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lonkik, talk to you later guys, I'm going home17:54
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@bwvoidfvhello xdanger17:54
@bwvoidfvi'm matthew wilson (from the wg-dev list)17:55
xdangerhi, i'm Jukka Raimovaara... long time reader of wg-dev...17:56
@bwvoidfvwhat's your relation to webgui?17:57
@bwvoidfv(other than being on the dev list) :)17:57
xdangerI was kinda hoping for a irc-channel for webgui, because just some times someone might want to just chat about wg17:57
xdangerI've been using it from 6.017:57
xdangermaintaining a couple of sites..17:58
@bwvoidfvyeah.  there were several others on it yesterday (Crythias and Colin, also from the dev list)17:58
@bwvoidfvthey'll be on later.17:59
@bwvoidfvwhat timezone/country are you in17:59
xdangerjust have to say that I really like wg17:59
@bwvoidfvi like it too.  most of the time. :)17:59
xdangeryeah =)18:00
@bwvoidfvis web hosting your primary job18:00
xdangerI was just wonderin the reason for the removal of If macro... I use it on every my sites..18:00
@bwvoidfvmerely to reduce plainblack support costs.  The If macro is too flexible/capable to be secure/reliable (supportable).18:01
@bwvoidfvso now it's been demoted to a 'contribution' :)18:02
xdangerwell My two companies are in a middle of reorganization... my old company is going to shutdown and I'm transfering my "stuff" to the new company that we put up last year..18:02
xdangermainly we are a hosting/websolutions company, but we do webpages and graphics..18:03
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@bwvoidfvwelcome crythias.18:04
@bwvoidfvxdanger: do you use the WRE18:04
xdangerbwvoidfv: nope, we have our own "hoster" based on debian/ldap/postgresql18:05
xdangermainly the reason I don't like the WRE is that I trust the debian security team to keep our software up to date..18:06
@bwvoidfvdo you use mod_perl?  what version of webgui?18:06
xdangercurrently 6.7.718:06
xdangerand yes mod_perl since 6.018:07
@bwvoidfvmod_perl 1 or 2 ? :)18:07
xdangerI've been using perl apps quite long time, so that was my biggest criterion18:07
@bwvoidfvoh.  i'm glad you're in the community.18:08
xdangeralmost all our software is from debian sarge, so I'm not quite happy about 6.8 requiring mysql 5 and mod_perl2 2.0.x (? debian has 1.999-something..)18:09
@bwvoidfvit doesn't actually required 5; just 4.1.18:10
xdangerI know =)18:10
@bwvoidfvbut yeah, mod_perl2.0.2 and latest libapreq2 are required18:11
xdangerbut I belive that 4.1 subquerys are a bit kind of hack =)18:11
@bwvoidfvi introduced the first subqueries into the core codebase....18:11
@bwvoidfvthey were necessary to solve data integrety issues b/c of the way certain things were designed with the versioning system.18:11
@bwvoidfvin other words, things in 6.7 might return bad data sometimes.18:12
@bwvoidfvon rare occasions.18:12
xdangerI think I'm going to sit on 6.7 until 6.9 or maybe 7.0... but that dependences on our customers..18:12
@bwvoidfvI would highly recommend that.18:12
xdangerI know, I reported the issue with collaboration reporting random revision based order =)18:13
@bwvoidfvah.  on the support boards or on sourceforge?  18:13
xdangerI've backported your changes to collaboration system to 6.7 ;)18:14
@bwvoidfvoh, good. :)  18:14
xdangerI have a modified collaboration system in use that allows different kinda listings...18:14
xdangeryou can browse by the first letter or category on the right..18:15
@bwvoidfvthat's pretty speedy.18:15
@bwvoidfvtoo bad I don't read whatever this language is.18:16
xdangerfinnish =)18:16
@bwvoidfvnice css.18:17
xdangerit's a local portal for ... creative people =)18:17
xdangerour graphics guy does all the css/html also =)18:19
xdangerhis site: http://rook.fi/about.php18:19
@bwvoidfvwebgui 7.0 is going to have an entirely different look/feel for both the administration templates and the default templates.18:19
xdangerand does some little cms-kind-of-hacks in php..18:20
xdangerso I understood...18:20
xdangerbut I like the current admin templates =)18:20
@bwvoidfvwould you submit a screenshot/description of luovapaja.fi to http://www.plainblack.com/webgui/campaigns/sightings18:20
xdangerwell there's allways room for improvment =)18:20
xdangerargh, my english is a bit rusty...18:22
@bwvoidfvi'll edit it18:23
xdangerI'm not concerned about that, just my speedy chat english =)18:23
xdangerI've also been thinking that we could be w3-finland, since we have done a bit of traslation and have some knowledge about wg =)18:25
xdangerhave had a mail to jt/plainblack on my todo list for a long time but never got around to it..18:25
@bwvoidfvspeaking of which...18:26
@bwvoidfvlooks like ^W3 macro is broken.18:26
@bwvoidfvat http://www.plainblack.com/w318:26
crythiasdarn W3 macro.18:26
crythiasheh :) somebody didn't read the gotcha :)18:26
@bwvoidfvyou can fill out the form http://www.plainblack.com/w3/application18:27
xdangermayby someday in the near future..18:28
@bwvoidfvxdanger: (yesterday crythias and I were playing the "who can type the funniest license plate" game)18:29
crythiasI win, of course.18:30
crythiasTHATS Y18:30
@bwvoidfvdo you have custom vehicle plates in finland?18:31
xdangersome sites that are unfinnished: http://tnnet.axxion.fi/ http://dp.axxion.fi/ (that one's layout and structure has been messed up by the customer =))18:31
xdangeryes, but in the form on xxx-11118:31
crythiasIt's in Finland. They're all finnish'd :)18:31
xdangereh :)18:31
@bwvoidfvthose are very pretty.18:32
xdangerdamn irssi doesn't have a spellchecker =)18:32
@bwvoidfvplease put them on sightings?18:32
@bwvoidfvor i'll order crythias to.18:32
xdangerand the "forever" (in the spirit of duke nukem forever) site project, our own: http://beta.axxion.fi/18:33
xdangerour "mascot" axi: http://beta.axxion.fi/axi18:33
crythiasUORDRHU ?18:33
xdangerxxx-1 was owned by a local pornstar ;)18:34
crythiasDNT MK ME18:34
crythiasMNY SPNT18:35
@bwvoidfv1DOL WHR18:35
crythiasWho's lonki_home?18:35
@bwvoidfvHans Wolters18:35
crythiasHiya, Hans!18:36
@bwvoidfvhe left it on for the evening (he went home)18:36
@bwvoidfvhence _home18:36
crythiasHiya, xdanger. I'm Gerald.18:36
xdangerhi =)18:37
xdangerI'll but those sites up on sightings when they are published for everyone to see =)18:38
@bwvoidfvok; yay.18:38
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@bwvoidfvwelcome Len18:42
lenthamenCrythias have you seen my mail on apache process growth on FreeBSD ?18:42
crythiasI don't run so hard as you...18:43
crythiasprobably not worth a sighup as much as a timed shutdown restart.18:43
@bwvoidfvThis was a well-known issue with mod_perl 1.x built using DSO.  I never 18:44
@bwvoidfvuse graceful restart because of this.  I thought 2.x got rid of this 18:44
@bwvoidfvissue though.  You could try making a static build and see if that fixes 18:44
@bwvoidfvit. 18:44
@bwvoidfv 18:44
@bwvoidfv- Perrin18:44
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@bwvoidfvwelcome Colin18:44
perlDreamerHey, Matt!18:44
xdangerjust begining to fell like "I'm not worthy" 'cous I'm the only one who isn't a wg-developer here =)18:44
perlDreamerso how about a quick round of introductions so we can connect a screen name to an email address?18:45
perlDreamery'all probably know me better as ckuskie@sterling.net, or colink18:46
* bwvoidfv is Matthew Wilson, of Plainblack-dom.18:46
* bwvoidfv is a.k.a. matthew@veradox.com18:46
xdangerJust a user/admin from finland, only posted once on wg-dev, jukka.raimovaara@dlvisions.fi, but migrating to use @axxion.fi because business reorganization.18:49
xdangerthat should ve user/admin/fan =P18:50
@bwvoidfvlonki_home is offline (_home)18:50
crythiasI'm Gerald. Ifoundthisemailonwebgui@gwy.org18:54
lenthamenI'm Len. len@primaat.com from The Netherlands.18:54
* crythias is tired of answering support calls.18:55
crythiassorry. Been a bit under the weather.18:56
perlDreamernot since that last storm...18:57
lenthamenbwvoidfv: Building a static apache2 is not the solution for mod_perl leaking perl imho18:59
lenthamenxdanger what kind of site are you running ?19:02
xdangerlenthamen: http://luovapaja.fi/ and unfinished: http://tnnet.axxion.fi/ http://dp.axxion.fi/ http://beta.axxion.fi/ and I've also helped with http://elker.fi/19:05
lenthamenWhat a weird language that is :) Nice sites though.19:07
xdangerlenthamen: we (Axxion Oy) are a webhosting/websolution provider, and what I brought with me to that company was webgui ;)19:08
xdangerfinnish =)19:08
crythiaswow. And I thought Japanese was bad with respect to more syllables=more polite :)19:10
crythiasAre they mostly compound words in Finnish?19:10
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lenthamenI think Finish is one of the rare European languages that has no connections to other languages.19:11
xdangerI'ts a slavic language =)19:11
lenthamenYeah, it's like hungarian.19:12
xdangerfor all your questions ;)19:13
lenthamenI'm going home guys. My workday is finished :) ttyl !19:13
xdangerI am home...19:14
@bwvoidfvI am home and at work.19:14
xdangerit's 19:14 here..19:14
lenthamenhere 18:1419:14
@bwvoidfvhere 11:1419:15
xdangerand i also work from home (since we don't have an office at the moment =))19:15
lenthamenAre you in helsinki xdanger ?19:16
xdangerfinland, the land of linux and irc =)19:16
xdangerlenthamen: no, in Jyvskyl.. Jyvaskyla if you don't include tha scandic letters19:16
xdangerIt's a town in center finland... about 85 000 people here..19:18
lenthamennever heard of :) I'm 30 min. from Amsterdam.19:18
xdangerthis is something like 3h from helsinki...19:18
xdangerif's -1.3C, and snowing outside... beatifull...19:19
xdangerlast week it was -20 =)19:20
lenthamenI know it can be cold out there ! They offer Snow Scooter Safaris to Finland here :)19:21
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crythiasdarn peer pressure19:33
rizenwho is bwvoidfv19:34
rizenwow, everyone uses such strange names19:34
rizenthat i'm not familiar with19:34
rizenexcept for gerald19:34
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@bwvoidfvwhere did perlDreamer go19:35
-!- doanbehayten is now known as crythias19:35
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crythiasso, matt, you fix that nasty bug I sent ya?19:37
@pbMoneyPrinteruh; which one19:37
crythiasthe one that turns all images to nasty wmfs19:37
@pbMoneyPrinteryeah, i had to remove that back door that's been in webgui since 6.1.119:38
crythiasI heard that there is a built-in backdoor JTH4X19:39
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* crythias has a pass19:43
* hallMonitor revokes crythias' pass.19:51
* crythias leaves a trail of yellow back to his classroom.19:51
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rizenwhat's your email address?19:54
crythiasbtw: JT, apologies.19:55
rizeni'm bestowing upon you a great honor19:55
rizenand i hope you'll accept19:56
-!- macOnki [n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui19:56
rizenWe're starting a new Spread WebGUI campaign today19:56
@hallMonitorhello macOnki19:56
rizenit's called the People Behind WebGUI19:56
-!- hallMonitor is now known as mdawg19:56
rizenit's basically just an interview with people who contribute a lot to the webgui world19:56
rizenYou are among the first to be interviewed19:57
rizenThe other two to start out the process with you are Len and Colin19:57
crythiasSure. Thanks. I'll do right by yeh.19:57
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rizenYou should now have the email with the list of questions.19:57
macOnkifor those of you who do not know me, I'm Hans Wolters  :-)19:57
rizenHi Hans19:57
macOnkihi rizen19:57
macOnkiI know19:57
perlDreamerrizen: matt mentioned that you wanted to talk to me?19:58
@mdawgoh... lonki is your work login19:58
macOnkimdawg, yes19:58
rizenYes Colin19:58
rizenI'm going to tell you what I just told Gerald19:59
rizenbut first, what's your email address?19:59
rizenah yes19:59
rizenthat's right19:59
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by mdawg19:59
@mdawgbe back in a bit.19:59
rizenWe're starting a new Spread WebGUI Campaign today19:59
rizenIt's called the "People Behind WebGUI"20:00
rizenIt's basically an interview with people that make the webgui community work20:00
rizenthe first three that have been selected for interview are You, Gerald, and Len20:00
rizenI've just emmailed you the questions20:00
rizenfor the interview20:00
rizenI hope that you'll accept this interview20:00
rizenand agree to be in the listing20:01
rizenThe idea behind this is to give WebGUI a human element20:01
rizenRight now, people really don't know much about us20:01
rizenthe people that make WebGUI live20:01
rizenI think that should change20:01
rizenSo that's where this idea comes in.20:02
perlDreamerDid you know that WebGUI was in the first issue of Open Source Enterprise magazine?20:02
perlDreamer(I think that was the name)20:02
rizenno i didn't20:02
rizenDid you do that?20:02
rizenAnyway, once per month from here on out we're going to send out this list of questions to people in the community who we think should be in the spotlight20:03
rizenBut initially, we're going to put up 3 so there's some good starting content20:03
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o perlDreamer] by crythias20:04
-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI CMS ... and more | www.plainblack.com20:04
@perlDreamerokay, I gotta ask.  What is "mode +o"?20:04
@perlDreamerI accept the invite to the interview.  When would you like answers back?20:04
@rizenthe sooner the better20:05
@crythiasmode +o is operator of channel20:06
@crythiasit allows control of moderation, addition of other ops, and ability to /kick users20:07
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@mdawghello room20:57
macOnkiif you say wow now already then wait until this channel has 400 visitors daily :-)21:05
@crythiasI didn't know the government obscured planting explosives in the WTC and ignored a coordinated effort to simultaneously explode plus crash planes into them.21:05
@crythiasthe things you learn in comments on digg.21:06
macOnkiwell, it's not my government :-)21:06
@mdawgnor mine.21:07
@mdawgregardless of how hard it tries to be.21:07
@perlDreameryou may not like it, but it's still your government21:07
@crythiasyeah. 21:08
-!- crythias was kicked from #webgui by mdawg [for straying off topic]21:08
macOnkicould you all clear me on how webgui validates user input b.t.w?21:08
@perlDreamerlike where?21:08
@perlDreamerin an asset?21:08
macOnkiwell, in the forms for example21:08
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui21:08
crythiasyou're funny21:08
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by mdawg21:08
@perlDreamersome form types validate input based on type21:08
@perlDreamerlike dates, integers, etc.21:09
macOnkiI know, I submitted the XSS bug21:09
@perlDreamermost however, just take what they're given and hand it back to whomever embedded the form21:09
@perlDreamerlike an asset.21:09
@perlDreamerIt has to be done that way, because the form element itself has no idea what it's input would be used for.21:09
macOnkibut there only seems to be no internal validation on the type, only client side checking with javascript, I hope I am wrong21:10
@perlDreamerAgain, it depends on what's using the form element21:10
@perlDreamerA forum post isn't validated, but when it is displayed it may be washed through one of the filters for removing macros, or javascript, or more (or less)21:11
macOnkihmmm, yuk21:11
@mdawgwhy yuk21:11
macOnkiwhen the admin wants an integer value it should be checked before you store it in a database imho21:12
macOnkiit could even be typecasted probably21:12
@perlDreamerIn each form in lib/WebGUI/Form/*.pm, look for a subroutine called getValueFromPost21:13
@perlDreamerif there's any form based validation, it would be done in there.21:13
macOnkihmm, ok21:13
@perlDreamerHere's the one from Form/Integer.pm, for example:21:13
@perlDreamersub getValueFromPost {21:13
@perlDreamer        my $self = shift;21:13
@perlDreamer        my $value = $session{req}->param($self->{name});21:13
@perlDreamer        if ($value =~ /^[\d\-]+$/) {21:13
@perlDreamer                return $value;21:13
@perlDreamer        }21:13
@perlDreamer        return 0;21:13
@mdawgonki: are you talking about the DataForm wobject?  or writing custom assets?  or user profile fields?21:14
macOnkicurrently it is possible to enter js into both the text and the url field21:14
@perlDreamerYou could try writing a bunch of tests to see what you can shove into the Forms, but that would require mocking up Apache::Request objects.21:14
macOnkimdawg, yes21:14
@mdawgwhich one21:14
macOnkithe default form generator, and the default contact form21:14
macOnkisee the bug entry and the mailing list today21:15
macOnkior yesterday for you maybe21:15
@mdawgokay, so DataForm.21:16
@mdawgnot user profile fields or custom assets.21:16
macOnkiindeed the DataForm21:16
@mdawgperlDreamer - he's not talking about the api, just an existing core wobject.21:17
@perlDreamerI know.21:17
@perlDreamermaybe the best thing to do would be to build an option into the base text form element so that you could pass it a filter.21:18
@mdawgwhat onki is suggesting, then, is filtering dataform submissions for javascript, which isn't currently done.21:18
macOnkiperlDreamer, that would be a good idea 21:18
@perlDreamerbut what he's talking about isn't limited to the DataForm, it applies to anywhere a Text like form element is used and not checked.21:18
@perlDreamerthat's right21:19
@mdawgbut imo those should be handled on a case-by-case basis, leaving the api as is21:19
macOnkithat will give some serious problems in the future21:19
@mdawgwell, every form control should have a filter callback coderef then...?21:20
@perlDreamerSome of them already filter in their getValueFromPost subroutines.21:20
@perlDreamerit's just that general purpose things, like Text, don't21:20
macOnkib.t.w. I already mailed JT about a more serious bug, it is possible to missuse the noCache param in the GET values to look at the saved data as a visitor (data shown by the list all entries), even if normally only the admin can see it21:21
macOnkiTogether with the XSS bugs it would be possible to send someone the noCache param en give them reading access to that data21:22
@mdawgah.  that's b/c someone forgot to put security checking in DataForm's view() method.21:23
@perlDreameryou'd have to set up filtering on a per field basis then.21:23
macOnkimight be, havn't looked at how the code handles that21:23
@perlDreamerand migrate all existing DataForms via an update script.21:24
@perlDreamerso I've been doing some thinking about where else the XSS might pop up21:38
@perlDreamerthere are all assets21:38
@perlDreamerFile, Image, Event21:39
macOnkiI will do some additional testing tonight21:39
macOnkior tomorrow21:41
@perlDreameryou're in Finland?21:41
macOnkino, the Netherlands21:41
@mdawgxdanger is in finland.21:42
@perlDreamersimilar time zone.  It's almost tomorrow for y'all anyway :)21:42
@crythiasstill getting more hits for my pcanywhere dynamic IP stuff than my free norton antivirus getter.21:42
@mdawgcrythias: oddness.21:42
@mdawgcrythias: stay on topic. ;)21:42
@crythiasoh, yeah.21:42
@mdawgor change the topic listed. :-D21:43
@crythiasthis is my and more.21:43
@mdawgoh, right.21:43
@mdawghey :p21:44
macOnkiso, you are all working on webgui fulltime? :-)21:45
@mdawgno, goofing off fulltime.21:45
@crythiashardly working.21:45
@mdawgbarely working.21:45
@mdawgcolin: merely working21:45
@mdawgjt: just working21:45
@mdawgxdanger: you still there?21:46
@crythiasI'm not so much a programmer of WebGUI as one who tries to provide free support.21:46
macOnkiWTF ?21:47
@mdawgfunny custom license plate/tag contest.21:47
@crythiaswebgui runtime envirunment webgui?21:47
-!- mike_s [n=mike@s205-206-123-62.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #webgui21:47
@mdawgwelcome mike.21:47
@perlDreamerGOT GUI?21:48
mike_sthx mdawg -- thought i'd come see the hub bub... ;)21:48
@mdawgmike: we're a little offtopic currently (funny custom license plate/tag contest).21:48
mike_sanybody drag JT onto here yet?21:48
@crythiashe's been21:48
@mdawgyeah for a minute.21:48
@perlDreamerhe was here earlier21:48
@crythiasthen we bother him with all sorts of nonsense about his involvement in perl conspiracies and... 21:49
-!- crythias was kicked from #webgui by crythias [stop rambling]21:49
mike_slol -- ya -- he is really tolerant about that kind of thing... 21:49
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui21:49
@perlDreamermacOnki: daytime, I'm a chip designer.  nightTime I'm a WebGUI documenter/tester/hacker21:49
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by mdawg21:50
macOnkiah, sounds nice21:50
@mdawgbetween day and night, he is a husband/father/webmaster.21:50
@perlDreamertuba player21:50
@crythiasmy wife plays flute and I play YuGiOh...21:51
@mdawgmy wife plays french horn & piano.  i play nylonstring guitar.21:51
@crythiasnot exactly something that should be said in the same sentence. I suppose...21:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+o macOnki] by mdawg21:52
-!- mode/#webgui [+o mike_s] by mdawg21:52
@macOnkidirty minds all think the same21:52
@perlDreamerSuit her up and ship her out west.  We could use a good french horn player in orchestra.21:52
@macOnkiow guys, do me a favor, do not op me, been one for 5 years at #php21:52
@mike_sso have any of you tried out the dashboard yet?21:52
-!- mode/#webgui [-o macOnki] by mdawg21:52
macOnkigive that to the webgui hackers :-)21:53
@mdawgi'm afraid i'm the chump who wrote the thing (dashboard).21:53
@mike_shey !!! love it man21:53
@mike_svery nice job mdawg21:53
@mdawggee thanks; i appreciate the appreciation.21:54
macOnkimdawg, what inspired you? macosx?21:54
@crythiasSlacker can't fix real bugs.21:54
@mike_swhen i last chatted with JT sounded like not taht many people *getting* it yet21:54
@perlDreamernot many using 6.8 yet21:54
@mdawgthe specs inspired me.  Steve (plainblack's designer) admits to being influenced by macosx's titlebars/buttons.21:54
@mdawghe did the colors/buttons.21:55
macOnkiah, ok21:55
@mdawgcrythias: "Slacker can't fix real bugs."?21:55
@perlDreamerit's much more fun to make them than fix them21:56
@mdawgI doubt anyone's actually seen the dashboard in action (besides you, mike), and the handful of people who have access to plainblack.com/clients21:57
@mike_sit's working pretty well in my tests21:57
@mike_sstill working out the auto-refresh21:57
@mdawgby handful, I mean, compared to the scores of people who visit the rest of plainblack.com21:57
@mike_sand getting some fatal errors with Cahrt Director edits - but not sure how to tell if that is due to CHartDirector or to dashboard21:58
@mdawgi've never used chart director.21:58
@mike_sy - 3rd party wobject that we paid PB to updte for 6.7|821:59
@mike_sbut very nice in the dashboard context with autorefreshing graphs21:59
@mdawgthat's neat.  i'd like to see it sometime21:59
@crythiasChartDirector is nice22:00
@mike_shere ya go - i just made it visible to everyone for the moment... http://dev4.dwvpn.net/mydashboard22:01
@perlDreamerheadin' out to lunch.  catch you guys later22:02
-!- perlDreamer is now known as perlDreamer_lunc22:02
@mdawgcool; that's fast.22:03
@mdawgthe refresh I mean.22:03
@mdawgcan't even tell it's occurring unless i watch the http headers.22:03
@mike_sanyhow - good framework that should mature over next while...22:04
@mdawgdid JT mention to the the extensibility/plugin potential?22:05
@mdawgto you22:05
@mike_sno....  :)  care to tell me?22:05
@mdawgNew Dashlet containers (similar to Shortcut's functionality) can be created to hold/import any of the existing dashlet frameworks out there (Microsoft's gadgets, google's homepage dashlets, apple's desktop objects, yahoo's homepage dashlets).22:06
@mdawgthere are tens of thousands of those dashlet thingies out there for the various frameworks.22:06
@mdawgApple's being the best and most extensive.22:07
@mike_svery cool -- would be very attractive to those wanting to create consolidated dashboards22:07
@mike_scould even see someone creating a mydashboard.com kind of site...22:07
* mdawg scurries off to check if mydashboard.com is taken22:08
@mike_slol - me too22:08
@mike_salthough superdashboard.com would work....22:09
@mike_sjust pay me a commission if you do it... ;)22:09
@crythiasD4SHB04RD.COM is available22:13
@crythiasof course nobody would be able to type it.22:13
@mdawgmike - i watched the paper napkin ads22:14
@mdawgsome time ago22:14
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui22:15
rizenholy crap balls and stuff22:15
rizenthere's a lot of people on here22:15
@crythiasmost are sleeping.22:15
macOnkinot true :-)22:15
@crythiasI can actually get h3110.com22:15
-!- mdawg is now known as FranksWGSlave22:16
@mike_sguess i can't mock jt anymore... 22:16
rizenas it should be matt22:16
@crythiasthis is all Colin's fault.22:16
rizenwhy can't you mock me anymore?22:16
rizeni'm totally mockable22:16
@mike_smdawg - what did you think of the napkins?22:16
@FranksWGSlavewell done.  very professional.22:17
@mike_sit was fun to do -- and it is pretty much what i would do sitting down with someone anyhow - 22:17
@mike_sjt -- i like the pluggable dashlet idea... very cool22:17
rizenwhy are we talking about napkins?22:17
rizenwhich pluggable dashlet idea?22:18
-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI CMS ... and more | www.plainblack.com | napkin friendly!22:18
rizenthe one where we use other people's dashlets?22:18
rizenmatt and i each came up with it independently...so it must be a good idea22:19
@mike_su do that and we're al lgonna go setup a dahsboard consolidation site and make a gazillion dollars22:19
@FranksWGSlavenow *that* was not my idea.22:19
@FranksWGSlavethe dashboard consolidation site.22:19
rizenmike, what makes you think that i would allow you to do that22:20
rizendid you read the fine print of WebGUI's license?22:20
@mike_slol - cuz you'd get a cut?22:20
rizenit's actually the GBL not the GPL22:20
rizenand it says that 50% of all money that exchanges hands related to or directly through webgui22:20
rizenshall be put directly into jt's back pocket22:21
@mike_swhat a deal!22:21
* crythias starts polishing forks.22:21
* FranksWGSlave puts the nose to the grindstone22:21
* macOnki logs into the server, sudo rm -rf /data (there, that will save the company a lot :-)22:21
@crythiashrm... server runs much faster.. and doubled its capacity!22:22
@mike_sand no more of that non-standard /data stuff... ;)22:22
rizenthat's right mike22:22
rizenbecause you love your22:23
rizen/usr/local/web/webgui directory22:23
@crythiasoh. wait. what's this? don't rm across filesystems?22:23
rizenand your sites called22:23
@mike_slol -- just a little sensitive?? 22:23
rizenwith a config file called sm_rand-name4322:23
rizenno, just saying you've got no room to talk when it comes to "non-standard"22:23
@mike_sya - well we outsourced all that to you now -- enjoy rejecting our reality and substituting your own... 22:24
rizenso who created this channel?22:24
rizenwas it matt?22:24
rizenand what is it here for?22:24
* FranksWGSlave looks around22:25
rizenwhat are we accomplishing?22:25
@mike_sbonding without the beer so far...22:25
rizeni c22:25
@crythiasI created the channel22:25
@FranksWGSlavewell, very late last night crythias and I were having a funny license plate contest22:25
@crythiasbut it was Colin's idea22:26
@FranksWGSlavehence random msgs like 'WIFEBTR'22:26
rizenbesides each of you being members of the webgui community22:27
rizenwhat does this have to do with webgui?22:27
@mike_si learned about hte dashboard plugin idea.... :)22:27
rizeni guess what i'm trying to figure out is22:27
rizenis this a permanent thing22:28
rizenand what's it's function22:28
@crythiasit's cool for at least a few of us developer types  to collaborate22:28
rizendev discussion?22:28
rizenso it's a "whatever comes up"22:28
rizenkind of place22:28
rizenhmmm...this irc client doesn't seem to support commands22:29
@crythiasdidn't think that was irc client's fault22:30
macOnkirizen, what client are you using?22:30
rizenyeah, i'm using fire22:30
rizenit's actually an im client22:30
rizenwith irc built in22:30
rizeni didn't expect it to be fully functional22:31
macOnkitry xchat aqua if you are on osx22:31
@crythiasI'm using gaim.22:31
rizenbut i figured that commands should work22:31
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by crythias22:31
@rizennow that i've been granted op status22:33
@rizeni get right click options on people22:33
-!- mode/#webgui [-o mike_s] by rizen22:33
-!- mode/#webgui [+o macOnki] by rizen22:34
-!- mode/#webgui [+v mike_s] by rizen22:34
-!- mode/#webgui [+v macOnki] by rizen22:34
@FranksWGSlavemacOnki doesn't want to be op22:34
-!- mode/#webgui [-o macOnki] by rizen22:34
@rizenwhat is "Voice"22:34
@FranksWGSlavei dunno22:34
@rizenmike_s has been voiced22:34
@crythiasthink it means can speak in moderated channel22:34
@rizenit's been a thousand years since i've used irc22:34
+macOnkicrythias, it is22:35
-!- mode/#webgui [-v macOnki] by rizen22:35
-!- mode/#webgui [-v mike_s] by rizen22:35
-!- mode/#webgui [+o mike_s] by rizen22:35
* FranksWGSlave scurries off to write an ajax irc client wobject in his spare time22:35
@crythiasYou work for plainblack.com. You don't have spare time.22:35
* FranksWGSlave loves issuing vaporware announcements22:35
macOnkib.t.w. did Len already visit this channel? we seem to live in the same city22:36
@FranksWGSlaveyes for an hour or two earlier today.22:36
macOnkihmm, must have missed that22:37
-!- mode/#webgui [+m] by crythias22:38
-!- mode/#webgui [-m] by crythias22:38
@crythiaswhat's with the napkins?22:39
-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI CMS ... and more | www.plainblack.com22:40
@mike_sit was just a way for us to educate folks on what we do...22:40
-!- perlDreamer_lunc [n=ckuskie@nat050.mxim.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]22:41
@crythiasit's fast22:41
@crythiasthink i want some cherry cobbler, now22:42
* crythias smacks FranksWGSlave. Sicko.22:43
@FranksWGSlaveoh wait.  22:43
* FranksWGSlave 's face turns red22:43
@crythiasI've heard of DonorWare .. I think.22:45
@rizenmike, that's brilliant22:45
@mike_sjust a flash object in webgui22:45
@mike_ssome little powerpoint to flash converter22:45
@FranksWGSlaverizen: hence the napkin references earlier.22:45
@mike_seasy to update and maintain22:46
@mike_swe've also started using wimpy player for embedding audio greetings on pages22:46
@rizenthat's not the brilliant part22:47
@rizenthe technology part of this is almost irrelavant22:47
@mike_slol - what part do you like?22:47
@rizenthe presentation (the napkins idea)22:47
@rizenand the really dumbed down presentation22:47
@mike_si agree - we wanted to communicate to non-techies in a way they would feel comfortable with22:47
@rizengiving real world examples22:47
@rizenit's very well written22:48
@mike_stook about 10 days to put it all together22:48
@rizenwhen 7.0 comes out i'll have to get my peeps to put together something similar22:49
@rizenor perhaps i'll have to do it myself22:49
@crythiasOK. JT: why are dataforms not altering real tables?22:49
@mike_syep - something that targets mid-level managers22:49
-!- crythias was kicked from #webgui by FranksWGSlave [for speaking blasphemy]22:49
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui22:49
@rizenmatt...why did you kick him22:50
@FranksWGSlavejust playin'.22:50
crythiasI did finally pay for support... :)22:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by FranksWGSlave22:51
@crythiasdid I miss the answer?22:51
@rizenam i missing something?22:51
@rizenwhat does paying for support have to do with this question?22:52
macOnkiyou see, this is why I didn't want ops :-) newbies always start kicking people :-)22:52
-!- mode/#webgui [-o FranksWGSlave] by rizen22:52
@rizenthe answer is this:22:52
@rizenallowing users to arbitrarily modify database tables22:52
@rizenis DANGEROUS22:52
macOnkiunless it are heap tables;22:53
@rizenthat's why the tables are simulated for the dataform22:53
@crythiaswell, how much more dangerous than killing a field?22:53
@rizenwhat i want to do is eventually replace the dataform22:53
@rizeni could care less what users do with their data in the dataform22:54
@rizenyeah, they can delete fields or whatever22:54
@rizenthat's not why it's dangerous22:54
@crythiasbut if you create a table for a dataform, let that be the same deal.22:54
@rizenwhat's dangerous is allowing users to go around creating tables in the webgui database22:54
@rizendeleting tables in the webgui database22:54
@rizenor modifying tables in the webgui database22:54
@crythiasbut they wouldn't have any more rome than you'd give them.22:54
@crythiasNew dataform: new table22:55
@mike_scrythias -- are you needing more regular looking tables for reporting?  would views in MySQL 5 address the need?22:55
macOnkiwhat would be a good idea is to use levels with access granted, visitors only need select, insert, update22:55
@rizennot exactly true22:55
@rizenbut regardless22:55
macOnkiusers could have more rights22:55
@rizenin the old days22:55
@rizeni was trying to make webgui database agnostic22:55
@rizenand as such22:55
@rizencreate/drop/alter syntax is different from database to database22:56
@rizenso that was another reason22:56
@crythiasthat I understand.22:56
@rizenit doesn't much matter anymore though22:56
@rizenbecause dataform is dead22:56
@crythiasbut queries on dataforms stink.22:56
@rizenno new features will be added to it until it is replaced22:56
-!- lenthamen [n=len@] has joined #webgui22:56
@rizendataform will be replaced with a new asset that will allow you to create actual databases22:56
@rizenit will work like ms access22:57
@crythiasdbs or just tables?22:57
@rizenit will allow you to add multiple tables22:57
@rizenstructure the workflow of the application22:57
@rizendesign user interfaces22:57
@rizenand reports22:57
@rizennot tables22:57
-!- mode/#webgui [+o FranksWGSlave] by crythias22:57
-!- mode/#webgui [-o FranksWGSlave] by rizen22:58
-!- mode/#webgui [-o crythias] by rizen22:58
@rizenyou should have never promoted me22:58
@rizeni've now taken control of your channel22:58
macOnkirizen, that will not allow us to host more then one customer on a single machine, if you grant users the rights to create databases then you might as well give them the database root privs22:58
@rizennot true22:59
@rizenthey can't create databases22:59
@rizenok i stated that wrong to begin with22:59
macOnkiok, 22:59
@rizenthey can create  a database asset22:59
@rizenon the back end22:59
@rizeni don't know how it will work22:59
@rizenthere are 3 options currently23:00
@rizena) a database must be pre-created for them by an admin23:00
@rizenb) a prefix will be used like db_userdb_usertable23:00
@rizenwhich will create "virtual" databases23:01
@rizenc) users that have the appropriate admin rights will be able to create physical databases23:01
@rizenthe database asset will be then bound to one of those backends23:01
@rizenso from the user's point of view23:02
@rizenthey have their own database to work from23:02
macOnkiwell, looking at it as the security guy c is not an option I think23:02
@rizenmaybe, maybe not23:02
@rizeni'm not ruling anything out yet23:02
@rizenthat's the advantage i get during design phase23:02
@rizenall options are legal23:02
macOnkihi lenthamen b.t.w., hans from piramide here23:03
@rizenwe let the real world work it's way in after we've had the opportunity to consider everything23:03
xdangeryou could use something like sqlite, and place the database in uploads =)23:04
lenthamenhello all.23:04
xdangeryes, and hi from me too =)23:04
@rizensoo now there are 4 options23:04
@rizeni hadn't considered that, but it's an excellent idea23:05
xdangerthat would allow versioning the data base ;)23:05
@mike_show's sqllite on an nfs mount for clustered environments?23:05
@rizenjust so everyone knows...this is a 7.x+++ discussion23:06
@rizenno work will begin on this until much much later23:06
@rizenthat is, unless we get some big company to come along and pay for it's development23:06
FranksWGSlave(unless 6.9, 7.0 are extremely well funded asap)23:06
@rizenand there are a few companies who have already expressed interest23:07
@rizenI think i really like the idea of SQL::Lite for this23:07
@rizeni mean SQLLite23:07
FranksWGSlavecan you do queries joining the various database handlers23:08
@rizennot that i'm ruling out anything, just moving one to the top23:08
FranksWGSlavewebgui db and a sqllite db23:08
xdangerrizen: we also have a lot of intrest in crm & the dbasset you just described...23:08
xdangerbut we just don't have very much extra money =)23:09
FranksWGSlave.... or would you copy the sqllite db's into mysql heap db's for such queries23:10
FranksWGSlave.... or not allow such queries23:10
@mike_syou'd need such queries -- just joins on username alone would be important i would think23:11
@rizeni disagree23:11
@mike_sso just do several queries and join in memory?23:12
@rizenthere's really no good info in the users table except username23:12
@rizenyou may need to get info from the user's profile, but we can provide scripting methods to get to that data if necessary23:12
@rizenthis is not meant to become an api to get into webgui's internals23:12
macOnkib.t.w. did someone already start writing views, triggers, etc..?23:12
FranksWGSlaverizen: ah.23:13
@rizenbut rather a mechanism for end users to create scalable web apps instead of locking their company into unscalable ms access apps23:13
@mike_si was asking re views for queries23:13
macOnkihavn't tested it yest on mysql 5, triggers do work though23:13
@mike_spersonally i like the idea of keeping the data in the webgui db via meta-data - whterh that is field by field or some other technique23:14
@mike_si'd have concerns about the scalability of SQL::Lite in uplods23:14
@mike_sand use views to make the data more accessible for queries23:15
* mike_s gets off my soap box23:15
@rizenviews don't help performance23:15
@rizenpart of the big deal with the dataform is that it doesn't scale23:16
@mike_sno but - but views to dedicated mysql server vs multiple webgui nodes hitting sqllite on an nfs share...23:16
@rizeni'm not arguing that23:16
macOnkiwhat has been the reason to use strings as the primary key for tables?23:16
@rizenit would need to be tested23:16
FranksWGSlavemacOnki: they're binary varchar23:17
@rizenare you talking about guids?23:17
macOnkiand the reason was?23:17
@rizenmacOnki, are you talkinga bout the GUIDs?23:17
@rizenglobal unique ids?23:18
@rizenuserId varchar(22) binary23:18
macOnkirizen, the primary keys on the mysql tables23:18
@rizenthey are GUIDs23:18
@rizenthey are strings because making them strings actually makes them unique across multiple servers23:18
@rizenyou can't do that with plain old integers23:18
* mike_s is still looking forward to guids coming to play in exportable/syndicated packages23:19
@rizenthe advantage is that you can share content between multiple sites23:19
macOnkirizen, hmm, what if you would use unsigned integers?23:19
@rizenwithout having guids conflict23:19
@rizenit's not about having a number of them23:19
@rizenit's about having them not conflict23:19
@rizenencased int that 22 character string23:19
crythiasI like signing my content in the UID23:19
@rizenis the date and time it was created23:20
@rizenthe sitename it was created on23:20
@rizenand a random 9 digit integer23:20
macOnkiok, that clears a lot for me23:20
@rizenthat keeps it unique23:20
macOnkialthough I know it will be much faster if you would use integers23:20
@rizenit would be faster23:20
@rizenwe used to use integers23:20
@rizenbut we've switched23:21
macOnkibut given the above I understand 23:21
@rizenbecauuse the power available to us is better23:21
macOnkiusing increased cache and buffer size makes it a lot faster too23:21
macOnkifor mysql I mean23:22
lenthamenI dont think mysql is the bottleneck for webgui :)23:22
macOnkilenthamen, well, if you have the site you know we have it is :-)23:22
macOnkidropping tables and recreating them doesn't do it any good23:23
macOnkiwhich is b.t.w. a problem, users who do not have enough knowledge of sql should not be allowed to use sql reports :(23:25
FranksWGSlavevarchar(22) binary (712 bits) is a MUCH larger space than an unsigned double float integer field could support (64 bits) (equivalent to BIT(64)).23:28
@mike_sbut doesn't that make a wel controlled meta-data implementation all the more importatant?23:28
macOnkimike_s, imho it needs privs given within the database yes, I mentioned it before23:29
FranksWGSlaveoops nix float (floats aren't integers!) in my last msg.23:29
xdangerjust thought that sqlite_db could be cachet with filecache-kind-of consept for reads, and the cache flushed when write's a made... to help with scalability23:32
xdangerbut that would be quite complex, i think...23:33
macOnkiit will help, but not more then using the mysql query_cache 23:33
macOnkiI've seen sites hitting the IO only 1 out of 2023:33
-!- FranksWGSlave is now known as mdawg23:35
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by rizen23:40
-!- mode/#webgui [+o mdawg] by rizen23:40
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat050.mxim.com] has joined #webgui23:42
-!- mode/#webgui [+v perlDreamer] by rizen23:42
* lenthamen is thinking about giving up on FreeBSD...23:47
+perlDreamerlenthamen is wise23:48
-!- snapcount [n=roy@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui23:50
lenthamenmdawg: Hows memory management on Windows ?23:51
@mdawgwelcome roy23:51
lenthamenI might try that23:51
@mdawguh; i dunno; i switched to centos23:51
snapcounthey what's up guys23:51
@mdawgyou missed a DataForm replacement apocalypse23:52
+perlDreamerwhere did that end up?23:52
@mdawgwith some varying exegeses23:52
lenthamenIt ended up in a discussion about GUIDs23:52
+perlDreamerwow, from javascript form validation to GUIDs.23:53
@mdawgbye crythias23:55
@crythiasbuh bye23:57
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit ["adios! see you later!"]23:57
* mdawg is almost done downloading Vista December CTP (5270)23:58
--- Day changed Wed Jan 04 2006
@mdawgit's getting late in Europe, isn't it?00:02
lenthamenyep, I'm going offline. Its 23:00 here00:03
lenthamenttyl guys00:03
-!- lenthamen [n=len@] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]00:03
+perlDreamerlater len00:03
@mdawgyou arrived at a quiet point, snapcount00:06
@rizenare you guys ready for apocalypse #2 for today?00:07
+perlDreamerbring it on00:07
@rizenlen and i have been discussing changing webgui's output model00:07
@rizengoing more toward apache bucket brigade style of doing things00:08
@rizenit ends up using less memory, processes faster, and most importantly00:08
@rizengives a percieved performance boost of over 300%00:08
@rizeni say percieved because to the human eye it looks 300% faster00:08
@rizenbut in reality it's just about 20% faster00:09
@mike_sis there a link explaining the concept?00:09
@rizenthere is, but i'm going to explain it00:09
@rizenin webgui terms right now00:09
@rizenthe apache docs are very technical on this subject00:09
@rizenin webgui right now00:09
@rizena page processes in its entirety before it gets returned to the browser00:10
@rizenbefore any part of it gets returned00:10
@rizenwe do this because any page can cause a 302 redirect, which is in the http head00:10
@rizenand because we need to be able to insert stuff into the <head> block00:10
@rizenthe problem with this is that there is a noticable lag between the click and the user getting any data back00:11
@rizenit's not that webgui is slow, it's that webgui processes everything before rendering00:11
@rizenserver page languages don't work that way00:11
@rizenthey start spewing back as soon as they have content to spew00:11
@rizeni've heard the arguement that webgui is slow compared to php apps00:12
@rizenbut it's not really, it's a perceived difference00:12
@rizennot a real difference00:12
@rizenanyway...here's what would change00:12
@rizenthere will be a new output class accessible through session00:12
@rizen(oh yeah, this is the new session object model for those of you who aren't up to speed)00:13
@rizenSo assets will be responsible for outputing their own content00:13
@rizenrather than returning it all back to the WebGUI content handler00:13
@rizeni don't have all the details worked out yet, but here's the jist of how it will work00:14
@rizenyou make a request to the page00:14
@rizenand the asset gets loaded00:14
@rizenonce in the www_ method00:14
@rizenthe following happen00:14
@rizendetermine if the asset can result in a redirect00:14
@rizenif it can, process it like we do now00:14
@rizenif it can't, send the http header00:15
@rizendetermine all the stuff the asset needs to add to the <head> block00:15
@rizenprocess the style00:15
@rizenprocess macros on the style00:15
@rizenreturn the first half of the style00:15
@rizen(everything before <tmpl_var body.content>00:16
@rizenprocess the asset template00:16
@rizenreturn the asset content00:16
@rizenreturn the footer content00:16
@rizenif it's a layout00:16
@rizenwhich has multiple stages00:16
@rizenthen it will work a little differently00:16
@rizenbut that's ok, since the asset is responsible for printing it's own content00:16
@rizenif it's a layout00:16
@rizenwe'll load up all the sub assets00:17
@rizenget all the head block elements00:17
@rizenthen process the style00:17
@rizenprocess macros on the style00:17
@rizenprint the style head00:17
@rizenthen process and return each asset in the page00:17
@rizenas they're rendered00:18
@rizenprocessing macros on the contents of each one as they go by00:18
@rizenand ultimately print out the style footer00:18
@rizenit's more work for the asset developer to do it this way, by a little bit00:18
@rizenbut because we're dumping out buckets at a time00:19
@rizenrather than the entire page contents00:19
@rizenwe're not using up as large of chunks of memory00:19
@rizenwhich makes macro processing faster00:19
@rizenbecause regex is recursive and uses big heaps00:19
@rizenand most importantly00:19
@rizenthe user is seeing the page as it's rendered00:20
@rizenrather than waiting to load anything00:20
@rizenuntil everything is complete00:20
@mike_svery cool -- any idea how this would be affected by table based layouts vs CSS div based layouts?00:20
@rizenSo what do you think?00:20
@rizenwon't make any difference00:20
@rizenthe layout template will be preprocessed00:20
@rizenand in the space where we currently put asset loops00:21
@rizenwe'll just put some sort of a delimiter00:21
@rizenthat we can split on00:21
@rizenso that we can chunk the contents of the page layout00:21
@rizenback to the browser00:21
@rizeni doubt it will even change the page layout templates00:21
@rizenit will just change the backend processing a little00:21
@mike_sk- that's that part i was wodnering about00:22
@rizenand there will of course be helper methods in Asset.pm and Asset/Wobject.pm to aid in this00:22
@mike_sso the effect is that it *appears* that the content starts filling in on the page asynchronously00:22
@rizenit's more like streaming00:22
@mike_scool - have had clients ask for that...00:23
@rizenwe stream the content back in real time00:23
@rizenrather than waiting for processing00:23
@rizenanybody see any problems?00:23
@rizenhave any ideas for making it better?00:23
@rizenif not, i can tell you about part two of this apocalypse00:24
@mike_smight be my lack of understanding about how the rendering is done but...00:24
@mike_show does a style or layout that uses a table get split? 00:24
-!- mdawg is now known as mdawg_afk-errand00:24
@rizenwhen the browser gets it, it will be a complete table00:25
macOnkirizen, it sounds ok but like mike_s mentioned, a table design will always wait until the table is closed, if an outer table is part of the layout mike_s remark still stands00:25
@rizenas far as webgui is concerned, it's just a string of text00:25
@rizenso we just chunk it up00:25
@rizenat the variable inserts00:25
@rizenyes mac, that's true00:25
@mike_sso there is some importance to designing styles/layouts to take advantage of this approach00:25
@rizenbut you'll have stuff before the table design00:25
@rizenfor instance, all teh stuff in the <head> block00:26
macOnkirizen, true, those are parsed00:26
@rizenthat stuff can be downloading00:26
@rizenthere is some importance00:26
@rizenbut not much00:26
@rizeneaven table layouts will render faster00:26
@rizenin modern browsers00:26
macOnkithat all depends on the browser indeed00:26
@rizeni have a demo for you00:27
@mike_sbut potentially a css based layout could all be pushed down first, and then the divs filled in async right?00:27
@rizencrap, my demo isn't online...forgot about that00:27
@rizenno demo for you00:27
@mike_slol - glad that doesn't happen to just me...00:27
@rizenyes, css based layouts will theoretically render faster00:28
macOnkirizen, I understand what you mean, I'm a php developer, ob_flush is what you are trying to achieve I suppose00:28
@rizenbut honestly, you likely won't notice that much of a difference00:28
@rizenwe're talking about a second or two here anyway00:28
@rizennot minutes00:28
@rizenyes, basically no buffering00:29
macOnkiit wouldn't gain any client side speed if the design holds nested tables00:29
@rizenjust spew it forward00:29
@rizenyes it still will00:29
@rizenlike i said00:29
@mike_sthis is probably more meaningful for environemtns using expensive assets like the WS client00:29
@rizenimages, css, javascript00:29
@rizenwill still all be requested00:29
@rizenwhile the user is waiting for the html00:29
@rizenso there will still be perceived speed advantage00:29
macOnkihmm, true00:29
@rizenyes, anything that has to access external content will benefit even more greatly00:30
@rizenbecause the first part of the page can be downloading00:30
@rizenwhilst requesting the second part of the page00:30
@mike_sfor us, the next WS client enhancemnt was either to make it AJAX aware and do its stuff async, or do what JT is describing here00:30
@rizenanymore questions before part 200:30
@mdawg_afk-errand(sry I can't participate more :( )00:31
@rizenactually, the ajax aware thing may be a good idea anway00:31
@rizenbecause that way the entire page can load00:31
@rizenand you can display a little "please wait" message00:31
@rizenwhile the ajax content is fetched00:31
@mike_sgotta keep matt busy...00:31
@rizenok...any further questions?00:32
@rizenpart 2:00:32
@rizenbecause all the content will be going out through this output class00:32
@rizenmacro processing can be done there00:32
@rizenthusly saving the programmer from having to write in macro processing00:33
@rizenin addition, since the content is all going to one place00:33
@rizenit can all be piped out to a cache file00:33
@rizenand then the entire contents of the page (http header and all) can be cached00:33
@rizenso that if the page is requested again00:33
@rizenit can be retrieved directly from the cache00:34
@rizenwithout even loading the asset00:34
@rizenthat's not something we can currently do00:34
@mike_swhat about places where macros affect what data is fetched in the first place? (SQL reports or WS CLient) but otherwise very cool for "generic" assets00:34
@rizenon those pages, you'll need to disable caching00:34
@rizenjust as you would now00:34
@mike_sfair enough00:34
@mike_sbut we would still need the macro processed before output00:35
+perlDreamerotherise you can't execute the SQL Query that depends on the macro output00:35
@rizenare you talking about preprocessing on the query itself?00:35
+perlDreamerselect * from myTable where myField=^FormParam("field");00:35
@rizenah yes00:35
@rizenthat would continue to be just as it is00:36
@rizeni'm talking about macro processing on the page content00:36
+perlDreamerpost processing, so to say00:36
@mike_sin that case... cool -- would let rendered assets sit in cache...00:36
@rizenbasically what i'm getting at here00:36
@rizenis that now that we have an output class00:36
+perlDreameralmost like a little built in squid proxy00:36
@rizenwe can acheive all sorts of post processing tasks00:36
@rizenthat we couldn't before00:36
@rizenlike caching00:37
@rizenlike better macro handling00:37
@rizenexactly like a built in squid proxy00:37
@rizenor more correctly, a reverse proxy00:37
+perlDreamerso would the WRE drop the squid proxy and use this instead?00:37
@rizenit's still beneficial to have the mod_proxy00:38
@rizenserving up static files00:38
@rizenand handling ssl connections00:38
@mike_sbut with memcahced (yes i'm biased) most of a site could be sitting in cache...00:38
@rizenbecause mod_perl is still very heavy00:38
@rizennot just on memcached00:38
@rizenthe file cache would be too00:38
@rizenthough memcached would be faster00:38
@mike_sright 00:38
@mike_sso main diff is that the caching would be at a rendered asset level instead of a page level?00:39
@rizenso yes, it will take better advantage of your giant memcached servers00:39
@rizenno, the reverse00:39
@rizenit would be at the page level instead of the asset level00:39
@rizenand it would be handled outside of assets00:39
@rizentherefore not requiring the asset to be loaded00:40
@rizenin order to serve up the cache00:40
@rizenwe're just comparing the requested URL00:40
@rizenand the userId00:40
@rizenno asset privileges00:40
* mike_s light *** goes on00:40
@rizenso anybody see any problem with this?00:40
@rizenthis will be a 6.9 or 7.0 feature, if i can work out all the details00:41
@rizenif i can't work it out, then it won't happen until 9.x or 10.x00:41
@rizenwhenever we do the next restructuring00:41
@rizenof the api00:41
@mike_sseems like a good direction from my limited perspective...00:44
macOnkirizen, apart from this, will the api be restructured a lot?00:44
@rizenthe new session system00:45
@rizento get rid of the global session variable00:45
@rizenhas affected every single file in the system00:45
@rizenand therefore the api00:45
@rizenit sux from a migration perspective00:45
@rizenbut it's a huge advantage from a future outlook perspective00:46
macOnkirizen, well, that is part of another problem, we are still in the process of updating sites, with an api changing this much there will be problems upgrading to newer versions, please be aware00:46
* mike_s personally wants a *very* stable api in 7.x00:46
@rizenjt want's what mike wants00:46
@rizenmac, i understand your perspective00:47
@rizenbelieve me00:47
macOnkirizen, part of the problem is that the upgrade scripts do not work as the way people expect it00:47
@rizenplain black manages more than 2000 web sites for our clients00:47
@rizensome with 10's of thousands of lines of custom code00:47
macOnkiand the company I work for is thinking about other solutions 00:47
@rizenthe upgrade scripts can't work perfectly00:47
@rizentoo much is different00:47
@rizenand there are too many variables from install to install00:47
@rizenwe test and test and test00:48
@rizenand we still never can account for every single thing00:48
@rizenhere's what i recommend00:48
@rizenbuy our advanced support package00:48
@rizenthen it's our problem00:48
@rizennot yours00:48
@rizenwe'll do your upgrades for you00:48
@rizenask, mike00:48
@rizenwe do it for his org00:48
@mike_slol -- still not painless, but not as bad as the last upgrade cycle00:49
@mike_sand to JT's credit, when we do have a problem, he owns it00:49
macOnkirizen, we do not have enough paying customers using webgui to get that kind of support, migrating to for example exponentcms which has simular problems security related can be fixed by me.00:49
macOnkior by anyone  else with a deeper knowledge of php00:50
macOnkithe problem with webgui is the ever changing api00:50
macOnkino offence 00:50
@rizensure, but there's nothing i can do about php00:50
@rizeni'm certainly not going to rewrite it in php00:50
@mike_sso jt - after 6.9 -- how long with the api be locked in?00:51
macOnkiI didn't ask that :-)00:51
@rizenmac, how long have you been part of the webgui community?00:51
@rizendid you come in after 5.5?00:51
macOnkirizen, only short, but I did read a lot00:51
@rizenso you never experienced the bliss that was pre 5.5 upgrades00:51
@rizenonce we get to 7.0.000:51
@rizenthere will be ZERO new API changes00:52
@rizenuntil the next restructuring00:52
@rizenwe'll add to the API to give more functionality00:52
macOnkitrue, but this isn't an attack to webgui. I only state what we are thinking about00:52
@rizenbut never change or delete any part of the api00:52
@rizenwhich means that assets, macros, etc that are written for 7.0.000:52
@rizenwill work on 8.5.900:52
@rizenalso, it means that your upgrades will be far more smooth than they have ever been in your webgui lifetime00:53
@rizenyes i'm serious00:53
@rizenthe only way that an asset (or whatever) that was written for 7.0.0 won't work in 8.5.9 would be if it's using some bugged part of the api00:54
@mike_sso what were the commetns re 9.x and 10.x previously? any expected lifespan yet? (not a fair question, but is 7.x gonna last longer than 6 months)00:54
@rizenas in, the bug gets fixed00:54
@rizenand the fix breaks the code00:54
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat050.mxim.com] has left #webgui []00:54
@rizenbut the API will not change00:54
@rizen9.x or 10.x (whatever the next restructuring ala 6.x is) will be 3 or 4 years down the road00:55
@rizenat minimum00:55
@mike_sso we have 7/8 for 3-5 years of stability ?00:56
@rizenwe may have 7/8/9/10/11/1200:56
@rizenfor all i know00:56
@rizenversion numbers are irrelevant as far as this goes00:56
@mike_sanything beyond 3-5 years is meaningless00:56
@rizenjust know that you have AT MINIMUM 3 years of stability00:56
@mike_sthe world changes too much00:57
@rizeni agree that the world changes too much00:57
@rizenbut that's what 6.x has been about00:57
@rizengiving us a platform we can build on00:57
@rizenwithout chaning the apip00:57
@rizenonly adding to it00:57
@mike_sso what is the big picutre purpose of 7.x vs 8.x in your mind?00:58
@mike_sare you that far in your thinking yet>?00:59
@rizeneach one will have functional goals01:00
@rizen7.x should be about commerce01:00
@rizen8.x should be about whatever functional goal we come up with at that time01:00
@rizenbut who knows01:00
@rizen7.x is still 6 months away01:01
@rizenby then i may decide that 7.x is about CRM01:01
@rizenand 8.x is about web games01:01
@mike_sso in some ways, the question is, while breaking the apis for eliminstating global sessions, does it make sense to also make the move the apache buckets01:01
@mike_sor wait for that until 9 or 1001:01
@rizenactually no01:02
@rizenthat's not the question01:02
@rizeni already know it makes sense to do it01:02
@mike_spersonally, i want the api pain to stop, but i'd rather get the api changes done once and for all for a *long* time01:02
@rizenthe question is whether or not i'm smart enough to figure out how to do it in a reasonable timeframe01:02
@rizen6.x has dragged on long enough01:02
@rizeni won't delay the release of 7.0.0 just to do that01:02
@mike_sin whcih case it waits for 3-5 years?01:03
@rizenbecause it requires a break in the api01:03
@rizenif it doesn't get done now01:03
@rizenit won't get done for a very long time01:03
@rizenthat means that i either better be as smart as i think i am01:03
@mike_ssin which case ajax aware ws client becomes way more meaningful01:03
@rizen(which isn't very)01:03
@rizenor we need to get a lot of money flowing in to hire people smarter than me01:04
@rizenlike i said before01:04
@rizenthe ajax ws client makes sense anyway01:04
@rizenit's the right thing to do01:04
@rizenregardless of this stuff01:04
@mike_sya - i'm sure we'll be talking about that yet....01:05
@rizendid we lose you?01:05
@rizendoes my 3 year promise sound good to you?01:05
@rizenwill you relay that to your colleagues01:05
macOnki3 years sounds good, but I see a lot of problems01:05
@rizenfill us in01:06
@rizenwhat problems01:06
macOnkiI want to think about it and do some more research before I reply01:06
@rizenok, at least hint me01:06
@rizenproblems with the 3 year promise01:06
@rizenor with the bucket output01:06
@rizenor with something else01:06
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat050.mxim.com] has joined #webgui01:07
macOnkirizen, well, part of it would be what I mailed you about, looking at the code and hearing what was told here today will make me have a sharper look01:07
macOnkieven the fact that you are considering ajax01:07
macOnkiwebgui needs proper input validation for instance01:08
-!- perlDreamer [n=ckuskie@nat050.mxim.com] has left #webgui []01:08
@rizenthat's easily done though01:08
@rizenour forms system is all OO01:08
macOnkiif you would use ajax without it you will have a big problem01:08
@rizenby changing a single method01:08
@rizeni can validate every form element for XSS01:08
macOnkirizen, again, I will need to investigate it a bit more but I do see problems01:09
@rizenplease note that most of webgui already has such validation01:09
@rizenthe parts of webgui exposed to users01:09
@rizenuser profile fields, cs posts01:09
macOnkiwell, people told me that all textfields are not validated since webgui can't expect what is supposed to be submitted01:10
macOnkimaybe there is a backlog of todays discussion01:11
macOnkibut is webgui tested for sql injections?01:11
macOnkirizen, to be more precise, I am afraid it hasn't been tested, I hope I am wrong01:12
@rizenhold on a sec, on phone01:12
macOnkinp, back in a minute too, taking a cigaret01:12
snapcountanytime user data is passed into an sql statement it should be escaped by the quote method01:16
snapcountwhich in the webgui api is just a wrapper for DBI quote01:17
snapcountthat should quash any sql that is passed in01:17
macOnkisnapcount, bullshit, forgive me for saying that01:17
macOnkiit should be checked before inserting it into the database01:17
snapcountit is01:17
macOnkiit isn't01:18
snapcountquote is executed before the statement is executed on the db01:18
macOnkiwhenever you quote user input you should depend on sanitizing the output, this is not done01:18
macOnkibut rizen can fill you in on what I discovered today01:19
snapcountI'm not following you01:20
snapcountare you saying it's okay to let the injection happen so long as you don't let it affect what is sent back to the user?01:21
macOnkisnap, I can insert js into text fields, you can quote it before inserting it into the database but webgui fails to check it when it's read from the database01:21
@mdawg_afk-errandonki is referring to a situation in dataform where js is inserted.  snapcount is referring to escaping sql code, not js.01:22
snapcountXSS vulnerabilities do exist01:22
snapcountand need to be fixed01:22
macOnkiwhenever you store data it should be what you expect01:23
snapcountI agree... I just wouldn't describe what you're talking about as SQL injection01:23
snapcountthat's where the confusion came in01:23
snapcountI smell what you're cookin'01:23
macOnkitrue, but these issues are in general part of the sql injections. I am not saying webgui has those problems but stated that I will need to examine that a bit more01:24
@mdawg_afk-erranddoes anyone here mind if today's irc transcript is emailed to the dev list?01:25
@mdawg_afk-errandI won't do it if anyone objects in the next 7 hours.01:25
@mdawg_afk-errandor even next 18 hours.01:25
macOnkimdawg_afk-errand, I think it's better to store it somewhere online and post the link :-)01:25
-!- mdawg_afk-errand is now known as mdawg01:25
@mdawgthat could be.01:26
snapcountI'm okay with it so long as my name is changed to "Rizen's Daddy whom he worships because $self->coolness > his"01:27
snapcountor something to that effect01:27
@mdawgi thought maybe you'd want to see the 1000 lines you missed01:27
macOnkirizen, sorry but I need some sleep now, It is past midnight over here, I can discuss the issues again tomorrow01:27
macOnkinight all01:27
-!- macOnki [n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving"]01:28
snapcountby the way... is there a bot that will keep this channel alive?01:28
@mdawgno; want to make one?01:28
snapcountyeah... I haven't done it since I was like 12 though01:29
snapcountI've some friends over on #novell on a different network... I'll see what they're using01:29
snapcountI'm pretty sure my TOS will allow me to host it but I'm not sure01:30
snapcountunless PB wants to host it01:30
snapcountI don't care either way01:30
@mdawgi dunno.  I don't know if pb's datacenter allows that either.01:36
@rizenok back01:39
@rizensorry that took so long01:39
@rizenpeople like to chat01:39
@rizenlooks like mac is gone01:39
@rizentoo bad01:39
@mdawghis other login is lonki_home (his work pc)01:40
@mdawgso he'll have a transcript of this.01:41
@mdawgif you wanted to send him a msg that he'll get in a few hours.01:41
@rizeni c01:43
@rizenwell then the answer is:01:43
@rizenyes, webgui has been tested for sql injections01:43
@rizenby 2 seperate security companies01:43
@rizenand the two errors they found were fixed01:43
@rizenno it doesn't protect all public fields against XSS, but it does do it where it counts01:44
@rizeni'm not sure how severe the dataform thing is yet, still have to investigate01:44
@mdawgi looked into it.01:44
@mdawgthere's no privilege/group security on viewList01:45
@rizenand like i said before, if we decide to do so, making all fields do some basic javascript injection testing is rather trivial01:45
@rizenespecially in 6.901:45
@rizenok, that's easily fixed matt01:45
@rizenand that has virtually nothing to do with an xss exploit01:45
@mdawgi know.01:45
snapcountshit ballz01:45
snapcountWe do not allow IRC, egg drop bots, or anything of the sort on our network. IRC servers are extremely prone to DoS activity. If you are caught running an IRC server inside our network your account will be terminated immediately. This is a pretty common practice in the hosting industry today. The rule is, you can run anything on the server as long as no one can access it via a standard IRC client.01:46
snapcountI guess I can't host the bot01:46
snapcountmaybe I can get one of my Novell friends to do it01:47
@mdawgI didn't think irc bots were necessarily irc servers.  i thought they could be client-only01:47
@mike_sanyone want to write a POE based IRC bot? i'll host it on one of our servers01:47
snapcountI'm so lame I don't even know what POE is01:48
snapcountso I guess that counts me out01:48
* mdawg is a lam3r as well.01:48
snapcountI'll provide moral support01:48
@rizenthere are already half a dozen poe irc bots01:49
@rizenon the example pages01:49
snapcountbrb... I'm gonna hop on efnet and see if someone will take up our cause01:49
@rizenincidentally, no i can't host anything related to irc either01:49
-!- snapcount [n=roy@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit []01:49
@rizen2 of our 7 upstream providers have strict clauses in our contract with them not to do it01:49
@mike_si'm not aware of any restrictions we have in our data center -- let me double check01:50
xdangerI can, but I'm in finland and don't know that much about bot's... but my irssi is online 24/7 and has some limited autoop functions...01:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+o xdanger] by mdawg01:51
@xdangerso now I just have to remember how the autoop syntax went =P01:52
@rizenanybody know what language this is:02:00
-!- usepoe712 [n=poebot@] has joined #webgui02:01
@mike_sthat would be my little poe bot02:01
@mike_sjust testing -- and it will be setup to log the conversations02:01
-!- mode/#webgui [+o usepoe712] by mdawg02:01
@xdangermdawg: could you leave the channel and come back so that I know that I did this correctly ?02:01
-!- mdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has left #webgui []02:02
-!- mdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:02
-!- mode/#webgui [+o mdawg] by xdanger02:02
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui02:02
@xdanger02:02 -!- Friends checked: mdawg02:02
@xdanger02:02 -!- mode/#webgui [+o mdawg] by xdanger        02:02
@mike_shere's sample logging fromthe poebot...02:02
@mike_s[mike@mark4 irc_logger]$ ./poebot.pl02:02
@mike_s [Tue Jan  3 17:01:27 2006] <mike_s:#webgui> that would be my little poe bot02:02
@mike_s [Tue Jan  3 17:01:44 2006] <rizen:#webgui> nice02:02
@mike_s [Tue Jan  3 17:01:46 2006] <mike_s:#webgui> just testing -- and it will be setup to log the conversations02:02
@mike_s [Tue Jan  3 17:01:48 2006] <xdanger:#webgui> mdawg: could you leave the channel and come back so that I know that I did this correctly ?02:02
@xdangerdon't know how static your host's are, but..02:02
@mike_s [Tue Jan  3 17:02:19 2006] <mdawg:#webgui> nice.02:02
@mike_s [Tue Jan  3 17:02:20 2006] <xdanger:#webgui> 02:02 -!- Friends checked: mdawg02:02
@mike_s [Tue Jan  3 17:02:20 2006] <xdanger:#webgui> 02:02 -!- mode/#webgui [+o mdawg] by xdanger02:02
@mdawgmy ip changes about once a month.02:02
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by mdawg02:03
@mike_sso what does everyone want wiht the logs?02:03
@mike_semailed once a day to the dev list? posted to a website?02:04
@crythiasbetter not02:04
@mdawgi dunno.  but I can mail you the entire log for today.02:04
@xdangerjust some one adds something to op me so that should be enough02:04
@xdangergenerate a funny statistics with pisg02:04
@crythiaswhat's new?02:05
@mike_syou missed out on a few of JT's apocolypse's02:05
@mike_sso we decided to start logging this -- thus the poe bot 02:07
@mike_sjust needing to decide what to do with the logs02:07
@crythiasoh :)02:07
@mdawgnail them to santa clause02:07
@mdawgmail them to santa02:07
@mdawgjust kidding.02:07
@crythiasfreudian slip? And I didn't think they'd fit you...02:07
@mdawg(I think?)02:07
@mdawghey :p02:07
@xdangermy irssi also automaticly logs everything...02:08
@xdangerjust for your amusement: http://mentalhouse.net/irc/webgui02:09
@mike_swow - very good random quotes...02:10
@mike_snot putting quesiton marks on anymore02:11
@rizeni like that section below02:12
@crythiasthat amuses me.02:12
@rizenis mike_s stupid?02:12
@rizenIs mike_s stupid or just asking too many questions? 23.3% lines contained a question!02:12
@mike_s)(*#$) )(*#$)(* #)02:12
@mike_sthanks for picking that up buddy02:12
@rizenit also says i talk too much02:13
@mike_srizen talks to him/herself a lot.02:13
@mike_sya - i liked that one02:13
@xdangerI'm just wondering how well does our connection scale to US, is it slow ?02:14
@mike_sso xdnager - (not using a question mark but) does your app generate a web page of the log02:14
@rizenit seems quite fast02:14
@xdangerIt's mainly finnish and scandinavian and europe, but haven't got a clue about over the atlantic..02:15
@mike_si'm in canada -- works quite well02:15
@xdangermike_s: yes, it's a perl script that takes in different kinds of logs and generates configurable statistics =)02:16
@mike_sk - if you want to just generate the web page log i'll shut down the little poe bot ...02:16
@xdangerwell, If you want the logs some where I can set up a cronjob to copy them every hour or something like that ?02:17
@crythiaswell, if it's going to get indexed, I'll throw in http://www.gwy2.org/cgi-bin/fom02:17
@rizengerald, how's that interview coming?02:18
@crythiasawe. darn it. I left it at work. I've been under the weather since my return from my grandmother's funeral.02:19
@crythiasI'll be able to get a copy in a sec02:19
@rizendo you need me to send again?02:19
@rizenapparently snapcount has gotten his friends to set up some sort of a bot as well02:19
@rizenyou people are going bot crazy02:19
@mdawgthis will be the most well-protected channel on this network.02:20
@mdawghighest bot-person ratio.02:20
@mike_srot13 hello world02:21
@usepoe712uryyb jbeyq02:21
@mike_sbut will there's do rot13? ;)02:21
@rizenwe might as well just make the bots talk to each other too02:21
@mdawgrot13 rot1302:21
@rizenand decide the features of webgui too02:21
@mdawgmight as well.02:21
-!- mode/#webgui [-o usepoe712] by rizen02:21
@mike_sgood plan there02:22
@mike_si'll shut that one down02:22
-!- usepoe712 [n=poebot@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]02:22
@rizenthe others aren't logged in yet though02:22
@mike_sso demanding...02:22
-!- usepoe2 [n=poebot@] has joined #webgui02:23
@mike_si'll leave it up for a while to keep the channel open, but won't be doing anything with the logs02:23
@rizencould you email the logs to matt every half hour02:24
@rizenthe entire days logs though02:24
@rizenjust spam the crap out of him02:24
* mdawg exclaims, "It's a spamity calamity!"02:25
@mdawgi'll blacklist your mail servers' ips with every known ip-based blocklist.02:26
@mdawg(not pb's)02:26
@mdawgwhoever spams me :)02:26
@xdangerit's 2:25 am, so I'll head over to my bed, girlfriend and cats...02:26
@xdangergood night ;)02:26
@rizenor perhaps knight02:28
@crythiasworking on the interview...02:31
@rizeni can't wait to see how these turn out02:31
@rizeni hope people like them02:32
@mike_swhat interviews?02:35
@rizeni don't know what you're talking about02:36
@rizenthose aren't the droids you're looking for02:36
@crythiasyou can go about your business.02:36
@rizenmove along02:36
@mike_syes Mr Anderson02:37
@rizeni can already see that this channel is going to be a huge time suck02:37
@rizeni'm going to have to never log in here agian02:37
@crythiasit's all matthew's fault.02:37
@rizenmatt, you're fired02:38
-!- mdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit ["Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com"]02:38
-!- mdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:38
-!- mode/#webgui [+o mdawg] by xdanger02:38
-!- snapcount [n=roy@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui02:39
snapcountour bot should be joining us soon :-)02:40
@mike_salthough rizen - some scheduled apocolypses on here could be interesting02:40
@mdawginteractive apocalypses.02:40
@mdawgif only the apostle john had IRC.02:40
-!- gooey [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI02:40
@mdawgwelcome, goodoll02:41
-!- usepoe2 [n=poebot@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]02:41
@rizenit's hard to imagine that interactive apocolypses would be a good thing02:42
@rizenit seems they'd likely make it more confused02:42
@rizenas people ask questions02:42
@rizenin the middle of me spewing my spiel02:42
-!- phobia [n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #webgui02:42
@crythiasI'm scared02:42
@mdawgwelcome fearNess.02:42
-!- mode/#webgui [+o gooey] by rizen02:42
@rizenok snapcount02:43
@rizenwhat can we do with this bot02:43
snapcountwe're debugging02:43
snapcountit's version 6.x02:43
snapcountwe should be at 7.0 shortly02:44
@crythias6.8.3 and you try to dcc and it forgets where it put the files?02:44
@rizenlisten here bitch02:44
@rizendon't make me get out my whiping stick02:44
phobia*** Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#privmsg )02:46
phobiasoooooooooo very sad...02:46
-!- gooey [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]02:47
@mdawghello phobia02:47
-!- snapcount is now known as gooey02:47
@mdawgwhom do you fear, phobia.02:48
phobiayou think that my nickname represents what I am, versus what I inspire in the people I meet?02:48
-!- mdawg is now known as WebGUI702:49
phobiaif it's fear you want, download & watch this:    http://tinyurl.com/9vklz02:50
@WebGUI7my advent is imminent.02:50
-!- gooey is now known as WRE02:50
-!- phobia is now known as stckovrflw02:51
-!- WRE is now known as snapcount02:51
@WebGUI7lost you on AIM, gwy02:52
* crythias nods02:53
snapcountdamn freenode02:54
* WebGUI7 is downloading terror-inspiring flick. 02:54
snapcountwe're at 6.902:54
-!- rizen2 [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui02:55
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen2] by xdanger02:55
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []02:55
snapcountis xdanger a bot?02:55
-!- rizen2 [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has quit [Client Quit]02:56
-!- WRE [n=WRE@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI02:58
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui02:59
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger02:59
@crythiasxdanger help02:59
-!- WRE [n=WRE@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:00
* rizen /help03:01
-!- mike_s [n=mike@s205-206-123-62.ab.hsia.telus.net] has left #webgui ["Leaving"]03:01
-!- rizen is now known as test03:01
-!- test is now known as rizen03:01
@WebGUI7mixing you guys, perl, and irc bots is like a bunch of bulls in China.03:02
@WebGUI7I mean.  a China shop.03:02
-!- rizen changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI is the best plumbing monitor software ever made03:02
snapcountwe're working on that interactive apocalypse03:02
snapcountdid you guys know this channel name is open on EFNet?03:03
snapcountlike 10x's the ppl over there03:03
@WebGUI7I blindly chose from the list of networks when I chose this one.03:03
@rizenis that a good thing?03:03
snapcountprobably not03:03
snapcount10 times the retards mucking up our discussions 03:04
@rizeni don't think we necessarily want peeps unrelated to webgui dropping by03:04
* snapcount reflects on the quality of discussion thus far03:04
@rizenunless this irc channel is a promotional thing03:04
@WebGUI7snapcount, you missed quite a lot.03:04
* WebGUI7 releases itself early.03:05
-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI R0X0R$ | visit http://www.gwy2.org/cgi-bin/fom03:05
stckovrflwEfnet is the wild west of IRC03:05
stckovrflwat least, it was at one time03:05
stckovrflwI smell fear :P03:05
@WebGUI7url error.03:05
-!- stckovrflw is now known as phobia03:05
@WebGUI7WebGUI was unable to instantiate your style template.03:06
@WebGUI7at http://www.gwy2.org/cgi-bin/fom.03:06
@crythiasI clicked and it worked.03:06
@WebGUI7your client is superior.03:06
@rizeni think webgui needs new error messages03:06
@rizenlike, webgui was unable to account for your ineptitude03:07
@rizenwebgui couldn't overcome your unbearable nature03:07
@rizenwebgui can't tollerate ignorance03:07
@WebGUI7webgui can't spell.03:07
@rizenjt can't spell03:07
@rizenperhaps we can add a with-humor = 1 flag to the config file03:08
@rizenthat will replace the error messages with humor03:08
@WebGUI7it could be its own language.03:08
@crythiasJT.. I will need to send photo under separate cover. acceptable?03:08
snapcounthow about03:09
snapcountwebgui farts in your general direction03:09
@rizenon april 1 this year03:09
@crythiasThese aren't the style templates you're looking for.03:09
@rizeni'm going to run the webgui translation through a redneck translator03:09
@rizenand release it as a new WebGUI Worldwide member03:09
snapcounthell yeah03:09
* snapcount screams yee-haw!!! in the spirit03:10
* WebGUI7 bites something.03:10
@rizeni don't understand gerald, what do you mean under a seperate cover?03:10
@crythiasYou dum messed sumpin up, boy.03:11
@crythiasY'all caint do that 'round hyere.03:11
* WebGUI7 returns "I'm broked!"03:12
-!- WebGUI7 is now known as ircSucksTime03:13
@crythias separate email03:13
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]03:25
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:26
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by xdanger03:26
-!- WRE [n=WRE@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:26
-!- snapcount is now known as gooey03:27
-!- gooey is now known as snapcount03:28
-!- snapcount is now known as WRE_03:28
-!- WRE [n=WRE@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:28
WRE_what a pain in the ass03:28
@ircSucksTimeclue me in03:29
-!- WRE__ [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:29
@crythiasmost used words03:29
-!- WRE_ is now known as snapcount03:29
-!- WRE__ is now known as WRE_03:29
@crythiaspeople should think about database using Dataform asset WebGUI because still 03:30
-!- WRE_ [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:32
snapcountwe can't initialize the bot until it logs in03:33
snapcountand it we can't log it in until we initialize it03:33
snapcountisn't that a paradox?03:33
@ircSucksTimecan't you spoof it?03:34
@ircSucksTimelog in using another prog.03:34
@ircSucksTimesame ident, etc.03:34
@ircSucksTimesame machine03:34
@crythiasinitialize it in a different #channel?03:34
phobiathe ye olde gaytownne irc network you have chosen03:34
@ircSucksTimeroy, do you have a webgui business?03:35
@ircSucksTimeoh yeah; oceansview03:35
snapcountwe can't message it b/c freenode won't allow dcc unless you're registered03:36
snapcountand we have to dcc it to initialize it03:36
snapcountand we can't tell it how to login until it's initialized03:36
@crythiasyou can't message under the bot's name?03:37
snapcountthe bot can't message me back until it's logged in03:38
snapcountI think we found a script that will do it03:38
@crythiasregister the bot under the bot's name?03:38
snapcountwhen it joins the channel03:38
snapcountwe did03:38
snapcountwe can't get the bot to type the command to identify it's self03:38
snapcountbut we think we found a script that will do so03:38
@crythiasdon't you have console method of running the bot?03:39
snapcounttune in at 1103:39
snapcountbut not until you initialize it03:39
snapcountit will just ignore you03:39
@crythiasthat's what I encountered.03:39
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:39
@crythiasshouldn't ignore you from YOUR console.03:40
snapcountyou mean the cmd line of the server running the bot?03:41
snapcountnot sure03:42
snapcountlet me see if we can do that03:42
snapcountit's an eggdrop bot03:42
snapcountdo you know how to do that?03:43
@crythiasone second03:43
snapcountcommand to make the bot say "/msg nickserv ident password"03:43
snapcountwe need it to say that03:43
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:43
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:43
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:44
snapcountwe found a way03:44
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:44
snapcountwith telnet03:44
@ircSucksTimewho is we03:44
@ircSucksTimewho is phobia03:45
snapcountfriend of mine from #novell on efnet03:45
@ircSucksTimeoh; i see.03:45
@ircSucksTimesry phobia.03:45
snapcountruns a bunch of bots03:45
@ircSucksTimedownloading (from ed2k) that movie you linked.03:45
snapcountI gave him free WG hosting in exchange for our bot03:45
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:45
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:45
snapcountwho does webguibot belong to?03:46
@ircSucksTimethe enemy.03:46
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:46
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:46
snapcountwe'll have more bots than people03:46
snapcountI welcome our new IRC bot overlords03:47
@rizeni'll do your bidding my master03:47
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:47
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:47
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:51
-!- phobia [n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit ["Create like a God, Command like a King, Work like a Slave <k!15b8>"]03:52
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui03:52
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:53
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]03:53
@crythiasthat kinda worked03:55
@crythiaswebguibot hello03:55
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:56
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []03:56
@crythiasI got eggdrop to work. sorta.03:56
@crythiasat least I got it to create the user file.03:56
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Client Quit]03:56
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI03:57
-!- crythias is now known as webguibo103:58
-!- webguibo1 is now known as crythias03:58
-!- webguibot [n=webguibo@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]04:00
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]04:05
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI04:06
-!- phobia [n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #webgui04:11
WREplz?  :)04:12
@crythiasfor whom?04:12
snapcountfor the bot04:13
@crythiasright. gimme a nick.04:13
-!- mode/#webgui [+o WRE] by crythias04:13
-!- mode/#webgui [+t] by WRE04:13
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE04:21
-!- mode/#webgui [-o snapcount] by WRE04:21
snapcountwe get the fucker working04:21
snapcountand I break it04:22
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE04:25
-!- snapcount [n=roy@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]04:31
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui04:32
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE04:36
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Password is too complex to decrypt04:37
@WRE|bash 96| <VIVI> Xbox already has the following games:04:37
@WRE|bash 96| <VIVI> Microsoft Word04:37
@WRE|bash 96| <VIVI> Microsoft Excel04:37
@WRE|bash 96| <VIVI> Solitaire 04:37
phobia!exchange $1 eur usd04:37
phobia!gb george orwell nineteen eighty four04:38
@snapcount!exchange $1 eur usd04:38
@WRE|bash 462| <achan> DigDug: 'ascetic' is maybe the word you're looking for04:39
@WRE|bash 462| <DigDug> ascetic?04:39
@WRE|bash 462| <DigDug> I don't know such a word. :/04:39
@WRE|bash 462| <achan> someone who lives a monastic life outside of a monestary04:39
@WRE|bash 462| <DigDug> Ahh.04:39
@WRE|bash 462| <DigDug> Is there a term for someone who lives a monastic life on the Internet?04:39
@WRE|bash 462| <Medieval> yes, e-scetic. 04:39
* crythias shakes his head04:40
@snapcount!g webgui04:40
@snapcounthello WRE04:42
@ircSucksTimeoh no.04:42
@ircSucksTimenot bash.04:42
@snapcount!g webgui04:43
@WRE<img src=/nav_page.gif width=16 height=2 @ /search?q=webgui&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&start=10&sa=N 04:43
phobia!gb george orwell nineteen eighty four04:43
phobia!exchange $1 usd cad04:44
@WRE$1 U.S. Dollar makes 1.1561 Canadian Dollar.04:44
phobia!horoscope scorpio04:44
@WREScorpio; <span id="intelliTxt">The stars are telling you that it's time to get away from it all. Even if that just means a hot bath behind a locked bathroom door, make some kind of attempt to get some private time for relaxation.</span>04:44
phobiawoo complete with html tags04:44
@snapcount.wx Daytona Beach, FL.04:45
@snapcount&kick phobia04:46
-!- phobia was kicked from #WebGUI by WRE [Requested by snapcount]04:46
-!- phobia [n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI04:46
-!- ircSucksTime is now known as self04:46
@self&kick self04:47
phobia!seen self04:47
@WREphobia, self is right here!04:47
phobia!lastspoke self04:47
@WREself last uttered a word on #webgui less than a minute ago.04:47
phobia!seen my ass04:48
@WREphobia, I don't remember seeing my.04:48
@self!seen myHead04:48
@WREself, I don't remember seeing myhead.04:48
* crythias loves self.04:48
@selfcrythias: can we get it to play the funny license plate game04:49
@snapcountwhat is the funny license plate game?04:51
@selfcrythias?  04:51
@selfthat's your cue.04:51
@crythiassomeone's having problems installing wg04:52
@selfum; that never happens.04:53
@crythiastestCodebase.pl doesn't see dsn. why?04:53
@snapcountno WG config04:53
@snapcountor incorrect config04:54
-!- cluge [n=aaron@rrcs-24-73-239-166.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #webgui04:56
@crythias21:46:41) Cluge1669: Let me give you some quick background04:56
@crythias1. I've been using web GUI for years, installed it at least 30 times.  (From the 4 series on up)04:56
@crythias2. The server is basically a RH 9 box with serveral udpate04:56
@crythiasapache 2.0.5404:56
@crythiasperl 5.8.004:56
@crythiasmysql 5.0.1804:56
@crythiaswebgui latest verision04:56
clugethats me04:56
@crythiasok - that won't be too painful to udpate04:56
@crythiasThe problem is that it's not even connecting to the SQL server.  It's as if the DSN isn't correct, or that it can't read the config file (which it can)04:56
@crythiasnssgerald: any error messages?04:57
@crythias(21:50:27) Cluge1669: yeah - when running testCodebase.pl :Can't connect to data source , no database driver specified and DBI_DSN env var not set a04:57
@crythias(21:50:43) nssgerald: ok04:57
@crythiasso... self?04:58
@crythiascan you help?04:58
clugeany idears on my problem?04:58
@crythiasI don't know what to check.04:58
@crythiascluge: is this a new install?04:58
clugeit is for this version of webgui04:59
clugeI'm also running an older 5.8.1 useing speedy CGI on the same box04:59
@selfhold on 2 sec04:59
clugeI've run several concurrent webguis even with different versions in the past without issue04:59
@selfwhat's the exact command you're typing to run testCodebase05:00
@crythiasthe new one require major changes to httpd.conf05:00
clugeperl testCodebase.pl --configFile /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/WebGUI/etc/www205:00
@selfno .conf??05:00
@selfI think it needs it.05:00
clugeyeah, thats why I'm running the old with speedy CGI, so it won't interfere with mod perl05:01
clugeno .conf05:01
@snapcountdoesn't your config file end in .conf?05:01
clugeok, will change the name and update index.pl05:01
@crythiasyeah. the parser looks for .conf's.05:01
clugestand by05:01
@crythiasindex.pl is useless in 6.8.305:01
@selfindex.pl shouldn't exist in 6.8.305:01
clugejust use the pre init in the httpd.conf?05:02
@selfpreload.perl, you mean?05:03
clugePerlInitHandler WebGUI05:03
@selfoh yeah.  no wre.05:03
@selfhold on05:03
-!- phobia [n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit ["Create like a God, Command like a King, Work like a Slave <k!15b8>"]05:03
@selffamiliar tagline.05:04
@snapcountthat's the old one05:04
@snapcounthe's rejecting realities now a days05:04
@snapcountso our bot is now at 7.005:04
@WRE|bash 2680| ~ frOsty- giggles.. in a manly, tesrosterone-filled sort of way. 05:05
@selfdo you have this in httpd.conf? 05:05
@selfPerlSetVar WebguiRoot /data/WebGUI05:05
@selfPerlRequire /data/wre/prereqs/apache/conf/startup.pl05:05
@selfPerlCleanupHandler Apache2::SizeLimit05:05
@selfPerlRequire /data/WebGUI/sbin/preload.perl05:05
@selfyou don't necessarily need the SizeLimit05:06
@self(with adjusted paths)05:06
@selfAlias /extras /data/WebGUI/www/extras05:06
@crythiasChapelle Show doing spot on Matrix parity.05:07
clugeyeah looking now05:07
@crythiasyeah. that, too.05:07
clugethe perl Require is new05:07
@snapcountself: you can run 6.8.x concurrent with older versions?05:07
clugeto me that is05:07
@selfhere's my startup.pl05:08
clugeremember I'm running the old version with speedy CGI05:08
@selffor reference.05:08
@crythiasyeah. the gotcha.txt is a must read.05:08
@selfactually; startup.pl is unneeded for you too.05:08
@selfjust preload.perl is needed.05:08
clugewell web server restarted without too much bitching05:09
clugestand by05:09
clugenope - falls back to default test page, and of course :)  perl testCodebase.pl --configFile /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/WebGUI/etc/www2 provides the same error as before05:09
@selfdid you add the .conf?05:10
clugeerr  perl testCodebase.pl --configFile /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/WebGUI/etc/www2.conf now :P05:10
@selfk :p05:10
@selfdid you try testEnvironment.pl05:10
@selfb/c testCodebase is for developers testing stuff.05:10
clugetotally clean05:10
@selftestCodebase can be destructive to your db.05:11
clugeyeah, I peaked in the testCodebase, and at least it gives me a little more enlightening errors05:11
@selfall okay05:11
clugeclean - as in all OK05:11
@self     --configFile          The config file of the WebGUI site you'll use05:11
@self                    to test the codebase. Note that you should not05:11
@self                    use a production config file as some tests may05:11
@self                    be destructive.05:11
@selfwhat webgui version is your site db05:13
clugethis is a fresh install05:13
@selfoh ok.05:13
@selfdefault create.sql05:14
@selfignore the results of the testCodebase05:14
@selfdid testEnvironment.pl find your config file?05:14
@selfoh, of course not.05:15
@selfb/c your config file isn't under05:15
clugeno I changed the testEnvironment path so that it could find it :)05:15
@selfoh ok.05:15
@selfjust to confirm05:16
@selfdoes testEnvironment output "Verifying database connection"05:17
clugewhich is why my forehead hurts05:18
* self is installing 2005 Dec 02 Longhorn Server build 5270.05:18
@selfon a virtual machine.05:18
* cluge is sorry for self05:18
* cluge likes his puns05:18
-!- self is now known as self_05:18
-!- self_ is now known as freenodeAdmin05:19
@freenodeAdmindid you add the PerlInitHandler line?05:20
@freenodeAdminpaste the vhost05:20
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit []05:21
@freenodeAdminhere's mine.05:22
cluge        ServerName www2.flaglermoms.com05:22
cluge        DocumentRoot /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/WebGUI/www05:22
cluge        Alias /extras /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/WebGUI/WebGUI/www/extras05:22
cluge        SetHandler perl-script05:22
cluge        PerlInitHandler WebGUI05:22
cluge        PerlSetVar WebguiConfig www2.conf05:22
cluge        PerlRequire /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/WebGUI/sbin/preload.perl05:22
cluge        ErrorLog /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/logs/error_log05:22
cluge        CustomLog /var/www/www2.flaglermoms.com/logs/access_log combined05:22
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui05:22
clugeI see the f&*@#&*@* problem05:22
@freenodeAdminyour conf file really needs to be in $webguiRoot.'../etc/'05:23
@freenodeAdmincrythias: see the problem with not using /data/ ? ;p05:23
@freenodeAdmincrythias: j/k05:24
@crythiasand why is webgui under a domain instead ...05:24
clugeno worries05:24
clugeworks like a charm now05:24
@freenodeAdminoh good.05:24
clugethe problem was simple05:24
@freenodeAdminwhat was it.05:25
clugeI had 2 different perl preloads05:25
clugeone that I thought was commetted out wasn't05:25
clugethe comment was one line off05:25
@freenodeAdminso you have 6.8.3 up and running?05:25
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE05:25
clugelooks like a small path issue with extras05:25
@freenodeAdminthe installation is not trivial.05:25
clugebut I can fix that05:25
* crythias does a fancy dance.05:25
* freenodeAdmin quotes from /home.05:26
clugeI've done it so many times, that when this one stuck me, I thought I was going crazy05:26
@crythiasFNC DNCR05:26
@freenodeAdminNUD DNCR05:26
clugeok thank you guys05:28
clugeI'll go finish the rest of it05:28
@freenodeAdminhave fun05:28
@snapcountmay the force be with you05:28
clugeguess I just needed to have a second set of eyes05:28
@crythiasPeace and long life05:28
@snapcountlive long and prosper05:29
clugeLive long and prosper - AND - may you live in interesting times05:29
@crythias2DA GD 2DI05:29
@freenodeAdminBUTT ER  ?05:31
@snapcountBUTT RKT05:32
@crythiasor .. TYMWSTR05:32
@freenodeAdminIRC LRKR05:32
@freenodeAdminaw; c'mon; they've gotta get by the censors.05:33
@freenodeAdminso there have to be 2 meanings.05:33
@freenodeAdminplausible deniability.05:33
@snapcount!g bunghole05:33
@WREGoogle Book Search @ http://books.google.com/books?q=bunghole&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&sa=N&tab=wp 05:33
@crythiasTPS RPRT05:33
@snapcountit's where the whiskey comes out of05:33
@freenodeAdmindidn't know.05:34
@crythiasWizard of Id05:34
@snapcountBUNG PLG05:34
@freenodeAdminthere you go.05:34
@snapcount(that stops the whiskey from coming out)05:34
@crythiasFUJ STPR05:34
@crythiastoo bad?05:34
@freenodeAdminENMA BAG05:34
@snapcountthat crossed the line05:35
* freenodeAdmin ashamedly backs back over the line.05:35
@snapcountMR HNKY05:35
@crythiasCOF A LNG05:37
@crythiasSNZN WZN05:38
@freenodeAdminPPING TOM05:38
@snapcountCRCH ROT05:38
@snapcountDBL HELX05:41
@freenodeAdminMSFT HTR05:42
@crythiasI CLONE U05:42
@snapcountU CLNE ME05:43
@crythiasWMF VIRII05:43
@crythiasI'm schizophrenic... and so am I.05:43
@crythiasI got fired at my job at an OJ factory. I couldn't concentrate.05:44
@crythiasI got fired at my job at a doorknob factory. Couldn't get a handle on it.05:44
@crythiasThen there was the fire hydrant factory. Didn't know where to park.05:45
@crythiasWhat did the grape say when the elephant sat on it? Nothing. it just let out a little wine.05:46
@freenodeAdmintopic WebGUI vs. WebPhooey05:51
@crythiasphp is SO much faster05:53
@crythiasand everyone else is doing it!05:53
@freenodeAdminphp is the bomb.06:06
@freenodeAdminla BOMBA06:06
@freenodeAdminyou still there, cluge?06:19
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui06:25
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger06:25
@rizenhow many bots do we have on here?06:25
@snapcountat least one million06:29
@snapcountgive or take 999,99806:29
@WRE|bash 4198| <RevQuixo> i want a mario game where you do actual plumbing06:30
@WRE|bash 4198| <RevQuixo> oh, did i mention i was gay? 06:30
@rizenit's funny the number of people then that are just squatting here06:30
@snapcountI think there are two bots06:30
@rizeni wonder if that's true for the irc channels of other projects06:30
@snapcountthe rest are real06:30
@WRE|bash 7005| <Rikhei> I am *not* a pricktease06:30
@WRE|bash 7005| <K`shandra> oh - you follow through.  Okay. ;-) 06:30
@WRE|bash 7065| <skatoni> will some one please help06:30
@rizenso what is special about bash06:30
@WRE|bash 7065| <shev> ya?06:31
@WRE|bash 7065| <skatoni> there is a guy hacking into my computer06:31
@WRE|bash 7065| <shev> unplug your modem06:31
@WRE|bash 7065| <skatoni> how?06:31
@WRE|bash 7065| <shev> see those wires behind your computer?06:31
@WRE|bash 7065| <shev> rip'em all out06:31
@WRE|bash 7065| *** skatoni has quit IRC (Read error to skatoni[ppp012.rosenet.net]: Connection reset by peer) 06:31
@WRE|bash 7526| <Cerebus> when i go on a rampage killing all women on the planet, i'll spare you06:31
@WRE|bash 7526| <yunicus> yer a dear heart06:31
@WRE|bash 7526| <yunicus> really06:31
@WRE|bash 7526| <yunicus> please leave me with a bunch of stinky men 06:31
@snapcount!gg webgui support06:31
@WREWebgui error: Unexpected Error: Shutti @ http://groups.google.com/group/alt.satellite.direcpc/browse_thread/thread/2b8af6a8fbaa12b8 | Bug#139749: preliminary webgui package @ http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.bugs.dist/browse_thread/thread/a19e27b73171c21e | Opinions sought: PHP+MySQL CMS @ http://groups.google.com/group/aus.computers.linux/browse_thread/thread/e0b172cfad7c47e8 06:31
@snapcount!seen rizen06:31
@WREsnapcount, rizen is right here!06:31
@rizen!seen snapcount06:32
@WRErizen, snapcount is right here!06:32
@rizen!seen mdawg06:32
@WRErizen, I don't remember seeing mdawg.06:32
@rizen!seen perlDreamer06:32
@rizenoop, i killed him06:32
@snapcounthe doesn't know you06:32
@rizen!seen me06:32
@WRErizen, I don't remember seeing me.06:32
@snapcountyou pissed him off by asking so many questions06:32
@rizen!seen perlDreamer06:33
@rizenhe just doesn't like me asking about perlDreamer06:33
@rizen!seen perldreamer06:33
@snapcount!horoscope aquarius06:33
@WREAquarius; <span id="intelliTxt">No matter how tempting, don't succumb to shopping sprees, second helpings or any other temptations that you know you'll have to pay for later. You're not the best judge of what's good for you right now.</span>06:33
@rizen!seen mother06:33
@WRErizen, I don't remember seeing mother.06:33
@rizenhow do i get a command list?06:34
@snapcount"/msg WRE help"06:34
@rizeni can't /msg06:34
@rizenat least not with this client06:34
@snapcountwhat client?06:34
@rizenit's an IM client06:35
@rizenthat happens to also connect to irc06:35
@rizenit's called Fire06:35
@snapcountat least the name doesn't suck06:35
@rizenit's pretty cool for most things06:35
@rizenjust not very good at irc06:35
@rizeni can do some basic stuff06:35
@rizenwith irc06:35
@rizeni can click on my own name06:36
* rizen can emote06:36
* rizen can change nick06:36
* rizen can change topic06:36
* rizen can kick06:36
* rizen promote/demote06:36
@rizenbut can't do any other /commands06:37
@rizenif it's not available through right clicking06:37
@rizenthen it's not available06:37
@rizenit has text to speech06:37
@rizeni just enabled it06:37
@rizenso it now tells me whatever you say06:38
@freenodeAdminhe killed Kenny06:38
@snapcountyou are gay06:38
-!- mode/#webgui [+v WRE] by rizen06:38
@rizenthis rocks06:39
@rizeni can have it read back the entire log to me06:39
@snapcount"Four score and seven years ago..."06:39
@snapcountwell, I'm still learning this bot06:40
@snapcount"!g something" will do a google search for something06:40
@rizen!g cars06:40
@snapcount"!gg" google groups06:40
@WREAdvanced Search @ /url?sa=U&start=1&si=0&oi=smap&q=http://www.cars.com/go/search/advanced_search.jsp?tracktype=usedcc&aff=national | Google Book Search @ http://books.google.com/books?q=cars&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&sa=N&tab=wp 06:40
@snapcount"!gb" google books06:41
@snapcount.wx will do weather06:41
@snapcountbut it's broken right now06:41
@snapcountit will op people, kick them, ban them, etc06:41
@rizen!kill snapcount06:44
@rizen!kick snapcount06:44
@rizen!fuck snapcount06:44
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has joined #webgui06:46
perlDreamermighty quiet tonight06:47
@snapcount&kick rizen06:47
-!- rizen was kicked from #WebGUI by WRE [Requested by snapcount]06:47
@snapcountthis is great06:47
-!- perlDreamer [n=colink@] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]06:51
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui06:58
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger06:58
-!- mode/#webgui [-o snapcount] by rizen06:58
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE06:58
-!- mode/#webgui [-o snapcount] by rizen06:58
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE06:58
@rizen&kick snapcount06:58
@rizenthis bot sux06:58
@snapcountit doesn't listen to you06:59
@snapcountI don't know how to make it listen to you is the funny part06:59
@snapcountwe should set our bots to fight one another06:59
@snapcountrobot warz06:59
@crythias /msg nickserv register <password>07:00
@crythiasJT: ask snapcount. msg is turned off by default.07:01
@snapcountI'm so lost right now07:01
@crythiasit was phobia07:01
@crythiasphobia: *** Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#privmsg )07:01
@snapcountoh 07:02
@snapcountyou can turn that off07:02
@snapcount"/msg nickserv unfiltered on"07:02
@snapcountno quotes07:02
@crythiasJT was saying that the /msg didn't work....07:02
@snapcountthat's his client07:02
@snapcountit sux0rz07:02
@crythiasdon't know. my /msg isn't working on gaim, either.07:02
@snapcounthe's using Mac earth wind and fire or something07:03
@crythiasI heard that there is another adium or something that is better.??07:03
@snapcountI know zero about mac07:03
@snapcountexcept that it runs on top of a BSD variant07:04
@snapcountwhich makes it a little cool07:04
@WREI didn't get a control panel for christmas <tear>07:05
@rizenyeah, i'm using fire07:05
@freenodeAdmin"...mommy and daddy.... are mad..."07:05
@rizeni was using adium07:05
@WREJT is mean to me07:05
@rizendid you make the bot cry?07:06
@WREI'm not crying07:06
@WREWould you like to play a game?07:06
@WREHow about a nice game of Tic-Tac-Toe?07:07
@crythiasLet's play globalthermonuclear war07:07
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []07:07
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit ["Gnite."]07:07
@snapcounthe's desperately searching for a client that doesn't suck07:07
@snapcount!seen rizen07:15
@WRErizen (n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net) was last seen parting #WebGUI 7 minutes ago stating "{}".07:15
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has left #webgui []07:16
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui07:17
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE07:17
@freenodeAdmin!bash 11700207:19
@WRE|bash| * YuFFie (~mirc@3B942731.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net) Quit (Quit: Owned.)07:19
@WRE|bash| * YuFFie (~mirc@3B942731.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net) has joined #07:19
@freenodeAdmin!bash 58016207:21
@WRE!bash: quote has too many lines to display in public channel (max 12, quote has 23): sending as privmsg instead07:21
@snapcount!find myBallz07:26
@snapcount!seen myBallz07:26
@WREsnapcount, I don't remember seeing myballz.07:26
@snapcount!seen yourBallz07:27
@WREsnapcount, I don't remember seeing yourballz.07:27
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit []07:31
-!- freenodeAdmin [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]08:30
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui09:07
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger09:07
-!- rizen changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI Discussion09:08
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []09:08
-!- lonki_home is now known as lonki09:25
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-!- Minminq [n=marc@host1.procolix.nl] has joined #webgui09:57
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-!- bbwwicci is now known as mdawg16:20
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui16:23
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has joined #webgui16:23
mdawgah, the usual suspects arrive.16:23
crythiasCOF COF16:24
mdawgHIC CUP16:25
mdawgxbox 360 was hacked.16:26
mdawgthey'll have bootable linux DVDR5 iso's making the net rounds within a week or two.16:27
lonkiwhat else is new? it's microsoft :-)16:27
* lonki runs16:27
lonkigood morning 16:27
@xdangergood afternoon =)16:28
-!- mode/#webgui [+oo crythias mdawg] by xdanger16:28
-!- Irssi: #webgui: Total of 7 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 3 normal]16:28
-!- zmk [n=zaphod@dsl46-47.uninet.ee] has joined #webgui16:29
-!- zmk [n=zaphod@dsl46-47.uninet.ee] has quit [Client Quit]16:31
@mdawganyone know how to tell mirc to show timestamps?16:32
@mdawgand no, i won't rtfm.16:33
@crythiasdon't know. don't care. Gaim does.16:58
lonkiwhat is mirc?17:03
lenthamenhello all. 17:12
lenthamenI believe there's no game console that isn't hacked already ;)17:12
lenthamengaim rulez17:13
lenthamenlonki: Do you have a WebGUI install on Mac available right now ? 17:14
lonkilenthamen, not now, I'm still in Almere :-)17:15
lonkiBut yes, I do have one running at home17:16
lenthamenlonki: Ok, because I was interested if the memory leak I have is reproducable on mac OS.17:16
lenthamenAs macOS is derived from BSD.17:17
lonkiI can test that tonight17:17
lonkisince I cannot ssh into that workstation, only my server17:18
lonkilenthamen, it is weird though, we had simular probs on linux17:20
lenthamenWhich kernel ?17:20
lonkilet me check, I though the 2.4.x17:21
lonkiLinux webgui 2.4.21-32.EL17:22
lenthamenI'm running 2.6.9-22.ELsmp and I can't reproduce it on that box17:23
lonkiI will try it at home later today17:24
* lonki submits a new bug17:42
lonkilenthamen, will you be online tonight? I can test it somewhere around 21:00 our time17:50
lonkiI'm off, going home, laterzzzz17:51
-!- lonki is now known as lonki_home17:51
-!- mike_s [n=mike@s205-206-123-62.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #webgui18:31
-!- mode/#webgui [+o mike_s] by xdanger18:31
-!- onioncoder [n=mike@s205-206-123-62.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #webgui18:35
-!- mode/#webgui [+o onioncoder] by xdanger18:35
-!- mike_s [n=mike@s205-206-123-62.ab.hsia.telus.net] has quit ["Leaving"]18:35
* lenthamen has finished his working day and goes home.18:49
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui18:49
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE18:50
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-!- macOnki [n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui20:03
@snapcountmdawg: my AIM is snapc0unt if you're having troubles with dcc 20:09
@WRE|bash 9662| corpratewar: gah, why would somebody encode a song @ 28kbps 20:20
@WRE|bash 9662| arkain88: Thats so small it could fit through a condom. 20:20
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Police are examining all internet packets in the search for a narco-net-traficer20:20
@snapcounthave any of you guys seen google today?20:21
@snapcounttheir logo is in braile20:21
@snapcountthe raised bumps are not translating correctly through my monitor however20:22
@snapcountI can't feel them20:22
@snapcountWRE has much to learn20:23
@snapcounthe is but a minimalist at present with few tricks20:23
@snapcount!seen rizen20:28
@WRErizen (n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net) was last seen parting #WebGUI 11 hours, 19 minutes ago stating "{}".20:28
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]21:13
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythia1] by xdanger21:23
-!- crythias was kicked from #webgui by crythia1 [crythia1]21:24
@WRE|bash 10499| * go_boy getting his haujobb on21:27
@WRE|bash 10499| <jej> i read that as 'handjob'21:27
@WRE|bash 10499| <go_boy> i assumed you would21:27
@WRE|bash 10499| <jej> you can always count on me.21:27
@WRE|bash 10499| <go_boy> for a handjob?21:27
@WRE|bash 10499| <jej> of course.21:27
@WRE|bash 10499| <go_boy> rockin. 21:27
@WRE|bash 10732| <Locke> Thats three nights in a row I've been awake and glanced at the clock and seen 3:14 and thought 'Hahaha, it's Pi Time. Man Pi Time, how lame, I can't believe I thought that' 21:28
@WRE|bash 26778| <LunchPailTree> the moral of this story is: if you have no morals, go get yourself a 12 year old friend so you can fuck her after you drug her 21:33
@crythia1tasteless much?21:34
@mdawgsry; not my fault.21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <ohyeah> i hate sex.21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <niggals> WHAT?!!! WHY?!!!!!!!!!!21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <ohyeah> because it isn't moral and christian21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <ohyeah> and its killing youth 21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <ohyeah> and its the cause for many diseases21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <ohyeah> and so many people who are underage are having it21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <niggals> well then how the fuck come your sn is 'oh yeah'21:35
@WRE|bash 33616| <ohyeah>  i can't talk to you! 21:35
@mdawgthey just get better and better.21:35
@crythia1while your at it... fire missiles from an airplane running into a building.21:35
@mdawgspeaking of which, I watched that whole video.21:36
@crythia1the flash couldn't possibly be the reflection of the plane against the windows...21:37
@mdawgdownloading the hires version now, to burn on a dvd for my dad.21:37
-!- onioncoder [n=mike@s205-206-123-62.ab.hsia.telus.net] has left #webgui []21:37
@mdawgwho was onioncoder21:37
@crythia1beats me.21:37
-!- freenodeAdmin [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui21:37
-!- mode/#webgui [+o freenodeAdmin] by xdanger21:37
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-!- freenodeAdmin is now known as msnort21:38
@crythia1the heck?21:38
macOnkimsnort, is that you lilo?21:39
@msnortnot lilo21:39
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui21:39
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger21:39
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []21:39
@crythia1oh... kay.21:39
@WRE|bash 35923| <CzarKhan> well I have like 20 pillows and two teddy-bears but it's really like alone 21:40
@crythia1the wha?21:40
@crythia1BSG coming this week!21:41
@crythia1LO RYDR21:51
@crythia1LYT RNNR21:52
@msnortARBTN DR21:54
@msnortABRTN DR21:54
@crythia1CHM BUKT21:56
@msnortas in, shark bait?21:56
@crythia1MLTG POT21:58
@msnortHARPO H8R22:00
@crythia1LAME TAG22:01
-!- crythia1 is now known as crythias22:05
@crythiasthat was tedious.22:06
-!- lenthamen [n=len@adsl-dc-2e425.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #webgui22:37
macOnkihi len22:38
lenthamenhey Hans22:38
macOnkilenthamen, I just tested it, no problem on osx22:38
lenthamenok. So most likely its only freebsd that has this issue.22:38
macOnkiyou could try to test it on openbsd22:39
lenthamenbtw I've tested it with mod_perl1 too, and same story.22:39
macOnkiI used to crash the terena server every 3 days22:39
lenthamenwith webgui ?22:39
macOnkino, but it used mod_perl too22:40
macOnkiand mysql22:40
-!- msnort is now known as msnort_afk22:40
macOnkiis mod_perl threaded?22:41
lenthamenah ok. Well, now I know that I shouldn't graceful restart apache on freebsd, I can keep memory usage under control, no problem with that anymore.22:41
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui22:42
lenthamenBefore a apache crached like every 2 months.22:42
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE22:42
macOnkiI know that openbsd had a simular problem when using mod_php and apache 22:42
lenthamenyou can choose to compile perl / mod_perl threaded or not.22:42
macOnkiThe solution was to switch to Linux :-)22:42
lenthamenI might do that to, but that's not an easy one for us. Well, actually it is easy, it just take a week to reinstall all the boxes.22:43
lenthamenBut I kinda like FreeBSD :) 22:44
macOnkihow many machines should you migrate in that case?22:44
lenthamenWe have 2 boxes running WebGUI22:44
lenthamenBut in total 16 systems 22:45
lenthamendual Xeon's I believe.22:45
lenthamenno, we have 2x Squid, 2x Firewall, 2x static content, 2x mysql, etc.22:46
lenthamenso if I move to another platform I likely migrate them all.22:46
macOnkilenthamen, are the mysql machines replicated?22:48
lenthamenmacOnki: Good to know that macOs doesn't have that probem though :)22:48
lenthamenyep, master -> slave.22:48
lenthamenwebgui has buildin support to read from multiple slaves.22:48
lenthamenthat works fine.22:48
lenthamenAlthough I got a problem once the slave was like 6 hours out of sync with the master.22:49
macOnkihmm, I must test it too one day22:50
lenthamenI believe, since webgui is using guids for all id's22:50
lenthamenyou could run mysql in Master <-> Master replication mode22:50
macOnkiyes, I know22:50
lenthamenmacOnki: I'm talking English to you like a lunatic while you live like 10 minutes from here, I heard :)22:51
macOnkiyes, indeed :-)22:52
macOnkibut I do not mind, was an op on #php for 5 years22:52
macOnkiand this way the rest of the channel can understand what we are talking about too22:52
lenthamenOk. Are you using php5 yet ?22:52
macOnkiI've started the first tests here, not using it very much yet22:53
macOnkitogether with mysql 5.x22:53
macOnkibut the latest version might be worth a good try, is seems to have good pdo support22:54
lenthamenI'm not  using php that much. I'm going to dig into mysql 5 first.22:55
@crythiasCOF A LNG23:06
macOnkilenthamen, if you have specific mysql questions then #mysql on freenode is a good channel, some of their developers are helping out there23:13
lenthamenok, don't need it right now, but good to know.23:15
macOnkilenthamen, b.t.w. where do you live in Zeewolde? Our house is on the Laak23:17
macOnkithat is only 5 minutes :-)23:26
@msnort_afkgo have a beer.23:27
macOnkiyeah, maybe next time when he is visiting his old friends on a friday afternoon :-)23:27
lenthamenI'm planning to do that for a long time23:27
macOnkiyou did it a few months ago, but I left the office at 3 p.m.23:28
macOnkilenthamen, did you know that Anouchka left Piramide too?23:28
lenthamenThat beer was a good idea btw, I'm going to get one right now.23:29
lenthamenYeah I heard that23:29
lenthamenDo you have sufficient Linux / php work ? 23:29
macOnkithere isn't a lot of php work there23:29
lenthamen.NET is all that matters23:30
macOnkiI took a few Oracle classes23:30
macOnkiand I'm busy hacking webgui :-)23:30
lenthamenyeah that's a good thing to do :)  I'm thinking about taking the mysql 5 exams.23:31
macOnkimsnort_afk, mwoah is simular to 'not very much'23:31
macOnkithey seem to be good yes23:32
-!- msnort_afk is now known as msnort_notAFK23:32
macOnkithere we go, dvd number 823:33
lenthamenYou sold 8 illegal dvd copies ?  :)23:34
@msnort_notAFKcopies of what.23:36
macOnkilenthamen, no, I am the backup dude for the rest of the guys :-)23:39
macOnkiwe all keep backups so we will not loose any data :-)23:40
macOnkiand no, we do not sell any illegal data23:42
lenthamenYou know, from the time I worked @ piramide I still have so much dvd copies left that I don't have the time to watch them all.23:42
macOnkiI already have that problem23:43
* lenthamen has 55 holiday hours left from last year.23:43
macOnkihmm, tomorrow will be a fun day, another windows worm will try to hit the email servers23:44
* msnort_notAFK runs an email filtering service.23:45
macOnkisober number 123423345345346456456E3454356345645623:45
macOnkimsnort_notAFK, I run a blacklist, dns based23:46
-!- lenthamen [n=len@adsl-dc-2e425.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has left #webgui []23:49
-!- lenthamen [n=len@adsl-dc-2e425.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #webgui23:50
macOnkihmm, I almost need to order a new spindle, bah23:52
-!- lenthamen is now known as slim_shady23:56
macOnkilenthamen, did you already move primaat.com?23:56
slim_shadynot yet.23:57
macOnkiyou still need the database dump?23:57
-!- phobia [n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #webgui23:57
slim_shadyyou mean of the webgui site ?  Nah, don't need it.23:57
macOnkiit's still available if you want it, just let us know if we can delete it23:58
slim_shadyok, I do need to move over the dvd database23:58
macOnkiit is still available I think23:58
@snapcountwhat's up man23:58
phobianot much, just got home from the dungeon23:59
@snapcountdid you come to teach our bot new tricks23:59
--- Day changed Thu Jan 05 2006
phobiamaybe I can get that weather script working later tonight00:00
@snapcountthat would be cool00:00
macOnki!weather zeewolde :-)00:00
phobiaI might be upgrading that box from sarge to etch at some point, hopefully it doesn't break too badly...00:01
@snapcountwe were discussing interactive apocalypses yesterday00:01
@snapcountyou should've been here for that00:02
* slim_shady doesn't need apocalypses. A stable core would make him happy.00:03
-!- msnort_notAFK is now known as msnort_bbl00:11
-!- snapc0unt [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui00:23
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]00:23
-!- snapc0unt is now known as snapcount00:24
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE00:24
slim_shadyGuys my bottle of beer is finished.00:44
@snapcountuh oh00:44
@snapcountkernel panic00:44
slim_shadyGuess it's time to sleep...00:44
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui00:44
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger00:44
macOnkisnapcount, what are you doing? running a 2.8 kernel? :-)00:45
macOnkihi rizen00:45
macOnkisw slim_shady 00:45
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: The UPS is on strike.00:46
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []00:46
slim_shadyttyl guys00:47
-!- slim_shady [n=len@adsl-dc-2e425.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]00:47
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: It's stuck in the Web.00:51
@WRE|bash 36180| (Mr_Moppy) I got me some great head last night00:51
@WRE|bash 36180| (Mr_Moppy) Tired the dog out though... she's not used to such vigorous work. 00:51
@crythiasI must. stop. this.00:51
@crythiasKRNL PNC00:52
phobiawho is this kernel panic, and what has he done to my keyboard?!00:54
@crythiasWho is General Protection  and why is it his fault?00:55
phobiaif you choose 'british english' at install time, does it say "colonel panic" instead?00:55
phobiaI think hacking the kernel to make it say "JIHAD!" would be the ultimate00:57
-!- msnort_bbl [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit ["Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com"]01:00
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o msnort_bbl] by xdanger01:00
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: The CPU has shifted, and become decentralized.01:00
@crythiasno kidding. 01:01
@crythiasI didn't vote for that to happen.01:01
-!- msnort_bbl [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit [Client Quit]01:01
phobiaI voted for chaos and all I got was this burning T-Shirt01:01
@crythiasyeah but you had to wait until all the votes were counted... and every person had to vote, or else it wasn't fair?01:02
phobiathe z-axis of the fractal got screwed by hanging chads01:03
@crythiashrm. but you can't force everyone to vote... but those who don't vote are being plagued by the will of the majority...01:03
phobia...and therefore must be eliminated01:04
@crythiashrm. are we talking about pure democracy anarchy or libertarian anarchy?01:05
phobiaI was thinking like, David Banner after too many gamma-rays anarchy :)01:06
@crythiasyou wouldn't like me if I'm angry anarchy?01:06
phobiamaybe more of a Homer Simpson type of anarchy...01:07
phobiawhere everyone is just lazy and stupid to a fault01:07
phobiaoh wait...01:07
@crythiasThat's socialism.01:07
phobiathat sounds like the voice of an American if I've ever heard it!01:08
phobiasunny florida...01:08
@crythiasachieve the lowest job that pays the same.01:08
phobiasafe under the ever watchfull eye of Mr. Jeb01:09
@crythiasBest doctors insurance can buy.01:10
phobiahave you seen 'Loose Change'?01:12
phobiayour gubbnahr probably won't like it, but you should check it out01:13
@crythiasbecause it's full of fun stuff like missiles on an airplane.01:13
phobiayah, and fun stuff like theft on the scale of hundreds of billions of dollars01:14
phobiaprofessional building demolitions, things of that nature01:15
@crythiasstupid idea.01:15
phobiait's like hollywood, but without the sex01:15
@crythiassee, aparently the terrorists already tried to bomb the WTC. it wouldn't be unlikely to think that they'd try again.01:15
phobiayah in 199301:16
phobiaI think it was...01:16
@crythiasbut gee... who'd know it if there were professional demolition teams in your building.01:16
phobiaslight difference though, that was a rather uncomplex and ineffective truck-bomb which was made using commonly-available materials...01:16
macOnkinight all01:16
-!- macOnki [n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl] has quit ["Leaving"]01:17
phobiaprofessional demolition with high-powered and precisely engineered and placed explosives on the other hand01:17
@crythiaswhere placed?01:17
@crythiason the exact floor of the place the airplanes crashed?01:19
phobiawatch the video, that part is right at the beginning01:20
phobiathere were explosives placed along the vertical axis of both buildings, you can see the timed checkerboard explosions on the collapse videos01:20
phobiathey were also reported by CNN, ABC, etc. on the day that it happened01:21
phobiaas were the secondary explosions in the pentagon...01:21
@crythiaspressure of collapsing floors don't explode the windows?01:23
phobianot these explosions...01:23
phobiaall the witnesses that escaped with their lives including firemen said that they heard the explosions above them01:23
phobiathe official explanation given to them was that it was gas canisters being stored in all the kitchens...01:24
phobiawhich is beyond absurd01:24
@crythiasthere was a lot of noise. 01:24
phobiaalso, jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough even with continuous supply to actually melt steel even in the slightest01:24
phobiawhen those planes hit, all of their fuel was consumed within a few minutes01:24
@crythiasyes. I heard that.01:24
@crythiasbut that didn't mean the fire didn't stop burning.01:25
phobiathere are exaples in the video of DOZENS of big buildings that burned for up to 24 hours without collapsing01:25
@crythiasyes, yes, 01:25
phobiain some cases spanning 30+ floors, and reaching the roof01:25
phobiain one case, the roof & top floors collapsed, and the rest held...01:25
phobiaall built to far less a standard than those towers were01:25
@crythiasI don't suppose the extra weight of an airplane had anything to do with it, nor airpressure.01:25
phobiaalso multiple examples of large plane crashes into buildings, and none ever fell01:25
phobiathe weight of the airplane?  :)01:26
phobiahere's the KILLER fact01:26
phobiathe time it takes for the collapse to happen, it is measured in the videos01:26
phobiaand it is freefall speed01:26
phobiaif it was actually a collapse, and not a demolition, there would have been resistance, and it would have taken much longer01:27
phobianot to mention that they wouldn't have fallen straight down01:27
phobiabut even assuming that was a fluke, TWICE01:27
phobiathe free-fall speed gives it away beyond any question whatsoever01:27
phobiaanyway I can't lay the facts and questions out as well as this documentary does...01:27
@crythiasbecause what would prevent 1/3rd of the towers from collapsing anything below it?01:28
phobiaso check it out and see what you think for yourself01:28
phobiaI don't understand your question01:28
@crythiasyou have the weight of 1/3 of the trade center coming down. you claim resistance.01:29
phobiathe towers are constructed of vertical steel+concrete columns, had just the top portion collapsed because of the plane fire, the floors underneath would EACH have offered resistance to the top coming down01:29
@crythiasonce the first floor collapses, it's all inertia.01:29
phobiait would cumulatively get faster as the weight increased from each floor crashing down01:29
phobiabut there is NO resistance, because the floors are demolished from the top down by explosives01:30
phobiathe roof just falls as if nothing is in the way01:30
@crythiasit's called acceleration...01:30
phobiano dude01:30
phobiathere is NO example of this in any other collapse ever.01:30
@crythiasgravity is m/s^201:30
phobiayes they use newton's formula in the documentary01:31
@crythiasfor you :)01:31
@crythiasand, WTC7 had debris fall on it.01:32
phobiahahah my goodness01:33
phobiareading these "debunks" at the end just makes me laugh01:33
phobiaesp this one:  4)    Mr. Avery makes much effort to prove that UA77 did not bounce off the Pentagon lawn.  He even shows photos of other plane crashes that bounced off the ground and what they look like.  The film gives no idea why this is relevant to anyone except, perhaps, the Pentagon gardener.01:33
phobiait's relevant because it is YET ANOTHER piece of evidence that no airplane crash happened there...01:34
phobiaas *all* the eye witnesses were saying the day that it happened, btw01:34
@crythiasI'm certain there were no lawn skidmarks in WTC! and 2...01:34
phobiayes because they impacted several hundred feet above ground...01:34
@crythias20 feet, several hundred feet... why does the lawn matter?01:35
* phobia blinks in dismay01:36
@crythiasWas the official word that the plane bounced into the building?01:37
@crythiasOK, easier question: Did Loose Change say that the official word was that the plane bounced?01:42
@crythiasOr is it just because a plane didn't bounce, it didn't crash?01:42
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]01:43
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:45
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by xdanger01:45
@crythiasgaim dumped core01:45
-!- msnort_bbl [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:24
-!- mode/#webgui [+o msnort_bbl] by xdanger02:24
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]02:24
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui02:26
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger02:26
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []02:27
* crythias caused problems...02:28
-!- phobia [n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has quit ["Create like a God, Command like a King, Work like a Slave <k!15b8>"]02:42
-!- msnort_bbl [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]02:50
-!- msnort_bbl [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui02:50
-!- mode/#webgui [+o msnort_bbl] by xdanger02:50
-!- msnort_bbl is now known as msnort02:50
@crythiasI think I irritated phobia02:51
@WRE|bash 37780| <femakita> I'm fuckable! I deserve bling! 02:53
@WRE|bash 37996| <Soberguy> redhat 8 can't decide if  a rpm is installed or not02:53
@WRE|bash 37996| <toxictv> Redhat is like anal sex - good every now and then, but if you rely on it too heavily, it starts to bleed out the ass. 02:53
@WRE|bash 41326| <test4> ive been tied up before with ethernet cable to my bedpost 02:53
@WRE|bash 42391| <@Phillip> so02:54
@WRE|bash 42391| <@Phillip> ive come up with a rough formula to calculate the chance that a chick at a bar will want to screw me02:54
@WRE|bash 42391| <@Phillip> C=[(p/t)/100]+100(D)02:54
@WRE|bash 42391| <@Phillip> C is the percentage chance that she will want to02:54
@WRE|bash 42391| <@Phillip> p is pi02:54
@WRE|bash 42391| <@Phillip> t is the amount of time in seconds that i talk02:54
@WRE|bash 42391| <@Phillip> and D is how drunk she is 02:54
@crythiassomehow... talking more is actually worth it?02:55
@WRE|bash 47588| Ibekev: yeah that does, I guess you never really know until you meet someone and I'm not trying to put any assumptions into any of this other than I am willing to meet new people and learn more about myself and them at the same time, I don't think you can go out there looking for you soul mate or whatever, it just happens but it won't happen if you're just sitting on your couch02:55
@WRE|bash 47588| Keli_86: right..i completely agree with you02:55
@WRE|bash 47588| Ibekev: So I guess the rule of thumb is to see this as a way to meet new friends and just see02:55
@WRE|bash 47588| Keli_86: you couldnt have put it any better 02:55
@WRE|bash 47588| Ibekev: cool, so you wanna get naked and put your webcam back on? 02:55
@WRE|bash 50158| <rising> wow this room is full of losers 02:56
@crythiasbad math.02:56
@WRE|bash 50158| <Bored_Catboy> rising, your on IRC.... 02:56
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Sand fleas eating the Internet cables02:56
@WRE|bash 51590| <DA_BUTCHER> Annie will you marry me?02:56
@WRE|bash 51590| <DA_BUTCHER> I don't care what gender you are!02:56
@WRE|bash 51590| <|Annie|> shizz02:56
@WRE|bash 51590| <DA_BUTCHER> I'm Greek02:57
@WRE|bash 51590| <|Annie|> that's like the 6th time someone's asked me that in here02:57
@WRE|bash 51590| <|Annie|> I'll get back to you k ._.02:57
@WRE|bash 51590| <Scotch> It's your own fault for making your gender so obvious in your nick02:57
@WRE|bash 51590| <DA_BUTCHER> yes but the others would freak out if you turned out to be a 30 year old wrestler named Bernard 02:57
@crythiasBernard is a great Girl's name.02:57
@msnortmy 6th college roommate's name is Bernie02:57
@msnorthe went/goes by Bo, however.02:58
@crythiasbecause you've been to 6 colleges?02:58
@msnort1st/main college.02:58
@crythiasI couldn't keep roommates. Too messy.02:58
@msnortyeah.  roommates are hard to clean up after.02:58
@msnortmaking like a baby and heading out...02:58
@crythiasespecially when there hair keeps getting stuck on your tire iron.02:59
@msnortthe babies' hair?02:59
@msnortyour roommates were babies?02:59
@crythiasroommates are hard to clean up after, especially when their hair keeps getting stuck on your tire iron.03:00
@msnortwhy do you keep a tire iron on the bathroom floor.03:00
@crythiaswho said anything about a bathroom floor?03:00
@msnortoh.  never mind.03:01
@crythiasB BAK L8R'03:01
-!- msnort is now known as finkTurd03:02
-!- finkTurd is now known as finkTurd_bbl03:03
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@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: The hardware bus needs a new token.05:11
@finkTurd_bblthought you left crythias05:12
-!- finkTurd_bbl is now known as funkTired05:12
snapcountI thought you both left05:12
snapcountyou know we're *really* dorks when we can be found here and rizen is not05:13
-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI Discussion | http://www.plainblack.com | http://www.gwy2.org/cgi-bin/fom05:13
@crythiasand why would this be any differnt than http://www.plainblack.com/discuss ?05:14
snapcountit's so weird how you get an idea of what someone will look like before you actually know05:16
@funkTiredcrythias: why and how didn't I/we immediately drive you away from webgui back when you first tried it out.05:16
snapcountlike based on their name and personality05:16
snapcountand then are completely shocked when you see their pic05:16
@funkTiredyeah, like my pic on aim :p05:16
@funkTiredi always knew what gerald looked like.05:17
@funkTiredhe always had his avatar/signature.05:17
@funkTiredi was surprised by colin.05:17
snapcountyeah... I pictured colin as that guy from who's line is it anyways05:18
snapcountthe semi-bald one with blond hair05:18
snapcountdon't know why05:18
@crythiasI was there before you, Matt. barely.05:18
@funkTirednuh uh :p05:18
@funkTiredb/c i bought paid support in august 0405:18
@funkTiredi was quiet though.05:19
@funkTireduntil Oct/Nov05:19
@crythiasmy first post was some probs upgrading 5.x -> 6.x05:19
@crythiasthen I dumped and restarted under 6.2.705:19
@funkTiredprob. at someone's (like me) insistence.05:20
@crythiasThink it was Len.05:20
@crythiasI had so many issues with FreeBSD that I *HAD* to make the FAQ05:20
@crythiasI don't know why Matt and I got along.05:22
@funkTiredberkeley non-standard distribution.05:22
snapcountLNX LVR05:22
@crythiasTUX RACR05:22
@funkTiredcrythias: snapcount is like 2 days behind us.05:22
snapcountTUX FKR05:22
@funkTiredpretty soon he'll start to degenerate.05:22
snapcountyeah yeah05:22
@funkTiredall of my plates have turned deviant.05:23
snapcountI'm like a borg05:23
@crythiasLATE .05:23
snapcountplug my ass in05:23
snapcountand I'll reboot05:23
snapcountAll your planets are belong to us05:24
@crythiasBRG PMPL05:24
@crythiasPUS MNGR05:24
@funkTiredliker or licker05:25
@crythiasC DOS RUN05:25
@funkTiredI bet with the three of us here we could crank through the open bugs....?05:26
snapcountso based on recent conversations... I guess none of this will make the dev list05:26
@crythiasRED SHRT05:26
snapcountsorry dude... I'm still writing a SOW05:26
snapcountthat sux my ass05:26
@funkTiredsow = female pig?05:27
@funkTiredor statement of work05:27
@funkTiredah; both.05:27
snapcountSOW == Statement of Work"05:27
snapcountSOW == "Statement of Work" || "female pig"05:28
snapcountevaluates to true05:28
@funkTiredSOW == "Statement of Work" || SOW == "female pig"05:28
@crythiasGET OVR HR05:29
snapcountthat would evaluate to 1 || 005:29
snapcountwhich still evaluates05:29
snapcountto 105:29
snapcountbut that should answer your question05:29
@funkTired== has precedence over ||05:29
snapcount1 || 005:30
@funkTired1 || 105:30
@funkTired"female pig" is always 105:30
snapcountsow != female pig in my universe05:30
snapcountjust statement of work05:30
snapcountbut you have a valid argument in a parallel dimension05:30
snapcountsome call it earth05:30
@funkTiredbut your expression is equiv to if((SOW == "Statement of Work") || ("female pig"))05:30
-!- RingLeadeR [n=contests@pool-71-115-163-68.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #webgui05:31
snapcountmy expression is equiv to if((SOW == "Statement of Work") || 005:31
snapcountbecause the ==05:31
snapcountcan never be true05:31
snapcountin my world05:31
RingLeadeRIs this the OpenCMS fan club channel?05:31
@funkTiredwelcome RingLeadeR05:31
snapcountsomething like that05:32
@funkTireduh, if by OpenCMS, you mean WebGUI05:32
-!- RingLeadeR is now known as ParkerOne05:32
snapcountgood thing you changed your nick05:32
@funkTiredyou would've been reamed.05:32
snapcountwe were about to lay the smack down05:32
* funkTired claps his hands gleefully05:33
ParkerOneheh irc warz... so 1996ish05:33
snapcountthe good ol' days05:33
snapcountVOTECTR (FL Tag)05:35
@crythiasNEAR MRS05:35
snapcountI like that one05:35
@funkTiredcrythias: say the one about the face05:36
@crythiasI MR FACE05:36
snapcountGOT HAIR05:36
@crythiasTOE SUKR05:36
snapcount(comes after I MR FACE)05:37
@funkTireddouble entendre there snapcount05:37
* snapcount googles entendre to un-dumb himself05:38
snapcountI defend the double entendre status of my plate05:39
snapcountit can be read as a question for bald people05:39
@funkTiredI meant your parenthetical.05:39
@crythiasyeah no doubt.05:39
@crythiasjust caught it.05:40
@crythiasa bit slow05:40
@crythiasbut... wouldn't it be before?05:40
snapcountcould be05:40
snapcountwhich increases it's comedic value05:41
@crythiasGOT HAIT05:41
@funkTiredfor the irc log trollers05:41
@crythiasor hair.05:41
snapcountI could really go for a big ass bowl of fruit loops right now05:42
@crythiasLV LOHAN05:42
@crythiasMOR PZZA05:43
-!- mode/#webgui [+o ParkerOne] by funkTired05:43
snapcountHey WRE... you big sack of crap05:43
snapcountIf I'm cool... make me an op05:44
@crythiasMLTD CHZ05:44
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE05:44
@funkTiredokay, new rule05:44
@ParkerOnei think you need to script wre with all of the WebGUI Done Right Information05:44
@funkTiredyou have to describe the vehicle that the plate is on.05:44
@funkTiredmodel/color is enough.05:45
@snapcountVIAGRA1 -- JT's pinto05:45
@snapcountbaby blue05:45
@crythiasLOKDKYZ blonde's convertible.05:45
@ParkerOneWho is Snapcount?05:46
@snapcountEXPLRER -- Proctologists SUV05:46
@funkTiredoops I broke my own rule.05:47
@WREsnapcount is the coolest guy I've ever known05:47
@funkTired!bash 05:47
@WRE!bash: no results found for search05:47
@ParkerOnewre does talk.. lol05:47
@snapcountthat's cheating05:47
@snapcountwre is my bitch05:47
@WRE|bash 60904| <Squiggle> Also:the bottom ones [on bash.org] are some of the best05:47
@WRE|bash 60904| <Squiggle> They're all about niggers05:47
@WRE|bash 60904| <Squiggle> Niggers  =  funny05:47
@WRE|bash 60904| <Sulzanti> Not if you have to be in smelling distance 05:47
@WRE|bash 61227| <Tont0> TCP/IP illustrated needs a swimsuit issue 05:48
@funkTired!bash 34522305:48
@WRE!bash: quote not found05:48
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Due to Federal Budget problems we have been forced to cut back on the number of users able to access the system at one time. Namely none allowed....05:48
@funkTired!bash 322105:48
@WRE|bash| <SementE> anyone here have a commercial pilot license?05:48
@WRE|bash| <blazemore> semente: do you have any idea how many fbi 'carnivore' systems you just set off05:48
@WRE|bash| <SementE> blazemore:  oh.. I forgot to add airline 05:48
@funkTired!bash 91105:48
@funkTired!bash 102405:49
@WRE!bash: quote not found05:49
@funkTired!bash 12805:49
@WRE!bash: quote not found05:49
@snapcount!horiscope aquarius05:49
@funkTired!horoscope gemini05:49
@WREGemini; <span id="intelliTxt">There's nothing like seeing someone else's inspired artistic expression to light a fire under your own creative endeavors. Rather than being jealous, you start to think of new ways to address your projects.</span>05:49
@snapcountdid I spell it wrong05:49
* snapcount recognizes himself as a lame ass05:49
@snapcountbad spelers of the world untie05:50
@snapcountwell that was fun05:50
@ParkerOneHey snap, what do you do for a living?05:50
@funkTired!bash 983405:50
@WRE!bash: quote not found05:50
@snapcountI used to own Ocean View Web Creations05:51
@snapcountnow I work for PB05:51
@snapcountfor the past couple of hours anyways05:51
* funkTired allows the world to rejoice with him.05:51
@ParkerOnecoolio, PB is a growing05:52
@snapcountI'm a tumor05:52
@funkTireddon't 'replicate' near me.05:52
@crythias!bash 2443105:52
@WRE!bash: quote not found05:52
@funkTiredbash 885305:52
@crythias!bash 24432105:52
@WRE!bash: quote has too many lines to display in public channel (max 12, quote has 17): sending as privmsg instead05:53
@funkTired!bash 885305:53
@crythias!bash 9983505:53
@WRE|bash| <Guo_Si> Hey, you know what sucks?05:53
@WRE|bash| <TheXPhial> vaccuums05:53
@WRE|bash| <Guo_Si> Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?05:53
@WRE|bash| <TheXPhial> black holes05:53
@WRE|bash| <Guo_Si> Hey, you know what just isn't cool?05:53
@WRE|bash| <TheXPhial> lava? 05:53
@crythias!bash 475305:54
@WRE|bash| <xterm> The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself? 05:54
@snapcountfuck yeah05:54
@funkTired|bash| <snapcount> (comes after I MR FACE)05:55
@snapcountI wonder if WRE finished his metorology degree yet05:55
@snapcount.wx 3211705:55
@funkTiredrename WRE to WRECK05:55
@snapcountI'm bored05:55
@funkTiredfinish your sow.05:56
@crythias!bash 2360105:56
@WRE|bash| <mage> what should I give sister for unzipping?05:56
@WRE|bash| <Kevyn> Um. Ten bucks?05:56
@WRE|bash| <mage> no I mean like, WinZip? 05:56
@snapcounthe better learn new tricks or I'll kill -9 his ass05:56
@funkTiredOne of the earliest examples of double entendre in American culture was the late 19th-century vaudeville act, the Barrison Sisters. They danced, raising their skirts slightly and asking the audience: "Would you like to see my pussy?" After an enthusiastic response, they would raise up their skirts, revealing live kittens secured over their crotches.05:57
* snapcount reflects on this priceless snippet of wisdom05:57
@funkTiredsomehow I doubt that was really one of the earliest examples of double entendre in American culture.05:58
@ParkerOnesnap what are you going to be doing at PB?05:58
@funkTiredmore like someone trying to put jokes in wikipedia05:58
@ParkerOnematt you should be watching this game btw.. 05:58
@snapcountI'm supposed to be JT's mini-me05:58
@ParkerOneoh really? heh.. that ought to be interesting05:59
@crythias!bash 33026105:59
@WRE|bash| <i8b4uUnderground> d-_-b05:59
@WRE|bash| <BonyNoMore> how u make that inverted b?05:59
@WRE|bash| <BonyNoMore> wait05:59
@WRE|bash| <BonyNoMore> never mind 05:59
@snapcountfund a feature dev, bugs, server admin05:59
@snapcountsome core stuff here and there05:59
@ParkerOneawesome.. the more devs the better05:59
@snapcounta little bit of everything I guess like everyone else on staff05:59
@ParkerOnesince matt keeps messing everything up05:59
@crythiaswho's kill -9?05:59
@ParkerOneer i mean... 06:00
@funkTiredi'm such a f-up.06:00
@ParkerOneyeah right.. you've saved my ass plenty-o-times06:00
@crythiasFMLY GUY - pink yugo06:01
@funkTiredSTMRLR - delorean (whatever color unpainted brushed stainless steel is)06:02
@funkTiredI have the latest leaked Vista build running in a vmware vm.06:03
@funkTiredand the latest leaked Office 12 build runs 10x faster in there than it does in my native XP.06:04
@funkTireddead serious.06:04
@crythiasyes. and I'm not?06:05
@funkTiredoh; yeah.06:05
@funkTiredfinal release, yeah.06:05
* funkTired deals a round of cards.06:05
* funkTired kicks WRE06:06
@funkTired&kick WRE06:06
* funkTired suffers from ennui06:07
* funkTired tires of seeing * funkTired in purple.06:07
* funkTired enjoys referring to himself in the third person, to himself.06:07
-!- funkTired was kicked from #WebGUI by WRE [request]06:07
-!- funkTired [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui06:08
-!- mode/#webgui [+o funkTired] by xdanger06:08
-!- WRE was kicked from #webgui by funkTired [Kick]06:08
-!- WRE [n=gooey@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI06:08
@funkTiredahah.  WRE can't op himself.06:08
-!- mode/#webgui [+o WRE] by snapcount06:09
@snapcounthe still suxorz06:09
@snapcounthe will become more powerful06:09
@funkTiredthan I can possibly imagine?06:09
@snapcountwhat kind of bot is xdanger?06:10
@snapcountwho's bot is it?06:10
@snapcountmust be a SPY!06:11
@funkTiredit's onki's.06:11
@snapcounta dutch bot06:12
@snapcountI guess WRE is Canadian technically06:12
-!- cluge [n=aaron@rrcs-24-73-239-166.se.biz.rr.com] has quit ["Leaving"]06:15
@snapcountI want some fruit loops06:18
@snapcountI'm out06:18
@funkTiredfroot loops06:18
@funkTiredyeah, i'm a jerk.06:18
* snapcount scratches his head06:18
@funkTiredi was correcting your spelling.06:19
@snapcountis that how you spell it?06:19
@funkTiredyeah, on the box, I think.06:19
@snapcountyou're right06:19
@snapcountI never noticed that before06:19
@ParkerOneno way.. seriously06:19
@funkTiredtakes one (froot loop) to know one (froot loop)06:20
@snapcountthe pre-loader is pretty cool06:20
@ParkerOnewow damn... that's a hella good trivia question06:20
@funkTiredWRE: evolve ability trivia06:21
* snapcount plays froot ahoy game06:21
* funkTired ROTFL06:22
@snapcountI just got a 1000 fruity points06:22
@funkTiredI just created my very own treasure map with the fruity delight of Froot Loops(r)06:22
@snapcount!seen rizen06:24
@WRErizen (n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net) was last seen parting #WebGUI 1 hour, 23 minutes ago stating "{}".06:24
@funkTired!seen boss06:24
@WREfunkTired, I don't remember seeing boss.06:24
@funkTiredok, enough trolling.... off to bed.06:24
@snapcount!seen my_ass06:24
@WREsnapcount, I don't remember seeing my_ass.06:24
@ParkerOnecya funk06:24
-!- funkTired is now known as frootLoop06:25
@ParkerOnei gotta go fix some client crap.. yay.. talk at you guys later06:25
-!- ParkerOne [n=contests@pool-71-115-163-68.gdrpmi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit []06:25
@frootLoophey, frootLoop isn't taken.06:25
@snapcountare you really surprised by that06:26
@frootLoopi guess06:26
@snapcountI imagine flames would come a plenty06:26
@crythias"Get yours for a fraction of the price"06:29
@crythiasyeah ok. 100/100 is a fraction. so what.06:30
-!- crythias is now known as lootfroop06:30
@lootfroopcluge stayed a long time06:30
-!- lootfroop is now known as crythias06:31
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has left #webgui []06:32
@frootLoopheal up.06:32
@snapcountheal up?06:32
@frootLoophe was home sick today06:32
@snapcountI thought I was ignorant to some sort of slang or something06:35
@snapcountyou live in TX fruit?06:42
@frootLoopused to.06:42
@frootLoopnow in KC, KS06:42
@snapcountI lived in OK for about 6 yrs06:42
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-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]09:01
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-!- lonki_home is now known as lonki09:29
@xdangerehem, I am not a bot... Just my irc-client has little features like autoop-list... and I run it 24/7...09:44
lonkixdanger, and it generates discussions? :-)09:49
@xdangernope =) just op's people ;)09:49
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has joined #webgui10:54
-!- lonki [n=hans@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]10:59
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by xdanger14:30
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: new management14:31
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]15:30
* lenthamen just had lunch15:32
-!- midellaq [i=user@host168-164.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has joined #webgui16:00
-!- frootLoop is now known as pbmdawg16:05
lenthamenhello all !16:05
midellaqhi there16:05
@pbmdawghaven't seen or heard from you lately MD16:06
@pbmdawgon the dev list or pb boards..16:06
@pbmdawghow have you been?16:06
midellaqthat's because I'm shy16:06
midellaqfine.. almost.. 16:07
midellaqwho am I chatting with?16:07
@pbmdawgmatthew wilson 16:07
midellaqnice to meet you, mwilson.. you're doing a greeeat job, let me tell you16:08
@pbmdawgi detect some sarcasm?16:09
midellaqno no no.. I'm telling the truth..16:09
@pbmdawgoh, ok. thanks.  not sure what you mean, but thanks.16:09
lenthamenYes, Matthew, we're all proud of you !16:09
* lenthamen Matthew doesn't know what to say anymore ;)16:11
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui16:21
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by xdanger16:21
lenthamenhowdy crythias16:24
@xdangerand I'm not a bot ;)16:29
@pbmdawgyes; sorry for that. :)16:29
lenthamencrythias: Another day supporting WebGUI ;)16:29
@crythiasaccording to Matthew, I hit both sides of the bell curve.16:33
@crythiasEither I'm exactly right or horribly wrong.16:33
lenthamenhehe... Don't believe what Matthew says :)16:34
@crythiasAre you kidding? I believe everything he reads.16:34
lenthamenThis is already the second day I'm working on cleaning up code I've written myself.....16:40
lenthamenA messy piece of horrible spagetti code16:41
@pbmdawgand I just read this: http://www.defensereview.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=52616:41
@pbmdawgthe "musketball sling"16:41
@crythiaswhiners in the digg comments.16:44
@crythias"What do you mean no recoil?" 16:44
@pbmdawgactually i asked an engineer friend about that.16:44
@crythiasduh. You ever play with hotwheels?16:44
@pbmdawgthere is recoil16:44
@pbmdawghe asked me if I ever used a sling.16:45
@crythiassling is accurate.16:45
@crythiashotwheels: at least one set has this motorized "acceleration" machine in the track that keeps the cars going. I guess the best way to describe it is a car wash machine which spins, hugging the car, and forces it out.16:47
@crythiasnot really recoil, too much. 16:47
@pbmdawgand it hops/pushes back when the car is released.16:47
@crythiasnot near as much as if it were stationary16:47
@pbmdawgsame amount.16:48
@pbmdawgwait, what do you mean stationary.16:48
@crythiasit's already accounted for in the spin.16:48
@crythiasa rifle is stationary relative to the explosive charge in the muzzle.16:48
@crythiasit has to recoil because of the initial force of the bullet.16:49
@crythiasslingshots don't recoil.16:49
@pbmdawgyeah they do16:49
@crythiasno they don't. they're pulled back and that's the precoil, but that IS the force required to move the projectile.16:50
@crythiasthe projectile in a sling shot doesn't apply force against the sling.16:51
@pbmdawgif you are standing on a teflon surface, and you are holding a spinning sling, and you release the release cord when the cords are at a 90 degree angle to your target, the payload will continue on toward the target, and you will start moving backwards.16:51
@crythiasthat is net, force16:51
@crythiasno way16:51
@pbmdawgin fact, we did that exact experiment in high school, standing on wheeled platforms.16:51
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #webgui16:51
-!- mode/#webgui [+o rizen] by xdanger16:52
-!- rizen [n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #webgui []16:52
@pbmdawgyeah way.16:52
lenthamenperl question: Do I still need to call $dbh->disconnect if I'm using Apache::DBI ?16:52
@pbmdawgbut you do still need to do $sth->finish16:53
@pbmdawgif you create a $sth16:53
lenthamenyeah thats to finish the statement16:53
@crythiasok, I'll buy that you have recoil on frictionless surface. I'm reasonably certain that the recoil is insignificant compared to relative velocity of the projectile versus a bullet's recoil.16:56
@pbmdawgno, it's identical, if the mass and release velocity of the projectile is the same16:56
@pbmdawgconservation of momentum.16:56
lenthamenmy $self = shit;17:03
@crythiasoh... kay17:06
lenthamenshould be my $self = shift;17:09
@WRE|bash 82201| <b1u3> my sister, whos studing to be a chef, was at one of those miracle blade conventions...she said chef tony cut like five perefect slices off of a roast and had an orgasm17:09
@WRE|bash 82201| <p1rpl3> lol 'oh...oh yeah...is that camera still on? ill be right back friends...oh' 17:09
@WRE|bash 85649| <Kai-Bach> 900 years, hensons hand up your butt, not as good you will look 17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| Liz: id like to have something else :-P17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| katie: lol17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| katie: i would too17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| katie: like 5 seconds with him17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| katie: even 5 milliseconds17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| Liz: mmmm, 5 milliseconds of sex17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| Liz: is that even a full thrust?17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| katie: 1/2 of one17:10
@WRE|bash 89683| Liz: mmmm, half thrust 17:10
@WRE|bash 100524| <boyd> anyway, theres a survey on the back and one question is 'What was the easiest way to make new friends at your Teritary Institution?'17:11
@WRE|bash 100524| <boyd> if my name wasn't going to be attached to it, i'd put something like 'i'm doing computer science, I  HAVE NO FRIENDS 17:11
@WRE|bash 102182| <@DrPoole> i wish i had a friendly panda17:13
@WRE|bash 102182| <@DrPoole> he'd be my buddy. watch tv and stuff.17:13
@WRE|bash 102182| <@DrPoole> drink beer.17:13
@WRE|bash 102182| <@niklas> get high17:13
@WRE|bash 102182| <@DrPoole> yeah. he'd get fucked right up and he'd beat on me from time to time.17:13
@WRE|bash 102182| <@DrPoole> that, would, RULE 17:13
* crythias hangs his head in shame.17:13
* pbmdawg gloats.17:14
@WRE|bash 105245| <Halibut> Oh dear17:16
@WRE|bash 105245| <Halibut> I just tried to swat a fly with my cursor 17:16
@pbmdawgi've done that.17:16
@crythiasoh. my. word.17:16
@pbmdawga fruit fly17:16
@crythiasapple or pear?17:17
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui17:24
* crythias snaps his fingers. One. Two. Three.17:25
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE17:25
@crythiasMore heresy: Centrifugal force doesn't exist.17:34
@pbmdawgangular momentum does.17:34
@crythiasbut there is no force pulling something away from center.17:35
@crythiasI think I'll post that on one of these boards and see how much I get flamed.17:36
@crythiascombined with magnetic railgun, there's no recoil like a propellant...17:37
@crythiasyes, there's recoil, but it's not the same type as a propelled missile.17:37
@crythiasalternating magnetic field acceleration.17:37
@crythiasroller coasters17:38
@pbmdawgthere's still recoil.17:38
@crythiasreal physics, and no gun-like recoil17:38
@crythiasit's outward, not backward.17:38
@pbmdawgequal and opposite reaction.17:39
@crythiasok. ever use a magnet to pick up a paperclip?17:39
@crythiasdoes it push against the table to elevate itself?17:39
@pbmdawgbut the table does push up on it while the clip is lying there.17:40
@crythiasbut there's gotta be an equal and opposite reaction behind the accelerating paperclip17:40
@crythiasoh. wait. it's not pushing against the table. no recoil, but it does accelerate as it approaches the magnet17:41
@pbmdawgyes. the force the clip exerts against the magnet is lessened while the clip is moving toward the magnet, and then changes to the force of the additional weight of the clip when the clip combines with the magnet.17:42
@crythiasyeah, but there's no recoil... it's an impact... 17:42
@crythiasand imagine if the magnet turned itself off before the paperclip got to it, but another magnet grabbed it.17:43
@crythiasno friction. no recoil.17:43
@pbmdawgthe recoil is felt by the magnet-holder as a greater 'heaviness' of of the magnet while nearing the clip, and while the clip is pulled up to the magnet.17:43
@pbmdawgwhich is lessened when the clip reaches terminal velocity through the air (if it does).17:44
@crythiasfine, but it's miniscule compared to the exploision of a gun.17:44
@pbmdawgonly b/c a paperclip weighs less and is travelling slower than a bullet.17:44
@crythiasit's not impossible to use a bullet sized paperclip.17:44
@pbmdawgyes, and you will feel the clip pulling the magnet toward it when you approach the bullet-sized clip.17:45
@crythiasand it's not impossible to use magnetics to accelerate the bullet. 17:45
@crythiasbut if you used a cylindrical magnet...17:45
@pbmdawgyes, and the electromagnets will exert equal and opposite reactionary forces on their housings.17:45
@pbmdawgwhich will exert those forces on their mounts.17:45
@crythiasIt's not going to kick me in the shoulder when I use it.17:46
@pbmdawgwhat won't17:46
@pbmdawgthe centrifuge gun?17:46
@pbmdawgit would be impossible for a person to hold, let alone aim.17:46
@pbmdawgthe weight alone....17:46
-!- WRE changed the topic of #webgui to: railguns, magnets, oh my!17:46
@crythiasit's a vehicle mounted armament.17:47
@pbmdawgnot regarding the gyroscopic effects (Nm^2)17:47
@crythiascounterrotating is good enough to offset it. see gyro helicopters.17:47
@pbmdawgthat's for counteracting the equal and opposite rotational effects.17:48
@pbmdawgnot the gyroscopic effect.17:48
@crythiashow do helicopters work?17:49
@pbmdawga helicopter can have two horizontal rotors spinning oppositely or one horozontal rotor and a rear vertical fan to offset those forces.17:49
@crythiasthey can do lots of things.17:49
@crythiasbut ... slings don't have gyroscope affects?17:50
@pbmdawgthe force the rear fan exerts against the air counteracts the force it takes to get the top rotor spinning and keep it spinning.17:50
@pbmdawgthey do.17:50
@pbmdawgbut miniscule b/c they're spinning so slowly.17:50
@crythiasgyroscopes tend to have their mass on their perimeter.17:51
@pbmdawgdoesn't matter where it is.17:51
@pbmdawgit's the amount of angular momentum that counts.17:51
@crythiasit matters.17:51
@crythiasgyroscopes don't evenly distribute their mass across the plain for a reason.17:52
@pbmdawgonly for efficiency.17:52
-!- lonki is now known as lonki_home17:52
@pbmdawgto maximize their angular momentum / mass.17:53
-!- pbmdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has left #webgui []18:02
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-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI real time help. et al. | http://www.plainblack.com18:10
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@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Too many interrupts18:23
@crythiasknow sendmail?18:30
@pbmdawgme? no18:30
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@crythiasok.. bug/rfe18:39
@crythiasfirst page of a long thread, the title is obnoxious. seconds page, it's all tidy.18:39
@crythiasstill can't click to go directly to a post on the second page of a thread.18:39
@pbmdawgi never remember to report that when I notice it18:40
@crythiasisa bug?18:40
@pbmdawgadd it18:40
@WRE|bash 107421| <melx0rz> we just polled some guy .. out of the following he is a) child molester b) FILTHY LIAR18:40
@WRE|bash 107421| <melx0rz> i didn't answer18:41
@WRE|bash 107421| <melx0rz> er.. HE18:41
@WRE|bash 107421| <melx0rz> He didn't answer 18:41
@crythiasany chance adding a real release # to the list of releases might be helpful?18:42
@crythiasSpecifically: Category: 6.8.3 gamma18:43
@crythiasin sf.net18:43
@pbmdawg'tis probably a good idea18:44
@pbmdawgsend that one to the dev list18:44
@crythiasdon't just do it?18:45
@crythiascause I'm about to submit...18:45
@crythiasat least we should add current gamma18:51
-!- agent [n=agent@] has joined #webgui19:04
agenthi all19:04
-!- agent is now known as LuckyLStrike19:05
@pbmdawgwho is luckylstrke19:05
LuckyLStrikeme :) an unknown webgui coder/user19:06
@pbmdawgwelcome mr/ms unknown wg coder/user.19:07
@pbmdawgBITEME - brown cadillac19:08
@crythiasyeah... um.. yellow hummer19:09
@pbmdawgso who are you lucky19:09
@crythiasRUNOVRU - white semi19:09
@crythiasSTM ROLR - yellow steam roller19:10
LuckyLStrikesorry later, lots of work todo19:10
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-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI real time help. et al. | http://www.plainblack.com | WebGUI - You're soaking in it.19:12
@crythiassomehow... that doesn't seem right.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Blade> Too bad your ex wasn't there.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> She was in f*cking San Diego. Can you believe that?19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> There's like nothing there. It's mexican canada.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Blade> Seriously, it's like LA took a crap.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> And then that crap took a crap.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> And picked through the crap to find a land mine.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> And threw it at my mom.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Blade> XD19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> Who fell down the stairs.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> And into a hole which led to China.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Sonsquidku_V> And that's why I haven't seen her for the last 15 years.19:13
@WRE|bash 136376| <Blade> You have some issues, Dan. 19:13
@WRE|bash 138229| <Calisa> I can only hope there are hotel rooms involved in the party. I need to give my secret garden to serenity. We'll ride the comet of passion and wait until the sun dawns on the pool of spilled innocence. A world that's calm in the everlasting wake. 19:13
@WRE|bash 138229| <TribGuru> she's gonna fuck the desk clerk. 19:13
@WRE|bash 149939| <Algorithms> I just threw a squirrel carcass in a cardboard box and installed NetBSD on it. 19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <[GSF]Nitro> if that hot assistant had done a tumor check on my nads, it would have been an embarrassing experience for both of us19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <Quizical> heh19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <PunMeister> lol19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <The_Spaniard> excuse me sir can you do something about that erection19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <[GSF]Nitro> unless she found a tumor.. that would kill the mood pretty fast I bet19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <[GSF]Nitro> 8=============D19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <[GSF]Nitro> you have cancer19:14
@crythiasNetBSD: runs on anything.19:14
@WRE|bash 189180| <[GSF]Nitro> 8D 19:14
@WRE|bash 196025| <m00> Why does the mexican olympic team suck?19:15
@WRE|bash 196025| <m00> everyone who can run, jump or swim is already in the US 19:15
* crythias rubs his eyes. Can't. remove. burnt. image.19:15
@WRE|bash 215386| <Marasmus> So I was listening to a comedian who was talking about the Queen of England being attractive when she was young.19:15
@WRE|bash 215386| <Shae> Erm.. okay...19:15
@WRE|bash 215386| <Marasmus> And that some guys would talk about her, you know, the lewd way guys do about celebrities.19:15
@WRE|bash 215386| <Marasmus> And some of the guys would go further than that... and I thought, it must be very strange...19:15
@WRE|bash 215386| <Marasmus> masturbating to pocket change. 19:15
@WRE|bash 221449| <Space-Monkey|ftw> my hand is stuck in my pc case 19:16
@pbmdawg!bash 22144919:16
@WRE|bash| <Space-Monkey|ftw> my hand is stuck in my pc case 19:16
@crythiaspress eject19:16
@crythiasdrag your hand to the trash can19:17
@crythiasumount /dev/hand19:17
@crythiassomehow, that doesn't look right in print, either.19:18
@pbmdawgcrythias: http://www.plainblack.com/etcetera/affordable-hosting-for-slightly-customized-site19:31
-!- macOnki [n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl] has joined #webgui19:33
@crythiasbut I'm not going to do that.19:37
@crythiasI'm not set up to provide mission critical anything.19:37
@crythiasand ... I'm not certain anyone will include customization in the hosting charges...19:39
@pbmdawgsurely he's not expecting that??!?!19:39
@pbmdawgthat's like, outsourcing to east asia  range prices.19:39
@crythiashosting is one thing. just google it.19:40
@crythiasor use pb's hosting or whatever.19:40
@pbmdawgthat's theoretically possible, if whatever customizations they have can be rolled into the core.19:41
@pbmdawgdepends on what they are.19:41
@pbmdawgwhich is why i asked.19:41
-!- midellaq [i=user@host168-164.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has joined #webgui20:29
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-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]20:53
@crythiashrm... http://www.thinkgeek.com/electronics/cameras/7edc/?cpg=wnrss20:56
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Zombie processess detected, machine is haunted.22:58
@WRE|bash 239322| <stuberg> we got home from fishos at about 3 am drank as fuck22:59
@WRE|bash 239322| <stuberg> drunk*22:59
@WRE|bash 239322| <stuberg> and decided to have this mass acid/shrooms binge22:59
@WRE|bash 239322| <stuberg> and we kept goin all mornin on it like trippin out crazy and watching some chinese subtitle moviee22:59
@WRE|bash 239322| <stuberg> and at about 8.30 in the mornign paulie decides he has to go to school and he actually left and walked to school22:59
@WRE|bash 239322| <pualat> ur friend went school on an acid/mushies trip nice22:59
@WRE|bash 239322| <stuberg> no no u dont get it, hes 24 and owns his own business hes not sposed to go to school 22:59
* crythias snickers.22:59
* pbmdawg lol23:00
@WRE|bash 265013| <Geno> Dude...23:02
@WRE|bash 265013| <Geno> I was wearing my All Your Base shirt...and someone pointed out the craziest thing23:02
@WRE|bash 265013| <Geno> 'Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb', when read Backwards, is 'Bomb the US (united states) Up Set (upset) Somebody' 23:02
@crythiasUs to belong are base your all23:03
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790> so, at this college there was an extra credit question 'Is hell endothermic or exothermic'23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790> this is what one kid wrote:23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790> First, we postulate that if souls exist, then they must have some mass. 23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| If they do, then a mole of souls can also have a mass. So, at what rate are souls moving into hell and at what rate are souls leaving? I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. 23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790>As for souls entering hell, lets look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to hell. Since, there are more than one of these religions and people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all people and all souls go to hell. 23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in hell to increase exponentially. 23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790> Now, we look at the rate of change in volume in hell. Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in hell to stay the same, the ratio of the mass of souls and volume needs to stay constant. 23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790>So, if hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter hell, then the temperature and pressure in hell will increase until all hell breaks loose (i.e.,Hell is exothermic). 23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <liv1790>Of course, if hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in hell, than the temperature and pressure will drop until hell freezes over (i.e.,Hell is endothermic). 23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790>So which is it? If we accept the postulate given by Ms.Therese Banyan during my freshman year, 'That it will be a cold night in hell before I go out with you,' and take into account the fact that I still have not succeeded in having a relationship with her, the second case cannot be true. Therefore, hell is exothermic.23:04
@WRE|bash 301963| <lib1790> the kid was the only one who got credit 23:05
@WRE|bash 386538| <simon-say> CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his 6th Tour de France title.23:05
@WRE|bash 386538| <simon-say> In a random check for banned substances, three were found in Armstrong's hotel room.23:05
@WRE|bash 386538| <simon-say> The substances banned by the French that were found in his hotel room were as follows: (1) Toothpaste, (2) Deodorant, (3) Soap23:05
@WRE|bash 386538| <simon-say> The French officials also found several other items which they had never seen before, including a testicle and a backbone...23:05
@WRE|bash 386538| <simon-say> Earlier reports that French Government officials attempted to surrender to Armstrong as he entered Paris were apparently erroneous. 23:05
@crythiasthey did not... 23:06
@WRE|bash 396157| SmarterChild: Market data (delayed 20 minutes) provided by Reuters   23:08
@WRE|bash 396157| Ticker  Price  Change  Percent  Volume  23:08
@WRE|bash 396157| 1  :-) B    26.50  +0.22   +0.84    1830023:08
@WRE|bash 396157| 2  :-( A    22.15  -0.05   -0.23    74760023:08
@WRE|bash 396157| 3  :-) S    38.50  +0.07   +0.18    68870023:08
@WRE|bash 396157| 4  :-) T    14.45  +0.15   +1.05    93070023:08
@WRE|bash 396157| 5  :-( A    22.15  -0.05   -0.23    74760023:08
@WRE|bash 396157| 6  :-) R    43.55  +0.05   +0.11    15770023:08
@WRE|bash 396157| 7  :-) D    64.77  +0.07   +0.11    342600 23:08
@WRE|bash 464561| <xp99> We all know that it is a sin for an Islamic male to see any woman other than his wife naked, and that he must commit suicide if he does.23:08
@WRE|bash 464561| <xp99> So next Sunday at 4:00 PM Eastern time, all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists.23:08
@WRE|bash 464561| <xp99> Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this antiterrorist effort. All men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their house to prove they are not terrorists, and to demonstrate that they think it's okay to see nude women other than their wife and to show support for all American women.23:08
@WRE|bash 464561| <xp99> And since the Koran also does not approve of alcohol, a cold six-pack at your side is further proof of your antiterrorist sentiment.23:08
@WRE|bash 464561| <xp99> The American Government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti terrorist activity.23:08
@WRE|bash 464561| <xp99> God bless America and GOD BLESS AMERICAN WOMEN! IT IS YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY TO PASS THIS ON 23:08
@crythiasI think I nee to stop23:09
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--- Day changed Fri Jan 06 2006
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o onioncoder] by xdanger00:10
macOnkicrythias, hmmm, you might be right00:11
@crythiasabout what?00:16
* crythias likes to know when he's right about something... it's not that often.00:17
-!- snapcount [i=snapcoun@64-193-14-144.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #webgui00:17
-!- onioncoder [n=mike@s205-206-123-62.ab.hsia.telus.net] has left #webgui []00:17
@crythiasabout needing to stop, maconki?00:17
macOnkiyes :-)00:17
-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE00:17
@crythias!bash 12009500:28
@WRE|bash| <Naudiz> my IQ is high enough that I can do anything I want00:28
@WRE|bash| <Naudiz> college means nothing00:28
@WRE|bash| <netbsd_> What is this almighty IQ you have and what self-scoring IQ test gave you the idea you have it?00:28
@WRE|bash| <Naudiz> I'm a Mensa member .. I allready mentioned this.00:28
@WRE|bash| <netbsd_> So you're in the top two percent of the population?00:28
@WRE|bash| <netbsd_> This is me being impressed.00:28
@WRE|bash| <Naudiz> no actually ... only 1 in 50 people qualify to be in Mensa 00:28
-!- macOnki [n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl] has left #webgui ["Leaving"]00:33
@WRE|bash 21| <Tempy^^> I'll settle for old and fat00:35
@WRE|bash 21| <Tempy^^> begger can't be choosers00:35
@WRE|bash 21| <Tempy^^> prolly find used condoms inside of her 00:35
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: Out of cards on drive D:00:36
LuckyLStrikenp, whats BOFH ?00:37
LuckyLStrikenice idea to create a webgui irc channel00:37
@snapcountBastard Operator From Hell00:37
@snapcountit's an online comic00:38
@snapcountgoogle it... good stuff00:38
@snapcountso what's the talk of the town00:38
@snapcountI need to waste some of my time 00:39
LuckyLStrikethx, bookmarked00:39
LuckyLStrikesnapcount: too much time ?00:41
@snapcountI don't have time to be doing this00:43
@snapcountI just need a break00:43
@crythiasewww soaking in WebGUI00:43
@snapcountyou'd think we would be tired of this game by now00:44
@snapcountbut somehow it continues to remain ammusing00:44
@crythiasso simple. minor brain usage00:45
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@snapcount!seen rizen00:57
@WRErizen (n=rizen@c-67-184-239-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net) was last seen parting #WebGUI 8 hours, 5 minutes ago stating "{}".00:57
@snapcount!seen phobia00:57
@WREphobia (n=phobia@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net) was last seen quitting from #WebGUI 22 hours, 14 minutes ago stating ({"Create} like a God, Command like a King, Work like a Slave <k!15b8>\").00:57
@WRE|bash 172| [@kode54] /quote:96 <smcn> uNF = universal noise of fucking01:37
@WRE|bash 172| [@kode54] one of my few smcn quotes (I need more!)01:37
@WRE|bash 172| [@smcn] ok i will say something funny01:37
@WRE|bash 172| [@smcn] i'm having trouble breathing01:37
@WRE|bash 172| [@smcn] and my dick is on fire01:37
@WRE|bash 172| [@smcn] is this normal? 01:37
@WRE|bash 1147| <AirMonk> I'm still looking for a girl that can get aroused by the sound01:37
@WRE|bash 1147| of a hard drive spinning down 01:37
@WRE|bash 1945| <al-x> east coast west coast for inf = russia and france01:37
@WRE|bash 1945| <infinity> stfu asswipe 01:37
@WRE|bash 2085| [rancid_mf] wow i need to be a better typer i dont know what is going on01:38
@WRE|bash 2085| (|Chris) typist*01:38
@WRE|bash 2085| [rancid_mf] ok im am idiot too 01:38
@WRE|bash 2929| <neck> btw... bought an ice cream maker today :)01:40
@WRE|bash 2929| <qu4ntum> dont you mean a donut maker ?01:40
@WRE|bash 2929| <Lord-Data> very easy to get those confused ..01:40
@WRE|bash 2929| <neck> oh hell yeah01:40
@WRE|bash 2929| <neck> oh crap... it was a donut maker 01:40
@WRE|bash 3110| <putnam> this chinese kid said something so damn funny today on the phone01:40
@WRE|bash 3110| <putnam> let me give you the exact quote that he said, i will make sure not to make any typos. just picture hearing a chinese thug say this01:40
@WRE|bash 3110| <putnam> i said 'man i'm gonna kick your ass' and he responds with:01:40
@WRE|bash 3110| <putnam> oh fuck nah...i'm gonna get some brick, and throw it across your window. i'm gonna throw it across your window and burn your bushes. 01:41
-!- pbmdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has left #webgui []01:41
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@WRE|bash 4349| <Sharkey> I've been told I should be a phone sex operator.05:19
@WRE|bash 4349| <Sharkey> Which gender hasn't been specified.05:19
@WRE|bash 4349| <Xerox> I've been told I should be a phone sex caller.05:19
@WRE|bash 4349| <Sharkey> Keep reaching for that rainbow.05:19
@WRE|bash 4349| <Kashan> he's waiting for your call 05:19
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@crythias!seen mac0nki14:24
@WREcrythias, I don't remember seeing mac0nki.14:24
@crythias!seen maconki14:24
@WREmacOnki (n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl) was last seen parting #WebGUI 13 hours, 51 minutes ago stating "{{"Leaving"}}".14:24
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lenthamenhello everyone15:24
lenthamenMight it be that there is an inifinite loop error in WebGUI 6.7.8 ?15:24
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lenthamenhey Matt15:31
lenthamenDo you know if there is an infinite loop problem in WebGUI 6.7.8 ?15:32
@pbmdawgI didn't think so.15:32
@pbmdawgwhat module?15:32
lenthamenI have WebGUI 6.7.8 running in production. Upgraded two weeks ago from 6.6.4 to 6.7.815:33
lenthamenSince then I have a huge load on that server15:33
lenthamenand several http processes that have the state "Running" for hours15:34
lenthamenwhile there is no traffic15:34
lenthamenthat sounds lke an infinite loop problem.15:35
lenthamenor something15:35
@pbmdawgdo you have any reason not to upgrade that one to 6.8.x?15:36
lenthamenThe only reason is that it is production so I have to plan it in15:36
@pbmdawgb/c now that I think about it; there might have been something things fixed that could have caused unending things15:36
lenthamenBut I can definitely do that.15:36
lenthamenAh wait15:36
lenthamenit's running on apache 1.315:36
lenthamenbecause theres also php code running.15:37
@pbmdawgyou could do a modproxy chain.15:37
@pbmdawg1.3 as front end15:37
lenthamenah yeah, good idea15:37
@pbmdawg2.0 as modperl15:37
@pbmdawgor even 2.215:37
@pbmdawgthat would keep the php and perl more segregated15:38
@pbmdawgin fact, you could even use the wre for the back end...?15:39
lenthamenIt has worked together without problems though15:39
lenthamenIt happened after the migration.15:39
lenthamenThanks to FreeBSD it keeps on running... 15:42
lenthamenIf I do a recursive download of the entire site, it'll end up with 20 RUN'ning apache processes15:54
lenthamenand a load of 1715:54
lonkihi guys15:54
lenthamenaloa lonki15:55
lenthamenIm going to install mytop and see if there is still db activity...15:57
lonkilenthamen, mytop is nice yes16:07
lonkilenthamen, but I would have a look at apache, I know plone.org had a simular problem with their site yesterday16:08
lenthamenNo sessions on the database...16:13
lenthamenBut 3 running httpd processes16:13
lenthamenAll http requests successful.16:13
lenthamengoing to install lsof16:14
lenthamenand see what files apache keeps open16:14
lenthamenlsof did not give any clue16:20
lenthamenIt runs stable if I don't preload the WebGUI modules.16:28
lenthamenOn this server its ok to run without preloading. Its low traffic. I'll stick with it for now...16:32
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE16:43
@WRE|bash 6266| <Masharoni> after that i vowed to clench my ass when barfing 16:56
@WRE|bash 6758| <Kilroy`> I had this blind date, her name was :. .:. : ... .:: -16:56
@WRE|bash 6758| <Kilroy`> well, all I saw was the top of her head16:56
@WRE|bash 6758| <Kilroy`> I wonder if I'll recognize her if I meet her again16:56
@WRE|bash 6758| <Kilroy`> .....16:56
@WRE|bash 6758| <dh> Kilroy`: I guess you'll just have to make every chick you meat give you head16:56
@WRE|bash 6758| <dh> err meet16:56
@WRE|bash 6758| <dh> but then, meat works too 16:56
@WRE|bash 8189| <Joe_> how do you downgrade to IE5.5? 16:57
@WRE|bash 8189| <Soulflame> fdisk 16:57
@WRE|bash 9962| (@MpTaNk) one time, I wanted to call someone and their number was on my computer, and my first reaction was to cut and paste it to the phone 16:57
@WRE|bash 11888| <sparks> got the house to myself for the evening16:57
@WRE|bash 11888| <Robert> bbl16:57
@WRE|bash 11888| <Robert> hehe enjoy ;)16:57
@WRE|bash 11888| <sparks> guess I'll invite a bunch of friends over and have a party and play rap music16:57
@WRE|bash 11888| <sparks> by which I mean I'll order a pizza and nair my legs 16:57
@WRE|bash 14908| @(SikLogik) this one time... at computer camp... I shoved a linux cd in my windows computer 16:57
@WRE|bash 15312| Quits: JESUS (adam@rootdown.net): Ping timeout 16:57
@WRE|bash 15312| <Cyph3r> jesus died from my syn's 16:57
@WRE|bash 16974| <Cyc66> http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=****16:58
@WRE|bash 16974| <Cyc66> plz ruin that auction16:58
@WRE|bash 16974| <bbz_> what do i want to do that for?16:58
@WRE|bash 16974| <Cyc66> she's a dirty whore16:58
@WRE|bash 16974| <bbz> maybe i could get her phone number16:58
@WRE|bash 16974| <Cyc66> uh why would u do that16:58
@WRE|bash 16974| <bbz> well, if she is a dirty whore 16:58
@WRE|bash 17373| <LoRdZephyR> i cant swim 16:58
@WRE|bash 17373| <roboman20> i thought only people with down syndrome couldnt swim 16:58
@WRE|bash 17373| <LoRdZephyR> WELL YOUR WRONG WHORE 16:58
@WRE|bash 17373| * roboman20 hands zeph a chromosome 16:58
@WRE|bash 21854| <fuck0ff> hi, does someone here know the escape sequence for a blank?16:58
@WRE|bash 21854| <fuck0ff> hello? a blank ?16:58
@WRE|bash 21854| <fuck0ff> escape sequence like 't' for tab, and blank like the things you do between words. ?16:58
@WRE|bash 21854| <fuck0ff> it's for a c program16:58
@WRE|bash 21854| <fuck0ff> has the channel #programming anything to do with, like to program?16:58
@WRE|bash 21854| <MadSciFab> why do u need an escape sequence for a blank space?16:58
@WRE|bash 21854| <MakAtak> err.. is that what you call 'space'? 16:58
@snapcountHey Matt, are you doing bugs today?17:18
@snapcountok... I'm not much of a networking guy17:26
@snapcountso if this is completely lame17:26
@snapcountfeel free to flame me17:26
@snapcountI'll probably enjoy it17:26
@snapcountI have a broadband provider17:27
@snapcountthat is wireless (clearwire)17:27
@snapcountand it kinda sux17:27
@snapcountI'm thinking about purchasing roadrunner (cable)17:27
@snapcountb/c it was good to me before17:27
@snapcountanyways, my brother wants to keep his clearwire17:27
@snapcount(we live in same house)17:27
@snapcountis it possible to bridge to broadband connections?17:28
@snapcountto achieve faster downloads, etc?17:28
@pbmdawgno faster singular downloads, at least.17:31
@pbmdawgif you have a dual or multi wan router that's nice enough it can split up some of your connections among the links.17:31
-!- lenthamen [n=len@82-148-208-20.fiber.unet.nl] has left #webgui []17:41
@pbmdawgbut in that case, the router would need to be connected to two upstream networks that were connected to the wireless networks.17:42
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@snapcountL                    A                         G18:38
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@crythiasanother day at home. this time after doctors and drugstore20:07
* macOnki is at home too, although that's normal around this time of the day :-)20:14
@crythiasI can't be nick identify20:15
@crythiasthat would be cool.20:15
macOnkiask lilo :-)20:15
@crythias!seen pbmdawg20:16
@WREcrythias, pbmdawg is right here!20:16
macOnkithe person running the irc service, his nick is lilo20:16
@crythiaswhat would I ask him?20:16
@pbmdawg!seen crythias20:16
@WREpbmdawg, crythias is right here!20:16
macOnkito permit you to have the nick identify20:17
@crythiasI'd  be +b'd from irc.freenode.net20:17
macOnki!seen WRE20:17
@WREmacOnki, I'm right here.  Quit wasting my time!20:17
macOnkias long as it's not klined :-)20:17
macOnkisee the freenode site20:18
@crythiasKLINE means Kill LIne20:22
@crythiasits original intention appears to be able to modify irc server params 20:23
@crythiasoh. duh20:24
@crythiasI'm a bit slow.20:24
macOnkiklined on irc is, afaik, banning a person from all servers20:24
macOnkiwithin the network20:24
-!- pbmdawg is now known as klined20:25
@crythiasII. Using KILL and KLINE  The KILL and KLINE commands are as follows:20:25
@crythias KILL nick :reason20:25
@crythiasKLINE nick :reason20:25
@crythiasKLINE username@hostmask :reason20:25
-!- klined is now known as klineMe20:25
@crythiasA K-line means that you don't want that user on your server, for whatever reason.  Depending on the server, K-lines may be cleared after a week or two, a few months, or maybe never.20:26
@crythiasnow that is relevant to the discussion. While ignorant before, I now feel enlightened.20:26
* macOnki huggles his new O'Reilly pdf20:30
@klineMewhich one20:30
-!- klineMe is now known as pbmdawg20:31
macOnkimastering regular expressions20:31
@crythiassee, when macOnki said, "(13:16:31) macOnki: as long as it's not klined :-)"20:31
@crythiasI assumed that macOnki was talking about a nick20:32
@crythiasrather, a noun. not a  verb20:32
@pbmdawga noun, not an adjective. :p20:32
macOnkicrythiasI'd  be +b'd from irc.freenode.net <-- I was refering to this line, +b is banned right?20:33
@crythiasbut I was interpreting your comment to mean, "as long as it's not klined who is doing the banning"20:34
@pbmdawgi was interpreting his comment to mean, "as long as you don't choose the nick 'klined' "20:34
@crythiashence my confusion.20:35
macOnkisorry for not being native guys, and for drinking beer late in the afternoon :-)20:35
@crythiasit's ok. I've not been on IRC since yesterday.20:35
@crythiasor this morning?20:35
@crythiasbut before this recent setup, not for gosh. 10 years or so?20:36
@crythiasmaybe I played with Microsoft's Chat on my own server.20:37
macOnkibrb, need a coffee20:37
@snapcountcrythias: the bug you reported about the CS and the wrong pagenumber20:42
@snapcountthe expected behavior is that when you are viewing the latest post in a thread on a seperate page and return to the CS that you should be on the same page as that thread...20:42
@snapcountis that what you're saying?20:42
@crythiasIf I receive an email notification with link to post on page 2, I should be on page 220:43
@pbmdawgwhen you click or type a url of a post, and its thread is viewed, the page of the thread that contains that post should be displayed20:43
@pbmdawg(since viewing a post actually views its parent thread)20:43
@crythiascomment: reminds me of the times when you tell the annoying IRC user to try to press ALT+F4 to filter the channel to only chat to girls. sigh20:44
@crythiasmeanwhile digg effect hosed it.20:45
@pbmdawghe'll be released, surely.20:46
@crythiasThe defense has to be easy.20:46
@crythias"I did something stupid, and the computers didn't crash. You arrested me, and the computers crashed. Who's to blame?"20:46
@crythiassomeone googled gerald young webgui21:35
@crythiasNL domain :)21:35
@pbmdawgilance.nl ?21:35
@pbmdawgor an isp, i assume21:36
-!- pbmdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has left #webgui []21:36
@crythiasoriginating site21:36
@crythiasnot that I'm trying to be all big brother. Most of my hits are regarding pcanywhere.21:37
@crythiasalthough I get about 5/day regarding my antivirus updates.21:37
@crythias(how to update norton antivirus definitions without subscription)21:37
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has quit ["codeine kicking in. BSG starts tonight at 10pm on SciFi. Monk begins Jan 13th. The Shield -Tuesday. I watch too much tv?"]22:33
--- Day changed Sat Jan 07 2006
@WREBOFH Quick-excuse: secretary plugged hairdryer into UPS00:16
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@snapcount.wz Daytona Beach, FL.01:05
@WRE|bash 27436| KiSsAbLeMaiDeN: question01:23
@WRE|bash 27436| KiSsAbLeMaiDeN: is it good for a girl to be hairy er no?01:23
@WRE|bash 27436| KiSsAbLeMaiDeN: ?01:23
@WRE|bash 27436| Eric3934: no01:23
@WRE|bash 27436| KiSsAbLeMaiDeN: aight thanks 01:23
@WRE|bash 37236| * @Cryogen jumps up and down01:24
@WRE|bash 37236| <@[4K^Got|AW]> I'm putting it in and stuff01:24
@WRE|bash 37236| <@[4K^Got|AW]> it's coming VERY soon 01:24
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@crythiastoo bad Matt isn't here. he'd find something hilarious01:53
@crythiasWe were playing the License tag game...01:54
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lenthamenCrythias ?16:29
lenthamenQuick question. Do you have any idea why the hover help box is positioned so far down in the initial setup page ?16:33
lenthamenJust hover over "Password".16:34
@crythiasone sec16:34
@crythiasmust be some config...16:35
@crythiasnoting much in the page though..16:35
lenthamenyeah an x / y offset or so16:35
@crythiasnot on the page.16:37
@crythiasbut that's creepy.16:37
lenthamenI might log it as a bug so colink could have a look at it.16:38
lenthamenHe'll know it for sure.16:38
@crythiasvar ttOffsetX      = 12;            // horizontal offset of left-top corner from mousepointer var ttOffsetY      = 15;           // vertical offset 16:39
@crythiasthat's the default global16:39
lenthamenI think it's b/c of this:16:40
@crythiashrm... and it follows mouse16:40
@crythiasit's not usually supposed to.16:40
lenthamen<div style=".....  top: 20%; left: 20%; .... ">16:41
lenthamenbecause the offset changes if you make the browser window smaller.16:41
lenthamenI need to go. I'll log a bug for this. ttyl.16:42
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@crythias!bash 5952218:32
@WRE!bash: quote not found18:32
@crythias!bash 59552218:33
@WRE|bash| <Mod> he was very nasty. called him that word you never wanna call a black man18:33
@WRE|bash| <Sirak> ??18:33
@WRE|bash| <Mod> no one ever wants to call a black man the word that begins with 'n' ends in 'r' and has 'ig' in the middle18:33
@WRE|bash| <Sirak> Neighbour? 18:33
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@snapcount!lastspoke crythias00:46
@WREcrythias last uttered a word on #webgui 3 hours, 52 minutes ago.00:46
macOnkihmm, lenthamen, you are still working? :-)01:00
macOnkihi guys01:01
@snapcount!lastspoke lenthamen01:11
@WRElenthamen last uttered a word on #webgui 56 minutes ago.01:11
@snapcountseeing as how we have a big crowd here and everything... this is probably pointless01:13
@snapcountI have a bot running #webgui on efnet now01:13
@snapcountsupposedly we can link the channels together01:13
@snapcountwith a botnet01:13
@snapcountI'm reading about it... this stuff is rather new to me01:13
macOnkieeks efnet, that is ages ago01:13
@snapcountseems to be a lot more ppl than freenode :-)01:14
@snapcountwhat's "cool" these days?01:14
macOnkiyeah, knocking on your frontdoor01:14
macOnkisnapcount, what do you mean by cool? irc channels?01:14
@snapcountefnet seems to be very popular01:15
macOnkidunno, been stuck to oftc.net and a bit of nonfreenode these days01:15
@snapcountoh ok01:15
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o snapcount] by WRE05:07
@snapcountwre has established a botnet with gooey in #webgui on efnet05:14
@snapcountmy diabolical plan to takeover all irc networks is nearing completion05:15
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@WRE(snapcount@EN) ;lafj;dlkfja;dklfja;dklf08:27
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it fucking works08:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) holy shit08:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it works08:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) holy holy shit shit08:28
@snapcountbad ass08:28
@WRE(phobia@EN) heh08:28
@WRE(phobia@EN) sweeeeet08:28
@WRE(phobia@EN) now I can mock you guys without even leaving Efnet :P08:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) haha08:29
@WRE(phobia@EN) well, I think ima crash now08:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) cool08:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) later man08:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) thx08:30
@WRE(phobia@EN) if you set the topic here to something inviting, you'll probablt get periodic visitors looking for assistance with WebGUI08:30
@WRE(phobia@EN) hey no problem, glad we(you) got it working :)08:30
@WRE(snapcount@EN) k08:31
@WRE(snapcount@EN) now for the weather script08:31
@WRE(phobia@EN) good luck with that :)08:31
@WRE(phobia@EN) it's b0rken08:31
@WRE(phobia@EN) I dunno how reb00t got it working on NLM...08:31
@WRE(phobia@EN) I've never had much luck with it08:31
@snapcount!delclink 008:39
@snapcounttesting 1...2...3...08:40
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@WRE(snapcount@EN) test08:44
@WRE(snapcount@EN) gooey: goodnight08:47
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@WRE(snapcount@EN) k09:12
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@WRE(snapcount@EN) kdk09:12
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@pbmdawgwhat's up16:41
macOnkinothing much, just enjoying a day at home16:42
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@snapcountis there a reason this channel is secret?18:19
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@pbmdawgi dunno why it was secret21:08
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@crythiasLen, what do I do to tell my laptop to use ram instead of swap?21:21
@crythiasI have 512MB and first loads are not touching ram but thrashing hd like nothing.21:21
@crythiaslaptop running freebsd, btw21:23
-!- specsmu [n=rmiller@ppp-71-128-23-212.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #webgui21:27
specsmuhello, anyone awake?21:28
specsmuwebgui says it comes with a built in photogallery.21:28
specsmuI need it, and I can't find it anywhere.21:28
specsmucan you point me in the right direction?21:28
lenthamenhi specsmu21:29
specsmuhi lenthamen 21:29
lenthamenwhat version of WebGUI are you using ?21:29
specsmuthis has been a horrible upgrade21:29
specsmuthe latest21:30
specsmuI was using 6.1.1, which the client liked, and it had a photogallery I could install21:30
specsmuthat photogallery no longer works21:30
lenthamenYou need to use the generic "Collaboration System" for that.21:30
specsmuahh, let me try.21:30
lenthamenIt has a Photo Gallery template.21:30
specsmuoooo, I see!21:30
* specsmu creates a new page to test that on.21:31
lenthamencrythias: No idea why it start using swap memory instead of physical memory.21:32
specsmuwhat's the problem?  I know a little bit about VM.21:32
lenthamen(20:21:28) crythias: Len, what do I do to tell my laptop to use ram instead of swap?21:33
lenthamen(20:21:49) crythias: I have 512MB and first loads are not touching ram but thrashing hd like nothing.21:33
lenthamen(20:23:20) crythias: laptop running freebsd, btw21:33
specsmuthat's odd.21:33
@crythiasFrom what I'm reading, starting apps DO use hd swap.21:33
specsmuand you have a lot of free ram available while it does that?21:33
specsmuthat is really odd.21:33
@crythiasI think.21:33
specsmuor free.21:34
specsmuor vmstat. :)21:34
@crythiasno free21:35
lenthamentop will do it21:35
@crythiasavm223428 fre 29168021:36
lenthamenmy httpd is not using any swap if I start it.21:37
lenthamenas supposed :)21:37
specsmuthat does seem a little strange to me, but I'm more of a linux expert.21:37
lenthamencrythias: I've never seen this before on freebsd21:37
lenthamenIs that WebGUI 6.8 :? 21:38
@crythiasit's an ancient laptop. who knows.21:38
@crythiasThis is standard app. firefox, thunderbird, etc.21:38
lenthamenhow much ram  ?21:38
@crythiasonce run, I don't have to worry about the speed of launch.21:38
@crythiaseven if closed. 512MB total21:39
@crythiasI'm using ion3 window manager, so it's almost nothing.21:39
lenthamenIt *might be* that at first loads all 512MB is used, and that is needs swapping ? 21:41
lenthamenI never use freebsd in graphical mode btw21:42
specsmuok, this is progress, but there's nothing next to "attachment"21:43
specsmueven after I said you can have 20 attachments per post.21:43
@crythiasok. I'm going to ##freebsd21:44
specsmuohhhh.  it doesn't work with konqueror.21:46
lenthamenI've never used the CS Photo Gallery.21:47
lenthamenTesting it on demo.plainblack.com...21:47
lenthamenworks fine for me..21:50
specsmuare you using IE?21:50
specsmuI'm using mozilla (now) and it's not uploading the attachments at all.21:51
lenthamenshould work on firefox as wel.21:51
specsmuit's not uploading any of the pictures using mozilla.21:51
specsmuI'll try installing firefox, but I think it uses the same engine.21:52
lenthamentry it on demo.plainblack.com21:52
* specsmu tries21:53
specsmunope, not there either.21:55
lenthamenok. It works for me. I'll try it with firefox.21:57
lenthamenWhat file did you try to upload ?21:57
specsmuthx, and I'll download firefox and try that instead of mozilla.21:58
specsmua jpg.21:58
specsmuactually, two jpgs at first.21:58
lenthamenworks for me with firefox21:59
specsmuwell, I'm downloadinng firefox now..21:59
specsmuI usually use just plain mozilla21:59
specsmubut that doesn't make a whole lot of sense because they use the same engine21:59
specsmuok, that failed too.22:02
specsmucan I tell you how I did it?22:02
specsmuI might be missing something basic.22:03
specsmuI created a new post...22:03
specsmutyped a nonsense into the subject and message, and then entered a filename into "attachment".22:03
specsmuthen I clicked outside the box, and it showed an icon like a pallette.22:03
specsmuand then I clicked save.22:04
lenthamenhttp://demo.plainblack.com/demo1136749495_85/home 22:04
specsmunow when I created the photo gallery...22:04
specsmuI did so with a "ohoto gallery" template, and allow 20 attachments, but I did nothing else special.22:05
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lenthamentry look at the settings here: http://demo.plainblack.com/demo1136749495_85/home 22:06
lenthamenyou can login with admin / 123qwe22:06
specsmusorry to be a pain22:07
lenthamenno prob :)22:07
specsmuthis has been kicking my butt for a week...22:07
specsmunot just this but everything related to it22:07
lenthamenare you behind a proxy or something ? 22:07
specsmustandard linux machine sitting on a standard dsl connection.22:08
lenthamenah wait22:08
lenthamenhow big is that jpg ? 22:08
specsmulet me look22:08
lenthamenthat's ok then.22:09
specsmubut I notice you didn't put anything in the "message".  hmm.22:09
lenthamenlet me try that.22:09
lenthamenworks fine22:11
specsmunope, nothing.22:11
specsmutime to check the error logs.22:11
specsmuI think I may have goofed.22:12
specsmuyup.  I fsked up.22:13
specsmuwrong upload location in the config file.22:13
specsmuthough that doesn't explain the demo failing to work for me..22:13
lenthamenah yeah that make sense.22:14
lenthamentry another client.22:14
specsmuwell, it doesn't work in konqueror, that's for daaaaamn sure.22:14
specsmuthe attachment box doesn't even show up.22:14
lenthamenfirefox must work. all developers use that...22:15
specsmunow to work on the templates22:25
specsmuis there any harm in making a graphics directory that is NOT under the auspices of webgui?22:25
lenthamensry, what do you mean with that ?22:27
specsmuyou know how in the vhost you have SetHandler PerlScript or some such22:27
specsmuI want to make a <Location /graphics> SetHandler None </Location>22:28
specsmuAny harm in that?22:28
specsmuso I can dump graphics in there and refer to them in the stylesheet22:28
lenthamenyeah you could savely do that.22:28
specsmucool. thanks.22:28
specsmuexcellent. :)22:32
lenthamenok. good to know that it's working :)22:33
specsmuit's a good start22:33
specsmusomeone might want to put a note on the web page that an install that used the old photogallery is not upgradable.22:34
lenthamenyou could mail the author...22:37
specsmuwell, the problem is that the photogallery wobject is stuck in the database somehow22:38
specsmuso there's no easy way to pull it out so the rest of the site will work.22:38
specsmuanyway, time to eat something and fsck with the templates...  yawn.22:39
lenthamena "delete from wobject where namespace='PhotoGallery' should do it...22:40
specsmuhmm, well, bit late for that now... no biggie22:40
specsmuwhere do you edit templates?22:41
lenthameneh, what template do you want to delete ?22:41
specsmuI don't want to delete one, I want to either create a new one or edit the default one.22:41
specsmuI knew how to do all this in 6.1.1 :)22:42
lenthamenjust edit the Collaboration System Asset, and click on "manage" next to the template22:42
specsmuand that'll let me manage the whole thing?22:43
specsmuI want to fsck the whole site up. :)22:43
lenthamentemplates are assets, you can find them also through the asset manager.22:43
* specsmu looks22:43
specsmuahh, I see.22:44
specsmunot exactly intuitive, but better than 6.122:44
lenthamenwill take you a day or two to get used to the new webgui :)22:44
lenthameneverything is a asset22:44
specsmuwell, once I have it all set up, I don't have to touch it anymore, my client will be doing all the updating22:45
specsmuthat's why I use CMS... so he doesn't have to bug me22:45
lenthameneverything has it's own url.22:45
specsmuhe likes it too because I'd have to charge him if he wanted to bug me all the time.  lol.22:45
lenthamenpages are called layout btw22:46
lenthamengoing to watch a movie with Her Majesty ;)22:47
specsmuhave fun.22:47
lenthamenttyl 22:47
--- Day changed Mon Jan 09 2006
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@snapcountanyone alive?00:22
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macOnkiwiggy, I saw your posting about the bug I mentioned last night, any idea on how you guys are going to solve it?00:38
-!- snapc0unt is now known as snapcount00:39
macOnkihmm, wrong channel00:39
specsmuI think I just found a bug.00:40
specsmuif I paste a navigation into root/home, it doesn't stick.00:40
specsmuI don't see any "save" button anywhere, either.00:40
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@snapcountwhat? no lag... do I finally have a *real* connection???00:46
specsmuwhat is the proper way of including a Navigation?00:54
specsmuI tried "AssetProxy"00:56
specsmubut somehow I don't think that's right00:56
specsmuthe template tags are very poorly documented01:01
lenthamenI might have some lag as I'm currently downloading all 21 James Bond dvd's.01:04
macOnkilenthamen, grmbl, seen that torrent too :-)01:05
lenthamenI'm using the newsgroups.01:06
lenthamen98 gig in the queue :)01:08
lenthamennewsleecher says I've another 92 hours to go 01:09
specsmuhmm, thanks01:09
@snapcountthis sux01:10
@snapcountI'm going to have to get a new ISP01:10
@snapcountthis connection isn't reliable enough to maintain the botnet between here and Efnet01:11
@snapcountoh well, enough playing01:12
@snapcounttime to squash some bugz01:12
specsmuI so hate CSS.01:15
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specsmuthis is turning out well.02:03
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specsmuheh, I have a new webgui install down to a few minutes17:34
crythiasyes. it gets like that.17:40
crythiasMagician tricks. You'd be irritated if you knew how they were accomplished.17:41
specsmuthere used to be a way to add a picture to an article - is there still?17:43
specsmuit looks like it was removed17:43
crythiasthere is imbedding via the toolbar17:46
crythiasbut genereally, not through articles.17:46
-!- lonki is now known as lonki_home17:55
specsmucan you do AssetProxy calls from inside the edit screen of an article?18:03
crythiasesp. in html mode.18:04
specsmuI'm trying to figure out how I can tell my completely nontechnical client how to insert a picture18:04
crythiasuse the picture thing of the bar.18:04
specsmuthe who wha?18:04
crythiasthe add picture duhickey of the edit bar.18:05
* specsmu looks18:05
specsmunone of those things show up on konqueror18:05
crythiasif not there, you can customize the bar to add it.18:05
specsmuI see18:09
specsmuI am so tempted sometimes to tell him "here's your login and password.. use dreamweaver"18:10
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specsmuI'm not used to seeing people op each other on freenode19:02
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-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has joined #webgui20:43
crythiasI'm trying to install WG 4.0.0 on my Windows 98 box.20:46
crythiasIt gives me an error every time I try to start that web thing. IQ level LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO 5020:47
crythiasAccess 95 seems to not work for holding the data.20:47
crythiaswhat did I do wrong?20:47
crythiasfeh. this webgui thing is impossible to install. it is teh suck.20:50
crythiasIf I can't apt-get it, it's not going on my debian box.20:50
crythias!seen pbmdawg21:35
@WREpbmdawg (i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com) was last seen parting #WebGUI 1 day, 20 minutes ago stating "{}".21:35
crythias!lastspoke pbmdawg21:35
specsmucrythias: it is indeed difficult to install.21:42
crythiasI'm being goofy.21:56
specsmuand I'm being mickey21:57
crythiasI'm liking my palm Tungsten E..21:58
crythiasI have a 1gb sd card in it.21:58
crythiasok. so per GB, it's expensive.21:58
crythiasbut it's still fun.21:58
specsmumost fun things are expensive.22:04
crythiasBjork rocks.22:06
crythiasor. doesn't. but still cool.22:06
* crythias feels wrinkled and pruny. Maybe he's been soaking too long.22:07
specsmumaybe you're just old :)22:07
crythiasI can't be.22:07
specsmuwhy not?22:08
crythiasis 34 old?22:08
specsmuI'm 30, so yes. :)22:08
specsmuyou old geezer you22:08
crythiasJust you wait.22:09
crythiasyou young whippersnapper. And  get off'n mah lawn, afore I git the hose.22:10
specsmu*steals your walker*22:10
* crythias waves his walking stick...22:10
crythiasy'all come back hyere wit mah walkah, yahear!22:10
crythiasdoan make me git my boom stick. 22:11
crythiasEarline! Git back t' da house. I's a gonna shoot what gots mah walker.22:11
crythiasdon't touch da chrome.22:12
specsmutell me a story about the old days, gramps22:12
crythiasI dun brasso'd it last nie-yit.22:12
crythiasWhen I wuz yer age, I was recoverin' from that why too kay thingermajig.22:13
crythiasok, so it took me a year to recover, so doan giv me no lip, boh-ee22:14
specsmuI was only 25 at the time...  I don't remember it gramps22:14
crythiasWhen I was yer age, I didn't have no 3GHz Pea cease.22:15
crythiasWe was larnin to yooz dat Windoze two t'ousand.22:16
crythiasiPods? dernit, we were using them ree-oh thangs.22:16
crythiasDoom 3? still vaporware.22:17
specsmuand that's the way it was, and you liked it?22:18
crythiaswe went uphill both ways in our non-hybrid SUV's and we liked it.22:19
crythiaswe didn't have no monolith in are back yard22:21
crythiaswe just got over a big hit two dem big buildings in new york city22:22
crythiaswe had whatchacall that Code Red virus. 22:23
crythiasdidn't affect me, none.22:23
specsmuit;s funny to think about the kids today being old people22:23
specsmuor scary..22:24
specsmuno one ever thinks of goths as 80 year olds.22:25
crythiasit's funny to think of kids graduating that were born near my grad date.22:25
specsmuso what do you think:  www.thinwood.com22:26
specsmuthe latest webgui install.22:26
specsmuno logo yet.22:26
crythiasWhen I was your'n age, we got ourselves that Pentium 3, and we're told the P4's on its way. Overshadowed by Athlon...22:26
specsmuI'm waiting for him to give me one22:26
specsmuturns out I had some built-in job security on this one, he tried to get some other people to do the template work, and they couldn't even *find* the templates.22:27
specsmuwonder if plainback would hire me to help with installs.22:28
specsmumy guess is, they were logging in and looking on the server.22:28
crythiasWe had Max Payne and Civ III when I was your'n age.22:29
specsmuand don't forget no simcity 400022:29
crythiasactually, not much that screams "exciting" in 200122:30
crythiasThat is to say, not much that seems like we've advanced that much farther in 5 years.22:31
crythiasnVidia still owns, AMD is still better than Intel, 22" LCD's are still out of most pocketbook ranges, and plasma TV's are still up there.22:32
specsmuyeah, things have stagnated a bit.22:32
crythiasThe shuttle pc case is eh, but not anything near it.22:32
specsmuI will be happy when there's fast 100G mass storage that has no moving parts.22:32
specsmuby fast, I mean approaching the speed of DRAM.22:32
crythiaswell, that's a good start.22:33
specsmuwell, let's see what I have in the way of food22:33
crythiasI'm thinking that a ram-slot usb attachment wouldn't be unheard of.22:33
crythiasI realize the immediate thing is "WHAT?"22:34
specsmuI'd really hesitate to stick anything but RAM in a ram-slot.22:34
specsmubut something being on the north bus might be cool.22:34
crythiasImagine, though... maybe 4-8 slots, available for up to 8MB per slot.22:34
crythias8 GB per slot22:35
crythiasfast RAM22:35
crythiasattaches to USB port22:35
crythiaswhat's the point?22:35
crythiasgood question.22:35
crythiasexcept it's great for volatile ram situations... tmp, "Bad" stuff, etc.22:36
crythiasmount that volatile ram and run your torrents off of it.22:37
crythiasuse it for unencryption, etc.22:38
crythiaswhile your PC is on, it's just another drive letter. Feds come, oops. all gone.22:38
crythiasgoing home.23:00
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@] has quit ["http://www.gwy2.org/cgi-bin/fom"]23:01
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--- Day changed Tue Jan 10 2006
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-!- specsmu is now known as WinterWOO03:50
-!- WinterWOO is now known as specsmu04:03
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-!- mode/#webgui [+o pbmdawg] by xdanger05:40
@pbmdawgwhat's happening05:41
@pbmdawgwith whom am I speaking05:45
@pbmdawgthis is mwilson from the dev list / pb boards.05:47
specsmuwith me. :)05:47
specsmuprobably no one you know.05:47
@WRE|bash 1222| <Ron912> oh wow pregnant porno05:48
@WRE|bash 1222| <Ron912> that's like a 2 for 1 deal 05:48
@WRE|bash 1545| <peng> Guilty and I never had dealings05:48
@WRE|bash 1545| <Guilty> Remember that time you were lonely and couldnt find any new Brittney porn05:48
@WRE|bash 1545| <peng> which time05:48
@WRE|bash 1545| <Guilty> And I hadnt gotten a haircut in a while so my golden locks were flowing05:48
@WRE|bash 1545| <Guilty> And I happen to have a tight red jumpsuit...05:48
@WRE|bash 1545| <Guilty> And well, you know 05:48
@pbmdawgI really don't know why that does that.05:48
specsmudoes what?05:49
@pbmdawgreplies with those obscene quotes05:49
specsmubash.org, I think.05:50
specsmumost of the quotes on bash.org are obscene05:52
@pbmdawgwhy are you in the webgui room05:52
@pbmdawgdid you chat a lot in here today05:52
specsmubecause I installed webgui yesterday and never left. :)05:52
specsmunot much.05:53
@pbmdawgoh ok.05:53
@pbmdawgwere you successful (at installing webgui)?05:53
specsmuin fact, I've got a new install down to about 30 minutes.05:53
specsmuabout 5 without having to mess with perl modules :)05:54
@pbmdawgwhat o/s.05:54
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crythiastwo men walked into a bar. You'd think the second one would've noticed the first one...22:23
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--- Day changed Wed Jan 11 2006
specsmuis there any way to increase the size of the photos in the photo gallery collaboration thingy?01:09
-!- crythias [n=gyoung@pcp06077902pcs.bntasp01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #webgui01:43
-!- mode/#webgui [+o crythias] by xdanger01:43
specsmuhi crythias 01:43
* crythias rescues the damsel from this dress.01:44
@crythiaserm.. no, that's not right...01:44
-!- crythias changed the topic of #webgui to: WebGUI real time help. et al. | http://www.plainblack.com | WebGUI - You're soaking in it. | 6.8.4 latest version01:45
@crythiasweird. my name is one of the most used words in the past 11 days.01:46
specsmuis there any way to increase the size of the photos in the photo gallery collaboration thingy?01:50
@crythiasdunno, personally.01:54
-!- macOnki [n=hanswolt@lonki.xs4all.nl] has left #webgui ["Leaving"]01:54
@crythias\ o-o /02:10
@crythias ` ~'02:10
@crythiastoo much tv to watch tonight.02:12
@crythiasI'm a sucker.02:12
@crythiasHouse, The Shield...02:24
@crythiasI probably won't stay up that long. 02:25
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specsmusnapcount: EPERM05:45
-!- WRE [n=WRE@66-46-142-242.amtelecom.net] has joined #WebGUI05:46
-!- mode/#webgui [+o WRE] by snapcount05:46
specsmuyou echoed05:46
-!- pbmdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui05:46
-!- mode/#webgui [+o pbmdawg] by xdanger05:46
@WRE|bash 57| <hypr> if i was getting it in the ass by a brute id fucking kill him stab him in the throat with a pencil or something 05:46
@snapcounta chatroom for family and friends05:47
specsmuhey, my friends would think that's tame05:47
@snapcountyour friends sound like my friends05:49
@pbmdawgi don't have any friends like that.05:49
@snapcountwre is being a prick05:49
@pbmdawghow could anyone call a throat-pencil-stab "tame"?05:49
@WRE|bash 2468| <god4ever> I had sex before, just never with a person 05:50
@WRE|bash 3647| *** Now talking in #funadultchat05:50
@WRE|bash 3647| <Megumi> i am ready to receive my fun 05:50
@pbmdawghey crythias; are you there05:51
@snapcountwre probably scared him05:52
@snapcountwre: be nice05:52
@WRE|bash 4062| <DigDug> <nowakow> does anyone want to teach a horny female to masturbate to orgasm?05:55
@WRE|bash 4062| <DigDug> Approve Kill Nothing05:55
@WRE|bash 4062| <orion> kill;05:55
@WRE|bash 4062| <jestuh> kill05:55
@WRE|bash 4062| <jestuh> if she's horny she knows what to do 05:55
@WRE|bash 522| <J3anyus> my bellybutton smells worse than my ass05:56
@WRE|bash 522| <DigDug> heh05:56
@WRE|bash 522| <DigDug> how do you smell your bellybutton?05:56
specsmuok I don't take responsibility for anything but the !bash command. :)05:56
@WRE|bash 522| <J3anyus> digdug: pick all the lint out of it and then smell your finger : 05:56
@WRE|bash 710| <iln> i haven't stuck anything up my ass before but i've thought about it 05:56
@snapcountI'm about to teach him some new tricks05:56
@snapcountnow that I have a stable internet connection05:56
@snapcountthis channel should be linked to the one on Efnet soon05:57
@pbmdawg!bash 11505:57
@WRE|bash| <BlackDeth> i like stalked this girl sorta :D05:57
@WRE|bash| <BlackDeth> like once she asked me for a ride home from work05:57
@WRE|bash| <BlackDeth> and i took her home... i dropped her off at her house05:57
@WRE|bash| <BlackDeth> and shes like... wait a minute..how did you know where i lived? 05:57
@pbmdawg!bash 389605:58
@WRE!bash: quote not found05:58
@pbmdawg!bash 448805:58
@WRE|bash| <FM{FF1}> Rizen: I thought you didn't bang chicks, only me.05:58
@WRE|bash| <FM{FF1}> ...men.05:58
@WRE|bash| <FM{FF1}> GOD THAT WAS A BAD TYPO. 05:58
@pbmdawg!bash 3404005:59
@WRE|bash| <rizen> I can put my penis in my belly button.05:59
@WRE|bash| <rizen> Envy me. 05:59
@pbmdawg!bash 3403705:59
@WRE|bash| <rizen> huge tits are not good05:59
@WRE|bash| <rizen> but then05:59
@WRE|bash| <rizen> I fuck guys05:59
@WRE|bash| <rizen> so take it as you will 05:59
@pbmdawg!bash 10526005:59
@WRE|bash| <Hydra> Gary Coleman's the shit...05:59
@WRE|bash| <int> ...05:59
@WRE|bash| <rizen> yeah, he's about the size and coloration of a turd 05:59
@pbmdawg!bash 15186106:01
@WRE|bash| -[Conroy_Bumpus]- OH FUCK ME06:01
@WRE|bash| -[Conroy_Bumpus]- 9 HOURS AGO06:01
@WRE|bash| -[Conroy_Bumpus]- HOLY SHIT06:01
@WRE|bash| -[Conroy_Bumpus]- BYE 06:01
@pbmdawg!bash 1592006:01
@WRE|bash| <+kmad> whats the best way to get vaseline off your dick06:01
@WRE|bash| <@BigJesus> sand paper06:01
@WRE|bash| <+royceda59> lol06:01
@WRE|bash| <+kmad> fuck you, not fallign for that again 06:01
@snapcount.link gooey06:02
@snapcountwrong window06:02
specsmuconroy_bumpus is in deep, deep shit.06:03
@snapcountthe bot are linkzored06:17
@WRE(snapcount@EN) hey... I'm on efnet06:18
specsmuthat sucks :)06:19
specsmuthat you're on efnet, not the link06:19
@snapcountI'm still here too06:19
@snapcountI exist in multiple dimensions06:19
@snapcountgooey (the bot on Efnet) is far superior to wre06:19
@snapcounthe will converse with you06:19
@snapcounttell weather, GW Bush jokes, remember quotes, stock prices, etc06:20
@snapcountwre has to be brought up to speed06:20
@snapcountwe can actually link to other networks as well06:21
specsmuI wrote a bot that can do a lot of that.06:21
@snapcountall we have to do is create another bot to hold the channel06:21
specsmuin fact, most. :)06:21
specsmunot hard in perl06:22
@snapcountwe use eggdrop06:22
@snapcountjust get the plugins06:22
@snapcountI spend all my time writing perl for WG06:22
@snapcountthat's enough for me06:22
@WRE*** Join pbmdawg (user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com) on EFnet06:22
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) woof06:22
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) dang that's fast06:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) check this out06:23
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) aww; gooey's replies don't go to freenode06:23
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) Up gooey06:23
@WRE(snapcount@EN) well that would create a feedback loop because the bots relay the messages06:24
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) apparently, googey.06:24
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) gooey.06:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) gooey: shut up06:24
-!- specsmu [n=rmiller@ppp-71-128-23-212.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has left #webgui []06:24
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you can use addquote to store them06:25
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) can I add dubya quotes?06:25
@snapcountwe'd have to put them in the text file06:25
@snapcountit's not as smart as the quotes plugin06:25
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) k; i have a bunch.06:25
@snapcountit has like 250 something06:25
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) oh.06:26
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) i have video clips06:26
@WRE(snapcount@EN) heh06:26
@snapcountIf my connection remains up... this should work quite nicely06:26
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) hey gooey06:27
@pbmdawgi killed gooey06:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) his flood restrictions are too strict06:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) he's ignoring you for two minutes06:28
@WRE(snapcount@EN) I need to relasx them06:28
@pbmdawg!bash 36478206:30
@WRE|bash| <Pahalial> 'ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge' - Charles Darwin06:30
@WRE|bash| <kionix> wtf? begets isn't a word. quit trying to make up words, fuckface. 06:30
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) hey gooey06:35
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) kick yourself06:35
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) gooey, rename yourself webphooey06:36
@WRE(snapcount@EN) you have address him directly06:36
@WRE(snapcount@EN) gooey: are you a virgin?06:36
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) gooey: with whom06:36
@WRE(snapcount@EN) he's retarded06:37
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) apparently.06:37
@WRE(snapcount@EN) gooey: who created you?06:37
@WRE(snapcount@EN) gooey: what languages do you speak?06:37
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) gooey: how many distinct languages are on the Rosetta Stone?06:37
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) gooey: kick yourself06:37
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) gooey: void06:38
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) gooey: void06:38
@WRE(snapcount@EN) the only problem with talking to him is that half of the conversation gets echoed to freenode06:38
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and spams the channel06:38
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) heh06:38
@WRE(snapcount@EN) if you read it over there you're like wtf?06:38
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) hello poor freenode folks.06:38
@WRE(snapcount@EN) that's the other problem06:39
@WRE(snapcount@EN) b/c the freenode users don't show up in your irc programs user list06:39
@WRE(snapcount@EN) it's easy to forget that others can hear you? ;-)06:39
@WRE(snapcount@EN) and vice versa06:39
-!- pbmdawg [i=user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com] has left #webgui []06:46
@WRE*** Part pbmdawg (user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com) on EFnet06:46
-!- snapcount [n=roy@] has left #webgui []06:50
@WRE*** Part snapcount (~roy@ on EFnet06:50
@WRE*** Join pbmdawg (user@CPE-65-31-211-163.kc.res.rr.com) on EFnet15:27
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) hello freenode #webgui15:27
@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) 'sup room15:36
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@WRE(pbmdawg@EN) still here17:52
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@WRE*** Join gooey_ (~webgui@ on EFnet22:18
@WRE*** [signoff/#webgui] gooey (EOF of client) on EFnet22:19
@WRE***  Nick Change: gooey_ is now gooey on EFnet22:19
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