamerif you want additional notifications, you use NotifyAboutVersionTag02:44
elninoyes, I want additional notifications.. but my choices are "tag committer, tag createer and "group to use"  I have a different group in mind:  admins.02:46
perlDreamerand in the Request Approval, admins don't get an email?02:46
elninoin the request approval step, it's "version managers". - so will they get a notification, if the request is automatically approved? I"m slowly getting this. I'm only an admin, I guess I'll join the "version tag manager group" That should work.02:48
elninohmm.  no email. I logged in as someone else who is a version tag manager, committed my tag, it got automatically approved by version tag manager (per workflow) and didn't get an email to me (who is also a version tag manager)02:57
elninolet me say that differently.02:57
elninoI logged in as someone else who is a version tag manager, made a change, committed the tag, it got automatically approved by version tag manager (Because i was logged in as one) (per workflow) and didn't get an email to me (who is also a version tag manager)02:57
elninoI would have expected all versoin tag mangers to be notified.02:58
@preactionthat's expected behavior, yes02:58
@preactionno, there is no message because it doesn't need approval02:58
elninohmm. is there a work flow I can add to still be notified even if it's automatically approved? it gives them a fuzzy feeling, and, give us other versoin tag managers a chance to reivew the changes after they've been posted. 02:59
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elninois that travis the person who would be able to tell me the costs of SSL? on a single hosting plan?03:07
elninoisn't it travis parker or parker travis at plainblacK?03:12
elninoI saw travisto, assumed it was him.03:12
@preactionthat's tavis parker, yes03:19
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elninodoes travisto = travis parker?03:27
elninois that bad for me to ask on a chat?  sorry...03:36
@tavistoelnino, it's fine. My name is Tavis Parker. No "r" :)03:40
elninosorry.  you call me returning my call to you. Just wondering how much SSL is on a single site hosting plan?  If this isn't appropriate on a chat, I can try to call tomorrow.03:41
@tavistoIf you're looking to use SSL on your supported hosting site, there is no charge from Plain Black's end.03:41
@tavistoare you looking to use Itransact with WebGUI's shopping cart?03:42
elninocool. yep.03:42
@tavistoalright, have you setup the itransact account through the directions in WebGUI?03:42
elninooh.. not yet. I'm wating to see if I get the gig or not.  If so, I'll be signing up right away.03:43
@tavistoalright great. Well the only other expense you will incur is the activation of XML through the payment gateway03:44
@tavistoit's only $5/month more and it's added to the merchant account fees you have to pay monthly03:44
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@tavistoelnino, is this for a 7.4 site or are you going to be setting this up on a 7.5 site?03:46
elnino7.5 I assume.  do I have a choice with your hosting?03:46
@tavistooh that's true.. nm I forgot you're using our single site hosting.. heh, my brain is tired03:47
@tavisto7.5 will be on our servers fairly soon so you'll be developing on that.03:48
elninothat's ok. latest and greatest is just fine for this application.03:48
@tavistogreat, well you'll love all of the new functionality the new shop has anyway.03:48
elninohad some fun already!03:49
@tavistoare you a WebGUI reseller?03:49
elninono.  I would love to be, but I don't have enough clients.03:51
@tavistoah okay, well it only takes a bit of time to make it to 5 and then agency hosting is the way to go.03:51
@tavistoAre you Lauralyn btw?03:51
@tavistoah okay I thought your question seemed very familiar :)03:51
elninoyou can take me off your "to call back list"03:52
@tavistoyeah I was happy I could bury another email in my inbox03:52
@preactioni'm happiest when tavisto has a lot of work04:03
-!- ShortWave [n=bobbypar@unaffiliated/shortwave] has joined #webgui04:18
ShortWaveHey all04:18
@preactionsame old, same old04:19
ShortWaveI hear that04:19
ShortWaveso I just discovered this04:19
ShortWaveafter digging through like, a pile of different CMSes04:19
ShortWaveI need to setup a family site04:19
ShortWaveand I want no fuss, no muss04:20
ShortWavebut I gotta say04:20
ShortWaveIphone guy's testimony...totally sold me04:20
@preactionahh. good ol maxscience04:20
-!- i2wild_ [n=chatzill@] has joined #webgui04:21
ShortWaveWouldn't happen to be a Centos-compliant package of this is there?04:25
ShortWaveMaybe the Rhel one will work?04:25
@preactionthe RHEL one will work04:26
@preactionas long as you use the right one, of course04:26
-!- i2wild_ [n=chatzill@] has quit [Client Quit]04:26
ShortWaveaight, lemme see what I'm doing here04:26
ShortWaveRhel5 I suppose?04:28
@preactiondunno. CentOS 5?04:30
@preactionwhat does your /etc/redhat-release say?04:30
ShortWaveCentos 5 r04:32
-!- dionak [n=dionak@cpe-024-074-132-143.carolina.res.rr.com] has quit []04:33
ShortWaveI already have a whole setup with apache virtual servers and such04:33
ShortWaveI don't support this installs to somewhere..separate does it?04:33
ShortWaveerr, suppose, etc.04:33
ShortWaveOh so totally separate and standalone then?04:33
@preactionthough, if you're brave enough, you can get WebGUI to run without the WRE04:33
ShortWaveI'm pretty brave04:34
@preactionyes. the WRE needs to be installed to /data/wre04:34
@preactioni suggest the WRE for ease-of-use and performance04:34
ShortWaveI would, however, need to run it on a diferent port04:34
@preactionof course04:34
ShortWaveJust setup a forwarding page04:34
@preactionthe WRE has two configured apaches, one that runs on 80, one that runs on 8081. both ports are settable04:34
ShortWaveAh, sexy04:35
ShortWaveI likes04:35
@preactionbut you wouldn't even need the one that runs on port 80, since you could theoretically use your existing apache for that04:35
@preactionall the port 80 one does is serve static content (images mostly) and proxy requests to mod_perl, on port 808104:35
@preactionwell, i'll let you see how it works, and try not to confuse you too much beforehand04:36
ShortWavepretty tough to confuse me04:37
@perlmonkey2patspam: you awake?04:37
@perlmonkey2how's the survey going?04:37
ShortWave<--- perfessional web-type-due, has no fear.04:37
ShortWavedude, etc.04:37
ShortWaveJust as an example04:37
patspamah haven't touched it man, been flat-out doing other dev04:37
patspamhow about you?04:37
ShortWaveI actually run Metadot on my server now 04:37
ShortWavebut I want something easy to use for the family04:38
patspamand heading O/S for YAPC::Europe on sunday04:38
ShortWavecuz christ, my wife has a huge-ass family04:38
@perlmonkey2since we last talked I got a job.  But it looks like if I get a bunch of work done this week things will slow down and I can spend some time on it this weekend and next week.04:38
@perlmonkey2congrats!  That should be a ton of fun.04:39
patspamyeah should be great, my first YAPC04:39
@preactionthen you'll probably want to follow docs/install.txt, but then take the /data/wre/etc/yoursite.modproxy that gets created for your site and plug that into your existing port 80 Apache instance04:39
@perlmonkey2patspam: Any personal heroes going to be there?04:39
@preactioni mean, having three apache's running is just overkill. ;-)04:39
patspamgosh, like all of em ;) I'm gonna be such a fan-boy 04:39
@perlmonkey2heh, yeah, I'm right there with you.04:40
ShortWaveyeah...simple enough to figure a vhost to point where I want04:40
patspamI thought I'd wait for you to do (or start) the JSON rewrite first since you're in a better position than me to do it04:41
* ShortWave perks up.04:41
@perlmonkey2patspam: yeah, I had worried that the client/server api might change04:41
ShortWaveJson support?04:42
@perlmonkey2patspam: it probably needs to so the way data is slung around can be cleaned up04:42
@perlmonkey2but the hardest part was actually making the YUI do all the crazy things we needed it to.  04:42
@perlmonkey2ShortWave: rewriting the rewrite of the survey so that non-user response collateral is stored as JSON.  04:43
patspamI'm actually doing a lot of YUI at the moment for my $work, so I might be able to help there04:43
@perlmonkey2ShortWave: as is, put a few thousand responses and a few thousand questions in WG and the Survey2.0 takes 5 seconds to load a new page on a mid to low end machine.04:44
@perlmonkey2patspam: sweet that is great.  But hopefully that is all worked out.04:44
ShortWaveI likes JSON04:45
ShortWaveCourse I like Flex too04:45
@preactionperlmonkey2, are you sure it's not something you can fix with proper indexes and better SQL optimization?04:45
@perlmonkey2preaction: I've tried.  And I would love for some help.04:45
@perlmonkey2preaction: But lets says a fully indexed table can return a query in 50ms.  10 queries is .5 seconds.04:46
@perlmonkey2and on my machine "select 'x'" takes about 20ms.  04:46
@perlmonkey2and on a really large table, 100ms is the norm.04:46
@preaction10 queries is 0.05 seconds you mean. 0.001 = 1 ms04:46
@perlmonkey2.05 seconds for 1 query04:48
@perlmonkey2hmm....something is different.  I just tested on my Q6600 and select 'x' is a tiny fraction of 1ms04:49
@preactionthe first time it gets cached usually04:49
@preactiondo you have a DB schema and the queries you're running against it?04:49
@perlmonkey2maybe the problem was the hardware.  ATA100 on a P4 with 1MB ram04:50
@perlmonkey2preaction: I don't have the queries broke out, but I can point you at the create sql04:50
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]04:52
-!- knowmad [n=william@adsl-074-170-007-083.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui04:53
@preactionperlmonkey2, first off, Survey_question needs an index on "assetId", since I assume you get the questions by assetId and then order by sequenceNumber, that will probably speed things up rather nicely04:54
@perlmonkey2assetId is part of the primary key?04:55
@perlmonkey2a seperate key with just the assetId?04:55
@preactiondo "EXPLAIN SELECT * from Survey_question WHERE assetId="something"" and you'll probably see that no keys are used04:55
@perlmonkey2I'm not sure I ever query just the assetId.  I think all the keys are, as best as I could, indexed with the queries.04:56
-!- dionak [n=dionak@cpe-024-074-132-143.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui04:56
@perlmonkey2I'm sure I can do some refactoring and condense some logic.  But I think keeping the survey in a JSON colum would mean that when generating a new page to display I'd need 1 query to grab the previous response information and 1 query to get the survey.  Then an update to the response.  So 3 queries, 2 of which culd be combined.04:58
ShortWaveError: Unable to open '/data/WebGUI/etc/log.conf.original': No such file or directory 04:58
ShortWavethat says log.conf.original04:58
ShortWaveso I dunno if this is making a backup04:58
ShortWaveor trying to do something else04:58
ShortWavebut what do you think?04:58
@preactionShortWave, when did you get that error?04:59
ShortWavepressing "manual install"04:59
ShortWaveConfiguring WebGUI04:59
@perlmonkey2And I ran some tests and a really really large survey shouldn't be larger than a few meg.04:59
@preactionShortWave, did you already unzip webgui to /data/WebGUI before pressing Manual Install?04:59
@preactionand is there a /data/WebGUI/etc/log.conf.original?05:00
ShortWavewait, I just unzipped it into /data/05:00
@preactionShortWave, you realize the difference between the WRE and WebGUI, right?05:00
@preactionyou should just click Automatic Install, really05:00
ShortWaveI do now05:00
@preactionperlmonkey2, but then your database normalization goes away :(05:00
@perlmonkey2preaction: yeah, I completely agree.  That is a tough thing to swallow.  05:00
ShortWaveThis is the price of having a wife in the room talking to me05:00
@perlmonkey2preaction: it means no other wobjects building reports or doing anything except through the API.05:01
@perlmonkey2user created custom reports can't be done.05:01
@preactionperlmonkey2, which, though JT and others like, I personally hate05:01
@preactionSQLReports for the Survey2 would be pwn05:01
@perlmonkey2preaction: I love the idea of the speed, but cringe at what it does to the flexibility of the DB.05:01
@preactionwe can fix the speed of Survey2, at least, database-wise05:02
@perlmonkey2preaction: I've spent some time on it trying.  05:02
@perlmonkey2I guess I need to get a build going locally, but first I need to knock out a few more tickets :)05:02
@preactionso when you query Survey_question normally, you grab things by "assetId=? and Survey_sectionId=?" correct? if so, then you'd still want a key just on assetId (since that will make that query only need to look at all the seconds for a single survey asset)05:03
@perlmonkey2But if we could get the speed up to par then there really isn't that much to do.  Clean up the rough edges, refactor some ugliness, create some reports.05:03
@preactionthink of the index as a pre-sort. if we index based on assetId, we only have to do an expensive look at the ones that we already know belong to our asset05:03
ShortWaveaight, I gots management05:04
ShortWavelots of Json stuff05:04
@preactionyeah, those are just warnings, you should be fine05:05
ShortWavenot what I meant05:06
ShortWaveconfig stuff05:06
@perlmonkey2preaction: select q.* 05:07
@perlmonkey2        from Survey_question q05:07
@perlmonkey2        where q.Survey_sectionId = ? and q.sequenceNumber >= ? and q.sequenceNumber < ?05:07
@perlmonkey2        order by q.sequenceNumber ASC05:07
@preactioner... where's the assetId in there?05:07
@perlmonkey2the sectionId will have made sure we're in the correct assetId05:08
@perlmonkey2all unique WG id's05:08
@preactionor are you just assuming that Survey_sectionId will be unique enough. if so, then you just want an index on the sectionId05:08
@perlmonkey2so just index on the section.  Then maybe seperate indexes on the sequence?05:08
@perlmonkey2this could work.  vastly decrease the size of the indexes.  I mean, there should be what, maybe 20 sections to a large survey.  Maybe 50 questions to a section?  Those are not a very large number or rows to then deal with.05:10
@perlmonkey2and the response tables were always the really slow ones anyways.05:10
@preactionif it really gets bad, you can use UNIONs of very small queries, as the latest SVN revision of WebGUI::Inbox does05:11
@preactionbut i don't think that will work in this situation05:11
@preactionplus, keys get cached in memory, so it'll be crazy fast05:12
@perlmonkey2this certainly would make cleaning up the survey2 much easier ;)05:13
@preactionlastly, if things really really really get bad, i'm buying the High Performance MySQL book05:13
ShortWavepreaction: Ok, this I think is a real problem.05:13
@preactionwell, really, i bought it and it's at JT's house05:13
@preactionShortWave, pastebin the message and we'll try to work through it05:14
ShortWavepreaction: modproxy isn't starting05:14
@preactionit won't start without modperl already started, which won't start without mysql already started05:14
ShortWavemodperl is started05:14
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@206-124-7-89.denver.dsl.forethought.net] has joined #webgui05:14
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ05:14
ShortWavemysql is started too05:14
@preactionwhat does the modproxy error log say? it's in /data/wre/var/logs/modproxy.error.log05:15
@preactionif it's about make_sock: address already in use, then it didn't save your port configuration correctly05:15
ShortWaveah...it's a port issue05:16
ShortWaveI just found that05:16
ShortWaveI set the proxy port to 8105:16
ShortWaveSo where to look to fix that?05:17
@preactionin /data/wre/etc/modproxy.conf05:17
ShortWavelisten 8105:18
ShortWaveso that's right05:18
@preactionis 81 being used by anything?05:18
ShortWavewell it's trying to connect to 8005:19
ShortWavenot 8105:19
ShortWavemodperl's running on 808105:19
@preactionis there some other Listen 80 or *:80 or something in the modproxy.conf?05:19
@preactionwait... did you run the WRE console as root?05:20
-!- topsub [n=josh@cpe-071-071-252-225.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui05:21
@preactiondunno then. what is the exact error message?05:22
ShortWave[Mon Aug 04 21:20:15 2008] [error] (111)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to (localhost) failed05:23
@preactionoh, that looks like modproxy is trying to proxy port 8005:25
@preactionwhich is weird05:25
@preactionlook in /data/wre/etc/yoursite.modproxy05:25
ShortWaveif I crank up my original server, I get the centos test page05:25
ShortWavevhost on *.8005:26
ShortWaverather, *:8005:26
@preactionright, but one of the last lines in the vhost block should be RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://%{SERVER_NAME}:80/$1 [P]05:27
@preactionor something05:27
@preactionthe 80 should be 808105:27
ShortWaveyeah I've got that05:28
@preactioner... so you go to yoursite:81 and you don't see anything?05:29
ShortWavewith my original server shut down...05:30
ShortWavemodproxy won't start05:30
@preactionand the error in the modproxy log is the one from above05:30
@preactionand nowhere in the yoursite.modproxy or modproxy.conf is there something trying to proxy to port 80?05:31
topsubis there a way to make profile detail page viewable by anyone?05:31
@preactionpastebin your yoursite.modproxy perhaps?05:31
@preactiontopsub, you can set your profile to be publicly viewable yes05:31
topsubis it per person you have to do that? Or is there a global setting?05:31
ShortWavegrep ":80" * in wre/etc shows me a bunch of lines that are commented out, or 808105:32
@preactiontopsub, per person, but you can set the default for new users in the normal way (changing Visitor's profile)05:32
topsubah alright thanks alot!05:32
topsubthanks preaction!05:33
@preactionShortWave, it might say "FAILED" or "Stopped", but it might still be started05:34
@preactionwhat does ps -ax | grep "httpd" say? any with -D modproxy?05:35
ShortWaveis not starting05:35
ShortWaveor well05:35
ShortWaveI see -D modproxy05:35
ShortWavein ps -ax05:35
@preactionso modproxy is started05:36
ShortWaveEvidently...the green start button could use some feedback enhancement05:36
@preactionfeel free to submit a bug: http://webgui.org/bugs05:37
@preactionmight want to make sure it's not already reported though05:37
ShortWavewhat should I look for spectre running?05:37
ShortWaveThe screen looks the same05:38
@preactionps -ax | grep "spectre.pl"05:38
ShortWaveaight, that ain't running05:39
ShortWaveI'm gonna try a full restart05:41
ShortWavesee what happens05:41
ShortWavemaybe it's just something wonky somewhere05:41
-!- knowmad [n=william@adsl-074-170-007-083.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has left #webgui []05:41
ShortWavemodproxy runs, spectre does not05:42
ShortWavecranking up my original server, everything runs but spectre05:45
ShortWaveI get a testpage at myserver:8105:45
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* perlmonkey2 gives up for the night05:52
@preactionShortWave, i would still venture that modproxy is accidentally proxying port 80 and not 8081 or something05:53
@preactiondid you add a site yet?05:53
ShortWaveI would say your assertion is correct05:53
ShortWaveI'm configuring that on 8081 now05:53
ShortWaveDon't think I really need modproxy in any event do I?05:53
ShortWaveI can setup a forwarder05:53
@preactionwell, you'll still want the configuration file, since it does things with /uploads and /extras that bypass WebGUI (and helps performance)05:54
@preactionbut you can put that config file in your own apache05:54
@preactionby "that config file" i mean yoursite.modproxy05:54
ShortWaveKinda diggin it06:01
ShortWaveIn fact, I'm digging it so much06:05
ShortWaveI might migrate my metadot site to it tomorrow06:05
@preactionso it's working?06:05
ShortWaveyeah, 8081 is working06:06
ShortWavespectre doesn't wanna run06:06
ShortWavemodproxy I can configure into my base server so I ain't worried about that06:06
ShortWavetho I gotta say, it feels like metadot in a lotta ways06:08
@preactionspectre not wanting to run is bad. might want to change webguiIp in /data/WebGUI/etc/spectre.conf to 808106:09
ShortWavewhat does spectre do for me?06:09
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@wsip-70-164-69-210.ok.ok.cox.net] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]06:09
@preactionspectre is the offline execution engine. it's a scheduler and handles other things that it's not possible to do through the UI06:10
@preactionlots of things create "Workflows", which spectre then keeps track of and runs them at the appropriate time06:11
@preactionor rather, tells WebGUI to run an activity in the workflow06:11
@preactionbut if you fix webguiPort in spectre.conf it should start up fine06:11
ShortWaveOk so it's a sort of persistent execution engine that doesn't require page loads06:11
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []06:12
@preactionkinda, it still does its work through WebGUI, but it's not a browser so it's not limited to what browsers can do06:12
ShortWaveSo you can initiate a task and you don't have to make the browser wait for it06:12
ShortWaveI like it06:13
@preactionplus the scheduler06:13
@preactionyes, spectre is awesome06:13
ShortWaveAight, so how hard would it be to get this to serve XML?06:13
ShortWaveI imagine pretty trivial?06:14
@preactionexceedingly trivial06:14
ShortWaveThis is good06:14
ShortWaveI can use with Flex06:14
@preactioni've got a presentation at the WebGUI Users Conference all about making templates to serve RSS where normally you'd get HTML06:14
ShortWaveAh, sexy...so I can make a feed for <insert category> and massage the XML into what I want, and shove that into a Flex app06:15
* ShortWave likes this...a lot06:15
ShortWaveSince this is a family website, one of the things I want to make is a cross-checking christmas list thing06:15
ShortWaveFamily's so big that we have lots of same-buys06:16
ShortWaveSo I want to apply a technological fix to it...instead of sending crap through email, and mixing up who's-who, I make an app that lets everyone know who go what for who (except for the who that was got for)06:16
-!- hightekvagabond [n=Administ@63-224-1-121.mpls.qwest.net] has joined #webgui06:17
@preactiondoesn't amazon.com have a gift registry that would work for this?06:17
@preactionthis almost sounds like something nice for WebGUI06:17
-!- hightekvagabond [n=Administ@63-224-1-121.mpls.qwest.net] has left #webgui []06:17
@preactionthough, couldn't you also make a WebGUI DataForm for people to register gifts anonymously? or something?06:17
@preactionWebGUI just had a major rewrite of the commerce API, now called Shop. so a gift registry something-or-other would be a fun plugin06:18
@preactionmetadot is perl even?06:18
ShortWaveMetadot is perl yeah06:20
ShortWavetemplate toolkit even06:20
@preactionmmm TT06:20
@preactionthat'll be the default in webgui soon06:20
ShortWaveand amazon.com...my registry idea would integrate theirs, and as many others as I could get away with06:21
ShortWaveFlex is pretty bad-ass06:21
ShortWavewanna see my project?06:21
ShortWaveYou know what VMware is, right?06:21
@preactioni use Fusion on my mbp06:21
ShortWaveManagement app for VMware ESX server in Adobe AIR.06:22
ShortWaveeverything you see is generated by Flash/Flex/AIR06:23
ShortWaveand yes, you can interact with the consoles :)06:23
ShortWaveeven while they're scaled06:23
@preactiongood lord06:24
ShortWaveI've gotten kinda accustomed to that reaction of late06:24
@preactionthough i am biased, the cmsmatrix confirms that WebGUI has more awesome than metadot06:25
ShortWaveI might be forced to agree, just in terms of usability06:25
@preactionbut then, the places where the more awesome is are probably not places you need it06:25
ShortWaveAnd metadot is kind of a bear to configure06:25
ShortWavebut once you've got it setup06:26
@preactionyeah, that usability is going up soon hopefully06:26
-!- dionak [n=dionak@cpe-024-074-132-143.carolina.res.rr.com] has quit []06:26
ShortWaveit's really pretty decent06:26
@preactionmy opinion is we still have a lot of work to do in that respect, especially the admin interface06:26
ShortWavemake the admin interface in Flex06:26
ShortWavesend XML packets06:26
@preactioni wish06:26
ShortWaveHey, it'd be awesome06:26
ShortWaveFlex is free anyway06:26
ShortWaveAND open source06:26
@preactionwait, free Flex SDK? free as in speech?06:27
ShortWavehow can you go wrong?06:27
ShortWaveYou didn't know that?06:27
@preactionno... you may have just opened up a whole shipping container full of worms here ;-)06:27
ShortWavepar for my course, really06:27
ShortWaveA. the flex SDK itself is free. They of course want you to buy Flash & Flex Builder, but you dn't really need them06:28
ShortWaveB. the Flex SDK has been opensourced.06:28
ShortWaveC. E4X. Need I say more?06:28
@preactionone of the people from unitedknowledge are creating a flash-based slideshow that uses an XML feed, that might be using flex06:28
ShortWaveD. Webservices (SOAP & REST) FTW06:28
ShortWaveVery well may be06:29
ShortWaveIt know it's very easily done of late.06:29
ShortWaveyou ever work with e4x?06:29
ShortWaveIt's like Xpath, but better06:30
@preactionhaven't even heard of it06:30
ShortWavesay I want all the shoe elements that are size ten06:30
ShortWaveas in <shoe size="10" type="whatever">06:30
ShortWaveI does06:30
@preactionahh, i tend to use JSON in these situations06:30
ShortWavemyDoc..shoe.(@size == 10);06:30
ShortWaveI gets the list of shoes that are size ten06:31
ShortWaveJSON is great06:31
ShortWavethere are times06:31
@preactionyeah, but it's not XML06:31
ShortWavewhere you needs more06:31
ShortWaveLike with RSS06:31
ShortWaveMy VMware stuff is all XML06:31
ShortWavethe VI Api is a monstrous pile of WSDL06:31
ShortWavedid I say monstrous? I meant huge.06:32
ShortWaveLike gigantically huge. 2700+ data types in the schema.06:32
ShortWavetho for something like VMWare, that's really to be expected06:33
ShortWaveSo yeah06:34
ShortWaveI'd be all about flexing some front-end admin magic06:34
ShortWavevia JSON or whatever 06:34
ShortWaveProbably JSON for the admin stuff be more straightforward06:34
@preactionmost likely, though there is a Web Services client built-in to webgui06:35
@preactioni'm, again, not really familiar with it, but i Know it can do SOAP06:36
ShortWaveclient or server?06:36
ShortWaveSo it can talk to a remote SOAP source then06:36
@preactionserver, isn't SOAP just text? webgui rocks at text06:37
ShortWaveFlex would want to be a client as well06:37
ShortWaveSOAP is just XML06:37
@preactiona payload in an XML envelope06:37
ShortWavepretty much06:37
@preactionso, yeah, you could make webgui into a soap server06:37
ShortWaveTricky part would be supporting the operations06:38
ShortWaveSOAP is a little bit weird on the request stuff06:38
ShortWaveThere's a whole request model and what-not involved06:38
ShortWaveIt's not just about "Oh hey, here's a URL, with some parameters, gimme some data"06:38
ShortWaveI'm being paged06:39
ShortWaveTell you what, I'll pop back in tomorrow06:39
ShortWavewife needs my attention 06:39
@preactionwe'll be here06:39
ShortWaveaight cool06:39
ShortWaveI'm out06:39
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7161 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Wobject/EventManagementSystem.t: Remove debugging output.07:01
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BartJolis there a way to get the default hide from navigation setting to no?14:00
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ckotilanyone know anything about a firefox that allows you to upload multiple files via the file pile?16:47
ckotilhttp://www.plainblack.com/etcetera/ziparchive-not-expanding/ as colink stated here at the bottom16:47
@perlmonkey2I've never heard of that ff addon, but a quick search for webgui in ff addons should find it if it exists.17:11
ckotilsure enough. thanks17:18
ckotili did a google search for firefox drag drop , and found the same addon17:18
ckotilit doesnt work well enough, still cannot drag multiple files17:19
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topsubis there a macro yet where i can send a User Id to the macro and it returns first and last name?17:36
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@perlmonkey2Is this bug something we want to alter WSClient for, wait until the new Sharp client is submitted and then merge it, or add it as an RFE?  http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/web-service-client-blocks-page-execution#gYONwl4g86Vin2R5_D4u3A17:49
@perlmonkey2It looks like to fix it, there would need to be a flag in WSClient's definition setting it to .NET 17:50
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dionaktopsub, there's the user macro that returns profile fields for the current session user18:26
@perlmonkey2Anyone know where I can find some syndicated content on the PB site?18:26
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@perlmonkey2Could someone with manager access at PB take a look at this bug?  http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/add-to-cart-button-broken#nCiOC-vIM0cobTKRn1-CyQ18:31
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@perlmonkey2Is there someone I should get approval of before I alter a template?  The Shelf template has wrapping issues caused by the View Cart div's css.  I simply put the products and the view cart in a table on two different rows.  Looks like it completely resolved the issue locally, but I want to make sure it passes muster with the WG designers.19:39
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, you could check with either Tabitha or Steve19:39
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: cool, thanks :)19:39
topsubjust fyi, it seems if you add a product to the shopping cart, then delete the product. the cart doesn't work after that19:42
@perlmonkey2topsub: interesting, I'll check it out19:43
topsubi clear the cart, and cartItems tables and it works again19:43
@perlmonkey2topsub: hmm, probably a bug, but probably not an important one.  How often will users be purchasing something and then have the site delete that item?19:45
topsubrare.. but just wanted you guys to know about it19:45
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, what if the user deletes the product, then tries to add another one?19:51
perlDreamerthat's a much more common use case19:51
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I'm not sure I follow.  Customers can't create products.  And why would a site admin be purchasing something from their site?19:53
perlDreamertopsub said that if you add a product to the cart, then delete the product.  Did he mean delete the asset, or remove the product (item) from the cart?19:53
@perlmonkey2corse I just completed a purchase (with receipt) of an item I'd just deleted.19:53
@perlmonkey2I thought he meant delete the asset.19:54
perlDreamerah, in that case, my bad19:54
topsublike delete the product.. asset19:54
topsubso the product isn't in the system anymore19:54
@perlmonkey2but a products purge should probably remove it from all carts19:55
@perlmonkey2topsub: wait until monday to report that bug :D19:56
perlDreamercarts are tied to sessionIds, so it can't do that without manually scanning every cart in the system19:56
perlDreamerit's better to trap it in viewing the cart19:56
perlDreamerand display a message to the user19:56
perlDreamer"UR CARTZ IS BOR KED! HAHAHA!"19:56
@preactionis there not a cartItem table it could delete from?19:56
@preactionyou're joking...19:57
perlDreamerI'm scared, and checking19:57
* perlmonkey2 fears the JSON19:57
perlDreamernope, it's a column19:57
@perlmonkey2We need a 1337 way of spelling JSON19:57
@perlmonkey2hah, I like19:58
@perlmonkey2I like both.  Now when we need a disparaging way of referring to JSON, there you go19:58
@perlmonkey2okay that last just sums it all up19:59
juani have a problem with the dataform20:00
@perlmonkey2juan: hopefully not with dates or datetimes?20:00
juani was using WebGUI 7.4.18 and i am creating an application using dataforms20:01
perlDreamerjuan, have you searched the buglist to see if the problem has been reported (or fixed)?20:01
juani have created some fields as displayed type and in its default values i have put some html code that is showed correctly20:02
@perlmonkey2only 12 bugs left that I haven't resolved or ruled out my ability to resolve.  Whew, I'm on fire.20:02
juannow i updated to the latest version and that fields don't show me the html correctly20:02
perlDreamerperlmonkey2: yung has closed 2-3 today, too20:03
@perlmonkey2today is looking like it will be a really good day.20:03
juanit is showing me the html tags20:04
@perlmonkey2juan what type of data is showing the html tags?20:06
@perlmonkey2oh, sorry, just read your previous 20:06
* perlDreamer mutters "cross-site scripting prevention"20:07
perlDreamerand suggests reading through the changelog20:07
@perlmonkey2juan: bear with a moment, but I don't see that you can set a field type to "displayed"20:08
juani created some fields type displayed in 7.4.18 and in its default value, i put html code and it was showed correctly20:08
@perlmonkey2so the status is displayed, what is the type?20:09
juanthe type is text20:10
juanand now in the latest version of webgui the fields don't convert the tags20:12
@preactionyou mean they do convert the tags, since they're not displaying as they were before.20:13
juanis showing the html code20:13
@preactionthe previous behavior was an unintended feature. there was a bug in the DataForm that was fixed, but now your unintended feature is gone20:14
@preactionif you're on the latest version, you should check out Thingy20:14
@preactionit will probably let you do what you want20:14
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@179.sub-75-205-236.myvzw.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]20:15
juanso, i can not combine fields types and status to show a html code20:16
juanin the latest version20:16
@preactionapparently not. can you put an HTML Area in a dataform?20:17
juani am going to verify with html area20:18
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI20:24
elninohi!  Got another possible gig.  Would the ecommerce portion of webgui allow selling of collateral?  ebooks, mp3, and other downloads?  She also would like to only allow the user to download for a specific time period.- Which I believe would have to be custom.20:25
perlDreamerelnino, I think so.  You would use a Subscription to add the user to a group.  Downloaded content would be viewable only by that group.  The subscription would need to end the right way, that's the part I'm not sure about.20:28
@perlmonkey2This sounds kind of critical.  Someone with access might want to check it out: http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/transactions-appear-w/-no-item#IJsQljyGG98V-GnZ3OUykw20:28
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: how would you trigger the subscriptions end upon a download?20:29
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, that's the stickler.20:29
elninohmmm.  I guess don't know about subscriptions. 20:29
elninolike with a work flow?20:30
perlDreamerthey're in 7.5.10 and above20:30
perlDreamerthere are subscriptions in 7.4, too20:30
perlDreamerbut I don't know if they work the same or not20:30
@perlmonkey2preaction: Do you think I should bump Kristi's successful transaction with no recorded item bug to the staff email?  20:31
@preactionperlmonkey2, the people who would look at it aren't here today, so you might just want to take a look and see what you can do20:33
@perlmonkey2preaction: I don't have access to the Shop on PB.  20:33
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []20:36
elninodarn, I had a question for tavis too.20:37
perlDreamerelnino, whang it on out there anyway20:38
@preactionperlmonkey2, do you have AIM or something?20:39
elninoI'm assuming that on the single hosting plan that plain black has, I'm not able to do custom code stuff like this.  Just wondeirng if I would if I did the reseller package.20:39
@perlmonkey2preaction: yes sire20:39
perlDreamerOn any shared hosting, no custom code.20:39
perlDreamerOn the reseller package, you'd have to ask Tavis that one.  It depends on how it's set up.20:40
@preactionresellers, if i'm not mistaken, get a custom box. but i'm not sure if we allow custom code20:40
perlDreamerHowever, if you can get your "custom" code into WebGUI, then it would work on shared hosting.20:40
elninothat of course assumes I have time to setup a box at home.to even do it.  READ: I dont' have a dev box yet. I know. Bad.20:41
elninoare subscriptions for, like, newletter signups?20:43
perlDreamerIn WebGUI, subscriptions give you time limited access to groups.20:43
perlDreamerWhat you do with the groups is up to you.20:44
elninooh.  that seems handy.. is there affliate program (like banner ads) management?  20:44
perlDreamerYes x 2.20:45
perlDreamerThere is ad management20:45
perlDreamerand you can handle affiliation, but I'm not familiar with that part of wG.20:45
elninook. If I set up anther beta site, can have it for more than just a day? I need to see if what she wants is doable.20:46
perlDreamerelnino, why not download a copy of the WRE and set up a dev box on your laptop/desktop?20:46
elninobecause I'm afaid =)  . my first and *only* experience in installing webgui took me 3 weeks @ full time,  because I coudn't use WRE, and it's been as solid as a rock since. (READ: no back upsystem, I know... very bad)20:48
perlDreamermakes sense20:48
elninoand my laptop is microsoft as opposed to linux, which is what i"m used to as far as webgui goes.20:49
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI20:49
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ20:49
perlDreamerHow about a Linux VM on top of Windows?  VirtualBox from Sun is free.20:49
elninooh hi tavis!  another question... does the reseller program give you a shared box or custom box?20:50
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@184.sub-75-204-86.myvzw.com] has joined #WebGUI20:54
elninoperldreamer. linuxvm -  doesnt your hardware have to be able to support that?21:09
@perlmonkey2elnino: I think VM servers like VMWare barely use any extra resources as apposed to running linux on bare metal.  So the system requirements shouldn't go up very much.21:12
elninomabe I'm getting mixed up with virtual pc... Which Linux platform to you recommend in the virual box? do you use it currently?21:12
-!- knowmad [n=william@] has joined #webgui21:13
knowmadCan WebGUI do SMTP authentication against an outgoing mail server?21:15
@perlmonkey2elnino: personally I use RH or its no support free version CentOS for my WRE/WG instances.  But I believe Debian is about to support it as an included package.21:21
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []21:22
elninooh.. so are there only certain OSs that WRE supports (or vise versa?)21:25
elninonever mind. I see it on the website..21:26
elninoWhat's the VMWare.. Is that a VM+Webgui bundled in one thing?21:26
@perlmonkey2elnino: no, vmware would be something you could run in windows that would contain a linux instance.  So it would be linux running in a window inside of Windows.21:29
@perlmonkey2Although a production WG instance should probably be on dedicated hardware, so I don't know why you would want to do this.21:29
* perlmonkey2 goes to read through the previous comments to see how we got here.21:30
elninoisn't that what a linuxvm is on top of windows?   I"m just looking at this for dev purposes.21:31
@perlmonkey2sure, that would work fine.21:31
@perlmonkey2someone should build an image all set up to go and post it for download :)21:32
elninois the vmware appliance 7.5.x?21:32
elninoi mean, does the vmware appliance contain the latest webgui?21:33
elninono. nevermind. it looks like iss 7.4.2521:33
elninoso I'm back to virtual box from sun with a WRE. right?21:34
elninoand a linux os of my choice.21:34
@perlmonkey2elnino: I don't know about any vm with animage that already contains the WRE.21:34
elninoright, Three different installs.21:34
elninoso to make sure, because this is all new, on my windows vista or xp machine (haven'tdecided which) I install virtualbox from sun, then install mostlikely redhat, then install WRE.21:39
-!- SDuensin_ [n=Scott@245.sub-75-205-25.myvzw.com] has joined #WebGUI21:41
@perlmonkey2elnino: I'm unsure about virtualbox or how it works, but if it will run linux os on a windows host, then you should be able to run the WRE inside of it.  21:42
elninoyep. perldreamer suggested virtualbox.  and that's my understanding.21:45
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@184.sub-75-204-86.myvzw.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:53
knowmadperlDreamer: does the Send.t mail test actually send or queue emails? I need to test outgoing mail processing on a server.21:56
knowmadi don't see either method being called :(21:57
knowmadbtw, i'm looking a 7.4.40 release21:57
-!- CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #WebGUI22:18
perlDreamerknowmad, t/Mail/Send.t does send emails22:31
perlDreamerin 7.522:31
perlDreamerno reason you couldn't backport the test to 7.4 if you needed22:31
perlDreamerit tries to start a little dummy SMTP server in t/smptd.pl22:31
knowmadperlDreamer: excellent22:32
knowmadanother question: does 7.5 support smtp auth? i'm needing to send mail using PLAIN auth against an external SMTP server22:33
knowmadit looks like Net::SMTP can do it but i want to test22:33
knowmadthere's also Net::SMTP::TLS22:33
perlDreamerNo idea on that one, knowmad22:34
perlDreameroffhand, if there's no username and password fields in the settings I would say that it doesn't22:35
perlDreamerbut that's pure guessing22:35
@preactionno, it doesn't22:35
@preactionbut there's an RFE out for it, and it shouldn't be too difficult to add really22:35
perlDreamerin other words, patches welcome? :)22:36
topsubhmm how can i populate a session with cart items so i can test a macro? I am adding children, then applying Options. but doesn't seem to get set back to the session?22:36
perlDreamersessions don't have cartItems22:37
perlDreamerknowmad: here's that RFE22:38
perlDreamerit even has a rudimentary patch22:38
perlDreamersince the RFE is ranked, once there's a patch there's no reason it couldn't be added22:39
perlDreamerespecially if there was a test for it :)22:39
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI22:40
perlDreamerokay, now I'm really going to get some lunch22:43
topsubWhen i add items to cart it will be linked based on the session right?22:43
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Connection timed out]22:44
topsubso when i create a test session. add a product asset and applyoptions then add it to cart, then pass the session along to my macro to test items in the cart22:44
@preactionthat sounds like it should work22:45
topsubwhen i do the my $cart = WebGUI::Shop::cart->newBySession($session). it contains something i'm not expecting which makes me think i am doing soemthing wrong22:46
topsubit outputs "bless( do{\(my $o = undef)}, 'WebGUI::Shop::CartItem' );"22:46
@preactionso it's giving you a WebGUI::Shop::CartItem object22:47
topsubah, so thats the cartitem object?22:47
@preactionno, that's not how it should work22:48
@preactionit's WebGUI::Shop::Cart->newBySession( $session ); right? capital-C on Cart22:48
@preactionand when you use Data::Dumper to take a look, it's blessed into WebGUI::Shop::Cart, right?22:51
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7163 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: EMS Formatting (Badge Page)22:52
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7164 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt www/extras/wobject/Thingy/thingy.js): fixed: Thingy fields list on view screen tab22:52
CIA-6WebGUI: tabitha * r7165 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.19/root_import_shelf2_shelf.css.wgpkg: Fixed wrapping problem in shelf css by standardizing box size for the product22:52
CIA-6WebGUI: chrisn * r7166 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Fixed: Thingy importing with newlines embedded in CSV fields22:52
topsubwhen i ... print Dumper(@{$cart->getItems});.. bless( do{\(my $o = undef)}, 'WebGUI::Shop::CartItem' );22:52
topsubthen when i Data::Dump the item from a foreach loop its the same WebGUI::Shop::CartItem.. hmm22:53
topsubdoesn't seem right22:53
@preactionoh, getItems returns a bunch of WebGUI::Shop::CartItems, yes22:53
@preactionthat's right22:53
topsubi want to get opitions from each item22:54
topsubwhen i loop over the CartItems i want to say get a certain json option22:55
@preactionoptions meaning from the underlying Product asset?22:55
@preactionfirst, did you try CartItem->get( "options" )?22:56
elnino_laptopwhen you roll back a version tag, they don't go to the "working version tags" do they?22:56
@preactionotherwise, CartItem->getSku will get you the Product asset22:56
@preactionelnino_laptop, no. all revisions in there get purged, unrecoverable22:56
elnino_laptopk. and there isn't a why to deny after it's already been approved, right?22:56
topsubthen from getSku i can get the options?22:57
topsubalmost something like.. http://webgui.pastebin.com/m29df413822:58
@preactiontopsub, getSku gives you a WebGUI::Asset::Sku subclass. that's the actual product asset22:58
@preactionelnino_laptop, no, there is currently no way to "de-commit". I want to add one though. It might go into 7.6 if I have time22:59
elnino_laptopok. Thanks for confirming.22:59
perlDreamertopsub, that's Class::InsideOut22:59
perlDreamerNo more hacking inside objects22:59
perlDreamerit's either API, or nada22:59
* apeiron gives CIA-6 a decongestant.23:00
@preactionperlmonkey2, can i bug you about your forceSecureConnection sub for a bit?23:01
knowmadOK, i'm looking for an alternative to SMTP authentication and am thinking about using the built-in messaging system.23:03
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:03
knowmadWhat's the library that handles internal messaging?23:05
@preactionWebGUI::Inbox::Send i think23:05
perlDreamerknowmad, I don't think WebGUI does purely internal messaging23:06
perlDreamerEverything in the Inbox also goes out over SMTP23:06
@preactionperlDreamer, that's a side-effect, only if the user has an e-mail specified and wants them to go out23:07
topsubmy options is coming back null so i think my test cart i am trying to fake is wrong23:08
@preactiontopsub, pastebin your latest code somewhere?23:08
knowmadi don't really care if it goes out as it's going into the cyber bit bucket; i just need another mechanism for getting a message to the client23:09
topsubtest is above and macro below..23:09
knowmadonce we get SMTP working, then the client should be really happy23:10
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI23:11
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ23:11
perlDreamertopsub, no variants23:11
perlDreameryou need to add variants to a Product23:11
perlDreamerwhat you're trying might work, but it's not the "front door"23:12
topsubwe are pushing extra json objects into the options column in cartItems andwe want to pull out the extra items.. Thought apply options would allow me to just directly populate that column23:13
topsubwell extra items into the json23:13
knowmadperlDreamer: are you talking to topsub or me? ;)23:13
perlDreamerto topsub, knowmad23:13
CIA-6WebGUI: chrisn * r7167 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm: Remove trailing whitespace.23:31
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]23:51
-!- SDuensin_ [n=Scott@245.sub-75-205-25.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:52
--- Day changed Wed Aug 06 2008
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui00:00
-!- mode/#webgui [+v MrHairgrease] by ChanServ00:00
perlDreamerMrHairgrease, you big graduated Eurotrash Monster.00:13
+MrHairgrease*Fashionable* Eurotrash Monster00:14
+MrHairgreasewhat's up?00:14
perlDreamerHacking chips00:14
+MrHairgreaseso you have to do stuff for $dayjob again?00:14
perlDreameryeah, too much now00:14
perlDreamerWorking overtime is optional.  You either do it, or get fired.00:14
+MrHairgreasethat's what you get for months of inactivity I guess...00:15
+MrHairgreaseSounds like you need to go work for oqapi00:15
perlDreamerWhy don't you hire me to be your loyal perl serf?00:15
+MrHairgreaseSince I'm Joeri's slave00:15
+MrHairgreaseconsequently he does the hiring00:15
perlDreamerRandom question: What one thing about WebGUI pisses you off the most?00:16
perlDreameraw, he's not even hire to kick you out of the channel00:16
+MrHairgreasejust kidding of course00:16
+MrHairgreasetoo bad he's not here00:16
perlDreamerHow about codewise?00:16
+MrHairgreasewhile making my graphing pluging talk...00:17
+MrHairgrease..I was totally pissed off about the plugins work00:17
+MrHairgreaseInstead of the hip definition {} method00:17
+MrHairgreaseit was built around the (at that time more common) getEditForm /processEditFrm tc methods00:18
+MrHairgreasewhich results in needless codeduplication00:18
+MrHairgreasei mean00:18
+MrHairgreaseit's easy to make plugins all the same00:18
+MrHairgreasebut it could be more easy00:18
+MrHairgreaseand 00:18
+MrHairgreasemore importantly00:18
+MrHairgreaseless tedious00:19
+MrHairgreaseand error prone00:19
perlDreamerYou know that's possible now?  I added an automatic form builder to HTMLForm00:19
perlDreameryou pass it a data structure00:19
+MrHairgreaseI figure in the next major I can add a definition system though00:19
perlDreamerthat looks suspiciuosly like a definition system00:19
+MrHairgreaseyeah I know00:19
perlDreamerand it just works00:19
+MrHairgreasebut still some stuff needs to be changed I guess00:20
+MrHairgreaseI'm gonna look into that a bit more and add that to my presentation00:20
perlDreamerI think we need a yearly API update for developers00:20
perlDreamer"What's new in WebGUI this year"00:20
+MrHairgreaseas far as complaints of important parts of the code are concerned00:21
+MrHairgreaseI'm not really sure00:21
@perlmonkey2who needs a beer fax?00:21
+MrHairgreaseI have been so busy doing all this graduation stuff and finishing my part of C2 in time00:21
@perlmonkey21:40 until beer thirty.00:21
+MrHairgreasethat I didn't kept up to date with all the changes as much as I should00:22
+MrHairgreasegood idea00:22
knowmadperlDreamer ++00:22
@perlmonkey2MrHairgrease: it should be well past beer thirty at your locale00:22
+MrHairgreasewhat do you mean by 1:40 until beer thirty. btw00:22
@perlmonkey21 hour 40 minutes :D00:22
@perlmonkey2or 6pm here00:23
+MrHairgreaseyou only start drinking at 6??00:23
@perlmonkey2which is my attempt at an extra bit of humor as beer thirty would be falling on an hour.00:23
+MrHairgreaseyou have some serious problem in the usa =)00:23
perlDreamerI'll see if I can work a little API update into my Common WebGUI Programming mistakes talk00:23
perlDreamersince it would be a mistake not to use the new API :)00:23
@perlmonkey2MrHairgrease: well, when I'm employed and talking on a channel full of coworkers, that's all i'll admit to :P00:23
+MrHairgreaseyou should start working for oqapi too00:24
perlDreamerIs oqapi hiring?00:24
+MrHairgreaseas joeri00:24
* perlDreamer thinks you need more beer00:24
* MrHairgrease thinks so too00:24
perlDreamerit's 10:30 over in the Netherlands?00:25
perlDreameror am I a timezone off?00:25
+MrHairgreasehang on while I walk to the fridge00:25
@perlmonkey2that's the problem, I hear about a good job and then some guru comes stomping over me to take it (perlDreamer)00:25
perlDreamerYou can't have _all_ the choice jobs, perlmonkey200:25
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: When I'm King for a day, I'll give *all* choice jobs to myself!00:25
knowmadhas anyone used WebGUI::Inbox::Message to send an internal email?00:26
perlDreamerSorry knowmad, no.00:26
+MrHairgreasepd: what part do you hate most?00:26
knowmadwell, me either! it's not working ;-)00:27
@preactionknowmad, ask your question perhaps?00:27
perlDreamerMrHairgrease, I'd tell you, but that would ruin my presentation :)00:27
perlDreamerIt's game show style00:27
perlDreamerI put up bad code, first person with the correct answer wins00:27
+MrHairgreaseoh cool00:27
knowmadbest i can come up with (besides how to do it) is whether I need to be sending some other parameters to addMessage() method besides subject, message, userId, and status00:27
+MrHairgreaseI once attended something like that at the Dutch Perl Workshop00:28
perlDreamerI was going to use chocolate as the prize, but for you I'll add in a beer.00:28
+MrHairgreasethat were hard problems00:28
knowmadi'll be there00:28
@perlmonkey2beer and chocolate?  no fair, pd will be stealing all the attendees.00:29
+MrHairgreaseknowmad: did you try grepping the codebase00:29
knowmadpreaction: anything i need to do after calling addMessage?00:29
+MrHairgreaseand see the thing in action?00:29
perlDreamer->send ?00:29
knowmadyeah, that's where i found the example in activity that notifies of pending commits00:29
+MrHairgreaseand that works right00:29
+MrHairgreaseI know it does in 7.4.something00:30
knowmadlooks like create on Inbox returns a wg::Mail::Send object00:30
@preactionknowmad, looks like no. there's no method in WebGUI::Inbox::Message for "sending" or anything00:30
perlDreamerright.  You send what it returns00:30
+MrHairgreasethat makes sense00:31
knowmadpreaction: that's what i thought but i think pd might be onto something00:31
knowmadneed to look at it again tonite00:31
knowmadtime to close down shop00:31
perlDreamerknowmad, I guess we need an Inbox test, too :(00:31
knowmadyep, i think that'd be good00:32
knowmadit's just that i'm working on an old version of 7.400:32
knowmadon windows across RDP00:32
CIA-6WebGUI: frank * r7168 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Fixed issue where keywords field is not available in Form post tempalte00:32
+MrHairgreasesome people have all the fun00:33
knowmadusing a left-handed mouse that reverts to being right-handed in Windoze00:33
perlDreamerand typing uphill on the way to and from work?00:33
+MrHairgreasewhile running on a treadmill to power the box?00:33
knowmadjoy joy!00:33
knowmadMHG: you got it, my friend00:33
perlDreamerIt's going to be good to see you guys again00:33
knowmadcheers; ya'll have a good evening00:34
-!- knowmad [n=william@] has left #webgui []00:34
+MrHairgreaseHear hear! I also like to see myself00:34
@perlmonkey2Okay, this is a bit disturbing.  I've updated the wre, and wg to the latest.  Deleted my site and used the wreconsole to build another.  non-admin users no longer can purchase products, only admin is offered the ability to pay.00:43
perlDreamercheck groupToUse in the Payment Methods in the Shop settings00:43
@perlmonkey2for cash00:44
@perlmonkey2everyone for itransct00:44
perlDreameranything in webgui.log?00:44
perlDreamerI gotta go to a meeting, I'll be back in a while00:46
+MrHairgreasealso be sure to check the modperl log00:46
@perlmonkey2I guess I'll trace it to see where it is failing, but I was really hoping there was some new functionality I hadn't heard of yet.  I'm supposed to be closing tickets, not creating htem :P00:46
+MrHairgreasesomehow some errors tend to end up in ther00:46
@perlmonkey2MrHairgrease: I keep a tab open with 'tail -f /data/wre/var/logs/*' to see everythign :P00:46
+MrHairgreaseIt used to work right?00:46
@perlmonkey2yes 00:47
@perlmonkey2shouldn't take me long to put a trace in it and see wha'ts going on....00:47
+MrHairgreasethen what you could try to trace it more quickly is take a diff of the files in the Shop dir00:47
@perlmonkey2good poitn00:47
+MrHairgreaseagainst a rev in which it did stilll work00:47
+MrHairgreasei guess you know about svnweb right?00:48
@perlmonkey2a web interface?00:48
@perlmonkey2well that is really nice00:49
+MrHairgreasei use it all the time00:49
+MrHairgreaseuse the revision log link top left00:50
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@perlmonkey2bookmarked :)00:50
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@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: you were right, this user can't use the gateway, but I'm not sure why since "everyone" can use it.00:59
@perlmonkey2but gateway->canuse is 000:59
* perlDreamer does a svn blame, and starts to sweat01:02
* MrHairgrease only praises pd01:02
@perlmonkey2$self->get('groupToUse') is......{play big reveal music}....undef!01:04
perlDreamerthe JSON in the db looks bad01:06
perlDreamerit's missing fields01:06
perlDreamerlabel, enabled, saleNotificationGroupid01:06
perlDreamerIt's in the create.sql script that way01:10
@perlmonkey2oh noes01:11
perlDreamerthat means it's in 7.5.1801:11
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]01:11
+MrHairgreasebut only for newly crerated sites01:11
+MrHairgreaseso the scope is limited01:11
+MrHairgreasenot saying that it's not bad01:12
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: are you talking to me about the paymentGateway options column?01:12
-!- topsub [n=josh@cpe-071-071-252-225.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui01:12
@perlmonkey2because those keys aren't in there.  I see receiptEmailTemplateId with a value and groupToUse as null01:12
perlDreamerthere should be other fields, too01:12
@perlmonkey2so all those keys you mentioned should ...okay01:12
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]01:13
perlDreamerit's that way in 7.5.1301:14
@perlmonkey2A) I can reverse eng what needs to be in there or B) someone can post some JSON from their handy dandy working gateways or C) some extremely helpful, generous, and exceptional citizen could resolve this.01:14
+MrHairgreasepm2: check PayDriver->definition01:14
+MrHairgreasethose fields are in there01:14
+MrHairgreaseso they also should be in the json01:15
perlDreamerIt needs to be posted as a bug, and then fixed01:15
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: okay, but it will be top on my list since it is impeding my other fixing of da bugs01:15
+MrHairgreaseprolly clicking save in the paydriver edit screnn will fix it01:15
perlDreamerit looks like an upgrade problem from 7.5.10/1101:15
perlDreamerthey were created that way, since they're in the upgrade script01:15
perlDreamerbut if the default site never had a configured payment gateway, then it's only a setup problem.01:16
+MrHairgreaseyeah that must be it01:16
@perlmonkey2okay, that bug goes to the bottom of the list.01:16
+MrHairgreasei wrote the stuff in the upgradescript that converts payment gateways from the old to the new system01:16
perlDreamerI might try fixing it tonight01:16
+MrHairgreaseand it worked when i checked it01:16
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elninohi. could webgui do fee-based membership for forums and such?01:18
+MrHairgreaseset up a subscrition for a group01:19
perlDreamerelnino, subscriptions -> groups again01:19
topsubDoesn't seem to be an easy way to grap the options from the cartItems table and display them on the page?01:19
+MrHairgreaseand then make the cs only visible for that group01:19
topsubSeems i need to rebuild the whole view cart page to do this01:20
elninois topsub responding to me, or is that a different conversation I interrupted?01:20
elninoI gues I have to seriously look at subscriptions.. Thanks!01:21
topsubi am kinda starting my own sorry elnino01:21
+MrHairgreasetopsub is talking about something else01:21
+MrHairgreasei think most cart info is in json01:21
elninook. Hard to tell sometimes.01:21
+MrHairgreasebut dunno for sure01:22
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []01:22
+MrHairgreasecheck that in the code01:22
+MrHairgreaseif it is, you should use the api to get everything out01:22
topsubI want to display it on the page01:22
+MrHairgreaseyou could make a macro01:22
topsubin the loop there isn't a product ID or anything i could send to the macro to know what options to pull01:23
+MrHairgreasecheck out the minicart macro01:23
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui01:23
+MrHairgreasewhat i meant is:01:23
+MrHairgreasemake a macro that WG::Ssop::Cart::getItems and the processes those in the fasion you want01:24
topsubya that just graps the whole cart01:24
+MrHairgreasei think minicart does that01:24
+MrHairgreasethat's what you want right?01:24
elninohow about a chat?  how did you guys set up this? any recommendations on an invite-only chat? probably not a webgui specific question01:24
topsubno we injected custom options into the cartITems table01:25
topsuband i need to display them on the cart page01:25
+MrHairgreaseif there was a chat wobject you'd also use a subscription01:25
+MrHairgreasebut alas01:25
+MrHairgreasethere is o such thing01:25
+MrHairgreasetopsub: not sure how to do that01:26
topsubya seems they limited the cart01:26
topsubhmm maybe i should look at what page does the cart01:26
-!- juan [n=juangui@] has left #webgui []01:28
topsubhhmmm u WebGUI::Shop->www_view?01:28
topsubya WebGUI::Shop::Cart->www_view01:29
+MrHairgreaseyea Cart01:34
@perlmonkey2new bug :(  I can make a cash purcahse once.  After that it fails during Cart->readyForcheckout.  getShippingAddress is coming back empty01:34
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-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui01:35
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, that's an existing bug01:40
@perlmonkey2shippingAddressId is null01:41
perlDreamerthat was the template thing, right?01:41
perlDreamerkristi and vrby both said that they could only cash once?01:41
@perlmonkey2no in cart.pm01:41
@perlmonkey2I don't think the problem is the template01:41
perlDreamerah, okay01:41
@perlmonkey2I've got it down to Cart::GetShippingAddress returning bad because $self->get("shippingAddressId") is undef01:42
+MrHairgreasepm2: try after selecting shipping to click the button Update Cart firts01:42
@perlmonkey2no joy :(01:42
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, when I find new bugs, I post  them and come back01:43
perlDreamerotherwise I just end up spinning01:43
perlDreamerunless they gate fixing the original bug01:43
perlDreamerbut then still post01:43
perlDreamerso others know01:43
@perlmonkey2yeah, I need to post it, but it is stopping me from the next two bugs on my list.01:43
+MrHairgreaseuhm I meant after selkecting shippin address01:43
topsubperlDreamer, if i just want to change one subroutine in a class. Do i just need to use base, then change the subroutine? Is there anything else i need to do?01:43
perlDreamertopsub, that's the general idea, but it also depends on how the class is set up01:44
@perlmonkey2MrHairgrease: right, I thought that's what you mean :)01:44
perlDreamertopsub, for example, if it was Class::InsideOut based, you may have to make calls to the parent.01:48
topsubah, i really want to just overwrite the www_view on the Cart.pm01:49
topsubNeed to have it send more variables to the template01:49
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has quit [Connection timed out]01:51
perlDreamerwhat kind of variables?  Would we want these in _all_ templates, for example?01:51
perlDreamerNot just the uber-powerfall Knowmad templates?01:51
perlDreamercatching my drift?01:51
topsubGonna change it to send all the JSON to the template01:52
topsubvs just the hardcoded things now01:52
perlDreamertopsub, I would recommend taking a look at Shop/CartItem.pm, the get method01:53
perlDreamerSeems strange that you would get returned a JSON string as a template variable01:54
topsubwell i want to set each JSON variable as a variable sent to the template01:54
topsubnot set the JSON object as template variable01:54
topsubif tha tmakes sence01:54
perlDreamerthat does01:55
perlDreamermaybe just adding %{$item->get('options')} would do the trick then?01:55
topsubya should be something simple01:56
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@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: Okay, I had cart output every time it touched the shippingAddressId.  And somehow it goes from having a value in the page where you can set it or click checkout, then when you click pay it is empty.  But inbetween there I don't ever see it set again.02:11
@perlmonkey2looks like I've got a good one that shall keep me busy for a bit ;)02:11
-!- KlausH [n=KlausH@p5B0701E2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["cu"]02:11
@perlmonkey2But I just realized that after I click checkout, the cart entry in the DB is deleted.02:14
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []02:15
@perlmonkey2then after I chose a billing address it is recreated sans shipping address.02:15
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui02:16
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topsubsoi should be able to loop over the options and set them equal to there key? like $var{KEY} what ever it is in the json object?02:25
topsubbefore i start trying, just want to make sure its possible02:25
topsubsomething like.. http://webgui.pastebin.com/m29815b1802:27
perlDreamertopsub, %templateVariables = (%templateVariables, %{ $options } );02:30
perlDreamernote that whichever comes last wins since it's a hash, so do think about naming collisions02:31
topsubah, lucky we are controlling the nameing of the options in the JSON so hopefully we can avoid that02:42
topsubCool got that working02:43
topsubnow to subclass it02:43
perlDreamerI think you should RFE it into the core after you're done02:44
topsubjust 3 lines..02:45
perlDreamervery handy code, though02:45
topsubi am not doing any checking if there is matching keys02:45
perlDreamerThe other option, instead of overiding the cart, would be to override getConfiguredTitle in your sub-classed Product02:46
perlDreamerbut it wouldn't do a clean tabular display, if that's the end goal02:46
topsubwhen i add my custom asset to the cart. were i would think the name of the asset is its null. Wonder if getConfiguredTitle has anything to do with it?02:47
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []02:48
perlDreamerthe name of the asset is null?02:48
perlDreamerlike class name, or title or ...?02:49
perlDreameroh, wait a sec02:49
perlDreamerare you running off of SVN?02:49
perlDreamerthere was a bugfix for getConfiguredTitle that will be released in 7.5.1902:50
perlDreamerthat might account for that02:50
topsubwhen i add my custom product asset to the cart02:50
topsubwhen it display in the cart by default it doesn't have a title02:50
perlDreameryeah, that's that bug02:51
topsubah alright02:51
perlDreamerthat patch will fix it02:52
topsub while ( my ($key, $value) = each(%$options) ) { $properties{$key} = $value; }02:52
perlDreameryou can iterate if you want, but hash append will be faster02:52
perlDreamer%properties = (%properties, % { $options } );02:52
perlDreamerheading home, happy hacking02:54
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elninoCan I integrate the shopcart with paypal? is it similar to itransact?03:10
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@tavistothere is plans to have the paypal functionality built in03:26
@tavistoelnino, there is no guarantee for a delivery date yet, but it's planned to be developed by Plain Black staffers in the months ahead03:28
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7169 /WebGUI/docs/ (changelog/7.x.x.txt upgrades/upgrade_7.5.18-7.5.19.pl): add default values to existing, default Payment drivers05:03
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elninotavis mentioned that support for paypal will be added sometime in somewhat near future, will a user on the shopping cart be able to choose between paypay, and credit card (as setup thru itransact for example?)06:42
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI06:52
@perlmonkey2elnino sounds like a good question for the dev board. 07:03
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7170 /WebGUI/t/Shop/ (PayDriver.t ShipDriver.t): tweak the {Ship,Pay}Driver tests a bit, looking for safe copies of data07:30
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elninohi. Does the ecommerce object have inventory tracking by any chance?07:49
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CIA-6WebGUI: chrisn * r7171 /branch/chris-rfe: Creating a branch to work on RFEs.08:09
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CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7172 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): fixed: thingy and select box15:06
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SquOnkHi everyone16:33
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui16:41
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elninogood morning. I have tons of questions regarding functionality of webgui to meet a potential client's requests. anyone there?16:52
elninoafter a customer places an order, can I customize the email that is sent out?16:52
topsubelnino, i don't see why not Just a matter of how easy is it16:55
elninois it a template?16:55
topsubthats a good question.. lol16:56
topsubI haven't dug that deep into it yet, Sometime today iwill have to look into that16:56
elninodo you know if there is a way to handle intl shipping costs in the ecommerce?16:56
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topsubelnino, sorry i am not sure17:01
elninothat's fine, so yo know if you can manage ad space and bill per click? or would one use google?17:02
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SDuensinAnyone else using the invite system in 7.5.x?  I think enabling it disables password recovery.  That's bad.17:20
-!- khenn [n=khenn@] has joined #WebGUI17:21
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@bopbopelnino: have you looked at Shop on a beta demo yet?17:26
elninoI have, but she keeps throwing me more requirements.  and the beta isonly good one day. Ihaven't had the timet ot setup a dev machine. I' dlike too.17:27
@bopbopalso, there is Advertising in the Admin Console that addresses pay per click and ad space17:27
elninoI saw the adverstising in 7.4, so I was hopign that was expanded in 7.5.17:28
@bopbopin the Admin screen for Shop, there is a Shipping screen17:28
@bopbopwhere you can set a base shipping cost, cost based on weight, percent of total cost, etc17:28
@bopbopvery easy to set up17:28
@bopbopif tavisto stumbles in later, he would be a good one to ask about Ad space- he works with it on cmsmatrix.org quite a bit17:29
@bopbopwhen payment methods are set up in Shop, you can customize the message customer's are emailed17:29
@bopbopyou would enter Shop in the Admin Console, then Payment Methods, and you'll see field in the screens to set up a payment method17:30
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@bopbopfor iTransact, the field for the email message is right on the screen for you, for Cash payments there is a template available17:31
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elninosorry, step away... I saw the shipping costs. She wants to do it by weight, but then add a flat fee for intl. I was thinking that I'll just need to create a product for "intl shipping" or something.17:58
elninoOk I didn't see the email setup in 7.4, Must have missed it when looking at 7.5.17:59
elninodoes 7.5 have shipping methods? like UPS and USPS?18:01
elninoI could handle the intl there...18:01
topsubshouldn't the remove button in the cart ask for confirmation before it removes it?18:03
topsubI gonna add it to cart.pm along with the options hash maybe commit it back18:04
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui18:07
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ18:07
@bopbopelnino- you can have multiple shipping costs for an item18:08
@bopbopjust create a shipping method, label it appropriately, and set up both a flat fee and a weight specification. When products are created you can select that shipping method in the Shop tab for the asset18:09
@bopbopthere's nothing extra required18:09
elninowell, the intl would only apply if they are intl... does the customer select? or are they automatically applied?18:10
@bopbopautomatically applied per asset18:10
@perlmonkey2arg, I just can't find out why the cart row in the DB dies when a user makes a purchase after clicking "checkout" but admin doesn't.18:11
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@host2.procolix.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]18:12
-!- nuba [n=nuba@hq.imaterial.org] has quit ["Lost terminal"]18:14
elninobopbop, ok, that wouldn't help then. I'm thinking that I'll need ot have "related items" and have intl shipping there, and hope the customer selects it when appropriate.18:14
-!- zma [n=Enki@75-175-122-216.ptld.qwest.net] has joined #webgui18:14
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []18:18
@bopbopyou could also do a Donation asset, name it something to indicate the user must place in the cart before checking out- that would work too18:19
-!- AMH_bob [n=AMH_bob@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]18:19
@bopbopwell, no18:19
@bopbopyou wouldn't want to do that18:19
@bopbopsince the dollar amount is editable18:19
elninocan I add a "Other" country under sales tax and apply it from there? - a terrible re-use of something...18:24
-!- nuba [n=nuba@hq.imaterial.org] has joined #webgui18:25
@perlmonkey2okay, I've been chasing my tail for a while now.  Is the cart and cartitem supposed to be cleared upon CART::www_checkout for a normal user, but left intact for admin?18:28
@rizenafter an order has been processed by the payment gateway18:29
@rizenit should be cleared in all circumstances18:29
@rizenfrom the cart18:29
@perlmonkey2only 110 queries to backtrack from to figure out what happened :P18:32
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI18:35
SquOnkWill 7.5.19 be out today?18:35
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui18:45
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ18:45
@perlmonkey2hahah!  There was no bug.  Well at least not in the way  I thought.  The cart was being cleared because the user had enough in-store credit to purchase the item.  So the transaction goes through when they click the checkout as they don't need a payment gateway (although they are still asked how they would like to pay and must go through the motions).18:48
@perlmonkey2So should the in-store credit be updated when a user makes a cash purchase?18:48
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7173 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: viewing badges in IE 6/718:49
@rizenHaarg, will 7.5.19 be out today?18:49
@tavistoit would be sweet if the shopping cart would not ask you for a payment method if there was only one active method configured18:49
@tavistocould I RFE that or would I get smacked around Rizen?18:50
@Haargmy plan was to release it tomorrow18:50
@rizenthere's your answer sqonk18:52
@rizentavisto, i think that's a great idea18:52
@rizenit was in the original spec, but got lost somewhere along the way18:52
@tavistocoolio, I'll post it18:52
@tavistosince I have you here...18:53
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]18:53
@tavistocrap I can't remember my question.. carry on18:53
SquOnkHaarg: All right. Thanks.18:53
carograymay I ask a non-developer  question?18:58
elnino_laptopcan't guarantee an answer tho.18:59
carograyis there a way to figure out what assets are using a specific template? We are trying to clean up and get rid of old templates/page styles, CSS and JS snippets we don't use any longer, but we want to make sure that when we delete them we don't cause old pages we don't check regularly get messed up and then crash the whole website.19:00
elnino_laptopjust found this yesterday: http://www.plainblack.com/user_contributions/user_contributions/miscellaneous/asset-checker-diagnostic-tool/1 it may do exactly what you want. I haven't used it yet, but plan to.19:02
carograyoh great thanks! I will look into it!19:02
elnino_laptopOr you can do what I've done in the past, and write a sql report 19:02
@rizencarogray, that won't tell you want you're looking for19:03
@rizenthat app is meant to tell you the performance of any given asset on your site, not what templates are attached to it19:03
carograygot any handy? sql reports to find this out perchance? I am not a programmer and although my designer is a whiz with CSS the amount of time we take up trying to get sql reports  19:04
carograyoh well thanks for the news about the contribution19:04
-!- zma [n=Enki@75-175-122-216.ptld.qwest.net] has quit ["."]19:04
elnino_laptopoh. my bad.  19:04
carograyit says it looks for broken assets - is that like shortcuts that go to assets that have been deleted?19:05
elnino_laptopumm.   I don't think I ever got it working. it's one of those thing that I do on the side when "i have time"19:05
@rizenlike assets that have broken data in them19:05
@rizennot sure if it will find deadshortcuts or not19:06
@rizenbut it probably will19:06
carograywhat is an example of an asset with "broken data" is that an sql report19:06
elnino_laptopI can go work on it some time this wek, would that be ok?19:06
carograycheese and rice! that would be fantastic!19:06
elnino_laptop"cheese and ric"e - that is a new one for me.19:07
carograywe have these nagging problems we keep ignoring but distracting us with  their untidiness leading to confusion and mistakes made whilst bleary eyed19:07
elnino_laptopwhat's your email address?19:07
carograyit's left over from when I had to swear around school children whilst working as  a Peace Corps Volunteer in the West Indies many years ago, the variant is peas and rice!19:08
elnino_laptopor are you chat during the day?19:08
elnino_laptopk. I'lls ee what I can do. I'd like to get it working to, and perhaps contrib it too.19:08
carograyNow that I have discovered how to actually get into/onto IRC chat after struggling for 18 months to figure it out, I just have it log in automatically so I can watch for it. most is too highbrow for me to follow so if you wouldn't mind giving me a note via email just so I don't miss you that would be terrific!19:09
elnino_laptoprizen, what IS an example of a asset with broken data?19:09
elnino_laptopsure, I was in the same boat not too long ago.19:10
elnino_laptopthey are good folks here, and very helpful.19:10
elnino_laptopI"m jsut a user excited about webgui.19:10
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat082.mxim.com] has joined #webgui19:12
@rizencarogray: here's an example of how to find templates that aren't being used:19:12
@rizenselect distinct url from template left join assetData using (assetId,revisionDate) where namespace='Article' and assetId not in (select distinct templateId from Article);19:12
elnino_laptopooh! thank you!19:12
@rizenthe problem is that you need to write one of these queries for each type of template that you're looking for19:12
elnino_laptopor use a parameter19:12
carograyit's good to see - I hear so many complaints about it I am sick to death of people whining and not appreciating it - much of it is beyond what we can afford and there are drawbacks, but on the other hand I really appreciate all that it offers. I am also support 13 other websites using it and just yesterday as I was working with one of our more industrious website coordinators, he suddenly began to see how powerful it is for re19:13
perlDreamercarogray, long posts get snipped19:13
carograyI don't mind using the above for every template cause we don't have a whole lot of them19:13
perlDreamerat 256 characters19:13
carograyok - that's good for me cause I talk too much anyhow19:13
carograywould /could we use that for page styles also - uh page layout templates and use' Page' instead of article?19:15
@tavistocarogray, you use WebGUI on 13 different sites?19:16
perlDreamercarogray, just make sure that the namespace and secondary table match19:16
perlDreamerto get a list of namespaces19:16
perlDreamerselect distinct(namespace) from template;19:16
perlDreamerDo the users really care that much about unused templates?19:17
perlDreamer(because there's a way in WebGUI that might help with that problem)19:17
elnino_laptopI guess I"m more interested in what is using what. so if I make a change, I know what I'm affected.19:17
carograyyes, about 13 haven't counted em lately19:18
@rizenselect distinct url from template left join assetData using (assetId,revisionDate) where namespace='Layout' and assetId not in (select distinct templateId from Layout)19:18
elnino_laptopAnd, I made a bunch of templates not really knowing what I was doing, so it would be nice to clean the out so that my users don't use them ,becaus ehtye are junk.19:18
@rizentavisto, carogray, i believe, works for MLRI19:18
elnino_laptopand I like a clean database. =)19:18
carograywe do care about unused templates cause when you want to assign a template to a page/article whatever if you have half a million to choose from with all similar names it gets very confusing - we have so many19:19
elnino_laptophere here19:19
perlDreamerHave you tried using prototypes?19:19
carograycause we are afraid to delete any and keep trying to improve and then can't remember which one is bet19:19
carograyyup - I do work for MLRI19:19
carograyprototypes terrify me.19:20
elnino_laptophmm. prototypes, don't know about.19:20
perlDreamerPrototypes are preconfigured assets19:20
carograyI have tried them and then when I don't want them any more all kinds of terrible domino effects happen upon deletion 19:20
carograythe place gets totally out of control!19:20
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7174 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Shop/CartItem.pm: update CartItem POD for get19:23
carograyin case you're still thinking in that sql report mode - here is the next trickier, and also more ocd item - what about detecting if anything is 19:26
carograycalling unused CSS or JS snippets - we inherited a site that has both main.css and global.css - 19:26
carograywe think we are only using assets that call global and want to delete main, but...if we delete main and something we don't know is using it - what might 'appen?119:26
perlDreamercarogray, then I would recommend not deleting19:26
perlDreameruse version control19:27
perlDreamertake the snippet, and replace the contents with the words "I want to delete this"19:27
perlDreamerthen check your website19:27
perlDreamerif you don't find that phrase, then you're clean19:27
carograyoh brilliant solution - that's marvelous! cheers!19:27
perlDreamerif you do, then rollback that version of the snippet, rework the user of the snippet not to anymore, and repeat19:27
perlDreamerwhen it's clean, you can delete it19:27
perlDreamerand, if you turn off autocommit, you can do it without affecting the user experience on the website19:28
carograyyep - I get all the stuff about how to use the version tags for this. I don't use autocommit meself - don't trust myself enough19:30
carograyas soon as I start to get confident I do something totally absent mindedly 19:30
carograywon't bore you with what a space cadet I am19:30
carograydo we have a certain limit to how many solutions we are allowed to have in  day?19:32
carograyin a day19:32
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by tavisto19:32
+perlDreamercarogray, if you were to make a wiki page for each thing that you learn that you find useful, I think we'd answer lots of questions.19:33
carograygood lord yes! I am really into that cause - how much help you all are as well as how frustrating it is/has been for me not to be able to find these kinds of things anywhere19:33
carograythis next problem is a really tedious, cross-eyed making one that I am too lazy and too non-conversant in CSS to figure out though.19:34
carogray I would really understand if you don't want to bother with it.19:34
+perlDreamerCSS questions might be better asked in a web design channel19:34
carograyIt's about seeing the table not working in IE when it is working in Firefox19:35
carograyyou mean a non-webgui channel?19:35
carograylike, find a css irc thing?19:35
+perlDreameryeah, or, try the design forum on webgui.org19:36
carograyok - that's fine I don't mind doing that19:36
carograyone more question - not solution before I go...please?19:36
carograywhat is a "thingy" I keep reading about them, but really not sure I understand exactly what it is.19:37
+perlDreamerThe thingy is a web-based application builder.  Think of it as Microsoft Access in WebGUI.19:37
carograycan you explain a little more? or give me an example or 2?19:38
+perlDreamerIt lets you build tables, build forms for filling the tables, and then do searches and lookups with templated results19:38
+perlDreamerso, for building common applications like rolodex's and the like, you just build them with Thingy rather than coding with Perl.19:39
carograymmmm, sounds familiar, as if I read this somewhere before. I need to read this stuff over and over again see examples, for about a year before it begins to penetrate19:39
carograyit's only in 7.5 now right?19:39
+perlDreamerJT's blob, plainblack.com/tbb explained it in more detail19:39
+perlDreameryes, 7.519:39
carograyphew - so I have a little while to absorb. is there a real life example where it is used - not on the demo yet, cause that's the latest stable version of WG right?19:40
@rizencarogray, there is a one our training session on thingy at the WUC this year19:41
@rizendon't know if you're going or not19:41
+perlDreamerwell, in addition to demo.plainblack.com, there's beta.plainblack.com where you can try the latest and greatest WebGUI19:41
carograyunfortunately WUC is agin out of the question for me 19:41
carograyone day I hope to get there.19:41
+perlDreamercarogray, what's the sticking point on the WUC?19:41
+perlDreamerWhere else can you get 2 days of point, hands-on training for $500?19:42
carograyoh  about the beta.plainblack.com - that's great - didn't know19:42
carograyI don't deny the value of the WUC, but we had our budget cut back by 10% this year, like the rest of the world, combined with the fact that my daughter is moving to Alaska at the end of the summer and the timing is just all wrong for me. 19:43
* perlmonkey2 shoots Shop/Transaction with his heavy cal anti-bug gun.20:00
+perlDreameris it fixed?20:01
+perlDreameror are you frustrated?20:01
@perlmonkey2it is fixed20:01
@perlmonkey2but it was frustrating :D20:01
+perlDreamersweet (about the fixedness).  I'll read the patch.20:02
@perlmonkey2it was extremely simple to fix.  The hard part was tracking down what was going on and when exactly Credit::update should be called, and then finding out why it was being called without effect.20:03
+perlDreamerthis is the in store credit bug?20:03
+perlDreamerthat's a two-fer, then?20:03
+perlDreamertwo bugs with 19 characters20:03
@perlmonkey2*ka-blam* *ka-blam* 20:03
+perlDreamernot bad, dude20:03
@perlmonkey2that's why its double barreled :P20:03
@perlmonkey2Will be easy for the next bug as most of this was plumbing the depths of Shop/20:04
elnino_laptoptavisto: testing are you there?20:05
@tavistoyep, that pages me20:06
@tavistoanytime you use someone's name20:06
@tavistoelnino_laptop this is a test to see if your IRC client works. :)20:08
elnino_laptopok. thanks!20:08
-!- ascii [n=ascii@] has quit ["leaving"]20:08
CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7175 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Shop/Transaction.pm): In store credit now correctly deducted from with new purchases. Shop/Transaction was not updating the shopCreditDeduction column.20:09
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: do you think this is a bug or an RFE?  http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/gallery-navigation-back-to-album-returns-to-page-1#IczSJ_TqDhr3Fcr2lsl40Q20:10
@perlmonkey2probably bug?20:10
+perlDreamerreally low priority bug20:11
+perlDreamerI mean, it works, but I can see where you'd expect to go back to where you started.20:11
@perlmonkey2okay, well I've made a pass on everything below it and don't think I can do anything above it.20:11
+perlDreamergo for it20:11
@perlmonkey2naw, I'll go back through the list and see if anything closed has reopened or if something looks higher priority.20:12
+perlDreamerpage layout - hide assets broken would be good to fix20:12
+perlDreamerbut I'd only do it with a test20:13
-!- knowmad [n=william@] has joined #webgui20:13
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-!- knowmad [n=william@] has joined #webgui20:13
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-!- knowmad [n=william@] has joined #webgui20:13
+perlDreamerare you staying this time, knowmad?20:14
knowmadi knew someone was going to see that... having trouble getting my IM to behave ;)20:14
knowmadperlDreamer: preaction: I figured out what my problem was with sending internal emails20:14
knowmadyou have to use the userId, not the username20:14
+perlDreamerawesome!  What was it?20:14
knowmadthere is a bug in mail system that the emails were just disappearing with no errors20:15
knowmadneed some testing around that20:15
knowmadpd: do you have a mechanism for testing mail delivery?20:15
knowmadall: what timezone does the scheduler run off of?20:15
knowmadis there a system-wide timezone?20:15
+perlDreamerknowmad, just Mail/Send.t20:16
+perlDreamerand Inbox.t, which I think dionak wrote20:16
knowmaddoes the Send.t script have a test for confirming delivery?20:16
+perlDreamerWell, it sets up a dummy smtpd server.20:17
+perlDreamerso all it checks is that SMTPD got it20:17
+perlDreamernot that it's received on the far end20:17
+perlDreamersince there's no far end to test20:17
knowmadOK, that's kinda what i need to do for internal messaging20:17
+perlDreamerbut with internal messaging, there's no SMTPD20:17
knowmadright, so we should be able to check the inbox of the recipient to make sure it gets through20:18
+perlDreamerright, that would be Inbox.t20:18
elnino_laptoprizen: I think I was told to ask you.  does webgui shop handel international shipping charges? for example.  the user would be charged a normal shippig fee, but if they are intl, they would get stuck with a flat surcharge to handle additional shipping costs.20:18
knowmadback to my question about the scheduler, what timezone does it run off of?20:18
knowmadmy scheduled tasks are not running at the same time as my system clock20:19
elnino_laptopknowmad: perhaps off of your user's settings? just a thought I have no idea.20:19
knowmaddoes it go by system time?20:19
knowmadwhat user do the scheduled tasks run under?20:20
elnino_laptopi don't know, the one that created it? like I said, I have no idea. Just being creative =)20:20
-!- lisette [n=liraos@] has joined #webgui20:20
@rizenelnino: the flat rate shipping module doesn't, but the ones we attach to UPS, FedEx and the like will20:20
knowmadbut then they aren't actually being run until the scheduler fires them off so it appears that we need to know about the scheduler20:21
+perlDreamerknowmad, that's all spectre code, lib/Spectre/Cron.pm20:21
elnino_laptoprizen: so how does the ups and usps work, do they by pass the "ship by weight" and "ship by transaction" types of shipments?20:21
elnino_laptopare they just another type of shipment?20:21
knowmadlooks like its using timezone of 'local' which means system time20:22
elnino_laptopand did I gather correctly from your comment, that they (ups/fedex) are soon to be implemented?20:22
knowmadwhich perl prob. thinks is GMT20:22
+perlDreamerknowmad, you know that I always say in these kinds of situations ;)20:23
SquOnkHas anyone tried out the Debian packages?20:24
SquOnkIf 7.5.19 is released tomorrow, there will be updated packages around 23:00 UTC20:25
@rizenelnino, there are no official announcements about those modules yet. i'm just saying when we do implement them they will fully support international shipment pricing20:25
SquOnkFor 7.5.19 there will be a prototype automatic configuration. It will _ask_ for values but will _not_ do anything with them yet.20:25
@rizenthe goal for 7.5 was just to get a decent working commerce system into webgui...the future versions of webgui will be adding to it's capability20:26
elnino_laptopthat's fine, just wanted to know if it was there already or not.  Thanks!20:26
elnino_laptoprizen: does the shop currently handel coupons?  Sorry to bother you, they said you're the one to ask.20:28
@rizenjust basic flat rate coupons20:28
@rizenlike buy $100 worth of merchandise and get 10% off20:28
@rizenthat sort of thing20:28
lisettehello, i do a package of a site with 7.4.40 and i try to upload to a site with 7.5.18 and shows me the next error: 20:29
lisette2008/08/06 12:28:21 - WARN - www.pruebas.com.conf - WebGUI::Content::Asset::tryAssetMethod[207] - Couldn't call method view on asset for url: home/normatividad/circulares/circulares-2008 Root cause: no good: 7Hn99MZUHJu0GmjVp-xf2A at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Collaboration.pm line 1178.20:29
elnino_laptoprizen two more: where if possible does one modify the confirmation email after an order is placed? is that webgui or thru itransact?20:30
elnino_laptop(that was one)20:30
lisettei can do export/import of package of different versions?20:32
elnino_laptoprizen: two) and my user would like to sell online collateral. and when they place the order, she wants to limint the number of downloads by that user either by count or by time frame, is eithe rpossilbe?  Someone suggested using subscriptions and doing it that way?20:33
knowmadperlDreamer: I suspect you'd say test it which is what i just did; it thinks the local time is America/Chicago which is very odd20:34
knowmadi wonder if that's due to the WRE being pre-compiled by PB (this is a windoze server)20:35
+perlDreamerknowmad, if it pulls the timezone from the user profile, the default _is_ America/Chicago, by strange coincidence :)20:55
knowmadi don't think it uses the user profile20:56
+perlDreamerelnino_laptop, there is a confirmation email sent by WebGUI, it is configured in the Payment Methods and it is templated.20:57
knowmadI think it's line 181 of Spectre/Cron.pm that does scheduling20:58
knowmadmy script that I ran outside of WebGUI (but using WRE perl) says localtime is Chicago20:59
+perlDreamerthat's bad20:59
knowmadi don't know how it's getting that; it's not in Config.pm20:59
+perlDreamerI'd file that as a bug21:01
+perlDreamerso the good news is that it still happens regularly, and you can calculate when you want it21:01
elnino_laptopperlDreamer: thanks21:02
knowmadyou'd think so21:02
knowmadbut it didn't run when i expected it to21:02
+perlDreameryeah, that's the bad part21:02
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@68-114-219-232.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["that's all folks"]21:02
topsubis there a way i can enable anonymous checkout?21:03
topsubwebgui 7.5.1521:03
@preaction"anonymous" checkout?21:03
@preactionlike checkout without having to create a user?21:04
topsubwhy do you have to have an account to checkout?21:10
elnino_laptoptopsub: i'm only guessing, so that the user can login to view/modify existing orders. And the information needs to be stored somewhere, so that the administrators of the store can manage the info. and webgui needs to tie the order info to *something* and that something is the user. But I know what you are asking, and it's not uncommon.21:23
elnino_laptopit's not uncommon to let a user buy something without getting a username/password to a site.21:24
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has quit []21:24
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui21:25
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ21:25
elnino_laptopmaybe, the user can be created and just be "deactiviated" upon checkout. So maybe you can create a workflow to do that.21:25
elnino_laptopOr do you have to log into a webgui site before you can have a cart?21:25
@rizenyou can shop all you want without an account21:26
@rizenjust at checkout time you must have an account21:26
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui21:35
topsubCan the visitor be used to buy products?21:37
@rizenno, i just said you need an account21:38
dionakwhy is the account required? in other words where do i look in the codebase?21:39
dionakis it in Transaction?21:40
@rizenlook in the codebase for what?21:40
dionakfor the requirement of having an account to checkout21:40
@rizenthe entire shop was designed around there being a user21:41
@rizenyou won't be able to just pull it out21:41
@rizenEMS will stop working21:41
@rizentransactions won't work21:41
@rizenaddress books won't work21:41
@rizenthe requirement comes from the fact that is no secure way to show a user his or her transaction history if they don't have an account21:42
dionakok, that is more helpful21:42
@rizenbut once that requirement was establish21:42
@rizenand we knew there would be a user account21:42
@rizeneverything else was built to make use of that fact21:42
dionakso it would take a lot of refactoring to implement anonymous checkout.21:43
dionakgot it.21:44
dionakso we need to force our client to support user accounts in order to use WG shop21:44
dionaktopsub asked about visitor because i was wondering if there was a way to hide the user account requirement21:45
@rizenyes, but more importantly, why wouldn't you want to support user accounts? besides "they just don't like it"21:45
dionakit's more that the client doesn't feel like it's a good fit for their audience21:46
dionakthat's the gist21:46
@rizeneventually there will be a Point of Sale mode, which will allow you to check out multiple guests with a single user account, but you'll still need to be logged in as that user.21:46
dionakah, that's kind of what we've been working on21:47
@rizenyou'll need to be logged in as a clerk21:47
dionakok, thanks for the input. very helpful21:47
topsubHow does "shipperId" id get set when your wanting to checkout? I set up a freeshipping shipping method but i still get "Must provide a shipperId"  in the logs22:06
topsubWhen i go to checkout22:08
@perlmonkey2Don't almost all online retailers require an account to make purchases?22:09
topsubnot all22:09
@perlmonkey2topsub: certainly, but I'm having trouble thinking of the edge cases where it makes more sense to not have an account.22:12
topsubits not use, its the client that doesn't want it22:12
@rizentopsub, is the shipping method that you created enabled?22:13
topsubrizen: sure is22:17
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@] has joined #WebGUI22:17
dionakperlmonkey2: no, anonymous checkout is a common feature22:18
@rizenshipperid gets set when you choose a shipping method on the cart screen22:18
dionakmost do, but not all22:18
@perlmonkey2dionak: ??22:18
dionaki was responding to your earlier question about requiring accounts to make purchases22:18
@perlmonkey2dionak: right right, just wondered which ones22:19
dionakusually larger sites require it for informational purposes but we see smaller sites not using it. cs-cart, for instance, has this feature. i don't have a site url handy22:20
topsubrizen, ah. once i choose a shipping address, i get Per Item Shipping column show up, but then no area to choose shipping.. so something must be wrong with my template?22:20
@perlmonkey2dionak: cool, okay, that makes sense22:20
lisetteanyone knows that happends?22:21
topsubfixed, thanks rizen22:21
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: please correct me if I'm offbase here, but wouldn't the best place to start digging for the Page Layout Can't Unhide Assets bug be in the Asset::www_editSave method?22:31
@preactionperlmonkey2, probably better off in processPropertiesFromFormPost22:33
-!- khenn [n=khenn@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]22:33
@preactionbut even more likely, it's probably in Asset::update (which gets called by processPropertiesFromFormPost)22:34
@perlmonkey2preaction: thanks, I'll start in update as you probably know what you're talking about :P  This one is going to be hairy me thinks.22:35
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@] has left #WebGUI []22:36
-!- khenn [n=khenn@] has joined #WebGUI22:36
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topsubIs there a template we can change for select payment gateway?22:37
@perlmonkey2preaction: in processPropertiesFromFormPost right before the call to update I dumped %data.  The unselected hidden assets are listed in the hash key of hidden assets.  22:39
@preactionperlmonkey2, okay, so somewhere before that point is the problem, right?22:40
@perlmonkey2preaction: dang I was hoping that would trigger your memory allowing you to solve this bug instantly :P  okay, I'll stop screwing around and bugging you.22:41
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]22:49
@perlmonkey2preaction: here's one to make you cry.  The first entry is with two assets checked to be hidden.  The second entry is with the same two assets unchecked.  I'm thinking the problem might be in form now.  http://webgui.pastebin.com/d6f1921ef22:56
lisettehow to install a package that contents a CS23:00
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI23:08
+perlDreamertopsub, there was a Product bug that will be fixed in 7.5.19 related to Products and per item shipping23:16
+perlDreamerbe sure that you're running off of SVN, or apply the patch to your local dev box23:16
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]23:23
@perlmonkey2I need a hand on the hidden assets of a page layout bug.  There are no CGI params being passed back when I don't check any assets to be hidden.  But somehow the form object is getting set as if those params had been set.  Anyone got a clue where I should start looking now?  I keep going in circles on Asset::processPropertiesFromFormPost.  23:33
@perlmonkey2its like if no params were passed back the form just grabs whatever the asset properties contains.23:34
-!- khenn [n=khenn@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]23:34
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@perlmonkey2Dumping Form on the Layout form submission I see two queries doing the exact same thing.  query 23 and query 31 are the same query.23:46
@perlmonkey2I haven't a clue what's going on.  Why would the form be updating the DB before the asset has even started processingFromForm23:47
@perlmonkey2By the 3rd line of Asset::processPropertiesFromFormPost the Layout has already been updated twice (I'm guessing the revision plus the commit).23:49
@preactionperlmonkey2, i'd start looking in WebGUI::Form::CheckList->getValue. it seems to be giving the default value (getDefaultValue) when the checklist is empty.23:52
@tavistoman IRC is hardcore programming today23:52
@perlmonkey2tavisto: just because some dumb codemonkey is polluting the channel23:53
@preactioner.... me?23:53
@tavistoheh well I've been following along... Can't tell you how happy I am to see you bug slashing23:53
@perlmonkey2I thought I was the only codemonkey here :P23:53
@tavistowell preaction can't code.. he's just got charm23:53
* preaction is starting a cult of personality23:54
-!- drewstephan [n=drewstep@ip98-164-124-83.no.no.cox.net] has joined #webgui23:54
@tavistoif there's one thing I know about Doug Black, it's that I didn't know his last name was Black until today.23:54
@perlmonkey2preaction: you'd be something like senior software engineer master code annihilator extraordinaire.23:55
@preactionLike Mussolini.... and Kennedy.... I'm a cult of personality23:55
* perlmonkey2 thinks PB should order the programming positions as "codemonkey" "codemonkey +1" "codemonkey +2" "master code annihilator aka codemonkey +3"23:58
@preactionthe PB geek code: PB$++~23:59
@preactionthe ~ is a gooey tentacle23:59
@perlmonkey2preaction: hmm, why do you have to point out how stupid I am.  if I thought that the form was just pulling the default value when no value was given, shouldn't it have been obivious to anyone with a brain that the getValue was a good place to start.  Which begs the question, do I indeed have a brain.23:59
--- Day changed Thu Aug 07 2008
@perlmonkey2hah, nice00:00
@preactionsurely. www_editSave / processPropertiesFromFormPost and the like is the most complex part of the asset system. wait until you learn that when you ?func=add; an asset, it calls www_edit of the child, but when you save that form, it calls www_editSave of the parent first00:00
@perlmonkey2that hurts to think about00:01
-!- juan1 [n=juangui@] has joined #webgui00:05
juan1i have a problem in one of my site00:05
dionakmakes sense, but yea...ouch00:05
juan1i have done some changes, i have added an article and a snnipet00:06
@preactionwell, the child asset doesn't exist yet, so there's no URL which we can use to access it00:06
juan1i commited all my changes00:06
juan1and the users can see the changes00:06
juan1everyone can see then00:07
juan1but nobody is watching them00:07
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []00:07
knowmadhere's one that will make you go, huh? i have a system that has webgui.log messages entering at the system time but I have to set the scheduler back by an hour00:07
knowmadgo figure00:08
knowmadhas something to do with the perl interpreter but i have no clue what00:08
juan1only the admin user can see them and it is logged in and when the turn admin is on00:09
juan1if turn admin is off the changes are not visibles00:09
SDuensinHey guys.  Anyone ever load a JAR out of the asset system?00:10
* SDuensin can't make it work.00:10
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+perlDreamerall triggered workflows are real time now, yes?00:41
@preactionthey start realtime yes00:42
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knowmadspeaking of workflows, does anyone remember if there was a bugfix for day of week ranges, e.g., 1-501:12
+perlDreamerNope.  I'd svn log that file to check01:13
knowmaduhh, which file should I run svn log against? I don't see a Scheduler.pm 01:33
knowmadoh, nm01:33
knowmadright, that's what reads it; i was thinking of setting it which appears to be an Op01:34
knowmadhow can i tell when a revision was included in a tag? i need to know what revision of Cron.pm was release with 7.4.801:36
knowmadit looks like an op to me when i'm editing scheduler tasks01:38
knowmadthat's pretty cool to have an activity that can create cron jobs though01:38
knowmadthere's got to be a way to know what revision a release was tagged at without checking out that release.... it'll have to wait til tomorrow01:43
+perlDreamersorry, I only know how to run about 4-5 svn commands01:47
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7176 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/WebGUI.pm): update hover help for auto request commit01:50
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CIA-6WebGUI: dionak * r7177 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/SyndicatedContent.pm: Adding conditional to test if xml is already decoded06:39
CIA-6WebGUI: dionak * r7178 /WebGUI/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt: Adding update for syndicated content utf-8 check06:39
CIA-6WebGUI: dionak * r7179 /WebGUI/docs/credits.txt: Adding knowmad to credits for tests and bug fix06:39
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@tavistopreaction, in the gallery asset, how is all the meta data captured from the images? Is it using EXIFutils to read this info?08:25
@tavistoguess I'll catch ya tomorrow then.. g'night all08:27
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hightekvagabondany of you guys ever had problems APR::Request::Apache2 not finding the "handle" method?13:30
BartJolhightekvagabond haven't seen that14:11
hightekvagabondyeah, as far as I can tell it really has nothing to do with WebGUI and it an issue with my libapreq2 install, was just hoping someone around here had seen it14:12
BartJolhave you searched the site?14:16
BartJolah, i find only your post14:16
hightekvagabondI've been searching the WebGUI forums, apache, cpan, and many mailing lists via google14:17
BartJolwell, that should have given you a clue when something is on the forum, but unfortunately....14:17
BartJoland what happens if you grep for that?14:20
hightekvagabondgrep for what?14:22
BartJolfor the handle method?14:23
BartJolif the files are there, maybe the module isn't loaded14:23
BartJolmmm, I can't find it within the wre14:24
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7180 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): fixed: Thingy: Subtext disappears when editing a field15:18
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-!- knowmad [n=william@] has joined #webgui15:29
knowmadhey, is anybody online who wants to conduct a search experiment with me?15:30
BartJolwhat version?15:31
BartJolor do you have a site?15:32
knowmadi have a beta demo setup15:32
knowmadBartJol: do you use search on any of your sites?15:32
BartJoleeh, I added a search somewhere15:32
BartJolbut it is some time ago15:32
knowmadi'm working on my presentation and am trying to grok how the system works15:33
knowmadit's pretty simple but some queries aren't working15:33
knowmadtry searching "latest news" 15:33
knowmadwith or without quotes15:33
knowmadnow try +news -latest which should exclude all the assets with the word 'latest'15:34
BartJoldiffernce is: Commercial Documentation15:34
knowmadwhat do you mean?15:34
BartJolin the results15:34
BartJoland latest appears in the sec ond query15:35
knowmadyes, but why do we still get results with latest?15:35
knowmadwhen we're telling wG to exclude that? 'latest' is not a stopword15:35
knowmadat least not in MySQL15:35
BartJoldoes the - really exclude the following term?15:36
knowmadnor in Search.pm15:36
knowmadthat's what it's supposed to do according to mysql docs and JT15:36
knowmadguess there's something happening to the query as it is being biult that is going awry15:37
knowmaddo you know how i can turn on query logging in mysql?15:37
knowmadbtw, thanks for the second pair of eyes; i just wanted to be sure i wasn't overlooking something15:38
BartJolno problem, but I'm afraid that my query language is not sufficient15:39
BartJoland I'm a bit busy, unfortunately, because I'd like to help you15:39
knowmadi'll report back once i figure out how webgui is building the query15:39
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7181 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.5.18-7.5.19.pl: fixed: Thingy: Subtext disappears when editing a field15:57
knowmadBartJol: FYI, adding 'log=/data/wre/var/logs/mysql-query.log' to /data/wre/etc/my.cnf enabled the MySQL General Query Log 16:02
knowmadAlso, it really looks like there's a bug in the WebGUI search builder16:02
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui16:13
-!- kurios63 [n=chatzill@a62-216-21-20.adsl.cistron.nl] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070208]"]16:22
BartJolthat might be16:24
knowmadBartJol:  i've submitted a bug report with my findings -- http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/webgui-search-errors#N-mQBBz8rn53dQvQDXrPgA16:24
knowmadhave you ever looked at the search() method in WebGUI::Search?16:24
knowmadit's 110 lines of complicated logic!16:25
BartJolbeyond my limits right now :)16:25
knowmadme too! hopefully one of the devs will take a look at it today16:25
BartJolsome genius worked on that16:25
knowmadi'd really like to have this fixed for my presentation16:25
knowmadyeah, i suspect that's all rizen_16:26
knowmadit's not just the perl code but also the data storage that's interesting16:26
knowmadall indexed keywords are put into the assetIndex table into a single column called, wait for it.... keywords16:26
knowmadthat's straight-forward enough but..16:27
knowmadevery keyword is separated by two single-quotes16:27
knowmadi've yet to grok what that's about and how it doesn't cause breakage when searching for phrases16:27
SDuensinI love the tire place in town...  I called and told him I had a screw in one of my tires.  He was like, "Well, if you want them all to match, we can put screws in the other three."16:29
topsublol wow16:29
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI16:30
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ16:30
BartJoland how is the search query broken? split on space?16:36
knowmaddid you read my bug report?16:36
knowmadi don't know how it's broken as i don't understand how it work16:36
BartJolam now16:36
knowmadhowever, it does not perform as advertised in regards to boolean operators16:37
knowmadmy initial forays into the query it builds lead me to believe there are logic errors in the search method that is building the MySQL query16:38
BartJoldoesn't seem good16:38
knowmadnope, explains why my clients have told me search is funky16:38
knowmadoverall, the search system rocks but bugs like this are a showstopper16:39
knowmadit doesn't matter how technically cool it is if it doesn't perform as expected16:39
knowmadBartJol: are you attending the WUC?16:40
BartJolI am16:40
BartJolI will16:40
knowmadwhich talk are you doing?16:40
BartJolon macro's in the user track16:41
BartJolfirst one, as the schedule remains the same16:41
knowmadcool, those are handy critters16:41
BartJolbut now I have to find out why a subdomain doens't refer people to the right webgui site16:42
-!- Haaarg [n=haarg@24-240-43-138.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]16:45
knowmadsounds like an apache config issue assuming the dns is correct16:47
BartJolyeah, modprxy and moperl confs were incomplete16:48
BartJolchanged it, and worked16:48
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@wsip-70-164-69-210.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui16:53
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-!- Haaarg is now known as Haarg17:10
knowmadBartJol: you still hanging around?17:18
knowmadcheck out these search terms @ http://beta.webgui.org/demo1218108416_88/home/search/site-search17:19
knowmad  +news* -latest17:20
knowmadthe asterisk totally changes the results17:20
BartJolcool, strange but cool17:21
-!- hightekvagabond [n=Administ@c-75-72-71-182.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has quit ["Leaving."]17:22
knowmadthe strange is what's bad17:26
knowmadi updated my bug report and am hoping it's enough info for whoever built the search system to fix this issue17:27
knowmadit's a pretty glaring bug IMO17:27
BartJolyeah, it's bad when such a cool function doesn't work properly17:30
@Haargi believe it's because of the chinese work support section17:31
@Haargnot sure of the best way to fix it, as i'm not yes certain what that code is supposed to do17:31
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui17:48
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@perlmonkey2Is there some documentation showing how the auto-forms work?  When a Layout's edit form is submitted, if there are no checkboxes ticked, then Form::Checkbox is never called.  Yet somehow the Session::Form is getting the default values (probably from the asset), and I need to know where that happens.17:52
@Haargit's a bit complex how that happens17:56
@perlmonkey2Haarg: I'm just putting traces in everything related so I can watch it happen :)17:57
@HaargprocessPropertiesFromFormPost calls session->form->process17:57
@Haargand includes the current value17:57
@Haargthat goes through the formvalidator code, autoload etc17:58
@perlmonkey2Haarg: btu I'm not even sure this happens in processPoerpertiesFromFormPost as there is nothing related to these properties in the form post.  17:58
@perlmonkey2no checkboxes checked, means nothing posted.17:58
@Haargit does that for everything in the definition though17:59
@Haargthat goes through the form validator, autoloader, etc17:59
@Haargand calls getValue17:59
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CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7182 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Search.pm): fixed: WebGUI Search errors - boolean search using filtering does not work18:29
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@tavistopreaction, in the gallery asset.. did you setup the metadata to be extracted from the images using EXIFutils?19:03
@preactionit is EXIF data, yes19:03
@tavistomy friend is a photographer and he really likes the gallery asset (and plans to use it). However, he wanted to know if we could add several fields that he thought were important and missing19:04
@preactionuh... i grab them all, and delete the ones that break things19:05
@preactionif the EXIF field is in the photo, it's in the template19:05
@tavistoHe was going to send me a list of them since I can't remember all the ones he told me about. We posted a few of his pictures and all of the fields that showed up on his Vista machine did not show up in the gallery19:06
@preactionwhich ones are missing? maybe they're ones I had to delete19:06
@preactionthen the underlying Perl module does not know about or handle those fields19:06
@tavistohe spouted off a bunch that were in relation to gps coords and stuff photographers would care about :)19:07
@preactionright, but how are they stored in the Exif data? i would suspect that the GPS coords are stored in some binary representation, which isn't automatically handled and we'd have to do manually.19:09
@preactionpossible, of course, but an RFE nonetheless19:09
@tavistooh yeah I definitely think that might be the case. What I'll do is get the list from him and then paste all of the 'missing fields19:09
@tavisto in the RFE19:09
@preactionif you give me one of the images you're talking about, i have an idea19:09
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@tavistosome of them were simple.. and yes I can give you some of his images.. he works for NOAA and takes some pretty amazing pics on their research projects19:10
@preactiondo they host with us? or do they have their own server?19:10
@preactionif my idea works, I can give them a patch19:10
@tavistoNOAA is not a client... yet :)19:10
ckotilman, if you guye get NOAA that would be sweet19:11
ckotilI might be doing work for them soon19:11
@tavistoJT (my other buddy - not Rizen) works for NW Labs in washington19:11
@tavistoso my visit was to see a good friend... and also make use of an opportunity to expand our reach into the govt.19:12
perlDreamerI still think we need to take over the Papa John's website19:12
@tavistosweet ckotil, they are a great group to work with I'm told19:12
@tavistoyes, and we can barter an intranet for pizza19:13
@perlmonkey2okay, a day later I'm finally at where preaction was on this issue of the bug where you can't uncheck all assets to be unhidden in a Layout.19:15
@perlmonkey2This bit of logic in Form::Control is the issue and there isn't a good way to solve it, I don't think.19:16
@perlmonkey2if no value is passed in grab the default value.  Probably correct behavior for most cases, except where we have a checkbox list with nothing checked.19:17
perlDreamerSo this actually affects _all_ checklists, not just this one.19:17
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: that would be my assumption19:17
@preactionwhat definition sub is that using? Form::Controls?19:18
@perlmonkey2any asset with a checkbox list could not have its properties changes so that once a box is ticked, at least 1 other box will laways have to be ticked.19:18
@perlmonkey2preaction: that is from new in Form::Control19:18
@preactionokay, but that's just instanciating a form control, right? 19:19
@perlmonkey2yes which then getValue is called on19:19
@perlmonkey2FormValidator::process does my @values = $self->$type($params); which creates the Form::asset and calls getValue on19:20
@preactionline 222 of lib/WebGUI/Form/List.pm is the problem19:20
@perlmonkey2$params is the %hash from Asset::processPropertiesFromFormPost19:20
* perlmonkey2 wonders how he could have possible missed that CheckBox was not a Control, but a List19:21
@perlmonkey2for a list there shouldn't be a defaultValue?  Nothing passed in means we want null?19:22
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@preactionor look below that, in getDefaultValue. that doesn't loook right at all19:25
@preactionthe problem is that getDefaultValue is getting called at all. the default value (when it comes to assets) shouldn't be used if the control was displayed to the user19:26
@preactionit should only be used if the asset was added through the API and not the UI, and it should be used to show the initial value when the UI is displayed for adding a new asset19:26
@perlmonkey2yeah, I commented 222 out and it works great for the Layout checkboxes19:26
@preactionbut when a list-like form control doesn't have an entry, it doesn't get added to the form post, and WebGUI assumes it wasn't shown and sets a default value19:27
@preactionfor our problem, "value" is more important than "defaultValue"19:27
@preactionso it's multiple problems: one, getDefaultValue is being called. two, "value" is being used because it's more important than defaultValue19:28
@preactioni think for list types, we might have to make defaultValue more important than value19:28
@perlmonkey2I'm not tracking.  I would have thought that defaultValue shouldn't have any importance with List types.  They should default to nothing?19:30
@preactionwhat if you want it to default to something when creating an asset using addChild?19:31
@perlmonkey2I still haven't fully grokked getDefaultValue, getValue and get('value')19:32
@perlmonkey2so I don't know :)19:32
@perlmonkey2preaction: I'm feeling a little out of my depth on this one and am deferring to you and how best to proceed.19:35
@preactiongetValue is the value from the form19:35
@preactiongetDefaultValue is either the "value" property or the "defaultValue" property19:35
@perlmonkey2simple enough19:36
@preactiongetValue calls getDefaultValue if it needs to, and in our case here it's calling it but doesn't need to19:36
@perlmonkey2So remove the call?19:37
@preactioncan't, we actually do need to call it, but not in this one case19:37
@preactionthe problem: how do we determine if we need to call it?19:37
@perlmonkey2and how do we tell getValue not to call getDefaultValue?19:37
perlDreamercan we get a list of existant form variables?19:37
@perlmonkey2move the logic up further in the form and add a special flag to this getValue?19:37
perlDreamerif it exists as a form variable, we always use the form variable, regardless of its value19:37
@preactionperlDreamer, no. if a list type doesn't have a value selected, it doesn't show up as a query parameter19:38
perlDreamerif it doesn't we should use the "backup" logic19:38
perlDreamerthat sucks19:38
@preactioni'm thinking if session->request exists, we use that no matter what19:38
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: this isnt' the first time that checkboxes not showing up as empty params has bit me :(19:38
perlDreamerpreaction, session->request always exists19:39
perlDreamereven in tests, now19:39
perlDreamerWebGUI.pm, line 40519:40
perlDreamerEvery WebGUI page fetch gets a Request object19:41
perlDreamerit might be empty (with no form data), but it's there19:41
@perlmonkey2I like have FormValidator test for Lists and then call getValue($value,DONTGETDEFAULTVALUE) on only list types19:41
@perlmonkey2Bad idea?19:45
@preactionprobably. when would we use that?19:48
@preactioni'm almost going towards not giving the "value" field to the form element in processPropertysFromFormPost19:48
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@perlmonkey2preaction: I'm thinking we would use that flag everytime a List is processed in FormValidator19:50
@perlmonkey2or I guess the same effect could be had by putting that in Asset::processPostFromForm19:51
@perlmonkey2I mean processProperties19:52
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topsubAfter a product is added to the cart what callback gets called? So i could say have it redirect to the shopping cart?19:56
@perlmonkey2So preaction, in FormValidation::AUTOLOAD we could test if $control isa List and then return $control->getValue(@args,NODEFAULTVALUE)20:00
@perlmonkey2that seem like a good place for it?  Should only get used when a form is submitted, right?20:00
@Haargthat seems rather ugly20:01
@perlmonkey2Haarg: If List types should not call getDefaultValue when used with the UI, but use it with the API, won't there have to be a clunky special case flag+logic in there?20:02
@Haargpreaction: you have to supply value for file fields20:06
perlDreamertopsub, the url for buying is func=buy20:06
perlDreameryou can trace it from there20:06
@Haargwell, lists shouldn't need to be special, and really only multi select lists are the issue here20:06
@Haargand getting the default value isn't really a problem, only getting value20:07
* SDuensin hates CSS.20:08
@perlmonkey2Haarg: I thought getting the defaultvalue was the problme.  We don't want the default value if there is no value, bcause that means none of the check boxes were checked and we want undef as the value.20:08
@Haargthe default value is undef though20:08
SDuensinAnyone else have problems with vertical alignment of the content when using the site builder provided template?20:08
@perlmonkey2It doesn't become the last value?20:08
@Haargno, but 'value' does20:09
@perlmonkey2foreach my $value ($self->get("value"), $self->get("defaultValue")) {20:09
@perlmonkey2that is for List::getDefaultValue20:09
@HaargSDuensin, what kind of problems?20:09
SDuensinHere, Haarg - http://test.cloudcircle.com/discuss/discussion-forums/general-chatter/test7#L_aiSLUIfcaDnpRZD71OCQ20:09
@Haargah yeah20:10
@Haargclear:both in some of the templates20:10
SDuensinI'm too dumb to fix it.20:10
@perlmonkey2So then for getDefaultValue for a list type we woudl only return the defaultValue never just the value?20:10
@Haargpossibly, i'm not certain20:10
@HaargSDuensin, if you apply a overflow: hidden to #mainBodyContentContainer i think that may help20:11
@perlmonkey2but that would make sense because if nothing is passed in, we don't want 'value'?  I can't think of a form type where you would?  20:11
SDuensinI'll try it, Haarg - thanks!20:12
@Haargif you set value and default value, and call getDefaultValue, you want it to get the value20:12
@perlmonkey2Haarg: but for a form type, if there is no passed in value, you wouldn't want the asset def value woudl you?20:13
@Haargbut if you call getValue you don't20:13
@perlmonkey2for a List getValue calls getDefaultValue if doesn't find antyhing.20:13
@Haargseems like maybe it shouldn't20:13
@Haargmaybe just get('defaultValue')20:13
SDuensinThank you!  I would *never* have found that.20:14
@Haargthat's probably a modification we should do in the site builder20:15
* SDuensin agrees.20:15
@HaargperlDreamer, i'm using a modified User.t from you to change how user profile fields are retrieved20:16
@Haargis it ok to commit that file?20:16
SDuensinUnfortunately, we've found a few issues with the site builder templates.20:16
@perlmonkey2Haarg: removing the call to getDefaultValue from getValue makes the Layout checkboxes work as expected.  Only removing the get('value') from getDefaultValue breaks the Layout checkboxes.20:16
@Haargwell, you wouldn't want getDefaultValue to skip value20:17
SDuensinThere's some weirdness in IE with the blog templates, too.  Been ignoring it for now.  :-)20:17
@Haargi was thinking maybe getValue for lists should not use getDefaultValue, but just get the defaultValue themselves20:17
perlDreamerHaarg, what exactly is different about it?20:18
SDuensinOr, maybe they were related.  That'd be convenient.20:18
perlDreamerpaste a patch?20:18
@perlmonkey2Haarg: right, because all calls are to getValue with either a $value passed in or not, and you don't pass in the value if you want the properties20:18
@perlmonkey2that logic seems repetitive.  Seems like the properties are already going to be used if getValue doens't return something.  hmm, but maybe I'm wrong.20:19
@HaargperlDreamer, http://webgui.pastebin.com/m7997b42620:19
* perlmonkey2 wonders off in search of food.20:21
@Haargalso, this really only applies to multiselect lists20:21
perlDreamerHaarg, I think you need to merge in the leaky group tests20:21
perlDreameraside from that, it's fine20:21
@Haargsingle select lists should be using the code as it is i think20:21
perlDreamerand the getGroupIdsRecursive test20:22
@Haargis that the stuff you added recently?20:22
perlDreameryes, within the last week20:22
perlDreamerI found a whole slew of other bug with that test20:22
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CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r7183 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 5 dirs): Exposed user and url fields to shop vendors.20:27
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slickwareif I upload an html file as a snippet to a PB reseller host site, will it display as HTML if I access it directly?20:38
@preactionslickware, try it and see, but i think yes20:39
slickwarei'm trying to get a workaround for not being able to run a perl script from a reseller site20:40
perlDreamerHTTP Proxy asset, perhaps?20:40
slickwareand this one can be hosted offsite and accesd by httpproxy, but I still need an on-site html template for the results20:40
slickwareat least, I think I do20:40
slickwarewould I use the snippet tool or just filepile it?20:41
@preactionyou would use the snippet tool20:42
perlDreamerIf you try to upload it as a File, it will probably be filtered since WebGUI has XSS prevention code in there20:42
@preactionor an article might work just as well20:42
slickwareit needs an .html extension20:43
@preactiona ziparchive asset can get around the HTML filter, but that's more for zipping up an entire site and uploading it20:43
@preactionso give it an .html extention in the URL field?20:43
* perlDreamer lunches...20:56
slickwarecan anyone explain how to use the redirect wobject? I thought I had it, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all21:18
@preactionyou have to actually visit the redirect asset URL directly21:18
@preactionthen it will redirect you21:19
@preactionnot if it just shows up on the page (which was its old behavior, iirc)21:19
slickwareso... how can I make a page, in my page tree, that also redirects you?21:19
slickwareor do I just "not hide" the redirect wobject from navigation21:19
@preactionthe second one: don't hide it from navigation21:20
slickwarek 21:20
slickwarethen... how can I move it around in the navigation menus?21:22
@preactionthe same way you'd move anything else around, change its rank21:22
@preactionor cut/paste it21:22
@preactiontreat it like any other page21:22
slickwarebut... it's *on* a page21:22
slickwarewhere is its rank now?21:22
@preactionin the Asset Manager21:23
@preactionall assets are their own pages, some assets display other assets21:23
slickwarei'm still used to the completely awesome up/down upup/downdown arrows21:23
slickwarewell, that was fun21:24
slickwareand simpler than I thought21:24
slickwareafter I sat there for a minute going, how the hell do I change rank, and then I clicked on it21:24
@preactionare you in 7.5? you just enter the new rank. on 7.4, it's drag and drop21:25
slickware7.4. reseller host.21:25
slickwarestill waiting on 7.521:25
@preactionyay 7.5!21:26
slickwareyeah... I can't wait to have the expire-on-Xdate back21:26
slickwarethat's in 7.5 again, right?21:26
slickwarethank god21:26
hightekvagabond7.4 is considered the stable though, right?21:30
perlDreamerIt's very stable.21:30
slickwarewhere can I find the context for using the GroupText macro21:31
perlDreameron the wiki21:31
slickware(side note: I giggle every time I say that)21:31
slickwarecurse the wiki21:32
slickwareshouldn't it be in the help file? in the 'macros, list of' section!?21:32
perlDreamerThat's a list of macros which you can use21:32
perlDreamerto learn how to use them, that info is in the wiki21:32
slickwarebut, why not add a context column to that table21:32
perlDreamermaybe I'm not understanding your question21:33
perlDreameryou just want to know where you can use a macro21:33
slickwareI mean if i'm looking up macros21:33
slickwarewhat good is a list of macros that doesn't say HOW to use them21:33
slickwareespecially something like grouptext, which requires 2 variables in the ();21:33
perlDreamerwell, we could make every macro name a link back to the wiki21:34
perlDreamerbut then people who make custom macros couldn't make their own macro docs21:34
perlDreamersince it wouldn't be cool to have custom macro docs on the wiki21:34
slickwareor they could link to their macro docs from the WG wiki21:34
perlDreamerand some people have wG website which don't connect to the internet, only to small, private local networks21:35
slickwareso exactly21:35
slickwareWG macro usage should be defined int he WG help file!21:35
perlDreamerYou can always post that as an RFE21:37
@perlmonkey2Haarg: a single select list can have zero boxes checked also, can't it?  Then woudlnt' it suffer the same problem?21:37
@perlmonkey2So we have a couple of options.  Remove the call to getDefaultValue from getValue or add in a clunky flag.  Any other possible solutions I'm missing?21:39
@perlmonkey2Because I guess the solution is to write some tests to run through this and see which options work for all possible uses.21:40
-!- slickware [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has left #webgui []21:41
@Haargi'm not sure on the single select thing.  i can't think of a case where you have a single select where it would be valid to send back nothing.21:51
perlDreamerThere are drop down lists (like in the Product), where there is not a Select All.. option.  None are initially selected.21:52
perlDreamersorry.  Not Select All, but Select one21:53
@Haargin a drop down?21:54
@Haargbecause a drop down is going to end up selecting something21:54
perlDreamerI see.  So this would only pertain to check lists (single or multi select)21:55
@Haargor multi select list boxes21:55
@perlmonkey2hah, so then CheckList has its own special getValue which doens't call getDefaultValue.  Solved???21:55
@Haargi think so21:56
@perlmonkey2okay, I'll test it and then write some tests for it.  Unless writing tests is less important than getting all the bugs smashed by tomorrow.21:56
@rizentesting is for sissys21:57
@Haarggiven how long the discussion took, making sure we stay consistant with that is important21:57
perlDreamerwith tests, when you fix it, people will know when it breaks21:57
perlDreamerlike the code that rizen just submitted21:57
* preaction embraces his sissinessss21:57
* perlmonkey2 must be new here.21:58
@perlmonkey2From the UI, that resolves it.  Now to write a test to try it from the API.  22:00
perlDreamerHey, did someone implement the move content to another version tag RFE?22:11
@preactionperlDreamer, yes22:11
perlDreamerthe RFEs not closed22:11
@preactioni think. it was Radix_'s RFE, perhaps he should verify22:11
@preactioni think i had to fudge something22:11
@preactionor maybe that was the Registration Form one22:12
@preactionRyan McCombs has a PBWG now?22:12
@preactiondoes that mean i get the 5247 karma that was applied to that RFE?22:14
perlDreamersure.  Why not?22:15
@perlmonkey2preaction: okay, I don't think I understood what you meant when you said a checkList would need access to its defaultValue if it was created with addChild.22:16
@preactionperlmonkey2, when addChild is called, Asset->update goes through the definition and grabs defaultValue22:16
@preactionbut, a form control is never created22:16
@preactionit just grabs the defaultValue from the definition22:17
@perlmonkey2preaction: Do I need to check if asset->update calls getDefaultValue or getValue?22:17
@preactionno, you can, but i know it doesn't22:17
@preactionupdate doesn't make the form controls at all, too expensive for too common an operation22:18
@perlmonkey2So it directly accesses the properties.  So then there shouldn't be any problem with making getValue no longer also check getDefaultValue?22:18
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7184 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/User.pm t/User.t): fixed: user profile defaults can contain arbitrary perl code22:27
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r7185 /translations/Russian/ (46 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server22:27
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7186 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/User.pm: oops22:27
CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7187 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Layout can now uncheck all hidden assets. CheckList now has its own getValue which does not call getDefaultValue.22:27
@rizeni can't believe i just read what i read22:53
@rizenno absolutely not22:53
@rizengetValue MUST call getDefaultValue22:53
@rizenand not read it from the properties22:53
@perlmonkey2okay, I'll move it back.22:54
@perlmonkey2But it works.  I wrote tests for it.22:54
@perlmonkey2and there is a bug if it calls getDefaultValue22:54
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@] has joined #WebGUI22:58
@rizenmaybe we need a separate method called getOriginalValue()23:01
@perlmonkey2rizen: it had been mentioned that for a checklist getValue would never need to get the defaultValue.23:02
@rizenthat's not true23:03
@rizenthere are several reasons why it may need to23:03
@rizenthe first of which is taint checking23:03
@rizenwhat if someone submits something just over the url without actually using the form we generated?23:04
@rizenbut secondly, FormValidator can be used offline23:04
@rizento validate data pulled in from a csv file for example23:04
@perlmonkey2rizen: okay, then what about having CheckList::getDefaultValue not get the value property, just the default property?23:05
@rizenwhich is what i'm saying23:06
@rizengetDefaultValue should get the default value only23:06
@rizenand then getOriginalValue returns the value property23:06
perlDreamerhow is that different from ->get('value') and getValue?23:06
@rizenand the toHtml then would use getOriginalValue() to draw the form23:07
@rizenalso getOriginalValue() would call getDefaultValue() if no original value exists23:07
@rizenPD, how it's different is that the raw value can be lots of things23:07
@rizenit could be a hash reference23:07
@rizenor it could be a delimited list of options23:07
@rizenin the case of a list23:08
@rizenand getOriginalValue() and getDefaultValue's jobs are to figure out what kind of data structure was passed in23:08
@rizenand format it appropriately23:08
@rizenso in many form controls, getDefaultValue and getOriginalValue might just return the raw property23:08
@rizenbut in the case of lists it does some special processing23:09
@rizenthat's why i don't want people circumventing the API23:09
@rizenif the API is broken, then fix it, but don't work around it23:09
@rizeni'm sorry...not a hash reference, but an array reference23:09
perlDreameryeah, I knew what you meant23:10
+MrHairgreaseIn the Nav wobject the page.indent_loop tmpl_loop is based on page.relDepth.23:10
+MrHairgreasepage.relDepth can be -something however23:10
+MrHairgreasecausing the indent_loop not to indent for the pages for which that condtion applies23:10
@rizenhow can it be negative MHG?23:10
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []23:10
+MrHairgreasereldepth = lineage of cur page - lineage ofstartpoint23:11
+MrHairgreaseif you include ancestors23:11
@rizenoh for anscenstors23:11
+MrHairgreaseshould i fixc that?23:11
@rizenplease do23:11
@rizengood find23:11
+MrHairgreaseit also solves the l;i ul problems23:11
@rizenperlmonkey2 so do you get me?23:12
+MrHairgreaseI was checking out that problem for rogier of united knowledge23:12
+MrHairgreasewill fix it tomorrow then23:12
-!- khenn [n=khenn@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]23:15
@perlmonkey2rizen: sure23:15
@perlmonkey2rizen: Do you want this method only added to the CheckList or to all Form types?23:16
@Haargall types23:16
+MrHairgreaseperlDreamer: what part of Selenium does the website -> image conversion?23:17
@perlmonkey2And the FormValidator needs to use it then?23:17
perlDreamerIt's a JS method in the browser, MrHairgrease23:17
@Haargi don't know if FormValidator will need to change23:17
perlDreamerI believe it's exposed through the API down to perl, but if not, you can build a Selenium control file with a browser and then just replay it23:17
+MrHairgreasebut you still need a browser then23:18
+MrHairgreaseand hence X23:18
perlDreameryes, and yes23:18
perlDreamerbut it's already setup to be automated23:18
+MrHairgreaseso that's still no solution unfortunately23:18
perlDreamerrather than rolling your own23:18
@Haargi think checklist will still have a special case, but it will be to ignore getOriginalValue and use getDefaultValue23:18
+MrHairgreasethe idea is that I install something on the server that does the snapshoting23:18
@Haargwhere the rest of the forms will need to be adjusted to use getOriginalValue23:19
+MrHairgreaseand rig that to import the images into the db23:19
@perlmonkey2So every Form type needs their getDefaultValue to not get the value property, and have a new getOriginalValue method to get the value property.  And then the new method needs to be worked into the FormValidator/processPropertiesFromForm?23:19
@Haarginto getValue23:19
perlDreamerthat's going to require X on whatever box does it.23:20
@Haargformvalidator etc call getvalue23:20
@Haargit should call getoriginalvalue23:20
@perlmonkey2Haarg: okay.  But in the CheckList that new method wouldn't be called?23:20
@HaarggetOriginalValue will basically be what getDefaultValue is now23:21
@perlmonkey2it will do exactly the same from what I can tell.  It will attempt to get the value property and fall back to the default value property, which is what getDefaultValue does, right?23:21
@Haargfor most form types, getValue will call getOriginalValue.  for checklist, it will call getDefaultValue instead23:22
@Haargbasically, it's just renaming getDefaultValue23:22
@perlmonkey2But now getDefaultValue should no longer do that, it should only get the default value property.23:22
@Haargbecause that isn't an accurate name23:22
@perlmonkey2I think I got it straight.  This will be a large change.  I have a feeling I'm about to earn my "messed things up in a spectacular way" stripes soon.23:23
@Haargwell, if you just rename getDefaultValue everywhere i think it will be ok23:23
perlDreamerperlmonkey2: lots and lots of tests23:24
@Haargthere will probably be some cleanup to do afterward23:24
@Haargto take advantage of the change23:24
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: hah, so much for getting the bug list cleaned out this week :P23:24
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, you're probably preventing about 8 future bugs, so it still counts23:24
@Haargi know i ran into this issue before23:25
perlDreamerplus, we need those tests for preventing future bugs and as documentation for API usage23:25
@perlmonkey2I can't explain how helpful it has been workign on this bug though.  The auto-magic-form was one of the most confusing things about WG for me.  This has all been quite enlightening.23:25
perlDreamerre testing, feel free to scrap all the tests in Form that you need to develop what you need23:26
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: okay ;)23:29
perlDreamerpreaction and I have talked about reimplementing those tests using his WebGUI::Test::Maker, to reduce the amount of duplicated code23:30
perlDreamerbut those tests would also work well as Test::Class tests23:30
perlDreamerso you could setup tests for the base class, then then inherit them for children to test inheritance and overriding23:31
@perlmonkey2Don't sweat the 7189 rollback comments.  User.pm is still 7188.23:37
@perlmonkey2getValue won't call getOriginalValue, but continue to call getDefaultValue?23:39
@perlmonkey2just double checking :)23:40
@Haargin all cases but checklist, yes23:41
@Haargor wait23:41
@Haargother way around23:41
@HaarggetValue should use getOriginalValue, except for checklist23:41
@perlmonkey2hmm, weird, Control::getValue only calls getValueFromPost23:42
@perlmonkey2which then calls getDefaultValue...okay I should be able to figure it out from here......I hope23:42
@Haargpreaction: what was the deal that led to moving that code from getValue to FromPost?23:43
@preactionbackwards compatibility23:43
@preactionall my form controls for client sites override getValueFromPost23:43
* perlmonkey2 searches around for a way to pass this off to perlDreamer :P23:44
@preactionso if WebGUI calls getValue, and there is no getValue in my child class, it goes up to WebGUI::Form::Control->getValue. if that doesn't end up calling my overridden getValueFromPost, that breaks my form control23:44
-!- perlDreamer is now known as notHere23:44
-!- notHere is now known as perlNewbie23:44
-!- perlNewbie is now known as cluelessDreamer23:45
@Haargyeah, i saw the comment about backward compat, but wasn't thinking in terms of overriding23:45
@perlmonkey2preaction: so your overridden getValueFromPost will break if getDefaultValue changes?23:50
@preactionbefore getDefaultValue existed (it was added in 7.5.11), people used get("defaultValue"), which works, it's just ugly23:50
@preactionthe new API is much nicer23:50
@perlmonkey2okay so there is no legacy code out there that will break if we change getDefaultValue to getOriginalValue and make getDefaultValue just get('defaultValue') ?23:53
@Haarggetting the language for a user needs to use the internationalization system23:53
@Haargwhich needs the user to be initialized23:53
@preactionperlmonkey2, no. getDefaultValue was recently added23:54
cluelessDreamerHaarg, right, because that's a user profile field.23:54
-!- cluelessDreamer is now known as perlDreamer23:54
@perlmonkey2preaction: thanks.  And thanks for being patient with my plethora of questions.23:55
@Haargi fixed part of it, but missed this bit23:55
perlDreamerI keep wondering whether parts of this should be promoted to real user properties23:55
perlDreamerlike language, email address, etc.23:55
@Haargpossibly, but that wouldn't help23:55
perlDreamerno, you're right23:56
@Haargwell, i can fix it23:57
@Haargas long as nobody gets clever and sticks a i18n call in the language default value23:57
--- Day changed Fri Aug 08 2008
@rizenperlmonkey2: sorry someone at the door00:00
@rizenadd it to all00:00
@perlmonkey2rizen: can do 00:00
@perlmonkey2rizen: oh, I confirmed with Haarg but wanted to confirm with you.  CheckList will stay a special case an only use the new getDefaultValue and not the new getOriginalValue, since the bug that kicked this off is when a form is submitted with no checkmarks checked.00:02
@rizennot true00:02
@rizenwere you not paying attention to what i said before00:02
@rizengetOriginalValue will need to be used in all of the toHTML methods of all forms00:03
@rizenotherwise it won't be able to render it00:03
@perlmonkey2I meant in the getValue call00:03
@rizenthat's still not a special case00:03
@rizenALL forms should have getValue calling getDefaultValue00:04
@rizennot getOriginalValue00:04
@rizenhence why you need to update the toHTML method of ALL form controls to use getOriginalValue00:04
@perlmonkey2so getValue will no longer ever return the property 'value' for any form type?00:05
@Haargyeah, i was thinking about that wrong00:05
@rizenit will either return the form value, or it will return the default value00:05
@Haargone exception being File00:05
@perlmonkey2k, so CheckList isnt' a special case because all form types now work it will work.  got it.00:05
hightekvagabondok.... stupid question.... what does WRE stand for?00:07
@Haargwebgui runtime environment00:08
hightekvagabondthank you00:08
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]00:09
-!- knowmad [n=william@] has left #webgui []00:34
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []00:52
perlDreamerHaarg, since the keys of the languages are the label entry in the language specific LANGUAGE hash, I think you're safe.  If they do do that, it would never work correctly.00:54
-!- KlausH [n=KlausH@p5B0705CE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["bye"]01:08
-!- knowmad [n=william@adsl-074-170-007-083.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui01:17
knowmadanyone have an idea why the Admin console would show no workflows but spectre.pl --status would show a suspended workflow (well, it varies between running, suspended and waiting)01:18
knowmadbtw, the WorkflowInstance table is empty01:18
knowmadand there are no other sites running (no other webgui databases for that matter)01:19
knowmadit's like i have a ghost workflow stuck somewhere in spectre... maybe a restart01:19
knowmadfor posterity's sake (since i'm talking to myself), the reset cleared up spectre01:25
@perlmonkey2I'm buying 1 beverage of choice for every minor, critical, or fatal bug resolved by a non-pb employee at the wuc.  01:36
@perlmonkey2Which means everyone is in luck, because that describes most of the reamining bugs.01:37
@perlmonkey2Form/Asset::getValueAsHtml is being moved to getOriginalValue since it returns a link.01:43
@rizenknowmad, spectre keeps an internal running queue of workflows separate from the workflowinstance table01:44
@rizenif someone manually deleted something from the workflow instance table, or for some reason webgui couldn't communicate with spectre when that instance was deleted01:44
@rizenthen you would run into the scenario you just found01:45
@rizenand restarting spectre will fix that problem, because it will rebuild it's queue from the workflow instance table at startup01:45
-!- knowmad [n=william@adsl-074-170-007-083.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]01:45
@perlmonkey2I'm not sure if this is correct, but will leave it as is unless someone tells me.  But the Control form toHtml returns the properties value instead the properties value or the deafault.  It would seem it should use the new getOriginalValue method.01:45
@rizenyes, that should return getOriginalValue01:46
@perlmonkey2groovy, thanks rizen01:46
@rizensame with toHtmlAsHidden01:47
@perlmonkey2got it01:47
@rizenyou may just want to grep the code for direct references to value01:47
@rizencuz we want none of that01:48
@rizenbut don't get too side tracked01:48
@perlmonkey2yeah, I'll make sure that all $self->get('value') are changed.01:49
* perlmonkey2 will be back to the party after dinner.01:50
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []01:57
@preactionHaarg, how did you fix the pagination "anomaly"? 01:59
@Haargfor the 'up to 10' template var, it was calculating 5 forward and 5 back, then limiting to the real range02:00
@Haarginstead of basing the end point on the actual start point it was using02:00
@Haargplus there was an off by one error02:01
@preactionah, so it wasn't working as it was supposed to02:01
@preactionit sounded like it was, just in an unexpected way02:01
perlDreamerrizen, you're saying that in Form/*.pm, that $self->get('value') should become $self->getOriginalValue() ?02:30
@Haargin most places02:31
perlDreamerwhich defines one from the others in most?02:31
@Haargas in i can't think of any time would wouldn't use it02:31
perlDreamerso if I were to02:32
perlDreamerfind Form -name '*.pm' -exec perl -pi -e 's/self->get..value../self->getOriginalValue/;' {} \;02:33
perlDreamerand make sure the test suite passes02:33
perlDreamerand that the diff makes sense02:33
perlDreamerand WebGUI still works02:33
@Haargyou can probably regex it if you want, but i'd double check as many places as you can02:33
perlDreamerthere are 35 of them02:34
@Haargwe probably also need to make sure it is consistant in terms of getValue setting the value or not02:34
@Haargi seem to remember it does in some places but not others02:35
perlDreamerwhat does a "good one" look like?02:35
perlDreamer$self->set('value', $value); ?02:35
@Haargseems like it should consistantly save it02:36
@Haargwell, i'm off for a while02:36
perlDreamerthanks for your help today, Haarg02:37
@Haargno problem.  had to get fixed somehow, and the faster we can figure out the best solution the better.02:38
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]02:38
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat082.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]02:39
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r7188 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): 02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: Update tests for new profile field handling.02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: Change how the profileField method works in User.pm02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: Reindent some User.pm method according to WGBP.02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7189 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Rolled back to 7186 removing CheckList changes02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7190 /WebGUI/t/i18n/critic_labels.t: skip Perl::Critic tests if unable to load modules02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7191 /WebGUI/www/extras/assetToolbar/assetToolbar.css: display asset toolbar inline02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7192 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session/Form.pm: don't dual check for form parameters02:50
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7193 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Operation/Shared.pm: don't initialize i18n in secureEval unless needed - avoid endless loop on language user profile field02:50
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7194 /WebGUI/t/ (6 files in 3 dirs): request->body and request->param should be the same in tests02:50
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7195 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Paginator.pm): fixed: paginator doesn't show correct number of page links with a limit applied02:50
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7196 /WebGUI/docs/create.sql: preparing for 7.5.19 release02:50
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r7197 /releases/WebGUI_7.5.19-beta: Release 7.5.19-beta02:50
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r7198 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): preparing for 7.5.20 dev02:50
-!- hightekvagabond [n=Administ@c-75-72-71-182.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has left #webgui []02:50
@perlmonkey2graham, does that mean I owe you 4 beers?03:29
@perlmonkey2oh, he's not on.03:31
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp59-167-92-170.lns2.mel6.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui03:34
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui04:19
perlDreamerperlmonkey2: if you want some test support, I have free time this evening04:26
perlDreamerI can't take the boys to swim lessons tonight04:26
perlDreamerTim ripped open a huge blister on his hand playing on the monkey bars, and the pool is pretty strict about open wounds04:26
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui04:35
-!- mode/#webgui [+v Radix-wrk] by ChanServ04:35
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: back05:09
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I'm just now starting to look through the tests to see what needs to be changed05:09
@perlmonkey2but everything in Form has been updated.  05:09
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: monkey bar wounds can be brutal05:13
@perlmonkey2this is for a bug, can everyone see the latest syndicated data on http://www.plainblack.com/ ?  Should be showing stuff for today.05:15
-!- knowmad [n=william@adsl-074-170-007-083.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui05:20
-!- knowmad [n=william@adsl-074-170-007-083.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]05:40
-!- knowmad [n=william@adsl-074-170-007-083.sip.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui05:41
perlDreamerperlmonkey2, when I was visitor on pb.com earlier tonight, it was showing old syndicated data.05:42
@perlmonkey2I'm trying with different browsers and can't get it to work.05:43
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has quit ["Leaving."]05:47
@perlmonkey2I wonder what an ListInput is.  Grepping From doesn't show it05:47
@perlmonkey2But test 5 of Radio.t is failing on the getValue call on it05:48
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui05:48
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by ChanServ05:48
+perlDreamerI AM PERLDREAMER05:48
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: you got a sec?06:09
@perlmonkey2(09:47:49 PM) perlmonkey2: I wonder what an ListInput is.  Grepping From doesn't show it06:09
@perlmonkey2(09:48:14 PM) perlmonkey2: But test 5 of Radio.t is failing on the getValue call on it06:09
+perlDreamerand I got my nick back06:09
@perlmonkey2hah :D06:09
@perlmonkey2Dumping the input from Radio.t says it is a "ListInput"06:10
+perlDreamerall tests pass for Form/Radio.t for me06:10
@perlmonkey2oh, right.  I've changed almost every file in Form/06:11
@perlmonkey2I'm just trying to figure out if I've broken anything by running the old tests.06:11
+perlDreamerdo you have ack installed yet?06:11
@perlmonkey2bug 'grep -R ListInput *' from /data/WebGUI shows nothing06:12
+perlDreamercan you paste me the test segment, and the output06:12
+perlDreamerman, this is when we need git06:12
@perlmonkey2yeah 06:13
+perlDreameror, a private branch06:13
+perlDreamerlike WebGUI_survey06:14
+perlDreamerokay, I need to help brush and floss teeth here, back in 3006:14
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["The Black Blog - http://plainblack.com/tbb"]06:30
+perlDreamerHTML::Form::ListInput comes from the HTML parser used to analyze the form that is made06:31
+perlDreamerNo defaultValue was set, only a value.06:32
+perlDreamerbut the value returned by the form should be the selected value, so offhand I'd say it's not working right.06:32
+perlDreamerwhere "it" is WebGUI::Form::Radio.pm06:33
+perlDreamerdump the HTML?06:33
@perlmonkey2I'll try that06:33
@perlmonkey2hmm, value="" in the html06:34
* perlDreamer is a habitual kibitzer06:36
@perlmonkey2<form action="/" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" ><div class="formContents">06:38
@perlmonkey2<input type="radio" name="radio1" value="" checked="checked"  />06:38
@perlmonkey2I figure this channel is mostly dead, no reason I can't spam it.06:38
@perlmonkey2so it looks like toHtml failed06:38
@perlmonkey2output that?06:39
+perlDreamerthat line in toHtml, defined $value : ......06:39
@perlmonkey2but getValue returned nothing06:41
@perlmonkey2But I'm not sure how that ever worked because getValue for the control only returns what is passed in or getValueFromPost06:43
@perlmonkey2and Radio isa Control.  So something is weird.06:43
+perlDreamerWanna paste Control.pm and Radio.pm?06:44
+perlDreamer(out of channel)06:44
@perlmonkey2Radio.pm http://webgui.pastebin.com/d15b5762606:45
@perlmonkey2Control http://webgui.pastebin.com/d1b0cb58506:45
@perlmonkey2I didn't change any getValues to call getDefaultValue if they didn't already make those calls.06:47
+perlDreamerRadio.pm used to call $self->get('value');06:48
+perlDreamerbut $self->getValue attempts to get data from a POST06:48
+perlDreamerso it doesn't look inside the object.06:48
+perlDreamerI'm not sure that getValue is what wants to be used06:50
+perlDreamermight want to backlog and see if rizen left any hints06:50
@perlmonkey2oh, I messed up.  All the calls in the html generators should be getOriginalValue06:50
@perlmonkey2not getValue, for the reason you staed06:51
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-240-43-138.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui06:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+o Haarg] by ChanServ06:51
@perlmonkey2I'm pretty sure that's the only place I did that, but I'll double check06:51
+perlDreamergood time to install ack06:52
+perlDreamerack is recursive by default06:52
+perlDreameruses perl regular expressions06:52
+perlDreamerand by default, only searches perl files06:53
+perlDreamer.pm, .pl, .t, and so on06:53
@perlmonkey2claims to be better than grep06:53
@perlmonkey2intresting :)06:53
@perlmonkey2yay for Fedora repos06:54
+perlDreameryum install ack06:54
@perlmonkey2course I need to get my mac configured and will just have to reinstall it there06:54
@perlmonkey2silly $job requiring OS's :P06:55
@preactionperlmonkey2, it's not required, feel free to install a linux distro on your lappy06:56
@perlmonkey2preaction: maybe you are free, but I think JT gave me instructions to use MacOS06:56
@perlmonkey2I'll go back through my IM logs and double check before I start setting up the mac06:56
@preactioner.... kay...06:57
+perlDreamerIt's wrong to tell people which OS to use06:57
+perlDreamerbut when it comes to editors, there is only one choice06:57
@perlmonkey2preaction: I think JT is probably pretty easy going, but I'd hate to start upsetting him my first week on the job.06:57
@preactioner... you did not just call JT easy-going, did you?06:57
@preactiondid you not hear the stories about the wG brand?06:58
+perlDreamerHe only gets upset if you bust a schedule.06:58
@preactioni couldn't sit down for a week06:58
@perlmonkey2easy-going in a completely overbearing hostile way, I mean :)06:58
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: if I don't get this Form stuff done (fixing a single bug) and then knock out the other 20 bugs tomorrow, I will have "busted a schedule" :D06:59
+perlDreamercontract schedule06:59
+perlDreamerhe knows this is big06:59
+perlDreamerrizen's hot points are customer schedules, not taking responsibility for problems, and bragging/pride.07:00
+perlDreameroh, and he hates being called poochey-kins07:00
@perlmonkey2seem very normal hotpoints to have07:00
@perlmonkey2except that last07:01
@perlmonkey2just strange, I mean who doens't like to be called that in public around your peers?07:01
+perlDreamernor around your peers, by your peers07:01
@preactioni didn't think JT had any peers07:02
@preactionjust TARGETS07:02
* perlmonkey2 sees if Amazon can overnight kevlar07:03
@perlmonkey2preaction: what are you running on your mac?07:06
@preactionuh... OS X?07:06
@preactioni've tried ubuntu a couple times, but OS X works nicely07:06
+perlDreamerI have three words for you07:07
+perlDreamerFe Do Ra07:07
@perlmonkey2preaction: I'm not sure I'll be able to handle the terminal07:07
@perlmonkey2gnome-terminal is where I have spent most of my adult life.07:07
@preactionit's mainly the everyday programs, Mail, News, Web, Calendar, etc... that I like. If Evolution didn't suck nuts, I'd be back on Ubuntu07:07
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I've been running F since 3 :)07:07
@perlmonkey2yeah, I don't use Evolution at all.  Thunderbird and Gnome applets07:08
+perlDreamerUntil you've run kgcc in Red Hat 7, you haven't lived07:08
@preactionthough, i am interested in finding out what kind of battery life I could get with a Debian laptop, and the most minimal stuff I can find07:08
+perlDreamery'all should try kmail07:08
+perlDreamerit's very good07:08
@preactionKDE is turning into one big pile of PIMP07:08
+perlDreamerI use Gnome for everything else07:08
@perlmonkey2I'm happy with thunderbird.  It hadnles all my news feeds and my mail.07:08
@preactiongnome should just give up, they've completely lost touch with what making a desktop environment is07:09
@perlmonkey2and so the holy wars begin07:09
@preactionperlmonkey2, have they got sunbird or whatever their calendaring app is working better?07:09
@perlmonkey2haven't checked in a long time, but as far as I know, no07:09
@preactiondamn... that's what i want to use07:09
@preactionMail.app in OSX doesn't even allow you to switch between top-posting or bottom-posting when replying07:10
@perlmonkey2if sunbird ever gets working, Mozilla will be all anyone ever needs07:10
@perlmonkey2hmm, lightning is the sunbird plugin for thunderbird.  I'm giving it a go07:11
@preactionlooks like they're still making Lightning too, the Thunderbird extention for calendaring07:11
@preactionGET OUT OF MY HEAD07:12
+perlDreamershouldn't have told him your frequency, preaction07:12
+perlDreamersorry 'bout that07:12
@perlmonkey2even in the fedora repo07:12
@preactionit's not my fault that everybody uses the 2.4Ghz bandwidth07:12
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2, you're in Indiana, right?07:12
+perlDreamerbut you're moving?07:12
@perlmonkey2to another place in Oklahoma07:13
@perlmonkey2to be in the same city as my wife's university07:13
+perlDreamershort commute, good idea07:13
+perlDreamerIs the form in better shape?07:15
@perlmonkey2well the tests all passed07:18
@perlmonkey2sorry, was in fullscreen terminal mode and didn't see you07:18
+perlDreamerthat's a good start, but the tests are very rudimentary07:18
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2, now that you're an experienced WebGUI hacker, what do you hate most about the code?07:19
@perlmonkey2So the question is.  update them now or upudate them after we get a stable release out.  And can we get a stable release out without updating them?07:20
@perlmonkey2what do I hate most about the code?  It's obvious age.  Things are done several different ways throughout07:20
@preactionperlmonkey2, update them now, more tests are better07:20
@perlmonkey2seems weird that they don't already just create a new instance with a default, then check the default, form param, and value param.07:21
@perlmonkey2but that shouldn't take long to do for each.07:21
@perlmonkey2perlDreamer: you had mentioned some new testing class that should be used?07:22
+perlDreamerit's jUnit style testing07:22
@preactionit will help our test coverage a lot faster07:22
+perlDreamerit's like class inheritance for tests07:22
+perlDreameryou write a test for Form::Control07:23
+perlDreamerthen, write tests for Form::Text that inherit from Form::Control07:23
+perlDreamerwhere do I have an example of that...07:23
@perlmonkey2I like where that is going07:23
@preactionyour experimental branch colin?07:23
+perlDreamerbut we have to be careful07:23
+perlDreamersince I don't know if that ImageMagick bug still exists07:24
@perlmonkey2its like, inheritance and stuff :P07:24
+perlDreamerbut it's good for an example07:24
@preactioni thought that only happened on Fedora07:24
+perlDreamerapeiron got it to happen on BSD, too, iirc07:24
@apeironWhat did I do now?07:24
+perlDreameryou're just awesome07:25
+perlDreamerapeiron, I got my nick fixed today.07:25
+perlDreamerso I am now authentically perlDreamer07:25
@apeironAnd you're +v'd appropriately!07:25
@apeironThe system works!07:25
@apeiron(FSVO 'works')07:25
+perlDreamerperlmonkey2: install Test::Class, either by yum or by cpan07:26
+perlDreamerthen check out https://svn.webgui.org/svnweb/plainblack/browse/branch/colin-experimental/07:26
+perlDreamerlike, svn co https://svn.webgui.org/svnweb/plainblack/browse/branch/colin-experimental/07:26
+perlDreamersomeplace safe, off to the side07:26
+perlDreamerhere's an excellent testing tutorial from OSCON07:30
@perlmonkey2svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svnweb/plainblack/browse/branch/colin-experimental'07:32
@perlmonkey2strange, I can browse to it07:32
+perlDreamerwrong url07:34
@perlmonkey2hah, svnweb doh07:34
+perlDreamermy bad07:34
@perlmonkey2must be getting late07:34
@perlmonkey2I should have seen that07:34
+perlDreamerI converted one test over to Test::Class, t/Storage.t, and t/lib/WebGUI/Storage/Test.pm07:37
+perlDreamerin retrospect, I should have done it the way that it is done in the tutorial that I mentioned above.07:37
@perlmonkey2reading through ti now07:37
@perlmonkey2but I'll look at t/Storage.t and the other07:37
@perlmonkey2It's huge....844 lines of testing goodiness07:38
@perlmonkey2isn't the normal .t test about 50 lines?07:39
@perlmonkey2wow, I'm impressed07:39
+perlDreamerI like testing :)07:39
+perlDreamerYou should see User.t, Group.t07:39
+perlDreamerand all of Session.t and Session/*.t07:39
@perlmonkey2you says User.t and Group.t are done also?07:41
+perlDreamerdone = ~ 100% test coverage of the code07:41
+perlDreamerbut they probably wont' be converted to Test::Class07:41
+perlDreamersince there are no subclasses07:41
+perlDreamerAsset would like Test::Class07:41
+perlDreamerMacro (maybe)07:41
+perlDreamerStorage (when ImageMagick isn't broken)07:42
-!- Tyler_ [n=Tyler@ppp-70-135-64-72.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #webgui07:42
+perlDreamermaybe a few others07:42
+perlDreamerhey, Tyler_07:42
Tyler_Well I have got to say WebGUI definatly beats my other CMS in just about every way07:43
+perlDreamerWe like you already :)07:43
Tyler_well lets hope this doesn't change anything, but the opening install looks kind of odd07:44
Tyler_the blueish background is odd07:44
Tyler_But I guess the installer doesn't matter once you got the site up07:44
+perlDreamerI always thought it was orange07:44
@preactionthe site starter wizard07:44
+perlDreameroh, that.07:45
Tyler_yeah from the demo07:45
Tyler_Yeah that07:45
Tyler_I havn't gotten time to acctually get it setup yet for my self07:45
Tyler_but that will come later.07:45
+perlDreamerbelieve it or not, I have never used the site starter wizard07:46
Tyler_isn't that what you have to use07:46
@preactionyou can click "No, Thanks"07:46
@preactionbut that's three screens into it07:46
Tyler_So what the difference07:47
Tyler_Yo just make what you want later07:47
+perlDreamerYou can take the default site, delete all the default stuff, build in a new style and then add stuff bit by bit07:47
Tyler_I like it07:47
Tyler_weird I didn't see that07:47
@preactionthe third screen should be the one that you choose if you want to run the wizard07:47
@preactionthe first screen is setting up Admin, the second is inputting company name and such07:47
Tyler_I probably missed it07:48
Tyler_I just wanted to try it out07:48
@preactiongod... i've done those three screens way too much07:48
Tyler_yeah. well good thing i found it anyways07:48
-!- Tyler_ [n=Tyler@ppp-70-135-64-72.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has quit ["Leaving"]07:49
+perlDreamerI hope he sticks with it.07:50
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r7199 /translations/Dutch/Dutch/ (5 files): Update from translation server11:43
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elninoanyone here use debian?  where the heck is apache?16:20
+MrHairgrease/etc/init.d/apache start|stop|restart|etc.16:21
+MrHairgrease/etc/init.d/apache2 start|stop|restart|etc.16:21
+MrHairgreasethe former has a typo16:21
+MrHairgreasethe latter is correct16:21
+MrHairgrease/etc/apache2 contains all the conf16:22
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-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI16:26
elnino I'm not seeing that.. that's where I thought it would be.. This is a VPS server, does that make a difference? and WRE?16:27
+MrHairgreasewhich apache do you mean16:27
+MrHairgreasedebian's or the wre's?16:27
elninook. Therei's seems to be a difference. =)16:28
elninoI guess WREs16:28
-!- carogra1 [n=Caroline@h69-131-74-209.nwlnnh.dsl.dynamic.tds.net] has joined #webgui16:28
elninobecause the system apache wouldn't be included.. =)16:28
+MrHairgreasethat one is somewhere in /data/wre16:28
+MrHairgreaseto start stop use /data/wre/sbin/wreservice.pl16:29
+MrHairgreaseie. sudo data/wre/sbin/wreservice.pl --start modperl16:29
+MrHairgreaseto start the mod_perl apache16:29
+MrHairgreasetry --help to check out all the available options16:29
elninook... I see a modproxy conf file.. I need to change the host from www to test. is that the file I do it in?16:30
+MrHairgreasei see16:30
+MrHairgreaseyou do that in the modprox conf for the site you want to change16:30
elninoI don't see www I only see the actual domainsite name, so it looks likeit's capturing all hostnames.16:31
+MrHairgreasewhich is called /data/wre/etcYOUDOMAIN.modproxy16:31
+MrHairgreaseinside the file you setup the hostnames for that site16:31
elninoin <virtualhost> right16:32
+MrHairgreaseuse the ServerALias directive16:32
elninoit's currently only setup for the doamin, so it looks like ti's capturing all requests for all host names.16:32
elninoand serveralias is "com" - is that a default setting they missed?16:32
+MrHairgreaseonly com?16:32
elninoyep. "com"16:33
elninothey have several issues here.. =)16:33
+MrHairgreaseit should be a domainname16:33
+MrHairgreaseso if you have a site xyz.com16:33
+MrHairgreasewhich should also listen to xyz.org and www.xyz.com16:33
elninook. I now have servername host.domain.com16:33
+MrHairgreaseyou'd do something likes this16:33
elninoand serveralias as domain.com16:34
+MrHairgreasethat'd work16:34
elninook.. Thank!16:34
+MrHairgreasealso be sure to include the www.domain.com hostnames16:34
+MrHairgreaseyou prolly want to that16:34
elninoin the hosts file?16:34
+MrHairgreasealso make sure that the sitename directive ine /data/WebGUI/etc/domain.conf is set correctly16:35
+MrHairgreasein the modproxyconf16:35
+MrHairgreaseotherwise apache won't listen to www.16:35
BartJo1with shared sites, it might be wise to include it too in the /etc/hosts file16:36
elninohmm. don't see a SiteName directive in the modproxyconf file.16:36
+MrHairgreasewell it should have one =)16:36
elninoIt's a VPS server, so it *shouldn't* be shared.16:36
elninoyep, I have a ServerName directive, it's host.domain.com now.16:36
@Haargi'd recommend sticking it in the hosts file anyway16:37
+MrHairgreasethat's in DOMAIN.modproxy right?16:37
+MrHairgreasenot modproxy.conf16:37
+MrHairgreasethat's good16:37
elninoand then there is a proxy thing going... is that normal?  :808116:37
elninook. so to restart.. let me read back...16:38
+MrHairgreaseb/c webgui (the mod_perl apache) is actually running on 808116:38
BartJo1perl wreservice.pl --restart modproxy16:38
+MrHairgreaseonly root can do that16:38
elninoyep. I'm root.16:38
+MrHairgreasewhat time doe preaction usually get up?16:39
elninook... I got a httpd: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName16:40
elninomy ServerName is test.domain.com with apporpoirate host and domian names.. )16:41
elninoand that ip address isn'teven close it should be
@perlmonkey2MrHairgrease: seems like in an hour or so.16:42
elninodo have I have restart somethhing in the /etc/host file?  Sorry about this folks. I know this isn't EXACTLY webgui related. I really appreciate this.16:42
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@h69-131-75-162.nwlnnh.dsl.dynamic.tds.net] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]16:45
+MrHairgreaseelnino: that message is not a problem perse16:50
+MrHairgreaseyou can check if moproxy is running by doing ps auxf | grep http16:51
elninoit later says Failed. =)16:51
+MrHairgreasethat is aproblem16:51
elninohowever when I did do the ps. I see a bunch of /data/wre/prereqs/bin/httpd -f /data/wre/etc/modproxy.conf -D WRE-modproxy -E /data/wre/var/logs/modproxy.error.log -k start16:52
elninoso it appears that it's running? 6 times?16:52
+MrHairgreasethat are preforked children16:53
+MrHairgreaseyou could try a --stop modproxy16:53
+MrHairgreaseand then a --start modproxy16:53
@Haargalso, it checks for it to be running using the hostname listed in wre.conf16:53
@Haargso you might need to update that16:53
@Haargit wouldn't effect the actual running of the server, just the startup script and monitor16:54
elninoin wre.conf, there is an apache "defaulthostname" it's set to localhost.16:55
elninounder "demo" the hostname is "demo"16:55
@Haarglocalhost should work16:56
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI16:57
elnino_laptopsorry about that. I really need to get off of wireless. I was disconnected. 16:58
+MrHairgreasebut does it work now16:59
elnino_laptopfor a while.16:59
+MrHairgreasenevermind the FQDN warning16:59
elnino_laptopoh, the site? no, it doesn't start, when using --stop and --start, I then get a mod_proxy: failed.17:00
BartJo1but if you go there in your browser?17:01
BartJo1my modproxy fails continuously and I can browse to the site17:01
elnino_laptop502 Bad Gateway17:01
elnino_laptopThe proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.17:01
BartJo1not the ideal situation... I know17:01
+MrHairgreaseah that means that the modperl apache does not run17:02
+MrHairgreasetry to do this17:02
+MrHairgrease/data/wre/sbin/wreservice --stop all17:02
+MrHairgrease/data/wre/sbin/wreservice --start all17:02
+MrHairgreasethat will restart modproxy, modperl, mysql and spectre17:03
elnino_laptopnice. Mysql failed.17:04
elnino_laptopwhen trying to stop it. I'll start all17:04
+MrHairgreasefailed shutting down? or starting17:04
+MrHairgreaseif it faiuled stopping it prolly wasn't running at all17:04
elnino_laptopwhile shutting down!  when I tried the start all, I got:  /data/wre/prereqs/share/mysql/mysql.server: line 159: kill: (25930) - No such process17:04
elnino_laptopok I did stop all and start all again. let me do it again, =)17:05
elnino_laptopI'm getting different responses.17:05
elnino_laptopI have to step a way, a few secs.17:06
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui17:07
elnino_laptopok. clean stop.17:11
elnino_laptopnot so clean start:17:12
elnino_laptopmysql:  /data/wre/prereqs/share/mysql/mysql.server: line 159: kill: (26206) - No such process17:13
elnino_laptopmod perl and mod proxy failed17:13
+MrHairgreasewhat do the /data/wre/var/log/modproxy.error.log an dmodperl.error.log logs say?17:14
-!- elnino_home [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI17:14
elnino_homesorry.. must be cloudy today.17:15
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]17:15
elnino_homeof course the test feailed: test:/data/wre/sbin# ADMIN: [Error] Couldn't connect to WebGUI site mediaangels.com.conf at http://mediaangels.com:80/?op=spectreGetSiteData.  Response: 500 Server Error17:15
+MrHairgreasethat is a spectre error17:15
+MrHairgreasefirst you must solve the other problems17:15
+MrHairgreaseso what does ps auxf | grep httpd17:16
+MrHairgreaseit should include two master apaches 17:16
+MrHairgreaseone for modperl17:16
+MrHairgreasethe other for modproxy17:16
elnino_homegot about 15: /data/wre/prereqs/bin/httpd -f /data/wre/etc/modperl.conf -D WRE-modperl -E /data/wre/var/logs/modperl.error.log -k start17:17
elnino_homeoh. yes, about 7 of each modperl and modproxy17:17
+MrHairgreasethats good17:17
elnino_home /data/wre/prereqs/bin/httpd -f /data/wre/etc/modproxy.conf -D WRE-modproxy -E /data/wre/var/logs/modproxy.error.log -k start17:17
elnino_homeI don't see "apache" tho.17:18
+MrHairgreasehttpd == apache17:18
+MrHairgreaseso for now it seems like the apaches are strating ok17:18
elnino_homenope. just seven modproxy and seven modperls17:19
elnino_homeno master apache lines.17:19
+MrHairgreasewhat I meant with that is that if you start apache you'll start only one process17:20
+MrHairgreasethat process will prespwan a number of child apaches17:20
+MrHairgreaseso if you see seven lines for each that is ok17:20
elnino_homegoing to the site, I'm gett a 500 internal error. so that's better.17:20
+MrHairgreaseoine master 6 children17:20
+MrHairgreaseit is17:20
+MrHairgreasenow check if mysql is running17:20
+MrHairgreasedo ps auxf | grep mysql17:20
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@6.sub-75-206-129.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]17:20
elnino_homeone:  /bin/sh /data/wre/prereqs/bin/mysqld_safe --datadir=/data/wre/var/mysqldata --pid-file=/data/wre/var/mysqldata/59273.pid --user=webgui17:21
elnino_homefour: /data/wre/prereqs/libexec/mysqld --basedir=/data/wre/prereqs --datadir=/data/wre/var/mysqldata --user=webgui --pid-file=/data/wre/var/mysqldata/59273.pid --skip-external-locking --port=330617:21
+MrHairgreaseyou should get two17:21
+MrHairgreasethat's also possible17:22
+MrHairgreasetry to do this17:22
+MrHairgreasetail -f /data/wre/var/log/*17:22
+MrHairgreaseand then do a request to one of your sites17:23
elnino_homeok. I think I know what might be going on.. I probably should have told you this. and I thate it when customers don't tell you "everything"17:25
elnino_homethis *was working*17:25
elnino_homeit worked when it was www.domanname.com17:25
elnino_homeI added a hostname at the domain registrary17:25
elnino_homehostname bing: "test"17:25
elnino_homeand now I want the webgui to be test.domainname.com17:26
elnino_homeThe sqldb is at domain.com17:26
elnino_homeso it's not finding it anymore: per what I just saw in the logs:17:26
elnino_home main::[[undef]] - Couldn't connect to database: DBI:mysql:mediaangels_com;host=localhost;port=330617:26
elnino_homethere is another host name provided to me by the VPS hosting company.  I probalby should use that?17:27
+MrHairgreasethat's strange since b/c you use the wremysql that is running on localhost17:27
+MrHairgreasechaning a domainname in apache shouln't make a difference17:27
elnino_homemaybe that's an old error then.. let me look again.  17:27
elnino_homedomain is the same, I'm changeing the hostname.17:28
+MrHairgreaseif you tail the logs while you do a request you'll see which erreors are generated17:28
elnino_homethe www.domainname.com is hosted somewhere else - differnet ip, differnt hosting company, different server.17:28
+MrHairgreaseit was running on another wre?17:29
+MrHairgreaseon another box?17:29
elnino_homenope. mambo17:30
elnino_homethey want to move to this one. but it was kinda messed up. introducing me to the resuce. more like you guys.17:30
+MrHairgreaseok, I don't really get it?17:30
+MrHairgreasehow did you create the site you are trying to get running?17:31
+MrHairgreaseand when?17:31
elnino_homeI didn't. someone else did.17:31
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]17:31
elnino_homeI'll start from the begining.17:31
elnino_homethey have site at www.domainname.com, running mambo.17:31
elnino_homeworks great, but hate it.17:32
elnino_hometook it down, purchased vps server,instealed webgui site on www.domainname.com (they had to change the ip address at the domain registrar)17:33
elnino_homeso now mambo site is down. only accessible via IP address.17:33
elnino_homethey coudlnt' figure out how to implement the design, and when they took down mambo, they disabled their online store - lost revenue.17:33
elnino_homeso the redirected www.domainname.com back to mambo.17:34
elnino_homeand webgui hasn't been accessible sinc, not even by ip address.17:34
elnino_homeSo I came up with the "brilliant" iea of creating a test hostname,17:34
elnino_homecreated it at the domain registrary to point to the webgui site.17:34
elnino_homeand here I sit.17:34
elnino_home=) I hope you saw some light?17:35
* MrHairgrease hear a nickel dropping17:35
+MrHairgreasefirst check if the db actually exists17:35
elnino_homeit did. =)17:35
+MrHairgreasefirst set you environment17:35
+MrHairgrease. /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment.sh17:36
+MrHairgreasethe dot at the beginning is important17:36
elnino_homedone. clean17:36
+MrHairgreasethen do mysql -uroot -p17:36
+MrHairgreasethat should connect you to the database17:36
elnino_homeI don't know the password... 17:37
+MrHairgreasein that case17:37
+MrHairgreasetry to connect as the webgui site17:37
elnino_homeI'm guessing it's the default. or even the one you suggest on your help page.17:37
+MrHairgreasethe login of the site you can find in the /data/WebGUI/etc/domain.conf file17:38
@perlmonkey2Anyone who's got a sec, I'd like some advice.  I've updated nearly ever package in Form/  All the tests pass, but pd and preaction had mentioned the tests should all be updated and expanded.  Does it make more sense to skip updating the tests until I've made JT's goal of getting rid of all bugs for a release, or spend a day or three updating all those tests (and adding just as many more)?17:38
+MrHairgreaselook for dbPass and dbUser17:39
+MrHairgreaseif you have those do mysql -uDBUSER -p17:39
+MrHairgreaseuse the dbPass as the password17:39
elnino_homelooks encripted. 17:39
@Haargas long as you add tests for the checklist behavior, i would prefer to get it in and working17:39
+MrHairgreasepm2: I'd ask JT]17:39
+MrHairgreaseit's not encrypted. It's random17:40
-!- diakopter [n=diakopte@] has joined #webgui17:40
-!- diakopter [n=diakopte@] has left #webgui []17:40
elnino_homeshould I change the site name while I'm there?17:40
elnino_homeok. tried several times, using copy paste: 17:41
elnino_homeERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/data/wre/var/mysqldata/mysql.sock' (2)17:41
+MrHairgreasethat's your problem17:42
+MrHairgreasestop the mysql server17:42
+MrHairgreaseand then check if it really stopped with ps auxf | grep mys17:42
elnino_homeit's still looking for the old isn't it.17:44
+MrHairgreasecan you paste the output of the ps command to webgui.pastebin.com17:44
elnino_homek. it's there.17:46
elnino_homethank you for all your undivided help here.17:46
+MrHairgreaseoh wellit's Friday =)17:46
+MrHairgreasetry killing the mysql process manually17:47
+MrHairgreasekill 4344 4374 4375 4376 437717:48
elnino_homedone. clean17:48
+MrHairgreasefirst check with ps17:48
elnino_homeclean with ps.17:48
elnino_homeI can think of better things to do on a friday.17:48
+MrHairgreasenow start17:48
+MrHairgreaseyeah drinking beer17:48
+MrHairgreasebut it's almost 5 pm over here17:48
elnino_homegoing to site17:49
elnino_homewoo hoo! It's ugly!17:49
elnino_homebut it's up!17:49
+MrHairgreaseyour problem was that mysql crashed in some weird way17:49
+MrHairgreaseand the stop script couldn't stop it correctly17:50
elnino_homeoh. not the hostname?17:50
+MrHairgreasesince the db is on the same box it connects through a socket17:50
elnino_homethat's good. =)17:50
elnino_homelocalhost. I saw that.. I see.17:50
+MrHairgreaselocalhost is always 17:51
+MrHairgreaselocal host =)17:51
elnino_homewell, I hopefully can take it from here. That was enough fun for the day. Off to implement a design!17:52
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp59-167-92-170.lns2.mel6.internode.on.net] has quit ["Leaving."]17:52
elnino_homeThank you again for your invaluable help! I owe you at the conference17:52
elnino_homea beer. but you're in netherlands?17:53
+MrHairgreasewe have beer in the netherlands too =)17:53
+MrHairgreaseyou're coming to the wuc btw?17:53
elnino_homeI am! I'm so excited!17:56
+MrHairgreaseyou should be17:56
+MrHairgreasethere are 12 dutch people coming overm =)17:56
elnino_homeactually I owe alot ofyou folks a beer.17:57
+MrHairgreasethat could be arranged =)17:57
elnino_homeI don't know if I owe THEM a beer, I was talking more about the people here on chat17:57
+MrHairgreasespeaking of beer, perlmonkey2, does your beer for a bug also count for bugs that were never on the bug list but rather fixed directly?17:58
@perlmonkey2MrHairgrease: I'm on the hook for the list, and only the list :D17:58
elnino_homeand what about finding bugs? does that count?17:58
@perlmonkey2but if it *would* have been put on the list, I don't see why that doesn't count.17:58
@perlmonkey2elnino_home: no, finding a bug and putting it on the list unfixed means you owe me a beer.17:59
@perlmonkey2elnino_home: just kidding, please put all bugs on the list you can find.17:59
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui18:00
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ18:00
elnino_homeperlmonkey2: you can count on it.18:00
+MrHairgreasepreaction: i fixed this bug this morning: http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/gallery-navigation-back-to-album-returns-to-page-1#IczSJ_TqDhr3Fcr2lsl40Q18:02
+MrHairgreasecould you please check if it is ok18:02
+MrHairgreasediff is here:18:02
+MrHairgreasewith that I mean, it could possibly impact performance for large albums18:03
+MrHairgreasebut it is the only way i could think of18:03
+MrHairgreaseapart from passing pn's around like crazy18:03
-!- AMH_bob [n=AMH_bob@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]18:10
@perlmonkey2preaction: FYI, I got lightning working with thunderbird and its looking pretty sweet.18:12
+MrHairgreasewhat's that?18:12
@perlmonkey2Sunbird plugin18:12
@perlmonkey2caldav, etc18:12
@perlmonkey2shared network calendars and stuff18:13
+MrHairgreasecan it do exchange?18:13
@perlmonkey2j/s I'll see18:13
@perlmonkey2supports iCalendar, caldav and WCAP, so unless exchange supports one of those , I guess not.18:14
@perlmonkey2but surely exchange supports caldav?18:14
+MrHairgreaseno surprise there =)18:14
CIA-6WebGUI: martin * r7200 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 18:14
CIA-6WebGUI: Fixed bug in Navigation where the indent was based on relDepth rather that on the tree depth. Also fixes issues18:14
CIA-6WebGUI: concerning the <ul> template.18:14
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r7201 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed: Thingy: Setting the size of a field has no effect18:14
+MrHairgreaseI don't need exchange support18:14
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r7202 /translations/Swedish/ (161 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server18:14
CIA-6WebGUI: perlmonkey2 * r7203 /WebGUI/ (42 files in 3 dirs): Form/* now all use getOriginalValue and getDefaultValue. This resolves the Layout bug where all the check lists could not be unchecked. Tests were updated, but still need a major overhaul.18:14
+MrHairgreasebut the lack of it is what people tend to complain about18:15
+MrHairgreasewhile thunderbird is the most bestestest mail client out there 18:15
@perlmonkey2only 73MB used, with 5 email accounts, about 50 RSS feeds, and all my calendaring stuff.18:17
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat082.mxim.com] has joined #webgui18:24
+MrHairgreasepreaction: you there?18:26
BartJo1well see you guys at the wuc18:26
perlDreamerdionak: are you around?18:27
+MrHairgreasedo you think that the getFileIds18:27
+MrHairgreaseis a problem?18:27
+MrHairgreasein the diff I just posted?18:27
@preactionMrHairgrease, we're going to have a problem with that if the Gallery ever supports user-selected perpage18:27
@preactionbut no, getFileIds shouldn't be a problem18:27
dionakperlDreamer, i'm just on my way out for a bit. Will you be online later today?18:27
perlDreamercatch you later :)18:27
dionakk, catch you later18:28
+MrHairgreasewhat is the user-selected perpage18:28
+MrHairgreaseand is it implemented yet?18:28
BartJo1that's the user list pagination18:28
@preactionno, we can worry about it later, if ever18:28
+MrHairgreasei'll commit the fix then