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mech422huh - no pd ?01:35
mech422heh - I thought he was here everyday :-)01:35
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r4855816 / (106 files in 27 dirs): Merge commit 'v7.10.21' into WebGUI8. Also, add POD and fix broken tests. - http://git.io/icp1mQ05:13
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r431cd28 / (136 files in 43 dirs): Merge commit 'v7.10.22' into WebGUI8 - http://git.io/wpHgBg05:13
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elninohi! how do I reset the number of tickets available for the EMS system? I did refunds, but the count didn't reset....07:27
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@scrottiedescribe EMSBadge in MySQL looks promising... one of the fields is seatsAvailable08:10
@scrottiewhat happens when you pull up the edit screen on the Sku::EMSBadge asset?08:11
elninoI ended up increasing the number of seats, but the seats should have reset when I did the refunds on the prior purchases.. IMHO08:12
@scrottieyeah, that sounds like a bug.08:15
elninothat's kinda what I thought too.08:16
mech422scrottie: I basically gave up on my 'default' view for folders/layouts - the nav. widget gets confused either way...08:29
mech422scrottie: it doesn't realize that '/foo/a' should be 'current' when you visit '/foo'08:29
elninodo you mean the other way around?08:30
mech422elnino: no... I just have 1 level top nav  ... so clicking 'about' should take you to the 'default' document in 'about' then the side nave shows 'company' (about/company), 'mgmt. team' (about/mgmt. team) etc08:31
@scrottieI was suggesting that mech422 usage a PageLayout rather than a Folder, and hide things s/he didn't want to display08:32
mech422scrottie: tried that too08:32
elninoI suggst that you use redirects.08:32
elninoIf I understand you correctly.08:33
mech422I'll have to think about that08:33
elnino\/foo should be a redirect08:33
elnino(I think - if I understand you . - I'm kinda falling asleep here so I'm not thinking my best.08:34
mech422might just leave it - right now the only 'problem' is that 'company' doesn't get highlighted on the left nav, when you click the 'about' link in the top nav.08:34
elninothat may be a template issues08:34
elninoI've see a couple. I just use my own now.08:34
mech422might be able to horse the redirect thing around to work... 08:34
elninodo you have a site to see?08:35
mech422(charts is what I'm working on atm... )08:35
elninook, I'm in charts, the order of nav changed, but it is hightlighted...08:36
mech422oh - I mean the left nav08:36
elninooh.. k08:36
mech422'ultimate 100' should be highlighted too...08:36
elninobecause it's the default page?08:36
mech422right 08:37
elninook..well, what I would do then the left navigation should include "self"08:37
mech422oh? lemme see....08:37
mech422I think that just added 'chart' - but left 'ultimate chart' in the list too08:37
elninoand the top navigation the "charts" be hardcoded. and the title of the page for ultimate 100 be "ultimate 100:08:37
elnino"chart" and "ultimate 100" have to be the same page layout for this to wook.08:38
mech422ohh - if I 'hide' ultimate chart from nav08:38
mech422and add 'self'...08:38
mech422that might work08:39
elninoare you using a nav asset for the top navigation?08:39
elninoI'm assuming it was hardcoded.08:39
mech422yeah - nav. asset is used for both08:39
elninosee, your problem is that you have two titles for the same page.08:39
mech422elnino: yeah - I need a 'index.html' :-)08:40
mech422sorta invisible, but not really08:40
elninohere's another idea.08:40
elninoI don't like it, but maybe it's what you need to do...08:40
elninosounds like you want the page title to be "ulimate 100"08:41
elninoand the menu title to be "charts"08:41
elninoso then I would make the template for the left nav to use "page titles" for the link title.08:41
elninothen you can have "charts" and "ultimate 100" literally be the same page. and both will be "highlighted.08:42
mech422right  - but 'charts' needs to be a container...or it would be nice anyway, so I can keep all the charts stuff together in the same folder/layout/whatever08:43
elninoit is. 08:43
elninoit would be.08:43
elninothat's why you use "self" in the left nav08:43
elninowalstreet would still be under "charts"08:43
elninoI can hear you thinking over here in Minnesota.08:45
mech422lol - sorry - typing away...08:45
elninoso step by step:08:46
elninomove the exissting content off of "/charts/ulitmate" and put it on /charts.08:46
elninodelete /charts/ultimate08:46
elninomodify the left nav to include "self"08:46
elninomodify the left nav template to use "page titles" instead of "menu titles" as the title of the links.08:47
elninonow, charts and "ultimate 100" will both be hightlighted when you select "charts" at the top.08:47
elninoBUT you will still have the problem you currently have:08:47
elnino"charts" is no longer highlighted if you select "walstreet" on the left.08:47
elninoor any other left navigation choice.08:48
elninoThat my friend, I'm too sleepy to fix at the moment.08:48
mech422heh - thanks :-)08:48
elninomake sense?08:49
mech422I'm just gonna live with the top charts thing...08:49
elninoSo... I'm a little confused here on what I see.08:51
elninofrom the home page, I see "charts"08:51
elninowhen I click on "charts" the text changes to "ultimate 100"08:51
elninois not the same navigation asset used at the top on every page?08:51
mech422there's one nav asset for top nav, and one for 'charts side nav'...08:52
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mech422but your looking at it thru the cache, so its probably getting bits and pieces of my changes08:52
elninobut it seems lke you are putting the nav asset on every page layout , as opposed to into the site template.08:52
mech422no - its in the 'submast' asset.... its get AssetProxy'd into the page layouts08:53
elninook. I see the changes trickling in. must have been cache.08:53
elninooh... wait. in the page layout?08:54
elninoI think you want that in the site template. no?08:54
mech422errr...yeah...I forget which now...08:54
elninoall right, well, just checking... because it was still kinda weird, that's why I thought maybe you hardcoded the top nav.08:55
mech422I don't think I'm using 'site wide' layouts as I built the last theme that way, and turned out it wasn't supported too well ?08:55
mech422stuff like login screens and error screens didn't pick them up  ?08:55
elninooh. No, that stuff all has to be set under settings.08:56
elninoyou have to actually pick the site template you want for "login screen" freidn screen08:56
elninoand about 10 others.08:56
elninosite templates work. I suggest movign your nav asset into it if you haven't. your pages will load faster too.08:57
mech422I'm actually pretty pleased...08:57
mech422I pushed 220K page views out last tuesday :-)  6G wG VM front-ended with a 2G nginx/varnish VM08:58
mech422Heh - had to cache stuff for 30 minutes though - comments were pretty slow to appear :-)09:00
elninolooking at settings: under "account" look at: "Style Template"09:00
elninothat's where you change the site tempalte.09:00
elninowhen I look at your site, things "flash" - it seems that every click to a new page it has to reload things. I "think" that would all go away, if your banner, top nav, footer all be in the site template. 09:02
elninoeverything that is shown on every page should be in the site template. I think you'll see an improvement.09:02
mech422actually, I think thats the CSS09:02
mech422stuff gets 'adjusted' too much for my taste09:02
mech422the front end stuff all comes out of varnish, so you pretty much get everything at wire speed09:03
mech422I notice the same thing with the wG admin panel - page loads, then 'shifts' to the right to make room for admin bar ?09:04
elnino sorry, I dont' know what varnish is.... but anyway, I've given you more of my opinion than you originally asked for. 09:05
mech422heh - and I appreciate it :-)09:05
elninoI dont' know about the wg stuff. other than that's hidding divs and displaying them. 09:05
elninoand it's is annoying.09:05
mech422( varnish is a really high speed cache - like squid on steriods...)09:05
mech422I added a 'logged in' cookie to wG, that lets me tell in varnish whether stuff is cacheable or not09:07
elninothanks for the info. I don't have my own server anymore - i don't have the time nowadays. just a solo freelancer.  I now host at plainblack. 09:07
mech422ahh :-)  Cool - right to the source :-)09:08
elninothey are the cheapest!09:08
elninoand there is really no one else in the US.09:08
elninothat I've found. I figured they know how to tune their servers for their own software. =)09:09
mech422yep :-)09:09
elninoanyway, gotta go to bed. kids are goign to wake me up early.09:09
mech422we used to do plone hosting because no one else did :-p09:09
mech422g'nite - thanks for the help :-)09:09
elninosure. np09:09
@scrottiethe PB servers could use some tunin' love though09:10
mech422it sounded like wG was heading a 'wsgi'ish sorta direction ? with good caching support and what not ?09:13
@scrottiethat's WebGUI 809:13
@scrottiePlack adds a lot of performance... a *lot*... Moose more than takes it away though 09:13
* scrottie frowns09:13
@scrottieWebGUI builds in a bunch of caching09:14
@scrottiepeople often trip over it, in fact09:14
@scrottiefor dynamic stuff.  static content is another matter.09:14
mech422yeah - sorta annoying to have to remember to clear cache when I make changes09:14
@scrottiein the default setup, it was a two tier apache httpd setup09:15
@scrottiethe first tier serving static and doing mod_proxy to the mod_perl processes.09:15
@scrottiePlack gives a lot more and better options.09:15
mech422I mostly do python.. so everything is 'wsgi' now...09:15
mech422works pretty well ... you can mix an match just about any servers and what not09:16
@scrottieah.  perl calls theirs "psgi"09:16
mech422heh - yeah, it seems to be pretty popular now - there's a php version too I think09:17
@scrottieI'd just like to state that I never cared for Apache.09:17
mech422me either :-)09:17
mech422I find nginx easier to understand09:17
elninohi - i'm still here, hey scrottie, what time is it on the plainblack servers? my calendar isn't showing november. and it's definately novemenber in wisconsin.09:17
elninoor maybe the servers aren't in wisconsin...09:17
@scrottiewell, Apache's API only really makes sense for how Apache is built.  anything else has to be shoe-horned onto it.  and it's bloatware.09:17
@scrottieand slow.09:17
@scrottiethey boasted that they were "faster than IIS 4" at one point.  which to me says that they're almost as slow as IIS.  which is really slow.09:18
@scrottieand talk about a terrible security track record.09:18
mech422I was pushing 500 connections/sec last week with nginx/varnish....09:18
@scrottiewhich calendar, elnino?09:18
mech422I was really amazed - thought the server was gonna melt09:18
elninoon my site that is hosted with plainblack.09:18
@scrottienice.  I'm kind of late on the nginx bandwagon but I've kicked some serious butt in the past with thttpd.09:19
elninoi'm in minnesota - same timezone as wisconsin.09:19
elninoit's 2AM nov 109:19
@scrottiewhich calendar are you looking at that's wrong?09:19
elninomy calendar is set to show for the "curent date"09:19
mech422thttpd isn't bad... I used to use it years ago..09:19
mech422and 'cherokee' looks interesting - but I never have time to play with it09:19
@scrottiethttpd completely lacks an API.  aside from that, it's great ;)09:20
mech422nginx + varnish both fit in a 2G ram VM though - so I can't complain there09:20
@scrottieperldesignpatterns.com survived a slashdotting running CGI under thttpd on a Mac 7300 running NetBSD with 32 megs of RAM, running tinywiki bytecode compiled09:20
@scrottiethat was a few years ago ;)09:21
elninoweird, it says today is nov 1,but the calendar doesn't show nov.09:21
elninoin fact, http://www.iglesiaemr.org/home/calendario?type=month;start=2011-11-01%2001:50:35 doesn't even show november.09:21
mech422oh? nice :-)  I haven't seen a <1G machine in ages :-)09:21
@scrottieelnino, the servers are probably UTC and probably running NTP... so any time problem would have more to do with timezones selected for user accounts than anything...09:22
@scrottiebut that certainly doesn't rule out bugs09:22
mech422I can remember running X11 in 12M of ram (swap city...) cuz I couldn't afford 16M :-)09:22
elninooh this is weird. I'm going to bed.09:22
@scrottiewell, this machine was running headless =P09:22
@scrottie180mhz PowerPC09:22
elninoforget the calendar. I'm sure it will work tomorrow. =) good night everyone.09:23
@scrottienight elnino... feel free to ping me tomorrow and we can talk about bug reports... though I'm having a strange deja vu here09:23
mech422g'nite elnino - thanks for the help :-)09:23
@scrottiehttp://www.iglesiaemr.org/home/calendario/surprise-party-for-pastor-edras ... he's going to know about it!!  09:24
elninolol. he was very surprised. They didn't have a website prior to this one.09:24
elninook. i'm going now. bye09:24
* scrottie waves09:24
mech422time for coffee and a smoke....09:25
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elninohow do I change all new registered users language to be spanish?16:03
elninook. I figure that out.16:42
elninoNow I have a really a serious problem- the cart is caching, so a new user will see someone else's visitor cart.  How do I fix that?16:43
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+BartJolmmm, normally it is bound to a session.16:54
+BartJolso it should not be visible from another computer16:54
+BartJolelnino: can you check that?16:55
+BartJolbut, when you have a public computer your session will be kept (and the cart with it)16:58
+BartJolnot sure how to avoid that17:00
elninoyes, that's how I found out BartJol, someone emailed me about their account stilll being there, and I went to look and I saw their cart.17:01
elninotwo separate computers17:01
+BartJolah, that is definitely strange17:01
elninopostiviely bad.17:02
+BartJolstarting my site. I haven't seen anything resembling this problem in the changelog, so it might be there in my 7.10.x install17:05
elnino11693 is a bug report that may affected this behavior, but it was long ago I would think someone would have seen this.17:05
elninoI'm hosted with pb, so I'm at the mercy of their installed versoin.17:05
+BartJolmmm, I don't see anything in my second cart17:07
elninoI'm 7.9.29-stable17:08
+BartJolI'm 7.10.2117:08
elninowell, somewhere someone fixed it.. so that good for you.  =)17:08
elninonot so for me. =(17:08
+BartJolwell, I have just a testsite17:09
+BartJolyours is not17:09
+BartJolI also have a 7.9.30 install, lemme check17:09
+BartJolnope, neither there17:11
+BartJolare you aware of any customization on that server?17:11
+BartJoldo you have an url so i can check whether I have the same cart?17:11
elninoI was hopign you'd ask. Let me make an abandoned cart....17:12
elninoThis is pb's server. I pay them for hosing. 17:12
+BartJolking them where it hurts :P17:12
elninook. you should see my cart at http://www.iglesiaemr.org/register/church-events?shop=cart17:13
+BartJolI only see Etiqueta*              por ejemplo: 'Casa' o 'Trabajo'17:14
+BartJolthe rest seems empty to me17:14
elninoyou're kidding me. I saw her cart.17:14
+BartJolnope, I'll make you a screenshot if you like17:14
elninono, that's ok.17:15
+BartJolI believe you17:15
+BartJolyou did that all of visitor and haven't logged in afterwards?17:15
elninoI don't believe me now..... lol17:16
elninoI wsa logged out when I created that cart. but let me check.17:16
elninonope. I was not logged in.17:18
elninoalright. I declare this bug is fixed. I'm thinking, I saw my abandoned cart, and she saw her abandoned cart. and since it's in spanish I couldn't tell.17:20
elninoi'm closing this bug. Thank you for your time... if you're looking for a fun bug to fix, I'd sure like to see my reoccuring saturdays working. =(17:23
+BartJolwell, if it was a bug, it should definetly been fixed17:30
elninoit's fixed. =)17:30
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elninohey mech422 - 20:17
elninoto make "charts" remain lighlighed when you are on "walstreet" you need to make sure that your css address both li.active and a.current - at least that is what I do.20:19
--- Day changed Wed Nov 02 2011
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r3b9f7ae / (14 files in 10 dirs): WebGUI 8 adjustments and test upgrades. - http://git.io/IGrRFQ00:41
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* mech422 tries to thank elnino05:01
mech422dam, too late again....05:02
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vanjwilsonWhat does this warning in the webgui.log mean: 2011/11/02 06:55:34 - WARN - www.<example>.com.conf - WebGUI::Session::DateTime::setToEpoch[962] - Could not format date yyyy-mm-dd for epoch.  Returning current time14:14
+BartJolwell it ries to do a conversion from epoch to a human readable date and time14:15
+BartJolnot sure wha't going wrong14:15
vanjwilsonthanks, I'll trace it from that module14:26
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+BartJolSDuensin: congratulations15:12
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mech422anyone happen to know where you set the 'style' for the login page ? I set 'login template' to 'default webgui' - but my old header is getting 'wrapped around' it, and I can remember where to change it ?17:36
sbaurThe one you set was in Settings -> Authentication? or just the style on the page you're looking at?17:48
mech422sbaur: I found it  - I had to change Settings->UI -> User Function Style17:50
mech422sbaur: thanks though :-)17:50
sbaurno problem17:50
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elninogood morning!17:03
ckotilAnyone know of a Navigation template variable that will tell you the number of items contained within the page_loop?18:19
ckotilThanks elnino. it didnt even occur to me to use JS like that18:23
elninoapparantly there is a __counter__ variable.18:23
ckotilIve got a fancy fly out nav that I need to dynamically resize 18:23
ckotilah, even better18:24
elninoI forgot about that one.18:24
elninockotil - more info: http://www.webgui.org/wiki/template-language18:30
ckotilah, there's some good info there.18:40
ckotil<TMPL_IF __LAST__> looks useful18:40
ckotilim using the modulo operator to figure out odd/even right now. but there's an __ODD__ too :)18:41
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mech422ckotil: there's also pagination.XX - firstPage lastPage etc - nice for forward/back buttons00:41
mech422and something has a first10,first50,first100 etc for looping over set numbers of items... might be pagination ?00:42
mech422the one I haven't been able to find is a total number of search results for the search widget00:43
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * ra2a8218 / (106 files in 23 dirs): Merge commit 'v7.10.23' into WebGUI8. Tests need fixing. - http://git.io/Zr6KbQ22:53
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r3ba6d43 / lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm : Allow noFormPost to be dynamically generated with a sub. Not all property settings allow this! - http://git.io/E-VZgw22:53
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r42ed112 / t/Asset/Wobject/Layout.t : Update this test to not use getPage. - http://git.io/omvzZg22:53
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+perlDreamerhowdy folks23:01
sbaurhappy friday perlDreamer23:01
+perlDreamerthanks, sbaur23:02
+perlDreamerdid you see that I posted a status report on WebGUI8 at blog.webgui.org?23:02
sbauryesterday?, yes I did23:02
sbaurrss feed worked and everything23:03
+perlDreamercool :)23:03
+perlDreamerI realized that it's been a long time (too long) since the last update23:03
+perlDreamerhowever, the merge work has been going on very well23:03
+perlDreamerI'm up to 7.10.2323:03
sbaurof course i won't be seeing wg 8 for quite some time :-)23:04
+perlDreamerI'd be happy to see you using 7.9 :)23:04
sbaurtoo many sites/too much custom code/ too little time to upgrade everything with any speed23:05
+perlDreamerwell, even without custom code it can often take time to upgrade23:12
+perlDreamertake WebGUI 8 for exapmle23:12
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * ra3266de / (t/Auth/mech.t t/Group.t): WebGUI 8 doesn't do Basic Auth, and ldap tests were moved into a different file. - http://git.io/zjpzlg23:13
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--- Day changed Sat Nov 05 2011
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r7cfc8e6 / t/Group/group_scratch.t : Update this test for new testing API. - http://git.io/VHQfJA00:19
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rdc489b2 / t/Macro/H_homeLink.t : Fix a leaking test. - http://git.io/6eelDw00:19
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r8a92be9 / t/Macro/LastUpdatedBy.t : Fix another leaky test. - http://git.io/GHSeRQ01:45
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r3bd5172 / (4 files): No more leaky tests for carts. - http://git.io/tEH8uQ02:10
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@scrottiehey SquOnk.01:54
SquOnkscrottie: Hey there.01:54
SquOnkI have two web-servers running webgui, both reading against the same database.01:54
SquOnkDoes that fly? Is there something special I have to be aware of?01:55
SquOnkBoth front-ends are using database caching.01:55
SquOnkscrottie: ?02:10
@scrottieI've heard of that being done02:11
@scrottiebut I don't know the details of it02:11
@scrottieask perlDreamer02:11
@scrottieI guess the siteName is in the config file, so it might "just work"02:12
@scrottiesharing a cache does seem important and you're doing that02:12
SquOnkscrottie: I see.02:15
@scrottieI wonder how people set different main pages or conditionally evaluate which site users are looking at02:15
SquOnkscrottie: Haven't done that02:24
SquOnkscrottie: Well, I think I'm getting a bad interaction because of the shared cache.02:30
SquOnkscrottie: Or at least it looks like that.02:31
@scrottieI've worked with sites where database caches were shared between machines, but that was to scale things out to multiple machines, not to host multiple domains on the same WebGUI.02:48
@scrottiethat works fine.02:48
SquOnkscrottie: That's what I'm trying to do: single site, multiple web frontends.02:50
SquOnkscrottie: We have a database machine and a front-end WebGUI machine. It has been working fine.02:51
SquOnkscrottie: I just added another WebGUI machine, with *exactly* the same config as the original one.02:51
SquOnkscrottie: Now, working as a Visitor, I get different behaviour from each machine.02:51
SquOnkscrottie: If I visit any page in the "original" server, it shows up ok. If I visit the same page in the new server, parts of it are not showing.02:52
SquOnkscrottie: Note that all of the uploads are being handled via a CDN.02:52
SquOnkscrottie: The uploads have http://cdn.some.domain/uploads as uploadsUrl.02:52
SquOnkscrottie: That works fine in the "original" site, but not in the newly added one.02:53
SquOnkscrottie: I'm trying to figure out what's going on.02:53
SquOnkscrottie: I think I've nailed it. My fault :)02:58
SquOnkscrottie: Are you there?04:23
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zylopfaHello Webguians19:54
zylopfaIs it possible to have custom layout for say func=edit screens? so its more friendly and more integrated to the general layout?20:21
@scrottiemost of the edit screens are automatically generated23:54
@scrottieif you create an asset, you can define your own www_edit func which templates it however you like23:54
@scrottieI'd really like it to be easier to subclass built-in assets to add or change misc bits of functionality like this.23:54
--- Day changed Mon Nov 07 2011
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SquOnkAnybody around?02:04
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SquOnkperlDreamer: Hey there.03:12
+perlDreamerhowdy SquOnk03:12
+perlDreamerI was just trying to build a replacement LDAP server03:12
+perlDreamerwhat are you up to today?03:12
SquOnkperlDreamer: I have a question. I think I know the answer, but I'll fire away.03:12
+perlDreamerhit me03:12
SquOnkI have a 'stage' server where Content Managers load stuff.03:13
SquOnkCall it 'stage'. It connects to a dedicated database.03:13
SquOnkThen I plan to have *several* 'user' server only to serve content.03:13
SquOnkDoes /var/lib/uploads have to be *identical* on all servers for things to work our?03:13
+perlDreamer/var/lib/uploads == uploadsPath in WebGUI config for this site?03:14
+perlDreamerthen yes03:14
+perlDreameryou can use NFS or some other mounting to do this03:14
+perlDreameror you can use a CDN03:14
SquOnkperlDreamer: Aha. Let's talk CDN for a minute.03:15
SquOnkperlDreamer: I know how to set up NFS and I'm about to do so because it needs to be deployed tomorro 5:00 EST :)03:15
SquOnkperlDreamer: I currently have a CDN set up.03:15
SquOnkperlDreamer: The 'stage' server has a standard WebGUI setup.03:16
SquOnkperlDreamer: It also has nginx serving /var/lib/webgui/uploads.03:16
SquOnkperlDreamer: I've set up a CloudFront to *pull* from nginx on demand.03:16
SquOnkperlDreamer: uploadsUrl has http://cdn.some.domain/upload03:16
SquOnkperlDreamer: So, when WebGUI renders, say <tmpl_var image.url> the URL shows http://cdn.some.domain/upload/bladslkfjslkfjdsflkds 03:17
SquOnk...CloudFront does is thing and we're all happy.03:17
SquOnkperlDreamer: However, when the other machines try to render the same thing, the URL comes out blank. I figured out that it's trying to find the actual files in /var/lib/webgui/uploads. Am I right?03:18
+perlDreameron the read-only machines, they have exact copies of the config file, down to the CDN setup and all?03:20
SquOnkperlDreamer: Yep.03:20
SquOnkExactly the same *code*. uploads dir is obviously different.03:20
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+perlDreamerwhen getUrl is called, it's looking for a .cdn file in the uploads path03:21
+perlDreamerthis means that the CDN transfer has happened03:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: Ok03:21
+perlDreamerwhich I think means that you need a copy of the same uploads on every machine03:21
+perlDreamerwhich seems quite odd03:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: That's what I've figured out so far. I'm deploying NFS anyway, but I think there's room for improvement there.03:21
+perlDreamerI can see where having a "cdnSlave" mode would be nice03:22
+perlDreamerto have it skip the .cdn file check03:22
+perlDreamersince the slaves would never have access to the uploads03:22
SquOnkperlDreamer: Something like that, yes.03:22
+perlDreamerhow are you with forking, SquOnk?03:24
SquOnkperlDreamer: Forking what?03:24
SquOnkperlDreamer: You mean using fork()?03:24
SquOnkperlDreamer: I haven't done it recently, but I presume my C/C++ experience will do. What's the question?03:25
+perlDreamerI've been trying to use Net::LDAP::Server::Test for WebGUI's ldap testing03:25
+perlDreamerinternally, it forks03:25
+perlDreamerwhat I'm finding is that creating a server works great03:25
+perlDreameraccessing the server works great03:25
+perlDreamerbut when it shuts down, it's calling the cleanup code from the test03:25
+perlDreamerand then the actual test calls the same cleanup code03:26
+perlDreamerat that point, the dbh is already gone03:26
+perlDreamerand bad things happen03:26
SquOnkThat's more race condition than anything...03:28
+perlDreamerit would be better if the child didn't call the cleanup code at all03:29
+perlDreamerI had similar issues using Test::WWW::Mechanize::Plack and WebGUI::Fork03:30
+perlDreamerso fixing this could be the gateway to bigger and better things03:30
SquOnkperlDreamer: I see.03:33
SquOnkperlDreamer: Well, can't give a hint from the top of my head without looking at the code.03:34
SquOnkperlDreamer: So that will have to wait for a couple of days.03:34
SquOnkperlDreamer: Back to my NFS conundrum.03:34
+perlDreamerhack on, SquOnk03:34
SquOnkperlDreamer: There's no harm in having /var/lib/webgui/uploads read-only in all machines but the stage one, right?03:34
+perlDreamerdo you use captchas?03:35
SquOnkperlDreamer: Nope03:35
SquOnkperlDreamer: But I see it :)03:36
+perlDreamercaptchas would require write access to uploads/temp03:36
+perlDreamercan users edit profile information?03:36
SquOnkperlDreamer: They can only login to 'stage'.03:37
SquOnkperlDreamer: If the attempt to login in any of the read-only machines they get redirected to stage.03:37
+perlDreamerokay, that's good03:37
+perlDreamerhow about user submitted content?  dataforms, thingy, posts, etc.?03:37
SquOnkperlDreamer: All of that happens in 'stage'03:38
+perlDreamerthen I think you're good for 0444 access on slaves03:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: There will be no outside users beside those of the organization. They only use the 'stage' machine to create new content.03:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: The NFS thing is working fine.03:55
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+perlDreamermorning, folks18:15
+perlDreamerI still need to write up a blog post, but the merging work on WebGUI 8 is done18:15
ckotilIve got some hungry users itching to try out wg818:17
ckotilnot just hungry, they're starving18:18
+perlDreameryou can try it out now18:19
ckotilis there an online demo?18:19
+perlDreamerjust demo it using the underground style18:19
+perlDreamernot yet18:19
+perlDreamerwe also need a WebGUI 8 wre18:19
+perlDreamerright now everyone doing dev use a source install18:20
ckotildemo.webgui.org or beta.webgui.org ?18:20
+perlDreamerrunning 7.9 and 7.10, respectively18:20
ckotilor , no the demo is not online yet. but you can demo wg8 using underground style.18:20
+perlDreamerthe demo is not online yet, however, you can set one up yourself fairly easily.  Be sure to use the underground style since that is the only one we've upgraded for 818:21
+perlDreamerin the WebGUI8 branch of the webgui git repo, there's a README file with setup instructions18:24
+perlDreamerwith a little extra effort, you could run WebGUI 8 right on top of WebGUI 718:24
ckotilgood deal. i should be able to spend some time on it next week18:30
ckotilgotta get these new templates out18:30
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CIA-57webgui: David Delikat WebGUI8 * r5469328 / (200 files in 57 dirs): Merge remote branch 'main/WebGUI8' into WebGUI8 - http://git.io/FiTEVQ22:13
ckotilAnyone know why ^PageURL(); is a valid start point in the nav asset, but my custom Macro NetworkRootURL(); Macro get's evaluated at save time?22:30
@scrottie"start point"?  eval'd at save time?22:32
ckotil^PageURL(); is a valud start point22:32
ckotil^NetworkRootURL(); a custom macro is not22:32
haargwhat happens when it works?  what happens when it fails?22:34
ckotilso my custom macro spits out a URL. same as PageURL22:35
ckotilexcept PageURL(); will remain as the nav asset start point, but my custom macro will get evaluated, i.e. it spits out a URL22:35
ckotilIm wondering what makes PageURL(); so special. 22:36
haargwhat does the url your macro output look like?22:38
haargi kind of doubt ^PageURL; is actually 'working'22:39
haargbasically, that field doesn't let you use macros22:42
ckotilmy macro outputs a relative URL22:43
ckotilok, doesnt let you use macros22:43
ckotilthat's what i needed to know.22:43
haargso when you put in ^PageUrl();, it doesn't get processed and can't find anything with that url.  so it defaults to the current url.22:43
ckotilyeah, that's the behavior i am seeing. but when i go back to edit the nav asset, I still see ^PageURL();22:44
ckotilwhich is what made me think that the nav asset was processing the macro at each page load22:45
ckotilim trying to reduce my number of nav assets22:45
ckotilthanks for the clarification22:50
+perlDreamerckotil, you could try a shortcut for that23:17
+perlDreamerI think that would do the right thing23:17
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r2624463 / (18 files in 7 dirs): These upgrades are in the wrong branch. - http://git.io/qkLGTw00:00
+perlDreamergit question for the general public00:52
+perlDreamerI have a directory00:52
+perlDreamerInside the directory sits a file00:52
+perlDreamerthe directory has been renamed several times in its lifetime00:53
+perlDreamerI want to find out when the file was added00:53
-!- _lsr [88ba4d3a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #webgui00:55
@scrottiewhich filesystem?00:56
+perlDreamerit's git00:56
@scrottieoh.  missed that bit.  sorry, no idea.00:56
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+perlDreamersbaur, elnino, ckotil, how many custom layout templates have you made, ever?01:22
sbaurlots and lots01:36
sbaurcustom layout == style templates, right?01:37
haargperlDreamer, git log --follow01:39
+perlDreamersbaur, no, style template are different from layout templates01:48
+perlDreamerlayout templates are like default_page, left column, one over two01:48
+perlDreamerarrangements of assets on a page01:48
haargtemplates for the page layout asset01:48
+perlDreamerI did a random sampling on a server, and most sites never create them01:49
+perlDreamerbut when they do, they tended to make lots01:49
+perlDreamerI found one site with 55 of them01:49
+perlDreamerwhich means I'm going to have to try and find a way to translate them from WebGUI 7 style to WebGUI 8 style01:50
+perlDreamerhaarg: git log --follow didn't output anything at all01:51
haargis this a webgui thing?01:51
haargwith --follow, you have to specify a single file01:51
sbaurok, for one site, select distinct assetId from template where namespace='Layout' and assetId not like 'PBtmpl%';  gave me 19 rows back.01:52
sbaurI'd call that Lots01:52
sbaura recent small site we just created was only 201:53
sbaurso yes, please write a translator...01:54
+perlDreamerhaarg, in the WebGUI8 branch I did01:57
+perlDreamergit log --follow 7.10.23-8.0.0/style-underground.wgpkg01:57
+perlDreamermaybe it needs a path relative to the root of the repo?01:57
+perlDreamergit log --follow share/upgrades/7.10.23-8.0.0/style-underground.wgpkg01:58
+perlDreamernope, same thing01:58
+perlDreamerasking about the directory does the same01:58
+perlDreamersame thing01:58
+perlDreamermaybe I have an older/buggy git?01:58
+perlDreamermaybe this isn't as hard as I think it is02:05
+perlDreamerthe really big difference is that any conditional code with table markup in it should be removed, if the conditional has session.var.adminOn as the flag02:05
sbaurperlDreamer - git log --follow --find-copies-harder 02:11
sbaurmaybe need to add a -M to it02:12
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elninoperlDreamer - 40?05:07
elninoperlDreamer - sorry, no, about 1008:35
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SquOnkQuick question: is there a template var that tells me if the session belongs to a registered user.20:21
@scrottie^GroupText; on the 'Registered Users' group?20:43
@scrottieseems ugly.  I'm sure there's a better way.20:43
@scrottie<tmpl_if ^GroupText('Registered Users',1,0);> ... </tmpl_if> ... ugh20:45
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@scrottieand there isn't a template var that tells if the session belongs to a registered user unless the asset you're looking at just happens to set one for some reason20:47
@scrottiethere's nothing consistent across the site.20:47
@scrottieprocessTemplate() only sets a few things, including handling metadata20:47
SquOnkscrottie: Thanks. Just got back.22:55
@scrottiesure.  that may not even work... that was just a guess.23:09
@scrottieand like I said, there has to be a cleaner way to do that.23:09
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-!- wgGuest21 is now known as chutzler23:44
chutzlerAnyone know why I'd be getting nothing but a blank page all of the sudden? The main page comes up blank unless I'm logged in or I add "?makePrintable=1" to the base url...23:46
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sbaurthat's often a problem in the style template used on the page. 23:47
sbaurAlso, check webgui.log for any errors23:47
sbaurIf you have been working on the styles, you can add ?func=edit to the url to edit the page and choose a different style.23:48
chutzlerLemme find that one real quick 2026Any idea why something might happen for no good reason? We've been using this for almost 2 years without problems23:48
sbaurclean your browser cache and clean the site's cache23:49
sbaurdo you get anything when you're on the blank page and do a view source?23:49
chutzlerI cleaned the cache using the link in the admin console, didn't think to check the browser cache. but I did download the site and load it up on a vm on my local machine and it did the same thing. I'll go over these few things real quick and see if anything mentioned here helps23:50
chutzlerNothing in veiw source23:50
sbaurany changes to any of the templates that are selectable through admin console -> settings?23:52
chutzlerNone since the site was brought online a couple of years ago23:53
chutzlerAlso, nothing errant in the webgui.log23:53
SquOnkHas anybody tried putting an nginx in front of several WG machines?23:53
sbaurchutzler: is it a url we can access?23:54
chutzlerBTW, the site is www.shepherdstown.us ...23:54
sbaurso, all the sub pages on the site seem to work, I'd edit the home page, and hide the various assets on it one by one to see if one of them is causing the problem23:56
chutzlerWill try that next.23:56
sbaurfrequent cache clearing while performing these tests is a must23:56
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chutzlersbaur: will setting the security on those assets to admin suffice for hiding them?00:05
sbaurI don't know. I've only ever done it by hiding them in the display tab00:06
sbaurI'd start with any non article assets though00:06
sbaursyndicated content, sql report, weather service, stuff like that00:06
chutzlerThanks sbaur, that just triggered something in my little brain. I realized that I have the weather channel displaying which wasn't showing up. I hid that and it seems to be working now 2026thanks a million man, I've been beating my head against this all day00:12
sbauryou're welcome00:12
@scrottieSquOnk, yes, re: nginx.00:17
@scrottieoh, he left.00:17
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sbaurare there any notes/procedures anywhere on how to custom build the WRE? I'd like to figure out a way to do it with the RHEL supplied versions of apache, perl, etc if possible. Something that I could then do again, when RHEL released security/bug fixes23:28
sbaurwait, i just found wre-building in the wiki... will check that out23:30
@scrottiesbaur, perhaps what you're looking for is the Source Install instructions, http://www.webgui.org/wiki/source-install ?23:33
@scrottiethe WRE isn't a requirement, just a convinience (if it happens to do what you need)23:34
+perlDreamersbaur, there's usually a build.sh script in the WRE source23:47
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sbaurscrottie, i've experimented with the source install, but all my other servers have the wre, and my devs would be somewhat lost without wreservice.pl23:57
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sbaurwell, the build can't build openssl, so i think i'm gonna go with a source install after all - some benefits, are redhat proviced security patches...01:40
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@scrottiesource install or wre install, you're in for a fight with perl modules.02:13
@scrottieunless there are Debian packages for them all and you do that.02:13
@scrottieer, RPMs02:13
sbaurdon't I know it02:13
sbaurmany have RPMs, and testEnv.pl is passing so I think I got that fight licked, until I move to 7.7 anyways02:13
sbaurbut i still don't have a site rendering, so I am not out of the woods yet02:14
sbaurhmmm, i think I totally fried my conf file, will start fresh again tomrrow...02:27
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+BartJolanyone using the underground theme?17:10
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui18:07
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+perlDreamerThe WeatherData asset is broken, if you use it on your sites, it will interfere with any other assets on the same page21:00
+perlDreamerPlease go read this posting to explain why: http://blog.webgui.org/post/12340854332/weatherdata-asset21:01
haargthat feed was kind of a pita for a while22:57
haargsince they added that restriction about including the ads22:57
+perlDreameryeah, but now people have broken sites23:26
+perlDreameras part of 7.10.24, I should include some better error handling in the feed fetch23:26
+perlDreamerso that it doesn't break their sites completely23:26
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elninook, this is frustrating... anyone noticed their reoccuring appointments? my calendar is showing my appointments an hour too early after nov 605:51
@scrottieI've been battling that little feature of DateTime over the past few days05:54
@scrottiecode was supposed to look back in history two weeks... it was looking back two weeks and one day05:54
@scrottie"feature", sarcastically05:54
@scrottieI'm being sarcastic when I call it a feature.05:55
elninoI only got the sarcastic part...05:55
elninowhat do you mean abou tthe history?05:55
@scrottienon sarcastic:  DateTime sucks.05:55
@scrottiethere's this WebGUI::History thing05:55
@scrottieI'm working on something that has me groping around in there05:55
elninois it causing my whoas? or are you just blogging.05:55
@scrottieno, I think you're stumbling over the same problem with DateTime that I am05:56
@scrottieexcept it seems exceedingly unlikely that anyone would ship a module with that bug05:56
@scrottieI assumed it was just something wrong with my computer05:56
elninoso what does the history thing have to do with my whoas? nothign should be changing apointment times. 05:56
elninoI thought it was pb's computer.05:56
elninoIm hosted with them. then I painstakingly looked at all the events05:57
@scrottieI am seriously this close to throwing all of that away and declaring a day to be 86400, leap seconds and leap years be damned05:57
elninoand found that the times literally changed after nov 605:57
@scrottieer 86400 seconds05:57
elninoso are we talkign the same problem?05:58
@scrottieI think so.05:58
elninoso your calendar events changed hours too?05:59
@scrottiewant to check DateTime's bug tracker for a bug fitting this description?05:59
@scrottieI'm not using the calendar, just using the date/time module WebGUI uses05:59
elninoI loked for daylight05:59
elninofound nothing.05:59
elninowhat's dateTimes, is that a macro.05:59
elninoI'd give you the link, but pb took that away from the bug tracker site.06:02
@scrottieoh, rolsky06:02
elninokick them.06:02
@scrottiedon't see one fitting that description, but I might open one here in a bit06:03
@scrottieI'm feeling a bit defeated at the moment06:03
elnino12273 reports the same thing kinda06:04
elninooh, i'm looking at webgui's bug tracker...06:04
elninoso you think this should be fixed in the datetime? or in webgui?06:09
@scrottiethe DateTime module.06:09
elninooh. that may take a while then.06:09
@scrottieconsidering the bug tracker has a five year old critical bug, yeah.06:10
elninoso are you looking at 12228 and 12273? those wil be fixed once datetime mod is fixed.06:10
@scrottienope, not looking at them at the moment06:13
elninowell, I wrote in both that you think it's the datetime mod... hope you dont' midn.. =) you've put work into it, I didn't want it to be forgotten.06:15
@scrottieugh, the latest version still documents a now() method that's the same as new( epoch => time() )...06:16
@scrottiebut it doesn't implement it, and it doesn't recognize the epoch paramter to new, and actually validates against it06:16
@scrottiehow often do you have the appointment set to repeat?06:26
elninocurrently I'm changing everything so that it stoppes on nov6 and restarting it so that the times show up correctly.06:28
elninoweekly - indefinately06:28
@scrottiesimple test case06:30
elninoyep, that be the problem.06:31
@scrottieit makes me happy in a sad sort of way that I'm not the only one suffering from this.06:31
elninoit's calculating the time based on todays time. which is technically true, but not appropriate in event management.06:31
@scrottiein my example, I'm truncating down to the day06:32
@scrottieand then adding days06:32
@scrottieer, weeks06:32
elninoI think the solution is that calendars/events shouldn't be calculated wiht timezones.06:33
elninois there a way for datetime to not take into account timezones?06:33
@scrottienot really, other than using GMT time06:34
@scrottienailing everything down to that06:34
@scrottieGMT doesn't do daylight savings time06:34
@scrottiewhich the calendar does do, actually... convert everything to DST06:35
@scrottieer to GMT06:35
elninoI guess I don't know much about timezones. So if it uses gmt, and it's not supposed to do daylight savings, then there is still a bug in datetime?06:36
@scrottiehappens even in GMT.06:42
@scrottieoh, I'm using localtime().  if I use gmtime(), the conversion to localtime doesn't happen and the hour doesn't vanish.06:45
elninoah ha! so. it's a webgui thing then.06:46
@scrottieprobably a similar thing is happening with the calendar... 06:46
@scrottieprobably, yeah.06:46
* scrottie sighs06:46
elninowould you like me to write those in the notes of those two bugs?06:46
elninoyou did a good job!!!06:47
elninoand I learned something new!06:47
@scrottiethis stuff makes my brain hurt.06:47
elninolol I bet it does.  06:48
elninoit's always those little things, or semi colons.06:48
@scrottieI can wrap my brain around semicolons.06:48
@scrottie"The problem seems to be that all-day events are treated without conversion to user's time zone in post form processing (Event.pm), but the conversion of a time interval to user's time zone in view forms (Calendar.pm) before getting the list of events (getEventsIn) leads to "missing" or "sliding" all-day events."06:49
@scrottiealready in 1222806:49
@scrottiethat's not going to be a quick, easy fix.06:52
elninosorry, it seems like it would be. but i wouldn't know.06:54
@scrottiewell, everything in the calendar is stored in GMT06:54
@scrottieyou don't need to apologize, but I do.  06:55
@scrottienot having a timely fix for that bug.06:55
elninooh. I just figued out that I had a problem today... you came up with the solution today. That's fast.  th implement might not be. but at least we know now.06:56
elninoI would think the fix would be just to change localtime() to gmtime()06:56
elninoif its stored as gmt, then isn't the issue on how it's being displayed ?06:57
@scrottiethat's only an approximation of what happens.06:57
@scrottieit has to be converted to the viewer's time zone06:57
elninono, it doesn't.06:57
elninoI see.06:57
@scrottieotherwise it stays in GMT, and it will be off by between 0 and 23 hours06:57
elninoI suppose.06:58
elninonow you are making me think the otherway. =)06:58
@scrottiethe data about whether the original time/date value was set during DST is lost.06:58
@scrottieI'm thinking the most general fix might be to store the date not as a numeric "epoch" (number of seconds since midnight, 1970, GMT) but store it as a string in a standard format (and there are several standard formats)06:59
@scrottieAug 14 201106:59
@scrottieSep 22 1983 14:21:03 EST07:00
@scrottiethat bundles up various pieces of information not encoded in the epoch:  whether there even *is* a time or it's just a date; which timezone it came from (so it can cope with DST when converting it back or to other timezones)07:01
@scrottiepart of the problem is that the calendar code is a mess07:01
@scrottiefixes are just not as simple as they should be, ever07:01
@scrottiein messy code07:01
@scrottieI just figured out that the thing I'm currently working on wasn't working (and couldn't ever work) on my system because WebGUI core had been patched in another branch to make a feature work, and I didn't have that patch.07:03
@scrottieI think I need to walk across the street and buy a six pack.07:03
elninoI'm paying.07:05
elninobecause I have a doozy one now for you. if you thgout that was hard...07:05
@scrottieoh boy.07:08
elninoI've duplicated it three times now, and I still dont' know how to explain it.07:09
elninofour times. 07:10
elninowell, I figured out what caused it, but not the parameters yet.07:13
elninoif I set a reoccurring saturday event to 17:00:00 to 19:00:00, the first event shows, but the second and future events go from saturday 17:00 to friday 19:00 07:15
elninoand it happens hat wy on tuesday, thrusa, frida and saturdas. so it's not weekday related. 07:15
elninoso then I tried 5am to 7am and it setup correctly.07:15
@scrottiemore GMT math, I suspect.07:16
elninosee anything that might cause that?07:16
@scrottieI've seen stuff like that.  I'm not surprised.07:16
elninoI would understand if it was closer to 23:0007:16
@scrottiethat'll happen if you do date arithmetic with the thing set to the wrong timezone.07:16
@scrottiethe date changes in a different time zone.07:17
elninodarn, I thought if I corrected the time, it would work but it doesn't. 07:17
* scrottie frowns07:17
elninoI'm abandoning wg's calendar. This is too problematic, and I keep getting calls.07:22
@scrottieI understand.07:25
@scrottieI wonder if I could relatively quickly make a timezone free version of it with massive copy and paste.  hrm.07:26
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elninogood morning!17:33
-!- ckotil [~ckotil@snare.grnoc.iu.edu] has joined #webgui17:38
elninohi! how does a user like me find out the proper parameters for the ^International(key,namespace); macro?17:38
elninoI found this: http://i18n.webgui.org/ and I found spanish, but I want to know if you have "continue" translated.17:41
elninoI haven't found any wikis on this, so if someone could shed some light on this, I'd be happy to modify the wiki for the international macro.17:55
elninothis doesn't tell me anything either. http://www.plainblack.com/downloads/builds/7.10.23-stable/api/Macro/International.html18:04
elninooh. one says label, namespace [, placeholder values], the wiki says key,namespace, isn't key and label different? 18:05
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ckotilI wish batch edit's didnt update the last modified timestamp20:24
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ckotilIm rolling a new site template. Easily the largest version tag ever seen.20:32
elninoso, I ended up downloading the spanish.tar.tz and did a search for the term I was looking for. Is that the proper proceedure in figuring out  the parameters for the International macro?20:49
elninoI'm assuming 35 =>, 35 isthe "key" or "label" that I'm supposed to use in the International macro?20:50
elninoand namespace is ignored? or is it the name of the .pm file?20:54
haargname of the pm file20:55
haargif it isn't specified, it uses the WebGUI module20:55
elninok. thanks> i'll update the wiki. this was a pain to find. especially when a number is used. I had to translate what I wanted to translate and search for the translated string, and was lucky if they translated the  same way as google - which they didn't.  =)20:56
+perlDreamerelnino, just in case you have to also translate things used in javascript20:59
+perlDreamerthe javascript i18n object does things the opposite way20:59
+perlDreamerit accepts (namespace, key) instead of the macro and API standard (key, namespace)20:59
elninooh. good to know, I'll add a note about that. thanks.21:00
elninoThank you! have a great binary day/veterns day!21:14
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CIA-57webgui: David Delikat WebGUI8 * re0ab5ea / www/extras/admin/admin.js : change parentElement to parentNode - http://git.io/r8Bolg05:41
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-!- elnino [~ninow@user-38q4846.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui17:58
elninogood morning! is there a way to quickly "disable" an online store? EMS specifically?17:58
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SquOnkI have 'require Apache::DBI' in my preload.perl, however I don't see the persistent connection to mysql05:14
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-!- pitchoilcan [~pitchoilc@cpe-98-14-114-69.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #webgui16:50
pitchoilcandoes WebGui work out of the bon on Ubuntu 11 ?16:58
pitchoilcandoes WebGui work out of the box on Ubuntu 11 ?16:58
+BartJolpitchoilcan: I don't think it is in that apt repo17:02
+BartJolthat is in debian sid (unstable)17:02
+BartJolso you need the wre or a list of all the perl modules17:03
+BartJolso "out of the box" is not the correct term17:04
+BartJolI'm afraid I have to disappoint you on this17:04
+BartJolnot sure whether there is a precompiled wre for ubuntu 11 17:06
pitchoilcanI have in my synamtic repo, and the the install is successfull but the post install config isn't complete because when I point my browser to localhost/webgui I get not found17:06
+BartJolwell that'd sounds like an apache conf problem17:07
pitchoilcanI think the issue is linking the install directory to the webserver doc root, any idea on how I should do that?17:08
+BartJolthere are some default configs in the wre17:09
+BartJolbecause modproxy revers to modperl which says how to use webgui17:09
+BartJolfor the modperl conf17:11
+BartJolmy modproxy conf is a bit messed up17:12
+BartJolit works, but it isn't a good example17:12
+BartJolhttp://pastebin.com/K8RBqNRh is pretty default I think17:13
+BartJolmind that those are 2 apache confs and you have to make sure that you separate the apaches properly17:14
pitchoilcanI had the same problem when installing ampache, I was able to fix the problem with ; sudo ln -s /usr/share/ampache/www/ /var/www/ampache is it posisble to fix my webgui install with a simular link ?17:16
+BartJolmaybe, it is hard to say, I have too little insight in your server setup17:18
+BartJolpitchoilcan: is it the natty package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/webgui17:43
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui17:46
+BartJoldoes it say anything in the README? I haven't installed from a repo package yet17:48
+BartJolin /usr/share/doc/webgui/README.Debian.gz17:48
pitchoilcando I need to install the wre binaries as well as the native packages17:49
+BartJolthey exlude each other17:50
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+perlDreamermorning folks18:30
+perlDreamerWebGUI 8 is getting closer18:30
+perlDreamerfasten your seat belts!18:30
+perlDreameralthough not too tightly, because Thanksgiving is coming up18:30
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ckotilrolled out a new template yesterday http://globalnoc.iu.edu18:36
ckotiltook about 3 minutes to commit it. it was rather large18:36
-!- kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #webgui18:36
+perlDreamerthat's also about the limit for a spectre/WebGUI transaction18:42
ckotilI dumped the db before commit, just in case.18:53
+perlDreamerfor something that large, that's a good idea18:55
+perlDreamerthe WebGUI - Spectre interface handles a bunch of things really well, but huge commits isn't one of them18:55
haargwhich is kind of unfortunate, because handling large commits is half of the reason spectre exists at all18:56
+perlDreameryes, we need a separate API for small atomic commits (common use case) and then larger commits, which need to be broken in 55 second chunks18:57
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+perlDreamerhaarg, paranoia check. wgd reset --backup --starter --uploads should leave me with a fresh site, yes?01:51
+perlDreamersimilar to what addsite.pl would do?01:52
+perlDreameralso needs --import for  full wipe01:59
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SquOnkHas anybody manage to run webgui with Apache2 in *threaded* mode.15:27
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elninohi all!20:48
sbaurhi elnino20:49
elninohi sbaur pretty quiet today?20:50
+perlDreamervery quiet20:59
elninowhen I want to do a summary of news on the home page, which is the best way? syndicate asset or shortcut?21:00
elninoi'm thinking a shortcut is better with a custom template. I can't seem to control the look of the feed.21:02
elninowhen I loo at the website with a syndicate asset on it, how come I don't gett a little RSS feed icon in firefox? does anyone know what I"m talking about?21:07
elninowhat is the "rsscapable" thing called? isn't it like a "asset helper" or something like that...21:09
elninothere is a new term for those things.21:09
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+perlDreamerit's an AssetHelper now21:35
elninoso what is a asset aspect?21:38
@scrottiea bit of code that doesn't do anything but itself but gets pulled into other modules to extend them21:53
elninooh. i thought that is what a assethelper was.21:54
@scrottiewhy can't they both be?21:59
elninooh I have no idea, i'm just asking because I was modifiing a wiki and it referred to itself as a asset and then later a asset aspect22:00
@scrottiethe difference would be in terms of what's technically being done to implement the extension22:00
@scrottieit refered to itself as an asset aspect?  how so?22:00
@scrottiethat's odd.22:00
elninoin the wiki22:00
@scrottiewhere in the wiki?  have a link or a screenshot for me?22:01
@scrottieor a better description?22:01
elninomaybe I'm reading it wrong. 22:02
elnino"RSS feeds are now asset aspects." threw me off.22:02
haargwiki history doesn't appear to work if you aren't logged in22:03
elninohaarg - i've never seen it to display history as a visitor.22:04
elninooh funny.  I created this wiki and am the only one to have modidifed it.. what do *I* know???22:05
elninofeel free to slash it apart. lol22:05
elninook. enough webgui fun for today. Thanks! have a great Thanksgiving!22:17
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+perlDreamersorry, I'm still thinking WebGUI 823:10
+perlDreameryou're correct, it's an Asset Aspect23:10
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SquOnkHas anybody been successful using WebGUi with Apache in worker mode (multi-threaded)?23:04
haargit mostly seems like it should work23:07
haargwhy do you want to do that?23:07
SquOnkhaarg: Well... alternatives to load handling.23:08
SquOnkhaarg: We tried (and failed) going live with a site the past week.23:08
SquOnkhaarg: I think there's something wrong with the setup but couldn't figure what, so we rolled back.23:08
SquOnkhaarg: Four (4) quad-core, 8 Gb RAM WG boxes.23:08
SquOnkhaarg: Behind an nginx doing reverse-proxying.23:09
SquOnkhaarg: /uploads being served from Amazon's CloudFront23:09
SquOnkhaarg: Not a single static object being requested from the WG boxes.23:09
SquOnkhaarg: About 9.000.000 hits *daily*23:09
SquOnkhaarg: Shared database caché.23:09
SquOnkhaarg: A dedicated 16 core DB server with more RAM than my office.23:10
SquOnkhaarg: But it could'n handle the load. The WG servers were too slow generating pages.23:10
SquOnkhaarg: We tried different number of apache processes ranging from 20 to 200 (with PLENTY of RAM to spare). We settled with thirty something because that was the only amount that sort of produced pages every now and then.23:11
SquOnkhaarg: BTW, 7.10.23 we're talking about.23:11
SquOnkhaarg: The nginx frontend was doing absolutely *nothing*. Nothing.23:12
haargi kind of doubt using worker mode would help.  multi-thread perl is kind of iffy.23:12
SquOnkhaarg: Then we tried placing nginx:80 with webgui:8081 in each front-end box...23:12
SquOnkhaarg: ...to do even more caching. Same result.23:12
SquOnkhaarg: All the database was in-RAM (we even *did* try having /var/lib/mysql in a RAM disk, that's how much RAM these boxes had)23:13
SquOnkhaarg: Nothing in mysql-slow.23:13
haarghow complex were the pages being served?23:14
SquOnkhaarg: How would you measure complexity?23:14
SquOnkhaarg: I mean.23:14
haarglike, number of assets23:14
SquOnkhaarg: The "main" pages are three or four hand placed Shortcuts, and four to six Story Topics.23:14
SquOnkhaarg: Plus seven ^AdSpaces and two ^AssetProxy for navigations.23:15
SquOnkhaarg: The rest are images (begin pulled from CDN; URLs are absolute http://cdn.blah.)23:15
SquOnkhaarg: That comprises the main page and aboud ten section pages.23:15
SquOnkhaarg: Then the internal pages are basically a Story in a Page Layout. That's it.23:16
SquOnkhaarg: What would you suggest I look at?23:16
SquOnkhaarg: And yes, what we saw was too many Apache processes waiting to be able to generate the pages.23:17
SquOnkhaarg: Without load, the main page takes 0.1 seconds to generate according to WG's debug.23:17
SquOnkhaarg: Under load they could take over a minute :/23:18
SquOnkhaarg: I even setup nginx to microcache to offload pages for about a minute.23:18
SquOnkhaarg: But even after doing that, the nginx cache couldn't ever be refreshed because the WGs were never able to generate the pages under a *minute*.23:19
SquOnkIt was very frustrating :/23:19
haargmight be worth testing some alterations in the pages with some load testing.  like seeing if it works better without the navigations.23:19
SquOnkhaarg: Good points. Navigations are only one level deep.23:20
SquOnkhaarg: (Both of them)23:20
haargi've seen some nasty navigations, they are always the first thing i check.23:20
SquOnkhaarg: It's a news site. Main page shows "newsflash type of thing" (those would be the Shortcuts) and "latest" (those would be the Story Topics).23:21
SquOnkhaarg: Main menu only lists National, International, Sports, Fashion, etc.23:21
SquOnkhaarg: Each one of those pages has their own Shortcuts and Story Topics for the same purpose of the ones in the main page.23:21
SquOnkhaarg: Then, hidden from navigation, there's a dozen or so News Archives.23:22
haargi'd say try some load testing with removing assets from the main page.  see if some particular content that is slowing you down, or if it's the framework itself23:22
haargafter that i'd probably go to profiling23:22
SquOnkhaarg: Well, WG's debugging helped showing which Assets were taking longer to generate, but then we got them to under 0.005 in most cases.23:22
SquOnkhaarg: Remember, *no* static content is being served by WG. Those come out of CloudFront. WG is *only* building the enclosing HTML.23:23
haargi wonder if the session handling is causing problems23:24
haargwebgui keeps sessions for every visitor, even when they aren't logged in23:25
SquOnkhaarg: Yes. This site has mostly visitors. They don't want to allow registration. There are legal issues here with users posting comments.23:25
SquOnkhaarg: So, yes, this is 99% visitors.23:25
SquOnkhaarg: Although sessions are one week long (as per their request).23:27
haargevery page view ends up writing to the userSession table23:28
SquOnkhaarg: Right.23:28
haargwhich is MyISAM23:28
SquOnkhaarg: Can I use InnoDB?23:28
SquOnkhaarg: You wrte possibly in an "I wouldn't go there kind of way" :) Has that been tried before with success?23:29
haargbasically, i haven't tried it, but i think it should work without causing any problems23:29
haargi'm also not sure if or how much it would help23:30
haargideally webgui wouldn't store user sessions in the database until they were needed23:30
SquOnkhaarg: InnoDB has better instrumentation for concurrency handling so that's something worth trying.23:30
haargor would store them in memcached or in a cookie23:30
haargbut that's not an easy change23:31
haargmyisam uses table level locks23:32
haargso innodb should be a pretty big win there i think23:32
SquOnkhaarg: That's something worth trying.23:33
SquOnkhaarg: I'm also leaning towards the Apache worker thing too.23:33
SquOnkhaarg: Another question, maybe you can shed some light on23:33
@scrottieSquOnk, re: shared database cache, check out (my) CHI::Driver::HandlerSocket on CPAN23:34
SquOnkscrottie: Will do.23:34
haargapache with workers you might run into memory issues23:34
@scrottieSquOnk, I wrote it just for that scenario.  HandlerSocket is several times faster than DBI.  you should be able to drop that in, with some work.23:34
@scrottieInnoDB on the CHI cache tables is also a huge performance boost23:34
SquOnkscrottie: You mean for WebGUI::Cache::Database?23:34
@scrottiewell, you have to be using CHI23:35
@scrottieI don't know how new your WebGUI is23:35
SquOnkscrottie: 7.10.2323:35
@scrottiebut if you are using CHI, then you can plug that in, after doing all of the other stuff you need to do to get it running, which I'd be happy to talk about23:35
@scrottiealso, you should do load testing before turning a site live23:35
SquOnkscrottie: All right, I'll read about that over the weekend. I'm going to setup a mock install next week.23:36
@scrottiethere are various utilities for pounding on a web site for you23:36
SquOnkscrottie: Preaching to the choir. The customer went live "because"23:36
SquOnkscrottie: They just flipped the switch.23:36
@scrottieordinary people have no idea how many oppertunities software gives for Murphy's Law to rear its ugly head23:36
SquOnkscrottie: Yeah, and they also seem to think that the world behaves linearly.23:37
SquOnk...back to my question.23:37
SquOnkIn my style template, I have a reference to the style sheet.23:37
SquOnkThe style sheet is a Snippet.23:37
haargSquOnk, perl generally doesn't release memory back to the OS, and threaded perl doesn't really share memory at all.  the way it's dealt with by default in WebGUI is with Apache2::SizeLimit, which kills forked processes after they get too big.  only works with preforks.23:37
SquOnkhaarg: I'm aware of that, too.23:38
SquOnkSo, the style...23:38
SquOnk...my initial approach was to have <link rel="stylesheet" href="^/(snippet-here.css);" type="text/css" />23:39
SquOnkBut I want the CSS to be served from the CDN, so I went with23:39
SquOnk... <link rel="stylesheet" href="^FileUrl(/snippet-here.css);" type="text/css" />23:39
SquOnkBut it doesn't work.23:39
haargfileurl only works with uploaded files, not snippets23:39
SquOnkAh, that's why.23:40
SquOnkIs there a way to accomplish what I want? That being the .css being served from the CDN.23:41
haargupload it as a file instead of having it in a snippet23:41
SquOnkhaarg: But then the CSS can't have macros in it, can it?23:41
SquOnkhaarg: Because the CSS has references to images that will be served from the CDN.23:42
SquOnkSo my best bet seems to have nginx/mod_proxy ask for it the first time and then cache it23:42
SquOnkAll right, I'm making a list here:23:43
SquOnk1. WG should work with InnoDB without hassles. Righr?23:43
haargin most cases23:43
SquOnk2. Try CHI::Driver::HandlerSocket for shared database cache.23:43
SquOnkhaarg: When wouldn't it?23:43
haargthe search index uses mysql full text indexing23:44
haargwhich only works with myisam iirc23:44
haargalso, regarding speed, i'm not sure if innodb will help much or at all for the asset and other content tables23:45
SquOnkhaarg: Searching has to work here. Maybe some tabless InnoDB and others MyISAM would work.23:45
@scrottieSquOnk, you might read about the mysql slow query log and the mysql process list.  those will help you pick tables to upgrade, if you decide to prioritize them23:45
haargi would start with just the userSession and userSessionScratch tables23:45
SquOnkhaarg: Your session handling insight makes sense, so InnoDB for the session and cache tables could be.23:45
SquOnkscrottie: There was nothing in the mysql slow query.23:45
haargwebgui's session handling could really stand to be improved23:46
haargi'm not sure if there are any easy changes that could be made though23:46
SquOnkDoes any of you guys have an idea on when's 7.10.24 coming out?23:48
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+perlDreamerhowdy folks21:14
+perlDreamerthere was a question asked about when 7.10.24 is going to be released21:14
+perlDreamerthere is no schedule for that, as we're spending all core development time on WebGUI 821:15
+perlDreamerif an important bug comes out, we'll change that priority21:15
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r9d2bcd2 / (3 files in 3 dirs): Make sure that custom question types are included in the packaged Survey. Fixes bug #12304. - http://git.io/WiKrSQ00:20
@scrottieoh, nice 00:21
+perlDreamernow, on to the cattle00:21
@scrottieha, and Andy was right00:22
+perlDreamerAndy was right?00:22
+perlDreamerI thought he was Australian00:22
@scrottiehe predicted that that was the problem with exporting Surveys, in his case00:22
+perlDreamerwell, that's what happens when people fail to write tests00:23
+perlDreamerstuff breaks in bad ways00:23
+perlDreamerI wish I could say I was innocent of that charge myself00:23
sbauron a 7.5.40 site, we'd like to have an anonymous upload. We're trying to do it with folder, but it doesn't seem to allow that. Is there some other way to get an anonymous upload?01:47
+perlDreameranonymous upload, like an uploaded file owned by Visitor?01:49
sbaurso anyone can upload a file without being logged in first01:50
+perlDreameryou've tried setting the folder to be owned by the group Everyone ?01:50
+perlDreamerthat's a guess, btw01:50
sbaurI've set the ownership to visitor through the gui, and set the group to edit to everyone through a mysql command and still get a you don't have permissions error when trying to upload as a not logged in user01:51
sbaurI am assuming that clearing the db cache, also clears out the cache for visitors01:51
+perlDreamersbaur, I created a group called "Also Everybody" and told it to check IP addresses for
+perlDreamerthen I created a Folder with Group to Edit set to Also Everybody02:04
sbaurok, will give that a try02:04
+perlDreamerthen I had to make a custom Folder template, since the default one hides the upload link behind <tmpl_if session.var.adminOn>02:04
+perlDreamerthen as a Visitor I was able to upload files02:04
+perlDreamernote that all files will be visible to all users unless you hide the list02:05
sbaurwe got the template part done already :-)02:05
sbaurthat's ok02:05
+perlDreamerI did that on 7.5.40, so unless you have some custom code in there it will work02:05
sbaurhmmm, it's still not working for me02:09
sbaurdo I need to do anything else to the group besides put the ip address and mask in the ipaddress field?02:13
sbauri'm looking at the debug output, and i don't see a query listed that says it's checking if a user is a member of a particular group. I see 7 queries looking up groupId's though02:23
sbaurone of them even has my new groups placeholder info after it02:23
sbauractually, it doesn't have my new groups info...02:24
sbauryes it does, my on page finding skills failed me, sorry02:25
sbaurand found the query where it's checking user group membership too02:26
sbaurperformance wise  - I see a query in my list that seems a trifle redundant- select groupId from groups where groupId=? 02:28
sbaurhopefully it's been cleaned up in a newer version02:28
+perlDreamerthat's an odd one02:28
+perlDreamerit's a group existence check02:29
+perlDreamerand it needs to be there02:29
sbaurjust seemed odd02:29
+perlDreameroh yeah, totally02:30
sbauri need to go deal with contractors, so I will look at this some more tomorrow, to try to figure out why my 7.5.40 isn't behaving the same as yours...02:30
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+perlDreamerit's because I only checked for the link, not for the upload02:33
* perlDreamer sighs02:33
+perlDreamerThis is also going to require some config file work, I think02:33
+perlDreamerotherwise, only people in Group 12 (Turn Admin On) are allowed to add new assets02:33
+perlDreamermaybe it would be better to setup a Collaboration System where users can add posts with attachments.02:34
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+perlDreamersbaur, there's one more piece to enabling visitors to upload files18:39
+perlDreamerby default, only people in group 12 (Turn on Admin) are allowed to add assets of any kind18:39
+perlDreameryou can change this in the config file on an asset by asset basis18:39
+perlDreamerhowever, I recommend that you just setup a collaboration system that accepts attachments18:39
+perlDreameras it would be much more secure that way18:39
+perlDreameror, a DataForm would work as well18:39
haarghalf of the security problems i found in webgui required anonymous (non-collab) asset creation18:44
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elninohi! I have two packages I want to merge manually. Can i import a package into a different location? or do I need to change the package itself before merging? and if I import it over the existing, does it overwrite everything? or does it go by last modified?18:57
+perlDreamerwhen you import a package, it follows this flow18:57
+perlDreamerif any asset in the package already exists (checked with assetId), then that asset is updated18:57
+perlDreamerotherwise, the asset is created as a child of the current asset18:57
+perlDreamerthe updating is set by checking revisionDates18:58
+perlDreamerso, it's possible to import a package and see no change in the current asset18:58
+perlDreamerif the imported asset has an earlier revision date than the most recent one on the site18:58
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie master * r626011a / (2 files in 2 dirs): Only export custom choice types for the Survey, and only the ones that are used by this Survey. - http://git.io/9dwWVg19:03
elninook. Perfect thanks perlDreamer. I'll see if that is on a wiki somewhere..19:03
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sbaurperlDreamer and haarg: thank you both for your help. This was going to be a short term thing, (2 days) so we weren't as worried about the security stuff.  But, we decided to do a DataFrom instead. What we liked about Folder, had to do with listing the files.19:16
+perlDreamerit does do a nice job of listing files19:16
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sbaurfor future reference, how would I tell folder that it's ok for visitors to upload files in the conf file? (i just looked through WebGUI.conf.original and wasn't sure)19:23
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sbaurin the assetAddPrivilege section? "WebGUI::Asset::FilePile" : 7 # for everyone?19:26
sbauranyone else having problems getting to blog.webgui.org?20:05
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@scrottieI have problems with tumblr on and off in general.21:05
sbauri just keep getting the connection was reset messages21:06
@scrottieI'm able to get there21:06
sbaurit must just hate me21:06
@scrottietry traceroute.  traffic may not be making it there because of a routing or connectivity problem on a backbone.21:08
@scrottieif that doesn't work, then you have to bribe one of their sysadmins.21:08
@scrottieor if that doesn't fail.21:08
sbaurtraceroute makes it all the way to which is what blog.webgui.org returns in DNS21:16
@scrottiethen you have to bribe their admins.21:16
sbauryou assume I care enough to bribe them... :-)21:17
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--- Day changed Wed Nov 23 2011
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+perlDreamerhowdy SquOnk00:12
SquOnkperlDreamer: Hey there.00:12
+perlDreamerI don't have a release schedule for 7.10.2400:13
SquOnkperlDreamer: I haven't forgotten about the patch/test I'm supposed to add to WG8. I've just been crushed by customers.00:14
+perlDreamerI understand00:14
SquOnkperlDreamer: I see. Is there something I can help with?00:14
+perlDreamerI'm in the same situation you're in00:14
SquOnkperlDreamer: :)00:14
+perlDreamerI can't do anything which adds more effort to releasing WebGUI 8, including releasing 7.10.2400:15
+perlDreamerbecause then I'd have to turn around and release a .2500:15
SquOnkperlDreamer: Oh, but I'm over the bump right now, in the downward gradient :)00:15
+perlDreamergood for you man!00:15
SquOnkPostgreSQL is happily replicating it's 100Gb from the old 8.3 to the new 8.4 prior to switching.00:15
SquOnkI had to do some Debian package backporting but no biggie.00:16
SquOnkThis is a customer that could use WebGUI if it ran on PostgreSQL.00:16
SquOnkWe haven't even mentioned it :)00:16
+perlDreamerlike I've said, if you want to take on the task of migrating the core to being agnostic, I'm cool with it00:16
SquOnkAnd the *bank* running WG for it's mobile banking application needs to upgrade to 7.10 *badly*00:16
SquOnkperlDreamer: Well, I wish I had the time. Really.00:17
SquOnkperlDreamer: I always say "maybe next year" :)00:17
+perlDreamerhere's a somewhat pushy idea.  Make it a class project for you and your students to multiply your available bandwidth00:17
SquOnk...but perhaps next year will be next year. I've been offloaded of students from january to july.00:17
+perlDreamerno students?00:17
SquOnkperlDreamer: Six or eight. Twelve, tops.00:18
+perlDreamerhopefully that's not associated with no chair, no office, no paycheck00:18
+perlDreamerah, good00:18
SquOnkperlDreamer: LOL no.00:18
+perlDreamerwell, there's a lot of that going around you know00:18
SquOnkperlDreamer: There's a two-term course on Compiler Construction and Programming Language Semantics that's taught every other year.00:18
SquOnkperlDreamer: The colleague that used to teach it just retired and moved to Europe.00:19
SquOnkperlDreamer: So I've inherited it.00:19
+perlDreamerthat mean you're lecturing instead of mentoring?00:19
SquOnkperlDreamer: A little of both.00:19
SquOnkperlDreamer: But since it's not a *mandatory* course, it means I can pretty much have them do everything.00:19
SquOnk(even take turns to take nice notes in LaTeX)00:20
SquOnkperlDreamer: So, they'll design their own languages, they'll implement them (C++ or Haskell), they'll generate code for LLVM, MIPS and *shudders* Intel...00:20
SquOnkperlDreamer: ...and optimize. Plus do a lot of math on parsing and translation theory.00:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: I've been flirting with the idea of generating Parrot :)00:21
+perlDreamerthat would be cool00:21
SquOnkperlDreamer: And more "modern" that the usual take on the course.00:22
SquOnkperlDreamer: They usually generate for a MIPS emulator because, and I quote, "generating for real iron is hard".00:22
SquOnkperlDreamer: So LLVM, Parrot and the "real deal" sound more fun.00:22
+perlDreamerif I can bit-bang assembly code, they can work with real iron00:23
SquOnkperlDreamer: Assembly language is beautiful.00:24
SquOnkperlDreamer: I got my first internship because of an answer to an assembly language quiz.00:25
+perlDreamernice :)00:25
SquOnkperlDreamer: It was a pretty much standard quiz. But I had been programming in assembly since I was 15 circa 1984.00:25
SquOnkperlDreamer: So the teacher asked a bonus question "What is the smallest FUMAL program that hangs" (FUMAL being the virtual machine we were using at the time)00:26
SquOnkperlDreamer: Everyone answered "FOO: JMP FOO"00:26
SquOnkperlDreamer: I answered "any program that does post-decrement on the program counter"00:26
SquOnkTwo weeks later I was working with lex and yacc building expression parsers for a payroll application :)00:27
SquOnkThe other day I had an argument with several colleagues about what is the crux of understanding the craft of programming.00:29
SquOnkAnd I still think that you don't become a true programmer until you realize that the only difference between data and program is whether you choose to run it or no.00:29
+perlDreamerthat's the PIC paradigm00:30
SquOnkperlDreamer: And the Turing-computable nature of computing.00:30
SquOnkperlDreamer: I have to lecture about that tomorrow :)00:30
+perlDreamerI'd like to learn some real computer science one of these days00:38
SquOnkperlDreamer: Me too00:38
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r288adcf / share/upgrades/7.10.23-8.0.0/zzzz_convertToInnoDb.pl : Script to convert every WebGUI except assetIndex table from MyISAM to InnoDB. - http://git.io/Z3fg-g20:32
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rce15690 / (lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm lib/WebGUI/Role/Asset/RssFeed.pm): I18n the RSS tab for the RSS Feed role. Provide a way for additional tabs to be i18n'ed, like Subscribable. - http://git.io/umhqpg20:32
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * re4de128 / (lib/WebGUI/Asset.pm lib/WebGUI/Asset/WikiPage.pm): Fix the WikiPage title auto fill-in by using a Moose builder method that can be overridden by child classes. - http://git.io/CcPV7w20:32
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rdbc8408 / t/Shop/TaxDriver/Generic.t : Apparently, InnoDB returns results in a different order than MyISAM tables. Make tax data comparisons be order insensitive for tests. - http://git.io/Xq8tzQ22:11
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * rf4b248f / lib/WebGUI/Form/SelectList.pm : Remove some deprecated form code. - http://git.io/SEZloA22:11
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r5f1825b / share/upgrades/convert-db-to-innodb.sql : Remove the old InnoDB conversion code. - http://git.io/y9oonA22:11
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r01a1558 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/WikiPage.pm : Remove deprecated form code. Why did we do this? - http://git.io/jLCqlw23:56
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CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r1777b01 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/WikiMaster.pm : Fix a few typos in the deprecated code fix. - http://git.io/GHvkFQ09:45
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elninohi. can I install wre and use an existing instance of apache? or do I still have to have two separate ones and just have webgui proxy to the other apache's instance for the sites hosted by it?23:24
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+BartJolbugfixing across the universe....16:28
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+BartJolaah, pb is in tha house16:31
+BartJoldaviddelikat: I tracked down a bug, and I see it is the same in wg816:33
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+perlDreamermorning, folks17:51
sbaurmorning, how goes wg8?17:52
+perlDreamerWebGUI 8 now runs on InnoDB, which was the last big design hurdle17:52
+perlDreamerthanks :)17:52
+perlDreamernow we have to do bugfixing and some preliminary launch testing17:52
+perlDreamerthere are a couple of big bugs17:52
+perlDreamerlike the fact that file upload no longer works17:53
@daviddelikatyeah but who needs file upload? :)17:53
@daviddelikatdid you see the message from BartJol earlier?17:53
+perlDreamerit will certainly keep disk usage down :P17:53
+perlDreamerJT has recommended a new one that's very nice17:54
+perlDreamerso it's just a matter of integrating it17:54
@daviddelikatdo you want to follow up with him?17:54
+perlDreamerI don't have a persistent logger, so I haven't seen any messages17:54
+perlDreameralthough I have seen lots of BartJol bug report comments about broken dbSlaves17:54
+perlDreameris that it?17:54
@daviddelikathe said he found a bug and it seems to appear in wg817:54
@daviddelikatI should quote him better: 'tracked down a bug' -- I expect he has the fix for it...17:56
+perlDreamerHe did post a suggested patch in the bug17:56
+perlDreamerthis one: http://www.webgui.org/use/bugs/tracker/1230517:57
+BartJolno I didn't17:57
+BartJolI said "there is the problem"17:57
+BartJoland that inho there are 2 ways to fix that17:58
+BartJoloh, I didn't include imho17:58
+perlDreamerand that the bug exists in WebGUI 8?17:59
+BartJolbut I was able to reproduce on my test site with a paginator. while admin is on everything is OK17:59
+BartJolwell, the code is the same17:59
+BartJolfor the Session.pm part18:00
+perlDreamerthen it's probably the same bug18:00
+BartJolhaven't checked SQL.pm18:00
+BartJolif that return something different on a connection failure, it might not be present in wg818:01
+perlDreamerI don't know if I've mentioned this before, but all WebGUI 7 development is on hold until 8.0 is released as beta.18:01
+perlDreamerOf course, if there's some big security issue or people are losing tons of data that priority would be changed.18:01
+BartJolok, but I haven't got a wg8 install to test that18:01
+perlDreamerwg8 installs are fairly easy to set up18:02
+perlDreamerespecially for members of the Dutch team18:02
+BartJolit doesn't delete stuff or allows access, but maybe it can lead to people don't seeing sites18:02
+perlDreameronly if they use dbslaves, which are rare18:03
+perlDreamerthat's kind of backed up by the fact that the dbslave code has been unchanged for a long time18:03
+perlDreamerand no one has complained about it before now18:03
+BartJolwell, see that link in my OP?18:03
+BartJolso there were complaints18:04
+BartJoland it wasn't me18:04
+BartJolI agree that it might not be the highest priority18:04
+perlDreamerthe OP is the one from 2007, involving WebGUI 7.3?18:05
+BartJolwhich is resolved with that JT can't reproduce18:05
+BartJolseems like I found out how18:05
+BartJolor at least 1 method18:06
+perlDreamerI promise that it will be fixed, just not soonish18:07
+BartJolmy perl has become a bit stale, so I'm not sure about the best way to continue18:07
+perlDreamerpatches and tests are always nice :)18:07
+BartJolsorry my $perl18:07
+perlDreamerPlease tell me that you're not writing PHP instead18:08
+BartJolwell, I think I still have a wg8 install on my laptop, maybe, I'll have a go at it tonight18:08
+BartJoloff course not18:08
+perlDreameryou can still bugfix in 7.x18:08
+perlDreameronly new features need to be done in 818:09
+BartJolthat might be included in wg8 then too18:09
+perlDreamerI'll be forward porting all bugfixes into 8 from 718:09
+perlDreamerIf anyone in the channel is interested in some hacking, I have a couple of 8.x bugs which I can hand off18:09
+BartJolI found my own bug...18:10
+perlDreamer1) Start and End times for Calendar events don't work correctly.  They set correctly in the UI, but when you edit the event again they slip by one time zone.18:10
+perlDreamer2) In the new Admin Console, there are asset actions (like cut, duplicate, delete) that don't cause the current page's display to be updated18:11
+perlDreamerBartJol: you're just ahead of the curve :)18:16
+BartJolwell, I think I found a fix18:36
+perlDreamernow you're doubly ahead of the curve18:36
+BartJolposted in the bog18:37
+perlDreamerGeneral note:  The recently posted apache vulnerability for exposing internal resources does NOT affect the WRE unless you've added custom RewriteRUles18:39
+BartJolah, cool, now I added custom rewrite rules that should prevent the bug18:40
* ckotil looks18:44
ckotilwe have a LOT of custom rewrite rules18:44
+BartJoland it apparently works with a working dbslave too18:45
* perlDreamer hopes you wrote them well ckotil18:45
-!- Guest2721 [~kaare@] has joined #webgui18:46
ckotillooks like this new vulnerability only affects rewrite proxy requests18:52
ckotiland our's all have the /$118:53
ckotilgood thing. i very much dislike messing around with all those rewrite rules.18:53
ckotilthanks for the heads up PD18:53
+BartJolperlDreamer: I'll try to remember to push that fix to my git and do a pull request18:56
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* perlDreamer goes to the gym to be punished for WebGUI 8 being late19:16
-!- elnino [~ninow@user-38q4846.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #webgui19:27
elninoI have a customer who wants openerp installed with webgui.  So I was going to do two apache instances, but by doing so, I'm assuming that openerp has to be on a different host name other than www. correct?19:29
elninoas well asanother port. but the port will be invisible via proxy.19:29
elninobut here's the thing, they want to keep using the admin tools provided by dreamhost to manage apache. If I install WRE apache, and that redirects to the other apache instance (dreamhosts) that's going to mess up their admin tools, isn't it?19:31
scrottienot familiar with openerp.19:35
scrottienot familiar with dreamhosts' apache httpd management tools either.19:36
elninoreally the question isn't about open erp, but rather, if the two sites can answer to the same host name with two different apache instances.19:36
scrottiegenerally speaking though, management software doesn't know about /data/wre and the config files and such hidden in there.19:36
scrottieyes, one httpd can proxy to another.19:36
elninoso they can both answer to www.sitename.com?19:37
scrottieyou might consider a source install too.19:37
elninooh, I've done that before 5 years ago, didn't like it ONE bit. but yes, that is an option.19:37
scrottieyes.  you need a rule for deciding which request gets proxied to be handled by the other httpd.  generally, that's a regex run on the requested URL.19:37
elninook, so if the non-WRE apache instance was www.sitename.com/erp WRE's apache would proxy to it19:38
scrottieit would proxy to wre's apache.19:38
elninowell, if I had a regex in WRE-apache looking for the /erp portion, i should be able to proxy to the non-WRE apache, right?19:40
scrottieyes, you could do that too.19:41
elninook. 19:42
scrottiethe client might be confused about why changes they made to httpd.conf with the management tool didn't take effect.19:42
elninowhen WRE-apahe proxies to the non-WRE apache, why woldn't their changes take affect?19:43
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie master * rb619392 / lib/WebGUI/Asset/Event.pm : Remove debug code from the Event for logging. - http://git.io/QabstQ20:23
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+perlDreamerI think WebGUI may be trying to communicate with me.23:35
+perlDreamerI found this assetId in the wild today: VAURUH-iTdR2VdcpanbNgg23:35
+perlDreamerobviously, it's reminding me to look in CPAN for something23:35
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+perlDreamerLaugh if you will, but soon WebGUI and I will go beyond these simple text based interfaces and be able to converse!23:42
elninoI believe it!23:43
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qwebirc45375Good evening. How can I incorporate genealogy into webgui?03:27
scrottieqwebirc, computers deal in terms of symbols and numbers.  you need a more concrete request before I can suggest anything.03:31
scrottiedo you have some data or data source in mind that you'd like to pull from?03:32
qwebirc45375The data sources/applications I've looked at requires a database, and a webserver, could I use the same server that webgui is installed on?03:38
scrottiesure.  WebGUI is fantastic for building data driven applications on top of.03:39
scrottiemost of the parts most people need are already there -- user registration (lost passwords, user administration, etc), database persistence, mixing static and dynamic content, permissions, roles, etc, etc, etc03:40
qwebirc45375I'm convinced that it is but I'm not a developer. I like, Gramps, http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_page. My difficulty is from installing.03:45
qwebirc45375...where it doesn't conflict with Webgui.03:46
scrottieextending WebGUI does require a certain level of experience with Perl.03:57
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elninois there support for postgres yet - I don't see any evidence, so I'm assuming no.08:18
elninook. it appears it isn't even being considered, which is fine. I just thought it was at one point.08:21
scrottiemany or perhaps most of us strongly favor Postgres.08:36
scrottiewe've talked about plans in the past.  right now, development isn't especially active beyond the work perlDreamer is doing.  I'd love to have some time to work on that and various other things.08:37
scrottieso, the idea isn't dead, but it isn't in progress either.08:37
elninosorry, I didn't want to offend. I've never used it, but a potential client might ask me about it, so I wanted to know if wg used it. 08:37
scrottiethere's no support right now.  everything targets MySQL.08:37
scrottiethe database dump is in MySQL's dump format, and queries in various places probably use MySQL specific stuff.08:37
elninoI thought there was previous discussion on it and didn't know where it was at.08:37
scrottieit depends who you ask.08:37
elninoright, I know it uses mysql.08:37
scrottieI'd like to go the route of having the core of WebGUI be database agnostic but leaving most of the built-in assets as they are.08:38
scrottiethey're the ones that need to do custom queries.  fixing only the core up should be pretty easy.08:38
scrottiein fact, the very core could run on serialized files.08:39
scrottiethere's a dblink feature where you can pull in other databases and make them available for SQLReport queries.08:40
scrottieif they merely want to access their Postgres database they have already from WebGUI, they can do that.08:40
scrottiewhen/if Postgres is supported, it'll be in 8, or 9.08:42
scrottieprobably not 7.  if that happened, it would be a fork.08:42
scrottiemost likely.08:42
elninook. Thank you for all the info.08:43
elninoand for reminding meof the dblink. I forgot about that!08:43
scrottiesure.  mostly guesses and unrealized ambitions, but just the same, you're quite welcome.08:43
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elninogood morning!  is there a way to say "anything WRE doesn't serve up, just pass on to the other apache isntance, rather than have a vhost for each domain hosted over there?  I'm reading this: http://www.webgui.org/community-wiki/running-separate-instance-of-apache-with-wre16:57
xdangerYou could maybe override WebGUI::Content::NotFound in contentHandlers17:20
xdangeroh, I thought webgui, not wre =)17:24
xdangeryou can always set the default vhost as a mod_proxy to a different apache and just override the Host: header17:25
@daviddelikatelnino: I think your best bet here would be to manually configure apache to handle a separate path for the other application.  as far as I know this should not be difficult. you just add a section in the configuration for the other application. of course it depends on how complicated the other application is.17:41
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elninothanks xdanger and daviddelikat I'll look at those options.20:11
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ckotilanyone have a good way to check if a user canEdit in a template?22:48
ckotilim looking at using a conditional w/ ^GroupText(); but the layout tmpl_var returns a groupId and the macro expects a groupName22:48
ckotilhttp://www.webgui.org/design/wiki/can-edit-text-macro this will work22:53
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+perlDreamerI just started setting up the webgui 8 offline testing server for upgrades01:58
+perlDreamerand I found something really interesting about starman and WebGUI::Fork01:58
+perlDreamersince starman runs as single processes, WebGUI::Fork causes the number of processes to double01:59
haargfor testing you mean?01:59
+perlDreamerso if you start with 10 workers, you get 10 webgui-fork-master processes01:59
+perlDreamerfor pre-release beta upgrade testing, haarg01:59
+perlDreamerif all goes well01:59
+perlDreamerif support stays slow01:59
+perlDreamerif no customers need contracts or projects fall behind01:59
haargah, so WebGUI::Fork is getting run in the parent process02:00
haargthat seems odd02:00
+perlDreamerit is02:00
+perlDreamermight even be completely broken02:00
+perlDreameras all the fork masters might fight over the jobs02:00
+perlDreamerperhaps frodwith would backlog and comment about it02:01
haargWebGUI::Fork itself doesn't do anything at compile time02:03
haargi'd start by adding some logging or something in WebGUI::Form to get a stack trace for when it forks02:03
haargsee why that code is getting called in the parent02:03
+perlDreamersomewhere it calls WebGUI::Fork::init02:03
+perlDreamerand it must do it in a very different place in plack vs apache02:04
+perlDreamernot really02:04
+perlDreamerit's the same place in the perl code02:05
+perlDreamerbut I think modperl calls that then forks02:05
+perlDreamerwhich this forks then calls WebGUI::Fork::init02:05
haargi don't even see where that method gets called at all02:11
haargthat's just looking through the code though02:11
+perlDreamerit's in app.psgi02:17
+perlDreamerand I think I just ruined dinner02:18
+perlDreameranyone have good recipes for half-cooked bacon?02:18
scrottieseems like you could just call init earlier...02:18
+perlDreamerI'm not sure you can get earlier than app.psgi02:18
haargpossibly, but that would involve circumventing normal PSGI/plackup stuff02:19
+perlDreamerbesides, compared to the file upload problem, this is pretty trivial02:19
+perlDreamerif worse comes to worse, I'll just yard WebGUI::Fork out of the core02:20
haargtaking another look at it, the problem isn't that init is getting called, it's that apparently it is returning02:21
haargfor the master process it should return the pid02:21
+perlDreameris there a master process for starman?02:21
haargfor the child, it should run the loop in init forever02:21
haargand if the pipe is closed, it should exit02:21
haargstarman is preforking, so it should work pretty similarly to apache02:22
+perlDreamerin apache, you only get one fork-master02:22
haargstarman works the same02:23
haargmight help if you could put together a test case for the issue you are seeing.  i may take a look at it later.02:23
CIA-57webgui: Colin Kuskie WebGUI8 * r9ef67aa / README : Updating documentation - http://git.io/KO_Y1Q02:23
+perlDreamerI'm not sure it's testable02:24
+perlDreamer/data/wre/prereqs/bin/perl /data/wre/prereqs/bin/start_server --port 8081 -- starman --workers 1002:25
haargdoesn't have to be an automated test, just something i can look at to verify what you are seeing02:25
+perlDreamerthat will cause it to happen though02:25
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]02:25
haarghow are you observing the problem?02:25
+perlDreamerthen, ps -ef | ack webgui-fork-master02:25
+perlDreamerthat gives me 10 processes02:25
haargthat seems wrong02:26
haargseems like it would have to be forking in each child process02:26
+perlDreameryes, that's exactly what it seems like02:26
haargi was thinking about it the other way around02:27
haargso that sounds more like app.psgi isn't getting preloaded02:27
+perlDreameryes, because if it was, and then it started forking, you'd only expect one of those02:27
haarga bit strange, because i would have expected that to be the default for starman02:28
+perlDreamerI'll try that next02:28
+perlDreamernow, I have to go rescue dinner02:28
+perlDreamerotherwise, I'm stopping for hot dog buns on the way home02:28
haargwhat might be reasonable is a way to detect if it was preloaded or not, and if not, let WebGUI::Fork handle it by daemonizing for each fork request02:30
haarginstead of forking from the fork master02:30
haargnot sure if there is a good way to detect that though02:30
haargfor starters though, docs for any pre-forking server should probably mention that it should be preloaded02:31
+perlDreamerthose can be updated02:32
haargany real server will be running with preloaded code, so it's not a huge concern.  it will mainly impact dev setups.  so improvements (other than docs) would be nice to have, but not show stoppers.02:40
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ckotilhttp://www.webgui.org/forums/dev/creating-a-perl-utility-script-to-delete-orphaned-files very useful17:21
ckotilgood work17:21
-!- sbaur [~Adium@] has joined #webgui17:52
+BartJolmmm, but how do they get orphaned17:54
ckotilbad import jobs by me17:54
+BartJolI had some trouble lately with wgaccess files17:55
+BartJolthat was also strange, that files said the the file on that storageId's were in trash17:57
ckotilthat sounds familiar17:59
+BartJolnow I see that there is a purgewgaccess script17:59
+BartJolI did it with a find . -name ".wgaccess" -exec rm {} \; which also does the job18:00
+BartJolusing the script might have been more subtile18:00
haargthe script removes them if they allow public access but leaves them in place if access is more restricted18:02
+BartJolah, well then my find option works better18:36
+BartJolit is a bit brute force, but hey18:36
haargif everything is public, then yeah using find will work fine18:36
haargalso, you can do find . -name '.wgaccess' -delete18:37
+BartJolis there a way to re-generate the wgaccess file, to be able to skip modperl and serve directly via modproxy?18:37
+BartJolyeah, the find command is not the "there is only one way" solution18:38
haargif you modify the asset that the storage location is used for it will regenerate the file as needed18:38
haargit will only generate the file if it has restricted access18:38
haargpublic files will be left with no .wgaccess18:38
haargwhich allows mod_proxy to serve them directly18:38
ckotilhas anyone devised a smarter way to add images to layouts and article assets via the RichEditor? the current method ... sucks.18:40
haargat one point i wrote a mod_rewrite mapping script to allow mod_proxy to serve protected files directly, and still have proper access control18:40
+BartJolyeah, I saw some crafty wgaccess files18:40
haargwg8 solves the issue in a better way18:41
+BartJoldunno how the trash state was added. the site was working fine on 1 host, then I migrated it (no upgrades) and the files weren't accessed anymore because of the trash state18:42
+BartJolbut, hey, it is fixed now18:42
+BartJolstrange stuff that rory had the same problem after upgrading with the same style18:44
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ckotilAdding images in the wiki is pretty intuitive now.21:43
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+perlDreamerckotil, what kind of problems are you having with getting WebGUI 8 started?23:55
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