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passI am going through the install process. The latest tarball is missing index.pl. Where can I get this file?00:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) what version?00:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) 6.8.x00:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) if it is, index.pl does not exist anymore00:24
passYes it is 6.8.5. So the install doc isn't up to date?00:25
@WRE(snapcount@EN) probably not00:25
passSo, what am I supposed to be using/doing instead?00:25
@WRE(snapcount@EN) actually... it seems to be up to date in head00:26
@pbmdawgthe install.txt00:26
@pbmdawgin 6.8.500:26
@pbmdawgis up to date00:26
@WRE(snapcount@EN) yeah00:26
passok, thanks00:26
@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh it is... I don't have 6.8.5 on my system right now00:26
@pbmdawglook under /docs/00:27
@WRE(snapcount@EN) grr... it's sad when you can't remember the commands to your own bot00:30
@WRE* (snapcount@EN) shakes his head in disappointment at him self00:30
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perlDreamerhey, all!01:15
@pbmdawgkayak.com is cool01:18
perlDreameris it just an aggregator?01:20
@WRE(phobia@EN) eh?01:20
@WRE(phobia@EN) looking for me?  :)01:20
@WRE(phobia@EN) it's "!lastspoke" btw01:20
@WRE(phobia@EN) kiXass http://www.insecure.org/stf/Nmap-4.00-Release.html01:24
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@pbmdawgpass: I just updated the source installation documentation at http://www.plainblack.com/installing_webgui02:54
@WRE<pbmdawg> http://tinyurl.com/4baaa02:54
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@WRE(phobia@EN) :)03:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I guess I don't have that on gooey03:47
@WRE(phobia@EN) looks like bseen.tcl is broken03:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) just on wre03:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ah damn03:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) he's talking again03:47
@WRE(phobia@EN) gooey what is your problem?03:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm going to have to turn that off03:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Hey phob, I was thinking it might be better for Nickola to start off fixing bugs03:49
@WRE(snapcount@EN) do you think she would like to do that03:49
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm going to be doing them soon and I figured we could work on them together03:49
@WRE(phobia@EN) cool03:49
@WRE(phobia@EN) yah she'd probably like that03:49
@WRE(snapcount@EN) probably a little easier way to ease into things03:50
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ok... pass it on03:50
@WRE(snapcount@EN) <tag> you're it03:50
@WRE(snapcount@EN) hehe03:50
@WRE(phobia@EN) heh done03:50
@WRE(phobia@EN) right now I am using her computer...03:50
@WRE(snapcount@EN) that's cool03:50
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm being lazy now anyways03:50
@WRE(phobia@EN) I'm supposed to be getting my laptop back tomorrow03:50
@WRE(snapcount@EN) back?03:51
@WRE(snapcount@EN) who has it03:51
@WRE(phobia@EN) SPA03:51
@WRE(snapcount@EN) why do they have your laptop03:51
@WRE(phobia@EN) well it was there laptop03:51
@WRE(phobia@EN) but I negotiated it as part of my settlement03:51
@WRE(snapcount@EN) nice03:51
@WRE(phobia@EN) their03:51
@WRE(phobia@EN) not there03:51
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you rule03:51
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I finally sold that stock03:52
@WRE(phobia@EN) wicked03:52
@WRE(phobia@EN) anyway I gotta go, back later03:52
@WRE(snapcount@EN) see ya03:53
@WRE(snapcount@EN) pbmdawg: where do you think you're going?03:54
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* pbmdawg sings softly with a slight lisp, "yes, I love technology...."05:20
@WRE(snapcount@EN) pbmdawg: where do you think you're going?05:20
@pbmdawg"wherever I want to go, gawww"05:21
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Tina! Eat your food05:21
@WRE(snapcount@EN) hehe05:21
@pbmdawgSo, we're pretty much friends by now, right?05:22
@WRE(snapcount@EN) well that depends05:23
@pbmdawgTina, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!05:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) if you keep sucking at your current rate... our friendship will only last for a finite amount of time05:23
@WRE* (snapcount@EN) begins training to be a cage fighter05:24
@pbmdawgLaFawnduh is *the* best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm 100% positive she's my soul mate. Don't worry Napoleon, I'm sure there's a babe out there for you too. Peace out.05:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) lol05:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) so great05:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) turn the beat around.... got to have percussion...05:26
@pbmdawgGrandma took a little spill at the sand dunes today. Broke her coccyx.05:26
@WRE(snapcount@EN) da da da da05:26
@WRE(snapcount@EN) heh my dog is wigging out05:27
@WRE(snapcount@EN) chasing invisible creatures and barking05:27
@pbmdawgSo are you guys like Pedro's cousins with all the sweet hookups?05:27
@pbmdawgGeez, I think you ripped my mole off.05:28
@pbmdawgDon: Do you wanna die Napoleon?05:28
@pbmdawgNapoleon Dynamite: Yeah right. Who's the only one here who knows the illegal ninja moves from the government?05:28
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crythiasit happened that my hd in my laptop failed.07:01
crythiasbound to happen.07:01
crythiasunfortunately, I forgot that I didn't have a *nix workstation anymore.07:01
crythiascan I just say that it's strange working on both a desktop and a fast pc?07:02
crythiasbut alas, I never got this dev box to be friendly.07:02
crythiasI'm back in my happy place for a bit. ion3 is zippy :)07:03
crythiasbut I don't have firefox or thunderbird on this machine yet. so ..07:03
crythias"Crythias likes to talk to himself a lot. He averages 20 lines with no responses."07:04
crythiascalc crythias07:04
@WREcrythias = saihtyrc07:04
crythiasgreets later.07:04
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lenthamenchansen ?16:21
chansenlenthamen: pong16:25
lenthamenIn mod_perl I want to add output to a request. I reckon I can do that using a PerlOutputFilterHandler16:26
lenthamenbut I get a "Apache2::Filter::print: (13) Permission denied"16:26
chansenIt's a sys error errno 13, do you have proper permissions on tempfiles?16:28
lenthamenWait.... I think I know what's going wrong...16:30
lenthamenI'm printing after eos.16:30
lenthamenEnd Of Stream indicator16:31
lenthamenBTW: I have the code profiler working under mod_perl2.... I'm recursively looping through @WebGUI:: searching for CODE refs, and instrument that code refs.16:33
lenthamenIt took me half a day to figure out I need to do that in the ChildInit phase otherwise it won't work.16:35
chansendoes WebGUI buffer output and write it at once or does it stream it?16:36
chansenok :)16:37
lenthamenJT changed that a week ago. The upper part of the html is now send back to the browser in an early stage so it seems that the page is generated faster...16:38
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pbmdawghey len17:41
pbmdawgis MSN working for you17:41
lenthamenmsn works :)18:07
lenthamenand my outputfilter works too :)18:08
passwhen I access WebGUI I keep seeing this in the apache2 logs: client denied by server configuration: /data/www/extras/wz_tooltip.js18:30
passAnybody know how to fix this?18:30
pbmdawgif no one answers here, post a question on the forums18:33
MrHairgreaseI'm not sure but it seems to be something in your httpd.conf18:35
MrHairgreasewhat happens when you go to /extras/wz_tooltip.js in your browser18:35
passI get a forbidden error.18:37
MrHairgreasealso when you are logged in as admin?18:38
passI didn't try logging in yet.18:38
MrHairgreasetry that first18:39
passI logged in and I see a lot of the 'client denied by server configuration' errors when trying to access files in the /data/www/extras directory.18:41
MrHairgreaseit's probably something in our apache configuration.18:41
MrHairgreasedid you disable the rewriterule for extras?18:42
passprobably not, what is the rewriterule for extras?18:42
MrHairgreaseit's a apache directive that allows you to rewrite urls18:43
MrHairgreaseif you are upgrading ther's a big chance that it is still in there18:43
passI didn't upgrade, this is my first time installing webgui18:44
MrHairgreasethe only thing I can think of is that you httpd config is flawed somewhere18:44
passI have 'Alias /extras /data/www/extras' in my config.18:46
MrHairgreasewhich version of subversion are you guys running  at svn.webgui.org?18:46
MrHairgreaseditch the alias18:46
passwell that didn't help, do I need to setup a <Directory /> directive for /data/www/extas?18:48
MrHairgreaseYou must don't have to mention the extras directory in your config at all.18:53
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it's not in the docs but19:06
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it's probably easiest to have an alias for your extras19:07
@WRE(snapcount@EN) also check your directory permissions to make sure the user the apache process runs as can read the directory19:07
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Alias /extras /data/WebGUI/www/extras19:08
@WRE(snapcount@EN) also... unless you copied extras from WebGUI to www (which you prolly shouldn't do) it should be in /data/WebGUI/www/extras19:09
@WRE(snapcount@EN) without an alias19:09
@WRE(snapcount@EN) apache is going to look for the extras folder in whatever you have the document root set to19:10
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and unless you copy the folder or symlink it, it won't find it19:10
crythiasit's Allow, deny problem19:10
@WRE(snapcount@EN) (without the alias directive)19:10
crythiasin httpd.conf19:10
@WRE(snapcount@EN) could be that too19:10
crythiasby default httpd.conf denies everything but docroot19:11
@WRE(snapcount@EN) but an alias would still work19:11
crythiasso you need a <Directory> directive for the extras (and uploads) to Allow, Deny19:11
crythiasalias would work only if follow symlinks is allowed.19:12
passI added a <Directory> directive and the errors went away . Now I can't login.19:13
passHere's what I see in the apache log: Can't call method "content_type" on an undefined value at /data/lib/WebGUI/HTTP.pm line 84.\n, referer: http://www.esteem2.com/public19:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) pass: what O/S are you on specifically?19:19
passDebian sarge19:19
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you may want to use the wre.  there is a binary on sourceforge for debain19:19
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it's a lot easier =)19:20
@WRE(snapcount@EN) seems like you have a lot invested in the manual install though.19:20
passabout a day19:21
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Using the WRE you should be up and running in less than an hour19:22
@WRE(snapcount@EN) depending on how long it takes you to download the files19:22
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you'll also have the benefits of everything being configured for performance19:23
passI'll look into it, thanks19:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) np19:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) MrHairgrease19:28
MrHairgreasewho installed SVN::Web on svn.webgui.org19:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) prolly papa smurf19:28
MrHairgreaseah JT19:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it was on there before I was hired =)19:28
MrHairgreaseah ok19:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) why?19:28
MrHairgreaseI've struggled with installing it here the whole afternoon19:29
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ahh19:29
MrHairgreasesvn 1.3.0 didn't work19:29
MrHairgreaseso back to 1.2.619:29
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I got the repository working locally19:29
@WRE(snapcount@EN) but never fooled with the web part19:29
MrHairgreaseyeah we're gonna use it at procolix for internal projects19:30
MrHairgreaseinstalling svn is easy19:30
MrHairgreasebut getting the web frontend to work is the biggest pain i've had i months19:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) heh19:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) well I wouldn't expect rizen on here any time soon19:30
MrHairgreasetime to go home19:30
MrHairgreasesee you guys later19:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) he's hiding until 6.9 is done19:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) later19:31
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@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh my19:58
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it's papa johns time =)19:58
@WRE(snapcount@EN) torture that you can't have papa johns?20:01
pbmdawgi can20:02
pbmdawgit just takes too much time to go pick up20:02
pbmdawgthe delivery fee.tip is just so much20:02
@WRE(snapcount@EN) delivery20:02
@WRE(snapcount@EN) duh20:02
pbmdawghunger wins20:08
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ahh... the convienience of ordering pizza online20:11
@WRE(snapcount@EN) zero interaction with retards required20:11
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@pbmdawgwelcome oh1mrr20:14
oh1mrrThanks pbmdawg20:14
oh1mrrAnd ge20:15
@xdangero someone else form finland =)20:16
oh1mrrYes, from Pori20:16
@xdangerI'm from Jyväskylä20:16
@WRE(snapcount@EN) wow... looks like a full house over there on freenode20:17
@xdangeroh1mrr: user of webgui ?20:19
oh1mrrnewbie and have problems to get it working properly :(20:21
@pbmdawgwell there are plenty of volunteers here willing to help you out :)20:21
@pbmdawgjust not me for the next hour .20:21
-!- pbmdawg is now known as pbmdawg_afk20:22
@xdangeroh1mrr: what version and what distro ?20:22
@xdangerand what's your problem with it ?-)20:22
oh1mrrIf somebody could send me httpd.conf file, how I should do the things. I can ger webgui running, but trying to connect into server I can see only that index.pl script20:24
oh1mrrI have latest webgui and distro is Mandriva 200620:25
@xdangerthe latest webgui (6.8.5-gamma) doesn't have a index.pl20:26
@xdangeror does it have index.pl, don't know, but it doesn't use it =)20:27
oh1mrrWhen I start:  service httpd start20:30
oh1mrrStarting httpd:20:30
oh1mrrStarting WebGUI 6.8.520:30
oh1mrr Loading www.example.com.conf20:30
oh1mrr Loading www.oh1mrr.ampr.org.confWebGUI Started!20:30
oh1mrrArgh sorry It slipped :(20:30
@xdangerare you using wre ?20:31
crythiasthe problem is...20:32
@xdangerdid you check out: http://www.plainblack.com/installing_webgui20:32
@WRE<xdanger> http://tinyurl.com/4baaa20:32
crythiasdon't send him there.20:32
crythiasinvalid for 68520:32
crythiasor, at least it has ben.20:32
oh1mrrJust coming soon back, somebodys at the door20:33
@xdangerdidn't matt say earlier that he renewed it for 6.8.x ?20:33
crythiasI dunno. I guess I wasn't here for that revelation.20:33
MrHairgreaseoh1mrr: check this http://www.rafb.net/paste/results/YFJ6tQ36.html20:34
@WRE<MrHairgrease> http://tinyurl.com/dv3ue20:34
crythiasguess it's better20:34
MrHairgreaseit's a working vhost def for a 685 site20:34
@xdangerbut now to home -->20:35
@xdangeroh1mrr: you can allways buy hosting from us ;)20:35
oh1mrrOk, back. Now from the beginning, using Mandriva, apache2, webgui 6.8.5 and when starting sever I get webgi started message, but when connecting server I can see only directory listing. So doubt is that I can't connect into webgui, but normal http server20:40
oh1mrrSo I could use ready httpd.conf file as an exaple :)20:42
MrHairgreaseyou checked out the link i posted?20:42
oh1mrrChecking now, and comparing. I'll do the changes20:45
MrHairgreaseoh and you should probably ditch the www.example.com.conf file from your  WebGUI/etc directory20:46
MrHairgreasedoes it work?20:51
MrHairgreasedid you put in LoadModule apreq_module modules/mod_apreq2.so?20:54
MrHairgreaseoh and be sure that above the vhost def you put 'NameVirtualHost *' without the ''.20:55
MrHairgreaseNot sure if that matters but you never know20:55
MrHairgreaseAlso what does your error log say?20:56
oh1mrrI didn't have apreq2 module line, but when added, I got :[root@oh1mrr conf]# service httpd start21:01
oh1mrrStarting httpd: httpd: Syntax error on line 248 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/mod_apreq2.so into server: /etc/httpd/modules/mod_apreq2.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory21:01
oh1mrrBut Im sure ihave installed it21:01
MrHairgreasethat's weird21:01
MrHairgreasetry to do 'locate mod_apreq'21:02
oh1mrrNow it's making me laughing, locate mod_apreq21:05
oh1mrrbash: locate: command not found21:05
MrHairgreaseyou don't have locate?21:05
oh1mrrSeems so,  urpmi locate21:06
oh1mrrno package named locate21:06
MrHairgreasetry urpmq -y locate21:07
MrHairgreasealso did you install these packages?21:08
MrHairgreaseapache2-mod_apreq libapreq2  perl-libapreq221:08
MrHairgreaseyou probably have slocate installed21:09
oh1mrrThese installed :[root@oh1mrr conf]# rpm -qa | grep apreq221:09
MrHairgreaseyeah and also apache2-mod_apreq21:10
MrHairgreaseyou need that one too21:10
oh1mrrI found mod_apreq2 from /usr/lib/apache-extramodules21:21
MrHairgreaseah great21:23
oh1mrrBut still getting Starting httpd: httpd: Syntax error on line 248 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/mod_apreq2.so into server: /etc/httpd/modules/mod_apreq2.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory21:24
MrHairgreasethen find the location of mod_apreq2.so21:26
MrHairgreaseand put the full path in the LoadModule line21:26
MrHairgreasein stead of a relative one (like module/mod_apreq2.so)21:27
oh1mrrSomething happened, now getting: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request, when trying to connect into server, error_log shows21:37
oh1mrr `WebGUI': Can't locate WebGUI.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i `WebGUI': Can't locate WebGUI.pm in @INC (@INC contains:  etc, it's obvious, that I have some paths missconfigured21:37
MrHairgreasehmm, you could try PerlSetEnv PERL5LIB /path/to/WebGUI/lib after the LoadModule stuff21:40
oh1mrrDidn't help :(21:45
MrHairgreaseok try this21:45
MrHairgreasecreate a file startup.pl21:45
MrHairgreaseuse lib qw(/path/to/WebGUI/lib); 1;21:46
MrHairgreasethen do a PerlRequire startup.pl21:46
MrHairgreasebetter even21:47
MrHairgreaseput an enter between the first ; and 121:48
MrHairgreaseonly looks nicer though21:48
oh1mrrDa*** Have to quit for now, family expect me doing something else, sure coming back tomorrow. GN and thanks a lot.21:58
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crythiasdanger. get off the flo' ...03:59
* crythias dances like a salt shaker.04:00
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MrHairgreasehey len14:52
MrHairgreasehave you ever got the test suite to work?14:53
lenthamenhey Martin.14:56
lenthamenI haven't tested the test suite ;)14:56
MrHairgreaseI think I know what the problem is already14:56
MrHairgreaseIt looks like the test suite is using the wrong perl14:56
MrHairgreasegonna check it out further14:56
-!- hansw [n=hans@] has joined #webgui15:05
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@WRE*** Join snapcount (~roy@adsl-152-11-211.dab.bellsouth.net) on EFnet16:11
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Goodmorning everyone16:11
@WRE(snapcount@EN) or whatever time it is on your side of the earth =)16:11
MrHairgreasehere it's still morning16:12
MrHairgreaseit's only 15:1016:12
MrHairgreaseso I just got out of bed  =)16:13
@WRE(snapcount@EN) haha16:13
@WRE(snapcount@EN) looks like you can add that switch16:13
@WRE(snapcount@EN) cool16:13
MrHairgreaseyeah I was actualling running the test suite while I was asleep.16:14
MrHairgreasebet you can't do that ;)16:14
@WRE(snapcount@EN) sure I can16:14
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'd have to start it while I was awake16:14
@WRE(snapcount@EN) but it could run while I was sleeping16:14
MrHairgreaseuse cron16:14
@WRE(snapcount@EN) =)16:14
@WRE(snapcount@EN) err16:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you one upped me16:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) =)16:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) an expression16:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you did one better16:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) hard to explain16:15
MrHairgreaseI'm thinking of building the graphing stuff that was mentioned on the dev list a while ago16:16
@WRE(snapcount@EN) do other language have a lot of expressions that don't really translate into something meaningful?16:16
MrHairgreaseYeah dutch16:16
@WRE(snapcount@EN) English has *a lot*16:16
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I took two years of Spanish but it was worthless16:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I can ask where the bathroom is and say hi16:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) coooooool16:17
MrHairgreaseWell that's about as good as my french16:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) What are you going to use to do it?16:17
MrHairgreaseimage magick16:17
MrHairgreasewait i'll post some examples16:18
@WRE(snapcount@EN) nice16:18
@WRE(snapcount@EN) are you going to model it after the Chartdirector API?16:18
-!- hansw [n=hans@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]16:21
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui16:24
MrHairgreasesnapcount: http://geefmegeld.nl/charts16:26
MrHairgreasedon't know about the CD api16:27
MrHairgreasenever used it16:27
@WRE(snapcount@EN) those look pretty good16:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) are you a math guy?16:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) math major at university?16:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you should look at the ChartDirector Asset I contributed16:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm using a library called ChartDirector16:32
@WRE(snapcount@EN) the API for it is really nice16:32
@WRE(snapcount@EN) maybe you could use it as a starting point16:32
@WRE(snapcount@EN) your graphs look really good so far16:32
MrHairgreaseno math16:33
@WRE(snapcount@EN) really16:33
MrHairgreaseelectrical enigineering16:33
MrHairgreaseyou know silicon and stuff16:33
@WRE(snapcount@EN) might as well be a math major =)16:34
MrHairgreasemath is a tool16:34
MrHairgreasetools suck16:34
MrHairgreasebut you need em anyway16:34
@WRE(snapcount@EN) yeah... I worked as an Electronics Technician for four years16:34
@WRE(snapcount@EN) not an engineer by any means16:34
@WRE(snapcount@EN) but I know a bit16:34
MrHairgreaseyou're also a student?16:34
@WRE(snapcount@EN) yeah16:35
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I already have a degree in programming16:35
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm working on a business degree now16:35
MrHairgreasedoes the chart director asset run on 6.8.5?16:45
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@WRE*** Join snapcount (~roy@adsl-152-11-211.dab.bellsouth.net) on EFnet17:30
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crythiasheh math is a tool18:10
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui18:11
-!- mode/#webgui [+o pbmdawg] by WRE18:11
crythiasAlex, I'll take minimum system req's to run WebGUI for $50018:22
@WRE(snapcount@EN) What is a 386 SX/33 with 4 MB Ram18:23
@pbmdawgno, snapcount, i'm sorry; those are the minimum system requirements to decompress webgui's tar.gz18:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ahh shucks18:24
-!- J-J [n=J-J@spc1-macc1-6-0-cust222.bagu.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #webgui18:25
@pbmdawgwelcome J-J18:27
-!- J-J [n=J-J@spc1-macc1-6-0-cust222.bagu.broadband.ntl.com] has left #webgui []18:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ooooooohhhhhhhhhh    weeeeeeeeeee18:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you and me goin' fishin' 'n tha dark18:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) da da da18:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) gimmie a gimmie a gimmie a redneck girl....18:33
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you guys should sing some dutch songs18:33
@pbmdawgroy: get on aim.  or unblock me.18:35
@WRE(snapcount@EN) why would I do that18:35
@WRE(snapcount@EN) the feature is working as intended =)18:35
crythiasnew blargh beer. Ask for it by name!18:36
MrHairgreaseah beer!18:37
MrHairgreasegood idea gerald18:37
crythiasToo drunk to order? not anymore18:37
crythiasHow do you think "Bud" keeps on being sold.18:37
crythiasjunky beer.18:38
MrHairgreaseno cold beers @ procolix18:38
MrHairgreasetime to go home then =)18:38
@pbmdawghow big's your office martin18:38
MrHairgreasethis big18:38
MrHairgreaseon a scale from 1 to 10 that is18:39
* crythias resizes his window...18:39
MrHairgreasethe walls are coming closer18:39
* crythias passes a Ricola.18:39
MrHairgreaseyou guys saw this already? http://geefmegeld.nl/charts18:40
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat084.mxim.com] has joined #webgui18:40
crythiaskewl. now I feel like I need a key lime pie.18:40
MrHairgreaseProblem is18:40
crythiasor a cheesecake.18:40
MrHairgreasethe code that made it now segfaults18:41
MrHairgreaseso I'm debugging it right now18:41
crythiassmack seg around. Tell him to stop faulting.18:41
@pbmdawgwho's that big guy by the Perl sign18:41
MrHairgreaseyours truly18:41
crythias^Page(title); doesn't work.18:42
MrHairgreaseYeah I noticed18:42
MrHairgreasebut i don't care18:42
@pbmdawgin what version18:42
@WRE(snapcount@EN) colin?18:42
crythias6.7.8, apparently.18:42
perlDreamercan we talk a little EventManager?18:43
MrHairgreasecheck the page source18:43
@WRE(snapcount@EN) sure18:43
perlDreamerhow done is the code?18:43
@WRE(snapcount@EN) 40%18:43
@pbmdawgwhat does geef me geld mean18:43
perlDreamerthen I'm not going crazy :)18:44
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm working on the view method now18:44
@pbmdawgdo I want to know18:44
crythiashe wants gold18:44
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it's all complicated now18:44
@pbmdawgit doesn't mean, "gild me"?18:44
@WRE(snapcount@EN) perlDreamer: going crazy?18:44
crythiasor maybe he wants (to be) a gelding.18:44
perlDreamerpbmdawg, if he did, you'd be gilty of gold theft :)18:44
perlDreamersnapcount: I was looking for the logic using maximumAttendees and couldn't find it18:45
MrHairgreaseit means givememoney18:45
@pbmdawgI thought it said glbta at first18:45
@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh18:45
@WRE(snapcount@EN) yeah that doesn't exist yet18:45
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it will be a query18:45
@WRE(snapcount@EN) will exist today though18:45
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I PODified everything and alphabetized for you18:45
@WRE(snapcount@EN) sure thing18:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'll just pod as I go18:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and you can edit it for clarity18:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) as you see fit18:46
perlDreamerthat will make my POD checker happy18:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) hehe18:47
perlDreamerhey, I'm only about 45 files away from an automated test run18:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) no shit18:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) wow!18:47
perlDreamerunfortunately, they're the 45 biggest files18:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you've been busy18:47
perlDreamerI did like 50 files in December18:47
perlDreamerall little stuff like Macros, some operations, etc.18:48
perlDreamerall: I've got a deal where if all tests pass in the test suite that an automated test run will be done nightly and sent out via email18:49
perlDreamerthe POD test is in the worst shape18:49
perlDreamerso if you're bored, write some POD or run and fix the tests18:49
@pbmdawgI can write pod.18:50
@xdangerIs there a way to define textarea size per user ?18:51
perlDreamernothing straight forward18:51
@xdangerjust that the administrator want's to use something like 80x25, but for user the default would be better...18:51
@pbmdawg=head2 thisSub18:51
@pbmdawgMight do something.  Might return something.18:51
@pbmdawgif you hack RichEdit.pm (or make it templatable... hint, hint), you can make tinymce resizable.18:52
@xdangerI'm actually talking about default textarea, but that would also be nice ;)18:53
@pbmdawgoh, textarea.18:53
-!- pass [n=chatzill@] has quit [No route to host]18:54
@xdangerAnd another idea/question... how about a posibility to authenticate the session with httpauth ? I have a closed intranet and there could be a direct way to get the rss from a listing via http://user:pass@webguisite/intranet/cs?func=viewRSS18:55
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I think chansen is going to be re-writing the Auth System for 6.918:56
perlDreamerI just reran the POD test, and there are exactly 40 files needing substantive POD18:57
@WRE(snapcount@EN) did mine pass?18:57
@WRE(snapcount@EN) sweet18:57
perlDreamerpbmdawg's skeleton code would make any sub pass, and there's a threshold for how many subs can get by without POD18:58
perlDreamercommitting l10n work19:14
@WRE*** [signoff/#webgui] snapcount (Read error: Connection reset by peer) on EFnet19:14
@WRE*** Join snapcount (~roy@adsl-152-11-211.dab.bellsouth.net) on EFnet19:20
perlDreameranyone familiar with the search guts?19:21
@WRE(snapcount@EN) just JT I think19:22
MrHairgreasegoing home19:23
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has quit []19:23
perlDreamersnapcount: would you have a problem if I do stuff like this:19:33
perlDreamersprintf "<a href="%s">%s</a>", $self->getUrl("func=approveEvent;pid=".$pid), $i18n->get('approve event')19:34
perlDreamerinstead of using . to concatenate strings?19:35
@WRE(snapcount@EN) no19:38
perlDreamercool, thanks!19:38
@WRE(snapcount@EN) that's fine with me19:38
perlDreamerI have a hard time reading all the quotes and dots19:38
@WRE(snapcount@EN) hehe19:39
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]19:50
perlDreamerare standard rules of precedence used for the Operator field in www_editEvent?19:54
@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh sorry19:58
@WRE(snapcount@EN) took me a minute to realize what you were talking about19:58
@WRE(snapcount@EN) sort of19:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) one event may have many prereqs19:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) those prereqs are all anded together19:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) each prereq definition follows the rule assigned to it19:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and or or19:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) does that make sense?19:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) prereq 1: Event2 OR Event 320:00
perlDreameroh, okay20:00
perlDreameryeah, that makes sense20:00
@WRE(snapcount@EN) prereq2 2: Event 1 And Event 5 And Event 620:00
@WRE(snapcount@EN) prereq 1 and 2 are anded20:00
-!- midellaq [n=midellaq@caronte.isinet.it] has joined #webgui20:07
perlDreameris Manage Events to return to $self->view or is it a function?20:08
perlDreamerand what is the PID of a new event?20:11
@WRE(snapcount@EN) PID stems from productId because we're making events extensions of webgui products20:12
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm not sure what you're asking on the other question20:13
perlDreameron the Add/Edit Event page AdminConsole, there is a link for "Manage Events"20:13
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Yeah20:14
perlDreamerdoes that go to $self->www_view, or $self->www_ManageEvents?20:14
@WRE(snapcount@EN) manage events20:14
perlDreamercool, thanks20:14
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Return to site will take them to view20:14
-!- oh1mrr [n=oh1mrr@dna252-180.satp.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #webgui20:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) colin: just committed some stuff20:19
oh1mrrGe, read today again install instructions and downloaded "zillions" of perl-modules, I succeeded get WebGui running in my Mandriva.20:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) congrats!20:24
perlDreameroh, come on now, it's only really half a zillion, isn't it?20:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) a manual install of WG is no easy task20:25
@pbmdawgoh by the way20:25
@pbmdawgI should have mentioned in those instructions20:25
@WRE(snapcount@EN) even if you've done it a few times20:25
@pbmdawgtestEnvironment.pl will install all of those for you if you let it20:25
@WRE(snapcount@EN) nice20:25
@pbmdawgbut only one at a time20:25
* crythias was looking at dig talking about a pointer which emits a yellow beam and I was thinking but yeah, you don't want to eat the snow...20:25
oh1mrrNope, full zillion, in Mandriva there's nor ready pacages for full, so from CPAN most of them20:25
perlDreamerFedora Core and CentOs are friendlier than that.20:26
@pbmdawgthat's what I mean; cpan.  testEnvironment.pl uses cpan.20:26
oh1mrrYes, with testE I did20:26
perlDreamersnapcount: merged and committed20:27
oh1mrrOnly one module left without compiling, but seem to work without it20:27
@WRE(snapcount@EN) which one?20:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) perlDreamer: cool =)20:28
oh1mrrChecking for module Data::Structure::Util:   Not Installed20:29
@WRE(snapcount@EN) yeah... I think that's used in WSClient Asset20:29
@WRE(snapcount@EN) if I remember correctly20:29
oh1mrrIt won't compile in my system20:29
crythiasI shouldn't post that20:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) crythias: what are you talking about20:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) am I late to the party =)20:30
perlDreameryellow lasers?20:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh20:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) "laser"20:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) </dr evil>20:31
crythiaswith finger motions.20:31
crythiasair quotes20:31
crythias"Alan Parsons Project"20:31
crythiasbetter ways to make yellow snow.20:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and I shall call it!!.....20:31
crythiasbut you have more control.20:31
crythiasooh. Olde English.20:32
* pbmdawg has excellent control.20:32
crythiassorry. drifting off to more nonsense.20:32
@pbmdawgand taking me with you.20:32
@WRE(snapcount@EN) colin: are you still working on EMS?20:32
@pbmdawg(toward more nonsense)20:32
crythiasEgad! You astound me, Brain! -- That's a simple task, Pinky.20:34
@WRE(snapcount@EN) haha20:34
@WRE* (snapcount@EN) sings "my milkshake brings all the girls to the yard...."20:34
* crythias shakes it like a salt shaker.20:35
perlDreamersnapcount: what is EMS?20:35
crythias "Uh, I think so, Brain, but we'll never get a monkey to use dental floss."20:35
perlDreamerOh, nm20:35
perlDreamerNo, I'm done for a little bit20:35
@WRE(snapcount@EN) an acronym for what you were working on before20:36
crythiasEVT MGMT20:36
perlDreamerDCTR EVIL20:36
@pbmdawgYELO LZR20:36
perlDreamerYELO SNOW20:36
@WRE(snapcount@EN) MILKSKE20:36
@WRE(snapcount@EN) SLTSHKR20:36
@pbmdawgBTR CTRL20:36
perlDreamerwhat does Butter Central have to do with anything?20:37
crythias "I think so, Brain, but if they called them 'Sad Meals', kids wouldn't buy them!"20:37
@WRE(snapcount@EN) GOAT BTR20:37
perlDreamerhey now, be nice to goats20:38
crythiasanyway you read that, it's just. so. wrong.20:38
@pbmdawgwho's a goat biter20:38
@pbmdawgor is it goat butterer20:38
perlDreamerisn't that what they add to vodka martini's, goat bitters?20:38
@WRE(snapcount@EN) "You milked the cows?  We don't have any cows..."20:38
@pbmdawggerald, roy wants you to answer all the support questions from now on20:39
@pbmdawgin license plate acronyms only20:39
perlDreamersounds like Coy.pm20:39
@pbmdawglicense plate abbr only20:39
@WRE(snapcount@EN) that would be greeeaaattt20:39
@WRE(snapcount@EN) thanks Peter20:40
crythiasoh no20:40
crythiasbad enough to do it in haiku20:40
@pbmdawgwho is Peter.20:40
perlDreamerha, soon I will have achieved my goal of 3500 L10n labels inside WebGUI!20:41
perlDreamerThen nothing will stop me from taking over the world20:41
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Hi Peter, this is Bill Lumberg calling again... we missed you this morning so go ahead and come on in okayy20:42
@WRE(snapcount@EN) thanks20:42
@WRE(snapcount@EN) $self->getEnglish("L10n");20:43
perlDreamer"L" + "ocailzatio" + "n" -> L + 10 letters + n = L10n20:43
crythias"I wouldn't say I've been missing work, Bob"20:43
perlDreamerkind of like i18n for internationalization20:44
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I see20:44
crythiasno way. I think I just connected a synapse, having learned something.20:44
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ocalizatio would be a cool word20:44
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you should call it 1ocalizatio120:44
perlDreameroh cal ee zay shun20:45
perlDreameroh cal ee zay tee oh20:45
@WRE(snapcount@EN) for 1 letter + "ocalizatio" + 1 letter20:45
crythiasI think people should be penalized for not reading my FAQ. Seriously.20:45
perlDreamerWhat should we do to them?20:46
perlDreamerRack? Pincers?20:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) FIRE20:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) FIRE FIRE FIRE20:46
perlDreamerListen to Wayne Newton records until their heads explode20:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) turn the beat around.... got to have percussion20:46
@WRE(snapcount@EN) turn it upside down20:46
perlDreamerthat's better than Wayne Newton, bad disco20:47
@WRE(snapcount@EN) like a Rhinestone cowboy...20:47
@pbmdawgit's pinky ut de brain20:51
perlDreamerback in a bit20:51
@pbmdawgthose numbers are all running backwards!20:53
@pbmdawghow will those poor little numbers see where they are going?20:53
@WRE(snapcount@EN) did you hit your head?20:53
@pbmdawgnot sure what you mean20:54
@WRE(snapcount@EN) what the hell are you talking about?20:54
@pbmdawgstop hurting my ears20:55
@WRE* (snapcount@EN) confused20:55
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I need an opinion20:56
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I'm naming methods20:57
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I have one called eventIsApproved which returns boolean20:57
@WRE(snapcount@EN) which is nice when you have something like if ($self->eventIsApproved) { .. }20:57
@WRE(snapcount@EN) b/c it makes the code very readable20:57
@WRE(snapcount@EN) well, I'm writing one now that checks if an event is full20:58
@WRE(snapcount@EN) should it be isEventFull or eventIsFull20:58
@WRE(snapcount@EN) or do you think the whole convention sucks20:58
@WRE(snapcount@EN) this method will probably not be used in an if stmt20:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it will be setting a template variable20:59
perlDreamerthat will probably be used as a boolean?20:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) yeah20:59
perlDreamerI'd stick with the convention20:59
@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh21:00
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it will be used as a <tmpl_if>21:00
@WRE(snapcount@EN) good call21:00
@WRE(snapcount@EN) thx21:00
perlDreamerI found some more labels to L10n, so I'll be doing a bit more work on EMS21:00
@WRE(snapcount@EN) ok21:00
@WRE(snapcount@EN) what is the diff between i18n and l10n21:00
perlDreameri18n is the process of making something use L10n21:01
@WRE(snapcount@EN) so a localization is a language?21:01
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and i18n is a system that allows many languages21:01
perlDreamerit's the process of making that system be localizable21:02
@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh21:02
perlDreamersee this, it will explain it all: http://search.cpan.org/~petdance/Locale-Maketext-1.10/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod21:11
crythiasgot a reflink from my RSS post.21:11
@WRE<perlDreamer> http://tinyurl.com/dl7dd21:11
perlDreameractually, wikipedia does a better job of it21:11
@WRE<perlDreamer> http://tinyurl.com/adcx421:12
perlDreamersnapcount: almost ready to commit latest and last work.21:32
@WRE(snapcount@EN) last?21:32
perlDreamerI've done everything in SVN, so until you commit more, I'll probably turn to writing stuff for Help on EMS so I'll be out of your hair for a bit.21:33
@WRE(snapcount@EN) i c21:33
perlDreamercould you email me the most recent copy of the spec for this?21:33
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I need your email addy21:33
perlDreamerckuskie at sterling dot net21:34
@WRE<xdanger> http://tinyurl.com/9xkgs21:34
perlDreamerheadin' out for lunch21:38
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat084.mxim.com] has quit [""l8r""]21:38
-!- midellaq [n=midellaq@caronte.isinet.it] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]21:38
@WRE* (snapcount@EN) yawns23:14
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perlDreamerwe should make gaim pay for these product advertisements23:43
@pbmdawgin my gaim I can change the channel leave msg23:43
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I like the idea of making them pay better23:44
perlDreamersnapcount, I'm doing more L10n work on EMS23:48
perlDreameris the current SOW different from what's on the website for download?23:48
@pbmdawglots more stuff added, I think23:49
perlDreamerI haven't ever seen any SOW or spec get smaller.23:49
@WRE*** [signoff/#webgui] snapcount (Read error: Operation timed out) on EFnet23:56
--- Day changed Fri Feb 03 2006
@WRE*** Join snapcount (~roy@adsl-152-14-211.dab.bellsouth.net) on EFnet00:09
@WRE(snapcount@EN) anyone have a 6.8.5 up right now?00:09
perlDreamerI can set one up, what do you need?00:09
perlDreameror how 'bout demo?00:09
@WRE(snapcount@EN) no... want to test off of pb servers00:10
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I need you to setup a dataform00:10
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and add some fields00:10
perlDreamergive me a sec...00:10
@WRE(snapcount@EN) then look at the entries in DataForm_field00:10
@WRE(snapcount@EN) select name, assetId from DataForm_field00:11
@WRE(snapcount@EN) cool... thanks a lot00:11
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I appreciate it00:11
perlDreamer| from    | mx4CLiQt2pLWVw9_LVJvHA |00:15
perlDreamer| to      | mx4CLiQt2pLWVw9_LVJvHA |00:15
perlDreamer| cc      | mx4CLiQt2pLWVw9_LVJvHA |00:15
perlDreamer| bcc     | mx4CLiQt2pLWVw9_LVJvHA |00:15
perlDreamer| subject | mx4CLiQt2pLWVw9_LVJvHA |00:15
perlDreamer| one     | mx4CLiQt2pLWVw9_LVJvHA |00:15
perlDreamer| two     | mx4CLiQt2pLWVw9_LVJvHA |00:15
perlDreamerI added two fields, one and two to the Form.00:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) shit00:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) that's what I was afraid of00:15
@WRE(snapcount@EN) thx00:15
perlDreameryou mean automatically adding the mailto fields?00:16
@WRE(snapcount@EN) no00:16
@WRE(snapcount@EN) is that a clean install00:16
perlDreamerI didn't show you the fields from the default mail form on the install.00:17
perlDreamerdo you want those too?00:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) Did you check that out from branch00:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) or is it a release00:17
perlDreameryou want a clean 6.8.5 instead?00:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) can you run the upgrade from previousVersion00:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you did that?00:17
perlDreamerno, I will do it00:18
@WRE(snapcount@EN) oh ok00:18
@WRE(snapcount@EN) thank you00:18
perlDreamer| name    | assetId                |00:21
perlDreamer| from    | Szs5eev3OMssmnsyLRZmWA |00:21
perlDreamer| to      | Szs5eev3OMssmnsyLRZmWA |00:21
perlDreamer| cc      | Szs5eev3OMssmnsyLRZmWA |00:21
perlDreamer| bcc     | Szs5eev3OMssmnsyLRZmWA |00:21
perlDreamer| subject | Szs5eev3OMssmnsyLRZmWA |00:21
perlDreamer| url     | Szs5eev3OMssmnsyLRZmWA |00:21
perlDreamer| message | Szs5eev3OMssmnsyLRZmWA |00:21
perlDreamer| from    | WDNzKm0Fy6_oVkBXYefNMQ |00:21
perlDreamer| to      | WDNzKm0Fy6_oVkBXYefNMQ |00:21
perlDreamer| cc      | WDNzKm0Fy6_oVkBXYefNMQ |00:21
perlDreamer| bcc     | WDNzKm0Fy6_oVkBXYefNMQ |00:21
perlDreamer| subject | WDNzKm0Fy6_oVkBXYefNMQ |00:21
perlDreamer| one     | WDNzKm0Fy6_oVkBXYefNMQ |00:21
perlDreamer| two     | WDNzKm0Fy6_oVkBXYefNMQ |00:21
perlDreamersame setup as last time, but all fields in all dataforms this time00:21
perlDreamerso what are you seeing that's worrisome?00:22
@pbmdawgDataForm might not be fully versioned for addRevision00:22
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it's a site specific thing I think00:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) there is data in that table that is truncated00:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) specifically assetIds and name00:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) 14 char assetIds00:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and the name values have the first two chars missing00:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it happened after an upgrade00:24
perlDreamerthat's bad00:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) so I wanted to make sure it wasn't a bug00:24
perlDreamerwant help chasing it down?00:24
perlDreamerI need about 15 minutes to clean something up, then I'm good.00:25
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I think JT knows what's wrong00:25
@WRE(snapcount@EN) hold on...00:26
perlDreamernot a good day...00:43
perlDreamerIs anyone familiar with Redirect Assets?00:43
@pbmdawgi am00:43
@pbmdawgthey're like, 2 lines and stuff ;)00:44
perlDreameryeah, that's what worries me.00:44
perlDreamerwhat is it supposed to do if it is part of a Layout Asset?00:44
perlDreamerso, looking at the end of www_view, what good is the setRedirect call?00:46
perlDreameror does it just silently fail when it is part of another Asset?00:47
@pbmdawgwww_view isn't called when it's part of a layout00:48
perlDreamerview() is instead?00:48
perlDreamerand if you're in Admin mode you get shown a little list of links plus the editing icons00:55
@WRE(snapcount@EN) later guys... thanks for the help earlier Colin00:56
perlDreameryou bet00:56
@WRE*** [signoff/#webgui] snapcount (Ping timeout: no data for 249 seconds) on EFnet01:25
@pbmdawgoh1mrr  - are you there?01:26
perlDreamer!lastSpoke oh1mrr01:30
@WREoh1mrr last uttered a word on #webgui 5 hours ago.01:30
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has quit ["Zzzzzzzzzzz"]01:37
@pbmdawgnuba: are you there?01:44
nubasup ?01:45
@pbmdawgjust wondering if I can somehow convince you to donate some time to webgui :)01:45
nubawell i'm deeply buried at work now, sorry :(01:46
@pbmdawgLuckyLStrike: same question?01:48
@WRE* (Nickola@EN) installs WRE01:56
@WRE* (Nickola@EN) watches WRE blow up.01:56
@WRE(Nickola@EN) hehe01:56
@WRE(Nickola@EN) Gotta love it.01:56
@pbmdawgwhich wre01:56
@WRE* (Nickola@EN) starts RTFM01:56
@WRE(Nickola@EN) 0.6.0 Debian01:57
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit ["Bye."]02:05
@WRE(Nickola@EN) Etch02:15
@WRE(Nickola@EN) It seems that there is a problem with Mysql02:15
@WRE(Nickola@EN) it's not leaving it's pid file, so no one can connect to it.02:16
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crythiastimes like this, I wish I had a thin client wireless capable OS03:59
crythiasfor my laptop.03:59
crythiasOTOH, I'm getting a 60gb drive03:59
crythiasof all the things I miss, I think I miss my passwords the most.04:00
crythiasfortunately gaim's accounts.xml is cross platform04:00
crythiasand *irk* passwords in plain text. Now for TV. It's time for beauty and the geek.04:01
crythiasTV ADDCT04:02
@WRE(Nickola@EN) YARG04:25
@WRE(Nickola@EN) wre ... install ...  not working smoothly  ...04:26
@WRE(Nickola@EN) I have a question for you all about the wre, and I feel really silly asking...but...here goes....04:43
@WRE(Nickola@EN) What dirs are at the root of the wre?  (/data/wre/)   docs  etc  lib  prereqs  sbin  var   ?04:44
@WRE(Nickola@EN) Is there supposed to be a WebGUI directory?04:44
crythiasCHM BUKT05:02
crythiasyou're not dumb. YOu're academically inadequate.05:03
crythias"What the **** is that supposed to mean?"05:03
crythiasLYM CHKN05:04
crythiasDDT ERRR05:05
@WRE(Nickola@EN) okay....I'm thoroughly confused now.05:06
crythiasWebGUI Answer: WUT VRSN05:06
crythiasWebGUI Answer: UPGRADE05:06
@WRE(Nickola@EN) wre 0.6.0 on a Debian etch system.05:07
crythiasWebGUI Answer: RTFM05:07
@WRE(Nickola@EN) It has no "WebGUI" directory.05:07
@WRE(Nickola@EN) so it errors when adding a site.05:07
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]05:09
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crythiasWebGUI Answer: SBMTBUG05:10
crythiasWebGUI Answer: NO05:10
crythias<form action=""><select><option>Choose an answer</option><option>What Version?</option><option>Errors?</option><option>Upgrade</option><option>Read Install page</option><option>Read Readme.txt</option><option>Read Migration.txt</option><option>Read gotcha.txt</option><option>append ?op=viewHelpIndex</option><option>Submit a bug report</option><select></form>05:16
crythiaser /select05:17
* crythias laughs05:20
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perlDreamerhas anyone seen the DataForm bug posting on the boards?19:28
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat084.mxim.com] has quit [""too quiet""]19:46
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE20:26
@WRE"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream."20:26
crythiasnobody at efnet20:29
@snapcountMy gateway machine went down earlier20:30
@snapcountso the botnet is down b/c I'm too lazy to fix it20:30
* snapcount yawns20:30
@snapcountI did make progress... I've scripted all the iptables stuff so if I lose power, the gateway is configured automagically20:31
crythiasthink I want a coke. but machine's down. bk is close. frozen coke not unreasonable.20:31
@snapcountone of my port forwarding rules is wrong so gooey is cut off20:31
@snapcountcat BK | grep coke20:32
crythiasBurger King20:32
@snapcountI'm feeling very frustrated and violent right now20:33
@snapcountit's kinda cool20:33
@snapcountI have an overwhelming desire to watch something explode20:34
@snapcountlike that MythBusters where they *vaporized* the cement truck20:34
@snapcountthat was so freaking awesome I almost peed my pants20:35
@snapcountholy shit20:38
@snapcounthow did they not burn20:38
crythiashee :)20:39
crythiasYou never know what you're going to get if you ask me.20:40
crythiasdid the first one help your explode fetish?20:40
@snapcountyes... I feel better20:46
@snapcountwhoa... I think I just found some classified video20:48
@WRE<snapcount> http://tinyurl.com/dyenk20:48
@snapcountwhat kind of site is this?20:49
@snapcountcrythias: do you work for the CIA?20:49
@snapcountdude... that video better be a joke20:51
@snapcountthere's no way it's really classified20:51
@snapcountI hope those people were bad guys20:53
crythiasno ..21:05
crythiasI don't work for cia :)21:05
@snapcountjust checking21:05
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/bhh9h21:08
@snapcounttime to start some bug squashing21:33
@snapcountwanna help gerald?21:33
@snapcount(or anyone else here =)21:34
crythiashelping lost souls21:44
crythiaswell, maybe not.21:45
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui21:50
crythiasI'm supposed to remind you I live in Florida.21:50
crythiasooh. n8n: navigation21:52
@snapcountyou live in Florida?21:52
@snapcountI'm missing something21:52
crythiasa5e article21:52
@snapcountis that tied into lost souls some how?21:52
crythiasso I'm working on an a5e, and find myself needing to remove the a5e from the n8n because the n8n is too cluttered what with f4rs and s7ts and whatnot.21:54
@snapcountsupercalifragilisticexpialidocious s32s21:55
@snapcountthe alphabet21:55
crythiasyeah slipt21:55
@snapcountmatt: i need help figuring out a session problem21:56
crythiassponge is a word you can spell with backwards alphabet21:56
crythiassponged is among the longest21:56
pbmdawgroy: I need 30 more hours in the day.21:57
crythiasheh. don't sleep for 421:57
@snapcountsounds like matt is having deadline issues =)21:58
pbmdawgI'm on time.21:58
crythiasyou wimpersnappers ... in my day, I spent 12 hours straight coding my mud.21:58
* snapcount slaps crythias around a bit with a large trout21:58
crythiasthat's after school.21:58
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has left #webgui []21:59
@snapcountwell that was interesting21:59
@snapcountwe should write a script that translates a series of words into i18n speak22:01
@snapcountcould prolly do it with one s//22:01
crythiasanyway, I'm aparently helpful on the boards today.22:01
@WRE|bash 34553| <mindstorms> i so l33t.....i combined my radio and computer output to my speakers22:41
@WRE|bash 34553| <mindstorms> so now my head hurts when i have the radio and winamp on!22:41
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Psyko> I'm gonna go hump the couch22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Psyko> ~*boredom*~22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Yamatto> dude, your couch puts out?22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Psyko> wall too22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Yamatto> damn22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Yamatto> i want your house22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Yamatto> unless you're like swapping wall for 'mom'22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Andaru> hahaha22:42
@WRE|bash 34656| <+Andaru> and couch for 'little brother'22:42
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Smell from unhygenic janitorial staff wrecked the tape heads22:42
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Fiber optics caused gas main leak22:42
@WRE|bash 36186| <dranyam> Okay, my quote on bash.org is not mine22:43
@WRE|bash 40466| <DrNick668> man, a volvo hit me yesterday22:43
@WRE|bash 40466| <DrNick668> the volvo hit me and it's gunna cost me like 200 bucks or some shit coz it was my fault22:43
@WRE|bash 40466| <Warkha> was it an old person in the volvo?22:43
@WRE|bash 40466| <DrNick668> nah, fat chick22:43
@WRE|bash 40466| <DrNick668> i turned across the traffic and couldn't see her comin22:43
@WRE|bash 40466| <Warkha> or throw food22:43
crythiasgee wonder what will show for google xmms firefox22:44
@snapcountyou lost me22:44
@snapcountwhat is xmms?22:44
crythiasit's music player for *nix22:45
@snapcountoh cool22:45
@snapcountyou run x?22:45
@snapcountoh, that's right22:45
@snapcountyou told me this before22:45
crythiasat home, anyway.22:45
* crythias is browsing his ref logs.22:45
crythias!google xmms firefox22:46
@WREGoogle Book Search @ http://books.google.com/books?q=xmms+firefox&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&sa=N&tab=wp22:46
@snapcount!g xmms22:46
@WRESound Enhancing Plugins @ /url?sa=U&start=1&si=0&oi=smap&q=http://www.xmms.org/effect.php | Google Book Search @ http://books.google.com/books?q=xmms&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&sa=N&tab=wp22:46
crythiasany straight search?22:46
@snapcount!gg xmms22:46
@WREAccepted xmms-kde 3.1-1 (i386 source) @ http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.changes.devel/browse_thread/thread/650455e4bcbd4c78 | Installed xmms-goom 1.7.6-1 (i386 sour @ http://groups.google.com/group/debian.devel.changes/browse_thread/thread/8584a44708baa50b | xmms update @ http://groups.google.com/group/mailing.freebsd.ports/browse_thread/thread/4cf50da6a51e083922:46
crythias!gg xmms firefox22:47
@WREchkrootkit detects hidden processes in m @ http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.user/browse_thread/thread/b95ad3d3065cadf3 | Firefox and bouncing cursor @ http://groups.google.com/group/alt.os.linux.suse/browse_thread/thread/59ffd3a32b4a36e2 | flash and mozilla (and firefox and epi @ http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.user/browse_thread/thread/881d60f8e9c8555222:47
@snapcountit does a straight search but google advertises their new book search at the top of the results22:47
@snapcountso it picks it up22:47
crythias!y xmms22:47
@snapcountwe only use search engines whose stock is $400+ / share22:48
@snapcount!quote GOOG22:48
@WREGOOG -> 379.17 -16.87 / Last Trade  3:48pm / Change  -4.26% / Volume  379.20 / 52 Week Range 379.3022:48
@snapcountit dropped22:48
crythiastime to get rid of that ...22:48
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/cd3du22:48
@snapcountget rid of what22:49
@snapcountthe stock?22:49
crythiassearch engine22:49
@snapcountI *wish* I had some to get rid of =)22:49
@snapcountthe bot search engine22:49
@snapcountit's a pos22:49
crythiaswhat would you expect number one search result for "unraring program"?22:50
@snapcountor winzip22:50
@snapcountwait... can winzip do rar?22:50
@snapcountI dunno22:50
@snapcountwhat is it?22:50
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/94gqg22:51
@snapcountOnly the best AV software will unrar your files22:51
@WREwre = WebGUI Runtime Environment22:52
@WREflame = Roy and Martin are lovers22:52
crythiasahhh yeahhh22:52
@WREwhatistcl = <phobia> All I know about TCL is that TCL ain't perl22:52
@snapcountGuess I should go try to figure out this session problem22:53
@snapcount!bash 3358223:15
@WRE!bash: quote not found23:15
@snapcount!bash 3385223:16
@WRE|bash| <@FKnight> if sex had a wizard23:16
@WRE|bash| <@FKnight> my g/f would pick Typical23:16
@WRE|bash| <@FKnight> no custom23:16
crythiassex wizard Add23:20
@snapcountspeak english crythias23:21
@snapcountcomplete sentences23:21
@snapcounthables engles23:21
crythiasbash quote above.23:21
@snapcountpor favor23:21
@snapcountdid I add it?23:21
@snapcountluckily no... I just found it and thought it was pretty funny23:22
crythiasregarding the bash quote referencing a wizard for sex, the two options given were typical and custom. While that is funny, I was thinking about what other options could be in a Wizard, such as add/remove.23:22
@snapcountnow see23:22
@snapcountthat made complete sentence23:22
@snapcounthooked on phonics worked for me =)23:22
-!- pass [n=chatzill@owt-64-146-239-67.owt.com] has joined #webgui23:23
@snapcountI used to love seeing the signs on the side of the road23:23
@snapcount"learn to read free"23:23
@snapcount"call 555-555-5555"23:23
crythiasso, I thought, if there was a wizard, I wonder if the guy's wife would have chosen "add"23:23
@snapcountno pictures or anything23:23
@snapcounthi pass23:24
@snapcountlow pass23:24
passI got webgui up and running yesterday. Now what??? Is the 'WebGUI Done Right' worth the $125?23:24
@snapcountI think so... but I'm biased23:24
crythiasthe support is worth $50023:24
@snapcountthe support will give you more bang for your buck23:25
@snapcountby far23:25
crythiasfunny thing. I give free support and paid for it...23:25
@snapcountthat is funny23:25
crythiasenglish is a bugger.23:25
@snapcountRWG has nice videos to show you how to do stuff23:25
passso the $500 bucks will help me migrate our existing web site into webgui?23:26
@snapcountyep... we'll answer any questions you have23:26
crythiaswell, it'll give you email support if you get stuck.23:26
@snapcountbut we won't do it for you23:26
passI'm sure I'll get stuck.23:26
passI'm not a web developer.23:26
crythiasmigration from cms to cms is a pita anyway.23:26
crythiasWhat's weird is WebGUI works on a "chunk" dynamic, which I like a lot.23:27
@snapcountI can't wait to hear this explanation23:27
crythiaschunk of content here, chunk of content there.23:28
crythiasyou can expire chunks of content and move them without disturbing the layout of the page.23:28
passOur current website is not a cms. We just want to bring our website in house and I want to give our techsupport/sales/doc-writer a way to easily update/add pages. Seems like webgui will do that for me/us. Right?23:29
crythiasfor mygration, tinymce would be nice in a pure copy/paste scenario. While you're viewing your old rendered content, highlight and paste it to the new article.23:29
crythiasyou'll have to move images.likely.23:30
@snapcountsupport covers everything... install, configuration, content, migration, apache, mysql, etc23:30
crythiasbut, yeah, WebGUI *is* the way to easy update sites23:30
@snapcountany question relating to your install of webgui23:30
crythiasI'd pay for support, especially if your thing is business important+23:31
@snapcountpass: what kind of business do you work for?23:31
passNow I have to convince upper mgmt to pay $1400 for a site design then $500 for support.23:31
crythias$500 is easy enough to justify in most cases. Especially if you think about ldap support.23:31
passWe are a small business that makes wirless access points.23:32
@snapcountpass: you know that we do design as well, right?23:32
passYes, I got a quote for $1400.0023:32
@snapcountoh cool =)23:32
crythias<disclaimer> I'm not a plainblack.com employee, but snapcount is</disclaimer>23:33
crythiasyou want to look identical (more or less) to your existing, pass?23:33
@snapcountyou guys build cellphone towers?23:33
passnot towers, just devices23:34
passcythias: yes, they probably want it to look the same23:34
crythiasfloating nav would be nice touch for wg...23:35
crythiasfor those who don't curse it.23:35
passso wg doesn't support the floating nav?23:35
crythiasthat's not true. It's just not one of the defaults.23:35
crythiasif it can go in HTML, it can go in WG, more or less. The idea constructs are different, though.23:36
crythiasinstead of mushing everything together, one would build the parts that make up a whole, so it's potentially reusable23:37
-!- lenthamen [n=len@adsl-dc-2e425.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #webgui23:38
lenthamenHey snappie ;)23:39
@snapcountdidn't you write the commerce system?23:39
passI've played with wg for a little while now. Seems like a steep learning curve. Not as intuitive as I would have hoped. I guess after some time with WebGUI done right it would become easier to work with. Looks like an investment to get familiar with the system.23:39
lenthamenThank God I didn't23:39
lenthamenMartin did...23:39
@snapcountpass: the videos in WDR are a big help with that23:40
lenthamenpass: What's so difficult about WebGUI ?23:40
lenthamenpass: To add a page, click on "Add Layout"23:40
crythiasthat menu is a pita23:40
lenthamenpass: To add an article, click on "Add article"23:40
passwell I was hoping I could do some redesign myself23:41
passLooks like I need to learn css23:41
crythiasWhat you'd have is article "Complete Wiresless Solutioins.. Made Simple"23:42
crythiaswith content23:42
crythiasArticle "Latest Press Release"23:42
crythiaspossibly with a shortcut to the press release23:42
passand the menu system? just to mock it up it doesn't have to float.23:43
crythiasmenu system is autogenerated23:43
* lenthamen just checked in WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler23:44
@snapcountyou rock!23:44
lenthamenpfffff what a job that was ;)23:44
@snapcounthow do I use it23:44
@snapcountI want to try it out23:45
* lenthamen is going to get another cold one.23:45
crythiasYou can use dtree instead of vertical menu23:45
lenthamenUSAGE is documented in the POD23:45
crythiasI'm not completely familiar with the DHTML menus (I don't try a lot of different things)23:45
lenthamenits easy23:45
lenthamenPerlModule WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler PerlChildInitHandler WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler PerlOutputFilterHandler WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler23:45
lenthamenPerlModule WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler23:46
lenthamenPerlChildInitHandler WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler23:46
lenthamenPerlOutputFilterHandler WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler23:46
@snapcountadd to the vhost?23:46
lenthamenthats it23:46
lenthamenglobal, I think23:46
lenthamenI have it global23:46
lenthamenmight work in a vhost too23:46
* crythias handles his Init Child with a Perl Output Filter.23:46
* snapcount trys it23:47
* lenthamen is curious23:47
crythiaspass: you should take a look at my faq as well http://www.gwy2.org/cgi-bin/fom23:47
@snapcountonly half my page loads23:49
@snapcountmaybe this has to go in the httpd.conf23:50
@snapcountand not a vhost23:50
lenthamenyeah, move it out the vhost.23:50
crythiasI should go before someone figures out that I'm here and says, "Yeah, ummkay, Gerald, riight, let's see, I think I'll be needing you to come in on Saaaturday. Oh, and Sunday, as well, mmkay. Good."23:51
@snapcountdo the lines need to go in any specific place?23:52
@snapcounti.e., above/below preload.perl, etc23:52
passcrythias: thanks for the site, looks like it could help me out23:52
lenthamenI've tried it both above/below preload.perl.23:52
lenthamendoesn't matter.23:52
crythiasand now, I'll take my leave.23:53
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]23:53
@snapcountlenthamen: does the profiler code slow the site down?23:54
@snapcountit seems like it is23:54
@snapcountand then counts the slowdown it caused in the results?23:55
lenthamenit might be a bit slower but it's metric.23:55
@snapcountwell, I guess it doesn't matter for relative testing23:55
lenthamendo you get results ?23:55
lenthamenkewl !23:55
@snapcountp.s. it won't work in a vhost =)23:55
@snapcountmight want to pass that on23:56
lenthamenI'll add that to the usage section in the code23:56
@snapcountthat's awesome that you got this in here23:56
@snapcountit will be very useful23:56
lenthamenI think the way it works is very cool.... It searches for code references and adds wrapper code around it.23:57
lenthamenYou can also profile something specific23:58
lenthamenFor example if you're working on WebGUI::Asset::Article, you could change $whatToProfile from "WebGUI" to "WebGUI::Asset::Article"23:58
lenthamenI should make that configurable though.23:59
@snapcounthow do you change it now?23:59
--- Day changed Sat Feb 04 2006
@snapcountin the module?00:00
lenthamenWhat do you think about this way:00:04
lenthamenPerlModule WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler(WebGUI::Asset)00:04
lenthamenthat will limit to WebGUI::Asset::*00:05
lenthamendefaults to WebGUI::*00:05
@snapcountThat would better than having to edit the module00:05
lenthamenok, going to do it that way.00:05
lenthamensnapcount: I've changed it to PerlSetVar whatToProfile WebGUI::Asset::Wobject00:18
lenthamenit's in svn00:18
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-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:15
crythiasso ... I'm thinking of license plates.. MRE MEAT03:16
crythiasand it dawns on me. Maybe that's where it came from...03:16
crythias"Meals Ready to Eat - Meat"03:17
crythiaswhat are we having today? Mystery Meat.03:17
crythiasI lost my job at the orange juice factory. I couldn't concentrate.03:18
crythiasElf needs food... badly. Valkyrie shot the food.03:19
crythiasit should be noted that my new laptop hd is faster and quieter than my old one.03:21
crythiasnice to have 60gb available for my thin client, too.03:22
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MrHairgreaseI use rewrite rules to host multiple domians on one wg instance17:00
MrHairgreaseeg. subdomain.mydomain.com/ would be rewritten to the page /subdomain17:01
MrHairgreaseindex.pl/subdomain that is17:01
MrHairgreasehowever in 6.8 there's no index.pl scripts anymore17:02
MrHairgreaseso i figured let's dump the index.pl from the rule and be happy17:02
MrHairgreaseit doesn't seem to workl however17:02
MrHairgreaseprobably because webgui get the uri before it's being rewritten.17:02
MrHairgreaseso how do i solve this17:02
pbmdawgdid you have multiple gateway scripts?17:06
MrHairgreasejust a lot of serveralisases under the vhost17:07
MrHairgreasethe ide is as follows17:07
MrHairgreasefor each subdomain create a page root17:07
MrHairgreaseeg. webforum17:07
MrHairgreasethere's only one index.pl so we want to rewrite webforum.koornbeurs.nl to webforum.koornbeurs.nl/webforum17:08
MrHairgreasewhich is actually the same page as koornbeurs.nl/webforum17:08
MrHairgreaseI hacked WebGUI.pm as a quick fix.17:09
pbmdawgso what if someone requests webforum.koornbeurs.nl/somePage17:09
MrHairgreasebut essentially that sucks17:09
MrHairgreasethen it should not rewrite17:09
MrHairgreasejust serve the page17:09
MrHairgreasedepending on what you want taht is17:09
pbmdawgok, so it's just requests whose uri is '/'17:10
MrHairgreasein this case it is17:10
MrHairgreasesometimes you don't want that17:10
MrHairgreasefor instance17:10
MrHairgreaseyou have two languages on the same site17:10
MrHairgreasei must be using drugs17:11
MrHairgreaseonly the '/'17:11
pbmdawghey, look at my irc msg to you17:12
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-!- crythia1 is now known as crythias03:34
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-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has joined #webgui04:16
crythiasGO STLRS04:24
crythiasBIG GAME04:25
pbmdawg(sounds the same)04:25
perlDreamersomeone want to help me with snippets to fix a bug?04:26
pbmdawgthe bug is in assetproxy macro04:26
pbmdawgsort of.04:26
perlDreamerNot in snippet itself?04:26
crythiasoh. hrm. I also need to have 6.9.0.svn04:26
perlDreamerno, it's in 6.8.504:27
pbmdawgthat's the only case I could think of that would have it put the <p></p> in there without the controls04:27
crythiasoh the ...04:27
crythiasit's not .pm.. it's the tinymce, likely.04:27
perlDreamerit might be both AssetProxy and Snippet.04:28
perlDreamerAssetProxy calls toggleToolbar.  I'm guessing that turns off the toolbar04:28
crythiasgosh my laptop is silent with the new hd.04:28
perlDreamerbut then Snippet still adds the paragraph tags04:28
pbmdawgcrythias: did you get an acorn04:28
crythiasa what?04:28
pbmdawgacorn hdd04:29
crythiasuh. no. was browsing and got the cheapest for my laptop.04:29
crythiaswell, at least from this one vendor.04:29
crythias40gb for some $7004:29
crythiasturns out I got a Hitachi travelstar to replace my ibm travelstar04:30
pbmdawghow much papajohn's can you eat in 1 sitting04:30
pbmdawgi used to be able to eat a whole large (pepperoni, bacon, extra cheese).  now just 3/4 large.04:30
crythiasI was about to scream, but put it in, anyway, so far.. no more clicking.04:30
crythiasoh, gosh, I don't know. if I wanted to , I could eat a whole, but I've been reducing my food intake, somewhat.04:31
crythiasjust keep me away from sushi and dim sum.04:31
pbmdawgI don't know what those are.04:31
perlDreamerdim sum rocks04:31
crythiasI go to a place called Bo LIngs04:32
@WRE<pbmdawg> http://tinyurl.com/9h9v504:32
perlDreamerI found the bug04:32
pbmdawgcrythias: is this what your old ibm disk drive looked like?04:33
@WRE<pbmdawg> http://tinyurl.com/dk88m04:34
perlDreameris AnyAsset->view ever called with args?04:34
pbmdawga few of the assets use it for special signals.04:34
crythiasit looked like something else. said it was an ibm travelstar.04:34
crythiasin my inspiron 2500, it's the 6th hard drive to fail in the batch of 25 we bought 3 years ago04:35
crythiasall where ibm travelstars.04:35
crythiaswhere: were04:35
crythiasbut I'm happy, now. silence + speed + size04:37
crythiasbtw: links -g = fast, and creepy.04:39
pbmdawggood fix colin04:39
pbmdawgis the reported avatar bug a duplicate?04:40
perlDreamerprobably, I haven't looked at it yet04:41
crythiasso, has JT screamed about the closing of old rfe's?04:41
perlDreamernot that I've heard04:43
crythiasgood. I'll just clean them all out :)04:44
perlDreamerthe new Avatar bug has different behavior from the one I fixed.  But if he's using IE I'm betting that it's fixed.04:44
perlDreamerthe DataForm is seriously broken04:45
pbmdawgi'll scream if you clean them all out! :)04:48
pbmdawgyeah.  the DataForm is almost as broken as the EventsCalendar.04:48
perlDreamerare you telling me it's too early to upgrade?04:48
pbmdawgyeah, if you have DataForms or Calendars.04:48
perlDreamerhaven't seen any calendar bugs04:49
crythiasHAK N COF04:52
crythiasBN PROBD04:59
crythiasPREP H05:00
crythiasSML FNGR05:01
crythiasHM ROIDS05:02
crythiasbrnd btt05:02
crythiasEYE GOUJ05:03
crythiasNSL DRIP05:03
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o pbmdawg] by WRE10:19
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crythiasI can't believe that my hard drive on my laptop was what was slowing everything down.20:08
crythiasI mean, I can, but.. I didn't realize how bad.20:09
crythiasnow, on the start of firefox, it's almost instantaneous.20:10
crythiasthats nice21:01
crythiasCHOK LYN21:03
crythiasROAD KLL21:04
-!- lenthamen [n=len@] has joined #webgui21:11
crythiashey, len21:13
crythiasanatomicaly correct log21:15
lenthamenhey crythias21:20
lenthamenanatomicaly correct log ?21:20
@WRE<pbmdawg> http://tinyurl.com/9ckka21:24
crythiaslen: ren and stimpy21:26
crythiasIt's log, log it's better than bad, it's good.21:28
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perlDreamersnapcount: you there?02:59
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MrHairgreasedo you know if mod_rewrite does its thing before or after the WebGUI handler is invoked?16:34
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui16:42
lenthamenHey Martin17:06
lenthamenI guess before.17:06
MrHairgreaseWell somehow rewrite rules that used to work on rewriting to index.pl don't seem to do their thing anymore now that webgui is a mod_perl handler17:07
lenthamenbecause there's no index.pl...17:08
MrHairgreaseSo I guessed mod_rewrite rwrites the uri after WebGUI has caught it17:08
MrHairgreaseWell the index.pl is not relevant in this case17:08
lenthamenwell, the thing is that WebGUI is a handler for the whole vhost, so requests always get passed to WebGUI.17:09
MrHairgreasewhat I do is rewrite to a startpage based on the server_name17:09
MrHairgreasesomething like17:10
MrHairgrease        RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME} webforum.koornbeurs.nl$ [NC]17:10
MrHairgrease        RewriteRule  ^/$  /webforum [L]17:10
lenthamenYeah I understand17:10
lenthamenI also do that to redirect .com to /home_english17:10
lenthamenthat kind of stuff17:10
MrHairgreaseand in your case it works on 6.8+?17:10
lenthamenNot using 6.8 in prod yet.17:11
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui17:11
MrHairgreasemaybe chanses knows17:12
pbmdawgI'm here!17:12
MrHairgreasehi matt17:12
pbmdawgmaybe I know.17:12
MrHairgreaseno I asked you already17:12
MrHairgreaseit's about the rewrite stuff on 6817:12
pbmdawgask gerald17:13
pbmdawghe knows apache better than the Apaches17:13
lenthamenMartin have you had a look at the mod_rewrite logs ?17:15
MrHairgreaseyes and no17:15
MrHairgreasesort of that is17:16
MrHairgreaseI have been very busy with other stuff17:16
MrHairgreaseI couldn't see anything wrong with loglevel 517:16
MrHairgreaseI'll have another look at it later this week.17:17
chansenI guess it's not working because WebGUI shortcuts the trans handler by returning OK18:08
chansenMrHairgrease: try commenting out that line18:09
MrHairgreasemod_rewrite sits in the transhandler?18:09
chansenIIRC yes18:09
MrHairgreaseok will do18:09
MrHairgreasemoment please18:09
MrHairgreasehmm, doesn't seem to work.18:11
lenthamenMartin are you coming to amsterdam tomorrow night ?18:12
MrHairgreasefree drinks and stuff ;)18:12
lenthamenhehe, ok, will see you there than.18:12
MrHairgreasewhat time is it again?18:12
lenthamenstarts at 17:3018:12
MrHairgreasei'll be there18:12
MrHairgreasesetting the trans handler to declined also doesn't work18:14
chansenok, i just checked, mod_rewrite does it's rewriting in several hooks, including ap_hook_translate_name18:25
chansentry enabling mod_rewrite's log a level of 318:26
chansenshould give you some hints18:26
chansenand try without WebGUI's trans handler18:28
MrHairgreaseok I'll try that later this week18:35
chansennp :)18:35
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-!- crythia1 is now known as crythias19:26
perlDreamercrythias:  there is medication to help with schizophrenia nowadays19:28
crythiasreally? How do you know you don't get multiple doses?19:30
perlDreamerwell, if it works, one would think that you'd center around 1 personality19:30
perlDreamerand I guess if you took too much it would leave you with 0 personality, and then you'd be an IRC bot :)19:31
perlDreamerdid you check out the doc change that I  made to the Redirect Asset over the weekend?19:32
crythiasHeadline: "User dies from overdose of Schizophrenic Medication. Family members of his 5 personalities gathered for support."19:32
crythiashrm? :) no...19:33
crythiasbeen otherwise occupied.19:33
crythiasok. where did you edit help?19:34
crythiaswow. office svn is ancient.19:34
perlDreamerIt's the Asset_Redirect Help entry19:35
perlDreamerand I did both branches19:35
perlDreamerso either will work19:35
crythiasThe Page Redirect Asset causes the user's browser to be redirected to another page. This will happen automatically if it is viewed standalone.  If the Asset is viewed as part a Page Asset, or proxied via a macro, then nothing will happen19:36
perlDreamerthat's it.19:36
crythiasit's almost a misnomer.19:37
crythiasThe Page Redirect Asset is essentially a hyperlink that you can use in Navigation.19:37
perlDreamerto take you to another page/site19:38
crythiasI think my sentence is clear(ish) about its purpose though.19:38
crythiasI think the redirection part is confusing.19:39
crythiasyes, it does that, but it's not inherently different from an a href except that it can show up in Navigation.19:39
perlDreamerbut unlike an HREF you don't have to get a page to make it work19:40
perlDreamerthere's no "source" to it19:40
crythiasbecause it's a url redirect if you give it out manually.19:40
crythiaslike tinyurl19:41
crythiasinteresting thing.. you could hide stuff in the url.19:41
perlDreamerI think it would be great if JT made www.webgui.org/help redirect to the help index19:42
perlDreamerand I've been thinking about building a login link that is essentially ?op=auth;func=login (or whatever)19:43
perlDreamerit's a front-end user way of doing Apache rename19:43
perlDreamerbut much heavier19:43
crythiasHave a few minutes?19:43
crythiasI have been working with someone who needed a solution for something. Basically, fill a dataform and use the dataform's values to populate a page.19:44
perlDreamerWG version?19:45
crythiasnot the entire page, but repeating text stuff.19:45
perlDreamer1 page/multiple pages19:45
crythias200 sites,19:45
perlDreamerI see two options19:45
perlDreamer1) Use the List view feature of the DataForm, and Proxy it onto all other sites19:46
crythiasthe info from the dataform needs to filter for all the pages that belong to a site.19:46
perlDreamerI don't understand that19:46
crythiasone wg instance, but these "sites" are under the uber umbrella. Sales, Communications, etc19:47
perlDreamereach subsite pulls the same info from the same dataform?19:47
crythiasthe problem is a) how to keep the information in tact for the pages that belong to the site in the department19:47
crythiasb) how to make it easy to insert the valid data exactly where it's needed.19:48
perlDreamerwhat kind of information is it?19:48
crythiasunknown, but likely department head names, addresses, phone numbers.19:49
crythiasstuff that would be likely in a template.19:49
perlDreamerand they want it centralized in 1 dataform to make it easy to manage19:49
crythiasmaybe in a header or footer.19:49
crythiasand security for the siteadmins to edit only their own data.19:49
perlDreamerDid you see the script that I posted over the weekend to WG's contrib area?19:49
perlDreamerit takes a DataForm and translates it to a regular table inside the database19:50
perlDreamerwhich makes it very easy to build SQLReports against19:50
crythiasooh cool.19:50
perlDreamerSo now you only have to solve 1 problem, and that's the data editing problem19:51
perlDreamerI think that can be done with multiple dataforms19:51
-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has joined #webgui19:51
perlDreameryo roy19:51
crythiasI worked a different angle.19:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE19:52
crythiasI created a macro that looked up the data...19:52
perlDreamersnapcount: Don't know if Matt told you, but I can't duplicate any of the DataForm bugs19:52
perlDreamerin 6.8.619:52
@snapcountI'm very concerned about those19:52
@snapcountthere are a couple posts on the boards about that from different people19:53
perlDreamercrythias: that's a lighter weight solution than a full SQL report19:53
crythiasthe problem is making the site match the info.19:53
crythiasI figured that out, too. but the client doesn't like it.19:53
perlDreamercan you use the current URL for more information?19:54
crythiasthat's my solution. 'cause otherwise I'd have to mess with the table.19:54
crythiasof all asset types19:54
perlDreamerclient has a preference for end solution?19:55
perlDreamersnapcount: unless they can give you step by step instructions for bug duplication or access to their site, I think it's going to be hard to diagnose those bug reports19:56
crythiaswants siteadmins cart blanche over url19:56
crythiasI'm reasonably certain that I have the best solution.19:57
@snapcountI'm wondering if it's an ssl thing19:57
crythiasThe problem is keeping the siteadmins within their realm of edit.19:57
perlDreamercrythias: might have to use multiple dataforms19:58
crythiasand how will that help?19:58
perlDreamerbecause there's no way in 1 dataform to tell who can edit which entries19:59
crythiasyes, but you can protect the dataform...19:59
perlDreamerso then you need multiple dataforms for multiple editors19:59
crythiasand you can filter based upon a use profile19:59
crythiasuser profile field19:59
crythiaslet's say the dataform is custom.20:00
perlDreamercustom how?20:00
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []20:00
perlDreamerlike extended to allow per user data editing?20:00
crythiaswell, could restrict dataset to edit based upon a user profile field.20:01
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/avlct20:01
perlDreamerthen that would work, so long as editors are not allowed to edit their own profile field20:01
crythiasyeah, ok.20:01
crythiasmy macro was based upon the first part of the page url and the field they want to retrieve.20:02
crythiasstill, after all this mess, I'm just saying it's probably worth making all these changes in individual templates rather than fighting user silliness.20:03
crythiaseven for 20020:03
crythiasI can't guess from my macro which dataform/dataset to pull data from.20:03
crythiasand I'm not going to rely on the user to fill in the field in the macro.20:04
@snapcountI'll be trying to get a 6.8.6 release out within the next couple of days20:06
@snapcountanything anyone can do to help would be greatly appreciated20:06
crythiasgotta go.20:06
@snapcounteven if it's just confirming the bugs reported are actually bugs20:06
@snapcountevery little bit helps =)20:06
perlDreamerI fixed a few over the weekend.  I'll get busy with the docs, too.20:06
@snapcountand if you can't help... pass it on to someone that can if you see them lurking around20:07
@snapcountperlDreamer: thank you20:07
perlDreamerI fixed an Avatar bug already, but it's worth testing 6.8 SVN with FireFox 1.5 to verify that it isn't a new bug.20:09
perlDreamerBut vitkovsky's IE bug for the Avatar should be fixed.20:09
@snapcountok... I'll check that out20:16
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]22:59
--- Day changed Tue Feb 07 2006
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crythiasfear leads to trembling. trembling leads to puking. puking leads to light headedness. lightheadedness leads to fainting.01:13
-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has joined #webgui02:48
snapcountis anyone home!?02:48
snapcountLucy! I'm Home!!!02:48
snapcounttally one for the home team02:48
snapcountmy god... we're on a roll02:49
perlDreamerbut only for a little bit02:49
perlDreamerit that better?02:49
snapcountstill not bad02:49
perlDreamerplus, I'm very lippy02:49
snapcountI have a MP2/Apache question02:49
* crythias is watching the aots chat feed.02:49
* pbmdawg wonders what aots is02:50
crythiasattack of the show.02:50
snapcountso what does apache do when mp2 does this:02:50
snapcountreturn Apache2::Const::DECLINED02:50
perlDreamergoes to the next handler in the chain02:50
snapcountI've searched and can't find the answer02:50
perlDreamergo and read Geoff's MP2 presentations from the WUC.02:51
perlDreamergreat intro to MP202:51
snapcountwhat is the next handler when that is being called in WebGUI.pm02:51
snapcountin the request method02:51
pbmdawgyou can check02:51
pbmdawgby asking apache to list the handlers02:51
snapcounthow do you do that?02:52
snapcountwell, here is the issue at hand02:52
snapcountI'm beating around the bush a tad02:52
snapcountI can't figure out how to get MP2 to butt out when there is a request for a PHP page02:53
snapcountPre 6.8 this was easy02:53
snapcountb/c you just did it with a rewrite rule02:53
snapcountnow, I'm scratching my head02:53
snapcountPHP works if I turn MP2 off02:53
snapcountand vice-versa02:53
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/7w83l02:54
perlDreamerinside WebGUI.pm, there is a subroutine called handler.02:54
snapcountyes... been studying that one02:54
perlDreamerhave it DECLINE the request if it's for PHP02:54
crythiasyou can turn off handler02:54
crythiasfor urls02:54
perlDreamerI think that's all you need to do02:54
snapcountpassthruUrls setting?02:54
snapcountit doesn't seem to work02:55
snapcountwhen that happens, which instance of apache has the request02:55
snapcountproxy or modperl02:55
snapcount80 || 8102:55
crythiasyou're on wre02:55
crythiasthat would be helpful to know02:55
snapcountnow you know =)02:56
crythiasor you stated it, and I'm being ignorant again.02:56
snapcountno... I didn't02:56
snapcountflame away02:56
snapcountI guess that's the question02:56
snapcountb/c I figured that DECLINE was what I needed02:56
snapcountI need to know which apache gets the request02:57
snapcountwhen MP2 returns a DECLINE02:57
snapcountit's acting like it's going to mod_proxy02:57
perlDreamerI think02:57
snapcountthat would make sense02:57
snapcountbut it's not behaving that way02:57
snapcountI need a simple test to see if DECLINE is working02:57
snapcountw/o PHP02:57
snapcountnarrow the scope of the issue a little02:58
snapcountI should be able to serve static content02:58
snapcountif I use a passthruUrl right?02:58
snapcountlike a .gif02:58
crythiasthink so02:58
snapcountok... where will apache look for the static content02:58
snapcountin the document root?02:58
snapcountof mod_perl apache02:58
snapcountb/c I tried this and I got file not found errors in the apache logs02:59
snapcountwith no path02:59
snapcountset the log level to debug02:59
* snapcount is having numerous issues today02:59
snapcountmaybe I'm mal-nourished02:59
crythiaswell, wait.02:59
crythiasdon't forget that apache could do that for several reasons, including ALLOW, DENY issues on the folder03:00
snapcountI didn't check that03:00
* snapcount slaps self with a large trout03:00
snapcountwhat was that url you posted crythias?03:01
crythiaspart of http://search.cpan.org/dist/mod_perl/docs/user/handlers/intro.pod03:01
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/ag79t03:01
snapcountoh ok03:01
snapcountthank you03:01
crythiasyou're welcome :)03:01
snapcountI'll check the perms and see if I can get a .gif to display03:01
snapcountthat should be a good step to getting this working03:02
snapcountI'm so close I'm going insane03:02
snapcountdamn support requests =)03:02
crythiasyeah, well... I'm concerned about jay.phillz's filepile upload problem.03:02
snapcountstay tuned for jubilation or cursing pending the outcoume03:02
crythiasI can't figure out why it's not working + not errors03:03
snapcountthat's all I wanted to work on today03:03
snapcountand haven't touched a single one yet03:03
snapcountis this in the public forums?03:03
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/8vrra03:03
crythiasbut *I* know filepile works.03:04
snapcountis there a bug report for it? or are we not sure there's a bug yet03:04
crythiasnot sure there's a bug to report.03:04
crythiasmaybe it got zapped with a heart paddle.03:04
snapcountwhen I'm finished w/ support I'll be in bug search -n- destroy mode03:05
snapcountif you're around later we can talk about it03:05
snapcounttry to figure it out03:05
snapcountI want to get 6.8 stable03:05
crythiasexcept (sorry) I'll also be watching 2403:05
crythiasin an hour.03:05
perlDreamerI'd like you to get 6.8 stable, too03:05
snapcounthey... priorities03:05
snapcountperlDreamer: =)03:05
snapcountok... thx for the pointers03:06
crythiasmeanwhile, I'll try to get flash running on my fresh FreeBSD 6.0 install03:06
crythiason my laptop03:06
snapcountbe back in a bit03:06
crythiasfreaky thing.03:07
perlDreamerit is 6.703:07
crythiasI just realized that I have gobs of space on my laptop hd. I can now run WG on it. *gasp*03:07
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has quit [""bye guys""]03:15
crythiasFUM DUCK03:18
snapcountModule Bug? Request filename is missing for URI03:19
* crythias is starting a new svn on the laptop...03:20
snapcountwhat kind of error message is that!03:20
snapcountit tells me nothing03:20
* snapcount convulses03:20
crythiastinymce is taking03:20
crythiastoo long03:20
snapcount# An array of URLs that WebGUI should leave alone for normal03:22
snapcount# processing by Apache. Anything that begins with these URLs03:22
snapcount# will be entirely ignored by WebGUI03:22
snapcount# passthruUrls => /icons, /documentation/pdf, /my-custom-application, /server-status, /perl-status03:22
snapcountis that right?03:23
snapcountshouldn't that be03:23
snapcountpassthruUrls = something => list, list, list03:23
pbmdawgRoy: what's your apache vhost look like03:23
snapcounta text file =)03:23
snapcountone sec03:23
crythias<location> directives03:24
snapcountI shouldn't have to use those though03:25
snapcount<VirtualHost *:81>03:25
snapcount        ServerName
snapcount        ServerName www.dev.com03:25
snapcount        DocumentRoot /data/domains/dev.com/www/public03:25
snapcount        SetHandler perl-script03:25
snapcount        PerlInitHandler WebGUI03:25
snapcount        PerlSetVar WebguiConfig www.dev.com.conf03:25
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/ab23d03:25
snapcountI saw that03:25
snapcountit's only for indexes though03:25
snapcountlike index.php03:25
snapcountthanks though03:25
snapcountwhat about that config file entry03:26
snapcountis it correct?03:26
snapcountpassthruUrls => url, url03:26
snapcountthat doesn't seem right03:26
crythiasmaybe no >03:26
crythiasgimme a sec03:26
crythiaswell, I'm in .svn in Operations03:27
pbmdawginstead of PerlInitHandler, maybe try enclosing the equivalent APR api calls in <Perl>03:27
snapcountyou lost me matt03:27
snapcountI'm a MP2 retard at this point03:27
pbmdawgI'm a MP3 eater.03:28
snapcountmatt: do you know if that config file entry is correct?03:28
pbmdawgyeah it's correct03:28
* crythias shuns mp403:28
snapcountbig arrow03:28
snapcountinstead of =03:28
snapcountis right?03:28
crythiasfinally got svn03:30
snapcountwoo hoo03:30
pbmdawgshould be =03:30
snapcountpassthruUrls = url, url, url03:30
pbmdawgpassThruUrls = something, other03:30
snapcountok... I'll try that03:31
snapcountdamn example03:31
pbmdawgif our profiler/tracer/debugger stored/outputted subroutine parameters, we could debug these things way more easily.03:32
crythiasWhat's the theory of JSON?03:33
crythiasand why can't the params be stored in a MySQL Table?03:33
snapcountit works on Halloween and kills teenage girls03:33
pbmdawgroy: ha03:33
pbmdawgcrythias: JT, Roy, and I had a 2 hour in-person convo about that03:33
snapcountthat was fun03:34
crythiaswell, I'm getting queried off list, as if I can make a difference or know.03:34
crythiasstill, JSON seems to be silly.03:34
pbmdawgit's a lot more faster and reliable than PlainConfig03:35
snapcountthe explanation I got03:35
pbmdawgand likely faster than mysql.03:35
snapcountis that it handles complex data structs better than PlainConfig03:35
pbmdawgdoesn't matter though; it's only parsed once.03:35
snapcountlike arrays, and hashes03:35
crythiasbut ... what's the point and why would you *keep* handling ... yes03:35
snapcountthe theory is that the WRE Control Panel will be editing the config file03:36
crythiasit's only parsed once. it doesn't matter where the config params are stored. MySQL just makes it easier to manipulate.03:36
snapcountnot people03:36
crythiasand that changes how?03:37
snapcountwhat are you referring to03:38
snapcountwhat changes how?03:38
chansenIf it should not be editable by ppl, why not store a binary file instead?03:38
crythiaswhat difference does JSON make to the whole bit...03:38
chansenconfig files are for human and should be as simple as possible03:38
crythiasdigg ++ chansen03:38
snapcountI don't know that the goal is to make it such that it can't be editable by people03:38
snapcountlike I said03:39
snapcountJT told me he switched to JSON b/c it handles arrays,hashes better than PlainConfig03:39
snapcountnot as error prone03:39
chansenI don't see the point, why not store perl data structures instead if you need that complex configs?03:40
chansenand it's _alot_ faster03:40
snapcountdidn't you just argue that they should be editable by people?03:40
crythiasat least then you don't have to parse.03:40
snapcountand simple?03:41
crythiasnot quite.03:41
chansensnapcount: I do, but i fail to see the reason for JSON in either case03:41
crythiasit's overhead.03:41
snapcountoverhead when?03:41
snapcountwhen apache starts03:41
snapcountit's only read once03:41
chansenis JS data structures easier to grok than perl structures?03:42
crythiasit's not hard to learn.03:42
crythiasand *gasp* it's not as if it's hard to make the examples work.03:42
snapcountyou can make that argument for either format03:43
chansenJSON eq JS data structure03:43
snapcountit's a matter of preferene03:43
crythiasbut wg is perl.03:43
crythiaswg isn't JS03:44
snapcountI don't know why JT chose one over the other03:45
snapcountI think his thinking is that it won't matter which one it is in the end03:45
snapcountb/c he wants a control panel for editing the configs03:45
crythiasthen put it in MySQL so we can have a real mgmt interface :)03:45
snapcountit could change 1000x's from now to then03:45
snapcountThat may be a possibility03:46
snapcountI'm sure he considered it03:46
snapcountand decided not to use it for one reason or another03:46
snapcountyou'll have to ask him03:46
crythiasit's not as if speed is a critical factor in all this.03:46
chansenIt's definitively not a better idea to edit a config file on fs in a multiprocess/clustered environment03:47
chansenMySQL ensures consistency thanks to ACID03:48
crythiasIt's been suggested to me that all that's needed in the config is the login for the db.03:48
pbmdawgchansen: how did you come to know so much03:49
snapcountyou guys both have good points03:49
snapcountyou should post your arguments to the dev list03:49
snapcountkind of pointless to rant about it here03:50
chansenpbmdawg: been in the business for a while :)03:50
crythiasgood. so we can have  "No"03:50
crythiasas a response03:50
pbmdawgchansen: so, what are you, like 40?03:51
snapcountso what are you suggesting?03:51
chansenpbmdawg: 3003:51
chansenpbmdawg: started when I was 1003:51
snapcountJT is open to ideas03:51
snapcounthe says no alot03:51
snapcountbecause he has already thought through a lot of the suggestions made03:51
snapcountand found problems with them03:52
snapcountbut it's not as if he won't listen to a logical argument and consider things03:52
snapcounthe wants WG to be the best03:52
snapcounthe has no reason to shoot down valid ideas that are better03:52
crythiasyeah. I know.03:52
crythiasor I should know by now.03:53
snapcountI just don't want you to be discouraged from presenting ideas b/c he's said no before03:53
crythiasbtw ... installing my mod_perl2 via port03:53
snapcountjust think it through and present it in a sane way and make a clear case03:53
snapcountis port like apt-get or yum?03:55
chansenyes, but only source and usually more stable in my experience03:56
chansenDarwinPorts++ # for image support03:57
snapcountso there is no binary package mgmt in bsd03:57
snapcounteverything is compiled locally03:57
crythiasoh, yeah, you can get binaries03:57
snapcountI suppose I'll learn more about bsd when I get my mac03:58
crythiasit's just that sometimes it's better to compile versus what you have instead of what the binaries were compiled for03:58
snapcountif they ever ship =)03:58
snapcountthe passthruUrls setting is in the session03:59
snapcountthat's a plus03:59
snapcountmaybe we're making progress03:59
snapcountokay... something is not right here04:00
snapcountif I set a passthruUrl of /donkey04:00
pbmdawgI think you don't specify the initial /04:00
snapcountand goto http://mysite.com/donkey/file_doesn't exist.htm04:00
snapcountI shouldn't get the wg not found page04:00
snapcountI'll try that04:01
snapcountI'm going of the example in the WebGUI.conf.original04:01
snapcountbut it was wrong once already04:01
snapcountso hey04:01
snapcountwhat the hell04:01
crythiaswhy shouldn't you get the not found.04:01
snapcountb/c anything beginning with that url04:01
snapcountis ignored04:01
snapcountit's not handled by webgui at all04:01
crythias404 is in httpd.conf04:02
snapcountno, I was talking about the wg default page04:03
snapcountnot a 40404:03
crythias(20:59:50) snapcount: I shouldn't get the wg not found page04:03
snapcountthe wg not found page04:03
crythiaspb.com wg or ...?04:03
snapcountthat's what it is by default04:04
snapcounton a webgui site04:04
snapcountthis is such a horrible way to communicate04:04
pbmdawgthat's the truth.04:04
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has left #webgui []04:04
snapcountwe need a videconferencing solution04:04
snapcountbut then we couldn't work in our underware04:05
chansenforce everybody to use a mac, ichat and isight ;)04:06
snapcountthat doesn't solve the working in our underware problem =)04:07
chansenwell, you could point the camera at the tv ;)04:09
snapcountyeah... that is one solution04:09
chansenor just do audio, what i do when my mother calls me at inappropriate times04:10
snapcountthat's kinda freaky04:10
snapcountson of a bitch04:27
snapcounteither I'm using this config file incorrectly04:27
snapcountor this thing is broken04:27
snapcountme thinks the latter04:27
snapcounta little debug code reveals the only url being checked in that foreach04:28
snapcountis extras04:28
snapcountnone of my urls for skipping are being listed04:28
snapcountya know04:47
snapcountdamn how irritating is that04:47
snapcountit's a bug04:47
snapcountand it's related to PlainConfig04:47
snapcounthow ironic04:47
snapcountif you pass a single pass thru url, it's not read as an array04:48
snapcountso, we have to account for the value being a scalar, or an array to accomodate04:48
snapcounthours of my life wasted04:48
crythiasoh my word04:48
* snapcount beats head into wall04:48
snapcountlions, tigers, bears, oh my word!04:49
snapcountsomething like that04:49
crythiasso sorry04:49
snapcountgood one04:49
crythiasthat is... passthru dummy04:49
snapcountyou're losing me04:50
* snapcount drifts further and further away04:50
crythiasmake a dummy url as an option04:50
snapcountyeah but that sucks04:50
crythiasyeah you're right.04:50
snapcountthen that url can never be used04:50
snapcountand god knows04:50
snapcountsomeone will want to use the one I pick04:50
crythiasso make it $$04:50
snapcountI tried to make a page called a;lkjf;akjf;kaj;n;akkje;kjre and it doesn't work04:51
snapcountI think it's a bug04:51
snapcountI love those04:52
crythiasthis is direct flip04:52
snapcountI can finally answer this poor soles support request04:52
crythiascan't use >04:53
snapcounta word jumble04:53
crythias*THAT* is my upside down backwards font04:54
snapcountahh i c04:54
snapcountyou have a font that does that?04:54
snapcountare you *serious*04:54
crythiasI just use arial04:54
snapcountthat would be so bad ass04:54
snapcountwhat was I thinking04:54
crythias24 was eh until the last 5 minutes05:00
snapcountI'm waiting for the DVD set to come out for this season05:05
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has left #webgui []06:31
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has quit ["later dudes!"]06:47
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui15:04
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has joined #webgui15:09
lenthamenMartin ?15:14
lenthamenHave you been to the FOSDEM meeting before ?15:18
MrHairgreaseonly once15:18
MrHairgreaseI think in 200315:18
lenthamenok. Is it worth it ?15:18
MrHairgreaseIt was ok to see Koen advertsing WebGUI to RMS15:18
MrHairgreaseespecially the response of mr stallman was fun15:19
MrHairgreasebut it didn't change my life15:19
MrHairgreaseessentially it's a bunch of nerds in a bit of a smudgy university with really disgusting toilets15:19
MrHairgreaseI went to some lectures15:20
MrHairgreaseand they were ok15:20
MrHairgreasebut not of real interrest to me15:20
lenthamenok.... The entrance is for free15:20
lenthamenmaybe that's why15:20
MrHairgreasetoo shallow15:20
MrHairgreaseyeah probably15:20
MrHairgreasefor instance15:20
MrHairgreasethere was a talk about firebird15:20
lenthamenThere's also the SANE conference in Delft.15:21
MrHairgreasewhats that15:21
MrHairgreasethe acronym ring a bell15:21
lenthamenthat must be pretty good, but the entrance is really expensive.15:21
lenthamenThere's a perl workshop15:21
@WRE<lenthamen> http://tinyurl.com/8alfh15:22
MrHairgreasethe fee is not for free15:23
MrHairgreasebut also not absurd compared to other conferences15:23
MrHairgreaseI can go for only 130 euro's15:24
MrHairgreasejust for being a student15:24
lenthamenyeah. For me cost 450 euro15:25
lenthamenthat's quite a lot.15:25
MrHairgreaseand an additional 95 for the perl workshop15:25
MrHairgreaseI know I won't go15:25
MrHairgreasebetter spend my money on booze, chicks and rock'n'roll15:26
MrHairgreaseok chick not chicks15:26
MrHairgreaseshe won't aloow extra women on my side15:26
MrHairgreasetoo bad for me I guess =)15:26
lenthamenthat's old fashioned....15:26
MrHairgreaseyou know Dutch women.15:27
MrHairgreasebtw. Marc is also comming to the wossa borrel15:27
lenthamenDid you see the WebGUI::PerformanceProfiler ?15:27
lenthamenwho's marc ?15:27
MrHairgreaseMarc is our new test guy15:28
MrHairgreaseyou probably saw him at the euro wuc15:28
lenthamenmight be.15:28
MrHairgreaseI have seen a bit of the profiler15:28
MrHairgreaseyou rock man15:28
MrHairgreaseinjecting code in subs15:28
lenthamenHow cool that is :)15:29
MrHairgreaseI never thought I would ever play with software using typeglobs15:29
MrHairgreasedid you read perlguts btw?15:29
lenthamenThere's a chapter on type globs in latest "Programming Perl"15:29
MrHairgreaseedition 3?15:30
MrHairgreasemy copy is @ procolix so I cannot look it up right now15:30
MrHairgreasebut I'll belive you15:30
MrHairgreaseseen this15:31
@WRE<MrHairgrease> http://tinyurl.com/dnd9d15:31
lenthamenSorry, it is in Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd edition (2005)15:31
lenthamenI know the wrong reporting of VM usage on Linux.15:32
MrHairgreasehaven't got that one15:32
lenthamenCan mail it to you if you like.15:32
MrHairgreaseyeah sure15:33
MrHairgreasewhy not15:33
lenthamenhold on.15:33
* MrHairgrease is holding on15:33
* MrHairgrease almost looses grip15:33
MrHairgreasewhat kind of format is that?15:34
lenthamenI'm really waiting for a good book on mod_perl2.15:34
lenthamenwindows help format.15:35
MrHairgreasei run linux15:35
lenthamenNot sure if you can open it on linux.15:35
MrHairgreaseno worries15:35
MrHairgreaseI'll live15:35
lenthamenCheck this: http://xchm.sourceforge.net/15:36
MrHairgreaseyeah, i was also googling15:37
MrHairgreaseI'm checking my package manager first15:37
MrHairgreasemore easier so to say15:37
lenthamenDo you need "Perl Best Practises" as well ?15:57
MrHairgreaseWe have that @ procolix already, but a digital copy won't hurt15:57
MrHairgreasezap it over15:57
lenthamenits on its way.15:59
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui16:11
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]16:30
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has left #webgui []16:43
snapcountGood Morning Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!17:01
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui17:18
snapcountoompa loompa doopety doo17:57
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE17:57
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]18:18
pbmdawgbibbity bobbity boo18:27
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has joined #webgui19:17
perlDreamerhow goes the debug, snapcount?19:17
pbmdawgsnapcount is counting snaps in class19:23
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui20:46
crythiaswhat's new?21:10
perlDreameras far as I can tell, not a whole lot21:10
perlDreamereveryone must be busy hacking21:10
* crythias passes ricolla around.21:11
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #WebGUI21:52
crythiasyou know what I'd love to see in FireFox? A side by side tab.22:55
perlDreamerso we can each see how much we spent?22:56
crythiassometimes I'm bouncing between two sites using one to provide info to the other.22:56
crythiastabs stink for that, frankly.22:56
perlDreamerI use the bindkeys to jump between tabs22:56
crythiasyeah, I suppose I could open in new window..22:56
crythiasbut I want to see both in the same window, side by side.22:57
perlDreamerthat would be a nice feature22:57
perlDreamerisn't there some extension that does that?22:57
crythiaswish there was. it's not intuitively named if there is.22:57
crythiasbut I'm thinking that I might supplant it by simply providing myself a frame split page that will take (at least) one side via http_referal22:58
crythiastake a button...23:00
crythiaslike del.icio.us post23:00
crythiaswhich, on the surface, is a sql injection waiting to happen.23:01
crythiasI know... I can get sbsoogle.com23:13
pbmdawg"read the gotcha"23:56
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]23:56
pbmdawgwe should rename WebGUI to "read the gotcha"23:57
perlDreamerit would help23:57
perlDreamerit would help more if it displayed those pages the first time every admin logged in after an upgrade :)23:57
--- Day changed Wed Feb 08 2006
perlDreameror, we could have a little javascript pop-up:00:08
perlDreamerHave you read the gotchas.txt file yet?  We broke a bunch of things in the release that you need to fix.00:08
perlDreamerIt would be internationalized, of course00:08
* snapcount laughs like pee-wee herman00:14
* pbmdawg smacks Roy like pee-wee herman00:14
perlDreamerhe does have a point00:15
@snapcountwho he be00:15
perlDreamerthe only thing worse than creating reams of documentation is trying to force people to read it00:15
perlDreamerhe be de dawg-Man00:16
@snapcountoh snap00:16
@snapcountor something00:16
perlDreamerhow goes the debug?00:16
@snapcountlike the AIrplane movie00:16
@snapcountexcuse me sir00:16
@snapcountI speak Jive00:16
@snapcountmaybe I can help00:16
@snapcountgreat stuff...00:17
@snapcountlike bug fixing core00:17
perlDreamerYou signed up to fix virtually bug in SF00:17
perlDreameryeah, core fixin's00:17
@snapcountyeah... apparently I also signed up to answer every support request that PB receives00:17
pbmdawgdarn right00:17
@snapcountso I haven't even started00:18
@snapcountI'm pretty much JT's bitch now00:18
pbmdawgTina!  eat your food!00:22
@snapcountNo Napolean... I'm training to be a cage fighter.00:22
@snapcountman... I could sure go for some Papa Johns right now00:31
pbmdawgdon't tempt me00:33
perlDreameris it really that good?00:52
pbmdawgunbelievably good.00:52
@snapcountduh colin, duh00:53
perlDreamerbetter than Pizza Hut00:53
@snapcountby *far*00:53
@snapcountmmm and desert pizza00:53
perlDreamerbetter than Round Table?00:53
@snapcountI don't know what round table is00:53
@snapcountbut probably a safe bet that papa johns is superior00:54
@snapcountpapa johns is like the borg00:54
@snapcountit conquers all00:56
perlDreamerYour stomach and wallet will adapt to service us.  We are the Papa Johns.01:15
@snapcountI like that01:15
perlDreameryou can quote me01:15
perlDreamerI'm a royalty free kind of guy01:15
@snapcountcopy left01:15
@snapcountcreative commons type eh01:15
perlDreamerpretty much01:16
@snapcountor are you a01:16
@snapcountno rights reserved one01:16
perlDreamerGPL vs BSD?01:16
@snapcountI don't know the diff between the two honestly01:16
@snapcountI'm just being silly01:16
perlDreameryou summed them up really well01:16
perlDreamercopyleft is use of copyright to promote free use01:16
perlDreamerthat's GPL to a T01:17
@snapcountok... makes sense01:17
perlDreamerBSD says, "Here, it's yours"01:17
perlDreamer"but don't remove the label"01:17
* snapcount knowledge++01:17
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:27
@snapcountholy crap01:30
@snapcountsupport is caught up01:30
@snapcountthat gives me 1.5 hours for bug fixen!01:30
@snapcountyee haw!!01:30
@snapcountI don't know where to begin01:31
@snapcountthere are so many01:31
perlDreamerdataform bugs01:31
@snapcountoh... two dataform bugs01:31
@snapcountI was speaking to the bugs in general01:31
perlDreamerthere are a lot01:31
@snapcountthat's a big one though01:31
@snapcountI think I'll wait till later tonight or tommorow to start that one01:32
@snapcountwhen I don't have other commitments that will interrupt the process01:32
@snapcountI'm gonna try to pick off some easy ones01:32
perlDreamerThe Date > 2040 should be an easy one :)01:35
perlDreamerand the passThru one is real easy, 11 character fix01:36
perlDreamerand it won't happen in 6.901:36
@snapcountyeah b/c of JSON01:36
@snapcountbut don't say that too loud01:36
@snapcountor Colin will start flaming you =)01:37
perlDreamerhas he got something against JSON?01:37
@snapcountoh god01:37
@snapcountplease don't go there...01:37
@snapcountyou can ask him if you dare01:37
@snapcounterr Gerald01:37
@snapcountI'm an idiot01:37
@snapcountdon't you love it when someone is addressing you about yourself in the third person01:38
crythiasJSON is lame.01:38
@snapcountI love this room... you guys make me laugh my ass off01:39
perlDreamerhey, more room for Papa Johns!01:39
* crythias has his order on perpetual refresh.01:39
crythiasJSON wields a big  machete.01:40
perlDreamerIt must be dull because you said JSON is lame.01:41
crythiassnicker snack, snicker snack and through and through.01:41
crythiasvorpal blade01:42
perlDreamersnapcount, would you mind if I work on the profileField = 0 bug?01:45
* crythias shakes it like a polaroid picture. I'... I'm just bein' honest.01:47
@snapcountgo for it01:50
@snapcountassign as many as you'd like to yourself01:50
@snapcountplease, I'm begging you01:50
@snapcountI'll buy you a beer at the WUC01:51
@snapcount(cheap beer)01:51
perlDreamerI owe you a beer anyway01:51
crythiaswhen's next?01:51
perlDreamerfor a late night server fix01:51
@snapcountoh yeah01:51
@snapcountcrythias: later this year =)01:52
perlDreamerSeptember, isn't it?01:52
@snapcountI could tell you01:52
@snapcountbut I'd have to kill you01:52
perlDreamerHow much time have you been spending with JT?01:52
crythiasoh, that's ok. It's not like anyone would want to see me anyway.01:52
@snapcountI'd like to meet you01:53
perlDreamerif you're not there, we're coming to get you01:53
@snapcountas far as seeing you again01:53
crythiasI'm being facetious.01:53
@snapcountwell, we'll see =)01:53
perlDreamerthat little hurricane thing that you went through...01:53
perlDreamerit's nothing like us when we're bent out of shape01:53
perlDreamerwe'll rewrite your operating system01:54
crythiasNo, I'm definitely going to go to the next WUC, even if it means *gulp* I'll buy my own ticket.01:54
perlDreamersince Papa John's uses WebGUI, we'll put code like:01:54
perlDreamerIf ($username eq 'crythia') {01:54
crythiaswell, I don't want to be held to that.01:54
crythiasIf I have to pay, I'm probably not going to be at my current job.01:55
@snapcountI wish Papa Johns used WG01:55
perlDreamerpush @order, 'double tuna with jalapenos and peanut butter';01:55
@snapcountthat would make them even more superior01:55
crythiasahhh yeah...01:55
crythiasI'm still thinkin' that I want to make that side by side thing.01:56
perlDreamerI found it01:57
perlDreamer(defined $u && $u->profileField($properties->{name})01:57
perlDreameranytime we store data that is false, it will fall through to the bottom01:57
perlDreamerpast the user profile field check01:57
perlDreamerpast the session check (with the same bug)01:57
perlDreamerre lines 145-153 in ProfileField.pm, anyone see a problem with adding defined before all value checks?01:59
crythiasis necessary?02:01
perlDreamerif you store the value 0, then the check fails even that the data is valid02:01
perlDreamerI'm pretty sure it's necessary02:01
crythiaswill break stuff?02:01
perlDreamerthat's what I'm askin'.02:01
crythiaswill it take longer to parse?02:02
perlDreamerprobably. instead of just checking the veracity of the value, it has to check for definedness and then check the veracity of the return value of defined02:02
crythiaswill anyone notice the difference in speed? Is there any other way to do it? will it still parse proper?02:03
perlDreamerit will still parse, and I doubt the speed difference is humanly perceptible02:03
crythiasjust do it, as long as it'll provide the negative parse proper.02:05
perlDreamerI'll say that you said it was okay in the commit log :)02:05
crythiaswho the heck am I, anyway? :) it's gotta be fixed, right? :)02:06
perlDreamerYou're WebGUI's best answer man.02:09
perlDreamerDoctor of Discussion Boards02:09
perlDreamerFriar of FAQ02:09
perlDreamersnapcount: need someone to make an executive decision on a new bug02:16
perlDreamerDataForm security bug on SF is complaining that default group to view dataform entries is Everyone.02:52
@snapcountmy decision is to authorize the release of nuclear weapons02:52
@snapcountyeah... it was the same way before that feature existed02:52
@snapcountthat's why it was added so the security could be set02:52
perlDreamerI'll let you close it with an appropriate business like answer then :)02:52
@snapcountjust say, "we have authorized the release of nuclear weapons"02:53
@snapcountI'll close that one02:53
@snapcountany other decisions, I'd like to blow some more stuff up if possible02:54
perlDreamerI had another question but I forgot it.02:54
perlDreamermust not have been too important02:55
@snapcountwell, you see Colin... there are the birds and there are the bees02:55
@snapcountI'm hyper on chocolate chip cookies and mountain dew with a splash of chicken and dumplings02:56
@snapcountforgive my insolence02:56
perlDreamernothing insolent about sex02:56
@snapcountsex? what are you talking about02:56
@snapcountI was talking about birds and bees02:56
@snapcountyou know... mammals and insects02:57
perlDreamerhave some more Mountain Dew02:57
@snapcountI'm cut off02:57
@snapcountgotta go see my better half for a while02:57
perlDreameryou married?02:57
@snapcounttoo young for that =)02:57
crythiashe's got to go to the bathroom02:57
perlDreamerlisten, here, sonny02:57
@snapcountsorry, no disrespect02:58
@snapcountcrythias: when I go there I'm usually seeing a man about a horse02:58
@snapcountor as I like to say02:58
perlDreamershaking the dew off your lily02:58
@snapcountdropping the kids off at the pool =)02:58
perlDreamercopping a squat02:58
perlDreamerdoin' the potty dance02:58
crythiasmaking a deposit at the porcelain bank02:58
perlDreamer(similar to the Neutron Dance)02:59
perlDreamerand that's with no Mountain Dew02:59
@snapcountalright... I will talk to you guys later02:59
@snapcountpeace out homies!02:59
crythiasdoin the hershey squirts02:59
-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has quit []02:59
perlDreamerI think you squirted him out of the room!02:59
perlDreamerand then perlDreamer brings the SVN server down to its knees03:01
crythiasph, no.03:02
perlDreamerit doesn't like it when I do merges03:02
crythiascpan installs take for ever03:03
crythiaswell, one after another...03:03
perlDreamergood night, all03:07
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has quit [""no gaim ads""]03:07
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has quit ["bbl"]03:20
-!- snapcount [n=roy@adsl-152-18-213.dab.bellsouth.net] has joined #webgui03:56
snapcountI'm not really here03:57
snapcountcrythias: what was that site with the free website templates again?03:57
snapcountyou rock03:57
crythiasi try03:58
crythiassnapcount: I've been also trying to assist nbcccorp04:13
snapcountthat one's brewing in my mind04:26
crythiasthink it's a preload.perl thing.04:26
crythiasI'm chatting with him... SDIJason04:26
snapcounthe's using the WRE though04:27
snapcountthose issues shouldn't exist04:27
snapcountthe wre works04:27
crythiasand I told him to upgrade to 6.8.0 before 6.8.404:27
crythiasor 68504:27
snapcountI'm going to dup his environment and try the upgrade myself04:28
snapcountI don't know how else to troubleshoot it04:29
crythiaswhere would modperl...04:29
crythias[Tue Feb 07 17:59:16 2006] [error] [client] failed to resolve handler `ModPerl::Registry::handler': Can't locate ModPerl/Registry/handler.pm04:31
crythiaswhere is this asked?04:31
snapcountthis perl module should be included in the latest version of the wre04:35
snapcountIt's probably called by WebGUI.pm04:35
-!- snapcount [n=roy@adsl-152-18-213.dab.bellsouth.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]05:48
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]06:19
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has joined #webgui06:39
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has quit [Client Quit]06:39
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has joined #webgui15:08
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has left #webgui []15:13
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-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui17:04
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has joined #webgui18:24
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has left #webgui []18:27
pbmdawglots of activity in the webgui world today...18:51
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #WebGUI19:09
-!- nbcccorp [i=fwuser@rrcs-24-172-2-202.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #webgui19:20
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has joined #webgui19:44
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crythiasThe duck, it does quack.21:54
crythiasEchoes, they cacaphonize.21:54
crythiasI need new eardrums.21:54
pbmdawgNext Generation22:01
crythiasMatthew! Long time no talk.22:02
* crythias is having fun with XWindows on Cygwin from home via putty22:03
crythiaslots of posts22:10
-!- nbcccorp [i=fwuser@rrcs-24-172-2-202.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #webgui22:20
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-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has joined #webgui22:45
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE22:45
@snapcountit's mr. hankey22:48
crythiasxtopher asks a lot22:48
@snapcountno kidding22:48
@snapcounti just saw that... thought I was done22:48
@snapcountlike a freakin' support avalanche22:48
crythias"Not unless you edit ___.pm22:49
crythiasuse iDontWorkForPlainBlackDisclaimer;22:52
@snapcountthat would not be in my best interest22:52
@snapcountsaying something like that may make it a reality22:53
crythiasno. *I* said that.22:53
@snapcountoh I get it22:53
@snapcountmy brain is fried22:53
perlDreamerneed more Mountain Dew22:53
@snapcountall I've done today is micro-economics, managerial accounting, and a lot of support requests22:54
perlDreamerI fixed another bug for you22:54
@snapcountI got that nbcccccc guy going22:54
crythiasI helped him as well.22:54
@snapcountaparently you have to upgrade 6.7.5 -> 6.7.8 -> 6.8.0 -> 6.8.522:55
perlDreamerwait a minute22:55
@snapcountperlDreamer: thanks22:55
perlDreamerto get from 6.7.5 you have to run 4 upgrades?22:55
@snapcountthis guy did22:55
@snapcountmaybe that's just a coincidence22:55
@snapcountbut doing that sequence worked22:56
@snapcounthis WebGUI installation was searching for webgui/lib in /lib (like the root of his filesystem)22:56
crythiasthee upgrades.22:56
@snapcountwhat's the opposite of a fence-post error called22:57
@snapcountfence error?22:57
@snapcountoff by one22:57
perlDreamertwo bugs drinking beer on the wal23:04
perlDreamertwo bugs drinking beer23:04
perlDreameroh well23:04
@snapcountgood thing someone is getting to work on bugs23:04
@snapcountI want to but it seems impossible23:04
@snapcountit helps a lot23:04
@snapcountI can't thank you enough23:05
perlDreamerdon't thank me too much, I only have time to work on the easy bugs that you and Matt use to take a breather :)23:05
@snapcountthat's fine23:05
perlDreamershortcut an existing asset, clipboard23:39
perlDreameradd an shortcut asset, select by criteria23:39
crythiasAsset to Mirror would be Asset URL to mirror23:39
pbmdawglike, working during class :)00:14
@snapcountI put in about 55 - 60 hours a week00:15
@snapcountfar from JT status00:15
@snapcountbut that should count as full time00:15
@snapcountprolly more like 50 - 5500:15
pbmdawgsame for me, thereabouts.00:16
@snapcountthat's average I would guess00:16
@snapcountprobably for Frank too00:16
@snapcountI don't know about vrby and steve00:16
@snapcountI don't know what kind of hours they put in but i'm sure it's up there00:16
pbmdawgfrank's like 65-7000:17
pbmdawgor higher00:17
pbmdawg(my guess)00:17
@snapcountthere's no way I could do that with my course load00:18
@snapcountconverting it to 6.900:33
@snapcountthat's what I meant00:33
pbmdawgsay what you mean!!!!00:33
pbmdawgI just static-shocked my notebook.00:33
@snapcountthis is like the caveman version of EMS00:33
@snapcountthe predecessor00:35 <@snapcount> perlDreamer: it's a client app I wrote00:34
@snapcountmatt gets to go clean up after me00:35
@snapcountI feel bad for him00:35
perlDreamernot core stuff00:35
perlDreamerI don't think he's here00:43
@snapcounthe's here00:43
@snapcountjust ignoring us =)00:44
perlDreamerwhat's the max data in allowed in DateTime?00:44
pbmdawgDateTime.pm or WebGUI::DateTime00:45
perlDreamerwhere does the integer overflow?00:45
* snapcount snickers00:45
pbmdawgI think it's 8 bit float.00:45
pbmdawg16 bit float00:46
perlDreamerhow big are the mantissa and exponent fields?00:46
@snapcountfor tax00:48
@snapcountsf just went down00:50
perlDreamerI have 4-5 of the bugs memorized00:51
perlDreamerwhich ones have you already fixed?00:51
@snapcountmatrix tmpl var00:51
perlDreamerboth of them?00:51
@snapcountwhat was the other one00:51
@snapcountand the data form security00:51
perlDreamerDirectoryIndex not working with passThruUrl00:51
@snapcountoh yeah00:52
@snapcountI'll do that one00:52
@snapcountI saw that guys fix00:52
perlDreamerdo you have IE?00:52
@snapcountbut I don't understand why you have to add location blocks for indexs to be picked up00:52
perlDreamerthere were several with IE that I can't work on because I don't have it.00:52
@snapcountI'd have to dust it off00:53
@snapcounthavent' fired IE up in like 6 months00:53
perlDreamerhow about FireFox 1.5?00:53
perlDreamerthere's an Avatar upload problem with FireFox reported by Vitkovsky00:54
perlDreameragainst IE and FireFox00:54
perlDreameri think an earlier bug may have already fixed it00:54
pbmdawga bug fixed another bug?00:55
pbmdawgsmart bugs....00:55
pbmdawgroy: email me the salesmgr code (including runhourly) if you still have it00:55
@snapcountthere is no runHourly for salesmanager00:56
pbmdawgerr I mean macros00:56
pbmdawgsame thing00:56
perlDreamerhas anyone updated the Hourly script for 6.9?00:56
@snapcountI'm not sure01:04
@snapcountmatt: it's sent01:05
@snapcountperlDreamer: any thoughts on the second passthru bug01:07
@snapcountthe regex should be working to catch anything after the url01:07
@snapcountand returns declined01:08
@snapcountfunny thing is01:08
@snapcountthe passthruUrl is working01:08
@snapcountyou get a 40401:08
@snapcountit's just not serving the index page01:09
perlDreamercube talk, be back later01:11
@snapcountadding those location blocks do make it work though01:12
@snapcountso... aparently, a location block with SetHandler None does something that returning DECLINE does not01:12
@snapcountmodperl docs don't define the constants01:15
pbmdawgdog ate my new cell phone01:15
@snapcountlike... it's broken?01:15
pbmdawghe swallowed the antenna tip01:17
@snapcountMatt: I'm looking for the definitions of the Apache Constants01:21
@snapcountlike DECLINE01:21
@snapcountdo you know where I can find that?01:21
@snapcountperl.apache.org has squat01:22
perlDreamerhow about perldoc that?01:22
@snapcountI'm trying to figure out what is different between SetHandler None in a location block and returning DECLINED01:22
@snapcountperldoc Apache2::Constants01:23
@snapcountNo documentation found for "Apache2::Constants".01:23
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:23
crythiasYugioh GX01:23
@snapcountperldoc Apache2::Const01:26
crythiasapropos what?01:37
perlDreamerbe back later01:39
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has quit [""away""]01:39
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has joined #webgui01:51
perlDreamersf is back up01:52
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perlDreamergo snapcount02:36
perlDreameryou bug fixin' monster!02:36
perlDreamerhow the EMS coming?02:40
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:48
-!- mode/#webgui [+o pbmdawg] by WRE02:57
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-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has joined #webgui07:50
perlDreamersnapcount: you busy?07:50
@snapcountyou're funny07:50
@snapcountwhat's up07:50
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has quit ["bbl"]08:11
perlDreamersnapcount, I found another bug08:22
@snapcountooh boy08:22
@snapcountwhat is it08:23
perlDreameryou can make WebGUI upload a file of zero size08:23
@snapcountthat's cool08:23
@snapcountthat should be a feature08:23
perlDreamerand if you name it like an image, you can make the thumbnail creator fatal out08:23
perlDreamerwe need a size check in Storage.pm08:23
@snapcountadd it to the list =)08:24
@snapcountI'm convinced it's growing faster than its shrinking08:24
perlDreamerI think you're right08:24
@snapcountthat's okay though08:24
perlDreamerbut I'll fix this one tomorrow instead of adding to the list08:24
@snapcountjust means we'll get it more stable08:25
perlDreamernot okay if you're the solo bug fixer08:25
@snapcountplease add it to the bug list even if you are going to fix08:25
@snapcountthat way it's documented08:25
@snapcountI'm giving up on this dataform bug for now08:25
@snapcounthopefully someone can tell me how to duplicate it08:26
* snapcount shrugs08:26
@snapcountI've tried everything I can think of and I can't break it08:26
@snapcountoh well, guess i should go to bed now... it's late08:27
@snapcounttalk to you later08:27
perlDreamergood night08:30
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-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has joined #webgui11:27
-!- nbcccorp [i=fwuser@rrcs-24-172-2-202.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #webgui15:18
nbcccorpHey, is there anyone available who knows something about the ^If(); macro and how I might deal with comma's in it's tests?15:19
lenthamenhey nbcccorp15:29
lenthamenwhat are you trying to do ?15:30
nbcccorpHey. I'm using the if macro in wg and when the data has a comma in it the macro fails.15:38
nbcccorpso I am using ^If('<tmpl_var row.field.name.value>' eq 'United States',true,false);15:39
nbcccorpwhen it hits 'Korea, Republic of' it fails15:39
lenthamenOk, I understand.15:40
lenthamenIn the SQL query you could replace the field with a html escaped comma15:40
nbcccorpwhat would that look like?15:41
nbcccorpwait, I see what you mean, in the sql statement replace , with &#44; right?15:44
nbcccorpI will try that. thx.15:44
lenthamenselect replace("foo,bar",",","&#44;");15:45
nbcccorpI think I will need to do a sql if test to see if there is a comma in the data returned15:46
lenthamenYou can just call the replace. It won't change the value if there's no comma in it.15:46
nbcccorpdidn't realize that.15:47
lenthamenSELECT REPLACE(country , "," , "&#44;") AS escaped_country FROM countries;15:48
lenthamenWouldn't it be easier to not use the If macro at all ?15:49
lenthamenI mean, you can let MySQL do that kind of checks too.15:50
nbcccorpI'm using the if macro to display an href if country=united states15:50
nbcccorpin the report template15:50
nbcccorpthat worked perfectly. thank you.15:51
lenthamenok. you're welcome.15:51
nbcccorp^If('<tmpl_var field.value>' eq 'United States',<a href="/boardbooks/countbystate"><tmpl_var field.value></a>,<tmpl_var field.value>);15:52
nbcccorpshould I be able to do that in the sql statement?15:52
nbcccorprather, should I be able to work around that with a sql statement?15:53
lenthamenyes, you can move that check in the sql statement.15:53
lenthamenhold on a sec, I'm doing that somewhere...15:53
lenthamenSELECT IF(1>2,1,0) as showlink15:57
lenthamenTake a look at the mysql Control Flow Functions15:58
nbcccorpok. thx.15:58
lenthamenIn your template you can do this:15:59
lenthamen<tmpl_if row.field.showlink.value>15:59
lenthamen       <!-- show the link -->15:59
nbcccorpgotcha. That's a great way to deal with alot of things I am currently using the If macro for. Thanks.16:00
lenthamenIt's faster and less error prone.16:00
nbcccorpand should simplify templates for me.16:01
lenthamenyeah definitely.16:01
lenthamengood luck with it...16:01
nbcccorpI hope so..16:01
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #WebGUI16:04
nbcccorpanyone out there know if it's possible to do an Include in the webgui site.conf files? End up with one file which contains all the macro,wobject statements for all of my sites.16:43
@snapcountsup peeps17:09
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui17:18
-!- nbcccorp [i=fwuser@rrcs-24-172-2-202.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has left #webgui []18:17
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui18:21
@snapcountWOO HOO18:29
@snapcountI finally know what the hell is going on18:29
@snapcountwith the directory index problem and passthruUrls18:29
@snapcountapparently mod_dir is executed towards the end of the apache request cycle18:30
@snapcountand because we take the cycle over with PerlInitHandler18:30
@snapcountmod_dir never gets called18:30
@snapcountand therefore never does it's magic to process index files18:30
@snapcountso I just have to write a PerlFixupHandler to make mod_dir do it's thing18:31
@snapcountat the appropriate time18:31
@snapcountwell, that's the theory anyway18:31
@snapcountI'm going to try and implement a fix now18:32
@snapcountso we'll see if I prematurally celebrated18:32
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has left #webgui []18:50
crythiashe suffers from cd. celebratory dysfunction. Now, there is hope. A new series of medications is now available for cd.18:57
crythiasWith ProLong, your celebrations can be longer and louder than ever before.18:58
crythiasTechnological innovations allow you to control your celebrations until the right moment. You'll know when it's time, and you'll be ready.18:59
crythiasTom, from Sheboigan says, "I used to have premature celebration. I was at this surprise party, and completely ruined the surprise. Now, with ProLong, I can hold that celebration until it's time."19:00
* snapcount is crying19:00
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has joined #webgui19:03
crythiasMary, another satisfied customer, says, "My husband suffered from severe cd. He just couldn't celebrate. At our son's birthday party, he barely sang 'Happy Birthday'. Our son's next birthday is coming up, and my husband's been taking ProLong. My husband actually wants to dress up as a clown and tie balloons! Thank you, ProLong."19:03
perlDreamersnapcount:  y'all about ready to commit?19:04
perlDreameryou shouldn't be afraid to commit you know19:04
perlDreamerit shows an insecurity in relationships19:04
perlDreamerplus, he who commits last has to merge19:04
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/9nntj19:05
* pbmdawg commits early and often19:05
@snapcountnot me19:05
pbmdawganalogous to releasing early and releasing often.19:05
crythiasvote early. vote often!19:06
@snapcountI will commit when I fix this passthruUrl bug19:06
crythiasRoy: You liked my commercial?19:06
@snapcountI think I'm close19:06
@snapcountyou should start an ad agency19:06
crythiasyaknow, disconnected usb mice don't work.19:08
crythiasjust sayin'.19:08
@snapcountyou need wireless usb19:08
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: because Bill Gates is a Jehovah's witness and so nothing can work on St. Swithin's day.19:09
crythiasSuicides surged by 35 percent in 1998 as Japan's economy was mired in stagnation and have exceeded 30,000 every year since then.19:10
crythiasThe heck?19:10
@snapcountit works19:14
* snapcount does a dance19:14
@snapcountthat's the good news19:14
perlDreamerwhat's the bad news?19:17
@snapcountmore support to do now =)19:17
@snapcountfixing this bug was my taking a break19:17
@snapcountit was much needed19:17
@snapcounthad to bury my head in code for a bit19:17
@snapcountget my bearings19:17
perlDreamercould you mark which bugs you've fixed so that I don't duplicate what you've done19:17
@snapcountI've been closing the trackers19:18
@snapcountand I'm about to commit19:18
@snapcountok I committed19:39
perlDreamerI did too19:39
perlDreamerI'm looking at the new IP filter bug19:39
perlDreamerany ideas?19:39
@snapcountfirst thought is are they behind a proxy (like WRE)19:40
@snapcountand is the IP being passed through19:40
perlDreamerI'll test the basic feature, and then if it passes I'll ask them for more info19:41
@snapcountbut I'm pretty sure that WebGUI.pm takes care of that19:41
@snapcount### check to see if client is proxied and adjust remote_addr as necessary19:41
@snapcount        if ($ENV{HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR} ne "") {19:41
@snapcount                $session{env}{REMOTE_ADDR} = $ENV{HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR};19:41
@snapcount        }19:41
@snapcountso it's probably something else19:41
perlDreamerI have an idea19:42
perlDreamerlet's stop putting so many bugs INTO WebGUI so that we can spend less time debugging WG and more time doing fun stuff19:42
perlDreamerlike our top secret Papa John's work19:42
@snapcountnow you're thinking19:43
@snapcountok... back to support for me19:43
@snapcountI'll check in from time to time19:43
@snapcounthopefully I'll be back to bug squashing soon19:43
@snapcountok... my changes are merged into head as well20:00
perlDreameradding new users is broken20:01
@snapcountI noticed that the other day20:01
@snapcountin head right20:01
@snapcountdidn't know that20:01
perlDreamerI'm going to test demo to see if it's there, too20:01
perlDreamerit's broken there, too20:03
@snapcountmy god20:03
@snapcountwe need to put WebGUI in a tent20:03
@snapcountand fumagate20:03
perlDreamereverybody: We need to thoroughly test 6.8.520:03
perlDreamerif you can create a demo site and try even the most menial of tasks, adding users, groups, changing settings20:04
@snapcountfor sure20:07
@snapcountthis is getting ridiculous20:07
perlDreamereven 5 minutes will make a difference20:10
perlDreamerit would be great if you post bugs to SF and then mention them here.20:10
pbmdawgcolin: anon. regist. works in 6.9....?20:41
perlDreamerhaven't checked20:41
perlDreamerany suggestions for debugging this one in 6.8.6?20:41
perlDreamerseems like I've seen this before, but don't remember how it got fixed.20:41
perlDreamerlet me try again20:42
perlDreamerAdmin operation Add new user is broken20:43
perlDreamerI didn't try anonymous registration20:43
perlDreamerin 6.8.520:43
perlDreamerI don't think anonymous registration is working either in 6.8.620:55
perlDreamerseems to be working in 6.8.5 on plainblack.com20:55
perlDreamer!lastSpoke snapcount23:27
@WREsnapcount last uttered a word on #webgui 3 hours, 20 minutes ago.23:28
@snapcountnow it will say 1 minute ago =)23:29
perlDreamerit just got real quiet while I was gone at lunch23:29
crythias!lastSpoke crythias23:29
@WREcrythias last uttered a word on #webgui 4 hours, 19 minutes ago.23:29
perlDreamersnapcount: supporting or debugging?23:30
@snapcountdebugging a support23:30
@snapcountironically, the root cause is probably bugs in 6.823:30
@snapcount!lastspoke my_ass23:32
perlDreamerbugs in WebGUI?23:32
perlDreamersurely you jest23:32
crythiasdon't call me Shirley.23:33
crythiasI need to find a place that I can have a house. And a job.23:34
@snapcount!quote MSFT23:35
@WREMSFT -> 26.69 -0.22 / Last Trade  4:30pm / Change  -0.82% / Volume  26.63 / 52 Week Range 26.7023:35
@snapcountkeep fallin' baby23:35
perlDreamer!quote MXIM23:35
@WREMXIM -> 40.40 -1.28 / Last Trade  4:23pm / Change  -3.07% / Volume  40.20 / 52 Week Range 40.7523:35
pbmdawg!quote GOOG23:35
@WREGOOG -> 362.00 -7.08 / Last Trade  4:34pm / Change  -1.92% / Volume  362.01 / 52 Week Range 362.2423:35
pbmdawg!quote AAPL23:35
@WREAAPL -> 64.73 -4.08 / Last Trade  4:34pm / Change  -5.93% / Volume  64.73 / 52 Week Range 64.8923:35
@snapcount!quote WGUI23:36
@WREWGUI -> No such stock symbol found23:36
perlDreamer!quote PB23:36
@WREPB -> No such stock symbol found23:36
perlDreamer!quote JT23:36
@WREJT -> No such stock symbol found23:36
@snapcount!bash support23:36
@WRE!bash search results: Q# 60469 | Q# 191063 | Q# 408973 | Q# 131553 | Q# 464561 | Q# 354453 | Q# 447828 | Q# 146073 | Q# 178285 | Q# 49551023:36
pbmdawg!quote JT.OB23:36
crythias!quote PL-PB23:36
@WREJT.OB -> No such stock symbol found23:36
@WREPL-PB -> 24.45 0.00 / Last Trade  3:58pm / Change  0.00% / Volume  0.01 / 52 Week Range 4000.0023:36
@snapcount!bash 6046923:36
@WRE|bash| <tomfoolery> there's a small fire burning in my room23:36
@WRE|bash| <beretta> lemme guess im supposed to act suprised that you're telling us and not making any attempt to extinguish it, so i can submit it to bash where it will join the ranks of the other 'SOMETHING CATOSTROPHIC HAPPENED SO I CAME TO TELL YOU GUYS ON IRC FIRST INSTEAD OF ATTEMPTING TO DEFUSE THE HOSTILE SITUATION' quotes that are grossly abundant, similar, and overrated. and despite a new one is submitted each week and only the location of the 23:36
perlDreamerwhat is bash?23:37
@snapcount!bash colin23:37
@WRE!bash search results: Q# 433425 | Q# 1385723:37
crythias!quote PL-PB23:37
@WREPL-PB -> 24.45 0.00 / Last Trade  3:58pm / Change  0.00% / Volume  0.01 / 52 Week Range 4000.0023:37
crythias!quote BLK23:38
@WREBLK -> 134.31 +3.20 / Last Trade  4:00pm / Change  +2.44% / Volume  134.31 / 52 Week Range N/A23:38
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Too many little pins on CPU confusing it, bend back and forth until 10-20% are neatly removed. Do _not_ leave metal bits visible!23:38
crythias!quote GUI23:38
@WREGUI -> 25.0999 +0.0999 / Last Trade  12:12pm / Change  +0.40% / Volume  24.61 / 52 Week Range 26.9023:38
@snapcountcalc mattscode23:39
@WREmattscode = <pbmdawg> {dangit;} i broke 6.9... beyond repair, probably.23:39
crythias!quote WEB GUI23:39
@WREWEB ->  2005 9.45 / Last Trade  Jan  6 / Change  0.00 / Volume  0.00% / 52 Week Range N/A23:39
crythiascalc marriage23:40
@WREmarriage = <pbmdawg> my sister just got engaged <crythias> but you're already married...23:40
@snapcountthat's one of my favorites23:40
@snapcountok... back to work for me23:40
crythiasmaleswanweb.com is available.23:42
crythiasswimmingool.com is available. Notice no P in it? Let's keep it that way.23:56
crythiasneed to get the available domain stinkyfartpants.com23:58
@snapcounthow about geraldsfunnydomainnameatadiscountbargainpricejustforyou.com23:59
--- Day changed Fri Feb 10 2006
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has left #webgui []00:03
@snapcountyou screwed it up00:27
perlDreamerHey, Ingy is nice00:27
@snapcountthat make no sense you jive turkey00:27
pbmdawgmy dog just ate a hole in my umbrella00:27
pbmdawgy was starting a new word00:27
perlDreamerthis is one expensive dog00:28
@snapcountmy bad brother00:28
pbmdawgmozilla 1.4 is fast.00:28
@snapcountok new rule00:28
@snapcountif anyone comes in here and says simply, "hello"00:28
@snapcountwe start that game00:28
@snapcountbut with words00:29
@snapcountwe'll go in order as listed by nick00:29
@snapcountstarting with who says the magic word00:29
perlDreamerhow about age instead?00:29
@snapcountwe may not know ages00:29
@snapcountwhat if Capt_Kangaroo joins00:29
perlDreamerhe's dead00:30
@snapcountso how old is he00:30
perlDreamersorry, jumped the gun00:30
@snapcountwe suck00:31
@snapcountI guess we'll have to stick to the license plate game00:31
perlDreamerWE SUXORS00:31
@snapcountI'm about to run a script that will add 1100 layouts to my dev site00:32
@snapcountall under home00:32
perlDreamerI'll pray00:32
@snapcountmy computer will probably melt00:32
@snapcountClient added a bunch of content and it just 'disappeared'00:32
@snapcountat first I was going to ask him to reproduce00:32
pbmdawggood luck running ?func=manageAssets on home00:32
perlDreamerlike gone from database?00:33
@snapcountlike gone00:33
@snapcountno errors in log00:33
@snapcountno anything00:33
@snapcountjust gone00:33
perlDreamersounds like a bad Hourly script00:33
@snapcountsounds like 6.800:33
pbmdawgsounds like WebGUI.00:33
pbmdawgsounds like PlainBlack software.00:34
@snapcountwe *have* to get this stable00:34
@snapcountwe have a really good product00:34
@snapcountbut the bugs have got to go00:34
pbmdawg;) it doesn't need to be stable00:34
pbmdawghow do you think we make our money??!?!?!!!!00:34
@snapcountby innovating00:34
perlDreameryeah, only slightly imbalanced00:34
perlDreamerbut right now it needs a serious dose of lithium00:35
@snapcountwe're not running the M$ strategy here00:35
pbmdawgcould'a fooled me00:35
@snapcountactually... they have a lot of money00:35
perlDreamerno no on00:35
pbmdawgso jt likes len's profiler00:36
pbmdawg... heading out for a coupla hours.  bb l8r00:36
@snapcountto make things interesting00:37
@snapcountlets add an article to each page as well00:38
perlDreamerthere you go00:38
perlDreamersnapcount: you around?00:57
perlDreamera whole bunch of new templates were recently added to WG.00:59
perlDreamerI think they might be a little screwed up.00:59
perlDreamerwhere they added to 6.8.6?00:59
perlDreameron just 6.9?00:59
@snapcountI'm not sure00:59
@snapcountI'll have to ask Steve00:59
perlDreamerI think the createAccount template might be bad01:00
@snapcountI'm asking him now01:00
perlDreamerhold on01:04
perlDreamerthe template is okay01:04
perlDreamerit's the anonymousRegistration setting.01:05
@snapcounthe's checking them into 6.8 into a special folder in docs01:05
perlDreamerokay, I'll double check them01:05
@snapcountbut nothing is done with them until the 6.8 -> 6.9 upgrade01:05
@snapcountthe upgrade adds them into 6.901:05
* snapcount adds 5000 Page layouts under home01:07
perlDreameris anonymous registration off by default?01:08
@snapcountshould be01:08
perlDreamerokay, that means that my two bugs are down to 0.5 bugs01:08
@snapcountthat's a good trend01:09
perlDreamerI had a friend verify that Moz 1.4 has the editUser problem, but other versions don't seem to01:09
perlDreamerdisabling tinyMCE is a temporary workaround01:09
@snapcountI currently have 2800 assets in the db01:13
@snapcountabout half way there01:13
perlDreamerany idea what might be making them disappear?01:14
@snapcountno... that's why I'm doing this01:14
@snapcountI can't think of anything that would make that happen01:14
perlDreamerversion control01:14
@snapcountit's set to autocommit01:14
perlDreamerI mean, it has the ability to do stuff like that01:15
@snapcountoh yeah01:15
@snapcounti c what you mean01:15
perlDreamerwhile you're waiting, would you look at some code with me?01:17
@snapcountwhat are we looking at01:17
perlDreamersub getHeader01:17
perlDreamerit's Frank's bug01:17
perlDreamerthere's a hash, %params, that has stuff added to it, but it never gets used01:18
@snapcountI see it01:19
perlDreamerso the bug is that the HTTP header fileName never gets set, and from this code, you can see why01:20
perlDreamerit gets assigned to a hash that doesn't ever do anything01:20
perlDreamerit looks like something was partially converted, then not finished01:20
@snapcountyeah... the hash needs to have keys that match the header keys01:20
@snapcountthen set them01:20
@snapcountin a loop or something01:21
@snapcountor screw the loop01:21
@snapcountand the hash01:21
@snapcountand just set the properties in the if stmts01:21
perlDreamer-attachment = Attachment01:22
perlDreamer-expires = Expires01:22
@snapcountthose are probably mp2 methods they are calling01:23
@snapcountso we'll have to find the docs01:23
@snapcountto see what properties we can set01:23
@snapcountI'll look in the mp2 docs01:24
@snapcountok... it is part of the request object01:32
@snapcountit just takes key value pairs01:32
@snapcountof whatever01:32
@snapcountwe need a reference for HTTP/1.1 headers01:32
@snapcountthat are valid01:33
perlDreameror a copy of pre mp2 WebGUI code.01:33
@snapcountthat's what will tell us the keys we can use01:33
@snapcountwe could browse cvs01:33
@WRE<snapcount> http://tinyurl.com/9fxl701:34
perlDreamerthis is an old bug01:36
perlDreamerI've traced it all the way back to the 6.9 fork01:37
@snapcountbeen around a while01:37
@snapcountthat link I posted has all the valid headers01:37
@snapcountfor http/1.101:37
perlDreamerI don't see headers for attachment or cookie in there01:39
perlDreamerthe bug was introduced in CVS version 1.1801:43
perlDreamerwhen WG was originally converted over to a mod_perl handler01:44
perlDreamerin May 200501:44
@snapcountok... my script is done... I have to figure out this suppt req01:44
perlDreamerthanks for the help01:44
@snapcountI didn't really help =) but your welcom01:44
perlDreamerchansen:  are you lurking about?01:52
@snapcountcolin: those pages didn't disappear01:53
@snapcountI was on the wrong server... I was on a dev server01:53
perlDreamerstill have all 5k?01:53
@snapcountthey are in the db01:53
@snapcountI do yeha01:53
@snapcountso we know wg can do it =)01:53
@snapcountkinda cool01:54
@snapcountI moved em around and everything01:54
perlDreamerso no support req?01:54
@snapcountstill have to figure out why they disappeared from the website01:54
@snapcountbut they are at least in the db01:54
perlDreameraccording to google, Apache2 doesn't do attachments yet01:55
perlDreamerthis blog entry is old, but it's the only thing I've found: http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~tkay/alphamail_oldnews.html01:55
@WRE<perlDreamer> http://tinyurl.com/du8um01:55
@snapcountfound em01:56
perlDreamerthe lost pages?01:56
@snapcountthey are in a trash-limbo state01:56
@snapcountdon't know what that means though01:57
@snapcountor why it would happen =)01:57
@snapcountbut that's why they aren't being shown01:57
@snapcountguess I'll have to ask the big dog01:57
chansenperlDreamer: whatsup?02:17
perlDreamerdoes Apache2 support attachments?02:17
perlDreamersimilar to the CGI method header( -attachment => 'filename')02:18
chansenahh, ofcourse, just set the header02:18
chansenIIRC $r->headers_out->set( Disposition => 'asdasdasd' );02:18
perlDreamerah attachment = Disposition ?02:19
chansenIIRC yes02:19
chansenI'm pretty sure02:19
chansenIt's not a standard track02:19
chansenbut most browsers grok it02:19
perlDreamerI'll try it02:20
perlDreameryou've been awfully quiet today02:20
perlDreameractually, that's almost it02:22
perlDreamerContent-Disposition: attachment;02:22
perlDreamerbut with your help I was able to track it down02:23
perlDreamerlater guys, thanks for the chat03:02
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has quit [""""]03:03
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:25
crythiasA skeleton walks into a bar. He tells the bartender... Gimme a beer. .... and a mop.03:26
* snapcount chuckels03:32
@snapcountsee you guys later03:32
@snapcountneed to take a break for a while03:33
crythiassupport questions are nuts.03:37
crythiascalc remove marriage03:38
crythiascalc marriage03:38
@WREmarriage = <pbmdawg> my sister just got engaged <crythias> but you're already married...03:38
crythiasremove marriage03:39
crythiascalc three03:39
@WRENo calc set for "three"03:39
crythiascalc marriage03:39
@WREmarriage = <pbmdawg> my sister just got engaged <crythias> but you're already married...03:39
* pbmdawg snorts03:43
pbmdawgcalc crythias03:49
@WREcrythias = saihtyrc03:49
pbmdawgcalc crythias FAHQEW03:49
crythiaswell, I want it gone03:51
crythiascalc crythias03:51
@WREcrythias = saihtyrc03:51
crythiassomeone has zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba.com03:52
pbmdawganyone know of a .pl to convert pod to html?04:29
pbmdawgby "anyone", I mean the only person in here who is actually here - crythias?04:30
crythiasturned on gaim alert on my name ah... yeah.04:30
crythiasperl pod2html?04:31
crythiasthat'd be command line.04:32
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/9tph704:34
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/bhzre04:35
crythiasbeauty and geek.. He's a great little hostess.04:37
crythias"hostess... is that a what you call a guy?"04:38
crythiasdid I give you what you needed?05:07
pbmdawgI think so; thanks!05:07
pbmdawghaven't tried it yet.05:08
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit ["Bye."]05:41
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-!- chansen [n=chansen@h156n4c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #WebGUI17:47
MrHairgreaseI found out the problem with the rewriting on 6.918:00
MrHairgreasei happens to be that a PerlINitHandler normally is equivalent to PerlHeaderParserHandler18:00
MrHairgreaseexcept if it's directly in a virtualhost or no bloack at all18:01
MrHairgreasein that case it's a PerlPostReadRequestHandler which precedes the transhandler phase18:01
MrHairgreasewhich is indeed used by mod_rewrite18:02
MrHairgreaseWrapping the stuff in a location block does the trick.18:02
@snapcountI just fixed a similar problem18:03
@snapcountwell, kinda similar18:03
MrHairgreaseoh ok.18:03
@snapcountit was that directory indexes were ignored in passthruUrls18:03
@snapcountit happened b/c mod_dir was being skipped18:04
MrHairgreasehow did you fix that?18:04
@snapcountputting it in a location block also fixed18:04
@snapcountI wrote another handler18:04
@snapcounta PerlFixupHandler18:04
@snapcountthat handed of to mod_dir when needed18:04
@snapcountit's in head in WebGUI.pm if you want to take a look18:04
MrHairgreasemaybe later18:05
@snapcountmaybe a similar solution is possible for this problem18:05
* snapcount shrugs18:05
MrHairgreaseI've been busy all day on the rwrite thing, explaining stuff to Wouter and fixing just a single bug18:05
MrHairgreasethat bug has cost me many hours today18:05
@snapcountbugs suxk18:05
@snapcountI spent a lot of time on the one I just told you about too18:06
@snapcountabout 5-6 hours18:06
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui18:06
@snapcountthx for helping with bugs btw18:06
@snapcountI really appreciate it18:06
MrHairgreaseit's not in sf.net but when you upload a file or an image the privileges are not set correctly18:06
MrHairgreaseIf you use a filepile that adds to the complexity18:06
MrHairgreasebut I didn't realse that at first18:07
MrHairgreasebut it's almost tested18:07
MrHairgreaseI'll put it in SVN this afternoon.18:07
@snapcountrock on =)18:07
MrHairgreasegood idea!18:08
MrHairgreasetime for a you-know-what18:08
@snapcountnew car18:08
@snapcountroad trip18:08
@snapcountall three!18:09
MrHairgreaseand a beer18:09
crythiashair frosting.18:09
* snapcount cheers18:09
crythiasdid you take your celebratory medicine?18:09
MrHairgreasevery hard drugs?18:09
@snapcountjoke from yesterday18:10
crythiasRoy suffers from cd. :) celebratory dysfunction.18:10
@snapcountI told crythias that I suffered from "premature celebration"18:10
@snapcountand it turned into a joke about erectile disfunction18:10
@snapcountpretty funny18:10
crythiasso I invented "ProLong" so you can have longer, louder celebrations.18:10
MrHairgreaseaha, so your the guy sending me those informative emails18:11
crythiaswow rafb cleans out fast18:12
MrHairgreaseIf I didn't have email I would have never known my manlyhood was too short18:12
@snapcountme either18:12
@snapcountI used to think I was ok18:12
MrHairgreaseyeah, your poor girlfriend18:13
* snapcount goes to a corner and pouts18:13
MrHairgreaseouch? can't be hurt by a pinky18:13
@snapcountcalc MrHairgrease18:13
@WREMrHairgrease = eurohunk18:13
@snapcountand this is the thanks I get...18:14
@snapcountpinky and the brain18:14
MrHairgreasemsg wre ident whammo18:15
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/7augo18:15
MrHairgreasecalc pinky <snapcount> I used to think I was ok18:16
@snapcountnow you have to change your pass18:16
MrHairgreaseho do i do that again18:16
@snapcountat least you didn't have an embarrasing password18:16
@snapcount"/msg wre pass yourpass"18:16
MrHairgreaseI'm getting the (17:17:24) WRE <AUTO-REPLY> :  is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog On] message again18:17
MrHairgreasewre does not like me anymore i guess18:17
@snapcountI'll ident you18:17
@snapcountand then he will listen18:17
MrHairgreasedo that18:17
crythiasthis is JT's! http://www.burn.com/content/brain-waves/i-don't-see-it.wav18:18
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/cj5jw18:18
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/b9pdt18:19
@snapcountok try now18:19
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has left #webgui []18:19
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #webgui18:20
@snapcountI think it's /msg wre pass oldpass newpass18:20
MrHairgreaselike that?18:21
MrHairgreasestill getting the same message18:21
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/8m4sp18:23
@snapcountthat reminds me18:24
@snapcountI finally got my website up18:24
@snapcountthanks for that link crythias18:24
@snapcountthose designs were pretty decent18:24
@snapcountI wound up using one of them18:24
@snapcountmodified a bit of course18:24
@snapcountbut it let me have a nice looking wg site in about an hour18:25
@snapcountall done in CSS18:25
@snapcountwas very nice18:25
crythiaskewl :)18:25
crythiasYaknow, "Resident Evil" and "Game of the Year" doesn't exactly match for me for some reason.18:29
@WRE"If I'm the president, we're going to have emergency-room care, we're going to have gag orders."18:31
crythiasHoly cow. http://www.gilby.com/unicycling/photos/2wheeler/18:43
@WRE<crythias> http://tinyurl.com/gv18:43
crythiaswho is he?18:44
crythiashe's the guy who made tinyurl.com18:44
MrHairgreasewell it's in svn19:19
MrHairgreasetime to go home19:19
@snapcountthx for the help19:21
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has left #webgui []19:21
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has joined #webgui21:03
perlDreamerahoy, snapcount21:03
perlDreamerbe thee bug fixin' today?21:03
@snapcountI'm neck and neck with the support monster21:03
@snapcountI close one21:04
@snapcounthe opens one21:04
@snapcountI think I'm winning though21:04
@snapcountthe amt of support coming in this week has been insane21:04
@snapcountvery weird21:04
@snapcounta lot of them are people finding bugs21:04
perlDreamerthat's good21:05
@snapcountI think I just found another one21:05
perlDreamerme, too21:05
@snapcountif you have like 300 children and you use the asset manager and go to the parent21:05
@snapcountthe children aren't listed21:05
@snapcountit just lists no children at all21:05
@snapcountwhat's yours21:05
perlDreamerthis is running from a test21:06
perlDreamerall of a sudden, $session{dbh} gets lost21:06
@snapcountlike loses connection to the database?21:07
perlDreamernot an object anymore21:07
perlDreamerit's always bad to have the call to "cleanup" before tests21:08
@snapcountthat's kinda like isNaN21:08
@snapcountNot a Number21:08
perlDreamerso what's B?21:09
@snapcountI think it's a java or javascript notation21:09
@snapcountNot a Bug21:09
@snapcountif we could just get someone to write a isNaB method21:10
@snapcountwe would be a lot quicker at this whole bug fixing thing21:10
perlDreameror if we had users who wrote sane bug reports21:10
@snapcountI think it would be easier to write the method21:11
perlDreamerhow about a ftB method?21:13
perlDreamer$WebGUI->ftB(sf_ref => 34532123);21:14
@snapcountthere you go21:14
@snapcountdoes the f mean "find" or "fix"21:14
perlDreamerfix, of course21:14
perlDreamersimilar to Perl's DWIM module21:14
@snapcountgood man, good man21:14
@snapcountwhat is that21:14
@snapcountI try to open the asset manager21:18
@snapcountand its taking forever21:18
perlDreamer300 kids21:18
@snapcountthere's only 5004 pages21:18
@snapcountunder home21:18
@snapcountmy laptop is going to melt21:18
perlDreamerget it off your lap21:19
@snapcountonto what21:19
@snapcountmy piii 450 dev box21:19
perlDreamersomething metal21:19
perlDreamernon flammable21:19
@snapcountthat will make it sloooower21:19
* snapcount is slow today21:19
@snapcount6337 nobody    25   0  142m 132m 5468 R 73.9 16.9   3:40.24 httpd21:20
@snapcountwebgui is being nice at least21:20
@snapcountnot taking all of the resources21:20
@snapcountyou fixed it?21:21
perlDreamerIP filter for Visitor21:21
* snapcount slides Colin a beer21:21
perlDreamerMartin is fixing bugs,too21:22
@snapcountI thought he went home21:22
@snapcountit's like two days in the future where he is or something21:22
@snapcountI think21:22
perlDreamernow to forward port21:23
@snapcountthe fun part21:23
perlDreamernot too bad21:24
perlDreamermerging in SVN is way better than CVS21:24
@snapcountI meant when you have to adapt the change to be 6.9 compatible21:24
perlDreameryeah.  That's not too fun21:24
@snapcountI hope peeps are remembering to do that21:25
perlDreamerme 221:25
perlDreamerI'm starting to feel like the indentation nazi.21:28
@WRE"A tax cut is really one of the anecdotes to coming out of an economic illness."21:40
perlDreamer!eval {warn "this is not a good idea"}21:41
perlDreamershields up! Red Alert!22:02
perlDreamernew prereq's for WG 6.922:02
@snapcountwhat are they22:03
perlDreamermaybe more22:03
@snapcountyay! rather22:17
@snapcounttwo more bugs identified22:17
perlDreameridentified = found or identified = diagnosed?22:18
@snapcountsupport requests are turning out to be our best qa tool22:18
perlDreamerdid you figure out the Asset problem you were working on earlier?22:19
@snapcountapparently you can paste a CR/LF into an asset title22:20
@snapcountand that breaks the html that is generated in func=manageAssets22:20
perlDreameruh oh22:20
perlDreamerso need to scan the database and remove them?22:20
@snapcountalso, their are anchor tags that are closed like this: <\/a>22:20
@snapcountwhich is more of a minor thing22:21
@snapcountI'm opening trackers for those now22:21
perlDreamerhow are we doing on EMS?22:27
@snapcountI haven't touched it in a week22:27
@snapcountdamn... just got two more login requests22:27
perlDreamerjust wanted to make sure there isn't a bunch of code to be labeled22:27
@snapcountno need to scan the db22:28
@snapcountit was just on one client's site22:28
@snapcountit's not in wg default code/content22:29
perlDreamerwhat I mean is, maybe we should include a scan of the user's database in the upgrade script to remove characters like this to prevent other users from having the same problem22:29
@snapcountthat might be a good idea22:30
@snapcountyou have to be really careful doing stuff like that though22:30
@snapcountobliterate someones site... oops =)22:30
@snapcountjust got a lead on the dataform problem22:34
perlDreamerso it's real?22:34
@snapcountyou have to wait a day before the problem starts occuring22:34
perlDreamerno way22:34
@snapcountthat's what he said22:34
perlDreamerone day....22:35
@snapcountmy guess is when something in runHourly goes22:35
perlDreameranything in the log file22:35
@snapcountso not exactly one day22:35
@snapcountdon't know... easy to test though22:35
@snapcountjust force runHourly to run everything now22:35
@snapcountand see if it breaks the form22:35
perlDreamerI'm in the middle of the 6.9 add user bug22:36
perlDreamermaybe I'll try it next22:36
@snapcountoh I'll do it22:36
@snapcounti was just saying22:36
perlDreamerah, okay22:36
@snapcountthen again, this may be hogwash22:36
perlDreamer**suspecting clean hogs22:36
* perlDreamer suspects clean hogs22:37
perlDreamerdo you know how to do this 6.8-ish code in 6.9? $session{form}{uid} = $u->userId unless ($isSecondary);22:39
@snapcount$self->session->form->get("uid") = $self->session->user->get("uid") unless ...22:41
perlDreamer->get can be an lvalue?22:41
perlDreamerthis is an assignment22:41
perlDreamerI'm wondering if this is dead code.22:42
perlDreamerI'm going to leave it and go to the next snapcount bug22:43
perlDreamerI should give a mini talk on perl quoting constructs at the next WUC22:46
perlDreamerthis is ridiculous22:46
@snapcountthe only way I can see to set a form session var22:47
@snapcountis to meddle with session->request22:47
@snapcountwhich probably isn't good practice22:47
perlDreamernot unless you're writing tests :)22:47
@snapcountwe should be reading the value from the post into a var somewhere in the beginning22:48
perlDreamerI'm guessing that the code is dead.  It might have been used at some point, but isn't anymore.22:48
@snapcountand then screwing with it22:48
@snapcountimagine that22:49
@snapcountsf is down again22:49
perlDreamercan't handle the WG bug submission load22:49
perlDreamerThis is an upaid advertisement:22:50
perlDreamerWant to lose a quick 15 pounds, no dieting and no exercise?22:50
perlDreamerHead on over to #webgui and wait for a great joke22:50
perlDreamerthen you can LYAO and fit in those jeans again22:50
@snapcountthere you go22:50
perlDreamerHTML bug fixed22:52
@snapcountthe changelog for this release is going to be like a mile long22:53
perlDreamerabout the HTML bug with bad links \/a22:56
perlDreamerin javascript strings does slash '/' need to be escaped?22:56
@snapcountI don't think so22:58
perlDreamerI don't think so either.22:58
perlDreamerI'll ask Dr AJAX22:58
@snapcountmaybe in a regex or something22:58
perlDreamerForm::Text.pm is used all over the place as a baseclass for other form elements23:12
perlDreamerI fixed the newline problem in Text.pm, and quickly scanned all other form elements that use it _and_ have their own getValueFromPost method.23:15
perlDreamershould we skip the database scan?23:15
perlDreamerI'm thinking we should23:15
@snapcountwe'll keep an eye out for postings about it on the forums23:16
@snapcountit's unlikely someone would do it anyway23:16
perlDreamersomeone is testing 6.923:19
perlDreamerSF is back up.23:19
perlDreamer"wmvanoijen" has posted 4 new 6.9 bugs23:20
perlDreamerthere are only like 17 6.8 bugs23:21
@snapcounta lot have been closed23:22
@snapcountthanks to people like you23:23
perlDreamerhave you had any luck with the DataForm?23:24
@snapcountstill doing support23:25
@snapcountat this point I don't think I'll get to do any bugfixing until sunday23:26
@snapcountbut the good news is23:26
@snapcountthat it's all I'll be doing23:26
--- Day changed Sat Feb 11 2006
perlDreamerat least you have something to do00:01
@snapcountthis is true00:03
@snapcountbeing busy is a *good* thing00:03
perlDreamerI would love to have something to work on for $dayJob00:03
@snapcountso do you just sit in the office and work on WG00:04
perlDreamerpretty much00:04
@snapcountso you get paid by $dayJob to work on WG00:04
@snapcountthat's awesome00:04
perlDreamerbut not good for that feeling of job security00:04
@snapcountwe should put your employer in the credits00:04
@snapcountyeah... that would suck00:05
perlDreamerI wouldn't do that00:05
@snapcountI was joking00:06
perlDreamerokay, hard to tell over IM00:06
@snapcountI know00:06
perlDreameron the dataform bug, which user gave feedback?00:38
perlDreamerwas it unable to move fields or disappearing fields?00:39
perlDreamerI'll give it a shot00:39
@snapcountperlDreamer is a wild man!00:39
@snapcountbug killin' crazy00:40
perlDreamerbored stiff?00:40
* snapcount hands perlDreamer an Orkin shirt00:40
perlDreamerno luck with the Hourly script00:54
@snapcountthat bug is driving me nutz00:55
@snapcountyou still can't reproduce eh00:55
perlDreamerwe don't have enough info to debug it00:55
@snapcountall we have are symptoms00:56
@snapcountdid you try editing the dataform after running all of the runhourly scripts00:57
perlDreamerjust the fields00:57
perlDreamerI'll try the dataform quick00:57
@snapcountmaybe shove some data in it00:57
perlDreamerdid that00:59
perlDreameryou know, if he's wrong about his version, this sounds like a 6.8.4 Form bug01:04
@snapcountno... it's a 6.8.5 site01:05
@snapcountI'm sure01:05
perlDreamerdo you know the URL?01:07
@snapcountOriginally this was reported as happening after an upgrade01:10
@snapcountI just remembered that01:10
@snapcountbut we tried that didn't we01:11
perlDreamerthere was a recent bug involving dataForm field data. I'll track it down01:12
perlDreamerdo you know which version Aaron upgraded from?01:15
@snapcountWell, I've spoken to John about it01:15
@snapcountfrom donorware01:15
@snapcounthe said it happened after the 6.8.4 -> 6.8.5 upgrade01:15
perlDreamerthere's nothing in the upgrade script for that upgrade that looks dangerous01:17
@snapcountyeah... I know01:17
@snapcountI'm wondering if they just didn't notice01:17
perlDreamerokay, I need your superior hacking skills for a sec01:28
perlDreamerare you busy?01:29
perlDreamerno, it's not what I thought it was01:31
perlDreamerI got mislead by useAssetId in setCollateral01:31
perlDreamerI thought you had to pass it to it, but it gets generated inside setCollateral01:31
@snapcountwell, you are supposed to send the assetId in the hash01:33
@snapcounteven if you use 101:33
perlDreamerno, it gets pulled from $self01:33
perlDreamerif useAssetId ne "0"01:33
@snapcountI thought the API docs said to set it either way01:33
@snapcountI could be mistaken though01:33
@snapcountI trust you =)01:34
perlDreamerheadin' out03:32
perlDreamersee y'all later03:32
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]03:32
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crythia1A ghost walks into a bar. "Give me a beer!" it wails at the bartender. "Sorry," the bartender said. "You've reached your limit. You're two sheets to the wind."'04:18
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit [Nick collision from services.]04:20
-!- crythia1 is now known as crythias04:20
crythiasI don't suppose there was ever clickable04:22
crythiaser.. draggable navigation.04:22
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perlDreamerroy:  you still up?  monster06:23
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MrHairgreasetoo real for bullshit?16:15
MrHairgreaseno here it is16:18
MrHairgreaseit 15.30 or something where I am16:18
MrHairgreaseI'm almost finished with cloathing myself16:19
MrHairgreaseI took a shower some 3 hours ago or so16:19
crythiaslazy day, eh?16:19
MrHairgreaseNo man16:19
MrHairgreaseI'm doing internationalisation for the SQLForm16:20
MrHairgreaseso that I can finally release it16:20
MrHairgreaseWriting docs is not my favorite passtime though16:20
MrHairgreaseactually it sucks16:20
MrHairgreaseBut tonight Len is comming to Delft16:21
MrHairgrease so that will probably be fun16:21
pbmdawgit's a blizzard here.16:40
crythiasoh? Balmy 70s here.16:44
crythiaskidding. 5416:45
MrHairgreaseHere it's about 5 degrees or something. Very boring gray weather.16:46
crythias   68.1 °F   /   20.1 °C    Clear16:46
pbmdawg1 meter visibility.16:48
pbmdawg"whiteout" they call it16:48
crythiasbrown and bubbly17:05
pbmdawgaugh; what was that from17:07
crythiasPepsi slogan17:24
pbmdawgoh yeah17:40
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]19:18
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--- Day changed Sun Feb 12 2006
@WRE"Reading is the basics for all learning."01:09
@WRE"If I'm the president, we're going to have emergency-room care, we're going to have gag orders."01:10
@WRE"Kosovians can move back in."01:10
@WRE"The woman who knew that I had dyslexia--I never interviewed her."01:10
@snapcountyou still need help?01:10
pbmdawgoh yeah01:10
@snapcountI was afk01:10
pbmdawgi noticed01:10
pbmdawg22 hours01:10
@snapcountyeah... have to do other things in life01:11
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:24
crythias6.9 versus 7.0?01:29
crythiasI think I'm going to say 6.9 is a must.01:29
crythiasI might not understand everything, but Workflow isn't even a thought yet.01:30
crythiaswell, ok, it's a thought, but unless there is something more concrete on implementation, ...01:30
crythiasit's a potential  API change, which shouldn't be on 701:31
crythiasI guess that's a point to be discussed.01:31
crythiasit'd be nice to say 6.9 is 7.0 RC01:32
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]01:55
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:55
crythiasthe heck?01:55
crythiasall of a sudden, my screen goes black.01:55
@snapcountscreen saver?02:37
@snapcountpower saving02:38
crythiashad to hit power and fscking new boot.02:44
@snapcountthat sounds like a windows feature =)02:44
crythiaslikely part of my attempt to get flash to work in firefox.02:44
crythiassays it's unstable02:46
crythiasI don't think we should skip 6.9 release.02:46
crythiasby we, I mean you.02:46
-!- nbcccorp [n=jason@cpe-065-188-208-137.triad.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:56
crythiaslove these 80's movies.03:07
crythiasGuy: "I used to be in a band. You know Bruce Springsteen? .... I have lots of his albums."03:08
crythiasFry: Make up some emotions and tell her you have them.03:32
@snapcountsee you guys tommorow03:33
-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has quit ["www.snapcount.org"]03:33
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has joined #webgui04:09
crythiasthank you04:16
crythiasI'm a cartoon network geek.04:20
crythiasGot started watching this show... Zatch Bell.04:20
crythiastypical Trading Card Game commercial movie.04:21
crythiastv show.04:21
crythiascutish, but I wonder the age of who should be watching it.04:21
crythiasIt's all "friends are important at any cost" type stuff.04:22
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-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has joined #webgui18:12
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE18:13
@snapcountpbmdawg: do you know what the problem was with the dataforms?18:13
@snapcountI see the bug is closed but nothing in the changelog18:13
pbmdawgi haven't committed the changelog yet18:30
pbmdawg'tis a long story18:30
pbmdawgbut basically18:30
pbmdawg_toNull() in DataForm.pm wasn't converted to use the new tabId behavior when Colin implemented a related fix in 6.8.418:30
@snapcountoh cool18:31
@snapcountI'm glad you guys figured that out18:31
@snapcountI'm going to work on bugs for a few hours now18:31
@snapcountwhen I'm done we're going to do a release18:31
@snapcountwe've got quite a few fixes in already18:32
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has joined #webgui18:33
@snapcounthey matt: does the 6.8.6 upgrade work for you18:34
pbmdawgdon't know yet.18:34
pbmdawgcolin just created that file18:34
@snapcountoh ok...18:35
pbmdawgI think...... wait.................18:35
@snapcountI think it's a problem in AssetTrash18:35
@snapcountnot the upgrade script18:35
pbmdawgdid you update?18:35
@snapcount10 minutes ago18:35
pbmdawgfixing; hold on.18:36
pbmdawg'twas my fault from yesterday18:36
@snapcountnp... thx18:36
pbmdawgk; update now18:38
@snapcountthat did it18:41
@snapcountooh boy19:02
* snapcount raises his hand19:02
MrHairgreaseWhen you add posts in the collab system...19:02
MrHairgreaseyou can specify 'text', 'mixed text/html' etc.19:03
MrHairgreaseBut when you set it to text...19:03
MrHairgreasethe result is a bunch of <p>'s in the final text19:03
MrHairgreasethat's of course due to the rich editor19:03
MrHairgreaseis that a bug?19:03
@snapcountI think it is19:04
MrHairgreasebut what would be the intended fix?19:04
MrHairgreasethe behaviour i mean19:04
@snapcountwell, see that's a good point19:04
@snapcounthow else can you seperate text19:04
MrHairgreaseconvert </p> to <br>?19:04
@snapcountI mean, you're displaying in a browser19:04
MrHairgreaseand sitch all other formatting?19:04
@snapcountbut that's also html19:05
@snapcountif it should be just text, then technically that means no formatting at all19:05
@snapcountwhich is worthless19:05
MrHairgreaseso no richeditor19:05
@snapcountI think the intent is to strip out all but the most basic formatting19:05
@snapcountlike paragraphs and br19:05
@snapcounti.e., no bold, fonts, etc19:06
@snapcountI'd ask JT19:06
MrHairgreaseparagraphs should be converted to <br> s imho19:06
@snapcountThat makes sense to me19:06
@snapcountit makes it even more basic19:06
MrHairgreaseyou could strip everything and wrap it in pre19:07
MrHairgreasebut that would suck very much19:07
MrHairgreasefixed font width19:07
MrHairgreaseno good19:07
MrHairgreaseI'll email the list19:07
@snapcountI think what that's for is if you're putting text into the editor that has no formatting and you want it displayed in html as it is in the text19:08
@snapcounti.e., CR/LF are converted to an HTML equiv19:08
@snapcountand 2 CR/LF are changed to paragraphs19:08
@snapcountwhere selecting html means the text you are posting contains html tags19:08
MrHairgreaseyeah but the problem is that the richeditor wraps everything in paragraphs19:08
@snapcountand you want them interpreted19:08
MrHairgreaseI think an enter is a br two enters is <br><br>19:09
@snapcountok... that's fine with me19:09
@snapcountI see your point19:09
pbmdawg<br /><br />19:09
@snapcountI would ask the list just to make sure19:10
MrHairgreaseshall I ask on the list to be sure?19:10
pbmdawgi'm not a purist.  but whoever is insisting that webgui is xhtml 1.0 strict is.19:10
@snapcountThey are going to start their own fork of WebGUI called Web-Purey19:10
@snapcountah ha19:11
@snapcountfound the cause19:11
@snapcountnow I have to figure out how to fix it19:11
MrHairgreasecause for what?19:11
@snapcount[ 1429299 ] RTE Collateral Functions Break when Prev Proxy Cache On19:12
@snapcountthe urls look like this: /page?noCache=388484;84858?op=something19:12
MrHairgreaseI know of the feature19:13
MrHairgreasenever used it though19:13
@snapcountanyway, that's the problem19:13
MrHairgreaseJust fixed another uploads related bug19:13
@snapcountI have to figure out where tinymce makes those urls so I can fix it19:13
MrHairgreaseThis one was easy though19:13
@snapcounta bug is a bug19:14
@snapcountand a fixed bug is a good thing =)19:14
MrHairgreaseLast friday one bug took me about the whole day19:14
@snapcountthose are fun19:14
MrHairgreasequite a diffrent beast19:14
@snapcountno, just sarcastic19:14
MrHairgreasemust be the timezone difference19:15
MrHairgreaseor the earth rays of course19:15
@snapcountmust be19:16
@snapcountmatt, can you help me19:22
@snapcountI need some js guidance19:22
@snapcountline 26 is the problem19:22
@snapcountbut I don't know the best way to fix it19:22
@snapcounttemplate['file'] = "../../../../../.." + getWebguiProperty ("pageURL") + '?op=richEditPageTree';19:23
@snapcountwe need to use the ? if it's the first property and use a semi-colon otherwise19:23
MrHairgreasecant you do a regex on getWebguiProperty ("pageURL")19:24
@snapcountthanks, I think that will work19:25
MrHairgreasesometing like if (getWebguiProperty ("pageURL").match(/\?/) { ; } else { ?}19:25
@snapcounthow about this19:27
@snapcount //Check for proper get delimiter19:27
@snapcount                        var seperator = '';19:27
@snapcount                        if (getWebguiProperty ("pageURL").match(/\?/) { seperator = ';' } else { seperator = '?'}19:27
@snapcount                        template['file'] = "../../../../../.." + getWebguiProperty ("pageURL") + seperator + 'op=richEditPageTree';19:27
MrHairgreasedoes that work?19:27
@snapcountI'm trying it now19:28
@snapcountI'm a js retard so we'll see19:28
MrHairgreasethat's a familiar sentiment =)19:28
@snapcountthat did it19:31
@snapcountthx for the help19:31
@snapcountnow I have to look through all of these and make sure there aren't others19:32
MrHairgreaseI'm gonna continue writing hover help for the SQLForm19:32
* MrHairgrease sighs deeply19:32
@snapcountdocumentation.... fun stuff19:32
MrHairgreasegotta love vim19:33
* snapcount throws pbmdawg a slice of Papa Johns20:05
MrHairgreasePapa's Johns?20:06
@snapcountthey have Papa Johns over on your side of the world?20:07
MrHairgreasedon't think so20:07
MrHairgreasewhat are those?20:07
@snapcountdid you try it while in the states?20:07
@snapcountit's a pizza restaurant20:07
MrHairgreaseOh ok.20:07
MrHairgreaseI'm not really a pizza person anyway20:07
* snapcount gasps20:07
MrHairgreaseI *hate* cheese20:07
@snapcountthat's funny20:08
@snapcountI don't know why20:08
MrHairgreaseI rather eat something with garlic20:08
@snapcountbut that's really funny20:08
MrHairgreaseand pepper20:08
MrHairgreaseChinese, mexican whatever20:08
MrHairgreaseor just plain dutch food20:08
@snapcountthat's good stuff also20:08
MrHairgreasei know20:08
pbmdawgp.o.s. perl hashes20:10
-!- usr-src [n=gnu@p5080FF1A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #webgui20:11
@snapcounthi there20:11
pbmdawghey usr-src20:11
usr-srcpretty cool project for such a small group of developers!20:11
usr-srcand mmm! perl!20:12
MrHairgreaseperl = good20:12
* usr-src nods and smiles20:12
pbmdawgwhat makes you think the group of developers is small20:13
@snapcountMrHairgrease: is the upload method a drop in replacement for tmpFileName in MP2?20:14
MrHairgreasenever heard of those20:14
MrHairgreaseI think matt knows20:14
@snapcountthey are used in HttpProxy20:14
pbmdawgroy: what20:14
pbmdawgoh man.20:15
usr-srcpbmdawg, well. when you look at the freenode-registry project, the channel is full of people. but they get nothing done20:15
MrHairgreaseHmm, I'm writing docs, so the same thing goes for me I guess =)20:15
@snapcountmost of our developers are anti-social20:15
usr-srcoh no20:16
MrHairgreaseExcept for the Euro hunks20:16
* usr-src hides20:16
pbmdawgoh.  the size of the webgui channel is not related at all to the size of the group of developers20:16
@snapcountcalc MrHairgrease20:16
@WREMrHairgrease = eurohunk20:16
MrHairgreasewe actually talk to females20:16
MrHairgreaseand cuddle them =)20:16
pbmdawgsome of us marry them.20:16
MrHairgreaseyou're married, matt?20:17
pbmdawgof course20:17
MrHairgreasesucker :P20:17
MrHairgreasefor how long?20:17
pbmdawgeveryone at plainblack is married except for roy.20:17
MrHairgreaseOh really?20:17
MrHairgreasewhen did jt marry then20:17
pbmdawgoh, soon.20:18
@snapcounthe's still in negotiations20:18
@snapcountbut they are supposed to close soon20:18
MrHairgreasethat's what I heard in vegas20:18
@snapcountend of the year20:18
MrHairgreaseI'll send him a card when the time is there20:18
@snapcountI'm really getting sick of apache's meaningless error messages20:19
pbmdawgmartin: did you check out the performance profiler20:19
@snapcountapache: something is wrong20:19
MrHairgreaseOnly a bit20:19
@snapcountooh thanks20:19
@snapcountfor nothing20:19
MrHairgreasehaven't seen the table mode yet20:19
MrHairgreasewrite docs first20:20
pbmdawgusr-src: care to join us?20:20
pbmdawgthe todo list is well-defined.20:20
pbmdawgif not well-recorded.20:20
@snapcountwe are hatching a diabolical scheme to infiltrate Papa Johns Pizza and use them as a stepping stone for world domination20:21
pbmdawgno seriously.20:30
MrHairgreaseIs this understandable by mere mortals? http://rafb.net/paste/results/5wDa1k59.html20:39
@WRE<MrHairgrease> http://tinyurl.com/avs3f20:39
@snapcountI grok it20:43
MrHairgreaseWell I should be safe then20:43
pbmdawgcolin will fix the misspellings :)20:43
MrHairgreasevery reassuring20:43
MrHairgreaseno sarcasm intended btw.20:44
MrHairgreasereally meant that20:45
pbmdawgif it gets included in the core, i mean.20:45
pbmdawgwhich could happen if it meets certain criteria20:46
pbmdawgif it's set by default to not modify a webgui site db without lots of rigamarole20:47
MrHairgreaseI won't let you use the default database link20:47
pbmdawgas in... it uses its own or other databases20:47
pbmdawgwell, you could create another database link that uses the same site db credentials and dsn20:47
MrHairgreaseso you cannot do things to the WG db unless you create a seperate dblink in which you connect to the webgui db20:48
pbmdawgwell, I like it20:48
MrHairgreaseyou tried it already?20:48
MrHairgreaseIt must be very good20:48
pbmdawgwe'll see if that's enough20:48
MrHairgreaseIf you like it, just by the way it smells20:48
pbmdawgno i mean I think that protection is enough.20:49
pbmdawgi have a problem you guys20:49
MrHairgreaseWe'll see what happens20:50
MrHairgreaseyeah whats wrong with it20:50
pbmdawgis empty20:50
pbmdawgexcept it isn't.20:50
MrHairgreaseAh I nknow this one20:51
MrHairgreaseIt's not using the settings api20:51
MrHairgreaseor it's a typo somewhere20:51
MrHairgreaseI thought I already fixed that20:51
MrHairgreasebut apparently not20:51
pbmdawgnot in 6.820:51
MrHairgreasewait I'll mail you a file that presumably works20:52
MrHairgreasecheck your mail20:55
pbmdawgso procolix is fixing bugs for its customers but not in svn?20:55
MrHairgreaseprobably forgot20:55
MrHairgreaseI have been very busy the last few months20:55
MrHairgreaseAnd I already fixed bugs in 68620:55
pbmdawgthat doesn't fix it20:56
MrHairgreaseOk, then I don't know20:56
pbmdawgin fact20:59
pbmdawg$session{setting} is empty20:59
pbmdawgwait; scratch that.20:59
MrHairgreasewell, that might have something to do with it =)20:59
pbmdawgsetting.commerceViewShoppingCartTemplateId = PBtmplVSC000000000000121:00
pbmdawgi see the problem21:01
pbmdawg$session{setting}{$_} = $session{form}{$_};21:02
pbmdawgneeds to be at line 51621:02
pbmdawgthat fixed it.21:03
pbmdawgroy: I can finally see the checkout screen :)21:04
MrHairgreasehappy shopping!21:05
@snapcountwoo hoo21:07
pbmdawgroy: can you wait until tonight to release 68621:38
pbmdawgI have to get this calendar fix done21:38
@snapcountI have to be done with the release by 6:00p21:39
pbmdawgso what's my deadline.21:39
@snapcountI've got other stuff going on tonight that I can't miss21:39
@snapcountbasically, an hour21:39
pbmdawgfrom now???21:39
@snapcountmaybe a few minutes more21:39
@snapcountif you're close, I'll let you finish it up21:40
@snapcountbut the release takes about 3 hours to do21:40
@snapcountyeah... long process21:40
pbmdawgincluding upgrading all the servers you mean?21:40
@snapcountno... just plainblack, and demo21:41
@snapcountI think I fixed the http proxy problem21:44
@snapcountbut google and wiki and yahoo don't seem to work21:44
@snapcountI think they are using trickery21:44
@snapcountfor example21:44
@snapcounttheir button text is "Google Search"21:44
@snapcountthe http proxy url encodes that to "Google%20Search"21:45
@snapcountif you do a search on google21:45
@snapcountit is changed to "Google+Search"21:45
@snapcountWhere is there a form I can test this on?21:45
MrHairgreasedo a form post to the same page and look in the debug output21:52
MrHairgreasethat might do it21:52
@snapcountI'm not following you21:53
@snapcountI just proxied the CS on my website21:56
@snapcountand I can go through the pages21:56
@snapcountok... it accepted a login on slashdot22:00
@snapcounti.e., I proxied slashdot from my wg dev site and I could login22:01
@snapcountso I guess it's fixed22:01
pbmdawgbut can you upload files through the proxy? ;)22:06
@snapcountHow would I test that22:07
pbmdawgfind a file upload box...?22:07
@snapcountIf this doesn't fix it someone can submit another bug report...22:08
@snapcountI'm over it =)22:08
@snapcountIt's working best I can tell22:09
@snapcounthow's your calendar stuff coming matt?22:22
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h48n3c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #WebGUI22:23
@snapcountdo you need any help?22:23
@snapcountis that a yes?22:25
-!- usr-src is now known as usr-src^22:36
-!- usr-src^ is now known as usr-src22:38
-!- usr-src is now known as \usr\src23:30
-!- \usr\src is now known as usr-bin23:51
--- Day changed Mon Feb 13 2006
-!- usr-bin is now known as usr-src00:00
usr-srcsorry for the nick flood00:04
MrHairgreaselater guys00:07
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@x032124.its-s.tudelft.nl] has left #webgui []00:07
@snapcountsee ya00:07
-!- usr-src [n=gnu@p5080FF1A.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit []02:00
-!- snapcount changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI 6.8.6 Released --Security vuln fixed, recommend upgrade--03:07
-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has quit ["www.snapcount.org"]03:14
crythiastime to update faq04:38
pbmdawgi swear that dataform thing was fixed....04:41
crythiasoh, no.04:48
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit ["Bye."]05:06
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui05:08
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-!- lonki [n=hans@] has joined #webgui14:02
lonkihi guys14:02
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #webgui14:48
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui15:17
lonkiguys, just a quick question, are security bugs that are found in the 6.xx verions backported/fixed in the latest stable 5.x version?15:21
MrHairgreaseIs this bug also applicable to other versions than 6.8.5?15:23
lonkiyes, the one where lists with form data is visible to anyone15:24
MrHairgreaseSorry, I'm not following you15:26
MrHairgreaseI was refering to  - fixed a serious security bug that would allow user account creation using a well crafted url when anonymous registration is set to off. (Thanks to Luke Bartholemy for the patch)15:26
MrHairgreaseSince which version is that in WG?15:26
MrHairgreaseOr is it in all of them?15:26
lonkihmm, ok, I did mean another bug, but is the one you mentioned fixed in 5.x too?15:26
MrHairgreaseI dunno15:27
MrHairgreaseThat's why I'm asking15:27
MrHairgreaseif it is in 5.x it is probably not fixed15:27
MrHairgreasebut you can of course alway backport15:27
MrHairgreasehowever to be certain you should ask one of the plainblack guys15:27
lonkihmm, ok15:29
-!- nbcccorp [i=fwuser@rrcs-24-172-2-202.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #webgui15:32
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pbmdawgno, no new releases for anything less than 6.8.6 are being made15:38
lonkipbmdawg, thanks for the info, that will help me decide some stuff15:43
lonkiprolly to move to something completely differen15:43
pbmdawgwhy is that15:44
lonkiwe do not have enough customers running on webgui to affort support15:44
lonkiand the update scripts suck (sorry)15:44
lonkiit is just costing us to much15:45
pbmdawgdo you mean *all* of the update scripts suck, or particular ones are causing you trouble15:46
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has joined #webgui15:46
lonkipbmdawg, some of them15:48
lonkiand I am not spending anymore time on it15:48
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@c-69-139-51-253.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]15:51
@xdangerimho. webgui 6.x upgrade scripts do a great job considering the changes in webgui =)16:17
lonkinot if you have to update from 5.5.416:18
MrHairgreaseupgrading can indeed be a pain sometimes16:20
MrHairgreasehowever if you make sure that you've emtied your trash and purged disk cacches, a lot of problems can be avoided16:21
MrHairgreaseat least16:21
lonkiwe just don't have enough customers to hire support, we might be switching to plone if we can test that a bit more16:21
MrHairgreasethat is our experience16:21
lonkiempty trash?16:21
MrHairgreasedo that before upgrading16:22
lonkiwhich trash?16:22
pbmdawgthe upgrade from 6.2.11 to 6.3 doesn't handle trash well.16:22
MrHairgreaseall trash16:22
lonkiI never got passed 6.0.016:22
lonkiwith the wre and 6.6.7 that is16:22
MrHairgreasenever used the wre16:23
pbmdawglonki - you know you have to upgrade to 6.2.11 first, and then upgrade to 6.3...?16:24
lonkipbmdawg, yes I know, but see ^^, I never could go byond 6.0.x16:25
MrHairgreaselonki, do you have many custom wobjects?16:25
lonkisome of them yes, but we used a default site to test it16:26
pbmdawgthen why did you say 6.6.716:26
lonkipbmdawg, we tried to updat to that version a while ago16:26
lonkiwe did not succeed16:26
MrHairgreasecan't remember having that much trouble16:26
MrHairgreasebut it's a long time ago of course.16:27
MrHairgreaselonki, have you checked out recent wg versions?16:27
pbmdawgwhen I say you have to upgrade to 6.2.11 first, I mean you have to not have webgui 6.6.7 libraries on there. just
MrHairgreaseWG has come a long way since the crude 5.5 era16:27
lonkiMrHairgrease, nopes16:27
lonkievery hour I am spending on it will be to much, we need something that can be maintained by almost anyone16:28
lonkibut thank you all for the help, I might look at webgui when there are new stable versions16:30
pbmdawgalmost anyone is a pretty broad swath.16:30
lonkipbmdawg, the fact is that I might be doing other projects and will not have the time to update,16:31
lonkithen some other sysop will have to do it16:31
lonkisome of them even without unix knowledge16:31
pbmdawgheh heh.  sysops without unix knowledge?  is that possible?  and you would consider letting them touch your unix machines?16:32
lonki:-), not my descision16:32
-!- nbcccorp [i=fwuser@rrcs-24-172-2-202.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #webgui16:59
nbcccorphey, does anyone know what the regex would be to do a mod_rewrite of a url to change it's case to lowercase?  so http://site.com/ThisUrl.PDF  would become  http://site.com/thisurl.pdf17:00
MrHairgreaseor google on mod_rewrite and lowercase17:02
nbcccorpthx. I found the lowercase func  but it doesn't seem to be working. I was hoping it was just something dumb by me. Will keep trying.17:04
MrHairgreasegood luck17:04
nbcccorpbetter to be lucky than good.17:04
-!- nbcccorp [i=fwuser@rrcs-24-172-2-202.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has left #webgui []17:06
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui17:09
lonkihmm, RewriteCond   ${lowercase:%{HTTP_HOST}|NONE}  ^(.+)$17:13
lonki should work yes17:13
MrHairgreasenbccorp, are you using wg 6.8.x?17:14
MrHairgreaseoh he's gone17:14
-!- lonki [n=hans@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]17:42
pbmdawgbrb; rebooting.18:06
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit ["Leaving."]18:08
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-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui18:57
MrHairgreasewhat's wrong if I get the following message using the wre19:23
MrHairgrease[Mon Feb 13 18:21:08 2006] [error] [Mon Feb 13 18:21:08 2006] -e:   Can't call method "www_view" on an undefined value at /data/WebGUI/  lib/WebGUI.pm line 121.\n19:24
crythiasspace before lib?19:24
MrHairgreasethat's probably a typo19:25
MrHairgreasejoeri copy-pasted the message to me19:25
MrHairgreaseso that i could ask19:25
crythiasok. Probably need more info as to what was happening when it occurred, version, etc.19:26
MrHairgreaseJoeri's trying out the wre so we'll probably find out the problem19:27
MrHairgreasejust though I'd ask19:27
pbmdawgwhat version of wre; what version of webgui19:28
MrHairgreaseMy guess19:28
MrHairgreaseis the latest and greatest19:28
MrHairgreaseJoeri's doing a job interview now19:28
MrHairgreaseso I can't ask19:28
MrHairgreaseIt looks similar to misconfigured dsn or something19:29
pbmdawghiring your replacement? ;)19:29
MrHairgreaseprobably my new minion19:32
MrHairgreaseI hope =)19:32
crythiasPFY :)19:35
crythiasFrom BOFH19:35
MrHairgreasemust have been listining to much to deadbolt19:35
MrHairgreaseI know the BOFH, but I can't recall the PFY19:36
crythiasPimply Faced Youth.19:36
crythiasthe minion19:36
MrHairgreasebut it's probably his evil minion right?19:36
MrHairgreaseI remember19:36
crythias"Hey, I've only got 1MB remaining of my 4MB quota, and I need to load a 3MB file. Fix it now!" "What's your username? *click click click* OK, you now have 4MB available." "so.. 7MB total?" "no, you have 4MB available." realization sinks in ... "ARRRG!!!"19:38
crythiasahhh ywah.19:40
* crythias nods his head. That's about right.19:40
MrHairgreaseI think you mean *clickety clickety click*19:40
MrHairgreaseI also no my classics19:40
MrHairgreaseeven though I'm a pretty young eurohunk19:41
MrHairgreaseno = know btw19:41
crythiasCan't get over how much paper was used on that line printer during college.19:41
MrHairgreasestupid fonetic thinking19:41
crythiasshunka shunka shunka19:41
MrHairgreaseI don't wanna know what you're thinking about right noww19:41
crythiasit's a 10 line PASCAL program, and takes 3 11x17 greenbar pages to print.19:42
crythiasline printers.19:42
crythiasglorious dot matrix.19:42
MrHairgreaseYeah I know those to19:42
MrHairgreaseI mean19:43
MrHairgreaseI no dose two19:43
MrHairgreaseEnglish is so simple19:43
MrHairgreaseyou got it19:43
MrHairgreasewait till you read the international messages in the SQLForm19:44
crythiashee :) I think we need a License Tag i18n.19:44
crythiaswell, 7 chars will be fun.19:45
crythiasand then we can do haiku i18n.19:45
crythiasThis button you press19:46
crythiasWill do nothing, however19:46
crythiasmany times you press.19:46
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]20:14
-!- MrHairgrease [n=martin@host1.procolix.nl] has left #webgui []20:28
-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has joined #webgui22:00
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE22:02
-!- pbmdawg [n=SysAdmin@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui22:26
pbmdawgWebGUI Reloaded.22:45
pbmdawgSnapcount Reloaded22:46
pbmdawgSnapcount Unhinged22:46
crythiasmy word.22:49
crythiasignorant people suck.22:49
crythiaswhat's worse, they don't know they're ignorant.22:49
pbmdawgthey don't know what they don't know22:49
-!- usr-src [n=gnu@p5080D881.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #webgui []23:23
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat124.mxim.com] has joined #webgui23:29
crythiasI'm not apathetic. I just don't care.23:30
perlDreamerthose aren't synonyms?23:30
perlDreamerwhat are you apathetic about?23:31
perlDreamerfor a second, I thought you were talking about dataform bugs23:32
crythiasI gotta go. Did you read my humor post?23:32
perlDreamerI appreciate good haiku23:33
crythiaswell, get busy :)23:33
crythiashaiku haiku.pm23:33
crythiasI thought it was fun.23:33
crythiasDelete this Entry. If you want to do something else, this is not it.23:34
crythiasI've got ideas.23:35
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]23:35
@snapcount"my milkshake brings all the girls to the yard"23:35
perlDreamerquoth snapcount23:37
perlDreamerare you supporting today?23:39
pbmdawgsnapcount is braindead today23:40
perlDreamerhe did do a release last night23:40
perlDreamerwithout telling anyone so that we could get last second fixes in23:41
@snapcountI operate in stealth23:42
@snapcountI am unpredictable and coy23:42
@snapcountI am snapcount23:42
* snapcount flales his cloak23:42
perlDreamersnapcount cannot spell: flails23:42
@snapcountI have assistants that do that for me23:42
@snapcountya know23:42
@snapcountspell check and stuff23:42
@snapcountbad spelers of the world untie23:43
@snapcountwe're doing probably 2 more 6.8 releases so no worries23:43
perlDreamerthat poor fellow from pcbc is probably going to bust a blood vessel23:44
@snapcountwhen we have more bugs and/or fixes I'll do another release23:44
@snapcountthe dataform guy23:44
@snapcountI thought that was fixed23:44
perlDreamerI'll try it on demo.23:44
perlDreamereither that or he needs a clue bat23:45
-!- chansen [n=chansen@h48n3c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #WebGUI23:47
perlDreamerI just figured out that guy's bug from his board post.23:51
perlDreamerit's a PEBKAC23:51
perlDreamerProblem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair23:51
perlDreamerbut we could help him a little23:51
@snapcountdamn it23:51
pbmdawgwhat guy23:52
@snapcountsomeone broke op=viewCart in head23:52
perlDreamerhead 6.9?23:52
@snapcountI hate that23:52
perlDreamerwasn't broken before?23:52
perlDreamerHis problem is that he selected the Email Form template to be used to display the DataForm to the user.23:53
perlDreamerIt would be nice if we could prevent the user from shooting themselves in the foot with that one.23:54
@snapcountIMO that's a bug23:54
pbmdawgthose templates need separate namespaces23:54
@snapcountIf a template doesn't work for that functionality why is it in that namespace?23:55
perlDreamerthat's going to be hard to do.23:55
perlDreamerthere's no way to distinguish between any user submitted ones, is there?23:55
@snapcountwhat do you mean?23:55
perlDreamerit's trivial to create new namespaces23:55
perlDreamerit's impossible to go and reassign all existing templates into those namespaces23:56
perlDreamerwe can do the WG default ones because we know their names/purposes23:56
pbmdawgthere's got to be some identifying portion of the email template23:56
perlDreamersnapcount, there is forward merged %session stuff in www_editCommerceSettings23:57
pbmdawgoops; ha; that's my fault23:57
pbmdawgyet again23:57
@snapcounthonestly though, worst case they copy their existing template, delete it, make a new one and paste it23:57
pbmdawgno wonder they told me to stop working on that23:57
perlDreamerI've been doing that too.23:57
perlDreamersnapcount: yes23:57
perlDreamershould we do it?23:58
@snapcountI dunno23:58
@snapcountit kinda sux23:58
perlDreamerp.s. I'll fix the session stuff real quick23:58
@snapcountwe should ask the list about that one23:58
pbmdawgactually just remove that line23:58
perlDreamerpbmdawg: why?23:58
* pbmdawg slaps himself23:58
perlDreamerget Joella to do it23:59
* pbmdawg gets slapped by Cody23:59
@snapcountthen you could be on COPS maybe23:59
pbmdawgonly sailors use condoms, baby23:59
@snapcountdid I miss something?23:59
--- Day changed Tue Feb 14 2006
pbmdawgaustin powers.00:00
perlDreamerCommerce code committed.00:00
perlDreamersnapcount, let us know if that fixed it00:00
@snapcountgracias amigo00:00
perlDreamerde nada00:00
perlDreamerCual quier para mis amigos00:00
@snapcountWhich do you like for your friends?00:01
* snapcount got a C+ in Spanish II00:01
perlDreamerI was trying to translate the German "etwas", which is anything, but I think I goofed00:01
* pbmdawg was getting a D in Spanish II before he realized he didn't need it (or Spanish I!) to graduate.00:02
@snapcountI should've argued Perl as a language credit00:02
perlDreamerEtwas fur mein freunden00:02
@snapcountthat fixed it00:03
perlDreamerperl -wc reveals a world of bugs00:03
@snapcountdon't you love it when you forget that  you already did something you thought you still have to do00:09
@snapcountdoes debug not work in 6.900:16
perlDreamerno se00:16
perlDreamerWeis nicht00:16
perlDreamerdon't know00:16
@snapcountI see00:16
perlDreameruh, duh, hrm00:16
@snapcountbegin debug100:16
@snapcountI just had an apiphany00:19
@snapcountI'm sure colin will correct my spelling00:19
@snapcountI'm wondering if the EMS shouldn't use a lineage system00:20
@snapcountit may simplify a lot of things00:20
@snapcountbut I don't want to overcomplicate it00:20
@snapcountit would mean re-designing it though00:20
@snapcountthe code will be scarier but it will make things like identifying prereqs, etc easier00:21
@snapcountand faster00:21
@snapcountscrew it00:22
@snapcountI'll stick with what I've got; make it work; then make it better00:22
perlDreamergood idea00:22
@snapcount3600 == 1 hour epoch right?00:26
@snapcountcolin what is the correct way to set a default value for a radio list00:32
@snapcountdefaultValue => "key"00:33
pbmdawgone of those00:33
pbmdawgeither value or defaultValue00:34
@snapcountyeah, but what is it matching00:34
@snapcountdefaultValue => "value"00:34
@snapcountdefaultValue => [key]00:34
pbmdawgdefaultValue => [[[[{{{{[{{[{[{'key'}]}]}}]}}}}]]]]00:35
@snapcountthank god it'00:35
@snapcounts something simple00:35
@snapcountI've determined this task to be impossible00:39
pbmdawgwhat, getting an answer out of me?00:41
@snapcountthat too00:41
@snapcountthe code says it's just expecting a string00:42
@snapcountvalue => "match_the_key"00:42
@snapcountbut that no workie00:42
perlDreamerradio list via Form.pm or via Form::RadioList?00:42
@snapcountI created an HTMLForm object $f and create it like this $f->radioList00:43
@snapcountusing value => "key"00:44
perlDreamervalue => 'key'00:44
perlDreamershould work fine00:44
perlDreamernot working fine?00:44
@snapcounthere is my code00:44
@snapcountforgive the paste, I'm lazy00:44
@snapcount                -name  => "requirement",00:44
@snapcount                -options => { "and" => $i18n->get("and"),00:44
@snapcount                              "or"  => $i18n->get("or"),00:44
@snapcount                            },00:44
@snapcount                -value => "and",00:44
@snapcount                -label => $i18n->get("add/edit event operator"),00:44
@snapcount                -hoverHelp => $i18n->get("add/edit event operator description"),00:44
@snapcount         );00:44
perlDreamerand it's not preselecting 'and'00:44
@snapcountI don't see anything in the logs either00:45
@snapcountI must be doing something wrong00:45
perlDreamerI don't see anything wrong00:47
perlDreamerstick a ErrorHandler statement or two inside the RadioList sub and have it print out your value and each key in the hash00:48
perlDreamerI reran one of the form tests for the Radio List, and it seems to be working.00:54
@snapcountforeach my $key (keys %options) {01:00
@snapcount                my $checked = 0;01:00
@snapcount                if ($self->get('value') eq $key) {01:00
@snapcount                        $checked = 1;01:00
@snapcount                }01:00
@snapcountis value, the value defined in the radio list01:00
@snapcountso the key has to match the value in the radio list definition or this won't work01:01
@snapcountok... right now it's like this01:02
@snapcount"and" => "And"01:02
@snapcountin my radioList def01:02
@snapcount"and" ne "And"01:03
@snapcountoh wait01:03
perlDreamerhold on a sec, I misspoke01:03
@snapcountwhen you say value, you mean the value posted01:04
perlDreamerRadioList value has to match option key01:04
@snapcountnot the value displayed01:04
perlDreamerbut that doesn't help you01:04
perlDreamerbecause it's what you're already doing01:04
@snapcountjust double checking01:04
@snapcountIs the radiolist used anywhere else in WG01:04
perlDreamerAll over01:05
perlDreameryou can also run t/Form/ListEquiv.t and look uncomment the debug output to look at individual form code01:05
perlDreamerthat's what I did01:05
perlDreamerin this one I changed the case between keys and values01:08
perlDreamer# RadioList, simple equivalency01:08
perlDreamer# direct<input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="a"  />A &nbsp; &nbsp;01:08
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="b" checked="checked"  />B &nbsp; &nbsp;01:08
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="c"  />C &nbsp; &nbsp;01:08
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="d"  />D &nbsp; &nbsp;01:08
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="e"  />E &nbsp; &nbsp;01:08
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="f"  />F &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="g"  />G &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="h"  />H &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# dynamic<input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="a"  />a &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="b" checked="checked"  />b &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="c"  />c &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="d"  />d &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="e"  />e &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
@snapcountgot it01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="f"  />f &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="g"  />g &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
perlDreamer# <input type="radio" name="myRadioList" value="h"  />h &nbsp; &nbsp;01:09
@snapcountI found the problem01:09
perlDreamerwhat was it?01:09
@snapcount                -name  => "requirement",01:09
@snapcount                -options => { 0 => $i18n->get("and"),01:09
@snapcount                              1  => $i18n->get("or"),01:09
@snapcount                            },01:09
@snapcount                -value => 0,01:09
@snapcount                -label => $i18n->get("add/edit event operator"),01:09
@snapcount                -hoverHelp => $i18n->get("add/edit event operator description"),01:09
@snapcount         );01:09
@snapcountthat works01:09
perlDreamerbut words don't?01:09
@snapcountdoesn't appear so01:10
@snapcountI didn't test it very well01:10
@snapcountbut the above code doesn't work01:10
@snapcountway above01:10
pbmdawgif ($self->get('value') eq $key) {01:13
pbmdawgif ($self->get('value') eq $key || $self->get('value') == $key) {01:13
@snapcountyeah but if that were the problem my problem shouldn't have been a problem01:13
@snapcount'text' eq 'text' should work01:14
@snapcountwhich is what I was doing at first01:14
* snapcount scratches nogin01:14
@snapcountI'll submit a bug report for it01:15
@snapcountwe'll figure it out01:15
perlDreamerthis works01:21