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@snapcountI saw that00:09
@snapcountI'm not sure how to duplicate that00:09
+perlDreamerActually, MD5.pm will output %2F, "/", but session->id is supposed to replace it with a different character.00:10
@snapcountoh poop00:13
@snapcountgotta go... I have a date 00:13
@snapcount(go snapcount, it's ya birthday)00:13
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-!- snapcoun1 changed the topic of #webgui to: #webgui Why is there no topic set?21:57
+crythiasbout to ask the same thing21:57
-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: #webgui Why is there no topic set? - Release 7 expected 7/5... too bad it's not 7/7. That'd be cool.21:57
snapcoun1that would be cool21:58
snapcoun1even cooler if it were v7.721:58
+crythiaswait a year...? :) :)21:58
snapcoun1== 40422:00
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-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: #webgui 7.0 has been released. It's time to party!20:31
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lenthamenlooks like everyone is having a party ;)00:36
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lenthamenhey Colin !01:17
+perlDreamerhey, len!01:17
+perlDreamer7 is out!01:17
lenthamenLong time no see :)01:17
+perlDreameri'm in and out01:17
lenthamenYeah I saw 7 is out. Unbelievable :)01:17
lenthamenNo more upgrade nightmares 01:18
lenthamenor API changes01:18
lenthamenor confused customers ;)01:18
+perlDreameroh no01:18
+perlDreamerwe'll have those for a while01:18
+perlDreameras they upgrade01:18
+perlDreamerand we forward port all contracted work01:18
+perlDreamerIs your site holding up well to the World Cup fans?01:19
lenthamenThe rush is over... Holland lost last week.01:19
+perlDreamersorry about that.  They probably did better than the US, though01:19
lenthamenWe received about 900K unique visitors, thats more than we ever got before.01:20
lenthamen26,7 million page views.01:22
+perlDreamerthat's huge01:22
+perlDreamerI still remember the presentation you gave at last year's WUC01:22
+perlDreamerthat's some system.01:22
lenthamenIt's cool to get the opportunity to use webgui for such a site... We're planning to upgrade to 7.0 btw, but that'll be a tough one.01:23
lenthamenlots of custom code.01:23
+perlDreamerthe regexps in the migration doc will help with coarse conversion of the code for the 6.8 to 6.9 stuff.01:24
+perlDreamerwhat is the site running now?01:24
lenthamenhttp://www.knvb.nl/   -> 6.2.1101:24
+perlDreamerSo you'll have to do Asset work as well.01:24
+perlDreameryeah, that won't be easy01:25
lenthamenwe have lots of special stuff, like the right column which is inherited from a parent page if it is empty....01:25
lenthamenautomatic image scaling...01:26
lenthamenCheck out the Ajax poll: http://www.knvb.nl/wk2006/nieuws 01:27
lenthamenon the right.01:27
+perlDreamerthat's nice.  You ever think of releasing any of that code?01:28
+perlDreameroh, and the new AdSpace manager should help with your right column ad space.01:29
lenthamenThe poll results are outside webgui. That's the only way to keep it fast. Same for the login box on the left.01:31
+perlDreamerso they're proxied into the site?01:31
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lenthamenpoll results are fetched via ajax. The login box is an iframe.01:32
lenthamenGood night martin !01:32
+MrHairgreaseWhat's good about it?01:32
+perlDreamerWebGUI 7 is finally out?01:32
+MrHairgreaseThat's true01:32
lenthamenPortugal lost :D01:32
+MrHairgreasei think01:32
+perlDreamerSo it's France vs Italy?01:33
lenthamenyep !01:33
+MrHairgreaseI guess01:33
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+MrHairgreaseLet France win01:33
lenthamenwhat are you doing so late martin ;)01:33
+MrHairgreaseMy last exam of the year01:33
+MrHairgreaseand it's about 30 something dgrees in my room01:34
+perlDreamerIs this your last year of school?01:34
+MrHairgreaseno man01:34
+MrHairgreasebut I'm planning on starting my graduation thesis in november01:34
+MrHairgreaseso I could be finished in oktober/novermber 2007!01:34
+MrHairgreaseIf everything goes according to plan01:35
* MrHairgrease loves it when plans come together01:35
lenthamenMartin are you going to Las Vegas? 01:35
+MrHairgreaseWhat are you doing up so late?01:35
+MrHairgreasetogether with joeri01:35
lenthamenI can't be there :(01:35
+MrHairgreaseI know01:35
lenthamenkoen's not going ?01:36
+MrHairgreaseblame it on sinterklaas if I remeber correctlky? =)01:36
+MrHairgreaseKoen's was going01:36
+MrHairgreasebut decided not to01:36
+MrHairgreasesame for albert01:36
+perlDreamerthat's too bad01:36
+perlDreamermy coffee consumption is up 25% since his talk last year01:36
+MrHairgreasesee it from the bright side01:36
+perlDreamerI'm hoping for beer advice this year01:36
+MrHairgreaseit will spare you from a lot of headaches =)01:36
+MrHairgreasehey man01:36
+MrHairgreaseI'm still going01:37
+MrHairgreaseI drink beer01:37
+perlDreamerYou're the man, then01:37
+MrHairgreasewell, at least _a_ man01:37
lenthamenI'd love to go. Can't the WUC be postponed for 2 months or so ;)01:38
+MrHairgreasewe alreaqdy ordered our tiockects01:38
+MrHairgreaseit's your own fault01:39
lenthamenme time will come01:39
+perlDreamer2007, the Year of Len01:39
+MrHairgreaseyou guys believe that01:39
lenthamenI thought that of 2006 too01:39
+MrHairgreaseno man01:39
+MrHairgreaseI thought 2006 was mine01:40
+MrHairgreasebut I'm not entierky sure01:40
+MrHairgreaseI don't have a calendar01:40
+MrHairgreasewhatever it's called in english01:40
lenthamenI'm going to sleep. Ttyl guys !01:41
+perlDreamerg'night, Len01:41
+MrHairgreasesee you later01:41
+perlDreamerSo what will you thesis be on, Martin?01:45
+MrHairgreaseprolly something with transistors01:45
+MrHairgreaseor mems devices01:45
+perlDreamerboard or integrated?01:45
+MrHairgreaselike designing transitors01:46
+MrHairgreaseor characterizeing it01:46
+perlDreamercool, I didn't know you were into fab-type stuff01:46
+MrHairgreaseor maybe something with tunnel devices01:46
+MrHairgreaseit keeps me off the street01:46
+perlDreamerI prefer designing with transistors to designing transistors01:47
+MrHairgreasei can understand01:47
+MrHairgreaseyou design opamps and that kind of stuff right?01:47
+perlDreamerkind of01:47
+perlDreamerwe do chips for batteries01:48
+perlDreamercharge monitors, safety circuits, authentication, chargers01:48
+MrHairgreaseauth through batteries?01:48
+perlDreamerauth for batteries01:48
+perlDreamerto prevent counterfeits01:48
+MrHairgreasethat would make a cool webgui plugin01:48
+MrHairgreaseoh i see01:48
+perlDreamerthis is one my last chips: http://www.maxim-ic.com/quick_view2.cfm/qv_pk/301901:49
+MrHairgreaseI'm planning on taking some additional analog design courses though01:49
+MrHairgreaseso you output the auth signal troug the positive lead or so?01:50
+MrHairgreaseor do you have a seperate lead for that?01:50
+perlDreamerOn the DS2703, you put it through the positive lead.  On the DS2704, it has a separate lead.01:50
+MrHairgreasebut you designed the analog part of it?01:51
+MrHairgreaseor the digital core?01:51
+perlDreamerI spec'ed the digital core, integrated memories from an existing part and built all the left-over analog and digital glue to make them all talk to one another.01:51
+perlDreamerit was a two person chip01:52
+MrHairgreasehave you been doing this for a long time already?01:52
+perlDreamer10 years01:52
+MrHairgreasethat's almost a long as I'm going to the university =)01:52
+perlDreamerUniversity can be much more fun01:53
+MrHairgreaseI dunno01:53
+perlDreamerespecially when it comes time for WebGUI hacking01:53
+MrHairgreaseI'm never there =)01:53
* MrHairgrease pull all cliches out of his sleeve01:53
+MrHairgreaseI hack webgui at procolix01:53
+MrHairgreaseand sometimes at home01:53
+MrHairgreasehowever seldom at the university01:54
+MrHairgreaseIf I got the timezones correctly your chatting about webgui during work01:54
+MrHairgreaseso it must be ok01:55
+perlDreamerwebgui chatting during work is okay01:55
+perlDreamerwebgui hackery at work is kept to an absolute minimum01:55
+perlDreamerand webgui work is a strict no-no01:55
+MrHairgreaseand your boss knows this?01:55
+MrHairgreasedo you guys use webgui in your intranet or so?01:55
+perlDreamerwe have a very small intranet site01:56
+perlDreamernot really WebGUI-able01:56
+perlDreamerit would need integration with our version control IC tools01:56
+MrHairgreaseexam tomorrow01:57
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@rizenperlDreamer: the patch you made here https://svn.webgui.org/svnweb/WebGUI%20SVN/revision?rev=2564 looks fine to me03:18
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ckotilI think i found a bug.21:59
ckotilthat kills the forum.21:59
ckotilTwice today I submited a bug22:00
ckotiland after i submitted i cant access the bug section22:00
ckotilsubjeect was <iframe> height attribute22:00
ckotilwebgui seems to ignore height="100%" or style="height:100%;"22:00
ckotilseems to me < and > kill it :/22:01
ckotilbut the iframe thing is annoying. 22:03
ckotilheh http://www.plainblack.com/bugs22:07
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Radix-wrkAnyone here?09:23
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lenthamenhey martin11:54
+MrHairgreaseik ben er naar aan het kijken11:55
lenthamenok, tnx. 11:55
lenthamenlaat maar weten als ik je kan helpen.11:55
+MrHairgreaseik weet zelf ook nog niets van spectre en workflow11:56
+MrHairgreasedus het is allemaal reuze spannend =)11:56
lenthamende site (imt) is helemaal niet spannend, dus eigenlijk raar dat het nu opeens problemen geeft.11:58
+MrHairgreaseer gaat iets mis in het collab system11:59
+MrHairgreasede archiveOldPosts workflow breekt11:59
+MrHairgrease\ik ga proberen die even uit te zetten in de config11:59
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-!- WebGUI is now known as SynQ12:05
+MrHairgreasehij gaat ook hier stuk12:05
+MrHairgrease return $avatarUrl unless12:05
* SynQ Koen12:05
+MrHairgreasehij zegt dat $self->getThread->getParent undef is12:06
+MrHairgreasedus ik denk dat je assettree geborked is ofzo12:06
SynQhoe heet len?12:06
SynQop irk?12:06
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SynQhi joeri12:12
SynQI guess the feedinglanguage is greesh here12:13
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lenthamenMartin: Ik heb je gemaild.12:20
+MrHairgreaseok i logged on12:21
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+MrHairgreaselen check your email14:07
lenthamenYes I saw it... 14:08
lenthamencool you fixed the first problem.14:08
lenthamenwhere was the thread asset ?14:08
-!- i4n [n=ian@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #webgui14:09
lenthamengoing to have lunch. ttyl.14:09
i4noke doei len14:09
i4ni mean14:10
i4nok cya len14:10
+MrHairgreaseI think it is now on the clipboard14:12
lenthamenmartin: Admin's clipboard?14:37
lenthamenmartin: This issue, is that a bug ? I mean, is it reproducable ?14:38
+MrHairgreaseI dunno14:38
+MrHairgreasebut it is a bug14:39
+MrHairgreaseit is under the IQL55 perimeter14:39
+MrHairgreasewhich is on the clipboard14:39
+MrHairgreaseyou have to paste it somewhere to go to it14:39
lenthamenCould you reply on my bug report with the details so it can get fixed ?14:40
+MrHairgreaseok but later14:42
lenthamenmartin: Is spectre still dieing ?14:48
i4nmartin left to a graduation party len14:52
lenthamen ok tnx i4n14:56
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lenthamenian: Kan ik doorgeven dat IMT website weer werkt ? 15:43
i4nals het weer werkt dan wel :)15:46
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ckotilAnyone familiar w/ webgui's groupware capabilities? 17:43
+MrHairgreasenot really17:44
+MrHairgreaseby groupware you mean sharing calendars and stuff right?17:44
ckotilId like to have a file repository and task manager. ive found the collaboration system/mesage boards to fulfil  the role of the file depository but its heiarchachal structure is limited. the task management function is fine.17:44
ckotilyeah, partially17:44
ckotilinside a message board asset users can add new forums17:45
ckotilbut we need at least 3 heirachal levels. so that would mean adding a new message board asset each time to get those 3 levels. as far as i can tell17:45
+MrHairgreaseok so what are you missing in the collab system?17:45
ckotilim about to post to the etc.. forum asking this.17:45
ckotilunlimited heiarchy  levels17:45
ckotilto better organize our files.17:46
+MrHairgreaseit's probably a good idea to post it on the boaard17:46
+MrHairgreaseOr maybe you can submit a rfe17:46
+MrHairgreaseand use karma to get it implemented17:47
+MrHairgreaseafaik there's a code freeze for some significant amaount of time17:47
+MrHairgreasejust to get 7.0.0 the best webgui ever17:47
ckotilthat'd take some time. ive got a week ;] . yeah and the feature freeeze17:47
+MrHairgreasei meant feature freeze17:47
ckotilwg is by far the best open source cms ive used yet17:47
+MrHairgreasenot code freeze17:47
+MrHairgreaseit's hard to fix bugs with a code freeze in effect =)17:48
ckotilwe currently use this app bscw for document repository 17:48
+MrHairgreaseI thingk so too17:48
+MrHairgreaseI never used another cms17:48
+MrHairgreaseso I do not have much of a choice17:48
ckotili used mambo/joomla in the past extensively17:48
+MrHairgreasenot that that bothers me =)17:48
ckotilwg group access control blows mambo out of the water17:48
+MrHairgreasewhat's the part that wg does  better17:49
ckotilthats the main reason i switched17:49
ckotiland its easy to change anything you want in wg17:49
+MrHairgreasei know17:49
+MrHairgreasethe api rocks17:49
ckotilfor sure.17:50
+MrHairgreaseare you a programmer?17:50
ckotilwe integrated out central authentication service into it.17:50
ckotilnot really17:51
+MrHairgreaseif so you can prolly extend the collab system17:51
ckotila web developer17:51
+MrHairgreaseto change the hierchy17:51
+MrHairgreaseoh ok17:51
+MrHairgreasethe post it to the board i'd say17:51
ckotilyeah.  ill do that now17:51
+MrHairgreaseok. good luck17:52
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lenthamenMartin ?17:55
bartjolhij staat achter me17:55
lenthamengeef 'm ff een schop dan ;)17:56
+MrHairgreaselaat maar17:56
bartjolhij is wel lief17:56
+MrHairgreasewhat is, len?17:56
lenthamenMartin, something weird is going on.17:58
+MrHairgreasei msged you17:58
lenthamenmartin: I mailed you18:02
lenthamensomething is going wrong with the private messaging.18:02
+MrHairgreasepls wait18:02
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lenthamenmartin you dont get what I'm /msg ing you, right ?18:08
+MrHairgreasedo you have msn?18:09
+MrHairgreasenever mind18:09
lenthamenyep: len_blabla@hotmai.com18:09
+MrHairgreasei'll caal you18:09
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cheecheeodoes anyone know off the top of their head how much webgui interacts with the file system once it's up and running? Specificall writes to the file system?22:21
ckotildata/www/public/uploads it writes to quite a bit22:25
ckotilwhen adding new assets that is22:26
cheecheeodoes it write using the hashified names that are all over the place?22:27
cheecheeocool, we're thinking we're going to use LVS to have a failover/loadbalanced webgui system and LVS uses nfs mounts for all it's shared data so that's why i was asking22:35
ckotilAre there any resources online that contain the items specific to wG that go inside the html::template variables in wG? im looking to use dreamweaver and .dwt's to design my template.22:41
ckotilbc i think you have to define all the wG specefic variables to dreamweaver. i dunno im very uncleaar on this process22:41
ckotilwhere would i find <tmpl_var icon.small> ? icon.small22:57
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mogaalHi, i hace a Question07:51
mogaalWebGUI is developed under CGI?07:51
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jose17111anyone up?00:24
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-!- snapcoun1 changed the topic of #webgui to: http://www.plainblack.com/news/news/job-opening06:18
snapcoun1come work with me!!!!!!!06:19
Radix-wrkyou a contractor snapcoun1?06:24
snapcoun1I'm FT06:24
Radix-wrkor one of the plainblack staff?06:24
snapcoun1I'm a staffer06:25
snapcoun1I also go by the name Roy Johnson06:25
snapcoun1it's just an alias =)06:25
Radix-wrkAhh k :)06:25
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ckotilThanks crythias. I tried making a package of the asset some time last week, and i couldnt figure it out. I must have overlooked the 'packages' box in the asset menu. 22:10
ckotilthat was too easy.22:10
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-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has joined #webgui18:31
maxscienceI'm looking for a quote :)18:32
+MrHairgreasefor the forum auth thing?18:32
maxscienceexactly.. Not really a forum but anyway18:32
+MrHairgreaseyeah I know what you mean18:33
+MrHairgreaseIf you want to hire Procolix18:33
+MrHairgreaseplease send an email to management@procolix.com18:33
+MrHairgreasecontaing the work you are quoting for18:33
+MrHairgreaseplease also include urls to the api of the gossamer product18:34
maxsciencewell gossamer APIs are inside the code so you have to download and install the product (just plain perl anyway)18:35
+MrHairgreaseso provide a url to the place where the product can be downloaded =)18:35
maxsciencesure :) did that on the forum too18:36
+MrHairgreaseoh sorry18:36
+MrHairgreaseprobably overlooked that18:36
+MrHairgreasewhere are you located, btw?18:36
maxscienceRome, Italy18:37
maxscienceand you? NL?18:37
maxsciencek email sent18:38
+MrHairgreaseall right18:38
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-!- ckotil [n=Newt@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui20:33
maxscienceare you a perl programmer?20:49
ckotili dabble20:49
maxsciencehow do  you use WebGUI ?21:01
ckotilconventional way21:09
ckotilapache+mod_perl mysql21:09
ckotilIm trying to figure out how to add borders to articles21:10
ckotilsimliar to slashdot. sort of. same idea anyway21:10
ckotillooks like class="content" is where i need to add it. and the article asset.21:11
ckotilhrm might have uncovered a bug. or it could just be how wG handles changes to 'import node'assets21:31
ckotili made an edit to the default article asset (i made a copy first and edited it) then set article to use that copy. It took a good 2-5 mionutes for the change to appear. is that spectre.pl that handles those kind of changes?21:33
ckotilany other changes i make to content are almost isntant.21:33
maxsciencexdanger, read my reply?21:47
xdangerthere are some bb codes implemented (at least was at some point)21:51
xdangermainly [b] and such...21:52
xdangerbtw, only reason that I use camino, is webgui ;)21:52
xdangerfor wverything else safari21:52
maxscienceyou're on mac too?21:52
maxscienceit should have full Safari support!21:53
xdangeryou can bitch about that to moxiocode people ;)21:53
xdangermoxiecode that is, sorry =)21:54
maxscienceDone already ;)21:54
xdangerI belive your not the only one ;)21:55
maxscienceit's not just TinyMCE btw.. Dragging assets doesn't work too with Safari (we can't use the Dashboard with Safari)21:55
xdangerBut they have stated that they'll be waiting on apple to fix safari21:55
maxscienceyeah I know. Typical developer attitude lol21:55
xdanger.. and not doing some weird voodoo to get safari working...21:56
xdangerat one point they did have full safari support, but they dropped it21:56
xdangerFunny thing because I belive that JT also uses mac ;)21:56
maxsciencethe community also donated a mac mini!21:56
maxscienceyeah nice to have a Mac distribution of the WRE21:57
xdangerjust that macs are slow.. we'll if you don't have a quad G5 or a new dual core laptop21:58
xdangermy main computer is a 1G ibook G4, so it's not fun to run WRE on this..21:59
maxscienceyeah. I've got a dual G5 and a new 17" Mac Book Pro22:01
maxsciencenew macs are very performing22:02
ckotilim on a new intel imac22:04
ckotilits slick22:04
ckotili run windows through parallels too22:04
xdangerI'd like to have one...22:04
maxscienceyou don't use mac os x?22:04
ckotilbig ass widescreeen22:04
ckotili do.22:04
maxsciencegood ;)22:05
ckotilthen i run tis virtual machine app called parallels22:05
ckotilwhich runs windows22:05
maxscienceYeah I know it22:05
ckotildual monitors22:05
ckotilits beautiful22:05
ckotilwindows on one , osx on the other22:05
ckotilosx 10.5 will suppoort windows binaries natively22:07
ckotilcant wait for that22:07
maxsciencenot true22:08
maxsciencefalse rumor22:08
maxscienceThey will just incorporate BootCamp technology which will be final... But no virtualization yet. And this is good, better to leave it to parallelis22:08
maxscienceI can occasionallly boot Windows. That's all I need22:09
maxsciencewhere are you from?22:11
ckotilindiana, USA22:22
xdangerDo you guys know anything about streaming videos?22:25
xdangerA good solution ? FOSS...22:26
maxscienceI run streaming videos on an Xserve. QuickTime Streaming Server is the best solution imho22:26
maxscienceAlso provides remote content management system and video publish on web and on Mac OS X app22:27
xdangermust be something thats free and can run on linux22:27
maxscienceit's actually free. Comes with Mac OS X Server22:28
xdangerthat's not free =)22:28
maxsciencebut there's the open source equivalent of QuickTime Streaming Server you can deploy on Linux and Windows boxes. It's Darwing Streaming Server, always from Apple22:28
maxsciencebasically same thing but no pretty web interface and mac os x content management app22:29
maxscienceafterall, it's free ehehe22:29
maxsciencenothing to reply now? eheh22:31
xdangerThat I know... Just would like to have something "little"22:32
maxsciencewhatever ;D22:32
maxscienceanother alternative http://www.videolan.org/streaming/22:33
xdangerthat was my other alternative =P22:34
xdangerand this is one alternative: http://www.mpeg4ip.net/22:35
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maxsciencegtg c ya!23:28
-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has left #webgui []23:28
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-!- PedersenMJ [n=marvin@mail.icelus.biz] has joined #webgui06:49
* PedersenMJ waves. Anybody awake right now?06:50
* PedersenMJ is having an issue with WebGui 7, and spectre not being able to communicate with it. If anybody has ability to help, I'd appreciate it.06:51
* PedersenMJ found it. Was trying to connect to the external address, not the internal one.06:55
-!- PedersenMJ [n=marvin@mail.icelus.biz] has quit ["BitchX: the fizzle goes straight to your brain!"]06:55
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-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has joined #webgui20:35
maxscienceHi ckotil20:35
maxscienceI saw your reply about the CAS RFE... Many thanks!20:35
maxsciencedoes it work on WebGUI 7?20:50
ckotili use it now20:58
ckotilit works flawlessly. i know that it doesnt meet wG standards tho. there are a lot of useless functions in that module20:59
ckotilit'd be nice for a wG developer to take a look at it. possibly tweak it20:59
maxsciencecan I ask who developed it?21:00
ckotilmyself and my coworker 21:00
ckotilit wasnt hard.21:00
ckotilwe had plenty of CAS examples to help us21:00
maxscienceah :) so why built useless functions?21:00
ckotiland ive implemented CAS in the past21:00
ckotilwe copied WebGUI.pm and worked from there21:01
maxsciencehave you read my "dev wanted" thread?21:01
ckotili used php in the past tho. but it wasnt very differnet in perl21:01
ckotilim already employeed. ;]21:01
ckotilit'd be a conflict of inteterest21:01
maxsciencedo you think your method could apply?21:01
ckotilgeocommunity seems similiar to CAS21:01
ckotilpry wouldnt be much of a stretch21:01
maxsciencewhy you couldn't do that for me too then? :)21:02
ckotilagainst the rules21:02
maxscienceok :)21:03
maxscienceanyway you need to deploy that java CAS you linked first?21:03
maxsciencethis one http://www.ja-sig.org/products/cas/21:05
ckotilah yes. they maintain CAS21:05
ckotilI work for indiana university21:07
ckotiland our implementation of CAS is a little differnet than the standard yale/jasig CAS21:08
ckotilyale developed CAS21:09
-!- cheecheeo [n=chee1@host-226-241.dhcp.pdx.edu] has joined #webgui21:11
maxsciencecan I see for which section of the Indiana University website you're using WebGUI?21:23
ckotilto replace http://globalnoc.iu.edu21:30
ckotilwe outsourced the website design to a local designer.21:30
ckotilthey did that before i came on board21:30
ckotilkinda pissed me off21:30
ckotilits gonna be hell turning her design into a wG template21:30
ckotilbut i think ill be able to manage21:31
maxscienceI see21:37
maxsciencethe CAS login/logout images are static though21:37
ckotilbc you dont have an iu login21:39
ckotilyou can sign up for a guest account some how21:39
ckotiland i can add you to webgui user list and you can log in21:39
maxsciencethey're not like webgui anyway.. Logout happens just if you're logged in, etc.21:40
maxscienceLogout appears21:40
ckotillogout is always there bc i want users to be able to logout of CAS anytime21:40
ckotillogin goes away when you're logged in21:40
maxscienceoh ok21:41
ckotilthe goal is to haev a unified login system21:41
ckotiland throughout the university system they all use CAS21:41
ckotilso users are used to having a logout button21:41
maxsciencebut you can't logout if you're not logged in so... :)21:41
maxscienceah yes you mean with other university apps21:41
ckotilgood point.21:42
ckotillol. i havent had any criticism or use on this system yet21:42
ckotilhrm see that brings  up another issue. wG should automatically check with the CAS server to see if the user is already authenticated21:43
ckotilbut then again, if for some reason the user doesnt want to authenticate with wG21:43
ckotilbleh , i think its ok the way it is21:43
ckotil1 click login is nice. i know that much.21:44
maxsciencethat's what I said so far ;)21:44
ckotil*1 click , if you already authenticated w/ CAS 21:44
ckotilit keeps you logged into the system for 8 hours21:44
maxscienceyeah just like kerberos21:44
ckotilso in those 8 hours you can access any univeristy system that you have priveleges too21:44
ckotilyeah we run CAS on top of kerberos21:45
maxsciencegtg bye!21:56
-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has quit ["Quitting!"]21:56
ckotilso whats a good amount of karma? 23:13
ckotilis 500 good?23:13
ckotilim anxious for the wG gear23:26
-!- ckotil [n=Newt@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has quit ["leaving"]23:42
--- Day changed Thu Jul 13 2006
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jose_17_11hello, ping anyone?00:25
-!- jose_17_11 [n=jose@] has left #webgui []01:29
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-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has joined #webgui11:31
maxscienceyou're a perl programmer?11:39
maxscienceyou're a perl programmer?11:46
Radix-wrknope.. I wish11:47
Radix-wrkI'm a programmer, but my knowledge of perl is still very basic unfortunately11:48
Radix-wrksorry :(11:48
maxsciencenp :)11:50
jose_17_11maxscience: not at all11:53
jose_17_11guys, which linux distribution is best for use w/ webgui?11:54
maxscienceMac OS X ;)11:54
jose_17_11i have tested both slackware and archlinux and it is such a pain to install perl modules w/ CPAN11:54
maxsciencenot really linux but unix11:54
jose_17_11dependency hell11:54
maxsciencethey recommend Mac OS X too11:54
jose_17_11maybe therefore i put it as a linux not unix distribution11:54
jose_17_11oh well.. on an intel hardware..11:55
maxscienceApple hardware is now based on Intel anyway ;)11:56
jose_17_11yes but this is the opposite case11:57
Radix-wrkI use debian12:07
jose_17_11Radix-wrk: seems like a reasonable choice12:07
Radix-wrkin most cases I can apt-get the perl packages I need and it handles all of the dependencies for me12:08
Radix-wrkand once installed - apt-get upgrade will keep them uptodate12:08
jose_17_11hmm.. yes, i'd like that12:08
Radix-wrkonly downside is that most of the packages webgui uses are quite new - and only in the 'testing' version of debian12:08
jose_17_11so i'd have to unmask/uncomment testing repository, that's all, right?12:09
Radix-wrkwhich is a slightly more volatile and more updated version of debian12:09
Radix-wrkThe way I've always done it is to run testEnvironment.pl that comes with webgui12:09
Radix-wrkonce it brings up a package it doesn't have I do an apt-cache search <name> for it12:10
Radix-wrk9/10 it's in the apt repository12:10
jose_17_11and the remaining 10 % via CPAN install, ay?12:11
Radix-wrkyup.. though.. there's a guy who has written some additional debian packages for those that debian doesn't have as yet12:11
Radix-wrkthat includes all of the packages needed for webgui 712:12
jose_17_11hmm.. impressive12:12
jose_17_11time to dump arch (?)12:12
Radix-wrkI've never used archlinux myself12:13
Radix-wrkthe other way is using the WRE - which builds everything for webgui12:13
Radix-wrkI've just never had much luck with building it on debian12:13
Radix-wrkgot a copy of fedora here that I was going to try it on sometime, as there is a prebuilt package for Redhat12:14
jose_17_11i have tried WRE but w/o luck either12:14
Radix-wrksince I use debian for every other system here in the office, I'm keen to keep things simple and stick with what I know tho12:14
Radix-wrkanyhow.. I'm off home :)12:16
jose_17_11so you do a manual debian install everytime?12:16
Radix-wrkevery time?12:16
Radix-wrkonly got one webgui system12:16
Radix-wrkIf you do want to clone it - you can use dpkg --get-selections > package.list to grab the complete list of packages on that system12:17
Radix-wrkand then go to the new debian system and type 'dpkg --set-selections < package.list'12:17
Radix-wrkthen do an apt-get dselect-upgrade and it will download every package on that list and install it12:18
Radix-wrkapt-get rocks ;)12:18
Radix-wrkI did that to create my virtual machine test bed that I've been using to test our site with webgui 712:18
jose_17_11i will give archlinux one more day.. and then12:19
Radix-wrkGood luck! :)12:19
jose_17_11thank you12:19
Radix-wrkI'm off home now.. been a long day12:19
-!- Radix-wrk [n=Radix@] has quit ["makes like a lemming and explodes!"]12:19
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maxscienceany news on the plugin? :)18:52
+MrHairgreaseI dunno18:52
+MrHairgreaseI'm just the minion =)18:52
+MrHairgreaseCould take  at least a week or two before you hear something18:52
+MrHairgreasemost of the management is on hollidays 18:52
+MrHairgreasesorry that I forgot to tell you that last time18:53
maxsciencecould you estimate a quote?18:53
+MrHairgreasewhat is your budget?18:53
maxsciencevery low unfortunately... non-profit website18:54
+MrHairgreasevery low is what $100?18:54
+MrHairgrease$1? =)18:55
maxscienceyeah about 10018:55
+MrHairgreaseI don't think we can do it for that18:55
maxscienceProbably 200 but I don't think more than that18:56
+MrHairgreaseI think that won't make it either18:56
maxscienceso you do have an estimate.. What it is?18:57
+MrHairgreaseNo I don't18:57
+MrHairgreasebut I know that $ 200 wil probably buy you 2 - 3hours of my time18:57
+MrHairgreaseso I think I won't be able to do it in that18:57
+MrHairgreaseplease understand that I don not rake in the deals here18:58
+MrHairgreaseI'm a programmer18:58
maxsciencewell probably 3 hours are enough... Look here http://www.plainblack.com/rfe/request-for-enhancement/central-authentication-service18:58
+MrHairgreasemaybe 18:59
-!- jose_17_11 [n=jose@] has joined #webgui19:00
+MrHairgreaseI don't see how this is related to the gossamer product19:00
+MrHairgreaseand it aparently already exeists19:00
jose_17_11this is supposed to be a webgui running server19:00
+MrHairgreasei dunno19:01
jose_17_11WTF is 'It works?'19:01
+MrHairgreasewebgui server should look diffrent imho =)19:01
maxscienceit is related.. It's an auth module that could be very similar to the one for gossamer community19:01
+MrHairgreasewhat have you done?19:01
+MrHairgreasecould be19:01
maxscienceI guess it's just the wre's apache19:01
+MrHairgreaseanyway, for a quote please wait on the reply of my bosses.19:02
+MrHairgreasedid you already create a site jose?19:02
jose_17_11i have pretty mutched followed this howto http://www.plainblack.com/gentoo_linux19:03
jose_17_11not everything tho, cause.. i am running archlinux not gentoo19:03
jose_17_11testEnvir went fine19:03
+MrHairgreasethat's a start19:04
+MrHairgreasewhich webgui did you try to install19:04
+MrHairgreaseIt looks like your webserver is sending a standard page19:05
jose_17_11seems so19:05
+MrHairgreaseand not webgui19:05
+MrHairgreasedid you configure your virtual host section correctly?19:05
jose_17_11MrHairgrease: am i supposed to be at least somewhat familiar w/ apache configuring?19:06
+MrHairgreasethat would help19:06
+MrHairgreasecan you paste your httpd.conf19:06
+MrHairgreaseon rafb.net?19:06
jose_17_11is it any safe?19:06
+MrHairgreasethen i'll have a quick look19:06
+MrHairgreasewhy not?19:06
jose_17_11just asking19:07
+MrHairgreaseyou don't have sensitive data in there right?19:07
+MrHairgreaseone question19:07
+MrHairgreasedid you specify a server name for you vhost?19:07
jose_17_11theres nothing as of now19:09
jose_17_11now you are talking a bit complicated language19:09
jose_17_11a network administration cookbook is to be seen yet19:10
+MrHairgreasewell this does not tell me much19:10
+MrHairgreasedid you do any editing of httpd.conf?19:10
+MrHairgreaseor other apache configuration?19:10
jose_17_11this is httpd.conf19:13
jose_17_11i have not made any other edits19:13
+MrHairgreasebut there's nothing webgui releated in there19:13
+MrHairgreaseyou should tell apache that it has to serve webgui19:13
jose_17_11like DocumentRoot /opt/apache/WebGUI/www ?19:14
+MrHairgreasenot quite19:14
+MrHairgreasewait a minute pls19:14
jose_17_11take your time19:16
+MrHairgreasetry to put that above the includes in your apache conf19:18
+MrHairgreasesubstiute all the paths for the ones in your situation19:19
+MrHairgreaseand also edit preload.perl and set the correct path in that file19:19
+MrHairgreaseat the top19:19
+MrHairgreasegotta go now19:19
+MrHairgreasebut i'll be back later 19:19
+MrHairgreaseprobably at least19:19
+MrHairgreasegood luck.19:19
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has left #webgui []19:20
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+MrHairgreasedid you get it to work?21:19
jose_17_11hello, thank you for your concern21:19
jose_17_11well.. not really21:19
jose_17_11but i'll get to that21:19
+MrHairgreasethat's too bad21:20
jose_17_11first i put your few lines to the beginning of my httpd.conf.. restarted apache (apachectl restart). no change21:20
jose_17_11then i put them somewhere i thought that would be better21:20
+MrHairgreaseare you sure that's the conf file your apache is using?21:21
jose_17_11so what i have done finally was i took a httpd.conf from a running server (i want to migrate from) and correct the paths to webgui21:21
+MrHairgreaseoh wait21:21
+MrHairgreasethe beginning?21:21
jose_17_11oh well.. not quite sure21:21
+MrHairgreasebettr put them somewhere at the end21:21
jose_17_11i'll do that21:21
+MrHairgreaseand try commenting out the include directive21:21
jose_17_11what do you mean by include directives? i see no 'include' keyword21:23
+MrHairgreaseat the end of your httpd.conf21:24
jose_17_11hmm. ok21:25
jose_17_11i guess this might be interesting. from console stdout:21:25
jose_17_11httpd: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for myhost21:25
jose_17_11httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName21:25
+MrHairgreasedid you use a ServerName directive in het virtualhost declaration?21:26
+MrHairgreaseit does say btw.21:26
+MrHairgreasethat you're editing the right file21:26
+MrHairgreasecan you paste the contents of you current file?21:27
jose_17_11ServerName my.domain.com21:27
jose_17_11i sure can21:27
+MrHairgreasetry making it a domain-name that exists21:27
+MrHairgreasethe name of your site21:27
+MrHairgreasemaybe that helps21:27
+MrHairgreasestill, paste your conf though21:28
jose_17_11gimme a sec21:29
jose_17_11my site does not have a DNS entry21:31
jose_17_11btw how did you know that we are editing the right file?21:31
+MrHairgreaseb/c the output of the httpd changes21:31
jose_17_11uhm, aha.. well, i am not any wiser. but nevermind21:32
+MrHairgreasedo you see something else being output?21:33
+MrHairgreaselike starting webgui 7.0.0?21:33
jose_17_11what you see is what i get21:34
jose_17_11after # apachectl restart21:34
+MrHairgreasewhat does /var/log/httpd/error_log say?21:35
jose_17_11there is none21:36
jose_17_11yes, i am a disaster21:36
+MrHairgreaseplease remove the first LoadModule perl_module line frm the config21:37
+MrHairgreasealso comment out the Inlcude httpd-default.conf line21:37
jose_17_11oops, i must have missed that one21:38
jose_17_11http:// -- nichts21:38
+MrHairgreaseremove the servername directive in the virtualhost21:39
jose_17_11anything else?21:39
+MrHairgreasetry and see21:40
+MrHairgreaseit is very hard to do this kind of stuff through irc21:40
jose_17_11MrHairgrease: may i priv msg you?21:40
-!- jose_17_11 is now known as jose171121:40
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* crythias disclaims that he is not an employee, shill, or advertisement bug for WebGUI.22:08
+crythiasbtw... I also claim that digg.com is depressing.22:09
+crythiasSo much so that I will endevour not to return.22:09
ckotili dont go to it22:09
jose1711hi crythias22:09
+crythiashey jose22:10
maxsciencedeploying my WRE tomorrow ;)22:10
jose1711so after all i am going to switch to CENTOS, cause archlinux is just no good when it comes to perl packages22:10
+crythiasdigg reminds me how much democracy stinks :)22:10
maxscienceswitch to Mac OS X man ;)22:10
+MrHairgreaselater guys22:11
ckotili do like osx.22:11
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []22:11
jose1711maxscience: you just don't stop teasing me22:11
ckotildarwin ports is amazing22:11
jose1711let's make a deal. you are going to buy me an apple hw and i am going to run webgui on mac os x, ok?22:12
+crythiasfreebsd is the kewl thing. all the snobby people are using it. 22:12
* crythias disclaims that he may or may not be included as snobby because he uses FreeBSD22:12
maxscienceexpensive apple hardware is just a myth man. Do a right comparison and you'll see how cheap they are22:12
ckotili have 2 fbsd machines at home22:12
ckotili love it22:12
jose1711maxscience: ok, then just persuade my boss22:12
ckotiland osx has some bsd in it22:13
jose1711bits and pieces22:13
maxscienceso often bosses are ignorant :D22:13
ckotilmy boss bought me a new 21" imac ;]22:13
ckotilintel dup22:13
maxsciencewell gtg guys! C ya later22:13
ckotili was neevr a mac man til recently22:13
-!- maxscience [n=maxscien@85-18-14-23.fastres.net] has quit ["Quitting!"]22:14
ckotilnext machine i by will be a mac22:14
ckotilbad link?22:15
+crythiasis that right? 2MB ram?22:16
+crythiasat $800, not bad22:17
ckotilya price is right22:17
ckotiltho id opt for a faster chip. im running the 2ghz duo22:17
ckotilw/ 1 gig ram . and it barely runs windows through a virtual machine without slowdown22:18
ckotilif im running say dreamweaver or photoshop and windows. it  has terrible lag22:18
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--- Day changed Fri Jul 14 2006
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+crythiasuse exit;00:04
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cheecheeohas anyone used commerce effectively with webgui?02:01
+perlDreamerI've seen people on the boards who have used it02:01
+perlDreamerhaving problems or just wondering about usage?02:02
cheecheeoperlDreamer: Usage.02:02
+perlDreamercheecheeo: have you seen the WRE on Suse bug posting?  It has some nice tips for dealing with SUSE problems.02:32
cheecheeoperlDreamer: just saw that, pretty cool02:39
+perlDreamerbut y'all had already got the WRE up and working, right?02:39
cheecheeoyeah, do you know what the product macro is? is that something other than the product Asset/content?02:42
+perlDreamerthe way I understand it, and I may be wrong, the Product Asset is "old" technology.02:43
+perlDreamerThe product macro lets you display products from the commerce system.02:43
cheecheeoi see02:43
cheecheeoso I need a crash course on Macros I guess02:44
+perlDreamerMacros are easy02:44
+perlDreamerand, coincidently, are very well documented02:44
+perlDreamerit's safest to quote all macro arguments, using double quotes02:44
+perlDreamerand no spaces between commas and quotes in argument lists02:45
cheecheeowhere are they documented?02:46
+perlDreamerIn the help system.02:46
+perlDreameradmin on, Admin Console, click on the life preserver icon02:46
+perlDreameralternately, append op=viewHelp to any URL02:46
+perlDreameroh, and for more people how know the commerce system well, try snapcount or MrHairGrease02:47
cheecheeoI'm not seeing the life preserver, but I'll try to append the op02:48
+perlDreamerthe life preserver is circular, white and red stripes alternating with a question mark in the center02:48
cheecheeoi got it, I didn't the life preserver from the main admin console window though02:49
+perlDreamerthat's weird02:49
+perlDreamerlogged in as Admin?02:49
cheecheeoah, no02:50
cheecheeoas a user02:50
cheecheeobut with admin rights02:50
+perlDreamerreally weird02:51
cheecheeooh duh02:51
+perlDreamerI'll have to check it out tomorrow.02:51
cheecheeoi was looking for a little one off in the corner02:51
cheecheeobut it's right there with all the other stuff02:51
cheecheeoi see it now02:51
+perlDreamerI've done a little more code scrounging02:52
+perlDreamerI'm almost positive the Product Assets and Macros are unrelated02:52
+perlDreamerYou add products to the commerce system via the Product Manager02:52
+perlDreamerand manage the commerce settings via the Commerce Manager02:53
+perlDreamerProduct Manager is called "Products".  Commerce Manager is "Commerce".02:53
+perlDreameralso, if you find the docs sparse and learn some things, feel free to send in some doc patches.02:54
cheecheeoyeah, well now that I actually know how to use the documentation, hopefully I'll be able to get this02:55
+perlDreamerheadin' home02:55
+perlDreamerchat with you later, man02:55
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat061.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]02:55
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jose1711uhm.. well11:16
jose1711hardly considering a switch to CentOS here.. but11:17
jose1711i really do not know whether or not to repartition the disk11:17
jose1711sda1 - 2500 MB11:19
jose1711sda2 - swap 1 GB11:19
jose1711sda3 - 7 GB11:19
jose1711sda4 - 136 GB11:19
-!- cheecheeo [n=chee1@pool-71-117-245-76.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has quit ["gaim.sf.net"]11:20
Radix-wrkheh.. I had a play with centos today too11:31
Radix-wrkinstalled CentOS 4.3 Server CD11:31
Radix-wrkunfortunately I found a bug in the RHEL4 WRE 0.7.1 setup script in doing so - MySQL doesn't seem to start!11:32
Radix-wrkthat hard disk setup sounds good.. 2.5GB for /boot, 1GB swap, 7GB as your system partition, and the rest is a separate data partition11:33
jose17114.3 server DVD is what i am downloading now11:34
jose17112.5 for /boot??11:34
Radix-wrkFair enough.. if you want a full blown server11:34
jose1711i thought of 2.5 for /, 7gb for wre11:34
jose1711 /boot contains just the kernel images, nope?11:35
Radix-wrk2.5GB is way too much for /boot really.. only need 100MB or so really..11:35
Radix-wrkyeah.. just for kernel images11:35
jose1711putting /boot onto a separate partition is a bit obsolete as i have read11:35
Radix-wrkprobably these days.. bit of a legacy thing I guess :)11:36
jose1711ok, i am gonna repartition then, 100 MB, 9.5 gb, rest11:36
Radix-wrkI just installed mine onto a virtual machine.. so wasn't too fussed about the partitions that the install did automatically :)11:36
jose1711and that bug.. is it hard to fix?11:36
Radix-wrkno idea, I've logged it as a bug in plainblack support and see what they say over the weekend11:37
jose1711luckily centOS is officialy supported11:37
jose1711i am gonna w8 then too11:37
Radix-wrkI did set the SElinux stuff as active.. so perhaps that's stopping mysql from working.. dunno11:37
Radix-wrkJul 14 11:12:32 centos lsb_log_message: Couldn't find MySQL manager or server failed11:38
Radix-wrkthat comes up in the message logs on the machine11:38
Radix-wrkno idea what it means or how to take it further11:39
jose1711SElinux stuff.. is it necessary?11:39
Radix-wrkprobably best not to11:39
Radix-wrkbut if it's a production server.. hmm.. hard to say.. might prove useful11:39
jose1711it is just security hardened kernel, right,11:41
Radix-wrkit might very well be what's stopping the wre mysql from running :)11:45
-!- jose1711 [n=jose@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]11:46
Radix-wrkbut then it might help if you're getting lots of people trying to hack into your webgui server :)11:46
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jose1711please is http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/pbwebgui/wre-0.7.1-rhel4-i386.tar.gz?download compatible w/ centOS4?13:27
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Radix_should be14:21
Radix_centos4 is based on rhel414:21
Radix_centos3 is based on rhel3, etc14:21
jose1711anyways it does not include testEnvironment.pl so i better downloaded normal wre14:24
jose1711what i am doing now is running testEnvironment.pl and installing all the missing modules via CPAN. if got into a trouble, i first try to find an RPM package for CentOS and if that fails run force install. is it fine?14:25
Radix_err.. the wre should include all the modules and everything you need!14:29
Radix_that's the whole idea14:29
Radix_you don't even need apache or anything.. just wre and webgui14:29
Radix_testEnvironment is in the webgui source btw.. you still need that14:29
Radix_read the instructions on how to install the wre on the plainblack site14:29
Radix_good luck!.. I'm off again14:30
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jose1711hi, could you please help me w/ webGUI?16:23
jose1711i need to reset my dbase apparently cause i am having troubles connecting it16:25
jose1711when i run addsite --admin-db.. --sitename i get: Can't create database database exists16:25
jose1711access denied for user ncnlfqag@localhost16:25
ckotilcan you log into mysql via mysql client?16:25
jose1711i'll check16:26
ckotiljust issue drop database webgui; create database webgui;16:26
ckotilthen run the webgui create tables script16:26
jose1711can't connect to local mzsql server through socket 'var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'16:27
ckotilyour server isnt running16:27
jose1711i issued: mysql -u root localhost -p16:28
ckotilthats the problem16:28
jose1711service mysql nor mysqld did not work16:28
ckotil./mysqld_safe & 16:28
ckotilneed to issue that to start the server16:28
jose1711from where?16:28
ckotil./usr/bin/ perhaps16:29
jose1711theres nothing like that16:29
ckotilissue , locate mysqld_safe16:29
jose1711mysql mysqlaccess mysqladmin mysqlbinlog mysqlcheck _config dump dumpslow16:29
ckotilsee if that returns anything16:29
ckotilare you sure the mysql server is installed?16:30
jose1711webgui did work a few minutes ago16:30
jose1711so i presume yes16:30
jose1711updateing locate database now16:30
jose1711its in /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe16:34
ckotiloh you're running the wre16:34
ckotilive never used that ;]   i just have an idea of how it works16:34
ckotilbut that socket error usually means the server is not running16:34
jose1711i have run ps aux | grep mysql and i see mysqld running16:36
jose1711i need some fresh air. thank you, bye for now16:37
ckotilsearch for that socket error on the forums.16:49
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maxsciencesomeone's there?17:11
maxscienceJust installed WRE and WebGUI17:14
maxscienceand just found another critical bug...17:14
maxscienceanyway how do you edit templates globally, for the whole website?17:15
jose1711ckotil: still there?17:18
jose1711i've just come back from luch17:18
jose1711invoked ./mysql instead of mysql and seems i am in17:19
jose1711anyways drop database webgui; is: can't drop database webgui; database doesn't exist17:19
maxscienceI get a "Problem with request" error when trying to add an article... :(17:29
ckotilmaxscience: to edit templates globally you just edit the template that everypage is using.17:29
jose1711ckotil: i decided to delete the whole wre folder and rerun ./setup17:29
jose1711what IP addresses will WebGUI be serving requests on -- what should i give him?17:29
maxscienceyeah but the point is where to do that?17:29
ckotilso if its the default template. that will be in root > import node > webgui style 317:29
maxscienceoh k thx17:30
maxscienceUsing the Assets menu in the Admin console?17:30
ckotiljose1711: issue create database webgui;17:30
jose1711ckotil: i am running the ./setup script already17:30
ckotilmaxscience: yes via the asset menu17:30
ckotiljose1711: ok, i might be innacurate on some points ehre , since i dont use the wre17:30
jose1711about that query: i'll leave default = nameserver17:31
ckotilsee i dunno. i didnt have that step17:31
jose1711ok, i'll see what happens then17:32
maxscienceckotil: I did go inside the WebGUI 7 Style 3 folder asset but... The Style 03 template has no Edit link!!17:32
maxscienceah lol cause it's locked wait17:32
ckotilmake a copy of those files before you start editing17:33
maxsciencedamn it doesn't go...17:34
maxscienceI edit it but when I save, I see again the locked image next to it17:34
jose1711ran ./addsite --.. and can't conect to local MySQL server again17:34
maxscienceI committed changes but it's same as before17:34
ckotilare you sure the page layout is set to use that template?17:35
ckotilgive it a minute17:36
ckotilsometimes it takes a while for the changes to be seen17:36
ckotilespecially with templates. they arent immediate like content changes17:36
maxsciencebah if it's that way it's not really a great thing...17:36
ckotiluhm...you shoudlnt be editing your template all the time17:36
maxscienceBut why it becomes locked after I save it?17:36
ckotilversion control17:37
jose1711ckotil: i created 'database webgui'17:37
ckotiljose1711: next step is to run create.sql 17:37
maxscienceversion control? But I commit my changes17:37
ckotilmaxscience: shouldnt be locked then. :/17:37
maxscienceThat's what I'm saying!17:38
maxscienceBut it's still locked17:38
ckotilis spectre.pl running?17:38
maxsciencehow do I check it?17:38
ckotilps aux | gre[ spectre.pl17:38
ckotilps aux | grep spectre.pl17:38
maxscienceyeah two processes17:39
maxsciencespectre.pl --daemon17:39
maxscienceand spectre.pl17:39
ckotilk one is the ps aux | grep spectre.pl prcess itself.17:39
ckotilthe other is spectre.pl17:39
ckotilso that seems fine17:39
ckotili dunno why it would still be locked after you commited the changes17:40
maxscienceyeah lol in fact for one it's written perl and for one grep17:40
jose1711mysqlimport webgui create.sql -p17:40
jose1711Error: you have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server verion for the right syntax to use near 'create 0 LINES' at lien 1, when using table: create17:40
maxscienceit's a bug? I read that version 7 had many spectre related bugs17:40
maxsciencebut I installed all the latest17:40
ckotilmysql -u webgui -p webgui < create.sql17:40
ckotilthats assuming your user is webgui and database name is webgui17:41
maxsciencethere is no other way to edit those templates? I can't edit them by hand?17:41
ckotilmysql -u username -p database name < create.sql17:41
ckotilcant do it by hand bc its all in the database. you COULD, but itd be a pain17:41
ckotildo this.17:42
ckotilcopy the template files17:42
ckotilthen edit the copies17:42
ckotiland then create a new page alyout, and in the design tab choose the new template17:42
jose1711and then?17:42
ckotilchances are your new template wont show up in the list to choose from. in that case i forget how to add it to the list. but i figured it out in 5 minutes by tinkering with it. 17:42
maxscienceok so I unlock again the template? By unlocking it I have to click on the lock image and then delete my latest revision17:42
ckotiljose1711:  then yoiu should be good to go17:43
ckotilassuming perload.perl is setup, and testEnvironment.pl pass17:43
ckotiland your webgui.conf is ok17:43
ckotiland spectre starts ;]17:43
jose1711rc.webgui start hans after mod_proxy started17:44
ckotilare you using the wre?17:44
ckotilcrap. i may be steering you wrong then. i use the conventional method17:44
maxsciencethere is some way I can easily change ports to WRE things (apache and mysql)? Can the setup files do that or I have to manually edit the confs?17:45
ckotilport numbers?17:45
ckotilthey can easily be changed in the confs17:45
maxscienceyeah I know but where are they lol17:46
maxsciencein the prereqs folder?17:46
ckotilconventional metthod... httpd.conf is the apache conf17:47
ckotilim sorry. im not really of any help with the wre17:47
maxscienceI know that.. I already manage normal apache websites but there is no doc on the WRE structure17:48
ckotilyou have so much more control by not using the wre. but i can also see how it can be more difficult17:48
maxscienceoh k :) I guess I found it17:48
ckotilhell, i didnt even know of the wre when i first stubmled onto wG a month ago17:48
maxscienceI run the existing website on MySQL 4 and Apache 1.3 so the WRE was the only go.. Waste of time to go for the source. If WebGUI 7 could have been deployed on apache 1.3 and mysql 4, I'd go with the source install17:49
ckotilwe run Red Hat enterprise Linux Advance Server 417:50
ckotiland its pretty much all up to date17:50
ckotilvia redhat sattelite system17:51
ckotili never liked redhat , then i started working here..... it works.17:51
ckotili wish there was a way to recursively change who may edit assets17:56
maxsciencemmh I run wremonitor and it says17:56
ckotilmight have to RFE that17:56
maxscienceSpectre failed to stop!17:56
maxscienceSpectre started17:56
maxscienceStopping spectre17:56
maxscienceSpectre failed to stop"!17:56
maxscienceand again and again17:56
maxsciencelol I did a control c but it is running again!17:57
maxscienceumpf I have to kill the process17:57
ckotili added a cron job to restart it every day17:58
maxsciencewhat basically is this spectre?17:59
maxsciencewhat it does?17:59
ckotili dont know the specifics, but it does background tasks18:00
jose1711ckotil: the site is up again.. but as before i do not see edit, cup, copy buttons in firefox18:00
ckotiljose1711: after turning admin mode on?18:00
ckotilare you logged in as admin?18:00
jose1711both: yes18:01
ckotilthats wierd man18:02
ckotilcheck your webgui log for errors18:02
maxsciencetry to clear cookies18:02
ckotilya good call18:02
ckotilwG cache's a lot18:02
jose1711ok, will do18:03
jose1711no, nothing18:04
jose1711am i supposed to check webgui.log?18:04
jose1711cause there i only see some spectre errors18:04
ckotilwell thats not good.18:04
ckotilbut i dunno if that would prevent edit buttons from showing up18:05
jose1711warning, error and warning18:05
ckotildoes that admin bar on the left appear?18:05
jose1711visitor conenction from .. attempted to make a spectre workflow runner request but we're only allowd to accept requests from ...18:05
jose1711yes, it's there18:05
ckotilif the edit buttons dont show up, and assuming wG is working properly that means you dont have the privelages to edit18:05
jose1711may i msg you?18:05
ckotilok so your spectre isnt talking with wG right18:06
jose1711i am a total n00b18:06
ckotilsounds like you need to add the right ip to spectre.conf18:06
jose1711even dunno what the spectre is18:06
ckotilthe guides tell you to add but in my experiences i had to add the machines real ip address18:06
jose1711my i priv msg you please?18:06
ckotili dont either, i just know wG uses itt18:06
jose1711do you see my message?18:08
ckotilyeah do you get my replies?18:08
ckotilbc im not registered18:09
ckotilk im out.18:14
ckotilso one thing spectre does is pull the latest news from plainblack.com ;]18:26
maxsciencelol now I don't see the list I saw before when clicking on Assets18:28
jose1711maxscience: still having a problem w/ locking articles?18:30
ckotilsounds like u both have the same prob18:31
ckotili think the prob is spectre isnt communicating with webgui18:31
ckotilin spectre.conf and webgui.conf make the spectre subnet the machines ip18:31
maxsciencethis is buggy man...18:32
maxscienceI remember JT saying that the only competitor to WebGUI is Oracle Portal LOL18:33
ckotilthere are other enterprise cms'18:34
ckotilbut as far as open source cms, wG is in a league of its own18:34
ckotilversion control, user/group access levels18:34
ckotildoesnt exist anywhere else18:34
maxsciencemmh it seems that there is no spectre.conf in WRE18:34
ckotili used to use mambo/joomla till i got so fed up with group access18:34
ckotiland version control.18:34
maxscienceyeah very nice things IF they work... So far seems buggy18:35
ckotildont blame wG18:35
ckotilwell you can pry blame the documentation. its a little sparse18:35
maxscienceI'm not talking about documentation... I'm talking about wG... I still get Bad server response and blank pages18:36
maxsciencecould be WRE that's buggy but it's still plainblack.com18:36
ckotilits not configured properly then18:36
ckotili havent had a single error lately18:36
maxscienceWRE setup scripts configured the thing not me18:36
ckotilcomputers suck.18:36
ckotildont trust em18:37
maxsciencePlainblack.com recommends using WRE man ;)18:37
ckotilphuck it18:37
ckotili have more control my way18:37
ckotilhow's that authentication module coming along fo ryou?18:38
maxscienceagain Problem with Request...18:38
ckotilcheck your logs18:38
maxsciencewaiting replies from other devs18:38
ckotilyou should be able to narrow down whats causing it18:39
maxscienceyeah but where are they in this WRE thing lol18:39
ckotili dunno18:39
ckotilis jose1711 's problem18:40
ckotiland its causing the lock problem18:40
ckotili know it18:41
ckotilso i told him to remove and just have in the config18:41
ckotiland it will work18:41
ckotili had the same problem18:41
ckotilin the non wre install it exists in two places. webgui.conf and spectre.conf18:42
maxscienceI have specified just the real ip machine18:42
ckotilboth in WegGUI/etc18:42
ckotilso try specifying
ckotili took the trial and error approach, and i finally got it all working18:43
jose1711there is - is that the one i should edit?18:43
jose1711and under spectreSubnets i have and the first one is my DNS server18:43
jose1711which one to erase?18:43
ckotilspectreSubnets" : [ "" ],18:45
ckotil                        18:45
ckotil# Define the IP Address that should be used by WebGUI to connect18:45
ckotil# to Spectre. Depending upon your cluster configuration, this may18:45
ckotil# or may not be the same as the information in spectreSubnets.18:45
ckotil                        18:45
ckotil"spectreIp" : "",18:45
ckotil                18:45
ckotil# Define the port number WebGUI should use to connect to Spectre18:45
ckotil                        18:45
ckotil"spectrePort" : 32133,18:45
ckotilthats my config18:45
ckotilits all gotta be consistent18:45
ckotilthen in spectre.conf18:45
ckotil# config-file-format: JSON 118:45
ckotil# Define the IP address that Spectre should run on. If WebGUI and18:45
ckotil# Spectre are on the same machine, you should leave this as is.18:45
ckotil"ip" : "",18:45
ckotil# Define a port for Spectre to run on between 1024 and 65000.18:45
ckotil"port" : 32133,18:45
jose1711changed all to and restarted webgui18:48
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jose1711could you please take a look on that locks?18:48
-!- maxscience [n=max@acer.europhd.uniroma1.it] has joined #webgui18:48
ckotilyou can do it. then check your logs18:49
ckotiland ifyou still see that communications error form spectre18:49
ckotili recommend changing the ip from to the actual ip of the machine18:49
ckotil127.0.0.1 woudlnt work for me because we use virtual hosts18:49
jose1711hmm, i'll do that then18:52
ckotilyikes, i got a scary error. /tmp not enough free space for the cache18:54
ckotili need to relocate my tmp dir18:54
jose1711couldnt connec to Spectre because Unable to connect to Connection refused18:55
jose1711firewall prob?18:55
ckotilcould be18:56
jose1711what is the command to accept all packets?18:56
jose1711iptables -j ACCEPT ... ?18:56
ckotil195.113.96.198/ is the ip you gave me earlier18:56
ckotilnot 19318:56
maxscienceIn the wremonitor.log Spectre goes down SO often!!18:56
jose1711yes, it's 195.. in the log18:56
ckotili dunno ip tables18:57
ckotilask your admin18:57
* jose1711 is the "admin"18:57
ckotilactually im going for lunch be back in an hour or so18:58
jose1711btw i used iptables -A INPUT -j ACCEPT19:00
jose1711and nothing has changed19:00
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #webgui19:01
-!- mode/#webgui [+v MrHairgrease] by ChanServ19:01
maxscienceI'm having problems with a WRE install of WebGUI19:05
jose1711what sorta?19:05
maxsciencelol you read so far19:06
ckotilyou guys have the same prob i believe 19:07
ckotilim not going to lunch for another 10 minutes. 19:08
jose1711were trouble-some guys19:09
ckotilthe cause is spectre.pl not communicating properly19:10
jose1711have you reported that maxscience?19:10
maxscienceyeah I see in the logs that it tries to connect to to restart spectre19:10
+MrHairgreasedoes spectre give an 200 OK error?19:10
maxsciencebut I indicated my real ip when installing WRE19:10
maxscienceso where to change that?19:10
+MrHairgreaseold versions of spectre have hardcoded19:11
maxscienceI have installed latest WRE and latest WebGUI19:11
maxsciencein the wremonitor.log I see spectre and webserver going down and down19:11
maxsciencethen being restarted19:12
maxscienceand a "500 Server closed connection without sending any data back"19:12
+MrHairgreasemaybe it is a firewall thingy?19:13
+MrHairgreaseI never saw that error19:13
maxscienceno firewall here19:14
maxsciencedo you know where to change the spectre bind in WRE?19:14
+MrHairgreasejust grep for it19:15
+MrHairgreasefor starters you can just replace the ip with your own19:15
+MrHairgreasefor the hardcoded part, you should prolly check sbin/spectre.pl19:16
+MrHairgreasealso note that you have to set the correct ip in THREE place in webgui.conf19:16
+MrHairgreaseif you edit webgui.conf19:17
+MrHairgreaseyou must stop spectre restart apache and start spectre again19:17
+MrHairgreaseand finally19:17
+MrHairgreasewhen i say restart apache19:17
+MrHairgreasei really mean stop and then start apache19:17
+MrHairgreaseor else mod_perl will leak mem19:18
maxscienceI have a WRE install not a source install19:18
+MrHairgreaseso check the ip's19:19
+MrHairgreasein  webgui.conf19:19
+MrHairgreaseand in spectre.pl19:19
+MrHairgreasedid centos workl out btw?19:19
maxsciencestill looking for the good webgui.conf file.. Plenty of webgui.conf.override but I guess that one is used by WRE's setup script...19:19
jose1711there is no webgui.conf but, is that fine?19:19
+MrHairgreaseit's probably in WebGUI/etc19:20
+MrHairgreaseyeah that must be it19:20
jose1711checked, it should be ok19:20
jose1711i mean - i already changed that19:20
+MrHairgreaseif you used for your hostname19:20
jose1711should i better restart the whole machine?19:20
+MrHairgreaseyou could do that19:20
+MrHairgreasebut it shouldn't be necesarry19:20
jose1711ill better do that19:21
maxsciencebah when I stop all things using WRE's script, the wremonitor keeps going on because of cron job... So it's pretty useless. Should submit something like 10 bug reports lol19:24
maxscienceI changed the ip in spectre.pl but the monitor log keeps saying the same errors19:25
+MrHairgreaseif you found ten bugs than you should submit ten bugs19:27
+MrHairgreaseif you found one19:27
+MrHairgreasene bugreport should suffice =)19:27
+MrHairgreaseIn that case I dunno what the problem might be.19:27
+MrHairgreasehave you tried running spectre from the command line19:27
+MrHairgreaseperl spectre.pl --run --debug19:28
maxsciencemmh no..19:28
+MrHairgreasetry that19:28
+MrHairgreasefrom the WebGUI sbin dir19:28
+MrHairgreaseIt'll give you loads of info19:28
maxscienceIt says Can't Locate POE/Compoment/IKC/ClientLite.pm19:29
jose1711seems like the lock are gone!!!19:30
maxscienceI also run Testenvironment.pl and some things are missing but damn it's a WRE install... It shouldn't include all needed?19:30
jose1711but need to test more19:30
+MrHairgreaseoh sry19:30
+MrHairgreaseyou should use the perl supplied by the wre19:31
+MrHairgreasedunno exactly where that is19:31
+MrHairgreasebut it's prolly something like19:31
maxscienceyeah exactly.. That's what I was thinking now.. But this means I have to change the path to perl of all WebGUI's perl scripts?19:31
+MrHairgrease /data/prereqs/perl/bin/perl19:31
+MrHairgreasejust do /data/prereqs/perl/bin/perl spectre.pl --run --debug19:32
+MrHairgreasefrom the WebGUI/sbin directory19:32
jose1711yes guys, they are gone for good19:32
jose1711thank you19:32
maxscienceok but spectre.pl has /usr/bin/perl as path to perl... When it runs automatically it uses the system perl not the WRE's perl right?19:32
+MrHairgreasedon't think so19:33
+MrHairgreasedepends how the wre runs it19:33
+MrHairgreaseit is not  neat19:33
+MrHairgreasebetter file that as a bug19:34
+MrHairgreaseif you issue the command like i just posted19:34
maxsciencemmh however I did as you said and now it reports a permission denied error on webgui.log19:34
+MrHairgreasethe shebang line will be ignored19:34
+MrHairgreaseyou probably must ruin spectre as root or something19:35
+MrHairgreaseat least in the wre19:35
maxscienceUse your WebGUI within minutes instead than hours by using WRE (from plainblack.com) lol19:35
+MrHairgreasehmm well19:35
+MrHairgreaseit probably has its rough edges19:35
+MrHairgreaseI have not yet used it19:35
+MrHairgreaseso it can't really tell19:35
maxsciencejose how did you resolve the thing?19:36
maxscienceI could try to change the shebang line to /data/wre/prereqs/etc.etc. ?19:37
maxsciencethe shebang line of spectre.pl19:38
+MrHairgreaseyeah you could do that19:38
+MrHairgreasedoesn't hurt anyway19:39
+MrHairgreasebut it's prbablynot your problem19:39
+MrHairgreaseor else it would have complained about POE earlier on19:39
maxsciencenot if it's like what I'm saying.. The scripts are using system's perl not WRE's perl19:40
+MrHairgreaseyeah but if they were using your systems perl...19:40
+MrHairgreasethey would have complained about poe19:40
maxscienceof course it's strange... WRE testers (if there are lol) should have take care of that19:40
+MrHairgreasewhich they didn't19:40
+MrHairgreasetherfore I don't think it's an issue19:41
maxsciencecomplained were? In the debug command it did19:41
+MrHairgreasebut not when you tried to start it using the wre19:41
+MrHairgreaseare you using a prebuilt binary?19:41
maxscienceoh well now I see that spectre.pl has no shebang line at all lol19:41
+MrHairgreaseor compiled from source yourselve?19:41
maxscienceno prebuilt19:41
+MrHairgreasewhat does the debug command say?19:41
maxscienceit has a shebang line the source equivalent of spectre.pl?19:42
+MrHairgreasewhat has?19:43
maxsciencethe shebang line19:43
+MrHairgreasewhat has the equiv. shebang line?19:44
+MrHairgreasethe 7.0.0 spectre does not have a shgebang19:44
+MrHairgreaseand it doesn't need one either19:44
maxscienceok so why you said ok when I wanted to change the shebang line of spectre.pl? :D19:44
+MrHairgreaseb/c I thought you said it had one19:45
maxscienceyeah I thought :D19:45
+MrHairgreaseI don't know those thing by hart19:45
+MrHairgreasei'm only human =)19:45
+MrHairgreaseso run /data/....../perl/bin/perl spectre.pl --run --debug19:45
+MrHairgreaseand make sure apache is running19:46
+MrHairgreasebefore you start it19:46
maxscienceI run that already.. Posted you the result19:46
+MrHairgreasei missed that19:46
+MrHairgreasecan you post it again pls?19:46
maxsciencesure 19:46
maxscienceCan't open /data/wre/var/webgui.log (Permission denied) at /path/to/wre/perl/Log/Log4perl/appender/File.pl line 6619:48
+MrHairgreaseoh yeah19:48
+MrHairgreaseso change the privs on that file19:48
+MrHairgreaseor run it as root19:48
maxsciencewhat do you recommed as chmod?19:48
+MrHairgreasethat should do the trick19:49
+MrHairgreasejust remember what it is now19:49
+MrHairgreaseso you can put it back19:49
maxsciencebtw in the webgui.log I got some other permissions errors19:49
-!- maxscience [n=max@acer.europhd.uniroma1.it] has left #webgui []19:49
-!- maxscience [n=max@acer.europhd.uniroma1.it] has joined #webgui19:49
maxscienceoh sorry :D19:49
maxsciencewhich was your last msg?19:49
+MrHairgrease(18:48:36) maxscience: btw in the webgui.log I got some other permissions errors19:49
maxscienceyeah regarding uploads dir19:50
maxsciencein /data/domains/mywebsite.com/public/etcetera19:50
maxsciencevarious uploads dir actually.. Guess it's the whole domains dir probably? Which should be their permissions?19:51
+MrHairgreasethat prolly means that the perms are not set correctly19:51
+MrHairgreaseI don't know19:51
maxscienceyeah I know but WRE should have done that... Btw..19:51
+MrHairgreaseit should be owend by the user apache run as19:51
maxscienceoho now I set the right permission to webgui.log19:52
maxsciencerun again the debug on spectre19:52
maxscienceand I'm seeing LOTS of workflow msgs19:53
maxscienceah but wait is still complains19:53
maxscienceError Spectre cannot communicate with WebGUI for mydomain.com.conf, perhaps you need to adjust the spectreSubnets setting in this config file19:54
+MrHairgreasefirst of all19:54
+MrHairgreaseis your apache runnig19:54
+MrHairgreasecan you access it19:54
maxscienceyes 19:54
+MrHairgreasew/o apache spectre won't work19:54
+MrHairgreasethen is teh sitename correct in the conf file19:55
+MrHairgreasealso are the spectre ip's and subnet settings correct?19:55
maxsciencedunno.. Where to see em?19:55
maxscienceWhen I run spectre with debug it also said: ADMIN: Trying to bind to
maxscienceBut it shouldn't be since I changed that to my real ip also in spectre.pl! I missed something?19:57
+MrHairgreaseyou did19:57
+MrHairgreasespectre ips are set in three places in the config file19:58
+MrHairgreasethe conf of your host19:58
+MrHairgreaseit's prolly called mydomain.conf19:58
maxscienceI haven't that file19:58
+MrHairgreasechange those to the correct ips 19:58
maxscienceI got just mydomain.com.modperl19:58
+MrHairgreasethen restart apache then start spectre again19:58
maxscienceand mydomain.com.modproxy19:58
+MrHairgreasein the WebGUI/etc dir19:59
+MrHairgreasemust be there19:59
maxsciencedamn I'm really tired.. Overlooked that dir. Thanks19:59
+MrHairgreaseThese are the dircetives: spectreIp and spectreSubnets20:00
+MrHairgreaseonly two20:00
+MrHairgreasenot three20:00
maxscienceok changed everything20:01
maxsciencealso in spectre.conf20:01
maxscienceok restarting everything20:01
+MrHairgreaseyeah specter.conf too indeed20:01
maxsciencenow I again run spectre.pl with the debug argument?20:01
maxsciencewow wremonitor.log is not complaining anymore so I guess we've made it!20:03
+MrHairgreasegood show20:03
maxsciencemany thanks20:03
maxsciencenow let's see if I can get things working with the browser... Before I got really strange behaviours... Most likely cause of spectre (I hope)20:04
maxsciencebtw I should control-c that process now? Because I didn't run it with the daemon argument it's flooding my terminal window :)20:04
+MrHairgreaseyou can let it run for some time20:05
+MrHairgreaseespecially if you are testing20:05
maxscienceah right20:05
+MrHairgreaseif it all works kill it20:05
+MrHairgreaseand start it as a daemon20:05
maxscienceyeah the wremonitor will do that job.. The problem was that didn't work... I will submit one bug on that cause WRE setup script asked me what ip to bind but didn't change to all files20:06
maxsciencelol now the wremonitor keeps saying All is well with.... :D20:09
maxscienceah btw.. I forgot to mention that I'm running two apaches and two mysqls at the same time20:10
maxscienceoh damn again that behaviour... :(20:13
+MrHairgreasewhat behaviour?20:13
maxscienceI'm trying to edit the Syle03 template via the Assets admin module20:14
-!- jose1711 [n=jose@] has left #webgui []20:14
maxscienceI changed a thing in the code then saved it 20:14
maxsciencethen I clicked on commit my changes20:14
+MrHairgreaseso far so good20:14
maxsciencethe prob is that it doesn't show on site!20:14
+MrHairgreaseok what does the output of spectre say20:14
maxscienceI'm now back at the assets module and the template has a lock icon...20:15
+MrHairgreaseit's locked couase its pending20:15
+MrHairgreaseso spectre must give an error20:15
maxsciencenothing new as before... Yeah but how? I did a commit changes20:15
maxscienceno error so far it seems20:15
+MrHairgreaseif you commit20:15
+MrHairgreaseshutdown spectre and start it again in the debug mode20:16
maxscienceI still got two autotags btw.. Strange.. Shouldn't they be removed when I commit changes?20:16
+MrHairgreasethey're prolly tags from some previus sessions20:17
+MrHairgreasecheck out the pending versions20:18
maxsciencerun again spectre with debug20:18
maxscienceand it still says Error spectre cannot communicate with Webgui, etc.20:18
maxsciencesame error as before20:18
maxsciencebut now it binds to the right ip.. In fact wremonitor is not complaining as before20:19
+MrHairgreasepasste your outputpls20:19
maxsciencespectre debug output?20:20
maxscienceis that your website or just a clipboard? :)20:20
+MrHairgreasenot mine20:21
maxsciencek ;)20:21
maxsciencelol it says I've already pasted! not true20:23
maxscienceok here it is20:23
+MrHairgreasesee this:20:24
+MrHairgreasePOE::Component::IKC::Server 4128: encountered bind error 48: Address already in use 4128: IKC Address 140.125.654.32:32133 in use20:24
+MrHairgreasei think there's already a spectre runnig20:24
+MrHairgreasekill that first20:24
+MrHairgreaseps auxf | grep spectre20:24
maxscienceaha nice spotting20:25
maxscienceyeah I see two of em20:26
maxsciencehow to kill one?20:26
+MrHairgreasekill pid20:26
+MrHairgreasepid is the processid20:27
maxscienceyeah I knew that lol 20:27
maxsciencewhat's the recommended thing to do after doing those testings? Like when I logout and then lock back again I have to delete previous tags and previous sessions, clear cache, etc.?20:30
+MrHairgreasejust start spectre in the debug mode agin and see what it does20:30
maxscienceok so I go directly to the asset module?20:30
+MrHairgreaseit picks up every pending commit20:30
maxscienceah yep20:30
maxscienceI still got that error20:31
maxscienceCan't communicate with webgui etc.20:31
+MrHairgreaseoh ic20:32
+MrHairgreasecheck the sitenam in your conf20:32
maxscienceyeah did that before too but it should be right:20:32
+MrHairgreasealso check the spectreSubnets directive20:32
+MrHairgreasewhat does it say20:32
maxscienceit contains:20:32
maxscienceyeah the spectresubnets contains:20:33
+MrHairgreasethat's not valid20:33
+MrHairgrease140.125.654.32 is not an ip20:34
+MrHairgreaseyou made a typo there20:34
maxscienceah yeah lol20:34
maxsciencewell anyway it's the real fixed ip of the server20:34
+MrHairgreasespectre subnets must be your ip/3220:34
+MrHairgreasefor instance 140.125.654.32/3220:34
maxscienceah ok so I delete the second line?20:34
+MrHairgreasebut 140.125.654.32 is not an ipnr.20:35
+MrHairgreaseit does not exist20:35
maxscienceyeah I know :)20:35
maxsciencebtw that first line was added by wre setup script20:35
+MrHairgreasewhich line is the first?20:36
maxscienceso I delete the second line and the comma at the end of the first line20:36
maxscienceadded by wre setup script20:36
+MrHairgreasesitename should be only your hostname20:37
maxscienceok restarted20:37
+MrHairgreaseor ip if you don't have one20:37
+MrHairgreasegotta go20:39
+MrHairgreasesee you later20:39
maxsciencedamn :D20:39
maxsciencethank you very much for the help20:39
+MrHairgreasewhat is damn?20:39
maxsciencelike "oh, no!" :)20:39
+MrHairgreaseso it stil does not work?20:39
maxscienceno cause you have to go eheh20:39
+MrHairgreasepaste the new output to rafb and i'll have a quick look20:40
maxscienceno more that error!20:40
+MrHairgreasevery good20:40
+MrHairgreasegodd luck then20:40
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has quit []20:41
maxsciencegot another problem here umpf20:54
maxscienceanybody there?21:14
-!- cheecheeo [n=chee1@pool-71-117-245-76.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #webgui21:28
ckotili had that prob too. i forget how i fixied it21:28
ckotilit was a config problem i believe21:28
ckotil:/ sorry i cant be more help21:28
maxsciencewhich prob?21:29
maxscienceah yeah21:29
maxsciencedamn :( I dunno what could be21:29
ckotilread over the install guide again21:29
ckotilyou got to still be missing something21:29
ckotildoes testEnvironment pass?21:29
maxsciencelol install guide 21:30
maxscienceactually I was able to run WebGUI21:30
maxsciencesorry but it sucks21:30
ckotilbut its all there.21:30
maxsciencenot really21:30
maxscienceI used WRE and was able to see WebGUI in less than 10 mins21:32
maxsciencebut it's 4 hours I'm troubleshooting lol21:32
maxsciencedamn 21:36
maxsciencesolved all problems so far22:59
maxsciencethx to Frank too22:59
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-!- jose1711 [n=jose@] has joined #webgui11:13
jose1711hi, please how to create a submenu?11:13
jose1711aah, page layout i guess11:14
jose1711plz how to dispose any changes?12:17
Radix_go to version control tab and delete the version you've made12:19
jose1711Version Tags you mean?12:21
jose1711i don't see any delete function there12:21
jose1711aah, sorry i see it now12:21
jose1711in the admin section12:21
jose1711please where to set the template for the whole page?12:22
jose1711http:// - i don't like 'USTAV INF..' uppercased12:22
jose1711and also i am wondering if it is possible to easily combine two menus - one vertical for a 1st level entries and the second horizontal for the 2nd+3rd level entries12:23
Radix_If you want to change the whole page then you need to design your own style - this is your main site look and feel as such13:46
Radix_your style generally contains your navigation menus (top and side or something like that)13:47
Radix_and it has a placeholder for where the page layout goes13:47
Radix_read the webgui done right documentation - pretty sure (even in the free version) it covers the basics like this13:48
jose1711where in menu can one find the style for the whole page please?14:42
-!- jose1711 [n=jose@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]15:17
-!- jose1711 [n=jose@] has joined #webgui15:18
Radix_each page layout has a setting for style16:35
jose1711yeah well.. but where is the main one? w/ the page background, menus, title of the site etc?16:41
Radix_I think you're a little confused.  Each page can pick a style - any pages under that page will by default use that style, but it's up to you whether you keep it that way.16:58
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jose1711hi crythias16:59
Radix_the style you get by default is style 03 if you have a brand new webgui install16:59
jose1711ok, i think i got it but please take a look at i have to change the ?stav informatiky and statistiky16:59
Radix_you can change that to one of the other ones if you want, or customise your own using one of those as the basis16:59
jose1711am i supposed to change style for all existing/used page templates?17:00
Radix_generally speaking, you shouldn't change any existing styles/templates17:00
Radix_you should copy an existing one, and customise it17:00
Radix_you do that by clicking on Manage next to style, and then using the copy option to make a copy of an existing one17:01
Radix_if you change an existing one - you may lose your changes if you upgrade17:01
jose1711hmm.. i tried backup script now and got 'gzip: /backup/*tar: No such file or directory17:05
jose1711Can't call method "login" on an undefined value at ./backup line 3317:05
jose1711any idea?17:05
Radix_did you cd /data/sbin to run it?17:08
jose1711 /data/wre/sbin17:13
Radix_dunno man, sorry17:14
jose1711well actually i see 3 new files inside /backup..17:16
jose1711is that it?17:16
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-!- pe1 is now known as p3z23:01
jose1711aloha friend23:11
p3zdoes anybody have info on when the win zip-n-go will be available?23:17
jose1711no idea what's zip-n-go23:19
p3zit's a package of all the needed sw to run webgui, as the name says you only have to unzip it and run the services to go23:22
jose1711how much it differs from wre?23:25
p3zas I know it is tha equivalent of wre in windows23:29
p3zwre needed under *nix, zip-n-go needed under windows OSes23:29
jose1711oh, i see... didn't know wre is only un*x thing23:31
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-!- p3z is now known as p3z[]09:43
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ckotilthat link checker is nice.18:09
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ckotilhey maxscience 17:05
maxscienceI need some help with templates17:08
ckotilim about to need help on them too17:08
ckotilshit. my clipboard isnt working all of a sudden17:53
ckotiland i see 0 errors17:53
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Radix-wrkmorning crythias04:10
+crythiasevening :)04:10
* crythias causes problems.04:10
+crythiasit's all about me.04:11
* crythias is also strangely fascinated with Naruto.04:13
Radix-wrkanime fan huh?04:13
+crythiasyeah. Now that Yu-Gi-Oh is over, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX is between seasons... :)04:13
* crythias even has a subscription to yu-gi-oh online :)04:15
+crythiasI'm such a ne'er-do-well04:16
Radix-wrkBeen to tokyo? :)04:17
+crythiaswant to.04:17
Radix-wrkheh.. it's an amazing place.. and you'd love it if you like anime :)04:18
+crythiasI think I'd be sick of Hello Kitty, though :) :) :)04:18
Radix-wrksurprisingly enough, I had to hunt around for hello kitty stuff!04:18
Radix-wrk(my daughter loves hello kitty)04:19
Radix-wrkI spent many days in Akihabara too.. could've spent weeks in there really04:19
+crythiassushi... mmm. on boats... that float...04:19
Radix-wrkfriend of mine went to some sort of Ghibli museum there when he went too.. that would've been awesome04:20
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+perlDreameranyone familiar with Image::Magick tonight?07:49
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libregeekI have recently upgrade webgui to 7.0.1 from 6.6.3, I have completed all the configuration  and when I run preload.perl it gives me an error like this: "Can't locate object method "server" via package "Apache2::ServerUtil" at preload.perl line 54."13:19
libregeekwhat could be wrong?13:19
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ckotilCan't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at ../lib/Spectre/Workflow.pm line 199.17:11
ckotilAny idea whats causing that? 17:11
-!- libregeek [n=moss@] has quit ["Leaving"]17:19
Radix_As a temporary fix you can change line 196 from:17:22
Radix_ my $priority = $self->{_instances}{$instanceId}{priority};17:22
Radix_ my $priority = $self->{_instances}{$instanceId}{priority} || 1; 17:22
ckotilok ill give that a shot.17:22
ckotilyou think thats the cause of my clipboard problem?17:22
ckotilwell i reverted back to 7.017:53
ckotildb and all. so im no longer having the clipboard issue17:53
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Radix-wrkooh.. WebGUI 7.0.2 is out06:29
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Radix-wrkShh.. everyone be quiet.. crythias is here.08:00
* Radix-wrk is pretty confident that noone will say anything for hours now.08:01
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Radix_crythias, did you see this link - http://jamie-sam.livejournal.com/3432.html14:21
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ckotilmmmmm gaim20:32
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ckotilI want to integrate a web app we have that queries backbone routers. And i want webgui to control access to the app. So i cannot simply use an iframe or http proxy. since a user could just access the url directly. Do I need to turn the web app into a wobject?15:42
ckotili havent been able to find a good example  of a 'web app' on the contributions page16:16
xdangercan't you firewall the routers access to only to the webgui server, so then you could use the httpproxy16:17
ckotilyes. i think we could.16:17
ckotilthe http proxy can only access pages that require no authentication16:18
ckotilsee what i mean? users could just access the url http proxy is grabbing16:22
ckotilwill http://www.plainblack.com/wobject_code_template#hl2zNsWb2bjHVur5zGF4nw work with 7.0?16:26
xdangeryou can provide it with the authentivation by http://user:passwd@domain.com/17:33
xdangerckotil: this is a better way to start: http://www.plainblack.com/wobject_tutorial17:35
xdangerckotil: there is also a skeleton for a wobject in webgui... https://www.plainblack.com/downloads/builds/7.0.2-stable/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/_NewWobject.skeleton17:40
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ckotilok. thx17:54
ckotilive read that tut a couple times17:55
ckotilim not clear on how to see/import the wobject form the asset tree17:56
ckotilabout the authentication. we use CAS, central authentication system. i coudlnt come up with a way to integrate it into http proxy 18:11
ckotilCAS stores a cookie in the browser. i guess i COULD hand that off to http proxy some how18:11
ckotilbig mess tho. id rather use wG's framework for the apps18:13
ckotilbut its going to be tough to get people to develop the apps as wobjects18:13
ckotilor it may get dumped to me and that would...suck18:13
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ckotilthe wobject template needs $my session = shift; in sub view{} 20:37
ckotilor else it errors out20:37
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ckotilhow much documention on wobject devlopment is in webgui done right?22:35
+perlDreamerI'd look, but I think PB's site is down22:41
+perlDreameryup, they're down23:07
ckotilwell its the weekend now. cya monday23:08
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ckotilIm about to put in an order for webgui done right.18:21
ckotilhow long till the wobject wizard is finished?20:05
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ckotilThe online order form for webgui done right is not working15:29
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xdangerckotil: you should report it in bugs15:51
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ckotilhow complex can a macro be?17:22
ckotilcan you include other script files from the macro?17:23
lenthamenhey ckotil17:33
lenthamenmacro's are the easiest way of adding logic to a webgui page.17:34
ckotilthey seem easier than wobjects17:34
ckotili was creating a wobject and i crashed my wG instance. 17:34
lenthamenyes, you can include output of external scripts.17:34
ckotili can do this other than using  macro or wobject?17:35
lenthamenThere's a Include(); macro17:36
lenthamenbut that only includes files17:36
lenthamennot the output of an executed script17:36
lenthamenthere's a Execute(); macro too17:36
ckotilah. that could be very useful17:36
ckotilsee we have this app router proxy that queries backbone routers. I want to have webgui limit access to the script17:37
ckotiloh sweet. that could be too perfect. im gonna try it now.17:37
lenthamenbe careful with passing through form parameters as that's a big security risk17:38
lenthamenYou might need to enable the Execute macro17:38
ckotilin the webgui.conf?17:38
lenthamenwhat version of webgui do you have?17:38
lenthamenExecute => Execute,17:39
lenthamensomething like that17:39
ckotili started with 6.9 and i have just been upgrading. keeping backups of past working installs. and ive even tried going out to 7.0.2 but it didnt work properly , the upgrade. but i hear as of 7.0.3 that bug was fixed17:40
ckotilya im familiar with macro entries.17:40
ckotilit ran the script but nothing got outputed.17:42
ckotiland i got all this garbage17:43
ckotilStopping httpd:                                            [  OK  ]17:43
ckotilStarting httpd: 17:43
ckotilStarting WebGUI 7.0.017:43
ckotilSubroutine new redefined at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Net/TL1.pm line 17.17:43
ckotilSubroutine close redefined at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Net/TL1.pm line 52.17:43
ckotilSubroutine get_hashref redefined at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Net/TL1.pm line 59.17:43
ckotilSubroutine Execute redefined at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Net/TL1.pm line 76.17:43
ckotilSubroutine ParseSimpleOutputLines redefined at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Net/TL1.pm line 9717:43
ckotil    Loading newt.webgui.conf17:43
ckotilWebGUI Started!17:43
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lenthamendid you get that messages before ?17:44
ckotiljust now since im using ^Execute('/my/script/index.cgi');17:45
ckotili wonder, does webgui use these subroutines?17:45
ckotilif my app is redefining them, that would screw something up17:46
lenthamenI don't think so.17:46
ckotilyeah some are pretty obscure.17:46
lenthamenWhy don't you use the http_proxy to embed the cgi output ?17:46
ckotilhttp_proxy will work for pages that we do not conrtol access to17:46
ckotili know http_proxy will accept a user/pass17:47
ckotilbut we use a central authentication system17:47
lenthamenok. 17:47
ckotilwhich we integrated into wG17:47
lenthamenExecute() is very basic17:47
lenthamenit only runs the command and send back the output17:47
ckotili wonder why theres no output17:48
ckotilnow time to try to get this placed into a macro.17:49
jmorganis there an ETA for the next WRE release?17:55
lenthamenWebGUI is released every wednesday...18:07
lenthamenas long as there are bugs.18:07
lenthamenin 7.0.18:07
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ckotilah signed up.20:48
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Radix-wrkmornin' :)03:23
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snapcoun2my nick is being mamed18:09
-!- snapcoun2 is now known as snapcount18:09
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* snapcount breaths a sigh of relief18:10
ckotilIs there a way To get a list of links generated by the child assets?19:12
ckotilSo i have a page layout, with more page layots below. I would like for links to automatically be generated to those pages.19:13
xdangerdo it with navigation...19:15
xdangerset starting point to a page, or do a relative starting point, and include children, with end point /a (+1)19:16
ckotilthat works. thanks19:17
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cheecheeois there special configuration needed to import wgpkg's? or is it a default feature?22:21
ckotilyou turn assets into packages which you can then easily replicate throughout your asset tree22:30
ckotilwhen you're editing an asset click on MetaData and its at the bottom22:31
cheecheeoright right, but once I download them, and I want to upload to say a diffierent WebGUI instance, is there any special configuration for that feature?22:36
ckotilhrm i dunno.22:37
ckotili didnt know you could download assets22:37
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cheecheeowell, you can export them22:41
cheecheeopackages that is22:42
ckotilah ok22:42
ckotili recall that now22:42
cheecheeookay, I'm having trouble successfully importing those packages into a separate WebGUI instance22:46
ckotilyou could hack it into the db if you're comfortable enough with it22:51
ckotili hacked the db once when i locked myself out of webgui while implementing a new authentication module22:51
cheecheeoI see, so you can't just use import package like you would export a package?22:53
ckotilive never done it. i would think you could22:53
ckotiljust makes senes. ya know?22:54
cheecheeoyeah, whenever I try it says problem with request, contact us, my company, info@mycompany.com blah blah blah22:54
ckotiloh boy. ive seen that a few times22:55
ckotilusually is stemmed from bad permissions in the www dir22:55
cheecheeomm, i see22:55
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lenthamenAnybody here who knows how the Workflow system works ?15:11
-!- ckotil [n=Newt@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui15:25
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lenthamenHey Roy17:23
snapcoun1lenthamen: still there?18:07
lenthamenroy, do you know how the workflow system works ?18:36
lenthamenGotta go. Check my question here: http://www.plainblack.com/etcetera/workflow-question 18:38
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Jiggiesup monkeys22:03
snapcoun1stealing is bad22:16
snapcoun1funny funny22:16
ckotilthats awsome22:19
Jiggieyep funy as hell22:35
Jiggienow i need some help22:35
JiggieWebGUI modules ........................... Not Found. Perhaps you're running this script in the wrong place.22:35
JiggieCannot continue without WebGUI files.22:35
Jiggiehow do i fix that22:35
Jiggierunning from inside /data/WebGui/sbin22:35
Jiggiedo i need wre?22:35
Jiggiethis is from 6.2.11 gamma22:35
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ckotilUpgraded to 7.0.3 and on pages where i have redirects, I see a 0.17:07
ckotilthe redirect asset has disappeard17:34
ckotiltho the redirects that already existed still work.17:34
Jiggiemorning monkeys19:01
-!- snapcoun1 [n=Roy@adsl-35-166-133.dab.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui19:03
jmorganJiggie: did you fix that "WebGUI modules" error?19:36
jmorganI had the same problem two days ago. I fixed it by going back and making sure all my perl modules were installed19:36
jmorganI ran perl /data/WebGUI/sbin/testEnviornment.pl19:37
jmorganI did a source install btw19:37
Jiggiei still get this20:35
Jiggie [root@intranet1 sbin]# perl preload.perl20:35
JiggieCan't locate Error.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /data/WebGUI/lib /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.520:35
Jiggieand still get this  20:36
JiggieWebGUI modules ........................... Not Found. Perhaps you're running this script in the wrong place.20:36
JiggieCannot continue without WebGUI files.20:36
Jiggiei tooket webgui.2.6.11.gamma20:36
Jiggieand extracted and did what it said in the instyall docs20:37
Jiggiejmorgan how did u check if all the perl modules where installed20:37
Jiggieperl testEnvironment.pl says they all OK20:38
Jiggieanyone around21:17
Jiggieplease come around21:23
ckotilwe upgraded perl on the development box today and im installing all the modules again22:04
ckotilpain in the A22:04
ckotilwill wG work with mod_perl2.0 ?22:20
jmorganJiggie: well, when I ran testEnviornment.pl, it stopped on some of the modules though I know those where installed.22:35
jmorganso I tried installing them via CPAN & found some dependancies where missing22:36
jmorganonce all the dependancies where installed, testEnviornment.pl worked as expected22:36
jmorganI'm not sure how to check that all the modules are installed (I'm a perl newbie) but my guess is that is your issue22:37
jmorganWhich OS are you installin on?22:38
ckotilim on RHEL AS422:47
ckotilFREE ERROR BIND!FREE ERROR FBIND!DBI::db=HASH(0x9a58264)->disconnect invalidates 1 active statement handle (either destroy statement handles or call finish on them before disconnecting) at ../lib/WebGUI/SQL.pm line 394.22:47
ckotili got that nasty error after upgrading perl22:48
ckotiland reinstalling all the modules22:48
ckotili get that when starting spectre22:48
jmorganI was using WRE-0.7.1 but upgraded WebGUI-7.0.0 to 7.0.2 but spectre wouldn't start due to a new perl module in 7.0.222:51
jmorganso now I'm doing a source install to see if that fixes it22:52
snapcoun1jmorgan: that won't fix it23:00
snapcoun1JT fixed a spectre bug in 7.0.3 that requires use of a new CPAN module23:00
snapcoun1and we haven't put out a WRE release that includes it yet23:01
snapcoun1you need to do this to fix it23:03
snapcoun1. /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment23:04
snapcoun1which perl23:04
snapcoun1verify that says you're using the perl at /data/wre/prereqs/perl/bin/perl23:04
snapcoun1then type this23:04
snapcoun1perl -MCPAN -e shell23:04
snapcoun1install POE::Component::Client::HTTP23:04
snapcoun1that will install the needed module and all missing deps23:04
snapcoun1I just released a new WRE for debian that includes this module if you're running debian23:05
jmorganI'm using CentOS4.323:10
jmorganI'd see why a source install won't fix my issue?23:10
snapcoun1because the source distro of the wre doesn't include the missing module23:10
snapcoun1you can install it yourself though23:10
snapcoun1just trying to save you the hours of compile time =)23:11
jmorganI mean a source install of WebGUI not WRE23:11
jmorganso If I install that module via CPAN that will fix my WRE upgrade problem?23:12
snapcoun1the one where spectre fails to start?23:28
-!- ckotil [n=Newt@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has quit ["leaving"]23:30
jmorganok, I'm giving it a shop now23:31
jmorganare you going to the WUC? 23:31
jmorganI am.. I'm looking forward to the WRE sessions as I'd like to learn more about it23:32
snapcoun1I'll be the speaker for that session actually =)23:32
snapcoun1but it makes me happy to know that at least one person will be there so I'm not talking to myself... lol23:33
jmorganah, your Roy?23:34
snapcoun1guilty as charged23:34
snapcoun1I lurk and hide23:34
jmorganhow do I get involved with WRE development?23:34
jmorganColin mentioned your name a few times23:35
snapcoun1how would you like to be involved?23:35
snapcoun1are you a bash scripter or perl programmer?23:36
snapcoun1doc writer23:36
jmorgani'm a perl newbie but i'm good at testing/breaking, documentation & user support23:37
jmorgani'm a sys admin mostly23:38
snapcoun1then you just got involved!23:39
snapcoun1easy huh?23:39
snapcoun1if you want to improve the documentation, come up with gotchas, etc. do so23:40
snapcoun1then email them to me23:40
snapcoun1We'll review them for accuracy and if it's better than what we have23:40
snapcoun1we'll put it in the core and give you credit for it23:40
snapcoun1you can also report bugs you find to plainblack.com/bugs23:41
snapcoun1if you submit a fix with the bug you find, you get credit for that too23:41
snapcoun1the WRE is written for sysadmins, so your perspective and feedback is also a good thing23:42
jmorganI already found one.. the install.txt has this line /addsite --admin-db-pass=YOURPASSWORD --sitename=www.example.com23:44
jmorganyou need --sitename=www.example.com before --admin-db-pass=YOURPASSWORD23:44
jmorganothrwise you get an error23:44
jmorganI'll email you when I find others & I'm sure we'll have a chance to chat more at WUC23:45
Jiggieor snapcoun123:46
Jiggieare you uys around23:46
Jiggiejmorgan ..23:47
jmorganyeah, i'm still here23:47
snapcoun1jmorgan: that's interesting23:51
snapcoun1well, that kind of stuff helps a lot23:51
snapcoun1see the problem is this23:51
snapcoun1JT and I think a lot alike23:51
Jiggielots of stuff like that23:51
snapcoun1and we wrote the WRE23:51
Jiggiemaybe a newb guide23:52
Jiggiewebgui for dummies23:52
snapcoun1so, that's two admins out of the entire wg community23:52
snapcoun1things that are obvious to us may not be to most sysadmins23:52
snapcoun1b/c we think alike23:52
Jiggielike me23:52
Jiggiei got the wre and i'm using RH ES423:53
Jiggiemissing s shitload of modules23:53
jmorgani was a gentoo dev for a year so the whole compiled/optimized is interesting23:53
Jiggieand in windoz it works like a charm23:53
snapcoun1the docs are coming23:53
snapcoun1I know you're tired of hearing that I'm sure23:53
Jiggiecan you guys release it with perl....like a way to check for perl modules and how to install them using other than cpan23:54
Jiggiedocs lack lots of stuff23:54
snapcoun1release what with perl?23:54
Jiggielike this ones23:54
Jiggieis that missing something23:54
Jiggiecause if you follow the steps it does not work23:55
Jiggiewebgui with the entire perl modules23:55
Jiggiei have spent days trying to get every module23:55
Jiggieeven when the wre is used23:55
snapcoun1well, the wre normally has everything23:55
snapcoun1it's just missing one module now b/c of an emergency bug fix for spectre23:56
snapcoun1why are you using 6.2.11 btw?23:56
snapcoun1that release has alot of issues23:56
snapcoun1especially with navigation/page tree corruption23:56
jmorganso when is the next WRE coming out ;-)23:56
snapcoun1I'm going to try and have it out next week23:57
snapcoun1I'm adding some features to make install better23:57
Jiggielike this.........5. Extract WebGUI into your webroot.23:57
Jiggieis that onto the apache root for my sites.....23:57
Jiggieintranet is 6.2.1123:57
Jiggieand will upgrade to 723:57
snapcoun1oh I see23:57
Jiggiebut want to transfer it to another box with more memory23:57
Jiggiei can help make it dunny proof23:58
snapcoun1I get it23:58
Jiggiebe simple even if it sounds redundant to you..23:58
Jiggiebecause not all distros are the same23:58
Jiggiei'm running RH es4 with all the updates23:58
Jiggiethen i followed the instructions on the plainblack documentation..now i realize that it does not apply to 6.2.1123:59
snapcoun1well, I recommend using the wre ver 0.6, adding a site with addsite, then migrating the site over 23:59
Jiggieso crythias send me a how to on a post i made23:59
--- Day changed Sat Jul 29 2006
Jiggiedont now how to do that00:00
Jiggiecant even get this site up yet00:00
Jiggiehelp me with 6.2.11, at least to make it work00:00
Jiggiei want to understand it more so i can help and not be a burden here00:00
snapcoun1ok I'll try00:00
Jiggieok i did this00:00
Jiggiestep 3. edit the preload to mach where i extracted webgui which is /data/Webgui00:02
Jiggiestep 4 done'00:03
Jiggiestep 5 copied WebGUI.conf.original to WebGUI.conf00:03
snapcoun1ok, is testEnvironment still giving you errors?00:04
Jiggieand changed the user name and pass and 00:04
Jiggiesitename = intranet1.invisioninc.com, intranet100:04
Jiggiedsn = DBI:mysql:intranet1.invisioninc.com00:04
Jiggiedoes that sound correct00:04
snapcoun1so far you sound like you're on the right track00:05
Jiggietest give me the error00:05
JiggieImage::Magick module (optional) .......... OK00:05
JiggieAuthen::Smb module (optional) ............ OK00:05
JiggieWebGUI modules ........................... Not Found. Perhaps you're running thi00:05
Jiggies script in the wrong place.00:05
JiggieCannot continue without WebGUI files.00:05
jmorganyes, it's looping on POE::Kernel... but I'm trying again00:05
Jiggiewhere am i supposed to have webgui extarcted to?00:05
jmorganon /data00:06
Jiggiethen i run preload00:06
Jiggie[root@intranet1 sbin]# perl preload.perl00:06
JiggieCan't locate Error.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /data/WebGUI/lib /usr/lib/perl5/5.00:06
Jiggie8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/00:06
Jiggiei386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.4/i386-linux-thread-multi /00:06
Jiggieusr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.3/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/500:06
Jiggie.8.2/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.1/i386-linux-thread-mu00:06
Jiggielti /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_p00:06
Jiggie[root@intranet1 sbin]# perl preload.perl00:06
Jiggieso i'm stuck00:06
jmorgando you have error.pm installed?00:07
Jiggiehow do i check?00:07
Jiggieis that part of perl?00:07
jmorganwhen I have this problem, I google the error mesage as I'm a perl newbie00:07
jmorganthen I find out that I'm missing some perl module00:08
jmorganonce said perl module is installed, it works fine00:08
Jiggiei did 00:08
Jiggiebut dont know which perl module00:08
Jiggienow doing  install Bundle::CPAN00:08
Jiggieto see and get some errors00:09
jmorgangood idea00:09
Jiggiethats what i mean to have webgui check and fetch the file sfor a site you guys have, cause cpan really sucks pupu00:09
Jiggieany ideas00:09
snapcoun1well, this is the idea behind wre.  it contains every cpan module needed for webgui00:10
Jiggieand do i need wre to run 6.2.1100:10
Jiggiewre is not 100%00:10
jmorganok, my install POE::Component::Client::HTTP is looping00:10
snapcoun1it's looping?00:10
Jiggieit still needs some stuff00:10
JiggieSystem call "/usr/bin/wget -O - "ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/Bundle-CPAN-1.852.tar.gz"  > /root/.cpan/sources/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/Bundle-CPAN-1.852.tar"00:10
Jiggiereturned status 1 (wstat 256)00:10
JiggieWarning: expected file [/root/.cpan/sources/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/Bundle-CPAN-1.852.tar.gz] doesn't exist00:10
JiggieIssuing "/usr/kerberos/bin/ftp -n"00:10
Jiggieftp: ftp.perl.org: unknown host00:10
JiggieNot connected.00:10
JiggieLocal directory now /root/.cpan/sources/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK00:10
JiggieNot connected.00:10
snapcoun1oh oh oh00:10
JiggieNot connected.00:10
snapcoun1wrong perl00:10
JiggieNot connected.00:10
JiggieNot connected.00:10
JiggieNot connected.00:11
JiggieNot connected.00:11
JiggieNot connected.00:11
JiggieNot connected.00:11
JiggieNot connected.00:11
* snapcoun1 is getting confused00:11
JiggieNot connected.00:11
JiggieBad luck... Still failed!00:11
JiggieCan't access URL ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDK/Bundle-CPAN-1.852.tar.gz.00:11
snapcoun1inside cpan00:11
snapcoun1o conf init00:11
snapcoun1and select different mirrors00:11
Jiggiewhat does that do00:11
snapcoun1reconfigures cpan00:11
jmorgani'm seeing a fixed number of errors repeating... for example, POE::Kernel::_dispatch_event('POE::Kernel=ARRAY(0x846d954)', 'POE::Session=ARRAY(0x89db074)', 'POE::Session=ARRAY(0x89db074)', '_signal', 16, 'ARRAY(0x8a28640)', '/data/wre/prereqs/perl/lib/site_perl/5.8.8/POE/Kernel.pm', 1020, 'undef', ...) called at /data/wre/prereqs/perl/lib/site_perl/5.8.8/POE/Kernel.pm line 100300:12
snapcoun1let's you pick different places to download from00:12
Jiggie/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/CPAN/Config.pm initialized.00:12
JiggieAre you ready for manual configuration? [yes]   00:12
Jiggieyes or no?00:12
snapcoun1just stick with the defaults00:12
Jiggiehall we use it as the general CPAN build and cache directory?00:12
JiggieCPAN build and cache directory? [/root/.cpan] 00:12
Jiggieso thats a yes00:12
snapcoun1just go with the defaults if you're unsure00:13
snapcoun1you'll be fine00:13
JiggieWhere is your ncftpget program? []   00:14
jmorganyou don't have it & don't need it00:14
Jiggieok fetching stuff00:15
Jiggiei really appreciate this00:15
Jiggieif ya lived in the east coast, would have gotten ya some beer00:17
JiggieTrying with "/usr/bin/links -source" to get00:19
Jiggie  ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/MIRRORED.BY.gz00:19
JiggieERROR at dump.c:188: Host not found00:19
JiggieTrying with "/usr/bin/wget -O -" to get00:19
Jiggie    ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/MIRRORED.BY00:19
Jiggie--17:15:17--  ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/MIRRORED.BY00:19
JiggieResolving ftp.perl.org... failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.00:20
JiggieTrying with "/usr/bin/wget -O -" to get00:20
Jiggie  ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/MIRRORED.BY.gz00:20
Jiggie--17:15:57--  ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/MIRRORED.BY.gz00:20
Jiggie           => `-'00:20
JiggieResolving ftp.perl.org... failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.00:20
JiggieIssuing "/usr/kerberos/bin/ftp -n"00:20
Jiggieftp: ftp.perl.org: unknown host00:20
JiggieNot connected.00:20
JiggieLocal directory now /data/WebGUI/sbin/yes/sources00:20
JiggieNot connected.00:20
JiggieNot connected.00:20
JiggieNot connected.00:20
JiggieNot connected.00:20
JiggieNot connected.00:20
JiggieBad luck... Still failed!00:20
JiggieCan't access URL ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/MIRRORED.BY.00:20
JiggiePlease check, if the URLs I found in your configuration file () are valid.00:20
JiggieThe urllist can be edited. E.g. with 'o conf urllist push ftp://myurl/'00:20
JiggieCould not fetch MIRRORED.BY00:20
JiggieCPAN.pm needs at least one URL where it can fetch CPAN files from.00:20
snapcoun1exit cpan00:22
snapcoun1and try this00:22
snapcoun1ping www.google.com00:22
Jiggiei can go online00:23
snapcoun1well, maybe for port 8000:23
snapcoun1what about ftp00:23
JiggieING www.l.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.00:23
Jiggie64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=246 time=52.6 ms00:23
snapcoun1ftp upload.sf.net00:23
Jiggieping that00:23
snapcoun1no type it00:23
Jiggieor use that on cpan00:23
snapcoun1at the command prompt type00:24
snapcoun1ftp upload.sf.net00:24
JiggieKERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type00:24
JiggieName (upload.sf.net:root):00:24
Jiggieit works00:24
snapcoun1cpan must be screwing up00:24
Jiggiei should look fior a cpan mirror?00:24
snapcoun1well, that's what it's doing00:24
snapcoun1it's trying to download the list of mirrors00:25
snapcoun1and can't get to the lisst00:25
snapcoun1try again in an hour or so... you can't go any farther without a working cpan00:25
snapcoun1I don't know if I'll be on then, but I'll be on this weekend probably00:26
Jiggieso i have to do this again00:26
Jiggieo conf init00:26
snapcoun1and definitely on monday00:26
snapcoun1yeah... afaik00:26
snapcoun1there may be a way to just  change your mirrors00:26
snapcoun1but I don't know how00:26
snapcoun1only takes a few mins though00:27
JiggieYou can add it to your /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/CPAN/Config.pm00:29
jmorganwhere in the admin console can I check which version of webgui I have00:29
jmorganah, found it ... statistics00:30
snapcoun1or you can look at the top of /data/WebGUI/lib/WebGUI.pm00:30
snapcoun1can be handy if a site is down and you have no idea what  you're working with00:30
jmorganok, thanks00:31
snapcoun1alright guys I'm outta here00:33
snapcoun1good luck and I'll be around next week00:33
snapcoun1if I'm not slammed I'll try to help you out00:33
-!- snapcoun1 [n=Roy@adsl-35-166-133.dab.bellsouth.net] has left #webgui []00:33
jmorganyeah... Fri Jul 28 14:33:06 2006 - All is well with the Spectre server00:33
Jiggiec ya monday then00:33
Jiggiei'll be here early00:36
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+perlDreamerhey, dude05:18
+perlDreamerhow hackest thou, today?05:19
+perlDreamersnapcoun1: good evening05:24
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snapcoun1never hear anything when I'm playing WoW07:33
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Jiggiei'm back to bother you guys16:54
Jiggiewake up people16:59
Radix_but I'm tired and going to sleep :P19:09
Jiggieits 2 oclock20:44
Jiggiebuilding wre23:17
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