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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6842 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Asset.pm: clearer hover help for asset exporting00:08
perlDreamermelleb, if you rolled back the version tag containg the original install of the site, then that would happen.00:10
mellebperlDreamer, do you mean that is should give me the last version before the version i rolled back?00:11
perlDreamerno, if there's only 1 version tag and you roll it back, then all the content disappears00:12
mellebthere are like hundred of version tags left...00:13
perlDreamerwell, let's try this a different way then00:13
perlDreamerdo you have backups? :)00:13
perlDreamerOnce you roll the tag back, there's no other way to get the content back00:15
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melleb_and then internet breaks up... great... :)00:23
melleb_perlDreamer, is there any way to fix this from inside webgui?00:23
perlDreamerOnce you roll it back, it's gone00:25
perlDreamerDo you have backups?00:25
melleb_its 11PM here, so i can't really call the guys who host the site :/00:26
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perlDreamermelleb: Who does your hosting?00:27
mellebperlDreamer, but normally this isn't expected behaviour right?00:28
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perlDreamerOh yeah.  If you decide to nuke your site by rolling back version tags, WebGUI will let you.00:29
perlDreamerI think it even has a confirmation screen, doesn't it?00:29
@preactionnot a screen, but a JS popup00:29
mellebi only wanted to remove my modifications to the site, so i only rolled back my versions00:30
mellebits not like i've done anything wrong by rolling back my versions right?00:32
perlDreamerwell, there is some discrepancy somewhere.  If you only rollled back your versions, it _should_ be fine.00:32
wgGuest90when I first setup webgui I logged into a page that let me start and stop services, setup new sites etc..00:33
wgGuest90what ist he url of that page?00:33
perlDreamerBy counterargument (which may be flawed), everything isn't fine, so maybe you missed one, or did a different one.00:33
wgGuest90cant' seem to findit 00:33
mellebperlDreamer, nope i'm certain of that...00:33
mellebperlDreamer, preaction, thanks for the help i'll call the webgui-gurus in the morning... maybe they know of a solution...00:34
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@preactionwgGuest90, that's the wreconsole.pl. you need to go to a terminal, run the wreconsole.pl script, and it will tell you what URL you need to use00:39
wgGuest90awesome thanks - I'll try that00:44
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@Haargwell shit09:31
@Haargcase insensitivity messed up style 109:32
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TrebborSomebody there who can perhaps help me out?10:50
@preactionperlbot ask11:00
perlbotDon't ask to ask, just ask.11:00
TrebborHaha, never mind. I fixed it myself. (after a few hours looking)11:13
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TrebborGoodmorning Bartjol.11:14
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patspamhas anyone tried doing profiling with DProf whilst using WebGUI::Test?11:21
BartJolmmm patspam, if it's about testeing PerlDreamer is your guy11:23
@preactionpatspam, i've done DProf profiling while running normally, but not via the tests11:23
patspamok maybe I'll try to catch him tomorrow.. they don't seem to play nicely together11:23
patspamdprof's output gets garbled11:23
patspamwhich i think supposedly happens if you run it in conjunction with Test::More11:24
patspamaha, tracked it down to Class::InsideOut11:38
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6843 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (14 files in 5 dirs): WebGUI_flux: test refactoring and some benchmarking/profiling14:55
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ckotilGood Morning16:27
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knowmadmorning people (or afternoon to MHG et al)17:22
knowmadis there anyone here familiar with the new e-commerce system?17:23
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knowmadin particular, i need to know if it can do coupons17:23
knowmadhey tavisto17:23
@bopbopyes, you can do coupons17:23
knowmadthanks bopbop17:23
@tavistoyes, flat rate coupons can be added to the new cart17:23
@bopbop yep17:23
knowmadcan it do 1-time coupons?17:23
+MrHairgreasehi knowmad17:23
knowmadhey MrHairgrease17:23
+MrHairgreasei think all coupons are one time17:24
knowmadthat seems odd17:24
+MrHairgreasewith coupons you mean price reduction tickets right17:24
+MrHairgreaseso you'll want people to redeem those only once right?17:24
+MrHairgreaseor else they'll always have a reduction17:25
knowmadthere are some cases where i'd want to allow users to reuse coupons, but in this instance not17:25
+MrHairgreaseso by definition, coupons are 1 time redeemable only17:25
+MrHairgreaseoh ok17:25
+MrHairgreasei see17:25
+MrHairgreasedunno if that's possible17:25
+MrHairgreaserizen does17:25
+MrHairgreasesince he made the coupons17:25
+MrHairgreasespeaking of which17:26
+MrHairgreasewhere's rizen anyway?17:26
knowmadwhere is rizen?17:26
+MrHairgreasehe seems to have disappeared from the surface of the earth17:26
knowmadtavis probably has him busy ;)17:26
knowmadthanks for the input...17:26
+MrHairgreasebest way to find out is to check the code17:27
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@tavistoI think Rizen has been on fire lately and hasn't been on IM and IRC lately17:44
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SaraHi, I have a question about the cs18:05
BartJolSara, well fire away18:06
SaraThere are some macro to show the post most rate?18:07
BartJolin the overview from fifferent forums?18:07
BartJolI think thta's a template18:07
SaraI have many post in a cs, i would like to show the post most rate18:09
Saraor the most visit post18:10
Sarais this posible?18:11
BartJol<tmpl_var views>18:11
BartJolah, well18:11
BartJolyou want to show the post title, with a link to the post that is viewed most often?18:11
SaraYes i do18:12
BartJolI don't think a macro exists for that purpose, you can also make a sqlreport for that or make a macro18:13
BartJolshouldn't be to bad18:13
BartJolor I can write it but it will cost our standard hourly wage (85 euro)18:15
BartJolthat's procolix18:15
BartJolno? ok18:17
SaraBartjol, can you tell me in wich table of the data base i must do it the sql report?18:20
SaraOk, let me see18:23
BartJolnot sure, just a guess18:24
BartJolwith a capital: Collaboration18:25
BartJolbut Post is probably also a good idea18:26
BartJolhave fun with it, I'm off,todeloo18:28
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CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6844 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Post.pm): fixed: Synopsis doesn't update after editting posts18:51
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6845 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Mail/Get.pm): fixed: Mail messages not properly decoded18:51
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6846 /WebGUI/ (56 files in 33 dirs): fixed: Style 1, other areas broken due to case sensitivity in uploads18:51
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6847 /WebGUI/www/uploads/ (14 files in 14 dirs): cleaning up uploads dirs18:51
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@tavistowebgui.org is soooooooo slow20:14
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topsubcan i do an auto incrementing Id number with thingy22:06
ckotilcan you disable caching on a single asset?22:11
ckotilthe nocache html headers did the trick.22:27
ckotilworking on this web form that is served up via macro. and data was getting cached22:28
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perlDreamerapeiron, I've always considered you a pretty sharp guy, but in your photo you're a little blurry.  We'll attribute that to a bad lens :)22:53
@apeironperlDreamer, The camera was made in ~200422:53
perlDreamerum, too much caffeine?22:54
@apeironSelf-taken, yeah, and my hands aren't steady.22:54
@apeironperlDreamer, Hey, didn't you add an RFE for being able to self-assign a bug?22:57
perlDreameryes, I called it "grab a bug"22:57
@apeironI know it existed because I dumped all my karma into it but I can't find it now.22:57
@apeironMaybe it was implemented?22:57
perlDreamercould be22:57
perlDreamerlet's check22:57
perlDreamerapeiron: http://www.webgui.org/qicscyynmapmzmbi1zoyya#qICScyYnmAPmZmBi1zoYYA22:58
@apeironThat URL bug is fixed, by the way.22:58
perlDreamertavisto, I'm sending another church toward PB for some help.23:00
perlDreamerIt's Whitney Baptist, and the contact should be Mark.23:00
@tavistoperlDreamer, do you think you are capable of fixing the "add to cart" bug?23:02
@tavistowhere it returns the user to the product instead of the thank you message?23:02
perlDreamerI would have fixed that bug last week, except for one thing.23:02
perlDreamerI think it will break shelves badly23:02
@tavistoit will?23:02
perlDreamerYeah.  Do you want me to explain it?23:03
@tavistoif you've got the time I'd like to know23:03
perlDreamerConsider that you have 3 products on 1 page23:03
@tavistob/c Kristi and I think that it's impossible to use right now23:03
perlDreamerWhat you're asking is for the product to return the view of the parent (the page) after certain tasks are done, like add to cart.23:04
perlDreamerThat, alone, is very easy.23:04
perlDreamerThe problem comes when you have a shelf.23:04
@tavistoactually it's a return to a template23:04
@tavistoof the product... showing the thank you message?23:04
perlDreamerAre we talking abuot the same thing?23:04
@tavistonot sure now...23:05
@tavistoI'm talking about the issue where a user adds something to cart... then it returns them to the same product view23:05
perlDreamerIs this a posted bug?23:05
@tavistoit *should* return them to a blank screen with the thank you message23:06
@tavistoyeah it's under Kristi's23:06
@tavistolet me grab it23:06
perlDreamerplease shoot me a URL23:06
perlDreamerIs that only on PB.com, or is it also on beta.webgui.org?23:07
perlDreamerI thought that was a PB only bug.23:07
@tavistono this also affects anything using the beta23:07
perlDreamerlet's set up a beta site to test it23:08
@tavistowell this is confusing Colin because it's a hybrid issue between 2 bug reports23:08
@tavistoLet me explain what is happening and you tell me if this is the same thing.23:08
@tavistoUser goes to page.... where a product is displaying.  They click on add to cart.23:08
@tavistoScreen refreshes and user views the individual product now with the same add to cart button. The Thank You message is not visible anywhere.23:09
@tavistoThis only affects products and Donations are actually showing the Thank you Message23:09
@tavistoBut the problem with Donations is that it still shows the "Donation" and gives you the option to add to cart.  That shouldn't be there.23:10
perlDreamerI have a beta demo site here: http://beta.webgui.org/demo1214939307_856/home23:10
perlDreamerIt has a product on the main page at the bottom.23:10
perlDreamerif you click on add to cart it does...23:10
@tavistoi added it to cart23:11
perlDreamernot show you the thank you message23:11
@tavistonow I see a screen that tells me23:11
@tavistowidgets are cool23:11
@tavistoand I see an option to add to cart again...23:11
@tavistothis is very flawd23:11
@tavistoflawed even23:11
@tavistoIt should just show me thank you message and any macros I add to the space23:11
@tavistoie. (Continue Shopping link, and then a ^ViewCart; macro)23:12
@tavistoit just doesn't make sense to have the user see "add to cart" and the product dropdowns right after they add something to cart23:13
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* perlDreamer is madly tracing perl code...23:19
perlDreamerSo _you_ are really just asking for a different template.  One with some conditional in it that does different things right after you have added something to the cart?23:20
@tavistoI'm not sure... there's obviously a bug in that the welcome message isn't displayed23:24
perlDreamerthere's template variable to do that23:24
perlDreamerIt's just not in the default template23:24
perlDreamerthe template variable is called hasAddedToCart23:25
perlDreamerthat's the conditional23:25
perlDreamerand the thank you message is thankYouMessage23:25
perlDreamerabout in the middle23:26
perlDreamerkristi's bug is quite different23:26
@tavistowell the problem is that Kristi and I don't know what's connected and what's not23:26
@tavistowe're looking at it from a user perspective23:27
@tavistoby default there is no good reason for someone to see the add to cart or product options after adding it to cart.  Agree?23:27
perlDreamerI am probably not your typical user.  It doesn't bother me.23:27
@tavistothat's right you aren't23:28
@tavistothe guy who picks up webgui and tries to add a simple shopping cart.23:28
@tavistothat's the guy that's saying exactly what I'm saying23:28
@tavistoactually, Tavis, the guy that's been around WebGUI since before it existed... is saying that.23:29
perlDreamerSo what you're saying, on behalf of the users, is that after you add it to the cart, you never want to see an addToCart button until checkout or until it's removed from the cart?23:29
@tavistoonce I add it to cart... I want to see the confirmation that it's been added. And then "Continue Shopping" and "View Cart" options23:30
@tavistocan you tell me why you think it would be a good idea to show the same product and add to cart option?  That's just fueling confusion for the end user23:30
@tavistomy thought right now is to keep clicking the add to cart button.... like a gerbil in a wheel23:30
perlDreamerSure, let them buy as many as they want.23:31
@preactionwe've got enough of that confusion stuff to last us a few eons :p23:31
@tavistookay.... without confirmation?23:31
@preactionbut can't they update quantity in the cart itself?23:31
@tavistohow do I even know it's added?23:31
@tavistowhere can I go from here?23:31
@preactionDISNEY WORLD!23:31
@tavistowhy does it keep taking me back to the stupid product!!!!! AAAARGH!23:31
@tavistoam I speaking a different language here or what?  :)23:32
perlDreamerDude, I know you're frustrated.  But I'm finding it really hard to get a concrete set of requirements out of you.23:32
perlDreamerWithout that I can't hack safely.23:32
@tavisto*tavis is frustrated*23:32
@preactionperlDreamer, i think he wants a page like the CS Post's www_showConfirmation23:32
@preactionthat says the thank you and provides two links: Back to the product (Continue Shopping) and View Cart23:33
perlDreamerpreaction: he's brought up 4 slightly related issues.23:33
perlDreamersome of them are doable right now with a different templat23:33
perlDreamersome require more code23:33
perlDreamerfor example, what does Continue Shopping do?23:33
perlDreamerwhere does it take you?23:33
@tavistookay yeah maybe I confused you with the proxy stuff... Lets get back to just product.23:33
@preactionback to the page they were on before... if in doubt, just go back to the product23:34
perlDreamerOkay, with respect to a confirmation, that's pure template work.23:34
perlDreamer5 minute job23:34
@preactionhmm... that might be a bit weird23:34
@tavistothe continue shopping would be a manual link that I would create I think23:34
@tavistonot something global in webgui23:34
@preactionperhaps www_addToCart needs a returnUrl?23:34
perlDreamerexactly, preaction.  Now consider how the Shelf would affect that.23:34
@tavistoso dont worry about that I dont think23:34
@tavistoThe only thing that is important23:34
@tavisto1. Thank you Message23:35
@tavisto2. View Cart23:35
@preactiontavisto, no, that'd be bad. we want continue shopping to take the person right back to where they were right before they clicked "Add to Cart" (at least, that's what I would expect)23:35
@tavisto3. (Product does not show)23:35
@tavistoOkay, Preaction I agree with you... Continue Shopping would be GREAT to have by default23:35
@tavistoI'm just not being greedy right now... I just need this to work23:35
@tavistoSo yes it would be cool to have Continue Shopping and I see this as a vital component.23:36
@preactioni guess i haven't poked around the new Commerce enough yet to know what we can and cannot do right now23:36
perlDreamertavisto, 1 and 2 are pure templating work.  It can be done right now by anyone with admin rights to PB.com23:36
perlDreameralso, please just write down all your requirements23:36
perlDreamerhave JT bless them23:36
perlDreamerand I'll code them23:36
@tavistookay and 3?23:36
@tavistoabout the product not showing up after "add to cart" is pressed23:36
perlDreamerJust write down _everything_ that you want.23:37
perlDreamerif JT blesses it, I'll build it23:37
@preactionso once a product is in the cart, you don't want the user to be able to see it anymore?23:37
perlDreameror he can23:37
@preactionor just the Add to Cart link for the product that is already in the cart?23:37
@tavistopreaction, when the thank you message is displayed23:37
perlDreamerjust the Add to Cart23:37
@tavistoso when someone hits the add to cart button23:37
@tavistoI want them to see blank screen23:37
@tavistowith thank you23:37
@tavistoview cart link23:37
@tavistoand the continue shopping link23:37
@preactionso the Thank You message is shown on the same page as the Product itself, just pops-up and the rest of the page is the Product?23:38
perlDreamerLike I said, "thank you" and "view cart" are just template changes23:38
@preaction(i mean, currently)23:38
@tavistoI will write this down and talk with JT23:38
@tavistouh... preaction you're losing me23:38
@preactionthe current behavior23:39
@tavistoright now, when someone adds to cart, it returns to the specific product view23:39
@tavistonot even the page it was on23:39
@preactionwell, that's to be expected kinda, but go on23:39
@tavistoso my guess is that it should go to the product view as it is now but with a different template23:39
@tavistoand on the "Thank you message" screen the product dropdown, variations, and add to cart should be hidden23:40
@preactioninstead of hidden, just say "shouldn't be there". to me, hidden implies they're there but the user can't see them. ;)23:40
perlDreamernah, I know how to translate marketing into code :)23:40
@preactionin essence, you're asking for another page, the Confirmation page23:41
@preactionwhich is a good idea imho23:41
@preactioni've been putting them everywhere these days. people seem to expect that everything they do gets read back to them23:41
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]23:41
@tavistowell it seems like online there are 2 main ways that e-commerce retailers operate23:43
@tavistowhen you add to cart you go to cart and see the product there... or you get some confirmation screen23:43
@tavistothe other option I guess would be the mini cart that updates and shows you what's in your cart23:43
@preactionright. but i say we keep it as wG has been doing it, show the confirmation screen (which is a cheap page load, not as expensive as the Cart will be) and let them choose what's up. that screen could be further enhanced later23:44
@preactionlike, value-add or impulse buys23:44
@tavistothat's all we need23:44
@tavistojust the basic functionality23:44
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]23:48
@tavistoperldreamer, would you be able to do the template change on the demo site so I can get a screenshot to attach to this RFE for JT to review?23:52
@tavistoI guess I could mock it up but if 1&2 only take a second it would be cool to see and play with it23:53
perlDreamerI can't do it right now, $dayJob has reared it's ugly head.23:53
@tavistoah okay np23:53
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@238.sub-75-204-84.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:55
@tavistopreaction, do you think this qualifies as a bug report or is it better suited as an RFE?23:59
perlDreamertavisto, they're bugs23:59
@tavistoalright thanks23:59
perlDreamerif JT wants to RFE them instead, he'll tell you23:59
--- Day changed Wed Jul 02 2008
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elninohi!!! 01:15
elninoI guess my boss is still considering sending me to the conference.  we'll see...01:17
elninoI've been trying to read up on spell checkers for webgui, and it appears that aspell doesn't work with tinymce?  what are my options?  Is there a way I can convince my users that a browser add-in make more sense, and take much less time to implement? =)01:17
perlDreamerI've never tinkered with the spell checker for wG.01:20
elninodo you use a browser addin?01:20
perlDreamerNo.  Almost everything I do with wG is on the command line.01:21
elninoyes, sure for admin, but for content - what do your users use?01:21
perlDreamerThey don't do online spell checking.  We have (had) content creators and site editors.01:22
elninothat's what i meant - your content creaters and site editors...01:23
perlDreamerthey used TinyMCE01:23
perlDreamersorry, elnino.  On this particular subject I'm not so much help.01:25
perlDreamerWell, I've followed the instructions on the wiki and the server side spell checker doesn't work.01:37
perlDreamerThat's a bug.01:37
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perlDreamerelnino, I filed a bug report about the spell checker, but this one is not a trivial fix.01:58
perlDreamerit looks like tinyMCE has rewritten their plugin, and it will require some extensive hacking on our end of it.01:59
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SquOnkHi everyone15:12
SquOnkI'm getting a weird message in my log15:12
SquOnk2008/07/02 07:40:09 - WARN - webgui.conf - Log::Log4perl::Logger::__ANON__[771] - The URL yui/reset-fonts-grids.css was requested, but does not exist in your asset tree.15:13
SquOnkCorrect me if I'm wrong, but I believe the URL should be yui/build/reset-fonts-grids/reset-fonts-grids.css, right?15:14
BartJolI won't correct you, but neither affirm...15:19
BartJoljust don't know15:19
BartJoluseless isn't it?15:20
SquOnkBartJol: :-)15:20
BartJolVery good in saying useless things :)15:21
BartJolit's a feature, not a bug15:21
ryuu_roIn my WRE install that's the place where you can find it15:21
ryuu_roso you're right about yui/build/reset-fonts-grids/reset-fonts-grids.css15:22
SquOnkryuu_ro: This is 7.5.14. The wrong URL shows up in every page.15:23
SquOnkIn the header, to be precise15:23
ryuu_rodid you upgrade?15:23
SquOnkryuu_ro: No, I haven't15:23
ryuu_rook, did you change your style?15:24
SquOnkryuu_ro: Nope15:24
SquOnkryuu_ro: It's a fresh install.15:24
ryuu_rohmm, so nothing changed and this started happening15:24
ryuu_roow ok, what version are you running?15:24
SquOnkryuu_ro: Exactly15:24
ryuu_rook, I can't check it out right now, but maybe a template is broken15:25
ryuu_rodo you use a webgui standard style?15:25
SquOnkryuu_ro: It's the standard style.15:25
SquOnkryuu_ro: It's a fresh install out of the 7.5.14 tarball.15:26
SquOnkryuu_ro: That's the current version I'm packaging for Debian :-)15:26
SquOnkryuu_ro: I also believe some template is b0rken.15:26
SquOnkryuu_ro: And it should be the template with the header15:26
SquOnkryuu_ro: I did not have that problem with 7.5.11, that being the last tarball I packaged for Debian15:27
ryuu_rook, did you check out the gotcha.txt? Maybe they've changed the yui dir15:28
SquOnkryuu_ro: Yes. Nothing there15:29
SquOnkjulioh hizo un video porno cromando el pomo de una puerta15:30
SquOnkWrong channel15:30
SquOnkI'm still sleepy15:31
ryuu_rohmmm, for me 2 hours till the end of the working day15:32
SquOnkI'm just starting...15:32
SquOnkryuu_ro: Where in the Netherlands are you?15:32
ryuu_roin Delft at Oqapi15:33
SquOnkHmmm. Never been there. I lived in the Netherlands on and off for a year and half between 1997-199815:34
ryuu_roow ok, where'd you live then?15:34
SquOnkA'dam, Utrecht, Leeuwaarden and Amersfoort15:34
SquOnkDepending on the customer...15:34
SquOnkI was in Amsterdam most of the time.15:35
ryuu_roaha, traveling around the country15:35
ryuu_roI live in Voorburg a litte place next to The Hague15:35
SquOnkI was lucky enough to see snow in Amsterdam on my last night :-)15:36
ryuu_rothen you had some luck indeed, all we see nowadays I either rain or sunshine15:37
ryuu_roI checked out the standard conf file and the path there is right, so my thoughts are that a template is broken15:39
ryuu_roI don't have it installed, so I can't check it out now15:39
SquOnkryuu_ro: Ok. It should be the template that creates the header, since the wrong path is showing up in a <link> tag referencing a stylesheet.15:40
ryuu_roYep, I think you're probably right15:41
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ17:13
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6848 /translations/Russian/Russian/AdminConsole.pm: update_from_translation_server17:24
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6849 /translations/RedNeck/ (161 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server17:24
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@Haarghopefully the translation script will work properly now17:33
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@tavistobopbop, I take it no one can buy any products online right now at pb.com17:46
@bopbopthey can17:46
@bopbopthey have to add the items to their carts17:46
@bopbopand then go to the main merchandise page to get to the cart17:46
@bopbopso, once they get to the broken page, they have to back track17:47
@tavistohmm... 17:47
@bopbopbut that's just for merchandise17:47
@bopbopI don't know what happens w/ support, hosting etc17:47
@bopbopI haven't explored that17:47
@bopbopsubscriptions don't show prices right now either17:47
@bopbopit's ugly out there17:48
@tavistohmm... okay so they add to cart and then need to go back to the main categories page?17:48
@tavistoyes this is bad17:48
@bopbopI stuck the view cart link on that page last week just so I could get stuff out of my own cart17:49
@bopbopI had added every last t-shirt to it trying to figure out what was going on ;)17:49
@bopbopfigured I better get them out of there17:49
@bopbopit's very  bad- I don't think anyone shopping out on pb.com right now would know wtf was going on17:50
@bopbopOther shopping options work better- subscription assets, aside from not displaying the price, seem to be working alright17:51
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6850 /tools/translationserver.cgi: set encoding correctly in translation modules18:00
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6851 /tools/translationserver.cgi: proper utf8 support for translation server18:00
elninohas anyone here been able to enable server side spell checker within tinymce?18:01
@Haargi haven't tried, but it likely broke with the tinymce 3 change18:04
elninoyes, preaction tried it with 7.5.14, and it indead broke, but I'm still on the 7.4 track and I still can't seem to get it to work....18:05
elninoanyone know what version of tinymce the 7.4.x track uses?18:05
@Haargi could't say about that then18:05
@Haargtinymce 218:06
SquOnkFor those of you just checking in...18:07
SquOnkI'm getting a weird message in my log18:08
-!- AMH_bob [n=AMH_bob@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]18:08
SquOnk2008/07/02 07:40:09 - WARN - webgui.conf - Log::Log4perl::Logger::__ANON__[771] - The URL yui/reset-fonts-grids.css was requested, but does not exist in your asset tree.18:08
SquOnkCorrect me if I'm wrong, but I believe the URL should be yui/build/reset-fonts-grids/reset-fonts-grids.css, right?18:08
SquOnkIf that's the case, then the template for the header, is setting the URL badly18:08
SquOnkThis is a 7.5.14 .tar.gz install with the default theme.18:09
SquOnk(The one going into Debian :-)18:09
elninoto test if you are correct about your url, put it in the browser box and see if the css shows up. I'm still runing 7.4.x, so I can't help much more than that.18:10
SquOnkelnino: It does18:10
elninoI missed the question then...18:13
@tavistobopbop, I have a half page worth of instructions on how to checkout... Im embarrassed to even send this to the CMSmatrix advertiser18:14
@bopbopyikes- send it to me quick18:14
@bopbopthey might not need to do all of it18:14
@tavistoif they weren't over in eastern europe with broken english they could pay us over the phone...18:14
@HaargSquOnk, i know about that issue18:19
SquOnkHaarg: Aha! Talk to me :-)18:20
SquOnkHaarg: Will it be fixed in 7.5.15? And when will that be out :-)18:20
@Haargi'm going to fix it, but it isn't a big deal - it doesn't have the correct path to the file, but we don't want to include it anyway18:20
@Haargshould get it fixed, yeah - tomorrow18:20
SquOnkHaarg: Exactly what I suspected :-)18:20
SquOnkHaarg: My sponsor is checking the package today, and hopefully we will be able to upload 7.5.1518:21
-!- lisette [n=liraos@] has quit ["Leaving."]18:21
SquOnkHaarg: Speaking of extras, is tt.js being used?18:21
@Haargi believe so yes18:21
@Haargit was recently added18:22
@Haargapeiron may know more18:22
SquOnkHaarg: It's a third party JS?18:22
@Haarglooks that way18:22
@apeironYes, it's used for the widget / static exporting systems.18:22
SquOnkHaarg: I have to include it in the copyright statement for the Debian package. I believe it will NOT be a problem.18:23
SquOnkThe rest of the stuff in extras es Copyright plainblack (except yui and tinymce), right?18:23
@Haargit looks like it18:25
SquOnkWe're looking good.18:26
SquOnkThere's some slowness in the Debian upload process, but it's like that everytime a freeze approaches :-)18:27
-!- lisette [n=liraos@] has joined #webgui18:27
SquOnkCounting only in my "area of interest" there's about two dozen _small_ packages waiting for upload. They have been waiting for four days, when usually we upload twelve packages a day :-)18:27
SquOnkSo I have enough slack to polish any remaining issues with webgui (which are mostly licensing and proper symlinking of stuff)18:28
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []18:36
@Haargapeiron, can you check something for me?18:46
@apeironHaarg, Sure. What's up?18:47
@Haargcase sensitivity on your computer18:47
@apeironYes, it's case sensitive.18:47
@apeironThe Macs, anyway.18:47
@Haargare you certain?18:47
@apeironhttps://svn.webgui.org/svnweb/plainblack/browse/WebGUI/www/uploads/ and search for jx18:48
@Haarghmm, i guess jt must have set up your computer like that18:49
@apeironSorry, *in*sensitive.18:50
@apeironSensitive to the jx/jX/JX/Jx thing.18:50
@Haargi don't quite see why the svn thing is relevant, but hfs+ is not case sensitive by default.  i'm just wondering any other devs have problems with it.18:56
@apeironYeah, I misspoke when I said it is case sensitive.18:56
@apeironThe svn thing is relevant because it shows two directories that differ only by case, which causes a problem on a default OS X installation.18:56
@Haargyeah, i just fixed that yesterday18:56
@apeironSo, er, how come it's still in svn head? :)18:57
@apeironThe link I gave above, search for 'jx'18:57
@Haargwell, yes18:57
@Haargbut it should be that way18:57
@apeironIt's broken that way. :)18:58
@Haargthe problem i meant was that there were some uploads in the wrong place18:58
@apeironNo one running OS X can do an svn up / checkout presently with that as it is.18:58
@apeironI guess they can create a case-sensitive HFS+ partition, but that's it.18:58
@Haargthat's what i did18:58
@Haargin a disk image18:58
@apeironIt can be argued that people shouldn't have to go through that hassle. :)18:59
@Haargyeah, but there are ways that is dealt with18:59
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui19:00
-!- mode/#webgui [+v cap10morgan] by ChanServ19:00
@Haargit's optimized for linux19:00
@apeironthat seems kind of uhm19:01
@apeironConsidering the equipment PB staffers have. :)19:01
@Haargwell, it was somewhat a mistake19:01
@Haargbut there is a switch for using case insensitive uploads locations19:01
@Haargbut it is slower19:01
@Haarganyway, it shouldn't really cause problems for devs19:02
@apeironI'm not talking about that--I'm talking about the ability to check out the code.19:02
@Haargit actually fails?19:02
@apeironHard fail.19:02
@Haargwasn't aware of that19:02
@apeironThe only solution is to create a case sensitive partition.19:02
@Haargi'll have to think about that19:04
@Haargaside from svn being bitchy it shouldn't matter too much since nobody updates uploads but me19:06
@apeirons/bitchy/totally preventing svn up and svn co/19:08
@apeironIt's totally broken. It won't work at all.19:09
@apeironOne absolutely cannot do a full checkout or update.19:09
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui19:09
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ19:09
@apeironYou also can't do a checkout *at all* on Windows.19:11
@apeironI feel that's kinda, uhm, serious19:11
@Haargnot that serious19:12
@Haargbut this should be dealt with one way or another19:13
-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has quit ["Yippie kay-ai-yay fudder muckers!"]19:14
elninolooking at tinymce, it appears that they only have a spellchecker in other languags other than perl. can someone explain to me how tincymce works with webgui - when webgui is perl?  did Webgui have to specifically integrate it?19:29
@Haargi think so but i have no idea how the spellchecker works19:37
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI19:40
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ19:40
elninoI kinda figured.. 19:50
elninoour marketing department wants to change the width of our site, and some minor tweaks, but I'm having caching problems with the templates and css files that I'm using.  So when we go live, I suspect that there will be people looking at part-new and part-old. which was indeed the case when marketing presented the "new look" to the CEO.  (bad day for them) Is there something I can do to minimize that type of thing happening when we go live19:52
elnino with this?  19:52
elninoIt's esentially theh same design, just different width (banner, menu and content are affected) and background image added.19:52
elninoforget what I wrote above, this is what I'm asking:20:04
elninocss and images are being cached in the user's browser, I can work around that, my question is, do templates get cached in a users' browser?20:05
elninoGOSH DANG IT.  Marketing committed something they should have.. If I roll it back, do I loose all those changes?20:07
elnino*should not have*20:07
elninonever mind I'm done for today. Have a good day/evening!20:20
-!- elnino [n=ninow@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]20:21
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6852 /WebGUI/ (16 files in 10 dirs): removing uploads conflicts with case insentitive fs20:39
@apeironHaarg, Thank you, sir.20:55
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-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui22:45
perlDreamer4 hour monster meeting22:46
perlDreamerHaarg, 7.4.15 release is tomorrow?23:07
-!- metalman [n=metalman@] has joined #webgui23:11
perlDreamertavisto, I have a modified product template that displays the thank you message and a view cart link.23:19
perlDreamerDo you have time to look at it?23:19
@tavistoomg.. I was just coming back into here to see what's up23:19
@tavistogood timing pD!23:20
@tavistoheck yeah I have time23:20
perlDreameractually, I'm going to email you 3 packages.  I'd like you to check them all, if that's okay.23:20
perlDreamerthey're 7.5.15 pre-release23:20
@tavistoalright, just apply to a demo23:20
@tavistobeta demo23:20
perlDreamerI'm going to a $dayJob meeting in 9 minutes.  I'll email them to you ;)23:20
@tavistoI mean, I will of course :)23:21
@tavistooh yeah for sure... sorry didn't mean to imply I need you to do it23:21
perlDreamerbe back later.  Feel free to leave comments here or to email me.23:25
@tavistoalright thanks perlDreamer23:32
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #webgui23:45
slickwarehey all.23:46
slickwarecan the Package utility be used to take an entire site from one server to another?23:46
@preactionyes, with caveats.23:46
@tavistoI believe the answer to your question is.. maybe23:46
@preactionsome things aren't covered by packages. like Shortcut Overrides23:46
@tavisto*drumroll for preaction's answer*23:47
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui23:47
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by ChanServ23:47
@tavistoand that's basically why I hate Rizen... Any questions?23:47
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@41.sub-75-207-192.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:47
slickwareI really just want my images directory, my stylesheet, and my style template packaged.23:47
slickwareI don't even have any wobjects being used except for 'search', but I could kill that temporarily if necessary23:48
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6853 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.15/default_product.wgpkg: change the default product template to show the thank you message and a ViewCart link immediately after adding to the cart23:48
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: perlDreamer, steveo_aa23:57
--- Day changed Thu Jul 03 2008
dionakyou could place those under a folder and package the folder00:03
dionakfor instance, a theme folder00:03
slickwarethey are, at the moment actually00:03
slickware/root/themes or something00:03
dionakwe've found it's easier to move an entire site by dumping the db and compressing the uploads. 00:04
dionakgotta watch out for version differences tho b/c the schema could change between versions.00:04
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@71-90-18-149.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["that's all folks"]00:21
slickwaresweet - the folder packaging worked great.00:24
perlDreamertavisto, talk to me buddy00:27
-!- KlausH [n=KlausH@p5B071091.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["bye"]00:34
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #webgui []00:39
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []00:40
@tavistoyo I tried out the product template already00:43
@tavistoI am putting my feedback in an email but I can post it for you right now if you'd like00:43
@tavistoI already have the product feedback done00:44
perlDreamerI'll wait :) 00:45
perlDreameremail on00:45
@tavistok good I figured I wouldn't spam the channel00:46
perlDreamer_everyone_ wants to know what's wrong with Shop, dude00:50
@tavistohmm I just realized that my suggestion on the product is actually rectified by turning the title off on the product00:55
perlDreamerwhich suggestion is that?00:56
@tavistoperlDreamer, what if we took the product title out of that template and instead put the productname variable in the thank you message00:56
@tavistothat way by default it would always say something like00:56
@tavisto"A <product name here> has been added to your cart."00:57
perlDreamerThat would take some code changes, including templating the thank you message.  I'd like to stick to straight forward usage of existing code now, just for the sake of expediency.00:58
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]00:58
@tavistoah okay, well in that case... turning off the title does work and it's functionally correct00:59
@tavistothe product, it's drop down menu and variants are all removed00:59
@tavistoa continue shopping option would be sweet at some point too but then again it's not a must have right now01:00
perlDreamerthat's going to be hard01:00
perlDreamerBecause you have to keep track of where you came from, either a shelf, which is like a shortcut, or a parent container (folder, layout, etc)01:00
@tavistopersonally, for now it's not a big deal to manually add it next to view cart. :)  Customized for whoever is using the shop01:00
perlDreamerIt just goes in the template.01:01
@tavistoI'm cool with that01:01
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@12-226-44-250.client.mchsi.com] has joined #WebGUI01:08
perlDreamertavisto: You're okay with the fact that when you go back to the page with the Product on it that the Add to Cart button comes back?01:17
@tavistoyeah because it's already after you have gotten the confirmation01:22
@tavistowow we have a huge storm here in Michigan right now01:22
@tavistoperlDreamer, it appears that the "add to cart" button sticks around when you see the "The Coupon has been added to the cart.01:23
@preactionyeah, Frank just reported huge storm where he lives, so i've got like 45 minutes to get a bike ride in before it hits me01:23
@tavistoyep, it's monsterous here.. an hour north of me is a huge city called Grand Rapids.. Most of the city is currently without power I hear... baaad01:23
@tavistomonstrous even.. gah01:24
@tavistoperlDreamer, so for the flat rate coupon, the add to cart button needs to be replaced with the ^ViewCart;01:26
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit []01:33
@tavistoAlso, if a coupon has a description, it is appearing above the thank you message once you "add to cart".01:37
@tavistoObviously, the description doesn't need to appear there.  :)01:38
@tavistoI'm off to dinner.. I'll see what else I can come up with and will be in touch01:46
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6854 /translations/Ukrainian/ (147 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server01:51
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patspamanyone know why Apache2::Reload isn't configured for the dev WRE anymore?07:09
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-!- f00li5h [n=f00li5h@c211-30-187-137.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #webgui07:17
patspamhmm i get the feeling Class::InsideOut is the culprit again..07:20
patspamModule::Refresh doesn't seem to like it either07:21
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perlDreameranyone know how to configure selinux so that httpd won't puke?08:10
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6855 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/TabForm.pm: Fixed bug in TabForm.pm SYNOPSIS09:29
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6856 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (15 files in 11 dirs): 11:54
CIA-6WebGUI: WebGUI_flux: better benchmarking code11:54
CIA-6WebGUI: The beginnings of a Flux Admin GUI11:54
CIA-6WebGUI: Ability to turn Flux on/off site-wide11:54
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slickwareis there, any longer, a "display list of upcoming calendar events" option?15:46
slickwareI thought there used to be an events calendar15:47
slickwareor a different display type... I miss small_calendar!15:47
-!- vayde [n=vayde@63-226-151-4.mpls.qwest.net] has joined #webgui15:47
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ckotilGood Morning16:10
ckotilSDuensin: what heartbeat monitoring software do you use? i seem to recall you recommended an alternative to ganglia some time ago16:12
SDuensinNot I.  Sorry.16:13
* SDuensin has Zenoss installed, but hasn't really used it.16:14
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ckotilk. ya, its not zenoss17:21
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-!- lisette [n=liraos@] has joined #webgui17:38
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui17:46
lisettehello, i to create a collaboration system by a macro, but i don't see the icon of RSS, what i must do?17:51
perlDreamerlisette: check the template for the right variables17:52
lisettethe RSS i see enabled and in the database is in 117:52
perlDreameryes, but is the rss url template variable in your template?17:52
lisetterssTemplateId=>'PBtmpl0000000000000142',  17:54
perlDreamergetting closer17:54
perlDreamerThere is a Collaboration system template17:54
perlDreamerinside that template, it must have the rss url template variable17:54
bartjol<tmpl_var rss.url> ?17:57
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perlDreameraway to meeting17:58
lisettei search, wait me please17:58
bartjolbye PD17:58
lisettei have this in the template, <tmpl_if rss.url>17:58
lisette<a href="<tmpl_var rss.url>">RSS</a>17:58
lisetteif i do edit and save, without any change, and after that if it works18:00
-!- AMH_bob [n=AMH_bob@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]18:05
bartjolyou mean it works right now? without changing? strange...18:10
bartjolI think it is a feature :)18:10
lisettewhat I mean is that it has always been the case and I want to know how can I fix18:11
bartjolit is the default RSS  template right?18:12
lisetteI think the collaboration system from a macro, but the icon rss does not appear, but if I go after established and editing without making any changes and then I save, if there showed me the icon.18:12
bartjolI see the same id, so probably yes18:13
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI18:13
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lisetteyes that?18:13
bartjolyes, it is the template I'm looking at18:14
bartjolI see no tmpl_var rss.url18:15
bartjolso it is only the same tmpl id18:16
bartjolwhat version?18:16
bartjolod webgui?18:16
bartjolalso not in a 7.4.21 en not in 7.5.918:18
bartjolsorry, I don't have a 7.4.40 available18:18
bartjolso what template is it about? pretend that I'm really stupid (shouldn't be to hard) en lead me the way to your default template18:22
bartjolstep by step18:23
lisettei have a macro that creates a collaboration system18:23
bartjolcreated yourself?18:23
lisetteand in the template have a  <tmpl_if rss.url>18:23
lisette(09:59:01) lisette: <a href="<tmpl_var rss.url>">RSS</a>18:23
lisette(09:59:01) lisette: </tmpl_if>18:23
lisettebut the icon of RSS don't shows me18:24
bartjolso your using the variable as a boolean and a value18:24
bartjolbut what icon should you see?18:25
lisetteThe symbol of RSS18:26
lisettein my case the text that i do18:26
bartjolok, then I understand, just the linktext it is18:26
bartjolwell it dpends on how tmpl_if looks to the problem I think. Right now it looks like it doesn't understand that if (in perl-like language)18:28
bartjolif($rssurl) {18:28
bartjolprint "link with url";18:28
-!- Sara [n=Camilo@] has joined #webgui18:29
bartjolso maybe the if only wants to see a numer (normally 0 or 1)18:30
lisettei can do this in any macro?18:31
lisetteor in the macro that creates the collaboration?18:31
bartjolno you can't18:35
bartjolonly if you give the right parameters18:35
bartjoland even then I'm not sure18:35
bartjolI don't really understand the use of such a macro, but that is my problem18:36
bartjolto many things have to be set18:36
bartjoltoo many18:36
bartjolbut I have to have food, so I'm going home, have dinner and play soccer, have fun hacking18:41
-!- bartjol [n=bartjol@] has left #webgui []18:41
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-!- gggp [n=giulio@] has joined #webgui19:50
dionakis sql form being removed in the near future? topsub isn't seeing it in the latest version19:52
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui19:52
dionaklooks like the answer to my question is yes19:56
@bopbopit is being removed in favor of Thingy19:56
@bopbopI think there is a way to maintain it though if you're using it already19:56
dionakbut thingy is so very young19:56
slickwareugh. I'm on PB Agency hosting. I imported a package, got it working. Then I unchecked the "make package" box so it would disappear19:56
slickwarebut every time I log out/back in again, the package re-appears19:56
dionakthingy hasn't even been released or adopted yet. so deprecating another asset in favor of it seems very premature.19:59
dionakslickware, is there an open version tag?20:00
-!- gggp [n=giulio@] has left #webgui ["Saindo"]20:00
@preactiondionak, it's not being included in new installs of webgui, and if you're not using it on the site, it will be removed. if you are using it, it will remain.20:00
dionakso upgrading won't be a problem then?20:01
dionakthat sounds promising20:01
@preactionunless you upgrade, SQLForm wasn't being used (so got deletec), and THEN you want to use the SQLForm20:01
@preactionthen you'd have to re-install it. it's available as a branch in http://svn.webgui.org (don't know if there will be other ways to get it)20:02
dionakso we'll have to maintain it going forward if we want to keep it20:02
dionakok, thanks for the info.20:03
dionakdoes anyone here have experience with the event management system?20:03
dionakwe're going to be serving multiple sites off of one install. one site offers seminars and the others are for events (like conferences). debating on using one ems or multiples. multiples seems like it would be a management pain. 20:05
@preactionyou probably want multiples. from what i understand the EMS is designed to handle one event20:06
dionakyou're right..20:06
@preactionthat is, the EMS shows all the available Badges, Events, and Ribbons that are inside of it20:06
dionakevents could be workshops, for instance?20:06
@preactionwe use the EMS for the WUC20:07
dionaki'll probably have more questions but that helps. haven't used the ems before. 20:08
dionakthere's no way to associate speakers to an event is there?20:09
dionakdoesn't appear to be...(hence the sqlform). we could theoretically use thingy for managing speakers but we didn't see how to associate speakers to an event.20:10
@preactionthere's no resource management built into the EMS yet, no20:10
@preactionthat would be a very welcome addition though20:11
dionakwho wrote the ems? rizen?20:13
dionakare there any specs for the ems? that would be helpful.20:16
slickwaredionak: there is no longer an open version tag20:17
slickwaredionak: I commit them all after login and the package disappears (for a while)20:17
dionaksounds like a support issue20:18
dionaksince you're on shared hosting20:18
slickwareah. it was me being an idiot20:21
slickwareI packaged one site from a private server onto the agency host20:21
slickwaredeleted the package from the agency host20:21
slickwareand then logged back in (accidentally) to the private host and saw the package still there20:21
topsubQuestion, Where are events stored in the database?20:32
topsubfor 7.5.1020:32
topsubnvr mind20:33
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SDuensinAny Linux experts here that can answer a non-WebGUI question?21:23
@apeironIt may be wiser to ask in the channel devoted to your vendor's products, though.21:29
@apeironMore people, more eyes, at the very least.21:29
perlDreamerIndeed.  I asked a SELinux question in here last night at 11:00pm PDT and got nothing back.21:35
SDuensinYea.  They weren't helpful.  :-)21:41
SDuensinIt's OK.  I've decided to just hack it.21:41
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:51
-!- lisette [n=liraos@] has left #webgui []22:02
dionakdoes anyone know where the EventManagementSystem_products table is defined to be created? I see where it's dropped in the upgrade...but not seeing the create statement. It's missing from my system22:25
dionakEventManagementSystem table is in create.sql...22:26
dionakEventManagementSystem_products looks like it was added in 7.3.1522:27
perlDreamerI think that's dead code22:27
perlDreamerbuildMenu, calls _getFieldHash which calls _getAllEvents22:27
perlDreamerI don't see buildMenu ever being called22:27
@preactionit's probably best not to try to understand the old EMS. on with the new EMS!22:28
perlDreamerpreaction: How do you tell the difference? :)22:28
dionakgood question.22:29
@preactioniirc the new EMS doesn't have a second, "pseudo-cart" for badges that haven't been added to the Real cart yet22:29
dionaki'm looking at svn22:29
@preactionthat pseudo-cart, btw, caused at least a dozen bugs22:29
dionakso the references in EventManagementSystem.pm to EventManagementSystem_products are pointless?22:29
@preactionRibbons were added, Badges are no longer also Events22:29
dionakmaybe the methods aren't called..22:30
perlDreamerI think so, dionak22:30
perlDreamerthat's what I'm seeing22:30
perlDreameraddToScratchCart isn't called22:30
dionakok...yea, i see.22:30
dionaki was trying to see if i could manage webinars using the ems22:31
dionaki'm thinking 'no' atm22:31
@preactionthe new EMS uses that _products table22:31
dionakb/c i would have to have an ems for each one? 22:31
perlDreamerDon't know.  I'm EMS-ignorant22:31
@preactionno, you should be able to handle webinars using the EMS22:32
dionakwhat gets added to the products table? badges?22:32
@preactionbut, i too am EMS illiterate22:32
perlDreamerBadges, Ribbons, Tickets, Tokens22:32
dionakoh my!22:32
perlDreamerlooking at WebGUI/Asset/Sku22:32
@preactionmaybe the new EMS is easier to use22:33
@preactionlike the new Shop22:33
perlDreamerYou're a funny man, preaction.22:33
dionaki believe i must be looking at the new ems..22:33
@preactiondionak, 7.5.11 it was added i believe22:34
dionakok, i'm on 7.5.13. i live on the edge22:34
dionakEMS seems like a conference managing tool rather than abstracted events. 22:35
@preactionit is designed that way, yes, but you should be able to ... jury-rig it a bit22:36
perlDreamerJust tell it the conference is really long22:36
@preactionare you working on a subscription model? or selling individual tickets?22:37
dionakthere are 3 different type of events total. annual conferences, webinars and seminars22:37
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []22:37
@preactionbut each event will have to be purchased seperately, correct? 22:38
@preactionno matter what22:38
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui22:38
dionakevent descriptions would not really change between events22:38
-!- Sara1 [n=Camilo@] has joined #webgui22:38
dionakfor instance a webinar description stays the same. 22:38
@preactionin that case, you would probably make a Badge for each Event22:38
dionakthe only issue i see with that is there is no date associated to a badge.22:39
dionakor time, right?22:39
perlDreamerCould you put it in the Badge title?22:39
dionakhm, it's an idea..22:39
dionakhow would it expire?22:39
perlDreamermanually, probably22:39
dionakhm. not sure that would work for the client. 22:40
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@71-90-18-149.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []22:40
@preactioni think your goal, then, would be a way to buy a ticket without having to buy a badge22:40
@preactionbut, i also think that was considered and rejected, but a lot of stuff was rejected (all due to time constraints)22:40
dionakok, that makes sense b/c tickets have dates and times. i wonder how hard that would be? 22:42
dionakthat is what i need, basically22:42
@preactioni don't know, you'd have to ask JT about that one (he re-wrote this ground-up in something like 2 weeks)22:42
perlDreamernice catch, apeiron22:42
dionakperhaps requiring badges could be a configuration option. ok, i'll try to catch up with him22:43
@preactionthe only thing i worry about is this: it may be designed so that there is No Way to add tickets without a badge :(22:43
CIA-6WebGUI: chrisn * r6857 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/AssetLineage.pm: Fix the "get all assets" code example in getLineage to show that getRoot needs a $session.22:43
-!- doc777 [n=Doc@10.187-available-ethint-fratm-cc.sccoast.net] has joined #webgui22:43
dionakthanks for the input guys22:44
@preactionbut something as simple as a "Allow Ticket to be purchased without a Badge" flag might work22:44
doc777Hello friends. Is it normal to pull up a webgui site and browse all the files in the root folder like: http://www.plainblack.com/root/import  . I just noticed my site is the same way...22:45
perlDreamerthose files need to be visible to the user since images and other collateral are stored in there22:45
perlDreamerSee lots of discussion in bugs and forum on it.22:45
doc777ok  ;-)  I found em scattered all over google22:46
@preactionedit your robots.txt22:46
@apeironwow, they're all over Google?22:46
@apeironThat means that Visitor can access them, no?22:46
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI22:47
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ22:47
perlDreamertavisto, I have approximately 55 minutes for template hacking.22:48
perlDreamerWhat's tops on your list?22:48
@tavistoooh lets see22:48
-!- lisette [n=lramirez@] has joined #webgui22:48
@tavistodid you get my msgs from last night?22:48
perlDreameryes, but they're at home on $laptop22:48
perlDreamerright now I'm at $dayJob22:48
@tavistoah okay22:48
perlDreamerI remember one of them22:49
perlDreamerthe AddToCart button on the Coupon requires code which won't be released until 7.5.1522:49
perlDreamerso no worries on that one22:49
-!- juan [n=juangui@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]22:50
@tavistoon the subscription or flat rate discount coupon.... the thank you message screen showed the "add to cart" button instead of the ^ViewCart;22:50
@tavistoor is that what you're referring to22:50
perlDreamerJust on the coupon22:51
perlDreamerI'll have a look at the Subscription22:51
@tavistolets see22:51
-!- Sara [n=Camilo@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]22:52
-!- juan [n=juangui@] has joined #webgui22:54
perlDreamertavisto, the Subscription also depends on 7.5.15 code22:56
perlDreamerso you're good there, too22:56
perlDreamerI'm guessing that 7.5.15 will come out today22:56
perlDreamersince it's Thursday22:56
doc777In my: default-gallery-view-album template there is the line: <!-- FIXME: Add perpage form --> does anyone know if this has been fixed yet? It controls the previous and next page for the gallery I think and I sorely need it ;)23:04
@preactiondoc777, no, it doesn't control the next and previous pages. it just does the perpage form23:05
doc777My gallery albums just seem to scroll on and on and there is never a next page... I cannot seem to find where to change or add "per page". Am I missing something or is it just not written?  ;-)23:06
@preaction25 or 50 is the default per page23:08
@preactionbut, i thought i made that settable in the Gallery properties23:08
doc777Think we stopped at 21 as these are big pictures and it was getting slow. I have not found where I can set it though...23:09
dionakso it looks like ribbons replace the cost of a badge in the EMS. The badge become $0.00 and the price of the ribbon is used for the checkout.23:09
@preactionnope, maybe not. the List Albums view defaults to 25 or 5023:09
@preactionthe View Album view can have fewer files, which is settable in the latest release of WebGUI23:10
@preactionthe thumbnails and slideshow views both show all at all times (since there is no reason to do otherwise)23:10
doc777Thank you for your help preaction. Is there a way I can edit something and make it about 15 maybe?23:10
@preactionin the latest beta releast of WebGUI, there's a Default Files Per Page setting in the Gallery properties23:11
@preactionbut, again, nothing for Albums themselves23:11
@preactionif the perpage form was added, it wouldn't change the default. the default setting would have to be added23:12
@preactionDefault Albums Per Page, for example23:12
@preactionyou could go into the Gallery code and change what you wanted, but i would not recommend it, and it would have to be re-done every time you upgrade23:13
@preactionor you could add the feature, submit an RFE and attach the patch, and then it would probably get added quickly23:13
doc777Pretty scared to upgrade.... have a whole lot of work in the site and am not using the wre (gentoo). Is there a file containing the default value that can edited.23:14
@preactionthe lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Gallery.pm file23:14
@preactionbut doing this, stopping yourself from being able to upgrade, is a very bad idea23:15
@preactionif you want, you could make your own sub-class of the Gallery to hold your changes23:15
doc777When I have 2 full days and a really good back up I will upgrade ;)23:15
@preactionor, as i said, you could make a patch to go into WebGUI23:15
@preactionyou're being overly scared. upgrading in the 7.x series is not difficult at all23:15
doc777But tomorow is the 4rth of july and do not want to still be here ;)23:15
doc777grins years of experience and failure to blame I guess...23:16
@preactionoh, i did plenty of my own 5.x and 6.x upgrades to know where you're coming from, and i always get annoyed that they go so quickly and so smoothly now that i cancelled all my plans that night for nothing :p23:18
@tavistoperlDreamer, I dont know of any more template work to do23:18
@tavistoer that can be done... however I noticed I get lots of proxy errors when i remove items from the cart23:18
@tavistoif you take a beta demo right now23:18
@tavistoand add 10-15 items to the cart you'll get 2-3 that give you the proxy error23:19
@tavisto(when using the remove button)23:19
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []23:25
perlDreamerproxy error?23:30
perlDreamercan you paste me some output into a paste?  webgui.pastebin.com23:31
perlDreamerI'll just try it :)23:32
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI23:33
-!- mode/#webgui [+o khenn] by ChanServ23:34
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]23:34
-!- doc777 [n=Doc@10.187-available-ethint-fratm-cc.sccoast.net] has quit ["using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12"]23:38
juan i have a site configured like www.example.net.co and now i want to change it to www.example.com.co.  if i change it in the config file and the apache configuration , is enough?23:38
perlDreamerI think you also need to change it in the settings23:38
perlDreamerSettings in the Admin Console23:39
juanand all the path automatically will change23:39
perlDreameras long as they are not hardcoded in any content, yes23:39
perlDreamerlisette: Are you still having your RSS problems?  Can you show me a site with the problem?23:40
Sara1You can see the problem in this link23:46
perlDreamerI'm going to need a little help with the Spanish content.  Where should I be looking?23:47
Sara1there are many cs's, the most of this can't the rss option disable23:48
Sara1But other cs's has the option23:48
Sara1Agregar = add23:49
Sara1suscribir = suscribe23:49
Sara1Buscar = search23:49
perlDreamerThe Admin has an RSS link23:49
Sara1the cs's admin23:49
perlDreamerbut others on the page do not have the RSS link23:49
perlDreamerare they supposed to have the RSS link?23:49
Sara1yes, it is23:50
perlDreamerso you want them _all_ to have the RSS link?  Every CS on the page?23:50
Sara1all the cs has the same cs weblog template23:50
perlDreamerand each one has the Enable RSS option turned on in the Display tab?23:51
Sara1The cs has been created with a macro23:52
Sara1And all the settings options it's ok, but the rss option only show when i have edited the cs, and save it23:52
Sara1PErlDreamer, please look this23:53
Sara1The lrestrepo blog23:53
Sara1Can you see it?23:53
Sara1It don't has the rss option enable23:53
Sara1but wait please23:54
Sara1Im going to edit and save23:54
perlDreamerokay.  After you make the change, please flush the cache since I'm visitor on that site.23:54
Sara1It's ready23:55
perlDreamerNow it's showing up.23:55
perlDreamerI'm going to test that on 7.5 and see if it's the same23:56
perlDreamerIf so, you've found a bug.23:56
Sara1Please Ctrl F523:56
perlDreamerWhat is Ctrl F5?23:56
Sara1I have edited and saved it, and the rss option is showed23:56
@apeironIE force refresh23:56
@apeiron(since refresh in IE doesn't actually mean refresh)23:56
@preactionShift + F5 for firefox23:56
@preactionor just Refresh for Safari23:57
perlDreamerWhen I reloaded the page, it came up.23:57
* apeiron loves IE23:57
perlDreamerThis seems to work okay on 7.523:57
perlDreamerso it must be a 7.4.40 bug23:57
Sara1but i dont found the reason to this23:58
Sara1maybe a bug23:58
perlDreamerSara1, if you add a CS in the normal way does it work the same way?23:58
perlDreamerIs it only the CS created by the macro that has this problem/23:58
Sara1I f i add a new cs it don't happen23:58
Sara1The css show all the options23:59
perlDreamerAsi, es solo los CS hecho por el macro que tiene la problema?23:59
--- Day changed Fri Jul 04 2008
perlDreamerPuedo yo veo el macro, por favor?  Please use the webgui.pastebin.com00:00
Sara1Ok please wait00:00
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #WebGUI []00:01
perlDreamerSara1, I think this is a bug in 7.5, too.00:01
perlDreamerYes.  This will also is broken in 7.5.00:03
perlDreamerThe good news is that it can probably be fixed.00:03
perlDreamerpreaction: do you have 5 minutes?00:04
perlDreamerCS'es created programmatically do not have RSS enabled, since it involves calling pPFFP00:04
@preactionyou're kidding, right? who the hell designed that?00:05
perlDreamerIt wasn't you00:05
perlDreamerlisette: please try adding this to the CS properties and tell me what happens when you make a new CS00:06
perlDreamerrssCapableRssFromParentId => 100:06
@preactionit should be in an overridden update call probably, and it should probably also have its own routine ( createRssFromParent or whatever)00:06
perlDreamerIt needs to be ripped out and rewritten from scratch00:06
@preactionRSS mixin ftw!00:06
perlDreamerbut this is an old discussion between us, and I think we agree completely00:06
perlDreamerIt's just a matter of tuits00:07
lisetteok, wait me00:07
perlDreamerYo espero00:07
perlDreamerAlgunas veces, tengo la pacienca de un santo00:07
perlDreamery lo demas ...00:07
@preaction7.6 is my goal for those long-term projects i started at the beginning of 7.5, so we should be able to fix this (barring any other major developments, of which there will be many)00:07
perlDreamerI so need to win the lottery00:08
@preactionso you can pay me $100,000 to add those features?00:08
perlDreamerYeah, and do all my long ignored long term projects00:09
perlDreameror, in other words, do wG work without the fear of being fired from $dayJob :)00:09
slickwareshit, for $100k, I'd add those features00:09
slickwareand I can't even code in perl00:09
perlDreamerslickware, that's how we got here in the first place00:10
perlDreameractually, that dev knew perl fairly well00:10
slickwareyou got paid $100k to learn perl?00:10
perlDreamerI wish00:10
slickwareI just got paid $600 to learn CSS and I thought I was doing pretty well00:10
perlDreamerlisette, Sara1, let me try to explain why it did not work.00:12
perlDreamerI know you understand object inheritance in code, but in WebGUI, there is object inheritance in code, and also in the database.00:13
perlDreamerIt depends on another table.00:13
perlDreamerFortunately, WebGUI will handle all the table lookups for you when you call addChild00:13
* SDuensin is back. Run!00:18
perlDreamerlisette, Sara1: Please this updated code.  I made the changes at the bottom. http://webgui.pastebin.com/m50bd39b200:18
SDuensinI'm using a navigation control to iterate over a mess of files and folders.  Is there a way to display the size of the file it's looping over inside a page_loop?00:19
perlDreamerSDuensin, all template variables are in the Admin Console -> Help -> Navigation Template00:19
perlDreamerI'm guessing that size is not one of them00:20
SDuensinI'm reading that, perlDreamer.00:20
perlDreamerYou _could_ try a Folder asset, but it only goes 1 level deep.  And I don't know if it shows size.00:20
SDuensinWhat I need never is.  :-(00:20
lisettedon't work00:20
perlDreamerlisette, the new code that I just pasted?00:21
perlDreamerPlease see this one: http://webgui.pastebin.com/m50bd39b2.  It needs the extra line at the bottom.00:22
perlDreamerhold on00:22
perlDreamerthat won't work either00:22
lisettewait me00:25
perlDreamerEl code nuevo no va a funcionar bien.00:25
perlDreamerPara hace un CS con code es facil00:26
perlDreamerPara hace un CS con RSS con code es dificilisimo00:26
* SDuensin reads the docs, really. They're just not what he wants to hear.00:26
perlDreamerSorry, SDuensin.  So many people don't.  It make me irritable.00:27
SDuensinI completely understand.  :-)00:27
perlDreamerDo you really need the size?00:27
lisettewhy not?00:27
SDuensinYep.  Building an RSS feed for a podcast.00:28
perlDreamerSDuensin, you do know the CS will do that for you?00:28
perlDreamerand give you the size.00:28
SDuensinI think I'm gonna have to build my own macro to do what I want.00:28
SDuensinYea, I should probably be using the CS instead of files.00:28
perlDreamerlisette, the field rssCapableRssFromParentId should not be set to 1.00:28
perlDreamerIt needs a very special Asset00:29
perlDreamerA macro would do it nicely.00:29
SDuensinI still wanna yank the ID3 info, too, so we're likely headed to macro-land anyway.00:31
@preactionfor that, you might be headed towards "GalleryFile" land00:32
@preactionthen you could use the Gallery00:32
* SDuensin doesn't even know what GalleryFile is.00:32
@preactionit's a file inside the Gallery00:32
lisetteand then erase this lines?00:33
SDuensinAre you gonna hit me if I say "what Gallery"?00:33
perlDreamerlisette: Just the one with parentId in it00:33
@preactionthe Gallery added to 7.5.000:33
* SDuensin only sees the Photo Gallery in the CS.00:33
perlDreamerpreaction: I'm going to need an alibi00:34
@preactionSDuensin, then you're not using 7.5.x00:34
SDuensinNope.  Up top there, "stable" is still next to 7.4.x.   :-P00:34
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]00:34
@preactionperlDreamer, you were at the library from 1:00pm - 4:00pm, minding your own business, when some maniac with an axe went and coded something on your laptop, while making you pee your pants00:35
@preactionbut in a manly way00:35
@preactionnot a girly pee your pants00:35
perlDreamerNot too convincing00:35
perlDreamerI'm wearing shorts00:35
perlDreamerThis crud creates a whole separate asset for handling RSS.00:36
perlDreamerIt's nutz.00:36
@preactioni think we had a plan to have RSSFromParent work for Every asset. it... didnt work out that way00:37
perlDreameryes, Sara100:39
Sara1Can i create a macro to take all the cs, and do it edit ansave?00:39
perlDreamerin theory yes, but that would be very, very difficult.00:40
Sara1Tks perl, 00:40
perlDreamerSara1, lisette: Please give me a little time to trace some code, about half an hour.00:41
Sara1Ok, really tks00:46
-!- KlausH [n=KlausH@p5B0701D0.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["bye"]00:48
perlDreamerSara1: http://webgui.pastebin.com/m632a501e00:53
perlDreamerNote the new code at the end of sub blog00:53
perlDreamernow I need to concentrate on $dayJob for a while00:53
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has left #webgui []00:58
Sara1PErlDreamer, what is it for?01:01
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]01:18
lisettewith this changes this works?01:21
-!- juan [n=juangui@] has left #webgui []01:37
-!- lisette [n=lramirez@] has left #webgui []01:39
perlDreamerSara1: it should work.  I have not tested it.02:03
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp59-167-77-127.lns1.mel6.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui02:06
-!- Sara1 [n=Camilo@] has left #webgui []02:12
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6858 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed: Wait Until, new approval request workflow not available to add02:18
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6859 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Asset_Collaboration.pm: change wording on CS commit workflow02:18
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6860 /WebGUI/docs/ (4 files in 2 dirs): cleaned up style 3 and top navigation02:18
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6861 /WebGUI/docs/create.sql: preparing for 7.5.15 release02:18
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]02:25
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6862 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.5.14-7.5.15.pl: clean up messages in upgrade script02:40
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6863 /releases/WebGUI_7.5.15-beta: Release 7.5.15-beta02:40
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has quit [Connection timed out]02:41
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6864 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): preparing for 7.5.16 dev03:08
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6865 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (6 files in 4 dirs): WebGUI_flux: A working Flux Admin console06:31
CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6866 /branch/WebGUI_flux/www/extras/ (flux/add2.gif flux): WebGUI_flux: some flux-related collateral06:31
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-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui07:05
perlDreameronly the WebGUI faithful and the bots remain07:40
SDuensinHey perlDreamer 07:44
SDuensinGot my ^MP3Info() macro working!07:44
perlDreamerI'm tracking down "Tavis's favorite Shop bug of the day".07:45
SDuensinOoo - just found something a bit screwy.07:45
SDuensinAll my assets are dated Dec 31, 1969.  Oops.07:45
perlDreamerthat's a problem.07:45
SDuensinThat's what happens when I read the docs.  :-P07:46
perlDreamerIf that's in the docs, we should find those and fix them.07:46
SDuensinThe docs for the ^D() macro says that all template variables implement revisionDate.  So I used page.revisionDate.  That's where that is coming from.07:46
perlDreamerthat's in the wiki?07:47
SDuensinYup.  I'll find it.07:47
SDuensinIt says:  "One common task done with this macro is to display the date that an Asset was last modified. It uses the revisionDate template variable which is available for all Assets."07:48
perlDreamerIt's available for all Assets.  Not for their content.07:48
perlDreamerpage.revisionDate is not in the Nav template?07:48
SDuensinUm, but isn't File an asset?07:48
SDuensinGuess it's not.  It's on the docs page for it.07:49
perlDreamerYes, but inside the page loop you only get what's listed.07:49
SDuensinWell, poop.07:49
perlDreamerThe revisionDate template variables does exist in the nav template, but it's revision date for the nav itself.07:49
SDuensinCrap.  Well, I need to know the date of the file based on the assetId.07:50
SDuensinGuess I'll be updating that macro.  :-)07:50
SDuensinThis is gonna work really well though.07:50
perlDreamerjust remember, the page loop inside the Nav does not give you access to the Assets, just some information about them.07:51
SDuensinRight, but it does give me the assetId.  I pass that to my macro and it looks up the file on disk.07:51
perlDreamerI keep thinking there ought to be a way to give the template a callback so that it can look up whatever it wants, by assetId.07:57
perlDreamerthat way the template only gets the stuff that it wants07:57
perlDreamerand it should lighten up the templating system07:57
perlDreameryou know, kind of like the dot syntax in TT07:58
perlDreamerIt's a more powerful, but more complicated templating system08:01
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp59-167-77-127.lns1.mel6.internode.on.net] has quit ["Leaving."]08:04
perlDreamerTemplate::Toolkit has a grammar that looks like HTML::Template, so the idea has been kicked around to use it as the underlying templater instead of HTML::Template08:06
perlDreamerbut nothing actually done yet08:07
SDuensinHmm.  Seems I have a bad mime type.08:07
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp59-167-77-127.lns1.mel6.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui08:10
perlDreamerI only use white mime's.08:11
+Radix-wrkmine die quietly08:12
SDuensinCan I change the MIME type WebGUI sends a page out as?08:12
SDuensinWhere's that hidden?08:12
perlDreamerfirst I'd try the fetchMimeType macro08:13
perlDreamerafter that...08:14
SDuensinThat tells me, but I need to specify that a URL goes out as XML.08:14
perlDreamerbut I seem to remember that the Nav will let you change that, in the asset properties (edit screen)08:15
SDuensinUhh.  Yea.08:15
perlDreamerin the properties tab08:15
perlDreamerin the edit screen08:15
perlDreamerI thought it should be there08:15
perlDreamerSince I wrote it to help people use the Nav for making RSS ;)08:16
SDuensinNow I just gotta fix my XML.08:18
perlDreamerthis is bad news08:21
perlDreamerI've traced this bug all the way back to Asset.pm08:21
perlDreamerthat is very, very bad08:21
SDuensinUt oh.08:21
CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6867 /branch/WebGUI_flux/fluxdesigndocs/ (flux.pdf icon.png): WebGUI_flux: updated design docs08:24
SDuensinMan alive.  I'm gonna have to do some serious PerlFu to fix these MP3 ID3 tags.  They're REALLY messed up.08:29
SDuensinAnyway, talk to you later!  Finally going to bed.08:32
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@12-226-44-250.client.mchsi.com] has quit ["Leaving"]08:34
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has quit ["Leaving."]08:40
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6868 /branch/WebGUI_flux/docs/create.sql: WebGUI_flux: Added some pre-packaged demo rules to create.sql11:17
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BartJolhee boldy13:55
AMH_bobHallo Marco,14:10
AMH_bobHier is mijn artikel voor 7 juli 2008;14:10
AMH_bobNieuwe onderwerpen heb je al.14:10
AMH_bobAAAAAHHHHHHH! Sorry everybody, I pasted were I shouldn't have.....14:10
BartJolis it intersting?14:12
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AMH_bobHhh, if your Dutch (and you are) you can read in in one the comming WSM's. Sign up at the alphamegahosting website.14:29
BartJolmmm, maybe check it out...14:34
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SquOnkHi everyone17:08
SquOnkJust to confirm that the problem I mentioned regarding the invalid path for some CSS is fixed in 7.5.1517:08
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BartJolok, so it was a bug?17:36
BartJoli heard there's also a band called squonk17:36
SquOnkBartJol: Looks like it. The latest template has the right path.17:37
SquOnkBartJol: Probably inspired on Genesis' song :-)17:38
BartJolah, I don't know the band, so hard to say17:38
BartJolI see it's a genesis tribute band17:39
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+perlmonkey2what's new with WebGUI?18:00
BartJoland thingy18:05
miloidrrHi i Have a quiestion about the cs, can i put an option to referer a post of cs?18:07
BartJolsorry, could you please rephrase that? I don't understand18:08
BartJolbut perlmonkey2, don't you know already?18:09
+perlmonkey2BartJol: no I don't?  :)18:10
+perlmonkey2oh, I knew C2 and Thingy were out.18:11
+perlmonkey2sorry, the last month has been a blur working 16 hour days.  Just finished my project yesterday.18:11
BartJolwell, the standard answer is "look at the changelog" :)18:11
BartJolbut I can do that for you, only costs 85 euro per hour :P18:13
BartJolthat's about 500 dollar18:13
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perlDreamerSquOnk: How goes the long, laborious path into Debian?19:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: Winding :-)19:41
perlDreamerAre we all clear of licensing issues?19:41
* perlDreamer goes off to install a freezer in the garage.20:01
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6870 /translations/Ukrainian/Ukrainian.pm: Update from translation server00:58
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6871 /translations/Ukrainian/Ukrainian/Activity_RequestApprovalForVersionTag_ByCommitterGroup.pm: Update from translation server00:58
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6872 /translations/Ukrainian/Ukrainian.pm: Update from translation server01:20
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6873 /translations/Russian/ (161 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server01:20
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6874 /translations/Bulgarian/ (161 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server01:20
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waiwai933Is anyone there?01:09
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perlDreamerWhere have you been, dude?05:02
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: hey, you still around?05:55
+perlmonkey2I just put in one heck of a month to finish up a project.05:56
perlDreamerI'm still around.  Have to put the kids to bed.06:14
perlDreamerSo I'll be here on and off for a while06:14
perlDreamerSo, what do you know about SELinux on FC9?06:16
perlDreamerHow can I tell it to leave Apache alone?06:16
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: keep looking for the error messages, then enter the commands.07:12
+perlmonkey2ls -Z in the cgi-bin is a good way to find out what the permissions should look like.07:12
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: one of these days I'm really going to have to learn selinux nuts and bolts, but for now I rely upon the messages logs to let me know what needs changed and how to do it.07:13
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6876 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (13 files in 2 dirs): WebGUI_flux: added remaining Operators [Pete]13:49
CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6877 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (9 files in 2 dirs): WebGUI_Flux Test cases for Operators : Peter13:49
CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6878 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (5 files in 3 dirs): WebGUI_flux: MatchesPartialText is now case-insensitive13:49
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-!- Khaytsus [n=Khaytsus@theblackmoor.net] has joined #webgui15:47
KhaytsusCan the stuff in /data/domains/*/public/uploads be cleared out somehow?15:48
KhaytsusFor my fairly small website, this directory is 750M and has files dating back from when I first installed.15:48
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@169.sub-75-207-113.myvzw.com] has joined #WebGUI15:51
bartjolKhaytus, maybe enable the PurgeOldTrash workflow16:33
bartjolwhat version ar you using?16:33
bartjolMorning SDuensin16:34
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SDuensinIs there any (easy) way to de-dupe my uploads?  On my disk, I see a mess of duplicate MP3 files.  According to the asset manager on the site, there are no dupes. 16:44
bartjolmaybe the rebuildlineage script16:44
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* SDuensin had a horrible "server" weekend.16:45
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SDuensinbartjol - I'm scared.  :-)16:47
SDuensinSays it can re-order my assets.  I *just* did that by hand to fix them!16:47
bartjolwell it ***should*** move everything back in lie16:49
bartjolI did it once without many troubles16:49
SDuensinEh, what the hell.  I have a backup.  :-)16:49
bartjolfingers crossed16:52
SDuensinNo orphans found.16:52
bartjolthat went ok then ...16:54
SDuensinExcept I was hoping it'd find all those extra MP3s.16:54
SDuensinDoing a good old fashioned "updatedb" so I can locate them again.16:54
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui16:58
SDuensin(Still got dupes)16:58
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui17:19
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SDuensinOH NO!  RIZEN IS HERE!17:25
@rizenyup, here to kick ass and take names.17:26
* SDuensin is here to fix orphaned files and rave about WebGUI.17:27
* nuba has been just lurking for a long time..17:27
SDuensinHey rizen, somehow, I have a lot of duplicate files in my upload hierarchy.  :-(17:29
@rizenyou know that you're supposed to have that, right?17:30
SDuensinIt would be if they were little JPGs.  Unfortunately, they're 50+ meg MP3s.17:30
SDuensinMaybe in rizen-land I'm supposed to.  :-P17:30
@rizenit's called versioning17:31
@rizenevery time you edit the file asset a new copy of the file is created17:31
SDuensinEgads.  (But it makes sense.)17:31
SDuensinI was kinda wondering if that was the case.17:31
@rizenyou can delete the old revs of stuff17:31
@rizenand that will delete the old files17:31
+perlmonkey2should image collateral be versioned/17:31
* SDuensin likes versions. 17:32
SDuensinWhere's that stuff hidden so I can go nuke it?17:32
@rizenwell you can click on the icon of any given asset which will bring up a sub-menu and "revisions" will be in there17:32
@rizenyou can edit the workflow that cleans up old revs17:33
@rizento do it more often17:33
@rizenso that it's constantly cleaning out old stuff17:33
SDuensinReason this is even an issue is that I need to do some work on these MP3s and have to locate the "correct" ones on the filesystem.17:33
@rizenright now it only checks once per week, and only cleans out old stuff after it's hung around for a year17:33
SDuensinCan I just run the "nuke it" workflow?17:34
@rizenno...cuz the settings in the workflow activity only kill stuff older than a year17:34
@rizenyou'd have to change that setting first17:34
SDuensinAh, ok.  I'm still dangerous with workflows.  :-)17:35
@rizenthen you could run the nuke it workflow17:35
* SDuensin is poking around now.17:35
topsubhello rizen, we meet again!17:35
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-240-43-138.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]17:37
@rizeni should have killed you in our last encounter topsub. cross me again and you will rue the day you ever met me! <insert evil laugh here>17:38
SDuensinOk, so how do I make that workflow run _now_?  (I edited the asset delete thing.)17:38
@rizengo to schedule, find the weekly workflow, and click "Run!"17:39
* SDuensin is chasing funding for his little company. If (er, WHEN!) he gets it, he's buying *all* the WebGUI shit he can.17:39
SDuensinDamn you rizen - how dare you put things in logical places.17:39
@rizenit would be more logical if the "Schedule" screen was part of the workflow manager..which i intend to do in a future release17:40
bartjoland probably put in a lot of i18n to shut my mouth17:46
* SDuensin needs to study that stuff for his MP3Info macro.17:46
bartjolbut a ribbon is like a discount coupon, only usable several times for different events?17:48
SDuensinWhat's the latest WebGUI you can run on a pre-0.8.x WRE?  Not finding it in the wiki.17:52
bartjolshould be in the changelog17:53
@rizenbartjol: yes17:53
* SDuensin is the odd user who actually reads the docs. Problem is, he can never FIND them! :-P17:54
@rizen7.4.20 i believe17:54
bartjolbut what does the Switch To '%s' Badge tag mean in the Asset_eventmanagement system?17:54
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@] has joined #WebGUI17:54
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bartjoldo you switch badges?17:55
bartjolor other stuff that is related to them to another badge?17:55
@rizenyou can buy badges for other people17:56
@rizenso the %s allows you to switch between all the badges that you're buying17:56
@rizenso that you can add tickets to them, ribbons, tokens, etc17:56
bartjolso you switch so you can mange the other badge, ok17:59
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bartjolwe need bigger conferences here... otherwise the available features will be underestimated... WUC in the netherlands next year?18:01
-!- AMH_bob [n=AMH_bob@alphamega-dmp.xs4all.nl] has left #webgui []18:03
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI18:07
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@tabbHaha bartjol isn't it pretty cold over there?18:07
bartjoland rainy18:07
bartjolwe love cold weather and rain18:07
bartjoland cheese and beer18:07
bartjolwooden shoes18:08
bartjolbut sometimes is nice, and duringthe wuc, most of the time you're inside18:08
@tabbHmm cheese and beer...I can relate to that! :)18:08
bartjoland right you are!18:09
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@rizenyou guys put on a WUC one year, but haven't done it since.18:19
@rizenwhy is that?18:19
@rizenincidentally the WUC this year in Madison has officially gone international...and more importantly intercontinental18:20
@rizenwe'll have people there from 4 continents18:20
bartjolwell, I don't know actually, I'm just in the board for a year18:23
bartjolmaybe not enough attendees18:24
bartjolmaybe too much trouble for organising..18:24
bartjolthinking on the translation of a token...18:25
bartjolit's a bitch18:25
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@rizenfeel free to use a different word for "token"18:33
@rizenit could be "item"18:33
@rizenit's really just the sale of some physical good attached to the badge18:33
@rizenpeople will use it for selling conference t-shirts, conference money, and conference memorabilia18:34
@rizenone conference will even be using it to sell parking and hotel rooms18:34
bartjolbut that doesn't make it easier, item is too broad I think and is also used in abstract terms18:35
bartjolbut I''l ponder about it18:36
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui18:53
perlDreamerbartjol: EMS help is fixed18:54
perlDreamerI wouldn't do too much work in there, as the EMS help is being updated18:54
bartjoljee, that's fast18:54
perlDreamerhey, you're bartjol18:54
bartjoleeeh, yeah off course, who else should I be?18:54
perlDreamerI mean that your i18n translation work gets high priority18:55
perlDreamermainly because I can fix it quickly :)18:55
bartjolbut indeed I'm boring, same name here as on the site18:55
perlDreamersome of us have to remain anonymous due to our superhero identities19:00
bartjolTranslating feels more like being a monk than a superhero19:01
bartjolin dutch it's also a word: monnikenwerk19:01
bartjolfor long repetative tasks19:02
perlDreamersing it, Brother BartJol19:02
bartjolthe translation blues19:03
bartjolweel I had a festival yesterday, so right now, translating is ok19:06
perlDreamerfestival?  Like a party?19:06
bartjolyeah, with a lot of bands, beer and women in a park in Rotterdam19:07
@tabbThat sounds like fun ;)19:08
perlDreamerbartjol: There should be a whole raft of i18n for the 7.5.16 release. I'm writing the Help for the new EMS, and fixing i18n bugs uncovered by a new test.19:13
bartjolit was fun19:14
bartjolah, but please tell me it's not meaningless to translate 7.5.1519:16
bartjolAm I filling my live with performing meaningless tasks?19:19
perlDreamerNo, bartjol.  Just know that a lot of existing EMS i18n will be going away and be replaced with bright, shiny, new i18n.19:20
bartjolok, so everything that is new is good19:20
@preactionmmmm shiny things19:20
bartjolyou want the whole i18n as wallpaper preaction?19:21
@preactionwallpaper isnt shiny!19:21
@preactionunless you make it shiny19:21
@preactionprinted on aluminum foil perhaps?19:21
bartjolthe i18n itself is shiny19:22
perlDreamerpreaction: you should check out the new test that I committed this morning19:22
perlDreamerIt's another i18n label scanner19:22
@preactionthe craziness that parses templates for the ^International macro?19:23
@preactionIT'S SHEER CRAZINESS!19:23
@preactionbut it may also be genius!19:23
@apeironSHEER GENIUS19:23
perlDreameryup, that's the one19:23
perlDreameralready found 8 broken i18n labels in there19:23
@preactioni wonder... maybe we could add some well-formed markup tests in there someday...19:24
@preactionno, nm. too much HTML in <tmpl_var>19:24
perlDreamerSure.  I think there is a tidy based test module in CPAN19:24
bartjolperlDreamer, are there namespaces that you want to have checked first (then I can translate them first, and check directly)19:27
perlDreameranything but EMS19:30
perlDreamerEMS after 7.5.1619:30
bartjolok, just worked this afternoon on ems, so I can't make the same mistake anymore19:31
bartjolhave fun, bye19:37
-!- bartjol [n=bartjol@] has left #webgui []19:37
-!- lisette [n=liraos@] has joined #webgui19:48
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@] has left #WebGUI []20:09
lisetteanyone know if webgui support OAuth?20:14
perlDreamerWebGUI supports LDAP, and its own internal auth system.20:14
perlDreamerAnything else would be in the Get Add Ons section of webgui.org20:15
lisettebut the protocol OAuth?20:15
@apeironThat said, you may be able to find an auth... yeah. :)20:15
lisettethis is based on openid20:15
-!- wgGuest83 [n=wgGuest8@84-73-174-230.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #webgui20:38
-!- wgGuest83 [n=wgGuest8@84-73-174-230.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit [Client Quit]20:40
@rizenhe doesn't go out with girls anymore21:43
@rizenhe doesn't intend to marry21:44
@rizenhe only goes out with guys he adores21:44
@rizenperlDreamer is a 21:44
perlDreamerperl hacker21:44
@rizenvery nice guy21:44
perlDreamerspeaking of which...21:44
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui21:49
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-!- carogray [n=Caroline@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has joined #webgui21:55
topsubNot sure if this is true but with thingy it seems like when i check a box to allow users to search by this field and uncheck it. If i check it later it has a diffrent field id? Is this true.. Its what i am seeing but not sure if thats what is causing the id to change22:03
KhaytsusIs Purge Old Trash a newish workflow?  I'm on .19, I know I'm a bit behind, I need to update.  I had to move servers, so I've been avoiding making many changes recently until I'm sure things are settled.22:26
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has left #webgui []22:26
KhaytsusI'm trying to figure out the 'safest' way to clean out /data/domains/*/public/uploads22:26
perlDreamerKhaytsus, Purge Old Trash is probably the safest way to go.22:27
perlDreamerbut it's not new22:28
perlDreamerIt's been around since March of 200622:29
KhaytsusperlDreamer: odd, I don't see it in WorkFlows.22:29
KhaytsusIs that where I'd find it?22:29
perlDreamerIs it in your config file?22:30
@rizenthat's not the name of a workflow khaytsus22:30
@rizenit's the name of an activity in a workflow22:30
@rizenits part of one of the maintenance workflows22:30
@rizenprobably the weekly one, but maybe the daily one22:30
KhaytsusSorry, I'm not a very advanced WebGUI user, let me get in admin and look at the workflows for the maintenance22:31
KhaytsusHourly, daily, and weekly are enabled..  22:32
KhaytsusHonestly not sure what to look for..  editing daily or weekly I see some clean temp etc stuff22:34
perlDreamerIt's in the weekly activities22:35
perlDreamerdelete assets from trash that have been sitting around for 30 days22:35
perlDreamerthat's the name of it22:35
KhaytsusYeah, that's there22:35
perlDreamerthat "instance" is of the PurgeOldTrash type22:36
perlDreamerIt is configured to delete trash older than 30 days old22:36
KhaytsusYep, looks to be set that way to me.  22:36
KhaytsusMaybe it's "missed" some events?  The days are scattered, but goes all the way back to 12/2006 22:38
perlDreameryou're saying that you have things in the Trash from 2006?22:39
KhaytsusIs it safe to wipe out the stuff >30 days old using find?  Just don't want to hose anything, but deleting the files myself I can easily do22:39
perlDreamerKhaytsus: definitely do not do that22:39
Khaytsusdrwxr-xr-x 3 apache apache 4096 Dec  9  2006 /data/domains/webgui.theblackmoor.net/public/uploads/ch//22:39
perlDreamersure, that might be a vital part of WebGUI stored as an upload22:40
perlDreamerthe only safe way to know what to delete is to stay inside the system22:40
KhaytsusRight, which is why I haven't done anything silly :)22:40
@Haargthe other thing is old revisions of assets are kept for a year22:41
@Haargwhich includes any attached files22:41
@Haargthere's a workflow activity to purge those revisions as well22:41
Khaytsus724M in the uploads directory and this is really just a small personal website..  22:42
KhaytsusFor kicks I ran the three hourly/daily/weekly tasks in the scheduler, no errors in /var/log/webgui.log and they just reported "done"22:46
perlDreamerThat's pretty much all the feedback you get from a Workflow Activity22:47
KhaytsusAnything else I can try to nudge it towards dumping the old files?22:48
@rizenset the delete revisions activity to something like 30 days22:48
@rizenand then run that workflow again22:48
KhaytsusSet it to 30 days in weekly and re-ran weekly; no change in storage space used or directories there22:51
perlDreamerWhat do you put on your "small personal website"?22:52
perlDreamerMP3s, vidoes, pictures, applications?22:52
KhaytsusOh no, nothing like that.  Just information.22:52
perlDreamerwell, if you've deleted the old versions, then the only thing left is originals.22:54
perlDreamerThere must really be 724 MB of data in there22:54
KhaytsusA great deal of it is cookie files22:54
perlDreamercookie files?22:54
Khaytsus91,300 files22:54
@rizendo you have a lot of http proxies on your site?22:55
KhaytsusActually yes I do22:55
KhaytsusYou can smack me, but they're to use an existing hit counter22:55
@rizenthose cookie files are created by the http proxy assets22:55
KhaytsusI tried to figure out how to do a webgui-native one and gave up22:55
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@67-54-182-41.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #WebGUI22:56
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tabb] by ChanServ22:57
@rizenhit counter?22:57
@rizenyou mean circa 1994?22:57
KhaytsusI think I wrote it around then TBG22:58
Khaytsus2002, but anyway :)22:59
KhaytsusSo are the cookies files safe to delete?23:00
@rizenhere i just whipped this one up for you in about 32 seconds:23:03
@rizenyes you can safely delete the cookies files23:03
perlDreamerrizen: do we need a workflow activity to do that?  91 kFiles is a lot of inodes23:04
@rizenpd: wouldn't hurt23:04
Khaytsusrizen: Cool, I was between meetings, thank you!  Deceptively simple!23:07
Khaytsusrizen: Would that work per-page?23:08
perlDreamerKhaytsus, you would have to use a different counter name on each page23:08
@rizenyou'd have to create a new counter name on every page23:08
Khaytsusso "my counter" would be page-specific23:09
KhaytsusCool, that's easy enough.  I'll try to put it in place this week, I'll hopefully figure out any other details via searches 23:10
Khaytsus(rather than asking you all more dumb questions)23:10
perlDreamerWell, by asking "dumb questions" you got a free macro and helped us to realize that the HTTP Proxy asset leaks cookie files.23:11
perlDreamerPlease keep asking!23:11
perlDreamerOh, and if you're willing, create a wiki page about the simple hit counter macro.23:11
perlDreamerIt might help other people out.23:11
Khaytsus:)  Sure, I'll be glad to do that.23:11
Khaytsusbb, another meeting.  Hopefully I have time to play with this a bit today, I haven't messed with WebGUI at this level in a while, but it's a fun system.  23:13
KhaytsusHell of a lot easier to figure out than the old one where I never could remember which little node of something does what.23:13
perlDreamerwhat was the old one?23:14
@rizenhere's one that autocreates counters for each page:23:15
@rizenput that in your wiki page too23:16
perlDreamerwould passive profiling work for this?23:17
perlDreamerof course, it's more complex than the macro23:17
@rizenyou probably could use passive profiling23:19
@rizenhonestly though, i haven't messed with passive profiling in several years, i don't even know how to use it23:19
@rizeni should really build a nice gui around that system to make it more accessible to peeps23:20
perlDreamerI think that subsystem might be down now anyway. Kristi has a bug posted against it.23:20
-!- rizen_ [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui23:22
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]23:22
rizen_sorry, don't know what happened there23:23
perlDreamerfreenode is having problems23:23
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perlDreamerfreenode is having problems23:24
@rizenwith me specifically?23:25
@rizenwhat did i do to them23:25
perlDreamerYou're associated with me23:25
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-!- Sara [n=Camilo@] has joined #webgui23:49
SaraHi, I have a question about the macros23:49
Sarais there a macro that show the URL?23:49
SaraThe current url?23:50
perlDreamerdo you mean like ^PageUrl()?23:50
SaraLet me se23:52
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []23:53
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@169.sub-75-207-113.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:53
Khaytsusrizen: Okay, I'm stumped on which table to insert the counter information into :)23:56
perlDreamerthere is a table called incrementer.23:56
KhaytsusOh snap23:56
perlDreamerbut the second version of the macro will handle that work for you.23:57
-!- carogray [n=Caroline@host2.209.113.248.conversent.net] has left #webgui []23:59
--- Day changed Tue Jul 08 2008
SaraTks, PerlDreamer00:04
perlDreamerYou're welcome, Sara.  The wiki has good information about macros.  http://www.webgui.org/community-wiki00:05
KhaytsusOh, I missed the second version, nice!  :))00:10
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@67-54-182-41.cust.wildblue.net] has quit []00:36
KhaytsusOkay, one more thing..  I added it to the conf, but I am getting "^PageHitCounter;" in the asset as text, not the macro.00:44
@preactioncheck the error log00:44
KhaytsusI've triple-checked the macro reference in the conf, name, and in the macro.   k00:44
KhaytsusUndefined routine &WebGUI::Macro::PageHitCounter00:45
@preactioner.. that can't be the whole error message00:47
@preactionthere's most likely a syntax error in the macro code00:48
KhaytsusI did fix a missing quote, but here's the code.  00:49
KhaytsusI fixed a missing quote in line 13, $db->write("insert into incrementer values (?,0)", [$name]);00:50
@preactioneh, looks all right to me. dunno what the problem is00:52
KhaytsusIf I try to execute it with perl, it doe error but I can't figure out why..00:52
KhaytsusDoh, missing ) on the unless line00:54
KhaytsusWorks :)00:55
KhaytsusThanks everyone, I hope I wasn't too much trouble.  I'll write up somethign on the wiki to document it, I've seen in the past requests for page counters, this is very simple and works well00:56
@rizenkeep in mind that the more pages you have the more your database will grow because it's keeping stats on this stuff. granted, that several hundred pages won't make a difference, but several hundred thousand will.01:02
KhaytsusNah, I bet I have <5001:03
KhaytsusBTW, I added a small tidbit..  added an optional argument which prepopulates if specified to that value01:04
@rizenkeep in mind that every post in a CS is potentially an additional page01:05
@rizenand every wikipage, and every photo in the gallery, etc01:05
KhaytsusSo I can transfer my current hits into this new hit system01:07
Khaytsus(sorry, was being queried on something...  Should have closed my office door :)01:07
KhaytsusSo I should be smart about where I place the macros..  I'm actually placing them in the content on the page, not in the design..  yet, anyway01:07
KhaytsusWould you say the best suggestion for using the macro is just to place it within each page, rather than in a template that would, as you say, potentially cause a hit for every asset within it?01:10
Khaytsus(I'm probably wording that wrong)01:10
KhaytsusOkay, bbiab, headed home.01:13
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6879 /WebGUI/t/i18n/template.t: 01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: Add a test that scans templates for International macros01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: and makes sure that their namespaces and labels resolve.01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6880 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/ (Friends.pm Asset_Event.pm): Fix broken labels in template macro calls.01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6881 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: Fix a misspelling in the default calendar print event template. Bad International01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: macro call.01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6882 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template.pm: fix a typo in the Asset::Template getList POD01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6883 /WebGUI/docs/ (changelog/7.x.x.txt upgrades/upgrade_7.4.40-7.5.16.pl): making beta / stable branch merge01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6884 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Asset_EventManagementSystem.pm: fix a typo in the EMS token instructions help01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6885 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed: More permissive DSN checking to allow use of SQLite (thanks pathma)01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6886 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.16/all_7.5_packages.wgpkg: created merged package file01:31
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6887 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/ (upgrade_7.4.40-7.5.16.pl upgrade_7.5.5-7.5.6.pl): first cut of the beta to stable merge01:31
perlDreamerwow, those were almost 7 hours ago01:32
CIA-6WebGUI: frank * r6888 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause pop ups to fail on the project display page.01:32
CIA-6WebGUI: frank * r6889 /WebGUI/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt: Project Management Fix01:32
@rizenKhaytsus i'd put it in the style, unless you only want the counter on specific pages01:33
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []01:33
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-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI02:24
elninohi all.  SEO consultant causing problems again.02:24
elninois it correct that webgui's core is xhtml compliant?02:25
elninoand is it true that IE doesn't recognize or support xhtml?02:25
elninoif so, webgui is a bad product say our SEO consultant.. and because we pay her, she's right, right?  who hired her anyway?02:26
elninoany advice? if not, thanks for listening.02:26
perlDreamerIt is true that wG's core is xhtml compliant.02:27
perlDreamerI can't talk about IE, except anecdotally.  And it sucks02:28
elninothis really stinks.  She's good. but I really have a hard time believing PPC will be penalized because we aren't "IE Tidy"02:34
Khaytsuselnino: I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure xhtml does not mean the output is really that different than html.02:35
KhaytsusTo the end-user, xhtml and html are basically equivilent.02:35
perlDreamerelnino, I know of an SEO expert who deals with WebGUI regularly.  It will not prevent you from getting page rank.02:35
Khaytsusxhtml adds some extra requirements, but I seriously doubt WebGUI "won't work" or render or what not on IE.02:35
perlDreamerWould you like her name?02:35
elninoI wouldn't mind bouncing ideas off of your SEO expert.02:36
perlDreamerHer name is Tiffany Patterson.02:36
perlDreamerLet me dig up a website/email address.02:36
elninothat would be great. Thanks!02:36
perlDreamerkhenn, are you online?02:36
perlDreamerI believe this is her website: http://elitedesignsltd.com/02:38
perlDreamerI'll double check and post back tomorrow.02:38
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]02:43
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@preactionelnino, IE doesn't support XHTML as an XML dialect. I'll explain...02:58
@preactionXML is another subset of SGML, like HTML is a subset of SGML02:58
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI02:59
-!- mode/#webgui [+o tavisto] by ChanServ02:59
@preactionhowever, in XML, you are REQUIRED to close tags, it is REQUIRED that all tag and attribute names are lower-case, there are NO "boolean" tags (<input type="checkbox" checked>)02:59
@preactionXML is designed to make SGML easier for computers to interpret02:59
elninogot it so far.02:59
@preactionHTML allows for so many truly evil things, like <p> (with no closing </p>), or <li> (no closing </li>)02:59
@preactionso XHTML is the XML version of HTML03:00
@preactionsince XHTML is an XML dialect, it has a content-type (MIME) of "application/xhtml+xml"03:00
@preactionnot text/html (since it is not html)03:00
@preactionsending a content-type of application/xhtml+xml to IE makes it fail03:00
@preactionfurthermore, sending that content-type to Firefox or some other browsers changes the behavior to make the browser verify the XML's well-formedness03:01
@preactionso if the XHTML document is not well-formed (has bad syntax), an error is shown instead of the page03:01
@preactionthis is a Good Thing (tm)03:01
@preactionso, since IE does not syntax check the XML, and does not accept the correct content-type, it can be said that IE is basically treating XHTML as weird-looking HTML03:02
@preactionwhich is true03:02
@preactionso, some die-hards distill this down to the non-techies that "IE does not support XHTML"03:02
@preactionwhich, again, is true from a certain point of view03:02
@preactionIE can use XHTML, can render XHTML, but it cannot say it fully-supports XHTML since it does not follow XML's rules (display an error page and do not try to render documents with syntax errors)03:03
@preactionthe die-hards (and i agree on this one) say that we shouldn't use XHTML because of this: When the switch is flipped, and XHTML starts getting sent as application/xhtml+xml, probably thousands of websites will break, and they will blame application/xhtml+xml or whatever browser is doing the well-formedness checks03:04
@preactionwhen in fact the culprit is their shoddy website03:05
@preactionJoel Spolsky did a good piece on the problems with web standards03:05
@preactionwhich basically applies here: we should stop using the broken way of doing things (xhtml) and keep using the working way of doing things (html 4.01 strict) until such time as browsers support xhtml in the correct way03:05
@preactionbut, WebGUI gets a free ride here: We control what Content-type gets sent at all times, so if we wanted, we could send application/xhtml+xml to Mozilla-/Gecko-based browsers and text/html to Trident-based browsers (IE 6 and 7)03:06
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui03:07
-!- mode/#webgui [+v Radix-wrk] by ChanServ03:07
@preactionmost likely we won't do that, since it's hacky and ugly and (as mentioned before) will probably break people's sites03:07
elninohmm. good. I'm going to re-read this a couple times and make it a wiki... =) Do you have a link to Joels Spolsky's article?03:12
@preactionhttp://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2008/03/17.html <- this one03:13
@preactionit's about web standards as a whole03:13
@preactionit doesn't directly address the application/xhtml+xml thing (since it's not really a thing that everyone knows)03:14
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp59-167-77-127.lns1.mel6.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui03:30
patspamis the dev list playing up?03:42
patspamI sent an email 17hrs ago that hasn't shown up yet03:42
@preactioni think. we've been getting some pages from plainblack.com, i suspect things will be back to normal shortly03:42
patspamah ok. I'll give it some more time03:43
elninohey preaction... I noticed tha tmicrosoft's site is xhtml=transitional. That's will blow our SEO's mind... 03:49
@preactionnot really. google still doesn't pass validation03:53
@preactionthese are problems, doing what they do is still not the right thing to do03:53
elninoI know, but the fact that they are trying, and it still works in IE, and they have good rankings with google. Our SEO consultant was saying that our rankings will suffer.03:55
elninoJoel's article is great! I appreciate you taking the time to explain this, and giving me the article. I think I understand this enough to talk intelligently and feel intelligent about it.03:57
elninoout of curiousity, is webgui going to consider doing html 4.01 strict?03:57
@preactionno. it would be impossible at the current stage03:58
@preactioneven as a switch it would be highly unlikely (the switch for it would have to be hacked in, and it would be extremely ugly)03:58
@preactionthere are a lot of WebGUI that generates markup (not just adds data to variables to be processed in templates)03:58
@preactionthe HTMLForm, TabForm, etc...03:58
@preactionthe form controls03:58
elninoyeah, I saw all that stuff in the perl. That would be a mess to change.04:01
elninowell, even if it isn't the "right" thing to do, I'm still ok using xhtml in webgui - there isn't any reason NOT to use it, as long as you know that when the appliation/xhtml+xml thing gets implmented, that when your site breaks, it's becuase you didn't validate and correct your site's code. I'll strive to make my site as closely xhtml compliant as possible. 04:01
elninoeven tinymce strives to be xhtml compliant. So it would be hard do otherwise with anything using tinymce04:02
elninoJust checking - it sounds like I understand, right?04:02
elninocause I feel somewhat intelligent about it now... =)04:03
+Radix-wrkjoel spotsky hits the nail on the head again in that article doesn't he :)04:13
@preactionelnino, exactly. there's no good reason not to continue doing things in XHTML. there's a minor reason not to START doing things in XHTML 1.0 Strict (and that reason is waiting for XHTML 2.0 and the next generation of browsers)04:14
elninoThanks guys!!  I hope you have a good night. I'll sum this up in a wiki..good info if people are concerned about xhtml (in webgui) and IE browsers like my seo consultant seems to be.04:27
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6890 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 04:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Huge update of EMS Help and i18n. Old i18n and help have been04:38
CIA-6WebGUI: removed, and new Help and i18n have been added. 2-3 more EMS04:38
CIA-6WebGUI: templates still need their template variables documented.04:38
@preactioni suspect i'll be writing a blog entry about it tonight or wednesday, since the staff blog has been woefully under-used04:39
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]04:49
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI04:49
elninohey preaction,  is there a place I can change webgui to be xhtml transitional instead of strict?05:00
@preactionyour style template is what sets the doctype05:01
@preactionwebgui doesn't do anything with that. since it outputs xhtml strict, you can call it transitional if you want05:01
@preaction(though the same is not true the other way around)05:01
elninoI just found it as you just responded. Yep, understood - it just saves me a lot of editing.  =)  Thanks again!05:04
@preactionall honesty, i'd still use "strict"05:05
@preactionand if it's validated, that means essentially you would survive if your markup was passed through an XML filter (probably)05:05
@preactionthere are <![CDATA[ ... ]]> and such that are allowed in Strict but aren't allowed in XML05:06
@preactionyou don't even want to know how you'd have to escape Javascript and CSS in the XHTML files05:06
elninotrue... I'll work towards it, but to  pacify my seo consultant. I have less errors this way. =)05:06
@preactionah, mais oui05:07
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elnino_laptophey preaction:  http://www.webdevout.net/articles/beware-of-xhtml  is a interesting site. with quotes from developers from all sorts of browsers.  And... apparantly xhtml 1.0 is completely incompatible with xhtml 2.0.. - just an interesting read for your free time.05:29
@preactionyeah, been there. which is why you'll see me on the HTML 4.01 Strict side of the fence most days05:30
@preactionbut JT is TMRFE and as I mentioned before, "fixing" WebGUI is such a huge effort...05:30
@preactionand for all real purposes, xhtml is just fine. for SEO purposes, it makes absolutely no difference05:31
@preactioni won't go into how much snake-oil SEO really is once you get rid of "Conform to standards" and "Validate your markup" and "use Strict, not Transitional" and "Use Semantic Markup" and "Seperate content and presentation" and finally "Use JavaScript only by progressive enhancement"05:33
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@preactioni mean, we could discuss link farms and google pagerank, but if one uses those precepts one will find oneself prey to the people who find a way to close those loopholes05:34
elnino_laptoptrue...  Well. I'm really done for the night.. Truely...  Have a good night.05:37
elnino_laptopand if you hear from perldreamer, I found the consultant he recommended..  Thanks to him.05:38
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6892 /translations/German/German/Asset_RichEdit.pm: Update from translation server11:04
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6894 /translations/German/German/Asset_RichEdit.pm: Update from translation server12:28
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6895 /translations/German/German/Asset_RichEdit.pm: Update from translation server12:28
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6896 /translations/German/German/VersionTag.pm: Update from translation server12:28
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topsubis there any way to be able to add custom fields for products? Like meta data but i don't want it to show up globally17:41
BartJolin c2 or c1?17:47
BartJolI think you can add properties to vevery sku.17:48
BartJolin the template you can decide whether or not to show it17:48
BartJolbut, I haven't tried it17:49
topsubBartJol, is there a setup for these properties or is it per product?17:52
BartJolI think it is per product17:53
topsubwell wait.. i guess i could change the "add a feature" to what i need17:53
topsuband be able to search for that17:53
BartJolbut if you use sku for very similar products, you need only 117:53
BartJolooh, searching... dunno about that17:53
topsubhmm well let me restate i will need to be able to pull out of the database based on my custom field17:54
topsubi will need to ad a date to each product17:55
BartJolok, so my option is useless (just affirmation)17:55
topsuband want to use sql report to pull out the products based on the date17:55
BartJolisn't that in the assetdata of a product?17:56
BartJolso compare product with assetdata and grep the date from the assetData table17:56
BartJoloh, that's the date created17:57
topsubya... good thought tho17:57
BartJolalmost a good idea...17:57
topsublol ya17:57
topsubhad an idea could i embed it in the variant17:57
topsubto say this product is a webshow and from your variants you can select what dates you want to go to17:57
@preactiontopsub, your best bet probably would be to make a subclass of Product and add your properties to its definition17:58
@preactionor... are you looking for the Event Management System?17:58
topsubwe don't want to have to add a badge to buy a ticket17:58
topsubis what we are trying to avoid17:58
BartJolwell, if you make all variants with adjusted date parameters, maybe you can sort by a  param.type.value tmpl_var, or am I thinking to simple18:00
topsubI am looking to use sql report to pull out these products based on the dates18:02
BartJolwel if you add a feature, it is stored in Product_feature18:03
BartJolthese tables are avaiable, just (ab)use them for your goal:18:04
BartJolProduct_accessory                        |18:04
BartJol| Product_benefit                          |18:04
BartJol| Product_feature                          |18:04
BartJol| Product_related                          |18:04
BartJol| Product_specification18:04
BartJolthose you can search with a sqlreport18:04
topsubthat might be a possible solution18:05
BartJolI am not as dumb as I look :)18:05
topsublol never passed judgement18:08
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topsubso i will now write a sql report to pull based on features and then just link them back to the product.. think that will work18:12
BartJolit's worth an attempt18:13
topsubSeems like it will work.. thanks BartJol18:13
BartJolgood luck!18:13
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-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui18:39
juani hava a site with many assets and in all of them we have path with absolute urls.  now we need to change that domain.  Have to edit each asset to change  the url or what can i do?18:40
perlDreamerjuan: changing the domain (sitename) should not matter unless you hard-coded it into the content.  18:42
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-!- estiven1 [n=estiven@] has joined #webgui18:43
juanthis is the problem18:43
perlDreamerSo, in the content you put the sitename in URLs?18:44
perlDreamerWell, you have a problem :)18:44
perlDreamerIt will need to be changed by hand, or you could try to write a small perl script to go through the database to change it.18:44
perlDreamerIn the future, you should consider using a macro to hold the sitename for you.18:45
perlDreamereither ^u; for the company URL, or ^/; for the gateway URL.18:45
perlDreamerthen WebGUI will handle the site name for you and your content will be more portable.18:46
BartJoleeh perlDreamer, I fould another i18n thingy18:47
BartJolhave fun with it :)18:47
perlDreameroy, that's my code, too18:48
* perlDreamer is shamed18:48
perlDreamerIt's hard to blush on IRC18:48
BartJolevil laughs are easier18:48
BartJolbut gotta go, I'm hungry and were going out for dinner woth procolix18:48
juando you know what tables need to be changed?18:49
perlDreamerjuan, what assets do you have on your site?18:49
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@] has left #webgui []18:49
perlDreamertable wobject, field description will get many of them.18:49
perlDreamerBut you also need Post, Snippet, maybe Template and so on.18:49
perlDreamerIt might be easier to do it by hand through the interface, rather than a script.18:50
-!- lisette [n=liraos@] has joined #webgui18:50
juani am going to change by hand18:50
perlDreamerhow many pages are there?18:51
juanaround 100 pages18:52
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6897 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Asset_Product.pm: fix bad grammar in the short description help19:10
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CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6898 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Cache.pm: better handling of character encoding in Cache20:11
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6899 /WebGUI/sbin/testEnvironment.pl: we've required 5.8 for a long time, set properly in testEnvironment.pl20:11
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6900 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 20:11
CIA-6WebGUI: fixed: Syndicated Content doesn't always decode text properly20:11
CIA-6WebGUI: fixed: Syndicated Content caches improperly20:11
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CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6901 /wrebuild/wre/lib/WRE/Site.pm: improve domain name calculation21:42
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perlDreamerHaarg: would it help if I started using UTF-8 in some of the tests?21:56
@Haargit would be good to have some tests for utf8 stuff, yeah21:57
perlDreamerI'll start reading up on it, then.  All I know now is "\x{dddd}".21:58
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI22:04
elninohey perldreamer, found Tiffany.  We'll be talking SEO stuff tomorrow. Thanks for the lead!!22:05
perlDreamerYou're welcome.22:05
perlDreamerI know the SEO consultant has been giving you problems for quite a while.22:05
elninoWell, she know her stuff, and like everyone else, everyone is going to be an expert in something, and not-so-much-of-an-expert in other areas. And that's where it's dangereous. I'm learning how important it is to identify common ground and go from there. A difficult lesson for me.22:08
topsubAlright it seems i just packaged up a thingy and imported it on our dev box ( save version as my sandbox ) and everything imported but the data in the databases didn't. Any suggestions?22:13
perlDreamerlook in the Thingy code to see if that's supposed to work.22:13
@preactionthere's a way to export the data, i'm pretty sure the package is just supposed to be the schema, with no data inside22:14
topsubhmm, any document on how exporting data can be done?22:14
@preactionit should be a link22:15
@preactionor maybe it's only per-Thing that you can export, i don't know22:15
@preactionthe discussion was here, but i don't remember it22:15
topsubhmm looking now22:16
perlDreamerIn the search screen, if you're in the exportGroup, it will give you a link22:16
perlDreameralso assumes that the template uses the export_url template variable22:17
topsubi am on the beta now looking22:17
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]22:20
topsubhmm on the search page i see import can't see export yet. let me make sure this template has the variable22:21
perlDreamerYou might actually have to do a search, as well.22:23
topsubthats it22:23
topsubhave to search for what you want22:23
topsubthen export the data22:23
topsubthats kinda busted22:23
topsubnot what i was expecting22:24
perlDreamerI agree.  It suxors.22:24
topsubnice call perlDreamer22:24
perlDreamerJust write a patch that fixes it in a reasonable way and RFE it.22:24
topsubu act like i have all this time on my hand.. lol22:24
topsubtrying to transfer this site from my sandbox to dev server and bam no data..22:25
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["Leaving"]22:26
@preactionit would probably be easier to transfer database dumps22:26
-!- JamA [n=chatzill@AMontsouris-157-1-68-66.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #webgui22:26
perlDreamertopsub, after 6 years of using and developing wG, I have found the fastest way to get what you want is to do it yourself.22:28
perlDreamerNo one else has your priorities.22:28
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui22:28
-!- mode/#webgui [+o Haarg] by ChanServ22:28
topsubi  agree, just don't have the time on this project to do that22:31
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CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6902 /wrebuild/build.sh: include File::Path 2.0423:12
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CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6903 /WebGUI/docs/ (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed transactions lost during 7.5.11 upgrade23:40
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6904 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): added File::Path 2.04 as a prerequisite23:40
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@preactionwould it be evil of me to use an i18n value to test if a certain button is clicked?23:53
@preactionso if ( $form->get('action') eq $i18n->get( 'delete' ) ) { ... }23:54
perlDreamerI don't think it would be evil.23:54
perlDreamerJust so long as it doesn't end up looking like Calendar www_view23:54
@preactionif IE6 supported the <button> element properly, i wouldn't be asking this... :p23:54
@preactioni'm trying to avoid using JS, is why23:55
@Haargwhat would <button> allow you to do?23:55
perlDreamerand why avoid JS?23:55
@preactionbutton allows me to set value="" and have a different label inside of it23:55
@preaction<button name="action" value="cut">Cutez</button>23:56
@preactionIE6 uses the contents of the button as the value though23:56
@preactionbut <input type="submit" name="action" value="Cutez" /> <- Cutez is the value and the label23:56
@Haargwhat about using a different name?23:57
@preactionsigh... always coming up with a valid solution that invalidates my entire problem...23:58
@preactioni mean, sounds good23:58
@preactiondon't know why i didn't remember that, did the same thing for the GalleryAlbum www_edit buttons...23:58
--- Day changed Wed Jul 09 2008
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CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6905 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 00:10
CIA-6WebGUI: fixed: Asset Manager shows data error when no child assets to display00:10
CIA-6WebGUI: changed: show 25 items per page in asset manager00:10
@preactionwe're releasing .16 this week, right?00:12
@preactionHaarg, about the changing the default page size: my idea was to try to keep the asset manager inside the browser window, so that people wouldn't ahve to scroll to click on the pagination links00:14
perlDreamerso to fix the DataTable data error problem, all you have to do is pass it a valid but empty data set?00:14
@preactionmy eventual goal would be to make the New Content, Clipboard, and Packages things fly-out menus, as well00:14
@Haargit made it really annoying to navigate imo.  jt had already tried to change it to 25, but apparently the setting in the perl module is ignored.00:16
@preactionyeah, it's in the JS00:16
@Haargthe array of assets was being autovivicated.  just making sure it always existed fixed the issue, and it reports there are no items.00:16
perlDreamerI'll have to remember that when I rework the Tax screen in the Shop.00:19
perlDreameralso, is it safe to assume that everywhere that to_json and from_json are used that I should be used encode_json and decode_json instead?00:20
perlDreamerack '(from|to)_json' /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI00:22
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6906 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Content/AssetManager.pm): fixed: Asset manager buttons now work in IE600:39
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6907 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix potential JSON/UTF8 encoding issues in Asset/Sku/Product.pm00:39
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6908 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/ (upgrade_7.5.10-7.5.11.pl upgrade_7.4.40-7.5.16.pl): fix the same JSON encoding issues with the Sku Product during upgrades00:39
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6909 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Shop/ShipDriver.pm: fix JSON encoding problems in Shop/ShipDriver00:39
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perlDreamerrizen: http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?web_frameworks02:15
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@rizeni'll have tavis get that fixed02:16
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6910 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 04:03
CIA-6WebGUI: Remove all tabs from the i18n/EMS.04:03
CIA-6WebGUI: Add the lookup registrant template help and i18n.04:03
CIA-6WebGUI: Remove unused i18n from the old EMS.04:03
-!- metanil [n=akhadka@] has joined #webgui04:21
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6911 /WebGUI/t/i18n/template.t: 04:27
CIA-6WebGUI: Add some more comments to i18n/template.t and remove unused regexps.04:27
CIA-6WebGUI: Lookup the name of the International macro is the specified config file.04:27
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metanili am getting this errors (from yesterday) ->http://www.pastehere.com/?sadsio06:51
metanilany idea?06:51
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6912 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): do not show the add to cart form immediately after donating07:07
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui07:07
perlDreamermetanil, you have core MySQL problems.  I'd start googling for that error "disconnect invalidates 1 active statement handle (either destroy statement handles or call finish on them before disconnecting)" and see what you find.07:10
metanilperDreamer: what about the file it was looking for? i cannot find that file in my local folder too.. 07:14
metanilperlDreamer: what about the file it was looking for? i cannot find that file in my local folder too.. 07:15
perlDreamerwell, if it's gone, it's gone.07:15
perlDreamerBut that's a part of your db07:15
perlDreamerI hope you have backups07:15
perlDreamerno backups?07:15
metanilno recent ones07:16
metanili do have.. but its pretty old.07:16
perlDreamermetanil, you need to have daily backups07:16
perlDreamerand you should keep weekly backups for several months07:16
perlDreamerfor just this kind of occasion07:16
metanil:D yes... my bad :(07:16
perlDreamermetanil, I'm very sorry.07:16
perlDreamerAre you using the WRE?  Maybe it's backing things up for you?07:17
metanili'm using WRE07:17
perlDreamerwell, some place in there (I don't use the WRE) it has automatic backups.07:18
perlDreamerYou might want to check the setup.07:18
metanillemme look07:19
metanilperlDreamer: i think i found the source of the problem07:21
perlDreamerwhat is it?07:21
metanilsomeone changed the permission of all within mysqldata07:21
metanil(most probably)07:21
metanilbecause its showing root now07:21
metanili guess it should be 'webgui' isn't it?07:22
perlDreamerI don't know.  It needs to be readable by the mysql user.07:23
metanilperlDreamer: yes, i just verified it.. its permission issue... thanks for the lead.07:31
perlDreameryou're welcome07:31
perlDreamerNow, SET UP THE BACKUPS!07:31
perlDreamerDo it now, so you don't forget or anything else happens.07:31
metanil:D oh yeah.. 07:31
metanildoes wre has option for it.. or i have to manually write script.07:32
perlDreamerI'm almost positive that the WRE will do backups for you, bug again, I don't use it.07:32
metanilhmm.. i'll look at it then.. 07:33
metaniltime to head off now..07:33
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-!- wgGuest17 [n=wgGuest1@] has joined #webgui08:07
wgGuest17hey, I just installed webgui on RHEL4 (centos)08:08
wgGuest17I added a site, but when I go to it, it is just garbaly goop08:08
wgGuest17but if I go to mysite.com:808108:09
wgGuest17it's like it is what I want on port 80.08:09
wgGuest17Whats the deal?08:09
@Haargdoes the system already have a different service running on port 80?08:11
-!- wgGuest17 [n=wgGuest1@] has quit []08:15
-!- perlmonkey21 [n=perlmonk@wsip-70-164-69-210.ok.ok.cox.net] has quit ["Leaving."]08:16
patspamhe/she probably forgot to restart the wre09:02
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tavisto_no, I honestly don't think we should ban preaction from the IRC channel. He's a good guy09:14
@preactionHA! as if you could!09:14
tavisto_wait for it... ah there it is!09:14
@preactionone day I shall show you what being a Founder truly means09:15
@preactionand then you shall RUE the day you ever dared cross me!09:15
tavisto_go on... start rueing09:15
-!- tavisto_ [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []09:15
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@tavistopreaction, do you know anything about quantities in the shopping cart?10:08
@tavistoI'm noticing that the products that were imported from 7.4 all have a quantity of -1 in their single variants10:08
@tavistowhat's interesting is that instead of disabling the product/variant, it's still available as a live product that can be added. However, the quantity in the ViewCart screen forces the quantity to 1.10:09
@tavistoso this could be by design.... or it could be a bug. :)10:09
@tavistoit's actually very useful for situations where you want to force the user to only be able to buy one10:10
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []10:43
-!- ryuu_ro [n=rory@gw.oqapi.nl] has joined #webgui10:46
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ryuu_roHi guys, does some one has experience with the following?14:23
ryuu_roI have a webgui site and a mail app written in Perl14:23
ryuu_rothe webgui runs under the wre14:23
ryuu_rothe mail app runs in a different env14:23
ryuu_roin the webgui site I have a link to the mail app (I use a redirect)14:24
ryuu_rowhen I click the link in IE 6 I get an internal server error14:24
ryuu_roIE 7, FF 1 2 3 works fine14:24
ryuu_rodoes anybody have an idea?14:25
BartJolyou already asked me... ;)14:30
ryuu_roBartjol: thanks a lot..... :)14:38
ryuu_roBartjol: what word did you use for the translation of tingy? I can't recall14:46
BartJolthingy :)14:46
BartJolnicely translated isn't it :)14:47
ryuu_rowell done, the point of a translation is that we can read the text in our own language right?14:48
BartJolwell thingy is just a name, which can't be translated14:50
ryuu_rothen how do you explain that sesame's street's big bird is called Pino in Dutch?14:52
BartJolnice comparison15:01
BartJoloh, and the answer is on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sesamstraat15:04
ryuu_rohmm, I never knew that. Thanks Wikipedia!15:05
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ckotilDoes anyone create an offline/static copy of their webgui site(s)?16:00
ckotiland whats the best way to accomplish that? crawling, export to html workflow?16:01
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui16:03
-!- wgGuest55 [n=wgGuest5@99-11-246-34.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]16:15
BartJolhee tobsub, did your product date query succeed?16:19
-!- wgGuest39 [n=wgGuest3@99-11-246-34.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #webgui16:24
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topsubbartjol, finallly at like 10 i got to create a subclass of product17:34
topsubsorry you missspelled my name so it never popped that someone talking to me17:34
BartJolcopy paste is da bomb!17:35
topsubi got the sub class going for product for a web ticket.. Added custom fields to it and created database17:35
topsubbut yes in the end a sql report will work perfect to pull the upcoming web shows17:37
BartJolwell, problem solved in an elaborate way 17:50
topsubyep it did17:56
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-!- JamA [n=chatzill@AMontsouris-157-1-68-66.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #webgui18:40
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui18:47
perlDreamerBartJol: All fixed18:51
perlDreamerYou should tell Koen that you only get paid to translate WebGUI, not proofread it.  That should be an extra charge :)18:54
perlDreamermetanil: Have you set up your backups yet?18:57
BartJolwell, then Koen will send a bill to JT for making incomplete software18:59
perlDreamerI'd like to see that19:00
BartJolonly when I can see JT's face when KOen gives it to him, so maybe at the wuc19:00
BartJolmaybe Koen should start prac tise running19:00
perlDreamerIt wouldn't matter.19:01
perlDreamerrizen_ packs iron19:01
rizen_and don't forget that i have more minions than he does19:01
BartJolso he's strong, but when Koen is fast, he can outrun him...19:02
perlDreamer"packs iron" is slang for "has a gun"19:02
BartJolaha, but don't underestimate me19:02
BartJolI will encourage PB when they start chasing Koen19:02
BartJolI don't know that much slang19:03
BartJoland minions=bullets?19:04
perlDreamerNo, minions = mindless zombie followers19:04
BartJolwell, gotta go, someone is cooking for me19:06
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@host2.procolix.com] has left #webgui []19:06
perlDreamerrizen_: I want your templates19:23
perlDreamerI want your Product template19:24
rizen_what product template19:24
perlDreamerto close one of Kristi's bugs19:24
perlDreamerThe one you use for merchandise19:24
rizen_on plainblack.com?19:24
rizen_but it's modified for our site19:25
perlDreamerthat's okay.  I'll modify it and send it back, and we can close the bug.19:25
perlDreamerI'd do it myself, but my admin access to pb.com seems to be down.19:25
rizen_i'll email it to you19:26
rizen_or better yet19:27
rizen_get it here: https://www.plainblack.com/uploads/temp/49/493VuCRN5_Na5KGsJg0tCw/templates_product_webgui-merchandise-product.wgpkg19:27
perlDreamerrizen_: updated product template back at ya19:37
perlDreamercoming via email19:38
rizen_aren't you just going to check it in?19:38
rizen_or is this only on plainblack.com19:38
perlDreamerIt's PB's template19:38
perlDreamerit's customized19:38
perlDreamerI think that the merch products could also use some Inventory Control love, since I know you have Gooeys in stock19:39
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI19:43
elninohi all. would someone be able to tel me what fields in a pagelayout the search asset looks for when searching only layout assets?  I thought it onetime searched titles and menu titles, but it appears that it doesn't.. =( 19:44
-!- ktopsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui19:46
perlDreamerelnino, that's what it is supposed to do.  Title, menu title and (description or synopsis)19:46
@preactionit doesn't search fields, it searches the assetIndex table, which is usually made up of the synopsis and the title19:46
perlDreamermy $keywords = join(" ",$asset->get("title"), $asset->get("menuTitle"), $asset->get("synopsis"), $url,19:47
perlDreamer        $description);19:47
perlDreamerbut you also need to be aware of the character limit (which I think is 4) and the default stop word list, which are not indexed.19:48
elninoI could have sworn this worked on my system.. Is there anythign that would cause the assetIndex table to not be updated, or corrupted or... anything I should look for?19:48
elninocharacter limit?  default stop word list? I don't know what those are...I have 7.4.21...19:48
perlDreamerit only index words longer than 4 characters19:49
rizen_pd, there's no quantity field in the product19:49
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]19:49
perlDreamerrizen_: huh?19:49
rizen_how would i adjust quantity available19:49
perlDreamerin the variants?19:49
rizen_i'm editing gooey19:49
rizen_trying to say that there are a gazillion available19:49
elninopd: ah.. I'm searching longer words than that... skus to be specific. 99000-019:49
rizen_but there's no field to put gazillion into19:49
perlDreamerrizen_: Quantity is stored in the variant, not in the asset itself.19:50
perlDreamerelnino, I'd recommend manually reindexing the site using the sbin/search.pl script19:51
-!- JamA [n=chatzill@AMontsouris-157-1-68-66.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #webgui []19:53
elninook. will. do. I'll be back. later or tomorrow. Thanks again!19:53
perlDreamergood luck19:53
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit [Connection timed out]19:57
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-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui20:04
topsubIs there a way i could like sub class variants? To have users fill out more information about each variant?20:04
perlDreamertopsub: do you mean product variants?20:05
topsubyes sorry20:05
perlDreamerIn the new Shop, or old Commerce?20:05
topsubright now in 7.5.1320:06
perlDreamerWell, there's good news.20:06
perlDreamerVariants are stored as JSON in the db.20:06
perlDreamerSo if you subclass Asset::Sku::Product and override the variant edit and display code you can put whatever you want in there20:06
perlDreamerso that's view, editVariant, editVariantSave, and maybe a few others as well20:07
topsubah so in www_editVariant just add whatever i want20:07
topsubyep i see it20:07
topsubi have a subclass of product already20:07
perlDreamerwhat more do you want in a variant?20:08
topsubso i need to change that20:08
topsubthe "view" function is what sends to the template?20:08
topsubwill it not pick up my new variants columns / fields automatically?20:09
perlDreamerif you wanted to display the new variant fields, no.20:09
topsublike when you change definitions?20:09
-!- JamA [n=chatzill@AMontsouris-157-1-68-66.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #webgui20:09
perlDreamerwhen you change definitions, that's an asset level property20:10
topsubi see the loop around line 153720:10
perlDreamerthose are automatically handled20:10
topsubvariant_ sku / title / price / weight / qty20:10
topsubso making custom variant wont' be that hard20:10
topsubor changing20:10
topsubawesome thanks alot! perlDreamer you the man20:10
perlDreamerYou're welcome.  I wrote that code, so I'm somewhat familiar with it.20:11
perlDreamerbut I'm still curious.  What more does your customer want in a variant?20:11
JamAI've the same probleme as shown here : http://tinyurl.com/6ruwfk  (I posted under wguser)20:13
JamAI have to do soon an installation of wG, and I'd like to patch this.20:13
JamACould someone help me ?20:13
JamAthanks a lot20:13
perlDreamerJamA, the patch didn't work.  You'll need to manually patch WRE/Spectre.pm20:15
JamAhow ?20:16
perlDreamerJamA, are you a programmer type, a sys-admin type, or a WebGUI user type person?20:16
JamAI install WebGUI for someone, not a programmer20:17
JamAi'm not a programmer*20:17
perlDreamerSo you either need to find a programmer, or we need to find a way to get you a patched WRE/Spectre.pm20:18
perlDreamerWhich WRE version are you using?20:18
perlDreamerI need to head off to a meeting for a while.  When I come back I'll see if there's a whole copy of that file someplace.20:19
JamAOk, thanks20:20
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui20:28
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-!- preaction_ is now known as preaction21:00
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6913 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/Asset_Subscription.pm: fix bad layout in Subscription redeem code help21:01
topsubperlDreamer, hey just got back from lunch we are using products as tickets so people can buy tickets to events21:21
topsubso we are converting it to something we need because the EMS doesn't support what the client is looking for21:22
perlDreamergotcha.  Thanks, topsub.21:25
topsubperlDreamer, would it be possible to do a select list / select box in variants?21:29
topsubWill it support this?21:29
perlDreamerIt would support any single select right out of the box.21:30
perlDreamerMultiple select would require a lot more work.21:30
perlDreamerIf you make that work, I'd love a patch to fold back in.  Especially if it has a test script.21:31
topsubso i would just change float, integer, text, to my field type i am looking for?21:31
topsubif i wanted to link resources to these products would i am assuming i would need to write my own custom functions to get this information?  This would act almost like "add a resource". Maybe linking  from the users in webgui or external database ?21:36
topsubAlmost how thingy allows you to link "thingy" to users21:37
topsubthis would need to be a one to many21:37
perlDreamerthere are already ways to link in other assets.  But not to anything else yet.  You could use that code as a jumping off point.21:37
topsubWould i possible clone how variants, features, benifits work now to add resources?21:38
perlDreamerI would use related products as a place to start cloning.21:38
topsubwould  these json objects be able to support this one to many relationships?21:40
perlDreamerthey're stored as a JSON array, so I believe so.21:40
perlDreameryou can query the db for the Product table and check the structure manually.21:40
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:48
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ckotilif i send my picture to the plainblack graphic designer , can he or she create a 'The people beside webgui' banner for me?22:49
ckotileveryone looks so cool on those banners22:50
perlDreamerckotil, PBWG people are nominated23:00
ckotilim not saying my banner should go on the site23:06
ckotilid put it on mine ;)23:06
SDuensinEgads.  Is there a way to make images uploaded via File Pile *not* be hidden from navigation?23:18
perlDreamerJamA: This is the URL to file you need: https://svn.webgui.org/svnweb/plainblack/checkout/wrebuild/wre/lib/WRE/Spectre.pm23:20
ckotilSDuensin: it should be the same as every other asset23:20
JamAthanks, i'll check23:20
SDuensinckotil - Eh, yea.23:20
perlDreamerYup.  There's a little Hide From Nav button right at the top of the File Pile23:21
SDuensinAh, thanks perlDreamer 23:21
* SDuensin didn't check. Bad user.23:21
* SDuensin is turning into an RSS madman.23:22
JamAperlDreamer: It seems to work : i don't get any new mail, thanks :)23:35
* JamA has to learn programming23:36
-!- estiven [n=estiven@] has joined #webgui23:57
--- Day changed Thu Jul 10 2008
estivenHi, I have a old site in oracle portal whit many pages of articles and the new version is make in WebGui00:06
estivenCan I create a script to migrate the content?00:06
estivenI know how get the content of the old site but i don't know how post in a colaboration system from a script...00:06
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-113.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit ["Reconnecting"]00:09
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-76-124-253-113.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui00:09
-!- mode/#webgui [+o apeiron] by ChanServ00:09
@preactionestiven, yes you can create a script. if you want an example of a migration, look in the latest 7.5.15 in WebGUI/sbin/migrateGallery.pl00:09
@preactionat least, i think that's what it's called00:10
estivenmm, excelent00:10
rizen_preaction, perlDreamer, anybody else that cares00:14
rizen_i need to bounce something00:14
rizen_i have block of code that i throw an error in00:15
rizen_i eval and use WebGUI::Error->caught00:15
rizen_to catch it00:15
rizen_and then i return an error message having caught the error00:15
rizen_exception handled00:15
rizen_except that it's not00:15
rizen_because i have another block of code outside of that, which is recatching the error00:15
rizen_caught() supposed to reset $@ so that the error won't get caught unless you rethrow it?00:16
@preactioni would think00:16
rizen_if not, what is the point of rethrow?00:16
@preactionor maybe it just makes sure caught() doesn't catch it again until you rethrow00:16
rizen_well the point is that caught() is recatching it00:17
rizen_is it a total hack for me to do:00:18
rizen_$@ = undef;00:18
rizen_it seems that shouldn't be necessary, but it is00:18
@apeironI know you're catching it, but it really sounds like it's not being caught.00:18
@preactionyeah, that isn't indicated by any of the docs at all00:18
rizen_i just figured it out00:19
rizen_i wasn't re-evalling at the top level code00:19
rizen_and eval is what resets $@00:19
rizen_i only evalled once00:20
rizen_but caught twice00:20
@apeironSo you got the $@ from the inner scope.00:20
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CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6914 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 3 dirs): optimized PurgeOldInboxMessages workflow01:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6915 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/AssetPackage.pm: allow anyone who can edit to export any asset as a package01:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6916 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Cache.pm: clean up and comment parseKey in cache01:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6917 /WebGUI/sbin/upgrade.pl: get rid of 'USE database;' lines from upgrade backups01:37
perlDreamerHaarg, with the package export change, is there any UI support for that?01:42
@Haargnot at this point at least01:43
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patspamhmm, WUC registration checkout seems to be borked04:25
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []04:31
patspamphew, limped through on the 3rd try04:34
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topsubWhen making custom assets can i create my own tabs?05:21
metaniltopsub: sure05:22
topsubis it as simple as just changing the name of the tab in the definition? or does it require more work?05:22
metaniltopsub: you need to look at some of the existing code for help.. its not that hard i would say05:24
metanilbut depends upon your requirement.. 05:24
topsubah. i am making a custom product asset and would like to add a new tab for the fields i am adding05:41
metaniltopsub: you mean while editing right?05:43
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui05:47
perlDreamerDoes anyone know if there's a release pending?05:48
topsubhmm how do i find out what file this is calling "?op=formUsers;formId=testuser_formId"05:49
topsubthis is called in a form control User.pm. its the pop up window05:50
-!- perlmonkey2 [n=perlmonk@wsip-70-164-69-210.ok.ok.cox.net] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]05:53
perlDreamerLook in Operation.pm05:55
perlDreamerfind the formUsers entry05:55
perlDreamerit will tell you what module is being used05:55
perlDreamertopsub: That's WebGUI::Operation.pm, to be exact.05:56
topsubsweet thanks.. haven't got into the op yet.. so thanks!05:57
topsubwriting a custom form control now05:57
perlDreamerFor handling tickets?05:58
topsubit will be for that client yes05:59
topsubtrying to expanded the user.pm form06:00
perlDreamerHave you looked at UserList.pm?06:00
topsubwhat version is tha tin?06:01
perlDreamermaybe back as far as .1006:01
topsubnot in 7.5.1006:01
topsubi am making a userlist one06:02
topsubbut never saw a prebuilt WebGUI::Form:;UserList06:02
perlDreamerI'm not sure how it works06:02
topsubya kinda looking at it06:04
topsubmy plan is to allow someone have a fieldtype userlist or something06:04
topsubwhich will allow you to select a one to many06:04
topsubbascially i am allowing someone to add resources to products06:05
topsubreally what i am doing in a more abstract idea06:05
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@rizenpatspam try again06:12
patspamrizen: it took my money on the 3rd try06:13
@rizenwe're aware that there is a problem and are working as hard as possible to fix it06:14
patspami noticed that the credit card iTransact screen didn't go to https by default06:15
patspambut it worked over https after i modified the url06:15
@rizenoh goodie, one more thing on my damn list to fix06:23
@rizenthanks for letting me know though06:23
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []06:24
@tavistopatspam, you were having a problem processing a sale on pb.com?07:01
perlDreamerthat's what he said07:02
@tavistolast week there were issues with internal server errors occuring on final checkout but nothing I could test07:02
@tavistoonce I get AMLA fixed up with their e-commerce I have access to the gateway to test07:02
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6918 /WebGUI/docs/ (3 files in 2 dirs): 07:04
CIA-6WebGUI: Fix reordering of old events in the week view by giving07:04
CIA-6WebGUI: any Event with a NULL sequenceNumber a valid sequenceNumber.07:04
topsubhey perlDreamer, have you ever created custom tabs?07:40
topsubis that documented anywere? lol07:41
perlDreamerdo you want to extend an existing tabform, or make one from scratch?07:41
patspamtavisto: yeah, not so much the sale itself, more the cart/checkout process07:41
topsubwhen you edit a prdocut all these custom fields i am making i would like to be able to put under there own tab07:41
topsubso make one from scratch i guess it would be07:42
@tavistopatspam, was it a particular error or did it just return you to the PB homepage?07:42
@tavistoI've seen both when I was assisting people purchase stuff earlier this week07:42
perlDreamertopsub, you need to do 2 things07:43
perlDreamer1) review Asset/Sku.pm, sub getEditTabs07:43
@tavistoit's common right now for people to get an internal server error right when they click the final checkout button. Atleast from the people I have helped07:43
perlDreamerand add your own in your child07:43
perlDreamer2) in your definition sub, refer to the new tab in the tab field.07:43
patspamyeah first i couldn't find the checkout button, then i realised i had to add a Ship To address07:44
patspamand after that, clicking checkout dropped me back to PB07:44
@tavistoyeah, the ship to address isn't that intuitive for new peeps07:44
patspamalso the Tickets/Ribbons/Tokens screen is somewhat empty/confusing..07:44
patspamand Ribbons/Tokens shows "Data Error"07:44
@tavistoyeah that EMS is really broken right now07:44
@tavistoplus the header bar sticks way out into the badge07:45
@tavistoI really wish that it wasn't required to go through the process of entering/selecting a shipping address07:45
patspamand lastly, the iTransact screen wasn't encrypted (rizen took note of this when i mentioned it a few hours ago)07:45
@tavistoI see why it's necessary, but it seems like it would be useful to have a bypass for people who are selling e-goods or subscriptions07:45
patspamoh and i didn't get any sort of "purchase successful" message in the browser, just dropped back to the Buy Tickets page07:46
@tavistoah... I see.. I tried to change the name of the Itransact payment gateway button but I wasn't able to do that07:46
patspambut i did get the confirmation email, so I think I'm coming to the WUC ;)07:46
@tavistoheh.... wow.. yeah there are still some serious issues with the checkout.. I can verify for you :)  one sec07:47
topsubhmm not sure i am following how to add another one07:47
topsubwill i change the getEditTabs to a new on ei want07:47
@tavistoyep, patspam you are all set.07:48
@tavistoI see your transaction07:48
patspamtavisto: yay :)07:48
@tavistowow you bought 10 WUC badges?07:48
@tavistojust kidding... hehe07:48
topsubtavisto we have more pool to play at the WUC!!07:48
@tavistohaha yeah sure.. although I'm getting tired of 0wning j0007:49
topsublol... 07:49
@tavistothere is one thing that madison has lots of....07:49
@tavistobars, pubs, taverns07:49
@tavistopool tables, darts, etc..07:49
@tavistoit's like the bar capital of the world07:49
topsubping pong and pool time07:49
@tavistohmm.. not sure about ping pong07:49
@tavistobut there's plenty to do07:50
@tavistoI'll be there on Monday for our wuc prep stuff07:50
@tavistoand yes there are plenty of girls as it is a college town07:50
patspamthe TASTE festival looks kind of cool07:50
@tavistoyeah I think so too07:50
perlDreamertopsub, I just added POD on how to add tabs.07:50
patspamI think the friend I'm staying with is going to take me to a folk festival in Dodgeville the weekend before too07:51
perlDreamertopsub: you override getEditTabs to tell WebGUI which tabs you want to add.07:51
topsuboh within my new class?07:51
perlDreamerYou can see Asset/Sku to see how it's done.07:52
topsubbut will it add the Shop one and also my new custom one?07:52
topsubis what i am looking for07:52
perlDreamerI sure hope so.07:52
perlDreamerIf not, we have another bug to fix07:52
topsublol alright i will give it a shot07:52
@tavistoman we're getting a ton of new peeps interested in webinars07:54
@tavistofrom all over the place too07:54
perlDreamerit's about time07:54
perlDreamerhow many conference have y'all gone to so far?07:54
@tavistoscale, GTS, YAPC07:54
@tavistoyeah I think that's all07:54
@tavistoTechWeb is trying to get us to go out to new york since we're exhibiting in oscon07:55
patspamYAPC::Europe will be my first (2 weeks before WUC)07:55
@tavistoyeah it's something o'reilly (sp?)07:56
@tavistojust like with oscon07:56
@tavistowe're going to have a sweet location at oscon because we were the first exhibitor to sign up. prime location07:56
topsubwhere are the PODS i haven't ever looked at them.. sorry its late! :-)07:57
perlDreamerto see the new POD, you'd have to update from SVN07:58
perlDreamerin general, you use perldoc07:58
perlDreamerperldoc Module::Name07:58
topsubcould i look online also ?08:00
topsubthe builds / api online docs?08:00
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6919 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm: document how to add new tabs to getEditForm08:00
perlDreamerYes, but they won't build for another few hours08:00
patspamare create.sql and /data/WebGUI/www/extras/uploads generated automatically? or do you guys make changes manually?08:02
patspame.g. to change the skeleton for new sites08:02
perlDreamercreate.sql is always made by hand, although I'd guess that Haarg has it automated by now.08:02
perlDreameruploads is often added to during upgrades, so it's semi-manual08:03
patspamah ok, thanks perlDreamer08:03
patspamI think I'm going to compile a Wobject Best Practices article in the wiki, my ad-hoc approach up until now has been pretty sucky08:05
perlDreamerthat's a good idea08:05
perlDreamerw.r.t create.sql, any changes needed to it should always be done via an upgrade script.08:06
perlDreamerfor uploads, I've seen Haarg check in stuff, but no one else.08:06
perlDreamerpackages are probably best for that.08:06
patspamyeah packages seem to be a nicer approach08:07
patspamI think I'm going to switch to using packages for my own client wobjects too08:08
perlDreamertime for the west coaster to crash out.  More fun tomorrow08:11
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patspamstrikes me that the WebGUI upgrade process would be really useful for developers deploying/upgrading their own wobjects10:54
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perlDreamerrizen: I have an unposted inventory control bug.  Tavis showed it to me and I've diagnosed it, but haven't worked up a fix yet.17:53
perlDreamerI'll try to get it in by the .16 release, but no promises.17:54
@rizenbut why didn't tavis report it i wonder17:54
@rizenthe .16 release won't be coming out until this afternoon17:54
@rizenso you have some time17:54
perlDreamerI'm in a 4-hour meeting this morning, so maybe not.17:55
@rizenah. =)17:55
@rizenif there was any chance i could get it done for you before the release i'd take it off your hands, but due to the fiasco that was yesterday i don't have the luxury17:55
perlDreamerIt's not a show stopper, some of the template work I've done over the last week has hidden the bug.17:56
perlDreamerWhat happened yesterday?17:56
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@rizenit was already the worst day i've had at PB in 3 or 4 months by 4pm17:58
@rizenand then at 4pm i accidentally destroyed plainblack.com with a bug that i created 6 years ago17:58
perlDreamertalking about laying in wait17:58
@rizenwell at least it's fixed now thanks to graham so it won't be hitting anyone else in the future17:59
perlDreamergotta scoot to my meeting, I'll be back on later17:59
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CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6920 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 18:07
CIA-6WebGUI: - Fixed a problem where shop could create internal server errors instead of18:07
CIA-6WebGUI:  catching the exceptions.18:07
CIA-6WebGUI: - Made the iTransact terminal link a button that automatically logs you in.18:07
CIA-6WebGUI: - iTransact now more gracefully handles recurring payment postback errors.18:07
topsubhas anyone messed with "dateTime" form control. It shows me the calendar but i don't see anyway to set the time18:16
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-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI18:26
elninohi all. It's me again. another day, another quick topic.18:26
elninoI want to use the forum in webgui, and just wondering, Is there any filtering capabilities  for bad words? and filteres for what type of attachements can be uploaded to the forum?18:27
@preactionthe collab system has a "Use Content Filtering" setting, the Content Filter is a tab in the Admin Console (so yes to 1)18:28
@preactionfilters for what types of attachments, not really: anything that could be considered harmful or undesireable is made into a text file18:28
@preactionbut that's not configurable18:29
elninowhat/where are the rules that consider a file "harmful"?18:30
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@host2.procolix.com] has left #webgui []18:30
@preactionif they would hurt the site, exploit browser bugs, cause undesired operation, host spam messages18:30
@preactionso, JS, HTML, Perl18:31
elninoso we can't prevent people posting videos. or images on the forum?18:31
@preactionnot that i'm aware of, besides the file-size limit you can impose in the site settings18:34
elninook.. can our admins moderate the posts before they get posted?18:37
@preactionwell, not before they get Posted, but before they show up on the live site. they're on the site, but "pending"18:54
@preactionI believe the Content Manager's guide has information on Content Approval18:54
-!- elnino_laptop [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI18:54
elnino_laptopI hate wireless networks18:55
elnino_laptopCool thanks for confirming. Thats it for today I think. Have a good one!18:55
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elnino_homegrr. I'm logging off.18:57
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juan1the calendar has a problem, i have created a group to add and edit events in the calendar but the people associated to this group  can  not edit the events19:04
juan1the admin user also can not edit the events19:05
@preactionThere's a Group to Add Events, they can add events and edit events they have added19:08
@preactionbut anyone who can edit the Calendar should be able to edit any Event as well19:08
@preactionwhich version?19:08
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]19:12
juan1Actually the people in Who can edit, have that problem19:14
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@preactionjuan1, there are no more 7.4 releases, and that bug is fixed in the 7.5 series, so i don't know how to help really19:25
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #webgui19:33
slickwareformatting question for whoever's online...19:33
slickwareI paste something from Word into a blank article. The formatting looks fine. but then, as soon as I hit Save, all the formatting disappears and it turns into one huge line of text19:34
juan1ok, no problem19:34
juan1i will wait the 7.5 series19:35
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6921 /translations/Spanish/ (162 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server19:36
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6922 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Instance.pm): added some more information to an error message.19:36
slickwareit looks like it's performing the "cleanup messy code" feature when I hit save... is there a way to turn that off?19:37
@preactionslickware, i believe it's a configuration of the Rich Editor, but copy/paste from Word usually isn't a good idea19:39
slickwareI know it's not a great idea, but users migrating from 5.x are used to it not messing their formatting unless they tell it to19:40
slickwareany idea if there's a way to turn that off?19:41
slickwareoh maybe it's "preserve whitespace as preformatted text" ?19:42
slickwaredamn it19:43
@preactionno, it should be called Cleanup Messy Code19:43
slickwarethe feature is there, but why would it apply itself when I hit Save?19:43
slickwareif I turn off the cleanup button, maybe it will stop applying automatically?19:44
slickwarethere's a button to add called "Paste From Word"19:45
slickwarewhat is the difference between "Commit Without Approval" and "Commit Content Immediately" ?19:48
@preactionthe second one went away in a 7.5 version and works just like Commit Without Approval now?19:52
@preactionin your version, it's the difference between sending a workflow to spectre (the first one) and not sending it (the second one)19:52
slickwarei'm on an agency host19:52
@preactionthis is a difference of a few seconds, but also would commit the content is spectre is down19:52
@preactionthen you're on a 7.4 version19:52
slickwarethe wording seems to imply that they should both commit content without asking me to save/commit19:53
slickwarebut the 1st one seems to imply that it won't ask, but also won't be immediate? 19:53
@preactionno, clicking "Save" does not commit content. Clicking "Commit" commits content, which triggers the workflow19:53
slickwareright - you have to click "commit" and then "save"19:54
slickwareI would like to have all tags commit and save themselves without user interaction19:56
slickwarea'la 5x style :)19:56
@preactionthat's a frequently-asked question. also, are you an agency hoster with plain black?19:56
slickwareactually... full workflow... you have to Save your edits. Then Commit, then choose "OK I want to commit" and then "Save".19:56
@preaction(frequently-asked means: check the wiki, check the forums, check the support boards)19:57
slickwareI am an agency hoster with PB19:57
@preactionthat's not a "Workflow" as WebGUI thinks of them19:57
slickwareit's a workflow as it relates to my flowing of work19:57
@preactionthen search the Plainblack Support Boards too19:57
slickwareor the interruption of my flow19:57
slickwareI thought I heard something about it being easier in 7.519:57
slickwareor less obtrusive 19:57
@preactionit's been so long since 7.5 was started, i thought we added Skip Commit Comments and Auto-Commit Version Tags in the 7.4 series19:58
@preactionslickware, "Automatically Request Commit" and "Skip Commit Comments" are the two settings, Admin Console, Settings panel, Content tab.20:03
slickwareI understand the thought there, but that is some seriously poor wording!20:09
@preactionwhy? and "patches welcome"20:09
slickwareone would think that checking 'yes' for "automatically request commit" would cause WG to ask you if you wanted to commit a change as soon as you hit "save" on an article20:09
@preactionWebgui considers "request commit" to be "trigger the commit workflow, which may or may not actually commit the content"20:11
@preactionit might have to get approval20:11
slickwareand for some reason if you have "skip commit comments" set to "yes", you are still asked if you want to comment20:11
@preactionor it might be a workflow that just deletes the version tag, who knows20:11
slickware(unless you also choose to automatically request commit)20:11
@preactionsure, if you create version tags manually, the normal process applies20:11
slickwareI like the idea behind version tagging but I do disagree with the implementation of it... if I were a programmer i'd offer to actually change it but believe me you don't want me mucking in that code20:12
topsubhey guys, i am tring to make my own tab in my custom asset ( http://webgui.pastebin.com/m4dfe0784 ) but seems its not working.. Any input, or suggestions were to look next ?20:12
@preactionslickware, you can also post ideas for improvements to the RFE list, http://webgui.org "Request a Feature"20:14
ckotilhow often do RFE's get implemented?20:15
ckotili dont think ive ever had a single one get enough karma20:15
slickwarei'm glad someone said it :)20:16
@preactionckotil, i implemented the top 5 karma RFEs for the 7.5 series, out of the goodness of my heart20:16
@preactionbut JT has acknowledged that we have lacked in implementing them, and he has policies to remedy that20:17
ckotilpreaction: :) thanks, you rock20:17
ckotilah cool20:17
@preactionthat's why the DataForm now has Captcha and Version Tag in the Admin Console is a lot cooler20:18
perlDreamerpreaction: don't forget that you rewrote the Admin Console, as well20:18
@preactionthat wasn't karma RFE, but that was out of the goodness of my heart20:18
ckotilhttp://www.plainblack.com/rfe/request-for-enhancement/add-a-summary-meta-data-input-field-to-file-pile-asset is getting lots of karma. but has a pretty high difficulty multi20:19
perlDreamerthat would have to be done per file.  No fun at all.20:20
+perlmonkey2perlDreamer: I'm getting ready to get back into webgui production mode and wondered if you had run into something I'd run into earlier on another project.  Have you had any problems deserializing extremely large data structures with JSON?  I've had complex objects 2500 lines long (with pretty print) take 10-30 seconds to deserialize, but searlization takes almost no time.20:32
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-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui20:37
dionakhas the event manager changed between 7.5.10 and 7.5.15?20:38
@preactioncompletely rewritten20:39
dionakthanks. 20:39
dionakjust needed a sanity check there. :)20:39
nubano kidding, you come to IRC for a sanity check? thats insane in itself.. 20:45
dionaklol, yea. good point20:46
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6923 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (Asset_DataForm.pm Asset_Event.pm): Update from translation server20:58
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6924 /translations/French/ (161 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server21:25
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slickwareyou guys are more sane than other employees here21:31
@preactionif you say so21:35
-!- estiven [n=estiven@] has joined #webgui21:37
slickwareYesterday I had an employee tell me that her computer problems were "a form of harassment" and that "she doesn't appreciate being treated like this by any person or any thing" and that "if they continue she will have to take her laptop to the police so they can remove the software we installed to spy and corrupt her files"21:47
slickwareso yeah... compared to that... you guys are WAY sane21:47
@tabbThat's special.21:55
@preactionthat's straight-jacket special21:55
slickwareit got even worse as the conversation went on22:13
slickwareshe deletes any files she finds in her registry that have ".dll" extensions...22:14
slickwareshe removes any files listed as "hidden" (system files)22:14
slickwareshe can't connect to her home network, but somehow "the virus" has spread to her home pc as well... through osmosis!22:14
slickwareso yeah. it was a fun day yesterday22:15
slickwarei'm out. enjoy your sanity, all22:15
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #webgui []22:15
@preactionhmm... there's a fine, fine line between insanity and ignorance22:21
* apeiron is happily on the side of insanity.22:22
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@54-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has joined #webgui22:25
dionaksounds like her virus is her22:27
BartJolwho, me?22:29
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui22:33
topsubperlDreamer!! got a question for you :-)22:34
perlDreameryou can always ask22:34
perlDreameranswers are less deterministic :)22:34
topsubi tried adding my own custom tabs but everytime i place that getEditTabs in my new asset it crashes with what i am seeing no error log information22:34
topsubcould this be a bug in the system?22:35
@preactionerm... it could be a bug in your asset22:35
topsubthats not allowing me to add my own custom tab in my definition in my new custom asset?22:35
perlDreamerCan you please paste me your getEditTabs code?22:35
topsubwell when i take out the fucntion and any referace to that new tab it works22:35
@preactionyou don't add the superclass's getEditTabs to yours22:36
@preactionso there's only one tab: yours22:36
@preactionthen when it tries to add things to the "properties" tab, (which doesn't exist), it dies22:37
topsuboohhh i see22:37
@preactionor, wait, was that something I wanted to do but haven't done yet22:37
@preactionnm, i'm wrong, you're right22:38
topsubso i need to return the new tab and the super to the funcion22:38
perlDreamerNo, it looks okay22:38
perlDreamerbut this is subclassing Sku/Product, which also has a getEditTabs22:38
perlDreamerNo error log info?22:38
topsubnope i don't see any dumping of errors22:38
perlDreamerNot in webgui.log or httpd error.log?22:38
topsubi am lookgin at modperl and webgui.log22:39
@preactionbump the loglevel up to INFO maybe?22:40
perlDreamercouldn't hurt22:40
topsubhaven't checked httpd.error.log, looking for it now22:40
perlDreamerI bet that's it.22:41
@preactionthat's the modperl.error.log, it's the httpd error_log for the modperl instance of the WRE apache22:41
perlDreamerSku/Product/Topsub.pm overrides Sku's getEditTabs, so the Shop tab is not defined22:41
perlDreamerbut it ought to gripe about it, not just die silently22:42
lisettewhere find "weekly" in the i18n? this for add an event, and don't find this in the "Asset_Event"22:42
topsubso is adding tabs still possible?22:42
perlDreamerI would try preaction's idea of calling SUPER::getEditTabs and accumulating info22:43
perlDreamerget the tabs from parent, and then add your to the batch22:43
@preactionthat might not work for direct subclasses of Asset and Wobject though (since there is no SUPER::getEditTabs for those classes)22:43
perlDreamerif that works, I'll update the POD22:43
perlDreameryes there is22:43
perlDreamerAsset.pm has a stub22:43
@preactionoh, right22:43
perlDreamerWobject will inherit from Asset.22:43
@preactionduh, i just looked at it22:43
topsubso i will need to do something like.. return $self->SUPER::getEditTabs, (['details', 'details', 9]); ? Is that what you are thinking?22:44
perlDreamersomething like that22:44
perlDreamer$parentTabs = SUPER:: ....22:44
perlDreamerpush @{$parentTabs}, [myTabSpec]22:45
perlDreamerWhat you said should work22:45
@preactionreturn ($self->SUPER::getEditTabs, [ myTabSpec ] ); <- should work fine22:45
perlDreamerlisette, the Event template might not be fully internationalized.22:46
topsubit worked!!22:46
perlDreamerYou'd have to check it to see if it is hardcoded as "weekly", or uses a template variable22:46
topsubthanks perlDreamer, preaction!22:47
lisettethank perlDreamer22:47
topsub+ rep for perlDreamer22:47
perlDreamerDon't thank me too much, I gave you a bad answer last night ;)22:47
perlDreamerI'm going to update the POD, and tweak Sku's and CS'es getEditTabs to chain like that.22:48
perlDreamerand test it22:48
perlDreamerand then commit it22:48
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6925 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (Asset_File.pm Asset.pm Asset_EventManagementSystem.pm): Update from translation server22:48
topsubso then i won't have to call super next time?22:52
@preactionno, you'll always need to22:53
topsubStill seems odd to me that it doesn't ouptput anything into the logs tho22:53
@preactionthat's how overriding methods works, you have to explicitly call the SUPERclass method if you want it to do what it does22:53
topsubseems like something would say what happen with it22:53
perlDreamerIt's in the logs somewhere22:53
perlDreamerIt has to be22:53
topsubmaybe i am looking in the wrong place22:53
perlDreamerAt somepoint, you're calling undef->method22:53
perlDreamerand that always logs22:54
@preactionit's probably something like "cannot call method ..."22:54
perlDreamerLooks like it's time to write TabForm tests22:54
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@54-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]22:56
perlDreamerrizen: We're gonna hack at OSCON, right?22:57
@rizenyou understand that i'm going to be at the booth all day long, right?22:59
@rizen10 hours straight, on my feet talking to peeps22:59
perlDreamerYeah.  they have power and wireless22:59
@rizenthere won't be time for hacking22:59
perlDreamerokay.  I'll hack.  You can point at me and show how dedicated your dev team is.22:59
@rizenif oscon is anything like our other trade shows23:00
@preactionhell, play the "He's not even getting PAID by us" angle23:00
@rizenwe'll have lines forming at the booth23:00
perlDreamerand hopefully they'll follow up later23:00
@rizenat times we had 10-15 people waiting to talk to us23:00
perlDreamerWell, if that happens, I'll take a hacking break and help out.23:01
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@] has left #WebGUI []23:01
@rizenhow about this, i'll answer your questions between talking to peeps, and you hack =)23:01
perlDreamerokay, that will work, too.23:01
perlDreamerAnd I'll try not to say things like "Hey, this code sucks!  Did you write this, JT?"23:02
@rizenthat would be helpful =)23:04
@rizenyou can tell me that when i take you out for dinner later23:04
dionakis there a way to add metadata to an event in the ems? i see some code for it but no interface. may be overlooking it23:10
perlDreamerKathy said that we have a Brazilian BBQ place here in town that we're taking you out to.23:10
dionakor a date?23:10
nubafogo de chao?23:13
perlDreamermight be, nuba.  I forget the name of the restaurant23:13
topsubFor the products do you need a weight for the shopping cart to work?23:17
@rizenonly if you want to use weight based shipping23:17
topsuband quantity?23:17
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has left #webgui []23:18
topsubif i always know the Qty could i make it an hidden field23:18
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui23:18
topsubdont' see why i couldn't23:18
@tavistowho else works on the core with JT and Doug E. Fresh?23:18
perlDreamerapeiron and Haarg23:18
@apeironI do, bits and pieces here and there.23:19
@tavistowell you're all fired.. PerlDreamer is now TMRFE23:19
perlDreamerwhat did I do?23:20
@apeironIf you're TMRFE you can fire tavisto or better yet make him the new TMRFE.23:22
@tavistonope I'm fired too23:22
@tavistotag you're it... I'm touching safety!23:23
perlDreamerNo touchbacks!23:23
perlDreamerokay, cute kid moment for the day.23:28
perlDreamerMy sons asked Kathy if they could make them a Gooey costume so they could hand out Gooey dolls in front of the PB booth at OSCON.23:29
@preactionthat would be the most awesome thing anyone has ever done ever23:29
perlDreamerI think it's right up there with the FireFox "Don't hurt the web" poster.23:30
perlDreamerpreaction, topsub, new getEditTabs POD and reference code committed23:36
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6926 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm): fixed: List style Content profile fields broken23:38
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6927 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed: User who can approve version tag no longer sees Permission Denied after they've approved23:38
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6928 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Operation/Cron.pm: added that friendly error message to www_runCronJob23:38
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6929 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/TabForm.pm: Add a logged warning for trying to fetch a non-existant tab by key.23:38
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6930 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Asset.pm Asset/Sku.pm Asset/Wobject/Collaboration.pm): fix getEditTabs reference code, and then make Sku and CS to be in the same style23:38
dionakrizen, is there an interface in the ems for metadata fields?23:43
@tavistoyo perlDreamer, check us out....  http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?web_frameworks23:44
@tavistowe are "popular"23:44
perlDreamernot bad, tavisto23:45
@tavistoit needs to be expanded upon.. the WebGUI page that is23:45
@tavistoi was thinking about linking "People of WebGUI" to it... (thus the reason for my question about who all works on core)23:45
@rizengo to the tickets screen23:46
@rizenand you'll see it23:46
perlDreamerwhy is "with" bolded on the webgui page, tavisto?23:46
dionakalright, cool. thanks. 23:47
dionaksee it23:47
@tavistoI guess my thought was that it was illustrating that WebGUI is like a typical framework but WITH extras... JT's presentation kinda highlighted that as well23:47
dionakso meta fields relate to a ticket? or an event?23:47
perlDreamerOh, okay.  You just have to keep in mind that I'm marketing impaired.23:48
@preactionit's a framework with an implemented CMS on-top of it23:48
@tavistooh cmon now.. that's not true23:48
@tavistoso do you think that it would be better if I bolded "with" and the thing after it?  Or do you think I should remove the bold formatting all together?23:49
@tavistoIt's going to be techies like you reading this so it needs to appeal to you.23:49
perlDreamerSince there isn't a lot of other markup on that page, the with stands out a lot to me.23:49
@tavistoalright, well then that works23:50
@rizenmeta fields relate to a ticket23:52
@rizenwe may add a meta fields system for badges as well at some point, but currently it wasn't a requirement23:52
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@92.sub-75-205-234.myvzw.com] has quit ["Leaving"]23:58
--- Day changed Fri Jul 11 2008
-!- eink [n=eink@AMontsouris-157-1-68-66.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has quit []00:00
@rizencolin: http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?web_frameworks00:00
dionakok. so what is a badge group? is it a grouping of badges or can you relate tickets to a badge via a badge group?00:01
@rizenas in you can only purchase certain tickets with certain badges00:01
dionakso it's a container that holds tickets related to a badge.00:03
dionakmind if i add that to the docs?00:03
@rizenwhat docs?00:03
dionakthe class, eventmanagementsystem.pm.00:03
perlDreamerthat would be great wiki informatino00:03
@rizenoh the pod. go ahead00:03
dionakok, thanks00:03
@rizenthere's a very detailed chapter on this coming out in CM Guide 7.500:04
@rizenthough i guess you can't wait that long00:04
dionakhaha, no but i still look forward to reading it. 00:04
-!- dionak_ [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui00:37
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@] has joined #WebGUI00:38
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perlDreamerrizen, are you available?00:49
@rizennot here 00:52
@rizenplease leave a message after the beep00:52
perlDreamerThe Sku's need a way to backtrack to where they are displayed so that the system can have a "Continue shopping" link that takes you out of the SKU.00:53
perlDreamerOne cannot simply use $self->getParent because you might be called from a Shelf.00:53
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]00:54
perlDreamerin which case $self->getParent can take you into the product import node or some other secret place.00:55
perlDreamerSo i'm thinking we need some kind of persistent scratch variable.00:55
@rizenlet's just go to $self->getUrl then00:56
@rizenand the user can use the navigation to get to where the need to go00:56
@rizenthe scratch variable sounds like a maintenance nightmare to me00:57
@rizenincidentally, i'm no longer a fan of the product import node idea either00:57
perlDreamerwhere should we import them?00:57
@rizeni'm thinking that i might move the product import code into shelf00:57
@rizenand import directly under the shelf00:57
perlDreameroh, kind of like a file pile00:57
perlDreamerbut with sku metadata you can still hop around00:58
@rizenwhat do you think of that idea?00:58
perlDreamerI like the file pile.00:59
perlDreamerI don't like the sku meta data concept00:59
@rizenwhat's the sku metadata concept?00:59
@rizeni don't get what you're saying01:00
perlDreamerYou can have the Shelf display Sku's that are not it's direct children01:03
perlDreamerThat's the only thing preventing me from using $self->getParent01:03
perlDreamerand having it work everywhere01:03
@rizenoh sure01:06
perlDreamerAnd I think that going back to where they started is what people want01:06
@rizenthe scratch variable though is going to get us in trouble01:07
@rizenthere' s no way to set it in a uniform manner01:07
perlDreamerI remember it doing that in the Commerce system.  So yeah, I agree.01:07
perlDreamerDo you have other ideas?01:07
perlDreamerHTTP REFERRER?01:08
@rizencookie is the same problem01:08
@rizenwe don't have the data01:08
@rizenwe don't know where they came from01:08
@rizenby the time they hit "add to cart" it's too late01:08
perlDreameryeah, that data needs to happen one step back, when they click through into the Product.01:09
@rizenbut how they get there is variable01:09
@rizencould be a search01:09
@rizencould be a shelf01:09
@rizencould be on a page01:09
@rizencould be a direct link01:09
perlDreamersearch, page, link all can use $parent01:09
@rizenthat's why i think $self->getUrl and then let them navigate from there01:10
@rizenno it can't01:10
@rizenat least not according to your argument01:10
@rizenfor example01:10
@rizenlet's say i do a search for "gooey"01:10
@rizenbut gooey is actually in some secret place01:11
@rizenit will find gooey01:11
@rizeni'll go there01:11
@rizenand get parent takes me to the secret place01:11
@rizendirect link is the same01:11
perlDreamerOkay, I agree01:11
@rizenonly for page are you safe with get parent01:11
perlDreamerSo the real problem is the secret place01:11
perlDreamerand the product import node01:11
@rizenand getting rid of the product node01:11
@rizenhelps with that a little01:12
@rizenyou still might have the problem of using the shelf metadata system01:12
@rizenbut that's the only corner case01:12
@rizenand not a terrible one01:12
@rizencuz the product will still be listed there01:12
@rizensince it's under that shefl01:12
@tavistooooh I want in this convo01:13
@tavistoI'm caught up now01:13
perlDreamerokay, so it's $self->getUrl, we take the user back to the product and let them nav where they want01:13
perlDreamerand it's up to them to guarantee that their users can do that01:14
@rizenunfortunately i think that's the way it has to be01:14
@tavistoyeah this is a stinky thing.. returning to the product01:14
@tavistoc'mon rizen I know you have some magic up your sleeve to accomplish this01:15
@rizeneither that or we return them to $self->getParent 01:15
@rizenand then site owners cannot put their products in a secret place01:15
@rizentavisto...there is only one way to solve the problem the way you want it solved, and i'm unwilling to do it01:16
perlDreamerrizen: are you going to rip out the product import node?01:16
@rizenwe'd have to keep track of the user's path through the site as they move (for every click they make)01:16
@rizenand then we'd have a history01:16
@tavistoso you can't have continue shopping return to the page where the product was displayed?01:16
@rizenperldreamer...no...i'm just going to make it non-system, and then move the import mechanism from commerce into shelf01:16
@tavistobecause sometimes it's not on a page.. but in a shelf?01:16
perlDreamertavisto, right01:17
@rizentavisto no01:17
@rizenyou're half right01:17
@rizenif it's on a shelf because it's a child of shelf, then it works01:17
@rizenhowever, if it's dyanmically included into the shelf01:17
@rizenor it's displayed via assetproxy01:17
@rizenfrom some weird location01:18
@rizenlike the current product import node01:18
@rizenthat's when we have a problem01:18
@rizenbecause returning them to $self->getParent01:18
@rizenreturns them to the weird location01:18
@tavistois it possible to have a field in the shop that allows someone to override the destination URL of the continue shopping button?01:18
@tavistoby default it would return to product but if you wanted to, you could edit shop settings and put in destination url?01:19
perlDreamerIf they want to do that, they should use their own URL in the template01:19
perlDreamerinstead of the one supplied by the template01:19
@tavistoI thought I looked at that template and it was just a variable and not something you could wrap a <a href> around01:19
perlDreamerif it's a URL, then it should be href wrappable01:21
@rizenit is a button pd01:21
@rizena form button01:21
@tavistoside note: JT Iphone 2.0 is available through manual download right now01:21
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@] has left #WebGUI []01:21
perlDreamerIf we did one in the product01:21
@rizentavisto: already updated01:21
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@68-114-220-93.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI01:21
perlDreamerSorry, I'm confusing topics/templates01:21
@tavistosweet dude.. you like? I'm going to in a bit01:21
@tavistoi cant wait for AIM01:22
@tavistoanyway, it would be very nice to be able to wrap a url around it because then the templating would be simple01:22
@rizenwrapping the url thing isn't going to happen01:23
@rizenit's a VERY complicated form01:23
@tavistoson of ah01:23
@rizenso put in your feature request01:23
@tavistoso then.. it's a manual URL then... or I'm going to screenshot it and turn it into a .jpg :)01:24
@tavistok I can do the rfe.. do you like the idea of having a field where one could enter the alternative destination url?01:24
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6931 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (WebGUI.pm PayDriver.pm Shop.pm): Update from translation server02:01
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-!- topsub [n=josh@cpe-071-071-252-225.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:24
perlDreamerDo you have happy tabs now, topsub?02:30
topsubyes i do!02:30
topsubafter i did the call parent it worked great02:31
-!- dionak [n=dionak@cpe-024-074-132-143.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:31
@tavistoomg iphone 2.0 is DOPE02:31
@tavistolove love love it02:31
@tavisto*tavis does the happy dance*02:31
topsubtavis hopefully i will know in the morning02:33
topsubwhen i get my iphone02:33
@tavistodude you are going to love it... some of these apps are actually super cool02:33
@tavistoaim is for sure.02:33
@tavistowe're going to be able to skype through the phone too... (wifi only)02:34
@tavistothere's already a truphone app that uses wifi to do it02:34
@tavistobut the most business critical app would definitely be02:35
@tavistosuper monkey ball02:35
topsubi have had this blackjack for 2  yrs almost02:35
topsubthat game is fun02:35
@tavistooh yeah time to throw that into the toliet02:36
topsubonly thing i will miss is the MMS02:36
@tavistoyep I know what you mean02:37
topsubmostly sinc ei am so use to it now02:37
@tavistoinstead you get to visit www.viewmymessage.com and look at some lame webpage02:37
@tavistoyeah it's really lame02:41
@tavistothe iphone of all phones.... how could that NOT have mms?!02:41
@tavistoand then to mess that up a 2nd time with the 2.0 release..02:41
@tavistoperlDreamer, did you hear if there's going to be a release tonight?02:42
-!- estiven [n=estiven@] has quit ["Leaving."]02:44
perlDreamertavisto, no idea.  Have to ask Haarg02:45
perlDreamerHe's the release master.02:45
@Haargi'm working on it right now02:45
@tavistocoolio, was just curious02:50
metanili just got purple webgui mascot.. an octopus - written "WEBGUI.ORG"02:52
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-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]03:06
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-!- patspam [n=patspam@] has joined #webgui03:16
metanilone quick question.. is there any built in function where we can get groupname by providing groupid?03:17
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6932 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.16/webgui7_style3_hierarchical-top-nav.wgpkg: slight improvement to top nav03:20
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6933 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/ (3 files): move packages to end of upgrade script03:20
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6934 /WebGUI/ (11 files in 8 dirs): preparing for 7.5.16 release03:20
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6935 /releases/WebGUI_7.5.16-beta: Release 7.5.16-beta03:20
patspammetanil: WebGUI::Group->new($session, $groupId)->name()03:24
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dionakhas anyone used the prototype feature of webgui? i just tried it but i'm not sure what it did03:26
dionakor what it's supposed to do. i expected a new asset in the admin bar03:28
@tabbTavisto: do you know if rizen and perlDreamer came up with a solution to that problem that was being discussed earlier?03:28
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]03:31
@tavistotabb, are you talking about the "continue shopping" option?03:32
@tavistoif so, the outcome was JT telling me to take my idea and submit it as an RFE03:35
@tavistobasically, by default the continue shopping button takes the user back to the product. (which sucks)03:36
@tavistoso, I suggested that there be a field in the shop settings where someone can type in a specific URL to be used as the continue shopping destination03:38
+Radix-wrkdionak: I've used prototype feature before, and I do indeed get an additional item in my admin bar under new content when I do it03:39
+Radix-wrkI have my own video gallery object and a few others which I created with it03:39
-!- tabb_ [n=tabitha@] has joined #WebGUI03:39
dionakah, i had to change the title from untitled for it to show up. thanks Radix03:40
dionaknice work to whomever thought of that feature.03:42
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6936 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): preparing for 7.5.17 dev03:48
metanilwhen using ?op=setScratch&scratchName=somename&scratchValue=somevalue.. "www_" is prefixed in the name.. anyone knows where it is done?03:50
metanilmy bad.. its in Operation::Scratch03:54
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6937 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (4 files in 4 dirs): WebGUI_flux: Added AssetMixin::Installable from Doug's experimental branch04:37
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metanilis there any quick method to get list of group the a user id (or current user)???05:26
patspamcome again?05:38
patspamyou want to list all the groups a given userId is in?05:38
patspamthat would be WebGUI::User->new($session, $userId)->getGroups()05:39
patspampreaction: you there?05:40
patspamI'm starting to think what we really want for installable/portable/shareable Assets is something built on Module::Install a la cpan modules05:42
patspamthat way people can download, automate checking of dependencies, run test suite and install05:43
patspamdamn him and his American timezone ;)05:51
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@tavistopreaction, you available for a crazy hacking question08:09
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patspamany core devs about?08:45
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@24-240-43-138.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui08:54
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CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6938 /branch/doug-experimental/lib/WebGUI/AssetMixin/Installable.pm: Nightly checkin because you forgot14:27
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SquOnkHi everyone17:09
SquOnkJust upgraded the package to 7.5.16 and it's being reviewed.17:10
SquOnkI've been running testCodebase and getting lot's of "Called UNIVERSAL::can() as a function, not a method..." errors.17:10
SquOnkThis is on a Perl 5.10 Debian17:11
SquOnkBut I guess the error is from DateTime::Timezone17:11
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI17:20
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topsubDoes anyone know when 7.5 will become stable?17:58
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-!- BeginCSharp [n=BeginCSh@mail.hdmcorp.com] has joined #webgui18:22
BeginCSharpwhen i query a in grouping table there are other unknown groupname from a particular.. how to avoid it while querying??18:23
BeginCSharpi mean for a particular userid18:25
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topsubBeginCSharp, not sure i understand what you are trying to do.18:27
BeginCSharpi mean when i directly query the database for a user.. it will show other groups as well.. 18:28
BeginCSharptopsub: Webgui might internally used it i guess.. but how to avoid it whiel querying18:28
BeginCSharpi am trying to get list of groupname and groupid for a user.18:29
topsubwhats your sql query18:29
perlDreamerWebGUI::User->new($session, $userId)->getGroups();18:30
perlDreameruse the API, Luke18:30
topsubperlDreamer, sounds like he is doing a direct query18:30
topsubya use the API if you can18:30
topsubHe might be doing a sql report18:31
BeginCSharpyaa. direct query .. but if getGroups() works.. that would be fine too.18:31
perlDreamerIt works, it's tested nightly and if the database changes your code won't break.18:35
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BeginCSharpperlDreamer: it will return arrayref of groupid.. how about groupname?18:38
perlDreamerBeginCSharp, all this is explained in the docs for WebGUI::User and WebGUI::Group18:39
perlDreamerperldoc WebGUI/Group.pm18:39
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BeginCSharpperlDreamer: that works! but its also returning other group which i didn't created.18:44
perlDreamerThat's certainly possible.18:44
topsubAre they the built in / default ones of webgui?18:44
perlDreamerWebGUI does automatically create groups in certain cases for users.18:44
BeginCSharphow to list user created only then?18:45
perlDreamerWhat's the name of the unfamiliar group?18:45
BeginCSharpweird .. its like id.. 22 length char.18:46
perlDreamerYeah, that's automatically created.18:46
BeginCSharpand their groupname is also like that18:46
perlDreamerIf you read through the Group API, you'll see there is a show in forms property.  You can usually use that to filter out automatically created groups.18:46
BeginCSharplet me see it.. 18:47
perlDreamerInstead of chaining the group new, name, create the object, query it for show in forms, and then skip adding that name to your loop if it returns false.18:48
BeginCSharpits sub showInForms ?18:48
BeginCSharpperlDreamer: i used this http://webgui.pastebin.com/d1138e74e .. still same result.18:56
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perlDreamerBeginCSharp, I need more code than that to see what's going on19:00
BeginCSharpperlDreamer: http://webgui.pastebin.com/d2b3da0d219:01
perlDreamerBeginCSharp: Please try this instead: http://webgui.pastebin.com/m1d8bef1f19:05
BeginCSharpit looks similar19:07
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-!- |JamA| [n=eink@AMontsouris-157-1-93-246.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #webgui19:14
BeginCSharpperlDreamer: it looks like its returning nothing..i mean no value is stored in $output.19:15
BeginCSharplooks like $group->showInForms() is always returning false.19:16
perlDreamerthere was a typo in the code that I sent, please look at this one instead: http://webgui.pastebin.com/m45ff07db19:19
BeginCSharpyou mean $group->name()?19:19
BeginCSharpi already fixed that.. but still not luck..19:20
perlDreamerwell, unlike the first code that I sent you, I actually tested this one, and it works okay.19:21
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BeginCSharpoops.. really19:21
BeginCSharphold on i'll debug it in another way.19:21
@tavistoHaarg, in 7.5.16 it says that it fixed: Transactions lost in 7.5.11. Does that mean it fixed the bug that caused the loss? Or did it restore the transactions that were lost?19:32
@Haargfixed the bug that caused the loss19:32
@tavistok thanks19:32
BeginCSharpperlDreamer: i did a workaround for the time being .. in a stupid way .. http://webgui.pastebin.com/d7827eb9c19:41
perlDreamerThis is the output from my test script: 1 -- Visitors7 -- Everyone19:42
-!- eink [n=eink@AMontsouris-157-1-128-67.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #webgui19:43
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BeginCSharp(weird) :(19:43
-!- tabb [n=tabitha@] has joined #WebGUI19:52
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perlDreamerBeginCSharp: do you know the groupId of the strange 22-char group?20:04
BeginCSharpperlDreamer:i can get those from same loop .. using $groupId and $group->name()..20:09
perlDreamerIn mysql, try doing this, select * from groups where groupId=22-charId;20:13
perlDreamerand paste the output for one of them for me20:13
topsubwhen using a selectBox field type. I am able to seperate my options by "\n" correct? Looking at list.pm thats what it seems like but i am seeing different results20:16
topsubfound my problem20:17
topsubhad single quotes instead of double20:17
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6939 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 20:21
CIA-6WebGUI: ITransact payment driver was using echo i18n calls even though20:21
CIA-6WebGUI: it had real i18n data to pull from.20:21
@preactionif I wanted to add additional data to a new Shop transaction, how would I go about it?20:34
@preactionsay, a Date the purchaser wants the items delivered on?20:34
@preactionwould I want to add the collateral data to the Cart or to the Transaction?20:34
@preactioni think Cart, because Transaction is all handled by the Pay stuff20:34
@tavistogreat question preaction20:36
@preactioni mean, i don't see any method to do this presently, but if I were to add one...?20:36
@tavistoor for instance I've already gotten the question of.... "can I add a 'how did you find me' drop down box to the shopping cart"20:36
@tavistoer actually sorry I'm multi-tasking and distracted.. I mean the checkout process20:37
@tavistoby the way.. where the crap did "user list" asset come from? Maybe I've been living in a cave with wG 7.4 but I've never seen that before20:38
@preactioni think unitedknowledge came up with that one20:38
perlDreamerI don't like the code20:39
perlDreamerI don't know why it's there.20:39
@tavistowell I tried to deploy it and got a the "problem with server" error immediately using the default settings.. So I'm done playing with that for now20:40
@preactionyeah, i had to remove it from a server i monitor, it was killing the whole thing :(20:41
perlDreamerPlease post it as a bug.20:41
@tavistoum.. of course I will once I have time to go through it.. telling you I got an error with no info isn't going to be real helpful20:41
perlDreamerSure.  UK is supposed to be supporting it, and they don't hang out here very much.20:42
perlDreamertavisto: re your title/buttons bug.  What's better than "ITransact"?20:48
@preactionit used to be you could make it say "Credit" from what I remember20:48
perlDreamerThere could be multiple payment gateways20:48
perlDreamerthat accept credit cards20:48
perlDreamerhow about ITransact Credit Card Gateway?20:49
@preactionthat's why he wants user-configurability20:49
@preactionbut for now i suppose Credit Card (ITransact) might work20:49
@preactionput the important bit first20:49
perlDreamerI think that is user configurable.20:49
topsubdoes anyone know when 7.5 will be come stable. i saw in the change log they made an upgrade path it looked like from 7.4.4020:51
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6940 /translations/Spanish/ (13 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server20:51
perlDreamerGo Team Columbia!20:51
@tavistoperlDreamer, it needs to say "Credit Card"20:51
@tavistono one cares about Itransact20:51
perlDreamertavisto, what if someone adds another credit card gateway?20:51
@tavistoI'm confused20:52
@tavistois this hardcoded?20:52
perlDreamerI'm checking.20:52
@tavistoI thought by updating the labels in the payment methods screen20:52
@tavistoit controls what text shows up in those buttons20:52
@tavistoIf someone adds another credit card gateway then they'd be proficient enough to name it something differently20:53
-!- eink [n=eink@AMontsouris-157-1-128-67.w90-46.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #webgui20:55
@tavistowell that or they'd delete (or not use) the itransact gateway. I only see people adding things like Paypal, Google Checkout, etc.. to WebGUI. If they want to add a new merchant gateway then it's fine too. But there would only ever be 1 of those at a time. (For instance, why would someone do Itransact and then First Data? They wouldn't)20:55
perlDreamerThis is the way I see it.20:58
perlDreamerPB is a hoster20:58
perlDreamerThey'll have as many plugins as avaiable20:58
perlDreamerSo they'll all show up in the Shop Admin screen.20:59
perlDreamerBut in the checkout screen, only the configured ones will show up/20:59
@tavistoit's okay if the shop admin shows itransact b/c the admin will know what that is20:59
perlDreameryeah, hope so at least20:59
@tavistoI'm talking about what the user sees20:59
@tavistoand I'm wondering about this mysterious Label vs. the button generated20:59
ckotilthink i found a bug in the user defined meta data recursive edit function.21:02
ckotilim gonna do some testing to verify21:02
perlDreamertavisto, label only seems to be used to identify this configured driver in the Payment methods screen.21:03
BeginCSharpperlDreamer: back to same story.. select * from groups where groupId=22-charId .. charid???21:03
perlDreamerBeginCSharp: yes....?21:03
@tavistoson of ah!21:03
@preactionperlDreamer, is that the bug (that tavisto is talking about?)21:04
perlDreameryes and no21:04
@tavistoDoes anyone else think it's a good idea to present a new customer/visitor with a payment checkout screen that asks "Do you wish to use:  Cash or Itransact"21:04
@tavistoI think that's a terrible idea21:04
perlDreamerthere are more echo calls in the driver.21:04
perlDreamerthat's hiding some of the nice i18n21:04
@tavistopreaction, I wasn't sure if it was a bug. I figured the label would be used to build the checkout buttons21:04
@preactiontavisto, i think we're in agreement that "ITransact", and simply that, means absolutely nothing to the target user21:05
perlDreamerbut I think there's a different issue that tavisto is bringing up, and that's the user interface21:05
@tavistoyep, that's me.. always bugging you guys about the UI :)21:05
@preactiontavisto, i'd do it myself (bug them about it), if you didn't keep coming up with them first :p21:06
BeginCSharpperlDreamer: http://webgui.pastebin.com/d7208d0cb21:06
@tavistopreaction, you are in a race with lance bugstrong21:07
@tavistoI will let you be him.. (in IRC)21:07
@preactioner... i think i'll maintain my... masculine integrity thank you21:07
-!- KlausH [n=KlausH@p5B070EB9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["......."]21:07
perlDreamertavisto, let's take a step back to the issue at hand.21:08
perlDreamerYou think the button for ITransact should say Credit Card21:09
perlDreamerI can make it do that.21:09
@tavistothe audience is customers.21:09
perlDreamerI changed the driver name to be Credit Card (Itransact)21:11
perlDreamerbutton name will be Credit Card21:11
@preactionbut it's still hardcoded, no? or even i18n? not user-configurable as they configure the Payment Gateway?21:12
perlDreamerthe label is only used in the manage screen21:12
perlDreamerthe button will be i18n'ed21:12
perlDreamerI also udpated the hover help to talk about the label.21:12
perlDreamerIf that doesn't make everyone happy, I would suggest an RFE to add a new Payment driver property called Payment Button Label, that allows the International macro to be evaluated inside it.21:13
@preactionOT: does anybody even use old versions of RSS? everyone uses RSS 2.0 now, right?21:14
perlDreamertavisto, preaction: fixed21:17
perlDreamerBitte schoen, mein freund21:17
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-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui21:17
@tavistosweetness pD21:17
@tavistoWell I don't foresee new payment plugins immediately but I still think that if someone will almost always use one or the other. And the Paypal and other payment gateways may be used at the same time but they'll be labeled with Paypal and Google.  :)21:19
perlDreamerDon't both of those use credit cards, too?21:20
@tavistoso should be non issue21:20
@tavistoyeah they can21:20
@tavistobut it's still through Paypal or Google.21:20
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6941 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 3 dirs): 21:20
CIA-6WebGUI: Remove more echo calls from ITransact driver.21:20
CIA-6WebGUI: Add an i18n ITransact label to the ITransact i18n.21:20
CIA-6WebGUI: Add a PayDriver i18n label called Credit Card to be used by any credit card processing pay driver.21:20
CIA-6WebGUI: Change the ITransact getButton method to use that label.21:20
CIA-6WebGUI: Updated the PayDriver label hover help to say the label is only used in the Payment method screen21:20
perlDreamerYou do see the irony there, right? ;)21:20
CIA-6WebGUI: and not anywhere else.21:20
@tavistoI think the ability to set the button name would be best.. (in an rfe obviously)21:20
@tavistobut yes I know what you're saying :)21:21
@tavistothe only difference is 1 billion people know what paypal is21:21
@tavisto14 nerds in an IRC channel know what Itransact is21:21
topsubcredit card gateway?21:26
topsubnever heard of that one before if it is21:26
perlDreamer15 neds21:26
@tavistowell topsub actually counts as 2 nerds so 1621:32
@tavistoI'm only .5 nerd but I'm working on it21:32
topsubeven more now since i made my own product asset! woot! with custom variants21:32
topsub<-- is proud21:33
@tavistothat's sweet dude.. why are building custom product assets?21:33
topsubsince the EMS doesn't act like we want it to21:33
topsubso created my own "product" to sale webinars21:33
topsuband thanks to perlDreamer i have a custom tab to put my new fields in!21:35
@tavistowell that sounds very cool21:37
topsubmaybe webgui can use my custom asset to sale webinars.. lol21:37
@tavistomaybe, tis the beauty of open source.21:38
@tavistoPlus if you make cool stuff you could always make them available to the community or sell em in the marketplace21:38
dionakgood one tavis21:39
@tavistoI would like to see someone take the task of mass converting tons of open source CSS/HTML templates21:42
topsubI will.. done in 2 hours21:52
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topsubdoes the search asset search the variant information that packed as JSON object in the database? In my test it isn't so i wanted to confirm22:18
@preactiontopsub, it searches anything given to it via the indexContent method of WebGUI::Asset. you could override and add your own information if you desire22:21
topsubi created my new asset and added a search asset. Then i told the search asset to search my new asset. So i tired to search for one of my variants and it didn't seem to saerch the JSON column were the variants are stored22:23
topsubI did a search for a price "100" and it didn't return anything22:23
topsubbut i added a variant price of "100"22:24
-!- ascii [n=ascii@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]22:24
-!- ascii [n=ascii@] has joined #webgui22:24
@preactionprice is probably not indexed22:26
@preactionbut since you have a custom asset, you can index whatever you want22:26
topsubAnd like you said i will need to overwrite the indexContent in WebGUI::Asset to enable webgui::search to search the price?22:27
topsubIs that what i am understanding?22:27
@preactionoverride, like you did with getEditTabs22:28
@preactionlike, sub indexContent { my $self = shift; my $output = $self->SUPER::indexContent(); $output .= "add some more stuff"; return $output; } 22:28
@preactioni'm not sure if that's exactly how you do it22:28
@preactionlook at WebGUI::Asset::File for an example probably22:29
topsubhmm i am not sure what to include in indexContent. The columns of the tables i want it to search?22:30
@preactionno, the actual content you want to index22:31
@preactionso if you want a number, "100" indexed, you'd include that22:31
@preactionthen a search for "100" would include that result22:32
topsuboh, so i need to put all the variables of the information i want it to index22:32
topsubso the price is in the variable $pice so i need to pass that to the indexContent22:32
topsubi see how file is doing it so i think i get it22:33
@preactionactually it might be even more different: The $indexer thing is a WebGUI::Search::Index object22:33
@preactionso it might be something like $indexer->addContent( "the content you want to index" );22:33
@preactionlooks like the method is called addKeywords22:34
topsubso possible something like ..22:36
topsubhere is the whole function if you want to see how i am using it22:36
@preactionthat depends on what getAllCollateral will do. you can really only send text to addKeywords, so no hashes, no array references22:36
@preactionyou don't want to index the collateral keys, just the collateral data values22:37
@preactionyou don't want a search for "price" to come up with every product in your database22:37
@preactionyou want it to come up with no products at all (preferably)22:37
topsubalright so i will do a loop to just grab the values of the variants22:37
@preactionunless that's some feature of the individual product22:37
topsubthen send that to the indexr22:38
@preactionan array of values would work, yes22:38
@preactionafter you update that code, you'll need to re-run the indexer. see WebGUI/sbin/search.pl for details on that22:38
topsubah so pass array of values22:38
topsubalright i will do a loop and try that22:38
topsubthanks alot preaction!22:38
@preactionan array will be joined into a space-separated text field automagically22:39
topsubbut it seems this really limits people being able to search your products you are saling22:39
@preactionso you could do addKeywords( values %{ $self->getAllCollateral } );22:40
@preactionerm... looks like getAllCollateral returns an arrayref, not a hashref22:40
@preactionso you'd need to do a map or something22:41
topsubi crated an array and pushed the variants i want into that array and will send that to the addKeywords. 22:48
topsubYou did say it could handle arrays right?22:49
@preactionuse the source, luke22:49
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6942 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (8 files): Update from translation server23:24
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6943 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (Asset_FlatDiscount.pm Invite.pm): Update from translation server23:52
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--- Day changed Sat Jul 12 2008
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@tavistoanyone know if there was any plans to incorporate an authorize.net payment plugin into the new e-commerce?00:45
@tavistoI thought I heard something awhile back about it.. but maybe it was just paypal00:45
perlDreamerIt was RFE'ed00:46
@tavistoah okay.. maybe that's why00:46
@tavistohow hard are payment plugins to develop?00:46
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6944 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (14 files): Update from translation server00:48
perlDreamerI don't know.  Never written one00:57
perlDreamerOnly debugged them :)00:57
-!- miloidrr [n=Camilo@] has joined #webgui00:59
miloidrrHi, I have a question about the beta version of webgui 7.5.1500:59
miloidrrI can't see the commit option01:00
miloidrrWhen i add a new asset the system don't show the commit01:00
miloidrrWhy this happen?01:00
perlDreamerBe default, WebGUI autocommits all assets for you.01:02
perlDreamerThis is new to 7.501:02
perlDreamerIf you want manual commit back, you can reset the options in the Admin Console, Setting.01:02
miloidrrHa oK01:04
-!- miloidrr [n=Camilo@] has left #webgui []01:05
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@tabbHey -- maybe someone in here will know this!  When you upload an image for a product, it creates a thumbnail version of that image as well.   Anyone know what the size restrictions are on those thumbnails, or where I can find that information?01:46
perlDreamertabb, I think that's in the Settings01:46
@tabbAhh so it can be changed.01:47
@tabbI see it now.01:47
perlDreamerI think so01:47
@tabbThank you!01:47
perlDreamerYou're welcome01:47
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+perlDreamerand Spanish translation team breaks 40% on translating WebGUI!02:33
+perlDreamerThe Dutch team could not be reached for comment, but at over 96% translated, and showing weekly improvements, should not be worried.02:34
+perlDreamerThe long absent Arabic and German teams also made no comment.02:35
@tabbDo you guys think this bug could be caused by a variable name conflict of some sort?  http://www.plainblack.com/bugs/tracker/gallery-description-text-appearing-in-album02:53
-!- vayde [n=vayde@63-226-150-67.mpls.qwest.net] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]02:59
+perlDreamertabb, if it is browser dependent, then it's not being caused by WebGUI or template variables.03:01
+perlDreamertime to go home03:01
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CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6945 /WebGUI/etc/WebGUI.conf.original: 03:49
CIA-6WebGUI: Tidy up default configuration file to enhance readability,03:49
CIA-6WebGUI: having consistent indentation and (re-)ordered lists.03:49
CIA-6WebGUI: chrisn * r6946 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm: Alphebetize the widget methods.06:22
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-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui06:28
perlDreamerAre any devs online?06:29
perlDreamerpreaction, apeiron, Haarg?06:30
@apeironWhat's up?06:30
perlDreamerSquOnk just committed some cosmetic changes to the Webgui.conf.orig, and I think there's a bug in one of them.06:30
perlDreamerHe alphabetized all the lists06:30
perlDreamerand I think content handlers, and maybe others, have to be in a certain order06:31
@preactioncontent handlers yes06:33
perlDreamerthat's what I thought.06:35
perlDreamerI'll revert it06:35
@preactionassets, workflow activities, don't need to be in order06:37
@preactionURL handlers i'm pretty sure need to be in order, they just have a prerequisite of "you must pass this regex to proceed"06:37
@preactionso you could have a ".*" regex first, but have it determine whether or not to handle based on a form element. maybe06:38
@preactioni should check that out though06:38
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perlDreamerman, there's bad JSON commas in here too06:44
perlDreamerI never realized how nice Perl's dangling comma rule was06:45
perlDreamersorry guys, just my normal friday evening panic06:46
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6947 /WebGUI/etc/WebGUI.conf.original: 06:48
CIA-6WebGUI: In WebGUI.conf.orig, remove dangling commas, which are illegal in JSON.06:48
CIA-6WebGUI: Restore the order of the Content handlers, which are searched in the order listed.06:48
@preactionyeah, that dangling JS comma thing has screwed me over more times than i can count07:03
perlDreamermaybe we could get the javascript people to change their syntax? ;)07:04
@apeironUse a different config file format! </devils_advocate>07:19
perlDreamerwhat do you like, apeiron?07:19
@apeironI would probably opt for Config::General.07:19
perlDreamerI could handle that07:19
perlDreamerI thought you were going to say YAML07:19
perlDreamerthen I'd have to nuke you07:19
@apeironEither that or an INI format.07:20
@apeironKISS is paramount for config files.07:20
perlDreamerOkay, I added a test to monitor the WebGUI.conf.original file.07:28
perlDreamerIt also attempts to do better feedback than JSON does.07:28
perlDreamerI mean, it gives you a flippin' character offset.  How easy is that to deal with?07:30
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6948 /WebGUI/ (etc/WebGUI.conf.original t/WebGUI_conf.t): 07:37
CIA-6WebGUI: Fix more JSON errors in WebGUI.conf.original07:37
CIA-6WebGUI: Add a test to make sure that it is valid JSON.07:37
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einkis anybody here ?13:27
einkup ?14:09
-!- Radix_ [n=Radix@] has quit ["Windows doesn't have users, it has hostages."]14:25
* eink is waiting14:36
* eink hates time zones14:42
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@preactioneink, you could post your question / comment to one of the webgui forums. that would negate the need to wait until someone in the US or NL are available19:36
@preactionthere's also an AU user19:36
@preactionperlbot .co19:36
perlbot.co is Colombia19:36
@preactionalso .co19:36
@preactionalso looks like .de19:37
einkI've posted here http://www.plainblack.com/plain_black_support19:38
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6949 /WebGUI/ (t/Shop/Pay.t lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/PayDriver_ITransact.pm): 19:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Update the test to match the new i18n label.19:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Remove the trailing period from the ITransact i18n label.19:38
einkshould I also have posted on the public forum ?19:39
@preactionah, yes. plainblack support is 9-5 M-F US/Central. 19:39
@preactionyou Could have posted on the public forum and maybe gotten an answer today or tomorrow, but it's like any other free help: your milage may vary19:39
einkDo I duplicate the question, or do I wait your (or any other) to see it ? (it's the migration problem)19:42
@preactioneink, you have the answer already, you need to upgrade before you can migrate. you can't migrate a site from 7.3.x to 7.4.x without running the upgrade script19:43
@preactionso the reply you made where it worked, that's what you supposed to do19:43
@preactionand that's most likely what they'll say come Monday morning19:43
einkyes but it didn't work19:44
einkdo I need upgrade and then export only the MySQL table, or is there something else to do ?19:46
@preactionyou can either move the mysql database and uploads folder and then upgrade, or upgrade first then move them20:00
@preactionyou just need to make sure you have all the upgrade scripts from 7.3.16 - 7.4.40. located in docs/upgrades20:00
@preactioni think you might need to upgrade to the highest 7.3 version before you upgrade to 7.420:00
@preactionthe support board will help you more though, since i need to get going20:01
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-!- Khaytsus_ is now known as Khaytsus20:37
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r6950 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: Gallery: Description Text appearing in Album20:41
einkI've just uploaded two databases, and the two sites seems to work now20:53
einkI've to do the same for the others20:53
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r6951 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 3 dirs): fixed: Deleting Ticket from Event Management System Asset22:09
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r6952 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Thingy.pm): fixed: Thingy Search Broken23:40
--- Day changed Sun Jul 13 2008
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CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6953 /WebGUI/ (9 files in 8 dirs): move product import to shelf01:11
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6954 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Sku/Product.t: Remove the getImportProductNode tests since it doesn't exist anymore.01:11
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6955 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Macro/PageUrl.pm t/Macro/PageUrl.t): 05:08
CIA-6WebGUI: Fix a typo in the PageUrl POD.05:08
CIA-6WebGUI: Add tests for the new query argument to the PageUrl macro.05:08
topsubgot a question, when i have a custom asset ( sub class of product ) does indexContent get called automatically?05:27
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6956 /WebGUI/t/Shop/Products.t: Make Shop/Products.t fail gracefully05:38
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beginwebguihow to set and reset the showInForms in 'groups' table??21:23
beginwebguii didn't any option for that in Group Edit page...21:23
beginwebguii didn't see any option for that in Group Edit page...21:23
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6957 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Asset.t: remove getProductImportNode test from Asset.t21:32
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beginwebguihow to set and reset the showInForms in 'groups' table??21:43
beginwebguii didn't see any option for that in Group Edit page...21:43
perlDreamerIt's not property that is available to admins or users.  It's only in the API.21:44
beginwebguibut .. i found that its has been changed21:44
perlDreamerthen it was done in code someplace21:44
beginwebguithe group i created has value 0 for showInForms21:44
beginwebguiand for admin, everyone too21:45
perlDreamerand everyone can see it?21:45
beginwebguino.. even admin cannot see the group it belongs too.. 21:46
beginwebguiso to revert.. i must update through database..?21:46
perlDreameryes, or the API21:46
beginwebguioops.. now i remember.. 21:47
beginwebguii had used showInForms() sub to check whether a group is showable... but i when i wrote at i mistakenly pass parameter in that sub.. which will reset the value of showInForm.. 21:49
perlDreamerYup,  It will do that.21:49
beginwebguii only did that for that first time.. 21:49
perlDreamerAlmost all WebGUI accessors are also mutators.21:49
beginwebgui(funny) :)21:49
beginwebguiperlDreamer: moreover, i was insisting that nothing is shown using your code to check for it .. (it was 2 days ago with anem BeginCSharp .. if you remember)21:51
perlDreameryes, I remember that discussion21:51
perlDreamerso, with the groups restored, does it work correctly now?21:51
beginwebguii have to do it . 21:51
beginwebguiyou said it works for you.. and when i used .. it didn't .. even with the correct version of code. 21:52
beginwebgui(my bad)21:52
perlDreamerwell, if you need a list of the defaults that WebGUI ships with for groups, let me know.21:53
beginwebguisure.. i know its just for four groups.. i can remember it.. 21:55
beginwebguithnks a lot21:58
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6958 /WebGUI/t/Asset/Wobject/GalleryAlbum/view.t: comment the GalleryAlbum view tests, and fix a test that was failing due to a bug fix22:17
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perlDreamertavisto, ya big iphone addicted stud!07:16
perlDreamerDo you think Flash is a little too over the top for my presentation?07:17
@tavistoyeah the 2.0 roxxorz07:19
@tavistonope, I think you should be as cool as you wanna be07:19
@tavistoI rented a chicken suit for my "WebGUI Resources for Newbies" presentation07:20
perlDreamerSweet.  You can practice while we're at OSCON07:20
@tavistoactually... practice will be taken care of this week. I'm on a plane to maddy tomorrow til Fri07:24
@tavistoOSCON should be neat for us... I think we're going to get slammed.. considering we have the best 10x10 property on the show floor07:25
@tavistowe're between the food and Sun's super cool lounge area07:25
perlDreamerGood spot07:26
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perlDreamertavisto: you need a costume like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/x180/31863830/07:37
@tavistoperlDreamer, we got one like that... why do you think we invited you to hang out at the booth?07:38
@tavistooh btw.. drink lots of water before you meet up with us07:39
@tavistothat suit gets pretty warm07:39
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by tavisto07:39
+perlDreamerDon't worry, I'll take good care of you while you're in it.07:39
@tavistouh huh...07:40
@tavistofine.. you talk to people about WebGUI for 12 hours straight.. I'll take the easy job07:40
@tavisto"WebGUI is an open source content management system designed in Perl..."07:40
@tavistox 100007:40
+perlDreamerWell, okay.  How about this?  You wear the chicken suit with the BSD demon headset, and I'll hack perl.07:41
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@tavistoperlDreamer, we'll make JT do that08:03
@tavistoor attempt to anyway08:03
@tavistobtw.. did you look at that crazy email bug I posted a few days ago? (International, <everything>) on the confirmation email from purchasing something from e-commerce08:04
+perlDreamerStill trying to figure that out08:06
+perlDreamerI'm wondering if you have the International macro configured on that site08:06
+perlDreamerDo you know the easy way of checking?08:06
@tavistoum.. that's the PB beta server (for amla)08:06
@tavistoso maybe that's all that needs to be done you think?08:07
+perlDreamerLog in as Admin08:07
+perlDreamerGo to Help08:07
+perlDreamerChoose List of Configured Macros08:07
+perlDreamerand it will tell you if the International macro is configured or not08:07
+perlDreamerIs anyone else working on Shop anymore?08:08
@tavistointernational is showing "Yes"08:10
+perlDreamerIt will take some more digging08:10
+perlDreamerAll macros are supposed to be processed before sending08:11
+perlDreamerso it's a bug08:11
@tavistoI haven't heard much in re: to the shop lately so not sure08:11
+perlDreamerI'm not going to have much time for WebGUI hacking in the near future.08:11
+perlDreamerAt work we got told to start working evenings and weekends to try to pull in a schedule08:11
+perlDreamerI put in 5 hours today, and 4 yesterday08:11
+perlDreamerI'm heading to bed.08:16
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6959 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (7 files in 5 dirs): WebGUI_flux: graceful handling of undefined Modifier Operands, extra debugging, and various tweaks14:28
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6959 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (7 files in 5 dirs): WebGUI_flux: graceful handling of undefined Modifier Operands, extra debugging, and various tweaks15:18
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KlausHHello! For disabling an asset or macro in webgui.conf can I write the comment symbol # at the beginning of the line or have I to delete the line with the asset or macro?18:14
ktopsubthe # should work18:24
@preactionas long as it's still valid JSON, which means no final trailing commas18:24
KlausHThanks - the trailing comma....18:30
@Haargisn't the trailing comma allowed now?18:36
@preactionConfig::JSON and JSON.pm might allow it, but i still won't get into the habit of leaving it18:37
@preactionand iirc perldreamer was helping people with JSON problems in 7.5 due to trailing commas18:37
@Haargyeah, i still avoid using it18:37
@preactionbut maybe we're both just being paranoid18:37
@Haargbut i think with recent revs of Config::JSON it's allowed18:37
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@tavistohmm... in 7.5 the "skip commit comments" option doesn't change anything as far as I can tell19:07
@tavistoregardless of which way I select it (yes/no) I still go to a screen with a comments field, and start/end date options.  Am I missing something here?19:08
@Haargit effects what happens with auto commit on19:09
@Haargi think it may be getting ignored with it off19:09
@preactionis that in the hover help? it only works with Automatically Commit Content19:09
@tavistoactually it is.. talks about with it being used in conjunction with skip commit comments19:11
@tavistoalthough, it doesn't say "only works with"19:12
@tavistoThat's fine though, it makes total sense to me now. :)19:13
@preactionwell yes, but you're the 4th person i've had to answer that question for :p19:15
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@tavistoah well then greater clarification is needed20:18
@tavistoalright peace out peeps.. see you in Madison20:18
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carograymay I ask some questions about the Collaboration System and Collaboration System RSS  templates?20:34
perlDreamerhave you looked at the online docs?20:35
@preactioncarogray, you can certainly ask questions, getting answers is only a bit less certain20:35
carograyWe are on 7.4.4020:35
carograyOk _ I am not a programmer so I ask very basic stuff.......We have a collaboration system for news. There is an RSS syndicated content on our front page to display the news. I would like to put into the template for the RSS the attachment_thumbnail for the various news items posted to the collaboration system. 20:37
carograyI copied the syndicated content template and renamed it NLS syndicated content then edited it so the list reads:20:39
carogray<tmpl_loop item_loop>20:39
carogray<tmpl_if link>20:39
carogray<tmpl_if attachment_thumbnail>20:39
carogray<tmpl_var attachment_thumbnail><a href="<tmpl_var link>"><tmpl_var title></a>20:39
carogray<tmpl_var attachment_thumbnail> <tmpl_var title>20:39
carogray<!-- Don't show beginnings of news -->20:39
carogray<!--<tmpl_if description>20:40
carogray- <tmpl_var description>20:40
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@preactioncarogray, don't paste into IRC channels20:41
@preactionhttp://webgui.pastebin.com <- paste into the form there, and then give us the URL it gives you20:41
carograydo I just type in?20:41
@preactionit shows up immediately on your screen, but on our screens it spreads out (so you don't get kicked off the IRC server for "flooding")20:41
@preactionbut i could say now that there's probably no way to get that information to the RSS feed in the collaboration system20:42
@preactioni mean, plain black got a request to add that20:43
carograyoh what about the attachment_thumbnail?20:43
@preactionthe RSS feed for the collab does some weird song-and-dance through another module, and that other module doesn't grab attachments or anything20:43
@preactionbut, if you or someone you know is going to the WUC this year, there will be an Advanced presentation on how to make an RSS feed from anything by making a custom template20:44
carograydo you see in the help when it lists variables for the RSS template, it lists attachment_thumbnail, is this for something else20:44
@preactionis it not working then?20:45
carograyI put the code I put into the template into the pastebin thing....20:45
carograyI get an error 20:46
@preactioncarogray, now look at the URL in your address bar, and paste that URL in here20:46
@preactionwhat's the error that you get?20:46
carograyI just pasted the error into the bottom of the pastebin where it allows you to amend...20:47
carograyoops sorry URL for pastbin?20:47
@preactionline 7 in your template </templ_if> should be </tmpl_if>, that's the error20:48
carograyis that a space between / and t? 20:49
@preactioncarogray, no. the "e" needs to come out, that's it20:49
carograyoh yes... sorry, a bit blind20:50
carograywell, only 1 bullet - the top 1/2 shows, in the RSS now. So I guess it just doesn't work. 20:52
carograyI wonder why there is an attachment_thumbnail variable to go with an RSS feed if ...perhaps it's just something incomplete that's in the works.20:53
@preactioncarogray, no, you  might have to use the attachmentLoop which is inside the item_loop20:53
carograythanks for your help20:53
@preactionattachment_thumbnail for the item is just the first attachment20:53
@preactionany other attachments are inside the attachmentLoop20:53
carogray...oh so I would loop ...ok  I will try it, do you think since there is the variable that it might be able to work if I try it?20:54
@preactioncarogray, dunno. the Collaboration RSS template help has the attachmentLoop in there if you're looking20:55
carograygetting lost... 21:01
carograythinking about what needs looping the attachments within the item...21:02
@preactionyes, so it would essentially go <tmpl_loop item_loop> <tmpl_loop attachmentLoop> ... </tmpl_loop> </tmpl_loop>21:03
-!- dionak [n=dionak@] has joined #webgui21:05
carograyoutsdie the list21:06
@preactionuh... if i understand what you mean, yes21:06
@preactionyou'd replace the "..." with the code to generate the <li> elements21:07
carograyok - done, but screwed up syntax again... will have another look21:11
carograyokey doke I have syntax, no errors, but nothing showing up either, wondering if I have written it so that only posts that have an attachment will show up in the list...but there 2 of 3 posts have attachments, so that mustn't be it...21:20
@preactionput your updated template in a pastebin and we can look at it21:21
perlDreamerperhaps carogray is afraid of "commit"-ment?21:21
perlDreamerRSS is always as user Visitor21:21
carograyneed to commit to show up?21:22
carograypasted into pastebin again21:22
perlDreamercarogray, yes21:23
carograycommitted. 21:24
perlDreamernow, clear the cache and try to reload the RSS21:24
carograyshould I look at it as a visitor and isn't there some delay with RSS feeds?21:24
carograyoop nothing shows up at all21:25
carograyit's test2.mlri.org21:25
carograythe what's new section21:25
carograythat is on the front page what's new 21:26
@preactioncarogray, yeah, you're only showing the links that have attachments21:26
@preactionit should be more like: <tmpl_loop item_loop><li><tmpl_loop attachmentLoop><tmpl_var attachment_thumbnail></tmpl_loop> <tmpl_var title> </li></tmpl_loop>21:27
carograyaah yes, that's what I had the first time... when I got confused about where the attachment loop should go, but ...if the code I have only shows links for items that have attachments, still those 2 links that have attachments should show up, no?21:29
@preactionit should, yes, but i don't know21:29
carograyhmmm, since we think there is a request for webgui to add attachment thumbnails to RSS but they haven't, just because attachment_thumbnail is a variable doesn't necessarily mean that it will work. I am going to try the other way, attachment loop within each li.21:31
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carograyall righty tried again, asking it to look at each item, if it has a link, run the attachment loop, if it has an attachment use the thumbnail for it and then usethe link, if there is no attachment, then only use the link, if there is no link run the attachment loop and if there is an attachment use the thumbnail for it and the title if there is no attachment then just put up the tiltle. I get 3 bullets and nothing else.21:57
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perlDreamerWhen was the presentation that talks about when what is done in WebGUI?  Like template processing vs macro processing?22:38
dionaki've seen a flow chart in one of the books with that. it was a bit confusing with many arrows...but that was the point of the diagram22:48
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perlDreamerthanks, dionak.23:29
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@bopbopperlDreamer: wasn't that one of Rizen's wuc talks last year?23:39
@bopbopthe diagram dionak is referring to is in the admin guide23:39
perlDreamerbopbop: I'll check my conference CD. I know he talked about Workflow.23:40
perlDreamerI think I have it figured out.  I thought all templates processed macros.  That's wrong.23:41
perlDreamerSo when Tavis shows up, please tell him that his email receipt bug is fixed.23:41
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--- Day changed Tue Jul 15 2008
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6959 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (7 files in 5 dirs): WebGUI_flux: graceful handling of undefined Modifier Operands, extra debugging, and various tweaks00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6960 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (Asset.pm Asset_Dashboard.pm George.pm Shop.pm): Update from translation server00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6961 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: DataForm noloop template variables have incorrect values00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6962 /translations/Spanish/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Update from translation server00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6963 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/Asset_DataForm.pm: Update from translation server00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6964 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Sku/Product.pm: document the overridden duplicate method in Sku/Product.pm00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6965 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: Make the user profile field property protected sticky. Even though it is not00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: set in the interface, the ProfileField package would reset it to 0 in its set00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: method if it was not passed in as a property.00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6966 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Shop/PayDriver.pm): 00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: Process macros in the templated email receipt and user notification from the00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: PayDriver in the Shop.00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6967 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/Asset_DataForm.pm: Update from translation server00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: tabitha * r6968 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/ (packages-7.5.17/default_product.wgpkg packages-7.5.17): Fixed issues with Shop templates to make cart more accessible, tweaked visual properties00:40
CIA-6WebGUI: tabitha * r6969 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.17/root_import_shelf-default.wgpkg: Added the updated Shelf template that displays the View Cart link00:40
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+perlmonkey2anyone have a favorite bug they'd like smashed in the buglist?02:45
Khaytsusperlmonkey2: You code on WG now?02:48
+perlmonkey2Khaytsus: I'm like a pirate.  I code wherever the wind takes me.02:50
KhaytsusThat doesn't answer my question.02:50
+perlmonkey2Khaytsus: Do you code on WG now?02:50
+perlmonkey2do you use WG?02:51
+perlmonkey2JT asked me to squash a few bugs in my spare time.02:52
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+perlmonkey2I now have some spare time.02:52
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CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6970 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/Asset_DataForm.pm: Update from translation server02:54
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6971 /WebGUI/docs/ (4 files in 2 dirs): fixed: DataForm captcha doesn't show up02:54
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6972 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/AssetBranch.pm): fixed: edit branch only changes meta data fields if another value is changed02:54
CIA-6WebGUI: translation * r6973 /translations/Spanish/Spanish/ (5 files): Update from translation server02:54
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dionakThe RSS bug is my fave bug03:08
dionakperlmonkey2: http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/rss-and-template-engine-error#AFk7eAV1mhITyygsJLl73g03:10
@preactioni fixed that, no?03:10
dionakoh, yea. sorry. just saw that03:11
@preactioni mean, i may have done so in the worst possible way (by removing any accidental features caused by not removing those things), but it is fixed03:11
@preactionbut we can add better handlers for new XML modules in RSS later (and we will)03:12
dionakwhat version was this released in? i'll give it a look.03:12
dionakmakes sense. i'm just hoping for no error message for now and we'll look into what is needed later. 03:12
@preactionit was a month ago, so it's in the latest beta release03:12
dionakgreat. thanks. :)03:12
dionakwhat is colin's nick?03:18
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patspamrizen: thanks for the feedback on the Wobject install/upgrade infrastructure03:47
@rizennp man...sorry it took so long03:48
patspamthat's cool, I've been spamming the list a bit lately03:48
@rizenit's not spam when it's useful03:49
@rizeni'm just disappointed more people haven't responded to you03:49
patspamheh yeah i was hoping for some replies to the flux stuff03:50
@rizenthe dev mailing list has virtually died as a result of the IRC channel03:50
@rizenplus in the summer less people participate because they're on vacation03:51
patspamah ok. very much winter over here..03:51
patspamI always rue the time difference for IRC because by the time I get going with my day and start having some interesting questions you guys are all asleep03:52
@rizenit kind of sucks for that with the dutch guys too03:53
@rizenby the time we start our day, they are heading to get beers03:53
patspamwhat do you think about using something like Module::Install as the basis for the Wobject install stuff, to make Wobject distros more CPAN-like?03:54
@rizenhaven't looked at it03:55
@rizenbut its name sounds promising03:55
patspamit's the module that drives the Makefile.PL thing03:56
patspammakes it easy for authors to list out which modules their distro depends on, define custom install actions etc..03:57
patspamthen users run "perl Makefile.PL", "make test", "make install" etc..03:57
patspam(or CPAN does it for you)03:57
@rizeni don't really like the sound of that03:58
@rizenfor one i'd like it to be more automated than that03:59
@rizenand i wouldn't want it at all tied to cpan03:59
patspamI don't think it's actually tied to cpan, it's just the standardized tool that cpan uses04:00
@rizeni guess i'd need to investigate it more04:00
patspamok no worries, just sounding it out04:00
patspambtw, do you think getting to the stage where the wreconsole is used to grab and install custom Wobjects is a worthwhile goal?04:02
patspamah actually you already said that in the email ;)04:06
@preactionwhat i was thinking that WebGUI itself had the AssetMixin and the sbin/installAsset.pl, while the WRE console knew what to do with a tarball, put files in the right place, etc...04:08
@preactionthough i suppose sbin/installAsset.pl could do it as well04:08
patspampreaction: yeah that would be good if it was in the WRE from the get-go04:24
patspami was thinking it should use a custom lib folder rather than sticking the files into the /data/WebGUI/lib tree04:25
patspamwill need to do something for the www/extras/wobject/ folder too04:27
@preactionthat's a bit trickier, but something like that would be useful to me too04:27
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patspamdid you guys see this? http://use.perl.org/articles/08/07/09/1434206.shtml05:08
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+perlmonkey2boo, it uses surveymonkey05:17
patspambut worth making our mod_perl usage heard05:18
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r6974 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixed: Gallery reverts to undeletable bare asset if created with default view "Single Album"05:35
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@tavistowhat's up party people06:25
perlDreameryour bug is fixed, my liege06:29
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@tavistoperlDreamer, yeah I saw it... you rock!06:49
perlDreamer'tis true06:49
@tavistoGraham and Vrby asked me about that earlier because Graham got copied on the AMLA error06:49
@tavistois that something that could easily be done to work on the beta right now? (if I asked JT if Graham or someone could do it?)06:50
perlDreamertell them that it is rev 696606:50
@tavistoalright I'll do that.. cuz AMLA is chewing on it's own arm waiting for commerce to be back up.. and that bug is quite an obstacle :)06:51
perlDreamerwell, if my design review goes well tomorrow, I may have some more free time for Shop bug fixing.06:52
@tavistohe just told me that there wont be a thursday bugfix release with us doing our pre-wuc thing06:53
perlDreamertell him his ear hair needs trimming and to put one out anyway06:54
@tavistocool man, well hopefully it goes well.. since if it doesn't it will probably be a headache for you06:54
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patspamperlmonkey2: how be the survey 2.0?06:55
patspami haven't checked it out for a month or so, about to build some stuff with it06:56
@tavisto*tavisto rubs his eyes*06:56
@tavistopat, I don't see pm206:56
patspamaw damn06:56
patspamaustralian timezone bites again06:57
+perlDreamerHe is usually on around 9:00am PDT06:58
patspami should just shift my working day by 12 hrs.. i could have the tour de france on while i worked that way too..06:58
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patspaminstead of staying up all night watching it and then being sleepy all day06:59
patspamah well, I guess I'll ask svn instead..07:00
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@tavistohehe yeah I always stay up too late as well07:13
@tavistobut then I dont get phone calls and etc... and working for PB lets me have a really flexible schedule07:13
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6975 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (3 files in 3 dirs): WebGUI_flux: Added SurveyCompleted Operand (with tests). Returns true/false depending on whether user has completed the given survey. Will probably need to be updated when Survey2 is done (tests in particular).14:45
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topsubWhen creating a custom form control is there a way i can do a pop up box and call a function within my form control?18:13
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CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r6976 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/UserList.pm: Trying to fix a problem with User List crashing due to old user profile fields belonging to Dashboard.19:29
dionakwhy is it so quiet? is there an event going on?19:40
dionakOSCON isn't till the 21st...19:40
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perlDreamerI think if my job messes up my email so that I can't receive email, that I should get to go home.21:24
perlDreamerAt least until they fix it21:24
+perlmonkey2just forward your work email to your own server.21:29
+perlmonkey2And tell every that if they really want to contact you, use IM :P21:29
topsubanyone here created there own form control yet? I am stuck on how getValue works in form controls.21:39
topsubI have my form control created, i just need to figure out how webgui processes the form control21:39
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perlDreamertopsub: have you figured out getValue yet?22:06
topsubperlDreamer, not yet Trying to see how its called, why its called. I assumed the form control would post the selected values. I am building a select list22:08
topsubthats my custom form control. its 2 select boxes side by side. This will allow you to select resources for an asset ( webinar )22:09
perlDreamerIf you're trying to build a select list, then why not sub-class an existing one as a base?22:10
perlDreameras to getValue, unless you need to do special processing, you don't have to have one.22:10
topsubi have 2 seelect list going22:14
perlDreamereach one has it's own unique name?22:14
topsubi want to pull my first one which is called "resource"22:14
topsubwhat i am getting is a list of users in the system and being able to select them and they will move to the "resource" select list22:15
topsubthen i want to save whats in the "resource" select list in the database22:15
topsubguess i need to tell my form control to just save the contents of the first select box22:16
topsubsorry select list22:16
perlDreamerI think that WebGUI::Form::List::getValue will be helpful to you.22:17
topsubah, i will look into that22:21
topsubWhen the form post i want to get the value (s) from the 'resource' select list and save that. But i wasn't sure how webgui got the values and such.22:21
perlDreamerIt just needs a name22:21
perlDreamerIn fact, you might be able to subclass SelectList entirely and just override to toHtml method to add your extra code and JS.22:22
topsubhmm really..22:23
topsubsounds alot easier then what i am doing22:25
topsubwould that make it so i dont' have to write something to save my values? and reselect my values into the select list?22:27
perlDreamerit would mean that you might only have to write one method in a package instead of all of them.22:28
perlDreamerbut that's based on a bunch of assumptions22:28
perlDreamer1) there's no more magic than what you just described.22:29
topsubWhat i have now.. http://webgui.pastebin.com/m54dfb1a822:33
topsubSeems i just need to tell webgui to pull from the select list with the id "hopper"22:33
topsubarg sry "resource"22:34
perlDreamerwell, maybe22:34
perlDreamerYou may have seen in getValue that the name of the Form is not hardcoded, it's looked up in the Form object's properties?22:34
perlDreamerso, if you use the Form's object's name when you create the form...22:35
perlDreamerif you do it that way, then you could put as many of them as you want into a page22:54
topsubsorry still looking into this.. so i need to setup a definiton and toHtml in my form control22:57
topsubthen in my definition say use this select list as my list to process to the database?22:58
topsubsomething like that?22:58
perlDreamerI think you only need a definition if you're extending or overriding the parent23:01
perlDreamergetDatabaseFieldType is used by some code that automatically generate field forms (Thingy, user profile, etc.)23:02
perlDreameras long as you can inherit from the parent, you're fine.23:02
perlDreamertopsub: are you coming to the WUC?23:02
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apeiron_tavis is talking about you folks.23:58
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perlDreamerwho, us?23:59
perlDreamerwhat did we do?23:59
@apeironBe here.23:59
perlDreamerIs that good?