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Radix_not 2 o clock here tho :)  was just after midnight when i said that for me :)02:41
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Jiggieis anyone here16:27
ckotilgood morning16:27
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Radix_yeah.. i am17:21
Radix_but u not :(17:21
ckotilThe template design process is going smooth, even tho im getting wierd ass erors about stockdata and getUIlevel19:32
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sgsaxanybody here?23:19
sgsaxI'm having problems installing/configuring 7.0.323:19
snapcoun1are you using WRE?23:32
sgsaxno, installing from source23:35
sgsax99% sure my problem is with perl, but I'm not familiar enough with it to debug the actual problem23:36
snapcoun1what is your problem?  Error messages?23:48
sgsaxI've been trying the install on two different systems, one gentoo, the other opensuse 10.123:49
sgsaxrunning testEnvironment.pl, both get as far as installing Data::Structure::Util and fail there23:50
sgsaxhere's some of the errors/warnings from the suse machine23:52
sgsaxWarning: this distribution contains XS files, but Module::Build is not configured with C_support at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Module/Build/Base.pm line 1128.23:53
sgsaxCreating new 'Build' script for 'Data-Structure-Util' version '0.12'23:53
sgsaxUnknown 'build_class', defaulting to 'Module::Build'23:53
sgsax/usr/bin/perl Build --makefile_env_macros 123:53
sgsaxlib/Data/Structure/Util.pm -> blib/lib/Data/Structure/Util.pm23:53
sgsaxlib/Data/Structure/Util.xs -> lib/Data/Structure/Util.c23:53
sgsaxModule::Build is not configured with C_support at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Module/Build/Base.pm line 3734.23:53
sgsaxmake: *** [all] Error 223:53
--- Day changed Wed Aug 02 2006
snapcoun1that's nasty00:00
sgsaxthis is a clean install of perl, using almost all "official" suse packages00:01
sgsaxI did install a couple of the modules using cpan00:02
snapcoun1I would google the error and look at the docs for Module::Build and try to run perl Makefile.PL with the args necessary to enable C_support00:02
snapcoun1you need to build that module with that option enabled00:02
snapcoun1it's probably a switch like --enable-c-support or something00:03
snapcoun1i.e., perl Makefile.PL --with-c-support=/path/to/gcc00:03
snapcoun1something like that I would guess00:03
snapcoun1the docs would tell you and google can be very helpful with stuff like this00:03
snapcoun1then of course you run make,  make install00:04
sgsaxproblem is I don't know perl very well at all, so a lot of what's out there doesn't register00:04
sgsaxcan you tell me where the perl source files are typically stored?00:04
sgsaxnm, think I found it00:05
snapcoun1you may not have them if this perl came with your distro00:05
snapcoun1you might have to compile  perl yourself and enable c support00:05
snapcoun1you may have better luck building the WRE from source00:06
snapcoun1it's all automated00:06
snapcoun1(the build process)00:06
snapcoun1and it comes with it's own perl00:06
snapcoun1that works with WebGUI00:06
snapcoun1basically you type00:07
snapcoun1and it runs for 4 hours00:07
snapcoun1and you're done00:07
sgsaxheh, sounds like fun00:07
sgsaxI never even considered using the WRE00:07
sgsaxfigured I could hack the source install myself00:08
snapcoun1it's not easy00:08
snapcoun1WebGUI has many many deps00:08
snapcoun1the whole reason we made the WRE, to make it easier for sysadmins00:08
sgsaxI'll give it a try, thanks00:09
snapcoun1sure... if you have problems with WRE, there should be plenty of people around who can help with that =)00:09
snapcoun1it's what most people use to run wG00:09
xdangersnapcoun1: btw, have you run in to perlbal?00:11
snapcoun1no, what is that?00:12
xdangerjust doing some research, and came upon that..00:12
snapcoun1does it sit in front of your web servers or replace them?00:13
xdangerone of the things that runs livejournal.com00:13
xdangerreplace the frontsite proxy..00:13
snapcoun1I see... so static content00:13
xdangerit does much more than mod_proxy00:13
xdangerit also has internal redirects..00:14
xdangerI was thinking about testing that with webgui at some point...00:14
snapcoun1Len does a lot of work with high traffic sites, I wonder if he's tried this00:15
xdangertheres an old paper on that..00:15
xdangeronly problem is that it's currently linux only..00:15
snapcoun1you run BSD?00:16
xdangerno, not yet anyway =)00:16
snapcoun1I see00:16
xdangerwe're thinking about moving to openbsd on our main servers00:16
xdangersince linux security sucks..00:16
xdangertoo many local root exploits for out liking...00:17
xdangersince we run general hosting..00:17
snapcoun1do you offer shells?00:17
xdangeryep =/00:17
snapcoun1that must be fun to administer00:17
snapcoun1I would be so paranoid00:17
xdangerwe are =D00:17
xdangerI'm desingin a blog/picgallery/webpage thingy, and just have to steal alot of webguis ideas =P00:19
jmorgansgsax: have you installed ExtUtils::ParseXs? that should fix the error your seeing00:19
jmorgani had the same "Module::Build is not configured with C_support" error & ExtUtils::ParseXs fixed it00:22
snapcoun1jmorgan: cool, I'll have to take note of that.  Thanks for the tip00:23
jmorganyup, Google's your friend ;_00:26
jmorgansnapcoun1: I'm going to be setting up a few Debian boxes tonight so If you need someone to test your latest WRE, I'm able00:33
snapcoun1go for it00:33
snapcoun1I'm using the latest debian build on one of my dev servers and it's ok00:34
snapcoun1but the more the better00:34
jmorganhow can I get it?00:34
snapcoun1it's on sourceforge00:34
* jmorgan reads "PBWG: Meet Roy Johnson" while downloading00:37
sgsaxjmorgan: thanks for the tip, but that module is already installed00:44
sgsaxExtUtils::ParseXS is up to date (2.15)00:44
sgsaxso will WRE overwrite any of my other system configuration and apps, or does it just create it's own little environment for webgui to run out of?00:46
snapcoun1it's all self contained00:47
snapcoun1when you're done you can actually move you're entire setup to another server by copying one folder00:48
sgsaxah, good, didn't want it fubaring my production server when I got to that point00:48
snapcoun1you're starting off on a dev server right?00:49
snapcoun1good =)00:49
sgsaxI'm not that much of a n00b :)00:49
sgsaxjust not good with perl00:49
jmorganis the latest wre-debian include the POE::Component::Client::HTTP module?00:50
jmorganon sf00:50
snapcoun1none of the others do.  this one does because I compiled it after that change was made to wG00:52
snapcoun1sgsax: heh... you'd be surprised what people do =)00:52
snapcoun1so I play it safe and drop friendly hints =)00:52
jmorganok, great!00:53
snapcoun1man... V for Vendetta was a good movie00:55
sgsaxsnapcoun1: no problem, I appreciate advise :000:56
sgsaxand that was a good flick00:56
snapcoun1I bought it today... now I'm ripping it so I don't have to carry the stupid disc around00:57
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Radix_is the new debian wre for stable or testing debian?02:24
snapcoun1I compiled it on testing02:25
snapcoun1but it should work on either I'd imagine02:25
Radix_will it be actively maintained in future tho?  or am i better with going rhel4?02:32
snapcoun1it will be maintained02:51
Radix_great news :)02:55
jmorganhas anypne tested large number of wre websitse?03:02
jmorgani'm wondering how many could fit a dual-proc + lots of ramm box03:03
snapcoun1we have some boxes easily running 300+ sites03:29
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snapcoun1greetings crythias04:42
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snapcoun1how goes it?05:03
snapcoun1let's see who's paying attention05:05
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@snapcountyou're all hired05:07
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snapcountI was kicking myself05:09
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Radix-wrkcurrently doing a big webgui upgrade.. busy busy!05:10
* crythia1 loves making rfe's that get 1e-6 difficulty.05:10
snapcountwe like that too05:10
+crythia1ok.. :P05:11
snapcountis that to the neg 6 or 605:11
+crythia1neg 605:12
snapcountyeah we like those05:12
+crythia1it wasn't a bad request.05:12
snapcountdid you submit the wiki rfe?05:12
+crythia1I think. 05:12
+crythia1well, maybe JT did as a result of our discuss05:13
snapcountI dumped all of my Karma into that last night 1300+05:13
snapcountit has a factor of 80 so it didn't move but a few spots05:13
+crythia1I still have nearly 3800karma05:13
+crythia1I dump like 1000 karma at a shot05:13
snapcountyou deserve all of it too05:13
+crythia1who, me? Someone decides that all my posts get thumbs down. :)05:14
+crythia1then again, maybe I'm also getting karma transfered to me, as well.05:14
Radix-wrkdo my rfe.. it's easy (and I've dumped all my points in that too)05:14
snapcountI think my interview has gotten thumbs down so don't feel bad lol05:15
snapcountthe pbwg interview05:15
snapcountI guess I'm not good with the press05:15
+crythia1no, I meant for radix, but that's good to know, too05:15
Radix-wrkIt's now #1 :)05:16
Radix-wrkjust dumped more points in it again05:16
+crythia1image management?05:16
Radix-wrkyah :)05:16
+crythia1how can it work?05:16
+crythia1friendly urls?05:16
+crythia1I know how it *can* work, but it's not nice.05:17
+crythia1friendly urls for images.05:17
Radix-wrkjust need editor to use the proper url - and not the direct url05:18
+crythia1imagine a mod_rewrite.conf that is included be reference into httpd.conf/VirtualHost05:18
+crythia1be: by05:18
+crythia1imagine that the rewrite rules get appended with/modified by the change of new images.05:19
+crythia1imagine that I make sense and someone believes what I say can work :)05:20
+crythia1I have another issue with the rich editor. I would love it if I could use <a href="#">link</a> and not have to worry about the # beling prepended with the current page.05:21
+crythia1um. ok, but why do I have my responses removed from rfe?05:23
+crythia1this is an HTML code issue. It isn't a WebGUI issue.05:24
+crythia1I provided a code snippet that would provide the answer and it got removed.05:24
snapcountI don't understand that... was it like a default template rfe?05:27
+crythia1Tiffany wants some sort of mouse-over/click/change big image thing 05:30
+crythia1but it's silly. it's just web code.05:30
+crythia1How easy?05:31
+crythia1You put your "big" image and give it a name=. then you put your "thumbnail" images on the side. Onclick document.img.name.src="bigimageforthethumbnail.jpg"05:32
Radix-wrkgetting errors in the big webgui upgrade :(05:32
Radix-wrk6.8.10 - 7.0.305:32
Radix-wrkfdsweb 6.8.10-6.99.005:32
Radix-wrk        Backing up fdsweb (6.8.10)...OK05:32
Radix-wrk        Changing dbCacheTimeout to groupCacheTimeout.05:32
Radix-wrk        Adding workflow.05:32
Radix-wrk                Making database changes.05:32
Radix-wrkDBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'WorkflowSchedule' already exists at ../../lib/WebGUI/SQL/ResultSet.pm line 135.05:32
+crythia1you sure you didn't already upgrade and fail?05:33
snapcountselect * from webguiVersions;05:33
Radix-wrknup.. first time for this database05:33
+crythia1Workflow wouldn't exist in 6.8.1005:33
Radix-wrkunless.. hmm.. remnants from a previous test..05:33
+crythia1drop the table05:34
+crythia1or the field.05:34
+crythia1yeah. field05:34
Radix-wrkdidn't think to do that.. bugger05:34
+crythia1backup exists in /tmp/backups by default05:34
+crythia1whose default? not mine. I didn't.05:34
Radix-wrkI'll start again from scratch - lots depend on this05:35
* Radix-wrk waits patiently for the backup /data directory to extract.05:42
* Radix-wrk twiddles his thumbs.05:42
Radix-wrkyay.. working smoothly this time round05:51
Radix-wrkso far anyway.. it's still upgrading :)05:52
Radix-wrkyay.. finished upgrading everything to 7.0.3.  Now to move it to our new WRE setup.05:56
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Radix-wrk2006/08/02 11:27:23 - FATAL - webgui.formsys.com.conf - WebGUI::Session::ErrorHandler::fatal[190] - Couldn't connect to database.06:26
Radix-wrk2006/08/02 11:27:23 - FATAL - webgui.formsys.com.conf - WebGUI::Session::Setting::new[118] - Couldn't connect to database.06:26
Radix-wrkany idea what would cause this?06:26
Radix-wrkwhatever has happened.. it's locked the database totally.. in a loop somehow - can't even stop them06:28
snapcountthis is WRE?06:30
snapcountare you sure that mysql is running?06:31
Radix-wrkI had WRE all setup.. ready for transplant06:31
snapcountps aux | grep mysqld06:31
Radix-wrkhmm.. it was.. but now it's not.. wierd06:32
snapcountcheck /etc for a my.cnf file06:32
Radix-wrknah.. I've been through that06:33
snapcountwell, if you're running redhat or one of it's variants, the updates are known to recreate that file06:33
Radix-wrkWe've come from a debian webgui setup - and not only going to 7.0.3 with it, but also moving it all over to wre06:33
Radix-wrkI set this WRE with a test database previously, and essentially just doing a switch over with the database and uploads/extras dir06:34
snapcountthen try running mysql manually and see what the errors are06:34
Radix-wrkwhere do the mysql errors get put?06:34
Radix-wrk060802 11:33:38  mysqld started06:36
Radix-wrk060802 11:33:39  InnoDB: Operating system error number 13 in a file operation.06:36
Radix-wrkInnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to06:36
Radix-wrkInnoDB: the directory.06:36
Radix-wrkInnoDB: File name ./ibdata106:36
Radix-wrkInnoDB: File operation call: 'open'.06:36
Radix-wrkInnoDB: Cannot continue operation.06:36
Radix-wrk060802 11:33:39  mysqld ended06:36
snapcountchown -R mysql /data/wre/prereqs/mysql06:36
Radix-wrkAhh.. I fcked it up when I changed ownership06:36
Radix-wrkI did it on /data and not just the extras/uploads06:36
snapcountalso, unless you're using innodb for something other than wg, I would disable it06:37
Radix-wrkany other permissions I should set06:37
snapcountmake sure nobody owns the uploads folder and everything under it06:37
snapcountfor your sites06:37
Radix-wrkin the prereqs folder tho.. I've set everything to nobody:nobody06:37
Radix-wrkshould perl/utils/memcached/imagemagick belong to anyone specifically?06:38
snapcountmysql has to be owned by  a user called mysql though06:39
Radix-wrkcool.. fixed that then hopefully :)06:39
snapcountyou can add --skip-innodb to /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/my.cnf if you want to turn innodb off06:39
snapcountunder the mysqld section06:40
snapcountjust skip-innodb06:40
Radix-wrkyeah.. cool06:40
snapcountno -- in front06:40
Radix-wrkjust in the mysqld section?06:40
snapcountwre will be like that by default next release06:41
Radix-wrksuccess! :)06:41
Radix-wrknow to do some tweaks to fix forms, etc06:41
snapcountcool beans06:42
Radix-wrkcan finally delete two years worth of trash! :)06:43
snapcountbed time for me... good luck finishing up =)06:47
Radix-wrkcheers for your help :)06:47
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Radix-wrkanyone know how the wre backup script works?07:31
Radix-wrkit just seems to produce errors for me :(07:31
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Radix-wrkhey snapcoun1 :)09:01
Radix-wrkweren't you off to bed a couple of hours ago?09:01
Radix-wrkhe's sleep-irc'ing obviously09:25
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ckotilim having issues with veritcal menu navigation16:16
ckotilhover over the links on the left_nav16:16
ckotilyou can be right on top of the link and not be able to click anything16:17
ckotilany ideas?16:17
ckotilalso. i wish there were a way to get 'cool menu' to evenly space the links, and seperate the links with a / , or | or something.16:18
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Jiggieok karnales17:40
Jiggieanyone here17:40
Jiggieare u good with webgui crap17:40
Jiggiewhere does the database gets stored17:41
ckotilnot really17:41
ckotili dont use the wre17:41
ckotilso for me its in mysql17:41
Jiggiewhere then inmysql17:41
Jiggiewhats the path tot the folder17:41
ckotilwhat are you looking for?17:42
Jiggiewell i have webgui 6.2.1117:42
Jiggiefinally got perl preload and test environment to pass17:42
Jiggienow i want to upgrade to 717:42
ckotildo you have a site?17:43
Jiggieso i took the database that is on our webgui box and copied to WebGUI folder in this new box17:43
Jiggiei still dont have the site up, but crythias said it wasnt necesary to have it up to upgrade17:43
ckotilok then you need to get wG7 source and follow the upgrade instructions. there is a certain path you must take. upgrade to 6.8 then 6.9 then  or something like that17:44
Jiggieyeah i get that17:44
ckotilso you have a .sql file of your database?17:45
Jiggiei want to know where should i go to make webgui use that database17:45
ckotili create .sql backups of my dataabse via mysqldump. then to put the backup back into mysel you do the following17:45
Jiggiewhat does this do....it does not want to work for me  mysql -uwebgui -ppassword WebGUI < docs/create.sql17:46
ckotillogin to mysql drop database webgui; then create database webgui17:46
ckotilthen do that ^17:46
ckotilcreate.sql creates the db for the first time17:46
ckotilyou wont need to do that17:46
ckotilbut instead replace docs/create.sql with your backup.sql17:47
ckotiland you will hae your old database on mysql17:47
Jiggiewait a minute17:47
Jiggieso just go into my sql and see what database its using17:47
Jiggieand drop it 17:48
ckotilou must drop it before bringing up an old one17:48
Jiggiethen i can just rename the old with the current db name and use it again right....17:48
Jiggienot vey good with sql17:48
ckotili see that ;]17:48
Jiggiewould you walk me tru17:48
ckotili dont really have time17:49
Jiggiethanks anyways17:52
ckotilcan you jsut do a fresh install?17:54
ckotilthen export the old site into it?17:54
Jiggiefresh install, i can 17:59
Jiggiebut i tought i had to upgrade my database first in order for it tow ork with 717:59
ckotilya i think you do17:59
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Jiggiedo you have some time18:57
Jiggiehere it is18:58
Jiggieyou had given me instructions on upgrading18:58
Jiggiei ran preload and test env and they both run without a problem18:59
Jiggieno i extracted a new version to continue wiotht eh upgrade18:59
Jiggiethen i have to run upgrade.pl18:59
Jiggiebut its not working18:59
+crythiaswhat version19:00
+crythiasyes. you started at 6.2.11, right?19:00
+crythiasthen you put 6.6.519:00
+crythiasthen upgrade19:00
+crythiasBlame Bush!19:11
+crythiasIt's obvious that he knew the jetstream would have been modified, and did nothing to stop it </sarcasm>19:11
Jiggiehow is everyone doing20:16
ckotilsomeone posted a fix to my navigation + vertical menu problem20:54
ckotiland the errors ive been getting are due to the fact that im sitll running an old mod_perl while most of the perl m,odules are newer20:55
Jiggiei c20:56
sgsaxis there an easy way to find how how far through the wre you are?21:21
sgsaxI know it's supposed to take a long time, I was jsut hoping for some kind of status indicator21:22
jmorganI'm not sure what you mean. wre is untar & go for set up21:23
Jiggie1 question21:25
Jiggieafter preload and testwnvironment have run successfully21:26
Jiggiehow do i install webgui21:26
Jiggiether eis no wre21:26
Jiggieand apache just points to the default apache page21:26
jmorganJiggie: is this a source install, a wre install?21:27
Jiggiesee that21:28
Jiggieso u can catch up fast21:29
Jiggiei know i'm just missing bs stuff21:29
Jiggieafter this a webgui for dummies. i'll write21:29
jmorganare you following this.. http://www.plainblack.com/installing_webgui?21:29
Jiggieas 6.2.111 doe snot have spectre21:29
Jiggieusing the one that came with it21:30
Jiggieinside the docs folder21:30
jmorganhmm, I'm not really going to be much help doing an upgrade as i've not walked through the process your describing above.21:33
jmorganhow bad do you need the 6.2.11 site?21:34
Jiggieits our intranet21:34
Jiggieall the info is there21:34
Jiggiei already backed up the database21:34
Jiggiebut i cant have the site out21:34
Jiggiecompany depends on it21:34
Jiggieso help me with the install21:35
Jiggielets not worry about update21:35
Jiggiei still dont see a site21:35
jmorganyou might try the database dump from 6.2.11 then import into 7.0.321:35
Jiggiei'll do thata fter i get this running21:35
Jiggieits a serious of steps to do that21:35
Jiggieplust he upgrade.pl is giving me errors21:35
Jiggiegonna see whay21:35
snapcoun1to upgrade you have to go from 6.2.11 -> 6.6.5 -> 6.8.10 -> latest21:36
Jiggieyeah 21:36
Jiggiewill do that as soon as i get this running21:36
Jiggiepreload.pl and test environment.pl21:36
Jiggierun without errors21:36
Jiggienow what?21:36
JiggieStarting WebGUI 6.2.1121:36
Jiggie       Loading WebGUI.conf21:36
JiggieWebGUI Started!21:36
JiggieWorks, then downloaded the 6.6.5 and extracted over WebGUI folder 21:36
Jiggieran both perl testEnvironmentest.pl and perl preload.perl21:36
JiggieStarting WebGUI 6.6.521:36
Jiggie        Loading WebGUI.conf21:36
JiggieWebGUI Started!21:36
Jiggiecan we start with the WebGUI.conf21:38
jmorganso webgui started but you can't see the site... sounds like an apache config issue21:39
Jiggiei guess21:39
JiggieGetting site configs...21:39
Jiggie        Processing WebGUI.conf.21:39
JiggieDBI connect('Intranet1','oracle',...) failed: Access denied for user 'oracle'@'localhost' to database 'Intranet1' at upgrade.pl line 16421:39
JiggieCan't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at ../lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm line 446.21:39
jmorganyou might also check any log files for strange things21:39
Jiggiei know i'm a pain in the ass and you guys dont get paid for this21:40
Jiggiebut can you walk me tru things21:40
Jiggieto see what am i missing21:40
Jiggiei dont remember addind a site yet21:40
Jiggieas the instructions do not have it21:40
jmorgani suggest going back through the install document step by step & double check your settings21:42
Jiggiethe install does not have much for 6.2.1121:43
Jiggiethats the problem21:43
Jiggiewhen it gets updated "webgui" people dont have a page for the old installs21:44
Jiggiei know its some simple shit21:45
Jiggiecant ping point it21:45
jmorganyou working in a test environment right?21:50
jmorganif yes, then I'd suggest untarring 6.6.5, run the upgrade script, untar 6.8.10, run the upgrade script, etc21:51
jmorgani'd guess that the upgrade script modifies what's in the database more then what its in /data/WebGUI21:51
jmorganread through /data/WebGUI/docs/ folder especially the gotchas file21:53
Jiggiedoing that now22:02
Jiggieupgrading the database now22:08
Jiggiei was missing something from mysql22:08
-!- sgsax [n=sgsax@n116x00.cis.ksu.edu] has left #webgui []22:10
ckotilin a naavigation asset, is there any way to  block out the root level ancestors?22:25
-!- ckotil [n=Newt@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has quit ["Lost terminal"]22:33
-!- ckotil [n=Newt@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui22:47
Jiggiei got the databse to update.....to 6.6 something  will be doing the other s now22:54
Jiggielooking good22:54
ckotilwG is the best cms ive ever used. hands down23:31
ckotilbeats the pants off of joomla/mambo and plone23:32
Jiggieits too hard to install23:36
Jiggiebut once is installed its great23:36
Jiggieinstall and upgrade23:36
Jiggiethey can have more people if the instructions were better23:37
Jiggiei'll help them out23:37
Jiggieas i'll be writing a small how to,step by step for the company.. maybe they can use it23:37
ckotilyou gotta have youe systems admin install it23:37
ckotiland if you are the systems admin, i hope you have 2 weeks to devote ot it23:37
Jiggiei'm a jr sys admin23:37
Jiggiemy sys admin didnt want to deal with it and gave it to me23:38
ckotilim the web developer23:38
ckotilbut i installed it ;]23:38
Jiggieme too23:38
ckotilwhat sucks is when someone else upgrades perl without talking to you first23:38
Jiggieits a bit ruff on the edges...i wish it had better documents23:38
Jiggiewe had a really old version adn that person left23:38
ckotilive found everything ive wanted to know23:38
Jiggieso i have to pick up where he left off23:39
ckotilthrough the free docs, web gui done right , and the forums23:39
ckotiland in here too.23:39
Jiggieand he had  a mess here23:39
ckotilaw.. bummer23:39
ckotilya no doubt23:39
Jiggielike 5 diff installation folders23:39
Jiggiethats why iots so hard to follow it for me23:39
Jiggiebut working good on it for a bit and will be helping here23:39
ckotiltheres a lot i still dont know23:40
jmorgani'm cleaning out my computer room today & found a couple of Ultra2. I'm installing debian atm23:43
jmorgani wonder if webgui runs on them23:43
Jiggiewith 3 weeks of cpan modules to install23:45
jmorgani wonder if webgui has been ported to any other arch or OS besides linux...23:46
Jiggiestuck here23:46
jmorganand *bsd23:46
Jiggiecpan> install Data::Structure::Util23:46
JiggieRunning install for module Data::Structure::Util23:46
JiggieRunning make for F/FO/FOTANGO/Data-Structure-Util-0.12.tar.gz23:46
Jiggie  Is already unwrapped into directory /root/.cpan/build/Data-Structure-Util-0.1223:46
Jiggie  Has already been processed within this session23:46
JiggieRunning make test23:46
Jiggie  Can't test without successful make23:46
JiggieRunning make install23:46
Jiggie  make had returned bad status, install seems impossible23:46
ckotilget the source23:48
ckotiland install 23:48
ckotili've a template question.23:51
ckotilif i want to use a single template accrossed a couple branches , and i just want an image at the top to change. what tmpl variable will i be using? i know body.content will include the assets contained within the node23:53
Jiggiedont know much about templates23:55
--- Day changed Thu Aug 03 2006
ckotilwell im off, ill make a forum post about this. cya tomrorow.00:02
-!- ckotil [n=Newt@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has quit ["leaving"]00:02
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat054.mxim.com] has joined #webgui00:22
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by ChanServ00:22
+perlDreamersnapcoun1: wanna talk 'bout yer bug?00:22
+perlDreamerI think you're right, it's a code problem00:23
+perlDreamerI looked at new, and there are fall through cases for className00:23
+perlDreamerbut I think you should also create all your assets inside a versionTag so that they can be cleaned up at the end of the test.00:23
snapcoun1why does it matter?  I thought the tests were considered destructive?00:24
snapcoun1I'm not against the idea though00:25
+perlDreamerthe smoke-tests are destructive00:25
+perlDreamerthey get cleaned up every night00:25
+perlDreamerbut I'm guessing dev systems don't00:25
+perlDreamerand you don't want the tests to interfere with one another00:25
snapcoun1well, I think it's better to avoid complicating them00:25
snapcoun1so the tests are very focused00:25
snapcoun1but I dunno00:26
+perlDreamerit's also a good way to test the version control api ;)00:26
snapcoun1I figured version control was in another test set so I left it out00:26
snapcoun1actually it is00:27
snapcoun1so, do you think my bug is really a bug eh?00:27
snapcoun1JT can be weird about bugs like this because the test is using the API incorrectly00:28
snapcoun1however, it's documented to behave a certain way when it can't figure something out00:28
snapcoun1and it's not doing that00:28
-!- snapcoun1 [n=Roy@adsl-152-11-8.dab.bellsouth.net] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]00:36
-!- snapcoun1 [n=Roy@adsl-152-11-8.dab.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui00:43
snapcoun1perlDreamer: ping00:44
+perlDreamercube talk, be back soon00:50
+perlDreamerI think it's really a bug01:29
+perlDreamerIt's doing something unpredictably, and you want it to fail early so that it doesn't do something like create "ghost" Assets in the db.01:29
snapcoun1oooh ghosts01:29
snapcoun1spooky =)01:30
+perlDreamerI became a big believer in tests being self contained when the User and Group tests starting causing failures in other tests that used the User and Group tables.01:30
+perlDreamerit's like 4 lines of code.01:30
+perlDreameranyway, I can fix the bug if you prefer01:31
+perlDreamerJT can't fire me01:31
+perlDreamerwell, he can fire me01:31
+perlDreamerbut it doesn't impact my budget01:32
+perlDreameryou made quite a few tests, dude.01:32
+perlDreamergood work!01:32
snapcoun1yeah... I want to at least have all the constructors tested01:32
snapcoun1they are kinda important01:32
+perlDreamerI have all but a handful of the Macros tested01:32
snapcoun1webgui has *so* much code01:33
+perlDreamerIt would be nice if we could check in some metadocs that don't make it to release01:33
+perlDreamerfor instance, I have a list of which macros have tests and which don't01:33
+perlDreamerit would be nice to share it.01:33
snapcoun1just shove a readme in the t directory01:33
snapcoun1or dev-readme01:34
* snapcoun1 shrugs01:34
+perlDreamerI could try some SVN metadata...01:34
+perlDreamerand attach it to the directory01:34
snapcoun1how does that work?01:34
+perlDreameryou can attach random metadata to files and directories.01:34
+perlDreamerit get stored in .svn01:34
+perlDreamerand you can query it via the tool01:35
+perlDreamerit how you set ignoreFile, like in CVS01:35
snapcoun1I see01:35
snapcoun1you prolly wanna post to dev... b/c I don't think anyone else will realize it's there and/or know how to use it01:36
snapcoun1but it sounds good...01:36
+perlDreamerthink so?01:36
snapcoun1only problem I see is keeping it updated01:36
+perlDreamerit has to be done manually01:37
snapcoun1i.e., getting people to update it when they write test01:37
+perlDreamerprobably better to start with READMEs01:37
snapcoun1but then again... there are like four of us that do01:37
+perlDreamerso far, I have high hopes for my talk01:37
snapcoun1how long does it take to run the entire test suite now01:38
+perlDreamerdon't know01:38
+perlDreamerneed to add the --timer switch to testEnvironment.pl to have prove time it for us01:38
+perlDreameractually, a lot depends on the version of perl you use01:39
+perlDreamermy code scanner tests go 30X if you run it under recent versions of perl01:39
+perlDreamerThey use Text::Balanced, which reblesses objects and in perl that operation was made to be very expensive in time.01:39
snapcoun1is there a test that checks the codebase for i18n->echo calls01:40
snapcoun1those are kinda bugs I think01:40
+perlDreamerjust add it to label.t01:41
+perlDreameractually, I was thinking of building 1 code scanner that both label.t and one of the Help tests could use.01:41
+perlDreamerI wrote a test to make sure that calls to AdminConsole->setHelp have valid help entries01:41
snapcoun1that's a good one01:42
snapcoun1I can't believe how many tests are written01:42
snapcoun1and how many still need to be written01:42
+perlDreamermost of the 11000 tests are autogenerated from label.t (7000)01:42
+perlDreamerour coverage isn't very good01:42
+perlDreamerI'm hoping to have some Devel::Cover data by the conference.01:43
snapcoun1hard to say w/o a semi-accurate way to estimate total tests needed01:43
snapcoun1i.e., we're 10% there, etc01:43
+perlDreamertiffany is funny01:44
+perlDreamerdid you read her post about removing commits?01:44
snapcoun1missed that one01:45
+perlDreamerit's on the regular boards01:45
snapcoun1oh I did read that01:52
+perlDreamer"happy place"01:52
+perlDreamerare y'all getting a lot of that, about version control?01:53
snapcoun1it's like everything01:55
snapcoun1it's different... some love it, some hate it01:55
snapcoun1some want it to do more01:55
snapcoun1people are never happy, but I think that's a good thing01:56
snapcoun1gives us something to do =)01:56
+perlDreamerare y'all real busy now?02:00
snapcoun1hey there you are02:07
snapcoun1I was answering your priv msg02:07
+perlDreamerI didn't get it02:08
+perlDreamercan you hop in IM for a sec?02:09
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat054.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]02:53
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Radix-wrkmornin' :)03:16
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Radix-wrk"I'd still hang out with most of you even if I wasn't paid to do it... cough cough =P" - lol05:28
Radix-wrkYeah sure snapcount - we believe ya ;)05:28
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-!- snapcoun1 [n=Roy@adsl-152-12-26.dab.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui16:07
Jiggiewhere can i get the wre for version 6.8.1016:24
snapcoun1right now it's not available for download16:29
snapcoun1lemme see if I can get that back on sourceforge16:29
snapcoun1so you can download it16:30
Jiggiei wont to soundforge and its no longer there16:30
xdangerwe'll I think I have it some where...16:33
xdangersnapcoun1: 0.6 ?16:33
snapcoun1yep that's it16:35
snapcoun1I'm trying to get it okay'd b/c it makes the upgrade path easier for people who are currently non-wre 5.x or 6.2.1116:36
xdangerJiggie: do you run on debian?16:36
xdangerlol: "Today, tomorrow and the next day are the only days we'll get dates like this: 2/8/6 3/8/6 4/8/6 like the x86 computers :-)"16:43
Jiggieredhat ES416:43
Jiggietrying to update modperl16:44
Jiggiepain in the ass16:45
ckotillol xdanger16:59
ckotiljiggle up2date doesnt keep up to date too much17:01
Jiggiei know17:03
Jiggieand i cant run yum on rhes 417:03
Jiggieit breaks it17:03
Jiggieinstalling from source17:04
Jiggiebut i had to remove the old modperl17:04
Jiggiewould be nice if you guys pointed that out17:04
+crythiasI have links to all versions of source, but whatev.17:08
Jiggieis it on ur site17:11
JiggieConfiguring Apache/2.2.30 mod_perl2/2.0.2 Perl/v5.8.817:11
Jiggieperl: 5.8.8 ok17:13
Jiggiebuild/version_check.pl failed: no version_string found in '' for 'mod_perl'.17:13
JiggiePlease upgrade mod_perl first.17:13
Jiggiei need to fix that17:14
+crythiasuninstall/reinstall mod_perl and all perl-* when upgrading perl17:14
Jiggiei just uninstalled modperl 1.9917:15
Jiggieand installed the 217:15
Jiggieany help17:29
+crythiasI didn't realize there was a question... :(17:29
ckotilI feel that the vertical menu can be made better.17:30
ckotilsometimes it looses its indentation when it shouldn't17:31
+crythiaswhat cpan module is trying to build in that is requesting the mod_perl version?17:32
+crythiasand for what os?17:33
+crythiasduh: like I should have guessed.17:34
Jiggiered hat doe snot have mod perl above 217:34
+crythiashaven't I told you where to get libapreq for that?17:34
Jiggiei'm documenting everything on the post i made and following your suggestions17:35
+crythiaswhat fc# is applicable to rhes4?17:35
Jiggieit needs dependencies17:36
Jiggiei updated modperl2 already17:36
JiggieRemoving previously used /root/.cpan/build/libapreq2-2.0717:36
Jiggie  CPAN.pm: Going to build J/JO/JOESUF/libapreq2-2.07.tar.gz17:36
Jiggieperl: 5.8.8 ok17:36
Jiggiebuild/version_check.pl failed: no version_string found in '' for 'mod_perl'.17:36
JiggiePlease upgrade mod_perl first.17:36
+crythiasperl -libapreq217:37
Jiggieso i have to download libapreq217:37
+crythiasprobably closer17:41
Jiggiecan i have a link to your site17:43
+crythiasmy site?17:43
Jiggieneed to download wre for 6.x17:43
+crythiasI don't have wre for 6.x :(17:43
+crythiasjust source.17:43
Jiggieso, the instructions you gave me on how to upgrade17:44
Jiggiejust extract the wenGUI over th eold one and meet dependencies17:44
Jiggiethen do the upgrade.pl17:44
+crythiaspretty much.17:44
+crythiaschange preload.perl if it applies17:44
+crythiasbackup before overwrite.17:45
Jiggiethis libapreqn requires a shit load of dependencies17:45
Jiggielet me fill them17:46
Jiggiegetting very used to webgui17:46
Jiggiesoon will help you guys here17:46
+crythiascan't get over how MANY dependencies to get WebGUI running.17:46
Jiggietoo many if you ask me17:47
+crythiasI concur17:47
Jiggiethis drives me crazy17:48
JiggiePlease provide a full path to 'apxs' executable17:48
Jiggie(press Enter if you don't have it installed):  /usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs17:48
JiggieConfiguring Apache/2.2.30 mod_perl2/2.0.2 Perl/v5.8.817:48
JiggieChecking if your kit is complete...17:48
JiggieLooks good17:48
Jiggieif it says its good why oes it fail17:48
+crythias'cause of 2.2 Apache17:49
ckotilyah , just wait till it asks you for the apache src17:49
ckotiland you're like. uhmmmm...wtf!17:49
* crythias is considering hosting on webgui... but not so sure.17:50
+crythiasProbably worth hosting on WebGUI if only my dummy site to get the cheaper support :)17:50
Jiggiewe host on webgui17:50
Jiggiebut the internal network we host17:50
Jiggieextranet is 7 and intranet is 6.2.1117:50
+crythiasI understand. I've a similar issue.17:51
+crythiasactually... I just got some new boxen in.. I should be starting to wipe Winxp to get my intranet box not on crappy hw17:51
Jiggiejust upgraded the database to 6.8.417:51
Jiggiei have formatted this box so many times17:52
Jiggiewith fedora, redhat, ubuntu17:53
Jiggieperl: 5.8.8 ok17:53
Jiggiemod_perl: 2.000002 ok17:53
JiggieApache::Test: 1.27 ok17:53
Jiggieit still looks to add mod_perl-1.29.tar.gz17:54
Jiggielet me reply to post with the follow up17:54
+crythiaswrong libapreq17:57
+crythiasthat's the problem.17:58
Jiggieis asking for 17:58
+crythiaslibapreq is for mod_perl libapreq2 for mod_perl217:58
JiggiePlease tell me where I can find your apache src17:58
Jiggie [../apache_x.x/src]                              17:58
+crythiasno need to do this!17:58
+crythiasyou don't need it if the rpm is installed17:58
Jiggiedoing it17:59
+crythiasfor ...17:59
Jiggieshould i point it to where i extracted httpd-2.2.318:00
Jiggiecpan installing Apache2::Request18:00
+crythiasyou're going to have problems with 2.2 go to 2.018:00
+crythiasmuch happiness will follow18:00
Jiggieso now i have to remove httpd-2.2.3 and install 2.018:01
+crythiasyeah. 'cause I banged my head for several hours and just allowed my freebsd box to do proper dependencies. all is well now.18:01
Jiggiealso should be on the documentation if is not there18:02
+crythiasis. Req's: Apache 2.018:03
Jiggiei meant make it a point to tell not to install 2.218:03
+crythiasit's not so much WG problem as libapreq218:04
Jiggiewill have problems18:04
Jiggiewhen i do rpm -e httpd18:04
ckotilwhere can the flex menu be obtained?18:04
Jiggieit says too many dependecies18:04
+crythiasflex? extras, I think, 'cause it's js.18:05
+crythiasat the moment, not certain why wg should have filesystem js anymore.18:05
+crythiasJiggie: sorry :( I don't know if it'd be appropriate to force or not. 18:06
ckotilhrm it might be gone form 7. it would be in navigation right?18:06
+crythiasoh. you mean type of available navigation? oops. yeah. I don't know. didn't check.18:07
ckotilyeah im trying to get vertical nav to work for me18:07
ckotilbut i just cant, i need ancestors and siblings and decendents to show but at the root level it shows all its siblings which are pages i want to hide18:08
Jiggiecan you check here and help me find the httpd souce18:16
Jiggienot for windows18:17
+crythiasyeahbut you could get the src rpm18:17
Jiggiegot it18:17
Jiggiefound it inside another folder18:17
+crythiashappy. joy.18:18
JiggieThe file "/tmp/httpd-2.2.3-1.src.rpm" is a source RPM which cannot be installed with system-config-packages.18:18
Jiggieso now what18:18
+crythiasrpm -Uvh httpd-2.2.3...18:19
Jiggiecan i extract it from the rpm?18:20
Jiggiejust a question18:20
+crythiasnot exactly, but the command I gave you would be the point, I think?18:21
Jiggieroot@intranet13 Desktop]# rpm -Uvh httpd-2.2.3-1.src.rpm18:22
Jiggiewarning: httpd-2.2.3-1.src.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 751d7f2718:22
Jiggie   1:httpd                  warning: user minfrin does not exist - using root18:22
Jiggiewarning: group fma does not exist - using root18:22
Jiggie########################################### [100%]18:22
Jiggiewarning: user minfrin does not exist - using root18:22
Jiggiewarning: group fma does not exist - using root18:22
Jiggiewell i jsut pressed q to quit for the search of the source18:22
Jiggieit seems to be working anyways18:23
Jiggieso httpd and apache are the same18:23
Jiggiewhy different names18:23
+crythiasapache has many products, httpd being the web server daemon.18:23
Jiggiewebgui guys should have a bundle for webgui upgrades18:26
Jiggietired of dependencies18:26
Jiggiewill hate perl when this is done18:26
+crythiasagree. and what's worse is all dependencies need to be reloaded when perl is upgraded.18:27
-!- snapcoun2 [n=Roy@adsl-152-21-117.dab.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui18:28
Jiggiethis is where i'm stuck18:28
Jiggiencludes the four header files required for building libapreq (Apache::Request)18:28
-!- snapcoun1 [n=Roy@adsl-152-12-26.dab.bellsouth.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]18:34
Jiggiealmost giving up on webgui18:41
Jiggieand dependencies18:41
Jiggiebrb gonna reboot18:43
Jiggieto catcha  break18:43
-!- Jiggie [n=oracle@63-239-138-22.dia.static.qwest.net] has quit ["Leaving"]18:43
-!- Jiggie [n=oracle@63-239-138-22.dia.static.qwest.net] has joined #webgui19:50
Jiggiewith new errors19:50
JiggieThe perl module Apache2::Request is not installed, do you want to install it now? {y|n} [y]19:50
JiggieAttempting to install Apache2::Request...19:50
JiggieCPAN: File::HomeDir loaded ok19:50
JiggieCPAN: Storable loaded ok19:50
JiggieGoing to read /root/.cpan/Metadata19:50
Jiggie  Database was generated on Wed, 02 Aug 2006 21:31:47 GMT19:50
JiggieApache2::Request is up to date (2.07).19:51
JiggieChecking for module Apache2::Request:        Install of Apache2::Request failed!19:51
Jiggiecpan> install Apache2::Request19:51
JiggieCPAN: Storable loaded ok19:51
JiggieGoing to read /root/.cpan/Metadata19:51
Jiggie  Database was generated on Wed, 02 Aug 2006 21:31:47 GMT19:51
JiggieApache2::Request is up to date (2.07).19:51
Jiggieso is it installed or not19:51
ckotili had to install it manually19:55
jmorgansame here. I was missing some dependancies for Apache2::Request19:56
Jiggieso give me some help here19:58
Jiggiewhat did you guys do19:58
Jiggiehow can i use  o conf [opt]  set and query options19:58
Jiggieso any help20:13
ckotili dunno how to help20:30
JiggieWebGUI if you get it to run = never20:58
Jiggiehey anyone22:04
Jiggiecpan> install Apache2::Request22:04
JiggieApache2::Request is up to date (2.07).22:04
Jiggiewhy isnt webgui not picking it up22:04
ckotilit senses the use of a double negative22:36
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Radix-wrkoooh.. plainblack website looks totally different today04:40
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Jiggienot that great16:18
ckotilthe new site design is pretty slick18:35
jmorganyeah, I like it too19:08
ckotilugh. elitedesigns needs to get with the program22:21
ckotilthere design are horrid22:21
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ckotiladmin wants no part of the wre. only as a last resort19:57
ckotilthings arent looking too good tho.19:58
ckotiljt had me insert some debug code into preloaad.perl and preload.perl isnt even getting loaded bc of a complilation error before it19:58
ckotilany idea why when admin mode gets turned on images break?20:39
ckotilnah. it seems to break everyone of my images21:03
ckotilusually they're cached and are ok. but if i refresh, they break21:03
ckotili use the ^/; macro to link to them21:04
xdangerhaven't played much with v7, but I'm sure that I find something broken in there when I'm upgrading =)21:09
ckotilcross your fingers.21:10
ckotilpray. or both21:10
xdangernah, I have custom assets, so that usually brakes it21:10
xdangerI'm hoping that v7 is clear of (for-me-)showstopper bugs..21:11
xdangerwe'll not showstoppers, but anoyances..21:11
ckotilwill you setup another instance of your site to upgrade first?21:12
xdangerof course21:12
xdangerI have a testing server at the office...21:12
ckotili plan on setting up a wG instance at home for personal use21:12
xdangerbut at the moment it's in desktop use because one of the desktop machines got sold under us =P21:13
ckotilits a one stop shop21:13
xdanger(It was loand from a friend of mine)21:13
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ckotillast night i tried to build the wre on fbsd 6. it failed running the build.sh script. so i tried building seperately. and it failed at mysql saying i didnt have openssl. so i built it from ports tree and it sitll failed. 18:29
ckotilim 0/2 this week 18:29
jmorganyeah, I had a hard time getting to build on netbsd. had trouble with dependancies18:46
ckotili didnt try from source, bc i didnt want to install perl from source.18:54
ckotiland the ports are a little behind18:54
jmorganwhat error did you get when building wre on fbsd6?19:02
ckotilmissing openssl19:03
ckotilwell thats when i was building like.... sh build.sh --apache --mysql -- etc....19:03
ckotilwhen i ran sh build.sh it would error out at compiling lftp . which i though was WIERD19:04
jmorganyeah, your missing some dependancies (in fbsd6) that it needs. i'll go look to see if I still ahve my notes somewhere19:05
jmorganas i had to install lots of extra stuff19:05
jmorgansorry, can't find my notes. i must have tossed them19:19
jmorganbut what you can do is scroll up to look for the Makefile output. I'd like for "no" & try installing what's missing19:20
jmorganalso, i hear crythias is a bsd'er & might have a wre already built19:22
ckotilyah i didnt look to close to see what failed when i ran sh build.sh19:23
jmorganhere is an example19:23
jmorganchecking dependency style of gcc... gcc319:23
jmorganchecking for g++... no19:23
jmorganchecking for c++... no19:23
jmorganchecking for gpp... gpp19:23
jmorganchecking whether we are using the GNU C++ compiler... no19:23
ckotilyup. then install those19:24
ckotili gotcha19:24
jmorgani always rm -rf /data/wre when I rerun build.sh too19:24
ckotilcool. yeah i did that a couple times last night19:25
ckotili set it up at /usr/data and then made a symbolic link from /data to that19:26
ckotilbc i didnt have enough space otehr wise :/19:26
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ckotilmy idiot admin...says to me 'apparently webdoc has mod perl 1.99'21:48
ckotilso we should be good as soon as he upgrades it21:48
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+crythiasahh... yeah.03:18
+crythiasit's time.03:18
* crythias does that funky dance. Awe yeah...03:18
+crythiasdoin a little this this...03:19
+crythiasdoin a lil tha that03:19
+crythiasvacuums are teh suck03:19
+crythiasI can't believe it's not acrid03:20
* crythias sniffs the air.... Do you smell that?03:21
+crythiasit smells.... like victory.03:22
+crythiasdooby do wha wow sheebidebeebop.03:22
+crythiasI felt bad because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet. So I stole his shoes. Now I've walked a mile in his shoes. 03:24
+crythiasstub orthotics chafe.03:24
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snapcoun1someone's feeling all randy dandy today =)06:03
snapcoun1are you coming to the WUC crythias?06:03
snapcoun1I was hoping we'd get to meet in person06:03
snapcoun1did you wind up moving?06:06
+crythiasnot as of yet06:07
+crythiasmight be browsing at the time o' wuc06:08
snapcoun1well it sucks you're not coming06:08
snapcoun1where are you looking to move?06:08
+crythiasI can't believe I figured our libapreq2!06:08
+crythiasour: out06:08
snapcoun1on freebsd?06:08
+crythiasno. on SuSE06:08
snapcoun1suse 10?06:08
snapcoun1or opensuse or whatever it's called now06:09
snapcoun1crapola... 13 mins of battery left... must find power =)06:09
+crythiasinstalled SuSE 10.1 for the first time on a new server, then tackled WebGUI... about 4 hours to do it from SOURCE, not WRE.06:10
+crythiasnow can do it much faster.06:10
snapcoun1that's better... AC mmm06:10
snapcoun1you like intellectual challenges06:10
+crythiasbut now I *am* the man.06:11
+crythiasbecause what I solved for SuSE is possibly applicable to other OS's.06:11
snapcoun1that is pretty cool07:00
Radix_Anyone know how to make forms remember content if you use the back button in IE with WebGUI?  Is there any way you can get WebGUI to not clear it or something?07:04
Radix_used to work fine.. but with this new version of webgui it's somehow started clearing forms when you use the back button now.. and driving me crazy.07:06
snapcoun1hmm... I'm not sure what WebGUI could be doing to cause that07:37
snapcoun1I would think you saw them before because you were viewing a version of the page from your browsers history07:38
snapcoun1maybe now that cache is handled correctly, IE is not caching the page anymore in the browser history07:38
snapcoun1so when you click back, the page is reloading07:39
snapcoun1this is all just a wild guess mind you, I have done no testing or have anything to back this up =)07:39
* snapcoun1 throws it out there =)07:40
snapcoun1time for bed07:40
snapcoun1need sleep07:40
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+crythiasit's not so hard. 03:27
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maxscienceI need help :(14:41
Radixdon't we all!15:11
maxscienceI can't see Assets15:11
Radixwhat do you mean?15:12
maxscienceI mean the Assets tree15:12
maxscienceAssets button in admin console15:12
Radixyou logged in as administrator?15:13
maxscienceof course15:13
Radixcan you add ?func=manageAssets to your url?15:13
maxscienceI do see the Assets button.. The problem is that the list is empty15:13
maxscienceNo assets whatsover...15:14
Radixdo you see root?15:14
maxsciencejust the link but not the assets15:14
maxscienceempty list...15:14
Radixso if you click on root?15:14
maxscienceempty list!15:14
Radixso does your site work at all?15:15
maxscienceit works perfect15:15
Radixcheck trash and clipboard then15:15
maxsciencethey're empty as they should be15:15
Radixcheck your user account then.. are you sure you still belong to the admins group?15:16
Radixgot backup? :)15:16
maxscienceyep but it's a dev site actually15:16
maxsciencealmost empty15:16
Radixhmm.. so not a live site - that's good at least15:17
Radixdunno I'm afraid.. never heard of anything like that happening15:17
Radixcheck the mysql database if you can (phpmyadmin or some mysql util) - see if you can see asset's listed there15:17
Radixand check the webgui logs15:18
maxsciencedid already.. all seems fine15:24
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maxsciencedo you know how to write macros?18:11
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ckotilwhats the easiest way to get http://snare.grnoc.iu.edu/results.xml into a .rrd ?22:31
ckotilwrong channel22:33
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+crythiasthere ain't no sunshine when she's gone...03:25
Radix-wrkit's not warm when she's away03:33
Radix-wrkHey crythias :)03:34
Radix-wrkYou any good with javascript?03:35
+crythiasmore or less03:35
+crythiasi know how to get what i want ... done03:35
Radix-wrkI've written a form with an <form onsubmit=alert("test");" action=xxx method=post> - but it never gets called03:36
+crythiasbtw... I'm now on skype, and online presence indicator updated on my sig03:36
+crythiashave enough "s?03:37
Radix-wrkalert just being my test code for this example03:37
Radix-wrkyeah.. the " are there properly.. (I just typed that in from memory)03:37
+crythias'kay... and javascript debug says...?03:37
Radix-wrkguess I should check hey..03:38
Radix-wrkWell that explains it03:40
Radix-wrkit works now - stupid thing must have been cached yesterday while I was making all my changes03:40
Radix-wrkspent hours trying to debug it03:41
Radix-wrkhate that :)03:41
Radix-wrkyou going to the WUC crythias?03:57
+crythiassorry. 04:06
+crythiasnope. I wish04:07
Radix-wrkAhh.. shame04:21
Radix-wrkI'm looking forward to it.. though I'm kinda wishing I wasn't going to the US on Sept 11 now.04:24
Radix-wrksecurity is going to be a nightmare I bet04:25
+crythiasI wanted to go sooo bad, but I may be house hunting04:29
Radix-wrkAhh.. not fun.. lease up on your current one?04:29
+crythiasconsidering change of state, zip code.04:30
Radix-wrkOh?  how come?04:30
+crythiasNeed a yard for little one, and $100K cheaper in TX than FL where I currently live.04:30
Radix-wrkAhh.. more room to live in, I can understand that :)04:31
+crythiasYeah. I live in a 3/2 Condo and can sell out and buy property with no mortgage... if I move.04:31
Radix-wrkhere we change suburbs easily.. but not states - too far apart :)04:32
Radix-wrkit's over 1000km to the next state ;)04:32
Radix-wrkthe property market is pretty crazy like that though04:33
+crythiasThis trip would be 1800km04:36
Radix-wrkbig move then!04:36
+crythiasYeah :)04:36
Radix-wrkleaving family/friends behind too I guess?04:36
Radix-wrkchanging job as well?  or lucky enough to be able to work remotely?04:37
+crythiasChanging job, but might want to stay remotely connected. Besides, I have code investment that they'll need support.04:37
Radix-wrkcode investment.. heh.. nice term :)04:38
+crythiasfamily... that's the crux. But the thing is, family wants to move, but if they follow me, all good for them $$$ wise, too.04:38
+crythiasbut they aren't keen on moving where I/we want to move.04:38
Radix-wrkmakes it hard I guess04:39
+crythiasbut the reward of yard + larger house + no mortgage is tempting04:41
Radix-wrkWell.. with the extra money I guess you can at least visit more often if family don't move :)04:44
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maxsciencesomeones' there?11:29
Radix__I am briefly12:34
Radix__I'm prettymuch the only one around this time of the day :)12:34
xdangerwe'll I'm too, but usually busy12:53
Radix__oh hey xdanger :)12:54
Radix__where are you located?12:54
Radix__if you wanted to you could always use templates to determine what style you showed.  Personally.. while different sections of our site have different themes, we use a generic theme for the user style13:15
Radix__templates and a bit of javascript can make things very flexible though13:16
xdangerRadix__: finland13:19
Radix__Ahh.. that explains why you're here :)13:20
maxsciencebut why damn I can't change the user function style depending which theme do I use??13:21
maxsciencethis is more urgent... Could you help me with that? :( http://www.plainblack.com/web_design_templates_and_themes/variable-header13:22
Radix__I use the include macro myself to include common sections of code into each style13:23
-!- crythias [n=Gerald@c-68-51-234-189.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui13:24
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maxsciencethe include macro?13:24
maxsciencehello crythias13:24
+crythiasgood morning13:24
xdangeryou could use AssetProxy macro for snippet13:24
+crythiasyeah. I like that better.13:25
Radix__yup.. that's prolly a better way13:25
+crythias'cause Snippets are easier to maintain.13:25
maxscienceI use version 713:25
Radix__I wrote this ages ago before I learnt about snippets :)13:25
maxsciencebut the problem is that the image I want to be variable, depending on the website section, is in the style template! :(13:25
maxscienceat the top13:26
+crythiaswhat is the determination of "section"?13:26
Radix__so use a template variable or some javascript to determine the css13:26
maxscienceI can't use some if statements in this style template?13:26
+crythiaswhat is the criteria?13:27
maxscienceLike mydomain.com/info is a section with its own header image, mydomain.com/contact is another one, etc.13:27
xdangermaxscience: some time ago I did this with a custom macro, and another time with navigation ;)13:27
Radix__I have javascript on my page which I use to switch between several different stylesheets for different page sizes13:27
+crythiasshouldn't need js13:27
Radix__could use the same thing to change between different themed sites too13:28
+crythiasespecially if you can't rely on your users running js13:28
maxsciencexdanger: I could use that macro inside the style template?13:29
+crythiasthinking ...13:29
+crythiasThe thing is, even if it could be done for each /section, you have to propogate that through the subpages13:32
+crythiasby the time you figure this out, you could apply a Page Layout and forget about it.13:32
xdangerThe macro was basicly a little navigation, it ficured out the page next to the page next root =) and made a template that had <tmpl_if nextToRoot.menutitle1>..13:33
+crythiasIn *my* opinion, this is exactly what Page Layout is all about. Style is for global look-and-feel. Page Layout is for any per-page changes.13:33
maxsciencebut I really can't use page layout here because I'm forced by the actual design13:33
+crythiashow so?13:33
+crythiasyou are putting content in Page Layout?13:34
Radix__jsut override the css in your page layout13:34
+crythiasor you are using Articles as pages?13:34
maxscienceyeah crythias this is in theory.. But practically this doesn't apply universally.. It depends on the design13:34
maxscienceI can show you the website I'm migrating to webgui13:35
+crythiasI've seen this.13:36
+crythiaswith you, I think.13:36
maxscienceyeah :)13:36
Radix__you can override css very easily13:36
maxscienceok you see the top header image? I need that img to be variable depending on the section13:36
+crythiasRadix is correct.13:36
Radix__put the logo in some css, and override it in each page layout13:37
Radix__I do that with some pages on my site13:37
maxsciencethe problem is that what is on the right on the left menu you see there it's placed the body.content template variable13:37
+crythiasThe point for Radix is what criteria shall you use to choose the override13:37
maxsciencein the style template13:37
Radix__crythias, if it's done in the page layout, then surely it's decidable on each page13:37
+crythiashence the problem.13:38
Radix__Anyhow.. I gotta run13:38
maxscienceagain the problem is that, because the style template is done that way, the page layout doesn't affect the header!13:38
+crythiasjust a sec. trying to read ...13:39
+crythiasthe problem is that what is on the right on the left menu you see there it's placed the body.content template variable13:39
maxscienceon the right OF the left menu13:40
+crythiasthe content in the center is in body.content.13:40
maxsciencethe page layout affects just the part of the page next to the left menu and under the header13:40
maxscienceexactly yes13:41
maxscienceand because body.content is placed there, page layout can't affect the header right?13:41
+crythiasthe same code is exactly placeable BEFORE the tmpl_loop where body.content begins.13:41
+crythias(in page layout template)13:41
maxscienceso I could replace the header image you see there with another body.content variable in the style template?13:43
+crythiasbody.content calls a Page Layout.13:43
+crythiasany content you can put in Style Template can be removed and placed in a Page Layout.13:44
+crythiasif you basically pare down your Style Template to include <head> ...</head> <body>{admin bar, logon stuff}<tmpl_var body.content></body>13:45
maxscienceyes that's what I basically did13:46
+crythiasbut the header isn't in Style...13:46
maxscienceyes it is!13:46
+crythiasif you did what I said, the header wouldn't be in style.13:46
maxsciencewhat I said is that I placed the <tmpl_var body.content> tag under the header and on the right of the menu!13:46
+crythiasand I say put header and menu inside a Page Layout template.13:47
maxscienceah yes I understand now what you're saying...13:47
maxsciencebut this way the style template will loose sense.. Mmmh13:48
+crythiasstyle is ... style. Page Layout is ... page layout.13:48
maxscienceyeah but that was style will be empty.. All done trough page layout13:49
maxsciencebut that way13:49
+crythiasyes, but you don't have to create a new STYLE...13:49
+crythiasyou simply have to copy and paste the Page Layout Template, but that is easily chooseable 13:50
+crythiasit actually will be nice.. you get to change all of the same page ... pictures at once.13:51
maxscienceso I have to:13:51
maxscience-modify the style template I've done13:51
maxscience-create a new Page Layout template13:51
+crythias(copy the default)13:52
+crythiasplace your style template content code before and after the tmpl_loop13:53
+crythiasin page layout13:53
maxsciencebut this way I have to create a page layout template for each section? I could have done that with the style template... OR I have to edit each page? Either way it'll be a pain if in the future I want to do a restyling13:54
maxscienceanyway let me try it13:54
+crythiasIt's not so bad.13:54
+crythiasreally. because you can change the applicable Page Layout13:55
maxsciencewhich of the two?13:55
maxscienceI don't think I really got it.. But I never seen the page layout template before so let me try probably I'll get it13:55
+crythiasPage Layout (IMHO) is much easier to deal with than page or style. Style, because it's so global, and page.13:55
+crythiaspage is too specific.13:55
maxscienceso the Default page template (in this case) is the code that replaces the body.content tag in tthe style template right?13:57
+crythiasIt's like this: Imagine if "Style" put a border around the whole rendered page, and what font it uses. "Page Layout" would determine what Navigation, how many columns, etc. "Article" is content.13:59
+crythiasSome people put Navigation in Style... it's preference.14:00
maxscienceyeah that's what I did14:00
maxsciencebut in my case it's not recommended since I want to change the header right?14:00
maxsciencebut anyway I'd have to create a page layout template for each section?14:00
+crythiassure... but that's trivial.14:01
+crythiasreally, trivial. because you'd have to have *somewhere* to tell what image to use on this section, anyway.14:01
maxsciencewell but I could have done that with several style templates as I've said before!14:01
+crythiasStyle is overkill14:02
+crythiasbut, yes14:02
maxscienceone style template and several page layout templates or one page layout template and several style templates it's the same thing!14:02
+crythiassure. I guess you're right.14:03
maxsciencewell that *somewhere* is the Display tab!14:03
maxscienceso you're the one that didn't get me not me :D14:03
maxscienceget it14:04
+crythiasheh. 14:04
+crythiasGuess so.14:04
maxsciencethe problem is that I want to have just one template damn!14:04
maxsciencewhere's all this WebGUI power14:04
+crythiasI don't know how you'd be able to choose criteria.14:05
maxsciencexdanger said he did that14:05
maxsciencewith a macro14:05
maxsciencealso frank dillon (plainblack staff) told me to use JS or a macro14:06
+crythiasbased upon...14:06
maxscienceyeah that's what I seek help for14:07
+crythiasit's easy to say JS or macro. ... there isn't any way to know what the parameters are and how that matches.14:07
+crythiasmatches.. to an image.14:07
+crythiasso, yeah, I'm blind/idiot.14:08
maxscienceI really thought there would have been some tmpl variables to determine in which path you are in the website and then take actions depending on where you are (in this case display the relative image)14:09
+crythiasit'd have to be based upon...14:09
maxscienceFor example the Navigation asset doesn't do just this? Xdanger said before he used it for a  similar thing14:10
+crythiasthe Navigation Asset can be used to grab the section list14:12
+crythiasactually, it could be used to grab the section that the current page is in.14:13
maxsciencethat's what I'm saying14:13
+crythiasa separate Navigation.14:14
+crythiasok.. here: if you can get a Navagation to return exactly the Section and nothing else, the section will have a url path from a  variable.14:15
+crythiasthen you can use that path to prepend an image URL14:16
maxscienceI have another issue if you have the time.. Related to Navigation and/or Article14:16
maxscienceLook again here http://lameladinewton.it/libri/14:16
+crythiassomething like <img src="^FileUrl(<tmpl_var pageUrl>/image.jpg)">14:17
+crythiasWhich, btw, could be used for generating your navigation on the fly.14:17
+crythiasforgot the ;14:17
maxsciencebut this won't work for subpages... Or at least I'd have to place the same image in each subpage14:19
+crythiasyes, it'll work on subpages because you're going to ask the nav to give you exactly what you want: something like Pedigree but only return the section-level that the page is in.14:19
+crythiasno siblings, no descendents...14:20
maxscience<tmpl_var pageUrl> returns just the section-level that the page is in?14:20
+crythiasI made it up.14:20
+crythiasthe variable.14:20
maxscienceand I could use that in style template??14:21
+crythiasWherever you'd use ^AssetProxy(Navigation/URL);14:21
maxscienceA min gtg eat14:21
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maxsciencexdanger are you there?15:03
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xdangermaxscience: now I am15:29
maxscienceso we and crythias were developing this Navigation idea to solve my problem15:30
maxscienceyou said you already solved that15:30
xdangerI used ^If(); macro15:32
xdangerstyle="^If(^AssetProxy(nextToRoot); =~ products, productpic);"15:33
maxsciencesomeone's there?15:34
maxsciencewell I created a Navigation asset and applied it a custom template15:36
maxsciencethis is the Nav template15:36
maxscience<tmpl_loop page_loop>15:36
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maxsciencexdanger? :)15:38
maxscienceplease help15:38
maxscienceit's a wrong idea what I've done so far?15:39
maxsciencewith that Navigation template15:39
xdangeryour navigation loop should be something like <tmpl_loop page_loop><tmpl_var page.menuTitle></tmpl_loop>15:41
xdangerand the navigation to include only the page thats relevant to the style change15:41
maxscienceactually I need to change just one image located in the top header15:42
maxscienceThis is the custom nav template <tmpl_loop page_loop>   <img src="^FileUrl(<tmpl_var page.url>/pageimage.jpg);"></tmpl_loop>15:42
xdangerwell that should work15:43
maxscienceyes it is working but I get lots of images.. One for each descendant...15:43
maxscienceI have Root -> Home ->15:46
maxscience-Section 115:46
maxscience-Section 215:46
maxscienceeach sections must have its own top header image15:46
maxsciencesome sections have descendants and they must have 15:48
maxsciencethe same top header image as the sections they're in15:48
xdangeryou should limit the scope of the Navigation asset15:49
maxscienceYou mean the Relatives to Include checkboxes? I'm trying15:50
xdangerI mean start and end points15:52
maxscienceI have just start point here15:53
xdangerOr if you have a different pic for every page you need to only have a check on the "Self" and use "Relative to the current URL" start point type15:54
maxscienceno I don't have a pic for every page.. I have a pic for every section.. So section1 has its pic. But also section1/subpage has to be the same pic as section115:55
maxsciencehas to have15:55
xdangerok, so then you should use Relative to the root as a start ponit15:57
xdangerand the start point something like /a/b15:57
xdangerand end point /a/b15:57
xdangerand include ansestor and self15:57
maxsciencefor /a/b you mean ../../ (-2)?15:58
xdangero, I'm sorry, include only "Self"16:00
xdangerwhen you use the Relative to the root option, and /a/b/ (+2) it now refers to /section1 if your on /section1/subpage16:02
maxscienceand what if there is also a /section1/subpage/subpage?16:10
xdangerthen also16:11
maxsciencebut the prob is that I have section1, section2, etc. under Home not under Root16:15
xdangerthen you put the staring point /a/b/c/ (+3)16:24
maxscienceyour macro is a better method?16:36
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maxsciencesomeone's there?19:03
+crythiassorry. been bouncing around @ office.19:19
maxscienceoh k19:24
maxscienceI went another way19:25
maxsciencesimilar anyway19:25
+crythiasoh? ok.19:25
maxsciencehere <tmpl_loop page_loop>19:26
maxsciencein this folder root/import/img-intestazione there are all the various header images, named after the various sections19:26
maxsciencebut still can't get a way to retrieve just the section url19:27
maxscienceit works for some pages but not for subpages, or the opposite, etc.19:28
+crythiasthat's 'cause you have to do relative to root, +1, I think19:29
maxscienceI did19:29
maxscienceright now I have Relative to Root, Start point as +3 and Relatives to Include set as Self19:32
+crythiasno self.19:32
maxsciencecan I ask you for another issue I have?19:33
maxscienceok look again here http://lameladinewton.it/libri19:33
maxscienceyou see the text block on the left of the puppet?19:34
maxscienceOk that block is the first paragraph (say first 100 words, whatever) of the last article published in that section19:35
maxscienceI looked a bit trough the Article template variables help file yesterday and I found that there is a variable that reports the last 100 words of an article19:36
maxscienceand do you see the list of text and image under the puppet?19:37
maxsciencethat's the archive of already published articles in that section19:38
maxsciencefor each article there is a block of text (containing first x words of the article) and the image attached to the article19:39
maxscienceit would be possible to automatise that?19:39
+crythiasmaybe by sqlreport19:42
+crythiasnot fun, but possible.19:42
maxscienceoh.. :(19:42
maxscienceand last thing:19:42
maxscienceI have a calendar asset with template set to calendar (Large). Now I want to include the same asset in a page but with the (Small) template19:44
maxscienceis that possible?19:45
+crythiasmaybe if there is a way to keep the small as a child of master19:45
maxscienceanyway I really need to solve that header image thing or I can't go on with the website :(19:46
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+crythiasseriously. hee.22:55
+crythiaslike. you know how I might say that when I google things that fix what I need, and I find *my* suggestion to someone else?22:57
maxscienceah lol22:57
+crythiasget this: Google Apache2::Request SuSE 10.122:58
maxsciencetrying to debug why that AssetProxy just doesn't display on 3 pages whereas it works on all others22:58
maxscienceit just doesn't include anything... If you look at the source, the place where it should be is blank...23:01
maxsciencein these 3 pages23:01
maxsciencebut in all others it works23:01
maxscienceand the strange thing is that those bugged 3 pages are in the same level as the working pages and have the same display settings...23:02
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maxsciencesomone's there?00:31
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Radix-wrkThanks crythias :)04:00
Radix-wrkYou made some comments on a plainblack support post I did last week04:00
Radix-wrkregarding form caching issues - you mentioned using javascript to save values.. it got me thinking :)04:01
+crythiasoh :) heh.04:01
Radix-wrkSpent a few days of it.. learnt javascript in the meantime, and wrote a complete templatated form validation addon for our bformmail forms04:02
+crythiasoh wow.04:02
Radix-wrkI ended up using the template itself to generate the necessary javascript - based on whether the field was marked as required or not04:02
Radix-wrkworks a treat, very happy with it04:03
Radix-wrkand means I can uncomment all the caching code I commented out before ;)04:03
+crythiasheh. that's so cool. 'cause I was thinking that you could just use your checking code to do just that. you can either use js to re-fill the form, or use the checking code to generate the form with the variables pre-filled04:04
Radix-wrkyeah.. I thought about that.. but figured if it was validated directly before the submit then it wouldn't ever need to go to that second page.. so the back button wouldn't be needed..04:05
+crythiaswell, there's that as well.04:05
Radix-wrkand as I said.. taught myself javascript at the same time ;)04:05
+crythiasI was just following a thought path that if you were using your checking code as a non-js processor..04:06
Radix-wrkonly issue really is if the user has javascript turned off.. and if they do that then they can reenter their form data.. I don't care ;)04:06
+crythiasyeah. that's what I thought, too04:06
+crythiasbut, like you said, you don't have to worry about back button.04:07
+crythiascache and all that.04:07
Radix-wrkpersonally.. I wish everyone would use firefox and just ditch ie :)04:08
+crythiasand yeah, if you js pre-check or submit-process-check-fill(if invalid/missing) it's good in so many ways.04:08
Radix-wrkyeah.. just using '<form onsubmit="checkrequiredfields();" action=....04:09
+crythiasbut one thing that js processors don't *tend* to do is jump the cursor to the first required/missing field.04:09
Radix-wrkcheckrequiredfields is built on the fly using the template itself to build it04:09
+crythias:) :) :) that's smart.04:09
Radix-wrkyou can do that just use document.form.field.focus();04:09
Radix-wrkYou can also do some REALLY neat stuff with inline addition of objects04:10
+crythiasyes. I'm just saying if you're doing js at all...04:10
Radix-wrkI'm just reporting it all in an alert box so far.. but I could see adding icons/text next to each field wouldn't be that hard04:10
Radix-wrkfound example code which does it :)04:11
+crythiasOnce in a blue moon, I have good ideas.04:11
Radix-wrkYou set me off thinking on it all anyway :)04:11
+crythiasGenerally, they get shot down by JT, but ...04:11
+crythiasI'm glad to have helped sparked some thought.04:11
Radix-wrkmy boss was pretty annoyed with this ie form wiping issue - so I needed to do something quick.  The cache fix was nice in that i could do it straight away.. gave me some time to play with javascript and work out a more permanent solution.04:12
+crythiasI feel your pain.04:13
Radix-wrkI was going to post it up in the forums anyway.. share it with anyone else who might want a similar solution - it's pretty easy04:13
+crythiasIf you don't mind, kindly post it on my faq.04:14
Radix-wrkanyone can post on your faq?04:14
+crythiasrequires free reg to ward off spammers04:14
+crythiasbut it's time for me to start working on 7.x FAQ-ness04:15
Radix-wrkAdded it to your FAQ under v7.0 - wasn't able to figure out how to format it nicer though - but it's all there05:04
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* crythias is being mischievous on a Friday.22:19
+crythias||  Request For Enhancement ...    ||22:23
+crythias|| Add...                                          ||22:23
+crythias|| From: User                                  ||22:23
+crythias|| Subject: Enhancement Request  ||22:23
+crythias|| Please include Viagra, Cialis, &   ||22:23
+crythias|| Extenz to WebGUI! I need more||22:23
+crythias|| enhancments! -- Thanks!           ||22:23
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Radix__hehe crythias 05:58
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hawkaloogieif I'm a developer with an existing apache2 / mysql install, would I get the WRE or just the "Source" package?12:16
hawkaloogiehttp://www.plainblack.com/getwebgui <- it says the "recommended" package is the binaries one, but that one comes with apache2, mod_perl2, imageMagick, etc... something my distro already does (ubuntu)12:17
Radix__the source package12:32
Radix__The WRE has apache2/mod_perl2/imagemagik and all the perl packages that are needed, all self-contained.12:33
Radix__However it is designed and setup really only for webgui12:33
Radix__the biggest advantage of the wre is that you don't need to get all of the perl packages - and there are a LOT - many not available via ubutu or debian12:34
Radix__and several of the required perl modules are pretty new too12:35
Radix__It's not too hard to get them via cpan though12:36
Radix__I used to use debian myself for hosting webgui, and it worked pretty well12:36
Radix__I had to use debian testing to get most of the perl modules as apt-get packages, those that werent available via apt-get I got from cpan12:37
Radix__with the WRE you can avoid all of that.. download the binary install, follow the install instructions and voila, full webgui set up in minutes :)12:38
Radix__works great if you have a dedicated webgui machine.. but not ideal if you have heaps of other things on the same machine ;)12:39
hawkaloogiei'm going to assume that the website's install docs are more accurate than the ones with the package, because in the package 5) Extract WebGUI to your webroot is unclear13:08
hawkaloogiedon't have much time before i have to go to sleep for work in the morning, so i'll probably end up finishing this around midnight13:08
Radix__where are you located then?13:09
hawkaloogieoshkosh, WI13:11
hawkaloogieit's 5 in the morning13:11
Radix__Ahh k :)13:11
Radix__6pm in the evening here ;)13:11
hawkaloogieso i suppose "work in the afternoon" would've been more accurate13:11
Radix__perth, western australia13:11
Radix__As for extract webgui to webroot.. umm.. you actually don't want to do that - better making a /data and extracting webgui in that13:12
hawkaloogieyeah, that's what i did13:13
Radix__a lot of the webgui stuff is set up for /data out of the box, so that works best13:13
hawkaloogiethe instructions on the site are much better13:13
Radix__good :)13:13
Radix__if you do have any probs, I'm happy to help as much as I can13:13
Radix__just settling down for the evening with a book atm :)13:14
hawkaloogiethanks, i'll be idling here probably 24/7 from here on out13:14
hawkaloogieis the efnet #webgui channel still open? or is this the main one?13:14
Radix__I've never been to any webgui channels on efnet13:15
hawkaloogienm then13:15
Radix__I'm pretty sure this is the main one13:15
hawkaloogienot that i'd stoop so low as connecting to efnet anyway13:15
Radix__I just did then to check.. and there is no efnet channel ;)13:16
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hawkaloogiedone and operational, thanks for the help. sleep now.14:25
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maxscienceanybody there?20:47
+MrHairgreaseI am20:53
+MrHairgreasebut now I am afk21:02
-!- MrHairgrease is now known as MrAFK21:02
-!- MrAFK is now known as MrAFKGrease21:03
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-!- jose [n=jose@] has joined #webgui12:03
joseplease what to look for when spectre does not start after upgrade?12:03
josegot connection refused12:07
Radix-wrkhiya.. are you using the WRE?12:09
Radix-wrkif so, check the webgui logs in /data/wre/var/ and see why it's not starting12:11
joseyes i am using wre12:11
josei am invoking rc.webgui startspectre multiple times. nothing got written into log tho12:14
Radix-wrkTry starting spectre manually - use 'perl spectre.pl --debug'12:15
josethe last message says something about Log4perl::Logger Could not connect to Spectre because unable to connect to Connection refused12:15
Radix-wrkAhh.. okey.. is the ip and port address correct?12:15
Radix-wrkmake sure your webgui.conf and spectre.conf file match up and are using the same ip and port for spectre12:16
josethe perl command:12:16
josecould not import qw(Component::Client::HTTP)12:16
joseat .../Cron.pm line 2212:16
josethen another compilation failed error messages follow12:17
joseis that causing my troubles?12:17
Radix-wrkSounds like you have another copy of perl somewhere12:17
Radix-wrk. /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment12:17
Radix-wrkperl /data/WebGUI/sbin/spectre.pl --debug12:18
josei reran the perl command12:18
joseand got: cant locate POE/Component/Client/HTTP.pm12:18
joseand more (dunno how to use mouse in terminal so I could copypaste)12:19
Radix-wrkAhh k... did you install that module when you upgraded?  That should've been mentioned in the gotchas12:19
josei must have missed that12:19
joseso perl -MCPAN -e shell12:19
joseand then install HTTP?12:19
joseor POE::Http?12:20
Radix-wrkforce install POE::Component::Client::HTTP12:20
josewhat is that force for?12:20
josefrankly i never know when to use it12:20
Radix-wrkit will skip the dependencies and force it to install12:20
Radix-wrkI didn't use force on mine, and went through dependency hell.. but I saw JT suggest it used for this case in the forums somewhere12:21
josestrange that perl needs initial reconfiguration12:21
josei mean configuration12:21
Radix-wrkthe config is in your user account (ie. /root/.cpan)12:21
Radix-wrkAnyway.. I'm going to have to leave you.. hopefully that works for you.. gotta run! :)12:22
josein progress.. thank you12:22
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Radix@] has quit ["makes like a lemming and explodes!"]12:22
joseit did help12:24
Radix__cool :)13:24
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #webgui13:44
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Radix__I agree xdanger!13:45
+MrHairgreaseYou should clean your keyboard man.13:46
xdanger_that was my cat13:57
+MrHairgreaseyeah sure13:57
xdanger_she likes my ibook: http://low.fi/~xdanger/gallery/kisut5/IMG_2542.JPG14:13
+MrHairgrease  b鲻, ei mit滗n j鋜kev滗 t鋖l hetkell...14:14
+MrHairgreaseFinnish is really incomprehensible =)14:15
xdanger_that translates to: boo, nothing meaningful at the moment14:16
+MrHairgreaseWell, to me, that has more truth to it that you might think =)14:16
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-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has joined #webgui18:28
maxscienceI have a template question :)18:29
maxsciencethanks :)18:30
maxscienceyou see this page? http://lameladinewton.it/specialevents/index.shtml18:30
maxscienceok now talking about the part under the puppet...18:30
maxscienceit's a list of articles published in that section18:31
+MrHairgreasethe  rounded squares?18:31
maxscienceYes the rounded squares should be called from attachment of each article18:32
maxsciencein WebGUI I mean18:32
+crythiasarticles don't have attachments..18:32
maxscienceYes they do18:32
+crythiasok. they didn't and I guess they do again.18:32
maxscienceand the part to the left of the image should be the first paragraph of the relative article18:33
+crythiasgosh, don't you think products might be useful?18:33
+crythiasI'm just thinking out loud. nm.18:33
maxscienceis it possible to do this in a Navigation template for example? So I can just publish an article with the attached image and that list is filled automatically?18:33
+MrHairgreaseIdon't think so18:33
+crythiasthere is no attachment variable in navigation.18:34
+MrHairgreasethe navigation asset is not awhere of the properties of the asset its 'navigating'18:34
maxscienceI've already done that but just a list showing the titles of articles published... Using a Navigation template18:34
+MrHairgreasebut you copuld use assetproxy macros18:34
maxscienceyeah.. :(18:35
maxscienceBut how could I do that?18:35
+crythiaswhat's wrong with using products?18:35
+MrHairgreasewell set up the correct template for the article18:35
maxscienceproducts? Mmmh never played with them18:35
+MrHairgreaseand then use ^AssetProxy(<tmpl_var page.url>);18:36
+crythiasproducts are essentially lists of images and content.18:36
+MrHairgreasethis will only work if macro's are executed after templates are rendered18:36
+MrHairgreaseI dunno if that's the case18:36
+MrHairgreaseyou should try it18:36
+MrHairgreaseand then tell me =)18:36
+MrHairgreasecrytiashas a p[oint18:37
+MrHairgreaseyou could also consider a collab system18:37
maxsciencecrythias:  But I want to pull from each article its attachment and its first paragraph.. Do products have a variable for pulling the first paragraph of their description?18:37
maxscienceActually I also want to put in the full article a comment system so people can discuss it... I thought of Page Layout with the Article asset and a Collab system in it18:38
+crythiasstill sql report can do it..18:40
+MrHairgreaseThat could also work...18:40
+MrHairgreaseThere are many ways18:40
+MrHairgreaseyou could also use javascript to print just the first paragraph18:40
maxsciencebut what about the attached image.. I want to be the same of the attachment of each article. So to be fully automated18:42
+crythiasright, that'd be part of the select for sql report18:42
maxscienceBut SQL report is no simple thing... Isn't there a simple way to achieve that?18:42
+crythiasyou're not asking for something simple. you're asking for something like what you have.18:43
+crythiaswhich, as it comes down to it, is pretty much just as easy to make a front page article at the time of the full article.18:43
+MrHairgreaseI wouldtry the Navigation/AssetProxy combo first18:44
maxsciencewell WebGUI can do harder things than that in simple ways so...18:44
+MrHairgreaseit's the easyest18:44
+MrHairgreaseWebgui can do a lot of thing easily18:44
+MrHairgreasebut not all18:44
maxscienceFor me yeas crythias... But imagine a person that didn't even touch the sytem or it's not very confident with computers...18:44
+crythiasor use an rss generation...18:45
maxsciencemmh ok will try the combo you suggested18:46
maxsciencebut how really? :D Where should I use ^AssetProxy(<tmpl_var page.url>);18:46
+MrHairgreasewithin the <tmpl_loop page_loop>18:47
maxscienceI saw that the Article templates has the variables I would need... If just WebGUI supported this tmpl variable cross reference between Assets....18:47
+MrHairgreasetry changing the verticalMenu template to do that18:48
+MrHairgreaseit's easy18:48
+MrHairgreasehaving such x-refs would mean a HUGE performanceimpact on nav18:48
+MrHairgreaseand nav is already the slowest part oif webgui18:49
+MrHairgrease(which could probably be made faster btw)18:49
maxsciencetrue but you could enable that option or not.. Depending on if you use it18:49
+MrHairgreaseit would be a nice rfe18:49
maxscienceindeed :(18:49
+MrHairgreaseI'd recon you submit it to the rfe list18:49
maxscienceyou're from plainblack?18:50
maxscienceoh k18:50
maxsciencebut you could submit some karma to that RFE? :)18:50
+MrHairgreasebut i won't18:51
maxscienceoh thanks lol18:51
+MrHairgreaseno offence18:51
+MrHairgreasebut I won't submit karma to some rfe just b/c someone asks me to...18:51
maxsciencenot because I asked you but because you said it could be useful... anyway18:52
+MrHairgreasebut chances are other people also need this18:52
+MrHairgreaseand they will submitkarma18:52
+MrHairgreaseI said it made a nice rfe18:52
maxscienceI'm trying to modify the template18:52
+MrHairgreasethat doesn't mean that I need it18:52
maxscienceok :)18:52
+MrHairgreaseI think the performanceimpact is too high18:52
maxscienceit depends on how it's implemented18:53
+MrHairgreaseonly partially18:54
+MrHairgreasethere isstill a huge overhead which I think you cannot gfo without18:54
maxsciencebut the AssetProxy macro doesn't accept only the Asset URL as its argument?18:56
maxsciencehow can it work if you pass a tmpl variable in it? like you said ^AssetProxy(<tmpl_var page.url>);18:56
+MrHairgreasewell it should18:56
+MrHairgreasebut as i said18:56
+MrHairgreaseif the templated is rendered after the macro is executed18:57
+MrHairgreaseit won't work.18:57
+MrHairgreasei don't know the execution order18:57
maxscienceanyway that macro would call the whole article... Not just the first paragraph.. Of course this could be avoided if I could pass also a template query to that Macro...18:58
+MrHairgreasethat's true18:59
+MrHairgreasebut if you'd use the template18:59
+MrHairgreaseto put the menu thingy in one div container19:00
+MrHairgreaseand the whole article in another19:00
+MrHairgreaseyou can select which one you want to see using css19:00
+crythiasheh. scrolling div19:00
+MrHairgreasedisplay: none19:00
+MrHairgreaseno scrolling div!19:00
+crythiashee :)19:01
+MrHairgreasejust hide the part you don't need19:01
+MrHairgreaseshould work even on ie19:01
maxscienceyeah but speaking about performance, this is not recommended ;)19:01
+MrHairgreaseit isthe easiest way to do it now as far as i know19:01
+MrHairgreasemaybe there is a better one19:02
maxscienceI'm looking at the Article template Help file... See you have description.first.paragraph variable19:02
+MrHairgreaseand performance won't be worse than your rfe =)19:02
maxscienceand image.thumbnail19:02
+MrHairgreasenot much anyway =)19:02
maxsciencethere is no way I could use those tmpl variables?19:02
+crythiasoh, yeah19:03
+crythiasdo you promise that you'll only have articles in you page_loop?19:03
+crythiasnew.template Articles have the special ability to change their template so that you can allow users to see different views of the article. You do this by creating a link with a URL like this (replace 999 with the template Id you wish to use):  <a href="<tmpl_var new.template>999">Read more...</a>   19:03
maxscienceyep that's what I was seein lol19:04
maxsciencebtw all WebGUI assets should have that ability19:04
maxscienceanother RFE... damn lol19:04
+crythiasno, just articles.19:05
+crythiasIf I want another view of a sql_report, I'll create it.19:05
maxscienceYeah as of now I know19:05
+crythiasbut I don't ...19:06
+crythiasMrHairgrease: how to use that? via shortcut?19:06
+crythiasit's backwards.19:07
+MrHairgreaseit's the first time I hear of its existence =)19:07
+crythiasyou'd add an article to your main page... referencing a link to the "full" article...19:07
+crythiaswhich, unless it has an attached forum (via assetproxy)...19:08
+crythiasyeah, that's how you'd do it.19:08
+crythiasfront page add the article with a funky template.19:08
+crythiasuse the other template to show the article in full.19:09
+MrHairgreasethat should do it19:09
+MrHairgreaseandyou don't need Navigations19:09
+MrHairgreasenicethink crythias19:10
maxsciencebut I want to add a forum to the article... But I could add this in the Page layout where the article is inserted and not via assetproxy... But then I should give a link to the Page layout not to the article asset itself19:10
maxscienceactually I thought of it first ;)19:10
+crythiasput the forum as an assetProxy to the Article.19:10
+crythiasdon't overthink this.19:10
maxsciencebut you said crythias: which, unless it has an attached forum (via assetproxy)...19:11
+crythiaswell, yeah, but that won't show up in description.first.paragraph.19:11
+crythiasor it shouldn't.19:11
maxscienceindeed.... Oook let's start this work :)19:12
maxscienceI'll tell you how this goes19:12
maxsciencethx for the help so far19:12
+MrHairgreasegood luck19:13
+crythiasessentially the article template will be:19:14
+crythias<tmpl_var description.first.2sentences> {spacing} <tmpl_var image.thumbnail><br>19:14
+crythias<a href="<tmpl_var new.template>vaniLaTeMpLateID">Read more...</a>19:14
+crythiasmaybe throw the title in there.19:14
maxscienceyeah and also the image.thumbnail19:15
+crythiasumkay. yeah.19:15
+crythiasyou'll want to check the vanilla article format for more stuff that you might miss.. like controls.19:16
+crythiasand style classes19:16
maxsciencedon't need those hopefully19:17
+crythiasyou'll want controls.19:17
maxsciencewell why if the thing is automated.. I can control the relative article when I see the full view (Read more)19:17
+crythiasotherwise, you won't be able to arrange your list19:17
+crythiasor edit it. Remember: you're adding new articles ON THE FRONT PAGE, in full.19:18
maxsciencedamn true I forgot that... How to arrenge the list by date or by published order?19:18
+crythiasdoesn't matter. it's all about the click-n-drag19:18
maxsciencemmh k let's see how this shows19:18
+crythiasnew stuff appears at the bottom, by default (as you click "new article)19:19
maxscienceI need new stuff to appear at top...19:19
+crythiasso... drag it.19:19
maxsciencemmh ok ok let me create the template and try it :)19:20
+MrHairgreasegotta go19:28
+MrHairgreaselater guys19:28
maxscienceit seems to work pretty nice! :D19:28
maxsciencelater Mr Travolta :)19:29
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maxsciencewhat those variables are about? From the article template:20:17
+crythiasyou still there maxscience?20:58
+crythiaspost.label: The translated label to add a comment to this article20:58
+crythiasthis is based upon WebGUI's i18n for the WebGUI interface layer, not for general content.20:59
+crythiasBasically, it generates "Add a comment", by default in English.21:00
+crythiasif there was an italian i18n setup, it would be "Aggiunga un commento" (or similar) but this is not database. this is directory.21:01
maxscienceI'm back22:32
maxsciencehey so you speak italian :)22:33
maxscienceBut I didn't ask for the translation I asked on how the thing could be activated :)22:33
maxsciencethere is no option in the article asset....22:33
maxscienceit can be activated by putting that variable in the template?22:43
maxsciencethe Article template has <tmpl_if allowDiscussion>22:45
maxscienceso there should be an Allow discussion? Yes or No somewhere....22:46
+crythiasI don't speak italian :) I'm just a good babelfish user.23:03
maxscienceeheh k23:04
+crythiasmust be leftovers23:06
maxscienceyeah thought so... lol23:06
+crythiasit's like entropy. I do so little and my karma keeps increasing...23:12
+crythiasnot like others don't get tons of karma...23:12
+crythiasBut I've literally spent some 4000 karma already23:13
+crythiasat least. probably upwards of 600023:13
+crythiasand I still have 3300 karma23:14
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Radix-wrkWoohoo.. now there's three of me!10:19
Radix-wrkMuahaha.. my cloning process is almost complete.. next to take over the world! Muahahahaa.10:19
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Radix-wrkNoooo! It's bladerunner all over again!  Aaarrgghh.. back to the drawing board.10:23
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