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preactionhas anyone set up the WRE on FreeBSD?03:50
preactionmost of the prereqs I need for the entire system, but some I don't know...03:51
Radix-wrknot me03:52
Radix-wrkcrythias uses freebsd03:52
Radix-wrkbut don't think he's using the wre03:52
Radix-wrkapparently imagemagick and freebsd is an issue03:54
Radix-wrkQuite a detailed setup for webgui on freebsd, but that's not using the wre obviously03:56
preactionha! i remember that one04:05
preactionfor some reason, imageMagick just magically doesn't work anymore in my Ubuntu box04:05
preactioni have no idea04:05
preactionsome problem with the XS04:06
preaction(not using the WRE, i hate the concept of it)04:06
preactioni'm compiling mod_perl2 right now, because the FreeBSD Apache2.2 package doesn't have it04:07
Radix-wrkI used to use debian, etc myself.. but kept on having wierd issues that noone at plainblack could identify.  navigation bars missing for all users, etc.. drove me crazy.  Could not reproduce the issue on my test system.04:07
preactionlots more setup for this box... mail server, temporary HTTP server until I get another one (which will also be running FreeBSD)04:07
preactiondid you copy the /extras directory?04:07
Radix-wrkFigured out it must be some wierd perl library version somewhere that was different from what PB were using04:07
preactioni've noticed a lot of the docs on pb.com are outdated04:07
preactionperhaps i should use my powers to change that situation04:08
Radix-wrkso now I use the WRE04:08
Radix-wrkon Centos 4.3 (RHEL4)04:08
preactionif they didn't give me 2.5 weeks left to do the entire EC rewrite (and i've spent a week and a half just doing Functional Spec and Technical Spec... when can I start CODING?)04:08
preactionthe debian WRE i installed for a client the other day, worked right away, very nicely04:09
preactionok, i lied, i like the concept, but not for my own computers ;)04:10
Radix-wrkOooh.. functional spec and technical spec before you code - don't tell me you were actually trained as a programmer ;)04:17
Radix-wrkI'm a software engineer by trade myself, and network admin, and tech support, and mr fix it, and .. (insert everything else but the kitchen sink here)04:19
preactionnope, not really trained per-se. my specs used to consist of writing all the documentation beforehand (which i suppose would be considered a techspec)04:43
preactioni'm quickly becoming kitchen sink. my personal home network is my training grounds for *nix network administration, and plainblack is teaching me software engineering04:44
preactionand tech support... monkeys could do it ;)04:44
preactionmod_perl takes damn long to compile on a pentium 90 with 32 megs of ram...04:44
preactioncourier-imap took about 6 hours :(04:45
Radix-wrkpentium 90?  omg.. that takes me back05:08
Radix-wrkI first started with linux on a 386dx40 with 4mb of ram.  I couldn't do kernel compiles at all on that thing.. had to get my friend with 8mb of ram to compile me a cut down kernel for my system!05:09
Radix-wrknew webgui out06:13
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable: WebGUI 7.1.3) || Need help? Ask and wait patiently (it might take awhile)06:13
Radix-wrkheh.. "- Tried to clean up some HttpProxy code. Still very ugly. (need rewrite?)"06:15
preactionthere were three different indent styles in that damned thing...07:04
Radix-wrkHmm.. odd - if I add some text to the headers section of an article, it gets put in the headers twice07:57
preactionare you viewing the article as part of a page layout?08:02
preactionit's midnight, why am i still up?08:02
preactionthe page layout has no headers?08:05
Radix-wrkediting an article and putting the headers bit in that, when I view the whole page, I get all the right info, but the bit I put in headers comes up twice08:05
Radix-wrkit's literally duplicated twice right after itself08:05
preactionthats weird08:06
Radix-wrknever really used the headers section much before.. always added it to our global style headers08:06
Radix-wrkbut useful for testing out new css/javascript styles and the like - which is what I'm doing08:06
Radix-wrkusing 7.0.8 still - so could've been fixed already08:07
Radix-wrkI've been waiting for 7.1.x to settle down a bit before I upgrade our website here.. still too many bugfixes in it for my liking08:07
Radix-wrkAnyways.. odd nevertheless08:08
Radix-wrkTrying to get this working in webgui - http://www.html.it/articoli/niftycube/index.html08:08
preactionwow, it's been a while since i've seen nifty corners08:09
Radix-wrkWould be nice to be able to set up article styles using it.  I'm still relatively new to javascript/css and the like08:10
Radix-wrkI haven't sussed out the window.onload stuff yet.. which is why it doesn't work currently for me08:12
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@snapcountpreaction: ping17:24
+MrHairgreaseoh wait17:25
+MrHairgreasenot for me17:25
@snapcountdamn it martin17:25
@snapcountyou generated a tcp/ip error now17:26
@snapcountoh wait17:26
@snapcountthat's syn/ack17:26
@snapcounticmp error... just as bad!17:26
preaction***NO CARRIER***17:26
@snapcountpreaction just made a new protocol17:26
preactionthe meek shall inherit the net17:27
@snapcountis this the preaction of Wisconsin who hails as Doug?17:27
preactionin the world of mere mortals i am known as such17:27
@snapcountis your nic registered with freenode17:28
preactionshould be17:29
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@snapcountis The Drake on here?17:32
preactioni'm not sure, if he is i don't believe he's talked much17:32
@snapcountok... if he ever logs in I'll set him up to be a pb peep17:33
Radix_hey guys17:33
@snapcountgreetings and salutations17:33
Radix_MrHairgrease is martin hey.. figures :)17:33
Radix_hey roy17:33
@snapcountI wish I could do community stuff all day17:35
@snapcountit's more fun than programming some times17:35
Radix_heh.. I just idle.. that way you never miss much :)17:35
+crythiasall that blank white space... it's like watching a bitbucket.. being. drip. filled.17:36
Radix_or grass growing :)17:36
preactionsometimes it gets rather wild in here! woo!17:36
Radix_but when things do happen.. least you don't miss out ;)17:36
@snapcountI have to get the bot back online17:37
preactionthere used to be a bot in here?17:37
* MrHairgrease applauds roy17:37
preactionperlbot is gone for some reason... i don't know why17:37
@snapcountcalc pomade17:37
Radix_perlbot? - what did it do?17:37
+MrHairgreasecalc pomade17:37
@snapcountthat was the best one *ever*17:37
+MrHairgreasethat was the good stuff17:37
@snapcounthow did it go...17:38
@snapcount<JT> I need some palmade17:38
@snapcount<martin> I hope you mean pomade17:38
@snapcountsomething like that17:38
+MrHairgreasesomething like that17:38
+MrHairgreasemaybe i have a log somewhere laying around17:39
@snapcountthanks for fixing those bugs martin17:39
+MrHairgreasei just fixed another17:39
@snapcountrock on17:39
+MrHairgreasealso ldap related17:39
@snapcountwhat are you trying to say =)17:39
@snapcountRoy broke LDAP cough* cough*17:40
* MrHairgrease shuts his mouth wisely17:40
+MrHairgreasei dunno who broke it17:40
@snapcountit was me17:40
+MrHairgreaseit just sucked all along =)17:40
+MrHairgreaseyou do provide me woth income 17:41
+MrHairgreasein some way =)17:41
@snapcountMy errors are the result of writing code and not being able to check it in for 3 months17:41
@snapcountthen trying to merge17:41
+MrHairgreaseoh yeah17:41
+MrHairgreasethat sucks17:41
Radix_yikes.. that would17:41
+MrHairgreasehere it is17:43
+MrHairgrease WRE: pomade = <rizen> give me some of that palmade <MrHairGrease> I hope you mean pomade17:43
@snapcountyep that's it17:43
+MrHairgrease WRE: mattscode = <pbmdawg> {dangit;} i broke 6.9... beyond repair, probably.17:43
+MrHairgrease WRE: urine = <pb_M-Train> Did you know that all humans can urinate through their navels?17:43
+MrHairgreaseok I'll stop now17:43
Radix_Well.. I'll leave you guys to your pomade and bugs.. I'm off to bed.  Night all :)17:44
@snapcountI have to get WRE back17:44
@snapcountnight Radix_ 17:44
+MrHairgreaseare you from australia or so?17:44
Radix_ya.. I was the aussie at the WUC :)17:44
+MrHairgreaseok 17:44
+MrHairgreaseI remember17:44
+MrHairgreasegood night17:45
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@preactionweirdest fucking bug i've ever seen. Image::Magick just FAILS for no reason. restarting apache fixed it...23:09
@preactionprobably something to do with me using Apache2::Reload23:13
--- Day changed Fri Nov 03 2006
@snapcountlike every 10-15 code changes I have bounce apache00:13
* crythias 's considering rubygui00:30
+crythiascalc marriage00:31
+crythiascalc crythias00:31
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@preactionhm indeed03:01
@preactioncan someone direct me to the person who wrote the HttpProxy wobject so I may properly pummel them?03:01
Radix-wrkcan't you see who initially checked it in in cvs/svn?03:02
@preactionthe svn repo was checked in from the earlier cvs repo, and i don't know where that old cvs repo is (if it even exists still)03:03
Radix-wrkjust blame jt then :)03:04
@preactionhe's got enough blame already ;)03:04
Radix-wrkhis fault for writing it all.. he gets credit and blame for the same action :)03:05
+crythia1cvs @ sf.net03:05
@preactionooh, i can find the culprit03:07
@preactionor i could just fix the damned thing03:07
+crythia1'cept... not there no more.03:07
Radix-wrkwritten by JT initially03:16
@preactionjust says he migrated it03:17
@preactionand it looks like it wasn't touched since away back then03:17
Radix-wrk21 months 4 weeks ago (isn't that 22 months)03:18
+crythia1well ...03:19
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@snapcountman... been a while since I wrote some code that I actually enjoyed19:11
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wdrevI am trying to evaluate Webgui for my companys use21:51
wdrevCan anyone tell me what would be the steps to add custom fields to a time tracker or a request tracker21:51
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--- Day changed Sat Nov 04 2006
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@preactionsnapcount, what code would that be?01:44
@preaction(he says 6 hours and 33 minutes later...)01:44
@preactioni've been writing technical documents all week, no time for code :p01:45
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perlmThis channel usually pretty quiet?20:04
@preactionespecially weekends20:56
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perlmApache2::Request is impossible.22:49
@preactionhow so?22:50
perlmCan't install it.  I'm on Fedora Core 6 new install.  Going through the list of modules required and can't get past this one.22:52
perlmXS is where the errors start occurring and I won't touch XS code with a ten foot pole.22:53
@preactionthere might be a package for it22:53
perlmApache2::Request doesn't exist in the repos.22:53
@preactionthat's dumb22:53
@preactionyou're using cpan then?22:54
@preactionyou have the headers for apache2 right?22:54
@preactionand axps?22:54
perlmYeah, using cpan.  But the module has to build.  Yes, axps came with the httpd-devel repo.22:54
@preactionand apache2's headers22:55
@preactioncan you get the build-dependencies for apache2?22:55
perlmheaders.....yeah.....um......that would indeed be the problem.22:55
@preactioni'm not familiar with yum or whatever RH is using22:55
@preactioni've been debian/ubuntu forever22:55
perlmthe generated make file isn't finding the .h's......crap22:56
@preactionedit the makefile.pl?22:56
perlmrunning dapper?22:56
@preactiondapper for now22:56
@preactiongetting my FreeBSD apache server running so I can go xubuntu edgy22:56
perlmI should fire it up and see how it compares to Core 6.  Core 6 seemed like a huge jump forward for the Fedora line.22:57
+crythias:) :) :)22:57
+crythiasread my suse thing22:57
+crythiasTHE SECRET: 22:57
+crythiascp /usr/include/apache2/modules/perl/* /usr/include/apache2/22:57
+crythiasjust sayin'22:57
+crythiasor something.22:58
perlmcrythias, is that a pitch to get me to move to Suse?22:59
+crythiasIt should be rather agnostic.22:59
@preactionhe's saying if you copy the mod_perl headers to /usr/include/apache2 it might compile22:59
perlmfedora calls apache2 dirs, httpd.  I'm looking in /usr/include/httpd right now for the headers which *should* be there.23:00
+crythiasok, close enough.23:00
perlmThe CVS portion of WebGUI looks really slick.  But if I can treat it like a framework and developer for it....well I probably won't be able to contain my joy.23:01
+crythiasheh. and if that were the case, ... I wouldn't be thinking of rube gui23:01
@preactionyou're getting the CVS from sourceforge?23:01
+crythiaspreaction's got a point. cvs on sf.net is ancient.23:02
perlmdoh....CMS, not CVS....I can't type today.23:02
perlmand my problem is I'm missing the mod_perl headers from /usr/include/23:02
+crythias'cause otoh, webgui doesn't support a cvs interface...23:02
perlmshould be an easy fix.....:)23:02
@preactionotherwise, writing wobjects is pretty easy. figuring out whether to return the data or print the data is harder :(23:03
@preactioni still don't understand what return "chunked" does23:03
+crythiaswhich fedora?23:04
+crythiasmod_perl-devel (that's the libmodperl I was looking for)23:05
perlmI haven't even looked at the API yet, but I was curious how hard it would be.  Like writing a custom cookie based user authentication app that WebGUI would be able to use.23:05
perlmcrythias, you are fast, I was just installing mod_perl-devel in the hope it contained those libs.23:05
@preactioni've heard JT wants to redo the entire auth system, that's how much he hates it23:05
@preactioni haven't dived into those parts yet23:05
perlmFedora Core 623:06
+crythias'kay, cause I just wanted to know...23:06
perlmThe PerlCast JT did completely sold me on WebGUI.  If it works out, I'm hoping to move my entire center over to it in the next year.  Heck, maybe I can start writing in Plainblack support into grant proposals :P23:07
* crythias just nods23:08
+crythiaswell, it's been wild.23:08
perlmWatching a long XS build go is worse than watching someone roll dice that you just bet $10,000 on.23:08
perlmCore 6 as apreq2 in the repos.  23:20
@preactionumm... oops?23:20
perlmyeah....I didn't know apreq2 was shorthand for apache2::request and apach2|request weren't in the package summary.23:21
perlmOkay, I'm onto the configuration of conf files......thanks a million for the install help!23:25
--- Day changed Sun Nov 05 2006
perlmI'm trying to work through this http://www.plainblack.com/installing_webgui but it appears out of order.  For instance, when I try to start spectre, it is obviously looking at the webgui.conf file which I was never told to alter (I created a mydomain.conf).00:02
perlmn/m, I shouldn't have had a WebGUI.conf at all.00:03
perlmI wonder why in the demo when I turn admin on, I get the admin console on the left, but in my new install when I turn admin on, I don't get the install console....strange.00:16
perlmprobably have some path messed up somewhere.00:16
perlmUnless I did something wrong, the instructions need to be updated so that when the directory "uploads" is being moved into the instance directory, "extras" is included.00:23
@preactionyeah, extras needs to be included00:23
@preactionlet me update that right away so i dont' forget00:23
perlmI can't believe it is running on my home box......all I need is to get it going on 443 and I'm golden!00:24
perlmThis could be a whole new way of doing webdev, with a super slick pre-canned front end.00:25
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perlmI wonder if running WebGUI in a named virtual host will confuse Spectre.  I have my domainA on :80 and domainB-virtual also on 80.  How does Spectre get connected to the correct one?16:59
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perlmHello everyone.03:24
@preactionperlm, spectre shouldn't get confused, it uses the first entry in the SiteName configuration array03:27
* preaction & shower and edgy install03:27
perlmYes, spectre has never been a problem.  Trying to put WebGUI in an SSL enabled virtualhost is what took all my time.  But now that it is working, I'm really impressed.03:31
perlmThe people at work tomorrow are going to flip when I show them what we'll be able to do without me writing 1 line of code.03:32
+crythias kewl beanses03:37
perlmI'm guessing people here are part of or closely aligned with Plain Black?  Does anyone know if PB hosting services can assure data security to an IRB looking over our research grant?  We require absolute anomynity.03:41
perlmbbl, hope someone answers :)03:41
Radix-wrkI found the same thing perlm - though I found here that just meant that their expectations went higher - and ended up coding templates, teaching everyone how to get the best out of webgui.. problem solving and learning javascript/html to solve problems that webgui didn't do ;)03:42
Radix-wrkOnly preaction and snapcount are PB employees here I think.03:42
+crythiasyeah. I don't rank03:45
+crythiasI'm just a guy03:45
Radix-wrkI'm in charge of the webgui site at my company so figure if I idle here I might be able to pick up a bit of knowledge about it on the odd occasion.. or help someone with the knowledge i do have :)03:47
Radix-wrkIt'd be nice if we had a bigger irc community.. but we're slowly growing..03:48
+crythiasyeah.. if all of us have 2 logins... why, we could be like  people... oh.03:49
Radix-wrknow now crythias ;)03:50
@preactionlike the poor head of a boy with a pituitary disorder, my army is slowly growing larger!03:51
Radix-wrkWell at least we've got two PB employees on here now.. when I first joined I was lucky to see one!03:54
@preactionthis is what crythias means by "doesn't rank" :p he's got a whole long interview about him on pb.com03:56
@preactionhell, the reason I'M here is to learn from the users. 5 weeks working with WebGUI does not an expert make03:59
@preactiondrake keeps telling us about our "truck number", if JT got hit by a truck right now, the rest of plainblack would be panicking03:59
* preaction & edgy install for real this time04:00
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perlmAnyone have any idea how much Plain Black charges for template designs?06:39
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perlmCan someone else change a page layout to "Left Column" and see if ^RawHeadTags(); shows up?  07:10
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@preactiongood morning everyone!17:22
-!- preaction changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable: WebGUI 7.1.3) || Need help? Ask and wait patiently (it might take awhile) || The Support Boards are open! Your operator is: preaction17:23
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perlmI just don't understand.  I feel like I've really explored WebGUI from the CMS side (still checking out the API), but this appears light years ahead of commercial products like Novells.  Why do I get the feeling WebGUI doesn't have very deep market penetration?19:12
@preactionbecause it's free software backed by a company that doesn't have millions to spend on marketing, nor dozens of people to spend on development?19:13
@preactionup until last month, the dev team consisted of four programmers and one designer19:14
@preactionnow there's six19:14
@preactionprogrammers, i mean19:14
@preactionplus the community regulars, there's 4-5 i see often19:14
perlmThe last place I worked at spent ~$300K on consultants getting Novell's CMS tool configured.  And to this day it is a buggy unscalable POS that causes them no end of pain.19:15
@preaction... wow19:15
perlmSounds like JT needs to hiring a marketing firm.19:16
@preactioni couldn't tell you the figures, but AMLA is getting two weeks of priority bugfixes to make their site completely 100% awesome, and i can guarantee it's less than 50K, probably less than 10K, hell, probably a lot less19:16
@preactionwe're loaded as it is :P19:16
@preactioni'm on the support forums today, but otherwise roy's been pulling 60+ hour weeks, i anticipate i'll be doing the same for a couple weeks to get this EventCalendar rebuild released19:17
@preactiontoday i get to relax, fix some bugs, chat on IRC19:18
perlmloaded for work or loaded for an income stream?19:20
perlmor both :D19:20
@preactionincome stream is none of my business, and i'm happier that way19:20
@preactionmy paycheque comes in, i work my little code-monkey buns off19:21
perlmsounds like exciting times19:23
@preactionif they'd just sign off on the durned technical specification i could get to real work19:23
@preactionand tomorrow we're having a bugfix day at JT's house19:23
@preactionshould be good times19:24
perlmman, that is how you make a living?  going to the boss's house for code parties?  I'm frak'n green over here.19:31
@preactionlikewise with the newbness here, this is my third week in my first "real" programming job19:33
@preactionfreelancing doesn't count when you're working full-time at walmart19:33
perlmEven if they only pay you with fritos and coke, you might have one of the coolest jobs out there.19:36
@preactionbah. i keep forgetting ubuntu doesn't install build-essential by default19:36
@preactioni love it, except for the not understanding a damned thing part19:37
@preactioni mean, i know Perl, i know CSS, etc... but WebGUI is mammoth19:37
@preactionif JT was hit by a truck, the entire company would be in deep mekrob19:37
perlmyeah, I just started exploring it 4 years since I first looked at it, and it is incredibely complex19:38
diakopterpreaction: depends on the type of truck.19:39
@preactionone of my goals is to tone down the complexity, but i doubt that will happen.19:39
diakopterpreaction: what bug are you currently working on?19:40
@preactionAMLA had some bugs in the commerce system, which is getting overhauled for the 8.x series, but i'm fixing this stuff now19:40
@preactiontrying to get Apache2::Reload working so i don't have to restart apache a billion times19:41
@preactionand why didn't CPAN notice that i didn't even have make installed?19:41
perlmbut exactly what I've been looking for.  The CMS gets sites up and running with minimal design work on my part, and the API is a well structured framework.  What's not to love?19:42
@preactionthe one thing that irks me is how the session instance is handled. it gets referenced in almost every single object19:43
@preactionit's also very very large19:43
perlmI wonder if I could put together a Fedora rpm for the repos.  All the libs that require building are in the repos, and everything else was easily found in CPAN.19:43
diakopterpreaction: what's wrong with it being large?  It's never duplicated?19:44
@preactionperlm, i was thinking the same thing for ubuntu, but then there's the WRE19:44
@preactiondiakopter, which is true, it's a personal preference of mine. it seems inelegant19:45
perlmWRE?  That is great for people who don't know systems, but I like to *know* what's going on under the hood.19:45
perlmas long s the keyword "keys" never appears in OO perl, size and speed are not issues.19:45
@preactioni'm a minimalist at heart, WebGUI can't be minimalist, because the target audience are normal Joe Users19:46
diakopterwhen's the wiki asset going to make it to svn?19:47
@preactionplus, i'm not privy to the information on why certain things had to happen, so there are still things i don't understand19:47
@preactionthat's a durn good question19:48
@preactionsnapcount, roy, you got info?19:48
@preactionJT took over devel on it, he might know19:48
@preactionthe wiki will make support so much easier, and better documentation19:52
@preactioni believe our tech writer started today too, so that should help the docs19:52
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perlmtech writer?  You must be doing well if you can afford to hire a tech writer.20:09
@preactionor we anticipate doing good in the future with the new contracts20:18
* crythias could have attempted tech writing, but never ft21:18
@preactioni can write good docs, but i could never just write docs. i need to code21:22
@preactioni'm always paranoid that people won't understand my docs, but code is code21:23
@preactionanyone here know if something major changed for Template assets between 6.2 and 6.8?21:34
perlmSecurity tabs not showing up for users in Admin group?21:35
+crythiasyeah, lots. try.. um.. version history21:35
+crythiasmy faq has more info.21:37
@preactioni mean more to the structure of the Templates table. there's apparently a problem migrating 6.2 CS templates to 7.1.3, and it has to do with something that changed from then to 6.821:38
+crythiasYeah. no Navigation21:38
+crythiaseverything got changed to AssetProxy21:39
@preactionremind me to thoroughly bitch these people out for staying back at 6.2 for this long and expecting everything to just work when migrating...21:40
@preactionseems there's a gotcha specifically for Collaboration system templates in 6.321:41
+crythiasmm.. yeah. and I lost lotsa collab stuff21:41
perlmStrange that Admin, who defaults to admin group and a guru level, can't see the security tabs.21:49
perlmstrike that as Admin works fine.  just another user error.21:50
perlmWhich sounds easier, a macro that changes a users group, or a Paypal asset?21:51
@preactionwhy a macro?21:52
@preactionPaypal asset? you can't implement it as a WebGUI::Commerce::Payment?21:52
perlmI guess I should look at the API before I go off half-cocked re-inventing the wheel.21:53
@preactionusers can have more than one group, just add them21:55
+crythiasum. macro that changes a user's group is easy.21:55
+crythiaswhat preaction said is more relevant.21:55
+crythiasI don't get the existing "Add me to a group" macro.21:56
perlmThe macro would be for after a data form has been successfully completed, they would be added to a new group giving them access to new page layouts + assets.21:56
+crythiasgive them the url21:56
+crythiasthere's already an add me to a group macro21:56
perlmVery cool, but the user should have completed a data entry form before they can be added.  So the validation of the data form could also add the user to the new group.22:00
+crythiasthen again, the datafor result screen could have a "Click here" (groupadd macro) when finished reading the dataform successful page.22:00
@preactionperlm, so put the macro on the successful completion template, and they'll get added22:01
+crythiaswell, they still have to click the link.22:01
@snapcountdid someone say something to me?22:15
@snapcountpreaction perhaps?22:16
+crythiasyou were mentioned in a list ...22:42
@snapcountand here I was thinking I was special23:03
@preactionyou are speshul, short-bus speshul23:46
@preactionbut ... maybe... you wouldn't happen to know what's up with the Wiki asset would you?23:46
+crythiasheh. short-bus special.23:50
perlmI'm curious as to how something like a Wiki asset gets decided.  With apps like MediaWiki, it would seem like building interfaces to them would also be a good idea.23:57
+crythiaswell, there's a deal.23:57
+crythiassee, wiki is weird.23:57
+crythiasI'm rather incensed that there has to be always a "new" way to do what already is done.23:58
+crythiasbut wiki in WebGUI adds some complications as to how WikiWords (if implemented) will be handled.23:58
+crythiasbut we've discussed that ...23:59
--- Day changed Tue Nov 07 2006
perlmreading now00:00
+crythiashttp://www.plainblack.com/news/news/first-webgui-7-beta-released-6.99.0/1 "Added a wiki-like feature that will automatically bring a user to the create a page form if they are in admin mode, and click on a link to a page that doesn't exist yet."00:03
+crythiashttp://www.plainblack.com/webgui/dev/forums/smoke-tests/smoke-test-results1111111111111 (wiki stuff)00:04
+crythiasno wiki failed since 10/16/0600:05
@preactiondoesn't look like there even is a wiki in the smoke tests00:07
+crythias10/14 10/15 10/16 had label issues00:07
@preactionoh, duh, at the bottom there00:08
+crythias"My computer won't turn on" "Did you talk nice to it?"00:09
perlmI'm trying to create an HTTP::Proxy Asset to connect to my MediaWiki page and having no luck.00:10
perlmMy sites can only be accessed via ssl, so that is probably the issue.00:10
perlmNope, I just proxied my WebGUI site with ssl no problem.00:11
+crythiasgtg ttyl00:12
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has left #webgui []00:12
perlmHmm.  I got the proxy working for my wiki.  I would either have to have a custom wiki proxy asset to manage userid's and pwd's for the auto-login or else have both sites use LDAP and just pass along the uid/pwd.00:25
@preactionwas there ever any talk about implementing everything possible in WebGUI as an Asset?01:01
@preactionOperations as Assets, Auth as Assets, Products as Assets, etc...01:01
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Radix-Worklol - Someone's not a happy chappy - "I started this thread more than three years ago.  I do not even work at the same company any more nor do I use WebGui any longer.  Lets let it die."04:39
Radix-Workpoor guy.. posted in 2003, and never got an answer until someone asked the same question in response to his thread recently.  I responded and now he's annoyed because he finally got a response.04:42
@snapcountI'd be mad too if a group of people spent thousands of hours writing software, gave it away for free, and didn't take the time to answer my questions for free =)04:46
@snapcountI'll never understand why people undervalue FOSS but have expectations for it that rival every piece of closed source software on the planet04:47
@preactionperlbot hubris04:49
perlbotExcessive pride, the sort of thing Zeus zaps you for. Also the quality that makes you write (and maintain) programs that other people won't want to say bad things about. [Also, the thing that makes you write programs to do something that's already been done, because you believe you can do it better --- Wim.] Hence, the third great virtue of a programmer.04:49
@snapcountperlbot perl08:01
perlbotIt's Perl (for the language) or perl (for the interpreter) but NEVER PERL!08:01
@snapcountperlbot epoch08:01
@preactionperlbot bbif08:02
@preactionperlbot keywords08:02
perlbotCheck out all the things I know: http://www.chrisangell.com/cgi-bin/botkeywords.cgi Don't want to see the port and country TLD facts? http://chrisangell.com/cgi-bin/botkeywords.cgi?noports=1&nocountries=108:02
@preactionperlbot help08:03
perlbot(fact)::tell (who) about (what)::(what) > (who)::learn (what) as (info)::relearn (fact) as (info)::phone (phone number)::shorten (url)::shorten it::search (module)::docs (module)::perldoc -f (function)::jargon (term)::math::fortune::flip::host (type) (record)::rot13::roll (die)::tempconv (temp)::scramble (foo)::8ball::slap::diss::what time is it::top/bottom (number) karma::geoip (ip)08:03
@preactionphone 920579103008:04
@preactionperlbot fortune08:06
perlbotHe who findeth sensuous pleasures in the bodies of lush, hot, pink damsels is not righteous, but he can have a lot more fun. 08:06
@preactionperlbot fortune08:06
perlbotPhysicists do it with charm. 08:06
Radix-Workperlbot fortune08:07
perlbotWar is menstruation envy. 08:07
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Radix-Workperlbot learn Lotto as Lotto is a tax for people who can't do math.08:19
perlbotadded Lotto to the database08:19
Radix-Workperlbot lotto08:19
perlbotLotto is a tax for people who can't do math.08:19
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@preactionperlbot doesn't work10:16
perlbotWhat do you mean it doesn't work?  What happens when you try to run it?  What's the output?  What's the error message?  What did you expect to happen?  We need more information to help you.10:16
@preactionperlbot it doesn't work10:16
perlbotLook buddy, doesn't work is a strong statement.  Does it sit on the couch all day?  Does it want more money?  Is it on IRC all the time? Be specific!  Examples of what doesn't work (or the URL) tend to help too, or pastebin the code10:16
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-!- ckotil [n=newtrino@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui15:45
ckotilHas anyone created a google sitemap of their webgui site?15:57
Radix_ckotil, I did.. and I used webgui to generate the sitemap file too16:35
Radix_but since switching to the wre I haven't installed python again and haven't got it going again16:36
Radix_it's on my list of todo's.16:36
Radix_I used the text file method - you can use a snippet with an assetproxy to a navigation object with a blank template - and return mime type text.16:38
Radix_then use their sitemap_gen.py script16:38
ckotilwhat are the settings for the navigation asset? start at root, navigate down to infinity?17:03
Radix_I think that's what I used yeah17:03
ckotilawesome. thanks17:04
Radix_np :)17:04
ckotili thought about doing it that way, but i figured i had to whip up a template to output the XML17:04
ckotilso i tried the python script, but couldnt get a working config.xml file17:04
Radix_nah.. snippets and assetproxy combo's are great like that17:05
ckotilya, ive used them a few times in my site.17:05
ckotilwhich is FINALLY going live tomorrow. thats when the DNS is scheduled to change17:05
Radix_woot.. congrats :)17:05
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ckotilis there a way for me to find out what is causing this workflow error?18:39
ckotil2006/11/06 23:35:27 - ERROR - spectre.conf - Spectre::Workflow::suspendInstance[387] - WORKFLOW: Workflow instance HMwVOhVuAtM9yEYNrVR6qw has failed to execute 5 times in a row and will no longer attempt to execute.18:39
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+perlDreamerhey guys, a quick reminder19:08
+perlDreamerplease rerun the test suite after making changes to core code19:08
+perlDreamerover the last week, most of the Macro tests have been broken19:08
+perlDreamerthe Session/Scratch test was broken last night19:08
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HawkaloogiePARTY AT JT's HOUSE19:15
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ckotilwhy does the rebuildLineage.pl script fail at? Cleaning up...OK22:26
ckotilDon't forget to clear your cache.22:26
ckotilDBI connect('webgui;host=','webgui',...) failed: (no error string) at ../lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm line 31822:26
ckotilwell i know how to fix it. but i dunno why the parameters dont get passed properly22:27
ckotili have to set...22:27
ckotil        my $dsn = shift;22:27
ckotil        my $user = shift;22:27
ckotil        my $pass = shift;22:27
ckotilto the real values.22:27
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-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui22:40
perlmHow's the bug stomping going, Preaction?22:43
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--- Day changed Wed Nov 08 2006
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perlmI'm trying to lay out a preliminary architecture for an application based on WebGUI.  How do you have the user interact with one asset on a page layout and have the results show up in another asset, in that same page layout, preferrabely with AJAX?  Just an idea of the parts of WebGUI which would do this is all I'm asking for.01:20
perlmIs there some sort of event handler?  A message handler?01:24
perlmOr does all asset communication have to be custom developed or through the DB?01:25
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Radix_perlm: you can use scratch variables for that purpose01:27
perlmBut there is no Javascript messaging system where one asset can tell another to update itself via an Ajax request?01:35
Radix_no idea sorry01:37
perlmCan anyone remember off the top of their head a Macro that interacts with the Session object I can use as example code?02:06
perlmNevermind, it appears most of them do :)02:07
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui03:05
perlmI've learned two things.  The session object is not an inside-out object, and from a macro, I have no idea how to gain access to an asset not from the Macro asset (and I can't find any accessor methods in the docs).03:13
perlm$session->asset->getId(); # returns an idea different from the Article Asset ID from the Properties page.03:16
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Radix-wrkwow.. we're up to 10 people in this channel (excluding 2 dupes)04:09
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+perlDreameranybody awake tonight?06:26
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@preactionckotil, enact.sonoma.edu?08:31
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perlmIn a Macro, can you use the session object to access a reference to an asset besides the one the macro was inside of?17:19
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+crythiasain't no sunshine when she's gone... 22:46
--- Day changed Thu Nov 09 2006
@preactionafter 6 hours of dealing with the Beaurocracy, I finally get to do some work00:20
+crythiasI just found out I could get an iMac for $5500:20
+crythiasGoogle sends out kama sutra worm00:21
@preactioniMac like the desktopp one? the little cute thing?00:28
+crythiasyeah the old one00:28
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@preactionsnapcount, remember what I said about the secret admirers? Frank's got one bad ;)02:21
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@snapcountis it a hot chick?02:22
@preactionno, it's a Mac OSX junky02:23
@preactioni mean, they're never hot02:23
@preactionlook at JT02:23
* preaction & back to tedious technical writing02:23
+crythia1and that guy from the fly02:23
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* DONBH8N ME.03:38
+DONBH8NI can't believe it's not butter.03:39
+DONBH8NNo, really.03:39
Radix-wrkits not.. it's irc03:39
+DONBH8NI'm soaking in it.03:39
+DONBH8Ntwo great tastes that taste great together.03:39
+DONBH8NBy Whamo.03:39
+DONBH8NThink Different.03:40
+DONBH8Ngood to the last drop.03:40
Radix-wrkDon't worry.. there are some men with white coats ready to take you away to your new room.03:40
+DONBH8Nthe quicker picker upper.03:40
+DONBH8NIt's the economy, stupid.03:41
+DONBH8NI'll buy that for a dollar.03:41
+DONBH8NBelieve it!03:42
+DONBH8NIt's what's for dinner.03:42
Radix-wrkpreaction/snapcount: PB website is broken ;) - "^AssetProxy(pb-redesign-2006/nav);"03:44
+DONBH8Nyeah, it's bug'd at least twice.03:45
Radix-wrklooks like the collaboration object style is different from the parent page03:45
+DONBH8Njust.. why is not support contract a link on the um... support page?03:46
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perlmSay I've got a data entry asset on a page layout and depending on what the user submits in that asset, I want an article asset with a macro in it to display data based on the submission from the data asset.  How does the Macro know the submitted data from the data asset?  Does the session object have it?  Through the DB?06:50
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Hawkaloogiedamnit, you have to stay longer than 6 minutes...07:45
Radix-wrkI'd love to know the answer myself.. only way I know of is using scratch variables08:01
Radix-wrkperlbot help08:02
perlbot(fact)::tell (who) about (what)::(what) > (who)::learn (what) as (info)::relearn (fact) as (info)::phone (phone number)::shorten (url)::shorten it::search (module)::docs (module)::perldoc -f (function)::jargon (term)::math::fortune::flip::host (type) (record)::rot13::roll (die)::tempconv (temp)::scramble (foo)::8ball::slap::diss::what time is it::top/bottom (number) karma::geoip (ip)08:02
Radix-wrkHmm.. perlbot needs a greet function.. then you could leave him his answer when he next logs in :)08:03
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@preactionyou could use a scratch variable, you could put a DataForm field containing the user's name (or the user's session, or whatever)08:46
@preactiona user profile field even?08:46
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Radix-wrkahh.. neat.. hadnt thought of those09:47
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maxscienceI need help :)12:16
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Radix_ask.. and wait12:46
Radix_we're all on diff time zones here.. so you may have to wait a bit.. but be patient and ye will be rewarded ;)12:46
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Radix_maxscience, Sorry.. not done an upgrade to 7.13 yet, let alone 7.20 - waiting for it to all stabilise first before I upgrade our server here16:28
maxscienceBut do you know how to manually force missing parts of the upgrade to rerun?16:29
Radix_safer to roll back and redo it16:29
Radix_try manually rm -rf /tmp/WebGUICache first16:30
maxscienceI manually copied the backed up WebGUI dir over the new one and rerun the update. But it said no updates were necessary16:30
Radix_Personally though.. I'd wait until 7.2 goes stable again.. and not bother until then16:30
Radix_err.. you need to restore the database too16:30
Radix_or did you copy the entire /data dir?16:31
maxscienceyeah! But till now I supposed that the webguiupdate script of the WRE did also backup the database...16:31
maxscienceit doesn't?16:31
maxscienceno I just copied the WebGUI dir16:31
Radix_that doesn't include the database then16:31
Radix_the database is in /data/wre/prereqs/mysql16:32
Radix_ideally you should have a mysqldump of it as well as your /data/ dir backup16:32
maxscienceyeah I know but I didn't manually backup the database because I thought webguiupdate script did it16:32
Radix_it does.. but I forget offhand where it puts it..16:32
maxsciencemmh :( When it ask where to backup, it's /data/wre/var16:33
Radix_I've never relied on the webgui update backup.. always done my own16:34
Radix_it stores them in /tmp/backups16:36
Radix_unless you specify another dir to put them in16:36
Radix_well.. that's the perl upgrade script anyway.. the wre backup is stored where you specify it16:37
maxscienceand the wre backup does mysql backups too?16:37
Radix_the wre update script only seems to copy the /data/WebGUI/etc dir to the dir you specify16:38
Radix_it runs the normal perl upgrade script tho.. so it should've made db backups in /tmp/backups16:38
Radix_of course if you've rebooted since.. your /tmp dir may have been wiped clean already16:39
maxscienceno it's there hopefully! mydomain_com_7.1.3.sql16:39
Radix_cool :)16:40
Radix_restore that sql then.. and hopefully you'll get your old db back16:40
maxscienceso now I just have to drop the actual mysql db and reload it with the .sql file?16:40
Radix_that's what I'd do.. it might drop them automatically in the sql file tho16:40
maxscienceok thx :)16:41
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@preaction7.2.1 should be more stable than 7.1.3, and the attitude of "i'll update when it's stable" hurts stability, because it won't get run on a whole bunch of different system until it's "stable", and it won't be stable until it can run on a whole bunch of different systems17:25
@preactionbut the decision to tag "stable" is JT's, so we'll leave it to him17:25
ckotilshould i upgrade if im taking a site live tomorrow? currently on 7.1.317:44
@preactionit works now? if i were you i wouldn't. i'd Always (whether tagged "stable" or not) update the dev server and test before bringing live17:54
@preactionif it works now, and you're releasing tomorrow, i'd wait, do the release, and then update the dev server and see how the latest goes with your site17:54
@preactionbasically every week, or every couple weeks, keep your dev server updated, then when you can, update production17:55
@preactionyou'll have to figure out a routine for moving the wG source and running the sbin/upgrade.pl script17:56
crythia3look, I [think I] understand linear upgrade path, but ... seriously? 20 bug fixes in a Beta doesn't inspire confidence.18:11
crythia3I wonder what's a better business decision/model: dump whatever the heck or do custom programming for the people who want it/pay for it, and let the stable-users get.. oh, I don't know.. stable releases?18:13
crythia3why the heck do we bother with beta releases? Why not simply tell people to get the latest svn nightly build?18:14
maxsciencea better decision model would just be to be nice to users reporting bugs and giving feedback instead than yelling at them... Those nerds need to go to the countryside a little bit lol18:27
ckotilill bring up the dev server to 7.218:29
ckotilmost people know what a beta is. a small fraction know about nightly svn builds18:31
crythia3and the difference to people who actually run WebGUI in production is...?18:38
maxsciencethe result is that I have my install screwed up now...19:01
perlmwhen you hit submit in one asset, is there anyway for another asset to see what was submitted via the API, or must the DB be checked?19:19
perlmIf I shouldn't be asking these questions here, would someone let me know?19:44
ckotilthis is good place to ask. it just takes time to get answers19:44
ckotilplainblack support forum is goo dtoo19:45
ckotili just dont know the answer ;]19:45
perlmthanks ckotil, I just didn't want it to be the case where everyone was quietly ignoring me hoping I'd go away.19:46
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-!- jZed [n=chatzill@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui20:24
jZedhi, I am wanting to play with WebGui on my home debian etch box that already has a ton of perl / apache / mysl stuff ...20:25
jZedcan I install the WRE but leave my existing installs intact?20:25
perlmI was under the impression that the WRE was a seperate Perl env.20:31
jZedso maybe install debian on a different partition and put webgui there?20:31
perlmBut WebGUI doesn't interfer with your current install.  It may require additional CPAN modules, but you don't have to change Perl params.  20:31
perlmthe biggest problem you might have is with the virtual host settings in Apache.20:32
perlmLuckily I have two domains pointing at my server and had WebGUI answer the surplus one.  But you can hax that by editing your /etc/hosts file.20:32
jZedWRE won't mess with paths etc so it will use its own perl and @INC and I can keep using my other perl installs20:33
jZedhmm, couldn't I just have my current apache on port 80 and stick the webgui apache on some other port?20:33
perlmI am not positive as I didn't install it.  I'm new to WebGUI myself, so can't really answer that.  20:34
ckotilsimply edit the webgui.conf file in/data/etc20:34
perlmrun two instances of apache?  sure, that would work to20:34
perlmbut virtual hosts are much more sexy20:35
jZedok, so as long as I have my configs right, I can put webgui in the same partition, and not have it interfere with either my current perl or apache setup?20:35
jZedyeah, sure virtual hosts20:35
perlmI'm running WebGUI on my server in a virtual host and it has zero effect on the many other webapps I'm also running.20:40
jZedok, that answers the apache side, what about perl, do you have multiple perls?20:41
jZed.oO(I suppose from your nick, you do)20:43
jZedwebgui sounds like it scales, anyone know the heaviest-traffic / most complex site using it?20:45
jZedthe success stories on plainBlack seem to be small to medium sites20:47
perlmit is mod_perl.  I imagine you'd be mem bound before you'd be CPU bound.  Which means you should know about SQUID :)21:04
perlmI only have one instance of Perl (5.8.8) which everything shares happily.21:04
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: jZed, crythia321:06
@preactionjZed, currently a place called DonorWare is running an slew of virtual hosts using wG on a server farm. they're using db caching, nfs mounts, and load balancers.21:07
@preactioni believe they have a load sharing between two servers running about 10 sites + 9 ssl versions21:09
@preactioni've watched, httpd only gets above 5% CPU load when it's restarting, otherwise a calm 2-3%21:09
@preactioni don't know the specs on those boxen though21:10
perlmWebGUI has an easy to use performance feature.  It will show you how long it took to render a page.  So you can do some testing of your own.  21:11
perlmhave multiple LWP bots traverse your site and track the page load time to get a metric.21:12
@preactionthere's a program called "siege" that can do that for you21:12
perlmokay, I've got to head into the office for a meeting.  Laters21:13
@preactionhave fun21:13
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]21:14
jZedgreat, thanks for the pointer to DonorWare21:21
jZedbtw, I got a strong recommendation to use webgui from one of the top developers in Venezuela! so kudos.21:22
@preactionit is the awesome, and as the newest developer hired by plainblack, i intend to make it more the awesome21:28
@preactionplus with these more developers, roy can work less on support and more on making the awesome21:29
jZedlooks like a fantastic project21:32
@preactionit is, i'm ecstatic that i'm getting paid to be a part of it ;)21:33
@preactionthere's the tedious crap, like trying to upgrade donorware since they INSIST on using the 6.2 and 6.8 versions :p21:33
@preaction(so your 7.1 or 7.2 should be even faster than donorware's)21:34
jZednice, I won't need performance right away but I gotta know it will scale really big21:34
jZedit looks fairly easy to make plugins too, that will be important21:35
@preactionyes, there are provided skeletons, and the list of required methods is very small21:35
@preactionsomething you might get tripped up on is the way wG implements content-chunking (apache bit-buckets) 21:36
@preactionthe prepareView / View / www_view methods21:36
@preactionbut that's what we're here for, the forums are there for, etc...21:36
jZedyeah, community is the key21:37
jZedin the past I've rolled my own with Mason but this looks like it provides more out of the box but is still extensible21:38
jZedany reason it isn't on CPAN?21:39
@preactionconfiguration handling is the biggest thing. it will draw, process, and provide accessors for whatever configuration you want21:39
@preactionthat's a good question actually, maybe because it's on sourceforge21:39
jZedI have stuff on both (i.e. the same stuff on both)21:40
@preactionmaybe because there's already a slew of them on cpan? i dunno man21:41
jZedI recommend it21:41
@preactionmaybe just lost in the shuffle21:41
@preactionbut it would be more publicity (and we seem to be getting a bunch these days)21:41
jZedthat way if I get involved my team and I can contribute plugins the standard CPAN way21:42
@preactionmaybe that's why: it takes the namespaces out of plainblack control21:42
jZedbut I'm just kibbitzing :-)21:42
@preactionthere's nothing, of course, preventing you from doing that...21:42
@preactionhmm... i should write a post to the dev list about it21:42
@preactionor maybe look through the archives, someone might've suggested it already21:43
jZedyou could do something like DBI does ... Tim assigns prefixes for DBD authors, only the assigned prefixes are guaranteed to work21:43
@preactionDBIx and DBDx21:43
@preactioni get it21:43
jZedyeah something like that21:43
@preactionwould make contributing custom stuff that much easier, the current plainblack site has contributions, none of which are newer than a few years21:44
jZedI haven't looked, is the database stuff straight DBI or Class::DBI ror DBIx::Class?21:45
jZedor your own?21:45
@preactionit's a wrapper on DBI21:45
@preactionWebGUI only support MySQL, so it's almost superfluous to use DBI21:46
jZeddoes it provide db objects?21:46
@preactionit's in there somewhere, if there's a well-documented accessor for it, dunno21:47
@preactionmight be a $wGsql->{_dbh} sort of thing21:47
jZedno, I don't mean getting the database handle object, I mean objects for tables etc. ala Class::DBI21:48
@preactionno, straight SQL / DBI stuff21:48
@preactionyou could use Class::DBI though21:48
jZedpersonally, I'm a straight DBI guy but some of the other team prefer the Object wrappers/mappers21:49
@preactioni prefer my own wrapper that provides generic get/set/find/delete methods (the find method is unbelievably complex, taken from DBIx::Abstract iirc)21:50
@preactionbut since most DBs are layed out with a key for each row, all you need are those four functions21:50
@preactionadmittedly: i have to do two calls for normal search functions, a find() and a get() (because find() only returns IDs)21:51
@preactionbut find() could be modified to accept a columns => parameter21:52
@preactionanyway, that's in a past-life, when I wrote my own webapp framework21:52
jZedyeah, or presumably we could subclass your Database.pm and roll our own21:52
@preaction(which surprisingly is a lot like wG was in its infancy)21:52
@preactionthat also21:52
@preactionyou just increase your dependencies21:52
jZedhow are sessions handled? in the db or memcached?21:53
@preactioni'm of the type who hates dependencies, even though wG currently has a whole lot of them21:53
jZedyeah, I agree about dependencies21:53
jZedbut I'm gonna have some specific and heavy database needs21:54
@preactionthat's another thing i wanted to take a look at, opening sessions is currently the most costly operation wG does often21:54
jZedwe had problems with sessions data swamping the db previously21:54
@preactionsometimes a single page load can cause three or four sessions to be opened (for various functions)21:54
@preactionactually, i'm not sure about that. they might be cached somewhere21:56
@preactioni mean, it's mod_perl, so we're technically stateful, so we can keep info like that in memory21:57
@preactionmaybe that's why Apache2::SizeLimit is a requirement, the session memory cache gets too large21:57
jZedmy CTO is asking about blogs, got a URL I can point hm to?22:00
@preactionstart a demo site from http://demo.plainblack.com, create a Collaboration System wobject, and choose the "Blog Layout" under Collaboration System Layout in the Display Tab22:01
@preactionthe collab system can do just about any forum-style, thread-like type of site22:01
jZedcool, thanks22:02
@preaction(or something like that, I'm not good with the off-the-cuff answers yet)22:03
jZedok, well we got lost in creating the collab thing, might want a screenshot of a blog on the site22:13
jZedlooks amazing though22:14
jZedcan't figure out how to display the blog once it's created, oh well I can muddle through ...22:15
jZedoh there it is22:15
@preactioni believe that new wobjects are hidden from navigation by default, that's on the display tab iirc22:18
@preactionotherwise the navigation usually fills in new assets/wobjects automagically22:18
jZedyeah, I found the display tab and then the new, and then remembered to scroll down on the news page :-)22:19
jZedI'm better at designing these things than using 'em :-)22:20
@preactionremember too, that your demo is active for 24 hours, but if you log out without committing the new collab system, your visitors wont see it22:21
@preactionthe committing version tags thing still throws me22:21
jZedyeah I committed22:21
@preactionhttp://tryruby.hobix.com/ <- why doesn't Perl have something awesome like this?22:21
* preaction wants Perl6 in the worst possible way22:21
jZedum, you could write that app in a one-liner in perl, it isn't on the web because it would be too easy for someone to shoot themselves in the foot :-)22:22
@preactionnono, i meant more of the tutorial thing22:23
@preactionthe walk-through, interactive tutorial22:23
jZedoh, haven't tried that22:23
@preactiontype "help" into it22:23
@preactionit walks you through it22:23
jZedoh, that *is* nice22:23
@preactiona javascript frontend, with an ajax call to a perl interpreter22:29
@preactionprebuilt module objects22:29
@preactionhmm... something to put in my notebook of WONDERFUL IDEAS22:29
jZedI'd use it22:35
@preactionif i build it awesomely enough, it could be used for perl6 as well22:35
@preactionbut i have a whole EventsCalendar to rewrite first22:35
-!- [1]haardy [i=heini@dynadsl-080-228-90-216.ewetel.net] has joined #webgui22:38
jZedyou could write a webgui interactive demo for it (combine them $ and WONDERFUL IDEAS, best of both worlds)22:39
@preactionthat'd be flash, i can't develop flash because i can't afford it (and i run ubuntu, no good flash tools for linux yet)22:40
@preactionbut, wG and plainblack are active in the local perl communities, i'm sure one of their sites would like it, perhaps madmongers, or this new whyperl site i saw JT and steve discussing the other day22:41
jZedyou could add in some of the perlmonks chatterbox widgets like perldoc://function_name22:42
jZedor cpan://module_name22:42
@preactionthis is getting to be some sort of new hotness site22:42
@preactionnah, there's already annocpan22:43
@preactionannocpan rules, and needs more contributers22:43
@preactionin fact, to be honest, the entire perl website community needs to be updated for "WEB 2.0" (buzzword is hilariously ironic)22:44
@preactionit's almost like Perl is an old-man's tool :(22:44
jZedyou're preaching to the choir, my last gig was 80% AJAX and 20% Perl22:44
jZedJSON rules22:44
@preactioni'm not hooked on JSON yet, why not yaml or something?22:45
@preactionJSON is ... cranky... an extra , will set it off22:46
jZedbecause your perl backend can send JSON to an AJAX callback and the callback has a JavaScript structure it can pour into a display widget wtihout messing with any decoding22:46
-!- haardy [i=heini@dynadsl-080-228-88-027.ewetel.net] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]22:46
-!- [1]haardy is now known as haardy22:46
jZedyou basically write all your JavaScript structures in perl22:47
@preactionor you could use XML / XSL / and XPath22:47
@preactionWebGUI has just started using Yui as a standard JS library, so there should be all sorts of fun things we can do with ajax and the like now22:47
jZedno no no, then you have to do something with it to get it into JavaScript22:47
@preactionokay, i get it now22:47
jZedI mean, sure there are uses for XML but lots of stuff you don't need that step22:48
@preactionyou'd have to have a JS function that would use those DOM tools to get things22:48
jZedno, suppose you have a JS display widget that expects an AOH, you create the AOH in perl, wrap it in JSON with one line and send it to the callback whch just hands it to the widget22:49
jZedno parsing or DOM walking at all22:49
@preactioni was saying that, instead of using json, you'd have to do what i said22:50
@preactionwhich is more work22:50
jZedah, I see, right22:50
@preactionanyway, seriously, i have to rewrite wG's events calendar (which currently is the suck) and I have 11 days to do it (but it will be completely the awesome)22:52
* preaction & working22:52
jZedexcellent, I need that, if you want a tester, email me at jzucker@cpan.org22:53
jZedthanks for all the info22:53
@preactioni need to get my new server, so i can have a web-facing dev server again22:54
@preactionno, no no, i must not IRC, i must not IM, i must WORK... good gravy i'm easily distracted22:54
jZedsame here, talk to you later22:54
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-!- snapcount [n=royjohns@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]23:17
jZe1do you folks have a bug-tracking system somewhere or should I file it here? 23:44
jZe1this page http://www.plainblack.com/wre/installing says to decompress the binary but when you run /sbin/setup it asks "Please type the path to the file" : a) you should mention which file and b) it is expecting an compressed wre-version.tar.gz not an uncompressed one like in the docs23:47
-!- snapcount [n=royjohns@] has joined #webgui23:56
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-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #webgui23:58
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--- Day changed Fri Nov 10 2006
@preactionrizen, durnit, now you got me curious...00:00
@rizensorry about that00:08
@rizenis anyone actually here00:09
@rizenor is everyone just squatting?00:09
@preactioni shouldn't be, i should be working00:10
jZe1I'm an outsider in the middle of an install, if you folks wants some privacy I'll leave00:10
@preactionnono, this is community place00:10
@preactioni dunno why chanserv autoops me, the freenode way is usually ops only appear when something goes very wrong00:10
@preactionand i think only roy and/or rizen have the real chanserv access00:11
-!- jZe1 is now known as jZed00:12
jZedwhen sbin/setup asks "Please type the path to the file" what file does it want?00:18
@preactionthat's a good question, lemme see00:18
@rizenthe full path to the webgui-x.x.x-stable.tar.gz00:19
@rizenthat you've supposedly already downloaded00:19
@rizenbecause you chose not to get it from a mirror00:19
jZedright, but in order to run sbin/setup, you've already unpacked the tar.gz00:19
@preactionjZed, it doesn't have the WebGUI part, just the WRE00:19
@rizenyes, the WRE and WebGUI are two seperate systems00:20
jZedso it wants e.g /data/wre or /data/wre-version.tar.gz00:20
@rizenthe WRE doesn't come with WebGUI00:20
@rizenit doesn't want the path to the WRE00:20
@rizenit wants the path to WebGUI00:20
@preactionjZed, no, it wants webgui-7.1.3-stable.tar.gz or whatever00:20
@rizenrather a webgui tarball00:20
jZedI went to the site, i clicked download, it sent me to wre-version.tar.gz00:22
jZedneither it nor the install instructions refer to a webgui...tar.gz00:22
@rizensince you arent' listening to what we've told you00:23
@rizenthen the best way i can help you is to tell you to start over00:23
@rizendelete the /data/wre folder00:23
@rizendecomrpress again00:23
@rizenand when you run setup this time00:23
@rizenjust chose mirror00:23
@rizendon't choose local00:24
jZedok, but I still don't see any webgui.tar.gz :-)00:24
@rizenforget it00:26
-!- rizen [n=rizen@71-86-227-90.static.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit []00:26
@preactionyou'll download it when you choose "mirror"00:28
-!- snapcount [n=royjohns@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]00:28
@preactionand the reason you have to delete / reinstall is because the setup script is borked. that's why the WRE is in the 0.* series00:28
jZedno problem00:28
@preactionthe WRE is also completely JT's domain for now, the rest of us have too much on our plates with wG proper00:29
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-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #webgui16:05
-!- mode/#webgui [+v MrHairgrease] by ChanServ16:05
+MrHairgreaseor doug16:06
+MrHairgreaseare you guys there?16:06
Radix_hi martin.. ain't heard from him in a while16:07
Radix_last thing he said was about 14 hours ago16:08
+MrHairgreasethat explains something =)16:11
+MrHairgreaseis anybody using the latest svn checkout?16:11
+MrHairgreaseor 7.2.1?16:12
Radix_not me16:12
Radix_I was going to ask a question too..16:12
+MrHairgreasethe admin bar won't show up16:12
+MrHairgreaseso I wondering if it's broken16:12
+MrHairgreaseor if I'm just being dumb =)16:12
+MrHairgreasewhat is it?16:12
Radix_anyone using the rss syndication to show up flickr rss feeds? - it seems to stop after the first <p> section ends..16:12
+MrHairgreasenot me16:13
Radix_might have to look at the code.. see if I can figure out why16:13
+MrHairgreasedo you have a url to the feed?16:13
+MrHairgreaseyeah that's the way to go =)16:14
Radix_that's the one I'm using.. my photo collection :)16:14
+MrHairgreaseI'll have a look later this day16:14
Radix_it stops after 'posted a photo</p>' and never puts the photo16:14
+MrHairgreaseIt might be due to the fact that the xml parser also parses the html tags16:15
+MrHairgreasei'm not sure16:15
+MrHairgreasebut I can imagine that it is something like that16:15
Radix_yeah.. I suspect so too.. though I wouldn't know how to fix it if it was :)16:16
+MrHairgreaseme neither16:16
+MrHairgreaseI never looked at that code16:17
+MrHairgreaseIf you can't fix it, just file a bug report =)16:17
Radix__strip_html($rss) - hmm.. that'd rip out all the img tags and what not.. bet that's what's doing it16:22
+MrHairgreaseit sounds like that anyway16:26
+MrHairgreaseyou could try to comment thet function16:27
+MrHairgreaseand check if it works16:27
Radix_going to give it a try.. but not on our production server.. and I just wiped my laptop to play with windows vista (that was my test server).. hehe16:28
+MrHairgreasethat's a wise decission16:28
+MrHairgreaseah fixed it16:34
+MrHairgreasesomeone borked WebGUI::User 16:35
Radix_okey.. grub restored, and ubuntu back up on my laptop.. time to give syndicatedcontent.pm a hack :)16:57
Radix_Hmm.. if I rip that bit out.. then it keeps the html.. but spits it out as text in the feed.  converts all the < and > to &lt's and &gt's even17:06
+MrHairgreaseoh that sucks17:07
+MrHairgreaseI don't have time to look into it17:08
Radix_no probs :)17:08
+MrHairgreasei know =)17:08
Radix_I'll have a further play with it.. bout time I started hacking webgui more anyway17:08
+MrHairgreaseit's fun17:09
+MrHairgreaseyou can win prizes with it =)17:09
* MrHairgrease pats himeself on the back17:09
-!- crythia3 [n=gyoung@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]17:38
@snapcountwhat is borked in wg::user?17:39
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui17:39
-!- mode/#webgui [+v crythias] by ChanServ17:39
+MrHairgreasenothing special17:41
+MrHairgreasecheck the latest rev in svn17:41
@snapcountis it that IP restricting admin console thingy17:42
+MrHairgreasei didn't have the setting in my conf17:45
+MrHairgreaseand the admin bar errored17:45
@snapcountthe upgrade script should have put a default one there17:45
+MrHairgreaseit should17:45
+MrHairgreasebut if you are running a dev environment17:46
@snapcountWebGUI *should* do many things =)17:46
+MrHairgreasethat's true17:46
+MrHairgreasemost people won't notice it17:46
+MrHairgreasebut it's cleaner this way17:46
+MrHairgreasethe thing was that the setting was put in in the 7.14->7.2017:47
+MrHairgreasebut I updated 17:47
+MrHairgreasedid a previousVersion.sql17:47
+MrHairgreaseand upgraded essentially from 7.2.0 ->7.2.117:47
+MrHairgreaseso it was never run on my env17:47
+MrHairgreasewell 17:47
+MrHairgreaseit doesn't matter that much17:47
-!- jZed [n=jeff@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui18:01
jZedwhaaaa! my apache-fu is not as strong as my perl-fu and I have run the WRE install perhaps 50 times in the last day and still get stumped at mod_perl failed to start, mod_proxy failed to start, Spectre failed to start :-(18:21
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has left #webgui []18:21
jZedhey, at least I got the WRE MySQL working18:22
jZedI read some forum messages about people with the same problem but not solutions18:22
jZeddocs say to check /data/wre/prereqs/apache/logs but there is no such directory since (I believe) apache isn't starting so there are no logs18:23
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-!- Netsplit over, joins: @preaction, jZed, +crythias, Radix_, perlbot, ckotil, haardy, @snapcount18:30
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Radix_only issue I've ever had with wre mysql was when permissions were not set18:30
-!- Netsplit over, joins: perlbot18:30
-!- Netsplit leguin.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: haardy18:30
jZedMySQL is working fine, it's mod_perl that won't start18:30
jZedand I don't even know how to troubleshoot since there are no logs18:30
-!- Netsplit leguin.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: +crythias, @preaction18:30
Radix_check logs in /data/wre/var18:30
-!- Netsplit over, joins: haardy, @preaction, +crythias18:31
Radix_well.. webgui log is there anyway18:31
jZedyes, it's there and 0 bites since rc.webgui start failed18:31
Radix_other logs are in /data/wre/prereqs/apache/logs18:31
Radix_try creating the dir if it doesn't exist18:31
Radix_that might be why it's failing to run even18:32
jZedaha! there is wremonitor.log18:32
jZedit says bad hostname ':'18:32
jZedso I guess the hostname is not being set18:33
jZedI am just using localhost since this is my box and no DNS18:33
Radix_wremonitor has always been pretty useless for me.. never used it.. still waiting on a newer wre with a fixed wremonitor myself.18:33
Radix_edit /etc/hosts and add your hostnames there18:34
jZedyeah, already did that as per the docs18:34
Radix_ie. localhost www.mycompany.com mycompany.com18:34
jZeddocs say dev.localhost.domain18:34
jZedand wre setup seems to stick the dev. on there18:35
Radix_wierd.. I don't recall that.. and my wre setup didn't18:35
jZedwell, hmm, now I get during setup ... Configuring WebGUI...18:37
jZedUse of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at ./setup line 159.18:37
jZedBad arg length for Socket::inet_ntoa, length is 0, should be 4 at ./setup line 159.18:37
jZedbtw, thanks much for your help18:37
Radix_type 'which perl'18:38
Radix_is it returning the /data/wre/prereqs/perl one?  or another copy of perl somewhere?18:39
jZedthe script should be, my command line is for another perl18:39
jZedyeah the script shebang points at the WRE perl18:39
jZedI've verified that thought they're both 5.8.8 only the wre one has the wre @INCS18:40
Radix_if you don't set up your environment right though - it won't use the wre perl libraries properly18:40
Radix_hence why I asked you to type 'which perl'18:41
jZedwhich perl is /usr/local/bin/perl18:41
Radix_the wre is far from perfect.. if you use it right it's great, but there are still bugs and gaps18:41
Radix_biggest one is that not all the scripts set their environment properly18:42
jZedyeah and it would be cleaner if I had an extra partition instead of trying to install where I already have perls, mysql, apache, etc18:42
Radix_best way to fix this is to use ". /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment" before you run ANY wre scripts18:42
Radix_it's the only way you can be sure they'll run right18:42
jZedah, ok, let me try that, thanks18:42
Radix_note that the space between the dot and the path is deliberate18:42
Radix_. /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment18:43
jZedof course it will probably screw up my mason, python, and php stuff, oh well18:43
Radix_no, shouldn't18:43
jZedoh good :-)18:43
Radix_except any other copy of apache you'll need to run on another port address (other than 80/81)18:43
+crythiasyou don't have to.18:44
+crythiasI mean, yes, you do..18:44
+crythiasbut you can virtualhost lots of stuff...18:44
+crythiasdifferent configs per site.18:45
Radix_yeah, but getting php working for the wre is a bitch18:45
Radix_pardon my french18:45
Radix_mod_php is not included in the distro18:45
+crythiasI never tried.18:45
jZedI think I'll try to get webgui working then later I can import parts of my old apache conf into it18:45
Radix_so you need to compile it manually18:45
jZedbleh, I think I'll stick with two apaches on two ports18:46
Radix_easier to simply run another apache with mod_php on another port and mod_proxy it in18:46
Radix_you can use the wre mod_proxy to link to it.. and mod-rewrite rules to transparently hide it all so it seems like it's all on one server18:46
jZedhrm, did the setenvironment thing, still getting Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at ./setup line 159.18:47
jZedBad arg length for Socket::inet_ntoa, length is 0, should be 4 at ./setup line 159.18:47
jZedline 159 is looking for gethostname()18:47
Radix_you didn't script up your localhost entry in /etc/hosts when you edited it by any chance?18:47
jZedno, but hostname reports a different name18:48
jZedmaybe that's it18:48
Radix_hostname must be in /etc/hosts18:48
jZedcan I re-load /etc/hosts without rebooting?18:49
Radix_just edit it and that's it18:50
jZedhmm but I put a different hostname in and it still shows the old one18:50
Radix_edit /etc/hostname?18:51
Radix_or reboot?18:51
jZededited but didn't reboot18:51
jZed/etc/hosts shows dev dev.localhost.localdomain18:53
jZedguess Imma reboot, thanks for the tips, back soon 18:57
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-!- jZed_ [n=chatzill@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui19:18
-!- jZed_ is now known as jZed19:18
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-!- jZed__ [n=jeff@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui19:28
jZed__this little script sure comes in handy: rm /data/wre/var/hoster.arg.cache; rm /data/wre/var/version.txt; rm -r /data/We\bGUI; /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment; /data/wre/sbin/setup19:47
jZed__well now mod_proxy starts but mod_perl and Spectre still don't19:48
jZed__allright, I manually created /data/wre/etc and /data/wre/prereqs/apache/logs which weren't there and now at least I have logs to look at20:00
jZed__so I see this in modperl.error.log:20:01
jZed__Cannot load /data/wre/prereqs/apache/modules/mod_apreq2.so into server: libapreq2.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:01
@preactionjZed__, sounds like your wre install has a major problem20:05
jZed__yeah, I've been working on it since yesterday20:05
jZed__getting frustrated20:05
jZed__must have run setup 75 times20:05
jZed__at least now I have apache logs which I didn't before20:05
@preactionwhich one did you download?20:05
@preactionthat's not the WRE20:06
jZed__oh, just a sec20:06
@preactionthere are TWO THINGS. one is the WRE, the other is WebGUI20:06
@preactioni don't care about version, i want to know platform20:06
jZed__oh debian20:06
jZed__yes, I understand about the two things now20:07
jZed__wre is just the other apps and an install script20:07
@preactiondo you know how to install .deb packages manually? you don't need the WRE, it's just ... more convenient (when it's done)20:07
jZed__is there a url to get the webgui directly, I can't see that listed anywhere so only way I can get it is via mirror20:07
jZed__during setup20:07
jZed__sure I can install debs20:08
@preactionare you following the docs/install.txt instructions?20:12
jZed__every step20:12
@preactionyou don't have existing apache2 or mysql or otherwise installs?20:12
@preactionyou're running setenvironment before you try to start/restart wG?20:13
jZed__yes I have perl and apache2 and mysql but I made sure to turn them all off20:13
jZed__yes I'm running setenvironment20:13
@preactionyou're root20:13
@preactionyou could configure your existing installs to work with WebGUI20:14
jZed__just swap in the conf files?20:14
@preactionno, i would not do that20:15
@preactionread the link, follow that20:15
jZed__ok thanks for all your help20:15
@preactionyou'll need to apt-get install perl-magick (or something similar)20:16
@preactionthere are other dependencies too20:16
@preactioni think they're all covered by the link, but you'll have to find them in APT20:16
jZed__oh I have all the perl prereqs20:17
@preactionthen you'll also need to create an init.d script for spectre20:17
@preactionyou may be able to get away with moving the rc.spectre from the WRE into /etc/init.d/, but you may have to look in and edit it20:18
jZed__ok, I can handle that20:18
jZed__fortunately, like most perl stuff, difficulty of installation does not necessarily bod difficulty of use, thank god20:19
@preactionthat's what the WRE is supposed to fix... but imho it'd be better to provide a .deb that had the appropriate dependencies20:22
@preactiongentoo actually has an emerge version of wG that automatically pulls in dependencies, dunno how it is on setup though20:22
jZed__well I was wrong about having all the prereqs, I'd thought that installing Catalyst pulled in everything on CPAN, but webgui needs even more20:39
jZed__but testEnvironment.pl is doing a good job of getting everything20:40
jZed__grr, my absolute least favorit cpan.pm error : test died because of failure of pod coverage # for kripes sakes let us install even if your pod sucks20:59
+crythiasforce install21:22
jZed__oh sure, did that21:22
jZed__all the perl stuff eventually installed21:22
jZed__I've got webgui to start21:22
jZed__but now i can't seem to get to the admin login21:23
jZed__it should just point at dev.localhost.localdomain if that's in my domains/.conf21:24
jZed__hmm, WebGUI starts, I can get to my old apache directories, I can't get to the WebGui directory, must have messed something up in virtual hosts21:29
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jZed__hrm, closer and closer ... now when I point at the webgui domain dir, I get "Fatal Internal Error"21:36
jZed__must be some sort of Spectre or WebGui error because it doesn't look like a regular Apache one21:36
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jZed__webgui is installed, the install from source was much easier than WRE22:09
jZed__thanks everyone for your help22:09
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jZed__installation done, configuration next ... hmm it wants css03.css but there is no such file or it can't find it, so I can't see the admin panel etc. cause no CSS unhides it22:58
jZed__ah no, it's the /extras CSS it can't find, I probably need an alias in apache.conf23:04
perlmdid you move the extras to your config instance?23:05
jZed__no 23:08
jZed__but this fixes it in apache.conf: Alias /extras/ "/data/WebGUI/www/extras/"23:08
jZed__or should I copy extras into /domains/public?23:08
perlmyeah, that apache.conf edit sounds like a hack23:10
jZed__the page is very confusing without the css 23:10
jZed__but everything is cool, I have webgui and my old PHP and Mason stuff all running off the same port23:11
perlmyour domainname.conf in the /WebGUI/etc dir should have "extrasURL" : "/extras", and "extrasPath" : "/data/WebGUI/www/extras",23:11
jZed__yep those are there23:13
jZed__oh well, this works for now23:15
perlmare you using a virtual host?  You should have DocumentRoot /data/WebGUI/domains/www.yourdomain.com/public23:15
perlmthat is strange....../extras should map to /data/WebGUI/domains/www.yourdomain.com/public/extras23:16
perlmwithout the alias...oh well23:16
perlmholy smokes, I think I just counted 100 individual connections to the server to load an asset configuration page.23:20
jZed__it wasn't me :-)23:41
jZed__"You are currently working under a tag called: None"?23:46
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@preactionhow does the <tmpl_var controls> parameter get populated? i can't seem to find a single wobject that does it04:36
-!- preaction changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable: WebGUI 7.1.3) || Need help? Ask and wait patiently (it might take awhile)04:43
+crythia1preaction you still there?05:35
* crythia1 is bringin' sexy back.05:35
@preactioni'm back now, had to make food05:48
@preactionfound it... $self->getToolbar05:53
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preaction-mdamnit roy, get your ass back here05:16
Radix-wrkYou just want his ass?05:17
preaction-myou don't?05:17
Radix-wrkNo wait.. don't answer that05:17
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Radix-wrkPB webpages are still broken btw.. - https://www.plainblack.com/install/upgrade_help07:37
Radix-wrkgetting a ^AssetProxy(pb-redesign-2006/nav); on the side there07:37
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perlmso what's new at PlainBlack this week?17:55
perlmDoes anyone know what this means from my /var/log/webgui.log " WORKFLOW: Response for babWLAT6BW20Qv8869RwbQ was redirected"?18:09
ckotilnot entirely. all i can get from it is that a workflow process was redirected18:11
perlmThe rest of the message says "This should never happen if configured correctly."18:13
perlmI'm trying to see if spectre is responding to the default port.18:13
ckotilturn on debug mode18:17
perlmSpectre is responding to the default port just fine.  I'm not sure if the problem is in my domain.conf or the spectre.conf.  not sure what there is to even change in spectre.cof.18:17
perlmhah, "What port should we connect to WebGUI on?"  I'm only running on 443, not 80.18:18
ckotilso you're only running under ssl?18:19
ckotilmaybe it needs a non ssl instance18:19
ckotili dont really know18:19
perlmspectre only takes an ip address to talk to WebGUI.  the default host for that IP is not WebGUI.  18:21
perlmI might be SOL on this one.18:21
perlmhas anyone gotten WebGUI to run in the default Apache host in a subdir to webroot?  Or does it have to run in its own Virtual Host?18:23
-!- jZed__ [n=jeff@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui18:27
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ckotili have gotten it to run at http://newt.grnoc.iu.edu/WebGUI19:28
ckotilheres a goofy bug. I add a new ^FlieUrl(); macro and in firefox if i click on the word FileUrl in the wysiwyg editor , firefox2 crashes19:29
ckotilfirefox2 likes to show raw file information rather than loading an image or offering a file to download.19:30
ckotilso i had to go back and add ^FileUrl to a lot of my urls19:30
ckotildaaamn. my webgui::Cache::FileCache is up to 12 megs19:31
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-!- jZed__ [n=jeff@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui21:11
jZed__ok, here's a pickle ... I put on debug and now when I go into anything on the admin panel (including settings to turn debug off) all I get is the debug output ... no pages; on non-adming stuff it shows both21:17
jZed__for example the page starts with { "op" : "editSettings" }21:19
@preactionjZed__, you can edit the configuration file manually, but remember to restart apache after you're done21:28
@preactioni'd also file a bug, if you can find the code that's doing it21:28
jZed__hmm, so c /data/WebGUI/etc/domain-name.conf put "debug" : 0, ?21:31
jZed__nope, that didn't work21:32
@preactiondid you restart apache?21:32
@preactionholy crap the Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux actually WORKS21:34
jZed__cool, I'm blocked from lots of stuff because I don't have 921:35
ckotilpreaction: yeah21:35
jZed__is there an easy way to just wipe out a site and start a new one? delete the mysql db and start over?21:36
jZed__or will I need to replace some directories too?21:36
jZed__I'm sorry I've got so many questions, but I need to decide in the next day or two whether to use webgui for a really big project (bigger than any I've seen using webgui), and I'd like to at least have it minimally working before I decide :-)21:39
@preactionjZed__, what kind of project?21:47
@preactionand don't sell it short, WebGUI is running some massive stuff already21:48
jZed__um, it's under NDA, but generally think of MySpace + YouTube + Other stuff21:48
ckotilI just completed a big project, redesigning all of our NOC websites. Now im working to implement customer portal functionality. interfacing with out database of contacts21:48
@preactionBrunswick New Technologies, the US Department of State21:48
@preactionoh, i see...21:48
jZed__I'm not selling it short, I'm aiming big :-)21:48
@preactionwe'll set aside my complete dislike for the entire idea of MySpace and say this: 21:49
ckotilwould webgui be able to power a site with millions of hits a day?21:49
@preactionwhen you get it to work with webgui, integrated with webgui's stuff, it will be awesome21:49
@preactionMyspace with versioning? hells yes21:49
@preactionlike most CMS, it's limited only by the computer21:50
ckotilim wondering if the server running webgui would be able to keep up with the requests21:50
jZed__preaction, I know, I believe that, but I gotta get it working to convince the CEO21:50
@preactionwhich reminds me, there's a lot of efficiency stuff i want to do, but it'll break API so it'll have to be in 9.x21:51
jZed__so, I now have a totally borked install ... version tags I can't commit because they were locked when spectre quit, the debug stuff that prevents me from doing any admin tasks ... how do I start over?21:52
@preactionif you just re-create the config file and database, you should be fine21:52
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui22:11
perlmjZed, you ever get things working?22:11
jZed__yes, I got it installed, my virtual hosts are not quite right but I think I can fix that, I just reinstalled a site that had problems and now I am trying without success to create a first page, I commit the version tag but the page is still in pending and I don't know how to get it out22:13
jZed__hrmph, spectre.pl --daemon gives Can't use string ("sitename") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at ../lib/WebGUI/Config.pm line 226.22:16
@preactionjZed__, look in the wG config file, is everything kosher? looks like either $self or $self->{_config} got set to a string for some reason22:30
@preactionare you running 7.2?22:31
perlmMy problems are with Spectre not being able to talk with WebGUI either.22:31
jZed__this is my conf: "sitename" : [ "dev.localhost.localdomain", "localhost.localdomain"],22:32
perlmI wonder why ^AssetProxy started erroring on every page.22:36
perlmWOOOHOOOOOO, spectre just did a commit without throwing an error and requiring me to manually commit!  22:38
perlmBut what does this mean?  Processing failed on macro: ^AssetProxy(style3_coolmenu);: Can't call method "canView" on an undefined value at /usr/share/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Post.pm line 11722:39
@preactionperlm, look at line 117 of that file, what is it trying to call a method on?22:41
@preactiona lot of these error messages that people are getting should have been TESTED FOR (even if at runtime) and reported with more information22:41
@preactionperlm, it means that the post has no parent Thread22:41
@preactionwhich is probably bad22:41
perlmbut this *just* started showing up.  And the little icon that appears just at the upper right of the admin bar is no longer there.22:42
@preactionno, wait, it's trying to get the Parent of the Thread, which should be the Collaboration System22:45
@preactionmeaning there's a CS that doesn't exist, have you deleted one recently? have you deleted anything recently?22:45
perlmlots and lots22:45
perlmI've been adding assets and blowing them away left and right.....mostly with the spectre auto-commit broken and me commiting things manually.22:46
perlmI'm trying to do a rollback to the clean install, but clicking rollback does nothing.22:46
jZed__I did that by deleting and reinstalling the mysql database22:47
jZed__and then restarting apache22:47
perlmyeah, I shoudl do that.....can't remember how to recreate the database.22:47
@preactionrollback doesn't seem to work as described, it's more a "delete this version tag and this version tag only"22:48
@preactioninstead of "delete all version tags that occured after this version tag", as I would expect22:48
perlmit won't even rollback just the latest version.22:48
perlmworse, nothing is written to the log saying what went wrong.22:49
@preactionnothing in modperl error log either?22:49
perlmj/s I'll check22:49
perlmunless mod_perl logs are written somewhere besides the normal apache logs22:50
@preactionno, they shouldn't22:50
perlmI see the message coming in for spectre, but no action.22:51
jZed__well I am stuck with spectre.pl --daemon returning Can't use string ("sitename") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at ../lib/WebGUI/Config.pm line 224.22:53
jZed__I tried putting in a hard-coded $self->{_config} and that just led to other errors :-(22:53
perlmby connecting on 80 instead of 443 I got it to rollback.  I've rolled back to the initial install and am still getting that error.22:54
jZed__duh, the light dawns, lol, perm = perlmonkey2 :-)22:54
perlmheh, yep22:55
jZed__it was port 443 that gave you away :-)22:55
jZed__dang, I had spectre.pl working at least some of the time the other day, I wonder why it won't start?22:56
perlmI'd recopy the config file and start over because it sounds like some text got munged somewhere.22:57
jZed__the odd thing is it finds the config for the ip and port and only later bombs on the sitename23:00
perlmokay, I'm upgrading to 7.2 just because I can't remember if I have 1.2 or 1.3 and I need to rebuild the db :P23:01
jZed__ok, I'm nearing the end of my rope, two full days and I still have not been able to create a single page using webgui23:06
perlmit is pretty slick if you can get around the rough edges......23:20
jZed__I hope to get there, but doubting it sometimes23:20
perlmcourse, now I can't get apache with 7.2 installed to start23:21
perlmI don't remember this from the 7.1.2 install "[error] Can't locate WebGUI.pm in @INC "23:25
perlmthat is from my httpd logs.23:25
@preactionperlm, that one's easy: you need to fix your PATH for apache, usually setenv PERL5LIB will do it23:26
jZed__w00t, success23:27
@preactionand of course, pb's spectre just finally spat out the support requests for today... i swear to god...23:27
@preactionso at 3:30pm i finally get all the support requests for the weekend and today... wtf...23:27
jZed__was missing curly braces around the dev_local... config section23:27
jZed__so the JSON bombed23:27
@preactionyeah... i'm not liking JSON, should've used INI or Yaml for the configuration23:27
jZed__well, Config.pm needs a check to make sure JsontoObj() returns an object and complains about bad JSON right there rather than passing a non-object to the requesting routine23:28
jZed__want a patch?23:29
jZed__put this after line 343 in Config.pm : Can't use string ("sitename") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at ../lib/WebGUI/Config.pm line 224.23:33
jZed__er, I mean this:  die "Can't parse JSON in '$filename'\n" unless ref $con\f;23:33
jZed__that's just sloppy error catching, a proper error would have told me where to look right away23:34
jZed__# of course I've done such sloppy things myself too ...23:34
@preactionjZed__, i completely agree, most of my "tests" that i'm required to write have been neglected for better error handling23:34
@preactionthe current ErrorHandler thing is horrible (when Carp would give me more functionality, and eval {} would let me pick and choose what to catch)23:35
jZed__yeah I threw in some Carps to debug23:36
@preactioni'll leave a note to add that error23:36
perlmSomewhere something is telling apache to add /data/WebGUI to @ISA and my WebGUI is in /usr/share/WebGUI23:38
jZed__I made a symlink from /data to /usr/share/webgui and put WebGUI in that23:39
perlmI had it fine for 7.1.323:40
perlmI just missed something in the config files23:40
jZed__how do you unlock a version?23:40
perlmcommit it?23:42
@preactionperlm, grep for "/data/WebGUI" in lib, maybe there's something explicit in there, which would be bad23:42
jZed__I'm Admin, I made a collab sys, committed it, it did not show up anywhere except in pending versions, i go there and view it and it is locked23:42
@preactionthat would be bug-worthy23:42
@preactionjZed__, spectre isn't running probably :(23:42
jZed__that's what I thought but ps -elf shows it23:43
@preactionkill it, run spectre with the --run --debug flags, and see if there's an error or something23:43
@preactionmaybe pipe it through tee so you can get a log of it as well23:44
perlmprecation, that was a good idea.  preload.pl had /data/WebGUI hardcoded.23:45
@preactionthat's a bug in my opinion, please submit it, but be warned that JT might not consider it a bug23:46
@preactionor, search the dev forums23:46
@preactionmaybe it has a reason why that's like that23:46
perlmhardcoding paths are not really a great idea for enterprise software.23:46
jZed__Respons H_Y... retrieved successfully ... Got an error response for  for H_Y...23:47
jZed__hmm, starting it up again after that and the page is unlocked23:47
perlmnow I'm getting weird Log::Log4perl::Appender::log errors :(23:50
@preactionspectre just annoys the hell out of me sometimes...23:50
perlmon some pages I'm logged out, but others I'm logged in.23:51
@preactionbrowser cache23:54
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-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui03:24
perlmHah, just saw WebGUI uses yahoo's AJAX library.  Nice.  After much looking and playing with, I decided Yahoo's was the most appropriate also.03:24
Radix-wrkthey did a review of a number of the libraries out there - I saw the discussion on it in the dev channel03:44
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perlmreading the review now04:29
perlmYeah, JT's arguements for YUI sound a lot like my own, although besides YUI I had only done anthing enterprise level with Scriptaculous/Prototype.04:36
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@preactionit's 2:00am, i have to be up at 9:00am for another day of support, and I only got 4 hours of sleep last night...10:19
@preactionhow do I survive?10:19
@preactionand why am i still hanging out in the ubuntu channel?10:22
Radix-wrkGood questions10:27
@preactionand let it henceforth be known that I am sick and tired of the HttpProxy Wobject...10:34
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perlmany word on how Zjed's new install is working out for him?19:22
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui19:51
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@preactionperlm, none since yesterday20:04
perlmI talked to him.  He loves it.20:26
perlm"cat's pajamas" is what he said.20:27
perlmDoes WebGUI have Template::Toolkit2 support?20:28
-!- ckotil [n=newtrino@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui20:28
ckotilCan I run a cgi upload file script under webgui?20:28
perlmI think there are a couple of built in Assets for doing that.20:29
ckotilWe have these weekly reports that are uploaded to the server then a cronjob script generates an html file of all the weekly reports. And i just http proxy that generated html page.20:29
perlmBut writing your own custom upload asset shouldn't be hard.20:29
ckotili did start looking at creating my own assets20:30
ckotilive created a couple pretty bare bone assets that didnt do squat but display some random text20:30
ckotili was hoping i could use a snippet asset and paste the cgi script into that and have it execute no problem.20:31
perlmbut you want your cronjob to LWP post the report to a WebGUI asset?20:31
ckotilnah it will just cronjob an external html page20:31
ckotiland webgui will http proxy it in20:31
perlmhow is that working for you?20:32
perlmI'm pretty new to WebGUI myself and am only running it at a test server at my house, but I have the design guys playing with it and will probably be moving all our stuff to WebGUI.20:37
ckotilIve been using it for 4 months now20:40
ckotili love it20:40
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perlmI'm trying to figure out how you were going to use a CGI script inside of a snippet asset?  Can snippets be executed?  The help says only JS and markup are allowed.20:49
ckotilyeah :/ i dunno either20:49
ckotillooks like i gotta create a custom asset20:49
perlmif your weekly reports are in a DB, couldn't you use the WebGUI form builder asset?20:50
ckotilpretty easily too20:52
perlmSQL Report asset looks like jsut what you need.20:54
perlmand just a few underneath is the Survey asset.......thank the gods, I'll never have to write another stupid survey webapp!20:54
ckotilhrm.. so you're saying store the files in the db?20:55
perlmBLOBs are meant to be used :P20:55
@preactionperlm, i believe there are plugins for TT, dunno about TT220:56
perlmpreaction, what is the default templating tool?20:56
ckotilgood call perlm20:57
@preactionckotil, you could also use the HttpProxy module, set up an apache or tinyhttpd instance to run your cgi scripts, and get the CGI output in that manner20:58
ckotilim doing that now.20:58
ckotilhow can i secure access to the upload.cgi script20:58
@preactionperhaps there should be an "Exec" asset that could execute a command, translating URL params into command-line params20:58
perlmI'm starting to daydream all sorts of cool things with WebGUI.  I wonder how long it would take me to port my survey's directly into the WebGUI DB.  Just write to the DB and skip the WebGUI front end.20:58
ckotilexec would be cool20:59
perlmyeah, and maybe it could eval{} user entered data :P20:59
@preactionckotil, secure? you could make sure that the referer was correct20:59
@preactionExec would be able to execute "perl script.pl --options", no need for eval {}21:00
@preactioneval would be far harder to secure21:00
ckotilok. that thoguht did cross my mind, but i dismissed it bc i dunno how to check the referer. how would i check to see that the referer is in fact the webgui page?21:00
@preactiona CGI script is passed the HTTP headers in the environment, one should be HTTP_REFERER21:00
@preactionyou could ensure that the httpd you're running only accepts connections from localhost21:01
@preactionin fact, i would definately make sure of that21:01
ckotilbtw. im not running the wre so im jsut gonna use the same apache instance21:01
@preactionyou'll want to make a vhost then21:01
ckotilive got a bunch setup.21:01
@preactionand if the name isn't resolvable outside your server, you have no problem21:01
ckotilah. good idea21:02
@preactioni mean, it'd be weird to see http://localhost and have it work, but work it would21:02
ckotilits an internal tool. so no big deal21:03
-!- Jiggie [n=none@63-239-138-22.dia.static.qwest.net] has joined #webgui21:03
ckotilin my custom wobject i created a form in the template. how do i process this form in the wobject?22:03
ckotileh. i think i see it22:04
perlmI regularly fake the Referer in HTML headers.  Using that as any part of the security isn't a good idea.22:18
perlmisn't the form submitted with each field name a hash key of the wobject?22:22
ckotilyeah sysadmins told me not to check referer. big risk there22:29
ckotilso im trying to create a custom wobject.22:29
ckotiland i have the form created in the template for my custom wobject.22:29
ckotilbut i dunno where to even begin processing the form.22:29
ckotilits gotta be somewhere in sub view22:29
perlmAsset.pm, 2137 lines of code.  Yeah, not gonna be easy to figure this out.23:05
perlmLooks like   processPropertiesFromFormPost is the Asset.pm sub that processes form Posts.23:10
perlmlooks like the default functionality of processPropertiesFromFormPost is to simply put each parameter that was Posted into the database.23:14
perlmThis code is good stuff.  23:15
perlmbut you dont' have to call SUPER in your own asset.  Looks like you can do whatever you want.23:16
perlmI dig it......23:16
ckotilin the wobject tutorial it seems that they use template variables to process the form.23:28
ckotili dunno. im heading home. cya tomorrow23:28
perlmoh...you meant process the template, not process the post.  yeah, that was all magically calls to other mod's that I haven't looked at yet.23:33
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--- Day changed Wed Nov 15 2006
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-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui01:17
perlmI wonder if httpproxy can be made to understand IRC?01:18
@preactionIRC is an interactive, stateful protocol01:25
@preactionhttp is not01:25
@preactiondon't ask me how CGI::IRC works, i don't understand a lick of it01:25
-!- crythia1 [n=Gerald@c-68-51-234-189.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:27
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perlmwhen you said you worked at walmart, did you mean a store, or Bentonville?01:34
@preactiona store01:55
@preactionas an unloader01:55
@preactionon the GM side, so not stacked nicely on pallets, packed full into the truck01:55
@preactionprobably the hardest job in the store01:55
@preactionno... definately the hardest job in the store... maintenance got more respect than unloading01:56
perlmI used to work a trucking dock and have some sympathy for poorly packed trailers.02:10
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui02:13
@preactionexactly... the mofos i swear would put the long-thin boxes on top, and then a box of ammunition or something on top of that, so when you pull down the long-thin one...02:14
@preactionif you weren't quick, you were lucky to wake up in a couple hours02:14
@preactionby the end of the night i'll have a working calendar, with simple events and simple views. i've got three days to add: Search, iCalendar feeds (both in and out), Event Recurrence, and Subscriptions02:35
@preactionwho'll bet against me? 5:4 odds02:35
perlmholy crap02:38
perlmI'm sure it will be finished in time.  But I'm thinking the real odds will be in the bug count.02:38
Radix-wrkI bet it'll be buggy ;)02:38
perlmgreat minds.....02:38
@preactionbah, screw you guys02:39
@preactionof course it's going to be buggy :p they give me a week to do this and they expect quality?02:39
perlmIf you need a tester or anyone to do some grunt work, give me a yell02:39
@preactionif i had a web-facing test site i'd definately yell, but ... it would take me 10 minutes to set one up :p02:39
perlmYeah, that WebGUI, once you know what you are doing it takes minutes, I tell you whole minutes, to set up.02:40
@preactionperlbot host IP commctrl.com02:43
perlbotSorry, type ip isn't allowed.  It might take up too much space here, or may be unsupported.  Allowed types are: a aaaa ptr mx ns cname02:43
@preactionperlbot host commctrl.com02:43
@preactionperlbot host acommctrl.com02:43
@preactionperlbot host a commctrl.com02:43
perlbotcommctrl.com has address
@preactionperlbot hate02:43
perlbotsometimes I hate people.  but then i realise it's because I hate a person, and I don't want to hate that person, so I spread it out over all humanity02:43
@preactionperlbot emo?02:43
perlmperlbot help02:45
perlbot(fact)::tell (who) about (what)::(what) > (who)::learn (what) as (info)::relearn (fact) as (info)::phone (phone number)::shorten (url)::shorten it::search (module)::docs (module)::perldoc -f (function)::jargon (term)::math::fortune::flip::host (type) (record)::rot13::roll (die)::tempconv (temp)::scramble (foo)::8ball::slap::diss::what time is it::top/bottom (number) karma::geoip (ip)02:45
perlmperlbot WWW::Mechanzie::docs02:45
perlmperlbot WWW::Mechanize::docs02:45
perlmperlbot WWW::Mechanize::perldoc02:45
@preactionperlbot cpan WWW::Mechanize02:46
perlbotDocumentation for 'WWW::Mechanize' can be found here: http://xrl.us/s9mr02:46
perlmhow cool is that02:46
@preactionperlbot perldoc WWW::Mechanize02:46
perlbotDocumentation for 'WWW::Mechanize' can be found here: http://xrl.us/s9mr02:46
@preactionperlbot -f split02:47
@preactionperlbot perldoc -f split02:47
perlbotDocumentation for 'split' can be found here: http://snipurl.com/7ket02:47
perlbotDocumentation for '-f split' can be found here: http://snipurl.com/127ln02:47
@preactionit's been a while since i've been able to play with perlbot02:47
@preactioni do like how he rotates his URL shorten sites02:47
perlmshe's like a little sidekick quickly fetching things you often need.02:48
@preactioni also like how the URLs point to perldoc.com, which is dead02:48
@preactionperlbot perlfunc02:49
perlbotPerl builtin functions - http://www.perldoc.com/perl5.8.0/pod/perlfunc.html02:49
perlmoh man....the wre has an automagic version updater.....03:07
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preaction-mperlbot <304:07
perlbotbullshit, I'm way more than 304:07
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perlmperlbot > 10005:42
perlmperlbot >10005:42
preaction-m<3 looks like a heart05:44
preaction-mgiven a day of the week, and a specified first day of the week, how would you find what position the day of the week falls on05:46
preaction-msay the Fdow is 0 (sunday), and the dow is 1 (monday), the position would be 105:46
preaction-msay the Fdow is 3 (Wednesday), and the dow is 1 (monday), the position would be 605:47
preaction-mer.. i lied, the first position would be 2, not 105:47
preaction-m1 if it's 0-based05:47
preaction-mthe second would be 5 if zero based05:47
preaction-mif the dow is less than the Fdow, add 7 to the dow. then subtract the Fdow from the dow to get position...05:48
preaction-mthere must be something better...05:49
Radix-wrkwhy use zero based.. it's totally non-intuitive to the end user of they ever have to deal with it05:53
preaction-mthe end user will never have to deal with it05:54
preaction-mand it doesn't work without 0-based, i've tried using 7 for sunday... it doesn't work05:54
preaction-mit's just this algorithm that needs it05:54
Radix-wrkwell traditional unix way was 0 and 7 for sunday..05:54
Radix-wrkit didn't matter what your 'first day of the week was'05:55
preaction-mi use % to have 7 turn out to be 005:55
preaction-mright, it's just wG already has a "First Day of the Week" user Profile Field, so i have to provide this functionality05:55
preaction-mit's annoying the piss out of me right now05:55
preaction-mhell, i'm developing under the assumption that Fdow is 0, and i can't get it right...05:58
perlmdang....I did this in college......there is a very elegant trick to finding days of the month.06:01
preaction-mshit, it's not the dow position i've screwed up, it's the week number06:01
perlmI haven't been able to find this in the docs, but what is the difference between an Asset and a WObject.  I know a WObject subclasses an Asset, but how do they differ in function?06:09
preaction-mWobjects have more built-in stuff06:10
preaction-mlook at the definitions06:10
preaction-meach level pushes a new set of properties onto the definition06:10
preaction-mbasically, subclass an Asset if you want to do more work06:11
preaction-mor if you want it to be leaner06:11
perlmI kinda got the impression that Asset's are generalized objects that should always be subclassed by a WObject.06:11
preaction-mthe new Event is an Asset subclass, but the Calendar itself is a Wobject06:11
preaction-mAssets are (imho) generic pieces that can be moved around. a Wobject is an actual application that can use Assets if necessary06:12
perlmcool, that was what I kind of guessed.06:12
preaction-myou could just use Wobjects all the time, i'm sure (but then again, this is something that only the vets know, and i'm not one of them)06:13
perlmI was thinking I'd only write my own Asset if I had some functionality that I wanted several WObjects to inherit.06:13
perlmFor instance, I'm eventually going to need something that can display trees of data.  That might make for an Asset.  06:14
preaction-mi'd think more of a wobject. trees of data or trees of assets?06:15
preaction-mwhy not an SQLReport?06:16
perlmMaybe I can lift some code from SQLReport, but the data being shown, won't come from a database, but a webservice.06:16
Radix-wrkcan't use the webservice object?06:17
perlmwill the webservice object show the data in tree format?  or......I bet I can write a custom template for it.06:17
Radix-wrka template for it would be the way to go06:18
perlmwow.......it will be crazy if I end up not even having to write one Asset.06:19
perlmI'll have to sign over my first born to JT or something.06:19
Radix-wrkwasn't that already in the license agreement?06:19
Radix-wrk2.9.14 All firstborn shall hereforth be named JT and should be owned subsidiaries of Plainblack LLC Inc.06:20
Radix-wrkThe whole idea of WebGUI is that you shouldn't need to deal with any code though :)  It's still getting there in practice for some things, but we've been pretty pleased with it out of the box and not needed to write anything but fancy templates :)06:21
Radix-wrkFeel free to fix any bugs you find or extend what's there for the rest of us tho! :)06:22
perlmHopefully I'll be able to contribute back to the community.  This is like being given a commercial enterprise portal for free (and lives up to the PR).06:23
Radix-wrkI'd love to try writing a wObject myself some time.. but to be honest I have no idea what to code or where to start.  (perl newbie too)06:25
Radix-wrkActually.. I do know where to start06:27
perlmIt looks complicated at first until you realize that most of the code is an automated channel for moving data to and from the database.  I think I'll try writing my own WObject that uses a custom template just to get my feet wet.06:27
Radix-wrkwith the wobject skeleton :)06:28
Radix-wrkI have the pdf from the Webgui User Conference on writing wobjects too :)06:28
perlmThere is a pdf about building WObjects online, but my doc viewer doesn't show the code very well.06:29
Radix-wrkWobjects are also Assets,  Assets are more flexible, Wobjects provide more utility methods06:29
Radix-wrkAssets don't usually have a style wrapper, or they do something custom for their style wrapper06:29
Radix-wrkthat's out of the pdf I have here.. Assets vs Wobjects06:30
perlmI don't think that one is online06:31
Radix-wrkprobably not - the WUC was only a couple of months ago06:32
preaction-mactually the skeleton needs to be updated... :(06:34
preaction-mat least, it's never worked for me out of the box, after substituting my Wobject name in the appropriate places06:34
perlmis there another WObject I can copy that is a pretty good example?06:34
preaction-malways weird things going on06:34
preaction-mthey're all in varying states of update, but you are best with the skeleton06:35
preaction-mif you can, keep track of the error messages you get, they probably need to be better06:35
preaction-mthe utility classes should give a full caller trace06:36
preaction-mbut they don't :(06:36
perlmWhere are the templates stored?06:36
preaction-mtemplates are assets06:36
preaction-mthere are pros and cons to that, of course, but for wG purposes, it works wonderfully06:37
Radix-wrkyou can't usually add them through new content sidebar, but from the asset manager you can06:38
preaction-moh, and my first dow code works great now. i rule06:38
perlmI see....Content Sidebar->Assets then way at the bottom is a template choice.06:39
preaction-mmake sure to fill in the template namespace you put in your new wobject's definition06:43
perlmI'm not sure I'm going to be able to tie the XML response from a webservice into a template's variables.06:44
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preaction-mwhy not?06:46
perlmDoes the webservice Wobject allow me to do that?06:47
preaction-mnever tried it06:49
preaction-muse the source, luke06:49
perlmWow, I can embed macros in the "Web Services Client Template" to handle the responses.06:49
perlmcool beyond words.06:50
perlmWebGUI is making me obsolete.  06:50
perlmOkay, I'm outy.  g'night06:55
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-!- preaction-m changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable: 7.1.3; beta: 7.2.0) || Need help? Ask and wait patiently (it might take awhile)06:55
preaction-mtomorrow is 7.2.1, no?06:55
Radix-wrkWed night for you guys.. thursday morning for me :)06:56
preaction-mnow's where I wish I had taken discrete math in college08:52
preaction-mGiven an event with a start and an end, and a time period to search for, how can you tell if the event occurs during the time period? :p08:53
preaction-mhit detection... if any of the start/end times are contained by the opposing start/end times, it's occuring08:54
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ckotilmmmm mod_rewrite how i love thee17:58
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-!- bipolar [n=bflong@mail.sscsince73.com] has joined #webgui19:59
bipolarI'm here to humbly ask for assistance with my webgui install. My server is running Debian Sarge (stable) w/ Apache2. When I try to start Spectre I get the following error:20:02
bipolar# Can't locate object method "get" via package "POE::Filter::HTTPHead_Line" at /usr/share/perl5/POE/Filter/Stackable.pm line 39.20:02
bipolar        (in cleanup) Can't call method "free" on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/POE/Component/Connection/Keepalive.pm line 44 during global destruction.20:02
bipolarI've googled and searched the webgui forums for all parts of that error with no luck.20:02
bipolarI'm using the libpoe packages from http://deb.cyberdiscordia.org\20:03
bipolarThe Webgui install is from source.20:04
bipolarversion 7.1.220:04
@preactionbipolar, use cpan to try to update that module20:09
bipolarpreaction: ok. I'll try that. give me some time, I'm not overly familure with CPAN. :)20:10
-!- jZed [n=jeff@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui20:11
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bipolarpreaction: that did it! thanks!20:32
-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has joined #webgui20:57
maxsciencedid you played a bit with Plone?21:00
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@d-ip-129-15-97-108.oulan-south.ou.edu] has joined #webgui21:02
ckotilwe considered plone.21:20
ckotilHow do I export my site to /WebGUI/www/export ?21:33
ckotilas static .html21:33
maxscienceand why you chose WebGUI over Plone?21:34
jZedI chose it because it's Perl not Python :-)21:36
maxscienceand? :)21:36
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui21:36
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maxsciencewhy you prefer Perl over Python? :)21:37
jZedand I'm a perl hacker, not a python hacker21:37
maxscienceoh ok21:37
jZed14 years of coding perl may have something to do with it :-)21:37
ckotilWebGUI offered better access control21:39
ckotiland pluggable authentication.21:39
ckotilwe use a university wide system called CAS21:39
maxsciencebut python is much more easier, efficient, faster to code, etc. etc.21:39
ckotilterrible error output tho21:39
maxscienceI also chose WebGUI... But now I checked again Plone since sometime and boy it is cool21:39
jZednot faster for me to code, not easier for me, more efficient? dunno about that21:40
bipolaris there any way to re-initalize the admin user and give that user access to everything? I seem to have a borked site that denies access to some things.21:40
jZedwhat does plone have that webgui doesn't?21:40
maxsciencefar better UI to start21:40
maxsciencemuch easier installation and admin21:41
jZedbipolar ... maybe set the UI prefs to 9guru?21:41
jZedI hear you on all those points maxscience21:41
+crythiasplone/zope rocks.21:41
maxscienceI am 9 guru :) I'm talking about UI usability, responsiveness, compatibility, and COOLNESS21:42
+crythiasbut I liked WebGUI's end user stuff and draggable content.21:42
maxsciencewhatever... Draggable content doesn't work on my favourite browser :D21:42
+crythiasmaxscience: jZed was talking to bipolar :)21:42
maxscienceoh yeah sry :P21:42
jZedwhat I need is ability to define multiple users with multiple sites and rich auth and perms21:42
+crythiasyeah, see that's where plone is good.. it has user heirarchy.21:43
maxsciencewhat do you mean by "define multiple users with multiple sites"?21:43
maxscienceyou're an ISP offering WebGUI hostin?21:43
bipolarjZed: I don't understand.... in Settings-> UI?21:43
jZedno, it's a community with hosting provided to members but like an ISP host in some ways21:44
jZedum, yeah, I think so bipolar21:45
maxsciencenice.. You have some heavy custom coding to auto-generate sites, etc.?21:45
jZedI'm just getting started, but that's the general idea21:45
maxscienceSo you don't have a working site yet21:45
jZednope, only installed my first webgui yesterday21:46
jZedbut I have a team and I think we've decided on webgui, so the fun begins21:46
bipolarjZed: I don't see anything like that in settings->ui :\21:46
+crythiasno, it's user settings.21:47
ckotilHow do I export my site to /WebGUI/www/export ?21:47
maxscienceI hope you'll be sharing your stuff with the community... Another thing WebGUI is lacking badly is the Community... WebGUI contributions are ver very rare, Zope contributions are dozens a day21:47
+crythiasckotil: if it's turned on in conf, admin on should show export.21:47
maxsciencealmost :P21:47
ckotilah. k thx. i know i enabled it in the conf21:47
maxscienceI mean Plone21:48
jZedI hear you about the community21:48
maxscienceand what is really annoying is that plainblack staff doesn't really like to have feedback21:49
+crythiasyeah. that guy crythias.. who knows when he's going to post, and he never ever posts anything that works. oh. hey....21:49
jZedhmm, preaction has been really helpful to me and has fed back some minor suggestions I made21:50
maxscienceahah nah crythias I didn't forget ya. But you're a rare guy in the WebGUI community, that's what I meann21:50
ckotili wish the forums were better archived at plainblack.com21:50
ckotilhowever the plainblack support forum is very helpful21:50
ckotilsure....$500 / year helpful21:50
+crythiasit's ok. I'm rather terse and impatient, so I do understand as well.21:50
jZedhow would you compare the scalability of plone and webgui ... for really heavy traffic21:52
preaction-mmaxscience: where did you get that conclusion, pb doesn't like feedback? that's what the dev forum is for21:53
preaction-mthough, because nobody else from pb staff is here, i can say i was told NOT to seek community feedback on the calendar rewrite, since it's being mostly funded by a client21:53
preaction-mwith that being said, i've got my web-facing dev site operational, and when i feel comfortable (probably by tomorrow morning), i plan to take a few people up on their offer of help testing21:54
preaction-mi was surprised as well, the pb site says there's a #webgui on freenode and efnet, and i got here and there was basically nobody21:55
preaction-mradix and cryth, roy and one or two others from the last WUC21:56
preaction-mi inquired about the efnet one, it's gone.21:56
preaction-mwhat should've happened is JT should've agreed to my request to branch for this calendar, so people can check out what i'm doing. but c'est la vie.21:57
preaction-mtrifle not in the affairs of hackers, for they are subtle and quick to temper21:58
preaction-mperlbot karma preaction21:58
perlbotpreaction doesn't have any karma21:58
* preaction-m & work21:58
bipolarcrythias: When I click on a user in 'Admin Console -> Users' I get a long delay, then I get returned to the homepage and the log says:22:01
bipolar2006/11/15 14:49:23 - FATAL - securityservicecompany.com.conf - Log::Log4perl::Appender::log[182] - Couldn't execute prepared statement: SELECT u.userId AS userId, a1.fieldData AS ldapConnection FROM users AS u INNER JOIN authentication AS a1 ON u.userId = a1.userId WHERE a1.fieldName = 'ldapConnection' AND u.authMethod = 'LDAP' ORDER BY ldapConnection, userId LIMIT ?,18446744073709551615 : With place holders: 0.  Root cause: You have an error in22:01
bipolaryour SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''0',18446744073709551615' at line 122:01
bipolar2006/11/15 14:49:24 - ERROR - securityservicecompany.com.conf - Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout::render[[undef]] - Couldn't execute operation : WebGUI::Operation::Workflow::www_runWorkflow. Root cause: ModPerl::Util::exit: (120000) exit was called at /usr/local/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Session/ErrorHandler.pm line 21722:01
perlmPlone comes in Fedora extras and is as easy to install as typing "yum install plone" as root.22:02
bipolarAny content I edit ends up locked and I'm unable to commit it.22:02
perlmThe problem is Python doesn't have anything close to a CPAN and Python also has some things that are weird (so says Guido), plus and most horrendous, regex's aren't part of the language.22:03
perlmso yes it looks pretty, but prettiness isn't a reason to choose a language.22:04
jZedbipolar check spectre, when it goes out there's no warning and nothing gets commited22:04
bipolarjZed: yeah, it's running22:04
preaction-mperlm, if I were so inclined, i'd maintain an ubuntu package for wG, but for now i've got other things22:04
preaction-mperlm: there is a gentoo package for webgui iirc22:05
bipolarjZed: it seems to be a permissions error. I wish I could just reset the webgui user database and all the assets22:05
jZedbipolar if you really want to wipe everything you can22:06
perlmGuido plans a complete overhaul of Python 2000 (or 2, whatever) to fix a lot of things.  My money is on Perl 6 as Guido's plans for Python 2 are just "bugfixes".22:06
bipolarjZed: not everything, just the users.22:06
jZedjust go to mysql and do drop database some_domain_name22:06
preaction-mand perl 6 is turning out to be Duke Nukem Forever22:06
perlmit will be out next year.22:06
perlmSpring or Summer target release date22:06
perlmand it wil roxorz your soxorz22:06
preaction-mseriously? awesome22:06
* bipolar loads up IIS and Frontpage... well, not really....22:07
jZedfor a variable definition of "next"22:07
perlmPython2 will probably be ran on Parrot 99% of the time anyways :D22:08
perlmSo lusers can take their pretty whitespaces and non-native regexs and still user Perl6.22:08
preaction-mPerl6 is not Parrot :p22:09
preaction-mParrot is bytecode, like java bytecode22:09
perlmI know....but it is being developed for Perl 622:09
preaction-mParrot also has interpreters for a whole slew of other languages22:09
perlmI know.22:09
perlmthat is what I was saying about Python running on parrot most of the time.22:09
perlmkind of crazy to think there will be a common layer where almost everyone's libraries can play nice together.22:10
preaction-mit could've happened with java, if sun made interpreters/compilers for other languages into java bytecode22:11
preaction-mand it is happening with .Net22:11
maxsciencehey I'm back22:11
maxscienceyeah I know the Perl 6 stuff22:11
maxsciencebut, as of now, the typical hello world web app contest is won by Python22:12
maxscienceyou code things faster22:12
preaction-mprint "Hello, World!\n"; # huh?22:13
preaction-moh, web, sorry22:13
maxscienceeheh yep.. I'm talking about full web app22:13
perlmLook, you know of the Lisp IQ test?  Perl is kind of like that.  It is dense, hard to follow, but very powerful.  If you need things at a llittle slower pace, no one is going to say "that's a bad idea".  But don't knock the power users.22:13
preaction-mprint "Content-type: text/plain\n\n","Hello, World!\n"; # what?22:13
jZeduse CGI; print CGI::header(), "hello world"22:13
preaction-mew, i hate using CGI for HTML generation :p22:14
maxsciencelol CGI22:14
preaction-myou can't talk about "hello, world" and a "full web-app" in the same sentence...22:14
jZedI was golfing :-)22:14
maxscienceI can22:15
preaction-mthey're two different concepts...22:15
perlmmaxscience care to play golf on a Perl/Python hello world where the language also provides the webserver?22:15
maxsciencefor "full web app" I meant how much it takes for the whole process to be done22:15
maxscienceLines Of Code, Configuration, etc.22:15
preaction-msockets and all?22:15
maxscienceAs an example, in J2EE you need XML configuration, Lines of code, server restarts, etc.22:16
maxsciencefor a simple hello world22:16
preaction-mbut we're comparing Perl and Python22:16
maxscienceI know.. It was an example22:16
preaction-musing CGI, both are pretty much the same. load the CGI module, print a header, print a string22:16
maxscienceeheh with Zope you don't need that22:17
maxsciencejust the html code22:17
jZedsame with Mason or PHP22:17
maxscienceyou can do hello world pretty much with 1 line22:17
maxsciencePHP is unsecure22:17
jZedif you're running Mason via mod_perl a "hello world" for the web is just: hello world22:18
maxscienceMason needs tweaks to be as fast as python and it's an hassle to admin22:18
perlmmaxscience did you come here to just try to kill off the competition?  Opensource software thrives because of a diverse ecosystem.  There is room for WebGUI and Zope you know?22:18
preaction-many language is as secure as the code you write on it22:18
maxscienceheh perlm don't take me wrong.. I chose WebGUI as my CMS.. Just wanted to get your opinions on the matter22:19
preaction-mPHP is BAD as a language, doesn't mean you can't write good apps in it22:19
maxscienceBut afterall, it reduces to a Perl fanboys vs Python fanboys22:19
preaction-mperlbot BAD22:19
perlbotBroken As Designed - There comes a time when it's easier to start from scratch.22:19
maxscienceI'm no fanboy that's why I can think freely lol22:19
preaction-mso why are you persisting in the holy war?22:19
maxscienceit's not meant to be an holy war... Till you're thinking it that way22:20
maxscienceanyway you're from plainblack?22:20
preaction-mbasically thus: when it comes to perl and python i have no opinion either way, I use Perl because I know Perl22:21
maxscienceyeah that's the thing..22:22
perlmI rely to much on CPAN to switch to Python.  Too many powerful libs lacking in Python.22:22
preaction-mand when Perl finally becomes viable for applications programming (thanks to Parrot), I will keep using22:22
maxscienceAnyway I'm looking forward to Perl 622:22
perlmThere is a great Perlcast on 6.22:23
maxsciencePlone community is just much bigger than WebGUI community... And Plone is a fairly new CMS22:23
perlmor maybe it was a cnet cast22:23
maxscienceone reason is that it's much simpler to install22:23
preaction-mi think for the most part, wG community has been rather secular22:24
perlmDoes Python have web templating?22:24
preaction-min just a few short weeks, this channel has doubled in size22:24
maxsciencesure it has22:24
preaction-many language more than two weeks old has web templating :p22:24
maxsciencetrough Zope or TurboGears22:24
ckotilpreaction-m: true. i bet it keeps growing22:24
bipolarok. I'm going to try one last thing. I'm going to try to move my old, broken site to a new webgui instance. I have the new instance running and it seems to work. I've exported my old style to a package.22:25
maxscienceheh preaction.. Just login to the plone channel.. 172 users now... Here 1222:25
maxscienceAnd usually there are about 622:25
maxscienceBut the issue it's not really about the IRC channel... It's about Contributions22:26
ckotilthe difference has got to be plainblacks business model22:26
ckotilits a business...MAN22:26
maxscienceyeah that's right22:26
jZedother languages have lots more user oriented apps than perl, but perl has more developer oriented modules, it's not just webgui, perl in general doesn't face towards users by default22:28
maxscienceyeah that's right22:28
preaction-mthere's also that Perl is more oriented towards individualism it seems22:28
maxscienceand that makes it an old-fashioned language22:28
preaction-mhell, before i got hired, i wrote my own web framework22:28
preaction-mold-fashioned, it's as old as I am22:28
preaction-mlearning curve too22:28
preaction-mPerl6 won't be the magic hammer that fixes the Perl community, but I've got a few ideas I'd like to see to help Perl itself22:29
maxsciencepreaction-m: you're developing calendar enhancements for WebGUI?22:29
preaction-menhancements nothing, i'm rewriting the whole damned thing22:29
maxsciencenice... With iCal/vCal and CalDAV in mind? ;)22:30
preaction-miCalendar from the start22:30
maxscienceany ETA?22:30
preaction-mmy first draft is due monday22:30
ckotilMy group is really going to appreciate this preaction-m 22:30
maxscienceoh so you're pretty much done?22:30
preaction-mnowhere near22:30
preaction-mi'm pulling 14+ hour days until then22:31
maxscienceso how much till the end more or less? :)22:31
bipolarmain::http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?go=Go&search=undef - Couldn't execute operation : WebGUI::Operation::User::www_editUser. Root cause: Can't call method "get" on an undefined value at /usr/local/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Auth/LDAP.pm line 212.22:32
bipolarhow the heck did that wikipidia crap get stuck in there?22:32
maxsciencelol no idea22:33
preaction-mi'm hoping i get a weekend, i had plans...22:33
bipolarmain::[[undef]] - Couldn't execute operation : WebGUI::Operation::User::www_editUser. Root cause: Can't call method "get" on an undefined value at /usr/local/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Auth/LDAP.pm line 212.22:33
preaction-mbipolar: what's on that line?22:34
bipolarit was an option in konverstation22:34
perlmmaxscience why did you chose WebGUI over Plone?22:34
bipolarmy $connection = $ldapLink->get;22:34
bipolarpreaction-m: I have no ldap users.22:35
preaction-mbipolar: then ldap should be disabled as an authentication method in your config file22:35
bipolarpreaction-m: nor do I want webgui/ldap integration at this point. it shouldn't even be looking for it.22:35
bipolarpreaction-m: crap... let me see if thats there....22:35
maxsciencewell for the time I evaluated Plone, it was not mature enough and it lacked some features... Also some issues about templating flexibility22:35
perlmbut now you think it is better?22:36
maxscienceWebGUI really needs to jump in the AJAX bandwagon asap22:36
maxsciencefor some aspects, it's a lot better22:36
perlmIt is moving towards Ajax very rapidly.22:36
perlmalready has a lot of Ajax.22:36
preaction-mwe just included Yui to standardize the core JS library22:37
bipolarpreaction-m: jeez... how did I miss that.... the weird thing is I had that on for both sites, but only this one gives me errors.22:37
maxsciencenot enough... JT chose the WebGUI ajax tookit about 2 weeks ago22:37
maxscienceyeah YUI22:37
perlmAt least he went with YUI22:37
preaction-malso, ajax is overused imho. it's used in place of POST when POST should be done22:38
maxsciencehe asked the "community" some feedback on that.. Everyone said "go for scriptaculous+prototype" and he went YUI lol22:38
maxsciencewell "WebGUI" it's a pretentious name... And the GUI of the web now is ajax... Web 2.022:38
preaction-mwhen POST isn't right, use ajax. example: the calendar will have a button to immediately grab new feed data, using an ajax call22:40
preaction-mweb2.0 is a crap buzzword, but then so is ajax for that matter22:40
preaction-mbut ajax works better than XMLHttpRequest22:40
maxscienceit's not crap22:40
preaction-mit is crap, web 2.0 is nothing new. it's just that finally the awesome innovations that certain sites have created are being mainstreamed22:41
perlmYUI is the best AJAX framework out there, easily.  And if you start talking about documentation, it because blantantly obvious.22:41
maxscienceit's nothing new, but it's not crap ;)22:41
maxscienceand implementations are pretty new anyway... That matters for end users22:42
maxsciencelook at that http://www.plainblack.com/user_contributions/user_contributions/assets/jshttpproxy-1.222:43
ckotiloh hell yeah.22:44
ckotilive been waiting for that22:44
maxscienceit's HttpProxy with AJAX... I proposed to merge it with the actual one22:44
ckotili need to try that out, see if i can use that in places where i was forced to use iframe22:44
ckotili was unable to use httpproxy bc of our CAS authentication. with jshttpproxy, the users web browser will be retrieving the data rather then webgui so the authentication should be passed along A OK.22:45
ckotili hope. that sound reasonable?22:45
bipolarpreaction-m: thanku,thanku,thanku! I can now make changes and commit them. I can also access my user settings again. Now I have only one more issue unresolved.22:47
bipolarI think I may have some incompatible tinyMCE plugins or something else that is messing up my edits. This site has been upgraded all the way up from 6.4 or so.22:48
bipolarIt's not saving formating of text. specificly, alignment and styles.22:49
maxsciencerich edit and image manipulation in Plone is just MUCH better22:49
bipolarI don't give a rats about plone right now.22:49
maxscienceI'm not talking to you :D22:49
jZedhmm, my daughter just IM'd me this course descriptiion from the University of Washington : LING 270  Introduction to Perl Programming for Linguists (5)  Bender %~ 22:51
jZedFundamentalprogramming techniques, including data types, control flow, regularexpressions, file handling, GUI design, and CGI interaction. Contentrelates to a variety of linguistic concepts including syntax,morphology, phonology, lexicon building and foreign language corpora.No previous programming necessary; however, a background in generallinguistic theory is assumed.22:51
maxsciencehah universities use to teach old languages :D22:52
jZedThe title: LING 209 Introduction to Perl Programming for Linguists22:52
maxsciencePerl syntax is such non-user friendly that I find it hard for linguists22:53
maxsciencealthough it might perform what they need just fine22:53
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ckotilhttp://weathermap.grnoc.iu.edu/nlrmaps/layer2.html 9.9 gbps !!!!22:59
maxscienceThe webgui custom modules for TinyMCE really need some overhaul.. Like the Image Editor....23:00
ckotilsupercomputing 2006 is going on right now in tampa, FL . and all the research and education networks are having speed tests23:00
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maxscienceheh have to go23:03
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bipolarpreaction-m: any idea what might be causing the editor to drop formating?23:30
bipolarIf I bypass the editor and just edit the html directly the changes do get saved, so it must be the editor.23:35
bipolarIt's only affecting this one site on this webgui install. the other sites editor works fine.23:43
bipolarwell.... I'll have to try to find the problem later. It's time to go home.23:54
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--- Day changed Thu Nov 16 2006
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+crythiasheh. Britney's divorced. Now her husband is Fed-ex.01:24
jZedups, you did it again01:25
+crythiasit's a taste of a poison'd paradise.01:25
+crythiasheh. what's this? $perls01:26
+crythiasit's a string of perls01:26
jZedwhat's this?  s/i/i/g;01:27
Radix_i for an i01:27
+crythiasan I for an i01:27
jZed... the old testament </rimshot>01:27
+crythiasheh. http://search.cpan.org/~jwoodyatt/conjury-1.004/Core/cast01:28
+crythiascast spells01:29
Radix_just don't give up your day jobs guys :)01:29
jZedif I gave up my day job guys, I'd have to work01:31
+crythiasGraphics Programming in Perl http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2002/07/23/review.html01:32
+crythiasjust sayin'.01:32
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perlmwow, it only took about 1 minute to install Plone.02:16
perlmBesides Perl, can anyone tell me why WebGUI is better than Plone?02:25
jZedwe had that discussion once today02:29
jZedthe plone supporters mentioned UI and ease of install and community02:29
jZedeven if plone is good, perl deserves a plone, so webgui++02:30
perlmI just wonder if all the interesting new developments are moving away from Perl.02:33
jZedsome are, some aren't02:33
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perlmyeah, plus I just like Perl02:37
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-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable: 7.2.1) || Need help? Ask and wait patiently (it might take awhile)03:58
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preaction-mthey labelled it stable? yay!05:11
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maxsciencemmh the update script fails to get the mirrors list11:08
maxsciencepls vote "Everywhere" on this Poll http://www.plainblack.com/support12:13
ckotili ran into that when i tried to install webgui on a windows machine15:34
maxscienceoh.. And how you got it sorted?15:46
ckotili didnt15:47
ckotilit failed and so did i15:47
maxscienceBut it worked the day after?15:47
ckotili only tried once15:47
maxscienceI see15:48
Radix_err.. just try it again.. it's probably your link not getting the file15:51
ckotilill give it a shot15:51
ckotilI want to see web2.0 JS EVERYWHERE 15:53
maxscienceheh I tried 10 times and at different times16:01
Radix_actually.. as much as I like ajax, I don't think it should be everywhere.  Some things don't warrant it, and nor do you want all the baggage that would come with it.16:02
Radix_would be nice to have a neat framework that we could all work with though.. should we want to reload an object or do something on the fly16:03
maxscienceI want it everywhere :P16:03
maxsciencebecause it allows to fix WebGUI UI which is bad16:04
maxsciencecompared to other CMSs like Plone16:05
maxscienceWebGUI needs to jump in the AJAX bandwagon asap16:05
maxsciencefor example... The draggable content JS WebGUI has right now it's not compatible with Safari. If plainblack replaces that with the YUI Ajax equivalent, it'll work16:06
maxscienceusing ajax can also mean better compatibility not just worst compatibility16:07
maxsciencenot to mention the other cool things you can do with it16:07
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perlmPreaction, how's the calendar going?  Kicking butt?18:34
jZedit would be, but he forgot to mark this week as a work week on his calendar18:35
ckotilHow can I upload ~100 files efficiently? filepile would take all day18:49
+crythiasor create a passthru upload dir. like.. um.. uploads19:04
+crythiasfunny thing is, you can make a subdir of uploads and dump anything you want there.19:05
+crythiasof: in19:05
ckotili tried to use the zip asset19:16
ckotili zipped up all the files and uploaded the zip but then i cant do anything with the files inside the zip19:16
+crythiasit should have unzipped the lot and assigned assets to them. but the other is *easier*... create a folder under /uploads and ftp stuff to it.19:18
+crythiasthen ref site/uploads/file.ext19:19
+crythiaser. site/uploads/myfolder/file.ext19:20
ckotilok. i like that way better.19:21
ckotilwell...i really would like to have the files as assets tho. im migrating our weekly reports into webgui19:22
ckotilthe process is pretry painsteaking and manual19:22
ckotilwith webgui someone can simply turn on admin mode and add a file. DONE19:22
ckotili made this nice template and macro to rewrite the file name into part of the link description19:23
+crythiaswell, there is this multiple file upload java applet..19:23
+crythiasbut I haven't suggested it work with WebGUI atm.19:24
ckotilk. what kind of asset shoudl i be in when uploading the zip asset?19:24
+crythiasshouldn't make a difference. 19:25
ckotilbc ive tried page layout, and folder.19:25
ckotilthe zip just remains a zip.19:25
+crythiasI mean, seriously, if the zip upload works, it should work.19:25
ckotildoes it handle tar?19:25
ckotili made the zip on my mac.19:25
ckotilim wondering if that is fucking it up19:25
+crythiasprob not.19:25
+crythiasprob has to be pkzip zip19:25
ckotilill try that. thx19:26
+crythiastar seems to be valid19:27
jZedI'm going to be setting up a community that provides a specific, limited WebGUI site for each member.  Any pointers to how to automate that and how to do comm\unity-wide analytics, searches, etc?19:30
-!- preaction-m [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui19:34
+crythiasyou mean like demo.plainblack.com?19:35
jZedyeah, I suppose that's an example19:35
jZedthough it doesn't do any community-wide analytics or searches, does it?19:36
+crythiasnot really. it's per db19:36
jZedand also, it presents the full WebGUI to each user19:36
jZedwhereas we'd want a specific template with common look/feel and a restricted set of admin options19:37
+crythiasbut you wouldn't necessarily easily sync user config between main/sub webgui sites. no heirarchy19:37
jZedam I wrong in thinking that WebGUI can be made to work that way?19:37
+crythiasdepends on what your limits are.19:38
+crythiasin general, no. 19:38
jZedwhat kind of limits?19:38
+crythiasa customized addsite script 19:38
+crythiaswith a  preconfigured limitation on the access levels...19:38
+crythiasand possibly even a configured mysql dump of a skeleton webgui instance to redistribute..19:39
jZedright, those are the kinds of things I was thinking19:40
+crythiasnot unreasonable.19:40
+crythiasthe key is what are your restrictions to impose?19:40
jZedto start each user will have a profile, a blog, a photo gallery, and a video gallery and nothing else19:41
+crythiasmmkay. do you need them to have an entire webgui instance or can you give them their own group?19:42
jZedwe'd control navigation so the members shouldn't have ability to muck with menus19:42
jZedCould you explain how it would be done with groups?19:42
+crythiasa user is created and (at the moment, it has to be done manually, but I've been rfe'ing this forever) a user is assigned to his own group.19:43
+crythiasa deployed package can be assigned access rights (edit, etc) from this group.19:44
+crythiasread: this user's group has edit rights to the deployed package instance.19:44
+crythiasadmin is always a member of every group, but you could also add Content Managers (if you have multiple content mangers/ helpers  that can change any site)19:45
jZedSo there'd be a generic user and members would belong to that user's group and create their mini-sites as pages within that user's area and all would be one VH and one DB?19:46
+crythiasa real user has his own group19:47
jZedah, but is *also* a member of the macro-group?19:47
jZed# sorry I'm clueless about groups19:49
+crythiasan asset has a group that can edit that asset.19:50
+crythiasonly members of that group can edit that asset19:50
+crythiasa group that is assigned to the asset needs members.19:51
+crythiasa group that has only the one user has only the user as eligible to edit.19:51
+crythiasadministrator is a default member of every group, so admin can't be restricted from any other group activity.19:51
+crythiasa package can be created that has only the assets as part of the package..19:52
+crythiasthis package can be deployed under a defined directory structure.19:52
+crythiasonce deployed, this deployment instance's edit group can be configured to a person's unique edit group.19:53
jZedok so each member still has their own site/db but it is pre-populated with the package19:55
jZedor am I still lost?19:56
+crythiasno separate db, unlesss that's what you want.19:56
+crythiasmy question to you is this: what constitutes a "site" to you?19:57
jZedhrm, I'd prefer one db, how would that be done?19:57
* crythias whimpers silently.19:57
jZedFor now a site is [one profile page, one blog, multiple photo and video galleries] with ability to set perm levels for any of those, eventually forums, calendars, feeds, etc. would be optional add-ons to a site19:59
jZed# if you're whimpering because of my cluelessness, sorry, I'll read up on groups right away20:00
+crythiaswould it be acceptable to do a la myspace.com/users/username?20:00
jZedyes, for sure, that's what we'd want20:00
+crythiasdo you know how to make a package?20:00
jZednot yet, but I grok the idea and don't anticipate troubles there20:01
jZedI should explain: I'm architect for a big project, we had intended to roll our own in Mason, but because of time limations I decided to try WebGUI instead, I've had all of three days experience actually using WebGUI, but my 14+ years as a perl developer (and my team also) should help20:03
jZedI just don't know yet how much can be done directly with WebGUI and how much we'll have to do via customization20:03
jZedif we have to customize, my hope is that it will be via subclasses we can eventually contribute back to CPAN or wherever20:07
+crythiasbut you do understand why users get their own groups in Linux, right?20:10
jZedum, yes20:12
+crythiasapparently, this is considered a security risk (?) in WebGUI.20:12
jZedthanks, that's helpful20:18
jZedI'm still unclear on the relation between a system user/group and a WebGUI user/group and what grouping would have to do with the VHs and DBs20:18
+crythiassystem user/group is analogy20:19
+crythiasnothing but a "why should there be auto user-group in WebGUI"20:19
+crythiasgrouping is alternative to vh/db20:20
jZedthat's the part I don't get yet20:20
+crythiasI realize I get terse in my statements, but I don't understand your issue.20:21
+crythiasfigure a group as an access control ...20:22
jZedand I'm sorry to be clueless ... what would be the steps in setting up a new member's site in terms of the db?20:22
+crythiasjust deploy a package20:22
+crythiaswhich you don't understand at the moment :)20:22
+crythiasit's not a filesystem deploy. it's an asset [group] deploy20:22
+crythiasit happens completely within the WebGUI um.. UI20:23
+crythiasone sec20:23
+crythiasa Package becomes the same as "Article"20:24
+crythiasHow do you add an Article?20:25
+crythiassame way as a Package.20:25
jZedum, ok, I more or less see how to do it with packages, what I don't understand is what is being done ... what does adding a package do to the DB?20:26
jZedand/or the filesys20:26
+crythiaswhat does adding (deploying) an article do to the db?20:26
+crythiasthe point is.. do you care?20:27
jZedum yes, if I need to do community-wide searches, tagging, and analytics, I do care what happens to the DB :-)20:27
+crythiaslet me rephrase the question.. does it matter to those things what happens if you add an article to a webgui install?20:28
+crythiasthe answer is: no.20:28
* jZed whimpers silently20:28
+crythiaswhy doesn't it matter?20:29
+crythiasbecause all those things query the same db.20:29
+crythiasthe packages are just simple ways of adding multiple assets at once... such as a photo gallery, a forum, a profile page, etc.20:29
+crythiasand you'd add them at a url point for a user.20:30
+crythiasinside the big webgui instance.20:30
+crythiasand you'd give them their own permissions in that sub-world within the original WebGUI deployment20:30
+crythiasand because the original WebGUI deployment is the same database with a bunch of additional asset instances, it becomes nothing to the search function to find what's in the database.20:31
+crythiasnote: we're talking about asset instances, not webgui instances, and not VH20:32
+crythiasand not additional databases20:33
jZedso instead of multiple joe_host.domain, sue_host_domain MySQL databases, there's only a webgui_host_domain database20:33
+crythiasand their urls will be webgui.domain/users/username20:34
+crythiasbut you can always tweak apache to try to map username.webgui.domain to webgui.domain/users/username if you wish.20:34
jZedand that will work for millions of users?20:34
+crythiasbeats me. I don't have millions of users to try it on.20:35
jZedI'll let you know :-)20:35
jZed# not that I have a million users now either20:35
+crythiasand I don't have an automated way atm to do it. that'd be something that a macro or a post20:35
+crythiaspost-registration activity can do.20:36
+crythiasbut if your infrastructure can handle the single db with lots of users, it should be fine. That's when you have a reverse proxy front end, though.20:36
+crythiaswhich, incidentally, appears to be how WRE is configured.20:37
jZedso essentially a user would register, a script would add them to the site-group and their own group and create dirs/urls for their assets and add the pre-prepared package to their assets20:40
+crythiasthat's the idea. and no messy additional dbs20:41
jZedvery nice, I was hoping for something like that20:41
+crythiaswe cool?20:41
jZedyou cool!20:42
+crythiaswonderful. 20:42
jZedmy CTO may prove to be glad I recommended WebGUI yet :-)20:42
jZedthanks for your advice20:44
preaction-mthere's a runOnRegistration thing too, that can run any arbitrary program (that could set up that subdomain redirect, deploy the package, create the user's group, etc...)21:12
ckotilanyone know where this template is located within the import node? http://globalnoc.iu.edu/abilene/support/weekly-reporting3.html?op=auth;method=logout21:18
jZedthanks Doug, that should help21:21
preaction-mckotil: you mean the login template?21:22
ckotilis that what that is?21:24
preaction-mit's telling me to log in21:24
ckotilIve tried to editing it in the past, but didnt see any results.21:24
ckotilthats what im talking about, the login template21:25
ckotilWe dont use usernames/passwords on my site, I want to add the CAS login button to that template21:25
preaction-mgo to /root?func=manageAssets , go to Search, type in "Login" and select WebGUI::Asset::Template21:27
preaction-mthe one you want says Default WebGUI Login Template, i believe21:27
ckotilok. thanks21:27
+crythiaspart is logout, part may be the Settings->UI21:28
+crythiasperlbot help21:31
perlbot(fact)::tell (who) about (what)::(what) > (who)::learn (what) as (info)::relearn (fact) as (info)::phone (phone number)::shorten (url)::shorten it::search (module)::docs (module)::perldoc -f (function)::jargon (term)::math::fortune::flip::host (type) (record)::rot13::roll (die)::tempconv (temp)::scramble (foo)::8ball::slap::diss::what time is it::top/bottom (number) karma::geoip (ip)21:31
ckotilthats the one preaction-m , thanks21:33
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ckotilyikes. JSHttpProxy broke my dev server21:57
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Radix-wrkwoot.. WRE 0.7.2 finally released05:34
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable: 7.2.1) WRE (0.7.2) || Need help? Ask and wait patiently (it might take awhile)05:35
+crythiasI had to update my faq05:47
+crythiasbtw... WRE saved my skin in upgradeing a 6.2.11 old version.05:48
Radix-wrkoh?  how so?06:00
+crythiasdropped it in, installed the IKC stuff and then.. upgraded from 6.2.11 slowly.06:05
+crythiasuntil 6810, it was good, but I did all this before reading that 7.2.1 can't upg from 681006:06
+crythiaswhich I actually read about 15 minutes ago06:06
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui06:20
perlmah...I just installed 7.2.0(beta) 4 days ago.  And 7.2.1 stable is out?  I've only had this a week and now I have to figure out how to upgrade :P06:22
perlmthat may have been one of the least painful upgrades ever.06:39
perlmwe likeses.06:39
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Radix-wrkanyone know if there's a macro or some way in the nav template to get the last updated time for a given page?08:34
Radix-wrklooks like I might need an updated ^LastModified() macro.. but one that takes a given webgui asset url and then works it out08:36
Radix-wrkWell.. that was easy.. LastModifiedPage.pm macro is born..08:43
Radix-wrkmeans you can create perfect sitemap.xml files with a simple navigation template now :)08:47
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ckotilcrythias: You mentioned adding a passthru url beneath /data/www/uploads/ . Can I have the files that get uploaded there automatically become assets?17:47
+crythiasum. passthru url isn't (I think) necessary for /uploads17:50
+crythiasbecause it probably already is.17:50
+crythiasbesides that, no, it can't be an asset because it's a passthru17:50
+crythiasthere is another .pl I think in WebGUI/sbin that is also supposed to convert files to assets17:51
+crythiasunf. it seems to be pics17:52
+crythiasjpg jpeg png gif17:52
+crythiasbut that can be potentially changed by your own hand.17:52
ckotiloh perfect. thanks17:57
+crythiaswow. http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/cubegoodies/8b4e/18:14
+crythiasis that water?18:15
ckotilyes :/18:15
+crythiasthis.. scares me.18:16
ckotilnice and neat18:18
ckotilthe water thing happened here in one of our server rooms 18:18
ckotilinstead of permanatly fixing the problem the physical plan installed sensors to tell us when water was gathering18:19
ckotilis there  a reason why http://noc.nlr.net/media/nlr/images/nlr-peering-wl2.pdf works in safari and IE but not ff?20:35
ckotilin ff it shows source.20:35
ckotilhttp://noc.nlr.net/public/uploads/4g/x3/4gx3aMPGNE5gxTddBGtmzw/nlr-peering-wl2.pdf works however.20:35
ckotilis there a MIME setting im overlooking?20:36
perlmI'm frick'n pumped.  Just got the go ahead to install WebGUI on a test box at work.  We start moving our website into the portal after the break.  20:41
perlmYeah.  I'm looking forward to porting all my online surveys into WebGUI and then never having to write another servey again.  I can just give the researcher permission to create their own.20:44
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perlmpreaction, how goes the calendar?23:56
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perlmperlbot < 302:40
perlmperlbot <302:40
perlbotbullshit, I'm way more than 302:40
perlmperlbot help02:40
perlbot(fact)::tell (who) about (what)::(what) > (who)::learn (what) as (info)::relearn (fact) as (info)::phone (phone number)::shorten (url)::shorten it::search (module)::docs (module)::perldoc -f (function)::jargon (term)::math::fortune::flip::host (type) (record)::rot13::roll (die)::tempconv (temp)::scramble (foo)::8ball::slap::diss::what time is it::top/bottom (number) karma::geoip (ip)02:40
perlmperlbot what time is it02:41
perlbotSat Nov 18 16:41:23 2006 Pacific Time02:41
perlmperlbot leave02:41
perlbotThe Cure goes into the Perl Black-Hole...02:41
jZed__perlbot, when will perl6 be out?02:48
jZed__ah, see - no answer for that one02:49
jZed__# I cheated02:49
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Trooblooi am building a website, i need to allow registered users to create their own page and upload photos, and audio files. i want to create a page for this with forms and radio buttons to make it simple for the users, any suggestions?08:23
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Radix_Yes, wait around longer if you expect an answer09:02
+crythia1making webgui into myspace is going to take some doing.15:25
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perlmTroobloo was funny18:57
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perlmAnyone know the price range for new website themes from PlainBlack?22:52
perlmSurely I should be able to get a custom theme and a few icons for a couple hundred dollars, right?22:53
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jZedwre install should be done as root, right?18:33
@preaction-mdefinately yes19:00
@preaction-mmost admin scripts for the WRE require root as well19:00
@preaction-mmainly for file permissions, which might benefit from changing (perhaps a "wre" user?)19:00
jZedthanks, I think if I can just get mod_proxy behaving I'll have it up and running 19:01
jZedok, got mod_proxy set ok I think, added "demo" to /etc/hosts19:52
jZedbut now when I hit the server, I get "Fatal Internal 20:01
jZedwhere the heck are the plain httpd error logs? in /data/wre/prereqs/apache/logs I see only modproxy.error.log and modperl.error.log20:03
@preaction-mthere are two servers? thus two error logs?20:03
jZedso, when I get "Fatal Internal Error" which log do I look in? 20:04
@preaction-mlook in both, i'd start with modproxy though, since that's the first server that's reached20:05
@preaction-mthen modperl20:05
@preaction-mthen webgui.log20:05
jZedI looked in all three of those and couldn't find an error with a timestamp for now20:05
@preaction-mmight be an apache problem, did you restart after you changed the config20:06
@preaction-mare you using the appropriate hostname?20:06
@preaction-mwere it a wG problem, there would be something in either modperl log or webgui.log20:06
jZedhmm, ok, now I get an error in the logs .. apparently MySQL doesn't recognize the hostname20:07
@preaction-mis not localhost and/or in your /etc/hosts?20:07
jZedyes and set to demo20:08
@preaction-mhow about the site.webgui.conf20:08
jZedit lists mysqlhost=myhostname20:09
@preaction-mwhat's the entire dsn20:09
jZedoh hmm, it's looking on port 3306 which is another mysql instance20:10
jZedI should be able to run /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/bin/mysql, from the command line shouldn't I?20:25
@preaction-msource in /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment20:25
jZedyeah, did that20:25
@preaction-m. /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment20:25
@preaction-mthen which mysql20:26
jZedah, yes, good20:26
jZedERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/data/wre/prereqs/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)20:26
@preaction-mmysql.sock probably isn't owned by the mysql user20:26
@preaction-min fact, the entire directory should be owned by the mysql user20:27
jZedthat would be the adminuser defined in /data/wre/etc/demo.conf?20:29
@preaction-mno, the user that mysql run's as20:29
@preaction-mwhich should be mysql20:29
@preaction-mthe system user20:29
@preaction-mdo a ps aux | grep "mysql" <- should tell you what user the /data/wre mysql is running as20:30
+crythiasyeah and if you don't have a mysql user (which vanilla installs of OS don't), you're going to have issues.20:30
+crythiasread wre/docs/install.txt20:33
jZedmysql is running as root20:34
+crythiasthen it's already installed?20:34
jZedthe wre mysql, that is20:34
jZedeverything is installed, rc.webgui start reports success20:35
+crythiasmysql never reports erros 'cause it goes to /dev/null20:36
jZedps aux lists wre/..../mysql.server start --defults-file=/data/wre/prereqs/mysql/my.cnf but there is no such file20:41
+crythias'cause you didn't run setup20:41
jZedwell, I did20:41
+crythiasif you did, then MySQl would have crapped out during setup20:42
+crythiasand... where is your my.cnf?20:43
+crythiasit gets created/updated with setup20:43
jZedwell, apparently it didn't20:43
jZedI guess I should rerun setup20:43
+crythiasdo you have a user in /etc/passwd called "mysql"?20:44
+crythiasis there an /etc/my.cnf?20:44
+crythiasget rid of it20:44
+crythiasrename it. whatever20:44
+crythiasor do you have mysql already running additionally?20:45
jZedwill that impact the 5 other mysql instances running on this prod server?20:45
jZedI thought it might20:45
+crythiasin that case...20:45
+crythiasyou can put your db in your existing mysql and ignore the wre/sbin/rc.mysql 20:46
+crythiasbecause it won't work.20:46
+crythiasunless you change the 3306 port to something else.20:46
jZedI set the mysql port to something else in wre setup20:46
+crythiaswhat can I say? if you're ignoring what the wre docs say, you'll get what you get.20:47
jZedcrythias, thanks alot for your help # but can the sarcasm please20:48
+crythiasfair 'nuff. the WRE is supposed to be used for OS without apache, mysql, etc.20:48
+crythiasand webgui's designed to be the only thing running on the box. If you want to retrofit WebGUI, start from source, not wre.20:49
jZedok, I guess that was my mistake20:49
+crythiasif you think *I'm* sarcastic, you have thin skin, and obviously aren't reading the dev list.20:51
jZedI can still use e.g. the perl from wre (cause CPAN failed to install a bunch of the prereqs when I tried installing from source)20:51
+crythiassure. as long as the lib is included properly.20:51
jZedwell, I'm not going to die from the sarcasm but it sure ain't a way to build community20:51
jZedand seriously, I do appreciate your help20:52
jZedif it comes with sarcasm, so be it :-)20:52
+crythiasyou might want to see about the Include in preload.perl20:52
jZedcan I run a demo site with the source install?20:52
+crythiasI don't understand the intent of the question.20:53
jZedwith wre if you choose demo, you get a site multiple people can create subsites on, how do I do that with a source install?20:54
+crythiasI didn't recall that being an option... I remember dev...20:54
jZedIf I remember setup first you choose dev/prod then it asks if you want to install demo20:55
+crythiasoh, yeah. um. ok...20:55
+crythiaswe just had this conv with someone else.20:55
+crythiasnot you/I=we, but ...20:55
jZedsetupDemo($setupType) unless ($isDev);20:55
+crythiasOK. my position: do you want a bunch of separate databases or do you just want to have one big happy family>20:56
+crythiasI wouldn't recommend the demo setup.20:57
jZedah, ok20:57
+crythiasI'd give people their own group upon registration, and deploy a package for them.20:57
+crythiasright now, this isn't automatically a part of WebGUI, but seems to be a repetitive request.20:58
+crythiasthis package deployment simply provides a set of assets at a location you designate.20:59
+crythiasin your master db20:59
jZedso set up a single site, create a package, create a post-registration script that adds a user to a group, deploy the package for them21:00
+crythiaswith appropriate permissions.21:00
jZedif I just want to experiment with my team, can I have them manually add themselves to their own group21:00
+crythiasgroups aren't created spontaneously.21:00
+crythiasby the time you create a group, you might as well have members.21:01
+crythiastime [it takes] you [to] create21:02
jZedwell I need to get it up and running so that I can experiment with it to find out about groups and packages and such, so to begin with I just need something that I can run and that my team can run also without us stepping on each other, what's the simplest way to accomplish that?21:04
jZedBTW, I just reread the Plain Black "Installation Options" and "WRE" and "Source Install" pages and none of them make any mention that one shouldn't use WRE with pre-installed apache/mysql ... 21:11
* crythias whimpers.21:11
+crythiasno, I supposed I goofed on that.21:12
+crythiassimplest is obvious not happening the way you're doing now.21:12
+crythiasfrom my pov, I'd create the db, create a virtualhost, drop the appropriate info in the right places, and make sure the wre perl preqs are in my includes, both in testEnvironment.pl and preload.perl21:13
jZedok, and I'll forget about the demo as you advised21:16
jZedcan I ask what the showstopper is for using wre on machines with their own mysqls and apaches?21:16
+crythiasI don't know. however, mysql seems to be fixated on /etc/my.cnf, no matter if it belongs or not.21:17
jZedI mean I'm gonna have to setup my own apache instance anyway21:17
jZedmy /etc/my.cnf is very minimal, I don't see why it should matter, it isn't specific to a port21:18
jZedthat's the whole thing21:18
jZedit's because the box has like 6 different mysql instances21:19
jZedso I'm having trouble wondering why the wre mysql just can't be added to the mix21:20
+crythiasdoesn't bother me. it would seem reasonable to change the setenvironment21:20
jZedso would I be crazy to try to get wre working here? it seems like it has other advantages21:22
+crythiasI'm fine if you want to disregard everything I've said up to this point. 21:22
jZedok, I'm off to junk wre and do a source install, thanks21:23
ckotilI run it from source21:24
ckotili like it.21:24
ckotilIve tried to do the wre on a couple of boxes and I could never get it working21:24
ckotilfbsd 5.4, 6.1,  RHAS421:24
+crythiasI did rhas421:24
+crythiashad to add two cpan things.21:24
jZedyeah I got the source install working on my home debian, but coulnd't get wre working either there or on my work RHEL421:24
+crythiasIKC things21:25
jZedsomeone should hit the ColorNames guy with a cluestick, hangs every time I try to testEnvironment.pl21:26
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jZedok, so I got everything installed from source, hit the site, logged in as admin, changed the name of "my company" and hit save, and got a blank page and now I can't get admin or anything, just a blank page ... so I'm thinking drop and recreate the database, rm and recreate the /data/domains/mysite/*17:19
jZedlogs showed problem with ImageMagic and Spectre both of which I now solved17:19
+crythiasyou checked modperl.log and modproxy.log?17:20
* crythias smacks himself17:20
+crythiasbad bad bad17:20
jZeda guy yesterday told me not to do WRE :-)17:21
+crythiasno, seriously, I apologize. brain seems to be elsewhere.17:21
jZedlogs are clean now as far as I can tell17:21
jZedthere was the ImagaMagick and Spectre probs when I frist logged in17:21
+crythiasit wouldn't be unreasonable to drop, recreate the db, and reload the docs/create.sql17:22
jZedok, I'll give that a shot17:24
jZeddang, same thing17:30
jZeddropped and recreated the db17:30
jZedgot admin login17:30
jZedlogged in, changed name of my company, hit save, got a blank page17:30
+crythiasthere's got to be something in webgui.log17:30
jZed Couldn't call method view on asset for url:  Root cause: Can't locate object method "get" via package "WebGUI::Storage::Image" at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/Article.pm line 178.17:31
+crythiaslet me check my faq17:32
+crythiasbtw... where is your WebGUI dir?17:34
+crythiasthis is a problem potentially with ImageMagick, I think17:35
+crythiaswhat does your testEnvironment.pl say17:35
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@d-ip-129-15-97-108.oulan-south.ou.edu] has joined #webgui17:37
jZedoh merde, Image::Magick problems17:37
+crythiasthat makes sense to me.17:37
+crythiasif you can perl -e "use Image::Magick;" without errors, you're fine17:38
jZedyeah I did perl -MImage...17:39
jZedit isn't finding ImageMagick though I installed it last night17:39
+crythiaswhat OS again?17:39
jZedI tried pointing at the WRE perl17:40
jZedlibs, but they're 5.8.8 and I'm on 5.8.717:40
jZedno not rpm, from tarball source17:40
+crythiasoh. well, it's a fast compile from source, if that helps any at all17:40
+crythiasyou get the perl if you configure it.17:40
+crythiasif you don't ... you might not get it.17:41
jZedI suppose that would work, how do I point things at that perl? in httpd.conf?17:41
jZedthe WRE perl is working17:41
+crythiasis compiled (I think) to talk to your system perl17:42
jZedyeah, right17:42
jZedso pointing at WRE perl won't help17:42
+crythias:( sorry17:43
+crythiasif the include works, it works17:43
jZed'sokay, I'll go back to troubleshooting Image::Magic install17:43
+crythiasthat'd be my suggestion, although, like I thought I might hav esaid, see what's in the includes in preload.perl17:44
+crythiasthat is...17:44
jZedwell if perl -MImage::Magic fails ... 17:44
+crythiasbut use the -I"/path/to/wre/libs"17:44
jZedyes, I did that17:45
+crythiaswhat error?17:45
jZedwell if I include any of the platform/5.8.8 files, I get a version mismatch error17:47
jZedXS files, of course17:47
+crythiasok. but I didn't have a problem with compiling ImageMagick with perl support with the ./configure17:48
jZedyes, that worked for me17:49
jZedhmm, maybe I configured ImageMagic with my wre environ set so it got linked to the wrong perl17:51
+crythiaspossibly, although you'd see that error.17:51
+crythiasbut nonetheless, I think I'd have you up and running in a jiffy17:51
jZedhappen to know where ImageMagick stores its libs and includes?17:52
+crythiasperhaps it's best to log out of root and try a fresh path17:53
+crythiasyou might make clean and then ./configure, then check its paths in the Makefile17:54
jZedwell Image::Magic wants to know the path to ImageMagic17:54
+crythiasthat ...17:54
jZedyeah, the Makefile17:54
+crythiasthe ImageMagick source makes Perl::Magick/Image::Magick17:54
jZedthanks, I'm re-configuring17:59
jZedif you need any perlish or dbi help in return, just holler :-)18:01
+crythiasheh :)18:01
+crythiasI just hope I'm helping.18:01
jZedyes, definitely18:02
+crythiasI'm not batting well so far.18:02
jZedre-made ImageMagic, got into my site, thanks18:05
+crythiasthat made sense to me.18:06
jZedok, back to making you whimper :-)18:25
+crythiasyou didn't start spectre18:25
+crythiasor it's not communicating18:25
jZedno, it's all working , now I'm back to my conceptual problems: I still do not get the relation between a site, a member, a group ... I want new people to be able to sign up, and then have a site they can manage18:27
+crythiasthat's not automatic, btw... you have to develop that yourself.18:27
+crythiasbut the parts are there.18:28
jZedcan I do it manually, i.e. create users X,Y,Z and give them sites?18:28
+crythiasfirst, from the main page, create a Page Layout18:28
+crythiasgive it a url of template18:29
+crythiaslike /users/template18:29
+crythiasin this template page, add the asset types that you'd like in your package18:29
+crythiasin the page layout edit... you can click one of the tabs and "create a package"18:30
+crythiasthen, yes, you can add a user, create a group for that user, and then add that user to the group.18:30
+crythiasfrom the main page, you can then deploy the created package with a given URL (I forget at the moment how that exactly works, but trial and error won't kill you :)18:31
jZedgreat, thanks, that's plenty to get me started18:32
+crythiasthen you mass update the package at the /users/user1 level and tell it to give edit perms to the user1group18:32
+crythiasdon't forget the webgui.conf.original has info on restricting what can be seen by users (UILevel) and make certain users with sites have minimum UILevel but raise the UILevel for stuff they shouldn't see.18:34
+crythiasthat should be: have a minimum required UILevel18:34
jZedone more big picture question for you ... we are going to need sandboxes for a bunch of developers, a development staging area, a production site ... any tips on how to set all that up?  sandboxes as just members on the dev site, a separate webgui instance on the prod box?18:34
+crythiasI'd consider that.18:34
+crythiashowever copy/paste to the prod box is ... well, it's better because there's an export package functionality (not the same as site export) 18:35
+crythiasI've not used it, but it's supposed to be the way to make and distribute themes, etc.18:35
+crythiasnonetheless, a sandbox could simply be a hidden area that doesn't show on your nav18:36
+crythiasfor people who aren't in your sandbox group.18:36
jZedthat makes sense18:36
jZedok, here's a wild one ... can we run Mason (full, not standalone) and WebGUI, I know we can call Mason standalone form webgui, but I'm asking about e.g. having a Mason WebApp that handles some things in addition to what WebGui handles18:39
+crythiasdo you need cross polination auth?18:39
jZedprobably, what is it ? :-)18:40
+crythiasdoes the mason auth need to know that the user is a legit webgui user?18:40
+crythiasthe short answer is almost always "yes" but the long answer is how do you expect the mason app to know this?18:41
jZedmason starts up, creates a WebApp object ... in a wG template, the WebApp is called with params passing wG session info to it ...18:42
jZed# off the top of my head18:43
+crythiasbtw you can use wsclient I think or soap to do some things...18:43
jZedthis is all so we can leverage our prexisting mason code18:43
+crythiasYou can always iframe it. :) :)18:44
+crythiasor directly link18:44
jZedI was thinking along the lines of creating a Mason::Template plugin so instead of HTML::Template, the templates would be mason components18:45
+crythiasthis was done a while ago, but no way it will work with 7.2.1 as is http://www.plainblack.com/mason_script__wobject#uOwFpELismsIDmxRSUVlvQ18:47
jZedunless I'm misunderstanding, making a Wobject is a bit different from making a different templater, but that's good stuff for me to look at18:49
+crythiasyes, this is server side code18:50
jZedhee, three hits from  grep -ilr jzucker wre/prereqs/perl/*18:50
jZedthough it's not stuff you probably actually use18:54
+crythiasI must confess, no. :(18:56
jZedmade a page layout "User Package" with url users/template, said yes make it a package ... committed ... created a template "users/template" ... but how to add assets to the template?19:16
@preaction-manother possibility could be HttpProxy19:16
+crythiasbtw.. I was confusing ...19:16
@preaction-mjZed: you'll probably want to create a folder, make a bunch of assets inside the folder, and then make the folder into a package19:16
+crythiasyeah. I just used the word template in an unauthorized use of the word, as it relates to webgui.19:17
+crythiasI used the word template in this case when I should have used the word "skeleton"19:17
+crythiasor scaffold19:17
jZedaha, and the skeleton is a folder of assets which goes in the package 19:18
+crythiasyeah. create your skeleton before your package19:19
jZedbtw, I have a very detailed log of my source webgui install, would it be useful to you?19:22
+crythiasnot detailed. but you're welcome to check out my faq19:23
jZedyour faq was great and the log is pretty much just an exapnsion on it (and I reordered the steps so that instead of bouncing around, you do things one at a time - perl setup, apache setup, spectre setup, webgui dirs setup, mysql setup19:25
jZedplus it includes some mistakes I made that people might want to watch out for :-)19:26
+crythiasthat's exactly why I made the faq19:29
+crythiasthe thing is, newbie errors are just as important to troubleshoot as real bugs19:29
+crythiasunfortunately, they tend to get lost in forums.19:29
+crythiaswhich is why I made the FAQ. 19:30
jZedk, maybe I missed the FAQ, are you talking about the Plain Back Install from Source pages?19:30
+crythiasbtw.. I don't work for plainblack. I'm just a guy.19:32
+crythiasbut I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.19:32
jZedvery cool, thanks for the FAQ, looks great19:32
jZedand thanks for all your help, I thought you were a PB19:32
jZedoh man, that FAQ is nice, how'd I miss it?19:34
+crythiasI dunno. googling webgui faq19:35
+crythias(same one)19:35
+crythiaswithin reason, most of the common questions are answered. Heck, I even reference it time to time...19:36
jZedok I have a folder made into a package,  how do I add assets to it? go to package then new content? any way to add all at once?19:43
+crythiasdeploy the folder, add assets, package folder19:44
jZedwhat does deploy mean in that context?19:45
+crythiasit means you shouldn't have made a package without adding assets first19:45
+crythiasbut then you deploy a package the same way as deploy assets19:45
jZedah, create folder, use new content to add assets to it, make it package, later deploy that package for other users19:46
+crythiasbut I recommend page layout instead of folder19:46
jZedbut only way to add assets is one at a time?19:46
jZedthat's great when I want a minimal UI19:47
+crythiasexcept when deployed as a package19:47
jZedbut right now I want sandboxen for my team so they should have everything19:47
+crythiasshould they need a poll and photogallery in their package or should they be allowed to add that at their leisure?19:48
+crythiashow much time will they spend deleting stuff in a package?19:48
jZedduh, ok I see, for the admin people, they don't really need a package, they just add stuff themselves from the panel19:48
jZedor they need a minimal package to start?19:49
+crythiasthat is a question that you must answer19:49
+crythiasat minimum, IMO, they should have a page layout with permissions only for the dev group en masse or per developer.19:50
+crythiaseither the dev group have the same sandbox or multiple devs have their own sandbox...19:50
jZedok, sounds right19:50
jZedI'd want multiple devs with their own19:51
+crythiasso their "site" will be a Page Layout with the devuser1group having edit permissions.19:51
+crythiasdevuser2group, etc.19:51
+crythiaswhat stuff they have access to on the admin bar is based upon devuser1's UILevel and config options in yourdomain.conf19:52
jZedand what they do on their "site" has no impact on the main site itself or the other sandboxes19:52
+crythiasonly the standard latency of database.. :)19:53
+crythiasbut, cosmetically, no.19:53
+crythiasas long as you have the permissions set properly.19:53
+crythiasbtw, the permission model is explicit and not minimum or inherited.19:54
+crythiasthat is, if you say "Visitors" are the group that can can view a site, "Registered Users" won't be able to do that.19:54
+crythiasAdmin is a member of every group.19:56
+crythiasmembership of a group is always explicit by direct membership or subgroup membership. 19:57
jZedso in my case, I would be Admin with full rights to the main "site"; the devs would be admins with full rights to their own sites, but not to main; we could have a staging area where all devs have rights19:58
+crythiasbut again I point to the UILevel... if a user's UI level isn't high enough, they won't be able to do specific things in the admin console.19:59
jZedright, devs are 9guru, I'll figure what lower one I want later for users19:59
jZedshould I make an explicit link on the page layout package for devs that goes to the 'main site"?20:01
+crythiaschances are, that may already be part of the default layout's navigation.20:01
+crythiasdefault page layout20:01
jZedah, sure20:01
jZedand the page layout should be "hide from nav" so the devs can get anywhere on the nav but only they can get to their sandbox20:04
+crythiasdoesn't have to be hide from nav20:04
+crythiaswhy, gerald, why?20:05
jZedoh right, just don't give view perms20:05
jZedso we can navigate to each others sandboxes but the public will never see any of it20:06
jZedif I do the groups right20:06
+crythiasyou might consider a devviewgroup20:06
+crythiascontaining all devuser#groups20:06
+crythiasor actually only devusers20:07
+crythiasno point in subgrouping at this level.20:07
@preaction-mto be honest though, wouldn't it be best to have a dev server? development could potentially stop/crash the entire system20:07
@preaction-mor are these just design devs?20:07
+crythiasdesign devs. app devs should have their own box.20:08
+crythias'cause they'll be stopping and restarting apache constantly.20:08
+crythiasunless using Apache::Refresh or something20:08
@preaction-mor using Apache2::Reload20:08
@preaction-mi think i'd die without it :p20:08
jZedfor now it's all just dev, eventually yes, two different boxes20:08
jZedbtw, I know I'll need to stop/restart apache and spectre all the time, but there's nothing that will impact other apaches or the shared mysql or the box as a whole is there?20:09
jZedI have a separate webgui-apache instance20:10
jZedthis is unfortunately a prod box for other stuff20:10
jZedand dev box for us20:11
@preaction-mno, the only apache you'd have to restart would be wG's modperl one, and only to reload the modules, which is why Apache2::Reload works well20:13
+crythiashe's not using wre, but the rest is valid20:13
jZedbut I am using mod_perl and Apache2::Request20:14
@preaction-meven if not using the wre, the apache instance that is running wG/mod_perl is the one that needs to be restarted20:14
jZedright, my webgui-apache is completely separate and has it's own start/stop20:15
jZedand I'm sharing the mysql with the prod stuff from the other clients but that shouldn't matter since everything's within my_site_com database, right?20:16
+crythiasunless you decide to stop mysql :)20:18
+crythiasbut why would you want to do that?20:18
jZedI think I'll go by the "then don't do that" advice :-)20:19
+crythiasI mean... it's not as if rc.webgui stops mysql every time...20:19
@preaction-msshh! you've said too much!20:19
jZedyeah, well I don't plan on running rc.webgui :-)20:20
+crythias(it's part of WRE)20:20
jZedyeah I know20:20
jZedand I know it stops the db20:21
+crythiasbtw: preaction-m, it's not unreasonable to at least *try* to grep mysql /etc/passwd before trying to continue setup20:22
jZedheh, I did that20:22
@preaction-mif i had free range to actually work on the WRE, it would be getting better :p, that's JT's pidgin20:23
jZedalso make sure there isn't a prexisting mysql database named my_site_com20:23
+crythiasI was thinking we could rename SPECTRE to CHAD20:23
@preaction-mright now he's trying to figure out if he can compile static binaries for all linux-type systems20:23
@preaction-mCan't Handle Anything Decently?20:23
+crythiasjust thinking about it hanging.20:23
+crythiaspreaction-m: I am trying to work on a VM image on top of *gasp* smoothwall.20:24
+crythiasunfortunately, the worst of it is that the RHEL4 apache install is compiled on 2.3.6 glibc and the smoothwall has 2.3.2 glibc20:25
+crythiasbut the mysql binary does work, after much library updates.20:26
@preaction-myet another distro i've never heard of but seems nice20:27
+crythiasnot exactly a distro per se. more like a hardened linux that acts as a firewall.20:27
+crythiasof course, I'm stretching its intentions fairly hard by trying to install WRE RHEL on it..20:28
+crythiashmm. maybe I should be successful with RHEL3...20:28
+crythiasif I trust that RHEL3 is in 2.3.2, that should work nice.20:29
@preaction-mto upgrade the WRE, all you have to do is untar the new over the old and run setup again, no?20:30
* preaction-m sometimes feels unworthy of his @20:30
jZedthere's no prob if I upgrade some of the supporting libraries ... e.g. get the latest YUI.js 20:32
jZedin extras/ or wherever it is20:32
@preaction-mmight break existing stuff, maybe better to put it in a different part of /extras20:32
@preaction-mi suppose i should inquire about how we're planning on keeping Yui up-to-date20:33
jZedk, I could do that and test20:33
jZedyeah YUI is fortunately a fast moving target20:33
jZedwhat's the easiest way to rearrange site structure e.g. if I want to move "getting started, your next step" etc. into a submenu called "WebGUI Info Pages"21:22
@preaction-muse the copy/paste functions of the clipboard21:27
@preaction-mon the asset manager admin console page21:27
jZedcool, thanks21:27
jZedhmm, well that seems to copy page layouts, not the assets on them, is there a way to move a whole page and all of its assets somewhere else?22:06
ckotilcut & paste should work recursively22:07
perlmckotil yes, it should work that way everywhere.23:22
-!- Seele^ [n=Seele@c-67-176-165-239.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui23:23
-!- Seele^ [n=Seele@c-67-176-165-239.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []23:23
+crythiasseele u l8r23:37
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has left #webgui []23:50
--- Day changed Wed Nov 22 2006
@preaction-mperlbot phone 614255450000:32
perlbotPhonenumber.com listing for (614) 255-4500:  The game manufacturers association, 280 N High St, Columbus, OH 4321500:32
jZedcan I make http://mysite.com/  behave the same as http://mysite.com/home? Settings Default Home Page doesn't do that00:57
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@d-ip-129-15-97-108.oulan-south.ou.edu] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]02:02
-!- crythia1 [n=Gerald@c-68-51-234-189.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui02:15
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-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui02:58
jZedI have set up a site and sandboxes for my developers, I am a happy camper, thanks preaction++ and crythias++ for your help03:23
Radix-wrkI used virtualpc/vmware for my sandboxes03:39
Radix-wrkreally easy to do with the wre I found :)03:40
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has quit ["Leaving"]03:40
+crythia1jZed: cool on a rope.03:46
+crythia1Radix_ are you responsive?03:48
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Jesse@] has joined #webgui03:51
+crythia1um. do you know what smoothwall is, Radix?03:57
Radix-wrkit's a linux based firewall appliance really - linux distro specifically designed as a firewall/router04:09
Radix-wrkmuch like ipcop, etc04:09
+crythia1I'm trying to somehow patch webgui into it.04:09
+crythia1specifically, into a vmplayer.04:09
Radix-wrkHmm.. sounds like a decent job04:10
Radix-wrkI haven't played with smoothwall/ipcop for years myself04:10
+crythia1hint: rhel4 is not working 'cause of glibc04:10
+crythia1that is, rhel4 wre04:11
Radix-wrkyeah.. smoothwall is pretty ancient kernel/system wise I'll bet04:11
+crythia1just ancient enough to be stable.04:12
Radix-wrkwhat kernel is it using?04:13
Radix-wrkand using libc6 or something I expect04:14
+crythia1but rhel has 2.3.604:15
+crythia1I am trying the rhel3 wre now. 04:16
+crythia1the big thing was that there were some libc++ things04:17
+crythia1mysql ran ok after I added appropriate dependencies.04:17
Radix-wrkWell good luck with it.  I've not ever really delved into that kind of thing before.04:17
Radix-wrkI'm playing with OS's of a different kind here.. just installed the final Windows Vista on my desktop and giving it a go for day to day work.  (and testing our software/installers at the same time)04:18
+crythia1it's kinda weird... i'm feeding the libs piecemeal04:18
Radix-wrkSo.. the big question.. why?04:19
Radix-wrkOn that note.. I do think webgui needs a vmware appliance for it.  That would rock.04:21
Radix-wrkvmware server + webgui appliance = damn fast install for nothing04:22
+crythia1hm... firewall+proxy+content filter+email filter+webgui+full firewall control04:23
+crythia1for nothing?04:23
Radix-wrkvmware server = free, webgui = free04:23
+crythia1oh. I thought you meant for no reason ... for some reason04:24
Radix-wrkmust be aussie slang "for nothing" = "for no cost"04:25
+crythia1no, I could understand if I actually paid attention.04:25
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ckotilugh. it took 30 minutes for a commit version to be processed. and it was only 1 stinking (45k) html file that was uploaded16:10
-!- ckotil [n=newtrino@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has quit ["brb. rebooting"]16:14
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ckotilmy sites get pounded by people asking for smileys_pack.php   . i know it must be an exploit. anyone seeing this?17:38
ckotil[Wed Nov 22 15:37:59 2006] [error] [client] File does not exist: /gnoc/globalnoc/htdocs/WebGUI/www/extras/smileys_packs.php17:38
ckotil[Wed Nov 22 15:38:11 2006] [error] [client] File does not exist: /gnoc/globalnoc/htdocs/WebGUI/www/extras/smileys_packs.php17:38
ckotiland it goes on like that for miles17:38
-!- perlm [n=kmurphy@ip68-97-17-231.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #webgui18:21
jZedhey perlm, congratulate me, I have a dev site up and running19:11
perlmthat is awesome!19:12
perlmGot WRE working?19:12
jZedI almost had it working but crythias told me I shouldn't use it on a box with other apaches and mysqls so I went for the source install19:13
jZedI have a dedicated apache/mod_perl for wG but it shares the mysql with other apps19:13
+crythiasckotil: um. did you simply try googling smileys_packs.php?19:15
+crythiasthe very first thing is "PHP remote file inclusion vulnerability in images/smileys..."19:15
ckotilya. i got some good info on it19:15
ckotilnothing too useful19:15
ckotiljust dont run phpmyteam , or whatever it is19:16
+crythiasI believe you could use mod_rewrite or somesuch to block requests from those requesting that file.19:16
ckotilah, interesting. now that is useful. thanks19:16
jZeddo you know how hitting / gives a wG page with a login but hitting /home gives a plain login over your own home page?  Anyway to make / behave the same as /home?  mod_rewrite?19:16
perlmhit reload on the page19:17
ckotilor try going to /home?func=manageAssets19:17
ckotilsee what that brings up19:17
ckotilsounds like access to the asset is being prevented19:18
+crythiasmod_security ?19:18
perlmI just tried / and /home on my server and got the exact same page....but if I login into /home I would have to manually reload / so it would acknolwedge my login.19:18
jZedyeah, reload works, but what about new users?  when I tell my CEO to go look at the site, I want them to see the site as the first thing, not an ad for wG19:18
+crythiaschange the start page in ui19:18
perlmturn off caching19:19
jZedbeen there, done that, start page and error page are both set to Home19:19
jZedin settings19:19
perlmunless you are getting multiple hits per second, it is just burning cpu time.19:19
+crythiasoh, yeah, and I know this happens with IE19:19
jZedthis is FF19:19
+crythiasI've noticed credential cacheing problems with WebGUI...19:20
+crythiasckotil: http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/apache/2003/11/26/mod_security.html19:20
+crythiasusually, though, a f5 will recognize.19:20
perlmforce SSL :)19:21
+crythiasshould be noted that there apparently is a mod_security2 for apache2...19:28
@preaction-mdid you commit your changes?19:39
jZed.oO(if my .conf tells wG not to handle .mas files, and my apache knows .mas files should be handled by Mason, and I use template incldue to include a .mas file in a wG page ... )19:49
+crythiasperlhandler WebGUI mucks a lot up. use passthruUrl config option.19:50
jZedI figure I'd have a perlhandler WebGUI and a perlhandler Mason and passthruUrl .mas for wG, and then template include the .mas in a wG template19:52
@preaction-mi don't believe you can just passthru certain files, you need an entire directory19:52
+crythiasthere's also a possibility to <Location>SetHandler ... something</location> in your vh19:53
jZedyeah, I could do it with /mason/* instead of *.mas19:53
jZedif I edit a built-in template e.g DropMenu on a subpage, that only alters it for the subpage, not for the whole site, right?20:02
@preaction-mdon't edit built-in templates20:02
@preaction-mmake new ones20:02
jZedmakes sense20:02
@preaction-mbuilt-in templates can be overwritten by upgrades (when we find bugs in them)20:03
@preaction-meven if it's just copying the built-in one and changing a single character, it's far safer20:03
jZedso my changes would still have the bugs :-)20:03
+crythiasif you edit a template it affects every instance that uses the template.20:03
@preaction-mbut it's markup, you can do markup no?20:03
@preaction-mfrom experience though: keep wG updated. set aside a day or two each month to do upgrades.20:04
jZedmarkup, is that like when you elevate one of the gospel writers?20:04
@preaction-mHTML, the M is for Markup :p20:04
+crythiasyeah.. next is lukeup and then, if you're really good, johnup20:04
@preaction-mnobody ever talks about judasup...20:05
+crythiasI thought I saw him hanging around somewhere...20:05
jZedgroups are really cool, creating a group X for user X to restrict editing to that user, etc. ... I wonder how I'd go about making a group for "the friends of X"20:09
+crythiasthey are members of x20:09
+crythiasgroup x20:09
jZedwell I'd want X for just the user and XF for friends of user so e.g. X could edit and XF could view, and everyone else can't view20:10
+crythiasor they are members of friends of x, but what's the point? friends of x are viewers or editors. if they're editors, they're part of group X 20:10
+crythiasso.. two groups pp, then.20:11
jZedand figure someway to automate it so when X invties Y to be a friend, that auto adds Y to XF20:11
+crythiasgive 'em the link...20:12
+crythiasgroupadd macro20:12
jZedand user-creation auto creates both X and XF20:12
+crythiasbut shh.. don't share20:12
jZedgroupaddmacro, that's the ticket20:12
jZedso the only thing I need to do is make X and XF and a groupadd link part of the package which gets deployed for all new users20:13
jZedI don't need to explicitly add the Admin nick to groups, do I?20:17
jZedeven if I remove Admins from groups in this group20:17
jZedI created group jzucker-friends with "users can add/remove selves" checked, I put a macro in an article: GroupAdd('jzucker-friends','please be my friend'); ... logged in as user not in that group, but there was no button :-(20:50
jZedif you guys mind me talking to myself like this, please let me know :-)20:51
jZedand help macros list of available shows GroupAdd() as available21:02
+crythiasjZed: admin is default a member of every group. groups don't inherit the rights of their members.21:25
+crythiasyou shouldn't remove admin from a group.21:25
+crythiasand macros need to be called as: ^Macro(param);21:25
jZeddidn't remove admin from group, removed Admins from Groups in this Group, and ^GroupAdd('join','click to join'); is valid syntax, no?21:28
+crythiasseems like. I gtg do something...21:36
jZedk, thanks, bye21:36
jZedis there a way to define who can insert a macro in a page?21:58
@preaction-mnot that i'm aware of21:59
jZedso all macros are available to everyone?21:59
@preaction-mcertain assets are sanitized21:59
@preaction-myou'd probably have to add sanitation to other assets21:59
jZedso something like Execute() is off by default for a reason :-)22:00
jZedand SQL()22:01
ckotilprobably. its pretty easy to create a macro to do basically the same thing22:14
ckotilwobject is a bit tougher22:14
-!- ckotil [n=newtrino@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has quit ["leaving"]23:39
--- Day changed Thu Nov 23 2006
jZedis a macro an asset? i.e. could I put it in assetAddPrivilege in .conf? if it doesn't work that way, it should, if a macro is listed in there, only people of the specified UI level can use the macro though everyone who can view the page can view the results01:51
@preactiona macro is just a piece of text, how can you stop a person from entering certain text?01:59
jZedyou don't, you stop the app from interpreting the text unless the person who entered the text is of a certain UI level so they enter ^SQL(...); but all that happens is it prints ^SQL(...);02:01
@preactionso you're supposed to keep track of who entered the macro into the article?02:01
@preactionthe macro isn't interpreted THEN stored, it's stored THEN interpreted02:02
jZedyou must already know the name of the person submitting the new or changed article02:02
jZedso don't store it02:02
jZedif the person is the right UI02:02
@preactionbut macros have dynamic data, they need to be stored02:02
jZedif the person is correct UI, store it, don't if not02:03
@preactionso if a person wants to change an article, but they can't use a certain macro, they just broke the macro02:03
@preactionlook at the database for your article, you'll see that the macro is in there as "^Macro();"02:04
@preactionevery time the template is processed, the macros are processed02:04
@preactionthis must be done because of dynamic data, such as session IDs, user IDs, etc...02:04
@preactionso now if we decide to only allow certain people to submit assets with certain macros02:05
@preactionanyone who is allowed to edit an asset with a macro they are not allowed to submit will break things02:05
@preactiona person who IS allowed to submit that macro will have to go back and fix it02:05
@preactionevery time02:05
jZedok, nevermind, it's just an idea02:06
@preactionyou'll instead want to create a Wobject that will do what you want, checking permissions and the like02:08
@preactionimho, the Macro system has reached the limit of its potential, and indeed has one major flaw that cannot be fixed (it's given a session object, not the asset object of the asset it's in)02:09
jZedyep, needs both02:10
@preactionjust the asset, asset contains the session02:10
jZedoh, then swell02:10
@preactionthe proliferation of the session object is near universal02:10
jZedis there a feature like wikis have where you can mark a section for special parsing e.g. #pod# ... #/pod# would get run through pod2HTML02:11
@preactionthat would be a macro02:11
jZedyeah, more or less, just easier to do because you don't need to put the content inside quotes02:12
jZedis there anyway to hide the admin console completely from a user but still allow them to edit their own page?02:13
jZedassuming save&commit is turned on02:13
@preactionyou could remove the ^AdminBar(); macros, but clicking Edit on an asset will still allow the console to be seen02:14
@preactionin the future, the ^AdminBar(); may become the only Admin Console, and then that would work02:15
jZedhow about an auto-commit so when the user saves and commits it does the next step of saving the version tag automatically?02:17
jZed# not that I think version tags are going to confuse users :-)02:17
@preactionthat would have to be built into the asset02:18
@preactionlike Post and Thread (and soon Event) assets have02:18
jZedi c, that makes sense02:18
@preactionYou're building a myspace-like app, no?02:19
@preactionI think your best bet might be to just make a Wobject for the user's administration, and this Wobject will do all the adding/editing of assets for the user. You can even use the Asset->getEditForm() to display the edit form outside of the admin console if desired02:21
@preactionthen you can use existing wG assets, and the major development will be only the administration part02:22
@preactioneach user would have their own instance of the administration that only they can use02:22
@preactionyou're going to have to neuter a lot of stuff though, because you won't want normal users doing certain things02:23
jZedhmm, yes that would work eventually, at first I think I just want to give everyone a profile, a blog, a photo gallery, a video gallery, and not let them add anything else02:23
jZedso they don't need any New Content, I can shut that off in .conf02:24
@preactionbut they need to edit content02:24
@preactionand for that, they'll see things they should not be allowed to see02:24
@preaction(such as the Admin console)02:24
jZedbut at UI all they see is assets and version tags and some harmless things02:25
jZedUI 002:25
@preactionso those things do work02:25
jZedI'd like for none of them to be there02:25
@preactionnever tried them02:25
jZedoh wait02:25
jZedif they have the assets button on the admin console02:25
jZedmaybe they can add assets from there, let me check02:26
@preactionmost likely02:26
@preactionbut there's no need to neuter that, give users POWER so they have a reason to switch from myspace02:26
jZedthat's a good point02:27
@preactionto be honest i forgot that uiLevels existed, they'd work well and for what they couldn't cover (certain admin functions that must only apply to their section) make the administration Wobject02:28
@preactionif you create a skeleton for them, hell, create a few different skeletons for them, they'll have something basic to grow off of02:28
@preactionbut when the user clicks "Edit", they still get the right side thing that says "Show Admin Console" no?02:31
@preactionand that's what we're trying to get rid of?02:31
@preactionyou can make a wobject to handle that using the getEditForm() thing (i hope). make an instance of it, pass in the URL of the asset they're editing as a parameter02:32
@preactiongetEditForm should return a WebGUI::Tabform02:33
@preactionthe www_edit() method puts the Admin Console stuff around it iirc02:33
@preactionyeah... that's probably going to have to be how it's done02:35
jZedok thanks, I'll have to play with Wobject a bit to understand what you said, but that gives me a direction02:35
@preactionAssets can be assigned uilevels no?02:37
@preactionso like, users can only see what assets their uilevel allows02:37
jZedif I set the UI for all assets to 9, they see assets in the admin bar but when they click it, they get permission denied02:39
jZedwell, I'm off, thanks for all your help, I'm feeling good about wG, was begining to doubt for a while, but it's slick03:13
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+crythia1top of the bottom of the world to ya04:01
+crythia1Oh, yeah.. you're not jZed :)04:02
jZedI heard that :-) # sorry :-(04:54
jZedI'll be givin back soon, so I don't mind taking a bunch now05:01
jZedbut also feel free to tell me to shutup whenever it's appropriate :-)05:01
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has left #webgui []05:08
+crythia1Can I just say that Fosters is a lousy beer?05:10
+crythia1Just sayin'...05:11
+crythia1Australian for smells like eggs.05:11
+crythia1newest pet peeve: movie video ads that look like regular videos with no indication that they're not vids... stupid everything has triangles in the middle of circles.05:16
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Radix-wrkcrythia1, Of course Fosters is a lousy beer - why do you think we export it!06:19
Radix-wrkWe keep the good beers to ourselves :)06:20
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-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI (stable: 7.2.2) WRE (0.7.2) || Need help? Ask and wait patiently (it might take awhile)11:03
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+crythiasKangaroo steaks16:07
-!- Radix_ [n=Radix@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]16:23
Radixkangaroo steaks are very nice actually16:34
Radixmore tender than beef, very juicy too16:34
+crythiasand since they're apparently as populous as rodents, this isn't a horrible thing... :)16:35
Radixaye :)16:35
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+crythiasapparently there's an error in something..16:38
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+crythiaspreaction, preaction-m EventManagementBug on upgrade... do you know about it?17:54
+crythiasI'm beginning to appreciate Ruby on Rails a lot more...17:56
-!- jZed [n=jeff@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #webgui19:26
jZedok, this has me really freaked out, I changed UI on settings from Admin Console to Help and now I only get a blank page when I go into settings so I can't set it back ... can I run some SQL to change that setting back?19:27
-!- Radix [n=Radix@] has quit [Nick collision from services.]19:54
-!- Radix_ [n=Radix@] has joined #webgui19:55
jZedRadix, my settings page disappeared (after I selected Help as Admin Console UI), can I turn it back on with SQL or .conf somehow?19:56
jZedalso all the editing pages are blank (can't edit anything at all)20:00
jZedthe entire site fubared with one click and no indication of how to get it back20:02
jZedalright, "select * from settings where name = 'AdminConsoleTemplate' shows PBtmplHelp00000000000120:13
jZedso I wonder what the value is for the normal admin console20:13
jZedsetting it to NULL doesn't help20:25
jZedphew, grepped docs/create.sql and found PBtmpl000000000000000120:30
jZeddid a mysql update on that row and I have my settings back20:30
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--- Day changed Fri Nov 24 2006
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cap10morganwhat's the recommended way to access a different database (i.e. not the webgui one) from a wobject?21:21
cap10morganthe guy who wrote this code is just doing "use DBI;" and connecting to it (it's the same server, just a different schema)21:21
cap10morganbut that seems... wrong, somehow21:21
cap10morganah, i should be using a database link21:44
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perlmAre production machines supposed to be keeping pace with all these stable releases?19:13
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ckotilwhat group must a user be in to turn be able to view the asset manager?23:35
ckotilAll i can figure is that they have to be an Admin23:36
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-!- JIggie is now known as Jiggie00:25
Jiggieu must klnow this00:25
xdangerdo tell00:26
Jiggiei upgraded a 6.2.11 site to the latest00:33
Jiggienow i have a small issue00:33
Jiggiethe old site=running redhat= hostname company00:34
Jiggienew site=redhat es4=hostname company100:34
Jiggiewhen i go to copmpany1 the main page shows fine00:34
Jiggiebut everylink points to company00:34
Jiggieinstaead of company100:34
Jiggiehow can i change then sitewide00:34
Jiggiexdanger, did u get that00:36
xdangerJiggie: that is in the configs, sitename or something...00:37
xdangeror you could trigger the setting in you admin console setting to use the env-setting00:37
Jiggiei dont see it on the admins console00:41
Jiggiewhich file do i have to look00:44
xdangeradmin console -> settings -> Miscellaneous -> Host To Use00:46
xdangeryour siteconfig file00:46
Jiggieinstead of Env http host00:48
Jiggiethen what do i do with that00:49
xdangerenv http host should work00:49
xdangeryou did have that in there?00:49
Jiggiethey dont work00:49
Jiggiewhich file should i look for00:49
xdangerthat reads the sitename from your apache config00:50
xdangerare the links hardcoded in your data?00:50
Jiggielet me check00:50
Jiggiethe file still has the old copmany instead of company1.com unser webgui/etc00:52
Jiggienow i have this issue01:18
JiggieCan't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm line 446.01:18
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ckotilwhat group must a user be in to turn be able to view the asset manager?15:46
+crythiasit may be a UI level issue.16:19
ckotilah. ill check that16:26
ckotili had to add the user to admin, which i didnt want to do16:26
ckotilnah he still needs to be Admins16:27
Jiggiei just tried that also16:29
Jiggieand admin seems to work16:29
Jiggiei guess i must trust the user16:29
Jiggiecrythias, when u get back im16:30
+crythiasjiggie ok16:31
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Jiggieanyone around20:21
Jiggiethat can hlp me20:21
* jZed is around, dunno if /me can help20:22
Jiggiehow can i fix this20:22
JiggieCan't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm line 446.20:22
jZedyou don't have a database connection20:23
Jiggiebut mysql starts fine20:23
jZedor are trying to prepare something other than an sth20:23
jZedwhat caused it?20:23
Jiggiewell webgui says mysql started fine20:23
Jiggiethe hard got full20:23
Jiggieno more space20:24
Jiggieand it stoppped working20:24
jZedclean up space, shutdown apache and spectre, restart them?20:24
Jiggiei did20:24
jZedso when does the error occur?20:25
jZedyou enabled the SQL macro?20:25
Jiggieit just happens when trying to go to the page20:26
Jiggiethe page does not come up20:26
Jiggiewe had this issue a while back when the power went out20:26
Jiggiebut did so many things cant remember how to fix it20:26
jZedcan you run mysql from the command line?20:27
jZedoh, and did you look at /var/log/webgui.log? 20:28
Jiggiei tried but it says cound not find mysqld PID20:28
jZedwhat OS?20:28
jZedtry ps aux | grep mysql20:28
jZedor whatever its equivalent is on your OS20:28
Jiggiees 420:30
jZeddid mysqld show up with ps?20:31
Jiggieonly after i start it manually again20:31
jZedonce you restart it, does that fix the wG problem?20:32
Jiggiei wish20:32
jZedwhat's in /var/log/webgui.log?20:32
Jiggienothing much20:36
Jiggiejust the last person that logged in and added a file20:36
Jiggiethen it died20:36
jZedhmm, and you restarted everything after you got mysqld started manually?20:37
Jiggielet ,e check20:39
Jiggiei'm going to re-check everything20:42
jZedk, I'll be around20:42
@preaction-mjiggie: are you running the wre?20:52
Jiggieit says mysql pID could not be found20:54
Jiggiei start webgui and it says everything si fine20:54
Jiggiebut then i do a ps -ef |grep http, lots of stuff come on20:55
Jiggiebut if i do ps -ef |grep mysql or mysqld nothign happens20:55
jZedmysqld errors don't show up in rc.webgui20:55
Jiggiethen i start it manually and i can find it but it says mysql PID could not be found20:55
@preaction-myou have to use "it" less and be more specific20:58
@preaction-mtry "which mysql"20:58
@preaction-mand you want ps au | grep "mysqld"20:58
@preaction-mmysql is running as the user "mysql"20:59
Jiggieok will try that20:59
Jiggiegive me a sec20:59
Jiggieher eis the first thing we got20:59
@preaction-mso you're saying that it hasn't worked for 5 months?21:01
jZedsay, preaction, is there an ER or UML diagram of the webgui database anywhere to be found?21:04
@preaction-mjZed: not that I'm aware of21:05
jZedok, I'll try to make one from the SQL21:05
Jiggieit worked21:06
Jiggiebut dont remember how i fixed it21:06
Jiggieok i'm on the box remotelly21:11
Jiggieso i should look into the webguil.log21:11
Jiggielook for what21:11
jZedwith WRE there are other logs I think21:11
Jiggiei try to connect to mysql and it give me thie21:12
Jiggieerror 200221:12
Jiggie..ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (111)21:13
Jiggie[webgui@JETS webgui]$21:13
@preaction-mand what does "which mysql" say?21:16
@preaction-mperlbot enter21:17
perlbotDo not use the Enter key as punctuation. Think in complete thoughts, then type.21:17
Jiggiewhat do i type21:17
@preaction-m"which mysql"21:18
@preaction-mwithout quotes...21:18
Jiggieher eis what i get..../rc.webgui restart21:19
Jiggiemod_proxy Stopped21:19
Jiggiemod_perl Stopped21:19
JiggieStopping MySQL21:19
JiggieMySQL PID file could not be found!                         [FAILED]21:19
JiggieMySQL Stopped21:19
JiggieMySQL Started21:19
Jiggiemod_perl Started21:19
Jiggiemod_proxy Started21:19
@preaction-mand `ps aux | grep "mysqld"` shows /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/sbin/mysqld runnig21:19
@preaction-mDO NOT PASTE LIKE THAT21:19
@preaction-mperlbot paste21:19
perlbotPaste your code to http://sial.org/pbot/perl or http://erxz.com/pb and #perl will be able to view it.21:19
@preaction-mthere's probably information in the mysql logs about failing to start21:20
Jiggienothing come up21:21
Jiggiewhere do i go to get that info21:21
@preaction-mwhat version of the WRE?21:21
Jiggiewell it was a hacked job by JT21:22
Jiggiewre 6.2.1121:22
@preaction-mthat's your webgui version, not your wre version21:22
@preaction-mbut we'll just say it's old21:22
@preaction-mthe error log should be in /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/var/`uname -n`.err21:23
Jiggielog copied21:26
Jiggieto that site u told me21:26
Jiggiesome access rights21:26
Jiggiepreaction-m : are u able to see it21:27
@preaction-mONE: Do NOT press enter every three words21:27
@preaction-mTWO: When using a paste site like that, you should really read the directions21:27
@preaction-mTHREE: I need the URL21:27
Jiggieok tot he first one, second her eis the link http://sial.org/pbot/2144921:28
@preaction-mtwo means: when you clicked "Submit" you notified #perl about the paste, and they had no need to be notified21:29
@preaction-mthe error at the bottom is simple: /data/wre/prereqs/mysql is not owned by the mysql user21:29
@preaction-mand/or the owner does not have rwx rights to the folder and all subfolders21:29
Jiggiewhat right should it have, 755 what are the proper rights to the mysql user21:32
@preaction-mif you do an ls -l /data/wre/prereqs, the mysql directory should be owned by "mysql"21:33
Jiggieits owned by the webgui user..21:34
jZedwoot! my lib/WebGUI/Asset/Template/MasonTemplate works!21:36
Jiggieso, then what...21:41
@preaction-myou haven't listened. it should be owned by the mysql user21:41
jZedthe webgui mysql user or the apache user?21:41
Jiggieok gave mysql ownership of that. so, now i should restart the webgui proccess21:49
@preaction-myou should start mysql21:52
Jiggiestill get the MySQL PID file could not be found! [FAILED].21:54
@preaction-mdid you "start" or "restart"21:55
Jiggiei did ./rc.webgui startmysql21:57
@preaction-mis it running though?21:59
@preaction-mand the error logs say?22:01
Jiggieok i did it again and mysql has started and i do a ps -ef |grep mysql and it shows now what22:02
Jiggiethe log files still has the same error on it. but i changed the file permisions to mysql instead of webgui22:03
jZedlook in the yoursite_com.conf file and see what the real mysql user is22:04
Jiggiebtw mysql started then i di the ps -ef and it shouwed there, but now i do it and its no longer there....22:05
@preaction-mjZed: why? that's the database user, not the system user22:05
@preaction-mJiggie, you did a chown recursively?22:05
Jiggieshould i do that, chown -r mysql :mysql mysql/ like so?22:06
jZedsorry, I misunderstood22:06
@preaction-mwithout the space between mysql and :mysql22:07
Jiggieso i should do it without the space22:07
@preaction-myou don't even need the group in there22:07
Jiggietype how i need to do it,so i cna copy and paste,.22:08
@preaction-mno, i'm not here to do it for you22:13
@preaction-mman chown22:13
Jiggieok, not here to do it for me, i know. I asked if the way i typed it above and us aid without the space, so i'm asking to do it.22:16
Jiggieok did it, it seems to work now but its giving me another error.22:16
Jiggiebig long error, can i go tto that page and paste it so u can see it.22:19
jZedyou should man chown ... you want R not r22:19
Jiggieits big R yes, i did that22:19
@preaction-mJiggie: go for it, just make sure that the "notify channel" or whatever is not set to #perl22:19
@preaction-mor there are other pastebins on the internets22:20
@preaction-mso does that file exist? is it writable by the apache user?22:25
jZedpreaction, ignore this if you don't have time ... is there any security hazard in making Maon available as a Template ... if only Admins can edit templates, no one else can use Mason to run random Perl, right?22:26
@preaction-mif you make sure that only admins can edit templates, i don't see a major flaw22:26
Jiggieit exist. let me check who own it. it is owned by the webgui user.22:26
@preaction-mis apache running as that same user?22:27
Jiggiehow can i tell22:27
@preaction-mps aux | grep "apache"22:28
jZedthe user will be the first word in each httpd line e.g. nobody22:29
@preaction-motherwise look at your httpd.conf, the username should be in there somewhere22:29
Jiggienobody and root - nobody 4321 0.0 0.2 6280 2920 ? S 15:40 0:00 /data/wre/prereqs/apache/bin/httpd22:30
@preaction-mso that log file needs to be owned by nobody, or at least writable by nobody22:31
Jiggieok, done did a chwn nobody on that file.22:34
Jiggieit works, wohooooooo22:35
Jiggienow, the most important question, how can that happen, we didnt touch anything on it.22:35
@preaction-msomebody did22:35
Jiggiehow can i check that, cause i'm about to kill him/her22:36
jZedlook at the owner of the file before you changed it :-)22:36
Jiggienobody knew the password until today..22:45
Jiggiethe last time this happened the power went out and when it came back up crapgui did this error22:45
@preaction-msounds like your OS likes to reset file ownerships and permissions22:45
Jiggieits an old redhat22:46
Jiggiethis mess was given to me when i started here22:46
Jiggiei never used webgui b422:46
@preaction-myou're also a major version obsolete22:47
Jiggieit has like 3 or 4 data folders and the config file is a convination.. I just finished performing and upgrade to 7.2 running rhes4 and we are missing a few files that seem tat did not get copied over..22:47
@preaction-mi would consider it a 22:47
@preaction-mGood Idea to just make a vanilla install of 7.2.* and do the slow manual way22:48
@preaction-mdid you do the upgrade steps? 6.2-6.8 6.8-7.1.3 7.1.3-7.2.*22:48
Jiggie7.2 is up and running, but some files are missing, so im looking for them now.. this box is the old version 6.2.11, that i'm trying to recover22:49
Jiggiethe uplaod folder i had to copy over22:49
@preaction-mbefore or after the upgrade?22:49
Jiggiebut because of the batched webgui_whoster+two different data folders not so easy22:49
Jiggiemissed a few things here and there22:49
Jiggieb4 used to be like that. now the new version is running smotth, just the missing files22:50
@preaction-mthe upgrade changed how the uploads folder works, so it had to be done before22:50
Jiggieso u are telling me that it might have been the upgrades that chaned the place of the files22:50
@preaction-mthe drive folder, perhaps, but not the asset url22:51
Jiggiei did 6.2.11 to 6.65>6.810>7.122:53
Jiggieis that ok22:53
@preaction-mif everything's working fine, yes22:53
Jiggiefiles thats it....now i'm going manually and setting them up again22:53
@preaction-myou might have to export the files from the old wG and import them into the new one22:53
Jiggieexport files? how does that work, never seen that22:54
Jiggiei can dump the database thats it...22:54
@preaction-mright-click: save file as...22:54
@preaction-mthe files aren't in the database, they're in the uploads/ folder22:55
Jiggieso 1by1, i was wondering of a whole thing at once. that woul be nice22:57
@preaction-myou could combine all the various uploads folders you have and then re-do the upgrades, but that would probably be more time-consuming22:57
Jiggieyeah, i was just thinking of combining all of them and re-[point the files manually, is not that many23:07
@preaction-mthe structure of the uploads folder has changed, as I said. that would not be possible23:08
Jiggiecrap,,,,,, more work for me. i wanted to clean my hands of this...but thats guys for the help23:13
Jiggieone more problem now.23:16
Jiggiecan ya take a look for a minute23:16
@preaction-mperlbot ask23:17
perlbotAsk forth your question to the all-knowing channel and we shall bestow upon you the answer of correctitude.23:17
Jiggiethis is it /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/libexec/mysqld: Got error 127 from storage engine23:19
@preaction-mgoogle for MySQL Error 12723:19
@preaction-mit might be prudent to run a myisamchk on your database23:21
Jiggiei figured that, but wanted to make sure. as i had to do it the last time it crapped out23:23
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+crythiasspam in the place where you work... now face south. think about direction. wonder why you haven't now.23:37
@preaction-mspam in the back of my car, spam every place that you are23:38
jZedi do not like green eggs or spam23:38
@preaction-myellow eggs will kill you23:38
@preaction-mgreen ones help against yellow lantern23:38
jZedok, I'll take the green eggs, but hold the spam, spam, spam, and spam23:39
--- Day changed Wed Nov 29 2006
Jiggiei take the spam with egg. thats good00:00
@preaction-mspaghetti, alfredo, stirfry or burritos... i can never decide...00:07
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ckotilAre we still having the problem with spectre.pl needing to be rebooted every week or so?15:58
ckotilI had a user upload a file last night and it never appeared on the site. 15:59
ckotilThe file was in the commited version tags. so I just added the file myself15:59
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ckotilIs there anything built in to webgui to check for deadlinks?18:37
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Radix-wrkDid the topic disappear - or is my irc client just not showing it?03:55
jZedmine doesn't show it03:56
-!- Radix-wrk changed the topic of #webgui to: Latest Versions: Webgui 7.2.3 (stable), WRE 0.7.2 -=- Ask your questions.. and be patient - it may take a while for us to answer! :)03:56
jZedI'm using GAIM 03:56
jZedthere it is03:56
Radix-wrkyah.. because I just set it :)03:56
Radix-wrkmust have been wiped for some reason03:56
jZedI knew that :-)03:56
Radix-wrkHmm.. grab 7.2.3 while you can.. 7.3.0 beta is coming next week03:59
Radix-wrknot that you won't be able to grab it next week.. but the upgrade scripts will all default to 7.3 then :)04:00
Radix-wrkI'm still using 7.0.8 myself - should upgrade I guess04:00
+crythias heh. gwy2 is 7.0.604:00
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ckotilim anxious to see this wiki asset15:30
Radix__yeah, should be fun16:16
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ckotilreally, i think we could of had a great wiki long ago if only a good template was put together17:27
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ckotilis there a workflow to clear the cache?22:05
ckotilclear the cache after a commit*22:07
ckotil;] and to only do it inside folder assets would be even cooler22:08
ckotili set it to clear the cache in the hourly workflow22:08
ckotili cant seem to recall where to change the time limit for cacheing...anyone know?22:21
ckotilim thinking about lowering it to about 30 minutes. my users are complaining that commited changes arent appearing fast enough. im thinking its a caching issue either on their browsers end or webgui's22:22
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-!- mode/#webgui [-o snapcount] by snapcount23:34
snapcountperlbot sit23:35
snapcountperlbot rollover23:35
snapcountperlbot speak!23:36
* snapcount scratches his head23:36
+perlDreamermaybe he's asleep?23:36
jZedno, scratch perlbot's head23:36
snapcountperlbot slap snapcount23:36
* perlbot slaps snapcount around a bit with a large trout23:36
snapcountperlbot 8ball23:37
perlbotMagic 8ball says: No23:37
+perlDreamerI miss WRE23:37
+perlDreamerhe was a great bot23:37
snapcountcalc palmade23:38
snapcountgood times23:38
+perlDreamerremember the one about Matt's sister?23:38
snapcountI'm sure it was funny though23:39
ckotilwhere do i change the timeout limit on the cache?23:40
-!- preaction [n=doug@static-72-1-4-143.ntd.net] has joined #webgui23:42
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snapcountthere is no global setting23:43
ckotilah. 23:43
ckotileven better23:43
snapcountit's configured in the asset properties if the asset uses caching23:43
ckotilk i recall now. i knew i saw it somehwhere23:43
snapcountdeja vu is common in wG23:44
snapcountsomeone should write an irc wobject for webgui23:44
snapcountand an irc bot wobject23:44
snapcountthen we could have this channel on the pb website23:45
ckotilthat'd be cool23:45
snapcountColin, how long would it take you?23:45
+perlDreamerhuh? me?23:45
+perlDreamerdo IRC programming?23:45
snapcountno, of course not23:46
snapcountsomeone else has done that already surely23:46
+perlDreamerDon't call me surely23:46
+perlDreamerwould you store each line in a table in the db?23:46
snapcountit's simple... all *you* have to do, cough cough, is wrap the cpan modules in a wobject and sprinkle some UI on top23:47
ckotilso the folder asset will alphabetize contents for you. can the alphabetization be easily reversed? 23:47
ckotilMy group is finally starting to develop wobjects internally. Im sure progress will be very slow at first. but hey, its a start. i think first we are going to internalize some of our network monitoring and reprting tools23:48
snapcountyes it's easy23:52
snapcountimo anyways23:52
ckotilwill it be as simple as editing the template?23:53
ckotilor will i have to go into the .pm itself23:53
snapcountit's code23:53
ckotili can pry handle that. thanks.23:53
snapcountgetLineage method in AssetLineage does the sorting23:53
-!- jZed [n=jeff@dsl093-039-031.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #webgui []23:53
snapcountvia the rules hash {orderByClause}23:54
snapcountsee the view method in WebGUI::Asset::Wobject::Folder.pm23:54
ckotilah. even better. thanks23:54
+perlDreameror you could put it into a table and then use any of the javascript table sorting handlers23:55
snapcountyou would change that to assetData.title desc23:55
ckotilohhh. badass.23:55
ckotilits set to asc now?23:55
snapcountno order is passed so it defaults to asc23:56
snapcountbut that's b/c of mysql23:57
ckotilthanks. im heading home.23:57
snapcounthave pleasant travels23:57
snapcountmay gooey be with you23:57
ckotilit got real cold today. im in the midwest23:57
ckotiland also with you.23:58
snapcountI'm starting to realize that I'm a huge dork23:58
ckotilwe all are.23:58
+perlDreameryou're not alone, snapcount!23:58
snapcountso we're like a dork herd23:58
snapcountor clan23:59
-!- snapcount changed the topic of #webgui to: Watch for migrant dork herds23:59
snapcountthat sounds funny... I lolled23:59
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