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CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6545 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Search/Index.pm Shop/Transaction.pm Asset/Sku.pm): some minor enhancements00:19
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Samus_Aranthanks all, be back later01:07
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perlDreameris pb.com down?18:42
perlDreamerI can't get to webgui.org, or talk to the svn server18:43
perlDreamerwhen JT says feature freeze, he _means_ feature freeze!18:51
perlDreamerNo new code will be committed!18:51
perlDreamertime to hack the laptop.  A friend of my son jumped on it, and now the LCD bezel isn't rotating smoothly.18:52
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+Radix_webgui.org dead?23:10
+MrHairgreaseseems so23:10
+Radix_hey martin23:10
+MrHairgreasehey jesse23:11
+MrHairgreasehow are you23:11
+Radix_I'm good.. about to head off to bed actually :)23:12
+Radix_4am here23:12
+MrHairgreasewhere are you then?23:12
+MrHairgreasei see23:12
+MrHairgreaseyou've been partying?23:13
+Radix_drank too much coke at the party tonight, so it kept me awake23:13
+MrHairgreasei see it's time you came to the Netherlands again23:13
+Radix_I don't drink tea or coffee at all.. and dont drink soft drink really except at parties23:13
+MrHairgreaselot's of coffee here23:13
+MrHairgreaseand beer at parties23:13
+Radix_so when I drink coca cola the caffeine hits me and i'm generally awake until late ;)23:14
+MrHairgreaseI almost never drink coke23:14
+MrHairgreasesometime I'll buy a can or so23:14
+MrHairgreasebut then again, i don't have any problems sleeping23:14
+MrHairgreaseanyway, good night23:15
+MrHairgreaseand say hello to the dutch guy with the weird name foe me23:15
+Radix_He's back in holland now actually23:15
+Radix_left the company just before christmas23:16
+MrHairgreasewhat was his name again?23:17
+MrHairgreasei forgot23:17
+MrHairgreaseoh yeah23:17
+Radix_anyhow.. i really should head off to bed.. nite ;)23:19
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@perlmonkey2is there a specific place I need to put the templates used in the new survey, or should they just go in the sql upgrade?  And where do I put the logic for upgrading old surveys to the new version? 01:33
+MrHairgreaseput the templates in a packe01:34
+MrHairgreaseand put that in docs/upgrades/packages-76.5.1101:34
+MrHairgreasethe logic goes into the upgrade-7.5.10-7.5.11 file in docs/upgrades01:35
@perlmonkey2the packages look like binaries?01:37
@preactionthey are binaries01:37
@preactionthey're tarred01:37
@preactionuse the webgui interface to make the packages01:38
@preactionthey're JSON hashes, which are tarred (and maybe gzipped)01:38
@perlmonkey2the db schema I put into the beta will be unchangeable until the next beta, right?01:39
@preactionsee lib/WebGUI/AssetPackage for more info. and for a future addition you might want to override the importAssetData and exportAssetData routines to add collateral data01:39
@preactiondb schema is not an API, so you can change it, add to it, whatever01:39
@preaction(rather, it's not covered by the API freeze, but it is kinda an api)01:39
@apeironpreaction, I would argue that the API hides the DB.01:39
@apeironIdeally, there shouldn't be any SQL in anything but a few modules.01:40
@preactioneh. my opinion is there are four APIs, the module API, the DB, the URL, and the templates01:40
@apeironbleh. That promotes SQL to the status of 'programming language'.01:40
@preactionthe idea is that anything you can't specifically prevent, you have to plan for01:41
* apeiron kicks it to the curb01:41
@preactionno. it just means that changing the data in the database is possible outside of the module API01:41
@preactionit's just not a good idea01:41
@perlmonkey2so as long as the publicly (www_) avaialable methods don't change input and returns, anything goes?01:43
@preactionno. all the module API has to remain backwards-compatible01:43
@preactionso getSurveyQuestion or whatever you have going for those01:43
@preactionwww_ methods don't usually get called with arguments, but if they have them, they're covered too01:44
@perlmonkey2GET and POST don't count as part of the API/01:45
+MrHairgreasewell, technically assets are not covered by the API freeze01:45
+MrHairgreasesince their only plugins01:45
@preactionah, that too01:45
+MrHairgreaseonly Asset.pm and Wobject.pm are01:45
@preactionyou don't really have to worry, assets aren't under freeze01:46
+MrHairgreasesince they provide the framework for most assets01:46
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@perlmonkey2oh man, so as sucky as it is that I don't have the survey absolutely perfect, it isn't the end of the world and I'll still have a bit of time to wrap it up.02:04
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metanilis there any AJAX library available in webgui?02:19
@preactionYUI connection02:20
metanilis webgui.org is working for you guys.. both plainblack and webgui.org is not working .. (at least from my machine)02:22
@preactiondid you read the message?02:23
metanili have to wait then. :(02:24
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@preactionif you don't see a message than your DNS is old. we're having data center problems02:24
metaniloh! 02:25
@preactionwell, plainblack.com shows the message. webgui.org is pointing to a dead IP, and I don't want to go through and change everything on our nameserver to point to the message02:26
+MrAfkGreasegood luck with the colo trouble02:34
+MrAfkGreaseI'm heading off02:34
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metanilpreaction: is that the yahoo user interface?03:57
@preactionmetanil, yes.04:13
metanili can see its providing its own object like menu, btton, autocomplete04:15
metanil(i know this question doesn't belongs to here).. is there anyway to do simple AJAX request/receive using YUI (if there's any)04:16
@preactionyes, YUI Connection, exactly where i told you it was. look at the YUI documentation, look for the Connection module04:18
@perlmonkey2metanil: YUI offers several ways to do ajax, all of them simple and wrapped in a nice event handler.04:26
metanilthanks preaction... awesome.. this is what i need http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/examples/connection/get.html04:27
metanilat least to start with04:27
metanilthanks again04:27
metanilperlmonkey2: Indeed indeed.. i am looking at it.. too easy... woot!!!04:29
@perlmonkey2if there is a web interface to create packages, I haven't been able to find it.04:31
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@perlmonkey2Hmm, why wouldn't I put the templates in the upgrades/templates folder?  Is it the normal way to add a new package?04:38
metanili created an asset, now i want that asset to include some javascript, ( i can do it manually going through template page).. but i want to do it in general way04:55
metaniloops.. let me backup that question.04:58
metanil( i shouldn't be asking that question) :D04:59
Radix__Anyone know if the plainblack.com/webgui.org datacenter fire is related to ThePlanet datacenter explosion?05:11
SDuensinData center fire?!05:19
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perlDreamerany further updates about the data center yet?06:19
@apeironperlDreamer, http://forums.theplanet.com/index.php?showtopic=90185&st=006:25
@apeironperlDreamer, Note, it's been Slashdotted, so may be slow.06:25
perlDreameryeah, it's slow06:25
perlDreamerIf there's anything I can do to help you guys, please let me know06:26
@apeironperlDreamer, Not that I can think of, unfortunately. Nothing PB can do either.06:27
perlDreamerI'll pray.06:36
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perlDreamerand I'll write tests06:46
perlDreamerI do that when I'm nervous06:46
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-!- apeiron changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.4.35-stable / 7.5.10-beta | WRE 0.8.3 ] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com/ | Find JT and PB at YAPC::NA, buy tickets now! http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2008 | Datacenter status: http://forums.theplanet.com/index.php?showtopic=90185&st=20 Be patient, it's been Slashdotted.07:05
perlDreamerokay, I need some WebGUI help with the new version control settings07:09
perlDreameranyone still awake?07:09
@apeironI am, but not sure how helpful I'll be in that regard as I'm not intimately familiar with that particular bit of wG.07:13
perlDreamerwell, this would be easier if I could show you the code and test07:13
perlDreamerbut basically, it's the product import subroutine (Shop::Products::importProducts)07:14
perlDreamerif it's tries to import a product that is locked, it skips it07:14
@apeironI have a somewhat recent SVN checkout, will take a look.07:14
perlDreamerso in my test, I put a product with two variants.07:14
perlDreamerI _thought_ with autocommit turned on, that addChild would autocommit the asset, leaving it available for the next variant to be added.07:15
perlDreamerbut the product appears to be locked07:15
perlDreamerand I don't know why07:15
perlDreamerand during my test script, it complains that it can't talk to spectre07:15
@apeironMaybe you need to $asset->commit it?07:16
perlDreamerI'll try it07:29
perlDreamerthat did it!07:30
perlDreamerapeiron: you rock!07:31
perlDreamerwell, the good news is that importProducts is now tested and works07:37
perlDreamerthe bad news is that y'all just have to take my word for it for a little while07:37
perlDreamerand this is undoubtedly the best reason I've heard for distributed version control07:37
patspamyeah seems like every man and his dog is using git now07:40
@apeironperlDreamer, I don't rock, my ability to guess luckily rocks.07:40
@apeironpatspam, heh07:40
@apeironpatspam, There's that and the fact that developing an SCM has been a fad for the last few years.07:40
patspamheh yeah true07:40
@apeironsvn, svk, arch, darc, mercurial, clearcase, monotone, git07:41
@apeironI probably missed a few.07:41
patspamsomeone did a git demo at my perlmongers meeting, looked pretty cool, but a bit of a mind-shift07:41
perlDreamernew update from The Planet07:41
@apeironHeh. I refreshed it then tabbed here.07:42
perlDreamerThe second floor may be online tomorrow, but the first floor is really screwed07:42
@apeironNo, I do not know where wG's machines are.07:42
perlDreamerapeiron: regarding guessing.  There's no way to tell between lucky guesses and strong intuition.07:44
@apeironperlDreamer, True. I saw that an asset (a SKU or such, it was shop related) in Asset.t was using ->commit,.07:44
@apeironSo I figured I'd hazard a guess.07:45
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@preactionWAHOO DUSK IS BACK12:09
BartJolmmm strange that the servers go down when JT's on holiday, coincidence?12:19
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@preactionBartJol, i don't believe in coincidences. it's his pure STRENGTH OF WILL that keeps the servers in line.12:22
@preactionthey just don't Fear me enough...12:22
@preactionbut it's now 4:30am and I haven't slept well in days... so maybe I can get in a few hours before I have to figure out what we can do with Dusk but without www.plainblack.com and our shared hosting server... :p12:23
BartJolgood luck12:23
BartJoland sleep wel preaction12:23
@preactionhad a good idea: move files to another server in case dusk goes back down!12:23
BartJolbackups are alwaus good12:24
@preactiondusk is the backup server. the problem was it went down ;P12:26
BartJolah, didn't know that12:27
@preactionanyway. maybe sleep. hope the other side of the pond is less interesting ;-)12:28
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ckotildid JT pass by the datacenter on his way out?16:13
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BartJolckotil, it's the other way around preaction told me, the servers neeed JT's karma aura16:21
* ckotil jokes16:22
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Radix__no, they need JT's "fear of god" presence to keep in line.16:35
BartJolwell karma or fear aura, JT should have left some  more with Graham16:44
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BartJolwebgui.org is up!17:10
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perlDreamershould I be worried that the Poll on webgui.org is showing data that is one week old?17:55
perlDreamernote, there's a smaller version of the planet forum page: http://forums.theplanet.com/lofiversion/index.php/t90185.html17:59
BartJolmm lot of things going up in smoke lately18:06
BartJolthe faculty of architectre in Delft too18:06
BartJolperlDreamer, how's you back?18:07
-!- apeiron changed the topic of #webgui to: [ WebGUI 7.4.35-stable / 7.5.10-beta | WRE 0.8.3 ] Before you ask, check the wiki: http://wiki.webgui.org | Pastebin: http://webgui.pastebin.com/ | Find JT and PB at YAPC::NA, buy tickets now! http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2008 | Datacenter status: http://forums.theplanet.com/lofiversion/index.php/t90185.html Be patient, it's been Slashdotted.18:10
@apeironperlDreamer++ Thanks. :)18:10
perlDreamerBartJol: better but healing.18:11
BartJolwell, take it easy then18:11
perlDreamerBut I can pick up my kids, sleep at night and do the necessary home maintenance18:11
perlDreamerso I'm not complaining :)18:11
BartJoland write tests18:12
perlDreameroh yes, test writing and Shop hacking18:14
BartJolok, then you should be ok :)18:15
nubawhoa, hot stuff @ theplanet, huh?18:23
@apeironYes indeed.18:24
perlDreamernothing like an electrical explosion to warm things up18:24
nubayeah. i was reading the other day about how data centers, and the internet, in general, contributes to global warming18:27
nubai guess it can be said this one contributes a little more than the rest18:28
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topsubhello, i have a question about the security, how can you have someone able to edit and add new assets under lets say a folder?19:25
topsubwe have a folder called "pdfs" and we created a group for these users who we want to do this but we dont' want them to be able to mess with the asset tree and such19:25
perlDreamertopsub: you have to find a way to make sure that 1) they can add files to the folder, but 2) aren't allowed to turn on admin19:27
perlDreamerI think you can modify the default Folder template to accomodate that19:27
topsubon the folder i said "who can edit" publication editor" ( name of the group i created for these users )19:28
topsubso they can edit any pdfs fine. but not able to add file assets to this folder. does that mean i need to beef up there group or something?19:29
perlDreamertopsub: I'm guessing that the template, and not the perl code, is stopping your users from adding folders.19:33
topsubhmm maybe not because when i go to add a file asset it saying permission denied19:34
topsubi have an interface that creates my URL for me19:35
-!- khenn [n=khenn@66-190-50-137.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []19:36
topsubI believe i just need to figure out what says who can add assets and what says they can edit19:37
topsubthey have a drop down list for edit files but not for adding files under the asset19:37
topsubhmm if i add the user to "Secondary Admins" they are not able to add assets.19:39
-!- dionak [n=diona@] has joined #webgui19:47
perlDreamertopsub: try adding your "publication editor" group to the Asset Add Privileges section in the WebGUI config file.  Then restart apache and see how you fare.20:14
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+MrHairgreasehey, pb.com is back22:54
@preactiona neutered version, but the real frozen is back so we'll be switching back over shortly22:58
@preactionso then we'll have SVN and all our other services back22:58
@tavistodoug, I told you putting that slip n' slide in the server room was a bad idea...23:13
@preactiontavisto, not my fault you got too drunk to slip n' slide and you started run n' ram instead23:15
@tavistothose transformers were talking smack23:16
@preactioni still have no idea how that thing exploded after you spilled your martini on it. i mean wow23:16
@tavistonow give me my bottle back23:16
@preactionyou can get your bottle back after you pry the pieces out of the building next door23:16
@tavistotoo much work.. time for www.beerdelivered.com23:16
+MrHairgreasedid I hear beer?23:17
+MrHairgreasegood idea!23:17
@tavistodamn, was hoping that service and website existed...23:17
@preactiondon't click, it's not real23:17
@tavistounfortunately it doesn't... (atleast at that URL)23:17
@preactionyou got my hopes up... prepare to die!23:17
@apeironbah, squatter23:17
@apeironpreaction, 3, 2, 1, sudo ping -f!23:17
@apeirontavisto, You have no chance to survive, make your Freenode cloak.23:18
@tavistowait a minute.. there's hope!23:18
@preactionH4X0R H15 G1B53N!23:18
@tavistoalthough, if MrHairGrease goes there then you can kiss productivity goodbye23:18
@tavistofor a week.23:18
* MrHairgrease already has beer right now23:19
+MrHairgreasehow does that hamper your productivity23:19
+MrHairgreasefor a week23:19
@tavistoit doesn't when you only have 1, or 523:19
+MrHairgreasei still don't get the connection23:20
+MrHairgreasenow if you were to go with me23:20
+MrHairgreasethat's a different story...23:20
@tavistoI'm saying that you consume a lot of beer already, and if it was delivered to your door... you wouldn't be sober enough to code :)23:22
+MrHairgreasei don't drink that much at home23:23
+MrHairgreasei just imply that to keep up the eurotrash appeal23:23
perlDreamerNo, he only drinks at the office23:24
@tavistohehe well that's good because drinking at home alone is a great indication that one is an alcoholic23:24
perlDreamerthat way it doesn't interfere with his coding23:24
@tavistoI should say binge drinking alone at home23:24
+MrHairgreaseso you're saying you can only be an alcoholic when you have a binge at home? =)23:26
@tavistouh no..23:26
* MrHairgrease tries very hard to not understand tavis, just to mess with him23:27
@tavistodont make me come over there..23:27
+MrHairgreasewat du fak!?!?23:28
+MrHairgreasei hope the railroad union will also be in madison in the end of august23:28
+MrHairgreaseI'll forever associate the wuc with guys wearing denim form head to toe...23:29
@tavistooh dear god23:31
@tavistoI have to say that guy was entertaining.. I honestly think you guys just come to the WUC for the stories.23:31
+MrHairgreaseare there other reasons to go?23:32
+MrHairgreaseI better know so I can warn the other 12 Dutch people coming along23:33
perlDreamerIt's always cool to see Frank drunk, or hung-over.23:33
+MrHairgreaseor hear jt ask him through the phone " Frank, why are you still alive?"23:34
@tavistohehe Frank the Tank is my hero.23:34
+MrHairgreasemine too23:34
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@71-90-18-149.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["that's all folks"]23:36
+MrHairgreaseyay, there a thunderstorm right in front of my window23:37
+MrHairgreasepretty cool sight23:37
-!- khenn [n=khenn@66-190-50-137.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has left #WebGUI []23:39
perlDreamertavis, you business-type yayhoo23:51
perlDreamerit's taken me two days to register for OSCON as an attender 23:51
perlDreameractually, it's not your fault23:51
perlDreamerIt's O'Reilly23:51
perlDreamerThey're not using the EMS, so they're system will only let you have one kind of ticket23:52
perlDreamerOnce I was entered in as an exhibitor, then I couldn't also register for the conference23:52
perlDreamerunless y'all paid for it23:52
+MrHairgreasetalking about business yayhoos23:53
+MrHairgreasetavis, when is the oqapi success thingy ghoing to be placed?23:54
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]23:54
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--- Day changed Tue Jun 03 2008
perlDreamerWebGUI, this is Houston.  You are cleared for SVN.00:01
@preactionRoger, Houston. Confirmed Go for SVN.00:01
+MrHairgreasehouston, has a problem00:03
+MrHairgreasewebgui.org goes to plainblack.com00:04
+MrHairgreasewww.webgui.org works ok btw00:04
@preactiondns propagation probably. we had to hijack the real records to put up the outage message, and then put up the clone of frozen00:05
-!- dionak [n=diona@] has quit []00:16
-!- dionak [n=diona@] has joined #webgui00:17
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perlDreamernice tests, apeiron00:33
perlDreamerWhere do they get cleaned up at the end of the test?00:33
@apeironWhere, in Asset.t?00:34
@apeironThey're under a version tag, $versionTag4 .00:34
perlDreamerI see00:34
perlDreamerI'm used to seeing the versionTag getting commited00:34
@apeironhrm. That was an omission on my part--is there any reason to commit it specifically?00:35
perlDreamerI don't think so, although sometimes addChild will puke on a parent in the wrong state00:36
@apeironThe tests run, pass, and leave a pristine asset tree afterwards, if those are your concerns.00:36
perlDreamerbut that was before the commit change00:36
perlDreamerWebGUI, this is Houston. We confirm reception of SVN data.00:47
perlDreamerIt's good that you're back online.00:47
perlDreameris pb.com email working?00:51
@tavistowe have a separate mail solution not hosted at the planet01:01
@tavistoMrHairGrease, do you know if existing products will be migrated into the new e-commerce engine in 7.5.11?01:02
perlDreamertavisto: They will.01:03
perlDreamerit works now01:03
perlDreamerI used one of Tiffany's stores to test it out :)01:03
perlDreamerI emailed her, and she said sure01:03
perlDreamerso I got a dump of her db01:03
perlDreamerand practiced upgrading01:03
@tavistooh okay01:03
@tavistohow did it go?!01:03
perlDreamervery nice01:03
@tavistothat makes me feel good considering I'm probably going to have to do that for amla01:04
@tavistohow about the templates used in the checkout.. are there a ton of new ones now?01:04
perlDreameryou'll need to ask rizen about that01:04
@apeironNo, Tavis, it worked for pd because he applied special pd magic.01:04
@apeironYou'll have to slog through it.01:04
perlDreamerbut, if he was as thorough as he had me do, then it should end up being just fine01:05
@apeironperlDreamer, btw I did receive your email, looking at it now01:05
@tavistoWhat the hell... Chris are you still here? I thought Kaleb fired you already01:05
perlDreamerokay, I am a notorious kibitzer so tell me to jump in a hole if I'm out of line.01:05
@tavistoyou were a bad gopher!01:06
perlDreamerFine, I'll go talk with Isaac and Julie then.  Maybe Captain Stubing will let me steer the ship for a while.01:07
@apeironperlDreamer++ 01:07
@apeironperlDreamer, karma tavisto 01:07
@apeironperlbot, karma tavisto 01:07
perlbottavisto doesn't have any karma01:07
+MrHairgreaseperlbot karma perldreamer01:10
perlbotKarma for perldreamer: 2601:10
+MrHairgreaseperlbot karma mrhairgrease01:11
perlbotKarma for mrhairgrease: 301:11
+MrHairgreaseperlbot karma rizen01:11
perlbotKarma for rizen: 301:11
+MrHairgreaseit seems i'm not doing too bad after all01:11
@apeironperlbot, karma preaction 01:11
-!- itnomad [n=jack@pdpc/supporter/professional/itnomad] has joined #webgui01:11
perlbotKarma for preaction: 1901:11
@apeiron.. heh01:11
@apeironperlbot, karma apeiron01:11
perlbotKarma for apeiron: 6801:11
perlDreamerapeiron: tavisto has no karma01:14
perlDreamerHe is a karma sinkhole01:15
@apeirontavisto-- # now he's not01:15
@tavistorizen only has 3 karma so I dont feel bad01:16
@apeironYou have -1.01:16
@tavistohow the crap do you earn karma in here01:16
@tavistoand if Chris has it then I dont want it01:16
perlDreamerkarma is awarded by others for doing cool things01:16
-!- stevecel [n=stevecel@cm-] has joined #webgui01:16
perlDreamerobviously, apeiron is cooler than thee01:16
@tavistomust be earned by driving around in a kidnapper van offering candy to neighborhood kids01:17
@tavistoshame on you apeiron01:17
@apeironWhat? pfft. I'm lazy. I'd sooner just offer it Halloween style.01:17
perlDreamerpreaction: that is some nasty i18n namespace01:19
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6546 /WebGUI/ (13 files in 8 dirs): 01:21
CIA-6WebGUI: added: Two new approval activities, byLineage and byCommitterGroup01:21
CIA-6WebGUI: added: Show a message to users when they log in01:21
CIA-6WebGUI: fixed: Gallery search form doesn't work right in IE601:21
CIA-6WebGUI: fixed: Minor bug in new gallery approval handling01:21
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []01:30
perlDreamerGo nominate WebGUI01:36
@apeironyay, login to nominate01:36
@apeironLike I remember the sf.net userid I never use. =\01:36
@apeironsf.net-- # requiring me to create an ID even after I logged in via OpenID... isn't that the *entire* *point* of OpenID?01:38
perlDreamerthe things we do to promote WebGUI01:39
perlDreameractually, wouldn't wG do the same thing?01:42
perlDreamerit might authenticate you remotely, but you still need a valid userId/account01:42
@apeironOh. Right.01:44
@apeironI'm misremembering what OpenID is for.01:44
@apeiron"we're not an authentication layer!" and all that. Despite being *exactly* like one *in* *every* *respect*.01:44
perlDreamerwell, it _would_ be nice if it made the account for you and prepopulated it with your openId creds/info01:44
perlDreamercap10morgan: are you listening? :)01:44
@apeironheh. But sf isn't that smart.01:44
@apeiron(which is why I never use SF, that and the fact that its SCMs are down more than they're up)01:45
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []01:45
cap10morganperlDreamer: heh01:45
cap10morgani am now!01:45
cap10morganapeiron: openid is an identification service, not authentication01:45
perlDreamerso for the wG openId plug-in, does it make you create an account after first login?01:45
@apeironcap10morgan, Yeah, except for the fact that it looks and acts just like authentication in every way. :)01:45
cap10morganauth is still handled by the thing you're trying to get yourself auth'd into01:46
perlDreamercap10morgan: (asking ignorantly); What's the difference?01:46
cap10morganapeiron, it's nearly always used in an authentication situation01:46
cap10morganthat's why01:46
cap10morganperlDreamer: here's how it works...01:46
@apeiron"name and password" to me indicates "authentication".01:46
cap10morganyou go to a site, it asks you to login01:46
cap10morgannow, there's two things it's trying to check:01:46
cap10morgan1. you are who you say you are (identification)01:46
cap10morgan2. you're allowed to login and do stuff (authentication)01:47
@apeironHeh. I've always heard 1 referred to as authentication.01:47
@apeironAnd whether you're allowed to do things is authorization.01:47
@apeironyay overloading terminology in related fields!01:47
cap10morganapeiron: err, that's probably right01:47
cap10morganyeah, that makes more sense given the words anyway01:48
cap10morganfar as i understood, openid was only authentication, not authorization (using the better terms)01:48
cap10morganbut are they claiming they are *not* authentication somewhere?01:48
perlDreamercap10morgan: Does WebGUI have an "authorization" for login rights?01:49
cap10morganthe fact that you have an account, i would guess01:50
cap10morgannormally w/ openid, you still have to register your openid at a particular place before it grants you authorization01:50
cap10morgan(or be granted by the admin, or whatever the policy is for that site / service)01:51
@apeironbleh. I know I've seen somewhere that a page said "we're *not* an authentication layer".01:51
@apeironTrying to find such.01:51
cap10morganthey're not _authentication_01:51
cap10morgansorry, mixing my terms again01:51
cap10morganapeiron: let me know if you find it01:51
perlDreamerno, it makes sense now.  I might have a VISA card saying I'm Donald Trump, but that doesn't work in an AMEX only store.01:51
@apeironDespite the fact that it acts exactly like authentication, it's not. And that's confusing.01:52
@apeiron(when I say "it acts exactly like authentication", I mean strictly from the user perspective: enter your username and password)01:53
cap10morganwell, i think it _is_ authentication01:53
cap10morgani'd be very surprised if they were claiming they weren't01:54
@apeiron"Just treat it as an alternative to a traditional username and password and you can't go wrong."02:00
@apeiron.... well... obviously I *have*...02:00
@apeironhttp://www.openid.org/ "Log into sites such as LiveJournal, [...]"02:02
@apeironThat's not helping the matter.02:02
@apeironHmm. Apparently OpenID 2.0 will let you log in.02:07
@apeiron... which, er, isn't that not the point of the original OpenID?02:08
* apeiron is very confused. oO02:08
-!- stevecel [n=stevecel@cm-] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]02:21
@preactionopenID 1.0 was just identification, not authentication. the system is only as strong as its weakest point02:41
@preactionand OpenID 1.0 was the weak point: Someone who professes to own THISURL made this post02:41
@apeironSo in other words the OpenID developers basically created a system that was fail by design.02:42
@preactionnot really, it wasn't design for authentication. it was just for the blogosphere02:42
@preactionbut then YADIS came and OpenID became part of that and people wanted more, authentication, profiles, personal data exchange02:43
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui02:44
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metanili need an idea.. i want to add additional information while creating files.. like author, description, DocumentID, RefID.. and other info as well.04:08
@apeironFile assets, yes?04:08
metanilwould creating new asset similar to Asset::File is ok?04:08
@apeironThat's what I would suggest, yes, though perhaps the more experienced here may have a better idea.04:09
metanilhmm... (i am thinking of creating one then)..04:10
@preactionif you are, see about using 7.5. the Asset::File is easier to subclass in that one04:15
patspamis it just me or is webgui.org 50% faster post outage?04:45
@preactionjust you. it's still the same box. maybe not too many people are using it05:06
patspammaybe it needed a day of rest?05:11
@preactionat my expense? that was selfish of it... 05:17
@preactioni oughta teach it a lesson by making it blow up again05:17
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI05:56
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-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@206-124-6-65.denver.dsl.forethought.net] has joined #webgui06:32
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui06:54
perlDreamersvn is down again?06:54
@preactionperlDreamer, possibly. graham is switching the temporary frozen back to the old frozen06:58
perlDreamertough day07:03
perlDreamermy IRC password gets changed/rejected07:03
perlDreamerno SVN07:03
perlDreamerwhat happens next?07:03
@preactionsvn server just isn't running, but i don't want to mess with it07:04
@preactionour datacenter explodes?07:04
@preactionthat would suck07:04
perlDreameralready happened :)07:04
@preactionhmm... what else is there?07:04
perlDreamertavisto shaves his head?07:04
@preactiongood lord... the world would impode on itself07:05
perlDreamerfrank and jt and chris and kaleb and steve and graham all quit?07:05
@preactionas long as i have vrby, i think we can manage07:06
@preactionthey're albatrosses, weighing me down man07:06
perlDreamerit's hard to fly like an eagle, when you're stuck with albatrosses07:07
@tavistowhat the07:09
@tavistodon't make me come down there07:09
@preactionwho the?07:09
perlDreamerwhere the?07:12
perlDreamerSomething has really been bothering me for a while07:14
perlDreamerHow does Hawkman fly in outer space, where there's no air?07:14
@preactionsolar wind07:16
perlDreamerbean burritos07:16
@preactionso lunar wind?07:16
@preactioni mean, it comes from where the sun don't shine07:16
+Radix-wrkyou have wierd thoughts pd07:18
@tavistowow I can't believe this hockey game... triple overtime now07:19
@tavistopreaction, I just got off a conference call with amla and we're going to push through the upgrade07:19
@preactionuh... huh? they're on 7.4.21?07:20
+Radix-wrkdoesn't hockey have the concept of a tied game?  or is this a grand final or something?07:20
@tavistonot in the playoffs07:20
@tavistoif Detroit wins... they win the stanley cup07:20
perlDreamertavisto, if you're talking to 7.5, I think that would not be wise.07:20
@preactioni would agree with the wise Dreamer07:21
perlDreamerwe'll be testing for at least another month, maybe longer due to this outage07:21
@tavistowait a sec... are you saying07:22
perlDreamer7.5.11 is not ready for prime time yet07:22
@preactionif they have travelled past 7.4.21, they cannot go to 7.5.anything yet07:22
@tavistooh dear God when does this end07:22
perlDreamerIn July07:23
@tavistothey're already on the beta server07:23
@tavistofor PB07:23
perlDreamerthat's fine, they're on 7.5.1007:23
perlDreamerIt's just the commerce stuff, Shop07:23
@tavistoit's been working okay07:23
@preactionwhat's "push through the upgrade" then?07:23
perlDreamer7.5.10 will work fine07:23
@tavistoto 7.5.1107:23
@preactionwhen it's released, you mean?07:23
@tavistoyeah, june 12th07:23
@tavistoit's been applied right?07:23
@tavistoor has that been pushed back07:24
@tavistoinstalled on beta07:24
@preactionwe don't install anything that isn't released07:24
@tavistois 7.5.11 going on plain black's beta server on june 12th still?07:24
perlDreamerrizen doesn't even get back until the 12th, right?07:24
@tavistoGraham told me june 12th07:25
perlDreamerit will take longer than three days to 1) Finish up tests, 2) Fix currently broken tests 3) Do user level testing07:25
@tavistoI would be very happy if we decided to wait to install it on PB's beta server to a later date07:25
@preactiontavisto, that's probably correct, but that's Graham's pidgeon, so he's the authority there07:25
@tavistowell the plan is that on June 12th the upgrade will take place and then AMLA's current SQL reports and e-commerce process will break07:26
@tavistoAMLA will pay PB to fix the SQL report (the one you saw doug(07:26
perlDreamertavisto, should you be talking about that on a public channel?07:27
@tavistoand then I'll be working with one of their peeps to fix/tweak/change the current e-commerce process into a working one with the new e-commerce system07:27
@tavistoI dont see why it matters07:27
@tavistoupgrade strategy needs feedback :)07:28
@preactiontavisto, this place is logged07:28
@preactioni dunno either07:28
@tavistoso are you guys telling me that you don't think this is going to 07:28
@tavistobe a good idea to push thru with this upgrade... or do you think I should backup their site and jump to a VPS for 3 months07:29
@preactioni think it's a good idea to keep going with the upgrade, i just forgot what you meant07:29
perlDreamerI think the date needs to be pushed back.  We haven't had SVN access for 3 days.07:29
@preactionas far as i'm concerned, the feature freeze is pushed back for the time being07:30
@tavistoare you guys going to voice that opinion then to Rizen/Graham?07:30
perlDreamerHaarg: We haven't had consistent SVN access for over 3 days.  I think the release date needs to be pushed back.07:30
@preactioni'm going to be working on gallery bugs and the new asset manager until the release07:30
@tavistoLOL he's been quiet I know07:30
perlDreamerpreaction: I have failing Gallery and Utility tests when I run the suite on my laptop07:31
perlDreamerdid I already email that to you?07:31
@preactionperlDreamer, yeah, i'll be getting to that tomorrow if i'm not preempted by server problems or client problems07:32
@preactionmaybe i'll have time to figure out why the hell the test server is dead07:32
@tavistowhat the crap doug e fresh... making code with bugs? I thought you were better than that07:32
@preactionoh, did you want a login? i can make you one real quick07:32
perlDreamergotta crash out.  More hacking tomorrow.07:33
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metanil$asset->get('size'); will return the file size .. isn't it?07:37
@preactionget('assetSize') i think07:39
@preactionnot just the file size, the size of the whole storage location. so it may not be 100% accurate07:39
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BartJolhe preaction how are the rest of the servers doing, don't see the api or i18n yet? Just for curiosity, not to be a irritating person that keeps nagging...11:58
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BartJolis the one called bepo here?12:49
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BartJolstill no bepo?15:51
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slickwarehey all16:19
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BartJolno bepo yet?16:49
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slickwareanyone here that can give some advice on a template issue I am having18:57
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-!- Steve_Swanson is now known as Meatbop19:40
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wgGuest16what is the irc server for this channel? I'm connected through the java and I'd prefer to use my own client20:56
-!- Giant81 [n=giant@h69-129-137-126.69-129.unk.tds.net] has joined #webgui20:58
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Giant81I'm about to connect to the webinar, but I didn't receive the login info I thought I was supposed to20:59
Giant81can anyone here help me?20:59
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bopbopwgGuest16: https://na1.connect.acrobat.com/plainblack21:09
bopbopsorry, that was for wgGuest8121:09
Giant81no problems... thank you21:10
Giant81i'm connected now, but its pretty slow21:10
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@apeironGiant81, This is irc.freenode.net in case you didn't know.21:56
@preactionyou cannot escape freenode's influence on the FOSS world.22:01
perlDreamerI just want my password back.22:01
perlDreameroh, and SVN22:03
perlDreamermaybe some money, too22:03
perlDreamernot much22:03
perlDreamerjust a couple of 100K$22:04
slickwaresomeone giving out money?22:04
slickwarei'll take some22:04
perlDreamerand I want a picture of a "kitteh"22:05
slickwarei'm not as greedy as perlDreamer though. like 50k$ is fine with me22:05
slickwarekittehies we gots. www.slickware.net/kitteh.jpg22:06
perlDreamerah, well how about a war kitteh?22:18
ckotilperlDreamer: the thging about SVN and passwords is, it will store your password in a plain text file in yur home dir.22:19
perlDreamerckotil: freenode has changed my password without telling me22:19
ckotilthats no good.22:19
perlDreamerhow are things in the NOC?22:20
ckotilpretty good22:21
ckotilWe're trying to put a huge flashing light in the NOC for when an alarm event happens22:22
ckotilbut i doubt the service desk would go for that22:22
slickwareGM is considering selling off the Hummer brand22:22
ckotilthey're closing a few plants too22:22
slickwareMr. Wagoner, chief exec of GM, stated that this the possible sale of the Hummer line will also  include the introduction of many new vehicles including the new sporty Teabag,  the gas sipping Rimmer, the family friendly Menage' mini-van and the Chaps  pick-up (with an open backside).22:22
slickwarethat made my day - I had to forward it along :-D22:23
perlDreamerckotil: I recommend visiting a truck stop to get the light.  You can get some sweet lookin' 12V replacement lights for trucks there.22:28
perlDreamerGet one that doubles as a signal/marker light and you can have two colors :)22:29
perlDreamerthen, you can pick up/hack up a high current driver to handle the load of the light and enable the driver with a low current pin off of a parallel port.22:30
ckotilyeah, we would need about 8 colors 22:30
ckotilyah, that would be awsome22:30
slickwarehey all - I have a templating question that i've been headaching over all day22:33
slickwareI'm the reject that's still hung up on v5.x so this is probably a stupid question22:34
slickware(trying to learn 7)22:34
slickwareI've followed the community wiki on creating your own template/style22:34
slickwareI created a /root/themes folder22:34
slickwarebut for some reason, it didn't show up the first time I created it. So I created another one, and now there is only one Themes folder, but it is telling me the path to it is /root/themes222:35
slickwareI can't see an other one to delete it, and now all the paths to the files IN that folder are incorrect22:35
perlDreamerslickware: do you have any pending version tags?22:36
slickwareI turned off versioning - I hate it22:36
slickwareI basically run a single user webgui, so I don't want/need it22:36
perlDreamerwell, here's the deal, you really do have two themes folders22:37
slickwarei'm sure I do22:37
perlDreamerif you request a URL that is in use, WebGUI will change the URL so that it's unique22:37
slickwarehere's a second question then -22:37
slickwarehow can I fix the contents of the "new" folder so that their paths are correct? even if I try to access them at /themes2/images/name.jpg, they still don't work22:38
slickwareis there some way to recursively re-populate the URLs for the contents of a folder?22:38
perlDreamerdo you mean /root/themes2/images/name.jpg?22:38
ckotilyou can recursively re populate urls via the batch edit.22:39
slickwareor /root/themes2/themename/images/name.jpg22:39
perlDreamerwell, I would skirt the issue and try to find the original themes folder, using the Asset Manager search function22:39
perlDreamerand then move the stuff from themes2 into themes and get rid of themes22:39
slickwarea search only brings up the Themes folder with the themes2 path, however22:40
perlDreamerAre you familiar with SQL?22:41
slickwareyes, but I'd prefer not playing with it22:41
slickwareckotil: how do you batch edit?22:41
perlDreamerthis would just be a query22:42
perlDreamerSELECT assetId from assetData where url like '%themes%';22:42
ckotilslickware: ive never used version 5, but in 7 if you click 'More' in the asset manager you will be presented with the batch edit option22:43
slickwareI am using 722:43
ckotilok cool22:43
slickwareI was just stating that i'm used to 522:43
slickwarei'm assuming I want "edit branch"22:44
slickwareno clue what my params should be though22:44
ckotilbatch, branch22:44
ckotilyeah, its very tricky22:44
slickwarespecified base/parent URL?22:44
ckotildo you have a test instance?22:44
slickwareI want to love v7... but it's so hard22:44
ckotilyou might play around with it on the demo server22:44
slickwarethis is basically a demo22:44
slickwareit's my learn-to-use-it demo22:45
nubashouldnt complain, at least its hard22:46
slickwareI get enough emails for 80% off viagra, even if it wasn't hard, I wouldn't have an issue22:47
slickwareman I wish this had a description22:47
slickwarei've managed to erase my path, then make it /root/root/root/themes, and now everything is on its own level22:48
perlDreamerslickware, what do you wish had a description?22:48
slickwarenone of which are correct22:48
slickwarethe branch-edit feature22:48
perlDreamerHave you tried the wiki?22:48
perlDreameror are you talking about hover help for individual fields in there?22:48
slickwareI think I got it22:49
slickwarenow everything appears to be appropriately labeled as root/themes2/foldernames22:49
slickwareso now - when building a template, should my image paths be:22:50
slickwaredomain.com/home/themes2/theme/images ?22:50
slickwarethe wiki seems to imply the latter22:50
perlDreameryou just said the base url is /root/themes222:51
slickwarewhich is where the wiki recommends putting your themes folder22:51
perlDreamerso, it would be /root/themes2/theme/images22:51
slickwareso domain.com/root/themes2/etc...22:51
perlDreamerif that's where you put it22:51
slickwareI thought you didn't actually have to name the 'root' folder22:51
perlDreamerit depends on what you set the URL to22:51
perlDreamerremember that URLs in WebGUI are not tied to hierarchy22:52
slickwareI remember, frustratingly22:52
perlDreameryou can have a folder /here containing a second folder called /there22:52
perlDreamerboth top level URLs, but different hierarchy22:52
slickwareso I literally include the entire URL that I see in the asset manager22:52
slickwarei'm going to edit that damn wiki later22:53
slickwareit doesn't help that none of the graphics on it work anymore22:53
slickwareoh fabulous it works... woo22:55
perlDreamerthe asset manager doesn't show you URLs, it shows you hierarchy in the crumb trail22:55
slickwareI know - but they are called URLs 22:55
Giant81has anyone tried to install on ubuntu 8.04?22:55
slickwarein the manager22:55
Giant81I tried the forums but didn't find anybody having problems22:55
perlDreamerpreaction: I tried to use Manage from the editing toolbar and got an invalid operation.22:56
slickwaregiant81: i'm running 7.10 and didn't have issues using the WRE22:56
Giant81either that is a good thing and noone is having problems and it works... or noone is using it in which case there could be issues22:57
Giant81I need to download mysql and apache before I use the wre22:57
perlDreamerthe wre has those in it22:57
Giant81ahh ok22:58
slickwareyou can literally install ubuntu, do an apt-get update, and install the WRE22:58
slickwareoptionally installing something like webmin if you so desire22:59
perlDreamerand in Debian, you can apt-get install webgui22:59
slickwaredebian users have all the fun22:59
slickwarelast question before I go home23:09
slickwareI've got an "^AdminBar;" tag in my template (without quotes), but no adminbar is showing up23:09
slickwareall my other macros are ok23:10
perlDreamerdo you have admin mode turned on?23:12
slickwareyes (i'm not THAT bad)23:12
slickwaredoes it need to be in a specific div tag or be associated with a specific css?23:13
perlDreamerI always ask for the low hanging fruit first, I don't mean to insult you.23:13
slickwareI know - I was mostly joking - I can take it23:13
perlDreamerI don't think so.  Is it in the page source and just not rendering right?23:13
slickwarei'll check source23:13
slickware <script type="text/javascript">23:14
slickwarevar slider = new createSlidePanelBar("WebGUIAdminBar");23:14
slickwarevar panel;23:14
slickwarei'm assuming that means it's there, and not showing up right23:14
perlDreameryeah, that looks right23:14
perlDreameryou must be having a markup clash23:14
slickwareI always liked the Clash23:15
perlDreameryeah, my Perl::Critic policy is running!23:15
slickwareany idea how to fix that clash?23:17
perlDreamernot really23:17
perlDreamermy web design skills aren't very good.23:18
perlDreamerapeiron: I used Path::Class for the first time today and learned a valuable lesson.23:21
@apeironperlDreamer, Hm?23:21
perlDreamerNot all modules stringify arguments before using them :/23:21
* apeiron nods23:22
perlDreamerbut a manual stringify fixed that23:22
perlDreamersurprisingly, Perl::Critic runs really fast when it can't find a specified config file :)23:22
* apeiron snickers.23:22
perlDreamerand I'm ready to commit the new, correct-but-slow i18n test using Perl::Critic23:23
@apeironAh, does it use Path::Class?23:23
slickwareI wish I knew/understood more about CSS... I prefer hard code any day23:23
perlDreamermy $label_profile = Path::Class::File->new( WebGUI::Test->root , 't', 'i18n', 'perlcriticrc'); Test::Perl::Critic->import(-profile => $label_profile->stringify);23:23
@apeironperlDreamer, Very cool, I <3 it.23:23
slickwarefigured it out - you need the tmpl.var for the <head> to be there23:24
slickwareI just assumed it was for something else and left it out23:24
perlDreamerit must preload a bunch of JS and style sheets23:24
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@52-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has joined #webgui23:25
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit ["Leaving"]23:36
slickwareok, seriously last question. what happened to the "change all pages below to this style" option?23:36
slickwareI want to change the template for my home page and all pages beneath23:36
perlDreamerthat's in edit branch23:37
slickwarethought you used to be able to do it from the page-edit /display menu23:37
perlDreamerYes, but then the function was generalized and expanded into Edit Branch23:38
@preactionanyone familiar with the commerce Address Book know if the WebGUI::Shop::AddressBook::www_view method is supposed to always have a ?callback query param?23:39
perlDreamersorry, that's a rizen question23:41
perlDreameralthough it looks like all it does is set some hidden form vars23:41
BartJolor a MrHairgrease maybe23:41
perlDreamerNo, AddressBook is Herr Rizen23:41
@preactionyeah, i was trying to help steve make a new template for that, but turns out you can only get to it from the cart23:41
@preactionhe figured it out though, so no worries, just wondering if i found a problem23:41
slickwarealright. Thanks everyone. hope the weather is as nice wherever you are as it is in Boston23:42
slickwareenjoy your afternoons or properly adjusted world-time23:42
perlDreamerpreaction: potentially a bug.  I know he's been kicking it around for general purpose use beyond the Shop.23:42
* slickware peaces out23:42
perlDreamerhack on, slickware23:42
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #webgui []23:42
BartJolany idea when the api sit will be up again?23:43
BartJolor i18n?23:43
perlDreamerBartJol, the hosting company is continuing to have problems23:43
perlDreamernow with the temporary equipment failing23:43
perlDreamerI have the feeling it's going to be a while23:43
perlDreamerSVN is also down23:44
BartJolwell, a fire is bound to have some impact on their facilities23:45
perlDreamerIt blew up three walls in the facility23:45
perlDreamerPB.com go boom23:45
perlDreamermeanwhile, rizen is blissfully unaware on a cruise ship in the North Pacific23:45
@preactionwe're getting frozen moved to another facility, so we'll hopefully have it soon23:46
BartJolHopefully for him he's unaware23:46
@preactionsoon being before christmas23:46
perlDreamerdoes frozen host all those functions?23:46
BartJolwe have some nice servers too23:46
perlDreamerAre they scheduled to blow up, too?23:46
BartJolyeah, but only when we host pb23:47
BartJolwe had enough fires here lately23:47
BartJol4 in 1 month23:48
perlDreamerno way!  You gotta be kidding!23:48
BartJolwell, 2 in student houses, one in a hotel and one in the faculty of architecture23:49
BartJolthe first 3 probably related by a pyromaniac23:49
BartJollast one not, that was a short circuit in a coffee machine23:50
-!- kristi [n=kmccombs@71-90-18-149.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["that's all folks"]23:55
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--- Day changed Wed Jun 04 2008
-!- itnomad [n=jack@pdpc/supporter/professional/itnomad] has joined #webgui00:01
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Giant81so webgui is in the repository for debian stable?00:15
perlDreamerit's in whatever Lenny is00:15
Giant81then no... lenny is testing00:16
BartJolbut will be stable in time if I understand correctly, but I couldn't find whether the wre installation is included or whether it is only WebGUI itself00:24
perlDreamerit's a little of both00:24
perlDreamerit includes dependencies on apache, mod_perl, mysql, and the perl modules00:25
perlDreamerbut it doesn't build a website by default, yet00:25
BartJolwell, most people won't need that00:25
perlDreamerwe need SquOnk to give us a tutorial next time he's in here.  maybe a wiki page or forum post00:25
@preactionit doesn't include the WRE itself, from what i know, squonk is building his own helper scripts for addsite and removesite and such00:25
BartJolwould be a bit too much maybe00:26
-!- itnomad [n=jack@pdpc/supporter/professional/itnomad] has quit ["Leaving"]00:26
@preactioni don't know if they're in lenny yet, i think he's waiting for lenny+100:26
BartJolbut if you use a shared webserver only for WebGUI, it probably would be wise to use the wre and install webgui with that?00:27
@preactioni still would, because of what the WRE provides00:28
@preactionthe helper scripts00:28
@preactionupdate scripts00:28
@preactionthe monitor00:28
@preactionthe WRE console00:28
BartJolthey're quite helpfull yes00:29
@preactionhowever, if you're just adding WebGUI to an existing installation (that happens to be on Debian), then "sudo apt-get install webgui" is nice to have00:30
perlDreamerDoesn't the WRE claim performance enhancements over your standard, vanilla distribution binaries as well?00:30
perlDreamerStripped down and light-weight00:30
@preactionyeah. anything that isnt needed by webgui is removed00:31
BartJolI don't deny that, only want to know what way I should go00:31
BartJolwhen installing00:31
@preactionimho, for mainly WebGUI server, the WRE. if WebGUI is going to only be a small part, source will probably work fine00:31
BartJol well, we're trying to split those now we're going virtual server00:33
@preactionso resources are at a premium, i'd go WRE00:34
BartJolso we get a webgui-wre combination or something else what the client desires00:34
@preactionyou'll probably end up tweaking some of the apache settings to keep resource consumption low (especially during idle times)00:35
BartJolwhen a server is dedicated to one WebGUI site, it is a decision whether you waant the build in functions of the wre, but is there a downside of using the wre, performance speaking?00:37
@preactionthe WRE is tweaked for webgui performance. anything that isn't needed for webgui isn't compiled in. InnoDB in the mysql server, for example00:38
@preactionit shaves the memory overhead (which will probably be your bottleneck)00:38
BartJolOk, so I should go into tweaking wre00:38
BartJolI don't know, just interested, Koen is mostly busy with that kind of issues00:39
@preactionyour limiting factor, rather. ("Growth is limited by that necessity that is available in the least amount")00:39
@preactionso 16G of memory in 2G chunks gives you 8 VPS on a box. If you can get away with 1.5G, you can add 3 more VPS on that box00:40
BartJolmine is empty00:40
BartJolit will depend on the circumstances I understand00:41
BartJolhow surprising :)00:41
@preactionpersonally, i would go with some sort of clustered system with a NAS for storage, then divide the resources with a VM system. probably a rather large initial expense, but it would be virtually bulletproof00:42
@preactionmake a clone / backup and put it in a different datacenter (preferably on the other side of the country), and you might be able to avoid just about any catastrophe short of Armageddon00:42
BartJolI'm not sure which storage we have for our virtual environment00:43
* preaction amuses himself by thinking up server architecture00:43
BartJolwe're working on that system with some nice hgardware00:43
BartJolbut it goes a bit above m,y understanding00:43
@apeironpreaction++ # incidental prodding to finish reading Dune00:44
BartJolyou can borrow mine00:45
@preactionapeiron, how did i do that?00:45
@apeironpreaction, <preaction> your limiting factor, rather. ("Growth is limited by that necessity that is available in the least amount")00:45
BartJolthe first one that is00:45
@apeironThat's apparently a Frank Herbert quote.00:45
BartJolshort memory00:45
perlDreamerwill PB making changes due to the server snafu?00:46
@preactionapeiron, that's a basic law of environmental science, but yes00:46
perlDreamergeographic redundancy?00:46
@preactionperlDreamer, from what I hear from vrby, we'll be looking at an off-site storage location for backups00:46
@preactionthe problem was that we couldn't survive both a server going down AND dusk (the current backup system) going down00:46
@preactionso with a second, redundant backup, we'll be better able to survive a catastrophe00:47
perlDreamerhm.  Looks like there are still some false negatives in the Critic policy for labels00:49
@apeironBetter than false positives, I'd say, aye?00:50
perlDreamer May be some of those, too.00:50
BartJolthey don't compensate each other?00:51
perlDreamerIt's been running about 2.5 hours, and it's up to Form and contents00:51
-!- dionak_ [n=diona@] has left #webgui []00:55
perlDreamerwould it be sheer lunacy to try and space out the modules in sbin/testEnvironment.pl?  so that modules, versions, and flags were columnar?00:57
BartJolI think everyone is baffled by the lunacy of your genius....01:00
perlDreamermust be01:00
perlDreamerI've been Warnocked!01:01
BartJolI don't have a clue what you're talking about...01:01
perlDreamerperlbot: warnock is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warnock%27s_Dilemma01:01
perlbotadded warnock to the database01:01
BartJolAh, so I almost participate in the warnocking, but  stating my ignorance is perventing it01:03
perlDreameralthough, you didn't state whether or not you think it's a good idea or not, so you are Warnocking01:06
BartJolwell, m,y cluelessness was actually referring to both Warnocking and columnising testEnvironment01:07
BartJolbed time for me01:42
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@apeironWow, color shots from Phoenix on Mars: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/images/new-latest-images-collection_archive_1.html01:57
@preactionit's not red!02:10
perlDreamerit's not full of starts either02:12
perlDreamerum, stars02:12
@preactionthat's one of Saturn's moon02:12
-!- SDuensin [n=Scott@12-226-44-250.client.mchsi.com] has joined #WebGUI02:17
metanili saw this in session::form "A full set of form params just as you'd pass into any of the form controls when building it." . what does it mean?02:38
metanilwhat set of form params?02:39
metanilform parameters are the name itself, aren't they?02:39
perlDreamerthey can also be things like defaults02:40
perlDreamerfilter settings02:40
perlDreamerand so on02:40
@preactionbasically the arguments you'd use to a WebGUI::Form::Control object02:40
metaniloh ok..02:41
@preactionmost of the time you don't need them, it can DWYM, but sometimes you need other things, like to pre-select a storageId for a File control02:41
@preaction(so it doesn't create yet another one)02:41
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@khennI've been instructed to ask:03:17
@khennwho added the "cancelling commit" nonsense to WebGUI?03:18
@preactioncancelling commit? huh?03:21
@khennI don't know, I got an email from JT blaming me for adding "cancelling commit" nonsense to WebGUI03:25
@khennso I'm trying to figure out who did it03:25
@preactioni don't even know what it is. 03:26
@khennme either03:26
@khennand I can't see svn03:26
@khennso I don't know how he knows03:26
@preactionit must've gone in before03:27
@preactionor he keeps track of the RSS feed for commits03:27
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-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp59-167-83-180.lns2.mel6.internode.on.net] has joined #webgui03:56
@apeironkhenn, Do you know which file(s) it's in?03:58
@khennall I got was "canelling commit" nonsense03:58
@preactioni changed some of how approval worked, but it was with his approval04:00
@preactioni'm not seeing anything in the API to cancel a commit04:01
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui06:19
perlDreamerhey, all06:19
perlDreamerkhenn, I'm afraid that I'm the person you're looking for06:20
perlDreamercancelling commit is part of an RFE that I put in06:20
perlDreamerbut rizen approved it06:21
@preactionwhere is it then? what is it?06:21
@khennJT says to email him and explain yourself06:21
@khennoh and you are supposed to undo it06:21
perlDreamerI can't undo it06:21
perlDreamerno SVN06:21
@khennI guess I'd email him first if he approved it06:21
perlDreamerpreaction, check out Operation/VersionTag, line 31006:21
perlDreamerIt's part of a handling problems with spectre06:22
@preactioncancel the commit if it can't reach spectre06:22
perlDreamerIf you ask for a commit, and can't talk to spectre, then instead of leaving the tag in limbo, it just sets the tag back to pending06:22
perlDreamerI'll email JT and take my lumps06:22
@preactionyeah, that's unnecessary now: everything happens in realtime until a certain number of seconds have passed06:23
@preactioneh, that changed only a little while ago, whereas you might've gotten approval before that06:23
@preactionso just a matter of crossed wires06:23
perlDreameryeah, I'd suggest running svn blame, but that won't work either :)06:23
perlDreamerso why is it unnecessary now?06:24
perlDreamerIf you can't talk to spectre, then why would you allow a commit to be processed?06:24
@preactionbecause Commit Without Approval has one activity. that one activity can be done in a few seconds, spectre will never know anything about it, since it'll be done in realtime06:26
@preactionall workflows are realtime until they take too long06:26
@apeironAbout the svn blame thing, would svk still work if offline?06:28
perlDreamerand what happens if it takes too long and spectre is down?06:28
perlDreamerapeiron, no idea06:28
@apeironperlDreamer, heh, likewise06:28
@preactionperlDreamer, if it takes too long and spectre is down then it goes to spectre. but since spectre is an external process, you'd still want to keep the WorkflowInstance in the table until spectre returns06:29
@preactioni mean, that's my opinion of course06:29
@preactiona warning like "Unable to contact spectre, your commit may take longer than expected" would be nice06:29
perlDreamerbut that would only be necessary if the defer takes place06:30
perlDreamerI know y'all submitted to have frozen moved, is there an estimate for when it will be done?06:31
perlDreamerI'll revert it right out of SVN after it's back up.06:31
@apeironI think we should make a plan to stagger our commits once frozen is back up. I'm sure we've all got some stuff we're itching to ci06:31
perlDreamerI think it's a good time for Haarg to teach us all git :)06:32
@preactionapparently i didn't submit the ticket correctly, since the instructions they gave were inconsistent with what i was seeing, so i had to resubmit the ticket06:32
@apeironsvk for lief!06:32
@preactionso now i don't know when06:32
perlDreameremail to JT away, I'm sorry if I caused you guys problems06:35
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-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #WEBGUI07:22
elninogood evening!   I'm just curious about the asset manager and the javascript webgui used from mattkruse, and was wondering what field in the db you use the store the ranking field for the assets listed in the asset manager?07:23
-!- apeiron is now known as test07:27
-!- test is now known as apeiron07:28
@preactionelnino, the ranking field is also the last 6 characters of the asset's lineage (located in the asset table)07:37
elninook  that would explain why I couldn't find a ranking field in the db schema. Thanks!07:37
-!- elnino [n=elnino@user-38q49cv.cable.mindspring.com] has quit ["Leaving"]07:48
metanilto get parent asset, will  getLineage(["self","ancestors"],{returnObjects=>1});  do??07:50
@preactionmetanil, $asset->getParent07:51
metaniland how to use ancestorLimit .. to return only parent (not grand parent)07:51
@apeironYou should be able to do ->getParent, no?07:51
metaniloh oh07:51
@preactionyou can theoretically go all the way up the stack that way07:51
@preactionit's not recommended, since they're instanciated no matter what07:52
metanileven $asset->getParent?07:52
@apeironOnce is fine.07:52
metanil:) 07:52
@apeironBut a dozen, probably not.07:52
metanilyeah.. thats what also think07:54
metanilhow to create boolean template variable so that i can do <tmpl_if var_name>07:58
metanilcan we do $vars{'var_name'} = 0 or 107:58
@apeironperlbot, tias07:59
perlbotTry It And See: the best way to learn if something works.07:59
metanilok.. that'll also help :)08:00
metanilit worked08:10
metanildo need to have any boolean kind of thing,, just checking the variable whether it was set in pm file or not08:10
@preactionit's perl's notion of truth08:11
@preactionperlbot false08:11
perlbotundef, 0, "", "0"08:11
@preactionperlbot true08:11
perlbotAnything that isn't false. see "false"08:11
metanilthen i guess i learn a new thing in perl..08:15
metanilthanks guys.. 08:15
metaniltime to take a nap08:16
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@tavistoperlbot is wonky08:53
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@apeironperlbot perlbot10:21
@apeiron... what10:21
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ckotilhaha. just got rick rolled on the phone!16:19
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Giant81I just installed a debian server named 'webgui' to use as my webgui server17:25
Giant81I installed wre and eveyrthing went fine17:25
Giant81I added a site and named it p1stest17:25
Giant81how do I access it?17:25
slickwarefor now, you can access it by IP17:26
Giant81I tried p1stest.webgui.rph.int17:26
Giant81and I get "it works" by apache17:26
slickwareotherwise, you need to set up some DNS 17:26
slickwaredid you install apache on debian?17:26
Giant81I think webgui did it for me17:27
slickwareright - but -17:27
slickwareif you let debian install apache, it will run both the default apache AND the WRE apache17:27
slickwareand you'll have issues17:27
slickwaresee if you can stop the apache service17:27
Giant81so I need to shutdown the non wre apache17:27
slickwareand give yourself a pat on the back for making it that far17:28
Giant81wre is pretty easy to setup... most of the issues I had were getting vmware tools installed17:28
slickwareif you have something like webmin installed, it'll be easy to tell if apache is on/running17:30
Giant81I went to /etc/init.d and did an apache stop17:31
Giant81and now I see nothing when I go to the IP... the wre and debian apache are seperate installs right?17:32
slickwaredid you load the wreconsole and make sure everything is running in there?17:36
Giant81it was running before... let me double check17:38
slickwareI had a weird issue where my services would stop when I stopped the console17:38
Giant81modproxy was not started.. though I'd seen it started before17:38
slickwareheh... don't ask me to program... but I can get the Wre running17:40
BartJolwell a macro is quickly written:17:42
BartJolpackage WebGUI::Macro::HelloWorld;17:42
BartJoluse strict;17:42
BartJolsub process {17:42
BartJol  return "Hallo gast";17:42
BartJolmy first baby17:42
slickwareso useful, thanks :)17:55
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui17:57
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slickwarequestion for anyone there...18:09
BartJolI'm someone... I think18:10
slickwareI've edited the styles on my entire site - only - when a user goes to log in, the admin?op=auth;method=login   page still displays the old style18:10
BartJoluser login style18:11
slickwarehow do I fix the style of that page?18:11
BartJoluser function style i mean18:11
BartJolin the settings18:11
slickwareis it a page template?18:11
BartJolit is a setting where you choose a template18:11
slickwareoh ok18:11
BartJolit's in the tab UI18:11
slickwaregot it18:12
slickwarenext question: my rich edit doesn't seem to have any font-formatting buttons18:12
slickwareis that normal (because the CSS controls everything?18:12
BartJolany? like no bold and italic too?18:13
BartJolnormally most things are indeed controlled by css18:13
BartJolmaybe those buttons exist if you maximise the rich edit features18:14
BartJolnot sure18:14
BartJolimport node->richedit->yourrichedit18:14
BartJolor whatever it's called18:14
-!- streamlines [n=chatzill@wsip-70-167-141-254.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #webgui18:15
slickwareI have bold and italic18:15
slickwarebut I don't have font or size18:15
BartJolI'll have a look18:15
slickwarewhich I guess is probably a good thing, because then it all stays the same18:15
slickwarebut font size does seem like a strange thing to not have18:16
BartJolyou can turn it on18:17
BartJolgo to the asset manager18:17
BartJolclick root->import node-> RichEdit18:18
BartJolthere are 2 default editor settings18:18
BartJoljust make a copy of the content mangers richedit18:18
BartJoledit the copy18:18
BartJolare you there yet?18:19
slickwaresorry stepped away - lemme chec18:20
Giant81how do I get to make demo's with webgui after I install it? I've turned on the demo's under wre console18:20
BartJolsorry Giant81, never tried, wouldn't know18:20
Giant81kk ty18:21
slickwarethanks bart18:22
BartJolno problem, given a presentation on the subject last year at the wuc, comes in handy right now :)18:23
slickwarehow is the WUC18:23
slickwarei'm considering it this year18:23
slickwarebut i'm in Boston, so it's a haul18:23
BartJolWell, it's nearly as far as the netherlands18:24
slickwarethere seems to be a huge netherlands/webgui thing18:24
BartJolwe like it as an excuse to show americans that we can drink more and better than them :)18:25
BartJolbut serious, there are a couple of companies here that use WebGUI for a long time18:25
BartJolhelp develope, host it, give support, so we like some contact (and maybe influence) on the whole project18:26
* Giant81 is from wisconsin18:27
* Giant81 takes that challenge18:27
* Radix_ is from Australia.18:27
BartJolso wuc next yera will be in the netherlands18:27
BartJolGiant81 is bound to be at the wuc then18:27
+Radix_need more Aussies in here.. me and patspam seem to be it so far ;)18:27
slickwareyou guys definitely have better beer, i'm not surprised you can drink more18:27
Giant81if I can get my employer to pay for it... yes18:28
Giant81its right in town here in Madison18:28
Giant81but I don't have the money to go18:28
slickwarehow much is the conference itself?18:28
+Radix_US$500 from memory18:28
Giant81Wisconsin is nice, a very large German population with lots of micro breweries and good beer18:29
BartJolatherwise it's somewhere on webgui.org/wuc18:29
BartJolyeah, the Essen Hause was cool18:29
+Radix_Giant81: you should write a talk/presentation for the WUC then - then you get in free I believe18:29
BartJolRadix_ are you coming this year?18:30
slickwareI would only talk about how I still like version 5x better than 7x :-D18:30
BartJolwe missed you...18:30
+Radix_or perhaps offer your services to help out in setting things up, cleanup, etc perhaps?  dunno18:30
+Radix_BartJol: wish I could, it sounds like this year is going to be big with all the new stuff in 7.518:30
BartJolah the "Be JT's slave for a weekend arrangement"18:31
BartJolsounds like a no18:31
+Radix_I've got to plan a big wedding for next year tho (Yumi and I are getting married) - so can't plan any big trips atm18:31
BartJolah, can the dutch crew come?18:32
BartJolto the wedding?18:32
+Radix_heh.. if you can make it over here you're welcome!18:32
+Radix_Actually we'll probably be doing two weddings.. one here and one in Penang, Malaysia18:32
BartJolhave to do something with my days off18:32
Giant81I may end up volunteering to help setup etc...18:33
BartJolmail graham or ask Haarg (that's the same)18:33
+Radix_BartJol: that'd be interesting.. how exactly would that be accomplished tho ;)18:33
BartJoldunno, big video screens... instant transportation, stuff like that18:34
+Radix_I think the penang one will more than likely just be a reception - lots of food for her aunts/uncles/family back home.. the wedding itself will be here18:35
+Radix_then we'll head off somewhere for our honeymoon18:35
+Radix_still needs lots of planning atm anyway.. all we've determined so far is that it'll be next year sometime! :)18:36
BartJolbut then you need a break from planning and go to the wuc18:36
slickwareis it a good time? how much of a crowd is there18:38
slickware(the wuc, not the wedding0\18:38
BartJolaround 50-100, don't remember exactly18:39
BartJolfrom which around 10 dutch persons18:39
BartJolI think around 70 last year18:40
BartJolbut it's hard to estimate18:40
BartJolit's a very good time, there are talks this yera for beginners, admins and developers, so always something interesting18:41
BartJoland a nice bar in the hotel18:41
slickwarethat's not as large as I would have expected actually18:41
+Radix_highly recommend it also.. It gave me a chance to answer all the questions I had and see how everyone else was using webgui in fascinating ways18:42
BartJolwell it was a bit smaller than I did expect last year18:42
BartJolbut that's only good for getting the chance to talk to everyone18:42
BartJoland ask questions ask Radix mentioned18:42
BartJolto show nice stuff you did18:43
BartJolbut have to go, have to network for a new house and the work for today has been done18:45
BartJolsee you around18:46
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@host2.procolix.com] has left #webgui []18:46
+Radix_I'm off to bed also.. nite18:46
-!- streamlines [n=chatzill@wsip-70-167-141-254.ga.at.cox.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]18:53
slickwaremaybe I will have to plan on it for next year18:54
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perlDreamerOnly in the Netherlands: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080604/ap_on_fe_st/mooning_mishap;_ylt=As5lpOzsqT_LK3OX0Jkfi6as0NUE20:13
slickwareI think I can top that20:19
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@apeironhttp://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html media channel has Phoenix updates.21:03
@preactionsvn should be back now, for those of you waiting to make commits21:04
perlDreamertalked with rizen, he says it's okay to warn people about spectre being down on commit, but not to cancel the commit21:05
perlDreamerI'll hold off my commits until this afternoon, PDT-wise21:05
@apeironpreaction++ # Houston, SVN is a go21:07
@preactionpfft, blame me for failing to make the init.d script work and having to start it manually. it could've been up hours ago21:07
perlDreamerDude, it's working.  That's all that matters.21:07
* apeiron nods.21:08
@preactionactually, i blame redhat for their "service" command not telling me WHY my script wasn't working (didn't have the +x bit)21:08
perlDreamerThe only questions now are 1)git or  SVK, 2) when we switch21:08
@apeironI say leave the repo itself as svn, then developers can use whatever they want.21:09
@apeironI personally find git to be as awkward as CVS.21:09
@apeironOr worse.21:09
perlDreamerI haven't used either, but Haarg digs git over svk after using both for a while.21:10
@apeironThere're some technical issues with svk, but for me, git is emacs-style awkward.21:11
@preactionimho svk seems like a hack over svn, whereas git was designed to be distributed21:12
@preactionbut me, i've tried bazaar and i like it21:12
perlDreameryou're forgiven, as a penance, burn two copies of the Emacs users manual21:13
@apeironI don't think it would matter which client developer X or developer Y uses if we use the SVN FS, since so many clients can speak to it.21:15
perlDreamerbut if the SVN goes down again, can SVK and git push across to one another?21:16
perlDreamerin other words, are we still vulnerable to the same problem?21:16
@apeironI don't think so.21:17
@apeironYou could do it *manually*.21:17
@apeironi.e., tar up the SVK depot directory, mail it.21:17
perlDreameryeah, that's advantage of homogeneity.  If it's all git, then we just stop pushing to main and start pulling from one another.21:18
perlDreamerI don't know how SVK would work, probably similarly.21:18
@apeironI dunno. If we standardize on git, I might write a porcelain for it to present a more comfortable interface.21:20
* perlDreamer commits to reading the stuff that Haarg sent out about git intro for SVN users21:20
@Haargwhat part of the interface don't you like apeiron?21:22
@apeironHaarg, The way the commands are named, the ugly ugly ugly URL syntax, other stuff.21:22
@Haargi don't think you can push/pull from other svk repositories easily21:22
@Haargwhich url syntax do you mean?21:22
@apeironI think in terms of 'checkout' 'update' 'checkin', not 'push' 'pull 'clone'21:22
perlDreamerI think this is the URL: http://git.or.cz/course/svn.html21:26
@Haargthat's getting used to git if you are familiar with svn21:31
@Haargif you are using git like i do, with a svn backend, then there's this: http://utsl.gen.nz/talks/git-svn/intro.html21:32
perlDreamerah, thanks Haarg.  I saw this talk at OSCON last year, but had forgotten about it.21:35
perlDreamerSam is a good presenter.21:35
-!- wgGuest52 [n=wgGuest5@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has joined #webgui21:35
wgGuest52i am nwb just installed on my virtual server wreconsole is working can someone help21:37
slickwarewhat's your question wgGuest52?21:37
wgGuest52hi slick m not sure everything working just testing right now services all ok now how can i publish website21:39
wgGuest52or begin working on website21:40
@apeironwgGuest52, Did you add a site via the WRE console?21:42
@apeironOkay, and you've done the initial setup for that, yes?21:42
@apeironGone to that URL, done the wizard with the light blue background, etc.21:42
wgGuest52am still on wre console 21:43
@apeironYou'll need to access the URL of the site you added on the console.21:43
wgGuest52still showing apache placeholder21:44
perlDreamerwgGuest52: Are you using debian?21:44
wgGuest52ubuntu i think i have to add dns /etjosts21:45
wgGuest52ubuntu i think i have to add dns /hosts21:45
perlDreamerokay, have you turned off the default apache that comes with ubuntu, and the mysql?21:45
slickwarelol two of these issues today so far. 21:46
wgGuest52not the apache cant control it with httpd have to kill process21:47
wgGuest52i think21:47
wgGuest52i have may be 10 apche processes runin21:48
wgGuest5216 actually21:48
slickwaretry running21:49
slickware/etc/init.d/httpd stop21:49
wgGuest52no such file21:50
wgGuest52kill all apche proces21:50
slickwarereplace httpd in that with apache221:51
slickwaresee if that works21:51
slickwareand/or you might have to:21:51
slickwaresudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop21:51
@Haargif you are using the wre, you would want to use the wreservice.pl script21:51
@apeironHaarg, The issue seems to be a vendor-supplied httpd clashing with the WRE httpd.21:52
@Haargme no read good21:52
@preactionyeah, sudo invoke-rc.d httpd stop21:52
wgGuest52yes ok21:52
@preactionor apache2 stop21:52
perlDreameror install fedora21:55
@preactionpfft, you and your fedora21:56
@preactiondebian ftw21:56
perlDreamerftw = foobar's the world?21:56
@Haargfor the win21:56
slickwareman fedora stopped being cool back when... oh right, when it stopped being redhat :-D21:57
wgGuest52thanks slickware i am getting started21:58
wgGuest52i will play around for now bye all thanks21:58
-!- wgGuest52 [n=wgGuest5@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has quit []21:59
slickwarehow many ways are there to stop apache? the world may never know!22:00
@apeironI prefer the slay utility.22:01
* perlDreamer 1) tries init script22:02
* perlDreamer 2) tries apache2 stop22:02
* perlDreamer 3) tries kill -922:02
@apeironDo yourself a favor, do not run slay without arguments.22:03
slickwareheh... that's an awesome command22:04
@preactionps ax | grep "httpd" | cut -d' ' -f 1 | xargs kill -922:04
@preactionworks when killall doesn't exist22:05
@apeironbah grep, bah cut, bah xargs22:09
@apeironYou call yourself a Perl programmer?22:09
@preactionps ax | perl -anlF' ' -e'`kill -9 $A[0]`'22:11
@preactionone of these things is slightly  more readable than the other, lets figure out which!22:11
perlDreamerps -ax | perl -lane 'kill -9 $F[0]'22:12
perlDreamersplit on whitespace is the default22:12
perlDreamerand it does seem strange to invoke perl to call the shell22:13
-!- khenn [n=khenn@66-190-50-137.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]22:13
@preactionpfft. damn you and your stronger perl-fu22:13
perlDreameronly on the command line, preaction22:13
@Haargwouldn't that try to kill every process?22:13
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o khenn] by ChanServ22:13
@preactionmine doesn't have the overhead of the perl interpreter22:13
@preactionha, we forgot grep22:13
@apeiron.... ha, oops22:14
perlDreamerps -ax | perl -lane '`kill -9 $F[0]` if /apache/'22:14
perlDreamerno grep needed22:14
perlDreamerps -ax | perl -lane '`kill -9 $F[0]` if /(apache)|(httpd)/'22:15
@preactionno need for capturing parens there22:15
@preactionunless that's a PBP thing22:15
@Haargi don't think pbp applies to one liners22:16
perlDreamernope, just my bad22:16
perlDreamerso we can drop 4 more characters22:17
perlDreamerps -ax | perl -lane '`kill -9 $F[0]` if /apache|httpd/'22:17
@Haargyou could also drop some spaces if you hate readability22:17
@preactionc'mon, you know we do!22:18
perlDreamerand I think this will do it all "inside" perl: perl -lane 'BEGIN{ @ARGV = `ps -ax`} `kill -9 $F[0]` if /apache|httpd/'22:18
@preactionnow that's just crazy22:19
perlDreamerand it may not even work, I haven't tested it.22:29
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6547 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 3 dirs): replace the old, buggy label.t with the new, slow critic_labels.t. Add Perl::Critic and Test::Perl::Critic as optional requirements to sbin/testEnvironment.pl23:42
Axthrowerwhenever i try to use any admin function i get the error "WebGUI was unable to instantiate your style template." at the top of the page and nothing displays correctly.  The content that I've created does display correctly though.. 23:44
@preactionAxthrower, something went wrong with the Admin Console style. It should not have been possible to delete it, but that's probably what happened.23:51
Axthrowerhow would I go about restoring it?23:52
@preactionfind a backup and get it from there? make a new site and get it from there? (meaning: export it as a package and import it back into your site)23:52
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--- Day changed Thu Jun 05 2008
Axthrowerany ideas what files i should be looking for?00:03
@preactionroot/import/AdminConsole probably. otherwise i don't know00:04
Axthrowerk thanks00:04
perlDreamerAxthrower, Would you please add a page to the wiki with how you recovered it?00:49
Axthrowerstill working on it..01:06
Axthrowerall the files appear to be intact...01:07
perlDreamerHey, maybe we should make a package of the root import node so that people can easily recover mistakes.01:07
perlDreamerit would need to be version specific01:07
Axthroweranyone know what template PBtmpl0000000000000137 is?01:10
perlDreamerthat is a style template01:11
Axthrowerya.. which one01:11
perlDreamerthat is the admin console style template01:13
perlDreamerselect * from template as t join assetData as a on t.assetId = a.assetId and t.revisionDate=a.revisionDate where t.assetId='PBtmpl0000000000000137';01:13
Axthrowerya thats what i was doing.. and get NOTHING01:14
perlDreamerwell, that means that it's gone01:15
perlDreameryou need to reinstanciate it01:15
perlDreamerwhat version of wG are you using, exactly?01:15
perlDreamerah, that's fortunate01:17
perlDreamerTry this.01:17
perlDreamerGo to the demo site, demo.plainblack.com01:17
Axthrowerit was working fine.. people were working with it etc.. than broke it somehow01:17
Axthroweri dunno what they did01:17
perlDreamersomeone deleted the style template01:17
perlDreamerand then cleaned it out of the trash01:17
perlDreamerat the demo site, create a demo site01:18
perlDreamerlog in as admin01:18
perlDreamergo to the admin console01:18
perlDreamerfind the style template in the import node01:18
perlDreamerset it to be a package01:18
perlDreamerexport that package and save a copy of it01:18
perlDreamerin your site, import that package, and it will restore the style template01:18
perlDreamerAxthrower, did you follow all that?01:19
Axthroweryup working on it..01:19
perlDreamerpreaction: Am I missing anything?01:19
Axthrowerthe assetId  on the demo site for the admin console template is PBtmpl000000000000000101:21
Axthroweri DO have that template in the database with the same html etc...01:21
perlDreamerbad news, they have the same Title01:22
perlDreamer Admin Console | admin_console2 | PBtmpl0000000000000001 | AdminConsole |01:22
perlDreamer| Admin Console | admin_console  | PBtmpl0000000000000137 | style        |01:22
perlDreamergood news, using the namespace OR the URL, you can tell them apart01:23
perlDreamerI filed that as a bug: http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/admin-console-templates-have-the-same-title#JmcWxembbTkZWVWd2Q4YPQ01:25
Axthrowerok so i found that 137 on the demo site.. how do i make it be a package?01:26
perlDreamerEdit the template, and select the Metadata tab01:27
Axthrowerah ok01:27
Axthroweryup that worked..01:32
perlDreamerthe whole thing?  cool!01:33
Axthrowerthe entire "style" folder was missing out of the import node01:34
perlDreamerIf that's so, then repeat the procedure with the Style folder and make a package out of it.01:37
Axthrowerthats what i did the first time..01:38
Axthroweri assumed the worst =P01:38
perlDreamergood call01:38
Axthroweri wanted nothing todo with the webdev project.. so i setup the stuff gave full access to the developer.. 01:39
AxthrowerOBVIOUSLY a bad idea.01:39
Axthrowerhttp:// changes i made to style.pm to figure out what was missing.. if anyone is interested01:45
perlDreamerAxthrower, please submit that as a bug with the patch01:46
perlDreamerI'm sure it will be accepted.01:46
Axthrowerallright thanks for the help all01:53
Axthrowerhave a good night01:53
perlDreamergood night01:53
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@apeironWow, people actually *use* epic these days, instead of just make jokes about how people don't use it?02:03
perlDreamerapeiron, you see anything wrong with applying that patch?02:06
@apeironPut some spaces aroudn the operators so it follows WGBP and then it'd be fine.02:07
* apeiron *loathes* "string"."string"02:07
perlDreamerwhat do you usually use instead?02:07
@apeironoperand operator operand02:07
@apeiron"string"."string" is trying to hide what's going on, IMO.02:08
perlDreamerI usually use join, or sprintf02:09
perlDreamerWell, my Perl::Critic policy does not obey scope02:13
perlDreamerI'll need to fix that02:13
perlDreamerI thought I'd already done that, and the skeletal code for supporting it is there, but the key pieces are not.02:14
perlDreamersay you have a module with two subs02:14
@apeironAlso, for the curious, the WGBP practice I'm mentioning is in chapter two, under "operators".02:14
perlDreamereach sub makes an i18n object to its own i18n namespace02:15
perlDreamerbut the scanner checks the WHOLE file for i18n calls under namespace1, which is wrong02:15
perlDreamerit should reset at the end of the sub, or enclosing scope02:15
* apeiron nods.02:15
perlDreamerThat's why I said it was ignoring scope02:16
perlDreamerhm, there's a perlcritic channel over on irc.perl.org02:21
perlDreamermaybe I should ask over there02:21
perlDreamer'cause I remember why I never finished that code02:21
perlDreamerPerl::Critic would need to be reentrant02:22
perlDreamersince I need to interrupt it's parsing02:22
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@apeironCrap, it's Tavis. Everyone run!03:41
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ToddBHello anyone there that can help with install question05:31
+Radix-wrkToddB: Best thing to do is ask your question.. and wait... if someone can help they will - but due to everyone on different time zones it may not be immediate.06:51
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perlDreamerI'm working on reverting the cancel commit stuff now07:41
perlDreamerit's all done07:53
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6548 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (20 files in 7 dirs): WebGUI_flux: Added Operator base class and 2 Operator modules with tests11:29
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6549 /WebGUI/ (7 files in 5 dirs): web interface for importing and exporting products. Additional tests for the import/export API11:29
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6550 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (4 files in 3 dirs): revert the patch that checked spectre and canceled the commit if it could not talk to it11:29
CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6551 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (16 files in 7 dirs): WebGUI_flux: added Operand module, and two sample Operands, with tests11:29
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BartJolaaah need API15:24
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BartJolis there a method in the api to reload a page? searching in the pod takes a bit long if you don't know where to look16:07
BartJolcall me lazy16:07
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SquOnkHi everyone17:28
SquOnkQuick question.17:30
SquOnkWhile packaging for Debian, one of the issues is using the Debian packaged YUI instead of the WebGUI "piggy-backed" one...17:30
SquOnk...I've set that up already, but need to know how to properly test if everything is working fine.17:31
SquOnkWhat elements of WebGUI require YUI?17:31
ckotilI think the admin console web interface17:32
ckotilI would stick with the WebGUI packaged YUI17:32
ckotillots of elements in YUI are beta17:33
ckotilso who knows what has changed and will cause problems for webgui by using the debian packaged one17:33
SquOnkckotil: The Debian packaged one is exactly the same as WebGUI's piggibacked one :-)17:33
SquOnkckotil: I just want to make sure that the symlinks I've set in place are the right ones :-)17:34
SquOnkckotil: Debian won't allow "wholesale software copying" so both YUI and TiniMCE2 must be linked to the ones already in Debian.17:36
SquOnkckotil: The rest of the WebGUI included JS is copied verbatim.17:36
SquOnkWell, the left admin bar works fine.17:36
SquOnkDrag'n drop works fine too...17:37
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perlDreamerSquOnk, The Calendar and Gallery use a lot of YUI18:17
perlDreamerI'd recommend testing on those18:17
perlDreamerIn 7.5.11 (not released yet), the EMS and the Shop admin functions use a lot of YUI.18:18
perlDreamerAlso, Survey218:18
SquOnkperlDreamer: Thanks18:19
SquOnkperlDreamer: Are there any tests for that in testCodebase?18:19
perlDreamerThere are a few mech tests, but they wouldn't be testing Javascript, now, would they? :)18:19
perlDreamerfor that you need Selenium or something similar18:20
SquOnkperlDreamer: Just asking...18:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...since I've seen pretty interesting tests in there.18:21
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wgGuest22Is there an easy way to just add a local file directory path as an asset to Webgui without uploading the files?19:24
@preactionthe fileImport.pl script in WebGUI/sbin perhaps?19:24
perlDreamerIf you can live without the Assets, passThruUrls (in the config file) will let you serve static files through WebGUI19:26
wgGuest22I'll need to look at that.  I am trying to replace my regular apache server with WRE on CentOS5. One of the main uses I have for apache is to provide a network build path (YUM Repo) which uses automount to mount the ISO on demand.  A static passthru sounds like the right approach.19:27
perlDreamerdocs on passThruUrls are in the config file, also check the wiki and search the forums19:28
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slickwarehey all.20:16
slickwarewhen something is deleted from the asset manager, is there a way to completely Purge it so that you can later on upload another item with the same name and path?20:16
perlDreamerWhen something is deleted, it's put in the Trash.20:19
perlDreamerOnce it's deleted from the Trash, it's gone forever.20:19
* perlDreamer is afk20:19
-!- jua1 [n=juangui@] has joined #webgui20:28
slickwarehaha it won't let me purge my entire trashcan because I have a folder in there20:39
slickwareI had to delete the items one at a time, and the folder doesn't want to go away still20:39
@preactionthat shouldn't be an issue, so there's probably an error in the error log20:44
slickwarenot too worried about it, i'm switching to agency hosting tomorrow so I don't ahve to deal with adminning my own damn server anymore20:45
slickwaredealing with that is getting old, i'd rather just build the sites and be done with it!20:45
@preactionamen to that. let graham deal with it!20:45
slickwareis there a way to make all titles hidden by default so users don't have to hide them every time they make a new article?20:50
@preactionnot really. not without changing the code20:51
@preactionor you could change the template20:51
@preactionbut then they'd have to pick your new template20:51
@preaction(do not change default templates, make a copy and change that)20:51
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slickwarewhere would that setting be in a template?21:00
slickwareI never use the defaults21:00
ckotilif you hide the titles at the parent level, the setting should be inherited. or edit the template.21:03
@preactionuse the available help files to figure out what the template variable for the title is, and then remove it21:03
ckotil<tmpl_if displayTitle><h1><tmpl_var title></h1></tmpl_if>21:03
slickwarei'm not sure what that means exactly, hide them at the parent level?21:04
bopbopslickware: a simple thing to do would be just to make a prototype of an article21:04
bopbopwith the title hidden21:04
ckotilslickware: hide them at the top level , and the setting should be inherited21:05
@preactionyeah, but you might want displayTitle for the Page Layout21:08
@preactioni like bopbop's idea too, prototypes are good21:08
slickwareI still don't know what you mean by top level. Hide them on the home page?21:10
@preactionhe means hide them on the page Layout the articles are contained in21:12
@preactionif you set Display Title to No on the Layout, the Articles added to it will start with Display Title set to no21:12
slickwarethe only option on a page layout is whether or not to display the page title21:19
slickwarewhich doesn't seem to assist when removing article titles21:19
@preactionso changing Display Title to No on the Layout doesn't automatically set Display Title to No when adding a new Article?21:23
@preactionWould it be evil to make an i18n message be either a string OR a subroutine that returned a string?21:25
@preactionwe could clean up a lot of duplication that way21:26
perlDreamerpreaction, we just need to clean up the namespaces21:26
perlDreamerit's going to take time21:26
@preactionwe can't, there are sites deployed with the dirty stuff, relying on the dirty stuff. we need to maintain backwards compat somehow21:26
@preactionso being able to point the old i18n label to the new i18n label would solve that21:27
perlDreamerbut at the user level it's all abstracted away, it's either code or a template var.21:30
perlDreamerI seriously doubt that any users are accessing i18n labels directly21:31
perlDreamerlike by using ^International21:31
@preactionthe International macro21:31
perlDreameryeah, that's the only way for them to access stuff directly21:31
@preactionit's everywhere in the Gallery templates, and will be soon in the Calendar21:31
perlDreamerotherwise, it's either code or template vars21:31
@preactionalso WebGUI::International::get() for field labels and such21:32
perlDreamerMost of those come from the WebGUI namespace21:32
perlDreamerIn fact, ALL of them come from WebGUI or UserProfile21:32
@preactionbut you can specify your own namespace if you want21:32
perlDreameryou _can_, but do you think people _are_?21:33
@preactionthat's just it, i tend to think that if you can do something, that somebody is doing it21:33
perlDreamerI used to think that way too21:33
perlDreamerNow I think WebGUI has too much special interest code in it21:33
@preactioni don't think i18n is special interest, not in the way that say LDAP is special-interest21:34
perlDreamerNo, I'm saying that 'special' use of i18n is a very rare activity21:34
perlDreamerand if we put shared items in WebGUI, it will work anyway :)21:34
@preactionare we talking inheritence?21:35
perlDreamerNo, I'm talking about how the i18n works now21:35
@preactionno, i meant "shared items"21:35
perlDreamerIt checks for user's language and namespace, then user's language and WebGUI, then english21:36
perlDreameryeah, so am I21:36
perlDreamerif shared items are moved to the WebGUI namespace, they'll still work21:36
perlDreamerwait a sec21:38
perlDreamerno they won't21:38
perlDreamerI'm confused with the English fallback21:39
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []21:39
perlDreamersorry, preaction21:41
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perlDreamerIt's ahrd to build inheritance with pure perl data structures21:48
perlDreamermaybe we could just encode a few inheritance rules in ->get21:48
perlDreamerand make it work the way I mistakenly thought it could21:48
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perlDreamerso everything fallsback to WebGUI21:49
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit [Client Quit]21:49
perlDreamerA wobject falls back to Wobject falls back to Asset falls back to WebGUI21:49
perlDreamerand so on21:49
@preactionright, but you'd have to set up these relationships somehow, with like @ISA (which might be evil) or a package-scoped lexical or something21:53
@preactionbut yeah21:53
@preactioni like the idea of inheritence in the i18n tree21:53
perlDreamerI don't think the inheritance rules could do in the actual i18n files21:54
@preactionespecially since that will fix the stupid problem i made with Photo / GalleryFile (the GalleryFile asset uses Photo i18n namespace because to change it would make about 4-8 hours of work for BartJol)21:55
@preactionno, it wouldn't be automatic, but we could use @ISA ourselves21:55
@preactionit'd just be perverting the meaning a bit21:55
perlDreamerYeah, I'm thinking of something much less flexible but highly contained21:55
@preactionresolving the inheritence by guessing inside of WebGUI::International::get?21:57
perlDreamerThe only advantage to that is that it's all in 1 place, and out of the i18n files21:57
perlDreameraside from that, I don't particularly like it21:58
@preactioni don't like the extra maintenance headache at all21:58
perlDreameroh, and it does with with raw files of perl data which matches the current i18n system21:58
perlDreamerBut if you push it out into the i18n files, you have to duplicate it across ALL the language packs21:59
perlDreamerthat's not fun21:59
@preactionunless, if you don't find i18n/*/Namespace.pm::PARENT_NAMESPACE, you look in i18n/English/Namespace.pm::PARENT_NAMESPACE22:00
@preactionbut that's hackery22:00
perlDreamerI didn't follow that22:00
perlDreamerthat's the current English fallback that's hardcoded into ->get22:01
@preactionPARENT_NAMESPACE being the package-scoped variable that defines where to look after you can't find it in the current namespace22:01
perlDreamerwell, again, custom coding in the i18n files is a recipe for disaster.22:01
@preactionso first it checks Language/Namespace for the i18n key. doesn't find it. Checks Language/Namespace for a PARENT, doesn't find it. Checks English/Namespace for a PARENT. Finds it, checks Language/PARENT for the i18n key22:02
@preactionif it didn't find PARENT in English/Namespace, it would check for the i18n key, and if it didn't find it, then it would do whatever it does currently (fall back to WebGUI namespace or whatevz)22:03
@preactionso it's a recursive lookup, as long as the English namespaces have the inheritence set properly22:04
perlDreamerthat's a lot of evals per lookup22:04
@preactioni mean, we could also use an upgrade to add the inheritence stuff to existing languages on the system, but no matter what someting will fall through the cracks22:05
@preactioni'm pretty sure we could cache the results, making references to the real value from the original i18n lookup22:06
@preactionhell, we could probably do that now22:06
perlDreamerI've tried caching, it's actually slower to do the lookup than it is to do the eval22:06
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui22:10
perlDreamerof course, I did a symbol table lookup, maybe a separate cache would be faster.22:12
perlDreamerbut that costs you 2X the i18n memory22:12
@preactioni was thinking putting the reference in the correct place in the symbol table, or hell even putting the string itself there22:15
@preactionso that way the next time you look it up, it's where you expected it to be22:15
@preactionor is that like what you did?22:15
perlDreamerI checked to see if the entry existed in the symbol table on each get, and it if didn't, then eval the namespace to bring it into existance.22:16
perlDreamerYou'd have to do a similar check, and then the install22:16
perlDreamerit would probably be slower22:16
perlDreamerbut I've been wrong at least one other time today :)22:17
-!- wgGuest52 [n=wgGuest5@] has joined #webgui22:17
@preactioneh, it's something we could try. speeding up i18n lookups by even a slight amount would be worth it22:17
-!- wgGuest52 [n=wgGuest5@] has quit [Client Quit]22:18
@apeironwhoops. Cat says hi.22:25
Giant81obfiscated perl = cat code22:26
Giant81looks like a cat lyed down on your keyboard22:27
perlDreamertalented cat that can hit a shift key :)22:28
@apeironShift-up arrow, actually. 22:34
perlDreamervery smart cat; it tried to use command-line completion22:35
Giant81ok freebsd is retarded22:37
Giant81every 3rd package it says I need to swap disks22:37
* Giant81 downloads the DVD for next time22:37
@apeironYou're not supposed to install packages when you install the system, don't you know that?22:38
Giant81its a virtual machine no less... so I haveh to go through like 3 menus to tell it to mount a different iso for the CDrom drive22:39
* Giant81 deletes his bsd image and starts over22:39
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perlDreamertavisto: Are your customers happy, or are they grumbling about the server downtime?22:52
@tavistoI haven't heard much from people although I've fielded 2-3 questions about outages22:54
@tavistomost people are understanding.. especially when I send them the URL of the full story22:55
@tavistoI do have a couple people who want the e-commerce to be back on plainblack.com so they can buy stuff22:55
@tavistowith it being on the temp box the SSL is obviously out of commission22:56
perlDreamerwe like it when they buy stuff22:56
@tavistoum yeah22:57
@apeironBuying stuff is good.22:57
@tavistoconsidering it's advertising cash22:57
@tavistofrom cmsmatrix22:57
@tavistofree money for WebGUI Development22:57
slickwareI was told yesterday that the SSL was back up22:58
slickwarebecause I was going to buy the agency hosting yesterday22:58
perlDreamerSVN is back up, so some part of the SSL must be back up22:59
@tavistoslickware did you buy the hosting?23:00
slickwareoh hey, you must be Tavis23:00
@tavistoyep :)23:00
perlDreamertavisto == Tavis23:01
slickwareI didn't yet, I got an email from Jamie on tuesday saying it would be up on Wednesday23:01
@tavistoI am pretty sneaky with my name selection... but that name is actually from my Mii character on Wii23:01
@tavistonow everyone at PB calls me that23:01
slickwarebut by wednesday I had already started building my demo site on my crochety old server, so I will buy it this weekend once I have something to move23:01
* perlDreamer still thinks it rhymes with Mephisto23:01
slickwaremine actually rhymes with "angina"23:02
@tavistoAlright slickware, that sounds great23:02
slickwareyes... you have no idea how great it sounds... i'm tired of keeping this dog running for like 2 domains!23:03
@tavistodo you have the book yet?23:03
slickwareI ordered the book on monday or tuesday23:03
@tavistoI used to play around with my server and run a couple sites.. but it's just not worth the time or hassle23:03
slickwarebut, I dug through the wiki and actually figured most of what I needed out23:03
@tavistooh cool, that designers book will make your life so much easier23:03
slickwarealong with bothering preaction and perlDreamer for the last few days23:03
@tavistoyeah but they like it23:04
slickwareI imagine so... they're here every day it seems23:05
perlDreamerThat's why they pay us the big bucks!23:05
slickwarealthough, you should work on getting them to wake up earlier - I think they're on PST and i'm on EST, which means I don't get my questions resolved until almost noontime ;)23:05
@tavistomost of us chill in here although not usually in here23:05
perlDreamerWell, one of us at least23:05
perlDreamerAnd he's not even paid to hang out in here either23:05
@tavistoDoug is in Madison so he's cst with most of PB23:05
perlDreamerJust why do we do this?23:05
slickwarei'm paid to hang out in here... just not by PB23:06
@tavistoperlDreamer is just a slacker and wakes up at 3pm everyday23:06
* apeiron is a slacker who wakes up at 11 everyday23:06
slickwarei'm a slacker... it's 4pm my time and i'm heading home 23:06
@tavistoand ape too23:06
slickwaredriving range and dinner... enjoy your afternoons!23:06
@tavistotake care, ttyl23:07
slickwarethanks all23:07
* slickware bounces23:07
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #webgui []23:07
* perlDreamer loves testing23:10
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6552 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): fixed: Password recovery no longer allows disabled users to recover or log in23:24
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6553 /branch/WebGUI_7.4/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fix: Password recovery no longer allows Deactivated users to recover passwords or log in23:24
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6554 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Shop/Products.pm t/Shop/Products.t): tests for exporting, and some bug fixes in exportProducts23:24
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--- Day changed Fri Jun 06 2008
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lisetteI like to know if a user already answering a trivia and can not return to respond? by this database01:08
lisettethis by databse01:08
lisetteor in the template01:09
lisetteof survey01:09
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6555 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (18 files in 9 dirs): WebGUI_flux: added Modifier modules (used to be called PostProcess) and two Modifiers (DateTimeFormat and DateTimeCompareToNow) with tests08:59
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6556 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (14 files in 5 dirs): WebGUI_flux: started adding Rule evaluation handling12:35
BartJolhee, SVN is up again?12:36
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: ckotil13:06
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bopbophaarg: where did webgui.org go? will it be down long?15:47
BartJolit is back15:48
BartJolit was down last week after the fire15:48
bopbopno, it's down now15:48
bopbophust directs to pb.com15:49
BartJolmmm, in europe I can see it15:49
bopbophmmm- I can't access15:49
bopboptried logging out and back in, tried in admin mode... nothing15:52
BartJolmmm it's not your connection, otherwise you couldn't be in this room15:52
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BartJollogged out, logged in, works fine for me15:53
BartJolon webgui.org15:53
BartJolmaybe Mr Tank knows15:53
bopbopvery odd- yep, I'll ask him15:53
bopbopkhenn: can you access webgui.org?15:53
bopbopany idea why I can't?15:54
@khenninternet down?15:54
bopbopno, or I wouldn't be here15:54
bopbopeverything else works fine15:54
@khennport 80 outgoing blocked?15:55
bopbopI can enter admin, sign in...15:55
@khennproxy server?15:55
bopbophow do I check?15:55
@khennwould be on your firewall15:55
BartJolor proxy is tools->options15:55
@khennwebgui.org is redirecting me to plainblack.com15:55
@khennso something is no right15:56
bopbopme too!15:56
BartJolbut why doen'st that happen to me?15:56
@khenncan get there by going directly there15:56
BartJolotherwise it could be a rewrite rule that is not active15:57
@khennlooks like webgui.org is redirecting back to plainblack.com for some reason15:57
BartJolyeah, almost vacation15:58
BartJolonly 2 hours left15:59
BartJolI must admit that some url's are rewritten15:59
BartJoleven in Europe16:00
BartJolbut it works also with webgui.org16:00
BartJolbut in the upper bar of my browser it says "Plain Black, makers of WebGUI"16:03
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SquOnkHi everyone17:20
SquOnkextras/calendar is being used?17:20
-!- BartJol [n=plainstu@52-167.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has joined #webgui17:34
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steveo_aawebgui.org not online?17:46
BartJolseems like it17:47
-!- lisette [n=ubuntu@] has joined #webgui17:48
steveo_aaplainblack.com too.17:51
BartJolisn't that the same webgui instance?17:52
steveo_aaDon't know, but a dev gateway is not reachable as well.17:52
BartJolwe should bother Haarg with it17:55
BartJolprobably he's already working on it17:56
BartJolworking on the down webgui.org ?17:58
BartJolwell, then we won't disturb you any further17:59
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@Haargshould be back up now18:21
BartJolit is, you're great!18:23
@Haargnothing i did; still don't know what the problem was18:24
BartJolyou just have brought some of JT's fear aura into your servers again18:25
BartJolI'm following JT's example and will be on holidays next week, have a fun hacking time18:30
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steveo_aaWhen is dusk returning?18:34
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@71-90-18-149.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui18:43
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slickwarehooray, agency hosting19:21
@Haargdusk?  it has been up since monday.  you having a problem with it?19:36
slickwareno, no, I just purchased it19:36
slickwareI was hooraying it19:37
@tavistoso it let you purchase it19:37
@tavistolet the flood gates open and sales continue19:38
bopbopHaarg: why is webgui.org redirecting to pb.com's homepage?19:38
slickwareit's not, for me19:40
bopbopit has been for me all day19:40
slickwareflush your DNS19:40
bopbopstill is- other pb staff members have had the problem too19:41
bopbopbut for some reason bartjol didn't19:41
slickwareah... you're PB staff? then my guess is your PB internal dns is messed up19:41
slickwareat least the rest of the world is ok :)19:41
bopbopwell thank goodness for that :)19:42
slickwarewhat happens if you hit it by IP19:42
@Haargit was messed up earlier, but dns should be fixed now.  i'll check again though.19:42
bopbopslickware: that works for me19:43
slickwarethen definitely it's your dns19:43
slickwareeither on your comp, or your router or whatnot19:43
slickwareit will probably refresh itself soon19:44
@Haargyou can use http://www.plainblack.com/wg for now19:44
bopbopcool- thx19:45
slickwaretavisto: who do I get in touch with now to go about setting up some domains?19:45
@tavistoyou can post that right to the support board19:46
slickwareassuming I don't have an account number or anything, posting under my username is sufficient?19:47
slickwareand - PB forums? or WG forums?19:48
bopbopslickware: PB forums19:53
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui20:10
@tavistosupport board on plainblack.com20:12
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #webgui []20:16
perlDreamerSquOnk: What do you mean by "used"? :)20:18
SquOnkperlDreamer: What parts of webgui are actively using them.20:18
SquOnkperlDreamer: In reverse: what would break if I remove it :-)20:18
perlDreameris extras/calendar a URL in the system, or a path in the extras dir?20:18
SquOnkperlDreamer: A path in extras dir.20:19
perlDreamerYou will break the ProjectManager, since it still uses the old JS calendar instead of the new YUI calendar.20:21
perlDreamerack extras /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI | grep calendar20:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: Oh20:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: Well, the thing is since those JS libraries are third party, they cannot be inside Debian's webgui package.20:22
SquOnkperlDreamer: I'll be forced to package them _first_ an once they're (if) accepted, proceed with webgui :-/20:22
perlDreamerSquOnk: Option 2 is to convert the ProjectManager to use the YUI date picking tools.20:23
SquOnkperlDreamer: Of course we can have "unofficial" Debian packages with all that stuff in...20:23
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...but I believe Option 2 would be better.20:23
perlDreamerbut for that one, we'd better submit a RFE and rizen and others think about it20:23
perlDreamerA good start would be a dev list posting20:24
SquOnkperlDreamer: And the same goes with a bunch of JS libraries there. I've already written rizen about that and other things.20:24
perlDreamerHas he said anything about how to handle it?20:24
perlDreamer(in the general sense)?20:24
SquOnkperlDreamer: The bottom line is: any piece of JS code in there that's NOT copyright WebGUI/PlainBlack, must be packaged separately20:25
perlDreamerah, okay20:25
SquOnkperlDreamer: Out-of-the-office response20:25
SquOnkperlDreamer: So, either a cleanup of unused libraries or "option 2" :-)20:25
perlDreamerSquOnk: I'd recommend a posting to the dev list.  That's probably the easiest and most direct way.20:27
perlDreamerAre you iterating over these 1 by 1, or do you have them all assessed at this point?20:27
CIA-6WebGUI: meatbop * r6557 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/ (8 files): A variety of template upgrades to calendar, donations, gallery, shelf, thingy and shopping cart20:28
SquOnkperlDreamer: I wrote to rizen describin all of the issues that were obvious to me.20:30
SquOnkperlDreamer: (I'm not that familiar with WebGUI's codebase yet)20:30
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #webgui20:31
-!- preaction_ [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui20:36
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction_] by ChanServ20:36
@apeironperlDreamer, ack | grep? Maybe you want to rethink that. :)20:37
perlDreamerack | ack is to Bill the Cat20:38
perlDreameror do you mean ack 'extras.+?calendar' ?20:39
@apeironI mean piping ack's output to grep is wee bit silly. 20:39
perlDreamerindeed.  old habits die hard20:40
@apeironSquOnk, rizen is on vacation until the ninth, so if you didn't get a response before the 28th or so, you won't get one until then at the very earliest.20:40
@apeironOr you shouldn't count on getting one before then.20:41
SquOnkapeiron: Thanks. I wrote today.20:41
@apeironSquOnk, I would suggest a devlist post as well.20:41
perlDreameryeah, the ProjectManager is khenn's baby, and he's not often in IRC20:42
perlDreamerit may be like a 5-minute job to yank out the old calendar to replace it with the new20:42
perlDreameror not :(20:42
-!- Meatbop [n=chatzill@pppte01-342.ght.iadfw.net] has joined #webgui20:42
MeatbopperlDreamer - you around? I hear you worked on Product20:43
perlDreamerI'm here, Meatbop20:43
perlDreamerI hope that long pause isn't you loading a shotgun :)20:44
Meatbopheh, no20:44
-!- Meatbop [n=chatzill@pppte01-342.ght.iadfw.net] has quit ["ChatZilla [Firefox]"]20:49
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perlDreamerjust who wrote this buggy product export code, anyway?!!23:08
* preaction_ slinks away stealthily23:10
perlDreamerpreaction should not feel bad for perlDreamer's buggy product code23:10
perlDreamerneither should preaction_23:11
@preaction_you sounded angry. anger has a way of getting redirected to the nearest available patsy23:11
perlDreamerpreaction_ is not a patsy.  Those slots are reserved for those who !grok('perl')23:13
perlDreamerso I'll blame Mephisto23:13
perlDreamerI mean Tavisto23:13
@preaction_or CIA-623:14
@preaction_he doesn't know perl23:14
@preaction_CIA-6, botsnack?23:15
@preaction_he doesn't even like treats!23:15
diakopterbad bot23:15
perlDreamerCIA-6 _is_ perl, yet he does not know.  This is tragic23:15
@preaction_perlbot botsnack23:15
perlbotI'm not your prank monkey23:15
@preaction_how rude23:15
@apeironperlDreamer, The CIA bots are in Perl? oO23:23
perlDreamerWhy would you write a bot in anything else? :)23:23
perlDreamerbut I'm slightly biased23:23
@apeironhttp://code.google.com/p/cia-vc/source/browse # unfortunately, they disagree23:24
@apeironThere's Python, Erlang (oO) and C, but no Perl that I can find.23:25
perlDreamerwhat is this oO thing you keep using, apeiron?23:32
@apeironIt's an emoticon that represents an arched eyebrow, at least when I use it.23:32
perlDreamerto me, it looks like part of the acronym for openOffice.  But I'll keep the eyebrow thing in mind.23:33
-!- Meatbop [n=chatzill@pppte01-342.ght.iadfw.net] has joined #webgui23:39
SquOnkErlang is great for distributed systems.23:53
perlDreamerwhere does the WRE keep webgui site logs?23:53
@preaction_in /data/domains/*/logs23:54
slickwareit could be someone suffering from a Hydrocele23:54
slickwareheh. today we learned a new word!23:55
SquOnk../t/AdSpace/Ad.................................ok 1/43Usage: UNIVERSAL::isa(reference, kind) at /usr/share/perl5/UNIVERSAL/isa.pm line 65.23:59
SquOnk        Test returned status 0 (wstat 11, 0xb)23:59
SquOnkDIED. FAILED tests 4-4323:59
SquOnk        Failed 40/43 tests, 6.98% okay23:59
--- Day changed Sat Jun 07 2008
perlDreamerSquOnk: Are you fully up to date, or is this 7.5.10?00:01
SquOnkperlDreamer: 7.5.1000:01
SquOnkGetting back to the JS stuff we were talking about before.00:01
perlDreameryeah, I'd expect those, and they're "real" in that the tests are out of date from the code.00:01
SquOnkperlDreamer: Ok, not to worry00:03
SquOnkperlDreamer: Wait, that's 7.4.39!00:03
SquOnkperlDreamer: But don't mind me.00:04
SquOnkI'm not a subscriber of the developers mailing-list. Do I need to subscribe in order to post?00:04
@preaction_no. you might need an account on webgui.org though00:14
-!- dionak [n=diona@] has quit []00:28
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]00:29
SquOnkAll right, just posted to Webgui Dev.00:32
SquOnkHow long does it take to show in the forum?00:33
perlDreamerit's rev 6558, and I tested it manually00:33
perlDreamerSquOnk: It's there now00:34
SquOnkExcellent. It's a little long, but that's just how I write :-)00:34
SquOnkIt's pretty much what I wrote to JT this morning00:35
perlDreamerSquOnk: I added the blurb about the ProjectManager from this morning.00:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: Ok. As you've probably figured out, the best thing is to remove anything not being used :-)00:38
perlDreamerYou could package wG without the ProjectManager.  There's no easy upgrade path to get it, though.00:39
perlDreamerI'd rather see it changed to use YUI instead.00:39
perlDreamerbut that's my opinion00:39
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #webgui []00:39
perlDreamercoolmenus is used by some default Navigation templates00:39
@preaction_yeah, we want to get rid of it though00:41
@preaction_and those00:41
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6558 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): provide a template var that will tell the user when there are no available variants for sale. Out of stock00:41
@preaction_the www/extras/slider should be replaced with the yui slider control probably00:42
SquOnkWell, hopefully the webgui community will decide what is best.00:44
SquOnkRemove what needs to be removed, replace what needs to be replaced and defer what needs to be deferred.00:44
perlDreamerAnd we know the status of the debian package, too.00:44
SquOnkAs I mention in the post YUI an TinyMCE2 _are_ in Debian, so it will just be a couple of symlinks.00:44
SquOnk...and the YUI symlink is working fine.00:44
perlDreamerI found another place where the extras/calendar is used, and I updated the thread with it00:45
SquOnkperlDreamer: Debian will have 7.5.X. I have specially crafted 7.4.39 packages for Debian Etch.00:45
SquOnkperlDreamer: (Those are the packages my customers are using now)00:45
perlDreamerthey meet the license restrictions?00:46
SquOnkperlDreamer: No :-)00:46
SquOnkperlDreamer: They are installed from my repositories.00:46
perlDreamerah, okay00:47
SquOnkperlDreamer: By "specially crafted" I mean I had to replace some other Debian packages...00:47
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...since Etch has older versions of HTML::Template, Test::Deep...00:47
SquOnkperlDreamer: A nice thing that the Debian package has is the ability to upgrade itself.00:49
SquOnkperlDreamer: I just cd into my webgui source package and do 'uscan'...00:49
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...it checks whether or not there's a new release of webgui in plainblack.org...00:49
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...and downloads it, renaming it to the appropiate .tar.gz as required by Debian00:50
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...then I do uupgrade ../webgui*tar.gz00:50
SquOnkperlDreamer: It unpacks, applies my "debianizing patches" to it and sets a new changelog entry for the upgrade00:50
SquOnkperlDreamer: Then I just dpkg-buildpackage :-)00:51
SquOnkperlDreamer: So, hopefully some stuff will get deleted in 7.5.11 and when I upgrade it will all be ok...00:52
perlDreamerthat's what it sounds like, but we're hard pressed to make 7.5.11 with the current requirements00:53
SquOnkperlDreamer: I know00:53
SquOnkperlDreamer: In fact, I'm trying myself to add the POD documentation to the Perl scripts :-)00:54
SquOnkSpeaking of that, I'll refresh my SVN copy00:55
SquOnkI'm supposed to have commit privileges00:57
SquOnk6559 is the current version, right?01:00
SquOnkAll right, here come the PODs :-)01:06
SquOnkI've written a proper POD document for each sbin/*.pl01:06
SquOnkAnd it uses POD::Usage so you can:01:06
SquOnkperldoc blah.pl01:06
SquOnk(you get a full manpage)01:06
SquOnkblah.pl --help01:06
SquOnk(you get a full manpage)01:06
SquOnkblah.pl --wrong stuff --or incomplete01:07
SquOnk(you get a summary)01:07
SquOnkThis will be my first commit to WebGUI :-)01:07
SquOnkThere you go.01:10
SquOnkAnyone care to try it?01:10
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6559 /WebGUI/www/extras/yui-carousel: Removed yui-carousel since it is not being used01:11
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6560 /WebGUI/sbin/ (15 files): Added proper POD documentation to utility scripts using POD::Usage.01:11
SquOnkAll right. That's it for today.01:12
SquOnkSee you guys tomorrow (with hopefully more unused stuff deletions ;-)01:13
-!- perlDreame1 [n=ckuskie@nat091.mxim.com] has joined #webgui01:14
-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has quit ["Yippie kay-ai-yay fudder muckers!"]01:14
perlDreame1stupid incompetent $dayJob!  Can't even keep the bits flowing01:14
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]01:15
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6561 /WebGUI/sbin/spectre.pl: 01:33
CIA-6WebGUI: Removed a hardcoded pathname in the POD that makes sense only01:33
CIA-6WebGUI: for the Debian package. Sorry!01:33
-!- Meatbop [n=chatzill@pppte01-342.ght.iadfw.net] has quit ["ChatZilla [Firefox]"]01:36
CIA-6WebGUI: meatbop * r6562 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/default_product.wgpkg: Total reworking of the layout for Product template01:55
perlDreame1and it looks much better, too01:56
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6563 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Shop/Products.pm t/Shop/Products.t): add more export products tests, along with several bug fixes02:20
-!- perlDreame1 [n=ckuskie@nat091.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]02:33
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6564 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Gallery.pm docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt): fix: Gallery search now limits by classname correctly02:48
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6565 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): added a flag to distinguish between albums and files02:48
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perlDreamerI need some HTML formatting advice for the Product06:33
perlDreamerThe user gets shown a list of variants in a dropdown06:33
perlDreamereach entry in the dropdown contains the short description followed by the price06:34
perlDreamersince the prices and descriptions are different widths, it looks sloppy06:34
perlDreamerusing sprintf doesn't do much to help (%s makes spaces, not nbsp's)06:34
diakopterperlDreamer: you could put the short descriptions and prices on different lines, and mark the price lines as "headings" (or whatever it's called), so they're not selectable.06:39
perlDreamerdifferent lines in the dropdown?06:40
perlDreamerI'm using a Form control to build the dropdown, which means I'd need to modify that as well.06:43
-!- f00li5h_ [n=f00li5h@c211-30-187-137.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #webgui06:45
perlDreamer&nbsp's seem to work06:45
perlDreamerof course, trying to align text with a proportional font is sheer lunacy06:51
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6566 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Sku/Product.pm: tidy up a bit and add a price to the variant dropdown08:08
-!- f00li5h_ is now known as f00li5h08:32
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wgGuest09Hello 15:57
wgGuest09nwb from holand15:57
wgGuest09i de like to setup ecommerce using paypal as payement method is this possible15:59
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o khenn] by ChanServ16:01
wgGuest09hi does someone have a clue if there is  a paypal plugin yet16:07
wgGuest09do u know may where i can look?16:11
wgGuest09obviously no one is here16:13
wgGuest09bye all16:13
-!- wgGuest09 [n=wgGuest0@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has quit []16:13
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--- Day changed Sun Jun 08 2008
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perlDreameranyone remember which record Andy Dufresne played over the prison PA system?00:11
@apeironWikipedia says "Sull'aria Che soave zeffiretto"00:12
perlDreamerthanks, apeiron!00:14
@apeironIt's in the article on the movie.00:15
perlDreamerI need more testing collateral00:16
perlDreamerapeiron: Have you heard that Phoenix's screens are clogged?00:18
@apeironperlDreamer, gack, no es bueno.00:18
perlDreamerthey say the problem is that the soil's too clumpy00:18
@apeironhrm. The question then becomes how it got that way.00:19
perlDreamerI'm hoping it didn't have something to do with the landing rockets :/00:19
@apeironle sigh00:20
@apeironI'm by no stretch a geologist (or exogeologist (xenogeologist?) for that matter). Am quite curious about how the soil is clumpy.00:20
perlDreamerorganic matter? :)00:22
perlDreameroil leak from the landing struts?00:22
@apeironOr some other kind of liquid from the lander.00:23
perlDreamermmm, lander liquid00:23
perlDreamersounds like the coffee from last year's WUC00:23
@apeironheh, yeah.00:24
@apeironDid you see the telecon yesterday?00:25
@apeironWell, yesterday's telecon, as you can download it.00:25
perlDreamerNo, I haven't yet.00:26
perlDreamerWhere is it downloadable from?00:26
@apeironOh, no, wait, it can't have been yesterday, sorry.00:26
@apeironSorry, 't was Wednesday.00:27
@apeironAs for the video, I'm not sure where it is on their site. I managed to save most of it to disk and will let you download it directly from me if I can't fin dit.00:28
perlDreamercool, thanks!00:33
perlDreamerI think I'm averaging about 1 bug per line of code on the Product importer/exporter.00:33
perlDreamerI'm thinking that's too high.00:34
@apeironMore tests!00:34
@apeironFor the video, do you have the ability to view QuickTime movies?00:34
perlDreamerI've been procrastinating fixing the multimedia on my laptop 'til I upgrade to FC900:38
@apeirondoh. In the meantime, you can listen to audio telecons. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/multimedia/audiobriefing-20080606.html and the archive at http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/multimedia/media-audio_archive_1.html00:40
perlDreamerand there's another good one for the wG Programming Mistakes talk00:51
perlDreamersee if you can figure this one out: my %productCollateral = @productRow{ @collateralFields };00:52
@apeironer. you're getting a list of values, not a hash. :)00:54
@apeiron(though of course it'll be *interpreted* as a hash and will continue silently)00:55
@apeiron(... unless it's uneven)00:55
perlDreameryup, that's right00:56
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6567 /WebGUI/ (lib/WebGUI/Shop/Products.pm t/Shop/Products.t): add tests for upgrading existing products, with bug fixes01:37
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6568 /WebGUI/t/ (3 files in 2 dirs): add missing collateral from previous commit, add more tests for import01:37
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wgGuest11Hello how are you14:36
wgGuest11can u help i seem not ot find answer on faqs14:38
wgGuest11am nwb how can i make a table of clickable images14:39
wgGuest11sorry to disturb can someone help14:43
-!- wgGuest11 [n=wgGuest1@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has quit []14:50
-!- wgGuest18 [n=wgGuest1@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has joined #webgui14:51
wgGuest18nwb need help14:54
wgGuest18hello apeiron15:08
wgGuest18can u help15:08
-!- wgGuest18 [n=wgGuest1@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has quit []15:13
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-!- pilaf153 [n=steve@c-68-43-160-207.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #webgui17:31
pilaf153Is release 7.5.11 still on track to be out this week?17:31
-!- pilaf153 [n=steve@c-68-43-160-207.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has quit []18:38
wgGuest14how table of images18:44
wgGuest14my webgui site crashed is there a known bug for 7-4-35 19:04
wgGuest14happenned while was editing a page in middle of a copy and paste action19:05
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-!- wgGuest29 [n=wgGuest2@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has joined #webgui19:53
wgGuest29i have a question 19:53
wgGuest29how do u buiild a page with a table of clickable images\19:54
wgGuest29someoe plz help19:54
wgGuest29is it possible?19:56
wgGuest29where do i look?19:56
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nubaits impressive how many times, and for how long, he keeps getting here to ask something that looks like its not a webgui question20:50
@apeironI would answer but I'm teh fail at markup.20:50
nubaif only he would stay around so that he could be properly hinted at the right direction20:50
@apeironAnd I imagine many people here are the same way.20:50
@apeiron(i.e., perl coders, not designers)20:51
nubaby the gist of it, seems like he wants something fireworks-ish20:52
nubalast time i did that kind of stuff, fireworks was still macromedia's20:52
nubamost people i know moved away from sliced image menus20:54
@apeironhm. Would an imagemap suffice?20:54
nubausually brings bad usability, bad for searchbots, worst than smart css, bad mojo in general20:54
nubaand image menus are a PITA to mantain, if built with photoshop20:55
nubaadd a new section to our website, and you need to work on the image again. Wheres the font? Wheres the psd file? what was the mouseover color again? and so on20:56
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--- Day changed Mon Jun 09 2008
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wgGuest63does someone knows how to show a table of clickable images01:00
-!- wgGuest63 [n=wgGuest6@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has quit [Remote closed the connection]01:04
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wgGuest24howto make a table of images01:05
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-!- wgGuest26 [n=wgGuest2@h8922066131.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has joined #webgui06:08
wgGuest26good day to you06:08
wgGuest26plz can u help me find a solution to my pb06:09
wgGuest26is someone there???06:09
wgGuest26is this thing working?06:10
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wgGuest26am from holland am nwb 06:23
+Radix-wrkhi wgGuest26 06:28
+Radix-wrkWhat's your problem.. I can't guarantee I can help, but I'm a good listener ;)06:29
+Radix-wrkYou'll generally find the best way to get help on here is to ask, then be really patient and wait.. a lot of people idle on here and won't see your question straight away.  Also helps to ask when most of the US people are awake too ;)06:31
wgGuest26thanks radix06:32
wgGuest26my question is want to include  a table with clickable images 06:33
wgGuest26like icons06:34
+Radix-wrkShouldn't be a big issue - what's the problem exactly?06:35
+Radix-wrkthat kind of thing is done purely in html06:35
+Radix-wrkor html + a bit of css if you do it right06:35
+Radix-wrkIt's probably not the kind of thing you could do easily with the inbuilt html editor - but it's possible.06:36
wgGuest26did u see something like that somewhere06:37
wgGuest26what is your advice06:38
+Radix-wrkYou may find it easier to design something like that using a full html editor and then pasting the html code into an article or snippet.06:39
+Radix-wrkthere's not going to be anything in webgui to help you do that kind of thing - that's purely a html problem.06:39
wgGuest26am new dont have a clue of webgui06:40
+Radix-wrkSounds like all you need to do is add a table, then click in each cell in the table and add the image you want06:40
+Radix-wrkthen add a link to each one of the images06:40
wgGuest26thought i can do that in webgui that s all06:41
wgGuest26am using firefox difficult to paste06:42
wgGuest26so i need first to change editor in settings somewhre06:43
wgGuest26than it is obvious06:43
+Radix-wrkyou can paste in firefox, just don't use right click to paste06:43
+Radix-wrkuse Ctrl+V06:43
wgGuest26i dunno06:43
wgGuest26i added a user.js to modify the behavior but works only once then stops06:44
wgGuest26i tried ctrlV06:44
wgGuest26mean i will try06:44
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wgGuest26working for text but not for images06:51
wgGuest26as am on ubuntu06:52
wgGuest26i guess i have to go to a good html editor06:52
wgGuest26thanks for your help radix06:52
wgGuest26bye all06:54
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6569 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (7 files in 5 dirs): WebGUI_flux: Flux now groks Combined Expressions07:15
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-!- wgGuest80 is now known as lrobinson12:07
CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6570 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (11 files in 5 dirs): WebGUI_flux: Rules can now be dependent on other rules (with cache-optimisations and infinite loop checks)12:16
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dionakwell, it is here..16:59
dionakevening for you?16:59
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-!- juan [n=juangui@] has joined #webgui17:37
juani have a strange problem17:42
juanin one of my sites an asset disappear and i can not find it17:43
juanin assets i am looking for it in the path it was located but it is not there17:44
juanin trash isn't too17:44
juanso, i don't know what is my asset17:45
-!- dionak [n=diona@] has quit []17:47
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juanhow can i find it?17:50
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6571 /WebGUI/sbin/ (16 files): 18:00
CIA-6WebGUI: Used B<> instead of C<> when highlighting options and parameters in18:00
CIA-6WebGUI: POD documentation. Not only do they look nicer emboldened, but it's18:00
CIA-6WebGUI: also what's suggested in perlpod.18:00
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SquOnkHi everyone18:26
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6572 /WebGUI/sbin/_utility.skeleton: Added a POD template and pod2usage sample invocation to _utility.skeleton.18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6573 /WebGUI/sbin/ (3 files): Added missing copyright notice to utility scripts.18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6574 /WebGUI/sbin/_utility.skeleton: Added sample copyright notice to skeleton utility script.18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6575 /WebGUI/sbin/ (8 files): (log message trimmed)18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: Make sure $webguiRoot is setup consistently in all utility scripts.18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: Some scripts had a hardcoded use lib "../lib" and "../.." on18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: Session/Config method calls. This was changed to a BEGIN prologue18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: where @INC gets $webguiRoot added, and the method calls use18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: $webguiRoot instead.18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: This eases the creation of patches for filesystem reorganization of18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6576 /WebGUI/sbin/_utility.skeleton: Added $webguiRoot and BEGIN preamble to utility skeleton.18:28
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6577 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/ (12 files): (log message trimmed)18:52
CIA-6WebGUI: Make sure $webguiRoot is setup consistently in all upgrade scripts.18:52
CIA-6WebGUI: All the scripts had a hardcoded use lib "../../lib" and "../.."18:52
CIA-6WebGUI: on Session method calls. This was changed to a BEGIN prologue18:52
CIA-6WebGUI: where @INC gets $webguiRoot added, and the method calls use18:52
CIA-6WebGUI: $webguiRoot instead.18:53
CIA-6WebGUI: This eases the creation of patches for filesystem reorganization18:53
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6578 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/ (12 files): 18:53
CIA-6WebGUI: Upgrade scripts have webguiRoot two directories behind.18:53
CIA-6WebGUI: Changed ".." for "../.." in the BEGIN preamble.18:53
CIA-6WebGUI: ernesto * r6579 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/_upgrade.skeleton: Added $webguiRoot and BEGIN preamble to upgrade skeleton.18:53
lisett1i have a macro that add a collaboration system, i do this with $asset->addChild, i need enable the rss, and i have rssCapableRssEnabled =>1, but this don't work, then i edit this by the browser, without making changes, I click over there and save if it works, I can miss in the macro?18:56
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui19:16
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lisett1i have a macro that add a collaboration system, i do this with $asset->addChild, i need enable the rss, and i have rssCapableRssEnabled =>1, but this don't work, then i edit this by the browser, without making changes, I click over there and save if it works, I can miss in the macro?19:32
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@206-124-31-144.denver.dsl.forethought.net] has quit []19:32
dionakwhen you addchild with your macro is rssCapableRssEnabled set to 1 in the db?19:45
dionakthat would be the first thing i would check19:45
lisett1the addchild doesn't save inmediately in the db?19:47
lisett1the rss is not stored in the table collaboration19:56
juani have a page layout and inside it i have many assets that can only view by the registered users20:14
juani want to change it the permission to everyone20:15
juancan i change it recursively?20:15
juanor have to edit every asset?20:15
topsubis it possible to do a one to many with thingy?  I see how to do one to one with thingy but not one to many.20:22
bopbopjuan: you should be able to do it through edit branch, but it will affect any page layouts under that page as well20:22
bopbopso be careful- don't use it if you have subpages under that page layout20:22
-!- topsub [n=josh@] has quit [Connection reset by peer]21:16
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nubathis is interesting, theres a bunch of languages like python, php, ruby, ml, etc for which MS is adding support in .NET22:03
nubaperl is missing there, tho22:03
xdangerI think when they get perl6 out, someone will do a interpeter that'll run in .NET22:13
perlDreamerI think when they get parrot out, it will supplant .NET22:13
-!- ckotil [n=newtrino@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui22:20
nubawhen they get parrout out.. yeah.. 22:22
perlDreamerwell, I can hope, anyway :)22:22
ckotiliphone 3g!!22:22
-!- tavisto [n=tavisto@pool-71-120-147-81.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #WebGUI22:22
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CIA-6WebGUI: meatbop * r6580 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/shopping-cart-collateral-items_my-purchases-detail-default.wgpkg: Redid the layout for the My Purchases & Details display22:22
@apeironYou're kidding, they're not letting you buy them online? oO22:23
juani have a strange error with one of my sites.  the error is with spectre and is the next:22:39
juan ERROR - spectre.conf - POE::Kernel::_dispatch_event[948] - CRON: Response for job www.telecinco.com.co.conf-pbcron0000000000000004 had a communications error. <HTML>22:39
juan<HEAD><TITLE>An Error Occurred</TITLE></HEAD>22:39
juan<H1>An Error Occurred</H1>22:39
juan500 Internal Server Error22:39
@preactionjuan, do not paste here. use a pastebin22:39
juanyes, i know22:39
@preactionalso, that error usually means that spectre couldn't communicate with webgui22:40
juani executed perl spectre.pl --test22:41
juanand all is ok22:41
@preactionit could've been a temporary hiccup22:41
juanand the problem is with all the sites22:42
juanby the moment all seems be ok 22:42
perlDreamerthey all share one WebGUI code and 1 spectre22:42
juanbut then many errors like this start to appear in the webgui.log22:42
perlDreamerhold that paste :)22:42
perlDreameruse a pastebin22:43
perlDreamerprection has a quick trigger finger22:43
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juanmore erros22:45
juanmore errors22:45
juanthe errors appear by moments22:46
juando you know, what is happening?22:50
juanpreaction, do you know what is happening with these errors?22:57
@preactioni gave you my best guess already22:57
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CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6581 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): added a thumbnail for the photo edit screen23:27
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juanperlDreamer, i was upgrading to the latest version of webgui and now i have a strange problem in one of my sites.  i have mi site in spanish and with visitor many words with accents have strange symbols, but when i registered as admin users the words appear ok23:53
-!- dionak [n=diona@] has quit []23:53
--- Day changed Tue Jun 10 2008
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perlDreamerjua1, what's the URL for the site?00:01
perlDreamerand it looks fine as admin?00:05
perlDreamerhow about other users?00:05
perlDreamerI guess what I'm asking is if it's only Visitor00:05
perlDreamerHave you checked the profile for Visitor, to make sure his language is still Spanish?00:06
juanvisitor has spanish as a default language00:07
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6581 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): added a thumbnail for the photo edit screen00:07
perlDreamerwhich version did you start at, and which version did you upgrade to?00:07
juanI was in 7.4.32 and now i am in 7.4.3900:08
perlDreamerdid you read the gotchas.txt file in the docs directory to look for problems?00:09
juanwith another user the words appear ok00:09
perlDreamerwell, this is what I would do.00:09
perlDreamerThis certainly looks like a bug.00:09
perlDreamerbut first, read through the changelog and the gotchas files in the docs directory00:10
perlDreamerif you don't see anything in there, then file it as a bug.00:10
perlDreamerbe sure to put URLs to the affected site00:10
juani don't see anything there00:12
juanbut i have some sites in the same server and only this site has this problem00:12
juanthe other sites are ok00:12
perlDreamerDo the other sites have similar content?00:13
perlDreamerI would still file this as a bug, but first I would do this00:14
perlDreamerMake a package out of the affected page00:14
perlDreamerand save it00:14
perlDreamerYou can probably fix the problem by editing the asset, deleting the bad title and entering it in again.00:15
perlDreamerattach the package to the bug00:15
perlDreameroh, and take a few screen shots as well00:15
perlDreamerthat site looks okay to me00:16
juanif i edit the asset, the problem is fixed.00:22
perlDreameryou're welcome00:23
perlDreamerjuan, I don't know if it was just a hiccup, or a larger problem.  Please do file that as a bug.00:30
perlDreamerYou might be making life easier for a lot of other i18n WebGUI users00:31
juanperlDreamer,  I want to view more specifics errors about spectre, can i do that?01:04
perlDreamernot without adding in the error messages yourself01:04
perlDreamerI saw your earlier posts about pbcron0000000000000401:04
perlDreamerthere is some action in that workflow that is having problems01:04
perlDreamerI don't know which one01:04
juanbecause the problem continous and the this process is consuming a lot of memory in the server and high cpu01:05
juanbut the problem is with differents workflows01:08
-!- CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has quit []01:15
juanif i check in my server.  there are several process running of spectre01:15
juani kill all of them and  start the spectre again01:15
juanat this point the error that i showed you before disappear01:16
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-!- CIA-6 [n=CIA@] has joined #WebGUI01:35
CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6582 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 4 dirs): added ability to configure number of files per page in the galleryalbum01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6583 /WebGUI/ (5 files in 4 dirs): 01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Convert WebGUI::Shop::Products over to be object oriented.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Update the tests and Content plugin for the Shop.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Add the Products screen to the Shop admin screen.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Add exception handling to www_import.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Add a status message to the manage products screen.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6584 /WebGUI/www/extras/tinymce2: not needed01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6585 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Shop/Products.pm: 01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Handle autocommit of products from the settings.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: Tweak an error message. Showing the file isn't that useful.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6586 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Shop/Products.pm i18n/English/Shop.pm): Add a convenience link to the Asset Manager on the Import Product node.01:38
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6587 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/ (4 files): rename the PayDriver plugin i18n files01:38
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-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has joined #webgui02:06
SquOnkHi everyone02:06
perlDreamerHi, SquOnk02:06
SquOnkperlDreamer: Looks like everything I complained about it's just about to go :-)02:07
SquOnkperlDreamer: Did you see the patches I commited today (POD for the sbin scripts and some cleanup of webguiRoot finding)02:08
perlDreamerI saw the POD, but didn't see the webguiRoot finding stuff.  Is that in the sbin scripts?02:08
SquOnkperlDreamer: Yeah... some of the scripts had hardcoded ".." and "../lib" paths here and ther.02:10
perlDreamerthat's no good02:10
SquOnkperlDreamer: What I did was add a $webguiRoot variable, set that variable to whatever path is needed, place that in a BEGIN block so it gets unshifted into @INC.02:10
SquOnkperlDreamer: And removed the hardcoded references by $webguiRoot.02:11
SquOnkperlDreamer: That way, it's easier to patch the code to change $webguiRoot02:11
SquOnkperlDreamer: And I added the code both to the _utility.skeleton and _upgrade.skeleton :-)02:11
SquOnkperlDreamer: So, now every sbin and upgrade script has a consistent usage of webguiRoot, and hopefully the future ones will too.02:13
SquOnkperlDreamer: There were a couple of missing copyright notices too.02:13
SquOnkWhere should I file the bugs?02:24
SquOnkJT asked me to file a bug for each complaint...02:24
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6588 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Shop/Admin.pm: fix the shop admin screen icon02:33
@apeironSquOnk, http://www.webgui.org/bugs , it's the "file a bug" link on the left side.02:36
@apeironSquOnk, You'll need to create an account and be logged in to file bugs.02:36
SquOnkapeiron: Already there, thanks :-)02:36
perlDreamerperlbot: bugs is http://www.webgui.org/bugs02:36
perlbotI already have an entry for bugs02:36
perlDreamerperlbot: bugs02:36
@apeironperlbot, webgui bugs is http://www.webgui.org/bugs02:36
perlbotadded webgui bugs to the database02:36
@apeironperlDreamer, Best to namespace general things like that, as perlbot is in more channels than just #webgui. :)02:37
@apeironThat way you're not overwriting #perl's 'bugs' factoid and they're not overwriting ##c's null factoid, etc.02:37
perlDreamerperlbug webgui_bugs is http://www.webugi.org/bugs02:37
perlDreamerperlbot: webgui_bugs is http://www.webugi.org/bugs02:38
perlbotadded webgui_bugs to the database02:38
perlDreamerperlbut: webgui_rfes is http://www.webgui.org/rfes02:38
perlDreamerperlbot: webgui_rfes is http://www.webgui.org/rfes02:38
perlDreamergreat, now he's not talking to me anymore02:38
@apeironperlbot, hi02:39
perlbothi apeiron02:39
@apeironperlbot, webgui_rfes is http://www.webgui.org/rfes02:39
perlbotadded webgui_rfes to the database02:39
perlDreamersee, I'm a jilted developer02:42
perlDreamerperlbot: webgui_rfes02:42
@apeironIt may have rate limited you.02:48
@apeironThat's my best guess.02:48
* perlDreamer is a bot cracker02:48
@apeironxdanger, You hear that?02:49
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6589 /WebGUI/docs/previousVersion.sql: switch sunset to kalamazoo02:53
xdangerI'm not a bot =) I just idle alot =)03:01
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pilaf153ok I found a webgui commerce primer to purchase for 7.4 but I am using 7.5 does the primer still work for this version03:18
perlDreamerit will until 7.5.1103:18
perlDreamerafter that, no guarantees :)03:19
pilaf153is 7.5.11 going to be much easier to use03:20
pilaf153commerce wise03:20
pilaf153The macros have got me completly confused because I have been working on trying to implement them for a while but gave up for a week or two thinking 7.5.11 wont deal with them but now I am to the point where I can see if it does not get any more user friendly I will need to purchase something to help me03:22
perlDreamerit's a very different concept.03:23
perlDreamerproducts and now really assets03:23
perlDreamerand you only need a macro to help you with the cart03:24
pilaf153that will help03:24
perlDreamerthe commerce management is completely redone, and much simpler03:24
perlDreamerthe user experience is nicer03:24
pilaf153well I will wait then upgrade and see if I can figure it out03:24
pilaf153I have not got the cart up yet03:24
pilaf153because the macros have me going crazy03:25
perlDreamerhave you set up payment and shipping plugins?03:25
pilaf153if I need to purchase something to help with that part do you have a recommendation03:25
pilaf153yeah I have set up the plugins03:25
perlDreamerwhat exactly is the problem that you're having?03:25
pilaf153I am not sure how to get a shopping cart link03:26
pilaf153for the user03:26
perlDreamerit should be provided by the macro, iirc.  Can you show me a page?03:26
pilaf153I cant right now because the server is off and I am not located where the server is at the moment but I have tried adding the macro to the config file but then I am nto sure how to utilize the macro03:27
perlDreameryou call the ^Product() macro with a productId (from the Commerce Product system), or a SKU from any product in that system.03:28
perlDreamerso, you become admin, turn on admin, select Products from the Admin Bar03:29
perlDreameradd some products, noting the productId for each one03:29
perlDreamerthen on a page, you drop 1 macro for each product03:29
perlDreamerisn't that covered in the commerce primer?03:29
pilaf153I havent bought the primer yet because I was unsure if it would be for 7.503:30
perlDreamerwell, that's the gist of it right there03:31
perlDreamerthat will be 25 US$, please :)03:31
* perlDreamer goes to play with a very impatient 7-year old03:32
pilaf153so if I have the product macro in the config file that should all work03:32
SquOnkMy impatient 5-year old is playing with his grandma03:32
pilaf153cool thanks03:32
pilaf153no 5 year old here03:33
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-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@] has quit ["Yippie kay-ai-yay fudder muckers!"]04:24
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6590 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Sku/Product.pm: fix a bug in edit variant04:32
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-!- steveo_aa [n=sno@] has joined #webgui04:52
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6591 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 04:52
CIA-6WebGUI: Fix getCollateral, which used to return direct copies instead of safe copies, and04:52
CIA-6WebGUI: add a test for that.04:52
CIA-6WebGUI: addToCart does not adjust inventory, that is handled by the cart.04:52
CIA-6WebGUI: Invert the sense of quantity in onAdjustQuantity.04:52
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6592 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (6 files in 4 dirs): WebGUI_flux: Refactored Rule.pm and uncovered a List::MoreUtils segfault06:00
perlDreamerhack on, patspam!06:07
patspamstrange that List::MoreUtils::any() was seg-faulting06:09
patspamjust the XS version, problem goes away if you set LIST_MOREUTILS_PP env variable so that it uses pure perl06:09
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has quit ["Leaving"]06:11
patspami wonder if it's because I'm using wre-0.8.3-ubuntu-7.04-feisty on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy06:11
perlDreamerpatspam, have you benchmarked any() vs WebGUI::Utils::isIn?06:14
patspamisIn() doesn't meet my needs, I'm using any like: any {!$_->evaluate()} @list06:17
perlDreamerI was actually wondering if any() could replace the current guts of isIn06:17
patspamI'm after the short-circuit behaviour06:18
perlDreamerbut that would only make sense if it was faster06:18
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6593 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Sku/Product.pm: add POD, change spacing06:47
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CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6594 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): the MORE menu exists now, but ... it doesn't show up with the right style, nor in the right place. Work continues.09:05
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6595 /WebGUI/docs/ (upgrades/upgrade_7.5.10-7.5.11.pl gotcha.txt): 09:05
CIA-6WebGUI: Move the deleteOldCommerceCode subroutine in the upgrade script to the end for safety.09:05
CIA-6WebGUI: Deleted all templates in Commerce related namespaces.09:05
CIA-6WebGUI: Deleted the commerceSettings table.09:05
CIA-6WebGUI: Added notes to the gotchas about the template deletions.09:05
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6596 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.5.10-7.5.11.pl: add EventManagementSystem_product to the list of template namespaces that are deleted09:05
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CIA-6WebGUI: patspam * r6597 /branch/WebGUI_flux/ (26 files in 9 dirs): 12:54
CIA-6WebGUI: WebGUI_flux: finished refactoring modules12:54
CIA-6WebGUI: Modifiers now correctly applied to Operands12:54
CIA-6WebGUI: Added DateTime Operand12:54
CIA-6WebGUI: Timezone can now be specified as 'user' to dynamically user user's tz12:54
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juancan i stablish the same date format for all the users that can be registered in the site?=17:48
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perlDreamerIs anyone else have problems reaching www.webgui.org?  It's really slow.19:55
-!- Radix__ [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui19:55
@preactionno. it seems down completely to me19:57
@preactionwait, it's back... just yeah extremely slow19:57
perlDreamerI'll be patient19:59
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6598 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Prune old EventManagementSystem stuff in www/extras19:59
perlDreamerMrHairgrease graduates in 9 days19:59
perlDreamerIs anyone interested in sending him a card and some kind of present?20:00
@khennI'm guessing the dutch team is busy watching the Euro Cup like everyone else in Europe =p20:00
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perlDreamerbesides, if he's not in the room, it will make it easier to arrange a gift, if people are amenable.20:11
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6599 /WebGUI/sbin/preload.exclude.example: 20:26
CIA-6WebGUI: Update preload.exclude.example to remove Commerce stuff and20:26
CIA-6WebGUI: include Shop.20:26
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6600 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/shopping-cart-collateral-items-1.wgpkg: remove an old template20:54
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6601 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Add subscription assets to the user's config file and the example config file.21:21
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6602 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/shopping-cart-collateral-items-1.wgpkg: templates i forgot to check in before21:50
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6603 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Help/Shop.pm i18n/English/Shop.pm): first batch of Shop template variables21:50
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6604 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Form/ (12 files): getting value for display shouldn't process form parameters21:50
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6605 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/shopping-cart-collateral-items-1.wgpkg: after having re-redisposed of the old email cash receipt template...21:50
perlDreamerhey, tavisto21:51
perlDreamergot a hot lead for you21:51
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:51
perlDreamergo sell them on WebGUI21:52
perlDreamergreat PR21:52
perlDreamergood opportunity to help some kids21:52
perlDreamerwe could even have a WebGUI merit badge21:53
perlDreamerdo user level testing of WebGUI21:53
perlDreamerhelp translate21:53
@tavistoThis BSA OSS page is a bunch of crap21:56
@tavistoI'm getting a headache trying to figure out how this works21:56
perlDreamerThey need some help.21:56
perlDreamerYou're da man!21:56
perlDreamerSwing in with some marketing mumbo jumbo and save the day, dude.21:57
@tavistothe article made sense and it sounded like they were trying to get OSS vendors to help them choose a solution21:57
@tavistofrom their website:  The Boy Scouts Open Source Software Website is an Open Source project. This means that the website is constantly being worked on. You will see construction zone signs on some pages throughout the website from time to time. When you see a construction zone sign this means that we are actively doing work in that area of the website. This does not mean that the area is unusable. However, it is an indication t21:58
@tavistoSo because it is an Open Source project, it means the website is constantly being worked on? wtf21:58
@preactioni thought websites were constantly being worked on, period21:59
@tavistoseriously, what CIOs are helping the BSA with their website.... 21:59
@preactioni think the BSA got fed a line of crap from some fly-by-night teenager with acne and a basement laboratory21:59
* preaction lives in a second-floor duplex apartment, much nicer21:59
@tavistono because a teenager would know better... I guess some CIOs might be that far out of touch and tossing buzzwords at BSA like playing cornhole21:59
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-!- SquOnk [n=emhn@bolivar.unesr.edu.ve] has joined #webgui22:37
@preactionperlbot .ve22:42
perlbot.ve is Venezuela22:42
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CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6606 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 3 dirs): removed cool menus nav in favor of yui nav22:56
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@HaargSquOnk, i was considering adjusting the way utility scripts determine the webgui root path23:21
@Haargwould this http://webgui.pastebin.com/m4bf7f388 present any problems for debian stuff?23:21
SquOnkHaarg: The scripts have to end up in /usr/bin or /usr/sbin, therefore using __FILE__ is not going to help.23:23
SquOnkHaarg: I'll still need to write a patch to set $webguiRoot :-)23:23
@Haargok, seems it wouldn't be much different either way then23:24
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6607 /tools/translationserver.cgi: exclude svn dirs from translation tarballs23:25
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6608 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Workflow/Instance.pm: fixed a bug in the auto start realtime23:25
SquOnkHaarg: Exactly23:25
SquOnkHaarg: What's needed is a way to set $webguiRoot _somewhere_ that all modules would use.23:26
SquOnkHaarg: If we had a single WebGUI::Config module installed in Perl5 standard INC, then $webguiRoot could be defined in there. If webgui were packaged as a standard Perl distribution, this would be a matter of creating a Makefile.PL23:27
SquOnkHaarg: However, I'm not sure that's the best way to package WebGUI.23:27
@Haargthat's something i've wanted to look at for a while23:27
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]23:27
SquOnkHaarg: Ideally, all of WebGUI's modules could be installed in Perl5 standard/vendor INC vía Makefile.PL rules.23:27
SquOnkHaarg: And the sbin scripts would go into /usr/bin as well.23:28
@Haargreducing our reliance on the current fixed file layout would definately be good23:28
SquOnkHaarg: But then again, WebGUI has a lot of non-perl stuff and Makefile.PL is not suited for that kind of thing23:28
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--- Day changed Wed Jun 11 2008
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CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6609 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Replaced dtree javascript with YUI TreeView.00:52
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6610 /wrebuild/wre/lib/WRE/Spectre.pm: repair more workflow monitor breakage00:52
perlDreamersphincter factor 9.500:52
-!- lisett1 [n=ubuntu@] has joined #webgui00:57
@tavistoso is CIA-6 connected to SVN or something?00:58
@apeirontavisto, cia.vc00:58
-!- lisette [n=ubuntu@Wimax-Mdlln-190-70-88-147.orbitel.net.co] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]00:58
@apeirontavisto, IOW, yes, it monitors SVN for changes and spits them out here.00:58
@tavistowow, had no idea00:59
@tavistoI've seen it spew out all that stuff before but guess I never paid attention. thanks00:59
perlDreameryou want to see it spit out stuff, it means we're working01:08
@apeironOr acting like it. 01:12
perlDreamerworking and useful are "somewhat" related.01:13
-!- wgGuest52 [n=wgGuest5@] has joined #webgui01:19
wgGuest52someone knows about the advertisement module in webgui?01:22
wgGuest52How can i use this module01:22
perlDreamerYou configure ad spaces.  Each ad space can hold several advertisements.  You use the AdSpace macro to bring the ad space onto a page.01:23
wgGuest52I have created a new space01:24
-!- juan [n=juangui@] has joined #webgui01:24
wgGuest52new adspace01:24
wgGuest52And the system show me the next macro ^AdSpace(bannerlateral);01:25
perlDreameryup, that's what you'd paste into an asset or layout to use it01:26
-!- Haarg [n=haarg@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]01:27
wgGuest52but, where i put the img or swf with this macro?01:27
perlDreamerin the ad01:28
perlDreameradspace is a place holder, container for the ad01:28
perlDreamerkind of like a page holds articles01:28
perlDreamerI would just suggest trying it out.01:32
perlDreameroh, and I think your CAPS LOCK may be stuck on01:35
wgGuest52PerlDreamer, itīs ok01:52
wgGuest52I have a question01:52
perlDreamerokay, please ask away.01:53
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juancan i configure the ads based in the ip address?02:03
-!- apeiron [n=apeiron@c-71-230-67-187.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #webgui02:04
-!- mode/#webgui [+o apeiron] by ChanServ02:04
juanfor example the first time that i see the ad, it can count the impression and if the users continues in the same page don't count the impression if he refresh the page02:04
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6611 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Shop template variables02:05
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6612 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Help/PayDriver.pm i18n/English/PayDriver.pm): Email Receipt template is done for the PayDriver.02:05
perlDreamerI don't think you can configure the ads based on IP address, juan02:07
wgGuest52Exactly Juan}02:07
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perlDreameryes, that's correct.  The only thing that influences whether a user sees an ad or not is the number of impressions bought (if any), and the priority of ads.02:11
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perlDreamerwgGuest52: you still interested in the 1-time user content?02:21
-!- wgGuest52 [n=wgGuest5@] has quit []02:23
@apeironI would take that as a no.02:24
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6613 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (5 files in 3 dirs): 04:26
CIA-6WebGUI: Fix the pod for www_viewMy.04:26
CIA-6WebGUI: i18n and help for Shop.04:26
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6614 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Help/ (PayDriver.pm Shop.pm): remove some duplicates04:26
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CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6615 /WebGUI/ (4 files in 4 dirs): add hasAddedToCart and thankYouMessage template variables09:16
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6616 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): template help for the Subscription SKU09:16
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6617 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Session/Style.pm): bugfix: more debug output when style cannot instance your template09:16
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6618 /WebGUI/docs/ (changelog/7.x.x.txt upgrades/upgrade_7.5.10-7.5.11.pl): make the admin console templates have unique titles09:16
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6619 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Folder.pm): fix a typo in the folder templating code that made titles get confused with menuTitles09:17
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SDuensinMorning all.16:04
ckotilgood morning16:06
-!- bopbop [n=kmccombs@71-90-18-149.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui16:06
* SDuensin has been too busy to chat here lately.16:08
SDuensinI'm also starting to live in fear of my WebGUI install again.  I *really* need to get on the "new" WRE.16:12
Radix__know how you feel :)16:13
Radix__I think our work WRE is 0.7 and using 7.08 of webgui still16:14
SDuensinI've also got one site I built, the client didn't seem to care, so I archived it.  Now they want it.  Tried to upgrade it and it failed.  Get to deal with that later.16:15
ckotilhas sql form wobject been replace by thingy?16:16
ckotilyeah i thought thingy was the new data form w/ sql support16:18
-!- patspam [n=patspam@ppp121-44-241-197.lns4.mel4.internode.on.net] has quit ["Leaving."]16:25
ckotilah, i see what it is now.16:28
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-!- wgGuest85 is now known as lrobinson17:06
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CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6620 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Form/ (HTMLArea.pm Textarea.pm): Textarea needs to be filtered when shown as HTML17:25
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6621 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/root_import_gallery-templates.wgpkg: remove svn meta dirs from package17:25
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6622 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/AssetBranch.pm): fixed: edit branch can't update URLs on most assets17:25
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-!- topsub [n=josh@] has joined #webgui17:40
topsubis there a way to have a log of deletion of file assets? I am having a problem of the files of the file asset being deleted or something is happening were its loosing the file, and i want to be able to log what is happening.17:41
@Haargis the asset itself going away?  or just the file in uploads?17:45
lrobinsondoes anybody know why all the line breaks would disappear when i save a Codearea form item to the database?17:51
dionaki think we've discovered a bug with bulk edits of file assets (related to topsub's message). however, we would also like to have a log of deletions that occur on a system (mostly importantly assets) in case a user is deleting assets. this way we could discover the issue more quickly when an asset suddenly goes missing. 17:53
topsubhaarg, its just the file that is going away not the asset17:54
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6623 /branch/WebGUI_7.4/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/AssetBranch.pm): fixed: edit branch can't update URLs on most assets17:54
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6624 /branch/WebGUI_7.4/ (3 files in 3 dirs): prepare for 7.4.40 dev17:54
@Haargthere isn't a log kept of storage location deletes17:55
dionakwhat about asset deletes?17:56
@Haargthere's the assetHistory table17:56
dionakso there's no interface that i'm overlooking?17:56
@Haargbut it's hard to use that often because it only stores the id17:56
dionak(which is fine really)17:56
@Haargthere's no interface for that no17:56
@Haargaside from the trash obviously17:56
dionakoh, good point. and how would one know the ID. perhaps look at lineage17:56
@Haargonce it's purged though, there isn't really any information left about it17:57
@Haargso you would probably need to look at backups17:57
dionakyea...we had an asset disappear recently and it wasn't in trash. never figured out what happened to it. 17:57
@Haargwhen you say bulk edits what are you refering to?17:57
dionakok, that's certainly an idea. 17:58
dionakedit  branch on a directory that contains file assets17:58
dionakit appears when anything changes on a file asset (say title for instance) the storage location changes17:58
@Haargwhenever a new revision is created, it makes a new storage location and copies the file17:59
@Haargthere is an rfe on the list relating to that17:59
dionakin our example, there are a lot of file assets in this location. randomly, the new storage location is stored in the db but the physical file is not copied to the new location.17:59
dionakwe think it may be a race condition17:59
@Haargwhat version are you using?17:59
dionaki think, let me double check18:00
dionakwe run multiple versions18:00
dionakthis one is 7.4.3718:00
@Haargi could name several places you can lose storage locations or have files appear to vanish, but it doesn't sound like you are hitting any of those18:01
dionakif the physical file hasn't changed, it doesn't make sense that the storage location would change. in addition, copying the file would make the storage grow unnecessarily large. this seems like a bug to me18:07
@Haargthere are a few reasons it works as it does18:08
dionakcould you elaborate? i'm interested...18:09
@Haargprimarily, if revisions share storage locations it makes it trickier to track which storage locations to delete when purging revisions18:09
@Haargthat can be dealt with, but would make it possible through the api to link a storage location in such a way that could give you data loss18:10
@Haargalthough that is possible now as well18:10
@Haargit could be argued that it discourages using the uploads location directly, since that shouldn't be relied upon anyway18:12
dionakso this could be remedied? though it sounds like it would take some work. it's rather problematic when managing publications for a client. 18:13
@Haargi want to think there were other concerns - nothing is coming to mind though.18:13
dionakfor instance, we just went in to change permissions on a branch of publications and now we have to go in and fix the random 404s.18:13
@Haargyou shouldn't need to refer to the uploads location explicitly though18:14
@Haargit seems like you must be running into something odd though18:15
@Haargsince the old and new uploads should both still be there18:15
dionaki agree. we will submit a support ticket...18:16
dionakregarding the asset deletion (another topic), i think if that action were pluggable, we could create a log of who deleted what and when. 18:19
dionakrfe, i'm thinking18:19
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@fl-69-68-148-96.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #webgui18:19
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dionakit would help wg agencies so we could track which user is causing havoc. doesn't happen often, but when it does, we need to restrict access or provide this feedback to the client. 18:20
-!- AMH_bob [n=bob@a80-101-75-92.adsl.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]18:21
CIA-6WebGUI: yung * r6625 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (Help/Asset_UserList.pm i18n/English/Asset_UserList.pm): Some UserList Help fixes18:30
-!- diakopter [n=diakopte@pdpc/supporter/active/diakopter] has left #webgui []18:34
@Haargit might be reasonable to add the url or file type or at least some extra information to the asset history18:38
@Haargbecause as is a purge action tells you almost nothing without digging through backups18:39
SDuensinNamespaces anger me.18:43
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #webgui18:47
slickwareHey Tavis... you around?18:47
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #webgui []18:49
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #webgui18:52
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slickwareanyone from Sales on here at the moment?18:55
-!- slickwar1 [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has joined #webgui18:56
-!- slickware [n=slick@c-76-119-132-119.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has quit [Client Quit]18:56
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-!- slickware [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has joined #webgui18:57
bopbopslickware: tavisto isn't answering, someone else from PB's staff might be able to help you18:59
bopbopwhat's your question?18:59
slickwareI've got a bunch, I was hoping to call but I didn't want to randomly guess at who'd be around in the phone tree :)19:00
bopbopyou can call tavisto or Jamie Vrbsky19:01
slickwareI have some questions about the agency hosting vs. other options, and also a custom programming quote request with addt' questions19:01
bopbopcall jamie 19:01
bopbopor email him19:01
slickwaresounds good19:01
-!- slickware [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has left #webgui []19:02
-!- slickware [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has joined #webgui19:02
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui19:04
@tavistoslickware, what's up19:28
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat039.mxim.com] has joined #webgui19:29
perlDreamerHaarg, do you have time to talk about the dbfixcharset bug?19:41
@Haargnot at the moment19:41
@Haargthis afternoon?19:41
@Haargi know there are still some things to resolve with that19:41
perlDreamersure, I should be on all day until 4:30 pm PDT19:42
* perlDreamer considers writing a test that does `perl testEnvironment.pl` to fix the nightly smoke tests19:45
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]19:58
slickwarehey sorry went out for lunch20:18
slickwarewas going to give you a call Tavis, had some questions on a custom programming quote and how it would possibly relate to agency hosting20:18
perlDreamerslickware, I think with agency hosting you get your own server, so custom code should not be a problem.20:31
perlDreamerbut tavisto would know for sure20:31
perlDreamerslickware wants to know if he can run custom software with agency hosting20:31
@tavistoAgency hosting runs on our production shared servers20:31
perlDreamerso he'd have to upgrade to a custom server, or have the feature added to the core?20:32
@tavistobecause it's on the shared servers, they can only run standard WebGUI code20:32
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui20:32
perlDreamertavisto: You need to send me all your marketing materials so that I can represent PB better20:32
@tavistoif you got a mini VPS then you can run custom code.20:33
slickwaredifferent question20:33
slickwarei meant - if i used PB for a custom programming quote20:33
@tavistoperlDreamer all of our marketing materials are currently on the site but I can point you to them20:33
slickwaremeaning i paid PB to design code for Webgui20:33
perlDreamerslickware, it wouldn't matter.  Non-core code couldn't be run on shared servers20:34
slickwarecould it then be applied to sites I run through the Agency host?20:34
@tavistodepends, if it's funded work and added to core then your sites would eventually get it20:34
@tavistoall sites get the same updates so if it was funded and PB added it to the core (which must be approved obviously)20:35
slickwareI was hoping to get something created that would be general enough to be a beneficial addition to the base system20:35
@tavistoexactly, and if that's the case and it goes in then it would eventually be applied in a future upgrade20:35
slickwarea lot of my clients want a membership database that is NOT part of the general webgui user system20:35
@tavistomembership directory functionality?20:35
@tavistothis can be done now through the use of SQL reports20:36
slickwareright... but I am awful20:36
slickwareat sql reports20:36
@tavistoyou can have PB create an SQL report in a few hours20:36
@tavistoit's possible that it make break in future releases but fixing them is typically fairly easy20:36
@tavistoand wouldnt require heaps o' cash20:36
slickwareit's what, like $200/hr?20:36
@tavistoThe other option is the thingy20:36
@tavisto$120/hr is dev rate20:37
slickwareoh, even better20:37
@tavistoand there's a bit of project management built into our quotes as well20:37
@tavistobut yes it's pretty reasonable20:37
@tavistothe other thing20:37
@tavistosince its multiple clients that need this... you could have it developed and implemented on one site20:37
@tavistoand then copy the templates and the SQL reports over to the other sites20:38
perlDreamertavisto: A package would be even easier than that20:38
@tavistoso you'd make some profit there as well20:38
@tavistogood point perlDreamer20:38
slickwareright- i would PREFER paying once for the design, and being able to use it on multiple sites20:39
topsubare we surpose to be able to do reporting from "thingy"20:40
slickwareI'm not caught up on what a package does exactly. The books I have do a poor job of explaining it20:40
perlDreamera package is a way to transfer assets (and sometimes asset collateral) between WebGUI sites safely.20:41
perlDreamerso when you ask for a quote, make sure the deliverable is a package, and not just a configured asset on one site as an example.20:43
slickwarewhat's a "thingy"20:45
perlDreamerthingy is the next generation web based application builder20:46
perlDreamerit's a point and click way of building database backed applications20:47
perlDreamerJT's blog talks about it: http://www.webgui.org/tbb/next-thingy#PdiTZ7LMji_vBAqvnqIHFw20:49
@tavistoThingy is another way you could create your membership directory20:50
@tavistoI was going to mention it but was interrupted by a call20:50
slickwarethat sounds excellent20:50
@tavistoanyway, the thingy is currently only in 7.5 so you'll need to wait until it goes on to the stable servers20:50
@tavistountil it goes stable.. and then goes on the stable servers.. hehe20:51
slickwarewhat's the approx estimate on that?20:51
slickware(phone brb)20:51
@tavistosometime before WUC but I'm not sure as of yet20:51
ckotilthingy is really confusing20:52
@tavistoI have to run off to the webgui webinar.. bbl20:52
ckotili looked at it for 10 minutes this morning on beta.webgui.org20:52
ckotili needed to create a web form w/ db backend. ended up making  a macro20:52
ckotilsql form wanted insert , delete, create, among other privileges, i didnt feel comfortable giving20:53
topsublearning curve with thingy20:54
topsubi need to do reporting with it but doesn't seem able to20:54
topsuband trying to link up the db seems very hard to use a SQL Report20:55
ckotili used sql report to give a webview of pending version tags. it works well20:56
perlDreamertopsub: I don't think the Thingy designers hang out in IRC.  Try a forum posting to catch them.20:57
topsubah. thanks perlDreamer20:58
topsubDo you know if that ability is there and i am just overlooking it?20:58
slickwaregood to know though topsub. thank you for the input20:59
slickwarei think i agree, right now, i would probably rather pay PB than wait for a beta21:00
topsubckotil, what idd you find hard with thingy?21:02
topsub<-- not looking forward to flying sunday!21:04
perlDreamertopsub: I haven't played with Thingy yet21:06
perlDreamerAlthough I would be surprised if there wasn't a display/view/report screen of some kind in there.21:06
topsubi found a edit / search / view21:06
perlDreamerand the view doesn't do what you want?  or search?21:06
topsubno I need to get a list21:08
topsubsearch gets me my list21:08
topsubi need the search for something else21:08
topsubso if i change the template i loose 1 feature i need21:08
topsubi need to search by keyword and use this template21:08
topsubbut to get a list like i need somewhere else i need  another template21:09
topsubif that makes sence21:09
perlDreameroh yeah21:09
topsubso it works21:09
topsubbut i need to be able  repeat it as many times as i want21:09
perlDreamerwell, RFEs and patches are always welcome21:10
topsubi make a note.. I don't watn to do RFE yet cuz maybe they are planning on it just i don't have that version yet21:10
perlDreameryou can always check svn: https://svn.webgui.org21:10
perlDreamerif it isn't in there now, it's probably not coming21:11
topsubMaybe they had something else in mind on doing reporting21:11
topsubor maybe it wasn't thought of before 21:12
perlDreameror it may not have ever been in the spec21:12
perlDreamerwell, either that or search/report were rolled together21:12
perlDreamerhard to tell21:12
topsubi posted on the forum so hopefully one of the dev will speak up and i can see21:12
topsubit kinda looks like it. but then search can only be for one "feature" i guess to say. So you have to use it one way21:12
@apeironAm I missing something, or is there no way to change an uploaded wG::Asset::File's filename attribute?21:27
@apeiron(through the Web UI)21:27
@apeironAnd if there isn't, what do people think of an RFE for it?21:29
@preactionapeiron, very bad. the filename attribute is used to figure out which file in the storage location is the actual file21:34
@apeironpreaction, Yes, and changing the filename would require a new storage location.21:34
@apeironpreaction, e.g. say I upload a file with a typo in its name. I realize after the fact that it had a typo but I don't want to reupload it.21:35
@preactionso you want to rename the file itself, not just change the "filename" attribute? that would probably be okay21:35
@apeironNot quite.21:36
@apeironSay I upload a PDF. This PDF's filename on my local filesystem is 28290085.pdf (real world example).21:36
@apeironWhen users of, say, Firefox, go to download this PDF, they'll be prompted to save a file named 28290085.pdf to their drive.21:37
@apeironI would like to be able to, after uploading the file, change it to be something descriptive, like "software_testing_research.pdf".21:37
@preactionright, so rename the file itself, after you've uploaded it21:37
@apeironThat way, they'll get a descriptive file name by default without having to put forth the effort.21:37
@apeironHow do I do that from the Web UI? I'm not seeing a way to do so.21:38
@preactionyou don't21:38
@apeironThat's what I would want to do.21:38
@apeironDoes that still fall under "very bad idea"?21:39
@apeironOkay, good.21:40
bopbopapeiron, can't you just give the uploaded file a new title in the properties tab?21:43
@apeironbopbop, Yes, but that won't affect the filename that the browser wants to write to disk, yes?21:43
bopbopit should21:43
@apeironIt's not, at least not for a PDF I uploaded.21:44
bopbopyep you're right21:45
bopbopthat should definitely be changed21:45
@apeironhttp://www.plainblack.com/rfe/request-for-enhancement/allow-users-to-change-a-wgassetfiles-filename-after-uploading#fSq22CH7Xh5gSuwTJJ0gQQ for anyone interested.21:47
perlDreamerif bopbop wrote it, we should do it21:47
bopbopeverybody streak down your street21:48
bopbopI wrote it...21:48
perlDreameralready done it, got cited, bought the t-shirt21:48
perlDreameralthough, contextually I was speaking about RFEs21:49
perlDreamerwe should implement all of your RFEs, but ignore your bug reports21:49
@apeironUh huh, suuure.21:49
bopbophey, I like my bugs21:50
bopbopwhat does this mean for karma rank: 5.00000005e-0621:50
@apeironIt means we should be using bigint, first, and second that it's a very small positive value.21:50
bopbopwhat's the e for?21:50
@apeironhum, actually, not sure if bigint will format that properly.21:50
@apeironScientific notation.21:50
ckotildifficulty is 999999999921:53
ckotilah its new, so i bet JT has to lower the difficulty21:54
ckotilalong the same lines.. http://www.plainblack.com/rfe/request-for-enhancement/add-a-summary-meta-data-input-field-to-file-pile-asset#33ouzTyNpLq6KQbSAJIlLA21:54
ckotilohh this one has gotten some karma lately21:54
-!- wgGuest61 [n=wgGuest6@host-69-146-254-213.static.bresnan.net] has joined #webgui21:54
perlDreamerbopbop: e = 10 to the power of ....21:57
@apeironIn this context, anyway.21:57
perlDreamerso 1e-3 is 1 * 10^-3 power, or 0.00121:57
@apeironOtherwise it's 2.7[...]21:57
perlDreamerhowdy, wgGuest6121:57
perlDreamerYou don't need permission to ask question, just throw them out21:57
wgGuest61Oh just checking things out I just downloaded webgui... looks like a great package21:58
slickwareit sure is21:58
wgGuest61I'm an IT manager for a city and thought I'd check it out for our use.21:59
dionakwhat features are you looking for wgGuest61?22:00
slickwarewhat sort of application ?22:00
perlDreamerdo you guys remember who it was that just did that?  Set up WebGUI for a city?22:00
perlDreamerIt was someplace with BBQ...22:00
dionakmmmm...bbq. 22:00
wgGuest61everyone likes to update our main web site .. now they just each ftp over each other..22:00
slickwaremmm that sounds like a great idea22:01
@tavistoCharley Hankins22:01
perlDreamertavisto, you're the man!22:01
dionakcontent management and permissions sounds like your primary need wgGuest6122:01
@tavistowe also have 2 cities in Mas22:01
wgGuest61I would like to get a more organized shared environ.. thought this might do it.22:02
@tavistowGGuest61, I would be happy to register you for our weekly webinars. You can find out more information at http://www.plainblack.com/webinar22:03
wgGuest61I'll take a look...22:03
dionakwhat a great idea tavisto22:04
@tavistoyeah I just finished one 2 minutes ago22:04
slickwarehooray for massachusetts - do you know which cities?22:05
wgGuest61I'm curious how you take an existing website and use it with WebGUI22:05
perlDreamerdo you import with, or live alongside of?22:05
dionakyou can take an existing site and integrate WG into it22:06
dionakwe've done this for clients by taking an existing site, creating a style template and page layouts and then populate the content22:06
wgGuest61we do all our own hosting/dns etc. Centos 5.122:06
dionakonce you get the hang of it, it doesn't take long22:07
dionakpretty much copy+paste and add variables in the right places22:08
wgGuest61Sounds like fun22:08
dionakit's not bad22:08
wgGuest61LOL.. thats not the same as fun :)22:08
dionaki thought you were being sarcastic ;)22:09
-!- wgGuest97 [n=wgGuest9@tole-bnn-rb1-62.dsl.bright.net] has joined #webgui22:09
wgGuest61If it works it would be a big step in the right direction22:09
wgGuest61No I was serious .. thats the kind of thing I think is fun.. 22:10
-!- wgGuest97 is now known as Moonbow22:10
dionakit works. the first place i started was learning the concepts, like style template and page layouts22:10
dionakoh, cool! then yea, you'll enjoy it22:10
slickwareya-  the Getting Started wiki is a good place to start, obviously22:10
perlDreameryeah, be sure to check out the wiki22:10
slickwareotherwise, the books are also helpful, and the forums22:10
wgGuest61Hey I switched the entire city over to VoIP (Asterisk) I thought that was fun till I ended up being the phone guy.22:11
perlDreamerthat's the nice thing about using WebGUI22:11
perlDreameryou can share the responsibility22:11
slickwareabsolutely... i went from being totally irresponsible, to paying PlainBlack to do it for me! :-D22:12
-!- knowmad [n=william@] has joined #webgui22:12
-!- cap10morgan [n=cap10mor@h19-afsc.ded.indra.com] has joined #webgui22:13
cap10morganAnyone running the rhel5 wre on centos 5?22:13
cap10morganI keep seeing this when trying to start the WRE: Had to create DBD::mysql::dr::imp_data_size unexpectedly at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i686-linux/DBI.pm line 119522:13
cap10morganand then this when it actually tries to connect to the mysql server: Undefined subroutine &DBD::mysql::db::_login called at /data/wre/prereqs/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i686-linux/DBD/mysql.pm line 14222:14
cap10morganseems like there's some version disagreement in the DBI somewhere, but I can't figure out why that would happen inside the WRE22:16
@Haargi've run it with no problems22:17
@apeironcap10morgan, Perhaps you're running into problems with your vendor's MySQL?22:17
perlDreamerapeiron, that message came from the WRE's mysql22:19
perlDreamerif it was vendor MySQL, the WRE wouldn't even start?22:20
@tavistowgGuest61, do you have any immediate questions about WebGUI that I can help you with?22:23
wgGuest61Trying to do too many things22:23
wgGuest61I'm still downloading but I'm sure I'll be back...22:23
wgGuest61Need to setup a VM and install22:24
@tavistohehe alright np22:24
-!- wgGuest61 is now known as Tgarius22:25
slickwareso Tavis... my other question was going to be,22:25
@tavistoIf you're looking for a quick guided introduction to WebGUI, sign up for one of our webinars and I'll be able to show you the ropes. Typically runs about 30mins to an hour depending on how many questions attendees have.22:25
TgariusForgot to change name...22:25
slickwareif I start hosting 15, 20, 40 sites (using Agency hosting), is there a "better" option (dedicated server?) at that point?22:26
@tavistowell yes there is a break point22:26
@tavistoI don't know what it is off the top of my head but we have a couple people that do this22:27
@tavistoI had 25 hosting customers on agency hosting awhile back. And it was fine and I was making good money on hosting residuals22:27
dionaktavis, are you going to yapc?22:28
perlDreameragency hosting is $15/month22:28
slickwareso i'm assuming it's >25 sites, for now22:29
slickwareand i can figure out the price break at a later date22:29
slickwareI didn't see a hosting option that was (1 server, many sites) in the PB store22:29
perlDreamersuper server is $600/month22:29
perlDreamerso 40 sites for a super server22:29
slickwarethe super server seems to imply that you only get one domain though22:29
perlDreamerwell, aside from registering domains, what would stop you from logging in as root and running addSite yourself?22:30
@tavistowith our dedicated and vps servers, you can do whatever you want since you have root22:31
@tavistohowever, if you need help from PB then I'm sure we can work something out in terms of managing/adding sites.22:31
slickwarei don't have a problem installing sites/domains22:32
perlDreamerbopbop: I'm looking at your calendar list/add event bug.  and I think it may have been fixed accidentally.22:32
slickwarei just would want a solution that puts me NOT in charge of running/maintenance 22:32
perlDreamerI'll double check on beta22:32
slickwareand upgrading22:32
bopbopwell that would be convenient... how?22:33
@tavistoplain black handles upgrades and such22:33
@tavistoand monitoring22:33
@tavistokeep in mind all sites would be running same version of WebGUI though22:33
slickwarethat's fine22:33
slickwarewouldn't they with the Agency, too?22:33
slickwareso that's not a bad thing22:33
@tavistoso if you have clients with custom needs they are better placed on mini vps22:33
@tavistonope, it's a great thing for a reseller.. it's called STABLE and PEACEFUL22:34
slickwarewhat would qualify as a custom need22:34
@tavistotry being a reseller during 6.x development....22:34
slickwareremember... i tried being both a seller AND a developer during 5x!22:34
@tavistoI thought about running off to Brazil and leaving the world behind22:34
perlDreamer5x was a cake walk compared to 6x22:34
@tavisto5.x was fine22:34
@tavisto6.x I thought people were going to kill me22:34
slickwareno wonder i stopped upgrading after 5x22:34
@tavistoyeah, be glad you did.22:35
slickware7 is growing on me22:35
@tavistoI hope so!22:35
slickwarei'm still grumbling, but it's getting better22:35
@tavistocuz if you don't like it there's nothing we can do.... 7.x is flippin sweet22:35
nubawhy Brazil?22:35
@tavistobecause no one could bring me back :)22:35
@tavistoand the women are hot.22:35
slickwarei like watching Joomla users go "WOW... drag and drop!"22:35
@tavistonuba, do you have a better idea for a location?  :)22:36
slickwarebrazil sounds amazing22:36
nubai could bring you back to JT, if thats what youre talking about22:36
nubaall's negotiable..22:36
slickwareand i've heard brazil girls are hot, also22:36
@tavistooh no.. I meant run from my customers at the time of 6.x22:36
nubaah ok22:36
@tavistothose were rough, but necessary days.22:36
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6626 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/AdminConsole.pm: change asset manager link in admin console to new operation22:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6627 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: Collaboration RSS link in header doesn't indicate title22:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6628 /WebGUI/ (sbin/userImport.pl docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt): fixed: userImport.pl overwrites settings when updating users22:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6629 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/AssetClipboard.pm): fixed: Creating a shortcut creates a version tag even with autocommit turned on22:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6630 /WebGUI/ (docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt lib/WebGUI/Auth/WebGUI.pm): fixed: email password recovery submit button effected by UI level22:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6631 /WebGUI/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fixed: Syndicated content fills results with empty entries up to max headlines count22:37
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6632 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): DataForm rewritten22:37
@tavistonuba, are you going to be at the WUC this year?22:39
@tavistoThat's too bad. I haven't seen you since the 1st or 2nd WUC22:40
@tavistofirst one right?22:40
-!- Tgarius [n=wgGuest6@host-69-146-254-213.static.bresnan.net] has quit []22:40
nubaits been a while since I was last WUC-ed22:40
nubayeah, that was 200422:41
nubatoo much on my plate, cant fit a conference in the US there22:41
perlDreamerhow's the mosquite situation down there, nuba?  It's dropped off the US news radar so we haven't heard anything.22:43
nubai tried to contribute to webgui with a map asset, but my schedule didnt seem to agree with me on that22:44
nubahad I suceeded, i'd certainly make the extra effort to attend to the wuc and deliver it hands on22:44
nubawho knows, maybe next WUC...22:45
perlDreamerMaybe instead of Vegas for the next WUC, we should do Brazil22:45
slickwarereally? the next one is planned for vegas?22:46
@apeironI thought it was staying in Madison.22:46
dionaki hope so...22:46
perlDreamerfor a while it was going to alternate between Vegas and other locations22:46
perlDreamerbut then it did Madison twice22:46
perlDreamerI prefer Madison to Vegas myself22:47
slickwareI recommend Boston22:47
perlDreamerPDX? ;)22:47
* apeiron prefers anything but Filthydelphia. </322:48
perlDreameris apeiron planning on moving?22:48
@apeironperlDreamer, Eventually.22:49
nubai should take some pics of gooey here22:54
slickwarehaha filthydelphia, awesome22:54
nubaGooey in Copacabana, Gooey w/ Pretty Native Girls 22:54
nubaGooey of Ipanema22:54
perlDreamergooey with highly deadly black tarantula22:54
perlDreamerwho will win the 8-armed battle?22:55
nubaGooey w/ girls will probably look like softcore porn, tho22:55
nubawonder if that'll be accepted in the contributions gallery ate pb.com22:55
@HaargperlDreamer, you wanted to discuss something with the db character set repair script?22:56
nubais there any rule on how Gooey must be depicted in the pics?22:57
nubalike, no violence, no profane language signs, no whatever...22:57
@tavistoI'm not sure about future WUC but I'm pretty sure that we're doing Madison for 09 too22:59
@tavistoit's a great venue for it though and centrally located22:59
@tavistowho knows... maybe we'll mix it up and go for the north pole22:59
-!- Doc777 [n=Doc@10.187-available-ethint-fratm-cc.sccoast.net] has joined #webgui22:59
@tavistoSanta is using WebGUI now.. PR report coming out next month on it. ;)23:00
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []23:00
perlDreameryes Haarg.23:00
perlDreamerFrom the bug, you know I've tracked down what happened to the column defaults23:01
perlDreamerbut PB's site has the defaults in place23:01
perlDreamerI was wondering if you might know why that is23:01
perlDreameralso, if you had a suggestion for how to handle sites that are already broken due to this23:01
@Haargi was planning on adding something to the upgrade script to explicitly set the defaults everywhere23:02
@Haargit doesn't hurt anything, and will fix the issue for people going through the upgrade23:03
-!- Meatbop [n=chatzill@pppte01-342.ght.iadfw.net] has joined #webgui23:03
@Haargthe reason it isn't an issue on pb.com is the script was never run there23:04
-!- Netsplit orwell.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: ckotil, metanil, nuba23:04
@Haargwhen i added that conversion to the upgrade script, we were already several versions past there23:05
perlDreamerI see, that's why it didn't show up.23:05
perlDreamerWould you prefer to work on it, or do you mind if I try it?23:05
perlDreamerThere are lots of other bugs for me to work on :)23:05
-!- Netsplit over, joins: ckotil, metanil, nuba23:06
@Haargi was just going to take all the defaults from create.sql and make the sql statements to add them.  if you have a better thought you can work on it, but otherwise i'll take care of it.23:07
perlDreamerno, that's what I was thinking23:09
perlDreamerlots of perl and grep to make it easier23:09
perlDreamerI'll grab another bug23:09
-!- Meatbop [n=chatzill@pppte01-342.ght.iadfw.net] has quit ["ChatZilla [Firefox]"]23:10
slickware'night everyone. i'm out for the day23:10
-!- slickware [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has left #webgui []23:11
-!- khenn [n=khenn@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI23:16
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--- Day changed Thu Jun 12 2008
-!- lisett1 [n=ubuntu@] has left #webgui []00:20
cap10morganHaarg: you've run the rhel5 wre on centos5?00:28
@Haargwe compile it on centos5 actually00:28
cap10morgani see :)00:28
cap10morganhmm... very weird00:28
perlDreamerHaarg: Does the rewrite of the DataForm affect Content/Setup.pm? (which copy/pasted DataForm code into it)00:28
cap10morgani have it running fine on rhel5 servers00:28
cap10morganbut this is the first time i've tried it on centos00:29
cap10morganseems like it should be the same00:29
cap10morgansince they /are/ the same :)00:29
@Haargthat's a good question perlDreamer 00:29
@Haargi'll check on that in a minute00:29
perlDreamerif so, I'd vote for a small DataForm refactor that would allow some DataForm sub to be called, rather that copy/paste again .00:30
cap10morganDataForm was rewritten? for 7.5?00:30
perlDreamercap10morgan: I love the RSS interface into SVN00:30
cap10morganhow mixin-able is DataForm?00:30
@Haargwell, mostly rewritten00:30
perlDreamerif more people read the svn logs we'd catch more bugs sooner00:30
perlDreamerWebGUI is officially big enough to not fit in any 1 person's head anymore00:31
@Haargthere are some things with the new dataform i'm not in love with00:31
@Haargbut i'm going to work on it more for 7.600:31
perlDreamerHaarg: maybe we could rework it to use the JSON collateral for storing dataform setups.  That way form setups would be versioned, and packagable and all.00:32
perlDreamerbut not user data00:33
@Haargthat was the point of the rewrite00:33
cap10morganoh joy00:33
@Haargform setups are now stored as json00:33
cap10morganthat's awesome00:33
cap10morganthanks to whoever worked on that! :)00:33
@Haarguser data is also stored as json00:34
perlDreamerthat's what I did for the Product, and I probably could have saved you some code if I'd abstracted it out sooner.00:34
perlDreamerinside Asset::Sku::Product there's a whole implementation of the wobject collateral as JSON00:34
@Haargi may take a look at that00:38
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perlDreamerapeiron: they got dirt!01:31
@apeironperlDreamer, Ah, anything special about it?01:32
perlDreamerwell, right now it's in the oven.  They're pretty happy about just that :)01:32
CIA-6WebGUI: graham * r6633 /wrebuild/wre/ (lib/WRE/File.pm sbin/wreconsole.pl): fix handling of backup.exclude01:39
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perlDreamerpreaction: Do you have a minute?02:21
perlDreamerin the Calendar, what is startEpoch?02:21
@preactionwhat view?02:22
perlDreamerlist view02:22
@preactionit's the epoch date of the start of the current page02:22
perlDreamerI'm looking at a calendar bug where dates were off in events in the list view02:23
@preaction... damnit... it should be "eventStartDayOfMonth" for the events...02:24
@preactionso, if the template gets fixed, that bug can be closed02:24
@preactionstartDayOfMonth returning 9 means that the page started there02:25
perlDreamerI've fixed the problem with the event date, it needed to use eventStartDateEpoch 02:25
perlDreamernow I'm confused02:26
perlDreamerwhy would it use startDayOfMonth?02:26
@preactionhe was trying to get the startDayOfMonth for the event02:26
@preactionbut in the Calendar views, that means you need to prefix "event" to the variable02:26
perlDreamerso instead of the date macro, just use the right event vars?  that's even easier :)02:27
@preactionthe list view page starts at an exact time, so it uses all the start* and end*02:27
perlDreamerhow 'bout this.  Please email me a rough spec for the date display, and I'll fix it, update the template package and recommit it.02:28
perlDreamerand close the bug02:28
perlDreamershould it show a span of dates, just the start date, or whatever02:28
perlDreameralthough, if it didn't generate all those template vars and used the date macro, it would be faster02:28
perlDreamergotta scoot, I'll probably be back on later, and I'll check the IRC logs for other message.02:29
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@tavistorizen, ugly kid joe? honestly?07:14
@rizenthey rock07:14
@tavistohold on.. let me slit my wrists07:14
@rizenmy favorite songs are "Goddamn Devil" and "Neighbor"07:15
@rizennot as big of a fan of the stuff they had on the radio07:15
@tavistonah they are okay if I want to rock out with my cock out07:15
perlDreamertavisto: tmi07:15
@tavistowhatever Colin, you've been waiting all day for me to say that07:16
@rizenhow do you go wrong with: "There will be torture and there will be pain, Cause this is hell, baby, die in flames."07:16
@tavistoor "life is B, and then you die"07:16
perlDreamertavisto: You are the marketing man, even if you can't sell it to the Boy Scouts07:16
@tavistohey now... I've got one of our guys working on BSA now07:17
@tavistoto much information07:17
@tavistotoo much information...07:17
perlDreamerhas anyone tried the search in the asset manager yet?07:18
@rizenpreaction said it's broken07:18
@rizenand he has to fix it07:18
@tavistoJay is going to hit up BSA to find out what the crap that lame ass BSA OSS site is. The article says they consulted several CIO's of large companies and created that OSS strategy07:18
@tavistobut if you look at the mess of a site that is... I can't figure out what they're trying to do07:19
@rizenThere's no gimmick that ain't been sold07:19
@tavistoJay is going to jump in there as a CIO and OSS vendor and see if he can get in touch with someone to find out if they're looking for a solution or if they're just playing around with OSS for shits and giggles07:19
@rizenprobably just playing so they can get free press07:19
@tavistomaybe, but they don't really need it07:20
@rizenactually they do07:20
@rizengood press i mean07:20
@tavistoand this makes them look like flippin idiots07:20
@rizenthey've had lots of bad press lately07:20
@tavistodude BSA has a good aura around them no matter how the media spins em07:20
@rizenbut one trait of idiots is that they don't know they are idiots07:20
@tavistoyeah, that's true07:20
@rizenonly to ultra conservative christian nutbags like you07:21
@rizennormal people don't have a good opinion of bsa07:21
@tavistosure they dont07:21
perlDreamerassetManaget still doesn't work, but it doesn't crash your site now :)07:21
@tavistoRizen, I'm gonna punch you straight in the ovaries07:22
@tavistoand then bash you in the skull with tiny pillows07:22
@rizentavisto, i've got small pillows protecting me07:22
@rizentoday i was doing a search online for tiny pillows so i could order some for you07:23
@rizenand i ran across the best site07:23
@tavistoactually I know you do have tiny pillows protecting you.. cuz you always sleep with them07:23
@tavistoum... well gee thanks.. I now have a dirty URL and cache in my browser07:24
@tavistothat'll be great when I'm giving the next webinar07:24
@tavistoheh bastard07:24
@rizenyou don't clear your history before you give a webinar?07:25
@tavistohey dude... there's a serious trademark infringement on that site btw..07:25
@tavisto"I really love pillows a lot!"07:25
@tavistodude that's SOOOOO your line07:25
@tavistoI'd sue.07:25
@rizeni always try to do that so people don't know what bank i use, what stock trader i use, what porn sites i visit, and that i've looked up their fbi record07:25
@tavistoum dude I always do that07:26
@tavistoI was just kidding lol07:26
@tavistowait a sec I think I've dated a couple of them07:27
@rizenthat's a great one07:28
@tavistorizen, did you see our l33t placement at oscon... that's going to be sweet07:30
@tavistowe can prey on the people standing in line eating07:30
@tavistoer waiting for food07:30
@rizenno i didn't, but i'll trust that you got us a good spot07:30
@tavistoI forwarded you a map and where we were07:30
@rizencuz if you didn't, then you're fired07:30
@rizenand i'll hire colin in your place07:31
@rizensince he lives in portland, i'm sure he could get us a great spot07:31
@tavistohmm.... *tavis wonders if down the hall and behind the elevator was a good spot*07:31
@tavistodude we are right next to the janitorial closet so I think it was a good choice07:31
perlDreamerjust stay away from the joomla dudes07:32
@rizenwhy is that pd?07:36
perlDreamerthey get tons of press all over the place07:37
perlDreamerThey were on slashdot today07:37
@rizeni saw a post on slashdot today that said Joomla is a CMS (Crap Management System)07:37
perlDreamerOreillynet last week about XML syndication and content analysis07:37
@tavistoI think I'm going to bring a bat and just start bashing Joomla people at the conference07:37
@rizeni still can't figure out why they get so much press07:38
@rizeni've used joomla, and i don't see anything special about it07:38
@tavistobecause it's easy to install and review07:38
+Radix-wrkI think that's the nail on the head there.. 'easy to install'07:38
@rizenit doesn't seem any easier than webgui to use07:38
@rizensure it's easier to install07:38
@rizenat least on shared hosting environments07:39
@rizenon a dedicated server it's no easier to install than WebGUI + WRE07:39
@rizenbut there are dozens of WebGUI hosters out there07:39
@tavistothis was a quote from the corporate telecomm company I've been working a contract with07:39
@tavisto  For example, prior to looking at you we looked at Joomla (which was VERY easy to set up) but there system does not have the flexibility that yours does relative to security permissions and they also don't do versioning.07:40
@tavistothen Todd came back with the "we find webgui very hard to install on our windows server"07:40
@rizenwe need to get rid of the windows version07:40
@tavistoOn your social epidemic email, I've been working on a response and it has some ideas involving installation07:40
@tavistowe do?07:40
@rizenwe either need to make webgui work as well on windows as it does on mac/linux/unix07:41
@rizenor we need to get rid of it07:41
@rizenand since i'm not willing to put that much time into it07:41
@rizenit needs to go away07:41
@tavistoI've been working to sell it to them for the last 2 weeks and we're getting close along with support contract.. son of ah07:41
@rizenin favor of a VMWare version07:41
@rizensell it to them on windows?07:41
@tavistoyeah they have windows server 2003 environment07:42
@rizenhow many people are going to access it?07:42
@tavistothey have 25 employees07:42
@tavistoand then I'm not sure yet about customers but it's nothing major07:42
@rizenit will work for something that small07:42
@rizenbut it doesn't scale at all on windows07:42
@tavistothey want website/intranet/extranet and want to put a bunch of docs up along with sales stuff for public07:43
@rizenif you want to really push it on windows, then we need to hire someone to help Haarg so that he can spend some serious time on windows support07:44
@rizenlife is too short for me to work on it07:44
@rizeni *HATE* windows07:44
@tavistoI was surprised when I was talking to Graham earlier and he told me that the latest WRE wasn't even tested on windows 2003 server.07:44
@tavistoI was like... Uh... that's what 85% of the businesses are going to be running right now07:45
@tavistoWell if you guys want to say the hell with windows then that's fine but even Fujitsu was interested in using it on Windows07:45
@rizennot sure where you're getting those numbers, windows doesn't even control that much of the server market07:46
@tavistoI'm not sure how much that hurts us07:46
@rizenthey have about 55%07:46
@rizenand that's all flavors of windows07:46
@tavistofor small and medium businesses? No way07:46
@rizenFujitsu said they also can run linux07:46
@tavistoThey aren't running linux or mac servers07:46
@rizenyou didn't say small businesses, you said business07:46
@tavistooh okay07:47
@rizenand yes they do run linux....they said so on that call i was on with them07:47
@tavistoyeah but didn't they say that project was on windows and that they would throw more hardware at the problem?07:47
@tavistospeaking of them, they're waiting on the UK gov for the bid selection07:48
@rizenthey said they're going to build out new servers for the project regardless07:48
@rizenthey didn't care whether it was windows or linux07:48
@rizenthey were initially planning windows07:48
@rizenand i told them it wouldn't scale, and they said "that's ok we'll use linux"07:48
@tavistowell good, that works for me07:49
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui07:49
@rizeneverybody runnnnnnnnn!!! snapcount is here07:50
* rizen runs as fast as he can screaming like a girl07:50
perlDreamerholy smoke, the event calendar has 200 variables, for 1 event!07:50
@tavistoJesus saves and everyone else takes 5d10 Damage07:50
@rizenjesus disappeared in a puff of logic07:51
@rizeni read that somewhere07:51
perlDreamerit wasn't the bible07:51
@rizenyes it was, it was the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy07:52
@rizenwhich is the bible to the universe07:52
@rizen"The argument goes something like this: `I refuse to prove that I exist,' says God, `for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.'07:55
@rizen"`But,' says Man, `The Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn't it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED.'07:55
@rizen"`Oh dear,' says God, `I hadn't thought of that,' and promptly vanished in a puff of logic.07:55
+Radix-wrk"Oh that was easy says man and proves that black is white and gets killed on the next zebra crossing"07:56
@rizenlove that book07:57
@rizenthe movie was ok, but the book was way better07:57
+Radix-wrk"Some leading theologicans think this is a load of dingo's kidneys, but that didn't stop Oolahan Cahoopid from making millions in his book bestseller "Well that about wraps it up for God"."07:57
@rizenbut the BBC radio series was the best ever07:57
+Radix-wrk"Meanwhile, the poor babelfish, by removing all barriers of communication - had caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation"07:58
@tavistoNo I think Monsterquest is the best ever07:58
@tavisto"you can't tell me what I saw."07:58
@tavisto"Sir, this cat hair... it came from a house cat."07:58
+Radix-wrkI have a copy of the original radio scripts in play format at home that I got for my 10th birthday :)07:58
+Radix-wrkthe original bbc series was the best definitely07:59
perlDreamer-5 bugs08:01
@tavistonice buddy08:01
@rizeni wish i could find that line, one of my favorites from the books08:05
@rizena targ beast is charging at ford08:05
@rizenreplace targ with actual name of monster08:05
@rizenand he reaches into his pocket for some coins, and throws them onto the ground in front of him08:06
@rizenand at the last second the beast stops08:06
@rizensorry, i think zaphod threw the coins08:06
perlDreamerrizen: elnino wants wider metadata fields.  Any objections?08:06
perlDreameroh, wait, coins!08:06
@rizenand ford says, "what happened"08:06
@rizenand zaphod says, everybody knows that targ beasts will stop on a dime08:06
@rizenelnino wanted that for an invalid reason08:08
@rizenbut that doesn't mean there isn't a valid reason, so i guess no objections08:08
perlDreamerI was thinking 2X.  that's a lot of text08:09
@rizen2x what it is now?08:11
@rizeni'd just make it a varchar(255)08:11
@rizenif you make it a text blob type like mediumtext then you can't sort on it, or perform certain match types, so that's no og08:12
perlDreamerright now it's 100 for fieldName, and 100 for values08:12
@rizenfield name is more than enough08:12
perlDreamer255 it is08:12
@rizenchange value to 25508:12
perlDreameryou got it boss08:13
@rizenthat's just sad08:20
@rizen5 years into the iraq war only 1 in 7 americans can find iraq on a world map08:21
@rizenand only 2 of 5 americans know we have 3 branches of government and can name them08:22
@rizenmethinks we need to have a test before you can vote08:24
perlDreamerthey need to play Campaign Secrets08:24
@rizenyou get 1 point for just being able to write your name08:24
@rizeni bet 50% of voters would be cut out right there08:24
perlDreamerdoes that count?08:25
@rizengiven that elementary through high school is free in this country, and has been for 100 years, you should be required to be literate to vote08:25
perlDreamerthis is messed up08:26
perlDreamerasset meta data defaultvalue can hold multiple rows, it's a text area, but there's only 100 characters alotted for all of them.08:27
perlDreamershould that be a text field instead of a varchar?08:27
@rizenit pisses me off that people get distracted by whether barrack can bowl, hillary can tip back brandy snifters, mcain is too old, and bush dancing08:27
@rizennone of those things are relevant08:28
perlDreamerrelevancy != ratings08:28
@rizeni just said it shouldn't be a text field08:28
@rizenscroll up08:29
perlDreamerI'm sorry, I wasn't clear08:29
perlDreamervalues in metaData_values are 100 chars08:29
perlDreamerdefault values (options to pick from) are limited to 100 chars in metaData_properties08:29
perlDreamerseems like it should be bigger/different08:30
perlDreamerit = default values08:30
@rizendo you mean "possibleValues" or "defaultValue"?08:30
perlDreamerdefaultValue.   possibleValues is already a text field08:31
@rizendefaultValue should be exactly the same as the field in metaData_values08:31
@rizenif it weren't, then you could store one thing in metaData_properties that wasn't storable in metaData_values08:31
@rizenthat doesn't make sense08:31
perlDreamerthat's what I originally thought, too, but the hoverhelp says that defaultValue can contain multiple values, such as in the case of a checkbox list08:32
@rizendefault value *is* a  value08:32
perlDreamerjust 1 value?08:32
@rizenbut value isn't a value either08:32
@rizenit's multiple values if it wants to be08:32
@rizenthat's how checkboxes and other multi-value fields work08:32
@rizenall multivalue fields hold the list in the same field delimited by carriage returns08:33
perlDreamerokay, so it's limited to a total of 255 characters, regardless of how many values you stick in it08:33
perlDreamerI'll update the docs correspondingly08:33
@rizenand if you decide that you want 200 options that are 10 characters each, then you are an idiot, and it won't work. =)08:33
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6634 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Content/AssetManager.pm: prevent assetManager from crashing. Still does not work right.08:34
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6635 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm: manageAssets => assetManager08:34
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6636 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (5 files in 3 dirs): op=manageAssets => op=assetManager08:34
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6637 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix a template variable problem in the calendar list view08:34
@tavistoWell I expect the next president of the US to be a good bowler08:38
@rizenapparently you don't care whether the current president can dance though?08:38
@rizenhonestly...that shit is so stupid08:38
@tavistomedia = stupid08:38
@rizenwe're paying $4/gallon for gas, and people are making fun of whether bush can dance08:39
@tavistoand you wonder why I support AMLA and their cause to teach kids to think for themselves and find good answers using technology tools. Don't listen to the media and assume it's truth08:39
perlDreamerlast bug for tonight08:39
perlDreamermore fun tomorrow, chief08:39
perlDreamerand chief's pillow boy :)08:39
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has quit ["Leaving."]08:40
@tavistodid he call me pillow boy08:40
@rizeni don't wonder why yu support AMLA08:40
@tavistothat son of ah08:40
@tavistowell tomorrow's the big upgrade day... yay08:40
@rizenand the best part is that he called you a pillow boy and then left so you couldn't defend yourself08:40
@rizennot if i can't get the damn upgrade to work08:41
@tavistoI'm going to punch him in the ovaries at OSCON08:41
@rizenbeen working on it all night against plainblack.com's database08:41
@tavistowhat you do mean get the upgrade to work08:41
@tavistooooh well no rush then... take your time and give it a few more days... :)08:41
@rizeni'm testing it against live data and the ugprade fails08:41
@rizenoh no08:41
@rizeni will fix it by tomorrow08:41
@tavistoI'd rather not open up this can of worms tomorrow anyway08:41
@rizenit's just a matter of what time08:41
@tavistoson of ah.. i hate you08:42
@tavistohow dare you try to fix something and deliver additional functionality for free.. you're a bitch08:42
@rizennobody is interested in webgui shop, thingy, or gallery anyway. i should just give up08:42
@tavistojust delete svn and get on with your life as a citgo gas station attendent08:43
@tavistoattendant even08:43
@rizenthat's far too high for me to aspire to08:43
@rizeni'll go back to my previous profession of "goat ball warmer"08:44
@tavistoreally? I figured it was a great in-the-door position so that some day you could be the manager08:44
@tavistooh.. that explains the stretch marks on your cheeks08:44
@rizenwhich was an upgrade from my first job of "turd miner"08:44
@tavistobig balls in yo mouf08:44
@tavistohey how's your nutritional program working out? are you going to be looking anorexic the next time I see you08:45
@tavistomy friends Nate and Kerry have fricken lost almost 50lbs a piece now.. They look totally different dude.. I actually stole some of their program and incorporated it in my routine08:47
@rizenno, i've lost 20 lbs, but that's where it stopped08:47
@tavistonot too shabby... that's like my left arm08:47
@rizenof course i haven't been sticking to it as rigidly as i should...going on vacation and all08:47
@rizeni weigh nearly 2000 lbs, so that's only 1% of my body weight. can't really notice 1%08:48
@tavistowow you carry it well08:49
@tavistoso does your lil civic hehe08:49
@tavistoactually though 20 is not too shabby. That's like half of one of those big ass dogfood bags08:49
@rizenfor a while there i was going for the 1 ton mark, but i decided to let it settle off at 1900 lbs =)08:50
@tavistothat would be the equivalent of castrating me08:50
@rizenyour sack is only 20lbs08:50
@tavistohehe true08:50
@rizeneach of my nuts is 100lbs, and the sack has got to be another 100lbs08:51
@tavistoboy the guys are in for a treat when they check the logs of this IRC chan tomorrow08:51
@rizenyup, they've go pixie pillows, turd miners, and 100 lb balls08:51
@tavistocode.... code.... rizen's nuts..... code code.... castrating tavis...... code code..... punching someone in the ovaries..... 08:51
@tavistolol pixie08:51
@tavistothat's actually my kinda woman08:51
@tavistoyet I'm dating a blond chick with short hair and big fake boobs08:52
@tavistowtf is wrong with me08:52
@tavistohella cool girl tho08:52
@rizeninteresting...i'm looking at the old tivo here and noticed that i've got two episodes of monster quest to make me laugh my ass off before i go to bed08:52
@tavistomy bet is on cat hair08:52
@rizenone is a "Megahog" and the other is something about Ghosts08:53
@tavistodude... do megahog08:53
@rizenso i'm going with Megahog. i bet it's really a dog08:53
@tavistothat just screams redneck08:53
@rizen"he didn't even look like a pig, it was some kind of monster"08:55
@tavistorizen, I may not be able to attend HostingCon as I think I'm going to head to Washington to visit a friend and his wife.08:55
@tavistoi dunno if we're still planning on attending or not08:55
@tavistoit's the 28th thru 30th08:55
@rizenno, i'm waaaaay too busy08:55
@tavistok good08:55
@rizenthey've had 7 "eye witnesses" so far, and i don't think any of them know how many branches of government we have08:59
@tavistohey do you know if we have enough points for a free airline ticket yet? I've been checking everyday for my Kalamazoo to PDX flight and they're expensive as shit at $550-$58009:01
@tavistothrough our amex09:01
@tavistoif you dont know I'll check with Vrby tomorrow09:01
@rizeni used a bunch of them and ended up wasting them09:02
@tavistoon a ticket?09:02
@tavistodid you get punked09:02
@rizeni transfereed them to tiffany's frontier airlines account to get her ticket to PDX09:02
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6638 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): extend assetMetaData values to 255 characters. update hoverhelp09:02
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6639 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/upgrade_7.5.10-7.5.11.pl: fixed several ems migration bugs09:02
@rizenand then found out that portland is a blackout city for frontier09:02
@rizenyou can't use points for it09:02
@rizeni also found out that you're limited to very few airlines...most of which you've never heard of09:03
@tavistoreally? wow I thought their program was almost any airline09:04
@rizenso i think we'll be using the points to buy hotel rooms instead09:04
@tavistosounds good09:04
@rizenthey let you transfer points to the hilton system09:04
@tavistothat includes a whole line of hotels09:04
@tavistoranging from Hampton inn to Hilton Garden and etc... That's where my buddy dan always gets his rooms09:04
@rizenthere are about 20 airlines you can transfer to09:05
@rizenthe only two i had heard of were frontier and southwest09:05
@tavistogood lord, I wonder how many of the 20 I haven't heard of are still in business09:06
@tavistoso what's the latest on monsterquest09:07
@rizenwe'll have a bunch of points next month though, cuz this month i spent about 30k on new laptops09:07
@rizenthey just killed a horse trying to track down the pig09:08
@rizenthe guy was stupidly trying to ride up a rocky hill and the horse slipped and rolled09:08
@rizenand they cut the film there09:08
@rizenso i'm guessing it's dead09:08
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui09:09
-!- mode/#webgui [+o preaction] by ChanServ09:09
@tavistooh nice.09:10
@tavistowas the guy on the horse?09:10
@rizenhe jumped off as the horse rolled09:10
@rizeni take it back there was also jetblue and delta09:10
@tavistothat sux.. poor horsie09:10
@tavistooh well delta is pretty decent :)09:11
@rizenbut jetblue is only east coast, and delta is mostly in the south09:11
@tavistoi dunno, I thought delta was around me quite a bit too09:11
@rizenthe rest of their airlines are international carriers09:11
@tavistoah okay09:11
@rizenair jamaca09:11
@rizensouth african airways09:11
@rizencathay pacific09:12
@tavistoeh mon!09:12
@tavistosouth african airways.... flying death!09:12
@rizenthey came back from commercial09:12
@rizenthe horse actually survived09:13
@rizenbut it took it 5 tries to stand 09:13
@rizenon hotels amex does well though09:14
@rizenbest western, radison, hilton, hyatt09:15
@tavistodamnit I think I'm going to arrive in Portland at 11am no matter what I do... downside.. my flight outta kzoo is at 6:3009:16
@tavistotavisto = not morning person09:16
@rizeni can't even explain how they say "hog" on this program09:19
@rizenthe eye witnesses i mean09:20
@rizenthey say 'haw ag'09:20
@rizenand there it is09:22
@rizenscientist: this is a domestic pig. it was raised domestic and released or escaped into the wild09:22
@rizenlocal: look at it's fur and tusks, it can't be a domestic pig09:23
@rizenscientist: it's skull characteristics are consistent with that of a domestic pig09:23
@rizenlocal: ain't nobody gonna tell me this ain't no monster hog09:24
@rizenscientist: a domestic pig can go feral (grow out thick brown hair) in less than 2 weeks after being released into the wild09:25
@tavistodid they catch it?09:28
@rizenhalf dozen of them09:28
@tavistoholy crap09:28
@tavistothat's huge09:28
@rizennow they've captured a small wild pig and attached a camera to it09:29
@tavistoi had no idea that pigs get that big09:29
@rizenlocal: he's gonna bite, don't worry about it09:29
@rizenscientist: do you know how sharp those teeth are09:29
@rizenlocal: i got em, don't worry, he won't bite ya, i promise09:29
@tavistosomeone is going to lose a finger09:30
@tavistowell the first picture pig is huuuuge09:31
@tavistothat would explain it09:31
@rizenthey don't have the skull of the one from those pictures09:32
@rizenbut they do have the skull of one that was weighed when it was killed09:32
@rizenat weighed in at 1100 lbs09:32
@rizenand they have a normal pig skull and show that this pig is indeed HUGE09:33
@rizenbut still a domestic pig skull, not a wild boar09:33
@tavistowow so that really isn't a modified pic of the 1st pig09:33
@tavistothat is a monster... if I saw it I would be on that show too...09:33
@rizenit does appear that this particular monster is real09:34
@rizenhowever, the locals still refuse to believe that these pigs aren't being bread in the wild09:34
@tavistoas far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter because it could totally eff a human up and eat him09:35
@rizenanother line from the scientist: there is plenty of food in the wild, but the food isn't high enough quality for them to grow this large09:35
@rizenplus the wild hog they captured to put the video camera on....he's tiny09:36
@rizeni'm guessing sub 100 lbs09:36
@rizeni grew up on a pig farm...farm pigs are all much much much bigger09:37
@rizenthe variety that my dad used to raise weighed in around 300lbs on average09:37
@rizenthey just brought in a skull from the wild09:39
@rizenand the scientist said this is indeed a wild animal09:39
@rizenbut the local said that it weighed over 700 lbs09:39
@rizenthe scientist said, from the size of the skull this animal couldn't have weighed more than 400 lbs09:40
@rizenand more likely 30009:40
@rizennow here's the exact quote from the local09:40
@rizen"just from doing it so much you can kinda get close. and i'm not givin you an official weight"09:41
@rizenhe eyeballed the weight09:41
@rizenhe didn't even weigh the pig09:41
@tavistoof course he didn't.09:41
@tavistobecause he's playing the role of the MORON09:41
@tavistogo get in your truck, drink a bud light, and drive your truck off a cliff09:41
@rizenmaybe that's how they're saying it09:43
@rizeni can't figure out how you'd spell what they're saying09:43
@rizenit's definitely not hog09:43
@rizenand not eve hawg09:43
@tavistothat's because you don't speak hillbilly09:44
@tavistoeven though it's on the translation.webgui.org server09:44
@rizenlast quote from a local: "there are giant hoeages, definitely big giant hoeages"09:46
@rizenon to ghosts09:46
@rizenno narration this time09:46
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CIA-6WebGUI: doug * r6640 /WebGUI/ (6 files in 5 dirs): fixed some problems with the new asset manager. restored functionality to search with the hope of making the asset data table an API we can use in all the places we display tables of assets12:06
-!- a_ok [n=vircuser@] has joined #webgui12:44
a_okcan spectre do its thing for more than one apache server on one machine?12:45
-!- AMH_bob [n=bob@a80-101-75-92.adsl.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving."]12:48
@preactiontheoretically you could even have more than one machine12:51
@preactionthat's what the spectreIp and spectrePort settings are in your webgui config file12:51
a_okpreaction: sorry was out for lunch, manny thanks13:33
a_oki am trying to make webgui work without a proxy server. Howerver i need some url's to be handled by apache and not trough webgui. how can I prevent that from happening?13:39
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topsubhey,  I need to do  a multi site setup. How did you guys do the webgui and plainblack site?17:42
topsubIs that documented anywere?17:43
@rizennot documented anywhere17:52
@rizenbut by multi-site, do you mean two sites 1 database, or just multiple sites per server?17:52
topsub2 sites 1 database17:52
topsubi need to set this up for a client17:52
topsubbut we will have around 17 sites i believe in total at the end of the project17:53
@rizenthe number of sites is irrelevent17:54
@rizenjust create a new home page for each in the root of your asset tree17:54
@rizeneach with different styles17:54
@rizenand each with a starting url that you can identify (ie not home1, home217:54
@rizenbut rather /pb /webgui17:55
@rizenthat sort of thing17:55
topsubalright i follow17:55
@rizenthen you have to add some virtual host fanciness to make sure that your domain is pointed to the right root home page17:56
topsubthink thats were i am stuck17:56
@rizen        RewriteRule ^/$ http://www.plainblack.com:8081/wg [P]17:57
@rizen        RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://www.plainblack.com:8081/$1 [P]17:57
@rizeni created a webgui.org vhost file in the wore17:57
@rizenand added those two lines17:57
@tavistoso Rizen, how was the vampire episode last night? Thumbs up or down17:57
@rizenso the first one says, if the url ends in / (ie no page url is defined) then proxy the /wg page17:58
@rizenthe second rule says, if a specific url is defined, use that instead17:58
topsubi see17:58
topsubdoesnt' sound hard at all17:58
@rizenits not17:58
@rizenjust have to know the trick17:58
topsubthe rewriterule is the linking peice for me17:59
topsubthanks rizen17:59
topsubThink i can do it now17:59
@rizeni didn't watch the vampire episode...that was earlier in the week17:59
@rizenlast night it was ghosts17:59
@rizentopsub, great, but now that i've helped you out with that, tell william to get off my back about thingy report =)17:59
topsublol well i agree with him... thingy is limited18:00
topsubi will let him know tho!18:00
@rizenand the ghosts episode was boring...because the ghost hunter tpeople all have their act nailed down18:00
@rizenthingy is unlimited18:00
topsubif anything we will see you next week to discuss =)18:00
topsubwell in the reporting side of things18:01
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-245-101-253.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui18:01
perlDreamerokay, what's the scoop?18:01
perlDreamerare we still in bugfix mode?18:03
@tavistoghost hunting is boring in general.. it's always fake18:03
@rizenperlDreamer is silly18:04
@rizenis the bug list clean?18:04
@rizenif not, then we're still in18:04
CIA-6WebGUI: meatbop * r6641 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/ (4 files): Layout changes to templates for Product, Subscription, My Purchases and My Purchases Details18:05
perlDreamervery good18:05
@rizeni worked all night trying to clean up upgrade bugs18:05
@rizenstill am not done with that18:05
perlDreamerupgrade bugs?  with the EMS or in general?18:05
@rizenin general18:05
@rizenstarted with ems, but then ran into some problems migrating payment gateway configurations18:06
@rizenjust got my first clean build 1 minute ago18:06
perlDreamerdoes meatbop have an AIM account?18:06
@rizenbut now i have to test to make sure the site works18:06
@rizenyes he does18:06
@rizeni'll tell him to join irc though18:07
-!- Meatbop [n=chatzill@pppte01-342.ght.iadfw.net] has joined #webgui18:08
MeatbopI hear someone was looking for me?18:08
-!- slickware1 [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has joined #webgui18:08
@tavistoyeah punk.. where is my money?18:08
Meatbopcheck's in the mail18:08
slickware1woah hello to you too18:08
@tavistoI'm gonna have to send 2 guidos to come break your knee caps18:08
@tavistolol not you slick18:09
slickware1ha I know, I'm all paid up18:09
-!- mode/#webgui [+o bopbop] by rizen18:09
Meatbopwhatever you think you can afford18:09
@tavistoyep you are.. you are an official ageny hoster studmuffin... according to Colin anyway18:09
perlDreamerMeatbop: The subscription hasAddedToCart works for me18:10
slickware1just a muffin at the moment. once they are converted to paying clients i will add the stud part18:10
slickware1my goal is to do as little design work as possible and sell the shit out of the webgui aspect 18:12
slickware1luckily it sells itself with a live demo18:12
@tavistoamen brotha18:13
perlDreamerdoes anyone know if the calendar list view is in 7.5 only, or in both 7.4 or 7.5?18:22
perlDreamerHaarg: I need to cross-branch package fix/merge help18:24
@Haargcalendar list is 7.518:25
perlDreamersweet, thanks18:25
perlDreamernext question :)18:25
perlDreamerI committed a package with a fixed template in 7.5, but need to backport it to 7.4 as well18:25
@Haargwhich template?18:25
perlDreamerurl is plainblacknews18:26
@Haargok, are you having a problem with it?18:26
perlDreamerWhere should I put it?  packages-7.5.11 or packages-7.4.??18:26
perlDreamerin the same place in both branches?18:27
@Haargfor 7.4 that is18:27
@Haargpackages-7.5.11 for 7.518:27
perlDreamerso when you upgrade to the 7.5 branch, you'd get it applied twice?18:27
perlDreameras long as that's cool with y'all, I'll do it.18:27
slickware1Is there still the "small calendar" view in 7.5 ?18:28
@Haargwe're going to have a lot of fiddling to do with the 7.4->7.5 patch18:28
@Haargsmall calendar?18:28
perlDreamerslickware1: that's a custom template that I developed for 7.4 in the Add Ons section.18:28
perlDreamerit would need some fiddling but it should be easy for an agency hoster to figure out ;)18:28
slickware1custom template? one of my old v5 sites has smallcalendar as an option18:29
perlDreamerthe 7.4/7.5 calendar does not come with a small calendar template in the default install18:32
perlDreamersince lots of people were asking for it, I made one18:32
perlDreamerbut it's probably out of date18:32
slickware1big Calendar is just SO big18:32
@tavistoyes it is18:33
@tavistoand rigid18:33
slickware1oh, I remember my other question.18:33
slickware1there used to be a way to expire content on a certain date/time, but I don't see it. Did that disappear or do I have to turn it on somewhere?18:33
perlDreamerit went away, but it's coming back in 7.5.1118:33
slickware1tavisto: i think you mean big and turgid. or engorged.18:34
slickware1perlDreamer: really - that's an extremely useful feature... is there a workaround until then? people have asked me for it18:34
perlDreamerthe workaround is to download the old template and figure out what needs to be changed (if anything)18:35
@tavistono, I meant rigid, do a define:rigid on google :)18:35
slickware1perlDreamer: i meant the "expire content on" feature18:36
perlDreameroh, that?  I believe that it can be done with cron job version tags18:36
perlDreamerbut ask that question on the PB support boards18:36
perlDreamerwhere you'll get real answers18:37
slickware1is that something a user would even be able to figure out?18:37
slickware1a lot of my clients are chambers of commerce, who basically post their upcoming events as big articles, and would like to see them expire on the day after they are over18:37
@Haargit's not a simple process18:37
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6642 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix a CSS class typo in the layout/news template18:37
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6643 /branch/WebGUI_7.4/docs/ (3 files in 3 dirs): backport fix for the layout/news template18:37
@Haargyou need to create a workflow specifically for it etc18:38
slickware1that was a great feature in v518:38
@rizen7.5 has the feature once again18:38
@Haargthat's why it's coming back :)18:38
slickware1oh ok, so it is coming back18:38
@HaargperlDreamer, did you happen to notice when looking at the character set issue if it reset the not null restriction?18:39
perlDreamerI don't remember.18:39
@Haargok, i'll double check18:40
slickware1tavis: when you used to agency host, if a feature "disappeared" from a version on an upgrade, what did you tell your clients if they actually noticed it was missing?18:40
@tavistothere were quite a few times in 6.x where this happened but it was because of bugs18:45
-!- slickware1 [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has quit ["Leaving."]18:46
perlDreamermost things that disappeared in 6.x were replaced with better stuff18:46
@tavistook, guess he didn't like my answer18:46
perlDreamerthings that disappeared: macros that were security holes18:46
perlDreamerand the timed content function18:46
@tavistoyeah, you said that's coming back? a start and end date?18:47
perlDreamerkhenn built it, I think18:47
-!- slickware [n=slick@mail.hillviewmontessori.org] has joined #webgui18:47
@tavistoexcellent, I've assisted some users that will appreciate that18:47
perlDreamerslickware: most things that disappeared in 6.x were replaced with better stuff18:47
perlDreamerthings that disappeared: macros that were security holes18:47
perlDreamerand the timed content function18:47
slickwarethat's understandable18:47
slickware(and the small calendar) :)18:48
@tavistoslick, most of the time when it happened it was because of bugs preventing stuff from working the same way.. and was only temporary18:48
perlDreamerthat's just a template.  The ability to make that is there.18:48
@tavistobut yeah the new list view makes the calendar much more flexible.. I would like to see a smaller version again too18:48
slickwarelist view is pretty good18:48
@khennkhenn built what?18:50
@khennoh timed start and end dates yes18:51
@khennbut they work on version tags18:51
@khennnot individual pieces of content18:51
@khennso at the very least you need to have the commit screen enabled to use it18:51
slickwareis that in the new version?18:53
@bopbopI don't understand why the change was made for 7.5.11 to have the version tags "hidden"18:53
@khennslickware: yes18:53
slickwareso what does that mean for a user18:54
slickwarethere still won't be a "great" way to expire one piece of content?18:54
@khennit means they can set a date that they would like  a version tag to appear or expire on a page18:54
@bopbopif have that one piece of content the only thing in the version tag it's fine18:54
@khennhave one thing in the version tag18:54
slickwaredamn it, so turning off version tags is going to kick me in the ass18:55
@khennversion tags still exist behind the scenes18:55
@khennyou'll need to enable the commit screen though18:55
@tavistoslick you mean have request auto commit enabled?18:55
@khennyou can have auto commit on18:55
perlDreamerbopbop: some customers violently hated version control, so in the interest in making "Default" WebGUI easy to use, the default was to make auto-commit and auto-comment enabled.18:56
@khennas long as you enable the commit comments screen you'll be able to see the dates18:56
@bopbopdid the majority "violently hate" it?18:56
slickwarei violently hate it18:56
perlDreamerI don't know what kind of polling was done.18:56
slickwarefor me, it's the equivalent of macOSX asking you every time "are you sure?"18:57
@bopbopI just wonder if the change was made to silence the minority18:57
@bopbopand now the majority is going to grumble...18:57
perlDreamerI get your point.18:57
@tavisto*tavisto hops in his humvee and mans the 50cal*18:58
perlDreamerrizen: every sub-sku seems to have a thank you message.  At some point we might want to consider pushing that back into Sku18:59
perlDreamerbut not today :)18:59
@rizenperlDreamer...i don't really like the  thank you message. i just don't know what to do that's better19:00
@rizenuntil we figure out a good way to deal with it, i'd rather not generalize it19:00
perlDreamernot a problem19:00
@rizenalso...the EMS subskus don't have it and don't need it19:00
@rizencuz they are added to the cart via ajax calls19:00
@tavistoKristi if I remember correctly, that was done for ease of use19:01
@bopbopI understand, I'm just thinking for those "average" users who like to work in inline so they can keep seeing their work19:01
@bopbopit's just one more step now to make that possible19:01
@bopbopbut .... people are lazy and will resent it19:02
@rizenbopbop: its not just members of the community that hate version tags, it's also a big portion of our clients. they were all (most) asking for versioning, and i said "are you sure, do you understand the implications of that" and they said "yes yes, just do it"19:02
@rizenbutnow that it's there, people don't like it19:02
@rizenat least until it saves their ass19:02
@rizenthen they love it19:02
@tavistowow, I was unaware19:02
@bopbopI see both views, I'm just curious to see what happens19:03
perlDreamersomeone will scream really loud, and we'll change WebGUI again19:03
@rizenexisting sites will be uneffected19:03
@rizenit's only new sites that will have it turned off by default19:03
@bopbopeven in the upgrade?19:03
@bopbopso we won't be changing the status quo on anyone19:04
@bopbopthen it won't be a big deal, probably19:04
@rizenwe do need a new video in webgui though19:04
@rizencuz the current one shows using version tags19:04
@khennrizen:  do you want me to remove the entire js folder?19:05
@khennfrom extras?19:05
@khennor is there something else in there being used?19:05
perlDreamervalues for a user's profile are created when they register with data from Visitor, right?19:11
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6644 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ (3 files in 3 dirs): add a thank you message to the FlatDiscount/Coupon19:20
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6645 /WebGUI/ (3 files in 2 dirs): commerce bug fixes19:20
CIA-6WebGUI: meatbop * r6646 /WebGUI/docs/upgrades/packages-7.5.11/root_import_webgui-7-style-3.wgpkg: Made a few graphical changes to Style 3 to accommodate the new dropdown menu19:20
CIA-6WebGUI: jt * r6647 /WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/i18n/English/PayDriver_ITransact.pm: remove all reference to CDG19:20
MeatbopI'm getting a "Data error" when trying to view any templates in the Shop folder, anyone else experiencing that?19:22
perlDreamerMeatbop, is that in the AssetManager?19:23
perlDreamerokay, that's a javascript problem with the new assetManager that preaction has cooked up.19:23
@rizenperlDreamer: not sure anymore, that used to be true, but now i think it might get created from the defaults. just can't remember19:23
perlDreamerIt just means that it has no children19:23
Meatbopreally? did the templates that were in it get moved out?19:24
perlDreamerI'll check19:24
Meatbopplus, if it doesn't have children, it shouldn't have the + next to the folder name, should it?19:25
@khennperlDreamer:  can we remove www/extras/operations/salesTaxAjax.js ?19:28
@khennI assume that was for the old sales tax stuff in commerce19:28
@khennand is no longer used19:28
perlDreamerkhenn: yes19:28
perlDreamerall the new sales tax uses YUI19:28
@khennalright, I'm going to remove it19:28
perlDreamerMeatbop, what's the URL for that folder?19:29
perlDreamerthe assetManager isn't paginating for me anymore19:29
perlDreamerthat's a bug19:30
@tavistohey guys I'm assuming that existing transactions from the old e-commerce system will be retained and migrated into the new transaction reporting?19:32
perlDreamertavisto: it looks like old transactions are migrated19:35
MeatbopperlDreamer: if that's the case, how does one go about modifying the various templates within the folder?19:35
@tavistookay great. For some reason I have never asked that question.  :)19:35
@rizentavisto, the old transactions will be printed on toilet paper, rolled in mud, and flushed down the toilet19:36
slickwarethat's basically how i store all my receipts19:37
@tavistouh huh.... laugh it up Rizen, just wait until I show you my new HHO gas powered Lightsaber at wuc prep...19:38
perlDreamerMeatbop: good question.  I'll see if I can find a way19:38
perlDreamerMeatbop: manually enter the URL for the folder with admin turned on19:39
perlDreamerthe folder will give you a list of editing controls for the templates inside19:39
Meatbopgotcha, it's just the asset manager is hosed, the template for displaying them isn't19:40
Meatbopmakes sense19:40
perlDreamerwait a sec, that's not the URL for the templates, that's the collateral?19:40
perlDreameranother way is to drop an asset, hit edit, use the display tab and there will be an edit button next to each template19:41
Meatbopright, I just knew the cart template was in that folder and was like, Um... what?, when I got that error19:41
perlDreamerit worked last night, but I see that there have been some updates to it since then19:42
@khennhow come that CIA bot doesn't report my commits?19:43
@Haargit usually takes a while for them to show up19:45
perlDreamerit's constipated19:47
perlDreamerit's anti-Tank19:47
ckotilkhenn is NSA19:48
perlDreamersince khenn is invisible to radar, CIA doesn't see him19:48
@khennstealth commits INC!19:48
slickwareit's the tinfoil hat19:48
@khennl337 haxx0r19:49
slickwarealright Zero Cool, calm down19:50
perlDreamerCIA-6 needs some Bots-Lax19:51
slickwarewoo... my WGDesignGuide just showed up19:54
slickwaretime to go retire to the bathroom  :-D19:54
-!- snapcount [n=snapcoun@andc-fw1.exploreos.com] has joined #webgui20:00
perlDreamerHaarg: did you already check this bug in your rewrite of the DataForm?  http://www.webgui.org/bugs/tracker/data-form-deletes-files-on-resave20:02
@Haargyeah, it doesn't apply to 7.520:02
CIA-6WebGUI: frank * r6648 /WebGUI/www/extras/ (3 files in 2 dirs): removed this directory as it is legacy code for the old commerce system.20:07
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6649 /branch/WebGUI_7.4/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): fix bad css in the default wiki page template20:07
CIA-6WebGUI: colin * r6650 /WebGUI/docs/ (2 files in 2 dirs): forward porting the bad css fix for the default wiki page20:07
@rizenhey colin, found a bug in product conversion20:08
@rizensorry, should use "perlDreamer" so it beeps at you20:08
@rizenproducts that didn't have variants don't appear to get a name in the add to cart dropdown list20:08
@tavistogah, squash that20:08
perlDreamerI'll look at it20:09
perlDreamerI mentioned this in passing to Meatbob, but the assetManager is borked.20:09
@rizenMeatbop...our products section is going to need some serious help after tonights upgrade20:09
@rizenthe new template you created are wreaking havoc...but that's somewhat to be expected20:10
Meatbopyeah I suppose so20:10
-!- khenn_ [n=khenn@66-190-50-137.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #WebGUI