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snapcounthere you go perlDreamer 00:01
snapcountan IRC module for POE00:01
+perlDreamerso instead of plugging it into webgui, we'd plug it into spectre00:02
+perlDreamerthat's doable00:02
snapcountthis one looks easier00:04
snapcounttrouble is that I don't know POE and I don't know the IRC protocol00:04
snapcounttwo requirements to use the first one00:05
+perlDreamerif we plug it into Spectre, then it could log _any_ IRC channel.  If we don't we'd have to run _some_ daemon to log data before it's displayed.00:05
snapcountthe POE version would be ideal00:05
snapcountit could trigger events in WebGUI like updating the IRC chat wobject00:06
snapcountto show the message that was just typed00:06
+perlDreamerwebgui: change admin password to '456rty';00:06
+perlDreamerwebgui: commit all version tags00:06
+perlDreamerthat last one isn't so bad00:07
+perlDreamerimagine a WSDL interface into WebGUI.00:07
snapcountthat would be sweet00:07
snapcountno browser requirement00:08
+perlDreamerDial 533 to remove this user's account00:08
+perlDreamerso, while y'all are here00:08
snapcountplease deposit $0.25 to add this asset and press 100:08
+perlDreamerI need to know enough about SharePoint to convince my friend not to use it for his company.00:08
+perlDreamerHe needs something better than "Duh, it's open source and free"00:09
snapcounthave you looked at cmsmatrix?00:09
+perlDreamerit's not convincing, try the comparison yourself.00:09
+perlDreamerhosters are selling SharePoint accounts for $60/month.00:09
+perlDreamerbtw, I think the PlainBlack one is a little out of date.00:10
+perlDreamerWe haven't had SMB authentication for a long time.00:10
snapcounttell Vrby... he's the matrix overlord00:10
+perlDreamerdoes perlbot have a memorize command?00:11
+perlDreamerperlbot: help00:11
perlbot(fact)::tell (who) about (what)::(what) > (who)::learn (what) as (info)::relearn (fact) as (info)::phone (phone number)::shorten (url)::shorten it::search (module)::docs (module)::perldoc -f (function)::jargon (term)::math::fortune::flip::host (type) (record)::rot13::roll (die)::tempconv (temp)::scramble (foo)::8ball::slap::diss::what time is it::top/bottom (number) karma::geoip (ip)00:11
+perlDreamerperlbot: learn (Vrby is the matrix overlord) as (vrby)00:12
perlbotadded (Vrby to the database00:12
+perlDreamerperlbot: vrby00:12
+perlDreamerperlbot: docs POE::Component::IRC00:12
perlbotDocumentation for 'POE::Component::IRC' can be found here: http://xrl.us/tkbq00:12
snapcountperlbot diss snapcount00:12
perlbotsnapcount is my little bitch.00:12
+perlDreamerperlbot:: perldoc -f open00:13
+perlDreamerperlbot: perldoc -f open00:14
perlbotDocumentation for '-f open' can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/yxzkan00:14
+perlDreamerperlbot: help learn00:15
+perlDreamerperlbot: define vrby : vrby is the matrix overlord00:18
perlbotadded define vrby : vrby to the database00:18
+perlDreamerperlbot: vrby00:18
+perlDreamerperlbot: define vrby00:19
+perlDreamerperlbot: tell snapcount about vrby00:20
perlbotvrby isn't something I know about, perlDreamer00:20
+perlDreamerperlbot: vrby is the matrix overlord00:20
perlbotadded vrby to the database00:20
+perlDreamerperlbot: tell snapcount about vrby00:21
snapcounthe priv messaged me00:21
+perlDreamerhe needs a good user manual00:21
+perlDreamerperlbot, not vrby00:21
+perlDreamerI understand that Mrs. Vrby is quite good at getting Mr. Vrby to do the things she needs.00:21
snapcountsomething cool is about to happen00:22
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snapcounthi snapbot00:22
snapbotI am a traffic light, and Alan Ginsberg kidnapped my laundry in 1927!00:22
snapbotJust walk along and try NOT to think about your INTESTINES being almost FORTY YARDS LONG!!00:23
snapcountsnapbot roxors00:23
snapbotI have a VISION!  It's a RANCID double-FISHWICH on an ENRICHED BUN!!00:23
snapcountalrighty then00:23
snapcountNet::IRC works00:23
+perlDreamers n a p b o t00:24
snapbotMy pants just went on a wild rampage through a Long Island Bowling Alley!!00:24
snapbotIs it FUN to be a MIDGET?00:24
+perlDreamernow that's funny00:24
+perlDreamerthe pants thing00:24
snapbotJust walk along and try NOT to think about your INTESTINES being almost FORTY YARDS LONG!!00:24
+perlDreamerhis random quote generator needs a little work, though00:24
snapcountthe Net::IRC module comes with a test script00:24
snapcountI modified it to connect to freenode00:25
+perlDreamerso it forks a daemon and then hangs up?00:25
snapcountuhh.. it's running in an infinite loop00:25
snapcountyou can bg it though00:25
snapcountnot sure how we'd implement this in webgui00:26
+perlDreamerI'd plug it into spectre00:26
snapcountit would have to be POEified00:26
+perlDreamerwe'd just use the POE one.00:26
snapcountbut, I don't think WebGUI knows how to communicate with other POE creatures00:27
+perlDreamerIt wouldn't have to.00:27
snapcountI think the interface is very specific to WebGUI <=> Spectre00:27
+perlDreamerall it would do is log things into a db00:27
+perlDreamerthen an Asset would just display lines of text from the db.00:27
+perlDreamershould probably limit the db cache00:27
snapcountI'm thinking chat wobject though00:28
snapcountthis thing would have to handle multiple connections00:29
snapcountthe idea is you configure the wobject to connect to a irc network/channel00:30
snapcountthe user says what nick to use and password (optional)00:30
snapcountthen they get a chat window00:30
snapcountthat would rule00:30
snapcountbut it would probably be easier to do a bot first00:30
snapcountthat you configured through webgui00:31
snapcountso there would have to be communication between webgui and irc poe00:31
snapcountshould only take you a day00:31
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+perlDreameryo! crythias00:40
Radix__Morning guys01:01
Radix__Anyone know if/when the pdf's from the WUC 06 talks are going to put on the webguidev.com site?01:03
Radix__I've had questions from several people now about creating objects or workflows and stuff - and they'd help so much01:03
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+crythiashope I catch him later01:27
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@preaction-mRadix__: i've been told that they'd appear after a while, I believe once we get the new support wiki created02:41
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+crythia1where can I find a coder like that.03:59
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@preaction-mlike whom?04:47
+crythia1I wish I had Jesse's code.05:04
Radix-wrkmy code?05:35
* Radix-wrk hides his code from everyone.05:39
* Radix-wrk strokes his code and moans "My Preciousssss...."05:39
+crythia1Jesse is a friend. yeah I know he's been a good friend of mine. But lately something's change that ain't hard to define Jessie's got himself some code and I want to make it mine... And it's compiling all those lines... And it's got a hot runtime I just know it. Yeah 'n' he's adding more lines late, late at night...06:55
+crythia1You know, I wish that I had Jessie's code, I wish that I had Jessie's code. Where can I find a code like that? 06:57
* crythia1 has lost it. It's ok. you can agree.06:57
+crythia1bump Radix-wrk06:57
@preaction-mdude, where did you go?06:58
* preaction-m wants whatever crythia1 is smoking06:59
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Radix-wrkYou know.. I actually started thinking it was something to do with the song "Jesse's Girl" - but then I thought.. no.. he can't be doing something that geeky.07:29
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Radix__drugs worn off now crythias?18:10
+crythiasI thought so. apologies.18:10
Radix__hehe.. no need.. I had a chuckle :)18:11
Radix__at your expense mind you.. but hey.. you did ask for it ;)18:11
+crythiasof course. not like you've not been bombarded with this all your life18:11
Radix__It's a song that's been around for quite some time yes ;)18:12
Radix__recently revitalised with the current 70's music revival18:12
Radix__but she's mine.. she's all mine - noone can have my girl ;)18:13
+crythiaswell I had fun with lyrics18:15
Radix__you did well ;)18:15
+crythiasand it's got a hot runtime I just know it.18:16
Radix__well it's past my bedtime.. nite :)18:19
ckotili think i found a bug in the versioning system22:38
ckotilwhich prevented me from calling an asset a certain url, and i KNOW for certain there are no other assets with that url.22:38
ckotili think an open version tag is causing it.22:39
ckotilim not working under the tag. its just sitting there idle. 22:39
ckotilthe work thats been done under that tag is entirely unrelated to the work i just tried to do.22:39
ckotilill file a bug report if/when i commit that open version tag and it sitll doesnt allow me to name the url what i want.22:41
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-!- preaction-m changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable 7.2.3) | WRE (0.7.2) | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for migrant dork herds01:46
@preaction-mso the new Calendar and the old EventsCalendar aren't really that different...01:55
@preaction-mexcept the Calendar works ;)01:56
* preaction-m finishes the upgrade script so that he can check in01:56
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@preaction-mroyjohnson: if i'm migrating every EventsCalendar wobject into a Calendar wobject, do I need to migrate all the old revisions or just the current revision?02:07
royjohnsonwhat non-sense art thou speaking02:08
@preaction-mroyjohnson: it'll also be nice when we get that IRC wobject created, people can join this channel from plainblack.com02:08
royjohnsonsi 02:08
@preaction-mi'm about to check in the new Calendar02:08
royjohnsonoh oh 02:08
@preaction-mso i need to make the upgrade script02:08
@preaction-mso do I migrate all the old revisions, or do I say "fuck em"02:08
@preaction-msince they really have little purpose now02:08
@preaction-mi mean, on the EC, only two columns are getting migrated, and on the Events there is currently no versioning02:09
royjohnsonwell, you need to do something with them other than deleting them02:10
@preaction-mdamnit... i should just do it anyway, somebody's going to complain somehow that they can't revert to an old calendar from three years ago or something...02:10
royjohnsonyeah... data loss == bad02:10
@preaction-mi mean i'll migrate the current revision of their EC assets, but the OLD ones02:11
royjohnsonis it any harder?02:11
@preaction-mprobably easier anyway, just copy one table to another02:11
@preaction-mthe asset and assetData tables won't change, except to update to the new className02:11
@preaction-mthen set some sane defaults, and get the templates all hunkydory02:12
@preaction-moh, calculate the recurrence pattern, i hope that works...02:12
@preaction-mwhat if they deleted one recurrence?02:12
@preaction-mthe pattern isn't stored, but it looks like a relationship is...02:13
@preaction-mBETTER IDEA: Don't calculate recurrence pattern at all! since all the events are created already (afaik)02:15
* preaction-m is now thinking out loud. shutting up02:15
@preaction-mperlbot hello02:15
perlbothello preaction-m02:15
@preaction-mperlbot botspeak02:15
@preaction-mperlbot 41902:17
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royjohnsonperlbot diss preaction07:41
perlbotOMG preaction sucks.07:41
@preaction-mi can't figure this out, once I use wG::Asset->new() how do I save the asset to the database?07:41
royjohnsonyou want to change it's properties?07:42
royjohnsonor create a new instance07:42
@preaction-mnew instance07:42
royjohnsononly way to do that is addChild07:42
@preaction-mi'm too strung out i can't figure a damn thing out07:42
@preaction-msee, if i do it the way i'm doing it, it's impossible to rollback this upgrade if it fails, you'll have to reload the db backup07:42
@preaction-mwould that even be prudent? or will I get yelled at for that?07:43
royjohnsonwhy?  Just create a version tag in your code... add all your crap, change all your crap, commit the tag07:44
@preaction-mwhat i'm doing it changing the database directly07:44
royjohnsonbad Doug!07:44
royjohnsonno no no07:44
@preaction-mit's the best way, otherwise i only get the one version of the asset07:44
@preaction-mthis way i get all the previous  versions too07:44
royjohnsonyou can specify revision date to the constructor07:45
@preaction-mso i can get all the revisions and do it that way?07:45
@preaction-mgood god...07:45
royjohnsonyeah... query all by assetId07:46
royjohnsonthat will give you every version07:46
royjohnsonthen pass revisionDate to the constructor07:46
@preaction-mand then get the properties, modify the properties, get the parent, add a child to the parent with the new properties, then trash the old asset07:47
@preaction-mgood lord in heaven07:47
royjohnsonuse update, it versions the asset07:47
@preaction-mwith a new className?07:47
royjohnsonif you're changing properties07:47
royjohnsonoh no07:47
royjohnsonit won't do that =)07:47
royjohnsonif you're creating a new asset using the old assets data07:48
@preaction-mi'm changing EventsCalendars into Calendars07:48
royjohnsonyou have to create one 07:48
royjohnsonusing earliest rev date07:48
royjohnsonthen update it once for each date07:48
@preaction-m... christ...07:48
royjohnsonam I making sense?07:49
@preaction-mwith the Events I won't need to go through all that BS, there's actually no way for me to do it that way07:49
@preaction-mit's just crap07:49
royjohnsonok... you just want one asset not one asset for each revision07:49
royjohnsonthe important thing is to make it work07:50
royjohnsonwe can make it better later07:50
@preaction-mso I grab the earliest revision, make the asset, and then add revisions07:50
royjohnsonjust do the best you can and meet the spec07:50
@preaction-msee, I won't be able to do that with the Events07:50
royjohnsoncan you explain why?  without writing a novel =)07:50
royjohnsonor is it overly complex07:50
@preaction-mbecause the module gets overwritten07:51
@preaction-mi can't create the old asset, because the module is new07:51
royjohnsonI see07:52
royjohnsonthat's kinda fucked07:52
@preaction-mand since there's no way to rollback the Events without a db backup, i may as well not worry about the EC either07:52
@preaction-mjust going to have to put in the gotchas: "Do NOT perform this upgrade without a backup."07:52
royjohnsonwell the upgrade does a backup unless you tell it not too07:53
@preaction-mright, but you can tell it not to07:53
@preaction-mand if someone does, and it goes screwy, they're fucked07:53
@preaction-mmurphy's law...07:54
@preaction-mand he was an optimist07:54
royjohnsonthe only way to get around this is to name Event something else, like CalEvent07:54
royjohnsonbut even then, the upgrade would have to delete the old event module... scary07:54
@preaction-mwell, delete after it's succeeded, surely07:55
@preaction-mor even delete it with the 7.4.0 release07:56
royjohnsonI think that's bad07:56
royjohnsonHave you asked JT his opinion?07:56
royjohnsonhis the king of doing crazy stuff in an upgrade07:56
royjohnsonsheesh, can't type07:57
@preaction-mlooks like he's N/A07:57
royjohnsonwell, do your best... the release isn't till Wed so if he doesn't like it we can fix it07:57
royjohnsondon't get hung up on this, just get the thing working07:58
@preaction-myeah, i'm just going to do it07:58
@preaction-mi'm going to collapse if i dont... :p07:58
royjohnsonand relax... it's just code, you got this =)07:58
@preaction-myeah, it's cake If i can figure out these error messages07:59
royjohnsonwhat are they?07:59
@preaction-mi've been keeping track of all the ones that I get that aren't straightforward and I hope to go back and fix that situation07:59
@preaction-mthis one is "DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Operand should contain 1 column(s) at ../../lib/WebGUI/SQL/ResultSet.pm line 135"07:59
@preaction-malso, I think that the errorHandler needs to be updated, and have some sort of class method to access it (so you don't need a session object to have error handling)08:00
royjohnsonThat sql looks like a query with no column08:01
@preaction-mselect (assetId,revisionDate,defaultMonth) from EventsCalendar08:01
@preaction-mthere aren't supposed to be () are there?08:02
@preaction-mi hate the little shit...08:02
royjohnsonI never noticed that before08:03
royjohnsoninsert into blah (1,2,3) values (...); but select 1,2,3 from foo08:03
@preaction-mhooray for inconsistent language specs :p08:04
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+crythiaspreaction-m, bump15:08
+crythiasJust reading the Calendar/Events Calendar thing15:09
+crythiasI don't understand why you have to overwrite EventsCalendar...15:09
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@preaction-mcrythias: the old EC will no longer work mainly because of the new Event Asset. It would, of course, be possible to finagle it so that they could co-exist, but I feel this way is better00:41
@preaction-mthat, and i was told to do it this way00:41
@preaction-mwould anybody here be able to recommend a wireless phone/data carrier? i'm currently looking at cingular with the 8125 smartphone01:24
@preaction-mi wonder if skype would work with it01:24
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vidar_have you ever had problems with the Head Block content i a template being displayed inside <body> ?13:21
Radix__What kind of problems?13:24
vidar_the <head> tags to a specific layout template appears not inside <head> of the document but rather inside the <body>13:25
Radix__Hmm.. odd13:26
Radix__by head tags you mean the ones you're adding in the metadata page for the template?13:26
vidar_special CSS13:27
Radix__Hmm.. not ever had that problem myself13:27
Radix__but to be honest, I've only used the metadata head section once or twice13:27
Radix__I have a global css file I've embedded for the site13:27
vidar_I am trying to use different css for the printable version14:25
vidar_but it always embedds the 3 column layout wiht all the sidabar stuff that is not needed in the print version14:26
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Jiggiesup peoples16:42
Jiggiepreaction xdanger how ya been16:43
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Jiggiesup peoples again....16:49
Jiggiewhat permissions should my mysql apache public folders have and who should own them in webgui16:55
Jiggiemy site after a few permission changes does not come up16:55
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@preaction-mJiggie: check /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/var/`uname -n`.err if your error logs say "cannot connect to database"17:18
Jiggieits connecting now17:28
Jiggiei think i have to run a fix for mysql tables "myisamchk -Br *.MYI"17:30
Jiggiecant seem to remember how to do it. as i'm getting this error now 061204 10:33:30 [ERROR] /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/libexec/mysqld: Can't open file: 'userSessionScratch.MYI17:30
Jiggie' (errno: 1417:30
@preaction-mwhat's errno 14? i always have to look them up at mysql.com17:31
Jiggiegive me that site u sed to paste code again pls17:31
@preaction-mperlbot pastebin17:33
perlbot(see paste)17:33
@preaction-mperlbot paste17:33
perlbotPaste your code to http://sial.org/pbot/perl or http://erxz.com/pb and #perl will be able to view it.17:33
Jiggieermo..no idea and i remember not to check the channels...17:43
Jiggieit says is a bad table and i need to repair it. so i should do REPAIR TABLE userSessionScratch; does that make sense17:47
@preaction-mi don't know. that much is beyond me. i believe that myisamchk or one of the other command-line tools can repair the tables17:47
Jiggiei'll try it, it seems to go with what happened to us. the database got corrupted when the space filled up read here17:50
Jiggiethat seemd to work17:52
Jiggieyeah baby this is working18:20
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@preaction-mshow us your +o face, roy!06:12
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Jiggiequiet here23:11
@preaction-mtoo quiet...23:11
Jiggiedo i need to come and make some noise23:32
Radix__get jiggie with it23:55
* Radix__ breaks down and does a boogie.23:55
--- Day changed Wed Dec 06 2006
snapcountI just brought WebGUI to a new low00:11
snapcountpreaction... you're disturbing my slumber00:11
@preaction-msnapcount you're totally blowing my vibe00:22
snapcountI wrote a bash macro for WebGUI at 3am this morning00:27
snapcountNow people can have random nuggets of vulgar and twisted humor in their wG site!00:41
* snapcount is a tad loopy00:41
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Radix-wrkooh.. fun stuff03:06
Radix-wrkadded a user profile field with type Yes No and now whenever a user goes to edit their profile it comes up with:03:06
Radix-wrk2006/12/06 09:04:35 - ERROR - webgui.formsys.com.conf - main::[[undef]] - Couldn't execute operation : WebGUI::Operation::Profile::www_editProfile. Root cause: Can't use string ("Yes03:06
Radix-wrkNo") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/ProfileField.pm line 159.03:06
@preaction-mooh a bug03:14
@preaction-mput it in the bugtracker and we'll fix it tomorrow03:14
@preaction-mwhat's the best way to make a workflow run immediately?03:15
Radix-wrkgo to current workflows and hit run?03:15
@preaction-mthere's no "run"03:15
@preaction-mjust "enabled"03:15
@preaction-min the "Show Running Workflows" there's a "run" link, but the workflow hasn't started yet03:16
Radix-wrkHmm.. can you fake the url that webgui uses to get it to run that way?03:17
@preaction-mnot until an instance of the workflow is created03:17
@preaction-mhow do workflows get tested?03:18
Radix-wrkgood question03:18
@preaction-mi imagine i can write a utility to do it for me03:18
Radix-wrkyeah, you need a workflow instance id first before you can do anything in webgui with it03:21
@preaction-mit's also annoying that I can't just do something to run my hourly tasks right now instead of later, sometimes I want to03:22
@preaction-mi'll make the utility now, and make an RFE to add it to the admin console03:23
Radix-wrkYeah, a 'run now' next to each scheduled workflow task would be nice03:23
Radix-wrkFound three bugs in all with user profiles then.  What fun03:43
@preaction-mfun indeed03:45
@preaction-mgives us something to do for bugfix day tomorrow03:45
Radix-wrkYou good at sql queries by any chance?04:05
Radix-wrkSELECT 04:05
Radix-wrk  a.fieldData AS "Email Address"04:05
Radix-wrk  c.fieldData AS "Opt-Out"04:05
Radix-wrk  users.status AS "User Status"04:05
Radix-wrkFROM 04:05
Radix-wrk  users04:05
Radix-wrk  left join userProfileData as a on users.userId=a.userId and a.fieldName = 'email'04:05
@preaction-mperlbot paste04:05
Radix-wrk  left join groupings as b on users.userId=b.userId04:05
perlbotPaste your code to http://sial.org/pbot/perl or http://erxz.com/pb and #perl will be able to view it.04:05
Radix-wrk  left join userProfileData as c on users.userId=c.userId and c.fieldName = 'emailoptout'04:05
Radix-wrk  b.groupId = 'IpZgQn75FPEsLgDpxSzL1w'04:05
Radix-wrkORDER BY 04:05
Radix-wrk  users.dateCreated DESC04:05
@preaction-mor http://pastebin.com or something04:06
Radix-wrkpastebin doesn't seem to respond (submit it and it sits there loading for ages) - the other two seem to be for automating spamming on #perl channel04:14
@preaction-myou can select "none" as a channel04:15
Radix-wrkI think it's a left-join I'm doing wrong or something.. but not sure how to do it right04:17
@preaction-mare you sure you can use quoted strings for AS?04:18
Radix-wrkI've done it before in a previous sql query (which does work)04:18
Radix-wrkhttp://sial.org/pbot/21636 is the one I based it on04:20
@preaction-mhang on, i know frank wrote one just like this on another site04:20
Radix-wrkwhich I wrote a year or so ago04:20
@preaction-mwhat's the error message?04:21
Radix-wrkit's the double left-join to the same table that I'm not sure about - but don't know how else to do it04:21
@preaction-mthe join is fine, frank did it for a client and it seems to work04:21
Radix-wrk2006/12/06 10:07:49 - WARN - webgui.formsys.com.conf - main::[[undef]] - There was a problem with the query: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'c.fieldData AS "Opt-Out"04:21
Radix-wrk  users.status AS "User Status"04:21
Radix-wrk  users04:21
Radix-wrk  lef' at line 304:21
@preaction-myou forgot commas between the field names04:22
@preaction-mSELECT field, field, field04:22
Radix-wrkOh god I did too..04:22
@preaction-mi didn't notice until i looked at the working one ;)04:22
@preaction-mthey should change "near" to "before", it'd make more sense in those messages04:23
Radix-wrkooh.. now I'm getting a new one04:23
Radix-wrk2006/12/06 10:22:47 - WARN - webgui.formsys.com.conf - main::[[undef]] - Unconditional read failed: <rest of the sql follows>04:23
Radix-wrkAhh.. found it04:24
@preaction-msnapcount: aren't you supposed to be asleep instead of replying to the support boards?04:24
Radix-wrkthanks preaction-m - just needed a different set of eyes :)04:25
@preaction-mi know how that is04:25
snapcountI'm over-achieving today04:28
@preaction-mamen to that04:28
snapcountI think sleep depravation is making me crazy04:28
@preaction-mlol you and me both04:29
@preaction-mis there any special way to test Workflows? 04:29
@preaction-mi mean, i already wrote a utility to do it, but now that i've wasted an hour, tell me it was completely in vain04:29
Radix-wrksleep deprivation ain't bad for your health - as long as she's cute04:29
@preaction-mshe is a rough trick named Frank who looks like an Elvis Impersonator04:30
Radix-wrkheh.. I think I might have seen her in las vegas when I was there then :)04:30
@preaction-mi've been told she frequents the scene down there04:30
snapcountwhat do you mean by test the workflow?04:32
snapcountlike, force it to run?04:33
@preaction-mlike test it, develop it, make sure it works04:33
@preaction-mcreate a new instance and force it to run04:33
snapcountyeah... create a schedule entry for it04:33
snapcountthen you click "run" to run it whenever you want04:34
@preaction-m"run" where?04:34
snapcountgoto manage cron in the ac04:34
snapcounteach schedule is listed, run button to the right04:34
@preaction-mthe Scheduler, okay04:34
@preaction-mi could've added a new task here... damnit...04:35
snapcountisn't it fun learning the UI side of wG?04:35
snapcountit's almost like learning something entirely different04:35
@preaction-msometimes i'm amazed at what I can do with it, other times i'm frustrated by what I can't04:36
@preaction-meither way, it's an hour wasted04:36
@preaction-min any case, sbin/runWorkflow.pl will be added once I've documented it properly04:36
snapcountI feel like I could use the API to do just about anything... however, I am still so far behind in what WebGUI can already do out of the box04:37
snapcountmake sure you clear that with JT on the dev list04:37
Radix-wrkcan you use != in sql queries?04:37
@preaction-mRadix-wrk: <> i think04:37
snapcounthe'll freak if you check something in that's not approved as a new feature04:37
@preaction-msnapcount: ahh, i'll clear it tomorrow04:37
@preaction-mit's useful in any case04:38
snapcountI'm sure it will be fine04:38
snapcountsounds useful to me04:38
@preaction-mthen an RFE to make "Run" links for Workflows (not just scheduler)04:38
snapcountyou mean for activities?04:39
snapcountor on the workflow screen04:39
@preaction-mfor entire workflows04:39
@preaction-mor individual activities, whatever04:39
snapcountoh ok, so you can do it from the manage workflows screen04:39
snapcountthat would be cool... one less step04:40
@preaction-msome of them shouldn't be forced to run though, like the VersionTag ones04:40
@preaction-mso there'd probably have to be a property to designate which are able to be forced04:40
@preaction-myou're evil04:41
Radix-wrkwierd.  <> doesn't work if the value is undefined - and since it's a new profile field, no current user has it defined (except the test user I just set)04:44
@preaction-mIS NOT NULL04:45
Radix-wrkso c.fieldData IS NOT NULL and c.fieldData <> 104:45
Radix-wrkcool.. didn't know about IS NULL/IS NOT NULL04:49
@preaction-ma shortcoming of the SQL language04:49
Radix-wrkworked out to be (c.fieldData IS NULL OR c.fieldData <> 1) in the end was what I needed04:49
Radix-wrkthanks :)04:50
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bipolarI'm trying to upgrade a webgui instance. It's currently upgraded to 6.8.10, but when I try to upgrade to 7.1.2 it says it needs no upgrades. ./upgrade.pl --doit --history shows that it is at version 6.8.10, and it finds the upgrade executable from 6.8.10 to
bipolarlooks like a bug in the upgrade script. removeing all the upgrade history except for the latest version seems to triger the upgrade.20:24
bipolarI think it's just looking for the last in the list and the sorting confuses it.20:24
Jiggieu ar ein luck21:09
Jiggieu must drop the database21:10
Jiggiethen import it again and try the upgrade script21:10
Jiggiei just went tru that21:10
Jiggieat the same spot21:10
bipolarI did that, and it still stuck. The upgrade script only saw the last version in 'perl ./upgrade.pl --doit --history', and since the sorting made that 6.8.9 and not 6.8.10 it did not know it had an upgrade script available for it.21:12
bipolarso I edited the version table so that .10 was the only one there, and it upgraded it.21:12
bipolarit's working now.21:12
bipolaraccept for images only being vewable by people logged in even though they are set to 'everyone'21:13
Jiggiei c21:17
Jiggieit must be permision issues21:17
Jiggiemine crapped out but its now working after a few bumps21:17
Jiggiecrap gui is not bad when its running, not so easy to fix when its not21:18
bipolarwhenever I change something, then commit the changes, that item is 'locked'. how does an item get unlocked?22:09
bipolarI see this image I changes the metadata on in 'versions' as a pending version, but I see no way to get it out of pending so I can change it again.22:10
bipolarwtf.... In the webgui log, it seems that requests are being sent to spectre from the machines public ip address, not
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* crythias jumps aside as a migrant dork heard nearly runs him over.02:11
+crythiasherd, even02:11
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui02:34
snapcountyou have to watch for those dork herds02:53
* Radix-wrk looks around in fear.02:53
-!- snapcount changed the topic of #webgui to: #WebGUI WebGUI (stable 7.2.3) | WRE (0.7.2) | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for migrant dork herds and bunnies02:53
Radix-wrkWabbit Season!02:53
+crythiasduck season03:01
Radix-wrkWabbit Season!03:14
Radix-wrkWebGUI Season! Fire!03:14
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Radix-wrkSite down for maintenance huh05:03
snapcount7.3.0 is in the house05:07
snapcountthe wiki is here!!!05:07
snapcountwell, it's almost here05:07
Radix-wrkhasn't finished upgrading yet :)05:08
snapcountassuming the pb.com upgrade doesn't cause fire and brimstone05:08
snapcountnope... event calendar is being replaced with the new calendar05:08
snapcountso it's taking a while to migrate05:08
Radix-wrkooh.. preaction's new stuff :)05:09
Radix-wrkit's dead.. it's dead! :)05:17
Radix-wrkooh.. proxy error now05:21
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Radix-wrkhehe.. site dead now.. methinks I'll be waiting for 7.3.1 or 7.3.2 ;)05:29
snapcountyeah... some goof didn't check that an object was created before calling a method on it05:38
snapcountthis is why we upgrade pb.com before pushing a release05:38
snapcountthe upgrade is running again but I left apache offline to make it go faster05:39
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-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: #WebGUI WebGUI (stable 7.2.3 | beta 7.3.0) | WRE (0.7.2) | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for migrant dork herds and bunnies07:05
Radix-wrkcool!.. like the new features in 7.3.0 - sounds good :)07:09
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xdangerIs there a reason for the wiki wobject not to be enabled in the demo.plainblack.com?19:41
xdangerwould like to try it out =)19:42
snapcountI added one to demo earlier19:46
snapcountwhy do you say it's not enabled?19:46
xdangertried it last night and it wasn't on the asset list19:49
snapcountlast night demo wasn't upgraded19:50
snapcountI upgraded it this morning19:50
xdangerO yes now it is =)19:51
xdangerI didn't really look that hard... just a quick test...19:51
xdangerhmm.. I'll go play ;)19:51
snapcountusually I upgrade right after the release but last night I was tired so I slacked off19:51
snapcounthave fun19:52
xdangerThere's no "automatic linking" sort of stuff? just normal "link to a page in webgui asset tree"?19:57
xdangerOh, no there is... I just had a typo =)19:57
xdangeronly that it links to /home... not to /whateveryourdemorootis/home/...19:59
xdangerO and it doesn't work with non-ascii characters... like 20:06
snapcountneither does my irc apparently20:11
snapcountI saw [incompatible encoding] at the end of your message20:11
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xdangersnapcount: when is wre 0.8 coming out? any eta?21:58
snapcountnot sure... I have my patches ready for JT for all of the setup improvements, but he's working on some new stuff too so I'm not sure21:59
xdangerok, I'm just upgrading my webgui fron 6.8 to 7.2 and upgrading the wre in the process...22:00
xdangerI'm just getting ready for testing my own code upgrades...22:00
xdanger(custom assets and macros)22:00
-!- Jiggie [n=none@63-239-138-22.dia.static.qwest.net] has joined #webgui23:15
Jiggiejust set up the latyest beta on fedora 6 in less than 15 minutes23:16
-!- william_ [n=william@rrcs-24-123-191-66.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #webgui23:27
william_anybody here familiar with the SQLForm wobject? I've got a coding question regarding how tables are imported.23:27
william_ok, i'll try the lists23:29
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ckotilWhere is this new wiki? is it part of the collaboration system?18:58
ckotili read wiki object. but i dont see it18:59
ckotili see the logo's ;)18:59
ckotili grabbed 7.0.3 lol19:09
ckotilits.... rough19:14
ckotilman. my lead engineer rips on webgui. aknowledging that its a powerful system. but insists the learning curve is steep19:21
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@preaction-mrotatelogs keeps destroying my computer... i think it has problems working with very large log files22:42
@preaction-mso wyoh is down until sunday night when i get home...22:47
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@snapcountanyone around?20:42
+crythiasguess so22:02
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mindspinanyone here using stil 5.5.8 and able to give me some advise on HolyMenu questions?15:27
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bipolarIs there a way to have WebGUI's forms send emails via authenticated smtp? Our server does not have the option of anonymous smtp from localhost when sending from an email address from a domain it controls.19:04
preaction-m"does not" or "is not configured to"?19:05
preaction-mto be honest, i don't even know where the configuration settings for the mail server that WebGUI uses19:05
bipolardoes not19:07
bipolarthere is no option to do that. it's either allow all senders to spoof your domain or none.19:08
bipolarpreaction-m: the only thing I see is a field for the mail server's host name.19:08
preaction-mwhat mail server are you running?19:08
bipolarThe only thing I can think of is to setup a postfix frontend for it.19:09
preaction-mmust say I've never heard of that one. no chance of running something decent like postfix or sendmail?19:09
bipolarYeah, I can setup a frontend w/ postfix.19:09
bipolarit's designed to allow that, but it's just another thing to set up and maintain.19:10
preaction-mwhy not replace citadel w/ postfix?19:10
bipolaralthough it does allow more control19:10
bipolarcitadel is more then smtp19:10
preaction-malso, add an RFE for authenticated smtp19:10
bipolarcitadel is a full groupware server.19:10
preaction-mif there isn't one already19:10
preaction-mso smtp+imap?19:11
bipolarwell, it has Auth SMTP, thats the problem. I can turn it off so anyone can send mail, or leave it on19:11
bipolarsmtp+imap/s+pop3/s+ical+groupdav+kolab... etc... etc.19:11
preaction-mi meant, add an RFE for WebGUI to handle authenticated SMTP19:11
bipolarpreaction-m: hehe.. yeah. doh...19:11
bipolarLooks like, at least for the time being, I'm going to have to setup postfix on this box. good thing Citadel has an LMTP socket to make it easier.19:19
preaction-mmaybe just setup sendmail and disallow anyone to connect to port 22 on that box19:19
preaction-m(except from localhost of course)19:19
bipolarpreaction-m: you mean port 25? thats used by citadel right now, so whatever I setup on that port must replace it's functionality.19:22
bipolarunless webgui can be setup to send mail via a diffrent port... hmmm...19:22
bipolarpreaction-m: I don't see an option for a port number in webgui either :\19:24
bipolarit's ok. I've worked with postfix before, I can handle it :)19:24
preaction-mbut seriously, RFE for better mail server controls. I19:24
preaction-mm surprised wG doesn't have them already19:24
bipolaryeah... me too.19:25
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@snapcountthe community wiki will soon be a reality!05:53
@snapcountJust waiting for someone to sign off on the "we're not responsible for errors or ommissions" statement05:54
@snapcountbut I've already started putting stuff in it05:54
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@preaction-mcan I only add nodes from the asset manager?06:03
@preaction-mhey... get back here damnit06:03
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vidar_who was it that did the new calendar again/12:20
Radix__Hmm.. just thought I'd check out the demo of it on demo.pb and it crashed when i created a calendar object12:38
Radix__Problem with request12:39
Radix__yikes.. assets list seems broken too.. and keeps logging me out12:40
Radix__Oh well.. that's why they call it a beta ;)12:42
vidar_I have seen worse things marked stable14:23
vidar_like search function not working14:23
vidar_how is that stable?14:23
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Radix__I agree with you there vidar! :)16:08
xdangerdemo.pb isn't runnings stable =)16:58
snapcountit always runs the latest just like pb.com16:58
xdangersnapcount: vidar_ was earlier saying that search function isn't working =), and then commenting that " < vidar_> how is that stable?"17:00
snapcountoh ok17:00
snapcountlate to the party =)17:00
snapcountdidn't know search wasn't working though17:01
snapcountI don't think that's on the bug list17:01
xdangeralso to recap: 12:40 < Radix__> yikes.. assets list seems broken too.. and keeps logging me out17:08
-!- ckotil [n=newtrino@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui19:28
vidar_snapcount: is didn't work couple of months ago19:31
vidar_when the conference was held19:32
snapcountare you saying it doesn't work now?19:33
snapcountI know it was broke back then19:33
vidar_I was saying it was broken back then and the version was marked stable19:36
ckotilthe PHP BB Skin/Template is sweet. Id like to see a media wiki template for the wiki asset19:55
vidar_gallery2 template would be more practical19:59
vidar_the wiki is so new19:59
@preaction-mI still don't know why they didn't implement it as a tree of user-editable Articles20:08
vidar_implement what?20:09
vidar_the wiki?20:09
vidar_how is it implemented?20:10
@preaction-mthere's two new assets: WikiMaster and WikiPage20:11
@preaction-mI'm thinking that WikiPage could've been done without, and instead uses an existing asset/wobject like Post or Article20:11
vidar_like calendar and event I suppose20:11
@preaction-ma little different, Event has functionality that Post doesn't have20:12
@preaction-mthough, I could've made Event a subclass of Post20:12
vidar_are you happy with your new calendar?20:12
vidar_I have yet to try it20:12
vidar_but have been looking forward to it20:12
@preaction-mI was rushed. There are bugs that nobody knows about and there are kludges that make me ashamed20:12
@preaction-mbut otherwise, it's a ten thousand percent improvement over the EventsCalendar20:13
ckotilgallery2 would be sweet. i use that app at home.20:13
vidar_dont need much to improve that20:13
vidar_the EventsCalendar that is20:13
vidar_perhaps I will look at it at demo.pb20:14
@preaction-mthe main problem I have right now is that iCalendar implementation is a kludge. I wrote my own parser and my own recursion generator, something I could've delegated to cpan modules.20:14
@preaction-mit works, but it's not clean code20:14
vidar_can you create events in the past?20:14
vidar_that was a bug in the old one20:15
@preaction-mthat and iCalendar has a much richer way of describing recursion, and I haven't implemented that in the Calendar20:15
@preaction-mi see no reason why you can't create events in the past20:15
@preaction-mat least, I didn't put in anything that forces you to create events only in the present/future20:15
vidar_it was a bug in the old one, old omnths were empty20:16
vidar_the most annyoing thing is if you clicked on a date in the small month view then it would pull out only one event from the day and show it to you20:17
@preaction-myeah, those parts are completely redone. i believe I did it the only logical way I could20:19
@preaction-mthe only thing the old EC and the new Calendar really shared are what type of view to show by default (Day, Week, Month) and where to start by default (first event, last event, current date, which nobody knows that I haven't implemented yet... sshhh...)20:19
vidar_the old EC could not show week20:20
@preaction-mthe more important part about the new Calendar is that it be easily subclassed for such things as a request calendar (request a resource for certain time periods, a vacation calendar) or a project calendar (integration into the project manager anyone?)20:20
vidar_I think the most important part about a calendar is that it works :)20:21
@preaction-mi believe my next project is a vacation-type calendar, which i'm trying to imagine as flexibly as possible20:21
@preaction-mpfft, working is just a side-effect of good design and clean code20:21
vidar_if it compiles, it works20:22
@preaction-m:p what about runtime errors? divide by zero?20:22
vidar_the real errors are logical errors20:22
vidar_have seen way to many for the past months20:23
@preaction-myeah... timezones are not fun to work with. nor generating dates from an english phrase like "Every Sunday Monday and Tuesday on the Third week of every 2 months"20:23
vidar_calendar is the nightmare of general programming imo20:24
@preaction-mas it is, i thought of about 10 ways to make it better, as long as I have free reign to break the Calendar API (and I put big warnings on the parts of the API that will change)20:25
@preaction-mi didn't have time for nightmares, i wasn't even sleeping :p20:25
vidar_what about the "no api changes to 2030"?20:28
@preaction-mthat's what he said at the WUC?20:30
@preaction-mbut I meant specifically the methods I created in the Calendar20:31
@preaction-mlike getEventsIn() and get/setRecurrence20:31
snapcountthe rules apply to calendar too preaction-m, but not until it's labeled stable20:44
snapcountat that point your apis have to remain backwards compatible20:44
@preaction-myou're not making 7.3.1 stable are you?21:23
@preaction-mrather: do I get to make the decision when the Calendar is stable?21:24
@preaction-mthe main thing is the recurrence patterns: I want them to be in the iCalendar format, which means changing the Event asset's getRecurrence, setRecurrence, and getRecurrenceDates methods. Then I would consider the APIs to be stable (at least, it would be possible to maintain backwards-compatibility)21:26
snapcountno no21:31
snapcounthave ya *seen* the bug list =)21:31
snapcountthe bug list decides when something is stable21:32
snapcountbut I guess I decide what the bug list is telling us21:32
snapcountof course if you have a concern, you should voice it... I won't label a release stable if there are major problems and you know the most about the cal21:33
snapcountso it all comes full circle I guess21:33
snapcountwell, I would like to see 7.3 be stable by next week... but it might not be until after the break21:34
vidar_Ill wait21:59
-!- zor0 [n=ian@c-24-22-67-104.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #webgui23:57
zor0I'm trying to install webgui and the wre is horribly breaking the mysql instalation on my ubuntu system, where should I be looking for help?23:58
--- Day changed Wed Dec 13 2006
@preaction-mit's difficult to install side-by-side the WRE mysql and another mysql00:33
@preaction-m(because mysql INSISTS on using /etc/my.cnf)00:33
@preaction-myou might be better off removing mysql from the wre and just using your existing version00:34
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zor0ok, I dont have a seperate mysql install. I meant it was breaking its own install00:49
@preaction-mwhat do you mean by breaking its own install?00:51
zor0right now I've got the wre mysql ans apache servers working but the addsite script fails because /data/WebGUI doesn't exist, causing Hoster::WebGUIConfig to fail00:51
@preaction-mwhy doesn't data/WebGUI exist?00:51
zor0I mean I am running the setup wre script for ubuntu on my linux box and it kills the mysql server it comes with00:52
zor0it dosen't, never got created by the script, theres just /data/wre where all the stuff is00:52
@preaction-mthe script should've asked if you wanted to install WebGUI from a mirror00:52
zor0never did00:53
@preaction-myou're using the contributed wre 0.7.1 for ubuntu?00:53
zor0ok, when it exits it says that some files didn't match and gives me the diff commands do see what has changed, but then says "Setup Complete", so I take it that the script skipped a step and says its done anyway?00:55
@preaction-mmight want to destroy /data/wre and try re-installing00:55
zor0I've only done that about 5 times, it never works right00:56
@preaction-mare you following the steps on /data/wre/docs/install.txt ?00:56
zor0this is really close to working, I just need to make it install that stuff apparently, I think it skipped it because I stoped and restarted the install script while tinkering with mysql00:57
@preaction-myes, the install script is annoying that way00:57
zor0I was following the install.txt doc, but it offer ZERO help the minute I get an error from setup00:57
zor0so, the setup exits because it thinks two config files have been edited manualy00:58
zor0Some of your configs don't match the defaults. Run these diff commands to find out what's different:00:58
zor0        diff /data/wre/etc/stats.modproxy /data/wre/var/setupfiles/stats.modproxy00:58
zor0        diff /data/wre/etc/backup.conf /data/wre/var/setupfiles/backup.conf00:58
zor0Setup Complete!00:58
zor0so, can I delete  /data/wre/var/setupfiles/backup.conf and it will be recreated with whatever new settings the installer is trying to use and then the installer will continue?00:59
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@preaction-mno, you'd want to delete the ones from /data/wre/etc01:09
zor0ok, I've made the files match, now when I run the setup script, it asks me if I want to run it again, I say yes, it does its thing, says "Setup Complete!" and exits01:10
zor0and apprently skipped actually installing /data/WebGUI01:10
@preaction-myou could just download WebGUI01:18
zor0how can I do that?01:18
zor0wait, that dir is just a copy of the non-wre files?01:19
zor0well, I already scrapped it and I'm going to try and document what I'm doing this time01:19
@preaction-munder Download Source01:19
zor0oh, I already wiped everything like you suggested01:20
zor0preaction-m: are you a web-gui developer?01:24
@preaction-mi'm employed by Plainblack, yes01:31
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui01:33
zor0allright, I've figured it out, basically whatever wrapper you hava around sudo is horrible and unreliable01:34
zor0it asks for my password and the script keeps right on runnind, I can't enter the password01:34
@preaction-mthere's a reason the WRE is in the 0.* series01:35
zor0so a bunch of stuff fails, and then the setup script borks itself for lack of error checking01:35
zor0why do you guys recomend it and call it "easy to install" then?01:35
@preaction-mbecause it's far better than installing all the prereqs on each system manually?01:37
Radix-wrkit's a hell of a lot easier than installing all of the perl modules/apache/mysql/etc manually01:37
Radix-wrkI've had a wre setup installed from scratch in about 20 minutes.. including OS install (which took most of that)01:37
Radix-wrkrestoring from backup with the wre is even easier01:37
zor0that could all be done automated using apt on debian distros, yum on rh, etc01:38
@preaction-mi dunno man, Roy and I have been trying to bring one of PBs servers up for the last 4 hours01:38
Radix-wrknot easily no01:38
Radix-wrkI've tried managing the webgui stuff with debian using apt-get and it was a mess01:38
@preaction-mzor0: and what about non-apt and non-rpm based distros? what about windows? what about mac os x?01:38
zor0I like the idea, but please make the setup script verbose enough that when it spits out errors I have some idea what it was trying to do01:38
Radix-wrkWebgui requires a LOT of perl modules - and a lot of the ones it depends on are the latest versions01:39
zor0preaction-m: they can use the annoying setup script01:39
Radix-wrkI had to go to debian testing to get half of them.. the other half weren't in debian at all.. and had to get them from cpan01:39
zor0the setup script is fine, it needs to have more error checking and be more helpful when things go wrong01:39
Radix-wrkYeah, it does01:40
@preaction-mi'll agree01:40
@preaction-mand if i were allowed to touch the WRE, i'd help01:40
zor0it looks like the sudo thing was just coded badly01:40
zor0heh, you aren't allowed to work on it?01:40
@preaction-mfor now, it's just JT01:40
@preaction-mthe other three devs have their hands full with WebGUI01:41
Radix-wrksnapcount did a few fixes.. and had a few ideas on how to improve it01:41
snapcountthey are going in 0.801:41
snapcount1.0 will probably be the web based installer01:41
@preaction-mhe's got a wonderful idea for a web-based interface that should rock all high01:41
snapcountalready started writing it =)01:41
Radix-wrkyup.. I heard his ideas for it at the WUC :)01:42
zor0I build perl web apps, and have plenty of experience with debian/apache/perl/mysql, I just expected this to be easy for me01:42
Radix-wrkwhat went wrong?01:43
zor0the wre mysql install dies horribly01:43
Radix-wrkdid you delete /etc/my.cnf before you started?01:43
zor0it tries to start it, asks for the password to sudo, and then doesn't wait for input, just keeps running 01:44
zor0yeah, I've read install.txt01:44
Radix-wrkerr.. you mean you weren't running it as root to start with?01:44
zor0I have no /etc/my.cnf or other mysql/apache install01:44
zor0no, I wasn't01:44
zor0none of the docs tell me to01:44
Radix-wrkwell you'll need to run it as root01:44
zor0and the script looked like it was set up to sudo where it needed to01:45
zor0god damit, why doesn't it say that in the docs?01:45
Radix-wrkokay.. so try it in a root shell?01:46
zor0doing it now01:46
Radix-wrkdid you delete your /data dir and unzip the wre once more from scratch, or just run it again from where you left off before?  (I know the wre is fussy like that - it will often bomb out if you do the latter, so I do recommend the former)01:48
zor0should everything I unpack into /data be owned by root?02:00
zor0Do you have WebGUI local or should I get it from a mirror? {local|mirror} mirror02:00
zor0Getting current WebGUI version:         Failed! Continuing without it.02:00
zor0Which version do you want to install? [500 Can't connect to update.webgui.org:80 (Bad hostname 'update.webgui.org')] 02:00
zor0is that down? I can't ping it02:00
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui02:00
Radix-wrklooks like it :(02:01
@preaction-mmore likely it's the DNS that's having a problem, i'm trying to restore this system right now02:01
Radix-wrkzor0 - no, everything in /data should not be owned by root02:01
Radix-wrkPING frozen.plainblack.com (
Radix-wrk52 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 50994ms02:01
@preaction-mfrozen is dead now too? 02:02
Radix-wrklooks like it02:02
Radix-wrkupdate.webgui.org resolves to frozen02:02
Radix-wrklooks like today might not be the best time to install from the wre (unless you download the webgui manually from sf and use local)02:04
@preaction-mi've been told to fix the DNS first, so give me 30 minutes02:06
Radix-wrkin the meantime.. http://www.overclockers.com.au/image.php?pic=images/newspics/rainbow.jpg02:06
@preaction-mtry now plz?02:08
zor0I already got it off sourceforge, I'm doing the local install02:09
Radix-wrkfrozen still doesn't respond02:09
Radix-wrkI can't ping it, and can't ftp to it02:09
@preaction-mit's responding to ssh though... wtf02:10
perlmThis may be a really stupid question, but how would I go about editing the file this points at?  <link href="^/;style3/css03.css"02:10
@preaction-mperlm: search through your asset tree for "style3", it should be under there02:11
@preaction-mRadix-wrk: update.webgui.org is up now though02:11
@preaction-mfrozen just doesn't seem to respond to pings, might be a firewall issue02:11
Radix-wrkokey.. it is via http02:12
Radix-wrksilly me thought it responded via ftp02:12
@preaction-mat least THAT backup went smoothly...02:12
zor0W00000t!!!! it worketh!02:13
Radix-wrkcool :)02:13
Radix-wrkcongrats zor002:13
@preaction-msomeone should go to the community wiki and make sure that the installing WRE says to use root02:13
Radix-wrkthere's a wiki? :)02:13
zor0heh, yeah...02:13
Radix-wrkooh.. there is now too02:14
Radix-wrkpersonally.. I think it's kinda obvious myself - I mean all of the shell prompts in that document are: "[root@localhost root]#"02:15
Radix-wrkit also says as a prerequisite that you need root access to your server02:16
@preaction-m#WebGUI WebGUI (stable 7.2.3 | beta 7.3.0) | WRE (0.7.2) | Use the Wiki: http://plainblack.com/support/community-wiki | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for migrant dork herds02:20
-!- preaction-m changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable 7.2.3 | beta 7.3.0) | WRE (0.7.2) | Use the Wiki:02:20
@preaction-m                     http://plainblack.com/support/community-wiki | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for 02:20
@preaction-mthis is what I get for using irssi through ssh from mac os x...02:21
@preaction-mand it seems that plainblack.com doesn't have the Redirect asset/wobject/whatever that every other WebGUI site i've seen has...02:23
-!- preaction-m changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable 7.2.3 | beta 7.3.0) | WRE (0.7.2) | Use the Wiki: http://plainblack.com/support/community-wiki | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for migrant dork herds02:24
Radix-wrkHmm.. the wiki works differently in IE7 than it does in firefox02:24
@preaction-mnot surprised...02:25
Radix-wrkworks fine in IE702:25
Radix-wrkbut in firefox 2.0, it doesn't the most popular and recent changes sections as columns - and if I click on a link it reformats the page and compresses the text somewhat, but doesn't follow the link until I press it again02:26
@preaction-mthat's a bug02:27
@preaction-mi had that same thing happen, i thought i just wasn't doing something right02:27
Radix-wrkyeah.. it's definitely a bug02:27
@preaction-mand i've got 90 minutes until big Donorware upgrade... have to eat sometime in there...02:27
Radix-wrkhehe.. go eat man :)02:28
@preaction-mwww.cmsmatrix.org is still down, but the rest of Cold is back up02:28
@preaction-mfor some weird reason a whole bunch of Threads have no Posts...02:28
@preaction-mand if I do a subselect to figure out which ones, i'll basically crash the box02:29
@preaction-mso i have to continually test and delete, test and delete02:29
@preaction-m... wait a minute... why are there 2067 Threads but only 1500 some Posts?02:30
perlmsome of the Posts are multi-threaded02:30
perlmba-da-ding.  Thank you folks, I'll be here all week.02:31
* preaction-m throws tomatoes02:31
Radix-wrkOT: Professional Hosting Services - http://www.overclockers.com.au/pic.php?pic=images/newspics/Hosting.jpg02:31
@preaction-mhorrors of hosting: true stories.02:32
Radix-wrkI'm sure there's a few places around who offer exactly that kind of service :)02:37
perlmpreaction-m: I've looked at the assets and I can't find where I would change the page templates to have the default point at a different icon for the page header.02:39
perlmoh......when I looked at the Macro it became clear.02:41
Radix-wrkthe ^/; macro just adds http://mysite.com/ to the url02:43
Radix-wrkactually.. I don't even think it adds that.. just / or /index.pl? actually02:44
Radix-wrkwhich was the old way of doing webgui pages in the 5.x versions02:44
perlmit is like the magical invisible macro02:45
Radix-wrkI removed it for all of my css personally.02:45
perlmThe style wizard rules......I won't have to edit any CSS at all.  <Best Pricess Bride Voice>Truuuuuuue  Woooooooove</>02:46
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@preaction-mfour hours later and I return a failure... Stupid old WebGUI not upgrading properly...08:18
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--- Day changed Thu Dec 14 2006
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perlmWhen a new version of WebGUI is released, I wonder how many downloads it gets.02:01
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui02:02
perlmShould Spectre be ran as root?02:06
@preaction-mperlm: it shouldn't need to be02:25
Radix-wrkas long as it has access to the webgui directory02:26
Radix-wrkwebgui itself (with the wre anyway) runs as nobody generally02:27
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable 7.2.3 | beta 7.3.1) | WRE (0.7.2) | Use the Wiki: http://plainblack.com/support/community-wiki | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for migrant dork herds02:28
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perlmSweet, thanks.02:56
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@preaction-manyone else here get the WRE to compile for OS X for Intel Macs?06:15
Radix-wrkDon't use os x myself.06:25
-!- PedersenMJ [n=marvin@mail.icelus.biz] has joined #webgui06:27
* PedersenMJ waves. I've been pondering purchasing access to "WebGUI Done Right", but there is one item that is crucial for me, and I haven't seen reference to it being in there: Does WDR have docs/videos showing how to reskin/retheme webgui? I want to do my own design for it.06:28
PedersenMJSorry if I seemed rude with how I asked the question, but many chans I've been to recently have requested that questions be asked just like that.06:30
@preaction-mthat's how it's done on freenode usually06:31
Radix-wrkWebGUI Done Right has a section for creating your own templates and "themes" - though ultimately it's only a guide - there are soooo many ways of doing templates that there is no 'right' way of doing them.06:31
PedersenMJThat's okay. I just haven't been able to grok making my own "theme", and need some pointers as to processes I can follow at all.06:31
Radix-wrkThe main thing is learning the core template variables06:32
Radix-wrkAnd how the different templates work together to create the whole06:32
Radix-wrkOnce you learn how those work - you can go create your basic css and layout in dreamweaver or frontpage or any other html editor of your choice really06:32
PedersenMJThat, right there, would be the one question I would need to answer then: Does WDR discuss those? I'm not doing it for work, but rather for me, and $125 out of my pocket is kind of steep when I'm not certain it has what I need most.06:33
Radix-wrkHave you checked out the wiki btw?06:33
PedersenMJNot really, no. I hate to admit it, but I just found the wiki a few minutes ago (at least, just found *a* wiki, over on webguidev).06:34
Radix-wrkActually.. the wiki is still very light on UI stuff06:34
Radix-wrkI just looked myself06:34
@preaction-mthe wiki is very light period... it was just released the other day :p06:35
Radix-wrkThere was a great presentation on how to create a site theme given at the WUC this year06:35
Radix-wrkI was hoping the content from that presentation was up there06:35
PedersenMJSee, I don't *mind* spending the $125, just so long as those pieces are in WDR. The money is not, itself, the problem. Rather, the lack of certainty about what is actually *in* it.06:36
Radix-wrkWell.. the WDR will give you a good starting point - there's a page at http://www.plainblack.com/builders/how-to-build-a-style that will get you started and explains the basics06:36
Radix-wrkActually.. it's been fleshed out since I last looked.. and looks like the content from the WUC talk - so it'll get you going pretty well06:37
PedersenMJAh, thanks. I haven't bought the access yet, but now that I know it's there, I'll be buying it this week (maybe tonight, but doubtful, it's kinda late, and I'd prefer to buy it right when I can start using it).06:38
Radix-wrkGlad I could help06:38
PedersenMJBTW, do you happen to work for plainblack?06:39
Radix-wrknot me06:39
Radix-wrkpreaction does06:39
Radix-wrkhe's the only one here atm that does though06:39
@preaction-mthey can barely handle me, what do you think they'd do with you? ;)06:39
Radix-wrkI'm the webgui lead on my company's site - and idle here most days in the hope of picking up a bit of knowledge or titbit I can use sometime :)06:40
@preaction-mof course, i'm just a kid compared to most of the people i've been meeting these days06:40
PedersenMJThat's okay. preaction, a suggestion for the website? Don't know if it would be well received, or would actually help, but it would have made me buy access a few months ago. A publicly accessible table of contents for what's in WDR would be a very nice thing.06:40
@preaction-mit's a good idea, another one of those things that i'm surprised hasn't been implemented already06:41
Radix-wrkGood idea actually :)06:41
@preaction-mi'll run it by the big-wigs and see if they'll get our tech writer to do it06:41
PedersenMJCool. Glad I can give that idea out :)06:42
Radix-wrkFeel free to stick around - we're always here if you need any more help06:42
@preaction-msometimes even more PB people come in06:42
@preaction-mer... person... er... roy...06:42
Radix-wrkyeah.. like snapcount..06:43
PedersenMJIt's the one thing that held me back, as I said (too many times, so will stop saying it now). In case they're curious, tell them to watch for "Michael J. Pedersen" coming in. Like I said, I won't buy it tonight, but will be surprised if I don't buy it tomorrow now.06:43
Radix-wrkthough I have seen JT here once - even got to talk to him for a good hour06:43
@preaction-mand he didn't get tempermental? he hates IRC06:43
@preaction-mhe's got problems dealing w/ people dumber than him, which unfortunately is a great many people06:43
@preaction-mthe lucky barstad06:44
PedersenMJI try not to fit into that category, but when it comes to WebGUI, I'd be very much dumber than him (or most anybody else).06:44
Radix-wrkWas part of the community feedback sessions prior to WG 7 released.  He held one session late at night (for us aussies and people in our timezone) - and I happened to be the only one on the channel then06:44
Radix-wrkgot to air lots of problems, questions, etc with him then - was perfect timing for us too as we were headlong into WG dev06:45
PedersenMJOne thing I wish I could see done is an easier time installing everything on Debian. I've not used RH for a while now, and prefer to avoid it. Ah well, shouldn't complain too much. The setup *does* get done, just is not as easy as I'd like :)06:46
Radix-wrkI think he kept on hoping someone else would come along and ask questions before the time went ;)06:46
Radix-wrkPedersenMJ, yeah.. we ended up switching to the WRE on CentOS 4.3 simply because of the ease of install06:47
Radix-wrkEvery other system here I have is debian06:47
@preaction-mPedersenMJ: the source install should compile fine, if you apt-get install build-essential06:47
Radix-wrkI tried managing it through apt-get and using a stable/testing mix, but it got to me after a while06:47
PedersenMJBTW, please call me either Mike or Ped or Pedersen. I couldn't use my regular handles, as somebody else uses them, but really don't go by this too much.06:47
@preaction-mPedersenMJ: i'm using tab-completion, and usually IRC clients highlight your nickname :p06:48
PedersenMJActually, preaction, what always gets to me is all of the extra Perl modules, not all of which are listed as requirements. It takes a good couple of hours to go through the whole list.06:48
Radix-wrkI actually had some wierdo issues with navigations dissappearing that drove me crazy until I worked out it was some perl library that debian had grabbed that was different from what PB and everyone else was using that caused it.06:48
PedersenMJFair enough. I won't make you shorten it. If you had to type it all, though, then you've got an option.06:48
Radix-wrkI decided if PB recommended the WRE then we'd start using it, and it's been pretty good since06:49
@preaction-mRadix-wrk: that is weird... another reason I want the WRE to have some faster development... snapcount has some excellent ideas that need implementation06:49
@preaction-mand i've got a backup/restore utility i need to write, so what happened last night never happens again06:50
Radix-wrkYeah.. it'd be great if the WRE matured a bit06:50
PedersenMJFor me, it's not a hugely viable option, though, as I have a single web server, and need to have other stuff on the same server for now.06:50
@preaction-mthe WRE's MySQL does not play nice with others, but that's MySQL's fault06:51
@preaction-mthe next version of the WRE should have a new setup script that lets you pick and choose what to install/setup06:51
@preaction-m0.8 i believe06:51
Radix-wrkyeah, know what you mean PedersenMJ.. I kinda faked that by using different hostnames, ports, and our alternate ip for when we really got stuck.06:51
Radix-wrkport forwarding as well of course06:52
PedersenMJWell, for now, it's working, so I'm not going to complain a lot. Someday, maybe, I'll take the time to work out an improved (in my mind, anyway) setup script. Of course, that means getting some extra .deb's into Debian, which is problematic in and of itself.06:52
PedersenMJOr.... Hmmm, idea. Have to add it to my list. Might do a webgui repository, so that it would become possible to do "apt-get install webgui", and get the install done.06:56
Radix-wrkSomeone (I have no idea who) created some debian deb's for webgui a while back - http://deb.cyberdiscordia.org/06:56
Radix-wrkthey're a little dated now tho06:56
@preaction-mit is just me, or has the community seemed to have died a little?06:56
Radix-wrkIt's never really built up much unfortunately06:57
Radix-wrkthe big gap (2 years) between 5.5.8 and 7.0 didn't help as everything was in chaos during that upgrade06:57
PedersenMJNever looked into the community, myself. But finding out about webgui isn't exactly easy to do.06:57
Radix-wrkEveryone's still getting used to 7.0 I suspect06:58
Radix-wrkIRC is slowly getting bigger I'm glad to say06:58
@preaction-mprobably. i've been doing a lot (a lot) of 6.2-7.x upgrades recently06:58
Radix-wrkIt used to be that me and crythias were the only ones here for a while06:58
Radix-wrkthe biggest issue with webgui is that it's changing so fast still07:00
Radix-wrkWhich is great in some ways.. but annoying in others07:01
PedersenMJThat's not just my imagination then! Good!07:02
@preaction-mi'd like to see a better roadmap, with future API changes clearly marked on a map. 8.x breaks This This and This07:02
PedersenMJIt had always seemed like I could check the webpage once every 4-6 weeks and get a new stable release.07:02
Radix-wrkI'd like to see a more reliable stable release07:03
PedersenMJWhat issues have you seen with the stable releases that make you say that?07:04
@preaction-ma lot of stability could be gained at the expense of making API changes07:04
@preaction-mif i made the new error handler I want to, a lot more error messages could be made, and a lot more stability could be achieved07:04
Radix-wrkAtm there's a release every week07:05
Radix-wrkregardless of whether it's a beta or a stable release07:05
@preaction-mmostly bugfix releases07:05
Radix-wrkI'm using 7.0.8 stable atm07:05
PedersenMJI have no problem with a release every week, personally. After all, new betas could come out that often, easily.07:05
Radix-wrkI'd love to get some of the bugfixes, but there's been three major updates since then - and each one of them has a lot of changes and gotchas, so it's not trivial07:06
@preaction-mthe upgrades are still doing things nicely. except for the minor caveat about 7.2.007:07
Radix-wrkIt'd be nicer if the stable releases stuck around for a while.. and were kept uptodate with bugfixes, but no new features.07:07
Radix-wrkI'd like all of the bugfixes up to 7.3.1 - but none of the new features (and possible new bugs as a consequence)07:10
Radix-wrkI'm a software developer myself I might add - we work towards two major releases a year.  Webgui has been aiming at one a month of late :)07:12
@preaction-mthere's a point there... but there's so much legacy code to go through and make Work...07:15
@preaction-mit would be nice to branch and only backport bugfixes for a span of at least three months07:16
PedersenMJanyway... Must be rude again, and get going. After midnight here, and need to get up in the morning (on time, for a change).07:17
PedersenMJWill chat later.07:17
-!- PedersenMJ [n=marvin@mail.icelus.biz] has quit ["[BX] Yo quiero BitchX"]07:17
@preaction-mi think i figured out the issues. intel macs don't like the OpenSSL, MySQL, or ImageMagick that's included with the WRE...07:33
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Radix-wrkYeah, sorry for dumping that on you preaction - you don't deserve it.  Guess I needed to get that out of my system tho - your question set me off! ;)08:32
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vidar_does the search find content that the user does not have permission to access?15:33
ckotilit hides it15:36
Radix__yeah.. only shows the content in the search that the user has access to16:11
vidar_that is what I figured, but some clients thought it was not possible16:29
vidar_there was some talk about a style generator16:30
vidar_do you know what I mean}16:30
Radix__yeah, there's a style generator - does basic layouts16:35
vidar_somehow I have missed hthat one16:36
Radix__it's a sidebar option if you edit a style I recall16:36
vidar_were is it?16:36
Radix__Go edit a style, then on the left you'll see Style Wizard16:37
Radix__It's very basic though - it then gives you two different styles to pick from16:37
Radix__lets you pick a logo, site name, and the colours16:38
Radix__Quick way to get started16:39
Radix__but not much flexibility :)16:39
Radix__you need to learn css/html and the basic html tags to be able to do more :)16:40
vidar_I was hoping it was not for the complete site16:41
vidar_I was hoping it was to divide the content space into regions16:41
vidar_for the less skilled people here16:43
Radix__fraid not :(16:47
Radix__grab dreamweaver or frontpage and do a mock up in that..16:47
Radix__it's not hard once you've done that to put it into webgui16:47
vidar_I know16:48
vidar_I have quite a lot of css/html exp16:48
Radix__would be nicer for the newbies I agree16:49
Radix__ajax driven wizard would be awesome16:49
xdangerSomething like this would be nice:  http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/grids/17:19
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Radix__that would be perfect17:23
Radix__just need to select where the navigation would go and insert the template tags and it'd be done17:24
Radix__it's done with the YUI as well.. so should be simple to put into webgui surely17:25
xdangerthere is the sidepanel for navigation...17:28
xdangerbut thre should be more options than "left/right" and size...17:29
xdangerlike top,bottom, etc..17:29
vidar_can it only have 2 cols?17:52
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vidar_this is good stuff18:20
vidar_would like to see the YUI calendar in webgui18:20
ckotilthat is pretty badass. the css grid builder18:31
ckotili should study that. ive been trying to build my sites without the use of tables. only divs, but its really hard.18:31
vidar_the css grid is the most difficult thing to build modern website imo18:32
ckotiltables just scale so easily18:32
vidar_(from a photoshop file)18:32
ckotilya, i cut up the file the designer has been working on into chunks and throw it in a well laid out table18:32
vidar_the problem is that designers that only know photoshop have no idea of how hard it can be to implement their design perfecly without tables18:34
ckotilya, they just know that it can be done using css18:35
ckotilwhenever i try to make a site without using tables, just divs and css they never fucking line up18:35
ckotilso fuckem18:36
vidar_dont understand why designers dont do css themselves18:36
ckotilone more thing to learn18:36
vidar_one more reason to fire them18:36
ckotilthey're content in knowing their adobe apps18:36
vidar_I would rather pick up a kid that designs counterstrike websites rather than pro photoshoper18:37
ckotilnah, cant fire thtem.18:37
vidar_because the kids can do both18:37
ckotilim certainly not going to design the site18:37
vidar_programmer spending his time in css is bad management18:38
ckotilim no programmer18:38
ckotili dabble18:38
ckotilmy title is web developer18:38
vidar_have never met one of those18:41
vidar_so you use dw or similar program do to your job?18:42
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ckotilyeah, for the most part.19:13
ckotilbut not entirely19:13
vidar_I dont know how to use any of those19:14
ckotilim also handy with a text editor19:14
ckotiljust point n click19:14
vidar_not really good using the mouse if you know what I mean :>19:14
@preaction-mi've never met a WYSIWYG program that does readable markup/css19:48
perlmDreamweaver does the best of all the WYSIWYG's I've seen and it is horrible.  css must be hand coded to make sense.19:52
ckotili spoke with a graphic designer the other night and he was hyping up adobe go live.20:02
ckotili tried it out. i didnt like it20:02
@preaction-mbut that's a designer. he probably doesn't understand a single word of CSS "code"20:03
vidar_he should20:49
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ckotilthese designers can setup a flash web page. thats about it22:53
ckotilrecent grads from indiana university bachelor of fine arts program.22:53
@preaction-mso, useless22:53
ckotilas web developers, yes22:54
@preaction-mas functional members of society :p22:54
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xdangersnapcount: are you non-idle?04:15
xdangerWas just wondering about the new calendar... Is there going to be some sort of approval prosess for the events?04:16
xdangerso that I could let my users input events and I could approve or reject them...04:16
@snapcountpreaction-m would know04:17
@snapcountI'm not familiar with the original spec04:17
xdangerpreaction-m: so?-)04:18
@preactionthat's an RFE. currently the workflow activity that commits the events is hard-coded to "Commit without approval", but it could be changed once a config value is created for it04:18
xdangerdoesn't sound like much of work =)04:20
@preactionit wouldn't be, no. but for the problem of the recurring events: you'd have to go in and approve each occurrence of a recurring event04:20
@preactionor... the commit process would have to do it for you04:20
xdangercan't you but them under the same versiontag?04:21
@preactionthat, and i'd like for the commit process to actually generate those occurrences, rather than having the user wait forever04:21
@preactionit'd probably work, sure04:21
@preactionatm i'm trying to get the WRE working on this intel mac, so JT stops yelling that he bought me a 3000 computer that I don't do dev work on04:22
@preactioni've broken down, i'm installing ubuntu on it :p04:23
xdangerbtw. is there a way to tell spectre to use some other host than the config option sitename?04:23
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has quit ["Leaving"]04:24
@preactionnot that i know of04:24
xdangerso i'll just have to tweak /etc/hosts for every site... nice04:26
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Radix-wrksnapcount's in hiding ;)09:10
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perlmAlmost everything I know about POE I learned from SPECTRE00:54
perlmWebGUI is the gift that keeps on giving.00:55
+crythiasnow we need something called Edgar ... and raven00:59
+crythiasand usher01:00
+crythias6.2.11 - "The Pit" ... 7.x "The Pendulum"01:00
@preaction-m8.x - The Beating of His Hideous Heart?01:20
+crythiasThe Cask01:44
snapcountwe should come up with a codename for 8.x02:07
snapcountrabid monkey02:08
snapcountthe cleaner02:08
snapcountoh wait02:08
perlmI'm writing an application which is targetted at the desktop, but I wonder if it is presumptious of me to think users could install Apache and use WebGUI as the front end?02:18
@preactionthere is the WRE02:39
@preactionbut probably presumptuous02:39
@preactionwhy not a web service? some sort of web-based interface to a program that stores things on the client's computer02:39
+crythiasIt's presumptuous to assume people can install WebGUI.02:54
Radix__I dunno.. if you use the windows wre and tweak it to use different port addresses from the norm - you'd probably have a pretty good chance of it working02:59
Radix__the old webgui unzip n run actually worked surprisingly well I found.. unless something was already using port 80 (like IIS)03:00
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Radix__hello likemick04:58
likemickhi there04:58
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* PedersenMJ waves.06:47
PedersenMJI've got an idea for something fairly large to plugin to webgui, but don't know if this would be a bad one. I've got a squid proxy at work, and am thinking that writing up a plugin for webgui which can write that config file might be a good thing.06:48
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ckotili cant install the wre. i run sh build.sh as root.22:02
ckotilStop in /usr/data/wrebuild/source/utils/lftp-
ckotilWRE ERROR: lftp make did not complete successfully.22:02
ckotilfails at lftp22:02
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+perlDreamerHey, all00:00
+perlDreamerI'm fixing WebGUI bugs today.00:00
+perlDreamerI'm working on a Wiki bug in particular right now, and am stuck using an old browser here at work.00:01
+perlDreamerIs anyone willing to do a little testing for me?00:01
+perlDreamerYou would need to have a SVN copy of wG running.00:01
ckotilim running 7.3.100:09
+perlDreamerThat would work, but having a copy of 7.3.2 would be better.00:10
ckotiland have the wiki on the front page00:10
@preaction-mperlDreamer: let me update SVN, restart wG, and see what's up00:10
+perlDreamerckotil: You okay doing manual patches?00:10
ckotilive done them in the past. just haev to go in order.00:11
ckotilin teh past (before i knew about upgrade.pm --doit00:11
+perlDreamerThe bug I'm working on has to do with Wiki page history.  So first, please create some wiki page and then make 3 consecutive edits to it.00:11
+perlDreamerthis upgrade will be _much_ more manual than that.  This is text editor work00:11
@preaction-mperlDreamer: run an svn diff?00:12
ckotilnever done it.00:12
+perlDreamersvn diff would work as long as I'm diffing against 7.3.100:12
+perlDreamerpreaction-m: this might be better to do with you since you're also a wG hacker.  You got time?00:13
@preaction-myou should be able to pass a -r to diff, iirc00:13
@preaction-mthat's the thing, i've got an emergency install, if this person gets my login working00:13
@preaction-mmight have a few minutes00:13
ckotilin that case. im heading home. good luck00:13
+perlDreamerthanks for the offer, ckotil00:13
+perlDreamerDoug, try this:00:14
+perlDreamerGo into lib/WebGUI/Asset/WikiPage.pm00:14
+perlDreamerjump to  line 31600:14
+perlDreamerchange all selfs into revisions so that they refer to revisions of the page rather than the current page.00:15
+perlDreameri.e. date => $date->epochToHuman($revision->get("revisionDate"))00:15
@preaction-mk, give me a moment00:15
+perlDreamerI'm like 99.995% positive this is right, but I really don't like checking in untested code00:16
+perlDreamerdue to hard experience00:16
@preaction-myou don't have a web-facing dev server?00:16
+perlDreamerOh, I have a dev server, but a really old browser that doesn't work well with Ajax or YUI00:17
+perlDreamerMozilla 1.400:17
@preaction-mweb-facing, so I could see it00:17
+perlDreameroh, no00:17
+perlDreamernot here at $dayJob00:17
+perlDreamerDuring the day I design chips for cell phone batteries00:17
+perlDreamerDuring the night I become perlDreamer, hack of wG tests, bugs and documentation00:18
@preaction-mi've been asking JT to get one... demo only works for latest release. i'd like a "test" that would use latest SVN, updated at the click of a button00:18
@preaction-mhe keeps telling me it's pointless00:18
@preaction-mmaybe i'll install a reverse proxy and use a semi-dormant computer i have for it00:18
+perlDreamerIt would require a lot of manual intervention.  You'd want to lock it while 1 dev is using it.00:18
+perlDreamerotherwise I could reset it while you're trying to use it and vice versa00:19
@preaction-mit would just update the source, using Apache2::Reload so it shouldn't mess things up (unless someone goes all ape-shit on it)00:19
@preaction-mbut i suppose I could make it lockable, give certain users passwords, etc...00:19
@preaction-manother thing on my list after better Error handling and a full backup/recovery suite...00:20
-!- Radix|- [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui00:20
+perlDreamerand documenting the Calendar and Event Assets? :)00:20
@preaction-mpfft. low on the list. make them use the source :p00:20
@preaction-mbut i do need to do some rewriting to the API00:21
@preaction-maltered, testing00:24
+perlDreamerJust create a Wiki page, make 2-3 page edits, then look at the page history.00:24
+perlDreamerIn the original bug, all icons should have URLs that point to the same revision (current)00:25
+perlDreamerIf the bug is fixed,all URLs will be different.00:25
+perlDreamerDates will be affected the same way (with bug, all same (current), w/o fix, different and correct)00:25
@preaction-mlooks like i had a failed upgrade... must fix00:27
@preaction-mum... where can I add a wikipage? i think things have gotten messed up a little bit00:33
+perlDreamerYou add wikipages on the search interface00:34
@preaction-mnot seeing a link there00:34
@preaction-mi'm upgrading to 7.3.200:34
@preaction-mand for some reason Apache2::Reload isn't working appropriately00:39
@preaction-myour fix works00:40
+perlDreamerThanks, Doug00:44
@preaction-mno problem00:44
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perlmWebGUI's search passed the XSS "><SCRIPT>alert('XSS%20Testing')</SCRIPT> attack01:47
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Radix-wrkHmm.. how do you import a package into webgui these days?  I want to import the phpbb skin, but can't figure out where to do so06:52
Radix-wrkAnd while I'm asking questions.. how do you create a new page in the webgui wiki?06:54
Radix-wrkthe community wiki I mean06:54
-!- davo [n=david@cable200-116-198-253.epm.net.co] has joined #webgui06:57
davoRadix r u there?06:57
davoi just read your reply to my post ("How to offer free blogs to users?")07:00
davothanks for answer07:00
davoi want to talk you about ideas in order to build some perl code to achive this goal...07:01
-!- davo is now known as vcb07:03
vcbmy name is David.. by the way...07:06
vcbthanks for post07:21
Radix-wrkI'm no expert when it comes to using the API - but I've scratched the surface of it a bit, so got a feel for how powerful it is :)07:21
vcbdid you write any code for webgui yet?07:22
Radix-wrknothing in webgui no, just a small script to create users and set them up that we use in the office here.07:23
vcbi see..07:23
Radix-wrkYou can do prettymuch anything with the WebGUI API if you put your mind to it - and it's pretty well documented (webguidev.com)07:24
vcbi was thinking about your suggest...07:24
Radix-wrkI'd try it manually to start with.. add a user, add a group, make the user belong to the group, then add a blog page, and set permissions for the page so that members of that group have edit permissions07:25
Radix-wrkOnce you're happy with the process - you could look at automating it a bit using the API07:26
vcbwhat about the performance handling many groups (one for each user)? i hope to host about 50,000 users 07:26
Radix-wrkmaybe when the user signs up they can click on a button which sets them up with their own blog page (and creates the group, page and permissions automatically)07:26
Radix-wrknow that's something I've no idea on really07:27
vcbyou think webgui can handle several groups?07:28
Radix-wrkWe have about 4000 users here, but they don't have edit privileges - I'm sure the edit side of things will add more load than a browsing user07:28
Radix-wrkAll depends what kind of server you have too :)07:28
Radix-wrkyou can cluster mysql servers for example.. and if you're using the wre you'll get big performance boost from the modproxy setup07:29
vcbmm.. by the way.. it's better to use WRE over manually install?07:29
Radix-wrkthe WRE is the recommended way to install webgui07:30
vcbeven if i have a dedicated proxy in front of webgui host?07:30
Radix-wrkit has everything you need built in, it's optimised and far easier to set up than using the webgui source07:31
Radix-wrkthat said.. if you have it set up already, and you're confident with apache/mysql tweaking - you'll probably do better on your own :)07:31
vcbjeje.. ok07:32
Radix-wrkthe only thing I've ever found is that sometimes the perl modules that ship with the WRE are better tested than the ones you get with distros07:32
vcbyes WRE should be more stable07:32
Radix-wrkI had a wierd nav bug that bugged me for ages before I found out it was a bug in some perl module I was using07:33
vcbbut i always prefer to be a tester07:33
vcbwhat module?07:33
vcbwhich one>07:33
Radix-wrkI don't know07:33
Radix-wrkI ditched debian and switched to the WRE around that time :)07:34
vcbI'm looking forward to learn how API works...07:35
Radix-wrkyou know perl I hope? :)07:38
Radix-wrkfor my script I used the importUser.pl script that came with webgui as the base.. just rewrote it to accept some parameters and created the user accounts that way.  You'd need to use a different example, but maybe there's something in the sbin that could give you a few pointers.07:41
vcbyes.. love perl07:41
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Radix-wrkYou'll have a ball then.  I had to learn perl as I went ;)07:42
vcbi see..07:43
vcbdo you think there is a chance of hearing some ideas from core developers about this feature?07:45
Radix-wrkYou can always talk to PB directly about it sure.  That's where the PB support contract comes in handy - you can bounce things off them and ask for help if you get stuck (or run into a problem)07:46
vcbi see07:47
Radix-wrkpreaction on here works for PB (though he's a new recruit, so is still learning himself in some ways), and occasionally other developers jump on here too07:47
Radix-wrkhttp://www.plainblack.com/downloads/builds/7.3.1-beta/api/ - take a look at the API07:50
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fdillonhey Martin, are you around?18:11
fdillonI have a question for you18:12
fdillongive me a minute18:12
fdillondistractions and stuff18:12
fdillondo you know anything about the WRE for 6.2.11?18:13
fdillonalright then18:13
fdillonthat's my question18:13
+MrHairgreaseI tried to compile the wre for gentoo last weekend18:14
+MrHairgreaseit failed18:14
+MrHairgreasebut my guess is18:14
+MrHairgreasethat it's a problem of the getoo install18:14
+MrHairgreasenever used the wre before18:14
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camidinhello! how to mix collaboration system properties with a data for asset (how to allow comments to each entry of data form).22:57
vcbmaybe creating a forum dynamicly, using the dataform post ID as the collaboration system url?23:40
--- Day changed Wed Dec 20 2006
vcbis there a way to create content using a macro? for example: ^newContent(Forum, title, /home/aforum, templateid) ??00:20
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camidinthanks vcb.. working on your ideas01:01
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ckotilid like to be able to xfer assets from one gui installation to another.16:36
ckotilis ther a find/relpace function?17:04
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ckotilis there a known bug with http proxy that prevents rewritten links from being followed properly? they dont seem to retain the page layout. they just go off on there own. so i lose my template styling22:15
ckotilseems to be in 7.2.122:28
ckotilguess i must upgrade22:28
@preaction-mckotil: I thought I fixed that22:42
ckotilyeah in 7.2.322:45
ckotilim good now thanks22:45
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ckotilpreaction-m: http proxy's hide from navigation doesnt do squat.15:39
ckotilId like for it not to be hidden.15:39
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+crythia1someone needs to fix the wiki18:21
+crythia1preaction preaction-m buzz buzz buzz18:22
@preaction-mfix the wiki how?20:23
+crythia1it's fixed, now20:23
@preaction-mand odon't mention the Calendar stuff that fell out of scope20:23
@preaction-mthank ckotil20:23
+crythia1it used to say "An internationalization label...."20:23
@preaction-moh, that crap20:23
+crythia1I solved the encryption thing and he didn't like it.20:24
@preaction-mis it PB policy to work devs until they collapse? drake just did :p20:24
+crythia1drake worked a developer or collapsed?20:25
@preaction-mencryption thing? oh.. tikititiktitititi20:25
@preaction-mc'est la vie, frank's going apeshit right now20:25
+crythia1and.. "la vee"20:26
@preaction-mthree projects reaching deadline, plus normal operations20:26
@preaction-mand the end-of-year blitz to get people upgraded to 7.x20:26
@preaction-m(because they just HAD to wait until the last minute)20:26
@preaction-mshould've told Sparton to frell off... but whatevz20:27
@preaction-muh... i mean... hi!20:27
* preaction-m hides20:27
-!- preaction-m changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable 7.2.3 | beta 7.3.2) | WRE (0.7.2) | Use the Wiki: http://plainblack.com/support/community-wiki | Questions? Ask and wait patiently | Watch for migrant dork herds20:28
+crythia1once again, bug fixes in beta. GRUMBLE!20:30
+crythia1I'm sick of this.20:30
+crythia1I don't care if the next one is stable, I'm tempted to just stop.20:30
@preaction-mthe huh now?20:32
@preaction-mi'll be the first to apologize, i haven't been able to get the "bugs" out of the calendar, because i've been on other projects20:32
+crythia1it doesn't do the general populace any good to release bugfixes as part of a beta release20:33
@preaction-mhell, i haven't been able to do any bugfixes, it's all "Do this soap masquerade CGI script" or "Do this alumni project" or "do this instead of bugfixen"20:33
+crythia1Plainblack might as well just link to the nightly build as a "release" and go on with life.20:34
@preaction-mimho, they should stop trying to release every week, unless there's a bugfix. and we should branch for each minor version (and also make a branch for the next major version, so I can toy with breaking API)20:34
@preaction-mor just make a branch for me. WebGUI-doug20:35
+crythia1the main thing that irritates me is that bug fixes, including oh, I don't know... PHISHING ATTACK bug fixes should maybe make it into a STABLE release.20:35
@preaction-mthat we had long discussion about, it might've had to break API20:36
@preaction-mimho it wasn't ba bug if you set up apache to filter based on referer20:36
* crythia1 shrugs20:36
@preaction-m(of course, that does make an extra step from direct-linking to uploads)20:37
+crythia1not my problem. "This fixes all these issues, but don't put it in production..."20:37
@preaction-msome of our devs don't backport fixes correctly20:37
@preaction-mwhen we branch, at least20:37
@preaction-mcurrently there is no branch, so no backporting20:37
+crythia1again, backport isn't a thang. 20:37
@preaction-mbut if we did branch, we'd always have a stable release, and all bugfixen would make it into a stable release20:38
+crythia1and I said in the dev list I don't even care if you make a for-vendor release.20:39
+crythia1er. for-client20:39
+crythia1doesn't make me no nevermind.20:39
@preaction-mwhen? i need to restart spectre on plainblack.com because it's gunked up again...20:39
+crythia1erm. I mean spectre...20:40
@preaction-mi'm not familiar with that acronym20:40
+crythia1as in ... hanging...20:40
@preaction-mfunny thing is JT making a talk about it at Madison.pm, should I go heckle him about the bugs? rofl20:41
+crythia1stoopid search20:42
ckotilchad here20:42
@preaction-myyou know what, screw this. i'm setting up an hourly cronjob to restart spectre on frozen...20:43
ckotilluckily i only heard that a handful of times back during those electiions20:43
ckotili setup a script to restart it 24hrs20:43
ckotilcron + script20:43
+crythia1search is broken20:43
ckotilin what version?20:43
+crythia1I put in *my* username20:44
+crythia1why would I see *every* post?20:44
+crythia1even if the post isn't checking username for the search, it does check content.20:45
+crythia1I guarantee I won't show up in 7.3.2 is Released20:45
+crythia1preaction: http://www.plainblack.com/webgui/dev/discuss/svn-branched-for-7.220:47
@preaction-mi've been pondering a new upgrade system, using diffs and pluggable modules (so one part of the upgrade can fail and decide if the rest of the upgrade should continue)20:50
@preaction-mwould also fix the problem of upgrade "steps", as the diffs would be applied per-version20:50
+crythia1IMO, there should be no reason that any upgrade path can't handle the steps.20:51
@preaction-mlike the 7.2 step because of a bugfix in the trash function?20:52
+crythia1"For those of you concerned about bug fixes, I'll give you this reassurance at least. No new R&D (or releases) will be done to WebGUI core by Plain Black staff until all the bugs on the bug board are cleared up. The only exception to this rule is for client funded features because they deserve to get their features without waiting for them. In this way there should be far more bugfix releases than normal releases. In addition, this will be the policy going f20:52
@preaction-mwe have only been working on client-funded features, though I don't know about the wiki20:54
@preaction-mi'd pipe up, but the thread is old. backporting fixes is as easy as `svn diff > backport.patch; cd Old_WebGUI; patch -p0 < /path/to/backport.patch"20:56
+crythia1mhmm.. 20:56
@preaction-mgive me some more time to get stable in this environment, I'm making plans20:57
+crythia1In the market for a laptop? http://www.costcentral.com/proddetail/HP_Compaq_Business_Notebook_nx6325/RB544UTABA/K36949/extended/20:59
@preaction-mnope, JT bought me a MacBook Pro, and gets pissed when I tell him I can't compile the WRE on it. so i've been tying to get a linux kernel to work apporpriately (i always lose at least one necessary piece of hardware, no matter what version kernel)21:00
@preaction-mif it's not wireless internet, it's sound. those seem to be the two features i can't get to cooperate together21:02
@preaction-m... it's been two hours since i started on the boards... breaktime!21:07
ckotilheres a security question for you guys. Is it ok for me to keep both public and private (group access controlled) files in the same folder asset?21:18
ckotilor should i setup a private folder to contain them21:18
@preaction-mit should be fine, if it isn't fine, that's a bug21:21
ckotili set them up in their own folders just for good practice21:32
ckotilphpbbforum template is busted in 7.2.321:51
ckotilsonuva bitch. i was gonna wow my coworkers with that.21:52
ckotilsays invalid asset where addtopic would be. :/21:52
ckotiland where'd the wiki go?21:57
ckotiloh its in the beta.21:57
ckotili just cant win today21:58
@preaction-mamen to that...22:10
ckotilanyone have more than 15megs in their cache?22:13
@preaction-mi've seen gigs of cache before22:13
@preaction-mpb.com has hundreds of MBs22:14
ckotilthen im not worried abotu scalability at all22:14
ckotilthats great news22:14
@preaction-m20 minutes to just do an rm -rf on the WebGUICache22:14
@preaction-mi'd worry more about processor / disk speed first22:15
@preaction-mthe /. effect (how pretentious..)22:15
ckotildamnit....did the clipboard happen to break lately?22:17
ckotilbetween 7.2.1 and 7.2.3 ?22:17
@preaction-mnot that i'm aware of, did you make sure it was committed before you tried to copy/paste it?22:17
ckotilsorry. wasnt on the right version tag22:17
ckotilim unable to add posts to my forums/message boards.22:30
ckotilim dealing with a bug here.22:52
ckotili have a collaboration system/forum i setup weeks ago. 22:52
ckotilit still works fine22:52
ckotilbut i cant create a new one22:52
ckotilive even tried copy & pastre22:53
ckotili almost think its stemming from the fact that i rigged an rss asset before one shipped with webgui. by using a code snipet and navigation asset22:56
ckotili really hope i didnt screw something up permanantly.23:46
@preaction-mdoes your rigged RSS asset screw with things in the core?23:46
ckotillike i used to back in the good ole days23:46
ckotilno not at all23:47
ckotilit was jsut a snippet to output the xml23:47
@preaction-mthe new RSSfromParent thingy should do what you need it to23:47
ckotiland then a navigatiotn asset to cycle through the threads23:47
@preaction-mare you trying to create a CS with your RSS thingy?23:47
ckotilim sure the rssfrom parent will be fine. its just that right now i can no longer create new threads23:47
ckotilim not concerned with the rss right now23:48
ckotilim just listing that as apossibility for my problem23:48
@preaction-mi'm just trying to verify that it's not your code23:48
ckotilwhich is when i create a collab system or message board. i cant create new posts23:48
ckotili didnt touch the code23:48
@preaction-mso we can get to proper diagnosis23:48
* ckotil nods23:48
@preaction-mdid you commit the CS before you tried to make a post?23:48
@preaction-mthat changed recently23:49
ckotilif thats the case. ill be damned23:49
ckotilill give it a shot23:49
@preaction-msomething about packages containing CSs and Threads, and weird stuff23:49
ckotilid hug you right now if i could23:49
@preaction-mit was a horrible bug, it's probably still a bug, but forcing the CS to be committed seems to fix it23:49
@preaction-mbetter idea: tell me i'm right about this: http://www.plainblack.com/etcetera/webgui-bashing-at-glaven_org23:50
@preaction-mthis person is a donorware employee, so i totally understand all their grievances with WebGUI and JT23:51
@preaction-mbut, being honest, Donorware is a bit of a punishment around here. I do it because I'm polite and I seem to handle it better than everyone else23:51
@preaction-mthey're about to get a bill from PB for about 5 extra support hours ($1,000) so I don't know how much they'll like me after that23:52
@preaction-mplus whatever i do tonight, probably 3-5 more hours23:52
ckotilthis guy is an idiot.23:53
ckotili like #23 . about multiple sites23:53
@preaction-mi wantd to say that, but i'm staff, so i have to be polite23:53
ckotili run multiple sites on multiple domains23:54
ckotili pulled some shit out of my ass. but hey, it works very well23:54
@preaction-mand i'm not up on the ancient versions, so it Might have been a problem back then, but it's definately not now23:54
ckotil#27 wg's config files are a mess..   uhm hello. thats unix23:54
ckotilyeah i joined around 6.923:54
@preaction-mthey're JSON now, they were PlainConfig which was INI-style23:54
ckotiljust as 7 was about to come out23:54
ckotilhis issues with search have been fixed.23:55
@preaction-mJSON is messier i believe, but they're data structures, which is not INI-friendly23:55
ckotilim gonna reply to the thread23:55
@preaction-mand i didn't add anything about JT, but JT can be an ass sometimes (he's a geek, social graces aren't required learning)23:56
ckotilI like JT. he's always been straight with me23:57
@preaction-mthat's it, he's straight and to the point, not polite, they're mutually exclusive23:57
@preaction-mwere i more fragile, i could say he's an ass, but he's also in charge, i'll argue my case with him and sometimes i can even win23:58
@preaction-mif i stand up for myself and my position. he's alpha geek23:58
@preaction-m"The adminstrative overhead is too high.." Donorware has so much crap going on in their system it's unbelievable... Now that they're migrating to the WRE, it's all going to be great23:59
--- Day changed Fri Dec 22 2006
@preaction-mi should get back to work though, if Frank finds out i took an hour to write that, he'll KILL ME00:00
ckotilthanks for the help. im out of here. i wrote  a little something to that thread00:01
@preaction-mthanks, have fun00:11
xdangerhehe, the point 1... I run webgui on 4.1 wich comes with debian =D00:13
xdangerand if that's not stable, then mysql isn't ever stable...00:13
xdangerwait.. it isn't =DD00:13
xdangerI hate mysql00:13
xdangerpostgresql for teh win!00:13
@preaction-mi hate postgresql, SQLite FTW!00:16
@preaction-moi could never figure out PG's configuration00:16
xdangerwell.. i liked sqlite until I had to use it for a reporting project..00:23
xdangerif you do int/int=int so 5/2=3, you have to cast(x as fload)/y to get the right solution00:25
xdangerPG is hard to configure, I give you that.. put that's small price to pay for a real DB00:25
xdangerwe played with the idea of converting webgui to postgresql, but we have better things to do00:26
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* PedersenMJ waves.22:28
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Radix__mornin all02:50
@preaction-mmornin indeed03:10
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+crythiasMerry Christmas!07:23
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Radix__Merry Christmas :)12:23
Radix__Was a very hot christmas day here - 35'C - but a good one :)12:24
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@preaction-mMerry Xmas everyone. I get to celebrate by installing WinXP over a  WinME install at my mom's house23:15
--- Day changed Tue Dec 26 2006
Radix__You need one of those thinkgeek t's - "No, I will not fix your computer."  I have one and wear it to all family gatherings.03:44
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+MrHairgreaseanybody out there?18:44
+MrHairgreasewhere's the webgui.log supposed to be in teh wre?18:45
+crythiascheck the .confs18:45
+crythiasbut it's probably in logs dir18:45
+crythias /data/wre/apache/logs or some such18:45
+MrHairgreaseyeah but what if it's not in the conf?18:50
+crythiasmodperl.conf or modproxy.conf?18:50
+MrHairgreaseof course18:51
+MrHairgreasei'm being a dumbass18:51
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cap10morganHey, I'm trying to upgrade 6.8.10 to 7.1.3 and I'm getting this error: "Cannot open config file:  at ../../lib/WebGUI/Config.pm line 348, <DATA> line 225." Like there's a blank config file key in the %configs hash in upgrade.pl. Any idea what could be causing this?21:17
cap10morganI thought it filled the keys of that hash w/ every file that ends in .conf that's not log.conf or spectre.conf?21:17
+crythiascan't open config file is generally any path problem. 21:19
+crythiasstart with where you're running upgrade.pl21:19
+crythiasdon't put your .conf there, but ...21:19
cap10morgani'm running it in webgui_root/sbin21:19
+MrHairgreasedid you set the configfile in the apache.conf?21:19
+crythiasif you're not in WebGUI/sbin, the relative path might...21:19
+MrHairgreasein the vhost taht is21:19
cap10morgansudo perl upgrade.pl --doit --skipBackup21:20
cap10morganit's a bunch of different configfiles21:20
cap10morganfor lots of sites21:20
+crythiasdon't sudo21:20
+MrHairgreaseyou don't have to sudo 21:20
+crythiasrun as root21:20
+MrHairgreaseone thing21:21
+MrHairgreaseyou first have to ugrade to 6.9921:21
+MrHairgreaseand then upgrade further to 7.1.321:22
+crythias6.8.10-> 7.1.3 is ok21:22
cap10morgancrythias: sudo is root21:23
+crythiasuh. so su21:23
cap10morgani don't have root's password, that's why we use sudo :)21:23
cap10morgani've done an upgrade before w/ sudo, and it worked fine (as well as everything else i do w/ sudo)21:24
cap10morganand even this script is processing some of the config files fine21:24
cap10morganbut then it gets to this error and bails21:24
+crythiasand also check your preload.perl21:25
+MrHairgreasecould it be that some conf file is not correct?21:25
cap10morganchecked preload.perl, webgui root is fine21:25
+MrHairgreasepreload.perl is only relevant for running apache21:25
+MrHairgreasenot for upgrading21:25
+crythiasalso make sure the conf is in JSON format21:26
+MrHairgreasethe upgrade is supposed to handle that though21:26
+MrHairgreasetestEenvironments.pl works right?21:27
cap10morganyep, passes w/ flying colors21:28
cap10morganalso claims i'm using 7.1.3-stable21:28
cap10morganmy ultimate goal is to upgrade from 6.6.5 to latest 7.x21:29
cap10morganso i'm going 6.6.5 -> 6.8.10 -> 7.1.3 -> 7.2.321:29
cap10morganso i should be at 6.8.10 now21:29
+crythiasyou've messed up a step, then.21:29
cap10morganok, i'm not sure what that could be, as i'm using upgrade.pl and reading the gotchas and everything21:30
+crythiasif your site says 7.1.3, you're at 7.1.3 so you have to back to 6.8.10 and try again21:30
+MrHairgreasesorry guys21:31
+MrHairgreasegotta go21:31
+MrHairgreasegood luck21:31
-!- MrHairgrease is now known as MrAfkGrease21:31
cap10morganok, but won't that leave me in the same boat?21:31
+crythiasthere has to be other reasons to fail..21:32
cap10morganok, guess it can't hurt to try21:32
* cap10morgan is almost back to 6.6.5 starting point22:05
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--- Day changed Wed Dec 27 2006
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Radix__Hi JT02:32
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-117-209-62.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui03:55
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@preaction-mto this day I cannot say the phrase "Eddies in the space-time continuum" without laughing.04:27
+perlDreameris that where the teacher sent him for putting the tack on his chair?04:28
@preaction-mnever knew that "one of these days" was an eyewitness account04:30
@rizensorry, i should have said AFK before04:41
@preaction-mit's expected, this network hosts an IdleRPG instance (or two) ;)04:42
@rizenso how's it going doug?04:42
@preaction-mnot too bad, trying to pick up some slack on the DoS Alumni project04:43
@rizenah. how was your hanukkah-mas04:43
@rizenand...you're supposed to be taking this week off04:43
+perlDreamerall PB people are workaholics.  Y'all should know tha04:44
@rizenno not exactly04:44
@preaction-mstandard family affair, new clothes, some stuff for the house, a ticket because someone decided that a single yellow line in the opposite lane is "passing in a no-passing zone" and browbeat a dispatcher into getting an officer to write me up for it04:44
@rizenmost of us are04:44
@rizenalmost all in fact04:44
@preaction-mexcept Vrby04:44
@preaction-mor is steve the whipping boy this week? ;)04:45
@rizenall you want for xmas is a ticket?04:45
@rizendrake is my current whipping boy04:45
@rizenfor leaving for xmas break 2 days early without telling anyone, and without finishing his project.04:46
@rizeni should say, without telling anyone in advance04:46
@preaction-m"want"? no, that's what I got :p I get a nice court date on the 15th of january, which btw I'll need to miss work for04:46
@rizenno problem man04:46
@rizenjust send an email to the staff list04:46
@preaction-mi'm not paying $200 for passing someone legally on one of the worst roads in Fond du Lac county04:46
@preaction-mwill do, when we reconvene04:47
@rizenyeah, i'd fight it too04:47
@preaction-mif I fail, at least they can take my $200 and turn the blind corner I passed (techincally legally) on into a No Passing Zone04:47
@rizeni can't wait until we all get together next week04:48
@rizeni want everyone to throw around their ideas for where we go next04:48
@preaction-mindeed. i've been kicking a few things about, some definately stupid, some unworkably awesome04:49
@rizenlast year we did it, and roy came up with the worst idea of the year04:49
@rizenso it's going to be a great time i'm sure04:49
@preaction-mplus I get to meet these foreigners. these southerners... these infidels who want to do horrible things to a crucial part of my body...04:50
@rizentrue enough04:51
@rizeni have a few totally awesome yet probably unworkable ideas as well04:51
@rizenhow you been colin?04:52
@rizenhappy festivus?04:52
@preaction-mMerry Chrismahannukwanzika!04:53
+perlDreamerIt's very wet here04:53
+perlDreamerBut Christmas was good.04:53
+perlDreamerGot to give the kids remote control IR wooden trains04:53
+perlDreamerHaven't seen them in two days04:53
+perlDreamerI've been eating lots of chocolate from an unnamed company in Wisconsin04:53
+perlDreamerand reading 200 hundred pages of Kristi's edits to the help04:55
+perlDreamerFixed 2 bugs in the Rich Editor04:55
@preaction-mJust another thing that I had no idea was even possible when I was a kid, but now that I'm too old to appreciate, complain about.04:55
@rizenglad to hear that you're eating the chocolate, but that was meant to be an apology to kathy04:55
@rizenfor having you work on webgui all the time04:55
@rizenjust kidding04:55
+perlDreamerI gave her a TV-B-Gone for Christmas04:56
+perlDreamershe asked if it came in a model for laptops04:56
@rizenwhat is that?04:56
@rizenso how quickly does it work on your tv?04:59
+perlDreamer3 seconds.04:59
+perlDreamerI'm guessing that the laptop thing could be done.04:59
@rizeni don't think so04:59
@rizeni think it would take an emp04:59
+perlDreamerJust hook up an IR receiver to the lid closing sensor and initiate a suspend04:59
@rizenyeah, but that requires an external device05:00
+perlDreamera secure port with authentication over 802.11b05:00
+perlDreamerand a daemon listening to the port of course05:00
@rizenalso requires the user to have that running on the box05:01
@rizenthe beauty of tv-b-gone is no mod to the tv05:01
@rizenit "just works"05:01
@rizenthe only way to do that to a laptop is emp05:01
+perlDreameryeah, and it would turn off the TV while you're at it, too.05:03
+perlDreamerMaybe we could submit that as a Super TV-B-Gone for next year's April Fools05:03
@rizeni'll get kristi to write up some marketing schpeel05:04
@rizenand steve to craft a device picture05:04
@rizenand maybe some packaging05:05
+perlDreamerThey've added a form for new product submissions.  Just tag it as "April Fools" and they should get it.05:06
+perlDreamerDid you have a nice Christmas?05:08
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@rizeni guess...too much family time05:08
@rizenbut overall it was good05:08
+perlDreamernew toys?05:09
@rizeni bought myself a new gaming rig today05:09
@rizeni give gifts, but i don't really get them05:09
@rizenpartly because i already have everything i want05:09
@preaction-mwhat Do you get the man who has everything?05:09
@rizenand partly because people know i'm pretty picky05:09
@rizenmy new gaming rig is amazing05:10
+perlDreamerpreaction-m: gift certificates/cash05:10
@rizenintel quad core extreme processor05:10
@rizen4 gig ram05:10
@rizen2 - Nvidia 8800 video cards hooked via sli05:10
@rizeneach with 768mb of ram05:10
@preaction-m... i don't have 4 gig of ram in my entire network... combined...05:10
+perlDreamerAt work, I use a 300 MHz UltraSparc05:11
+perlDreamerMy new cellphone has more processing power than that.05:11
@rizenyeah, this machine is pretty much top of the line05:11
@rizenit's 5 times more powerful than the machine i use for work05:11
@rizenat least 5 times05:11
@rizenoh...and to make sure it really screams05:12
+perlDreamerwater cooling?05:12
@rizenit has 4 3g/s sata2 drives striped at raid 005:12
@rizenyup, liquid cooled05:12
@rizeni haven't bought a non-work computer in almost 6 years05:13
@rizenso i made sure that i got the top of the line05:13
@preaction-mi am officially demasculated... i'm leaving to go scrape up what's left of my nerdiness... i think i just coughed it into the other room...05:13
@rizenso it will last me for another 6 years05:13
+perlDreamerXP or advanced copy of Vista?05:14
@rizenyou shouldn't feel bad..the machine that i bought you for work is amazing for a laptop05:14
@rizenxp...i'm not putting vista on it ever05:14
@rizendid you read what they're doing with vista05:14
@rizenscrew that05:14
+perlDreamerbut some people make strange choices05:14
+perlDreamerto play games05:14
@rizeni just bought the best hardware on the market05:15
@rizenonly to have it run half as fast05:15
@rizenand not as good05:15
@preaction-mwhat's this about vista? i haven't listened since they made me buy XP about 3 times05:15
@rizenbecause ms decided to create a drm system05:15
@preaction-mah yes, trustless computing05:15
+perlDreamerI've seen that post mentioned, but haven't read it yet.05:16
@rizenyou should read it05:16
@rizeni've been researching this new rig for about 3 months now05:16
@rizenand i was waiting for vista to buy it05:16
@rizencuz i wanted the best of the best05:16
@rizenbut when i read that, i decided to buy it today05:17
@rizencuz i wanted to make sure i got a copy of xp with it05:17
+perlDreamerXP will still be around for while, even after Vista is released05:17
@preaction-mwtf, i'm two paragraphs in and this was considered a Good Idea (tm)?05:17
@rizenyeah i know they've said it05:17
@rizenbut if i'm not waiting for vista05:17
@rizenthere was no reason to wait05:17
@rizenplus the company i ordered it through still was running their xmas sale05:18
@rizenwhich gave an extra 5% off and a free liquid cooling system05:18
@rizenyeah doug...now you know why i'm pissed about it05:19
@rizengranted that it doesn't take me much to get pissed05:19
@rizenright gerald?05:19
+perlDreamerIt is a good idea, it's just a question of whom it is good for.05:20
@preaction-mthis is impossible, it's unworkable, inconceivable, in---something... adjectives fail me for how...05:20
+perlDreamerit sucks?05:20
@preaction-mno, it can't be done. no business will buy hardware that only works in Vista, and hardware manufacturers aren't going to waste time writing drivers for every different kernel in the wild05:21
+perlDreamerI don't care much for Bill Gates, but I have to give him one credit.  He knows how to use Microsoft to make money.05:22
+perlDreamerSome people will buy into this.05:22
@rizendoug: frank just told me to tell you that he won't be online until after 10am tomorrow...got stuck with inlaws05:22
@rizenand most people won't know about it until it's too late05:22
+perlDreamerright.  Most people are ignorant.05:23
@preaction-m"You'll never get another virus again!"05:23
+perlDreamerIt's the 2x4 solution to dirty windows.05:24
-!- perlDreamer is now known as perlDreamer_afk05:24
+perlDreamer_afkbe back soon05:24
Radix__Rizen: sounds like a mighty fine gaming rig you have there - but the big question is.. what games do you plan to play on it? :)05:33
@rizenit was built for only one game05:33
@rizenSupreme Commander05:34
@rizenHowever, I'm sure it will work quite fine for the other games that I play.05:34
@rizenWhich include 4X games like Sword of the Stars05:34
@rizenTactical shooters like Swat 405:35
@rizenand anything else that hits me05:35
@rizendo you game?05:36
@rizenand if so, what kinds of games?05:36
Radix__not as much as I used to05:37
Radix__had a mini-lan with a couple of mates yesterday even.. we played a few bouts of rise of nations: rise of legends05:37
@rizenFor me gaming allows me to not think about WebGUI for a while...so it actually makes my code and designs better to BSU (blow shit up).05:37
Radix__company of heroes is good too05:37
Radix__both rts style games05:38
@rizenrise of nations is awesome05:38
@rizenhaven't played company of heros05:38
Radix__I have a nice dell laptop I bought especially for gaming - very nice for lans also :)05:38
Radix__one of the dell xps 1710 laptops with all the fruit05:38
@rizeni thought about the laptop route, but i only drag my rig to a lan party once per year (if that)05:39
@rizenso i figured i could do better with a big box05:39
@rizenmost of the time i play with friends over the net05:39
Radix__more upgradeable that way too05:39
@rizenor in my case...easier to replace parts05:40
@rizenif they go bad05:40
@rizensince it's pretty much topped out05:40
Radix__I have a desktop box, but upgrading it was going to cost a lot as I needed a new everything05:40
@rizenyeah...me too05:40
Radix__we can get laptops as a salary sacrifice here in australia so it's tax exempt05:40
@rizenactually..the funny thing is that even though my current gaming box is better than most people's boxes05:41
@rizenit's still not good enough for supreme commander05:41
@rizenso i had to upgrade05:41
Radix__so I picked up a $5k laptop and it cost me half that in reality :)05:41
@rizenthat's really cool05:41
Radix__and my desktop machine is now my file server :)05:41
Radix__yeah, it's pretty cool.. pay it off over the year too05:41
@rizenmy sister is in college and needs a new computer, so i'm giving her my old gaming rig05:42
@rizenit's a 2.1 ghz p4 with a gig of ram05:42
@rizenmore than enough for writing papers, checking email, and browsing the web05:43
@rizenwhich is all she does05:43
Radix__yeah, that's about what my old desktop is like.. p2.4 (which overclocks nicely to 3Ghz) with a gig of ram05:43
Radix__and a decent radeon vid card (well.. for it's time anyway)05:43
@rizenyeah...me too05:44
@rizenmine was a geforce 405:44
@rizenwhich was top of the line when i bought it05:44
@rizen6 years ago05:44
Radix__that's the thing with this industry.. everything is changing so rapidly05:44
Radix__keeps things interesting for us, but also makes computers such a bad investment05:46
@rizendo you think that an asset code generator would be useful?05:47
Radix__asset code generator?  how would that work?05:47
@rizenbasically, you create a database table (or tables if you have collateral)05:47
@rizenand then you run the code generator against it05:48
@rizenand it creates the various getters, setters05:48
@rizenwww_ methods05:48
@rizendefinition method05:48
@rizenand the install/uninstall subroutines05:48
Radix__hmm.. kinda like a customised sql form then05:48
Radix__interesting idea05:49
@rizeni guess so...but the idea is to replace the Asset and or Wobject templates05:49
@rizenor rather "skeletons"05:49
@rizenit would get you up and running faster with working code05:49
Radix__Is that what most people create assets to do then?  just retrieve/set data from a table?05:50
@rizenthat's the basic part of it05:50
Radix__I've never needed to create an asset myself05:50
@rizenbut then they could add their own special functions05:51
@rizenso it starts out with these basic things05:51
@rizenlike, if you were going to create an asset that interoperates with google maps05:51
@rizenit would have a table for the asset itself05:51
@rizenand then it would probably have a collateral table with locations on the map to point out05:52
@rizenyou could run this code generator, which would give you the base asset05:52
Radix__yeah, I see what you mean - makes sense I guess05:52
@rizenand then as a developer you'd have to write the functions that actually deal with the google integration05:52
@rizenruby on rails does this05:52
@rizenwhich is part of why people love it05:53
Radix__I just used an article and added the javascript in the head portion :)05:53
Radix__when I did a google maps object that is :)05:53
@rizenbut what gave me the idea to do it, is that i'm writing an asset right now, that has 10 collateral tables05:53
Radix__that's quite a few! :)05:53
@rizeni didn't even write an asset for google maps when i did it05:53
@rizeni just pasted the code into a snippet05:54
Radix__snippets rock :)05:58
@rizenSteve (our graphics guy) calls them "a designer's best friend"05:59
Radix__Yeah, they're so useful05:59
Radix__I used some to create a handful of variables for versions of our software - then I can change the snippets and all of the links for our demos, release notes, patches, etc automatically change when they do.06:00
Radix__got half a dozen locations on our website where we need to put the latest version number - so this saves me heaps of time and much less chance of error :)06:01
@rizenthat's pretty cool...but for small info like that it would probably be more efficient to put that stuff into your config file06:03
@rizenand then write a Config macro06:03
@rizenthat returns values from the config file06:03
@rizeneither way though...good way to go06:03
@rizenbetter than hardcoding06:03
Radix__not half as easy to change though06:04
@rizenediting the config file?06:04
@rizenyou mean cuz you have to ssh to the server?06:04
Radix__not for end users - no06:04
@rizenif end users have to change it06:04
@rizenthen yes that's better06:04
Radix__well any one of us could be doing a product release06:04
Radix__it's under version control too, so before we push out the changes we can test it06:05
@rizentrue enough06:05
@rizenanother good reason for using a snippet06:06
+crythiasreading the link...06:09
+crythiasOnce a weakness is found in a particular driver or device, that driver will have its signature revoked by Microsoft, which means that it will cease to function06:09
-!- perlDreamer_afk is now known as perlDreamer06:10
+perlDreamerOh, the heady days when I didn't have to stick my fingers into someone's mouth06:10
@rizeni hate kids06:10
@rizeni was around some this weekend06:10
@rizenand they got me sick06:10
@rizenlittle disease carriers06:10
+perlDreamergerm factories06:10
Radix__free legal copy of blind write anyone? http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/blindwrite/06:42
@rizenthere was a program a long time ago called virtualcd06:43
@rizeni didn't know something like this existed anymore06:44
@preaction-mthere's daemontools as well, which supports almost every kind of cd image i've been able to throw at it06:45
@rizeni thought daemontools was only for linux06:45
@preaction-mnope, i didn't know there was a linux version06:46
Radix__daemon tools rocks06:46
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@pool-71-117-209-62.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]06:46
@preaction-mdifferent daemontools, the *nix one is for managing services apparently06:46
@rizensorry, yeah i didn't know about the windows thingy06:47
@rizeni don't know much about windows06:47
@preaction-mi think i kept having that problem the (seemingly more frequent) times I have to rebuild my WinXP system06:47
@preaction-mi would like a daemontools-workalike for *nix though, mount -o loop just works for ISO images, and I believe there's a kernel driver for bin/cue06:48
@rizenyeah, mac can do it06:52
@rizenit can mount an image for any filesystem it knows about06:52
@rizeni love that it's just built into the os06:52
@preaction-mindeed, so much built into the OS06:53
@preaction-mthe stuff that should be, that third-party tools have always been hackishly trying to implement in windows06:53
@rizenso now that you've been using it for a while06:54
@rizenhow's yer mac treating you?06:55
@preaction-maside from the difficulties with the WRE, swimmingly06:55
@rizenif i had an intel mac i'd make a binary wre for it06:56
@preaction-mactually did a side-by-side comparison with ubuntu edgy (installed w/ Bootcamp), and OSX gui is just easier to use06:56
@rizenoh yeah...way easier06:56
@rizeni still prefer the unix of linux06:56
@rizenthe command shell06:56
@rizenbut, the mac command shell isn't all that bad06:56
@rizenand you get used to it06:56
@preaction-mstill some keyboard shortcuts to get used to, but it's been this long and they aren't holding me back any way06:56
@preaction-mOSX's Terminal is comparable to Gnome's gterm emulator06:57
@preaction-mjust no tabs06:57
@rizenyeah..sorry i should have been more specific06:57
@rizenit's not the terminal app i don't like06:57
@rizenbut rather the filesystem layout is hard to get used to06:57
@rizeni can't find anything when i'm looking for it06:58
@rizenconfig files and the like06:58
@preaction-mit's a little weird that they didn't work with the grain and worked against it06:58
@preaction-mbut i suppose it's weirder that certain things use the unix heirarchy, and other things use apple's additions06:59
@preaction-mi was thinking that maybe updating the sources in the WRE would fix the compile problems, or something, but I haven't been able to test any theories07:01
@preaction-mthat, and installing ubuntu fails miserably. either I don't get sound, or I don't get AirPort (both of which are showstoppers)07:01
@preaction-mstill working on that one as well07:01
@rizenthat's one of the areas that linux really sux07:02
@rizenwifi drivers07:02
@preaction-mwell, it works on the 2.17 kernel that comes standard w/ Edgy, but sound doesn't07:03
@preaction-mand my custom 2.18 and 2.19 kernels both lose airport but gain sound07:03
@preaction-mi'm assum07:03
@preaction-ming it's just07:03
@preaction-m a 07:03
-!- crythias [n=Gerald@c-68-51-234-189.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has left #webgui []07:03
@preaction-ma configuration error, but i've been putting off trying to play around in favor of being productive07:04
@preaction-motherwise, if it weren't for those major issues, all the minor issues are taken care of. mouse-button emulation, backlight adjustement (after lengthy tinkering), some Fn keys worked out of the box, but I hear there are troubles with the DVI port (mostly because of X)07:10
@rizeneventually you'll get over it and won't want/need ubuntu on your laptop anyway =)07:11
@preaction-mi already kinda don't, it's taking up half the hard drive i could be using to store my music, but the first solution i find for the WRE is the one I use07:12
@preaction-malso, i was surprised, wireless configuration has come a long way (if your drivers work)07:12
@rizentalk to roy07:12
@rizenhe has a working wre on mac07:12
@rizenintel mac that is07:13
@preaction-mhe told me to talk to drake, and the linguistic acrobatics that requires has made me reticent07:13
@rizeni wonder why he said to do that07:14
@rizenroy has a working wre07:14
@preaction-mi've gotten as far as installing Perl modules, and I believe I remember an e-mail detailing that I had to use cpan and install them all manually, since the compiling didn't work07:14
@preaction-mi think drake's the one that solved roy's problems, or maybe he was just busy that day07:14
@rizentell roy to fuck off and just tar.gz his wre for you07:14
@preaction-mthe BNT stuff perhaps07:14
@preaction-moh, dur, we can totally do that when everyone's together, at 54Mbps07:15
@preaction-muntil then, i can limp along with my ssh/home network nightmare07:15
@rizenor you can hook up to my ethernet switch and go even faster07:15
@preaction-msince i need it in 30 seconds not 3 minutes ;)07:16
@preaction-mthen we can hopefully restore the HFS+ partition to its full 100gig glory07:16
@rizeni don't know if you can do that or not07:18
@rizeni haven't played with the partitioner in bootcamp07:18
@preaction-mbootcamp let me resize down, i can only hope it'll let me resize up07:18
@rizenthe regular disk utility isn't capable of that07:18
@preaction-meither that, or i'll burn the WRE and reinstall OSX, since I think it's bootcamp's BIOS emulation that's been causing problems with my sound card automagically muting my headphones when they get plugged in07:19
@preaction-mwould that reflash the EFI though? sigh...07:20
@rizenno idea07:20
@rizenbut i do know that reinstalling osx is fairly painless and really speedy07:21
@preaction-myeah, only true problems i've had with OS installs has been Windows, except back in the linux 2.7 days07:22
@preaction-m(probably more my fault than Linux's)07:24
@rizeni'm signing off07:26
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]07:26
@preaction-mbah, you and your signing off. NOBODY ESCAPES THE IRC07:27
* preaction-m is safe, boss's back is turned07:27
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cap10morganSuper weird error: I'm trying to upgrade 6.6.5 -> 7.2.3 so I'm doing 6.6.5 -> 6.8.10 -> 7.1.3 -> 7.2.321:32
cap10morganon the 6.8.10 -> 7.1.3 phase, the upgrade is erroring out sometimes.21:33
cap10morganI've debugged it to the new session creation in the upgrade-6.8.9-6.8.10.pl script (6.8.10 upgrades leaves the version set at 6.8.9 for some reason)21:33
cap10morgananyway, that call triggers a call to WebGUI::Config->new($webguiRoot,$configFile);21:34
cap10morganwhen that is called, it sometimes doesn't have the class as the first thing on the stack21:34
cap10morganso inside that new method, where it says: my $class = shift; my $webguiRoot = shift; my $configFile = shift; it is sometimes getting the value of $webguiRoot for $class and the value of $configFile for $webguiRoot21:35
cap10morgani've added a line to spit these variables out to confirm this21:35
cap10morgandoes anyone have any idea what could be going on here?21:36
cap10morganoh, actually, it's not getting the $class variable set on the call to the open method of WebGUI::Session21:48
cap10morganwhich is super weird21:50
cap10morganso apparently perl is not putting the class name as the first argument21:58
cap10morganthat makes no sense21:58
@rizeni don't actually have time to help you, but i can hint that the error you're seeing is likely because some constructor somewhere isn't getting a session object passed into it as the first parameter. all objects in webgui should receive $session as the first parameter.22:00
cap10morganrizen: does this make sense: in upgrade-6.8.9-6.8.10.pl, WebGUI::Session->open is called as WebGUI::Session::open instead.22:01
cap10morganwould that cause it? and/or is that a bug I should report?22:01
@rizenyes, that would cause it22:01
@rizenwe are no longer maintaing those old releases22:01
@rizenno more patches22:01
@rizenso no, there's no reason to report it22:02
cap10morganthis is the script that came w/ 7.1.322:02
@rizenbut do post something to the forums22:02
@rizenoh really?22:02
cap10morganand people need to be able to upgrade22:02
@rizennevermind then22:02
@rizenreport that22:02
cap10morganok, i'll report22:02
@rizeni didn't think that came with it22:02
cap10morganoh, well, i'm copying it over an old install to upgrade, so maybe it didn't22:02
cap10morganbut it seems like the new versions should come w/ a new script to overwrite that one. cuz lots of us are scrambling to upgrade before pre-7 EOL! :)22:03
@rizenit can't come with that script22:03
@rizenbecause that script isn't compatible with 7.0 api's22:03
@rizenthat's why the 7.0 stuff doesn't come with the old scripts22:03
cap10morganbut, it isn't used unless someone's upgrading from an old version. which lots of us still need to do. i'm confused why that couldn't be fixed.22:05
@rizeni don't have time to explain it22:05
@rizenjust trust me22:05
@rizenit can't be included in 7.x releases22:06
@rizenfix it for yourself 22:06
@rizenand post a note to the upgrades forum22:06
@rizenso other people can find it22:06
-!- rizen is now known as rizen_afk22:07
cap10morganthat makes no sense. put a new copy of the script in the tarball, overwrite, fix, voila. but whatever, i'll take it to the forums.22:12
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@rizendoug, you here?06:38
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-!- cap10morgan [n=wmorgan@] has joined #webgui00:11
cap10morganDoes WebGUI 7 cache pages somewhere that is persistent across restarts?00:11
cap10morganah, yes, yes it does00:38
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xdangerpreaction-m: was just reading backlog, and have a hint for you... in mac os x, try iTerm, it's a better terminal...01:55
xdangerwiht tabs, n stuff01:55
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-!- arminius [n=arminius@p54AEE3F0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #webgui14:01
arminiushello @ all :-)14:02
Radix__hello there14:03
arminiusjust looking around to learn about creating my own styles in WebGUI-7.x.x14:04
Radix__Snippets are way cool for storing all the things associated with the styles (ie. javascript, images, css, etc)14:25
arminiusIm still using 5.5.8 on my production sites14:26
Radix__as for the styles themselves, everyone does it differently.. I mocked mine up in my favourite gui web editor then copied the lot into webgui and replaced the <insert content here> bits with the appropriate webgui template variables14:26
arminiusI tried a few times to upgrade to the 6.x.x Versions, but didnt succeed14:28
arminiusactually Im trying to find out how to get a multiple domain server up and running14:30
arminiusthe wre doesnt work for me, because my OS is FreeBSD14:31
arminiustried it on a testing machine with debian, worked very well14:31
arminiusnow I try to get it up and running on FreeBSD manually14:32
arminiusand then newly create the production sites on it14:33
Radix__cant compile the WRE for freebsd?14:35
arminiusno, it crashes while compiling the tools already14:36
Radix__Well I have a multi-domain setup here fine with webgui14:36
Radix__my home pc is still using the older 6.8.10 version, been meaning to upgrade it, but it's a non-WRE setup and multi-domain, so always put it on the backburner to be honest14:37
Radix__at work we're using 7.0.8 for our production site14:37
arminiusIm using jails on my FreeBSD root-server fpor security reasons14:38
Radix__I just have a /data/domains/xxx.xxx/www for each domain14:38
Radix__a config file for each domain14:39
Radix__and each site config in apache points to the appropriate www dir14:39
Radix__can't think of anything else that was required14:40
arminiusI managed to get a multi-domain setup up and runnig in an extra jail, but then filde to mke the styles14:40
arminiusth versioning system gets me baffled14:41
Radix__it's pretty cool once you get the hang of it14:41
Radix__in version 7 - most things you do get added to your current version tag14:42
Radix__if you don't have one, it creates one for you14:42
arminiustried to copy existing styles, but after a while the copies disappeared14:42
Radix__once you've done it all, you commit it and it gets rolled out onto the site14:42
Radix__You need to have spectre running in order for it to work correctly though - so make sure you have spectre started first14:43
Radix__You can also review your changes before you commit them, roll back to previous versions and do all sorts of cool stuff14:43
* arminius nods14:44
arminiusthats what I read about it14:44
arminiusstill looking for the point where to start, to get my exisitng sites into the new installation of webgui14:46
Radix__that's where the PB support comes in handy I must say14:47
Radix__the Webgui Done Right manual has some help for setting that up too14:47
Radix__and no, I'm not a PB employee ;)14:48
arminiuswell, I prefer to get to know the system well enough to do that myself14:48
arminiushow could I solve problems otherwise?14:48
Radix__Sure, me too, but I learnt most of what I know from reading everyone elses support posts in the PB Support Forum14:48
arminiusI read a lot there, but am still missing my starting point 14:52
arminiusI assume first I need ti get to know how to set up the styles for the sites, then I can turn them over step by step14:53
Radix__shouldn't be much different from 5.8.814:54
Radix__I think I remember having to change a few of the variables for some reason14:54
Radix__was annoyed it wasn't done automatically at the time14:55
arminiusI think I need to start from scratch and create every site again in 7.x.x14:56
arminiusI tried to copy the existing standard webgui style from within asset manager14:58
arminiuscopied the complete folder and then renamed it, but after a while it disappeared, and I dont know why15:01
Radix__it would've created a version tag for the copy.  If you didn't commit it, next time when you logged in then you would be given no default version tag, so you wouldn't see those changes15:33
Radix__you only see the changes that were made in your current version tag15:33
arminiusso I need to commit each change to see it on the site, right?15:34
Radix__generally you commit the changes at the end.. when all the changes you have made are done.15:35
Radix__have a play with demo.plainblack.com sometime perhaps15:36
Radix__most actions get saved to the current version tag - though there's a couple that don't (delete's being one of them)15:36
arminiusmy intention was to have copy of a working style and then make changes to it and see what happens15:37
Radix__yup, in that case as long as you're looking at it in the same session then you'd see the changes instantly.15:37
Radix__only if you wanted to log out and test it with different accounts, etc do you run into issues with version tags15:38
arminiusBut why did the copied Folder disappear?15:41
arminiusand where does webgui look for styles to make them appear in the dropdownlist for pages?15:57
arminiusthere are sytyle-definitions in Root/ImportNode/WebGUI 7 Style 1   Root/ImportNode/WebGUI 7 Style 2   Root/ImportNode/WebGUI 7 Style 316:03
arminiusso I created a new folder in Root/ImportNode called MyStyle01  and then copied the contents of WebGUI 7 Style 3 into it16:04
arminiusthen committed the changes, but when I try to edit the "Home" page, I cant select my newly created style16:07
arminiusI just tried to select the newly created style in "settings" but the folder already disappeared again16:13
Radix__the styles can be stored anywhere - as long as they're the right template class they'll be found17:25
arminiusok, got that so far, restarting spectre brought my folder back and I changed the class so that the new style can be found 17:32
arminiusbut now theres a referencing problem, I guess17:33
arminiusin the original "Style 03" theres a reference to "link href="^/;style3/css03.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"17:35
arminiusbut I cant find a folder "style3"17:36
arminiusor how do I reference to my /Root/ImportNode/MyStyle01 folder to get the right stylesheet loaded17:37
arminiusas far as I figured out now, its just a matter of giving the right "url" to the file when saving it, correct me if Im wrong18:18
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arminiusthanks for the help, c ya21:10
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Radix__Happy New Year folks! :)16:28
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+crythiasanyone here?22:14
+crythiaspreaction, preaction-m, ckotil, pedersenMJ, perlbot, Radix__, vidar_ xdanger22:15
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